The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 781-790

Chapter 781 - Five-ringed Soul King!

Chapter 781: Five-ringed Soul King!

The old man spoke calmly, “I can’t discuss this because I don’t really understand what happened to you. Even so, I can sense the change in your body and your Bluesilver Emperor Bloodline. It was he who grafted me back in the beginning. He gave me the opportunity to be born so that I
could take root in the ground until I was finally completely awakened and became such a life form. Since you’re his progeny, I shall give you the
same opportunity as well.”

“You’re…” Tang Wulin had only said one word when all of his
surroundings suddenly turned into thick yet magnificent golden color. He could feel the golden hue fuse into his body while blades of the Bluesilver
Emperor surged out from him. However, his Bluesilver Emperor had turned a brilliant gold.

The grass blades plunged into the ground and turned the surrounding land golden. Golden radiance flashed on Tang Wulin’s forehead as a golden tree branch-shaped marking emerged.

In the next moment, he was completely immersed in the golden sea.

His entire body felt warm and fuzzy with an indescribable easiness. Tang Wulin discovered to his surprise that his spiritual world had completely turned into a wondrous golden color. His spiritual power had not elevated very much. In fact, it had reduced by more than half but his spiritual sea completely liquefied then reappeared in an even stickier form. Most
importantly, his heart felt open. It was a permeability that he had never felt before. It made all that had confused him in cultivation previously was thoroughly understood in a split second.

The feeling was miraculous. It was as if he had suddenly become intelligent. Even though Tang Wulin understood that the situation was unbelievable, it truly felt like that.

It was not known since when his soul power’s rank-50 bottleneck had been breached so naturally. His soul power was elevated to a new level as it
swept over his body, while it and his blood essence power turned into golden color, much to his surprise. His soul power was a slightly whiter gold, a little different from the pure gold of his blood essence power.

‘What’s going on? What did I actually encounter?’

His soul power flowed as rivers flow into the sea. Tang Wulin slowly exhaled a foul breath before opening his eyes.

He was greatly shocked the moment he did so. He was so astonished he leaped up from the ground immediately.

This was because he discovered that there was more than just the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Grandteacher Zhuo Shi was standing guard by his side.
There was also another dozen people around him. Everyone’s body was
emitting incomparably terrifying auras. The Sea God Pavilion Master, who was also Na’er’s teacher, Atlas Douluo Elder Yun Ming was standing right before Tang Wulin.

The group’s gaze was fixated on him, and they appeared to be rather unfriendly.

Tang Wulin looked at Yun Ming, then he turned his head around to look at Zhuo Shu by his side. He could not help being stunned.

There was something odd about Zhuo Shi’s expression that Tang Wulin could not determine his current mood based on his expression.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Yun Ming spoke with a deep voice.

Tang Wulin was staring in bewilderment as he spoke, “I…I don’t know what’s going on either. Elder Yun, what happened? I was only breaking through rank-50 bottleneck earlier! What are all of you…” The corners of Yun Ming’s lips twitched once. “Only? Only breaking through rank-50 bottleneck?” His voice was raised to an obviously higher pitch, and he sounded quite furious.

Tang Wulin gulped. He was truly unaware of what he had actually done that had triggered the Atlas Douluo’s burning anger.

Zhuo Shi coughed once as he spoke softly, “Wulin, what did you actually do earlier? All the plants on the entire Sea God’s Island turned gold not long after you began to meditate…”

Tang Wulin looked at Zhuo Shi in bewilderment. “What? The plants on Sea God’s Island turned golden, just like in my dream?

Yes, all the plants on the entire Sea God’s Island turned golden. It appeared just like an island cast in gold. The inner court disciples by the Sea God’s Island shores were stunned by what they had just witnessed. This was a majestic scene that had never been seen before in the ten-thousand-year history of Sea God’s Island ever since it was built.

“Dream?” Yun Ming looked at Tang Wulin as a speculative look flashed past his eyes. “What did you see in your dream?”

Tang Wulin hesitated ever so slightly before he explained briefly about everything that he had seen during his earlier meditation process.

The expressions of Yun Ming and the surrounding eldest Title Douluos became peculiar.

Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue sighed softly. “It’s the grand old man’s actions. However, this is truly very odd. What is he referring to actually? Pavilion Master, will you be communicating with him?”

All of a sudden, Yun Ming’s expression changed as he looked toward Tang Wulin with a blazing gaze. “You mentioned earlier that your martial soul is the Bluesilver Emperor, and that old man asked you the same question as well?” “That’s right!” Tang Wulin spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“The Bluesilver Emperor and its bloodline could not possibly be inherited through the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. Could it be that the old man was referring to…” Yun Ming’s face revealed that he was immediately

It had already been a very long time since such an expression had ever
appeared on a person of his status and identity. Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue appeared to have recalled something as well. The expression on her face was similarly unusual. There was even shock within the eyes of the two great Title Douluos.

Tang Wulin spoke in a clearly confused manner, “Pavilion Master, what do you mean?”

Yun Ming inhaled a deep breath and spoke with a deep voice, “In the history of Shrek Academy, you’re not the first student to possess Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. You’re the second person. Before you, there was
someone else who had the Bluesilver Emperor. You should know about that already.”

Tang Wulin felt a jerk in his heart, then he spoke with a respectful
expression on his face, “You mean the almighty who created Tang Sect? The person who was also the first generation Shrek Seven Monsters of Shrek Academy?”

Yun Ming nodded. “It’s indeed him. According to Elder Gold’s words, your bloodline is possibly inherited from that…”

Tang Wulin’s face was filled with shock. “How-how is this possible? That was a person who existed over twenty thousand years ago. If he had an heir, then I shouldn’t be the second person to possess Bluesilver Emperor martial soul either. Moreover, Pavilion Master, my martial soul was originally the Bluesilver Grass then it became the Bluesilver Emperor when it was triggered by my bloodline’s elevation recently. It should be considered my martial soul’s second awakening.” Yun Ming looked at him with profound meaning in his eyes. “The first ancestor from twenty thousand years ago possessed the same Bluesilver Grass and became the Bluesilver Emperor after the awakening. He possessed such a bloodline because his mother was a one-hundred-
thousand-year Bluesilver Emperor that cultivated into a human being. Elder Gold can never be wrong because no one understands the plant-type martial soul’s world more than the grand old man. Thus, your bloodline is possibly inherited from that person. Even though it’s separated by many generations, your surname is Tang as well.”

Tang Wulin was slightly confused. “So you mean that the old man in my dream truly exists?”

Yun Ming gave a cold grunt. “Do you realize that energy at the true center of Sea God’s Island has lessened by more than thirty percent during your meditation process?”

Tang Wulin’s face was filled with confusion. Of course he did not realize that, and he was utterly unaware of what Yun Ming was telling him.

“Everyone follow me.” Yun Ming waved his huge sleeve at Tang Wulin as he spoke. Tang Wulin could only feel as if he had lost control of his body in a split second. He became dizzy as the vision before his eyes blurred, but he was not feeling unwell either.

There was a single brilliant flash if light. When the vision before his eyes became crystal clear once again, he had already arrived at another location.

The first scene that came into view was a towering tree. The giant tree was so enormous that its crown seemed boundless. A large treehouse was built under it that was completely supporting the massive tree’s existence. A plaque inscribed with three large words was hanging on the treehouse.

‘Sea God Pavilion’!

Tang Wulin was shocked. This was his first time visiting here, but there was no doubt that this was Sea God Pavilion, the most central location of Shrek Academy and even Shrek City! This was the place that only the fellow Sea God Pavilion’s elders were allowed to stay.

Chapter 782 - Green-Gold Soul Ring

Chapter 782: Green-Gold Soul Ring

Tang Wulin felt as the life energy in the surroundings surged with a thickness that was several times greater compared to the part of Sea God’s Island where he stayed. The thick life source made him breathe deeply as he sensed his soul power flowing with an indescribably comfortable sensation throughout his entire body. His Bluesilver Emperor martial soul was even gently radiating with excitement.

Yun Ming explained to Tang Wulin, “This is Sea God Pavilion. It was built to support this giant tree, and it’s also the center of the entirety of Shrek.
The giant tree is named the Gold Tree. It has protected Shrek all along for twenty thousand years, guarding us every time Shrek is facing an enormous crisis. It also always brings us knowledge and points us in the right direction whenever an outstanding talent appears. Elder Gold, who you’ve met earlier, is actually the Gold Tree’s spirit. Even we are not fated to meet the true guardian of Shrek. We don’t know what Elder Gold did to you, but we can sense that the Gold Tree’s energy dropped by thirty percent. It’s also the first time we’ve witnessed all the vegetation on Sea God’s Island turn gold since the existence of this place.”

At this point, Yun Ming paused for a moment before he continued speaking, “I can also tell you this. In the beginning, after the real leader of the first generation Shrek Seven Monster Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San
cultivated into godhood, he built the Sea God’s Island before he left Douluo Continent and headed to the Divine Realm. It was also he who personally grafted the ancient Gold Tree to this place. So you should understand by now why we affirm that his bloodline flows in your body.”

Tang Wulin stared in bewilderment as he listened to Yun Ming’s
explanation of all these. Even he could not help feeling puzzled in his heart if his martial soul was truly related to the first ancestor of Tang Sect, Tang San? Yet the first ancestor Tang San had been the almighty that dominated the world twenty thousand years ago! How was that possible?

Zhuo Shi chuckled and spoke, “Whether it’s the ancestor’s bloodline or not, at least it’s a good thing. Elder Gold made his move so it’s naturally a great help to Tang Wulin.”

“Good thing?” Yun Ming darted Zhuo Shi a look. “Of course it’s a good thing to this boy here. However, do you know how many years will it take for the ancient Gold Tree to accumulate thirty percent more energy? Three thousand years! It’s going to take a whole three thousand years. On the other hand, thirty percent energy is even capable of withstanding a fatal
catastrophe for Shrek Academy. Thus, it’s a great loss for the academy. It’s simply too hard to count the numbers.”

“Err…” Tang Wulin forced a smile as he looked at Yun Ming with an
extremely solemn expression. “But I don’t know how to return this portion of energy!”

Yun Ming spoke, “Unleash your Bluesilver Emperor martial soul for us to take a look.”


Tang Wulin dared not procrastinate as he hastily urged his soul power to trigger the release of his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul.

Thick vine-like blue-gold blades surged out as soul rings ascended from underneath his feet. Three purple and one black soul ring arose first.

However, a peculiar scene appeared. An enormous blue-gold phantom
shadow slowly emerged. It was the Bluesilver Emperor who once appeared when Tang Wulin’s martial soul was evolving back in the beginning.

Soon after, another phantom shadow glowed by the side of Bluesilver Emperor. It was a giant tree glimmering with a dazzling golden color, like a small version of the Gold Tree. Just as these two shadows appeared, Tang Wulin could feel as the soul power in his body surged wildly, while all the Bluesilver Emperor vines unleashed were shaking violently. Its color began to undergo a peculiar change. From the original blue-gold it began shimmering with blue and golden alternately.

To everyone’s surprise, the two phantom shadows slowly approached each other and then fused into one. The Bluesilver Emperor’s thick vines and
Gold Tree’s branches blended into one another. A peculiar green-gold color was produced when the blue and gold combined. Thick life source burst out following that. Even the surrounding Title Douluos could clearly sense as the thick life source burst out and infused into their bodies.

Light Dark Douluo could sense this most profoundly because she was the eldest amongst all the Title Douluos. Just as she had mentioned earlier, she
did not have much time left. However, at this exact moment, she had a clear sense that her already almost wilted life source seemed to be infused with new vitality once again. Her life fluctuation began to slowly grow stronger even by just a little. It was the elevation of her life source but not an instant increase in vitality. The biggest difference between the former and latter
was that the elevation of the former could be retained for eternity while the latter would only last for a moment before dissipating.

The two phantom shadows completely merged with each other at last. A peculiar scene emerged as the Bluesilver Emperor and the Gold Tree vanished. In their place was a green-gold shadow of a human figure. The figure was slightly blurry, but the general physical features were exactly the same as Tang Wulin. It floated in the air behind his back and formed into a colossal halo with a diameter of ten meters. Its arms were spread out from the sides of its body as if it was attempting to hug the entire world.


“Is that the Variant Soul Skill? Or Variant Martial Soul?” Even the Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming had no way to completely determine what the
scene before his eyes meant. On the other hand, the green-gold figure behind Tang Wulin’s body swayed its body once and transformed into a green-gold halo that descended from the sky and looped around Tang Wulin’s body. It dropped above the black
soul ring and then became Tang Wulin’s fifth soul ring.

The shadow vanished and Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor vines calmed down as well. They turned into blue-gold once again and appeared no different from before. Only that there was a crystal clear translucent green- gold soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body. It was filled with life source, and it
seemed just like a solid form.

Yun Ming and the group of Title Douluos widened their eyes in surprise. Light Dark Douluo spoke in astonishment, “Ten years of life. That infusion of vitality earlier extended my life by at least ten years.”

It was like that for her and of course for the rest of the Title Douluos.

Ten years of life! This was something that could never be exchanged with money. Moreover, Light Dark Douluo was already old and ailing like a
candle guttering in the wind so she could determine her gains right away. On the other hand, the other Title Douluos still had much vitality so upon receiving this infusion of refreshing yet thick life source, they would only receive even greater gains after the overall adjustment of their bodies.

However, they did not care about sensing the life energy change in their bodies at that moment. They were even more shocked at witnessing the green-gold soul ring before their eyes.

Ordinary soul ring colors were white, yellow, purple, black and red. This was the foundation of soul ring colors that had been passed down for millennia. Each color separately represented ten years, one hundred years, one thousand years, ten thousand years and one hundred thousand years. It was only ten thousand years ago Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao suddenly
came into the world and created the spirit soul system. A spirit soul with a cultivation base of over one hundred thousand years could possibly form a golden-orange soul ring and thereby produce a brand-new generation of
soul rings. Yet the green-gold soul ring before their eyes was absolutely unprecedented. Moreover, these Title Douluos could confirm that a green- gold soul ring had never appeared before in the history of humanity. This
was the so-called a record that had never been approached and would never be approached. Tang Wulin managed to do this.

On the other hand, the only previous creator of a brand-new soul ring color was the almighty Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhuo, who had dominated the

“Try out your fifth soul skill,” Yun Ming spoke with a deep voice.

In the soul master’s world, it was extremely taboo for one to probe another person’s soul skill. However, this was obviously a different situation here, as everyone on the scene were Tang Wulin’s teachers and seniors. It would not be much of a problem for them to wish to see his soul skill.

Tang Wulin hastily nodded as he moved his thoughts and urged his soul power to infuse into his fifth soul ring.

At once, the green-gold soul ring glowed brightly as Tang Wulin could only sense that the soul power in his body surged into the soul ring like a swarm of bees. His entire body was illuminated by the green-gold light of the soul ring.


Then there was nothing…

Tang Wulin’s soul power weakened rapidly. It had only taken a few breaths before his soul power had depleted completely. His soul power was drained by that green-gold soul ring like a whale sucking on seawater.

Tang Wulin’s body swayed unstably. Fortunately, his bloodline power was strong enough that he did not topple over.

“Where’s the soul skill?” Zhuo Shi asked. Tang Wulin’s face was filled with confusion. “I-I don’t know either! I was only feeling that all my soul power was sucked away, then there was no
change at all…”

The group’s expressions immediately turned peculiar.

Such a situation was similarly unprecedented. The soul power consumption of a soul master’s soul skill differed according to different ranks, yet there was never a case where the soul master could not urge his soul skill or had all his soul power sucked away.

Yun Ming raised his hand and pressed onto Tang Wulin’s shoulder so he
could sense the change in his body even more accurately. Tang Wulin was right that his soul power was completely sucked away such that not even an ounce was left.

Another ordinary soul master in his place would immediately faint due to soul power exhaustion or at least could not stand upright, yet Tang Wulin relied on his strong physical qualities to remain unaffected.

Chapter 783 - Nature’s Child

Chapter 783: Nature’s Child

Yun Ming frowned and spoke, “It should be because his cultivation base was not enough, his soul power was inadequate to urge his soul skill.
Hence, the effect of soul skill was not revealed. Let me give you a hand and try it out.”

He moved in a flash and arrived behind Tang Wulin’s back as he was saying that. The hand that was pressing on Tang Wulin’s shoulder initially had
shifted to the middle of Tang Wulin’s back now.

Tang Wulin could feel a gush of extremely gentle but also unusually dense and pure soul power slowly infusing into his body and filling his dried meridians rapidly.

It was the Mysterious Heaven Method!

This was absolutely the purest form of the Mysterious Heaven Method.
Tang Wulin was surprised because he did not expect the Pavilion Master to cultivate in the Mysterious Heaven Method as well.

“Calm and empty your mind. Focus your attention. Try urging your soul ring!”

How high was Yun Ming’s cultivation base? He cultivated in the
Mysterious Heaven Method as well so it was quite easy for him to imitate Tang Wulin’s soul power. Tang Wulin hastily moved his soul power and infused into his fifth soul ring.

A greenish gold radiance appeared once again and absorbed the soul power in Tang Wulin’s body like a whale. It was only through actual contact that he could truly sense how terrifying a hyper powerhouse’s power was. Tang Wulin felt the Mysterious Heaven
Method’s soul power which radiated from his back flowing and surging like a great river. Even though the green soul ring was swallowing swiftly, it did not affect the level of soul power in Tang Wulin’s body at all.

The greenish-gold soul ring became more dazzling. Tang Wulin could feel as if something was slowly blooming in his sea of spirit. When he focused his attention and took a glance, the sea of spirit turned greenish gold as well much to his surprise.

He raised his head slightly as a thread of green light emerged silently in the middle of his forehead. The thread of light appeared like a newly germinating seed. Soon after, a greenish gold halo bloomed forth from Tang Wulin’s forehead.

The halo diffused into the surrounding area with a diameter of ten meters before it slowly landed on the ground.

The rest of the Title Douluos dropped back a distance instinctively as they witnessed a miraculous change of scene at present.

The greenish-gold halo landed on the ground and turned green. A lustrous and dazzling green glowed from within the halo as greenish gold runes
slowly emerged. The runes did not appear on the surface of the ground but were suspended in mid-air.

Extremely dense life source burst out from the halo, but the vitality was not for human absorption as it belonged to the plant world.

Tang Wulin’s arms spread out from his sides subconsciously. Soon after, the green aura that appeared earlier was now behind his back as the greenish gold figure that was a replica of himself emerged once again.

Enormous greenish gold vines surged out from the center of the greenish gold figure. There was a total of twelve vines and each vine was as thick as a water jug. The vines dropped down from the sky and plunged straight into the ground. All of a sudden, the ground turned greenish-gold at a spot with the color spreading out across the ground. All the plants turned into gold upon
contact with the spreading color.

It was even more terrifying when these golden plants began to sway and emit an unusually dense energy fluctuation.

Tang Wulin was completely immersed in his spiritual world at present. He felt his consciousness covered the entire Sea God’s Island in a split second.
Then, his consciousness began to spread outward Sea God’s Island and covered the entire inner part of Shrek City in the next moment. All the plants in Shrek City’s inner city turned golden as well.

The plants were like Tang Wulin’s eyes and arms. Wherever his
consciousness swept over, he was capable of controlling these plants into doing anything.

What was even more shocking was that Tang Wulin discovered he could
send his consciousness through these plants anywhere and an indescribable sense of potency arose continuously. Each and every plant seemed to be
contributing all its energy into him. As long as his body could withstand it, the energy in his body could be elevated continuously.

At the same time, all the plants were absorbing the origin energy in the air furiously and transforming the origin energy into the purest form of life
energy to nourish themselves and Tang Wulin as well.

He sensed everything quieting down. All of a sudden, his vision darkened. Before he knew it, he was unconscious.

When he awakened, the sky had already darkened outside. Tang Wulin had a splitting headache as if something was about to tear open his head.

He could not help moaning in pain.

“Are you awake?” A gentle voice echoed by his side. Tang Wulin turned his head to the side subconsciously. His vision was still slightly blurred but he could make out that it was Atlas Douluo Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming.

“Pavilion Master.” Tang Wulin struggled in an attempt to sit up, but he realized that he did not even have an ounce of strength. Not that he was completely without strength in his body, only his spirit was too weak. He even felt that he had no control over his body.

“It’s my fault for being inconsiderate. Lie down.” Yun Ming arrived by Tang Wulin’s side and stuck a golden pearl on his forehead.

Tang Wulin could feel a gush of refreshing sensation radiating from the spot between his eyes. His pain diminished immediately.

Yun Ming spoke, “It’s highly possible that you made history. You have an impressive soul skill.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at him in astonishment. His vision became crystal clear as his spirit recovered.

Yun Ming spoke, “If my guess is correct, that fifth soul skill of yours should be formed by the fusion of Bluesilver Emperor and Gold Tree. We can’t determine its form or age right now, but I can tell you that your soul skill is a domain-type soul skill. Moreover, it’s one that has a wide scope. In other words, it’s capable of covering an extensively large domain. Your soul skill should have the largest domain, at least, according to the soul skills within my current knowledge.”

“We can gather some information through your changes at the time, but we’ll still need your input. We could sense that all the plants that were
covered by your soul skill and perception turned into gold. These golden plants would absorb the origin energy and all sorts of elements from the
surrounding air. In other words, your soul skill is capable of producing the
effect that is close or even better than elemental stripping. The powers of all the element-type soul masters within your domain would be greatly limited. Of course, this is based on the premise that there are adequate plants in the domain for your perusal.” “And also, your cultivation base is rapidly elevated when your soul power receives the regurgitation from your soul skill. At its highest peak, your
cultivation base is elevated to the standards close to rank-80. In other words, you have elevated your soul power more than tenfold.”

Elevating one’s soul power from rank-40 to rank-80 was more than just doubling the increase. The soul power increment was not a linear increment according to the rank. Tenfold was just a conservative estimate. Tang Wulin’s concentrated soul power could be more than just tenfold.

“There was no way we could feel any more in the end, because I just discovered then that the soul skill not only required an extremely large
amount of soul power to launch it, but it also consumed a large amount of your spiritual power during the process of launching the soul skill. You managed to sustain for thirteen seconds in total during the process at the time. Your spiritual power that had already exceeded seven thousand points could only sustain for thirteen seconds. This is too terrifying.”

“Overall, we are still far from completely understanding the soul skill’s ability at our current situation. Did you feel anything?”

Tang Wulin considered for a moment before he answered, “I could only feel my spiritual world turning greenish-gold at the time just like my soul ring’s color. Then, I could see far into the distance of my spiritual world. All the plants seemed to be my eyes, and I could even transmit myself to another location. I was capable of controlling the plants into doing anything I
wished. I felt the regurgitation that you mentioned. As long as my body
could withstand it, it seemed like pure life energy would constantly infuse into my body and transform into my soul power.”

Chapter 784 - Punishment?

Chapter 784: Punishment?

“Fixed location? Control over plants. Very well, that’s two more areas.” Yun Ming spoke as if he was deep in thought, “That is to say that if you are capable of controlling this soul skill, you can transmit yourself to any plant within your soul skill’s control and launch an attack enhanced by your increased soul power. Is that right?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I think so. However, I can’t seem to control well. I can sense all these, but I can’t remember anything else.”

Yun Ming nodded. “It’s already not an easy task to sense all these. Hmm, from now on, don’t think about using your soul power before you elevate yourself to eight-ring and break through your spiritual power to Spirit

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “So you’re saying that I shouldn’t trigger this soul skill without rank-80 soul power?”

Yun Ming spoke, “Yes. According to the total amount of soul power I infused into your body at the time, it should be around that. Fortunately, you cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Method. You’ll only need someone with adequate cultivation in the Mysterious Heaven Method to infuse soul power into you if you wish to use the soul skill by force. However, most people are incapable of ensuring that the output soul power is purely soul power without mixing it with one’s martial soul attribute. Thus, don’t take it lightly, because the other person’s martial soul attribute will affect you and even result in accidental possession.”

Of course, Yun Ming did not fall into the category of ‘other person’. It was not an issue for him to strip away a portion of his excess soul power, but it was highly possible that another person would not succeed. Tang Wulin swallowed a gulp of saliva. ‘Spiritual power of Spirit Domain? That seems to be too far away from my current level, let alone eight-ring. I don’t even know how long it’ll take me to be an eight-ring. It’s quite
apparent that I can’t trigger this soul skill with my blood essence power.’

He did not feel excited although he had gained a powerful soul skill. On the contrary, Tang Wulin was felt gloomy.

Fifth soul skill, this was his fifth soul skill!

The fifth soul skill couldn’t be any more powerful, but what was the point if he could not use it? He would have to wait until he was an eight-ring before he could use his fifth soul skill. Hence, it would not enhance his power now, so it seemed as useless as a chicken rib bone.

Furthermore, he would need to ensure that his spiritual power attained Spirit Domain in order to use the soul skill in the future. Was it going to be easy to achieve Spirit Domain?

Spirit Abyss was already the ultimate level for most soul masters. Although Spirit Domain and Spirit Abyss differed by one level only, their effects were poles apart.

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was elevated to Spirit Abyss without him noticing it because he received the Dragon Clan’s protection when he was burying dragon bones in the Dragon Valley. Apparently, such an opportunity was not easily gained.

Put differently, it was highly possible that he had no way of using the soul skill if his spiritual power failed to achieve Spirit Domain.

Such a chicken rib bone would be tasteless, yet it would be a waste to throw it away. How could Tang Wulin not feel gloomy?

However, Yun Ming did not have the same thoughts. He had thought long and hard about it when Tang Wulin was unconscious. His eyes were bright
and glowing as he looked at Tang Wulin. “The elevation of your soul power can be advanced gradually in due order to make full use of this soul skill, but I think you should prioritize elevating your spiritual power. The
spiritual power’s cultivation method is limited, so you can only focus on cultivating Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eyes at the moment. However, you
should not rush the Purple Demon Eyes cultivation. I’ll do my best to help you look for a technique to cultivate spiritual power.”

“Sure, thank you.”

Yun Ming’s expression suddenly dimmed. “However, it was you who caused the Gold Tree’s energy to weaken by thirty percent. You must redeem yourself for the academy. The Sea God Pavilion committee has already decided on the punishment for you after our discussion.”

‘Punishment?’ Tang Wulin felt his chest tightened.

‘What is it? It’s fine as long as it doesn’t affect my cultivation.”

Yun Ming spoke in a deep voice, “You must leave the academy for a period of time. Go out and seek experiences. Not only you but your Shrek Squad as well. All of you are still young with an impressive cultivation base, so the most important thing to do now is to strengthen yourselves. All of you will be sent to the federation army by the academy. You will all receive the toughest training over there. All of you will be allowed to return any time when you get the army’s approval.”

‘Army training as punishment?’ Tang Wulin’s gaze appeared slightly peculiar. ‘It ain’t much to go into the army, even if it’s the mecha troop.’

They were all top students of Shrek Academy and one-word Battle Armor Masters! They were capable of undertaking anything with their powers in the world outside. How could they be bothered with army training?

Tang Wulin was feeling puzzled.

However, he soon noticed the smile on Yun Ming’s face. For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin always felt that the Sea God Pavilion
Master’s smile carried a sense of cruelty. Perhaps, it was schadenfreude. “The army troop is named Under Federation’s Flag. However, they don’t actually belong to the Federation. More to the point, the Federation is uncertain about the army troop’s power. You’ll find out when you’ve
arrived there. It’s not an easy task to join this army troop. Take a rest and go home when your spirit has recovered tomorrow. I’ll give all of you a few more days to prepare. Depart immediately when you’re fully recovered.”

Atlas Douluo did not express himself clearly so Tang Wulin could not inquire much naturally. An army troop that the Sea God Pavilion Master thought highly of would certainly be impressive! They were certainly not some ordinary army troop, yet what could they be?

He did not have a good understanding of the army so he could not possibly figure out the answer no matter how hard he thought! Tang Wulin refused to think about it any further. Evasive measures would be taken when there was a necessity. Had they not encounter many events along their path? It was just an army training, there was nothing that they could not overcome.

The news about how Sea God’s Island and Shrek City’s plants turned to gold quietened down soon after. To the lay public, it appeared that Shrek Academy’s elders were conducting some powerful cultivation abilities. Naturally, this added another veil of mystery over Shrek Academy.

Five days later, Tang Wulin and his comrades were ordered to gather at Shrek inner court’s square.

Elder Cai came as Sea God Pavilion’s representative.

Tang Wulin had a bad premonition when he saw Elder Cai. Tasks that were arranged by Elder Cai were never easy to complete.

“Army training? At least one year’s army training?” Everyone found out
about the army training, but they did not have a clear idea what it entailed.

Tang Wulin looked toward his comrades while they looked back at him in turn. Tang Wulin had been staying on Sea God’s Island these past few days. He had not been with them. In fact, Tang Wulin had not appeared before them for the past six months except to provide them with rare metals for forging.

Tang Wulin was planning to pay a visit to his uncle who was a master
craftsman initially, but he had no time for that anymore. He could only do it when the so-called army training ended. Feng Wuyu had already imparted
some skills and cultivation techniques of Soul Forging to Tang Wulin. He would still need more work on his technical skills.

“Captain, what’s going on?” Yue Zhengyu asked Tang Wulin softly. He was standing right next to Tang Wulin while Xu Xiaoyan stood on the other side of the squad. Tang Wulin could tell that the relationship between the two had yet to heal, only that it did not appear to be so on the surface.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t know the specific details of the army training, but I can tell you that this is the punishment meted out to me by Elder Yun personally.”

Yue Zhengyu widened his mouth in surprise when he heard that.

What kind of person was Yun Ming? It was not an exaggeration if he was described as the head honcho on Douluo Continent. It would be odd if it
was a simple army training when he personally told Tang Wulin that it was a punishment.

Meanwhile, Elder Cai had already arrived before them. Elder Cai coughed once as she looked at the seven people before her which included Tang Wulin.

“All of you are adults now. Military service is every Federation citizen’s responsibility. You are of age to perform military service. The army training period is equal to your term of military service. The term is for a maximum of two years. I hope that all of you can complete the two years of military
service and return when you’re done.”

“Hope that we can complete it? Why does this sound so frightening?” Xie Xie could not help asking, “Elder Cai, what sort of military service is this? Can you please give us an idea?”

Elder Cai darted a look at him. “Can we simply discuss military secrets? I can only tell you that there are less than thirty people from our academy who had successfully participated in this military service at the moment.
There are only four people capable of completing two years of military service. These four don’t include me.”

Tang Wulin spoke in astonishment, “Is the Sea God Pavilion’s elders included in the thirty people you mentioned?”

Elder Cai nodded, “Of course, but not all. Not every elder has participated in this type of military service before. Very well, it’s quite pointless to discuss it now because you won’t be getting much information from me. It’s better to prepare rather than worry too much. I hope that all of you will gain something from this military service. I’m going to talk about the precautions now.”

Chapter 785 - Military Service?

Military Training?
Chapter 785: Military Service? Military Training?

Everyone became vigilant. They watched Elder Cai with a burning gaze.

Elder Cai spoke with a deep voice, “Firstly, all of you must head for military service by yourselves this time. The first task is for all of you to arrive there safely. I’ll be giving you a map so that you can locate it.”

“Secondly, for the purpose of tempering yourselves, all your daily necessities and money will be confiscated other than your battle armor. Of course, items used to forge battle armor are exempted.”

“Thirdly, all of you must obey orders without question once you’ve arrived. If anyone were to leave the training without permission, you’ll be treated as a deserter so you’ll be expelled from the academy as well.”

The more Tang Wulin listened, the more suspicious he felt. “Elder Cai, in that case, what do we do if we wish to withdraw from the training?”

Elder Cai answered, “You must hand in your application to prove that your body is genuinely unable to withstand anymore and only then will you be allowed to withdraw yourself. Do you understand?”

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile and spoke, “It sounds like this is an extremely tough situation.”

Elder Cai smiled. She smiled in a manner that appeared even crueler than Elder Yun the other day. “Tough? All of you have looked down upon this military training. Be prepared. We named the path to the military training ground after the Holy Ice Douluo and Dragon Butterly Douluo’s martial soul fusion skill. It’s called the ‘Gold Path’. All of you must first pass through the Gold Path and arrive at the training ground. As for the rest, you’ll find out when you’re there. Now, Tang Wulin please come forward and retrieve the map.”

Tang Wulin walked in great strides to Elder Cai and received a map. “I’ll give you half an hour’s time to remove everything unrelated to battle armor, with the exception of weapons. I’ll inspect all of you half an hour later before you can depart. You’re not allowed to bring money, of course. You must depend on yourselves for everything.”

Tang Wulin and the group of Shrek Seven Monsters hastily went to make preparations. Zhuo Shi walked out from a dark corner afar and arrived next to Elder Cai’s side. “Aren’t you being a little too cruel?”

Elder Cai shrugged. “This is not my but the Pavilion Master’s order this time. However, acting cruelly to these young fellows can actually be a good thing, as at least it helps them to walk a little further. Oh yes, how long did you manage to withstand back then?”

Zhuo Shi shrugged. “Nine months, how about you?” Elder Cai gave a grunt, but she did not utter a word.
Zhuo Shi sniggered. “Not as long as mine right? Nine months is already an extremely impressive result. Other than those perverts, who else is capable of completing all the subjects persistently?”

Elder Cai smiled. “You’re right, but I’ll be sure to pass on your words to those perverts.”

“Yue’er, what are you having for dinner tonight? My treat.”

Tang Wulin did not have too many items to bring anyway. Other than his battle armor, there was only his forging hammer that was related to battle armor. As for the rest, he chose to leave behind.

Fortunately, he had already forged all the metals needed for his companions to fabricate their battle armors. He brought some rare metals as well, so he could use them to practice forging. The military training sounded tough, but in reality, Tang Wulin was not feeling especially concerned. After all, the training plan he set for himself was already difficult. He believed that if someone was capable of
withstanding the military training, then he could do it as well for certain.

The inspection before leaving the academy was even more meticulous than imagined. However, it was apparent that Tang Wulin’s group of seven did not have any intentions of cheating. The inspection was completed quite quickly, and then they left the academy.

According to the requirements, they must arrive at the military training location within fifteen days. Otherwise, they would be disqualified from
entering military service. The result of being disqualified from the military was that one would be expelled from the academy and even stripped from the title of Shrek Seven Monsters.

Having not left the academy for six months, Tang Wulin felt like he was in another world as he walked out.

He stretched his body strenuously when he suddenly felt a gush of lethargy.

No matter how strong and healthy his body was, his energy was being drained in a large amount due to the painstaking cultivation he was forcing himself through every day. A person’s spiritual power and physical strength could not completely represent a person’s entire physical and mental efforts or the fatigue of one’s inner heart.

His tightly coiled strings seemed to have relaxed when he left the academy. Tang Wulin’s feelings of tiredness arose spontaneously and naturally.

“Captain, what do we do now? Are we walking there?” Yue Zhengyu asked. They had already changed into their own clothes. Yue Zhengyu was dressed in all white sportswear to match his head full of golden hair. He appeared
elegant and unconventional.

His face was lacking his usual smile. His entire person seemed to have become steadier and more introverted over the past six months. He had spent most of his time in closed-door cultivation, just like Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin said, “It’s definitely not realistic for us to walk. According to the map, it’s impossible that we can get to the place on time within fifteen days even if we were to devote all our efforts. Let’s go. I have a way to make us money. Let’s do that before we depart immediately.”

Making money was always a very easy task for Tang Wulin. He specialized in the technical skills of forging, so it was always his number one choice.
Moreover, he would like to pay a visit to his teacher too.

When Tang Wulin arrived at the Shrek City Blacksmith’s Association, an amicable feeling arose in his heart. He had only paid a visit to Teacher Mu Chen once before he entered closed-door cultivation for half a year. Mu
Chen gifted Tang Wulin his notes that recorded his own soul forging
experience, and now Tang Wulin had accumulated a bunch of inquiries.

Every saint craftsman had his or her own path on the road to soul forging.
Feng Wuyu had Feng Wuyu’s path, while Mu Chen’s path was
comparatively more orthodox. The combination and mutual corroboration between the orthodox and unorthodox had greatly improved Tang Wulin’s understanding of soul forging.

Tang Wulin’s arrival was a joyous surprise for Mu Chen. The boy standing before Mu Chen was already an elegant, handsome youth. Mu Chen could not help cracking a smile upon seeing him.

“You seemed to have grown a little taller and also appear even stronger. Only that you look a little tired,” Mu Chen said with a smile on his face.

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile. “I didn’t realize that I was tired until I left the academy. Teacher, the academy made an arrangement for us to engage in a long trial. I’ll be leaving for a long time possibly. So I’m here to visit you before I leave, and also…”

At this point, he scratched his head. “The academy is imposing many limitations on us this time, so all our money had to be left in the academy. Thus, I thought of coming to the association to see if there’s any forging mission that I can accept immediately so I can make some traveling fees.” Mu Chen burst out laughing. “This is not a big matter. However, Teacher can’t just give you money immediately due to Shrek Academy’s requirement. Given that, pick a type of metal yourself and forge it to the
highest level you can achieve now, and then let me take a look at what your standard for forging has become over the past six months. In the end, the federation will purchase the metal you forged at the market rate. You’ll
certainly make your traveling fees that way.” “Sure,” Tang Wulin hastily answered.
Meanwhile, a familiar voice echoed from the door, “Father, I’m back!”

A gush of fragrant wind had already blown into the room before Tang Wulin could turn around. The scented body entered, and seeing that there were so many people standing in Mu Chen’s office, she was immediately stunned, but then she saw the person standing at the front.

She stopped walking immediately, and the expression on her face froze as well.

Tang Wulin had already turned around at that point. He smiled as he looked at the young maiden before him. “Senior disciple sister.”

Yes, the person who came was Mu Xi. Tang Wulin last met her before he headed to the Star Luo Empire. He took part in the Sea God Fated Date Festival when he came back, and then he was searching for Gu Yue
everywhere. After that, he had entered closed-door cultivation.

Chapter 786 - Unmovable as the Mountain

Chapter 786: Unmovable as the Mountain

He had not met Mu Xi all this time. Mu Xi was still in Shrek Academy’s outer court, and Tang Wulin understood that she had yet to score a place in the inner court. She was already more than twenty years old now, so the possibility of her entering the inner court was growing more remote, unless she could become a two-word battle armor master before the age of thirty.

Tang Wulin realized that he had absolutely no idea as to what his senior disciple sister’s current cultivation base and other areas of development had become. He could not help feeling apologetic in his heart.

“Still remember that you have a senior disciple sister?” Mu Xi placed her arms on her hips as she spoke coldly.

It had been four whole years since he had seen Mu Xi. She was already a beauty back in those days. Mu Xi was in her prime as a woman of twenty- two going on twenty-three now. Her body had already developed in a perfect manner such that all the Shrek Seven Monsters’ males could not help saluting her upon seeing her entering through the door.

She was dressed in fiery red long dress with big curls in her hair. She was intensely beautiful and blazing hot, just like her personality.

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile. “I’m sorry, senior disciple sister. My mistake.”

All sorts of complicated emotions surged in Mu Xi’s heart almost at once when she glimpsed Tang Wulin. She wished that she could pounce forward and curse the boy in fury. She did not hear from him at all, and he had not left the inner court ever since he had returned. She could not enter inner
court or meet him. The only time she had seen him was during Sea God Fated Date Festival. Yet she had not had the opportunity to participate in the festival on the surface of the lake. She could only stay by the shore and watch as Tang
Wulin professed his love to Gu Yue. She saw them leave to the sounds of
cheering during the Happily Ever After Segment. At that exact moment, the emotions in Mu Xi’s heart were extremely complicated.

From the disdain she felt when they first met each other until the approval she had for him afterward and then to the gradual admiration, the boy before herself had already become a genuine role model a among his peers within ten short years. He was even the dazzling star of Shrek Academy.
Yet the distance between them seemed to have grown further constantly.

Mu Xi had the same mindset as Wu Siduo in certain areas. Both of them wished to pursue perfection. They refused to be awed by others when they had to be the best.

With her looks and character, Mu Xi naturally had countless pursuers from Shrek Academy. There were even inner court disciples pursuing her, yet she had never encouraged their behavior because there was always a certain
someone in her heart.

She had always sought after him in forging and always had this longing in her heart for him. Yet she discovered that they were walking further and further apart.

Mu Xi was not a girl who did nothing but dream. When she witnessed Tang Wulin chose someone else during Sea God Fated Date Festival, she told herself that this man did not have any relationship to her anyhow. Despite this, just as she had started to get over him, here he was standing before her.

His apologetic words and acknowledgement of his mistake kept Mu Chen from venting the frustration in her heart.

“Cough, cough!” Mu Chen coughed once in an attempt to resolve the awkward situation. As her father, how could he not understand his daughter’s thoughts? However, Tang Wulin was already as majestic as a genuine dragon’s first appearance as it roamed the nine heavens, so love was not within any human’s control. He could only consider them as not being destined to be together.

Once, Mu Chen had secretly pointed out to Mu Xi that her personality was too domineering, and Tang Wulin was definitely not someone who would be controlled willingly. They were both extremely competitive. Two
competitive personas could perhaps become friends, but it was difficult for them to be a couple.

“Wulin is here for me to inspect his forging cultivation’s standard. Since you happen to be back, let’s take a look together.'” Mu Chen walked to his daughter’s side and patted her on the shoulder.

The complicated emotions on Mu Xi’s face gradually disappeared. She was already a maiden of twenty-three years old after all. No matter how headstrong she was, she had no choice but to control her emotions before so many people and her father.


Tang Wulin felt like his forehead was sweating from My Xi’s scorching hot gaze. Even that lethargic feeling from earlier had burned to nothing in a
split second.

Mu Chen spoke, “To the forging room!”

The group followed Mu Chen to the forging room. He had almost every type of rare metal available on the Douluo Continent today in his private forging room.

Mu Chen made a hand gesture at Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin considered for a moment before he walked toward his most familiar type of rare metal.

He retrieved a piece of standard-sized Heavy Silver, and then placed it on the forge. Mu Xi raised her brows and spoke with slight mockery, “Only Heavy Silver?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “I’m most familiar with this.”

Yes, he was most familiar with Heavy Silver not only because it was the rare metal he had used the most, but because he understood so much about it.

Tang Wulin’s forging hammers had always been Heavy Silver hammers. On the other hand, every time he had a breakthrough in his forging skill he
chose to use Heavy Silver. This was one of the reasons why he was most familiar with Heavy Silver, while there was also a sense of trust he had in his heart. He sensed that the Heavy Silver offered him the greatest help
subconsciously since every breakthrough was brought by Heavy Silver, so he would have the best chance dealing with it.

Thus, he chose Heavy Silver once again.

Mu Xi did not comment anymore but observed attentively. She had been working hard these years and would definitely have been be the
Blacksmith’s Association outstanding genius if not for Tang Wulin’s presence.

Mu Chen was completely confident that his already twenty-three-year-old daughter could inherit his legacy. Mu Xi was also already a rank-6 blacksmith now! Even though it took her slightly longer to enter rank-6 than Tang Wulin, she was not too late either. If she had not spent all her
energy on forging, she would not have lost the opportunity to enter inner court.

However, the elevation resulting from forging was also extremely beneficial to her. She had already prepared all the spirit forging metal required to make her two-word battle armor! Moreover, those were all spirit forging

She was fully prepared so that she could certainly become a two-word battle armor master before the age of thirty then became a student of Shrek Academy’s inner court.

Mu Xi’s cultivation base had already broken through five rings and she was a Soul King now. She was always remarkable in so many ways.

She was very confident in her efforts, so she wished to see if she had managed to catch up to him in forging after her long and painstaking training and their four years of separation.

Tang Wulin placed the Heavy Silver into the forge and heated it while
simultaneously retrieving his pair of spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers. The expression on his face was calm. He closed his eyes as he cleared his mind and focused quietly.

Even though Mu Xi had been suppressing her feelings all along, she had no choice but to admit that Tang Wulin was genuinely her biggest competitor in the forging world and even the goal for her to catch up with after
witnessing his focused look.

He had already been a rank-6 blacksmith for over four years, but he was
still capable of maintaining such a composed and steady mood when he was forging. He was only nineteen years old, yet he had such a steady mentality that she felt like she was watching her father at the forge.

He was as unmovable as the mountain! He was akin to a lofty hill!

Mu Chen was also observing from the side while the remaining six of the Shrek Seven Monsters stood on the farther end in order to not distract Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s forging hammers were placed on the forge. He had his arms at the sides of his body. His long, slim arms and fingers exuded a peculiar feeling to the others. He was brimming with an indescribable concentration.

At the point, even his aura seemed to play a part in the forging. He did not feel like a human being anymore. It was too easy for him to determine Heavy Silver’s forging time. All of a
sudden, Tang Wulin pressed on the button and the glowing red Heavy Silver ascended.

Tang Wulin opened his eyes in the next moment. His hands grasped his pair of forging hammers simultaneously, and then his pair of hammers probed forward at the same time.

Yes, his forging hammers probed forward but did not swing or pound down.

Mu Xi witnessed in astonishment as Tang Wulin extended the pair of hammers to the top of that piece of Heavy Silver before he began to knock on it.

He did not exert his full strength to pound like he was doing ordinary forging, but his double hammers were suspended above the Heavy Silver. He relied on the movements of his wrists to control the pair of forging hammers into knocking against the Heavy Silver gently and continuously.

This was still the first time Mu Xi had ever witnessed such a forging method. Even her rank-8 saint craftsman father had never forged in such a manner before!

Yet Tang Wulin was doing so. His pair of forging hammers knocked against the metal gently in a dextrous yet stable manner. However, could he
complete the forging process with such knocking?

The thought had just occurred in Mu Xi’s mind when her gaze froze in the next moment.

This was because she could clearly see that the piece of Heavy Silver rapidly shrunk under Tang Wulin’s incomparably dextrous knocking. Even more peculiar was that it became shinier and shiner. Mu Xi could even see that there were some fine yet regular striations that appeared indistinctly on the Heavy Silver.

What… Such gentle knocking was capable of refining the metal?

Tang Wulin’s wrists were vibrating at an extremely rapid speed such that his knocking speed brought along a series of dense pattering sounds akin to raindrops falling upon banana leaves. It was even more peculiar that the dense pattering sounds were extremely rhythmic and sounded pleasant, as if he was playing percussion music.

Chapter 787 - Extreme Thousand Refinement

Chapter 787: Extreme Thousand Refinement

Due to the high speed of his pair of forging hammers, the Heavy Silver was enshrouded by the hammers’ shadows. At present, Tang Wulin did not feel like a Blacksmith but more like an engraver. He appeared to be engraving that piece of metal cautiously.

His precise control was made easier because of his familiarity with the material. Tang Wulin’s forging skill had already reached the level of coming from within his heart. To allow a piece of rare metal to truly display all its
special characteristics and even allow it to be upgraded, it had to be brought to life. For this, its original characteristics must be maintained so that it
would not be damaged.

The old forging methods were all aimed at removing impurities and refining the metal. However, Tang Wulin felt that all the metals were alive in reality. They were even alive before they were vitalized through spirit forging.
Every piece of metal had its physical form, and hammering forcefully during the process of refining impurities would inevitably damage its inner structure. Even though all sorts of methods would be performed later to make it strong, the truth was that the result would not be refined perfectly in its final form.

Thus, one would need to refine a piece of rare metal cautiously and with great care and precision from the beginning in order to forge well.

For example, one could forcefully squeeze out an impurity from a human’s body meridian, but overexertion of force could possibly damage the meridian. However, if one were to use a gentle method to expel the impurity little by a little and then wash it away with pure blood, the impurity would be removed and the meridian would be cleared while one’s body was still flawless and perfect. Tang Wulin’s forging method was different from the past as such. He would control his spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers with extreme caution during the forging process to carefully refine the Heavy Silver. Moreover, he was infusing a little of his bloodline aura into the Heavy Silver with every knock, such that the piece of Heavy Silver could sense his aura even better.

With his current strength, the Heavy Silver would immediately turn into a metal sheet if he were to strike with full force. His spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers may not even withstand his power.

This was an important reason as to why he was cautious during the forging process.

At present, he was completely immersed in the experience. He was
supposed to complete the Hundred Refinement at an extremely fast speed, but he tripled the time in order to complete the refinement. One would discover that the Heavy Silver refined using Tang Wulin’s method through meticulous measurement was similarly Hundred Refined, but its size was actually slightly larger than ordinary refinement. In other words, ordinary
refinement would also add some other qualities to the metal, but he did not.

Mu Chen watched Tang Wulin’s every single movement with a burning gaze. His eyes were filled with gratitude.

Tang Wulin’s current hammering method was not taught by him or by Feng Wuyu. It was his own hammering method which he had created.

Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was impressive, but it was so aggressive that the blows to the metal itself were too powerful. Even though it would forge well, it would be extremely arduous to advance the forged metal even by one level.

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had found the forging path that was right for him. Moreover, he was advancing with steady steps.

It took a whole hour when suddenly, a stream of dazzling silver light arose. The forging room was even echoing with a distinct dragon’s roar just as that silver light appeared. The stream of silver light surged skyward just like a dragon.

It was Thousand Refined with Spirit!

Yet an ordinary thousand refined metal with a spirit that was capable of
arising five feet in height was already rather remarkable, but Tang Wulin’s
silver light managed to rise to over ten feet tall. It rose upright and was even swaying rhythmically akin to a silver dragon flying in the wind.

Mu Xi widened her eyes. She was a rank-6 blacksmith, but she could
confirm that she was absolutely incapable of doing what Tang Wulin just did.

“Perfection!” Mu Chen muttered to himself.

Yes, Tang Wulin had already completed the Heavy Silver’s Extreme Thousand Refinement. He was at the most pinnacle of what could be done with a piece of metal’s Thousand Refined process.

Nevermind Mu Xi, even Mu Chen himself was not confident that he was capable of doing this. Perhaps the saint craftsman Zhen Hua could pull it off.

Forging required strength, but with the exertion of more strength, it was less easy to exercise control. Mu Chen could never possibly rely on the strength of his wrists to forge like Tang Wulin because his strength was inadequate.
If he were to use his soul power then it would affect his control. Physical strength was much easier to control in comparison.

However, it was apparent that Tang Wulin was capable of doing so because his strength exceeded ten thousand kilograms, so even his wrist’s strength was tremendous. He had not used even an ounce of his soul power since he began to forge until now. He had only used a little of his bloodline power
and mainly relied on pure physical strength. Only then was he capable of forging a piece of Heavy Silver with such care and precision. Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as his pair of Heavy Silver hammers
spread out to the sides of his body accompanied by the silver light that shot upward. His eyes were glowing brightly as well.

The Heavy Silver hammers in his hands drew an arc in the air, and the hammers swung forward without waiting for the silver light to descend.

There was already a fine and dense moiré pattern over the piece of Heavy Silver. The pattern was emitting a dazzling glow with light rings circulating about. It was as if it had already turned into another type of metal.

Tang Wulin was no longer only using the strength of his wrists. The inner structure of the Heavy Silver was already completely refined through Thousand Refined with Spirit’s refinement process and was many times
stronger compared to its previous state. It was finally strong enough to withstand Tang Wulin’s power now.

His eyes were bright as his spiritual world completely unfolded. Tang Wulin’s spiritual power began to surge out like a swarm of bees and gently infused into the Heavy Silver through his pair of forging hammers.

His spiritual power and blood essence merged together. Mu Chen’s ears moved because he could distinctly hear a soft dragon’s roar every time Tang Wulin knocked against the Heavy Silver. The moiré pattern on its surface
would also shift ever so slightly.

His soul power and spiritual power infused into the Heavy Silver! Tang Wulin initiated the most important part in spirit forging that was known as Life Enlightenment.

The biggest difference between spirit forging and Thousand Refined was its spiritual intelligence. There was no doubt that the level of a piece of rare metal’s spiritual intelligence determined its value.

Most rank-5 to rank-6 blacksmiths had no way to ensure that they could complete spirit forging every time they forged. Yet Tang Wulin and even Mu Xi could do it because they were the best of the rank-6 blacksmiths. Their goal was far beyond rank-6.

However, Mu Xi could sense that Tang Wulin’s spirit forging was
completely different from his own. His summoning method was more
comprehensive than hers. His soul power was infused at a normal rate, but he seemed to be releasing much much spiritual power and something else indistinctly. The dragon’s roar was the evidence. Under normal
circumstances, there should not be such peculiar sounds coming from the metal at this stage.

This could only mean one thing. It was because Tang Wulin had added his own skills during the forging process.

Tang Wulin swung his spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers in an extremely steady manner. It was no longer as dextrous as before, but it did not appear as heavy either. It was just like an ordinary hammer that was knocking onto the Heavy Silver again and again.

The moiré pattern on the Heavy Silver gradually changed from smooth to warped. It began to rhythmically fluctuate with rings of light following the infusion of Tang Wulin’s soul power.

So it had already begun to have spiritual intelligence? That was too soon!

As compared to the slow pace of Hundred Refined and Thousand Refined earlier, Tang Wulin’s speed in spirit forging was so shockingly swift such that Mu Xi’s mouth was agape in surprise.

She would need at least one hour to complete the process of spirit forging with the most ordinary rare metal, for it was not at all an easy task to
stimulate a rare metal’s vitality. On the other hand, even though Tang Wulin had yet to complete his spirit forging at present, the appearance of spiritual intelligence on the metal signified that spirit forging was about to be
completed soon.

Chapter 788 - Soul Refinement Resonance

Chapter 788: Soul Refinement Resonance

That was too fast! It had only been five minutes in total!

Herself aside, as far as Mu Xi knew, even the old blacksmiths who had lingered on the realm of rank-6 for decades could not complete Spirit Refinement in such short as period!

Between Spirit Forging and Soul Refinement, there was a vast chasm.
Countless blacksmiths had been stumped by that stage. If this was not the case, there would not be so few Saint Craftsmen.

However, even Mu Chen could not complete Spirit Refinement in five minutes. There was no way that he could complete it that quickly! Tang Wulin had…

Could this be the effect brought by extreme Thousand Refinement?

By then, Mu Xi had wholly forgotten her complicated feelings for Tang Wulin. She was completely engrossed by Tang Wulin’s forging.

“Buzz!” At that point, the block of Heavy Silver gave off a slight buzz.
Shortly after, the Silver shook slightly. The cloud patterns on top of it seemed to have come to life as they flowed and changed. They faintly
formed the shape of a dragon. The soft dragon’s roar before this instantly became noticeable.

Cheering and jubilant emotions sprung up within him!

It was a success. Spirit Refinement was completed! Seven minutes!

From Thousand Refined with Spirit to complete Spirit Refinement, Tang Wulin had only used seven minutes. This time, even Mu Chen’s eyes bulged. He tightened his fists
subconsciously. From Tang Wulin’s forging, he had acquired some understanding. For a Saint Craftsman, epiphanies such as these were vital.

Originally, Mu Chen had thought that it was already impossible for him to attain the ranks of Divine Craftsmen in his lifetime. However, in the instant just now, he suddenly felt that there seemed to be a slight chance of him
succeeding. It was apparent from this just how great of an impact Tang Wulin’s forging had had on him.

Tang Wulin paused again. There was a faint smile on his face. He seemed to be listening to the joyful cheers of the Heavy Silver. It was like a little newborn life which was showing off to its own father.

In the next moment, the aura of Tang Wulin’s body changed greatly. A
strong wave of blood essence burst forth. Diamond-shaped scales surfaced on his skin which made him look tough and formidable.

Only the skin on his neck and arms could be seen. The scales were densely packed on Tang Wulin’s neck all the way up to his lower jaw. His arms
were already completely covered in golden scales, but the Golden Dragon Claws did not appear. Even so, the strong blood essence wave still shocked Mu Chen and Mu Xi.

The powerful pressure from his bloodline stimulated Mu Xi’s martial soul until it was unleashed. Circles of soul rings rose from under her feet.

Although Mu Chen was not affected to that extent, he was still startled by the shock.

This aura…

They had felt Tang Wulin’s blood essence wave long before this, but they had never felt it this strongly.

How could his aura be so powerful? Besides, they also saw, with
astonishment, that four golden soul rings rose from under Tang Wulin’s feet. The last time Mu Xi saw Tang Wulin’s blood essence soul ring, he had had only two.

Tang Wu extended his arms and shook slightly. The blood essence wave of his entire body immediately became denser. He was enshrouded by a golden haze, and his eyes turned golden.

The block of Heavy Silver seemed to have felt Tang Wulin’s blood essence wave as well. Its initial jubilant cheers seemed to have turned into curiosity.

At this moment, Tang Wulin’s Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers moved. When he activated them this time, his Heavy Silver Hammers were already dyed golden by his blood essence power. The hammers crashed down brazenly. They were no longer light and deft as before; they were now
extremely heavy.

With every strike of the hammer, even the body of the blacksmith himself shook slightly. The deep sounds of explosions sounded as if fixed soul
cannonballs were firing.

The forged Spirit Refined Heavy Silver would let out a groan that sounded like a whimper every time it was struck by the hammer. It seemed to be feeling pain and joy at the same time.

Mu Xi saw, to her surprise, that the block of Heavy Silver was colored gold instantly with every strike from Tang Wulin’s hammers. Although the color faded just as fast, she had no doubts that it was gradually influenced by
Tang Wulin’s Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers.

The greatest difference between Spirit Forging and Soul Forging was that Spirit Forging gave life whereas Soul forging imparts the blacksmith’s own legacy onto the metal. It was like the passing down of one’s soul.

Hence, when one was still at the ranks of a one-word or two-word battle
armor master, it was better to have a sub-profession as a mecha maker. This was because one would be able to craft a mecha that was most suited to oneself. After all, nobody knows one better than oneself. However, at the ranks of a three-word battle armor master or higher, the metals forged by blacksmiths became the most important factor. This was because of Soul Refinement.

If a person was himself a Saint Craftsman, then the metals forged would
already be equipped with his own soul power, possess his martial soul and even the special characteristics of his life. Naturally, it had the highest
compatibility with the person. This factor was even more important than the core circuit.

Sadly, the sub-profession of blacksmith was the most difficult to cultivate among all sub-professions. There were only a dozen or so Saint Craftsmen on the entire Douluo Continent. As for Divine Craftsmen, there was only Zhen Hua.

It was apparent just how difficult it was to cultivate in this sub-profession.

Currently, Tang Wulin had undoubtedly started the process of progressing into Soul Refinement from Spirit Forging. He was infusing his bloodline
aura into the block of Heavy Silver with all his might. At the same time, he also infused it with his own soul and his own aura.

Soul Refinement was not only forging the metal from the outside. It was
also forging the metal from the inside out. The blacksmith would infuse his own aura, soul power, and spiritual power into the metal’s interior. Through the connection between the blacksmith and the metal itself, the blacksmith would forge the metal from the inside up to a certain extent. The
combination of forging from the outside and inside resulted in the special properties of the metal being completely brought out. Then, it would be
soaked with one’s own spiritual energy.

There was a saying which stated that Soul Refined metals were the split bodies of the Saint Craftsman.

Although this saying was slightly exaggerated, it still had some truth in it.
Spirit Forging could equip the metal with a unique intelligence which
would give rise to some special effects that could never be expressed by ordinary metals. For example, self-mending properties or the enhancement of other special capabilities. However, Soul Refinement was different. A Soul Refined metal would make the Soul Master feel as though he had
another companion.

Battle armor crafted out of Soul Refined metals was, in itself, akin to a soul master’s second life. It could even carry out some orders by itself.

Of course, if one was not a blacksmith, at the stage of three-word battle
armor, the first thing that the person had to do was to communicate with his own battle armor metals. However, because they came from his two-word battle armor, they already had an intimacy with the person. Although this process was long and arduous, it was still feasible. Blacksmiths, however,
could save themselves the trouble of this process.

After the Soul Refining process had started, Tang Wulin obviously behaved more cautiously. Every strike of the hammer was heavy, and his strong bloodline wave was infused into the metal without reservation. He did not
show any sign of weakening his strikes.

As time went on, golden color imbued by the hammer strikes on the block of Heavy Silver took longer and longer to fade. It reached a point where the golden color had not completely faded from the previous strike before Tang Wulin’s second hammer strike had already landed.

Gradually, the Heavy Silver maintained its golden hue. Tang Wulin swung his hammers mechanically, and the speed at which he struck started slowing down.

“Clang! Ding!”

Suddenly, when Tang Wulin struck the Heavy Silver, a crisp resonating sound came from its interior.

When he heard this sound, Mu Chen’s body shook abruptly.

Resonance! This seemed like an ordinary thing. The other six Shrek Seven Monsters, who were not blacksmiths, they did not even pay the sound much attention. However, to his ears, it was as if he had heard the most wonderful sound in the world.

He knew all too well what this meant.

How difficult was Soul Refining? Resonance signified a progressive
success of the Soul Refinement! This signified that the various energies he had infused into the metal’s interior had been combined and could support the refining from the inside.

The help this brought was immense!

Many rank-6 blacksmiths could never reach this stage at any point in their lives. This was also the most difficult part of Soul Refinement! Soul
Refinement Resonance also signified the understanding the blacksmith had regarding the rare metal. It showed that all the preparatory works before this were not in vain.

Tang Wulin’s expression remained unchanged as he continued with his forging. As expected, every strike of the metal rang out in resonation, and the resonance grew in clarity.

Mu Xi’s eyes widened.

‘He-he can’t have already been able to…’

She had thought that she had already gotten close to him. However, if he had taken that step, then he would no longer be someone that she could compare herself to.

Mu Chen had told Mu Xi before, if Mu Xi continued to work hard and kept her quick rate of progress, she could attempt to break through to the rank of a Saint Craftsman by the time she was thirty.

However, what about Tang Wulin? He was only nineteen years old now! He could already achieve Spirit Refinement Resonance. She, on the other hand, had not even touched the door of Soul Refinement Resonance. It was impossible for everyone’s blood essence and soul power to be
exactly the same. This was also the case for spiritual power. That was why it was only possible to teach another person the feeling of a Soul
Refinement Resonance. There were no techniques to be taught. It had to be experienced and understood by the blacksmith himself.

Mu Xi was currently in this process. However, she had never expected that Tang Wulin was already this far ahead of her. He was already able to master the most difficult part.

Chapter 789 - Half Step Soul Refinement

Chapter 789: Half Step Soul Refinement

What would come next? It was Soul Refinement Solidification. Once the solidification was done, the Soul Refinement would be seventy percent
complete. Then, it would be the final soul summoning when completed would mean that the Soul Refinement was a success.

Without a doubt, Heavy Silver was one of the most easily forged rare metals. However, if a block of Soul Refined Heavy Silver was available, it would be sold at a whopping price! This was because when it reached the level of Soul Refinement, a rare metal was no longer a mere rare metal. It would be a true heaven and earth treasure!

The pace at which Tang Wulin’s hammers fell quickened. His blood essence power was formidable. There was no sign of it weakening at this point in time. The golden haze around his body had grown denser instead.

The Heavy Silver had completely turned golden. Roars of dragons resounded all around. It was the distinct sound of the Soul Refinement Resonance. This meant that everything was progressing well.

Suddenly, the block of golden Heavy Silver rocked fiercely. Then, it surprisingly leaped from the forging table.

This was…

“Be careful, it’s the tremor of life. It wants to run away!”

For a metal which was given life, once its life level stimulated by Soul
Refinement hits a certain threshold, it would have its own intelligence. At this moment, it was flustered and did not want to be controlled by anyone. Hence, it would want to run away. Once it broke free from the blacksmith’s control, the soul which had just been raised had not yet solidified. The soul would then disperse at blinding speed, and the metal would return to its
state of being Spirit Forged. From then on, it would be impossible for the block of metal to undergo Soul Refinement ever again.

Tang Wulin was in no hurry. He shouted coldly, “Come back!”

With his yell, the third golden soul ring on his body flashed suddenly. The block of golden Heavy Silver trembled. With a clang, it returned to the forging table.

Golden Dragon Roar!

This Heavy Silver already contained Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura. How powerful the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline was. Intimidated by Tang Wulin, this block of Heavy Silver no longer ran away but returned to him.

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. He raised his heavy hammers in both of his hands again which dropped down brazenly. He started the next phase, Soul Solidification!

Tang Wulin’s eyes turned from golden to a purplish-gold. With every swing of his hammer, he decreased the release of his bloodline aura but increased his release of spiritual power. Two-foot-long purplish-golden light beams
shot out strongly from his eyes. He used the Purple Demon Eye’s spiritual assault on the metal.

The magnitude of the golden Heavy Silver’s tremble immediately diminished. After it was controlled by the combined strengths of the
spiritual assault and forging, the golden color on its surface began to seep into its interior. The patterns which had appeared before this began resurfacing as well.

However, they were no longer simple lines. Instead, they were diamond-
shaped, life-like scales. They looked identical to the scales on Tang Wulin’s body.

Both father and daughter, Mu Chen and Mu Xi’s breathing became heavy. His Soul Solidification also seemed to be progressing smoothly. With this momentum, there was a good chance that he could complete Soul Refinement!

Even if he had only completed Soul Refinement once, Tang Wulin would be officially promoted from a rank-6 to a rank-7 blacksmith. He would then be a new Saint Craftsman.

Even in Shrek Academy, there was only a single Saint Craftsman, Feng Wuyu. Once Tang Wulin become a Saint Craftsman, his social standing on Douluo Continent would no longer be the same. He would truly be among the cream of society. He could even be the president of a large city’s blacksmith’s association.

What was more outstanding was that he was only nineteen years old. He would have ample opportunity to continue improving himself to reach the ranks of a Divine Craftsman.

To know just how important Zhen Hua’s social standing was on the
Continent, even the federal assembly, Spirit Pagoda, and Shrek Academy dared not get on the wrong side of him.

For instance, when Zhen Hua was attacked by an assassin previously, Spirit Pagoda and the Federation launched a joint effort attack to eliminate him.
The evil soul master was never heard from again and had completely disappeared from the scene to this day. It was apparent what a Saint Craftsman signified to the Soul Masters’ world.

More golden dragon scales appeared until the whole Heavy Silver was
covered with them. The golden haze started to subside and the Heavy Silver began to flicker rhythmically.

The solidification was a success! Mu Chen could not restrain himself as he swung his arm around forcefully.

Be it the Soul Refinement Resonance or Soul Refinement Solidification, these two processes were extremely difficult to carry out. Although the final process of soul summoning was equally difficult, it could be practiced over time. Tang Wulin was still forging, and he continued to solidify the metal. The blood essence wave on his body finally weakened.

However, at this moment, Tang Wulin dared not pause even for a second.

The reason why he chose to use his blood essence power to complete Soul Refinement and not his own soul power was because his soul power was insufficient!

For an ordinary Soul Refinement, the entire process would at least require a seven-ring cultivation base. This was what Tang Wulin obviously lacked.
His blood essence power was not equal to the powers of seven rings.
However, his bloodline was the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. When one’s rank was high enough, it would be easier for blood essence power to be fused and controlled compared to soul power during the process of Soul Refinement. For instance, the process of Soul Refinement Resonance. If he relied on his soul power to refine, Tang Wulin could not do it with his
current strengths. However, he could do it with his blood essence power alone.

That was where the difference lay!

Both his hammers dropped down. Amidst a crisp ‘Ding!’, brilliant golden light suddenly burst forth from the Heavy Silver. There was a faint dragon- shaped halo which circled the metal amidst the golden light.

Tang Wulin dared not slack off. He drew a deep breath. With a soft yell, his entire aura intensified. His eyes shone! His hands shook slightly and his pair of Heavy Silver Hammers took turns in striking the metal before him. Shortly after, a loud and clear dragon’s roar sounded from his body. His first golden soul ring shone brightly. It was precisely the Golden Dragon Body.

Soul summoning was a process during which the blacksmith infuses his own energy into the metal during the forging process to summon the Soul Refined metal and establish some sort of bilateral communication. It was only now that the soul within the metal could be regarded as being fully
activated. A Spirit Refining with life energy was like a plant. On the other hand, a Soul Refinement with a soul would make the metal behave as if it was a soul beast. This was true Soul Refinement.

Once Soul Refinement was a success, the metal would turn into a living being. That was the mysterious part which was also why Soul Refinement was such a difficult process.

The excited and indignant dragon’s roar resounded within the forging room. The block of metal let out a ceaseless buzz. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s brows appeared knitted together.

The process of soul summoning was truly difficult. In fact, he had not tried this often. Before this, he had only succeeded twice or thrice in completing the two processes of Soul Refinement Resonance and Soul Refinement Solidification as he had done today.

There was no way to teach another person soul summoning. This was because everyone’s forging process was different. This was a process that
could only be experienced by oneself and could never be taught. The person could only feel it for himself.


The golden Heavy Silver shook, then, it suddenly quietened down. Tang Wulin looked dejected. He had failed.
There was only a brief window of time to carry out soul summoning. After Soul Solidification was completed, the metal’s soul would be active for a
short instant. If the blacksmith succeeded in transcending it via soul summoning at this moment, then he would have completed Soul
Refinement. It would transform into a brand-new life form with a metallic body. If this could not be done, it would stabilize at the status of Soul
Refinement Solidification.

The golden Heavy Silver covered in scales glowed faintly with golden light, a sign of its high intelligence. Unfortunately, in the end, it was unable to transform into a complete life form akin to a soul beast.

A big hand grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder strongly. “You’ve done your best. Don’t give yourself too much pressure.”

Tang Wulin turned to look. He saw Mu Chen smile.

“If you truly succeed in carrying out Soul Refinement, I’ll be ashamed to carry on being the president. Since you were able to achieve solidification,
this metal could already be regarded as being half-step soul refined. Even if your master uncle knew about this, he’ll definitely give you a thumbs up. It had only been a few short years, but you already have a foothold to becoming a Saint Craftsman. Our judgments were not wrong. If you keep at this rate of progress, you’ll most certainly be a Divine Craftsman of the future generation.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Teacher, you’ve praised me too much. I
still have many shortcomings. I haven’t even touched the threshold of soul summoning. The few steps which preceded it expends too much of my
energy. I rarely get to proceed to the final step. Besides, every time I reach this step, I’d always be short of energy.”

Mu Chen said in a deep voice, “Forging lies in accumulation. Of the three great hurdles of Soul Refinement, the most difficult to overcome is actually the first hurdle, Soul Refinement Resonance. This truly can’t be attained by hard work alone. What you need is luck and natural talent. Blacksmiths
who went through this, given enough time to accumulate, most certainly end up as Saint Craftsmen. And you… you even managed to do Soul
Refinement Solidification. What you need now is time and the
accumulation of experience of Soul Refinement. Also, continue to improve your cultivation base. The higher your cultivation base, which includes your spiritual power as well, the feeling you’ll have when you’re summoning the metal’s soul will be more obvious. You’ll become a Saint Craftsman. From the looks of things, it’s only a matter of time.”

Chapter 790 - Take Care, Wulin

Chapter 790: Take Care, Wulin

Tang Wulin nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you, teacher. Teacher, in your opinion, how much can I sell this block of Heavy Silver for?”

Mu Xi could not help but curled her lips at the side, “You haven’t changed at all in this regard. Have you grown into a money grubber already?” She did not know what Tang Wulin and the others required for their current mission.

Mu Chen shot his daughter a glare. Then, he chuckled. “Why would you
sell it? I’ll keep this block of Half Step Soul Refined metal in my collection. You’re my most outstanding disciple, I’ll flaunt this piece of metal at the headquarters. I think even your uncle master will be terribly envious.
Hahaha! Since you’ve reached the stage of Half Step Soul Refinement, you’re already qualified to give your own metal a name.”

Tang Wulin’s heart moved. He hastily said, “Teacher, why don’t you think of a name for it?”

Mu Chen looked at Tang Wulin with shock. For a Saint Craftsman, naming one’s own metal was an extremely glorious event. It was rare for one to give this honor to others.

Although he saw Tang Wulin’s sincerity, Mu Chen was still hesitant.
However, Tang Wulin had already said, “Teacher, I won’t be standing here today if it weren’t for your teachings and guidance. Please don’t turn me down.”

Mu Chen laughed. “Alright, alright, alright! There’s nothing that makes me happier than this. Well then, let teacher think of a name for you. I see that dragon scales covered this Heavy Silver you refined, why not call it
Dragonscale Heavy Silver! After this, all your Soul Refined metals will be known by the name Dragonscale. How about that? There’s the character of ‘lin’ from ‘Qilin’ in your name. That counts as a homophonic character.”


From this moment on, all of Tang Wulin’s future metals of Half Step Soul Refined level and above would have their own names. A Heavy Silver
would be named Dragonscale Heavy Silver, Dragonscale Essence Gold, and so forth.

Once a rare metal got its own name, its value would become unimaginably high. Besides, the special properties of every Saint Craftsman’s Soul
Refined metal were different. Not every Soul Master could use the Soul Refined metals from a single Saint Craftsman.

Tang Wulin’s Soul Refined metal was infused with his Golden Dragon
King’s bloodline. Once it was truly and completely Soul Refined, it would be of the highest grade in the Saint Craftsmen’s world. That was how high its quality would be. It would be suitable for all Battle Armor Masters. It would be especially suitable for assault system and strength system Battle Soul Masters.

Tang Wulin had carried out some experiments before this. The metals
which were Half Step Soul Refined by him could even resist the imposing pressure from his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura. This was because they shared the same roots.

In the future, if his comrades wore battle armors crafted from his
Dragonscale metals, he could at least make sure that they would not be affected by his bloodline aura during a battle.

Mu Chen gave Tang Wulin five hundred Federation Coins. That would be enough to cover all their expenses throughout their journey. If he had truly wanted to sell the Dragonscale Heavy Metal, its value would have certainly been more than that. Furthermore, this was only a Half Step Soul Refined metal. In any case, Mu Chen had bought this metal to keep as a collectible. It was significantly different! “Senior disciple sister, I’ll be taking my leave.” Tang Wulin waved at Mu Xi who had walked them out the door.

Even though Mu Xi had never quite warmed up to him, she would still walk Tang Wulin and his comrades all the way to the door when it was time for them to leave.

As she looked at Tang Wulin who waved at her with a smile, Mu Xi bit her lower lip. Suddenly, she rushed forward and gave him a hug.

Tang Wulin was shocked by her action. Mu Xi’s slightly sobbing voice reached his ear, “Take care, Wulin.”

Mu Xi did not wait for his reply when she let go of him. She ran back to the Blacksmith’s Association in a hurry.

Her fragrance lingered, but a deep sense of loss surfaced within him. This sense of loss was not merely due to their parting, it was also because Tang
Wulin suddenly felt, at this moment, that he was no longer a young teen nor was he a child anymore. He was already an adult. The youth of his teenage years were gone for good while the responsibilities were growing heavier.

“You hate to part with her?” Xie Xie snickered beside Tang Wulin’s ear. Tang Wulin smacked his head angrily.
A 20-seater minibus halted in front of them. It was the transportation Mu Chen had arranged specifically for them. It would send them directly to the soul train station.

Truth be told, Tang Wulin had a natural dislike toward soul trains. It was because the few incidents he encountered while taking the soul trains had left him speechless.

However, he could not deny that soul trains were currently the quickest means of transportation for them to get to the military training venue.

The academy had set the time for their arrival, and from Elder Cai’s tone and expression when she last spoke to them, he could tell that it would not be easy for them to get to their destination. Naturally, it would be best if they could save some time during the early stages of their journey.

Moreover, they were no longer teenagers. Everyone was a one-word Battle Armor Master. They were seven one-word Battle Armor Masters in total! Their combined battle strengths were exceedingly powerful.

After thinking it through, Tang Wulin made the decision to take the soul express train.

They arrived at the soul train station and bought their tickets. Tang Wulin did not utilize his special rights. He bought a ticket and boarded the train.
The train had not started moving when Tang Wulin’s breathing became slow and sluggish.

The seats were arranged in pairs on one side. Tang Wulin sat together with Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi with Ye Xinglan, while Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and Xu Xiaoyan sat on the other side where there were three seats in a row.

When Yue Zhengyu heard Tang Wulin’s sluggish breathing sounds, he
could not help taking a peek. He was surprised that Tang Wulin had already fallen asleep.

He was definitely exhausted. Six months of cultivation in the academy was truly tiring. In addition to that, there was the Soul Refinement which he
attempted just now. Tang Wulin was not only tired physically but mentally as well.

He sat beside the window deep in his sleep. His handsome face appeared serene, his long eyelashes distinct on his lowered eyelids. Even when he was sound asleep, he still looked good.

Yue Zhengyu glanced at Tang Wulin. He sat there and started spacing out.

Throughout these six months, he too felt tired. Ever since he was rejected by Xu Xiaoyan at the Sea God Lake Date Festival, he had changed quite a bit. The letdown had affected him greatly. After he helped Tang Wulin search for Gu Yue in vain, he did not step out his room for a whole month. He
secluded himself in his room and felt ashamed to face anyone. The pride in his heart would not allow him such a defeat.

Gradually, he began to understand what his problems were during that fateful day. Nevertheless, his pride was unwilling to admit the mistake.

From the beginning until the end, he thought that Xu Xiaoyan would still come to see him, to give him an opportunity to explain himself.

However, it did not turn out that way. Half a year had gone by and Xu Xiaoyan had not come to meet him. The both of them seemed to have grown apart.

He would not have been in so much pain if he did not like her so much. This could not have been truer for Yue Zhengyu. He had truly fallen for Xu Xiaoyan. He had fallen for the young lady who was eccentric but gentle as a lamb.

However, the Holy Angel Clan’s pride had stopped him from apologizing. That was what pained him the most.

Yue Zhengyu sat there blankly. Perhaps, he should find an opportunity during this outing to have a good talk with her.

He subconsciously turned to look at Xu Xiaoyan. He noticed with surprise that Xu Xiaoyan was also looking at him. Their eyes met. Both of them instinctively avoided the other’s gaze.

There and then, there was an indescribable urge in Yue Zhengyu’s heart. He stood up suddenly.

He crossed the aisle and walked to the side of the three-seaters. Xie Xie sat on the outermost seat with Yuanen Yehui beside him. Xu Xiaoyan sat nearest to the window. Yue Zhengyu said to Yuanen Yehui, “Yuanen, can I swap seats with you for now? I have something to say to Xu Xiaoyan.”

“Hey!” Without waiting for Yuanen Yehui to reply, Xie Xie had looked at Yue Zhengyu with a slight dissatisfaction. However, when he saw the depressed look in Yue Zhengyu’s eyes, he got up feeling a little helpless.

Yuanen Yehui said nothing. She stood up and went to sit beside Tang Wulin.
Xie Xie simply stood beside her. He gave up his seat to Yue Zhengyu as well.

Xu Xiaoyan heard Yue Zhengyu’s voice. She raised her head, glanced at him, but immediately turned her head toward the window.
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