The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 671-680

Chapter 671 - The True Essence of Agility

Chapter 671: The True Essence of Agility

At the moment, the muscles on Tang Wulin’s face started twitching as well. What sort of theory was this? Tang Wulin hastily walked out of the waiting area to ensure that his mood was unaffected by Xie Xie. He walked out toward the competition stage with the entire crowd cheering for Dai Yueyan.

Dai Yueyan also tried to contain himself as he walked out of the waiting area.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuanen Yehui could not help standing. She raised her hands and strangled Xie Xie. Who would have known that this guy would spread out his arms and hugged Yuanen Yehui?

“I understand now, I understand now, I have finally understood!” Xie Xie did not feign his excitement.

Yuanen Yehui was trying to struggle free from his involuntary hold. She could smell blood on Xie Xie’s body due to the close contact. Finally, she resisted the urge to struggle when she thought of all the wounds on his body. She burst out, “Let go of me.”

Xie Xie paid no attention to her. “Yuanen, I understand now, I have truly understood. I indulged in freedom and sloppiness during the earlier phase. I refused to cultivate diligently, and that was why I didn’t manage to develop my agility system’s potential. However, ever since I was triggered by your response, I began working hard. I worked diligently in an attempt to catch up with you so I could be worthy of you. I improved tremendously during that period, and I became more confident in myself. It was fine until just before we departed, I faced a bottleneck, not the bottleneck of soul power
cultivation, but an agility-type soul master’s bottleneck. I was feeling like I had lost my direction. Even though I was still cultivating painstakingly, but my skill, speed and also my comprehension of the agility system were not improving.”

“It was not until the battle earlier that I finally understood. The reason why I had reached such a bottleneck was because the bowstring in my heart was too tight. The secret of the agility system is its freedom. If one is incapable of fusing oneself into the freedom element, then it’s impossible for one to
completely control agility. Hence, I understand that I don’t need to suppress myself anymore. I’ll release my heart. I’ll certainly become stronger, and I’ll certainly make myself worthy of you…”

His voice was growing weaker. By the end of his rant, his body was already leaning onto Yuanen Yehui. He had fallen unconscious.

His weight was not an issue for Yuanen Yehui due to her cultivation base.
However, she was standing there sluggishly as she held onto him. She could sense the profound obsession in his heart, and also his persistence. ‘So all this is for me?’

A peculiar radiance flashed past Yuanen Yehui’s eyes and vanished. She
supported Xie Xie gingerly back to the sofa and left him asleep on the sofa.

His bodily functions were normal, only that he was too exhausted. He needed time to rest and recuperate.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan had walked up to the competition stage together. The clamor from the stands was silenced with the closing of the protective shield.

Tang Wulin rubbed his ear and looked at Dai Yueyan. He cracked into a smile and revealed his mouthful of pearly whites. “A little noise huh.”

The two contestants were hundreds of meters apart. Yet, his voice clearly echoed in Dai Yueyan’s ears.

Dai Yueyan looked at him with a burning gaze. He appeared unusually focused. He was not going to be caught off guard when facing Tang Wulin, nor would he allow himself to make any mistake. The victory of this match was of utmost importance. He would not consider Tang Wulin’s age. Currently, Tang Wulin was equal in his eyes.

On the contrary, Tang Wulin appeared relaxed and unfettered as compared to him. His arms shook a few times at his sides. Following that, he took a deep breath. He seemed to be enlarging during the inhalation as if a hibernating giant dragon was slowly waking up. The mighty fluctuation of his blood essence could be clearly felt by Dai Yueyan who was a few hundred meters away.

He was aware that Shrek Academy’s captain had an extremely powerful bloodline through his peers’ experiences in fighting Tang Wulin. He had suppressed Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Sima Xian in succession.

Tang Wulin’s bloodline power could possibly exceed his own but it didn’t matter.

“Three, two, one. Begin!” Since both parties were well prepared, the referee announced the commencement of this great battle.

A faint immortal glow was shining on Tang Wulin’s face. The golden scales and a pair of Golden Dragon Claws later appeared. His height was
extending upward with popping sounds coming from his spine. His entire body seemed to have been completely stretched out.

He was completely immersed in his blood essence power’s sensation at the moment. The sensation was overwhelming. The blood essence in his body was surging while the thick Golden Dragon King’s aura was vaguely felt in his body. The Golden Dragon King energy that came along with the breakthrough of the seal fused perfectly with his soul power. A faint golden color layered his skin even where there were no scales. There was a faint dragon-shaped illusion that shimmered behind his body.

Two golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Tang Wulin took a giant stride forward and dashed straight toward Dai Yueyan. His first soul ring glowed and the Golden Dragon Body was released. Golden scales
covered his entire body in a split second followed by his pair of eyes which turned into a dazzling golden color. He had improved once again! Yuanen Yehui, who was sitting on the sofa watching the battle, had such a thought.

Tang Wulin’s power was elevated in the consecutive matches. It was still the Golden Dragon Body yet his force was different as compared to its past. Perhaps, his soul power’s elevation was the slowest among his comrades, but he was the fastest in overall power elevation among them.

When she first met Tang Wulin initially, his power was inferior to hers. She did not even regard him as a worthy opponent. Yet, he often created miracles each time he faced formidable enemies. The higher the stress, the stronger his body became.

This battle meant a lot to Star Luo Empire. It was similarly meaningful to Shrek Academy and even the entire Douluo Continent alliance.

If Tang Wulin was capable of defeating the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, it would be considered an achievement to be proud of even if he failed to become the final champion. Due to the fact that he was fighting on the opponent’s home turf and their age difference, he was in an invincible position and was far less stressful than Dai Yueyan.

In the Number Two box, other than Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong, there were also seven to eight Douluo Continent diplomatic corps’ representatives who were seated. All of them had a solemn demeanor.

They had not paid much attention initially when Shrek Academy participated in the competition. A few of the prominent representatives were even performing exchange activities elsewhere.

Along the way, Shrek Academy suffered from having to bear the brunt of the spectators’ jeers and rants. But, they were also achieving better results. These diplomatic corps’ higher ranking officers who represented the
Douluo Continent began paying attention to the competition as well.

It could be said that they were unprepared for the Continental Young High-
Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. Otherwise, they would not be sending Tang Wulin and the other fifteen-year-old children to compete. They would see to it that Shrek Academy brought over some twenty-year- old powerhouses instead to ensure their victory.

Thus, they did not value the competition’s results as much, but what they valued more was whether the competing students from Shrek Academy could fight valiantly for the alliance.

In fact, they were satisfied that three students from Shrek Academy had managed to enter the final sixteen. They were five years younger than the other contestants yet they managed to be part of the final sixteen. Such results were good enough to gain merit for them in the diplomatic corps’ trip.

They had watched today’s match as well. Even though Xie Xie lost, Yuanen Yehui had entered the final eight. This was considered a good result. If Tang Wulin was capable of defeating the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, also known as Star Luo Empire’s crown prince, then this would be a monumental strike to Star Luo Empire. It would have a positive influence on the exchange between Douluo Continent and Star Luo Continent in the future.

“Elder Cai, what do you think of the win percentage for Tang Wulin in this match?” Tang Bingyao, the leader of the diplomatic corps who is the deputy president of the Federation’s Parliament, asked Elder Cai who was standing next to him.

Outwardly, Tang Bingyao did not seem to play an important role in the diplomatic corps. But, in reality, only the higher ranking officials in the inner circle knew that every action of the diplomatic corps must be reported to the deputy president. Thus, he was the real leader but only a few people were aware of this.

Elder Cai shook his head. “It’s not easy to evaluate this contestant. He does not have an advantage just by judging his power. However, he is frequently capable of creating miracles. He is quite a monster at Shrek too. He was not qualified to enter the academy initially, yet he made his way to be the
captain of his squad. He relied on hard work and an indomitable spirit. I’m looking forward to this match as well. Let’s see how this match turns out.” Wu Zhangkong was standing nearer to the back. His gaze was burning as he watched the giant screen on his side. The screen allowed him to see more details than watching the competition arena through the box’s glass.

Chapter 672 - Complete Collision

Chapter 672: Complete Collision

He had told Tang Wulin and the rest that he would guide them when they
entered the latter stage of the competition. Even so, he had been stopped by Elder Cai. That was the reason why he had not been by his students’ side all along. The experience was agonizing for him. He wished that he could join his disciples at this exact moment!

‘Tang Wulin, all the best!’

Wu Zhangkong’s expression remained icy cold, but his gaze was scorching hot. It burned like fire!

Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan were both dashing toward each other. As Tang Wulin released the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, the first soul ring underneath Dai Yueyan’s feet was already glowing and emerged as a shield of white light. At the same time, his head of golden hair rapidly turned
white, and fur was growing out from his body. His body swelled up as his muscles bulged.

His martial soul was the White Tiger!

His pupils now had a tinge of gold in them. Three purple and two black soul rings arose from underneath his feet. His entire body was radiating a powerful aura. His cultivation base at the rank of Soul King and his soul rings that were far beyond the standard signified that he was the best of this younger generation. Other than Long Yue, with his extraordinary martial
soul, he might as well be the best.

The Star Luo Empire had always revered individual martial power. This was one of the main reasons why he had reached a position of eminence among the many princes. He had a calm mind while also possessing great martial power. Thus, Dai Tianling had very high expectations for him. The distance between the two opponents rapidly closed. They could not
compare to agility-type soul masters, as they were different from the agility system, such that every step they took, the force on their bodies increased
exponentially. When they were about to collide, it felt like two mountains were about to smash into one another.

“Boom!” Two figures collided forcefully in a burst of gold and white light.

Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws were up against Dai Yueyan’s pair of Tiger Claws. Their soul powers and strengths intertwined at once. The violent collision sent out a shockwave like a storm wind around their bodies.

After both of them had released their martial souls and bloodline power, their figures appeared almost the same. The Golden Dragon Claws and the Tiger Claws seemed to be of the same size. One was covered in scales
while the other was overgrown with hairs.

At the moment the two sides made contact, their bodies were sent flying backward. Much to everyone’s surprise, they appeared to be equally matched.

With a flash of his eyes, Tang Wulin regained his momentum immediately after he had stumbled, and he pounced straight for Dai Yueyan. His feet
were stepping the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as he swiftly slashed at Dai Yueyan’s head and chest with his Golden Dragon Claws.

This was not a soul skill, but a skillful attack.

Unusually, Dai Yueyan had not used any soul skills either. His pair of Tiger Claws were continuously slashing as he fought with Tang Wulin.

Gushes of blasts were blooming outward from the spot where they collided. Despite Tang Wulin’s cultivation base being inferior to Dai Yueyan’s, no one managed to gain the upper hand as they clashed. They were equally matched. Dai Yueyan’s soul power actually ranked fifty-four, yet he was unable to overwhelm this opponent.

Dai Yueyan was getting more concerned as he fought. Coming from Monster Academy, he was certainly not lacking in battle experience.
Additionally, he was very confident of his own strength, and he was an assault-type soul master. His White Tiger martial soul was not only
powerful on its own, strength was one of its specialties as well. Besides, his cultivation base was much higher than Tang Wulin’s. The difference between soul power at rank-54 and that just above rank-40 was not a small matter. Indeed, it was more than double!

But despite the circumstances, Dai Yueyan still could not subdue Tang Wulin. Not only was Tang Wulin tough and valiant, with his strength and soul power combined he was not Dai Yueyan’s inferior. Dai Yueyan was even more troubled by his pair of Golden Dragon Claws.

His right Golden Dragon Claw smashed while his left Golden Dragon Claw tore. These two special effects were vividly revealed during their fight at

Tang Wulin was launching the Tang Sect Technique of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Catching Hand, while in rhythm with the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon method.

Tang Wulin was similarly slightly surprised to find that Dai Yueyan was
skilled in the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as well. He was also trained in the Mysterious Jade Hands. Thus, his pair of Tiger Claws were unusually rigid. There was no way Tang Wulin could injure him when his Tiger Claws clashed with Tang Wulin’s own Golden Dragon Claws.

How could everyone from Monster Academy become Tang Sect disciples? Technically, they could even be considered from the same sect and clan.
Tang Wulin was dumbfounded, but this was still his favorite fighting method. Both of them were not using soul skills, but they were looking for an opening. It also revealed both sides were confident as neither of them feared a sudden decisive maneuver that would result in victory for their opponent. The fight lasted for a few minutes before Dai Yueyan started feeling uneasy. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws were too powerful. It was difficult for him to resist even with the Mysterious Jade Hands and his own Tiger
Claws. Moreover, Tang Wulin’s strength seemed to grow as he fought. Dai Yueyan was not skilled in the Catching Hand and he had yet to learn about the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. On the other hand, Tang Wulin was utilizing the rhythm of these two skills to fight, so he was even more adept at close-quarter combat than Dai Yueyan.

He could not allow this to go on anymore! Dai Yueyan made the decision at once.
“Watch out!” he shouted aloud while the second soul ring on his body glowed. A stream of white light blasted out and headed straight for Tang Wulin’s face.

This was Dai Yueyan’s second soul skill, the White Tiger Intense Light Wave!

Dai Yueyan was frank and straightforward. He had even intentionally
warned Tang Wulin before he launched his soul skill. The two parties were so close together that it would have been very difficult for Tang Wulin to dodge the energy blasted out from his mouth if he had not warned him.

Tang Wulin raised his right Golden Dragon Claw and covered his face. The White Tiger Intense Light Wave exploded and blew him away.

This was the disparity between soul powers. The two parties distanced themselves once again. Tang Wulin felt his entire body shudder. The force of the White Tiger Intense Light Wave was incredibly powerful. Even though his right Golden Dragon Claw’s durability was great, the impact still left his arm numb. He was astonished.

The third soul ring on Dai Yueyan’s body shimmered, and his body grew one head taller. The black and white hair covering his whole body took on a golden hue. Golden light was even beaming from his eyes. The rough form
of the Chinese character ‘王’ appeared on his forehead. It was his third soul skill, the White Tiger Diamond Transformation!

This was different from the previous members of Monster Academy’s
Heavenly Kings he had encountered. Tang Wulin could tell that Dai Yueyan was righteous and honorable. He did not have a but he was fighting on his own strength without relying on any tricks!

Under the effects of the White Tiger Diamond Transformation, Dai Yueyan’s momentum increased exponentially with every step as he dashed straight for Tang Wulin.

An undying radiance shimmered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He inhaled a deep breath as the two golden soul rings underneath his feet suddenly changed. Three purple and one black soul ring appeared.

Since the opponent was using a soul skill, of course, he would use a soul skill to counter it.

Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees and spread outward from his body. The soul masters’ world had universally
acknowledged that the control system could resist the assault system.

Tang Wulin released the Bluesilver Emperor at the right time when he was fighting Dai Yueyan. He did not intend to conceal his power in this battle. He wished to win any match that he could and fought with all his might in this stage of the competition.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines were as thick as his arms. Every blade was shimmering a translucent blue with faint golden veins inside them. The vines spread out swiftly like blue dragons.

With one wave of his arms, a three-meter-long golden blade emerged from each of Dai Yueyan’s Tiger Claws.

Without even a glance at the coiling vines, he slashed at them with his Tiger Claws.

Chapter 673 - Overlord Dragon Bloodline?

Chapter 673: Overlord Dragon Bloodline?

However, what shocked him was when his tiger claws hit the Bluesilver Emperor, the claws only managed to leave some marks on them. He could not sever them at one go. This far exceeded his expectations. His initial
expectation was his tiger’s sharp claws should have been the most effective against these vine-type martial souls. He should have been able to slash them with ease.

Tang Wulin moved backward quickly. As he retreated, a large amount of Bluesilver Emperor converged toward Dai Yueyan ceaselessly. He did not use his higher ranking soul skills. He had just used the intertwining
Bluesilver Emperor to obstruct Dai Yueyan’s advancement.

After the Bluesilver Grass evolved into Bluesilver Emperor, it was no longer the good-for-nothing martial soul it was before. Each and every blade of the Bluesilver Emperor contained formidable strength. Not only could they wind around something to bind them, but some frontal parts of the Bluesilver Emperor that were unseen could also turn sharp suddenly. Like sharp spikes, they aimed for Dai Yueyan’s blind spots.

For some time, Dai Yueyan had undergone improvements contributed by his two great soul skills of White Tiger Protective Barrier and White Tiger Diamond Transformation. But, he still moved as if he had stepped into a muddy swamp. He found it difficult to move fast.

Nonetheless, Dai Yueyan took his time. The gleam in his eyes was still filled with confidence. He brandished his pair of tiger claws and hacked away ceaselessly at the Bluesilver Emperor. At the same time, he walked toward Tang Wulin with steady footsteps. He occasionally opened his
mouth to spit out a beam of White Tiger Intense Light Wave to limit Tang Wulin’s retreat. The speed of this match could not be compared with the previous matches. Both contestants were steadfast and strong. They were so unwavering that even the common folk audience could clearly see what was happening on the competition stage.

In the waiting area, the other contestants were greatly shocked when they saw that even Dai Yueyan’s tiger claws could not sever Tang Wulin’s
Bluesilver Emperor. All the while, they had thought that the covering of his whole body in golden scales was Tang Wulin’s greatest battle strength.
They had not expected his martial soul to be just as powerful.

Tang Wulin moved backward slowly. He made a detour as he continuously activated his Bluesilver Emperor’s first soul skill, Bind. He was biding his time. Both contestants were waiting for their respective opportunities. They were waiting for the optimum moment to unleash their explosive powers.

Up until now, Dai Yueyan had not unleashed his fourth and fifth soul skill yet. He had not even utilized his battle armor. Once he wore his battle
armor, he would be formidable.

Dai Yueyan’s spirits were calm and he was as steady as a lofty mountain. He was constantly assessing Tang Wulin’s abilities amidst the exchange of blows with Tang Wulin.

His biggest advantage was that his cultivation base was superior compared to Tang Wulin’s. He was also trained in the Tang Sect Secret Technique, the Mysterious Heaven Method. In terms of the richness of soul power, he was not inferior to Tang Wulin. He was definitely well equipped to fight a dragged-out battle. Although he was using two soul skills simultaneously, he believed that if he continued to wear him down, Tang Wulin would not be able to restrain himself and would make the first move to fight with all his might.

However, at this moment, whoever lost his cool would be signing his own death warrant.

It was exactly because both contestants knew this that neither of them made the move to attack first. They only made contact and collided with each other continuously as both were looking for the appropriate opportunity.

The match seemed a little slow, but only those with sharp eyes could see that such a battle was interesting to watch. Every little detail required some deliberation.

Considering Dai Yueyan’s footsteps were steady, he managed to fend off most of the Bluesilver Emperor’s attacks. His pair of tiger claws danced wildly in front protecting him from the attacks. He hit forcefully at the Bluesilver Emperor so that they could not close in on him.

On Tang Wulin’s side, he kept waving his arms non-stop. He controlled the Bluesilver Emperor to bind his opponent as if he was weaving strands of
silk. His eyes were slightly squinted as he constantly sought for the best opportunity.

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes had passed. This match had gone on for a full fifteen minutes. The time taken had already exceeded those of the previous matches. Even the match where both contestants suffered losses
was not as tedious as this match.

Just when everyone thought that the competition would continue to drag on, a huge light ring suddenly appeared on the ground. This light ring circled both Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan within it. The third soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body finally lit up.

Dai Yueyan’s brows were raised slightly. His pair of tiger claws suddenly moved faster. Concurrently, he charged forward in great strides. Although he did not know Tang Wulin’s soul skill, it was apparent that his soul skill would only be effective within the light ring. He would be fine as long as he was outside the range of the light ring.

Spots of starlight appeared and quickly spread all over his arms. On his left and right forearms, hands, upper arms, and shoulders, pieces of golden
armor made their appearance. The dark golden pattern spread and the imposing disposition of Tang Wulin was felt ominously. He had unleashed his own battle armor directly. Simultaneously, a sonorous dragon’s roar burst forth from his body.

When he heard the dragon’s roar, Dai Yueyan paused for a second.

He felt what Su Mu had felt when faced with Tang Wulin. Amidst the dragon’s roar, he felt he had lost control of the bloodline within his body for an instant. His heartbeat quickened suddenly. The flow of his soul power
was also messed up, and he was trembling.

Dai Yueyan yelled. At this point, he would not hold back anymore. The fifth soul ring on his body shone brightly. A beam of bi-colored black and white light rose from under his feet and instantly covered his entire body.
At the same instant, a giant tiger’s silhouette appeared behind him. His hairs returned to the colors of black and white, but this time, his whole body
swelled up. His height reached a full three meters. His pair of gigantic
claws were as long as six feet. His body exuded a terrifying hellish aura. His hairs were as clear and translucent as crystals.

White Tiger Demon God Transformation! Fifth soul skill.

This was the strongest form of the White Tiger martial soul. Under the
enhancement of the three great soul skills of White Tiger Protective Barrier, White Tiger Diamond Transformation, and White Tiger Demon God Transformation, Dai Yueyan had reached a terrifying level.

Back then, even when he was facing Long Yue, with these three great soul skills, he could hold his ground for some time.

After he unleashed White Tiger Demon God Transformation, he waved his tiger claws. The Bluesilver Emperor was shredded to pieces. He leaped and seemed as if he was about to charge out from within the light circle.

At this very moment, a dragon’s roar which was filled with a wild aura sounded. Behind Tang Wulin, a giant silhouette appeared. It was a huge
dragon head. Its eyes were blood red. It burst forth with an exceptionally terrifying aura. It opened its huge jaws and roared wildly at Dai Yueyan. Dai Yueyan felt as if a great ship had rammed into him head-on. His body dropped from the sky. As he was falling, he saw that the vines that were initially only as thick as an arm were now thicker than a thigh. The
Bluesilver Emperor vines burst forth with a dark blue glow. Their inner skeleton deep inside took on a dark golden color.

Bluesilver Overlord Transformation! ‘You’re not the only one who knows how to transform, I know that trick as well!’

When the match reached this point, it was highly intense. It was so intense that the speed at which Fang’er commentated had dramatically increased as well.

“Pay attention everyone. Currently, contestant Dai Yueyan had just unleashed his most powerful enhancing soul skill. Usually, a Soul Master wouldn’t have more than two soul skills to enhance his body, but the White Tiger martial soul is an exception. Because of the royal family’s
restrictions, I can’t delve into the details. But, what everyone needs to know is this. Under the enhancement of the three great soul skills, the strength,
agility, and destructive powers of the White Tiger martial soul have reached an exceedingly terrifying level. Everyone, look, Tang Wulin’s vines can no longer hold him back. Ah… Wait, look closely everyone, Tang Wulin has unleashed his fourth soul skill. What’s that gigantic dragon head? Is this a kind of soul beast? Why can’t I seem to recall the existence of such a soul beast?”

When Fang’er saw the giant dragon head of the Overlord Dragon, she was quite astonished. She could not recall ever coming across such a dragonkind! After all, the Overlord Dragon was a terrifying huge beast that only existed in primordial times, and had become extinct very early on. On Star Luo Continent, such a dragon-type soul beast had never existed before.

When everyone saw the giant dragon head, they were in awe of its size. It was not only Fang’er, but even Long Yue could not help but sit up straight.

‘What was that? What dragon was that?’ Long Yue racked his brains for an answer. Unlike Fang’er, being the most outstanding student of Monster Academy, he had access to all the resources that the academy could offer. He had even read a few secret documents and books.

“Overlord Dragon!” Long Yue’s eyes flashed. He finally understood something, albeit vaguely.

“You’re saying that the bloodline within his body is an Overlord Dragon bloodline?” asked Lin San who was beside him.

Long Yue nodded and said, “It’s highly plausible. Although the Overlord Dragon is an Elemental Dragon, he personally possessed the Golden
Dragon King’s bloodline. According to legend, the Golden Dragon King is a part of the ancient dragon gods. So, the Overlord Dragon can’t be treated as an ordinary Elemental Dragon. There aren’t that many true dragons
which are stronger than it. That explains a lot.”

The appearance of the giant dragon head of the Overlord Dragon seemed to have misled everybody one way or another.

Chapter 674 - Tiger King Battle Armor

Chapter 674: Tiger King Battle Armor

“Contestant Tang Wulin’s martial soul has become stronger with the unleashing of his fourth soul skill. What a thick vine! It looks to be a rank more powerful than before. Contestant Dai Yueyan couldn’t charge out of that light ring. The vines also rose within the light ring, and they look
stronger too.”

Circles of blue rings rose from under his feet. Bluesilver Golden Array was Tang Wulin’s third soul skill. In truth, this soul skill’s greatest strength was Elemental Stripping. It had a powerful restraining effect on every elemental attribute. It also has the ability to bind the opponent.

If it were under normal circumstances, the Bluesilver Golden Array could not constrain Dai Yueyan. After all, its constraining ability was dependent on the Bluesilver Grass’s Bind and puncturing ability.

However, under the improvement brought about by the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, the powers of the Bluesilver Golden Array were more formidable than before. Dai Yueyan’s body was bound in no time and he
was forcibly pulled onto the ground.

Dai Yueyan kept his cool although he was shocked. At the critical moment, the fourth soul ring on Dai Yueyan’s body shone brightly. His body
suddenly curled up. Then, beams of black and white light burst forth from his body.

The beams of light flickered in the air. They brought with them incomparable destructive power. Under the improvements brought by the three superb support soul skills, the force of this fourth soul skill, White Tiger Demonslaying Kill was raised to the hilt. He finally managed to cut through those thick Bluesilver Emperors.
However, it was also at this very moment when blades of Bluesilver Grass punctured him from the ground.

Bluesilver Impaling Array, second soul skill!

Since his controlling skills had taken effect, he followed up with a series of control skills. Currently, Tang Wulin had already leaped into the air. Under the enhancement of his battle armor, he slashed at Dai Yueyan with his pair of Golden Dragon Claws.

The Bluesilver Impaling Array would not be able to restrain Dai Yueyan for long. However, an instant was all he needed, an instant was sufficient.

Then, out of the blue, Dai Yueyan’s body shattered and exploded into a puff of black and white smoke. The Bluesillver Impaling Array had punctured a little tiger which had an illusory body. The moment it was punctured, it instantly became transparent.

Meanwhile, Dai Yueyan himself had appeared more than ten meters away! He took a few light steps and charged out of the range of the Bluesilver
Golden Array.

A faint smile appeared on his face. “Since you’ve unleashed your ability, I’ll do my best to respond.”

Beams of light shot out from his body, which curled upward. A clean, white armor with black patterns fell on his body. Not a moment later, it merged
with his body.

From the looks of the colors, his battle armor was similar to Xie Xie’s, but they were thicker and heavier. The pauldrons on his shoulders were in the
shape of two tiger heads. The battle armor covered his entire body including his face.

One-word Battle Armor! Tiger! Tiger was the name Dai Yueyan gave to his battle armor. In fact, all the previous one-word Battle Armor Masters who possessed the White Tiger martial soul gave their battle armors the same name.

With the battle armor on his body, the aura on Dai Yueyan increased rapidly. Under the influence of the White Tiger Demon God Transformation, pieces of white metal merged upward from the base of his six-foot long tiger claws. The metals clamped themselves around the base of each claw. The tiger claws emitted a layer of dark golden glow. His body turned transparent as if it was made of crystal.

Tang Wulin who had leaped into the air was still targeting Dai Yueyan. It was as if he had not seen Dai Yueyan’s transformation. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws slashed downward.

Dai Yueyan’s expression changed. He yelled loudly, “You dare!”

The front of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws shone brightly with golden light. He grabbed the black and white bi-colored little tiger and
closed his claws forcefully to squash it. The little tiger turned into spots of light as it dispersed in the air.

Dai Yueyan grunted. The aura on his body changed immediately.

“When two armies are facing each other in all readiness, what is it that I dare not do?” Tang Wulin dropped within the Bluesilver Golden Array. He looked at his opponent with keen sparkling eyes. “All this would’ve been dealt with if you had utilized your battle armor sooner.”

Dai Yueyan drew a deep breath and tried to keep his calm. He knew that once he got angry, he would fall into the trap of this sly young fellow. He remembered very well how Dai Yun’er had lost.

His body flashed. Dai Yueyan sprinted ferociously toward the Bluesilver Golden Array. With the protection of his battle armor, these vines could be easily deposed in his eyes. Tang Wulin just stood within the Bluesilver Golden Array. Blades of Bluesilver Emperors which had undergone Bluesilver Overlord Transformation poked out of the ground continuously as they tried to impede Dai Yueyan’s advancing footsteps.

Under the enhancement of his battle armor, the power of Dai Yueyan’s pair of sharp claws was tremendously powerful. The Bluesilver Emperors were all shattered as he pressed on ardently.

Even the Bluesilver Golden Array could not stop him a fraction of an inch. The present Dai Yueyan was at the peak of his prime. Making his way forward was a piece of cake as he was almost upon Tang Wulin.

“I’m afraid that this match is coming to an end.” There was a hint of relief in Fang’er’s commentary. Tang Wulin had been defending quite well from the previous collision. He managed to hold off Dai Yueyan for awhile and finally made him use his battle armor. This alone was enough for him to take pride in. However, there was no question about the outcome of the match.

With his battle armor, Dai Yueyan’s strength, agility, and attacking powers overwhelmed Tang Wulin. Even Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor could not stop his advance. There was a marked difference in their ranks.

The two opponents moved closer to each other. Dai Yueyan’s right tiger
claw swept out in the air. Five streaks of dazzling light blades shot straight toward Tang Wulin’s chest.

Surprisingly, Tang Wulin did not dodge, nor did he attempt to block it. The scales on his body turned glaringly bright.

“Ding!” Amidst the sharp sound, the golden dragon scales flashed
energetically with light. Tang Wulin’s own aura suddenly increased. Simultaneously, among the Bluesilver Emperor vines, a golden vine shot toward the sky and wrapped itself around Dai Yueyan.

Dai Yueyan waved his tiger claws instinctively and wanted to slice it open. Strangely, when the tiger claw hit the vine, despite a golden light being given off, it did not sever the vine. Instead, a surge of retaliatory force came and Dai Yueyan’s forward charging momentum was forcibly stopped.

Shortly after, the giant dragon head which had appeared before reappeared. It gave off another deafening growl.

The bloodline suppression was not as effective as it usually was in the face of a battle armor. Although Dai Yueyan still felt his blood essence boil, at least, he recovered in half the normal time.

Currently, the spectator stands of Star Luo Coliseum was in an uproar.

They saw with fright when the golden vine wrapped itself around Dai Yueyan while the giant dragon head roared furiously at Dai Yueyan. Tang Wulin stretched his arms outward. A moment later, two big objects, which made everyone’s eyes pop out, appeared in Tang Wulin’s grasp.

In spite of his battle armor, Golden Dragon Claws, and Tang Wulin’s godly strength, when these two big objects appeared in his hands, his body sank slightly.

“My heavens! What are those?”

What were those? Those were a pair of giant hammers. They were the terrifying giant weapons of a black mecha.

A dazzling golden light burst forth from the giant hammers. The resounding dragon’s roar caused lines of dragon patterns to spread out on the giant hammers. That was the energy from Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Tang Wulin brazenly swung the left hammer. He drew an arc from the lower left direction and shot straight toward Dai Yueyan.

Although Dai Yueyan had blocked the dragon’s roar with his battle armor, his spirit was flustered for a moment. In addition to that, he was struggling with Goldsong’s bind. Thus, he lost focus momentarily.

When that giant hammer came flying toward him, Goldsong retracted
without warning. The struggling Dai Yueyan lost control of his body and fell head-on toward the incoming giant hammer. How big was the giant hammer?

Chapter 675 - The Soaring Giant Hammers

Chapter 675: The Soaring Giant Hammers

Each hammer was as long as five meters, and the diameters of their hammerheads were two meters. They were not hollow but rock solid.

Why was Tang Wulin reluctant to sell them? This pair of giant hammers were made from rare metals, and they were solid to boot. The enormous weight and the number of rare metals used were definitely the largest
among all the mecha weapons he had ever seen. Moreover, he was born with godly strength, and he liked heavy weapons the most. Even when he sold the mecha, he was unwilling to sell this pair of giant hammers.

When he faced different opponents, he had corresponding countermeasure tactics ready. Once he knew Dai Yueyan’s martial soul was the White Tiger, he had thought of the counter tactic to apply.

With Dai Yueyan’s cultivation base, the possibility of not having him don his battle armor was low. Then, what made Tang Wulin confident that he could defeat him after Dai Yueyan had donned his battle armor?

Since he erupted with power just now, Tang Wulin had actually begun
setting the trap for Dai Yueyan. He had only one objective, and that was to make Dai Yueyan think that he was already doing his best or at his wits’

When one had the upper hand, one would have a higher tendency to slip even for just a little bit. As for Dai Yueyan, with his absolute strength and
the support of his battle armor, he had no reason to think why he could not defeat Tang Wulin.

Under such circumstances, he would be careless, more so when Tang Wulin had shattered his spirit soul which needed some time to recover. It was a blow to Dai Yueyan. No matter how hard he tried to suppress his anger, he remained angry.

Under the influence of various factors, and with the activation of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Super Armor, Dai Yueyan fell right into his trap.

“Boom!” The force of the giant hammers was truly incredible. These giant hammers were more than two thousand five hundred kilograms each.
Added to Tang Wulin’s extraordinary strength, and complemented by
Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, the combined energy of their forces would inflict untold damage on their target.

Back then, even the black mecha itself had difficulties handling the attacks of these giant hammers. Before Soul Masters reached the rank of Title
Douluo, they were still considered as humans.

By the time Dai Yueyan noticed the giant hammer, it was a gigantic ball which was going to crush him. He instinctively raised his tiger claws to block the hammer.

Tang Wulin had preyed upon the unsuspecting Dai Yueyan who had been weakened in a series of attacks. Even after Dai Yueyan had undergone a
succession of enhancements and his tiger claws had been enhanced by his battle armor, how could he have hoped to fend off this super heavy

Dai Yueyan became a cannonball. He was blown away by the force of Tang Wulin’s attack in the air.

Tang Wulin stomped on the ground with his feet, another dragon’s roar sounded. Little golden dragons rose from the ground. Like springs, they pushed on Tang Wulin’s body.

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was no longer used for attacks. Instead, they were used to push Tang Wulin who had the pair of giant hammers with him. His body rose into the air immediately. The pair of giant hammers brought with them a terrifying strength and a foul wind, like meteors chasing after the moon. They crashed straight toward Dai Yueyan’s body.

Tang Wulin did not show any mercy. If he allowed Dai Yueyan time to regain his bearings, he would not stand a chance against him with his battle armor.

The shock from the first hit made Dai Yueyan feel like his innards were on fire. Even if his one-word battle armor had negated most of the impact, the force of the giant hammers was devastating. It was so powerful that when his blood essence surged and roiled, his spirit fell into a daze.

At this instant, Tang Wulin had caught up with Dai Yueyan. A pair of giant hammers fell from the skies and smashed Dai Yueyan’s body in succession.

When the audience on the stands saw the pair of giant hammers which were larger than Tang Wulin about to hit Dai Yueyan, they could not help

It was really horrible! This was truly terrible!

“Boom!” Dai Yueyan fell from the skies. Dropping like a cannonball, he crashed onto the center of the competition stage.

When the pair of giant hammers were swung at full force, the impact was more than five thousand kilograms. Tang Wulin raised the giant hammers and descended from the skies. He landed near where Dai Yueyan had
crashed onto the ground. The sonorous dragon’s roar resounded throughout the coliseum again. He showed no signs of giving up. With the momentum from his descent, he aimed the hammers toward the huge crater.

Exclamations of shock resounded throughout the spectators’ stands. This guy was truly after the fourth prince’s life!

On the platform, Dai Tianling was gripping the table with his hands without noticing it. En Ci who sat beside him had a sudden change of expression as he said softly, “This is bad.”

When he said those words, a figure charged onto the competition stage. The figure intercepted and blocked Tang Wulin’s pair of hammers. The figure raised his hands and surprisingly dispersed the tremendous force and pushed Tang Wulin, together with his hammers, away.

Tang Wulin, with the hammers in his hands, turned for a few revolutions before he dropped to the ground. He staggered for a few steps before he managed to steady himself. However, on his face, there was the trace of a smile.

The one who had pushed him aside was an elder. He turned out to be the referee for this match. Currently, there were eight soul rings flashing on the referee’s body.

When he went to have a look at the crater, Dai Yueyan was already on his feet, albeit appearing a bit wobbly.

Dai Yueyan looked beaten up. His head and face were covered in ashes, and a major part of his body was exposed. From his pauldrons to his breastplate, his battle armor was reduced. Even his White Tiger Demon God Transformation and Diamond Transformation were completely shattered by the intense impact of the attack.

“Who asked you to butt in?” Dai Yueyan was furious at the referee. The referee was stunned for a moment.
If it had been any other match, he would not have meddled in it before the outcome of the match had been decided. However, in the present situation, had he allowed Tang Wulin’s hammers to hit true, there was a huge possibility that His Highness the fourth prince would be in a life and death situation!

From a referee’s perspective, he had done nothing wrong. He must ensure the safety of the contestants. When Dai Yueyan was sent crashing onto the center of the competition stage, he had utilized the power from his battle armor and had somehow
managed to disperse most of the impact. Then, he amassed all his strength and prepared for another opportunity to strike.

The assault of Tang Wulin’s hammers was almost impossible to block, but Dai Yueyan had the confidence that he could end the match with Tang Wulin suffering great losses.

Nonetheless, when the referee interfered and stopped Tang Wulin, the outcome of this competition was set. He could no longer reverse the outcome.

In truth, when Tang Wulin had sent him plunging from the sky, he noticed a problem. Dai Yueyan’s battle armor was very powerful. It was not made
with just any rare metal. Its defenses were not completely broken even after such a heavy blow. So, Tang Wulin seized the opportunity to follow up with another attack.

The emergence of the referee was within Tang Wulin’s expectations. This turned out to be the ideal scenario for him. His victory had just been

The referee was slightly stunned by Dai Yueyan’s challenge. After Dai Yueyan made the utterance, he noticed his labored breathing.

The blood essence within him boiled. He was so shaken as to be bleeding from his seven orifices. His spirit was flustered too.

He could not believe that he made such a mistake. Whatever it was, this guy was full of deceit.

Tang Wulin had retracted his pair of giant hammers. He looked at Dai Yueyan with a smile. “Your Highness the fourth prince, you’ve let him won.”

Dai Yueyan grunted angrily. He turned and left. A loss was a loss. Under the watch of so many witnesses, he had no way of denying it. No matter how he consoled himself, he could not say that he did not lose this match.

On the platform, Dai Tianling’s brows were tightly knit together. En Ci sighed softly, “His status has been a great help to him, but there are also
times when it’s a shackle. In the final moments, he still had the opportunity to turn his loss into a victory. Although the price he paid was high, at least, he still had a chance.”

Dai Tianling said in a low voice, “He lost on his own accord. He cannot blame anyone. The referee did no wrong.”

En Ci smiled. “It’s not really a bad thing for the fourth prince to lose this match. Many a time, only when a person has failed can the person truly mature.”

Dai Tianling was slightly stunned. Then, the edges of his lips curled into a faint smile.

Star Luo Coliseum was in a state of confusion. Curses and profanities were hurled, and the jeers and howls could be heard throughout the coliseum.
They were aimed at Tang Wulin mostly. Some said that he was mean and had no sense of shame. There were also insults on his choice of weapons.

In reality, those who still had a rational mind knew well that Tang Wulin had not broken any rules of the competition. The rules of the competition did not forbid anyone from using heavy weapons. If mechas were allowed, why would heavy weapons not be?

Tang Wulin flexed his shoulders and got off the competition stage with a smile. He turned a deaf ear toward the curses from the audience. After all, his opponent for today’s match was the prince. He should not taunt the
audience any further.

It was not easy! He had finally won and he was entering the quarter-finals.

In the next match, his opponent would be Yuanen Yehui. Between the two, one of them was bound to enter the semi-finals.

Chapter 676 - Looking Forward to The Finals

Chapter 676: Looking Forward to The Finals

There were two others from Monster Academy who managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. They were Long Yue and the Wind King Lin San. Unlike Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui, they would not be facing each other in the next round. However, they would still face each other in the semi-finals.

In short, if everything went well, Tang Wulin or Yuanen Yehui would be facing the victor between Long Yue and Lin San in the finals. Obviously, the winner of the finals would be the champion of the solo competition for this year’s grand competition.

Shrek Academy should already take pride in the achievements of its students who have come this far in the competition.

Although Tang Wulin still had some strategies up his sleeves for his previous matches, his strategies were dwindling. Fortunately, he had finished his match. He had just completed his most critical of showdowns.

When he returned to the waiting area, he noticed that Dai Yueyan had already left. The defeat was a great blow to the Tiger King.

Long Yue was still there, Lin San was there as well. Their gazes fell on Tang Wulin.

Long Yue suddenly approached Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin stood where he was and waited for Long Yue to come over.

“Your performance has exceeded my expectations. But, I hope that you have not displayed your ultimate strength yet.” After he said this, Long Yue laughed, turned around and left. Lin San also looked at Tang Wulin with some interest. “Too bad, I won’t be facing you in the solo competition. In the team competitions, I hope that I get to experience some of your skillful tactics. Your comrade there isn’t too bad either.” The person he was referring to was Xie Xie.

Currently, Xie Xie was still sound asleep. The noises of the world outside did not bother him.

Tang Wulin stooped down to carry Xie Xie, but he was blocked by Yuanen. “Let me do it.”
“Huh?” Tang Wulin was dumbfounded. Then, he saw Yuanen Yehui using a princess hug to carry Xie Xie in her arms. She was careful not to wake Xie Xie up. Then, she walked outside in big strides.

A smile appeared at the edge of Tang Wulin’s lips. It revealed a hint of envy.

The dust had finally settled in the solo competitions where eight contestants would be eliminated from the top sixteen. The top eight would be decided then. There was one contestant who could not take part in the next round due to his injuries which were too severe. His opponent would have been Long Yue. That meant that Long Yue would not be facing a fight in the next round, and he would proceed directly to the semi-finals.

However, nobody thought that Long Yue had any advantage to gain. The reason why the previous two contestants had fought fervently was that they obviously knew their opponent in the next match would be Long Yue. There was no possibility of them defeating him. They might as well have an all- out battle to gain some fame in the quarter-finals.

There were two people each from Monster Academy and Shrek Academy who got into the quarter-finals. It would be a situation where they were still pitted against each other.

The various news and printed media covered the heavens and earth. There were even titles that read, ‘As long as Shrek Academy enters the finals, they would’ve already won.’

Of course, much more of the titles were along the lines of ‘Go back to where you came from, Shrek!’

However, there was no doubt that the strengths of the contestants from Shrek were being recognized.

Deputy president Tang Bingyao congratulated Elder Cai, and declared that the Federation would be rewarding Tang Wulin and those who have shown outstanding performances during this grand competition. Naturally, this
would have to wait until they returned to Douluo Continent.

Only after he entered his hotel room did Tang Wulin rub his ears. He could not stand it anymore. It had finally quietened down. Then, he removed a
small cotton ball from each of his ears.

The sound-proofing abilities of the cotton balls were not bad. However, they could barely keep out the racket in Star Luo Coliseum.

The victor of the match between him and Yuanen would be facing Long Yue. It would most likely be Long Yue.

“Wulin, you’ve won?” At this moment, a voice came from behind the door.

Tang Wulin opened the door. What he saw was a tired-looking Ye Xinglan standing outside his door.

“Xinglan, why are you looking so dreadful?” Tang Wulin quickly asked her to come in. The person who came in with her was shockingly Xu Lizhi.

Neither was Xu Lizhi looking good. However, unlike Ye Xinglan, his appearance was attributed to his bad mood.

“Sister Xinglan is working too hard. She hadn’t been sleeping these past few days. All she did was meditate and craft battle armors,” said Xu Lizhi in a worrisome tone.

Tang Wulin said, “Xinglan, this isn’t good for you.” Ye Xinglan smiled drily, “There’s nothing bad about it. I’ve already given up on this competition. Don’t tell me that I can’t even do this. Although I may be tired, I have improved in crafting battle armors. Enough talk about this. Please come by my place later. I have some newly crafted parts.”

Tang Wulin looked at Xu Lizhi. Although Xu Lizhi was worried, he still nodded.

They knew how stubborn Ye Xinglan could be. When this lady was serious about something, she can be most adamant about it.

Tang Wulin sighed softly. He could see why Ye Xinglan was not looking good as she had used Bloodthirst Bean Buns. That explained her

Ye Xinglan smiled. “I watched the recording of your match just now, and you were quite good. Honestly speaking, if I were faced with your giant hammers, I wouldn’t know how I could fight them. It’s good that you’ve unleashed what you’re good at during the most critical moments.”

Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “That’s something that couldn’t be helped. We don’t have a complete one-word battle armor. The only thing that we can do when we’re faced with a powerful opponent is to restrict them. That being
said, I’m getting more convinced that the choice I made previously was
wise. Only when our battle armor and ourselves are merged into one can we unleash our full potential. There’s still some difference to the ones that we don on our bodies. I was right to select the spirit alloy one-word battle

Ye Xinglan nodded, “Even if we can’t upgrade the battle armor into a two- word battle armor yet, the enhancing effects of a spirit alloy one-word battle armor would be different from the ones crafted through the ordinary process. The unleashing of it will also be different. We’ll just have to put in more effort. In no time, we’ll also have our own complete battle armor.”

Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi left. Tang Wulin pressed his lips together. He
could see the meaning in the depths of Ye Xinglan’s eye. He must not lose! He must always pursue victory, they all must.

Regardless of who the opponent was, they must do their level best! The following matches were what most people had predicted.
From the quarter-finals to the semi-finals. Yuanen Yehui had given up on the match voluntarily which guaranteed Tang Wulin a spot in the semi- finals. Tang Wulin was unaware of Yuanen’s decision. It was on the
competition stage when Yuanen Yehui, out of the blue, announced that she yielded.

Tang Wulin asked her why she made that decision. Her stance was clear. If they had fought, regardless of who won the match, the combat strength of the other person would have been weakened, and it would not be beneficial for the upcoming matches. Moreover, they still had the two against two and team competitions. Yuanen wanted to reserve her combat strength for those matches.

Long Yue and Lin San had also made it to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Lin San did not give up the match like Yuanen Yehui did. Instead, he chose to challenge Long Yue. There was no doubt about the outcome. He had displayed a greater combat strength from when he fought Xie Xie, and with the enhancement of his one-word battle armor, he managed to give Long Yue a run for his money, but he still lost in the end.
From the beginning to the end of the match, Long Yue did not use his battle armor.

Tang Wulin witnessed the match with his own eyes. After he saw the match, his expression turned gloomy. Long Yue was really powerful. He was so powerful that he could not think of any combat strategy that could be
effective when he faced him in battle.

An opponent like this struck fear into one’s heart.

In the semi-finals, the strength of Tang Wulin’s opponent was also very strong. However, he had fought frantically in his previous match which resulted in his battle armor being seriously damaged. Tang Wulin exploited a weak spot and ended the battle in ten minutes.

The contenders for the finals were decided. Shrek Academy’s Tang Wulin versus Monster Academy’s Long Yue.

The match was termed as the battle of the two dragons by the officials.

After a day’s rest, the match would be held on the morning of the second day.

The match would be the greatest showdown of this year’s grand
competition. In many gambling establishments, the wagers were in favor of Long Yue winning where the odds were ten-to-one for Tang Wulin whereas it was only one-to-two for Long Yue.

Chapter 677 - Xie Xie’s Wits

Chapter 677: Xie Xie’s Wits

Obviously, nobody thought the odds were in Tang Wulin’s favor. In
everyone’s eyes, with Long Yue’s power, there was no way that he could lose this match.

He had six rings! Besides being a six-ringed Soul Emperor, he even possessed the bloodline of the Mountain Dragon King of the Eight Great Dragon Kings 1 .
The precise time this battle between two dragons would end had become a hot topic among numerous gambling companies. As for the outcome of the match, it seemed that it was already decided the moment they entered the finals.

Even so, very few citizens of the Star Luo Empire felt that this was
something that they could take pride in. Tang Wulin had reached the finals at only fifteen years old! In the history of the Continental Young High-
Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, this was unprecedented.

As he sat cross-legged on the bed, Tang Wulin’s spirits were completely focused on the internal condition of his own body. His blood essence
surged. The faint golden bloodline aura and the milky white Mysterious Heaven Method soul power merged into one and flowed calmly like the great Yangtze River. They flowed completely throughout his entire form.

At long last, he had reached the finals. Tomorrow would be the deciding match. It would also be his turn to face Long Yue. This battle was both the final bout and their final confrontation. He had already rid himself of all unnecessary thoughts. No matter what happened, he would fight with all his might. Ever since he finished the second evolution of his martial soul, where the Bluesilver Grass turned into the Bluesilver Emperor, his cultivation base could be said to have advanced at a tremendous pace. It was much faster
than what his rate of improvement had been before. His soul power had just broken through rank-42 yesterday. After rank-40, the growth rate of a soul master’s soul power would noticeably slow down. Before this, he would never have dreamed of being able to climb ranks this quickly.

If he continued to cultivate like this, he was confident that he could reach the rank of a five-ringed Soul King in two years at most. A seventeen-year old Soul King. This alone would earn him a place in Shrek’s history.

Tomorrow would be the match. Tang Wulin was not overly nervous, but at the same time, he did not allow himself to get too relaxed either. Even if he knew quite well that this match was not going to go his way, given that the difference in strength would make victory difficult, he still would spare no effort. Regardless of the outcome, he would give it everything he had.

He seized every opportunity to improve himself and grow stronger. Teacher Wu had not made an appearance at all from start to finish, nor did he give them any points to ponder on. Although earlier, it was said that he did not
care about them, Tang Wulin now understood that Teacher Wu’s non-
appearance was actually because he wanted to completely hand over this cultivation opportunity to them and let them make their own choices.

That was right! Father had said that the only one whom a person could trust and rely on completely throughout one’s life was oneself. If the sentence
was applied to the current situation, it should be one’s own strength.

Never rely on anyone else! Only by one’s own strength could one truly be powerful.

Ye Xinglan lay on the bed. Her delicate face was ghastly pale. Her
eyelashes trembled slightly, and she scowled every now and then. Her aura was clearly weaker, that was a sign of her waning blood essence.

Xu Lizhi sat on the side of the bed. His heart was heavy with worry as he looked at her. In the end, she had fallen ill. To be more precise, she had exhausted herself. Had he not been beside her at that moment and given her treatment in due time, who knows what would have happened.
‘Sister Xinglan, you’re staunch to a fault! You’re too keen on winning.’ Xu Lizhi raised his flabby, fan-like hand and placed it gently on Ye
Xinglan’s forehead, feeling for her gradually decreasing body temperature. He lightly caressed her hair twice.

‘I think this is the only way you’d ever take a break. Sister Xinglan, you must get well soon! I’m just too weak. But no matter what, next time, I will never allow you to harm yourself like this.’

Xie Xie was the only one who was not resting or cultivating. As he stood on the balcony, he placed his arms on the rails to support his own body. His
expression was relaxed and at ease. He felt the night wind blowing against him, a faint smile hanging on the edge of his lips.

What a delightful, relaxing sensation. This was how an agility-system soul master should feel. Freedom was the source of agility.

The other day, after Yuanen Yehui carried him back, he had slept for a day before he woke up. At that point, he felt as if he was completely remade.
His very being was unlike who he had been before. He held on to that
sublime feeling. These days, every moment brought a new change in him. Both his attitude and strength were changing.

He finally had a vague understanding as to why he was only able to control one clone before this. It was because he was too nervous, and he had not relaxed enough. What he needed was inspiration, not tension or restriction.

‘Yuanen, just you wait, I’ll be more powerful than you! One day, I’ll be the prince wearing golden armor and divine clothes, and I’ll take you as my

Yuanen Yehui cultivated silently in her room. She had always been hardworking, even though she was gifted with many natural talents. Her innate gifts had never affected her diligence. Only she herself knew that her cultivation speed was actually not that fast. Although her two top-ranked martial souls were powerful, they clashed because both were fighting for dominance. She had to perfectly harmonize the relationship between them before she could continue to improve her own cultivation base.

She had always been hardworking, as she was determined to become powerful. Only sufficient strength could equip her with the means to accomplish her goal, the one which she dreamed of.

She was glad that she had so many formidable companions around her. If it were not for them, she would have no idea how far her abilities had reached compared to her peers. It was precisely because of them that she could start crafting one-word battle armor from spirit alloy. In the near future, when her cultivation base had reached her desired rank, it would be time for her to return.

Xu Xiaoyan was already sound asleep as she lay sprawled on the bed. On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu was still awake. He was lying on his side, looking at Xu Xiaoyan on the edge of the bed. His gaze was full of gentleness.

Ever since he had been injured the other day, she had been taking care of him. They had never said more than a few words. Everything appeared very natural and relaxed. Indeed, it was this feeling that made Yue Zhengyu felt warm inside.

He was born into a clan which was strict about rank. Whether the bloodline of the family was pure or not, even the line of the clansman had rigid ranks. He was lucky that he was the future heir to the main line and was the young master of the clan. Since he was little, he had grown up in an atmosphere
where he was showered with care and admiration. Of course, there was also some envy, but he never cared about that. He had always felt that he was himself. He was the representative of the Holy Angel Clan.

It was only when he came to Shrek Academy that he started to understand that he was not the most powerful among his peers. Although the Holy
Angel martial soul was powerful, he had never been able to unleash its full potential. He still had a long way to go before he could become a true expert.

When he was with the clan, he was always like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. His clan even chose some girls of equal social rank in the
clan to play with him when he was ten so that he could pick the one he liked the most among them.

However, that was also the period where he was the most rebellious. The more it was presented to his face, the more he disliked it. He especially disliked the girls who put on airs just to get close to him. Some of them
acted cold and proud, some of them acted gentle, and some of them acted refined and cultured. In his eyes, all of this was all just an act.

That was why he suggested that he study in Shrek Academy. He had wanted to be away from the shackles of his clan, so he could explore the outside
world. He wanted to see what kind of beautiful flames burned outside of his clan.

He came to Shrek, and he met the companions around him. There was Yuanen Yehui who was stronger than himself, and there were Tang Wulin and Gu Yue who were one grade below them, yet were incredibly stronger.

He started to see his own shortcomings, and he began learning how to work hard. So not to fall behind the others, he worked harder than anyone else.
Even so, the age of fifteen was precisely where one was youthful and undergoing puberty. He would still take notice of the girls around him.

There was no shortage of beautiful girls at Shrek Academy. There were also many of his classmates who were interested in him. After all, he had a noble background and extraordinary strength.

However, he did not take a liking to any of them.

Only when he came out this time did he gradually notice that another figure had started occupying his heart. That figure was very blurry. In the beginning, he did not even know who she was. Only when he was gravely injured and unconscious this time did he hear a sobbing voice constantly calling on him. When he was awake, her figure was always by his side.

His heart, which had always been closed, was now warming up. He greatly liked this feeling of being taken care of. He liked it so much that even when his body had fully recovered, he remained on the bed and did not tell her that he had recovered.

This was because he knew that if he was fully healed, she would not have a reason to stay by his side. Then, he would not have the opportunity to
constantly look at her while he was conscious.

He raised his arm and gently caressed her face. She was slightly haggard- looking, and it was all because of him.

Without making a sound, he got off the bed and gently carried her in his arms. He carefully laid her down on his own bed. She was clearly very tired, as she slept so deeply that she did not wake up.

Chapter 678 - The Feeling of Heartbreak

Chapter 678: The Feeling of Heartbreak

The comfort that came from lying on a bed made her relax. She instinctively covered herself with the blanket. Her nose made sniffing
sounds as if she was smelling something. Then, her peaceful face reflected a contented expression as she fell into a deep sleep.

As he looked at her sleeping, Yue Zhengyu felt a sudden emotion welling up within his heart. He carefully tucked her in and caressed her wisps of silky hair. Only then did he move silently over to the sofa and lay down there.

‘When she wakes up tomorrow, she won’t be keeping me company
anymore. However, I won’t let her tire herself out. If she can’t keep me company, then I’ll keep her company.’

He appeared pleased after thinking that thought. He closed his eyes and fell asleep shortly.

Gu Yue lay flat on the bed as she could not sleep. She only stared silently at the ceiling and had no intention of cultivating either. She was not even sure why.

She was filled with anxiety and felt restless. Tomorrow would be the finals, and he would be facing Long Yue. She knew him too well. Even if he knew he was no match for Long Yue, he would still fight with all his might. He might even fight harder than Yue Zhengyu.

At a critical time like this, she had delivered him a devastating blow.

Actually, she knew that she should have done this way back. After all, there would be situations that they had to face together in the future. Such a day would come sooner or later. However, she had convinced herself that it was still early, and there was no need for her to rush.

However, with the passing of time, they grew up. Similarly, their strengths grew as well. The days passed, and it was getting progressively difficult for her to make a decision.

“Sigh!” Gu Yue thought gloomily. Maybe this was fated to be. Where in the world did his bloodline come from? It seemed that they were destined to meet in this whole wide universe. This was also the case for Na’er.

‘What if it’s the will of the gods?’ There was a silver flash in Gu Yue’s eyes. ‘If the gods forbade us to continue, I’ll do away with them.’

She sat up abruptly. Suddenly, the conversation between the two people that day reverberated in her mind.

“In other words, the reason why you’re close to me was because my bloodline is related to yours?”

“You can put it that way.” “Really?”
“Yes, really!”

“I understand now.” “Gu Yue!”

“If you’re saying that you’ve been close to me initially because of my bloodline, then, what about now? Is it still the case now?”

“It is!” …

The words spoken that day seemed to have lingered in her ears. Gu Yue felt intense pangs of guilt in her heart. She was feeling overwhelmed.

‘Let’s put in more effort for tomorrow’s competition!’ Early in the morning.
In the wee hours of the day, Tang Wulin was on the balcony cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes. Later, he freshened up and changed into a clean set of Shrek Academy’s dark green uniform.

Breakfast was as usual. In fact, he ate more than he normally would. All his comrades were present and everyone’s gaze was upon him.

Xu Lizhi, whose appetite was similar to his, had eaten a lesser amount today.

“Why’re you all looking at me? Lizhi, eat up! Why aren’t you eating today?” Tang Wulin had just grabbed another bun. He tore the bun into half and wedged a few large pieces of meat in it. Then, he began to chomp it down.

“I say, captain, aren’t you feeling even a little nervous?” Yue Zhengyu could not restrain his curiosity any longer as he posed the question.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Why should I feel nervous? This is not Douluo Continent. Besides, the entire population of Star Luo thinks that I’ll lose.
I’m a four-ring going against a six-ring. Will it be embarrassing if I lost? I don’t think so. So, why should I feel nervous?”

Ye Xinglan looked at him with keen bright eyes, “You’re thinking of giving up?”

Tang Wulin met her gaze and smiled faintly, “The glory of Shrek isn’t secured by victory alone. Fresh blood will do as well.”

After he said this, there was silence at the dining table. Ye Xinglan lowered her head, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

Tang Wulin smiled faintly, “Everyone, eat up. I’ll eat more too. We can only gain more strength by eating more, no?”

Gu Yue sat beside him like she usually did. When she saw the smile on his face, she could not restrain herself from saying, “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Tang Wulin glanced at her, “I’m not pushing myself! As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to push. Finish up eating, quickly!”

Xie Xie laughed, “Captain, your behavior is capricious. Everybody, finish up quick! He had no stress in him initially. So, let’s not rile him up. Captain, you must do your best. In case you win by accident, you may even get a kiss.” As he said this, he looked at Gu Yue, then he looked at Tang Wulin.
He had a sneer on his face.

Tang Wulin said angrily, “You’re always the garrulous one. Eat up quickly. In any case, I won’t allow myself to be carried back by a woman.”

Xie Xie’s expression changed. He was blushing a little. “That’s nothing. It’s the same regardless of who’s carrying whom. Besides, she’s an assault
system whereas I’m an agility system. We’ve been different since birth.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled. “I heard that you now have a better understanding since that day. It seems that you’ve become even more shameless than before!”

Xie Xie sneered. “I can’t even compare with you in terms of shamelessness.
You acted as if you can’t get off the bed yesterday, but you’re shamelessly sitting here, brimming with energy. Can big brother not comment about
second brother? Xiaoyan, you must be really careful when you befriend someone who thinks he’s an adonis. It’s difficult to tell their true colors.”

Xu Xiaoyan’s delicate face blushed, but she did not make a sound.
Currently, her heartbeat was faster than usual. When she opened her eyes that morning, she realized that she had been sleeping on Yue Zhengyu’s bed. His aura filled the blankets, but she felt that she had slept with additional security.

In the morning, she was too embarassed to face Yue Zhengyu. After she
woke up, she ran back to her room. However, before she left, she threw the blanket on Yue Zhengyu who was lying on the sofa.

“Xie Xie!” Yue Zhengyu glared at him with gritted teeth.

Xie Xie chuckled. “Don’t lose your temper from being embarrassed!”

Yue Zhengyu snorted and said, “Anyway, I’m better than you. I don’t think you even have half a chance. You won’t be able to defeat our class monitor in this lifetime.”

Xie Xie glanced at Yuanen Yehui, but Yuanen Yehui ignored both of them. She was minding her own business and eating her breakfast.

“One day, I’m sure I’ll be able to defeat her. You’d better believe it! I’ve already understood the true essence of the agility system!”

When he saw both of them bickering, a faint smile could be seen on Tang Wulin’s lips. He liked the feeling very much. Being together with his
comrades all day long brought the rich feeling of being part of a family. This was what he enjoyed the most.

“If everyone’s full, let’s be on our way.” Tang Wulin stood up and stretched his limbs. The bones of his entire body made cracking sounds.

He exuded an aura that was filled with the vigor of the sun which made his comrades feel the same way. He was vibrant and full of vitality. He was like a sleeping dragon that had just awakened and was stretching its body.

A soul car was already waiting for them outside. Today was the finals of the solo competition. To prevent unforseen complications and also to ensure the contestants arrived at the competition grounds on time, the official
committee had dispatched private cars to pick them. This match was regarded as the ultimate showdown between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy. All the contestants from both academies could enter the waiting area to watch the match.

The eight of them got into the car. The soul car started its engine. With security vehicles sandwiching them at the front and back, they headed straight to Star Luo Coliseum.

When the cars faded into the distance, a figure appeared silently in front of the entrance to the Royal Star Luo Hotel.

As usual, Wu Zhangkong was covered in white. At present, he had a faint glow flickering in his eyes.

Wulin, do your best!

Today, Star Luo Coliseum was not the only place that was swarming with people. It was packed like sardines even outside the coliseum. Every nice spot from which one could view the giant screen outside the coliseum was occupied. In order to get those spots, many of them were there the day before. Some of them had even set up camps.

Chapter 679 - The Finals Begins

Chapter 679: The Finals Begins

To observe a match such as this at a close range, the citizens of Star Luo Empire went out of their way to secure a spot with a good view.

Everyone wanted to witness the victory of Monster Academy. This match was extremely important for the entire Star Luo Empire.

The interior of the coliseum was already crowded with sp ectators. On the platform, the Emperor of Star Luo Empire Dai Tianling, the president of Monster Academy En Ci, the leader of Douluo Continent’s representative team Tang Bingyao, and, last but not least, the president of Shrek
Academy’s outer court Elder Cai had all been waiting since early morning.

Initially, Elder Cai was unwilling to come for the competition. However, he could not turn down the compelling invitation of Star Luo Empire’s officials.

Without a doubt, there was definitely a political motive behind this. In the end, Elder Cai chose to come.

In today’s match, no one had any positive thought for Tang Wulin. In any case, it was still the finals match. After all, it signified a clash between the two renowned academies in this year’s grand competition.

The contestants from Shrek Academy and Monster Academy entered the waiting area at about the same time. As soon as both parties were in the
waiting area, the entire spectators’ stand went into a frenzy and erupted into wild cheers and applause.

The audience was yelling the names of Monster Academy and Long Yue, and the ambience was so heated that it was like the eruption of a volcano. The contestants from Monster Academy wore their traditional red school uniforms. Amidst the contestants, the others had all sat down except for Dai Yun’er who stood there fuming and stared angrily at Tang Wulin.

Naturally, Tang Wulin saw her too. He smiled at her exposing his clean white teeth.

The weather was splendid today as sunlight fell right onto the waiting area. Under the sun’s rays, the faintly smiling Tang Wulin was resplendent. His handsome face and warm smile had captured Dai Yun’er’s attention against her own will. Even the flames of anger within her heart had died down.

“Silence.” a deep and grave voice sounded. It was broadcasted throughout the entire coliseum via soul loudspeakers. The voices of a hundred thousand spectators were surprisingly muffled by it.

“Now, we’ll invite His Majesty to deliver his speech.”

Dai Tianling stood up. A soul loudspeaker rose in front of him.

“Every time I watch the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, I feel as though I’ve been transported back to the days of my youth. I was a participant once, and I obtained some impressive results. Young people should be filled with vigor and a strong drive. They should be fighting with all their effort because this generation belongs to passionate youths like all of you. Being young allows for mistakes, and being young does not fear failures. For those of you who are young, you only need to find your objective and go forward courageously.”

“It is with great honor that we have invited the representative team of Shrek Academy from the faraway Douluo Continent, a place which was once our home as well, for this year’s grand competition. Shrek Academy is regarded as the best academy on Douluo Continent. A history of more than twenty thousand years has allowed them to nurture countless outstanding talents. I am very happy that I am able to witness this final match between our
Monster Academy’s contestant Long Yue and Shrek Academy’s contestant Tang Wulin. Regardless of the outcome, it will inevitably strengthen the friendship between us and the Douluo Continent Federation. The victor of today’s match will not only get the reward of a soul bone, but also an
additional prize from the Empire. If contestant Long Yue obtains victory, he will be bestowed the title viscount. If contestant Tang Wulin obtains victory, we will reward him with a certain amount of resources. Of course, if he’s
willing to become a citizen of Star Luo Empire, he will similarly be bestowed with the title of viscount.”

When he reached the end of his speech, Dai Tianling could not help but showed a big smile on his face. “We welcome all outstanding talents.
Without further ado, I hereby declare that the final match of the solo
competition in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition begins now!”

There were thunderous applause and tremendous cheer from the audience. This was the charisma of an emperor.

“Captain, a viscount. Are you moved?” Xie Xie asked Tang Wulin softly while nudging him.

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “Step aside,” as he said this, he stood up.

On the other side, Long Yue had also stood up. He glanced at Tang Wulin. Then, he strode toward the competition stage with a smile on his face.

Loud exhilarating music was blaring away. The skies above the coliseum suddenly darkened. By what means, no one knew for sure. Two beams of
light from the skies shone on Tang Wulin and Long Yue. The lights guided them both forward.

They ascended the competition stage at the same time. They walked to their respective sides. There were a few hundred meters between them as they faced each other.

Fang’er’s voice resounded throughout the coliseum.

“I believe everyone has been looking forward to this match for a long time. So have I. This will be an interesting match. First off, I’ll briefly summarize the background of these two contestants.” “Contestant Tang Wulin is from Shrek Academy. His soul power is within the range of rank-42 and 45. His martial soul is Bluesilver Grass. I’ve researched in detail all similar martial souls, but I couldn’t find any martial soul that was identical to his. It’s unique, and also very powerful. At the
same time, he also possesses a powerful dragon-type bloodline. That bloodline of his seem to have a stunning effect on martial souls of the same type, while simultaneously enhancing his own body. The power of his bloodline resembles a soul ring which gives him his abilities. Again, such a condition is rarely seen in the history of Soul Masters…”

Fang’er had obviously done much homework for her commentary,
especially on her analysis of Tang Wulin. It was meticulous and thorough. On the other hand, her analysis on Long Yue was simple and short.

“… in a nutshell, today’s match in terms of strength is not balanced between the two contestants. We’ll just have to see if contestant Tang Wulin’s bloodline ability can generate enough suppression on contestant Long Yue who has a dragon-type martial soul. Only then, will contestant Tang Wulin have a chance of defeating his opponent. It seems both
contestants have made their preparations. The final showdown of the young generation of the Continents begins now!”

All attention shifted to the competition stage.

Currently, the soul shield was sealed. The darkness in the skies vanished
and there was sunlight on the competition stage again. The sun’s rays shone on both Long Yue and Tang Wulin.

The referee was an elderly person. His aura was contained, but as he was chosen to be the match’s referee, he was obviously a famous Soul Master expert in Star Luo Continent.

“The rules of this match are the same as the previous matches. Counting down from ten!”

It was the final match. The duration of the countdown seemed longer than the other matches. “Ten, nine, eight … three, two, one, begin!”

At the sound of the word ‘begin’, Tang Wulin made the first move. He did not even pause for a second. He was already charging toward Long Yue like a cannonball. Two golden soul rings rose from beneath his feet. He was like an arrow that had just been released from the bow.

The faint smile that was on Tang Wulin’s face vanished the instant he began his attack. His eyes had turned golden and they shone brilliantly with a golden light as his domineering air increased rapidly followed by an intense airflow bursting forth from his body. Golden scales surfaced and covered his entire body. The first golden soul ring on his body lit up instantly. It was Golden Dragon Body!

His pair of Golden Dragon Claws glowed unsteadily with golden light under the infusion of his bloodline power. Throughout his forward charge, Tang Wulin was increasing his momentum. It seemed like there was another giant dragon on the competition stage which pushed forward toward Long Yue.

Long Yue stood at his spot. He did not move forward to challenge Tang Wulin. He only stared at Tang Wulin with keen sparkling eyes.

He did not even display the intention to unleash his martial soul. When
Tang Wulin charged past the center of the stage, only then did he unleash a powerful aura from his body. The giant dragon’s illusory shadow which had appeared when he fought Yue Zhengyu appeared behind him now. The dragon which carried an entire city on its back stretched its body and released a deep roar.

When he heard the roar of the Mountain Dragon King, Tang Wulin was not affected in the least. Golden light shone brightly on his body and he released a dragon’s roar toward the skies.

Compared to the deep dragon’s roar of the Mountain Dragon King, Tang Wulin’s dragon roar was high-pitched and excited. The bloodline aura
within his body was unleashed without reserve. At the same time, he skipped steps, sped up, and leaped abruptly. The forceful bounce sent him tens of meters into the air.

Long Yue’s expression changed slightly. Amidst Tang Wulin’s dragon’s roar, the giant dragon’s illusory shadow behind him had surprisingly flickered. It had weakened noticeably in its imposing manner.

On the platform, president En Ci who initially had a calm gaze suddenly sat up straight. He had an incredulous look on him.

He knew the legend of the Mountain Dragon King very well. In his opinion,
Long Yue with his possession of the pure Mountain Dragon King martial soul, should have been the best among all the dragon-type martial souls in the world. Even the other true dragon martial souls could never compare with the aura of the dragon god’s child!

However, after the collision of auras just now, Long Yue’s Mountain
Dragon King martial soul was clearly at a disadvantage. Not only did it not affect Tang Wulin’s martial soul, it was affected by Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura instead.

How was this possible? What was this martial soul that Tang Wulin possessed? Why was it so powerful?

Nobody knew the answer because nobody had any idea what it was. This was true even for Long Yue himself.

He had initially thought that Tang Wulin’s bloodline power was the
Overlord Dragon which possessed the Golden Dragon King bloodline.

Chapter 680 - Bloodline Suppression

Chapter 680: Bloodline Suppression

No matter how powerful the Overlord Dragon was, it would have possessed only a small portion of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. After all, it was not even a true dragon. Even if its strength reached the rank of a true dragon, in terms of aura, it could never compare with his own Mountain
Dragon King martial soul!

But after the collision, he realized that he had been completely wrong.
Amazingly, the power of the bloodline aura from Tang Wulin had completely suppressed his own aura.

How did this happen? Could it be that his bloodline aura originated from the Light Dragon King which was passed down from the dragon god? Only the aura of the Light Dragon King was golden.

But the aura of light was not exactly blazing on his body! Even if it was the Light Dragon King, it should not have subdued his aura. The Mountain
Dragon was a King. After many sacrifices, the Mountain Dragon King was the last one to be created, but it was definitely not inferior to any of the other dragon kings. At the very least, it would not have been inferior in terms of bloodline aura.

Long Yue had never thought that there would be anyone who could overwhelm him with their bloodline aura. What’s more, the suppression was distinct.

But, he was not in fear the way Sima Xian had been. Nevertheless, he still felt the pressure on his body This kind of pressure was imparted by a person of higher rank to a person of lower rank.

How was this possible? How could this even be possible? The only thing that could absolutely suppress his own dragon-type bloodline was from the dragon god.

Nonetheless, how could a dragon god’s bloodline appear in a human? It was just impossible. The aura on his body was definitely not the aura of the dragon god.

At the same time, Long Yue was shocked and Tang Wulin who had leaped up was at his highest point in the air. He spread his arms beside him. The pair of giant hammers which he had used to face the Tiger King Dai Yueyan appeared in his hands again. Tang Wulin raised his arms and descended from the sky with a forceful momentum. The pair of giant hammers dropped down boldly.

A series of explosions blasted through the air. Wherever the giant hammers passed, the surrounding space seemed distorted.

This was truly horrendous. Could this power be achieved by humans? The
same thought surfaced in the minds of the audience. Even if it was a mecha, it would still have difficulty dealing with such a pair of giant hammers.

Were these the battle strategy and secret weapon Tang Wulin had prepared against Long Yue? Fortunately, he had deployed them when he fought the Tiger King in the previous match, Otherwise, the Dragon King would be hard pressed today.

The giant hammers dropped toward his head. Long Yue lifted his head instinctively. The suppression of his bloodline was getting more distinct the closer Tang Wulin got to him. Currently, Long Yue entered into a meditative state.

He gave a low yell. Six circles of soul rings rose from beneath his feet and protected him from all sides. Shortly after, his body expanded and swelled up to the size of a lofty mountain. A giant tail appeared behind him.

“Tall mountains!” Long Yue shouted in a low pitch.

He directed his palms toward the skies, and a towering mountain suddenly shot toward the skies. It was not a real mountain at all, but at that moment, the mountain as it appeared on the competition stage could not be more real.


The deafening sound of an explosion erupted and the landscape shattered. Tang Wulin was sent flying by the force. Long Yue’s imposing demeanor which had been suppressed turned domineering once more. His terrifying suppressing aura was targeted at Tang Wulin.

There was fear within Tang Wulin. His shock was in no way less than Long Yue’s.

When he had faced dragon-type martial soul Soul Masters before, his opponents could not even unleash half of their strengths. When he thought that Long Yue’s bloodline would also be suppressed by his, he had secretly rejoiced. There was at least a ray of hope when all the conditions in the battle had pointed to an impossible win for him.

However, it seemed that in the blink of an eye, Long Yue had enlightened him with his actions that even bloodline suppression could not narrow down the difference in their strengths. The unleashing of the Mountain Dragon
King martial soul had effectively reduced the effects of Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura on him.

As a result of Long Yue’s innate strength and the difference in power between his martial soul aura and Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline was not much, the suppression effect on him was not strong enough to influence the outcome of the battle.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin could feel that Long Yue was exerting an
extremely powerful pressure on him. However, the influence of his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura had negated half of the effect.

‘I still have a chance!’ Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. He raised the giant hammers in his arms and charged toward Long Yue again. Long Yue’s swollen body had currently given him a height of more than ten meters. His body was filled with an awesome sense of power. As he faced Tang Wulin’s charge, he stepped sideways, sweeping his monstrous tail toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s right hammer collided with his tail. A harrowing buzz made the competition stage vibrate intensely.

Tang Wulin spun on the spot. With the spin, he dissipated as much force as he could from the lash of Long Yue’s tail. At the same time, he raised the giant hammers in his hands in unison and swung them toward Long Yue.

Tang Sect Secret Technique, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer!

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer dated back to the founding of Tang Sect. The founder, Tang San, had dominated the blacksmithing world with this hammering technique. During that time, his hammering technique was inherited from the Clear Sky Clan. Initially, the Clear Sky Clan was not keen on sharing the technique. However, due to the outstanding
contributions Tang Sect had brought to the Continent’s Soul Master realm, the Clear Sky Clan finally agreed to share this hammering technique with Tang Sect. That was how the technique survived to this day.

Before this, Tang Wulin had only used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer for forging purposes only. After he obtained the giant hammers from the black mecha, he had given it much thought. It was to figure out how to incorporate the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer into his battles.

These giant hammers were undoubtedly the most suitable weapons.
Although their size was huge and they were awkward, Tang Wulin had plans of his own.

The giant hammers could not be swung downward due to their large size, but they could be swung horizontally. Tang Wulin had trained exclusively with the hammers for some time.

The unique specialty of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was that it made use of the opponent’s force. With each rotation, the rebounding force from the opponent would be melded with the user’s own spinning force resulting in an even stronger force.

Tang Wulin’s own strength was already fearsome. Currently, he had the addition of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer and the pair of giant
hammers in his hands. These were the basis of his fight against Long Yue.

As expected, his body turned full circle and the hammers struck downward. Although Long Yue’s strong and domineering body had moved forward and collided with them, a thunderous explosion erupted between Tang Wulin’s hammers and Long Yue.

The soul skill Mountain was extremely terrifying. Offense and defense became one action. This gave Long Yue an additional and powerful defensive strength. Even so, he paused slightly after being hit by Tang Wulin’s hammers, while Tang Wulin himself was sent flying by the impact.

His body was in the air and spinning at a high speed. As soon as he touched the ground, he charged toward Long Yue like a whirlwind. He continued unleashing his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.

“Boom!” There were seemingly blazing flames within Long Yue’s eyes. A sense of frenzy appeared at the depths of his eyes.

His right arm swayed in the air. A double pointed lance appeared in his grasp. The double pointed lance was ten meters long and thick as a person’s waist. It was completely brown and made of an unknown material. He grabbed the lance with both hands and swept horizontally all of a sudden. It collided with Tang Wulin’s hammers.


Many in the audience instinctively covered their ears.

Almost everyone in the coliseum had been looking forward to the match for a long time. However, only a few thought that this would turn out to be a battle of strength. The power displayed by Tang Wulin and Long Yue was almost
superhuman. The audience were flabbergasted as they stared with their mouths agape.
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