The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 731-740

Chapter 731 - The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone

Chapter 731: The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone

He spread out the thought of his connection through the ground and the entire Dragon Clan graveyard shook gently. WIth his closed eyes, Tang Wulin could not see the layer of mist that had risen from beneath the
ground. Within it was countless colors that eventually converged and turned into a seven-colored halo that spun soundlessly around his body.

A sensation filled with a gentle kindness surrounded him, and it was as if there were countless dragons that were now roaring out of joy and happiness, not out of sadness.

Finally, the seven-colored halo converged into the shape of a water droplet that had nine-colored crystal pearls in it. Then, it descended downward and dropped onto Tang Wulin’s right wrist, causing a nine-colored chain to
appear and connect soundlessly before it transformed into a bracelet around his wrist that exuded a faint radiance.

When it was complete, Tang Wulin’s body shuddered ever so slightly. His spiritual world felt as if it was being torn open within that split second,
causing his spiritual power that was originally stagnant to be elevated several folds.

It did not take long before Tang Wulin felt like his world was growing wider. Although he was not seeing with his eyes, everything around him became clearer.

He could clearly sense his bones getting coated with a dazzling light. This included his spine, sternum, and ribs, making it feel as if he had just donned battle armor made of diamond onto his torso. This indescribable sensation filled him to the brim with strength! It was the Torso Soul Bone!

The Mountain Dragon King gifted him with an impressive Torso Soul Bone.

There were several types of precious soul bones that were capable of fusing with a soul master’s body.

These were the Skull, Torso, and External Soul Bone. They were the rarest and most precious soul bones, even without considering their age.

The External Soul Bone was precious because it existed independently of the other six more commonly seen soul bones, making it extremely rare and unusual.

On the other hand, the Skull and Torso Soul Bone were the most beneficial to a soul master’s elevation and were also the hardest to obtain.

The Mountain Dragon King was a creature with the most powerful defenses from the Dragon God’s legacy. The Torso Soul Bone gifted by it was undoubtedly the highest grade among all the ones that existed. Tang Wulin’s defense would be elevated to an entirely new level with it and in fact, it might even make the fusing of the soul bone with the Golden Dragon King seal much easier in the future.

Aside from sensing the additional soul bone in his body, Tang Wulin’s
senses continued extending outward and clearly reflected everything in the external world onto his mind. It was so clear that he no longer felt the need to see but instead, he only had to feel.

This was a clear sign that his spiritual power had been elevated to an entirely new level.

One would require their spiritual power to reach level 500 before they could reach the Spirit Sea. This was an important threshold and a benchmark that would determine if one could become a high-ranking soul master for most people. One would not be able to fuse with a powerful soul bone without
adequately powerful spiritual power. However, Tang Wulin had already achieved the Spirit Sea level much earlier, and his current breakthrough at this exact moment felt like
something more than just the Spirit Sea.

It felt like an abyssal prison. If one’s spirit was the world, then the upper plane would be the heavens while the lower plane would be hell.
Everywhere his consciousness reached was his. This, was the Spirit Abyss. The realm that was reputed to be the ultimate limit of a human’s spiritual power!

Tang Wulin was only acquainted with two soul masters who managed to reach the Spirit Abyss at this age. The first was Gu Yue while the other was Dai Yun’er, who possessed a spiritual power martial soul.

Top-grade spiritual power was the foundation of possessing a legendary spirit soul. When a soul master reached this realm, they could fuse with either an orange or red spirit soul of any level, and if one fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then one would be able to fuse with other spirit
soul abilities that were on par with the Spirit Sea. However, if one did not possess an orange or red spirit soul, it would still be possible to fuse with a maximum of five spirit souls of any color without being limited by rank.
Under regular circumstances, the Spirit Abyss was already the ultimate limit of a human being but at the same time, it also signified that a soul master would no longer be affected by worries of spiritual power once they achieved this level — they would already possess sufficient spiritual power to sustain their cultivation to the level of a Title Douluo regardless of what happened.

Tang Wulin never expected that his spiritual power would achieve such a breakthrough despite neglecting his spiritual power for such a long time while he was in the Dragon Valley. This was clearly due to the generous contribution of the numerous true dragon skeletons!

His consciousness gradually faded as he entered deep meditation once more. He would need some time to completely fuse his body with the
Mountain Dragon King’s diamond Torso Soul Bone and also to adapt to his newfound spiritual power which was now at the Spirit Abyss. The Spirit Sea required one’s spiritual power to be level 500 while the Spirit Abyss required spiritual power as high as level 5,000. At the Spirit Abyss, a soul master would almost definitely become a Title Douluo in the future as long as their body remained in good condition. That being said, would
anything even go wrong with Tang Wulin’s body? The answer is a resounding no.

In Shrek Academy.

The academy had appeared very calm for the past two years, and everything was in proper order.

Ever since Shrek Academy’s sudden announcement of the candidates for the new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters two years ago, there were changes that happened in the academy.

The first-grade class that was reputed to be most outstanding had already advanced to the second grade. Even the core students like Gu Yue, Ye
Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan had been received into the inner court.

There were also the class monitors Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu
who had advanced to third-grade class that managed to get into the inner court as well.

Soon, Shrek Academy announced that these seven people would become the new Shrek Seven Monsters. They were allowed to accept any challenge from six-ringed soul masters for a year. If they remained undefeated by teams of soul masters with a six-ringed cultivation base or lower within a year, then the new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters would be
cemented in stone.

According to Shrek Academy’s rules, the title would always remain with this generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters once confirmed. That is, of course, until they choose to give up the title, when they become a Sea God Pavilion’s member, or only during death. Because of this, Shrek Academy was always exceedingly cautious when it came to selecting a new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters. They would only make the decision when geniuses with extraordinary talents appeared or when someone made an enormous contribution to the academy.

The academy did not mention much about the contribution that this generation of Shrek Seven Monsters made but only informed that they guarded Shrek Academy’s honor in the process of heading to Star Luo Empire such that they made a permanent contribution to Shrek Academy.

Naturally, there were some uncooperative people like those that had already entered the inner courts that encountered countless challenges during the following year. However, they still managed to defeat the formidable
enemies they faced under Gu Yue’s leadership.

A year ago, the title for the Shrek Seven Monsters was finally confirmed.

Life in the outer court went on as it did before. The current second-grade class one was once the most outstanding disciples from first-grade class
one. Wu Siduo had taken the class monitor’s position with Luo Guixing by his side as the vice monitor. Second-grade class one remained as outstanding as ever despite losing Gu Yue and the rest. Wu Siduo, Luo
Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran had already become one-word battle armor masters and would only need to pass the inner court entry examination to become official inner court disciples this year. With their abilities, it was clear that their entrance to the inner court would only be a matter of time.

Before the second-grade’s term even ended, there were already more than ten students who made it into the inner court, further proving the prowess of this batch of students.

In Shrek Academy’s inner court.

Gu Yue sat by the side of Sea God Lake. Her entire being seemed like it had already merged with the sky and water, being of the same color. As she gazed into the distance at Sea God Island in a daze, there was no way to tell what was she thinking. A figure swiftly came from the direction of Sea God’s Island.

It had silver hair and purple eyes as it moved with the calm serenity of a god.

Na’er had grown after three years. She was already sixteen-years-old this year and was even more astonishingly beautiful. She was reputed to be
an unrivaled beauty that possessed beauty never before seen in Shrek
Academy for ten thousand years. She was even crowned with the title of the number one beauty in Shrek Academy.

Na’er landed gently next to Gu Yue’s side.

Sea God Island was the home of the Sea God Pavilion’s elders. Only certain heirs of the elders were allowed entry to the island while ordinary inner disciples had to live and study on the outer regions of Sea God Island.

The inner court afforded its residents more freedom to study compared to the outer court. Students were allowed to choose their subjects and make appointments to study with their teachers by themselves. They had an
exceedingly high amount of freedom.

Graduating from the inner court was also far easier. One could graduate just by becoming a two-word battle armor master but that was easier said than done. Every single student who managed to enter the inner court would never slack off at studying but instead, they would work their hardest.

Shrek Academy had always had a peculiar phenomenon. Very few students would be willing to leave after becoming two-word battle armor masters in the inner court. They were even likely to be more willing to remain
cultivating in the academy or become teachers in the academy.

This virtuous cycle through ten thousand years was the exact reason why Shrek Academy was the power it was today.

Na’er appeared to have already grown into a big girl with a slim and tall figure. There was no way to tell about the age difference between both of them when she stood beside Gu Yue. Although they stood side by side, no one spoke.

Chapter 732 - The Uninvited Guest

Chapter 732: The Uninvited Guest

Judging from their beauty, Gu Yue was far behind Na’er or rather, it could be said that she was not even in the same league as Na’er. However, at that moment, Na’er was unable to even suppress Gu Yue’s beauty by a little
when they stood together for some reason.

“When is he coming back? It has already been so long…” Na’er spoke coldly.

“I don’t know.” Gu Yue shook her head.

Na’er suddenly retorted in rage, “You don’t know? How can you say that!? You said that he was fine and that he’d certainly return. Yet, it has already been a full three years since his disappearance and he hasn’t returned to this day! Is it possible that you’ve already killed him?”

Gu Yue turned to look at Na’er. “If I were to kill him, wouldn’t you be able to sense that? Although I don’t know why hasn’t returned as well, I can be certain that he’s still alive. Perhaps, he’s staying there to become a husband to another princess…”

Na’er suddenly became quiet when she heard ‘princess’s husband’. She turned around and looked toward Sea God Island.

“No. My brother isn’t that kind of a person. He wouldn’t fall for someone that easily. He’ll certainly return… He’s probably just caught up with
something,” Na’er spoke with determination.

Gu Yue suddenly replied, “If he was to come back, does our bet still stand?”

Na’er spoke proudly, “Of course! I don’t think you’re capable of beating me.” Gu Yue did not utter a word as she remained expressionless. “However, I can’t continue doing this anymore. There are too many things waiting for
me to handle. You can remain here and act like a manager who does nothing but I can’t. You should understand the burden I’m shouldering. You refused to bear it so I’ll have to bear it. I can only wait for another three months at most before I’ll need to leave because I promised him that I’d accompany him to study in the inner court back in the beginning. He’s the one who didn’t return… He’s the one who didn’t fulfill his promise… That’s why I’m leaving.”

Na’er’s body shuddered ever so slightly. Her gaze suddenly turned gentler. “You…”

Gu Yue’s lips abruptly cracked into a smile but it was a slightly dull smile. “Can you talk me into changing my mind about leaving? I bet you can’t, right. The conclusions we’ve drawn are still different. You’re only avoiding the matter but what you don’t understand is, this is what we should be doing!.”

Na’er replied, “Then what if my brother comes back? Will you still leave if he’s back?”

“Yes!” Gu Yue spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I can’t wait with
everybody else any longer. Time waits for no man! I have many things that I must do. The Spirit Pagoda has been hoping that I’ll take a position there.”

Na’er took a deep breath. “Alright then. Go if you must go. I’ll always be waiting here… waiting for his return. Since you’re sure that he’s fine, then he’ll certainly come back. I’m confident.”

Gu Yue smiled but she held her tongue as she ran her fingers through her hair before she turned around to walk toward the main building of the inner court.

Na’er smiled as she watched Gu Yue leave. “You’re destined to lose to me as long as he comes back. Actually, don’t you know? You’ve already lost since the very beginning. Or rather, are you too scared to admit that?” Na’er looked up to the sky. “Brother, when will you return! You can’t possibly stay in Star Luo Empire and become the princess’s husband right.”

At Shrek Academy’s main entrance, or more accurately, Shrek City’s main entrance.

An elegant soul car slowly stopped as a person alighted from the right. The person was tall and stalwart as a mountain. He was bald and dressed in a
well-fitted suit so he appeared to be extremely imposing.

He circled to the back of the car and arrived at the left door before he opened the passenger door.

First, a pair of slim and long legs stepped out from the car. The legs were elegantly long, had a milky white complexion and exuded a crystal-clear
radiance. Following that, a white dress appeared as a maiden alighted from the car.

She seemed petite as she stood beside the bald brawny man with the big curls in her hand draping down her back. She seemed to exude an uncommon prestige.

There was hope on her exquisite face and as she looked at the sign on the door that stood before her, there was an indescribable thirst that flashed
across her eyes.

The bald brawny man walked toward Shrek City’s main entrance. The place was open to the public except for their cars. It was clear that they had
already inquired about this matter before arriving.

There were another two staff dressed in uniform who were clearly from the federal government aside from the both of them. They came down from the car trailing behind and walked in quick strides toward the both of them before guiding them into Shrek City.

Be it was the bald brawny man or the white-dressed maiden, their faces were filled with curiosity as they walked into Shrek City. They were occasionally looking around. “Brother Long, this is such a bustling city! Douluo Continent is truly more fun than where we come from,” the maiden spoke.

The bald brawny man nodded as his eyes shimmered with a scorching hot radiance. “Shrek Academy is here. I wonder how miraculous this place is since it’s known as the number one academy in the continent.

The maiden smiled shyly. “It’ll certainly be miraculous as long as he’s here.”

The bald brawny man turned around and stared at her with a peculiar expression. “Yun’er, it has been over three years. You…”

The maiden shook her head. “Brother Long, I’ve already known since the beginning. There’s no need for you to console me either. I understand that you have good intentions, and I know that you’ve been really good to me all this time. However, I’ve already made up my mind, and I’ll never change it. Three years ago, I refused my betrothal by threatening them with my death. Three years later, only I can dictate my destiny. Have you forgotten? Father had already removed me from the list of royalties out of shock and rage. My future children will never be members of the royal family any longer.”

If Tang Wulin was here, he would certainly realize that the white-dressed maiden was Star Luo Empire’s snobbish little princess — Dai Yun’er. On the other hand, the person she was with was Monster Academy’s main pillar and was the one who held the reputation of being the number one genius
since millennia. He was the Dragon King, Long Yue!”

Long Yue spoke out of frustration, “Yun’er, His Majesty was only furious for a moment. Moreover, your fourth brother told you secretly that even if His Majesty refuses to forgive you, the first thing he would do when he became the crown prince in the future was to grant you a royal pardon.”

Dai Yun’er smiled and spoke, “How can I not know that? Father appeared to be shocked and furious on the surface just for show. He had no choice but to do so in order to uphold the royal dignity but in reality, he was giving me freedom in disguise. As for whether my children will be a part of the royal family… that’s not important. Perhaps I’ll even stay behind in Douluo Continent.”

Long Yue’s gaze turned cold as he clenched his fists tight subconsciously. He truly wished that he could ferociously beat up this guy.

“Let’s go. We’ll go to Shrek Academy immediately! I’ll never leave if I don’t see him this time.”

In Shrek Academy’s dormitory.

Xie Xie sat on the sofa in his room in a daze. His gaze appeared slightly sluggish from the very beginning, and he had been acting like this for the
past few days, even to the point that he stopped the painstaking cultivation he usually undertook.

Naturally, there was a world of difference in the treatment he received upon entering the inner court compared to the outer court. Everyone had their own private rooms and even the quality of their diet was increased many times over. Moreover, it was provided by the academy for free.

It could be said that the experience between the outer and the inner court was akin to the distance between hell and heaven. Every auxiliary
cultivation facilities over here were the best of the best along with only the best teachers.

Wu Zhangkong did not join them in the inner court but he remained on the outer court to continue teaching in second-grade class one. However, he had announced that he would not be a teacher any longer after this final batch of students. He had chosen to remain in the inner court to cultivate and study battle armor.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound of someone knocking on the door echoed.

Xie Xie was startled but he reacted to the situation immediately. He hastily stood up and opened the door. It was Yue Zhengyu coming through the door. He pushed Xie Xie who standing in front of the door away as he walked right into the room.

Chapter 733 - All Grown Up

Chapter 733: All Grown Up

Compared to three years ago, they have all grown up. Xie Xie was more than 1.8 meters tall, and Yue Zhengyu had surpassed 1.85 meters. Both of them were strikingly handsome. Their countenances were, however, quite different. Most times, Xie Xie spotted a delinquent smirk on his face
whereas Yue Zhengyu exuded a wholesome demeanor. Among the Inner Court disciples, they definitely attracted attention. They were part of the Shrek Seven Monsters after all.

“What’re you doing?” Yue Zhengyu surveyed the messy room while
covering his nose. He went over and opened the windows to let fresh air which had the humid smell of the Sea God Lake into the room.

Xie Xie leaned back onto the sofa. He looked forlorn and thoroughly bored. “Are you sick?” Yue Zhengyu shot him a glance and asked pointedly.
Bickering had become an essential part of their daily routine, but they were still the best of friends. They had similar personalities although each of them was also unique in their own ways. Still, Xie Xie had a more pronounced character.

Xie Xie chuckled wryly. “Alright, that’s enough. What do you want to say? If not, don’t come here to disturb me. Go away.”

“Oh?” Yue Zhengyu retorted, “Someone’s in a bad mood today? What malady are you suffering from this time? Why don’t we have a quick spar, just you and me?”

Xie Xie laid down on the sofa. “Not interested.” Yue Zhengyu’s gaze flickered slightly. He walked up to him and chuckled. “I know what’s wrong with you. It’s because of Yuanen, no? What a wimp. Come to think of it, you’re hopeless. You’ve been pursuing Yuanen all this while, but you still haven’t gotten her to accept you. Even I’m at a loss as to how I should advise you.”

“Scram!” Xie Xie shouted angrily.

Yue Zhengyu shoved his hands into his pockets. “Tsk. Don’t you think I know what you’re thinking of? We’re coming of age this year, and the Sea God Lake’s Date Festival is coming soon. All Inner Court disciples above eighteen years of age are eligible to participate. Are you worried that
someone else might win Yuanen’s heart, or that you won’t have a chance?”

Xie Xie grunted. “With these handsome looks of mine, it’s impossible for me to not have a chance. Even if she had to choose, Yuanen will certainly choose me, and me alone. If she doesn’t choose me, the others won’t stand a chance either.”

Yue Zhengyu chuckled. “I don’t think so. There are plenty of seniors from the Inner Court that are good-looking and powerful. Not only that, many among them are two-word Battle Armor Masters. How can you be so sure Yuanen will choose you? It’s anyone’s game!”

Xie Xie glared at him. “I’ll fight it out with whoever dares compete with me.”

Yue Zhengyu said, “Get a grip man. With these qualities of yours, you sure you want to fight it out with the others? If I were Yuanen, I won’t bother
with you. You deserve this.”

Xie Xie leaped to his feet abruptly like a gamecock. “We’re not friends anymore!”

Yue Zhengyu sneered. “Suit yourself. Do you know the most important thing about pursuing a girl?”

Xie Xie replied, “One must be shameless, right? Aren’t you such a person?” “Get lost you. Alright, I’ll be going off. I won’t teach you then,” as he said this, Yue Zhengyu turned around and walked away.

Xie Xie hastily stepped forward with a great stride and pulled on Yue Zhengyu. “Brother, you win. Teach me, quick. I admit that I’m in the wrong. Isn’t that good enough?”

Yue Zhengyu chuckled and said, “Idiot, it’s confidence! If you don’t bloody believe in yourself, how can you hope that the girl will think you’re reliable? It’s true that you must be brazen, but you cannot just think that you’re brazen. You must act brazen and be confident of yourself. You’ve
spent a lot of time pestering Yuanen, no? Yet, how many times have you
actually confessed to her? Isn’t the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival a perfect opportunity for that? Even if you failed in the end, you must at least let it be known to all the Inner Court seniors that whoever dares to compete for Yuanen’s hand will have to fight with you to the death. You must state your intention! Even if Yuanen doesn’t accept you, at least you’ll have fewer rivals to worry about. Frankly, although Yuanen is beautiful, she possesses the Titan Giant Ape martial soul and is commonly seen brandishing two giant hammers. I don’t think there are many who’re interested to compete with you.”

As the saying went, ‘A few wise words woke up the dreamer’. Upon hearing what Yue Zhengyu said, Xie Xie immediately felt enlightened.

“You’re right! Why haven’t I thought of that? I’ve been thinking all along that she’ll reject me. What’s there to fear about being rejected? I have nothing to fear once I declare my intention! Big brother, I owe you one.
After I figure out my plan for the Date Festival, I’ll treat you to a big meal!”
Xie Xie’s fighting spirit was instantly reignited. He had always been one who would not admit defeat easily. Somehow, he got himself into a blind
alley and felt that he would not stand a fighting chance with Yuanen which gave him such agony.

The Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was a grand gathering where only Shrek Academy’s Inner Court disciples could participate, and the participants had to be over eighteen years old. This tradition had existed since ten thousand years ago. The Shrek
Academy students were outstanding which made it difficult for them to find a partner who would be compatible with them outside of the academy. That was why many of them would select their partners during the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival.

The most popular pair was Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yunhao and Dragon
Butterfly Douluo, Tang Wutong back then. They became the favorite gossip of the generation.

It was also the liveliest period in Shrek Academy’s Inner Court when the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was about to be held. Outer Court students who were over eighteen could also attend the festival. This was an exciting time for the students. If they wanted to be happily married in the academy, they would have to work hard in their cultivation and attain the rank of a one-word Battle Armor Master as soon as possible. Only then would they have the opportunity to take part in the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival.

There were only twelve days remaining before the festival. XIe Xie was getting anxious and began to worry.

“Huff, huff.” A heavy panting sound was heard. Shortly after, a large figure squeezed into Xie Xie’s dorm.

Xu Lizhi was now much bigger and taller than three years ago. However, his weight had also increased accordingly. He was truly obese now. He was fair and fat which made him looked very much like the Recovery Pork Buns he made.

“This is bad. This is bad!”

“What’s the matter?” Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu looked at Xu Lizhi in shock.

Just as Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu had similar personalities, so did Xu Lizhi and Tang Wulin. At times, Xu Lizhi appeared to act silly, but he and Tang Wulin were seemingly kind. However, inwardly they were crafty
scoundrels. Anyone who crossed them usually ended up quite badly. Xu Lizhi was usually quite collected, but at the moment, he was seized with panic.

“What happened? Why are you so flustered?” Yue Zhengyu asked, puzzled.

Xie Xie piped in, “Fatso, what’s wrong? By the way, if you don’t lose some weight, can you even participate in the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival?”

Xu Lizhi said pointedly, “Why can’t I participate in it? Big Brother has his ways. I’m telling you, Dai Yun’er and Long Yue are here at our academy!”

“Who, who did you say they were?” Xie Xie was shocked.

Looking puzzled, Yue Zhengyu asked, “Why do their names ring a bell?”

Xu Lizhi said, “They’re from Monster Academy whom we went up against in Star Luo Empire’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition! Dai Yun’er is a princess of Star Luo Empire. Have both of you forgotten? Long Yue was that monster with the Mountain Dragon King martial soul.”

After hearing Xu Lizhi’s response, their expressions changed. They asked in unison, “What’re they here for?”

Xu Lizhi replied, “From what I heard, it seems that they’re both here as
exchange students. Also, they’ll be placed in Shrek Academy’s Inner Court to study. They’ll be our classmates.”

“What?” Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie had strange looks on their faces. They had not paid much attention to Dai Yun’er, but the Dragon King Long Yue had left a deep impression on them. If it were a one-on-one, no one among the Shrek Seven Monsters was his match. Tang Wulin was gravely
wounded by him and nearly died in battle.

Yue Zhengyu had lost to Long Yue before as well. Hence, he could not help but be haunted by a ghost from his past at the mention of Long Yue’s name.

The two of them exchanged looks. “What’s he here for? Is he staging a protest?” Although they had developed their skills quite rapidly within the past three years, there was still a distinct gap between them and Long Yue. Three years ago, he was already an expert at the rank of a six-ring Soul Emperor! He was also a two-word Battle Armor Master. It has been three years since.
Even if he had not improved to be a three-word Battle Armor Master, he
would still be quite powerful in terms of strength. He was not someone who they could go up against even with their current strengths. It would be unthinkable if it were a one-on-one.

Xu Lizhi shrugged, “Who knows? He may be here to take his revenge on us. In any case, I’m a food-type Tool Soul Master. So, this has nothing to do with me. Better pray for your good fortunes, both of you. I have Sister
Xinglan to protect me.”

“Don’t you have a spine?” Yue Zhengyu said rolling his eyes.

“Spine? I can’t eat that. Why would I need it? Alright, I’m leaving. I still have some preparations to complete for the Date Festival.” Xu Lizhi

Yue Zhengyu’s eyes beamed, “Fatso, which senior of the Inner Court do you have your eyes on now? C’mon, tell us. Don’t tell me you have your eyes on Wu Siduo or Zheng Yiran. Those two… One has thorns while the other is poisonous. You better be careful.”

Chapter 734 - How He’s Faring Has Nothing to Do with Me

Chapter 734: How He’s Faring Has Nothing to Do with Me

Xu Lizhi rolled his eyes. “Nonsense, my eyes are only on Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan. I’m thinking who I should profess to.”

“You have a death wish, don’t you?” Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie replied in unison again.

Xu Lizhi looked at the two of them and broke into laughter. “You two are looking more and more like a couple with each passing day. I’ll be off then.” After he finished, he squeezed out of the door and immediately took off. He ran so quickly that he seemed to be flying.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu exchanged looks. Yue Zhengyu suddenly leaped backward and said to Xie Xie in all seriousness, “Keep your distance! Let’s keep our distance from now on.”

“It’s you who should be far away from me.”

The news of Dai Yun’er and Long Yue coming to Shrek Academy as Inner Court disciples spread like wildfire. The information spread throughout the entire Inner Court in no time.

Although the others knew nothing about them, this generation of the Shrek’s Seven Monsters was too familiar with them.

Long Yue’s invincibility was deeply ingrained in their hearts. If it were not for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, with their Earth Element Imprisonment and bloodline suppression, along with the final Divine Dragon Transformation, they could not possibly have defeated such a powerful opponent. After the competition, even Wu Zhangkong said that he was not sure if they could defeat Long Yue if they had fought one-on-one.

Long Yue was regarded as a rare talent in Star Luo Empire, and was possibly one that had not appeared for a hundred years. It was apparent just how powerful he was.

“What did you say?” Xu Xiaoyan’s scream could be clearly heard even if one were a few hundred meters away.

She was not the only one. Even the other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were staring at the duo who stood before them with mouths agape.

Upon entering the Inner Court with the arrangements made by the
academy’s staff, they finally met Dai Yun’er and Long Yue who had come from afar. What they heard next was truly shocking.

“What we said is true,” said Dai Yun’er seriously. “We’ve just received word that Tang Wulin is returning to Douluo Continent on a steamer provided by Tang Sect’s headquarters in Star Luo City. There are risks during a journey by sea, but Tang Sect’s steamers are one of the most
reliable mode of transportation. That’s why we rushed here as quickly as we could. Hasn’t he returned?”

Upon receiving the information about Tang Wulin, the Shrek Seven
Monsters, with the exception of Gu Yue who was calm and silent, were all in shock.

“He’s not dead? Our captain’s really not dead? He’s alive even though the small world has collapsed?” Xie Xie squalled and pranced around. His
expression was one of utmost excitement. Yue Zhengyu also swung his arm forcefully.
Dai Yun’er’s eyes flickered with a strange light. “I was also astonished. I’d thought that he was… Fortunately, he’s still alive. I trust the information given by Tang Sect is accurate. We’ll just have to wait for him to show up.” Ye Xinglan could be regarded as one of the calmer ones. She looked at Dai Yun’er and asked, “Why’re you looking for Tang Wulin?”

Dai Yun’er smiled graciously, “It’s because I have something important, of course! He’s my man. Since I have information about him, I need to see him for myself.”

“What did you say?” Everyone stared at Dai Yun’er with their mouths
agape. What they heard shocked them even more than knowing that Tang Wulin was still alive.

Dai Yun’er could not help blushing. Acting coy, she said, “We were both fighters of Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall and were assigned on a mission to explore the small world. He was White Three, while I was White Seven. Through sheer coincidence, we were paired together. While sojourning in Dragon Valley, we had spent a few months together. When you spend that much time with someone, you’re bound to have feelings for them. The rest
just happened naturally. Following that, during one of our exploits, we were all of a sudden in grave danger. He sent me out ahead of himself to protect me. Later, we lost all contact with him. All these years, I’ve been searching for him as I’ve always believe that he’ll be alright.”

“Not too long ago, I received some information on him. He’s my fiancé, so it’s only natural that I come to meet him. All of you are his best friends.
When he shows up, you must tell him that I’m here. If he’s willing to return to Star Luo Continent with me, he’ll be the emperor’s son-in-law. On the other hand, if he truly does not wish to come with me, then I’ll stay here.
I’m willing to be just a civilian as long as we’re together.”

As they listened to Dai Yun’er’s confession, their expressions turned incredulous. Everyone was subconsciously gazing at Gu Yue. However, to everyone’s surprise, Gu Yue remained calm and did not show the slightest change in her expression.

“I thank the both of you for bringing the news regarding Tang Wulin, but he hasn’t returned. We’ve also been waiting for him. If there’s nothing else, let’s adjourn this meeting,” said Gu Yue drily. As soon as she gave her reply, she turned around and left. Dai Yun’er had an air of triumph in her demeanor. She said with a smile, “I’ll be waiting for him here. I believe that he’ll be back at the academy once he returns.”

The others said nothing. The Shrek Seven Monsters followed Gu Yue out.

“Gu Yue, don’t listen to her. When the princess was talking just now, there was something odd about her voice, She didn’t sound like she was telling the truth. Besides, how old were they three years ago? Captain was only fifteen then, how could they end up being together just because they spent a few months together?” Ye Xinglan remarked softly.

Xie Xie said, “But, she’s come all the way to our academy. If there’s truly nothing, why would she be in such a hurry? No matter what, it’s still great news that our captain is well! We’ll let him handle this matter when he returns.”

The others nodded in agreement. Such matters were best left to the person concerned.

“How he’s faring has nothing to do with me.” Gu Yue suddenly hastened her footsteps and left in a rush.

‘Of all times, he has to return now. Just when I’ve finally decided to leave a few months later. Why are you returning at this point in time? You know it hasn’t been easy for me to remain calm. But now, it’s a mess all over again because of your return. Why did you come back? Why did you have to
come back now?’

“What do we do?” The others all looked at each other.

“We’ll have to wait until captain returns. It’s best we let him attend to the relationship issues himself.” Yue Zhengyu shrugged. They definitely had no way of making the decision for Tang Wulin. In any case, they were in high spirits. Tang Wulin was fine, and he was coming back. What news could be better than this?

A few days later, at Shrek Academy’s main gate. When Tang Wulin alighted from the soul taxi and saw the tall gateway, he felt as though an entire generation had passed since he left.

He only knew how long he had stayed in the Dragon Valley. It was a full three years and four months!

He had accomplished the great feat of burying the remains of the Dragon Clan for a period of forty months. He was eighteen years old now turning nineteen.

‘Everyone must’ve grown up by now. Since I’ve been away for so long, I wonder how much has changed within the academy?’

‘My comrades, I’ve returned. Are you all still with the academy?’ ‘Na’er, I’ve returned, and I’ve made you worried.’
With all these feelings of turmoil within him, Tang Wulin took off toward Shrek City’s gateway. Upon reaching the gateway, he unabashedly kissed the wall. The feeling of coming home warmed his heart immensely.

Everything seemed so familiar the moment he stepped into Shrek City. Tang Wulin eagerly went to the familiar noodle shop which Xu Lizhi had frequented with him before. Without hesitating, he ordered ten large bowls of noodles and gulped them down.

After he used the dragonball to leave the Dragon Valley, he discovered that the cabin on the cliff was empty. With no other options available, he found a way to get out of the forest by himself. After some time and much trouble, he eventually found a car that brought him back to Star Luo City.

When he reached Star Luo City, he requested help from Tang Sect. Fortunately, Tang Sect owned a commercial steamer that traveled between the two continents. He had also obtained information about the diplomatic corps from Tang Sect and found out they had returned to Douluo Continent more than two years ago.

Chapter 735 - Dragon Spear Goddess’s Big Brother

Chapter 735: Dragon Spear Goddess’s Big Brother

Therefore, after Tang Wulin paid a certain amount of contribution points, he boarded Tang Sect’s steamer which was headed toward Douluo Continent.

This steamer had encountered a few attacks from oceanic soul beasts, which delayed his arrival somewhat. However, he still managed to return nonetheless!

This was the feeling of coming home. This feeling was truly too wonderful for him. Tang Wulin had never thought that there would be a day where he would love Shrek Academy this much.

The ten bowls of noodles entered his stomach. His excited feelings had also calmed down somewhat.

With everybody’s talents and strengths, they must have entered the Inner
Court by now. After three years, they should have already reached the level of one-word Battle Armor Masters by now. ‘However, I…’

When he thought about this, Tang Wulin could not help but be slightly depressed.

He had spent more than three years in Dragon Valley. Although his blood essence had improved a lot and his body’s strength has reached the level at which it struck fear into people’s hearts just by the mention of it, his soul power had not grown in the slightest because it was sealed for more than three years. He was still at a cultivation base of four rings. Maybe it was due to the passage of time — he was currently at rank-44.

When he was fifteen years old, he was at rank-44, and that was powerful
enough. However, he was almost nineteen years old now, and he was still at rank-44. He might pass as above average among ordinary people, but he
would not be that outstanding in Shrek Academy. It must be known that if a person had not reached the level of a one-word Battle Armor Master by the time they reached twenty, they would be disqualified from entering Shrek Academy.

‘This time, after my return, I must utilize all the time that I can get. I can’t get left too far behind by my companions!’

After he ate his fill, he paid the bill. Tang Wulin ran straight toward Shrek Academy’s Inner Court. He knew very well that his companions must be there. More importantly, it has been more than three years since he had met his younger sister. He decided to look for Na’er first, Na’er must have been very worried about him. He would go and report to her before anything

When he walked up to the entrance of Shrek Academy’s Inner Court, Tang Wulin discovered that he could not go in.

There were now two guards who stood at the Inner Court’s entrance. They were both Inner Court disciples. Without an Inner Court identity certificate, nobody was allowed to enter the Inner Court.

Tang Wulin took out his soul communication tool which had not been used for more than three years. He recharged it with his own soul power and dialed the familiar number.

The ringtone rang for a moment before the other end was connected.

“…” There was no sound. After the call went through, there was no sound from the other end.

“Na’er?” Tang Wulin called out probingly.

“Ah!” shortly after, Tang Wulin felt as if his eardrums were about to be broken from the volume. A scream came from the other end of the transmitter. Tang Wulin was startled with a jump. He almost threw the soul communicator in his hand away.

Even the two guards heard the shrill voice that came from the transmitter.

“Brother, brother, is that you? Is that you?” Na’er’s excited voice reached him instantly, which made Tang Wulin felt that his veins had expanded
without him being able to help it. When he heard that familiar voice, he almost cried.

“It’s me, Na’er, it’s me. I’m back. Where are you? Where are you now?” Tang Wulin asked hastily, his words jumbled up.

“I’m on Sea God’s Island. Brother, where are you?” Na’er’s breathing obviously became hurried.

Tang Wulin said, “I’m outside the Inner Court’s gates. There are guards now, I can’t get in.”

“Wait for me there,” Na’er left him with these four words. Tang Wulin immediately heard a whistling wind from the transmitter. “Brother, don’t you hang up! I’ll be right there.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Currently, Tang Wulin’s face was a complete picture of excitement.

Almost within a dozen breaths, Tang Wulin saw a beam of silver light flying toward him as quick as lightning from within the Inner Court. He did not even have the time to react when that silver light had already rushed into his embrace.

Fragrance filled his nostrils. That beautiful and elastic frame stuck close to him in his embrace, and his vision was now filled with silver long hair.

Tang Wulin’s heart trembled. He did not have to ask to know who it was that pounced into his embrace.

Na’er has gotten taller, her body was well-developed, and she was a young woman now. She was very tall and was only half a head shorter than Tang Wulin who was already taller than 1.9 meters. She leaped and locked her legs around Tang Wulin’s waist with her arms tightly around his neck.

Tang Wulin did all he could to pull her hemline lower so that she would not be exposing her inner glory 1 .
The two Inner Court disciples who stood guard at the entrance were already flabbergasted.

Silver hair! There was only one such person in the academy! She was the person known as Sea God’s Island’s goddess!

Dragon Spear Goddess, Na’er!

Na’er was already given the nickname Dragon Spear Goddess more than three years ago. Although Na’er seldom made an appearance, she had
crushed a group of experts in an Inner Court Tournament. With her Silver Dragon Spear which was honed to perfection, she had defeated all her opponents and became the greatest expert among the Inner Court disciples.

She could be regarded as the goddess of the entire Inner Court. She was the goddess of every male Inner Court disciple. On usual days, this Dragon Spear Goddess always stayed on Sea God’s Island, which was off-limits to ordinary Inner Court disciples. Even simply meeting her was very difficult for them. If they could have a word with her, they would be so happy that they would faint.

However, in this current moment, their perfect goddess in their hearts was surprisingly stuck intimately on a man’s body, and not in the most becoming of manners. As they witnessed her excited expression, it was
exactly like…

Tang Wulin gently caressed Na’er’s long hair with one hand and silently made a gap between his body and hers with his other hand. The current
Na’er was not the Na’er from all those years ago. She had grown up. When her women’s special parts stuck intimately onto his body, this made Tang Wulin slightly awkward, even if he was her brother. “Come now, don’t cry, Na’er. Brother has returned. It’s all brother’s fault, I’ve made you worry.”

Brother? When they heard this, the two Inner Court disciples who stood guard were immediately filled with a profound respect.

He was surprisingly the Sea God’s Island’s great goddess’s big brother! They had been refusing to let him into the Inner Court before this. ‘What’re we supposed to do now? You should’ve told us your identity sooner! Even if it’s against the rules, we won’t bar you from entering!’

Tang Wulin patted Na’er’s long legs. Na’er got down and stood in front of him. In the next moment, under the stares of the two guards with their mouths agape, she raised her head and gave him to kisses on each cheek. She only loosened her arms around him after that.

When he looked at Na’er up close, Tang Wulin could not help but felt his heart beat faster. Na’er was truly too beautiful. Her long silver hair fell freely behind her, her purple eyes were brilliant and sparkled like purple
crystals. Her body was slender, she had a slim waist and long legs. She had grown wonderfully.

Her big eyes were moist as they looked at him. She looked as wronged as one could be.

The Tang Wulin in Na’er’s eyes had changed as well. Compared to more than three years ago, he was taller and bigger. The beauty he had in his youth had turned into his current handsomeness. His gaze was deep and penetrating. His body was already full of the masculinity of a man.

“Brother, you’ve been away for more than three years in one go. I’ve not heard from you ever since, I miss you so much I can die,” Na’er pounced back into Tang Wulin’s embrace and started crying loudly.

Tang Wulin hastily hugged her and comforted her, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Haven’t I come back now? Brother won’t leave you again, alright?”

“Mm, mm. You can’t leave anymore, ever.” Na’er suddenly raised her head and looked at Tang Wulin with teary eyes, “Brother, do you love me?”

“I do! Of course I do. You’re my most treasured Na’er,” Tang Wulin smiled and pinched her nose.

Na’er smiled as well, “I’ll hold you to that.”

“Can I go in now? Is everyone in the Inner Court as well?” Tang Wulin asked Na’er.

Na’er noded, “They’ve all entered the Inner Court, and they’re the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters. They’re very popular right now.”

“Did you not become one of the Shrek Seven Monsters as well?” Tang Wulin looked at Na’er with shock. He remembered that before he left, Na’er was already very strong.

Na’er shook her head, “I don’t want to. Brother, let’s go. Let’s get inside first, I’ll tell you everything as we walk.”

Then, she pulled on Tang Wulin and they walked toward the Inner Court. When they reached the entrance, she smiled at the two guards with her peerlessly beautiful face which was like a pear blossom bathed in rain. The two of them were stunned, and Na’er pulled Tang Wulin as they entered.

“Is this alright?” said Tang Wulin as he stared with his mouth agape. Na’er giggled. “I’m your access card!”
The Inner Court was still the same. There were the familiar statues at the end of the road. The statues were routinely maintained, and they remained firm and looked as though they were new every time. Na’er pulled Tang Wulin all the way to the edge of Sea God Lake.

“Brother, let’s go to Sea God’s Island first. I have something to tell you.” As she said this, Na’er took a step forward. Suddenly, a layer of silver light suddenly shone on her body. Spots of silver light flickered on her joints. These silver light were like silver stars that shone with brilliant light.

In the next instant, pieces of armor covered Na’er’s body. When Tang Wulin saw the heavy and complicated patterns on her silver armor and the pair of silver dragon wings which unfurled behind her, the words escaped his mouth, “Two-word battle armor!”

Also, this was not only a couple of pieces of two-word battle armor, but it was also a complete set of two-word battle armor!

Chapter 736 - Na’er’s Boudoir

Chapter 736: Na’er’s Boudoir

They had not met each other for more than three years and Na’er was
already a two-word battle armor master. On the other hand, he was not even a one-word battle armor master.

Na’er smiled beautifully. She raised a hand and pulled on Tang Wulin before wings on her back started flapping, bringing them both into the air as they leaped.

A gentle soul power enveloped their bodies. Tang Wulin could faintly sense that Na’er’s soul power was extremely dense, it was not at a level which he could hope to be compared with. Their bodies flickered and before he knew it, they were already in the skies of Sea God Island. She retracted her wings and brought Tang Wulin with her as they floated down.

Then, the battle armor turned into specks of light and fused into Na’er’s body once more.

“Na’er, you’re already a two-word battle armor master. If I’m correct about the months, you’ve only just turned sixteen right? My heavens! You must be the continent’s youngest two-word battle armor master. You probably broke the record!” Tang Wulin looked at Na’er with an astonished

Although he and his companions were already highly talented and were working very hard, he could be completely certain that his companions
could not possibly attain the level of a two-word battle armor master in such a short period of time.

‘This talent of Na’er’s is truly unnatural! Even if it was that Long Yue, he was almost twenty years old when he became a two-word battle armor master. From the looks of Na’er’s the soul power emanating from Na’er’s body, she would be very close being a Soul Emperor even if she did not have the six-ringed cultivation base required of one. He was surprised that his own younger sister had attained such a powerful level.

Although Tang Wulin had not reached the point of feeling inferior, the shock he felt inwardly was quite huge.

Na’er giggled. “All these aren’t important. What’s important is that you’ve come back!” As she said this, she pulled on his arm and ran toward the interior of Sea God Island.

Na’er was all too familiar with this place. They made a series of turns and she brought Tang Wulin to a little wooden hut constructed on the hillside.

The wooden hut was not big, it was a small apartment, but it was very clean and refreshing. The air on Sea God Island was definitely the freshest among all the places Tang Wulin had visited before. Even the air in the middle of the forest could not compare with this.

There was a table, chairs, and a wooden bench inside the wooden hut. There was also a cupboard and a hammock. There was a layer of large dark green leaves on the hammock, the material was unknown.

“Na’er, do you normally live here?” asked Tang Wulin. Na’er nodded. “Yeap! I live here. I like it very much.”
She pushed Tang Wulin and made him sit down on the chair. Then, she poured him a glass of water. When she shoved the glass of water into Tang Wulin’s hands, her eyes could not help but reddened again.

“Big brother, do you know how much I’ve missed you all these years? Have you been thinking of me at all? What took you so long to come back here?”

When he saw Na’er’s reddened eyes, Tang Wulin could not help but felt a
stabbing pain in his chest. He sighed softly and said, “I should’ve been back a long time ago, but something happened. There was something that I must do and I used three years just to finish that task. That’s why I came back this late. Every time I felt sleepy or tired, I’d think of you and everyone else to regain my motivation. Although this has taken three years of my time, I don’t regret it. A man mustn’t leave something undone when he wants to get something done. After I’ve taken care of that matter, I felt… more at
ease. When I cultivated my soul power on my journey back, it felt much
smoother and better, there were no distractions. Throughout my voyage of several months, my soul power had increased by two-ranks. This was unthinkable if it were the old me.”

Yes, throughout the voyage which lasted for a few months, his soul power cultivation base had increased from rank-44 when he had just left Dragon
Valley to rank-46. What was more important was that he had connected two more of his Eight Extraordinary Meridians. The other four of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians had become a few times tougher compared to what it was before. Currently, Tang Wulin was very confident in his ability to
continue breaking through and reach greater heights of strength.

“Brother, you must’ve suffered a lot.” Na’er pulled on Tang Wulin’s hand.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Not really. It’s just that I felt a little lonely sometimes. I was alone in that place.” He had never feared pain and exhaustion since he was already tempered from his forging days since his youth. Throughout this period of slightly more than three years, the greatest torture he
experienced was loneliness. If he could not talk with the dragon bones, Tang Wulin truly suspected that he would go crazy.

However, he had made it through it all. Currently, his mind was unimpeded, he was at peace with his own bloodline, and he felt connected to the other Golden Dragon King abilities that were still sealed. All these made Tang Wulin understand that what he did was right. His understanding of himself might seem insignificant now, but once his cultivation actually reached a
certain level, it would have extraordinary meaning.

“What about you, Na’er? I see that you’re already a two-word battle armor master. Has your cultivation base exceeded six rings?”

When Tang Wulin saw Na’er nodding her head slightly, he could not help but feel astonished in his heart although he had pretty much guessed the answer.

Sixteen years old, and she was a six-ringed Soul Emperor! Such a record might not have even existed, let alone be reached again. Moreover, she had to craft her own battle armor. This needed a lot of time and energy! Na’er’s condition could no longer be described as being immensely gifted with natural talent.

Tang Wulin raised a thumb to Na’er. “What about my companions? How’s everybody doing right now?”

Na’er replied, “From what I know, they were pretty depressed when you didn’t come back. However, after becoming the Shrek Seven Monsters, they’re now subjects of public attention. They worked hard in their
cultivation. I think it was about a year ago when everyone’s cultivation base had at least reached five rings. Even before that, they were all one-word battle armor masters already. As for their current cultivation bases, I’m not too sure about that.”

Everyone was of a five-ringed Soul King rank and a one-word battle armor master? ‘I must’ve affected the crafting of their two-word battle armors by not coming back, right? After all, it’s not easy to forge a two-word battle
armor with spirit metals.

Tang Wulin raised a hand and caressed Na’er’s head. “Na’er, I haven’t report myself to the academy since I got back. I’ll go meet my teachers and report to them. We’ll talk later.”

Na’er said hastily, “What’s there to report about? Although you didn’t return three years ago, the academy had already granted you permission to enter the inner court with them because of your contribution to the
academy. In other words, as long as you return, you’re an inner court disciple. I think that you should look for the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, grandpa Zhuo Shi. That old man will certainly take care of everything for you. Then, oh wait! There’s a grand occasion in the academy today. I bet that your friends are busy preparing for it right now. If you show up now, you’re bound to affect their work. Why don’t you give them a surprise instead?” Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “What grand occasion?”

Na’er smiled mysteriously and said, “It’s the Sea God Fated Date Festival!”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Sea God Fated Date Festival? The dating festival of the inner court?”

Of course he had heard about the Sea God Fated Date Festival before. The only thing was that he was not entirely sure about its rules. When he heard Na’er mentioning it now, he realized that he was already at the age where he was eligible to take part in the date festival. For some time, he could not help but felt all kinds of emotions in his heart. How time flew! He was
already an adult.

Na’er mumbled a few sentences in Tang Wulin’s ear. Tang Wulin’s eyes flickered and a faint smile also appeared on his face.

“You’re saying that every single inner court disciple above eighteen years old must participate in the Sea God Fated Date Festival?”

Na’er giggled and said, “Yes, yes! Actually, according to the official rules of the continent, a person is already considered an adult at sixteen years old. That’s why I’m also an adult right now. I’ve obtained special permission from the teachers and I can participate in this year’s date festival. I heard that this will better stimulate the competition between the students and increase everyone’s motivation to cultivate in the future.”

This was the truth. Tang Wulin was unaware that his little sister was known by the name of Dragon Spear Goddess in the inner court. When the officials announced that the sixteen-year-old Dragon Spear Goddess would also be taking part in this year’s date festival, even the inner court disciples who
were on assignment far away rushed back to the academy.

Chapter 737 - So You Still Know How to Come Back!?

Chapter 737: So You Still Know How to Come Back!?

Everyone was a proud son of god. Who could be sure that they would not be fancied by the Dragon Spear Goddess?

Na’er’s appearance, strength, and her identity as the direct disciple of the Sea God Pavilion Master, befitted her status at the pinnacle of the students’ circle. She was also the goddess of every male student!

“You’re taking part as well? No, no,” said Tang Wulin sternly. Na’er looked shockingly at him and asked, “Why not?”
With a sense of righteousness, Tang Wulin said, “You’re still so young, how can you possibly take part in some date festival? As your elder brother, I don’t approve.”

Na’er broke into a laugh. “Brother, I’ve never taken you to be a conservative!”

Tang Wulin said seriously, “I’m your brother, it’s only natural that I’ll be responsible for you. You’re not allowed to have any romantic relationships before you turn eighteen, is that clear? Also, even if you fancy someone, you must have my approval first before you involve yourself with him. My little sister is so beautiful that I can’t be cavalier about the company you keep.”

Na’er giggled. “Don’t worry brother. If I do have someone that I like, I’m sure that you’ll approve of him as well.”

Tang Wulin was astonished, “You truly have someone that you like?” Na’er nodded, “Of course I do! I like you!”

Tang Wulin laughed hysterically and said, “You silly girl, stop making fun of me. You can take part in this date festival if you like, for fun that is. But you mustn’t go pick someone on a whim!”

“Alright, alright. I know that already. Even if I like someone, I must get your approval. Are you happy now?” said Na’er with a smile.

“Hmm, that’s more like it,” said Tang Wulin with satisfaction. “Alright, I’m going off to visit grandteacher. Which way should I take? It’s been so long since I came here last, I’m not familiar with the place.”

Na’er said, “I’ll take you there, and then we’ll go visit our teacher. After that, let’s meet back here at my place. Oh, don’t give your comrades a soul call. Just surprise them during the date festival.”

Tang Wulin smiled and nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it your way.” Date festival, was it?
That familiar face kept appearing in Tang Wulin’s mind. He couldn’t help it, and his emotions were soon in turmoil.

He was a young man, after all. How could he not have appreciated an event such as the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival? The only thing was whether he could participate in this date festival.

Tang Wulin’s heart trembled a little with his face’s expression becoming weird as well.

With mixed feelings, Tang Wulin met his grandteacher.

Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi was having tea in the courtyard. When he saw Tang Wulin entering through the door, the teacup in his hand was
shaking mildly. He did not even feel the hot tea which had spilled over his hand.

“Wulin?” “Grandteacher,” Tang Wulin hastily walked forward and knelt on one knee.

In the blink of an eye, Scarlet Dragon Douluo jumped with a speed that was unusual for someone his age. He made a grab for Tang Wulin as a gesture to him to stand up.

“You brat, where have you been? Never mind that, everything’s fine if you’re okay! Did you think that small worlds are places that can be visited
casually? Do you know that the crazy old man and I dredged the entire Tang Sect? It’s good that you’ve returned. The crazy old man almost went crazy for real. His bad temper is getting out of hand lately. I must tell him the good news.”

A soul call was made. Within three minutes, Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu descended from the sky. When he saw Tang Wulin, his expression darkened. He went over and gave him a slap.

Tang Wulin dared not evade the assault! He staggered under the blow. It appeared forceful, but it did not hurt at all.

“Crazy old man, what’re you doing? If you’re going into a crazy fit at my place, don’t blame me if I take it out on you!” Zhuo Shi was infuriated.

“What d’you know? Step aside. Tang Wulin, you little bastard. I see that you still know how to come back. Let me ask you, did you slack off in your forging?” Feng Wuyu stood akimbo. He shouted angrily at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin dared not make a single sound. He replied hastily as soon as Feng Wuyu was done with his furious yelling. “I think I did quite well, and I didn’t slack off. I think I’m at least a rank-6 blacksmith. I was waiting to come back here and learn Soul Refining from you.”

“Come with me. I’ll have to check.” He then grabbed Tang Wulin and leaped into the air.

“Wait for me, I’ll go too. I want to keep an eye on you, in case you abuse this grand-disciple of mine.” Scarlet Dragon Douluo followed behind them. Tang Wulin was speechless. ‘I haven’t even completed the procedures to enter the Inner Court! Also, what should I do about the date festival tonight?’ He knew Feng Wuyu very well. Once he entered into his forging state, he could care less about the happenings in the world outside.

It was fine for Feng Wuyu not to care about those things, but not Tang Wulin! He was sure that she would be going to the date festival as well. He had wanted to participate in the date festival! Whether he would succeed or not, he had to give it a go. How would he know if he did not try?

For Shrek Academy, each year’s date festival was the event which all the adult students looked forward to attending the most.

Even the Outer Court disciples who did not manage to enter the Inner Court were in buoyant spirits. This was because they could witness the powerful
strengths of their Inner Court seniors. Also, this was an event that would provide them the motivation to improve themselves.

Although the Outer Court disciples could not obtain an endorsement for their marital relationships from the academy, in reality, neither would the academy meddle with their choice of partners.

The only thing was, for Shrek Academy, if its students ended up together after the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival, it would be considered a verification of the students’ true love for each other and be regarded as an ideal relationship on Douluo Continent.

So, to just get a date during the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival would not be a big deal. In any case, the date festival was very popular in the entire

Many would have loved to come and observe the festival. However,
according to Shrek Academy’s rules, nobody could enter the Inner Court to witness the festival except for the Inner Court disciples taking part in it.
However, the Outer Court disciples, who were of age, and the teachers could witness the festival.

This added to the mysterious mood of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. Also, according to the rules, once the two students accepted each other during the festival, they would receive the blessing of fidelity from the Sea God Pavilion Master himself. In the event the couple wanted to divorce in the future, they had to answer to the Sea God Pavilion Master who would be the mediator. If the reconciliation effort failed, the couple would then be allowed to divorce.

This provided another form of protection to the longevity of their relationship. For Shrek Academy’s Outer Court students, the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was the stuff of legends. The festival had become one of the motivating factors, if not the top reason, for the Outer Court disciples to enter the Inner Court.

This year’s festival attracted even more attention. News had spread that
Na’er, the Dragon Spear Goddess would also be at the festival. Whether she would be a participant or an attendee was unimportant. Just her presence
alone was enough to attract the people and get their attention.

The festival had been going on for ten thousand years since its inception. The rules have been modified over the years. No matter the changes made, the central theme remained the same. At the end of the day, they still had to verify the strengths of the Inner Court disciples and help them find their one true love.

It was impossible for one to be successful at the festival if one did not have sufficient strength. This was a fundamental principle.

On this front, Shrek Academy could not be argued with. One should forget about finding a partner if one lacks the strength. Instead, one should focus on one’s cultivation before making an attempt.

It looked to be just a simple date festival. However, for the Outer Court
students, it provided much motivation. Especially when the students already had someone special in mind, they would need to cultivate more if they
were to stand any chance of success during the festival.

According to Shrek Academy’s statistics, the stronger one was, the higher the success rate would be. This was a fact set in stone. There was also another interesting statistic for the festival. The success rates were high, which was over sixty percent, for cases where the girl confessed to the boy. On the other hand, the success rate for a boy
confessing to a girl was lower. This was due to the fact that there were generally more males.

This was what the saying ‘too many wolves and too little meat’ referred to.

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie were walking shoulder to shoulder. They came out of the Inner Court’s lecture building. As they walked through the
streets, their appearances attracted quite a few glances. At present, the disciples from the Outer Court were not allowed to enter the Inner Court yet. That was the reason the Inner Court was fairly quiet.

Yue Zhengyu wore his usual white ceremonial dress. There were golden patterns in the shape of feathers on his white ceremonial dress. The patterns looked elegant and divine. Needless to say, he looked noble and showed no sign of being an upstart. This was the distinctive, traditional character of the Holy Angel Clan.

Xie Xie, who walked alongside him was equally groomed. His black
ceremonial dress had silver patterns on it in the shape of dragons. If Yue Zhengyu was the divine son, then Xie Xie would be a ghost traveling in the night.

Both of them, in black and white, looked handsome and regal. When they walked together, how could they not be the center of attraction?

Chapter 738 - A Perturbed Xie Xie

Chapter 738: A Perturbed Xie Xie

“Hey, hey! Wait for me, you heartless souls.” a rotund Xu Lizhi said as he ran to catch up with them.

“Fatso, why are you here? Don’t you ruin our prestige,” said Yue Zhengyu with disdain.

Xu Lizhi was wearing his school uniform. The inner court’s uniform was different from the outer court’s. The inner court’s uniform was orange and sewn with skilled craftsmanship. However, with Xu Lizhi’s plump body, almost everything looked the same on him.

Xu Lizhi was not offended. He chuckled and pushed the two apart as he
walked between them. “Look, if we walked like this, don’t I look like a big boss being accompanied by his two bodyguards?”

“You fatso!” Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu said in unison. Then, they both stared at each other and again in unison said, “Can you not be so in sync with me?”

“Do you two plan on joining the date festival to confess to each other?” Xu Lizhi chuckled. “It’s alright. I totally understand you guys, but I’ll be taking my leave.” As he said this, the fatso took off like the wind. Even though his weight had been going up all this while, his speed had surprisingly increased as well.

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie looked at each other and grunted at the same time.

The decorations were already in place on Sea God’s Lake. When they reached the edge of the lake, Xie Xie was slightly perturbed despite having made the necessary preparations. “Do you think that this is okay? What if Yuanen gets angry?” Xie Xie asked Yue Zhengyu who was beside him.

Yue Zhengyu said pointedly, “Can you stop being such a coward? Why don’t you go back to face the wall and continue your contemplation? I’ve never met a person like you. Is Yuanen that frightening? A raging flood or a savage beast?”

“Who’re you calling a savage beast?” a dry voice came from behind them.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu turned around instantly. Standing behind them was none other than Yuanen Yehui who looked as plain as ever dressed in men’s clothes.

“Er… It wasn’t me who said it. It’s what Xie Xie thinks. Why don’t you guys have a talk? I’ll go on ahead.” Yue Zhengyu seemed to have applied oil under his feet. He turned around and slipped away. He knew that he was not Yuanen Yehui’s match.

“Er, Yuanen.” For unknown reasons, when Xie Xie faced Yuanen Yehui, the courage that he had mustered immediately vanished without a trace. Feeling awkward, he nervously rubbed his hands together.

Yuanen Yehui sized him up. Her face was cold as she turned around and left. From the beginning until the end, she had not said a single word to him.

As he watched Yuanen Yehui walking away, Xie Xie could not help feeling dejected. ‘Looks like nothing has improved! I don’t think she’s going to
accept me. If it weren’t so, why’s she still in that manly garb when the date festival is about to commence? What should I do?’

‘She’s clearly not ready to accept me! I’m dead, I’m so dead.’

The Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was about to begin. Naturally, Xie Xie was not the only one who felt perturbed. Currently, within the inner court, countless hearts were beating fast as well. For Shrek Academy’s inner court disciples of the right age, this day was indeed important for them.

From the first day they entered Shrek Academy, they had been under the
control of the academy. Even if there were no teachers within the academy who told you to behave or accomplish certain achievements, each and every student in Shrek Academy was the cream of the crop who understood what the expectations were. When you were surrounded by such intense
competition, you would feel that the moment you were lax even a little, you would be surpassed by your comrades.

This feeling was stressful to say the least. Nobody wanted to be expelled
after they have endured so much hardship to pass the entrance examination. That was why upon entering Shrek Academy, one needed to work hard as if one’s life depended on it. The students dared not slack even the slightest in their studies.

Year after year, only those who were exceptionally gifted would stand out
among the diligent students. They would be a one-word battle armor master before they turned twenty which qualified them to enter Shrek Academy’s inner court.

Only students who were on par with Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings on Star Luo Continent would be eligible to enter the inner court!
When they heard of this, they could not afford to relax.

Youths around the age of twenty were at the point of their lives where their hormones ran wild. How they yearn to have a life partner? Nonetheless, they had not the time and strength to make their pick until now. Hence, the academy had organized the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival for them.

Not everyone would choose their partner from the academy, but the majority of Shrek Academy’s inner court disciples still do. The reasons
were simple. Two people staying together must have common interests. If their interests were different, it might still work when they were caught in the flames of passion. However, they would be hard pressed to maintain their loving relationship in the long run. It was a fact that Shrek Academy’s inner court students who ended up with each other through the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival would remain faithful to each other throughout their lives with hardly any exception. They went through the same experiences and worked hard together which made them cherish each other even more. Ultimately, they would be holding each other’s hands in the pursuit of their soul masters’ dreams.

Their relationship would not be limited to love alone. It also had some
elements of double cultivation. They would corroborate together to enhance their skills so that they could advance further in their cultivation. Who
would be more trustworthy than one’s own partner?

Hence, during the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival, the inner court disciples would get all riled up and excited over the event. When the festival was
about to commence, they would be putting more effort into their cultivation as well as be on the lookout for a potential lover of their dreams..

Another outcome of the festival was those who already had a partner would take the opportunity to express their continuing love toward their partner.
They wanted the audience to bear witness to their unremitting love for each other. It could be said that the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was not just a social event, but a glorious dating service provided by the academy to the inner court disciples.

According to legend, students who were able to get a partner in the Sea
God’s Lake Date Festival would receive the blessing from the leader of the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters who eventually ascended to godhood and inherited the position of Sea God. Everything on Sea God Island and Sea God Lake was built to commemorate his existence.

Night fell, and the skies had darkened completely. The inner court that was usually quiet and peaceful was getting livelier.

After dinner, all outer court students between the ages of eighteen and twenty would come into the inner court early. They were only allowed to enter the inner court on this special day. They all had fervent looks. How they wished they were the main characters tonight. As a motivating factor, they would be eligible to participate in the festival once they achieved the rank of a one-word battle armor master.

Even for the students who were older than twenty, they still had a chance to participate. After all, the age limit of entering the inner court was not
strictly followed. Some disciples who matured later in life might only break through to the rank of a one-word battle armor master at the age of twenty- one. According to Shrek Academy’s rules, it was still possible for such disciples to enter the inner court, although their chances would be slimmer, provided they could become a two-word battle armor master before they turned thirty. If they succeeded and had not reached the age limit for graduation in the outer court, they would still have a chance to take a remedial test. If they passed the test, they could still enter the inner court.

So, all hope was not lost for the older students above twenty. As a result, many students were unwilling to graduate from the outer court even after they reached the rank of a one-word battle armor master. They wanted to try to become a two-word battle armor master before they turned thirty so as to be eligible for the inner court.

It was because they loved this place too much. They loved everything about the academy and took pride in everything Shrek.

Chapter 739 - The Atlas Douluo

Chapter 739: The Atlas Douluo

“I’m so looking forward to it. I’m finally eighteen and finally have the chance to see the Sea God Fated Date Festival with my own eyes. I’ve
always heard the seniors describing it as something fantastic. I wonder what kind of interesting scenes we’ll see in this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival!”

“Of course it’s interesting! I heard that this time, even the Dragon Spear Goddess is taking part! Although she might not be choosing a partner, she wouldn’t be any much different from an actual goddess if she came to the festival on Sea God Lake as one of the Sea God Fated.”

“You’re talking like you’ve seen the Dragon Spear Goddess before.”

“Of course I’ve seen her! I’ve seen the side of her face from far, far away once. She’s too beautiful, and exquisitely so at that.”

“Really? Then I’ll have to see for myself later. I heard that she’s the goddess of every inner court disciple. Also, the Dragon Spear Goddess isn’t only beautiful, she’s very powerful as well.”

“Oh, that’s right. Have you guys heard? There are two exchange students from Star Luo Continent. They’ve also been admitted into our inner court to study under special permission. They seem to be taking part in today’s date festival as well. Although… I’m not sure if this is true or not.”

“I think it’s true. I’ve heard about it as well. I hope our inner court seniors won’t fancy them though!”

“I heard that among the students who came, the male student is
exceptionally powerful. He’s only twenty-three years old, and he’s already a two-word battle armor master.” “Is he that strong?”

“Yeap. That’s not all, it’s said that some of his battle armor pieces are already at the level of three-word battle armor.”


The outer court students whispered among themselves, discussing about the students involved in this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival.

Most of their conversation revolved around the Dragon Spear Goddess, Long Yue, Dai Yun’er, and the members of Shrek Seven Monsters. This year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival obviously drew more attention than the previous years. This was also due to the participation of the people mentioned above.

The skies had darkened completely. This also meant that the Sea God Fated Date Festival was about to begin.

Far away, on Sea God Lake, a towering ship slowly sailed toward them. The ship was brightly lit. When they saw the tower ship, the outer court disciples stood up together without prior agreement to bow and pay their respects.

The ones who could sit atop the tower ship were all the most elite beings in Shrek Academy. They were the ones who had real control over Shrek City
— the elders of Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavilion. Even the federation respected them.

On the tower ship, a young man sat in the center. He was completely
covered in white and he had a faint smile on his face. His black hair hung loosely behind him. He had an easygoing air about him.

The one who sat beside him was Shrek Academy’s Holy Spirit Douluo who was recently appointed as the president of the inner court. Beside the Holy Spirit Douluo was the outer court’s president, the Silver Moon Douluo, Elder Cai. Beside her were the Holy Twin Dragons, the Scarlet Dragon
Douluo, Zhuo Shi and the Blazing Dragon Douluo, Feng Wuyu. Feng Wuyu’s expression was clearly different from usual. This man who had become a crazy old man currently had his brows tightly knitted together. He lowered his head, lost in some unknown thought.

Aside from them, there were a few more old Title Douluos who sat at different positions on the ship. In other words, those who could board this ship were all Title Douluo-ranked experts that were rank-90 or more. They were at least as strong as three-word battle armor masters.

“Eh? Look, everyone! Who’s that right in the middle of the ship? How can he be on board the tower ship when he’s still so young?”

“My god! Don’t say such nonsense, lower your volume! If I’m not wrong in my guess, that must be the best man of our academy, he might even be the best man of the entire continent. A hundred years ago, he shocked the entire continent by becoming Sea God Pavilion’s Master, he’s a true expert. A Limit Douluo, and a four-word battle armor master. He’s the spiritual leader of Shrek.”

“Huh? You’re saying, that’s him? That young? This can’t be? My god! I never knew that the old man would look so young.”

“That’s right! I heard that the Holy Spirit Douluo is the old man’s wife.”

“Quit saying ‘old man this, old man that’. The Pavilion Master looks so young, how can you even call him old? By the way, does anyone of you know the Douluo title of the Pavilion Master? It must be brimming with domineeringness, right?”

“That’s a must. The Pavilion Master’s title is Atlas. The Atlas Douluo. His martial soul must be an Atlas Spear. It is said that he can break the heavens with a single thrust and his domineeringness shocked the masses. He’s the best expert publicly recognized by the entire continent. A hundred years
ago, the old man was the leader of that generation of the Shrek Seven
Monsters. He was regarded as the one being in Shrek Academy who has the highest possibility of attaining godhood. He’s a true demigod expert! It’s not that we can’t sense the godly realm’s aura but he might’ve long
surpassed his limits and reached that level already.” Anyone who recognized that person would be so excited that their veins dilated. Even they who were Shrek Academy disciples rarely had the opportunity to see this person, let alone the outsiders.

“Brother Ming, the students are all excited because of your appearance,” the Spirit Douluo Yali spoke to the young man in white beside her.

The young man in white smiled and patted her hand, “It’s all because of that little girl Na’er. She had initially told me that she wouldn’t be taking part because she’s not even eighteen years old yet. Although she’s already
considered as an adult at sixteen years old, according to the academy’s rules, one must be at least eighteen years old to take part in this festival.
However, for some unknown reason earlier, she told me that she must participate. I suspect that this young girl has someone that she likes. I want to see who on the continent can deserve my beloved disciple.”

Yali smiled. “Oh, you! You’re spoiling this little girl too much. Now you’re practically acting like a father who discovered that his beloved daughter is about to elope with some young guy.”

The young man in white chuckled. “Maybe a little. That, I admit.”

Yali said gently, “It’s all my fault for not being able to bear you a child.”

The young man in white caressed her hand. “I thought we had an agreement to not talk about this, no?”

Yali’s eyes reddened slightly as she tightened her grip on his hand. This man had given her all his love, he was also the greatest happiness in her life.

Elder Cai who sat on Yali’s other side occasionally threw glances at them. She sighed inwardly. If she could swap positions with her back then, she would even be willing to give up dozens of years of her lifespan!

However, back then, he had only chosen her in the end, despite his many admirers. Even though he knew that she had some bodily defect, he proceeded without hesitation. Whether it was herself or the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, Leng Yaozhu, they could only indulge in their own unrequited love.

However, he had never hurt them as he was a very decisive person. He would reject them at the first moment without even the slightest hint of
hesitation. With his status and position, it would not have hurt him to have a few more women by his side. There was even one time where Elder Cai heard Leng Yaozhu saying to his face that she was even willing to be his
secret mistress in the shadows.

Who was Leng Yaozhu? She was the vice chairman of the Spirit Pagoda. She only had one person above her and millions under her. She was of a position which carried a heavy significance in the soul masters’ world. She even considered herself superior when she met the president of the federation. She was a proud woman.

However, for him, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo had never married anyone. She herself was similar to her.

Leng Yaozhu must have had the same notion as her. After they met the best one, even a person with the slightest flaw became unacceptable. Yes! After knowing him, how could she have another man in her own eyes and heart?

This was the Atlas Douluo, Yun Ming, a proud son of god who held up the skies above him and reached down to the abyss below him. In her heart, she was even willing to compare him to the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yunhao,
who existed ten thousand years ago, and Tang Sect’s founder twenty thousand years ago, the Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San.

She presumed that he was on par with those men as well.

At this moment, Elder Cai suddenly felt heat on her hand. When she raised her head to look, she saw the caring gaze of Holy Spirit Douluo, Yali.

Elder Cai managed a smile. She shook her head lightly in her direction.

Toward the Holy Spirit Douluo, she was slightly envious, but she admired her more. She even felt a heartfelt admiration toward her. She was the kindest woman in the world. The reason why she lost the ability to bear children was because she had ignited her life force to expand the overall rescue area during a plague in a poverty-stricken area.

Back then, she saved tens of thousands of lives that would otherwise be lost to the plague. However, she had almost died because she had overdrawn her life force. Although the Atlas Douluo saved her life, he could not heal her
completely. She was the highest-ranking Recovery System soul master, but she could not heal her own body.

She had easily and freely said that this was a punishment from up above. The heavens had intended to take away ten thousand lives but her actions stopped this from happening so the heavens took her fertility in return, and this was already merciful enough.

When she recovered, he declared that she was his wife, despite the fact that they were not even a couple before that. However, he had declared that in
an overbearing manner.

He had countless rivals back then, and so did she. However, he did not care and only told her that he had been admiring her for a very, very long time. When he finally mustered up the courage to tell her so, she had been gravely injured instead.

Chapter 740 - The Sea God Pavilion Master’s Story

Chapter 740: The Sea God Pavilion Master’s Story

Yali’s extended lifespan was given to her by Yun Ming. He had the greatest natural abilities in the modern world. His incredible power brought him longevity, but he shared half of it with her.

He had been by her side, protecting her all this while. He had even said jokingly that she was a bride he had snatched from someone else.

That was a grand wedding. There were not many wishes, having shocked the entire Federation.

Yali did not belong to Shrek Academy. In fact, she was even the successor of a secret organization nurtured by the Federation’s parliament. However, Yun Ming had snatched her away, which also put him on bad terms with the mysterious organization. The two sides had clashed roughly a dozen times. Yun Ming had relied on his own strength, and he defeated all the experts from that organization, using his extremely domineering power to keep Yali by his side.

In an attempt to hurt him, Yali even claimed that she did not like him, but Yun Ming only said that time would change everything. That was a hundred years ago. The Atlas Douluo also rose to fame after that battle. It was through that battle that everyone knew that there was such a powerful presence existed in the world.

To go against him, the secret organization controlled by the Federation’s parliament sent out three red mechas. Under the siege of these divine mechas, he crushed them all in less than ten minutes, ripping into the sky
with a single thrust. The immense spatial wave nearly tore the entire city on which parliament was located. He had only left a few words behind at that time. “If the heavens stop me, I’ll break the heavens; if the ground stops me, I’ll break the ground, if a person stops me, I’ll kill the person; if a god stops me, I’ll kill the god!”

It was such an overbearing sentence that Shrek City was made as stable as a mountain. He was also a being who, after meticulous research done by the Federation, could not be threatened by any soul technologies of the current age. This fact was also publicly recognized.

After that day, he had truly become the white jade column which propped up the heavens and the purple gold beam which supported the ocean of Shrek Academy. With his strength alone, he had made Shrek City and Shrek Academy an institution that attracted universal attention, while being
shunned by the Federation.

This was the love between the Atlas Douluo and Spirit Douluo. Their love was on a grand and spectacular scale, but it had been calm and peaceful for a hundred years after that.

First, they were united with vigor and vitality. Then, they spent their days warmly.

That was why they could not take him out of Yali’s hands no matter how much they loved this man regardless if it was the Silver Moon Douluo or Heavenly Pheonix Douluo.

Yali had even told Yun Ming many years ago that she hoped that he would have one or more wives. How could he not pass down such top-grade genes?

However, Yun Ming had rejected the notion. He only told her that his heart was very small and could only accommodate her. He did not have any other romantic needs, so that was not what he sought.

That was the end of the conversation. The only thing was, every time this topic was brought up, Yali would always feel very sad. She was unhappy that she could not bear a child for this man who loved her and whom she loved. “Ehem, I say, Captain, can you stop being cruel to dogs? Don’t you know that we’re all single?” Zhuo Shi coughed.

Yun Ming shot them a glance. Zhuo Shi chuckled. Feng Wuyu beside him
also nodded seriously. “That’s right, Captain. It’s not good that you’re doing this. You must know that we were all Yali’s admirers back then.”

Yun Ming smiled. “I’ve been living too idly these days. I need some
excitement in my life every once in a while. I know, why don’t we find the time and…”

“Forget it, we said nothing just now,” Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu said this, almost in unison. That was close. If they had allowed him to finish his
sentence, he would have most certainly used them as spear practice. ‘Don’t be absurd. Fight with him? That’s not your usual way of looking for torture.’

The other Title Douluos broke into laughter. Elder Cai curled her lips. “I think the final reason why the two of you aren’t looking for partners is because you’re already so in-sync with one another.”


The tower ship sailed to one side of Sea God Lake and stopped at a prime spot. From there, its passengers could clearly see the center of the lake’s surface.

The waters of Sea God Lake were clear. When the lights burst forth, like fresh flowers blossoming, the lake water was set off in a faint bluish hue. It was like a giant sapphire which even flickered with halos. It was lustrous
and dazzling, and the view was extremely beautiful and moving.

The light scattered to the surroundings. If one looked close, one would notice that these lights came from under the water’s surface. Their lights were filtered by the water and were spread evenly on the lake’s surface. It
was as if the lake itself was glowing. It brought with it a warm and romantic atmosphere, giving the entire venue a breath of life. Shortly after that, two beams of light rained down from afar. Two figures stood amidst the two golden columns.

They both had smiles on their faces. It was a man and a lady.

The man looked to be in his thirties. He was handsome and of a slender build. He was slightly smaller than Wu Zhangkong but was not much different from him. He wore the uniform of Shrek Academy’s inner court, along with a faint smile on his face.

The lady beside him was around 1.7 meters in height. She looked to be
around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Her looks were average, but she appeared friendly. When she smiled, it was easy to feel the kindness she projected.

“On Sea God Lake, there’s Sea God Festival. Welcome to this year’s date festival. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. I am inner court disciple Lan Muzi. The lady beside me is inner court’ Tang Yinmeng. We’ll be your hosts during tonight’s Sea God Festival on Sea God Lake.”

Tang Yinmeng smiled and said, “It is our honor to be your hosts tonight. The reason for it is that the two of us must be the oldest among the inner court students. I wanted to be an assistant very much, but I couldn’t let go of my young student’s identity. That’s why we’re here.”

She said it with humor. Her tone was gentle and had a hint of a smile. When the outer court disciples on the edge of the lake heard this, they broke into laughter.

In truth, there were not many who knew about these two. This was because their outer court peers had all graduated already. Their actual ages were at least five years older than their appearance.

Wu Zhangkong stood in a corner at the edge of the lake. When he saw them, he could not help but sigh inwardly. ‘Brother Lan and Sister Tang, they looked to be doing well! If they were the eldest, then they must be the big brother and big sister of the inner court.’ The outer court students did not know about these two, but how could he not know who they were? Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were both at the pinnacle of his generation. They entered the inner court in the same batch as him.

After that, he had left Shrek for his loved one, but they had stayed on. If he was not mistaken, the two of them were already three-word battle armor masters. Yes, they were both students, and they were already three-word battle armor masters. This situation would only happen in Shrek Academy.

It was very difficult to imagine the existence of a three-word battle armor master student. With their combined strengths, they must have already
surpassed the ordinary Title Douluos.

If he had chosen to stay on in the academy all those years ago, he might have been able to reach the same level as they did. After he reached the ranks of a three-word battle armor master, he would have to cultivate his
soul power harder and reach for the rank of Title Douluo. Brother Lan had been regarded as the best of their batch. He must have had a cultivation base of eight rings already. He was currently the academy’s youngest expert at the rank of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo. He was surely only thirty-three this year.

Sister Tang Yinmeng would not be much weaker in comparison.

Lan Muzi smiled. “That’s right! As long as I can put off my graduation, I will not easily choose to graduate. It’s not because I’m young. At the same time, there are too many events in my past which I cannot forget. I cannot forget the Sea God Fated Date Festival which I had participated in.
Yinmeng, are you still together with our batch?”

Tang Yinmeng’s delicate face blushed and she rolled her eyes at him. “Stop saying that, I’m feeling shy already.”

Lan Muzi laughed, “What’s there to be shy about? I won’t tell our juniors how you threw caution to the wind and expressed your love for me in that year’s date festival.”
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