The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 721-730

Chapter 721 - Brother Three!

You're So Amazing!
Chapter 721: Brother Three! You’re So Amazing!

Aided by his Golden Dragon King bloodline, the speed at which Dai Yun’er absorbed the dragon soul was greatly increased, as Tang Wulin unintentionally discovered. With the help of his bloodline aura, the low- level dragon souls disintegrated obediently and fused with Dai Yun’er after being purified.

With her body strengthened, Dai Yun’er’s entire petite frame seemed to be much livelier. She was not so easily exhausted anymore, nor did she have any need to eat.

After half an hour, Dai Yun’er leaped from the ground. She had reached a full four or five meters up before slowly floating down like a falling leaf.

Even though she did not have the support of her soul power, she could still leap that high. It was purely physical prowess!

“Amazing, amazing! Brother Three, you’re amazing!” Dai Yun’er suddenly pounced on Tang Wulin and landed a kiss on his mask. He was so frightened that he took a few steps back.

“Let’s go,” said Tang Wulin with slight helplessness.

Dai Yun’er pulled on his arm and said with a face full of smiles, “Brother Three, you’re too good to me. My teacher once told me that if I wanted to cultivate to the rank of Title Douluo in the future, I must focus on improving my body’s physical strength. Because only with a tough body could I bear the immense soul power and the subsequent compressed soul
power. I have a twin martial soul, but they are of the agility system and the spirit system. They do not do much to improve my body. My teacher had
also told me that if I relied solely on heaven-and-earth treasures to improve my body, it would render my foundation unstable. I wasn’t willing to give up, which is why I trained so hard. I’ve been working diligently for all these years, yet my progress wasn’t as great compared to the gains of these past few days! I was truly wrong about you before this. If I knew that you were
such a nice person earlier, I would have most certainly allowed you to sleep inside the room.”

Tang Wulin coughed. He pulled his arm from her embrace and left no trace. “Yun’er, it’s improper for a man and a woman to touch in passing. You must be mindful of this!”

Dai Yun’er smiled. “What are you afraid of? I’m not married yet anyway. Speaking of that, it’s all so troublesome. My participation in this Battle Soul Hall operation was forced upon me by my father, the emperor. He insisted that I find him a son-in-law after this year’s Continental Young High-
Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition ended. He initially intended to matchmake me with big brother Long. Do you know big brother Long?”

Tang Wulin’s heart skipped. “You’re referring to the one from Monster Academy right? The Dragon King?”

Dai Yun’er giggled. “That’s right! Everyone calls him Madman Long. Even my fourth brother said that big brother Long has always been fond of me.”

“What about you? Do you like him?” asked Tang Wulin.

Dai Yun’er said pointedly, “Idiot. If I liked him, would I run away?”

When she said this, her expression suddenly turned gloomy. “I know that big brother Long is very good to me. He’s so powerful. He’s known as the greatest genius of the younger generation, and he’s already a six-ringed Soul Emperor at only twenty years old! There’s no one among the younger generation that can best him. He’s especially good to me, and I can also feel the affection he has for me. But I’m a little afraid of him.”

“He’s always giving off a mad aura without noticing, and it scares me. If I somehow really ended up being with him, he might kill me with a single
slap. It’s because of this fear I have that I cannot seem to bring myself to like him. That’s why I’ve always looked at him as a big brother in my heart.”

“You don’t have to marry him if you don’t like him. In our Federation, we
completely advocate the freedom to love. Nobody can interfere with anyone in this matter,” said Tang Wulin.

Dai Yun’er said, “But we can’t! I’m a princess. According to the rules of the royal family, a princess must be engaged when she turns fifteen and get married when she’s eighteen. This is the rule of the royal family. So even though I’ve run away this time, once I get back, I reckon that father
emperor will still be forcing this on me. Still, I am lucky, at least I have the right to choose. Father emperor said that as long as it’s a person that I like, he wouldn’t mind who that person was. But I must stick to the royal family’s rules. He won’t compromise on my age.”

Tang Wulin said, “That sounds great! Don’t you have anyone that you like?”

Dai Yun’er was instantly stunned. A figure flashed across her mind. She suddenly said angrily, “No, no.”

Tang Wulin was astonished. ‘Is it normal for girls to have such a huge
change in mood when their relationships are brought up? Gu Yue was like this and so is Dai Yun’er.’

Dai Yun’er shook her head. She tried very hard to purge that figure from her mind, “Let’s not talk about this. Brother Three, you’re such a wonderful man, you must have a girlfriend already, no?”

Tang Wulin shook his head, “I don’t. I think I had one originally, but she
seems to think that I’m no longer good enough now. Besides, I feel that she had an ulterior motive for getting close to me before this.”

Dai Yun’er had the looks of a gossip. “Tell me, tell me. What happened?”

Tang Wulin sighed softly and said, “Back then, we entered the academy to study together and cultivate together. Naturally, we’ve always been close. Over time, I’d gotten used to having her around. If she was around, I’d
always feel happy. During that time we were both still young, and I wasn’t sure what that kind of feeling was. But as time goes by, gradually, this feeling seemed to have changed. Her temper started becoming peculiar, and she maintained a lukewarm relationship with me. Recently, she seemed to deeply dislike me. She even made me feel that she had an ulterior for getting close to me back then. I think it has something to do with our martial souls.”

Dai Yun’er frowned. “That’s complicated! Actually, I think that you’re thinking too much. You only have to tell me if you like her or not.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. After a while, he nodded.

Dai Yun’er smiled, “Isn’t that all that matters? If you like her, then go pursue her. Why do you care what she thinks? Have you ever told her how you feel? I think that everything can be changed. Isn’t love all about flinging caution to the wind?”

Tang Wulin laughed hysterically. “You seem to know a lot about these matters.”

Dai Yun’er said triumphantly, “I’m sure I know more than you. Let’s go. I hope I can encounter some powerful dragon souls. Brother Three, do you really not want to absorb any dragon souls?”

“It’s alright. They don’t seem to do much for me,” Tang Wulin replied.

The two of them continued to walk toward the depths of the forest. It was
strange when they thought about it. Nowhere along the way did they meet a fighter who had entered into this dimension at the same time as them. There seemed to be a profound mystery of the small world at work here. As for the specifics, even Tang Wulin did not know about them.

“Boom!” Tang Wulin’s hammers slammed fiercely onto the skull of the red Armored Land Dragon in front of him and smashed it into the ground. With the stunning effect of his bloodline aura, he forcibly shook it until it turned into energy, which he directed toward Dai Yun’er. “Wow, what a thick and strong dragon soul.” After Dai Yun’er absorbed it, she immediately felt as if her entire body was stuffed.

“Brother Three, we’ve been walking for so long. Are you sure we’re on the right path?” Dai Yun’er asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin nodded without hesitation and said, “At first I wasn’t, but now I can be certain. Did you notice that along the way, the strength of the dragon souls we encountered was increasing? Based on my logical deduction, the dragon soul which guards the dragon graveyard must be the strongest.
Then, the weak little dragon souls which we had encountered at first must’ve been from the periphery of Dragon Valley. And the stronger the dragon souls get, the closer we are to the central region of Dragon Valley.”

“You sound like you have a point.” Dai Yun’er’s eyes beamed. “But it’s becoming more and more difficult for us to fight these dragon souls.
Brother Three, if we encounter any powerful dragon souls, we don’t have to push ourselves too hard. I’ve already absorbed so many dragon souls. I daresay that among the fighters who have entered here in the past, there
aren’t many who can be compared to me. I’m already satisfied. In the case that we’re faced with danger, we’ll use the dragonballs to run away.”

Tang Wulin grunted in reply, but in his heart, he was longing to go and have a look at the dragon graveyard. He did not display his bloodline soul ring before Dai Yun’er before this, because he feared that he would be found out by her. Hence, he was well within his limits while he fought the dragon
souls which they had encountered up until now.

Chapter 722 - A Budding Young Girl’s Heart

Chapter 722: A Budding Young Girl’s Heart

“If we’re in danger, don’t you hesitate. Use the dragonball immediately.” Tang Wulin reminded Dai Yun’er.

“Alright, you too. Okay?” Dai Yun’er said with a smile.

As she observed White Three who walked in front of her while keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings, Dai Yun’er had a peculiar feeling in her heart.

She had been with him the past few days. From the disdain and anger she felt toward him in the beginning, her feelings toward him had changed
subtly. In fact, she had began calling him affectionately as Brother Three now.

Naturally, this had something to do with Tang Wulin helping her obtain the dragon souls which helped her to improve and gave her a good impression of him. At the same time, since she no longer hated him, she began to notice him better.

Dai Yun’er realized that White Three had extensive knowledge and was
extremely skilful in actual combat. The Tang Sect Secret Techniques were much more powerful when he used it as compared to when she used it. She was quite sure that Tang Wulin knew at least the five great Tang Sect Secret Techniques, namely: Mysterious Heaven Method, Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and Purple Demon Eyes. One would need a large amount of contribution points in exchange for these techniques. He also knew the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer. When he swung the pair of Heavy Silver Hammers even without the support of his martial soul, his combat strength was still off the charts. Every time they encountered a dragon soul, he would act as her shield. Like a lofty mountain, he gave her a strong feeling that he was a reliable person.

Long Yue had similarly given her this feeling. Nevertheless, they were both mountains. However, Long Yue was a volcano, and he could erupt at any minute.

On the other hand, White Three was calm in the face of a dangerous
situation. He always had the situation under control and had great survival skills in the wild. Even if White Three was older than her, their age difference would be small. In short, he was truly a rare find. Unknowingly, she was growing fond of him.

For Dai Yun’er, the current mission was more like a game in which she
could experience a completely different life. That was why even when her hunger was intolerable, she had no intention to leave. This was a novel
experience to her.

After she met up with Tang Wulin, she had been absorbing dragon souls
almost unceasingly. She could not utilize her soul power so she was unsure how much the dragon souls would have contributed to her improvement.
However, the experience had facilitated the path of her future cultivation. She would not need to worry about the strength of her body any more. After having absorbed so many dragon souls, she would need a long period to harmonize them with her body when she returned home. She would need to digest them slowly.

Unless she met with danger which put her life at risk, she would definitely not leave the Dragon Valley.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly and pressed forward carefully. His mind suddenly sensed trouble. A wave of spiritual power rippled silently through his mind. He had intended to block it with his own spiritual power, but he noticed that a three-dimensional scene appeared within his mind. His surroundings suddenly became more vivid. The three-dimensional figures
within a hundred meters of him had surprisingly presented themselves in his mind. This was …

Tang Wulin turned around and looked at Dai Yun’er with shock. Dai Yun’er met his gaze with a triumphant look.

“Isn’t it powerful? This is my spiritual sharing. My second martial soul, Spirit Eye is of a spiritual attribute. The limit on my soul power’s utilization does not affect me much. I can use this as long as my spiritual power is
strong enough. I’m sharing my spiritual detection with you.” Tang Wulin raised a thumb toward her.
Back when he fought Dai Yun’er the first time, he had noticed that Dai Yun’er could easily detect his movements. It was only after the encounter that he realized that she had an ability akin to spiritual detection which
allowed her to anticipate his movements with precision. However, he never thought that she had such an ability as spiritual sharing. No wonder Long Yue had partnered with her during the two-on-two competition. With her twin martial soul, provided it did not conflict with her Hell Civet, she would definitely be an expert of the generation in the future!

Tang Wulin smiled. “An amazing ability.”

With her spiritual detection as their guide, they moved forward much more quickly. They could even closed their eyes to find the best path to move forward. That enabled them to make early preparations for their encounters with the dragon souls.

“There’s a big one in front of us!” Tang Wulin stopped in his tracks. He gestured to Dai Yun’er behind him.

The two of them squatted down behind a shrub.

At the periphery of the spiritual detection’s range, a dragon soul that exuded a faint reddish glow was pacing. The dragon soul was more than twenty meters tall and its pair of wings were extended behind its back. Its body
seemed to be covered by a formless blazing flame as it dragged its long tail behind. Its foreclaws were extremely sharp. “What dragon is this?” asked Dai Yun’er softly.

Tang Wulin said, “I think it’s a Blazing Fire Dragon. It’s a real dragon, not an elemental dragon. Then again, its body seem odd. A true Blazing Fire Dragon would at least be more than a hundred meters long. It’s a terrifying creature. However, this dragon soul is only about thirty meters long.”

Dai Yun’er’s breathing was slightly rushed. “There’s nothing wrong with that! You mustn’t forget that a dragon soul only possesses one percent of its original strength. Naturally, their body can’t be as huge as a real dragon. So, it’s logical.”

Tang Wulin’s gaze flickered slightly. If that was the case, then the sight before them made sense.

“Do we go around it?” Tang Wulin asked hesitantly.

Before this, they had encountered a few powerful dragon souls, but they were not of the level of a real dragon. If they fought with a real dragon, it
would be virtually impossible for Tang Wulin to not use his bloodline rings. His identity would be exposed.

“Why should we go around it? The dragon soul of a real dragon will most certainly have a greater enhancing effect on us. I’ll give this dragon soul to you. Why don’t we give it a try?” Dai Yun’er looked eager to try.

Tang Wulin whispered back, “Forget it. It’s too dangerous. You mustn’t forget that our objective is to find the dragon graveyard.”

Dai Yun’er pouted at first, but eventually she nodded. “Alright, we’ll go around it.”

“Roar!” At this very moment, an excited dragon’s roar sounded. Shortly after, the Blazing Fire Dragon realigned its body, flapped its wings, and flew straight in their direction.

“This is bad. It detected my spiritual waves,” Dai Yun’er exclaimed with shock. Tang Wulin yelled with a deep voice, “Run!” He pulled Dai Yun’er and ran to the side with blinding speed.

The Blazing Fire Dragon flapped its wings and rose into the skies. It opened its mouth and shot a huge fireball at both of them.

The fireball had unexpectedly enlarged as it flew through the air. When it was less than ten meters from Tang Wulin and Dai Yun’er, it had ballooned to a diameter of two meters. Within seconds, the scorching temperature reduced the surrounding plants to ashes.

Tang Wulin worried about nothing else. He pulled Dai Yun’er and kept her in his embrace. Then, he exerted a force with his legs as he pushed hard
against the ground and leaped horizontally to the front. His entire person shot forward like a cannonball.

A loud boom sounded behind him. The powerful wave of the impact together with a heat shockwave instantly rammed into Tang Wulin’s back.

Tang Wulin grunted. The dragon scales on his body appeared silently. The formless enamel layer flickered slightly.

The speed at which he and Dai Yun’er flew increased. They flew over a distance of tens of meters in the blink of an eye. He rolled as he landed.

Dai Yun’er had only felt the rising temperature of her surroundings. She instinctively grabbed onto Tang Wulin’s clothes. Her eyes were shut tight. She had no idea why she felt as if she was treading on clouds, almost as if heaven and earth were upside down. Presently, there was not an ounce of fear in her heart. Instead, it was filled with a strange feeling of excitement.

‘He will protect me.’ This was the only thought in her mind right now.

She rolled along with Tang Wulin as he landed. He decided to run ahead while holding her in his arms. He could not compare with Dai Yun’er in
terms of nimbleness. However, in terms of speed, Dai Yun’er with her soul power might not even be a match for him. Tang Wulin rushed forward with blinding speed. He ran furiously while his legs erupted with energy. Golden dragon scales had already surfaced on his body.

Chapter 723 - It Turned Out To Be Him

Chapter 723: It Turned Out To Be Him

The Blazing Fire Dragon in the air was still badgering them. Its mouthful of fire balls were spat one after another exploding into fiery balls of scorching flames.

Waves of intense heat seared Tang Wulin’s back. His clothes were singed with a burnt odor. He relied on the dragon scales to protect his body so he would not suffer any injuries temporarily.

“Yun’er, Yun’er!” Tang Wulin called out softly.

“Huh?” Dai Yun’er raised her head fearfully from his cradle.

Tang Wulin spoke, “This is not okay. We cannot escape it. I’ll toss you out in a while. Be careful alright while I deal with it.”

“Huh? Are you sure? It’s a very powerful fire dragon,” Dai Yun’er spoke slightly concerned.

Tang Wulin was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “Yun’er, if you were to discover that I’m actually not as good as you think, or perhaps I may possibly be your enemy, what are you going to do?”

Dai Yun’er was stunned. “What do you mean?”

The blazing heat radiated from Tang Wulin’s back as he leaped up and sighed in his heart. The circumstances dictated his actions, but he was unwilling to leave the Dragon Valley.

‘Forget it!’ Tang Wulin tossed Dai Yun’er from his arms toward the open space afar. The moment his feet touched the ground, he turned around and sprung up again.

He raised his head. Staring at the Blazing Fire Dragon in the air, he shouted aloud, “I think I’ve been too nice to you.”

Three golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet as he was saying that. Soon after, his third soul ring shimmered as thick blood essence burst forth from his body.

The powerful golden soul ring glowed instantly as a giant Golden Dragon Head emerged and roared in rage toward the sky!

Compared to its previous appearance at the Continental Young High-
Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, the Golden Dragon Head with a glossy shine was even more ferocious at present.

The dragon’s thunderous roar made a deafening boom in the vast expanse of the open space.

The Blazing Fire Dragon that was spitting fireballs suddenly stopped for a moment. Its wings shuddered once, much to Tang Wulin’s surprise, and it just fell from the sky.

The Golden Dragon Roar had such immense power!

Perhaps the Golden Dragon Roar could not have been as effective on other soul beasts. In this case, the Blazing Fire Dragon, a true dragon with a purer bloodline, could feel the terror of the Golden Dragon King’s aura even more. It was purely the bloodline’s awesome power.

Just as the Blazing Fire Dragon dropped from the sky, Tang Wulin pushed his right foot against a tree ejecting himself toward it like a cannonball.

Dai Yun’er landed on the ground afar. The booming roar shook her mind tremendously. Her bloodline had a portion of dragon-type aura after absorbing so many dragon souls. Hence, she was similarly affected by the Golden Dragon King bloodline.

When she landed firmly on the ground, she was just in time to witness the giant Golden Dragon Head appearing on Tang Wulin and roaring in rage at the sky.

Did the Golden Dragon Head have three golden soul rings?

She felt it looked familiar at first glance, and she was shocked. However, she came to realize in the next moment.

‘Yun’er, if you were to discover that I’m actually not as good as you think, or perhaps I may possibly be your enemy, what are you going to do?’

She understood now. She finally understood what he meant earlier. ‘He turned out to be… So, it turned out to be him?’

How was it possible that the person who was with her all along was actually that guy? Why was he participating in the trial of Star Luo City’s Tang Sect headquarters?

How could it be him?

Dai Yun’er was stunned. Her heart was weighed down with mixed emotions and feelings all at once when she saw Tang Wulin shooting toward the
Blazing Fire Dragon.

Once, she was attracted to the guy who was almost killed by Long Yue’s stomping.

She had also witnessed how he led his comrades into defeating the invincible Madman Long and his team. He was powerful, unwavering, and tenacious. He once left behind an indelible impression in her heart.

Even though she was reluctant to admit it, she knew in her heart all along. Perhaps, she would have yielded to her father’s choice for a husband if he had not appeared. Maybe, his rejection toward her initially made her feel unwilling to accept him for some reason.

Nonetheless, Dai Yun’er did not expect him when she participated in this mission. Somehow, their paths crossed when she arrived in this little world. All along, the person wearing a mask and escorting her, not to mention helping her to absorb dragon souls, was actually him.

No wonder he had such a reaction when he found out that she was a princess. Yet, he did not give up on her nor target her afterward, but instead treated her like a sister.

It was him, it was actually him.

She did not realize that it had been him while they were together, that it was him who once left behind such a deep impression on her.

If Tang Wulin was seen as a bit arrogant and an outstanding person before, it was due to his strength and tenacious character that Dai Yun’er had such an image of him.

Later, White Three was regarded as a gentle and considerate elder brother with profound secrets. A man whom she could depend on.

With the two diametrical characters of White Three, Dai Yun’er could only feel mixed emotions flooding her heart all at once.

“Boom…” The Blazing Fire Dragon fell into the forest and crashed on a tree leaving it dizzy and confused.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky. He pointed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand forward and landed on top of the Blazing Fire Dragon in the next instant. The Blazing Fire Dragon flapped its wings in a struggle to stand, but its pair of eyes with the soul flames dancing was obviously filled with fear.

Such a powerful dragon soul lost the will to fight when it was confronted by the suppression of the Golden Dragon King’s aura.

“Pop!” The Golden Dragon Spear shimmered with golden light as it pierced into the dragon head. Tang Wulin felt a gush of blazing hot energy surged into his body through the Golden Dragon Spear and fused with his body at lightning speed.

What a powerful dragon soul energy. The positive feeling was far different from when he consumed the dragon clouds.

The Blazing Fire Dragon’s body gradually turned illusory while the Golden Dragon Spear received its vital energy to slowly transform into a reddish gold with the dragon pattern on the spear’s surface becoming vivid.

It took a whole minute before the dragon soul completely vanished. Tang Wulin’s entire body was filled with an intense feeling of satiation. The blood essence fluctuation in his body felt unusually strong with the Golden Dragon King Bloodline absorbing the dragon soul’s energy rapidly into its own bloodline.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline did not repel a true dragon’s dragon soul as much. The golden dragon scales on Tang Wulin’s skin were exuding a fiery red when he was absorbing the dragon soul.

He could sense that his resistance to the flames was elevated after absorbing the Blazing Fire Dragon’s dragon soul.

He had felt the sensation of elevating his elemental resistance when he was absorbing the dragon clouds earlier, but it was not as intense as it was now.

The dragon soul of a true dragon was extraordinary!

He stood upright with the spear in his hand as he took a glance at the Golden Dragon Spear. The Golden Dragon Spear seemed to sense his intention as it gave out a soft humming sound.

Tang Wulin waved his right hand while the Golden Dragon Spear transformed into a stream of golden light before vanishing into the skin between his brows. His hands were fisted tightly as he sensed his body’s overall strength had increased further.

Suddenly, he realized that Dai Yun’er had recognized him by now.

He turned around slowly with a slight hesitation. He would need to face her anyhow.

Meanwhile, Dai Yun’er had walked over. Her face was expressionless as she stood in front of him and looked directly at his face.

Tang Wulin sighed softly. “Yun’er, I…”

“Remove the mask, and let me have a look.” Dai Yun’er suddenly interrupted him.

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin raised his hand to remove the mask revealing his handsome face.

Dai Yun’er was stunned for a moment when she saw his crystal clear yet deep set eyes, long lashes, straight nose, full lips with adequate thickness, and a jawline that was almost perfect.

This was her first time seeing him up close and in such a quiet manner.

“Brother Three, you’re rather handsome actually. Let’s go.” She acted as if nothing happened and headed straight to the front.

Tang Wulin was stunned. What was she doing?

“You are Brother Three in my heart. I don’t know about anything else.” Dai Yun’er’s voice floated by.

Tang Wulin smiled. ‘The little girl is pretty quick at adapting!’ He hastily picked up his mask and caught up to her. He gave her head a rub. “Hmm, you’ve grown.”

“Hey, don’t touch my head. You’re ruining my hair!” Dai Yun’er was smiling at ease.

She had suddenly come around and displayed that there was no enmity between them. Maybe it was because of her attraction to him that she had to prove she was more powerful than him. Yet, was there truly a need for a girl to be more powerful than a boy? Perhaps, there was no need.

Chapter 724 - The Dragon Clan’s Graveyard

Chapter 724: The Dragon Clan’s Graveyard

When White Three and Tang Wulin’s figure coincided, the sense of guilt
she initially had for Tang Wulin disappeared. Thus, Dai Yun’er’s mood was much better than it was before this exact moment because she was relieved. Moreover, she had made peace with many things and could understand well now, daring also to admit that she was a brave person. Yes, she felt like a brave maiden.

Everything else beyond this was unimportant.

The estrangement thatå concealed both of them seemed to have completely disappeared when Tang Wulin removed his mask.

“You’re pretty good when you’re well-behaved,” Tang Wulin spoke emotionally.

Dai Yun’er answered, slightly ashamed, “Don’t use the word ‘well- behaved’ to described me as if I’m a kitten.”

Tang Wulin could not help laughing as he replied, “I thought you’re a hell civet? By the way, I have a sister as well, and she’s very pretty!”

Dai Yun’er asked, “You have a sister? What’s her name?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Her name is Na’er. We have a very good relationship and she’s currently studying at Shrek Academy. My sister is more powerful than I am and is also significantly more talented than I am. Her teacher is the Sea God Pavilion Master of the Shrek Academy.”

“Your sister is more powerful than you are? I don’t believe you,” Dai Yun’er pursed her lips as she said that. She was certain that a brother’s compliment to his sister was always done unsparingly. Tang Wulin laughed and replied, “You can travel to Douluo Empire when you have some time in the future. I’ll introduce the both of you.”

“Sure!” Dai Yun’er laughed and teased, “Honor your words!”

Tang Wulin answered, “Then you’ll need to come for real! You’re the
empire’s princess. Besides, aren’t about to get betrothed? Do you think your father will allow you to travel so far?”

Dai Yun’er suddenly stopped walking and looked at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze. “I bet you really want to marry me, right?”

Tang Wulin could not help giving a forced laugh when he saw her sudden change of emotion. “That’s not what I mean. It’s up to you but I can’t partake in this matter as an outsider either.”

“Y-you can actually partake in it,” Dai Yun’er spoke earnestly. Tang Wulin was confused. “How can I?”
Dai Yun’er suddenly smiled brightly. However, Tang Wulin felt as a chill ran down his spine when he saw her smile for some unknown reason.

“Since you wish for me to be betrothed, then I shall be betrothed,” Dai Yun’er spoke with a smile before she spread her legs, running forward like a joyous little bird.

Tang Wulin rubbed his nose. ‘What does she mean? This little girl is truly eccentric and intellectual. Her emotions change faster than a bookworm flipping a page!’

The two people continued to explore further by relying on their spiritual detection’s direction and Tang Wulin’s perception of the Dragon Valley’s summoning aura.

As they went deeper, the number of dragon souls they encountered
surprisingly grew lesser instead of becoming more common. However, every single one they encountered would be a true dragon’s soul. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline revealed its extremely powerful effect at this moment. To be precise, the true dragon’s soul would surrender instantaneously under the Golden Dragon Roar. However, Tang Wulin’s attempt to allow Dai Yun’er to absorb the true dragon’s dragon soul failed.

A true dragon would immediately launch an attack once Dai Yun’er
approached but it would not resist at all when Tang Wulin attempted to absorb it. On the contrary, it felt like it was perfectly natural.

They arrived at the side of a mountain valley’s peak when Tang Wulin absorbed his seventh true dragon’s soul.

The mountain valley was completely collapsed inward. It was more like a basin than a mountain valley. The two persons could not help trembling intensely when Tang Wulin and Dai Yun’er walked to the edge of the mountain valley to look inside.

What a shocking scene! The mountain valley below was a boundless
expanse of land stretching infinitely. Dusk was falling in the distance with an indistinct faint mist.

However, countless humongous skeletons paved every corner of the valley within the mountain valley that was thousands of meters deep. A surge of indescribable sadness instantly gushed into his heart when Tang Wulin
came to the edge of the mountain to look inside.

He could not control his emotions as he roared into the sky with rage. The valiant dragon’s roar echoed and reverberated within the entire mountain valley.

Dai Yun’er looked toward him in fear and saw as pieces of golden dragon scales curled up one after the other on the surface of his skin as they fused with his skin. That howling sound sounded tragic yet forlorn. It was as if a
king was filled with unwillingness and rage as he witnessed his people died tragically in front of his eyes. A deep dragon’s roar reverberated indistinctly within the inside Dragon Valley, sounding as if it was weeping and complaining.

On the other side of the Dragon Valley afar, a silver figure was standing on the edge. Her gaze was apathetic yet cold but there was a dense murder intent that was beyond intense in the depth of her eyes.

All of a sudden, she heard the dragon’s roar reverberating in the Dragon Valley. She looked up toward afar subconsciously and her gaze was filled
with astonishment. Her right hand patted gently against her chest to stop the impulse of letting out a howl herself as well.

Her gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the mist and looked afar as she gazed into the distance.

Tang Wulin let out the dragon’s roar that lasted for a few minutes before he felt as if the rage in his heart had been vented. Then, he squatted before Dai Yun’er’s body and said, “Lean onto me.”

Dai Yun’er hastily leaned against his back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Tang Wulin wrapped his arms around her legs and placed them around his waist. Dai Yun’er willingly wrapped her legs around his waist.

The position was truly a little flirtatious. Dai Yun’er’s charming face could not help but blush. Still, her arms wrapped tighter around him as she placed her cheeks tightly against Tang Wulin’s back shortly after.

Tang Wulin leaped up and turned 180 degrees in mid-air before stretching out his Golden Dragon Claws to grab onto the cliff of the mountain valley.

There was not an ounce of gracefulness in his heart at present. He could only feel as if a boulder was pinned against his heart after seeing those dragon bones. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws moved alternately as he rapidly crawled downward. The rigid cliff was like tofu against his Golden Dragon Claws as he crawled downward at lightning speed. After crawling continuously for a hundred meters, Tang Wulin felt that he was too slow so he simply raised his arms and separated himself from the
cliff. His body dropped for dozens of meters like a freefalling object before his Golden Dragon Claw grabbed onto the cliff. He continued swiftly descending the mountain valley and since he relied on his powerful
strength, the impact of the fall did not matter to him.

They had already dropped onto the depths of Dragon Valley within mere minutes as his feet landed on solid ground.

A bleak smell came radiating from all directions the moment they landed. It was as if it could freeze one’s mental state.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes, and it felt as if he was hearing countless giant dragons’ sad cries.

There were at least thousands of true dragons from a powerful Dragon Clan that fell here. Their corpses were even strewn across the wilderness without even a proper burial.

It was beyond tragic. Which powerful creature was capable of causing such misery to the true dragon clan?

Tang Wulin squatted. “Come down.”

Dai Yun’er wished to blurt out and ask, “Why don’t you carry me for a little while more,” but she could obviously feel that there was something wrong with Tang Wulin’s mood right now. She got down from his back obediently and stood behind him.

The dragon bones felt entirely different when seen here as compared to when they saw it from above the valley.

One could only feel the true extent of the shock to see so many dragon bones when one entered the depths of the valley. The humongous dragon
skeletons were at least dozens of meters tall and the huge ones even went to the extent of being hundreds of meters tall. The bones also emitted a faint
energy fluctuation. The creatures that were already skeletons now but yet, they felt like monsters lying dormant. How powerful were they when they were still alive!

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as he walked step by step to stand before the dragon skeleton closest to him before he slowly placed a hand on top of it to feel it.

The bleak aura tainted his emotion instantly. He felt as if he could hear this giant dragon’s sad cry before its death.

There were patterns seen indistinctly on the dragon bones as a terrifying energy fluctuation lingered in the air.

Chapter 725

Chapter 725: The Heavens Are Unjust and The Immortal World Is Intolerant

Dai Yun’er did not dare to go forward to touch as the energy fluctuation seemed to be repelling her presence.

‘What a terrifying place!’ Dai Yun’er retreated to Tang Wulin’s side.

It was rather peculiar that the terrifying aura surrounding the dragon bones seemed to not affect her when she was within three meters of Tang Wulin. He, on the other hand, felt nothing at all.

As they continued walking inside, Tang Wulin touched pieces of the dragon bones and as they went further in, he noticed the bones growing in size to the point that there were piles that looked like hills.

At that moment, the roars of dragons echoed next to his ears, making him feel as if the heavens were falling as the earth crumbled beneath him. Tang Wulin seemed to have returned to an ancient battleground where gigantic dragons were struck down as an onslaught of formidable enemies descended upon them from every direction.

With that, the once powerful clan that dominated the entire continent gradually grew lonelier as these great battles came to pass.

‘What… actually happened? What kind of situation had to happen in the beginning to have caused the powerful Dragon Clan to end up this way?’

If his memory served him right, to be witness to a true dragon soul beast on the Douluo Continent was something as rare as phoenix hairs and was possibly even non-existent. A powerful beast once existed in legends of past and was known as the Beast God. It was the Golden-Eyed Black
Dragon King. If the dragon bones before him were from true dragons, how powerful did they use to be?! Even the weakest and the smallest among their ranks could fight on the level of a human Titled Douluo.

The power of the true dragons to whom those humongous skeletons that
stretched hundreds of meters belong to were, in Tang Wulin’s mind, already at a level beyond his comprehension.

‘Did the Dragon Clan really fall here?’

Tang Wulin sighed secretly as he sensed the bloodline aura surging within his body. However, he still continued to venture deeper, taking step after

In the distance was a silver figure that had descended into the Dragon
Valley as well. Surprisingly, she was performing the exact same actions as Tang Wulin as she advanced step by step, touching the skeletons that once belonged to a great race with tears faintly glimmering in her eyes.

‘Why are the heavens being so unjust? Why did they treat my Dragon Clan this way?

‘Why was the immortal world so intolerant, to the point where they forced my Dragon Clan to rise up in resistance?

‘The Dragon Clan’s downfall was due to the jealousy of the gods! It was the humans, those abominable humans!’

The dreariness coming from the silver figure grew stronger as she continued walking forward step by step. A layer of silver light began to ripple around her body, relaxing the aura coming from the dragon bones where she passed.

After walking for some time, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped walking when he saw an incomparably huge skeleton in front of him.

It was more than a thousand meters and was dark brown in color, making it different from the other dragon bones. There was an incomparably thick aura coming off it that strengthened the gravitational pull within a thousand-meter radius around it.

The skeleton lacked the skeletal structure for dragon wings and seemed to possess an extremely brawny body, with limbs that seemed strong enough to be pillars to support the heavens above them!

‘What a familiar aura! This is…’

“Why is it so similar to Brother Long’s aura!” Dai Yun’er’s words aroused Tang Wulin.

‘Yes! Isn’t this the Mountain Dragon King’s aura?’ Tang Wulin’s entire body shook violently. In other words, the incomparably huge skeleton before his eyes probably belonged to the Mountain Dragon King!

‘Did the Mountain Dragon King fall in this place as well?’

He slowly walked forward as he sensed the energy fluctuation from the Mountain Dragon King’s bones. Tang Wulin could only feel an indescribable sensation around his body.

The aura emitted from Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton was even more intense compared to the other dragon bones. It was a kind of rage that defied all comparisons, but it also gave off an unparalleled hostility.

Tang Wulin saw an enormous fissure in the middle of the Mountain Dragon King’s huge skeleton that extended all the way from its head to its tail as he approached it. In other words, its amazingly huge body was chopped in two by someone with something extremely sharp.

Tang Wulin had once experienced the Mountain Dragon King’s defensive prowess on Long Yue but the genuine Mountain Dragon King before his eyes had defenses that were thousands of times stronger than Long Yue.
However, even such a powerful creature tragically fell here.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes. The bloodline in his body surged and his chest felt like it was blocked by a boulder with an unspeakable discomfort. It was possible that there would not be him without the Golden Dragon
King bloodline. He probably would not have made it into Shrek Academy either. One victorious battle after another, the endless elevation of his
abilities and his forging were all related to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline.

A thought suddenly came into his mind that he should do something for the Dragon Clan. His mind lost all restraint when a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

Yes, he would definitely do that.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath and gently patted the Mountain Dragon King skeleton that stood before himself. He nodded toward it before
circling around the side and moved on.

After circling past its skeleton, Tang Wulin discovered another valley in front of him. It was a valley within a valley.

The ground behind the Mountain Dragon King collapsed and revealed an enormous ravine with a diameter of more than ten thousand meters.

When Tang Wulin walked to the edge of the deep pit, the voice that was calling out to him seemed to instantly and suddenly grow louder in his heart.

‘This is it. The aura that was summoning me came from here.’

Tang Wulin peered into the valley. It was more than a thousand meters deep and there seemed to be a shimmering shadowy ball within it. The shadow
appeared to have a seven-colored mist that made the contents of the valley rather difficult to see.

‘Something is calling out to me inside this very mountain valley.” Tang Wulin could immediately sense it.
He turned around and looked to Dai Yun’er. “Yun’er, you should use the dragon pearl and return now. The giant dragon aura here is simply too oppressive. I can’t bring you to the lower levels because it’s very dangerous. Just in case you…”

Dai Yun’er interrupted him, “No, I’m going to follow you. How can a person as curious as me stop at such a crucial place? Brother Three, I don’t feel I’m affected by the dragon bone’ aura when I’m close to you. I can’t leave like this! I think it’s best that you carry me to the lower level, then I’ll leave if it’s really dangerous. Is that alright?”

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment. It was true that he did not sense
anything that would threaten him on the depths of the valley. He considered for a moment before he nodded and spoke, “Alright then, you’re not
allowed to keep a distance from me when we’re there.”

“Of course, why would I ever keep a distance from you!” Dai Yun’er giggled as she suddenly jumped onto Tang Wulin’s back.

Tang Wulin used the same method to slide downward. The feeling that something was calling out to him grew stronger the closer he got to the bottom of the valley.

‘What is this place actually?

‘Could it be that there’s a creature that was more powerful than the Mountain Dragon King within the deep pit?’

His body dropped down slowly and soon, they were close to entering the seven-colored haze.

It shook ever so slightly and parted on its own to allow Tang Wulin’s passage.

He was unaware that the location of this Dragon Clan Graveyard was the most dangerous part of the Dragon Valley. The dragon souls did not guard this place because there was no need for that.

The remnants of the deceased giant dragons here were so strong that if a regular human being came here, he would have died from the overbearing aura present here. On the other hand, regular human powerhouses would still be affected by the rules of this area and would not be able to enter.

Tang Wulin was gasping with astonishment after he passed through the
seven-colored haze. He could only feel his vision blur before he saw a giant dragon.

To be more precise, it was a giant dragon soul.

The dragon soul was twice the size of the Mountain Dragon King. Its entire body was shimmering with a seven-colored radiance. Even its scales were seven-colored and every piece was irregular and had a different shape.
However, they still retained a kind of harmony to it that made it seem like the scales were jeweled with countless gemstones.

Chapter 726 - Did He Choose Her?

Chapter 726: Did He Choose Her?

It raised its haughty head while its entire body was emitting an aura that was indescribable. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body fluctuated violently the moment he saw it. In the next instant, he felt
the bloodline aura in his body about to explode. Even the remaining twelve Golden Dragon King Seals in his body trembled slightly.

‘This was…’

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered Gu Yue’s mention of the Dragon Clan’s history to him.

“The Dragon God? This is the Dragon God’s dragon soul?” Tang Wulin turned pale with fear.

Could it be that the gargantuan seven-colored dragon soul was the legendary Dragon God? The Dragon God that once led the divine beasts to wreak havoc in the Divine Realm and almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm?

By god! The thing that was calling out to him was actually the Dragon God?

Tang Wulin carried Dai Yun’er as they floated to the ground. Despite having Tang Wulin by her side, Dai Yun’er muttered something incoherent before she fainted.

Tang Wulin hastily grabbed her and checked her vital signs. Fortunately,
she was alright although she had fainted. He retrieved Dai Yun’er’s dragon pearl. Using her hand to pinch the pearl, he attempted to activate the pearl only to realize that there was no way he could trigger the dragon pearl. Tang Wulin could only hang on to Dai Yun’er as he dared not allow her to leave his side not knowing what would happen to her if he did.

He raised his head and looked to the enormous figure of the Dragon God’s dragon soul before him. The bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body flared up momentarily before an indescribable feeling welled up in his heart.


‘Gu Yue once said that the Dragon God died and transformed into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Could the Golden Dragon King bloodline in my body have originated from here?’

‘On the other hand, I suppose it’s not the seven-colored Dragon’s blood that was flowing in Gu Yue’s body, but the Silver Dragon King bloodline.
Perhaps, that was the reason why she came looking for me at the academy to be near me.’

An indescribable heartache sensation permeated his heart. ‘No wonder she was close to me after all.’

The Dragon God’s dragon soul remained unmoving in the middle of the mountain valley. Its body was enshrouded with a seven-colored radiance. Tang Wulin took a deep breath and carried Dai Yun’er as he walked forward slowly until he was very close to the Dragon God’s dragon soul.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he removed a piece of rare metal from his storage soul tool. His wrist flicked once and sent the rare metal flying toward the dragon soul.

The dragon soul shook slightly, then the piece of rare metal vanished. Tang Wulin could see vividly that the piece of rare metal was vaporized.


What a potent force! How terrifying it would be if the Dragon God’s dragon soul was to emit its energy! Tang Wulin wiped his forehead as he reflected on that. The Golden Dragon Spear enlarged in his palm.

Since he was already here, he would like to see how far he could go.

He laid Dai Yun’er next to his feet before he cautiously probed the dragon
soul with his Golden Dragon Spear. He felt nervous and anxious at the same time.

Just as the Golden Dragon Spear came into contact with the Dragon God’s dragon soul, the Golden Dragon Spear vibrated violently. Soon after, a humming sound echoed and grew louder as the enormous Dragon God’s dragon soul seemed to come alive.

A valiant dragon’s roar echoed through the entire Dragon Valley!

In that one moment, all the dragon souls wandering in the Dragon Valley were shaken and crawled up from the ground. All the dragon bones in the dragon graveyard seemed to be awakened as they trembled in their attempt to stand.

Tang Wulin felt as if he had entered a seven-colored world and everything changed before his eyes. A blood-red figure appeared in his mind.

He watched helplessly as the blood-red figure pointed to the sky. There
appeared a blood-red giant sword with both its ends that seemed to touch heaven and earth slashing toward him.

In the next moment, everything was colored blood-red. He felt like his body was split apart. The searing pain made him scream in agony.

A silver figure appeared by his side at this moment. She stretched out her right hand and with her rapidly enlarging palm slapped the Dragon God’s dragon soul.

Her body trembled once as she was enshrouded by a seven-colored glow. Unlike Tang Wulin, she was still conscious of the situation at present. She turned her head to the side and looked at the guy holding the Golden
Dragon Spear in his hand whose face was in agony. She muttered to herself, “Is the god of destiny making a fool out of me? Why are you here, why are you offering yourself? Do you know that I need only to fuse with you now to extract the Golden Dragon King Bloodline from your body to revive part of the Dragon God’s strength? You will undoubtedly die if I were to do so! I’ve done my best to avoid you, to keep a distance from you. Yet, why are you here at this very moment? Why?”

She questioned in rage, yet Tang Wulin could not hear her at all.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body and hers shook simultaneously as a gushing force radiated forth from their bodies to pull them together.

Tang Wulin’s body was drawn to the silver-haired maiden rapidly while the Dragon God’s dragon soul transformed into a ball of seven-colored radiance. It was surging toward them with unparalleled power.

“Your death will fulfill me and become the strength for me to revive the
Dragon God. By then, no one else in the world will be capable of stopping me anymore. No one can stop me from seeking revenge for the Dragon
Clan and avenge the soul beasts. Tang Wulin, do you know that? Why do you’ve to be here right now?”

She raised her right hand slowly as her palm with silver scales turned into a dragon claw. Tang Wulin was getting closer to her that she would only need to drop her claw to kill him immediately. She could immediately strip the Golden Dragon King’s strength from his bloodline.

However, her palm made no effort to claw Tang Wulin despite the short distance between them. Her eyes were moist as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“No…” She shook her head in vain as she retracted her right hand. She raised her leg and stomped Tang Wulin’s chest.

Tang Wulin was blasted away together with his Golden Dragon Spear and was slammed almost to the edge of the Dragon Valley afar. The intense seven-colored radiance surged toward the silver-haired maiden at once.

Dai Yun’er’s body on the ground shook once as if something was about to float out of her body. She was suffused with faint seven-colored radiance that protected her body. However, the seven-colored radiance appeared very weak as if it would shatter at any moment.

It was the dragon soul energy which Dai Yun’er absorbed earlier. The dragon souls were protecting her.

“It’s her. She is with him now. Did he choose her?” Bitterness appeared on the corners of the silver-haired maiden’s lips. She took a deep breath.
“Perhaps, this is the best option.”

She took a step forward and lifted her right foot kicking Dai Yun’er into the air. She waved her right hand once as a stream of silver light shimmered, then she pushed Dai Yun’er into the silver light immediately.

The dragon pearl on Dai Yun’er’s body glowed brightly. Her body vanished just as it entered the silver space.

The silver-haired maiden turned around. The seven-colored airflow surged into her body like a swarm of bees causing her aura to rise many-fold.

Meanwhile, the Dragon God’s dragon soul had turned illusory. However, there was a separated portion that flew toward Tang Wulin in the distance. It dragged him into approaching the silver-haired maiden.

He got close to the maiden once again.

Inadvertently, just as he neared her, she kicked him away. Still, she was crying.

The seven-colored airflow was infused into their bodies continually elevating their auras. The seventh Golden Dragon King Seal in Tang
Wulin’s body burst open with a loud bang. Nevertheless, his body had the resilience of an iron sheet metal under the seven-colored radiance’s stimulation. He could absorb the seventh seal’s energy into his body with ease and fused with it completely.

Soon after, it was followed by the breaking of the eighth Golden Dragon King Seal which produced another loud bang. Simultaneously, the fourth golden soul ring appeared. Tang Wulin gave out a muffled snort as all his seven orifices bled.

Even though the seven-colored radiance continued to nourish his body, he was only a human being after all. Despite absorbing so many dragon clouds and dragon souls’ energy earlier, his body still could not withstand the
stress of breaking through two seals continuously and was close to breaking down.

The silver-haired maiden bit her lower lip gently as she clasped her hands together and gave out a loud dragon’s roar toward the sky. Her body began to enlarge rapidly and transformed into a giant silver dragon a thousand meters in height. The wings behind her back spread out abruptly and blocked the seven-colored airflow from coming into contact with Tang Wulin. She used her body to withstand the seven-colored airflow’s charging force.

Tears flowed continuously down her eyes.

‘Why is it such an agony to be a human being? Is this the emotion of a human being? Is this something that we don’t have?

‘Did human beings evolve because they have such emotions?’

The seven-colored airflow infused into her body such that her silver scales were misted with a seven-colored radiance. Her aura was growing stronger with time until the entire Dragon Valley shuddered.

The enormous dragon head slowly turned around to gaze at the youth bleeding out of his seven orifices.

Chapter 727 - A Person Is Missing

Chapter 727: A Person Is Missing

‘Is this destined to be? Why, why can’t I kill him? Could it be that this is the real catastrophe for the Dragon God?’

‘Why? Why is this happening?’

‘I was supposed to kill him. Kill him and I’ll be invincible. Kill him and I can…’

‘Yet, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it! It’s such a simple matter yet I still couldn’t do it.’

Following the gradual fading of the Dragon God’s dragon soul, two diamond-shaped crystals appeared at the core position where the Dragon God’s dragon soul was at earlier. The crystals were suspended in midair, one of it was golden while the other silver. Seven-colored halos were rippling around each crystal.

Puffs of dragon clouds surged to this part of the sky. One after another, the dragon souls gathered from all around the Dragon Valley like moths
attracted to light.

They transformed into a portion of the seven-colored energy as they infused into the enormous silver body.

There were countless fissures on the thousand-meter tall silver dragon’s
scales. However, the fissures began to close little by little under the seven- colored radiance’s infusion. A layer of enamel-like texture that had
appeared on Tang Wulin’s body began to appear on her body as well. Moreover, the enamel was not colorless but had seven colors. Finally, when the final of the seven-colored halos surged into the silver giant dragon’s body, she howled at the sky. The thunderous dragon’s roar made the entire small world shake violently. The overbearing aura made the cliffs surrounding the Dragon Valley collapse.

The enormous figure gradually shrank and transformed into the silver- haired maiden once again. Her figure flashed past and she floated to the front of those two crystals. She grabbed the silver crystal and stuck it onto her chest.

She looked back at Tang Wulin who was far behind and took a deep breath. She smacked the golden crystal and sent it flying straight toward Tang Wulin.

“The day I muster the courage to kill you will be the day humans will be annihilated!” Her icy cold voice reverberated in the Dragon Valley, and in the same instant, her teardrops fell.

The golden crystal fell onto Tang Wulin’s chest and vanished immediately after flashing once. The silver-haired maiden took a step into the void and disappeared without a trace.

The small world’s massive rift was quivering in the sky.

“It’s not going to hold anymore because it’s subjected to the laws of the
world which is overpowering. What do we do, big brother?” The impressive bald man asked the black-haired man.

The black-haired man snorted. “We’ll need to hold it no matter what, even if it costs our lives. Can’t you feel it? Our lord has found the place. It’s the Dragon God’s aura. After the fall of the Dragon God, it’s the final wisp of soul fragment that put the whole Dragon Clan to sleep. Everyone buck up and hold tight.”

Silver light flashed past at this exact moment as the silver figure suddenly appeared above their heads. She raised her head and looked up at the black rift in the sky. Her hands stretched out and made a grabbing motion toward the void.

All of a sudden, it felt as if the sky was split into two halves while another massive rift that was ten times larger than before appeared.

“Go!” the silver-haired maiden shouted coldly. In the next moment, she surged skyward and vanished into the rift.

The six men and women each gave out a long howl. They then leaped toward the sky and transformed themselves into streams of radiance before diving into the massive rift. In an instant, they were gone without a trace.

The entire small world shook a bit, then the massive rift began to close.

On the mountain peak.

Radiance flashed once and Dai Yun’er appeared out of thin air.

Black One quickly took a step forward to examine her condition. He did not appear surprised although Dai Yun’er was not wearing a mask. It was
apparent that he was aware of her identity since the beginning.

After a brief examination, Black One heaved a sigh of relief. She was fine, only her state of mind was affected. Her soul power would recover since
she was no longer in the Dragon Valley. She would wake up soon without the small world’s suppression. Fortunately, the princess returned safely.

There was another flash of radiance as a figure appeared. The figure staggered for a few steps before he could steady his gait.

“Black One.” He saluted Black One respectfully.

“White Thirteen, you’re out as well?” Black One frowned. White Thirteen’s talents and power were considered the top three amongst this mission’s group of White Fighters. He did not expect that White Thirteen would come out so soon as it was not even three months yet. White Thirteen hastily spoke, “Black One, something is happening in the Dragon Valley. All the dragon clouds in the sky suddenly vanished in one particular direction. I discovered that the entire Dragon Valley was twisting
violently as if it was going to collapse just as I was beginning to explore the place. Moreover, the energy fluctuations in the Dragon Valley became very peculiar. I could see a massive rift that appeared in the sky afar, so I immediately triggered the dragon pearl and left.”

“Rift?” Black One turned pale with fear. It was highly possible that the small world was about to fall apart when spatial changes appeared in the small world.

The Dragon Valley was an extremely important small world controlled by the Tang Sect. Only the best White Fighters had the opportunity to train in the Dragon Valley so that Tang Sect could cultivate many outstanding talents. The collapse of the small world would be a great loss to the Tang Sect.

It was at this very moment when the figures appeared one after another. They were the White Fighters leaving the Dragon Valley. Everyone’s description was generally similar. Some said that they were fighting dragon souls when the dragon souls suddenly dashed wildly toward one direction. Then, the entire small world began to tremble as if it was collapsing. They left hurriedly to stay safe.

Black One began to do a headcount. The majority of his men were sent out, each following their turn in the sequence of their arrivals just now.

A gentleman would not stand under a dangerous wall. The White Fighters had all gained knowledge about the small world that it might collapse when drastic changes occurred. In fact, everything in the small world would turn to dust when it collapsed. Naturally, they dared not linger on but fled the moment signs of collapse were imminent.

“Twenty-eight, twenty-nine… Huh, one person is missing?” Black One spoke gravely, “Do a count off, begin from White One!” Black One’s expression changed just after a few persons counted off themselves. White Three was missing.

White Three was absent.

“We have lost connection with the small world,” the frail elderly man gasped in astonishment as he staggered backward a few steps. On the mountain peak, the light pattern began to darken rapidly and lost all its shine.

Black One’s gaze changed. ‘Has the small world collapsed? White Three hasn’t come out yet.’

He knew White Three’s identity just like how he was aware of White Seven! White Three was the best of Shrek Academy. Moreover, he once performed deeds of valor in one of Tang Sect’s battles.

Tang Sect was different from Star Luo Empire. Anyone who was capable of leading his team to defeat Monster Academy’s top students would certainly be a high ranking personnel in Tang Sect in the future provided he was
successful in his development. If such a person should fail, it would be a great loss to Tang Sect indeed.

He wondered what happened to him. He could only wait for White Seven to wake up before he could inquire more.

Dai Yun’er was slowly regaining her consciousness at the moment.

When she saw the fighters around her, she blinked and turned around before sitting up. To protect her identity, Black One had helped her don a new mask earlier.

“Brother Three, where are you Brother Three?” she called out before she leaped up swiftly.

Many of the fighters kept quiet.

When they learned that the Dragon Valley had lost its connection, they understood that the person might not return. This was a situation that was for certain. The collapse of a small world would annihilate everything in it all together!

White Seven stood up immediately to find Black One already facing her.

“White Seven, what happened? How were you separated from White Three? What was he doing?” Black One asked urgently.

Chapter 728 - The Missing Small World and Him

Chapter 728: The Missing Small World and Him

Dai Yun’er hastily spoke, “Black One, we found the dragon graveyard. There was an enormous seven-colored shadow within the dragon graveyard. Brother Three said that it could possibly be the Dragon God’s dragon soul.
The dragon’s awesome power was extremely overbearing that I fainted soon after. I don’t know what happened after that.”

Dragon graveyard? The numerous fighters could not help feeling surprised upon hearing those words. However, their gazes soon dulled because it did not matter anymore as the Dragon Valley had already collapsed.

Black One frowned but did not utter a word.

“Where’s Brother Three? Everyone is out, so where’s he? I want to ask him if he had gotten any soul bones,” Dai Yun’er spoke excitedly. They had
actually found the dragon graveyard. She had lost hope of getting a piece of the Dragon Clan’s soul bone herself but was hoping that Tang Wulin would have gotten it instead.

Black One was silent.

“What’s going on?” Dai Yun’er looked at the crowd in bewilderment. Her puzzled face soon showed a sign of relief. “Brother Three has yet to come out, right? Right, he’s so outstanding he’ll persevere for a longer period of time.”

Black One sighed then shook his head gently. “White Seven, the small
world of the Dragon Valley has lost its connection. It’s highly possible that it has already collapsed.” He would rather tell her the truth now since it was better a finger off than one wagging. He could sense that the princess
seemed to have feelings for Tang Wulin. Dai Yun’er was stunned for a moment at first. Soon after, she shrieked aloud, “That’s impossible.”

“That’s, that’s impossible. He was like a fish in water within the Dragon Valley. Most of the dragon souls were in awe of his bloodline power. He was the favorite in that place. We wouldn’t have made it to the dragon
graveyard without him. How could he not see that the place was collapsing? How could he not escape in time? If he could help me come out from there, he would certainly be confident to leave the place himself. Let’s try again to see if we can connect to the small world of the Dragon Valley. There must be some mistake.”

Black One shook his head. “White Seven, stay calm. You’ve learned about the small world before, and you should understand what it means to lose a connection with a small world.”

“No, no, no, no! Argh!” Dai Yun’er’s shriek reverberated in the entire mountain valley.

Tang Wulin slowly regained his consciousness after a period of time had passed.

His body was in intense pain as if his whole person was torn apart. The feeling was excruciating to say the least. The only thing he remembered was when he used his Golden Dragon Spear to poke at the dragon soul.

It was at that very instant when he regretted his action. It was an energy
capable of blotting out the sky and covering up the earth that radiated from the dragon soul. He did not expect to absorb the Dragon God’s dragon soul by himself.

At present, his entire body was in so much pain he felt like he was breaking apart. He took a few deep breaths before he managed to lessen the pain with much effort. He lowered his head to look at his body and was startled. He was astonished to find that his body appeared larger than before but there were many dense and fine tears on his skin as if his body had burst.

The tears had already formed scabs but it looked even more frightening. The scabs were in crisscross patterns which formed streaks of scars. No wonder he was in so much pain. He wondered what had happened to him!

Tang Wulin managed to calm himself before he took a rest in an attempt to balance the energy in his body.

His soul power was still suppressed but his bloodline power was easily
equalized. When Tang Wulin realized the bloodline aura was as powerful as tidal waves within his body, he was a little stunned. The tempestuous bloodline energy surged into his meridians in an instant.

His meridians, bones and internal organs were glowing in a bright golden color that was much deeper than before. The powerful bloodline energy
circulated and expunged the pain in his body at once. A flood of indescribable strength radiated through his whole body until he became numb.

Then, he saw the dense and fine scabs beginning to peel and reveal the tender skin beneath. It took only a short while before his skin was
completely healed and was like new.

The surface of his whole body felt like it was crusted with an enamel that was beyond smooth and appeared moistened with a faint gloss.


Tang Wulin exerted his strength slightly when his body floated in a flat lying position. He did a somersault and stood upright.

What a feeling of immense potency!

‘Huh, where’s the Dragon God’s dragon soul? Where’s Yun’er?’ Dai Yun’er disappeared at the same time the enormous Dragon God’s dragon soul vanished leaving behind a deserted mountain valley. Even the intense dragon-type aura fluctuation which he felt earlier and the feeling of being called was gone without a trace.

‘What’s happening here?’

Tang Wulin stared in bewilderment at his surroundings. He did not know what to do all of a sudden.

He could only sense vaguely that something happened when he was unconscious, yet he had not a clue what transpired.

After pondering awhile, Tang Wulin had an idea. He released his bloodline aura only to stare in bewilderment as four golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet and spun around his body.

Four soul rings?

How was this possible? He had only just broken through to the sixth Golden Dragon King seal recently! Not to mention the third soul ring which he
achieved recently. How did he get the fourth one?

He hastily used his inner sight to look at his Golden Dragon King Seal only to discover that two layers were missing from the seal. He was horrified.
There was a total of eighteen seals, but now there were only ten layers left. The first eight seals had disappeared.

Was it the Dragon God’s dragon soul? Was it his strength that helped me break through the two seals consecutively?

Tang Wulin felt at a loss whether to laugh or cry. Of course, it was a good thing that his power was elevated. Yet, he was only fifteen years old, and he had already broken eight seals. What would happen in the future?

He could still remember the pain he felt when he broke through the sixth seal. It seemed like it was only yesterday. He did not know how he broke
the seventh and eighth seal, but judging by the condition of his ripped skin, the process would have been terrifying and dangerous. He attempted to
contact Old Tang but he heard nothing from him. It was as if he had never existed.

In the future, he would need to face the ninth seal directly. He did not know when that would be as no one could give him an answer at the moment.

After being dumbfounded momentarily, Tang Wulin was relieved. Anyhow, it had already happened, and he could not seal off the strength which he had gained. He could not do it at all!

He would proceed without a plan then for it was better for him to work hard at elevating himself instead of regretting over past mistakes. He thought that it would be easier for him to achieve break through to the seventh seal in the future after he had absorbed so many dragon clouds and dragon souls, yet he had not expected to be at the edge of danger once again.

He had a sudden idea to unleash his Golden Dragon Claws. The Golden Dragon King scales on Tang Wulin’s body was obviously thicker and
heavier after he broke through to the eighth seal. The enamel texture could only be seen clearly up close. It had an extremely peculiar refractive radiance.

He moved his claws alternately as he crawled up toward the top of the mountain valley. He was not in a rush to use the dragon pearl to leave this place. Dai Yun’er should not be in danger at the moment. If she was dead, there should be a body. On the other hand, if she was missing, then she
would be sent outside when her dragon pearl was triggered.

Now that the Dragon God’s dragon soul was gone, he would need to leave this place to find out what happened.

Tang Wulin still saw a boundless stretch of dragon bones after he crawled to the surface of the Dragon Valley.

The powerful aura of the Dragon Clan still remained with the bones. Also, the sorrow that had once tainted Tang Wulin’s emotions. Tang Wulin took a few days to get to the edge of the dragon graveyard before he crawled onto the surface. He could vaguely feel that there had been changes in the Dragon Valley, and it would be related to the disappearance of the Dragon God’s dragon soul. Yet, he could not tell what happened specifically.

Tang Wulin had already achieved many gains himself. As for the Dragon Clan’s soul bones, he was interested before he came, but he did not wish to find a soul bone from those skeletons at the moment.

Was it time to leave?

Under normal circumstances, there was nothing for him to gain anymore, so it would be time for him to leave. However, Tang Wulin felt like his heart
was being weighed down by a boulder ever since he entered the dragon graveyard.

The Golden Dragon King Bloodline made him who he was today. If the legend was true, the Golden Dragon King was half of the Dragon God. If that were the case, he would be considered a part of the Dragon Clan.

He was truly feeling uneasy in his heart as he watched helplessly at the numerous Dragon Clan’s bones scattered throughout the wilderness.

Each time he was involved with martial souls and battles related to the Dragon Clan, the Golden Dragon King Bloodline was always the crucial
contributor to his victory over the enemies. It was precisely this bloodline’s strength that allowed him to take one step at a time to this day. Otherwise, he would not even know whether he had the confidence to continue his

Chapter 729 - Boring But Enriching Days

Chapter 729: Boring But Enriching Days

The Dragon Clan’s bloodline made him. In return, he should do something for the Dragon Clan as well. At least, it was the best form of cleansing and cultivation for his soul.

Tang Wulin did not hesitate anymore at this point as he used his Golden Dragon Claws to dig a hole at the edge of the dragon graveyard valley.

No doubt about it, he was digging a hole.

Even though he did not have any soul power, his pair of Golden Dragon Claws were incredibly sharp. His foot stomped down with Dragon Shakes
the Earth to create a large hole in the ground. Moving his body, he launched the Tang Sect Technique.

With the speed and agility of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Mysterious Jade Hands, in addition to the Golden Dragon Claws, he
became a superb excavator while Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon helped to shove the soil away.

It only took a few hours for him to dig a huge hole. Then, he placed the skeleton of a dragon nearest to him cautiously into the huge hole.

It would be much easier to just pile the bones into the hole. However, in order to retain the entire skeletal dragon’s shape, he would need to be extra careful in piecing together the dragon bones.

He spent an entire day to bury the first dragon skeleton.

For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin felt the dreary aura on his body fade when the first skeleton was buried in the soil. Even the energy fluctuation on the dragon skeleton weakened a lot following the burial. A sense of achievement arose spontaneously when he was done burying the first dragon skeleton. Even though there were still boundless skeletons remaining, Tang Wulin could not be more determined than ever.

He spent an entire day to bury a real dragon skeleton that was rather small.
It was apparent that he would need much more time to bury the next
skeleton. It was difficult to estimate how much time he needed specifically, but Tang Wulin had made up his mind to continue. Certainly, he would
complete the task just like how he was determined, in the beginning, to be a soul master.

He forgot about time and began to live his idea of burying the dragons by using Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth as his aids. Gradually, Tang Wulin streamlined both these skills. If he were to pierce the ground with the Golden Dragon Spear, and then unleash the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth through his Golden Dragon Spear, he could create an even larger hole. The method he used to transmit his bloodline power when he unleashed it became indispensable to him.

Thus, he began to cultivate these two self-created soul skills without realizing it.

The dense dragon-type energy fluctuation guided the small world’s origin energy to accumulate within the dragon graveyard naturally.

Tang Wulin witnessed for himself how a dragon soul appeared.

On the seventh day, the origin energy suddenly surged violently next to an enormous dragon skeleton since he began burying the bones. Then, a dragon soul slowly appeared. The energy condensed for a total of two hours before a real dragon’s dragon soul appeared.

What caught Tang Wulin by surprise was that the real dragon’s dragon soul ran toward his direction immediately after it appeared. Later, it transformed into streams of radiance that fused into Tang Wulin before he could even react. Tang Wulin’s only concern was whether his food could last until he was done burying all the dragon bones. Even though it was his intention, he
would not starve to death over it. So, he was prepared to stop when he was out of food.

Nonetheless, the dense origin energy and the nourishment from the real dragon’s aura were more nutritious than any other food. Hence, Tang Wulin was capable of sustaining for one more day without any food.

Out of the blue, Tang Wulin spoke aloud when he saw the large stretch of dragon bones, “All of you have consciousness, right?” He suddenly realized that these dragon bones must have consciousness, otherwise, they would not have condensed the dragon souls and fused into his body. They were helping him which meant that they agreed to his action of burying them so they could rest in peace.

He now had more confidence and determination to continue his task.

“If all of you will allow me to bury you so you can rest in peace, then, please help me to condense some energy once in a while. I can sustain myself continuously if you do so. Don’t worry, I swear in your presence that I will never leave this place until every single one of you is buried in peace.”

A series of mild energy fluctuations seemed to be generated from the entire dragon graveyard valley when Tang Wulin was done speaking. In addition, it was a joyous fluctuation instead of the initial dreary aura. The ghastly pale color of those pieces of soul bones had turned crystal clear.

‘They are joyous. They are joyous about what I am doing.’

Tang Wulin smiled with satisfaction. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and remained in silence continuing the tedious activity of burying the bones.

While the Dragon Clan’s skeletons were being buried, Tang Wulin’s knowledge of the different types of real dragon’s skeletons improved. Later, he did not need to make comparisons to identify the type of dragon. He could then place the skeletons into the holes he dug accordingly without making any mistakes.

Tang Wulin was not aware of how long he had stayed in the place because there was no timekeeper. A real dragon’s dragon soul would be condensed every day before fusing into his body for his sustenance.

Tang Wulin spent all his time digging holes and burying the bones except when he had his eight hours of meditation and rest.

The process was undoubtedly boring, but Tang Wulin was from a forging background so he was used to the boredom. He did not notice the Dragon Clan’s aura on his body was becoming thicker with each day’s passing.

The dreary aura in the Dragon Clan’s graveyard was growing weaker following the burial of the dragon bones. Tang Wulin became increasingly relaxed even though he worked hard persistently.

Tang Wulin saw many Dragon Clan soul bones which were on almost every giant dragon’s skeleton. It was easily distinguishable as any piece of bone that was not white was certainly the soul bone.

It deserved to be called the real dragon’s world because every type of dragon skeleton was available. In spite of its availability, Tang Wulin did not take any soul bone for himself.

It was a misfortune for these true dragons to suffer such a calamity. How could he remove their soul bones?

Tang Wulin repeated the same dull action daily with such strong emotions tugging at his heart.

The place that was initially full of dragon bones eventually became free of them as the days went by.

“We can’t wait anymore. The diplomatic corps is about to depart. We have already notified Tang Sect. If Tang Wulin is found, then Tang Sect will figure out a way to bring him back.”

It had been a year. It had already been a full year since they came to Star Luo Continent.

Shrek Academy’s squad had followed Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps in a number of missions for the past year. First, they were attacked by the Green Skeleton Rebellion, then they participated in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, and finally, they traveled throughout the continent.

They had learned a lot from the Star Luo Continent’s trip where most of the knowledge they acquired was not available on Douluo Continent.

If not for Tang Wulin’s disappearance, the diplomatic corps’ trip would have been downright perfect.

Sadly, Tang Wulin had disappeared since he parted company with them.

Wu Zhangkong brought the bad news from Tang Sect that Tang Wulin disappeared in a mission to the small world which had lost connection with Star Luo Continent. This could only mean they might have lost their captain for eternity.

The Shrek squad was in disbelief when they received the news. It was truly unthinkable that their captain had disappeared.

Nonetheless, they had no choice but to admit this was the hard truth after the unerring confirmation from Tang Sect. Tang Wulin had truly disappeared, or it could be said that he had fallen.

These fifteen or sixteen-year-old children had just realized that human lives could be so fragile.

The Douluo Continent diplomatic corps should have left a month ago. Yet, Elder Cai, as the leader of Shrek Academy, proposed to wait for a while longer so that she could discuss with Tang Sect to figure out a way to locate the missing small world.

Chapter 730 - Burying the Dragon for a Thousand Days

Chapter 730: Burying the Dragon for a Thousand Days

However, even the powerful Tang Sect had no way to confirm the situation in the small world due to the change in the space-time properties of that realm. It was already an impressive act for them to utilize a small world, so how could they search for a fallen small world then?

However, a month was still wasted and they would need to return today.

Gu Yue stood quietly on the ship’s bow as she looked into the distance.
Ever since Tang Wulin parted ways with the group, she sank into deep
silence. She was even quieter after discovering Tang Wulin’s disappearance, to the point that she would not utter even a single word throughout the day.

Although everyone had an anxious heart, they were truly helpless when it came to a small world that had gone missing. There was absolutely no way to find him!

“He’s a cat with nine lives. The captain will be fine for sure,” Yue Zhengyu sighed as he spoke.

Xu Xiaoyan pouted her lips. “We shouldn’t have come on this trip if we knew that it would go so badly!”

Yuanen Yehui sighed before speaking, “What’s the point of saying this now? He’s already missing. I don’t understand why he left us in the beginning and refused to join us in our travel.

At that moment, everyone’s’ gaze fell on Gu Yue in unison.

Although they did not exactly understand what was going on, they could roughly guess that Tang Wulin’s departure was related to Gu Yue. It was only because both of them kept to themselves that everyone else remained in guessing.

Xie Xie could not help but ask Gu Yue, “Hey, Tang Wulin has been missing for so long, aren’t you even a little anxious?”

Gu Yue looked toward him as she suddenly spoke, “He’s going to be fine.”

Xie Xie’s eyes reddened when Gu Yue said that. “What do you mean he’s going to be fine. He has been missing for so long, what did you do aside from keeping to yourself? You barely even uttered a word! We’ve all done our best to look for him and yet, you were so quiet you didn’t even say
anything. It wasn’t like this when we were still in the academy. Why have you changed into this?”

“That’s enough.” Yuanen Yehui tugged at Xie Xie arm.

Although he was a little impulsive, he definitely managed to voice out some of their companions’ thoughts.

Gu Yue had truly changed ever since they arrived on Star Luo Continent.

“I’ll be waiting for his return to Shrek,” Gu Yue seemed completely unaffected by Xie Xie’s words as she muttered to herself.

“Huff, huff, huff, huff!” At this exact moment, Tang Wulin was gasping for big gulps of air but his eyes were filled with excitement.

The entire Dragon Clan graveyard was now empty and spacious. There was only one final skeleton that lay before him. It was also the largest one
amongst all the true dragon skeletons which belonged to the Mountain Dragon King.

The Mountain Dragon King was not only large in its overall volume, but
every piece of its bone was also the largest among the rest in size. The high- density skeletons had an indescribable texture. It felt heavy, compressed,
and it was as if every piece was a portion a mountain or river. Tang Wulin dismantled its skeleton with great effort and spent at least a dozen times longer than what he needed for the regular true dragon bones before he managed to place the bones into a deep hole he had dug.

It was a thousand-meter-deep hole! After digging the hole, he lost track of how long he took to make that hole so deep.

The soul skills he created and those from his bloodline were used thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of times from when he started burying the bones. At this point in time, it had already become second nature to his body.

“Goodbye! I’m finally leaving when I’m done burying you.” Tang Wulin looked at the Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton and smiled. Then, he began to push the surrounding soil into the giant hole. Yes, this is the final push!
Once he completed the burial of the Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton, his vow would be complete.

The dreary aura within the Dragon Clan graveyard had already vanished. Tang Wulin made some changes to the sides of the tombstones by planting small plants beside it. After planting them, they seemed to be growing
extremely well and they added a touch of green along with a source of life to the Dragon Clan graveyard.

“Hum!” A ball of yellow radiance condensed by the Mountain Dragon
King’s side. Another dragon soul appeared just like the day before it dashed at Tang Wulin once again.

The dragon soul was still humongous. It still had a height of more than thirty meters despite only having ten percent of the Mountain Dragon
King’s strength. It had no wings so it seemed a little clumsy as it crawled out of the hole.

Tang Wulin could not help laughing. “I’ve been telling you since yesterday that there’s no need for that! Keep the energy for yourself. I can leave when I’m done burying you.” The humongous dragon soul arrived before Tang Wulin’s face. It did not open its mouth but its deep eyes were filled with the light of intellect. Its hind legs began bending as it slowly kneeled before Tang Wulin. The dragon soul lowered its head and rubbed its humungous head against his body. Then, streams of yellow light instantly began surging into Tang Wulin’s body like a swarm of bees.

The dragon soul formed from the Mountain Dragon King was the densest among the other dragon bones. Tang Wulin would not starve or feel
any thirst for the next seven days and nights after absorbing its dragon soul just once.

His body felt bloated once again and the soil in his surroundings seemed like they were being drawn into the giant hole on their own accord.

Tang Wulin smiled. It had proven itself as the Mountain Dragon King! Even the remnants remaining in its skeleton was capable of such powers.

The giant hole was gradually filled while the Mountain Dragon King’s
enormous body gradually disappeared and with that, the final dragon was buried.

The Mountain Dragon King’s dragon soul gradually faded as well while its energy was continuously absorbed into Tang Wulin’s body.

“Ahh.” Tang Wulin suddenly let out a gentle sigh because he saw a translucent bone that was gradually appeared in the Mountain Dragon
King’s gradually fading soul. The bone seemed slightly peculiar with the endless striations on its surface along with a gentle glow that made it incomparably dazzling.

‘This is… A soul bone?’

“Hey, you’ve left out a piece of your own bone. I’ll bury it later,” Tang Wulin hastily spoke to the giant hole that was gradually being filled.

However, the soul of the Mountain Dragon King that was almost faded
shook its head at him. It raised its front claw and pointed it at him. Then, it pointed toward itself once more before nodding at him.

Tang Wulin asked in astonishment, “Are you saying that you want to gift it to me?

The Mountain Dragon King nodded. Tang Wulin could see an intense and extreme kindness in its eyes.


The crystal clear soul bone shimmering with a dazzling radiance flew to
Tang Wulin. He did not manage to react as it surged into his body following the dragon soul’s energy.

Within a split second, Tang Wulin could only feel his body turning heavy as he subconsciously sat on the ground. His entire now felt frozen, and the only thing he felt was as if he had turned into a mountain. A mountain
connected to the ground with an endless surge of energy surging toward it from every direction before they fused into his body.

At this moment, he seemed to hear the giant dragons cheer with joyous dragon roars from beneath the ground. It was as if they were thanking his deeds.

The dreariness was now gone as they had finally found a home that truly belonged to them. Tang Wulin smiled. Yes, they were now resting in peace in a quiet place. It finally allowed them to rest after their death regardless of how they were when they were alive. They could finally regard this stretch of land as their home.

He hoped that nobody would ever come and disturb them in the future any longer.

Tang Wulin pursed his lips with a gentle smile on his face. “My friends, I’m not sure how I should address all of you. I’ve been spending all this time together with you and although I’ve been doing the same thing every single day, I’ve never felt a single dull moment for some reason. I can feel the
emotional fluctuations radiating from every single one of you and I can feel your pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy. Thank you, for keeping me company. Although I haven’t the slightest idea how long I’ve been here, I’ll never regret it. This moment… I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”
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