The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 701-710

Chapter 701 - Coordination

Chapter 701: Coordination

The team members from both teams were already on the stage.

On Shrek’ s side, Tang Wulin stood at the front with Gu Yue behind him. The two who stood at the rear at an angle were Yuanen Yehui and Ye

Yue Zhengyu stood at the back of the formation. In front of him, Xu
Xiaoyan and Xie Xie stood beside each other They stood in a formation that was rhombus-like which looked a little odd.

On Monster Academy’s side, Long Yue stood at the front. Behind him were Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang who stood beside each other. Behind them in the third row was their master control soul master Su Mu who was in charge of central command. Two agility system soul masters stood beside Su Mu, while Pagoda King Ye Zhi was behind everyone. Their formation loosely resembled a triangle.

Both sides looked at each other from afar. Collectively, there was a strong glow emitting from everyone’s gaze.

From the commencement of this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had battled time and time again.

From the outcomes of the previous matches, Monster Academy had a greater advantage. They were able to suppress Shrek Academy at every turn, and they had won in the solo and paired competitions.

However, Shrek Academy had given them a fair share of trouble throughout the entire competition. They had made Monster Academy’s journey to victory more difficult than the previous years. Under such circumstances, it was tough to guess which side would attain the final victory in today’s match which kept everyone in suspense. In terms of strength, Monster Academy had the upper hand, but nobody has seen the full strength of Shrek Academy in a team battle.

Hence, this was inevitably a battle between two strong teams.

Tang Wulin and Long Yue were facing each other again in a finals match. Both of them were proud sons of the heavens, and they both thirst for victory.

“Ten, nine, eight, …, three, two, one, let the match begin!” The referee’s excited voice announced the commencement of the competition.

On the platform, Dai Tianling had sat at attention to watch the match. He had also wished to witness an interesting match with a delightful grand victory. He was confident that Long Yue would lead his squad to defeat Shrek Academy. The only thing left was to observe how they would win.

Tang Wulin moved swiftly and was the first to charge among all the
contestants on the stage. The moment he charged, three golden soul rings under his feet shone. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Body. His body
enlarged with scales covering his body, he extended his pair of Golden Dragon Claws. His entire body shone with a dazzling golden light as he aimed straight toward his opponents like a golden arrow.

Gu Yue tapped the ground with the tips of her toes and followed right behind Tang Wulin. As green light encircled her body, she moved with great speed while the others followed suit, maintaining their formation as they pressed toward Monster Academy.

Long Yue took a great stride in Tang Wulin’s direction. He unleashed his martial soul. His body enlarged and his double pointed lance appeared
within his grasp. His eyes flickered with a gleam and his gaze was fixed upon Tang Wulin.

The previous insult could only be cleared away by a victory. Knowing Tang Wulin well, he wanted to achieve victory in one swift stroke and defeat his opponent in the shortest time possible. Once Tang Wulin was defeated, there would be no one from Shrek Academy who could match up to him.

Behind Long Yue, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda shone. Beams of light shot forth from it which fell on her comrades. It was Pagoda King Ye Zhi unleashing her powers.

Ye Zhi, who was of Soul King rank, had excellent control over the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. The beams of enhancing light which fell onto her comrades tremendously improved their cultivation bases. Their cultivation bases were enhanced by as much as fifty percent. For a time, they utterly
crushed Shrek Academy in terms of aura.

The two assault systems, Tiger King Dai Yueyan, and Wolf King Hua Lantang took great steps under her enhancement. They flanked Long Yue as they charged toward their opponents from Shrek Academy.

A ring of light released by Su Mu flitted past beneath their feet. Their
control system soul master had also made his move. The moment Shrek Academy’s team stepped into the halo’s boundaries, they would be immediately affected by it.

One enhancement and one suppression. Control system and support system. Once the effects of the two systems were completely unleashed, they would immediately put Shrek Academy at a big disadvantage.

During the match, Monster Academy had no intention of holding back. What they wanted was to fight with all their might and defeat Shrek
Academy in the shortest time possible. They wanted to prove themselves with a grand victory.

Lin San and Teng Teng moved separately. Lin San’s body turned illusory. He was like a breeze, even the outline of his figure was not clearly visible. When his body floated forward, pieces of battle armor flew out to cover his body in silence which increased his speed further. He was practically a fleeting shadow. He had reached the sidelines of the battlefield at an
amazing speed. This was the true strength of the Wind King. On the other side, Teng Teng had also unleashed his own battle armor. As an agility system battle soul master, it was highly probable that he would be the first to make contact with their opponents. They did not hold back, nor were they reckless. In fact, they were all guarded in their fight.

Tang Wulin proceeded with great strides. He was almost within the range of Su Mu’s halo. This time, Su Mu had unleashed his second soul skill, Soul Power Stripping Halo. Once a soul master steps into its range, his soul power consumption would be instantly accelerated.

Wind King Lin San had shot past Tang Wulin from the sidelines. He did not attack at the first opportunity he had. Instead, he paused. For an agility
system soul master, the most important thing was to wait for an opportune moment to strike and finish off the opponent with one hit.

Silver light flashed. Gu Yue suddenly vanished into thin air. Spatial Retreat.

When she appeared again, she was behind Long Yue, to everyone’s surprise.

To be precise, she appeared behind Long Yue, Hua Lantang, and Dai Yueyan. The three of them were in front of her, while behind her were Fox King Su Mu and Pagoda King Ye Zhi.

Over Gu Yue’s surprise attack, Su Mu was not in the least bit shocked. He unleashed a Debilitating Halo, followed shortly by a pitch-black Devouring Halo which spread outward.

Ye Zhi was close behind him, and he had a godly protective skill such as Reversal Halo. So, he was not afraid of close-range combat in the least. Moreover, in their judgments, Gu Yue was a control system battle soul master.

Due to Gu Yue’s sudden teleportation into their ranks, he was puzzled. What was she thinking of infiltrating their ranks on her own? The members of Monster Academy reacted quickly. Long Yue did not turn around, but Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan stopped in their tracks. They turned around swiftly.

Gu Yue’s ability was extraordinary. She could teleport herself together with her comrades. That was why they had to guard against this ability of hers.

As for Long Yue’s situation of being alone at the front, they were not worried. In their eyes, Long Yue could unleash his entire strength and defeat everyone from Shrek Academy all by himself.

Gu Yue pointed at something in the air. She seemed not to have noticed the Debilitating Halo and Elemental Stripping Halo which covered her. A gust of wild wind blew with her body as the center. Shortly after, she smacked forward with her right palm. A patch of glaring light halo suddenly rose up.
It turned into a huge blue fireball with a diameter of one meter. It shot out straight toward Su Mu.

Wind attribute? Fire attribute?

“Contestant Gu Yue has unleashed elemental attacks of the wind and fire attributes at the same time. What is her martial soul?” asked Fang’er in

The wild wind swept across the stage and spread outward. At the same time, it pressed toward Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan who were charging toward her from behind.

Amidst the wild wind, the wind blades resisted the advancement of Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan.

The power of the Devouring Halo was formidable when faced head-on.
However, when it collided with the wind blades, the effect of the Devouring Halo weakened quickly.

The huge blue fireball drew a parabola in the air. It rode on its momentum and passed over the Devouring Halo from above. Its target was Pagoda
King Ye Zhi behind Su Mu. Ye Zhi had unleashed and donned her battle armor the first chance she got. Her battle armor was mainly used for defense. Her defensive powers were the strongest among her team with the exception of Long Yue.

Fox King Su Mu felt a chill running down his spine. He instinctively took a step back and raised his right arm. A pitch-black halo was unleashed toward the skies. It was another Devouring Halo.

The power of the Devouring Halo was stronger although the range it
covered was relatively smaller. Each time he unleashed it, he could only
cover an area with a ten-meter diameter. It was unleashed vertically instead of emerging from the ground as the other ordinary halos.

However, a situation which astonished him occurred. The blue fireball
swayed gently in the air displaying horizontal movement and fell from the skies. It had surprisingly sidestepped his Devouring Halo and fell directly on Ye Zhi’s body.

A loud rumble was heard. Ye Zhi’s battle armor shone brightly, and she reeled from the explosion. The enhancement she was giving her comrades was interrupted abruptly.

What just happened?

The team from Monster Academy was stunned. Their support system soul master was attacked at the beginning, which cut off the support they received. This has never occurred in the history of their team battles.

However, this was only the beginning. A faint circle of light rippled outward from Gu Yue’s body. She raised her right hand and another blue fireball flew out. This time, it headed straight toward Su Mu.

Chapter 702 - Tang Wulin’s New Weapon

Chapter 702: Tang Wulin’s New Weapon

Su Mu dared not let his guard down. He could already feel the harrowing powers of this blue fireball from the explosive force behind him. He immediately unleashed his Reversal Halo. The fireball reversed its direction and flew toward Gu Yue.

However, Gu Yue just stood there without any sign of moving. Just when the fireball was about to hit her, it surprisingly floated upward. It hovered for a while then accelerated toward Long Yue instead.

It looked as if Gu Yue had deflected Su Mu’s counterattack, using the blue fireball to attack Long Yue.

Such powerful spiritual powers!

Everyone had a vivid view. Su Mu discovered with fright the power of the young girl before him. It was more startling than what Dai Yun’er had described. With her spiritual powers, she could regain control over her
attack even after it was reversed by his own Reversal Halo. Moreover, from her calm composure, she knew that she had full control over it. This is definitely strong self-confidence!

Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan had resolved the threat of the wind blades and continued forward at lightning speed. Su Mu held back no more. His fifth
soul ring shone brightly. He unleashed his Destruction Halo which shot straight toward Gu Yue.

This opponent whom they had not given much attention before this was more powerful than they had thought. The most pressing matter now was to deal with her first, before anything else. Silver light flashed, Gu Yue vanished into thin air. When she reappeared, she was in midair.

She was seen standing on a mass of green fireball as she floated in midair. She waved her right arm in the air and the four soul rings on her body shone consecutively. It was unknown which soul ring had been unleashed when the Elemental Staff appeared in her grasp. On the tip of the staff, a seven-
colored light orb flickered.

“Boom!” The blue fireball which had shot toward Long Yue just now exploded on his back. Long Yue’s body went stiff for a moment.

Currently, he was fighting Tang Wulin head-on. Tang Wulin leaped in the air, but he did not utilize his two giant hammers. Instead, he pounced directly toward Long Yue.

Two beams of silver light flickered in turn. Suddenly, there were two others who appeared beside Gu Yue. They were Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan.

Gu Yue tapped Ye Xinglan’s body with the Elemental Staff. Ye Xinglan’s back shone brightly with green light. In the next instant, she flew outward at lightning speed given the boost from the tapping. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, descended from the skies and landed where Gu Yue stood a few moments ago.

Centering control, was she their master-control soul master? She had such powerful attacks as well.

Xie Xie had collided with Teng Teng. The two figures interacted with lightning speed, and their collisions gave off a series of booming sounds.

On the other side of the stage, Lin San had closed in on Xu Xiaoyan. Currently, the battle was in full progress. Relatively speaking, Monster
Academy still kept to their formation. Although there was some distance between their team members, they were still within range of helping each other in defense. Meanwhile, Shrek Academy’s formation was noticeably scattered. Yue Zhengyu was currently behind Tang Wulin. He flapped his wings and leaped into the skies as he prepared to leap over Long Yue’s head. Xu Xiaoyan was alone at the rear, and she had to face the strongest agility system soul master of their opponents, Wind King Lin San.

Overall, it seemed that Shrek Academy had a slight advantage at the moment. However, once Xu Xiaoyan was defeated by Wind King Lin San, the situation could change in an instant turning the tide in the battle.

As she faced the breeze that shot toward her, Xu Xiaoyan smiled faintly. In her right hand, the Starwheel Ice Staff flickered.

It was at this moment when Gu Yue who was in the air far away mumbled under her breath. Her Elemental Staff drew a circular arc in the air, then, a fireball nearly twice the size of the previous ones shot out. However, this blue fireball seemed to have misfired, because it was falling toward an
empty spot on the competition stage behind them.

Xu Xiaoyan squinted her eyes slightly. She pointed her Starwheel Ice Staff toward her front. A beam of starlight rose silently before her.

Wind King Lin San was currently near her. He was prepared to release his Wind Blade to defeat this control system soul master whose strength was not fully understood by his teammates.

At this very moment, a golden light suddenly flashed before him. A golden light circle appeared on the ground. There was a heightened sense of danger. Lin San instinctively moved away swiftly changing the direction of his forward charge to evade the halo. He now ended being further away from Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan had no intention of moving. The Starwheel Ice Staff in her hands flickered again. This time, the second soul ring on her body lit up as well.

A beam of starlight burst forth instantly. Lin San felt his vision blurred. Shortly after, a dazzled feeling arose within his spirit. Subsequently, his footwork was affected and fell into disarray.

Simultaneously, there was a heavy sense of danger from the bottom of his heart. He unleashed his battle armor which covered his whole body immediately.


What the audience saw was a different scene altogether.

In their view, Lin San was very near to Xu Xiaoyan. However, the instant he got closer, a golden halo appeared on the ground. Lin San dodged it with ease. There was nothing extraordinary up to this point.

However, shortly after, Lin San appeared insane all of a sudden. He turned around and ran. The Wind Blade which he had in his grasp was released at an empty spot. He ran hurriedly to a vacant spot of the stage. That spot happened to be where the giant blue fireball was falling toward.

At that critical moment, Lin San unleashed his battle armor in the nick of time. In the next instant, his body was swallowed by the blue fireball.

An intense explosion was heard. It erupted with a horrifying impact. The sound of the explosion lasted for a full three seconds before it gradually faded.

Xu Xiaoyan was quite a distance away when the blue fireball landed. Then, she headed in the direction of the main battle. She did not even spare Lin San a glance.


What was the situation? Could it be that the blue fireball had not misfired at all, and was aimed at that spot all along? What kind of coordination was this?

In a situation where their formation was so scattered, how could they carry out such precise coordination? Was this Shrek Academy’s way? The scene did not escape Long Yue’s eyes. In his heart, he felt astounded. He sensed that Shrek Academy was more powerful in a team battle than it was in solo battles.

The collision between Long Yue and Tang Wulin had finally commenced as well. He raised his double pointed lance and thrust it toward Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin did not dodge. Instead, he retaliated with his pair of Golden Dragon Claws hitting on the lance, the collision bursting forth into two masses of golden light, while he leaped up using the force from the
collision. He surprisingly did not choose to have a clash of strengths. When his body was in midair, a beam of golden light suddenly shone brightly.
Shortly after, Long Yue saw a golden spear in Tang Wulin’s hands.

It was also double pointed, with a length of about five meters. The entire
spear was a brilliant gold and dragon-shaped patterns were flickering faintly on the spear. The sharp tips at both ends of the spear were translucent.

For unknown reasons, the instant the spear appeared, Long Yue felt his heart shrink intensely. It was as if he had seen some extremely terrifying object. His heartbeat had quickened as well which weakened his strength.

Tang Wulin’s bloodline power had become more powerful. All this because of a spear?

“Huff… huff…” Tang Wulin panted ceaselessly.

He felt like he was dead. When the extreme pain became excruciating, he saw a pitch dark world. That world was filled with serenity and silence. It was as if he would not have to worry anymore once he reached that world.

He walked slowly toward that world getting nearer to the dark void. At this moment, he heard a yell.
“Get back!” Shortly after, a beam of golden light appeared out of the blue. A moment later, an intense pain appeared all over his body again. Miraculously, Tang Wulin could see the insides of his body.

His broken bones and meridians were all healed. Compared to before, his faint golden insides had another layer of sparkle. It was as if a crystal-like substance had been smothered onto the surfaces of his bones, meridians, and internal organs. It looked surreal.

His bloodline power had become clearer, and it was tinted with a sparkling luster. Two of his Eight Extraordinary Meridians which had been connected had become more resilient, and the flow was smoother.

A power which he had never experienced before filled his body. The pain was receding like the tides.

‘Did I do it? I did it!’

The dignified voice resounded in Tang Wulin’s mind. It sounded like Old Tang, but he could not be entirely sure. He did not know what kind of feeling this was, but that voice made him feel at ease with a strong sense of security.

“Ah…” He heaved a long sigh of relief. The stamina and blood essence power within him was gradually put into motion.

At this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly felt there was something more to his body. He opened his eyes instinctively.

Shortly after, he felt that his front was completely covered by a gold patch.
He could vaguely make out that he was in a shower room. An empty shower room.

Then, a spot of golden light emanated from between his brows, and it hung in the air.

Chapter 703 - Golden Dragon Spear

Chapter 703: Golden Dragon Spear

It appeared to be a golden needle enlarging rapidly and becoming a spear that reached a length of about five meters. The spear was golden and dazzling with faint dragon-shaped dark fringes all around.

These dark fringes flickered and materialized on the surface exuding an unusual luster.

What was it? What was the double-edged spear meant for?

“This is the item that only you can hold for breaking through the sixth layer seal. It’s your true weapon. Its name is the Golden Dragon Spear,” Old
Tang’s voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind at the moment.

Yes, it was indeed the Golden Dragon Spear that was in Tang Wulin’s hand at present.

The spear was full of texture, yet it was light as a feather. It was as if it was part of his body. Tang Wulin could sense the amplifying rings on the inside of the spear that continuously strengthened and amplified his bloodline power when he perfused it with the spear.

He did not know the extent of the spear’s power as he had yet to test it.

“Ding!” A deep dragon’s roar echoed when the golden spear touched the double pointed lance in Long Yue’s hands.

The Golden Dragon Spear was completely illuminated. The dragon-shaped dark fringes turned crystal clear the instant the scales on Tang Wulin’s body with the indistinct dragon-shaped dark fringes emitted a dazzling glare. Long Yue retreated a step as if he was electrocuted. The front end of his double pointed lance cracked into a breach unexpectedly.

The double pointed lance comprising sixteen types of rare metals was forged by Monster Academy using the latest technology. Without the stimulus of adequate soul power, even a divine mecha’s resilience was limited.

It was simply unbelievable that his lance could be damaged by direct
contact with Tang Wulin’s spear. ‘What’s the spear in his hand? Why didn’t he have it in the previous match? Could it be that he only received it after the previous match?’

‘It’s impossible!’

It seemed like the spear was a battle armor-compatible weapon as there was no other explanation for its incredible power.

Different ranks of battle armor had different types of special features.

The two-word battle armor was more impressive than the one-word battle armor in its entirety. For example, the two-word battle armor was thicker and heavier with the addition of wings.

Not that the one-word battle armor could not be forged with wings, but the crafting of wings was complicated. An ordinary one-word battle armor master was incapable of forging wings, not to mention it would be a waste of time to forge wings for a one-word battle armor and having to replace it later with a new metal for the two-word battle armor.

In contrast, an ordinary battle armor-compatible weapon was only owned by three-word battle armor masters. This was because the process of producing the weapon was complex and required the skill and precision of the forger together with one’s nourishment. Thus, battle armor masters
would not spend a large number of resources and time to produce their own battle armor weapons before they had the confidence to produce weapons
capable of injuring a Title Douluo. This was the most fundamental rule in a battle armor master’s development.
So, Long Yue concluded that it was impossible for Tang Wulin to be wielding a battle armor weapon. Otherwise, if he were to own a battle
armor weapon with his current cultivation base, he wouldn’t need to forge in the future.

Moreover, it had been approximately ten days since the last match. He
could not possibly have forged a battle armor weapon within such a short time!

Everyone was shocked. Tang Wulin had damaged Long Yue’s weapon
which had taken Long Yue aback. This signified that the weapon in Tang Wulin’s hand was even more powerful.

This was not suppression by strength, on the contrary, it felt like an overall suppression.

Radiance flashed in Long Yue’s eyes as the aura around his body changed abruptly. He shouted aloud, “Mountain!”

Immediately, pandemonium erupted on the entire competition stage. Boulders in the shape and form of mountains protruded with powerful spiritual fluctuations sweeping over the entire scene.

Long Yue was not only an assault-type Soul Master, but he could also exercise control over the entire stage during a group match.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan had landed onto the ground and were faced with protruding boulders. There were enormous mountains emerging from the ground rising toward Yue Zhengyu and Gu Yue simultaneously. Even Xu Xiaoyan was similarly affected in the ensuing chaos.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky at the moment when Long Yue launched his martial soul Mountain. Tang Wulin released the bloodline aura furiously as a valiant dragon’s roar echoed.

For a moment, this caused the mountains’ movements to slow down. Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Spear and smashed it toward Long Yue’s head.

All of Shrek squad’s members seized the moment, when the mountains
slowed down, to hide. Their earlier dominance was diminished due to the current assault impact.

Gu Yue muttered unintelligibly as she was suspended in mid-air. All of a sudden, the Elemental Staff in her hand was raised high into the air as the monotonous incantation suddenly turned high pitch.

Some form of elemental fluctuation in the air became violent abruptly that even the imposing mountains began to shake and quiver as well.

This was…

Long Yue raised his head and looked up to Gu Yue in the sky and felt a distinct threatening sensation.

This was his first experience of being threatened in the competition. The feeling had never appeared when he fought against Tang Wulin previously.

‘What’s she doing? What’s the incantation for?’

He crossed the double pointed lance in his hand and blocked the Golden Dragon Spear. Tang Wulin rebounded while Long Yue fell back a step
amidst the violent booming sound.

The second soul ring on Long Yue’s body shimmered with radiance as he was about to launch his River soul skill.

Meanwhile, a golden soul ring appeared out of the blue beneath his feet.

Long Yue did not pay any attention to it initially. Any ordinary attack or control-type soul skill was ineffective on him.

Not a moment too soon, his body was entrapped as golden chains crept up from the soul ring and interrupted the second soul skill he was about to launch. Tang Wulin turned halfway and pointed the Golden Dragon Spear straight at Long Yue’s body. A stream of golden radiance flashed past as he was
about to hit Long Yue.

Thoughts of refusing to be pierced by Tang Wulin filled Long Yue’s mind instantly. Yet, it was precisely the moment when a stream of green radiance swept past and positioned itself right in front of Long Yue.

“Ding!” The green radiance gave out a muffled cry within the crisp sound
and revealed a figure. It was, undoubtedly, the Wind King Lin San who had appeared in front of Long Yue.

He had relied on his battle armor to struggle free from the blue fireball. He was not skilled in defense and there were many scorched marks and even cracks on his battle armor. Nevertheless, he still had his speed. He could
sense Long Yue’s helplessness a moment earlier. Thus, he managed to protect Long Yue from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear in time.

In any case, that one hit was detrimental to him. The energy in that Golden Dragon Spear was almost boundless. Lin San felt like he was being devoured by a golden giant dragon during the collision. The pain inflicted was beyond words.

His mouth spurted fresh blood. He was actually a Soul King donned in a full set of one-word battle armor! It was rash of him to block Tang Wulin’s spear as he now suffered severe injuries.

Tang Wulin was reluctant to show mercy to those in the wrong. In fact, not only did he refuse to retract his spear, a tiny golden dragon was released from the tip of his spear as a dragon’s roar sounded. The dragon widened its mouth and pounced toward Lin San.

However, the effect of Star Chain’s one second of absolute immobility had gone. Long Yue’s body flashed past and he used his shoulder to withstand the impending impact.

“Boom…” Long Yue was blown away by the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven released by Tang Wulin. He was about to release his soul skill when a stretch of starlight shone on his back.

Long Yue’s entire body stiffened as he immediately lost his ability to release his soul skill again. What sort of martial soul was this? How was its controlling ability so powerful? He had no way to fight it at all.

Chapter 704 - Third Golden Soul Ring

Chapter 704: Third Golden Soul Ring

Lin San was similarly struck, as well as Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang. All four of their bodies were frozen stiff.

The Starwheel Ice Staff was shimmering with dazzling radiance. This was the first time Xu Xiaoyan had ever completely unleashed her control ability in Star Luo Empire. She was unleashing her third soul skill which was known as the Dazzling Starlight, an extensive control soul skill.

Even though she could only exercise control for a short period, the paralyzing impact it imparted gave Long Yue a headache.

“Boom…” Yuanen Yehui flung the giant hammer as it appeared out of thin air. The hammer was in her Devil Titan’s right hand and swept across horizontally. Just as Dai Yueyan was recovering from Dazzling Starlight, he watched helplessly as the giant hammer was almost upon him. He had no
choice but to urge his battle armor’s defense to come to the rescue. “Boom…” Dai Yueyan was thrown away.
On the other side, the long sword in Ye Xinglan’s hand shimmered with dazzling star radiance as she continuously broke Su Mu’s halos. The Pagoda King Ye Zhi was rendered incapable of amplifying her comrades where the stars shimmered. This was Ye Xinglan’s power in her ability to suppress two people single-handedly.

Fang’er was a little dumbstruck as she sat on the commentator’s seat.

What was happening here? How was it completely different from her assessment? Whether it was her or anyone else, they all had the same thought in their minds. They had thought about how long Shrek Academy could sustain themselves during the match. Yet, it seemed like the situation before them was unexpected, to say the least.

Shrek Academy had exercised full control over the entire match from the beginning. Besides being in sync, the team had cooperated well among themselves in every aspect. Gu Yue’s master control, Xu Xiaoyan’s
explosive control and Tang Wulin’s abrupt change of power ensured that everyone was in control throughout the match.

They watched as the golden Saint Sword descended from the sky and immediately suppressed Hua Lantang. He utilized the Dazzling Starlight’s radiance to blast away Wolf King Hua Lantang. Despite having donned the battle armor, his body was still burning with flares.

The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was injured from the individual match earlier. He obviously vomited blood when he was blasted away by the hammer!

Only the two agility-type soul masters Teng Teng and Xie Xie were evenly matched. It was evident that Xie Xie’s speed seemed to have increased, but more importantly, his agility had increased many folds compared to before. Even if Teng Teng had his battle armor under such circumstances, it would be difficult for him to triumph over Xie Xie.

Surprisingly, Long Yue was thrown away. This was a situation that had never occurred in the competition. What was the weapon in Tang Wulin’s hand? Why did it look like Long Yue dreaded the weapon?

Gu Yue was still chanting in her high pitch voice. Tang Wulin touched the ground with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. He was moving forward at a shocking speed as he pounced toward Long Yue once again. The
Golden Dragon Spear speckling with radiance was targeted not at Long Yue, but the Wind King Lin San.

As the spear struck forth, the soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body unexpectedly switched over. The initial three golden soul rings became four soul rings with the third soul ring beaming with radiance as a blue soul ring rippled away from his body.

It was the Bluesilver Golden Array.

Any element within the Bluesilver Golden Array’s range was stripped.

Lin San was about to dodge when he felt the elemental fluctuation in his body dropped abruptly. Long Yue relied on his powerful cultivation base to overcome the effect. To his surprise, he could not. His speed slowed down and the Golden Dragon Spear loomed before him.

Even Long Yue’s double-pointed lance could be damaged. Could his battle armor withstand the Golden Dragon Spear then?

The threat of death enshrouded Lin San instantly.

Fortunately, he had Long Yue by his side. Long Yue lifted the double pointed lance to block the Golden Dragon Spear.

“Ding…” Tang Wulin rebounded and another chunk broke off the double pointed lance as Tang Wulin howled. Another golden soul ring appeared underneath Long Yue’s feet.

Long Yue was in despair! His body was too enormous that it was difficult for him to evade the Star Chain. Furthermore, Tang Wulin was attacking Lin San earlier. His attack required Long Yue’s reinforcement which resulted in Long Yue’s inability to make any dodging movement.

As a result, he was immobilized once again.

Cold radiance flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. He pierced straight at Long Yue’s chest with his Golden Dragon Spear. He could not let such a fine opportunity slip by.

“Ding!” Long Yue was hit.

Unawares, Tang Wulin felt as if he had impaled a rock. The Golden Dragon Spear had pierced Long Yue’s body, but Tang Wulin could sense the resilience of a rock.

He could not sense any life source in Long Yue’s body!

When he looked back, he was astonished to find that one of the mountains released by Long Yue earlier was moving and spreading itself. ‘Isn’t that Long Yue?’ On the other hand, the body he pierced had turned into a great mountain.

‘What’s going on?’

Tang Wulin was trying to make sense of everything that was happening before his eyes. He crossed his hands in front of his chest as his gaze
changed ever so slightly. He soon understood that this was the secret of Long Yue’s martial soul. A soul skill that appeared ordinary but worked wonders!

This fellow was truly tough to handle.

Nonetheless, Long Yue felt ill after employing the interchange trick. A moment later, his body was bursting forth evil energy that startled everyone while his eyes turned red.

How could he not be furious when he was compelled into such a situation despite his level of power? He was about to become raging mad.

His gaze fell upon Xu Xiaoyan first. The aura of his entire body bloomed as his third soul ring shimmered with radiance turning the ground into mud instantly and spreading out in all directions.

Long Yue devoted all his effort into releasing his soul skill. This was the definition of terror.

Tang Wulin’s expression turned solemn as well.

Xu Xiaoyan’s body tilted as she sank into the mud. She became distracted when she was about to release her control soul skill. The rest of Shrek’s team faced suppression similarly for they were rendered incapable of
extending their dominance. The double pointed lance in Long Yue’s hand all of a sudden pointed to Gu Yue in the air. The second soul ring on his body glowed brightly as a gush of mighty torrent surged skyward toward Gu Yue.

Although he was frantic, his battle alertness was still sharp as a tack. He
was aware that the person who was most threatening to him at the moment was not Tang Wulin, but Gu Yue who had been chanting all along.

Tang Wulin gave out a cold humph. He abruptly pushed the Golden Dragon Spear against the ground to eject his body into the air. While he shot upward, the second golden soul ring on his body shimmered. It was the
Domineering Golden Dragon Body.

His battle armor attached to his body swiftly. Together with the
Domineering Golden Dragon Body, it allowed him to position himself ten meters in front of Gu Yue instantly. He then used his body to block the impact of the raging water current.

The scales on Tang Wulin’s body was shimmering wildly with radiance as a thunderous dragon’s roar echoed from his body.

Under the circumstances, the river was a continuous soul skill while his
Domineering Golden Dragon Body could only absorb the impact for three seconds.

Yuanen Yehui’s hands flung the two giant hammers toward Long Yue which flew across like meteors chasing after the moon.

Dai Yueyan scurried in time to block the giant hammers with his pair of tiger claws resulting in the hammers changing their direction ever so

Dazzling radiance reflected from the sword in Ye Xinglan’s hand as her fourth soul ring shimmered. She transformed herself into a stream of
starlight which struggled free from the swamps with great effort. Later, the starlight turned into a large net in the sky which enshrouded the Fox King Su Mu and the Pagoda King Ye Zhi. She trusted her comrades because Tang Wulin had said that he would join Gu Yue to fight Long Yue while the rest of them should deal with their other opponents soonest possible.

Even though Su Mu was powerful, he had lost to Ye Xinglan before, while the Pagoda King Ye Zhi was affected by the power of Ye Xinglan’s Star
God Sword such that Ye Zhi could not utilize the amplification effect of her Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda.

Meanwhile, Xie Xie was in a critical situation. He was sinking into the swamp while his opponent remained unaffected. He was suppressed by Teng Teng almost to the point of giving in. Fortunately, he had mastered
some of the agility system’s profound methods, one of which was to clone himself so as to resist Teng Teng’s attack.

Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings as he flew in the air. His Saint Sword was stabbing Hua Lantang continuously while sacred light rays emanated from his body. He managed to produce an overlapping effect with the Light of
Judgement. So, in that one moment when Hua Lantang was suppressed by Xu Xiaoyan, he managed to injure the defenseless Hua Lantang.

The Wind King Lin San’s body flashed as he dashed toward Xu Xiaoyan who was trapped in the swamp. In spite of being severely injured, he knew that Xu Xiaoyan the control-system soul master was not to be dismissed

The situation at hand seemed like it was about to take a turn.

The radiance on Tang Wulin’s Domineering Golden Dragon Body had
already shimmered to its limit so he jabbed with the Golden Dragon Spear to release the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven. The dragon-shaped
shadow appeared at once to resist the River soul skill by force.

Long Yue gave out a raging snort. He stamped his left foot on the ground to push his enormous body into the sky, and fused into the river instantly
combining with the lance as he charged straight at Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin could possibly end up in a worse condition than being stomped previously if he were to face the collision.

In the meantime, the third golden soul ring that newly appeared on Tang Wulin’s body finally glowed.

“Roar…” A valiant dragon’s roar burst forth from his mouth abruptly.

Chapter 705 - Earth Element Imprisonment

Chapter 705: Earth Element Imprisonment

In that instant, the phantom image of a pair of golden feathered wings
spreading out behind a ginormous golden dragon emerged on Tang Wulin’s back out of thin air. The golden dragon’s shadow with its wings spread out was over thirty meters wide. Its gigantic head was no less inferior to the
Overlord Dragon’s.

All the soul masters on the competition stage sank into a catatonic state momentarily except for Gu Yue who was still chanting during that split second when it appeared.

Long Yue who stood in front of Tang Wulin was affected the most. The wild redness vanished turning Long Yue’s eyes crystal clear once again.
The soul skill he was launching vanished instantly while the six soul rings on his body all dimmed at once.

The Golden Dragon Spear flashed once and lashed onto Long Yue’s
shoulder in a forceful attempt to bring his body crashing down onto the ground.

The golden dragon’s phantom image flashed once and vanished without a trace leaving Tang Wulin’s face ghastly pale for a moment.

This was the Golden Dragon Bloodline’s third soul skill known as the Golden Dragon Roar!

Tang Wulin only had a faint notion of his soul skill’s attribute. He used it during that short period earlier only as a last resort when he realised its true power. He did not expect it to make such a shocking impact.

Long Yue as well as a few others on the scene were affected. The Wolf King Hua Lantang whose martial soul was a dragonwolf crouched on the ground upon hearing the Golden Dragon Roar which resulted in him being stabbed three times continuously by Yue Zhengyu. Yue Zhengyu’s entire body was covered in the Light of Judgement’s radiance as he forcefully
struck Hua Lantang until he hit the soul’s protective shield with multiple damages inflicted on Hua Lantang’s battle armor.

Xie Xie’s clone immediately vanished upon hearing the dragon’s roar. Tang Wulin’s soul skill attacked without discrimination regardless of whether it was friend or foe.

Fortunately, Teng Teng was startled as well. Xie Xie managed to switch over to the clone in time, but he still tumbled onto the ground.

It would be difficult for him to continue fighting.

The nine-tailed fox martial soul owner, the Fox King Su Mu derived his power from the bloodline albeit not the dragon-type bloodline. As a result, the superior bloodline interrupted his soul skill immediately. Ye Xinglan’s sword attack on his body was more agonizing than Yue Zhengyu’s because she had a full set of battle armor! Su Mu was blasted away at once.

Fortunately, the judges were protective of the match’s contestants. Hua Lantang, Xie Xie and Su Mu were declared unfit to fight by the judges. So, they were barred in succession from continuing in the match.

This was…

Such was a roar’s terrifying power.

Long Yue’s eyes were filled with fear. It was most shocking to him that he would lose control of his emotions when he was provoked or when he devoted all his efforts to launch his power. Yet, he was calmed immediately by Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar. He had his emotion under control once again but his bloodline was tremendously suppressed.

It was also at this moment when Gu Yue’s incantation stopped. The Elemental Staff in her right hand seemed to turn incomparably heavy while the crystal ball on top had completely turned dark yellow. Then, a dark yellow soul ring emerged from the crystal ball and spread out swiftly. It transformed into an enormous dark yellow soul ring that descended from the sky and repressed the entire scene.

What followed next was a startling sight. The swamp on the ground vanished instantly while the gigantic mountain ranges gradually disintegrated and disappeared without a trace when enshrouded by the yellow soul ring.

Visually, it was obvious that a yellow layer enshrouded Long Yue’s body weakening his aura by a third.

Monster Academy’s President En Ci who was sitting on the audience platform earlier and watching the match attentively suddenly sat upright. Fear flashed past his eyes as he cried out involuntarily, “That’s the Earth Element Imprisonment. Can a four-ring soul master launch this soul skill?
It’s impossible! Unless her natural endowments are of earth element control, she still needs to offer her fire of life as a sacrifice in order to complete the ritual. How can this be?”

Gu Yue’s face did appear a little pale, but she was still far from offering her life flame as a sacrifice. She appeared to be slightly lethargic due to soul power overexhaustion.

“It’s the Spirit Abyss spiritual power!” En Ci had thought of another possibility in the next moment being the number one powerhouse in Star Luo Continent. However, the shock on his face was even more intense when he thought of this possibility.

‘Fifteen, she’s only fifteen years old, yet she has achieved the Spirit Abyss spiritual power. This is absolutely unbelievable, no wonder Dai Yun’er’s
spiritual assault earlier had no effect on her, even Su Mu’s soul ring hardly had any effect on her. It turns out her spiritual power has achieved such a profound level. She’s only fifteen years old! How powerful will her
spiritual power be in the future?’

A cold sensation rushed upward his spine. Shrek Academy’s youths were truly shocking. At the beginning, everyone assumed that Tang Wulin was the most powerful among his team. That was why their attention were all on him.

However, the rest of Shrek Academy’s students began to stand out
conspicuously in succession through the matches as the competition went on. None of them was weak. Yuanen Yehui was capable of suppressing Dai Yueyan, not to mention the powerful Ye Xinglan who owned a full set of one-word battle armor. Last but not least, Xu Xiaoyan revealed her ultra- powerful control ability earlier today.

However, they were still not considered the most powerful ones remarkably.
To everyone’s surprise, the most powerful person was this female student who had not appeared much in the earlier matches.

Her spiritual power was at a level that even a six-ring Soul Emperor could not necessarily achieve. Yet, she had launched such a powerful soul skill that anyone below a six-ring cultivation base could not possibly unleash.

The Earth Element Imprisonment soul skill was rarely seen, and it was different from Elemental Stripping. The Elemental Stripping skill reduced some or gradually the whole element, but the Earth Element Imprisonment skill could wipe out all the earth elements within its range instantly.

The earth element was absolutely not allowed in its range.

Such a pure elemental imprisonment soul skill’s effect was not striking ordinarily. Thus, most people would prefer to skip the learning of this skill if they had the choice.

Nonetheless, it was obvious that she chose to learn this skill, to say the least. It was not even her soul skill! To put it correctly, it was not a soul skill that was connected to her martial soul! This was truly awesome!

Every Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s soul skill was related to the earth element regardless of how much bloodline power was added, as the
Mountain Dragon King’s source was controlled by the earth attribute. Even the river was no exception because it was not really water but an energy produced in the form of water utilizing the earth element. Thus, the Earth Element Imprisonment skill had exterminated all of Long Yue’s soul skills such that his soul skills could not be launched within this range.

This was definitely a targeted attack!

Everyone assumed that Shrek Academy’s participation in the group match was just a mere formality. On the contrary, Shrek Academy’s students demonstrated their objective in the competition which was to contend for the championship!

Shrek had always strived for number one!

On the competition stage, Long Yue could not help but stand sluggishly
when he realized that the earth element that had always been so intimate to him disappeared unexpectedly.

She spent such a long time chanting the incantation just to overwhelm him with such horrendous stress.

All the soul masters who recognized and understood the Earth Element Imprisonment soul skill were all shocked beyond words.

The elemental imprisonment soul skill only existed in legends not because it was an impossible skill to acquire, but its existence was trivial, and it had many limitations. For one, the elemental imprisonment could only be targeted at one specific element, hence only effective at dealing with a
specific type of elemental soul master.

Moreover, the elemental imprisonment was a high level soul skill.
Generally, only soul masters with six rings and above could cultivate it. As every soul skill required much effort and time to acquire, who would be
willing to sacrifice their precious resources just to cultivate a non- significant soul skill?

Yet, at this moment, a targeted soul skill appeared on the competition stage. The four soul rings on Gu Yue’s body shimmered alternately. It was difficult to ascertain which soul skill was hers, but the elemental imprisonment’s effect was revealed instantly. Apart from his strength and power, every soul skill and elemental control of the powerful Mountain Dragon King martial soul was restricted at a stroke.

Chapter 706 - Two-Word Battle Armor

Chapter 706: Two-Word Battle Armor 
Long Yue and his companions were stunned. They had fought against Long Yue several times before, so no one understood his strength more than them. It was simply impossible to defeat him, especially when he fused himself with his soul skills.

Even so, Long Yue's soul skill had just been sealed. In other words, his Mountain Dragon King martial soul's other abilities were temporarily weakened by at least two-thirds temporarily, leaving only his body's
strength and defense unchanged. This situation was unprecedented.

Long Yue himself was also shocked. He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor after all! Yet at present, there was no way he could connect to the earth element fluctuation through his soul skill no matter how he attempted to utilize his soul power.

In a life-and-death struggle, he could still try to immediately dash out of the Earth Element Imprisonment's range in order to continue controlling his
soul skill, but the Earth Element Imprisonment Gu Yue had created, covered the competition stage within a range of five meters. Her spiritual power must have reached a terrifying level for her to cover such a large area! The first person entrapped when the Earth Element Imprisonment was completed was the Pagoda King Ye Zhi. Ye Xinglan had unswerving
determination despite feeling shock in her heart, and her reaction did not slow her down in the battle. Her body flashed past and she had arrived before Ye Zhi's face with her Stargod Sword raised as streams of dazzling
energy blades dropped onto Ye Zhi's body. She was a one-word battle armor master. Now, her offensive power was absolutely the top of the Shrek
squadron. It had only taken a few trials before Ye Zhi's protective hood was broken and she was singled out by the judge for elimination.

Meanwhile, only four competitors from Monster Academy were left on the competition stage including Teng Teng, Dai Yueyan, Lin San and Long Yue. Of those, Lin San and Dai Yueyan had already been injured.

Xie Xie was the sole team member missing from Shrek Academy's side.

Tang Wulin raised his head to the sky and howled. The thunderous dragon's roar made the third golden soul ring on his body glow brightly once again. Another deafening Golden Dragon Roar was heard as his bloodline power was elevated to the greatest extent and suppressed Long Yue. He raised the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and used it as a club to pound right onto Long Yue's head.

Gu Yue floated backward. She was in a weakened state after using the Earth Element Imprisonment.

Long Yue's eyes turned red once again after a moment of clarity. He grew even wilder than before.

"Do you think that you can defeat me so easily?" His domineering voice
echoed through the entire competition stage. He gave out a roar of his own. Even though he was suppressed by the Golden Dragon Roar and his bloodline power was greatly affected, his aura was still on display.

The surging aura of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul leapt up as he raised the double-pointed lance in his hand to collide with Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear. "Boom!" Tang Wulin was thrown back, his feet sinking three feet deep into the ground. It was apparent that both of them did not manage to gain any kind of advantage.

Yuanen Yehui advanced against Dai Yueyan, while Ye Xinglan turned around and dashed wildly at Lin San.

Teng Teng, on the other hand, pounced toward Xu Xiaoyan.

His efforts were wasted when he was confronted by Yue Zhengyu descending from the sky.

Xu Xiaoyan was unaffected by the swamp at present. She scoffed coldly as a stream of starlight burst out of her body. It was the Starlight Chaos.

Teng Teng was confused. The energy blades descended from above while the Star Chain had appeared underneath Teng Teng's feet at the right moment.

Lin San's speed was restricted due to his injuries. He could only look on helplessly when he was confronted by Ye Xinglan's energy blades covering the sky.

Meanwhile, a wild dragon's roar suddenly echoed from Long Yue's mouth. Soon after, a layer of dark golden light spread across his hulking frame.

During the split second when the golden radiance appeared, luminescent sparkles glowed on his body.

Teng Teng, Lin San and Dai Yueyan were relieved, while the expressions on Shrek Academy's team could not help turning solemn.

It was his battle armor! Yes, Long Yue had finally utilized his battle armor. He had never used it before in the earlier matches.

What bothered them was that Long Yue's battle armor did not fly out from his storage soul tool before it attached to his body. It had appeared straight out of his body, which signified that he was either a spirit alloy one-word battle armor master or… he was a two-word battle armor master! When a pair of gigantic dark golden dragon wings emerged from Long Yue's back, turning him into an incredibly monstrous presence, it seemed like all hope was list for them.

He was a two-word battle armor master! He was a genuine two-word battle armor master!

What was the significance of two-word battle armor? It signified that they were fighting against a powerhouse no less than Wu Zhangkong. The cold
and frosty Wu Zhangkong was a two-word battle armor master as well, who possessed the battle armor Sky Ice. His cultivation base was above Long Yue, but Long Yue's martial soul was incredibly powerful.

When the massive pieces of dark golden battle armor attached to Long Yue's body, Shrek's team could sense a gush of tremendous pressure descending from the sky.

The ray of victorious daylight that shone upon them for the Earth Element Imprisonment earlier seemed to have disappeared completely within that split second.

The upgrade that two-word battle armor gave to a soul master was overwhelming. Even without the use of a soul skill, its boost to the bearer's speed, strength and martial soul was enough to dominate their four-ringed cultivation base.

Two-word battle armor in addition to a six-ringed cultivation base signified that Long Yue was capable of fighting against an eight-ringed Douluo master! Such an opponent left them feeling nothing but hopelessness!

Tang Wulin's shout echoed in the air, "Get rid of the rest of them first!"

The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand released dozens of golden light beams and enshrouded Long Yue as he yelled. At the same time, he cleared his right hand and released the Golden Dragon Claw to devote all his efforts in this battle. "Boom!" Long Yue did not even dodge as the Golden Dragon Claw slapped onto his dark golden battle armor. The double pointed lance in his hand was coated with a layer of dark golden scales on its surface. The Mountain
Dragon King's scales were extremely special for they were in the shape of triangles. The scales were more accurately described as pyramidal because there were protruding crest lines just like tiny mounds.

The two-word battle armor was shimmering with dark golden radiance, but Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Claw was incapable of even leaving a mark on that armor, thick and heavy like a mountain.

In the next moment, Long Yue suddenly dashed forward. Tang Wulin could feel as the vision before his eyes blurred, and he only just managed to place the Golden Dragon Spear in front of himself in time. Soon after, a gush of tremendous force exploded out and Tang Wulin was blasted away at lightning speed before he crashed into the soul barrier hundreds of meters

"All of you leave!" Long Yue's wild roaring voice echoed.

Teng Teng, Lin San and Dai Yueyan indicated that they accepted their defeat without the slightest hesitation as they dashed down from the
competition stage swiftly.

Long Yue would attack without discrimination in his wild state, while the fact that he had donned his two-word battle armor had already made the match lose all its suspense.

A stream of starlight suddenly appeared underneath Long Yue's feet, but he managed to dodge it before the starlight could completely emerge. He had such an enormous body, but his speed was no inferior to Lin San's.

The spear in his hand swept across ruthlessly as a stream of pure soul power transformed into shockwave that blasted straight at Xu Xiaoyan's direction.

Shrek's team being able to take the initiative during this match was largely due to the control soul master Xu Xiaoyan. Her control soul skill of
Absolute Immobility was too nasty for the Monster Academy. Xu Xiaoyan's beautiful expression changed. She was highly capable of
controlling the opponent, but she did not possess much fighting ability! She watched helplessly as the shockwave blasted toward herself yet she could not even dodge.

Meanwhile, a figure appeared before herself in lightning speed. Xu Xiaoyan saw a pair of spotlessly white feathered wings.

"Boom!" Xu Xiaoyan could feel as a suffocating aura blew against her face. The feathered wings before herself flapped backward strenuously as a gush of air blew her skyward. The feathered wings' master was blasted to the ground. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood while still in midair.

"Zhengyu!" Xu Xiaoyan screamed out from shock and rage. The third soul ring on her body glowed as thousands of golden lights shot straight at Long Yue.

As fast as Long Yue was, he still could not prevent himself from being
covered by so much starlight. His body stiffened as he was finally struck by the Absolute Immobility starlight and was temporarily paralyzed.

Xu Xiaoyan landed with the Starwheel Ice Staff in her right hand and gave support from the ground. Her beautiful eyes were filled with fury as the fourth soul ring on her body glowed brightly! The Starwheel Ice Staff pointed at Tang Wulin in the air as a chain shimmering with starlight immediately connected her Starwheel Ice Staff to Tang Wulin. The Starwheel Ice Staff pointed again as Star Chains shot out and connected
separately to each of her companions.

Everyone connected to the Star Chain had a golden glow radiating from their bodies. They could clearly sense each others' auras and soul power fluctuations.

Xu Xiaoyan's entire body was rising in golden light making the surrounding air seem much dimmer. There appeared to be an endless stretch of starlit
sky that emerged soundlessly behind her back. "Captain! It's up to you now."

Chapter 707 - The Divine Dragon’s Great Calamity

Chapter 707: The Divine Dragon’s Great Calamity

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were blasted away. Simultaneously, Ye Xinglan and Gu Yue felt the pull of the force acting on them. They immediately sat down at their spots to free themselves from the pulling force.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body glowed brightly with golden light as his aura was elevated multiple times. A faint golden dragon emerged on the dragon pattern surface of the Golden Dragon Spear shimmering in golden light.

Tang Wulin transformed into a stream of golden light as he bolted in front of Long Yue and forcefully pierced the Golden Dragon Spear into Long Yue.

Only his Golden Dragon Bloodline aura could suppress Long Yue to a certain level.

The most powerful part of Xu Xiaoyan’s fourth soul skill Star Chain was its ability to connect herself with her comrades to consolidate their soul power! Not only that, but it could also mitigate the damage suffered by any team member.

In other words, if Tang Wulin was harmed during a collision, all the other team members would assist him by undertaking part of the damage. At the same time, his soul power would be the aggregate of all his comrades’ soul powers.

The totality of six people’s soul powers enabled Tang Wulin’s cultivation base to achieve the level of a six-ring Soul Emperor. Hence, the power of the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand was vastly different from before with a wisp of refined radiance spurting forth from the crystal-like tip of the


Long Yue blocked the stab with his double pointed lance. The Golden
Dragon Spear gave out a crisp sound as it pierced the lance and shattered a pyramid-shaped scale on the lance.

His wrath provoked, Long Yue roared in rage. He stamped his right foot on the ground abruptly as the tremendous force generated shockwaves that
spread out in all directions.

He could sense the source of Tang Wulin’s soul power. The blow was not only targeted at Tang Wulin but his comrades as well.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear hummed with a dragon’s roar as the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven was unleashed. A golden dragon that was three times larger than before rushed straight for Long Yue.

The wings on Long Yue’s back flapped once as a surge of extraordinary
soul power burst forth. A layer of dark golden mist arose faintly around his body. He made no attempt to dodge. Instead, he used his chest to resist the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.

Dark golden radiance flashed violently. Long Yue denied the urge to fall back. On the contrary, he advanced with the force of his earlier stomp.

Tang Wulin was blown away by the double pointed lance’s impact. His comrades gave out muffled cries as they endured the collision impact together with him.

On the audience platform.

Fang’er’s commentary had stopped for some time while the audience had been watching so intensely that their breathing turned shallow. All the guests of honor on the audience platform had expressions of bewilderment on their faces.

This competition defied all comparison! It was truly a battle between a group and one person. Other than Long Yue, everybody else from Monster Academy felt they would collapse at the first blow in the current match, Dai Yueyan included.

They were all one-word battle armor masters, yet when confronted with Shrek’s battle group, they ended up in an inferior position. Even Xie Xie’s elimination was only due to the effect of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon

Six people joined together with Star Chain to provide support for Tang Wulin alone so he could fight against Long Yue. Furthermore, the Earth Element Imprisonment had sealed all of Long Yue’s soul skills.

On the other hand, Long Yue was a six-ring Soul Emperor and a two-word battle armor master. He was fighting against a group of fifteen-year-old opponents who were hardly one-word battle armor masters, yet he still
could not end the match despite fighting for such a long time.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was filled with pride for this was Shrek Academy which even the federation respected!

Elder Cai was expressionless but her hands had already formed two tight fists under the table.

She had been telling Wu Zhangkong to observe the group of children who had been creating miracles all this while. However, she was definitely
satisfied with Tang Wulin and his comrades’ performance. They had done an excellent job. If Monster Academy had not produced someone defying the heavens such as Long Yue, these children might even be the champions in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition on Star Luo Continent.

She initially had the intention to stop them from participating in the match until she saw Tang Wulin return. It was her sensibility that she allowed this match to go on. The match certainly meant a great deal to them. She was not worried that these children would be disheartened from the defeat because they had already demonstrated their true mettle in the competition.

They would not admit defeat until the final moment of the battle!

His hands grasped the Golden Dragon Spear tightly. It was at this moment when a figure suddenly appeared silently at his side.

“Let’s do it together!”

Tang Wulin turned around and saw Gu Yue’s determined eyes.

Tang Wulin held the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand while he
stretched out his left hand to her. Gu Yue took a deep breath, then placed her right hand in Tang Wulin’s left.

Dense radiance arose from the their bodies instantly. Dazzling golden flares were rising around Tang Wulin’s body, while an iridescent glow arose from Gu Yue’s body.

Golden and iridescent colors coincided as a surge of unusual aura spewed from their bodies.

When Long Yue who had begun to dash toward Tang Wulin sensed the
aura, his feet suddenly staggered. He stumbled for a few steps but managed to balance his body with great effort using the double pointed lance to
support himself.

His blood red eyes turned crystal clear once again as his eyes shone in disbelief.

“Is that the martial soul fusion skill?” An intensely shocked voice echoed from the audience platform.

A pair of colorful feathered wings spread out behind his back. Gu Yue had vanished but Tang Wulin’s body swelled to three meters tall. Colorful scales replaced the original golden scales while there was an additional iridescent sheen on the Golden Dragon Spear. The spear’s length had extended to over three meters.

This aura was…

Long Yue had just regained his consciousness when he discovered that he could not stand upright. His martial soul and shuddering inner heart were feeling an unease that he had never felt before. He felt subdued and could
only relax his mind by curling up on the ground and worshipping the person before him.

“This is i-impossible!” Long Yue roared frantically into the air. The double pointed lance in his hand pushed against the ground to prop him up. He
walked in big steps toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin lowered his head and took a glance at himself. All the Star Chains snapped off when he fused with Gu Yue. The scales on his entire
body were reflecting a multitude of colors seemingly capable of absorbing all within its range. Countless energetic molecules in the air were surging wildly toward his body.

When he realized that Long Yue was heading his way, a feeling of rage arose in his heart for no reason. It almost seemed as if the people were revolting against the emperor. He happened to be the emperor!

“Roar…” a loud and distinct dragon’s roar burst from Tang Wulin’s mouth.

It was not the Golden Dragon Roar, and there was not even a soul ring on his body. Nonetheless, it was this very raging roar that made Long Yue kneel down abruptly on the ground with a thud.

Colorful radiance flashed past and vanished. The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand had pierced Long Yue’s body. It penetrated his right
shoulder and pinned his enormous body to the ground.

Long Yue saw a pair of colorful eyes. There was utterly no emotion in those eyes. Only domineering lordliness. Perhaps the effect from the Divine Dragon Transformation would be different if it was used to confront another two-word battle armor master. Yet, Long Yue owned the dragon-type martial soul! When the Divine
Dragon Transformation was initiated, even his Mountain Dragon King martial soul was incapable of withstanding such overbearingness.

The shudder in his inner heart gave way to submission. Long Yue’s voice turned hoarse, “I admit defeat.”

Tang Wulin stood with a foot on Long Yue’s chest as he abruptly pulled out the Golden Dragon Spear and howled into the sky!

A colorful giant dragon’s shadow appeared vaguely behind his back amidst the thundering dragon’s roar.

Chapter 708 - They're the Winners!

Chapter 708: They’re the Winners!

Every soul master on the scene possessing the dragon-type martial soul lowered their heads subconsciously at this moment. Even those Title
Douluo powerhouses were no exception.

Shadows flashed past as Tang Wulin and Gu Yue parted. Their faces turned ghastly pale as they sat on the ground.

There were about a hundred thousand members of the audience on the scene.

Monster Academy President En Ci, Star Luo Empire’s emperor Dai Tianling, Douluo Continent Federation’s representative team leader Tang Bingyao, Shrek Academy Sea God Pavilion member Elder Cai were all
stunned at this particular moment with no exceptions.

The atmosphere inside and outside Star Luo Coliseum with more than a hundred thousand in the audience was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop at this very moment.

If not for Long Yue lying on the ground in a coma, nor the distinctive hole Tang Wulin pierced into his two-word battle armor, nor the people on the
competition stage were all Shrek Academy’s students, no one was willing to believe the scene before their eyes were real!

Yes! Shrek won!

They were the champions!

The winner of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s group match was Shrek Academy! At present, the glory belonged to Shrek Academy, to Tang Wulin and his comrades. They had won!

Tang Wulin smiled. Even though he was extremely weak after the Divine Dragon Transformation, his face was beaming with pride at the moment. It was a smile full of pride.

Gu Yue smiled as well. It was a feeling that he had returned and it felt so good.

Shrek’s squad members were all smiling. In spite of the silent victory, it did not come easily for them at all.

They had won and obtained the final victory. In the end, the Divine Dragon Transformation’s suppression and the Earth Element Imprisonment’s restriction had led them to become the champions of this competition.

Yuanen Yehui waved her hand at Xie Xie who was below the stage. Upon seeing Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie came around from his stupor. He hastily rushed to a spot next to Yuanen Yehui on the competition stage.

“Did we win?”

“We won!” Yuanen Yehui cracked into a smile. For Xie Xie, it was a rare occasion indeed.

“We won!” Xie Xie’s voice suddenly turned high pitch as he swirled around to hug Yuanen Yehui’s alluring body.

Yuanen Yehui struggled subconsciously but she could clearly sense the tremendous joy in Xie Xie’s heart. In the end, her heart melted and she succumbed to the hug.

“We won!” Xu Xiaoyan jumped up abruptly. She hugged Yue Zhengyu standing nearby and kissed him on the cheek unexpectedly.

“We won!” A chubby figure crawled onto the competition stage and hurried to the middle. “We won!” Ye Xinglan cracked into a faint smile on her otherwise
expressionless face. She wrapped an arm around Xu Lizhi’s wide shoulders who had just appeared next to her.

“We won!” Xu Lizhi smiled shyly.

Tang Wulin propped himself up with the Golden Dragon Spear, then walked over to Gu Yue with great effort. He pulled her up and let her lean her weak body against him.

The two people gazed into each other’s eyes. Gu Yue rested her head on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “We won!”

Long Yue struggled to sit up at present. His enormous body had shrunk back to its norm. He looked at the both of them snuggling oblivious to him.

His eyes were filled with disbelief and sadness, but then there was something else too.

The rest of Monster Academy’s students were staring at the fifteen-year- olds standing on the competition stage.

They had lost against all expectations. Moreover, it was an outright defeat.

They lost the battle between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy. Even someone as powerful as Long Yue could not do anything to alleviate the depressing situation.

The final score for the group match was eight to one. The disparity was alarming to say the least.

The ending said it all.

The president En Ci stood up and frowned as he looked in the direction of the competition stage. A shadow flashed past and was gone without a trace.

In the waiting area, Wu Zhangkong stood there as he watched the group on the competition stage. His face had a warm smile. They had won. His normally stoic face had finally turned into a cheerful face for once. A figure appeared silently next to him. He was stroking his chin with his right hand while his eyes were filled with thoughtful radiance. “That final strength was…”

Wu Zhangkong turned around when he heard the voice to discover it was Mu Ye. The same Mu Ye who had saved Tang Wulin back then.

“Thank you,” Wu Zhangkong spoke from the bottom of his heart. Mu Ye answered indifferently, “He is my disciple too.”
The group match ended and with that ended the three most exciting matches, while the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s remaining matches received less attention.

Shrek Academy’s name was seared into the memories of Star Luo Empire’s common folks. The name that once shocked Star Luo Empire before it became Star Luo Continent was now familiar to the people once again.

“Are you going alone?”

As Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin standing before him, he could not help frowning.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, this is Tang Sect’s mission that belongs to the Battle Soul Hall. I think we are going to explore some area.”

Wu Zhangkong suddenly raised his hand and stopped Tang Wulin from speaking any longer. “Wulin, remember this. No matter what your
relationship with the person means to you, even if it’s me or your comrades, you must never reveal Tang Sect’s secrets. That’s the rule. Since it’s the
Battle Soul Hall’s mission, then you shall go. Do you know how long it will take?”

Tang Wulin shook his head slightly confused. “It won’t be a short mission.” They would be traveling to another place. In addition, it was an expedition type mission, so it would require a significant amount of time. Wu Zhangkong nodded. “How about this? I’ll purchase some soul
communicators later, so you can notify us when your mission has ended. It’s possible that we may not remain in Star Luo City but travel to other places in Star Luo Empire. You can join us when the mission is over by then.”


The competition was conducted over a long period. Soon, it was time for the Battle Soul Hall’s expedition mission to Dragon Valley. Based on Black One’s description at the time, it seemed like a worthwhile mission that
would benefit every fighter. That was why Tang Wulin was the envy of everyone when he was rewarded with a slot in the mission.

“You’re going to go alone?” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.

Gu Yue’s eyes widened. The atmosphere at the dining table during dinner was a little tense.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, it’s a Tang Sect mission but I won’t be going into the specifics. The mission originates from Star Luo Empire, so I must go.
I’ve already requested for a break from Teacher Wu. Gu Yue’s the captain when I’m not around. I’ll be joining you all when my mission is

Everyone gazed into each other’s eyes.

The rest of the squad did not discuss any further. Everyone was a Tang Sect disciple, so they had a strong sense of belonging except for Gu Yue.

“I want to join Battle Soul Hall badly!” Xie Xie spoke his mind in a loud voice.

Tang Wulin smiled. “It shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to join
Battle Soul Hall based on your power. However, we’ll discuss further when we return to Douluo Continent. It’s not convenient to do so here. I don’t know how long this mission will take. It could be twelve days if it’s smooth going. It’s difficult to tell otherwise. Teacher Wu gave me a soul communicator, and all of you have one as well. I’ll be in touch when I’m done.”

“Alright,” Xie Xie spoke with a hint of helplessness.

Gu Yue had not spoken a single word since the beginning to the end. She lowered her head and continued eating in silence.

Tang Wulin looked toward her while she ate. Tang Wulin believed it was impossible for her not to feel his gaze with her spiritual power.

Chapter 709 - The Separation

Chapter 709: The Separation

‘Could it be she doesn’t even have the slightest intention for me to stay? Why doesn’t she have any questions?’

The atmosphere at dinner was a little unpleasant. Everyone except for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had excuses to leave immediately after dinner, leaving them the only two remaining at the dinner table.

Gu Yu dabbed her mouth with a serviette, then she stood up. “I’m done eating. I’ll go back first.”

She was about to leave when Tang Wulin suddenly grabbed her hand. “Don’t you wish to know about the mission I’m embarking on?”

Gu Yue did not struggle but looked at him calmly. “If you’re going to tell me, then you’ll tell me. If you aren’t going to tell me, then what’s the point of me asking?”

Tang Wulin’s expression changed. “Gu Yue, I don’t like it when you’re being cold to me.”

Gu Yue removed her hand. “You should go. We’ll wait for your return.” She turned around and quickly headed out.

“Gu Yue!” Tang Wulin stood up abruptly and called out to her.

Gu Yue stopped but she did not turn around. She spoke indifferently, “Anything else?”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “I don’t want to hear that all of you are waiting for my return, but just you are waiting for my return.” Gu Yue’s body stiffened a little but she did not turn around. She raised her hand and waved to Tang Wulin before she walked hurriedly outside.

Tang Wulin’s figure appeared desolate, and he was frowning a little.

‘This is not right. This feeling is not right. I could feel her affection when I was holding her hand during those final moments on the competition stage.’

‘Yet, why has she changed her mind? Why?’

He did not realize that her sweet face was drenched in tears ever since she walked away earlier.

Perhaps, it was best for her to be separated from him. To not see him, but know that he was safe would provide her some comfort and calm her down.

Gu Yue’s gaze was determined once again as she dried her tears and walked quickly toward her hotel room.

At this moment, the distance between them appeared to be growing further apart.

Nevertheless, it was easier to be physically apart. Was the emotional separation equally easy?

In the Tang Sect headquarters in Star Luo City.

Tang Wulin was dressed in a white fighter’s attire as he stood calmly in the Battle Soul Hall’s grand hall.

Today was the day for him to report for the mission. A few days ago, Shrek Academy’s group had followed the diplomatic corps to the next travel stop. According to Elder Cai’s arrangement, Shrek’s group would separate from the diplomatic corps afterward and travel around Star Luo Continent to broaden their experience while learning about Star Luo Empire’s local
customs. How could he not join his comrades in traveling and experiencing the continent? Yet, she…

Tang Wulin sighed in his heart. Perhaps, they were too young and there was no way to tell what one really desired, or to understand the other person’s inner thoughts. Maybe, it would be better when they were older.

A temporary separation may not necessarily be a bad thing. He trusted his feelings. Their hearts were at their closest when they were launching the Divine Dragon Transformation, so there was no way to conceal her
emotions at the time.

‘I suppose we’ll discuss more after I return.’ Tang Wulin suddenly recalled a legend related to Shrek Academy. The corners of his lips curled into a faint smile.

“White Three.” Meanwhile, a voice jolted Tang Wulin from his inner thoughts.

“Hello.” Tang Wulin hastily saluted at the incoming person who happened to be Black One.

Black One nodded toward him. “Your identifier shall remain as White Three. There are thirty people selected based on their merits to execute this mission. I hope that all of you can benefit from this mission.”


Not everyone was present at the moment. It was apparent that Black One was especially keeping an eye out for him.

“You must listen carefully when I give a briefing about the mission later. You’re from Douluo Continent, so it’s possible that you don’t understand our place well.”

Tang Wulin was a little shocked to find his identity known.

Black One smiled. “Young lad, do you think that you’ll be allowed to join this mission if I don’t know your identity? It’s possibly a coincidence, but not the second time. We’re aware of your identity when you were buying and selling your items. We’ve verified and confirmed your identity.
However, don’t worry. Tang Sect doesn’t discriminate regions. We’ll treat everyone equal no matter who you are as long as you’re a Tang Sect disciple.”

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin saluted respectfully.

Black One waved his hand, then turned around and walked to the front. It did not take long before the whole group was present.
Everyone was wearing a mask so one could only distinguish between the sexes through the body. The males accounted for roughly two-thirds of the group.

Black One raised his hand as a sheen of faint white radiance enshrouded the Battle Soul Hall’s grand hall.

“Very well, everyone’s present here. We’ll be announcing the objective of this mission immediately.” His gaze swept past every White Fighter in an august manner that made everyone stand upright instinctively.

Black One spoke with a deep voice, “I believe many of you have heard
about the legend of the Dragon Valley, but certainly not the facts of it. I will first remind all of you that you’re not allowed to reveal anything about the mission. Otherwise, we will strip you of all your gains as retribution or even expel you from the Sect as the more severe penalty.”

The group of White Fighters felt their chests tightened upon listening to his stern voice.

Black One explained, “Next, I’ll be briefing you on the situation in the Dragon Valley and also your mission.”

“Your current mission is known as Mission Survival. In other words, you’ll need to survive in the Dragon Valley for a significant period of time to
complete the mission. The reward for completion of the mission will be your collection from the Dragon Valley. I can only tell you that the benefits you’ll gain from the Dragon Valley grows with the amount of time you
spend there. The mission will not punish you for a short stay, but you’ll miss the opportunity of a lifetime to benefit from the Dragon Valley.”

Black One’s words sounded ominous, but Tang Wulin and the White Fighters around him were thrilled upon listening to Black One.

It seemed like the Dragon Valley was a fine place!

“All of you must pay attention to this. Your martial soul will be temporarily sealed by the laws of the Dragon Valley when you’re there. Your martial
soul can be reactivated only if your cultivation base exceeds five soul rings.
However, you’ll be dismissed from the Dragon Valley immediately. This was the crucial reason why only those White Fighters whose cultivation
base don’t exceed five soul rings are allowed to enter the Dragon Valley. As for what’s in Dragon Valley specifically and what you can gain from it, I’m not allowed to speak of it because of Tang Sect’s rules. Your effort and luck will determine your gain. I can only advise all of you to maximize your time there, so you’ll have unlimited possibilities. Once you’ve reached the limit of suffering from an attack, you’ll be sent out of the Dragon Valley naturally.”

“I’ll be distributing a dragon pearl to each of you later. Wear the dragon pearl on your skin to connect to your spiritual power. Use your spiritual power to trigger the dragon pearl when you feel your life is threatened, then you’ll be removed from the Dragon Valley. When your vital sign is at a
weak level, the dragon pearl will also initiate the removal process.” “That’s all. Go!”
Black One waved his hand once as he was speaking. He led the walk outside.

Black One’s briefing could vaguely be understood by Tang Wulin. He only knew that there was not much risk to this operation. Also, he could determine from the two words of ‘Dragon Valley’ that the mission was related to dragons. As he had the Golden Dragon King bloodline, he should have a certain level of dominance in the mission comparatively.

He was filled with curiosity of the Dragon Valley. The sadness in his heart was temporarily forgotten. He would return to those thoughts when Mission Dragon Valley was completed.

Tang Wulin followed everybody in leaving the Battle Soul Hall. Soon, they boarded a soul bus. Everyone went on the same bus. They began distributing the dragon pearls and identifiers on the bus.

As Black One mentioned before, he still had the identifier of White Three. The soul bus could hold fifty people at a time. Thirty of them were seated in the front where according to Black One’s arrangement, every two people
were seated together.

Tang Wulin was seated next to the aisle while a petite White Fighter sat next to him on the other side. He could tell from the person’s figure that she was female with the identifier White Seven.

“Alright, the dragon pearls and identifiers have been distributed. You’re not allowed to converse with the person next to you who’s also your partner.
The both of you will be a team once you enter Dragon Valley. Be cooperative and look after each other.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. ‘Partner? This is not a solo operation!’

Chapter 710 - White Three, White Seven

Chapter 710: White Three, White Seven

Tang Wulin glanced at White Seven beside him subconsciously and found her returning the glance. He had no choice but to say that the mask was
extremely useful not only in concealing one’s gaze but muffling one’s voice as well.

The rest of the White Fighters were eyeing each other for the most part. The identities of the fighters were kept in top secret to ensure that their daily lives would not be intruded, especially to prevent the enemy’s revenge after they have carried out important missions. Thus, they would never reveal
each other’s identity even among themselves.

Tang Wulin nodded at White Seven, and she returned the nod before they continued on a long drive.

The soul bus entered the highway soon after and drove at full speed.

Tang Wulin could sense vaguely that they had entered the mountains after traveling for a day.

Night fell and the soul bus was still traveling swiftly. No one cared to ask how long before they would arrive but the food was being distributed to everyone in intervals.

Tang Wulin was the most miserable because he was still hungry.

The situation of not being fed well immediately weakened his body because his body required a high amount of energy. He was already so famished he could eat a horse.

He should have bought some food before he came over to join the mission if he had known earlier. He reminded himself to always remember this lesson so he would always have food before he joined an operation in the future.

He swallowed a gulp of saliva as he recalled Teacher Mu Ye’s scrumptious delights!

Mu Ye was in disdain when he found out that Tang Wulin was joining Tang Sect’s mission but he did not stop Tang Wulin. He only reminded Wulin to practice with more effort and further taught him some body cultivation techniques before Wulin left. It was said that Tang Wulin had discovered a unique mineral vein on Star Luo Continent, and he was going to conduct
some research there to enhance his Divine Mecha.

Tang Wulin did not ask whether it was possible to enhance the Divine
Mecha because he was still too far away from that world. Even if he were to ask, he would most likely not have understood.

He would need to spend more time to practice forging as soon as the mission was completed because it had been too long since he last forged.

He missed the pair of giant hammers he gave to Yuanen Yehui. Ever since the hammers were used in the competition, Yuanen Yehui was extremely pleased with the weapon that she decided her future battle armor weapon would take the shape of the giant hammers.

Tang Wulin felt like laughing the moment he thought about Xie Xie’s
expression as described by Yuanen Yehui. If there was a word to depict Xie Xie at the time, it would be constipated. Yes, a constipated-like expression as if there was something he wished to say but dared not utter out of fear.

Tang Wulin fancied that pair of giant hammers too. It was fairly heavy and powerful, but his Golden Dragon Spear was even better. He would need to practice more of his spear-wielding skills. However, it seemed like the Tang Sect has no specific spear-wielding technique unlike the giant hammers’
Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.

Yuanen Yehui had already gone to the Tang Sect especially to acquire this hammer technique before she left Douluo City so she could study it thoroughly.

Tang Wulin wondered where everyone was at the moment.

The sky had gradually darkened outside the window. White Seven leaned her head against the window as if she was asleep. Tang Wulin wished to sleep too, but he could not sleep from his hunger pangs.

It was already midnight by the time the soul bus turned off the highway and traveled along a winding path. It took approximately another hour before the bus seemingly entered a town and finally stopped.

The bus was parked near a three-storey small building that seemed to be built of wood. It appeared quaint and dilapidated.

The Tang Sect’s symbol adorned the small town which belonged to the Tang Sect.

“Everyone get off the bus and check in to your respective rooms. Two people will share a room. Don’t give me some bullshit about how a male and female shouldn’t stay in the same room. Figure it out yourselves. Rest
early and we’ll gather when the sun has risen to three poles high tomorrow morning. You can buy some essential items in the small town. I suggest that all of you buy more. We shall depart at high noon.”

“Yes!” the White Fighters answered and got off the bus.

Traveling in a soul vehicle for a whole day was truly an unpleasant
experience. Tang Wulin was not bothered by having White Seven in the same room for he was used to sharing rooms when he was a working

Tang Wulin got off the bus, then stretched his body strenuously. Just as he felt the pleasant sensations of his blood circulating in his body, his stomach began rumbling again. He was even more hungry now.

“Black One, can I still buy food at this time?” Tang Wulin gathered next to Black One’s side and asked softly. Black One darted him a look. “Still hungry? I don’t think you can. You should try tomorrow morning.”

“Alright.” Tang Wulin was depressed because he was so hungry! It had been so long since he felt this hungry.

He could gobble up a cow!

‘Hmm.’ He truly felt like he could do that now.

He walked into the tavern to make arrangements for his room. White Seven got the key as she had entered first. Tang Wulin hastily followed her to the room.

They went up to the second floor. White Seven stopped at Room 315, opened the door and stepped in.

Tang Wulin was about to follow her into the room when White Seven suddenly turned around.

“You know that it’s improper for men and women to touch each other’s hand even when passing objects, right?” White Seven’s voice sounded quite pleasant despite the mask’s filter. She sounded rather young.

“Hmm. Don’t worry. I won’t have any improper desires,” Tang Wulin hastily explained.

“Very well then. You’ll sleep in the corridor.” White Seven walked into the room and closed the door with a bang.

Tang Wulin was dumbstruck as he stood outside the room looking at the door. He was speechless as he looked at the room’s number plate. White Seven was really one of a kind.

He turned around and looked at the remaining rooms along the corridor and found everyone else had entered their rooms in pairs! Besides, some were
couples too. Anyway, the small tavern was fully occupied. Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked on the door. The door opened. White Seven stuck out her head. “What is it?”

Tang Wulin answered, “How about this? You can wash up first and I won’t enter while you’re washing. I’ll only enter after you’re done. I think there should be two beds? I’ll just sit here and meditate for a while. It’s rather disgraceful for me to sleep in the corridor! Can you please be more

“Bang!” That was the answer for him.

‘A good man doesn’t fight with a woman!’ Tang Wulin thought in his heart. ‘Corridor, it is then!’
He could actually comprehend the situation because the other person was a female after all. Moreover, it would be inconvenient for them to stay in the same room for they were strangers.

‘Forget it then. Since I have no place to sleep anyway, I might as well go out and take a stroll. I can buy some food in case the shops are still open.’

Tang Wulin walked outside deep in thought.

White Seven was packing her stuff in the room with her ears perked listening to the sounds from the outside.

‘Eh? That fellow is well mannered! He didn’t even say a resentful word or knocked on the door again. He is truly cultured. But, how can I allow a
scoundrel to stay in the same room as me?’

‘If he was truly daring enough to come in by force… Humph!’

Tang Wulin walked out of the tavern. The cool and refreshing breeze carried a plant’s scent that reinvigorated the heart and mind.

He took a few deep breaths strenuously. ‘The air has never fulfilled my hunger no matter how refreshing it is! At most, I can perhaps fart more after inhaling more…’ ‘That’s improper. What am I thinking here?’

The small town was mostly paved with flagstones. Pieces of flagstones were paved neatly exuding a tranquil ambiance. The people of the small town seemed to be asleep at this time. Tang Wulin walked quietly on the streets. Soon, he found some shops.

‘There are shops that sell food and even delicatessens as I expected! There should be a shop that sells cooked meat. I want to eat so badly! What a pity, it’s closed.’

‘A pancake shop, oh my god! It’s simply heaven to roll cooked meat in a baked pancake followed with a dash of sauce.’ A person would always be imagining bountiful food when he was hungry.
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