The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 611-620

Chapter 611 - Yuanen & Xie Xie

Chapter 611: Yuanen & Xie Xie

The sparring ground for the pairs category was much bigger than that for the individual category.

The Star Luo Coliseum was large enough to hold fifteen matches simultaneously.

Hence, the groups were called in fifteen pairs when they were drawing their ballots. The rest of the groups divided through the ballots were then displayed on the soul screen.

The first thing that each group did upon arriving was to check the screen for their own group’s position and which opponents they would be facing.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s group was Number One Hundred and Sixteen. The other three Shrek Academy pairs were given the numbers from one hundred and seventeen to one hundred and nineteen. Their four pairs were numbered consecutively, so it was quite unlikely that they would be facing their own companions. Clearly, this was the special care taken by the Star Luo Empire’s government.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s opponent was Number Sixty-nine. However, they were not the first duo to enter the arena among their companions.

The competition had begun early in the morning. The first to enter the arena from Shrek’s squadron was surprisingly Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.

“Wait for our glorious return!” Xie Xie shouted, pumping his fist into the air.

Yuanen Yehui shoved him harshly. “Walk faster. We can talk after we have won.” The crowd could not help smiling when they saw Xie Xie’s look of frustration. Everyone knew that Xie Xie liked Yuanen, but Yuanen was really too rough to him. Their relationship had never progressed. There was no way to tell if Wu Zhangkong intentionally placed the both of them together for this paired match. The combination of Assault System and
Agility System in a group was certainly not an obvious choice.

Yuanen Yehui walked with great strides in front. She was still dressed in men’s attire today, while Xie Xie followed behind her sheepishly.

“Yuanen, how are we going to fight later?” Xie Xie asked excitedly, he was eager to have a go ever since he realized he could fight side by side with Yuanen.

Yuanen shot him a look. “Don’t get in my way.”

Xie Xie was immediately exasperated. “Am I that weak?” “Yes.”
As they were speaking, they arrived at the coliseum.

The Star Luo Coliseum was very spacious inside. It felt as if it was boundless. The audience’s cheering as loud as seismic waves startled Xie Xie.

They had arrived at their competition stage which they had drawn under the guidance of the staff. Their opponents were already waiting on the stage.

The opponents were similarly a male and a female, and they appeared to be about twenty years old. It was apparent that they were more mature that Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.

The judge announced the simple competition rules, “You are not allowed to intentionally cause the death of the opponent in the match. You are not
allowed to use mecha. When one side yields, the other side is to immediately cease attacking. The match ends when I decide the victor and loser.” Looking at the rules, the competition in the Star Luo Empire was undoubtedly less strict than some of the Soul Master competitions on the Douluo Continent. This was to ensure that the competitors could unleash the potential of their combat capabilities, but in comparison, the risk of injury they faced was also greatly increased.

Yuanen Yehui walked ahead. Xie Xie stood by her side as they looked toward their opponents.

Their opponents seemed to be siblings. They had very similar appearances with mediocre looks and dull auras.

Yuanen Yehui did not give any orders to Xie Xie. Xie Xie whispered softly by her ear, “Our opponents should be skilled in working as a team. I’ll be matching your rhythm later.”

This time, Yuanen did not refute him, but she nodded so gently that it was barely noticeable.

“Begin the match!” the judge announced. The first two-on-two match from that Shrek’s squadron participated in had officially begun.

One of the two opposing youths took a step forward. There was a flash of radiance around his body as four soul rings arose from beneath his feet.
They were four extremely standardized soul rings, two yellow and two purple. His body was also rapidly undergoing a transformation. His figure that appeared exceedingly ordinary earlier suddenly expanded vastly. He transformed into a giant over three meters tall in an instant. The muscles on his body swelled up with brownish yellow hair growing out of it. His entire body was filled with a sense of potency.

Was it a bear-type martial soul? This should be an Ironback Bear! Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were both top students from Shrek Academy, so naturally, they were able to identify the opponent’s martial soul at a glance.

The young maiden behind the Ironback Bear Soul Master also released her martial soul. She had two yellow and two purple soul rings. Pale yellow hair began to grow out from her body. Her body did not expand, but her eyes enlarged and a long tail grew out from behind her. Her four soul rings were wound around her tail in an unusual manner.

What sort of martial soul was that? Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were stunned for a while, as they did not manage to identify it at once.

The Ironback Bear Soul Master roared into the air. His first soul ring was shimmering while the hair on his body was coated in a golden metallic
color. His back bulged as he dashed in great strides toward Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie.

Xie Xie dodged as he glided across the ground. His speed did not appear especially fast, but it still seemed unreal in a way.

He glided an arc effortlessly as he circled toward the flank of the Ironback Bear Soul Master.

Just then, the female Soul Master with a long tail suddenly gave out a frail laugh. Xie Xie felt as if his mind was in a mild daze, and then his feet began slowing down.

It was apparent that the Ironback Bear Soul Master and the long-tailed Soul Master worked together as a team very well. He dodged and then suddenly increased his speed. He used the high velocity that was completely inconsistent with his massive build to ram straight into Xie Xie at his side.

The change happened too suddenly. There was no doubt that the long-tailed Soul Master was a Control System Soul Master. Even though Yuanen Yehui was already running toward that Xie Xie, judging by her distance and timing, it was quite apparent that she was too late to reinforce him.

However, it did not appear that she intended to reinforce him. She was not even prepared to launch her Air Cannon.

Xie Xie’s movement slowed down resulting in him stumbling over. The Ironback Bear Soul Master was already closing in on him. He dropped his shoulders and ran into Xie Xie. It could be clearly seen that the muscles on his shoulders bulged like rocks in the split second just before impact. He was hit! Everyone watched as their two figures collided.

However, an unusual scene unfolded at that moment. After being struck by the Ironback Bear Soul Master, it was as though Xie Xie had no bones. He was blown away as light as a feather. Soon after, he flashed past like a phantom shadow.

His four soul rings had only risen from the bottom of his feet at that exact moment. He had the Light Dragon Dagger in his hand, and it was unknown when his ever smiling face had turned icy cold.

The Ironback Bear Soul Master felt an ominous chill arise in his heart when he saw Xie Xie’s gaze.

Xie Xie whose figure was blown away had only dodged once and arrived onto the Ironback Bear soul master’s side. Just like a phantom, he turned the Light Dragon Dagger around overhand and stabbed at the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s armpit.

The attack seemed simple was actually incomparably swift, like the floating clouds and flowing water. In the split second when the Light Dragon
Dagger stabbed forward, radiance suddenly vanished from the surface of the dagger and turned into a dark golden color. There was no sonic boom nor any leakage of soul power, and he did not even employ his soul skill.

It was with such a simple action that his opponent was thrown into confusion.

The Ironback Bear Soul Master had a very quick reaction to the situation. While he was panic-stricken, his right elbow was already striking downward into Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger.

The distinguishing feature of the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s martial soul was that his body was as hard as iron, so any part of it could be used as a weapon.

The iron elbow struck downward. Just as it was about to come into contact with the Light Dragon Dagger, it had suddenly disappeared. With one shuffle of his feet, Xie Xie had already arrived behind the Ironback Bear Soul Master.

A sense of joy flashed past the Ironback Bear Soul Master’s eyes. The name of Ironback was not just for show, but because his strongest defense was on his back. His body suddenly pushed backward. As long as Xie Xie was behind him, he would certainly be vulnerable. The Ironback Bear had a native trait — Shock. If the Agility System Soul Master was hit by Shock, the match would basically be over.

However, he could not feel his back strike anything. His armpit ached. Intense pain radiated from the armpit on his right, the side he had used to attack with his iron elbow. It startled the Ironback Bear Soul Master.

Chapter 612 - The Artistic Agility System

Chapter 612: The Artistic Agility System

A warm stabbing pain radiated to his entire body in an instant. The Ironback Bear soul master’s body stiffened at once.

In the eyes of the audience, everything happened earlier in an instant. As long as the audience was watching this match attentively, he or she would discover that the close quarter combat skill which Xie Xie had just displayed was simply filled with artistic sense.

He was first blown away like smoke, then his entire person glided, attacked, resumed, circled to the back, turned around swiftly. He managed to
complete a few movements in an unbelievably short period of time just like a ghost.

In the next moment after the Light Dragon Dagger stabbed into the Ironback Bear soul master’s armpit, the dagger was lifted immediately after it touched his back as Xie Xie leaped up into the air before he stabbed toward the back of the opponent’s neck.

The Light Dragon Dagger had only touched the back of the opponent’s neck gently, the Ironback Bear soul master’s large body immediately slumped onto the ground at the sound of a thump. His central nervous system was
seal so the effect was absolutely instantaneous.

The long-tailed soul master had only reacted to the situation earlier. Her first soul skill that was displayed earlier was a spiritual disturbance. It was a spiritual attribute skill but it was considered an especially strong Control System soul skill. Her soul skill could achieve a rather impressive result
every time it was used while working with her brother as a team. Yet unexpectedly, everything that Xie Xie did was feigned. Xie Xie had learned of the Purple Demon Eyes as well. The Purple Demon Eyes’s greatest advantage was its effect in elevating the spiritual power so although he was disturbed, he could recover in an instant, while Agility System soul master’s reactivity was always undisputed.

A pop sound exploded in the air. Yuanen did not even transform herself before her second soul skill Air Cannon was released out of thin air. It blasted straight to the long-tailed soul master.

The long-tailed soul master flung her huge tail. A ring of light bloomed in an attempt to resist the Air Cannon.

However, Yuanen’s control of the Air Cannon was not so easily resisted. The Air Cannon that looked to be about the size of a fist exploded with the power almost equal to a soul cannon. The Control System soul master was blasted out by the explosion within the violent booming sound. She fainted.

The entire match from the beginning to the end sounded slow when it was described in words when in reality it took the time for one to take three or four breaths.

Four contestants were all having the same four soul rings. However, the result was so shocking as such.

Someone from the Star Luo Empire’s side was following this match closely on the rostrum. The audience was unaware of Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s background, while the organizer was well-informed.

“Your Highness, these two youths from the Shrek Academy were truly
extraordinary!” an elder whispered to the Star Luo Empire’s emperor Dai Tianling.

Dai Tianling nodded gently. “How are they compared to our Monster Academy’s students?”

The elder frowned slightly. “If they’re compared to their peers of the same age, it can be quite difficult to tell.” Dai Tianling took a glance at the elder. He could tell that the elder’s words signified that he was not looking up at his own side according to Dai Tianling’s understanding of this elder. The elder spoke, “However, the
competition set the age limit at twenty years old, so it should not be a problem to defeat them. We’ll need to continue observing their situation. I
can tell from the match earlier that the Agility System soul master should be the dominant fighter from his team. His speed, explosiveness, his control of the battlefield and even his spiritual power was rather good. If the Shrek
Academy didn’t feign his enrollment age such that a fifteen-year-old boy is capable of achieving such standards, then he is truly a genius. However, other than those aforementioned points, he lacks the essential feature of a powerful soul master, that is precisely out of the ordinary. I’ll still need to continue observing if his martial soul is capable of more abilities.”

Dai Tianling smiled. He said, “The Shrek Academy is invited to participate in this year’s competition as a notable addition. If our people are confident of defeating them in the end, we’ll need to do more publicity in advance.
After all, the Douluo Continent’s Shrek Academy is very renowned. If we don’t have the confidence to win in the end, then we shall control the publicity in order to avoid crushing our younger generation’s confidence.”


Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui stepped down from the stage. Xie Xie’s icy cold expression from the competition earlier vanished without a trace at once.
He puffed up his chest with a proud expression on his face.

Xie Xie sniggered. “Am I powerful, tell me, am I powerful? Just a few slight turns and I managed to conquer the enemy.”

“Shut up.”

“Am I not powerful then? Perhaps you didn’t see clearly, I was so handsome earlier…ouch…”

Yuanen Yehui suddenly turned around and punched onto Xie Xie’s stomach, such that this fellow’s brag and boast were drowned in his throat. Then, she walked in great strides in the direction of the contestant waiting area. A smile emerged on her face, he had truly become stronger.

There were a lot of large display screens in the waiting area, all fifteen of the screens were live broadcasting the matches earlier.

By the time Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui returned in succession, the
expression of the contestants who were waiting here completely changed when they looked at Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui.

In the current round of fifteen matches earlier, theirs ended the soonest. The ultra-strong close quarter combat skill which Xie Xie displayed was
absolutely the most shocking one.

In particular, he did not even use one soul skill in the match before he
conquered an Assault System soul master of the same level of cultivation base. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that although the Ironback Bear soul master did not fully express his powers, his defeat was also
directly related to Xie Xie’s personal attacks that were too strong. Xie Xie’s skill was already not weaker than a soul skill.

Tang Wulin stretched out his hand and high-fived Xie Xie as a celebration. Xie Xie dared no show off anymore but he kept a straight face and appeared cool.

Tang Wulin took a glance at the competition’s sorting, it was his and Gu Yue’s turn to enter the arena in the next round.

He used his shoulder to nudge at Gu Yue who was sitting by his side. “I’m so nervous, what should I do? Are you nervous?”

The corners of Gu Yue’s lips twitched. “Stop messing around.”

Tang Wulin said, “I’m really very nervous! What should we do if we’re up against especially powerful opponents?

He feigned an anxious look on his face as he was saying that.

Gu Yue pinched him quietly. “Will you start acting like a captain now?” Tang Wulin laughed and spoke, “So are you nervous or not?”

Gu Yue answered calmly, “I’ll beat you together with the other two opponents later if you keep acting extravagantly. Three against one.”

“Uh…I don’t think that’s allowed. The rule forbids it. You can’t do that to me,” Tang Wulin wailed sorrowfully in a soft tone.

“Captain, I can’t stand this anymore!” Xu Xiaoyan pouted her lips.

Yue Zhengyu chimed in from the side, “Exactly, please be more serious.”

Tang Wulin sniggered. “In a sense, there’s a chance for us to fight each other before long.”

“Uh…” Yue Zhengyu spoke furiously, “You’re threatening us. I’m going to tell Teacher Wu about this.”

“Go then.”

Their little squadron’s relaxing atmosphere, together with Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui’s ultra-strong performance earlier raised the attention of many people in their surroundings.

Since they came together in a group, moreover Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie did not appear to be the leader of the squadron, then, how about the powers of their squadron’s other members?

Some people had already recognized Tang Wulin. Soon, the story of how Tang Wulin managed to triumph over a One-word Battle Armor master in a one-to-one match on the first day had already spread in a small range.

The competition was carried out real soon, the paired match was even carried out even faster than an individual match. The outburst of an all- rounded collision was frequently enough to determine the victory and defeat.

It was time for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to enter the arena. The both of them walked side by side along the channel into the sparring
arena. Tang Wulin sensed the enthusiastic atmosphere of the coliseum as he said to Gu Yue, “The Star Luo Empire’s atmosphere is amazing. Our side felt too controlled and standardized in comparison. Sometimes, a battle needs some intense passion too.”


“I’ll fight alone later. You’ll stay behind and help me to hold the line. It’ll be your turn when I can’t fight anymore.” Tang Wulin smiled at Gu Yue.

Chapter 613 - Two Against Two

Chapter 613: Two Against Two

Gu Yue shot him a glance. “What did you say?”

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “I was worried that you’d be tired! What
would I do if your mood goes bad when you’re tired? If you’re frequently in a bad mood, you’ll age much faster. We’ll slowly grow old together in the future, but it’s best to grow old as slowly as possible, right?”

“You’re the one who’s old!” Gu Yue could not help but laugh. There was a newfound hint of warmth in her gaze toward him.

They stepped onto the competition stage. Their opponents were already there.

Meng Xiaoran had his hands in his pockets, his head askew. When he looked at his opponents making their way up the stage, there was a slight shock within his heart, but there was also some disdain.

From the youthful looks of his opponents’ faces, it was clear that they were some years away from the age of twenty. Before twenty years of age, every year’s worth of cultivation would result in entirely different strengths.
There were many of these youths who entered the competition, but most of them were only here to gain some experience in preparation for future
competitions. He himself had done that once some years ago. When he was faced with such opponents today, though he viewed them with disdain, he was also very satisfied.

“Let’s send them on their way in one minute. Oh, no, make it half a minute,” Meng Xiaoran suddenly said to his companion.

Die’er rolled her eyes. “You egomaniac. How do you know that they’re not strong?” Meng Xiaoran shrugged, “Do you even have to ask? Just look at them. They can’t be more than sixteen or seventeen. We’re almost twenty ourselves. No matter how you look at it, there’s no reason for us to lose.”

“That boy is so handsome!” Die’er propped her face up with her hands.
When she looked at the boy opposite her with his great stature, good-looks and a pair of big, clear eyes, she could not help but feel an upsurge of

“Hey, hey! What are you focusing on? Can you not be so boy-crazy?” Meng Xiaoran stepped sideways grumpily and blocked Die’er’s line of sight.

“Go away.” Die’er gave him a flying kick and pushed him to the side. “I don’t care. Drag the fight out a little more later. He’s really so handsome. It’s amazing, I can’t find any flaws on him. He’s sunny, handsome, tall. If he’s got the strength, then he’s practically Prince Charming!”

“Fangirl!” Meng Xiaoran said angrily, but he dared not block her line of sight again. If this woman went crazy, things would turn quite terrifying.

The referee had already gotten onto the stage and was reading out the rules of the competition. Die’er made her way to the central part of the stage.

Tang Wulin looked at the young lady who was making her way toward them with shock. ‘Was this not a competition? Why was she walking over when the start of the match had not even been announced yet?’

“Hey, what’s your name?” Die’er looked at Tang Wulin with keen sparkling eyes.

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He pointed at his own nose. “Me?”

“Yes, you! What’s your name, little guy? How old are you this year? Do you have a girlfriend?” Die’er asked with a face full of excitement.

“Return to your position, the competition is starting soon. This is the
Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. Not a matchmaking event,” the referee reprimanded her brusquely. “Alright, alright, I get it. What’s your name, handsome? Tell me quick,” Die’er continued to inquire.

“I’ll tell you if you win,” Tang Wulin said with a smile. “Uwahh, you look so good when you smile!”
The referee was speechless, but he said, “Return to your position quickly, or I’ll announce that you two have forfeited this match.”

Meng Xiaoran could not take it any longer. He ran up quickly, grabbed Die’er and ran back.

Tang Wulin found this incident to be slightly amusing. This was his first time meeting an opponent like this.

He could not help but turn toward Gu Yue and chuckle softly. “Did you see that? Our opponent has great taste.”

Gu Yue said drily, “I’ll give you one minute. If you can’t finish them off by then, I’ll make my move. You shall not tell her your name.”

“Yes, boss,” Tang Wulin said with a smile.

Meng Xiaoran finally pulled Die’er back to their own side after much difficulty. The referee yelled without hesitation, “Let the battle begin!”

When he heard the announcement for the start of the battle, Meng Xiaoran took the lead and rushed out. He was almost at his limit with Die’er’s
antics, so he decided to make this a quick battle.

His speed was very fast. As he dashed out, a pair of wings unfurled behind him. His wings did not seem big nor very effective for flying but after he leaped, he spread his wings out to their full length. It was not a problem for his wings to support his body while gliding.

He had four soul rings, two yellow and two purple. With the release of his martial soul, his hair also quickly turned colorful. The Golden Pheasant! That was his martial soul.

It was a very special Agility System martial soul. Its uniqueness lay in the fact that his attacks came from his pheasant feathers. The different colored feathers had various effects.

With four soul rings, there were four types of colored feathers on his body, namely red, blue, yellow, and green.

He stretched his hands and two red feathers fell onto his palms. The first yellow soul ring on his body unleashed its glow. He swung his hands, and the two feathers flew directly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

The feathers flew through the air and transformed into two firebirds. The firebirds spread their wings and, bellowing loudly, swiftly flew right up to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

“Hey, hey! I told you to take it slowly!” Die’er frustratedly chased after him.

Tang Wulin had Gu Yue’s one-minute request in mind. He had also dashed out the moment the match started. Two golden soul rings rose around his body. The first soul ring flickered with light. It was the Domineering
Golden Dragon Body!

Golden scales covered his entire body. With a bright light, the Golden Dragon Claw on his right arm burst forth. When faced with the two firebirds, he had no intention of evading them at all.

“Huh? His soul rings are golden! That’s so cool!” When Die’er saw the two golden soul rings on Tang Wulin’s body, she could not help exclaiming with surprise.

A chill ran down Meng Xiaoran’s spine. The uncertainty surrounding one’s opponent was always a worrying factor in a competition. What were those golden soul rings? The Golden Dragon Claw slashed at the air, the tips of the claws pulsing with golden light. The two firebirds were immediately torn to pieces. Tang Wulin tapped the floor with his left foot, and he was already near his opponent.

Two blue feathers flew out. The scorching heat just now had turned into a severe cold. The two feathers transformed into ice birds in midair. They brought with them a severely cold aura as they flew straight toward Tang Wulin.

That was interesting. Dual elements of ice and fire? No, it was not elemental control. It must be related to his martial soul’s unusual characteristics.

Just like before, his Golden Dragon Claw swung and the ice birds shattered. Compared to the firebirds just now, the ice birds had form and substance.
Not only did they have elemental attacks, but physical ones as well. They were certainly more powerful than the firebirds.

When he saw that Tang Wulin was charging forth like splitting bamboo and has almost reached him, Meng Xiaoran plucked two yellow feathers from the top of his head without hesitation and threw them onto the floor.

In truth, the number and types of colors of feathers on his head were proportional to the amount of his soul power and types of soul skills, respectively.

In other words, he would have the same number of feathers as the number of times he could unleash his various soul skills with the amount of soul power he had left. The quantities of the different colored feathers were determined when he released his martial soul.

This martial soul of his had somewhat of a binding character, but he could change the numbers of the different colored feathers by retracting and
releasing his martial soul again. The advantage was that he could release his soul skills much faster than the average soul master. He needed only throw his feathers, and his soul skills would be released. At this moment, when he saw that Tang Wulin was almost upon him, he swung his arms toward the floor. Two yellow feathers hit the ground and burst forth in two balls of intense yellow light.

What amused Tang Wulin was that this time, the things that flew out were not like the previous birds. Instead, two gigantic chickens materialized,
each two meters tall and brown all over. The moment they appeared, they spread their wings and pounced toward Tang Wulin.

This martial soul of his was interesting! Tang Wulin suddenly quickened his footsteps. His body flashed and he shot past between the two chickens like a ghost.

The chickens were not slow, but how could their agility compare with the Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track?

Meng Xiaoran was greatly shocked when suddenly faced with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw.

“Die’er!” Meng Xiaoran yelled suddenly.

“Hey handsome, here I come!” Die’er’s voice sounded. Shortly after, Tang Wulin’s nose picked up a sweet scent blowing against his face.

His vision blurred all of a sudden. He felt dizzy, as though his head was heavy and his feet were light.


These two were certainly an unusual combination.

There was a pair of absolutely gorgeous pink butterfly wings on Die’er’s back. They fluttered and her second soul ring flickered with light. A faint pinkish mist covered Tang Wulin and Meng Xiaoran’s side.

The strange thing was that when this mist fell onto Meng Xiaoran’s body, it would disperse of its own accord so that it would just miss touching him. “Bang!” A figure flew backward from within the mist. The two chickens shattered shortly after.

“Huh?” Die’er exclaimed with surprise. She saw that Meng Xiaoran had flown more than twenty meters and dropped to the ground. He was clearly knocked out cold.

She was certain that she had released her poisonous mist quickly enough. Tang Wulin must have been affected by it as well. How could Meng
Xiaoran be defeated without even unleashing his fourth soul skill?

Tang Wulin’s body could definitely be described as richly endowed with natural gifts. After the torturous two month experience in the ocean, his potential was completely stimulated and brought forth, and his body was extremely strong. The Body Sect’s esoteric methods had tremendously improved his physical prowess.

Chapter 614 - Having the Upper Hand

Chapter 614: Having the Upper Hand

The toxicity of Die’er’s poisonous mist was not very potent. Its main effect was to knock her targets out cold, as if they were drugged. Tang Wulin had been affected, but his powerful physical capabilities had suppressed its
effects to the minimum amount possible. As he continued fighting, the problem was naturally solved.

“Grawww!” came the dragon’s roar. Tang Wulin stomped heavily on the floor with his right foot. Beams of golden light emanated outward on the ground. The brilliant beams formed little golden dragons which pounced straight toward Die’er.

“Ahhh!” Die’er exclaimed in surprise. She fluttered her wings and flew toward the sky.

But the eight little dragons were already under her. They spiraled as they moved about, creating a suction force from the floor’s surface.

Not only could the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth’s suction travel upward, it could also pull downward at the same time.

Back in the day, the Scarlet Dragon Douluo had used the same skill to
specifically fight against flying soul masters. If this soul skill was cultivated to the extreme, even a flying soul master thousands of meters in the air
could be forcibly pulled down by the giant dragon’s suction force.

Die’er’s physical strength was obviously insufficient to fight against the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. Her butterfly wings had only struggled for a short while before she started falling from the sky.

Just then, her fourth soul ring lit up. Her delicate frame spun quickly as she fell downward. Her pair of butterfly wings enlarged to three times their original size. Not only did a large amount of poisonous mist burst forth from the surface of the wings, they were also enhanced with the special attribute of sharpness.

“Clang!” A Golden Dragon Claw suddenly stabbed through the mist of the rapidly spinning butterfly wings.

The butterfly wings struck against the Golden Dragon Claw, creating a large display of sparks. Nevertheless, their movements were stopped abruptly
when they were grabbed by the Golden Dragon Claw.

Tang Wulin stomped on the ground with his right foot again. The tremendous vibrations blew away all the poisonous mist in the air. Die’er was also shaken until her blood essence surged, and her entire body went stiff.

“The match is ended. Pair number 116 has won.”

Forty seconds, that was the total duration of this battle!

In truth, Meng Xiaoran and Die’er had not coordinated much throughout all this, they had taken their opponents too lightly. However, the powerful
endurance of Tang Wulin’s body had also left a very strong impression in everyone’s minds.

“Mission accomplished, boss.” Tang Wulin smiled as he returned to Gu Yue’s side.

Die’er had already recovered at that point. She did not get off the
competition stage directly. Instead, she chased after them as they left.

“Hey handsome, although we’ve lost, can you at least tell me your name? You’re so strong, you’re really a perfect little man. Can I be your fan in the upcoming matches?”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “You want to make glass noodles [1] for me? How much do I have to eat before I’m actually full?” Die’er was stunned, but Gu Yue was laughing uncontrollably and stamping her feet. She laughed so hard that her stomach started to ache. To have mentioned food in front of this glutton was truly…

In the end, Die’er did not learn Tang Wulin’s name. She was pulled down the competition stage by Meng Xiaoran with her face covered by him. He had always felt that he was unreliable already, but Die’er was truly even more so.

The Shrek team had quite good luck in the first round of the two-against- two contest. After them, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Yue Zhengyu, and Xu
Xiaoyan were not faced with opponents that were too strong. They had passed without much trouble and qualified for the next rounds.

Meanwhile, at the rostrum…

“These students from Shrek Academy truly have some fine qualities. They live up to the name of the best academy on the Douluo Continent. Are the results of the data analyses out yet?” Dai Tianling asked.

“They’re out. From their performances in the previous matches and the solo competition, the strongest among them should be their captain Tang Wulin. He is the little fellow who made a scene during the welcoming ceremony.” The old man beside him had a data sheet in his hands.

“In the first round of the solo competitions, he had defeated Ling Wuxie. Although Ling Wuxie did not originate from Monster Academy, he is also regarded as one of the outstanding members of our younger generation. He is a one-word battle armor master.”

“This Tang Wulin can even defeat a one-word battle armor master?” Dai Tianling immediately found this strange. Even with all her foolishness, his daughter definitely had a keen eye!

“Yes, I went over the recordings in detail. This Tang Wulin has very rich actual combat experience, but because of his young age and insufficient
cultivation base, he is still falling short on his battle armor. That being said, when he was faced with a battle armor master, he suppressed Ling Wuxie so well that he could not fully utilize the advantages of his armor. At the same time, he had displayed an ability for continuous explosive force. Judging from the damage on Ling Wuxie’s battle armor, this Tang Wulin has incredibly formidable offensive power. He is far greater than an ordinary four-ringed soul master. His physical capabilities must be very special. As for his golden soul rings, we will have to observe further. We don’t know
what they are yet, but they are definitely not the legendary million-year soul ring.”

Dai Tianling smiled. “An interesting young fellow. Shrek Academy is indeed a place where monsters are produced. Pay more attention to his matches.”

He had felt, for the first time, that his daughter’s mischief was somewhat understandable. As someone who sat on the throne, he was always thirsty for talent. Although Tang Wulin was a student of Shrek Academy, he himself was still the ruler of an empire. If he had the confirmation that this young fellow was the core talent that would be nurtured by Shrek Academy in the future, then…

“Tang Wulin.”

The two-against-two competition had ended. Tang Wulin and his
companions walked out of the competition grounds. They had barely made it out when he heard his name being called.

Tang Wulin turned to look. He saw Dai Yun’er in casual attire waving at him forcefully as she hid behind a corner.

Frankly, he did not have a very good impression of the royal princess. This was especially true on that day at the ball, when she had purposefully made him the target of public scorn. Although the effects were not so apparent, when the number of contestants started to reduce as they progressed in the contest, the possibility of being seen as an enemy by the Star Luo Empire
elites would continue increasing.

However, she was a princess after all. He had best not be too rude to her. He had no choice but to walk over while his companions stayed put. They looked at Tang Wulin and this princess with curiosity.

Gu Yue’s expression was calm. She shoved her hands into her trouser pockets and merely looked at them silently.

“Hello princess. Is anything the matter?”

“I saw your match, and I’ve also watched the recording of your solo match. You’re good!” Dai Yun’er smiled sweetly and beautifully as she spoke to Tang Wulin while he made his way toward her.

Tang Wulin said perfunctorily, “I’m just average.”

Dai Yun’er smiled. “You must work hard, okay? If you emerge as the
champion in the solo competitions, I might just make you the emperor’s son-in-law.”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry your highness, I’m a citizen of the
Douluo Continent. I have no intention to stay here. Whatever you do, please don’t pick me. You’re not my type.”

When Dai Yun’er heard Tang Wulin’s blatant rejection, she could not help but be astonished.

She had watched Tang Wulin and the others’ two-on-two matches. She had also watched the recording of his solo fight. She had taken a great interest in him.

She had always heard that Shrek Academy was the best academy on the Douluo Continent. Its legacy spanned over twenty thousand years. Tang Wulin was her equal, but he had displayed strengths that far exceeded his own peers. Even a one-word battle armor master was defeated by him. In
addition to that, Tang Wulin truly was truly marvelous to look at. This made Dai Yun’er feel excited in her heart. She had run over eagerly with the hopes of having a chat with him. However, she had not foreseen that she
would be put down so coldly. Ever since she was a little girl, as the most beloved daughter of the Star Luo Empire’s emperor, Dai Tianling, she was the target of everyone’s affection. Not only did her father love her, her elder brothers had also treated her as a bright pearl in their palms. They listened to her and let her do whatever she wanted. No matter how peculiar the accidents she caused, she always had her brothers to bear the blame.

Nobody had ever rejected her in this manner before. In Tang Wulin’s eyes, she saw an unmistakable hint of boredom, even impatience. His attitude of keeping as far as possible from her had deeply hurt her feelings.

She herself had never seriously thought about making Tang Wulin the emperor’s son-in-law. It was just her nature to tease him out of habit.
However, Tang Wulin’s direct rejection had struck an extremely heavy blow to her self-esteem.

“You…” Dai Yun’er stood arms akimbo as she glared angrily at Tang Wulin. There was a faint glisten of tears gathering in her beautiful eyes.

“Your Highness, if you don’t have anything else to say, then I’ll go back
and rest, okay?” Tang Wulin had absolutely no intention of forming any ties with the princess. He waved at her, turned, and left.

[1] Fan and clear noodles use the same Chinese characters.

Chapter 615 - Tang Sect’s Call

Chapter 615: Tang Sect’s Call

“Tang Wulin, just you wait!” came Dai Yun’er’s furious, yet charming yell.

Tang Wulin kept his back facing her. He spread out his arms in a gesture of indifference. Dai Yun’er had not left a good impression on him. He did not like anyone who enjoyed making fun of and teasing other people. Besides, he was not a citizen of the Star Luo Empire. ‘You can do whatever you like in the Star Luo Empire, but what does that have to do with me?’

As she stared at Tang Wulin and his companions walking away, Dai Yun’er’s delicate chest heaved in fury.

“Just you wait. Just you wait…” Dai Yun’er turned around and broke into a run. She headed straight for the imperial palace.

She had snuck out that day or she would not have been without her retinue. She ran all the way back into the palace compound and dashed toward one of the imperial residences.

“Fourth brother! Fourth brother!” She started shouting before she had even reached the front of the palace.

The door to the palace swung open and out came a hearty voice. “Is the little princess in trouble again? How big is the trouble this time?” A man
walked out from inside the palace. He wore a green changshan 1 and looked every bit like a commoner. His appeared to be about twenty years of age, handsome and of a slender build. He wore a faint smile on his face and held a book in his arms. He had obviously been reading just now.

“Fourth brother!” Dai Yun’er bounded toward the youth. Her tears flowed down in a flurry. Dai Yueyan’s expressions changed, and his smile vanished immediately. He quickly spread his arms out and hugged his younger sister. “What’s the matter, my little princess. Who is it that upsets you so? Come, tell your fourth brother quickly.”

The Emperor Dai Tianling had many sons, but the atmosphere in the royal family was quite amiable. This was also a dictate of the Star Luo Empire.

Many years ago, when the Star Luo Empire was still on the Douluo
Continent, there was an old teaching. The males in the family must have
cutthroat battles amongst themselves, even if it meant fighting till the death. Only the strongest male could succeed to the throne. However, since a problem occurred in one of the generations, this practice was abolished. It turned into a demand where the males of the family must live together in harmony and compete fairly. Even so, the throne would go to the most outstanding one, just as it had been before.

The Dai family was a very ancient clan. Having survived until now, it was a family devoted to literature for generations.

Dai Yueyan was undoubtedly the most outstanding one among his generation. He was nineteen this year and was well-versed in literary and military skills. He was deeply loved by Dai Tianling. When he reached his twentieth birthday, he would be made crown prince.

Dai Yueyan and Dai Yun’er were born of the same mother. Amongst their many siblings, he was the one who loved this sister of his the most. He loved her even more than Dai Tianling ever did.

That was why he was the first person Dai Yun’er would find if she had any problems.

Although Dai Yun’er was odd, her personality was very energetic and
cheerful. She rarely cried. The most she would do was pretend that she was wronged or pitiable to seek the sympathy of others.

When he saw his little sister’s tears, Dai Yueyan was immediately flustered. Dai Yun’er said nothing. She only rested in her brother’s embrace and cried her heart out, all the while stomping her foot.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, good little Yun’er. Tell Brother what exactly has happened, Brother will help you. Have you done something wrong, and Father has punished you?” Dai Yueyan asked with some doubt. This was because he clearly knew just how much his father loved his sister. He could never have brought himself to truly punish her. Otherwise, this little princess would not have grown up with such a personality.

“It’s not Father. Father would never have punished me. It’s a bad guy from foreign lands. Fourth brother, do you know about the diplomatic corps that came from Douluo Continent? There are some among the diplomatic corps who came from Shrek Academy, and they’re exceptionally mean, especially that boy named Tang Wulin. He bullied me,” complained Dai Yun’er.

“Shrek Academy?” Dai Yueyan’s blinked.

“Yeah, it’s Shrek Academy. Their diplomatic corps just arrived the other day. On the night of the banquet, I had kindly asked him out for a dance just to be friendly, but he stepped on my foot on purpose. It was so painful.”

“Oh, is he the one who you claimed you’d make into the emperor’s son-in- law so that he’d turn into a target for public scorn?” Dai Yueyan was hit
with a sudden realization. He had happened to have left the city that day, but word had reached him fast. Although he was not there in person, he had heard about this matter already.

“Yes, that’s him. I didn’t really intend to make him the emperor’s son-in- law. I was only saying it. But who knew this fellow was so sly. He even entered our Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite
Competition. He only won a match or two and he’s already this arrogant. I met him on the competition grounds today, and he came over and said that I wasn’t good enough for him or something, and he said that all our Star Luo Empire soul masters are no good and even though he’s only fifteen, he
could take on all of us. He’s truly despicable. I’m so angry I’m shaking! Fourth brother, you must help me vent my anger!” Dai Yun’er had detailed her experience very colorfully. Dai Yueyan’s brows knitted together the moment he heard all this. With his understanding of his own little sister, it would be a lot to hope for if these words of hers were
about thirty percent true. Still, this Tang Wulin must have crossed her somehow, or she would not have been this angry.

“Fourth brother, I swear what I said was true. He really did give me the cold shoulder because he thinks that I’m not good enough for him. Even if I was teasing him that day, but what he said, in front of all those people, I…
wahh!” Dai Yun’er started crying again.

Dai Yueyan believed her this time. He knew this little sister of his far too well. If she was willing to swear on it, her words must have been true.

“He’s a foreigner. How come my little sister isn’t good enough for him?” A killing intent flashed across Dai Yueyan’s eyes.

“Yun’er, don’t cry. Brother will avenge you. The first two matches of Monster Academy’s representative team are empty. Aren’t they in the
competition? Then we’ll defeat them fair and square. We’ll make them lose face completely to help you get your revenge.”

Tang Wulin did not know what he was about to face after he had crossed this princess. Having he returned to the hotel with his companions, he prepared himself for his meditations.

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition had made Star Luo City packed. There were far too many people. He did not wish to go out at a time like this.

Suddenly, his gaze flickered, and he instinctively fished out a badge from his chest.

The badge exuded a gentle white glow on its surface, and then a picture appeared on it. The image looked like an arrow.

This was… The Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall’s distress signal!

The badge in Tang Wulin’s hand was indeed the badge of the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall. Every fighter of the Battle Soul Hall had one. He was a white fighter, hence his badge was also white in color.

There was a button on the back of the badge. When one was in danger, one could press it, and every member of the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall within a fifty-kilometer radius would immediately come to the rescue. The arrow on the front was to point out the direction.

Tang Wulin dared not delay his departure. He quickly changed into the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall attire. A white mask rested on his face, and a hood covered his head. He got out of the hotel quickly and went in the direction of the arrow.

Ever since he got the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall badge, this was his first time receiving a distress signal. He also found something very odd about this incident.

One of the Tang Sect’s Star Luo Empire headquarters was in Star Luo City. How could a Battle Soul Hall member be in danger so near the headquarters?

He followed the direction of the arrow, moving entirely on foot. He pressed forward through secluded routes as much as possible. He dashed quickly
and ran straight in the direction of the arrow.

The arrow flickered with increasing speed. This meant that he was getting closer to his destination. This concerned the safety of a fellow officer from the Battle Soul Hall. Tang Wulin used his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. He no longer cared about prying eyes. He continued quickly without being seen by ordinary people as much as possible.

The arrow finally flickering extremely rapidly. Tang Wulin also stopped in his tracks, but when he saw this tall building in front of him, he could not help but feel shocked. The building looked like a castle. It was simple yet extensive. Two huge words hung over the door: Tang Sect!

The distress signal came from the Tang Sect? Also, he quickly saw that there were Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall fighters who wore the same attire as him with masks on their faces who came swiftly to where he was. None of them had stopped in front. They all simply entered the Tang Sect headquarters.

Although there were some misgivings in Tang Wulin’s heart, he hastily followed the gathering fighters into this Tang Sect headquarters in Star Luo City.

He never thought that he would be coming to Tang Sect’s headquarters in such a manner. Tang Wulin had a strange feeling in his heart, but he was
also filled with curiosity. Why was there a distress call coming from here?

He went in after the fighter before him. He did not have time to look around at the interior of the Tang Sect building. He only felt that the scale of this building was on par with the imperial palace. It was even larger than the
Tang Sect building in Shrek City.

Very quickly, he followed the fighter in front of him into a side hall.

There were already twenty to thirty fighters in the hall. Everyone wore a hood and a mask on their faces, as was the rule of the Battle Soul Hall. Among the fighters, they were not aware of the identities of their peers,
because the privacy of the fighters must be protected as much as possible.

The fighter who stood at the front of the row had his hands behind his back. He wore a black mask. His hood and other attire were like the others.

Chapter 616 - Battle Soul Hall’s Mission

Chapter 616: Battle Soul Hall’s Mission

“Okay, we have a quorum.” The black fighter stretched out his right arm
and revealed a black-ranked badge in his palm. He pressed on his badge and stopped transmitting the signal.

This distress signal was sent by him? Tang Wulin suddenly understood. That was not a distress signal, but a call to gather.

So it could be used in such a way. He had rushed over, but he still could not make anything of the situation.

He was on the Star Luo Continent, but he was about to take part in his first ever Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall group activity. He was feeling slightly
strange, but he still looked forward to it. What was the purpose of gathering all these people?

In truth, Tang Wulin had never been called to gather when he was in Shrek City. Because he was still a student of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect’s soul system in Shrek City had given him special treatment and blocked the
signal of his badge. At the same time, his potential was immense. Before he graduated from Shrek Academy’s outer court and rose to the ranks of a one- word Battle Armor Master, Tang Sect would not prepare itself to allow him to participate in any dangerous missions.

However, the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall’s system in Star Luo City was independent. Once there was a gathering, Tang Wulin had immediately received the signal. That was why he saw the scene before him.

He decided to take things as they came. He would just take part in the activity. After all, everyone was wearing the same attire. Nobody could recognize anyone else. The black fighter said with a deep voice, “We’ve received reliable information that the Green Skeleton Rebellion will launch another terror
attack tonight in Star Luo City when there’s a large crowd. We’ve obtained intel about their targeted venue for now, but we still have no idea as to
where their base is located. We can only go to their targeted venue in
advance and make our preparations there. I’ll personally lead the team. Make ready for battle.”

“The Green Skeleton Rebellion is cruel and ruthless. To prevent more
civilians from getting hurt, we’ve been granted special permission to shoot our targets on sight. Before I relay the mission, we must confirm our identities.”

Confirm identities? How would they go about confirming identities? Tang Wulin was slightly stunned, but then he saw that the other fighters had
stretched out their right hands. Their fighter badges were on their palms.

He quickly stretched out his right hand and revealed his white fighter badge.

The black fighter badge was much larger than his and seemed to have different functions as well. A beam of shadow shot toward the sky and quickly expanded into a large patch of darkness. As if they were drawn by some force, beams of wispy light rose from the fighters’ badges on their
palms and blended into the darkness. Immediately, the lights lit up like stars in the night sky.

Tang Wulin could see clearly now. Other than the black fighter, the badges of the others had lit up with different colors. There were four clumps of lights that were purplish and were noticeably brighter than the other lights. There were twelve yellow lights, and the others were all white.

Other than the black fighter, there were thirty fighters in total. Naturally, it meant there were four purple fighters, twelve yellow fighters, and fourteen white fighters.

According to the Battle Soul Hall’s rules, a black fighter must at least be a three-word battle armor master, purple fighters must at least be a two-word battle armor master, and white fighters must have a cultivation base of at least four rings, and possess at least one piece of battle armor. At the same time, the prospective fighter must at least have the potential to become a two-word battle armor master before they could join Battle Soul Hall.

This also meant that among the Tang Sect disciples who had gathered in this hall, there were as many as one three-word battle armor master, four two-word battle armor masters, and twelve one-word battle armor masters.

From when the badges lit up until now, this many experts had gathered in such a short period of time. The unseen strength of Tang Sect in the Star Luo Empire made Tang Wulin feel an unwitting shock in his heart.

“We’ll depart now. I’ll arrange our plan of action along the way.” The black fighter waved his hand, pushed a side door open and went out first. The others did not make any sound as they filed out of the hall and followed behind him.

They took the elevator and went down to an unknown place. Tang Wulin only followed the others, then they split into three soul cars.

These soul cars had been custom made with specially tempered
windscreens. The happenings on the inside could not be viewed from the exterior, but those within could see whatever was happening outside.

In the car Tang Wulin and the others were in, there was a purple fighter, and the rest were white fighters like him.

After they got in the car, the purple fighter gave everyone a small pouch. He said with a deep voice, “Place the communicator inside your ears and maintain a connection at all times. Your temporary numbers are inside the pouches. Your mission is to guard the perimeter and prevent Green Skeleton Rebellion members from escaping. At the same time, you are to stand-by
and wait for orders. The coordinates for your respective positions can be found on the electronic map. If you need backup, immediately report your number and the situation you’re facing.” “The ambush initiated by the Green Skeleton Rebellion this time will
almost certainly employ fixed soul bombs. So, there’ll be a certain degree of danger here. Everyone must be careful. If you find a bomb, report it first.
We have a few members who are experts in disarming bombs. Unless you are absolutely certain, do not try to disarm the bomb yourselves, understood?”

“Yes!” answered the few white fighters in unison. As this was Tang Wulin’s first time taking part in such a mission, his reply lagged behind the others

The purple fighter’s gaze instantly fell on him. “White Three, you have a question?”

The temporary number Tang Wulin had received was White Three. “No,” replied Tang Wulin immediately.
His voice was obviously younger than the others, but the purple fighter did not seem to mind. This was because white fighters were people who had
enormous potential to develop their actual combat abilities selected by the Tang Sect. It was common for them to be slightly younger.

“Is this your first time participating in missions like this?” asked the purple fighter. His number was Purple One.

“Yes.” Although Tang Wulin felt awkward and embarrassed, he still admitted it.

“Just relax. The inside missions are basically carried out by yellow fighters and above. You lot are mainly responsible for the outer perimeter. Just do your own duties, be careful and cautious at all times, and you’ll be fine. If you encounter something that you can’t control, request for backup immediately. Your companion closest to you will go over to help you.”

“Yes, sir,” Tang Wulin replied hastily. He was not really that nervous. In fact, he was actually somewhat excited. He had an undying hatred for the Green Skeleton Rebellion. They had just arrived on the Star Luo Continent when they were ambushed by them. The mission this time was directed against them. Naturally, Tang Wulin was
eager to have a go at it.

The car traveled smoothly. Purple One gave another series of orders. Tang Wulin looked at the electronic map on his wrist which was shaped like a watch, and then he familiarized himself with the simple soul tool devices which were distributed to them. He wore the communicator and adjusted the volume.

“We’re here.” The three cars parked on a small, dark lane. The car doors slid open silently, and the fighters disembarked.

With the arrangements made before they got in the car, everyone started
carrying out the mission immediately. Including the black fighter, all thirty members quickly melted into the surrounding environments.

It was only the afternoon whereas the Green Skeleton Rebellion would be carrying out their mission at night.

Tang Wulin followed his own electronic map to the specified spot. He observed his surroundings, found a dark corner and hid there.

Through his own observation just now and the introduction of Purple One, he knew that the target of Green Skeleton Rebellion’s assault this time was a grand theatre. There would be a performance in the theatre tonight, and it could accommodate an audience of thousands. If they created an assault in a place with such a dense crowd, the results would naturally be catastrophic.

The spot where Tang Wulin guarded was a side wall. Purple One had intentionally assigned him a relatively safe spot because this was his first time participating in a mission. If everything went well, he might not even meet an enemy at his spot.

“White One, in position!” A voice came from the communicator in his ear. Tang Wulin also quickly reported his own situation. “White Three, in position.” He could see through the electronic map, that the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall fighters had all taken their positions in a short amount of time. What came next would be waiting patiently.

Chapter 617 - Rank Seven Fixed Soul Cannonball

Chapter 617: Rank Seven Fixed Soul Cannonball

Tang Wulin had never been lacking in patience. He sat down in the dark
corner and silently utilized his Mysterious Heaven’s Method. He could feel the minute changes in his surroundings as he waited quietly for the coming of the night.

According to their intel, the Green Skeleton Rebellion should have already made their preparations in the theatre beforehand. As for how they would carry out their plan in the end, they had no idea yet.

The skies started to darken. Nightfall was imminent.

As the capital of the Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City was the largest city. When evening came, throngs of people flooded the brightly lit streets. It was the time when the city was at its liveliest.

The Star Theatre was of moderate scale. There would be some plays every day with historical drama as their main performance. The Star Luo Empire had a long-standing history, divided into the old and new. The old history referred to the period on the Douluo Continent, whereas the new history
was after they had arrived on the Star Luo Continent.

There was still some time before tonight’s performance, but various preparation works were already ongoing inside the theatre.

In the basement of the Star Theatre, a sewer cover lifted open silently. Scores of black shadows crawled out of it.

“Proceed according to plan,” a somber voice sounded. The black shadows emerged in droves before dispersing. Inside the theatre, a handsome middle-aged man in a tuxedo was looking at the script in his hands. He lifted his brows slightly, squinted his eyes a bit
and stood up.

“All fighters, get ready. They’re here. Location of attack: under the theatre. Commence the sweep!”

There was an extremely complicated situation under the Star Theatre.
Cement columns were the foundation that supported the entire theatre. The innumerable black shadows ceaselessly shot past these columns and stuck round fixed soul bombs onto them.

It was also at this moment that masked figures slid slowly into the basement from the darkness.

Tang Wulin could hear the orders relayed in his ear mic. He stood up and waited silently.

‘I’m dying to join in the action! If only I was strong enough.’ Tang Wulin was eager to have a try, but at the same time, he also understood the
arrangements made by the Battle Soul Hall. Once in possession of one-
word battle armor, a soul master’s combative strength and survival abilities would be greatly enhanced. Naturally, that also meant that the soul master would be less at risk.

Black One gave an order and everyone’s ear mic went silent. What came next would be a wait.

Inside the Star Theatre, the audiences started coming in. The play today was very interesting, one of the favorite plays of the Star Theatre: Spirit Ice
Douluo Huo Yuhao’s Battle Against the Black Dragon King.

After Star Luo Continent entered its new history, the most adored idol of the people was the almighty one who had single-handedly stopped the
enemy’s invasion many years ago and protected the Star Luo Empire, the Spirit Ice Douluo who had once dominated a generation. On the Star Luo Continent, the name of the Spirit Ice Douluo was even more famous than it was on the Douluo Continent. There were already some minor performances onstage to warm up the audience.

They were completely oblivious to the fierce fighting and killing that was underway below the theatre.

Voices continued sounding in Tang Wulin’s ear mic.

“Killed one hostile, disarmed one bomb. Enemy numbers unknown.”

“Killed three hostiles. There are four bombs in area number four. Please send disarming backup.”

“The enemy has spotted us. Increase the pace of the operation. This is Purple One. Everyone, attack with all you’ve got. Prioritize disarming the bombs.”

“Well done! Be careful of the enemy. A dog is at its most dangerous when cornered.”

“Nice. Thanks, Yellow Six.”

“Outflank the enemy on the right side of area number six.”

As he listened to all these orders, Tang Wulin truly felt an irresistible itch in his heart. The battle must have been intense.

“The enemy is starting to flee. Disarm the bombs first. White fighters at the outer perimeter, this is Purple One. Keep an eye on the area that you’re guarding. There’s a small number of enemies who have escaped. If
sighted, do everything you can to stop them all. Report your situations at any time.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up with a flash. He quickly released his Domineering Golden Dragon Body. On his right arm, the Golden Dragon Claw emerged in a golden glow. At the same time, glittering starlight lingered in the air as two pieces of battle armor covered his entire right arm and shoulder. He quickly transformed himself into his strongest condition.

He had just finished doing all this when suddenly, with a whistle, a black figure flew up the wall from the inside of the theatre.

“Bastards. It’s the Battle Soul Hall’s men. Get ready to fire the rank-seven fixed soul cannonball. Bury them all inside!” A voice filled with anger
sounded on the top of the wall.

Rank-seven fixed soul cannonball?

Tang Wulin was very familiar with fixed soul cannonballs. They were a most terrifying type of soul tool. Fixed soul cannonballs had been evolving continuously with the times. Whether it was on the Douluo Continent or the Star Luo Continent, they were completely prohibited. Other than the military, no private party was allowed to own them.

The production cost of a fixed soul cannonball was expensive, but its destructive power was devastating. He never expected the Green Skeleton Rebellion to have been able to bring a rank-seven fixed soul cannonball into Star Luo City.

Once a fixed soul cannonball exploded, it was said that even an area thousands of meters in diameter would be reduced to rubble, leave alone the theatre in front of him.

What Tang Wulin did not know was that the assault by the Green Skeleton this time had been planned in consecutive waves. The Star Theatre was only a part of their overall attack.

It was extremely difficult to bring a rank-seven fixed soul cannonball into Star Luo City. They had dismantled it into countless smaller components, brought them into the city over a long period of time, and then reassembled it. They also had to use several hideouts to prevent it from being discovered. The Green Skeleton Rebellion had indeed expended much care and thought into this operation. This rank-seven fixed soul cannonball was prepared for the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. They had prepared to use it when the competition was in its final stages, namely the follow-up round-robin tournament when there were only elites in the competition.
They would have dealt the young generation of the Star Luo Empire a significant blow. That was why they had not used it immediately.

With the destructive power of this cannonball, even if the black fighter who had just displayed such powerful strength could escape with his life, the other Tang Sect fighters would definitely be buried inside the theatre.

The Tang Sect had always kept close official relations with the Star Luo Empire. If the Rebellion could weaken the strength of the Tang Sect, then they had not come in vain this time.

At the moment, there were already as many as four members from the
Green Skeleton Rebellion who had crawled up the wall. The leader of the pack wore brilliant green clothes. His hand flickered with light, and a huge, meter-long cannonball appeared in his hands.

As soon as the cannonball emerged, it made Tang Wulin’s scalp tingle.

The surface of the cannonball was inscribed with densely packed magical runes. It exuded a dark and frightful aura. The terrifying feeling made Tang Wulin feel as if he would be blown to smithereens at any moment.

This was his first time seeing such a high-ranking fixed soul cannonball. What was he supposed to do?
Among the three insurgents on the wall, the leader was clad in dark purple battle armor. Seven soul rings hovered about his body. Shockingly, he was a two-word battle armor master, judging by his battle armor’s model and

He hefted the fixed soul cannonball onto his shoulder. His two underlings had started setting up a contraption which resembled a base on the top of the wall. The fixed soul cannonball was not that easy to fire, and it was extremely dangerous. When they fired it, they also had to guarantee their own safety. That was why they had to do it through a base.

‘Should I rush up there now?’ Tang Wulin asked himself. It was utterly impossible for him to stop these three with his own strength. They were all battle armor masters! There was even a two-word battle armor master. If he went up now, it would be no different than sending a sheep into the tiger’s mouth.

Chapter 618 - At the Edge of Life and Death

Chapter 618: At the Edge of Life and Death

Staying completely still, he focused his mind and held his breath. He also did not inform his companions at the first opportunity he got. He knew that the moment he opened his mouth, he would be exposed instantly. If these
Green Skeleton Rebellion members acted like a cornered beast and fired the cannonball immediately, then it was all over.

He could only wait for now.

Thick beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. Tang Wulin, for the first time in his life, felt that he was this close to death.

The four Green Skeleton Rebellion members set up the base with practiced movements and placed the fixed soul cannonball within it.

At this moment, the communicator in Tang Wulin’s ear came alive. “Every white fighter, report your situations. The sweeping of the bombs in the interior is now complete. All hands are to swiftly give chase to the fleeing enemies.”

“White One, clear.” “White Two, clear!”
The sounds of reports came one after another, but Tang Wulin did not move an inch or make a sound. His eyes were fixed on the situation at the top of the wall. His mind quickly calculated all the possible countermeasures that he could take.

“Alright, we’ll retreat.” On top of the wall, wings spread out from behind the Green Skeleton Rebellion’s two-word battle armor master. They flapped forcefully, and he soared into the air. The other three men also hastily put some distance between them and the cannonball.

On the base, patterns of light started shining. Obviously, it had been set to fire automatically.

With the speed of a battle armor master, only ten seconds were needed to get out of the explosion’s blast radius. In other words, the most they had was ten seconds before this rank-seven fixed soul cannonball would be fired.

“This is White Three. The enemy is here. There’s a rank-seven fixed soul
cannonball. Everyone, retreat immediately.” Tang Wulin made a clarion call as he dashed out. He had already thrown a Bluesilver Grass vine outward.
He twined it around the base and pulled with all his strength.

He had only one plan right now, and that was to alter the direction of fire of this fixed soul cannonball.

Pull! It did not budge, and the light patterns on the cannonball suddenly intensified in brightness!

‘Not good!’ Tang Wulin realized that the situation was dire. Undoubtedly, after this fixed soul cannonball had initiated the firing process, it would
self-detonate if any attempt was made to tamper with it.

The time remaining before the cannonball detonated itself was three seconds, which meant Tang Wulin only had that much time to act.

Three seconds was not enough for him to get out of the range of the
explosion no matter how he looked at it. In three seconds, everything here would be reduced to rubble.

At the critical moment, Tang Wulin’s mind suddenly went ice cold. He had gone into his calmest mode. His eyes were completely golden now. With a forceful pull on the Bluesilver Grass, he was already on top of the wall. He seized the base with both of his arms and lifted it up with all his might. The base itself was extremely durable, but the wall was not that tough!
Under Tang Wulin’s immense strength, the entire base with the rank-seven fixed soul cannonball, was uprooted from the top of the wall.

Without a moment’s pause, Tang Wulin concentrated all of his power into his right arm. His battle armor gave off a resplendent glow as he quickly swung his body round on the top of the wall.

Just as the first second had ended, he threw the cannonball, along with its base, high into the air.

The instant after throwing the cannonball, Tang Wulin also leaped high into the air. He knew that, strong as he was, the combined weight of the fixed
soul cannonball and its base was too heavy. It was impossible for him to have thrown it out of the range of the explosion. He needed to exert even more force.

As soon as he leaped up, a beam of golden light was released from his body. It was the rapidly growing Goldsong. Upon its appearance, Goldsong immediately seized upon a Bluesilver Grass vine. The Bluesilver Grass
expanded swiftly and turned completely gold. At the same time, Tang Wulin switched his martial soul to the Bluesilver Emperor. His fourth soul ring shone brightly for the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation!

The vine of Bluesilver Grass which was augmented by the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation and enhanced by Goldsong had instantly
transformed into something like a dragon. It slammed against the top of the wall, and Tang Wulin’s body was sent rocketing through the air once more.

The next second was up!

In a blink, Tang Wulin caught up with the fixed soul cannonball in midair. He had been catapulted more than three hundred meters into the sky.

Having reached the cannonball while airborne, he used his arms to push outward with all he had. A giant golden dragon head appeared. It was the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. This Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens did not burst into attack, but thrust with all its power.

The rank-seven fixed soul cannonball rapidly shot toward the sky like a meteor. It had swiftly surpassed a height of more than a thousand meters and continued its ascent at great speed.

The cannonball and its base were completely engulfed in the golden dragon head which had manifested through the Golden Dragon Shocks the

“Boom!” A beautiful display of lights burst forth in the high skies. The terrifying explosive force lit up the sky like a giant firework.

The firework had seven colors. The terrifying explosive force ripped through the entire sky, making a tear that resembled a black hole.

Tang Wulin had relied on the momentum and caught up with the fixed soul cannonball at the height of three hundred meters. However, he kept flying until he rose to a height of five hundred meters or so before he struck the
cannonball upward.

During this moment, the great explosion of the soul cannonball in the sky had instantly brought with it a terrifying shockwave. It had swatted him down like a fly from a height of five hundred meters.

Tang Wulin felt his chest tighten, as his entire body felt as if he would be ground into minced meat by the shockwave. The clothes he wore were reduced to ashes at once, including the mask on his face. All he could do was release his Domineering Golden Dragon Body. The scales on his body sparkled intensely.

Still, the apocalyptic shockwave was overwhelming. The Domineering Golden Dragon Body flickered for a few seconds before its light was
snuffed out. Tang Wulin spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He was just about to crash into the ground. At that exact moment, a dark golden figure rose upward and caught the falling Tang Wulin, as though by coincidence. Meanwhile, a blast of dark golden light burst out toward the sky and formed a radiant curtain which prevented the shockwave from reaching the city.

The dark golden armor covered the figure’s entire body. A pair of wings
spread open behind him, and his armor flickered with beautiful patterns. It was three-word battle armor.

Black One had made his move!

When he had heard Tang Wulin’s frantic report, Black One had rushed out as soon as he possibly could. Because he was underground before this, making it out of the building had delayed him somewhat.

That was why when he hurried to Tang Wulin’s assigned position, the scene that he saw was Tang Wulin catching up with the fixed soul cannonball in midair, and then striking it upward.

Then came the great explosion that tore the sky apart. If it were not for his prompt appearance, the fall from such a height with the addition of the
shockwave’s pressure would have left Tang Wulin crippled if not dead.

The capabilities of a three-word battle armor master were fully on display. The enormous shockwave had been firmly blocked from reaching the city three hundred meters above the ground.

The greatest power of the fixed soul cannonball was at its point of origin. It had exploded in the skies without any obstruction and had spread out in all directions. The ground had been rattled, and the intense sound of the blast had shattered all the glass in a radius of a few kilometers, but the fixed soul cannonball’s destructive power was drained completely thanks to Black
One’s timely barrier.

Black One descended from the sky and retracted the wings on his back, but a hint of fear flashed across his eyes after the event. Although he was
confident that his three-word battle armor would have protected him from such a massive explosion, but in these busy streets, how many people would have survived? The members of the Battle Soul Hall, even the purple fighters, would definitely have been killed under such circumstances!

A surge of gentle soul power flowed into Tang Wulin’s body. It was the
Mysterious Heaven Method. The effects of the soul power which Black One had inserted into his body soon became apparent, calming down his boiling blood essence.

“Good man! Great job!” Black One’s sincere and resolute voice cut through the buzzing in Tang Wulin’s ears.

“Puh!” He spat out a mouthful of blood, but Tang Wulin instantly felt much better.

If it were anyone else, their body would have been shattered after taking the brunt of the shockwave in the air. However, he had relied on his incredible physical capabilities with the protection of his Domineering Golden Dragon Body and was not too badly injured this time. With the Golden Dragon
King bloodline’s powerful recovery ability, he would be brimming with energy again by tomorrow morning.

At this moment, a mass of people shot out from within the Star Theatre.
When they saw the terrifying glow in the sky, which had still not faded even after such a long time, everyone’s eyes were shocked.

Black One removed his mask and covered Tang Wulin’s face. At the same time, he took off his hooded cloak and covered his body. After all, with the removal of the Golden Dragon Claw and the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin was as naked as a newborn baby.

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin’s voice was slightly hoarse, but he somehow managed to stand on his own feet.

“It’s me who should be thanking you.” Black One patted Tang Wulin’s shoulder, hugged him and shook him vigorously. For someone of his
position and cultivation to have done so, it was clear how emotional he was. “Reporting to Black One, the sweep is complete. There are no bombs remaining.”

Chapter 619 - Heavy Reward

Chapter 619: Heavy Reward

“Reporting all clear. The remaining Green Skeleton Rebellion members have all retreated. We have informed the authorities to hunt them down.”

“Alright. Let’s move back.”

With Black One’s order, three soul cars drove toward them silently. Black One personally held Tang Wulin’s shoulder and brought him to the car
which he boarded.

When they passed by the other Battle Soul Hall fighters, they all gave two thumps to the left sides of their chest with their right fist as a show of gratitude and respect to their companion.

His viscera seemed to be on fire and his injuries were quite heavy, but in the current atmosphere, Tang Wulin still felt his hot blood boil. This was, after all, his first time participating in a Battle Soul Hall team operation! The
situation had been perilous, but Tang Wulin had no regrets. Whether it was out of self-preservation or the will to rescue others, he had no other options back then.

When he got in the car, Tang Wulin clearly felt that everyone’s gaze was
concentrated on him. He was still unaccustomed to this feeling of being the center of attention.

Black One revealed his true self. The other fighters present did not seem surprised. Wearing a faint smile on his face, Black One looked at Tang
Wulin and said, “Good job. I’ll record this down as a great merit when we get back. You have saved your brothers’ lives this time.”

Tang Wulin said with a soft voice, “It’s what I’m supposed to do.” Black One smiled and said, “Judging by your abilities, I think you’re greatly endowed with natural gifts. Your reflexes are fast enough, and you don’t hesitate in critical moments. These are all good qualities. Keep it up.”

“Yes, sir.”

Black One was obviously not used to praising others. When he said those words, all the other fighters looked slightly astonished. At least, based on their understanding of him, this man had never praised anyone before! But if it were not for this White Three, everyone’s lives would have been in danger. When they thought about this, they all felt at ease. Black One’s
smile was not his alone. He also represented all the fighters who participated in the day’s operation.

They returned to the Tang Sect’s headquarters in Star Luo City. Black One had first called a Recovery System Soul Master to heal Tang Wulin’s injuries, then he gathered everyone’s fighter badges.

Beams of light data assembled. Some changes were made to the internal data of Tang Wulin’s own fighter badge.

The number of participated operations turned into one. Contribution points, thirty thousand.
With special contributions, one record of great merit.

These seemingly ordinary bits of data actually signified many extraordinary things. Thirty thousand contribution points were enough for Tang Wulin to purchase another Tang Sect Technique.

Currently, among all the Tang Sect Techniques, Tang Wulin had learned most of them. The techniques he had learned included the four techniques of Mysterious Heaven Method, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and Purple Demon Eyes.

If he were to buy another one, his only option would be the hand-training method, Mysterious Jade Hands. The quintessence of the Tang Sect during its establishment was mainly hidden weapons. Many hidden weapons were laced with toxins, and the
cultivation of the Mysterious Jade Hands could greatly improve the power and strength of one’s hands. They would be immune to poison and as durable as both steel and stone.

It seemed that Mysterious Jade Hands was the most insignificant among the five Tang Sect Techniques, excluding the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.

Even so, if it was listed as a Tang Sect Technique, there must have been a reason for it.

As for the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations, it had been modified by countless generations of Tang Sect members until the present day. Although the name had not changed, it contained a huge amount of refined soul
circuit teachings. They had brought the ancient hidden weapons and soul tool core circuits together and understood them thoroughly. Among the various soul tools produced by the Tang Sect, a majority of them were born from the theoretical knowledge contained within Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.

Hence, it was the most valuable among the Tang Sect Techniques. It also required the most contribution points. But Tang Wulin was a blacksmith
and not a mecha maker, which was why he did not have much need for the Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.

It was even more extraordinary for him to have a great merit within his reward. The biggest advantage of a great merit was that in any Tang Sect branch the bearer had the power to summon Tang Sect disciples a single time. Tang Wulin had been rewarded with the Tang Sect’s gathering call. He could use this call to gather thirty Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall fighters in order to carry out a mission, as they had just done. The prerequisite was that the mission was not against their moral code.

Those were Tang Sect fighters! What did thirty Tang Sect fighters mean? This was why after Tang Wulin heard Black One’s explanation Tang Sect’s call function, he was completely astonished. This was practically a divine tool!

Black One did not inquire about his name and background. This was a rule of the Battle Soul Hall. As long as it was confirmed that the badge was real and was compatible with the fighter’s own blood essence, they would not rashly ask about another fighter’s origins.

Different fighters had their own professions and lives in different places.
The reason for the Tang Sect Battle Soul Hall power was that it was
scattered in every corner of the Continent. As to how many fighters there were, only a select few of the Tang Sect’s higher-ups knew.

The unit with the greatest individual strength within the Tang Sect was naturally the Worship Hall. However, the Battle Soul Hall was undoubtedly the organization with the most powerful overall strength.

When Tang Wulin returned to the hotel, it was already late into the night.
He was truly fatigued today. The greatest source of tiredness was his own heart. He had once again been on the brink of death, and this time he had no backup plans. If it were not for Black One’s timely appearance, he would at the very least have been greatly injured if not dead.

It had been a truly deadly situation.

However, his heart was also filled with joy. He rejoiced about the time he spent under Teacher Mu Ye where he cultivated at the edge of life and death. Only a person who had wandered at that precarious boundary could calmly react to the situation at hand when faced with impending death and not be paralyzed with fear.

Tang Wulin’s reaction speed back did not seem to show the slightest sign of slowing down. That was the most important factor that saved everyone in the end.

As he sat on his bed, he looked at his hands. A trace of a smile could not help but appear on Tang Wulin’s face. He had just obtained many contribution points, so naturally, he had gone and exchanged them for the cultivation manual of Mysterious Jade Hands without hesitation.

Now that he had the Mysterious Jade Hands, any future contribution points could be exchanged for something else. For example, the heaven-and-earth treasures that he used to break through his seals.

The operation this time had increased Tang Wulin’s sense of belonging within the Tang Sect. It felt wonderful, and he liked it very much.

With that many powerful companions whom he could rely on, the feeling was amazing. Moreover, he had rescued them, which was even more incredible.

He meditated for the whole night. Early in the next morning, when the first signs of the morning sun appeared, a vigorous and energetic Tang Wulin
was already standing on the balcony, as he started to cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes.

Strength was the foundation for anything! Any person who had just recently faced dangers would believe in this without a shadow of a doubt.

In order to survive, one must work hard and cultivate oneself!

The first round of the two-against-two battles had already ended. Today must have been the first round for the team battle. He would be participating in the first rounds of the team battle with his companions.

He had a good feeling about this, just like the night before.

He relied on the purple air at the edge of the skies and finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes. Tang Wulin forcefully stretched his body. He could clearly feel pulses of warmth which slowly cooled down and traveled from his eyes into the depths of his brain. His spiritual power must have grown

The longer he cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes, the greater the effects would be every time he trained. The improvement in his spiritual power was still very important.

Gu Yue had never cultivated Purple Demon Eyes, but her spiritual power was truly great!

Tang Wulin was actually still curious if Gu Yue had really broken through to the Spirit Abyss Realm.

“You went out last night?” Gu Yue looked at Tang Wulin and asked him over breakfast.

“Mmm, I went out for a walk,” Tang Wulin replied with a smile. “Oh.” The gaze which Gu Yue gave him was slightly strange.
With a bitter smile, Tang Wulin asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Tang Wulin, you come out here this instant!” At this very moment,
someone shouted bitterly. Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He turned to look toward the direction of the voice. As it happened, he saw the Star Luo Empire’s princess standing arms akimbo in the hotel’s lobby staring at him with a furious look in her eyes.

Chapter 620 - Dare to Make A Bet?

Chapter 620: Dare to Make A Bet?

“Captain, what did you do when you were out last night? Why’s she here this early in the morning?” Xie Xie had instantly connected the
conversation between Tang Wulin and Gu Yue with the situation before their eyes.

“Get lost.” Tang Wulin glared at him. He stood up and walked out.

There was someone else standing beside Dai Yun’er. He had a slender build and handsome looks. When he saw that Tang Wulin walking toward him
was obviously a few years younger than himself, Dai Yueyan felt as if his eyes had opened up as he gave his little sister a sidelong glance.

He thought to himself, ‘No wonder little sister can’t get over this guy. He’s really attractive. From the outside, he’s flawless. Plus, he came from Shrek Academy. It’s no surprise little sister is interested in him.’

“What business do you have here, princess? Also, don’t you think that it’s unbecoming for one of royal blood such as yourself to be screaming and
shouting in public?” Tang Wulin truly did not have a good impression of this princess.

Dai Yun’er scoffed. “What’s so unbecoming about it? I came as an ordinary person, not as a member of the royal family. I’m not here representing the

“Then what reason does the princess have for calling me out?” asked Tang Wulin.

Dai Yun’er said, “Tang Wulin, would you care to make a bet with me?” “That’s it?” Tang Wulin raised his brows and asked. “Yup,” Dai Yun’er nodded vigorously.

“I don’t. The princess may take her leave,” Tang Wulin turned around and left.

“You…” Dai Yun’er felt as if she had just landed a punch on cotton wool. She was so infuriated that her small face went pale.

Standing beside her, a hint of a smile flashed across the bottom of Dai Yueyan’s eyes. This young man was interesting! No wonder Yun’er was forced to concede defeat to him. This was quite intriguing…

“Tang Wulin, stand there and don’t move.” Dai Yun’er took two quick steps. She reached out her hand and made to grab Tang Wulin’s arm.

Tang Wulin swayed his slightly and evaded her grasp. “May the princess have some self-respect. It is improper for a man and a woman to touch so freely.”

“Tang Wulin, I really want to kill you right now!” Dai Yun’er said through gritted teeth.

Tang Wulin spoke with an upright air, “Your Highness, should I interpret that as a threat from you toward a diplomatic envoy?”

Dai Yun’er was already at the limits of her temper. She turned to look at Dai Yueyan. “Fourth brother, look at how despicable he is. Why aren’t you helping me?”

Dai Yueyan walked over feeling somewhat exasperated. He looked at Tang Wulin with a calm expression. An unseen pressure was immediately released from his body.

Tang Wulin turned around. Fourth brother? Dai Yun’er’s brother would naturally be a prince of the Star Luo Empire.

“Hello, I am Dai Yueyan.” Dai Yueyan’s simple greeting did not include the introduction of his title. Hence, Tang Wulin did not feel an instant dislike for him. “I see. The princess went home and complained. Do you have anything to say on the matter? In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to the princess before,” said Tang Wulin with a smile.

Dai Yueyan’s heart skipped a beat. Under the pressure of his own domineering presence, this boy was surprisingly unfazed. From that alone, he could already determine his overall cultivation base.

“Good day, Tang Wulin. The truth is my little sister meant no harm. She only greatly admired the grand name of Shrek Academy as the best
academy on the Continent. That’s why she wanted to have an exchange and compare notes under the name of a wager. That’s all.”

“Oh?” Tang Wulin’s heart fluttered slightly. This fourth prince’s style was much better than the little girl. There were no loopholes in his speech.

“Then how does the prince wish us to have this exchange and comparing of notes?” asked Tang Wulin.

Dai Yueyan said, “I heard that all of you are also participating in this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. What a coincidence, my companions, little sister, and I also wished to participate in this year’s competition. I believe that we’ll meet each other in the
competition in the near future.”

Dai Yun’er continued, “Whether it’s the solo competition, paired
competition or the team competition, as long as you guys can win once, then we’ll count it as your win. Especially the team competition, aren’t you guys from Douluo Continent, the greatest advocates of this? We’ll bet on the winning and losing of the team competition. Do you dare make the bet?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Didn’t I already tell you the answer just now? This is your home ground. There are a lot of things which you guys can do. Why would I ever want to make a bet with you? Also, Your Highness, gambling is not really an honorable activity. As a member of the royal family, you
should make yourself an example for others.” “You’re scared! Is everyone at Shrek Academy as timid as a mouse like you?” Dai Yun’er sneered.

Tang Wulin’s brows furrowed together slightly. “I’m only speaking for myself. I can’t represent the academy. If you’re that bored, why don’t you go back and do some cultivation?” With these words, he turned around and returned to the breakfast hall. He had not finished his meal.

Dai Yun’er was enraged. She almost ran up to him, but she was pulled back by Dai Yueyan.

“That’s enough, little sister.”

“Fourth brother, why aren’t you helping me?” Dai Yun’er said with an angry expression.

Daii Yueyan shook his head in frustration. “Little sister, you’re not your usual self. You have a Spirit System martial soul. You’ve always been calm. Why are you so impulsive today? Acting so rashly won’t solve the problem.
This young fellow from Shrek Academy is very interesting. We’ll take it slow. There’s no rush.”

When she heard Dai Yueyan’s words, Dai Yun’er was taken aback. He was right. Since when did she turn this reckless? Normally, she would be the one playing the others, so why had she been played by someone else?

“We’ll meet them in the competition.” Dai Yueyan patted his sister’s shoulder and pulled her away from the venue.

He was definitely not someone who would leverage his own position to bully others. If he wanted to avenge his little sister, he would do it fairly and openly.

“It seems that this princess has taken a liking to you!” Yue Zhengyu said to Tang Wulin with an expression that was delighting in his misfortune.

Tang Wulin ignored him and carried on with his meal. “But that’s alright as well. If you don’t have any pressure, then this
competition would have been meaningless, no?” Yue Zhengyu laced his hands behind his back and looked to be at ease.

The team battle. Because Gu Yue had refused to take part in the battle, the seven others would participate in the contest. The team battle required one
substitute contestant at the time of registration, so they had to list Gu Yue as such. She would have to be present at the competition grounds.

The appreciation of the team battles was evident in the amount of human traffic outside the Star Luo Coliseum. Compared to the two days before this, the crowd was noticeably thinner.

Tang Wulin had heard that the reason that the Star Luo Empire citizens did not like team battles was because they thought that such battles were too
chaotic. Ordinary people could never hope to observe it clearly. When one thought about it, it actually made sense.

The solo competitions were one against one. Even normal people could see the action. Team battles confused the eyes. Although they had higher technical content, they were not really as satisfying as watching a one-
against-one match.

They went into the competition grounds and entered the waiting area to have a look at the order of their participation.

At that moment, the waiting area was already packed with contestants.
Although there were not as many teams as the two competitions before this, more people took part in one match of a team battle!

Every team was eight members strong.

Tang Wulin and the others quickly found the order of their participation.
Team battles required a larger area, so only five competitions could be consecutively held within the coliseum.

Tang Wulin and the others were the third team to battle. Their position was still slightly on the early side. They would not have to wait too long. Just when they had confirmed the order, suddenly, the noisy waiting area abruptly quietened down.

The sudden change also slightly stunned the people from Shrek Academy. They instinctively turned their heads and looked.

At the entrance of the waiting area, a group of people was slowly making their way in. There were eight of them in total. All of them wore crimson clothing. There was a black picture on their chest that looked somewhat
strange. It had an overall round shape, with an opening on one side, like a huge mouth. It displayed its sharp teeth and looked impressive in its domineering manner.

“The people from Monster Academy have arrived,” someone in the crowd whispered. The words managed to reach Tang Wulin.

Monster Academy? The Monster Academy that was established based on Shrek Academy’s rules?

Red clothing? Could that have been their school uniform? They truly
complemented Shrek Academy’s green-colored school uniforms! Was there not a saying that went, red on green, utter nonsense…

This was indeed quite intriguing.

On Monster Academy’s side, the person who led the way was a large and tall man. He was bald and stood at a height of two meters. His shoulders and back were wide. When he stood there, he resembled a hill which blocked everyone behind him.

Such a doughty aura. Tang Wulin felt silent chills running down his heart. He seemed to have seen a dash of dark red in this person’s eyes.
When this man walked in, the initially crowded waiting area immediately thinned as the people made way for him, allowing him to take his great
strides into the waiting area. Tang Wulin and the others stood at the side. They quickly saw the others who followed behind this bald, brawny man.

When Tang Wulin saw the second person, his gaze quickly froze. He had just met him that morning. Was that not the fourth prince of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Yueyan?

What shocked him even more was at the back. There were eight members from Monster Academy, and the one who walked at the end of the line was astonishingly the princess of Star Luo Empire, Dai Yun’er.
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