The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 801-810

Chapter 801 - Reinforcement, Sacrifice

Chapter 801: Reinforcement, Sacrifice

It was obvious that the evil soul master could sense that Tang Wulin did not pose his biggest threat in the frontal assault amongst the Shrek Seven
Monsters. Instead, it was the tenacious control of Xu Xiaoyan. Without her control, how could Tang Wulin harm his Hell Tortoise earlier?

Thus, he used his sixth soul skill to overcome Xu Xiaoyan first.

The Ultimate Yin Boundary was akin to a coffin that covered Xu Xiaoyan’s body completely. The Golden Dragon King’s aura produced by the Golden Dragon Rage Domain was being rapidly consumed. It would only take a few breaths before Xu Xiaoyan’s defense would be broken. By then, both herself and her battle armor would be melted instantaneously within the
Ultimate Yin Boundary.

“Xiaoyan!” Yue Zhengyu screamed as the wings behind his back flapped once. He did not have the slightest hesitation as he dashed into the Ultimate Yin Boundary valiantly.

The Ultimate Yin Boundary had an extremely powerful attacking ability. At the same time, it was also a hyper-powerful control-type soul skill.
Otherwise, it would not have been chosen as the evil soul master’s sixth
soul skill. The only problem was that its attack range was limited such that it could only be used to attack one person at a time.

A puff of pure white holy flames was ignited on Yue Zhengyu’s body. Surprisingly, the holy flames were burning on the wings behind his back.

The pure white flames appeared gentle, warm and had a soothing comfort. Yue Zhengyu dashed into the Ultimate Yin Boundary and closed the flaming wings inward to protect Xu Xiaoyan within his arms. A miraculous scene emerged. The powerful attacking ability of the Ultimate Yin Boundary did not manage to extinguish the flames but was blocked on the outside by force.

“Sacrifice! Holy Angel Clan!” the evil soul master gave a cold humph but his voice sounded a little worried this time.

Sacrifice? The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters were stunned for a moment upon hearing the title.

It was precisely then when a sharp howl echoed from afar. The evil soul master’s expression changed into fear. He looked coldly at Tang Wulin and the rest before he suddenly vanished.

Just as Tang Wulin and the rest were defending Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu in preparation for an even more intense battle, the evil soul master vanished into nothingness.

“Huh, sacrifice?” an astonished voice suddenly echoed in the air. Soon
after, the air seemed to be torn apart as a silver-white figure descended out of the void.

The silver-white wings spread open to carry his body into a slow descent. A silver-white soul ring glowed brightly underneath his feet.

He was a three-word battle armor master! Another three-word battle armor master. In this case, however, he was definitely not an evil soul master judging by the light source emitting from his body.

He wore a helmet and a mask, so his face could not be seen. Silver light flashed once on the person’s body as a silver little hammer flew to the sky above the Ultimate Yin Boundary. Streams of dazzling silver light bloomed and formed an array of mirror-like surfaces. “Whoosh.” The Ultimate Yin Boundary disintegrated under the reflection of those pieces of mirror-like

What was that… The burning white flames were extinguished, but Yue Zhengyu remained to hold Xu Xiaoyan tightly.

“I’m sorry, Xiaoyan,” Yue Zhengyu whispered softly into Xu Xiaoyan’s ear before collapsing limply on her.

Tang Wulin’s body shrank as he retracted the Golden Dragon Rage Domain. He spoke to the three-word battle armor master clad in silver battle armor respectfully, “Thank you for rescuing us. How may I address you?”

The three-word battle armor master was shimmering in silver light. It was as if every piece of his battle armor was a mirror reflecting light off its
surface. Later, the battle armor bored into his body and disappeared silently revealing his face.

He was a handsome middle-aged man that appeared to be over thirty years old. His short, blue hair made him appear energetic. His eyes were brimming with vigor but most peculiar of all was the color of his pupils was silver.

“I’m the associate War God Luo Shaofeng from the Federation’s War God Hall. All of you are rather impressive to be able to resist Zun Fang for such a long duration.” Luo Shaofeng looked slightly astonished at the young people clad in one-word battle armors before him.

Tang Wulin asked anxiously, “Senior, can you please help take a look at my companion. He…” Tang Wulin had already picked up Yue Zhengyu from Xu Xiaoyan’s hands as he was saying that.

Luo Shaofeng waved his hand and spoke, “He’s alright. The Holy Angel clan member will not be harmed so long as his sacrifice flame is not

Xu Xiaoyan appeared to be in a daze at present. She had yet to recover from the earlier sensation she felt.

When the Ultimate Yin Boundary enshrouded her body cutting off all the Star Chains, her first reaction was that she had lost. She could only feel the extremely ghastly cold aura surging in from all directions at the time. She could not budge at all. Neither could she move the soul power in her body. She could only feel the Ultimate Yin Qi which was rapidly corroding her bloodline aura.

It was also precisely that moment when a white figure filled her vision. In the next instant, she was hugged by a pair of warm arms, and the hug felt so strong. She then heard his thumping heartbeat and muttering, “I’m sorry.” He used his wings to wrap around her and block the grisly cold corrosion from her.

Xu Xiaoyun’s heart was aching at that moment. She yearned to break free from his hug because she did not wish to make him suffer the fatal blow for her.

Yet, his hug was so tight that there was no way she could struggle free. He entered the Ultimate Yin Boundary and was similarly rendered immobile like her. Both of them were trapped within a world that could rob them of their lives at any moment.

She saw Yue Zhengyu smile when he collapsed into her arms. It was a gratified and relieved smile. His apology no longer sounded arrogant but was warm and sincere.

Tears flowed down Xu Xiaoyan’s cheeks uncontrollably. Her voice sounded a little shaky as she spoke, “Senior, he’s going to be fine, right? Why is that ability known as Sacrifice?”

Luo Shaofeng raised his brows. “I thought that you’re friends with each other. Hasn’t he told you about the Holy Angel Clan’s natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’? The reason why Holy Angel Clan is the highest grade clan in the soul masters’ world today is because of the natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’. They can burn their vitality as the price for unleashing the Sacrifice flames when they’re confronting enemies they cannot resist. The Sacrifice Flames is equipped with the ability to resist any negative effect
with a three-fold amplification effect on their own Holy Power. It’s capable of equipping a Holy Angel Clan member with double fighting capacity during an emergency. Of course, everything comes at a price. One’s lifespan will be reduced by ten years each time the natural endowment ‘Sacrifice’ is used.”

Ten years of life? In other words, a lifespan that would be shorter by ten years!

Yuanen Yehui who initially felt good about Yue Zhengyu, due to Xu
Xiaoyan’s earlier issue, changed her opinion of him. Everybody else felt the same. Xu Xiaoyan was already covered in tears by now.

Luo Shaofeng was also speaking with admiration in his eyes, “The Holy Angel Clan’s lineage is most proud of sacrificing themselves to protect
others. This young boy didn’t disgrace his clan. The Holy Angel clan holds proudly onto their belief of self-sacrifice no matter how arrogant they are.”

Tang Wulin felt a lump in his throat, and his gaze almost in a daze. They
were still weak when they had been confronted by a true powerhouse. Were they truly worthy of the title Shrek Seven Monsters? If it was not because Yue Zhengyu used the Sacrifice, chances are Xu Xiaoyan would be dead
already. Tang Wulin had no excuse for not performing his duty as the captain.

Yuanen Yehui walked forward and held Xu Xiaoyan in her arms. Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “Xiaoyan, stay here and keep Zhengyu company. We’ll continue to rescue the casualties.”

Meanwhile, lights were illuminated afar as the mechas descended from the sky. There were battle-type mechas as well as some that were meant for rescue missions. The mechas transformed into small-scale first aid platforms upon landing. A large number of medical personnel disembarked from the mechas to rescue the casualties.

The War God Hall’s associate War God three-word battle armor master, Luo Shaofeng did not participate in the rescue mission but was hovering in midair on the lookout for enemies that could reappear anytime.

Someone else was supervising the rescue mission now so Tang Wulin walked in quick strides to the spot beneath Luo Shaofeng. He raised his head to look up at Luo Shaofeng and asked, “Senior, who’s Zhun Fang whom you mentioned earlier?”

Luo Shaofeng took a glance at him. “If I’m not mistaken, all of you should be from Shrek Academy, right? Inner court disciples?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment before he nodded.

Chapter 802 - War God Hall

Chapter 802: War God Hall

Luo Shaofeng smiled. His expression seemed much kinder now. “All of you are my junior brothers and sisters then. I’m from Shrek as well, and I was once an inner court disciple. The man that you just encountered is Zhun Fang, and they call him Hell’s Ghost Vermin. He is a high-ranking member of the Holy Spirit Cult, and his Ultimate Yin Qi is extremely troublesome.
I’ve been pursuing him for a long time, so I came at once when I finally sensed his aura.”

“Holy Spirit Cult?” Tang Wulin asked in confusion.

Luo Shaofeng explained, “This is a mysterious sect that has existed for an unknown number of years. More precisely, it is a sect that is involved in
criminal and evil activities of all kinds. All of its members are evil soul masters, and it regards the task of cultivating evil soul masters as its responsibility. They enjoy killing, destroying, and seeking special energies capable of elevating themselves from their crimes. The Holy Spirit Cult
caused a serious catastrophe to mankind more than ten thousand years ago. Afterward, the Holy Ice Douluo led the first generation of champions to vanquish them until they finally vanished from the scene. They still
appeared occasionally in the following ten thousand years, but fortunately, they didn’t cause as much trouble.”

“However, in the last few years, terrorist attacks by the Holy Spirit Cult have been occurring more frequently. Whenever they’re involved, it’s
always a great calamity that brings misery and suffering to the people. It was fortunate indeed that all of you happened to be here today. Otherwise,
I’m afraid no one would have survived the train crash. More than that, their spirits would have been extracted by the evil soul masters to refine for their devilry.” Tang Wulin looked at Luo Shaofeng in astonishment. A sect for evil soul masters? This was his first time he heard of this, but definitely not his first encounter with them. There was no doubt that the evil soul master he
confronted on the train with Mo Lan back at the beginning would have been a part of the Holy Spirit Cult.

Luo Shaofeng saw that Tang Wulin was quiet, so he continued talking, “The Holy Spirit Cult is brutal and will pursue its endeavors to the end. It’s also
extremely cunning. After learning from their previous downfall, they have been more cautious and secretive. Don’t be reckless and confront them if you chance upon them in the future. Stay away and do not engage with them if possible. Now that the Federation has invested a large amount of manpower in the search for them and even engaged in a few battles, the evil soul masters have been less active recently. I didn’t expect them to create
such a disaster. They’re truly despicable!”

Tang Wulin asked, “So it’s true that there’s no way to locate them? How powerful is the Holy Spirit Cult actually?”

Luo Shaofeng shook his head and spoke in a deep voice, “I don’t know. No one knows how powerful the Holy Spirit Cult truly is. However, you should know that there are three factions targeting them. They’re the Federation’s War God Hall, the Spirit Pagoda, and Shrek Academy.”

Tang Wulin was shaken to the core.

Luo Shaofeng continued to speak, “Those evil soul masters are all madmen. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. If it was not for their lack of ability to fight us, they would have emerged to create havoc sooner.”

Tang Wulin asked, “So what’s War God Hall anyway? This is my first time I’ve heard that name.”

Perhaps it was due to their mutual origin, Luo Shaofeng did not seem to grow impatient with Tang Wulin’s inquiries. “The War God Hall is a high- end combat force cultivated by the Federation. It’s normal to have only heard of it in passing. All the War God Hall’s members receive the Federation’s resources to continue to elevate ourselves. When the Federation encounters danger, the War God Hall’s members will be
assigned. Of course, we have a high level of freedom. Moreover, we belong to the military, and as such we all bear military ranks. By the way, all of you are already one-word battle armor masters now and can graduate from the inner court when you’ve become two-word battle armor masters in the future. We would gladly welcome you into the War God Hall if you’re interested.”

Tang Wulin asked in astonishment, “Senior, are there a lot of people in the War God Hall from our academy?”

Luo Shaofeng smiled. “I’m not permitted to go into the specifics, but I can tell you that the academy’s ability to receive so much respect and support from the Federation is very much related to the academy’s neutrality and harmony with the rest of the world. On the other hand, those who graduate from the academy will need a place to go anyhow, especially our inner court disciples. War God Hall is a rather good choice, so please do consider it.”

“Sure. Thanks, Senior. However, Senior, we’ve already joined the Tang Sect, so can we still join War God Hall?”

Luo Shaofeng was stunned for a moment. “Joined the Tang Sect, huh? If you’re not with Battle Soul Hall, then it should be fine. However, if all of you have already joined the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall then it’s best to remain there. Battle Soul all’s treatment is pretty good. The Tang Sect doesn’t publicize its doings, but it’s powerful and has a close relationship with the academy. It’s also a pretty good choice. Oh, I heard that there’s a new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters at the academy?”

Tang Wulin scratched his head and nodded shyly.

He was feeling rather embarrassed to admit it, seeing as how they were soundly beaten by the evil soul master earlier.

Luo Shaofeng was an excellent judge. “Don’t tell me that it’s the few of you, huh?”

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile. “We’ve disgraced the academy.” “No, no, no!” Luo Shaofeng waved his hand repeatedly and even descended from the sky. He sized Tang Wulin up and down before he said, “It seems like all of you can’t possibly join War God Hall.”

Tang Wulin was stunned.

Luo Shaofeng continued speaking, “The Shrek Seven Monsters are the future of the academy so they can’t possibly be controlled by the Federation. I truly didn’t expect that I’d meet all of you so soon! Don’t think that you disgraced the academy. On the contrary, you can ask the passengers, and they’ll say that all of you are heroes. Did you know that? If not for of all of you, hundreds more lives could have been lost here. All of you have rendered outstanding service today, so you didn’t disgrace the
academy. I took a glance and saw that quite a lot of evil soul masters were killed, and you even encountered Zhun Fang. Fortunately, he should have no idea that all of you are the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. Otherwise, I’m afraid he would kill all of you at any cost. Junior, remember not to tell people that all of you are the current generation’s Shrek Seven
Monsters before you’re powerful enough. The academy has many friends but also many enemies. And those that dare to oppose our academy are all top-grade powerhouses.”

“So where are all of you heading to? I’ve give you a ride later to ensure your safety.”

Tang Wulin could not help feeling a warm glow in his heart upon seeing Luo Shaofeng’s solemn look. He deserved to be called their senior!

“We’re heading for military training, but we have yet to understand the specific situation.”

“Military training?” Luo Shaofeng shuddered upon hearing these two
words. His gaze as he looked at Tang Wulin became peculiar with a sense of sympathy in his eyes.

“Then I can’t send you there. You must depend on yourself for the military training. Junior brother…” Luo Shaofeng was about to say something, but in the end, he kept silent. Instead, he raised his hand to pat Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “Be careful, and all the best.”

Tang Wulin frowned. It seemed like this senior had taken part in the military training before. Moreover, the training managed to leave quite a profound impression on him. It was not a good impression!

The rescue work ended very soon. The severely injured casualties would be transferred to the nearby cities while the damaged train and rails would need repair. These were not Tang Wulin and his companions’ concern.

Tang Wulin and the group concealed their identities with Luo Shaofeng’s assistance. They were not interrogated by the government. They boarded a flying mecha used for transportation, which took them to the closest city.

The best word to describe that night would be “soul-stirring”. It was not a pleasant experience being on the edge of death.

“I’ll never use the soul train ever again!” Tang Wulin said resolutely. “Everyone should rest soon. About Zhengyu…”

Yue Zhengyu was still unconscious. His face was ghastly pale.

“I’ll take care of him,” Xu Xiaoyan spoke without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Wulin felt relieved. “Great. Everyone should rest earlier. We’ll resume our journey when Yue Zhengyu has recovered.”


The group returned to their rooms. Tang Wulin sent Yue Zhengyu to his room before leaving.

Xu Xiaoyan helped Yue Zhengyu to remove his clothes and wiped down his body with a towel before covering him with a blanket. She pulled up a chair and sat by his bed to watch over him.

Yue Zhengyu remained handsome as ever when he was quiet. He was just as good looking despite appearing a little sickly and pale.

Chapter 803 - Listen To My Confession

Chapter 803: Listen To My Confession

Unknowingly, the vision before Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes blurred. Her tears dropped down with a splutter.

“I’ve always called you out for being arrogant, and that you consider yourself superior. In fact, am I not as arrogant in my heart as well? You’re right. I truly feel inferior because our families’ backgrounds are so different. You’re outstanding and the center of many females’ attention. I’m truly scared that you won’t love me as much in the future as time goes by.”

“During the Sea God Lake Date Festival, when you uttered those words to me domineeringly, I felt like I was treated as an item and I hated being treated as such.”

“Six months. You turned your back on me for a whole six months. Do you know that I regretted after returning from the date festival? Even though I didn’t regret rejecting you, I shouldn’t have put you in a spot in front of so many people. However, I regret it even more now. I shouldn’t have rejected you. It’s me who is not confident in you.”

“I’m sorry, Zhengyu. It’s my fault for being selfish. Please get well soon, okay? I won’t be stubborn anymore in the future.”

Xu Xiaoyan caressed Yue Zhengyu’s forehead as she was saying that.

“No! I like your stubbornness. I like you just the way you are,” a gentle voice echoed. Yue Zhengyu slowly opened his eyes.

Xu Xiaoyan was startled. She was about to pull back her hand when Yue Zhengyu grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t leave, don’t leave me. I’ve had enough for the past six months.” Xu Xiaoyan’s charming face was blushing when he grabbed her wrist. Since… since when did you wake up?”

Yue Zhengyu smiled. “When you were confessing.”

“You…” Xu Xiaoyan’s charming face was scarlet. She immediately wanted to run away, but Yue Zhengyu held tightly on to her.

“Now, can you please listen to my confession?” Yue Zhengyu spoke softly. Xu Xiaoyan was slightly stunned as she looked up at him.
Yue Zhengyu looked into her eyes. “I’m sorry, Xiaoyan. It’s my fault. You’re right that I’m too proud and arrogant. It’s a bad trait of mine ever since I was young. In fact, everyone from my family has this bad trait. I wasn’t considerate of your feelings. I was too anxious during the Sea God Lake Date Festival. I was only thinking of making you my girlfriend officially, so I neglected your feelings at the time. However, it’s true that I’m not doing this for charity, and I could care less about your family background.”

“I’m sorry. I’m apologizing to you sincerely, and I’ll promise you that I’ll change. I’ll change for the better. I respect you, love you, and will protect you. Please forgive me, won’t you?”

Xu Xiaoyan watched him in a daze. She muttered to herself after a long while, “Fool.”

Yue Zhengyu sat up. He was much better after he awoke, apart from feeling slightly weak.

“Yes, I’m a fool. I still couldn’t control that ludicrous arrogance of mine when I was throwing tantrums at you today. Do you know that when you were controlled by the evil soul master’s powerful soul skill, as I watched helplessly when you were about to die, I suddenly felt that I was the most
foolish person in the world? If you had died just like that, I’m afraid I won’t be able to live either. It’s true, believe me when I say that I’ll risk my life to avenge your death.” Xu Xiaoyan lowered her head. “How can I not believe you? You used Sacrifice for me. You burned your vitality for me.”

Yue Zhengyu was stunned for a moment. “You knew?”

Xu Xiaoyan nodded. “Yet you never told me that you have such an ability.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled. “Do you know where the arrogance of our clan comes from? Our elegance is not derived from our bloodline but from our spirit of self-sacrifice. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves in order to protect our
companions. Thus, Holy Angel Clan members are not allowed to tell their friends that they possess such ability. We are only allowed to use this ability to protect our companions whenever the need arises.”

Xu Xiaoyan suddenly raised her head and wailed bitterly as she wrapped her arms around Yue Zhengyu. “Ten years, that’s ten years of your life! You…”

Yue Zhengyu hugged her as he smiled and spoke, “What’s ten years of my life compared to being able to protect you? As long as you’re willing to be by my side, I’ll be happy even if I live ten years less. My days without you were dark, but now, you’re back. You’re not leaving me again, are you?”

Xu Xiaoyan muttered, “From the moment you used Sacrifice for me, I’m yours. I’ll never leave again regardless of how you treat me in the future, no matter if you’re arrogant or not, no matter how inferior I feel. You sacrifice yourself for me, I’ll share my future together with you.”

The greatest benefit of being young is swift recovery. After a full night’s rest, all the Shrek Seven Monsters were full of spirit and energy by early morning, except for Yue Zhengyu who was still slightly pale.

“Big brother, so how do we get there? By the way, it feels good to see you eat like this again,” Xie Xie smiled as he said that.

Everyone was cultivating on their own when they were in inner court. They did not spend much time with each other anymore, especially Tang Wulin. He was living a closed-door cultivation lifestyle. It had been a long time since he trained with his comrades.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We don’t have any other choice except to take the soul car if we don’t take the soul express train.”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “It’d be nice if we have mechas.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “Stop joking around. Mecha? You’re not allowed to fly within the Federation’s airspace even if you have a mecha unless you have the Federation’s special pass. That is utterly impossible. Every region in the Federation has its own specialized pass. Only certain departments or the military are qualified to pilot the mecha to any place.”

Xu Xiaoyan spoke, “Zhengyu’s just kidding anyway. Car it is then.”

The group of people shifted their gaze at once with their attention all focusing on Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan spoke with slight discomfort, “Why is everyone looking at me?”

Xie Xie asked out of curiosity, “So both of you are good now?”

Yue Zhengyu glared at him. “Since when were we not good? It was only a little misunderstanding between us.”

“Exactly!” Xu Xiaoyan immediately chimed in.

Xie Xie pouted his lips. “Both of you have won then.”

Xu Xiaoyan wrapped her arms around Yue Zhengyu’s arm with happiness beaming on her face. “I heard that Tang Sect has heaven and earth treasures that prolong one’s life. Zhengyu and I will be going on such a mission when our military training ends.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Not only the both of you but everyone should go. We’re a team.” Ye Xinglan who had not uttered a word finally spoke, “Captain, do you have a plan? I mean for all of us here.”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’d learned a lot of useful information from the War God Hall’s senior yesterday. For starters, we know about the existence of War God Hall and some unspoken rules of the continent. The War God Hall is the Federation’s exclusive combat force where the powerhouses are gathered. Spirit Pagoda has its own similar organization, just like Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall and Worship Hall. The academy has inner court and Sea God Pavilion. These are all the top combat forces on the continent. As the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters, I’m almost certain that we’ll be the academy’s representatives. In other words, we won’t be allowed to join Spirit Pagoda or War God Hall. However, we belong to Tang Sect that has a close relationship to the academy. Hence, I think that will be the
extent of our scope until we have achieved a certain level of cultivation base.”

“After our military training has ended, provided we’ve completed two years of military training as mentioned by Elder Cai, our powers should be
elevated to a whole new level. Some of us should already have broken through to rank-60 and become Soul Emperors. Then, in the following two years we should be completing our battle armor’s upgrade as soon as possible. We’re only considered capable of protecting ourselves after becoming two-word battle armor masters. A two-word battle armor has
wings, so it won’t affect us even if we don’t have a mecha. The Federation’s radar can restrict mechas but not our wings.”

At this moment, Tang Wulin paused for a while. Then, he lowered his head ever so slightly. “I would like to apologize to everyone because I’ve been
cultivating by myself ever since my return here. I rarely spend time training together with you all. As a result, I’ve become less familiar with everyone’s fighting method and fail to work well with everyone. Otherwise, yesterday’s situation wouldn’t have been that bad.”

Chapter 804 - Gold Road or Death Road?

Chapter 804: Gold Road or Death Road?

The group of them stood staring at one another. Xu Lizhi sighed softly. “Actually, you can’t be blamed because all of us rarely train with each other. We’re studying under different teachers after we entered the inner court to elevate ourselves, so we have fewer opportunities to practice
together compared to before. Our cooperation has not gotten much better,
especially after everyone became one-word battle armor masters. We should genuinely improve on this area.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “That’s right. Our cooperation now is from our time together years ago. It’s still the same level as four years past. Maybe even less than that. Really, we’re not that familiar with each others’ new skills, and that’s not alright. We’re the Shrek Seven Monsters, and we’re a team. Our overall combat capability must be elevated, by many times in fact.
Thus, we must increase our joint practice during the military training to increase our cooperation.”

Ye Xinglan nodded and spoke, “I agree.” The group nodded in succession.
Tang Wulin said, “Very well. Let’s depart now. We need to get a car as soon as possible. Elder Cai emphasized about the time usage so our time is
certainly not unlimited. Moreover, we could have an unexpected incident like yesterday.”

The money Mu Chen paid Tang Wulin was not enough to buy a car, but they could still rent one. They rented a car in the current city and returned it to the local branch office when they arrived.

Everyone was skilled in driving so it was not a big issue for them. A seven- seater car was exactly what they needed. It was not luxurious, but it was quite comfortable for them.

Xie Xie was tasked with driving while Tang Wulin checked the map and the rest of them were seated in the back.

Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu were still furious at each other, but they were inseparable on this day. She did not sleep well the previous night, so she fell asleep in Yue Zhengyu’s arms very quickly during the stable car ride.

“At our current speed, we’ll need another four days before we can arrive at the destination if we were to drive more than ten hours a day. The soul
express train’s speed is still faster!” Tang Wulin looked at the map as he frowned ever so slightly.

“Forget about it. What if we get into another accident? You can’t estimate time like this. Big brother, you’re just not destined to catch a soul train,” Xie Xie smiled as he spoke.

The following journey was considerably uneventful in the end. At least, there was no other odd incident like encountering evil soul masters.

Four days later, they arrived at the Continent’s northeast coastal city,
Northsea City. The temperature was obviously much lower as they traveled all the way from the northeast after so many. Even though the change of temperature did not affect them with their cultivation bases, the weather still felt cold after they spent some time there.

“We’re finally here.” The car entered Northsea City, and they returned it, first thing. The entire group appeared slightly lethargic.

They had driven for more than ten hours a day. It was not considered a physical burden, but it was highly taxing mentally.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We can’t stop yet. I keep having this premonition that it’ll be very troublesome later. Let me ask around on how we can go by sea to our destination.” According to Elder Cai’s instruction, the location of their military training would be on an island about thirty kilometers away from Northsea City.
They would certainly need a boat to reach the island from where they were right now.

“The rental car profession is part of the transportation industry, so perhaps they’ll know where to go to rent a boat?” Xie Xie pointed to the car rental office they had just walked out of.

Tang Wulin answered, “Possibly.” Xie Xie spoke, “I’ll ask.”
A moment later, Xie Xie’s expression appeared slightly unpleasant when he walked out of the car rental office once again.

“Big brother, your judgment is correct. It’s not an easy task to arrive at that nameless island. You know what the car rental office’s staff said?” Xie Xie had a speechless expression on his face.

Tang Wulin spoke, “What happened?”

Xie Xie answered, “He looked as if he had seen a ghost when he heard that we were heading to the sea. He asked if we are seeking our own doom.
Moreover, they said that there isn’t a pier in Northsea City. Not even a basic one. This is because not only are there mighty waves but also a large
amount of sea soul beasts that thrive inside Northsea City’s waters. It’s described as a ‘Prohibited Area of Life’ in their words!”

“I knew it.” Tang Wulin was rendered speechless.

“Can’t even travel on a larger ship?” Yue Zhengyu asked.

Xie Xie spoke, “A larger ship? You think too much. Only Skysea City and Eastsea City have piers where large ships can dock on the northeast part of the Continent. How far is this place from those two cities? How long will it take to travel back and forth? Moreover, is it possible for us to move a large ship through the waters filled with a dense sea soul beast population?” Tang Wulin shrugged and spoke, “It seems like this will be the first trouble we’re about to face. I think it’s considered the trial before military training.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “Let’s take a look at the seaside first. Seeing is believing. We shall take a look at how powerful the sea soul beasts are first and find out whether we are capable of facing them or not.”

“Go!” Tang Wulin waved his hand as the group boarded a rental car and headed straight for Northsea City’s eastern seashore.

They found their way blocked by a barrier about five kilometers away from the seashore.

All sorts of heavy soul weapons densely covered the barrier, be it a dam or a wall, that stood hundreds of meters wide. The group could not help staring in bewilderment upon seeing it.

Although they had yet to see the sea, they could tell from this wall built to defend against sea soul beasts that the world ruled by the waters outside was quite terrifying.

“Which one of you recognizes the soul device up there?” Tang Wulin muttered. He was genuinely not that well-versed when it came to soul devices. He was only equipped with some basic knowledge.

Xie Xie gave a forced smile as he spoke, “I don’t know too much about soul devices, but take a look at the area below the wall. That should be the super soul power battery circuit. There’s no need for me to give more of an
explanation as to its function, right?”

It was no joke that there were at least three spots below the wall with buildings displaying warning signs of extreme danger following the direction of Xie Xie’s finger. He could easily identify the state of the buildings and the labels displayed.

The super soul power battery circuit was a form of super battery with an extremely complex structure built with a soul array at its core. It was
capable of providing a tremendous amount of energy. Generally, it was required for the use of powerful soul devices such as a large-scale military- grade soul protective shield that was different from the academy. Moreover, there were also some super soul cannons that used it as their foundation.

Nevermind attempting to cross the sea, it would be an extremely difficult task for them to even leave the city now.

“This isn’t a Gold Road! It’s a Death Road!” Xu Lizhi gave a bitter smile and spoke.

Tang Wulin immediately regained his composure after his momentary shock. “Come, let’s go back first.”

Of course, he could not bring along his companions and acted rashly as the captain of the squadron. They returned to the city where Tang Wulin first found a small hotel and checked in to a hotel, then he spread out the map newly bought from Northsea City earlier on the table.

“Everyone look. The red sector should be the guarded wall sector. This is a coastline that extends fifty kilometers with a portion of it made of a large reef. The areas that aren’t blocked by reefs are all covered by the wall.
Everywhere is equipped with defense devices. It’s very apparent that their monitoring radar is the most advanced here. It’s almost impossible for us to sneak past the place, and we can’t fight our way their anyhow.”

The waters outside were all labeled with skulls on the map. There was no need for words to describe what that signified. On the other hand, the map given by Elder Cai did not show these labels but only a small island and a linear journey from Northsea City.

The so-called Gold Road should be the distance from Northsea City to the island.

“We can’t dash our way over, so there’s only one way which is to take a detour. We will still need to take a look at the seaside anyhow. Moreover, we don’t even have a coordinate yet. We only know that there’s a small island thirty kilometers from the linear direction of Northsea City.”

Chapter 805 - Northsea Army Corp

Chapter 805: Northsea Army Corp

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “It’s going to be a detour. There’s Northsea Army Corps from the Northsea City stationed at the seashore. It seems like it’s defending the sea and its soul beasts. I don’t know where we can take a
detour. Moreover, the seashore is monitored by the military radar so we can only head over to the island. However, there are no coordinates so looking for an island is like looking for a needle in the haystack.”

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. “It’s impossible for us to go via land. Neither is it feasible below ground. Looks like we’ll need to fly.”

“The sky?” The group of people was all stunned.

Tang Wulin explained, “The development of soul airplanes are quite advanced these days. Although the public is restricted from using the
planes, the military is equipped with a large number of the planes. Since there’s no way for us to use the land or sea, we can perhaps fly if we can get ourselves a soul airplane. Thirty kilometers is a short distance to travel by
air. It won’t take long even if we were to paraglide there.”

Xie Xie could not help speaking, “Big brother, you’re a courageous soul. That’s a soul airplane you see! It’s strictly monitored by the military which the public has never been allowed to use. Could it be that you know where we can rent an airplane?”

Tang Wulin answered, “It’s impossible for us to rent one for sure, but we can ‘borrow’ one.”

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui took a glance at each other as they spoke in unison, “From the Northsea Army Corps?” The Northsea Army Corps was the main army force in the northeast region.
They would certainly be equipped with soul airplanes. There was no
conflict in the usage between the soul airplanes and the mechas during
actual combat. The materials and resources used to produce a mecha of the same capability were enough to produce ten soul airplanes. The airplane’s flying speed was even faster than the mecha. Furthermore, the airplane was capable of transporting more people and fixed soul ammunition.

Research on the soul airplane began over a century ago. It was the Federation’s indispensable armament at present after much development. The main army force had its special flying unit that
corresponded to the mecha unit. The most advanced soul airplane was
capable of flying non-stop to Star Luo Continent from Douluo Continent. Douluo Continent’s technological advancement was ahead of the other two continents by far. However, the Federation did not have any intention to
start a war now.

There was no doubt that ‘borrowing’ an airplane would be the fastest method. However, the problem was that no one was capable of flying it!

“Even if we did manage to sneak in, how are we going to fly the airplane? On top of that, to fly it to the island before the military finds out and hunt us down?” Yue Zhengyu asked.

Tang Wulin spoke, “This act requires a well-organized plan. Although I don’t have much knowledge of soul devices, I know quite a lot about soul airplanes or soul flight vehicles. We can’t fly it but since we’re borrowing,
we might as well borrow the pilot too. An army corps’ long-range attacking ability is capable of covering a range of three hundred kilometers. We’ll just ‘borrow’ the airplane and pilot which they’ll then need to confirm in order to avoid killing their own people. If we are within their controlled firing range, then they have no fear of us escaping from them, right?”

The group of people nodded in succession.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We will be within the range of three hundred kilometers at all times. It’ll be enough for us to travel thirty kilometers. Thirty kilometers is a stone’s throw away for a battle airplane. We can then perform an airborne landing and return the ‘borrowed’ airplane and pilot. Naturally, we won’t be attacked by the Northsea Army Corps so we can arrive at our destination safely.”

At this point, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed his surroundings was especially quiet.

The group of people watched him with a confused look.

Xu Lizhi muttered to himself, “Big brother, what the hell is airborne landing?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “It means to descend from the sky! We have Zhengyu and Yuanen’s martial souls capable of flying. We’ll descend from the sky once we’ve arrived at our targeted spot and rely on their flying
ability to enable us to glide to the island. Even if they fail, at least they can reduce the speed of us falling. It’ll be fine as long as we don’t crash onto the ground since we’ve our one-word battle armor and our own defense for protection. It shouldn’t be a problem for us if we were to fall into the sea

Xie Xie swallowed a gulp of saliva. “Big brother, you’re a courageous soul. This is the first time I realize your imagination can be unrestrained. Still, the plan is a little dangerous, isn’t it?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Indeed. There are risks for sure. Firstly, whether we
can sneak into the Northsea Army Corps camp and find ourselves a pilot to fly the airplane. Secondly, not to be hit before we arrive at the island.
Thirdly, to be able to defeat the sea soul beasts upon landing in the sea and making our way to the island. If we fail to do Step 1, then the risk is relatively low and our lives are not at stake. If we fail at Step 2, that is the Northsea Army Corps launches an attack at us, we can abandon the airplane and land into the sea. The risk then comes mainly from the sea soul beasts. Thus, the further the airplane flies, the closer we are to the island and the lower will be the risk.”

“The final point will be us against the sea soul beasts. My bloodline aura has a certain amount of suppression to inhibit the soul beasts. I think that we should be able to make our way to the island provided it’s within a
certain distance. Unless we happen to be so unfortunate that we encounter a one-hundred thousand year soul beast, we should be alright. Zhengyu, Yuanen, can your flying abilities carry the five of us to our destination?”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “I suppose. If we were to devote all our efforts with our current cultivation base, we should be able to carry everyone for a short period of time. However, there’s always an uncertainty due to the high-
altitude winds.”

Tang Wulin looked toward Xu Lizhi. “How much of our weight can your Agility Soup Buns reduce?”

Xu Lizhi spoke without the slightest hesitation, “Thirty percent should be doable.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “It seems like it’s feasible. What’s the height of the airborne landing you’re planning to perform?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Naturally, the lower it is the better. The time used for landing can be reduced because we’ll still need to consider the long- range attack from the Northsea Army Corps base. The shorter the time we spend on landing, the less possibility of us being attacked.”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “Alright. This sounds good but there’s only one big issue. How are we going to sneak into the Northsea Army Corps base to ‘borrow’ an airplane?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “This may sound difficult but not impossible. The most difficult will be how we are getting in. It’s relatively easy once we’ve entered the base because regardless of any defense, it’s always the toughest breaking in from the outside but not when you’re already inside.”

“So how are we entering then?” Xu Lizhi asked curiously.

Tang Wulin smiled. “I finally understood something after yesterday’s incident. That is to look for your senior when you’re faced with difficulty! The War God Hall has our senior. So, I believe that there’ll also be a few in the Northsea Army Corps.”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “Captain, have I ever told you that I like you when you’re full of confidence.”

Yue Zhengyu’s face was filled with vigilance as he asked, “You like him?”

Xu Xiaoyan spoke in frustration, “Admire. I like him as in the sense of admiration.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled at once. “I like him too. Captain, you’re just like you were four years ago. We’ll follow you anyhow. We’ll do whatever it is that you said.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Make a bold hypothesis but a cautious argument. It shouldn’t be much of a problem for us to find a senior in the Northsea
Army Corps. Perhaps, we can even actually borrow an airplane?”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “So, how are we going to prove that we’re from Shrek Academy? We didn’t bring anything as the academy basically sent us out with nothing to identify us.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “That’s not a difficult issue. Have you forgotten what it is that I do? I’ll make a few inner court disciple’s badges. With the addition of our power skills, would that not be adequate proof?”

“You’ve won.” Ye Xinglan cracked into a rarely seen smile.

The entire plan was figured out casually by Tang Wulin. However, the plan was being perfected during the discussion process when everyone voiced out their concerns.

When they first began, Tang Wulin had considered if he should ‘borrow’ by force, but then he suddenly realized he could get assistance and remembered the War God Hall’s senior from yesterday.

Shrek Academy had students all over the place that it made the academy very powerful. It appeared to be an impartial academy, but it had tremendous influence over the Federation. The students who graduated from Shrek, especially Shrek’s inner court, were all privileged people and had a strong sense of loyalty to the academy.

Chapter 806 - Northsea Army Corps Base

Chapter 806: Northsea Army Corps Base

There must be someone that graduated from Shrek Academy in the
Northsea Army Corps, while the first benefit that Shrek Academy gave its graduates was a high starting point in life.

If a Shrek Academy’s graduate were to join the army, it would be unlikely that he would be made a mere cadet. At the very least, there was no way he would be a cadet forever. Otherwise, he would not be qualified to graduate from Shrek Academy.

Everything would be much easier to handle as long as there was someone on their side. As for the excuse, Tang Wulin had already thought of a good one in a jiffy.

The Northsea Army Corps was founded one thousand six hundred years ago. It was an organizational system with a long history in Douluo
Continent’s Federation. The Northsea Army Corps possessed very powerful naval and aerial warfare capabilities. There were three divisions in the army corps, namely the Northsea Air Force, the Northsea Marines and also the
Northsea Fleet.

The Northsea Fleet was the largest among the divisions due to their over thirty warships docked in the Northsea Army Corps’ free port. This was the main line of defense against the sea soul beasts. As the Northsea water’s sea soul beasts were among the strongest in the entire Douluo Continent, the
Northsea Fleet’s deployment was also the strongest of all navy forces. Even though there was no pier or port in Northsea City, the Northsea Fleet was
certainly more powerful than the Eastsea Fleet judging by their fighting capacity. There was a total of over twelve thousand fighters in the Northsea Fleet and a diving support staff of over thirty thousand.

In turn, the Northsea Air Force possessed over seventy different types of
aircraft. Other than airplanes, there was also the special rapid reaction force that was also known as the Mecha Force. The Federation’s air power was mostly a combination of mechas and fighter planes together and there were many technical arms involved.

An ordinary land army corps prioritized its fighters as the main personnel, so it would have about thirty to forty thousand members. As the Northsea Army Corps requires a large amount of support staff, the entire army corps
had a total of over eighty thousand personnel. It was worthy of the being the main army corps. For this very reason, the Northsea Army Corps’ military rank was half a rank superior compared to another army corps of the same rank.

When Tang Wulin and his companions left the rental car, they could not help feeling shocked by the sight in the distance.

The rental car dropped them off at a location about one kilometre away from the Northsea Army Corps Base, as beyond that was the restricted military zone.

The first impression they had of the Northsea Army Corps was one of boundlessness stretching beyond infinity.

From where they were standing, it seemed the periphery of the Northsea Army Corps had no walls. It was surrounded by iron wire-netting a few dozen meters tall. This was, in fact, an electric fence. Any living creature that came into contact with it would be tested by high-voltage electricity.

As the gazed into the distance, they could see large military vehicles coming and going through the front, and there were several airplanes
positioned in the inner part of the base. There were numerous other military installations that they could not identify. “It looks impressive. I suddenly feel like Big Brother’s ambition to become a soldier is a very good choice!” Xie Xie spoke with some excitement.

Men were inherently attracted to military affairs. The current development of soul technology had already allowed weapons to become extremely powerful. Even the most powerful soul masters dared not confront such
soul weapons that were capable of destroying both Heaven and Earth.

A powerful military force, along with the Federation, was the safeguard for everything.

The entire Douluo Federation had two million standing armies in six great military zones. The Northsea Army Corps precisely belonged to the northeast military zone, and it was also the most powerful air force-navy army corps among the three northeast army corps.

“Come, let’s go over there. Everyone act natural.” Tang Wulin walked at the front with a smile on his face while the rest followed behind. The group did not carry anything else other than some simple soul storage tools on their bodies.

Yuanen’s pair of damaged giant hammers was also kept in her soul storage tool.

They were blocked by a troop of patrolling soldiers before they could even approach the main entrance of the Northsea Army Corps Base.

“Stop. This is a restricted military zone. Stay away.” The patrolling soldiers approached them with a car. It was apparent that the base had been aware of their presence for some time.

Tang Wulin took two steps forward and spoke, “Hello. We are Shrek
Academy students, and we’re on a testing mission. The academy arranged this mission so that we could undergo training with your respected army
corps. Please help us to circulate the notice for a moment.”

“Shrek Academy? We haven’t been notified.” It was apparent that the patrolling soldiers were not so easily fooled. Tang Wulin shrugged. He spoke with a helpless expression, “If you had been notified, then it wouldn’t be a test anymore. The fact is, the academy wanted us to come for the training, but we were given no assistance. We had to figure out a way to enter your respected army corps for training. All of you know very well there’s nothing much we can do. We can only come over as such and follow the direct path to inquire if we can arrange for our training here.”

The patrolling soldier raised his brows. “Are all of you really from Shrek Academy? How can you prove it?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Prove it? That’s easy.” As he was saying that, he made a gesture to his companions. In the next moment, all seven of them unleashed their martial soul simultaneously.

When the seven of them unleashed their martial souls simultaneously, with their numerous soul rings of impressive levels, it was an exceedingly
shocking scene, especially before a troop of ordinary soldiers.

When soldiers in the patrol car witnessed the soul rings bloom before them with rather high ranks, they could not help widening their eyes in surprise.

Five soul rings. All of them had five soul rings!

Tang Wulin and his companions maintained a complete flying wedge formation. Tang Wulin stood at the front. Behind him was a row of three with Xu Xiaoyan in the center, flanked by Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. At the rear was another three in a row, with Xu Lizhi in the middle. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie stood at his sides.

Even though they were not combat-ready, but they still maintained the battle formation out of habit. Especially after they had acted so passively when they were confronting the evil soul masters earlier, they frequently discussed each others’ issues during their drive to this city.

Tang Wulin stood at the head with three purple, one black and one green soul ring on his body. More precisely, it was one green-gold soul ring. Even though the soldiers were not soul masters, they still could not help
staring in bewilderment when they saw the green soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body. On the other hand, they did not see any soul ring below purple-rank on the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters. This signified that these people
were above all else.

Seven five-ringed Soul Kings and these youths appeared to be only about twenty years old! The soldiers in the patrol car were around the same age as them.

Admiration, envy and all sorts of different emotions shot through these soldiers’ hearts in a split second. They were all peers, but how was there such a huge disparity?

The soldier in charge of the patrol car gulped. He calmed himself down before he raised his military soul communicator and pressed a button.

The interesting thing about such a military soul communicator was that it was completely different from civil soul communicators. It had no dialing function. Instead, every button represented a specific line of
communication. Thus, the soldier had only pressed once, and the call was immediately picked up.

“Report. Discovered seven suspicious persons claiming to be Shrek
Academy students wanting to enter the base for training. All seven of them are five-ringed Soul King soul masters, aged about twenty years old. Please advise.”

The soldier listened to the order that came from the soul communicator before he immediately responded, “Yes, sir!”

He hung up the communicator as he stared at Tang Wulin’s group of seven with a peculiar look in his eyes. He spoke, “Please hold on for a moment. A car is coming over right now to pick you up.”

Chapter 807 - The Trap

Chapter 807: The Trap

All the faces in Tang Wulin’s group of seven cracked into a smile. With a car coming over to pick them up, they were on the right track. It seemed like their assumption that there was certainly someone from Shrek
Academy within the Northsea Army Corps base was proving accurate.
Moreover, Shrek Academy had played a major role on the Continent, so its inner court students were highly sought after regardless of where they went.

It did not take long before another military vehicle drove over. There were no patrolling soldiers in the car this time. Tang Wulin’s group of seven boarded the car, while the patrol car from earlier followed behind and headed toward the Northsea Army Corps base.

“Adapt yourselves to the situation as it comes. Our main goal is to stick
around long enough to get a chance to contact some seniors with authority in the Army Corps. We don’t need to ‘borrow’ anymore if we can manage the task in a peaceful manner,” Tang Wulin said softly.

Ye Xinglan nodded in agreement. “We mustn’t be separated, no matter what. It won’t be an issue if we can stay together.”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded.

The Northsea Army Corps base was truly enormous. Its extensive scale
could be seen from the outside, but one could only experience how massive this place was upon entering.

The car drove them for a total of almost twenty minutes before stopping. It pulled up in front of an inconspicuous but gigantic building.

As they arrived, a single soldier standing at the door made a gesture inviting them inside. Tang Wulin and his companions maintained their battle formation as they walked into the building.

He could not help frowning slightly as soon as he walked through the door, as the place that looked a little like a warehouse was filled with all sorts of metallic equipment which they had difficulty recognizing.

A military officer with a second lieutenant rank walked over to them. “All of you are from Shrek Academy? Do you have any proof of identification with you?”

Tang Wulin hastily retrieved the badges he had made and passed them to the officer.

The officer took a glance but did not examine them very much before he passed the badges back. “Follow me.” As he spoke, he walked deeper inside.

Tang Wulin and his companions were feeling bolder after their superb trick.
Fearlessly, they followed behind in great strides, looking at their surroundings with curious eyes.

The variety of equipment in the warehouse appeared extremely advanced. Soon they could see some gigantic soul cannons. The silver-white cannon barrels were so incomparably large that they could still sense the lethal aura emitted from the cannons, despite there being no infusion of soul energy.

The other military officer was already waiting for them in a more spacious area after they walked for another one hundred meters. The Northsea Army Corps’ uniform was a dark shade of blue. The officer’s tidy military uniform complemented his handsome face with two rings upon the epaulet on his shoulder and a silver star in the middle. Two rings and one star
signified that he held the rank of major.

The Major appeared to be over thirty years old with a tall and well-built physique. There was a warm smile on his face. “The special privileged child of Shrek Academy, welcome to the Northsea Army Corps.”

Tang Wulin’s heart thudded loudly as he took a few steps forward hastily. “Hello, sir. Excuse us for our abrupt appearance. Sorry for giving you so much trouble.”

Tang Wulin told the tale which he had come up with earlier about how they wished to undergo special training with the Northsea Army Corps for a period of time in order to complete the testing mission assigned to them by the academy.

“…After some serious consideration, we felt that we should come over right away in hope that the Northsea Army Corps would take us in.” Tang Wulin had a certain way with his smile. He was quite handsome, so he
seemed kind and approachable once he had retracted his Golden Dragon King Bloodline aura.

The major nodded and smiled as well. He said, “I understand. However, Little Brother, I wonder if you’ve thought about one issue here. Seeing that Shrek Academy assigned our Northsea Army Corps as your testing location, what’s the difficult part of the test?”

Tang Wulin was stunned. He had constructed the narrative about this test because he could not reveal the truth before he was assured that the other party would agree to help them.

“What do you mean?” Tang Wulin looked at the major in confusion.

The major continued smiling as he said, “Shrek Academy’s lessons always have a purpose. The truth is, the group of you are not the first batch of
students that arrived here. Before you, your academy’s people come over here about once every few years. Only that not many would come knocking on our door directly like you did. Generally, they searched for the opportunity to secretly smuggle themselves across the sea! Some even
attempted to infiltrate our aircraft! Most of them tried those methods. On the other hand, this is actually my first time encountering the situation where all of you entered in such a grand manner. I can’t help saying you are all even more courageous and confident than your seniors.”

Tang Wulin did not feel good upon listening to the major’s words. He
suddenly discovered that he had made a grave mistake. If they were not the first batch of students heading for military training, then those that came here before them were also seniors from Shrek Academy’s inner court.
They were unaware about the history of this military training, but the only thing they could confirm was that at least Elder Cai’s batch had gone through with it. If the goal was the same, how did the seniors reach the island with the Northsea Army Corps guarding the coastal areas? Moreover, the seniors had also taken the Gold Path within the allotted time as well.

Was he walking right into a trap?

Ye Xinglan raised her brows ever so slightly. Tang Wulin spread out his arms subconsciously in order to block his companions.

“Senior officer, what is it that you want from us?” Tang Wulin asked. He understood that acting impulsively would not solve the problem, as this man would not be standing before them speaking so calmly with such
confidence and composure without having made adequate preparations, knowing that all seven of them were Soul Kings.

During that split second, Tang Wulin made a lot of judgments in his heart and realized that the only thing the other party was unaware of was their
identity as the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. This was also the only secret they could keep now.

The major spoke, “Hmm, this is rather impressive. It’s not easy for people your age to keep calm under pressure. The truth is, I can’t help saying more than I should. Your downfall today can be blamed entirely on your
academy. We received notification beforehand that seven Shrek Academy students were heading here and that your purpose was to head to Demon Island. However, I think you’ll find that it’s impossible to cross our line of defense here. We have the responsibility to protect the safety of the Federation’s citizens. We can’t allow anyone to get close to the sea.
According to the timeline given by your academy, all of you must arrive on Demon Island in fifteen days after departure. If not, the mission is considered a failure with severe implications. Thus, we will simply
imprison all of you in the base for ten days, exceeding your fifteen-day time limit, before we release you.”

Three black lines extended across Tang Wulin’s forehead. The academy was setting them up, wasn’t it? The academy had even notified the Northsea
Army Corps about their operation’s timeline. This was simply… Could they possibly fight the Army Corps on their own?
The major spoke with a smile on his face, “It was genuinely a smart move for all of you to have faced us so calmly. On the other hand, if you were to attack me, it would mean that all of you are launching an attack on the Federation’s military. At that point, it’s in the hands of military protocol
even if I were to give the order to kill all of you. However, I’m only going to imprison all of you for a period of time. Alright, if you could all please surrender without resistance now.”

“Surrender without resistance? Humph!” Yue Zhengyu gave a cold snort.

The major spoke, “Do you wish to resist? All of you can try then, hmm? Take a look at your surroundings.”

Tang Wulin did not look, but he could already sense that the metal gun barrels had extended slowly and pointed in their direction from the
surroundings of the warehouse. Even though he did not understand the specific function of these gun barrels, he could tell that these were
extremely deadly weapons judging from the gun barrels’ length and size. Tang Wulin spoke, “Don’t move.”
The major spoke with a smile, “Come, put them all in soul-seal handcuffs.”

Soldiers ran out from behind with metallic square boxes, one foot wide and half a foot tall, in each of their hands. They walked in quick strides and
arrived before Tang Wulin. The major spoke, “There’s still time if you wish to resist.”

Tang Wulin sighed before he dejectedly said, “I didn’t expect this at all. The academy is too crafty. Nevertheless, this is a profound lesson for us, so at least the journey hasn’t been in vain. We’ve lost, but we won’t make the
same mistake the next time. No one is allowed to resist. Do as they ask. We shall be more intelligent in the future.”

As he was saying that, he raised his hands spontaneously.

A soldier suspended the metal box above Tang Wulin’s hands as it rapidly cracked open and closed downward. Tang Wulin’s wrists were wrapped within the box.

Immediately, Tang Wulin could feel as intense numbness radiated from his wrists causing his whole body to shudder. His soul power was immediately sealed to the point that he could not feel it at all.

In the end, the rest of the group followed Tang Wulin’s instructions, and one by one they were bound with soul-seal handcuffs.

Chapter 808 - Acquiesce

Chapter 808: Acquiesce

A sense of hopelessness was revealed in Xu Xiaoyan’s face. “This is bad! Captain, what should we do?” She was sobbing and her voice sounded fearful.

“Don’t be afraid. We’ll be fine. It’s alright to forgo the test mission this time and return to face our punishment. Don’t worry, we haven’t done anything.
The Northsea Army Corps may be able to detain us but they can’t do
anything to us. After all, the academy knows that we’re here and we haven’t attacked or stolen anything.”

The major smiled and spoke, “That’s why I said you made the correct choice. Take them away and detain them. By the way, I graduated from
Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy. Perhaps I might add that the high ranking officials of the Northsea Army Corps are mostly graduates of Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy. Thus, we’ve always hated Shrek Academy. Bet you didn’t expect that an army corps based in the northeast has its high ranking officials originating from Imperial Sun Moon Soul
Master Academy in the far west. Are all of you aware of the relationship between the two academies?”

Were they aware of it? Could they not be aware of it? Tang Wulin once brought his comrades along and ran into trouble when they were headed to Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy.

Tang Wulin lowered his head with an unpleasant expression on his face as if he had acquiesced for their action which was similar to entering a thief’s den!

The major continued, “Stop pretending. I’m not fond of Shrek Academy.
Judging by your appearances, you’re all certainly inner court students with five-ring cultivation bases. Surely, all of you are one-word battle armor masters. Don’t worry, I won’t be lenient with you. I won’t be compassionate no matter how much you pretend. Put the spirit-seal helmet on each of them just to be on the safe side. You can have a good sleep at our place for the next ten days. I promise to release all of you ten days later. Perhaps, all of you will be quite hungry by then, but you won’t die for sure.”

Tang Wulin watched helplessly as the soldiers procured the helmets and walked over when he suddenly raised his head while his face was filled with panic. “You, you can’t do this. You… Ouch!”

The helmet covered his head as an intense magnetic field enveloped his mind instantly. Tang Wulin’s body slumped to the ground.

The rest of them had their soul power sealed so it was impossible for them to resist. The helmets were secured on their heads in succession causing them to faint one after another onto the ground.

The major shrugged. “It should have been like this since the beginning.
Shrek Academy’s students are cunning so I won’t be giving them any
chances. The spirit-seal helmet is used specifically on felons and is meant to seal their spiritual sea. Have a good night’s sleep. I wonder if Shrek
Academy will treat them any better in the future because of this incident. Or perhaps, expel them immediately? Don’t blame me but your academy for being callous. Take them away and send them to the solitary room. Release them ten days later.”

The soldiers ran over. Each of the Shrek Seven Monsters was accompanied by two soldiers as they were quickly taken to the solitary room.

The major touched his chin with his right hand as he was deep in thought. He spoke in a deep voice, “Send the special action unit to search the periphery of the base and use the radar to probe if there are any more of their friends hiding outside. Check for mechas especially.”

“Yes, major.”

The major squinted his eyes. He had always been known as a meticulous person because he never missed out even a single detail. The dark solitary room had been the most terrifying place for the soldiers all along.

There was utterly nothing in the two-feet-tall solitary room. It was precisely a height that no one could sit up and there was not a ray of light inside.
There was only a small opening for food to be sent through.

The most frightening part about the solitary room was that it was truly
claustrophobic. It would be considered remarkable if an ordinary person could withstand seven days of imprisonment in the room. One’s spirit
would eventually be broken if one is held in a dark confined space for a long period of time.

Tang Wulin and his companions were buckled in handcuffs and helmets as they lay quietly in the solitary room.

It was not known how much time had passed when a pair of hands began moving slowly in the dark space. The hands grabbed the two sides of a helmet gently before prying them apart slowly.

The helmet could not be opened without key or electronic passcode, but it was pried open forcefully by the hands.

It was difficult since the hands were handcuffed. The hands struggled for a while and then the metal handcuffs were shattered instantly. The next moment, he lifted the helmet with his hands.

He rubbed his wrists as he sensed the soul power in his body recovering gradually with faint purple light emitting from his eyes.

Was that not Tang Wulin who was struggling free from the handcuffs and removing the helmet?

He looked at his surroundings and found that his comrades were with him as expected. He heaved a sigh of relief.

He stopped briefly before prying open Xie Xie’s handcuff and helmet. Then, a hand covered Xie Xie’s mouth. After a long while, Xie Xie’s body shook once gently. Tang Wulin immediately whispered softly, “Don’t speak, be quiet.”

Xie Xie immediately understood the situation. His soul power began to recover rapidly accompanied by the recovery of his spirit.

Tang Wulin repeated the procedure as he removed his comrades’ handcuffs and helmets in succession.

How did his spiritual sea remain unaffected by the helmet? It was nothing special actually. The soul-seal handcuff was capable of sealing one’s soul power undoubtedly. The same situation would have repeated itself had
another more powerful soul master been buckled with the soul-seal handcuff.

However, one should not forget that Tang Wulin still had his strong blood essence power. He immediately urged his blood essence power to his head to form a protective shield. If the major were to witness Tang Wulin’s
manipulation, he would have been convinced that he did not manage to seal off Tang Wulin’s power. At the time, Tang Wulin’s face was covered with a golden dragon pattern.

Using his blood essence power as a barrier, the helmet’s spirit sealing was rendered ineffective. The rest was just easy. When the situation on the outside was quiet enough, Tang Wulin immediately removed the seals on him as well as his comrades.

“The academy is crafty,” Xie Xie could not help speaking softly. The others were breathing rather heavily.

The academy’s choice of Northsea City was not without purpose. The
Northsea Army Corps specifically withheld them to deceive them! Anyone who understood military training would look at them with a piteous gaze. They had already faced such a situation although they had yet to arrive on the island.

“Alright. It’s pointless for us to badmouth them. At least our situation here is not the worst. At least, we’re still inside the base. Xie Xie, unleash your clone to explore the outside.” Tang Wulin rolled around as he was saying that. He then stopped at the entrance of the solitary room. It was just a small door, but it was heavily locked.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes and focused his spirit to sense the situation outside. There was no guard outside. Perhaps, it was due to their confidence in the effectiveness of their soul-seal handcuff and spirit-seal helmet.

However, Tang Wulin did not act recklessly. He turned around and spoke to Xie Xie, “Your clone must be careful when it’s outside. You’ll only need to locate the soul airplane. There’ll certainly be a lot of security measures in the base. The thermographic equipment should be unable to detect you but the energy analyzer can. Dissipate your clone immediately if you’re discovered. They won’t suspect it’s us anyhow. Be careful and bring back as many useful items as possible.”

“Alright. Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Xie Xie nodded at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stretched out his right hand, but he did not attempt to open the door. Instead, he went to the side of the solitary room. “This is the ventilation shaft. I’m going to remove the cover. I’ve sensed it with my
spiritual power and found that the shaft is very small so no ordinary human can pass through. However, I think your clone should be able to do so.”

Xie Xie nodded. “No problem. I can shrink my energy-form clone so that it can pass through anything the size of an arm’s thickness.”

Chapter 809 - Setting the Strategy

Chapter 809: Setting the Strategy

“Sure, come.” Tang Wulin made a gentle slash with his Golden Dragon
Claw and cut open the vent. The soul ring on Xie Xie’s body flashed once before a Shadow Dragon clone split from his body with the Shadow Dragon Dagger in his hand and bored into the vent silently.

The clone shrank under Xie Xie’s control and squirmed out. He was soon on the outside.

It was a corridor with a row of solitary rooms on each side. Xie Xie observed his surroundings for a moment, but there was no movement.

He walked cautiously along the wall. He observed his surroundings as he walked.

He was not afraid of being discovered since he was a clone and an invisible one. Nevertheless, he could not allow anyone to discover him near the
solitary room because the Northsea Army Corps’ guards would associate his presence to their escape.

Fortunately, there was no energy analyzer here. The solitary room was not an important military restricted area as it was mostly used to detain soldiers with military discipline issues.

There were prison cells and security locks along the way. Finally, he arrived on the outside without any incident.

The skies had already darkened on the outside, but the Northsea Army
Corps base was still bright as day with soldiers jogging past occasionally.

Xie Xie observed quietly in a dimmed corner. His clone was incapable of functioning too far away from his body. The farthest distance he could go was a kilometer with his cultivation base as a Soul King currently. His soul power and spiritual power consumption would increase tremendously if he were to maintain the control of his clone beyond this distance.

The place was so spacious and vast that Xie Xie had no way of determining his location. Fortunately, he soon stumbled onto the aircraft.

A giant warehouse door opened slowly not far away from the solitary room.
An aircraft that had just landed was cruising over and stopped in the warehouse.

Xie Xie was surprised to find the warehouse for parked aircraft was situated next to their solitary room separated by only two walls.

Xie Xie dashed into the warehouse just in time to watch the aircraft canopy opening and four members of the flight crew disembarking from the

Xie Xie took a few leaps and landed on top of the aircraft. He then probed around and explored the aircraft.

It was a four-seater fighter aircraft with tight spaces inside. There were all sorts of gauges and complicated instruments while the lights on top were
gradually switched off at present. The flight crew chatted as they got off the plane. The lifted aircraft canopy was slowly closing.

There was also another aircraft that was similar to this fighter aircraft in the warehouse.

Xie Xie squinted as he got off the plane silently and quickly returned to the solitary room.

Tang Wulin listened as Xie Xie reported on the situation after which he pondered for a long while. “This is truly a good opportunity. However, I’m afraid it’ll difficult for us to fly the aircraft. It’s best for us to break into the warehouse and wait until the aircraft is going for a mission. This means that we can’t just hijack the aircraft because we’ll be easily discovered. Yet, the inside of the aircraft is too small that there’s barely space for us to conceal ourselves.”

Xie Xie spoke, “There were a few specialized maintenance staff who went into the plane to check its condition after those flight crew left. I suspect they’ll be performing another check before the next flight.”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “The fighter aircraft’s superiority lies in its high speed. It can fly thirty kilometers in the blink of an eye at full throttle. However, the fighter aircraft has too few seats. We’ll also need a professional flight
crew to fly the plane anyhow. There is utterly no way the plane can take so many of us. Moreover, the risk of two aircraft taking off at the same time
and getting caught is high. The capacity of a transport aircraft or helicopter is enough but its slow speed won’t even make it out of the Northsea Army Corps base before we’re caught.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Xie Xie, do you think that it’s possible for all of us to squeeze into a fighter aircraft without taking the flight crew into account?”

Xie Xie answered hesitantly, “Tough. There are only four seats but seven of us. I’m afraid Xu Lizhi can’t fit in one seat. The plane is just too small.”

Tang Wulin squinted. “It’s not impossible if some of us can pilot the aircraft. However, we must be able to fly the aircraft.”

“We flying the aircraft?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “The aircraft’s control is certainly more complicated than a soul car’s, but it may not be more complicated than a mecha’s. I think that it’s even simpler than the mecha. Leaving with a flight crew is too risky and not within our control. What if we were to meet with a flight crew who faces death with no regrets? Thus, I came up with this idea…”

“Perhaps we have to fly our way out. Yet, who’s going to fly the aircraft?” Ye Xinglan asked in puzzlement.

Tang Wulin looked toward Xie Xie, “We still have nine more days. I believe the aircraft in the warehouse will take off once again during these nine days. So, you can take the opportunity to observe how they control the aircraft during take-off and learn the procedure. I’m not asking much of you so long as you can take off and take us where we want to go. We’ll only need to fly thirty kilometers.”

Xie Xie widened his eyes as he stared at Tang Wulin. “Big brother, aren’t you afraid of a crash? Do you trust me that much?”

Tang Wulin shrugged and spoke, “There’s always a possibility of that, but we probably won’t end in a crash with Zhengyu and Yuanen present.
However, I’m afraid that we may not be able to join the military training anymore if we fail. So, we’re counting on you.”

Xie Xie swallowed a gulp of saliva. “Well, I’ll give it a shot.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “We still have time so we must organize our plan to our best abilities. Xie Xie, thank you for your effort you’ll need to observe and learn about piloting an aircraft. Please pay attention to every single detail.”

For the next few days, Northsea Army Corps would send someone over to monitor the situation in the solitary room daily. The helmet’s inner system and handcuff were first damaged before they were donned again. It was an easy task to feign.

After all, the solitary room was so low that the soldiers who were keeping guard only took a glance. They left upon seeing no movement in the
solitary room.

It was finally the seventh day. Xie Xie returned stealthily.
“How’s it?” Tang Wulin asked softly.

Xie Xie answered, “I can now confirm that the two aircraft in the warehouse conduct reconnaissance flight missions separately every
morning and every night. I’ve already memorized the procedures of their take-offs. I don’t think it would be a problem for me to pilot the aircraft at full throttle. So, when should we take action?”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “We’ve already planned the measure for every possible emergency except for this final bit. The situation this time
will be dangerous. However, the Shrek Seven Monsters would never return in defeat. Let’s make a move tomorrow morning. It should be easier in the morning since the guards on duty at this time would most likely be tired.”

Early morning the next day.

As the leader of the flight crew, Lu Fu was the first to arrive at the warehouse. He greeted the maintenance crews who were just done
examining the aircraft. His face was filled with satisfaction as he looked up to his aircraft.

He was fond of airplanes ever since he was young. He enjoyed the feeling of flying in the sky. He had undergone grueling training in order to become a qualified flight crew. He began flying five years ago after his relentless

He had invested countless hours of hard work as a flight crew apprentice in the beginning until he became a flight crew chargehand. He was truly passionate about flying.

The aircraft before him was a new model of the Federation’s fighter aircraft named ‘Skywing F-17’. It was the seventeenth generation of fighter aircraft equipped with soul turbine ejector capable of instant acceleration and breaking the sound barrier within twenty-six seconds. It was equipped with four soul-destroy cannons for continuous attacks and built to carry eight fixed soul bombs for high altitude long-range attacks. It was a new generation of attack aircraft that could launch attacks from the air. This generation of fighter aircraft was adopted by the Federation six years ago
and had been in active service ever since. It was well known for its stability and super fast attacking speed which was most suited to execute continuous attacks in tandem with the mecha. Alternatively, it could be used as the mecha troop’s fire support. The fighter aircraft Skywing F-17 had a length of thirty-six meters and a twenty-nine-meter wingspan. It was equipped with one turbine ejector so it needed a distance of nine hundred meters to take-off.

All this information was deeply seared into Lu Fu. He loved his fighter aircraft and was thoroughly familiar with its every detail.

The Skywing F-17’s complete flight crew team was made up of four people, namely the aircraft captain who was also the chargehand of the team, the
co-captain, the cannon shooter, and the missile shooter.

The captain’s main responsibility was flying the Skywing F-17, while the co-captain was in charge of navigating, communicating with the control tower, and monitoring the radar.

The missile shooter and the cannon shooter were in charge of handling the missile and cannon control systems respectively. Hence, the necessity of
equipping the Skywing F-17 with four flight members.

Chapter 810 - Boarding the Aircraft

Chapter 810: Boarding the Aircraft

The modern fighter aircraft was advancing in its development by reducing its number of the crew along with achieving faster speeds. With the development of soul intelligence, the next generation fighter aircraft would only need two people instead of four to manage its operation.

Lu Mu tidied up his flight suit. As a normal person, he would need the full protection of a flight suit and helmet in order to withstand the fighter
aircraft’s high-speed acceleration. He was always earnest in his work which was how he became an elite flight crew member.

“Captain!” Three flight crews with the same attire as him walked in from the outside. Those were his three other companions. Lu Fu cracked into a faint smile as he greeted them.

All of a sudden, his waving hand froze in midair because he witnessed in astonishment as a figure descended from the sky. The figure flashed once after which his three companions were lying limply on the ground.

“Enemy attack!” Lu Fu reacted to the situation instantly. Just as he was
about to give the warning, his vision darkened and he too lay limply on the ground.

“Scout!” a deep voice echoed. A few figures stood out abruptly and inspected the surroundings rapidly. They hid in the dark corner with no intention to reveal themselves.

The warehouse’s door was already opened in preparation for the upcoming flight mission, so the inside could be clearly seen from the outside.

The four bodies were rapidly dragged into a corner. In the distance, a few figures gave the thumbs up to the person who instructed them.

“Board the aircraft, Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin waved his hand at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie groped Lu Fu’s body to procure a controller with a round button while simultaneously removing his helmet and placing it on Lu Fu’s head.

He pressed the button while aiming the controller at Skywing F-17. The aircraft canopy at the top of the aircraft began to open slowly.

It was the Shrek Seven Monsters that attacked the flight crew. They did not kill but had only knocked out Lu Fu and his three companions.

Meanwhile, every one of the Shrek Seven Monsters had an anxious yet
excited expression. They were actually going to fly the aircraft! Moreover, none of them had ever boarded a fighter aircraft before, so this was definitely no kidding matter.

From this moment on, they had committed something against the law.
Obviously, they believed that the academy would help them settle the matter later as long as they made it out of the place. After all, it had been the academy’s order initially, so they did not feel troubled in their hearts at all.

Xie Xie boarded the aircraft first and sat in the pilot’s seat. Ye Xinglan scurried over and sat in the co-pilot’s seat next to him. The seating
arrangement had been discussed prior to this. Tang Wulin jumped onto the aircraft’s wing and swung out a blade of Bluesilver Emperor that wound
around Xu Lizhi’s body. He then tossed Xu Lizhi’s body with all his
strength and Xu Lizhi dropped into the cabin space nicely. Xu Xiaoyan was sent into the cabin by Yue Zhengyu simultaneously.

Xie Xie’s hands rapidly operated the aircraft’s monitor console. “Big brother, we need fingerprint and iris recognition.”

Tang Wulin swung his hand and unleashed another blade of Bluesilver Emperor that wound around Lu Fu’s body in the corner below. He gave his wrist a tug and the Bluesilver Emperor sent Lu Fu flying through the air akin to a trapeze artist.

Another blade of Bluesilver Emperor flicked outward and wound around Lu Fu’s body in the air. The Bluesilver Emperor pulled him downward into
Tang Wulin’s grasp in the next moment. Tang Wulin lifted Lu Fu and leaped to the slender nose cone of the aircraft before handing Lu Fu over to Xie Xie.

Xie Xie lifted Lu Fu’s finger then cocked his head to authenticate the thumbprint and iris recognition.

“Beep, beep, beep!” At the sound of three beeps, the dials in the aircraft cockpit lit up gradually with all sorts of indicator lights displaying the
aircraft’s condition at present.

Xie Xie cheered once. “It’s done.”

Tang Wulin swung his wrist as the Bluesilver Emperor tightened and sent Lu Fu back to the ground again.

“Turn up the dial and start the engine quickly. According to the official time of departure, we still have a minute before the confirmed time.” Everything was already within their control after a few days of observation. The entire plot was going smoothly to plan.

Xie Xie’s hand flipped the switch one by one swiftly while he showed a ‘no problem’ gesture at Tang Wulin simultaneously.

Tang Wulin bounced up and landed in the seat in front of the tail at the back of the cabin. “Zhengyu, Yuanen, take your place.”

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui were on the two sides of the wings. The
aircraft could only carry four people inside. They couldn’t fit in anymore so they devised this special technique to stay on the aircraft.

Blades of Bluesilver Emperor spread out from Tang Wulin’s body and
extended to the two side wings along the fuselage. At the same time, the aircraft canopy slowly closed with four people on the inside.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu crouched on the two wings separately and allowed the Bluesilver Grass to secure them to the wings. Tang Wulin’s position was behind the canopy cover. He was sitting right in the middle as if he was riding the aircraft.

The Bluesilver Emperor fastened the three people securely to the aircraft. Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked thrice on the aircraft’s fuselage.

The aircraft canopy was closed so he could not be heard. Hence, he had to communicate with hand gestures and sound signals. Xu Xiaoyan who was seated at the back row of the cabin was in charge of monitoring Tang Wulin’s instructions.

Xie Xie burst out laughing. “My friends, we are about to take-off! It’s my maiden flight, and I’m so excited!”

“Be careful. Your Yuanen is on the wing!” Ye Xinglan reminded him coldly. “I know. Don’t worry.”
Tang Wulin, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui were on the outside for obvious reasons. Tang Wulin had the strongest body so he assumed
command as the captain. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu had wings and were capable of flight. Their strong survival abilities would ensure their
survival at crucial moments even if they were separated from the aircraft at a high altitude.

Thus, they were the most suitable choices for their respective positions on the aircraft.

Xie Xie took on the role of operating the aircraft. “Fire!” he shouted aloud as he pressed a red button.

All of a sudden, the Skywing F-17 shook as a piercing hum echoed. The turbine ejector at the back began to spin at full speed with an intense airflow rushing out from the inside. It pushed the aircraft into moving forward slowly.

“Sky-9, Sky-9, why are you firing in advance? Do you copy?” A hurried voice echoed from Xie Xie’s headphone at this moment.

He immediately lowered his voice intentionally and answered, “There has been a small issue. The maintenance staff is running a firing trial for me.”

“Why didn’t you report the issue and mention there has been a change in your workflow?” A solemn voice echoed from his headphone.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mistake,” Xie Xie replied.
“Order to shut down the engine immediately and await further instructions.” “Yes!” Xie Xie answered but the Skywing F-17 had slowly exited the
warehouse under his control.

There was no doubt that Xie Xie was not familiar with piloting the aircraft. The aircraft was extremely heavy. Despite Xie Xie having observed Lu Fu at work for the past few days, he was still new to the whole procedure. He was certain that his basic operations were correct. He needed to guide the
aircraft into gliding forward about three hundred meters after exiting the warehouse, then turn right onto the runway before he could take off.

“Sky-9, Sky-9, what are you doing, why are you exiting the warehouse?” the angry voice echoed from the headphone once again.

Xie Xie suddenly raised his voice and spoke with fear, “Control system down, control system down. Mayday, mayday.” He mimicked an urgent-
sounding voice that even Ye Xinglan could not help looking at him in alarm as he sounded completely different from his usual self.
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