The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 751-760

Chapter 751 - The Unexpected Rejection

Chapter 751: The Unexpected Rejection

Shrek Academy was not just an academy but also a city that was larger than Star Luo City. Their inner court disciples’ abilities were no less inferior than Star Luo City’s Eight Heavenly Kings. He had never witnessed a true powerhouse, yet the towers afar made him feel as if he was in a bottomless pit. Even his teacher had never felt so terrified.

Lan Muzi smiled. “We welcome you to the all-inclusive Shrek Academy. Everyone can only depend on themselves to achieve what they desire. We treat everyone the same regardless. I congratulate you beforehand for the achievements you’ll gain over this period of time.”

“Thank you.” Long Yue nodded toward Lan Muzi as his lotus leaf returned to its initial position.

The time spent in the third segment was undoubtedly longer than the prior two segments. As long as they did not exceed the time given, Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng would not interrupt their self-introduction and self-display.

In other words, if peacocks were invited to participate in the Love at Second Sight segment, it would be a great opportunity for the peacocks to show off their bright plumages to the peahens.

As it is, the majority of the students were behaving in such a way. Finally, it was Yue Zhengyu’s turn.
The lotus leaf underneath Yue Zhengyu’s feet pushed the water aside as it moved forward. Yue Zhengyu smiled confidently. The radiance on his body appeared even more dazzling when he stood at the center captivating
everyone’s attention. He gazed at the opposite direction and locked eyes with the maiden standing on a lotus leaf. “I’ve been waiting anxiously for this day for a very long time. To be honest, I have someone in mind that I love. We’ve spent time together for many years especially during our cultivation practice. I think there’s no need for me to introduce myself in detail. I come from the Holy Angel clan and possess the holy bloodline. I’m a five-ring one-word Battle Armor Master, and I strongly believe I’ll be able to protect you and make you happy. I ‘ll
support you, your family, and ensure your needs are taken care of. Deep down, I know that you love me too. Isn’t that right? They said that the Sea God Lake Date Festival provides the best opportunity to confess one’s love. That’s the sole reason I’m here. I love you so much. Let’s be together. I’ll be so happy if you’ll be my bride, and I’ll always protect you from harm.
Just like Senior Lan and Senior Tang, we’ll have a family in the future. I promise to keep you happy and contented.”

The radiance on Yue Zhengyu’s body shimmered with a pair of pure white feathered wings that had spread out from his back to complement his handsome features and his gorgeous white suit. It was as if the entire Sea God Lake was filled with his radiance.

Xu Xiaoyan stood and watched him without much response. Her charming face that was initially joyful began to change following Yue Zhengyu’s
speech. It seemed like her joy was gradually vanishing and was soon replaced with a blank expression.

Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings gently as he hovered in the air above the lotus leaf.

“I think there’s no need for us to waste everyone’s time anymore. Xiaoyan, I love you. Are we going to leave this place together?” Yue Zhengyu smiled brightly as he flapped his wings. He had already transformed into a stream of golden light as he flew in front of Xu Xiaoyan while reaching out for her with his arms.

On the shore, many of the outer court female students shrieked loudly. Someone even hollered his nickname, ‘Angel Prince’. The moment belonged to Yue Zhengyu. He came from a rich and powerful family with an outstanding background and was blessed with good looks. He seemed to have it all, and his physical achievements had been extraordinary, beyond what any ordinary person
could hope to achieve.

Lan Muzi frowned. It was apparent that Yue Zhengyu’s behavior violated
some of the Sea God Lake Date Festival’s rules. Unfortunately, they had no grounds to stop him if they were already in love prior to this event.

“Xiaoyan…” Yue Zhengyu was slightly disappointed to find Xu Xiaoyan had yet to lunge into his arms as he had hoped. He could not help but call out to her softly.

Xu Xiaoyan lowered her head and muttered to herself, “No, this is wrong. This should not have happened.”

Yue Zhengyu spoke anxiously, “Xiaoyan, what’s wrong? Is everything alright?”

Xu Xiaoyan raised her head slowly and looked straight into his eyes as if she was staring into emptiness. Her eyes were red, and her gaze was filled with disappointment. “It should not have been like this. Zhengyu, I’m
sorry… I can’t go with you. I can’t… I don’t like you like this… More to the point, I hate you! I’m sorry…”

A ball of starlight radiated from Xu Xiaoyan’s body. She instantly dashed forward as the starlight slowly enshrouded her. The starlight plumed with dazzling radiance in the sky and dropped in a split second. She was seen rushing wildly toward the far end.

The change that came unexpectedly shocked everyone on the scene.

After all, Yue Zhengyu was one of the eligible male students from the start, and undoubtedly, the person most of the females were vying for. If it were not for Tang Wulin who had shown up, no one would have been able to
steal the limelight away from him. Yue Zhengyu did not understand why she had reacted that way when he
chose her out of so many females and had even confessed his love for her. How could she reject him?

Yue Zhengyu was so stunned that it left him totally speechless. He had never felt so embarrassed in his whole life and was finding it difficult to accept the situation. The perfect love confession had turned into such an awful disappointment.

He had even met Xu Xiaoyan prior to participating in Sea God Lake Date Festival. He had told her that he would announce his love for her so that
everyone would know of their relationship. Yet, he had absolutely no idea it would turn into such a disaster during the date festival. The perfect ending he had hoped for did not happen. On the contrary, Xu Xiaoyan left him and fled the scene.

“You’re such a dumbass!” Yuanen Yehui’s voice echoed mercilessly.

Yue Zhengyu was angered and replied out of irritation, “Shut up! Mind your own business.” He flapped his wings abruptly and flew toward the shore.
However, he was not flying in the direction which Xu Xiaoyan had gone, but in the opposite direction.

Xu Xiaoyan’s sudden departure was a huge blow to him. He could not understand what went wrong. He had prepared everything in advance to make a grand appearance in the hope that she could become the princess and center of everyone’s attention! This was meant to glorify her!

“But why? Why did she suddenly flee? Why did she do that? Could it be that she’s in love with someone else?”

All sorts of troubling thoughts made Yue Zhengyu felt like his head was about to explode. He howled wildly when he reached the shore, then flapped his wings with full force before disappearing without a trace.

The turn of events came unexpectedly that it shocked everyone. No one understood why this situation happened. It happened so suddenly. No one at the scene had expected such a turn of events, let alone grasped what actually happened.

They were supposed to be a couple who were meant to be, but why did they suddenly fall out just as he was confessing his love for her?

Tang Wulin frowned because he knew the reason that caused Xu Xiaoyan’s sudden departure. Only those who truly knew them both would understand.

There was not a doubt that Yuanen Yehui understood as well, only then
could she shout at Yue Zhengyu in rage. On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu was completely oblivious of the reason all that had happened.

It seemed like Tang Wulin would need to look for Yue Zhengyu to discuss the incident after the date festival was over.
Even so, the interlude did not stop the date festival from continuing. In fact, Yue Zhengyu’s departure was a relief to all the participating males because he was truly outstanding and too much of a competition. After he left, many of the females who had initially planned on choosing him changed their minds. It was always a good thing to have one less powerful competitor.

“Perhaps there was some misunderstanding between them, but I believe they’ll be able to resolve it. Alright, we shall continue drawing lots. The following student is… student number Sixteen!”

Chapter 752 - My Name Is Not Nervous

Chapter 752: My Name Is Not Nervous

Xie Xie’s eyes were still staring in the direction Yue Zhengyu left from. His emotions became even more disturbed because although Xu Lizhi’s words were supposed to motivate him, Yue Zhengyu’s failure in professing his love only made him more anxious. He had known all along that Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan should be together! Yet, how did they suddenly have a fall-out? Could it still be possible for him when even Yue Zhengyu had failed?

“Student Number Sixteen, if you still don’t come forward then I’ll assume that you’ve withdrawn yourself!” Lan Muzi reminded once again.

“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin’s voice echoed in Xie Xie’s ears. It was only then Xie Xie snapped out of it. “Huh, are you calling for me?”

Lan Muzi spoke with a slight frustration, “If you’re number sixteen, then yes, I’m calling for you. It’s your turn.”

Xie Xie was astonished. His body swayed from his alarmed emotions just as the lotus leaf underneath his feet began to move. However, he hastily
stabilized himself.

At this exact moment, he could only feel his heart beating many times faster than usual as his face blushed scarlet. Despite knowing that he had already made countless preparations, why was he still filled with anxiety when the moment finally arrived? ‘What should I do? What should I do? What
should I do if she rejects me as well?”

“You may begin now!” Lan Muzi reminded. ‘Just do it!’ Xie Xie strenuously inhaled a deep breath and even shifted his soul power with great effort in order to ensure the color of his face returned to normal. Then, he raised his head with resolution and determination as he looked toward the females before him.

Still, when he saw that face, the courage that he mustered earlier seemed to have drifted away.

“I… I…”

Xie Xie had only managed to utter these two words before he turned speechless. This was the first time this situation had ever occurred in today’s third segment.

Tang Yingmeng smiled. “Junior, don’t be nervous. Could it that it’s even more difficult to display your affection than sit for your final exams?”

A bitter smile emerged on Xie Xie’s face. “Perhaps this very moment is truly more difficult than anything else to me. I have someone I love, just like Yue Zhengyu. It’s only that I’m even more miserable than him because the person that I love… I’m afraid she won’t ever love me back.”

Lan Muzi replied, “Junior, you’re also one of the Shrek Seven Monsters if I’m right. Could it be that all the Shrek Seven Monsters are so fragile in relationships?”

“Of course not!” the words suddenly escaped Xie Xie’s mouth. His
emotions were immediately triggered when Lan Muzi mentioned the Shrek Seven Monsters.”

“My name is Not Nervous!” Xie Xie blurted. Instantly, the entire Sea God Lake turned into a sea of roaring laughter. Even the Sea God Pavilion elders on the tower ship could not help laughing when they heard his self-given nickname.

Xie Xie could not help covering his face with his hands and wished that he could jump into the lake. This was truly too embarrassing. “Calm down, it’s fine. Speak the words from your heart. Lizhi did it, so why can’t you? Don’t think about the results. What you need to do now is to speak from the depths of your heart.” Tang Wulin’s voice echoed in his ears, gradually calming his state of mind.

“Quiet please,” Tang Wulin suddenly spoke coldly. He was speaking in a hushed tone but every single student felt a strange shock when they heard his voice. Even Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were affected despite their eight-ringed cultivation base.

All of a sudden, everyone began sensing his voice gradually getting
saturated with an unnerving overbearingness. It was as if a pair of calm eyes had appeared in everyone’s mind, shaking their states of mind.

Long Yue looked toward Tang Wulin who stood by his side. Despite his cultivation base and martial soul, he still felt an overbearing feeling of complete submission when Tang Wulin spoke those few words.

It had only taken the time of a few breaths before the roaring laughter from earlier quieted down.

On the tower ship, astonished expressions appeared on the faces of the numerous Sea God Pavilion elders.

“T-This is…” Elder Cai spoke in astonishment.

Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu’s eyes met. Of course, they could tell it was Tang Wulin’s voice but yet, how could his voice…

“That was more than just a spiritual suppression. There seems to be
something else that came along with it. This… This is very odd. It was as if an unseen force was echoing behind his voice. It’s a very peculiar feeling,” the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue spoke in astonishment.

“When did the inner court accept such a young fellow. His spiritual power is at least at the Spirit Abyss with only a four-ringed cultivation base. To top that off, he’s is also capable of communicating with origin energy like he just did. This is indeed interesting.” Zhuo Shi summoned the courage to speak, “Sister Yue, that’s my disciple.” Long Yeyue had only allowed them to address her as Sister Yue regardless of the disparity between their seniority.

Feng Wuyu hastily spoke as well, “He’s also my disciple in forging.”

Shrek’s Holy Twin Dragons were afraid that Light Dark Douluo would
suddenly express her wish to accept another closed-door disciple, making it a truly devastating loss for them.

Long Yeyue darted them a look. How could she not figure out their little idea! She nodded but held her tongue from commenting any further.

On the surface of the lake, Xie Xie slowly lowered the hands that covered his face. He gave a forced smile before he continued speaking, “I’m very sorry that I lost my cool. I’m not usually like this or rather, I guess it’s true that too much concern makes for chaos.”

“It’s such a coincidence to be acquainted with you. When I first saw your true face, I was almost beaten to death by you. Moreover, that was more than just once. However, it was precisely because of that beating which left behind a profound impression in my heart. You’re very strong, and you’re much more powerful than me. You once mocked me and regarded me to be beneath you. When I felt the piercing pain in my heart during that incident, I discovered that you were already so important in my heart.”

“You seldom speak on usual days, and you speak to me harshly as well but… when anyone is in trouble or needs your help, you’ll never hesitate, not even the slightest bit when you help them. You’re a girl that’s cold on the outside but warm on the inside. I’m still beneath you when it comes to natural endowments and power. You once told me that I’m only qualified to pursue you when my power exceeds you one day.”

“Initially, I used to be rather lazy but I began to work with great effort ever since that incident. It’s not because I wanted to catch up to our companions but instead, I was afraid that I’d lose the opportunity to catch up to you if I was too far behind.” “Yet, I cultivate painstakingly but so did you. Why, why won’t you stop for moment just to wait for me and give me that thread of opportunity?”

Xie Xie’s words finally sounded smooth now when he expressed about himself as such, he was calming down as well. There was a bitter smile on his face and his words were tainted with bitterness. However, it was those words that made the smile on those inner and outer court students mocking him earlier vanished.

“Frankly, although I’m not as chubby as Lizhi, I have a thicker face than he does. Over the years, I’ve confessed my love to you countless times and
spent my free time hanging out by your side in hope of gaining your
attention and yet, you refused to give me any chances what-so-ever. Alright, that’s enough for me to understand. I know that I’m not worthy of you.
Perhaps, I’ll never be able to exceed you for the rest of my life. However, I have to tell you that I’ve truly worked hard. I refuse to stop even if I’m so tired to the point where I vomit blood. I’ve been working painstakingly
without stop every day and my only hope is to exceed you one day.”

“Before stepping onto Sea God Lake, I still had high hopes in my heart. I was thinking that I’d stand a better chance with today’s circumstances, before so many people in the academy’s fated date festival but I’ve calmed down now.”

He finally raised his head completely and looked toward the maiden in the distance. “I’m sorry, Yuanen. Although I’ve troubled you throughout these years, I also have to tell you that I’m sincere although I’m usually a joker. There is not a drop of water that dilutes my love to you. I’ve been pursuing you for so many years so I’m not as easily satisfied as Lizhi. I wish to be together with you for real if we were to become a couple or I’d rather leave.
Perhaps, if I can’t see then my heart won’t hurt as much. Thus, I’m going
all out today. If you still remain reluctant, then please reject me outright and I’ll never bother you anymore in the future. I’ll stay far away from you and wish that you find your true love.”

Yuanen? Yuanen Yehui? Not everyone was aware of Xie Xie’s love to Yuanen Yehui. The entire scene was silent when they saw him saluting gently at Yuanen Yehui’s direction.

Yuanen Yehui looked at him retreating back to his original position. Her lips were pursed tight while her hands were clasped behind her back. At least, there was no way to tell about her mood now judging by her outlook. Yet,
was she truly as calm as she appeared?

Lan Muzi exhaled and gave Xie Xie a thumbs up. “A true love’s confession is always most touching. If only Zhengyu could understand this, then perhaps he won’t… Alright, let’s continue with the next person.”

Chapter 753 - I'll Never Give Up

Chapter 753: I’ll Never Give Up

“Male Number Thirty-eight, please begin.” Lan Muzi drew a new number. Number Thirty-eight was Tang Wulin’s acquaintance. It was his classmate, the person with the nickname Shackler, Luo Guixing.

Luo Guixing’s lotus leaf floated up to the very front. He wore a genuine smile on his face, “I’ve noticed that the people who want to confess their
loves outnumber those who want to display their strengths. Yes! Everybody understands, and almost everyone knows who they like. Then, I’ll join in their ranks as well. I have a confession to make as well.”

Another confession?

Luo Guixing’s gaze shifted to the opposite side. After he hummed for a brief moment, he said, “First of all, I have something to say to my good friend Xu Yucheng. From the perspective our lot draws, my luck is better than yours. All these years, we’ve liked her and have always been
competing against each other both openly and secretly. However, this has never affected our brotherly relationship.”

“However, there are things on which we can compromise and those on
which we can’t. Since the god of fortune has bestowed his blessings upon me, then I’m sorry brother, I’ll be seizing this opportunity for myself.”

When he said this, he immediately piqued the interest of everybody. Two boys and one girl? Two boys liking one girl at the same time? They were even good friends.

Tang Wulin practically shifted his gaze onto Wu Siduo on the opposite side out of instinct. Based on his understanding of Luo Guixing’s personality, if Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng liked the same person at the same time, then it could only have been Wu Siduo.” As expected, Wu Siduo, who stood on the opposite side, had her brows slightly furrowed.

“I’ve liked you for a very long time now. It all began from when we’re defeated by Tang Wulin and the others. Back then, we were all still very young. Even if we had feelings, they were all a blur. However, I quickly learned about the meaning of these words — unrequited love.”

“Back at our place when we were little, I was always the most outstanding one. After I made it into the Genius Youths Ranking, the feeling that I was the best intensified even more. It was only until I set foot in this place that I realized that the Genius Youths Ranking or any other sort of those rankings are all bullsh*t! The blows to my confidence pushed me to work harder, and to move forward. Throughout this process, you’ve always been there beside me.”

“I’m lucky to be in Class One, to have such powerful classmates. You’re all the ones that make me strive to grow. I’m even luckier to have been able to meet you. This year, we’ve all come of age. On this Sea God Fated Date Festival, I don’t want to suppress my own feelings any longer. No matter how busy we’ll all be, let us have a hot and intense love relationship! Wu Siduo, please, give me a chance.”

Luo Guixing made his confession in open view. He did not beat around the bush in the slightest. There was not even too many feelings in his
confession — those that showed how truly, madly, and deeply 1 he felt. He simply expressed his inner thoughts in a straightforward manner.

However, Wu Siduo still had a frown on her face. She looked at him. Suddenly, she loudly apologized, “I’m sorry!”

According to the rules, the girls in this segment were actually not allowed to open their mouths. This was a segment where the boys would have a
chance to show themselves off. However, Wu Siduo still opened her mouth, just like Xu Xiaoyan before her. However, unlike the latter, she was even more unwilling to hold Luo Guixing up. Luo Guixing was definitely extremely outstanding. An eighteen-year-old, five-ringed, one-word battle armor master. He would be outstanding no matter where he was, even in Shrek Academy! She did not wish to affect Luo Guixing’s selection of his other half.

Luo Guixing was slightly stunned. He obviously had never thought that Wu Siduo’s rejection would be this straightforward. He shook his head with
slight helplessness, “Thank you for telling me your answer directly. Is this is the case, then I wish both of you happiness.”

A hint of bitterness appeared on his face. In the next moment, the lotus leaf under his feet sank silently, bringing his body with it.

Luo Guixing… failed?

Tang Wulin could not help but feel shocked in his heart. To be completely honest, in his team, the most outstanding one would have been Luo Guixing aside from Wu Siduo. He even surpassed Wu Siduo in terms of leadership. However, he had never expected his confession of love to fail so directly.
Wu Siduo did not even have the slightest hesitation. It was clear that she did not want to give him even a slight glimmer of hope.

Xu Yucheng’s turn was up after three other participants.

His lotus leaf floated to the front as everyone watched him intently. They wanted to see how he would express his affection.

Surprisingly, Xu Yucheng looked at Wu Siduo from afar and said only three words, “What about me?”

Wu Siduo sighed and shook her head determinedly.

“Got it!” Xu Yuchang laughed mockingly at himself. Beams of dark and gloomy lights flashed beneath his feet and the lotus leaf turned into
countless shards. Like Luo Guixing before him, his body sank into the water. Shackler Luo Guixing and Immortal Xu Yucheng. They were both outstanding students from the genius class! Their excellence was not even inferior to that of the current Shrek Seven Monsters. However, both of them had failed when confessing to their own teammate.

The faraway outer court students could not help but look at the beautiful Wu Siduo. She was clearly not in a good mood as well. Although her face was slightly pale, her lips were pressed hard together, showing her

She did not hesitate even if she had to reject them in their faces. This was because she knew very well that things would not be better for anyone if she led them on much longer.

“The Love at Second Sight segment continues. The next one is…” Tang Yinmeng paused slightly. Then, her gaze fell on Tang Wulin. “Number Fifty-One. Please.”

The lotus leaf beneath his feet floated. Tang Wulin’s heart began beating faster as well. It has been three years… A full three years! They had been apart for more than a thousand days and nights. Finally, they were able to meet again.

‘She’s grown up, so have I.’

‘We’re finally not kids anymore, we’re adults now.’

‘More than a thousand days and nights. Throughout those busy and dry days, I’ve taken a good look at my own heart. For more than a thousand days and nights, I wonder, if you have ever thought of me in your heart?’

‘You didn’t keep a light burning for me… Is it because you’ve forgotten about me? Even so, I’ll not give up… I’ll never give up!’

On the opposite side, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at him — the most handsome young man in the entire venue. Number Eighteen’s gaze was staring. Number Seventeen had also raised her head without anyone noticing. Dai Yun’er was so excited and jubilant that
she seemed ready to dash forth from her lotus leaf at any moment. There was also Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. They too, were looking at him.
Everyone was looking forward to hearing what he was about to say. “Due to certain reasons, I’ve been away for three years. During this
thousand days and nights, I’ve been missing the academy at every possible moment because ever since the sudden departure of my parents, this place has been my home. Today, I’ve returned. I’ve come just at the right time for the Sea God Fated Date Festival. I did not hesitate and came here directly because I was afraid that I would miss this opportunity. More than that, I
was afraid that you would’ve already fallen in love with someone else.”

“Three years ago, I asked you if you only got close to me because of my bloodline. Then, during those dry days, I’ve given it a lot of thought. I thought that I was very stupid to have asked you that question back then. I shouldn’t have asked it in the first place. You’ve given me a sure answer, and that made me sad. I was sadder when I knew that I had a good-for-
nothing martial soul and had a defective spirit soul. However, I couldn’t let it show… because I was the captain. I couldn’t let everyone see the weak
side of me.”

“I’ve tried very hard to bear with the pain in my heart and led the team in the competition until we obtained the final victory. However, even then, I didn’t know how I should face you, or perhaps, how I should face myself.”

“More than three years have passed. During these thousand days and nights, I’ve thought about many, many things. Many thing which I don’t understand in the past has all been made clear to me now. Why should I
care so much about other things if I like someone? Regardless of the reason you and I met… regardless of how we came to know each other… Since I like you, I’m willing to accept everything about you. If you like me too,
we’ll be together. If you don’t like me, then I’ll do all that I can to make you like me, and we’ll still be together. That’s why, no matter what, with regard to this relationship of ours, I’ll never give up! From today on, I’m yours and you must be responsible for me.”

Chapter 754 - The Dragon Spear Goddess Appears

Chapter 754: The Dragon Spear Goddess Appears

The lotus leaf floated back and Tang Wulin returned to his initial position.

‘Who was he referring to?’ This question arose in many people’s minds. As for the girls on the opposite side, many of them had the same thought. ‘It’s not me?’

The smile on Dai Yun’er’s face froze. Wu Siduo’s expression turned pale. Female Number Eighteen was very quiet whereas Female Number Seventeen did not budge even an inch. However, the lotus leaf beneath her feet began sending ripples through the water.

‘He’s still into her.’ Dai Yun’er pressed her lips together. Her pretty face
was pale. The instant she heard Tang Wulin utter those words, she felt as if her heart had been stabbed. She was in so much pain that it was almost impossible for her to breathe.

It had been more than three whole years. From the heartbreaking grief she felt when they first parted to the moment she received information about him not too long ago, her heart felt dead at times. From great sorrow to great joy, and now the sadness she felt when she heard those words. She
was currently in so much pain that she felt as if she was about to be torn to pieces.

Nonetheless, in the past three years, she had matured. She had grown more than she ever did in the past twelve years before this. She learned to be
strong, to bear her troubles alone, and to never give up.

‘No, I won’t give up. I won’t ever give up, no matter what.’ Dai Yun’er’s pale pretty face had this stubborn look. She had already endured such a long wait to finally catch up with him here. How could she simply give up? One must fight for one’s own happiness. Regardless of how profound a feeling he had with the previous person, more than three years had passed. He was with her during those final moments. Maybe, she still had a fighting chance to start all over again.

When she thought of this, Dai Yun’er took a deep breath. She tried hard to calm herself. She wanted to be in her best to.fight for her love.

Wu Siduo looked at the person far away with dull eyes. When she rejected Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng back then, her heart was also tormented by excruciating pain.

Everyone was familiar with each other for quite some time now. She had hoped that it would not end like this. However, she was quite clear about what she wanted. She could not deceive herself. In spite of the knowledge that she had no place in that person’s heart, she still wanted to fight for it.

When she was but a little girl, she was already a perfectionist. She wanted the best in everything. Even in terms of strength, she worked hard and
strived to be the most powerful. She was Hell Wu Siduo, a genius who possessed a twin martial soul and self soul fusion skill.

If ever there was a boy who was good enough for her, it could only be him. He was handsome, wise, farsighted, hardworking, and well gifted in natural endowments. When she first met him, she was only attracted to his looks.
However, with the passage of time when he defeated her time and time again, she began to have feelings for him. Without realizing it, she had
grown fond of him. From that point on, she had followed his every interest until the day he disappeared.

She had spent many years together with Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng.
How could she not know their feelings? Especially during the period when Tang Wulin went missing, she had tried to accept one of them, but she realized that she could not do it. At least, she could not do it now. He
always had a place in her heart since the beginning till now.

‘Maybe he’ll come back.’ It was this hope that she held on to as she worked hard in her cultivation. After the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters was decided, she became the class monitor of the genius class. She worked hard and cultivated with all her might hoping that she would be in his shoes one day. When and If he returned, at the very least she would be at par with him.

Now that he was back, he had returned just in time for the Sea God Lake Date Festival. However, what he did not know was that she had decided to
give up on that unrequited love of her youth in this year’s date festival. She had instead planned on accepting a new love!

He appeared, and her heart was flustered. She was at a loss as to what she should do. However, in a brief moment, she made her decision. She would give it a try no matter what. Even if her chances were slim, she would still give it a go. Otherwise, how could she ever be contented not knowing how it would be had she tried?

She had always been a firm and resolute character. She would not change
easily once she made up her mind. Even if she might possibly lose the most important person in her life afterward, she still proceeded without hesitation. She just had to try despite being like a moth darting into the fire. Otherwise, it might haunt her for the rest of her life.

Love at Second Sight continued. Every boy who stayed on was displaying himself and expressing his feelings. Very quickly, this third segment which was full of incidences ended finally. At least, the problems which occurred in the first half did not happen in the second half.

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng exchanged glances. Tang Yinmeng said, “The date festival is past the halfway mark. But, I have to say the actual climax is only about to begin. All the boys better start saying your prayers now. In the fourth segment, it will be decided if you have the opportunity to bring home a beauty.”

Lan Muzi nodded. “Yes, what’s about to begin will be the most exciting moment in the Sea God Lake Date Festival. The fourth segment, Destined for Three Reincarnations will account for at least seventy percent of the final outcome. So, I want to remind all the Sea God’s fair maidens that you must pick carefully. Because once you have made your choice, you cannot change it anymore. That’s why you must be wise and listen mindfully to your heart and not be hasty with your decision that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”

The girls had different expressions but they were beginning to focus their gazes.

Lan Muzi looked at Female Number Seventeen and Eighteen who still had their bamboo hats on. He said in a deep voice, “Up till now, the both of you are the only ones with your veils still on. If you’re still unwilling to take them off in this segment, you’ll not have the chance to take off your bamboo hats ever. So, I implore you to decide carefully. Also, because of your outstanding performances in protecting your veils, if you remove your veils now, you will have priority in the fourth segment. I’ll give both of you a minute to consider this.”

“I’ll remove mine,” a crisp and pleasing voice sounded across the entire Sea God Lake. The one who spoke was Female Number Eighteen.

She raised her hand and removed the bamboo hat with its veil from her head. A beautiful, flawless face was revealed.

Her long silver hair hung loosely and her purple eyes looked like purple
crystals. Silver hair and purple eyes! Even the shine of the moon and stars paled in comparison to her perfect looks.

On Sea God Lake’s surface, the reflected lights seemed to enhance her ravishing beauty this instant. Everyone’s gaze was upon her.

“Dragon Spear Goddess!” It was not known who had made the remark. Instantly, the whole shoreside was screaming and yelling.

Even the gazes of the inner court male students turned fervent.

Although there had been rumors about the Dragon Spear Goddess joining this year’s Sea God Lake Date Festival, it was still hearsay up till now.
Currently, the Dragon Spear Goddess made her appearance on Sea God Lake before everyone. What struck everyone initially was that she lived up to her reputation of being the most beautiful girl in Shrek.

Wu Siduo, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were already considered strikingly beautiful. However, when compared to her, they were still lacking.

Chapter 755 - The Goddess Chooses Her Husband

Chapter 755: The Goddess Chooses Her Husband

The beauty of the Dragon Spear Goddess did not lie solely in her looks, it was more of an aggregate of her disposition, appearance, and her gaze that was gentle as a lamb. If ever there was a befitting description, she could only be described as flawless, par excellence.

Tang Wulin was a little stunned. Na’er looked so beautiful today. With the complement of Sea God Lake and the surrounding lights, she truly resembled a goddess that walked on the ripples of the lake’s surface. She stood there elegantly with a sweet smile on her face. Being spontaneous,
she stuck her tongue out playfully at him.

Ordinarily, if two people stood a hundred meters apart from each other, it would be quite difficult to make out the other person’s expression. How could Tang Wulin not see that?

Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were also a little stunned. Lan Muzi said, “Junior Na’er, I thought the rumors saying that you’ll be joining the date
festival were just rumors. Who would’ve thought that you’d actually come. But, you’re not even eighteen yet!”

Na’er smiled sweetly. “According to Douluo Continent’s rules, a sixteen- year-old is already an adult. Why can’t I come? I have special permission from my teacher, you know.”

Tang Yinmeng smiled and said, “Alright. Na’er, with your presence, you’ll be making this year’s Sea God Lake Date Festival grand. But, will you be choosing a person that you like? You must be careful.”

When Tang Wulin saw Na’er nodding her head without hesitation, he was taken aback by surprise. He was none too happy about it. Then, he began looking around in a rather resentful manner. ‘Who is it? Who made Na’er fall for him? She’s my beloved sister!’ His gaze turned fierce as he looked at his surroundings.

However, nobody paid him any attention. Even Dragon King Long Yue was completely mesmerized by the glamorous Na’er. Almost every male
student’s gaze was upon her.

Na’er stood there graciously. Without a doubt, she completely overshadowed the other inner court girls. Some of the girls even had angry expressions on their pretty faces. With her presence, today’s date festival would be truly different.

Lan Muzi’s heart skipped a beat. He said, “To be fair to the other girls, since you already have someone in mind, junior Na’er, we’ll let you have first pick of the person you like in this fourth segment, Destined for Three
Reincarnations. All of us would like to know the lucky guy who has our Dragon Spear Goddess’s attention.”

After he said that, the girls immediately heaved a sigh of relief whereas the boys tensed up. More than ninety percent of the boys puffed up their chests instantly. If they could be chosen by the Dragon Spear Goddess, that would simply be the most fortunate event in their lives!

Naturally, the girls were relaxed because after she picked her partner, at least the boys would give up on her. They could then focus their attention on the remaining girls.

Na’er nodded. “Okay! Then I’ll go first.”

Lan Muzi made an inviting gesture. “Alright. So, let’s invite Number Eighteen, junior Na’er to approach the person that she admires. I wonder if the boys can feel their hearts beating faster.”

Na’er smiled. She did not seem to have moved when her body flashed with silver light. The lotus leaf beneath her feet had floated out lightly. There
was a wake on the lake’s surface as she headed straight toward the boys’ side. Tang Wulin could hear the breathing sounds beside him were becoming labored. He could also hear the excited, thumping heartbeats. Without question, the boys were currently highly excited.

The lotus leaf drifted closer. Na’er’s pretty face had the same sweet smile. The closer she got, the more apparent the impact of her awesome beauty was on the boys. Despite the inner court boys having calm composures, they were currently bedazzled by her beauty. If a man could marry such a wife, what more could he wish for?

‘Pick me, pick me!’ Almost everyone cried out in their hearts. ‘She’s close, she’s getting close!’
‘A hundred meters, eighty meters, fifty meters, thirty meters!’

The beautiful lady was only a few feet away from them. Everyone’s breathing became heavy. One of the boys could not restrain himself as he unleashed his martial soul directly. Circles of dazzling soul rings rose from beneath his feet as he displayed his strength. In the next instant, more than half the boys shone with the glow from their soul rings. For a time, a riot of colors broke out on Sea God Lake’s surface.

On the tower ship.

“This young girl Na’er really has someone she likes?” Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue asked Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming beside her in

Yun Ming’s expression was also one of shock. “I’ve never heard this young girl talking about it! This girl can really keep a secret. But, I won’t be able to tell you who’s good enough for this disciple of mine.”

Long Yeyue smiled. “Are you feeling unwilling to let her go? A grown girl can’t be kept at home. But, this girl is slightly ahead of her time, isn’t she? Can’t she at least wait until she’s eighteen?” Yun Ming’s brows were slightly furrowed. In his heart, Na’er was like his own daughter. Yun Ming was greatly shocked to hear that Na’er had
someone that she admired. At the same time, he felt some reluctance to part with her.

Holy Spirit Douluo Yali who was beside him pinched his hand lightly. She smiled at him and said softly, “Na’er is extremely clever. The boy who
earned her admiration must have his uniqueness. Let’s watch silently and not interfere.”

Ten meters. Only ten meters left!

The eyes of the boy closest to Na’er were bulging. He kept staring with his wide open eyes as the peerless beauty came toward him. The feeling was
simply exhilarating.

There was a killing intent in Tang Wulin’s gaze. He stared at the boy, and his hands were already tightly balled into fists. He thought inwardly, ‘If you want to be with Na’er, you’ll have to get through me first. If you can’t defeat me, how can you protect my Na’er? Yes, that’s it. I heard that we’re allowed to take our partners by force in the final segment of the Sea God Lake Date Festival. Hehe, no matter who Na’er picks, I will have to fight him then.’

At this very moment, the lotus leaf under Na’er’s feet suddenly drew an arc on the water’s surface. The graceful arc deviated silently and went straight toward Tang Wulin.

No, to be more precise, it was in the direction of Long Yue.

Long Yue gave off a domineering aura as he stared at the beautiful face that was approaching him. He was not a person who paid much attention to matters relating to the heart. Had he chosen Dai Yun’er, it was because, in his heart, only Dai Yun’er’s looks and status were good enough for him.

However, this young girl was much more beautiful than Dai Yun’er, and she also had an awe-inspiring disposition. When she got closer to him, his heart was beating faster at an irregular pace. He suddenly had a feeling that this was the so-called love at first sight. ‘So, all these years, I’ve never had a girlfriend. Was it because I was waiting for such an opportunity?’

At the same time, when his mind was filled with confusing thoughts, Na’er was getting close to him. She was only a few feet away from him.

Tang Wulin’s eyes bulged, ‘No, Na’er, you can’t pick him! He’s from Star Luo Empire. He…’

Tang Wulin would have loved to strangle Long Yue right now.

On the shoreside, the outer court disciples were in an uproar. Many of them could no longer restrain themselves and started yelling. If their Dragon Spear Goddess picked an exchange student from Star Luo Empire as her partner, it would be unacceptable for everyone.

The lotus leaf under Na’er’s feet slowed down noticeably. She glanced at Tang Wulin whose eyes were bulging. When she saw Tang Wulin’s hands tightly balled into fists while glaring menacingly at Long Yue, she could not help covering her cute lips in a graceful motion and let slip a laugh.

Silver light flashed faintly and the lotus leaf picked up speed once more. When she was about three meters from Long Yue, the lotus leaf slid away silently and drew another arc on the water’s surface as it floated to Tang Wulin’s side. Her lotus leaf touched Tang Wulin’s lightly. She raised her head and stuck out her tongue slyly at him.

Long Yue was stunned. The boys were also stunned, and Tang Wulin himself was equally stunned.

On the shoreside, the commotion had suddenly quietened down.

Chapter 756 - What’re You Crying For? You Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 756: What’re You Crying For? You Good-For-Nothing

On the tower ship, Yun Ming’s gaze also froze, but he soon felt relieved.

At least his beloved disciple did not pick that boy from Star Luo Empire. Who she chose was…

Tang Wulin?

In an instant, this name appeared on everyone’s mind. After a brief moment of silence, the shoreside went into an uproar again. On the boys’ side, innumerable lethal glares were all upon Tang Wulin. They would have loved to tear his limbs apart that instant.

On the girls’ side, Wu Siduo’s gaze quickly froze over. Dai Yun’er’s little jaw dropped in astonishment. Not a moment too soon, she knitted her brows tightly together.

Female Number Seventeen who had not taken off her bamboo hat trembled slightly, but she quickly regained her composure. In the minute where they were allowed to choose whether to take off their bamboo hats or keep them on, she did not show any signs of movement at all. She remained the only person who had yet to take off her bamboo hat.

Tang Wulin who was momentarily stunned began to react to the turn of
events. He could not be sure whether to laugh or cry. ‘This young girl, her little prank will be the end of me yet!’

As he looked at Na’er’s sly smile, Tang Wulin could not help raising his hand to ruffle her hair. “You cheeky girl.”

“Tee-hee,” Na’er giggled and stuck out her tongue. His eyes were full of love and her smile full of sweetness. For a while, they kept everyone in misery. The glow from the soul rings of the various male students obviously grew stronger. If it were not for the few elders on the
tower ship holding everyone back, they might have carried out the taking of partners by force segment immediately.

Tang Wulin said in a low voice, “Are you making trouble on purpose?”

Na’er curled her red lips. “How is this making trouble on purpose? Can’t I pick you, brother? Or do you want me to choose someone else?”

Tang Wulin grunted. “I’ll deal with you after this festival is over, you naughty girl.”

On the tower ship, Yun Ming said in shock, “She picked Tang Wulin? Aren’t they siblings?”

There were not many who knew that Tang Wulin and Na’er were siblings, but he was very sure of that. However, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali said, “I’ve asked Na’er before. It seems they’re not related by blood. Nonetheless, they look quite good with each other. It’s a fact that only Tang Wulin can match Na’er in terms of looks and moral character.”

Yun Ming gave a snort. His gaze toward Tang Wulin had the contempt of a father-in-law toward a son-in-law.

Yali had a good impression of Tang Wulin. This child was kind, brave, and his outstanding performance during the train incident had left a deep impression on her.

Tang Wulin had just recovered from the shock. He glanced at Long Yue who was staring at him from the side. He curled his lips. “Don’t you even
think about it. You won’t have the slightest chance. Besides, she didn’t pick you. Even if she did pick you, I most likely won’t agree to it as well.”

A brilliant light flickered in Long Yue’s eyes. “I heard that there’s still a
segment where we can take our partners by force. I’d like to see how long you can hold your ground during that segment.” Tang Wulin was taken aback by Long Yue’s reply. He laughed hysterically. “You’ll know when the time comes.”

The way he saw it, Na’er simply came to play. She went around in a circle but chose him in the end. He did not make too much of this matter. After he had confirmed that Na’er did not pick anyone else, he felt relieved.

He shifted his gaze toward the only girl who had not removed her bamboo hat. Although she had not removed her bamboo hat, anyone who knew all the inner court female students would already have known her identity.
After all, she was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Put another way, she was the true leader behind the current Shrek Seven Monsters!

Number Seventeen!

A bitterness showed itself on the edges of Tang Wulin’s lips. She was unwilling to remove her bamboo hat even after she had seen him. This undoubtedly revealed her attitude.

His gaze was slightly blurred now. If this Sea God Lake Date Festival was not a whole new beginning, would it be the final ending? However, he was not pleased!

It was only now that Lan Muzi managed to say something, “Hmm, I never thought that junior Na’er will pick Wulin. What a surprise. Wulin sure has good fortune!”

Tang Yinmeng said with a faint smile, “Alright, we’ll proceed with this segment. Now, the participants will draw lots to determine their turns to
choose their partners. Before choosing their partners, the girls can make a request or pose a question to the boy they’re interested in. They can then decide afterward. Junior Na’er, have you forgotten about this?”

However, Na’er waved at her. She replied sweetly, “I don’t need it. I think no one else knows him better than I do.”

When she said this, the boys were put through their misery again. Their
anger was probably at its peak. Even with his power, Tang Wulin felt as if ten thousand arrows had shot through his heart at this moment.

‘This brat, are you having fun while your big brother is suffering at your expense?’

“Very well. Let’s move on to the next participant. Hmm, the person we have picked is junior Ye Xinglan.”

Ye Xinglan had been silently observing all the happenings on the Sea God Lake Date Festival. When she saw Na’er choose Tang Wulin, she inadvertently frowned. As Tang Wulin’s teammate, she knew about the
sibling relationship between Tang Wulin and Na’er. ‘This young girl is
either here to cause trouble or is hoping that the other girls would retreat in the face of difficulties. However, Gu Yue also knows about their relationship. Gu Yue, what’re you thinking right now?’

She was mulling over her thoughts when she unexpectedly heard her name being called. After recovering from the shock, she utilized her soul power. The lotus leaf under her feet drifted toward the center of Sea God Lake.

“Junior Ye Xinglan, you may now choose the boy whom you admire, and you may ask him a question or make a request.”

Ye Xinglan’s gaze was lifeless. Amidst the crowd of boys opposite her, the obese and flabby one currently had his head buried deep in his own chest. His body trembled slightly. He dared not face the situation before him.

Prior to his confession, he was already in such a nervous state. He did not know if he still had the courage to say those words again ever. He knew that many people liked Ye Xinglan as well. She was powerful and beautiful. She was one of the outstanding ones among the inner court female disciples.

They were already eighteen years old. He was truly afraid that she had made her choice before he expressed his feelings toward her.

Her gaze was on him. In the depths of her memories, he was the chubby little boy who followed her everywhere she went when she was little. He was the little fellow who kept calling her ‘Sister Xinglan’ with a snotty nose.

He was also the companion who was large, cuddly and always stayed by her side. No matter the time or place, he never let her out of his sight.

She had gotten used to having him around and seeing that foolish grin of his. Most of all, she had gotten used to the variety of buns he made.

“Junior Xinglan, do you have any questions to ask? You can also direct your question to a few other boys. Then, you can make your decision.” Tang Yinmeng reminded her.

Ye Xinglan shook her head lightly. “I have no questions.” “Then make your choice.”
The lotus leaf accelerated. Spots of starlight surrounded her. The speed at which Ye Xinglan’s lotus leaf moved was much higher than that of Na’er’s before this. She was already among the ranks of the boys in an instant.

Although she was not as beautiful as Na’er, she was still a pearl of the inner court, a bright and attractive star. The boys held their breath.

Xu Lizhi instinctively raised his head. He had been secretly loving her all these years. He had to see whom she would pick.

Then he saw the figure getting closer. He saw her calm face and the glow that flickered in her gaze.

She, she…

‘Is the partner she’s about to choose standing beside me?’

At this moment, Xu Lizhi seemed to have gone into a trance. His eyes started blurring. He felt the warm tears welling up in his eyes.

‘So, in the end, she’s leaving me?’ Even though he had half expected such a day would come, his heart would still not accept it. “What’re you crying for? You good-for-nothing.” A plain hand reached over and wiped away the tears that trickled down his face.

“I hate to part with her.” Xu Lizhi, however, could not restrain himself as he cried loudly. At this very moment, his emotions were in turmoil.

His tears could barely be wiped away as they came pouring down and wetted her hand.

“Idiot, what do you hate? Do you hate me by your side? Or do you hate the flab in your body? I remember hearing you say that you’re willing to lose weight for me just now.” Ye Xinglan was at a loss whether to laugh or cry when she looked at this obese man in front of her who was much taller and bigger than she was, not least a waistline several times her own.

“Huh?” Xu Lizhi was suddenly stunned. His tears stopped flowing abruptly as if the sluice gates had been closed. He stared at Ye Xinglan with his mouth agape. To be sure, he rubbed his eyes vigorously.

Chapter 757 - Don’t Tell Me You’re Only Passing By?

Chapter 757: Don’t Tell Me You’re Only Passing By?

She stood there charmingly beside him. Her lotus leaf was right beside him. There was no other person near them. There were only the both of them.
She was standing by his side.

“Don’t, don’t tell me you’re only passing by.” Realizing what he had just said, Xu Lizhi had the urge to give himself a tight slap.

Ye Xinglan pinched his chubby face. “You have a death wish, don’t you?”

Xu Lizhi grinned foolishly and said, “Use more force. I think it hurts a little. If it hurts, that means I’m not dreaming. I’ve been daydreaming every day lately. I dreamed that you’ll choose me at the Sea God Lake Date Festival.”

“Are you stupid?”

“It hurts, it hurts! Haha, it hurts, haha!” Xu Lizhi laughed excitedly. All of a sudden, he leaped.


What does reaping sorrow at the end of great happiness mean? Currently, Xu Lizhi was the classic example. He forgot to restrain himself. When he leaped just now, that heavy body of his crashed directly onto the lotus leaf shattering it in an instant.

The lake water splashed onto Ye Xinglan’s body. For a brief moment, she was stunned. What happened? With a loud gurgle, Xu Lizhi’s body floated back to the surface. “Ah! I’m not, I’m not pulling out. I’m not! I did it by accident. Sister Xinglan, Sister Xinglan, I did it accidentally. I…”

The fat boy was so nervous that he was on the verge of tears. After he took a plunge in the ice-cold lake water, his mind cleared. According to the rules of the Sea God Lake Date Festival, the participants would be disqualified from the date festival once they fell into the water!

As she looked at his flustered appearance, Ye Xinglan said pointedly, “You stupid fatso, stop embarrassing me here. Let’s go!” She stooped down to grab Xu Lizhi’s arm. She swung her arm forcefully and flung him skyward. Then, she turned into a beam of starlight and caught up to him. In the next instant, the both of them flew over the lake’s surface and landed on the faraway shore.

Ye Xinglan’s choice of Xu Lizhi, together with his emotional ups and downs had made the others stare with their mouths agape.

Such a situation had never happened at the Sea God Lake Date Festival before. For all the self-abasement, Xu Lizhi had definitely made it worth his while. Without question, his howls clearly worked and his confession was a success.

His dreams had finally come true now that he had gained her approval.

Currently, Xie Xie’s eyes were filled with admiration, there was even envy in them. Whether it was him or Yue Zhengyu, they had known all along that Xu Lizhi liked Ye Xinglan. However, none of them thought that Ye Xinglan would actually accept him.

In this instant, he finally understood why Yue Zhengyu who should have succeeded, failed whereas Xu Lizhi who should have failed, succeeded.

True feelings. Only true feelings could move the heart, and only true feelings could remove all obstacles.

Lizhi had succeeded, what about himself? He instinctively looked at the opposite side, at the figure who had regained her female appearance with her red hair falling loosely behind her.

‘If Xu Lizhi can succeed, why can’t I?’

Lan Muzi laughed hysterically, “Although it had been tortuous, I must say that the outcome was splendid. Let us congratulate juniors Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan. Our best wishes are with them.”

Ye Xinglan and Xu Luzhi had technically withdrawn themselves from the Sea God Lake Date Festival. They did not participate in the final segment and did not have to take their partners by force. However, without a doubt, they had succeeded.

Tang Wulin was genuinely happy for Xu Lizhi. He was on extremely good terms with Xu Lizhi. He could more or less guess Xu Lizhi’s thoughts.
However, when Ye Xinglan accepted Xu Lizhi, he was truly overjoyed.

Yue Zhengyu had failed, while Xu Lizhi had succeeded. ‘How about me? Can I succeed?’

He was not the only one who felt trepidation in his heart. Xu Lizhi’s success had undoubtedly rekindled the hopes of the male students.

“For our next participant, the name drawn is Xu Mi’er.”

Xu Mi’er was not particularly beautiful, and she had a hot temperament. It could also be described as her aura. Her aura would make most of the boys keep a respectful distance from her.

Fiery and violent, like a volcano that could erupt any second. Perhaps, this was related to the soul tool she loved most.

The lotus leaf under Xu Mi’er’s feet moved and drifted out slowly.

“Mi’er, let me see the man of your choice.” Tang Yinmeng could not help but laugh. She and Xu Mi’er were good friends. Xu Mi’er was slightly younger than her. This was not Xu Mi’er’s first time taking part in the Sea God Lake Date Festival. Her strong character had made it difficult for her to find a
compatible partner.

Xu Mi’er rolled her eyes at her. Then, she looked at the group of boys.

“Anyone here has the confidence to defeat me? Come out and fight.” This was her request.

The boys were exceptionally silent. The situation was so tense and quiet one could hear a pin drop.

Xu Mi’er curled her lips. “You’re all a bunch of weaklings. Nobody here is good enough for me.”

When she said this, the expressions of the inner court male students turned sheepish.

It was not that there were no experts among the inner court boys. For
example, Lan Muzi was extremely powerful and recognized as the best inner court disciple. Apart from him, there were other powerful male
students. However, such male students would naturally have girls vying for them. Usually, they would already have chosen their partners.
Consequently, they would not be appearing in the date festival.

Xu Mi’er had participated in Sea God Lake Date Festival for a number of years but had not succeeded in landing a date. With the passage of time, her own strength had increased at a fast pace. Now that she was quite powerful, it was even more difficult for her to find a date. Besides, she had that overbearing character of hers which naturally made it difficult for her to find a man.

When she said those words, she had done it to vent her anger. Girls were like this. If they could not find a suitable partner in their first two Sea God Lake Date Festivals, chances would be she would find it almost impossible to get a partner. The world of Soul Masters did not care about the family status of the respective couples, but the gap between their strengths should not be too vast. Particularly when the female Soul Masters looked for their partners, they would usually wish that their men were more powerful than themselves. This was the reason Yuanen Yehui had always said that she
wanted Xie Xie to become more powerful than her before he was qualified to pursue her. The principle was the same.

Hence, Xu Mi’er knew that she would never find a person that suited her.
She was not into anyone either. The boys were either too young or too
weak. She had no intention of settling for a defect. Of course, this was her own thought. How could there be any defects in Shrek’s inner court?

She looked upon the boys with disdain. Her lotus leaf floated back.

“Wait!” At this moment, a deep voice sounded. “Who said all the boys were weaklings? At least, I’m not.”

Xu Mi’er turned around in shock. She never expected anyone to be
courageous enough to step forward and take up her challenge. She had done the same thing in the two previous date festivals.

The big and tall figure stood on a lotus leaf and drifted toward the center of Sea God Lake. Everyone was astonished when they saw this person. The one who drifted out was none other than Dragon King Long Yue from Star Luo Empire who was hit by Xu Mi’er during the earlier segment.

What kind of personality did Long Yue have? He was staunch, upright, and outspoken. He could definitely not accept being called a weakling by a
woman. He had always viewed himself as the most masculine man in the world.

When Xu Mi’er saw that it was him, she raised her eyebrows. “You from Star Luo, don’t think that you’re qualified to challenge me just because you had deflected my hand cannon attack just now. In a battle, I won’t be holding back.”

Long Yue replied proudly, “And if you lose?” Xu Mi’er snorted, “If I lose, I’ll choose you.”

Long Yue curled his lips. “Even if you choose me, it doesn’t mean I’ll choose you.”

Xu Mi’er said angrily, “Why do you talk so much? Do you want to fight or not? Even if you don’t choose me, I’ll still choose you. If you lose… hehe!”

Chapter 758 - Long Yue Versus Xu Mi’er

Chapter 758: Long Yue Versus Xu Mi’er

Long Yue smiled. “Okay, let’s do it then. Let’s take it to the skies.” As he said this, he leaped with all his strength while his body began quickly increasing in size as he propelled himself upward. As he continued his
ascent to the skies, dazzling soul rings began appearing from beneath his feet as well.

However, Xu Mi’er did not show any weakness to her opponent. She leaped and charged toward the skies as well.

Be it the male or female students, they could not help but feel slightly
speechless when they saw the events unfolding before their eyes. ‘Are these two really here to date? Isn’t their dating process a bit too fiery? They’re
already fighting it out before the final segment where we actually fight each other to claim our partners.’

The glow from the soul rings on Long Yue’s body was terrifying. They were mainly black and although the glow from his soul rings was dull, a light seemed to radiate around them as they enlarged alongside his body. The imposing manner of his entire being also began to intensify multiple times over.

Although Tang Wulin was standing below them, he could not help but feel shocked in his heart when he felt the wave of soul power emanating from Long Yue’s body. This person was exceedingly more powerful than he was four years ago. He must have already become a two-word battle armor master. To top it all off, he’s probably only twenty-four years old this year at the very most. For someone at that age to be able to cultivate up to this level was truly shocking.

Before long, Long Yue’s body had enlarged until he was ten meters tall and it gave off an unparalleled powerful aura. With that aura came thick, heavy, yellowish-brown scales that appeared on the surface of his skin, and a huge tail that extended from his back. Although he was in mid-air, his dense aura that now felt as heavy as a mountain on one’s shoulders still felt incredible imposing.

On the tower ship.

Yun Ming nodded lightly. “This must be the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. When you truly feel it, you’ll realize that its bloodline aura is
extremely powerful. In terms of bloodline power, their bloodline powers are generally stronger than the Soul Masters on our Douluo Continent due to the influence of the aboriginals on Star Luo Empire. However, this will also present a clear problem — under the influence of their bloodline power, the fusion between their spiritual power and martial souls won’t be perfect.
With that, when their powers reached a certain rank, they would no longer be able to control their strengths.

“Still, it’s still rare for this Long Yue to have such a cultivation base at such a young age. It’s no wonder our students rose to fame after defeating him on that Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition three years ago. Mei’er, your judgment is spot on.”

Elder Cai looked at Yun Ming and nodded her head lightly. After they returned from the competition, she was the one who strongly recommended Gu Yue and the others to take on the names of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The strength of Tang Wulin and the gang could be clearly seen from the opponent they had defeated. Long Yue’s increasing strength only served as evidence that the strength displayed by their group back then was even more powerful.

“This Long Yue is growing at too fast a pace. However, his martial soul has its defects as well. Once he unleashes his full force, he’ll be in a state where he can no longer control himself. He might even go mad. He probably came here as an exchange student to overcome this problem of his as well,” said Elder Cai. Yun Ming gave a slight nod. “The martial soul and bloodline of one of the Nine Dragon Kings can’t be borne that easily. Let’s wait and see.”

Currently, Long Yue and Xu Mi’er were already in midair. Unlike Long Yue, Xu Mi’er’s body did not grow that much. However, a mecha as dark as ink had already appeared behind her.

The mecha was black all over. If not for the shine of the lights from the Sea God Fated Date Festival, it might even be too easy for the others to overlook its presence in the night.

When he saw this mecha, Long Yue’s could not help it as he raised both his brows. How violent does this lady have to be for her to design her mecha like this?

Xu Mi’er’s black mecha did seem slightly exaggerated. Her mecha was about ten meters tall and for a black mecha, this was already very huge.

Usually, the stronger a mecha was, the smaller its size would be. This was because it could be nimbler this way. The energy source attached to it
would also have a greater capacity that would be sufficient to power the mecha for a longer time.

However, the aura of this black mecha was different. Although it was ten meters tall, it still looked slightly bloated. There was nothing about it that seemed nimble.

On the shoulders of the black mecha were soul cannons with a caliber of more than 200 millimeters. Other than that, its limbs, torso, and even its
waist were equipped with large soul cannons. What was even terrifying was that there were even relatively smaller gun barrels on its arm.

As an outstanding student in Monster Academy, how could Long Yue not recognize that those nozzles were there so it could shoot fixed soul

Fixed soul cannonballs had been the most terrifying of soul tools available for the past ten thousand years. After ten thousand years’ worth of development, the fixed soul cannonballs had turned into destructive
weapons. Civilians were definitely not allowed to wield them. Even in the military, its use was strictly regulated.

However, Shrek Academy was, without a doubt, an exception. In the name of research, it was not out of the ordinary for a fixed soul cannonball to
appear here. However, the one who possessed the fixed cannonball was his opponent.

Long Yue did not have a shadow of a doubt that there were real cannonballs within those barrels. This was because he had seen the faint glimmer they gave off.

How could this still be considered a mecha? This was practically a
slaughter machine. The amount of energy that was required to power this machine alone was already an astronomical figure. With the addition of those fixed soul cannons and the condition in which it was built, the cost of building this mecha alone was already enough to make three black mechas.

Even Long Yue drew some cold breaths when he saw just how violent this lady was.

Xu Mi’er made a hand sign to him with disdain. Moving quickly, she had already transformed into a beam of light that fused into her own black mecha.

Although Xu Mi’er was also a seven-ringed expert, she was not a two-word battle armor master. She was only a one-word battle armor master because she had poured most of her energy into researching and improving her mechas. She had a burning passion and a wild obsession regarding various soul tools. As long as there was a powerful soul tool that she fancied, she
would always figure out a way to attach it to her own black mecha.

The expression on Long Yue’s face turned grave. He grabbed at the air with his right hand, causing a beam of golden light to flash past before a thick, heavy lance appeared in his grip. For him to use his weapon immediately… It was clear that he took Xu Mi’er seriously. “Be careful,” Xu Mi’er’s ice-cold voice sounded electronically before the black mecha moved just a mere moment later.

It raised an arm, and it showed no signs of making preparatory movements as a beam of strong light shot straight toward Long Yue with great force.

Long Yue’s fighting style had always been to fight fire with fire. He swung the lance in his hand, and a beam of bright golden light shot forth as well.

“Boom!” The intense sound of an explosion erupted in the skies. Countless lights and shadows were scattered everywhere, causing the outer court disciples to watch what was unfolding before their very eyes with intent and focus.

Long Yue did not budge in the air, especially since his huge body was as dense and heavy as a mountain. On the other hand, the black mecha began moving as fast as lightning. As it moved, its body swayed gently, leaving behind after-images. Shortly after, beams of light burst forth as it bombarded Long Yue with an onslaught of attacks.

Long Yue wielded his long spear as he withstood and blocked the attacks from above and below him. He was blocking attacks from soul cannons and soul beams that were raining on him like a furious storm. In midair, a series of explosions could be heard like rolling thunder. What was even more terrifying was that clusters of light continuously erupted on Long Yue’s body.

Long Yue’s first soul ring was already lit up. His soul skill, Mountains, was directly applied to himself, making himself as large as a mountain. The lance in his hand brought with it his flowing water soul skill as huge
currents of water charged ceaselessly toward the black mecha.

However, the black mecha displayed a nimbleness that was completely discrepant with its large size. It carried out a series of evasive maneuvers under Xu Mi’er’s ingenious controls. Only her attacks landed on Long Yue’s body whereas none of Long Yue’s attack had even touched her black mecha from the beginning until the end. ‘What brilliant mecha operating skills,’ exclaimed Long Yue in his heart. He even showed a bitter smile, because the feeling of those soul beams and soul cannons impacting his body was not exactly an enjoyable feeling. His defenses were already very powerful, but Xu Mi’er’s attacks were truly too violent. It was so violent that he seemed as if he would buckle under them. He needed to utilize a large amount off of his soul power to block them.

‘This cannot do!’

Long Yue pointed with his lance, and another soul ring of his lit up. Swamps!
In the skies, a portion of the space around him suddenly turned muddy. Although it was only a formless swamp created by energy, it was no different from an actual swamp.

Long Yue was very formidable in the timing of his moves. He had unleashed his soul skill on a route which the black mecha had to take as it maneuvered evasively. Almost immediately, Xu Mi’er’s black mecha
seemed to have crashed into a large web, causing it to instantly slow down.

Countless currents raged towards the mecha from all directions. In an instant, they charged straight toward the black mecha like rivers running into the sea.

Long Yue’s mastery of the coordination between each and every one of his soul skills had already reached a level where he could control them with the highest precision. He did not give his opponent the slightest of chances.

However, a shocking scene to him appeared. A silver light flashed, and Xu Mi’er’s black mecha vanished in thin air. His currents had all crashed into an empty spot.

Chapter 759 - Hard Sell

Chapter 759: Hard Sell

A figure that was as dark as ink appeared and hovered above his back as a dazzling beam of light descended from the skies. It was a huge saber that was more than six meters long. Its broad blade was 1.5 meters broad, and it flickered with a dazzling purplish-black glow as it directly slashed Long Yue’s shoulder.

Amidst the deafening sound of friction, the huge blade that vibrated at a high frequency stubbornly cut into his scales even with the defenses of his thick, heavy scales and his soul skill, Mountains. The immense force from the slash sent Long Yue crashing downward from the skies.

In the air above Sea God Lake, a light barrier had risen up before anyone noticed. Like a cushion, it bounced Long Yue’s majestic body from it.

Four columns of light immediately shot out from the black mecha’s shoulders bring along with it four huge balls of light that erupted mercilessly on Long Yue’s back.

The intense explosion sounded amidst Long Yue’s furious howl. Then, the sixth soul ring on his body suddenly shone brightly.

The entire skies seemed to have turned a scarlet red in an instant. Shortly after, Long Yue’s body enlarged again.

Although his ten-meter-tall body was already very huge, it grew to more than fifty meters tall after he utilized his sixth soul skill, much to everyone’s surprise.

The large gaping wound on his back was very obvious, and his back was even charred from the explosion. However, under the effects of his sixth soul skill, the damage done by that attack seemed to be very limited. Shortly after, Long Yue’s seventh soul ring lit up.

Sixth soul skill — Mountain Dragon King’s Wrath! Seventh soul skill, Martial Soul True Body!

His huge body stretched as he transformed into a giant dragon more than fifty meters long that was covered with extremely thick and heavy scales in mid-air.

The wave of soul power sent out from Long Yue’s body even caused a tremor in the space surrounding them. Although he did not utilize his battle armor, the aura he was giving off in this instant even made the Title
Douluos slightly intimidated.

It was then that the black mecha rose in the air as strong beams of light endlessly bombarded Long Yue.

However, Long Yue, who had already transformed into the Mountain
Dragon King at this exact moment, raised his right foreclaw and swatted the space before it directly, causing a sudden tremor in the air. The air around them was immensely distorted before it imploded from a powerful gravitational pull.

Xu Mi’er could only feel her black mecha sinking before it instantly fell from the skies like a meteor chasing after the moon as she dropped toward the front of the Mountain Dragon King.

However, a silvery-white glow suddenly appeared on the black mecha’s body. Layers upon layers of spatial waves appeared in midair and the black mecha flitted among the silver-white light as it slowly reduced the effects of the gravitational force.

“Rawrrr!” the Mountain Dragon King let out a skyward furious roar before it lashed out with its right foreclaw once more. This time, it caused the
entire space surrounding them to distort, shattering the silvery-white layer of light just like that.

Xu Mi’er, who sat in the black mecha, shifted her gaze. “Realm!” The external pressure had reached the interior of the mecha. Then, the huge saber appeared in the black mecha’s hand once more as it slashed at the air and forcibly tore an opening into space. Silver light flashed again and this time, it appeared higher in the air.

The Mountain Dragon King raised its head. Suddenly, it arced its wide and thick back, and a lofty mountain suddenly emerged from its back before instantly shooting into the sky.

The mountain continued to enlarge in the air. Almost instantly, it had turned into a lofty mountain that was hundreds of meters tall and thousands of meters in diameter. It moved to cover the black mecha completely.

Mountain Suppression!

This was an especially powerful soul skill that could be used while he was under the effects of Martial Soul True Body.

The lofty mountain gave off a yellowish-brown glow. Tang Wulin felt his body heat up a little the moment it appeared. The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone had reacted to it.

The immense gravitational force twisted their surroundings completely. Xu Mi’er could no longer use Spatial Retreat. She also frighteningly realized that her actions have slowed down under the effects of the lofty mountain. She could only stare blankly as the lofty mountain descended from the skies and crashed straight toward her!

“Humph!” she yelled furiously. A barrel on the mecha’s arm was raised as its interior flickered with light. Xu Mi’er could no longer restrain herself as she prepared to unleash her greatest move.

Because she spent more energy on researching soul tools, more than seventy percent of her strength was on her soul tools. Aside from the
extremely important ability — Spatial Retreat — her soul skills and martial soul were only used to improve her soul power. That was why, in terms of the density of soul power alone, she was even superior to Long Yue.
However, the advantage of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul was too great. In the end, this peerless martial soul managed to surpass the limits that her super mecha could stand up against.

That was why, Xu Mi’er would have to use her ace-in-the-hole secret technique — the fixed soul cannonball — if she wanted to defeat Long Yue.

In the field of fixed soul cannonball research, Xu Mi’er was an absolute expert.

“That’s enough!” a deep voice sounded in the skies.

Suddenly, a white light appeared silently in midair, causing Xu Mi’er’s body to freeze instantly. She could not even move an inch so naturally, she could not launch her fixed soul cannonball.

On the other side, a crack appeared underneath the mountain. The huge loft mountain, with its formidable pressure, was directly swallowed up by the
crack. At the same time, Long Yue only felt a tremor within his body. Then, a fearful feeling originating from the depths of his soul released him from his Martial Soul True Body without him being able to control it. He returned to his original form in the blink of an eye.

“In this contest, Mi’er has lost,” Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s voice resounded in the skies.

“The fixed soul cannonball has the ability to turn the tides of the battle.
However, if you want to defeat him, you must be willing to let jade and
stone burn together. Still, Long Yue hadn’t used his battle armor from the beginning until the end. Even if you fought with all your might, the one who’ll die in the end is you, and you alone. At most, he’ll be gravely injured so after taking all factors into account, Long Yue has won.”

Yun Ming’s words were absolute and fair. Long Yue and Xu Mi’er descended from the skies and returned to the surface of Sea God Lake.

Xu Mi’er put her black mecha away. She did not look any different from before. Only her gaze toward Long Yue had changed somewhat. Long Yue was in a much more ragged shape than her. There was a wound on his back and although it healed quickly, the clothing on his upper body was gone, exposing his strong muscles.

“Thank you for the match,” said Long Yue to Xu Mi’er with a solemn
expression. He had not thought that he would definitely win. There was a reason behind him not utilizing his battle armor.

With the improvement in his cultivation base, the control he had on his
emotions grew increasingly weaker. That was why he dared not fight with his full force in a battle on a whim. This was because he might just bring about a catastrophic disaster with a single slip.

He did not use his battle armor because he was afraid that he would go wild, not because he did not want to use it. When Xu Mi’er was about to
use her fixed soul cannonball, he had a feeling of shock in his heart and he was jumpy. Without a doubt, if that fixed soul cannonball was fired, the
situation would be difficult to predict. Also, Xu Mi’er had more than one fixed soul cannonball! This object was definitely a great killing tool. It was a strategic weapon.

Xu Mi’er urged the lotus leaf under her feet on and drifted toward Long Yue. She said joyfully, “You’ve won. I choose you.”

Long Yue nodded toward her. As he looked at the young lady who was approaching him now, he could not have associated her with the black mecha that was brimming with a domineering aura in the air just now.

Xu Mi’er stood steadily beside Long Yue and looked very calm. On the other hand, everyone let out sighs of relief. If this violent lady truly ended up with Long Yue, they reckoned that he would not have any peaceful days as well. More or less, the boys rejoiced in his sufferings.

Long Yue was also slightly troubled. It was only after he exchanged blows with Xu Mi’er that he truly understood why the boys dared not fight her.
She was a being that would whip out her fixed soul cannonball at any given moment! Xu Mi’er glanced at Long Yue and said drily, “You’re not allowed to
choose anyone else after you’ve chosen me or I’ll blow you to pieces.” The edge of Long Yue’s lips twitched. ‘What’s that?’
“You were the one who chose me!”

Xu Mi’er replied, “It’s the same thing.”

Long Yue finally held his tongue. ‘How could she hard sell herself?’

Chapter 760 - Why Would You Pick Me?

Chapter 760: Why Would You Pick Me?

However, for some unknown reason, after the battle he went through just now, he felt a stirring in his heart when he sensed Xu Mi’er’s strong
character. This was his first time meeting a peer who was more imposing than he was, and it was a female to boot.

Tang Yinmeng smiled. “Congratulations, Mi’er. You’ve finally found the one suitable for you. We’ll continue to draw lots. The next one is, hmm, Wu Siduo.”

Wu Siduo’s lotus leaf drifted out slowly. Her gaze was wandering.

She looked at the boys who were far away, and she looked at the peerless beauty beside Tang Wulin. She clenched her teeth as she urged her lotus leaf onward. It broke the waves and moved straight toward Tang Wulin’s side.

She did not ask a question, nor did she raise a request. She simply urged her lotus leaf to the other side of Tang Wulin and stood there.

Tang Wulin looked at Wu Siduo with shock. “You…”

Wu SIduo raised her head and met his gaze. “What about me?” Tang Wulin could hardly smile. “Why did you pick me?”
Wu Siduo said, “Why can’t I pick you?”

Tang Wulin could find no words to retort. In this segment, the girls had absolute priority.

Wu Siduo lowered her head, nobody knew what she was thinking about. Without question, among the girls, Wu Siduo held her own in terms of personality and appearance. The only shortcoming was that Na’er had picked Tang Wulin before she did. Compared to Na’er, she was not far behind. Even so, she showed her courage in picking Tang Wulin after Na’er.

The other girls all had their choices and questions. The fourth segment had picked up pace after the great fight between Xu Mi’er and Long Yue.

However, some of the older girls chose to withdraw from this segment of the festival. Since there was still the final segment, they could not leave the date festival as they had not picked anyone They had to wait until the final segment was over. The boys could only regain their priority in the final
segment and express their love toward the person they liked. “Dai Yun’er.”
It was finally the turn of Her Highness the princess of Star Luo Empire.

Dai Yun’er’s lotus leaf drifted outward slowly. Her gaze had lingered on Tang Wulin. “Brother Three,” she called out softly.

Tang Wulin looked at her. He silently cursed his fate. As expected.
A faint mist filled Dai Yun’er’s eyes. “Brother Three, you must know that I’ve been looking for you for a long, long time. They said that you were dead, that it was impossible for you to leave the small world. But, I’ve
always believed that you wouldn’t die. Throughout the past three years, I’ve been searching high and low for you. When the good news from Tang Sect reached me saying that you’ve returned, I immediately rushed to Shrek
Academy just to see you. For you, I’m even willing to forfeit my status as a princess. I cannot forget all that we’ve been through in Dragon Valley. What I want to ask you is, do you like me?”

“I…” Tang Wulin opened his mouth, but his tongue was tied. He did not know how to respond to her. As far as ‘like’ went, he definitely had some feelings for her. However, if he uttered the word ‘like’ right now, it bore a different meaning with the ‘like’ he felt under normal circumstances.

Dai Yun’er smiled sweetly. “I know that you like me.” After she said this, her lotus leaf drifted out. She went straight toward Tang Wulin.

‘When did I say that?’ Tang Wulin was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

Dai Yun’er came before Tang Wulin. When she saw that the spots on both his sides were already occupied by Na’er and Wu Siduo, she maneuvered her lotus leaf to stop in front of Tang Wulin. Then, she turned around nimbly.

“Now, there can only be me in your eyes.”

The sound of knuckles cracking came from the side.

Tang Wulin turned to look in the direction of the sound. He saw Long Yue looking at him with a fierce glare. Long Yue had a similar response as him when he thought that Na’er would pick Long Yue earlier.

“What? Don’t tell me you want to eat at the bowl while looking at the pot?” Xu Mi’er sounded cold. Without anyone noticing, there was already a hand cannon in her hands. She stuck the barrel on Long Yue’s waist.

Long Yue looked at her. He was unsure whether to laugh or cry. “What’re you doing?”

Xu Mi’er replied, “What do you think I’m doing?”

The situation was slightly awkward. Tang Wulin was not enjoying this
either! Dai Yun’er was In front while Na’er and Wu Siduo were on both his flanks. He had never thought that he would face such a situation at the Sea God Lake Date Festival.

“Next, Yuanen Yehui. It’s time for you to choose, junior.” When he heard the name, Xie Xie tensed up instantly. Even Tang Wulin’s gaze became focused. He was much taller than Dai Yun’er, so, it did not affect his field of vision although Dai Yun’er stood in front of him.

It was Yuanen’s turn. Having not met them for more than three years, Tang Wulin was unsure of any development between Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. However, from Xie Xie’s previous performance, he could tell that Xie Xie had not succeeded yet. If Xie Xie could still not make Yuanen change her mind, he was afraid of what the future would hold.

With the lesson learned from Yue Zhengyu’s misfortune before this, Tang Wulin did not have high hopes for Xie Xie, especially with the one-sided relationship between Xie Xie and Yuanen.

The lotus leaf under Yuanen Yehui’s feet glided out slowly. She looked as calm as ever. Her long red hair fell freely onto her shoulders. Under the night sky, she appeared mysterious and alluring.

Xie Xie currently felt his mouth parched and his tongue scorched. He was a nervous wreck. He had admired her for so many years and finally confessed his feelings for her in front of such a large audience. If she still did not pick him, he would have to call it quits.

“I’ve said it before.” When Yuanen spoke, Xie Xie’s body shuddered.

“I’ve told you this a long time ago. If you want to be with me, then you must first defeat me. So, come defeat me, and I’ll pick you.” Yuanen Yehui looked at Xie Xie with keen sparkling eyes.

Xie Xie’s entire body shook. He drew a deep breath. He kept inhaling until his lungs were about to burst from overexpansion. Then, he slowly let the air inside his chest out.

He never expected things to turn out this way. ‘Is she choosing to reject me using this method?’ A self-mocking expression appeared on Xie Xie’s face.

They knew each other too well. They knew each other so well that they
could read the backs of each other’s hands. There had always been this gap in their abilities and skills between Yuanen Yehui and himself. This gap was never reduced. Even after he had worked hard with all his might, he barely managed to keep up with her.

‘Is she planning on humiliating me in front of everyone today? To make me give up the idea of pursuing her completely?’

‘Bring it on!’

At this moment, Xie Xie was ready to risk everything. He had to carry on this fight no matter what. His body no longer shuddered, his gaze had become determined. Even if he lost, it had to be in her hands.

Xie Xie drew a deep breath and said loudly, “Alright!”

His lotus leaf drifted. He urged his lotus leaf on, and he moved to the front of the boys. A faint glow shone in his eyes.

Yuanen Yehui snorted. A glow flashed behind her. Her pair of wings unfurled instantly. It was the Fallen Angel martial soul!

Circles of soul rings rose from under her feet. Two purples and three blacks.
Without question, after cultivating for the past three years, she had strengthened her soul rings greatly in the Spirit Pagoda.

Similarly, circles of soul rings shone underneath Xie Xie’s feet. Four purples and one black. In terms of soul ring strength, he was still weaker than Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui flapped her wings. Her body descended from the skies like black lightning which shot toward Xie Xie. The second soul ring on her body shone brightly, the Shadow Demon Sword materialized out of thin air and she grasped it.

Xie Xie’s hand flickered with golden light, the Light Dragon Dagger appeared. Faced with Yuanen Yehui’s descent from the skies, his body swayed slightly. Although it was only a slight movement, it gave off an illusory feeling to
anyone who was looking. The onlookers could not focus and catch sight of his figure.

Long Yue and Dai Yun’er looked on seriously. Whether it was Yuanen Yehui or Xie Xie, they were both their opponents once. Three years had gone by, they had grown significantly themselves. What about their opponents? How much have they grown?

Tang Wulin also looked on seriously. He did not have the slightest regret of not being able to cultivate his soul power for three years. Instead, he was
contented burying dragon bones in the dragon graveyard during that period.
He was just curious how wide the gap was between him and his companions in their cultivation.

Yuanen Yehui’s Shadow Demon Sword suddenly enlarged with a dark purplish glow which reflected off the lake’s surface making it a peculiar sight to behold.

All of a sudden, Xie Xie’s body shot into the skies like a dragon. He became one with his dagger. Amidst a soft dragon’s roar, with the Light
Dragon Dagger as a point, he shot up like a whirlwind. He had surprisingly chosen to take the Shadow Demon Sword head on.

“Ding!” Amidst the crisp sound, the two figures headed in different directions. Yuanen Yehui flapped her wings and rose higher into the skies whereas Xie Xie who had transformed into a golden dragon flew horizontally.

Light Illusion Dragon, Xie Xie had unleashed his fourth soul skill the moment the fight commenced. However, he was only on par with Yuanen Yehui’s second soul skill.
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