The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 631-640

Chapter 631

Chapter 631: The Valiant Dragon’s Roar, and the Suppressed Bloodline

Beams of golden light shot out from Tang Wulin’s body. The blood flowing out of him abruptly stopped. His trembling body suddenly stilled. A loud
and clear dragon’s roar echoed within the area that was covered by the five soul rings.

The dragon’s roar did not come from his body this time. It was Tang Wulin himself who roared into the air.

Was he in pain?

Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through when he broke through the Golden Dragon King’s Seal?

Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through when his parents left?

Could the pain he felt now be compared to the agony he went through as he was lingering on the brink of death again and again when he was practicing the Body Sect’s secret method?

No! The pain he felt now was nothing!

It was not known when Tang Wulin’s eyes had turned completely golden.

His pair of Golden Dragon Claws smashed into each other violently. His spirit steadied at the crisp ringing sound, and the Devouring Halo was

A golden soul ring bloomed out in front of him after that. Every single one of his scales stood erect. Streams of golden light interweaved into a large net and collided into the Destruction Halo’s effect ferociously, decimating it.

How about the Reversal Halo?

At the sound of the valiant dragon’s roar, the enormous golden dragon head arose as Tang Wulin thrust his palms toward the sky. It snapped its mouth
and crushed the Reversal Halo. Tang Wulin stepped out of the halo’s shroud like a man reborn.

He took a step forward, and the Debilitating Halo broke. He took two steps forward, and the Soul Power Stripping Halo vanished.

His entire body was emitting a dazzling golden glow, while his pair of
Golden Dragon Claws was shimmering with cold radiance. He walked step by step toward Su Mu in such a manner.

Every step he took was firm and powerful without any hesitation.

‘Your soul skills are nothing more than this. I have already tested all five soul skills. Then it will be your turn to feel my strength.

Su Mu’s pupils which had become blood red suddenly shrank. The five huge tails behind his back waved about once again, as five halos shot out and covered Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin did not stop to endure this time. The courageous sound of the dragon’s roar echoed once again.

In the split second when the five halos dropped down, his pair of Golden Dragon Claws had already collided into each other. The Devouring Halo was the first one to be broken at the chime. Streams of golden rays were released from the shining scales on Tang Wulin’s body. The Destruction Halo was torn to pieces before it had even touched the ground.

Tang Wulin brandished his pair of Golden Dragon Claws brazenly as he braced the Reversal, Slow and Soul Power Stripping Halo. The Golden Dragon dashed forward proudly and boldly. In the waiting area, Monster Academy’s group of people were stunned. At that point, Tang Wulin appeared so domineering within their eyes. He destroyed five halos, rendering them useless upon impact.

How was this even possible? He would have to be unbelievably powerful to accomplish this.

The ethereal golden brilliance transformed into a mist that surrounded Tang Wulin. A layer of faint blood-colored fog surged out from Su Mu’s body
almost at the same time.

The contrast between the two of them was stark. As Tang Wulin approached step by step, the golden fog surrounding him shined brighter and brighter,
while the blood-colored fog on Su Mu’s body became increasingly dimmer.

“Bloodline suppression!” Long Yue’s eyes showed a sense of solemnity for the first time.

The fog was the bloodline source emitted from their bodies. Even though he could not truly sense their bloodline fluctuation at present as he was
watching through the screen, he could tell by the changes to the fog around their bodies that Tang Wulin’s bloodline power had already completely
suppressed Su Mu’s bloodline.

“This is impossible. Su Mu has the Nine-tailed Fox bloodline. Even we have no way to suppress him completely due to the strength of his bloodline. How is it possible that this Tang Wulin can subdue him?”

Long Yue’s pupils shrank for a moment, then he spoke his words by
enunciating with a pause after each word, “The! Real! Dragon! Bloodline!”

There was no doubt that the dragons were once the continent’s overlords. Almost every martial soul that was related to the dragon species was destined to be powerful.

The majority of the martial souls that were related to the dragons originated from the Elemental Dragon species. The thickness of dragon-type bloodline in one’s bloodline would determine one’s power. On the other hand, the Real Dragon Bloodline was a complete dragon-type bloodline. In other words, the person’s body was flowing with the blood of a full-sized dragon. It was only in such situations that a person’s bloodline would be known as the Real Dragon Bloodline.

The Nine-tailed Fox bloodline was absolutely the highest grade bloodline
available, at least on this stretch of the Star Luo Continent. However, it was the underdog when their bloodlines collided. Despite Su Mu’s cultivation base exceeding his opponent’s, he was still overwhelmed. This proved that the bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body was far greater than Su Mu’s. Long Yue could only think of the words Real Dragon Bloodline and nothing else.

Dai Yueyan’s expression immediately changed upon hearing the words Real Dragon Bloodline. Of course he understood what it signified. Could it be
said that this fellow from Shrek Academy truly had the Real Dragon
Bloodline? He was only fifteen years old, yet he was capable of subduing Su Mu in an ordinary battle.

Tang Wulin was getting closer and closer to Su Mu on the competition stage. He was just a stone’s throw away. The clash of their bloodlines became more and more intense as the distance reduced.

The golden-colored mist on Tang Wulin’s body was glowing more intensely, while the red fog on Su Mu’s body had almost dissipated already. His original body was revealed.

If this had been a direct confrontation between their soul skills, perhaps Tang Wulin would not have been able to gain the upper hand so quickly.
However, Su Mu was in trouble because his final, most powerful soul skills fusion was strengthened by his bloodline source.

He relied on his bloodline power to simultaneously trigger and fuse all five soul skills before launching his strongest attack.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin could sense the change in his bloodline source after he endured the first attack. Since when did he ever lose in a
battle of bloodlines? Thus, his first step to resisting Su Mu relied on using the Golden Dragon Claws’ collision to trigger his own bloodline. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline source broke the Nine-tailed Fox’s bloodline source so thoroughly that the five soul skills separated and even disrupted one another. Only then Tang Wulin could break the soul skills one by one.

This was how a superior bloodline dominated.

“Release your battle armor. If you don’t, you’ll lose.” Tang Wulin stopped walking when he was thirty meters away from Su Mu. His pair of Golden Dragon Claws were lowered by the sides of his body. The tips of the claws were pulsating with golden light.

Su Mu stared at Tang Wulin with an icy cold gaze, but then he shook his head. “I’m five years older than you. My self-respect wouldn’t allow me to defeat you if I were to rely on the battle armor’s strength. I have lost this one-to-one match. However, we’ll still meet in the competition later, when the delegation and my companions enter the battle together. My self-respect won’t matter anymore at that point, because I won’t be representing myself, but my team’s honor. If you’re capable of meeting me again, you’ll see my battle armor then.”

The bloody color in his eyes faded when he was done speaking. The five gigantic tails behind his back slowly vanished, then he announced toward the judge, “I accept my defeat.”

The entire audience stand had already burst out in an uproar when Su Mu’s said those words! Who would have thought that the third among the
Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings, the Fox King Su Mu, would lose? Moreover, he had accepted his defeat in such a straightforward manner.

Those with discerning eyes could naturally tell that Su Mu accepted his defeat because he had not released his battle armor. He would almost
certainly have won with the battle armor’s reinforcement. However, he did not do so because of his pride. He did not want to use his battle armor to fight against Tang Wulin. As he watched him leave, Tang Wulin no longer sensed Su Mu’s elegance, but his arrogance! Yes, only an arrogant person would make such a choice.

He did not lose! A look of exhilaration filled Tang Wulin’s eyes. Then he raised his Golden Dragon Claws.

Golden radiance shimmered. He had won! Victory in the second round of matches!

Chapter 632 - Not by Sheer Luck

Chapter 632: Not by Sheer Luck

The entire spectator stand was in a clamor. Who would have thought that Su Mu would lose the competition? He lost to an opponent who was hardly known. He, on the other hand, was the Fox King Su Mu! He was ranked third among the Eight Heavenly Kings, and the number one Control-type
soul master in Monster Academy. Yet he lost, and he lost absolutely.

Su Mu returned to the waiting area. He had regained his calm demeanor.

Dai Yueyan walked in quick strides toward him. “Su Mu, are you alright? Is your tail…”

Su Mu shook his head. “I’m not seriously injured. I’m fine. I’m sorry everyone for my loss.”

Dai Yueyan hastily spoke, “Losing a round in a match is nothing, we can always win the next round. But, why didn’t you use your battle armor?”

Su Mu shook his head. “He’s younger than me by five years. If I were to use my battle armor, heh-heh.”

Long Yue walked in front of him and patted his shoulder. “Don’t you worry. Go home.”

Su Mu’s expression stiffened, then he nodded and walked outside.

Long Yue’s voice echoed from behind. His voice was no longer playful, but dignified. “If anyone were to lose in the upcoming matches for dismissing the opponent, then, don’t blame me for being ruthless in disqualifying you from becoming Monster Academy’s Heavenly King.” Su Mu’s expression changed. Long Yue saw it. At long last, Long Yue had seen through him.

One could hardly be heard in the waiting area with the noisy bustle outside when Tang Wulin returned to his comrades.

When he strode into the waiting area, all the contestants who were waiting for their turn looked at him as if he was a monster.

Xie Xie rushed over and gave Tang Wulin a big hug. “Captain, you were so cool! You’re awesome! You’ve truly won!”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes and felt a little uncomfortable. “What do you mean by truly won? Oh yes, who mentioned about the ten thousand year spirit item? Don’t forget it.”

Yue Zhengyu lowered his head and spoke in dejection, “Since when have you become so powerful? When did the Golden Dragon Claw become two? This match shouldn’t be considered a win. Your opponent didn’t even release his battle armor. Even if you were considered the winner, you didn’t win gloriously! You didn’t truly defeat your opponent.”

“Accept reality!” Gu Yue responded in disdain. “Do you think that he really didn’t release his battle armor? He spoke boldly in a dignified tone, but in fact, he didn’t even have the ability to drive the battle armor.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Gu Yue explained, “He was too confident in his soul skills. When his
Reverse Light Ring was broken by the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, his tail could have protected him. However, his five tails were all severely injured. If my guess is correct, his battle armor is certainly related to his tails. Some of his tails were almost severed by half, and all his five tails were affected. How could he have used his battle armor? If a violent collision happened when he was using the battle armor, any of his tails may break. His power
would be greatly reduced. Hence, Tang Wulin won this competition fair and square. His opponent deserved to lose for dismissing Tang Wulin.” Tang Wulin suddenly saw the light as it seemed like his opponent actually had a high regard for him! However, he could not help thinking about how he was always lucky to be dismissed by his opponent. Otherwise, if Su Mu was slightly more cautious and armed with his battle armor, it would be difficult for Tang Wulin to win.

Of course, he had another card that he had yet to play because he had been on guard against his opponent’s battle armor. During the fight, Tang Wulin did not unleash his Bluesilver Emperor.

Yue Zhengyu was dejected. A ten thousand year spirit item was not cheap for him!

“Let’s go quick. It’s quite chaotic since Tang Wulin defeated Monster
Academy’s people,” Yuanen Yehui reminded everyone. She was the oldest in the group and level-headed as well.

Tang Wulin felt cold in his heart. This was Star Luo Empire’s territory. His victory over Monster Academy had certainly resulted in a big impact on them.

The eight of them did not dally any further, but left the waiting area and quickly returned to their hotels.

As for the second round matches, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan had all passed the individual matches. However, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi did not participate in the individual matches. Xu Xiaoyan’s main ability was her control, whereas her attack was weaker than the rest.

The entire Star Luo City was in a commotion at present. Su Mu who was ranked third among Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings had failed. Even though he failed under the circumstance of not using his battle armor, he was still considered to have failed! Moreover, he lost to an opponent
whose cultivation base was lower than himself.

This was unbelievable and turned out to be an unexpected win in this year’s competition. The control system was capable of restricting the assault system. Besides, Su Mu was also reputed to be the number one control-type soul master in Monster Academy. Yet, he suffered defeat under such a condition. Tang Wulin, on the other hand, rose to fame. Soon, news about him began to
spread throughout Star Luo City and even as wide as the entire Star Luo Continent.

Shrek! The name was on everyone’s mind. They only recalled that there existed such a top academy in the distant Douluo Continent.

This was their first confrontation that is now widely known to all, also the fact that Monster Academy had lost to Shrek Academy.

There were many differing voices following that. Some were scolding, some cursing, and there was even an occasion where a group of people
attacked the Grand Star Luo Hotel. Consequently, the attack was dispersed by the government’s military personnel.

However, there were a few analytical minds who performed a detailed analysis of the battle.

“Hello everyone. I’m Fang’er and the commentator of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition for the third time.
The recent match has led to a controversial dispute. Therefore, I hope that
everyone will keep calm and focus on the competition that has turned out to be exceptionally exciting. Also, I’ll be giving an analysis of the

Fang’er was a beauty who had an influential position in the Star Luo Continent soul masters’ world but not because of her powers or
abilities. When her martial soul was awakened, her soul power had not been born so she did not qualify as a soul guide master.

However, she had a passion for the soul master’s profession. Even though she did not manage to become a soul master, she had spent all her time and energy in studying soul masters. She was self-taught, and in the past decade, she learned everything about soul masters beginning from
elementary up to advanced courses. She had a profound understanding of the soul master, battle armor, and mecha. She published many theses and received critical acclaim from the soul masters’ world.

As a beauty who was decidedly straight to the point, she became famous throughout the whole continent after she was involved in giving her
comments about the soul masters’ competitions. Later, she won accolades as a commentator in Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world.

She had given the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite
Competition’s commentary at sixteen years of age and received recognition for her work. Now, at age twenty-two and for the third time, she was the
commentator for the competition.

She was seen as a goddess in the eyes of both the ordinary folks and soul masters. Fang’er spoke through a public broadcast system which immediately drew the attention of the spectators.

On the soul screens, Fang’er’s image appeared. She was dressed in white and looked immaculate with her coiffure combed into perfection. Her face
with a fair complexion appeared pinched, but her large round eyes were full of vigor. Two dimples were noticeable when she smiled which made her particularly attractive.

Even the rowdy folks who caused the disturbance were watching the screen. Their attention had been diverted.

“I think everyone is eager to know how Monster Academy’s Su Mu lost the competition. One factor was accidental while another was inevitable. So, I’ll do my best to analyze the competition for everyone’s benefit.”

Fang’er’s expression turned stern. She had always felt to be a commentator for a soul master’s competition was a sacred task. It was also a noble profession for her.

“I’ve watched the competition’s recording in detail three times. Even though I still haven’t managed to unravel all the secrets yet, I’m quite
confident about the information I’ve gained which I’m going to share with all of you now. I’d like to emphasize that this is just a competition, so I hope that no one will be nationalistic on this matter. At the same time, I hope that everyone can view this objectively. I’d also like to say that all the commentaries that I’ve made represent only my opinions and not any other authority’s.”

The frame changed into the competition’s scene after she had spoken. It was a recording of Tang Wulin and Su Mu’s fight.

The recording was paused at the moment when the two contenders were about to engage in their battle.

Chapter 633 - Analysis

Chapter 633: Analysis

“First, I’ll introduce two contestants to everyone in detail. Su Mu, a student of Monster Academy’s inner court, one of the great Eight Heavenly Kings of Monster Academy. His nickname is Fox King, his martial soul is the
Nine-tailed Fox. He possesses the talents and bloodline of the Nine-tailed Fox. He’s a rank-54 Control System battle soul master. He’s regarded as the best Control System master in Monster Academy. Amongst his peers, he’s also one of the most outstanding Control System masters on Star Luo

“Tang Wulin, hailing from Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. He comes from Shrek Academy, and his soul power is roughly between rank-41 and rank-43. Martial soul: dragon type. His specialty is his strength. He’s an
Assault System battle soul master. Other information unclear.”

Undoubtedly, the information regarding Su Mu was more detailed, whereas information regarding Tang Wulin was very scarce. She only knew that
Tang Wulin came from Douluo Continent. As for the data regarding him, it was completely derived from analyses.

“Based on the information of these two contestants, we can determine that contestant Su Mu should have been able to completely suppress his opponent in terms of strength. However, there is one point which everyone here might have overlooked that I’ve actually singled out. Contestant Su Mu, aged nineteen years and eight months. Contestant Tang Wulin, aged fifteen years. As for months, unclear.”

When she said this, the Star Luo Empire citizens who were watching the screen broke into a clangor again.

A nineteen-year-old against a fifteen-year-old. The huge gap between their ages was enough to prove many things. Those who were very familiar with soul masters knew what this meant especially clearly.

Fang’er’s next words were even more earth-shattering and heaven- battering. “Therefore, I conclude that whether or not contestant Su Mu had lost this match because of his carelessness, he had lost. In terms of natural talent and strength, he was inferior to this contestant who came from the faraway Douluo Continent.”

Fang’er needed a great deal of courage to have said those words. That was because she might be condemned by the public. Those who stood by their friends instead of the objective truth were not in short supply no matter
where one went. Nevertheless, she had said them just like that, and she had done so staunchly.

“Then, let us simply analyze the competition today. Without a doubt, contestant Su Mu had convincingly gained the upper hand at the very beginning.”

The video started to replay. Fang’er started to explain Su Mu’s every soul skill in detail. She also detailed the effects and functions of the releasing of the soul skills and why Tang Wulin reacted the way he did.

The recording continued replaying until it paused at the instant where Tang Wulin was about to unleash his Golden Dragon Claw.

“This is the turning point of the competition. A crucial turning point. It
could even be said that Su Mu lost because of the attack Tang Wulin used next. That’s why although Su Mu had lost the competition, he didn’t lose to Tang Wulin. Instead, he lost to himself. He was too confident in his own
control. He was also too confident in his Reversal Halo. He never expected that his opponent with an inferior cultivation base could unleash an attack capable of breaking through the Reversal Halo.”

The scene began playing in a slow-motion. The glow from the Golden Dragon Claw slowly appeared on the screen. The playback paused once
again when the Golden Dragon Claw broke through the Reversal Halo and struck Su Mu’s five foxtails. The audience could clearly see that a large patch of fox hair was slashed off. Those blades of dark golden light had at least cut into the tail for by than half its girth. It flashed past.

The frame then switched to Su Mu’s face. In that instant, Su Mu’s entire expression was contorted. He was obviously in immense pain.

“Yes, after this attack, it seemed like contestant Su Mu had completely unleashed his full powers. However, in reality, he had already been gravely injured. His martial soul is the Nine-tailed Fox. His bloodline is the Nine- tailed Fox. The foxtails were the source of his energy. If his power source was badly damaged, the wounds that he suffered would have been
imaginable. So, after Tang Wulin forcefully broke through his all-out attack, he yielded. I think that he most probably didn’t have the energy to release his battle armor, rather than he chose not to. The injuries to his tails must have been very serious. He needs to heal them quickly.”

“In conclusion, Su Mu’s defeat wasn’t unfair. In a certain sense, he lost to himself. As for whether he could have won if he had released his battle
armor beforehand or if he had been more cautious when battling Tang Wulin, I won’t be analyzing events that are thus far purely theoretical.
However, there’s one thing that I can be sure of, and that is contestant Tang Wulin must also possess other abilities which he hasn’t displayed yet. What is his martial soul? It’s still a mystery. Why are his two soul rings golden?
That’s also a mystery. I hope that the upcoming battles can shed some light on these matters. At the same time, I’ve also decided that starting from this match, I will be conducting post-competition analyses on all the upcoming matches involving this contestant who came from Shrek Academy.”

“Lastly, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing for us that the students of Shrek Academy have participated in this year’s competition. Even if our best
contestants face some difficulty, it will be beneficial rather than a hindrance. Failure can be scary, but we must learn the lessons that we can from this experience. Only failures like these can lead to future victories. Otherwise…”

When she neared the end of her speech, Fang’er made a helpless expression. The broadcast ended there.

Of course, there were shouts of rage, but there were more citizens who had calmed down.

Fang’er’s analysis had sounded like she was heavily biased toward Tang Wulin, but as she stated from the beginning until the end, the purpose of her speech was to encourage Monster Academy. She was advising every Star Luo Empire contestant that was participating in the Continental Young
High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.

Powerful opponents have turned up. If all of you still do not take your opponents seriously enough, then the next defeat might very well be your own.

Of course, her analyses had given Su Mu a great personal blow. After all, Su Mu’s beautiful speech when he finally yielded had, in a certain sense, been exposed for what it was.

This commentary was seen by the Shrek Academy team who had returned to the hotel. There was no way they did not see it. A soul screen was hung in the hotel lobby itself.

“That’s a thorough analysis. It went right to the heart of the matter!” Xie Xie could not help but give his praise.

Tang Wulin nodded slightly. “This commentary isn’t as simple as it seems. It looks like we’ll have to be more careful in our upcoming matches. We must hide what we can. Otherwise, if more of our secrets are discovered by our opponents, it’ll be tougher for us in the matches to come. Now that
she’s said all that, it’ll be harder for us to gain the upper hand.”

His win today did not come easy. Forcefully withstanding Su Mu’s powerful control was quite a heavy burden on his body, but the final result was satisfying. He only managed to win with a bit of luck. If Su Mu had focused all his attention on this match the minute he got on stage, it would have been quite difficult for Tang Wulin to emerge victoriously. In any case, he had overcome this obstacle. The few rounds of solo
competition were knockout rounds. It was impossible for him to see Su Mu again in the one-against-one competition. As for the other members of
Monster Academy, the one whom Tang Wulin dreaded the most was still Long Yue. Exactly how strong was that Madman Long? Until now, it was still a mystery.

The pressures of the public opinion, the Star Luo Empire’s home field and from Monster Academy had made everyone return to their respective rooms and continue their cultivation after the match had ended. Ye Xinglan was an exception because she had to continue crafting battle armor. Her
companions’ battle armor was still waiting to be completed by her. At the same time, she was continuously accumulating experience within her own crafting as she continued her search for the knack of making a one-word battle armor’s core component in the future.

Ye Xinglan was usually the quietest among the team. At the same time, she was also the one with the most tenacious personality. Although she did not make a show of it, the resources of the entire team were focused on her. She was working harder than anyone else.

If there was anyone among the Shrek team who had the highest possibility of becoming a one-word battle armor master first, it would undoubtedly be her.

Not only did the unexpected emergence of a dark horse not reduce the influence of this year’s competition, it had in fact intensified it. The officials of the Star Luo Empire had not given any other statements other than those required to maintain peace and order. They allowed things to take their respective courses and hoped that everything ended well.

Chapter 634 - Two-Against-Two. A Round-Robin Tournament

Chapter 634: Two-Against-Two. A Round-Robin Tournament

The silence room.

Su Mu sat cross-legged on the bed. Before him, five big tails were swaying gently. Currently, their hairs were unfolded and they looked supple. On each big tail, there were several wounds so deep that the bones beneath were visible. The tail which suffered the most serious injury was more than two- thirds broken. It seemed as if it would break apart at any moment.

The gentle halo had a faint red glow which pulsed rhythmically on top of the tail. It spurred the healing, but the pain was unbearable.

Someone sat opposite Su Mu, and his fists were balled tightly. It was Dai Yueyan, the fourth prince of Star Luo Empire. He was also the Tiger King of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.

The prince was truly irate and his breathing was erratic.

He only knew about the severity of Su Mu’s injuries upon seeing Su Mu.
No wonder he did not utilize his battle armor. If he had used his battle armor, maybe his tail would have broken off. That would have been a drastic blow.

However, not only did losing the battle gave Su Mu a great blow, it also put the entire Monster Academy under immense pressure.

Fang’er’s post-competition analysis had piled on the pressure but Monster Academy did not respond. The others might not know Fang’er’s background, but how could Dai Yueyan not know? Fang’er was spewing nonsense about not representing the official party
when she was clearly a party member. In fact, she was voicing her father’s opinion. It was obviously the father’s intention to reveal the competition’s situation to spur Monster Academy.

In Star Luo Empire, although Monster Academy was held in high regard, it was a far cry from Shrek Academy on Douluo Continent. Monster
Academy relied on the official party for its expenses. As for the
competition’s outcome, there was no doubt that Dai Tianling was not pleased.

“Tang Wulin!” Dai Yueyan squinted his eyes which beamed a narrowly focused light.

The second round of the one-on-one competition took two days to
complete. Half of the contestants were disqualified which reduced the number of participants. However, there were still a few knockout rounds that had to be completed until the total number of participants was down to a hundred and twenty-eight participants. It was only then that they would be divided into eight groups to take part in the group matches.

The group matches were done in a round-robin fashion. The top eight with the highest cumulative points would then proceed to the knockout rounds in the final stages.

Hence, the whole competition process was long and tedious. For one to become the champion, one would have to go through almost twenty battles.

The previous Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition had run continuously for two months.

The two-on-two competitions and team competitions were similar, but there were fewer teams that participated. Naturally, the competitions proceeded faster.

Tang Wulin’s luck was back to normal. Since the third round, he had not face any challenging opponent. During the next ten days, he won battle after battle passing the preliminary stages to finally reach the round-robin tournament. His four comrades who took part in the solo competitions were similarly successful.

In the two-on-two competitions, the four pairs from Shrek Academy also had outstanding performances. All of them entered the round-robin tournament.

The solo competition was on a two-day hiatus, whereas the team and two- on-two’s round-robin tournaments had begun.

“This morning, everyone will be participating in the first round of the round-robin for the two-on-two. In the afternoon, we’ll have the first round
of the team competition. Everyone must try to maintain their stamina. In the round-robin tournaments, we don’t have any weak contenders. Take care not to injure yourselves.”

Compared to ten days ago, Tang Wulin appeared more balanced..

This was their first time participating in such a grandiose competition. After twelve days, they gradually adapted to the competition’s ambience.

Tang Wulin was under intense pressure because he had to face the jeering
crowd in every match he took part in. He became the center for the scorn of the crowd before, during, and even after the match.

Fang’er’s post-competition commentary was exclusively done for his matches. Her commentaries were always penetrating, and she gave an accurate analysis every time.

Till now, Tang Wulin had not utilized his Bluesilver Emperor. He had
always relied on the power of the Golden Dragon King bloodline which involved using his immense strength to fight his battles.

For the two-on-two competitions, there were eight teams in each group. It was neither lucky nor unlucky for Tang Wulin and his teammates The lucky part was that Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and himself were all in the same team whereas the unlucky part was that there was also a team from Monster Academy in this group.

In the two-on-two round-robin tournament, only two teams from each group could enter into the top sixteen of the final match. In other words, one of their three participating teams would not qualify.

Tang Wulin had kept an eye on the two Monster Academy students when he first saw them. The two had valiant strengths.

The boy was Hua Lantang while the girl was Ye Zhi. Both of them had
cultivation bases of five rings and above. Although they had never used any battle armors in their previous battles, Tang Wulin was certain that these two were Battle Armor Masters.

The combination of two one-word Battle Armor Masters was certainly a formidable challenge. The possibility of defeating them both was close to impossible.

Among the other groups, Tang Wulin also noticed the contestants from Monster Academy. They had two other teams which was one team fewer than Shrek Academy.

One of those teams was the combination of Su Mu and Dai Yueyan. Su Mu specialized in control whereas Dai Yueyan specialized in assault. The two of them cooperated well and their strengths were indomitable.

The other team had Long Yue as their leader. However, Tang Wulin was
surprised that this team comprised of Long Yue and Dai Yun’er who had the weakest cultivation base among the Eight Heavenly Kings of Monster

Long Yue partnered Dai Yun’er so as to boost her popularity and widen her battle experience. With Long Yue by her side, winning their first few matches turned out to be a piece of cake. They hardly met any threat.

The group in which Dai Yueyan and Su Mu were in did not have any team from Shrek Academy, whereas in Long Yue and Dai Yun’er’s group, there was the pair of Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu. Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi
were in another group. This scenario was advantageous to Shrek Academy. If all their four teams were in the final sixteen, the strongest pair would be Tang Wulin’s team.

Since it was a round-robin tournament, every team within each group must fight with all the other teams. Today was the first round of the round-robin tournament. However, this time Tang Wulin would not be battling alone.

This was the most interesting match in this round of two-on-two. It was regarded as the fight for the group’s championship.

‘We must win!’ Tang Wulin made a resolute decision.

They hope to qualify in this round with Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie. Hence, they had to first defeat Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi.

In the round-robin tournament, if the number of wins and losses of two teams were the same, then the referee would look into the relationship of the outcomes. If the referee could not determine the victor from the relationship of the outcomes, then they would look at the time used throughout their matches.

Hence, if Tang Wulin wanted to make sure that Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s team is in the final list, it would be best to defeat his pair of opponents in the shortest time possible. Only then would they have the best chance.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stood shoulder to shoulder on the competition
stage. For some unexplainable reason, whenever Gu Yue was beside him, Tang Wulin would feel at peace.

Opposite them, Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi were already on the stage.

Hua Lantang was an ordinary-looking youth of medium stature. If not for Monster Academy’s uniform, it would be difficult to recognize him among the crowd. Unlike him, Ye Zhi was attractive. She would have looked every bit as gorgeous as Dai Yun’er had she been younger. Now, she looked mature and was past her prime.

When the two stood together, they did not seem to be compatible. However, they were holding hands. Obviously, they were not only comrades, but also a couple.

For that reason, they gained Tang Wulin’s attention. Hua Lantang must have some innate attraction for him to be fancied by Ye Zhi.

Tang Wulin had observed their previous battles. Between the two, Ye Zhi
was a support system Utility Soul Master while Hua Lantang was an assault system Battle Soul Master. Ye Zhi was also the only support system among the Eight Heavenly Kings.

Chapter 635 - Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda

Chapter 635: Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda

As for the other two Heavenly Kings of Monster Academy who did not participate in the two-against-two competition, they were both agility
system soul masters. Why they did not take part, nobody knew.

If Tang Wulin were to go ask Long Yue about this, Long Yue would tell him that only the prizes of the top three were worthy. For Monster Academy, it was enough for them to secure the final three. On the other hand, the one- on-one competition was a display of individual strength. Naturally,
everyone who could participate had done so.

Hua Lantang squinted slightly as he looked at Tang Wulin. His personality was calm and collected. He had seen Tang Wulin’s previous matches before this and had also discussed with Su Mu regarding the abilities of this young contestant.

He had partnered with Ye Zhi for many years now, and the two of them
cooperated wonderfully with an unspoken connection. They were known as the golden combo in Monster Academy.

‘Su Mu, allow me to avenge you today.’

Ye Zhi’s attention was drawn to something else. Unlike Hua Lantang, her gaze fell on Gu Yue. Compared to their understanding of Tang Wulin, and even what they knew of the other Shrek Academy students, this young girl who stood shoulder to shoulder with Tang Wulin was almost a blank sheet of paper to them.

She had only entered the two-against-two competition, but in the previous matches, she was more of an extra. Tang Wulin seemed to have taken care of their opponents all by himself, leading them to victory. However, Ye Zhi believed that Shrek Academy would not send anyone out recklessly, more so if that person was supposed to cooperate with Tang Wulin. From the information they had received before, Tang Wulin was the captain of this Shrek Academy fighting team. To be able to be paired with the captain, her strength must be extraordinary.

On the rostrum, Fang’er wore a long white dress as she sat at the sidelines. There were a few soul screens in front of her. She wore a soul loudspeaker on her head and stared at the screen with keen, sparkling eyes.

“Hello everyone, I’m Fang’er!” Her voice was broadcast throughout the coliseum via the soul loudspeaker.

“I think everyone is eager to see the upcoming match. Today, I’ll be providing live commentary throughout the battle. Monster Academy’s Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi against Shrek Academy’s Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.”

“Regarding Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi, I believe everyone knows their strengths well. They are both members of Monster Academy’s Eight
Heavenly Kings. Hua Lantang is known as the Wolf King. His martial soul is the most powerful of the wolf-kind, the Dragonwolf. It’s a formidable breed that possesses the traits of both dragon and wolf. According to legend, the giant dragon was promiscuous by nature, and it mated with a
Moon-howling Wolf. Hence, the Dragonwolf species was born. This martial soul was passed down in a single bloodline. It’s unique on the Star Luo
Continent. Back in the day, Hua Lantang’s ancestor was one of the rulers of the Star Luo Continent’s aboriginal people. His inner strength is unimaginable.”

“Ye Zhi, among the Eight Heavenly Kings, is known as the Pagoda King. She possesses the legendary martial soul Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. As early as twenty thousand years ago, an ancient martial soul such as this was already known as the king of utility martial souls. It can greatly
enhance the bearer’s comrades in battle. The two of them cooperated well in the last competition, and they managed to place second in the two-
against-two category.” “Then what about their opponents? Regarding Tang Wulin, I think we’ve already discussed him a little too much these few days. On strength alone,
he is still some leagues away from the Wolf King, but we still have no idea as to what his mysterious martial soul really is. Hence, I cannot tell how this match will go based on the information that I currently have.”

“What intrigues me even more is Tang Wulin’s partner. This young lady by the name of Gu Yue has been accompanying Tang Wulin in the two-against- two competition. If we look at the previous matches, her martial soul must be Elemental Control—a fire type, considering she only used a fireball in one single match. As for her specialty, I’m very sorry, the information we have regarding her is incomplete.”

“To sum it all up, I hope that in this match, the two Monster Academy
contestants can learn from the experience of contestant Su Mu before this, and not underestimate their opponents and fight for the win with all their might.”

Fang’er’s commentary could no longer be heard within the closed
competition stage barrier. Currently, Tang Wulin’s eyes could only see his opponents.

After the referee gave both pairs the signal, he announced for the countdown to begin.

“Three, two, one! Begin!”

With the announcement of the start of the match, Tang Wulin and Hua Lantang rushed forward almost at the same time.

With a flash of golden light, two golden soul rings rose from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet. Meanwhile, his Domineering Golden Dragon Body was released.

As Hua Lantang dashed forth, his body was also changing. Five soul rings, four purple and one black, ascended from below him. He possessed a ten- thousand-year soul ring. His body was rapidly transforming as he ran forward. From looking like a normal human, his physique bulked up instantly. His head took on a wolf’s shape, with a protruding muzzle revealing his eerily white fangs. Strangely, he did not grow fur. Instead, clumps of purple scales emerged.

These scales were all strange oval shapes and covered his entire body.
Having already grown to more than two meters in height, the scales made him even more fearsome.

A pair of sharp claws jutted out, and his speed increased tremendously all at once.

He was not only an assault system soul master, but also an agility system master. His Dragonwolf martial soul, when its speed was unleashed, could certainly rival any agility system martial soul.

From a distance, Ye Zhi and Gu Yue also advanced.

Gu Yue waved her right arm and a huge fireball with a diameter of more than a foot shot into the sky. It had turned into a parabola and shot straight toward the faraway Ye Zhi.

But Ye Zhi’s reaction took everyone by surprise. Her eyes lit up suddenly, and she flung both her hands outward. Beams of light shot out and
expanded in midair. They then flew back into her body.

Those were pieces of armor that flickered with seven-colored light. After covering her body, they swiftly connected with each other, armoring her from head to toe. At the same time, a layer of seven-colored light burst forth from her body and shielded her within itself.

Battle armor! One-word battle armor!

The competition had only just started, and Ye Zhi had taken the unusual step of immediately utilizing her one-word battle armor.

The fireball struck the barrier, gave off a strong glow, then quickly shattered and disappeared. On the other hand, the seven-colored barrier only rippled
slightly. Ye Zhi stretched out her right arm and her five purple soul rings rose from under her feet. An exquisite, one-foot tall, seven-layered pagoda appeared on her palm.

The legends regarding the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda were spread very widely on both the Star Luo Continent and the Douluo Continent.
Twenty thousand years ago, among the first generation of Shrek Academy’s Shrek Seven Monsters, not including the most famous, Sea God Tang San, and his wife, Flesh Bone Douluo Xiaowu, the martial soul of the main
support system soul master on their team was the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. The bearer eventually elevated the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda into the Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda and finally became a god.

That was a powerful martial soul that had once produced a god! Even on the Douluo Continent, martial souls like these were already lost. Nobody had expected it to appear on the Star Luo Continent.

“The seven magical treasures, the first is called strength, the second is
called speed.” On that seven-layered pagoda, two beams of flowing light shot out from the two lowest layers and instantly landed on Hua Lantang.

Everyone could only see that Hua Lantang’s body had grown again, and he was accelerating rapidly. He left behind a series of afterimages as he ran
and appeared in front of Tang Wulin almost instantly. A pair of wolf claws slashed outward as fast as lightning.

The most concerning property of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda was the extent of its enhancement. Using the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda
with a single soul ring, its soul skill could enhance one attribute by as much as twenty percent. For example, Ye Zhi’s first soul ring was strength
enhancement, so she could increase a person’s strength by twenty percent.

When the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda was raised to two rings, other than obtaining the second soul skill, the amount of enhancement of the two soul skills was, alarmingly, also raised to thirty percent. After that, with
every ring added to the cultivation base, the rate of enhancement would increase by ten percent. In other words, the enhancement which Ye Zhi, who was currently at a five- ringed base, gave Hua Lantang was sixty percent.

Chapter 636 - Dragonwolf Martial Soul

Chapter 636: Dragonwolf Martial Soul

Hua Lantang was already an expert at the rank of a five-ringed Soul King. When his strength and agility were both enhanced sixty percent, he was a formidable foe.

This was the power of Douluo Continent’s best Utility Martial Soul.

If this was a team battle, then her enhancing effects would be greater. If experts like Long Yue, Dai Yueyan, and Su Mu had certain attributes
enhanced as much as sixty percent, they would be terrifying to their opponents!

According to legend, if the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda could evolve to the extent of the Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda, even the dead would be revived. It would be an existence that went against the will of the heavens.

“Bang!” Tang Wulin and Hua Lantang collided.

Tang Wulin felt the impact and his forward momentum was disrupted
abruptly. Similarly, Hua Lantang was stopped in his tracks by the collision. Both of them rebounded off each other simultaneously. No one gained any advantage.

“Tang Wulin’s strength is dominant. Under the strength and agility
enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Hua Lantang has
exceeded the strength of an assault system Battle Soul Master of the same rank. However, it appears he’s on par with Tang Wulin.”

Fang’er’s commentary expressed astonishment. Obviously, she was surprised at what had transpired before her very eyes. A purple light flashed across Hua Lantang’s eyes and his body’s agility increased suddenly. The second soul ring on his body burst forth with light. His body flickered seven times.

This was his second soul skill, Dragonwolf Kill!

A sharp gleam glistened on his pair of wolf claws. The seven beams of purplish lights emanating from his body had the aura of death.

Tang Wulin stood frozen. He snorted then stomped brazenly on the ground with his right foot to reverse his blood essence.

In the next instant, a deep dragon’s roar sounded. Inexplicably, when he heard the dragon’s roar, Hua Lantang slowed down. Shortly after, a circle of golden light followed by eight little golden dragons spread out from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet.

The golden light and purple light swiftly interacted with each other. The purple light diffused instantly. Beams of golden light spread upwards
slowly. On Hua Lantang’s body surface, arcs of electricity appeared as he was rocked viciously and sent flying.

How did that happen?

Ye Zhi was flabbergasted. Even the commentator Fang’er paused for a while. What had occurred before them was completely beyond anyone’s comprehension.

When he unleashed his soul skill, Hua Lantang was under the enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. His strength and agility were increased sixty percent. However, when his soul skill collided with Tang Wulin’s, it disintegrated instantaneously. What happened?

Ye Zhi reacted quickly. She had been Hua Lantang’s partner for so many years that they could almost read each other’s minds. At critical moments, they would not hold back. The third and fourth layers of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda flickered with light simultaneously. “There’s magic in the Seven Treasures. The third is called soul, and the fourth, resist.”

The third soul skill was a soul power enhancement whereas the fourth soul skill was a defense enhancement.

After the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda-type martial soul joined the generation of soul tools, there was a complication which was the
enhancement of the battle armor could not be applied to the martial soul.

Maybe it was the will of the heavens that the capability of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda had to be curbed so that the battle armor had no way of enhancing her martial soul. Hence, Ye Zhi’s one-word martial soul
served only two purposes. One was for her own defense while the other was to enhance her soul power.

The enhancement method which she unleashed was at the rank of a five- ringed Soul King. However, the duration of her soul skill and enhancement method were at the rank of a seven-ringed Soul Saint.

Two rays of light fell on Hua Lantang’s body. Hua Lantang’s soul power
and defense were increased tremendously. Simultaneously, he also reacted with lightning speed.

His flung his hands backward. Pieces of battle armor appeared in an instant. Then, they flew toward his body and merged together.

He did not want to repeat the same mistake and lose, as Su Mu did to Tang Wulin.

He did not understand why his soul skill had crumbled as swiftly as it did after it collided with Tang Wulin’s. He felt a subtle but powerful force
which originated from Tang Wulin that disabled him completely from unleashing his cultivation base. If he was not enhanced by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, this feeling would have been more apparent. Nonetheless, he had to overcome the problem at hand. Under the four great enhancements of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda together with his own battle armor, he had complete confidence in overcoming the various
strategies that Tang Wulin employed. It would be impossible for Tang Wulin to defeat him.

At this very moment, an unforeseen situation arose.

A slender palm suddenly materialized on Hua Lantang’s tough and broad
shoulders. Shortly after, a silver light flashed and Hua Lantang disappeared together with the figure which had appeared suddenly.

The battle armors that were supposed to merge with Hua Lantang had suddenly lost their target. They hovered uncertainly in midair.

At the same time, a blue-colored vine appeared silently. Tang Wulin’s true soul ring finally made its debut in front of Star Luo Empire’s audience.

Three purples and one black. The four soul rings flickered. In the next instant, vines shot outward swiftly and weaved themselves into a giant net in midair. It had amazingly wrapped itself around all the battle armors
which Hua Lantang had released moments ago and tightened itself.

This was the setback regarding an ordinary one-word battle armor. Ordinary one-word battle armors were crafted externally. Although it was connected to one’s bloodline and soul power, it had to undergo a donning process.

Since Tang Wulin and his companions knew that their opponents were most likely battle armor masters, they inevitably came up with some

The battle strategy that they employed was specially devised for Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.

Without a doubt, that slender hand was Gu Yue’s. Gu Yue’s Spatial Retreat could drag any submissive person with her, but this was obviously impossible to carry out on an opponent. That was the reason she teleported behind Hua Lantang and waited for the opportunity to seize him unknowingly when he was shocked by Tang Wulin’s battle strength.

Hua Lantang’s battle armor naturally followed after its owner. However,
Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor had entwined and imprisoned these battle armors with the Bluesilver Grass. It was highly improbable Hua Lantang
could don his battle armor.

It was a first for Star Luo Empire’s citizens to witness such an ingenious way of countering a one-word battle armor master.

Hua Lantang felt his vision blurred. In the next moment, he had appeared in a different place. In front of him, the opponent was no longer Tang Wulin, but a young girl.

The enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda on his body was still effective. He yelled and his pair of wolf claws slashed Gu Yue’s

Gu Yue sneered and a silver light flashed before her eyes. A figure stood sideways before Hua Lantang effectively blocking his way. A thunderous dragon’s roar erupted afterward.

Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

The others might not know why the Dragonwolf martial soul could be
suppressed. However, it would be equally surprising if Tang Wulin and Gu Yue did not know either.

In fact, when Tang Wulin knew that his opponent’s martial soul contained a dragon-type bloodline, he had already thought of a way he would fight this battle.

Ever since the Golden Dragon King bloodline awakened, it had never let Tang Wulin down. Each time he went up against a powerful opponent in battle, provided the opponent has a dragon-type bloodline, his opponent
would definitely be suppressed by his Golden Dragon King bloodline. The smaller the difference in their cultivation bases, the greater the suppression. There was only a little difference between the cultivation bases of his opponent and himself. Moreover, he had broken through the fifth seal of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. His aura became more powerful. Naturally, its suppression toward the Dragonwolf martial soul was felt.

“Boom!” The collision was more direct this time.

Although he was under the enhancement of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, Hua Lantang staggered seven to eight steps backward before he managed to balance himself.

However, he was now battling against not just Tang Wulin, but both Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

A large blue fireball reached him before he managed to regain his footing. The fireball exploded in front of him and gave off a deafening sound.

At this moment, Hua Lantang displayed his strength as the Eight Heavenly Kings’ Wolf King.

The third soul ring on his body seemingly lit up. The scales on his entire body was a sheen of some bizarre metal. His arms shielded him from the explosion of the fireball. The explosion had lit up his entire body in a ball of blue flames but it was quickly extinguished.

The third soul skill, Diamond Dragonwolf!

Currently, his body had a sixty percent defense enhancement. In addition, he had the defensive power of the Diamond Dragonwolf. He took the brunt of Gu Yue’s blue fireball head on.

At the same time, another beam of light shot toward him from far away. It was meant to target his body. The fifth enhancement had arrived.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, the fifth soul skill which was an attack enhancement.

At once, Hua Lantang’s body burned with a purplish flame. Purple light
swirled within his eyes and his arms enlarged tremendously while his body shook. He bypassed Tang Wulin and reached Gu Yue in an instant. His pair of wolf claws slashed Gu Yue at the same time.

Chapter 637 - Controlling the Competition

Chapter 637: Controlling the Competition

His agility, strength, attack, defense, and soul power were all enhanced by sixty percent. Even if he did not have his battle armor now, Hua Lantang’s cultivation base was on par with a six-ringed Soul Emperor expert.

No matter where the suppression from his opponent came from, as long as he defeated them all, would that not solve the issue?

Thus, Hua Lantang decided to use the simplest and most direct way to battle.

“Your opponent is me!” Tang Wulin snorted. His body swayed as he
appeared before him. Although he was not as fast as Hua Lantang in terms of speed, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was the nimblest of footwork.
Hua Lantang used the simplest method to block Gu Yue while Tang Wulin unleashed another Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Wolf claw and dragon claw collided with each other! Both of them
staggered backward in unison. Surprisingly, they were evenly matched.

Tang Wulin, who had broken through the fifth Golden Dragon King’s seal was definitely powerful in terms of absolute strength. In addition, he had the suppressive effect of his bloodline. Even with various enhancements, Hua Lantang was still quite weak overall.

Hua Lantang’s fourth soul ring lit up instantly. His eyes suddenly brightened and his body became illusory. An illusory shadow in the form of a dragon flayed off his body. Shortly after, a greyish-black small dragon leaped up from behind him and merged together with that illusory dragon
shadow. The illusory dragon shadow materialized and transformed into an armored dragon covered in greyish-black scales. It flew straight toward Tang Wulin.

Everything happened in a flash. Hua Lantang had unleashed it when both of them staggered backward.

The armored dragon was a fearless species among the land dragons.
Undoubtedly, this was a soul skill created by the fusion of a spirit soul with a soul skill.

Hua Lantang was a daring opportunist who never failed to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes.

A deep dragon’s roar sounded from Tang Wulin’s body at the same time. A humongous dragon head appeared on top of his head. It lowered its head
and in its next move crunched the seemingly ferocious armored dragon with its mighty jaws. The spirit soul only managed to wail once. It was
struggling to escape.

Meanwhile, the huge dragon head flashed with a golden light. A clicking sound was heard and the armored dragon spirit soul shattered instantly.
Then, it was sucked by the gigantic mouth and swallowed into its belly.

Hua Lantang grunted. The soul rings on his body at the third and fourth spots shattered instantly. Consequently, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

His spirit soul was destroyed and swallowed. The attached soul ring crumbled with it, naturally.

In fact, soul spirits were indestructible unless the Soul Master died. Such situations do not normally occur. Even if one’s spirit soul was shattered, it
could still rely on the main body to regenerate itself. It was baffling that the destruction of Hua Lantang’s armored dragon had led to the shattering of his two soul rings.

Not one to miss a golden opportunity, Tang Wulin hurled his arms.
Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. An immense suction force whisked Hua Lantang off toward Tang Wulin.

At the same time, Gu Yue’s body flashed and she teleported to Hua Lantang’s back. Her fair palm smacked him squarely on his back.

A distance away, Ye Zhi looked on as Hua Lantang was directly hit by Gu Yue’s palm. There was nothing she could do. She had executed all the
enhancements that she could. Nonetheless, she never thought that Gu Yue
and Tang Wulin had a technique of swallowing spirit souls. This was simply unbelievable.

The Diamond Dragonwolf had disappeared with the shattering of the soul ring. Hua Lantang could only rely on his own tenacity and the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s enhancement to ward off Gu Yue’s attack. Tang Wulin’s pair of golden dragon claws had already slashed his chest.

Hua Lantang grunted. His eyes flickered with a resolute glint. The fifth soul ring on his body finally shone. A layer of light as pitch black as ink promptly engulfed his body. Pitch black blades shot out from his pair of
sharp claws and hacked at Tang Wulin. This was his most powerful means of attack, the Dragonwolf Perish Clutch. The attached special effect was the disintegration of all elements. It could only be used for close range attacks and had a terrifying destructive power. He, however, did not use his
Dragonwolf Perish Clutch to block Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claw.
Instead, he took a stance of burning jade and stone. His arms rapidly
elongated amidst the cracking sounds his bones made. Though Tang Wulin had a headstart, he caught up with Tang Wulin.

Nevertheless, he did not expect Tang Wulin to suddenly turn his head in Ye Zhi’s direction.

Ye Zhi witnessed her lover being caught in a pincer attack. Anxiety was
written all over her face when she saw a pair of purple eyes. With her spirit considerably shaken, all her enhancements broke off that very instant.
Nonetheless, she regained her senses immediately. As she turned pale with fear, she hastily re-initiated her five soul skills.

But, she was too late! Tang Wulin needed for her to be disrupted for just a moment.

At that very instant, Dragonwolf Perish Clutch reached Tang Wulin, while Gu Yue’s palm seared Hua Lantang’s back.

His second golden soul ring which he had never unleashed before this
competition finally shone with a resplendent glow which gave the scales on Tang Wulin’s body a golden luster akin to a mirror’s surface.

Dragonwolf Perish Clutch slashed mercilessly on Tang Wulin’s chest.
However, what unnerved Hua Lantang was that the scales on Tang Wulin’s body sparkled. The flashing light dazzled his eyes. He felt as if his
Dragonwolf Perish Clutch had merely scratched a hardened alloy. The special effect of Disintegration was non-existent!

In the next instant, Tang Wulin’s golden dragon claws landed on his chest. When the claws were about to hit true, Tang Wulin’s ten fingers suddenly straightened. He did not scratch Hua Lantang’s body with the tips of his
claws but instead turned the scratch into a smack. His palms seared themselves onto Hua Lantang’s chest.

“Boom!” Hua Lantang’s body flew backward like a cannonball. He was in midair as fresh blood spouted wildly from his mouth. Even he himself could hear the sounds of his bones breaking.

All of this happened in an instant. From the initial collision to Hua Lantang flying away after being severely hit. The duration of the entire match was truly brief.

The instant Hua Lantang was flung out, the whole coliseum fell silent. Tens of thousands of Star Luo City’s spectators became dead silent that you
could hear a pin drop. Even Fang’er who had been talking rapidly during her commentary stopped abruptly. It took a while for her to grasp what she had just witnessed in the competition.

Was it over? Hua Lantang laid on the floor. He was in a stupor. Although the beams of light from the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda had shone on his body, they were undoubtedly not of much help anymore.

The enhancement which was disrupted greatly reduced the power of Hua Lantang’s attack on Tang Wulin’s body. It also weakened Hua Lantang’s defensive powers and other attributes significantly. Similarly, the effect of the Dragonwolf Perish Clutch was incapacitated. If Tang Wulin had not held back at the final moment, Hua Lantang would have turned into a
corpse by now.

Ye Zhi was stunned. No matter how powerful her supportive abilities were, she was still only a support system soul master! That meant she had no offensive abilities of her own. How long could the defensive powers of her battle armor hold out?

Gue Yue had already targeted Ye Zhi. A large fireball materialized in her hand.

“I surrender!” Ye Zhi made the decision without hesitation. Then, she immediately removed her personal barrier and ran over to Hua Lantang at a cracking pace. Compared to the life of her lover, the competition was insignificant. When she saw Tang Wulin’s heavy attack on Hua Lantang,
she could not help but felt a lump in her throat.

She carefully examined Hua Lantang’s body. With her surrender, the
competition stage’s protective barrier was disabled. The medical personnel hurriedly went on stage to treat the unconscious Hua Lantang.

Tang Wulin turned around and looked at Gu Yue with a smile. He stretched out his right arm to release his Bluesilver Emperor. The pieces of battle
armor shot toward Hua Lantang and fell silently beside him.

Chapter 638 - Tactical Attainment

Chapter 638: Tactical Attainment

Gu Yue stretched out her palm and exuberantly high fived Tang Wulin. They were both smiling broadly, but they did not say a word. There was no need.

Fang’er let out a sigh of relief on the platform. She said in a deep voice, “This was a well-executed match. Yes, Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi had been the targets since the beginning. I truly did not expect Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s fighting method to be so terrifying.”

If Tang Wulin was said to have won his first match because Su Mu had carelessly dismissed him, then how about this match? Did Hua Lantang carelessly dismiss him as well?

Not really. He had focused all his efforts on the fight from the moment he
came on the stage. He had not been careless at all. Even with his five-ringed cultivation base and so many enhancements, Hua Lantang still did not manage to gain the upper hand when he was fighting Tang Wulin. Even his battle armor had been disabled by Tang Wulin.

‘Was Tang Wulin’s martial soul a plant-type? Was it a twin martial soul? Perhaps… those three purple and one black soul ring are a part of his true martial soul?

Fang’er’s thoughts were in a state of confusion. She had been studying martial souls for so many years, but she was at a complete loss as to how to explain what was happening to Tang Wulin’s body.

She needed to calm down and make a thorough analysis before she could provide an accurate conclusion, but it was definitely too soon. In the waiting area, there was a glare in Long Yue’s gaze. Dai Yueyan’s face was filled with shock. He would never have believed that the golden
combination of Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi could lose just like that.

“It doesn’t make sense! They obviously did not exploit their powers at all. What’s going on with Hua Lantang today? Why was he acting like a wuss?” Dai Yueyan’s face was filled with confusion.

“He was suppressed. It must have been a bloodline suppression,” Long Yue’s deep and low voice echoed. Everyone from the Monster Academy shifted their gaze onto him.

“Bloodline suppression? What do you mean? That Tang Wulin possessed a very powerful bloodline? Was it the dragon-type bloodline?” Dai Yueyan was extremely intelligent. He understood as soon as he heard Long Yue’s words.

Long Yue nodded gently. “It should be. The martial soul of three purple and one black soul ring should be his true cultivation base. He’s only a four- ringed Soul Ancestor. Those two golden soul rings must have come from his bloodline’s strength. If I’m right, he would be the soul master with the
strongest bloodline power that we’ve ever seen, even stronger than Su Mu’s Nine-tailed Fox bloodline.”

“How about when compared to you, Brother Long?” Dai Yun’er could not help asking.

Long Yue sniggered. “It’s hard to tell. However, one’s cultivation base will determine the strength of one’s bloodline. Hua Lantang was caught off guard and his bloodline was suppressed, resulting in his inability to unleash his power. Whatever the case, none of you picked up that Tang Wulin’s teammate actually played a vital role in this competition. She had the fire
attribute and space attribute in a double elemental control. Her spiritual power is extremely strong too.”

“Do you mean Gu Yue?” Dai Yun’er asked curiously. Long Yue nodded. “She hardly paused at all when she was using spatial teleportation. That’s not something a space attribute soul master can easily do. She is very skilled in elemental control. She’s spared no effort in this battle. You didn’t notice that she didn’t even release her soul rings, yet she could easily help Tang Wulin in achieving the victory.”

It was true that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had been drawing the support from spatial teleportation since the beginning of the competition earlier. They launched a series of battle tactics. One of the most important steps was
when Hua Lantang was about to put on his battle armor, Gu Yue carried him away from his position by force. Only then was Tang Wulin able to use the Bluesilver Grass to bind around the battle armor and prevent it from reaching Hua Lantang. If Hua Lantang had had the enhancements provided by us battle armor, he would not have been defeated so easily even with his bloodline was suppressed.

“Those fellows from the Shrek Academy are really sneaky!” Dai Yun’er spoke resentfully.

Long Yue sniggered. “That’s not cunning. That’s battle tactics. Tactics are a part of one’s skills. Shrek Academy deserved its reputation of being the number one academy on the continent with its profound inner secrets. I’d really like to see how far they can go.”

Hua Lantang was lifted off the competition stage on a stretcher after he was given emergency aid. He suffered from severe injuries, but his life was not in a critical state. His sternum and eight ribs were broken, and his internal organs were injured too. He needed some time to recuperate.

Tang Wulin’s had controlled himself when he attacked his opponent. It was just good enough to affect their upcoming group match, but not enough to truly harm Hua Lantang. They were the Douluo Continent’s envoy. Even though the rules of the competition would not have penalized him, he could never actually kill the opponent. This was just a competition.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s victory had undoubtedly boosted the morale of the Shrek Academy’s people. So what if the opponent had battle armor? One-word battle armor masters still had their own weakness. It was precisely due to their battle armor not being completely fused together to their bodies, which made it a problem for them to put it on. If one could seize such an opportunity, then it would be a simple battle strategy.

Almost all the soul masters would have a certain level of dependency on their armor after they completed them. This was an inevitable situation, but it also posed an opportunity for others to exploit. During an intense battle, if the opponent disabled their battle armor, then the battle armor master would certainly suffer from a huge emotional blow without the armor’s reinforcement.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue made use of this. The strategy was simple and direct, yet extremely effective. Even though the opponent would become wise to it after they used this tactic once, but that was enough in a two-on- two match. Only the pair of Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi was truly capable of threatening them. Of course, there was also Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.

It was not until the next round of matches had already begun that the
audiences gradually started reacting to the situation. They were not causing a commotion, but many were whispering to one another.

If once was due to carelessness, then how about twice? Monster Academy had lost in a one-on-one match, and then, to everyone’s surprise, they lost to the same opponent again in a two-on-two match. Tang Wulin’s image in the audience’s eyes suddenly changed.

The youth who came from Shrek Academy possessed powers that were too deep to be fathomable in their hearts. How terrifying was he that even
Monster Academy’s students could not last long in his hands?!

The competition continued, but Fang’er was simply sitting there as she was already too dumbfounded to continue her commentary in the other matches. She had originally come just for Tang Wulin’s match today.

She watched the recording of the match over and over again, hoping that she could notice every single detail. Every fiber of her being was shaken when she saw that Tang Wulin had turned around to look towards Ye Zhi. Additionally, the scales on his body transformed into a mirrored surface.

This was a tactical decision beyond comparison! He had not focused on the opponent in front of him when he was facing such a powerful attack from the Dragon-Wolf Perish Clutch. He turned around to interrupt the
amplification. This displayed his absolute confidence in his defense without the slightest doubt.

Wait, those eyes that turned purple in an instant…

What was that gaze spurting with faint purple light? Was that the Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eyes?

The Tang Sect technique had enormous clout on both the Douluo Continent and the Star Luo Continent. In fact, their sphere of influence on the Star Luo Continent far exceeded the Duoluo Continent.

There were very few people capable of joining the Tang Sect.

Thus, Fang’er could identify Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes in a short moment. So it turned out he was using the Purple Demon Eyes to interrupt the enhancements provided by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda to
subdue the enemy and achieve victory.

Everything from being able to predict the enemy’s moves right from the beginning, using strategy to restrict the battle armor afterward, until interrupting the reinforcement in the end was carried out by a fifteen-year- old youth. How great were his tactical skills and combat experience?

Moreover, Fang’er could see from the slow-motion replay that Tang Wulin’s expression was extremely calm from the beginning to the end. There was not an ounce of emotion on his face whatsoever. His eyes were even filled with confidence and determination all along.

It could be said that he was under the assumption that he would certainly win this match from the beginning to the end. Believing was also a power, and this had come from Shrek Academy’s student! He had such strong power!

‘Tang Wulin, what is your limit? Could it be that we truly have no one
capable of getting in the way of your advancement? Or is it that only the leader of the Eight Heavenly Kings, the Dragon King Long Yue, can stop you from moving forward? If you have truly come to that stage, then you have already won.’

Of course, Tang Wulin was unaware of Fang’er’s thoughts. He had already returned to the waiting area quietly. His companions’ matches had not
ended, so he would wait for them to finish. At the same time, he could also observe the situation for the upcoming matches.

He was extremely satisfied with his performance in the competition, but it had not made him proud or arrogant. He understood clearer than anyone
else that upon closer inspection, his victory in this match was made easier due to his bloodline suppression to Hua Lantang. Otherwise, how could he have dealt with a five-ringed Soul King powerhouse so simply?

Chapter 639 - The Holy Appearance

Chapter 639: The Holy Appearance

Hua Lantang was Monster Academy’s Soul King. He was no ordinary soul master. Had his bloodline not been suppressed, he would have been capable of fully unleashing his powers, and defeating him would have been far more difficult. This was before his battle armor was even taken into account.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a smile. It would be great if every Monster Academy student had a dragon-type martial soul. He
wondered if the fellow named Long Yue had a martial soul that was related to dragons.

Gu Yue nudged him gently. “Don’t take any chances.”

Tang Wulin was shocked. “How do you know what I’m thinking? Could it be that you are skilled at mind reading?”

Gu Yue sniggered. “This isn’t mind reading. It’s because I understand you very well. Alright, watch the competition. Yue Zhengyu and his partner are about to enter the arena.

Yes, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu Xiaoyan were entering the arena for the following matches. They were participating in the two-against-two round- robin just like Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

The biggest threat to their squad was undoubtedly the pair that was Long Yue and Dai Yun’er. They did not meet each other during the first round, but perhaps, they would do so later on in the competition.

Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu were not as steady as Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. The both of them walked to the bottom of the stage. Yue Zhengyu
stretched out his hand and grabbed Xu Xiaoyan’s arm. He touched the tip of his foot to the ground, and he was airborne. Both of them leaped onto the competition stage.

Their opponents were a pair of men who looked exactly the same. They
were both tall and muscular. One look and it was clear that these men were strength-type soul masters.

Yue Zhengyu whispered something in Xu Xiaoyan’s ear softly. Xu Xiaoyan nodded in reply.

“In the following match, another pair of Shrek Academy’s students will be appearing on the scene. Their names are Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan.
Yue Zhengyu participated in a one-against-one match earlier. The battle in his match was magnificent, and his martial soul is also the exceedingly rare, top-graded martial soul, the Holy Angel. With a four-ringed cultivation base, he’s rather powerful and was lucky enough not to have faced a particularly skillful opponent during his one-against-one match. Thus,
we’ve yet to truly determine the limits of his strength.”

Fang’er had already regained her composure after her analysis of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s match earlier. She planned to continue studying it later on due to Tang Wulin’s special case.

At that moment, Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan entered the arena. There was no chance that there were any pushovers in the round-robin tournament. Their opponents would always be skilled enough that the match would be worth commentating on.

“The contestant Xu Xiaoyan rarely attacked during the earlier two-against- two match. According to our analysis, she must be a control-type soul master with a soul tool martial soul that is similar to a magic staff. She rarely displays the full extent of her abilities, and she has a four-ringed
cultivation base.”

“Next, let’s take a look at their opponents. They’re fighting against the brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian. Coincidentally, I’m acquainted with both of them, which is why I understand them well. Both Lei Xing and Lei Tian are twenty years old this year, so they’re just within the participating age limit. Their soul power is around rank-45, but their battle armor has yet to be fully completed. That’s why they’re not real one-word battle armor masters. The martial souls of these brothers are exactly the same as well. They are the
Heavenly Thunder Axes. Moreover, since they’re twins that grew up together since infancy, they can cooperate extremely well with each other. This duel will pit strength against strength. The match is about to begin, so let’s wait and see.”

The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian had already sprinted forward in quick strides on the competition stage with serious expressions on their faces. Although they were overconfident in their abilities, Shrek Academy’s reputation had been building over the past few days. Tang Wulin had bested Su Mu, then he defeated Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi in the two-against-two match, thus vastly elevating the prestige of Shrek Academy’s entire student body.

It was quite unlucky for them to be facing such a pair of opponents in the first match of the round-robin tournament. In any case, they would never give up so easily. Those who were capable of entering the round-robin tournament had their own secrets. Their goal was to win this match and
advance into the final sixteen of the two-agsinst-two category. “Begin the competition!”
The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian raised their right hands
simultaneously at the judge’s announcement. Two streaks of electric currents rose in unison with the soul rings underneath their feet.

The two brothers’ soul rings were exactly the same, with two yellow and two purple rings each. Bluish purple lightning shimmered on their right hands as one battle axe appeared in each person’s grasp.

Each battle axe had a short handle and was about three meters long. The handle and the head were of equal length. Streaks of a bluish purple lightning pattern glittered on the axe head and it was emanating a destructive aura. Such a martial soul clearly seemed to be best suited for close quarter combat, but in reality, was that really its purpose?

The Heavenly Thunder Axes in their hands dropped down simultaneously. Their first soul rings glowed as two streaks of lightning struck at Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan in an instant.

The speed of the lightning was too fast. Moreover, the most dangerous part of the lightning was its explosive power, which was even more impressive than a fire attribute.

As they released their martial souls, Yue Zhengyu straightened his body and he had already placed himself in front of Xu Xiaoyan. His martial soul was released while his four purple soul rings shone brightly. The wings behind his back then spread out.

A stream of golden light descended from the sky and illuminated his body. That was the Holy Light. The two streaks of lightning vanished like a clay ox plummeting into the sea after it dashed into the Holy Light.

The wings behind Yue Zhengyu’s back flapped once. With little more than a single flash, he had crossed half of the competition stage. He reached out his right hand and the Saint Sword was conjured into it as his second soul ring shimmered.

“Such a powerful Holy Light. Even with a martial soul with such immense explosive force like the Heavenly Thunder Axe, its lightning was
extinguished within the Holy Light,” Fang’er made a commentary with precision.

The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian were startled as well. Yue Zhengyu was too fast. The instant acceleration produced from his pair of wings made it appear as if he was truly teleporting.

The two brothers synchronized with one another as the Heavenly Thunder Axes raised high up in their hands dropped down simultaneously. This time they used their third soul rings. Two streaks of bluish purple light suddenly glowed on the surface of the Heavenly Thunder Axes. The lightning circled back and covered their bodies in an instant.

The surface of their skin turned bluish purple immediately. The twin brothers who were already very strong and burly seemed to be releasing a layer of lightning-like battle armor onto their bodies simultaneously.

It was their third soul skill – Heavenly Thunder Possession!

Not only that, they tossed out streams of light towards their back. These lights fused into them rapidly and protected the right sides of their bodies. This was their battle armor.

Both of them had a total of three pieces of armor each, including a cuirass, a pauldron and a vambrace.

The corners of Yue Zhengyu’s lips twitched. He was thinking in his heart, ‘Is there a need to go that far? The match has only just begun! Was it really necessary for both of you to release your battle armor?’

‘This is all the captain’s fault! These opponents are so scared they’d run from their own shadows, yet why am I the unlucky one?’

His heart was filled with helplessness, but Yue Zhengyu had already arrived before the twin brothers.

The Saint Sword in his hand slashed out. Surprisingly, Yue Zhengyu’s
sword was not slashing towards either of the twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian, but between them.

His sword appeared to be extremely simple, but that thick light element
combined with the Holy Light before it exploded in an instant. The intense radiance was so bright that the Lei brothers could not help squinting. The Heavenly Thunder Axes in their hands slashed towards Yue Zhengyu from both sides. The brother’s combat capability was vastly enhanced with the amplification of the Heavenly Thunder Possession and the addition of battle armor. They were even capable of resisting and fighting a five-ringed Soul King.
Moreover, the main special feature of the thunder attribute was its explosive power. If it was fully unleashed, all would be blown away, regardless of the strength of the opponent’s attribute.

However, something that was completely beyond their expectations happened.

Yue Zhengyu’s sword appeared to be slashing at an empty spot, but a vortex suddenly appeared in between the brothers in a ghastly manner. The suction made their bodies swayed once. The Heavenly Thunder Axes were still
slashing towards Yue Zhengyu but their speed had slowed down by half.

Chapter 640 - Implicit Cooperation

Chapter 640: Implicit Cooperation

The wings on Yue Zhengyu’s back glowed brightly as his intense holy aura transformed into an overbearing force that enshrouded the two people.

His martial soul could be described more precisely as holy, but not light attribute. It was more intense when compared to the light element.

The Lei brothers were suppressed by the Holiness, their speeds were immediately slowed by half.

Yue Zhengyu swaying like a ghost seized the opportunity to bore in between the two brothers . He managed to dodge the two Heavenly Thunder Axes without any difficulty.

Simultaneously, he lifted the Saint Sword in his hand gently and prodded Lei Tian’s right armpit.

He did not use his combat capability to resist or fight forcefully, but he adopted a little trick.

“This is the Tang Sect Technique known as the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!” Fang’er almost shouted.

The audience was shocked upon hearing ‘Tang Sect Technique’. Could this Shrek Academy’s student who came from Douluo Continent be a disciple of Tang Sect as well?

Needless to say, Yue Zhengyu was indubitably displaying the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

His movements were flawless. Coincidentally, when he was passing through the twin brothers, the wings on his back pushed out both sides and smashed their shoulders expediently. The impact lingered for a while. The Saint Energy on his wings collided with the Thunder Energy on the
Heavenly Thunder Possessed bodies of the twin brothers. The impact of the collision was not strong, but it made them stumble.

Meanwhile, no one noticed a golden soul ring materializing on the ground silently not far away from Lei Xing’s feet. Lei Xing did not notice it either even though it was not covered by his feet. When he lost his footing after the collision, he accidentally stepped onto the golden soul ring.

Immediately, golden shackles shot up from beneath his feet and bounded them tightly. The lightning radiance and Heavenly Thunder Possession
were rendered useless at this moment. There was no way to stop the golden shackles’ attack.

This was…

The audience including Fang’er discovered the addition of a dazzling Star Staff in Xu Xiaoyan’s hand. She was standing at the far side as if she was not participating in the match. The Star Staff was twinkling with dazzling brilliance. She was the one who had released the Starwheel Shackles.

Lei Xing felt the tightening around his body that he could hardly move. He was urging his soul power desperately in his attempt to struggle free but the shackles were too strong for him.

Lei Tian staggered around as the Saint Sword stabbed his armpit. He hastily turned to his side swinging the Heavenly Thunder Axe in his hand.
Concurrently, his instinct was diverted to the area beneath his feet. Something had happened to his elder brother. He hoped that there was no similar control soul skill beneath his feet!

One careless move might possibly lead to the loss of the battle between the powerhouses. Moreover, Lei Tian’s power was weaker than Yue Zhengyu’s.

Yue Zhengyu whispered to Xu Xiaoyan earlier to win the fight quickly and decisively. Since their opponents were twins, Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan would be in a lot of trouble if their opponents had the ability of martial soul fusion.

The Heavenly Thunder Axe and Saint Sword collided. For a split second, Lei Tian discovered that the battle axe he flung out was chopping at nothing. The Saint Sword had disappeared during the collision.

However, the Saint Sword reappeared in the next moment and pierced his waist.

Yue Zhengyu was utilizing a battle trick. The enemy saw the weapon in his hand so it was easy to fool the enemy into thinking it was a real weapon. On the other hand, one’s soul power would be reduced each time one launched a soul skill in actual combat. Very few people would launch all sorts of
weapon-type soul skills repeatedly because it would take a long time to launch even one.

Lei Tian who was distracted, undoubtedly, made such a mistake.

Yue Zhengyu took advantage of his opponent’s blind spot which Lei Tian revealed when he used his Heavenly Thunder Axe. The Saint Sword disappeared, then reappeared to capitalize on the opening and pierced
straight into Lei Tian’s armpit.

Lei Tian’s armpit on this side was not protected by battle armor. Despite the Heavenly Thunder Possession’s defense being rather impressive, the Saint Sword’s saint power still managed to breach an opening. Scorching hot
energy flowed into Lei Tian’s body in the next moment.

Lei Tian gave out a muffled humph. The Heavenly Thunder Possession that surrounded his whole body was promptly broken. In the next instant, his body was ablaze in golden flames.

Yue Zhengyu’s body spun around rapidly. His pair of feathered wings flapped seven times continuously at lightning speed. Each flap carried him higher from the ground. The flapping of his wings made the flames on Lei Tian’s body burn more intensely. With the last flap of his wings, Lei Tian was blown away. Yue Zhengyu’s aura was elevated to its peak following his high speed spin. His hands grasped the Saint Sword as he descended from the sky. The third soul ring on his body glowed brightly when he suddenly made a slash.

The sky seemed to crack open at this moment. A ray of dazzling golden light flashed from the sky and subsumed into the Saint Sword with an unparalleled force that cut into Lei Xing’s shoulder. He could choose to
attack Lei Xing’s unarmored shoulder but Yue Zhengyu chose the side with the battle armor instead.

The moment when he was slashed by the sword and bound by the Starwheel Shackles, Lei Xing had lost all responses as he turned into a golden color.

“The match has ended!” The judge’s anxious voice echoed.

Even though there was no rule nor regulation in determining the combat level of this two-on-two match, the judge had to protect the contestants as best as he could when victory or defeat was established.

The Saint Sword in Yue Zhengyu’s hand waved once. The golden light on Lei Xing’s body was guided away immediately leaving his charred body lying on the ground.

If the sword had slashed Lei Xing’s unarmored shoulder just now, the outcome would be drastically different now.

Yue Zhengyu spread his wings as he touched the ground slowly. The Saint Sword in his hand had vanished. He put his right hand’s index and middle finger together, then he waved at Xu Xiaoyan in the distance.

Xu Xiaoyan returned a pleasant smile.

The battle had ended! It was a victory! Shrek Academy had won yet again.

“This is not a victory of absolute suppression. The twin brothers Lei Xing and Lei Tian had already displayed their weaknesses since the beginning. They didn’t use their most explosive-type attacks. Their attacks had been too conservative. Yue Zhengyu’s combat capability was exceptionally strong while his combat expertise was discerning. His partner was even more terrifying. Even though she attacked only once, it was enough to secure victory. Her control-type soul skill was terrifying indeed,”
commented Fang’er with admiration.

There was not much suspense in this match. The level of Yue Zhengyu’s Holy Angel martial soul exceeded the Heavenly Thunder Axe by far. In addition, his prowess in combat made the match one-sided.

Tang Wulin’s face showed a faint glow. He was smiling because Zhengyu had progressed as well.

In fact, everyone was progressing really well. They were each other’s companions, but also each other’s rival at the same time.

Yue Zhengyu headed back to Xu Xiaoyan. He raised his hand and high- fived her. They smiled as they gazed at each other and got off the stage.

How did Shrek become so strong?

The whole audience had the same thought.

The two consecutive matches allowed Shrek Academy’s contestants to
exhibit their remarkable abilities that suppressed their opponents until they were unable to counterattack. Their opponents in the second match, in particular, were completely suppressed for the whole match. If it was not for Yue Zhengyu’s compassion, the Lei brothers would be corpses by now.

“Big brother!” A Monster Academy’s student stood up with a solemn expression as he looked toward Long Yue.

Long Yue smiled knowingly and waved his hand at the student. “The higher you are, the harder you fall. Don’t fret, take it slow. I’m also hoping to see how far these Shrek Academy’s students can go. Don’t you think that the
competition is getting more exciting because of such opponents?”
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