The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 651-660

Chapter 651

Chapter 651: Tang Sect’s Ten Thousand Year Spirit Items

There was no way one could move up the ranks by merely completing missions in the Battle Soul Hall. It could only be determined by the Battle Soul Hall itself. Thus, there was no other way to enter the Battle Soul Hall other than winning the favor of someone inside.

In reality, the Battle Soul Hall had extremely strict criteria when it was choosing a warrior, screening the warrior’s natural endowments, powers
and moral character. Only then would it finally decide if the prospect would be allowed to join their ranks.

Tang Wulin had become somewhat familiar with Star Luo City’s Tang Sect headquarters after his previous visit. At least it was not like his first time
when he could not even recognize the place after he had entered. He arrived at the location for contribution point exchange.
The scale of this place was greater than the Tang Sect’s headquarters in Shrek City. All sorts of words and numbers flashed across the big screens with a plethora of items for exchange on display.

These items could be divided into broad categories including hard to find recordings of cultivation, soul devices, rare metals, mechas and much more.

Tang Wulin started searching meticulously and found the location to exchange spirit items.

He could actually choose to bid for the item in an auction shop, but the bidding process would take up too much time. Moreover, the price of items there was actually even more expensive than at the Tang Sect. Given such difficulties, he felt that the Tang Sect was the most dependable place to turn to.

He clicked on the search box, then he checked the spirit item box and entered the keywords ten thousand year!

The search began, and streams of data immediately started pulsing on the screen. Tang Wulin searched in all seriousness.

There was so much data. The Star Luo Empire’s Tang Sect headquarters deserved its reputation. There was a wide variety of the ten-thousand-year spirit items. He had no choice but to add another keyword before he
continued his search.

Ten-thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit!

This time, there were far fewer results. It did not take long before a total of eleven search results appeared.

The first result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age ten thousand six hundred year, exchange rate twenty-one thousand contribution points’.

The second result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age eleven thousand five hundred year, exchange rate twenty-two thousand three hundred contribution points’.

The final result was ‘Ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit, age ninety-seven thousand eight hundred year, exchange rate three hundred and forty thousand contribution points’.

Tang Wulin gulped when he read the final result. That was some good stuff! This was a Dragonscale Fruit that was almost one hundred thousand years old! He did not expect that the Tang Sect’s headquarters would have it.
What a shame that it was clearly too expensive. He could not afford to exchange for it.

His gaze returned to the first row of results once again. He gathered the Tang Sect contribution points which he had accumulated, in addition to the contribution point reward he had received from the Battle Soul Hall’s mission previously minus the Mysterious Jade Hands he
exchanged. He could exchange for the first ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit with the remaining contribution points.

That was it. It was better to have a smaller gain than none at all.

Tang Wulin clicked the select button, then he used his Tang Sect badge to verify his identity before paying with contribution points.

The only thing he could do now was to wait. A ten-thousand-year ranked spirit item would take some time to be delivered.

He decided that he should search for the ten-thousand-year Sapphire Root. This time, there were only three results for his search.
The first result was: Ten thousand year Sapphire Root — age thirteen thousand nine hundred years — exchange rate forty-three thousand five hundred contribution points.

The second result was: Ten thousand year Sapphire Root — age twenty-one thousand six hundred years — exchange rate one hundred thousand
contribution points.

The third result was ‘ten thousand year Sapphire Root, age fifty-four thousand years, exchange rate three hundred and fifteen thousand
contribution points’.

Besides the first result, these prices were all astronomical! Even the forty thousand contribution points for the first result had far exceeded anything Tang Wulin’s would be able to afford right now.

A forced smile emerged on his face following that.

The sixth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal required four types of ten- thousand-year spirit item. The ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit was one of them, the ten thousand year Sapphire Root as well. However, it was rather difficult for him to accumulate these spirit items based on his current financial capability right now.

Tang Wulin thought about it, then he found a member of the Tang Sect’s staff. “Hello. I would like to inquire as to where can I can sell some precious materials to our Tang Sect?”

The staff member answered respectfully, “Our honorable white warrior, will you please go to our assessment center and display your sale item for
appraisal. The staff member there will inform you of the procedure.” They immediately guided Tang Wulin to the direction of the assessment center.

Tang Wulin was not in a rush to head there. He waited for his ten thousand year Dragonscale Fruit to be delivered, then he kept the Dragonscale Fruit before he headed towards the assessment center.

The assessment center was an extremely spacious hall. Its inside even felt like an enormous warehouse. There were a lot of staff members bustling about in there.

A warrior’s superiority was revealed at this exact moment. A warrior was given priority in any part inside the Tang Sect.

Coincidentally, there was no other warrior queueing in front. There were
specific Tang Sect staffs who ushered Tang Wulin to the front as soon as he entered through the door. They inspected his warrior badge in order to verify his identity.

“Please, how can I help you?” the staffing member asked with a smile on his face.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment, but he still clenched his teeth and
spoke, “I have a damaged black mecha that I wish to sell to the sect. Please help me to assess how much contribution point can I exchange it for.”

“Black mecha?” A sense of astonishment was revealed in the staff’s eyes. There were many people selling items in the assessment center and also no lack of people performing the assessment, but there was rarely anyone selling mecha, at least the staff had never seen anyone did so.

The black mecha was a hyper mecha preceded only by red-colored divine mecha. It was difficult to gauge its price as even its material was extremely expensive. If a mecha master was capable of producing his own black mecha, it was as precious as his life.

Tang Wulin nodded and spoke, “May I?”

“Of course you can!” The staff had already regained his consciousness at present, he hastily spoke, “Please follow me this way.”

The staff guided Tang Wulin to a spacious spot. Tang Wulin raised his hand and released that black mecha he seized from the Green Skeleton Rebellion from his storage ring.

In reality, the mecha was not considered too severely damaged. Only its pilot station was pierced by the Golden Dragon Claw. That aside, most of its system was still in perfect condition.

If it was not due to the lack of condition in the Grand Star Luo Hotel, Tang Wulin had since attempted to restore it.

The Tang Sect assessment center’s staff was very professional. They soon invited a few mecha mechanic and started assessing the entire black mecha.

The rest of the Tang Sect disciples who were queueing and waiting were dumbstruck. They did not expect that someone was even selling black mecha. Moreover, the black mecha seemed to be in an extremely perfect condition.

Even though every high-level mecha was customized according to a person’s situation and it was not made suited to anybody else, but this type of human form mecha still had its commonality. One could modify it a little for his own use and it was absolutely many times easier than producing a brand new black mecha! This was a fine item that could not be simply measured with a price, yet someone was even selling it.

A senior staff walked in front of Tang Wulin. “Do you truly wish to sell off this black mecha to the sect?”

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile and nodded. “Yes, I am short of contribution points, otherwise I don’t wish to sell it either.”

The senior nodded. “That’s a pity. The mecha’s quality is extremely impressive on its own. It’s also preserved in a rather complete condition. There’s a Green Skeleton Rebellion mark on it so it should be your war trophy right. Impressive!”

Tang Wulin answered, “I am not worthy of such compliments, only by
chance. Can I know how much contribution points is this mecha worth?”

The senior spoke, “Generally, a black mecha is at least worth three hundred thousand contribution points. A human form mecha is worth a little bit more. However, your mecha is originally damaged. On the other hand, it belongs to the Green Skeleton Rebellion so it is fitted with a self-destruct
system. It will be extremely troublesome to modify or remove the system. The cost of doing so is also very high and dangerous. At the same time, you also know that the items sold in the assessment center will be calculated at a reduced price. Hence, we can only give one hundred thousand contribution points for the black mecha. An additional ten percent is given because of your white warrior’s identity, so it’s worth one hundred and one thousand
contribution points. This is the highest price we can give you.”

Chapter 652 - Selling the Black Mecha

Chapter 652: Selling the Black Mecha

Tang Wulin felt a searing pain upon hearing that. If he had a choice, he
would not wish to sell this black mecha! However, he had no other choice now as he had to make some preparations beforehand.

“Of course, this mecha is meant for close-quarter battles, but it’s not armed.
If you can find its weapon, then we’ll add on another twenty thousand contribution points.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. We’ll just go with the price of one hundred and ten thousand contribution points as you’ve mentioned.”

Tang Wulin could never give up the weapon. It was still useful to him.

The transaction was quite simple. Soon, there was one hundred and ten thousand contribution points added to Tang Wulin’s sect card. This was the largest amount of contribution points he had accumulated since he joined the Tang Sect.

With the contribution points on hand, he returned to the exchange center.
He bought the cheapest ten thousand year Sapphire Root without the slightest hesitation. Then, he continued his search and spent over fifty
thousand contribution points to exchange for another type of ten thousand year spirit item.

He still lacked one item. It was a bottle of ten thousand year dragon-type soul beast’s blood.

At present, Tang Wulin’s remaining contribution points was less than twenty thousand. He felt a little fortunate so he was hoping that the ten thousand year dragon-type soul beast’s blood was not too expensive. The first search result appeared: one bottle of ten thousand year five
elements dragon blood, age eleven thousand six hundred years, exchange rate forty-eight thousand contribution points.

The expression on Tang Wulin’s face stiffened. He was short of twenty over thousand contribution points!

Even though he still had some valuable items on him, those items were not for sale! The majority of the spirit forging and fuse forging metals he forged, he gave to his comrades. The remaining ones were of lower quality. Although he could still exchange it for some contribution points, it would not be enough to cover the shortfall.

Fortunately, he still had some time. He could accept some blacksmith work to accumulate contribution points. At the level of spirit forging, every piece of spirit forging metal especially those made of spirit alloys were worth quite a lot of contribution points.

Tang Wulin kept the three spirit items which he exchanged, then he
accepted a few more missions before he boarded a soul taxi to return to the hotel.

Tang Wulin felt awful about having to part with his hard-earned
contribution points. Hence, he felt some writhing pain and discomfort in his heart on his way back. A miser could never stand the pain of losing money.

My black mecha! Tang Wulin was sighing. If only he had adequate time to take it apart, just the precious metal and core array were worth more than the contribution points he got for it.

Anyhow, he had a change of heart when he discovered the black mecha was a device that could self-destruct. Once the device was triggered, there was a high possibility that everything would be destroyed. He felt much better
when he thought of this.

“That’s not right.” A familiar voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind at this moment. “Old Tang?” Tang Wulin closed his eyes and he could see Old Tang in his spiritual world.

He could tell that Old Tang meant business for he sensed the seriousness in his spiritual voice.

“Wulin, I can sense your eagerness. However, that’s not right. The Golden Dragon King Seal is not to be neglected. It was good that you were capable of passing the fifth layer seal’s trial by depending on your body’s strength.
However, you should not seek quick success by immediately attempting another breakthrough. It may cost you your life,” Old Tang spoke in a
solemn tone.

Tang Wulin was quiet. It was apparent that Old Tang had known of this.

“But, I’m afraid that I can’t defeat the opponent without going through with this. Old Tang, I’ve been trained with the Body Sect’s cultivation method.
My body is much tougher than before. I should be able to withstand the process of another breakthrough to the sixth layer seal. Look at how relaxed I was when I achieved the breakthrough to the fifth layer seal!” Tang Wulin was trying his best to sound at ease.

“That’s not how it works. Firstly, every seal of the Golden Dragon King that brings with it for you an elevation of the Golden Dragon King’s essence places a tremendous stress on your body. Although it’s capable of bringing you power, it’ll threaten your life at the same time and take you one step
closer to death. You’ll need more accumulation and potent power. I must tell you that after you’ve achieved a breakthrough of the first nine layers, the latter nine layers will be a trip to hell. You ought to lengthen the time to achieve your breakthrough to the first nine layers as much as you can, so you’ll be better prepared. How can you reverse the process and speed up the breakthrough of your seal? This will bring you disaster, for sure!”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “So, you’re saying that it’ll be even more difficult to achieve a breakthrough after the first nine layers?”

Old Tang spoke again, “The first nine layers are just the Golden Dragon
King Bloodline’s residual energy. It’s not its origin strength, while the latter nine layers are its purest form of origin strength. It’s best for you to achieve the Title Douluo rank cultivation base before you begin to break through to the latter nine layers. Perhaps then, you’ll have a better chance of surviving the process. You’re only at four soul rings now and you’ve already broken through the fifth layer seal. It’s already very fast. If I weren’t in a deep sleep at the time, I’d never have allowed you to even break through the fifth layer seal so soon. You should let Nature takes its course and wait until the seal breaks by itself when your body has already achieved an adequate level of
strength. Put aside the issue of whether you can survive the sixth layer now, even if you’re capable of withstanding the process now that you possess the sixth layer’s power. You’ll still need to break through to the seventh layer within three years and complete the breakthrough of the following two layers before the age of twenty-five. In short, you’ll need to complete the first nine breakthroughs by the age of twenty-five. Then, you will have to face the terrifying trial that follows.”

“Do you think that you can achieve the Title Douluo rank cultivation base by the age of twenty-five?”

Tang Wulin was speechless. It was almost impossible without a doubt. It
was already unbelievable for a talented genius like Long Yue to achieve six soul rings at twenty years old. Of course, it was going beyond the impossible for him to achieve nine soul rings by the age of twenty-five.
Unless he relies on some out of this world heaven and earth treasures to accelerate the process, his foundation would be unstable.

“This is just a competition. What’s more important? To win the competition or to lose your life? Do you not understand what it means to weigh the importance of something?” Old Tang spoke sternly.

Tang Wulin did not utter a word.

“Alright, give up the idea. It’s good that you’ve prepared these spirit items in advance. You’ve also gained some time from the earlier breakthrough. Still, you must maintain your current cultivation for another two to three years before you break through to the sixth layer. This way you can buy more time for yourself. According to your present cultivation rate in
addition to the awakening of the Bluesilver Emperor, you can possibly achieve the Title Douluo ranking by the age of thirty. Thus, you must not complete the first nine layers’ breakthrough before you achieve the Title Doulou.”

Old Tang’s voice ended. Tang Wulin could not help frowning hard when he opened his eyes once again.

He had withstood the agony of breaking the seal more than once or twice. There were also a number of long-term negative consequences from breaking through by force. It seemed like he must not act recklessly!

He would not have sold the black mecha if he had known earlier! ‘Oh! Oh! Oh! What a huge loss!’
Tang Wulin did not feel good when he returned to the hotel. ‘Forget it, forget it. I’ll seize the time now to complete more blacksmith missions to earn some contribution points and repent later.’

Old Tang’s words were filled with wisdom. It made Tang Wulin dropped the idea to break through the sixth layer seal within a short period of time. He could only continue his cultivation now.

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition
carried on until the final stage. The coliseum was packed like sardines. It was difficult to purchase tickets for the competition. The scalpers were
selling tickets inflated at four times the original price, but the tickets were still selling like hot cakes.

After all, this was a grand event that only happened once every three years in Star Luo Empire. The atmosphere was buzzing with intensity.

The elimination match was different from the previous matches.

The Star Luo Coliseum would not be conducting multiple matches
simultaneously during the elimination phase of the competition. There was only one competition stage remaining in the coliseum, and it was much bigger than before.

Chapter 653 - Boos from the Crowd

Chapter 653: Boos from the Crowd

The diameter of the competition stage was just a meter short of five hundred meters. If two people were on it, they would look like two ants on the surface of a round table. The gigantic protective barrier was more than two hundred meters high. It gave a feeling that it connected the heavens and the earth.

The view of the competition grounds was visible from any angle. Giant
screens floating about in the air broadcasted close-up footages of some of the matches.

Before the knockout rounds, there was a break in the competition for three days. That was all the time taken to set up the stage for the competition.

All the matches, whether it was the one-on-one, two-on-two, or the team battles, would take place at this location. Each time the competition reached the stage of the knockout rounds, it would be all the rage. It was also the moment of wild excitement.

Out of the top sixty-four contestants, the thirty-two contestants who would proceed to the next round would be decided today. Each contestant would receive generous rewards, and after each round, the rewards would be doubled.

The contestants who had made it to the top sixty-four would be potential targets for recruitment by the various consortiums and clans.

Many young Soul Masters wanted to participate in the competition so that they could establish their names among the multitude. Then, they would have a firm foundation for their future development. To be able to participate in the final stages of the competition, these sixty- four Soul Masters were already deemed successful.

There were only three from Shrek Academy whereas there were easily more than five from Monster Academy. This was the first time in Monster
Academy’s history where they had the least number of participants in the final stages of the solo competition.

The competition grounds was moved to another venue where there was ample space within the coliseum. The waiting area was much bigger too.

The lavish waiting area was set up at the edge of the competition grounds.
Above it was the platform which was the ideal place to observe the competition.

The one-on-one competition was held today. All the sixty-four contestants were getting ready in the waiting area.

There were sixty-four luxurious and expensive sofas neatly arranged in the waiting area. A wide array of food and drinks were available. The waiting staff wore immaculate uniforms and were well trained. They were efficient in serving the needs of the contestants.

The waiting staff were young, beautiful, and full of vigor. Every one of them wore a faint smile, and their services were impeccable.

Those waiting here were the younger generation favored by the gods themselves. In the history of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, there were many instances of romances which ended in marriages between the waitresses and the contestants. To these waitresses, it meant having better livelihoods. So, they were truly passionate about their jobs and service toward the contestants.

“Captain, this is the sixth waitress lingering in front of you. How do you feel about all this?” Xu Xiaoyan snickered as she spoke to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin felt helpless. He was asked, for the sixth time, whether he wanted any fruits or drinks. Truthfully, among the sixty-four contestants who were male, there was none who could match his looks.

Young, handsome, and powerful. All these are powerful attributes to attract the ladies.

Tang Wulin turned his attention to Xiaoyan and said, “Xiaoyan, don’t concern yourself with irrelevant distractions.”

The five contestants from Monster Academy sat on the opposite side. Dai Yun’er was currently pouting expressing her displeasure.

“Yun’er, what’s wrong?” Dai Yueyan sat beside his sister to ask out of concern.

Dai Yun’er gave a snort. “I can’t stand anyone who is promiscuous.”

The waitresses serving near them dared not flirt out of respect for the princess. After all, everyone knew of the princess’s temperament.
Moreover, Dai Yueyan was a potential candidate for the emperor’s throne. As for Long Yue, although his strength was shocking, nobody dared to go near him due to the aura he projected. With a bald head and a body full of power and grandeur, most of the women kept their distance from him.

Dai Yueyan laughed hysterically. “I think there’s a problem with your thoughts. Why don’t you think about what you’re going to do if he’s your opponent in the competition?”

Dai Yun’er raised her small fist. “I’d pummel him until all his teeth fall out, of course!”

“Hahaha!” Long Yue guffawed. “Well said, Yun’er. Brother Madman supports you. Do your best!”

Dai Yun’er said, “According to the drawing lots competition procedures, he’ll be fighting me in the next match if he wins this match. Just wait and see, all of you, see how I’ll beat him up.” When Dai Yueyan saw that his little sister was so full of hot air, he could not help but shook his head.

Following the flow of the competition, if Tang Wulin emerged victorious in the first two rounds, his opponent would be Long Yue in the third match.
However, Tang Wulin and Long Yue were not in the same division. Both of them would only meet in the finals.

For Monster Academy’s contestants, the final stages were equally important. They were under more pressure than those contestants from Shrek Academy.

After all, this was Star Luo Continent. They were thousands of miles away from Douluo Continent. Even if the whole of Shrek Academy lost, news of it would not reach their homeland, not to mention their ages were five years younger than Monster Academy’s students.

On the other hand, Monster Academy could not afford to lose! Dai Yueyan had never worried about becoming the champion. As long as it was Shrek Academy that entered the semi-finals, Monster Academy would be
considered the winner.

As for himself, he wanted to stop Tang Wulin from proceeding further, no matter what.

At this moment, a figure of light descended from the sky onto the stage.

There was a light that beamed down from the skies of Star Luo Coliseum. A figure accompanying the light descended slowly.

She wore a pale yellow attire and looked graceful and collected. Her delicate facial features were complemented with a faint smile.

“Hello everyone, my name’s Fang’er. I’m honored to be the host and guest commentator for the final stages of the competition.”

It was Fang’er! The gaze of the audience was immediately on her. For some time, the deafening cheers resounded throughout the competition grounds. In this year’s competition, Fang’er’s incisive and precise commentating, with her unrivaled beauty helped her growing popularity. Hence, the
organizing committee decided to employ her to commentate during the final stages of the competition.

Fang’er landed at the center of the stage under the focus of the light beam. She bowed and curtsied toward the platform.

“Since we’re in the final stages of the competition, the competition will get fierce and intense. After all, a single mistake could cost a contestant to be eliminated. Today’s the first day of the final stages of the one-on-one
competition. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish every contestant
success in their matches. Naturally, what’s more important is to show your skills and capabilities.”

Thunderous applause followed. After Fang’er bowed toward the platform for the second time, she walked forward slowly.

On the stage, all the spotlights shone brightly. Although it was daytime, the spotlights made the stage glow and drew the spectators’ attention to it.

This was the first day of the solo competition in which the top sixty-four contestants were participating. There would be sixteen matches today, and another sixteen matches tomorrow.

Among the matches held today, Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui would be making their appearances. As for Xie Xie’s match, it would be held tomorrow.

“Next, allow me to introduce the first pair of contestants for the knockout match. I believe everyone has been keeping an eye on one of them. He hails from Douluo Continent, the origin of Star Luo Empire. At the same time, he’s the captain of the team from Shrek Academy which is also the top
academy on Douluo Continent. Tang Wulin.”

The first match of the knockout rounds was Tang Wulin’s match which was arranged by the organizing committee. Shrek Academy had grabbed the attention of Star Luo Empire’s denizens, second only to Monster Academy. As the captain of Shrek Academy and the powerful opponent who defeated Monster Academy’s Su Mu and Hua Lantang, the attention Tang Wulin attracted was, needless to say, immense.

Hence, the organizing committee had placed his name on the first match of the knockout round, whereas for tomorrow’s final match of the knockout rounds, Long Yue would make his appearance.

All this was done to heighten the attraction of the competition. When Fang’er made the announcement on the platform, the entire coliseum resounded overwhelmingly with a… Boo!

Amidst the jeers, Tang Wulin stood up and walked out of the waiting area.

The gaze and attention of the contestants from Monster Academy were on him. Long Yue had a smile on his face while Dai Yun’er was gnashing her teeth in anger. She was known to harbor a grudge. She could not forget the look on Tang Wulin’s face when he rejected her. Every time she thought
about this, she would be seething with hatred.

“Then, who would be Tang Wulin’s opponent? Let’s welcome one of the outstanding geniuses from Royal Star Luo Academy, also known as the rising star of Star Luo, Sima Xian. He’s twenty years old, an outstanding talent nurtured by Star Luo Empire. Back then, he was also accepted by Monster Academy, but he chose to stay with Royal Star Luo Academy to
further his studies for personal reasons. Today, he’s already accomplished in his studies. He hasn’t been defeated in this year’s competition yet. The first match of today is a battle between two powerhouses.”

Chapter 654 - Sima Xian!

Chapter 654: Sima Xian!

Sima Xian?

When they heard his name, even the people from Monster Academy were surprised.
The truth about Sima Xian not joining Monster Academy was debatable. The people from Monster Academy studied Long Yue’s face. Even
Madman Long displayed a sense of guilt.

It turned out that after Sima Xian had passed the entrance examination for Monster Academy, he reported to Monster Academy on the day when the term commenced.

In Star Luo Empire, the prestige that Monster Academy held was similar to Shrek Academy’s on Douluo Continent. How could there be anyone who would turn down the opportunity to join Monster Academy?

As it turned out, when Sima Xian arrived jubilantly at the gates of Monster Academy, he had an unpleasant encounter with someone.

This person stood at the gates and blocked his way. Then, he said something to him.

“Boy, do you’ve any money?” The bald guy raised his arm and barred Sima Xian from passing through.

“Who’re you?” Sima Xian was known as the genius of his generation. He had succeeded in passing Monster Academy’s entrance examination and his heart was filled with pride.

“Who I am doesn’t concern you. I see you’re pretending to be what you’re not. Give me your money!” The bald guy rubbed his index finger and thumb together.

“Do you have a death wish? Move aside, you’re making me late for the registration. Can you bear that responsibility?” Sima Xian raised his
eyebrows as he flew into a rage. At the same time, there was a faint sense of power and threat released from his body.

“Do you have any money or not?” asked the bald guy.

“I have plenty but what does that have to do with you?” A cold gleam flickered within Sima Xian’s eyes.

Two minutes later.

“You really have a lot, they’re all mine now.” The bald guy had one foot on Sima Xian’s back.

“With that puny might of yours, what’re you doing here in Monster
Academy? Go back, have a shower and take a nap.” The bald guy took his money, turned around and marched into Monster Academy with his chin held up.

Sima Xian, with bloody lips, slowly rose to his feet. The fury in him was at its maximum. He howled furiously, turned around, and ran.

Shortly after, he joined the Royal Star Luo Academy.

When he recalled about the situation back then, how could Long Yue not feel awkward? Consequently, he was punished by Monster Academy. If it were not for Grand Tutor En Ci’s fondness of him, he would have been kicked out from Monster Academy. When everyone from Monster Academy heard the name Sima Xian, they could not help but smile sheepishly when they looked at Long Yue.

“Cough! Cough! Aside from Yun’er, I’ll pulverize anyone who continues to stare at me!” Long Yue waved his fist.

“Hahaha!” The students from Monster Academy broke out into laughter.

Tang Wulin did not know that the opponent before him had such a history with Long Yue. Currently, his attention was all on Sima Xian.

Sima Xian was not tall, about a hundred and sixty centimeters. His build could be considered medium, and his eyes not small. He could almost match Tang Wulin in appearance except he was a little thin.

His gaze toward Tang Wulin was filled with a sense of longing. When Tang Wulin locked eyes with him, he felt shaken. He thought inwardly, ‘What does this guy want?’

What did Sima Xian want? What he thought was simple.

Currently, Star Luo Empire knew that this captain who hailed from Shrek Academy was extraordinarily strong. Many people compared him to Long Yue. On the other hand, Sima Xian was pummeled and his tuition fees robbed by Long Yue. Sima Xian regarded that as a shameful episode in his life. After the incident, he confronted Long Yue three times consecutively
as he wanted to redeem himself. However, each encounter turned out worse than before because he found it increasingly difficult to endure Long Yue’s barrage.

He was dejected because the difference in their strengths was so great. He reckoned that he would not be able to catch up to him during this lifetime.

Following that, he put in great effort to make himself strong as he cultivated and endured the hardship. He had not met Madman Long for three years. In this competition, he had mustered all his courage and might to meet Long Yue. In his eyes, Tang Wulin was a touchstone. If he could defeat this captain from Shrek Academy, then his name would be known far and wide within the circle of Star Luo Empire’s Soul Masters. Everyone would know him by then.

Then, he could be on par with Long Yue. After he obtained the results of the drawing lots, he had eagerly looked forward to this battle. Now, he was filled with thoughts of how to completely suppress Tang Wulin and win this match decisively.

On the competition grounds, the officiating referee did not announce any rules. He only observed both parties and began the countdown.

“Five, four, three, two, one, begin!”

On the platform, Fang’er straightened her back. “This is it, everyone. The match has officially begun. Let us witness this battle of the powerhouses and see who’ll emerge victoriously. Contestant Sima Xian has made the first move. He has released his martial soul.”

“As expected, the most outstanding student from Royal Star Luo Academy has five purple soul rings. This disposition of soul rings is on par with the outstanding students of Monster Academy. Contestant Sima Xian’s martial soul is very powerful and its name is Bullhorn Dragon. Legend has it that it’s an existence born from the union between a true dragon and a type of rare soul beast known as takin. It possesses the power of a giant dragon and the agility of a takin. It’s no longer a martial soul within the Land Dragon
category. Instead, it’s an existence that has half the bloodline of a true dragon.”

The people in the waiting area could also listen to the commentary. When they heard Fang’er’s introduction, Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui both smiled mockingly.

Bullhorn Dragon? It’s as easy as eating a pie.

Tang Wulin did not move from his initial spot. The stage with a diameter of five hundred meters was truly vast. With the commencement of the match, Sima Xian ran wildly as he headed toward Tang Wulin.

The first and second soul rings on Sima Xian’s body shone consecutively. His thin frame enlarged continuously during his wild dash. His legs grew tougher and stronger, and his body became bulkier. A long tail towed behind him and two large bull horns sprouted from the top of his head.

Bullhorn Dragon! It was truly powerful. The true dragon bloodline which he possessed originated from a true dragon which was one of the Nine
Dragon Kings that specialized in power. His bloodline had a strong preservation quality.

In fact, Sima Xian’s martial soul Bullhorn Dragon still had its differences
with a real Bullhorn Dragon. This was because he only had the martial soul, unlike Tang Wulin, Su Mu, or Long Yue who possessed the power from their respective bloodlines.

Long Yue was powerful because not only was his martial soul the Mountain Dragon King, but he also possessed the Mountain Dragon King’s bloodline. When the two were combined, his strength was.

While Sima Xian was dashing wildly, he lowered his head and his body released a horrifying aura. Alongside his wild dash, circles of yellow halos emanated continuously from under his feet.

Gravitational Control!

This was a very powerful soul skill. With the enhancements of one’s
strength, the magnitude of the gravitational force which one could control would also increase. Sima Xian with his five-ring cultivation base could increase the gravitational force five times while he himself remained unaffected by gravity.

Although Tang Wulin could not hear Fang’er’s explanations, he could clearly see what was happening. When Sima Xian’s martial soul was
released, he felt the wave of a dragon’s aura. His brows were raised slightly. He stood in a steadfast posture and waited for Sima Xian’s charge. Sima Xian ran at blinding speed. His thickset lower limbs pushed him forward. He lowered his head and his pair of bull horns flickered with a terrifying cold gleam. His circles of Gravitational Control continuously amplified themselves as they sent waves rippling outward. When he was less than a hundred meters from Tang Wulin, the effects of Gravitational Control could be felt beneath Tang Wulin’s feet.

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up at this very moment. A brilliant golden light
attracted the attention of the masses. At the same time, when the golden light shone, a layer of golden scales covered his entire body. Two circles of golden soul rings rose from under his feet. His first soul ring shone which was Golden Dragon Body!

A pair of Golden Dragon Claws hung from the sides of his body. He looked in Sima Xian’s direction. There was coldness in his eyes.

The third soul ring on Sima Xian’s body had also lit up. Although he wanted very much to defeat Tang Wulin, he did not underestimate his
opponent. He unleashed his third soul ring. The Bullhorn Dragon martial soul conferred on him a layer of decorous scales.

Chapter 655 - Absolute Suppression

Chapter 655: Absolute Suppression

Those were brownish red scales. Every scale had a shape which resembled a hexagon. The only difference between his scales and Tang Wulin’s was that his scales were flat, and there were no protruding edges.

With a covering of the scales, his aura changed again. His body size increased with the combination of his body and tail length exceeding five meters. His speed was as fast as a soul train in a mad rush.

There were the planned series of combination attacks. The martial soul
Bullhorn Dragon was an assault system. With the addition of Gravitational Control and its tremendous speed, Sima Xian had many different ways of battling at his disposal.

He was almost upon Tang Wulin. The domineering aura of his made the
space on the whole stage seemed like it was pressing toward Tang Wulin. It had looked like a head-on collision, but in actuality, the air stirred by his
wild dash was compressing inward and limiting Tang Wulin’s movements.
Sima Xian who was wildly rushing forward at a blinding speed was
swaying his head as well. He seemed to be able to change directions within a small area instantly. Hence, it would be very difficult for Tang Wulin to
evade his attack. Even if Tang Wulin managed to dodge Sima Xian’s attacks, he would still be suppressed by Sima Xian’s aura.

In a battle between powerhouses, once a person’s aura was suppressed by the opponent, it would be difficult for the person to turn the tide in the battle.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He did not dodge. When he saw that the thickset body of a Bullhorn Dragon was almost upon him, he stepped forward to face Sima Xian head on. He just took a single step forward, and a deep dragon’s roar rose from his body. The roar resembled the sound of the awakening earth when the Land Dragon flipped its body. A bright golden light burst forth from his right foot. Amidst the dragon’s roar, he stomped heavily on the floor.

Tang Wulin’s timing was perfect. Although it was difficult to dodge Sima Xian, likewise, it would be difficult for Sima Xian to slow down or stop abruptly.

Hence, when Tang Wulin stomped the floor with his right foot, Sima Xian had entered the boundary of the golden light rays.

“Boom!” The competition stage rattled violently. Eight little dragons emerged at the spot which Tang Wulin stomped on. All the eight little
dragons raised their heads and their brilliant golden bodies shot upwards. There was a powerful, arrogant aura of a superior existence.

At the sound of the dragon’s roar, the compression force of the surrounding domineering air weakened suddenly. The Bullhorn Dragon had charged into the boundary of the golden radiance of Tang Wulin.

At that moment, Sima Xian felt the vigorous blood essence within his body and his rich soul power losing their effects all of a sudden. A tremble which originated from the depths of his soul made him lose control of his body instantly. The blood essence within his body seemed to be frozen.

He had already unleashed his maximum! During such situations, it would be a disaster.

A huge force rose up from below, but the scales on the Bullhorn Dragon’s body had shrunk. What the audience saw was a huge body that was pressing forward with indomitable will suddenly stopping the moment it entered the golden ring of light.

The visual impact between the movement and its sudden stopping was just too great. There was shock registered on everyone’s faces. Then, they saw Sima Xian’s colossal body being jettisoned upward to the sky. He was being shot up by the eight little golden dragons. Arcs of golden lightning swirled around his body and flickered with a strong glow.

“What’s this? Why did Sima Xian’s soul skill look like it was interrupted? And what Tang Wulin displayed didn’t look like a soul skill. It looked more like the ability of an original skill. When Sima Xian concurrently unleashed three soul skills under such a high-speed attack, how could his soul skills be interrupted simultaneously? He was even controlled by force! My god! To him, this must certainly be a disaster.”

The voice of Fang’er commentating was like firecrackers setting off. She spoke extremely fast and could hardly control her emotions. Her tone of
disbelief clearly revealed that she found it difficult to comprehend the scene that unfolded in front of her.

In the waiting area, the smile that was on Long Yue’s face suddenly disappeared. He sat upright and stared at the stage.

Many years ago, he had beaten up Sima Xian. He was familiar with Sima Xian’s abilities. Although there was a huge gap between their abilities,
among his peer Soul Masters, he was respected. He did not have the nurturing of Monster Academy which might have limited the development of his abilities. Despite that, he was comparable to the Eight Heavenly
Kings. There was not that much of a difference in their skill levels. Forced control! That was most fitting to describe the scene on the stage..
An assault system Battle Soul Master had been forcefully controlled when he met his opponent. This happened during a fight with an opponent who had a lower cultivation base than himself. This was truly unbelievable!

Then, they saw Tang Wulin leaping into the air.

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. He stomped his foot on the floor. It was
as if he foresaw what would happen. Thus, when Sima Xian shot up toward the skies, Tang Wulin followed after him. Sima Xian’s Gravitational Control which he had unleashed had been forcibly negated by the stomp of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

Tang Wulin stretched his arms and his pair of Golden Dragon Claws extended on both sides of his body. He resembled a majestic hawk
spreading its wings.

Meanwhile, Sima Xian’s body was completely paralyzed. He could not
even control his own body, and the blood essence within him surged. The violent collision made him felt like his viscera were on fire.

Currently, he had regained his senses from the unexpected event just now. But, all he could do was curl up his body as much as he could and release his soul power to his surroundings. His next moves will have to wait until he had counteracted Tang Wulin’s attack.

The Golden Dragon Claws balled into fists. He did not use the sharp claws to slash his opponent. Instead, he hit downward with both fists. When Tang Wulin’s arms were swung backward from the top of his head and body forming an arc, the deep dragon’s roar on his body turned vigorous. It was as if the giant dragon had awakened.


Many spectators reacted by closing their eyes. Sima Xian who had been brazenly struck resembled a spiral as he came crashing down onto the stage. Together, the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth and the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens formed a combination of indomitable force. When he
crash landed on the stage, the whole stage gave off a shattering sound which shocked everyone.

A huge, deep crater appeared in the center of the competition stage.
Countless crack lines emanated rapidly in all directions from the crater.

Tang Wulin’s body flashed and he suddenly altered his direction in midair. He dropped to the ground on both legs and made a dull thump upon landing. Under the sun’s rays, the scales on his body flickered with an attention- grabbing golden light. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws flickered with an ominous gleam.

The entire coliseum fell utterly quiet. In their judgment, he was no longer human. He was practically a ferocious beast in the form of a human!

Sima Xian, within a few moments after the introduction, who had been known as the most outstanding genius of Royal Star Luo Academy had lost his battle.

The medical staff rushed onto the stage immediately. On the platform, Fang’er’s jaw dropped.

She was sure that if Tang Wulin had wanted to kill Sima Xian just now, he would only have to use his pair of dragon claws. He would most probably have torn Sima Xian into pieces.

What kind of strength was this? He was up against a five-ringed Soul King. Sima Xian’s opening moves showed no signs of underestimating his opponent. However, with a single strike, Tang Wulin had ended the match.

Under this circumstance, Sima Xian did not even have time to unleash his battle armor.

In the realm of Soul Masters, the existence of battle armors were definitely the most powerful embodiment of strength. For Soul Masters of the same rank, the possession of a battle armor or its non-possession would translate into a disparity in strength that was leagues apart.

Ever since Tang Wulin joined this year’s competition, he seemed to have completely overturned this single rule.

Every battle armor seemed to have lost its meaning before him because there had not been a single Battle Armor Master who could unleash the powers of a battle armor effectively in a battle with him. During the first one-on-one match, his opponent managed to don his battle armor but did not have the chance to unleash a single attack. So, ended the match.

Then there was Hua Lantang’s battle armor. He did not even manage to don his battle armor. Currently, Sima Xian was in a worse condition. He did not even manage to release his battle armor.

The matches which Tang Wulin took part in had ended quickly. Also, the succeeding match was more startling than the preceding one.

Initially, many among the Star Luo Empire audience had mocked him for not participating in the match against Dai Yueyan. Currently, everyone was quiet as a mouse.

Was it truly a human who stood on the competition stage? Was he not a fierce beast?

The outcome of the match had been decided. The referee announced Tang Wulin’s victory.

Chapter 656 - Silence!

Chapter 656: Silence!

He retracted his Golden Dragon Claws along with his scales. He returned to being a tall, handsome boy brimming with youthful vigor.

Tang Wulin suddenly turned to face the crowd and placed an index finger to his lips. A faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

After he had finished making this small sign, he got down from the stage.

‘I don’t care if all of you insult me, reprimand me, or belittle me. The fact of the matter is all of you should keep your mouths shut!’

This was what he wanted to convey with his simple gesture. In the next instant, the spectators’ stand fell into an uproar!
He was too arrogant! That was simply too much! This was the Star Luo Empire! Star Luo City! An outsider had the gall to provoke the entire
audience present within the coliseum.

When Tang Wulin made his appearance, he had not shown any reaction
when he was booed by the whole crowd. They had thought that this young man had finally learned his place. They never thought that he would use the situation to get back at them.

On the platform, the Star Luo Emperor, Dai Tianling, was clearly not in a good mood. His expression was slightly downcast.

Grand Tutor En Ci was not present on this day. Those that sat beside him were the who’s who from the realm of the Star Luo Empire’s soul masters.

One of the elders snorted. “What an arrogant young man.” Was he arrogant? That was exactly how Tang Wulin had hoped to come
across. If this was on the Douluo Continent, what would he have done? He was a stranger in a foreign land where everyone was on his opponents’ side. Everyone was against them, but he had never retorted with words. That was because he knew that words were weak and feeble. He could only give a decisive response with a show of true strength.

As a member of the diplomatic corps, his actions were clearly not cohesive with their mission. Nevertheless, all of those within the reserved room, including Elder Cai and the leader of the corps, never uttered a single word of protest over what Tang Wulin had done. That was because his seemingly inappropriate maneuver had won glory for the Douluo Continent!

He strolled leisurely back to the waiting area. Tang Wulin turned a deaf ear to the endless stream of abuse, wearing a slight smile the whole time. He was in the top thirty-two!

Before he sat back down on his own seat, he shifted his gaze towards Long Yue, with his brows slightly raised.

Long Yue was also looking at him. He was holding back a grin at the edge of his lips. He raised a thumb towards him, then he slowly turned his hand downwards until it pointed to the ground.

Tang Wulin broke into a grin and showed his row of white teeth. He returned to his seat.

“Boss, this young boy is too arrogant. However, why is that Sima Xian fellow so weak?” a young man who sat beside Long Yue could not help but enquire with a furious tone.

Long Yue smiled drily. “There’s a secret about this Tang Wulin. He must have a hidden technique that he only used against Sima Xian, most likely the power of his bloodline. However, there’s one thing that he didn’t do
wrong. Never just brag about whatever it is that you’re doing. Show to the people with your strength that you are right.” Dai Yun’er was currently looking in Tang Wulin’s direction with her head askance. In the next round, he would be her opponent. Could she really
defeat him? They were both at four rings, but he was surprisingly powerful.

The more she knew about Tang Wulin, the more she would be unconsciously attracted to him, which meant that she would be paying him attention subconsciously.

Just how many more secrets did this fellow from Shrek Academy have?

Curiosity was something that people at her age would have. Moreover, this princess was more inquisitive than anyone else.

Dai Yueyan touched his sister. “Stop staring. You’re facing him next. This will be no easy task. You’d best be prepared. Don’t let your guard down. Unleash all your strength as soon as the match starts. You must fight with your most powerful attacks to win the match in one fell swoop.”

“Yeah, I know that. Don’t worry, I’ll defeat him!” Dai Yun’er raised her little fist.

Dai Yueyan smiled faintly. His little sister had more talents than himself. Moreover, brute strength was practically of no use against her.

Due to the damage done to the competition grounds, the contest had no
choice but to stop temporarily. However, Fang’er’s commentary continued.

“Everyone, please quiet down. After the medical examination, contestant Sima Xian wasn’t too badly injured. He’s only temporarily unconscious.”

“Frankly speaking, this match has left me at a bit of a loss. Contestant Sima Xian had a fantastic and impactful start from the moment he got on the
stage. A victory would have been difficult to achieve in such a short span of time even for a much stronger fighter. What’s more, there’s still a large difference between contestant Tang Wulin’s soul power and contestant Sima Xian’s. I’ve sought detailed analyses from a few veterans of the soul masters’ realm. In their experience, during the match just now, Tang Wulin must have used some unseen abilities to suppress Sima Xian. I invite everyone to look at the wide-screen.”

The screen replayed the match. The playback slowed when it reached the point where Sima Xian was very close to Tang Wulin.

“Look closely, everyone. Throughout the process of contestant Sima Xian’s forward charge, his Gravitational Control kept spreading outwards and it had affected contestant Tang Wulin early on. However, when the dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s body, the Gravitational Control halos were
clearly scattered. In other words, the dragon’s roar released by Tang Wulin had greatly disrupted the attack. At the same time, his figure is no longer
stable. His balance was so unsteady that he had dashed into Tang Wulin’s soul skill’s manifestation and was catapulted towards the sky.”

“I think, in this process, Sima Xian was not under anything’s control after he was flung upward. I believe he was, in fact, already controlled by some special abilities of contestant Tang Wulin before he was shot skyward. That led to the events that occurred afterward. I’m curious as to what was this
ability which Tang Wulin used just now. Could that sound have been some sort of sonic wave? I’m afraid that we can only continue observing the following matches and hopefully obtain answers to these questions. In any case, without a doubt, this captain who came from Shrek Academy possesses extraordinary power.”

Fang’er’s commentating was quite fair and balanced. She was not overly biased. She even avoided talking about Tang Wulin’s final provocative gesture. That being said, such an accurate analysis would definitely be useful to Tang Wulin’s future opponents.

As he sat in the waiting area, Tang Wulin closed his eyes and seemed to be completely immersed in a world of his own. The torrent of abuse outside
seemed to have dwindled somewhat. After all, cursing someone was a tiring affair.

After some quick repair works, the second match started thirty minutes later. Although the first match had ended in a short time, it had left the spectators quite shaken. So great was its impact that the crowd had not regained their composure during the second match.

Given that, the audience was clearly not as excited during the second fight. Even Fang’er’s commentary was much shorter than the first battle.

The second match ended after ten minutes, with the victor being a young man with a four-ringed cultivation base.

Those who were able to enter the ranks of the top sixty-four were the outstanding youths of the new generation. Among those, at least half of them had already attained a five-ringed Soul King cultivation base. As for the contestants with four-ringed cultivation bases, most had their own secret skills which had enabled them to progress this far into the competition.

The following matches had also proved this point. In one of the matches, a four-ringed soul master had followed in Tang Wulin’s footsteps as he overcame a powerful opponent despite having less strength. He defeated an expert at the rank of a five-ringed Soul King. Of course, this Soul King did not have battle armor.

There was another match that was extremely bizarre. The contestant had used a purple mecha. With his familiar mecha operating skills, he
eventually defeated his opponent.

Generally speaking, with a cultivation base at the rank of four or five rings, it was possible for one to unleash the greatest powers of a mecha. Even if one had the resources to obtain a black mecha, if one’s cultivation base was insufficient, the strength which a black mecha could utilize would be limited. Then, it would not be as practical as a purple mecha.

“The seventh match, contestant Yuanen Yehui from Shrek Academy versus contestant Teng Teng from Monster Academy. I invite both contestants to step up to the stage. Without a doubt, this will be a match to behold. At the
same time, it’s also another collision between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. I hope that both contestants can give us an interesting battle.” Fang’er was quickly getting excited once again. She waited for both contestants to reach the stage.

Yuanen Yehui stood up. She had always worn male attire. Just like when
Tang Wulin first saw her, she was as ordinary as could be. Among the group from Shrek Academy, she was the one who usually did not attract any

“Yuanen, be careful.” As Yuanen Yehui passed by, Xie Xie had pulled on her sleeve and reminded her softly.

Yuanen glared at him. “Go away.”

Xie Xie retracted his hand at that moment, embarrassed. Yuanen Yehui walked quickly out of the waiting area and ascended to the competition stage.

Teng Teng was the young man who had spoken to Long Yue a few moments ago. He could not contain himself any longer. He had been looking forward to this match for a long time.

Chapter 657 - Yuanen Battles the Shadow King

Chapter 657: Yuanen Battles the Shadow King

The rivalry between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had gone on for a few matches. They had no doubt that Long Yue was the top powerhouse in this year’s competition, and he would definitely be the
champion. However, as one of the Eight Heavenly Kings, his seven other comrades had not tasted victory battling with Shrek Academy’s students. They felt demoralized.

Finally, he was matched with a contestant from Shrek Academy. He wanted to prove to the denizens of Star Luo Empire that it is not always about Long Yue in Monster Academy. There were others who were capable as well.

“Contestant Teng Teng, hailing from Monster Academy. Nickname, Shadow King, an agility system battle soul master.” Fang’er had only given a simple introduction about Teng Teng as she didn’t mention what his soul ranking or martial soul was. After all, the fight had not started yet. There
was still a need to maintain the secrecy of the contestants.

Yuanen Yehui waited calmly. She was hardly attractive, so when Teng Teng looked at her, he could not help frowning. Winning against such an opponent apparently would not require him to display his strengths!

Since he knew who is opponent was before the lots were drawn, he had
watched some of Yuanen Yehui’s matches. In the previous matches, Yuanen Yehui had always used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. This emaciated- looking soul master was surprisingly a strength type which was shocking.

So what if an agility system was restrained by an assault system? Teng Teng believed that with his agility, everything else was insignificant.

“Let the match begin!” With the referee’s announcement, the audience sat upright giving their full attention to the match.

Even if Royal Star Luo Academy had lost, there is no way Monster
Academy would lose to Shrek Academy. Monster Academy must win this match!

The spectators had overlooked the age difference between these two representatives of their respective academies. They only hoped for one thing — victory.

He took a step forward and five soul rings rose from beneath Teng Teng’s feet. His five purple soul rings shone with a brilliant glow. His body swayed and the third soul ring on his body flickered. Then, there were three of him where he stood!

Shadow Clones!

The three Teng Tengs strode forward in unison. Their speeds were
extremely fast. As they sprinted forward, afterimages followed closely behind them. In the blink of an eye, they were a hundred meters away. Simultaneously, the trio launched their attacks on Yuanen Yehui from three different directions.

At the same time, four purple rings rose from under Yuanen Yehui’s feet. The first and third soul rings flashed together. Her body swelled. It was the Diamond Titan.

Her body had ballooned swiftly. It swelled so much that her clothes were torn save for her highly elastic leotard covering her body. In an instant, she had turned into a five-meter tall giant.

In the time she took to transform, Teng Teng was already upon her. The three figures flickered alternately and were charging forward at Yuanen
Yehui. Those series of afterimages formed a triangle around Yuanen Yehui. The afterimages were connected with each other. At some point, even Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones were barely visible. Undoubtedly, it was not a soul skill, but a high ranking skill of the agility system. It was manifested after the soul master’s speed reached a certain threshold.

Teng Teng wielded daggers that were pitch black in each hand. Those were not his martial soul, but his soul tools.

In the solo competition, all sorts of equipment were allowed. If battle armors were allowed, naturally, soul tools were also allowed.

His martial soul was related to his nickname which was the Shadow King, Hence, his martial soul was his shadow!

That was why his Shadow Clones were different from everyone else’s. Xie Xie’s Shadow Clones were forcibly separated from his body by his high-
speed movements. However, they had limited capabilities.

On the other hand, Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones were formed through his martial soul. Even though they were clones, they were identical to the original in every aspect!. The clones were his martial souls. During a battle, these clones were more formidable than the clones formed by high-speed body movements.

The skill which he was currently utilizing was called Shadow Connection. The most important thing for an agility system soul master was to never let the opponent know where one truly was.

In such a scenario, the audience were exhilarated to witness the dazzling display of skills of the contestants.

“Currently, Monster Academy’s contestant Teng Teng is displaying a high- end skill of an agility system soul master. With his own super high-speed motion coupled with the effects of his Shadow Clones, he formed countless overlaps of himself. This made it difficult for his opponent to determine his precise location. At the same time, he can exploit his opponent’s weakness. Once there is an opportunity, he would not hesitate to give his opponent a thunderous blow.” “Contestant Yuanen Yehui’s ability is shocking. Such a martial soul is undoubtedly very powerful. It must be the Titan Giant Ape. The Titan Giant Ape is the overlord in the forest. It’s a top-class martial soul. Against
contestant Teng Teng’s clone attacks, how will contestant Yuanen Yehui fight back?”

Fang’er commentated excitedly. The fight between powerhouses usually did not take very long. Once an advantage was established, it would be difficult indeed for the other contender to turn the tide of the battle. The first
collision between the two contenders is usually an exploratory technique to probe the opponent. Their following moves would be crucial for both

A loud buzz vibrated in the surrounding air, and it seemed like the whole heaven and earth shook violently. The situation on the stage changed

Against Teng Teng’s Shadow Clones, Yuanen Yehui had taken
countermeasures at the first opportunity she got. She did not react like most opponents who would be mesmerized by the figures moving at high-speed when they were faced with such a situation. Instead, she just stood there.
Then, she took a step forward with eyes focused.

She made a lunge, simultaneously balling her right fist tightly. She had retracted her fist at her waist, then unleashed a punch in front of her.

With that, the second soul ring on her body shone brightly! That was the source of the thunderous buzz.
The moment she made the lunge, Teng Teng had made his countermove. Amidst those swift swiveling figures, two of them suddenly leaped from behind Yuanen Yehui. The pitch black daggers stabbed straight toward the sides of her body.

For a person in a standing posture, it would have been easy for the person to evade the attack. However, if the person made a lunge, evading the attack
would be much more difficult. Hence, Teng Teng seized this opportunity and launched his counterattack without hesitation.

Among the Eight Heavenly Kings, he was well known for his ability to seize opportunities, and his decisiveness was his greatest virtue.

Yuanen Yehui had no way of doing an about-face while she was making the lunge. However, it appeared as if she had no inkling of the sneak attack behind her back.

Had the battle’s outcome been decided? Was this the capability of a Shrek Academy’s team member?

Just when those thoughts occupied the people’s minds, Yuanen Yehui threw a punch.


There appeared a hole in the air in front of her. The entire space was violently twisted. The clones and afterimages that had surrounded Yuanen Yehui were instantly affected by the contorting spatial wave and fell into the warped space. Many afterimages disappeared and Teng Teng was finally exposed.

The two clones which launched the sneak attacks from behind her were also affected by the distortion in the space. Their attacks did not hit their intended target. Instead, their daggers shot past Yuanen Yehui’s sides.

Yuanen Yehui’s pair of large hands swung outwards and struck both the clones. The two clones vanished instantly like soap bubbles popping.

A figure flickered. Teng Teng had retreated more than ten meters away in the blink of an eye. Currently, his clones had vanished, so he was alone.

“You have the ability to control auras?” The initial confidence Teng Teng had was gone as his face turned grim.

Yuanen Yehui’s mindless punch appeared simple, but in fact, its impact overwhelmed Teng Teng. It was not easy to create a spatial distortion, not to mention a pervasive one, with the force of a single punch. To achieve this, one must not only control the changes in the surrounding aura, but one must also be able to break the connecting points of the aura. Only then would
such a phenomenon occur.

Chapter 658 - Yuanen Yehui’s Core Battle Armor

Chapter 658: Yuanen Yehui’s Core Battle Armor

If his clones were also controlled by this destructive aura, then the opponent he was facing was fearsome indeed. She was only fifteen! Yet, she could
accomplish that.

Yuanen Yehui did not make a sound. She leaped up albeit slowly as if she was bogged down by the weight of Mount Taishan. Without a warning, she pounced toward Teng Teng.

Teng Teng retreated with lightning speed. His body swayed and released two other clones. The clones ran in opposite directions to put some distance between them.

Yuanen Yehui ran to where Teng Teng initially stood. Concurrently, she yelled out loud and hit out at the air with her fist again.

Teng Teng’s three bodies began running wildly in three directions like heavenly maids scattering blossoms.

“Boom!” Amidst the explosion, the air on the stage was contorted again. This time, it was more apparent than before. The audience could tell the difference as its effect could be seen vividly. Teng Teng’s three bodies
staggered. However, one of the bodies was noticeably nimbler than the others.

Then, they saw a ball of white light shooting out from Yuanen Yehui’s punch like a cannonball. It shot straight toward the nimblest body of Teng Teng.

In the waiting area. A glow flickered in Long Yue’s shocked eyes. ‘A contestant who controlled the aura?’ Assault systems naturally restrained agility systems. If an assault system Soul Master could control the aura and use it to his or her
advantage, then it would definitely be disastrous for an agility system Battle Soul Master.

Undoubtedly, this was Yuanen Yehui’s strength which was more powerful than the Holy Angel martial soul Soul Master.

Teng Teng’s body was in the air. The instant when Yuanen Yehui’s Air
Cannon was about to hit him, the second soul ring on his body flashed, Just then, he disappeared.

Those with sharp eyes could see that his shadow was on the ground. The shadow was agile, and in the next moment, it headed sideways at blinding speed.

Hiding Shadow, second soul skill!

Yuanen Yehui shifted her gaze. This was her first encounter with such a peculiar soul skill. This agility system Battle Soul Master was certainly outstanding in both his agility and survival skills.

“You’re very strong. So, I’m giving it my all!” came Teng Teng’s voice. His body shot far away at incredible speed. After he was more than a hundred meters away from Yuanen Yehui, the shadow returned to his body and the two clones had completely vanished.

Pieces of grey battle armor emerged from his body at this moment. They swiftly attached themselves on his body.

There were faint silver patterns on those pieces of grey armor. They did not appear attractive, but they had a tranquilizing effect.

Battle armor! Yes, a one-word battle armor!

Among Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings, apart from Dai Yun’er who had insufficient cultivation base, they were all one-word Battle Armor Masters.

After he sparred with Yuanen Yehui for a while, Teng Teng concluded that it would be quite difficult for him to defeat his opponent using his strength alone. The restraining effect of his opponent was too strong.

So as not to repeat the mistake and lose like Hua Lantang, he chose to unleash his battle armor at the first chance he got.

In fact, when he unleashed his battle armor, he could feel his cheeks burning.

Regardless of Su Mu’s condition after he lost to Tang Wulin, at least Su Mu spoke eloquently that he wanted a fair fight.

In spite of an age advantage of five years, Teng Teng donned his battle armor without second thoughts of being fair. Even if a battle armor was
considered part of one’s strength, as a battle between the two top academics from the two continents, this action of his was considered improper.

In the quest for victory, he had no choice but to do so. Only then could he guarantee a win over his opponent.

When she saw the battle armor covering Teng Teng’s body, Yuanen Yehui did not even attempt to stop him. They were too far apart, and Teng Teng was too fast. Even if she had wanted to stop him, she could not.

A moment later, rays of light began shining on Yuanen Yehui’s body.

Balls of yellow light lit up on her shoulders, elbows, and hands. They also lit up at the center of her chest and her waist.

Pieces of yellow battle armor covered her body in an instant. Yuanen Yehui’s own aura was intensified multiple times.

When they saw the battle armor on her body, the audience were not the only ones who were stunned. Even Tang Wulin and Xie Xie were flabbergasted.

“That’s the core part?” Xie Xie cried out involuntarily. Currently, there were six pieces of battle armor on Yuanen Yehui’s body. That included the four pieces on her arms and shoulders, breastplate, waist armor, and her battle skirt.

The waist armor formed a single piece with the battle skirt, while the breastplate was a huge piece in itself. For a Battle Armor Master, the breastplate was usually the core component, it was also where the essence of the battle armor resided.

Tang Wulin never thought that Yuanen Yehui had already crafted out the core component.

Because they were in different classes, Yuanen Yehui’s and Yue Zhengyu’s battle armors were crafted by themselves. They did not craft the battle
armors with Tang Wulin and the others.

When the core battle armor was crafted, it meant that one was very close to completing the full set of battle armor. It was only a matter of time.

Yuanen Yehui had surprisingly achieved this without anyone’s knowledge.

Obviously, in terms of soul power cultivation base, Yuanen Yehui was the strongest among the Shrek team. Her current cultivation base had reached the forty-fifth rank.

Under normal circumstances, the lowest requirement for the cultivation base of a one-word Battle Armor Master was the fiftieth rank. With that said, she now possessed the core component of her battle armor.
Indubitably, she would be able to own a full set of one-word Battle Armor before reaching the fiftieth rank.

With the possession of the core component, despite the powers of the battle armor in her body being incomplete, she had more than sixty percent of the strength of a complete battle armor. Such an enhancement together with the spirit alloy battle armor was more powerful than the ordinary battle armor. Hence, Yuanen Yehui’s strength when compared to her opponents did not put her at much of a disadvantage. A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He was advancing, so there was no reason for him to not believe that his comrades were also advancing at a similar pace.

The colossal Diamond Titan was covered in a glittering and translucent yellow battle armor. Her armor was more stunning than Teng Teng’s.

Teng Teng had finished donning his battle armor. Other than the body of grey armor, he had a pair of grey daggers in his hands. Apparently, these daggers were also a part of his battle armor.

His battle armor intensified his aura multiple times. He had yet to unleash his soul skills. The air around him was quivering faintly which was caused by the high-frequency vibrations of his battle armor.

Shortly thereafter, Teng Teng moved.

Under the enhancement of the one-word battle armor, his speed was
astounding. He had traversed a hundred meters in an instant. His first soul ring flickered concurrently while his pair of daggers had slashed outward in unison with his swift movement.

Shadow Slash!

Ordinarily, if it were a Shadow Slash, the attacking power would be limited. It was only a first soul skill after all. However, it was different now. Under the enhancement of his one-word battle armor with its armor-paired
weapons and his blinding speed, this Shadow Slash attack of his broke the air with a deafening howl to reach Yuanen Yehui within an instant.

It was so fast that Yuanen Yehui did not have the time to even raise her arm.

For an agility system, to be quick and nimble was its specialty. An attack that was extremely fast was always hair-raising.

What happened next took him by surprise. The glow on Yuanen Yehui’s battle armor changed suddenly. The initial yellow color turned to black. She transformed into a puff of black smoke. The black smoke diffused rapidly to envelope most of the battleground. The audience could not see the state of affairs on the stage.

Yuanen Yehui had dodged Teng Teng’s sure-hit attack by shrinking her body instantaneously.

‘What’s this?’

Teng Teng’s mind was completely bewildered. He felt as if he had fallen into a quagmire, and he could not see his surroundings. ‘Territory?’ He
could not make out her system type as it appeared to be different from her previous martial soul’s ability!

“Twin martial soul!” Long Yue within the waiting area and the
commentator Fang’er blurted these words almost simultaneously.

As the saying goes, the outsider sees the most of the game. What they saw was, when the smoke appeared, a pair of black wings unfurled behind Yuanen Yehui. Her battle armor had also turned black. Her dark red hair fell freely, and she reverted to her female body.

All these changes happened in the blink of an eye. It happened so fast that most of the audience missed it. Still, when Fang’er mentioned the words twin martial soul, it filled them with awe.

Whether it was in the realm of Soul Masters on Douluo Continent or Star Luo Continent, there were many tales regarding twin martial souls. It was quite impossible for most people to actually see a twin martial soul.

Yuanen Yehui had surprisingly displayed her twin martial soul. How the people were shocked!

Under the cover of the Curtain of Darkness, the energy within it was vibrating. Needless to say, those on the outside could not discern the happenings inside.

Long Yue frowned.

Chapter 659 - Suppression

Chapter 659: Suppression

Initially, even he was at a loss. How could a four-ringed soul master possess a battle armor core? However, when Yuanen Yehui released her twin martial soul, he understood.

The soul power of a soul master with a twin martial soul was much greater than another similarly ranked soul master. That was the key element that
enabled her to craft the core component for her battle armor.

She had most of the abilities of a one-word battle armor master, and she had the enhancement from her twin martial soul. Consequently, the difference between her and Teng Teng was not as great as they had predicted.
Moreover, her martial soul was clearly more powerful than Teng Teng’s.

Within the Curtain of Darkness, Teng Teng’s immediate reaction was to
start moving at high speed. He activated his soul skill, the Hiding Shadow, and dashed away at maximum velocity. He first had to break free of the
Curtain of Darkness or else he would remain on the defensive throughout the fight.

The Curtain of Darkness hindered his speed significantly, but the bigger issue was that it interfered with his sensory organs. He could not accurately observe his opponent. How could he fight like that?

Of course, he was not worried in the least. After all, he had donned his one- word battle armor. As he retreated at blinding speed, the barrier attached to his battle armor was activated and protected his body.

“Bam!” came a loud sound. Teng Teng felt his body shudder. However, this was actually exactly what he wanted. He had crashed into the arena’s soul barrier. This meant that as long as he stayed at the barrier, even if his opponent had some confusing abilities within this Curtain of Darkness, it would be impossible to throw him off. After all, her Curtain of Darkness
could not possibly envelop this entire five hundred meters wide competition stage, right?

Teng Teng started moving again. He zoomed along the edge of the barrier at incredible speed. At the same time, he heightened his senses to the best of his abilities. He kept a vigilant eye out for the movements of his opponent.
Once there was any sign of an attack, he would carry out the appropriate countermeasures immediately.

But just then, the crowd could see something new arise from the Curtain of Darkness.

A figure shot toward the sky, flapping its pitch black wings as it appeared in midair.

Unlike her ordinary appearance before this, the sight of Yuanen Yehui’s true form took the audience’s breath away.

Her long crimson hair fell freely behind her, and her body was covered in black armor. Her tights only reached up to her knees, leaving her long,
slender legs exposed.

There was a sinister glow within her eyes. With a flash, she had reached the edge of the Curtain of Darkness.

The audience then saw the second and third soul ring on Yuanen Yehui’s body light up.

A dark purple demon double-handed sword appeared in her grip. With the
enhancement of her battle armor, this demon sword had stretched to six feet in length. The blade of light emitting from it was as long as three meters. It exuded a heavy aura of darkness.

At the same time, the wings behind her back suddenly enlarged. Her
appearance also continued to change. The pitch-black battle armor she wore slowly took on a faint purple hue. Her entire body grew, stretching until she was two and a half meters tall. A beautiful lady of gargantuan proportions! These words seemed to describe her perfectly.

This was her third soul skill, Fallen Angel’s Descent!

She gripped the Shadow Demon Sword with both hands. The dark element enhancement brought by the Fallen Angel was surging wildly into the Shadow Demon Sword.

The slender blade of light which extended from the Shadow Demon Sword retracted swiftly and turned a deep purple. The blade had a final length of a foot or so. However, even outside the soul barrier, the audience could feel the ominous energy radiating from it.

Her wings spread out, and there seemed to be countless black dots in the air swarming around them. In the next instant, Yuanen Yehui descended from the sky. The Shadow Demon Sword oddly seemed to slash at an empty spot.

Teng Teng was moving at high speed. Suddenly, his field of vision cleared up.

He had broken free!

Teng Teng then made an error on instinct. Having managed to escape from the immediate danger, he had let his guard down for an instant. However, just as his heart and body relaxed, he was hit by a torrent of purple.

All he managed to do in time was to raise the daggers in his hands defensively in front of his body. In the next instant, the Shadow Demon Sword, full of the formidable dark element wave, struck against the pair of daggers.

A scheming person preyed on the unsuspecting. One of them was well- prepared, while the other had relaxed.

Between the two, it was apparent who was stronger.

Yuanen Yehui had poured all her strength into this single slash. In order to create the opportunity for this attack, she had deployed a series of controls in the Curtain of Darkness.

Power, agility, and energy erupted perfectly in that instant. “Boom!”
Her entire body glowed with violet light. Teng Teng was sent flying backward by the force of the slash.

In terms of power, even if he had five rings, even if he had a complete set of one-word battle armor, he could not possibly be a match for Yuanen Yehui!

Moreover, there was also the infusion of that terrifying dark element.

Teng Teng felt as if he had fallen into the depths of a dark abyss. Amidst the effects of that awesome power, his pair of daggers had been pushed backward and stabbed into his own chest. The Shadow Demon Sword had
also hacked mercilessly against his body.

The grey battle armor burst out with a bright glow. Beams of silver light patterns seemed to have come alive. Nevertheless, the collision was too powerful. It was so violent that fine and closely woven crack marks
appeared on his pair of grey daggers, as well as his breastplate. The primary battle armor barrier even broke under the sudden impact.

When they saw that Teng Teng was sent catapulting back into the Curtain of Darkness by Yuanen Yehui’s slash, the audience broke into an uproar.

If it was said that the competition between the students of Monster
Academy and Shrek Academy had failed for the latter because no party had completely unleashed their battle armor, then there was no room for such
excuses now.

He had unleashed his complete one-word battle armor, taken the initiative to attack, but was left in such a state. It was clear that the circumstances did not bode well for Teng Teng.

Yuanen Yehui’s slash was free from all inhibitions. It was so wild that her body shined in midair with a purplish light. She did not follow up with another attack. She simply continued floating, relishing the aftertaste of her previous attack. She dared to say that this was definitely the most devastating slash she had ever performed.

This was the capability of the Fallen Angel’s Descent and the full-scale
explosion of the Shadow Demon Sword, plus her own strength, soul power, and the enhancement of her battle armor. This was the most powerful attack she could utilize. The erosive and destructive properties of the dark element were thoroughly unleashed.

She could even feel that her understanding of her martial soul had deepened. After this battle, her own abilities were bound to increase.

The Curtain of Darkness was recalled instantly, exposing Teng Teng lying on the floor.

He managed to support his own body weight and got to his feet. Then, he quickly put some distance between him and Yuanen Yehui.

But what had shocked everyone else was that the pair of daggers in his hands had shattered completely and were reduced to short blades. From his left shoulder to the right side of his abdomen, a huge crack appeared on his battle armor, there were even faint blood stains within it. Even more foreboding was that this crack was completely purple in color. The terrifying force of darkness was still penetrating his body through this breach.

How had it come to this? Teng Teng desperately tried to collect his soul power to suppress the force of darkness within him so that it would not
explode. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His battle armor was not well equipped in terms of defensive abilities. Its main functions were the enhancement of his attacks and speed.

That was why his battle armor did not fully block the attack just now, leaving his arms and body numb. He could still not believe that he had lost. He had been defeated by an opponent with a cultivation base far inferior to his and did not even possess a complete set of one-word battle armor. Yuanen Yehui unfurled her wings and raised the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands again. This time, she was in no hurry to attack. Instead, she
closed her eyes.

A light purple mist was released from her body and rapidly gathered around the Shadow Demon Sword she held. The footlong blade of light started receding again. The aura around Yuanen Yehui’s body was also intensifying exponentially.

‘I can’t lose! I can’t just lose like this!’

Teng Teng bit the tip of his tongue. He used the pain to make himself think clearer.

Chapter 660 - Winning Strongly

Chapter 660: Winning Strongly

Infiltrated by the power of darkness, he no longer held any advantage despite his agility prowess. If he wanted to defeat his opponent, he would have to fight fire with fire.

He took a deep breath. The fifth soul ring on Teng Teng’s body lit up. Then, a spectacular phenomenon occurred on the stage.

Many overlapping shadows appeared with blinding speed behind Teng Teng. There were dozens of these shadows but they were illusions.

The last shadow to appear merged with the shadow in front of it. The merging of the shadows continued forward with shadow after shadow coming together.

The shadow slowly took on a solid form. When they finally arrived behind Teng Teng, a duplicate copy of Teng Teng appeared.

Teng Teng gripped his broken blades with his hands and he raised his arms abruptly. His eyes were gleaming coldly. In the next instant, his confidence appeared to have returned.

“Hundred-fold Shadows!” With his yell, he slashed outward brazenly with his pair of broken blades.

A beam of greenish-grey light instantly froze over in the air. It formed a crescent moon and flew toward Yuanen Yehui like a boomerang.

Each and every shadow possessed five percent of his abilities. With the merging of thirty-six shadows and his primary body, this assault had close to a three-fold increase in its attacking power. This was his most powerful attack. The only problem with utilizing Hundred-fold Shadows was the preparation time required for its execution. However, this skill was suitable for
countering Yuanen Yehui who was storing her energy for her next attack, . Anyway, the next unfolding turned out to be another surprise.
In midair, the Fallen Angel who had been storing her energy for some time was surrounded by a gloomy, suppressed aura which suddenly turned illusory. Like a phantom with her body wavering in midair, she appeared behind Teng Teng in the next instant.

Teng Teng’s all-out attack practically shot through her shadow and landed on the faraway protective light barrier. An extraordinary explosion erupted.

Simultaneously, another explosion erupted behind Teng Teng. Although the force had decreased due to Yuanen Yehui’s sudden movement, it was still an all-out attack after the Fallen Angel’s Descent!

Her sword slashed the back of Teng Teng’s battle armor. The battle armor of Teng Teng was dyed purple. Streams of silver light were scrambling as all his defensive powers were brought to light.

In any case, Yuanen Yehui had the support of her battle armor. In terms of martial soul, she was superior to Teng Teng. She possessed the strength to fight against a one-word Battle Armor Master. In addition, it was her all-out attack that landed directly on Teng Teng.

Thick red blood sprayed from Teng Teng’s mouth. His battle armor let out a deep wail. The crack which had appeared only on his front previously was now on his back too. He was sent flying by the force of the slash. After the Hundred-fold Shadows erupted on the Soul Barrier, he had a severe
collision with the barrier on the rebound. Following the collision, he crashed onto the ground.

He was lying motionless as he was unconscious!

She flicked the Shadow Demon Sword in her hand. Yuanen Yehui’s
expression was stoic as if she had done nothing extraordinary. Her long, dark red hair fluttered in the wind. She looked like a witch who had just arrived on the scene.

“How’s this possible? This… this is incredible. Contestant Teng Teng had remarkably committed a fatal mistake at the final moment. When he launched his attack, he did not lock on to his opponent. That was how his opponent managed to dodge the attack. An expert with his skills should not have committed such a mistake.”

It was not purely a matter of strength that he had lost disastrously. The
crucial point was that he had failed to lock on to Yuanen Yehui prior to their collision. However, failing to lock was apparently not a mistake, it was a deliberate act on Teng Teng’s part.

Usually, if a soul skill had locked on to the opponent, it would trail the opponent automatically which would make it difficult for the opponent to
evade. However, if one had unleashed one’s soul skill in such a manner, the force of the attack would be reduced because a portion of the soul power
would be channeled into locking on to the opponent. This was inevitable.

Throughout the battle, Teng Teng had been fighting with Yuanen Yehui at high-speed. Considering Yuanen Yehui was bold and unconstrained in her fighting, her attacks were mostly frontal assaults.

Just before the final collision, Teng Teng was hoping for luck to be on his side.

He instinctively thought that Yuanen Yehui would not dodge his attack. Both of them had been storing their energies. Accordingly, they would resort to an all-out collision.

He did not expect Yuanen Yehui to be experienced in battling. The moment Yuanen Yehui realized that she was not locked onto, she immediately ended storing her energy.

Teng Teng had not anticipated Yuanen Yehui to have such agility. He was not aware that the Fallen Angel had both assault and agility capabilities. Moreover, Yuanen Yehui was a Tang Sect disciple. She was also familiar with the Shadow Ghost Perplexing Track.

Although this sequence of events happened in the bat of an eye, the outcome was doomed to a tragic ending. The Shadow King Teng Teng lost! He had unfortunately lost!

Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui had defeated their opponents in their respective matches. Furthermore, they were complete victories.

In the waiting area, Long Yue had turned gloomy. He could see the mistake was not the only reason Teng Teng lost to Yuanen Yehui. Their strengths
were at the same ranks. Yuanen Yehui might even have an advantage.

Before today’s match, they had no idea that a twin martial soul existed
among the ranks of Shrek Academy’s team. Perhaps, they would not have lost tragically.

The two top-ranked martial souls, the Titan Giant Ape, and Fallen Angel had amazingly appeared on a single person. This, in itself, was beyond belief.

However, the facts were in front of their eyes. They had to accept the truth. Teng Teng had lost his fight.

Yuanen Yehui spread her wings and got off the stage. The moment she landed, she retracted her wings and returned to her initial appearance. She switched back to her usual look of a common teenager wearing tights. She returned to the waiting area.

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie had stood up. Xie Xie’s eyes were beaming. He
spread out his arms wide and walked over to welcome her. “Yuanen, you’re truly wonderful!”

When she saw Xie Xie pouncing on her, Yuanen Yehui raised a hand and pressed on his shoulder. She pushed him away. “Keep your distance.”

Xie Xie chuckled. He was not bothered. Tang Wulin raised his right arm. Yuanen raised hers as well and did a high- five with him. There was no word of congratulations. Just this simple gesture of celebration.

“Smack!” The hitting of the two palms gave off a crisp sound. However, it was like a slap that had hit the face of Monster Academy’s team.

The other contestants within the waiting area were either worried or took pleasure in the misfortune of others. For a while, the faces of the contestants from the two academies were a motley crew of expressions.

In Star Luo Coliseum, the current situation was a mess.

They had lost. Monster Academy had lost again. This was truly…

How did it turn out like this? It was a balanced match. In the end, however, they lost again. Could a one-word Battle Armor Master not defeat these visitors from Shrek Academy? Su Mu had lost. Hua Lantang had lost. And now, Teng Teng had lost as well.

Among the Eight Heavenly Kings, three of them had lost to the team from Shrek Academy. This was not a matter of luck, this was a difference of

“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin led the way and walked out. They had finished all their matches for the day. Xie Xie’s solo match would take place tomorrow. Today, he had come with the sole intention of accompanying Yuanen Yehui.

“Looks like we’ll have to re-evaluate the strength of Shrek Academy. This Yuanen Yehui isn’t as plain as she seems,” said Dai Yueyan with a grim

Long Yue nodded slightly.

Dai Yun’er said with a frown, “This Yuanen Yehui is clearly more powerful than Tang Wulin in terms of strength. Why’s she not the captain? Is he a guy or a girl?” A smile of interest appeared on Long Yue’s lips, “Are you sure that Yuanen Yehui is stronger than Tang Wulin? I don’t think so. Whether it’s on Douluo Continent or our Star Luo Continent, if you want an expert to revere you
with heartfelt admiration, you’d first have to be powerful yourself. We still haven’t witnessed Tang Wulin’s full strength up till now.”

Dai Yun’er replied eagerly, “In the next round, I’ll definitely make him display his full strength.”

When they exited Star Luo Coliseum, Tang Wulin turned to look at Yuanen beside him. He could not help but said with a smile, “You’ve hidden it quite well!”

Yuanen Yehui chuckled, “It’s your fault for backing me into a corner! If I don’t work hard now, I’ll never be able to catch up to you. The breastplate was only finished yesterday. Fortunately, it was completed just in time.
Coincidentally, that fellow was also suppressed by me. In truth, I fear agility system the least.”

As she spoke, she shot Xie Xie who was beside her a sideways glance.

Xie Xie said helplessly, “I fear you the most. Isn’t that good enough for you?”

Yuanen Yehui said drily, “You don’t have to fear me.”

Xie Xie said with a shy face, “Yuanen, I’m even willing to be a slave for you. Why don’t you accept me?”

Yuanen Yehui gave an emotionless reply, “Let’s talk after you’ve managed to defeat me. A weak person isn’t qualified to be in a relationship with me.”

Xie Xie was a little stunned. Then he was quiet. A faint light pulsed in his heart.
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