The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 771-780

Chapter 771 - Silver Dragon Scale

Chapter 771: Silver Dragon Scale

“I can tell that she loves you too. Then why did she leave in such an
abstruse manner?” Xu Mi’er spoke coldly, “It’s no more than your inability to make her feel secure. You’re not powerful enough yet! Shrek Academy may be powerful but the academy is neutral. There must be some powerful enemy she needs to face, yet she refuses to incriminate you, that’s why she left. Am I right?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. Xu Mi’er’s wild guess hit its mark regarding the situation at hand.

“Since it’s this reason, then it’s your problem. Whose problem is it that you’re not strong enough? You wish to look for her, but you must first become more powerful. Otherwise, even if you manage to find her, she’ll still leave you again when she has no other choice. You suffer because of your weakness. When you’re powerful enough, who else in the world is capable of seizing your lover?”

Xu Mi’er’s voice sounded tough and mocking, but it felt like a sledgehammer that pounded his heart ferociously.

‘Yes! Why did she leave? It’s precisely because I’m not powerful enough!’ “However, Na’er…”
Xu Mi’er spoke in disdain, “Na’er? She’s going to be fine even if you’re not. Don’t you know anything about a two-word Battle Armor Master’s power? How about you? You’re only a four-ring. What’s the point of
worrying over this? Look at you, you’re good for nothing except for your good looks. You’re just like a pewter spearhead that shines like silver – impressive but useless. I really don’t understand why there are so many females fond of you.” “Hey, you’re not allowed to call him that.” Dai Yun’er was furious with Xu Mi’er.

Xu Mi’er spoke earnestly, “Foolish little girl. When you’re looking for a man, look for a man capable of protecting you. I wouldn’t even take him if he were given to me for free. Bye.”

She smacked Long Yue who was at her side as she was saying that. Then, she turned around and left.

Long Yue did not have much sympathy for Tang Wulin. He could not help feeling an intense joy as he listened to Xu Mi’er scolding Tang Wulin in rage.

After Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s date ended yesterday, Long Yue finally
chose Xu Mi’er. He could not believe himself either as he had just met Xu Mi’er recently after all!

However, he felt he made the right choice the more he thought about it. Xu Mi’er was frank and upright. She advocated one’s individual strength and power. Did he not possess strength the most? He fancied Xu Mi’er for being a girl who appeared hot-tempered but was actually exquisite within.

“Mi’er, wait for me.” Long Yue chased after her in quick strides.

“Mi’er, were you acquainted with Tang Wulin in the past?” Long Yue asked.

Xu Mi’er darted a look at him. “I wasn’t. Why would I be acquainted with a coward like him? Women today are all face-worshippers, but what’s the point of having a good-looking face? I’m a pragmatic person. Even though you look ugly, you’re a tough guy.”

Long Yue’s expression stiffened instantaneously. “Are you complimenting me?”

Xu Mi’er glared at him. “Of course! What do you think?” Long Yue gave a forced smile. “You probably know my story, right? The story about how the Shrek Seven Monsters defeated us in the Star Luo Empire’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite

Xu Mi’er nodded. “Yes. I thought that was exaggerated initially, but after battling you yesterday, I think Gu Yue and the others are quite capable.”

Long Yue spoke, “Gu Yue wasn’t the leader of the team at the time.”

Xu Mi’er was stunned for a moment. “Oh? I’m not that interested in this matter. If it wasn’t Gu Yue, then who was it?” She had no idea regarding this because, as an inner court disciple, she spent most of her time in
closed-door cultivation and studied her soul devices.

“It was the guy you called a coward earlier. I was a six-ring, two-word Battle Armor Master then. Both he and Gu Yue weren’t even one-word
Battle Armor Masters although they were both four-ring. They joined forces and defeated me. Even though I’m unwilling to admit it, I must say that
Tang Wulin isn’t a coward. He’s rather powerful. I feel threatened by him despite being a seven-ring myself.”


Dai Yun’er told Tang Wulin eagerly, “Don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know how powerful you are.”

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile while shaking his head. “She’s right, you know. In the final analysis, I’m not powerful enough. That’s why I’m incapable of protecting them. Thus, both of them left me. Aren’t I a failure?”

Dai Yun’er grabbed his arm. “Don’t you ever think like that. You still have me by your side even if both of them are gone. I’ll never leave you. I’ll
always stay and accompany you as long as you’re willing.” Tang Wulin shook his head. “Yun’er, you’re a nice girl. However, I already explained during the Sea God Lake Date Festival earlier. There is no space for a second person in my heart, at least not right now. However, don’t
worry. I won’t sink into depression because of this incident. There are still many things for me to do. They left, so I’ll look for them. Senior Mi’er is right. They’re powerful enough to protect themselves under normal
circumstances. I need to improve myself because I’m weak. I must elevate my power as soon as possible. I’ll certainly look for them when I’m powerful enough.”

Tang Wulin had always been a tenacious person, especially when he faced a difficult situation.

He suffered a great blow this time. He had just returned when the two people most important to him left. However, Xu Mi’er’s words awakened him. Despite suffering from the excruciating pain in his heart, he brought himself to undertake the number one priority which was to elevate his power.

At this point, Tang Wulin stood up. “Yun’er, I’m heading to the inner court now. I’ll pull myself together. You’ll always be my friend. However, we can never be lovers. I’m sorry.”

Tang Wulin dashed in the inner court’s direction upon saying this. He did not wish to hurt her but he needed to get the message across to Dai Yun’er. Otherwise, he would only cause further misunderstanding later on.

Dai Yun’er stood there in a daze as she watched him leave. There were mixed feelings in her heart.

Tang Wulin’s place in the dormitory had already been assigned but the dormitory was not on Sea God’s Island. Na’er’s departure had infuriated Atlas Douluo Yun Ming. Even though he did not punish Tang Wulin, he would not treat him well either.

The inner court’s academic building was large while the dormitory space behind it was vast. The number of inner court disciples was fewer than the outer court’s. Hence, there were always enough places in the dormitory even with everyone assigned to a room each.

Tang Wulin returned to his room and removed his clothes in a jiffy before entering the bathroom.

It had been a few days since he last took a shower. He wished to cleanse his body and take a good rest before he began to focus his energy into elevating his power.

He would work hard to elevate himself since he could not find them for the time being. While waiting for their return, he would practice to become
even more powerful. Tang Wulin believed that Na’er and Gu Yue would
certainly return. Perhaps, he would look for them instead when he became more powerful.

At the moment, it would be meaningless for him to go searching blindly. Xu Mi’er was right about how he was the cause as he was not powerful enough.

He revived the goal in his heart once again. His strength at the moment was barely powerful enough. He needed an even more potent power.

He turned on the tap in the bathroom. Just as Tang Wulin was preparing to wash himself, he was astonished to find a necklace around his neck.

He had been in an agonizing and self-deprecating state for the past few days. He was not even aware of the necklace until now.

The necklace was a fine silver chain and there was a pendant hanging from it. The oval-shaped pendant was the size of a pigeon egg. It was made of
silver and dazzling with fine striations on its surface. This was obviously a silver dragon scale. From his knowledge of the Dragon Clan’s aura in the Dragon Valley, he recognized the dragon scale to be from his very own bloodline! ‘Did Gu Yue leave this behind for me?’

Tang Wulin carefully removed the pendant. His gaze appeared bedazzled. He felt as if Gu Yue was standing before him as he touched the pendant for some unknown reason. He placed it close to his eyes for a better look and discovered that the pendant was not truly flat. It bulged a little on one side while the reverse side was concave. It appeared to be similar to a tiny shield. There was a total of four layers of striations on the scale with each layer overlapping another making it appear multi-dimensional. All the striations curved
upward. With just a faint glimmer of light shining onto the scale, it would reflect a radiance that appeared holographic.

Tang Wulin spun the scale subconsciously and shone the reflected radiance against the wall. It formed into the shape of a tiny dragon and was
exceptionally peculiar.

‘Gu Yue loves me. She left because she had no other choice.’

The sadness in Tang Wulin’s eyes gradually faded and was replaced with a determined look.

One was most worried when one’s love for another was not being reciprocated in a relationship. However, when Tang Wulin saw the pendant, he knew this was not the case.

Chapter 772 - Wait For Me, Gu Yue!

Chapter 772: Wait For Me, Gu Yue!

‘Gu Yue’s departure was compelled by circumstances, otherwise, she would not be in so much pain. Senior Xu Mi’er was right, my inability to keep her was because I’m not powerful enough.’

He instinctively clenched the silver scale in his palm and felt its sharp
edges. Tang Wulin took a deep breath. He would first set his mind on being more powerful.

‘Gu Yue, wait for me. I’ll surely accompany you as we go through whatever difficulty that lies before us. Wait for me to become powerful!’

At this point, Tang Wulin picked up his soul communicator and dialed a number.

“Xinglan, do you mind coming over to my place? At the same time, please tell everyone that there’s no need to look for her anymore. We’ve searched wherever we could for the past few days. We’ll never find her if she’s
avoiding us intentionally.”

She gazed into the distance where the white mist was vast and hazy.

Gu Yue stood over there quietly. She was on a platform suspended at a high altitude. Behind her was the Spirit Pagoda towering above all else.

This was the highest point of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. It was known as the Cloudrise Platform.

She had been standing here for a very long time. Her right hand was placed before her chest all along with something in her palm. “Even though it’s very painful, why do I like this pain? Is this love?”

She had already regained her initial appearance with black hair and ebony eyes. She was wearing a long white dress. One could tell from the golden striations along the seams of her dress and the badge on her chest that she had been promoted to a very high rank within the Spirit Pagoda.

She slowly opened her palm. A shimmering golden piece of a diamond- shaped scale was in the middle of her palm. It was threaded with a fine golden chain. The pattern on the scale was striking with four overlapping layers. One side of the scale was concave making it appear like a tiny

She hung it around her neck carefully, then pushed it along her collar into the spot that was closest to her body.

The direction that she was gazing at was the location of Shrek Academy. “Why? Can’t bear to part with it?” a gentle voice echoed behind her back.
Gu Yue turned around swiftly. Without even taking a look at the person, she saluted respectfully. “Teacher.”

Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu walked slowly to her side. “Shrek is truly an attractive place. Since you’ve already chosen to leave, don’t regret it. You’re finding it hard to part with the academy, or is it someone?”

Gu Yue’s body shuddered. “You know?”

Heavenly Phoenix Douluo smiled. “How can I not know? That was the Sea God Lake Date Festival! I was once…”

At this point, she paused. There was disappointment reflected on her charming face.

“I don’t understand why chose to leave. He should be outstanding to be fancied by you. I’ve seen him before. He is truly an exceptional talent. You should try to talk him into joining us.” Gu Yue smiled bitterly as she shook her head. “I don’t wish to make things difficult for him. He’s already with Tang Sect. If I had not left, I think the possibility of me joining Tang Sect because of him would be greater than the possibility of him joining us. You know my ambition. I won’t be bogged down by love.”

There was a sense of approval in Heavenly Phoenix Douluo’s eyes, but also sadness at the same time. “Child, you’re shouldering a burden that’s too heavy even for you. Although I’m gratified to witness all this, but you may never get a second chance when it comes to love. Moreover, your path has already been paved according to our plan. When you’re standing at the
continent’s peak one day, perhaps you’ll realize that there’s a gap between you and him. By then, it’ll be impossible for both of you to be together
again. You’re still young, Teacher will not reproach you if you choose to spend some time with him now.”

Gu Yue suddenly shook her head rapidly. “It’s okay. Teacher, my heart is not as determined as you imagine. I’m afraid that it’s going to be very difficult for me to make up my mind if I were to continue our relationship.”

Leng Yaozhu sighed. “Alright. Then, please carry out our plan. There are four opponents which you’ll be facing. Each of them is a Spirit Pagoda genius. Defeat them and you’ll become the number one successor in line for Spirit Pagoda’s future Pagoda Master. Each time you lose, you’ll drop a position in the succession line. In the weeks to follow, Teacher will put more pressure on you to elevate your potential. However, I believe that you’re the best. After all, in the history of Spirit Pagoda, you’re the only person whose spiritual power has reached the peak of spirit abyss before you’re even twenty years old. Once you’ve achieved your breakthrough, your world will be boundless like the sea and heaven. You’ll become a Title Douluo before you turn thirty for sure.”

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin stared at the pieces of battle armor shimmering with faint golden radiance on the console table before him as he expressed his heartfelt appreciation to Ye Xinglan. His comrades were all by his side at present.

Not only Tang Wulin but the rest of his comrades had been dedicated to searching for Gu Yue in the past few days.

Xie Xie grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “Big brother, don’t be sad. There must be something very important Gu Yue had to attend to. She’ll come back for sure.”

“Hmm. I know that she’ll be back for sure. Thus, I’m going to make myself more powerful. Otherwise, how can I walk by her side if I’m far behind?”
Tang Wulin’s mouth cracked into a faint smile. At least in the eyes of his comrades, he appeared the same as before.

Yuanen Yehui was relieved. “You’re always so strong and courageous as the battle progresses. This is where you’re better than me.”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “I think that you’ll need to condition yourself first before you perform the fusion.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. I’m not that fragile. If even the fusion of the one-word Battle Armor is difficult for me, then how am I still worthy to be your captain?”

The items that were placed on the console table was the entire set of one- word Battle Armor. These were all forged by Ye Xinglan personally over the years. All his battle armors had already been prepared and only lacked only in the fusion process.

When the battle armor was fused, he could finally become a one-word Battle Armor Master. This was once his long cherished goal. However,
there was only a faint smile on his face and not excitement at this moment.

Tang Wulin first picked up his cuirass as he was speaking. The cuirass was the largest piece of battle armor and was the core battle armor. The cuirass was compact covered with a rectangular plate on each of its two sides. It was a one-piece design,and it felt extremely heavy in his hands. Tang Wulin announced, “Please take a few steps back.”

The group of people hastily backed away so he could have some space.

In the next moment, they could see Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened as intense golden radiance shot out of his eyes. Strong blood essence fluctuation flared up in a split second in a solid-like manner.

Xie Xie reacted most strongly to what was happening. He gave out a muffled snort while taking a step back subconsciously. His face turned pale as he fell to the ground. The battle armor inside his body was unleashed and covered his entire body swiftly. Only then did he regain his composure, but he could not help gasping in astonishment.

It was not only him, but the rest of the people reacted differently as well. They could only feel a gush of incomparably powerful force bursting forth from Tang Wulin’s body abruptly. It had that incredible imposing force of a superior on an inferior. The sensation became more intense as the thick golden mist surged out from his body.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were in the best condition among them. They had only backed away a step while the others back-pedaled at least two

The expression on everyone’s face was one of shock.

After all, everyone on the scene had a cultivation base higher than Tang Wulin. They were all five-ring Soul King powerhouses and one-word Battle Armor Masters!

In spite of the disparity between their powers, the bloodline aura of Tang Wulin was capable of making them feel a strong and irresistible presence much to their surprise.

Chapter 773 - One-Word Battle Armor Fusion... Complete!

Chapter 773: One-Word Battle Armor Fusion… Complete!

It had been three years, and it seemed like his soul power had not elevated at all, but then why was the imposing manner of his body so much thicker than before?

If they were to find out that Tang Wulin had been meditating within the Dragon Clan in the Dragon Valley all along, and that he was using the dragon spirit, which had naturally formed every time he was exhausted from burying dragons, to replenish himself, they would no longer be so shocked.

It was true that Tang Wulin’s soul power had not increased by much. On the other hand, his bloodline power was nourished in a way that he had never
experienced in the past three years.

The genuine, pure dragon power continuously strengthened his body to the point where even he was unaware of what his bloodline power was capable of achieving.

Indeed, there was no doubt that even Long Yue, who possessed the
Mountain Dragon King martial soul, was completely suppressed by his aura.

His bloodline was elevated to such a level even before he could begin to truly reveal the Golden Dragon King aura.

Four golden soul rings arose from underneath Tang Wulin’s feet in
succession and spun around his body. The golden mist that burst forth from him slowly seeped into his cuirass. His cuirass immediately began to emit a dazzling glow. Its faint golden gloss rapidly turned brilliant. Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter until the dense mist rolled up around his body, three meters thick in diameter. All the golden battle armor pieces on the console table began to
shake slightly. The pieces then began to float in midair one by one as they surrounded Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin raised his head as golden scales slowly emerged and rapidly
covered his entire body, followed by his original rerebraces and pauldrons. “Absorb!” Tang Wulin shouted aloud.
All the armor seemed to be consumed by that gold mist and transformed into streams of golden light that fused into his body in a split second.
Within just a few breaths, the battle armor had merged with his body. The one-word battle armor was completely absorbed!
Light golden battle armor covered his entire body. The patterns on it were not excessive, but there was a faint dragon design with sharp blades protruding from his arms and shoulders. A faint scale pattern emerged on the surface of the battle armor when Tang Wulin’s blood essence surged.

The helmet covered his whole head. There were protrusions like dragon horns on both sides of the helmet with a crest line extending ever so slightly in the middle of the helmet. A golden mask shielded Tang Wulin’s face, revealing only his eyes that were glowing with gold light.

The most prominent features of the battle armor were the pair of dragon horns on the helmet and also the protrusions that appeared on the two sides of his forearms and calves. These had sharp edges and appeared rather
similar to the shape of dragon horns. There was a peculiar texture to the faint golden light blended with the shimmering radiance from his face mask.

Tang Wulin could feel as something was added to his body in a split second, but they seemed to turn into a part of his body instantly. His soul power and bloodline infused into the armor before flowing back to his body once again. He felt as if his entire physique had grown larger. That enormous amplification made him wish that he could find a location to vent his feelings.

“You need to familiarize yourself with the battle armor’s strength. Shall we go to the sparring arena?” Ye Xinglan asked Tang Wulin.

“Yes!” Tang Wulin wished to try it out as well, to find out how powerful he was after he donned the battle armor.

The inner court had its own sparring arena that was different from the outer court. One would need to pay a fee to access the outer court’s sparring arena while there was no need in the inner court. One could access it at any time
as long as no one was using it. After all, it was extremely important for the students who had achieved a certain cultivation base to elevate themselves using the sparring arena. Actual combat experience was even more important than one’s soul power on many occasions, especially for Shrek Academy’s students.

There was no doubt that the strength of the inner court’s sparring arena far exceeded the outer court’s, especially the strength of its protective shield.

The thick protective shield also covered the ground beneath their feet. Even though it did not feel as comfortable stepping onto the soul energy, but it
would ensure that the arena was damaged as little as possible.

Xu Lizhi stood on the outside of the sparring arena while the rest of the people stood inside.

“Who’s up first?” Tang Wulin looked toward his companions.

Ye Xinglan was about to speak when Yuanen Yehui had already taken a step forward by her side. “I’ll go first.”

“Sure!” Yuanen Yehui was the strongest among them when it came to her soul power and cultivation base. “I’ve already achieved rank-57 soul power. Be careful,” Yuanen Yehui warned Tang Wulin.

Her speed of advancing ten ranks in three years did not seem to be swift enough. However, her rank-57 soul power was already rather shocking.

Back when Long Yue was twenty years old, he was only slightly over rank- 60.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Alright.”

They were fifty meters apart while the rest of the crowd fell back a distance. Xie Xie could not help shouting, “Big brother, can you please be gentle!”

“Shut up,” Yuanen Yehui spoke unpleasantly.

Xie Xie sniggered. “I’m concerned about you, you see.”

Yuanen Yehui did not acknowledge him anymore. Light flashed past her eyes as she swiftly unleashed her martial soul. The glow of her soul rings arose rapidly with two purple and three black rings. There was no doubt that her elevation was not only in her soul power but overall. She was
absolutely considered hyper-powerful at a Soul King’s level.

As Tang Wulin was wearing one-word battle armor on his body, Yuanen Yehui unleashed her battle armor as well without the slightest hesitation. The yellow battle armor as dense as the ground covered her entire body.
After her success in collecting a set, the color of her battle armor was slightly deeper than when Tang Wulin first saw it on the Star Luo

There was nothing she could do about this. After all, Yuanen Yehui also possessed the Fallen Angel martial soul herself, but she could only own one set of battle armor. She would need to harmonize the interplay of her two martial souls as best as she could when she was making the battle armor.
Hence, her battle armor had both earth and darkness attributes. Her battle armor would switch between states voluntarily when she was using different martial souls. This was actually a flaw because the
amplification effect on each martial soul was slightly lesser than ordinary one-word battle armor in order to compromise for having more than one.

This was the reason why Yuanen Yehui was always a loyal supporter of
spirit alloy one-word battle armor all along, because its amplification was highly important to her.

The creation of her battle armor was the most troublesome. It would delay too much time for her to remake her armor into two-word battle armor all over again. Moreover, spirit alloy could be used to fuse repeatedly in order to strengthen the battle armor even more and reduce the negative effect of double attribute battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui howled into the sky as she spread her arms. Two streams of light shined from her hands. Soon after, the soul rings on her body glowed as her body expanded rapidly and transformed into the six-foot-tall Titan Giant Ape in a split second.

There was no doubt that Titan Giant Ape was most suitable to fight Tang Wulin. The height of her martial soul at present showed that her Titan Giant Ape martial soul was even more powerful than before.

Those two streams of light beaming from her hands were, in fact, the two giant spirit alloy hammers gifted to her by Tang Wulin. Compared to the past, the giant hammers’ aura was slightly different with clearly enhanced
soul power fluctuations. The hammers were obviously modified to a certain degree to make them even more powerful.

The Titan Giant Ape was six-feet tall with an incomparably tough body, and with the addition of this pair of terrifying five-meter-long hammers, her power and influence were even capable of scaring away a mecha.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips could not help twitching. He was gasping with admiration in his heart as he took a glance at Xie Xie in the distance.

‘Xie Xie must be inclined to masochism.’ Yuanen Yehui was not going easy on Tang Wulin. Even though he had only four rings, Tang Wulin’s overall power was more than just his soul power
and cultivation base back then. Moreover, though his soul power had not
elevated much after his return this time, the bloodline aura in his body was much more powerful by many times when compared with previously.
Yuanen Yehui would never hold back when she was fighting against Tang Wulin now.

She took a step forward with her left foot and her body had already leaped into the air. She raised her pair of giant hammers and pounded down from the sky. The hammers moved in tandem akin to the meteor that chased after the moon.

‘Is this the Air Cannon?’

Tang Wulin was astonished. At the same time, he understood profoundly that Xie Xie was capable of defeating Yuanen Yehui because she was going easy on him yesterday.

It had been a few years since they last met, and Yuanen Yehui had already cultivated the Air Cannon to such impressive degree. Accompanied by the giant hammers in her hands and the amplification of her one-word battle
armor, these two Air Cannon balls exploded so frightfully in the air that even an ordinary soul cannon could not measure up to it!

Chapter 774 - Yuanen’s Insufficient Strength

Chapter 774: Yuanen’s Insufficient Strength

However, Tang Wulin had no intention of dodging as he raised his arms vertically above his head. They suddenly swelled up several times as dragon scales appeared all over the battle armor. His Golden Dragon Claws emerged.

Tang Wulin watched as the two hammers’ Air Cannons arrived before he grabbed them with his hands simultaneously.

The crowd could only see that his pair of Golden Dragon Claws suddenly burst out with dazzling light. There was a sparkling golden mist that
enshrouded Tang Wulin’s body. In the next moment, the pair of Air Cannon balls were forcefully crushed.

“Poof, poof.” The two Air Cannon balls dissipated while the powerful force crashed against Tang Wulin, yet he was not even swayed.

Yuanen Yehui’s pair of hammers came upon him and dropped from above Tang Wulin’s head at lightning speed. Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly turned bright. Just as before, he did not dodge, as his pair of Golden Dragon Claws formed into fists. He shouted aloud as he pounded repeatedly with his fists. He was fighting against the twin hammers with his fists.

After all, the pair of giant hammers weighed more than five thousand kilograms! Other than Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui was the only one capable of wielding the hammers among the members of Shrek Seven Monsters’
squadron. At present, the terror of her immense power in addition to the Diamond Titan’s strength could immediately pulverize a yellow mecha without its protective soul shield. Yet Tang Wulin had only relied on his fists to attempt to fight brute strength with brute strength. Even Yuanen Yehui was feeling incredulous. She would never believe that anyone of the same rank could rely on their body alone to block her double hammers by force. She reduced her strength subconsciously due to her trust in Tang Wulin.

“Boom!” A loud boom exploded when the double hammers met the double fists. An intense shockwave exploded with the two fighters’ collision point at the center.

It was during that split second when everyone felt as if Tang Wulin had
already transformed into a lofty mountain. He did not wield any soul skill or blood essence soul skill. Golden light glowed brightly from his entire body as his one-word battle armor unleashed its dazzling array of light.

The sparring arena’s protective shield underneath Tang Wulin’s feet was also bursting with rings of intense light.

‘Did I manage to stop it?’

The rest of the crowd were staring with wide eyes but also feeling breathless with anxiety on behalf of Tang Wulin. Everyone understood Yuanen Yehui’s power very well. She was the entire squadron’s number one assault-type soul master during Tang Wulin’s absence and also the main pillar of strength in the squadron.

However, they witnessed an unbelievable scene.

Yuanen Yehui’s double hammers were flung away from the blows of Tang Wulin’s fists before she was tossed through the air and fell to the ground.

Soon after, she fell back repeatedly and uncontrollably. She fell back
continuously for a dozen steps before she sat onto the ground without any control over her body.


“Clang!” The double hammers crashed onto the floor. Yuanen Yehui’s arms were limp at her sides. Her eyes hidden under her helmet were filled with disbelief.

Even though she had reduced her strength slightly during the last moments, but it was still at a level within her control!

Yet she felt that she was not fighting against a human but a beast, as she lashed onto Tang Wulin’s fists. The terrifying impact of the crash slammed against her like an unstoppable tide. Moreover, she could see that Tang Wulin had obviously pulled his fists back before he struck. This signified that he had not used all his strength.

Tang Wulin stood on the same spot without budging. He did not pursue and attack, leaving the rest of the onlookers stunned.

In a flash, Xie Xie had already pounced toward Yuanen Yehui. Ye Xinglan’s usually calm face could not help widening her mouth.


Tang Wulin arrived before Yuanen Yehui swiftly as well. “Are you alright?”

Yuanen Yehui had already lost the double hammers in her hands. She gave a forced laugh. “I’m fine. I think I’ve dislocated my arms. Without the battle armor, I’m afraid that I…”

“Dislocated? Big brother, you’re too ruthless. I’ll fight you!” Xie Xie pounded twice upon Tang Wulin’s battle armor in anger.

Tang Wulin spoke apologetically, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that would happen. I’ve reduced my strength quickly when I felt your insufficient strength in the end, but I was too late.”

Silence. All in the surroundings was absolutely silent. ‘When I felt your insufficient strength’…
‘When I felt your insufficient strength’? ‘When I felt your insufficient strength’! Oh my god! That was the Titan Giant Ape, along with a pair of giant hammers weighing hundreds of kilograms.

That was Yuanen Yehui’s Air Cannon attack.

Absolutely no one else was capable of taking such attacks. Yet, his feedback was “insufficient strength”…


Yuanen Yehui was staring at Tang Wulin in bewilderment. “Tell me the truth. How much strength did you use earlier?”

Tang Wulin considered before answering, “About fifty to sixty percent.”

Yuanen Yehui was also rendered speechless. Her body had already shrunk to her usual state, while Xie Xie adjusted her dislocated arms so as to mend them.

She spoke in all apparent seriousness, “Captain, I think you should go for a test of your strength first. I feel that even Long Yue can’t compare to you
anymore just judging on your strength alone. How did you become so physically powerful?”

Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh. “It had better be, seeing as how I’ve been absorbing nourishing energy for the past three years. I bet all of you must be wondering where was I when I went missing. The story goes like this…”

“Real dragon skeletons? Burying the skeletons for three years? Big brother, you’re the champion!” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin incredulously.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Seek peace of mind. All of you are aware that my martial soul is the Bluesilver Grass. In reality, I’m utterly useless without the Golden Dragon King Bloodline no matter how hard I work. Thus, I’m grateful for the things the bloodline has given me. It was even helpful in
allowing me to absorb more Dragon Clan energy in the Dragon Valley. The Dragon Clan helped me so much, so how could I bear to see their remains scattered all over the wilderness? Only I didn’t expect that it would use up so much of my time. I spent every day digging holes and transporting dragon bones. All of this was hard labor, and it was especially difficult for me to rearrange the heavy dragon bones back to their original state. The dragon bones were extremely heavy. Hmm, it’s even heavier than you’ve imagined because it may have possibly absorbed the Dragon Clan’s essence energy in it.

“I was absorbing a little dragon spirit every day in addition to my
continuous hard labor. It’s possible that my strength was elevated naturally. I sensed it myself as well, but I didn’t expect it to be elevated so much.
However, I’m still capable of controlling it. At least it’s not affecting my forging process.”

Xu Xiaoyan spoke, “It seems like it’s not such a bad thing that your soul power has not elevated. Big brother, the strength of your body is even more terrifying. Your strength has gone so far beyond most soul skills that even Yuanen is incapable of resisting you. With your strength, who else is a
worthy opponent?! I think you could even compare with a Title Douluo.”

Tang Wulin laughed. “That’s impossible. A Title Douluo’s soul power can dominate me easily. However, I think that I should test my strength as well so I can exercise even better control in the future. I think that I wouldn’t be that strong without the battle armor. Yuanan, let’s try again when you use the Titan Giant Ape, but I won’t don the armor.”

Tang Wulin’s strength undoubtedly shocked everyone. He was so strong it seemed like he could lift the heavens if there was a handle and pull the ground if there was a notch. It was utterly inhuman.

The inner court’s testing room was equipped with the most advanced technology. The inner court’s students would need to test their physical states once every three months over here, including their accurate soul
power cultivation base, strength, speed, spiritual power, reaction speed, et cetera. It was so precise that the students could fine-tune themselves based on their different situations.

When Tang Wulin and his companions arrived at the testing room, someone was already standing there waiting for them.

Chapter 775 - The Test

Chapter 775: The Test

Wu Zhangkong had not changed much since three years ago. Time did not manage to leave behind any traces on this cold and arrogant god’s face, only that his aura had become even more drawn-out.

Tang Wulin hastily walked forward a few steps upon seeing him and spoke respectfully, “Teacher Wu, I’m back.”

Wu Zhangkong walked forward too and gave him an unexpected hug. “At least, you’re in a better state than me.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. The image of Wu Zhangkong taking him along as they headed to Heaven Dou City back at the beginning to witness the situation in the graveyard suddenly arose in his mind. He was slightly distracted. “Teacher Wu…”

Wu Zhangkong released him. “It’s good that you’re back. There’s no need to say anything else. Come, let me bring you for the physical test.”

Xie Xie smiled as he gathered over and pointed to his nose. There was no doubt it was him who notified Wu Zhangkong.

Tang Wulin was in a chaotic state of mind due to Gu Yue since he returned to the academy. He felt slightly better after he had made his peace with giving up his search for Gu Yue for the time being.

However, none of the teachers had stopped him from searching for Gu Yue for the past few days. Whether it was Zhuo Shi, Feng Wuyu, or even Wu Zhangkong, no one stopped him. He only realized it when he had calmed down and had a clear mind.

“Teacher Wu, I’m sorry that ever since I returned…” Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “Perhaps, you’ve yet to understand the inner court’s situation. Let me explain to you in the simplest way. You’re regarded as an adult by the academy upon entering the inner court. You’re responsible for your behavior, but at the same time, the academy won’t be as restrictive as when you were in the outer court. Other than the periodical examination, the inner court is quite lenient with its students. You can do whatever you wish and no one will stop you. Moreover, your relationship with Gu Yue is recognized by the Sea God Lake Date Festival. The
academy will certainly support you and even help you look for her. If there’s any information on her, they’ll inform you. According to the current information gathered from the search, it’s highly possible that Gu Yue is hidden by the Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, there’s no reason why we can’t find her. However, the academy has an unusual relationship with the Spirit Pagoda. Unless it’s at the request of the pavilion master, it would difficult for us to confirm the matter. The pavilion master seems to be rather
annoyed with you.”

Of course, Yun Ming was infuriated by Tang Wulin. His best disciple was missing because of Tang Wulin. It would be odd indeed if he were not upset.

Tang Wulin felt uneasy upon listening to Wu Zhangkong. There was no doubt Wu Zhangkong had been helping to look for Gu Yue all along.
Otherwise, he would not have understood the situation so well.

‘Is Gu Yue at the Spirit Pagoda? Could it be the problem between me and her lies in the Spirit Pagoda? It can only be the Spirit Pagoda that is capable of causing fear to the academy. Yes, this must be the reason.’

At this point, Tang Wulin felt like he had an objective. Despite knowing that the objective was extremely challenging, it was still better than having no objective at all. At least, he had a goal to work hard for.

The testing room was exceedingly large. It was larger than he had imagined where the machines in the room were unusually huge.

“You’re going to be subjected to an overall test to allow us to understand your physical condition so we can tailor your cultivation later,” Wu Zhangkong explained to Tang Wulin. “Sure!” Tang Wulin responded.
“First, we’re going to test your soul power.” Wu Zhangkong brought him to the front of an instrument with two spherical objects. Tang Wulin had used such an instrument before so he hastily stepped forward and held it.

Wu Zhangkong switched on the instrument. Soon, the reading appeared.

“Soul power: Rank-47. Rank: Soul Ancestor. Soul power concentration level: Level-6.” A digital voice echoed.

Wu Zhangkong’s raised his brows unwittingly when he heard the word ‘level-6’. He looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.

“Soul power concentration level, what’s that?” Tang Wulin was puzzled. He had never received any information about his soul power’s concentration level when he underwent a similar test in the past.

Wu Zhangkong explained, “When you have achieved a certain level of soul power, the quantity is not important anymore but its quality. The
concentration level is its quality. In simple terms, a nine-ring Title Douluo’s soul power achieved through the consumption of heaven and earth treasures is completely different than the power achieved through cultivating little by little until rank-90. The concentration levels are at least different by three levels. The higher the concentration level, the more condensed one’s soul power is. Each level corresponds to a rank. Your soul power concentration level is level-6. This signifies that even though you’re a four-ring
cultivation base, in reality, your soul power’s condensation level is equal to a Soul Emperor achieved through ordinary cultivation. When these two factors are multiplied together, your actual rank is comparable to a rank-52 Soul King.”

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever heard of such a concept. He could not help looking toward his comrades with a quizzical look in his eyes. Xie Xie shrugged. “Those who cultivate with Mysterious Heaven Method like us enjoy an advantage at our soul power condensation level. I’m also a level-6 but my cultivation base is actually five-ring. Everyone should be
about the same.”

“Hehe. I’m a level-7!” chubby Xu Lizhi chuckled as he gathered forward.

Xie Xie spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You’re not the same as ordinary people. You can devote yourself entirely to cultivate your soul power and condense it!”

“What do you mean by not the same as ordinary people?” Ye Xinglan darted a look at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie was flabbergasted for a moment before reacting to the question. He then looked toward Yuanen Yehui by his side.

Yuanen Yehui acted as if she had not seen his reaction. Xie Xie coughed once. “Not the same as ordinary people as in you are gifted with unusual natural endowments. Xu Lizhi, am I right?”


Wu Zhangkong spoke, “You can say that Xu Lizhi is gifted with unusual natural endowments. The soul power condensation level’s elevation is even more difficult than cultivating one’s soul power. It’s especially difficult to elevate to the next level after one has achieved level-5. My condensation level is only at level-7 after putting in great effort despite the fact that I’ve already attained rank-77 soul power. Come, let’s do the next test.”

Tang Wulin finally understood the importance of soul power condensation level after listening to everyone’s explanation. There was no doubt that he
still had a lot of room for elevation since he had only attained level-6 with a four-ring cultivation base. This was very interesting data.

“Test your spiritual power first.” Tang Wulin was seated below a large instrument whereby a helmet was lowered onto his head.

Wu Zhangkong spoke, “The inner court’s instrument is larger but also extremely safe. Relax your mind and then unleash your spiritual power naturally encircling your head. The instrument will then record it.”

Tang Wulin closed his eyes because he wished to feel the extent of his
spiritual power at present. He had a preliminary estimate that his spiritual power should have broken through to Spirit Abyss when he was in the
Dragon Valley. However, there was no way he could confirm his guess without a proper test.

After all, the Spirit Sea spiritual power’s requirement was only five hundred points, while the Spirit Abyss’s requirement was at five thousand points! It was a whole new world once he entered the Spirit Abyss! There were many powerful soul masters whose spiritual powers were still at the Spirit Sea level!

To Tang Wulin’s knowledge, Teacher Wu could not have achieved this level back when they were heading to Star Luo Empire at the beginning.

The machine began operating as the lights were turned on. Each light represented one hundred points of spiritual power. The lights turned on at an extremely fast rate with more than ten lights being illuminated in an instant.

The group of people were hardly surprised. After all, they had figured out that Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had achieved Spirit Sea. It was quite normal for him to accumulate one thousand points of spiritual power after such a long time. In fact, they had all achieved this level of spiritual power.
Xu Xiaoyan had the most spiritual power amongst them. She had already
achieved a breakthrough to three thousand points at the upper mid-range of Spirit Sea.

As for Gu Yue, she had never participated in any test at the academy. She performed her test at Spirit Pagoda so no one knew her exact spiritual power. The lights on the instrument continued lighting one after another. Soon, another ten more lights were illuminated.

It was two thousand points!

The group of people began to show their astonishment. After all, Tang Wulin was an assault-type soul master. He was already rather impressive with two thousand points of spiritual power. His level of spiritual power was enough to sustain him up to the Title Douluo if he were to show some restraint when he chose his spirit soul.

Then… it was three thousand points!

The expressions on their faces turned from astonishment to shock when the machine hit three thousand points.

Three thousand points was the high-order level of Spirit Sea.

Xu Xiaoyan cried out involuntarily, “Big brother’s spiritual power is not going to exceed mine, right?” Before her voice died away, she witnessed the thirty-fourth light illuminate. Her own spiritual power was only at three thousand three hundred.

This was…

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had exceeded three thousand points. This was an extremely rare sight among the inner court disciples. Spiritual power was very important to soul masters, more so than soul power. Thus, it was rare for a soul master to cultivate his spiritual power unless it was for the purpose of fusing with an even higher-order spirit soul.

It was four thousand points!

Chapter 776 - The Terrifying Strength

Chapter 776: The Terrifying Strength

Shocked! Everyone was shocked! Four thousand points signified the peak of the Spirit Abyss realm. One would then have the opportunity to strike above the Spirit Abyss realm in the future.

What was the Spirit Abyss?

When one entered the Spirit Abyss realm, one’s spirit would act like an
abyssal prison. If the spirit was the world, then the upper boundary would be heaven while the lower boundary would be hell! Should one have such a potent spiritual power, one would also possess a legendary spirit soul that
acted as the foundation. One could fuse with a spirit soul of any level in this realm, even orange spirit souls and red spirit souls could be fused together. If one fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then one’s power would only be at the Spirit Sea realm. However, if one did not have an orange or red
spirit soul, it was possible to fuse with a maximum of five spirit souls of any color. Normally, the Spirit Abyss realm was considered the limit for humans.

Nonetheless, the lights continued to be illuminated. Moreover, the lights
were illuminated in an incessant manner. This signified that Tang Wulin had yet to achieve his limit.

“Beep!” All of a sudden, the machine beeped once. Soon after, the lights that were illuminated extinguished simultaneously to everyone’s surprise.

Just as everyone thought that Tang Wulin’s test had ended, a purple light illuminated at the side.

“Spirit Abyss!” The words escaped Wu Zhangkong’s mouth as his face was filled with shock. His own spiritual power had yet to break through to the Spirit Abyss. What was the Spirit Abyss? It was akin to a sonic barrier. The realm above the Spirit Abyss was a wholly different level that transcended the realm below it.

Tang Wulin’s cultivation base had already broken through to the Spirit Abyss without his knowledge. This was simply unbelievable!

Yellow lights were illuminated in succession. The test was continuing, let alone ended.

They were no longer in shock but numbed by what they were witnessing. A rank-47 Soul Ancestor with his spiritual power cultivation base at Spirit
Abyss. Even a spirit-type soul master’s spiritual power may not necessarily achieve such a level.

They had guessed that Gu Yue’s spiritual power would have achieved the Spirit Abyss. Yet, it was never proven. As Gu Yue’s martial soul was
elemental control, she required an extremely high amount of spiritual power.

Yet, Tang Wulin was an assault-type soul master. At most, he could be considered a control-type soul master. How could his spiritual power
achieve such a high level? Everyone was cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes similarly! Why was there such a large disparity?

Six thousand points! Seven thousand points!
The lights continued to be illuminated without any sign of pausing. Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was already doubled that of Xu Xiaoyan’s. Even Wu Zhangkong was stunned.

He had never witnessed such a situation in the academy. It would certainly be as rare as phoenix feathers or a unicorn’s horn for anyone to exceed Tang Wulin’s spiritual power cultivation base. To Wu Zhangkong’s knowledge, the person with the strongest spiritual power cultivation base in the entire academy was the current generation’s Sea God Pavilion Master, the ultimate Limit Douluo Atlas Douluo Yun Ming.

Elder Yun’s spiritual power had already achieved the legendary Divine Origin, but he was also the only Divine Origin in Shrek Academy.

Even the Light Dark Douluo’s spiritual power cultivation base was still in the Spirit Domain realm with the exception of Elder Yun.

The Spirit Domain and Spirit Abyss differed only by one step. Twenty thousand points of spiritual power was the Spirit Domain’s threshold.

Tang Wulin’s spiritual power had exceeded seven thousand points by now, and he was only eighteen years old. This signified that he could certainly access the Spirit Domain realm in the future.

Wu Zhangkong also knew that spiritual power was not so important during the preliminary cultivation of a soul master who did not possess a strong
spirit-type martial soul. However, it would be a determining factor during the Title Douluo stage. One’s spiritual power must be strong in order to develop further during the Title Douluo stage. The stronger one’s spiritual power was, the higher the possibility for one to be elevated.

A Limit Douluo would require the Divine Origin spiritual cultivation base. This was the critical factor that caused many Hyper Douluos to be stuck in their cultivation.

Light Dark Douluo did not manage to achieve that stage precisely because her spiritual power could not break through the bottleneck of the Divine Origin realm.

The number of people possessing the Divine Origin spiritual cultivation base in the world today could be counted with just the five fingers of a hand. The Godking Realm spiritual power that was one realm higher existed during the Divine Realm era but had now ceased to exist. It was said that one’s spiritual power could never achieve that realm unless one became a God.

The rate at which the lights were being illuminated had finally begun to
slow down. The test was nearing its final stage. The light finally stopped at the twenty-eighth position.

One purple light and twenty-eight yellow lights.

“Seven thousand eight hundred points of spiritual power.”

Everyone had a parched sensation in their throats. Seven thousand eight hundred points! There were seven thousand eight hundred points in total!

They were all well aware of what seven thousand eight hundred points of
spiritual power meant. It was the Spirit Abyss realm! He had more than just entered the Spirit Abyss realm. In fact, he was not that far away from the midterm of the Spirit Abyss realm.

Tang Wulin could not hear anything since he was wearing the helmet. He removed the helmet after being prompted by the beep. He looked at his
comrades with stunned expressions as, one by one, they each stared at him. Feeling puzzled, he could not help asking, “What’s going on with all of you?”

“Seven thousand and eight hundred points!” Xie Xie gestured with his hands at Tang Wulin. His left hand gestured the number seven while his right hand showed eight.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment before he said, “Oh.”

“Oh? That’s all? Aren’t you surprised, big brother? Your spiritual power has achieved a total of seven thousand eight hundred points. You’re in the Spirit Abyss realm!” Xie Xie spoke excitedly. Tang Wulin spoke, “Gu Yue has already achieved the Spirit Abyss realm since earlier. This is nothing.”

They were all speechless.

Wu Zhangkong looked at him with a burning gaze. “So you know that you’ve broken through to this realm earlier?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I seemed to feel it when I broke through. It was as if the entire world became crystal clear. Furthermore, my perception was
elevated tremendously. It was like I had walked through a door into another world.”

Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment. He nodded toward Tang Wulin after a long while. “Thank you.” There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s description of his experience was extremely helpful to Wu Zhangkong.

Tang Wulin asked, “So, what’s next?”

“Strength Test it is,” Wu Zhangkong answered. Even though he was
expressionless, the fluctuation of his gaze revealed that he was not as calm as he appeared at the moment.

The strength tester’s size exceeded Tang Wulin’s expectation. It appeared like a hill with over thirty impact points on its surface which were of different sizes and shapes.

Wu Zhangkong explained, “The strength test is a comprehensive test so it’s capable testing with extreme accuracy. For example, you can test the
strength of your palm or fist, the charging impact of your shoulder, and also your battle armor and weapon strength. I suggest that you carry out the punch strength test first, then test again with your battle armor on.”

Tang Wulin was raised by Wu Zhangkong all along. No one understood Tang Wulin’s abilities more than he did.

“Sure,” Tang Wulin responded. The observers fell back a few steps instinctively. Everyone was more
curious of Tang Wulin’s strength than his spiritual power. Tang Wulin even regarded Yuanen Yehui’s powerful strength as mild. So, how powerful was his strength actually?

The punch target appeared. Tang Wulin moved his body as he began to
warm up with blood essence power surging in his body. His eyes began to exude a faint golden radiance.


Tang Wulin’s body spun half a circle following Wu Zhangkong’s shout. He then threw a punch at lightning speed.

Right hook!

“Boom…” The entire target shook violently once, then the hill-like
equipment shook violently for a few times before it was stable once again.

“Strength of right hook punch: One hundred and four thousand kilograms.” The electronic voice announced the result!

Even Tang Wulin was stunned. ‘A hundred and four thousand kilograms? What kind of metric calculation was that?’

‘A thousand kilograms equals one ton. A hundred and four thousand kilograms mean that my punch exerts a force of a hundred and four tonnes.’

The entire scene was silent, Wu Zhangkong included.

Chapter 777 - Sky Dragon’s Roars

Chapter 777: Sky Dragon’s Roars

Tang Wulin looked down at his right hand, then he turned around and bashfully said to his companions, “It’s explosive force, it’s explosive force.”

It was then only then that Wu Zhangkong responded to the situation. “The standard strength of a black mecha’s strike at full power is thirty-five thousand kilograms. It can only pass as a black mecha when it achieves this
standard. The strength of a red mecha cannot be tested for specific reasons.”

In other words, the strength of Tang Wulin’s right fist had already exceeded a black mecha’s by threefold.

“Big brother, you’re simply a beast in human form. Now I see that you were being merciful with Yuanen earlier.”

Yes, there was no way more suitable to describe Tang Wulin than a beast in human form. Don’t forget that he had to yet don his battle armor or even use any strength-amplifying soul skill, such as the Golden Dragon Body.

“Alright, there’s no need to continue the test anymore.” Wu Zhangkong waved his hand.

Tang Wulin asked in confusion, “Why, Teacher Wu?”

An extremely worrisome expression appeared on Wu Zhangkong’s face. He spoke in an unpleasant tone, “The instrument’s endurance limit is two hundred thousand kilograms. I’m worried that you’ll exceed the strength limit once you’ve donned the battle armor at full force. Nevertheless, I must also give you a suggestion. You need to elevate your soul power as soon as possible, and also elevate your battle armor’s level too. Otherwise, your
one-word battle armor is incapable of withstanding your current strength. It’s highly possible that your battle armor will be damaged if you were to meet with an extremely violent collision.”

Tang Wulin’s battle armor might not withstand his strength?

Yuanen Yehui gave a forced laugh and spoke, “I thought that I’d already outdone you. It seems like the disparity is getting greater.”

Strength was not a fantastic ability for a soul master. After all, the limitation of pure strength is very high.

Even so, any type of ability that had achieved a certain level of perfection could not be evaluated using conventional methods anymore.

Wu Zhangkong revealed more info about another statistic. “When a
strength-type Title Douluo breaks through to rank-90, a punching strength of one hundred thousand kilograms is the foundation. Generally, only a
strength-type three-word battle armor master is capable of achieving this strength level. Wulin, are you genuinely a human?”

That the usual icy cold Teacher Wu suddenly spoke like this made Tang Wulin feel a little awkward, but he could not help staring at his hands. Was he still considered a human being after absorbing the Golden Dragon King Seal’s energy?

Whatever the case, this had also proven that Tang Wulin’s strength had become incredible. Even as Shrek Academy’s teacher, Wu Zhangkong was feeling astonished by Tang Wulin.

Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin with a hint of gentleness in his eyes. “All of you have grown. There’s not much else that I can teach you
anymore. You’ll receive even more guidance from the academy’s Title Douluo powerhouses in the future.”

Tang Wulin was concerned in his heart. “Teacher Wu…”

Wu Zhangkong waved his hand. “You, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan and Xie Xie were raised by me all the way from Eastsea City. I’m proud to witness all of your achievements today. I’ve already resigned from my position as a teacher from the academy temporarily. I’ll begin my closed-door cultivation soon. This time, I’ll be engaging in closed-door cultivation for no less than a year.”

At this point, he suddenly paused for a moment as his gaze swept past every single one of them. “It was all of you that brought me hope and reignited my willpower to develop further once again. Wulin, there’s no need to
worry too much about Gu Yue. Gu Yue’s abilities are strong enough. I think that the barrier between you and her is mainly derived from the competitive relationship between the Spirit Pagoda and the Tang Sect. If you truly loved her, then put all your effort into making yourself more powerful. Power is
always the foundation for everything else in this world. When you’re powerful enough, every impossibility will become possible. I’m overjoyed that I haven’t seen you get dispirited or give up. Your greatest advantage is that your courage mounts as the battle progresses so that you never flinch from difficulty. This will also be the root of your success. For Gu Yue, yourself and also your companions, work hard and go forward!”

“Yes, I’ll certainly do that.” Tang Wulin clenched his fists tightly as he answered in a sonorous and forceful manner.

The test proceeded smoothly afterward. Tang Wulin produced extremely
shocking data in every test that was related to his body. The durability of his skin was enough to be on par with a defense-type soul beast of over one thousand years. It was astonishing. Judging by his overall data, he truly was less like a human and more like a monster with a human appearance.

“Alright. That’s all for the tests. I’ll hand over this set of data immediately to the Sea God Pavilion. You’ve just returned to the inner court. I believe that the Sea God Pavilion will appoint a tutor for you straightaway. In my opinion, your grandteacher is the most likely to be appointed. You’ve learned from him beforehand after all. You should pay a visit to the Spirit Pagoda now to name your battle armor.”

The naming of one-word battle armor! This was absolutely every soul master’s most yearned-for event. A complete set of one-word battle armor was required to do so.

One was only allowed to name the one-word battle armor with a single
word, but every soul master anticipated the naming even if it was only one word. This was because this was evidence of their power and also unparalleled pride.

Tang Wulin looked toward his companions subconsciously and found that everyone was looking back at him too.

Xie Xie laughed and spoke, “Big brother, we’ve always known that you’d return. That’s why we’ve not put much effort into our two-word battle
armors all this time despite already owning complete sets of one-word battle armors for some time. You must help us to begin our forging soon! That way, we can have an overall elevation of our battle armors.”

The group of them laughed in unison.

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “You’re the only blacksmith we trust, since only you understand the requirements for our battle armor metal the most.”

Tang Wulin asked, “Have all of you named your battle armors?”

Yuanen Yehui nodded. “Generally, one-word battle armor’s name is related to one’s martial soul, or perhaps you can say the first two words of the name are related to one’s martial soul.”

Xie Xie sniggered. He spoke, “When you have a higher word count then you can use words related to your lover. Yuanen, which part of your name should I use when my battle armor’s rank is higher in the future?”

Yuanen Yehui’s charming face blushed. “As you please.”

Xie Xie sniggered. “Then I’ll need to give it some thought.”

Tang Wulin was slightly distracted by his battle armor’s name. He suddenly recalled Wu Zhangkong’s battle armor name – Sky Ice. His two-word battle armor was named Sky Ice. Wu Zhangkong’s Sky Ice. The word ‘sky’ was derived from his martial soul Skyfrost Sword and ‘ice’ from his lover Long Bing 1 ‘s name.
What a waste that he could only use one word to name his battle armor now so he did not have much choice on that. He could wait until he was permitted two words…

“Then I shall go over to register myself now,” Tang Wulin announced.

Everyone left for their own cultivation as they walked out of the academy. Tang Wulin exited Shrek Academy’s inner court alone and boarded a taxi as he headed straight for Spirit Pagoda headquarter.

The Spirit Pagoda was considered an absolute colossus for a soul master like him. Lofty sentiments suddenly surged in Tang Wulin’s heart as he could see the colossal pagoda-shaped building from afar.

If there was a day when he had to fight the entire Spirit Pagoda organization for Gu Yue, what would he do? As long as he was powerful enough, nothing was impossible.

‘Gu Yue, wait for me. I’ll certainly become more powerful for you. Not only myself, but I’ll make sure that I wield powerful influence. I’ll stand by your side when you need me one day. I’ll even seize you if I have to.”

He walked into the Spirit Pagoda. Even though this was not his first time going there, he was still awed by the place like always.

A member of staff stepped forward to greet him. “Hello. How can I help you?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I would like to register a name for my battle armor.”

A sense of surprise flashed past the man’s eyes. He sized Tang Wulin up. “Are you from Shrek Academy?”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded. The expression on his face immediately became respectful. “Please follow me.”

Tang Wulin followed him to a rather spacious elevator. The exterior was encased in glass, so he could see the scenery outside.

Soon, the car rose upward swiftly as the ground rapidly shrank in his visual field. It felt like he was suddenly flying upward.

“Ding!” The elevator stopped when the number displayed on the screen was one hundred and one.

“Welcome to Spirit Pagoda’s Level One Hundred and One – Sky Dragon’s Roar.” He made a hand gesture for him to go ahead.

He walked out of the elevator as another staff member immediately stepped forward to welcome him. This one was a different person from the previous staff dressed in ordinary attire. The staff member before his eyes was a young maiden with a charming appearance. She was dressed in a long,
white lacy dress with a faint dragon pattern. She was elegant and would have been about twenty years old.

Her eyes brightened as well when she saw Tang Wulin. What a handsome young man he was!

She was well aware of the reason someone would be brought to Level One Hundred and One. She saluted Tang Wulin respectfully before gesturing for him to come in. “Our respected battle armor master, please follow me.”

In his heart, Tang Wulin was feeling somewhat touched. The treatment given to a battle armor master was indeed something else. His teacher had been right about how power was everything in the soul masters’ world.

He began to size up the so-called Level One Hundred and One Sky Dragon’s Roar at the same time.

Chapter 778 - Battle Armor Grade: Black

Chapter 778: Battle Armor Grade: Black

This was an extremely large and comfortably spacious hall. The floor was black with a white dragon pattern on glossy mica.

The hall was divided into regions with arch-shaped counters arranged neatly. The ceiling was twenty-meters high with glass walls. One could see the clouds outside clearly. The place deserved its title of Sky Dragon’s

“May I ask if this is your first time at our Level One Hundred and One?” the maiden asked with a smile.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, it’s my first time here.”

“I’m glad to be at your service. You can call me Shui Yu.” The young maiden smiled as she nodded.

“Shui Yu. That’s a peculiar name.” Tang Wulin looked at her with slight astonishment.

The maiden cracked a charming grin. “Yes, everyone says so. Each of our staff members has his or her own nickname. I was born in Coastal City and my martial soul is a fish-type. I have a tendency to cry, so everyone says that I have too much water in me. That’s how I got my nickname Shui Yu.”

Tang Wulin could not help laughing aloud. Shui Yu was immediately
stunned upon watching Tang Wulin as he laughed. She thought to herself how very handsome this young man was! His laugh could attract everyone’s attention.

“Since it’s your first time here, then I shall give you a brief introduction. The Spirit Pagoda values all its battle armor masters very much, that’s why this is a special region designed to serve them specifically. We hope that
every battle armor master can find his or her own voice in the soul masters’ world like a real dragon. That’s why this place is called Sky Dragon’s

“A battle armor master will receive a series of concierge services upon registering with our Spirit Pagoda. Firstly, we’ll provide you with the
executive services that ordinary soul masters won’t receive. You can enter the intermediate spirit ascension platform twice a year and spirit soul tower once a year for free. At the same time, you can also enter the advanced
spirit ascension tower once at half price. These are the basic services offered to our one-word battle armor masters. If you’re capable of elevating to an even higher level, then, you’ll receive even better concierge services.”

Tang Wulin was feeling shocked, as he was aware of how many resources he would need to enter the spirit ascension platform. He was allowed to
enter the intermediate spirit ascension platform twice a year? He should be able to handle the intermediate spirit ascension platform with his cultivation base now. On the other hand, the intermediate spirit ascension platform was extremely suitable for him to elevate the age limit of his soul rings.

“So how much do I pay?” Tang Wulin maintained his composure and asked.

Shui Yu smiled and said, “Nothing. You’ll only need to complete your registration with us over here. At the same time, the Spirit Pagoda will be assigning some missions especially for battle armor masters which you can
accept if you’re interested. Our reward for missions is certainly the best. We are a platform for both soul masters and battle armor masters. As a platform, we will certainly provide an honorable guest like you with all the services at your convenience so that you can advance to an even higher level in the future.”

Tang Wulin had already been dealing with the Spirit Pagoda for some time, but this was still his first time to learn that it was capable of providing such impressive service.

No wonder they were able to become the number one organization on the continent. Other organizations were not equipped as well as they were, just by judging by their attempts at winning over soul masters.

Tang Wulin could not help asking, “If the Spirit Pagoda is only providing us with conveniences and benefits without any requirements, that doesn’t seem to be logical.”

Shui Yu stuck out her tongue in an extremely adorable manner. “Actually, we have our own way of doing our job. When you’re used to Spirit Pagoda’s benefits, then you’ll naturally hope to enjoy even more benefits. For example, you may wish to enter the advanced spirit ascension platform and receive an even higher spirit soul level. These services not only require
you to pay money, but some high-level services also require you to pay with mission points as a payment method rather than on a monetary basis. In other words, when you need some higher level services, you’ll need to carry out some missions for the Spirit Pagoda.”

Tang Wulin suddenly felt enlightened. As expected, there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

“At the same time, you’ll also need to wear the communicator watch distributed by our Spirit Pagoda on a daily basis so we can send out mission lists to you. You can choose not to accept the mission, but you’ll still need to wear the watch. You’re only allowed to enjoy all the benefits and
services when you wear the watch for a certain amount of time daily.

Tang Wulin smiled. The Spirit Pagoda was formidable as expected! This
seemed like a small matter, but it allowed the Spirit Pagoda to send out any information it wished to give to all its registered soul masters
simultaneously, especially to its battle armor masters. This was a very powerful maneuver.

In other words, the Spirit Pagoda could immediately distribute information to a large amount of soul master powerhouses at its choosing, while
simultaneously sending them some missions. Even though it did not possess a very strong controlling force, but at least it was capable of winning over the soul masters. On the other hand, the soul masters would never give up on the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit souls. Thus, the soul masters would grow dependent on the Spirit Pagoda. No wonder the Tang Sect, despite having a longer lineage than the Spirit Pagoda, had its status as the number one organization usurped by the latter. This was the formidable power of monopoly.

“I understand now. So can we enter to perform the registration now?” Tang Wulin asked.

“Of course. Please follow me.” Shui Yu brought Tang Wulin to a counter and spoke to a beautiful lady behind the counter dressed in the same attire as she, “This respected battle armor master wishes to name his battle

The lady behind the counter stood up and said, “Please follow us to the testing room to perform the evaluation.”

The method to evaluate a battle armor master’s identity was extremely simple. It was enough to unleash one’s battle armor, and then receive an energy scan to confirm the battle armor’s amplification effect and the individual pieces of the complete set of armor.

The testing room was located behind the counter. It was a hexagonal room with complicated soul circuit symbols on the ground. Tang Wulin did not have much knowledge on this area, but he felt that it appeared magnificent. A circular instrument hung above his head.

“Please unleash your battle armor,” Shui Yu requested.

Tang Wulin shifted his consciousness as speckles of radiance glowed from all across his body.

“Is that two-word battle armor?” Shui Yu and the other staff could not help speaking simultaneously.

Golden battle armor emerged and enshrouded his entire body. When the golden mask dropped down and covered Tang Wulin’s face, the aura
emitted from his entire body was such that the two staff members could not help covering their mouths in astonishment. Such a powerful imposing manner.

They had seen much battle armor as the staff of Sky Dragon’s Roar, but this was still their first time witnessing armor as overbearing as Tang Wulin’s.

In reality, this was not the battle armor’s own imposing manner, but such immense pressure was only emitted when the battle armor fused with Tang Wulin’s aura so that his bloodline aura was aroused.

A beam of light descended from the sky and illuminated Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin felt as if something swept past his body.

Soon, an electronic voice echoed.

“One-word battle armor made from spirit alloy metal. Battle armor grade: black.”

Tang Wulin had learned about battle armor grading since earlier. There
were many tests related to soul master’s battle armor on Douluo Continent just like mechas. The grades were all made using similar color series as soul rings from lowest to highest class from white, yellow, purple, black to red! At most, with the addition of golden color.

The battle armor grading referred to the different grades that were present in battle armors of the same class. For example, spirit alloy one-word battle
armor and ordinary one-word battle armor were surely not of the same grade despite being similarly one-word battle armor. This point was utterly undisputed.

One-word battle armor was considered rudimentary for battle armor masters. Hence, it was even more important for them to accumulate
experience when they were producing battle armor. After all, they would still need to produce their two-word battle armor.

Thus, most one-word battle armor was grade white or yellow. It was already rare for one to achieve purple. Generally, purple was the limit of one-word battle armor because the evaluation could only be done on the one-word battle armor’s metallic body.

Chapter 779 - One-word Battle Armor: Dragon

Chapter 779: One-word Battle Armor: Dragon

Only someone like Tang Wulin who possessed the spirit alloy could possibly achieve a higher grade battle armor. It would require a strong metallic body with a high degree of amplification and good forging skills to produce such a battle armor.

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s one-word Battle Armor was
exceedingly powerful. It was forged with a spirit alloy of eighty-five percent harmony rate. In addition, it was designed by Gu Yue and fabricated by Ye Xinglan.

Only then could such a rare black grade one-word Battle Armor be produced.

The two beautiful personnel seemed to have seen a ghost the moment they looked at Tang Wulin. This was even more surprising to them than when they first thought that Tang Wulin was a two-word battle armor master.

A black, one-word Battle Armor signified that the battle armor master possessed profound inner secrets. A one-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy was as rare as phoenix feathers or a unicorn’s horn in the soul masters’ world! Furthermore, a one-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy could be upgraded directly without the need to forge again. One would only need to add in the metal to produce a higher grade alloy and then fabricate a new design. This was much easier than to produce a new two-word Battle Armor.

Hence, the spirit alloy One-word Battle Armor would be considered a futuristic design.

Tang Wulin was young and handsome. How could the female staff resist ogling at him? “Is it done?” Tang Wulin had to ask twice before the two female staff responded to the question.

Shui Yu hastily spoke, “Yes, it’s done. Please follow us.”

The registration process involved filling in a form with details of one’s
academy, age, battle armor master grade, and most importantly the battle armor’s name.

“Dragon!” Shui Yu looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.

There were many people naming their battle armors ‘dragon’ which related to their martial souls, but there was hardly any spirit alloy one-word battle armor masters. Shui Yu could not help making wild guesses about Tang Wulin’s abilities.

Tang Wulin named his battle armor ‘Dragon’ just as he willingly buried the true Dragon Clan’s bones. It was the Golden Dragon King bloodline that made him. Since then, he had made the decision to use ‘dragon’ as the first word of his battle armor’s name.

Thus, he could use ‘Dragon Tang Wulin’ to address himself as a one-word battle armor master.

Generally, one would only address oneself as such when one had
accomplished a two-word battle armor in the battle armor masters’ world. The reason being a one-word name sounded plain. Also, many battle armor master thought of themselves as true battle armor master only upon owning a two-word battle armor. However, a spirit alloy one-word battle armor was an exception.

Tang Wulin boarded the elevator and returned to the ground level under the fixed gaze of Shui Yu. He was not in the mood to exchange his
communicator’s number with her. Usually, the Spirit Pagoda’s staff were ethical in not flirting with the visitors. In Tang Wulin’s case, they only looked at him with a longing gaze. Tang Wulin left the Spirit Pagoda and could not help looking back instinctively. There was a look of confusion in his eyes. ‘Gu Yue, are you there? Are you in the Spirit Pagoda? Where else can you be?’

‘Wait for me. Soon, I’ll have the second word to my name. By then, your name will be the second word.”

Shrek Academy’s inner court finally made arrangements for Tang Wulin. They first confirmed his identity as an inner court disciple. At the same time, he was confirmed as the new captain of Shrek Seven Monsters
substituting Gu Yue. This had been decided three years ago.

In addition, Tang Wulin was allowed to live on Sea God’s Island. His appointed tutor was his grandteacher, Zhuo Shi.

It was apparent that the letter Na’er left behind for Atlas Douluo was not in Tang Wulin’s favor. Tang Wulin was not in Atlas Doulou’s good books due to Na’er’s incident.

Atlas Douluo was a virtuous person. In his view, Tang Wulin managed to get the attention of so many females, so he must certainly be doing
something that was attractive to them. Tang Wulin was the cause of Na’er’s departure which made Atlas Douluo extremely displeased. Yet, Tang Wulin’s contribution to Shrek Academy was immense. Thus, even Atlas
Douluo was incapable of revoking Tang Wulin’s title as the captain of Shrek Seven Monsters unless Tang Wulin made a grave mistake.

Moreover, Tang Wulin’s physical test made a rather impressive effect during the Sea God Pavilion meeting.

“Good boy!” Zhuo Shi slapped Tang Wulin’s shoulder. Tang Wulin bared his teeth unceasingly with the slap from this old man.

“You’ve truly made me proud. What’s going on with that physical test of yours? Your right fist’s strength is over one hundred thousand kilograms. Hahaha! You didn’t see the elders’ expressions during the meeting. Even the Light Dark Douluo Elder Long was extremely surprised. From now on, you shall stay on Sea God’s Island and continue to pursue your advanced studies with me. You’ll need to learn my Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves, and also elevate that piteously low soul power of yours quickly. Your soul power is less than your comrades by one level. How did you manage to become Shrek Seven Monsters’ captain?”

“Yes, I’ll certainly learn diligently.”

Zhuo Shi’s Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves turned into the Golden Dragon Nine Moves naturally in Tang Wulin’s hands. Till now, he had mastered it and
was even well-versed with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

This could be the best method for Tang Wulin to use his blood essence power. He had yearned for the Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves for a long time. It was because of the limitation of his cultivation base that he did not manage to learn earlier.

Now that his soul power was much elevated than before, he had achieved four rings at least. More importantly, the blood essence power in his body was now exceedingly thick and condensed akin to mercury, so he would yield twice the result with half the effort in cultivating this Golden Dragon Nine Moves.

Zhuo Shi did not take Tang Wulin too seriously when Tang Wulin mentioned he was going to learn diligently. However, it turned out Tang Wulin was indeed serious about what he said.

Tang Wulin soon began learning under Zhuo Shi’s guidance. He learned without stopping.

What did it mean by without stopping? He did not rest at all.

He did three things only every day: practice Golden Dragon Nine Moves, meditate, and forge.

These were the three things he did daily. He considered meditation as a break for him as he continued learning as soon as his soul power was restored. He spent three hours daily on forging and the remaining time was spent on meditating and practicing the Golden Dragon Nine Moves.

This was considered normal practice for an inner court student, but only when the practice is for a day or two. However, in Tang Wulin’s case, he cultivated in this manner for three months.

The strong bloodline power in his body was finally aroused from the cultivation of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. He relied on his strong bloodline power that he was not fatigued at all.

Tang Wulin seemed to be another person at present in Zhuo Shi’s eyes. He was completely different from three years ago. Tang Wulin’s gifted natural endowments when he cultivated the Golden Dragon Nine Moves exceeded Zhuo Shi’s expectation.

Three months seemed short for a soul master’s cultivation, but Tang Wulin cultivated for three months and yielded results that were equal to an ordinary soul master’s cultivation for a year. Even the most hardworking inner court disciple in Shrek Academy could only cultivate for half the time Tang Wulin spent in cultivation.

Thus, he was a whole new person within three short months. “Grandteacher!” Tang Wulin saluted Zhuo Shi respectfully.
Zhuo Shi spoke with a pleasant smile on his face, “Is there anything that you don’t understand?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, grandteacher. I wish to stop cultivating the Golden Dragon Nine Moves temporarily.”

Zhuo Shi who had a nasty temper would have slapped and scolded Tang Wulin for being lazy had he been another disciple.

However, he felt relieved when Tang Wulin said that. Was the young fellow finally feeling exhausted and wish to rest? “Hmm, very well. You ought to relax for a while. Adequate relaxation is beneficial for follow-up cultivation.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s not like that, grandteacher. I’m not taking a rest. I plan to challenge the bottleneck of rank-50. I’ve already cultivated my soul power to the peak of rank-49.

He had only spent three months to elevate himself from rank-47 to the peak of rank-49!

The Body Sect’s cultivation method had stimulated his body. In addition to the awakening of the Bluesilver Emperor, Tang Wulin’s soul power
cultivation speed was finally elevated. He had achieved an unprecedented level. His soul power had finally reached the threshold of another breakthrough as a result of his painstaking efforts.

Zhuo Shi’s mouth was agape. “I think you ought to slow down for a few days to recuperate yourself before you begin the breakthrough.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Grandteacher, my body is in an extremely good state. I have a feeling that I can do this. The bottleneck of rank-50 is not that tough. Please allow me to have a go at breaking through. I’ll think about rest when I’m done breaking through to rank-50.”

Zhuo Shi hesitated slightly before he nodded. “Alright then, I’ll help to protect you.”

“Thank you, grandteacher.”

It was difficult for Zhuo Shi to say no to Tang Wulin. What did he do for the past three months? He managed to cultivate his soul power to the peak of rank-49, while at the same time, he had accomplished four moves out of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. He did not just exercise basic control over the moves but he had achieved mastery through his comprehensive learning.

The three final moves of Zhuo Shi’s Golden Dragon Nine Moves required a large amount of soul power that it could not be substituted with blood essence power.

Thus, Zhuo Shi felt there was nothing more he could teach Tang Wulin presently.

Feng Wuyu had the same feeling too.

Chapter 780 - The Old Man in the Dream

Chapter 780: The Old Man in the Dream

Tang Wulin’s forging had already achieved the peak level of a rank-6 blacksmith. He was only a step behind a rank-7 blacksmith which required the completion of soul forging.

Feng Wuyu was capable of that but he could only tell Tang Wulin about his experience in soul forging. Tang Wulin had been attempting all along but was not successful. Feng Wuyu suggested that he look for the Divine
Craftsmen Zhen Hua, the number one Divine Craftsmen with a profound mastery of soul forging. Feng Wuyu had no choice but to allow his favorite disciple to learn from Zhen Hua for the sake of Tang Wulin’s future.

Tang Wulin’s heart had already calmed down after three months. Perhaps, it was his hectic cultivation schedule that distracted him such that he had no time to worry about anything else.

He used a large amount of rare metals he accumulated and his rank-six blacksmith’s experience to complete four types of metal fuse forging within three months. Moreover, he performed modifications on the battle armor for himself and his comrades.

In other words, he had upgraded the material’s quality of their one-word Battle Armors. What was left to be done was crafting their battle armors afterward.

Gu Yue had already completed the designs earlier, just like Ye Xinglan who had elevated to a rank-6 mecha craftsmen could now begin crafting her
two-word battle armor.

However, there were still some difficulties when they were crafting their two-word battle armors just like when they were crafting the one-word battle armor back in the beginning. They did not possess adequate cultivation base.

Typically, one would require a cultivation base of six rings in order to completely don a two-word battle armor.

Zhuo Shi said, “Since you’re going to attempt to break through to five rings, I shall bring you to a place.” He grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder and leaped into the air as he was saying that. In the next instant, both of them vanished in mid-air.

Tang Wulin could only feel the wind howling past his ear. It seemed like only a few seconds had passed when he landed on solid ground once again.

This was a small valley located on Sea God’s Island apparently. Its
surroundings were lush green vegetation with a dense, life source. The fragrance of plants filled the air.

Tang Wulin whose martial soul was the Bluesilver Grass could not help feeling overjoyed. The natural, dense source of the place could not be better for him to attempt breakthrough.

He hastily sat and crossed his legs as he began to enter a meditative state.

Zhuo Shi stood by Tang Wulin’s side as he sensed the change in Tang Wulin’s soul power fluctuation.

Tang Wulin’s mind calmed down as soon as he listened to the sound of
wind blowing past his ears and breathed in the scents of the soil and plants. It was so easy to relax oneself in the wonderful nature.

Tang Wulin’s soul power moved along the Mysterious Heaven Method’s circuit naturally. There seemed to be green flickers of light that were
silently illuminated one after another in Tang Wulin’s spiritual world. Those were the plants by his side.

They sensed the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura on Tang Wulin’s body so they emitted friendly signals immediately as they echoed each other. Faint blue radiance was emitted from Tang Wulin’s body as his black hair gradually turned blue from fusing with his aura. It seemed like he was a part of the great nature.

Even Zhuo Shi could not discern Tang Wulin’s presence despite his profound cultivation base by just relying on his sensation without using his eyesight.

Zhuo Shi nodded quietly. Tang Wulin’s current state signified that he had truly comprehended the secrets behind his own martial soul.

This was great!

The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s aura was completely restrained. Only the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura was present. Gradually, his perception of the plants spread out toward the far end. Green flickers of light proliferated in Tang Wulin’s spiritual world.

His soul power was elevating while exerting a subtle influence on him. More plants were emitting their own aura and even unleashing their tiny bits of energy to fuse into Tang Wulin’s aura. The Bluesilver Emperor’s aura that was unleashed from his body following the rhythm of his breathing was channeled to the plants. The plants exuded joyous and
excited emotions from his action. It was easier for the plants to produce their spiritual intelligence due to the influence of the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura.

Tang Wulin’s face cracked into a faint smile. He felt as if he had found many relatives in the flora and they were flourishing together. His spiritual world was spreading out on an even larger scale and covered the entire Sea God’s Island.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body shook. He sensed something unusual that was radiating from the plants. The feeling was different from the
emission of the plants on Sea God’s Island which were on a higher life level. Yet at this moment, there seemed to be a special trait that was emitted from these plants. Those green flickers of light gradually turned golden in his spiritual world as they blended with his Bluesilver Emperor’s aura. Most importantly, the energy that was being channeled to him was suddenly elevated.

Instantaneously, Tang Wulin felt as if an enormous creature charged forcefully into his spiritual world with such a loud bang that his body shook intensely.

Then, he discovered in astonishment that there was the addition of a
colossal golden ball of light in his spiritual world. It was so large that it filled his spiritual world to the brink.

In the next moment, Tang Wulin’s consciousness blurred. Right after, he discovered in surprise that he had arrived in a golden world.

In his surroundings were all sorts of colorful, varied plants. These plants were in a faint golden color and emitted a life source that Tang Wulin had never felt before in his life.

The dense life source made him breathe in large gulps, with every breath elevating his life level.

“Young boy. The aura on your body is of Bluesilver Emperor,” an aged voice suddenly echoed. Then, Tang Wulin saw an old man walking slowly out of the woods.

He appeared truly peculiar with his already bent body enshrouded in a bright golden color. His long beard touched the ground, so was his long
white hair, and even his brows were touching the ground. His faint golden eyes were exceedingly clear as he looked at Tang Wulin with an astonished look.

“Hello. Where’s this?” Tang Wulin asked in surprise.

The old man replied, “You haven’t answered me. Where does the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura on your body come from?” Tang Wulin answered, “My martial soul is precisely the Bluesilver Emperor!”

The old man smiled as he shook his head. “That’s impossible. Mankind can never possess the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. Tell me, how did it come to you?”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Why can’t mankind possess the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul?”

The old man explained, “Because the Bluesilver Emperor is the same as me. We belong to the highest life level of the plant world. It’s impossible for us to combine with another life form. Unless you’re part of the
Bluesilver Emperor, you don’t possess the Bluesilver Emperor bloodline. In simple terms, part of your body belongs to the plant. Do you understand?”

Tang Wulin spoke in a daze, “I don’t understand. What do you mean by part of my body belongs to the plant?”

The old man answered, “You’re a fool. That is to say that one of your biological parents is a plant. A human being combined with a plant gave birth to you.”

Tang Wulin cried out involuntarily, “How is that possible? How can a human being possibly combine with a plant?”

The old man spoke, “Nothing is impossible. A plant with spiritual intelligence is a soul beast. It can cultivate throughout its long life span. A plant can transform into a human being after one hundred thousand years of cultivation. So why can’t it combine with a human? I’m right, you have his aura on your body. The aura that is inherited through a skipped generation.
Yes! Bluesilver Emperor can only be inherited through this lineage on the continent. The aura on your body is so dense. Whoever is capable of
awakening the Bluesilver Emperor should be his direct bloodline. This is unbelievable!”

Tang Wulin was all confused. “So you’re saying that one of my parents is a one-hundred-thousand-year plant-type soul beast that transformed into a human? That’s impossible, how’s that possible? My father and mother are the most ordinary human beings.”
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