The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 601-610

Chapter 601 - The Eccentric and Intellectual Little Princess

Chapter 601: The Eccentric and Intellectual Little Princess

The national ceremony was not to be disturbed. After retracting his martial soul Tang Wulin was taken away. Wu Zhangkong followed along as well.

“What? You fell asleep and had a dream?” When the royal household butler learned of Tang Wulin’s excuse, he almost whipped the lad. This was a national ceremony. It would have been an act of great disrespect if Tang Wulin was from the Star Luo Empire.

Tang Wulin lowered his head. He was unsure how to explain himself right now. If he were to intentionally insist that someone by his side shouted those words, then the only people beside him at the time were Gu Yue and Xu Lizhi. He would need to bring Gu Yue into this matter as well.

The butler was similarly lost for words upon seeing that Tang Wulin appeared to be compliant.

How was he supposed to manage this matter when there was no precedent for such an occurrence?!

Wu Zhangkong stood at the side. He had also been rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, a royal household servant dressed in elegant attire walked into the room and whispered something into the butler’s ear.

The butler nodded and his expression then relaxed.

“His Majesty is benevolent. He understood that your situation is unique and he appreciates the friendship between the two countries. Consider this
situation forgotten. Be careful next time. All of you are to participate in the banquet.” The royal household butler announced the final judgment. ‘Forget the matter just like that?’ Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief. Standing by his side, Wu Zhangkong was slightly stunned.

It was a matter that involved the country’s prestige. He did not expect that the Star Luo Empire would be so amiable.

Meanwhile, in the Star Luo Empire’s palace…

“Trouble.” Dai Tianling looked at his daughter standing before him in an unpleasant manner. His face was filled with frustration.

“You are daring enough to start trouble no matter the situation. Nothing bad came about this time, but what would have happened if you caused a dispute? What if you ended up creating a conflict between two countries?”

“I was wrong, Father. I won’t do that again,” Dai Yun’er spoke obediently, lowering her head.

Dai Tianling had seventeen sons but only one daughter. He would go to the ends of the earth for her ever since she was young. Dai Yun’er’s eccentric and intellectual nature allowed her to get around her father. To him, this beloved daughter of his was truly akin to a pearl on his palm!

“I’ve been listening to these words of yours since you were young until my ears are growing calluses. You won’t do that again? Who gave the imperial concubine Zhen a yin and yang haircut last month? Also, the month before that… No, I will not just let it go this time.”

Dai Yun’er pouted. Her eyes reddened immediately. “Father, don’t you love me anymore?”

Dai Tianling was reputed to be an emperor of great talent and bold vision ever since he ascended the throne. He made great efforts to build a strong nation and lead his empire into developing at full speed. He went through the decades when his country was being choked by the Green Skeleton
Rebel Organization until it could barely breathe. The country had already begun to gradually decline. Yet, no matter how powerful he was in political situations, he could never show an emperor or a father’s dominance before his only daughter.

Just like the trick Dai Yun’er was playing before his eyes, the end result was inevitable every time.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.” Dai Tianling patted on her forehead. “I really can’t help it when I’m with you, little girl. You are simply my jinx that was gifted by the heavens. Alright, alright, I won’t punish you. But, you must promise not to make any more mischief from now on, especially mischief that could ruin the country’s reputation. Otherwise, Father is going to have to place you in confinement.”

“Father is the best!” Dai Yun’er pounced forward abruptly and hugged her father’s neck. She energetically kissed Dai Tianling on the face twice. What happened to the tearful girl from earlier?

Dai Tianling’s face was filled with helplessness, yet he could not be angry with her.

“Father, that fellow today is fun to play with.” Dai Yun’er chuckled softly. Dai Tianling’s expression stiffened. “What was fun to play with?”
Dai Yun’er answered, “You can’t really blame me for playing tricks on him! He was sleeping during such an important ceremony. It was disrespectful to our Star Luo Empire. He deserved to be embarrassed, am I right? Though it was really impressive that he could even fall asleep while standing. I wish to try it sometime too.”

“That’s enough. Even if it was wrong for him to fall asleep, he’s still our guest who came from afar. With you playing a trick on him like that, how is the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps going to regain their dignity?” Dai Tianling spoke sternly.

Dai Yun’er said, “I met him before on the streets. I didn’t expect that he came from the Douluo Continent. But, Father, he seemed like an incisive person. What was the martial soul he released that time? Did you manage to see? I took a close look, but I could not recognize it.”

Dai Yun’er was indeed mischievous, but she was blessed with natural talents as well. She was gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory ever since she was young. Moreover, she was extremely intelligent. She
was filled with soul power when her martial soul awakened at six years old. Today, her soul power cultivation base had already reached four soul rings despite being less than fifteen years old. She was the most outstanding genius in the royal household, and this was why Dai Tianling loved her the most.

In private, Dai Tianling had remarked more than once about how good it would be if Yun’er was a boy.

This was also one of the most important reasons he tolerated his daughter’s eccentric and intellectual nature.

Dai Tianling squinted his eyes. “I hadn’t managed to get a close look before I was blocked by the guards at the time. What was the martial soul of that young man from the Douluo Continent?”

Dai Yun’er answered, “It appeared to be a dark blue dragon, but there was no head, and it was a little similar to vines, but there seemed to be a vertebrae-like structure in the vines. It was so very peculiar that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before. I saw his soul rings clearly, though. He had four soul rings, three purple, and one black.”

Dai Tianling looked at his daughter in astonishment and said, “Isn’t that the same as yours?”

Dai Yun’er spoke, “He looks to be about my age too. Are all the people from Douluo Continent that superb?”

Dai Tianling spoke as if he was deep in thought. “It seems like it’s highly possible that the young fellow came from Shrek Academy.” Dai Yun’er’s eyes brightened. “Shrek Academy? Is that the Shrek Academy that holds the most power in modern times? The one that you mentioned plays a decisive role on the Douluo Continent? The Shrek Academy whose foundational theory was based on our Monster Academy?”

Dai Tianling nodded. “We specifically invited the elites of Shrek Academy to be part of the diplomatic corps from Douluo Continent this time.
Moreover, Sima Lanxiao had already made an agreement with Shrek
Academy for them to participate in the upcoming Continental Young High- Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. That will let us have a look at the Douluo Continent’s ability. The average age of the elite members sent by Douluo Continent this time is fifteen years old, and the oldest is only
sixteen. Our competition authorizes that the oldest age for participants is twenty years old. Hence, this is a good opportunity for the young generation of Soul Masters in our country to thoroughly test themselves.”

Dai Yun’er exclaimed excitedly, “That’s awesome! I shall test them there as well. I bet our Monster Academy is a worthy match for Shrek Academy.”

Dai Tianling rubbed his daughter’s head affectionately. “Don’t get careless. Shrek Academy has been famous for millennia. The unspoken truth is that on the three great continents, they have no equal. We have a good knowledge of Shrek Academy. We know that for generations past the Sea God’s Pavilion has been a gathering place for all the strongest from across the entire continent. The Shrek Seven Monsters in days gone by were also ever present in the Douluo Continent’s world of Soul Masters.”

Dai Yun’er laughed and said, “Father, don’t you go praising the strength of others and forgetting your own.”

Dai Tianling spoke, “Alright, we won’t discuss this anymore. Have you given any thought to your betrothal?”

Dai Yun’er pursed her little lips at once upon hearing this. “No, I won’t be betrothed. I’m still young. How can one be betrothed at this age?”

Dai Tianling explained in frustration, “It is the royal household’s law that you must be betrothed at the age of fifteen. Father does not want to lose you either, but the law cannot be broken. You may get married later if you want.”

“No, no, no!” Dai Yun’er shook her head vigorously.

Dai Tianling was about to say something when Dai Yun’er ran away like a gust of wind.

“That girl!” Dai Tianling shook his head helplessly.

“Your Majesty.” A young woman dressed in palace attire walked in and looked at Dai Tianling with slight frustration in her eyes. She said, “The little lady Yun’er still refused?”

Dai Tianling gave a forced laugh and answered, “Don’t you understand the daughter that you gave birth to?”

The young woman replied, “So what do you think?”

Dai Tianling’s gaze fixated for a moment as his emperor’s overbearing aura was emitted. “She is still a member of the royal household no matter how much I love her. The royal household’s law must not be broken. How else
can I maintain control of society? Just make the arrangements as planned. The day the competition ends is the day the princess chooses her prince.”


Dai Tianling looked toward his wife. “Keep a close eye on our daughter in the upcoming days. The girl has a wild temperament. She won’t yield easily once she finds out that we’ve arranged her marriage. Perhaps she will even come up with a good show of running away for me. Please watch her well.”


Tang Wulin looked at Wu Zhangkong’s back complacently as they walked into the royal household’s welcoming banquet hall. He hastily found a
corner to hide after he entered through the door. Today’s turn of events was truly mortifying, and he still had yet to figure out what happened. He had been sleeping soundly. How did he suddenly hear such a loud shout? He would not have humiliated himself so much if it had not been for that
shout! This was just great! Now, everyone including the Star Luo Empire’s government and the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps knew him at once.

Tang Wulin grabbed two pieces of dessert quietly and started eating in the corner. At least now, everything would pass as planned after tonight’s banquet.

Chapter 602 - Will You Be My Boyfriend?

Chapter 602: Will You Be My Boyfriend?

Meanwhile, the banquet had already begun. The reigning emperor of the Star Luo Empire, His Majesty Dai Tianling was dressed in a luxurious suit. He held his queen’s hand as they conversed with the diplomatic corps’ officers.

The atmosphere felt extremely cordial. The Star Luo Empire’s royals were mingling with the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. The scene
appeared amicable and harmonious.

The melodious sound of music echoed throughout the scene. His Majesty Dai Tianling walked to a female member of the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps and gestured for her to join him.

The woman was about thirty years old and extremely beautiful. Her
expression revealed that she was overwhelmingly flattered and honored by the invitation. Even so, she humbly accepted Dai Tianling’s hand and went with him as he walked onto the dance floor. They began the first dance of the night.

Tang Wulin could not help but stare blankly at how gracefully they moved. He recalled Gu Yue’s magnificent poise when she was dancing the other day.

‘Where are Gu Yue and the rest?’

Tang Wulin’s eyes searched through the crowd of people absentmindedly. In the distance, the group from Shrek Academy were engaged in a discussion with some young royals from the Star Luo Empire.

Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Gu Yue seemed to be popular. Yuanen Yehui was dressed in men’s clothing today, so she was naturally more left out. ‘Forget it. It’s better not to go over.’ Tang Wulin considered and made the decision to stay put, not wishing to become the laughing stock among them.

“Murder!” A frail voice echoed by his ears at that exact moment.

Tang Wulin’s sharp senses made him shudder as he jumped up in surprise.

As such, he did manage to react to the situation at once. His body made a half turn as he soon realized that a young maiden in palace-attire nearby was laughing so hard she was almost falling over.

The voice was too familiar. Moreover, the people nearby apparently did not hear it.

It had not been a delusion during the day. There truly was someone who shouted ‘murder’ into his ears.

Tang Wulin looked at the girl as he gnashed his teeth in anger. He walked in purposeful strides toward her.

“Why didn’t you release your martial soul this time? Once bitten, twice
shy?” Dai Yun’er looked at Tang Wulin with a beautiful smile on her face. Tang Wulin spoke furiously, “It was you who tricked me?”
Dai Yun’er shrugged. “Isn’t it as obvious as it can be?” Tang Wulin asked, “Why?”
Dai Yun’er spoke in a logical and natural manner, “You’re the one who was sleeping. Is it proper for you to nap during such a grand ceremony?”

Tang Wulin was immediately rendered speechless. Indeed, he would never have lost his cool, even if someone were to shout into his ears suddenly, had he not been sleeping at the time.

“Come, I’ll bring you to the dance floor.” Dai Yun’er grabbed Tang Wulin’s sleeve as she was speaking, then she brought him to the dance floor. This was a royal household banquet after all. Tang Wulin could not bear to struggle out of her grip, so he could only be dragged by her to the edge of the dance floor.

Meanwhile, the first dance had just ended. As the second song played, His Majesty the Emperor brought his dance partner from the diplomatic corps to the edge of the dance floor. He saluted her in a most gentlemanly manner before he bowed out from the floor. The queen stood at the side, smiling as she clapped.

The female member’s charming face was blushing as she returned the handsome emperor’s salute.

After that, the banquet’s dance had officially begun.

Dai Yun’er pulled Tang Wulin as the both of them entered the dance floor.

Tang Wulin stumbled for a moment, while Dai Yun’er had already led him into dancing together.

Tang Wulin could sense from the energy radiating from his dance partner’s hand that this girl who was supposed to be a princess was also a Soul
Master. Not only that, her cultivation base ought to be rather impressive as well.

Tang Wulin’s heart jerked as he held her hand, while his other hand
supported her waist. He muttered softy, “I don’t know how to dance.”

Dai Yun’er spoke smilingly, “It’s okay, you’ll learn as you go. I’m a professional. Ouch!”

She gasped softly as her foot was stepped on by Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin hastily feigned awkwardness as he explained, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I told you I don’t dance.”

He was not the kind of person who sought revenge for petty grievances, but he was truly cunning. Since Dai Yun’er took the initiative to pull him onto the dance floor, how could he not avenge himself? Dai Yun’er rolled her eyes at him. “You should be more careful. Ouch!”

Her foot was trod upon once more. Again, Tang Wulin apologized repeatedly.

Dai Yun’er looked up toward him with an ashamed yet furious look. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

Tang Wulin’s face was innocent as could be. “How is that possible? Why would I step on you on purpose? I told you that I don’t know how to dance, yet you still insisted on dragging me out here. How about we just forget
about this?” “No—ouch!”
Tang Wulin stepped on her foot for the third time. Dai Yun’er was in pain but this time she managed to raise her head just swiftly enough to capture the smile that vanished from the depth of Tang Wulin’s eyes in an instant.

She pouted her little lips, but she did not scream out aloud this time. She did not stop the dance either.

Tang Wulin stepped on her repeatedly for a few more times, but Dai Yun’er did not make a sound remarkably. On the contrary, she led him to dance in all seriousness.

Tang Wulin was feeling slightly ashamed by then. He controlled himself subconsciously. He depended on the foundation he built with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to follow her steps. Their dance gradually became smoother.

It was unknown since when Gu Yue had been at the side of the scene. She squinted at Tang Wulin and the princess who were dancing there. Her eyes were ablaze, but she did not take any action.

The music ended, and the pair stopped dancing.

Dai Yun’er suddenly burst into laughter as she looked at him. “I bet it was fun stepping on me!” She spoke with a voice that only Tang Wulin could hear.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, then an ominous feeling abruptly arose from the bottom of his heart.

An eccentric yet intelligent smile flashed past Dai Yun’er eyes. She
suddenly spoke aloud, “I’ve always admired Douluo Continent’s culture
and Shrek Academy. After witnessing it today, I find it truly extraordinary. Will you be my boyfriend?”

Tang Wulin was staring at her in bewilderment. Just as he was about to reject her proposal, he heard Dai Yun’er’s next words. “However, you’ll need to possess strong powers in order to become my boyfriend. Only the strongest can catch my fancy. I promise that you can be my boyfriend as long as you’re able to become the champion in the upcoming Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. Work hard!”

She made a ‘work hard’ hand gesture toward Tang Wulin upon saying that, before saluting him with a beautiful smile on her face and taking her leave.

“Oh… I—!” Dai Yun’er had already left the dance floor before Tang Wulin could even explain himself. He had already become the focal point of the
entire scene at this exact moment.

Everyone’s gaze was fixated on him including His Majesty the Emperor Dai Tianling, the queen, all the royalties on the scene, and also the diplomatic
corps members from the Douluo Continent. This…
This little girl was a little too savage.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense that there were at least several hundred young royals glaring at him with murderous intent. Their gazes felt like needles poking into his back.

‘I only stepped on you a few times, didn’t I?’ “Sure! Do you plan to stay behind and become the emperor’s son-in-law?” A familiar voice echoed next to his ears.

Tang Wulin turned around and found Gu Yue. She stared at him furiously. Not waiting for his explanation, she turned around and left.

“Gu Yue…” Tang Wulin was about to chase after her when seven to eight youths from the Star Luo Empire came forward and encircled him.

“So you wish to date our Princess Yun’er? Boy, are you trying to get beaten up?” A tall and strong youth pushed onto Tang Wulin’s chest with his arm.

Tang Wulin understood the profoundness of how a hundred mouths could not absolve his guilt for the first time. He truly had no way to explain himself!

“Excuse me, coming through,” Tang Wulin mumbled.

Star Luo Empire’s young royals puffed out their chests and raised their heads. “And what if we don’t move? I’m advising you to drop those ideas right now for your own benefit. Princess Yun’er will never date outsiders like you lot. Her highness is going to choose a husband soon. Young fellow, you’re oblivious to what the situation is here.”

“What are all of you doing here?” An awe-inspiring voice echoed.

Chapter 603 - Pouring Oil Over Fire

Chapter 603: Pouring Oil Over Fire

The young nobles quickly parted. When Tang Wulin turned to look, he saw that His Majesty the Emperor Dai Tianling was already in front of him with Her Majesty the Empress following beside.

“What is your name?” Dai Tianling peered at Tang Wulin, sizing him up.

Due to the long distance between them in the plaza that day, His Majesty had not managed to get a good look at Tang Wulin. But now seeing him up close, he had a sudden feeling of his eyes brightening up.

Here was a tall, straight, and handsome young man.

It was a given that Tang Wulin, who was good-looking and full of a vibrant warmth, easily gave other people a good impression. With his big eyes and long eyelashes, even the ladies were envious of him.

Tang Wulin bowed and paid his respects. “Good evening, Your Majesty. My name is Tang Wulin.”

Dai Tianling said with a faint smile, “I am looking forward to your performance in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.” After he had finished, he nodded at Tang Wulin, turned
around and left.

With sluggish eyes, Tang Wulin watched the emperor walk away. He said in his heart, ‘Aren’t you adding fuel to the fire with this?’ The expressions of the nobles around him had become even more unkind now. However, thanks to His Majesty the Emperor’s intervention, they had no way of making a move on Tang Wulin, at least for the moment. What was an undeserved catastrophe? This was! Tang Wulin suddenly felt that he did not know whether he should be laughing or crying. ‘If I can’t provoke you, surely I can hide from you? Competition or no competition, I’ll just decline to participate in it.’

“Good luck.” A hand appeared on his shoulder. Tang Wulin turned around swiftly and saw none other than Elder Cai standing by him.

“Can I not take part in the competition?” Tang Wulin said with a wry smile.

Elder Cai’s voice sounded in Tang Wulin’s ears, “You may, but I must remind you that our current trip isn’t simply a diplomatic mission alone. It is also a trial for all of you. It’s a trial from the academy for the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters, a trial for the Inner Disciples. If you choose to run and not fight, then you’ll lose the qualification to enter the inner court.”

Inner court? Shrek Seven Monsters? To a student from Shrek Academy, was there anything more attractive than these?

“Besides, the prizes of the competition are very generous. The champion of the solo battles will get a soul bone,” Elder Cai continued.

A soul bone? Tang Wulin’s eyes widened.

He knew exactly what a soul bone was, because he had obtained one before in the spirit ascension platform. It had been the right metacarpal. It was not one of the six great soul bones, but it was his ace in the hole. Countless times, the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw had saved his life at the most critical moments and had given him powerful battle strength.

If he could obtain a soul bone, there was no doubting the effect it would have in improving his strength and power. The breaking through of the
Golden Dragon King bloodline seals required him to bear the brunt with his body. If he could obtain another soul bone, he could at least negate the need for the heaven-and-earth treasures he would have required to break through a seal. How much money? How much money?! He could save a fortune!

‘I’ll give it my best! After all, I did not promise to be her boyfriend or
anything. She’s only doing that to try to get to me. Alright, then if I truly emerge as the champion later, let’s see what you’ll do.’

Tang Wulin balled his fists subconsciously.

“Captain, you’re awesome! You didn’t even bat an eyelid and you’ve picked up a princess.” Xie Xie hugged Tang Wulin’s shoulders, his face full of praise.

“Go away.” Tang Wulin was depressed enough as it is.

“You shouldn’t have done that. What will you do with Gu Yue?” Yuanen Yehui said seriously.

“That’s right. It’s not proper for you to do that. A man must be responsible and faithful in love,” Yue Zhengyu said severely and forcefully.

As he looked at his handsome face, Tang Wulin had a strong urge to punch it. Who was it that bought an entire bar just to get someone’s contact number?

‘What right do you have to lecture me on this?!’ Xu Lizhi also moved closer, “Captain, good luck.” ‘What do you mean, good luck’?!
Ye Xinglan shot Tang Wulin a scornful gaze, “I’d never took you for a womanizer as well.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes bulged. ‘I’m only fifteen years old! I didn’t even do
anything with Gu Yue! How did I become a womanizer? Is it wrong for me to study every day and slowly improve myself? I…’

Even when he returned to the hotel, Tang Wulin was still unable to come to terms with the events that had transpired. Luck truly did not seem to be in his favor. ‘Why did that princess want to make things difficult for me, of all people?’

Tang Wulin’s heart was full of distress. He grunted inwardly. ‘It’s just a
competition. What’s the big deal? I’ll win that championship and rub it in your face. Then, I’ll see how I can take my revenge on you.’

“Bam! Bam!” Having made his way to Gu Yue’s door, Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked.

There was no sound from inside.

“Gu Yue, I hope you’re not getting the wrong idea about today. That princess did the whole thing on purpose to frame me,” Tang Wulin said as he knocked on the door.

The door opened! Out came a hand that pulled him inside.

Gu Yue’s expression was calm. She walked to the sofa and sat herself down.

Tang Wulin hastily went over hoping to sit down as well, but Gu Yue shot him a glare. He could only stand there shamefaced.

“This is how things went.” Tang Wulin recounted his harrowing experiences to her on the spot.

“Serves you right.” after Gu Yue finished listening to him, her expression relaxed a little bit. However, she still could not help but say, “As a man, why are you even thinking of getting revenge on her? You’ve caused
enough trouble. You shouldn’t enter the competition.”

Tang Wulin said, “But Elder Cai said that if I don’t take part in the
competition, she wouldn’t allow me to enter the inner court. Besides, there’s a soul bone among the competition’s prizes!”

When she heard the words “soul bone”, Gu Yue was stunned. An icy look quickly flashed deep within her eyes. Tang Wulin said, “The soul bone has many uses. I obtained a right metacarpal bone before, and from that, I acquired the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw ability. If I can get my hands on another soul bone…”

“Alright. If you want to enter the competition, then it’s up to you. Get out.”
Gu Yue stood up suddenly. She pushed Tang Wulin out of her room and closed the door with a bang.

Inside the room, Gu Yue leaned with her back on the door. Coldness burst forth from the depths of her eyes. “Soul bone!”

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition was one of the grandest events on the Star Luo Continent. This competition had passed down since the ancient age of the Douluo Continent.

In ancient times, Soul Masters were highly respected. The Martial Soul Hall, which had controlled the majority of the Soul Masters on the
Continent, had founded this tournament to find outstanding talents.

The Martial Soul Hall was subsequently overthrown by the champions from the three great empires led by Tang San. The Soul Masters were now free, but this tournament was still passed down.

After the Douluo Continent turned into a federation, the competition slowly faded away. The Star Luo Continent, however, had continued to hold this
contest out of respect for their rich history.

The competition would be held in the capital of the Star Luo Continent, Star Luo City, once every three years. Every Soul Master under the age of twenty could sign up. Of course, there were certain requirements for one to be eligible to participate. Soul Masters with soul power lower than rank-20 were not allowed to enter the competition. Additionally, participating in the competition required the Soul Master to pay a registration fee.

The registration period lasted for a whole month. With the passing of time and development of the society, the main categories in the current
Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition included one-against-one, two-against-two, and the seven-against-seven challenge. There was also a mecha challenge, which brought it to a total of four
competitive categories. There were no competitions on forging, mecha building and other sub-profession skills.

The entire competition was mainly a fighting tournament. The aim of the competition was to stimulate the combative spirits of the younger generation in the Star Luo Empire.

The contestants who were able to achieve good rankings in the competition would leave a strong mark in their files. Whether it was for their studies, job-hunting or enlisting in the army, they would be given preferential treatment.

Among all the competitions, the one that attracted the most attention was the one-against-one challenge. There were no restrictions in the one-
against-one competition. The contestants could use any weapon or tool they saw fit. Whether it was a mecha, a soul tool or battle armor, as long as you could possess and control it, you could use it in the competition.

Hence, the one-against-one competition was the most interesting and intense.

The Star Luo Empire had always advocated individualistic heroism. The Tang Sect’s ancestor Tang San and the Spirit Pagoda’s founder Huo Yuhao were both idols in the hearts of the Soul Masters. They had, with their own strengths, turned back the powers of darkness and pushed the history of the Continent forward.

The strength of an individual could have a decisive impact during a war. This was starkly different from the Douluo Federation’s advocacy of team battles and emphasis on cooperation.

After an orderly combing of the registration name list, the final legal registrants for the one-against-one competition numbered as many as five thousand, six hundred and thirteen. Almost all eligible Soul Masters had chosen to sign up for the competition. The total number of participants who signed up for the two-against-two competition was eight hundred and sixty-four pairs.

For the registrants of the seven-against seven-competition, it was a total of a hundred and thirteen teams.

There were four hundred and sixty-one registered for the mecha battle.

With the registration period at an end, the competition would officially begin the next day.

The people who came from Shrek Academy did not need to go to the trouble of queueing up to register. Their registrations were directly managed by Star Luo Empire’s officials.

Tang Wulin and the others did not sign themselves up. Instead, it was Elder Cai who had submitted their names

Chapter 604 - Joining You in the Inner Court

Chapter 604: Joining You in the Inner Court

Aside from Xu Lizhi, the rest were taking part in the one-against-one battle.
For the two-against-two match, they formed four teams which included everyone.

As for the team battle, Xu Lizhi was the substitute contestant. It could be said that everyone had a foot in every competition.
“I don’t want to be in the same team as him,” said Gu Yue coldly as she stood before Elder Cai.

Shuffling contestants before the competition was not initially required for those from Shrek Academy. However, something had occurred to cause Gu Yue’s refusal to participate.

Elder Cai’s knit her eyebrows tightly. “Let me remind you. All of you aren’t just representing your individual selves in this competition, but the academy as well. Similarly, this trip to the Star Luo Empire is a test of sorts for you, and every action you take here will be taken into account when you’re being graded. If you’re not going to participate in the competition, you’re forfeiting your entry to run be one of the Shrek Seven Monsters in the future. At the same time, your entrance to the inner courts will be dependant on your performance from this point on.”

“Okay,” Gu Yue agreed.

Tang Wulin quickly pulled her arm. “Gu Yue, are you out of your mind!? Why aren’t you taking part in the competition?”

Gu Yue only nodded her head. “I’m in a bad mood.” After she finished, she turned around and left Elder Cai’s room. “She can’t still be jealous, can she? But this is…” Xie Xie hesitated.

Tang Wulin hastily said to Elder Cai, “Elder Cai, I’m sorry. I’ll go talk to Gu Yue.” After he finished, he quickly turned around and chased after Gu Yue.

Gu Yue stood silently in front of the window as she gazed to a faraway place.

She seemed to have foreseen that Tang Wulin would come so her door was left open.

Tang Wulin pushed on the door and entered her room. He walked quickly and stood behind her, unable to help himself but question her, “Gu Yue, what’s up with you? Why won’t you take part in the competition?”

Gu Yue continued gazing outside as she replied drily, “Why do I have to take part in the competition?”

Tang Wulin walked up to her and grabbed her by the hand. “Stop playing
around, alright? I’ll bring you to Elder Cai to explain all this, and we’ll take part in the competition together. Don’t you want to enter the inner court?
Don’t you want to become a member of a new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters?”

Gu Yue turned around and looked at Tang Wulin, “Do you honestly think that I can become one of the Shrek Seven Monsters? Don’t you forget, I’m a member of the Spirit Pagoda. In truth, things aren’t as harmonious as you imagine between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda. I don’t think this matter has gone unnoticed to you.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “You’re choosing the Spirit Pagoda?”

Gu Yue replied drily, “I’ve already made my decision when Elder Cai deliberately made things difficult for us in the past when we had just joined the academy. The Spirit Pagoda provided me with plenty of things unavailable in the academy. I don’t think I’m destined to join the ranks of the Shrek Seven Monsters.” Tang Wulin stared at her blankly. This was his first time hearing about this from Gu Yue.

“B-but…” Tang Wulin was slightly at a loss on how he should be advising Gu Yue. After knowing Gu Yue for so long, he knew just how stubborn Gu Yue could be. There would rarely be any changes made once she set her mind to something.

“But, don’t you want to continue being with me?” Tang Wulin blurted out.

Gu Yue’s body shuddered. There was an instant addition of color in her gaze toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin continued weakly, “I mean… to cultivate with me.”

Gu Yue looked at him with keen sparkling eyes. “Do you want me to take part in the competition?”

Tang Wulin nodded without hesitation. “Of course I do. We’re partners!”

Gu Yue squinted her eyes slightly. “Okay. I’ll enter the two-against-two match with you, but I’ll only enter this one match with you. I won’t be taking part in the solo and team competition. It won’t affect you guys

Tang Wulin’s wore a slightly complicated look. Although she had agreed to join him in the two-against-two match, the words she had just said drew a line between her, him, and the others, seemingly placing several layers of barriers along with it.

This feeling made Tang Wulin very uncomfortable. He did not like their current condition.

“Gu Yue…”

“Why don’t you get out? I need some time alone,” Gu Yue said softly. “Alright.” Nobody could sway Gu Yue’s emotions. After she agreed to participate in the two-against-two match, she remained in her room the entire day,
completely shutting herself in.

Tang Wulin was also in a bad mood, so his appetite was only half of what it usually was. He wanted to persuade Gu Yue but did not know how he
should go about doing it.

The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition finally began as millions anticipated its beginning.

The competition took place in the Star Luo Coliseum in Star Luo City. Due to the overwhelming numbers of participants, the contestants were
separated into teams by the system, and the preliminary matches would continue for a long time.

In order to reduce the numbers of contestants quickly, they based the preliminary matches on an elimination system. Whenever a contestant lost a match, it would spell their end in this year’s competition. Undoubtedly, luck played a huge factor in this but one’s strength also played a part in it.

Justice was always relative. Just as Elder Cai had once said, there was no absolute justice in this world. If one wanted to receive and control justice, one would have to rely on sheer strength.

The first of the competitions to take place were the solo matches. This was also the most intense and fiercest battle which millions looked forward to.
Amidst the Star Luo Coliseum were fifty competition rings where the
contestants would compete against one another according to the order set by the system. When a battle ended, another would start immediately, and the process would repeat itself until all the preliminary matches had ended.

Everyone present had an electronic contestant number card that contained detailed information about them inside the card. At the same time, there was also information about their competition times. If the contestants
missed their match, it would be considered a forfeit and they would lose the match. The opening ceremony of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul
Masters Elite Competition did not take place at the very beginning because there were too many contestants. It had to wait until after the preliminary knockout matches ended.

The Star Luo Coliseum could accommodate three hundred thousand
spectators at any one time. It was the largest coliseum in Star Luo Empire and the entire Star Luo Continent. It was also the coliseum with the most advanced equipment.

Before the competition began, the entrance tickets were already sold out. In addition to that, there were a huge number of registrants. The income from ticket sales alone was sufficient for the Star Luo Empire to cover the
expenses for the entire competition.

Moreover, there was also a live broadcast throughout the entire continent and anyone who wanted to watch it had to purchase the broadcast rights.
When it came to the profit streams from developing the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, the officials of Star Luo Empire were well versed.

Even the most ordinary of people would wish to become a soul master. The opportunity to watch such a wonderful competition was practically like a festival to them so Star Luo City was not the only place with an exhilarating atmosphere. It even spread toward the entire Star Luo Continent.

Since the order of the contestants’ matches was immediately assigned, the participation of those from Shrek Academy was not concentrated in one day alone. Tang Wulin’s number could be recalled easily. 333, it looked like a good number.

His match was on the first day. After Gu Yue had refused entry in the solo matches, the interesting thing was that the competition for the rest was on the second and third days and had just missed Tang Wulin’s match.

“Are you unhappy because I’ve given up on the competition?” Gu Yue walked forward, brushing shoulders with Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t really feel unhappy or anything if you don’t take part in the competition. It’s just that… I feel like you seem to be estranging yourself from us. I even have this premonition that perhaps… you might leave us in the near future. I don’t like feeling like this.”

Gu Yue was stunned, “I’m sorry. Even the longest feast must end at last. We’ll eventually have to go out separate ways. We’ll have to grow up one day, and when we do, we’ll have to part ways.”

“Why must we part ways?” Tang Wulin blurted.

They looked at each other as their eyes interlocked but Gu Yue suddenly looked away, “Maybe we don’t have to be apart. We’ll see how it goes. Aren’t I joining the competition with you later?”

Tang Wulin mumbled, “Actually, we can still cultivate together for many years! Although you’re a member of the Spirit Pagoda, Shrek is just an
academy! I I can still go to the Spirit Pagoda after I graduate.”

A strong surge of reluctance suddenly filled Gu Yue’s heart. She took Tang Wulin’s hand by her own accord and said, “I promise you, I’ll at least enter the inner court with you, is that alright?”

Tang Wulin was shocked at first, but his shock quickly turned to joy. “I’ll hold you to that!”

Gu Yue nodded and smiled, “Of course.”

Chapter 605 - The Nine-Ringed Silver Saber

Chapter 605: The Nine-Ringed Silver Saber

“That’s great!” Tang Wulin leaped high into the air and caused the pedestrians around him to shoot him sidelong glances,

As she felt his genuine excitement, Gu Yue could not help but smile wider. She enjoyed looking at his happy face as he leaped with joy.

The area around the Star Luo Coliseum was packed with people, and many streets had already been closed. Gu Yue and Tang Wulin had gone through quite some trouble before they finally made it to the exclusive contestant passageway with their electronic contestant and made their way in.

They had just stepped into the coliseum when they felt the excitement emanating from the atmosphere in the spectator stands.

Cheers could be heard from every part of the crowd, making it sound like waves were crashing. The loud sound made it difficult for those who stood next to each other to even hear what their companions were saying.

This was the power of a hundred thousand people cheering!

Within the coliseum were competition rings erected adjacent to each other, each with their own exclusive soul barrier as protective measures against the possible interference between different matches due to energy leakages.

When they stepped on site, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up immediately when he saw the competition stages.

Just as the competition rules stated, the contestants were allowed use of any and all abilities in the solo matches. They also had to sign a death waiver before proceeding. Although the chances of there being any casualties were rare because the referee would stop the competition when the need arose, they still had to sign a death waiver before they continued. Still, this was Tang Wulin’s first time witnessing an all-out fighting competition such as this.

There were not many who actually brought a mecha with them to the
competition since the area available for each stage was limited from fifty of them being set up at the same time. A mecha would have insufficient space to maneuver itself on the competition stage with only fifty meters being
available. It would have become a hindrance to the contestants instead.

However, Tang Wulin saw a contestant using soul tools in combat. An
assortment of lights burst forth like fireworks from the different competition stages. For quite some time afterward, it dazzled everyone’s eyes.

“This is truly a place that makes your blood boil! Gu Yue, are you really
sure that you don’t want to enter the solo competitions?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue who stood beside him since her registration was already submitted.

Gu Yue shook her head, “Forget it, I’m not that interested in it. I’m only accompanying you for the two-against-two match.”

“Alright then,” Tang Wulin fished out his electronic card and had a look. Judging by the current progress of the competition, he would have half an hour at most before he would be called up for his match. Aside from knowing his opponent’s card number as 631, he had no other information available to him.

“I wonder what kind of an opponent I’ll be facing,” Tang Wulin said with a faint smile.

Gu Yue replied, “No matter who your opponent is, he or she wouldn’t be
able to stop your advancement. Do your best. Although I can’t become one of the Shrek Seven Monsters, I’m sure you can. However, never underestimate your opponent. Based on what I’ve heard from those in the Royal Star Luo Academy in the Star Luo Empire, their most powerful
academy was the Monster Academy. They mimicked Shrek Academy in many ways. After all, we’re still young so combat with a battle armor master would still spell trouble for us.” “Mmhm.” Tang Wulin nodded. “Don’t worry, I have my own plans.”

Shortly after, Tang Wulin’s number was called to enter the coliseum. He waved at Gu Yue and left for the registration area to register himself.

“Competition stage number 33, contestant number 333!” When Tang Wulin went up the competition stage, he could not help but feel like his lucky number today was the number 3. How much of a coincidence was this?!

The feeling of actually getting on the competition stage was starkly different from the feeling one got when watching from below. When he was below the stage, he did not feel a particularly strong feeling aside from his eyes being dazzled by the bright display of lights. However, when he
actually got on the competition stage, he could still hear cheers that sounded like roaring mountains and raging tsunamis before the soul barriers were
erected. As he felt the excitement in the atmosphere surrounding him, even he could not help but feel his blood boil over although he was one of the more composed ones among his peers.

‘Thousands… No! Tens of thousands of years ago… There must’ve also been a competition as intense as this.’

When he was immersing himself in the atmosphere, a figure entered the
stage from the opposite side. As the person walked onto the stage, he knew without the slightest doubt that this person was his first opponent in the
Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, number 631.

The person was a teenager who looked to be about seventeen or eighteen of age. However, the young man had an impressive stature and a well- balanced figure, giving off an aura of stability.

Tang Wulin had immense combat experience so he immediately became more alert just by looking at the appearance of his opponent. He did not feel for a moment that his opponent would be one that would succumb easily to defeat. On the grandstand, the two elders sat together and conversed softly. If
anyone moved closer to them, they would notice the cacophony of noises from the outside world being completely cut off as they entered the vicinity.

“Wuxie’s competition is about to begin. Elder Lin, this is only the preliminary rounds, do you have to come and witness it in person? I see you’re very concerned about this beloved disciple of yours!” the emaciated elder on his left said with a hint of humor.

The one who was referred to as Elder Lin by him was an old man of great
stature and had a dignified appearance. Elder Lin said with a poker face and a deep voice, “A lion uses its full strength even when wrestling with a rabbit. Although it is difficult to encounter a strong opponent in the preliminary rounds, I’d still like to see if Wuxie has taken my advice to heart. He’s already eighteen, and this is his final chance of entering the
Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. He can’t afford to make any mistakes! At the very least, he has to make it into the top eight.”

The emaciated elder said with a faint smile, “You’ve set quite a high goal! I seem to recall Wuxie already being a one-word battle armor master, right? A five-ringed one-word battle armor master… It won’t be easy for him to meet someone who can take him toe-to-toe throughout the entire
competition. Even the elite students from Monster Academy can only do so much. I think this preliminary competition will be over in an instant. Who knows, maybe Wuxie has the chance of fighting for the top three spots.”

Elder Lin replied, “Let’s hope things will turn out that way. However, I’m actually more worried about the preliminary competitions. The pairings are done randomly so if he was incredibly unlucky, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that he could be placed with the little monsters of the
Monster Academy. In that case, it’ll be troublesome since the preliminary competition is a knockout round. He won’t have a second chance..”

The emaciated elder said with a faint smile, “At least that’s not the case for the first match. It’s only a young fellow with a very unfamiliar face. He doesn’t look too old either. I reckon he’s only here to cross the stage so I think we can prepare to leave now.” “Mm.” Elder Lin nodded.

The light barrier rose slowly as the electronic voice said, “The first round of the knockout competition, number 333 versus number 631. Ready!
Counting down! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Begin!”

There were no rules in this competition. The referee only observed from outside the stage and the match would end once the outcome was made clear.

Upon hearing the announcement to begin the match, Tang Wulin tapped the floor with the tips of his toes, took a great stride, and rushed toward his opponent. He did not release his martial soul at the first chance, yet.

Contestant number 631 was Ling Wuxie. He was born of an ancient sect and had entered the competition this year with the intention of making his mark with his first shot.

Three years ago, when Ling Wuxie was only fifteen years old, he entered this competition. During that time, he performed outstandingly but alas, he only managed to enter the top-64. He had been painstakingly cultivating for the past three years to obtain a good result in his final Continental Young
High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.

When he saw Tang Wulin rushing toward him, Ling Wuxie could not help but frown slightly. ‘What? This opponent isn’t even releasing his martial soul? Could it be that he’s too nervous and had forgotten about it?’

With a competition at a scale as grand as the Continental Young High- Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, there were many who made mistakes from being too nervous.

However, Ling Wuxie did not let his guard down. A light flashed within his eyes and five soul rings rose from beneath his feet, climbing onto his body
— two yellow and three purple. This could be considered the cream of the crop when it came to a combination of soul rings. His martial soul was also made visible at the same time as a ray of bright light burst forth to land in the center of his palm. It was a long saber with a blade more than four feet long. It sported nine metal rings which had the
same silvery white color as the blade. The instant the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber appeared, the five soul rings on Ling Wuxie’s body suddenly flew upward and merged with the saber.

The five silver rings of the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber immediately took on the color of the soul rings he had conjured earlier.

A tool soul! Tang Wulin’s squinted his eyes slightly. He recognized his opponent’s martial soul with a single glance. The effects of his soul rings
were directly applied to the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber. He reckoned that this martial soul would be quite strong.

‘Ah, such bad luck for him.’ This was Tang Wulin’s first reaction. ‘A five- ringed Soul King! This is only the first match of the preliminary
competition! How come everyone else is only fighting two or three-ringed soul masters while I’m faced with a five-ringed soul master in my first match?!’

There was no need to mention the depression Tang Wulin had in his heart. However, he still had to do what he had to do so he continued rushing forward.

Although Tang Wulin did not release his martial soul, Ling Wuxie did not let his guard down. The Nine-Ringed Silver Saber in his hand slashed at the air in Tang Wulin’s direction. The first soul ring on the blade flashed, and a gleam almost a meter long shot out like lightning from the blade and flew toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin went over his footsteps one at a time as he attempted to
sidestep the slash. However, the gleam changed its angle mid-air as it gave chase to him from his back. Clearly, this was a soul skill that could lock into its opponents and continue changing directions as it pursued its target.

There was no way Tang Wulin could have evaded it, so he struck out with a punch. A ball of white light condensed on his fist as it collided with the gleam from the blade. He was not using his martial soul. Instead, he was using pure soul power.

Chapter 606 - An Intense Collision

Chapter 606: An Intense Collision

With a soft snap, the blade gleam shattered, but Tang Wulin was stopped in his tracks after he had been slashed. His right hand was not injured thanks to the thick soul power protection from the Mysterious Heaven Method, but the surface of his fist still hurt.

Though he was shocked, Ling Wuxie opposite him was even more so.
When he saw that Tang Wulin had only used his body to block his blade’s gleam, he subconsciously knit his brows and thought, ‘Does this guy have a death wish?’

It was only his first soul skill, but with his soul power at the rank of a five- ringed Soul King behind it, even the impact from his first soul skill should have been very powerful.

He had never thought that Tang Wulin would only be frozen to the spot after he was slashed. In the end, his attack had been blocked.

Golden light flashed within Tang Wulin’s eyes. He suddenly straightened up his back. Two golden soul rings rose quickly from beneath his feet. At the
same time, the first soul ring radiated golden light and his entire body quickly grew stronger. His right arm bulged and released the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.

He did not release his martial soul. Instead, he chose to release his bloodline power.

This was…

‘Two rings? A two-ringed soul master? But why are his soul rings golden?’ Although golden soul rings had been spoken of in legends, they should not have shown up on a soul master with a cultivation base at the rank of only two rings!

When Ling Wuxie witnessed this scene, he could not help but be slightly stunned.

On the grandstand, the two elders who had gotten up as they readied to leave also stopped in their tracks. They frowned in tacit agreement.

Tang Wulin’s stepped on the floor with his left leg, and his whole body
surged with lightning. Under the enhancement of his Domineering Golden Dragon Body, his agility was raised to the extreme in an instant. With a
single flash, he was already in front of Ling Wuxie’s face.

The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw on his right hand bulged monstrously. It flickered with a brilliant golden glow as it raced straight toward Ling Wuxie’s chest.

Ling Wuxie took one step forward and thrust forth the Nine Ringed Silver Saber in his hand. Silver light shone brightly as the nine rings crackled. It collided with the golden light on Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, creating a blinding glare.


Amidst the sharp buzz of the rings, a scene unfolded that shocked Ling Wuxie’s two teachers on the grandstand. They were horrified to see Ling Wuxie’s body tossed aside like a ragdoll. He was sent flying after one slash from Tang Wulin’s claw. The Nine Ringed Silver Saber buzzed loudly.

The Soul Barrier could prevent outside noise from reaching the interior, but it would not stop the sounds inside from spreading outward. This buzz
which sounded like the cry of a giant dragon had immediately attracted much of the audience’s’ attention.

What they first saw was the five soul rings on Ling Wuxie’s body. He was a Soul King! In the preliminary competition, it was definitely the situation which warranted the most attention. What they saw next was the Soul King careening backward and only stopping just before he was perilously close to the Soul Barrier. That was how things had played out in front of them.

How did this come to be?

The Soul King was losing ground? They had noticed only the two soul rings on Tang Wulin’s body which flickered with a dazzling golden light.

Ling Wuxie’s arms shuddered. His heart was filled with shock and terror. As he stood there, he felt as if his entire right arm was not his own.

What incredible power! He had clearly felt that his Nine Ringed Silver Saber martial soul was close to breaking point during the violent shaking just now. As an assault system soul master, his own strength was definitely not to be sniffed at. With every increase in his soul power cultivation base’s rank, the strength of the soul master’s body would also grow accordingly.

However, the power of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was truly frightening. It was more terrifying than he could accept. If he had not relied on the force of the impact to retreat backward at the final moment, he might not have been able to endure the attack just now.

All these thoughts flashed across his mind in an instant. Tang Wulin had
sent him flying with one blow from of his claw, and he was already giving chase, shooting toward Ling Wuxie like a cannonball. The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw glowed brilliantly. With his extreme speed, he was already
almost upon him.

The third soul ring on the Nine Ringed Silver Saber shone brightly. The nine silver rings suddenly erupted with the sound of an explosion.

“Bang!” After the blast went off, Tang Wulin felt his brain muddle over. His dash forward slowed down immediately.

The Nine Ringed Silver Saber seized the momentum and slashed widely. A ray of brilliant blade’s gleam flickered with a translucent color. As it brought with it the radiance of the first soul ring, it had instantly appeared in front of Tang Wulin.

A silver ring buzzed at the third soul skill. Ling Wuxie had used it to defeat countless experts before this. Who could have thought that he who had a
saber-type soul tool would possess a soundwave-type soul skill. This soul skill was impossible to guard against. It stunned his opponent by attacking their souls directly. He would then follow it up with his first soul skill, as it had the shortest activation time. The two soul skills complemented each other.

Tang Wulin bit on the tip of his tongue. He used the stinging pain to regain some of his senses. The blade’s gleam was already closing in, and he had no way of dodging it.

The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw slashed at the air. As it followed the trajectory of the blade’s gleam, the tips of the claw flickered with golden light. Most of the blade’s gleam was blocked by his counter-attack, but
some of it still landed on his left shoulder with a soft sound.

Tang Wulin’s body was sent rolling sideways. He fell to the ground, unable to continue his pursuit of Ling Wuxie.

Ling Wuxie’s expression changed slightly. He had gained some advantage with this slash, but the end result was not as effective as he had pictured it to be. The Silver Ring Cry had the best effects when it was first used because it would catch his opponent off guard. When his opponent was prepared for the attack and had reached a certain level of spiritual power, the effects would not be that great.

The two opponents looked at each other. After the initial probing, they had some understanding about each other already.

Tang Wulin moved his left shoulder about slightly. He had been hit by the remaining blade’s gleam, but in truth he was uninjured. The Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s defensive powers were unbelievable, especially
after he trained using the Body Sect’s extreme methods. It would not be too presumptuous to refer to his body as a human weapon. Densely packed blade gleams enlarged in front of his eyes. Ling Wuxie had taken the initiative to attack. His footing was sure and steady as he made
slash after slash. The blade gleams were thick and did not disperse. They formed a large net in the air and flew forth to cover Tang Wulin, sealing off all possible escape routes.

Compared to before, his current blade gleams were even more powerful. He had obviously put more soul power into this attack. After their collision just now, Ling Wuxue did not dare underestimate Tang Wulin by even an ounce.

Tang Wulin tapped on the floor with the tips of his toes and reversed his blood essence. An excited dragon’s roar sounded from his body after that. The sudden loud and clear dragon’s roar had amplified his imposing manner. He pointed his palms toward the skies, and a golden dragon head appeared.

The blade gleams landed on the dragon’s head and shattered. They did nothing to weaken the dragon’s head even by a little. The glow of the dragon’s head had actually grown in brilliance.

A chill ran down Long Wuxie’s heart. Amidst the shift in the surrounding atmosphere, he had started to feel that things were not in his favor.
Although his opponent only had two soul rings, his overall attack strength was too powerful.

The blade net was torn to pieces in an instant by the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

“Ding!” The Silver Ring Cry rang out again. Not only could this soul skill be used in a surprise attack, it also had the miraculous effect of cutting his opponent’s soul skill short.

Unfortunately, Ling Wuxie clearly saw that though Tang Wulin’s gaze had wavered for a moment, his attack showed no signs of weakening. Indeed, it was intensifying.

The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was not a soul skill, but a blood essence skill. The attack, borne from the reversal of his blood essence, had emerged following the change to his bloodline. His bloodline had already been urged into action. Unless Tang Wulin stopped the attack of his own
accord, the release of his skill would not be hindered, even if he lost control of it momentarily.

As the Golden Dragon’s head rushed toward Ling Wuxie, his expression
was grave. He grabbed the tip of the Nine Ringed Silver Saber with his left hand and pushed the hilt outward with his right hand. He positioned the
Nine Ringed Silver Saber horizontally in front of himself as if it was a shield. The fourth soul ring on his body glowed brightly.


When he saw that his disciple had reacted quickly and used his fourth soul skill, Hidden Edge Stance, the elder on the spectators’ stand nodded with satisfaction. That was the correct response. But in the next moment, his
expression had already changed greatly.

Nine Ringed Silver Saber vibrated and buzzed. Although it had already formed a wall of silver light and blocked the impact of the golden dragon head, the counterattack of Hidden Edge Stance had not even appeared. Ling Wuxie’s body was once again sent flying by the force of the collision. He
was already spitting out fresh blood out in the air. This…
What background did that young boy with two golden soul rings have? And what was his martial soul?

These questions arose in the hearts of countless crowd members as they watched the battle. The number of people who had their attention on this competition had increased.

Chapter 607 - Explosion! Double Hit!

Chapter 607: Explosion! Double Hit!

Ling Wuxie was having the most profound feeling. The Hidden Edge Stance could draw out his greatest defensive power. When the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber’s defensive ability was at its peak, it would launch its most powerful attack with. This was a powerful soul skill which combined both offense and defense. If this skill was used properly, it could be an ingenious maneuver that could turn the tide of battle.

But he had never expected that the giant dragon head would collide with
such devastating force. It was beyond what he could bear. The Hidden Edge Stance had not even brought out its full power before it was utterly destroyed. He felt as if he was rammed head-on by a soul train. His insides seemed to be on fire, and he had already been heavily injured.

He had no other choice!

As he was flying backward through the air, Ling Wuxie stretched out both of his arms. Rays of light swiftly shot out of the bracelets on his wrists and transformed into battle armor covering his body.

The bright silver armor quickly merged together and covered his body in an instant. The precise moment when the breastplate fused together on his
chest, a beam of silver light shot toward the sky. The light instantly steadied his body so that he was on his feet, no longer being tossed backward.

One-word battle armor! A full set of one-word battle armor!

The instant the silver light appeared, Tang Wulin had felt that this turn of events was far from reassuring. In terms of personal strength, he was
confident enough to fight any opponent whether they had four rings or five. The only thing he feared was if his opponent was already in possession of a full set of one-word battle armor. The difference one-word battle armor made to Soul Masters was truly overwhelming. When Ye Xinglan, whose personal combat strength was
certainly not inferior to Tang Wulin’s, had first gone up against a one-word battle armor master, she only managed to weaken her opponent after using a method that was akin to a suicide attack.

Hence, when Tang Wulin saw the one-word battle armor releasing from Ling Wuxie’s body, the first thought that occurred to him was that there was no way he could allow him to completely unleash the full power of the
armor. Otherwise, he would not have even the slightest of chances.

The sonorous dragon’s roar erupted from Tang Wulin’s body again. As the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens sent his opponent flying, he was
already closing in for a follow-up attack. While Ling Wuxie was releasing his battle armor, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw on his right hand had already swung toward his opponent.

The five dark golden blades of light enlarged instantly. They transformed into a massive claw which brazenly struck at its target.

Although Ling Wuxie had the protection of his battle armor right now, the feeling as if he was burning from the inside which had been brought about by the impact of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens had still not subsided. He was just about to take a breather and launch a counterattack with the help of his battle armor when the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was already upon him.

The Nine-Ringed Silver Saber was positioned horizontally in front of him, but he could not utilize his soul skill in time. Ling Wuxie’s soul power
within his body was scattered, and he needed time to adjust it.

“Boom!” An intense explosion followed the impact between the dark golden glow and the bright silver shine.

The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was Tang Wulin’s most powerful attack. Under its full strength, its offensive power that was unbelievable. The
Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear was already an extremely terrifying creature in the world of soul beasts. Additionally, Tang Wulin had the enhancement from his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

The battle armor creaked with a sound that made one’s teeth feel sore. The attack caused the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber to hit Ling Wuxie’s chest. If he had not been wearing a complete set of battle armor, which had enhanced the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber, he reckoned that this hit would have torn the Nine-Ringed Silver Saber into pieces.

The terrifying power of the attack was completely borne by the one-word battle armor. It was battle armor after all. Even the Golden Dragon
Dreadclaw could not break its defenses. However, the immense force had left five deep gouges on Ling Wuxie’s battle armor. His entire body was sent flying and he crashed into the stage’s barrier.

This time, it was a heavy crash. Even with the protection of his battle armor,
Ling Wuxie still felt disoriented. His entire body rebounded back to the stage after he collided with the barrier.

Tang Wulin had already followed up by then. He seized the opportunity before his opponent had time to react. He made a fist with his Golden
Dragon Dreadclaw and landed a full-force punch on his opponent’s belly. He sent his opponent crashing into the barrier like a cannonball.

A thick dark blue vine appeared and twined itself around Ling Wuxie’s ankle. The vine swung and lifted Ling Wuxie as he was making his way
back onto the stage and smashed his body onto the floor with a loud crash.

Tang Wulin moved like a shadow as he gave chase to Ling Wuxie until he finally reached his side. In the instant when his body crashed onto the floor, the exuberant dragon’s roar sounded again. He stomped his right foot mercilessly on the floor.

Eight dragon-shaped forms of energy gathered together and pounded on Ling Wuxie’s body, which tossed him around as he lay on the floor. A golden dragon head appeared again for the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! “Rawrrr!” In an instant, Ling Wuxie seemed to be swallowed whole by the giant golden dragon head. His body was hit by a cacophonous barrage of

From when Ling Wuxie was first sent flying by Tang Wulin’s first Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens until the following attacks, all of them happened seamlessly. The continuous stream of attacks had dazzled the
audience’s eyes as they stared with their mouths agape. This…
However, that was a one-word Battle Armor Master, a five-ringed Soul
King! Why was he nothing but target practice for that young boy who only had two soul rings?

Ling Wuxie himself who was flying through the air also could not understand it. He felt as if all his joints were dislocated. His battle armor had helped him bear the brunt of the attacks, but the force from the impact still got to him. It shook him so much that his soul power could not
condense from the very beginning, and he could not truly utilize the battle armor’s powers.

Tang Wulin seemed to have leaped into the sky with his opponent’s body. The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw clutched his opponent’s neck. On the sharp edges of the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, dark golden light blades shone brightly. He seized his opponent’s body midair and smashed him onto the floor.

“Yield!” The terrifying energy from the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw rubbed against the weak joint of the neck battle armor. Tang Wulin knelt with his knees on Ling Wuxie’s belly and once again dispersed his soul power that was only beginning to condense.

The stabbing pain that came from his neck was excruciating. Ling Wuxie had felt a danger of dying in an instant. Even the protection of one-word battle armor had its limits! After Tang Wulin’s combo attack just now, its defensive capabilities were greatly worn down. When it was faced with the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw at point-blank range, it was already at its limits. “Tap! Tap!” Ling Wuxie smacked the floor, gesturing that he conceded defeat.

Tang Wulin leaped upward. He retracted the Golden Dragon Claw on his right hand and stood firmly on the floor.

On the spectators’ stands, there was already a clamor. For the two elders of Ling Wuxie, other than staring with their mouths agape, their expressions were so gloomy that they seemed to be almost dripping with water.

With their cultivation bases, they could tell that Ling Wuxie with his one- word battle armor certainly had the ability to defeat his opponent. But his
opponent had not given him a chance to unleash the powers of his one-word battle armor before he ended the battle. From the beginning until the end, the rhythm of the battle was under the control of the opponent. That was truly frightening.

He lost. He lost in the very first round? This also meant that he was
eliminated from the competition. The final opportunity for Ling Wuxie to take part in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite
Competition was lost just like this. How could this not make them shocked and enraged?

Ling Wuxie lay on the floor, his mind completely blank. There were no more external pressures. His battle armor started to give feedback to his body. It helped him organize his soul power and made adjustments to his body. However, the physical pain was secondary to the blow he had taken to his mentality.

He lost, just like that, in a baffling manner.

If he had released his battle armor from the moment he had stepped onto the stage and not given his opponent the chance to close ranks with him, things would not have turned out this way.

‘Even the lion uses its full strength when it wrestled with a rabbit.’ His teacher’s words echoed in his mind. He was filled with regrets. He regretted underestimating Tang Wulin in the beginning. He had regretted not being able to unleash his fifth soul skill from the beginning until the end.

Nevertheless, in this world, there was no medicine for regret. Nobody had ever pitied the losers. He had lost and thus was already eliminated. He was a loser.

Tang Wulin was panting slightly. In truth, the pressure that he was bearing just now was also just as great.

The recoil from striking the one-word battle armor had been very uncomfortable for him. The enhancement of a full set of battle armor on a Soul Master was truly overwhelming. If the Golden Dragon Shocks the
Heavens had not dealt a great blow to his opponent immediately, which was followed up by his seamless combined strikes, and he had given his opponent the chance to regain his bearings, what he would have faced was an opponent close to the rank of a seven-ringed Soul Saint! If he fought
seven rings with four rings, even if he had the stronger body, he would be hard-pressed to defeat his opponent. Losing in the first match would have been dreadfully embarrassing.

Fortunately, there was no need for second-guessing. He had won, very happily. The series of combo attacks just now had improved his actual battle strength somewhat. He had merged the potential stimulated by the Body Sect and his own strengths together.

Of course, if his opponent had unleashed the full strength of a one-word battle armor master, it would not have been as if Tang Wulin had absolutely no chance of winning. He still had the Bluesilver Emperor, as well as
Goldsong and the Overlord Dragon.

Tang Wulin leaped down the competition stage and swiftly ran into the
contestants’ passageway. He had no intention of becoming the center of the crowd’s attention.

“That’s was great!” Gu Yue’s voice came from beside him. Tang Wulin turned to look. She was already waiting for him here. Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “This luck of mine has been absolutely
wonderful. I hope this won’t happen again. It’s a lot of pressure to go up against a one-word battle armor master.”

Chapter 608 - Captain, Could You Come Over To My Room

Chapter 608: Captain, Could You Come Over To My Room

Gu Yue smiled. “You haven’t used your battle armor yet, have you?
Xinglan hasn’t even managed to produce her own core battle armor and yet, she’s already helping others in making theirs. Your rerebrace should be
completed soon.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened. His first piece of battle armor was on the right hand and forearm, then followed by this piece of rerebrace battle
armor connecting from his arm to shoulder. Now, his right arm would have a set of completed battle armor when this piece was finally complete.

The Golden Dragon Claw on his right hand was undoubtedly his strongest offensive point. The presence of completed battle armor would only heighten his abilities to new heights and this would give him a better chance when he faced battle armor masters in the future.

“Let’s go,” Gu Yue said to him as she made the first move to walk outside.

Tang Wulin followed behind with quick strides. The battle today was beneficial to him. He would only continue contemplating the matter after he returned.

Ling Wuxie stood up with great effort as he descended the stage like a dead man. He could clearly see the deep scratches left behind by Tang Wulin
when he took the pieces of battle armors off his body. His chest and
abdominal armor were the most severely damaged, and he would need a mecha mechanic’s repairing skills to restore the armors. To top it all off, repairing a one-word battle armor was an extremely expensive affair. The color of his face was ghastly pale, and his entire being seemed to have been beaten out of his senses.

“Discouraged?” a low and aged voice echoed from the corner.

Ling Wuxie raised his head abruptly and looked in the direction of the echoing voice. He called out with a hoarse voice, “Teacher.”

The old man walked in front of him before raising his hand to give Ling Wuxie a ferocious slap

The strong pain that radiated from his face seemed to have awakened Ling Wuxie from the very core of his being.

“Are you discouraged?” the old man’s voice was filled with sternness.

“I’m not!” Ling Wuxie grasps his fists tightly as tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes.

The old man raised his hand once again but just as Ling Wuxie though he was about to be struck again, the old man wrapped his strong arms around his disciple, cradling him.

His voice sounded low yet bold, “Remember, this is among many of the humiliations you’ll face in your lifetime. In order to wash it away, you’ll have to make sure you become stronger. Don’t look for any excuses.
You’ve lost. It’s not terrifying to lose, and it’s nothing if you’re eliminated. Most importantly, you’ll have to identify the reason why you lost the match along with your inadequacy. You didn’t lose because of your failure at
showing your strength, but because your opponent did not afford you that opportunity. You lack tactical combat experience so I’m bringing you to Hell Valley next. You’ll properly train yourself there so you can fight for the day you’ll wash away the humiliation you’ve faced today. When, and
only when you’ve done that will you be able to wash away the humiliation you’ve suffered today. If you can do that, that’ll be when you’ll become a true powerhouse.”

“Teacher…” News of the elimination of a one-word battle armor master, five-ringed Soul King soon made its way through the entire arena. However, this made
everyone feel depressed because the youth that had initially created a miracle earlier had now disappeared. Only a small amount of people knew about his contestant number — 333.

The first batch of opponents for Tang Wulin’s companions were all very weak except for the one he fought. Everyone passed the match with ease
aside from Xu Lizhi and Gu Yue who did not participate in the one-against- one match.

Still, Tang Wulin’s experience fighting a one-word battle armor master reminded everyone that the soul masters on the Star Luo Continent were definitely comparable to those on the Douluo Continent judging by their combat abilities. The Star Luo Empire that advocates individual heroism spared no effort when it came to cultivating one’s individual strength.

For Tang Wulin to be able to triumph over a one-word battle armor master in a match against each other was an astonishing feat in itself. Wu Zhangkong’s expression appeared a little less cold when he finished his meal. In fact, the way he looked at Tang Wulin now made it seem as if he was exceptionally satisfied with his performance.

It was simply unbelievable that a four-ringed boy was capable of defeating a one-word battle armor master.

“Captain, come over to my room later,” Ye Xinglan left these words behind before she left after finishing her dinner.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu’s gazes turned peculiar as they fell upon Tang Wulin.

“What are the both of you looking at!” Tang Wulin said in an unpleasant tone.

Xu Lizhi spoke shyly, “The captain’s second piece of battle armor is about to be complete. Sister Xinglan is inviting him over to complete the battle armor.” “The second piece of battle armor is completed? Then should the next piece she produces be ours then?” Xie Xie was immediately overjoyed with the idea.

Xu Lizhi spoke in apparent seriousness, “You? Yours is the last one to be
complete! I remembered that gaze of yours earlier very clearly. I’m going to tell Sister Xinglan about it tomorrow.”

“Lizhi, are you looking to get slapped?” Xie Xie rubbed his palms together as he gathered himself forward.

Tang Wulin stood up and placed a hand on Xie Xie’s shoulder. Then, he turned around and asked Xu Lizhi, “Do you want to beat him up?”

Xu Lizhi laughed shyly and stood up. “Captain, beating someone up is not that nice. Why don’t you keep him there, I’ll jump up and sit on him before we call this even.”


How could Tang Wulin possibly not anticipate his battle armor when it had been so long since he had obtained his first piece?

It was a huge loss for him to fight against a battle armor master without a set to call his own. It was his dream to become a battle armor master!

Tang Wulin had already thought of a name for his battle armor earlier. He was going to name it… Dragon!

He could name it when he was done gathering a full set of battle armor.

Undoubtedly, it was the Golden Dragon King Bloodline that helped him
accomplish all the things he had today. Even if he were to train any harder, he would never possibly possess the powers he had today without the
energy that originated from the depths of his bloodline. This was the reason why he wanted to name his one-word battle armor ‘Dragon’.

He would add the word ‘Golden’ in the future. Perhaps, his two-word battle armor would be named ‘Golden Dragon’ or something along those lines. He ate his dinner quickly, and Xie Xie seized the opportunity to flee when Tang Wulin was not paying attention to him.

Later, Tang Wulin went over to Ye Xinglan’s room while the others returned to their respective rooms.

Ye Xinglan invited him into her room. “The materials have been prepared earlier, we’re going to complete the final production process today.” Ye Xinglan pointed to an object placed on the table in her living room.

Tang Wulin’s eyes immediately gleamed when he saw what it was.

Instead of a pauldron carrying about a rerebrace, he saw both parts
connected as one. The connection between both parts was sealed with an ingeniously made soul circuit which would not affect one’s agility at all.

This was designed by Gu Yue for Tang Wulin, while the form of the battle armor was designed by Tang Wulin himself. The soul circuits and
engravings that came after were the handiwork of none other than Ye Xinglan.

She was already capable of producing battle armor in stages following the elevation in her cultivation base and a thorough analysis of battle armor production. There was no need for her to produce them in one go any longer.

Producing all of them in one go was truly a difficult feat for her. Moreover, the results would not necessarily be the best. Now, she was capable of
engraving a simplified soul circuit before she would complete the process altogether.

Without a doubt, the piece before his eyes that was shimmering with a faint glimmer of starlight had gone through all the necessary preparatory steps.
The only thing it lacked was the final production process to complete it.

Tang Wulin looked toward Ye Xinglan as she nodded. “We’ll begin then. Get ready.” “Alright!” Tang Wulin answered then he backed several steps away.

Ye Xinglan walked and stood before the table. The glimmer of starlight
seemed to glow on her body in that split second as the Stargod Sword fell into her hand. Soon, the specks of light on her body glowed as pieces of battle armor shimmered with starlight before swiftly covering her body.

Ye Xinglan’s battle armor was engraved with star-shaped striations that
were different from Tang Wulin’s. Her battle armor appeared to be thinner because she was seeking agility. This was so her battle armor could
completely fuse with her body.

A gush of her sword’s consciousness condensed and gushed out. However, it did not spread but only condensed onto the Stargod Sword. It was only by witnessing it up close that Tang Wulin could clearly sense the horror
contained within its consciousness.

Not only was he improving, but his companions were all improving as well! In fact, Ye Xinglan was even stronger now.

Tang Wulin was not so certain that he could triumph over Ye Xinglan if they went toe-to-toe. It was not only because of her battle armor but her focus as well.

Tang Wulin had known all along that he was not the strongest within the little group they had in Shrek Academy. Gu Yue was probably the strongest one followed by Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui before he came into the picture. Then, there was Yue Zhenyu, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. Xu Lizhu was left out because he was an Auxiliary System soul master.

Chapter 609 - The Second Piece of Battle Armor

Chapter 609: The Second Piece of Battle Armor

Gu Yue’s true power was still a mystery within Tang Wulin’s heart because he had never seen her devote her all into combat before this.

She told him the other day that her spiritual power had already breached the Spirit Abyss level and Tang Wulin actually believed her. Gu Yue had
always had this quality to her that attracted him to her. When he looked at her, it felt as if he was gazing into a dense fog.

Suddenly, a speck of starlight began to glow in Ye Xinglan’s hand before it took flight and supported the battle armor, rising slowly into the air.

Aside from the most important battle armor core on her chest, her battle armor was more or less complete. Ye Xinglan’s presence at this moment
could only be described as a God descending from the heavens. Her entire being was as vast as the entire galaxy at this moment.

Sparkling starlight gleamed from her battle armor as her Stargod Sword burst with a piercing radiance, illuminating every possible part in the room.

Then, streams of starlight swept past them and fell upon a piece of battle armor, penetrating the engraved soul circuits, carving and linking them to one another.

The mysteries of the soul circuits were one of the most important research topics to a mecha craftsman. The difficulty level would increase proportionately to the complexity of the soul circuit.

The one-word battle armor designs from Gu Yue were all specifically tailored for her companions, even Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin could even feel the bloodline in his body bringing out his battle armor as exquisite patterns appeared on the battle armor.

It was clear to Tang Wulin that Ye Xinglan was now much steadier than when she was making his first piece of battle armor. Her soul power had
already condensed and was not dissipating so even if she was continuously consuming her soul power, it was controlled to such perfection that not even a single ounce was wasted. He could sense her soul power remaining stable under the powerful recovery capabilities of her battle armor.

She had truly improved by leaps and bounds so Tang Wulin would have to train just as hard.

As time passed, golden lights continued lighting up on the battle armor before they gathered toward the rerebrace. It was different from the three
sharp knives present on the forearm piece of his battle armor. The rerebrace seemed much more pleasant. It had complicated patterns along with a pauldron that protruded outward, dividing into three separate but overlapping layers that appeared unusually dense and thick with scales
covering its outermost layer.

Tang Wulin wild combat style was purely from the Strength System, and the design of the pauldron was to allow him to collide with the enemy in a more effective manner. The three overlapping layers of the pauldron in
addition to his already terrifying strength would result in massive destruction if he were to collide with his opponent’s body.

Tang Wulin could sense the profound but faint pattern of dragons emerging on the surface of the pauldron. Crest lines protruded from the diamond-
shaped scales on the surface of the battle armor. These were the exact same scales that would appear when he released his Golden Dragon Body.

“Get ready!” Ye Xinglan’s shout awakened Tang Wulin from his dazed state, refreshing his spirit as he watched her attentively.

Specks of starlight gathered and illuminated the cores of the soul circuits before a dazzling radiance penetrated the room. Suddenly, an intense energy fluctuation burst out as Tang Wulin took a step forward to arrive before the battle armor.

He touched his hands against his shoulder and arm in succession and pierced his skin until two spurts of fresh blood appeared and splashed onto the battle armor.

It was then that the initial golden splendor from the battle armor immediately turned into a scarlet shade. Tang Wulin mobilized his blood essence and soul power swiftly and with the guidance of his right hand, he released his vambrace along with starlight that simultaneously emanated from the back of his hand.

The soul circuits were coordinating with one another. With a hum, the pauldron soared high into the air and headed directly toward his shoulder.

Tang Wulin’s bloodstained shoulders readied themselves as they perfectly fused with the pauldron and rerebrace. The armor retracted, wrapped
around, and rolled upward, linking the front portion to the vambrace to instantly complete the seal.

By infusing his soul power into the battle armor in a frenzy, the bloodline energy in Tang Wulin flared up. He was the one who had forged these
metals so the bloodline connection spontaneously occurred, resulting in the frenzied infusion of his soul power into the battle armor to complete each nodal point.

As the scales lit up one after the other, Tang Wulin’s aura began growing with the battle armor. His aura was continuously growing denser.

Ye Xinglan did not even the slightest shred of respect for Tang Wulin when the first met. As a student of Shrek Academy, she had always been arrogant.

However, Tang Wulin’s tenacious fortitude left a profound impression on her following their frequent encounters. This was especially so for his quality for not even having the slightest hesitation when it came to protecting his companions. It had been completely seared into her mind. Such a companion and team member had earned him the worthy position of having her trust so she could leave her juniors in his capable hands.

The golden light gradually vanished as Tang Wulin moved his arm about with his face filled with joy. He could clearly sense the explosive energy contained within his arm and spread his Golden Dragon Claws appeared.
Along with his armor, the Golden Dragon Claw combined perfectly to give him the appearance of a fearsome killing machine. He did not even need to bring out his soul power when his Golden Dragon Claw alone had appeared with three inches of golden light surrounding it.

The sharpness of the Golden Dragon Claws was the reason for his success against Ling Wuxie today. Ling Wuxie’s battle armor was severely damaged due to his Golden Dragon Claws and its unique ability, Smash.

Tang Wulin looked at his left hand, noticing that his right arm, shoulders, and chest were already covered in the Golden Dragon King scales when he
released his blood essence earlier following his breakthrough of the Golden Dragon King seal. If he were to achieve another breakthrough later on, the scales would probably completely cover his left hand, causing the Golden Dragon Claw to appear on his right hand as well.

With two Golden Dragon Claws, he would definitely achieve a leap in his power.

He already had the ability to break through the fifth seal but he was not in a hurry in a bid to have more time for himself.

At this moment, his thirst for more power had re-emerged once again following the addition of his new battle armor. He had almost lost control and wanted to return immediately to break through the seal.

“How does it feel?” Ye Xinglan asked.

Tang Wulin was not stingy when it came to compliments. “It’s awesome. This is simply perfect.” The starlight vanished as his battle armor fused with his body before
sinking into his arm along with his bloodline energy. This, was the most powerful feature of spirit alloy one-word battle armor. If he wanted to
continue forging second-word battle armor in the future, he would only need to continually refine and perfect his current foundation. To top it off, he would have no need to store his battle armor in a soul storage device
since he was able to fuse it with his body to be able to release it in a shorter timespan.

“Thank you, Xinglan. I’m going back to my room now,” Tang Wulin spoke. Ye Xinglan asked, “Wulin, is Gu Yue alright?”
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment before he looked toward Xinglan. “Did you notice anything?”

Ye Xinglan frowned slightly and said, “She hasn’t been in a good mood for quite some time. I often find her in a daze by herself, not knowing what’s on her mind. I think it’s possible that she’s going through some mood
changes because she joined the Spirit Pagoda in the beginning, resulting in her ineligibility of becoming one of the Shrek Seven Monsters in the future. Spend more time with her, we can all tell that she treats you differently.”

“Hmm. Tang Wulin nodded before sighing softly. “I don’t know what’s going on with her either. However, she promised me that she’ll join us in the inner court. So what if it’s the Spirit Pagoda? We’ll be graduating in the future after all, and we’ll always remember our friendship no matter where we are. We’ll always remember the process of us growing up and it’s fine! The current soul technology is so advanced so we can always see each other no matter where we are. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her more to ease her mind.”

“Alright then.” Ye Xinglan nodded. “How about you? What are your plans in the future? Will you be staying in Shrek Academy?”

Chapter 610 - Growing Old With You

Chapter 610: Growing Old With You

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t think so. I plan to join the army in the future. It’s been my objective since long ago. I’ll be leaving for that once I’ve graduated from the inner court.”

“Join the army?” Ye Xinglan looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment. “Xu Lizhi mentioned that before, but I assumed it wasn’t true. You think that enlisting will be better than cultivating in the academy?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “This is what I want. I’ll do whatever it takes, just like how Gu Yue’s goal is to become a member of the Spirit Pagoda. Everyone has their own ambitions. How about you? You’ll be staying in the academy, right?”

Ye Xinglan nodded. “I don’t like the outside world that deceives and
schemes. The academy suits me best. Lizhi too. He said that he’ll join me and remain in the academy.” Her gaze became much gentler when she said that.

“That’s great! Think about this, where will we be in another ten years? It’ll be wonderful when the day comes that we can all reminisce about the times we had together.”

Ye Xinglan laughed. “That’s right! Perhaps it will be as such. You should leave now. I’m going to cultivate.”

After leaving Ye Xinglan’s chambers, Tang Wulin was about to return to his room, but he suddenly recalled her words from earlier. His feet suddenly
came to a halt in front of Gu Yue’s door. He knocked on the door softly. The door opened after Gu Yue realized that it was him.

Tang Wulin walked into the room and announced proudly, “My second piece of battle armor is done. The next one will be yours.”

Gu Yue smiled. “I don’t know. We’ll wait to see Xinglan’s plan. Anyhow, I’ve already passed her the designs for everyone’s second pieces of battle armor.”

Tang Wulin did not feign his courtesy and sat onto the sofa. He picked up a glass of water from the table and drank a few mouthfuls.

“Hey, that’s my glass.” Gu Yue looked at him reproachfully.

“Oh,” Tang Wulin answered and laughed. “I drank it anyway. You can wash it later.” As he spoke, he poured the remaining water into his mouth and

Getting ever more infuriated, Gu Yue glared at him as Tang Wulin
sniggered. “I like your look now. Don’t always look like you have the
weight of the entire world on your shoulders. We’re only fifteen years old. I’m already old and steady enough, but these days you look even older than I am. You’re going to get wrinkles, you know.”

Gu Yue grabbed her slipper and threw it at Tang Wulin angrily. “You’re the one who’s getting wrinkles.”

Tang Wulin caught it and spoke with a smile, “I heard a song before. It was titled ‘The Most Romantic Thing Is to Grow Old with You’. Gu Yue, do you think we’ll grow old together in the future?”

Gu Yue was caught off guard. She was suddenly speechless as she looked at him.

Tang Wulin stood and walked right up to her. He knelt down and lifted her foot gently, putting the slipper he held back on for her.

He stood up, raised his hand and rubbed her head, then said with a grin, “Your hair’s messy.” “Scoundrel!” Gu Yue scowled at him furiously.

“Goodnight.” Tang Wulin rubbed her head again, but Gu Yue did not actually try to dodge.

He left, while Gu Yue simply stood there the whole time. She did not tidy up her hair at all.

After a long while, she walked over and took a seat where Tang Wulin’s had plopped himself earlier. She picked up her glass and filled it with water before downing it in one gulp.

“The most romantic thing is to grow old with you?” Tears silently welled up in her big eyes.

The first round of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition took three days to complete. Some people were joyous while others were heartbroken. The Star Luo Empire’s government revealed its great organizational skills. Even though Star Luo City was already overcrowded, they still managed to keep everything running smoothly and ensured that the competition did not cause additional disturbances.

After the first round of one-on-one matches ended, it was followed by the first rounds for the pairs, group and mecha categories.

The three remaining categories had far fewer contestants compared to the one-on-one contest. The first round for each category was carried out every day according to the organizer’s arrangement. After the losing contestants were eliminated, one would be able to watch all sorts of matches in a day.

Tang Wulin appeared in front of Gu Yue’s door with a fresh and cool manner in the early morning to take her to breakfast with him.

It was apparent that Gu Yue’s charming face was smiling more when
compared to the day before. Her gloominess seemed to have disappeared, and her sunny aura was beaming once again. Tang Wulin peered at her continuously in secret as he was having his breakfast.

“What are you looking at?” Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him.

Tang Wulin laughed and said, “I noticed that you look slightly different today! Do you regret not taking part in the one-on-one contest?”

Gu Yue scoffed. “I didn’t participate in the one-on-one contest because I didn’t want us to fight each other. If you were to fight against me, how would you maintain your reputation?”

“So confident, huh?” Tang Wulin asked in slight defiance. “What makes you so certain that I am not a worthy opponent?”

Gu Yue answered flatly, “My power.”

“Perhaps we should get together and compare notes someday,” Tang Wulin said with a laugh.

Gu Yue pursed her lips arrogantly, yet the corners of her mouth cracked into a smile.

Meanwhile, the rest of their companions had already been arriving at the cafeteria one by one. Ye Xinglan sat down next to Gu Yue. When she saw
the smile on Gu Yue’s face, she could not help but smirk as she darted Tang Wulin a look.

“It’s the two-on-two match today. Be careful everyone! I fought with a Soul King-ranked opponent yesterday. The overall power of the Star Luo Empire’s Soul Masters is even stronger than I imagined.”

Full of confidence, Xie Xie said, “Still useless, no matter how strong they are. Our goal in the pairs category is to become the champions.”

Yuanen Yehui shot him a look. “Shut up.”

Xie Xie said awkwardly, “I didn’t say anything wrong. Is it not our goal to become the champions?” Yuanen answered, “Even if we are, you don’t have the right to say so. The weak have no right to boast.”

Xie Xie was speechless. “Since when am I the weak one?” Yuanen asked, “Who have you ever managed to best in a fight?”
Xie Xie pointed to Xu Lizhi without the slightest doubt. “Lizhi! Lizhi definitely can’t beat me. I don’t think Xiaoyan can either.”

“Can you be a little less good-for-nothing? Comparing yourself to the
Auxiliary System Soul Master and Control System Soul Master.” Yuanen Yehui had a strong urge to send him flying with one hard slap.

Xie Xie sniggered. “One day I’ll be stronger than you. Perhaps everyone will meet a strong opponent today. I can only reveal my true strength when I have found a worthy match!”

Yuanen Yehui scoffed dismissively.

Tang Wulin snapped. “Keep your big mouth shut from now on!”

Xie Xie said, “Captain, aren’t you going to back me up? Look at Yuanen. She’s looking down on me.”

Tang Wulin spoke in an unpleasant tone, “Then you must use your strengths to prove that she’s wrong. Otherwise, don’t talk nonsense.”

All eight of them were taking part in the two-against-two competition. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were a pair, as were Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie, Xu
Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu,and Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi.

There was no way to tell which pair was the strongest out of the four teams. After all, they had seldom engaged in two-on-two match. That being said, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue once challenged Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu, and they were still the strongest in overall power when combined.

The eight of them exited the hotel and headed straight for the sparring ground. Wu Zhangkong did not join them having already gone to the sparring ground in advance. The organizer had prepared a special podium for the Shrek Academy contingent.

The first round of the one-on-one category had been divided into three days, so Wu Zhangkong had actually only managed to watch Tang Wulin’s match. He did not pay as much attention to the others’ matches.

All four pairs of Shrek Academy’s students were contesting in today’s two- against-two category. As a leading teacher, he would naturally have to pay the most attention when his students were displaying their abilities.

The students of Shrek Academy would start developing in different directions once they had achieved a certain level in their cultivation base, especially the elite students. A teacher had to help them avoid going astray as much as possible and offer some guidance in finding their own path. He would not intervene in any more of their situations. The best method for
cultivating truly outstanding Soul Masters and Battle Armor Masters was to allow them to develop their individual characters in the manner best suited for them.

Thus, Wu Zhangkong already seldom gave them instructions. He would help them to correct their inadequacies mostly after they saw their own weaknesses in actual combat.

Tang Wulin and his companions walked together after they entered the contestant’s passageway. Even though many had witnessed the shocking
scene when he defeated a Soul King during the first day of the competition, it had been for such a short time and a few days had passed since then, so nobody else among the audience or the contestants noticed him.

The contestants had a special waiting area, but there were already no seats available for them by the time they arrived there. The eight of them found a corner to stand in, waiting for their matches to arrive.

Tang Wulin looked at the other contestants within the waiting area. The competition’s age requirement was below twenty years old. He could see most of the contestants were at least eighteen years old and above. Some were excited and eager to try, while some were clutching their fists anxiously, and others were sitting and meditating with their eyes closed calmly.

He could sense the contestants’ levels roughly just by looking at them.
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