The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 691-700

Chapter 691 - Final Group Match

Chapter 691: Final Group Match

He was afraid that Tang Wulin was fraught with grim possibilities for he understood Long Yue’s strength more than anything else. Tang Wulin was considered a tough survivor for not dying on the spot from Long Yue’s incessant stomping on his chest. Yet even as such, even a Titled Douluo recovery-type soul master could not necessary save Tang Wulin’s life when his body was so severely injured.

En Ci was also astonished at Mu Ye who brought Tang Wulin away because he had yet to clarify his identity. However, he was still greatly astonished by Mu Ye’s power and knew fairly well in his heart that he did not have the
confidence to defeat him either. This information could startle the entire Star Luo Continent if it was spread out because En Ci was reputed to be the number one powerhouse on Star Luo Continent.

It was still an hour away from the match but the Star Luo Coliseum was already filled to the brink with an extremely excited crowd.

Fang’er had arrived early as well to make preparation for the commentary later.

In order to ensure the safety for contestants on both sides in today’s matches, the organized intentionally assigned four Titled Douluo powerhouses as judges. At the same time, the royal family intentionally declared to the Douluo Continent Federation diplomatic corps that the
situation that happened previously would never happen again today.

The match had yet to begin but the anxiety had already spread throughout the entire coliseum.

Many in the audience were getting food and water for themselves to replenish their energy in fear that they would have no time to eat and drink when the match began later.

No one knew how long this match would last but they were secretly hoping that the match would last as long as possible.

“They’re here!” someone shouted aloud as the audiences shifted their gaze to the direction of the waiting area in unison.

The group from both sides entered the arena almost back to back. Shrek
Academy’s green uniform and Monster Academy’s red uniform formed an extremely bright contrast.

Both sides did not make any intersection but they entered the arena swiftly one by one and sat down to rest in their own region.

The Dragon King Long Yue led Monster Academy’s corner, followed by the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, the Wind King Lin San, the Fox King Su Mu, the Wolf King Hua Lantang, the Pagoda King Ye Zhi, the Shadow King Teng Teng, and the Spirit King Dai Yun’er.

All Eight Heavenly Kings were present. On Shrek Academy’s corner.
The first seat remained vacant and was followed by Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi. There were a total of seven people.

The mood of the seven people was obviously far less calm than before. Their eyes were shimmering with a dazzling radiance but there was a hint of bitterness in their aura. Even Monster Academy’s group of students who were their opponents could not help but look sideways.

Su Mu squinted and spoke softly, “It seems like it’s not going to be easy to deal with Shrek Academy today. Be careful.”

“Hmm.” Everyone except Long Yue nodded gently. Dai Yuan’er appeared very calm that was different from her usual active persona. She had been feeling slightly depressed ever since Tang Wulin was severely injured and disappeared after the individual match. She discovered in astonishment that she did not seem to take joy as she watched Tang Wulin almost die under Long Yue’s attack. His handsome and young
appearance flashed past her mind occasionally. Even if he was an abomination, she felt like this was not a deadly sin!

However, she could not blame Long Yue either for she was the person pestering Long Yue into punishing Tang Wulin after all. Yet, was he truly in trouble? Did he die just like that?

She was in an even more depressing mood when she did not see Tang Wulin today. She seemed to have grown so much in a few short days. At the very least, she realized how stubborn she had been in the past.

“Ladies and gentlemen, those in the audience and friends. Welcome to the Star Luo Coliseum. I believe that everyone has already been anticipating today’s match for a very long time. This is the final group match for this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.
At the same time, it’s also the confrontation between the two strongest academies on two continents. It’s our Star Luo Continent’s Monster
Academy versus Douluo Continent’s Shrek Academy.”

There was an added touch of excitement in Fang’er’s voice without her noticing it. How could she possibly resist the anticipation of this match?

“Next, we request the pleasure of His Majesty.”

The audiences were startled when she said that. Was His Majesty giving a speech? This had never happened in the earlier matches.

Dai Tianling stood up as his gaze swept past the Star Luo Coliseum. The
entire audience stood up in unison at once and placed their right fist across their chest in a gesture of respect to their emperor.

“I’m very glad to be able to witness such a competition. I’m just as excited as all of you at this exact moment. I’m also a part of the audience anticipating the exciting match,” Dai Tianlian spoke with a smile on his face.

“The reason why I’m speaking is mainly to express my expectation of this match. Monster Academy and Shrek Academy each represented the Star Luo Continent and our homeland, the Douluo Continent’s most powerful academies. I hope that both parties would engage in today’s match taking
their friendship before the competition as the foundation of the match. This will be the best way to exchange one’s skills and knowledge. The government is going to offer more rewards to motivate both sides for the match. Every participating contestant will be awarded a precious item that will benefit the elevation of your cultivation base regardless of the final result. Alright, I announce that the match has begun.”

The sound of cheering echoed like a mighty torrent in the Star Luo Coliseum at once following Dai Tianling’s declaration.

Dai Tianling held an extremely prestigious position in the heart of his
citizens. He made great efforts to build a prosperous country ever since he was enthroned and managed the empire into flourishing prosperously. He repressed the Green Skeleton Rebellion and robbed them of any opportunity, to the point of even forcing them to take shelter in the nearby borderlands rife with complicated terrains. They could do nothing but linger there as their condition worsened. This feat alone gave him the reputation of being an ingenious monarch.

The four judges walked to the center of the competition simultaneously. The leading elder spoke with a deep voice, “Will the contestants from both sides for the first match please ascend the stage.”

Everything was carried out in an even stricter manner as it was the final match. A partition board arose in the waiting area on both sides rapidly to ensure that the other party could not make any targeted arrangement after seeing the members sent out from the opposing group. The partition board was capable of isolating spiritual detection abilities.

The gaze of the audience was focused on the waiting area of this corner, and the high-ranking officers on the audience form were no exception. Who was going to fight in the first match?

The first person stood up from Shrek Academy’s corner was the owner of Stargod Sword martial soul and was also the only contestant with a full set of one-word battle armor at the same time. It was Ye Xinglan!

A sea of gasps echoed immediately when Ye Xinglan stood up.

Su Mu, the Fox King Su Mu stood up first on Monster Academy’s corner. The Fox King was ranked third amongst the Eight Heavenly Kings and was once defeated by Tang Wulin.

Both parties walked out of the waiting area simultaneously and headed
straight for the competition stage’s direction. Ye Xinglan did not even take a glance at Su Mu’s direction. It was as it did not matter at all of who was the opponent to her.

Su Mu walked forward with great strides. Both people ascended the stage in unison.

The first match was important to boost morale so it was extremely important for both sides.

Su Mu could not help feeling fearful in his heart when he realized that his opponent was Ye Xinglan. The first match should be fought by Dai Yueyan if they arranged it according to their combat capabilities even if it Long Yue did not make an appearance. However, Dai Yueyan was still the empire’s fourth prince. It would be an extremely huge impact on his status if he were to lose in the first match.

Thus, Monster Academy made the arrangement to send out its contestants in this sequence — Su Mu, Dai Yueyan, Long Yue. The first three great Heavenly Kings were arranged to participate in the first three matches so one could say that they taking Shrek Academy seriously.

Ye Xinglan looked at Su Mu expressionlessly. Su Mu, on the other hand, looked at her with a burning gaze. There seemed to be sparks flying out of nothingness when the glow in their eyes clashed. The four judges drew back to the edge of the competition stage in succession. A great battle was about to break out at any moment.

Ye Xinglan watched the match between Tang Wulin and Su Mu in the past. She still had a fresh memory about Su Mu. He was the Fox King with a
Nine-Tailed Fox martial soul. Su Mu also possessed the Nine-Tailed Fox Bloodline and was extremely powerful. He was the embodiment of power
— five great halos which were made up of control and assault abilities.

Chapter 692 - Ye Xinglan’s One- word Battle Armor

Chapter 692: Ye Xinglan’s One-word Battle Armor

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Monster Academy has similarly studied about Ye Xinglan before and found that she was undoubtedly an assault-type soul master with an extremely powerful sword martial soul. They learned that she was a four-ringed spirit alloy one-word battle armor master and that she was exceedingly powerful herself as well. She was most skilled in a frontal assault and the control she had over her sword was one of extreme precision.

Su Mu once lost to Tang Wulin so he did not look down upon Ye Xinglan at all.

"Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Begin!"

The first round of the final group match! Stargod Sword Ye Xinglan versus the Fox King Su Mu officially began following the judge's announcement.

Radiance flashed in Su Mu's eyes as his body seemed to turn into an illusion for a moment. Then, the audiences saw as five enormous fox tails bore out from his back as they swayed gently along with five soul rings from his tails.

His first soul ring rippled apart just as his martial soul was released. The process of releasing his martial soul and soul skill was almost complete within only a mere second. The process that seemed simple was actually a top-tier skill.

Ye Xinglan was being her usual self when she dashed in great strides toward Su Mu.

A white soul ring rippled outward on the ground. It was Su Mu's first soul skill, the Debilitating Halo.

The Debilitating Halo's effect once troubled Tang Wulin a lot. However, Ye Xinglan did not slow down at all when she was faced with the halo. She
continued dashing toward her opponent.

A sparkling radiance then began shimmering on Su Mu's body. As he flung his arms, pieces of his battle armor shot out into the air before they
converged toward his body.

His battle against Tang Wulin taught him a valuable lesson so this time
around, he decided to put his battle armor right from the very beginning. He refused to be defeated in as sullen a manner as he was the other day. Su Mu had already prepared himself to devote all his efforts to deal with today's match to acquire a victory and rectify his tainted reputation.

The battle armor covering his body was a spotless white while faint iridescent striations rippled on its surface. It seemed gorgeous as the gentle spiritual radiance shimmered on its surface. His helm was slightly larger than those on regular battle armor. It completely covered his head and a dazzling jewel was encrusted in the middle of the helmet.

Spiritual power was something extremely important to control-type soul masters and to make full use of this, his battle armor had an exceedingly powerful amplification effect on his spiritual power.

The only reason Tang Wulin managed to defeat him the other day was because his battle armor was not that powerful in the defense department.

The Debilitating Halo that he had already released glowed brightly as the battle armor covered his body. The range of his Debilitating Halo that was initially fifty meters suddenly instantly increased a tremendously, enshrouding Ye Xinglan in it.

It reduced Ye Xinglan's speed instantly from its influence.

It was also at this moment that starlight began glowing on her body.
Naturally, since the opponent had already brought out his battle armor, she did not have to hesitate bringing hers out.

Ye Xinglan's body flashed past and soon, her entire being was already mid- air. Soon, the starlight that had appeared so many times in the past bloomed once more.

It was her first soul skill — Sword God's Star!

Ye Xinglan's speed increased exponentially as she fused with her sword, becoming one in the air. She stretched herself across the distance of a hundred meters almost instantly and arrived directly before her opponent.

Had her sword skill already achieved such a level? Su Mu could not help feeling startled as he watched the sword's radiance expanding before himself. Ye Xinglan had never launched this human-sword fusion skill in the earlier matches! As it turned out, she had been concealing her power all along.

Although Su Mu was startled, his reaction did not slow down at all. The
second and third soul ring on his body began shimmering simultaneously.

His second soul skill, the Soul Power Stripping Halo was capable of exhausting his opponent's soul power.

His third soul skill, the Reversal Halo was also a powerful soul skill that Su Mu was most adept at. He could easily reverse any form of attack launched against him that did not exceed the limit of his endurance by too much.

However, it was also at this moment when Ye Xinglan suddenly changed. Just as her starlight appeared to almost collide with the Reversal Halo, it suddenly soared into the sky and dashed five meters upward before it cut through the sky with a peculiar arc.

She dodged it?! She could actually control her abilities when she was one with the sword to that extent?

Then, Su Mu witnessed an even more terrifying scene unfold before his
eyes. The starlight suddenly diffused and he could indistinctly see the fourth soul ring on Ye Xinglan's body glowing brightly. Then, an endless array of
starlight burst from her body but instead of shooting at his body, they shot toward the Reversal Halo that was heading toward her feet.

"Oh no!" Su Mu was shocked. He could not launch his second Reversal
Halo before his first halo vanished. He did not even hesitate slightly as the fourth soul ring on his body glowed radiantly. Everything surrounding his body instantly sank into a pitch black darkness.

It was also at this moment when countless radiant rays shone before his body and bore into the devouring dark world of his. If Su Mu was even a little slower, the sword's radiance would have struck his body.

Ye Xinglan made use of Su Mu's own Reversal Halo to find the best angle and dropped her Sword Meteor Shower onto the Reverse Halo so the angle
it rebounded at aimed directly toward Su Mu. If not for Su Mu's impeccable timing when launching his Devouring Halo, he would be in deep trouble just from receiving that one strike, especially since her Sword Meteor Shower was amplified by her battle armor.

Ye Xinglan had almost already expected Su Mu's response earlier. She swayed her body as a total of thirteen rays of radiance from her sword
surged skyward. The thirteen rays transformed into an ultra-large Stargod Sword in mid-air as Ye Xinglan transformed herself into the final ray of radiance, fusing with the other thirteen. The Stargod Sword was suspended in the air with its blade pointing downward. Instantly, a radiance resembling the shape of a star bloomed on its hilt before it descended from the sky.

Ye Xinglan's was simply too swift. Her Sword Meteor Shower had yet to end but this terrifying, gigantic Stargod Sword that seemed as if it could pierce through the world had already arrived atop Su Mu's head.

Had she already reached such a level of control of her martial soul?

Just as the Stargod Sword descended, Su Mu simultaneously launched the one power that gave him his title as one of Monster Academy's Eight
Heavenly Kings.

Radiant rings suddenly bloomed with his body as their center. Five soul rings then began glowing like ignited torches as five dazzling rays rose, enlarging the original Devouring Halo.

The first white halo was the Debilitating Halo.

The second iridescent halo was the Soul Power Stripping Halo. The third dark green halo was the Reversal Halo.
The fourth black halo was the Devouring Halo. The fifth golden halo was the Destruction Halo.
Five great soul rings and five great soul skills instantly merged into one and transformed into an enormous tornado that swirled violently in the sky. Five different attribute-related, debilitating and offensive skills instantly burst out.

Tang Wulin once faced such an attack in the past and had to rely on his bloodline suppression effect to finally defeat Su Mu.

There was no doubt that Ye Xinglan did not possess this bloodline suppression ability over Su Mu but she had her battle armor.

The giant sword that descended from the sky did not pause at all. Instead, it bored straight into that enormous tornado and immediately, a speck of golden light ignited the pitch black vortex. Then suddenly, dozens of specks began appearing, then hundreds. If Su Mu's earlier attack was described as a black hole, then his vortex had just turned into a galaxy. "Boom…" The intense energy fluctuations transformed into a terrifying storm that broke out.

The four judges standing in the surroundings had already subconsciously taken a step forward when both parties began fighting to be prepared to interfere at any time. At present, they had no choice but to launch their own defenses to resist the terrifying air flow that blew against their faces.

The protective shield on the competition stage was shimmering with a radiance that made it seem as it would all shatter at any moment.

The two figures parted. Ye Xinglan touched the ground steadily after the golden light flashed, her Stargod Sword clutched in her hand behind her. Her body shimmered faintly with a multi-colored radiance that originated from the opponent's negative energy.

Su Mu was not feeling well either. There was no way to tell the color of his face because of the helmet. However, the people could clearly see a deep gash from the sword stretching from his right shoulder to his lower-left torso. The gash was cut deep into the battle armor and it was rippling with faint starlight.

It was very obvious that Ye Xinglan was under the effects of his five overlapping soul skills but he was also slashed by Ye Xinglan. Both parties had suffered losses.

Dai Yueyan, who sat in the waiting area could not help frowning when he saw this.

He had a very good understanding of Su Mu's abilities. His most powerful attack was his Five Rings as One which relied on his bloodline and natural talent to trigger the formation of a five-ringed tornado. Even Long Yue
would tread carefully when facing such an attack, what more one that was amplified by Su Mu's battle armor.

However, he was still a control-type soul master after all and was most skilled in exercising control. He would only be in trouble when his opponent broke through his most powerful attack. Dai Yueyan concluded that he did not have the ability to break through Mu Ye's Destruction Tornado and yet, Ye Xinglan managed to pull it off.

The defense of Su Mu's battle armor was limited to amplify his spiritual power. He was still fine after being slashed by the sword but it was difficult to predict if his battle armor could still protect him against another slash.

Chapter 693 - One to Zero

Chapter 693: One to Zero

Despite being affected by the negative soul ring effects of Slow, Soul Power Stripping, Devour, Destroy, and the others, Ye Xinglan was shining with dazzling starlight. Every beam of light was like a sharp sword. They were
severing the negative soul ring effects with blinding speed.

Obviously, her battle armor was incredibly durable, as expected of armor crafted from spirit alloy! It was a rank more powerful than ordinary battle armor in terms of offense and defense. It also had the ability to continue evolving in the future.

This must have been the inner secret of Shrek Academy.

Dai Yueyan had a feeling that the spirit alloy one-word battle armor was the current method of crafting armor employed by Shrek Academy.

Ye Xinglan raised the Stargod Sword slowly, and she suddenly switched to a two-handed grip. She took half a step with her left foot and paused. With both her hands on the sword’s hilt, she pointed the tip of the sword toward the lower right part of her body. Instantly, the sparkles of starlight on her body shone brightly. Her entire person seemed to have transformed into a star in an instant, and she moved no more.

Su Mu’s ragged breathing could only be heard by himself as he hid under his battle armor. She was too powerful. The strength of this opponent was too great.

Contrary to Dai Yueyan’s imagination, the slash just now had indeed broken open his battle armor. In fact, his armor had already taken an enormous
amount of damage. There was already a small crack in it. That overwhelming sword’s consciousness plunged directly into his body and was wreaking havoc within him. As a control-system battle soul master, Su Mu’s body was far less forceful compared to an assault-system battle soul master. Now, he could only manage these attacks with his Soul King-ranked soul power. He somehow managed to compress the sword’s consciousness and wanted to expel it from his body. However, Ye Xinglan’s sword’s consciousness seemed to have substance. Everywhere it went, it brought with it a powerful destructive force. If he could calm his heart down, he could still fight this with his cultivation base. Then again, if he was facing the powerful Ye
Xinglan, how could he resolve his own problems on a firm footing?

Obviously, Ye Xinglan knew about the condition he was in. That was why she was standing there and gathering her energy for now. While she stored her energy, the negative effects on her body vanished. Her own aura
continued to increase at a tremendous rate.

Ye Xinglan learned energy storing from observing Xie Xie’s battle. Throughout the process of storing energy, she merged her imposing manner, sword’s consciousness, soul power and battle armor together.

Through the coordination between her battle armor and the star, she
absorbed external power to strengthen herself. Ye Xinglan, in her current condition, could instantly launch counterattacks the moment she was
confronted. For anyone facing her while she was in such a state, it would be better to attack her as soon as possible. If her opponent was too slow to do
so, they would most likely be facing a terrifying slash after the energy was gathered.

However, she had timed it precisely. When she had started storing energy, Su Mu was still battling with the sword’s consciousness she left inside his body. When he finally managed to suppress it somewhat after going through much trouble, the Stargod Sword in Ye Xinglan’s grasp was already a brilliant gold. The spots of starlight on her body vaguely formed a
constellation map. The terrifying force even seemed to distort the very air.

Su Mu’s expression changed drastically. He could feel that this impending slash would definitely not be weaker than the one which descended from the skies. With Ye Xinglan’s control over her Stargod Sword, this attack would most probably land on the same spot on his body. If that were the case, his battle armor would disintegrate instantly, possibly taking his body with it.

As a control-system battle soul master and the brains of the team, even though Su Mu was loath to do so, he had no choice but to admit that the
strength of this opponent was greater than his own. This was the first time in his life that he witnessed a sword’s consciousness as powerful as hers.

“I yield!” He spouted those words with slight difficulty.

The sword’s energy flashed once, as if it had been triggered. It then fired past Su Mu, shooting out for a hundred meters and before striking the soul barrier with a series of explosions.

The spot where Ye Xinglan stopped happened to be next to Su Mu. Even if the sword’s beam was not aimed at him, Su Mu could still feel chills traveling down his body. It was the sword’s consciousness which had plunged into his body some moments ago. It seemed to have been dragged along as it erupted instantly.

He grunted. Su Mu could not help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. He had been injured internally.

“You…” Su Mu growled.

Ye Xinglan simply ignored him. She returned the sword into her body, turned around and walked down the stage.

From the view of the spectators, after her opponent yielded, Ye Xinglan did not aim her attack at Su Mu. Only Su Mu himself knew that the remaining sword’s consciousness in his body had been affected by Ye Xinglan’s slash just now and had burst immediately. His veins were already injured. This
would inevitably affect his upcoming matches. He would never believe that the detonation of the sword’s consciousness was just a coincidence.

“The first match of the solo competition, victory goes to Shrek Academy.” The referee’s announcement had a hint of shock. This was a showdown between youths under the age of twenty! Young people nowadays were truly amazing.

The spectators’ stands were also buzzing with discussion. Although
everybody could have guessed that even if Monster Academy could defeat Shrek Academy, it would be highly improbable that they could defeat them completely. However, they lost in the very first match, quickly having to forfeit. This had shaken the audience quite a bit.

The strength of Shrek Academy’s contestant Ye Xinglan was truly incredible! This time, Su Mu did not withhold his battle armor. He had unleashed his battle armor the moment he stepped on stage, but he had still lost the match. Even the fusion of his five great soul skills under the
enhancement of his battle armor was unable to completely block Ye Xinglan’s slash. What kind of cultivation base was this?

When she returned to the waiting area, Ye Xinglan returned to her own seat. He coughed softly twice and took out a handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

Only Gu Yue who was beside her could see that Ye Xinglan’s handkerchief was stained by a spot of red.

Destruction Storm was not so easily endured. Her battle armor too did not completely filter out her opponent’s attack. She was also injured.

Xu Lizhi hastily handed her two Recovery Pork Buns. Ye Xinglan ate them quickly. If it was said that support-system soul masters were the best
companions in the battlefield, then, food type tool soul masters would be the best companions at any time. In terms of combat capabilities, they were not as powerful as support-system soul masters. However, in terms of
continuous enhancement, healing, and support, they had their own advantages.

Gu Yue shot Ye Xinglan a concerned gaze. Ye Xinglan shook her head lightly. Her lips twitched slightly as she projected her voice, “He’s more injured than I am. I’m okay.” Su Mu was undoubtedly very smart since he made the decision to yield
even though there was still a possibility of him launching a counterattack. However, if he did that, even if he did not die, he would have lost a layer of skin. He would definitely have been rendered unable to participate in the upcoming matches. He could not decipher Ye Xinglan’s condition back then. He could not determine if his final attack could ward off Ye Xinglan’s attack. That was why he chose to surrender. This was a team competition,
after all. The outcome of a single match might not determine the final results.

Ye Xinglan had barely sat down when Yuanen Yehui already stood up. She had been waiting too long for this match. In her heart, there were too many things which she would have liked to let loose explosively.

She clearly remembered the fellow who held a card at the doors of Shrek Academy’s cafeteria with the hopes of exchanging it for some money for food back then.

She also clearly remembered that fellow who had blocked her way because of Xie Xie.

She even remembered the fellow who defeated her over and over again on the competition stage, but had also given her a stronger will to fight every time.

‘He’s not here now, but we still are. He will definitely come back. We’ll welcome him with our victory.’

‘Captain, we’re waiting for your return!’

With great strides, Yuanen Yehui walked straight toward the competition stage.

On Monster Academy’s side, Tiger King Dai Yueyan stood up. He wore a grim expression as he walked toward the ring.

Su Mu’s injuries were not merely superficial, and he had taken some medicine. He sat down to focus his spirits and rest. As the Master-Control soul master of their team, Su Mu’s injuries would definitely affect the upcoming matches.

He was the closest to Su Mu, and Su Mu was injured after his two matches with Shrek Academy. The first match, where he had injured his tail, was
especially grievous. He was still bearing a grudge.

The second match of the solo competition was Yuanen Yehui versus Dai Yueyan.

Chapter 694 - Strong Against Strong

Chapter 694: Strong Against Strong

The two opponents ascended the stage at the same time. They did not meet each other during the solo competition. Thus, this was their first encounter on the competition stage.

There was a fire burning in their hearts. This was destined to be a fight between a dragon and a tiger 1 .
“The second match is about to begin. It’ll be Shrek Academy’s Yuanen Yehui against His Highness the fourth prince. Although Yuanen Yehui doesn’t have a complete set of one-word battle armor, she possesses the
core component of a battle armor. She’s able to unleash most of the powers of a battle armor. At the same time, she has a twin martial soul. Both her martial souls are extraordinarily powerful. According to our profile, her martial souls are the Titan Giant Ape and Fallen Angel. She possesses the two great attributes of strength and darkness. This will be a collision between two powerhouses. I wish them both a good fight.”

“Five, four, three, two, one, let the match begin!”

Unlike the previous match, when the commencement of the match was announced, Yuanen Yehui and Dai Yueyan charged toward each other.

They were both assault system Battle Soul Masters. They could unleash their most powerful combat strengths within a certain range. While Yuanen Yehui sprinted furiously, her body started swelling rapidly. Her first and third soul rings flickered. Titan Strength, and Diamond Titan.

When she ran, her feet hardly made any sound on the ground. With the transformation of her body, each stride took her further. Simultaneously, her feet made deep booming sounds when they landed on the ground as if a giant beast was on the rampage. Similarly, Dai Yueyan unleashed his first and third soul skills. White Tiger Protective Barrier, and White Tiger Diamond Transformation. His body did not swell as intensely as Yuanen Yehui’s, but he too turned extremely
strong. He flexed his pair of tiger claws and moved with a blinding speed.

The audience held their breath. Fang’er’s commentating had an urgent tone, “This will be a collision between assault and strength. The first contact between the two contestants will be crucial as it’ll reveal to us which of them has the upper hand in the realm familiar to both. Whoever loses ground after the first contact will face an uphill battle as the match progresses.”

At the same time she was commentating, the distance between the two
contestants had reduced drastically. Yuanen Yehui lowered her shoulder in an overbearing pose which bore the weight of her whole body as she
charged toward Dai Yueyan.

Just when everyone thought that this would be a clash between two titans, Dai Yueyan’s body suddenly turned illusory. He sidestepped Yuanen
Yehui’s head-on ram with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. At the same time, his pair of tiger claws swept toward Yuanen Yehui’s ribs at an angle from below.

A head-on collision of strength? Based upon appearances, it seemed that both were assault systems. Even though the White Tiger martial soul was strong, it could never compare with the Titan Giant Ape martial soul who was stronger. Dai Yueyan was sure of this, so he knew he should not be
careless just because his cultivation base was one ring higher than Yuanen Yehui. He should not underestimate anyone from Shrek Academy.

Yuanen Yehui’s ram missed. At this moment, she turned a half circle as her body quickly dodged Dai Yueyan’s claws.

Dai Yueyan’s speed was extraordinarily quick. He unleashed Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and entangled Yuanen Yehui like a phantom. His claws
aimed for her vital parts under the ribs. This was also partly due to the difference in their heights. A smaller stature meant that he was nimbler. In this respect, Dai Yueyan was confident in himself.

When Yuanen Yehui turned around, she raised her arms which exposed the vulnerable spots under her ribs. It was then that Dai Yueyan felt a sudden pull from a dragging force. His initially nimble body became sluggish
abruptly. When he moved closer to Yuanen Yehui, even his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was muddled.

As a direct disciple of Tang Sect, how could Dai Yueyan not recognize Tang Sect’s Technique of Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon? In reality, he had yet to learn this secret technique, but he knew its abilities quite well.

With Titan Giant Ape’s powerful strength and her vigorous soul power,
Yuanen Yehui fused Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon and her second
soul skill, Air Cannon, to create a strong controlling force over the air flow. Her arms were in an encircling position and a vortex seemed to appear before her arms. Dai Yueyan reeled from the pull of the vortex instantly.

Yuanen Yehui tried to grab Dai Yueyan’s shoulders with her hands.

Dai Yueyan was caught off guard as he barely managed to dodge Yuanen Yehui’s clutch. Displaying his formidable ability to adapt to changes, he responded swiftly by lifting his head, and a mouthful of White Tiger Intense Light Wave shot straight toward Yuanen Yehui’s face.

The two contestants were very close to each other. It was difficult for Dai Yueyan who had currently lost control to completely dodge Yuanen Yehui’s hands. Similarly, it was equally difficult for Yuanen Yehui to dodge his shot of White Tiger Intense Light Wave at such close proximity.

If one attacked the enemy’s strategic points, there would be retaliation inevitably. Dai Yueyan could not have made a better choice. If Yuanen Yehui wanted to dodge, it would be impossible for her to grab him.
Otherwise, she would be hit by the light beam. If she was hit by the White Tiger Intense Light Wave, how could she grab Dai Yueyan then? With his cultivation base, the attacking power of White Tiger Intense Light Wave had reached a potent level. Within a range of ten meters, even rare metals would be shattered instantly.

Yuanen Yehui’s course of action was so simple, it exceeded everyone’s
expectation. She opened her mouth wide and shouted, “Break!” A formless light shot out directly from her mouth in an explosive manner.

Upon contact, the White Tiger Intense Light Wave showed signs of
crumbling. Although it was still intact, its speed of attack slowed down tremendously. Yuanen Yehui tilted her head to dodge the White Tiger Intense Light Wave. As a result, one hand missed its target, but the other hand managed to grab Dai Yueyan’s shoulder.

A moment later, Dai Yueyan felt another immense force coming at him. He was jerked upward.

Without the slightest hesitation, the soul rings on both contestants’ bodies
shone at the same time. The one which shone on Dai Yueyan’s body was his fifth soul ring, White Tiger Demon God Transformation. His body enlarged and was strengthened swiftly. His attacks and defenses were reinforced at the same time.

On the other hand, Yuanen Yehui’s body shrunk instead with her arms becoming thick and burly. Her fourth soul ring shone brightly, Devil Titan.

“Boom!” Dai Yueyan was sent crashing mercilessly to the ground. The entire competition stage sounded an intense roar.

The spectators’ stand was immediately filled with exclamations of shock. There were many who worried for the fourth prince.

He was thrown to the ground, and a mass of white light erupted from Dai Yueyan’s body. Fourth soul skill, White Tiger Demonslaying Kill. If she did not let go, Yuanen Yehui would be pulled into the White Tiger
Demonslaying Kill. Yuanen Yehui retreated backward and rapidly put some distance between them. At the same time, she raised her fists. Under the exertion of her burly arms, she smashed her fists forcefully onto the ground.

“Boom!” Dai Yueyan unleashed White tiger Demonslaying Kill as he broke free from Yuanen Yehui’s grasp. After Yuanen Yehui hit the ground, his
entire body shook violently until he bounced off the ground. His body was currently in a mess.

Yuanen Yehui stomped on the ground with both feet. Like a cannonball, she charged toward his chest to ram him.

When Yuanen was under the influence of the Demon Titan, she was practically a wild machine filled with immense power.

Dai Yueyan’s body was in the air, and his heart was filled with dread. His opponent’s combat strength was exceedingly powerful. Also, the terrifying level of her powers did not seem to be inferior to Tang Wulin’s.

With his body in the air, the fourth prince showed his resolve. He did not make another attempt to dodge or counterattack. Instead, he quickly hugged his knees to curl his body into a ball and used his back to counter Yuanen Yehui’s tackle.

The force of her tackle was brutal. Dai Yueyan was sent flying like a cannonball. Nevertheless, the instant his body was hit, Yuanen Yehui
noticed something unusual. Dai Yueyan’s body was unstrained. He was floating lightly like a piece of straw. Despite the impact from the tackle which shook him, it did not have the effect that she intended.

His body shot across the air as Dai Yueyan stretched his limbs. Simultaneously, pieces of battle armor were flung out which reached for his body and then merged together.

Dai Yueyan reflected that he had incurred some serious losses after the
series of close-range combat. If this went on, he was worried that he would lose. He might not even have the chance to don his battle armor. The Titan Giant Ape martial soul completely suppressed his White Tiger martial soul. His opponent’s battle will was stronger than his, and it was
apparent that his opponent was more experienced in actual combat. Under
such circumstances, he must capitalize on his advantage if he wanted to turn this defeat into a victory. Compared to Yuanen Yehui, his biggest advantage was undoubtedly the complete set of one-word battle armor.

That was why he took the risk of enduring a tackle. With White Tiger
Demon God Transformation, he redirected the force of impact to shed it. While he kept his distance, he donned his battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui also unleashed her battle armor without hesitation. A layer of lustrous glow shone. Pieces of battle armor stuck to her body and
completely protected her upper body.

With the donning of their battle armors, the imposing techniques of both
contestants were strengthened instantly. Dai Yueyan’s feet had touched the ground. In the next moment, he rebounded back to where he came from.
This time, he was twice as agile as before.

Yuanen Yehui punched out with her right fist, precisely at his tiger claw. “Boom!”

Chapter 695 - The Gates of Hell

Chapter 695: The Gates of Hell

Both their bodies shot backward. The complete set of one-word battle
armor had closed the gap between their strengths. Yuanen Yehui no longer had much of an advantage in terms of strength.

Dai Yueyan’s body glittered. He advanced with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as his pair of tiger claws’ sharp blades danced in the air. He unleashed a heavy assault on Yuanen Yehui.

With her Demon Titan and her battle armor, Yuanen Yehui fought safely and steadily. She was as stable as Mount Tai. Her large hands unleashed
Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon as she tried her utmost to diminish her opponent’s agility advantage.

Dai Yueyan was disheartened when he was suppressed by her. Currently, he regained the upper hand after going through many challenges. His attacking form became more ferocious. Yuanen Yehui could not help but retreat
slowly. She was suppressed by him until she had difficulty breathing.

“His Highness the fourth prince has temporarily gained the upper hand with the advantage of his battle armor. He’s no longer inferior to his opponent in terms of strength. He even has the advantage of his tiger claws’ sharpness. If we look closely, we will notice that some parts of Yuanen Yehui’s battle armor have been marked by tiger claws. Under such circumstances, the
exhaustion of her soul power will be accelerated. His Highness the fourth prince’s cultivation base is over rank 50. Although Yuanen Yehui is a twin martial soul, she wouldn’t have any advantage in terms of her soul power.
The odds are in the fourth prince’s favor. What remains to be seen is
whether contestant Yuanen Yehui is able to utilize the advantage of her twin martial soul to turn the tides of battle as their match progresses.” Fang’er’s commentary was pertinent despite being biased toward His Highness the fourth prince. The audience finally sighed in relief. Previously, when they saw the fourth prince being slammed onto the ground, their hearts skipped a beat.

Although Yuanen Yehui was continually receding, she was not flustered in her retreat. Her gaze was determined as she waited for an opportunity to

“Boom!” A pair of tiger claws struck on Yuanen Yehui’s vambraces. She retreated after being shaken by the impact of the attack. There were ten more claw marks on her vambraces.

With the enhancement of his battle armor and the improvement from his three White Tiger Transformations, Dai Yueyan’s attacking power had reached a fearsome level.

Dai Yueyan let out a long roar from his mouth. His body shone brightly. He leaped in an attempt to unleash his White Tiger Demonslaying Kill for a final assault to end this battle.

At this moment, Yuanen Yehui’s body shrunk rapidly, and a pair of pitch black wings unfurled behind her.

Dai Yueyan snorted inwardly. ‘I’ve waited for you for a long time.’ He unleashed his White Tiger Demonslaying Kill all the same. However, the black and white lights which should have been concentrated were dispersed outward. Countless tiger claws covered the skies. This skill was a variation in the application of White Tiger Demonslaying Kill. The attack combined the attacking techniques of the royal family’s Hell Civet martial soul and
Hell Hundred Claws which made its attacking field larger.

After she transformed into the Fallen Angel, Yuanen Yehui’s agility undoubtedly increased greatly and she would be nimbler still. However, she encountered another problem. When her agility was raised, her defensive powers would be greatly diminished. She would be a far cry from when she possessed Diamond Titan and Demon Titan.

Dai Yueyan had launched an attack which covered a wide area to seal off Yuanen Yehui’s routes of evasion. He would not give her the opportunity to extend the distance between them to unleash her soul skills. As long as he kept a firm control over the battle, he could win the battle.

Faced with the sky-covering tiger claws, all possible evasion routes for Yuanen Yehui were sealed. After she had transformed into the Fallen Angel, she was no longer ferocious nor charming. The fourth soul ring on her body flashed, and a peculiar scene materialized. An ominous black gate appeared suddenly.

Yuanen Yehui was behind the black gate. The claws’ shadows fell onto the pitch-black gate and vanished into thin air.

Was this possible? What soul skill was this?

The young ones from Shrek Academy, not to mention Dai Yueyan, were
witnessing Yuanen Yehui unleashing her Fallen Angel martial soul’s fourth soul skill for the first time.

Usually, she used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She rarely used her Fallen Angel martial soul which was why she had never displayed this fourth martial soul of hers.

When he saw his own claw shadows being blocked by this strange black gate, Dai Yueyan instinctively retreated ten meters immediately.

The unknown attributes of a Soul Master’s soul skill were the most formidable. Soul skills were infinite in variety. It was only when one had witnessed its powers could one defend against it. Soul Masters were most powerful when they had obtained a new soul skill.

Out of prudent consideration, he chose the safer course of action.

Yuanen Yehui’s body flashed and she appeared at the side of the black gate. It was only now that everyone could clearly see that it was a dark purple gate. There were indistinguishable complex patterns above the gates, and they seemed to be shifting constantly. Moments later, a faint formless terror appeared as if the devil himself had opened his jaws and transformed into the gate. Shrill wails arose one after another from within the gate. Suddenly, a slender leg stepped out from inside. Its skin was fair while the leg was
slender and thin. A little later, a slender figure walked out from within.

She was wearing pitch-black leather clothes that covered her vital parts. Her long flowing hair was dark purple and fell elegantly behind her. She looked exactly like Yuanen Yehui. The only difference was that she had two bright red small horns on her forehead.

In the waiting area.

Yue Zhengyu suddenly sat upright in his seat. He said hysterically, “Hell’s Gates. I’m surprised that she has a soul skill like this. No wonder she doesn’t use it often.”

Xu Xiaoyan asked with shock, “Hell’s Gates? What is that?”

Yue Zhengyu said gruffly, “That’s a true demonic power. She can summon a demonized version of herself to aid her in battle. However, this soul skill involves another plane of existence. The demon’s power is not so easy to use. If her own will isn’t firm enough, she may put her own soul in peril if
she uses this soul skill frequently. She will assimilate into her demonized form and eventually turn into the demon’s avatar in the mortal realm.”

When he said this, his gaze turned intricate. According to his clan’s rules, he must immediately subdue a person who used such a soul skill. He must at least render the person’s cultivation base to naught to prevent any mishap that might arise after such a person was demonized.

All the Soul Masters who underwent demonization had powerful natural gifts. Once they were demonized, the improvement of their cultivation base would accelerate. They would most likely bring untold disasters. In this regard, they might be even more terrifying than the evil soul masters. It was said that the most powerful evil soul master would have inevitably gone through some degree of demonization.

Yuanen Yehui’s original Fallen Angel martial soul was better in a sense that she was still able to control it. Also, she was no evil Soul Master. However, with the appearance of Hell’s Gate, whether she could keep it under control aside, the evil soul master’s organization would spare no resources in
abducting her and coerce her into demonizing herself. They might even exploit her as a tool for their own gains.

Thus, there was a great potential for troubles to arise.

“Let’s wait until the match is over, then we’ll talk.” Gu Yue obviously picked up on the unspoken meaning of Yue Zhengyu’s words. She glanced at him, then spoke gravely.

On the competition stage, due to the appearance of another Yuanen Yehui, waves of incredulity swept through the audience. Even Fang’er could not help saying, “What soul skill is this? I’ve never seen this before. Another Yuanen Yehui has appeared. This is clearly not a clone type soul skill. I just don’t know how much this soul skill will increase her strength.”

Meanwhile, the battle on the competition stage was still ongoing. When he saw that there were now two opponents instead of one, Dai Yueyan felt
scared. However, the demonized double of Yuanen Yehui did not have any battle armor on.

Without hesitation, Dai Yueyan opened his mouth. A beam of White Tiger Intense Light Wave shot toward the demonized Yuanen Yehui. The demonized Yuanen Yehui smiled sweetly, a tantalizing smile that could mesmerize the masses. Even Dai Yueyan was a little stunned when he saw her smile. He cried out in his heart, ‘Such beauty!’

In the midst of demonized Yuanen Yehui’s gaze which was filled with bitterness, the White Tiger Intense Light Wave landed on her body. In an instant, her body erupted with a “Poof!”. She transformed into a mass of black smoke which then condensed as she regained her form in the next instant.

Chapter 696 - I Yield

Chapter 696: I Yield

Yuanen Yehui was also on the move. Her body flashed and she leaped into the air with the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands. She slashed the sword in Dai Yueyan’s direction, and a crescent-shaped purplish-black energy blade was instantly upon him.

Dai Yueyan swept his right Tiger Claw. The tips of his claw showed their abilities to their fullest extent as he blocked the attack of the Demon Shadow Sword. However, the demonized Yuanen Yehui vanished and reappeared in front of him. A purple soul ring rippled around her body.

Immediately, Dai Yueyan felt his body weakening. Even his battle armor did not block the effects of her soul skill.

This was the Weakness Curse!

Dai Yueyan spread his claws and slashed at her again, but Yuanen Yehui only smiled slightly and said with a gentle tone, “Can you do it?”

Her voice was sweet and moving. It sounded like stimulating music to his ears.

She had used the Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind!

Yuanen Yehui was already descending from the skies. While Dai Yueyan
was affected by the Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind, her body was increasing in size as she transformed into the Titan Giant Ape.

“Boom!” Dai Yueyan was sent flying by Yuanen Yehui’s single punch.

The Yuanen Yehui still had a beautiful smile on her face. She raised her right hand, and a Shadow Demon Sword appeared in her grip. If Hell’s Gates had such an enormous problem and the ability to possibly demonize its user, naturally it would have its own strengths as well. When Yuanen Yehui switched back to her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, her demonized self was not affected at all.

Given the that, Dai Yueyan’s situation had turned from facing one Yuanen Yehui to two Yuanen Yehuis, namely the Titan Giant Ape martial soul and a strengthened version of the Fallen Angel martial soul.

The demonized Yuanen Yehui possessed Fallen Angel’s soul skills just like her main body. In addition to that, she also had some demonic cursing
abilities. As he faced both of them at the same time, the tide of the battle immediately changed course.

Yuanen Yehui took one step forward. She charged toward Dai Yueyan with heavy footsteps, flapped her wings behind her and flew into the air. The Shadow Demon Sword in her hand was pointed toward hum. Dai Yueyan felt his heart tightened, and an intense sense of fear arose spontaneously
within him.

Still afflicted by the Weakness Curse, he was then struck by the Fear Curse.

Faced with both curses, his own strength was immediately weakened greatly.

The demonized Yuanen Yehui in midair slashed downward with the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands. However, unlike Yuanen Yehui’s original attack, her sword’s energy had turned into halos of light which wrapped themselves around Dai Yueyan’s body.

“Boom!” Yuanen Yehui charging head-on immediately sent Dai Yueyan flying with her tackle. In midair, she flapped her wings and caught up to his body as it flew upward.

“Be careful.” It was another dose of Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind.

Dai Yueyan, who had intended to break free of the shackles, froze immediately. The humongous form of Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape martial soul had already leaped brazenly. She grabbed Dai Yueyan’s ankle in midair and flung him downward. Then, she brought along her own heavy body and they fell from the sky.

The audience instinctively shut their eyes. With a bang, Yuanen Yehui mercilessly smashed Dai Yueyan onto the ground with the force of her own body.

Although he had the protection of his battle armor, the impact from this
smash still disoriented him. Shortly after, an intense pain shot throughout his entire body, and he could not help but convulse.

From the demonized Yuanen Yehui came the Pain Curse. It could intensify the pain experienced by the body of the afflicted by several folds.

Yuanen Yehui had no intention of letting him go. She lifted Dai Yueyan’s body with her hands and smashed him mercilessly into another spot on the ground. Then, she picked him up and smashed him back into the previous spot. His body was flung to the left and right by her, just like that. She was smashing His Highness, the fourth prince on the ground repeatedly like a gunnysack.

The booming sound was deafening. Dai Yueyan had clearly lost the ability to resist.

The audience stared with their mouths agape. Fang’er had also abruptly stopped her commentating.

“Stop, stop!” Four referees charged onto the stage at the same time. They sprinted in Yuanen Yehui’s direction.

Yuanen Yehui swung her right hand and flung Dai Yueyan outward. He crashed heavily onto the ground once again.

“I’m sorry, I lost control earlier,” said Yuanen Yehui drily.

When she said this, the entire coliseum went into an uproar. Her calm tone did not contain any element of losing her calm. There was nobody who could not see that she was deliberately taking revenge for Long Yue stomping on Tang Wulin.

Also, she had done this to His Highness, the fourth prince who was in line to be the crown prince! She had given them a loud slap, but nobody could find any fault in her actions based on the rules.

In the waiting area, the atmosphere had instantly turned grave on Monster Academy’s side. Even Long Yue’s gaze seemed to burn with a faint fire.

Naturally, Dai Yueyan was not as seriously injured as Tang Wulin the other day. However, the repeated heavy flinging of the Titan Giant Ape’s full force had shaken him so violently that blood was coming out of seven of his orifices. Fortunately, he had the protection of his battle armor or just one fling would have cost him his life.

The demonized Yuanen Yehui placed a hand on the Yuanen Yehui who had returned to her human form. She whispered something in her ear before turning around to go back into Hell’s Gates with nimble steps. The black light retracted and Hell’s Gates shut tight as it disappeared.

Yuanen Yehui’s expression instantly turned pale. Although her body swayed a little, she still managed to control herself. She went down the competition stage and returned to the waiting area.

In the waiting area, Yuanen Yehui took no notice of the unkind glances from the Monster Academy members. She received the Recovery Pork Buns Xu Lizhi passed to her and ate them.

Two — zero!

Monster Academy had lost two consecutive matches in the solo competition while Shrek Academy already obtained two cumulative points. They had
simply lost too tragically, especially in the second match. After being
attended to, Dai Yueyan only managed to return to the waiting area with the support of the staff. His body was still uncontrollably twitching slightly from the intense pain brought about by the Pain Curse a few moments ago. Although he was not too badly injured, they were slapped rather hard in their faces.

Long Yue slowly stood up, keeping the gleam in his eyes in check. Then, he walked outward with great strides.

The final match of the solo competition, and the captain of Monster
Academy’s team finally made his appearance. No matter what, Monster Academy could not lose any more matches.

As for Shrek Academy, Gu Yue did not stand up. She merely replied, “We’re changing our plans slightly.” Then, she uttered something in a
whisper. Smiles appeared on the faces of the others for the first time in so many days as a person stood up and strode toward the competition stage.

“Eh, this contestant is?” Fang’er finally regained her bearings. The commentating of the competition must go on!

The audience was also slightly stunned when they saw the contestant who walked out ofShrek Academy’s waiting area.

“Who is this person?”

“How is it that we don’t recall seeing him?” “Did he really join the competition?”
“I’ve just looked through the contestant information files. The name of this contestant is… Xu Lizhi from Shrek Academy’s squadron. He had participated in the team battles and paired competition before this but had given up on the competition for some unknown reason afterward. B-but, he seems to be a…”

Yes, the person who walked out from Shrek Academy’s waiting area was none other than the big, fleshy Xu Lizhi who always wore a silly smile on his face.

“He, he’s a food type tool soul master!” Fang’er’s voice changed slightly. When faced with Long Yue, Monster Academy’s strongest captain, Shrek Academy surprisingly sent a food type tool soul master? What was the meaning of this?

As everyone wondered about the matter, Xu Lizhi was already on the competition stage.

After Long Yue entered the protective barrier, he could no longer hear the commentary outside the barrier. He similarly could not recall any information on Xu Lizhi.

When he saw his smiling, big, and fleshy opponent, he could not help but frown.

‘Could it be that this person Shrek Academy sent out is their secret
weapon? Is he more powerful than the previous two? Is he the finale for the solo competition?’

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Let the match begin!”

The referee did not care about the identities of the contestants sent out by both sides. He still announced for the competition to be continued.

“Hold on.” The commencement of the match was just announced when Xu Lizhi suddenly raised his fleshy hand in Long Yue’s direction.

Long Yue did not even move from his spot. “What do you have to say?”

Xu Lizhi laughed naively and muttered to himself, “Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds.” A white large bun appeared on his palm. “Do you want a bun?”

Long Yue was stunned. ‘Eat a bun? What trickery was this?’

“You don’t?” Xu Lizhi answered his own question, “Very well then, I yield.” After he finished, he shoved the large bun in his hand into his mouth. He finished the bun in a few bites. Then, he turned around and leaped down the competition stage. ‘This… This… This…’

Long Yue was stunned. Fang’er was stunned. The higher-ups of Star Luo Empire were also stunned.

‘What situation was this? How did it turn out this way?’

‘He yielded? He yielded without even putting up a fight? This was the finals of the team competition, the strongest collision between the two academies.’

Also, under the condition where Shrek Academy had won the first two matches, they had surprisingly chosen to surrender in the third match.

No matter how dumb Long Yue was, he could still tell that the fatso who had just ascended the stage earlier was a food type tool soul master. What was the meaning of his opponents sending a food type tool soul master on stage? Were they insulting him on purpose?

Chapter 697 - Return of the Dragon King

Chapter 697: Return of the Dragon King

This was a simple act of utter shamelessness and a public slap in their faces!

After a brief period of silence, countless curses instantly erupted from the spectator stands. The tide of curses pressed toward Shrek Academy’s
waiting area like a volcanic roar or the seas’ tidal crash.

This was the Star Luo Empire. Yuanen Yehui had treated Dai Yueyan that way, and then there was the provocation from the food type tool soul master. This was simply unbearable.

On the platform, even the face of Dai Tianling, Star Luo Empire’s emperors face turned sour. However, he must display ample magnanimity at such moments as the emperor. After all, their captain had also been gravely
wounded in the previous match on Shrek Academy’s side. Now, when the other party exacted their revenge, was this not something normal?

Tang Bingyao was also watching today’s match on the platform. At that moment, he said to Dai Tianling with an apologetic expression, “Your Majesty, I am truly sorry. With the intention of training these children,
Shrek Academy did not assign any teachers to guide them throughout this competition. They had been acting on compulsion, I apologize to you on their behalf.”

Dai Tianling felt an urge to slap his smiling face. Was this an apology? This was them rejoicing in their misfortune. The fact of having no teachers guiding them was just an excuse, and he did not have a shred of apology in his tone.

“It’s alright, this is also a type of strategy.” The Star Luo Empire’s emperor would never voice his own emotions. Long Yue stood on the competition stage and did not go down. He raised his right hand and pointed coldly toward the people from Shrek Academy in the waiting area. Then, he curled his finger.

They’re yielding? You can yield for one match, but can you yield every single match?’

Gu Yue said to her companions, in a low voice with a calm expression, “Lizhi, we are still sending you up. Xiaoyan, you follow him, just keep yielding.”

It was two against two! It was too difficult for them if they wanted to defeat Long Yue and Dai Yun’er. According to Gu Yue’s strategy, she had never intended to fight against Long Yue during the two versus two from the very start. The final team battle was the crucial moment that would decide the outcome of this competition.

“Okay!” Xu Xiaoyan stood up. She smiled beautifully and said, “I love acting the most!”

Xu Lizhi smiled foolishly. “I’ll go up and eat another bun. Xiaoyan, do you want one?”

Xu Xiaoyan continued naturally and gracefully, “Why not? Give me one when we’re up there later.”

As they conversed, the two of them made their way outside.

At that moment, an enthusiastic voice sounded, “Why do we have to yield? Who says that we’ll definitely lose?”

When they heard these words, the group were astonished at first but shortly after, the expression of disbelief simultaneously appeared on everyone’s faces.

Gu Yue teleported on the spot, bringing with her a flash of silver light before she abruptly turned around.

The others jumped from their respective seats as fast as they could manage. He wore a dark green school uniform, and his hands were in his pockets. He smiled happily as he looked at his companions, blinking his big eyes at them as his long eyelashes twinkled. His face had a smile that was as warm as the glow of the sun.

“Is that… contestant Tang Wulin?” On the platform, Fang’er’s voice seemed to have been raised an octave higher in an instant, “Shrek
Academy’s contestant Tang Wulin has returned?” Yes, he has returned!
“Captain!” Xie Xie’s swiftly rushed toward Tang Wulin and gave him a big hug.

Xu Xiaoyan also rushed over quickly. “Captain, you’re alright. This is wonderful, truly wonderful!”

Although Ye Xinglan pressed her lips together, her gaze was no longer
calm. Her eyes shone brightly as if a dazzling sword’s tint was flickering.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui locked eyes and smiled at each other. They tightened their fists at the same time.

Xu Lizhi chuckled. “These few days when you’re not around, I’ve been eating less. I’ve even lost weight.”

Tang Wulin patted Xie Xie’s back. “Relax everyone, I am alright. Let’s finish this battle, then we’ll talk more.”

His gaze was directed towards Gu Yue at that moment.

Gu Yue’s gaze had remained steady. Watery mist enshrouded her eyes. She told herself continually to calm down. However, she still could not control her emotions.

Tang Wulin smiled at her. “I’m back.”

Gu Yue drew a deep breath and calmed herself. “You’re back, I’m returning the post of captain to you. You’ll call the shots for the upcoming matches.” Tang Wulin took two steps forward. He raised his hand and grabbed Gu Yue’s shoulder, “For the paired match, let us be the ones to fight.”

Gu Yue was stunned. “You can fight?”

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up suddenly. A vigorous aura suddenly burst forth from his body. The thick bloodline wave seemed to have substance, “Of course I can!”

On the competition stage, Long Yue was looking in their direction. His expression was grim, “how has Tang Wulin healed so swiftly?”

Dai Yun’er had already made her way up onto the competition stage. Her gaze was fixed on Tang Wulin. Her eyes were slightly dazed. ‘He’s alright, he’s alright! He’s come back!’

For some unknown reason, when she saw Tang Wulin, there was a feeling of relief from the heavy burden on her heart.

He had finally returned!

Gu Yue glanced at Tang Wulin beside her, the watery mist in her eyes dispersed. In its place was a determined and stubborn stare. A formless imposing manner burst forth from her body. It complemented the aura released from Tang Wulin’s body, and the two auras augmented each other. Although they were far away from the competition stage, Long Yue could still feel it plainly. His expression turned grim.

“Contestant Tang Wulin has returned, have his wounds healed already? Judging by his looks, he seems to intend to represent Shrek Academy’s squadron in the paired battle? The person fighting alongside him… I’ve
checked the name list, and it should be their contestant Gu Yue. Before this, she had only participated in the paired competition. Her martial soul
seemed to be a certain element but because she hasn’t used it much, we have very limited information on her. The opponents they’ll be facing are contestants Long Yue, and Her Highness, princess Dai Yun’er. Although this two versus two match cannot determine the final outcome of the
competition, it can still decide which contestant will be able to proceed to the final team battle round with an advantage. Let us wait eagerly. I hope that Shrek Academy’s side will not choose to surrender again. If that were to happen, it would deal a great blow to their morale.”

Within Fang’er’s series of commentary, her voice was noticeably filled with surprise.

Obviously, before Tang Wulin’s return, the ones who were supposed to fight in the duo match were not him and Gu Yue. Instead, they were supposed to be Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan who already stood up. Due to the fact that Xu Lizhi was a food type tool soul master, their intention to forfeit the match
was as clear as daylight. They would surrender in the two-against-two, and then give it everything in the final team battle. Although Fang’er still thought that they did not stand a chance, it was truly the best choice they
could have made, as their odds would be relatively higher. However, now that Tang Wulin has returned, everything seemed different now.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue walked shoulder to shoulder, toward the
competition stage. He whispered something in Gu Yue’s ear and he nodded in return. Her gaze was no longer dry. Instead, it had a fighting determination that she had never expressed before.

The two of them waited to go up the competition stage. Gu Yue’s black hair was neatly tied into a ponytail behind her head. A faint smile emerged on Tang Wulin’s handsome face. He seemed to no longer mind about being gravely injured by Long Yue in their last battle.

“Brother Long, so we meet again.” Tang Wulin waved at Long Yue.

“The outcome will not change. I see you’ve recovered quickly,” Long Yue said coldly

Tang Wulin smiled subtly. “That’s the only virtue I have, I’m the cockroach you can’t get rid of. Brother Long, you won’t have your way today.”

Long Yue’s expression froze. What did he mean? Dai Yun’er beside him looked at Tang Wulin, then she looked at Long Yue. This unruly princess had for once, kept her mouth shut. She realized that she was not, even slightly, interested in the outcome of this match.

“Both sides, get ready. The two-against-two paired competition begins in five, four, three, two, one, start!”

The referee looked at both sides, then he announced the commencement of the match.

On the platform, the leader of Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps, Tang Bingyao, straightened his back instinctively. Tang Wulin has returned, this was certainly a good thing. However, could he defeat Long Yue? Whether they win or lose, it would not be regarded that Shrek Academy had truly lost. Nevertheless, they could produce a miracle…

Dai Tianling’s current expression was a peculiar one. The other day, he had personally witnessed the degree of injuries Long Yue had inflicted upon
Tang Wulin. This had happened in just ten days! Has he recovered already? Has he recovered appropriately?

On the competition stage

The moment the referee announced that the match had started, Tang Wulin took great strides and charged in Long Yue’s direction. He seemed to be unaffected by the loss in his previous match. As he charged, his body glimmered with golden light as golden soul rings rose from under his feet.

Long Yue’s eyes immediately bulged.

One, two, three, three rings? The number of golden soul rings on his body had increased to three! In the short span of ten days, not only did he recuperate, but he had obtained a third soul ring as well.

Chapter 698 - Tang Wulin Wants to Kill Someone?

Chapter 698: Tang Wulin Wants to Kill Someone?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Chapter 696 Tang Wulin Wants to Kill Someone?

“Have you truly made up your mind?” Old Tang looked at Tang Wulin sternly.

“Yes, Old Tang. I’ve made up my mind. If I don’t fight this time, I feel that I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. Although this will make my future
cultivation more difficult, I won’t regret it. After learning the method of opening up my Eight Extraordinary Meridians, I’ve already opened up two Meridians, and my soul power has increased a lot. Also, it seems that my body’s strength has also improved because of Teacher Mu Ye’s potion. In addition, there are the needed heaven and earth treasures you mentioned.
So, I do stand a chance.”

Old Tang sighed, “A man must leave other things undone if he wants to get some things done. Since you’ve already made your decision, just do it.
However, this is the only time I’ll allow you to do this. There’ll be no next time. I’ll do my best to shorten the time needed for the last few seals.”


Old Tang said in a low voice, “As long as you can open up all the Extraordinary Eight Meridians in the next five years and connect the
Heaven and Earth Bridge, you’ll basically not be in any danger within the first nine layers of seals. Nevertheless, you must remember you cannot
slack off because the seals after the ninth layer will be your biggest
challenge. Every layer of seal thereafter will be a matter of life and death.”

… Yes, three circles. Three full circles of golden soul rings appeared on Tang Wulin’s body. Even he was unwilling to recall the process. The only thing he remembered was this was his most painful experience of breaking through the Golden Dragon King seals.

Shortly after he unsealed the fifth layer’s seal, he immediately unsealed the sixth layer. The burden it had placed on his body had exceeded his
expectations. The burden was so excruciating that he almost exhausted his energy. Together with the support of Old Tang and Teacher Mu Ye’s
external forces, he managed to successfully assimilate it. That gave rise to the third golden soul ring on his body.

The sixth layer’s seal was unsealed, and the third soul ring appeared. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline aura was instantaneously raised to the next level.

The first person to bear the brunt was Long Yue who suffered the most intense experience.

His bloodline was trembling. The light halo given off by the three circles of soul rings seemed to generate an immense pressure on him.

Long Yue frowned slightly. He felt, for the first time, that Tang Wulin who stood opposite him was a serious threat. This menace came from his bloodline, even more so from his growth.

After being gravely wounded, he had healed and grown with blinding speed instead. They both had a cultivation base of four rings, but Tang Wulin’s overall strength had improved tremendously. Before, he had lost in terms of strength. Currently, he would undoubtedly have improved on his combat

Although Long Yue did not think that the current Tang Wulin could pose much of a threat to him, there was no telling what would happen in the future. If an opponent who possessed a dragon type bloodline more powerful than Long Yue’s was given five or ten years to grow, perhaps Long Yue would be overtaken by such an opponent. Sure enough, Tang Wulin was very powerful!

Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King martial soul was stirred up immediately. His body suddenly swelled up. Dai Yun’er who stood beside him quickly took two steps backward. She utilized her own martial soul. When her Hell Civet martial soul was unleashed, her eyes lit up as well.

Through spiritual detection, she was shocked to discover that Tang Wulin was currently like a blazing golden flame. The thickness of the bloodline aura on his body suppressed her skill so much that she could not detect the level at which his bloodline flowed within his body.

‘He has gotten stronger. Could that fatal injury have improved his cultivation base instead?’

At this moment, Tang Wulin was already upon Long Yue. He spread his arms sideways, and a pair of giant hammers appeared impressively.

When he last fought Long Yue, he had used these giant hammers, which
could only be used by mechas, with his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer to suppress Long Yue until he lost to him in terms of strength. This time, he
employed the same tactics. He raised both hammers and swung them mercilessly at Long Yue.

The double pointed lance appeared in Long Yue’s right hand. He moved swiftly, and the lance turned into two beams of light. He tapped Tang Wulin’s pair of giant hammers with the light beams.

“Ding! Ding!” Two crisp rings were heard. Tang Wulin descended from the skies as his forward charge was halted. Surprisingly, Long Yue took two
steps backward.

From the collision alone, it was enough to reveal Tang Wulin’s growth. His strength was stronger than when he fought Long Yue the last time. Even
without the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, he was no longer inferior to Long Yue. Golden dragon scales covered his entire body whereby he had unleashed his Golden Dragon Body a while back. Tang Wulin swept horizontally with both hammers as he aimed for Long Yue’s waist.

On the other side, Dai Yun’er moved in an arc. She went past Tang Wulin and Long Yue in front of her. With the Hell Civet’s agility, she sprinted toward Gu Yue.

Gu Yue did not rush forward with Tang Wulin. Instead, she remained where she stood. Seemingly, she had not even unleashed her martial soul. It was as if this match was irrelevant to her.

Regarding Gu Yue’s strength, Monster Academy had carried out some basic assessment. Their judgment of her was that she was either a long-range
attacker or a control system battle soul master.

The battle in which she displayed an outstanding performance was when she fought Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi with Tang Wulin. In the two-on-two
match, with her exceptional control over space and the elements, she forced Hua Lantang into losing the match without even donning his battle armor.

That was why Dai Yun’er went straight for Gu Yue the moment the match began. She did not intend to get involved in the battle between Tang Wulin and Long Yue. She knew her limitations which would not enable her to join in a battle of that level.

However, if she could defeat Tang Wulin’s partner, her objective would have been achieved.

In no time, she had rushed within fifty meters of Gu Yue. A glow flashed on her eyes, and a beam of spiritual assault was unleashed. She knew that Gu Yue had the Spatial Retreat skill. Hence, she had it planned beforehand. She would control Gu Yue through her spiritual assault to prevent her from unleashing her Spatial Retreat skill. For a soul master such as her, once she got close to her opponent, with her Hell Civet martial soul and the
assessment of her opponent using her spiritual detection, she would definitely be able to defeat her opponent within a short span of time. She unleashed her spiritual assault. However, Gu Yue was looking at Dai Yun’er with a calm gaze. Dai Yun’er suddenly felt her spiritual power being swallowed by a huge whirlpool within the ocean. Seemingly, she was pulled deep within the vortex.

With a muffled grunt, Dai Yun’er who had been charging toward Gu Yue at a blinding speed suddenly staggered. Her body lost its balance and she fell straight onto the ground.

Silver light flashed and a figure appeared beside Dai Yun’er. The figure lifted its right hand which had clenched her throat. Dai Yun’er was hanging in the air.

All these happened in the blink of an eye. The first bout between Tang Wulin and Long Yue had just ended while the battle between Gu Yue and Dai Yun’er had already ended.

Dai Yun’er fell under Gu Yue’s control.

“My god! What’s this? Why did Her Highness the princess’s body suddenly lose control causing her to fall into the hands of her opponent?” Even Fang’er did not comprehend what she saw but the outcome was plain as day. Dai Yun’er had barely shown herself when she was captured by Gu Yue.

Silver light flashed again, and Tang Wulin vanished into thin air. When he reappeared, he was already beside Gu Yue.

The double pointed lance in Long Yue’s hand hit at nothing. When he saw that Dai Yun’er had fallen into the hands of their opponents, he was

Although Dai Yun’er had a cultivation base of four rings, she was a twin martial soul. She was richly endowed with natural gifts such as her Spirit Eye martial soul. Also, she had the Hell Civet martial soul which was an inheritance from the royal family. Her two great martial souls were not inferior to an ordinary Soul King ranked expert. Specifically, it was Dai Yun’er who had been captured shortly after making her appearance in front of her opponents. This was truly unbelievable!

“Don’t move or I’ll show her no mercy.” Tang Wulin stared fiercely at Long Yue. A cold intent to kill burst forth from his eyes which were gradually
showing a faint tinge of red. The pair of hammers in his hands disappeared, and he extended his Golden Dragon Claws. The sharp tips of his claws were placed on Dai Yun’er’s head.

Everyone knew that, with the sharpness of his Golden Dragon Claws, if he wanted Dai Yun’er’s life, all he had to do was to lightly tap her head, and everything would have ended.

Chapter 699 - Tricked

Chapter 699: Tricked

“Long Yue, do you remember what you did to me the other day? If I kill Her Highness the princess today, I wonder how much of a responsibility you will have to bear.”

“Don’t you dare!” Long Yue glared and shouted. Shock and anger were in his eyes.

Tang Wulin laughed. He almost seemed insane. “Don’t I dare? When you were stomping on me back then, did you ever consider this? I’m someone who has died once. What is it that I dare not do? I’ll make you die with regret to return the favor of your stomps.”

As he talked, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws suddenly shone brightly. “No!”
On the platform, Star Luo Empire’s emperor, Dai Tianling stood up the instant Tang Wulin delivered his threat. His face was full of fright.
President En Ci moved swiftly and charged onto the competition stage. The four referees had charged toward Tang Wulin at the same time. However, nobody dared to get too close. No matter how powerful their cultivation bases were, under such close range, they could not stop Tang Wulin from killing Dai Yun’er.

Tang Wulin smiled unexpectedly, an exceptionally brilliant smile. He lowered his right Golden Dragon Claw and shrugged. “Thank you for your cooperation. The match has ended, four to one.”

As he spoke, he raised his right arm. He turned around and waved at the spectators’ stand. Long Yue was stunned. Dai Yun’er whose face was pale and ghastly had shut her eyes. She was equally stunned. President En Ci and the four referees who had charged onto the competition stage were all dumbfounded.

What had just happened?

‘We were tricked!’ En Ci cursed in his heart.

Everyone was frightened by Tang Wulin’s fierce looks that were filled with a killing intent just now. Dai Yun’er was the Empire’s princess! She was the apple of Dai Tianling’s eye whom he cherished the most.

In addition, everyone remembered how badly Tang Wulin was beaten up by Long Yue the other day. Imagining themselves beaten to that extent, what would they do?

So, when Tang Wulin said that he wanted to kill Her Highness the princess, almost everyone believed it to be true. This was the most satisfying revenge he could get. This was a competition where life or death did not matter. If he truly killed her, nobody could fault him for committing the act.

It was sensible for the referees to charge onto the stage. After all, they were the ones to keep the competition in order. However, President En Ci, as an outsider, had broken the rules of the competition when he charged onto the stage. Although Long Yue did not utter the word to surrender, the match had ended without a doubt.

Gu Yue loosened her grip on Dai Yun’er’s neck. Dai Yun’er gasped forcefully.

Tang Wulin smiled and said politely, “I’m sorry Your Highness. I hope we have not frightened you, have we? How can I bring myself to crush a flower? That’s not what a gentleman would do. Again, I apologize.” As he said this, he turned around and descended the competition stage with Gu Yue.

“Tang! Wu! Lin!” Long Yue released a furious howl through gritted teeth. Tang Wulin retracted his smile and looked at him coldly as he said, “See you in the team battle.” Immediately after, he leaped down the competition stage.

President En Ci descended from the sky and landed on the competition
stage. He sighed inwardly, ‘I’m truly flustered whenever I concern myself with them.’

At that moment, even if he was a terrific expert, he must care for the princess’s life. All things considered, Tang Wulin’s grudge came from being gravely injured by his disciple. If the princess had died as a result, Long Yue would then be accountable.

However, when he was being outsmarted by a young man, how could he not feel angry?

Long Yue’s breathing had become heavier. He looked at Tang Wulin’s departure. The double pointed lance in his hands trembled slightly as he tightened his grip.

Four to one!

This outcome could not be changed. The party that broke the rules would be regarded as forfeiting the match. With Star Luo Continent’s citizens as
witnesses, even the emperor Dai Tianling could not alter the outcome.

On the platform, Tang Bingyao’s brows were tightly knitted together. He said angrily, “This Tang Wulin, what’s he doing? How can he do that?
Don’t worry Your Majesty, I’ll ensure that he gets a good scolding later. As one of the representatives of the Federation, how can he compete with such tactics? He’s truly gone too far.”

Dai Tianling shot him a glance and thought inwardly, ‘That’s enough, stop your acting. You can hardly hold back that smile on your face.’

In fact, even Dai Tianling himself wanted to laugh. Tang Wulin had them confounded. In the previous match, he had fought with his all might narrowly escaping death as he defended Shrek’s honor. However, in the match just now, did he use such tactics because he knew that he was no match for Long Yue?

Regardless of the reason, this young man was outstanding. From this perspective, when his own daughter had fallen for him at first sight, it reflected that his daughter had a sharp eye. At the age of fifteen, he was
already exceptional. Thus, given the room for growth, it would be anyone’s guess as to his potential. At the very least, he would not be inferior to Long Yue.

As the emperor, he had a generous heart. His daughter was not injured, hence, his magnanimity in not harboring any ill feelings. Instead, he had
some peculiar thoughts. The expression on his face was a little odd, but he nodded toward Tang Bingyao acknowledging that he heard him. Then, he returned his gaze to the competition stage.

After the solo competition and paired competition ended, both teams had half an hour to rest and recoup themselves. After all, the contestants who were going to participate in the final team battle had participated in the
earlier matches. Only when they were given some rest could they unleash their most powerful combat strength in the final match.

“Captain, you’re so bad.” Xie Xie laughed loudly as he welcomed the return of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. Tang Wulin chuckled, “How was I bad? This is called tactics, don’t you understand?”

Xie Xie smiled. “I do and I like it.”

Tang Wulin said with a straight face, “We’ve obtained the overall victory in the solo and paired competitions, but, the final battle will be the battle that determines the final outcome.”

The team battle was worth four points. So long as Monster Academy wins the final match, they could turn their defeat into a victory and end up the overall victor.

Even if that were the case, Shrek Academy’s representative team could still be proud of themselves. However, Tang Wulin did not want to lose. Nor did the team members from Shrek Academy. They had worked hard for so long, and this was their golden opportunity.

“We’ll let you devise our strategy, captain,” Yuanen Yehui said in a low voice. She rarely addressed Tang Wulin as the captain. In her heart, she had carried some dissatisfaction all along. Nonetheless, she had called out ‘captain’ with heartfelt admiration.

Tang Wulin said in a hushed tone, “Long Yue is extremely difficult to handle, but we must still give it a shot. Gu Yue and I should be able to stall him for some time if we work together. During this time, I need you guys to defeat the other members on his team. Dai Yueyan has suffered some
serious injuries in his battle with Yuanen Yehui just now, so his combat strength will be greatly diminished. It’s the same for Su Mu. Xinglan, how’re you feeling?”

Ye Xinglan muttered, “I’m alright.”

Tang Wulin said, “Alright, in the team battle later, I need you guys to defeat the other members in the shortest time possible. Then, we’ll fight Long Yue with all our might. Leave Long Yue to Gu Yue and me at the beginning. As for the others, we’ll see how everyone turns out. Lizhi, you’ll stay in the
waiting area.”

They numbered eight in total. As a food type tool soul master, Xu Lizhi had given much help to his comrades before the competition despite not joining in the battle.

Xu Lizhi nodded and said softly, “Shall I make some buns for you guys to take along?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. Everybody, let’s eat first. Eat as many Recovery Pork Buns as you can to regain your strengths. We must win impressively and with dignity in the competition. We’ll not eat any buns during the match.”

The others nodded. Tang Wulin’s return had raised everyone’s battle fervor to their peaks. They had never been filled with this much confidence in facing their next battle.

Tang Wulin removed a bracelet from his wrist and passed it to Yuanen Yehui.

“Captain, what’re you doing? She’s mine.” Xie Xie was astonished. He quickly planted himself before Yuanen Yehui.

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. Yuanen Yehui raised her hand and pulled Xie Xie to the side. “Go away.”

She received the bracelet from Tang Wulin and wore it on her wrist. She nodded toward Tang Wulin.

Xie Xie complained with grief and indignation, “Captain, how can you be like this? You’ve always minded your own business. How am I going to live after this?”

Tang Wulin pointed at his own head, “Where’s your brain?”

“Tsk!” Xu Xiaoyan could not suppress her laughter as she stood at the side. “You’re so dumb. Captain was giving Yuanen a weapon.”

Xie Xie was embarassed, but he was not dumb. Nonetheless, he was flustered because he cared for Yuanen Yehui. Upon hearing what Xiaoyan had said, he understood immediately. It was a sudden enlightenment. “The pair of hammers?”

Tang Wulin said pointedly, “What else?”

“Cough! Cough! Captain, I misunderstood. I’d thought that…”

Yuanen Yehui’s delicate face blushed. She grabbed his neck and flung him to the side. Sometimes, she really wanted to beat this guy to death!

Chapter 700 - Shut Up

Chapter 700: Shut Up

Yue Zhengyu sighed, “Class monitor, how did you make this joker attracted to you? Which part of you does he like? You better hurry up and have it

Yuanen Yehui looked at him with keen sparkling eyes. “Shut up, you.”

“Yes, shut up you!” Xie Xie chimed in when he saw a shift in the situation. “You shut up as well!” Yuanen Yehui glared at him fiercely.
“Yes, ma’am!” Xie Xie shut his mouth immediately. He even made an action of pulling a zip across his mouth.

“Alright, prepare yourselves, everyone.” Tang Wulin pulled Xie Xie over and made him sit on the chair beside him.

Xu Lizhi handed everyone the Recovery Pork Buns, especially Yuanen
Yehui and Ye Xinglan who had just fought grueling matches. After they ate the buns, everyone closed their eyes and meditated to improve their

On the other side, the atmosphere had turned grim for Monster Academy.

“I’m sorry Brother Long Yue. It’s all my fault.” The little princess lowered her head.

Long Yue ruffled her hair. “I don’t blame you. That guy’s crafty. No matter how sly he may be, we’ll definitely win the final battle. The final victory will be ours. Yueyan, can you fight?” His gaze was upon Dai Yueyan. Dai Yueyan nodded. “I’m alright.” After recuperating, his condition improved somewhat. However, the damaged parts of his battle armor could not be mended quickly. The blood essence in his body surged. Currently, he had at most sixty or seventy percent of his combat strength.

Long Yue nodded and said, “Alright, Yun’er stays here. We’ll be fighting later. Be on your toes, everyone. Tang Wulin has another soul ring, and we don’t know what its effect is. In the fight later, leave him to me. I’ll do my best to suppress him. You guys get rid of the others as soon as possible.
Yun’er, what happened to you just now? How could Gu Yue capture you so easily?”

Dai Yun’er frowned slightly and said, “I’m not entirely sure myself. What I can be sure of is her spiritual power is stronger than mine. That’s why my
spiritual assault’s effects backfired on me when I directed it at her, and I was captured by her. Her spiritual power is extremely powerful.”

When the others heard this, their expressions changed slightly. Shadow
King Teng Teng could not restrain himself from speaking, “Shrek Academy is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers! To have a spiritual power
superior to Yun’er’s, it’s truly unbelievable.”

Dai Yun’er’s second martial soul was a spiritual attribute. She was only fifteen years old, but her spiritual power had entered the Spirit Sea realm reaching two thousand five hundred or more which is unparalleled among her peers. Despite that, she was saying Gu Yue’s spiritual power was above hers. How powerful could Gu Yue be?

“Be careful, everyone. Lin San, you’re to take care of Gu Yue the moment the match starts. You mustn’t let her unleash her abilities. Her peculiar
spatial-attribute skills must be crucial to the overall strategy of Shrek
Academy’s squad. I think her non-participation in the previous matches was arranged intentionally by Shrek Academy as a contingency plan.”

Wind King Lin San nodded. “Okay, leave it to me.”

Long Yue said, “Everyone must work together. After the battle starts, put on your battle armors as soon as possible. We mustn’t leave any opening for Shrek Academy, and we’ll try to defeat our opponents in the shortest time possible. You guys don’t have to worry about me. I’ll try hard to control my emotions.”

“Yes, captain.”

Currently, Dai Yueyan was shocked. Ever since he knew Long Yue and the formation of the team, it was his first experience of seeing Long Yue having such a high regard for his opponent.

Obviously, if they wanted to win the team battle, it would not be as easy as what Long Yue had said.

Thirty minutes went by in the blink of an eye.

“I invite the contestants from both teams to be on the stage for the final team battle,” came the referee’s voice.

The central partition board in the waiting area separating the two teams was lowered slowly. The two teams could now see each other.

Tang Wulin and Long Yue looked at each other almost simultaneously. Their gazes collided. A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. Long Yue smiled as well, but it was not a warm smile. It was a smile that was tinged with madness.

Long Yue was never one to be influenced by others. It was the same for this match. He must win regardless of who his opponent was.

Representing Monster Academy were the captain, Dragon King Long Yue, and the team members, Tiger King Dai Yueyan, Fox King Su Mu, Wind
King Lin San, Wolf King Hua Lantang, Pagoda King Ye Zhi, and Shadow King Teng Teng.

On the other hand, Shrek Academy was represented by their captain, Tang Wulin, together with the team members: Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen
Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. Seven against seven, it was a team battle. The citizens of Star Luo Empire had never been more anxious about a team battle as the present one.

Everyone was keen to watch the coming team battle which would be interesting, to say the least.

From the previous matches, it was evident that in terms of personal
strength, Monster Academy did not possess much of an advantage with the exception of Long Yue. This was despite the fact that their team members had superior cultivation bases.

Hence, a rational person would conclude that other than Long Yue, the students of Shrek Academy were actually of a higher quality.

Star Luo Empire had always put an emphasis on solo competitions whereas team battles were considered less important. Individual heroism was more popular in the circle of Star Luo Empire’s soul masters.

Everyone’s opinion was that Monster Academy’s team led by Long Yue would emerge victoriously. However, after the outcome of the previous two-on-two match, the audience was skeptical. Would the Shrek squad come up with some ingenious battle tactics this time?

What if they could not turn their strength advantage into a victory?

In the minds of the people, they each had differing opinions. Albeit, the one thing they had in common was that they expected this match to be no less than captivating.

Fang’er was in high spirits. She spoke quickly, “The final team battle is
about to begin. The team members from both sides are already on the stage. This match will be a full-blown showdown. It’ll be a battle that will test the overall strengths of both academies. I wish, in advance, for both parties to be able to unleash their own strengths. Next, I’ll be doing some simple
analyses for everyone’s benefit.”

“On Monster Academy’s side, the captain Long Yue is the most powerful among them. He possesses the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. Other than the issue of possibly losing control over his emotions, as an expert ranked Soul Emperor, he has a huge advantage. He’s also an assault system battle soul master. Apart from him, His Highness the fourth prince and Hua Lantang are also assault system battle soul masters. In addition, there’s the agility system battle soul masters Lin San and Teng Teng. They’ll make a powerful combination. Their master-control soul master is Su Mu who is
able to weaken his opponents in all aspects. He also possesses a certain level of combat abilities. Contestant Su Mu is very adept in managing the entire battle. Contestant Ye Zhi with the title Pagoda King possesses the strongest tool martial soul, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. With her
cultivation base, the enhancement the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda has on her teammates will be immense. If Shrek Academy cannot overcome this enhancement, it will be difficult for them to win this match.”

“On Shrek Academy’s side, the captain Tang Wulin is an assault system battle soul master. The three contestants Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu are also assault system battle soul masters. Contestant Gu Yue is a battle soul master who has controlling abilities and long-range attacking skills. Contestant Xu Xiaoyan is a control system battle soul master. Last but not least, contestant Xie Xie is an agility system battle soul master. In other words, their team comprises four assaults, one agility, and two

“Judging by the conditions of the team members from both teams, Monster Academy’s combination has an edge. A support system soul master has a very important role to play in a team. After all, they enable their team to fight longer and unleash greater strengths. The support system soul master on Shrek Academy’s side is a food type, but he’ll not participate in this final battle. With such a combination, they can gain a slight advantage for a short time. Otherwise, the longer the fight drags on, the more exhausted they’ll be and eventually, they’ll be defeated.”

“Of course, everything I’ve said is just a paper analysis. As for how things will turn out, it’s a different matter altogether. It all comes down to one
critical factor in a team battle. Coordination. We’ll see how both parties can coordinate among their own teams to obtain victory. The match will begin
shortly. Meanwhile, let’s rest our eyes and wait.”
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