The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 661-670

Chapter 661 - Tang Wulin VS Dai Yun’er

Chapter 661: Tang Wulin VS Dai Yun’er

As he looked at them both, Tang Wulin could not help but showed a helpless smile. These two were true rivals! This was definitely to Xie Xie’s benefit. Because of Yuanen Yehui, his potential was constantly challenged and tested. He was no longer his former self.

Tang Wulin said to Yuanen Yehui, “I’m really thankful that you’ve become stronger. Let’s work hard together and compete for better results.”

Yuanen Yehui suddenly said, “Wulin, do you know how much pressure you’re subjecting us to?”

Tang Wulin was a bit stunned. Then, he saw the smile on Yuanen Yehui’s face. “I like this kind of pressure. If I don’t have someone that I can follow closely, I’ll be lost. Perhaps, everything won’t have progressed so well.
However, don’t you ever let me catch up to you.”

Out of the sixty-four contestants, thirty-two remained. The solo competition had gone on for a whole day.

For a good part of the audience, the following matches were uneventful.
Monster Academy had lost again. They were representing Star Luo Empire! This made the citizens dissatisfied and disgruntled. What they wanted was a victory. What they wished for even more was to see Long Yue being matched against an expert from Shrek Academy.

There was an uproar in public opinion. After the medical examination, Teng Teng’s injuries were tended to and was healed. However, he still needed
some time to recuperate.

Nevertheless, the damage to his battle armor was more serious. It would take some time to repair. In the following matches, if he took part in the team battles, the power which his battle armor could unleash would be limited. If the armor was seriously damaged, then his loss would be
considerable. The cost would be high to craft a one-word battle armor. Since he was at the five-ring cultivation base, he should have been working toward a two-word battle armor. At any rate, it was difficult to tell how much strength he could unleash in the matches to come.

If Monster Academy wanted to defeat Shrek Academy in all aspects, be it the solo, the paired, or the team competition, the team battle that initially warranted less attention had now become crucial. It would be a true gauge for their combined team strengths. The team that obtained victory would undeniably be the true powerhouse.

The competition continued. The second day of the competition for the top sixty-four contestants still drew interest. Xie Xie’s opponent was not weak, but under Xie Xie’s high-speed attacks, his opponent was crushed. The three contestants from Shrek Academy proceeded to the top thirty-two.

For Monster Academy, apart from Teng Teng being eliminated by Yuanen Yehui, the other four had progressed to the top thirty-two. Long Yue’s match was the finale. As was the case for his previous matches, he had defeated his opponents without expending much effort and ended among the top thirty-two.

There was no rest period in the final stages of the solo competition. After the first round ended, the competition where sixteen contestants would be selected followed immediately. All the matches were completed within a day.

Undeniably, the contestants who had their matches on the first day would be at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, this was how the matches were arranged.

They entered Star Luo Coliseum again. Tang Wulin had to change into a hoodie he bought in Star Luo Empire. He was considered public enemy number one of Star Luo Empire’s citizens at the moment. He was being treated like a rat which everyone wanted to kill the minute they laid their eyes on it. If he happened to be sighted on the streets by pedestrians, he would definitely be intimidated with death threats, not to mention being cursed at as well.

The security would protect their safety, but there was no way to stop all these threats. They were, after all, foreigners.

“Dai Yun’er!” Tang Wulin had known who his opponent would be.

The last of the Eight Heavenly Kings who was the unruly princess, also known as the Spirit King Dai Yun’er.

Undoubtedly, among the Eight Heavenly Kings, Dai Yun’er’s cultivation base was the weakest. Similar to Tang Wulin, she also had a four-ring
cultivation base but did not have a one-word battle armor. Evidently, she turned out to be a worthy opponent for Tang Wulin.

The strengths of Yuanen Yehui’s and Xie Xie’s opponents were nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately, their opponents were not from Monster Academy. Naturally, they did not feel as stressed.

Following this round, the outlook would not be as positive in the upcoming rounds. Once they were in the top sixteen, Tang Wulin would be facing Dai Yueyan. If Xie Xie were to be matched against an agility system Battle Soul Master who was ranked fourth among the Eight Heavenly Kings, the prospects would not be bright.

Fortunately, Yuanen Yehui had better luck. She would not be facing any of the Monster Academy contestants in that round.

However, if everything went smoothly and Tang Wulin was able to make it into the top eight continuing into the semi-finals, he would then face Yuanen.

This was inevitable. Even the organizing committee could not possibly
arrange the competition so that the contestants from the same team would not be paired against each other. This was utterly impossible. Tang Wulin was still the one who would be facing the most difficult challenges in this competition.

The three of them walked into the waiting area together. It was only after they had entered that Tang Wulin removed his hood to reveal his face. The people from Monster Academy had already arrived. When she saw Tang Wulin, Dai Yun’er immediately jumped to her feet. She strode toward Tang Wulin and blocked his way.

“Tang Wulin, I am your opponent today.” Dai Yun’er looked at him with keen sparkling eyes.

“I know that!” Tang Wulin looked at the princess helplessly.

Dai Yun’er raised a fist toward him. “That’s why you’re dead meat! You better yield quickly. Perhaps, I’ll show you some mercy.”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes, “Where’s your brain?”

After he finished, he walked around Dai Yun’er and straight toward his seat.

A chuckle escaped Xie Xie’s mouth. He and Yuanen Yehui also walked around the princess.

Dai Yun’er stood where she was. She appeared stiff.

‘Where’s your brain? What does that mean? He, he dares question my intellect? I, who am extremely intelligent. He dares insult me? I won’t put up with such an insult. He’s obnoxious!’

“Tang! Wu! Lin!” Dai Yun’er shouted shrilly. She was rushing toward Tang Wulin when she was stopped by Dai Yueyan who quickly stood up and grabbed her.

The audience could see the commotion inside the waiting area. They were not only representing Monster Academy but were also representing Star Luo Empire as well! Who was not familiar with this princess? If she broke into a fight with Tang Wulin in the waiting area, then the prestige of the royal family would be lost. Even then, with Dai Yunyan pulling back his sister, her shrill scream had caught the attention of the spectators in the stands.

Tang Wulin sat down calmly. He grabbed a cup of fruit juice beside him and drank it. As expected, only eating and drinking could bring on the feelings of comfort! As for Dai Yun’er’s shrieks from afar, he ignored them like
water off a duck’s back.

After all, this princess had a bad impression of him. There was no need to hold out the olive branch!

Dai Yueyan was speechless. Could this little sister of his and Tang Wulin be born nemeses? This was truly…

Fortunately, the competition commenced without delay. Dai Yun’er sat down grumpily. Dai Yueyan made a remark which managed to calm her. They would be fighting against each other on the stage anyway. So, she did not have to be so anxious to fight him now.

If one’s gaze could kill a person, Tang Wulin would have long been dead.

There was a total of sixteen matches in the round of the top thirty-two. The contestants would be paired against each other. At the end of this round, there would be a rest day. It would be the quarter-finals thereafter.

The competition would be starting soon. Everyone was getting tense. Today, there would also be a battle between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Furthermore, it was a fight between Princess Dai Yun’er and the team captain of Shrek Academy.

How would this match unfold?

In fact, not many people knew about the strength of the princess. Nobody knew the extent of her powers.

Outwardly, Dai Yun’er only had a four-ring cultivation base. She was not even a one-word Battle Armor Master. She was ranked the last among the Eight Heavenly Kings. Besides, Tang Wulin had defeated Su Mu before this. The circumstances did not allow much room for her to be optimistic.

With that said, there were also tales that claimed that Dai Yun’er was a rare genius of the royal family. Her natural endowments were said to be superior to that of the fourth prince’s. She had even inherited some magical abilities.

As to what the actual situation was, they would have to watch this match. If Princess Yun’er could defeat the captain of Shrek Academy, then she would be promoted as the people’s goddess.

Chapter 662 - Tang Wulin, You’re Dead!

Chapter 662: Tang Wulin, You’re Dead!

Even if she lost, it would not mean anything. It must be that the enemy was sly!

Rather than see the objective truth, the majority would usually prefer to be on their acquaintances’ side.

Tang Wulin was not scheduled for the first match in today’s competition. Otherwise, it would be obvious.

Xie Xie would be fighting in the third match, Yuanen Yehui in the seventh, and Tang Wulin in the eighth respectively.

Xie Xie’s match today was arduous. He had used a full twelve minutes before he found a chance and broke through the defense of his opponent. At least, he still had luck on his side before the next round began. Allowing that he met a five-ring Soul King expert in this round, and the opponent’s battle armor was incomplete, not to mention he was not even a one-word
Battle Armor Master, he was definitely lucky.

Yuanen Yehui would fight in the seventh match. The strength of her opponent could be regarded as the weakest among the top thirty-two. She did not expend too much energy to defeat her opponent. Alongside Xie Xie, both of them entered the ranks of the top sixteen.

At their age, it was an exceptional circumstance for them to be able to proceed to the top sixteen in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.

Shortly after, the one who would be battling was Tang Wulin. Dai Yun’er had been impatiently waiting for a long time. When the match between Yuanen Yehui and her opponent ended, she immediately jumped up from her seat. She pointed her right index finger in Tang Wulin’s direction.

Tang Wulin had stood up also, but he was not looking in her direction. He was walking straight toward the stage.

“Yun’er, keep your cool,” exhorted Dai Yueyan.

“I want to beat him up until he can’t even recognize himself!” Dai Yun’er ran furiously after Tang Wulin and followed him up the stage.

“Tang Wulin, you’re dead!”

Tang Wulin was standing still on the stage when Dai Yun’er’s voice echoed in his head. His spirit was slightly shaken. What a forceful spiritual power that was. She could project her voice using her spiritual power.

Ostensibly, he appeared to ignore Dai Yun’er when, in fact, he did not make light of her one bit.

She was one of the Eight Heavenly Kings not just because she was a princess. He had complete knowledge of Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power.

Dai Yun’er looked at Tang Wulin with penetrating sparkling eyes. Her diminutive hands rubbed themselves together. Her gaze was sharp. She was ready to pounce on him right away.

“In this match, it’ll be Spirit King Princess Dai Yun’er against the team
captain of Shrek Academy, Tang Wulin. Princess Dai Yun’er’s martial soul is Hell Civet. It’s the inherited martial soul of the empire, an agility system Soul Master. Her speed is extraordinarily quick, and her attacks are powerful. On the other hand, contestant Tang Wulin is an assault system
Battle Soul Master. I believe his previous matches had given everyone a deep impression of his battling prowess. It’ll be difficult for us to determine who’d be the victor of this match. We’ll have to wait and see what the princess has up her sleeves.” Fang’er honestly did not have high hopes for Dai Yun’er. The strength Tang Wulin had displayed in his previous matches was overly domineering. In
addition, assault systems had a powerful restraining effect on agility systems.

Both of them were equally matched in cultivation base, but Tang Wulin had a potent bloodline power. If Dai Yun’er wanted to defeat him, it would be tremendously difficult.

Nonetheless, she was a princess. When Fang’er commentated, she was indubitably biased. It was obligatory.

Due to the soul barrier, Tang Wulin had not heard Fang’er’s commentary. He had no idea that Dai Yun’er’s martial soul was an agility system.

“Let the match begin!”

The referee’s voice had just faded when Dai Yun’er rushed out quick as lightning. Her speed was incredibly fast. Beneath her feet, soul rings
appeared — three purples and one black.

In terms of the soul rings’ colors, they were identical to Tang Wulin’s. What fantastic speed!
She had afterimages behind her. Dai Yun’er had traversed halfway through the stage in one breath.

He found this martial soul to be surprisingly familiar. Tang Wulin was a little shocked. ‘Isn’t this the Hell Civet martial soul which Wu Siduo had? What a coincidence. Dai Yun’er has it also?’

Since he was not familiar with Star Luo Empire, Tang Wulin did not know that the martial souls Hell Civet and White Tiger were the royal hereditary martial souls of Star Luo Empire.

When he faced Dai Yun’er’s charge, Tang Wulin did not move at all. He waited calmly at his initial spot for her to approach him. When he arrived at Star Luo Empire a few days ago, he vividly remembered the scene where Dai Yun’er had spoken to him on the plaza in front of the palace. He had a deep understanding of Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power. Tang Wulin knew that since Dai Yun’er was one of the Eight
Heavenly Kings, there is more to it than meets the eye. With only a Hell Civet martial soul, it was impossible for her to attain such a level.

When she realized that she was less than thirty meters from Tang Wulin, the first soul ring on her body suddenly flashed. She instantly appeared before Tang Wulin as a beam of flowing light. It was incidentally the same first
soul skill as Wu Siduo, Hell Rush!

It was precisely then that Tang Wulin noticed it was not cat claws that scratched at him. Instead, it was Dai Yun’er’s eyes.

Dai Yun’er’s big eyes glowed with an azure light ring. They were as clear as two blue crystals. Tang Wulin felt his consciousness flickered for a moment as if everything around him had suddenly slowed down.
A pang of pain hit his chest, and a bone-chilling cold came instantly. This was bad! Tang Wulin instinctively knew that things were not good.
Under the external stimulus, the Golden Dragon King bloodline reacted at once. Golden Dragon Body was activated as a response. Golden dragon
scales appeared and shielded his chest. Hastily, Tang Wulin bit the tip of his tongue. He utilized his Purple Demon Eyes to regain clarity of his mind from the confusion.

“Bang!” Tang Wulin’s body flew backward. He was sent soaring eight meters by Dai Yun’er’s attack. He staggered a while before he managed to regain his composure.

Naturally, the audience could not feel what Tang Wulin experienced. What they saw was the princess charging forward, then Hell Rush brazenly
collided with Tang Wulin, and he was sent flying upon impact.

For some time, the thunderous applause continued and shouts of exultation filled the coliseum. People from around ten miles away could hear the clangor within Star Luo Coliseum.

Tang Wulin shook his head vigorously. He raised the power of his Purple Demon Eyes to recover his spirits. He was terrified within. Predictably, Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power was phenomenal.

Although Dai Yun’er’s attacks were strong, Tang Wulin had prepared beforehand. The formidable defensive capabilities of Golden Dragon Body were complemented by his soul and blood essence powers. Currently, he felt jolts of stabbing pain, but he did not sustain any serious injuries. There were five white scratch marks on the golden dragon scales, but they were
slowly fading away.

After Dai Yun’er sent Tang Wulin flying with her attack, her body was on the move again. Just when Tang Wulin regained his footing, she appeared before him. For a while, countless claw shadows darted toward Tang Wulin.

The purple light flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He protected his spiritual sea with the Purple Demon Eyes. He unleashed a simple and unadorned punch.

The air was compressed instantly. Dai Yun’er at once felt the wavefront of the compressed air in front of her. The tremendous pressure made it difficult for her to breathe.

Dai Yun’er’s reflexes were quick. Her body swiftly retreated, and she made a half-squatting action.

Tang Wulin’s punch landed on an empty spot, but he had successfully negated the attack of Dai Yun’er’s Hell Hundred Claws. He raised his right foot and was ready to take a step forward. Simultaneously, he prepared to unleash Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. However, Dai Yun’er suddenly moved, and she had timed her reaction perfectly.

It was the gap between the fading of Tang Wulin’s previous punch and the stomp of his foot. There was coincidentally an opening between the two actions. Her aura instantly became illusory. An eerie light cut horizontally into the opening and slashed Tang Wulin’s waist.

This move caught Tang Wulin by surprise. She was really good at seizing opportunities. An opportunity with a gap that was no wider than a hair’s breadth. Now, that was incredible.

Presenting his opponent with such an opportunity and at close proximity, Tang Wulin had no time to dodge the attack.

The golden scales instantly took on the appearance of a mirror. The eerie light landed on the scales and they immediately flickered. At the same time, Tang Wulin’s imposing body was going to stomp his right foot on the ground.

Golden Dragon Super Armor!

They had fought for a short period, but Tang Wulin was already forced to use his Golden Dragon Super Armor.

Concurrently, when the beam of eerie light flashed across the stage, Dai Yun’er retreated. She was thrown back by the vibration of Tang Wulin’s stomp. In fact, when the power of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth propagated out, she had retreated far away. She had put ample distance between herself and Tang Wulin.

In the short span of time during which the two exchanged blows and
collided, both contestants had used three skills each. However, anyone who had acute eyesight could tell that Tang Wulin was obviously at a disadvantage.

Chapter 663 - Tricked

Chapter 663: Tricked

The three skills Golden Dragon Body, Domineering Golden Dragon Body, and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth consumed a large amount of blood
essence power which were unlike Dai Yun’er’s Hell Rush, Hell Hundred Claws, and Hell Slash.

Dai Yun’er floated onto the ground. Her charming face bore a proud smile. “So much for your reputation.”

Tang Wulin looked at her as he frowned. Her Highness’ power was
extraordinary as anticipated! She was qualified to be one of the Eight
Heavenly Kings not because she was a princess, but because she was truly competent and well-trained. Judging by her battle tactics and timing, she was at least stronger than the few other Heavenly Kings who Tang Wulin had met on previous occasions.

There was something wrong with her eyes. Tang Wulin looked at Dai Yun’er anxiously as he became increasingly vigilant toward her.

She was certainly not an opponent to be dismissed!

Tang Wulin’s lips formed a faint smile. He stretched out his right hand and gestured Dai Yun’er to go ahead.

This skittish gesture of his infuriated Dai Yun’er promptly. She was akin to a tempestuous female kitten as she rushed toward Tang Wulin at lightning speed.

Dai Yueyan who was smiling initially in the waiting area suddenly knitted his brows together. Dai Yun’er’s earlier performance was perfect in that she lured Tang Wulin into using a few soul skills. She even scored a hit on his body. She had performed flawlessly. However, the assault before his eyes seemed to be different now. Her mood was clearly affected.

He had a deep admiration for his sister’s skills and perceptive power. At the same time, he also understood his sister’s weakness in both her cultivation base and temperament.

She was a princess who had been pampered since young. There was always her pride and temperament which proved to be her Achilles heel as she had a low tolerance.

It was apparent that Tang Wulin’s skittish gesture was meant to upset Dai Yun’er. If a soul master was incapable of remaining calm in a battle, then he or she would not be able to perform at their peak. Tang Wulin was a crafty opponent! Not only was he powerful, he was also skilled in observing and
exploiting their weaknesses.

It was still the Hell Rush, but this time, the radiance emitted from Dai Yun’er’s gaze was stronger. The blue light turned into two streams of blue needle-like radiances abruptly. Tang Wulin felt a piercing pain radiating from his brain. Even his Purple Demon Eyes were incapable of blocking her spiritual assault.

He stumbled backward twice, but his hands remained in front of his body to act as a block.

Dai Yun’er walked to face Tang Wulin. She skidded and circled around to his back. In response, her pair of cat claws clawed desperately at both sides of Tang Wulin’s waist.

Tang Wulin’s spirit was greatly disturbed. His body was stiff and straight that even the Golden Dragon Body was weakened a little. Without any
spiritual control, it was impossible for him to unleash a skill such as the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. He could not do anything except to allow the pair of cat claws to land on his waist. Just as Dai Yun’er’s cat claws were about to rip into his body, an unusual change happened to Tang Wulin’s body. Blades of thick and huge
Bluesilver Grass suddenly surged out of his body without any warning.

Dai Yun’er’s claws tore into the blades of Bluesilver Grass. Soon after, the Bluesilver Grass streamed out like a pit of wavering snakes and wound
around her body.

There was a golden Bluesilver Grass that was most striking. It zipped past and wound itself tightly around Dai Yun’er.

Everything changed in a flash. Due to the close contact, Dai Yun’er did not have time to dodge despite her swift reaction.

In truth, the Bluesilver Emperor was not within Tang Wulin’s control. Dai Yun’er’s spiritual assault earlier affected him greatly. In any case, he managed to protect his spirit from being severely injured, although he was rendered incapable of controlling his own body.

Anyhow, he was not fighting alone, for he still had the spirit soul Goldsong.

Goldsong was the first spirit soul that had followed him for many years. It was cultivated by Tang Wulin little by little. It had progressed from a defective spirit soul and was elevated by the fusion with Tang Wulin’s bloodline. Since then, it had undergone continuous subtle improvements.

Tang Wulin reckoned that there should be a fail-safe trick hidden within Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power. Thus, he issued an order to Goldsong as Dai Yun’er was charging toward him so that Goldsong would help him to maneuver the Bluesilver Emperor and launch the first soul skill – Bind.

Even though Dai Yun’er had an astute aptitude, she did not expect Tang Wulin to utilize such an ability during a critical moment when his spirit was assaulted. She struggled under great stress for a brief moment.
Simultaneously, a white figure emerged from her body and flew to the top of Tang Wulin’s head at lightning speed. Her pair of claws enlarged without warning to grab onto Tang Wulin. The Soul Assault’s effect had ended, and Tang Wulin regained his
consciousness. The two golden soul rings on his body were replaced by three purple and one black soul rings. His second soul ring glowed brightly as countless Bluesilver Grass blades unexpectedly pierced out from his body as the center and covered a circular area of ten meters in diameter.

The white figure in the sky was immediately blown away by the blast. It moved sluggishly in the sky like an adorable white little kitten. Meanwhile, Dai Yun’er who was wound in the Bluesilver Grass was similarly impacted by the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Even though the Hell Civet martial soul’s powerful resistance had dispersed a major portion of the impaling force, she was still affected by the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Dazed by the force, she felt sluggish and just stood fixed to the spot.

Tang Wulin turned around and he was upon her. He raised his hand and placed his Golden Dragon Claw valiantly onto Her Highness’ head.

The horde in the waiting area and His Highness the Emperor leaped up immediately at the same time.

Everyone had witnessed the power of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw during the earlier match. Even a battle armor could not block his Golden Dragon Claw’s attack, let alone Dai Yun’er’s puny head.

Dai Yun’er’s head was about to be crushed when the Golden Dragon Claw suddenly vanished and transformed back into his palm. He brushed her neck gently to put her into an unconscious state.

The Bluesilver Grass faded away and Her Highness was placed onto the ground.

Dai Yueyan who had dashed out earlier witnessed the scene and heaved a sigh of relief. He was so petrified that it made his heart drop.

If Tang Wulin had killed Yun’er, there was no telling what would happen next.

Dai Tianling was displeased, yet there was a sense of relief somehow. The match ended abruptly. Moreover, it was not an especially stunning battle scene. Only the knowledgeable portion of the audience could see through this battle of intellect and courage.

“Her Highness Dai Yun’er was tricked. She was influenced by the opponent’s provocation. Otherwise, it’s difficult to say what the outcome will be.” Fang’er made a fair commentary. The words ‘it’s difficult to say’ that was mentioned showed respect to Her Highness. After all, despite Fang’er’s frank commentary, she was still a citizen of Star Luo Empire.

In actuality, Dai Yun’er had taken on an aggressive role since the beginning of the match. With her special ability that was her second martial soul, she had been on the offensive throughout the match.

Other than the Hell Civet, she had awakened another form of a martial soul named the ‘Spirit Eye’. This martial soul that appeared ordinary was, in fact, famous because it was one of the two great martial souls that belonged to the legendary Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao who dominated a whole generation ten thousand years ago.

The Spirit Eye was purely a spiritual-type martial soul which had a potent
effect in elevating the spiritual power. Although Dai Yun’er was still young, her spiritual power was close to the Spirit Abyss. At the same time, she was endowed with a Spirit Eye with four soul skills. The soul skills were Spiritual Detection, Spiritual Disturbance, Spiritual Assault, and Collective Weakening.

Tang Wulin faced the Spiritual Disturbance during the first encounter while Spiritual Detection enshrouded his body all the time. Dai Yun’er’s judgment of the battle was accurate all along.

Chapter 664 - Missing Him

Chapter 664: Missing Him

During the second impact, she launched her strongest spiritual attack, the Spiritual Assault. If Tang Wulin had not been prepared, he would have been in real danger, especially after Dai Yun’er lost her emotional control’s

This spirit-type martial soul was extremely rare and highly intriguing. Had Dai Yun’er constantly utilized her spirit-type ability to suppress Tang Wulin and consume his soul power, it would have been far more difficult for Tang Wulin to defeat her.

It was a pity that the princess’ willpower was not as great as her natural
endowments. She had been caught by Tang Wulin’s scheme which brought the match to its conclusion.

Even as such, Tang Wulin could not help but have a deepened respect for her. The power displayed by Her Highness, the Princess during the battle and her intriguing spiritual power left a profound impression on Tang Wulin.

A chorus of boos echoed from all directions. The jeering continued as Tang Wulin returned to the waiting area. He used his soul power to seal his ears from the outside world’s disturbance. He was oblivious to the outside world if he could not hear it, yet his mind was constantly replaying the process of the battle earlier.

The battle earlier enlightened him, especially when Dai Yun’er had seized the opportunity to launch the Hell Slash attack.

The effects of spiritual power could be used in such a matter during a battle. His own Purple Demon Eyes had always been used as a spiritual attack, but in reality, there were so many other uses for it! However, how had Dai Yun’er managed to release her spiritual power?
Tang Wulin was curious because it was very clear that Dai Yun’er’s spiritual power was superior to his.

Another one from the Monster Academy was eliminated. There were only three of them left at this point. Tang Wulin had entered the final sixteen
with ease.

The intense battle of the final sixteen ended.

Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie and the Monster Academy’s team of three led by Long Yue entered the final sixteen in succession. The two great academies occupied the top six places of the remaining competitors.

The climax of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s individual match was soon expected to take place.

The next round of matches would be an enormous challenge for the three from Shrek Academy. Tang Wulin was about to meet the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, while Xie Xie’s opponent was Monster Academy’s other agility- type soul master named Wind King Lin San.

The round from sixteen to eight would be the important confrontation between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Whoever was capable of gaining the upper hand in the next round would have an advantage in the individual match.

Those two matches would both be formidable battles.

The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was ranked second amongst the Eight
Heavenly Kings, preceded by the Dragon King Long Yue. The Wind King Lin San was ranked fourth among the Eight Heavenly Kings. He was undoubtedly more powerful than Teng Teng, and his opponent would be Xie Xie.

It was apparent that Xie Xie’s overall power was inferior to Yuanen Yehui and even Yue Zhengyu. This coming match would be a harrowing trial for him. “I refuse to accept this!” “Crack!”
This was already the sixth vase that Dai Yun’er had broken. Her charming face was filled with rage. She wished that she could look for Tang Wulin and fight him again if she could.

However, there were two elders seated calmly outside of her imperial living quarters. It was impossible for Her Highness the Princess to take a step out of her room with their presence.

“I refuse to accept this! I was tricked! That fellow was too cunning. Tang Wulin, you bastard. You—you wait for me!”

Dai Yun’er was infuriated the moment she recalled the wicked smile on Tang Wulin’s face, and his eyes that appeared to be gentle and clear but always appeared to be taunting her.

‘Bastard! How could I lose?! And in such an unfair manner?! It was me who occupied the upper hand obviously. The fellow was too cunning. He even managed to provoke me such that I became infuriated.”

How could she convince herself otherwise! Her original plan was to put on a great show in the competition and flaunt her magical girl abilities in order to receive countless applause and fresh flowers. Yet, she did not expect to lose hopelessly for nothing. How could this incident not oppress Her
Highness Princess?

“Alright, Yun’er. Stop it. Brother Long will be avenging you later.” Long Yue and Dai Yueyan walked into the room together from the outside at that exact moment.

Dai Yun’er’s eyes immediately reddened as soon as she saw him. Her body flashed past as she pounced to his front and pulled at his sleeve. “Brother Long, I refuse to accept this! I shouldn’t have lost to that evil fellow. It was him who was too cunning! He tricked me. If I had been more careful at the time, it would have been impossible for him to catch me. How could he deplete less than me if I were to only fight him when I’m the one with twin martial soul! I can even defeat him just by using the Spiritual Assault to disturb him continuously.”

Dai Yueyan’s expression turned solemn. “Alright, little sister. Stop that. You have lost. Moreover, you didn’t lose to him but to yourself. Rather than blaming others, why don’t you think about your own mistakes? Why were you so easily tricked? If your temperament was slightly steadier, would he
still be able to take advantage of you? Moreover, Tang Wulin is not as simple as you’ve imagined.”

Dai Yun’er pouted her little lips. “Fourth brother, how could you take the other party’s side! Are you my brother or his brother? I don’t like you

Long Yue burst out laughing as he touched Dai Yun’er’s head. “Alright, my little princess. Your fourth brother will be avenging you in a moment. If he is unable to do so then Brother Long will help to avenge you. Why is there a need for our little princess to act steady, she won’t be our little princess
anymore when she’s steady! Don’t be angry. Your performance today is already rather impressive.”

Dai Yun’er’s face remained defiant. “Brother Long, if we were to meet
Tang Wulin again during the two-on-two match, you must help teach him a lesson. You’ll help me to pin down him and I’ll stamp on him ferociously to vent my anger.”

Dai Yueyan could not help covering his face with his hands when he heard her worlds. He could not stand to look her in the eyes. “Little princess, you’re a princess! How can you lose your etiquette as such?”

Dai Yun’er spoke rudely, “I don’t care. I’m going to vent my anger anyhow. Even if Father were to put me in solitary confinement, I’ll still be beating that fellow’s ass.”

“Achoo!” Tang Wulin sneezed as he prepared to meditate. He had been feeling calm for the past few days. Or in other words, he intentionally ensured himself to maintain his mood in a calmed state. Ever since Gu Yue’s estrangement from him the other day, he had been maintaining his mood in such a state. He understood that as a captain, he could not allow his mood to affect the competition.

In the next room.

Gu Yue sat on her sofa. Her gaze appeared calm. She placed her crossed hands on her lower abdomen and seemed to be lost in thought.

Suddenly, the lighting in the room dimmed for a moment. A figure emerged in the room soundlessly.

It was a woman dressed in a long violet dress. She had an exquisite
appearance with long lavender hair draping down her back. Even her eyes were violet. It was an extremely peculiar sight.

She waved her right hand. A layer of purple-colored glow immediately rippled in the room. Then, she walked to the front of Gu Yue with slow steps. She knelt down on one knee and spoke respectfully, “My lord.”

“How’s the investigation?” Gu Yue asked indifferently.

The woman in violet answered with a deep voice, “According to our investigation, Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King martial soul wasn’t born inherently, but he had received some ability similar to an inherited ability which was then infused into his body and changed his bloodline. We’re
searching for this Inheritance Land. There are some powerhouses from the Monster Academy with unusually remarkable powers. It shouldn’t be a problem for us to gather our strength and charge into the place by force.
However, we will cause a great commotion so it’s difficult for us to stay hidden.”

“Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy first.” Gu Yue waved her hand. “We’ll look for another opportunity then. We’ll be seeing Long Yue flaunting his power later on. I can’t sense that Inheritance Land’s aura. It should be a place that’s similar to a breach in the space. If that place has the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline, perhaps, the item I’ve lost is there too.”

“My strength is sealed again. I’m tidying up everything step by step and I’ve already completed the initial step now. I’ll still need some time, but if I can find the item that I’ve lost in the beginning then it’ll speed up the process.”

“Yes, my lord. We’ll look for another opportunity. The Monster Academy President should be taking part in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s finals. That should be our perfect opportunity. I’ll be investigating more by then to see if I can find some

“Hmm. Leave now.” Gu Yue waved her hand.

The woman in violet transformed into a stream of purple rays at the sway of her body and vanished without a sound.

Gu Yue stood up and walked to the front of the window. She gazed out into the distance and turned her head in the direction of Tang Wulin’s room

On Sea God’s Island at Shrek Academy, Na’er sat on a swing as it rocked gently. Her pair of little legs with fair complexion were revealed on the outside, while her long silver hair hung down her back and was blowing gently in the wind.

Her big eyes had misted up slightly.

“I wish that I could join Brother in the Star Luo Empire! She promised me that she won’t harm Brother before that day comes.

If I didn’t need more power to subdue her, I would have been there, too. Brother, you must return safely! I miss you so much.”

Chapter 665 - Final Sixteen to the Final Eight

Chapter 665: Final Sixteen to the Final Eight

In Star Luo Continent, Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City!

“Today’s the final sixteen into the final eight matches! Brother, do you have an extra ticket? I’ll pay you no matter what the price is.”

“What’re you saying? I don’t have any. I won’t sell it even if I’ve it! This is absolutely the most exciting yet for this year’s competition. This is a great battle between our Monster Academy and the Shrek Academy! I’m willing to give up a few years of my life just to witness the competition live. This is simply too exciting.”

“You’re right! Who would’ve thought that the final sixteen into the final eight matches could be so exciting? I heard that there are two matches between our Monster Academy and Shrek Academy out of the eight matches today. Shrek Academy’s captain is going to fight against His
Highness the Fourth Prince. The Fourth Prince will win surely!”

Fang’er was dressed in an enormous cape large enough to conceal her head and face as she walked down the street. There would be discussions about the upcoming final sixteen into the final eight individual matches resonating in her ears.

There was no doubt that public opinion was biased toward Monster Academy. Could Monster Academy win today’s two matches?

Even Fang’er could not foretell the outcome.

Her choice would naturally be Monster Academy. She had a patriotic spirit. Nevertheless, she was impartial in her judgment. Shrek Academy’s captain Tang Wulin’s power remained a mystery as no one had witnessed the range of his skills from the beginning till the end of the competition. What were the vines actually? The competition had ended immediately after the vines were released during the last match.

The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was His Highness the Fourth Prince. He was ranked second among the Eight Heavenly Kings and was also the highest grade powerhouse. He had the royal bloodline’s inheritance.

But, was he capable of triumphing over Tang Wulin?

As for the other matches, they were truly thrilling and interesting. There seemed to be only one agility-type soul master in Shrek Academy. The
speed and fighting ability which he displayed during the previous matches was impressive. Similarly, he was hiding something too. To pit him against the Wind King Lin San was undoubtedly akin to a clash of the titans. It
would be difficult to say who the winner or the loser would be. Of course,
Lin San who owned a set of one-word battle armor would stand a better chance of winning.

The public had been captivated by the two great academies’ confrontation. Actually, all of them neglected the fact that Shrek Academy’s students were only fifteen years old!

Even if Long Yue managed to be the champion of the individual match at the end, Tang Wulin would be considered to have won if he reached the finals.

If they were of the same age, and Tang Wulin was a one-word battle armor master as well, then it would be a tough situation to evaluate.

She had hoped that His Highness the Fourth Prince would defeat Tang Wulin today. He would also be defending Monster Academy’s reputation as such.

As she was having a stroll, Fang’er was suddenly aware of a figure coming out of the shop in front. She instinctively stopped walking. The figure was slender and much taller than her. He wore a hood which
concealed most of his face. Anyway, Fang’er could still see the side of his face from the angle where she stood due to his height.

Fang’er was stunned the moment she saw him because she recognized him at a glance.

‘Isn’t that Tang Wulin?’

Tang Wulin walked by her in a rush. When she turned her head to the side, she noticed that the shop was selling rare metal.

‘Was he here to buy some rare metal?’

‘Why was he in such a leisurely and carefree mood when it would be the final sixteen into the final eight matches tomorrow?’

Tang Wulin was in a rather good mood at the moment. He received notification from the shop that a new batch of rare metal had arrived. He
was at the shop to pick up a batch. The price of this batch of rare metal was reasonable. He could use it to make two-word battle armor for his comrades in the future after some refining process.

Tomorrow would be the day that he was going to face His Highness the Fourth Prince in the competition. His opponent was powerful undoubtedly, more powerful than anyone that he had ever faced before. However, his
emotion was hardly affected as it was his emotional seal that made him capable of maintaining a calm state.

However, Tang Wulin was aware that his current state was not beneficial to him because there was a lack of enthusiasm in him.

Anyhow, this meant his mood was at least unaffected.

He definitely would not be influenced by his mood. He kept reminding himself countless times, yet each time he thought about the night when Gu Yue admitted that she was close to him because of his bloodline power, his heart wrung with pain. ‘Forget it, don’t think about this anymore.’

Tang Wulin shook his head intensely. Just as he was about to return to the hotel, the fighter badge in his chest pocket vibrated mildly.

‘Are they gathering fighters again?’ Tang Wulin removed the badge instinctively and took a look.

The badge was predictably pointing in the direction of Tang Sect.

He received thirty thousand contribution points and outstanding merit for his service from the previous assignment. It did not matter whether he
continued to partake in the coming operations at his current rank being a white fighter with his accumulated merits.

Still, Tang Wulin headed in the direction of the Tang Sect. His parents had left, and now even Gu Yue was… the only things he had now were the
academy, the sect, and his comrades. He should just go to Tang Sect and check it out.

Star Luo City’s Tang Sect headquarters was bustling as usual with the multitude streaming in and out of the building.

Tang Wulin changed into his fighter attire in a desolated corner before he entered the place hurriedly.

He arrived at the Tang Sect’s courtyard following the fighter badge’s guidance. There were already a good number of fighters gathered as one might expect.

Ordinarily, one could differentiate a fighter’s rank based on the color of the mask they wore. However, Tang Wulin was surprised that just about every fighter he saw was wearing a white mask, except for the person standing at the forefront. In short, they were all white fighters.

The person who was standing at the forefront was the odd one out, a black fighter. Moreover, Tang Wulin could not help smiling the moment he saw him. He was still the same as before! Even though he was wearing a mask, his shape and aura had not changed one bit.

Black One was his identification previously.

He had no idea regarding the operation today. It should not be an issue for him to take part if it was only a short operation.

Just as he glanced at Black One, Black One happened to be gazing at his side. Black One immediately walked over toward him.

“White Three?” he asked. Tang Wulin could identify the shape of his figure and aura, so how could he not recognize Tang Wulin’s?

Tang Wulin smiled and nodded. “Hello, Black One.”

Black One chuckled. “It seems that you’ve been spending your time in the royal city recently. Apparently, we’re destined to meet. Don’t miss this opportunity now! An opportunity such as this is hard to come by! Only once every decade.”

‘Once every decade? What’s that?’

Tang Wulin was feeling unsure, but it did sound enticing.

Black One gave him a few words of encouragement before he returned to the front.

A large number of people had arrived by now. The gathering had surpassed thirty people which was the number of people who took part in the previous operation.

Currently, the number was still increasing.

Half an hour later, the total came to over a hundred white fighters in the
courtyard. Other than Black One, everyone was a white fighter. There was not a single yellow or purple fighter. “Okay. Everybody is almost here,” Black One finally spoke. All the white fighters were focused on him.

Black One spoke gruffly, “All subsections have been notified a while ago regarding this operation. Those white fighters whose cultivation base is below rank-40 or 50 are exempted. Those who have already completed their one-word battle armor and can advance to be yellow fighters are also
exempted. Those of you who belong to those two categories, please step
aside. Those two categories aren’t allowed to participate in this operation.” Five white fighters stepped out upon hearing Black One’s words.
One of them spoke respectfully, “Our esteemed black fighter, I have just achieved a breakthrough to rank-50. Am I not allowed to participate?”

Chapter 666 - Operation Dragon Valley?

Chapter 666: Operation Dragon Valley?

Black One nodded. “Yes. The place has a very strict policy. Anyone who’s rank-50 and above is not allowed to enter with no exception. If any of you’re in a similar situation, then you may leave. Also, I’d like to remind
everyone not to cheat, otherwise, you’ll be treating your life as a joke. That place is not for messing around. The energy is not allowed to go below or above a certain level based on the energy strength capacity of the breach in the space. This is calculated based on the tests of the previous generation. Whoever is in the aforementioned two categories please step out quick.”

There was no doubt that the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall fighters were
sincere. There was no one else, while the few who had stepped out earlier left in dejection.

Even though Tang Wulin did not completely understand the situation at this point, he was entirely interested. It was apparent that this was an opportunity to elevate himself.

Black One spoke curtly, “The quota is thirty people. However, everyone
stands a chance according to the rules before. We will be hosting a trial. The first thirty fighters who are selected can participate in this operation. We’ll be dividing you into groups later. The trial will be carried out a month later. We will be departing in about ten days after the trial has ended.”

“We will be carrying out an identification of your fighter’s badge following this.”

This procedure was performed for every operation in the past to confirm the fighter’s identity.

Soon, the identity confirmation was completed. Black One spoke, “White Three, step out.” Tang Wulin was jolted out of his inattention when Black One called him. He hastily walked out from among the crowd to the front.

Black One spoke, “White Three displayed the courageous spirit during
Operation Green Skeleton. He risked his life to protect his comrades who took part in the operation. In view of his contribution, he will automatically gain a spot as one of the participants in Operation Dragon Valley this time.

No one objected for Tang Sect was always fair. Tang Sect rewarded those who had rendered great service but punished those who underperformed. It upheld the rules strictly as the basis for reward or punishment.

“Thank you, Black One,” Tang Wulin spoke effusively. Based on Black One’s earlier announcement, the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition should be over in forty days. He would have time for the operation by then. The Operation Dragon Valley sounded
exciting. He would report to Teacher Wu regarding this and inform him
about participating in the mission. Teacher Wu should have been transferred to the Worship Hall and been informed of the Tang Sect’s mission.

What was the mission about? Black One did not offer any explanation on it. Neither did Tang Wulin have any idea. Moreover, he could not be questioning the others. After all, he is from Douluo Continent. He was
concerned that if this was a welfare operation, then it would not be relevant to him once he revealed his identity.

Likewise, it would be improbable for Teacher Wu who was also from
Douluo Continent to know about Operation Dragon Valley. He would take this mission one step at a time. In any case, it was not anything evil.

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s individual matches had reached the final sixteen into the final eight.

Early in the morning, Star Luo Coliseum had been tightly packed with a multitude of spectators. Even the audience who could not enter the
coliseum to watch the matches would stand outside to watch the giant
screen instead. They could still experience the electrifying ambience even if it was just to listen to the cheering sounds from the coliseum! The atmosphere was truly exhilarating since everyone craves for some
excitement in one’s life. The competition provided such entertainment to Star Luo Empire’s denizens.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui entered the arena under the army’s escort provided by Star Luo Empire’s authorities.

“Yuanen, what do you think of the matter that I discussed with you?” Xie Xie whispered to Yuanen.

“What matter?” Yuanen turned her head to look at him.

Xie Xie sniggered. “If I were to win this match, you’ll be my girlfriend. Is that alright?”

Yuanen Yehui retorted, “Scram!”

Xie Xie’s face was filled with anguish. “That’s not nice of you. You ought to give me a chance. Defeating you is a future matter. Considering the
competition is in full swing now, can you give me a little motivation?” Yuanen looked at him and answered drably, “No.”
Xie Xie nudged Tang Wulin who was standing on the other side. “Captain, look at her. As a captain, are you not going to intervene after seeing how
she’s treating me?”

Tang Wulin spoke repulsively, “Manage it yourself if you’re capable. I can’t intervene in this matter.”

Xie Xie grunted. “You don’t care about me. Well, I’m going to lose the match!”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “If you’re not afraid of the incensed reception you will get, do as you please!”

Yuanen Yehui spoke coldly, “I may not agree to the matter which you proposed just now, but if you choose to lose the match intentionally, then I’ll guarantee that you won’t stand a chance at all in the future.” Xie Xie’s eyes brightened. He struck immediately. “So, you’re saying that if I defeat the enemy, I’ll at least stand a chance, yes?”

Yuanen did not acknowledge him as she turned her head to the other side. Xie Xie sniggered. “I knew it!”
Tang Wulin slapped his forehead. He wished to ask what Xie Xie knew so much of. But, now was not a good time to rebut him. His enthusiasm to fight was desirable for the competition.

The number of contestants in the waiting area was fewer following the preceding matches. There were only sixteen spots left now. Dai Yun’er was not allowed to enter the area.

Monster Academy’s contingent had arrived. Long Yue saw Tang Wulin and smiled to him. Dai Yueyan’s gaze appeared calm as he nodded toward Tang Wulin.

Their opponents were acting courteous so Tang Wulin acted nice too. Similarly, he nodded toward Long Yue and Dai Yueyan.

Xie Xie’s gaze found his opponent straightaway.

Lin San was a skinny youth. He was above average in appearance and physique. He appeared unruffled compared to Teng Teng. There was a certain calmness and nimbleness in his behavior.

He was the least conspicuous among the Eight Heavenly Kings.
Nonetheless, one would notice that his physical trait was different from everybody else’s under close scrutiny.

Lin San raised his head and looked toward Xie Xie when he sensed Xie Xie’s gaze. His pair of eyes were clear as crystal with no emotion.

Xie Xie raised his brows. An intense will to fight surged uncontrollably from his body. Dai Yueyan in turn looked toward Lin San. He could not help smiling. “It seems like your opponent has a recalcitrant attitude toward you!”

“Power!” Lin San spoke flatly.

Dai Yueyan spoke in slight frustration, “You’re always so curt when you speak. Do you stand to lose by being a bit more communicative?”

“Yes!” Lin San only managed to utter one word.

Lin San was also a legendary figure in Monster Academy. He had an
apathetic temperament. He did not have any hobby except for cultivation. He had the weakest natural endowments and martial soul among the Eight Heavenly Kings. Still, he was ranked fourth. In addition, Su Mu and Dai Yueyan who were ranked above him did not think that they could defeat him for certain.

Lin San did not care much for the rankings. The Eight Heavenly Kings’ ranking was an internal ranking by the academy. In his case, he willingly became one of the Eight Heavenly Kings in order to receive better
cultivation resources just so he could face stronger opponents. Other than that, there was no good reason for him.

If Dai Yueyan could use a phrase to describe Lin San, it would be simple. Lin San lived to fight.

This was the Wind King Lin San, the most obscure person among the Eight Heavenly Kings, yet he was a highly appreciated student of Monster

Being diligent made up for any deficiency. Although it may not be an apt description of him, it elucidated his effort and persistence in doing his best.

“Welcome to the coliseum to witness the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s final sixteen to final eight matches. The contestants of the final eight matches would come from today’s matches.
They will be among the strongest powerhouses of the younger generation,” Fang’er’s voice echoed in the coliseum. After this announcement, the whole coliseum turned its gaze toward the waiting area.

The sixteen contestants had taken their seats. Their destinies would be awaiting them.

The final ten students from the previous competition not only received generous rewards but special treatment wherever they went in the empire because of the prestigious achievement on his or her personal record.

One would be promoted to a middle-rank officer if one chose to be enlisted. The person would receive hospitable treatment in any clan, sect or profession that he or she chose to join. Concurrently, the person would be knighted by the empire. Yes, a knighthood!

The knighthood award had become more prestigious and prominent over time. There were only two ways one could be knighted in Star Luo Empire.
The first was to depend on one’s skill and ability to be recognized by the country as in winning such a competition while the other was to perform meritorious services for the country.

Furthermore, the knighthood could not be obtained through inheritance and there was no exception to that. Hence, the reputation and prestige of being a knight remained great as ever.

Chapter 667 - The Wind King

Chapter 667: The Wind King

In this day and age, Star Luo Empire’s knighthood no longer followed the feudalist concept of the past. Nevertheless, one could still receive welfare benefits and remuneration from the country. In essence, one could live out the rest of one’s life comfortably without having to worry about food and shelter upon receiving a knighthood even if it was the lowest rank in the knighthood. One could even occupy a lofty position in society.

It was a tacit rule of the competition that the final eight contestants in the individual matches would receive the rank of a baron. If one could become the champion, then one would be designated as the viscount.

After all, one would need to provide a laudable meritorious service in the military to receive such a title of nobility! A viscount’s position in Star Luo Empire was comparable to the mayor of a city.

This was why youths were interested to participate in the competition. One could attain the highest level in a single step once the person entered the final eight. One would receive a title of nobility and become royalty no matter where one was from. Even though the position could not be inherited but one would not be short of income and fringe benefits. The country
would take care of all the expenditures as well.

Apart from Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui together with the other three contestants from Monster Academy who were calm, the rest of the ten contestants who came to participate in the match today were all eager to fight. Of course, their eagerness was based on the premise that their opponents were neither from Shrek Academy nor Monster Academy.

“The first match today is truly exciting. This would be a confrontation between two agility-type soul masters. The contestant Xie Xie from Douluo Continent’s Shrek Academy, and also the contestant Lin San with the nickname Wind King from our Monster Academy. Will the two contenders please ascend the stage?”

Lin San stood up with a calm gaze. Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui eyed this person who was one of the Eight Heavenly Kings that they had yet to battle.

Lin San had a gentle aura. He was the weakest among the Eight Heavenly Kings, but when they truly observed him, they could not help but marvel at his appearance.

He was a formidable enemy! The thought came simultaneously to both their minds.

Lin San’s aura had such a gentle ambiance that he almost blended into his surroundings. His presence was barely felt at all. As an agility-type soul master, it was apparent that he had attained a fairly high cultivation level to be in such a state.

Xie Xie did not look in Lin San’s direction. He was just as calm and quiet. His usual mischief seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

He took a step forward and walked toward the direction of the stage.

Yuanen Yehui looked at the intense Xie Xie. Her gaze shifted slightly. She felt that he had matured. This match was going to be a turning point for him.

It did not appear to be difficult when she defeated Teng Teng the other day. In fact, she had devoted all her efforts into fighting. Teng Teng lost to her because she seized his first strike caused by his lack of understanding of her twin martial soul. Teng Teng did not have an opportunity to redeem himself afterward.

The Wind King Lin San was more powerful than the Shadow King Teng Teng, so how was Xie Xie going to fare? Was he capable of handling the opponent? Meanwhile, the two contenders had ascended the stage. The soul protective shield glowed with radiance. The entire scene fell quiet following that.

It was not until this moment that Xie Xie and Lin San eyeballed each other.
Xie Xie’s gaze was focused as he stood like a statue. Lin San’s gaze was
calm and his demeanor was like a breeze. It was as if he would disappear at any moment.

They had qualities that were distinctly different from one another yet they were both agility systems. It was apparent that the two parties’ cultivation paths were completely different. The outcome of this match would ignite the dispute between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy once again.

The act of Yuanen Yehui defeating the Shadow King Teng Teng was
adequate to demonstrate to Star Luo Empire’s denizens that Shrek Academy not only had one Tang Wulin but that the others were equally powerful.

“Begin the match!”

The battle of speed officially began following the judge’s call.

Xie Xie and Lin San moved almost at the same time. They were rushing toward each other. Xie Xie was akin to a sharp arrow that was shooting out at blinding speed.

Lin San moved more spontaneously. He flew in a relaxing manner toward Xie Xie. However, any observant person could tell that Lin San’s speed was actually faster than Xie Xie’s.

Three purple and two black soul rings arose from underneath Lin San’s feet. He surpassed the four purple soul rings of Xie Xie. Lin San’s first soul ring shimmered as two radiant streams of green were added to his hands.

Those were two wind blades that were light yet awfully sharp. Each wind blade was over a meter long. The blades in his palms were shaped like
crescent moons. Xie Xie held the Light Dragon Dagger tightly in his right hand. His eyes were glistening with cold light. Although it was daytime, his presence felt like a dark night. It was eerily quiet.

The distance between them quickly diminished when the two soul masters were madly charging head-on into each other.

The two figures had collided with each other by the time it took to inhale and exhale once.

Just when both of them were approaching each other, their shadows turned illusory simultaneously.

It was the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!

There was no doubt that it was the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track! The same one!

“Ding!” It was the wind king who came flying out with the crisp sound. He floated away like a gush of a fresh breeze after the collision.

On the other hand, Xie Xie’s movement halted for a moment. There was a bloody cut on his left shoulder.

‘He’s so swift!’

Xie Xie muttered under his breath. It was not the opponent who was at a loss during the collision earlier. When both of them came into contact, he sensed that the opponent was difficult to restrain. Lin San appeared to be
blown away from the impact, yet in reality, he had seized the opportunity to launch an attack. The deftness with which he turned his body and the
swiftness of his speed caused Xie Xie’s chest to tighten. If Xie Xie’s reaction had not been fast enough, he would have suffered more than a scratched skin from the attack earlier.

Xie Xie bounded upward as he pierced out with the Light Dragon Seven in his hand. His speed was faster than before. However, a ghastly scene
emerged. It was as if Lin San’s body melted, Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Seven shimmered with golden light and appeared to be enshrouding Lin San’s body, yet he could not hit the target.

The two fighters did not invoke other soul skills but they collided into one another at high speeds repeatedly.

“It’s obvious that the contestant Lin San has the upper hand. Everyone will notice under closer inspection that the contestant Lin San’s speed and
agility outstrip the contestant Xie Xie’s. These two qualities are most important to the agility-type soul masters, especially when it comes to
speed. The agility-type soul master overcomes the opponent’s defense by surpassing the opponent’s speed. If the soul master were to lose to the opponent in speed, then he would be suppressed entirely. Based on my observation, there are at least six wounds inflicted on the contestant Xie
Xie. It may be the wounds are mild, but the contestant Lin San’s dominance will increase over a prolonged period.”

Fang’er’s judgment and commentary were indeed accurate. Xie Xie was facing Lin San’s ‘gentle breeze and drizzle’ attacks right now.

It was like a bee attack. Lin San landed multiple hits without any respite.
Although they only caused mild injuries on Xie Xie’s body, Xie Xie had not retaliated with even a single hit due to Lin San’s swift dodging speed.

Xie Xie’s multiple injuries slowly took its toll as he was surely feeling
exhausted. On the other hand, Lin San had not been attacked at all since the fight began.

Lin San’s fighting method was brilliant. He utilized his speed and agility to overwhelm Xie Xie with his increasing dominance without inflicting any fatal blow. He spent some time to slowly but surely turn his dominance into victory. He was waiting patiently for Xie Xie to give in to the attacks. When Xie Xie began to utilize higher level soul skills with a distracted mind, it
would be Lin San’s opportunity to conquer the enemy.

The hyper-speed collisions of the two combatants made the audience dizzy and confused. All the audience managed to see were two shimmering
shadows interacting with each other. They could not see that Xie Xie was injured but only discovered the truth about the battle through Fang’er’s commentary.

Xie Xie’s breathing sounded increasingly ragged. Although the wounds on his body were minor, they still affected his physical condition and fighting ability.

Chapter 668 - Awaiting An Opportunity

Chapter 668: Awaiting An Opportunity

There were already a dozen wounds on his body. The wind caught his sliced clothing slightly as he moved. It was definitely not a comfortable sensation to collide at such a speed.

His opportunity was getting less if this continued.

Lin San’s expression had remained stoic all the while. He was calm and tranquil as ever. He did not feel any rush to end the battle. It did not matter to him how long it would take to create the opportunity and seize it.

He had used the same battle tactic on Teng Teng, and it worked every single time. Teng Teng had used many different tactics to defeat Lin San when they fought each other, but it was to no avail.

Despite the fact that they are both among the Eight Heavenly Kings, Teng Teng had never won against Lin San. Thus, he admired Lin San highly. He would always address Lin San as Brother San whenever he met him.

No one was more hardworking than Lin San among the Eight Heavenly
Kings. The speed and agility possessed by Lin San came from his persistent training. He was the one with the weakest natural endowments, yet he was the most hardworking, persistent and focused among them all.

He had been cultivating painstakingly every day in search of his own path. The other seven Kings could never imagine what he had gone through.
Even Long Yue’s level of diligence was not comparable to Lin San.

To be the top agility-type soul master in Monster Academy was not a trivial matter. Xie Xie’s body flashed as he skimmed past Lin San’s side. The Wind Blade in Lin San’s hand swept past gently and left behind a cut on Xie Xie’s back.

However, Xie Xie did not recoil upon touching the ground. With his feet on solid ground, he stopped moving.

One was still while the other was moving. The change was abrupt. He was like a statue upon touching the ground.

Meanwhile, Lin San remained moving at high speed. His body glided past at lightning speed, and there was an addition of three more cuts on Xie
Xie’s body in a split second.

But, Xie Xie remained standing and did not budge at all. He had shut his eyes which was observed via the zoom-in on the screen.

He lifted the Light Dragon Seven in his right hand onto his chest. He appeared to be frozen stiff.

A sense of approval flashed past Lin San’s eyes. This youth from Shrek Academy with his superior natural endowments was capable of making
accurate judgments in such a short period of time. Moreover, he was daring enough to act on his judgment. This was certainly not an easy task for him.

This would make Xie Xie more passive. Anyhow, he could only seek an opportunity through this method as his speed could never be on par with Lin San’s.

In any case, would it really be that easy to seek for an opportunity?

Lin San did not stop. On the contrary, his speed suddenly increased. The speed that he used to suppress Xie Xie was surprisingly not his ultimate speed.

The green radiance coiled around. A green tornado appeared next to Xie Xie and wrapped around his body, attacking him repeatedly.

Xie Xie waved his Light Dragon Dagger gently to protect himself. He
would occasionally make movements, one after another, that appeared as if he was accumulating strength for a take-off as if he was about to flare up any time. His momentum was increasing, but at the same time, he was getting more wounds as well.

It had only taken a short moment before Xie Xie seemingly turned into a crimson red statue at a glance. Actually, his whole body was covered in blood.

It was not noticed when Yuanen Yehui had sat with her back propped upright.

The situation was much worse than imagined. Xie Xie was fully suppressed and did not seem to stand a chance judging by the looks on their faces.

Both contenders had not launched any powerful soul skill nor battle armor, but one had five soul rings which included two ten-thousand year soul rings. Lin San was certainly capable of suppressing Xie Xie with his soul
skill, let alone his battle armor. Where was the opportunity in this situation?

“Ding!” A crisp sound suddenly echoed in the competition arena at the moment.

Lin San floated backward. A golden radiance was still shimmering on Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Seven. He had opened his eyes as well.

“Thank you!” Xie Xie spoke to Lin San.

Lin San felt a tug in his heart. He smiled calmly. “There is no need to thank me, this is your power of comprehension.”

Although he sounded nonchalant, he could not help but feel astonished that he managed to leave so many wounds on his opponent’s body within such a short period. All these wounds on Xie Xie’s body had not dampened his
will to fight. On the contrary, he was being stimulated by the pain to have confidence in his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Xie Xie’s
comprehension of his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was deeper now. The few great Tang Sect Techniques could be exchanged with contribution points, but how could a Tang Sect Technique be learned so easily? One
could not completely master the technique after learning it. One would
continuously need to investigate and experience it in a profound manner in order to utilize the technique’s power.

Xie Xie’s comprehension of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was elevated by one level when he closed his eyes to sense Lin San’s movements earlier.

“You’ve proven yourself to be Shrek Academy’s student. I was two years later than you when I experienced and comprehended this.” Lin San did not mind praising his opponent. Still, the expression on his face had not
changed one bit, for he remained the calm and tranquil person.

An outstanding opponent would give him the challenge. What a waste that Xie Xie did not qualify to be his true opponent, so he thought.

A powerhouse desired to have everyone he knew to be more powerful than himself. It was only then that the stress he felt would turn into a sense of urgency for him to be more diligent in his pursuit of achieving the ultimate strength. Lin San had always felt that way. He would be happier when Xie Xie became stronger.

“Be careful.” A dash of green flashed past Lin San’s eyes. The second soul ring on his body shimmered. In the next moment, he was all covered in green. His shadow covered the entire sky in the midst of his figure’s

He was so swift!

Xie Xie was shocked because Lin San’s speed earlier was not his ultimate
speed yet. His soul skill could still elevate his speed. He could not sense Lin San’s actual position with his eyes and mind at the moment. The wind
swirled around his body. He could not detect any regularity to the blowing wind. A stream of green light flashed past and there was an additional cut to Xie Xie’s body. Not a moment later, the surrounding air exerted a tremendous pressure that suppressed him. Just like a meat grinding machine.

The pressure was caused by the dominance of absolute speed.

Xie Xie bit on the tip of his tongue as his body suddenly spun on the spot at high speed. The golden dagger circled around his body and transformed into a golden storm. This was his second soul skill, the Light Dragon Storm.

“Ding, ding, ding!” The dense crisp sound echoed continuously. This was generated from the two colliding combatants. There was blood seen indistinctly within the golden storm of Xie Xie. It was his own blood!
Those cuts from his earlier injuries had begun to affect his fighting capability.

“Alright!” Lin San hollered as the surrounding green figures vanished.
When the audience could see him once again, he was suspended in midair to everyone’s surprise.

A person would need to achieve seven soul-ring cultivation base in order to float in the air without using any soul device. Lin San was relying on his
soul power to suspend himself in midair. Gushes of green wind gathered together to support him as he appeared to be a part of the wind.

Xie Xie’s body stopped moving. Drops of fresh blood slid down as soon as he stopped. There was a pool of blood on the ground.

“Admit your defeat. You’re not worthy to be my opponent. You can try again five years later,” Lin San spoke gravely.

Xie Xie smiled as if the blood was not flowing from his body. “Shrek Academy has never before surrendered. Defeat me if you can.”

Lin San nodded. “I understand. Then, let’s end it.”

The green radiance on his body suddenly turned intense. The fourth soul ring on his body shimmered with radiance. A mass of densely-packed Wind Blades appeared around his body. These Wind Blades were miniature versions of the two Wind Blades that he held in his hands. Hundreds and thousands of Wind Blades had appeared by his side in the blink of an eye.

“Spin!” Lin San bellowed.

Instantaneously, those Wind Blades spun around his body at high speeds.
He was progressively flying higher with his body coiled up in green radiance. He appeared to be a column of flying wind blades aloft in the sky.

This was his ten-thousand-year soul skill, the Wind Dragon Blade!

Lin San had made the decision not to continue the match after witnessing Xie Xie’s power. This was because such an opponent could not contribute to his elevation. There was no need to waste any more time.

Xie Xie raised his head. He looked at the Wind Dragon Blade that was
continuously enlarging and surging skyward. He understood very well that when the Wind Dragon Blade dropped, it would be a thunderclap strike. It was also a strike that could possibly destroy him. Nonetheless, he was not fearful at all. He raised both his hands in front of his body. His right hand was in front while his left hand was behind. A golden light mist arose indistinctly from his body. It was the storing force!

Chapter 669 - Encouraged by Defeat

Chapter 669: Encouraged by Defeat

As Dai Yueyan sat in the waiting area and watched Xie Xie on the
competition stage, he could not help nodding his head in secret. Xie Xie was still capable of concentrating his power as he resisted Lin Sin’s Wind Dragon Blade in an attempt to fight for his last chance. He had proven
himself to be a Shrek Academy student through a display of sheer courage.

If Xie Xie had also reached twenty years of age, perhaps this would have been a fierce fight between two equally matched forces.

Dai Yueyan sighed deeply in his heart when he thought about this. He was even feeling a little ashamed. The fight with Shrek Academy was entirely lopsided.

He refused to be involved in this. If he was given a choice, he would have liked to fight against Shrek Academy’s students from the same generation and age. Even if he were to lose in the end, he would do so willingly. At least he would have a goal. He was truly unwilling to participate in the bullying of children!

The golden radiance started to shape itself into a new form. As the fourth
soul ring on his body began to glow, the light took on the form of a dragon. It solidified into a golden dragon and raised its head to look toward the sky.
The Light Dragon Seven in his hand suddenly transformed into a shining stream before it vanished.

Xie Xie’s golden dragon was different from Tang Wulin’s. Its entire body was filled with light. Hence, it was more accurately described as a light dragon.

It was his fourth soul skill the Light Illusion Dragon! Xie Xie’s eyes were undergoing a peculiar transformation. His right eye turned a golden color while his left had become translucent like crystal. The Light Illusion Dragon’s aura continuously grew, while his body was getting increasingly larger as his stored power was released.

Lin San did not use the Wind Dragon Blade immediately after it had taken form, but he remained still in midair as if he was waiting for Xie Xie to
elevate his combat capabilities to the highest level. Yes, he wanted to face Xie Xie at his strongest.
He would have a true sense of achievement if he could actually subdue his opponent during his most powerful attack.

Lin San was the most hardworking and the proudest among the Eight
Heavenly Kings. He had not planned to use his battle armor at all during the match. This was because it was truly shameful in his point of view. He
would rather lose than use his battle armor when fighting against an opponent who was five years younger than himself.

The Light Illusion Dragon had finally taken form. It spread out its wings as it looked up to the sky and roared. A thick, intense aura of light seemed to be absorbing the sun’s rays until golden flames arose around Xie Xie’s body. The contrast against the blood color on his body was somewhat horrifying.

“Boom!” The Wind Dragon Blade dropped down from the sky. It spiraled downward in a conical shape as it descended. The terrifying pressure
cracked the ground in a split second and spread outwards from the spot beneath Xie Xie’s feet.

The Light Illusion Dragon broke away from Xie Xie’s body and transformed into a stream of golden light that intercepted the Wind Dragon Blade.

The two parties collided in the air and produced a violent explosion. Green and golden light burst out. However, the Light Illusion Dragon was pushed back to the spot near to Xie Xie’s head almost in a split second. “I told you that you don’t stand a chance! Huh!” Lin San’s voice echoed from the Wind Dragon Blade.

Just then, a change suddenly occurred.

A phantom-like shadow appeared above the Wind Dragon Blade. Through the Wind Dragon Blade’s coil of green light, one could see that there was the vague shape of a giant dragon descending from the sky to join the Light Illusion Dragon’s attack. The two enormous dragon spirits advanced in unison, seemingly resonating with each other. The Wind Blades that formed the Light Dragon Blades disintegrated at a shocking speed. One could
already see the indistinct shape of Lin San on the inside.

“So it turns out that you’re very good at biding your time!” Lin San spoke in astonishment.

Yes, Xie Xie had been waiting for this opportunity since the beginning. He understood very well that he was no match for Lin San’s speed after a few collisions earlier. Thus, he released his third soul skill to produce a clone during a momentary pause in the battle.

The clone had been hiding by his side all along awaiting the right time. Even when Xie Xie was bathed in blood, he had not allowed the clone to join the battle. Yes, he was waiting for the arrival of this opportune moment.

Xie Xie was completely outmatched by Lin San. His only chance was to use his twin martial soul which Lin San did not know about.

The Shadow Dragon Dagger was key to turning the tide of battle. Thus, he did not use the Shadow Dragon Dagger earlier in the fight, no matter the difficulty, in order to launch a fatal strike at Lin San with the Light Illusion Dragon at this final moment.

The facts proved that his patience had paid off. Even though the Wind Dragon Blade was powerful, it rapidly shattered when it was caught off
guard and assaulted by the Light Illusion Dragon. Lin San’s only choice at this moment was to release his one-word battle armor. Only then could he possibly withstand such an attack.

The Wind Dragon Blade was gradually smashed into pieces. Lin San’s body too started to reform. As the Light Illusion Dragon was about to close up
around him, the fifth soul ring on his body shimmered with radiance. Then, to everyone’s surprise, his entire body suddenly disintegrated…

It was as though he was a gust of wind that dispersed breathlessly. He bore out from a breach during the split second before the Light Illusion Dragon’s converging attack. Xie Xie lost track of Lin San’s location.

Did he run away?

Streams of black and white light coiled around Xie Xie’s right arm. The two pieces of white battle armor with black striations rapidly covered his right forearm, palm and shoulder. He had the same amount of battle armor as
Tang Wulin, which was the least among their companions.

A green light flashed past as Lin San appeared behind his back silently. It was as if Xie Xie had already sensed him earlier. He did not even turn his head around as he threw the Light and Shadow Dragon Daggers backward simultaneously. At the same time, his body split into two shadows that
charged at Lin San.

There was the addition of another pair of Wind Blades in Lin San’s hands. His speed was still as terrifying as before, but he did not release his one- word battle armor. The match seemed to have returned to the situation
before, but only Xie Xie’s speed was apparently faster this time. Moreover, with the attack of his two shadows, he was at less of a disadvantage now.

Even so, a sharp-eyed person could tell that the outcome of this duel had already been determined. When Xie Xie was unable to use the Light Illusion Dragon’s joint attack to utterly defeat Lin San, he had already thrown his card on the table and lost his chance.

His two clones were controlled in a magnificent manner. He kept his mind on two things at the same time. Although he could create even more clones, this was the best state for him to exercise control over them.

Lin San’s expression was much more somber than before. The Wind Blades in his hands were constantly changing while the soul skills were
continuously released from his body. The fight was much more intense than before.

“Poof!” One of Xie Xie’s clones was ground into pieces by the Wind
Dragon Blade. A stream of golden light slashed at him from the front. The twin Dragon Daggers shielded him, but he was still blown away by the impact.

With great effort, he maneuvered to the ground, but he still stumbled for another seven or eight steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

Fresh blood was pouring out of the wounds covering his entire body. He had already been injured earlier in the match. There was no opportunity for his wounds to heal due to him devoting all his energy to the battle. The ground was stained with his blood. He could not take any more damage due to the severe blood loss. His legs lost their footing as he sat onto the ground.

“You’re rather impressive.” Lin San nodded his head at Xie Xie in all seriousness before he turned around and walked down the stage.

A soul master tasked with medical treatment immediately dashed onto the stage to heal Xie Xie. To a soul master, it was not a big problem as long as the blood loss was treated in time. After all, a soul master’s bodily processes and blood generation rate always exceeded an ordinary person’s.

The match lasted for a quite a long while, entirely different from the battle between ordinary agility-type soul masters that ended rather quickly.

Xie Xie had truly exhausted all of his power, but it was all to no avail
against the formidable Lin San. Lin San immersed himself completely into the wind, fusing his attack and defense into his body in addition to the high speed. His speed and soul power had completely overwhelmed Xie Xie. His understanding of the Ghost Perplexing Track was far deeper than Xie Xie’s.

Chapter 670 - Freedom

Chapter 670: Freedom

If Lin San was willing to use his One-word Battle Armor, Xie Xie would have been defeated earlier.

Tang Wulin supported Xie Xie back to the waiting area and assisted him in changing his clothes.

Xie Xie was slightly pale at the moment. Tang Wulin was surprised to find that there was no dejection in his eyes, on the contrary, there was

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin placed Xie Xie’s arm over his shoulder to support most of his body weight.

Xie Xie spoke, “Of course I’m okay. That fellow is so incisive. As it turns out, speed should’ve been comprehended in such a manner. Many questions that puzzled me earlier are now easily solved. This is awesome!”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Did this fellow regard the earlier match as a lesson? However, Tang Wulin felt relieved that Xie Xie was not discouraged by his loss in the match.

Xie Xie returned to the waiting area and took a seat. He closed his eyes to rest. His eyeballs were rolling gently in its sockets upon closer inspection. Apparently, he was pondering about something.

Tang Wulin took a glance at Lin San who had similarly returned to his seat. Tan Wulin was slightly disturbed. Lin San’s battle attainment was more powerful than the Heavenly King he had fought before. They were both
agility-type soul masters and both had five soul rings each, but Teng Teng was apparently weaker than Lin San. This was not just a disparity of powers, but a disparity in their comprehension of the agility system as mentioned by Xie Xie.

There was no doubt that the Wind King Lin San had mastered the agility system’s true essence. Such an opponent was not easy to handle!

Lin San returned to his previous calm and tranquil appearance. Everything appeared to be as usual.

Tang Wulin sensed the gaze of someone observing him. It was Dai Yueyan. Their gazes met. Dai Yueyan’s eyes seemed to be shimmering with radiance, while Tang Wulin’s mouth showed a slight smile.

He was only qualified to challenge that fellow if he could defeat Dai Yueyan!

Anyone could afford to lose but not Tang Wulin himself!

The final sixteen matches continued. Lin San’s victory in suppressing Xie Xie from the beginning till the end made the audience ecstatic. There was finally a brilliant victory for Monster Academy against Shrek Academy.
Moreover, it was a battle between two similar types of soul masters. The Wind King was the Wind King absolutely!
Lin San entered the final eight officially. This signified that he had gained the nobility rank of at least a baron.

Xie Xie was eliminated. He was not destined to be one of the final eight powerhouses.

The competition continued. Every match was outstanding when the competition entered the final sixteen to the final eight stage. Both
contestants were fighting desperately. Many of them were using soul devices. The contestants were allowed to use mecha in the competition except the permanent installation of soul devices.

There was a pair of contestants who were both defeated and wounded in a match. Both were severely injured that they could not participate in the next match. At the end, the judging panel had to choose one of them to enter the final eight.

Yuanen Yehui was the third person to enter the arena. She was in better luck. Even though her opponent was powerful, he was not as powerful as Teng Teng. The opponent finally failed after resisting the powerful
suppression of Yuanen Yehui’s martial soul Titan Giant Ape for ten minutes.

The competition’s atmosphere was growing more intense. However, the
audience’s attention was more toward the waiting area. The name list of the contestants in today’s matches was already announced.

Shrek Academy’s squad captain Tang Wulin versus Dai Yueyan who was ranked second among Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings was undoubtedly the most captivating match for today.

Dai Yueyan was the Second Heavenly King preceded only by Long Yue. At the same time, he was also Star Luo Empire’s Fourth Prince. His dual positions were the main concern of the laity. Moreover, some of the people who had a better knowledge of the royals knew that this Fourth Prince
would be the crown prince soon.

Dai Yueyan was taking a big risk by participating in this competition. As a future crown prince, if he failed to achieve good results in this competition, it would make a dent in his prestige.

Nonetheless, it was also his duty to represent the academy as one of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.

Even Fang’er who was sitting in the audience platform constantly had her gaze on Dai Yueyan. Everything would be fine if Dai Yueyan was capable of defeating Tang Wulin. It was also the ideal situation whereby Shrek
Academy would be considered completely wiped out without the Dragon King’s participation. In the meantime, Dai Yueyan’s status in the common people’s hearts would gain esteem. It would be of great advantage to him when he inherited the crown in the future. However, was Dai Yueyan capable of defeating Tang Wulin? No one dared to confirm this. After all, Tang Wulin had already defeated Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Ye Zhi, not to mention Dai Yun’er.

He had fought against four out of the Eight Heavenly Kings, and they had all lost. Su Mu was even ranked third among the Heavenly Kings. So, was Dai Yueyan capable of defeating him for certain?

No one could be certain. It would have to wait until the match had officially begun, only then would the answer be known.

Dai Tianling was seated on the main seat of the audience platform,
accompanied by Monster Academy’s President En Ci at his side. Today’s match was so important to warrant the attendance of these two eminent leaders.

“Teacher, what do you think is the winning percentage of the match between Yueyan and Tang Wulin?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci softly.

En Ci smiled. “There’s no need for Your Highness to be worried. The percentage is over seventy under ordinary circumstances. Yueyan not only has good natural endowments, he also has a steady, wise, and farsighted disposition. An ordinary soul master’s mentality would undergo some
changes after he has achieved a certain level of cultivation base, but he has never been affected adversely. He has proven himself worthy as a royal disciple. The chances of him making a mistake during the battle with Tang Wulin is slim. Albeit, Tang Wulin’s ability is peculiar, but Yueyan is at an advantage when it comes to his cultivation base. His winning percentage
can be considered very high.”

“Very well then!” Dai Tianling nodded. There were two matters for the royal household to attend to after the competition. The first task was to decide on a husband for the princess, while the other was to announce the inauguration of the crown prince.

The daughter was already a headache for him. He had hoped that Dai Yueyan would be a shoo-in for the crown prince’s position. If Dai Yueyan defeated Tang Wulin, then even if he failed to become the competition’s champion, he could still seize the opportunity to announce Dai Yueyan as the crown prince and receive the approval of all the parties concerned. A crown prince who was versed in civil and martial virtues would be easily recognized and accepted by all parties.

“The next match is the highlight of today’s competition. The contestant Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy versus the contestant Dai Yueyan from Monster Academy.”

It was obvious that Fang’er’s voice had a higher pitch than usual which revealed her restless mind. She could not help gazing at Dai Yueyan. Her hands were tightly fisted on her knees. Dai Yueyan must make greater effort to defeat his opponent!

“Your highness, your highness, your highness!” The shouts from the
audience sounding like howling winds and tidal waves echoed from the grandstand.

Dai Yueyan stood up in the waiting area and immediately felt the warm blood surging in his body. As the future crown prince, he could hardly describe the feeling he had when he heard his citizens supporting him in his fight with such wild enthusiasm.

“Hah-hah, ah-hah-hah-hah!” Just as Dai Yueyan was filled with a fighting spirit and prepared to represent Monster Academy to fight Tang Wulin, the sound of discordant laughter suddenly echoed from the waiting area.
Everyone looked toward the direction where the laughter came from.

It was Xie Xie who was laughing aloud as he waved his arms and legs about. He was standing and staggering forward and back from laughter.

The muscles on Dai Yueyan’s face twitched. It was intentional, he was certainly doing this intentionally!

“I understand now, I have finally understood! Ah-hah-hah, hah-hah-hah- hah!” Xie Xie’s loud laughter was incessant. Tang Wulin was standing by his side as he sensed the hostile gaze from the surrounding. He asked impatiently, “What have you understood?”

Xie Xie laughed and spoke, “I understand now that an agility-type soul master cannot be too serious if he wishes to succeed. I was too serious, that’s why I didn’t manage to cultivate properly!”
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