The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71 – Hammer Practice

Chapter 71 – Hammer Practice

When Gu Yue was mentioned, Xie Xie couldn’t help but sigh. This week, he had competed against Gu Yue more than once or twice. Although he
could hardly accept it, he had to admit that he couldn’t defeat Gu Yue at his current level. Gu Yue’s control of the six elements simply involved too many permutations – there was barely any patterns or rhythms behind them. Adding on to that, the amplification effect of her first soul skill, Elemental Tide made it so that even in a battle of soul power attrition, he still couldn’t match Gue Yue.

Tang Wulin called out, “Hey, it’s getting late; we should all start our meditation. I have to meet with teacher tomorrow, so I won’t be attending school.”

The Intermediate Academy had a break once every week, and students were allowed to do whatever they liked during this period of time. Tang Wulin hadn’t had the time to complete his task of forging the Sky Dragon Iron and felt anxious about it. Mang Tian’s arrival came as a coincidence – he was there to complete his tasks too.

The next morning. Tang Wulin headed out of the academy after breakfast, rushing towards Mang Tian’s forging workshop.

Ding Ding Dang Dang. Loud sounds could be heard from the forging workshop, although Tang Wulin hadn’t gone in yet.

“Teacher!” Tang Wulin used his keys to open the door and entered the forging workshop. He found a rather busy Mang Tian.
 Mang Tian looked towards him. “En. You’re quite spirited. It seems that you have been earnestly cultivating.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head uneasily. “But, blacksmithing…”

Mang Tian waved his hands. “You can already perform the Thousand
Refinements. That’s already as good as being promoted to a different stage. Such a thing cannot be improved purely through practice. With regards to your current age, practicing harder to increase your soul power is still the most important. Thus, there was no fault in your actions. But from now on, come here every weekend. Okay, go and change your clothes. I’ll help you familiarise yourself on the use of the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver
Hammers. You can complete your task later in the afternoon.”

Mang Tian couldn’t bring himself to maintain a cool disposition towards his disciple. When he tried getting his disciple’s contact number from
Grandmaster Cen Yue, he was pestered endlessly by Cen Yue for a long period of time. Even the President had taken the initiative to personally approach him for it.

Despite Eastsea City’s low standing within the whole of the continent, Mu Chen was still one of the ten great Saint Craftsmen on the continent. Such status wasn’t only within the world of blacksmithing. He was a prestigious character throughout the continent. If not for his wife being a citizen of Eastsea City, he wouldn’t have come here.

Yesterday, Mu Chen had suggested that if Tang Wulin had questions about anything in his studies, he would gladly help him. How could this not
surprise and delight Mang Tian?

However, it seemed to him that his own teachings for Tang Wulin was
sufficient. He had his own selfish thoughts as well. If he were to pass Tang Wulin to Mu Chen now, who would be considered his actual teacher in the future?

This was why Mang Tian didn’t give Tang Wulin the opportunity to display the entirety of his abilities with the Thousand Refinements and directly proceed to third rank craftsman.
 Tang Wulin’s talent in blacksmithing wasn’t simply based on his innate divine strength. Though it was rare to have innate divine strength, it was
still possible. However, the real ability needed to rise up and become a top notch blacksmith wasn’t simply based on that.

The higher the rank of a blacksmith, the greater the importance placed on one’s comprehension and soul power needed to be. When they reached the later stages, it would be impossible to achieve a breakthrough without
sufficient soul power – Mang Tian was one such example. If not for that requirement, he would’ve been confident enough to reach the Saint
Craftsman rank.

Tang Wulin’s inborn power compensated for his insufficient soul power. More importantly, this child had a superhuman level of comprehension. He had the ability to enter a state of extreme focus during every forging
session. Especially so when he performed the Thousand Refinements. This was where he was able to understand the life stored within the metal.

Mang Tian remembered the past. It was only when he became a fourth rank blacksmith that he’d managed to occasionally enter that state..

Having said that, Tang Wulin was talented in many aspects of blacksmithing. With his diligence and determination, Tang Wulin hadn’t slacked within these three years, and this had laid a solid foundation for
himself. This obedient child – Mang Tian was not willing to send him off to others.

Mang Tian had the intention of cultivating Tang Wulin to the Master
Craftsman Rank before allowing him to reveal his full ability. Until then, Mang Tian vowed he would not let his disciple be snatched by anymore.

After changing his clothes, Tang Wulin started his forging practice on a normal piece of metal with his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers.

When he started, there was a little fuss due to the Stacked Hammers effect. These hammers, however, were forged via his blood sacrifice! After practicing with these hammers, he had worked to a state where his being
synchronized with his hammers.
 Though similarly Thousand Refined, if one were to describe him and the tungsten hammers as two hearts that beat as one, then these Heavy Silver hammers that were forged using blood sacrifice had created a connection between his heart and soul. This feeling was weird, as it was both soothing and unforgettable.

When he was immersed in such a stage, the use of the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers wouldn’t be a problem at all.

When Mang Tian observed closely, the strikes of his disciple were quite
simple. He watched as Tang Wulin worked in a state of deep concentration, with his eyes aglow as they seemed to reflect the sparks shooting from the Heavy Silver Hammers. Mang Tian couldn’t help it as a deep sigh escaped him. After completing the Thousand Refinements, this child’s brilliance is finally showing itself.

All the way until dusk, Tang Wulin skillfully forged the Sky Dragon Iron
with his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers. It’s completion marked the end of this day’s practice.

“Let’s go! I’ll accompany you to the Blacksmith’s Association to submit your task. Then you can receive your second task. You can complete it during your break next week, and then have it delivered,” Mang Tian told him.

“Yes!” Tang Wulin replied quickly.

Mang Tian silently thought that with the presence of a week’s buffer time, nobody would suspect Tang Wulin’s true forging abilities.

The Blacksmith’s Association was far busier during the evening than it was during the day. Mang Tian brought Tang Wulin straight up to the second floor to deliver his task and for the Association’s specialist to check on the task item prior to giving Tang Wulin his remuneration.

20,000 federation coins. This was the first time Tang Wulin had received such a large amount and he passed the coins to Mang Tian. “Teacher, for you.”
 Mang Tian shook his head. “After reaching the second rank, and from a
certain point-of-view, you’ve already finished your apprenticeship. This is rightfully yours.”

Tang Wulin answered, “But I’ve used your forging workshop!”

Mang Tian’s face revealed a smile. “Do you think I mind that? Also, when your parents went away on their business trip, they informed me that you don’t have to call home.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Although Tang Wulin knew he was far from his aim, there was still a jubilant feeling within his heart with the gain of these 20,000 federation coins. Hard work brings wealth and glory. This money was earned solely through his hard work.

After collecting another second rank task, he left the Association with Mang Tian.

“Teacher, I’ll treat you to a meal.” Tang Wulin jumped forth with this suggestion.

Mang Tian shook his head. “You can have your meal back at the Academy. Teacher has some other matters. You should remember to head to your teacher’s place weekly to smith. Every month, you have to produce a few Thousand Refined products. Teacher will leave some materials for you at the workshop. Those Thousand Refined products will be the fee for using my forging workshop.”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin answered without any hesitation.

Chapter 72 – The Class Promotion Tournament Begins!

Chapter 72 – The Class Promotion Tournament Begins!

With the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers’ Stacked Hammers
effect, the difficulty of the Thousand Refinements was now much less than before.

The days soon flew by. For six days of the week, he would be hard at work cultivating. On the remaining day, he would forge.

At this moment, Tang Wulin, along with Gu Yue and Xie Xie, were inside Wu Zhangkong’s office. He informed them that the first match of the Class Promotion Tournament would begin the following week. Before Tang Wulin knew it, two months had already passed.

During these last two months, everyone had changed by more than a little. The most important change was that under Wu Zhangkong’s ‘special training,’ all three of them had gained a mutual understanding between each other, causing their relationship to be much more harmonious now.

Gu Yue was without a doubt the strongest among the three of them. Even
when he went all out, Xie Xie was unable to close the gap between them by even a bit.

Xie Xie’s soul power, however, had surprisingly grown to rank 19 over the past two months. After one more rank up, he would be able to receive the second soul ring from his hundred year spirit soul, thus becoming a Soul Grandmaster.
 Gu Yue’s soul power had increased by two and reached rank 17. Despite him having Bluesilver Grass as his martial soul, Tang Wulin worked hard
everyday to improve his martial soul control while also using a higher level meditation technique as he underwent Wu Zhangkong’s training. This had allowed his soul power to increase by one rank to rank 12.

According to his current speed, he would definitely be able to reach rank 20 before he graduated from the intermediate academy. With his abundant self- awareness, Tang Wulin didn’t bother to compare himself with Xie Xie and Gu Yue, instead completely satisfied with his progress.

“Teacher, who is class four sending to battle with us? Do you have their data?” Xie Xie eagerly asked Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong coldly answered, “If you guys need data on that measly class four in order to defeat them, could you still be considered my disciples? You only have one mission during the tournament next week: crush your opponents! Do you understand?”

“Yes!” All three of them exclaimed.

Wu Zhangkong said, “The Class Promotion Tournament will begin soon. There will be one battle a day until the tournament ends. I’ll give you guys a target: win your way to the fourth grade!”

Winning all the way until the fourth grade? When they heard these words, Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with shock while Xie Xie couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva—despite his confidence.

It had to be known that the talented individuals of the fourth grade would already have acquired their second ring. In fact, there were even some two ring Soul Grandmasters within the third grade! Yet, they were only in the first grade and were tasked with fighting until the fourth grade. This was
easier said than done.

Wu Zhangkong indifferently replied, “What I’m talking about is the fourth grade’s class one. Defeat the fourth grade’s class one and you will all receive a reward. If not, I’ll discard all of your class achievements.”
 Xie Xie defiantly said, “Teacher, isn’t this too harsh?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “If you find it harsh, then you can withdraw. Only Wulin and Gu Yue will compete then.”

“Great! I don’t want this leftover child,” Gu Yue said with indifference as she played with her fingers.

“You!” Xie Xie turned to glare at her.

Since Gu Yue had always suppressed him with her strength, Xie Xie treated her with hostility from beginning to end.

Gu Yue tilted her head and stared back at him. “You can’t accept this?”

Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin, who said, “Teacher has never changed his mind after deciding on something before. It’s best if you do your best, young man!”

Wu Zhangkong’s eye’s twinkled as he revealed a smile. He was
exceptionally pleased with these three disciples of his. Although Tang Wulin’s innate talent was lacking, his innate divine strength more than made up for it. Moreover, Tang Wulin always put in his greatest effort!

Although they had both increased by one soul rank, it would be wrong to compare Tang Wulin with Xie Xie. In comparison to Xie Xie, Tang Wulin
had put in far more effort for that one rank. Moreover, it seems that after his Bluesilver Grass mutated into a variant, it seemed truly decent now. While it seemed that it could no longer evolve anymore, if it did evolve after he obtained his second ring, then there was the possibility of it becoming a high level martial soul.

“Alright then. We’ll commence with today’s training. Tang Wulin, partner up with Xie Xie and face Gu Yue.”

Xie Xie revealed a mischievous smile and then proudly said to Gu Yue, “Yue Yue, watch how big brother puts you in your place!”

Gu Yue coldly stared at him. “You will pay for how you just addressed me!”
 Thus, the day’s special training began.

The Class Promotion Tournament was a grand event for Eastsea Academy and was held annually. This was because the Class Promotion Tournament was the only event where the whole academy participated.

The advanced academy had their own advanced division Class Promotion Tournament, keeping their event separate from the intermediate academy’s tournament.

They would show off their most exceptional students in the tournament and the city would record their info and archive it. As for the upcoming Class Promotion Tournament, it was crucial for obtaining a recommendation to
enter high class academies in the future.

The rewards were also equally as generous. Classes that obtained
exceptional results in the tournament would gain not only a change in rank, but the teacher in charge would also receive commendations.

As a result, the Class Promotion Tournament had become a symbol of honor and glory over the years. Being defeated by a lower ranked class was considered a disgrace, while defeating a higher ranked class was considered glorious.

The reason the tournament was held three months after the start of class was to give the teachers enough time to choose the students who would participate, and also to provide ample time to plan their tactics.

There was a moderate wind blowing and a beautiful sun shining down on this day. The blue sky was void of clouds for as far as the eye could see. A competition stage stood in the middle of the intermediate division’s field.
Although it was called a competition stage, it was actually just a 10
centimeter thick metal plate with a diameter of 100 meters. It occupied the majority of the field’s area, and there were many soul barrier devices
surrounding it, guarding against any potential accidents that may occur during the matches.
 Today was the first day of the tournament. For the sake of not disturbing the studies of the students, the tournament was held after school. At that moment, the bell rang, marking the end of the school day. Students began pouring out of the school building. Despite this, only a few headed towards the competition stage.

For a match between class five and class four of the new first graders, how could it possibly be worth watching? The upper graders viewed a match
such as this with disdain. They wouldn’t come to watch the matches until the next day, when the first grade’s class three stepped onto the stage.

After the bell rang, the students of the first grade’s class five lined up neatly and made their way to the field, standing to the side. After three months of special training, class five had a completely different aura about them now. Although their talents weren’t remarkable, under Wu Zhangkong’s instruction, their stamina had made outstanding progress and their soul power had also increased greatly.

The students of the first grade’s class four arrived in twos and threes just a while later. It seemed that they weren’t worried about the match at all.

A short and stout teacher walked over to Wu Zhangkong’s side, wearing a massive grin. “Teacher Wu, your students are pretty good! I’m nearly dying from how orderly they are in their line. My class four’s students are so undisciplined. As such, please start off leniently on my class four today!
Although we might not be able to be promoted to class three, you must help us preserve our position as class four.”

Wu Zhangkong shot him a glance before returning his gaze to the front, completely treating him as air.

Chapter 73 – The First Match of the Class Promotion Tournament!

Chapter 73 – The First Match of the Class Promotion Tournament!

First grade’s class four teacher, Kong Hanwen, almost crooked his nose out of anger. ‘This fellow’s level of arrogance is extraordinary!’

‘That’s right, so you’re strong. But what’s the big deal about the class of trash you’re teaching? Can their strength lead anywhere?’

“Seems like Teacher Wu is full of confidence! We shall see what happens on the stage then.” With sarcasm-laced words, Kong Hanwen beckoned to his own class and moved towards them.

Wu Zhangkong’s lips moved slightly, and Tang Wulin, who stood beside him, vaguely caught his words; Teacher Wu seemed to have spoken
something unpleasant…

At this moment, Director Long Hengxu walked towards the tournament platform.

“Today’s Class Promotion Tournament has started. We begin with the match between the first grade’s class five and the first grade’s class four. Teacher Wu Zhangkong, have you confirmed the number of participants from your

The Class Promotion Tournament for lower grades were normally not as popular. As the presiding referee, Long Hengxu had only one point of interest, which was the disciples Wu Zhangkong had trained within the last
 three months. Especially since Wu Zhangkong had approached him previously in order to seek his forgiveness.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “We have three participants from our class.”

Long Hengxu turned towards the direction of class four’s teacher, Kong Hanwen. “Class five has three participants. Teacher Kong, you have five minutes to select your participants.”

Kong Hanwen had changed from the previously grinning face he’d shown in front of Wu Zhangkong and commented disdainfully, “To compete with class five, anyone from our class four is good enough. Jia Long, Lin Zunyuan, Mo Si—you three compete. Remember, you are representing
class four’s glory. You must show off the might of class four.”

Wu Zhangkong merely waved his hand. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue moved up to the tournament stage.

Long Hengxu looked towards Wu Zhangkong with a strange expression.
Generally speaking, class five as a whole was weak in power, and should’ve put forth the minimum number of participants possible. While he had picked two of his best students, he’d selected a total of three to compete.
Could it be that class five’s power as a whole had strengthened under Wu Zhangkong’s training?

Among class four’s three participants, Jia Long was at the forefront position. He wasn’t particularly tall, but he was stout and looking sturdy.

Lin Zunyuan was a stringy-framed, weak-looking teenager. Mo Si had a medium build and had an eager look on his face.

Tang Wulin was at the forefront position on his end. That was right, it was him. Standing in this position made him feel as if he were the chief

“Ready!” The two teams were 50 meters apart. Long Hengxu had his right hand raised.
 “New academic year’s Class Promotion Tournament Round 1, first grade’s class four versus first grade’s class five. Begin!”

Together with Long Hengxu’s words, the three participants of the first grade’s class four released their soul rings.

Three white soul ring appeared underneath each of the three participants.
Standing at the forefront, Jia Long took a huge step forward, his body
seemingly expanded a few centimeters. He howled deeply as his originally brown eyes turning yellow and his arms grew visibly stronger. With huge strides, he rushed forward.

Lin Zunyuan murmured something incomprehensible, and a long staff
appeared in his hand. As the soul ring blinked beneath his feet, a ray of red light shone out from the top of his staff and fell onto Jia Long’s body.

A blood-red streak appeared within Jia Long’s yellow eyes, and his body expanded once more, bringing with it an imposing aura as he rushed towards Tang Wulin.

Mo Si, who stood positioned on the other side, disappeared shortly behind Jia Long.

From their fast and nimble coordination, it could be seen that they had trained for a long period of time. Unlike what Kong Hanwen had said, they were not students randomly chosen to compete.

Jia Long was an Assault System Battle Soul Master and his martial soul
was probably a wolf. Mo Si was an Agility System Battle Soul Master, but it wasn’t clear what his martial soul was. Lin Zunyuan, however, was an Auxiliary System Battle Soul Master, and his first soul skill was of the
amplification type.

One was from the Assault System, one was from the Agility System, and one could use an amplification type skill. This was a good combination.

Looking back at class five, Tang Wulin and the others didn’t release their soul rings at the first instance, but they all sped in the direction of their
 opponents. Xie Xie merely flashed once and appeared near Jia Long the very next instant, yet he didn’t attack. With another flash to the side, he headed for Lin Zunyuan who stood behind Jia Long.

“Mo Si!” Jia Long shouted. Mo Si, who hid behind him, immediately appeared and shot towards Xie Xie.

If an Auxiliary System Battle Soul Master was being attacked by an Agility System Battle Soul Master, the Auxiliary System Battle Soul Master would be defeated instantaneously.

With regards to the other two, Jia Long was confident in fending them off. It was a pity that this confidence didn’t last for long.
Although Jia Long’s build had increased somewhat under the amplification effect on his martial soul, his build was still dwarfed by Tang Wulin. As the distance between both participants shortened, Jia Long felt something
strange inside him, ‘Why hasn’t he released his martial soul?’ At this moment, he caught a view of Tang Wulin’s fist.
Tang Wulin’s fist was plain, void of any soul skills behind it, not even lacked traces of soul power fluctuations.

As an Assault System Battle Soul Master, Jia Long was highly confident in his strength. He swept out his right hand, hoping to catch Tang Wulin’s incoming fist.

A shadow flashed behind Tang Wulin, and Jia Long felt his foot slip as he almost fell. His protruding hand was no longer in the same direction as it was before. Tang Wulin’s fist flew directly towards his chest.

Zhou Zhangxi, who watched the tournament from below the stage, shut his eyes immediately. The sight of Jia Long being punched reminded him of his first meeting with Tang Wulin—when he was punched out of the window.

Peng! Jia Long flew back seven or eight meters upon receiving Tang Wulin’s punch.
 A blue vine finally crept out at this late stage, but vanished the next instant. That was because the battle at the other end had already ended.
After Xie Xie looped around Jia Long, his steps quickened. Mo Si belonged to the Agility System as well, yet he was clearly not on the same level as
Xie Xie in terms of speed.

As the Light Dragon Dagger Xie Xie held knocked against Lin Zunyuan’s forehead, Lin Zunyuan was immediately ordered out of the tournament by Long Hengxu.

Next, with a twist of his body, Xie Xie stood before Mo Si.

Mo Si’s martial soul was a short sword, similar to Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger, except that his soul power was only at rank 13. This was a match with no element of suspense.

Their weapons had only collided once before Xie Xie appeared behind Mo Si, his Light Dragon Dagger threatening Mo Si’s neck.

It wasn’t until then that the three participants from the first grade class five release their martial souls.

White, Yellow, Yellow!

One ten year soul ring, and two, hundred! Year! Soul! Rings!

Kong Hanwen was awestruck as he witnessed the match. It had only lasted 10 seconds from start to end. Was it even 10 seconds?

He was inclined to ask Long Hengxu, who was on the stage, if the team he faced was really from first grade’s class five, and not instead from first grade’s class one?

Xie Xie sneered a little, his expression showed that he was unsatisfied as he returned to Tang Wulin’s side and they high-fived each other.
 It was then that the people on the first grade class five’s end started cheering. Oh. No—they were now the first grade’s class four.

“First grade’s class five wins, but before the end of this tournament, they will remain as class five. Class re-organization will proceed at the end of
the Class Promotion Tournament. Tomorrow, you will be competing against first grade’s class three.”

Chapter 74 – The Trio

Chapter 74 – The Trio

This match couldn’t even have been considered as a steamrolling, since there wasn’t any steamrolling at all. The entire match had proceeded in a relaxed manner, in such a way that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue didn’t even need to use their soul power to defeat their opponents.

It was like what Wu Zhangkong had once told Tang Wulin: the sheer force of his strength alone was sufficient to defeat most of his peers.

Wu Zhangkong didn’t spare a glance at class four’s class teacher Kong Hanwen when he announced in an icy tone, “Class dismissed.”

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin stood so close that their shoulders rubbed against each other. “I’m actually really happy that the Class Promotion Tournament is being held. We’re freed from the evening’s special training.”In order to maintain their physical condition and energy, the competitors were given permission to be absent from their special training classes. That was the
cause of Xie Xie’s exclamation.

Long Hengxu walked down the stage at this time and looked towards the trio with a somewhat shocked expression. He had arranged for Xie Xie’s
allocation to the first grade’s class five in view of the previous fight that had occurred. With Xie Xie’s talent, there shouldn’t have been any doubt to his allocation into class one. However, his family had sought out Long
Hengxu’s help. They had hoped to give Xie Xie more opportunities to hone himself, so he was eventually allocated to class five.

At that moment, Long Hengxu had many thoughts running through in his mind. Class five was the worst class in the academy, and was under the
 greatest amount of pressure within the first grade classes. Moreover, Wu Zhangkong had been transferred to their class. Despite the fact that this Icily Arrogant Prince Charming was not well-liked by the academy
administration, it was undeniable that he was possessed both strength and excellent teaching ability.

He took his analysis one step further. With the gifted Xie Xie in class five, all the other classes were under even more pressure in the Class Promotion Tournament. With the situation like this, the entire first grade was much more motivated to learn and improve.

This action had many benefits, and was why a talent like Xie Xie was allocated to class five.

It seemed now, however, that class five’s competitiveness had far exceeded what he had previously expected. He was curious as to why Wu Zhangkong had chosen Tang Wulin to participate in this Class Promotion Tournament. He distinctly remembered that Tang Wulin’s martial soul was Bluesilver

As for the girl, she was probably the student whom Wu Zhangkong was
willing to admit his mistakes for. Though he hadn’t had a chance to witness her true abilities, her possession of a hundred-year soul ring provided
enough explanation.

This combination of class five participants was simply one that went against heaven’s will! Even the competitors of first grade’s class one would be hard pressed to defeat them.

If during the Class Promotion Tournament a lower class in the grade won
consecutively, then it would be bad news, especially for Long Hengxu who was in-charge of the allocation of new students. It meant that his allocation of new students was done on unfair grounds. He felt regretful for agreeing to Wu Zhangkong’s request to let Gu Yue enter class five.

“Let’s go out and play, how about that?” Xie Xie whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear.
 Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t feel like it. Meal time in the dining hall is starting.”

Xie Xie gave a blank look. “The only thought in your brain is eating.” Tang Wulin answered somewhat angrily, “If I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry!”
Xie Xie replied, “Alright, I’ll treat you if you accompany me out. How does that sound? All these days trapped within the academy grounds are killing me.”

Eastsea Academy’s adminstration was not very strict as Eastsea City was a prosperous city with good security.

“Alright.” Hearing that Xie Xie would treat him to food, Tang Wulin readily agreed to his request. In reality, he wanted to go complete the task that he had collected from the Blacksmith’s Association a week ago.

A second rank forging task could fetch Tang Wulin a remuneration of 10,000 to 30,000 federation coins. Within the last few months, he had collected a total of 100,000 federation coins. To him, this was a huge
amount of money. If he were to proceed at this pace, he was confident that by the time he needed a second ring, he would’ve collected enough coins for a hundred-year spirit soul.

A hundred-year spirit soul could provide two soul skills, and it also meant that he could provide two soul rings. This alone was very important to Tang Wulin.

“I’m going too!” Gu Yue had unknowingly appeared beside them.

Xie Xie spoke with a face of distaste, “I don’t bring girls out to play!”

Gu Yue gave a cold hum and looked towards Tang Wulin. “Are you going with him, or with me?”

Xie Xie answered arrogantly, “Isn’t that obvious? We’re roommates and buddies, what about you?”
 Gu Yue nodded her head, then turned suddenly towards Wu Zhangkong’s direction and left, shouting, “Teacher Wu, I think that our team’s
coordination isn’t strong enough yet. We should train more.”

“Hey!” With a flash, Xie Xie appeared in front of her. He raised his hand to cover her mouth. Gu Yue’s body glowered with a silver light as she shifted two meters sideways to Tang Wulin’s side. With a cold laugh she said, “Are you starting a fight with me?”

Xie Xie answered with a face of defeat, “Alright, alright. If you want to, then come along then.”

He really didn’t hold a grudge towards Gu Yue. She was stronger than him, and that alone kept him on his toes when against Gu Yue.

During their long hours training together, he had never once won against Gu Yue in a one-on-one match. Only on rare occasions when he partnered with Tang Wulin would Gu Yue be defeated.

It seemed weird to speak of it, but while she was nice to Tang Wulin, Gu Yue had always picked on him. The three of them had this strange but
special relationship where Xie Xie and Gu Yue were both on good terms
with Tang Wulin, but not with each other. That was one of the reasons why Tang Wulin had been picked to participate in class five’s team. With Tang Wulin’s constant control, the three of them were able to fully display their power.

The trio changed back into their own clothes and walked out of the academy.

“Where should we go?” Tang Wuling asked Xie Xie, who was the one who purposed this outing.

Xie Xie answered, “Let’s eat first. Isn’t that what you were looking forward to? I know of a food street so let’s head there for some nice food.”

Tang Wulin affirmed, “You’ll be treating, right?”
 Xie Xie replied sarcastically, “They’re merely street snacks, can they be something this young master can’t manage?”

Gu Yue said, “A body exuding the stench of coins.” As she spoke, she moved towards Tang Wulin’s other side on purpose.

Xie Xie was furious. “If you have a problem with that then you don’t have to eat.”

Gu Yue answered back arrogantly, “I hadn’t thought of accepting your treat at all. Tang Wulin, a man should act gentlemanly. You shall treat me then.”

Tang Wulin tapped his forehead. “The both of you, can’t you stop arguing? We’re here to relax, are we not?”

Gu Yue lifted up her head and looked seriously at Tang Wulin. “Are you not treating me then?”

“I am.” Tang Wulin could only reply with that.

Gu Yue, after getting an affirmation from Tang Wulin, looked proudly towards Xie Xie. “Rest assured, miser! I would never take you up on your offer. Your treats reek like…” As she spoke, she did a waving motion before her nose with a contemptuous gesture.

Xie Xie sucked in a deep breath. He wasn’t her match in an argument or in a fight. That was the reason why he wasn’t keen on bringing Gu Yue out with them.

The food street was some distance from Eastsea Academy, and the three of them walked a full 30 minutes to get there.

It wasn’t a wide street, and stores sprouted upwards on both sides. As soon as they reached the mouth of the street, their noses were assaulted with the fragrance of a variety of different snacks and appetizing scents.

“Let’s eat that skewered beef first. It’s boiled to tenderness. Having it with some rice is simply heavenly.” As a landlord of Eastsea City, Xie Xie volunteered the introduction.

Chapter 75 – The Story of the Stewed Beef

Chapter 75 – The Story of the Stewed Beef

“Alright!” Tang Wulin grinned; he was already starting to feel hungry.

The stewed beef dish was prepared by boiling the meat in a light brown coloured earthen jar. After the meat was cleaned, slices of onions and
ginger were added inside. The jar was used to trap the moisture in and keep the flavours during the stewing process. As soon as the meat changes
colour, ten or so different types of spices were sprinkled into the jar before the long duration of stewing began. The meat would then turn soft and tender, and the flavours of the spices would combine well with the meat.
This was a well-known dish within Eastsea City.

The shop was small in size, and the cooking table was situated outside the shop. There were a hundred little flames, and on top of the table were
earthen jars filled with the savoury stewed beef. The steam coming out from these jars caused small vibrations upon the lids. Soft humming sounds
echoed from the jars as a sweet and pungent fragrance lured passersby on the road.

Inside the shop, there were only five mediocre-sized square tables. With a maximum occupancy of twenty or so customers, half of the shop was
already filled at this time.

It was now mid-autumn and the temperature was dropping as the days went by. The entrance welcomed customers with a gush of warmth and the fragrance of stewed beef. This was a comfortable feeling to experience.
 Gu Yue showed a shocked expression to Xie Xie. “I’m surprised that a rich young master like you would eat at a roadside shop!”

Xie Xie didn’t bother to argue with her this time round. “The stewed beef from this shop used to be my mother’s favourite, and I ventured here occasionally.” As he spoke, he had already moved into the shop and chose a seat at the table furthest inside the shop.

Tang Wulin nudged Gu Yue before following Xie Xie into the shop. He sat opposite Xie Xie.

“Oh! Xie Xie has come, and he brought friends with him. The usual dishes?” The boss was a middle-aged man. He had an oil-stained apron tied around his waist and a wide grin on his face.

“En. Uncle Li, thanks.” Xie Xie grinned back as he gave his thanks.

Three portions of stewed beef were delivered to them in a short moment, together with three bowls of rice and two vegetable side dishes.

“It’s a first to see you’ve bring friends with you. These side dishes are on the house.” Uncle Li grinned as he spoke, stroking Xie Xie’s head as if Xie Xie was his own nephew.

Tang Wulin was shocked as he looked at Xie Xie. Xie Xie was obsessed
with cleanliness, and his bed was by far the cleanest in the dorm. But at this moment, it didn’t seem to matter to him that this roadside shop owner was touching him. Furthermore, he grinned without any signs of cringing.
“Thank you Uncle Li”

Both Tang Wulin and Gu Yu’s image of Xie Xie was overturned by his current behaviour.

Xie Xie questioned them, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and eat.” He was already opening the lid of the earthen jar as he spoke. At that very moment, a thick wave of fragrance flowed out from the jar. The broth was dark gold in colour, and small chunks of beef were visible within it. These
 chunks were so tender that they instantly fell apart when Xie Xie poked one with his chopsticks.

He picked up a piece carefully and rested it on his bowl of rice, before eating them together. His face lit up in contentment.

Tang Wulin had long since lost his patience. He followed Xie Xie’s lead and started to eat.

“This is delicious.” He voiced some words of praise as it really was tasty. The strong fragrance from the beef and broth was a beautiful marriage of freshness and saltiness that was perfectly supplemented by the rice. It was a perfect combination.

Gu Yue tried a mouthful and broke into a smile.

This was a small shop, with dingy yellow light and worn furniture. But the food was astonishingly delicious. Beef, broth, side dishes, and rice; these four dishes provided its customers with warmth and comfort.

Though the three of them had undergone special training for three months, but this type of moment that had never happened during their rigorous training. A harmonious atmosphere existed around them.

“Uncle Li, I’d like ten more sets.” Xie Xie waved towards Uncle Li as he knew too well the eating abilities of a certain someone.

Tang Wulin scratched his head awkwardly. “Thank you.” “Yes?” Xie Xie lifted his head towards Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin gave a helpless face as he answered, “Your name isn’t good at all. I was trying to thank you.1”

Xie Xie gave a bitter smile, his eyes a little red. “My mother gave me this name. She told me that she picked this name as she’d chanced upon
something she was grateful for. The best thing that happened in her life was that chance encounter with father, but…” His face turned a shade paler at this moment, his hand gripping his chopsticks harder.
 “Your mother?” Tang Wulin questioned cautiously. Though he knew that Xie Xie’s family was wealthy, this was the first time he heard of his family’s matters.

Xie Xie pursed his lips before he spoke. “Father is always busy during the day. Even when mother was gravely ill, he didn’t come home. In the last moments of her life, she had only wished to see father once more, but he
came too late. I can never forget that night; Mother’s tears, and the regret in her eyes when her grip on my hand finally lost its strength. I hate him. I hate him! I detest my name too. If not for that chance encounter, mother
wouldn’t have…”

As he reached this moment, Xie Xie dropped down onto the table.

In this place, it seemed that Xie Xie had dropped all of that icy arrogance front he’d put up when they first met him. This was also the first time he shared his private thoughts with them.

At this moment, Uncle Li came to their table with fresh jars of stewed beef. As he placed the jars onto the table, he sighed. “This child is really pitiful. His mother loved bringing him here to my shop. But after his mother left, he came here alone with only the memories of his mother to accompany him. You can’t blame him for that! It’s rare to see him here with friends.
I’m so happy for him. He’s such a young child, yet he has such a heavy heart. Please help him if you can. Ay, how horrible!”

Tang Wulin patted Xie Xie’s back lightly. Gu Yue, however, sat in the same position, staring ahead at the crying Xie Xie. Her eyes seemingly filling
with something.

“Hey, don’t cry. I’ll take back back my words and let you treat me today then.” Gu Yue kicked across at Xie Xie.

Xie Xie lifted his head and wiped his tears off with his sleeves. “Don’t I reek of money’s stench!”

Gu Yue curled her lips before commenting, “So this brat loves bearing grudges.”
 Xie Xie threw back vehemently, “We are born on the same year and you’re even several months younger than me. If I’m a brat, what are you? Bratty girl?”

Gu Yue opened a new earthen jar and lowered her head to consume it. She spoke as she ate, “I won’t fight with someone who’d just cried.”

As the trio left the stewed beef shop, Uncle Li gazed at their figures and sighed. “Kids these days have such a large appetite!.”

The meal of stewed beef had not only brought Tang Wulin and his friends warmth, but had unknowingly knitted strong bonds between the three.

Salt grilled huge prawns was next in line. These large, fresh prawns were
skewed through with bamboo skewers before being sent off to the coal grill and topped with a sprinkle of salt.

Tang Wulin fully displayed the demeanour of a glutton god. As the three of them went from one end to the other end of the food street, their
conversation was filled with happiness and laughter.

“I’m full now.” Gu Yue held onto Tang Wulin’s shoulder for support while Xie Xie did the same on the other side.

Tang Wulin grinned as he spoke, “If your appetite isn’t big enough, don’t try to eat like this glutton god.”

Xie Xie rolled his eyes. “What glutton god? You’re merely a foodie. That’s what I wanted to say when I first witnessed your enormous appetite.”

Tang Wulin hummed cooly, “Come on, let’s continue eating since you’re paying for it.”

Xie Xie cried out in astonishment, “You still have space for food?”

‘Hasn’t this guy already eaten enough to equal a whole cow as we went down this street?’

Tang Wulin answered proudly, “Yes!”
 “Ah! What’s that over there?” Gu Yue broke them off suddenly.

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie lifted up their heads and followed Gu Yue’s sight. There seemed to be a commotion near the entrance of food street and there were many bystanders crowding around.

The shop’s position seemed to be that of the stewed beef shop!

1. Remember that thank you is also pronounced as “xie xie” in mandarin.

Chapter 76 – Two Ring Opponent

Chapter 76 – Two Ring Opponent

“Let’s go and take a look.” Xie Xie couldn’t be bothered to bicker with Tang Wulin, so he quickly ran off. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue could only follow him.

“You guys can’t act like this! Not at all! This is how I make my living!”
Before they neared, the three of them could already hear Uncle Li’s voice.

Xie Xie was at the front and was thus able to quickly force his way through the crowd.

The cooking table beside the stewed beef shop’s entrance had been overturned. Beef broth streamed out from the countless shattered jars that lay on the ground. The steamy aroma coming from the meat only added to the disarray.

Uncle Li lay collapsed in the doorway of the shop. He was bleeding from the corner of his mouth and had a swollen eye, which only contributed to the look of grief and indignation on his face.

Three burly men stood before the doorway of the shop. The leader of this trio was a bald man, bare-chested despite the cold weather, showing off the dragon tattoos on his arms.

The other two were also quite tall, and were obviously bad people from the look of their scowls.

“Surnamed Li, a wise man submits to his circumstances. There isn’t anyone on this street who dares to not hand over the protection fee money, yet you’re always coming up with all sorts of excuses. Could it be that I, Guang
 Long1, need to beg? Do we need to specially send someone over everyday to collect a bit of money? If it wasn’t for the fact that your stewed beef is quite tasty, this daddy over here would have already disposed of you. So
stop talking nonsense and hand over the money today. If you don’t, then you can forget about opening up your shop here in the future.” The bald man cast a cold and gloomy gaze on Uncle Li as he spoke. Despite the large crowd, not a single person dared to intervene.

“Big Brother Guang Long, it really isn’t that I am refusing to pay the protection fees. It’s just that my wife is terribly sick and I use the little money I earn every day to take her to the doctor. But you’ve actually smashed apart my business! Now my wife won’t be able to live much longer. When it comes time, I won’t live any longer either.”

Guang Long laughed out loud. “Fine then! Trying to threaten me with your life? Do you think that this daddy here cares about your cheap life? Even if you die, I can just substitute you with someone else and I’ll be paid all the same. If you can’t pay, then beat it! Don’t occupy this space.” As he spoke, he took a step forward a kicked the kitchen table, flipping it over. In a moment, all of the jars of stewed beef on top were scattered about on the ground.

Uncle Li sorrowfully cried, “Guang Long, I’ll stake everything against you.” Uncle Li climbed up with great difficulty, then lowered his head and charged at Guang Long.

Guang Long let out a single evil laugh before raising his leg and kicked
Uncle Li, sending him tumbling away. “Fighting with your life? In front of this daddy here, you don’t even have the qualifications to fight with your life. Don’t forget this daddy is a Soul Master.”

“So just because you’re a Soul Master, you have the right to bully people?” A voice angrily rebuked from the sidelines as Tang Wulin’s trio squeezed past the crowd. Xie Xie quickly rushed over to Uncle Li’s side and
supported him. Guang Long was met with Tang Wulin’s angry glare.

Guang Long was stunned for a moment, before he began laughing unbridledly at the sight of this child. “This street really doesn’t have anyone
 left after all! Even a child dares to get in my way. He truly is a calf that does not know how to be afraid of the tiger. Beat it! This daddy doesn’t like to hit children.”

Tang Wulin had been born into an ordinary family. To him, he found the idea of the strong bullying the weak to be absolutely unacceptable! He
approached Guang Long with large strides and said, “How could you treat Uncle Li like this!? Are you even human!?”

Guang Long responded with a cold snort, “Can kindness be eaten? He does this in order to provide for his wife, could it be that I don’t need to provide for my mother? Screw being honest! Hurry up and get lost brat; don’t delay my business any longer.”

He raised a hand as he finished speaking, moving to push Tang Wulin’s shoulder.

A light flashed within Tang Wulin’s eyes as he ferociously threw a punch at the oncoming palm.

With a ‘bang,’ Guang Long was sent staggering back. Tang Wulin, however, was similarly stunned. ‘This guy had been caught off guard, yet he was able to control his body. His strength definitely isn’t weak!’

“Fine then boy. It seems you actually have some strength.” Guang Long spread his large palm once more, but this time, he aimed to grab Tang Wulin’s shoulders. The dragon tattoos on his muscular arms grew taut, revealing a fierce appearance.

Tang Wulin’s strongest point wasn’t his martial soul, but his strength. He raised his fist again and sent another punch flying.

Another muffled sound rang out, but this time, Tang Wulin was the one who fell back. He felt as if Guang Long’s palm was like cast copper, and even
with his astonishing strength, he was still at a disadvantage. Tang Wulin was pushed back two steps.
 Guang Long was also given a fright. He had already put quite a bit of
strength into that grab of his just now, yet the power behind that child’s punch had actually been able to make him tremble and miss the grab.

“Good, boy! Your strength is nothing to laugh at!” Guang Long advanced another step forward and attempted to grab Tang Wulin once again.

Right at that moment, a strand of Bluesilver Grass shot out from Tang Wulin’s right hand and in the blink of an eye, Bind was used on Guang Long. The ground suddenly went soft below Guang Long’s feet and he felt as though he were sinking into the ground. He was unable to exert any of his strength at all. Then a figure soared into the sky towards him and landed, its feet suspended over his shoulder. Suddenly, a dagger appeared at his neck, threatening him.

Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, and Xie Xie had undergone special training together for the last three months. Now, they had a complete understanding of each other. As soon as they saw Tang Wulin losing out in strength, Gu Yue and Xie Xie simultaneously launched their assault in order to support him.

Guang Long was caught off guard when the Light Dragon Dagger suddenly appeared at his throat.

The Bluesilver Grass was withdrawn as Tang Wulin and Xie Xie were both highly confident in themselves.

“Apologize to Uncle Li and pay for the damages. If not, I’ll kill you!” Xie Xie said with incomparable iciness. His heart had immediately filled with wrath the moment he saw the good-natured Uncle Li being bullied,

“Don’t be impulsive now, little brother. Let us talk things out properly.” The two burly men on the sidelines finally reacted. These sorts of murky
situations needed exceptional judgement when being handled. If the one holding the knife had been an adult, then they wouldn’t be nearly as frightened. After all, not many people dared to kill someone. Children, however, were quite troublesome in this regard. Due to their young age, it was very easy for them to disregard the consequences and act on their impulses.
 Xie Xie coldly said, “Nothing good will come out from talking to scum like you. Compensate for Uncle Li’s losses and his medical fees, otherwise I’ll kill this baldy.”

Guang Long suddenly laughed. “Little brat, so you’re a one ring Soul Master. Do you think I’ve been able to control this street all these years without any ability? You think I’d be able to collect protection fees like that? Do it then. I want to see how you’ll kill me.”

Xie Xie was stunned. At his age, he still wasn’t able to comprehend
something like being fearless in the face of death. When he had threatened Mu Xi previously, she’d quickly compromised!

The Light Dragon Dagger pressed down on Guang Long’s neck, but Xie Xie still hesitated at the thought of killing someone. Despite this, his loathing for Guang Long had already made him unable to think clearly.

When he pressed the Light Dragon Dagger down on Guang Long’s neck, however, Xie Xie discovered that his neck was actually extremely hard! His Light Dragon Dagger wasn’t able to cut any further!

“Be careful!” Tang Wulin reminded him just in time as Gu Yue shot a fireball towards Guang Long.

Guang Long’s right hand was struck fiercely, and the resulting explosion separated him from Xie Xie.

As this happened, two brilliant rings appeared beneath Guang Long’s feet. Shockingly, he had two soul rings; one white, the other yellow. His naked skin took on a metallic sheen and metallic scales protruded out of his neck one after another.
1. Pretty sure this is a pun actually. He calls himself Guang Long (光⻰), where the Guang (光) means light and likely comes from him having a
shiny bald head, which is Guang Tou (光头 – Light Head). And “Long” just means dragon, which refers to his tattoos.

Chapter 77 – Let Me Face Him!

Chapter 77 – Let Me Face Him!

Xie Xie backflipped out of range of Guang Long’s punch, only to see a powerful aura explode forth from Guang Long’s body.

‘Two rings! A Soul Grandmaster! This guy’s strength actually surpassed rank 20 and he’s a two ring Soul Grandmaster!”’

Two little spirit souls appeared atop Guang Long’s shoulders. One was an earthen-yellow lizard, while the other was a metal-gray lizard and clearly a bit larger.

The strength disparity of a single soul ring between Soul Masters was huge. Regardless of whether it was their soul power or their soul rings, a difference of a rank or ring was significant.

In the wake of these soul ring’s appearance, Guang Long’s body expanded by a whole circle. His muscles grew to a ridiculous level, and those scales now made it look like he had metal gray skin. His appearance became much more vicious.

“I never expected you brats would be Soul Masters too. No wonder you dared to meddle in my business. It seems I’ll have to let you witness how powerful this daddy is.” As he spoke he violently stomped with his right foot, launching himself towards Tang Wulin.

“Wulin, be careful!” Gu Yue cried out in alarm. A radiance emitted from her hand as she attempted to control the ground beneath Guang Long.

However, after Guang Long released his martial soul, his entire body’s essence had underwent a qualitative change that made him much more
 frightening. He easily broke free of the swamp that appeared beneath his foot. When Gu Yue released an elemental attack on his body, his tough skin was able to defend against it with similar ease.

‘Is this guy’s martial soul actually a powerful existence? He shouldn’t be a simple, mere Soul Grandmaster… His soul power is probably above rank 25!’

Guang Long’s martial soul was actually Armored Dragon; a type of land dragon. Land dragons excelled in power and defense, moreover, Guang Long was actually blessed with innate divine strength. In other words, he surpassed Tang Wulin in physical strength!

Guang Long was currently using his first soul skill, Armored Body, to block Gu Yue’s attack. As for Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger, it was impossible for it to penetrate his defenses.

It was one versus three, yet his strength completely suppressed Tang Wulin’s trio!

Tang Wulin currently appeared calm, calmer than his age suggested. He knew he couldn’t retreat, otherwise he would put Gu Yue in harm’s way. In their group of three, Wu Zhangkong had stated that Tang Wulin’s most important responsibility within their team was to act as the vanguard.

His two Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers appeared in his trembling hands. If he couldn’t retreat, then he would advance. He faced Guang Long head on and charged.

The tungsten hammer swung up as Guang Long’s fist came smashing.

Bang! The rumbling sounds of metal colliding caused the crowd to cry out in alarm. Many of them covered their ears and fell back.

Tang Wulin’s complexion paled as he continuously retreated seven or eight steps. After releasing his martial soul, Guang Long’s strength had become even more tyrannical. It was so terrifying that even with the aid of his tungsten hammers, Tang Wulin was still obstructed.
 Xie Xie had already rushed over and slashed his Light Dragon Dagger against Guang Long’s back. Guang Long didn’t even turn around and
simply let him attack. When the Light Dragon Dagger hit Guang Long, all that was left were a few white scratches. It hadn’t even been able to penetrate his skin.

Gu Yue raised her hands with a grave expression. A flame flickered in her right hand, while a green light lingered in her left hand. She slowly put her hands together and immediately, a green and red colored tornado began blowing towards Guang Long.

This was a fusion technique consisting of fire and wind which she was now capable of.

Guang Long wanted to continue attacking Tang Wulin, but he suddenly felt sluggish as cracks began appearing along his skin. The blazing wind blades were frantically cutting his body up.

“Hou!” Guang Long roared as he suddenly used his two fists to punch himself in the stomach. His yellow soul ring lit up, releasing his hundred year soul skill.

A faint layer of silver appeared over his metal-gray body while his eyes lit up with a silvery light. Body expanded once more, intense soul power fluctuations surging forth from him. His palms grew larger, and his finger joints protruded further out, giving birth to claws that surpassed eight
centimeters in length.

Second soul skill, Armored Dragon Body!

Guang Long had a pretty good martial soul, Armored Dragon. Due to his poverty, however, he hadn’t been able to obtain a spirit soul until he was over eighteen years old. Therefore he had missed the best cultivation period in one’s life. This was the root cause of his cynical character. Afterwards, he had just barely been able to climb up to the ranks of a Soul Grandmaster and was able to obtain a second spirit soul. But due to the difficulty of increasing one’s rank as one got older, he had started this means of earning money.
 The Armored Dragon martial soul, however, could truly be considered a high grade martial soul. The two spirit souls he had chosen had also been
exceptionally correct. When his second soul skill exploded forth, regardless of whether it was his offensive or defensive power, they had all been boosted to a whole new level. His rank 27 soul power erupted outwards, immediately suppressing Tang Wulin’s trio.

Gu Yue’s flame vortex met with Guang Long’s second soul skill and after a brief moment it was dispersed by his tyrannical soul power.

Tang Wulin took advantage of this opportunity to switch out his tungsten hammers for his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers. This wasn’t the academy, nor was it training. They were facing a true opponent, and he
couldn’t afford to hold back in such a situation.

The heavy silver hammer in his right was thrown directly at Guang Long, a strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to its handle.

Guang Long snarled and raised a palm to swat away the heavy silver hammer.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three explosions resounded from his palm, but the most shocking thing was that his palm was completely undamaged! It
simply trembled a little. With a simple movement of his arm, the Thousand Refined Heavy SIlver Hammer had been swatted away!

What formidable strength! He had even been able to subdue the power of the stacked hammers effect!

A light blade suddenly appeared from Guang Long’s rear, chopping at him. Guang Long’s back simply emitted a burst of twinkling silver light, causing the light blade to shatter in mid air.

Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Blade had failed.

Guang Long’s eyes were filled with a dark ferocity. He suddenly exerted
strength through his feet and launched himself at Tang Wulin. He was even faster than before!
 Tang Wulin pulled on the strand of Bluesilver Grass that was connected to the thrown hammer as he swung the hammer in his left hand.

Bang! Hammer and claw collided. An unstoppable force was transmitted through their collision, causing Tang Wulin to let out a pained groan before he was sent flying. He flew into the stewed beef shop’s walls.

He only felt a vigorous energy enter his body, attacking the pit of his stomach. He nearly coughed up blood.

“Wulin!” Gu Yue cried out. In a flash, she was in front of Tang Wulin, obstructing Guang Long from continuing his pursuit. A ball of light burst forth, blinding Guang Long.

Xie Xie also circled around to the front. WIth the Light Dragon Dagger in hand, he drew out a few light rays.

Fortunately, they had faced Wu Zhangkong countless times in their special training. In the face of such pressure, they weren’t frantic at all.

Guang Long spread out his arms. He completely disregarding Xie Xie’s attacks and ferociously threw himself forward in an attempt to throw his arms around Gu Yue. These three brats had already infuriated him.

Gu Yue raised a wall of earth up in front of her, but it was immediately destroyed by Guang Long. With her control of the elements, she could
simply use the space element to teleport herself away, but she didn’t do that. This was because Tang Wulin was behind her!

At this moment, Gu Yue only felt her waist tighten as her entire person was immediately lifted up.

Two powerful arms were holding her by the waist. At this moment, Tang Wulin’s voice resounded, “Let me face him.”

Chapter 78 – Reappearance of the Golden Scales

Chapter 78 – Reappearance of the Golden Scales

Gu Yue’s face was slightly flushed but Tang Wulin had already rushed up. With his pair of heavy silver hammers, he directed an assault at Guang Long

Guang Long smiled grimly and swung his fists. Two fists and two hammers collided.

Boom, boom, boom! Tang Wulin leapt into the air, and with the addition of his hammers, his strength had increased greatly. Guang Long, however, had displayed both his soul skills – Armored Body and Armored Dragon Body. Putting both together had increased his toughness to an astonishing degree.

Tang Wulin was thrown out forcibly once more, a stuffy groan emitting out. Blood dripped from his mouth and nose.

Xie Xie’s response was lighting fast. He dashed behind Tang Wulin in the blink of an eye, hoping to support Tang Wulin and prevent him from falling.

But he had underestimated the force of Tang Wulin’s body. After taking hold of Tang Wulin’s body, the both of them were slammed into the ground.

This precisely getting crushed by force.

Guang Long shook his shoulders, but didn’t continue to pursue Tang Wulin. Instead, he looked towards the surrounding spectators. “You see? If you dare defy me, this will be the outcome. Although these kids are Soul
 Masters, there are in no way a match for this daddy. Whomever dares defy me, beware of this daddy’s Armored Dragon claws tearing you into shreds.”

“So painful. Xie Xie, your Light Dragon Dagger is stabbing me.” Tang Wulin, who had fallen to the ground, howled in pain.

Xie Xie, who had initially tried to support him, was pushed away by the immense force and was in no way able to control the Light Dragon Dagger in his grip. It had slashed against Tang Wulin’s back.

“I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention.” Xie Xie had also collapsed onto the ground in a mess.

Gu Yue prepared her water element in advance to heal them both. Upon reaching Tang Wulin, however, ,she found a strange energy radiating from his body.

‘So hot!’ Tang Wulin’s body trembled lightly. A fiery heat radiated from the wound on his back, spreading throughout his body.

The familiar burning sensation from so long ago reappeared once again, flowing from his tailbone, throughout his body and toward his brain. His body felt as though it was lit on fire and had released an intense wave of heat from his body. This wave of heat had completely cleared the tightness within Tang Wulin’s chest when he’d been sent flying by Guang Long

The soul power within Tang Wulin’s body rose as well, but he only felt that his spirit was in chaos. Unknown to him was that his strength had increased to a shocking level, as if it could now shake both the heavens and earth.

Tang Wulin turned to look at his right hand subconsciously showing golden spots had appeared upon the back of his hand. The whole of his right arm felt as though it was recharged and it vibrated lightly. That huge increase in strength all came from his right hand.

Golden Scales. These were the Golden Scales that previously appeared.
 A few months had passed, and Tang Wulin had almost forgotten about these golden scales that had once appeared. Now, not only have they reappeared, they also reappeared in his time of need.

After a deep roar, Tang Wulin jumped up with full force and sped towards Guang Long.

Xie Xie had failed to stop Tang Wulin and shouted at him, “Wulin, don’t go!”

Gu Yue, however, kept quiet as she’d clearly seen the sudden appearance of the golden scales on Tang Wulin’s neck. Her expression was dulled. ‘What is that…’

Guang Long hollered arrogantly when he sighted Tang Wulin coming towards him. This time, however, he only had one hammer. Guang Long shouted at him, “Punk, you’re pretty tough aren’t you! If you weren’t a
child, this daddy would have already kneaded you to death.” After making this remark, he slapped at Tang Wulin’s incoming heavy silver hammer.

At this moment, however, almost instantly, Guang Long felt a shiver from within his body. He now clearly saw the golden luster within Tang Wulin’s eyes. Golden bits of light flashed, Tang Wulin’s pupils morphed into a pair of icy slits, and a incomprehensible feeling overcame Guang Long’s body, causing him to go limp.

Bang! Guang Long’s massive body was hammered out of the way. The surrounding spectators clearly heard the bones in his arm fracturing.

Guang Long’s two men tried their best to catch him as he fell, but failed and crashed into a pile along with him, just like what had happened to Xie Xie a while ago.

Tang Wulin looked at his right arm in shock. At that moment, the golden scales had spread up to his wrist as well, and claws had appeared. The
whole of his right arm brought a boiling sensation to him.
 Compared with the previous instance, he had a more vivid experience this time round. He could clearly feel his soul power diminishing at a shocking speed.

‘Quickly release!’ He prayed in his heart.

A bizarre scene appeared. The glowing golden scales that had just grown on his arms dimmed as it rapidly changed into spots of light before disappearing from his arm The heat within his body had also cooled.

The entire process of his golden scales’ appearance to his willful removal of these scales had only lasted a little more than ten seconds, but Tang Wulin felt as though his soul power had been rapidly used up. The only thing he had done better than the last experience was that he hadn’t fainted from the overuse of soul power.

His arm ached so badly that he felt it couldn’t be lifted. Tang Wulin’s head was only filled with chaos. If last time’s appearance of the golden scales was like a hallucination, then this time it was a vivid feeling. If it was a hallucination, then how could he possibly explain this feeling?

“Your… your power reappeared again?” Xie Xie had been right behind Tang Wulin ever since he rushed out, and had been able to witness first hand how Tang Wulin was able to send Guang Long flying with a single
hammer. He had also witnessed the appearance of the golden scales on Tang Wulin’s arms.

Not only did Guang Long feel a wave of fear at that instant, Xie Xie had as well. The appearance of the golden scales on Tang Wulin’s body had brought some sort of magical power, and it was frightening.

Tang Wulin smiled grimly. “I don’t know what happened too. Ah, where are the others?”

As he looked for Guang Long once again, Guang Long and his two men had disappeared. At this instant, the surrounding crowd suddenly appeared before him and made themselves useful in aiding Uncle Li in lifting up the
 kitchen table and clearing the mess. These were passersby who, like Uncle Li, were owners of other shops along the same street.

“This bastard, ran off without giving any compensation,” Xie Xie cursed. “Your hand…” Gu Yue looked skeptically at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin smiled grimly. “I also don’t know what happened. This was its second appearance. Those scales rapidly consumed my stamina and soul power, but gave me a rapid surge of power for a short time. That’s all I know.”

“Let’s return first and talk later.”

The trio exchanged farewells with Uncle Li. Xie Xie secretly stuffed some money into Uncle Li’s chest before speeding off in the direction of the

“That guy, will he go after Uncle Li to seek revenge?” Gu Yue asked Xie Xie.

Xie Xie answered, “He won’t do so in the near future since he doesn’t have the ability. His arm has probably been smashed by Tang Wulin. Even if he was here to collect protection money, it’s merely a street stall, so he
shouldn’t have gone overboard. I’ll have my family keep an eye on the shop. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Chapter 79 – Light Dragon Dagger and Golden Scales

Chapter 79 – Light Dragon Dagger and Golden Scales

On the road back, Tang Wulin had a pensive look the entire trip. Gu Yue also looked somewhat thoughtful while Xie Xie wrinkled his brows. Each and every one of them had many things on their mind.

“I’m going back now.” As soon as they entered the academy grounds, Gu Yue bid farewell to the other two and returned to the girl’s dormitory. As for Tang Wulin and Xie Xie, they returned to their own dorm.

“Xie Xie, wait a moment,” Tang Wulin called out as they reached the door to their room.

“What is it?” Xie Xie suspiciously looked at him.

Tang Wulin looked him in the eyes and said, “I think I know how to get my golden scales to appear now.”

Xie Xie was startled. “You know? Hurry up and spit it out then.”

Tang Wulin said, “I tried nearly everything to get it to happen after the first time it appeared, but no matter how I circulated my soul power, hurt myself, or exhausted my soul power, it never appeared. Its appearance today may
seem sudden, but it’s the same as the first time it appeared.”
“What is it?’ Xie Xie seemed to have grasped an idea of what it was. Tang Wulin said, “It’s the Light Dragon Dagger. Your Light Dragon
Dagger. The first time the golden scales appeared was when you injured me
 with the dagger. When it appeared today, it was also because you scratched me with your Light Dragon Dagger.”

A radiance began to twinkle in Xie Xie’s eyes. “That’s right! It does seem to be so. But, why is it like this?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t even know what those golden scales are. It doesn’t seem to be related to my Bluesilver Grass.”

Xie Xie said, “Could it be that you have a second martial soul too? Maybe it’s just that your second martial soul is hidden, and you need a special kind of power to arouse it from its slumber.”

Tang Wulin responded, “I don’t really understand what twin martial souls are so I’m not sure if that could be it.” He could sense the power from his golden scales, and if it truly was his second martial soul, then he wouldn’t be a Soul Master with a trash martial soul anymore. With those thoughts in mind, Tang Wulin’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up.

Xie Xie said, “Let’s go look for Teacher Wu and ask then. Teacher Wu is
experienced and knowledgeable, so he might be able to explain what it is.”

Tang Wulin mulled over it for a moment before agreeing. “Alright then. Let’s go look for Teacher Wu tomorrow.”

Xie Xie began pulling on his arm. “You still want to wait until tomorrow? Let’s just go right now. Come on. Teacher Wu shouldn’t have gone to bed this early.”

Tang Wulin said helplessly, “Why are you even more impatient than me?”

Xie Xie laughed mischievously. “It’s because your body has this kind of
situation! Even more things could be hidden in your body, and if there are, I’ll definitely benefit from it!”

Tang Wulin asked with a trace of suspicion, “What do you mean?”

Xie Xie answered, “Martial soul fusion skill! Don’t tell me that you haven’t heard of it before? When two people have a highly compatible martial soul,
 they’ll be able to use a powerful combined ability, which is called a martial soul fusion skill. The higher the compatibility rate between the two martial souls, the stronger the fusion skill. If we really do do have a soul fusion
skill, that would simply be too wonderful!”

With regards to martial souls and their capabilities, Xie Xie was clearly much more knowledgeable than Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin had heard of soul fusion skills before. In the world of Soul
Masters, it was a peak existence! In fact, there wasn’t anyone in the entire Eastsea City who was capable of using a soul fusion skill!

The teacher’s living quarters were also in the dormitory building. In order to make it convenient to supervise the students, the class teachers would all live on the same floor as their class. Thus, Tang Wulin and Xie Xie only needed to walk down the hall to get to Wu Zhangkong’s room.

Bang bang! Xie Xie knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Wu Zhangkong’s ice-cold voice came from within.

“Teacher Wu, it’s me, Xie Xie. Tang Wulin and I have something to consult with you about,” stated Xie Xie.

“Come in then.” The door opened, revealing a Wu Zhangkong clad in pajamas.

His moon-white pajamas outlined his slender figure. As they looked into the depths of his eyes, Tang Wulin and Xie Xie couldn’t help but recall the hardships they’d endured during their special training.

As a teacher, Wu Zhangkong naturally got a room to himself. In fact, his room was twice as large as Tang Wulin and Xie Xie’s room. It had a personal washroom, dressing room, bedroom, and a small living room.

Xie Xie stuck out his tongue and said, “Teacher Wu, we’ve interrupted your cultivation.”

Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “Out with it already. What’s the matter?”
 Xie Xie unexpectedly nudged Tang Wulin. After taking a moment to
arrange his thoughts, Tang Wulin said to Wu Zhangkong, “Teacher Wu, there seems to be a problem with my martial soul.”

“Oh?” Wu Zhangkong’s originally calm expression suddenly revealed a trace a surprise. He had already confirmed that Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was a variant, moreover, it had mutated in a good way. Yet now, he
was saying that there was an issue with his martial soul. That likely meant that his Bluesilver Grass was mutating even further. This was definitely a good thing.

“What kind of issue?” Wu Zhangkong asked.

Tang Wulin explained what had happened the last two times with his golden scales, as well as his guesses and evaluation.

“Golden scales?” Wu Zhangkong’s eyebrows bunched together. Tang Wulin’s situation was indeed something rarely seen. Moreover, Xie Xie’s judgement was very correct as well. With such a situation, a hidden second martial soul or a soul fusion skill was the most likely possibility.

“Xie Xie, stab him and try it out. Let’s see if the same thing happens again,” Wu Zhangkong said to Xie Xie.”

“Yes!” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin with malicious eyes as he released his Light Dragon Dagger and happily laughed. “Wulin ah! Where do you think is a good place to stab you?”

Wu Zhangkong glared at him. “Less nonsense. Hurry up with it.” Xie Xie stuck out his tongue as Tang Wulin extended his arm.
Xie Xie carefully cut Tang Wulin’s arm with his Light Dragon Dagger. This time, his movements were very slow. Three pairs of eyes attentively

Tang Wulin felt a burst of pain come from his arm, but he was astonished to discover that faint rays of light poured into his body from the Light Dragon
 Dagger and through his wound.

A tenseness was felt as the scorching feeling from before appeared once again. His body ignited the same way as before, the scorching heat wave spread from his tailbone all the way to the rest of his body. Golden scales began appearing on his arm.

Wu Zhangkong raised his hand and caused a sharp stream of air to scrape against Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin’s shirt was cut into tatters, exposing his upper body.

Golden scales covered all of Tang Wulin’s right arm and his arm had lengthened a bit as well. Beautiful, sparkling golden scales had instantly
covered his arm. His hand had also begun to change. Inch long claws began sprouting out of his five fingers.

Wu Zhangkong reached out and gripped Tang Wulin’s palm. He said deeply, “Exert force.”

Tang Wulin knew it was impossible for him to injure his teacher, so he hastily exerted force through his right arm, kneading Wu Zhangkong’s right hand.

Chapter 80 – Strange!

Chapter 80 – Strange!

Wu Zhangkong raised his left hand and pressed it against Tang Wulin’s
stomach. Then he shut both eyes, sensing the changes in the other’s body.

After exerting his strength to knead Wu Zhangkong’s hand for ten seconds, Tang Wulin finally felt his immense strength begin to fade away. The portion of soul power he had used in his match against Guang Long hadn’t yet been replenished. If he continued to use his strength carelessly, then he would faint once more. As he thought of that, he willed his golden scales to disappear in the hopes of maintaining consciousness. This was in order to
stay awake and listen to his teacher’s teachings!

After Wu Zhangkong released his loosed his grip, Tang Wulin’s body swayed in a moment of weakness.

Xie Xie rushed forward to immediately support Tang Wulin and help him onto the sofa within Wu Zhangkong’s living room.

“Weird!” Wu Zhangkong pinched both his brows. His gaze revealed that he was deep in thought.

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin didn’t dare approach him with questions.

Moments later, Wu Zhangkong mumbled, “This doesn’t seem like a twin martial soul. If it were a twin martial soul, then I would’ve felt the second martial soul when it was activated. It doesn’t seem to be an evolution of your martial soul either. That surge of power didn’t seem related to your Bluesilver Grass, and neither does it seem to be a fusion skill of your martial souls. If it was, signs of change would have been seen on Xie Xie
 too. There isn’t any existence of one such martial soul fusion skill that only appears on one person.”

Wu Zhangkong continued prodding about. However, it was a fact that the said conditions had appeared on Tang Wulin without a doubt.

“Teacher, my golden scales…” Tang Wulin couldn’t stop himself from approaching Wu Zhangkong with this question.

Wu Zhangkong looked at him. “Very strange. It seems to be a very large increase in strength. Your innate strength has increased by at least thrice its original with the aid of the golden scales. This is also the reason why your soul power depleted so quickly. You don’t have the ability to control these golden scales yet either. I did feel a change in your soul power moments
ago, yet I can confirm that these golden scales have no link to your soul power. Although your soul power has diminished, this surge of power was not the main cause of it. Rather, it was after the appearance of this power that your soul power started diminishing.

“It’s quite complicated. However, simply said, let’s take it that these golden scales are a form of spirit tool. It can deplete your soul power, but the cause of its appearance was not your soul power. This is a first for me as well, and I can’t really say if it is a good or bad thing. But to you, this would be an
advantage—to have a skill with such explosive capacity. You should think of a way to control this skill. I predict that with the growth of your soul power, these golden scales will continue changing.”

“I understand,” Tang Wulin answered Wu Zhangkong, but he had some disappointment. Teacher Wu was the most powerful person within the
academy, but even he was unclear of the reasons for Tang Wulin’s strange change. Who else could Tang Wulin seek for more clarification?

Xie Xie spoke with disappointment, “It really isn’t a fusion skill? But, without me, he couldn’t have displayed that surge of power!”

Wu Zhangkong shook his head in disagreement. “That’s not a martial soul fusion skill. This power should be similar to your Light Dragon Dagger in
some way. In other words, your Light Dragon Dagger activated this surge of
 power within his body, and thus sparked the appearance of the golden scales.

“If, one day, he masters controlling this power, he will be able to activate it without your help. This power is special. If this is a martial soul, then it
would be one of the highest ranked martial souls I’ve ever seen. You only have a single ring of soul power, yet the appearance of these golden scales gave me a feeling of oppression. This oppressing force is one that is innate to the martial soul. The more powerful the martial soul, the greater the oppressive force it gives off.”

“Yes. Yes, I had the same feeling,” Xie Xie added on quickly.

Tang Wulin looked blankly as he said, “Teacher Wu, then, what should I do now?”

Wu Zhangkong replied, “First, you will have to train hard and increase your soul power. As your soul power strengthens, your ability to control this
surge of power will be greater. You should also work on increasing your spiritual power as this will help a lot in your ability to control this power.
Also, you will need to frequently experience this power, and you can have Xie Xie help you with that. As you and your body continues to experience this power more frequently, your ability to control it may get better too. I will need to contemplate further on this.”


Tang Wulin was saddened that he didn’t manage to get an answer from Wu Zhangkong, but the reappearance of golden scales had proven its existence and had given him a thread of hope. Even Teacher Wu mentioned that the level of this surge of power was high. That also meant that if he managed to control this power well, it would surely enhance his strength greatly!

Life regained its normalcy. Though the match between first grade class five and class four had happened a day ago, it didn’t cause many waves within
 the academy since it was merely a match between the two of the lowest ranking classes in the lowest grade.

However, this match caught the attention of some. For instance, that of the first grade’s class three, who would be competing against the first grade’s class five in the afternoon.

The first grade’s class three’s class teacher Ye Yingrong was quite young in age, and was actually a few years younger than Wu Zhangkong. She was a new teacher within the academy, and because of her good looks, as well as her effort in teaching well, she was quite popular among the students in her class.

She recalled the first time she saw Wu Zhangkong. She had felt the growing palpitation in her heart. This icily arrogant prince charming had not only
attracted the attention of the female students from the advanced academy, but her as well.

It was said that he was five ring Soul King. At his age, this was
extraordinary. What was more extraordinary was that he was once a student from there.

In the eyes of Ye Yingrong, Wu Zhangkong would have been perfect if not for his icy character. Most important was the fact that he was still single,
and he didn’t have a girlfriend.

He probably set his eyes too high up!

Wu Zhangkong was worthy of his title as the Icily Arrogant Prince
Charming! He even managed to train this first grade class five so well.

Ye Yingrong had observed the match a day ago with the participants from her class. She was startled when Xie Xie and Gu Yue released their hundred year soul rings.

That was a hundred year soul ring! Students of this rank, why were they in the last class? There wasn’t even a single student with a hundred year soul ring within her third class.
 Nevertheless, this Class Promotion Tournament had to proceed. She wished for her class to go through this match, so as to leave Wu Zhangkong with a deep impression.

For the trio…

The time of battle was the same as the previous day’s. After the afternoon
classes ended, the intermediate academy’s field was where the match would be held.

This was the second day of the tournament, but like before, there wasn’t much of a crowd.

Ye Yingrong made an effort to be at the venue early. The participating team from the first grade class three stood in an orderly fashion, a male student with delicate features positioned at the forefront. What was peculiar here
was that these three participants looked the same. If not for her familiarity with each of them, it would have been arduous for her to even tell them
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