The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 741-750

Chapter 741 - Light Dark Douluo

Chapter 741: Light Dark Douluo

“Hey, you!” Tang Yinmeng stood akimbo. She called out with a timid look about her.

The shoreside was roaring with laughter. This couple who were seniors really knew how to rouse the crowds.

Lan Muzi retracted the smile on his face. He looked at Tang Yinmeng
affectionately and said, “Although you were the one who professed to me, I must say I’m thankful to you. I’m most grateful that when I was still ignorant about love, you were my guide who gave me the pointers. I’m
appreciative of all the care and help you’ve given me all these years. I’m most obliged for all that you’ve done for me. My dear, the one correct thing that I have ever done in my life is to share my life with you. It has been my good fortune which might’ve been the result of ten lives’ worth of good deeds. I’ll work hard to make sure it lasts for another ten lifetimes.”

Tang Yinmeng’s initial irate mood vanished immediately. She lowered her head and nodded lightly, with her delicate face blushing red.

The shoreside was in an uproar. On the tower ship, Zhuo Shi reacted angrily. “This little brat who’s torturing us singles in public. It’s too unbecoming. Whose disciple is he anyway?”

An old married woman who sat beside Yun Ming raised her head slowly. She glanced at Zhuo Shi. “Mine. What’s the matter? You have a problem with that?”

When he saw her, the smile on Zhuo Shi’s face froze. With a straight face, he replied, “No, I just thought that the disciple you’ve nurtured is truly outstanding.” “Then shut your big mouth. Don’t you disturb me while I’m trying to reminisce about my youth,” said the old woman drily.

Atlas Douluo Yun Ming could not help but smiled and shook his head, “Sister Yue, that temper of yours!”

This old married woman looked as normal as could be. She was dressed in the simple clothes of a poor housewife. She looked no different from any old married women in the poverty-stricken districts. However, there were not many who truly knew about her existence.

She was the oldest person in the entire Shrek Academy. She was already the vice-master of Sea God Pavilion before Atlas Douluo Yun Ming became the current Sea God Pavilion Master. She was over two hundred years old.

In terms of seniority, she was Atlas Douluo’s senior, not to mention the most senior living elderly in Shrek Academy. She usually spent her days on Sea God Island in seclusion, dwelling within Sea God Pavilion and rarely
came out.

Zhuo Shi did not notice her presence until he heard the old woman’s voice. Even the hot-tempered Scarlet Dragon Douluo dared not utter another word.

The old married woman had a title that shocked the heavens and the earth which reflected her domineering nature over the world. She was called ‘the dazzling shine of the sun and the moon, the Light Dark Dragon Empress’. Her title was Light Dark.

A hundred and fifty years ago, at the mere mention of the Light Dark Douluo, Long Yeyue, the soul masters of that generation would quiver.

The old woman’s most memorable incident was during a conflict between her and Spirit Pagoda. She had single-handedly forced her way up to Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters and gave the Spirit Pagoda’s Master a great slap.

Even though this was the Spirit Pagoda’s secret in Shrek Academy, the top- ranked experts in the soul masters’ realm were aware of what transpired. That incident had nearly initiated a full-blown war between Shrek Academy and Spirit Pagoda. In the end, it was after the mediation of the Sea God Pavilion Master back then, that they finally reached a settlement with the Spirit Pagoda. Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had to apologize for the

The verve of this old woman’s character and the strength she had was apparent from the incident.

She was the only person who could be absent during Sea God Pavilion’s meetings. She was definitely someone who had things done her way in Shrek Academy.

The reason why Yun Ming referred to her as a sister was at her own request. She did not want to appear old. Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were her disciples.

Long Yeyue squinted her eyes. She looked at Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng at the center of Sea God Lake. There was a smile on her face. “Looking at these children, I can’t help but think of my teenage years. Alas, that
scoundrel died too soon. Otherwise, we could’ve witnessed the children dating. Back then, we also ended up together in a date festival such as this.”

Her husband was the previous Sea God Pavilion Master who had passed away forty years ago.

Yun Ming said softly, “Sister Yue, all of us miss Elder Bei dearly, but you must take care of yourself.”

Long Yeyue chuckled, “I’ve been alive so many years, and have spent what would’ve been two lifetimes for an ordinary person. What more can I ask for? The longer I live, the more unwilling this old man in heaven will
accept me. Don’t worry, I’ve at least twenty years in me still. I want to see more of these young children. They’re my greatest source of joy.”

Yun Ming smiled and nodded, “That’s right! When I see these children getting together, my mood is also uplifted. Alas, I wasn’t able to confess my love for Yali at Sea God Lake.” Long Yeyue chuckled. “It’s still not too late!”

Yun Ming laughed as well. “No, I can’t. I’m well over my years. I’m not that thick-skinned in front of the children. Let’s watch them instead.”

Lan Muzi’s deep confession of love toward Tang Yinmeng had set the emotions of all the outer court disciples on fire. It would be difficult to remain single after this.

Tang Yinmeng leaned into Lan Muzi’s embrace. Her expression was one of happiness.

“Hmm, let’s host this event first. I’ll reward you when we get home tonight,” said Tang Yinmeng with a gentle tone. Her eyes were wet as the tears welled up.

They had soul loudspeakers on their bodies. Everyone present could hear their voices no matter how softly they spoke. For a time, there were
whistles and catcalls from the crowd. Even the temperature of Sea God Lake seemed to have increased slightly from their warm show of affection.

Lan Muzi coughed, “Alright, that’s all the teasing done. If you want to find your better half in the Sea God Lake Date Festival, then better work hard, my juniors! Now, let’s invite all the inner court disciples who will be taking part in today’s Sea God Lake Date Festival to make their appearance.”

“I believe that there are some juniors who are unfamiliar with the rules of our date festival. Let’s take a look.”

As he said this, he pointed to an area in front of him. Dark green lights
shone from both sides. The glows were from the giant lotus leaves being shone upon by the underwater lights. The sparkling green light was full of life which made it eye-catching on the lake.

“The Sea God Lake Date Festival isn’t only an event to find your partner, but also an opportunity to display your strengths. Hence, throughout the date festival, the male and female students will stand atop the lotus leaves on both sides, which are a hundred meters apart, in front of me. If you fall into the water during the proceeding, then I’m sorry, you can’t continue participating in the date festival. Before the first segment starts, the ability to occupy a good spot is the best proof of one’s strength. With that, let’s
start with the incoming participants. I invite my juniors from both sides to begin securing their spots!”

“Begin!” With Tang Yinmeng’s blaring announcement, the Sea God Lake Date Festival had officially begun.

On both sides of Sea God Lake, scores of figures leaped into the air at the same time. Some ran swiftly along the lake’s surface, while others leaped into the air. They wore green masks with hoods that shrouded their heads, and loose cloaks that completely covered their bodies.

The students on the other side all wore bamboo hats. Their long, white dresses flowed in the air. Three-feet long green veils were draped from their bamboo hats. Their faces could hardly be seen.

Those wearing the green cloaks were the male students, while on the other side, those with bamboo hats were, undoubtedly, the female students.

The participants from both sides were leaping toward the lotus leaves at blinding speeds. Each of them displayed quite different abilities. Everyone’s action and speed, together with their skills, was unique in their own way.

They were all inner court students, and they were familiar with each other. Hence, if they observed closely, they could get an inkling of each individual’s identity.

A male student who was exceptionally tall and big moved extremely fast. Each spot he passed, a rock would protrude from the water’s surface. He kicked strongly against a rock and rebounded to the forefront like a meteor that chased after the moon. All of a sudden, his body flashed and he dropped toward a lotus leaf in the middle of the first row.

There were altogether three rows of lotus leaves on the male students’ side. Whereas, on the females’ side, there were only two rows. It was obvious that there was an imbalance in the numbers. Just when the male student was about to land on the leaf, another student moved swiftly to overtake him from the side and landed squarely on the lotus leaf in the next instant.

On another lotus leaf beside him, a light flashed and yet another student appeared on it.

In response, the tall, buff student made a circle with both hands and an immense suction force appeared out of nowhere. There were rules they had to follow while fighting for a spot. Physical contact was not allowed, nor
could they use their soul skills. Nevertheless, they could still use their pure soul power.

Chapter 742 - Match Made in Heaven

Chapter 742: Match Made in Heaven

The male student who stood in the middle of the first row reveled in his own achievement when he suddenly felt an immense force acting on his body. He was sent flying before the big and tall man occupied his original spot.

Just like that, all the spots were slowly occupied after a series of intense fights. For a time, hares leapt and foxes pounced on the lake’s surface. The strong soul power waves also sent ripples out on the lake’s surface.

Relatively speaking, the fight on the female students’ side was not as intense. They students even politely gave each other chances. They dropped onto the lotus leaves and stood still.

They were all inner court disciples and all had extremely powerful strength. For a time, all of them showed their special skills and claimed a spot for themselves.

Currently, it was only after all the students had claimed a lotus leaf that they were able to determine the total number of participants in this year’s Sea
God Fated Date Festival. Similar to the one held in previous years, the number of female students were noticeably lesser than the male students. This was the legendary phenomenon of ‘the wolves are plenty, but meat is scarce’. This could not be helped. Males were, on overall, more talented than females in the matters of becoming a soul master. Naturally, this was also the case in Shrek Academy.

There were a total of fifty-one male students. Usually, many of them who were of the right age and were not married would participate in the date festival. There were as many as thirty-one female students taking part as
well. For a time, on Sea God Lake, the lotus leaves under their feet were lit up by the lights which shrouded their bodies in beautiful light. Around them was the sparkling waters of Sea God Lake, and under their feet were columns of light. With their appearance, a huge patch of light shone
brightly under the water’s surface all around them. Currently, the surface of Sea God Lake was their shiniest stage.

Today, many among them would find their one true love here. Maybe, just maybe, they would find the partner with whom they would spend their lives with.

Lan Muzi smiled. He crossed his arms in front of himself. “Alright, that
should be everyone. If you guys can still recognize each after even in these costumes of yours, then that’s true love for sure. But, I think that such a possibility is very low. At least, I wasn’t able to do that back then.”

Truthfully, it was very difficult to recognize people in the crowd who were wearing the same costumes. With most of them having their bodies covered only made it harder. They could only try to identify the people before they stepped onto their respective lotus leaves but at that moment, everyone was fighting for a spot. Few of them would be interested to observe the happenings on the other side.

Although everyone on the female students’ side wore long dresses, most of them had sylphlike features. Other than the differences in height and body size, it was virtually impossible to differentiate them from one another.
Besides, they were also covered by those large bamboo hats so any distinguishing features would remain unseen.

Lan Muzi smiled. “According to the tradition of the Sea God Fated Date Festival, the first segment is called Match Made in Heaven but although the name sounds nice, it’s quite a difficult segment. The thirty-one female
students will stand in a single row a hundred meters from you. Then, each of them will be wearing a bamboo hat with a veil hanging from it so you won’t be able to see their faces. Simply put, for you male students, this
contest requires you to work together. The fifty-one of you can strike out one by one and attack the female students with your own methods. You can attack one, or many. Your aim is to remove the bamboo hats from their heads. If you can’t even see them, how can you choose your girlfriend, right? “This segment is also the time where you will display each of your
strengths. Without a doubt, the more bamboo hats one can remove, the more powerful the person is. The female students aren’t allowed to help each other in this segment, and you cannot attack the male students. You can only passively defend yourselves and try your best not to let the bamboo hat on your head fall off. Once the female student is sent into the water by an
attack, she will also be eliminated from the festival. But, generally
speaking, in this segment, the male students will show restraint in their
attacks. After all, if all the girls have already fallen into the water, how are we going to find our partners?”

The outer court students by the shore were holding their breaths now. The date festival had finally begun. Not only were they required to be in love
with each other, they also had to be strong enough. Those who could end up together in the end would first and foremost prove that they were strong

The first segment, Match Made in Heaven, was not simple. The girls could defend themselves. Naturally, there were more generous girls. They would naturally cooperate with their loved ones and give up on their bamboo hats if they were willing. However, those who were unwilling or had no intentions of looking for a partner in the first place would work hard to defend their own bamboo hats. This segment involved a contest of wit,
courage, strength and fathoming what the other person was thinking about. The situations of Match Made in Heaven for every year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival were different, making it extremely interesting.

Lan Muzi’s voice barely faded when the lotus leaves under the female
students’ feet began floating up all on their own. They arranged the girls who were initially in two rows into a single row.

Lan Muzi looked at the boys in the first row and smiled. “Alright, now’s the time for all of you to show your manliness. I’ll call you out to attack by your numbers. Before you make your move, you have the option of removing your mask or keeping it on. Then, make your move on the female students. On the other hand, the thing that you must take note is that the girls cannot remove their bamboo hats of their own accord in this segment. That’s why, if you guys don’t figure out a way to knock their bamboo hats off, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for you to determine their identities.”

The rules of the date festival were not too complicated. Most of the students had already learned about them before they took part in the date festival.
Naturally, they came prepared.

Lan Muzi called out, “Male Number One, you can choose to reveal your face, or keep your mask on.”

Male Number One was not the first boy who stood on the front row, their numbers were assigned to them before the segments began. Currently, this student stood in the second row.

This boy obviously knew about the related rules even before this, He said without hesitation, “I choose to reveal my face.” As he said this, he raised his hand and removed the mask from his face.

In truth, during this first segment, most of the participants would choose to reveal their faces in the previous years. The reason was simple, the boys
wanted to let the girls see who they were so it would be easy for them to
choose! Unless the boys did not intend to date in the first place, they would reveal their faces in the first segment.

This was a tall and big young man. He looked ordinary but his figure was tall and straight with sparkling eyes.

Lan Muzi made an inviting gesture. “You may begin.”

The young man smiled and said to the girls on the opposite side, “Please excuse me, dear beautiful ladies.” As he said this, he tapped the lotus leaf with the tips of his toes lightly leaped into the air.

He made a circle with his arms in front of him. Then, he suddenly pushed outward. Five light rings immediately rose from his body — two yellow and three purple. It showed that he had a cultivation base of a Soul King. In truth, a five-ringed cultivation base was practically the basic rank of the inner court students. From the look of his soul rings, he was definitely not one of the exceptionally outstanding ones in the inner court. If this was not the case, he would not have been in the second row.

A wisp of green wind burst forth before him before it swiftly transformed into a mass of green light, blowing in the direction of Sea God Lake.

As it flashed, billowing waves instantly surged on the lake’s surface which went straight to the girls’ side.

These waves would not only knock their bamboo hats off but once the lake water hit their bodies, they would be instantly wet! This boy dubbed Male Number One had some balls indeed!

Among the girls on the other side, one who stood in the middle snorted. Her figure floated but she did not leap. instead, her body was levitated. She hit out at the air with her right hand and as many as seven soul rings rose from under her feet. Two yellow, three purple, and two black. The billowing
wave did not manage to reach her as it was already frozen in mid-air. Then, a miraculous scene appeared. The third soul ring on her body shone as she pointed with her right index finger, causing the lake water that froze in the air to swiftly condense before surprisingly taking the form of a ferocious tiger. Then, it turned around and pounced straight toward Male Number

Chapter 743 - The Inherited Spirit Soul

Chapter 743: The Inherited Spirit Soul

Student Number One turned pale with fear. He had landed on the ground when he realized that the situation was bad after seeing the seven-ring
senior standing opposite him. He had an unpredictable temperament, and this was his first time participating in Sea God Lake Date Festival. The mighty wave he generated earlier, as a display of his strength, impressed the females, yet he had no intention of provoking the females.

He watched helplessly as the tiger arrived before him. He braced himself as he lifted his arms cautiously and ignited his fifth soul ring. Instantaneously, a green radiance condensed and transformed into a green giant sword on top of his head. The sword made a stabbing motion for the tiger.

Just as the tiger was about to be slashed into two, it suddenly transformed into a mighty torrent, completely dodging the powerful Windgod Sword, to lash Male Number One’s body instead.

Male Number One did not manage to release his battle armor before he was blasted into the water by that strong torrent. Even the lotus leaf under him was overturned.
There was no doubt that he lost the qualification to continue the blind date. All at once, the male students were silent, as the cicadas in late autumn,
after having witnessed the aggressive female for themselves.

The reaction of most people was one of shock. Apparently, they swallowed their saliva as an involuntary reflex. It seemed like the date festival was not as they had imagined.

Lan Muzi could not help covering his eyes and coughed spontaneously. “Male Number One, why don’t you suppress your grief and accept your defeat. I don’t know what you were thinking. Were you planning to drench every female here? Moreover, now that you’ve revealed yourself, I’m afraid you may be the antagonist of all the academy’s female students. Thus, I’d like to remind every male student here to give it serious thought before you attempt to remove the female’s bamboo hat. Be sure not to dig a hole and bury your own self in the process. At the same time, I’d like you to bear in mind that you’re really not a worthy opponent of the female students judging by your mediocre power.

“Male Number Two, do you wish to reveal yourself?”

“Yes.” Male Number Two removed his mask without the slightest hesitation while simultaneously removing his cape to reveal a white suit which looked pure as snow. His golden hair streamed in the wind while his handsome face cracked into a faint smile. He saluted the female facing him with his right hand on his chest. He stood on the left side of the first row so the female could have a better view of him.

“Hello, seniors and juniors. My name is Yue Zhengyu, and I’ve only entered the inner court recently. Allow me to unveil myself.”

Male Number Two was precisely Yue Zhengyu. There was no doubt that his handsome face, tidy suit, and well-mannered demeanor left a deep impression on the females. Moreover, almost all the inner court’s students were aware that Yue Zhengyu was one of the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters!

Even though the females remained calm, the males were quite relieved too. With the appearance of a male student of such caliber and repute, it provided an opportunity to change the overall impression of the females toward the males.

Tang Yingmeng smiled. “A very good-looking junior. Put in extra effort, it’s up to you.”

“Thank you for your support.” Yue Zhengyu smiled as soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Four purple and one black soul rings emerged. The level of his soul rings far exceeded Male Number One’s. Then, his hands turned over to reveal floating speckles of golden light which fused onto the surface of his palms rapidly. Following that, the golden light gradually condensed into a form.

What was that?

A little, glossy golden angel with stretched out wings on her back stood atop of Yue Zhengyu’s palm. She was only half-a-foot tall with white-
feathered wings and a golden ring on her head. She was so adorable like a doll sprinkled with white powder and carved out of jade. Her little cheeks were puffy and fair as she pouted her lips and mumbled something to Yue Zhengyu in a seemingly dissatisfied manner.

“Go, my precious. Help to remove the sister’s bamboo hat.” Yue Zhengyu lifted his hand gently while a speckle of golden light glowed on his right hand which he stuffed into the little angel’s mouth. The little angel smacked her lips scrumptiously. She then flew away unwillingly.

What was that? An angel? A spirit soul?

This spirit soul was not used by the Spirit Pagoda or found anywhere else on the continent. It was inherited from a spiritual source and among the rarest of all spirit souls.

The biggest difference between an inherited spirit soul and an ordinary one was that it was incapable of providing a soul master’s soul ring. However, it could elevate a soul master’s specific ability just as how some soul masters possess powerful bloodlines.

There was no doubt that Yue Zhengyu’s inherited spirit soul little angel gave him the ability to control the holy energy. In short, she was his
additional lifeline. This was the first time his comrades had seen his inherited spirit soul, let alone the other students who were present.

‘It’s too adorable, isn’t it?’ The females were in a commotion with some of them whispering occasionally to one another. The little golden angel’s ability to fly did not seem too convincing. She was swaying side to side, and up and down as she flew across the surface of Sea God Lake with everyone worried whether she would fall into the lake.

Similarly, there was a commotion on the males’ side as Yue Zhengyu’s performance was truly impressive and unparalleled. They had a premonition that a calamity might happen next.

The little golden angel finally found her way to the front of the females. The first female that she approached was surprisingly the seven-ring Soul Sage inner court’s student who retaliated earlier.

The little angel stuffed the female’s right index finger into her little mouth and smacked her lips. She did a little pout and said, “Hello sister. Sis, Yue Zhengyu said that if I don’t unveil the sisters I’m not allowed to return, and I’m so tired. Will you be so kind as to help me, please?”

The female gave a humph. “He bullied you? Do you want me to beat him up for you?”

“Please don’t, sister. We share the same life. It’ll just be like beating up myself if you were to beat him. I’ll be in pain and agony. Sister, if you’re unwilling, then so be it.” As she was saying that, she flapped her little
wings with great effort to stretch the sister’s index fingers with her chubby little hands. She lowered her head and put the sister’s index fingers together. She was as charming as could be and manipulative at the same time.

“Baby, don’t cry,” the female’s voice turned gentle at once. She raised her hand and removed her bamboo hat from her head.

As the host, Mu Lanzi could not help laughing. He turned to speak to Tang Yingmeng on his side, “This is a clever trick! Yue Zhengyu is truly worthy to be one of the new generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. He managed to
execute his persuasive ploy to perfection. He is definitely powerful.
However, I’m afraid that it’s going to be stressful for the other males.”

Tang Yingmeng laughed softly. “I really didn’t expect Ding Xiaoling to unveil herself in this manner. I thought that no one would unveil herself, yet Yue Zhengyu managed to do it. Xiaoling is the eldest amongst the inner
court’s female disciples. Yue Zhengyu had albeit displayed his ability, but I’m afraid that Xiaoling wouldn’t have a good impression of him. If I’m not mistaken, Xiaoling hates unkempt fellows the most. However, it seems like she has maternal instincts though!”

Indeed, when she was looking at the little angel, her gaze was so gentle that it was unimaginable that she was the one who overpowered Male Number One earlier. She even raised her hand to rub the angel’s tender cheeks.

Ding Xiaoling was definitely the eldest amongst the inner court’s female
students. Her cultivation base was only second to Tang Yingmeng’s. If Tang Yingmeng were known as the inner court’s first female disciple, then Ding Xiaoling would be the second. Her cultivation base was exceedingly powerful, and she was working hard to become a three-word Battle Armor Master.

The little angel smiled sweetly at her before flying to the female next to Ding Xiaoling.

The little angel used the same tactic and even the exact same words on the next female. The female hesitated for a moment before she plucked off the bamboo hat on her head revealing a plain, cold face underneath.

The males on the opposite side were puzzled. Was that not Xu Mi’er? She was the girl with the most unpredictable temperament in the inner court.
She was the odd girl who researched on mechas specifically and not battle armors. Apart from her cultivation practice, she was said to produce a set of exclusive black mecha on her own and spent most of her time researching
all sorts of high-end, lethal soul devices. She was known as the female deicide. Most of the outer court students were unaware of her existence. On the other hand, all the inner court’s disciples knew her. She was possibly the youngest mecha master in Shrek Academy’s history at thirty years of age.

Ding Xiaoling and Xu Mi’er were the older students among the academy’s female students. The fact that they were yet to marry after all these years was an indication that getting married was not their top priority. However, their bamboo hats were immediately removed as soon as the little angel came. They were much older than Yue Zhengyu! At the same time, Yue Zhengyu would not be able to match the power of these two elder sisters.

The males on the opposite side felt shocked and were secretly fearful of them. They now understood Lan Muzi when he mentioned how the females were generally more powerful than the males.

Chapter 744 - Unveiled

Chapter 744: Unveiled

Xue Mi’er raised her hand to stroke the little angel’s cheeks while the little angel nodded affectionately at her before flying to the third female in line.

The males were getting anxious because even the two eldest sisters Ding Xiaoling and Xu Mi’er had unveiled themselves for the little angel. How could the rest of them resist? Yet, who else was capable of competing
against Yue Zhengyu, if every female unveiled for him such that he alone hogged the limelight?

The little angel did not even bother with the persuasive chat anymore. She just flew to face the females one at a time and used her little, chubby index fingers to touch them with a miserable look on her face.

Everyone understood that she was doing it intentionally, yet the females
could not help falling for her con each time. One after another, bamboo hats were removed to reveal the faces of the females. Of all the females, it was not until the eighth one who had the most exquisite and charming face.

She had a slender figure to complement her exquisite beauty. Her lips
cracked into a smile, and she had a faint blush on her cheeks. The stars in the sky seemed to be shimmering due to her charming beauty.

The little angel immediately cheered upon seeing her. She pounced forward abruptly, hugged her neck, and proceeded to kiss her cheek with a loud
smack. Then, she flew and spoke to all the inner court’s females, “Thank you, sisters. This little me is so tired, so I’m going back now.”

She turned around her and transformed into a stream of golden light with a whoosh upon saying that. She flew back to Yue Zhengyu instantly before
she fused into his body and vanished in a flash. There was utterly no sign of difficulty flying when she flew back unlike earlier. Despite knowing that they were conned, the females who doffed their bamboo hats for the little angel could not bear to be angry at her.

Yue Zhengyu’s face cracked into a smile upon seeing the appearance of that last female who removed her bamboo hat. He nodded gently toward her. In response, the female stuck out her tongue at him.

Xu Xiaoyan had grown. The old saying that the physical appearance of a girl changes rapidly from childhood to adulthood was true. She became more feminine as she matured. Her beauty was ravishing. She was elegant and reputed to be the number one beauty amongst the Shrek Seven

Of course, Yuanen Yehui in Fallen Angel’s transformation was no less
attractive going by their appearances. However, the sight of Yuanen Yehui in her Titan Giant Ape martial soul truly ruined her image. Hence, the number one beauty’s title went to Xu Xiaoyan.

Lan Muzi exhaled a breath of relief as he could not help laughing. He then said, “Zhengyu, I thought you were going to unveil all the females’ bamboo hats. If that’s so, then all the males can conserve their energies. However, I predict that you’ll end up being the target of public criticism. It seems like you have found your dream. Let’s wait for the next round then. Coming up, Male Number Three.”

The following males would need to be more cautious after the two earlier displays. Nonetheless, they were both more experienced as well.

Almost all of them removed their masks and then used some gentler techniques to unveil the females. According to the rules, the males were
allowed to leap into the air, but they were not allowed to land on the water.
They could use their soul skills or any abilities they had so long as they could return to their initial positions.

The first segment was relatively mild. A male would not be eliminated immediately despite his failure in unveiling the female, only that his power was proven to be inadequate. Soon, one male after another each unleashed their skills in an attempt to unveil the females opposite them. However, no one could match Yue Zhengyu’s ability to unveil eight females consecutively. So far, ten males had already tried their luck in this round. In addition, it seemed Yue Zhengyu still had reserve power at the time.

“Male Number Sixteen, will you be revealing yourself?” Lan Muzi looked toward the male on the front row.

The male shook his head. He was the first male who chose not to reveal himself today.

Lan Muzi nodded and spoke, “Very well. You can begin now.”

Before his voice died away, a few surprised shouts volleyed from the opposite side with four females’ bamboo hats being doffed consecutively.

What was happening?

Soon after, Ding Xiaoling made a move following her yell. The atmosphere seemed to have quietened down. Her right hand gestured as if she was tapping the air. Just then, a gush of tremendous pulling force appeared out of thin air. An indistinct figure appeared following that. However, the figure vanished silently in the next moment.

Male Number Sixteen on the opposite side unmasked himself while removing his cape simultaneously. It was none other than Xie Xie.

“Hello to all the beauties here. I’m Xie Xie.” He was dressed in a black suit and was with Yue Zhengyu prior to this. His appearance and ability were only second to Yue Zhengyu’s among the Shrek Seven Monsters. Last but not least, there was Xu Lizhi.

Undoubtedly, he was using his Shadow Clone ability which he had prepared earlier. However, Xie Xie was a little disappointed that only seventeen out of the thirty-one females had doffed their bamboo hats. Still, there was no
sign of Yuanen Yehui. His gaze swept past the crowd in an attempt to look for Yuanen, yet there was nothing to prompt him on Yuanen’s location. There was no way he could distinguish her when everyone was attired in bamboo hats.

He was the second person who managed to doff four bamboo hats preceded only by Yue Zhengyu. At present, most of the females who were unveiled looked strikingly beautiful.

Two of the four females whose bamboo hats were removed by Xie Xie were his acquaintances. One was his previous classmate Zheng Yiran with the nickname Jade Snake, while the other was Hell Wu Siduo.

Both females were exceedingly beautiful. The ambiance on the males’ side consequently became warmer upon the appearances of the gorgeous females.

Zheng Yiran stared at Xie Xie. She waved her fist at him while Wu Siduo was frowning a little. Her bamboo hat should not have been so easily removed with her cultivation base level. She was, however, distracted at that point in time.

If it was not due to the academy’s forced rule that those students of age who were without companions would need to participate in the Sea God Lake
Date Festival, Wu Siduo would surely have skipped the event.

She was not interested in a date at all. Perhaps, it was because the person worthy of her was not among the males on the opposite side.

Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng had already appeared earlier on the males’
side. Some of the male students from the same grade included Yang Nianxia and Xu Lizhi who had yet to appear.

However, it was easy to identify Xu Lizhi because he was truly fat. Even a large cape could not conceal his whole body. He was standing in the third row. What could he do when he was a food-type soul master? He was
extremely cautious with his posture on the lotus leaf. He relied heavily on his thick soul power to reduce his weight.

“Number Seventeen…” The Match Made in Heaven segment continued. For the females who still had their bamboo hats on, it became increasingly difficult to remove their hats. The females retained a certain amount of anonymity in order to maintain a strong defense.

When it was Xu Lizhi’s turn, he gave up the attempt to remove the bamboo hats because he genuinely felt he lacked the ability.

It was getting less probable for the females to be unveiled. When it was
Male Number Forty’s turn, there were still over ten females remaining to be unveiled.

“Followed by Male Number Fifty.” There was a total of fifty-one males, so there was only a single male left.

“Are you going to reveal yourself?” Lan Muzi asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes!” A thick voice echoed, then Male Number Fifty-One was seen raising his hand to uncover his face. He revealed his bold face with his bald head
shining under the sun.

A majority of the people were stunned for a moment when they saw the face because it was not a familiar face to them. On the other hand, the
current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters were hardly shocked for they were only too familiar with the face.

Words escaped Yue Zhengyu’s mouth without him noticing as he was standing not too far away from the person. “Madman Long?”

Male student Number Fifty-One was precisely Long Yue. He was the leader of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings, the powerhouse who possessed the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. He was Madman Long, Long Yue.

Chapter 745 - Long Yue and Number Fifty-One

Chapter 745: Long Yue and Number Fifty-One

Long Yue nodded toward Yue Zhengyu and spoke aloud, “Hello everyone.
I’m from Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy, and I’m honored to be studying in Shrek Academy as an exchange student. I’m fortunate to be
here on this occasion to participate in today’s Sea God Lake Date Festival with the approval of Shrek Academy’s teachers. It’s my pleasure to meet all of you. So, I shall begin.”

Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy?

The females standing opposite were all frowning.

Long Yue’s appearance was hardly welcomed as he was too tall and bald. Moreover, he did not belong to Shrek, and he was not popular over here. The females stared at him mostly out of curiosity and not because he cut an impressionable figure.

It was apparent that Long Yue did not have high hopes that he could make a favorable impression. He participated in Sea God Lake Date Festival for his own ulterior motive.

Radiance flashed past his eyes once before he abruptly became a towering figure. An immensely forceful soul power burst forth from his body instantly.

Two purple and five black soul rings arose from underneath his feet one at a time to reveal his formidable valiant power.

Both the males and females were shocked upon witnessing the colors and number of soul rings on his body. Even the Shrek Seven Monsters were mildly affected despite being acquainted with him. This guy was more powerful than expected. Not only was his cultivation base elevated from six rings to seven rings, but his soul rings had also
evolved. He truly deserved the title of rare genius in Monster Academy.

Ding Xiaoling was currently the most powerful female in Shrek Academy’s inner court. She had a seven-ring cultivation base, yet one could tell that Long Yue was superior going by the colors of their soul rings. Although this did not signify an actual disparity between their powers, Long Yue was at least capable of using his soul rings to prove his cultivation base.

At twenty-three years of age, he had already cultivated to seven soul rings.
Furthermore, those were such powerful soul rings that it elicited an alarming response from the soul masters’ world.

Radiance flashed past Long Yue’s body as he pointed his right hand toward the Sea God Lake. All of a sudden, the entire Sea God Lake trembled as a pillar of water surged skyward.

Huh? Was he going to use the same trick of splashing the females with water as Male Number One did?

Just as everyone was uncertain of what was going to happen next, a peculiar scene appeared. The water pillar disintegrated to transform into countless droplets of water that dispersed into the sky. The droplets seemed to be independent of each other, flying swiftly with its own trajectory toward the females. The droplets were simultaneously spinning at high speeds which
created tiny vortices as they skidded past the water surface.

Soon, the water vortices were in front of the females. The gushes of air blasts produced by the water vortices blew against the veils.

A cold humph echoed as a stretch of darkness spread out from the opposite side to enshroud the females.

Was that the Curtain of Darkness? Xie Xie’s eyes brightened immediately upon seeing the black fog. What a waste it was, the darkness appearing
without warning, that he missed the opportunity to see who unleashed it. Albeit, he managed to capture the direction it came from. At least, he could identify which side the love of his life was at.

Long Yue smiled calmly. Divine radiance shone in his eyes as those spinning droplets arose to transform into a large stretch of fog. The
darkness element in the air was absorbed within a split second resulting in the darkness vanishing instantly. The water droplets became leaping pellets that pushed the females’ bamboo hats away.

The one-handed control was executed flawlessly. His martial soul was not of the water attribute actually. He was only capable of doing so by
completely channeling the Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s control of water.

As soon as he heard a loud bang, Long Yue saw a ball of tangerine radiance flying through the air as the ball of light reached him in the next moment.

Long Yue was startled by the tangerine ball of light that appeared before him. He crossed his arms and blocked it.

“Boom…” The intense loud bang caused a tremendous airflow that blasted the males beside him away.

Long Yue’s sturdy body fell backward causing one of his feet to step into the water. In the nick of time, he had managed to deflect the tangerine ball of light’s explosive power.

On the opposite side, it was apparent Xu Mi’er had a heavy caliber soul handgun in her hand. The handgun appeared lopsided but the grip was normal. Only the grip appeared ordinary while the gun’s barrel was like a giant drainpipe. Its bore had a diameter of one meter. This was more than just a handgun. It was ahand cannon 1 and the tangerine ball of light was fired from it.

Xu Mi’er was expressionless. Radiance flashed past her hand and the large hand cannon disappeared.

“Outsider, stay away.” Her dull voice floated over. Long Yue’s gaze changed at once. His eyes that were shimmering with
crystal yellow radiance just now turned red, but it only lasted for a moment before his eyes were back to normal. He spread open his hands and
shrugged, but he did not say anything. He failed to remove even one bamboo hat.

He did not expect Shrek Academy’s females to have such fiery tempers. The force of Xu Mi’er’s handgun was truly powerful. Its fire rate was swift, not to mention its explosive force which was no less inferior to a Soul Emperor powerhouse’s full force attack. This was no ordinary soul device!

Long Yue felt astonished at the same time he was furious. Shrek Academy truly deserved its reputation as Shrek. Monster Academy could not match the cumulative power of these Inner Court disciples before him. Besides, they were truly elitist!

Lan Muzi frowned as he looked toward Xu Mi’er. “Junior Mi’er, be kind! This is supposed to be a blind date. Go easy with your deadly devices.”

Xu Mi’er darted him a look, then looked toward Tang Yingmeng by his side before nodding gently, but her expression remained indifferent.

There was still one last male remaining who had yet to participate in the Match Made in Heaven Segment. On the females’ side, there were still ten females with their bamboo hats on.

The outer court’s students could not help speculating that the Dragon Spear Goddess would be one of those ten females if she were to participate in today’s event. Shrek Seven Monsters’ most powerful Gu Yue should be
among them too. Needless to say, Yuanen Yehui was among the ten as well.

“Contestant Number Fifty-One, you may begin.” Mu Lanzi made a hand gesture to invite the last male student to begin.

Contestant Number Fifty-One stood slightly off-center in the first row, next to Contestant Number Fifty, Long Yue. Male Number Fifty-One shook his head gently to signal that he would not be revealing himself. Then, he leaped up and pounced straight for the opposite side.

His speed did not seem to be particularly swift, while the aura that appeared from his body was also not that powerful when he leaped up. However, Long Yue standing by his side felt a tug in his heart. For some unknown reason, he could feel a sense of intimacy radiating from the male’s body.

‘What’s going on? Why do I have these feelings? This is abnormal!’

The male flew in midair. Due to Long Yue’s earlier appearance, the females’ side was more vigilant now. However, it was at this moment when the male suddenly pushed down with his hands as a rush of thick soul power pinned down the lake surface. Soon after, waves bounced off the lake’s surface while he turned over his wrists and pushed yet again, this time revealing a pair of white jade-like palms at the instant he pushed forth.

All of a sudden, water droplets shot out akin to the blossoms scattered by heavenly maids. Some of the droplets flew in straight lines through the air, while some moved in parabolic curves. The innumerable droplets transformed into a large water screen which was fast approaching the females opposite.

It looked even more extraordinary when those droplets gradually turned golden. It appeared magnificent against the night sky above Sea God Lake as the backdrop.

After Male Number Fifty-One was done, he turned around and returned to the lotus leaf he stood on initially.

‘This is almost similar to Long Yue’s earlier trick. What’s this?’

Ding Xiaoling was fairly astonished, but she did not make a move this time. There were only a male and a female from Monster Academy. It was unlikely that there would be anyone else from Monster Academy on the males’ side. So, there was hardly any need for her to pay attention. However, Ding Xiaoling’s expression suddenly changed just as those droplets flew over her head. She sensed no soul power fluctuation
whatsoever on those droplets, yet it was no ordinary water spray. It was evident those water droplets were endowed with hidden energy.

“Be careful, my sisters!”

Ding Xiaoling shouted in her shrilled voice.

Meanwhile, a bizarre scene emerged. Those water droplets suddenly collided into one another in midair. Some fused together while some
changed directions. All the water droplets underwent split-second changes just when they were less than five meters away from the maidens.

Chapter 746 - Peacock Spreading its Feathers

Chapter 746: Peacock Spreading its Feathers

What was that…

The droplets of golden water diffused to form something akin to a peacock spreading its feathers. While it was dazzling, it was also confusing to the
eyes. It seemed like there was the soft echo of a dragon’s roar.

Shrek Academy’s inner court females were not easy to deal with for every single one of them was exceedingly powerful. Even though the change happened abruptly, each and every one of them reacted to the situation
swiftly. Soul power in a variety of colors erupted with radiance all at once.

The Sea God Pavilion Master Atlas Douluo Yun Ming sitting cross-legged in the middle of the tower ship suddenly smiled. “This is Tang Sect’s
Technique of Peacock Spreading its Feathers. It is rare to see someone cultivating the stealth technique! He pretends to aim at a target, while in reality, he’s shooting at another! This is interesting.”

The maidens had already dispersed all the golden water droplets during the time it took for him to speak.

It was precisely at that moment when streams of water spurted from beneath the females who were still wearing their bamboo hats.

These water spurts came in a sudden manner, but the timing was perfect such that it caught the females off guard when the Peacock Spreading its Feathers dissipated.

It was amazing how Male Number Fifty-One’s timing had achieved the level of perfection. He was aware that it was impossible to remove all the bamboo hats with his power under ordinary circumstances, so he exploited the females’ psyche.
With his magnificent Peacock Spreading its Feathers technique to attract everyone’s attention, he used the water droplets to launch an attack from below at the crucial moment.

“Poof, poof, poof…” One after another, the bamboo hats were blasted away revealing the surprised, charming faces.

There were only two figures reacting to the situation. One of the figures leaped to dodge the spurting water, while the other vanished during the split second the water was about to hit her. She then reappeared after the water
spurt had flashed past. Meanwhile, the rest of the bamboo hats were blasted away in one strike.

This was a huge turn of events that no one expected! For a moment, even Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were staring in bewilderment.

What happened? Twenty-nine out of thirty-one females’ bamboo hats were removed after the first segment of the Match Made in Heaven, much to
everyone’s surprise. Such an outcome had never happened before during the previous year’s date festival. Just the two of them, Male Number Two, Yue Zhengyu and the mysterious Male Number Fifty-One, had unveiled half of the females.

The bamboo hat on Yuanen Yehui’s head was blasted away too, for the
water spurt that came from below was too sudden that there was utterly no way she could dodge.

She had only caught a glimpse of the golden light flashing underneath the water before it disappeared in the males’ direction afar.

Dai Yun’er was similarly shocked at the turn of events. She was here with Long Yue. How could she ever miss such a fun date festival?

Her little mouth parted forming the shape of an ‘O’ on her cute, expressive face. ‘Leave aside Male Number Fifty-One’s power. His brilliant idea and precise timing are rather unique! Shrek Academy is truly a place with people of
exceptional and unique talents. No wonder we were defeated by them back then. What a waste that guy has yet to return, how awesome it’ll be if he’s here too!’

The six females whose faces were revealed were also in shock. There remained only Female Number Seventeen and Female Number Eighteen who narrowly escaped the water spurts with their hats still on.

Male Number Fifty-One retreated back to his lotus leaf. Golden light flashed past his body vaguely as if something had fused into his body and vanished.

“What an ingenious idea. Junior, you’ve won. Aren’t you going to take this opportunity to reveal yourself?” Lan Muzi asked Male Number Fifty-One smilingly.

Male Number Fifty-One shook his head as before.

Lan Muzi smiled faintly. “Alright then. We respect your decision. I’m
announcing the end of the Match Made in Heaven segment. I presume that our fellow juniors have gained some familiarity with each other through this recent segment. There are five males who chose to keep their identities a
secret. On the females’ side, there are only two females still wearing their bamboo hats, much to my surprise. I presume that everyone can guess their identities by now. Do you wish to unveil yourselves now?”

The outer court disciples had no inkling who the two females were. There were only two females who had yet to make an appearance at the moment. One was the Silver Dragon Spear Goddess Na’er while the other was Shrek Seven Monsters’ leading personage Gu Yue.

There was no doubt that they were Female Number Seventeen and Eighteen! The mystery was gone. So, it did not make much sense for them to continue wearing their bamboo hats. Lan Muzi noticed that they shook their heads so he did not pester them any further.

“Alright then. We are about to begin the second segment of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. It’s known as Love at First Sight!”

“Next, in the second segment.” Tang Yingmeng spoke with a loud and clear voice, “After the introduction to each other during the first segment, the following segment is for the females to express their liking for a certain male. Thus, our second segment is known as Love at First Sight. The rules are simple. Each female will be given a switchboard to control the soul lighting beneath the male students. They will flip a switch for the male
student they fancy. The male student whose light is on will remain until the following segment. Otherwise, for the male student whose light is not on, we’re very sorry, but you’ll have to leave the event alone.”

The second segment took the shortest time, but it was a crucial test for male students. In this segment, no matter how powerful a male student was or how extraordinary he thought he was, as long as no female student chose to turn on his light, then he would be immediately eliminated from the event.
After all, the number of male students exceeded the females. Thus, this segment was meant to be a do-or-die situation.

Yue Zhengyu occupied the foremost position for he was the first person to bear the brunt. This was because Male Number One was already eliminated after falling into the water.

“Fellow Sea God’s fair maidens, please consider carefully before making a decision. I’ll be giving you a minute. Do consider mindfully! In addition, I would like to emphasize that if everyone chooses not to light up for any of the fifty male students here, this signifies that all of you choose to forsake this date festival and withdraw from Sea God’s Lake.” Lan Muzi solemnly reminded the participants so that the females participating in the event for the first time would seriously consider their options and the opportunity given to them.

The soul lighting beneath the participants’ feet on both sides were all extinguished. In the next moment, the soul lighting underneath Yue Zhengyu’s feet was lighted.

“Will the ladies please light up for Male Number Two,” Lan Muzi announced.

Soon after, streams of light beams were swiftly illuminated. In the blink of an eye, a total of sixteen soul lights were illuminated.

In other words, more than half of the females chose to switch on the light for Yue Zhengyu.

It was obvious that Xu Xiaoyan was slightly infuriated, but the lighting underneath her feet was also turned on.

Lan Muzi smiled and spoke, “Zhengyu is popular as expected. Sixteen illuminated lights is truly impressive! He made a good start for everyone. Next, will Male Student Number Three please come forward.”

The number of illuminated lights was recorded by the professional staff for the convenience of the following segments.

Soon, the males began to be eliminated. It seemed like cultivation base was not the prime factor that influenced a female’s judgment, for the females
still illuminated the lights of males with weaker cultivation bases. Good looks were the influencing factor. The females were allowed multiple
choices for this segment.

A short male screamed in agony after being eliminated. “This is a world that believes in appearances only!”

Without further ado, it was Xie Xie’s turn. He relied on his good looks and reputation of being one of the Shrek Seven Monsters to receive nine lights. Although he was not as impressive as Yue Zhengyu, the approvals he received was still substantial. Nonetheless, he was elated because the light that belonged to Yuanen Yehui was illuminated as well.

No one turned the lights on for the few male students who did not remove their masks. According to custom, usually the males who refused to reveal themselves were not particularly interested in participating in the blind date or they were likely to have imperfections on their faces or bodies. Hence, the females would rarely turn on the lights for them.

Nevertheless, they were still given the opportunity to reveal themselves during the second segment.

Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, and even Yang Nianxia remained. The second segment of Love at First Sight continued until it was Xu Lizhi’s turn.

The soul lighting under Xu Lizhi’s feet was turned on, illuminating his
chubby body. He had revealed himself since the first segment. There was hardly any difference whether he chose to reveal himself or not. With his body size, he would be identified for certain.

“Our fellow Sea God’s fair maidens can now decide whether to flip your switch for Contestant Number Thirty-Two or not,” prompted Lan Muzi.

Chapter 747 - Male Number 51 revealed himself

Chapter 747: Male Number 51 revealed himself

Not a sound came from the female students’ direction. Xu Lizhi’s chubby face twitched once in a while as his small eyes disclosed a sense of desolation.

If he were in another soul masters’ academy, he would perhaps be the star of the show due to his ability to cultivate a food-type soul master into a one- word battle armor master. However, Shrek Academy was a place where the entire continent’s monster-level geniuses congregated. He was a food-type
soul master without having any specialty, so it was truly difficult for him to attract the females’ attention.

Meanwhile, a light was illuminated.

Xu Lizhi looked toward the illuminated light and found that it was a light nearer to the side. The light reflected off Ye Xinglan who was dressed in an inner court disciple’s uniform as she stood there quietly.

Ye Xinglan was beautiful in her natural look as she did not spend much time dressing up. Instead, she was obsessed with cultivating and spent most of her days immersed in studying the art of swordsmanship. Thus, she did not attract as much attention when compared to Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui among the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Xu Lizhi felt a gush of warm blood surging into his brain when he saw the illuminated light.

At the same time, three more lights were illuminated. Those came from Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and also Female Number Seventeen who had yet to reveal herself. Male Number Fifty’s gaze fell upon Female Number Seventeen as he stood in the first row. By the look in his eyes, there seemed to be something going on.

The excitement in Xu Lizhi’s eyes dimmed because of the three illuminated lights. Those were his comrades, so possibly they illuminated the lights out of sympathy. ‘Are they showing me sympathy?’ There was some feeling of bitterness in Xu Lizhi.

“Very well. Four Sea God fair maidens illuminated their lights for Male Number Thirty-Two. Now, let’s continue…”

One male student after another came forward in sequence. Each of them had a different result. The rate of being selected was naturally higher for the male students with striking appearances and outstanding powers.

Finally, it was down to the second last male. It was the Dragon King Long Yue’s turn again.

“Will everyone please illuminate your lights for Contestant Number Fifty.” Lan Muzi took a glance at Long Yue standing tall as a mountain with a deep stare in his eyes.

Neither a sound was heard nor a movement was seen. All the females stood stoically without any intention to turn on the light. Everyone’s expression
appeared unusually calm.

Although Long Yue was bald, he was not downright ugly. He had a sturdy
and tall body with impressive powers. He had already achieved a seven-ring cultivation base at twenty-three years of age. It may be a level that had been achieved before by others, but it was still an outstanding feat. At least, in the present day’s Shrek Academy’s inner court, no one was capable of
achieving this level of soul power and cultivation base at Long Yue’s age.

Perhaps, it was because he was outstanding, not a single female was willing to illuminate a light for him. “I would like to remind everyone again, that if no one chooses to illuminate a light for him, then he will be eliminated from this year’s date festival. I
would like to advise every Sea God fair maiden to reconsider as your answer will determine his continuation.”

Tang Yingmeng prompted again, but still, no female from Shrek Academy was willing to illuminate their lights for him. The reason was simple – he was from Star Luo Empire as an exchange student only.

Shrek Academy was no exception. The inner court had been circulating the recorded footage from Tang Wulin’s previous battle against Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy. The battle was anointed as a classic, at the
same time it was also the sole reason Tang Wulin’s comrades were now the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Long Yue left behind a deep impression on the inner court’s students. He was considered the antagonist in their hearts.

“At the same time, as a reminder, there are still a few Sea God fair maidens who have yet to illuminate their lights. If this situation continues, then you’ll also be withdrawn from today’s event after this segment has ended because you’ve not yet found someone you fancy. Hence, please consider
seriously your following choice.”

Meanwhile, a light was suddenly illuminated. Long Yue’s frowning brows relaxed as his lips cracked into a faint smile. The long-anticipated light was finally illuminated.

The eighteen-year-old princess appeared poised and graceful under the reflection. Her aristocratic education had made her a debutante. She had discarded her playfulness, and she now appeared gentle, warm, and immeasurably beautiful.

They met each other’s gaze. Dai Yun’er smiled toward Long Yue. Long Yue smiled as well. His back seemed to straighten at this moment and appeared as an awakened giant beast. ‘So what if all of you don’t choose me? I’m fine as long as I’m Yun’er’s choice.’

Lan Muzi nodded. “Male Number Fifty-One is chosen by a Sea God fair maiden. So, will our following and last male student reveal himself before the Sea God fair maidens decide to illuminate their lights for you?”

Male Number Fifty-One pondered for a moment, then slowly raised his hand to peel away the mask on his face.

His head full of long, black hair blew in the wind which draped across his back, revealing his face that was stunningly handsome it was perfect. His long lashes complemented his crystal clear eyes. The moment he removed his mask, the entire Sea God Lake seemed to glow for him.

A faint smile emerged on his face. He bowed slightly in salutation while he stood on the lotus leaf. “It’s been a long time.”

Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were both stunned for a moment. The male that appeared in their vision was familiar to their eyes, yet they were not
entirely sure. This person should be a stranger, he should not even be in the inner court if their memories served them. Yet, he was certainly an inner
court disciple with the academy’s approval if he was standing there in front of them. Who was he?

“Is that you?” “Captain!”
“Big brother!” “Oh!”
The sounds of people gasping in surprise echoed across the surface of Sea God Lake. It came from the males’ side as well as the opposite side which was bustling in chaos.

There were three females who leaped up from their lotus leaves immediately. Xu Xiaoyan shrieked in surprise, Wu Siduo gasped, while Dai Yun’er abandoned her prim and proper image.

The person who screamed ‘it’s you’ was Long Yue. He was just standing next to him. It was Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Lizhi who shouted ‘captain’ and ‘big brother’.

There were also those shocked and incredulous gazes from the others.

The older generation of the inner court disciples was not so familiar with Male Number Fifty-One. However, none of the newly-joined inner court disciples who were not acquainted with him.

He chose to remove his mask at this moment because he was afraid that he would miss the chance. On the other hand, his decision to reveal himself
caused a commotion at the date festival.

“I’m very sorry, junior. You don’t appear familiar. If it’s alright with you, can you please tell us your name?” Tang Yingmeng looked at the teenager who was so remarkably handsome. Even though he was not as big and tall
as Long Yue by his side, he had a slender figure with such a handsome face. Furthermore, he had such charisma that made others attracted to him.

Male Number Fifty-One nodded. His face cracked into a charming smile. “Hello, seniors. Of course, my name’s Tang Wulin.”

He was indeed known as the class monitor of the outer court’s genius class, the influential personage of the outer court and the former captain of the
current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. He once led his team to defeat the Eight Heavenly Kings of Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy. He was none other than Tang Wulin.

Male Number Fifty-One was precisely Tang Wulin.

After witnessing Feng Wuyu’s capture, he had rushed back in time. He was the last person to join this year’s Sea God Lake Date Festival, hence the last participant.

He had returned!

Chapter 748 - Tang Wulin’s Eighteen Lights

Chapter 748: Tang Wulin’s Eighteen Lights

Long Yue stared at Tang Wulin standing by his side with an unbelievable look. He did not expect to see Tang Wulin at this moment either. If he were asked who he was most unwilling to meet now, there was no doubt that it would be this guy by his side.

At least, he should not run into him at Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. The overcast on his face was growing darker as Long Yue watched Dai Yun’er danced with joy on the opposite side.

Tang Wulin nodded toward Long Yue. “Brother Long, it’s been ages since I saw you last. I didn’t expect that our meeting to be in such a situation.
Welcome to Shrek Academy.”

Long Yue only nodded, but he did not speak.

“Tang Wulin?” Tang Yingmeng muttered to herself the name that had the same family name as her’s. In the next moment, she gasped suddenly and exclaimed, “You’re Tang Wulin?”

At present, even those inner court disciples who had never met Tang Wulin before had recollections who this person was.

“He’s Tang Wulin?” Almost everyone’s gaze was fixated on him. He was a legend to many because the situation of a missing outer court student who was then immediately endorsed by Shrek Academy to be an inner court
student upon his appearance had never happened before.

The footage of how he led his squad during the Star Luo Empire’s
Continental Young High-Ranking soul masters Elite Competition was the
account which inner court disciples took delight in discussing over and over again. He had returned much to everyone’s surprise, after three long years. Furthermore, he participated in Sea God’s Lake Date Festival promptly upon his return.

Most people remembered the formidable power he displayed when he led his comrades to defeat their mighty opponents. However, today was different. Everyone on the scene paid attention to his looks instead. He had a strikingly handsome and charming countenance that he closely embodied perfection.

He was just too good-looking. He was more an adult now as compared to three years ago. His physique had matured completely. He had wide
shoulders, muscular arms, and a supple waist. His thick, long hair flowed across his back. He was beaming like a ray of sunshine.

His gaze looked toward his comrades as he acknowledged them one by one. When every single one of those Shrek Seven Monsters who were influential people in their own right saw him, they seemed to turn child-like at that instant. Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan, in particular, looked as if they were going to pounce him and release their pent-up feelings for all those years he was not around. How did he have such charisma?

“Alright. Will everyone please decide if you’re willing to light up for our junior Tang Wulin?” Lan Muzi continued to push through with the event while simultaneously nudging his girlfriend from her stupor.

It was only then Tang Yingmeng reacted and chuckled softly. “The guy is
awfully handsome! If I were younger by ten years, perhaps I might even be lighting up for him during the date festival then.”

“I’m jealous!” Lan Muzi whispered into her ears with a vicious tone.

In response, Tang Yingmeng gathered next to his ear and mentioned
something to him. Then, Lan Muzi’s expression froze as he looked at her in surprise. Soon after, his face changed to fill with joy.

“Oh my god! This, this is simply amazing! Why did you wait until now to tell me this? Yingmeng, I love you.” He completely lost control of his emotions as he hugged Tang Yingmeng. His eyes were red.

The females were deciding if they should illuminate their lights when they suddenly took note of what transpired. Everyone was feeling baffled as to what was happening that the event was abruptly interrupted.

“Alright, alright. We’ll talk more when we return home.” Tang Yingmeng hastily reminded him.

All of a sudden, Lan Muzi came to his senses. He quickly let her loose but could hardly contain the immense joy that he felt.

“I’m very sorry to interrupt such an important event. However, I must say that I’m the happiest person in the world right now. Earlier, when junior Tang Wulin made his appearance, Mengying told me that she would
perhaps illuminate her light for Wulin if this event had been a decade ago. I immediately told her that I was jealous. Then, she told me that she’s pregnant with our child. Oh! That’s why I can’t help myself. I’m truly joyous.”

He suddenly turned around as he was saying that and gave Tang Yingmeng a long kiss. Her face immediately turned scarlet, and she lightly pounded him a few times. The loving ambiance affected everyone at Sea God’s Lake.

When Lan Muzi told Tang Yingmeng that he was jealous, her reply was, “I’m pregnant!”

It was such an unexpected turn of events!

“Alright, our Sea God’s fair maidens, please make your choice to illuminate your lights for Male Number Fifty-One,” Tang Yingmeng took control of her emotions and spoke immediately.

The elders of Sea God’s Pavilion were watching. Although it was fine for them to express their sentiments, it was still embarrassing and awkward.

Lights were illuminated. However, no one expected the first light to be illuminated by Female Number Eighteen. There was a total of thirty-one females on the scene, yet there were two people who had not illuminated their lights at all from the beginning till the end. They were Female Number Eighteen and Female Number Eleven.

Female Number Eleven was Hell Wu Siduo, but how about Female Number Eighteen?

As for Female Number Seventeen, she had only illuminated her light once earlier for Xu Lizhi.

At the moment, Number Eighteen took the lead to illuminate her light. Then, it was followed by Number Eleven Wu Siduo, and then Number Nineteen Dai Yun’er. They had illuminated their soul lightings

Soon after, the lights were illuminated in succession. In the time it took to catch a few breaths, a dozen lights were already illuminated.

Except for a few older females, Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Ye
Xinglan, almost all the females’ lights were illuminated for Tang Wulin. There was a total of eighteen lights, a total which exceeded Yue Zhengyu’s.

Yua Zhengyu was already considered handsome. In addition, he was filled with the holy aura. However, he was still inferior when compared to Tang Wulin whether it was his looks or skills.

There was nothing Yue Zhengyu could do about his looks. On the one hand, the holy aura of Yue Zhengyu was filled with brightness while on the other, Tang Wulin’s was filled with vitality with a mysterious touch.

“Wow, eighteen lights. I imagine the confrontation during the following segment will certainly be exciting.” Lan Muzi looked at the females in
astonishment. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin broke a new record as even those inner court females who were unacquainted with him were also attracted.

Lan Muzi could not help thinking. ‘Tang Wulin is just like my peer, Wu Zhangkong. It’s such an advantage to be good looking! No, he’s far better than Wu Zhangkong because he has better looks and skills. In any case, he’s Wu Zhangkong’s disciple. This hierarchy issue is truly perplexing.’

Tang Wulin did not expect so many females to illuminate their lights for him, yet his gaze fell upon Female Number Seventeen. Number Seventeen’s light was not illuminated. Indeed, Number Seventeen was not among the
eighteen illuminated lights.

Tang Wulin frowned slightly but he did not utter a word. He was not certain if his judgment was correct.

Lan Muzi spoke, “Very well. Everyone has chosen. The males whose lights were not illuminated, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave. We’re about to begin the third segment.”

“After the initial Match Made in Heaven and Love at First Sight, we are
about to begin the next segment of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. After this segment, every prospect’s dream will become crystal clear. Our fellow juniors will understand their cherished loves even more. Hence, the following segment that we’re about to begin is known as ‘Love at Second Sight’.”

“This time, the females will have to pay more focus because you can’t
simply make a choice like earlier. You must be responsible for your choice. Every male will be given one minute for self-introduction. After the self- introduction, the male shall come over to my side and present to me the number of the fair maiden you fancy. On the other hand, the females shall begin the choosing process. Your choice this time will be your final choice. Every female is given only one chance to choose so you can’t change your mind later. We shall begin the fourth segment after the choice is made.”

“Our fellow males, please take note that when you are introducing yourselves, you’re also allowed to display your powerful skills, the level of your cultivation base, et cetera. You can mention anything about yourself so long as you feel that it’s good enough to attract the female you fancy. This time, we’re going to determine the sequence by drawing lots so that it’s fair for all the participants.” There was an air of anxiety at once. If the first two segments were described as exploratory, then, the third segment ‘Love at Second Sight’ would be the implementation.

Chapter 749 - Xu Lizhi’s Shout

Chapter 749: Xu Lizhi’s Shout

A choice once made could not be easily changed. This was especially
significant among the females. They only had one chance to choose and it would be final. There could be no further change.

Usually, they could estimate the number of couples that would remain by the end of this segment. It was also the segment with the most eliminations.

It was rare for the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival to bring about more than ten couples. Nearly half of the participants would withdraw by themselves. Naturally, the majority of the males were eliminated because they were not chosen by the females. However, if multiple females chose the same male, then there would be further competition.

A box appeared in Lan Muzi’s hand as he spoke to Tang Yingmeng by his side, “Yingmeng, you will draw the numbers from this box. Let’s see who will be the first male to introduce himself and profess his love. Males, please take note that your time is limited, prioritize the things you need to do. Take my advice from someone with the experience in this. Sometimes, heartfelt confessions are better than displaying your skills. Be bold and don’t miss the opportunity.”

Tang Yingmeng had already drawn a lot number from the box while Lan Muzi was speaking.

“The first person to come forward to introduce himself is Number Thirty- Two. Male Number Thirty-Two, please.”

The lotus leaves parted revealing Male Number Thirty-Two. The lotus leaf underneath Male Thirty-Two’s feet slowly moved forward to bring him to the front position placing him before everyone. The male participant swayed and almost fell into the water as he stood on the lotus leaf. ‘Isn’t that Xu Lizhi?’

Number Thirty-Two was indeed Xu Lizhi! His gaze appeared dull and his expression indescribable. He clasped his hands before him in a distracted state of mind.

When he realized that Tang Wulin had returned, his heart was filled with
excitement similar to his comrades, while at this moment, he felt perplexed.

He could clearly see that Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Xu Xiaoyan did not illuminate their lights for Tang Wulin, but they illuminated their lights for him. He guessed right about how they were showing him sympathy.
although he felt odd that Female Number Seventeen did not illuminate her light for Tang Wulin. However, he could care less about anything else at the moment as his heart felt so heavy.

Was it sympathy? Were they showing sympathy for me?

Xu Lizhi mocked himself. As he stood there, the expression on his face gradually turned calm.

“Alright, junior. The time starts now, you can introduce yourself,” Lan Muzi announced.

“My name is Xu Lizhi.” Xu Lizhi enunciated slowly, “I’m a food-type Soul Master. I enjoy all food and I’m an inherent foodie. My martial soul is a meat bun. The reason for my body shape. I believe that no one will fancy an obese man. Nevertheless, I’m here. Perhaps making such a bold move will grant me hope as mentioned by Senior Lan. Thus, please allow me to say the following.”

“When I was young, I’ve already found the love of my life. Yes, it happened when I was young. I love her just like how I fancy delicacies.
Due to my being a food-type Soul Master, I had always been bullied by my classmates. She was the one who protected me every single time and was my guardian angel. Since then, I’ve always admired her. That’s the reason I’m standing here today.” Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, and even Tang Wulin were surprised upon hearing Xu Lizhi. They had been unaware of Xu Lizhi’s feelings all along. How
could they not know the person Xu Lizhi was talking about? They understood this situation more than anybody else!

Xu Lizhi seemed to be speaking smoother now, “Days passed and we grew day by day. She became stronger as she pursued the perfection of a soul master with determination, while I stayed by her side watching her every day. When I was young, I regarded her as my sister and my guardian angel. Later, I realized that the most important thing in my life is not food, but her.”

He paused for a moment at this point, then he continued speaking in a
solemn tone, “If there’s one person I’m willing to go on a diet for, then, it’s her.”

The look on all the females’ faces changed when he said those words. The words were simple, yet when it came from an obese man whose weight
exceeded a hundred kilograms and was a food-type Soul Master, the words definitely surpassed countless whispers of love.

Xu Lizhi paused for a moment at this point.

Lan Muzi took a glance at the time as he was about to remind Xu Lizhi that time was up when Tang Yingmeng stopped him. There were already tears
shimmering in Tang Yingmeng’s eyes.

Xu Lizhi was silent for a moment before he sighed softly. “I know that I’m not her worthy match. I’ve always realised that. I once thought that the reason why I love her was possibly due to my lack of motherly love when I was young. I finally realized that it was not a mother’s love that I yearn for with the passing of time. I swear on my life that I love her. It’s the kind of love between a man and a woman. I genuinely love her.”

“She’s so beautiful while I’m so fat. Yet, I love her. Thus, I’ll stay by her
side every moment. Wherever she is, I’ll be there. I’ll not leave her for even a single day.” “Perhaps, today will be the only day I’ll ever have the courage to speak from my heart. Everyone may not possibly know how much courage this requires, yet all of you must know that I’m taking the risk of making her embarrassed. However, I’m expressing myself today because I don’t want to keep my feelings for her in my heart for the rest of my life.”

“I’ve never thought that I could succeed, nor have I ever thought that she
would love me. After all, there is a huge difference between both of us. Yet, I must tell her that I love her, and she alone in this whole wide world. I’ll love her forever. I can only hope that my words today will not be wasted.
However, I will not mention her name.”

“I feel much better after having spoken my heart.”

At this point, Xu Lizhi’s seemed relaxed. He took a hard glance at the females’ side. “I don’t need sympathy. I only want to stay by your side, if possible. Even if you were to find someone you love one day, I hope we’ll remain friends.”

He took a deep breath until his body seemed to double in size, then shouted as loud as he could which exhausted almost all his strength, “I… love… you…”

He leaped up after saying that and jumped into Sea God’s Lake.

There was no doubt he understood that he did not stand a chance. After he had expressed his heart, he did not wish to cause any further embarrassment to her life. So, he chose to leave.

It was at this moment when a stream of blue light suddenly glowed and
wrapped around his fat waist in the air. It was a blue vine. The vine gently pulled Xu Lizhi back just as he was about to hit the water surface of the lake. Then, the vine straightened as it forcefully supported Xu Lizhi’s body in the air so that he did not fall.

“How do you know that you won’t succeed then? You’re not allowed to leave before you receive the result.” Xu Lizhi turned around and looked at Tang Wulin who was using his blue vine to support Xu Lizhi’s body. His chubby face was already covered in tears.


The vine retracted slowly and placed him on top of the lotus leaf gently.

Chapter 750 - The Light Dark Douluo’s Closed Door Disciple

Chapter 750: The Light Dark Douluo’s Closed Door Disciple

ng Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “When I was young, my martial soul was a useless Bluesilver Grass martial soul. My first spirit soul was the Spirit Pagoda’s failed specimen. If I had given up at the time, I would never be
where I am today. You even have the courage to go on a diet for her sake. Why don’t you have the courage to accept an answer now? Listen to yourself and stay here. We’re not expecting a miracle, but we must give miracle a chance.”

Xu Lizhi lowered his head. He finally regained his soul power to control himself standing on top of the lotus leaf. He nodded gently, yet he did not have the courage to look toward the females’ side.

Tang Yingmeng wiped the tears on her face. “He’s right. You should stay. Don’t leave before you receive a result, alright? I’ll pray for you. You’re a good boy. It’s not your fault for being fat. I didn’t expect that the first love confession today would be so touching.”

The lotus slowly returned to its original position. The look everyone gave Xu Lizhi had changed. Xu Lizhi gradually calmed down. He stood there with his head lowered.

“Lizhi, you’re awesome!” Xie Xie gave him a thumbs up without any reservation.

Yue Zhengyu spoke in a deep voice, “You have our support. Do your best.”

Tang Wulin did not utter a word as he gazed at the target Xu Lizhi had confessed his love toward a hundred meters away. She was unusually calm. She remained composed as she stood on the lotus leaf. She seemed barely affected by it all. Despite being observed by the females who were aware of what transpired, she did not offer any response.

Lan Muzi spoke, “Junior Number Thirty-Two, please give me the number of your choice later. For those maidens who are interested in Junior Number Thirty-Two, please take note as well. Remember that you’re only allowed to choose one person after this segment.”

“Yingmeng, let’s continue to draw the lots. By the way, I love that you’re so spontaneous.”

Howling voices were then heard from the Outer Court’s students on the
shore at present. They were all yelling to support Xu Lizhi, in particular the first class students who were shouting at the top of their voices.

Not everyone was born with good looks and an impressive family background in this world. One might just be a common folk, however, one was entitled to pursue one’s love and happiness. Xu Lizhi’s expression infected most of the folks’ heartfelt feelings.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue who had been sitting cross-legged on the towership sighed softly. “I thought that I would be fine spending my final days which have been dull and mediocre. However, I’ve been infected by what the fat boy said about true love. It was most touching indeed. I’ve made the decision to take a closed door disciple. I don’t think anyone would challenge me on this, right?”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough!” The sound of a few dry coughs echoed from her back. It was quite obvious that there was more than one person who had the same thought.

The Atlas Douluo Yun Ming looked toward Long YeYue. “Sister Yue, if you’re certain that you’re going to accept another closed door disciple, then this is simply the best news in Shrek Academy. Of course, no one will go
against you on this. Fortune is smiling on the fat boy.” He was genuinely joyous. Ever since the passing of Light Dark Douluo’s husband, the previous generation’s Sea God Pavilion Master did not have the will to live on. If it were not for her concern over Shrek Academy, she would have left for her husband already. Even people like Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were just namesake disciples.

Closed door disciples and namesake disciples were two completely different categories. Only a direct disciple could become a closed door disciple. On top of that, a closed door disciple was the teacher’s favorite disciple. Long Yeyue was going to accept Xu Lizhi as her closed door disciple, so there was no doubt that she would do her utmost to cultivate this disciple. Her vitality was completely within her control due to her
advanced cultivation base so she could always extend her lifespan should she wish to do so.

Yun Ming was the happiest about the circumstances since Light Dark Douluo was his senior and Shrek Academy’s guardian angel. She was a stabilizing presence in Shrek Academy just like the divine needle that
calmed the sea [KK1] . Despite Light Dark Douluo’s relatively unknown reputation, those in the upper echelons of the highly ranked soul masters knew of her existence. The Spirit Pagoda resented her but dared not show disrespect to Shrek Academy.

Yun Ming was on par with her going by their cultivation bases. In fact, he was even more powerful than her. However, as a deterrence to the Spirit Pagoda, she was more of an influence than Yun Ming. Most importantly, she had a close relationship, that of a mother or grandmother, with Yun Ming!

A faint smile emerged on Long Yeyue’s face. “There’s finally something exciting I can do.”

The second male had completed his exposition during their conversation.
He displayed his martial souls and soul rings. It was apparent that he had
someone in mind but only expressed his feelings at the moment just before ending his confession. “Number Fifty.” The third person drawn from the lot was Long Yue standing beside Tang Wulin.

Long Yue did not expect his turn to come up so soon so he appeared
stunned for a moment. He turned his head to the side subconsciously and took a glance at Tang Wulin standing by his side, while Tang Wulin was staring at the opposite side at present.

The lotus underneath Long Yue’s feet floated forward slowly and brought him to the front.

His gaze was upon Dai Yun’er on the opposite side.

Long Yue took a deep breath. “I understand that I’m not welcomed here and I’m aware of the reason as well. This is because I don’t belong to Shrek.
My purpose here is to learn from all of you because I wish to learn new
skills to elevate myself. Star Luo Empire belongs to this continent initially. Even though I refuse to admit it, it remains a fact we were expelled from here. However, soul masters are the same everywhere. I’m just like all of you soul masters. Our goal and direction are the same, that is to be as powerful as one can be.”

“Perhaps I shouldn’t talk about this, but I mean no malice when I come here. In fact, I’m most glad to be present for the date festival this time. It’s truly interesting as it also allows me to express my heartfelt feelings.
Frankly speaking, I’ve never been in love. I’ve been cultivating painstakingly all along since I was young. Moreover, my cultivation practice is accompanied by severe hardship which is quite different from most people. The pain I have to go through restricts my movements at times that I’ve to walk one step at a time. There are moments when I lose control of my emotions as well. That’s how I end up with the nickname Madman Long. Nevertheless, even a madman can be sentimental. Yes, I’ve someone I love too.”

“Even though I’m aware that she’s in love with someone else, I’ve always loved her all along. However, I’m uncertain of my love for her as to
whether it’s romantic love or brotherly love. I’ve watched over her ever since she was young. Frankly, she has been by my side for the longest period of time and also the person I see the most. Hence, I promise to take her as my bride in the future. Even my friends and acquaintances have
encouraged me to fulfill my promise.”

“Yet, I’m feeling a little disturbed as I stand here today. Perhaps, my love rival is too powerful. I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to displaying my powers. Although I strive to be the strongest, I’m certainly not as handsome. Nonetheless, I promise that I’ll protect you, no matter the circumstance, as long as I’m alive. The words of our friend earlier stirred me deeply. Perhaps, I truly need love. I dare not vouch for anything else
except that my shoulders are absolutely tough which was proven earlier by the maiden’s hand cannon.

His gaze remained fixated on Dai Yun’er as he was speaking. He was frank about how he was unsure of his love for Dai Yun’er. However, if he were to have a relationship, then Dai Yun’er would be the most suitable candidate.

His words of passion were not considered touching but it was certainly frank and genuine. Simultaneously, it made Shrek Academy’s Inner Court disciples change their view of him. It was apparent that he did not wish to be alone.

In fact, Long Yue was attracted to most of everything he came across after arriving at Shrek Academy. He had always thought that Monster Academy was no different from Shrek Academy. Nonetheless, he finally realized he was immature in his thinking upon his arrival at Shrek Academy.
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