The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 791-800

Chapter 791 - Unwilling to Forgive

Chapter 791: Unwilling to Forgive

Yue Zhengyu went over and sat down beside her. “Xiaoyan.”
Xu Xiaoyan did not turn her head.

“I’m sorry. If you’re still upset about what happened during the Sea God’s Fated Date Festival, I apologize to you again. I was too impulsive back then and too full of myself. I offer my apologies. It’s been half a year now, and I’ve been thinking more clearly. You’re really very important to me. I’m
willing to put down my pride. We…”

He was halfway through his speech when Xu Xiaoyan abruptly turned around. She looked at Yue Zhengyu with cold eyes and said, “Are you
doing this for charity? I don’t need your pity. I don’t need the charity from the high and noble Holy Angel Clan. Yue Zhengyu, you know what? I’ve seen through you on that day back then, the real you. I’ve always thought
that I’d be very happy to be with you. But I only understood on that day, in your eyes, I’m nothing. In your heart, I’m just a woman who’s no different from a serving girl who should forever be at your beck and call.”

“You’re very outstanding. You come from a well-known family and are very powerful. But I’ve told you, I’m not interested in all that. I don’t care about all that. You’re apologizing to me? If you really realize your own mistakes, you won’t wait for half a year and only come to talk to me today. There’s no way that you can put down the pride in your heart. It’s impossible. Your inner heart is always high in the air above everyone else. I will not and will never be the girlfriend of a guy who’ll never place me at the same level as him, leave alone let him become my future husband. So, forget about us.” Xu Xiaoyan’s voice was noticeably slightly agitated. Even the passengers in front and behind them could not help but shoot them sideways glances.

Yue Zhengyu sounded slightly exasperated when he spoke, “What more do you want from me? I’ve already said my apologies. Xiaoyan, who says that you’re not on the same level as me in my heart? I like you. I really like you.”

Xu Xiaoyan raised her hand and made a cold gesture that meant ‘pause’, “I’ve said it. Forget about us. Please leave. You’re making me uncomfortable by sitting beside me.”

Due to his rage, the rise and fall of Yue Zhengyu’s chest became noticeably intense. He never expected Xu Xiaoyan to reject him with such cold and
emotionless words. It was already extremely difficult for him to have uttered words of apology. However, what he got in return was such an outright rejection.

“Xu Xiaoyan, I know that you’re rejecting me because you feel inferior. You’re feeling inferior, right? Why can’t you just face the problem between us straight on? I didn’t come and find you for half a year because I was unable to calm my feelings. You’re right, I do value my pride greatly. That’s why I was really angry and hurt when you rejected me in front of so many people back then. However, I’ve thought it through for these six months.
I’ve understood that love is more important than my pride to me. I’ve also come to say that I’m sorry to you. What more would you have me do?”

Xu Xiaoyan snorted, “I don’t want your love that feels like charity. And I’ll have you know that I’ve never felt inferior. Let me remind you that I’m also one of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Why should I feel inferior? Go away!”

Yue Zhengyu stood up abruptly, “You better not regret this!”

Xu Xiaoyan turned her head in the other direction stubbornly. She did not even spare him a glance.

Yue Zhengyu fumed as he returned to his original seat. Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui frowned as they listened to the conversation between the two of them.

“Can’t be any gentler?” Xie Xie said helplessly. “You must know how to appease girls.”

Yue Zhengyu roared, “Mind your own business!”

“Who wants to mind your business?” Yuanen Yehui stood up. She pulled on Xie Xie and returned to their original seats. She comforted Xu Xiaoyan who had reddened eyes.

Yue Zhengyu sat down with a thump beside Tang Wulin. He was still unable to extinguish the flames of rage within him. It was as if a large rock was on his chest which made it hard for him to breathe.

Xie Xie was not angered because of his beratement. He was even starting to feel sorry for Yue Zhengyu.

As the saying went, ‘the spectators see the chess game better than the players’. Xu Xiaoyan was not wrong. Yue Zhengyu was too proud. His pride was embedded in his bones, born out of a lifetime’s upbringing in the Holy Angel Clan. It was not something he had acquired just recently. There was no doubt in his heart that he liked Xu Xiaoyan, but there was also no question that his words during the Sea God’s Fated Date Festival had left a deep impact on Xu Xiaoyan. If he had realized it in time back then and immediately went to talk to Xu Xiaoyan, he might still have stood a chance. However, he did not. Pride had blinded his heart. The problem of losing face even made him ignore Xu Xiaoyan for six whole months.

Maybe Xu Xiaoyan was not as proud as he was, but she was still a lady!
After being given the cold shoulder for half a year, how could she not have fury and flames of anger within her heart? The only thing that Yue Zhengyu should have done at this moment was to speak gentle words, maybe even
appease her doggedly and shamelessly. Naturally, his chances would have been far greater. He must let the lady vent her anger one way or another.

However, Yue Zhengyu even felt that he was wronged in his heart. After Xu Xiaoyan fought back with a few words, he naturally blew it. This undoubtedly escalated the conflict between them.

In such matters, the advice from outsiders was useless. In fact, they would make matters worse.

Tang Wulin was really exhausted, which was why he had slept soundly. Even Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan’s loud conversation was unable to wake him up.

Yue Zhengyu glanced at Tang Wulin beside him. Suddenly, he felt as if they shared the same fate. Gu Yue had left in a baffling manner, and Na’er was
also missing. How great of an impact did it have on Tang Wulin? What about himself? He was not in a better state.

The soul express train sped along, was stable and fast. Their destination was very far away, it was the seaside on the northeastern region of the entire
Douluo Continent. Even by train, it would take them a full three days to reach there. Hence, this was a long-distance journey.

Very quickly, daytime was over. The world outside the window gradually fell into darkness.

Xu Xiaoyan’s and Yue Zhengyu’s moods were not good. The two of them had not eaten anything for the whole day. The others did not try to advise them too much. At this point in time, they were still in fits of anger, thus counseling them would only be in vain.

Tang Wulin had already divided the money he got from his teacher with
everyone. Long-distance trains were equipped with dining cars. After they ate their dinner, Xu Lizhi asked Ye Xinglan in a slightly worrisome tone, “Sister Xinglan, Captain has been sleeping for an entire day now. Should we wake him up?”

The seats of the long-distance train were much more spacious than ordinary trains. If one reclined the back of one’s seat, one could almost be lying down. There was no issue with the level of comfort. Ye Xinglan shook her head. “Let’s not wake him. I think he’s not exhausted physically, but mentally. Ever since Gu Yue left, he has been pushing himself a little too hard. Let him have a good rest. He’s the one who needs to relax the most among us.”

Xu Lizhi touched his own chubby cheeks, “I really don’t understand why Gu Yue wanted to leave. Captain is such a nice guy. What is it that can’t be talked through between them? Even if it’s really something related to Spirit Pagoda, we don’t even have any conflicts with Spirit Pagoda!”

Ye Xinglan shook her head again. “I don’t understand it either. But I don’t think it’s that simple. In the few years when Captain went missing, Gu Yue had become very silent. Also, if there were no classes, she wouldn’t stay in the academy. She was even keeping her distance from us on purpose. As for the exact reasons… I’m afraid that they’re the only ones who’d know about them. Maybe Captain doesn’t even fully understand it himself. Let him have a good rest. There’s nothing that can’t be solved. We’ll have to face it sooner or later.”

As they were talking to each other, suddenly the soul train shook violently.
Everyone was first astonished. In the next moment, the entire soul train suddenly inclined to one side. An ear-piercing sound of friction and the shrill screams of fear filled the entire car in an instant.

The slender soul train seemed to have been flung upward while charging forth at high-speed. It had been sent flying.

It traveled at an extreme velocity. The sudden change seemed to have disconnected all sixteen cars in an instant.

What just happened?

Everyone was greatly shocked. Even though the Shrek Seven Monsters had frightening strength, this unexpected change that came out of the blue had caught them completely off guard. They were almost sent flying from their seats in an instant.

Chapter 792 - Not an Accident

Chapter 792: Not an Accident

Moments like these were the opportunity for the assault system battle soul masters to display their strengths. Spots of starlight burst forth from Ye
Xinglan’s body. A dazzling energy sword shot out. In an instant, her body and the sword fused into one. She pulled on Xu Lizhi with one hand. The train rolled sideways, but she floated loftily in the car and did not move. The rolling car was instantly cut open by the sword which burst forth from her body. She carried Xu Lizhi with her as she leaped.

The others also reacted to this incident. Wings unfurled behind Yue Zhengyu. As he did a sideways leap, his pair of wings protected him. At the same time, Holy Light burst forth, forming a shining barrier which
enveloped him within it.

On the other side, Yuanen Yehui’s body suddenly enlarged. She spread her arms out and placed Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan into her embrace. Having transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, she curled up her huge body as she protected both of them. With her body’s powerful defensive ability, she bounced about in the rolling car. However, when Ye Xinglan cut open an exit on the car, she also leaped out in an instant.

Tang Wulin was the most unfortunate one. Due to him being in a deep sleep before it occurred, he was completely unprepared for it. Even if the first jolt of the train was unable to wake him when the train was flung horizontally, Tang Wulin’s body was also catapulted out, and he crashed heavily onto the side of the car.

He only opened his eyes at that moment. He was welcomed with the sight of his companions being tossed out of the car.

Tang Wulin’s body rolled uncontrollably within the car. He reached out with sleepy eyes and quickly grabbed hold of the car’s wall. Golden scales appeared on his body. Tang Wulin shook his head as he tried desperately to regain consciousness. Then, he parted his hands and tore the car open with his bare fists. Although his body was jettisoned out, it was much easier for him when he was outside.

His body was flung into the air again. He could already see the situation before him clearly.

The entire soul train had been derailed and was sent flying. The cars broke apart in the air and scattered all around. What was more terrifying was that many people were thrown out from the cracks.

Those ordinary people were not soul masters nor did they have the abilities to adapt like Tang Wulin and the others. Almost all the people who had been flung out were instantly reduced to a bloodied mess upon impact. It was a gruesome sight.

Tang Wulin was speechless. Why? Why was this happening? Why must he be faced with such unexplainable situations whenever he took a soul
express train? Was every soul train accident in the Federation’s history
connected to him? He was practically the soul trains’ jinx, and a powerful one at that.

He curled his body in midair. The instant he landed, Tang Wulin put all of his strength into his strike. He threw a heavy punch onto the ground and used the powerful reaction to dampen the momentum he built up while flying out of the car. With one roll, he dropped to the ground.

With the defensive abilities of his body, naturally he would not have been injured during the process just now. However, being yanked from one’s
sleep was never a pleasant experience.

Whatever the case, Tang Wulin dared not slack off now. He looked for his companions at the first opportunity.

Fortunately, it was easy to spot everyone, especially the spots of starlight on Ye Xinglan’s body. Tang Wulin hastily ran toward his companions. He had to make sure that his friends were safe. Of course, the Shrek Seven Monsters would not have been harmed by this. Tang Wulin was the last one to assemble.

The seven of them looked at each other. Finally, their gazes were focused on Tang Wulin. Their gazes communicated a thought that was more than words could convey.

Tang Wulin coughed. “Let’s hurry up and rescue the people.”

“Wait,” Ye Xinglan suddenly said with a deep voice, “Something isn’t right. The level of security for a soul train is extremely high, so how could it derail all of a sudden? Could this have been done on purpose?”

The entire soul train was already off the tracks. The cars were flung onto the open field all around them. The sixteen cars had broken into seven or
eight segments. For a time, all sorts of cries could be heard from all around.

A soul train had the capacity for more than five hundred passengers. The number of casualties from such an accident would not be low.

After hearing Ye Xinglan’s words, Tang Wulin was also on alert. He said with a deep voice, “Everyone, retract your martial soul for now.”

He had faced the evil soul master before, and the experience was definitely not a pleasant one. If the derailment this time was not an accident, then it would not stop there.

At this exact moment, they saw beams of light shining silently far away. The light was not strong and seemed to be purplish in color.

Xie Xie said in a low voice, “I’ll go take a look. You guys hide yourselves.”

As he spoke, he swayed and his body immediately turned illusory. It was as if he had melted into the air and vanished without a trace.

Agility system battle soul masters were most suited to conceal themselves and be in charge of the investigation at times like these. Tang Wulin made a gesture. The others quickly found some cover in their surroundings and concealed their bodies.

Rescuing the people was a must. However, if there was an enemy present, taking care of the enemy was of higher priority.

Within a minute, Xie Xie had returned. “Someone did this. They’re massacring the casualties. There’s fifty to sixty of them. They’re all
equipped with beam assault rifles, and they’re killing everyone within their sights. Captain, what should we do?”

Tang Wulin said, “Can you tell how powerful they are?”

Xie Xie said, “I can confirm that they’re all soul masters, but I couldn’t tell how high their cultivation bases are. If they’re only using beam assault rifles, they didn’t unleash their martial souls. But, judging from their speed, they’re not weak.”

“Come, let’s go!” There were no unnecessary words. In situations such as this, faced with these terrorists, how could they just sit by and do nothing?

Tang Wulin rushed forward quickly, the others followed behind him. Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui flanked him, and they were followed by Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie brought up the rear.

Xu Lizhi mumbled some soul spells, and he rapidly produced buns which he passed to his companions.

Agility Xiaolongbao (a type of steamed soup dumpling) could increase everyone’s the agility. He also prepared some Bloodthirst Bean Buns for when they needed a sudden burst of energy.

Very quickly, Tang Wulin saw the enemies mentioned by Xie Xie. These people wore black outfits. In the darkness of the night, they appeared like ghosts. Lines of purple beams were fired from the beam assault rifles in their hands. They were shooting at the cars. The men in black wore helmets over their heads, which effectively covered their faces.

When Tang Wulin and the others rushed to the scene, and they were immediately spotted by someone among the figures in black. The three to five shooters who were closer to them immediately aimed their rifles at them at started firing soul beams.

Tang Wulin took a step and golden scales covered his body. At the same time, blades of Bluesilver Emperor shot forth and formed a barrier in front of him.

The soul beams could only give off patches of light when they hit the
Bluesilver Emperor. Tang Wulin tapped on the ground with the tips of his toes and his entire body shot out like a cannonball.

He was still in midair when he scratched at the empty air with his hands, an intense suction force erupted from each of them. They were like two
whirlpools as they pulled two stumbling men in black toward them.

Golden Dragon Claws jutted out of his hands. He slashed at the two of them at the same time.

The two in black had lightning reflexes. They immediately unleashed their martial souls. One of them had three yellow soul rings, while the other had one white and two yellows. They were both surprisingly Soul Elders.

The soul master on the right had a beast martial soul. His body suddenly toughened up, and a pair of bull’s horns even grew out of his head. With the suction force of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws, he lowered his head
and charged in Tang Wulin’s direction.

The other man in black’s martial soul was a broadsword. He raised the blade and slashed at Tang Wulin.

“Puuh!” Tang Wulin’s left Golden Dragon Claw sent the bull-type martial soul master flying with a single smack. The terrifying force disintegrated the man’s body in the air. Tang Wulin’s right Golden Dragon Claw grabbed the broadsword that
swung toward him and it shattered instantly. A soul master was connected to his martial soul. The soul master instantly grunted. Tang Wulin made a fist with his right Golden Dragon Claw and struck directly on his chest.

His back arched up immediately. His entire body flew away like a
cannonball, and then he also exploded into a mass of bloody mist in the air.

What Tang Wulin hated the most were ruthless terrorists like them. He
would never show them any mercy. After he took care of the two of them with lightning speed, he immediately charged toward the other and more numerous men in black farther away from him.

Beside him, Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan also launched their attacks. Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword in her hands drew sharp lines in the air. Spots of starlight burst forth from the Stargod Sword. How could the men in black who had the average cultivation bases of Soul Elders, withstand her
attacks? She was not as violent as Tang Wulin, but her every stroke seemed to take out one of them.

Yuanen Yehui unleashed her Fallen Angel Transformation. She transformed into the Fallen Angel which was more suited to battle in the dark than the Titan Giant Ape. Her Shadow Demon Sword hacked lines of purplish lights in the air. She also took out her enemies swiftly.

The four persons behind them did not even have the opportunity to attack. The trio of Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui was just too fast. With a show of their faces, five or six men in black had already met with their deaths.

Chapter 793 - The Golden Dragon Unleashes Its Prowess

Chapter 793: The Golden Dragon Unleashes Its Prowess

The commotion immediately attracted the attention of the people in black further away from the scene. Concentrated lines of soul beams suddenly shot toward them.

“Look out, soul cannons!” came Xie Xie’s voice.

Tang Wulin instinctively turned to look. He saw a person in black hoisting a cannon on his shoulder which was coincidentally aimed at him.

In the next instant, with a whistle, a mass of bright purple light flew straight toward him.

Tang Wulin snorted. His body flashed with golden light. Four golden soul rings surfaced on his body. The first soul ring lit up, Golden Dragon Body!

His entire body was covered in golden scales. He reached out with his left Golden Dragon Claw in an instant to grab the mass of light.

Exploding with a loud boom, the soul cannon was detonated by Tang Wulin. The powerful force of the blast pounded him. It only made his golden dragon scales shine brightly. It did not even make him falter backward.

At the same time, the soul master who fired the soul cannonball fell limply to the ground. Xie Xie had already launched his attack when he warned
Tang Wulin.

In terms of speed, Xie Xie was undoubtedly second to none among the
entire team. When they went up against these people in black who mostly had cultivation bases of a Soul Elder, an agility system soul master clearly had the upper hand.

Shadow Dragon Dagger flitted between illusion and reality. Scores of black figures fell to the ground, never to get up again.

Tang Wulin took charge of the middle. He protected Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi behind him as he kept an eye on the overall situation. On the other hand, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan rushed out to fight the other people in black.

No threats were detected. Dozens of people in black fell like the fragile dead branches breaking off a tree in the face of Shrek Seven Monsters’ powerful attacks.

Suddenly, fear flashed across Tang Wulin’s heart. He turned around without any hesitation. He hugged Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan behind him and rolled to the side, all three of them together.

A greyish-black shadow disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It left a
chasm that was five meters long and a meter wide on the ground. It was so deep that they could not see the bottom.

What was more terrifying was that sides of the chasm were breaking away with blinding speed.

“Evil soul master!” Tang Wulin yelled in a deep voice.

“You dare stop us. Your souls will be offered as sacrifices,” a cold voice resounded in the air.

A silhouette began to appear slowly. He hovered in midair and was
completely covered in a grey outfit. He had the smell of haze on him.

There were a total of seven soul rings on his body. Two yellows, three purples, and two blacks!

Soul Sage! This was shockingly an evil soul master of a Soul Sage’s rank. He was not the only grey figure. In the darkness, a time door seemed to have been opened. A number of grey figures appeared silently. There were more than ten of them in total! They had at least four soul rings, but there was only one with seven soul rings, the one who was facing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s heart sank. If the grey outfit represented a soul master, then the concurrent appearances of a dozen evil soul masters were undoubtedly a huge threat to them.

The evil soul masters were evil because they would use vicious methods to improve themselves. Not only could they improve themselves quickly, but their abilities were also far superior. Compared to a soul master of the same rank, the evil soul masters were much more powerful.

Their existence was solely to bring destruction and ruin. Their evil
cultivating methods would inevitably distort their personalities that they might even be beyond control.

“You guys go help the others. Leave this to me,” Tang Wulin gestured to Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi behind him.

Both of them understood the extent of Tang Wulin’s strength. They ran toward the others without hesitation.

The Shrek Seven Monsters had collaborated together for a long time. When the others noticed the evil soul masters, they swiftly gathered about Tang Wulin.

The evil soul masters had launched their attacks at this moment. They did not have any intention of communicating with them. Only about twenty people in black were left from the large group that had appeared earlier.
When they saw the evil soul masters, they immediately scattered and rushed toward the train.

It was obvious that their massacre mission was planned. The presence of the group of evil soul masters seemed to be reinforcements. The evil soul master in the air spread out his arms. A puff of greyish mist suddenly burst forth from his body. He moved swiftly and pounced toward Tang Wulin. A pair of greyish-black sharp claws went straight for Tang Wulin’s head.

What incredible speed!

This person in grey was even more agile than Xie Xie. Tang Wulin felt his vision blur for an instant when the sharp claws were already upon him. One of them went for his face while the other went for his chest.

If he was scratched by those sharp claws, the result would be horrific. Agility system evil soul master?
Tang Wulin did not retreat. When faced with such a swift opponent, it would not have made any difference if he had moved backward.

His body flickered with golden light. Tang Wulin crossed his pair of Golden Dragon Claws in front of him to protect himself.

So what if he had seven rings? When he only had four rings, he was already bold enough to take on the six-ring Long Yue head on. Currently, his
cultivation base was already at five rings, and his overall strength had also improved by leaps and bounds.

His second golden soul ring lit up. The scales on Tang Wulin’s body instantly transformed into a mirror-like state in an instant.

“Ding! Ding!” Two crisp sounds were heard. One of the evil soul master’s sharp claws scratched Tang Wulin’s chest whereas the other scratched his arm.

Tang Wulin only felt two cold sensations tunnel into his body like surging water fountains. However, his mighty Golden Dragon King bloodline aura erupted instantly. He forcefully blocked the cold sensations and did not
allow them to invade his body. The evil soul master felt as if his pair of sharp claws had scratched an iron board. Then, the scales on his opponent flickered quickly.

“Roar!” Amidst a dragon’s roar, a huge golden dragon head burst forth from Tang Wulin’s hands. At the same time, the third soul ring on his body lit up.

“Roar!” a violent dragon’s roar quickly followed the previous one. The evil soul master felt his body shake as the blood essence within him started
surging as if it was no longer under his control. In the next moment, the golden dragon head had already reached him.

Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens plus Tang Wulin’s blood essence soul ring skill, Golden Dragon Roar.

Faced with an evil soul master with a seven-ring cultivation base, Tang Wulin had to end the battle as soon as he could. Only then would he be able to assist his comrades. That was why he held nothing back the moment the fight started.

Golden Dragon Roar was a stopping skill. It had a formidable controlling power. It was especially effective when his opponent possessed a dragon- type martial soul.

This evil soul master’s martial soul was not a dragon-type, and his
cultivation base was higher than Tang Wulin’s. However, Tang Wulin was no longer the boy he was four years ago. He had obtained the support of so many dragon spirits in the Dragon Valley. The density of his blood essence aura greatly exceeded his previous levels. The sound of the Golden Dragon Roar shook the entire field. Every evil soul master slowed down, not to mention the one who was fighting him.

However, this evil soul master’s strength was equally formidable. The instant Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens hit his body, he was sent flying backward by the impact. He quickly reacted to the situation. The fifth soul ring on his body flashed, and he turned into a puff of greyish mist. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens shot through the mist not landing on anything solid. The mist solidified far away. The seven-ring evil soul master was obviously angered. He let out a sharp howl. The greyish mist around him suddenly increased in intensity.

The third soul ring on his body lit up. When the purple soul ring was shining, there seemed to be a thick smell of blood in his nostrils.

Tang Wulin felt dizzy. Shortly after, the blood within his body seemed to be riled up as if it wanted to burst out of his body.

“Eh?” This was his first time encountering such a situation. His opponent’s soul skill seemed to be able to control his blood.

Despite being shocked, Tang Wulin snorted. Blood essence reversal! He forcibly controlled the blood within him. His entire body shone brightly with golden light. After he was stimulated by his opponent’s soul skill, he felt it easier for him to utilize his bloodline power. A faint golden haze
appeared around him.

Chapter 794 - Golden Dragon Flies

Chapter 794: Golden Dragon Flies

With a single step, Tang Wulin had already leaped into the air. Having just seen that his opponent was able to use a soul skill to turn into mist, he did unleash his martial soul as it would not be of much use. Given the
circumstances, he could probably do just fine without it.

In the air, Tang Wulin threw a punch, and a dragon’s roar sounded again from his body. The instant his simple and seemingly insignificant punch
was thrown, all watching felt as though he was stretching his body, from his feet to his tailbone and then along his spine. It was as if a huge dragon was awakening.

All that was stretched would eventually be put into his punch.

The right fist made by the Golden Dragon Claw hit out. Everything within three meters of Tang Wulin’s body suddenly turned a brilliant golden color.
In the next instant, with the momentum from his right-hand punch, his entire body suddenly flickered in the air.

A golden band of light dozens of meters long suddenly appeared in the skies. The three-meter wide band seemed to vanish as quick as it had

The evil soul master just managed to turn into a puff of mist in the nick of time. Even so, he still let out a wail. When he solidified into his human form again, his body swayed as it fell to the ground.

Golden Dragon Flies!

Tang Wulin’s bloodline power erupted after being compressed. He used the momentum from the explosion to move his body. Under such conditions, Tang Wulin seemed to be invincible. The energy of his entire body was concentrated into a single point. It was similar to becoming one with one’s sword. His attack was restricted to a diameter of thirty meters and could only be fired in a straight line, but the explosion caused by the impact was three times greater than his usual attack power.

This was Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi’s Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves, third move, Dragon Flies! To be more precise, what he taught Tang Wulin was supposed to be the Divine Dragon’s Nine Moves. When it was applied to Tang Wulin, it became the Golden Dragon’s Nine Moves. Hence, it was Golden Dragon Flies!

In that instant, Tang Wulin was like the Golden Dragon King extending his dragon claws. Under the impact from his body, his imposing manner
seemed to say that he would kill any gods or buddhas that stood in his way.

This was Tang Wulin’s first time actually using the Golden Dragon Flies technique in combat. The effects were apparent.

Because this move contained not only soul power and bloodline power, it was also mixed with spiritual power at the same time, hence it was an all- rounded attack. Even if the evil soul master turned into mist, he was still hit by the impact.

After he fell to the ground, the evil soul master dared not be careless
anymore. Spots of greyish light lit up on his body. Pieces of armor that resembled leaves covered his entire form. On his back, a pair of grey wings extended. He resembled a huge bat.

Battle armor! Battle armor with wings! It was two-word battle armor!

Without question, this seven-ringed evil soul master with the rank of Soul Sage was also a two-word battle armor master!

After his body was covered by the battle armor, the evil soul master’s aura became completely different.

It was known that battle armor could raise a soul master’s ability by two ranks. Although a seven-ringed Soul Sage who donned two-word battle armor could not attain the powers of a Title Douluo, he could still surely surpass the ranks of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo.

The world around them suddenly darkened. The evil soul master let out a shrill howl toward the sky. Immediately, Tang Wulin felt as if a sharp needle had stabbed into his spirit as his head was wracked with intense
pain. At the same time, the bloodline within his body which had been under his control suddenly surged madly.

What frightened Tang Wulin even more was that because he temporarily lost control of his bloodline, it started charging toward the Golden Dragon King’s ninth seal.

He was in the middle of a fight! How could it charge at the ninth seal at this moment? This was akin to committing suicide.

Tang Wulin hastily bit his tongue as he desperately tried to increase his
consciousness. Spots of golden light lit up on his body as he unleashed his own battle armor.

Pieces of golden battle armor covered his entire body. Immediately, the
surging bloodline aura was suppressed by external forces. His soul power was greatly enhanced, and Tang Wulin finally regained control of his bloodline. The visor dropped down and covered his handsome face. Tang Wulin wiped his forehead with his right hand. With a strong gust of wind, the Golden Dragon Spear appeared, and he caught it in his grasp.

A golden helmet, golden armor, and a golden visor! With the addition of the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, Tang Wulin’s body descended slowly to the ground. His valor was extraordinary.

He slashed horizontally with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands. His gaze burst forth with light. He bent his knees slightly, and in the next moment, he had charged toward the evil soul master again.

The Golden Dragon Spear thrust out like lightning, forming phantom spears with its movements. However, a peculiar scene occurred. Under the cover of the Golden Dragon Spear, the evil soul master’s body flickered swiftly in the air as if he had no weight. He could always dodge the attacks from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear by a hair’s breadth.

His pair of sharp claws were now under the enhancement of his two-word battle armor. They were now a foot long and took on greyish, crystalline forms. While he dodged the attacks, he occasionally snuck in attacks with an upward scratch.

He was truly too agile. His movements were so quick that Tang Wulin was unable to dodge him. Where the claws landed, white marks were left on Tang Wulin’s one-word battle armor.

However, Tang Wulin’s battle armor, which was given the name Dragon, displayed incredible defensive capabilities. Wherever the evil soul master’s attacks landed on his battle armor, light patterns in the shape of scales
would appear, which greatly diminished the damage from the sharp claws.

Usually, two-word battle armor would be able to completely overwhelm one-word battle armor, but this evil soul master clearly was not able to achieve that effect. This was inevitably connected to Tang Wulin’s one-
word battle armor which was crafted from spirit alloys. However, the more important factor was Tang Wulin’s own shocking defensive strength.

Even so, Tang Wulin was at a disadvantage. His opponent was too fast, and his movements were unpredictable. His own attacks had no way of hitting their target and he could not fully utilize his immense energy. Such an opponent was the most troublesome for him since he could not make the most of his own strengths.

In turn, it was not an easy task for the Soul Sage-ranked evil soul master to defeat Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin’s defenses were too strong. Also, with the deep impression Golden Dragon Flies left on him before this, the two-word battle armor evil soul master was being now very cautious. He fought
conservatively and continuously as he attempted to weaken Tang Wulin’s soul power. He kept looking for an opening for him to launch an attack.

They were now in a winding battle. On the other side, the remaining six members of Shrek Seven Monsters were not in optimistic situations either. A total of eleven evil soul masters had surrounded Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and the others and started launching a barrage of wild attacks.

The evil soul masters were of a completely different system within the soul masters’ realm. This was also the case for their martial soul. If one followed the cultivation paths of the evil soul masters, the abilities that one learned
would also be starkly different.

A six-ringed evil soul master at the forefront was the most troublesome. They were all one-word battle armor masters, and each martial soul they unleashed was more baffling than the last.

There were four six-ringed evil soul masters. The first one’s martial soul was a huge armored skeleton, as tall as eight meters. Its bones were
extremely thick and strong, and it had the protection of one-word battle
armor. It came at them from the front, wielding a massive seven-meter long hacking knife.

Fortunately, the Shrek Seven Monsters still had Yuanen Yehui. She unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She brandished two giant hammers that were not confiscated by the academy and fought the skeleton head, blocking its attacks.

The second six-ringed evil soul master looked exactly like a clown. Half of his face was painted white, while the other half was black. He appeared to be extremely peculiar, with a constant sinister laugh. His body was
ceaselessly spinning as he cast all sorts of curses such as Slow or Fear on the six Monsters, weakening them. He was also hiding behind the other evil soul masters, so they could not even reach him.

The third six-ringed evil soul master transformed into a giant wolf. His
entire body reeked of blood. As he fought, he even picked up the bodies of the fallen fighters in black and ate their hearts. With every heart he
consumed, his attacking powers increased. The fur all over his body was iron grey and was invulnerable to swords or spears. Even Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword could not break through the battle armor he had donned. The fourth six-ringed evil soul master seemed to be the most normal among the four of them because at least he still appeared human. He rode a
skeleton horse which was burning with black flames and appeared slightly like the legendary nightmare. He was covered in thick and heavy black
armor and wielded a great sword. He and Yue Zhengyu were happily hacking away at each other.

Yuanen Yehui faced the skeleton evil soul master, Ye Xinglan fought the huge wolf, while Yue Zhengyu was up against the evil soul master rider. It was slightly difficult for the three of them to take their opponents head-on.

When of the same ranks, an evil soul master would be stronger than an ordinary soul master. Though the Shrek Seven Monsters were clearly not ordinary soul masters, these evil soul masters they faced were one rank higher than them in terms of cultivation bases! Moreover, they also had a control system evil soul master behind them who were constantly
weakening them via all sorts of curses.

Xie Xie would have loved to do something about that clown evil soul master, but the problem was that he had to stay in the rear to protect Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi.

Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi’s direct combat abilities were too weak. If he
went away, the other evil soul masters were sure to seize the opportunity to attack them.

Amongst the remaining seven evil soul masters, there were five five-ringed evil soul masters. Two of them were also one-word battle armor masters, the other four were four-ringed evil soul masters

Chapter 795 - Fighting the Evil Soul Masters Hard

Chapter 795: Fighting the Evil Soul Masters Hard

The seven of them besieged the enemy from all directions. Xie Xie was
already terribly busy. He split three duplicates of himself. It was as though he battled in four directions. Among his companions, he was under the greatest pressure.

At this moment, it was apparent how much work Xie Xie had put into his cultivation every day. His four copies faced different enemies and were fighting different battles. Surprisingly, he had a good amount of control over all of them.

Although it was extremely strenuous for him to face this many opponents, he was fortunate enough to have Xu Xiaoyan’s controls.

Xu Xiaoyan was in no hurry to unleash her most powerful control-type soul skill. However, whenever Xie Xie was faced with a difficult situation, a burst of Starwheel Shackles would come to his aid.

“Boom!” Yuanen Yehui raised her right hammer and parried the skeleton
evil soul master’s halberd. She swept horizontally with her left hammer and swung it straight toward her opponent’s chest.

The skeleton evil soul master growled with a deep voice. There seemed to be soul flames dancing in his eyes. He squatted down and brought the halberd before him.

Another muffled sound was heard. The skeleton evil soul master and Yuanen Yehui took a step backward at the same time. In terms of strength, the two of them felt as if they had met their match.

Ye Xinglan was in a slightly advantageous spot here. Although it was difficult for her Stargod Sword to break the giant wolf evil soul master’s defenses, the Stargod Sword had a sword’s consciousness in addition to its sword aura. The sharp sword’s consciousness had been suppressing the huge wolf evil soul master from the beginning until the end. After she discovered that her opponent could enhance himself by consuming hearts, Ye Xinglan had made sure that he could not get his hands on another heart with her continued assault.

Yue Zhengyu was well-matched in strength with his opponent. The rider had the help from the battle steed under him. The dark energy he had was very strong, but he was coincidentally up against the Holy Angel martial soul which was its polar opposite. The completely opposing energies of darkness and light collided with each other. They continuously unleashed terrifying energy storms in the skies.

However, they were battling at night, which was obviously not in favor of holy energy.

The dark rider felt as if he was one with his steed. The nightmare warhorse moved to and fro, completely in sync with him. When he swung the halberd in his hand, a dazzling black flame would burst forth in an instant and erupt with a powerful energy wave. The black flames and the rider’s halberd merged into one entity and slashed downward brazenly.

A pair of wings extended behind Yue Zhengyu. His entire body was
covered in white battle armor, and the glow from his body showered down.
With the coordination of his Light of Judgement, he launched one attack after another. However, the dark rider combined attack and defense into
one, the union of rider and steed. He was as steady as a lofty mountain. For a time, none of them could do anything to their opponent. However, from the density of their soul powers, it was obvious that the dark rider was

Relatively speaking, Xu Lizhi was the more leisurely one among them. He had also donned his battle armor. His battle armor was white in color, but it was a different shade of white compared to Yue Zhengyu’s. It had no holy aura, but it looked to be extremely thick and heavy. He was heavily built
and tall, but after he donned his battle armor, his chubbiness disappeared. Instead, he appeared full of power and grandeur. He stood beside Xu Xiaoyan, looking every bit like her loyal protector.

The two of them were entangled in combat while the men in black far away continued their massacre in the various cars.

Tang Wulin was fighting his opponent as he kept an eye on the changes of the entire situation. He only spared a few glances but had already
comprehended his companions’ situations.

This could not go on much longer. If this continued, the hundreds of lives on the soul train would all fall prey to the evil soul masters.

When he thought about this, Tang Wulin suddenly howled toward the heavens, “Fight with all you’ve got!”

With his loud bellow, his battle armor glowed brightly with golden light. Tang Wulin’s imposing manner changed instantly. He landed on the ground with his feet and was like a towering mountain.

From his torso, a circle of golden light burst forth. At the same time this
circle of light shone outward, the seven-ringed Soul Sage evil soul master, who had been keeping up using his high speed while attacking him,
suddenly felt his body grow heavy, and he dropped directly onto the ground. When his pair of sharp claws scratched Tang Wulin’s chest again, he felt an extremely terrifying reaction firing back at him. It shook his
claws so much that they were repelled and sent flying backward. This was…
Tang Wulin stomped on the ground with his right foot, utilizing Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!

Eight little golden dragons appeared all of a sudden. The powerful
shockwave had shaken the seven-ringed Soul Sage, pulling him to ground with such strength his entire body went numb.

He had heard Tang Wulin’s bellow as well. When he was faced with this
sudden turn of events, he activated his fifth soul skill without hesitation. At the same time, even his seventh soul ring lit up.

In this instant, Tang Wulin finally knew what this evil soul master’s martial soul was.

A huge bat covered in armor appeared before Tang Wulin. A Blood-sucking Bat! This was the evil soul master’s martial soul. No wonder he was so
agile and could even control another person’s blood. It turned out that his martial soul was related to blood.

However, even if he had unleashed his seventh soul skill, the Blood-sucking Bat True Body, the immense sucking force which came from the ground
still kept him from breaking free of its clutches for the moment.

Tang Wulin had already launched his attacks. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth shook the Blood-sucking Bat so much that its entire body went numb. However, with the martial soul’s True Body’s powerful defenses, his movements were only sluggish for a moment before he started struggling to free himself.

Even so, the suction force from Tang Wulin’s golden halo was too great. His agility was still restricted to a certain range.

Tang Wulin used the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands as a whip. He descended from the skies and crashed downward. At the same time, he let out a howl from his mouth, the Golden Dragon Roar!

Purple light shot out of his eyes like lightning from the Purple Demon Eyes. In an instant, Tang Wulin unleashed every control-type soul skill he had.
The Blood-sucking Bat had no other choice but to transform into a puff of mist instantly. He used the method of leaving the battlefield which he was most familiar with. He wanted to run away.

However, Purple Demon Eye’s spiritual shock had slowed his movements for half a beat. It was precisely this half a beat that decided the outcome of the battle. A golden silhouette leaped silently from the ground and wrapped itself
around him. It pulled him down toward the ground. At the same time, in the instant where he had not completely turned into a puff of mist, Golden
Dragon Spear’s whip finally struck against him.

The seven-ringed evil soul master wailed. A series of shattering sounds came from his two-word battle armor. He was forcibly whipped to the ground.

Tang Wulin raised his right foot, and his body suddenly rose up in a
whirlwind as he flew into the sky. In the spot he had just been standing now stood an extremely humongous form. It was his second spirit soul, Overlord Dragon!

The Overlord Dragon’s right foot stomped down brazenly without hesitation. It mercilessly stepped on the seven-ringed Soul Sage.

The Overlord Dragon was sixty meters tall. Its weight could not even be moved by Tang Wulin with his strength of fifty thousand kilograms.

As the most terrifying hunter in the land, the power of the Overlord
Dragon’s feet immediately sent a tremor through the ground. Even the soul train which toppled over far away was shaken until it swayed left and right.

Tang Wulin pointed at the cars’ direction with his right hand, “Goldsong, go!”

Goldsong, which had wrapped itself around the evil soul master before this, had already turned into something akin to a sharp arrow. It charged toward the men in black with three-ringed cultivation bases.

Wisps of mist scattered to the surroundings from under the Overlord Dragon’s foot, shooting off at blinding speed.

A puff of hot air shot out from the Overlord Dragon’s nostrils. Shortly after, it suddenly opened its jaws, and a burst of scarlet flames shot forth from its mouth. The Blood-sucking Bat evil soul master’s soul skill of turning into mist was highly useful for avoiding physical attacks. However, when he was in mist form, the damage he took from energy attacks was multiplied.

Amidst his wails, he had already taken a direct blast of those terrifying flames.

However, at this very moment, countless little bats came out of the mist and flew in all directions. The evil soul master’s methods of self-preservation
could be described as ceaseless.

Chapter 796 - The Archangel’s Wrath

Chapter 796: The Archangel’s Wrath

Tang Wulin snorted. He stood on the Overlord Dragon’s head and thumped his chest with his right hand. Immediately, the brownish yellow light ring reappeared. An immense gravitational force descended from the heavens
and it suppressed the little bats until they dropped to the ground.

Shortly after, blades of Bluesilver Emperor rose straight from the ground
and formed the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Like putting sugar-coated haws on a stick, the little bats were impaled.

One must be thorough in exterminating an evil. Tang Wulin carried it out wonderfully.

The Overlord Dragon turned and charged straight toward the other battlefield. With its terrifying figure and huge feet, every step it took brought with it thundering power.

Ever since Tang Wulin accomplished burying the dragon bones in the
Dragon Valley, his Overlord Dragon spirit soul was able to materialize into a solid form.

When Tang Wulin was burying the bones of an Overlord Dragon with grown wings on its back, his Overlord Dragon spirit soul had swallowed that skeleton. It then fell into a year-long slumber.

When it awakened, Tang Wulin could summon it to engage in direct combat.

However, it came at a price. It expended Tang Wulin’s soul power at an extremely fast rate. With Tang Wulin’s current soul power strength, the Overlord Dragon could only fight for half a minute. However, under such circumstances, half a minute was already an eternity. It could decide the outcome of the battle.

A seven-ring Soul Sage had been utterly defeated by Tang Wulin within a few seconds of the Overlord Dragon’s sudden appearance.

At the same time when Tang Wulin shouted to his comrades to fight with their full strengths, they had simultaneously erupted with power!

Yuanen Yehui howled toward the skies. The fourth soul ring on her body
suddenly lit up. Her body shrunk somewhat, but her arms increased in girth. She swung the giant hammers in her hand which forcibly sent the skeleton evil soul master flying before her.

Devil Titan!

Yuanen Yehui leaped and spread out her pair of giant hammers. She began launching wild attacks toward the skeleton evil soul master.

On the other side, Stargod Sword in Ye Xinglan’s hands turned into Sword Meteor Shower. Countless sword gleams enveloped the huge wolf evil soul master. At the same time, the fifth soul ring on her body lit up.

Ye Xinglan’s eyes suddenly shone as brilliantly as stars. She pointed her Stargod Sword toward the skies. Shortly after, she disappeared from the spot she stood.

The skies suddenly turned illusory for an instant. Shortly after, a huge
sword descended from the heavens as if it broke through the heavens. It plunged down instantly with its tip directed at the huge wolf evil soul master.

The huge wolf evil soul master felt the great threat to his life. The sixth soul ring on his body lit up and his body enlarged again. He bent backward
slightly and let out a long howl toward the skies. A halo that resembled the moon lit up behind him. The moon was blood red!

Sixth soul skill, Bloodwolf Moon Howl! The soul skill Bloodwolf Moon Howl could give his opponent a great
spiritual shock and stimulate his own bloodline simultaneously. Using this soul skill, he could utilize offensive and defensive abilities three times
stronger than what he usually possessed.

Unfortunately, he was facing Ye Xinglan, who had honed her swordsmanship to perfection.

When she was one with her sword, the spiritual shock from the Bloodwolf Moon Howl did not even affect Ye Xinglan in the slightest.

The huge sword which descended from the skies had sent the huge wolf evil soul master flying with a slash. A large crack appeared on the one-word battle armor which protected his body. It split the armor open at its center
where it left a huge gash on his body so deep that his bones were visible.

This happened even when he was under the protection of the Bloodwolf Moon Howl. Otherwise, the huge wolf evil soul master’s body would have been cleaved into two halves.

The holy light on Yue Zhengyu’s body dimmed abruptly, but his whole body had turned golden in color. Even the wings on his back had turned golden. The holy sword in his hands burned with holy flames, and he was intensely focused.

His fifth soul ring burst forth with light. Golden light patterns swirled on his body. The golden little angels which had appeared during the Sea God Lake Date Festival appeared behind him now. They suddenly and silently merged into his body.

Yue Zhengyu’s body shook. Another pair of feathered wings emerged from his back. This pair of wings were illusory, but the holy aura erupting from his body increased by leaps and bounds.

The skies suddenly lit up at this instant. It was as if the sun had appeared in the night sky. A golden light column descended from the skies and fell on Yue Zhengyu. A six-winged angel’s shadow also appeared in the high skies. The holy sword in Yue Zhengyu’s hands was like a mirror which reflected the light. It reflected the huge light column which descended from the skies onto the dark rider.

The nightmarish warhorse of the dark rider let out a soundless howl. Black flames rose and completely enveloped the dark rider’s body. The dark rider’s sixth soul ring lit up. He gripped his huge sword with his hands and made a sudden horizontal swing as he decapitated himself. His head rolled down between his hips. However, the dark aura on his body burst forth with a never-seen-before terrifying wave.

He flung the huge sword horizontally and it collided with Yue Zhengyu’s fifth soul skill.

Yue Zhengyu’s fifth soul skill, Archangel’s Wrath! He summoned the purest light of holy power to sweep all traces of evil clean.

The battle seemed to have transitioned from a deadlock to a fight to the death in an instant.

“Boom!” Golden light burst forth with power into the air like fireworks. In the end, Yue Zhengyu was still affected despite the clown evil soul master’s weakening. Amidst the purplish-black sword gleam, he was sent flying backward by the slash.

However, the dark rider was not at an advantage either. His warhorse shattered into pieces which burned with golden flames. With no other
choice, he had transferred the holy light of Archangel’s Wrath to his steed. He too was stained with holy light as well. He could only urge his soul power to continue resisting the holy light.

Both sides suffered losses!

The most shocking energy bursts did not come from the three main assault system Battle Soul Masters but Xu Xiaoyan.

She raised her Starwheel Staff high above her head. Xu Xiaoyan mumbled something. Her third soul ring shone brightly, Dazzling Starlight! Beams of starlight shot forth from her body. At the same instant, Ye
Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui burst with energetic beams of starlight which wrapped around all the evil soul masters.

Xu Xiaoyan had not unleashed her collective controlling soul skill yet because she was just waiting for this opportunity. To control one’s opponent, it was crucial to catch one’s opponent off guard. To be able to catch them unaware was of utmost importance.

The starlight seemed to have eyes of their own as they fell onto every evil soul master. The coordination between the members of Shrek Seven
Monsters was immaculate! Starlight flickered on Xu Xiaoyan’s body. When the brilliant starlight beams appeared, the trio Yue Zhengyu, Yuanen Yehui, and Ye Xinglan who were at the forefront reacted immediately. They
swiftly dodged to the side and gave way to the starlights’ attacks.

Xu Xiaoyan’s one-word battle armor was dark blue. Spots of starlight shone on it. It was like the night sky and the stars. The name of her one-word
armor was Star!

The Shrek Seven Monster’s master-control soul master’s combat abilities had been fully demonstrated at this moment. When the beams of starlight fell onto the veil soul masters with precision, they seemed to have been frozen in time as they stopped moving.

How could the others let go of such a good opportunity?

The four clones produced by Xie Xie moved swiftly. In an instant, four evil soul masters with relatively inferior cultivation bases had their throats slit.

Yuanen Yehui leaped. Her pair of hammers moved like meteors chasing after the moon and landed consecutively and mercilessly on the skeleton evil soul master’s chest. Amidst the crisp sound of breaking bones, the
skeleton evil soul master was sent flying.

Yue Zhengyu gritted his teeth. He tried hard to bear the discomfort on his body as he guided the holy sword in his grip. The beam of Light of
Judgement trailed right behind the starlight beams as it fell onto the dark rider who had transformed into a terrifying rider. The combination of the two lights rendered his entire body in dense golden lighting.

Ye Xinglan had just unleashed her fifth soul skill, Star Sword. Currently, she held the Stargod Sword in her hands, and her entire battle armor burst forth with starlight, Sword God’s Star! She transformed into a mass of blazing starlight as she swept past the huge wolf evil soul master’s side in an instant. Although it was only her first soul skill, it was extremely fast.
Under the enhancement of her battle armor and Stargod Sword, its prowess was extraordinary.

Most of the evil soul masters seemed to have received grave wounds simultaneously.

Seizing this opportunity, Xu Lizhi tossed the Recovery Pork Buns in his hands to his comrades so they need only open their mouths to take a bite. Tang Wulin also seized this opportunity. He rode the Overlord Dragon and charged over.

The majestic Overlord Dragon rampaged on. It had not reached the others yet, but already a huge flame shot out from its mouth.

This Overlord Dragon spirit soul was connected to Tang Wulin at the spiritual level. It shot out a mouthful of flames which engulfed the
remaining evil soul masters which had posed a threat to Xie Xie and the others.

The flames shot out by the Overlord Dragon was dragonfire for real! As the most powerful Land Dragon King, the Overlord Dragon’s combat strength was not inferior to a true dragon. In a certain way, it was even more terrifying than a true dragon. Once the Overlord Dragon transformed and grew wings, it would be close to the ranks of the Nine Great Dragon Kings

Chapter 797 - Defeating the Enemy

Chapter 797: Defeating the Enemy

The scorching dragonfire swept past them leaving a trail of ashes in its
wake. The Dragon Clan’s dragonfire did not invoke the origin energy’s fire element of the outside world. Instead, it was a special type of fire nurtured within its own body. Its temperature was much higher than Gu Yue’s blue fireball which she unleashed previously.

Moreover, with the tenacity of the Overlord Dragon, the flames it shot out in a flash was overwhelming in its volume!

Dazzling Starlight could freeze a person’s movements for a second. It was during this split second in which the fates of countless men decided. The tide of the battle seemed to have reversed in an instant.

Xu Xiaoyan’s controls were not done yet. A circle of golden halo seemed to have appeared instantly under the skeleton evil soul master who was sent flying previously. He had just recovered from the Dazzling Starlight and
was experiencing intense pain. Now, his body was wrapped by Starwheel Shackles which bound him to the ground and completely restricted his movements.

When Yuanen Yehui struck out with her pair of hammers just now, she had sent him flying in Tang Wulin’s direction. She saw that Tang Wulin had
already taken care of his own opponent and was rushing over. Although they were not familiar with the Overlord Dragon of Tang Wulin, they had absolute confidence in Tang Wulin’s strength.

When the skeleton evil soul master’s body was fixed to a spot, he could not do anything except to stare as the humongous entity came toward him.

The Overlord Dragon’s tail curved upward. It retracted its pair of foreclaws before its chest. It made a skip-step with its overly thickset legs and leaped. With its humongous body, it looked a little clumsy when it leaped. Its gaze was not as fierce as it was before.

On the other hand, the skeleton evil soul master’s gaze showed despair!

With a height of more than sixty meters, the colossal creature with a body as massive as a lofty mountain descended from the skies.

The skeleton evil soul master was ten meters tall and was considered huge.
However, when a height of ten meters and a height of sixty meters were
compared, the difference in their bulk would not only be six-fold, but more than sixty-fold.

The most terrifying part of the Overlord Dragon was its body which turned out to be incredibly tough.

“Craccccckk!” Amidst the continuous sound of breaking bones, the skeleton evil soul master turned into a pile of shards.

Yuanen Yehui brandished her pair of hammers and went straight toward the dark rider who was enveloped by Yue Zhengyu’s Light of Judgement.
Without a doubt, victory was imminent for the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The clown evil soul master who has been hiding behind his accomplices
suddenly registered shock on his face. When the Overlord Dragon shattered the skeleton evil soul master’s body with its feet, his Slow Curse had been cast on the Overlord Dragon.

The Overlord Dragon roared furiously. A layer of dark golden glow shone on its body. The Slow Curse was ineffective!

This was the Overlord Dragon’s inborn ability which was known as
Overlord. The effects of all control-type soul skills would be extremely weakened in its presence. Although the clown evil soul master had six
rings, his life’s rank was vastly different from the Overlord Dragon’s. That was why his Slow Curse did not even have the slightest impact on it. The clown evil soul master’s curse had failed as he turned to flee. He could tell that things were not in his favor. He raised a hand and a ball of yellowish light shot into the sky. Immediately, a ferocious yellow skeleton’s shadow burst forth.

The Overlord Dragon shot out a mouthful of dragonfire which encompassed a large area and blocked the path of the clown evil soul master. Golden light flashed in the skies. In the next instant, the terrified clown evil soul master was impaled by the golden light and nailed to the ground. It was the Golden Dragon Spear hurled by Tang Wulin.

The time of the Overlord Dragon was also up. It transformed into a shadow and merged into Tang Wulin’s body as it vanished. The nine-colored bracelet on Tang Wulin’s wrist flickered faintly for a brief moment. Light
swirled within the crystal on the bracelet. It looked exceptionally beautiful in the darkness of the night.

Tang Wulin leaped forward and landed close to the Golden Dragon Spear. The instant he gripped the Golden Dragon Spear, the clown’s body which was impaled by the dragon spear trembled. His body swiftly withered turning into a dried carcass. Tang Wulin felt pure life energy from the
Golden Dragon Spear entering his body. It was not that powerful. Its energy did not seem to be proportionate with the clown evil soul master’s six-ring cultivation base.

He understood a while later after a slight shock. There was a close relationship between the mildness of the evil soul master’s life energy and his evil abilities. He reckoned that the evil soul masters would have weaker life energies. However, the aggressive nature of the Golden Dragon Spear was apparent.

He raised his head and glanced at the yellow skeleton fireworks which were still in the skies. Tang Wulin wore a slight frown. Was this a signal for a retreat or a request for reinforcements?

If it was the latter, then he was afraid that they would have more trouble coming their way. The nearby city must have received word of the derailed train by now. However, he was not sure when the rescue team from the federal government would arrive.

The skeleton evil soul master and clown evil soul master had fallen
consecutively. With the combined strengths of everyone, the other evil soul master experts were also dealt with swiftly. With Xu Xiaoyan’s powerful
controls, these evil soul masters could not run away even if they wanted to.

From afar, Goldsong had scurried back swiftly. It killed all the people in black who had been slaying the passengers.

Goldsong looked less like a snake right now. It was more than seven meters in length, and its body was a brilliant golden color with the two protrusions on its head. It even grew a pair of foreclaws under its belly. The sharp claws clutched at the ground enabling it to move faster. Its pair of brilliant golden eyes would display a gentle glow only when they were looking at Tang Wulin, otherwise, it was always cold.

It was Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul. The soul skills Bind and Bluesilver Impaling Array were given to Tang Wulin by Goldsong. The tenacity of its body was nourished by the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. It seemed to be growing into the semblance of a dragon with each passing day.

It was possible for a spirit soul to grow. Usually, the spirit soul’s growth relied on absorbing spiritual energy on the spirit ascension platform. It was apparent that Goldsong not only absorbed spiritual energy, but also the blood essence power which originated from Tang Wulin.

It would evolve with every unsealing of the Golden Dragon King’s seal. Tang Wulin had spent three years in the Dragon Valley. Absorbing those dragon spirits had brought immense benefits. Although it was weaker than the Overlord Dragon, its evolution had been continuous. It would
eventually evolve into a dragon one day.

“Come on, let’s hurry to rescue the other people. We don’t know If the evil soul master had fired a signal for reinforcements or not. I hope that the Federation troops will arrive soon.” “First, let’s rescue the people,” Ye Xinglan said with a frown.

Regardless of whether the evil soul masters called for reinforcements, they could not just leave. Countless passengers were killed inside the train, and many more needed help. The dead needed retrieving while the wounded needed healing.

None of them were skilled in healing, but Xu Lizhi’s Recovery Pork Buns could at least increase the likelihood of the wounded passengers being treated.

Tang Wulin said to Xu Lizhi, “Lizhi, give us each of your third, fourth, and fifth soul skill buns. We might not make it in time if the evil soul masters’ reinforcements arrive.”

“Okay!” Xu Lizhi replied and started chanting his spells.

Buns started appearing one after another. The others quickly retrieved them. With the enhancement of his soul power from his battle armor, the overall density of Xu Lizhi’s soul power was the most powerful among them all.

He continued producing the buns as they charged swiftly toward the cars.

When they were rescuing the passengers, Tang Wulin demonstrated his
advantage of being heavily gifted with nature’s endowments. He unleashed his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul and the huge vines surged into the cars like large pythons. They acted like lifting jacks as they braced the
compressed space. They also acted as stretchers by transporting the
casualties out from the wreck. With Tang Wulin’s Spirit Abyss spiritual power’s control, using the vines were the quickest way in rescuing the passengers.

The others simply followed beside him. They carried out some first-aid treatment on the casualties being brought out by the Bluesilver Emperor from the cars. Later, Xu Lizhi fed them a Recovery Pork Bun each. They did their best to stabilize the condition of the casualties.

Chapter 798 - A Formidable Enemy

Chapter 798: A Formidable Enemy

The people in the front cars were beyond saving for they had all been murdered by the evil soul master. However, they managed to defeat the evil soul masters fast enough that even though there was still a high casualty rate in the rear cars, more than one-third of the passengers survived. Many of them had been severely injured. Those in somewhat less serious
condition began to help the wounded and the dying after calming themselves. It seemed like the situation was under control in the end.

A middle-aged man that appeared to be a doctor ran to Tang Wulin’s side. “Hello. Thanks for saving everyone. Is there any news about when the rescue personnel will be here? We can’t delay medical care anymore for those in critical condition, especially those with internal injuries. The
chance of survival decreases the longer we hold off on treatment for them.”

Tang Wulin frowned as he spoke, “I don’t have a communicator to contact the nearby city. I don’t even know where we are now.”

The middle-aged man seemed to be slightly disappointed as he spoke,
“Then I suppose we have no choice but to wait. However, all the soul trains are equipped with a positioning system, so notification will be sent out at once after an accident. This place here is right between two cities, so the rescue department will certainly need a period of time before they can rush over here. We can only do the best we are able and leave the rest to God’s will now. I’ll go and rescue people first and give them the best treatment I can. Please bring me any first-aid kits in the cars if you can find some. It
will be very helpful.”

“Sure. Thanks for all the trouble you’ve taken.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Xu Xiaoyan knelt on the ground as she carefully bandaged the wound on a casualty’s arm. She spoke softly, “It’s fine. You’re going to be fine. The bone in your arm is broken, and I’ve helped to stabilize it. Don’t move. Just lie still and wait for the rescue personnel. They’ll be here soon and take you to the hospital.”

The casualty was an old man. Even though the old man was slightly pale from the pain, he appeared very calm. “Thank you, little girl. You’re just like an angel. Thanks for defeating those cruel scoundrels. Can you please tell me where are all of you from?”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “We are Shrek Academy’s students.”

The old man was stunned for a moment. “Shrek Academy, huh? No wonder.”

Xu Xiaoyan consoled him, “It’s fine now. Please lie down over here, and I’ll help the others.” She smiled as she spoke to the old man. She then stood up and ran over to another casualty.

The old man frowned as he watched her silhouette. He sighed softly. “What a nice, young girl. Shrek deserves its reputation of being the number one
academy on the continent. Other than their impressive power, they also have a moral standing that is beyond anyone’s attainment.”

It was at that exact moment that the old man’s eyes suddenly widened as he cried aloud, “Be careful, young girl!”

No one noticed when a purple-black shadow had silently arrived behind Xu Xiaoyan and shot in the direction of her heart at lightning speed.

It happened so fast that none of them had time to react.

However, it was clear that the sound of the old man’s cry had had its intended effect.

Xu Xiaoyan had a great deal of combat experience, so she threw her entire body forward upon hearing the old man’s voice. Moreover, she had not removed her battle armor, having feared that the enemy might possibly reappear at any moment. Violet light swept past her back, so close it had almost touched her. Xu
Xiaoyan gave out a muffled grunt as she was blasted away by the light and slammed straight into a train car nearby before bouncing back.

Speckles of starlight bloomed on her dark blue battle armor to dissipate the blow as much as possible. However, the enemy’s attack was so powerful that a huge breach was torn into the back of her battle armor. Fortunately, her battle armor managed to block most of the attack. Xu Xiaoyan felt a
chill on her body as she hastily urged her soul power, the fright building in her heart.

The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters immediately reacted to the sudden change of situation.

“Xiaoyan!” Yue Zhengyu snarled. The wings on his back flapped
strenuously as his second soul ring shimmered. He unleashed his Saint Sword and shielded Xu Xiaoyan in the blink of an eye.

The purple-black radiance stopped moving, and a figure emerged from the darkness.

It was a middle-aged man with a sickly pale complexion. His eyes were dark purple in color. He looked at Yue Zhengyu and spoke coldly, “It was you who killed my men? Death to all of you!”

The man had no battle armor on his body, but he exuded a terribly ghastly aura.

Yue Zhengyu did not care who this man standing before him was. He had felt as if his heart was about to jump out from his chest the moment he
watched helplessly as Xu Xiaoyan was blasted away by him.

Golden light was bursting out of his eyes as the wings on his back spread out. In a split second, his fourth soul ring was glowing as his entire body’s aura strengthened several times over. It was Angel’s Descent!

He took a step forward into nothingness as the Saint Sword thrust toward the middle-aged man at lightning speed. A purple-black halo rippled away from the middle-aged man. A total of eight soul rings emerged from his body without a word.

Three purple and five black soul rings! Eight soul rings set off the aura of his body. He did not dodge when he was confronted by Yue Zhengyu’s Saint Sword, merely standing there at its mercy.

Just as the Saint Sword thrust into the violet halo with blazing hot Saint
Radiance Flames, Yue Zhengyu felt as if his Saint Sword had stabbed into a muddy swamp and could not sink in any deeper. He was even more shocked that his Saint Sword was contaminated by the purple-black color just as it
stabbed into the dark violet light. The Sacred Radiance was swallowed and melted away rapidly.


Yue Zhengyu was startled.

The middle-aged man spoke coldly, “I hate Holy aura the most.” As he
spoke, he waved his hand at Yue Zhengyu and flung out a stream of purple- black light that lashed straight at Yue Zhengyu.

The prowess of the Shrek Seven Monsters’ was on display at this moment. Yue Zhengyu did not panic despite being attacked by the middle-aged man. He retreated with lightning speed by using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. His body was akin to a phantom shadow as the Saint Sword in his hand was released in a split second without hesitation. At the same time,
Holy Light glowed brightly as a beam of radiance shone down on his body.

His swift reaction allowed him to dodge the purple-black light’s frontal
attack. He was only affected very slightly as the protective shield unleashed by the Holy Light and his battle armor just barely managed to block the
assault, but Yue Zhengyu could still feel as the purple-black hue crawled toward his body. Could it contaminate his soul power as well?

A tremendous force shot forth and spun his body before blasting him away. However, a huge hand appeared behind his back at this exact moment. It appeared out of thin air and pulled him down. Simultaneously, a pair of giant hammers dropped down behind the middle-aged man’s back and pounded straight for his head.

The corners of the middle-aged man cracked into a disdainful curve. He lifted his hands as if he was supporting the sky, with violet light bursting out of his eyes. The third soul ring of his body shimmered.

A ball of intense purple light suddenly imploded, like a bomb that blasted in all directions.

Tang Wulin had only just pulled Yue Zhengyu down when he immediately cried out ‘oh no’ in his heart.

Yuanen Yehui’s double hammers crashed down. The purple-black light’s assault blasted her away in a split second. Xie Xie’s hidden figure too had no choice but to retreat at high speed.

A stream of sword’s radiance flashed past, and Ye Xinglan was similarly blasted away. It was even more terrifying than anything that came into
contact with the purple-black light would be rapidly contaminated by that violet shade. Despite their best effort to urge their soul power at full force, there was no way they could detach the purple color.

The purple-black radiance was filled with an icy cold and malignant aura, and also a terrifying corrosiveness. Yuanen Yehui’s pair of giant hammers were enormous, yet it had already begun to eat away at the parts that struck
against the purple light. She urged her soul power to resist, yet she had only managed to reduce the rate of corrosion slightly.

Yue Zhengyu turned around and immediately made his way to Xu
Xiaoyan’s side. He picked her up as he flapped his wings to fly away at lightning speed.

Tang Wulin did not retreat. At this exact moment, as the core of the
squadron and the leader of Shrek Seven Monsters, he had to buy his team some time. Moreover, there were so many casualties on the ground. A valiant dragon’s roar echoed. Tang Wulin held the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as golden light bloomed from his battle armor. He aimed the
spear at the violet beam of light that was spreading out.

The golden ring of light that had appeared before bloomed out of his chest once again and made the entire land seem dim before him. At the same time, Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees and bound the casualties in succession before tossing them all in one direction.

He had to put all else out of his mind. The top priority was still ensuring everyone’s survival.

Xu Lizhi moved his hands in a wide circle as he displayed the Tang Sect Technique Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to receive the casualties tossed to him by Tang Wulin in succession.

The Golden Dragon Spear thrust into the purple-black light. Tang Wulin first felt that same sensation as if he had sunk into a muddy swamp. Again, the violet light crawled along his Golden Dragon Spear in an attempt to
contaminate and corrode it.

It was at this moment when the purple-black beam of light, which was pierced by Golden Dragon Spear, suddenly produced a diamond-shaped golden dragon scale pattern. Soon after, golden light glowed brightly as the spear struggled free from the purple light with the sound of dragon’s roar. A golden dragon’s head then emerged from the tip of the spear. It was the
Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens slamming directly at the middle-aged man’s chest.

Not only that, Tang Wulin shouted aloud and released the Golden Dragon Roar!

Chapter 799 - Ten Thousand Year Hell Tortoise

Chapter 799: Ten Thousand Year Hell Tortoise

A powerful soundwave combined with spiritual power and also the Golden Dragon King’s power burst out.

The middle-aged man was slightly stunned as the purple beam of light he had unleashed immediately slowed down.

A purple light shield emerged before his chest. The shield was in the form of a tortoise shell. It was a dark purple tortoise that used its shell to block Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens’ assault.

Was he using a spirit soul to protect himself?

Tang Wulin was shocked. Soon after, he felt as a tremendous force beamed out and lashed against his body.

Tang Wulin’s strength was astonishing. Even though his cultivation base was much less powerful than the opponent, the strength of his body was
amazingly high. He unleashed the Domineering Golden Dragon Body that gave all the scales on his body and battle armor a mirror-like surface. He was more confident after seeing that his Golden Dragon Spear was capable of withstanding the purple beam of light’s contamination. He relied on his strength, battle armor, and soul skills to resist the opponent’s assault by force.

His resistance managed to buy his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul enough time to toss all the nearby casualties aside and also allowed his companions to retreat.

However, the true disparity between their powers was revealed in the next moment. Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten before he was blasted away by the attack. The thick Golden Dragon King’s blood essence power weakened rapidly. He discovered that even though the opponent’s purple light was incapable of contaminating himself, he would need to resist with his blood essence power in order to prevent the corrosion. Tang Wulin felt that his blood
essence power was damaged rather severely during that one point of contact earlier.

The middle-aged man looked toward Tang Wulin coldly. “Quite interesting.” He stretched out his right hand, so the purple tortoise could drop onto his palm. The tortoise was not very big. It had a diameter of one foot with that violet shade all over its body. Its glowing eyes were
completely white and were filled with a ghastly aura.

“That’s a Hell Tortoise!” Xie Xie cried out in surprise involuntarily.

Hell Tortoise was an extremely rare soul beast. It could only live in the darkest, most ghoulish places and survived by absorbing Yin Qi. The Hell Tortoise was extremely slow in its growth being less than an inch when born and growing one inch every millennium. In other words, the Hell Tortoise in this middle-aged man had a ten-thousand-year cultivation base.

The most powerful part of the Hell Tortoise was its ability to refine
Ultimate Yin Qi. If it were to meet with a soul master with a compatible martial soul, its amplification of the soul master’s power would be so great that it could even cause the soul master’s martial soul to evolve immediately.

Leave alone ten-thousand-years, even a Hell Tortoise with a one-thousand- year cultivation base was an exceedingly rare creature. The evil soul master was capable of possessing a ten-thousand-year Hell Tortoise as his spirit
soul, so one could only imagine how powerful he was.

It was already difficult for Tang Wulin and the rest to fight an eight-ringed Douluo-ranked powerhouse without wearing their battle armors. Even though there was only one opponent, he alone was much more threatening than all of the evil soul masters from earlier. Yue Zhengyu held Xu Xiaoyan as he looked toward the tear on her battle armor. Fortunately, the battle armor blocked most of the attack, but there was also a patch of purple-black that was slowly stretching across Xu
Xiaoyan’s back. Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes were tightly shut as she urged her soul power at full force in order to hinder the spread of the violet color.

“You must immediately remove the Yin Qi which has entered your body, otherwise it’ll be troublesome when it enters your main meridians,” Xie Xie said to Yue Zhengyu hastily.

Tang Wulin moved in a flash and arrived by Xu Xiaoyan’s side. His right Golden Dragon Claw pressed onto her injury as thick Golden Dragon King Bloodline aura was unleashed. The bloodline aura that was filled with indomitable Yang energy penetrated under Xu Xiaoyan’s skin to rapidly dissolve the purple hue.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline was indomitable with pure and righteous Ultimate Yang Qi! No matter how powerful the Hell Tortoise, it was incapable of matching up to the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s level. Only that the evil soul master had a greater cultivation base with Yin Qi refined until it was so pure that it was difficult for Tang Wulin to resist him. If both of them had the same cultivation base, Tang Wulin would naturally be more powerful than him.

Xu Xiaoyan opened her eyes and shivered from the cold. “It’s freezing!” Yue Zhengyu quickly held her tightly. “How are you? Feel better now?” “I’m fine now!” Xu Xiaoyan nodded to him.
Meanwhile, everyone from Shrek Seven Monsters was gathered there except for Xu Lizhi.

Tang Wulin had already raised his hand and stuffed two buns into his mouth. Those were Xu Lizhi’s third soul skill Bloodthirst Bean Buns and his fourth soul skill Puncture Pork Buns! Not only him, but both Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan each ate two of these buns. The three of them stood at the front as they gazed out to the opponent in the distant.

Yuan Yehui’s pair of giant hammers were corroded by one-tenth before the Yin Qi dissipated. Its power was evident.

The man seemed in black to be looking at them with excitement. “No
wonder you’re capable of killing my men. All of you are genuinely quite different from ordinary soul masters. Interesting, but do you think that you’re capable of stopping me?”

After speaking, he suddenly raised his brows and muttered to himself,
“They’ve arrived quite soon. I can only fight a quick battle to force a swift decision under such circumstances then.”

As he was saying that, his pair of purple eyes suddenly glowed brightly. Soon after, a layer of purple light arose from his back and transformed into an enormous phantom. The aura from his body increased exponentially.
Pieces of purple-black armor then emerged from his body.

The battle armor was filled with darkness and ghastliness. It was even more peculiar that there was an oval-shaped groove on his cuirass. The middle-
aged man pressed the Hell Tortoise into the groove. The Hell Tortoise’s color turned even darker at once as if it had fused into his battle armor.

A pair of gigantic wings spread out behind his back, the characteristic of two-word battle armor. It seemed apparent that the middle-aged man was clad in two-word battle armor.

One demonic marking after another emerged on the battle armor,
accompanied by a purple-black soul ring, three meters in diameter, that
appeared underneath his feet. The outer soul ring appeared like a crown of thorns while the inner ring was formed from complicated demonic markings with the most center pattern in the form of a ghost.

It was three-word battle armor with the projection of his martial soul and Domain Soul Ring! Just like how the presence of wings signified two-word battle armor, the Domain Soul Ring represented three-word battle armor!

Three-word battle armor had its own domain special effect that was also extremely compatible with the soul master. A soul master’s fighting
capacity would be doubled at least within the domain.

An eight-ringed cultivation base with three-word battle armor! His power was already enough to fight a Hyper Douluo!

The expressions on Shrek Seven Monsters’ faces became dour!

The terrifying dominance of three-word battle armor, especially its domain power that could possibly be triggered at any time, made Tang Wulin’s group feel suffocated. Even though the Bloodthirst Bean Buns had already begun to take effect, the disparity between the two parties was truly too great.

Tang Wulin bit the tip of his tongue as he took a step forward. The
expression on his face was gloomy. “Yuanen, launch the Fallen Angel! Xiaoyan, launch the Star Chain!”

It was utterly impossible for them to run away with a Hyper Douluo-ranked powerhouse standing before them. However, they could tell from the evil
soul master’s words to himself earlier that reinforcements would not be far.
This was their only chance of survival. They could live if they could withstand this.

Tang Wulin crossed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as four golden soul rings bloomed with light from his body. He could not summon the Overlord Dragon anymore or he could certainly have been able to resist
much longer. However, as captain of the squadron, he would need to remain at the forefront to guard his companions.

Tang Wulin helped Xu Xiaoyan to remove the Ultimate Yin Qi. Even though she was quite exhausted, she could still launch a few soul skills. She gulped down the Bloodthirst Bean Buns hastily while illuminating her fourth soul skill. Streaks of illusionary chains that seemed to be condensed from stars connected to everyone and joined them in union.

The Star Chain allowed them to share their life source! Every attack which they had suffered would be equally borne by everyone including Xu Lizhi in the distance. He was also connected with a streak of Star Chain.

They could sense each other’s heartbeat and condition. Their thoughts and feelings were connected.

Yue Zhengyu held Xu Xiaoyan’s hand subconsciously. Xu Xiaoyan
struggled gently, but Yue Zhengyu held on to her hand tightly and refused to let go regardless.

Everyone thought that they were about to lose Xu Xiaoyan just earlier. Fortunately, Xu Xiaoyan managed to survive so he refused to let go of her anymore.

“For me, killing all of you will be no different from crushing ants!” the evil soul master spoke coldly. The wings on his back flapped as his right hand reached for something in the air. A gigantic purple-black hand shot forward and tried to grab hold of Tang Wulin’s head, while the battle armor’s
Domain Soul Ring underneath his feet diffused in a split second and enwrapped all of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Tang Wulin was crying out ‘oh no’ in his heart. The evil soul master did not despise them for the disparity between their powers, but he triggered his
Domain Soul Ring in an attempt to kill them as quickly as possible.

He had no other options! He could not allow the enemy’s domain to
enshroud everyone. Otherwise, Tang Wulin and his companions would be at his mercy.

The fourth soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body suddenly glowed brightly as a golden soul ring appeared underneath his feet and spread outward to a diameter of five meters, covering the Shrek Seven Monsters. At present, Xu Lizhi had already joined the group in a rush after he was connected to the Star Chain.

Chapter 800 - Ultimate Yin

Chapter 800: Ultimate Yin

An enormous dragon was faintly coiled within the golden soul ring. The group of people felt a gush of thick blood essence power bore into their bodies instantly. A bold dragon’s roar echoed within their eyes.

Tang Wulin’s body was expanding exponentially in the wind. He grew to
a height of over three meters while the blood essence fluctuation in his body increased tremendously in a short moment. His eyes were no longer golden but turned bright red. The aura on his body was elevated multiple times.

He unleashed his fourth bloodline soul skill that was known as the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

Tang Wulin acquired such an ability since he had broken through the fourth layer Golden Dragon King Seal, but he had never used it after he left the
Dragon Valley.

The Golden Dragon Rage Domain enabled his Golden Dragon King bloodline to break out and enter the raging state instantly. At the same time, any friendly forces within the domain would receive the Golden Dragon
King bloodline’s addition of one-third elevation to the potency of their attack and defense. Tang Wulin’s strength, defense and attack energies would double within the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

The scales on Tang Wulin’s body became thicker and heavier when he grew to three meters. The dragon scale patterns on his battle armor had
completely turned into thick and tough dragon scales. The dragon scales curled inward to wrap around the battle armor.

Tang Wulin’s aura was rapidly elevated such that he felt like a newly awakened beast. The Golden Dragon Spear was glowing brightly with
radiance after being enhanced by his intense bloodline energy that was doubly amplified by the Bloodthirst Bean Bun and his Rage Domain. Furthermore, the spear was enlarging in tandem with his height.

“Roar…” His third soul ring glowed as a valiant dragon’s roar erupted. Powerful blood essence fluctuation lashed out repeatedly at the evil soul master’s battle armor such that his Domain Soul Ring was a step out of
sync. In the next moment, Tang Wulin transformed into a stream of golden light as he surged forward.

It was the Golden Dragon Flies!

He did not have the slightest hesitation as he headed straight into the opponent’s domain with the lethal Golden Dragon Spear and the swift movement of a Golden Dragon’s flight.

He could not retreat even by a little at this moment. If he were to enter into the area that belonged to the opponent’s Domain Soul Ring, he would be trapped in his opponent’s world completely.

The ghastly cold aura that blew against his face was the Ultimate Yin Qi. Even though Tang Wulin had yet to find out his opponent’s martial soul, he suspected the person before him was an important figure in the evil soul masters’ world as his opponent had the ability to refine such pure Yin Qi.

However, Tang Wulin was akin to a burning sun at present. He was not burning as in flames but in blood essence. The thick Golden Dragon King’s blood essence pushed away the Yin Qi before his face while the Golden
Dragon Spear shot toward the opponent’s chest much like the strike of golden lightning.

The evil soul master’s face registered surprise. He could never tell that Tang Wulin was only a five-ring Soul King! A five-ring one-word battle armor master who was surprisingly capable of pushing away his Ultimate Yin Qi
as such and could even make him feel threatened. The evil soul master had never encountered such a situation before.

However, the evil soul master was not alarmed by this. He watched as Tang Wulin made his way into his gigantic purple-black hand with a cold smile on his face.

His cold smile was frozen the next moment because he saw a vortex-like golden aperture appearing in the middle of the gigantic purple-black hand which he unleashed. Soon after, the golden vortex enlarged rapidly to
consume the gigantic purple-black hand. Golden light flashed and in the blink of an eye reached the front of his chest.

The evil soul master responded swiftly. He stretched out his right hand at lightning speed to smack the Golden Dragon Spear. In the split second that his palm came into contact with the Golden Dragon Spear, his body

It was completely bloodline suppression which was unrelated to their
cultivation bases. Whenever Tang Wulin’s soul power was elevated by one rank, his Golden Dragon King’s bloodline aura would be stronger such that it was better at fusing with his blood essence which made it even stronger.

Tang Wulin relied absolutely on his power to become Shrek Seven
Monsters’ captain. Moreover, his fighting method was developed along the lines of suppressing others by dominance as his Golden Dragon King bloodline grew stronger with his body.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s ultimate Yang and fearless aura
suppressed the Ultimate Yin Qi overwhelmingly. Even though the Shrek Seven Monsters were still feeling ghastly cold all over, it was not to the
extent of being weakened due to the reinforcement from the Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

If they had been in a situation where they were without the Golden Dragon Rage Domain’s amplification and their cultivation bases were weaker, they would be turned into a puddle of blood from the corrosion effect of Yin Qi under the three-word battle armor evil soul master’s Soul Ring Domain.

Streaks of golden Starwheel Shackles arose from underneath the evil soul master’s feet silently. Xu Xiaoyan’s most powerful control soul skill burst forth with the most powerful prowess in a split second. The evil soul master’s raised right hand was frozen in midair instantly. Xu Xiaoyan was truly worthy of the reputation of being able to seize the moment.

The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand wounded the evil soul master’s fingertip as the impact of blood essence and Starwheel Shackles appeared almost simultaneously. In the next moment, the Golden Dragon Spear pierced savagely into the Hell Tortoise on his chest.

The purple-black three-word battle armor glowed brightly. Its protective
shield was triggered, a most ordinary reaction of the battle armor. However, the power emitted from the three-word battle armor was not something a one-word battle armor could compare to.

A gush of ultimate cold energy struck against Tang Wulin and blasted him away. Nonetheless, an aperture appeared on the Hell Tortoise’s back and was shimmering with faint golden radiance.

Tang Wulin could obviously feel the gush of cool and refreshing airflow radiating from the Golden Dragon Spear. It was the Hell Tortoise’s vitality.

The Golden Dragon Spear managed to reveal its all-conquering special
effect during the most crucial moment. The protective shield’s flare-up did not manage to blast away the Golden Dragon Spear. In the end, Tang Wulin managed to leave behind a trace on the opponent’s Hell Tortoise. Even though the Hell Tortoise was just a spirit soul, it had already become a part of the soul master.

Tang Wulin understood well that he could not unleash all the Golden
Dragon Spear’s powers with his current cultivation base. Thus, he chose not to attack the other vital parts of the evil soul master which were protected by his three-word battle armor. He did not think that his attack could penetrate the three-word battle armor. Instead, he attacked the Hell Tortoise which was the core of the evil soul master’s power. Also, its defense was not as good as the battle armor.

“How dare you!” The evil soul master’s raging voice echoed. Tang Wulin did not manage to judge the situation clearly before he felt his body whipped by a stream of ghastly cold energy. His body was blasted away at high speed as he crashed toward his comrades.

Meanwhile, the Star Chain’s special effect was revealed. The battle armors on the Shrek Seven Monsters were shimmering with radiance as they
endured the attack together.

Seven people gave out a muffled humph simultaneously, but they managed to dissipate the energy of the attack. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu managed to catch Tang Wulin and softened the impact of his landing.

“Ultimate Yin Boundary!” the evil soul master’s ghastly cold voice echoed throughout the entire scene.

Tang Wulin and his comrades felt everything in their surroundings turning sticky. His Golden Dragon Rage Domain was suppressed by the terrifying Ultimate Yin Qi like roaring waves slamming the beachfront. A stream of purple-black radiance suddenly arose from the ground and enshrouded Xu Xiaoyan.

It was the terrifying Ultimate Yin Qi that was ten times thicker than the evil soul master’s Soul Ring Domain. Furthermore, it cut off the streaks of Star Chains extending from Xu Xiaoyan’s body at the moment it appeared.

This was the first time the group from Shrek had ever encountered such a situation. The Star Chain was considered a star-type soul skill. Its tenacity
could be observed when it connected all her comrades in an extremely firm and stable way. Nevertheless, this stability was not permanent.
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