The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 641-650

Chapter 641 - The Raging Dai Yun’er

Chapter 641: The Raging Dai Yun’er

Yes! It had been too long since he had met such opponents. Even though he had yet to regard Tang Wulin and his comrades as worthy opponents, they were at least closest to being his opponents.

The match proceedings of Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi’s team was plain
sailing. Xu Lizhi stood by the side of the arena awkwardly as Ye Xinglan fought the two enemies by herself.

Her swordsmanship was impeccable. The brilliance that was displayed by the Stargod Sword ended this match faster than Yue Zhengyu’s earlier team match.

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui’s match was similarly straightforward. They defeated their opponents without much of a fight. All four teams from Shrek Academy won the first round of the small group matches.

Shrek Academy became more widely known following that.

All sorts of news reports regarding them were on successive headlines. The phrase ‘the wolf is here’ appeared on all Star Luo City’s print media.
Dai Tianling looked at his children who were seated on his right smilingly. He was in a good mood.

The national affairs were taxing which kept him busy so he rarely had time for leisure and entertainment. However, he was a man with strong family values who treasured having meals together with his children. Now and then, he would lament about getting old but his heart was filled with gratitude and warmth from his family as he watched them grow every day. It was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan and his daughter Dai Yun’er who accompanied him while he had his meal today.

Dai Yueyan was calm and full of admiration and respect for his father. On the other hand, Dai Yun’er could not conceal her emotions and was frequently seen pouting her dainty red lips.

“Who infuriated our little princess?” Dai Tianling could not help laughing.

Dai Yun’er did not utter a word as she was poking intensely at the food in her bowl with a pair of chopsticks.

Dai Tianling laughed and spoke, “You’re busy with the competition recently. There’s no one to create trouble in the palace, so everyone is
wondering about the abnormally serene ambiance in the palace. Everyone is feeling uneasy due to your absence and missing your playful tricks. You’re the one who’s habituating us with this. What are we going to do when you’re married in the future?”

“Father…” Dai Yun’er pouted even more, her face filled with dissatisfaction. Dai Tianling could not help laughing aloud at the sight of her.

Dai Yueyan too could not help smiling. Yun’er was a wild princess. She had created so much trouble that the palace was never at peace. Yet, everyone pampered her. Even Dai Tianling rarely reprimanded her.

Dai Tianling smiled and said, “Judging by your appearance, is the competition not going smoothly?”

Dai Yun’er shook her head. “It’s going rather smoothly. Only that
everything is going too smoothly for those Shrek Academy’s students. Humph! We’ll let them have a taste of our powers sooner or later.”

Dai Tianling had paid attention to Shrek Academy all along. He turned and looked towards Dai Yueyan upon hearing that. “Yueyan, what do you think of Shrek Academy’s battle troop?” Dai Yueyan was not as unbridled as his sister. He spoke with much respect, “Father, Shrek Academy has a rather strong team. Their students have their own specialties in their battle techniques and martial souls. If we’re to
compare our powers to theirs, there’s still a gap between Shrek Academy and Monster Academy. Don’t worry, we’ll certainly spare no effort to win and eliminate them in the competition.”

Dai Tian’er was more serious when he spoke to his son. “Not only do we need to defeat them, we must also find the problem with all of you. Don’t forget that Shrek Academy’s team members have an average age of only fifteen years which is younger than your team’s average age by five years
and they’re able to achieve such excellent results. Are any of you capable of achieving what they have at their age?”

Dai Yueyan frowned. He looked dejected and did not speak.

“Father, you’re biased. I am also fifteen years old. Their average strength is not as powerful as ours. Just you wait and see. I’ll make that Tang Wulin pay. Moreover, Brother Long Yue alone is capable of destroying all of them,” Dai Yun’er spoke recalcitrantly.

It was apparent that Dai Tianling felt helpless when he faced his daughter. He gave a forced laugh as he spoke, “You’re such a silly little girl! Don’t be too arrogant. But, I’m actually more at ease with Long Yue’s presence. Only that, Yueyan, you must remind him. That child is good at everything except for his self-control when he enters a battle. He mustn’t harm the other party. After all, they’re representing the Douluo Continent Federation.”

“Yes, Father. I’ll remind Brother Long about that,” Dai Yueyan hastily answered.

Dai Tianling smiled as he said, “I have someone to assess Tang Wulin’s ability today. It so happens I can explain it to you.”

Dai Yun’er was immediately high spirited upon hearing her father’s words. She looked at her father with full attention. Dai Tianling explained, “Tang Wulin’s soul power should be at about forty- third rank which is everyone’s view. However, his soul power is quite different from ordinary people’s. His soul power’s level of saturation far
exceeds any other ordinary soul masters’. At the same time, his strength is blessed with unusual natural endowments which makes him extremely
strong. He has a strong defense and relies on his strength to achieve victory in almost every match.”

“His golden soul ring should be something similar to a soul ring, yet it is not a true soul ring’s ability. According to the assessment, it’s highly possible that it originates from the bloodline’s strength. He should have a particular form of a powerful bloodline. It’s also precisely the form of this bloodline that gave Hua Lantang great difficulty today which resulted in his failure.”

“At the same time, you must pay attention to his martial soul too. Tang Wulin’s martial soul is very special as it appears to be a form of a vine. Nonetheless, there’s no other martial soul that’s similar to the vines he’s able to conjure. No other form of vine power is comparable to his. Thus,
our analysts think that this is a variant of the martial soul. The reason for its variance is probably related to his bloodline.”

“So far, his variant martial soul hasn’t unleashed any soul skill. That’s his secret weapon. Moreover, since he comes from Shrek Academy, it’s
impossible for him to own a complete set of One-word Battle Armor due to his cultivation base and age, but it may be possible for him to own a few pieces of battle armor. You need to pay attention to this as well. Even Long Yue should not be allowed to dismiss him. Anyone who’s capable of becoming a student representative and captain like Tang Wulin is not as
simple as he appears.”

Dai Yueyan nodded. “Father, you’re right. Even Brother Long has mentioned that Tang Wulin may be his equal if he’s of the same age.
However, Tang Wulin’s cultivation base can be considered the upper middle level for his age. There’s quite a gap still between him and the peerless genius Long Yue.” Dai Tianling nodded gently. “The relationship between you and Long Yue is very important so do your best to maintain that. Everyone looks highly upon him. I wish for him not only to become a Four-word Battle Armor
Master in the future but to be Monster Academy’s first demigod in history.”

Dai Yueyan and Dai Yun’er expressions turned solemn upon hearing the word ‘demigod’. There was a sense of yearning despite their solemnness.

Dai Tianling glanced at his daughter. “How did it go with you and Long Yue as a team?”

Dai Yun’er pouted. “Boring. Some opponents accepted their defeat
straightaway. Even those who had the courage to fight us, Brother Long fought them alone. I had nothing else to do, so it was boring.”

Dai Yueyan could not help speaking, “You don’t know how to appreciate the good things in life. There are many people who wish to be in Brother Long’s team. You, on the other hand…”

Dai Yun’er stuck her tongue out at him. “Humph. I don’t care. Anyhow, all of you’re going to beat up Tang Wulin for me, or else I won’t like all of you anymore.”

Dai Yueyan shook his head helplessly, while Dai Tianling laughed.

The Shrek Academy’s group of people were in a jovial mood returning from their victory. The best way to celebrate was to eat and drink as much as one could.

“Captain, don’t eat too much. You’ve finished all the dishes.”

“Lizhi, can you please stop squabbling with the captain when it comes to food?”

Tang Wulin was turning into a glutton. He had his appetite under control for a long while until his breakthrough to the fifth layer seal which brought on his ravenous appetite. This was a bittersweet incident. Tang Wulin suddenly felt the absence of Teacher Mu Ye. When Teacher Mu Ye was around, he had no need for much food because Mu Ye could always provide him with some super nutritious food. Not only was the food good nourishment for his body, but he did not need to eat much.

He advanced the most in his physical ability during his time on the ship.

Even though the diplomatic corps received the best meals and rations, it was incomparable to those heaven and earth treasures ingredients!

He did not know where Teacher Mu Ye was, but it would be great if he
would return soon. It was tough training under Mu Ye but the results were instantaneous. In addition, there was always scrumptious food available.

“Hey, do you realize that Teacher Wu is nowhere to be seen recently? So’s Elder Cai. We haven’t seen both of them for quite a while,” Xu Xiaoyan
suddenly asked.

Chapter 642 - Luck that Defies the Heavens!

Chapter 642: Luck that Defies the Heavens!

From thinking about his teacher Mu Ye who was missing, it occurred to Tang Wulin that Teacher Wu had not been around recently. He appeared
during that one occasion at the beginning of the competition, but he did not give any guidance on battle tactics to anyone at all.

Tang Wulin answered, “I shall ask.”

He took out his soul communicator which was given by the authorities
when they arrived in Star Luo Empire. He dialed Wu Zhangkong’s number. “What’s going on?”
For some strange reason, when Tang Wulin heard Wu Zhangkong’s
emotionless voice on the other end of the line, his heart felt warm. At least, Teacher Wu was fine.

“Teacher Wu, we’ve been occupied with the competition recently. Our results are good up till now. Would you like to give us some advice on battle tactics?” Tang Wulin asked.

Wu Zhangkong was silent for a moment before he answered, “We shall discuss further when all of you are in the finals. There is nothing much to advise you in the round-robin matches.”

He hung up without even saying goodbye.

“So what did Teacher Wu say?” Yue Zhengyu asked. Tang Wulin repeated Wu Zhangkong’s words. Xu Xiaoyan sniggered. “Teacher Wu is truly irresponsible! How can he treat us this way? How much confidence does he have in us?”

Yuanen Yehui spoke as if she was deep in thought, “I think this shows
Teacher Wu’s confidence in us. He’d like us to be less dependent on him.” “Makes sense,” Xie Xie piped in.
Yue Zhengyu pursed his lips. “You’ll think that anything Yuanen Yehui does or says makes sense.”

Xie Xie did not find it offensive. In fact, he replied with pride, “So?”

Yue Zhengyu sighed. “Yuanen! I think that a man that isn’t manly doesn’t deserve you.”

“I’ll kill you.” Xie Xie pounced on Yue Zhengyu and strangled him.

Yue Zhengyu did a twist and flung Xie Xie away. Xie Xie was not Yue Zhengyu’s match at all when it came to comparing their strengths.

Yuanen did not even bother to look at the two wrestling away. “I’m full. I’m heading back first.”

“I’m full as well.” Ye Xinglan stood up.

Yuanen was level-headed, while Ye Xinglan kept more to herself but was headstrong. Otherwise, both of them were quite similar in their ways.

Tang Wulin spoke, “We’ll need to work hard without Teacher Wu’s guidance. The opponents in the following matches will be strong, but we’ll be just as strong if not stronger.”

At the hotel.

Wu Zhangkong stood in front of the window and looked out into the distance. His face was calm as he muttered to himself, “All of you probably know that I don’t have much to teach you. You’ll need to continue walking the path by yourselves. This is the only way to progress.” The Shrek squad managed to pass through the first round of the two-on-two and seven-on-seven matches. The individual matches’ group competition
was about to begin.

The participants were busy checking out their group listing.

Tang Wulin discovered that there was an opponent he needs to pay attention to in his group. It was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan! He was also known as the tiger king Dai Yueyan from Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings!

Yue Zhengyu felt uncomfortable because there was an opponent he did not wish to meet in his group. It was the dragon king Long Yue!

It so happened he was in the same group as Long Yue.

“You’re going to be fine. It’s just a group match isn’t it? The final four individuals from the group match will proceed to the next round. You can choose to give up the match against Long Yue as a last resort. Could it be that you’re afraid of missing out in the next round?” It turned out to be a schadenfreude for Xie Xie when he saw Yue Zhengyu’s group listing.

Yue Zhengyu turned around with a solemn expression that was never seen before. “The participants from Holy Angel’s clan are allowed to fail but not us. I’ll verify Long Yue’s power on everyone’s behalf.”

Xie Xie widened his eyes. “You’re not serious, are you?”

Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes. “Do you think I’m kidding? It’s not like we’ve not met powerful opponents before. How can you be so sure I’ll lose?”

Xie Xie gave Yue Zhengyu a thumbs up. “This is the first time you’re acting like a man. However, I think I’ll do the same if I were you.”

“F*ck… Off you go. Don’t try to associate me with you.”

“Alright. Don’t quarrel anymore. Zhengyu, are you really going to challenge Long Yue?” Tang Wulin asked in a gruff voice. Yue Zhengyu nodded. “Hmm. If I intentionally avoid him for our first meet, how am I supposed to look at my other opponents in the eye? It may be
scary to lose, it’s even scarier to lose one’s courage.”

“Good, I have you back!” Xu Xiaoyan waved her little fist at him strenuously.

Yue Zhengyu smiled. His eyes were scorching brilliantly. ‘He’s just Long Yue, isn’t he? So what if he’s a genius? Perhaps I’m a genius too.’

The first round of small group matches officially began!

The battle formation of each small group in the preliminary round was planned and displayed before the competition. Shrek Academy’s group presumed that everyone would do alright except for Yue Zhengyu’s group. His first round’s opponent was unexpectedly Long Yue!

“It’s just your luck! Did you spend too much time with the captain recently?” Xie Xie gathered next to Yue Zhengyu and whispered.

Yue Zhengyu frowned. How could he not be stressed knowing that he was going to face Long Yue?

Everyone watched Long Yue’s earlier matches. This contender was terrifying! He was definitely stronger and more powerful than all his opponents.

He had not released his martial soul in the competitive matches so far. Yes, Long Yue had not even released his martial soul since the beginning of the competition till now, yet he totally defeated his enemies.

Thus, the Shrek squad did not know his soul power and cultivation base level. This was their utmost concern.

He was an inscrutable opponent!

Yue Zhengyu disregarded Xie Xie. He crossed his leg and sat on the ground in the waiting area. He closed his eyes to meditate so as to calm himself. He wanted to be in form to fight Long Yue in their upcoming match. Tang Wulin stood next to Yue Zhengyu, yet he was eyeing Yuanen Yehui. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were from the same class. She was also the one who understood Yue Zhengyu the most undoubtedly.

Yuanen Yehui was frowning as she shook her head gently toward Tang Wulin.

Everyone was spending so much time together that everyone understood each other quite well. Externally, Yue Zhengyu was a person who enjoyed
joking with his peers, but he was willful and proud on the inside. When he first met Yuanen Yehui and sensed the dark energy in her, he did not hesitate to attack her. This was the characteristic of the Holy Angel’s clan. The honor was more important than lives for them. The Holy Angel was the supreme existence in their hearts.

There was a soul master who cultivated into god from the Holy Angel’s lineage once. Even though the person became a villain in the end whereby his God’s post was stripped, someone else managed to become a god in the clan.

Such a martial soul was also known as the god martial soul was the most supreme existence on the Douluo Continent.

Of course, not all the god martial souls were powerful. For example, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass. The Tang Sect’s first ancestor Tang San became the Sea God. One of his martial souls was Bluesilver Grass. Hence,
Bluesilver Grass was a kind of god-tier martial soul in a way.

Tang Wulin did not talk Yue Zhengyu into giving up his match. He could tell from Yuanen Yehui’s gaze that Yue Zhengyu had made up his mind. He knew Yue Zhengyu was never one to give up easily. Nevertheless, this
would be his most difficult match of all. The competition began.
Shrek Academy’s participants entered the arena according to their turns. There were only five people participating in the individual match. Yuanen Yehui was the first to enter the match. She defeated her opponent
efficiently. Then, it was followed by Xie Xie and Tang Wulin. They each defeated their opponents to receive the accumulated points without a hitch.

“Yue Zhengyu versus Long Yue!” The sounds of digital audio echoed in the waiting area. Everyone who was in the waiting area looked toward Shrek
Academy’s contingent.

Chapter 643 - The Dragon King

Chapter 643: The Dragon King

It was apparent that the participants were aware of the match that was about to commence. It was going to be another battle between Shrek Academy
and Monster Academy. Only this time, the strongest powerhouse of Monster Academy would be one of the contenders.

During the previous two battles, Shrek Academy was victorious. This made them famous, but what about this battle? Would Shrek Academy’s representative be able to defeat Long Yue?

If Monster Academy were to lose this match, then this year’s competition would end prematurely. If the strongest and most powerful dragon king
were incapable of stopping Shrek Academy’s advance, then there would be no one who can stand up to them.

Yue Zhengyu leapt up from the ground. His eyes parted slightly but there seemed to be a dazzling golden light shimmering within his eyes.

The aura on his body was retracted. He tidied up his attire before he strode with confidence toward the sparring arena.

Shrek Academy’s contingent stood together. They thumped their right hands against their chests as a patriotic gesture to send Yue Zhengyu off.

Yue Zhengyu’s lips cracked into a gentle smile. “Relax, and wait for good news!” He stepped out of the waiting area upon saying that and walked boldly toward the competition stage.

This was the match which drew the most attention. The audience in the entire Star Luo Coliseum was anxious at this moment. Everyone in the
audience knew that Monster Academy could not afford to lose. If they lost this match, then Monster Academy would be completely annihilated. The dragon king Long Yue who ranked first among the Eight Heavenly Kings versus the Holy Angel soul master Yue Zhengyu from Shrek
Academy. Knowing who turned out to be the victor would be of paramount importance for the whole competition.

The air was thick with anticipation. On the platform reserved for the honored guests, Star Luo Empire’s emperor Dai Tianling was in attendance.

Even though His Highness the emperor did not voice out his thoughts, the fourth prince had convinced him that Long Yue would not lose. However, the outcome of this match was far too important for Star Luo Empire’s government.

No matter what, Long Yue could not afford to lose the match.

Thousands of common folks were aware of the presence of Douluo Continent’s entourage by now. Shrek Academy’s students were the
representatives of Douluo Continent. Their ages were younger than Star Luo Continent’s participants. If Monster Academy was ignominiously defeated, this would covertly prove that they were weaker than Shrek

The historians understood that Monster Academy’s origin was related to Shrek. Of course, it was not an issue if Monster Academy was better than their predecessors. But, if they were defeated badly, then their government would be under scrutiny.

An old man in a long white robe sat next to Dai Tianling. The antiquated attire worn by the elderly man was rarely seen. His face wore an unsophisticated look while his body was lanky. He had a full head of long
white hair which was combed back all the way past his shoulders. His eyes were unusually clear that it did not sit well with his wrinkly face. It seemed odd that such alert and sharp eyes belonged on an old man’s face.

Yet, it was those very mismatched eyes that made him particularly
charming. He sat there calmly. At one glance, he seemed to be an ordinary old man. Yet, Star Luo Empire’s emperor was sitting by his side! Dai Tianling did not overshadow the old man’s presence in the least despite sitting beside him.

It was precisely such an old man whose appearance seemed so mismatched that it shocked those who were in his presence.

The distinguished old man was none other than the President of Monster Academy. He was Star Luo Empire’s legendary and mighty Grand Tutor, also known as the number one man of Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world, the Divine Domain Douluo En Ci.

En Ci was a legend in Star Luo Empire. No one knew where he came from, but it had been thirty years since when he first appeared on the continent.
He was only a three-ringed Soul Elder at the time. He was an unknown Soul Elder who was barely thirty years old that no one paid attention to.

However, his developmental history was nothing short of miraculous. At the age of thirty, he enrolled for an examination at Monster Academy.
Naturally, it was near to impossible for him to be enrolled for the examination at his age.

Consequently, En Ci said something controversial as he sat outside Monster Academy. He said that if anyone below three soul rings was capable of defeating him, then he would leave.

Following that for the next eighteen days, every elite with less than four soul rings in Monster Academy came, yet not even a single person was capable of triumphing over him.

In the end, En Ci was reluctantly admitted into the academy and became a member of Monster Academy.

Very few people actually knew what En Ci did or where he went after joining Monster Academy. When he finally reappeared, he was already thirty-five years old. At the same time, he was a rank-60 and six-ringed Soul Emperor! Within five years, his cultivation base was quickly elevated to the thirtieth rank as if he was on a rocket. It was an unbelievable occurrence in the soul masters’ world.

In another five years, it was nine soul rings with the title of Douluo.

When he was fifty years old, he stood at the peak among the soul masters. He became the strongest, most powerful ninety-eighth rank Hyper Douluo within Monster Academy. He was only a step away from becoming a Limit Douluo.

He began to produce his own battle armor at this point. He underwent all the processes of forging, designing and producing the battle armor by himself. In another five years, he became a Three-word Battle Armor

There was no Divine Craftsman on Star Luo Continent. In other words, it was impossible for a Four-word Battle Armor Master to exist going by the present scenario.

However, En Ci spent ten years using his spiritual and soul power to nourish and refine a few rare metals on his Three-word Battle Armor’s soul core. He was eventually elevated to the level of a Four-word Battle Armor Master.

As to whether he managed to reach the ninety-ninth rank Limit Douluo at the end, no one really knew. When his cultivation base had elevated to the ninety-eighth rank, he was already the number one powerhouse on the
entire Star Luo Continent.

According to hearsay, this legend was at thirtieth rank when he was thirty years old because his martial soul was exceptionally rare. It was a form of martial soul that was difficult to cultivate during the early periods. It could only be elevated to three soul rings upon having practiced for more than twenty years. However, once he achieved a breakthrough to a three-ringed cultivation base, all the barriers beyond would no longer exist. It was like a hot knife cutting through butter. From then on, he became a legendary figure. At forty-five years of age, he was already Monster Academy’s president. It had been sixty full years till today. He had a lofty position in Star Luo
Continent soul masters’ world. Even Dai Tianling would address En Ci respectfully by the name of Grand Tutor.

Dai Tianling was his immediate disciple in the early years. This reflected En Ci’s status which was worshipped profoundly.

“Teacher, how is it you are free today?” Dai Tianling found out that his teacher was coming after he had arrived on the scene. Out of respect, he gave up the main seat to En Ci, but En Ci stopped him saying that protocol needed to be followed.

En Ci smiled. “I’ve always wanted to go to Douluo Continent to visit Shrek Academy but I’ve not the courage. Today seems to be the day. I’ve watched how Long Yue has grown from a child. I’m here to see how good the talents cultivated by Shrek Academy are.”

Dai Tianling smiled and spoke, “So it turns out the teacher is curious as well! So, who do you think will win?”

En Ci sighed softly. “I’m over a hundred years old. My peak has been
achieved. I’ll still visit Douluo Continent regardless of this competition’s results. I want to take a look at Shrek Academy since this is what every generation of Monster Academy’s president wished. However, how many people are capable of taking the first step? If I don’t go now, I’m afraid that I’ll lose my courage to go.”

Dai Tianling was shocked. “With your cultivation base, could it be you’re still worried about…”

En Ci shook his head gently. “The further you walk in the soul masters’ world, the more you’re filled with reverence. We have yet to see the limit from the beginning to the end. Where there is hope, there is a future. I’m
going to visit someone in Shrek Academy. I’m going there with an attitude to learn.” Dai Tianling who was shocked inhaled the surrounding cold air. In his heart, his teacher was like a moat that could not be crossed. He had never met such an attitude from his teacher. Could it be that Douluo Continent was truly…

En Ci smiled. “There’s no need for you to worry too much. Although I don’t think I’m capable of achieving victory over there, I can still protect myself quite well. I’ll need to wait until I have a true heir before I can
search for another world nonchalantly. Even though I don’t see it yet, I’d still like to try.”

Dai Tianling nodded. “Teacher, I really envy you.”

En Ci shook his head and spoke, “Your ambition is beyond the present. You need not envy me. However, you can be at ease knowing that Long Yue’s natural endowments are on par with my level back in those years. His presence will at least protect Star Luo for another century.”

This was the first time Dai Tianling had ever appraised a person. He could not help gazing into the arena looking for Long Yue who had just ascended the stage.

Chapter 644 - A Grinding Sensation

Chapter 644: A Grinding Sensation

As it turned out, Long Yue was an outstanding child in the teacher’s eyes. If this were the case, he truly could not afford to lose the match. If he were to lose, then would it not prove that Monster Academy lagged behind Shrek

The relaxed expression on Yue Zhengyu’s face vanished as soon as he went on the stage.

Long Yue’s hefty figure proved overwhelming in Yue Zhengyu’s heart like a mammoth mountain.

As Shrek Academy’s student, it was highly improbable that he could make a wrong judgement. He knew that when he first saw Long Yue.

He was well aware of Tang Wulin’s strength. Tang Wulin could withstand one or even two Yuanen Yehuis transformed into the Devil Titans. But, Tang Wulin was not as strong as Long Yue. Moreover, Long Yue had not utilized his full strength yet.

How strong was such an opponent who had yet to unleash his soul ring in the competition?

Long Yue was smiling as usual. He did not appear any different from his earlier fights against other opponents.

The judge looked at both parties. He could not help but took a deep breath since, he too, knew that Monster Academy could not afford to lose this match. However, the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition was meant for the entire Star Luo Continent. He would not
allow anyone to cheat in the competition as he had to be fair to all the contestants. “Three, two, one. Begin!”

The fight between the representatives of the two great academies
commenced as soon as the judge gave the word. This was Long Yue’s first fight with an opponent from Shrek Academy.

Yue Zhengyu took a large stride forward the moment the judge said ‘Begin’.

Long Yue who was standing opposite raised his brows. His initial gaze at Yue Zhengyu kept up with Yue Zhengyu’s movements.

The simple movement of taking a stride forward was significant for Yue Zhengyu. His entire being underwent a transformation capable of creating an upheaval on heaven and earth when he took that step forward.

A layer of golden soul ring emerged on the surface of his body followed by the arising of the intense Holy aura. His face had turned into a faint golden color, while his eyes were flaming with golden brilliance. The force of his body increased tremendously as the faint golden color turned into a dense and bright golden color. There were flames flaring wildly around his body.

Long Yue’s gaze soon turned into a stare. The Shrek Academy’s student was no ordinary opponent.

He followed up with a stride forward as well. When Long Yue took his step forward, it was followed by an appearance on the stage that shook heaven
and earth.

At the sound of a thump, the stage shook violently once. Thereafter, it felt as if the whole world was shaking.

There was a mountain so high that Yue Zhengyu could not see the peak. The mountain toppled toward him. He could not help releasing a muffled humph as the immense force made the flames around his body flicker violently. Four soul rings arose from underneath his feet at lightning speed. A stream of golden light surged into the sky and transformed into the Holy Light that was capable of supporting heaven and earth. Only then did he manage to stabilize his stance so that he would not fall backward.

‘Such terrifying aura! He had only taken a small step yet he suppressed me until I could hardly breathe.’

Yue Zhengyu had pondered over the tactics for this match when he meditated in the waiting area earlier. He was familiar with Long Yue’s power. Thus, he understood that the usual confrontation of fighting fire with fire would not benefit him. He had to use a different approach to defeat the opponent.

Hence, he released his aura first when the match began. He had hoped that he could use his aura to suppress the opponent before he struck to gain an advantage.

He did not expect Long Yue’s aura to be so overpowering.

The collision of their auras could not be felt outside of the protective shield. Thus, the audience could only see Yue Zhengyu and Long Yue each taking a step forward. Next, golden flames flared on Yue Zhengyu’s body, followed closely by a beam of golden light that surged skyward. On the other hand, there was no visible change on Long Yue.

Quite a large number of people who were anxious began chanting prayers in their hearts for Long Yue.

Tang Wulin was absorbed in observing the match on the screen. He could not help frowning when the flares around Yue Zhengyu’s body showed
signs of scattering.

Long Yue’s aura was so powerful.

Yue Zhengyu took a deep breath. With his chest puffed up, the golden flares on his body became increasingly powerful. The angel wings on his back
spread open and flapped gently. His aura increased once again. He relied on the Holy Light’s reinforcement to control his aura in order to breakthrough the mountain that was tyrannizing him. The holy aura was back in action. Long Yue smiled as he took another step forward. Boom…
Yue Zhengyu felt an intense grinding sensation on his body. The mountain before him gradually became more imposing as if a giant hammer was dropped from the sky. His Holy Light was compressed to the point of being scattered in all directions.

Yue Zhengyu raised his right hand while screaming simultaneously. His second soul ring glowed as the saint sword appeared out of thin air
shimmering with a sword’s metallic radiance!

The golden light slashed past the front of his body. The pressure on him was split in two by the powerful holy aura. Soon after, changes began to appear on Yue Zhengyu’s body.

A faint white layer of radiance was released from Yue Zhengyu’s body after which his left and right vambraces, left and right rerebraces, followed by the pauldron and cuirass emerged with a white jade-like gloss that covered his whole upper body.

Those armors were as pure and white as jade. There was a layer of dense and fine golden striations faintly visible on the armor. Yue Zhengyu’s aura was elevated in an instant.

It was his battle armor!

Long Yue’s eyes revealed a sense of astonishment.

Fang’er was the commentator for the day. Words came out of her mouth
without her realizing it. “This is the One-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy. I can’t believe there’s anyone capable of doing that.”

“I’ll explain this briefly for everyone’s benefit. When a set of One-word Battle Armor is made under normal circumstances, it’s in a form that’s
independent of the body. That’s why one will need to physically put it on as was the case in the two-on-two match between Hua Lantang and Tang Wulin. During the time Hua Lantang took to put on the battle armor during the match, his battle armor was immobilized by Tang Wulin. This had prevented Hua Lantang from elevating his power.”

“On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu’s five-piece battle armor is different which you’ve just witnessed. This set of five-piece battle armor is also a One-word Battle Armor, but his is more like a Two-word Battle Armor
which emerged from inside his body. This will only happen when the body is fused with the battle armor.

Such a One-word Battle Armor is not only stronger than the ordinary One- word Battle Armor, but is more crucial in that there’s no need to forge again when the battle armor evolves into a Two-word Battle Armor. It will only need to evolve from its original foundation. The One-word Battle Armor forged from spirit alloy is the work of a great artist! I didn’t expect a Shrek Academy’s student to be capable of that.”

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui produced their own battle armors. They did the design and production on their own although Tang Wulin assisted them in forging the armors.

Hence, Tang Wulin was unaware that Yue Zhengyu owned five pieces of One-word Battle Armor.

This was a rather prodigious elevation for Yue Zhengyu. No wonder he was so confident of himself. The One-word Battle Armor made from spirit alloy had a larger amplification on his body compared to the ordinary One-word Battle Armor. On top of that, Yue Zhengyu possessed a high-grade martial soul.

Yue Zhengyu’s aura surged violently and broke the pressure upon him. The wings on his back flapped once strenuously. His body was akin to a golden arrow that appeared in front of Long Yue. The saint sword in his hand
slashed down as his first soul ring’s Holy Light glowed.

The astonishment in Long Yue’s eyes had barely gone when he suddenly raised his right hand to block Yue Zhengyu’s attack.

Chapter 645 - Tang Sect’s Long Yue

Chapter 645: Tang Sect’s Long Yue

“Clang!” The flames circulated and engulfed Long Yue’s entire body in an instant. Yet, Long Yue tightly gripped the saint sword that had descended from the sky in his right palm.

Yue Zhengyu felt as if he had stabbed into a metallic mountain. There was no way he could stab an inch further. On the other hand, the Holy Light that he had released enshrouded Long Yue’s body which seemed highly dense that it was impenetrable. There was no way his Holy Light could bore into Long Yue’s body no matter how hard he tried.

Subsequently, the Holy Light vanished while the saint sword in Long Yue’s hand disappeared. In the next moment, the saint sword appeared once again. This time, it pierced directly at Long Yue’s lower abdomen.

Long Yue’s left hand crossed downward colliding with the sword’s blade. Yue Zhengyu felt a rush of tremendous force unleashed that his body tumbled forward.

But, he was quick to react. His foot stepped with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as his body shimmered with a ghostly image. The saint sword was retracted and released again. This time, he pierced Long Yue’s rib at an intricate angle.

Yue Zhengyu’s current position was at Long Yue’s blindspot. He was at a location lateral to Long Yue.

At this moment, the third soul ring on Yue Zhengyu’s body glowed. His
saint sword turned translucent. The Light of Judgement combined with the saint sword to form a translucent light blade. His control of his soul skill had since achieved a remarkable level. The extreme power from the combination of saint sword and the Light of
Judgement exceeded an ordinary third soul skill.

What happened next was an episode that astonished Yue Zhengyu.

Long Yue swayed his body as it turned illusory. His speed matched Yue Zhengyu’s. Yue Zhengyu’s calculated stab had missed its mark to his

Yue Zhengyu stammered, “Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track?”

Undoubtedly, Long Yue’s manoeuvre in dodging his stab was the Tang Sect Technique’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Yue Zhengyu then witnessed Long Yue’s right hand slapping forward. His palm had completely turned to white. At the same time, it grew into a gigantic palm, with a diameter of two meters, which was moving toward Yue Zhengyu.

Yue Zhengyu’s body twisted. His saint sword changed directions together with the Light of Judgement. His piercing movement turned into a picking manoeuvre. The tip of his sword was aimed at Long Yue’s palm.

“Ding!” Yue Zhengyu’s body shook with a crisp sound as he retreated two steps. The Light of Judgement covered Long Yue’s body in an instant. This was the horrifying part about the sword. It was not only for stabbing but
also acted as a conductor for the Light of Judgment.

A series of popping sounds emanated from Long Yue’s body. The Light of Judgment’s attacking power was terrifying.

Generally, a soul master’s martial soul would produce a qualitative change once it achieved a three-ringed cultivation base. The Holy Angel martial
soul was the highest grade martial soul, so its third soul skill was naturally powerful. The Light of Judgement was purely an attacking tactic. Its power was beyond imagination when the Light of Judgement was used as the third soul skill in addition to the saint sword. Meanwhile, Yue Zhengyu heard a roar that sounded berserk and was filled with wild energy.

Then, he saw the Holy Light which he used to enshroud Long Yue’s body was forcibly torn apart. Long Yue’s hefty body was expanding rapidly. He swelled up to over five meters in a split second.

Yue Zhengyu fixed his eyes upon Long Yue while he took another deep breath.

Long Yue’s appearance now was shocking.

His body was covered in a layer of large dark brown scales. The scales were round and each piece of scale protruded like a ball that was cut into two halves. A long tail dragged behind his back. With his brawny muscles and wide shoulders, he appeared more spine-chilling than Yuanen Yehui when
she transformed into the Devil Titan.

More importantly, Yue Zhengyu saw Long Yue’s soul rings. This was the first time Long Yue had released his soul rings in the competition.

Purple, purple, purple. The first three soul rings were thousand-year purple soul rings.

Next, black! His fourth soul ring was a ten thousand-year soul ring!

Next, black again! His fifth soul ring was another ten thousand-year soul ring!

This was in line with the expectation of Shrek Academy’s contingent. His final soul ring was black as well, the third ten thousand-year soul ring!

Yes! He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor!

The person who stood before Yue Zhengyu presently was not a four-ringed Soul Ancestor nor a five-ringed Soul King, but was truly one who possessed six soul rings. Besides, three of his soul rings were of the incredible ten thousand-year level. He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor! “How is that possible?” Xu Xiaoyan who was astonished cried out inadvertently in the waiting area.

Yes! How was that possible?

He was actually a six-ringed Soul Emperor!

Long Yue was not yet twenty years old so he qualified to participate in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. He possessed six soul rings and he is not even twenty years old. He was unimaginably powerful with his cultivation base that achieved a breakthrough to the sixtieth rank.

Such opponents were held in awe.

When Tang Wulin was first acquainted with Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong was then a six-ringed Soul Emperor. So, it was a surprise for them to come across such an opponent in the Young Soul Masters

There was absolutely no one who possessed six soul rings before the age of twenty, not even a single person from Shrek Academy.

Shrek squad’s natural endowments were already the best among their peers but they were still a long way from becoming five-ringed soul masters.

They were all confident that they could achieve a breakthrough to five soul rings before the age of twenty to become Soul Kings. Nevertheless, it
would take them at least another three to four years upon reaching the age of twenty to become Soul Emperors.

In the case of Long Yue, he was already a six-ringed Soul Emperor! It was undeniable that this fact shocked them tremendously.

No wonder he had never before unleashed his martial soul. Even then, he was capable of defeating his enemies.

Long Yue was beyond everyone’s level! He domineered over them completely. Frankly, he was an opponent without peer. It was a bombshell for Yue Zhengyu. Instinctively, he backed away a few steps. His wings flapped forward strenuously to pull his body back rapidly so as to keep a safe distance between Long Yue and himself.

Long Yue’s face was oversized. His eyes were gleaming with dark red radiance. “Your power is rather impressive. It’s already a high grade martial soul for a four-ringed cultivation base. Thus, you’re qualified to witness my martial soul. But, I apologize for what’s about to happen. Even I’m incapable of controlling my strength at times. My martial soul is the
Mountain Dragon!”

Long Yue’s upper body perked up unexpectedly as his voice faded away. A gargantuan figure emerged behind his back, and it was constantly changing. At times, it had the appearance of a giant dragon without wings, but at other times, it appeared like an unsophisticated city.

One would be alarmed to discover that a city was located on the back of the dragon while the gigantic dragon transformed into a stretch of mountain range.

The incredible scene blew the minds of Yue Zhengyu and the audience away.

“Mountain dragon?” Gu Yue’s gaze froze for a moment as she stood beside Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin looked toward her. “You know anything about this martial soul? I’ve never learned about it from the academy. Is it an Elemental Dragon?”

Gu Yue shook her head. “No, it’s not an Elemental Dragon. It’s a real dragon. Moreover, it’s one of the strongest among the real dragons. There’s a saying the Mountain Dragon takes the crown.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “The Mountain Dragon takes the crown? He has no wings, and he cannot fly. Is he a real dragon at all?” Gu Yue explained, “Yes. The Mountain Dragon is a rather peculiar creature among the dragon clan. Legend has it that a long time ago, the Dragon God started roaming the galaxy not long after he was born. Later, he found a planet and was prepared to settle down on the planet. Thereupon, he began creating his first generation children. There were a total of nine children and they became the legendary Nine Great Dragon Kings. Since they were
created by the Dragon God, they were both his children and lords.”

“Following that, the Nine Great Dragon Kings procreated and established their territories. But then, there were only the Eight Great Dragon Clans. The Nine Great Dragon Kings included the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King that controlled darkness, the Jade Dragon King that controlled time and space, and the Holy Dragon King that controlled light and prayers.”

“Why were there only the Eight Great Dragon Clans when there were the Nine Great Dragon Kings?” Tang Wulin queried about the mismatch.

Gu Yue spoke in a deep voice, “I was about to mention that. Every one of the Nine Great Dragon Kings were extremely powerful as they had inherited a portion of the Dragon God’s strength. The Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King was the Dragon God’s defense that assisted the Dragon God in mustering the clan’s order. The Holy Dragon King was responsible for
creating life, and hence for breeding. The least conspicuous among the Nine Great Dragon Kings seemed ordinary. Nonetheless, it played an important role.”

Chapter 646 - Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

Chapter 646: Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

“It was because the planet created by the Dragon God was completely
covered in water. The Dragon Clan was not afraid of water, but the sea was not a suitable home. Consequently, the Dragon God created the ninth
Dragon King and instructed him to transform his body into a continent, so it could become a nesting ground for the Dragon Clan. He paid a great price for the descendants of the Dragon Clan. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan was meant to become solid ground and form the continents to assist the
Dragon Clan in breeding and growing, but that made their own breeding highly problematic. The Mountain Dragon King’s clan had very few members. Moreover, they would transform themselves into lands and
continents as soon as they were fully grown. The Dragon God was so grateful for their contribution, he bestowed the Mountain Dragon King’s lineage with a covenant. It was “the Mountain Dragon takes the crown”. In other words, every Mountain Dragon could be bestowed with the royal title once it was fully grown. They lost their freedom, but they earned a prestigious position. They were finally honored as the leader of the Nine
Great Dragon Kings of the Dragon Clan in the end!”

Gu Yue’s words left Tang Wulin and his companions dumbstruck.

Ye Xinglan, who was always self-contained, could not help asking, “Gu Yue, such a legend should only belong to the Dragon Clan right. I’ve never read about this in the academy’s library. How did you know about this?”

Gu Yue answered, “There are some exceedingly ancient writings in the Spirit Pagoda. This was recorded in there. I thought that it was just a legend, but I finally realized after witnessing Long Yue’s transformation
earlier that this was actually true. The Mountain Dragon’s lineage truly does exist. Moreover, some human beings can even possess the Mountain Dragon martial soul. Most certainly, this must be the Mountain Dragon King martial soul.”

“The Mountain Dragon King’s lineage was inherited at an extremely slow pace. That was why they were not only real dragons, they had the purest bloodline. They were a genuine dragon clan that was closest to the second generation of Dragon Kings. If real dragons still existed today, then any Mountain Dragon that made an appearance would certainly become the leader of all the Dragon Clans. This fellow Long Yue is really terrifying.”

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as he looked at Long Yue on the screen. The expression on his face was baffling.

Originally, his heart was overjoyed the moment he heard Long Yue
announce that his martial soul was a Mountain Dragon, because Tang Wulin’s bloodline power had an extremely intense suppressing ability over other dragon-type martial souls. But after listening to Gu Yue’s explanation, he understood that the Mountain Dragon King martial soul was not that
simple. It was difficult to tell who was capable of suppressing who!

“Gu Yue, have you ever read about the Golden Dragon King’s legend in that ancient recordings? Was the Golden Dragon King one of the Nine Great Dragons?” Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yue nodded. “Of course I’ve heard about it before. The Golden Dragon King’s legend is even more impressive than the Mountain Dragon King. I’ll tell you more after the match.”

Meanwhile, the battle on the competition stage had already become white- hot. Long Yue’s force had elevated to a terrifying level after he had revealed his Mountain Dragon King martial soul.

The entire competition stage was shaking ever so slightly because of his presence. It was fear—the fear and admiration radiating from the land.

Yue Zhengyu had never met such an opponent before. As he stood before Long Yue, his heart despaired that victory was out of reach. Long Yue’s eyes were fixated on Yue Zhengyu when he suddenly laughed wildly. He bent over and smashed his right fist onto the ground. The first soul ring on his body glowed following that.

“Mountains!” His first soul skill was the Mountains!

The competition stage’s ground cracked as small mountains surged out if the ground akin to the tips of swords. It was as if the mountains were
connected to the sky and ground, and they covered the entire competition arena in a split second.

Yue Zhengyu’s reaction was not slow. He managed to release his fourth soul ring at once.

In reality, he was aware that it was impossible for him to triumph over the opponent when Long Yue revealed his martial soul. Nevertheless, among his companions, he would certainly not be the last to face Long Yue.
Therefore, he would try his best to ensure that his opponent displayed more of his abilities. Even if he could not triumph, his companions could observe carefully and prepare themselves to fight Long Yue in the future.

These were Yue Zhengyu’s thoughts. He wanted to try his best to delay the match, so that as many of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s soul
skill could be released as possible. This way, his companions would get a better understanding of Long Yue’s abilities.

The Holy Angel martial soul’s fourth soul skill, the Angel’s Descent, was released!

The dazzling golden light enshrouded Yue Zhengyu’s whole body. With a flap of his shining wings, he had already turned gold from head to toe.
Intense Holy Light burst out from his body.

The mountains surged skyward and chased after him. He was constantly changing his movements in the sky in an attempt to dodge the barrage of attacks that came one after another continuously. The opponent was too powerful. It was utterly impossible for him to dodge everything due to the rate of the mountains’ attacks and the wide area they covered.

Streams of Light of Judgement shone down continuously to smash against the mountains. Yet, the mountains that covered the entire competition arena were even more overwhelming than the dazzling radiance.

Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings. He had finally found an opening to cross through the mountains and dashed in front of Long Yue. He held the Saint Sword in his hands as he descended from the sky.

The enhancing effects from all five pieces of his battle armor instantly concentrated into the Saint Sword. The Holy Light and the Light of
Judgement combined together completely. The fusion of four great soul skills made his entire body burn with scorching hot Holy Fire.

He understood that he did not stand much of a chance. Things being what they were, he could not afford to waste any opportunity. He would have to attack with every ounce of his powers to test this Mountain Dragon King’s skills.

Long Yue cracked into a smile as he looked at Yue Zhengyu descending from the sky. The second soul ring on his body glowed. “Rivers!”

All of a sudden, the sky seemed to have collapsed. Countless rivers dropped down from the sky in an instant like the overflowing of the Milky Way.

Yue Zhengyu’s body and his Saint Sword were engulfed by the terrifying downpour in a split second, and he was blown away by the impact. He was like a blade of fragile grass as he was facing all the attacks and lashing of the terrifying rivers.

The Mountain Dragon King martial soul was so terrifying. Those were only its two initial soul skills, yet both were all wide-range attacks from every direction. Additionally, the strength of the attacks filled the entire audience with shock. The Star Luo Emperor Dai Tianling was no exception. All along, he was aware that Long Yue was very powerful, but he had never known how much.

Leave alone the fact that he was a twenty-year-old Soul Emperor, just what was his martial soul? It was truly formidable to witness.

En Ci’s face was smiling faintly all along. The smile on his face grew wider as he stood and watched Long Yue on the competition stage. This was his favorite disciple, and also the disciple solely guided by himself.

The Mountain Dragon King martial soul cultivated at a rapid speed, but very few knew about the tremendous stress that Long Yue suffered during the process of cultivation.

The world had its laws of nature. There was certainly a price to pay for being powerful, just like Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline that threatened his life at all times while constantly making him stronger.

The Mountain Dragon King martial soul shared some similarities. Even though it was incapable of threatening his life, Long Yue still suffered tremendous agony during the entire cultivation process.

The Mountain Dragon King sacrificed its body to transform into mountains, rivers and continents. His cultivation direction was his own body. His body would first need to withstand such incredible strength, only then he could truly flaunt the Mountain Dragon King’s power!

Hence, every time Long Yue’s body was elevated and gained a new soul ring, it was a terrible spiritual and physical ordeal for him.

Long Yue was extremely determined. He had pushed through the
experience again and again. The Monster Academy’s resources had always favored him in this. He had consumed a large amount of heaven-and-earth treasures, such that his body could reach the level he was at now.

Chapter 647 - Yue Zhengyu’s Loss

Chapter 647: Yue Zhengyu’s Loss

Still, En Ci worried about Long Yue who was the exact opposite of himself during his early days. It was difficult for him to cultivate at the beginning but it became easier as he progressed. His cultivation speed only slowed
when he was at the ninety-fifth rank.

Long Yue was different. His cultivation speed was swift at the beginning because he was inherently filled with soul power. His power made a
significant leap each elevation thereafter.

In the course of time, Long Yue’s cultivation speed began decreasing
substantially after his cultivation base was elevated to six soul rings. It was a horrendous ordeal for him each time his soul power was elevated one rank. He had to withstand much pain and agony.

For that reason, Long Yue was called Madman Long. No matter how strong his willpower was during the process of cultivation, his personality was duly affected due to the harsh continuous torment that he underwent.

If it were not because of Long Yue’s determined willpower, he would have turned insane already.

En Ci was figuring all sorts of ways to help Long Yue continue elevating. He would encounter problems when Long Yue continued elevating beyond seven soul rings. Even this Divine Territory Douluo did not have absolute confidence in helping his disciple to continue cultivating after seven soul rings. Once Long Yue had a spiritual breakdown, he would experience a physical breakdown as well. This was the price one paid for being powerful.

One of the reasons why En Ci was headed to Douluo Continent was for the sake of Long Yue. He had read from some ancient records that there were some special heaven and earth treasures on Douluo Continent which could be helpful to Long Yue’s future cultivation.

On the competition stage.

Yue Zhengyu felt an intense pain as if his whole body was about to crumble. His whole being including his bones and meridians were in excruciating pain.

He seemed not to be fighting against a soul master, but the whole of Nature.

This was truly frightening! Long Yue had the capability to make him disappear without a trace.

The gargantuan figure which was domineering over the entire world appeared silently before Yue Zhengyu.

“For the sake of Tang Sect, admit your defeat,” Long Yue spoke gravely. The smile on his face had vanished, and in its place, a thirst for blood was growing stronger gradually.

Usually, he kept his emotions in check, but his suppressed emotions became uncontrollable whenever he used his martial soul’s strength.

Just like his martial soul Mountain Dragon King.

The Mountain Dragon King was one of the Nine Great Dragon Kings. His lineage wallowed in desolation while the rest of the Eight Dragon Kings’ descendants had easy lives. Had the Dragon God bestowed upon him an honorific, would he be contented?

The occasional occurrence of natural disasters was the Mountain Dragon King’s venting of his emotions.

Where the Dragon Clan existed, there would be the presence of the Mountain Dragon King. Natural disasters would follow suit.

Thus, it was a catastrophic calamity when the Mountain Dragon King revolted. Yue Zhengyu clenched his teeth as he controlled his wings with great effort. He looked at Long Yue. “I’m not going to admit defeat yet.” The golden light on his body was already much dimmer as compared to before. This
was the suppression caused by their differences in strength between two exceptionally strong powers.

How could he admit his defeat so easily as a student of Shrek Academy?

“Oh yeah? So be it then!” At the sound of a deep roar, Long Yue swung his fist forward as he punched straight at Yue Zhengyu’s chest. He was five meters tall. So, in proportion his fist was as large as a wash basin. His phenomenal strength squeezed the compressed air until it combusted

Yue Zhengyu held the saint sword with his hands. The Holy Fire burned on his body once again as the saint sword pierced with all its might.

“Boom…” His body smashed onto the protective shield in the distance.

A look of wildness flashed past Long Yue’s eyes but vanished immediately. His left leg took a stride forward as if he was going to do something.
Apparently, he was trying hard to control himself.

He spoke coldly, “Tang Wulin broke eight of Hua Lantang’s ribs, so I shall return the favor today. That’s all!”

He turned around and walked toward the other side of the arena. In the arena, all the mountains and rivers gradually shrunk, rivers changed into
streams, then vanished silently. At the same time, he was steadily shrinking.

The arena’s surface was smooth. It seemed as if nothing happened. Yue Zhengyu’s body slid down slowly from the protective shield. His vision darkened and he lost consciousness.

The audience gaped at Long Yue’s martial soul. What they witnessed shocked them to the point that they almost lost their ability to speak. Similarly, Monster Academy’s students stood looking at one another in the waiting area. Their looks were similarly filled with shock.

They were aware that seven of them from Monster’s Eight Heavenly Kings could not compare to Long Yue alone. They were ashamed and felt unworthy when they could not match Long Yue’s incredible power.

The disparity was just too great for anyone to imagine. That was the peerless Long Yue also known as the Mountain Dragon King Long Yue.

The match ended. The victor and the defeated were determined.

Shrek Academy’s squad members and medical care personnel rushed onto the stage simultaneously.

Just as Long Yue mentioned, Yue Zhengyu had eight broken ribs. He was
seriously wounded, but fortunately it was not life threatening. Obviously, he could not participate in the following two-on-two matches.

Gu Yue could still be his substitute in the group match, but definitely not for the two-on-two match.

Tang Wulin ended Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi’s two-on-two outing, while Long Yue ended Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan’s. It was an eye for an eye.

The tidal wave-like jubilant sounds echoed through the entire Star Luo Coliseum.

Fang’er swallowed some saliva with difficulty as she muttered to herself, “I can’t analyze the later part of this match. The Dragon King is truly worthy of his title Dragon King.”

This was her first time witnessing Long Yue’s martial soul and his control over mountains and rivers. This event illustrated Long Yue’s strength which had already surpassed the strength level of a soul master.

Dai Tianling gave Long Yue a standing ovation. As the emperor, his heart was filled with admiration. Monster Academy would have bright prospects in the future with such an
exceptional talent. More importantly, Long Yue and Dai Yueyan had a good relationship. A monarch should always have the support of a top-grade powerhouse, only then could he enforce law and order in his empire. He had captured the throne with the support of his teacher.

“Teacher, thank you for your contribution in cultivating such excellent talent for the empire. I have decided to increase Monster Academy’s resources by ten percent to assist you in cultivating more young soul masters in the future.”

En Ci was the only person who did not stand. He was still sitting and he smiled. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

The cheers felt like mockery to Shrek Academy’s contingent. Tang Wulin helped Yue Zhengyu up since he was immobilized by his broken ribs.

Xie Xie stood by Yue Zhengyu’s side. He had clenched his fists in rage.

Ye Xinglan raised her head and looked toward the frantic audience. She was staring at them with cold eyes.

Yuanen Yehui pursed her lips tightly.

Xu Lizhi’s good-natured smile had disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy expression.

They were not only facing the opponents in the Continental Young High- Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, but were also facing the entire Star Luo Empire at the same time.

Time, climate, geographical and human conditions were not on their side. They were listening to each cheer, mockery and insult on the competition stage. What was happening was also lashing at their souls.

In the audience box.

“Don’t go.” Elder Cai grabbed Wu Zhangkong’s shoulder. Wu Zhangkong was furious. “They need me now.”

Elder Cai smiled. “A good metal needs to be thoroughly tempered and remolded. A human being is just the same. This is the best training for them. We must believe in their resistance to pressure. If they don’t wither into the silence, then they will certainly burst forth from the silence. Think about this, will they encounter such a situation if we were on Douluo
Continent? Will they face such a trial there?”

Chapter 648 - Ye Xinglan’s Decision

Chapter 648: Ye Xinglan’s Decision

Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment. He felt the blood pumping
erratically in his heart. He wished that he could take Yue Zhengyu’s place to fight valiantly against Long Yue who possessed the Mountain Dragon King martial soul so he could experience what his student went through.

“However, their opponents had put up a fight which was nothing short of a miracle,” Wu Zhangkong’s voice was no longer icy cold, but carried a tinge of deep regret.

Elder Cai spoke gruffly, “What’s a miracle? A miracle is a conversion of the impossible into the possible. A failure is not petrifying, the petrifying part is dejection. I see anger, and I see humiliation in their eyes, but what I don’t
see is dejection. Thus, there is no need for you to uplift their morale. They don’t need your consolation. What they need is a breakthrough to achieve an even higher potential and vent the frustration in their hearts. This is the ideal time and opportunity for them to grow. We only need to ensure that they don’t do anything to threaten their own lives during their growing process.”

“Elder Cai, you’re too cruel,” Wu Zhangkong spoke through his clenched teeth.

Elder Cai spoke glumly, “I’ve always appeared as a bad person. There’ll
always be a bad person, no? You’re like this because Old Zhuo Shi was too kind to you in the beginning, then the breakdown occurred afterward. Could it be that you hope what happened to you will happen to your students?”

Wu Zhangkong quivered in trepidation. The rage on his face subsided as he lowered his head. The scenes from the past swept rapidly past his mind. He once made the choice to compromise, but he did not brace for the
suffering. If he had risked his life, Bing’er would still be with him. It was because of his moment of cowardice, he continually made mistakes which eventually ended in tragedy.

The teenagers were facing more than just a competition. They were facing a taxing trial of their willpower. They could only depend on themselves to decide how far they could go.

Tang Wulin was at the forefront with Yue Zhengyu in his arms, while his comrades followed behind as they walked out of the arena. The
competition’s organizer dispatched army troops to safeguard them all the way back to the hotel.

Throughout the journey to the hotel, Tang Wulin and his comrades did not utter a word. Everyone was very quiet. It was silent as the grave.

They sent Yue Zhengyu back to the room. Xie Xie volunteered to care for Yue Zhengyu. Despite their frequent tiffs, Xie Xie’s eyes were red with

“Captain!” Everyone looked toward Tang Wulin in unison as they walked along the hotel’s corridor.

Tang Wulin raised his head slowly and spoke with a subdued voice, “Are all of you afraid?”

“Afraid my ass!” Xie Xie roared in rage.

Tang Wulin continued, “Zhengyu had devoted all his effort. At least, he allowed us to see how powerful the opponent is. Perhaps, there is no way for us to defeat him. But, we will never give up without fighting to the

Ye Xinglan’s eyes were shimmering. “I’m looking forward to the day when I meet him.”

Yuanen Yehui took a deep breath. “I like this kind of opponent.” Xie Xie swayed his arm with a cold-eyed stare. “Kill him!” Xu Xiaoyan did not say a word but bit her lower lips.
Gu Yue spoke glumly, “Then, we shall all return to cultivate. We shall rely on our innate powers to leave the audience at a loss for words.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was burning with a fighting will. “We will always stand tall no matter what.”

Yue Zhengyu’s loss did not make them lose their morale. Yue Zhengyu did not admit defeat throughout the fight. He fought till the last moment.

Even though he lost the match, he did not lose his spirit.

The Mountain Dragon King martial soul might have terrified the audience, but it definitely aroused the fighting spirit of Shrek Academy.

Only such an opponent was capable of uniting and motivating them to cultivate persistently and improve their abilities.

It was a victory that suppressed the entire scene, a display of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s terror that ignited the sentiment of Star Luo

The media giants of Star Luo Empire competed against one another in reporting the event. All negative political views were muted and Monster Academy was put on a pedestal instantly.

Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King martial soul was not considered a beast soul to some extent, but it was a territory-type martial soul. All sorts of
experts in Star Luo Continent soul masters’ world carried out assessments that titled Long Yue as a rare extraordinary talent. He had been elevated to the peak and was recognized as the powerhouse with the highest possibility to reach Godhood. After all, he was only twenty years old!

“Bang, bang!” Tang Wulin was cultivating in his room when suddenly someone knocked on the door. He frowned slightly, stood up, and opened the door.

“Xinglan?” Tang Wulin was astonished to find Ye Xinglan standing outside the door.

Ye Xinglan was not being courteous either as she stepped into his room.

“Captain, I have something to discuss with you,” Ye Xinglan spoke in a low voice.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Go ahead.”

Ye Xinglan said, “I’ve discussed with Lizhi and we’ve decided to forfeit the following two-on-two match. I’m also forgoing the one-on-one match as

“Huh. Why?” Tang Wulin asked in astonishment.

Ye Xinglan replied, “I’ve decided to devote all my effort into producing battle armors. I don’t know how many I can produce during this period, but I’ll be producing it specifically for you. I’ll produce as many as I can to
elevate your power.”

Tang Wulin spoke anxiously, “How’re you going to do that? Xinglan, your individual power…”

Ye Xinglan raised her hand to stop him from continuing further. She shook her head and answered, “I know what you want to say, but please listen to me first. Yes, I’m confident of myself, but you also saw the battle between Yue Zhengyu and Long Yue today. Even though we refuse to admit it, we are not at the same level as Long Yue. I’ve never been dejected before, but I’m not going to be blinded by arrogance. I’ve the most pieces of battle
armors, so my overall power is no weaker than yours. But, your situation is different from mine. Your bloodline is inherently suppressive toward dragon-type martial souls. I can’t be certain if you’re able to suppress his martial soul, but this is our only chance. There’s still some time from now till the next match. I’ll help you to forge some battle armors with Xu Lizhi’s assistance. We should be able to complete a few more pieces that will
elevate your overall power. Only then do we stand a chance when you fight against him.”

“These days, your elevation is obvious to everyone especially the second evolution of your martial soul. You’re the one who has the highest possibility among us to create miracles. Rather than allowing everyone to fight blindly, why don’t we focus on what everyone can contribute toward you? Only then do we stand a chance.”

Tang Wulin was silent. Even though he refused to admit it, he agreed with Ye Xinglan’s assessment of Long Yue.

It was true that they were not at the same level as Long Yue. It would be difficult to defeat him even if they were all of the same rank. Moreover, he had two soul rings more than all of them.

They had only witnessed the surface of Long Yue’s power during the battle with Yue Zhengyu. Shrek Academy’s contingent had not seen the extent of Long Yue’s power. No one from Shrek Academy could stand a chance fighting such a powerful opponent in a one-on-one match.

“Xinglan is right!” Gu Yue’s voice echoed. Tang Wulin had forgotten to close the door, so she walked straight into the room and closed the door behind her.

Ye Xinglan looked toward Gu Yue and nodded.

Gu Yue walked to Ye Xinglan’s side and looked at Tang Wulin. She spoke knowingly, “You asked me about your Golden Dragon King bloodline and Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King bloodline’s relative merits today, no? So, I’m going to tell you now.”

“Actually, the most important part that determines whether Xinglan’s
sacrifice is worthy is your ability to suppress the other dragon-type martial soul’s bloodline, whether your bloodline suppression is effective on Long Yue.” Tang Wulin nodded. It was true. There was only his martial soul which was capable of exercising a certain amount of suppression toward Long Yue.
Therefore, their effort in cultivating would be meaningful, otherwise, it would be a complete waste.

Gu Yue continued talking, “The Mountain Dragon King held a lofty position in the Dragon Clan. But, do you know about the Golden Dragon King’s origin? The Golden Dragon King didn’t exist in the Dragon Clan initially. The Dragon God was at the top of the Dragon Clan. The Dragon God was born during the creation of the world. He was the most ancient God, the originator of all beast-type Gods.”

“The Dragon God was arrogant by nature. After humankind created the
Divine Realm, it entered the Divine Realm as well. It relied on its power to reign over the divine beasts in the Divine Realm. The nine sons of the
Dragon God that were also the Nine Great Dragon Kings descended to all the planets so they could pass down the legacy. They were the Dragon
God’s direct line of descendants and were also real dragons.”

Chapter 649: Legend of the Dragon God

Chapter 649: Legend of the Dragon God 
"According to the Spirit Pagoda's ancient records, there was an important event that took place in the Divine Realm which invoked the Dragon God. The event almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm."

"The so-called Godhood is actually a sublimation after one's life force has achieved a certain level. In fact, the definition of God in the beginning originated from this definition of mankind. Thus, the apex of existence, for humans from the planets, form the Divine Realm. They also founded a
series of hierarchical systems in the Divine Realm. Anyone who had
cultivated to that level, be it a human or a beast, could ascend to the Divine Realm as long as one could overcome the final hurdle. Moreover, one
would be assigned to different ranks according to one's potential and strengths."

"Legend has it that there were Five Great God Kings in the Divine Realm. They formed the council of the Divine Realm and were the rulers whereby they supervised the world under them. Because the Divine Realm was
created by these high-ranked humans, these Godhood humans regarded themselves superior over the rest. In the beginning, everything was fine. With the passing of time, an ideology that the beasts were supposed to serve the humans took hold. What followed was the Godhood humans naturally prevailed over the Godhood beasts, and the humans ended up enslaving the beasts."

"The Godhood humans were more powerful. They controlled the hub of the Divine Realm with the five God Kings. Their powers far exceeded the
Godhood beasts, so the Godhood beasts had to endure the abuse. One day, a Godhood beast encountered an unjust treatment where it was being hunted down. Upon learning of the mistreatment of one of their own, the Divine beasts were infuriated. The Five Great God Kings dealt with the Divine officer who mistreated the Godhood beast, but they could not pacify the
wrath of the Divine beasts. Out of rage, the Dragon God proposed to lead the Divine beasts into leaving the Divine Realm and establish another
Divine Realm that would solely belong to them. The council of the Divine Realm controlled by the Five Great God Kings would never approve of that. Thus, a major conflict erupted. However, the Dragon God refrained himself and chose to compromise. Not long after that, when he felt that he was well prepared, he led the Divine beasts into starting a war."

Tang Wulin and Ye Xinglan listened in disbelief as Gu Yue continued with the story. If Gu Yue's story was true, then where did the information regarding the Divine Realm from the Spirit Pagoda come from? It was inconceivable.

It had been many years since any human had entered the Divine Realm.
Hence, the Divine Realm was only a legend in Douluo Continent, Star Luo Continent, and Heaven Dou Continent. Nevertheless, Gu Yue's vivid description seemed to have brought them into that world.

"The war lasted for a long time in the Divine Realm. It brought an unfortunate catastrophe to the Divine Realm. More than a third of the Godhood humans were casualties during the war. It was the heaviest hit they suffered since the creation of the Divine Realm. But at the end, the Divine beasts lost the war. The council of the Divine Realm was overly
powerful. The Dragon God was severed into two by the Xiu Luo God of the Five Great God Kings."

Gu Yue suddenly stopped talking. She raised her head and looked toward Tang Wulin. Her gaze burned as she said, "The Dragon God was a high- level Godhood, so he was immortal. Even the God Kings were incapable of killing him. His origin force came from the chaos energy when he created the world. Even though he was split into two, he did not die. It was possible for him to regenerate himself. The two portions of his body transformed into two giant dragons. One of the giant dragons had diamond-shaped golden scales over its body and inherited the Dragon God's strength along with the original body's attack and defense. Thus was born the Golden
Dragon King!"

Tang Wulin's body was trembling and his expression changed to one of shock. "What?"

Gu Yue continued with her story. "The other portion transformed into the Silver Dragon King. The bloodline that your body possessed is the purest form of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. The Mountain Dragon King was the Dragon King's descendant. So, no matter how powerful the
Mountain Dragon King is, it can't compare with your bloodline's lineage which was originally a part of the God King. Do you get it now?"

Tang Wulin understood Gu Yue's elucidation. He had never expected that the bloodline in his body was actually that powerful.

It was half of the Dragon God, and it was totally unbelievable.

"So what happened after that? What happened to the Dragon King and the Divine beasts in the Divine Realm?" Ye Xinglan enquired.

Gu Yue's eyes looked peculiar. "The Godhood humans banished the Divine beasts from the Divine Realm completely. No one knew of the whereabouts of the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Ever since then, there was no Godhood beasts in the Divine Realm. Any beast that was qualified in ascending to the Divine Realm was suppressed in the world beneath and rendered incapable of subliming to a higher level."

"This is tyranny!" Ye Xinglan frowned.

Coldness seeped out of the corners of Gu Yue's lips. "This is the human's natural instincts. Wasn't it the humans that created the ideology of dividing the world into 'us' and 'them'?"

Ye Xinglan looked at Gu Yue in astonishment. "You sounded like you're not human."

Gu Yue was stunned for a moment. "Let's not talk about this anymore. I'm here to inform all of you about this myth in the ancient records. The bloodline in Tang Wulin's body should be the purest form of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. So, he's certainly of a higher level than the
Mountain Dragon King. It's only that Tang Wulin have yet to master the
control over his bloodline's strength at the moment. He should also have a similar effect when it comes to the suppression of attributes. Thus, if we were to consider anyone among us who stands a chance in defeating Long Yue's Mountain Dragon King martial soul, then it can only be Wulin.
Hence, I agree with Ye Xinglan's suggestion to forge battle armors for Wulin at full speed to elevate his power."

Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue, then he looked at Ye Xinglan again. His brows were knitted together while his expression looked peculiar. It felt as if something was revealed in his mind. Gu Yue's words seemed to make him recall something distinctly, yet he could not grasp the thoughts of his memory.

Ye Xinglan replied, "Very well, that's settled then. I'm leaving."

Gu Yue spoke as she gazed after the departing Ye Xinglan, "I'm leaving too."

Tang Wulin suddenly raised his head and looked toward her. "Gu Yue, did you really find the information regarding the Golden Dragon King and the Mountain Dragon King in the Spirit Pagoda? What exactly do you do at home?"

Gu Yue smiled indifferently. "Have you forgotten? My martial soul is the Seven-colored Dragon. I didn't finish explaining when we were with
Xinglan earlier. The Golden Dragon King inherited the Dragon God's
strength and abilities, while the Silver Dragon King inherited the Dragon God's elemental control ability. We're from the Seven-colored Dragon's lineage and we possess a portion of the Silver Dragon King bloodline. You guessed right. The information isn't from the Spirit Pagoda, but it's our family secret."

Tang Wulin squinted. His gaze was burning as he looked at her, "So you're saying that you're nice to me because my bloodline is related to yours?"

Gu Yue was stunned for a moment. Her expression turned cold. "You can say that."

Tang Wulin's gaze was frozen. "Is that true?"

Gu Yue's heart felt a sharp pain for no reason as she looked into his crystal clear eyes. She nodded her head forcefully. "Yes, it's true!"

"I understand now." Tang Wulin mirrored her nod in all seriousness.

Gu Yue wished to ask, 'What have you understood?' But, she did not say anything as she walked to the door and pulled on it.

"Gu Yue!" Tang Wulin's voice echoed from her back.

Gu Yue stopped abruptly with her back facing Tang Wulin. "What is it?"

Tang Wulin took a deep breath to calm his emotions. "So, if you
approached me at the beginning because of my bloodline, how about now? Do you still feel the same now?"

Gu Yue's body stiffened slightly. "Yes!" She pulled open the door and walked out.

Tang Wulin was in a daze as he looked blankly at the door and listened to the sound of it closing. It almost felt like a large door in his heart was
closed as well.

Chapter 650 - Round-Robin Match

Chapter 650: Round-Robin Match

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition continued. The competition became more exciting when it entered the round-robin stage. An increasing number of powerhouses were fighting
against one another. There were more interesting fights as compared to the earlier matches. The confrontation match between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy became the public’s favorite topic of conversation.

A majority of the public neglected the age disparity between the two groups. They were only aware that Long Yue’s power was incomparable even with Shrek Academy considered!

Reality seemed to prove its point. Ye Xinglan from Shrek Academy chose to abandon the one-on-one and two-on-two matches. She only appeared later in the round-robin group match.

There were only three people remaining in the one-on-one match from Shrek Academy. They were Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui. There were only two contestants remaining from the initial four in the two-on-two match due to Yue Zhengyu who was severely injured and Ye Xinglan who pulled out of the competition.

Fortunately, the following round-robin matches were easygoing for them. They did not meet with any powerful opponents.

Monster Academy, on the other hand, was represented by Dai Yueyan, Dai Yun’er, and two other contestants in the one-on-one matches other than Long Yue. The five of them were advancing without a hitch in the round- robin matches.

Ten days later, the round-robin matches ended. All the remaining
contestants from Monster Academy and Shrek Academy entered the finals. The elimination matches were about to begin. Each and every victory and defeat would affect all the participating groups’ final ranking. There was no turning back in the single elimination round. Everyone participating in the finals felt a tremendous stress.

The individual matches would determine the final sixty-four, while the two- on-two matches would determine the final thirty-two. There would only be sixteen teams that entered the final stage of the group matches. Finally, there would only be one champion at the end of the competition.

The elimination round was different from the previous matches. The
elimination round would not be carried out alternately, but the one-on-one matches would be carried out first to determine the champion. After that, the two-on-two matches would commence, followed by the final group matches.

Such an arrangement was made because many of the powerful contestants were participating in a number of matches. Moreover, the arrangement was to ensure the competition was carried out fairly while allowing the
contestants to display their ultimate powers in the competition.

The final sixty-four matches were carried out by drawing lots. Each team’s strongest contestant would become the top seed to be given the priority to draw lots in the first round.

Tang Wulin was not top in his team because he withdrew from the match between him and Dai Yueyan. He had secured a place to compete later. His exploit made Star Luo Empire’s denizens mocked Shrek’s squad even more.

However, Tang Wulin remained unencumbered by it. He was still as determined as ever.

The night came. In the Grand Star Luo Hotel.

“The final stage of the competition begins tomorrow. The name list has already been published. Everyone must devote their effort to the
competition. At the same time, you must also take care of your safety,” Tang Wulin spoke to Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, and Yue Zhengyu were in the room too. Meanwhile, Xu Lizhi was assisting Ye Xinglan in producing the battle armors.

Yue Zhengyu had already recovered. However, his fractures required a longer period to completely heal. He had missed the two-on-two match, but he could still compete in the final stage of the group match later on.

Yue Zhengyu’s emotion seemed to have changed after the battle with Long Yue. He was not depressed but he appeared more profound.

Tang Wulin was sitting and appeared calm with his essence retracted. He was exuding a rock solid, lofty sensation. He was behaving more like a
captain following his power’s elevation.

Xie Xie had seen the name list earlier. “What a waste that we’re not fighting against Monster Academy’s students, otherwise I’ll kill them!” There were two other Agility-type contestants participating in the one-on-one match from Monster Academy. Xie Xie had anticipated fighting them.

Tang Wulin advised Yuanen. “Be careful tomorrow.”

Yuanen Yehui had the worst luck in drawing lots for the first round of the finals. She was going to fight one of the Agility-type soul masters from Monster Academy.

Tang Wulin’s opponent was considerably good but was just an ordinary soul master.

“Hmm!” Yuanen Yehui answered, “I’ve observed his fight before. I’ll devote my every effort to fight him.”

The competition was coming to the final stage. They could not avoid meeting their contenders from Monster Academy, so it appeared that their moment of truth had finally arrived.

Tang Wulin announced, “I’ve made my observations earlier too. Let’s discuss the ploy of our battle tactics. Everyone will benefit from a mutual discussion.” Gu Yue stood on the side. She appeared a little distracted as she watched Tang Wulin helped Yuanen Yehui to analyze the opponent and strategize Yuanen Yehui’s battle tactics in all seriousness.

Xu Xiaoyan nudged Gu Yue who was standing by her side. “Sister Yue,
what’s going on with you recently? You seem a little distracted these days. Did you quarrel with the captain? Everyone is busy cultivating, so I bet the both of you don’t even have time to quarrel, no?”

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. “Pay attention. This is the time for us to retaliate against our powerful enemy since we share a common dislike for our

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Actually, we’re already doing very well at our level. This competition is getting lopsided. The academy won’t blame us if we lose, only our appraisal will be different. Have you not noticed that Elder Cai and Teacher Wu have not shown up at all? I think they’re doing that intentionally to test us!”

Gu Yue glanced at her. “You have a clear understanding, don’t you? Even so, we need to do our best to achieve victory.”

Xu Xiaoyan pouted her lips and replied, “Certainly. I’m only saying that everyone has changed. Zhengyu has become introverted after he lost the match. He has been cultivating everyday despite his injuries. He barely
speaks. In fact, he is no longer a chatterbox. The captain has changed a lot too. He is calmer than before and puts everyone at ease, but, aren’t you
worried for him? He’s almost like a robot. I don’t think that’s healthy for him.”

Gu Yue smiled faintly. “You’ve underestimated him. Wulin has always been the kind of person who rebounds higher when the pressure is greater. This only makes him stronger. He is unlikely to be affected too much.”

Xu Xiaoyan shrugged. “Anyhow, I prefer the captain who’s more
sentimental. However, there’s nothing we can do currently. You ought to help him more.” “Hmm.” Gu Yue nodded gently.

“Very well. It’s settled then. Everyone go and have dinner.” It was time for dinner when Tang Wulin was done helping Yuanen Yehui in assessing her opponent.

“Captain, how about you? Will you be joining us?” Xu Xiaoyan could not help asking when she saw Tang Wulin picked up his jacket.

“Hmm. I won’t be joining you all today. I’m going out to do something.” Having said that, he walked to the front.

Xu Xiaoyan whispered to Gu Yue. “This is weird. Is there anything more important than missing his meal? Is the captain alright?”

Gu Yue did not utter a word, but quietly followed behind him as he walked out.

Tang Wulin hailed a soul taxi when he was outside the Grand Star Luo Hotel.

“Where would you like to go?” The taxi driver asked. “The Tang Sect’s headquarters,” Tang Wulin answered. “Okay.”
The taxi drove along the street unceremoniously. The sky was completely dark while the streets were brightly lit. Those who had spent an entire day bustling at work finally had time for themselves.

Tang Wulin was a little spaced out as he looked out from the cab’s window. He quite enjoyed this feeling. It was happiness not to be preoccupied with thoughts at times.

At least, he was in such a state currently.

The car slowed down because there were too many pedestrians and vehicles on the road. They managed to leave the hustle and bustle behind. The car began to pick up speed. Tang Wulin lowered his head to don his white warrior’s mask, while he took out his cape simultaneously.

The Tang Sect’s headquarters was unusually crowded. The people moved in an endless stream in front of the building.

Tang Wulin got off the car and draped the cape on his back. He donned the hood and briskly walked into the building.

The crowd entering the door looked toward him with an envious but
admirable expression upon seeing his attire. Anyone who was acquainted with the Tang Sect would understand what his attire represents.

The Battle Soul Hall was the core of Tang Sect’s headquarters. It was also the one with the most core strength among the Inner Three Halls, and no less important than the Worship Hall. Although the Worship Hall had the highest ranking among the Inner Three Halls, almost every member of the Worship Hall was originally from the Battle Soul Hall.

A white warrior represented its status, especially for those disciples of the world outside. Their envy at Tang Wulin’s attire could not be concealed.
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