The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 621-630

Chapter 621 - Madman Long

Chapter 621: Madman Long

Dai Yun’er looked all around in search of something from the moment she walked through the door. She soon spotted Tang Wulin and smiled.

Tang Wulin was amazed at how exquisite Her Highness the Princess looked. Her smile was like hundreds of flowers in full bloom. However, Tang Wulin’s felt a chill run down his spine when he saw her grinning mysteriously.

Dai Yun’er walked passed the others and arrived at the front. She pulled the brawny bald man who was standing at the head of the team away by his
sleeve. When the man turned around and realized it was her, the bitter cold aura that had surrounded his body vanished at once. He bent over and lowered his head as he listened to her whispering into his ear.

He then looked up toward Tang Wulin.

His eyes turned a shade of crimson immediately. In the split second when his eyes changed their color, the atmosphere in the waiting area seemed to become ominous. Many people in the vicinity fell back subconsciously,
with fear on their faces.

The bald man the walked toward Tang Wulin in great strides.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was fixated. As the captain of Shrek’s representative team, he did not draw back at all. How could he show any weakness at this moment?

The man’s eyes began to glow a faint scarlet. He had only walked for a few steps before he arrived before Tang Wulin. “I’ve heard that you bullied my sister Yun’er?” His voice sounded low and deep. He spoke surpassingly softly given his massive physique, but there was an awe-inspiring aura emitting from him. All in his presence felt a powerful pressure.

Tang Wulin smiled calmly. “There are many definitions for the word ‘bully’, I wonder which one do you mean?”

“My name is Long Yue. Everyone calls me Madman Long. Nice to meet you.” The hulking man stretched out his huge hand to shake Tang Wulin’s.

The skin on his hand was also glowing that same faint scarlet hue. His enormous palm was the size of a cattail leaf fan.

Tang Wulin chuckled calmly as he stretched out his hand in response. “I’m Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy on the Douluo Continent.” He introduced himself in a few simple words.

Their two hands grasped one another. In that instant, everyone felt sparks flying in all directions.

Dai Yun’er’s eyes seemed to flash with intense satisfaction. ‘Humph! You bastard. You’re dead! You’re dead for shaking Brother Long’s hand!’

The red color on Long Yue’s palm had clearly darkened, while Tang Wulin’s palm took on a slight golden shade. The both of them were exuding an aura that gave off as unmoving as the hills to the others.

Long Yue raised his head abruptly. His crimson pupils were like deep vortices as he glowered at Tang Wulin ferociously.

Tang Wulin’s eyes flashed gold in response. Golden light beamed in all directions. He did not flinch in the slightest as he faced Long Yue’s scarlet glare.

They were locked in a stalemate for a full ten seconds. Their arms were trembling slightly, but there was no obvious change to either of them. “Alright, Brother Long. Let’s call it a day,” Dai Yueyan walked over and spoke with a deep voice.

Long Yue and Tang Wulin loosened their grasps simultaneously. Tang Wulin’s face was expressionless, while a sense of franticness flashed past Long Yue’s eyes. “Hah-hah, that is interesting. It has been too long since I’ve met such a unique opponent. What a waste that you’re too young. How exciting would it be if you were my age? Hah-hah, hah-hah-hah-hah!” Long Yue turned around and left with the sound of his frantic laughter. Dai Yueyan pulled Dai Yun’er along and followed behind.

Tang Wulin placed his right hand behind his back and looked as if he was gazing into the distance. Only his companions who were standing by his side could see that Tang Wulin’s right hand was still quivering slightly.

This was…

“Captain.” Xie Xie took two quick strides forward and whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear.

Tang Wulin shook his head, but he did not utter a word.

He was the only person who was aware of what happened in the dispute earlier.

Throughout his entire life, Tang Wulin had barely seen anyone with Long Yue’s strength before. This was the first time he lost in a battle of strength ever since he started breaking through to the Golden Dragon King

The strength of Long Yue’s hand was akin to a deep pool. Tang Wulin had appeared calm on the surface, but he had had to devote all his strength to it. His hand had only bloomed with golden light, but he could not even release the Golden Dragon Claw. Despite his attempts, he had no way to transform his hand when he was subdued by the other party’s terrifying strength.

How could Tang Wulin not feel frightened when encountering such a
situation for the first time? The power of this Monster Academy’s team captain could only be described as unfathomable. The mania in his opponent’s eyes was even more terrifying. It was not truly mania, for he
was actually extremely calm. It was only his will to fight that was manic but not his natural character.

This was still the first time Tang Wulin had ever met with such a terrifying opponent.

It was very apparent that Long Yue could sense the disparity between his cultivation base and Tang Wulin’s, and hence his final words.

Just as he had mentioned, if Tang Wulin was given another four to five years’ time so that their age difference was not so great.

Gu Yue pressed her hand gently onto Tang Wulin’s right hand. A gentle
energy flowed into it slowly. Tang Wulin’s felt as if his hand was soaking in warm water. The severe pain that felt as if it had been crushed was immediately soothed.

Dai Yun’er caught up to Long Yue who was walking in front. “Brother Madman, why did you let him off? Could it be that your strength is not good enough to teach him a little lesson?”

Long Yue burst out laughing as he patted Dai Yun’er’s head. “Silly little girl, you must play with a good toy slowly. A lesson is already enough.
Nevertheless, his strength actually exceeded my expectations. I was the
same at that age, but he’s still too young right now. What I did was almost enough to bully such a young man. Naturally, I won’t be merciful when we meet them in the arena by the time the competition begins. At that time,
Brother Madman will bring you along and let you play to your heart’s content.”

“A promise is a promise!” Dai Yun’er stretched out her little finger towards Long Yue.

Long Yue made a pinky promise to her. “Alright, alright. Since when does Brother Madman not fulfill his promises to you?” He rubbed her head
affectionately once again. Dai Yun’er spoke resentfully, “Don’t rub my head, my hair is all messed up!” Despite her protests, she did not truly resist him.

Xie Xie strolled around on the outside. When he returned, he brought along some information about Madman Long.

“A rare, extraordinary talent?” The expressions of the Shrek Academy’s team became astonished when they heard.

“Yes, that’s what they say. They told me that when Long Yue entered Monster Academy at the age of ten years old, his cultivation base had
already reached the level of three soul rings. He has innate divine strength. When he was sixteen years old, he was unmatched after defeating all of
Monster Academy’s students and became the leader of the Monster
Academy’s Seven Heavenly Kings. He was the all-deserving leader. He barely went out to the outside anymore afterwards. It was rumored that no one really knew his true powers. Based on his cultivation base, I’d say he is at least a one-word battle armor master, an extraordinary one at that. I’m
afraid we have met a worthy opponent.”

“We’ll fight fire with fire!” Xu Xiaoyan laughed as he spoke. “Fortune favors the bold!” Yue Zhengyu continued hastily.
Xie Xie looked towards them. “It seems like the both of you are getting more and more in sync with one another, huh?”

Yue Zhengyu spoke, “We’re just saying that we shall spare no effort. Even if they are capable of defeating us, it’s hardly a credit to them given the difference in our ages.”

Tang Wulin did not utter a word, but all his companions standing around him could see that his eyes were burning with raging flames. This was how it was when Tang Wulin’s will to fight was aroused.

So what if he was a rare and extraordinary talent?

“Look, they’re about to enter the arena,” Xu Lizhi suddenly announced. The group of them turned their gaze towards the screen on the waiting
area’s wall. As expected, Monster Academy’s team had already entered the arena during the first round of group match.

However, Madman Long was not among the seven members who had
entered the arena. He was only standing below the stage. The mania on his face had already vanished, but he still stood there as if he was a magic
cudgel that calmed the sea.

Chapter 622 - Let the Group Match Begin!

Chapter 622: Let the Group Match Begin!

Monster Academy’s group of seven visibly cast their glances at his side when they were on the stage. Their aura expanded immensely when he nodded toward them.

There was hardly any suspense in this match. It only took them a group
collision to totally defeat their opponents. The group leader was the fourth prince Dai Yueyan.

“Five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, five soul rings, four soul rings!” Xie Xie was irked upon repeating those words.

All the Monster Academy’s participants had five-ringed cultivation bases except for Her Highness. Moreover, none of their five soul rings were ordinary.

More importantly, none of them had any yellow soul ring on their bodies. Three of them had all five soul rings in purple, while the other three had black soul rings. Dai Yueyan had two black soul rings, whereas Dai Yun’er had three purple and one black soul ring.

Judging by the quality of their soul rings, they completely overwhelmed their opponents. Their powers for this match could not be ascertained because their contenders were defeated in a short time. The only thing that the audience witnessed was their amazing teamwork.

Tang Wulin looked surprised because he least expected the princess of an
eccentric yet intellectual nature to be a cultivation genius. She was the same age as him with soul rings of similar colors. Was she really a pampered princess? Monster Academy’s team was formidable as expected. They had displayed such impressive powers not to mention Long Yue who had entered the
arena as well. If they were all one-word battle armor masters, then their overall power far exceeded Tang Wulin’s team.

If Tang Wulin’s team was in a one-against-one battle where they relied on the element of surprise and an instantaneous explosion of power, then they may even defeat a one-word battle armor master. However, in a group match, they would not stand a chance at all.

Besides, how could the one-word battle armor masters who were from the top academy in Star Luo Empire be compared to ordinary one-word battle armor masters?

“Do you still remember the founding motto of the Shrek Academy?” whispered an icy cold voice.

Tang Wulin and his comrades turned around to find Wu Zhangkong behind them.

“Creating miracles,” Wu Zhangkong answered the question. “Shrek, forever creating miracles. Believe in yourselves.”
Tang Wulin clenched his fist, while his gaze became focused.

Taking on an earnest look, Wu Zhangkong walked to the side of his disciples and stood there as he closed his eyes to meditate.

In fact, his heart was not calm. He was already there waiting when Tang Wulin and his friends came, only that he did not make contact with them. Thus, he had witnessed all that had happened during the encounter between Tang Wulin and Long Yue.

One’s vision was inherently more refined at different progressions of
cultivation base. Wu Zhangkong could sense the demeanor of a wild beast in Long Yue’s presence. He had bumped into a beast when he was at the highest level of the spirit pagoda’s ascension platform. The youth from Monster Academy from
earlier was exuding an aura similar to the beast in his body. His reputation of being Monster Academy’s unique, extraordinary talent was not a baseless rumor.

Wu Zhangkong did not feel confident in defeating Long Yue in a one- against-one match.

Of course, he would never tell his disciples.

Tang Wulin and his companions had yet to learn how terrifying their opponent was. No one from the Shrek Academy was capable of causing such stress to Wu Zhangkong at his age.

Meanwhile, the young soul masters in the waiting area split into two teams. The Monster Academy’s team who were dressed in red attire was one of the teams. Long Yue was walking at the forefront. He gazed at Tang Wulin’s body as soon as he entered the door. His serious face turned into a sly smile as he strode over in a haughty manner.

Dai Yun’er initially gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up, but then she slowly turned her thumb downward, pointing to the ground.

“I’m participating in the group match.” The low and deep voice did not reveal much emotion, yet it touched Tang Wulin’s heart. In reflex, he unknowingly clenched his fist.

The group match’s competition stage was much bigger than the previous competition stage. Its diameter was almost three hundred meters. The
competition stage had a vast surface with a powerful protective shield.

The third round match was about to begin. Tang Wulin and his companions ascended the stage and found a group of challengers dressed in yellow attire confronting them.

Their opponents were vigilant as they gazed at Tang Wulin and his group. They had witnessed Tang Wulin and Long Yue’s exchange in the waiting area earlier. Tang Wulin’s demeanor apparently did not reflect his unfavorable position. How could they not fear their opponents?

“Let the competition begin!”

The first group match of the Shrek squad commenced upon the judge’s announcement.

Seven people were in the competition. They were Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi. Gu Yue did not enter the arena as she was a substitute.

The trio, Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui, dashed out as swift as an arrow when the judge announced the start of the competition. Xie Xie’s figure flashed by as he was partially hidden behind Yuanen Yehui’s back.

With his right hand, Xu Lizhi flung the steamed buns toward the figures
who were speeding ahead. The figures swiveled around to receive the flying buns before stuffing it into their mouths. Moments later, their movements became more agile, and their swiftness multiplied. Those were the Agile Pork Buns.

The formation of Shrek Academy’s seven appeared adrift when seen from the top.

There was a large gap between the four people in the front and the other three behind. Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were in the group lagging behind.

Meanwhile, their opponent’s group of seven soul masters had not
established their formation. Nevertheless, they soon assembled into a triangle configuration as they went forth. A youth of medium stature was at the forefront leading the formation. Five soul rings arose from underneath his feet; two yellow and three purple.

His martial soul was quite peculiar. It turned out to be a fan. They could only catch a glimpse of the soul ring on his body shimmering radiantly once, as the fan in his hand enlarged rapidly. He flapped the fan at Tang Wulin who was charging toward him.

There was a gush of strong, forceful winds. All at once, the air in the sparring arena became turbulent.

He had a wind attribute martial soul!

At the vanguard of his group, Tang Wulin led the way rushing into the violent winds. Golden light shimmered on his body as the Golden Dragon Body was unleashed. He fought the ferocious winds without losing speed much to everyone’s surprise.

Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui crossed their bodies in rhythm and hid behind Wulin’s back. The four of them including Xie Xie formed a wall to diffuse the force of the lashing winds.

Tang Wulin was in the front, walking in confident strides. The powerful winds continued blowing and swirling all that crossed its path, but Tang Wulin was determinedly edging forward. He was so close to his opponent that he could almost see the whites of his eyes.

The eyes of the youthful leader were fixated for a moment as the fifth soul ring on his body glowed brightly. With neither hesitation nor reservation, he unleashed his most powerful skill.

This was a matter of experience and intellect.

The leader had overheard Long Yue’s praise of Tang Wulin in the waiting area earlier, so he was cautious not to underestimate his challengers on
judging them by their ages. Although the Shrek Academy’s squad appeared to be adrift, they had proven that their combat capabilities were equally powerful, and they were confident of themselves.

He did not need to assess his opponents anymore as such. He must use his most powerful skill to subdue his opponent to create an opportunity for his compatriots to attack. The gigantic fan waved as the fierce howling winds formed into a swirling green tornado, sucking everything into its vortex, which was heading toward Tang Wulin. The tornado storm was the youth leader’s most potent soul skill.

Chapter 623 - Breakthrough! To the Fifth Seal!

Chapter 623: Breakthrough! To the Fifth Seal!

Tang Wulin raised his brows just when Yuanen Yehui’s voice echoed from the back, “I’ll do it.”

Not a moment later, a shadow surged skywards. The shadow expanded rapidly and four soul rings rose upwards with the third and fourth soul rings glowing radiantly.

The yellow-shirt youth leader was fearful of the enormous creature which was over five meters tall descending from the sky and smashing straight into his Tornado. Following the impact, his tornado collapsed and dispersed without a trace.

It was the Diamond Titan and Devil Titan! Yuanen Yehui’s strength and power were formidable regardless of attack or defense.

She threw a right punch and the air reverberated in its wake.

By the time the yellow-shirt youth leader reacted, he barely had time to fend off the blow with his fan.


The smashing blow caused him to be flung back together with his fan. The powerful force had sent him crashing into the people in his camp.

Even Tang Wulin would need to rely on the Golden Dragon Shocks the
Heavens to defend against the Air Cannon enhanced by the Diamond Titan and the Titan Giant Ape, especially when the opponent’s strength was not in facing a frontal attack. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Ye Xinglan were akin to three sharp blades. In the chaos, they seized the opportunity to charge into their opponent’s camp.
Then, they would slash and crush them!

Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi stopped in the midst of their tracks. The competition had already ended.

The opponents were mainly five soul ring Soul Kings and not One-word Battle Armor Masters so they were barely threatening. In fact, it was not easy for a One-word Battle Armor Master to make an appearance!

Victory to the first round of the group match!

Being victorious was always euphoric. However, Tang Wulin was not on
cloud nine. He had always had an acute sense of danger, but Long Yue gave him the most stress today.

As a captain, he would need to be strong to lead his comrades in defeating formidable enemies. Thus, he had come to a decision in his heart.

Tang Wulin returned to the hotel immediately after the competition ended. He had informed his comrades that he would be skipping lunch. He then locked himself in his room.

It was time!

The roar of a dragon echoed softly, and Tang Wulin closed his eyes. His mind directed the reversal of his blood essence, and his soul power fused with the blood essence. It was rising slowly in a steady, resolute manner.

The seal was already full of cracks. When the charging force arose, Tang Wulin felt a loud boom echoing within his body. In an instant, the seal broke. The Golden Dragon King Essence sprung into life and surged into his bloodline wreaking havoc to his body.

After forty-nine days of painstaking cultivation on the brink of life and death, his martial soul evolved twice. Tang Wulin’s cultivation base achieved a breakthrough to the fortieth rank which resulted in a multitude of changes to his body.

This was by far his most effortless episode in achieving a breakthrough to the Golden Dragon King’s Seal. The meridians in his entire body were reeling from intense pain, but it was not overwhelming to the extent of
wishing to die from the pain. He needed no spiritual assistance as he could sense every minute change in his body.

The Golden Dragon King Essence that was surging out of the seal had a translucent, bright golden color. Its character was domineering and valiant with a tinge of wildness. It plunged toward the right side and appeared to be searching for a breach.

Tang Wulin mobilized his blood essence to guide the Golden Dragon King Essence into fusing with his bloodline. The Mysterious Heaven Method was flowing at an abnormally fast rate. In the meantime, he was absorbing the
energy stored in the continually circulating Golden Dragon King Essence.

He wanted to be stronger. In fact, he must be stronger. Only then could he lead his comrades to blaze a way through all obstacles and fight the formidable enemy.

Win, he must win!

His intense ambition to win had driven his extremely zealous will to fight.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were filled with fervor. His round dilated pupils gradually turn into vertical slits as golden grid patterns spread throughout his entire body. Pieces of golden scales began boring out of his right hand
and spread upwards at full speed past his right shoulder, then his chest, until they reached his left shoulder. Then, its speed started to slow as it flowed downwards.

The pain was under control, and Tang Wulin could sense his meridians’ and bones’ color turning brighter and more dazzling with the nourishment of
Golden Dragon King Essence. He could also feel the Goldsong of spirit soul and the Overlord Dragon’s cheer. Every time the Golden Dragon King’s Seal achieved a breakthrough, the spirit soul would benefit being a part of Tang Wulin’s body.

Tang Wulin understood that the Overlord Dragon chose to be his spirit soul not because of the charm of his lofty persona, but because it was attracted to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline.

As the golden light circulated, the scales on his left arm had already spread past his elbow and was still spreading slowly downward. Tang Wulin was trying to stay calm, but he was still visibly excited. He could already predict what was about to happen next.

The soul power in his body circulated increasingly fast. The fifth layer seal ensured that the rate of absorbing the Golden Dragon King Essence was
equally fast.

The golden color spread downward continuously as pieces of diamond-
shaped scales bored through his skin with an itchy and piercing sensation. Tang Wulin had never felt this previously when he achieved a breakthrough of the seal.

Finally, the scales reached his wrist but still continued downward in an unwavering manner. Tang Wulin felt an acute pain radiating from his entire left hand. His bones began making the screeching sound that made his gums hurt. Simultaneously, his palm grew bigger and his meridians were
extended. His bones pierced his skin and transformed into sharp claws. It looked golden and tenacious.

The transformation that was taking place hurt Tang Wulin tremendously as his powerful sense of potency at the depth of his spirit was triggered.

The nerves of his fingertips were linked to his heart. The change of palms made Tang Wulin feel as if he was about to be torn apart. However,
clenching his teeth, he persisted and survived the ordeal. He was about to succeed! The Golden Dragon Claw had been his most incisive weapon. His combat capability would certainly be enhanced when he had two Golden Dragon Claws instead of one.

Even if he did not have the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw on his left hand, the ability of the Golden Dragon Claw to attack and defend would be a
substantial enhancement to Tang Wulin. Moreover, Tang Wulin would
achieve huge improvements in his strength, speed, and defense ability with an increase in his bloodline power.

Tang Wulin believed that if his entire body was completely covered with dragon scales in the future, then his body’s strength would be on par with a One-word Battle Armor Master’s.

He chose to achieve a breakthrough to the fifth layer seal under immense stress so as to elevate his power. He had made the decision when he heard Long Yue’s wild laughter.

Finally, the intense pain stopped, followed by an agonizing numbness and itchiness of the skin. While the scales were growing, his skin was healing. Tang Wulin could intuitively feel that the Golden Dragon Claw on his left hand was different from the one on his right.

The special effect of his right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw was Smash.
Could it be that his left hand’s was not Smash? If not, what else could it be?

Much later, Tang Wulin realized his entire body was covered with sweat. The Golden Dragon King Essence’s energy in his body had finally dissipated.

This was the shortest time ever taken to break through a seal, yet it was also the one that gave Tang Wulin the most profound feeling. Old Tang had once mentioned the energy within the Golden Dragon King’s Seal was a double- edged sword. The elevation of the Golden Dragon King Essence had made Tang Wulin into who he was today.

Tang Wulin was not fearful of this newfound power of his. On the contrary, he was more appreciative. Without the eighteen Golden Dragon King’s Seal in his body, he would not have survived till today.

His future achievement would be impressive so long as he could maintain the pace in removing the seals. As Long Yue had mentioned, Tang Wulin only needed time to develop into a supreme powerhouse!

The sky appeared dark outside. Tang Wulin sprung up from his bed, and in a few quick movements removed his clothes before going into the

In a hot shower, he washed away the Golden Dragon King Essence’s seal that was expelled. Although he was a little weak spiritually, an indescribable sense of pleasure suffused his body.

He clenched his left hand as an extraordinary sense of power arose
spontaneously. The Golden Dragon Claw split into two. It was the most direct and purest elevation for him.

However, what was the forte of the Golden Dragon Claw?

Tang Wulin walked to the side of a wall and began circulating his blood essence. Scales covered his hands as a pair of Golden Dragon Claws
appeared simultaneously.

The two Golden Dragon Claws apparently looked similar. Golden radiances pulsated at the tip of his claws. The only difference was when the right hand was urging the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw then his right hand would expand again.

Tang Wulin pressed his left Golden Dragon Claw softly onto the wall.

If this was the right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw, the wall would be pulverized immediately when he touched it.

However, it was equally shocking as the left hand’s Golden Dragon Claw came into contact with the wall. Streaks of fissures spread out rapidly into the surroundings from the spot which he had just touched. In a short while, a large web of fissures appeared on the entire wall. ‘This was…’

Chapter 624 - The Left Claw’s Feature

Chapter 624: The Left Claw’s Feature

Tang Wulin hastily retracted the Golden Dragon Claw. In the next moment, he was hit by a realization.

The special ability of his left hand’s Golden Dragon Claw was not Smash, but Tear!

Yes, it was indeed Tear. He discovered under close inspection that the actual claws of his right Golden Dragon Claw were somewhat conical in shape,
while those of his left Golden Dragon Claw were fitted with a sharp inner edge, akin to a tiger’s tooth.

On the surface, the two sides were similar, but their internal functions were completely different.

Smash and Tear were two different special abilities, but both were equally powerful.

Tang Wulin wished that he could howl aloud if not for the night time or his lodging in the hotel. The powerful sense of potency had already spread through the golden scales covering his chest, shoulders, and arms. The
sensation was truly magnificent!

He was looking forward to the changes that his breakthrough to the sixth layer of the Golden Dragon King’s Seal would bring. By then, he should have gained one more golden blood essence soul ring, right?

His pair of Golden Dragon Claws came into contact in front of his body and gave out a crisp ringing sound. A ring of golden light rippled in an otherworldly manner. The pure chime cleared Tang Wulin’s mind. The
scales that emerged on his body stiffened with the diamond-shaped tips facing outwards. They were incredibly sharp. Tang Wulin’s thoughts shifted, resulting in the scales closing up and fusing into his body once again.

‘What happened?’

Tang Wulin mentally reversed his blood essence and compelled his bloodline power. Two gold rings rose around him as the Domineering Golden Dragon Body was released.

In the privacy of his room, he got a comprehensive look at the changes to his unclothed body.

The Domineering Golden Dragon Body could also produce scales to protect him, but they were a mirage. Put simply, the bloodline energy was
converted into the illusory scales that shielded every part of his body. As long as Tang Wulin willed it, the scales could even cover his face.

But the scales that appeared following his absorption of the Golden Dragon King Essence were completely different. Those were actual scales that grew out from his body. They were solid and dense, thus, the areas where his real scales and the Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s energy scales overlapped had the strongest defense.

His arms, hands, shoulders, and upper back had already been completely
covered by golden scales. After the Domineering Golden Dragon Body was released, its scales seemed to coat him completely, but Tang Wulin could
sense that the areas armored by the real scales had even better defense and greater strength.

The Golden Dragon Claws came into contact once again and increased Tang Wulin’s strength this time. He could tell that the Golden Dragon Claws would not damage one another from these collisions.

“Ding!” With that same chime sound, the rings of golden light diffused.

This time, Tang Wulin saw even more clearly, the scales on his upper body parted in succession with a whooshing sound. Given the circumstances, his body was undoubtedly his best weapon. Even though the Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s scales had also been slightly parted, the feeling was different as more effective in shielding and amplifying his strength.

The sound produced when the Golden Dragon Claws touched had a similar amplification effect on Tang Wulin. It made his hearing sharp and cleared his vision such that he could concentrate on elevating himself rapidly.

Even though this was not a true blood essence soul skill, in a way, it was equal to a soul master’s soul skill. He did not expect to see such an improvement. Tang Wulin could not help but be overjoyed. It seemed like there were still a great many things for him to develop through his Golden Dragon Bloodline.

An icy cold god-like radiance appeared on Tang Wulin face. He raised his pair of Golden Dragon Claws to his face and sensed the vast potential
contained in the claws as he observed the spiral-shaped striations on their tips. The smile on his face became even wider.

This was such a miraculous feeling!

Tang Wulin stretched out his arms from his sides. The bones in his entire body hummed as the scales on his skin closed up one by one. Everything soon returned to normal.

His body seemed to have become even stronger. His height was already on par with an adult now, with well-built muscles that were not overly pronounced. His shoulders and back were broad, with every muscle in perfect shape. His strong yet flexible muscles seemed to be filled with
explosive energy. His abdominal muscles were all sharply contoured, and his slender yet powerful legs were simply perfect works of art.

Victory over Madman Long! The thought of having a goal actually felt glorious.

Star Luo City’s entire atmosphere was scorching hot after a few days of
competition. The elimination round was cruel, as the soul masters who had lost in the first round of competition had already ended their grand event that happened once every three years. For the soul masters whose age exceeded eighteen years old, this would be the last time they could participate in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.

However, they would not simply leave even if the competition had ended for them. They wished to witness what great powers the elites of their generation had.

Ling Wuxie fell into that category. He could be described as the most tragic contestant in the first round of the competition. He was a one-word battle
armor master, as well as a five-ringed Soul King. His original goal was to at least enter the final thirty-two of the one-on-one category, but he did not
expect that he would be eliminated in the first round. It was just the first round! Not only was he eliminated, but the way it happened had baffled him.

Even though his teacher did not scold him too much, he was well aware that the main reason for his defeat was his total disregard for his opponent when the competition started.

His opponent’s explosive rush, and his constant stream of attacks that followed had defeated Ling Wuxie before the power of his battle armor could even be utilized. The opponent was albeit strong with powerful
attacking ability, but the possibility of Ling Wuxie winning was still very high if he were to devote every effort. After all, the battle armor’s
amplification was overwhelming! Even if his battle armor was not the especially powerful type, it was still a fully functional set of one-word battle armor.

He was truly incorrigible. How splendid would it be if the heavens could give him one more chance?

However, there was no true ability to reverse time in this world. What had passed had passed.

After a few days of agony and rage, he finally managed to pull himself together. Besides, throughout the entire continent, it was extremely rare for someone to become a one-word battle armor master at his age. His mental capability was rather good as compared to his peers.

‘Stand up straight, and don’t lie down!’ He was telling himself in his heart with great effort, that he wished to take a look at how far the fellow who defeated him could go in this competition. It was impossible that every powerhouse that he faced would look down on him, right?

Assault System, pure strength. Terrifying attacking and defensive ability, and also reflexes. This was Ling Wuxie’s appraisal of Tang Wulin.

The second round of one-to-one matches was about to begin officially today. The number of people would be reduced by half as compared to the first round. The speed of the competition was naturally faster than before. It was estimated that of the second round matches would be determined by at most two days.

Ling Wuxie arrived at the Star Luo Coliseum early in the morning. There were sixteen enormous screens hanging on the outside of the coliseum. The screens would continuously scroll out the contestant’s name list and the result of the ballot before the competition began.

The ballot for the elimination match earlier was drawn completely by the soul system. The technology was fair and completely random.

‘Where is he? Tang Wulin, that should be his name.’

Ling Wuxie unblinkingly watched for Tang Wulin’s name on the huge
screen. It was not that difficult for him to look for a few names based on his teacher’s ability.

But there were far too many participating contestants. He looked for a long while, but he did not manage to find Tang Wulin’s name.

The crowd outside the Star Luo Coliseum suddenly began to stir. A few golden words appeared in Ling Wuxie’s eyes. The name lists that were scrolling in the huge screens were initially blue on a white background. The name lists were exceptionally eye-catching.
However, a few newly added names on the lists had golden-colored suffixes.

The golden suffix was a tiny, little ball in a circle, and it was opening its mouth ferociously.

Chapter 625 - Heaven-Defying Luck

Chapter 625: Heaven-Defying Luck

Ling Wuxie’s heart could not help skipping a beat when he saw such a pattern. That golden-colored tag represented Monster Academy! Only contestants from Monster Academy deserved such a privilege.

He was envious in his heart, but he was also wondering how a Monster Academy’s student could easily and surely defeat the opponent they were up against.

The golden words ‘Monster Academy’ was so clear that it made the chaotic crowd feel a little flustered.

To people of the Star Luo Empire, Monster Academy was a holy land and had always held this status in their heart.

Monster Academy’s students had the special privilege to skip the first round which was the individual match. This had been a rule for many years, for it was formed based on Monster Academy’s outstanding result in every

Just as Ling Wuxie’s heart became filled with emotions, he suddenly found the name he had been looking for all along.

Match number 163 — Su Mu versus Tang Wulin.

The names of these two people were marked with a number. More importantly, there was a glimmering tag that belonged to Monster Academy placed behind Su Mu’s name, catching everyone’s eyes.

‘This was…’ Despite Ling Wuxie profound hatred for Tang Wulin, he could not help but stare in bewilderment when he saw such a list.

‘This person really has heaven-defying luck, doesn’t he?’

He would face a one-word battle armor master that was his equal or more in the first round and face a Monster Academy’s contestant in the second round.

Each and every contestant from Monster Academy was the strongest powerhouses of their age group. During one of the most terrifying years, the academy sent out eight contestants who managed to clinch the final eight positions of the competition. They had unimaginable powers.

Although Ling Wuxie was very confident of himself, he had never felt
capable enough to think that he would be able to defeat Monster Academy students.

After a momentary period of shock, the pleasure he felt from Tang Wulin’s misfortune emerged along with a silent tribute he was paying surged through his heart.

‘You deserve this! You definitely deserve this! I’d like to see how you’re going to lose the competition. I wonder if you can even last five minutes.’

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of Ling Wuxie’s thoughts. He was
already in the waiting area by that time. There were a few waiting areas due to a large number of contestants. Whatever Ling Wuxie saw was what he
saw as well. Then, his companions came walking over and patted his shoulder one after the other.

“Captain, I can finally wash away the injustice I’ve faced!” Xie Xie said to Tang Wulin knowingly.

“What do you mean wash away your injustice?” Tang Wulin glared at him.

Xie Xie’s expression was of distress and disgust as he said, “In the past, I’ve always thought that I was a big mouth. Enough to cause so much trouble for everyone. I was hurting inside and although I apologized, I was still constantly blaming myself in secret. However, I finally understand today. As it turns out… I’m not the one with a big mouth! It’s you who has heaven-defying luck, captain! To be able to meet such an opponent, with just a one in a thousandth possibility. Your luck is truly…”

“Scram…” Tang Wulin barked in an unpleasant tone.

Still, Xie Xie revealed his glee at Tang Wulin’s misfortune in his
expression. “Big brother, we’re still younger in age. It isn’t embarrassing if you lose to them.”

“Can you be a little reasonable!” Yue Zhengyu pulled Xie Xie to the side as he spoke justly. Then, he spoke to Tang Wulin earnestly, “Captain, I
sincerely hope that you can overcome your sorrow and accord with inevitable changes. We won’t look down on you just because you lose a competition. Don’t worry.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at Tang Wulin as she shook her head. She was considerably kind as she did not make any sarcastic remarks.

Ye Xinglan crossed her arms as she muttered. “Why didn’t I get to draw such a ballot.”

Xu Lizhi chuckled foolishly but stared at Tang Wulin with sympathy.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled as she looked at Tang Wulin. “Why don’t all of you believe in the captain? I believe that it’s absolutely not a problem for our captain with his abilities! Even if he were to lose, he’ll still lose in a beautiful manner.”

Tang Wulin was rendered speechless. ‘This is how all of you are giving me confidence?’

Gu Yue grabbed Tang Wulin’s arm. He turned around and looked toward her, believing that even when others looked down on him, Gu Yue would always believe in him. “Protect yourself well!”

The three simple words caused the expression on Tang Wulin’s face to stiffen.

“All of you really wish for me to lose the battle so badly, huh?!” Tang Wulin glared at the crowd furiously.

“This is an issue of power, captain! It’s obvious that the opponent is at least a one-word battle armor master. To top that off, your opponent isn’t just an ordinary one-word battle armor master and will be careless when he faces you for sure.”

Tang Wulin scoffed. “Let’s make a bet then. Who’s in.”

“Bet with your family’s inheritance!” Yue Zhengyu was the first one who blurted.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly. “Are you going to place a bet with your family’s inheritance?”

Yue Zhengyu was feeling a little guilty as he looked at Tang Wulin’s burning gaze so he hastily answered, “Forget about it, forget about it. We’re all brothers, it’s better for us to make a small bet.”

Tang Wulin then said, “Alright! If you lose, you’ll need to get me a specific ten thousand year spirit item.”

Yue Zhengyu replied in astonishment, “Ten thousand year spirit item? Captain, you’re so confident that you’ll win huh! What if you lose?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll provide all the spirit alloys for your two-word battle armor in the future if I lose.” His words were definitely not just for show. He was already a rank-6 blacksmith and was without a doubt the most powerful one on the Douluo Continent and even Star Luo Continent today.

Although Yue Zhengyu did not speak openly, everyone was aware that Tang Wulin could very possibly become a Divine Craftsman in the future. Otherwise, he would not acknowledge Tang Wulin as the captain so easily with his arrogant personality. He only did it out of admiration for Tang Wulin.

“Consider it settled then, I’m getting it!” Yue Zhengyu burst out laughing.

Xie Xie was itching to try as well, but his heart suddenly stopped when his eyes met Tang Wulin’s gaze so he suppressed his intentions to try.

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin were acquainted even earlier. His understanding toward Tang Wulin far exceeded Yue Zhengyu’s. He suddenly recalled that Tang Wulin had never placed a bet that he was uncertain of in the past when he was betting with Xie Xie. ‘Was it possible? Could he really have the
ability to defeat a one-word battle armor master?’

The captain had always been skilled in creating miracles so perhaps, he truly could do it this time. It was better that Xie Xie did not take the risk.

The rest of the people were uninterested in betting as well. Although Yuanen Yehui did not know Tang Wulin as well as Xie Xie, she still understood Xie Xie well.

His personality was a little tricky to decipher. There had to be a reason why he did not join in the fun. Although she wanted to win the bet so that Tang Wulin could help her to refine all the metals required for a full two-word battle armor set, she managed to restrain herself.

Tang Wulin had his own plans in his heart. All of them had the spirit alloys necessary to forge their one-word battle armor. They would only need to upgrade them to forge their two-word battle armor in the future. The process would make a blacksmith even more important so he would still need to help his companions with this. On the other hand, he would only need to add on a type of rare metal at the very most for each two-word battle armor. In reality, he would not even need an especially large amount of money even if he were to provide each of them with this luxury. At the very least, it would cost no more than a ten-thousand-year spirit item. Moreover, he would use this as a method to motivate himself. If he was incapable of fighting the rest of Monster Academy’s students, how was he going to challenge Long Yue afterward? Long Yue was undoubtedly the
strongest powerhouse from Monster Academy’s representative team.

Wu Zhangkong did not show up today. It was unclear if his absence was due to his confidence in them or for some other reason.

Tang Wulin walked to the side by himself and sat down in a corner as he closed his eyes to meditate.

‘Look down on your opponents in terms of strategy. Look up upon your opponent in terms of tactics.’

Match number 167 was still a long way to go. He would have to wait until noon at the very least.

The second round of individual match had already begun. The enthusiasm in the audience had only grown stronger compared to the first round.
Although there were fewer contestants, the soul masters who were capable of entering the second round were undoubtedly stronger and more powerful compared to those who only participated in the first round.

There was no room for dispute when it came to this issue. Thus, the tickets were sold more expensively. Similarly, the audience was more enthusiastic as well.

The Monster Academy students would fight in this round. The organizer had already begun taking on various bets.

For example, there were those who were betting on the final position
Monster Academy would take in this competition. Aside from betting on Monster Academy, they were also betting on the others who would share the final three positions.

Undoubtedly, the Monster Academy contestants were treated like a special breed in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. This clearly showed Monster Academy’s lofty and respected position on the Star Luo Continent.

“What position do you think Monster Academy will take this time? Have you placed your bets?”

“I’ve placed my bets for them to take the final eight positions. I have no doubt. Who else is capable of defeating Monster Academy’s students?”

“Hahaha, you’ve placed the wrong bet. Her Highness the Princess is there amongst the Monster Academy contestants. Although Her Highness the
Princess is naturally talented, she’s still quite young after all. She only has a four-ringed cultivation base and has yet to complete her one-word battle
armor. It’d be rather difficult for her to place in the final eight positions.”

“So you think I’m foolish? I think you’re the foolish one. Have you forgotten? Her Highness the Princess is going to choose her prince after this year’s competition. Her Highness the Princess is our goddess! Tell me, who would dare to defeat her in the competition? Moreover, there’ll be so many people from Monster Academy by the end of the elimination stages that they’ll be able to help her skip the difficult matches and only take on easy ones. I really think so! Not only is Her Highness the Princess capable of placing in the final eight… I think she might just be able to place in the top three!”

Chapter 626 - Madman Long’s Power

Chapter 626: Madman Long’s Power

“Uhh… you have a point there.”

Everyone had their own opinions on this competition’s one-on-one
category. It could be described as a kaleidoscope of views on the subject.

“Look! The Madman Long is about to enter the arena. I last saw him during the previous competition. He was only seventeen years old at the time yet he managed to become the grand champion and received a soul bone as his prize. No one can possibly compete with him for first place this year.”

Yes, Long Yue was entering the arena.

His bald head was extremely distinctive, while his match was specially arranged to be in the center of all the competition stages in the Star Luo Coliseum.

Madman Long was dressed in his red school uniform for this occasion. His figure was like a ball of flames as he ascended the competition stage.

His opponent was a young girl wearing a long blue dress. Her beautiful
eyes were filled with curiosity as she looked at Long Yue standing opposite her.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Long Yue.” The young girl bowed in salutation toward Long Yue in an extremely respectful manner.

Long Yue chuckled. “Nice to meet you.”

“Brother Long Yue, can you allow me to use all my soul skills for once, please?” The young girl looked at him piteously. “Sure.” Long Yue chuckled with a calm expression on his face.

The judge was rendered speechless, but he did not comment on anything seeing as this was Long Yue of Monster Academy!

“Begin the competition!”

With the judge’s announcement, the first round of Madman Long’s individual match officially began.

He kept his word as expected. As he had promised his opponent, he did not attack at once but simply stood there, looking at the young girl with a smile on his face.

The girl shouted weakly as four soul rings arose from her body, and a layer of icy mist emerged.

Her elemental attribute was ice!

The young girl did not appear to be older than seventeen or eighteen. Her four-ring cultivation base was already considered pretty impressive.

As she released her martial soul, four pieces of ice-blue battle armor flew out swiftly from her bangle. Two pieces covered her right upper arm and shoulder. The other pieces were a helmet and a rerebrace on her left. She had four pieces of battle armor!

Generally, a complete set of battle armor was made up of thirteen pieces.
For this teenage girl to have four pieces of battle armor, along with a cultivation base of four soul rings, was rather impressive at her age.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with excitement. She rubbed her palms together as her first soul ring glowed, and an ice ball flew toward Long Yue.

Under the battle armor’s amplification, her ice ball was around thirty
centimeters in diameter. Streaks of strange patterns appeared on the surface of the ice ball as it flew out. It was glowing with a dark blue radiance. The girl immediately started chasing after the ice ball after she had fired it.
The second soul ring on her body shimmered as a stream of blue light
appeared in her hand. She slapped the light directly onto the ice ball with her armored right palm.

The ice ball shook ever so slightly and then doubled its volume in an instant. The light patterns on the surface of the ice ball became even more glaring. It was as if there was a vast energy growing on the inside of the ice ball.

The girl’s third soul ring brightened just then. The sequence of her first three soul rings had elevated at an exceedingly fast speed, and also
connected in an extremely smooth manner.

This time, she pressed her palms against the surface of the ice ball. Instantly, spines up to ninety centimeters in length grew out from the ice ball’s surface. The ice ball turned a dark blue shade while its volume
expanded by over one cubic meter.

If anyone were to enter the competition stage at that point, they would discover that the temperature had dropped drastically.

The young girl stopped running and suddenly began performing a graceful dance on the spot. Following that, the fourth soul ring on her body began glowing brightly. This time, streaks of dark blue light bands shot toward the ice ball. The figure of the girl flashed then she was drawn away by the light bands until she vanished. The ice ball sped up in an instant and dashed
straight for Long Yue with an extremely powerful force and super low temperature.

Long Yue still continued chuckling as he stood there. He had not had any intention of attacking at all from the very start.

The one-on-one category’s stage was not considered exceptionally large. In an instant, the enormous spiny ice ball had already arrived before Long Yue. Why was Long Yue just standing there? Many in the audience were greatly puzzled. Even an ordinary person could tell how terrifying the ice ball was. If it were to hit Long Yue, his body would be shattered!


It crashed into him!

“Boom!” Shards of ice scattered everywhere as the ice ball smashed ferociously into Long Yue. The long spines stabbed directly into his body.

The smile on Long Yue’s face remained unchanged from the beginning till the end. It was as if he was a statue. Following that, the audience bore
witness to a frightening scene.

At the exact moment the enormous dark blue spiny ice ball collided with Long Yue’s body, the spines crumbled and then the ice ball shattered. It was as if it had crashed into a lofty mountain. The ball was completely pulverized after it hit Long Yue’s body.

It was also at this exact moment when the young girl finally reappeared.
The chill in the surroundings instantly fused with her. The audience
watched as an icy vortex gathered spread with the young girl’s body as the center before all the cold air gathered onto the the right palm raised before her chest.

A complacent smile had already emerged on the young girl’s cunning face.

‘Long Yue, you’re too careless! Even if you’re more powerful than me, you’ll will certainly lose to my Chilly Palm without releasing your martial soul and battle armor.’

Everything preceding had purely been deception. The final destination was the attack of her palm before his face now.

The palm that was covered by the battle armor turned dark blue, and her icy cold right hand struck directly onto Long Yue’s chest. The young girl hesitated for a split second before she hit Long Yue’s chest. She attacked his right rather than his left.

“Pop!” Long Yue was still standing there during the soft popping sound. On the other hand, the young girl’s figure stopped abruptly.

Her four soul rings amplified in sequence before all her strength finally condensed onto her palm. The soul power inside her body burst out onto one spot and wildly fused into his body.

She felt that she was capable of freezing an entire mountain.

Long Yue still stood there without budging, the smile on his face was unchanged. He tilted his head to the side and looked at the young girl. “Are you done?”

The young girl stared at him in bewilderment, then she looked at his body once again. “Y-you’re fine?”

‘How is that possible? How is that possible? He should be turning into an ice sculpture!’

“You’re a good girl for not striking my left side. Surrender now.” Long Yue touched her head.

The girl in blue looked at him foolishly. She still could not figure out what happened even then. She had clearly felt all her soul power release into Long Yue when her Chilly Palm struck his body, yet there was no effect.
She should have succeeded under such circumstances. How had it come to this? Long Yue was entirely unaffected. Where did her attacking soul power go?

“It’s here!” Long Yue smiled as he tilted his head, and a gush of icy blue air flowed from his mouth into the air. The air temperature immediately dropped dramatically once again.

“I… I surrender.” The young girl in the blue dress could tell the disparity between herself and Long Yue was like an unpassable moat. With heartfelt admiration, she bowed in defeat.

Instantly, the audience burst into thunderous applause. Long Yue had not attacked from the beginning until the end. He had not even released his martial soul. The crowd enjoyed the match heartily.

This was a true powerhouse! A genuine powerhouse who even behaved like a gentleman. The entire arena was filled with the sounds of people cheering for Long Yue together.

Long Yue waved his hand toward the stands before he turned around and walked down the stage.

In the waiting area, besides Tang Wulin who was sitting cross-legged meditating, Shrek Academy’s group was in perfect silence.

All the huge screens were mainly broadcasting Long Yue’s match earlier. They had no choice but to watch.

‘This… this was a little too powerful, right?’

The battle method of the young girl in blue and the control she had over her abilities was quite outstanding. She relied on her impressive power to overlap four of her soul skills in succession. Even a five-ringed Soul King may not necessarily be able to endure being struck by such a force.

Chapter 627 - The Fox King, Su Mu

Chapter 627: The Fox King, Su Mu

However, Long Yue had not even utilized his martial soul but could still withstand such an assault.

“He’s a defensive-type soul master,” Gu Yue explained softly.

Ye Xinglan nodded. “Yes, he’s definitely a defensive-type. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he wasn’t from the Defense System. His soul power
cultivation base should not only be five rings. It’s quite possible that he has six soul rings!”

‘He’s a six-ringed Soul Emperor!’

‘If he can participate in the competition, that means he is not twenty years old yet. He’s a Soul Emperor before he even reached the age of twenty!’

The crowd from Shrek Academy was aware that there was no Soul Emperor less than twenty years old in Shrek Academy.

To find such an extraordinary talent after more than a millennium was something extraordinarily rare in the world.

Without a doubt, his martial soul was extremely powerful. It was so powerful that it was beyond extraordinary.

They could not see themselves subduing an opponent who had the upper hand in both age and cultivation base.

Gu Yue’s eyes brightened. “This is an interesting opponent. Do you wish to yield now?” Her gaze swept past everyone in the group. Aside from Ye Xinglan and herself, the remaining five people were also stifled by the overbearing opponent. Yuanen Yehui was no exception as well.

“No!” Yuanen Yehui muttered softly.

Gu Yue exclaimed, “We represent Shrek Academy. Whether we’re on the Douluo Continent or the Star Luo Continent, Shrek Academy will always be the leading academy. Age is not an excuse since we’re representing
Shrek Academy. We have to uphold Shrek’s honor. This is not Tang Wulin’s duty alone. He has set Long Yue as his goal. We should all do the same! We can’t afford to lose!”

The people were no longer resigned as before, but they were beginning to be more optimistic. They even looked enthusiastic after the pep talk.

‘So what if he’s twenty years old? So what if he’s a One-word Battle Armor Master? It’s not like they’ve never performed miracles before. The burden is not on Tang Wulin alone, but on everyone.’

“For Shrek Academy’s honor!” No one knew when Tang Wulin stood up. Golden light was flashing in his eyes as he raised his right hand!

Gu Yue stretched out her hand and deftly placed her palm onto Wulin’s right palm.

“For Shrek’s honor!”

The rest of his comrades piled their palms onto his palm in succession. Their intention of taking this competition lightly was now displaced with a burning desire to win! Eight people, one heart! They were deadly serious in winning the competition.

Stress was always a motivating factor for Shrek Academy’s students.

Shrek Academy had not only provided them with reasonable cultivation and abundant resources but a motto, their sure-win motto! The individual match was still proceeding, but Long Yue’s appearance on the scene had brought today’s competition to its climax. The entire arena was like a vast boiling sea.

Shrek Academy’s squad participated in the competition in succession. It was just a preliminary match after all. Aside from Tang Wulin whose luck defied the odds, the rest of their opponents were not much of a challenge.
Gu Yue did not register for the competition, so she remained in the waiting area with Tang Wulin.

“Thank you, Gu Yue. I heard what you said earlier.” Apart from them, all their comrades were participating in the competition.

“I’m also a part of Shrek. I did that for Shrek Academy, not you.” Gu Yue cracked into a smile.

“That’s right! For Shrek’s honor, we must win.” Tang Wulin clenched his fist forcefully.

“Be careful. The opponent is very strong,” Gu Yue spoke softly. “Not to worry.” Tang Wulin nodded as he smiled.
The other matches in the competition ended one after another. The group managed to advance to the third round match.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin finally met his match. This was his first face off with a student from Monster Academy.
His contender was in the other waiting area opposite the sparring arena. “Brother Su Mu, you’re so lucky! You must help me to discipline that
fellow. Don’t show any mercy.” With flailing arms, Dai Yun’er encouraged Su Mu.

Su Mu was a handsome youth. Both Dai Yueyan and he were the more
charming ones among Monster Academy’s squad. He was a warmer person compared to Dai Yueyan’s character. His personality exuded a feeling of gentleness and elegance. Outsiders knew Long Yue the Madman Long was from Monster Academy as he was a rather famous personality. On the other hand, very few people had heard of Su Mu. However, Su Mu’s name was quite well known within Monster Academy.

God of Sword, Su Mu! This was his nickname.

He was ranked number three among Monster Academy’s eight heavenly kings, ranking just behind Madman Long and the Fourth Prince Dai Yueyan.

His power was only slightly below par as compared to Dai Yueyan’s. Dai Yueyan was aware of how powerful Su Mu could be if Su Mu exerted himself.

“Mu, don’t listen to Yun’er’s nonsense. After all, the other party is a member of the mission.” Dai Yueyan walked over and wrapped his arm around Su Mu’s shoulders.

Su Mu smiled warmly. “Alright, I’ll take note of that. It’s time to go up the stage.”

Dai Yun’er turned to look at her brother momentarily before she watched forlornly after the departing Su Mu. “Fourth brother, you’re not having a relationship with Brother Su Mu as what everyone’s saying, right? I feel that something’s amiss with both of you.”

Dai Yueyan’s face stiffened. Without missing a beat, he pinched her cheek. “Silly girl, what’s on your mind?”

Dai Yun’er sniggered. “So there’s really nothing going on? Then, why do you look at him so differently?”

Dai Yueyan scoffed coldly. “What do you know? You’ll understand in the future.”

“Yun’er, mind your words! If someone quoted you, then your fourth brother’s position will be jeopardized,” Long Yue chuckled as he spoke. “Uhh…” Dai Yun’er glanced at Long Yue, then she looked at her brother. She felt that they were hiding something from her.

Dai Yueyan gave a confident smile. He clasped his hands behind his back as he looked at the huge screen before him. He was confident of Su Mu, just like how he was confident of becoming the regent crown prince and be the future heir to the throne.

He had his strength and the support of the Monster Academy being one of the current generation’s eight heavenly kings of Monster Academy. He had absolute confidence in his leadership qualities.

In the second box, Star Luo Coliseum’s spectators stand.

“Elder Cai, do we just let them compete?” Wu Zhangkong frowned as he looked at Cai Yue’er.

Elder Cai spoke indifferently, “If the eaglet wishes to spread its wings and fly, it’ll need to flap its wings with great effort and face multiple challenges repeatedly.”

Wu Zhangkong said, “In my opinion, they are already trying their best. This trial is too tough for them. If their opponents were their peers, I’ll agree that they should go through such trials, but they are five years younger than their opponents. Also, the Star Luo Continent’s Monster Academy’s reputation is unparalleled.”

Elder Cai continued nonchalantly, “Then you should know that the person who wreaked havoc across the continents ten thousand years ago is also the same person who’s talking about it with great relish at present in the Star Luo Continent. That person was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters at the time and also an heir to the Sea God’s Pavilion Master. Do you know how that person managed to establish his position in the academy at a young

Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment. Elder Cai continued, “He and his teammates participated in a competition too back in those days. They followed some seniors from the academy to the competition as substitutes, so they could become contestants in the next competition. However, just before the competition began, the seven leading contestants suffered a mishap fabricated by an evil soul master where most of them lost their combat capabilities.”

“At that critical moment, His Majesty the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao led his teammates into taking over from their injured seniors. They represented the academy in the competition despite the disparity between their powers and their opponents’. Was it possible that their opponents weren’t that powerful? Or were their opponents not much older than them?”

Chapter 628 - Monsters and Miracles

Chapter 628: Monsters and Miracles

“However, they were not beaten by those difficulties. They blazed their way through all obstacles, their hearts filled with the intent to fight for Shrek’s honor when they were faced with enormous challenges from powerful opponents. They took one step at a time until, at last, they became the
champions of the competition. The seven people included the Holy Ice Douluo and Dragon Butterfly Douluo who were later rewarded by the academy and finally became a part of the Shrek Seven Monsters in that time.”

“Do you still remember Shrek Academy’s motto?”

Wu Zhangkong answered without hesitation, “We accept only monsters, not humans.”

Elder Cai spoke sullenly, “So, is a monster that doesn’t produce miracles still a monster?”

Wu Zhangkong’s entire body shivered.

Elder Cai stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the competition stages below and spoke in a low tone, “I, too, didn’t expect that their opponents were so powerful. However, the skill of the opponents will verify their potential or even their future. If they are capable of becoming the
champion of any match in this competition, then I shall officially nominate them to the academy and vouch for them when we return. I’ll grant them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters of this generation.”

Wu Zhangkong’s usually calm expression changed drastically upon hearing these words. He shouted, “Grant them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters?
According to the rules, only the inner court disciples…” Elder Cai smiled. “Do you think that the academy allowed them to participate in Star Luo Empire’s exchange program just so they can improve their skills? Or are you saying that they are not strong enough to become the inner court disciples upon their return? It has already taken too long to determine the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. The Pavilion
Master’s wish is to wait for people who are skilled in creating miracles. The opportunity is already here. They will need to prove themselves. Our wish is not for them to become the final champion, but to see how far they can go on the path to success.”

Tang Wulin walked onto the competition stage. He took his time and with each stride, his mind became more focused.

Stress always motivated him. He would rise to his full potential whenever he was faced with stress.

The opponent stood waiting at the far end of the stage. Su Mu was dressed in a dark red school uniform with his black hair slicked back. He was relaxed, elegant even. Very few youths his age displayed such poise.

His gaze became focused when he saw Tang Wulin.

Their eyes met and they noted the vigilance in each other’s eyes.

Su Mu did not look down on Tang Wulin at all. Tang Wulin was certainly outstanding among his peers in Shrek Academy. At present, he represented Shrek Academy to participate in the mission exchange program.

Moreover, he had defeated a One-word Battle Armor Master a few days ago.

The referee walked to the center of the competition stage. As he had gone over the rules during the first round, he skipped the rules this time and raised his right hand. “Ready? Three, two, one, begin!”

When he made the announcement, he looked piteously at Tang Wulin. ‘Shouldn’t these Monster Academy’s students in the preliminary match deserve pity?’

Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened in an instant. His eyes were exuding a faint golden glow as he exerted his left foot on the ground. He elevated himself toward the sky akin to a meteor as he charged at Su Mu.

Su Mu’s mouth broke into a faint smile. Purple soul rings arose from beneath his feet separately. Five soul rings emerged and every one of them was dark purple. Even though he had yet to possess any ten thousand year soul ring, his thousand-year soul rings were more than a thousand years
with profound inner secrets.

His black hair turned into white rapidly as his ears stiffened up slightly. It was even more unusual when huge tails grew swiftly out from his back.
Each tail was longer than his entire height. It was white and fuzzy with a tinge of bluish grey on the hair tips.

A total of five tails spread out behind his back. Five purple soul rings flowed downward from his body and sheathed over each tail. The tails were illuminated and tainted with the luminance of purple such that they
appeared magnificent.

His hands extended from the sides of his body, while the huge tail on the left made a slight move. A pure white source of light was released from above the tail and shot toward Tang Wulin.

The halo expanded rapidly as it flew through the air. Its diameter exceeded fifteen meters just before it halted in front of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s right Golden Dragon Claw slashed out without hesitation. Golden light flashed past and crossed paths with the white halo, but there was no collision. In the next moment, the white halo dropped quietly onto the ground.

Tang Wulin could feel the air suddenly turning sticky. His speed, initially swift as an arrow, immediately slowed down. ‘This was… This was Debilitating Halo! It can cause an entire mass of things to slow down! Was this only the first soul skill?’

Tang Wulin turned solemn at once. He understood that he was facing a control-type soul master. Moreover, the opponent may be the strongest control-type soul master among the eight Monster Academy’s students.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as his eyes glowed brighter. He then
stomped his left foot against the ground. A golden radiance shimmered distinctly and his speed was elevated once again to everyone’s surprise.

There was no other skill that was applied here. He relied on his strength alone to resist the Debilitating Halo.

The Control System was capable of restraining the Assault System. Tang Wulin was an Assault Control-type soul master. The best way to deal with a Control-type soul master was by using the close approach. If a person was capable of approaching the soul master within a certain distance, then his
chance of subduing the soul master would be much higher.

Su Mu remained smiling warmly as he witnessed Tang Wulin suddenly
speeding up and was about to dash out of his Debilitating Halo’s range. Out of the five huge tails behind his back, the first tail continued moving gently as a ring of white light floated out of it. The halos interlinked with one
another. Although Tang Wulin had darted out of the first Debilitating Halo, he was encircled by the second Debilitating Halo. Meanwhile, Su Mu distanced himself away from Tang Wulin as if he was taking a stroll in the courtyard.

He was consuming Tang Wulin’s soul power!

There was no doubt that he was weakening Tang Wulin’s soul power and physical strength. The most distinguishing feature of a Control-type soul master was their control. It was effective as long as they were capable of exercising control over their opponents. They fancied the feeling of
exercising control rather than eliminating their enemy expeditiously. Tang Wulin’s expression was somber. He could tell from Su Mu’s speed and precise control in releasing the Debilitating Halo that today’s battle would be utterly challenging for him.

He stopped abruptly and stood rigid, making no movement. Even the golden radiance around his body was growing weaker. He turned around slowly in tandem with Su Mu’s movement as he gave Su Mu a searing

‘I thought we’re competing on consuming each other? The soul skill which you’ve released will certainly consume you no less than my walking. So, we shall wait and see!’ A Debilitating Halo alone was not enough to threaten Tang Wulin.

An amazed look flashed past Su Mu’s face. It was truly a rare occasion for Su Mu to witness an opponent who remained calm in spite of being under his control. He recalled when he fought against Madman Long years ago. Long Yue who eventually won the fight had to rely on his absolute strength to evade Su Mu’s control.

At present, the youth before him was capable of making a composed choice that compelled Su Mu into continuing his move. At the same time, the youth had yet to reveal his soul skill.

Su Mu flashed a cynical smile. ‘If that’s what you want, so be it!’

His second huge tail moved as another ring of light flew out. However, the halo this time had a peculiar color. The halo was multicolored with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple shimmering in a dazzling circle.

The current halo’s coverage was about the same as the earlier Debilitating Halo. It was swaying ever so slightly in the air which demonstrated Su
Mu’s control over it. No matter where Tang Wulin moved, he would still end up in the center of this halo. The halo would manifest its powers to its maximum effect.

Tang Wulin remained unmoved as before. He would need to understand his opponent before he could defeat him. The opponent was a control-type soul master, so his attacking ability would be weaker. His best option was to study his opponent’s capabilities before he could launch a counterattack. Tang Wulin was very confident in his defense and combat capabilities.

Even though he only had the cultivation base of four soul rings, he did not lack soul power due to the Mysterious Heaven Method’s condensation and accumulation. Additionally, there was also his blood essence power to act as an effective replenishment.

Without these, how could he possibly defeat a One-word Battle Armor Master?

The colorful halo dropped down precisely. A layer of colorful radiances was immediately added to Tang Wulin’s sides. He was astonished as he felt like the soul power in his body was being ignited. His soul power flowed out from his body akin to wisps of silk and smoke leaving his body.S

What a cunning fellow! His soul skill was Soul Power Stripping!

Chapter 629 - Soul Power Stripping

Chapter 629: Soul Power Stripping

Although his soul power was not being stripped too quickly, it still took a toll on his body. His soul power was currently being rapidly consumed
within the Soul Power Stripping halo.

Tang Wulin subconsciously concentrated his mind in an attempt to seal his body with his blood essence as best he could to reduce the consumption of his soul power. However, it was still seeping out from his body in silky
wisps of smoke.

Su Mu wore an astonished expression as he looked at Tang Wulin. He could clearly sense the immense amount of soul power being stripped from his opponent. However, Tang Wulin’s soul power was significantly denser than what he had imagined, and this made the speed at which it was being
stripped become extremely slow. With this, his deepest secrets as a soul master had been revealed.

‘This is… interesting! It’s no wonder even the Madman Long admired him.’

Each and every one of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings had their own nickname. Su Mu was nicknamed Fox King. He was the Fox King, Su Mu!

He had a top-tier and extremely rare martial soul, the nine-tailed fox. It was known as one of the smartest species in the animal world and was revered as a symbol of intelligence. Upon birth, it was bestowed with extremely powerful abilities and was unusually sensitive toward Origin Energy.

A nine-tailed fox soul master was so rare that their lineage on the Douluo Continent was almost non-existent. Su Mu’s had an aboriginal ancestor from the Star Luo Continent and his nine-tailed fox martial soul once held great influence over the Star Luo Continent.

With the elevation of every ring in his cultivation base, a new tail would grow, and his power would take a significant leap. Each tail he had growing represented one ability and at this moment, the Fox King, Su Mu was a master-control soul master. He was one of the current Eight Heavenly Kings while Her Highness the Princess was a sub-control soul master.

There was still quite a significant gap between Dai Yun’er and the Heavenly Kings. After all, she was too young. However, she was blessed with natural talents and possessed powers greater than her peers despite her young age.
With her identity, one of the Eight Heavenly Kings willingly yielded her position to Dai Yun’er, making her the sub-control soul master within the ranks of the Heavenly Kings.

Su Mu’s control abilities were extremely powerful. He once challenged a dozen similarly powerful powerhouses by himself, and their shirts did not even taint him before they finally exhausted their soul power. They had no choice but to yield just from him using his control ability.

Tang Wulin could not remain still in the face of the Soul Power Stripping halo. He would be completely drained of soul power if he remained
stationary so he knelt down as his first golden soul ring swiftly appeared and began glowing. Following its appearance, his body expanded a little, especially his arms. They turned thicker and stronger as a pair of Golden Dragon Claws emerged, making him look bulky but domineering.

“Eh? Something’s different. He did not seem to have that claw on his left hand before.” The Madman Long was watching the scene of the
competition on the screen before his face in the waiting area.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin moved. A valiant dragon’s roar suddenly burst out from his body and golden scales began spreading across his body, it was the Golden Dragon Body!

Tang Wulin’s left foot touched the ground with force as he suddenly pounced forward. The Debilitating Halo’s effect on him was reduced drastically due to the Golden Dragon Body. With only a few steps, he would leave the range of the Debilitating Halo.

Su Mu did not continue to release his Soul Power Stripping halo. Instead, he continuously released Debilitating Halos. It seemed like there was little to no delay between each halo he released. Although Tang Wulin was quite fast, he was still within the Debilitating Halo’s range with every step he took.

The speed of Su Mu’s feet began to increase as well. He circled around the sparring arena’s outer ring as he began running. He was attempting to maintain the distance present between himself and Tang Wulin to the best of his ability.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly before reversing his blood essence, resulting in a vast increase in his strength. His left foot stepped onto the ground with force, shooting his entire being forward like a cannonball.

Although the Debilitating Halo’s effect was obvious, it was still a first soul skill. The first soul skill a soul master obtains was usually the weakest
among a soul master’s abilities.

Coincidentally, Su Mu stopped walking at this moment. Then, he looked at Tang Wulin with an even more pronounced smile on his face.

Tang Wulin was moving at an intense speed and arrived before Su Mu almost immediately.

Meanwhile, the soul ring on Su Mu’s third tail glowed as he conjured
another halo. This time, the halo was green. In fact, it was a dark-green soul ring!

The halo was no longer flying toward Tang Wulin. Instead, it flew toward himself. Then, it descended and circled around Su Mu, increasing its range as it expanded to a diameter of about ten meters.

Before the dark green halo touched the ground, Tang Wulin had already arrived at his destination. However, a ghastly scene emerged in the next moment.

The moment Tang Wulin stepped into the dark green halo, the only thing he could feel was nausea. It was as if the sky and ground was spinning, making him feel as if his world was currently being flipped upside down. As his vision blurred, Su Mu vanished while he continued dashing forward.

Tang Wulin staggered and dashed for a few steps before steadying himself. Soon, he came to a sudden realization as he quickly turned around.

Su Mu was still standing there stoically. He did not seem to be much different from how he was before. The only difference was that the dark green halo beneath his feet was giving off an unusual shine.

Yes, it was only after stepping into the dark green halo that Tang Wulin began getting this ghastly feeling. ‘Could this be…’

This was the Reversal Halo! A control-type soul skill that was immensely powerful. This was Su Mu’s miraculous defensive skill.

He was a rather impressive control-type soul master even when he had only two soul rings. However, the moment he obtained his third soul skill was
when he truly became Monster Academy top student.

The Reversal Halo was capable of reversing everything that entered its range. Attacks, be it long or short-ranged ones could be reversed. Even the movement of opponents could be reversed as well. Tang Wulin for example, would have his movements reversed when he dashed in such that he would leave the halo a mere moment later.

The halo was known as the Repelling Halo for a reason; it repelled every living being that entered its range.

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever witnessed such soul skill. He was feeling a little curious while astonishment washed over him. Monster Academy deserved the reputation it had! Su Mu smiled as he looked at Tang Wulin, gesturing for him to ‘please’ continue toward Su Mu’s direction.

Tang Wulin waved his right hand and a radiance streaked outward. The radiance was his Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers.

They shot toward Su Mu ferociously with a howl but it was the same as before. Just as they entered the area of effect of the dark green halo, they were reversed and went backward almost instantly, shooting toward Tang Wulin instead.

However, Tang Wulin managed to raise his hands to catch the hammers. He was unable to help himself from gasping in admiration. “Reversal Halo… How impressive! It’s definitely something to behold.”

Su Mu’s second tail shook ever so slightly as another Soul Power Stripping halo flew out and encircled around Tang Wulin’s body. He continued to
strip Tang Wulin of his soul power.

Tang Wulin did not move this time. Instead, he relied on the Golden Dragon Body to seal his own body. He was trying to reduce the speed of his soul power depleting as best as he could.
He looked at the dark green halo as his mind began working rapidly. The Reversal Halo seemed like an unsolvable enigma on the surface,
especially since it was capable of reversing anything. If that was the case, how was he supposed to break it?

First, he could exhaust Su Mu’s soul power to render him incapable of releasing the soul skill. This would naturally break the halo.

Secondly, he could dash into the halo by force because he believed that Su Mu’s halo had its limits.

The first method was rather unrealistic. Su Mu was a five-ringed Soul King after all. It was an unlikely event for him to be exhausted of his soul power, especially after Tang Wulin had witnessed the impeccable control he had over his soul skills.

Since that was the case, the second option was the only one left. Tang Wulin squinted as a glimmer was seen in his eyes. At the very next moment, he was seen, once again, dashing toward Su Mu.

Just as he was about to enter the Reversal Halo’s range once more, Tang Wulin stomped his left foot on the ground right outside the Reversal Halo. Streaks of incorporeal golden dragons emerged from beneath his feet but remained outside the halo. Instead, the incorporeal golden dragons gathered behind him, pushing his body by force to bore into the Reversal Halo like a cannonball.

Chapter 630 - Su Mu's Outburst

Chapter 630: Su Mu’s Outburst

Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, it was acceleration that determined how long it would take before an object would be expelled after entering the
Reversal Halo. The reversal had its own limits too. In other words, greater acceleration would allow someone to dash further into the halo before he was reversed. If a person’s acceleration was so high that it exceeded the
Reversal Halo’s limit, a person could head straight into the center.

Tang Wulin relied on the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth to bore over two meters deep into the Reversal Halo this time, plus he was still pushing himself forward. Even though his vision had already blurred, he could still wave his right Golden Dragon Claw just by depending on his memory and feeling from before.

Five streams of dark golden light turned into sharp blades cutting through the air brazenly. The air was ripped apart and even the Reversal Halo’s reversing effect seemed to be torn asunder as well.

Tang Wulin saw Su Mu’s astonished expression from the breach between the torn halo. It was apparent that he did not expect Tang Wulin to figure out a way to break the Reversal Halo so soon. Additional, Tang Wulin had done so quite boldly.

The enormous golden blades slashed their way until they were right before Su Mu’s face. The Reversal Halo was rendered incapable of completing its reversal when faced with both Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth and Golden Dragon Claw.

Meanwhile, a purple light flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. He released the Purple Demon Eyes in the split second when the halo was broken. Su Mu’s gaze became distracted, and he even drew back by one step.
However, the five large tails behind his back suddenly protected him on their own accord and quickly gathered before his body to receive the
Golden Dragon Claw’s blow.

“Bang!” The two figures shot out almost simultaneously.

Tang Wulin flew out from the Reversal Halo’s effect. Naturally, the deeper he dashed into the ring, the greater the force of the reversal. This time, he was pushed out of the ring for over twenty meters before he managed to
stabilize himself.

On the other side, Su Mu flew out as well. He was blown away by the
Golden Dragon Claw. His entire body was tossed aside for dozens of meters and crashed into the protective shield despite being protected by his five tails. Only then did he bounce back onto the ground.

Just then his figure started floating above the ground as if he had no weight at all. His five tails had pushed up his body until he was standing properly once again.

He had endured the Golden Dragon Claw. Tang Wulin expression turned grave. For a Control System soul master to have enough power to resist his own Golden Dragon Claw was utterly unbelievable!

Strands of fur floated down from his five huge tails and scattered before him. Su Mu’s face appeared slightly pale, but the elegance in his gaze had vanished and in its place was rage!

He cherished his five tails most, because they not only appeared when he released his martial soul but were a part of his body. There was nothing more important to a Nine-tailed fox than its tails. Even though the Golden Dragon Claw’s blow earlier had been blocked by his five foxtails, the tails had been injured rather severely.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area… “His power is so intense. The breakthrough earlier achieved the same goal through a different approach like how Big Brother fought against Su Mu back in those days. He’s not as strong as Big Brother, but he had very good judgment in combat. Moreover, that attack earlier was so strong. Su Mu’s tails are no weaker than ordinary battle armor. It’s surprising that so much fur dropped from them.”

Dai Yueyan’s gaze revealed that he was slightly concerned.

The excitement in Long Yue’s eyes grew. “The raging Nine-tailed Fox is fearsome. Even I feel so. I would like to see how Shrek Academy’s little fellow is going to resist Su Mu’s rage.”

Yes, Su Mu had changed.

When he stabilized himself once again and looked down to the fox fur that covered the ground, his whole aura had undergone a transformation that overturned the heavens and earth. His eyes changed from crystal clear to muddy, and then they quickly began turning red.

To everyone’s astonishment, his eyes had become the color of blood, while the five giant tails on his back expanded rapidly and swayed with the wind. Compared to before, the tails had doubled in length.

Tang Wulin looked at Su Mu. He could feel his chest tighten. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s power allowed him to sense the source of Su
Mu’s change at the moment more deeply. It was not his soul skill or martial soul, but it originated from his bloodline, and the strength he derived from it!

Enormous pressure radiated from Su Mu as he stood opposite him. The Fox King was no longer polite and elegant, but was now most terrifying!

The five enormous tails behind his back swayed in unison. A frightening
scene emerged as he released all five halos at the same time, shooting them toward Tang Wulin.

‘Was he… releasing five soul skills at the same time?’ There was absolutely no such skill even at Shrek Academy. The soul skills that were released were capable of interacting and overlapping with one
another. However, there was always a sequence in releasing the soul skills.
The process of overlapping soul skills could only be done when one soul skill’s effect had yet to end and the next soul skill’s effect was revealed.

This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever witnessed someone releasing five soul skills simultaneously. The only viable explanation for this was Su Mu’s natural talent—his personal bloodline’s innate gift.

In the waiting area, everyone became anxious wondering whether this was in favor of Shrek Academy or Monster Academy.

The students from Monster Academy’s group could clearly remember that Long Yue and Su Mu had once engaged in a fight. While in such a rampaging state, Su Mu released five great soul skills simultaneously onto Long Yue. Long Yue bore the brunt of it and managed to resist the effect of five simultaneous soul skills. In the end, Su Mu surrendered and relinquished his position.

Could Tang Wulin resist the effect of five soul skills being released in unison?

The first halo was white in color. It was the Debilitating Halo.

The second halo was a combination of seven colors. It was the Soul Power Stripping halo.

The third halo was dark green. It was the Reversal Halo The fourth halo was black, and it was the Devouring Halo. The fifth halo was golden, and it was the Destruction Halo.
The five terrible soul skills were released simultaneously into the air. Under normal circumstances, it was utterly impossible for one to dash out of the
area that they had covered. Moreover, these five halos were still adjusting their position at full speed in midair. The five soul rings then overlapped and dropped down from the sky.

Tang Wulin watched as the five glowing rings dropped, and his gaze became solemn. To everyone’s surprise, he did not attempt to dodge or even move. He just stood there as the five halos dropped down from the sky onto his body.

Instantly, Tang Wulin felt as if his body was being torn apart. Even the Golden Dragon Body was incapable of withstanding the agony and pain brought by the force.

The Debilitating Halo’s effect doubled so that everything became slower than ever. The Soul Power Stripping halo’s effect also doubled. The speed at which it could drain his soul power increased exponentially.

The Reversal Halo’s direct effect was completely different compared to when it was used to guard Su Mu. It made Tang Wulin feel as if he was a headless fly. It was as though every fiber of his being had lost all sense of
order. Even the soul power and blood essence power in his body had gone chaotic.

The Reversal Halo was only the third in the sequence of five soul skills, but it was undoubtedly Su Mu’s most powerful soul skill that caused the greatest change.

The Devouring Halo devoured a person’s spirit soul and state of mind. Tang Wulin could feel as if his spiritual power was about to be stripped away by force. The pain in his head was so severe that he could not think anymore.

The Destruction Halo brought along an unstoppable shredding force as if there were large hands coming in from all directions and tearing at his body wildly until he was completely ripped apart.

These five soul skills were overlapped such that all the effects doubled. Instantly, Tang Wulin’s body started trembling violently. Tang Wulin’s top was immediately torn apart revealing his muscular body covered in golden scales. The scales on his body were shimmering with a dazzling array of colors. They were resisting the five overlapped soul rings with all their strength. One could see strands of white soul power being
stripped away from his body, and there were even ribbons of blood flowing out as well.

“Captain!” Xie Xie shouted aloud. He was about to dash outside before he was grabbed by Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie was frequently quarreling with Tang Wulin, but in reality, they had befriended one another the earliest and had an extremely good relationship.

Gu Yue’s expression was so gloomy it felt as if her face was about to rain. She clenched her fists tightly, but she spoke with a dull voice, “Trust him. He would never withstand a frontal attack without the means to dodge for no reason. I’m sure he has his own ideas.”

On the other side’s waiting area, the atmosphere was completely different.

“It’s over!” Dai Yueyan sighed softly. “It was his own fault for infuriating Su Mu. I wonder if Su Mu is badly injured.’

Dai Yun’er watched the scene before her eyes absentmindedly. For some unknown reason, vengeance brought no joy to her heart. Instead, she felt rather uneasy as she saw Tang Wulin trapped in such an extreme situation.

Long Yue frowned as if he was deep in thought. Everybody else was no longer paying attention to the screen anymore.

The effect of five overlapped soul skills was truly frightening. It was a simultaneous attack on the spirit, soul power, and body. The attack was assaulting Tang Wulin on all fronts.

What else could happen?
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