The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 711-720

Chapter 711 - Shopping

Chapter 711: Shopping

Tang Wulin’s stomach was rumbling like frogs croaking at night. He was sulking as he walked around the town. He came across many of the shops, but none were open.

He was famished!

‘Forget about it. I should go hunting then.’

Tang Wulin looked at his surroundings as he thought of this. He gazed at the direction he was going to take and dashed off into the forest on the fringes of the town.

He coaxed his mind gently as Bluesilver Emperor vines spread out from his body. The Bluesilver Emperor had evolved at sea before staying in Star Luo City, and Tang Wulin had yet to unleash it in its natural environment.

At the moment when the vines had just begun to spread outward, he could immediately sense that the surrounding forest appeared brighter. He did not even need the Purple Demon Eyes to clearly perceive his surroundings in the absence of light.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines not only enhanced his vision but also
communicated with all the surrounding plants. It was as if there was a large, invisible net that was spreading outward at high speed, rapidly expanding his mind while heightening his senses.

The feeling was truly amazing!

Tang Wulin delayed no further in sitting cross-legged at the same spot. At that moment, he felt the soul power in his body double. The thick, dense origin energy was accumulating along the Bluesilver Emperor vines in all directions.

Eating provided the nutrients for conversion to energy. The origin energy absorbed through the Bluesilver Emperor was now innumerably more powerful than before. Tang Wulin could undoubtedly feel his soul power amplify.

‘Is this the true benefit of the Bluesilver Emperor?’ It was not only his soul power, but even his spiritual world that was growing more accessible.

‘This was simply splendid!’

He entered the meditative state soon after. His surroundings became tranquil except for the blades of the Bluesilver Emperor that were entangled among the plants.

His mind expanded progressively until Tang Wulin could clearly feel the plants’ kindness and worship of his aura.

The Bluesilver Emperor’s aura triggered the plants’ emerging intelligence so much so that the plants were continuously transferring the origin energy
to Tang Wulin. He would then absorb a portion of the origin energy through his breath while deflecting the remaining portion into the surroundings. The plants’ regurgitation effect on the origin energy tainted with Bluesilver Emperor’s aura far exceeded their absorption ability.

Tang Wulin was now the favorite of the floras. All the plants were enlivened by his arrival.

As Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation, the sounds of bugs and birds chirping grew louder.

The sun illuminated every corner of the land as the plants began photosynthesizing. Tang Wulin was disturbed as he had missed the hour to cultivate Purple Demon Eyes. Normally, this would have been impossible because he had devised his own biological clock. His face showed a faint smile because last night’s cultivation was truly
amazing! He no longer felt hungry but could apparently feel his soul power being elevated. If he were to cultivate at this rate, he would only need
another one or two years to achieve rank-50!

‘This was precisely the Bluesilver Emperor’s power!’

Tang Wulin stretched himself satisfyingly before he sprung up. ‘It’s time for a meal, and it’s morning, so the shops should be open.’

Tang Wulin emerged from the forest and returned to the small town.

Since it was still morning, there was not much activity in the tavern. As
expected, the shops in the small town were already opened with whiffs of sweet scents blowing into his face.

Tang Wulin rushed to the delicatessen at once.

The scent of cooked meat was from the deli where a huge pot filled with big chunks of beef was cooking at the doorstep.

“Boss, are you open for business?” Tang Wulin swallowed a gulp of saliva hastily.

“Not yet, the meat will need to cook for a while.” The obese boss came walking over with a smile on his face and added ingredients into the pot.

“Can I place an order in advance?” Tang Wulin asked eagerly before removing some Star Luo Empire coins which he had acquired earlier.

“Of course you can. Little brother, how much do you want?” the boss asked cheerfully.

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll take all you have!”

The boss was stunned for a moment. “All I have? You must be joking.”

Tang Wulin spoke earnestly, “Of course not. I can pay you in advance. Boss, how much cooked food can you make in a morning?” The boss answered, “You must be one of the fighters who arrived last night, right? A White Fighter’s credit shouldn’t be much of a problem. My shop may not be big, but only my shop sells cooked food in this town. I still have a lot of food in my ice cellar. So, if you’re asking for all the food I have, I have a lot. I have at least eight pounds. Could it be you want all eight pounds?”

Tang Wulin was overjoyed in his heart. He hastily inquired further, “Are they all cooked meat?”

“Hmm. I’ll need to have some in my storage anyhow, and I have many varieties. The small town cannot consume that much so I send some to the city periodically. Our cooked meats are beef, mutton, and pork using biodynamic agriculture so it tastes better than the ones in the city. It’s very popular.”

“I’ll take it all!” Tang Wulin paid the boss without the slightest hesitation.
“Please help me pack these up, and I’ll come to pick it up later. Though you have to prepare it before noon… Do you think you can do it? Plenty is no plague.”

Eight pounds will be enough for his consumption for twenty days.

The boss stared at him in bewilderment. “Young lad, what are you going to do with so much cooked meat?”

“Of course it’s for me to eat! Alright, please prepare it for me then. I think the meat here is almost cooked. I’ll take a bite first! You can bill me later.” Tang Wulin stretched his hand and picked up a chunk of cooked meat from the pot. He immediately took big mouthfuls, not worrying about the heat.

With his Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s body constitution, the temperature barely affected him.

The small town’s pace was slower than the city’s. The city would have been busy by now but the small town had just awakened. Yesterday’s hunger had a negative psychological impact on Tang Wulin. He strolled around the small town and relied on his many storage soul tools to place orders for the food in the shops, eating as he shopped. Finally, he felt full after the stroll.

The sun had already risen by three poles when Tang Wulin returned to the tavern. The fighters were only now waking up. It was rather quiet as hardly anyone chatted due to the mask’s obstruction. Everyone was minding their own business.

Tang Wulin realized there was nowhere he could go when he walked into the tavern. White Seven had thrown him out last night so she would probably not allow him into the room. He wondered if she was awake.

Tang Wulin regarded White Seven as an acquaintance. He had no feelings for her. It was improper for men and women to have physical contact, and he was not used to sleeping in the same room with a girl. Moreover, he had benefited from yesterday’s meditation in the forest so his mood was utterly unaffected by his predicament.

Soon, Black One appeared on the outside of the tavern’s entrance. In a short while, many White Fighters hurriedly gathered outside the tavern.

Black One made a headcount and spoke with a deep voice, “Alright, you’re temporarily dismissed so you can settle your personal affairs. We’ll depart in the afternoon.”

“Yes!” answered the group in unison respectfully.

After the dismissal, Tang Wulin took a stroll to where he had ordered his food. He had stored a variety of food in his storage box and did not have to worry about being hungry again as the food he bought would last him a month even with his voracious appetite.

“You don’t have anything to sell? How long do I still have to wait?”

On the way back, he heard the other fighters purchasing food, but the shops were out of food. Time was needed to prepare additional food so the fighters would have to wait patiently.

Tang Wulin smirked, ‘You’re going to have to wait. Whose problem is it when you wake up late? It’s the early bird that catches the worm.’

He found a place to sit when he returned to the tavern while waiting to depart. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s gaze held still for a moment as he inadvertently saw White Seven returning with a glass of fruit juice in her hand.

White Seven saw him as well. She walked slowly toward him seeing that he was bored sitting there.

“Hey, where were you last night?” White Seven asked.

Tang Wulin answered, “I found a place outside to meditate.” White Seven nodded as she walked into the tavern.
Tang Wulin thought to himself, ‘She’s one fussy, arrogant girl.’

Chapter 712 - Enter the Dragon Valley

Chapter 712: Enter the Dragon Valley

The group departed in the afternoon. They did not board a bus this time because there was no way a bus could maneuver through the mountains. To reach their destination, they would need to go on foot.

However, it was certainly not a problem for anyone as each of them had achieved at least four rings.

Under Black One’s lead, they marched deeper into the forest.

Upon entering the forest, Tang Wulin could immediately feel the kindness radiating from the surrounding plants due to last night’s meditation. The plants were like his children that admired him with awe.

Simultaneously, Tang Wulin’s soul power was fluctuating intensely. The origin energy surged within his body. Even when not meditating, he was being subtly transformed under the influence of the origin energy.

“You look a little odd. Isn’t there an aura emanating from your body?” asked White Seven as she walked past Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “How do I know?”

White Seven frowned under her mask. ‘How did his aura suddenly turn fresh and fragrant? Moreover, there’s a faint sense of harmony that’s radiating from his body.’

White Seven had potent spiritual powers especially her acute senses. It
suddenly dawned upon her that White Three’s martial soul was related to plants. That explained why a plant-type soul master would have increased powers in the forest. The horde advanced swiftly despite the forest’s rugged terrain.

The forest’s atmosphere in the afternoon was exuberant and refreshing.
With his origin energy accumulating, Tang Wulin felt increasingly energetic.

The terrain’s elevation was now higher as they had trekked for over two hours. It was becoming an arduous climb.

Black One studied the weather and spoke urgently, “We’ll need to pick up the pace a little. Otherwise, we won’t arrive before sundown. Everyone follow closely and don’t fall behind.” He then stretched his legs and sped forward.

The White Fighters stepped forward rapidly one after another behind him.

Although their cultivation had improved significantly, it was still difficult to assess their rankings.

Tang Wulin was running like a fleeting cheetah, its gait sturdy yet balanced.

White Seven appeared as agile by his side. Her agility gave her the speed in overcoming the obstacles in the forest and also conserved her energy.

Just as how she could tell that Tang Wulin was a plant-type soul master,
Tang Wulin could also figure out that White Seven was an agility-type soul master.

Finally, after crossing a few mountains, they arrived at the top of a high mountain peak just as dusk was approaching.

Vegetation was sparse here. It was, at least, two thousand meters above sea level with snow covering the ground. The temperature had dropped quite a bit.

There was a stone cottage on the mountain peak. It could sense their presence as someone walked out from the cottage.

The tall elderly man was hunched. He held an ebony cane in his hand. “Elder Wu.” Black One strode forward and saluted the elderly man with much respect.

Tang Wulin was surprised. Black One already had a high ranking in the
Battle Soul Hall. He was, at least, an eight-ring Douluo-ranked powerhouse, and also a three-word battle armor master. Yet, he treated this ailing elderly man with such respect. It was apparent that this elderly man was no ordinary person!

Elder Wu nodded to Black One as his gaze swept through the thirty White Fighters standing behind Black One. He raised his head ever so slightly and spoke, “The quality of this batch of youths is acceptable. They have prepared well.”

Black One nodded.

“Get ready then.” Elder Wu did not speak much as he walked toward the summit next to his stone cottage.

Black One turned around to face the White Fighters. “I’ve already briefed you on this mission. What you have to do is simple. Stay as long as you can in Dragon Valley. This is the best opportunity for all of you to benefit from the Battle Soul Hall. Anyone who is capable of staying for more than three months will be immediately promoted to a Yellow Fighter. Those who stay for less than a month will be dismissed as a fighter.”

‘Will it be better the longer one stays in Dragon Valley?’

Tang Wulin heart skipped a beat since he was curious about the Dragon Valley.

Elder Wu had already walked to the side of the summit’s cliff. He tapped the ground lightly with his ebony cane. A rush of surging soul power
suddenly burst forth from his body. His soul rings had crept up his body. Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, black, black. Amazingly, there were a total of nine soul rings!

He was a nine-ringed Title Douluo.

Many of the White Fighters unwittingly stood upright upon seeing those brilliant nine soul rings. A Title Douluo was the peak in a soul master’s world. It was also the goal which everyone pursued diligently!

A white soul ring rippled through Elder Wu’s body. It was only then that they saw beams of light radiating from beneath Elder Wu’s feet.

They were in awe as the light patterns were complicated, yet appeared magnificent. The lights were like soul circuits but looked more primitive.

Those White Fighters aware of soul circuits could not help frowning because these light patterns did not belong to any type of modern soul circuits.

The light patterns radiated outward extending to a radius of fifty meters. Mist arose from the light beams as its aura grew in intensity.

Elder Wu’s soul power kept increasing, so much so he was using his soul power to illuminate the light beams beneath his feet.

Tang Wulin stood there feeling his pulsating heartbeat. He felt a little queer as if something was summoning him.

His heart skipped a beat each time a white soul ring rippled, but his heart was thumping stronger than usual.

His blood surging with a pulsating heartbeat, Tang Wulin felt as if his
arteries and veins were about to explode. He was trying his best to control the aura enveloping his body.

Elder Wu suddenly raised the ebony cane in his hand as he straightened his hunched back. In the next instant, he turned into an awakening dragon.
There was no longer any glistening soul ring. His body began to swell,
while a pair of enormous wings spread out behind his back. Finally, he was a fifteen-meter long giant dragon with its entire body shimmering in bluish purple radiance.

‘Is this… the martial soul avatar? A seven-ring soul sage’s unique ability?’

Elder Wu’s martial soul was akin to the legendary martial soul Blue Electric Overlord Dragon!

“Roar!” snarled Elder Wu. The white light fluctuating on the ground
suddenly grew in intensity. The light ripples formed a halo with a multitude of colors and transformed into a column of light that surged skyward.

The sky was torn apart by the light pillar. The multicolored radiance then diffused revealing an enormous gap.

This was…

The legion of White Fighters gawked in bewilderment at the pitch black gap in the sky. This was the first time anyone had ever seen such a remarkable and bizarre sight.

“When you face an imminent crisis in Dragon Valley, activate the dragon pearl. Then you’ll be teleported out. Begin to enter!”

Black One hollered as his body flashed past and halted behind a White Fighter. He grabbed hold of the White Fighter’s shoulder while his other hand grabbed the companion’s shoulder. “Hold your partner’s hand.”

The two White Fighters promptly held each other’s palm and, in the next moment, Black One extended his arms and threw them into the gaping black hole. The two figures plunged into the breach and vanished.

Chapter 713 - A Small World

Chapter 713: A Small World

“Hold hands!” Black One’s figure sped by reaching both Tang Wulin and White Seven who were second in line.

Tang Wulin turned to look at White Seven and extended his right arm.
White Seven was reluctant, but she eventually reached out to hold his hand. Both of them leapt as if they were treading on clouds and floating on mist. They headed straight toward the breach.

The instant they took flight, Tang Wulin felt White Seven’s tightening grip on his hand revealing her anxiety.

‘Is she afraid? She’s a fighter, but she’s so timid.’

The thought occupied his mind when Tang Wulin felt his vision go dark. Soon, he felt the sky and earth twirling and whirling. Everything started to blur, and he felt as if space itself was warped.

Acting on reflex, he clutched White Seven’s hand tightly.

The tugging persisted for a while in the darkness. Suddenly, light reappeared. Then, a weightless feeling.

Tang Wulin realized then that they were free-falling. He quickly drew a deep breath to activate the soul power within him.

However, he did not notice that a special energy had channeled into him.
His soul power was suppressed until he could hardly unleash an ounce of it.

Black One had mentioned that they would be unable to utilize their martial souls in Dragon Valley. ‘Is this what he meant?’ As expected, Tang Wulin could not activate his Bluesilver Grass. Meanwhile, they were plummeting at a blinding speed.

“Ah! My martial soul!” White Seven screamed. She was obviously flustered, and she struggled with all her might.

Tang Wulin looked down. The ground was coming up fast toward them. With his quick wit, he yanked White Seven toward him and hugged her tightly. As soon as he touched the ground, he rolled sideways with White Seven still in his embrace.

He was blessed with the Golden Dragon King bloodline which gave him formidable strength. He had broken much of the fall with his powerful legs. Rolling upon impact, he managed to disperse the remaining energy.

White Seven’s arms were tightly wrapped around his neck. Her body shivered as she was obviously in shock.

Tang Wulin had wrapped his arms around her waist. His arms acted as supports to cushion their fall.

By the time they stopped moving, White Seven was prostrated on Wulin’s chest, and her petite frame shaking. Her body was soft and supple with a sweet scent. Wulin felt awkward with her body pressing on his chest.

“Ugh!” White Seven had also noticed the impropriety of their situation. She quickly shoved him away, putting some distance between their bodies.

Tang Wulin gently nudged her and sat up.

White Seven’s breathing was a little labored. Simultaneously, they looked up at the cloudless, azure sky.

“We seem to have been sent to another dimension,” Tang Wulin said amazed.

White Seven appeared to have calmed down. She stood up abruptly and executed a few jumps on the spot. “What other dimension? This is a small world in a dimensional rift.” “A small world?” Tang Wulin looked at her in surprise.
White Seven said, “Don’t you know, on Star Luo Continent, there are many similar small dimensional rifts? A majority of them are highly unstable and may be destroyed at any time. But, there are also a few dimensional rifts that are stable with their interiors connected to various unique places. These places are like fragmented continents. They have their own ecosystems but aren’t planets. They are a world unto its own. If the dimensional rift becomes unstable, these small worlds could be destroyed. Moreover, all the small worlds are attached to the big worlds. For example, Douluo Star is a big world. When the small world is forming, it represents a segment of the big world. How did you become a white fighter? Haven’t you taken the
small world space theory class?”

Of course, Tang Wulin had not. This was knowledge that was exclusive to Star Luo Continent. After White Seven’s exposition, which he did not fully comprehend, he got the impression that Star Luo Continent was indeed unique and amazing.

“I can’t activate my soul power, and my martial soul too,” remarked Tang Wulin to White Seven.

“I can’t as well, but my physique is still intact,” murmured White Seven.

Tang Wulin nodded. He was not flustered because he was not your typical Soul Master. Even without his soul power, he had his bloodline power and his inborn superhuman strength. His bloodline ring was not affected by soul power, thus, his strength remained.

However, Tang Wulin had no intention of using his bloodline ring on a whim, because it would be too conspicuous.

News of Shrek Academy’s victory over Monster Academy had spread throughout Star Luo Continent. He was reluctant to reveal his identity as he did not want to be discriminated, like a mouse in a crowded street, in Star Luo Continent’s circle of Soul Masters. If White Seven knew his identity, he was afraid that they would not be able to cooperate further. After all, in her eyes, he was still an outsider.

Since the other Soul Masters accomplished their missions in Dragon Valley without revealing their identities, he should be able to do it too. He would expose his bloodline ring only as a last resort.

Tang Wulin got up. His spiritual powers stirred as he instinctively
connected to his storage space. Fortunately, although his soul power was
suppressed, he managed to use his storage soul tool. He blended it with his spiritual power and soul power. His spiritual power consumption was higher than usual.

A light flashed. Two small hammers appeared in Tang Wulin’s hands.

Concurrently, two daggers appeared in White Seven’s hands. Obviously, she was also prepared.

When she glanced at the two Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers unleashed by Tang Wulin, White Seven asked incredulously, “You’re also a blacksmith?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “Of course! In Dragon Valley, it would be better if we had a mecha. Too bad.”

White Seven snorted, “Don’t you wish? In this small world, you can’t use a mecha even if you had one. The power source for a mecha is still soul power. Even the soul power batteries would be suppressed here. There
seems to be a mechanism suppressing soul power in this small world. I’ve heard that whoever fully understands the dynamics of the small worlds will be able to alter the structure of the Continents’ Soul Masters’ realm.”

“Oh?” Tang Wulin queried, “Has anyone understood it then?”

White Seven shook her head. “Not yet. Soul Masters with five rings and above can’t enter this space. It may be possible that these Soul Masters won’t be suppressed in here, but will be rejected by the space instead, making them unable to enter this small world. It’s not easy to study and understand the dynamics of a small world. Stop thinking and let’s explore the area. It has been said that the fighters who stayed in Dragon Valley for a certain duration would feel as though they were born anew when they got out.”

Tang Wulin nodded. He wielded his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers in his hands and took the lead.

He had, only now, begun paying attention to his surroundings. They seemed to be in a hilly area. There was vegetation around them, but it was not lush. They stood atop a hill and gazed into the distance. However, they could not see far due to the mist.

In the unseen world, Tang Wulin was suddenly overcome with sadness. Even he himself was uncertain why such a feeling would arise, but he had the emotion nonetheless.

No animals were seen. The entire small world appeared tranquil. Tang Wulin surveyed his location before he commenced walking.

White Seven clasped her daggers as she followed behind him. They traversed several hills, finally, reaching an open space in the distance.

After they started their journey, Tang Wulin noticed a subtle difference in this world.

The gravity of this small world was slightly stronger than Star Luo
Continent’s. It was not much stronger, only about 0.5 times. That was why they did not feel it initially. However, as time went by, it became apparent.

After walking for about two hours, White Seven was gasping. With her
four-ring Soul Master’s physique, she would not be in such a state normally.
On the other hand, Tang Wulin, with his gritty physique, was hardly affected.

“Shall we rest a while?” Tang Wulin turned to look at White Seven. White Seven nodded.

Chapter 714 - Parting Ways

Chapter 714: Parting Ways

Tang Wulin found a large, shady tree and deftly climbed it. He sat on a branch and gazed into the distance. Having confirmed there were no dangers, he raised his thumb toward White Seven waiting below.

White Seven found a clean spot and sat down. She then grabbed a bottle of water from her storage soul tool to quench her thirst.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had stuffed a large flatbread with some beef and was munching away. To him, food was indispensable. Now that he could not use his soul power, it was even more critical to keep his bloodline in peak condition.

White Seven glanced at Tang Wulin who was sitting on a branch. Her stomach was growling. She had not eaten since this morning. She was
going to buy some food but ended up empty-handed as all the shops in town had long queues.

At present, she was eyeing Wulin enjoying his food. She was starving having walked for two hours. However, she was too dignified to ask for food.

She had not exactly been kind toward Tang Wulin and did not allow him to sleep in the room. In fact, she had kept her distance from him. If she were to ask him for food now, she would lose her pride.

Being on higher ground and having a good view, he caught sight of White Seven salivating. He snickered with pleasure but kept it to himself. He had always been cynical. Although White Seven gave him a hard time, he was not a person who took it to heart. They would spend at least three months together. It was better to adapt to each other’s idiosyncrasies. He needed to tone down White Seven’s
arrogant behavior.

After he finished his meal, Tang Wulin took a sip of water. He looked at White Seven who was sitting below the tree and mused. ‘She’s really obstinate!’

As he thought this, he took out another flatbread and some beef. Without a second thought, he gobbled that down as well.

White Seven could no longer contain her hunger which made her sulked. When did she ever had to endure such hardship? She stood up and lashed out at Tang Wulin.

“Give me some food,” her tone was harsh. She was incorrigible.

Tang Wulin paid no attention to her. It was as if he had not heard her at all. “Hey, I’m talking to you. Are you listening?” shouted White Seven angrily. “There’s no one by the name of ‘Hey’ here,” Tang Wulin retorted.
“You!” White Seven was about to lose her temper but then realized her helpless situation. “Don’t you have any manners? I can’t imagine a true gentleman not offering to share his meal.”

Tang Wulin smiled faintly. “Manners? How much does half a kilogram cost? I guess I don’t have it. I’m from a poor family. We only know the basic necessities to fill our bellies and warm our bodies. Something like
manners, even if I have it, still depends on the opinion of the other person. By the way, if you’re ill, you’d better go get treatment. It may be terminal.”

White Seven was furious. “You dare curse me? How am I terminally ill?” Tang Wulin said drily, “Princess complex.”
“I…” White Seven was stunned. She responded angrily, “Are you coming down or not?” “I’m not.” Tang Wulin took one big bite after another.

“Alright, don’t you regret it.” White Seven snorted. Unknowingly, there was a hint of rejoice in her voice.

Tang Wulin’s heart stirred. He caught a glimpse of White Seven’s eyes which seemed to flicker with light.

In the next instant, Tang Wulin felt an intense pins-and-needles sensation. Caught off guard, his body slanted to the side and he fell from his perch.

Nonetheless, his spiritual powers were still strong. In the midst of falling, he managed to maintain his balance. When he hit the ground, he did a
cartwheel and steadied himself on his feet.

Unfortunately, he had flung his beef flatbread in the process.

“You…” Tang Wulin’s expression turned grim. This girl was capricious.

“I told you that you’d regret it. Serves you right for ignoring me. You can’t eat it now, can you?” said White Seven triumphantly.

Tang Wulin shot her a cold glance. “I’m truly at a loss as to how Battle Soul Hall recruited you in the first place. It’s a miracle that with such an attitude you’re able to join Battle Soul Hall. From now on, you mind your own business, and I’ll mind mine. Let’s part ways.” After his rebuke, he walked over to pick up the flatbread and the piece of beef. He then dusted off the dirt and refilled the flatbread. With that, he turned around and walked away in great strides.

“Hey!” White Seven was stunned. She did not expect Tang Wulin to be this harsh and to walk off following the tiff.

Tang Wulin strolled down the hillside without even a parting glance. He picked up his pace when he heard a distant voice. “If you can’t stand it, then just use the dragonball and leave this place.”

Even with his forgiving nature, when White Seven threw him off the tree and made him lose his flatbread, Tang Wulin could not help but lost his cool.

There would not be any advantage from teaming up with such a person. He could be held back by this fickle, uncooperative partner. He did not wish to remain with her. In her absence, he could unleash his bloodline power to fight as he wished. There would be fewer limitations.

“That bastard. The least he could do was leave some food for me!” White Seven was furious and stomped her feet.

Tang Wulin could care less about what she thought. For such an unruly girl, the more you played to her tune, the more recalcitrant she would be. He decided to ignore her. After all, when this mission was completed, nobody would recognize who the other fighter was. He had no intention of crossing her path in the future anyway.

Gu Yue was a little eccentric, with frequent mood swings. Nevertheless, she could be sensible at times.

When he thought about Gu Yue, Tang Wulin’s footsteps slowed. He sighed in his heart. ‘Gu Yue, oh Gu Yue. How would you have me treat you?’

During these past six months, Gu Yue’s behavior had turned peculiar. They were still intimate but he distinctly felt the growing distance between them.

“We’re about to arrive in the next city. This Star Luo Empire sure is interesting. The story about the small worlds was fascinating. How big is this world? There is a myriad of conceivable fantasies.” Xie Xie was talking animatedly to Yuanen Yehui beside him.

In the bus, Xie Xie shared a seat with Yuanen Yehui. On the other hand, Xu Xiaoyan was with Yue Zhengyu, while Xu Lizhi sat beside Ye Xinglan.

The seat beside Gu Yue was empty. For some reason, the seat was empty and her heart felt that way too. “It’s a shame that the captain isn’t with us. It’d be great if he was,” came Xie Xie’s voice from behind. Gu Yue instinctively shut her eyes. ‘Where’s he? Why isn’t there at least a soul call from him?’

Spontaneously, she fished out the Star Luo Continent soul communication tool which Wu Zhangkong gave her. Her finger paused and hovered above the keypad.

‘Wulin, I’ve done this for your own good. I was wrong in the beginning. I
shouldn’t have approached you on my own accord. I know now it’s not easy to let go. I impulsively agreed to complete my studies in the inner courts before I leave. If this were the ‘old’ me, there’s no way I’d make such a promise!’

‘Where are you?’

She was reluctant to admit it. Without a doubt, she missed him.

“Eh?” Tang Wulin laid prostrate amidst the shrub. He was getting more anxious and doubtful by the minute.

He had been in this position for some time. Beyond the hilly terrain, it was a vast expanse of the plains. Tang Wulin noticed a soufflé of clouds floating by close to the ground at a height of less than a hundred meters,

The most mystifying was that the colors of these clouds were completely different. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. They came in all colors.

Also, he sensed that these colorful clouds were not what they appeared to be. There was a kind of distinctive energy within every cloud. He could feel a strong sense of familiarity toward these clouds.

‘What’s happening?’ ‘What clouds are these?’ Tang Wulin was piqued with curiosity. After a while, he noticed that
although these clouds were floating, each colored cloud was poised within a confined space, undulating as it was around a fixed axis. Another odd
attribute was these clouds were unceasingly shape shifting. Faintly, they resembled dragons.

‘Could it be the name Dragon Valley originated from these clouds? What were their effects?’

Tang Wulin’s superb analytical skills concluded these clouds were harmless. Otherwise, the Tang Sect would not have permitted their
appearance. Black One had mentioned that entering the Dragon Valley would be an opportune moment for them.

If it was an opportunity, that would mean it was something good.

However, he decided not to be rash. He would observe first before acting.

He picked up a piece of rock. In the next instant, with a half twirl of his body, Tang Wulin hurled the rock.

What tremendous strength he had. The rock, like a cannonball, headed straight toward the clouds in the vast sky.

Chapter 715 - Dragon Clouds

Chapter 715: Dragon Clouds

It was a red cloud. The rock whistled through it in a parabolic trajectory falling far away. The red cloud rippled slightly without much change.

‘It’s barely reacting, at least, it’s not some living thing.’ Tang Wulin surmised.

‘Then what do these clouds mean? If they don’t have soul power, it’s virtually impossible to raise themselves to a height of a hundred meters.’ At this moment, he could not activate his spirit soul unless he had some special techniques at his disposal.

If he could use the Bluesilver Emperor’s powerful elasticity together with his strength, and with little Goldsong’s support, Tang Wulin was confident of leaping at least a hundred meters.

However, he had to rely on his own strength which would limit his jump to about twenty or thirty meters. On top of that, he could not find a suitable object with enough elasticity to boost his jump.

‘Screw it, let’s see the kind of reaction these clouds give.’

He proceeded to stabilize his bloodline aura. Tang Wulin jumped to his feet and walked cautiously toward the plain. He approached the red cloud that was nearest to him.

The cloud was still soaring freely. It did not appear to have changed. He
was nearing the red cloud and in a swift movement ducked under it. The red cloud remained unchanging.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief. He was apparently becoming friendly with the red cloud and even waved at it. The red cloud seemed to ripple slightly but showed no marked movement otherwise.

‘Could it be the clouds are decorative?’

Just when Tang Wulin was settling himself, the red cloud began contorting. It started to spin like a whirlpool. In the next instant, the spiraling cloud fell from the sky and, like a beam of light, shot straight toward Tang Wulin.

‘What’s happening?’

Tang Wulin was shocked beyond belief. It was impossible to evade the
speeding cloud heading toward him. In the next instant, he unleashed his bloodline ring.

Three golden light rings rose from under his feet. His Golden Dragon Body was unleashed rapidly.

Bloodline aura belonging to the Golden Dragon King gushed forth majestically and rippled fiercely.

Now, a bigger problem emerged. The other colored clouds which had been passive initially, suddenly surged aggressively and began swarming toward Tang Wulin.

The red cloud had engulfed him and violently rolled up like a mat with Tang Wulin sandwiched like a hot dog in the midst of it.

Tang Wulin crossed his arms for protection. He did not feel the impact of the red cloud. The only sensation he felt was the heat from his limbs and bones surging within his body.

This feeling was intriguing. The red cloud had a strong fire element. There was yet another feeling, but barely noticeable.

It simply passed through his body and rose to the air again.

A moment after, Tang Wulin felt the heat warming up his body and his limbs shackled beyond words. The red cloud spotting a faint hue of gold had risen to its initial height in the sky. All of a sudden, it underwent an intense contortion.

Tang Wulin barely had time to react to the red cloud when a green cloud charged into his body.

This time, Tang Wulin felt his body getting lighter and realized he was floating above the ground. At the same time, he felt the sense of freedom which Xie Xie mentioned before – the freedom of the wind element.

The green cloud also passed through his body and rose back into the sky. Next was the blue cloud which contained the water element.

One by one, the dozen or so clouds plunged into his body before they rose back into the sky. After traversing his body, each cloud was endowed with a golden hue. As for Tang Wulin, he felt the nourishing energy that the clouds had imparted. All the various elements were harmonizing within his body.

Tang Wulin was not an elemental Soul Master, but these elements exhibited a strong affinity toward him. It was the same feeling he had with the plants in the forest.

By the time the last cloud penetrated his body, Tang Wulin felt his body bursting at the seams. He hastily returned to his hiding spot and sat cross- legged.

He immediately entered into a meditative state after taking a long, slow breath.

He saw countless light spots flitting within his body. These light spots were of different colors composed of the seven elements of water, fire, earth,
wind, light, darkness, and space.

The light spots slowly blended with his bloodline. After digesting these energies, Tang Wulin felt as if he had just gorged a whole cow.

‘Are these origin energies? Origin energies of various elemental attributes so concentrated that they took on a shape?’ The intimate relationship he seemed to have with these elemental attributes was because they were imbued with some dragon aura.

He could not fully grasp the dynamics of it all, but deep down he knew it was a wonderful thing. These elements were nourishing his body and
stimulating his bloodline. During the fusion process, Tang Wulin discovered that his immunity toward the various elements being strengthened.

Because his soul power was sealed, the elemental energies could not blend with his soul power. However, it diffused into his body as a potent toning ingredient.

‘This must be the benefit of the Dragon Valley.’

Tang Wulin was extremely delighted. ‘No wonder Black One never mentioned the need to eat here. With these pure origin energies, why would one ever need to eat?’

‘This was amazing.’ He wondered if he could absorb the other clouds after this.

Tang Wulin felt as if he had been immersed in a pool of elemental water. Under the nourishment of the elements, his body was energized.

In a short while, he had entered a deep meditative state.

When Tang Wulin awoke from his meditation, he had no notion how much time had elapsed.

He was invigorated. It was a comfortable, powerful feeling beyond description. He had absorbed the elemental energies from the clouds and felt highly attuned to his environment which had gotten more enthralling.

So long as his mind was focused, he could discern the different elemental molecules in the air. Concurrently, Tang Wulin realized his spiritual powers had improved tremendously. Those elemental clouds must have some
spiritual attributes as well. This feeling was unbelievable. Tang Wulin stretched his limbs. He was unsure how much time had passed. He took a glance at his soul communication tool and noticed that the time had stopped. Apparently, the time of the outside world was not relevant to this place.

There were still faint traces of gold on the soufflé of clouds which floated in the distant skies. Although it was not apparent, they looked different
compared to the clouds further away.

‘Could that faint golden color be my bloodline aura? Were they tainted by my bloodline aura when they gave me the elemental origin energies?’

Tang Wulin could only speculate on the truth of the entire experience.

Chapter 716 - Nourishment from the Dragon Clouds

Chapter 716: Nourishment from the Dragon Clouds

The sensation of being full had gone by now. He instinctively walked toward those clouds and unleashed his Golden Dragon Body again.

Golden scales covered his body. The dozen or so elemental clouds nearest him rippled slightly, and an intense feeling of friendliness overwhelmed him. However, the clouds did not descend from the skies like the last time.

‘Is it that the elemental clouds which had been absorbed previously can’t be absorbed a second time?’

Tang Wulin made an inference.

He continued walking but did not have to go far when the elemental clouds which had not been absorbed by him felt his bloodline aura. Subsequently, they descended from the sky and surged into his body.

Instantly, the feeling which he had felt previously returned. However, the sensations this time were less intense.

Tang Wulin tried moving forward. Only this time, the feeling of being satiated only became evident after he had absorbed one-third more
elemental clouds than before.

Just like before, he retreated to a safe spot to meditate.

Tang Wulin was not certain of the benefits he would derive from these
elemental infiltrations. The only sure thing was that after the infiltrations, his perception of the elements and spiritual powers were enhanced. His body’s strength was also amplified due to the fusion of these
elements. That, at least, is good news. He was, again, in a state of deep meditation.

Repeatedly, Tang Wulin would walk over to ingest the elemental clouds. After he had his fill, he proceeded to meditate.

After each meditation session, his consumption of the elemental clouds grew. The soufflé of elemental clouds eventually pervaded the sky with a faint golden color. Those elemental clouds tainted by Tang Wulin’s bloodline could not be absorbed again.

When he absorbed the elemental energies for the ninth time, Tang Wulin noticed that his body had evolved.

After the elemental clouds he ingested were filtered through his body, the elemental energies would be directly absorbed by his body. He no longer had to stop and meditate to absorb the energies.

When Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Body, his original golden scales had morphed. The change was not obvious, but Tang Wulin could feel an additional layer of enamel on his Golden Dragon Scales. His original scales were full of texture with every edge and corner having a
sharpness that was precise and crisp. But now, with the passage of time, after absorbing these elemental energies, their surfaces became smoother with a translucent film on them. It was as if there was another layer of protection on the scales.

After Tang Wulin broke through the fifth and sixth Golden Dragon King seals consecutively, his body was under much stress. The strain was so great that he could feel his body’s endurance greatly reduced. However, after absorbing these elemental energies, he noticed the numerous small wounds on his body were being healed and cleansed. Even the lurking
injuries inflicted during his encounter with Long Yue had also been cured. His bloodline power had become even more potent and intense.

Tang Wulin was relieved and overjoyed, because the threat of the Golden Dragon King seals had been temporarily curtailed. He did not have to
search for the heaven and earth treasures he needed to break through the seventh layer’s seal immediately. He already had a plan in mind to delay the breaking of the seventh layer’s seal. He would only execute his best when he is well prepared.

It was life-threatening when he broke through the sixth layer. His body had nearly collapsed, and that fear was still fresh in his mind.

This gave him a deeper appreciation of the meaning of the double-edged sword Old Tang had cautioned him back then.

He had indeed reaped great benefits from this trip to the Dragon Valley. He did not know how much time had lapsed on the outside, so he decided to
absorb as much elemental energy as he could. It was as good as taking the heaven and earth treasures!

As Tang Wulin proceeded to approach more elemental clouds, he suddenly heard a scream.

“Aargh!” The loud, piercing cry sounded familiar. Tang Wulin frowned as he turned to look in the direction of the scream.

Currently, he was nearing the edge of the plain. From the fringes of the forest, a figure dashed out. The lone figure ran doggedly in his direction.

She staggered as she ran. Her clothes were tattered and torn, and she wore a mask. ‘Judging from her stature, is this not White Seven?’

White Seven’s appearance was pathetic. The tears on her clothes revealed her fair skin. She was obviously terrified. In her terror, she made a misstep and fell on the ground.

A deep roar sounded. A shadow emerged from the forest and pounced on White Seven.

Its two feet were on the ground, but it had no wings on its back. It was a Land Dragon, but it did not look real. Its appearance was a translucent, iron grey in energy form.

This was Tang Wulin’s first encounter with the living creatures of this small world. He was deeply curious. He bolted toward White Seven. He tapped the ground with the tips of his toes, and his power burst forth producing a small crater in the ground. In the next instant, he was in front of White Seven and shielding her.

The Land Dragon’s attacking capabilities were limited. Its forelegs were
short and small, but it had long, sharp claws. It lowered its humongous head which came crashing toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin snorted but did not dodge. In a brazen stance, he threw a punch with his right hand.

“Bam!” The Land Dragon’s head and his fist collided, and the dragon gave off a whine. The energy form body disintegrated in a flash, turning into beams of light which scattered all over the place.

Tang Wulin felt his body warming. The energy of the annihilated Land Dragon had unexpectedly surged into his body.

However, there were no visible changes other than an increase in his body temperature. Absorbing the elemental clouds felt much better.

“You, you’ve absorbed it?” White Seven had already gotten to her feet. She recognized Tang Wulin who had earlier abandoned her.

“I think I’ve just saved your life,” said Tang Wulin drily.

White Seven had her hands on her waist. “Who needs your saving? I was just feigning weakness, and waiting for an opportunity to destroy its energy core with my spiritual power. The energy from this Ironhead Dragon can
strengthen one’s physique. You should recompense me!”

Tang Wulin was speechless. He found it pointless to rebuff an irrational person. In a huff, he turned around and stormed off.

“Hey, don’t you go away!” White Seven pulled at his sleeve. Tang Wulin was offended. “What do you want?” White Seven raised her head to look at him. Her voice faltered, “I’m very tired. I…” She did not finish her sentence when her body fell limp.

Tang Wulin instinctively pulled her arm to support her when he broke out laughing. She was exhausted beyond words, yet she had the gall to demand a compensation. She was, doubtless, suffering from late-stage princess

He did not think that this was White Seven’s first encounter with these elemental dragons. He detected her bloodline pulse was feeble.

Tang Wulin carried her and walked toward an unwieldy tree on the periphery of the forest. White Seven was rather light with a supple body. In spite of her tear-soaked and dirt-stained clothes, she still had a faint, fragrant scent about her.

Tang Wulin took out some clothes from his storage to cover and keep her warm.
‘I can’t just leave her here. Guess I’ll have to wait until she wakes up.’ He was wondering about the elemental dragon he had just encountered.
Although White Seven had only uttered a sentence, he concluded that the elemental dragon and the elemental clouds were somewhat different instruments playing the same tune. The difference was that the elemental dragon had attacking capabilities whereas the elemental clouds did not.

Both of them were essentially different, hence, the manner in which they were absorbed differed. Moreover, the elemental dragon’s energy was less potent as it was absorbed directly unlike the elemental clouds which shot through his body.

‘Strengthen one’s physique, does it? Maybe it’s because I already have a sturdy physique, that’s why the feeling is not apparent.’

White Seven slept like a log. It was already dusk in this small world, but she was sound asleep. Tang Wulin went foraging for some branches to build a fire.

Large chunks of beef were skewered and roasted on the fire, and a few pieces of flatbread were placed by the embers. He had brought ample food to this place. Furthermore, the rich origin energy from the elemental clouds which he ingested earlier was highly nutritious food.

Apart from the meat and flatbread, he brought out some canned vegetables whereby he cooked some soup in a small pot.

Tang Wulin’s culinary skills may be limited, but he could still manage a few simple dishes.

In no time, a small pot of vegetable soup, flatbread toasted to a golden brown, and a roasted chunk of beef was ready to be served.

Tang Wulin was about to dig in when suddenly a girl appeared, like the wind, beside him. With a whistle, the flatbread flew into her palm, while she grabbed the beef with the other. The piping hot piece of beef did not even scald her. She turned around, stepped aside, and took a quick bite before he even had time to react. Then, she smirked triumphantly at Tang Wulin.

Chapter 717 - Don't Go Away

Chapter 717: Don’t Go Away

“Hey, this is daylight robbery!” White Seven had always addressed him as ‘Hey’, so in return, he called her likewise. He had known earlier that she was awake when he overheard her swallowing her saliva. She was only biding her time to kill with a single strike!

White Seven ignored him. She continued chowing down on the flatbread and beef. Her mask was lifted slightly, exposing her fair chin and red, rosy lips. She was in no way behaving like a princess. On the contrary, she was gobbling up her food like a hungry ghost.

This young lady was ravenous.

She was gulping down the food in one go. All of a sudden, White Seven’s body stiffened. She made some muffled sounds.

Tang Wulin hastily rushed to her side and patted her back vigorously.

“Awk… I almost choked to death. Where are your manners? Get me some soup.”

Tang Wulin shook his head in disbelief. This young girl was incorrigible. He took the pot of soup and shoved it toward her.

Perhaps, eating while wearing the mask was tricky. White Seven
subsequently removed her mask. She, then, lifted the pot of soup and took two sips. Later, she continued eating.

The face behind the mask was one of peerless beauty. She had big, round
eyes and long, curved eyelashes. Although she looked odious at present, she somehow remained cute. Tang Wulin was mesmerized. ‘Why does it have to be her?’

He never expected this unruly, young lady to be someone he knew. Without a second thought, he understood White Seven.

‘It’s perfectly normal for her to have a princess complex because she’s a bona fide princess!’

‘No wonder she could knock me over with her spiritual powers the other day. What a shock, it’s really her. Now everything makes sense.’

Dai Yun’er was a Tang Sect disciple, but she was also a Battle Soul Hall’s white fighter. Tang Wulin put on a weird expression which, fortunately, was concealed by his mask.

Naturally, Dai Yun’er felt his awkwardness. She smiled and said smugly, “You finally realize who I am, don’t you? From now on, you’ll have to obey my instructions. You’ll also need to serve me food. Do you understand? If I order you to head east, you should not head west. You’ll execute my orders without fail. Your food tastes bland, but I’ll eat it, nonetheless. Hey, where are you going?”

Tang Wulin answered drily, “A good man does not fight with a woman. Seeing that you’re so pathetic, I’ll be generous for once. I’ll leave this food with you.” He turned and left.

He never had a good impression of Dai Yun’er, much less now, nor did he want to have anything to do with the princess.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t you go away!” Dai Yun’er hurriedly intercepted Tang Wulin, still holding a piece of beef in one hand and a flatbread in the other. She appeared cute, and Tang Wulin could not help but smile in his heart.

He reckoned that she had never been in such a distressed state. “What does Your Highness have to say?”
Dai Yun’er said fiercely, “You dare ignore my orders. Do you believe when I get out from this place…” “I don’t.’ Tang Wulin cut her short. “I’m a Tang Sect white fighter, not a dog of the royal family. Here, you and I are equals. Do you believe I can break your neck any time and no one will be the wiser about it?”

“How dare you!” Dai Yun’er instinctively took a few steps back. She
wanted to reach for her dragonball, but her hands were occupied with food, and she was reluctant to throw them away.

These days, she had been struggling with hunger. In the beginning, she had some luck and absorbed some dragon essence to replenish herself, but luck was not always on her side. A long time had passed since she had anything to eat.

Besides, she was recalcitrant to the point of not giving up even when the lamp had run out of oil. That was when she fainted after meeting Tang Wulin.

She was not lying. She still had enough spiritual power back then for one hit. She was waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Ironhead Dragon.
Had she gotten her replenishment from the Ironhead Dragon, she would not have fainted.

“Get out of my way!” said Tang Wulin coldly.

“You!” Dai Yuen’er glared, but Tang Wulin had raised his hand and jerked her aside. He sidestepped her and strode away.

“Hey, don’t you go away. I know, I’ll hire you. How about that?” Dai Yun’er shouted at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stopped abruptly. He turned and looked at her. “What are your terms?” Her Highness would most likely be loaded. Tang Wulin had always been interested in monetary gains.

Dai Yun’er bit her red lips. “When we get out of here, I’ll bestow you with the knight’s title. It’s not nobility, but at least, you’ll have the potential to be a noble. You can even be my guard.” “Goodbye.” Tang Wulin left without bothering to say another word.

“Hey, hey, hey, what do you want?” Dai Yun’er responded anxiously. She was still very weak. If she was left alone to face another elemental dragon, it would be over for her. She was not the type to give up, but she definitely would not be willing to leave this place without retaliating.

Tang Wulin halted and spun around, “Rare metals. I’ll give you a list, and you’ll write me an I.O.U. In return, I’ll protect you for at least three months.”

“Rare metals? What do you want the strategic materials for?” Dai Yun’er observed Tang Wulin cautiously, “Are you a Green Skeleton Rebellion spy that has infiltrated our Tang Sect’s inner ranks?”

“You must be sick,” said Tang Wulin pointedly.

“Do you have any medicine?” Dai Yun’er asked in agony.

Tang Wulin was taken aback, “Even if I had medicine, I can’t cure your princess complex.”

Dai Yun’er’s eyes were starting to tear up, “It’s not that. I’m hurt. I…” Tang Wulin returned to her side, “You’re hurt? I don’t see any wounds.”
Dai Yun’er’s delicate face blushed. She mumbled, “It’s on, on my butt. I accidentally grazed it and it’s starting to hurt real bad. Do you have any balm for that?”
Tang Wulin had brought along some medicine, so he handed it to her. “Thanks. You go ahead and make a list then, and don’t make it too
extensive. Otherwise, I won’t be able to procure them.” She held onto the flatbread and beef in her hands as she ran around the back of a big tree.

Tang Wulin snickered as he took out a pen and paper to make a list of the rare metals he needed. They were exotics of Star Luo Empire. The metals that were not available on Douluo Continent were those that would be useful to him.

“Ouch!” He was halfway through his list when Dai Yun’er let out a painful scream.

A chill ran down Tang Wulin’s spine. He hastily rushed to the back of the tree in a flash.

Upon reaching her, he was frozen to the spot and could only stare with his mouth agape.

Dai Yun’er was sprawled on the ground. She was holding an ointment bottle in one hand while applying the ointment on her buttocks with the other. She must have felt the sting on her wound.

They were whitish, round, and a part of the skin looked red and raw. That was all Tang Wulin managed to glimpse.
“Ah!” A shrill scream resounded throughout the forest in the next instant. Dai Yun’er immediately pulled down her skirt to cover her exposed derriere. She was glaring at Tang Wulin with seething eyes.

Equally embarrassed, Tang Wulin reacted just as quick and returned to the other side of the tree.

Surprisingly, following the scream, there was complete silence. After a long while, Dai Yun’er walked out from behind the tree looking nonchalant. The flatbread and beef were gone.

She went over to finish the vegetable soup. Strangely, she did not burst into a fit.

Tang Wulin managed a cough. “Just now, I…” “Silence,” said Dai Yun’er furiously.
Tang Wulin did not utter another word. He sat there continuing with his list. Dai Yun’er put the pot down. She walked over and squatted next to him. Tang Wulin looked up at her, “I’m not finished yet. I’ll need more time.”
Dai Yun’er glanced at the piece of paper in his hands. She suddenly
snatched them away, “That will suffice for now. You had a good look at my butt just now, so be prepared for a pay cut.”

Chapter 718 - The Tue Dragon Soul Bone?

Chapter 718: The Tue Dragon Soul Bone?

“I, I barely saw anything,” said Tang Wulin meekly.

Dai Yun’er gave him a scowl. “How much would you have liked to see? Do you know that you could have been dealt with the death penalty? However, since you were concerned about my safety, I’ll pardon you.”

Having said that, she signed her name on the piece of paper. She then passed it to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin remarked, “I see that you know how to appreciate what’s good.”

Dai Yun’er’s exquisite eyebrows were raised. “Why wouldn’t I know how to appreciate the good? I’m just being difficult at times. Do you think I
can’t even distinguish between a good and a bad person? You’re not bad actually, and I know that.”

Tang Wulin put the piece of paper, apparently a legitimate contract away. “Okay, it’s a deal. How long has it been since we were here?”

Dai Yun’er replied, “It’s been two months.”

Tang Wulin was shocked. “Has it been two months already?” He thought he had only been in here for twelve days, but he did not expect it to be two months.

Dai Yun’er produced a small round instrument. “I have a comparison table of the time in this small world and the world outside. I went through much trouble to obtain this. To date, it has been two months and a day. We’ll have to keep going for at least another month.” Tang Wulin’s brows were furrowed. He did not believe that he had spent that long a time here. His meditation sessions were getting longer, and his bodily strength had improved tremendously.

Sadly, his soul power had remained stagnant despite the two months of meditation practice. If only he could cultivate his soul power while he was in deep meditation, he would have improved his cultivation base by a rank.

“Hey, I don’t know your name yet. Since you already know who I am, isn’t it about time you remove your mask as well so I can have a look at your face?” Dai Yun’er prodded Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, just call me White Three.”

“Do you have something to be ashamed of?” Dai Yun’er pouted.

Tang Wulin made no comment. Suddenly, Dai Yun’er in an aggressive move reached for the mask on his face.

Tang Wulin was quick to react and nimbly blocked Dai Yun’er’s hand. Her strength was no match for his. She lost her balance and landed on her behind.

“Hey, aren’t you suppose to be a gentleman?”

“No! And I’ve told you before.” Tang Wulin avoided her and sat down. “Tell me what you know about the Dragon Valley. We need to know our adversaries, only then will I be able to ensure your safety for a month.”

Dai Yun’er snorted. “What’s so great about you? I won’t look at you even if you asked me to. It’s said that the Dragon Valley is a small world operated by the Dragon Clans. There are many bodies of the Dragon Clans buried here and many dragon souls as well. We’re prevented from connecting to our soul power by the dragon souls. However, they will fuse with the auras to which they have a high affinity. During the fusion process, the bodily
strength will improve plus the bloodline will even gain a dragon-type aura. This would be of great advantage to us especially when we’re at the higher ranks during our future cultivation.” Tang Wulin nodded slightly as a sign of agreement.

Dai Yun’er continued, “The clouds are how the dragon souls manifest themselves. These clouds have instincts but not their own wills. When a compatible aura appears, they will descend from the sky, but these
situations rarely occur because these dragon clouds are high up in the sky. If we want them to sense our auras, it’s only possible if our auras are in harmony with theirs. That’s why most soul masters cannot receive their providence. Take, for example, my martial soul’s attributes are the spiritual and darkness elements, and dragon clouds with similar attributes are rare.”

“Once we entered this place, I tried my luck on the plain. As you know, I didn’t even attract a single cloud.”

When she said this, Dai Yun’er could not help pouting. She was a little disappointed.

However, Tang Wulin who was listening intently had a skeptical
expression. ‘Is it really that difficult to attract those dragon clouds?’

Dai Yun’er did not notice his incredulous look. She continued, “Other than the dragon clouds, there are the dragon souls, just like the one we
encountered. There are strong and weak dragon souls. Compared to the dragon clouds, their energy rankings are lower, but they have some
consciousness. Most of the dragon souls are highly offensive. If we are able to destroy them, their dragon-type auras will fuse with our bodies and improve our physique. The origin energies they have also provide nutrition for our bodies. I’ve tried destroying a few. As I don’t have my soul power, it’s like trying to carry water in a sieve. Fortunately, these dragon souls
aren’t that powerful. Compared to their original bodies, they possess at most one percent of their original strengths.”

Tang Wulin replied, “I see. So, are these the only two situations? Well, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be facing any serious threats.”

Dai Yun’er shook her head. “No, but there are other baffling objects, and they haven’t been thoroughly explored. I’ve heard of a dragon graveyard in the Dragon Valley. All the most powerful dragon souls are there. The true dragon souls guard the graveyard to protect their ancestors’ and their own bodies. I think you are aware that every part of a dragon’s body is precious. Even a dragon bone is invaluable to us. In ancient times, the Dragon Clans, who once ruled over Douluo Continent, were a clan destined to produce
soul bones. I have heard that someone among the Battle Soul Hall seniors owned a true dragon soul bone from Dragon Valley. In fact, the benefit of a true dragon soul bone, an object of the highest worth, is beyond valuation.”

“Oh? true dragon soul bone?” Upon hearing the name, Tang Wulin could hardly contain his zeal. He had experienced the multitude of benefits a soul bone could bring. His right metacarpal bone came from a Duskgold
Dreadclaw Bear which was his most powerful weapon before he obtained the Golden Dragon Spear. Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was his most powerful weapon, his ace in the hole.

If it was a true dragon soul bone, would that not mean that his powers would be elevated to the next level?

“Why don’t we look for this graveyard?” Tang Wulin asked Dai Yun’er.

Dai Yun’er replied without hesitation, “Alright! If there is truly a true dragon soul bone, we’ll split it in half.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “You’re worthless with a combat strength of five points. You do not merit a soul bone. However, I’ll let you tag along to enrich your experience.”

“You!” Dai Yun’er’s eyes bulging. “White Three, don’t you have any
conscience? If I hadn’t told you about the dragon graveyard, you wouldn’t know about the true dragon soul bone.”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “You said it yourself. There are powerful dragon
souls protecting the true dragon soul bone. Would you be able to find it just by knowing that it’s there? With or without me, you don’t warrant having it!”

“No way, if there really is a true dragon soul bone, I want my fair share. If not, I won’t take you there!” Dai Yun’er stood akimbo. “Suit yourself. I’ll look for it myself. But, you’ll have to fend for yourself.” Tang Wulin stood up and prepared to leave without yielding to this obstinate princess.

“Don’t you run away!” Dai Yun’er hastily stood up. Her body was still weak, and she struggled to maintain her balance.

Tang Wulin stopped walking and turned to look at her. “What? Have you thought it through?”

Dai Yun’er gritted her teeth. “No wonder you won’t reveal your face. You’re worried I’ll take my revenge on you after I get out from here!”

Tang Wulin mocked. “Hehehe!”

Dai Yun’er replied, “How about this? If we find the true dragon soul bone, I’ll trade you for it with something of equal value. What about some heaven and earth treasures or equivalent? I’ll ensure you won’t incur any losses.
How’s that sound?”

The negotiation was hardly over when he noticed that she was on the verge of tears. Tang Wulin’s heart immediately went soft. “We’ll discuss that after we actually find it. It’s meaningless to carry on this conversation.”
Dai Yun’er sat down. She then hugged her knees and started sobbing softly. Tang Wulin was a little stunned. He thought, ‘What are you crying for?’
However, he did not offer her any solace. He reckoned that Dai Yun’er cried because she felt helpless in this place.

These experiences were invaluable and would help her mature. He might be the bad guy now, but in a few years, she would be grateful that she met him.

Dai Yun’er cried for a while. Her sobbing sounds faded as she leaned
against the big tree and fell into a deep sleep. It was apparent that she was exhausted. No matter how much she hated Tang Wulin, she trusted him
enough to have her first peaceful slumber since she entered the Dragon Valley. Tang Wulin kept watch beside her. The information Dai Yun’er gave him resounded in his mind.

He had absorbed quite a number of dragon clouds. If the dragon souls were not as beneficial as the dragon clouds, they were worthless to him.
Searching for the dragon graveyard might just be the most meaningful thing in this sojourn to the Dragon Valley.

Chapter 719 - A Tear in the Dimension

Chapter 719: A Tear in the Dimension

A soul bone does wonders by improving one’s strengths. Not to mention the improvement it brought to the strength of a Soul Master’s body was irreplaceable by anything else. If he could gather the six bones, namely, the left and right humerus, left and right femurs, truncal bone and skull, the
strength of his body would reach a formidable level. In any case, where was the dragon graveyard?
Ever since he came to the Dragon Valley, Tang Wulin had the faint feeling that something was calling on him. Especially when he was infiltrated by the dragon clouds, this feeling became even more apparent.

Due to the immense energy brought by the absorbed dragon clouds, he had to meditate to fully absorb them. He had not been able to truly sense the direction from whence the call came. Tang Wulin had initially planned to explore further since there was no need for him to meditate after absorbing the dragon clouds, but it was then he ran into Dai Yun’er.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes and focused his spirit silently. He was not
worried that the dragon souls might appear. In the Dragon Valley, he had the feeling that he had come home. Maybe this was the advantage the Golden
Dragon King bloodline brought. Compared to the other fighters, he was like a fish in water. Those dragon souls would hardly be a threat to him.

In the depths of Dragon Valley.

There was a sudden low buzz in the air. The dragon clouds in the skies began rippling violently. Shortly after, the space within the an area of about ten thousand square meters resonated intensely. In the air, the dragon clouds were soon scattered and a pitch-black streak appeared silently in the sky. It was as if the entire sky was split open. The pitch-black mark elongated gradually. Then, a huge pair of claws brazenly protruded the rift.

Those claws were covered in ink black scales. They pulled the edges of the rift aside slowly, and low roars could also be heard.

When the dragon clouds in the Dragon Valley heard the roars, they descended from the skies. Slowly, they morphed into dragon forms as if they going to worship something.

The huge claws continued pulling on the rift as the opening grew larger.
Nonetheless, the surrounding space generated intense energy waves which pressed on the rift, not letting it continue widening.

At a particular moment, scores of figures emerged from the rift to descend from the sky. They dropped straight to the ground with a loud bang.

There were five figures who dropped into the Dragon Valley, three males and two females. One of the males had a big build and bald head. His face was fierce-looking and his stature was buff.

The other male beside him had dry skin, like a withered tree branch. However, his eyes flickered with eerie greenish light and looked particularly odd.

The third male was also of a strong build, but he was not as tall as the bald male. His red hair was slightly curled, even his brows and beard were red. His eyes beamed, and his body appeared to be on the brink of bursting with explosive strength.

Both females were absolutely beautiful. One of them had black hair and wore a black dress, but she had peculiar purple eyes. Her body was
extremely hot with an odd protrusion on her body that seemed ready to pop anytime.

The other female wore an aqua green long dress and appeared normal. Her body was well-balanced with peerless beauty, and she had a gentle expression. She had the natural ability to exude a warm gentle feeling with just a glance.

After the five of them had landed, they raised their heads simultaneously to look at the rift in the sky. Light shot forth from their eyes, while dense light rose from their bodies. It seemed that the suppression of soul power did not affect them in the Dragon Valley.

The five of them raised their hands at the same time.Ten beams of light shot forth from their hands and impacted the edges of the pitch-black rift in the
sky. Immediately, the rift was stabilized by the jostling between the pair of giant claws and the light beams.

A deep roar sounded from the rift. The pair of giant claws pulled open the rift which formed a gaping hole twice as wide as it had been. A giant body slowly poked out of the hole.

At first, it was just a head. It was a giant dragon’s head which was
completely pitch-black, but its eyes were a brilliant gold. The deep golden color seemed to penetrate the entire world. It was only a head, but it was tens of meters tall.

The pair of giant claws pulled outward strongly, and two more dragon claws appeared below them keeping the rift apart. Its humongous body finally
squeezed its way into the Dragon Valley.

“Roar!” The black dragon released a furious howl toward the skies. The dragon clouds swarming around it suddenly surged wildly toward its body and were absorbed by it. The black dragon’s aura strengthened instantly. It gave a strong final push to finally emerge out of the rift.

Its humongous body that was at least three hundred meters long unfurled its wings which covered the sun and the skies. Its surroundings was
enshrouded in a layer of purplish-black light which appeared like a realm. All the dragon clouds within a range of a few hundred meters descended. They were submitting themselves to its aura. However, the humongous body of the black dragon began shrinking swiftly before it descended from the sky. When it landed on the ground, it had turned into a tall and handsome middle-aged man.

His black mane was parted in the middle and fell on his shoulders. A thick strand of golden hair drooped from the left center part of his hair.

After he landed, he stood with the five people who had landed earlier. Likewise, he raised his hands and pushed toward the sky. Two beams of dark purplish light shot toward the sky which similarly supported the rift.

The gap in the rift remained as large. A beam of silver light appeared slowly. Silver light flashed brightly as it descended from the sky.
Surprisingly, it was another figure.

When she emerged from the rift, the six people who had landed before her shouted in unison, “Welcome, Your Majesty.”

The silver figure landed slowly. She wore a long silver dress with a silver veil covering her face. Her long silver hair flowed freely behind her.

Her body floated down as she did not appear to stir up any energy waves.

The gigantic black dragon which had morphed into a middle-aged man said reverently, “Your Majesty, with the strengths of all six of us, we should be able to stand our own ground against this small world. You must find what you want within seven days.”

“Hmm. I’ve used the space-time circle to seal the time of this dimensional rift. It should last for three hours which coincidentally translates to seven days. When I get out from here, it should only have been three hours in the outside world. You guys stabilize things at this end. I’ll be back in no time.”

After she finished, the silver-haired girl’s body flashed and she vanished without a trace.

… “Hey, how do you know that it’s this way?” Dai Yun’er had put her mask back on. She stood akimbo and expressed her dissatisfaction.

Tang Wulin said, “I don’t suppose you know where we should be heading?”

Dai Yun’er said weakly, “Although I’m not quite sure, I know the dragon graveyard should be in the deepest parts of the Dragon Valley.”

“And where is this deepest part?” asked Tang Wulin. “Uhh…”
“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin walked in front with great strides. He walked in the direction of the plains. He did not know where the dragon graveyard was, but that direction was precisely where he felt the calling was the strongest.

In the skies, the dragon clouds floated past. The dragon clouds which were faintly tainted with gold had been previously absorbed by Tang Wulin. He had been here before, so he was more familiar with the place.

Dai Yun’er followed behind Tang Wulin. She ate the food Tang Wulin gave her, and she had practically recovered. After all, she had the physique of a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Even if she could not utilize her soul power, her bodily strengths were much stronger than an ordinary person’s.

Tang Wulin walked at a fast pace. Dai Yun’er had a nimble body, so she had no problem keeping up with him. She occasionally lifted her head to look at the dragon clouds in the sky. She hoped that one of the clouds would drop down for her.

“Eh, there’s a black dragon cloud. It’s of the darkness attribute. Do you think that it’ll float down? White Three, can you help me jump a little higher? I want to try attracting it toward me.” Dai Yun’er ran over to Tang Wulin’s to speak to him.

Tang Wulin shot her a glance. He had not given his reply when the black
cloud in the sky vibrated slightly. Then, out of a sudden, it descended from the sky and flew right toward them. “Woah! It’s coming, it’s coming!” Dai Yun’er ran a few steps forward jubilantly. She leaped exuberantly. She knew that White Three could not have been a darkness attribute. This black dragon cloud must be meant for her!

Chapter 720 - Brother Three

Chapter 720: Brother Three

The dragon cloud descended from the skies. Dai Yun’er was all excited and ready to absorb the energy within the dragon cloud. Jjust when the black dragon cloud was about to touch her, all of a sudden, it split in the middle
and went past her.

She turned around and was shocked to see the two masses of black clouds surged directly into Tang Wulin to reemerge on the other side of his body. The black cloud was tainted with a dash of gold, and it stirred up a breeze as it rose back to the sky.

“You’ve stolen my dragon cloud. You liar, your martial soul is also of the darkness attribute!” When Dai Yun’er saw that her great opportunity was lost, she was terribly upset.

“Firstly, you’ve never asked about the attribute of my martial soul. Secondly, am I truly a darkness-attribute?” Tang Wulin pointed behind her.

Dai Yun’er instinctively turned around to look. Her pupils dilated instantly, and her delicate face was filled with incredulity.

What was that?

The dragon clouds had descended from the skies. They merged into a dragon’s form and was swarming toward them.

In the next instant, the dragon clouds were upon them. Regardless how agitated these dragon clouds were, not one of them landed on her. They went past her and rushed toward her partner instead.

The dragon clouds passed through his body acquiring a dash of golden color, then in a breeze shot toward the skies. Dai Yun’er stared with her mouth agape. White Three walked forward leisurely amidst those dragon clouds as if nothing ever happened.

In the previous two months, he had experienced similar situations numerous times. For Tang Wulin, it was nothing surprising.

‘How can this be?’

Dai Yun’er had the most incredulous look on her face. She could not believe this was really happening.

‘Aren’t the dragon clouds only suppose to shower their blessings upon those with the same attributes as themselves? Also, the person must have a high affinity with them for this to be possible. How can he absorb almost
every type of dragon cloud?’ Why?
She was the proud daughter of god, a princess of the Empire, and also a twin martial soul. She felt that she should be the one loved by the heavens.

Currently, the disappointment she felt in her heart was just too deep. This guy in front of her seemed to have become outrageously big and tall. She was filled with intense anger inside. ‘Why is the heavens so unfair? Why can he absorb that many dragon clouds, while I can’t even have one?’

“It’s alright once you get used to it.” Tang Wulin walked past her and continued forward swiftly.

He had gotten used to this long ago. Although these dragon clouds that penetrated his body would still be of some help to him, the effect they had on him were much lesser when compared to the beginning. Of course, they still had a certain level of effect if enough dragon clouds were absorbed by him.

‘He doesn’t even need to stop moving to absorb them. Won’t he have to digest the energy from these dragon clouds?’ “Dragon clouds are ineffective for you. Then why’re they surging toward you?” Dai Yun’er was comforting herself. Maybe, there was something
special on his body, and he could not absorb the dragon clouds in the first place. Otherwise, it was illogical for him to keep moving even after the dragon clouds surged through his body.

“Hmm, you can put it that way,” Tang Wulin was unwilling to explain further.

Time had proven Tang Wulin’s words true. After a whole day, by the time they had traversed the entire plain, Dai Yun’er was already numb to this phenomenon.

She had gotten used to the sight of those dragon clouds passing through Tang Wulin’s body. She was quite sure that these dragon clouds must had no effect on Tang Wulin. Otherwise, how could he be so nonchalant from the very beginning?

However, what she did not know was that the enamel layer on the surface of Tang Wulin’s body would become apparent once he utilized his bloodline power. His physique was silently changing under the surface.

They finally made it out from the plain. The dragon clouds in the skies were becoming sparse.

“Finally, I won’t have to be annoyed by you,” said Dai Yun’er angrily.

Tang Wulin chuckled and said nothing. When they exited the plain, the friendly call became apparent.

Suddenly, rustling sounds came from in front of them.

“Careful, there seems to be a dragon soul.” Dai Yun’er quickly hid behind Tang Wulin in alarm.

Her voice had barely faded when a dozen dragon souls appeared within their sight. These dragon souls were more than half a meter tall. They stood on the ground with two legs with which they moved quickly. Their heads were huge. When their jaws were opened, they exposed a mouthful of fangs. They did not have wings behind their backs and were obviously lower ranked Speed Dragons. With blinding speed, they surrounded Tang Wulin and his partner with their ferocious jaws opened.

“Leave some for me, will you? I want to absorb their energies.” Dai Yun’er hastily reminded Tang Wulin. After travelling with him for more than a day, she realized that his bodily traits were almost inhuman. Not only did he have powerful strength, he was hardly tired, and he ate a lot. By the time
she consumed a flatbread, he had already finished four to five flatbreads.

Tang Wulin replied with a grunt. Then, he took a sudden step forward. He felt a slight rage within him, a rage that was the result caused by the insolent behavior of a subordinate toward her superior.

Faced with this group of little Land Dragons, he shouted coldly, “Scram!”

These Speed Dragons that were formed by energy had just made it to within ten meters of Tang Wulin when they heard him yell. Their bodies froze all of a sudden. Dai Yun’er’s just stared with her mouth agape. These Speed
Dragons had without any warning simply exploded. They transformed into balls of energy and flew in Tang Wulin’s direction.

“Hey!” Dai Yun’er exclaimed hysterically. Her voice was filled with resentment. She no longer cared about the dragon clouds, but he had agreed to leave some of these dragon souls for her!

Tang Wulin swung his hand as if he was swatting a fly. There seemed to have been some sort of guiding path in the air for those balls of energies. The energies produced by the Speed Dragons flew past him and surged directly into Dai Yun’er’s body.

Dai Yun’er felt her body warm up. It felt comfortable, but it was profoundly difficult to describe the feeling. The energies produced by the dozen little Speed Dragons were completely absorbed by her. Tang Wulin frowned slightly. ‘What was that feeling just now? It felt like distaste.’ It was a feeling that came naturally from his bloodline, which
seemed to dislike the energies produced by those Speed Dragons.

It was the same feeling as when he absorbed the energy from the Ironhead Dragon. Although it was energy, he did not feel quite comfortable
absorbing it into his body. It was a different feeling from absorbing the dragon clouds.

Could it be that the energy contained within the dragon souls and dragon
clouds were different? The dragon clouds’ energy was purer, hence his body was energised after he absorbed it whereas these dragon souls’ energy originated from the Land Dragons. Was that why his body rejected them?

If this were the case, then it seemed to be a satisfactory explanation.

“Good guy.” Dai Yun’er hopped over with a sweet smile on her face. She removed her mask, and her expression was one of joy. Ever since she came into the Dragon Valley, she had not absorbed a single dragon soul let alone a dozen like she did just now. She could clearly feel her body strengthened by the influence of the heat wave that flowed through her body. This feeling was so wonderful for her.

Tang Wulin opened his mouth, but he was too shy to utter the words. All he did was gave her the excuse that he was unwilling to absorb them. She had no need to thank him.

However, when he heard her calling him a good guy, it felt better than being called a bad guy. ‘I’ll just let it be…’

Upon entering the forest, the dragon souls they encountered increased in numbers. However, most of them were the less powerful Land Dragons. Even if they were not intimidated by Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura, Tang Wulin’s godly strength and the Soul Forged Heavy Silver Hammer would make short work of them.

Tang Wulin had no need for the energies contained within these dragon
souls. He simply guided these energies toward Dai Yun’er with his body’s natural rejection of them.

Dai Yun’er, who was initially quite unsatisfied with Tang Wulin, had begun to treat him better.

“I can’t go on. I want to meditate and absorb all this energy for a while.” Due to her absorbing too much dragon soul energies, her delicate face was flushed as if she had just had some wine. She sat on the ground.

She looked at Tang Wulin with a smile. “I think I’ve been wrong about you before this. You’re truly a good guy. After we get out of here, I’ll give you more rare metals. I’ll even ask father emperor to make you a noble.” A moment later, she closed her eyes and began to meditate.

When he saw the satisfied smile on her face, Tang Wulin could not help but laughed hysterically in his heart. This young girl truly drew a clear line between whom she hated or loved. If the person treated her nicely, she
would treat them well. Where she stood to gain, it was easy to negotiate with Her Highness the princess.

After being with each other for two days, Tang Wulin noticed that Dai Yun’er actually had a few good traits. Although she was a little eccentric,
she had a good nature. She was also easy to get along with, and she did not have the airs of the royal family. Especially after Tang Wulin helped her in absorbing the dragon souls, she had thought of him as her brother.

She stopped calling him White Three. Instead, she called him Brother Three. Her sweet voice gave Tang Wulin goosebumps whenever he heard her calling him. In any case, the relationship between them had improved without a doubt.

Tang Wulin went behind Dai Yun’er and sat down. He pressed his right palm on her back and activated his bloodline aura.
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