The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 811-820

Chapter 811 - Spreading One's Wings Before Soaring

Chapter 811: Spreading One’s Wings Before Soaring

“Don’t panic. Stay calm to exercise control. The service truck will be at your place shortly. Control as best as you can to prevent a collision.” On the contrary, the control tower seemed to have calmed down.

Control? Of course, he was going to control but he was controlling the aircraft into taking off soon.

Xie Xie pushed the cyclic control into making a swift turn. The aircraft was lopsided during the turning due to its high speed. Its two wings shook as it was moving faster than normal heading straight for the runway.

“Sky-9, Sky-9, this is a warning. How dare you people hijack the aircraft. This is a capital offense. I repeat, this is a capital offense. Stop immediately, otherwise, the base has the right to destroy all of you.” the voice from the
control tower sounded cold.

Xie Xie was wondering how they could possibly be discovered so soon. He thought that he had feigned it well.

Xu Lizhi sitting at the back row suddenly pulled down something from the top of the cabin. “I think it’s this that exposed us.”

It was a tiny camera capable of transmitting the image inside the cabin to the control tower. The control tower could tune in to the video frequency and watch the inside of the cabin.

Ye Xinglan blurted, “Quick!”

“I know!” Xie Xie pushed the cyclic control but there was not enough time to go onto the runway when the piercing siren sounded. He could see vaguely that the barricade used to seal the runway afar was already rising
slowly. Even if they could make it to the runway, it would be impossible to take off now.

Cold radiance shimmered in Xie Xie’s eyes. He pulled the cyclic control with his right hand as he hurled the aircraft backward.

Instantly, the reactive thrust pinned down the four people against their seats forcefully, while simultaneously the three people outside the cabin could feel a tremendous force transmitted and the intense airflow lashing against their bodies.

Tang Wulin roared loudly, “Battle Armor out!”

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu unleashed their battle armors
simultaneously. Tang Wulin was no exception as he too relied on his helmet and mask to lessen the impact of the forces.

The aircraft suddenly gained speed but was not in a stable condition. The cockpit of Skywing F-7 angled upward and pulsated before the whole
aircraft lunged forward all of a sudden.

The ground the aircraft was cruising on at the moment was not the runway yet. The runway was still over three hundred meters away. On the other side of the runway was a stretch of grassland that acted as a rumble strip. It was considered smooth but definitely not firm ground.

Piercing bright orange radiance burst forth from the Skywing F-17’s
exhaust. It covered the three hundred meters in the blink of an eye. They had dashed onto the grassland within a split second.

Xie Xie roared in rage as he pulled the cyclic control in his hands with full force. The grassland was only four hundred meters wide and the area before it was a long stretch of barracks. If they still could not take off, they would crash into the barracks.

The four people in the cabin unleashed their battle armors in unison as Xie Xie was pulling at the cyclic control. No one wished to die and the situation was not what they had expected. They did not manage to make it to the actual runway for takeoff.

“Oh!” Xu Xiaoyan made a piercing shriek as the Skywing F-17 shook violently on the grassland. She watched helplessly as they were fast
approaching the end of the grassland and was about to head for the solid concrete wall in front.

It was at this moment when the aircraft shook abruptly. The Skywing F-17’s powerful driving force flared up as the cockpit tilted upward. All the
shaking suddenly stopped, while the concrete wall in front seemed to be dipping down. The sound of fractured glass came from the bottom of the aircraft. In the next moment, they were already in the air.

“Wow! We’re in the air!” Xie Xie screamed out in excitement.

“There has been a collision. Examine the situation quick!” Ye Xinglan roared at him in rage.

Xie Xie took a glance at the meter before he shrugged and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Do you think that I’ve truly learned how to fly the aircraft just by observing its operation for only a few days? Nevertheless, we are at least flying now. We are flying in the air and this is known as
soaring. Haha! Accelerate, accelerate!”

As he was saying that, he pulled on the cyclic control to increase the speed.

A raging voice from the control tower echoed from his headphone, “Return to base immediately. Otherwise, we’ll launch a surface-to-air missile soon. This is not a warning, it’s an order.”

It was at this moment streams of soul rays swept the air from the ground emitting a dazzling radiance.

There was no doubt that the soul rays were used to warn them.

“Strike me if you can. Truth be told, we are the current Shrek Seven
Monsters. Just wait till you incur Shrek Academy’s rage if we get killed.” Xie Xie roared once before he hung up the communication abruptly. In the control tower of Northsea Army Corps base!
The situation inside the control tower was chaotic. The control system showed that a Skywing F-17 only required seven hundred meters for a forced takeoff on the subsidiary runway.

Although they were aware of the situation, everything happened too quickly and suddenly that everyone was caught off guard and did not have time to react to the situation at once.

Such a situation was unprecedented. The staff on the scene were all confused when they heard of the ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ on the

The special forces major was right about Northsea Army Corps being akin to the backyard of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy. It was for this reason that the people here were even more aware of Shrek Academy’s presence.

There was not a single student who graduated from Shrek Academy in the Northsea Army Corps because of political reasons. They could not have done that without the Federation’s support for everyone knew that the most outstanding soul masters on the continent were from Shrek Academy!

However, despite their discrimination against Shrek Academy, they understood what the words ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ meant. The label signified the entire Shrek Academy!

If the Shrek Seven Monsters were to die here, it would be an event capable of stirring up the emotions of the entire Federation.

The highest commanding officer of the control tower, Liu Ming, had turned green with rage! What was happening here? Since when did the Shrek Seven Monsters arrive in the Northsea Army Corps base? He had only received information that the base captured a few crafty fellows possibly from Shrek Academy. They would be released a few days later after detainment.

Yet, according to the Major’s report, these Shrek Academy’s students
should have been buckled with soul-seal handcuffs and spirit-seal helmets. How did they manage to fly an aircraft?

“Major, what do we do?” The control tower’s staff were all looking at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming breathed rapidly. “Patch the general through immediately.”

The Northsea Army Corps’ regimental commander, Lieutenant General Shen Yue, was the newest generation of bright stars in the army. She was only thirty-eight years old and she had already been promoted to lieutenant general by the Federation.

“General, such is the situation, please advise!” Colonel Liu Ming completed his report as soon as he could.

The other side of the communication was quiet for a moment. “Launch Sky- word Flying Regiment. Launch Number One Northsea Mecha Regiment.
Ensure their safety. Launch the air guard. Compel them to descend and return if possible. Ensure their safety even if they resist.”

“Yes. Copy.”

The label ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ was truly influential. Even a lieutenant general who was not at peace with Shrek Academy dared not allow
anything untoward to happen to these people in her territory.

Shen Yue stood in her office dressed in a military outfit. Her military outfit was neat and tidy. There was no trace of aging on her face. She appeared to be thirty years old and looked strikingly beautiful. She was an academy beauty back in those days when she was studying in the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy. “Send Major Bing Feng to see me,” Shen Yue pressed a button on her table and dispatched her order.

“Shrek Seven Monsters?” Shen Yue frowned because they had received information that Shrek Academy’s inner court disciples were here for a test mission. She was aware of Shrek Academy’s tradition as she had once sent her people to the island. As the Northsea Army Corps’ regimental officer
and also the deputy commander of Northeast Military Command, she had the authority within her own army corps to do so.

However, her actions drew criticisms from the higher authorities within a short period of time. Thus, the island remained a mystery to her.

These group of people was from Shrek. Furthermore, they called themselves Shrek Seven Monsters. If this were true, there may be trouble again.

Shrek Academy had always taken care of its people. If anything were to happen to the Shrek Seven Monsters while they were here, there was no
way she could pacify Shrek Academy’s outrage no matter how rational her explanation was.

The Shrek Seven Monsters were not simply chosen. In fact, they will be vetted again after a long period when the previous generation of Shrek Seven Monsters retired after rendering their meritorious services. Moreover, the principle of quality before quantity was upheld such that the position
would be kept vacant if no one was qualified enough for the title.

Chapter 812 - Target Acquired In Mid-air

Chapter 812: Target Acquired In Mid-air

The previous generations of Shrek Seven Monsters were all impressive powerhouses. There was once a unique incident that resulted in the deaths of two members from a generation of Shrek Seven Monsters. At the time, Shrek Academy, which had always been gentle and calm, suddenly bared its fangs. It was a terrifying vengeance that remained in people’s memory.

Shen Yue read about this incident in the military’s top-secret files. That particular incident resulted directly in the change of sixteen new federation members.

The public never learned what had happened during the incident, but it
caused a huge amount of chaos at the higher levels of the entire Federation. As for what actually occurred, there was no information recorded in the file. It was only mentioned that the consequences were deadly serious. Everyone that was related to the two deceased Shrek Seven Monsters was suffering through different changes that none of them wanted to accept.

Meanwhile, the aircraft flown by Xie Xie had already ascended into the sky. The Skywing F-17 moved far swifter than any ordinary mecha. In the blink of an eye, the sea was already on the horizon.

It was apparent that Xie Xie was not experienced in operating the plane, but he could still handle the basics of the guidance system. He headed straight in the direction of the sea after reaching a high enough altitude. They needed to look for the island right now.

Where would it actually be?

Xie Xie gazed into the distance. The visibility in the air was thirty kilometers. However, he soon had to stop and stare after realizing that there was not a single island in the faraway sea, but a stretch of islands. An entire archipelago with at least one or two hundred islands densely covered a wide area of the water in the distance.

“What do we do?” He naturally assumed Ye Xinglan saw it as well.

Ye Xinglan rolled her eyes. “How would I know what to do? I’m not the
captain, and we can’t communicate with him either. Let’s fly over before we discuss any further. Worst comes to worst, we’ll land first before we look for the island.”

Xie Xie spoke furiously, ” It’s ruthless of the academy to give us only fifteen days. Leave alone the sealed shoreline, even the map they provided was a fake. It’s definitely not an island.”

“Hold on. Show me the map,” Xu Xiaoyan sitting behind suddenly spoke.

The map was in Ye Xinglan’s hand as she was in charge of navigation. She passed it over.

Xu Xiaoyan spoke, “No matter how crafty the academy, at least the shape of the island on the map they provided can’t be wrong. Xinglan, search
according to the island’s shape. See if we can find an island with a similar shape when seen from above, then we’ll head in that direction.”

Ye Xinglan’s eyes brightened as she snapped her fingers. “You have a point there. Xu Xiaoyan, you’re so smart. Let’s fly that way!”

Ye Xinglan pointed in the direction of the archipelago. Purple light
shimmered in her eyes as she gazed into the distance in search of an island with a shape similar to the one on the map.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin shut his eyes tight as he stood on the back of the aircraft, with a violent wind lashing against his body. Fortunately, he had the strong bond of his Bluesilver Emperor to rely on, as well as his body’s endurance. If not for them, he would not have made it this far.

He could not tell what situation taking place underneath his position was. He could only wait for Xie Xie and the rest to find the correct location right now.

It was at this moment when two howls were heard suddenly. Tang Wulin raised his head with great effort to look up to find two dark shadows
sweeping past the sides of the Skywing F-17 in a split second. Those were also fighter aircraft but at a faster speed than they had.

The two fighter planes turned around and blocked the way of their aircraft, flying in sync with then. Soon after, two more fighters appeared at their
sides and another two more appeared behind them. All the planes remained at the same speed as them.

Once again, the voice came through Xie Xie’s earphone.

“You are ordered to return immediately. If you refuse to comply, we will open fire.”

Xie Xie spoke in disdain, “Fire if you can. What else can you do?” As he spoke, he suddenly pushed the cyclic control to increase the speed of the aircraft and flew downward diagonally. Leave alone the Northsea Army Corps, even Ye Xinglan was greatly startled by this maneuver.

The six fighter aircraft in the sky hastily changed their direction as aircrafts continued to surround them.

Nevertheless, there was no doubt that Xie Xie’s flying skill could not compare with theirs.

Shen Yue, dress in her military uniform, had made her way to the control tower as fast as she could. The major who had captured Tang Wulin’s group of seven stood by her side, but his expression appeared slightly uneasy.

“How’s the situation?” Lieutenant General Shen Yue asked Colonel Liu Ming.

“They’re very stubborn and refusing to back down. We’re giving our best efforts to block them to reduce their speed in approaching Demon
Archipelago, but it’s very dangerous for them to swerve uncontrollably. This could possibly result in a catastrophic crash at any moment. Lieutenant General, shall we initiate airborne target acquisition?” Colonel Liu Ming
spoke with a deep voice.

Shen Yue frowned. “How long before Number One Northsea Mecha Regiment is in position?”

Colonel Liu Ming answered, “T minus one minute to position. T minus twenty seconds for the advanced troop to reach position.”

Shen Yue heaved a sigh of relief. “Initiate airborne target acquisition immediately when the mecha regiment is in position. Bring them back to me. Remember, I want them alive. No one is allowed to harm them.”

“Understood.” Fighter aircraft were more skilled in mid-air attacks. It was an extremely difficult task to complete target acquisition without the mecha regiment’s assistance.

In the Skywing F-17…

“These bastards thought they could use the tail radar to affect us. What do we do if we can’t make it out?” Xie Xie was infuriated. They were already very close to the archipelago, but the six planes in the air were so masterfully flown that they continuously blocked and compelled their F-17 into flying off course. If it was not for Xie Xie’s few courageous attempts to force their way out by threatening to collide, it was highly possible that they would end up back at Northsea Army Corps base.

However, this was not the way. Xie Xie was just an amateur after all. He had very limited control over the aircraft, and he was not really attempting a collision. The other party’s two planes made a stalled turn and used the
airflow from their turbine ejectors to lash at their aircraft. This made their aircraft sink downward and deviate from their original course. The other
planes were also using the same method to force them into flying sideways.

There was no doubt that the other party’s six aircraft were piloted by expert flight crews. They had too many tricks up their sleeves when dealing with a beginner like Xie Xie. “Ask the captain what should we do? Should we land from the air in advance?” Ye Xinglan hesitated for a moment before she spoke to Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan hastily made a few simple hand gestures at Tang Wulin through the aircraft canopy.

Tang Wulin had seen the series of effects caused by the surrounding aircraft naturally. Cold radiance shimmered in his eyes as he waved his hand at Xu Xiaoyan then pointed to himself.

It was at this moment when Xie Xie suddenly screamed aloud in the cabin, “Mecha!”

With a howl, a total of six mecha flew underneath their aircraft. The mecha’s speed was in no way slower than the fighter planes. All the mechas that appeared rapidly underneath them were coated in black paint.
Meanwhile, ejection apertures protruded out from underneath the six
airplanes surrounding them. Soon after, large nets were shot at high speed into the air, aimed at their Skywing F-17.

The nets were shot in such a precise manner that the nets avoided the
aircraft’s turbine ejectors and immediately tightened after the aircraft was covered. The power of six planes was far greater than their single aircraft, so they were pulled back to the base.

Airborne target acquisition had succeeded!

Leave alone seeing it with his eyes, Tang Wulin had never even heard of this method before so this was an eye-opening experience for him.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin, who had been crouching on the back of the aircraft all along, suddenly sat up straight.

Then, an enormous creature suddenly appeared in front of him.

At that moment, the six aircraft performing the airborne target acquisition, the six black mechas maneuvering underneath that were in charge of protection and also the control tower was watching their situation closely.

Chapter 813 - Dragon Riding on A Fighter Aircraft

Chapter 813: Dragon Riding on A Fighter Aircraft

The control tower had the clearest view of the scene. Using the large radars, they could capture clear images of the skies. In truth, if the North Sea Army had wanted to shoot Tang Wulin and the others out of the sky, it would have been a simple task for them. With the Northsea Army Corps’ air defense
system, they definitely could not have evaded the soul cannonball once it was fired.

Even so, could they truly do that? Even if Tang Wulin and the others had ‘borrowed’ their aircraft, they were persons of interest. They could not use any violent course of action or they would be in deep trouble. Hence, they had to rely on gentler methods to apprehend them.

Although they could not kill the Shrek Seven Monsters, they were definitely allowed to arrest them. Indeed, though their deaths would have dire grave consequences, their arrest would be a decisive blow to Shrek
Academy. The Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy or the military could boldly state, ‘Were these the Shrek Seven Monsters handpicked by you? They were nothing special ‘.

That was why Lieutenant General Shen Yue had personally assumed
command of this operation. She was waiting for them to be captured and brought back.

However, the scene that came next left her staring with her mouth agape.

Up in the sky, the six airplanes which had completed the midair acquisition were turning around to bring back the aircraft which contained the Shrek Seven Monsters. Suddenly, a humongous entity broke the huge net. They could clearly see on the thirty-six meter long the Skywing-17 a huge, majestic figure, more than sixty meters tall. Its sheer size was awesome to behold. It was so terrifying that upon appearing, it instantly caused the Skywing-17 and the six aircraft around it to fall.

Six planes were definitely stronger than one single aircraft. That was the basis of airborne target acquisition. However, when the target had the
sudden addition of an Overlord Dragon, the situation was very different.

That single aircraft put the other six into a nosedive! They dropped straight for the seas beneath them.

The six black mechas were still down there. Caught off guard, the falling aircraft nearly collided with them as they scattered hastily.

Tang Wulin raised his hand, and a Bluesilver Emperor vine shattered the canopy of the Skywing-17’s cockpit. The roar of the wind immediately
filled the entire cockpit. The aircraft’s cockpit was now open and exposed.

“Xie Xie, prepare for full throttle.” The conditions of their aircraft had become extremely peculiar. Because of the Overlord Dragon riding on it, the tail of the aircraft pointed downward as it pulled down the other six
aircraft when it descended. The Overlord Dragon seemed to be slightly at a loss. It had not registered what was occurring.

The six aircraft around them finally reacted. They quickly gave up on the capture nets and scattered in the air.

Because of the intense gravitational force, these six aircraft could no longer maintain their own stability. They scattered by rolling away. Even the best pilot would need time and strong mental fortitude to maintain control over his plane under such conditions.

“Accelerate!” Tang Wulin yelled loudly. The Overlord Dragon vanished instantly and he returned to the back of the aircraft. Blue Emperor vines
extended and wrapped themselves around the four people inside the aircraft. Xie Xie pushed the throttle lever forward. The aircraft shook violently in the air before accelerating in a new direction.

Xie Xie felt as if the world was spinning around. With a sudden burst of speed, the plane charged out of the area with the seven of them in tow.

The aircraft ascended and then the control system naturally maintained flying altitude. They were in luck as they were heading in the direction of the archipelago.

Currently, the six aircraft were still unable to stabilize themselves, and the six black mechas had already rushed toward them. The highest priority was to ensure the safety of their allies, so they were at the ready for a rescue.

The Skywing-17 piloted by the Shrek Seven Monsters was like a little bird which broke free of its cage as it flew straight toward the archipelago.

“Reduce altitude!” Tang Wulin shouted at Xie Xie. Without the hindrance of the cockpit’s canopy, Tang Wulin’s voice could easily reach its intended target.

Xie Xie panted heavily, “This is too much, Captain!”

“Everyone, get ready. On the count of three, I want everyone to unfasten their seat belts.” This sentence was naturally directed toward the four members who sat within the cabin.

“Get ready,” Xie Xie laughed and released the throttle lever.

“One, two, three!” Tang Wulin shouted out the numbers. Shortly after, he leaped forcefully from the back of the aircraft. At the same time, the
Bluesilver Emperor vines connected to his body pulled on their cargo
abruptly. Under his control, the six figures seemed to have followed him and were free of the aircraft at the same time. They appeared in the skies, the seven of them, wrapped by the Bluesilver Emperor. They formed a peculiar shape. “Is that even possible!?” In the control tower, Major Bing Feng stared at this scene with his mouth agape.

With a squad of six fighter aircraft and six black mechas, they were still able to break through their formation? When Tang Wulin and the others
leaped out of the aircraft, the Skywing-17 had already entered the territory of the archipelago and continued flying into the distance.

The huge mecha unit had already arrived behind them, but they did not pass the boundary of the archipelago.

Oddly, the Skywing-17, which had just charged passed the boundary, suddenly made a sharp fall. It dropped from the skies and plummeted
toward the depths of the archipelago. Some sort of illusory light appeared and then it vanished into thin air. There was no sign of an explosion from a crash.

Tang Wulin currently had no time to think about these things. He raised his hand and shoved the Agility Soup Bun which was prepared by Xu Lizhi beforehand into his mouth to reduce his own body weight. The others did the same.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yuehui extended their wings in unison, forming a black and white pair. They rode on the air current as they desperately tried to stabilize everyone’s bodies as much as possible from the sides.

“This feels great! It’s amazing!” Xie Xie yelled excitedly.

This was definitely the most exhilarating event he had ever experienced
since birth. With his piloting skills, hardly even at the level of a beginner, he had somehow managed to get his companions out of the tight
encirclement they had just been in. What could make him more excited than that?

Tang Wulin’s heart raced as a bright golden halo emerged from his body. Immediately, the seven members felt as though their bodies were weightless like they were floating in midair. The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone gave Tang Wulin the soul skill Gravitational Control. When he fought with the evil soul master, Tang Wulin had used this skill many times. Other than Gravitational Control, there was another soul skill that seemed to have been of a defensive nature, but Tang Wulin was unable to utilize it just yet. He felt that he could only use this defensive soul skill when he attained a cultivation base of seven rings. Hence, Nature’s Child was not the first skill which he obtained but
could not use.

“General,” Colonel Liu Ming called out with a deep voice within the control tower.

Shen Yue’s brows were tightly knitted together. However, she was, after all, of a superior office, so she could still maintain her calm. “Forget it. Let them go in. I now believe that they’re this generation’s Shrek Seven
Monsters. Keep a close eye on any activity in the Demon Archipelago. Combat preparation level three. Nothing good will come of letting them into that place.”

“Yes! Combat preparations level three.”

Shen Yue turned to look at Major Bing Feng. “I think I deserve an explanation.”

Major Bing Feng stood straight and saluted, “Yes!”

Shen Yue turned around and walked out. Major Bing Feng quickly followed behind her, matching his pace with hers.

Colonel Liu Ming watched as they left. Only when they were out of earshot did he heave a sigh of relief. It was still early in the morning and already
such a ruckus had been made. It made him feel extremely agitated!

The results from the investigations were already out and sent to them. Lu Fu and his crew were safe and had regained consciousness.

There were no casualties, but they lost the Skywing-17. For the military, this was a heavy blow. Moreover, the Demon Archipelago was forbidden territory to them. When people from Shrek Academy entered that area, there was nothing else that they could do. Naturally, it was impossible for them to retrieve the fighter aircraft.

Tang Wulin had the wherewithal to carefully observe the archipelago beneath them after they had stabilized themselves during their midair glide. They could clearly see it from their vantage point in the skies. There were huge patches of islands which encompassed a large area, but it seemed a little too quiet. These small islands were all pitch black, and the terrain was extremely complicated. There was some vegetation coverage but it all
seemed to be black as well. It was as if the islands and everything on them was dyed with a layer of ink.

More peculiar was that around these islands in a range of three hundred meters, the seawater was black. It was a stark contrast to the azure ocean far away.

Without a doubt, it was definitely not an ordinary location, and this was going to be the place of their military training.

Tang Wulin definitely did not think that they had overcome all their hardships just by arriving on this archipelago within fifteen days. Without a doubt, the true hardships would most likely start from here on out.

“There!” Ye Xinglan suddenly exclaimed, as she raised her hand and pointed at something

Chapter 814 - Landing

Chapter 814: Landing

Ye Xinglan had always been observing this archipelago. She was searching for the island that resembled the one on the map provided by the academy.

As they looked in the direction of her pointing finger, there was indeed a larger island that was similar to the one on the map.

There was no need for Tang Wulin to give an order. Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui had already adjusted their directions and they glided toward the island.

They were currently about a few thousand meters in the sky and were descending slowly. Suddenly, the seven of them felt their bodies tremble at the same time. It was as if some invisible object had propped them up for a moment. Shortly after, the space around them distorted slightly for a brief moment. They then continued their gradual descent.

For a passing moment, Tang Wulin and the others felt a little confused. However, on the Northsea Army Corps’ radars, the seven of them had vanished.

The gravitational force intensified noticeably. It pulled on all seven of them, and they fell at a quicker pace. Tang Wulin yelled in a deep voice, “Stay
calm everyone, we’ll be alright. Xiaoyan, Star Chain!”

Xu Xiaoyan’s body shone with her soul ring’s glow. She unleashed her fourth soul skill, the brilliant golden Star Chain which swiftly connected all of them together.

When they leaped out of the aircraft, they were roughly three thousand meters above the ground. From a height of three thousand meters, if they did a freefall without wings, the longest it would take was two minutes before they would crash onto the ground.

Even with the wings, only five minutes had passed before they almost touched the ground.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had eaten the Bloodthirst Bean Buns. They were flapping their wings with all their might as they tried to stabilize their bodies so that they would not be smashed to pieces when they landed.

Tang Wulin acted as the hub as he connected everyone via his thick vines. He was very calm. He was barely flustered by the situation they were in.

The closer they were to the ground, the clearer their view became. The ground was completely black, but it was not made of rocks or soil. On the island where the mountain ranges rose and fell, plants covered the terrain. Surprisingly, these plants were black as well. That was why, from afar, the island resembled a black monster.

With the enhancements of their battle armors, Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui managed to stabilize themselves despite the stronger gravitational force. They flew toward their targeted island as they got closer to the ground.

“Everyone, brace yourselves!” As Tang Wulin shouted the reminder, the five soul rings on his body glowed faintly. Bluish-golden Bluesilver Emperor vines extended from his body in increasing numbers.

When they were about to hit the ground, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu flapped their wings rapidly to break their momentum. However, the seven of them were still charging toward the ground like meteors chasing after the moon.

At this very moment, the second soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body suddenly shone brightly. The Bluesilver Emperor vines immediately became as thick as a person’s thighs. The instant the vines touched the ground, they bent downward. With the strong resilience of the elastic vines, they drastically dampened the impact of Tang Wulin’s fall acting like a cushion to soften the landing.

A beam of golden light resembling a golden little dragon shone brightly. It pushed hard against the ground, and the powerful rebound sent Tang Wulin flying again. He shook his arms, and the Bluesilver Emperor that was
wrapped around his comrades shook as well. Immediately, they were flung back into the air again. Thus, the impact forces were dissipated. They hovered in the air for a brief moment before they dropped to the ground
albeit slowly this time.

He retracted his Bluesilver Emperor once all of them landed safely. They were more scared than hurt.

“This is truly exhilarating!” Xie Xie cried out excitedly.

It was truly exhilarating as It was everyone’s first experience of skydiving. However, the whole sequence of events was still within their manageable range.

Although Tang Wulin was not the pilot, he was the mastermind who
coordinated their strategies and ensured everything went well. It was truly a stroke of genius especially when he unleashed the Overlord Dragon. That was what enabled them to shake the fighter aircraft and mechas off their tails. If not for the sudden high-speed dip, it would not have been easy for them to break free of the roundup. The Northsea Army Corps was not an
easy organization to deal with.

“How’s everyone?” asked Tang Wulin.

“We’re alright!” The others signaled gestures to Tang Wulin indicating they were fine. They were all one-word battle armor masters. Although they
were subjected to the impact force upon landing, the defensive abilities of their battle armors were sufficient to protect them.

Tang Wulin gestured and the others quickly gathered in a formation around him. Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui surrounded the other three. It was only now during the brief respite that they could observe their
surroundings better. The sea northeast of the Continent was freezing. That was why this island was mainly covered by coniferous forests which
appeared a luxurious green. The only thing depressing thing was that all the trees, vegetation cover, and even the ground itself were completely pitch black, as pitch black as ink. It struck fear into their hearts when they looked at it. It was as if there were a multitude of ghost shadows lurking in the landscape.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly. He unleashed his spiritual power and felt the aura of his surroundings.

He noticed that although everything here was black, it was not filled with a dense, dark element aura. Everything was quite normal. It was not much different from any typical forest.

‘What’s with this place?’ Tang Wulin’s heart wavered slightly.

Since this place was known as Demon Island, there must be something unique about it. The so-called military training of the academy in this place could not possibly have been coincidental. Even Elder Cai and the others had unpleasant experiences back then when they were here. It was not difficult to speculate which of the experts who became Hyper Douluos were exceedingly talented and outstanding people when they were youths.

“Captain, what do we do now?” Xie Xie asked softly.

Tang Wulin replied, “Let’s take turns to rest. First, we’ll need some time to recover and be in tiptop condition.” They could not plow on blindly.
Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had just consumed Bloodthirst Bean Buns just now, and they were very much spent. The others were also exhausted to varying degrees. The landing just now had given them quite a shock both physically and mentally. It was apparent that they needed to calm their
spirits before they attempted anything else.

Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Xie Xie sat down first to recover their soul powers. The other four formed a circle around them. Tang Wulin’s third soul ring lit up with circles of light spreading outward from him, the Bluesilver Golden Array. It possessed the ability of Elemental Stripping and a collective powerful controlling soul skill.

“Zhengyu, Yuanen, you guys can take a rest as well. It should be fine with XInglan and I standing guard.”


The after-effects of the Bloodthirst Bean Buns began manifesting themselves. Although the cultivation bases of both Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were not weak, they had still expended much of their energies.
Yue Zhengyu, in particular, had used Sacrifice before this which consumed much of his life energy. After his all-out effort just now, he was truly

Purple light flickered within Tang Wulin’s eyes. He unleashed Purple Demon Eyes and surveyed his surroundings carefully. Then, he silently
extended his Bluesilver Emperor outward as he felt the life source on this island.

Ever since his spiritual powers reached the realm of Spirit Abyss, his senses were more sensitive than before. Especially after it was combined with the Bluesilver Emperor, it was quite easy for him to communicate with the flora.

At this moment, Xie Xie who was the first to sit down suddenly opened his eyes. He uttered with fright, “Why isn’t there any origin energy? I can’t recover my soul power.”

His voice barely faded when the others opened their eyes as well. Their eyes also displayed shock.

They had the same feeling. On this island, they did not feel the presence of any origin energy.

A thought flashed through Tang Wulin’s mind. He hastily focused his mind to sense it. It was true! Demon Island was empty. He did not need the
Bluesilver Golden Array. It seemed like this place had already undergone Elemental Stripping. All the other auras were normal, but origin energies were nowhere to be found.

Without origin energy, they had no source energy to restore their cultivation bases. Soul power could be depleted unless they do not utilize any soul power at all. However, how was that possible?

As a soul master, especially one who had already attained the rank of a Soul King, one would be unconsciously expending one’s soul powers. Utilizing one’s soul power to protect one’s body was the norm in one’s daily life.
Moreover, the cultivation of the Mysterious Heaven Method was a
continuous process. One’s soul powers would be used constantly. Although the dissipation of one’s soul power would be at low levels, it was still a depletion. If one were in a place with absolutely no origin energy, one did not even have to expend one’s soul powers for it would gradually run dry.

Yue Zhengyu’s expression changed as he said, “Is this the legendary forbidden land?”

Tang Wulin looked at him, “What’s this about a forbidden land?”

Yue Zhengyu said in a deep voice, “It’s written in our clan’s ancient records. During the primordial era, some places were punished by the Divine Realm due to their special nature, and these places turned into forbidden lands. They were stripped of any existence of life. It was
impossible for any kind of origin energy to be formed on such lands. But clearly, there are plants here! If this is a forbidden land, there shouldn’t be plants here!”

Chapter 815 - Still and Quiet Demon Island

Chapter 815: Still and Quiet Demon Island

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid you’re right. I have not sensed any life source from the plants around here.”

Where they landed was a piece of land that was relatively flat. The pitch black forest was not far away from them. Tang Wulin walked quickly toward it. When he pressed his palm against a large tree, it was cold to the touch. Putting aside the fact that there was no life source that came from it, a dense feeling of deathly stillness arose instantly from it. If it were not for Tang Wulin’s extremely strong life source and blood essence, his body
would have certainly suffered some damage being tainted with this death aura.

“These trees aren’t real, it’s as if they were all carbonized. They’re as tough as metallic rocks, but they don’t have an ounce of life source within them,” Tang Wulin’s brows were tightly knitted.

If there were no origin energy, there was no point for them to cultivate here. The others gathered around Tang Wulin.

Xu Xiaoyan posed a question, “Captain, without origin energy, other than affecting our soul powers, will it affect our life energy as well? Or should I say, will it affect our blood essence power?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly, “It will. Everything relies on origin energy to
survive, there’s no doubting this point. Water and sunlight are the sources of life. The energies they possess are nourishment to the life force. In a place where there is no life force, our own life source will be constantly depleted.
It won’t affect us much in the short term, but if this goes on, I’m afraid
we’ll turn into dried carcasses here, or maybe we’ll be carbonized like the plants here.” When Tang Wulin said this, everyone’s expression changed. “Than what should we do?” Xie Xie asked, slightly fidgety.
Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. “Since the academy sent us to do our military training here, they certainly wouldn’t send us here to die. Besides, we still have no idea where our military training is actually at. From the view above, this archipelago is completely black, even the seas around it
are black. However, beyond three hundred meters, the seas return to their normal colors. I can infer from this that we should be able to sense origin
energy around the normal-colored seas. In other words, we can try to absorb some origin energy from the normal seas to restore ourselves when the time comes.

Ye Xinglan smiled. “You always manage to be so calm. I think the situation is like what you just said.”

Tang Wulin returned the smile. “I’m actually worried as well, but there’s no point in me worrying about this. I still need to face it. Alright, since we
can’t absorb origin energy to restore ourselves, we’ll first make for the beach. After all, we arrived within the stipulated time frame. The first obstacle, Golden Path should be over. We’ll go have a look at the beach first, and then Zhengyu and Yuanen can fly out to see if my judgment was right or wrong.”

All this was due to the inexplicable pressure the pitch black island gave them. For the moment, they were still unable to get to the bottom of the
situation. It was undoubtedly very important for them to find a way out of the current situation. That was why Tang Wulin was in no hurry to scout the island.

They landed on the fringes of the island. After they had gotten hold of their bearings, they did not have to walk far to where they could already see the ocean.

It was two starkly contrasting feelings to look at the black seas from the
skies and from the ground. It was even more shocking for them since they were the ones actually experiencing the situation. The waves rippled and broke against the shore. The seawater which was pitch black as ink
appeared like a terrifying deep abyss. It seemed to be able to swallow a person whole at any moment.
Tang Wulin unleashed one Bluesilver Emperor and sent it into the sea. The Bluesilver Emperor had just touched the surface of the water when
Tang Wulin suddenly felt his body shook. Shortly after, a terrifying suction force came from the sea. The stamina and blood essence power within Tang Wulin immediately surged out of his body like a swarm of bees along this Bluesilver Emperor.

He quickly lifted the Bluesilver Emperor out of the water. However, within this short span of time, the Bluesilver Emperor’s tip had already turned greyish-white.

“Whatever you do, don’t come into contact with this seawater. The seawater will consume all of your origin energy. Once you come into contact with it, it’ll accelerate the depletion of your origin energy.”

Tang Wulin felt very fortunate that they did not drop directly into this black seawater just now. If that were the case, once they touched the water, their depletion would have increased multiple-fold.

Yuanen Yehui said, “We’ll go check it out.”

Tang Wulin nodded, “Be careful. Turn back immediately the moment you feel something’s off.”

“Hmm!” Yuanen Yehui nodded. The Fallen Angel’s wings were unleashed behind her. She flapped lightly and flew into the skies. Then, she slowly hovered over the patch of black seawater.

She was in midair above the sea’s surface when the black mist suddenly
appeared faintly on her body. Yuanen Yehui hastily flapped her wings and flew to a higher altitude. Only then did the black mist on her body dissipate somewhat. Then, she flew further away. She traversed the distance of three hundred meters rather quickly. Between islands, other than the black seawater, some patches of clear seas still
existed due to the large distances between the islands. Yuanen Yehui finally flew out of the three hundred-meter range. However, in that instant, her figure suddenly disappeared.

“She disappeared? Yuanen!” Xie Xie was greatly worried. He called out her name with anxious tones.

Tang Wulin grabbed him, “Don’t panic. Let’s wait and see.”

How could Xie Xie not panic? He was about to say something when a
shadow moved swiftly and Yuanen Yehui reappeared far away. Then, she flapped her wings strongly and shot back toward her companions like an arrow. She landed lightly.

It was only then that Xie Xie heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly walked up to her. “Yuanen, are you hurt?”

“I’m not.” Yuanen shook her head. “The situation is more or less like what our captain inferred. As expected, there is origin energy once I flew out of the three hundred-meter range and enter the area of the normal seas.
However, there are extremely ferocious oceanic soul beasts in the normal seas. I felt like I was in a trance as if I had exited this world, then I saw a huge bloody mouth which opened toward me. Its aura was very strong.
After that, I came back as quickly as I could. It’s strange. That oceanic soul beast was extremely powerful, but it dared not come into contact with the black sea on this side. Nonetheless, if we want to go out, it won’t be easy as well.”

Tang Wulin had a slight frown. “Do you guys have the feeling that this place resembles a prisoner’s cage as if it’s imprisoning something?”

There was no origin energy on the inside while there were ferocious oceanic soul beasts on the outside. From Yuanen Yehui’s reconnaissance just now, they could surmise that this island seemed to be located within some barrier. “Yeah, it does.” Yue Zhengyu nodded, “In any case, I don’t feel too
comfortable here. I reckon that you guys feel the same. There’s no origin energy here, and everything’s filled with a dead stillness. It’s truly uncomfortable! Why don’t we go take a look further on the island?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no hurry. The dangers outside are mainly from the oceanic soul beasts. Usually, oceanic soul beasts can’t leave the ocean. We’ll have to look for a way out first. Yuanen, can you try again? Fly out from a greater height this time, and see if you’re attacked by the oceanic soul beast again.”

“Okay!” Yuanen Yehui agreed. She flapped her wings and flew to a greater height in the skies. However, she had not even started to fly out toward the black sea when, all of a sudden, her body which had just reached a height of a hundred meters fell. Although she beat her wings desperately, she only managed to stabilize herself once she reached a height of fifty meters.

“Flight prohibition!” Yuanen Yehui exclaimed with fright. “There seems to be an invisible barrier up there. I only flew up to around a hundred meters when I felt as if I was swatted by someone. Thank goodness my reflexes
were quick enough.”

Prisoner’s cage! These two words appeared in the minds of everyone again. Only these two words could aptly describe their current predicament.

They could not rise into the skies nor go out over the sea. They could come in, but they could not get out. Furthermore, they are running low on origin energy. If that were the case, would waiting for their demise be the only option?

Tang Wulin made a decision. “Let’s go. We’ll go further into the island and have a look.” He firmly believed in one thing from the beginning until the end. Since the academy sent them here for their military training, the
academy must have its aim and reasons. It would be irrational for the academy to just put them in a prisoner’s cage for no reason at all.

Chapter 816 - Charging Into Another World

Chapter 816: Charging Into Another World

When he thought of this, Tang Wulin led the way and walked toward the depths of Demon Island.

There were no roads on the island, only pitch black forests. They had no way of making out the directions. They could only head in the general direction of the internal regions of the island.

After they entered the forest, the dead stillness Tang Wulin became even more apparent. The surrounding ambiance was gloomy, but most of the gloominess was assuaged by Tang Wulin who walked at the front. The
Golden Dragon King bloodline aura of his entire body was as vigorous as the blazing sun. It dissipated most of the gloomy stillness away as he led his comrades along their way.

There was no need for Tang Wulin to remind them. Everyone was trying their level best to conserve their spiritual powers. They were controlling them so that their soul powers would not flow naturally. They must save their soul powers for the most crucial of moments. If they could not find a
spot on the island where they can connect to origin energy, they would have to think of a way to overcome this quandary as soon as possible.

As Tang Wulin walked, he observed the skies. They had ‘borrowed’ the
aircraft early in the morning to embark on this journey of theirs. The skies were brightening up. At least, when he looked outward from the island, there was nothing different.

What kind of powerful force was able to turn an ordinary thriving island into this? It was obvious that it was not done by humans. it would have been meaningless for the Federation to do this. If it were not done by humans, then the phenomena on Demon Archipelago must have been a natural occurrence. If that were the case, what would have been the cause?

Could it be that there was some huge soul circuit on this island which
continuously stripped the air of origin energy? If this were the case, then how could the black sea be explained? The black sea itself had the terrifying ability to absorb all energy.

After having walked for two hours, everyone’s body was covered in sweat. However, to conserve their soul powers, they did not utilize their soul powers to move faster. They brought a certain amount of food in the soul
storage tools, but they had consumed quite a lot of their rations when they were being detained. They had not the chance to replenish their resources yet, so they could only do their best to consume their rations conservatively.

“Let’s rest for a bit here,” Tang Wulin said with a deep voice.

Overall, he was the least affected among them. His powerful Golden
Dragon King bloodline aura would not be greatly affected in the short term. Even so, if this went on long enough, he would not be able to endure it.
Unless he broke through his next layer of Golden Dragon King’s seal, he could not withstand the effects of the terrain continuously.

Tang Wulin quickly climbed up a large tree beside him. When he reached a higher spot, he looked in the faraway direction.

The black forest seemed to be endless. When he looked toward the internal parts of Demon Island, he could faintly make out a purplish-black mass.

‘A purplish-black mass? What’s that?’

He had only taken a glance, but Tang Wulin felt a strong fear welling up within him. It made him feel as if his body would be torn to pieces.

What a powerful energy! Since it had energy, its energy must have been a part of origin energy. That spot might very well be the breakthrough point! When he thought about this, Tang Wulin felt greatly relieved. After he returned to the ground, he immediately conveyed what he saw to his

They rested for a while and ate something before they resumed their journey. This time, they finally had a clear direction.

They walked for another two hours and finally exited the black forest.
However, the ground was still pitch black and the darkness spread far and wide. From their vantage point on the ground, they could see the purplish- black mass far away.

The purplish-black glow was faint and gave them a terrifying still quiescence.

“What is that?” Xu Lizhi asked softly.

Yue Zhengyu frowned. “I don’t feel well here. It’s as if my entire body’s going to be torn to pieces, it’s that kind of a feeling.”

“Me too.” Xu Xiaoyan was panting. Yue Zhengyu hastily stood in front of her and acted as a shield. Only then did she feel better.

“Let’s retreat back to the forest,” Tang Wulin immediately gave the order when he saw his comrades displaying pained expressions.

He felt the same sensations as well. Due to his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura which was vigorous enough, he did not feel as sick as his comrades did.

They retreated into the forest. With the trees acting as a shield, they felt much better.

“That aura is really terrifying, but it doesn’t look like any attribute of
energy which we’ve encountered before. What exactly is that?” asked Ye Xinglan with a deep voice.

Tang Wulin said, “We can only be sure upon closer inspection. You guys wait here, I’ll go over and have a look.” “Captain.” Xie Xie grabbed Tang Wulin. “I’ll go. I’m quick, and I’ll use my battle armor. Even if there’s something amiss, I can still make it back as quickly as possible.”

Tang Wulin shook his head, “Sure, you’re quick, but your resistance is
weak. I have the support of my bloodline power. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

In terms of bodily resistance, it was true that nobody could beat Tang Wulin, not even Yuanen Yehui.

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath and no longer conserved his energy. His one-word battle armor covered his entire body, and his golden mask slowly closed effectively isolating him from the outside world. His dense blood
essence wave also filled the air.

Tang Wulin moved swiftly and left the forest. He did not pause. Instead, he abruptly sprinted toward the purplish-black glow.

As expected, with the protection of his battle armor, he felt much better.
However, Tang Wulin could still feel the potency of the energy that seemed to be able to crush everything. It was getting closer to him and also increasing in intensity.

His soul power merged perfectly with his blood essence power. It flowed
swiftly according to the Mysterious Heaven Method. Tang Wulin wiped his forehead with his right hand and the Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grip. Its tip was pointed straight ahead.

A golden halo in the shape of an umbrella appeared in front of him with the Golden Dragon Spear as the tip. It split the terrifying aura as much as possible. When the pressure reduced slightly, Tang Wulin accelerated again.
He could feel that his soul power and blood essence power were being consumed at an extremely fast pace.

They were not being absorbed. On the contrary, they were expended to resist the terrifying aura. He was getting closer. After he had dashed out for a thousand meters, he could feel that the surrounding air was fragmented. When the fragmented air brushed against his body, it felt like small sharp blades continuously
cutting into his body. He had no choice but to expend more energy to resist them.

Dragon scale patterns started appearing on his one-word battle armor. Left without a choice, Tang Wulin unleashed the Golden Dragon Body.

A deep dragon’s roar surrounded his body and managed to keep the powerful shattering sensation at bay. Suddenly, he felt as if he had charged into a void. Shortly after, everything in front of him turned purplish-black. His body seemed to have been swallowed by something. His body shook abruptly! The terrifying pressure which he felt before this vanished instantly. His entire body went light. He had arrived at another world!

Tang Wulin panted heavily. He was gulping for air. At that very instant, he felt as if his body had been completely torn to pieces. Even his battle armor was on the verge of breaking. Currently, all the pressure he felt before this had completely vanished. It made him feel as if he was about to collapse.

After he rested for a while, he noticed that he was in a huge mountain valley. Surprisingly, the interior of the valley was not pitch black. Luxuriant green plants grew all around him. Far away, a huge purplish-black column shot toward the skies. When he saw it, the fear within him resurfaced.
However, what surprised Tang Wulin was that there was origin energy in this place. Also, he could feel that the density of life source in here was much higher than the outside world.

He had a plant-type martial soul. His senses toward the life source were heightened. He need only to take a deep breath and he was completely rejuvenated.

“Not bad, you’re able to enter without being guided,” a slightly hoarse voice sounded. Tang Wulin was startled. When he turned around to look, he noticed an elder who was looking at him with his head askance. He looked quite old. He was around a hundred and eight centimeters in height with a slight hunch. His slightly messy hair hung down and his face was full of wrinkles. Put another way, he had wrinkled skin and white hair. He held a walking stick in one hand, but his eyes were lucid. For his age, they were not dim in the slightest.

As he was old, Tang Wulin barely managed to discern from the facial expression that he seemed to be smiling.

Tang Wulin hastily said, “Hello there. I’m Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy.”

The elder nodded slightly. “I know, I know. Shrek Academy, right? Young man, you look very handsome.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Senior, can you tell me what place this is?”

The elder replied, “This is Demon Island. It’s a place where demons live.” After he finished this sentence, he broke into laughter.

A place where demons lived? A thought flashed across Tang Wulin’s mind. He could not feel the slightest threat coming from this elder before him. He could not even sense an ounce of an energy wave from him. He appeared like an ordinary elder who was old and ailing like a candle in the wind.

Tang Wulin said, “The academy sent us to Demon Island for our military training. May I know what the military training entails?”

The elder shook his head, “I’m not in charge of all those details, but there’s someone here who is. By the way, it’s been a very long time since your
academy has sent someone here. Everybody’s waiting for you. Come, follow me, I’ll bring you there.” As he said this, he turned around. He
supported his body with his walking stick and teetered toward the depths of the valley.

Chapter 817 - Nightmare and Blight

Chapter 817: Nightmare and Blight

“Senior, wait up. I have other comrades. What about them? Can I go and bring them here?” Tang Wulin asked.

The elder stopped in his tracks. “You can bring them here?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly, “I’ll have to go back out first. But, I don’t know how to get out of here.”

The elder chuckled. “So, it’s best if you follow me first. You can’t go out from here.” He then continued walking toward the depths of the valley.

Tang Wulin said nothing more. He hastily caught up with the elder and supported him of his own accord.

This old man looked as if it was rather difficult for him to walk as he was teetering. Tang Wulin supported his armpits gently to reduce the strain his body weight was putting on his legs.

“Senior, shall I carry you on my back?” said Tang Wulin. “Sure!” said the old man frankly.
Tang Wulin squatted down to carry the elder on his back. The old man was light. With Tang Wulin’s strength, he seemed weightless.

“Hmm, head there. What a kind young man you’re. But, I must remind you, on Demon Island, kindness will get you nowhere. It might even bring you trouble,” the elder’s voice came from behind him. Tang Wulin only smiled. He continued walking quickly in the direction pointed by the elder. The valley was wide, and the surface of the ground was not flat. Various kinds of plants grew well here. Tang Wulin had not come across many of the plants before. Also, he noticed with surprise that his blood essence power was restored between his breaths due to the overly dense life source here. He did not even have to meditate for that purpose. At the same time, it spurred the Mysterious Heaven Method into flowing within him, and it gradually recovered from its previous depletion as well.

As expected, the academy would not find a place where it was impossible for them to survive for their military training.

Tang Wulin walked very fast because he wanted to find the exit as soon as possible and bring his comrades here. He knew that if he did not go out
soon enough, everybody would be flustered when he was gone too long.

They walked through the forest and Tang Wulin had almost completely recovered his cultivation base. The terrain before them suddenly sloped down. The ground’s surface also turned into a swathe of purplish-black. What shocked him even more was that Tang Wulin saw the source of the gigantic purplish-black light column.

It was a colossal mineral rock which had an asymmetrical shape. It protruded from the ground inside the valley, the top portion exposed. The terrifying purplish-black light column extended skyward from the mineral rock. When he saw the rock, Tang Wulin felt an intense pain searing across his entire body. His body and soul felt as if they were about to fall apart.
With a muffled grunt, he knelt to the ground on one knee.

Golden dragon scales appeared with the stimulus and swiftly covered his entire body. His battle armor was also unleashed in the next instant. Under their protection, Tang Wulin finally felt better.

“Eh?” The elder on Tang Wulin’s back exclaimed with surprise. In the next moment, Tang Wulin had already risen to his feet again.

“Senior, are you alright?” He could not see the peculiar gaze of the elder behind him. “Oh, I’m fine. I’ve already gotten used to everything here,” said the elder. “You’re truly not bad. There aren’t many who could resist the Destruction Rock at first sight. Most people would’ve fainted. I thought that you’d faint too.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. ‘Faint? Since he knew that I could’ve fainted, why didn’t he warn…’

His thoughts stopped abruptly when his field of vision suddenly went dark. He had no recollection of what happened afterward.

Tang Wulin fell limply to the ground. The elder retracted his hand which had hit Tang Wulin’s neck. “What a foolish young man. How can such a foolish young man survive if he were to be put at our mercy? He’s truly unafraid of dying being so friendly with a stranger. Nightmare, come out,
come out! Throw this young man out. I want to see how he’s going to bring those comrades of his into this place.”

A figure seemingly walked out of thin air and stood before the white-haired elder.

He too was an elder. He looked not much younger than the white-haired elder but his physique looked much tougher.

“Blight, is this the young man from this batch? Did he come in here himself?” Nightmare pointed at Tang Wulin who still had his battle armor on.

“Yeah! He came in himself, he seems not too bad. Throw him out. We’ll see if he can bring his comrades in here by himself.” the elder named Blight
waved his hand.

“Why me? Why can’t you do it?” Nightmare said with great dissatisfaction. Blight sniggered, “It’s because you can’t beat me. It’s that simple.”
Nightmare glared. A faint, black airflow appeared around him. However, he returned to normal immediately. He hoisted Tang Wulin from the ground. “I don’t have time for you. It’s rare that we’ve gotten some little toys. I don’t have time to spare for an old geezer like you.”

After he finished, his body swayed, and he vanished into thin air in the next instant.

Blight rubbed his hands together. His clear eyes were filled with
excitement. “Yes! It’s rare that we’ve gotten some little toys. I won’t let them go that easily this time. How can I let them linger on the verge of
collapsing but not collapse no matter what happens? Hmm, this is a very interesting question. My skills are quite rusty. I guess I’ll just have to brush up my skills.”

When Tang Wulin came to, he was surrounded by worried gazes. Were these not his comrades?

“Captain, you’re awake.” Xie Xie called out excitedly when he saw that Tang Wulin had regained consciousness,

Tang Wulin swiftly rolled over and sat up. He rubbed his neck. Apart from that, he did not feel any discomfort elsewhere in his body.

“How did I come back?”

Yue Zhengyu shrugged. “You just flew back here from the outside like a cannonball. It was Yuanen who caught you. What happened? Did you discover anything?”

Tang Wulin hummed for a moment, then he recounted his experience. “Could it have been an illusion?” Ye Xinglan asked.
Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, it was not an illusion. My soul power and blood essence power had truly recovered. The dense life source of that place can’t be faked. That place must be where we’re supposed to go for our military training. We must somehow find a way in.”

“Okay!” Everyone had not restored their soul powers here whereas Tang Wulin’s current condition was already at its peak. Tang Wulin said to Xu Lizhi, “Give everyone two Recovery Pork Buns so that they can replenish their stamina until they’re in peak condition. Then, give everyone a Bloodthirst Bean Bun just in case. Also, give everyone a Crystal Bun each. After making all these buns, can your soul power still
support your battle armor’s maximum defense?”

Xu Lizhi replied, “No problem. I’d only spent a small amount before this. I can do it.”

Crystal Bun was Xu Lizhi’s fifth soul skill. After it was eaten, the consumer would have a layer of crystallite protective layer on the surface of his body for one minute. It would double the consumer’s maximum defensive ability.

However, the Crystal Bun also had its own problems. The time needed to make it was longer. It was very difficult to make it during a fight. It must be prepared beforehand.

This was also the reason why Xu Lizhi could not make them in time for everyone when they faced the evil soul masters the other day.

The production of a single bun took ten minutes. It also put a great toll on his soul power. However, the effects of the Crystal Bun also worked on him.

While Xu Lizhi made Recovery Pork Buns for everyone to eat and replenish their stamina, Tang Wulin began to make arrangements for their exploit later.

After he thought about it carefully, he came up with a plan.

In terms of cultivation base, everyone had five rings. However, in terms of soul power, Yuanen Yehui was already at rank-58. She was the closest to rank-60. Ye Xinglan was at rank-56. The others were mostly around rank-
55. Only Tang Wulin himself was still at rank-51.

It was not much of a problem with soul powers. The most important part was the endurance of their bodies.

Chapter 818 - Forward Charge

Chapter 818: Forward Charge

Having seen what a charge toward the purple light would bring, he knew that the person in the lead would bear the brunt of the destructive power. Without a doubt, he wanted to be at the front to act as a shield. Even so, the others would be suffering the force of impact from all directions. At that point, his Golden Dragon Rage Domain would prove vital. With the
addition of Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Chain, they should be able to overcome the obstacles while under the layers of numerous enhancements.

An hour later, everyone had finished their preparations.

Tang Wulin said, “Keep your buns at hand and eat them only after I give the order. Get ready.”

As he said this, he raised his Golden Dragon Spear before him with the tip pointed outward.

Everyone donned their battle armor. Tang Wulin lowered his voice and yelled, “Charge!” At this command, he took the lead and dashed forth.

Star Chains linked everyone together. However, Tang Wulin did not unleash his Golden Dragon Rage Domain at first. This was because the domain
would consume too much of his energy, so it was unnecessary for it to be used for now.

Yuanen Yehui used the Fallen Angel Transformation and not the Titan Giant Ape Transformation which had greater endurance. This was because Tang Wulin had concluded that if Yuanen Yehui used the Titan Giant Ape Transformation, she would suffer greater impacts when her size got too big. It was better off for her to use the Fallen Angel Transformation. With him at the front shielding them from the blast, the force of impact would be less. Having had prior experience, Tang Wulin charged swiftly. He single- handedly blocked the terrifying energy head-on. However, that energy was everywhere, pressing down on their bodies from all directions.

Everyone utilized their soul power. Yue Zhengyu brandished the Saint Sword in his hands. Other than Yuanen Yehui, everyone else’s body had a layer of holy light. Although the holy light shattered in the next moment, it was enough for it to be able to withstand the energy for a moment.

Ye Xinglan wielded the Stargod Sword and spots of starlight scattered all around them. The starlight also shattered swiftly, only able to reduce some of the pressure around them.

Everyone unleashed their own abilities as they resisted the pain that threatened to tear them to pieces. They followed closely behind Tang Wulin in their forward charge.

Because of the Star Chain, Tang Wulin could clearly sense the rate of that they used their soul power. When the destructive energy hit their bodies, they expended an equal amount of soul power to resist it. Although Tang Wulin was the vanguard, he was expending much more energy than when he charged forward alone.

They could not conserve their resources this time. Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. As a halo lit up under his feet, the Golden Dragon Rage Domain
was unleashed, and his body grew to a height of three meters.

His gigantic body was much more muscular than it was before. He blocked most of the blast force and picked up speed. The other six members of Shrek Seven Monsters absorbed the energy given off by Tang Wulin’s body. The pain they felt was greatly reduced instantly.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear shook and Golden Dragon Soars to the Heavens opened up a path for them. The sonorous dragon’s roar negated the destructive aura which came at them from the front. His body then started trembling violently. With every step they took, the pressure they felt increased, divided among the seven of them.

Tang Wulin shifted his Golden Dragon Spear to his left hand. The scales all over his body shone brightly. Golden Dragon Claws jutted out from his right hand and he swung them brazenly. When he swung his Golden Dragon Claws this time, they seemed to flicker. In that instant, the Golden Dragon Claws had actually swung nine swings.

This was Golden Dragon Extends Its Claws of the Golden Dragon Nine
Moves. Tang Wulin combined the Golden Dragon Extends Its Claws he had learned from his grandmaster and his own Golden Dragon Dreadclaw together to create this original technique, Golden Dragon Nirvana. He tore the air before him to shreds. Even the destructive power was instantly ripped to pieces. Tang Wulin’s blood essence power immediately weakened.

“Bean buns, crystal buns, eat!” he yelled and stabbed abruptly with his Golden Dragon Spear. Golden Dragon Flies!

With the help of the Golden Dragon Nirvana, he broke open the space. Then, he rode on the momentum of Golden Dragon Flies to rapidly charge forward. He practically opened up a path for his companions.

As the others behind him followed at full speed, they ate their Bloodthirst Bean Buns and Firm Crystal Buns.

A layer of a crystalline substance appeared outside everyone’s battle armor which insulated them from the outer destructive power.

This was also Tang Wulin’s first time eating the Firm Crystal Bun. Its effects were much more powerful than he had imagined. He felt as if
another layer of armor had been added to his body. Although the destructive energy was also disintegrating the crystallite body, it was doing so at a much slower rate than when it was directly disintegrating their own defenses.

Under the combined effects of Golden Dragon Rage Domain, Bloodthirst
Bean Buns, and Firm Crystal Buns, everyone felt that the pressure had been greatly lessened. They charged forward at full power.

Food type tool soul masters had the weakest combat strength in the early phase. The enhancement they brought were also much inferior compared to the soul masters who could directly cause an enhancement. However, with the gradual improvement of their cultivation base, a food type tool soul master’s ability would gradually come to the fore. The enhancements they brought were more direct and longer-lasting, with fewer side effects. Also, there was no risk of them being interrupted.

It was much more difficult for a food type tool soul master to cultivate
compared to a support system soul master. They needed denser soul powers to improve themselves. However, once a food type tool soul master reached a certain level, the roles they played would certainly be superior to a
support system soul master.

“Puh!” The feeling of immediate relaxation invigorated Tang Wulin’s spirit. This proved that he was not dreaming when he met the elder.

The others also felt their bodies go lighter. In the next moment, they appeared in the valley which Tang Wulin had visited before.

The unexpected reduction in pressure, and a sudden surge of potent life
source made everyone pant heavily despite themselves. The group looked massively relieved.

Tang Wulin wore his golden helmet and armor as he stood in front of
everyone with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. Because the others had not recovered their soul powers, all of them appeared to have completely
exhausted themselves now.

At that point, Tang Wulin saw an elder clad in black garments. His hair and beard were completely white, but he did not appear as genial as the other
elder he had met before. This elder’s eyes were sullen, and he had a hooked nose. He placed his hands behind him as he stared at them coldly.

“Hello, Senior.” Tang Wulin retracted his Golden Dragon Spear and nodded to greet the elder. The elder looked at him, then at the others panting behind him. He gestured with his hand. “Come with me.” His voice was femininely high-pitched. It made the listeners feel quite awkward.

“Understood!” Tang Wulin gestured with his hand for his companions to follow the old man hastily.

The black-clothed elder did not walk at a fast pace. The route he took was the same one Tang Wulin had taken before. Observing his surroundings.
Tang Wulin had a deeper impression of the feeling the faraway purplish- black light gave him.

Even though this place was filled with dense vitality, the gigantic column of light still filled their hearts with fright from far away. Such a destructive
aura would terrify anyone. The fear they felt was unnerving and entirely beyond their control.

The other six members of the Shrek Seven Monsters took a glance at their surroundings with curious expressions on their faces. Was this the final
destination of their journey? Although they had experienced difficulties and dangers, they still made it in the end.

Following the elder through a forest, they were brought to an empty area. “Do you know why you’re here?” said the black-clothed elder drily.
Tang Wulin replied, “The academy sent us here for our military service, which counts as our military training as well.”

The elder suddenly smiled. When he smiled, the wrinkles on his face seemed to fold into each other. It was an extremely peculiar sight.

“Yes, it’s military training. The conditions for your stay are simple. As long as you don’t collapse, you can remain here for two years at most.
Additionally, when you experience a mental breakdown, you’ll immediately be discharged. So, my young friends, you’d better watch yourselves. First, make your own introductions.” Mental breakdown? When they heard these words, the seven of them could not help but feel a chill run down their spines.

“I’m the captain, Tang Wulin, a five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”

“Ye Xinglan, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”

“Yuanen Yehui, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.” “Xie Xie, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”
“Xu Lizhi, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”

Chapter 819 - Intense Pain

Chapter 819: Intense Pain

Everyone was of the same rank, so they basically just announced their names.

After hearing their introductions, the black-clothed elder’s face did not
show any signs of shock. He said drily, “My name is Nightmare. I believe that you’ll remember my name for a long time. This is Demon Island.
Where you’re standing now is the central part of Demon Island, Demon Valley, and I’m the demon here. You can also call me Old Demon

Old Demon Nightmare? He was clearly a man. Why would he call himself a demon?

Tang Wulin felt somewhat shocked, but he did not question the elder any further.

“Senior, what do we do now?” asked Tang Wulin. He must be clear about what they would be tasked with!

Nightmare chuckled. “There’s no need to rush. You’ll have plenty to do later. This will be your resting place from now on. Remember, never let your curiosity lead you to the destructive light. If you’re tainted by the light, no one can save you. Understood?”

Destructive light? Of course, Tang Wulin was curious. He was not the only one. The others were also wondering as to what that column of light was.
They had already been terrified for half a day just by glancing at the purple column which shot toward the skies. The thing was truly dreadful! Also, they could feel that the reason the outer parts of this Demon Island were filled with dead zones was most probably directly related to this destructive light. “You all have just arrived today. Your military training will start tomorrow. You are to find your own food, as there’s plenty of that in the forest.
Alright, that’ll be all.” After he had finished talking, Old Demon Nightmare turned around and left. His body suddenly turned illusory. He seemed to have moved swiftly and vanished before everyone’s eyes.

Old Demon Nightmare had left. Tang Wulin said, “Everyone, let’s take a break here and recover our stamina and soul power before anything else. The life source here is extremely dense, so it’ll be a big help for us.”

The others could hardly wait. They came from a place where there was
absolutely no origin energy to a place where the life source was dense. How could they not make the most of every moment they had? For a soul master, what could be more important than being at full soul power?

While his companions rested, Tang Wulin also sat down cross-legged. He focused his spirits and meditated. The density of the life source here was much higher than what he felt anywhere else. Even the life source on Sea God’s Island was not as thick as this. This was highly beneficial to his
cultivation. If he cultivated the Bluesilver Emperor in a place where the life source was dense, he could definitely achieve twice the results with half the effort.

Tang Wulin was just about to enter into his meditative state when he
suddenly sensed danger. He instinctively opened his eyes and saw a black figure aiming a whip at him.

‘Not good!’

He raised his arms instinctively and pushed outward at the same time.

However, the black figure had come too quickly. Tang Wulin grunted. A huge force reached his body and he was whipped so hard that he was tossed backward.

He was not the only one. The other members of Shrek Seven Monsters suffered the same attacks. Caught off guard, the seven of them were
whipped until they reeled to the left and right as. What had just happened?

They swiftly unleashed their martial souls at the same time as they hastily gathered together. However, they could feel pangs of intense pain radiating through their bodies.

When they lowered their heads to look, they saw that small perforations
appeared on their bodies where they had been whipped and there were faint traces of blood flowing out. The stabbing pains then began to feel like
scorching hot burns.

Xie Xie was the first one to let out a wail. He moved to cover where he was pricked just now.

“Don’t move!” Tang Wulin grabbed his hand. He felt the same strong
stabbing pain. What shocked him even more was that despite his bloodline power, he could not dampen the feeling of the pain.

“Poison?” Ye Xinglan resisted the pain strongly, but her expression changed.

“With your level of alertness, how could you possibly be the Shrek Seven Monsters? Don’t tell me that you thought that this place was safe?” Old Demon Nightmare’s voice came from all around them.

“Enjoy this neurotoxin. Don’t bother trying to heal yourselves or resist with your soul powers. It’s useless. You’ll heal naturally after being in pain for two hours. Mmm, hurry up and let me see your pained expressions. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such joy.”


While Old Demon Nightmare was talking, the pain Tang Wulin and the others felt had been rapidly intensifying. The few assault system soul masters were slightly better off. Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were already ghastly pale. They were in so much pain that they were trembling.
If they did not grit their teeth to bear with it, they might have given in to the pain long before this. They finally understood where the ‘nightmare’ from Old Demon Nightmare came from.

However, they had just arrived! Also, was this not overkill if he just wanted to increase their alertness?

Tang Wulin’s condition was less severe. Not that he felt no pain, but his endurance was much stronger than an ordinary person’s. After being
tortured so many times by the Golden Dragon King bloodline, his threshold for pain was extremely high.

However, under such conditions, his forehead was drenched with sweat, and his body trembled slightly.

“Ahh!” Xie Xie could finally take it no longer and cried out once more. When he cried out, it was like he had given a signal. The others also moaned and groaned as they could not help but give voice to their pain.

‘We have to bear this pain for two hours!’ Tang Wulin’s heart twitched. ‘Is this a style of training as well?’

Merely ten minutes had passed. Other than Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui, the other four members were already rolling on the ground.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were sitting cross-legged on the floor. Their bodies were twitching continuously, and they were not far from collapsing.

When they thought about it, the entire affair seemed slightly strange. This pain they felt kept intensifying.

Tang Wulin could still manage to stand, but his body started swaying as well.

At that moment, the sensation of pain suddenly weakened. Then, it started to subside.

The human body’s potential was limitless. They were still in pain, but at least they felt much better when it lessened. Finally, another ten minutes had passed. When the sensation of pain had reduced to a level that they could endure, everyone managed to sit up.

“That was ruthless of him. We haven’t even done anything yet. Is he trying to show us who’s boss?” Xie Xie complained.

Tang Wulin smiled wryly, “It’s us who’ve been too careless. Even Elder Cai and Grandteacher dreaded the military training here, so we should have been more careful. After this, whenever we’re taking a break, we must have someone on guard duty. Fortunately, the two hours of pain the senior told us was just a lie.”

Yuanen Yehui suddenly said, “It might not be. I’ve studied a bit about neurotoxins. These things don’t go away that easily. It might be coming in stages…”

She had barely finished when the pain intensified again all of a sudden. As expected, it was not that easily done away with.

They were in pain for ten minutes, and the pain would subside for ten minutes before it returned again.

The physical torture this process gave them was one thing, but the torture this had on their spirits were extremely intense! It was as though Nightmare was controlling the pain they felt so that it was not enough to make them faint, but still made sure they experienced agony in the extreme.

An hour later, everyone was drenched in sweat and on the verge of collapsing.

Tang Wulin sat down as well. Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui and he could still manage to support their bodies as they sat. It was already an incredible feat for the four others to be able to maintain their consciousness.

When it was not that painful, Xu Lizhi freed his hands and made Recovery Pork Buns for everyone to ensure that they had enough stamina. Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin. “Captain, can you knock me out cold? I can’t take this anymore. It’s agonizing. It even reaches my bones. The spasms of pain are more than I can bear.”

Yuanen Yehui glared at Xie Xie, “You can’t-you can’t faint. If you’re unconscious, then the neurotoxin might harm your internal organs. You can only utilize your soul power to protect yourself while you’re conscious.
You’ll be alright once you bear with it. Xie Xie, hang in there.” As she said this, Yuanen Yehui stretched her hand toward Xie Xie and pulled him to her side.

With Yuanen Yehui to lean on, Xie Xie’s emotions stabilized somewhat.

At this moment, a voice rang out in praise, “Not bad. An hour has passed, and you’ve not fainted yet. Your levels of endurance are quite formidable. Since you’ve shown such outstanding performances, I’ll say that all of you have passed the first trial.”

Old Demon Nightmare reappeared in everyone’s line of sight. He held a small jar in his hand. He walked up to Tang Wulin and passed the jar to
him. “A fall into the pit, a gain for your wit. I don’t have to tell you what to do, do I? This is the antidote. Apply it directly onto your wounds.”

Tang Wulin received the jar with a bitter smile. He said with slight helplessness, “Elder Nightmare, you’ve truly shown us who’s boss right away.”

Old Demon Nightmare said flatly, “Since you’re here, we’ll have to take responsibility for you. Everything that you’re experiencing now might very well be what you’ll be facing in the future. The human body has a very important characteristic, and it’s that its endurance for the second encounter would be as different as the earth is from the skies compared to the first time. This is especially true for your mental endurance. Alright, that’ll be

With that, he stood up and disappeared again.

Chapter 820 - Too Cruel

Chapter 820: Too Cruel

Old Demon Nightmare’s words gave Tang Wulin some insight. He faintly understood the specialty of this military training, but he still could not put it into words yet.

Tang Wulin passed the jar to Ye Xinglan beside him. “You guys can apply this first, I’ll keep watch.” Currently, the pain he felt was not as intense
anymore. Tang Wulin propped himself up. This time, he dared not let his guard down. He took out his Golden Dragon Spear and surveyed his
surroundings with alertness. Cavern.
Old Demon Nightmare materialized out of the shadows. There was a huge crystal orb with a diameter of one meter within the cavern. Shadows flickered and danced within it. Was this not precisely the current conditions of Tang Wulin and his companions?

Old Demon Blight stood before the crystal orb. He clicked his tongue.
“Cruel, you’re truly cruel. Didn’t we agree to be gentler? How could you be so merciless at the beginning? What if they collapse when they couldn’t take it? We won’t have fun then.”

Old Demon Nightmare said pointedly, “Don’t give me that rubbish. I know just how excited you are. Do you think I don’t know you? Of course, we’ll have to adjust the level of difficulty according to the different situations.
Since these little fellows were able to enter the valley with their own strengths, their bodies’ endurance must’ve been very good. So, let’s
continue finding their limits slowly. They’re still so naïve that it’s amusing. They believe anything you tell them.” Old Demon Blight snickered. “It’s only an hour, but you had to tell them that it’s two hours. What ointment did you just give them?”

Old Demon Nightmare smiled as well, a sinister smile. “You’ll find out very soon.”

Tang Wulin was the last one to apply the ointment to his wounds. After he applied the ointment, his wounds felt cold and refreshing. It was so
soothing that it was indescribable. His wounds had swollen up due to the pain. However, after he applied the ointment, the swelling surprisingly
subsided rapidly. The cooling effect truly helped ease the pain.

Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, Ye Xinglan, and Yue Zhengyu had all sat up. Their expressions were those of relief.

At this very moment, Ye Xinglan who was the first to apply the ointment on her wounds twitched slightly. “It’s kind of itchy. Could it be that the
wound’s healing already? That’s a bit too quick.”

She had just finished her sentence when Xu Lizhi’s expression also turned peculiar. He had applied the ointment on his wounds right after her. “Yeah, it’s really itchy!” He scratched softly around his wounds. He had made sure not to touch his wounds, but the itch worsened. His body started twitching uncontrollably.

“It’s so itchy!”

Tang Wulin’s colors drained. ‘Could this be due to the ointment?’

A few minutes later, his wounds began feeling extremely itchy. The itch was so bad that it made him want to tear himself to pieces.

Xu Lizhi could not stop his hands from scratching his body. The clothes on his body were torn in no time. Blood started oozing from his body from all the scratching.

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth. He resisted the itch with his indomitable willpower. He had a thought and the Bluesilver Emperor vines were unleashed. The vines quickly wrapped themselves around the arms and legs of his comrades and pulled their limbs apart to stop them from scratching themselves.

“Captain, let me scratch myself, let me scratch myself. It’s too itchy, I can’t take it anymore!” Xu Lizhi cried out.

They began wailing. The wails were many times more intense than when they were in pain just now. The pain was easier to bear with. Itchiness, on the other hand, was not.

The intense itchiness made everyone’s body twitch.

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. His body trembled as he continued to unleash more Bluesilver Emperor vines. They not only wrapped themselves around his comrades’ limbs but also stuffed their mouths to prevent them from biting their tongues from the unbearable itch.

How was this military training? This was simply inhumane torture! No wonder they were called demons. They had been demons from the very beginning!

The intense suffering made everyone convulse violently. The itchiness lasted for a full thirty minutes. When the itchiness gradually subsided, everyone was almost at their last gasp. Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan’s
conditions were the worst. Xu Lizhi even gave the impression that he had slimmed down somewhat.

Tang Wulin panted heavily. It was only now he slowly uncoiled his Bluesilver Emperor vines and gathered everyone near him.

Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan looked ghastly-pale as they were on the brink of consciousness. Xie Xie’s condition was slightly better than them as he leaned on Yuanen Yehui. Yue Zhengyu was pale as he embraced Xu
Xiaoyan. His condition would not have been this bad had he not over-
expended his life force previously. His body’s endurance had also weakened naturally. Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui could still maintain their
consciousness. However, their bodies still twitched ever so often and were trembling slightly.

Tang Wulin wielded the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands. He kept replenishing his stamina by absorbing the life source in the air through his deep breathing. As the captain, he had to overcome all obstacles no matter what happened. He still had to protect his comrades.

He could not deny that Old Demon Nightmare’s display of power had given them a well-learned lesson, and that was to never fully trust a person no matter what. They must also be vigilant at all times.

“Not bad, you’re doing better than I imagined. You must be hungry, eat up.”
Old Demon Nightmare appeared out of nowhere. He carried a large food
container in his hands and walked up to them. He opened the food container which had eight levels. Each level was filled with different delicacies.
There were even fruits.

Old Demon Nightmare placed the food before them. Then, he smiled and made an inviting gesture. He turned around and vanished.

When he saw food, Tang Wulin’s heart wavered. He loved to eat, and he had just consumed a lot of energy just now. When he was faced with so many delicacies, he had a strong urge to charge toward the food.

However, should he charge over? Who knew if the food was poisoned? They had just survived an ordeal that nearly cost them their lives. If it happened again, nobody could guarantee their safety.

He would not eat. Regardless how attractive or wonderful the food
appeared, he would not touch it. Tang Wulin’s heart kept telling him that it would not be a torture this time, that the food was edible. However, if he trusted Old Demon Nightmare this time, what would happen the next time? Who knew whether he would put them to the test again?”

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath and said with a deep voice, “From now onward, we won’t touch anything brought by Old Demon Nightmare. Be on your guard while you recover your stamina. You guys can rest, I’ll keep watch. If you’re hungry, eat some of the field rations first. When Xu Lizhi recovers, he can make buns for everyone.”

Ye Xinglan nodded. Starlight burst forth from her hands. Spots of starlight fell and slashed the food into pieces.

Tang Wulin exchanged looks with her. He understood that this was her way of reinforcing her belief.

“Wasting food is a shameful act! I can swear on my own good name that none of the food I’ve given you was foul. Your mental endurance is pitifully weak,” Old Demon Nightmare’s scornful voice sounded.

Tang Wulin was unmoved. “When you gave us the antidote back then, your good name was already tarnished. From now on, we won’t believe in a
single word you say. Since our military training requires us to survive this place for two years, we’ll just have to do our best. You don’t have to trouble yourself over us.”


“They’ve gotten the hang of it so quickly! And they look so determined!” said Old Demon Blight with a face full of shock.

Old Demon Nightmare shrugged. “So what? This is just the beginning. It’s but an appetizer. There’re plenty of main courses waiting for them after this.”

Under Tang Wulin’s firm watch, his comrades’ stamina and soul powers gradually recovered. Old Demon Nightmare did not make another
appearance. They took turns to rest. With the additional help from Xu Lizhi’s Recovery Pork Buns, everyone managed to regain their best

These were the perks of bringing a food-type tool soul master along. They never have to worry about food.
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