The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 761-770

Chapter 761 - Are You Stupid?

Chapter 761: Are You Stupid?

Xie Xie suddenly vanished in midair. The Light Illusion Dragon melded into the night sky. It was invisible in an instant.

Yuanen Yehui squinted her eyes slightly. The wings on her back were
extended as she hovered in midair. Spots of light began appearing all over her body. Surprisingly, she unleashed her battle armor at this moment.

The dark purple battle armor covered her entire body fittingly. Among her peers, her battle armor was the more difficult to craft as she had to
accommodate two martial souls. It was slightly inferior to the others in terms of the battle armor’s strength.

However, the battle armor looked exceptionally gorgeous when she donned it. Although she appeared vicious, her red hair and matching purple armor made her alluring at the same time..

The headpiece was a ring formed by two protrusions which resembled sharp horns. It did not completely protect her head, but it looked nicer this way.
The purple glow flowed to form a pale purplish region in the air. It appeared to be a realm of sorts. However, its coverage was not as wide as Long

‘Was it truly a realm?’ Tang Wulin was astonished, and so were Long Yue and Dai Yun’er.

Also, it was apparent that Yuanen Yehui was being very careful. She respected her opponent. Xie Xie had gotten stronger as well, so he should be much more powerful than he was before.

All of a sudden, the purplish halo vibrated violently. The feeling was as if someone had cut across the realm with a paper cutter. The realm was split horizontally.

Yuanen Yehui let out a sharp cry. She turned half a circle and slashed horizontally with the Shadow Demon Sword which had already transformed into the form of a purple crystal.

Amidst the crisp sound, a figure appeared faintly only to disappear again. In the next instant, it forcibly cut open the envelope of the purplish realm
around it and forced its way out. It disappeared without a trace.

Even Yuanen Yehui had to search for him using her abilities of realms.

Apparently, Yuanen Yehui was not injured by his sneak attack, but she still appeared cautious. She did not unleash more of her soul skills as she waited in silence.

At this moment, another change occurred in the purple realm. In the next instant, three golden figures appeared, then disappeared again. Six sharp beams of light crisscrossed as they struck the purple realm in six different directions simultaneously.

At the same time, the fifth soul ring on Yuanen Yehui’s body suddenly shone brightly. The purple battle armor on her body burst forth with an
attractive, bright glow. She seemed to have been waiting for such a move.

On her forehead, she grew two horns which connected with the headband of her battle armor. This was probably why her battle armor did not have a helmet.

Her body instantly grew until she was three meters tall. A purple light wheel shone behind her. A huge eye appeared in the center of the light wheel. The purple realm which she kept at a diameter of thirty meters
suddenly increased until the diameter was more than a hundred meters. In the sky, another huge purple eye appeared. A huge purple light column shot down from the skies and covered an area with a diameter of more than thirty meters. Six swords gleaming charged into the purple light. They were instantly met with a great obstructing force. However, they pressed on determinedly. A
sonorous dragon’s roar sounded. The six swords suddenly connected with each other, weaving together to form a tornado which spiraled into the
skies. It forcibly collided with the purple light column. “Boom!”
The intense explosion sent violent ripples across Sea God Lake’s surface. Later, more lights appeared that rose upward like a whirlwind.

A myriad of gleaming swords danced in the skies in a complex pattern. A terrifying wave of energy burst forth continuously. The light shining from the purple eye seemed to swallow everything. The tornado gradually diminished in size and barely managed to maintain its form.

At this moment, the tornado formed by the six swords merged into one. A figure also appeared. It was an impressive Xie Xie.

His body was covered in grey battle armor. Shortly after, another figure
appeared behind him. The figure donned pale golden battle armor. The two figures slowly merged into one. The fifth soul ring on his body shone brightly.

“Twin Dragon Transformation!” Xie Xie growled.

A dagger that was longer than both the Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger appeared in his right hand. The dagger’s long blade was half golden and half translucent grey. It looked striking. Near him, two dragon-shaped shadows circled around. No matter how the purple light
came at him, they would be severed when they reached within three feet of him. He was steady as a rock amidst the crashing waves.

He sliced at the air with the bi-colored dagger in his hand. The purple light was effortlessly repelled by him. The battle armor on Xie Xie’s body was also bi-colored. Yuanen Yehui looked at Xie Xie who had appeared before her with shock.
When she saw the dagger which was very close to her, a faint smile appeared at the edges of her lips.

All the purple lights were retracted at this instant. The horns above her head and her enlarged body returned to normal.

Two dragon-shaped shadows circled around her and Xie Xie’s dagger was before her.

“I’ve lost.” Yuanen Yehui looked at him with keen sparkling eyes.

“You didn’t used your full powers.” Xie Xie seemed to be in a daze. “This couldn’t have been the full extent of your Demon’s Eye. Also, you didn’t utilize your Titan Giant Ape’s ability even once.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke without answering his questions, “You’ve always kept your fifth soul skill a secret from us. Were you waiting for this day?”

Xie Xie nodded without hesitation. Indeed, he was waiting for this day. He had waited patiently for this day to arrive after having gone through a lot of trouble.

Under his relentless efforts, he was finally able to merge his two martial souls into a single soul skill, Twin Dragon Transformation.

Even though this was not a true martial soul fusion skill, it was similar
enough. He got the idea when he saw Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. With the help of Tang Sect’s Speed Hall hall master, Liang Xiaoyu, he was able to achieve this feat.

He clearly knew that it would be difficult for him to defeat Yuanen Yehui.
He could only win against her by using some special technique. Fortunately, he finally found such an opportunity.

Twin Dragon Transformation combined his two great martial souls into one. Although he could not superimpose his cultivation bases together, he could somehow superimpose the special characteristics of his martial souls instead. With the enhancement of his battle armor together with the Twin Dragon Transformation, his explosive powers could be increased to a formidable level.

He knew that Yuanen Yehui would use the Demon’s Eye to counter his Illusion Dragon joint attack. He had been waiting for this opportunity to use the Twin Dragon Transformation.

In truth, if Yuanen Yehui had used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, it
would have been difficult for him to succeed. Titan Giant Ape’s strength and defensive powers were truly too powerful. Even Xie Xie did not have the confidence in overcoming them.

He had made countless preparations for this day. He had predicted early on that the Fallen Angel martial soul was more suitable for combat because it could fly above Sea God Lake’s surface. His strategy was pre-arranged to counter this aspect.

Everything went smoothly according to plan just as he had imagined. The Demon’s Eye was not as powerful as he thought. Maybe Yuanen did not unleash the force which she should have. Her Demon Eye was easily defeated by his Twin Dragon Transformation. It seemed he could shatter it with his Illusion Dragon joint attack alone without even using the Twin
Dragon Transformation.

He had worked hard for many days, and his victory seemed to have been too easy. It came so effortlessly that even Xie Xie found it unbelievable.

“Are you stupid?” Faced with Xie Xie’s question, Yuanen Yehui rolled her eyes at him.

At the same time, she reached out and grabbed his shoulder so that it would not be difficult for him to remain in midair after he lost the enhancement from his soul skill.

Chapter 762

Chapter 762: Every Encounter Is A Reunion After A Long Separation

The glow of the Twin Dragon Dagger in Xie Xie’s hands dimmed. He stared blankly at Yuanen Yehui, prettily pouting in front of him.

He simply could not believe that this was really happening. Yuanen Yehui looked all sorts of flirtatious. She behaved as if she was another person.
This was not the cold Yuanen Yehui he had always known. ‘S-s-she!’
A person was not a stalk of grass or a tree. How could a person ever be emotionless?

As she looked at the foolish fellow in front of her, Yuanen Yehui could not restrain herself and gave him a good smack on the head.

The two of them descended from the skies and dropped onto their lotus leaves.

Yuanen Yehui’s beautiful face had slightly reddened when she let go of him. Xie Xie only truly understood the situation at that point.
“Ah!” He suddenly gave a loud shout as he leapt high in the air.

However, he immediately remembered Xu Lizhi’s sorrow after the great joy before this. He quickly controlled his body and descended lightly on the lotus leaf like a willow.

“Yuanen, I love you. From this day on, if you told me to go east, I will not go west. If you want me to catch a dog, I won’t go after a chicken. From this day on, I’m yours!” Xie Xie did not land on his own lotus leaf, landing on Yuanen Yehui’s instead.

Although Xu Lizhi was much chubbier than he was, in terms of the thickness of their faces, Xu Lizhi could not compare to him even with both sides of his face combined. Xie Xie was already hugging Yuanen Yehui as he leaped with joy.

“Hey, hey! We’re not even in the final segment yet! Be mindful of your conduct,” said Tang Yinmeng with a smile from far away.

When Tang Wulin saw this, he could not help but sigh in relief. Finally! Xie Xie had finally gotten what he was hoping for after all these years of pining.

He was genuinely happy for them. He also instinctively shifted his gaze to a faraway direction.

Xu Lizhi had succeeded; Xie Xie had succeeded, but what about himself?

It was a rare sight that Yuanen Yehui did not blast this fellow away. She only pushed his body further from herself slightly. She said softly, “Let go of me at once. If you continue to embarrass me, I’ll go back on my word.”

“You can’t!” Xie Xie hastily let go of Yuanen Yehui. As he looked at the beautiful face in front of his nose, his breathing became noticeably heavier. He had finally risen to the ranks of a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law! Although this was an odd choice of phrase to apply to a man, it aptly described how Xie Xie was feeling.

Xie Xie pulled on Yuanen Yehui’s hand. He stretched his right arm and guided his lotus leaf toward himself. He stepped onto it and brought her with him as they returned to his original position.

The perturbed, depressed, and stifling feelings he had felt before this was completely gone now. He looked around charmingly. The triumphant look
on his face even made Yuanen Yehui start to doubt if she had made the right choice by selecting him just like that. In any case, there was only one more girl that had not made her choice.

“According to the rules, the female students who have not removed their bamboo hats in this segment must wait until the final moment before they’re allowed to make their choice. Female Number Seventeen, will you pick the male student whom you admire?”

All of Tang Wulin’s awkwardness disappeared in this instant. His gaze
sailed a hundred meters across the lake’s surface and landed directly on that girl. Everyone’s gaze was also concentrated on her. This was especially true for those who had already guessed her identity.

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui had also calmed down. They looked at Number Seventeen standing far away from them. Then, they looked at Tang Wulin and the three girls around him. The expressions of the duo turned slightly grim.

Why was she unwilling to reveal her face? He had returned, so should she not be jubilant? What kind of problem had gone down between the two of them that made them not acknowledge each other even though they were already face-to-face?

Under everyone’s focused stares, Female Number Seventeen shook her head lightly after a brief moment of silence.

Her movement was very slight and simple, but it made Tang Wulin, standing atop his lotus leaf, feel as if he had fallen into an abyss.

She shook her head. She did not make a choice. She really did not pick him. She had not picked anyone, or even removed her bamboo hat.

Without a doubt, this meant that she had no one whom she admired, and she was not interested in finding her partner in this year’s Sea God’s Fated Date Festival.

Tang Wulin felt as if something had suddenly taken hold of his heart. He immediately found it hard to breathe. His eyes were slightly blurred, and the edges of his lips now had a faint bitterness.

Everything that they had experienced together overflowed in his heart. ‘Why did you not pick me?’

Every encounter was a reunion after a long separation.

He had been looked down upon because of his lack of talent, fought with his roommate soon after he entered the academy and was assigned to Class Five, which was the weakest. All these were sent his way by destiny.

He had felt helpless once and was also lost. Even if his heart and mind were strong, in the darkness, he was still a child.

In the unseen world, he had met someone after a long wait.

It was a peaceful, sunny day. Thin wisps of clouds hung in the skies. The gentle breeze brought a faint aroma with it.

On the field where everyone was drenched in sweat, he met with a pure
white figure unexpectedly. She had delicate and pretty features, long black hair and black eyes. She seemed to have a strange air about her as she

“Why are you wearing iron chains?”

“To train my body of course! Teacher has higher expectations of me. You’re sharp.”

When they were eating, she seemed to have taken notice of his shocking appetite. She passed him her own buns.

“I can’t finish mine. You have them.”

A single gesture had pulled them closer to each other. Everything was so smooth, it was like a concern from an old friend. She was Gu Yue, and like the deep waters of an ancient well, she held many secrets within her. She was also like the broad, cold moon which cleared
and brightened his eyes.

He was a humble Bluesilver Grass, while she was the beloved child blessed by the Elements. One of them went with the flow, while the other went
against it. In the rapid torrent of time, they were reunited with each other after a long separation.

‘I’ve been hugging you tightly no matter which side you took.’

They displayed tacit agreement in the Class Promotion Tournament and
assisted each other in the spirit ascension platform. They became friends in the truest sense of the word.

When he came back smelling like barbeque, she could tell that he had met with another girl. When his crystallized form fell from midair, she caught him with her own body without hesitation to prevent him from shattering.

‘I’m cold toward others. I’ll only smile for you.’

When faced with the choice of whether she wanted to join Tang Sect, her answer was no.

He was afraid. He was afraid that the people around him would leave one after the other, just like his parents and little sister had done.

“Who says I’m leaving you?”

“I’ve only chosen not to enter Tang Sect, not leave Class Zero. Joining or not joining an organization doesn’t change my being at some place.”

‘I won’t leave you. I’ll be with you forever.’

… When they were young, time trickled sluggishly as they snuggled up to each other warmly.

On the soul bus, the sea was on the east. It was a boundless patch of blue, the sea seemed to melt into the skies.

He looked at the beautiful scenery which flitted past the window. In his daze, he softly called out the name of his little sister. A silver silhouette disappeared from his mind as quickly as it appeared. When he reopened his eyes, what he saw was her looking astonished.

She smiled faintly and gave him a glass of water. There was only plain
water inside the class. Its temperature was perfect and it nourished his heart.

The sunlight fell on her face, which seemed to make her skin glitter in a translucent manner. He realized, as if for the first time, just how beautiful she was.

The sparkling glow from the sun made her rest her head gently on his shoulder. Her breathing gradually calmed down.

Without realizing, he had shut his eyes as well. His body felt warm and fuzzy. All his exhaustion silently faded away amidst the feeling of the moment.

There were hardly any words. This scene was like a monochrome fragment of the years they spent together.

With you, I would not be sad even if I died.

On the Skysea Alliance Tournament, she was suddenly attacked and could not react in time. The only thing she could do was bind her own hands and await her death.

Suddenly, her body felt a warmth. He had hugged her and used his back to bear the brunt of the attack. Bright red bloodflowers bloomed in her eyes, but there was no sadness or regret on his face. There was only a faint smile.

‘How I wish I can accompany you on the roads that you’ll take in the future. But, I’ll never forget my original intention. I want to protect you like this forever. You, who I hold so dear. Unfortunately, this might be the last time I’ll be able to do this.’

She was flustered. She cared not about using up her own life force. She utilized her purest life’s light to mend his damaged body.

She did not care. She wanted him to live on.

‘You’ve said that there’s no contract in the world that can surpass the friendship between two persons who share the same fate.

‘After you had grown up, you were still you.’

Time flew past as swiftly as an arrow. Days and months flashed past like a weaver’s shuttle.

Three years had gone by. For some unknown reason, her attitude toward him had changed. She was not as friendly as she had been, and she even seemed to be distancing herself from him.

They sat for the Highest Hall Examination. They passed, but she was still distant.

“I don’t want to.”

“She hit you. I’m not happy.”

She turned around and looked straight into his eyes. There was no suspicion or reluctance on her part. She stated her reason plainly, without being open to other options. ‘Thank you. Thank you for still being the person who’d do anything for me. So nothing has changed after all.”

‘When I have the ability to obtain justice, I’ll come back.’

She was picked on. Faced with the imposing manner of the elders, he did not have an ounce of fear within him. He stood beside her, being neither haughty nor humble.

This was because, she who was being picked on was the person he wanted to protect.

“Tell me, is there justice in Shrek Academy?” The answer was resolute and scornful.
He felt powerless. In the face of absolute strength, was he truly unable to protect others, even his own companions?

He raised his head.

“Elders, I forfeit my rights to take up Shrek Academy’s entrance
examination. One day, when I have the ability to obtain justice, I’ll come back.”

For her, he wanted to give up on his ideals.

‘Even if the world deserted you, I would still walk by your side.’

He had not returned for the whole night. She waited without saying a word.

She leaned on a great tree with her eyes closed. A few drops of dew hung on her long lashes. Under the illumination of the dawn, the entire scene looked like a scroll painting. He looked at her in a daze. This moment was seared deeply into the depths of his heart.

“You’re awake.”

“Why are you sleeping here?”

“It was already very late, and you hadn’t come back. I came out to look for you but I saw that you were still meditating, so I didn’t disturb you.”

She said it plainly as if she was talking about something insignificant.

There was a smile at the corners of his lips. He did not know why, but when he looked at the young lady before him, he had no intentions of saying the words ‘thank you’.

Life did not always need grand and spectacular surprises. Sometimes, simple ease and nonchalance were enough.

‘Even if we disband, I’ll still follow you.’

They had had a quarrel among their team. The others had disagreed with his opinion.

For the others, crafting battle armor using spirit alloy was too lofty a goal and unthinkable, like a divine steed which soared across the heavens.

However, she believed in him completely, standing at his side without hesitation.

“Forget it. I think I have been indulging in my wildest fantasies.” “No, I want to craft my one-word battle armor using spirit alloy.”
When she saw her stubbornness and determination, at that moment, his heart was filled with warmth. ‘With you by my side, why should I be afraid even if I had to go against the whole world?’

‘Martial soul fusion. I’m in you, and you’re in me.’

When they were faced with a powerful opponent, he still stood in front of her. He knew that they would surely lose, but he was not timid or overcautious.

He was a person who could bear with her pride and waywardness, just because it was her.

He was a person who would trade his life for hers to protect her.

Her gaze gradually became lost. She opened her arms just like that and embrace him tightly from behind.

There was no hesitation, only complete trust from her body and mind. Everything seemed to return to the days of their youth.

That time, he was still a little boy who admired his senior. She was still a little girl who loved to quarrel.

There seemed to be a vast dome above their heads which witnessed this mighty ritual.

They had won, but they had fainted; her hands seemed as if they had grown out of his body. The two of them could not be separated no matter what.
They had obtained victory and glory while they in each other’s arms.

When two people traveled on conflicting roads, their fates might be
severed. What endures forever was surely their martial souls and the bond between their spirits. Were they not each other’s partner?

Chapter 763 - Yuanen and Xie Xie’s Happily Ever After

Chapter 763: Yuanen and Xie Xie’s Happily Ever After

Everything was like illusions in the clouds during that split second when she shook her head. At that moment, it was as though a sharp blade had dropped down from the sky, slashing the heavens and cutting the earth.

For over three years’ time, over one thousand days and nights of separation, there was only she in his heart.

On the other hand, she was not even willing to reveal herself to him when he met her at the Sea God Fated Date Festival.

It had all become bitter, and an indescribable pain had spread out from his heart.

“Brother…” Na’er’s soft moan echoed at his side. Tang Wulin turned his head. He looked at her stiffly and smiled.

Na’er was stunned. She had never seen her brother smile like that. It was a stiff, awkward smile with a dash of despair and desolation. She suddenly felt that her heart was hurting, an excruciating pain. She clenched her fist subconsciously.

She looked at him from afar under her bamboo hat and veil. He could not see that her eyes had already filled with tears. He could not see that long lashes of hers were gently trembling.

She truly wished that she could unveil herself, but it was quite clear that she was indecisive when a choice needed to be made.

… On the train, they were discussing goals. Some as ambitious as Xie Xie, some as ordinary as Xu Xiaoyan and some as comfortable as Xu Lizhi.

And also…

“Marry you.”

The joke had clearly made her mood much more gloomy. This was the first time he had seen her so depressed, like the desolation during autumn.

What had actually happened to her? Her ambition was perhaps genuinely very heavy. It was such a burden that all doubted and opposed her but still, she had to bear it and go on.

She did not wish to hurt her group of companions, so she chose not to speak rather than lie about it.

“Everyone has his or her own secrets. It’s fine if you don’t tell.” “How about your ambitions then?”
“Military. I’m going to enlist.”

He wished to become even stronger so he could look for his parents and Na’er. He gazed out the window as he smiled absentmindedly.

She seemed to have recalled his expression like a memory, in the past… Then, in the future as it all flashed past her eyes one by one…

That night, her hair was blowing in the wind. Her eyes were no longer black in color but exuded a faint purple glow.

Orbs of light danced on her palms. A dash of dark purple leaped up in the end and vanished after a flicker.

She was as beautiful as the mystery of the night. In her eyes, all were like deep pools of water.

‘Life is truly a journey with travelers and scenes you find along the way. ‘There will come a day when I disembark the train, but I’ll leave behind the most wonderful memories of you.

‘Let the memories of me freeze in your mind, so I’ll never disappear from that scene.’

The fourth segment of Sea God Fated Date Festival had come to a close on the Sea God Lake. Destined for Three Reincarnations had ended.

His original assumption of being destined for three reincarnations was exchanged for only a gentle shake of her head.

A wordless rejection disheartened him. At that moment, he was actually hoping to make a quick escape so he could look for a place to bury himself.

“Alright. Since Female Number Seventeen is unwilling to choose, we will not force her hand. However, you’re not allowed to leave yet because there’s still one final segment. Will all our females please return to your positions. Your choices earlier have already been recorded. Next is our final segment of the Sea God Fated Date Festival, known as Happily Ever After.”

“According to the rules, the power of authority will be reversed in the
Happily Ever After segment. The males are given the opportunity to make the final choice. If all of you pick the females who chose you earlier, then
we’ll be sending you our greatest blessing and congratulate all of you on the success of love. In this segment, the Sea God maidens who have already
chosen the males, have thirty seconds each to express to them something you wish to tell, especially to the males which many females have chosen. Our Sea God maidens will need to work harder to impress their beloved males. If a male chooses a female who didn’t choose him, then both of you have one minute’s time for confession. However, I must also remind all of you that if you were to choose a female who didn’t choose you earlier, then the rate of failure will be extremely high. The rate of failure for the previous years’ Sea God Fated Date Festival exceeded eighty percent.” “At the same time, there’s also one more rule that all of you should be
aware of. In this final segment, the successful dating couple may possibly be the victims of bride kidnapping later. In the bride kidnapping segment, both of you are to confront the bride kidnapping together. If you are capable of reaching the Sea God Lake’s shore with ease, then both of you are
considered successful.”

“Very well. Please make the necessary preparations. Happily Ever After begins now.”

“We shall follow the previous arrangement of drawing lots. The first person to come forward is Xie Xie. Oh, that is so soon. I didn’t expect to draw your lot immediately. It seems like we can congratulate you in advance, but those who wish to kidnap the bride can also begin preparing.”

Xie Xie first took a ferocious glance at everyone around him. One of the males beside him could not help speaking, “Don’t worry, brother. No one’s going to kidnap her. I think that you alone have the courage to pair up with the Titan Giant Ape. Go on, quick.”

Xie Xie glared at him unpleasantly, then he urged his lotus leaf into floating out. He joyously arrived at the spot at the front of all the males.

“I choose Yuanen Yehui.”

He had already lost his patience and shouted before the lotus leaf had completely stopped.

“Hey, hey. It’s not your turn yet.” Lan Muzi could not help laughing.

Xie Xie puffed up his chest and spoke with a bold and confident tone, “I’ll choose her regardless. I have no other choice.”

The lotus leaf underneath Yuanen Yehui’s feet floated out. “I don’t know if picking this embarrassing fellow is the right choice, but I just really wish to leave this place now.” Xie Xie laughed aloud. “I’m your man from now on.” He touched the tip of his toes gently against the lotus leaf as he crossed the water toward Yuanen Yehui at lightning speed.

Yuanen Yehui truly wished to give him a tight slap, but it was during that moment when he had held her hand earlier, she knew that she would never again treat him the way she had done before.

He had not given up throughout all these years. How was she oblivious to his effort in painstakingly cultivating all along for her? She had not
accepted his courtship, but that did not mean that she had not been paying attention to him.

He had many weaknesses, but his strength was his loyalty. He had never shown any interest in other girls, and he was always hounding at her side.

Perhaps he was unaware that she was touched not because of his repeated love confessions, nor his willingness to cultivate for her, but because of his sweeping the floor and fetching her a basin full of fresh water every morning when they were at the working student’s dormitory.

She enjoyed seeing him working hard for her. He was quiet and focused at the time, and there was a sense of gentleness in his eyes.

Perhaps she was moved by the view from the side of his face from that day.

In her heart, she had already chosen him for quite some time, but she had been fearful. She was afraid that he was only acting on impulse.

The trial that lasted over a thousand days and nights was the evidence of his persistence. His hard work paid off, and he could finally return with this beauty in his arms.

“Alright. I’m declaring the first successful couple from this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival. They are Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. Congratulations.
Both of you shall receive the sea god’s blessing and the academy’s good
wishes. I wish that the both of you are destined for three reincarnations and live happily ever after.” Speckles of light rose up from the distant Sea God Lake’s shore, and exploded into dazzling fireworks in the sky.

The smile and cheekiness on Xie Xie’s face had completely vanished under the glow of the fireworks. He held Yuanen Yehui’s hands as he spoke softly, “Yuanen, I’ll treat you well. I certainly will do so. I’ll protect you with my life, and I’m willing to give up the entire world for you. I love you and I’m sincere. You’re the only person I love in this life.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at him in a daze. His sincere appearance made her heart shudder gently. She lowered her head with a little shyness. “Hmm.”

Xie Xie could not control his emotions anymore as he suddenly opened his arms and hugged her. This time, she did not push him away but wrapped her arms around his waist.

Chapter 764 - I’m A Competitive Girl

Chapter 764: I’m A Competitive Girl

The thunderous hand-clapping echoed from the shore over the lake’s surface. The emergence of the first couple in the date festival made everyone cheer for them in excitement.

Xie Xie’s eyes reddened for he had waited so long for this day. He had truly waited far too long for the arrival of this day and with great difficulty too!

Tang Wulin was also clapping loudly. His face was filled with smiles. ‘Congratulations guys. Congratulations, Yuanen and Xie Xie.’

The fireworks subsided. The lotus leaves underneath Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui turned to a gold color before sending them toward the shore. No one came to kidnap the bride. They received everyone’s blessings instead.

The couple reached the shore but they did not leave. There was also Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan who had just changed their attires standing with them.

“I’m sorry, Sister Xinglan. It’s my fault that we didn’t see the fireworks.” Xu Lizhi looked apologetically at Ye Xinglan by his side.

Ye Xinglan held his chubby hand like when they were children.

“There’s too little fireworks here. I want even more and you’ll buy it for me.”

Xu Lizhi spoke with excitement, “Sure! I’ll buy the best fireworks in Shrek City and light the fireworks only for you.”

“Stop being so cheesy!” Xie Xie could not help teasing. “Who else is cheesier but you!” Xu Lizhi glared at him. Meanwhile, Lan Muzi’s voice echoed over the surface of Sea God Lake. “The next person is Tang Wulin.”

The four suddenly quietened down upon hearing those words. They could not help staring at the surface of the lake and clenching their fists
subconsciously. ‘Captain!’
The captain had returned. They had yet to cheer for him but they were well aware that the next moment would be very important to him and his future partner.

“Why does she refuse to reveal herself? Moreover, she didn’t choose the captain. Is it because she’s jealous?” Xu Lizhi could not help saying.

Xie Xie shook his head with a deep frown on his face. “No, it couldn’t just be jealousy. Are you not capable of understanding Gu Yue’s temperament? She will spare no effort in striving for something that she truly wants. Just like when she first arrived here, she would always sit by Big Brother’s side. Even when we were doing the team hand stack, she would always place her hand underneath Big Brother’s hand. Something must have happened between them, something that even we aren’t aware of. I suspect that the
cause of Big Brother’s disappearance may be related to a change in their relationship.”

“I feel the same too. If they can’t be together again in today’s date festival, I’m afraid…” Yuanen Yehui sighed because it was something they did not wish to witness.

Tang Wulin did not expect to be the second person drawn. The lotus leaf underneath his feet floated forward naturally and arrived at a spot before the males.

The smile that was on his face just now had vanished. He stood rigidly on the lotus leaf. He was already eighteen years old, and he had grown. As a man, he would not allow himself to wallow in despair regardless of what he encountered.

He would stand firm like a man despite the agonizing ache in his heart. Cowardice would never solve a problem much less gain sympathy.

“There were three females who chose Tang Wulin earlier. Next, we shall invite these three females to express their heartfelt feelings for him individually as a final effort to win him over. We’ll still use the drawing lot method to determine the sequence of your love confession. Yingmeng, please carry on.”

Tang Yingmeng drew the first name. “Wu Siduo.”

Wu Siduo raised her head and gazed into Tang Wulin suspended above the lake’s surface afar. At this very moment, she grew confident because Gu Yue did not reveal herself nor chose him.

Was their relationship over just because they had not met each other for over three years? Perhaps, there was still a strand of hope for her.

She took a glance at the Dragon Spear Goddess Na’er. Na’er was genuinely prettier than her, but she had not heard of Na’er having any sort of relationship with him. Moreover, Na’er was only sixteen years old.

“Wulin, it’s been a long time since we’ve met. After much consideration, I’ve decided to choose you at this date festival. Perhaps, I should say that my choice would be different if you haven’t appeared. Yet, here you are. Frankly speaking, I despise you. I feel that you relied on luck to be a part of Shrek Academy. How are you then worthy to be our class monitor?”

“Yet, you acted on your own to prove that you were qualified afterward. I’ve watched you grow every day and my confidence to be with you began to waver. You made a deep impression in my heart each time I lost to you.”

“I’m a competitive girl. I always strive to be the best ever since I was young. I also want the best of everything. You’re the best in my eyes and only you are capable of tempting my heart. I am not good at love confessions, but I can tell you that I’ll accompany you as you progress further in this life.”

Her words were not touching, but it definitely came from her heart. Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng who were drenched and standing by the shore afar had bitter smiles on their faces as they gazed at one another.

They had figured out the reason why she chose him. It was because he was the best.

“Anything from Wulin?” Lan Muzi asked.

Tang Wulin sighed softly. “I’m very sorry, Wu Siduo. There’s no relationship between love and power. We are only classmates in my heart. I’m very sorry as I already have someone I love.”

Wu Siduo took a deep breath. “Is it still her?”

Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly glowed brightly as he spoke without the slightest hesitation, “Yes.”

Wu Siduo nodded, then she smiled. “I won’t regret choosing you because you’re the best even when it comes to your notion of love. I admit my defeat to her.”

She leaped up upon saying that, but she did not go to the shore immediately.
She jumped into the water instead. Just like Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng earlier, she dived into the water and vanished.

Tang Wulin watched her exit. There was only an apologetic look in his eyes.

Lan Muzi sighed. “What a waste. Then, the next person is…” “Dai Yun’er!” Tang Yingmeng called out the name.
Dai Yun’er’s lotus leaf floated out. Her gaze appeared desolated because she understood very well that she was not the person Tang Wulin meant earlier. “Brother Three, it has been ages since I last saw you. I’ve been looking for you for such a long time. Finally, we meet again at this date festival. Do you know how happy I was when I saw you earlier? It has been over three years and to think you’ve just returned. I should’ve been the one that you
were last together with. Could it be that you’ve forgotten how we supported each other as we walked into the depths of Dragon Valley? I wouldn’t be
who I am today without you. I’ve set my mind on you. This will never
change even if you don’t choose me. I love you not because you’re the best but because you’re you. I love you.”

Tang Wulin sighed softly upon seeing the tears on Dai Yun’er’s sweet,
charming face. “Yun’er, I’m sorry. You should know that there’s already
someone else in my heart since earlier. I can’t and won’t do it. My heart has already been taken by her many years ago. I can only say that you arrived late. I like you because you have a kind heart despite being an arrogant princess. You’re a kind girl. I can only say that it’s a pity we met at the
wrong time. I can’t dissect my heart, so I can only regard you as a sister, or a friend but you can never be my lover.”

Dai Yun’er looked at him in a daze. There was only bitterness in the corners of her lips as she listened to his tactful rejection. She did not speak
anymore, but she did not withdraw like Wu Siduo. She chose not to leave but remained standing persistently on the lotus leaf.

“Please welcome our last candidate, the Dragon Spear Goddess. Na’er, it’s your turn.”

The entire Sea God Lake and the shore were quiet when Tang Yingmeng’s voice faded.

The radiance of the moon and the stars in the sky made Sea God Lake beneath the starlit night sparkle. Her silver hair, purple eyes, and exquisite silhouette were reflecting the light under the moon and stars as she slowly arrived next to Dai Yun’er.

Her gaze appeared a little dazed but there was radiance rippling in her eyes. Her gaze, as she looked at him, was no longer akin to a sister looking at an older brother.

Tang Wulin was taken aback when he sensed that she was looking at him differently.

“Brother!” Na’er called out to him softly.

“Na’er, you…” Tang Wulin was frowning ever so slightly.

Na’er smiled. “Brother, do you know the moment you took me in when I
was three years old that I’ve already loved you? Even when you were not so strong, you did your best to defend me from those evil men. You’re not only kind but brave.”

“You’re much tougher than your peers. Your martial soul had awakened when you were six years old. It was the Bluesilver Grass, a universally acknowledged useless martial soul. However, you had soul power when your martial soul was awakened. Your ambition was to become a soul
master, but you dared not think about becoming a battle armor master at the time. You said you wish to control a mecha instead.”

Chapter 765 - Brother, I Like You

Chapter 765: Brother, I Like You

Na’er looked at Tang Wulin affectionately. At that moment, he was all her eyes could see. “But one would need to spend a lot of money in order to become a soul master with a spirit soul. Our family was not well off. Father and mother had already worked very hard. Thus, you were only allowed to choose to study forging when you were sixteen years old. I remember very clearly that you couldn’t even make an expression because you were so tired after class in the beginning. You collapsed on the bed, and it seemed like you couldn’t even hear me calling out to you.”

“Yet you didn’t give up. You still remained persistent in learning. You bought me candies with the remaining money after you had saved a portion of your salary every time. Those candies were so sweet.”

“Do you still remember that I once asked if you would miss me when I’m gone?”

Tang Wulin listened to Na’er’s words in a daze. His mind seemed to have traveled back to ten years ago when he was still at his home.

‘My ambition is to go to the Star Sea.’

He was a youth with black hair, black eyes, and fair complexion. He
stepped into the Eastsea City alone with a vain hope as he embarked on an unknown journey.

He had a useless Bluesilver Grass martial soul and his pitiful rank-3 inherent soul power. He was ordinary in the vast city, but even that tiny grass seed that was blown everywhere could always fulfill its original intention. While the rest of the people were still immersed in their parents’ inculcation, he had lost his home.

That dash of warm silver color was also moving away from his gaze and felt cold in his palm.

“Will you miss me when I’m gone?”

“Of course I will. I’ll miss you so, so much.”

The moist night breeze gently stroked his face. The warmth radiating from his left breast made him smile. It did not feel bitter but nostalgic as he reminisced about his past.

The silver-haired girl was never too far away in his heart. She was still living in a corner of his memories as she called out to her brother under the setting sun.

‘I’m Tang Wulin and my ambition is to go to the Star Sea.

‘When that ordinary grass seed germinates into a lush green field, will I be able to hold your hand and visit the Star Sea again?’

“Brother, I like you, I love you. I’m willing to spend all my time to
accompany you in the future and be by your side always. Please allow me to love you. Is that alright? I’m serious.” Na’er’s expression was so solemn that even the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming on the towership was feeling shocked.

Tang Wulin’s originally desolate and despairing heart could not help being moved. If one were to ask about how he prioritizes the females in his heart, then his mother, Na’er and she each occupied an unmovable position.

Even so, he had never thought that she would talk about all this to him during the Sea God Fated Date Festival with everyone’s attention fixated on them.

“Na’er, you’re my sister!” “No, I’m not. I’m only your Na’er. We are not related by blood. I’m only your Na’er. I refuse to be your sister anymore. I’m only willing to be your Na’er,” she spoke stubbornly.

Tang Wulin’s body was shivering ever so slightly.

“Time’s up, Na’er. I can’t allow you to continue speaking anymore for righteousness’ sake.” Tang Yingmeng’s voice sounded slightly odd. She
could not conceal the strangeness, but at least her behavior was much more composed than the rest of the crowd who were staring in disbelief at the
scene with their mouths agape.

Na’er lowered her head with tears shimmering in her eyes. She had finally poured her heart out, but she did not say, ‘Brother, if you don’t choose me, then…’

If Tang Wulin was still capable of bracing himself to withstand Wu Siduo and Dai Yun’er’s love confessions, then Na’er’s words shocked his mind and heart profusely.

He once vowed not to allow anyone to make Na’er cry, yet he had never expected that the person making Na’er cry would be himself.

‘Na’er, why do you have to be so foolish!’

Yet there was an indescribable feeling in the depth of his heart for some unknown reason. Just as Na’er had said, they were not biological siblings after all. Na’er was the sister he took in, the sister he had watched over diligently.

Na’er suddenly raised her head and looked toward Tang Wulin with a burning gaze. “There would never have been anyone else in your heart if I didn’t leave back in the beginning.”

Tang Wulin’s entire body shuddered. She was right. If she had never left at the start… if she had remained by his side all along… On the other hand, Na’er shifted her gaze toward her back and looked at the figure still wearing her bamboo hat nearby after speaking.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng’s gaze was fixated upon Tang Wulin.

Lan Muzi could not help exclaiming, “I truly didn’t expect to meet you at such a huge scene for the first time, Junior Wulin. So many outstanding
junior sisters are in love with you including our little Goddess. So this is the time for you to make a decision. As someone with experience, I would like to remind you that you ought to be decisive when a choice is needed, otherwise all will be chaotic. Make your choice, and let them understand how you feel clearly rather than hurting more people in the future.”

Tang Wulin would not have the slightest hesitation if not for Na’er’s words, but now he was truly reluctant. He did not wish to hurt Na’er the most!

‘What should I do? What should I do?’

Tang Wulin was slightly listless. As he stood on the surface of Sea God Lake, he felt that he was hesitating at a crossroad for the very first time.

If he had known that this would happen in the Fated Date Festival, he would not have chosen to participate.

He looked at them, and he was feeling highly troubled.

“Junior Wulin, please make your choice,” Lan Muzi urged with a deep voice.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath strenuously as the energy in his entire body seemed to be shifting.

He questioned his conscience and the answer was unusually clear to him. He did not want to hurt Na’er, but more than that, he did not want to lie to her. Additionally, everything was so complicated. He did not wish to give up this opportunity even if it seemed extremely vague.

“I’m sorry, Na’er. I choose Female Number Seventeen!” Tang Wulin
exerted almost all the strength of his entire body as he spoke those few simple words.

Everyone at the scene gasped in surprise for all the outer court disciples did not expect that Tang Wulin would refuse to choose despite the Dragon Spear Goddess’ weeping courtship, but he chose Female Seventeen who did not choose him or even unveil herself from the beginning to the end.

How? How was this possible?

Wu Siduo, Dai Yun’er, Na’er were three beauties! He did not choose either of them, but someone who did not even pick him to everyone’s surprise.

On the shore…

“It’s expected. The big brother is indeed the big brother, all mighty and domineering. Only that Na’er…” Xie Xie waved his fist subconsciously.

Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, and Xu Lizhi were all anxious at this moment. They knew that the most important moment for Tang Wulin was about to come.

Faint radiance shimmered in the air. Female Number Seventeen’s lotus leaf slowly floated out and arrived at the forefront.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng gazed into each other’s eyes as they saw the fear in their mutual expressions. They did not expect that Na’er would be rejected either.

On the other hand, the color on Na’er’s face faded at the split second when Tang Wulin spoke those words. She backed away for one step
subconsciously with half of her foot stepping into the water. Her body swayed before she managed to stabilize herself.

Lan Muzi swallowed, and then he looked toward Female Number Seventeen. “According to the rules, you must remove your bamboo hat and veil now. Then, listen to his love confession for one minute.”

Female Number Seventeen paused for a moment before she raised her hands slowly to remove the bamboo hat and veil from her head. It was a pale charming face with black hair and black eyes. She did not
appear extraordinary when compared to Dai Yun’er and Na’er by her side. She was actually completely concealed by the radiance emitting from the two females beside her.

Her face was already covered in tears since earlier, tears that she could not control. She watched him while her lips remained trembling gently all

Tang Wulin smiled as he saw the tears on her face. He smiled because she was not treating him mercilessly. He could suddenly feel like everything was worth it when he saw those tears.

“You should choose her.” Gu Yue turned her head to the side and looked to Na’er’s direction.

Na’er did not utter a word.

Gu Yue spoke of something baffling again, “I don’t want to win.”

On the other hand, Na’er smiled. Her pale face was filled with a faint grin at that moment. She puffed up her chest as she suddenly looked toward Gu Yue with slight arrogance. “There are things that aren’t up to you.”

Gu Yue shut her eyes as tears streamed down her face. “However, do you know how great the price he would have to pay? Our life would be unbearably tough in the future.”

Na’er spoke with determination, “I don’t. I can only hope that I’m capable of giving myself entirely to him.”

Tang Wulin looked at them in a daze. Had he been oblivious to the fact that their relationship had really become so close? What were they talking
about? How could he not understand a single word they said?

Lan Muzi could not understand either but the Fated Date Festival had to go on. “Wulin, it’s your turn. You have one minute’s time.”

Chapter 766 - Gu Yue, Do You Love Me?

Chapter 766: Gu Yue, Do You Love Me?

Tang Wulin shook his head and stared at Gu Yue. “I don’t need one minute. I’ll only need to ask her a question.”

“Gu Yue, I’ve only ever loved one girl in this world and that girl is you. Do you love me?”

He once had thousands and millions of words he wished to tell her, yet
when he was truly confronting her, he could only speak these words. These words were already enough for him. He needed an answer, an answer that could make him stop caring for everything else or make him walk into
another world.

He raised his right hand and extended his turned palm. Glossy golden scales spread from the exposed wrist all the way to his palm. Shining, golden
claws appeared with his five fingers flexed inward. He pointed the sharp claw straight at the top of his head.

A gush of thick blood essence fluctuation burst out from his body abruptly. It was difficult to describe, but during that split second when the thick blood essence aura appeared, every single soul master with a dragon-type martial soul at the scene gave out a muffled grunt. They appeared ghastly pale and even Long Yue was no exception.

How was this possible? How could his blood essence be so powerful?

Long Yue’s face was dumbstruck with amazement. He thought that he had already achieved another level after his three years of painstaking
cultivation. Tang Wulin was certainly no match for him three years ago. Even if his bloodline power was genuinely capable of suppressing Long Yue, he would never have defeated Long Yue if it was not for Gu Yue’s assistance. Three years later, it was even more impossible. Long Yue was already a two-word battle armor master and he was one of the world’s most powerful. It seemed like he had already possessed the strength to confront and fight a Title Douluo.

Yet, just as that fellow’s bloodline aura burst out at that point, Long Yue fearfully discovered that there was an intense feeling of submission within his body’s bloodline power that was almost out of control due to the
suppression from Tang Wulin’s blood essence fluctuation. It was as if it would only take one thought of his for the bloodline power in his body to strip away and submit itself before Tang Wulin.

His bloodline aura was several times more powerful compared to three years ago! How was this possible? How could a person’s bloodline aura be so strong?

“Brother, don’t!” Na’er shrieked yet she dared not move at all. She could
clearly see the golden radiance pulsating on the Golden Dragon Claw. Tang Wulin would only need to lower his palm ever so slightly before he would graze his head.

“I’ll only need to know the answer, that is the answer in your heart. The genuine answer. Don’t lie to me. I can tell from your gaze and your bloodline. I can sense if you’re telling the truth.” Tang Wulin stared at Gu Yue with burning gaze without the slightest concession.

Gu Yue looked at him absentmindedly. Tears were no longer streaming down her face.

All of a sudden, she felt as if her entire body about was about to have a breakdown. She nodded strenuously as tears poured down her face once more. She could not help kneeling onto the lotus leaf. She could not speak anymore but only nodded vigorously.

Tang Wulin smiled proudly as he put down his right hand. He took a step forward and stood before her. He pulled her up from the lotus leaf into his arms. An enormous creature
emerged underneath Tang Wulin’s body accompanied by a valiant dragon’s roar that pushed his and her body into the air.

The massive beast’s thick and strong back limbs supported it beneath the Sea God Lake’s water. Its enormous body that had emerged from the
surface of Sea God Lake’s water had already exceeded fifty meters.

That was the colossal Overlord Dragon, yet it did not look like a spirit soul but more like a genuine creature.

It had thick and heavy black scales, and blood red eyes that were huge, in addition to its terrifyingly humongous body. It displayed its incomparable power and that it was the most powerful dragon.

No matter how powerful Long Yue was, his Mountain Dragon King was just a martial soul. On the other hand, it was as if Tang Wulin managed to summon a genuine Overlord Dragon. Moreover, it was not an ordinary
Overlord Dragon. There was a dark golden gloss that was shimmering faintly under its pitch black scales.

Gu Yue buried her charming face against Tang Wulin’s shoulder with her arms tightly clutching him. Just as she witnessed Tang Wulin point his
Golden Dragon Claw at his head, that string that was tightly wound around her heart all along finally snapped. It had ruptured completely, and she
could no longer suppress the emotion in the depths of her heart anymore. Her uncontrollable emotion burst out and drained through her tears profusely.

How could she ever forget the bits and pieces of their past, and the warmth she felt when she was with him once again? How could she forget about how he had always placed himself before her without hesitation when they faced danger together?

‘A man is not a stalk of grass or a tree!’

If her initial encounter with him was due to some ulterior motives, then with the passing of time, all her purpose had vanished in silence. Despite knowing that she should not behave as such, she did not mind in the beginning because she trusted in her self-control. Just as she realized that
everything had already begun to break away from her control, it was too late. Everything was already too late.

Tang Wulin’s silhouette had already rooted into the deepest part of her heart. How could she stay away from him so easily?

During that split second when she witnessed his appearance on the opposite side in the Sea God Fated Date Festival, she had almost lost control of her emotions. She used such tremendous energy in order to suppress the
emotions in her heart!

She knew that she should absolutely never couple up with him even if she were to admit her defeat. Otherwise, everything else would be affected by him.

Hence, she refused to reveal herself from the beginning to the end. Part of her was even hoping for him to turn his back on her and leave with another lover.

Yet, she knew that she was wrong when he spoke of those words. At the same time, her face was covered in tears, her heart was filled with gratification.

Everything that she stopped herself from doing broke down during that moment when he raised his Golden Dragon Claw in the end. She only wished to hold him tight at that point. She leaned in his embrace as she sensed the warm hug that she had not felt for the past three years.

She cried her heart out. Every pent-up frustration that was accumulated in her heart seemed to have vanished without a trace at that point. She refused to think about anything else. She only wished to be a woman quietly for that very moment.

Tang Wulin hugged her tightly. His heart suddenly felt fulfilled. He knew that she still loved him when he saw tears streaming down her face and that time did not manage to weaken his feelings for her even a little. The words that she used to hurt him back then were nothing but her masks. As for why did she choose to put on those masks, did it matter? Was it still important now?

Dai Yun’er raised her head absentmindedly and looked at those two persons hugging tightly on the giant dragon’s head. She suddenly felt like her
appearance was unnecessary. She did not resent him at all for it was precisely as he had said, they were acquainted with each other too late.

Na’er did not cry nor was she sad. She was smilingly joyously with a smile that was filled with gratification. No one knew what she was smiling about because there were very few people who saw the smile on her face at that
exact moment.

“The ceremony is completed. I wish to congratulate Tang Wulin and Gu Yue for being destined for three reincarnations, and I wish the both of you to stay happily ever after,” Lan Muzi’s voice echoed through the entire

Meanwhile, it was time for bride kidnapping, but for some unknown reason, Long Yue found he was unable to take a step forward reason despite having already been prepared to attack.

When faced with that enormous Overlord Dragon and the powerful bloodline aura emitted from Tang Wulin’s body, he found that he had no way to summon up the urge to attack.

Moreover, was this not something he wished to see? Tang Wulin did not couple with Yun’er anyhow.

He subconsciously took a glance at Xu Mi’er standing by his side. He looked toward that stern and even slightly aggressive maiden and discovered in astonishment that tears were gliding down Xu Mi’er’s eyes soundlessly. Tears streamed down her face because she was moved as she watched the two figures on the Overlord Dragon’s head. It was also at this point when Long Yue’s heart was suddenly stirred as if some feeling was being moved. This was a feeling that he had never felt before in his life.

Chapter 767 - Gu Yue, I Love You

Chapter 767: Gu Yue, I Love You

The Overlord Dragon slowly leaned forward and sent them back to the water surface. Silver light flashed on Gu Yue’s body as she carried Tang Wulin and vanished together from the lake surface in the next moment. They were transported into a far-distant place that they could not even be seen on the shore.

The Sea God’s fate on the Sea God Lake would undoubtedly become a memorable incident of the Sea God Lake Date Festival which everyone dwelled upon with great relish.

The surface of the Sea God Lake was still shimmering, but it appeared
slightly dimmed following their departure. It was as if the protagonist of the event had left.

Tang Wulin had never known Gu Yue to be so passionate that he could almost melt in her arms.

She kissed him spontaneously. It was a kiss that tasted slightly salty. Her soft, full sensuous lips parted with ineffable passion bursting forth from within.

How many years had it been since Tang Wulin suppressed the feelings in his heart? He hugged her tightly and wished that he could just hold on to her and be locked in a passionate embrace with her forever.

He did not know where he was, but he knew he was surrounded by trees. He worried not as he was with the most important person in his life.

The kiss lasted for a very long time. They were both young and inexperienced, so inexperienced that they were not sure how to proceed. He could only hold the small of her back tightly while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

It lasted for a long, long time…

It was not until both of them were almost breathless and their lips were swollen, only then did they loosen their embrace and panted loudly.

“If I were to say I don’t love you, will you really kill yourself?” Gu Yue enquired, a little out of breath.

“Why would I kill myself? I was just going to scratch my head with the Golden Dragon Claw.” Tang Wulin chuckled.

Gu Yue raised her head and stared at him, while he took the opportunity to give her lips a soft peck.

“Liar!” Gu Yue spoke in rage.

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “If I could lie and convince you, then I’m willing to be a liar for the rest of my life. Gu Yue, I love you.”

Gu Yue paused for a while. When the passion in her heart had subsided, she was calm for a moment before her rational mind took over. She buried her head against his shoulder. Then, a tinge of bitterness showed on her
charming face. “You shouldn’t have done that, you know? You’re playing with fire and you’ll get burned. I can’t be together with you. We’re different, so we won’t be together eventually.”

Tang Wulin spoke calmly, “If we are destined to be apart, why worry about it now? Since we’re together now, let’s enjoy the moment. In any case,
should this be our destiny, I’ll be by your side to face the future with you no matter how difficult it would be.”

“You don’t understand.” Gu Yue shut her eyes in agony. “I do!” Tang Wulin spoke with determination. He did not inquire about Gu Yue’s concern, because he knew that she would tell him sooner or later when she wanted to. On the other hand, if she did not bother to tell him, then he was willing to face it with her no matter what it was.

Gu Yue grabbed his shoulder. She could not bear to leave his arms. “Wulin.” She looked at him in all seriousness.
Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Tell me what’s on your mind. I believe that you already know my intention, but you should also know that I’ve always been a very persistent person.”

A sense of bitterness was revealed at the corners of Gu Yue’s lips. “What if one day you realize that I’m the enemy that you have no choice but to
confront, what would you do?”

Tang Wulin answered, “If the day comes and you’re the enemy I have no choice but to confront, then you should kill me so I can live in your heart. Then we’ll never part at all.” He spoke very calmly. Those were not meant to be sweet-sounding words, nevertheless, tears began streaming uncontrollably down Gu Yue’s face.

Tang Wulin wiped the tears off her face. He cupped her charming face in his hands gently. “What happened? Tell me, so we can face it together.”

Gu Yue shook her head. “No, I can’t. If there is truly such a day, then perhaps I’ll kill you. Aren’t you afraid of death even just a little? Could it be that you aren’t concerned about your family members at all? Let me go. As long as I’m not by your side, I still have control over everything.
However, if I remain by your side, you’ll die sooner or later.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “In any case, it’s only because I’m not powerful
enough. Gu Yue, don’t worry. I’ll work hard to become more powerful so I can protect you well. Tell me, who’s threatening you? Who are they? We’re in Shrek Academy! Could there be anything else on the continent that our
students can’t manage?” Gu Yue shook her head strenuously. “No, that’s not it. You don’t understand, you just don’t understand.”

Tang Wulin watched as her emotions were suddenly agitated, so he hastily held her in his arms. “Alright, we won’t talk about it then. You can tell me when you’re ready. I’m sorry Gu Yue, but do you know that I really love you so much? Don’t ever leave me no matter how difficult the situation is. I’ll always stay by your side.”

Gu Yue did not speak anymore because she knew that it was impossible to make him change his mind regardless of what she said.

Yet, what should she do? Should she be with him for just a moment’s comfort?

They were not who they once were. They were adults now. Their affection for each other was no longer the silly puppy love it once was.

If they were still together after the Sea God Lake Date Festival, she knew that it would be difficult to keep herself under control and the relationship would only become more serious.

The both of them held each other tightly.

“Let’s go. Come to my place,” Gu Yue whispered softly.

“Sure. I don’t have a place to stay coincidentally.” Tang Wulin had just returned recently, so it was true that he did not have a place to stay.

Silver light shimmered once again. She refused to leave his arms so she could only use her spatial retreat to bring him along as they left silently.

Tang Wulin was astonished to discover that despite his spiritual power
which had already attained the spirit abyss rank, Gu Yue still managed to exert a feeling as if the spiritual world was as vast as the ocean when she mobilized her soul power. What rank had her spiritual power already
achieved? Gu Yue’s place was similar to Na’er’s. She too lived in a small wooden cabin on Sea God’s Island, but it was not located in the inner court. This
was not a place easily available to an ordinary inner court disciple. She was assigned the cabin only because she was the leader of the Shrek Seven

The origin energy on Sea God’s Island was way thicker than the external
world. When cultivation was practiced here, any type of martial soul would yield twice the result with half the effort.

She held him as they lay on the wooden bed which was covered with a bedsheet. She cuddled against him as he held her. He did not have any intention to be physically intimate at this moment except for a feeling of pure affection flowing from his heart.

Everything else paled in comparison so long as he could embrace her like this.

Her breathing had returned to normal and was especially relaxed. Her knitted brows were no longer knitted as she fell asleep nestled in his arms like an infant.

He smiled as lethargy crept into his body. He had not rested since he returned. The tranquility of the moment with the woman he loved in his arms made him feel exceptionally contented.

He closed his eyes as he gradually drifted into dreamland and entered into a world that belonged to the both of them.

The Sea God Lake in the early morning had a mysterious beauty to it. Mist clouded over the surface of the lake while blue waves rippled on the water.

She stood by the lakeside for a very long time. Her shoulders were covered with the morning dew, yet she did not have any intention to brush it off.

She appeared like an elf with her silver hair blowing in the morning breeze as she gazed distantly into the foggy dawn. Her large purple eyes reflected the lakewater. The corners of her lips cracked into a faint smile.

Another woman walked over silently and stood by her side. Her black hair blowing in the wind made her glow with health. There was a faint blush on her charming face.

However, when she saw the other woman, her smile vanished.

They stood side by side as they gazed into the crystal clear lake water before them.

“You’ve won!” Na’er spoke in a soft yet relaxed manner.

“It seems like you really want me to win.” Gu Yue frowned.

Na’er chuckled. “Yes! I actually want you to win badly as I figured that you’d win anyhow. I understand him too well. Can you believe it? I exist only as an episode in his life. I confessed my love for him so I could have a suitable excuse to leave.”

“He would be sad if you were to leave,” Gu Yue spoke.

Na’er shook her head with self-mockery. “I had lost. Am I allowed to stay? However, I had already known that I’ll certainly lose. Anyway, I had to lose, otherwise, he would’ve died for real, right?”

Gu Yue was silent.

Chapter 768 - Gu Yuena

Chapter 768: Gu Yuena

Na’er sighed softly. “Back when we were betting, I made a firm resolution to place the bet because I knew that you only pretended to kill him yet you wished to appear flawless in your soul. I didn’t have the choice but to
comply with you. Otherwise, you would have a flaw in your soul at the time which meant you would kill him without the slightest hesitation.”

“Do you regret your choice now?” Na’er asked.

Gu Yue was slightly stunned. “Regret? I don’t know.” She genuinely did not know if she regretted or not.

Na’er spoke, “If you didn’t wish for all of this to happen then you shouldn’t have established the method to integrate into the human world back in the beginning. Facts proved that your practice was right. Only by understanding mankind, can you truly discover the method to destroy them. However,
we’ve discovered that not all mankind is completely useless. At least, mankind’s empathy is something that we don’t have. That’s why there are you and me when we were young. We had no choice but to seal ourselves in order to become more like human beings, so we could truly integrate ourselves into human society. That was how part of our spirit that belonged to mankind was born.”

“When you realized that mankind’s sentiment in you was getting out of control, you requested me to erase it by force. By then, it was already
impossible. It would’ve caused you great harm. On the other hand, all this was because my brother brought me love and warmth so I understood mankind’s sentiment.”

“You stripped me away from your body because you had no other choice
and made me into an autonomous individual. However, I would always be a part of you even when we’re two separate individuals. That was why you placed a bet with me to find out whether my brother would fall in love with you and abandon me. If you were to win, then it would prove that mankind’s sentiment was fake, so I would merge into your body once again.
On the other hand, if you were to lose, then you would make me into a
complete individual as you promised. Isn’t that correct? What a waste that I have your intelligence but mankind’s sentiment. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was utterly impossible. I take up thirty percent of your overall power. You would never be you anymore if I became an integral
whole in the end. Thus, you’ll never abandon me. The only choice is either we merge back together or you have a flaw. Hence, if you were to lose then you’ll certainly kill my brother and force me to merge with you. Am I right?”

Gu Yue stared at Na’er. Her charming face turned pale as she listened to Na’er’s rhetoric.

“Gu Yue, do you know that I was willing to bet with you because you totally don’t understand mankind’s emotions? You thought that my brother and I had a romantic relationship which you assumed. Actually, you’re
wrong. We have a family relationship. Perhaps I did not treat him as such, but he considers me his sister. On the other hand, he is not treating you with affection but true romantic love.”

“Love and affection are two completely different things. Thus, he has never abandoned me nor betrayed me despite choosing you. In that sense, I’ve lost. Yet, you won’t be getting the result you wished for. Thus, it’s truly difficult to tell who won actually.”

Gu Yue looked at her deeply. “Do you really think that I don’t realize you’ve been planning all these?”‘

Na’er smiled. “Of course you knew. How can you possibly not figure this out being so intelligent? Just as when you attempted to be estranged from my brother, you already sensed that your feelings were affected.
Unfortunately, love has a subtle influence on your character. It was already too late when you realized that something was wrong because he already had a place in your heart. Thus, you’ve been attempting to break free with great effort for a long time. Yet, the more time passes, the more he begins to grow and take root in your heart.”

“Gu Yue, do you realize that we are inherently too naive whether we are soul beasts or divine beasts? Moreover, no matter how powerful your
energy or how vast your spiritual power, there’s no way you can resist that emotion once we are engaged with matters of the heart. It has no form or
shape, yet it truly exists.”

Gu Yue spoke bitterly, “So do you think that he won’t matter anymore by saying this? Do you really think so?”

Na’er sighed softly. “At least he’ll live longer. When he becomes powerful enough with time or when you’re incapable of fighting him anymore, i believe that no one will be capable of killing him. Gu Yue, face your
emotions or enmity will only blind you.”

Gu Yue suddenly spoke in rage, “You’re just like a human being now.”

Na’er smiled. “I’m a human being initially! I’ve always thought so. That is why I refuse to destroy mankind and I’m even willing to see us living together in peace. I love my brother and our parents too. I enjoy mankind’s world and its idiosyncrasies. You’ve won, yet you’ve lost too. However, I truly wish that you’ll have better results in the future. No, that all of you
will have better results.”

Gu Yue’s breath quickened. “You really think that I’m incapable of killing him mercilessly?”

Na’er shook her head. “Of course you can’t. You can’t since the beginning. Even in my absence, you can’t either. Otherwise, why do you wait until now? Since when have you been so hesitant? Perhaps, you stood a chance when you were hesitant the first time, but you’ll probably never kill him again after you’ve been hesitant thrice. I understand you well
enough, so you must be clear about this in your heart too. After we’ve merged, you’ll be me and I’ll be you. You’ll be affected even more and have great difficulty in making up your mind. You must love him. My brother is truly outstanding. Even though we don’t know where his Golden Dragon King bloodline came from, I’ll admit that he’s the only one worthy of being our companion in the human world.”

Gu Yue’s face was filled with disappointment. “My biggest mistake was my decision in placing the bet with you back then. I shouldn’t have made you into a separate whole at all. At least, I would still be able to exert my subtle influence if we had remained as one.”

“You’ve lost, and I’ve lost too. You’re right that I couldn’t bear to kill, that was why I could only leave him and allow time for our love to fade.
Perhaps by doing so, I can kill him one day. Maybe, he can grow fast
enough so he can kill me one day. You understand that the conflict between us can’t be reconciled. This is the conflict between mankind and soul beasts. It’s also the conflict between Godhood and divine beasts. It’s a
conflict that we are incapable of resolving.”

Na’er was quiet. She had become desolate. “When I’m gone, you’ll be gone too. He’s going to be sad.”

Gu Yue’s body shuddered. “It’s still going to be better than me staying by his side and our people losing control and taking the initiative to kill him. I’m still far from being able to walk out of the seal completely. The core is already awakened, but you know there are many powerful creatures
amongst our people. There are even some powerhouses capable of becoming divine beasts that I’m incapable of suppressing. Hence, I’m destined to leave.”

Na’er bit her lips. “Perhaps you’re right. Gu Yue, you’ve truly changed. You know how to take others into consideration, especially him. I understand now that you must leave in order to give him more space to grow. You wish he’ll become powerful enough one day that there’s no way you can kill him. However, you know that’s impossible. The divine realm is non-existent. He’ll never achieve your level till eternity.”

Gu Yue smiled. “You know it but you don’t understand it. You have no idea what he means in my heart. Neither do you have any idea what percentage of me belongs to mankind now. You’re right that I do have regrets. I regretted my decision to issue the order to integrate into the human world at the beginning. However, I’ll need to fulfill my mission, yet there are those I’m unwilling to harm. Thus, let me face the contradiction alone. I don’t know what to do either but I’ll need to move forward anyhow. Come back, Na’er. I’m no longer Gu Yue from today onward. My name will finally be complete, only that he won’t know it’ll be Gu Yuena!

Speckles of radiance shimmered as Gu Yue’s body suddenly turned translucent. It was a white silvery translucence as the hexagram underneath her feet conjured a layer of formless shield that enshrouded both of them.

If one were nearby, one would realize that there was not an ounce of energy fluctuation seeping out from that white, silvery world.

Na’er’s body turned translucent as well. She began walking toward Gu Yue one step at a time with tears streaming down her face.

“It’s hard for me to leave all this behind, everyone around me, my teachers and my brother!”

Chapter 769 - Their Departure

Chapter 769: Their Departure

Gu Yue sighed. “However, you should also know that no matter how hard it is, you don’t have an energy source, so you’re destined to return. Otherwise, you’ll only vanish into thin air. You said it before that I’m you and you’re mine when you’ve returned to me. I’ll let go of everything. Since the flaw has already turned into a rift, then we shall accept this rift together. Perhaps, everything will be different now.”

The silvery white silhouettes overlapped. Na’er and Gu Yue spread out their arms as the two silhouettes began to slowly fuse together. Gu Yue’s black hair vanished while her black eyes turned purple. Na’er’s child-like look disappeared as she slowly grew in size.

Once the two of them looked completely identical and had transformed into the Dragon Spear Goddess, who was three years older, the silver light
suddenly vanished with a flash into the silent Sea God Lake.

Tang Wulin did not know how long he had slept, but he felt that it had been a very long time since he had ever rested so well. The feeling was simply indescribable.

“Gu Yue!” He suddenly recalled where he was, but he did not open his eyes. His face was filled with satisfaction as he smelled the unique
fragrance of her body. He subconsciously reached out for her slender figure. Nothing had happened since he had only held her as they slept through the night. It was a sentimental communion, but his heart was blazing hot at that moment perhaps due to the early morning sun. Despite not knowing what to do, his instincts were still functional.

Yet his hand touched nothing. That hypnotic slender figure was not by his side. He could still clearly remember that her physique was extremely elastic. There was not an ounce of excess flesh on her body. There was an indescribable sense of comfort as she lay in his arms.

“Gu Yue.” Tang Wulin called out once again before opening his eyes.

The sun penetrated through the window of the room, and a ray of light fell onto his body. He felt unusually comfortable and warm. The wooden shed was empty, neat and clean. An extremely large food carrier was placed on the table.

‘Is this the breakfast she prepared for me?’

Tang Wulin leaped up from the bed. ‘Where’s Gu Yue?’ He had this thought in his heart as he walked to the table and opened the food carrier.

All of a sudden, a mouthwatering aroma blew against his face.

The food connoisseur Tang Wulin could determine at once that the meals in the carrier were all extremely nutritious.

“Wow! Awesome! It’s been long since I last had Ruby Shrimp. That’s such a huge plate. It feels so good to come back! There are so many scrumptious foods found only on Douluo Continent.”

The food carrier had a total of six tiers. Every tier contained a type of delicacy that was highly nutritious and extremely delicious. He could tell that the food was prepared in an exceedingly delicate manner and
absolutely meticulously.

Tang Wulin did not care about courtesy as he began to feast immediately. Soon, his tummy was already feeling warm and comfortable just as his mouth was filled with fragrant food.

The energy from the food could even diffuse into his limbs and bones. The feeling was truly amazing.

‘It’s always the best when the tummy’s full of food! Where’s Gu Yue? Could it be that she’s in class? Why hasn’t she returned?’ Tang Wulin pushed open the door and walked outside. It was a small
courtyard on the outside of the room. It was not of great size, but it was covered in lush green vegetation. The place was filled with life source.

Tang Wulin drew in a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. He felt spiritually renewed at once.

“Where’s Gu Yue? Leave it be. I’ll wait for her in the room. It’s still better than looking for her everywhere. I think she should return soon since she knows I’m here.”

Tang Wulin returned to the room. Just as he was preparing to meditate as he waited for Gu Yue’s return, there was a sudden sound coming from the table next to the bed.

He turned around and found a small soul communicator lying on the table. ‘Is this Gu Yue’s? She didn’t bring along her communicator!’
Tang Wulin walked over and picked up the device. He hesitated for a moment before he answered the call.

“Hello. I’m Gu Yue’s friend. She has forgotten her soul communicator. Please leave your message, and I’ll pass it to her when she’s back.” Tang Wulin picked up the soul communicator and spoke in a highly formal manner.

However, he was surprised to find that there was no voice coming from the other end of the communicator.

“Hello? Can you hear me?” Tang Wulin inquired once again. There was still no sound from the other end.
Tang Wulin frowned. “If you don’t say anything, I’m going to hang up and regard it as a bad signal!”

“Wulin.” Finally, someone called out with difficulty from the other end of the call. Tang Wulin’s heart suddenly pounded loudly for some unknown reason upon hearing the voice. The expression on his face became somber.

“Gu Yue?” Tang Wulin struggled to get the words out. “Hmm,” Gu Yue answered softly.
Tang Wulin asked, “Where are you?”

Gu Yue answered irrelevantly, “Have you eaten the food I’ve left behind?”

“Yes. It was extremely delicious. Come back soon, alright? I’ve just returned, so I have no idea how to enter the inner court,” Tang Wulin smiled as he spoke.

Gu Yue spoke, “I’m sorry, Wulin.”

“Why?” Tang Wulin suppressed the uneasiness in his heart with great effort. “I’m leaving,” Gu Yue finally let it out.
“Leaving? Where are you leaving to?” Tang Wulin asked in a hurry.

Gu Yue’s voice sounded like she was sobbing. “I have to go, for myself and also for you. I must leave. I’m sorry, Wulin. I’m leaving.”

The soul communicator was suddenly hung up at this point.

Tang Wulin was instantly stunned. He hastily dialed the number which Gu Yue had called from but only got a busy signal. There was no way his call would get through.

He dialed the number again and again persistently and kept trying over and over. However, he could only hear the busy signal. There was no other
change at all.

‘Leaving? She’s leaving? Where can she go? No, I have to look for her.” Tang Wulin dashed to the outside swiftly with the soul communicator in his hand. He had only just left the room when a gush of powerful and irresistible force suddenly descended from the sky. Tang Wulin felt as if he had slammed into a solid wall. His body bounced back, and he was flung roughly onto the floor.

After all, his own incredible strength was not to be trifled with. Even though he had only just begun to accelerate out the door, he would have
already built up a good deal of energy. Yet he was so easily bounced back, the shockwave must have been extremely powerful.

A figure descended from the sky.

It was a handsome youth, only that his handsome face currently wire a furious expression. With a single wave of his hand, Tang Wulin’s body flew to him uncontrollably. He grabbed a handful of Tang Wulin’s front robe.

“Where’s Na’er? Where did she go?” Yun Ming who was always calm on usual days was truly ablaze with anger. It had been many years since he had been this enraged.

“Na’er?” Tang Wulin did not manage to react to the situation at once due to the panic in his heart.

Yun Ming raised his hand and slapped Tang Wulin’s head, and cold
sensation radiated throughout Tang Wulin’s body, making him shudder before he recovered.

“Na’er? What happened to her?” Tang Wulin hastily asked with anxiousness.

Yun Ming had also calmed down. He recalled his status as he released his grip and placed Tang Wulin on the floor. He then handed a letter from his hand to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin took it and was immediately stunned. “Teacher, Na’er has let you down, but Na’er must go. I can’t bear to part
with you, teacher’s wife, everyone and everything on Sea God’s Island. Yet Na’er must go. Please don’t be sad, alright? Na’er has a reason which gives her no choice but to leave. I must tell you that Na’er has always regarded you as her father. Just like my brother’s father. Teacher, please don’t be sad. Na’er is fine and everything will be good. Na’er is leaving. Please help me to keep an eye on my brother. My brother is especially outstanding, so if you can, please accept him as your disciple. Also, please inform my brother that Na’er is fine. Tell him that Na’er is off looking for father and mother.”

Signed with ‘Love, Na’er.’

There was not too much content in the letter, but only one matter was mentioned repeatedly. It was that Na’er had left!

Chapter 770 - Without A Trace

Chapter 770: Without A Trace

Gu Yue had only just called via the soul communicator informing him of her departure when Tang Wulin received such a letter from Yun Ming. His joy and happiness in the early morning had all gone in a split second. It was as if someone had poured a basin full of cold water onto his head.

Two of the most important women in his life had left without a word.

“It’s all your fault. It was you who drove her away with sadness. If I can’t find Na’er, humph!” Yun Ming gave a cold grunt. It felt like the entire Sea God’s Island was trembling.

Tang Wulin gave himself a tight slap with a crisp clapping sound. It was true that he did enjoy a moment of an emotional flare-up with Gu Yue last night such that he neglected his sister. How could he not suffer from pain and sorrow because of this?

However, his eyes calmed down swiftly after he struck himself despite leaving behind a bright red handprint on his cheek.

“Hello. You’re Na’er’s teacher, so you must be the Sea God Pavilion Master, right? Tang Wulin is pleased to meet the pavilion master.” He saluted Yun Ming immediately.

Yun Ming waved his hand once to dismiss him. “Where did Na’er go? Can you think of somewhere?”

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile. “I can’t think of anything. It has already been over three years since I last came here. I can’t possibly think of
anywhere. Not only has Na’er left, but Gu Yue has also just given me a call via the soul communicator that she has left too. I don’t know if their departure is related, but I feel like we should look for them at once right now. We should look for them in all the places they have possibly visited. Does Na’er have any friends on Sea God’s Island?”

Yun Ming’s expression was slightly relaxed upon realizing that Tang Wulin had calmed down so soon and had not lost his wits. “Nope. Na’er lives in deep seclusion and rarely comes out on most days. She almost never goes out other than spending time with me and my wife. She doesn’t have many friends either. Otherwise, she could not cultivate so swiftly at her age.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Both of them have left, so perhaps it’s somehow related. I’m going to ask around from my companions about Gu Yue’s whereabouts. They’re the rest of the members of Shrek Seven Monsters.
They might have some information. I was always in the outer court when I was still in the academy back in the beginning so I’m not familiar with the inner court. Maybe they would know more. Moreover, Gu Yu is from the Spirit Pagoda. She might be at the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters. I think that I should head to Spirit Pagoda immediately and call for my companions to help look for her.”

Yun Ming’s expression suddenly became peculiar. “Do you know that Gu Yue acted as the Shrek Seven Monsters’ leader in your place originally? She can’t join Shrek Seven Monsters because of her background in the Spirit Pagoda. She always believed that you would be coming back, so she helped to substitute for you.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “I wasn’t aware of that. She…”

Yun Ming spoke with a deep voice. “Leave this aside first. Visit the Spirit Pagoda as you’ve said. I’ll call some of the academy’s people to look for them. We can certainly find them as long as they’ve yet to leave Shrek City. It’s also best if we can find them or I’ll never forgive you.”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin did not care about Yun Ming’s anger. Despite his great effort in calming himself, how was he not burning with anxiety as well?

He ran outside at lightning speed. As he was running, he dialed his
companions’ numbers one by one via the soul communicator. Fortunately, everyone’s soul communicator numbers remained the same. Xie Xie answered, “What? Gu Yue has left? Big brother, what happened? Oh, sure, we’ll look for her in the academy while you head to the Spirit Pagoda first. You’re right that the place that she’s most probably visiting is
the Spirit Pagoda. She visits there a few times every month usually. The last time we went over to the spirit ascension platform to elevate our soul rings,
I noticed that the other members of the Spirit Pagoda addressed her in an extremely prestigious manner. Her position in the Spirit Pagoda must
already be rather high now.”

Yuanen Yehui said, “Hmm. Go, quick. Ever since you went missing, Gu Yue has been in a troubled mood all along. Leave the academy to us.”

Yue Zhengyu stated, “I’ll look for her outside at some of the places we usually go for meals.”

Xu Xiaoyan replied, “I’ll look for her at our usual cultivation spots.”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “I’ll look in the areas surrounding the inner court. Xu Lizhi is with me now.”

His companions were all bustling about, while Tang Wulin dashed out of Shrek Academy like a bird in flight. He hailed a taxi and headed straight for the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.

The entire Shrek Academy began to take action not long after he had left. All of Shrek City’s authoritative levels and transportation centers received notification and photos of Na’er and Gu Yue so they could search for any trace of them.

Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was a powerful figure. He was capable of launching an absolutely huge force in a split second if he wished to look for a person.

In reality, he had no need to look for Na’er inside the academy. At his
cultivation speed, he could spread his spiritual power and cover the grounds of the entire academy with ease and even Shrek City. Yet he could not find any trace of Na’er or even her aura. It was as if Na’er had vanished into thin air.




Tang Wulin did not receive any useful information from the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. The issue was that he was not from the Spirit Pagoda. There was no way he could find out information of a high-ranking official’s
whereabouts. Afterward, the academy personally communicated with the Spirit Pagoda and received the Spirit Pagoda’s information that Gu Yue had not headed to Spirit Pagoda for half a month, so naturally, she was not there right now.

For the next three days, Tang Wulin and his companions had searched through almost every corner of Shrek City, but they did not manage to find even one clue.

Gu Yue was gone. Na’er was gone. There was no way they could be contacted via any sort of communication method.

The violent ups and downs of life were nothing more than this. Tang Wulin searched without rest for three days before he returned to Shrek Academy once again.

He did not go to the inner court. Instead, he returned to the empty working students’ dormitory alone. There was no new intake of students, so
everything was exactly the same as before they had headed to the Star Luo Continent.

Tang Wulin sat on the steps in front of the dormitory as he looked toward the front in a daze. His usually bright eyes had now become bloodshot.

‘Why did she leave like that? Why?” They had just gotten together, and she had just admitted to loving him, yet
she left without a word. Now, Tang Wulin realized that she was facing some peril so great that she feared even Shrek Academy was incapable of
withstanding the trouble.

Tang Wulin was filled with guilt when he thought about Na’er. He resented himself so much for not accompanying Na’er on that night to console her broken heart.

The double agony of losing someone made Tang Wulin suffer from
excruciating pain in his heart. Another person would have already broke down since earlier in his place. He would not be able to withstand this if it was not because of the repeated spiritual, psychological and physical
sufferings in the past.

Na’er left when he was six years old.

This time she had left once again when he was sixteen years old.

‘Where is Na’er actually? Where’s Gu Yue? Why did both of them leave? Is it something that can’t be faced together?’

‘Why does everyone leave me?’

Tang Wulin suddenly felt like he was most serene when he was at the
Dragon Valley. He spent everyday bustling about continuously without rest but at least his heart was peaceful. Even though he was always missing both of them badly, it did not feel as agonizing as now.

“Wulin.” A gentle voice echoed by his side. Tang Wulin raised his head and found Dai Yun’er standing by his side. There were two more figures behind her. They were Long Yue and Xu Mi’er.

“I’ve heard about what happened. Even though I don’t know why she left but since both of you are in love, please carry on with your search. Perhaps, she may return one day anyhow,” Dai Yun’er consoled.

Tang Wulin shook his head. Xu Mi’er walked in great strides to his front. “Stand up. Stop acting like a loser. Let me ask, does she love you?”

Tang Wulin nodded without the slightest hesitation. He did not have any doubt about this.
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