The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 591-600

Chapter 591 - Green Skeleton

Chapter 591: Green Skeleton

Having witnessed Wu Zhangkong’s power, the enemy sent two black mechas to subdue him immediately.

Most black mechas were around eight meters tall, but those of the Star Luo Empire’s were quite different from the Douluo Continent’s. The two mechas flying toward Wu Zhangkong resembled a giant bear and an ape.

The ape-like black mecha was only five meters tall, but it appeared to be tremendously nimble. It had two pairs of different-sized folding wings on its back, with a jet-burner on top of each wing. It seemed exceedingly agile under the movements of these two pairs of wings.

On the other hand, the giant bear mecha was over twenty meters tall, and it seemed to be unusually full of power and grandeur. It was enshrouded in a dark purple protective shield with a gigantic battle ax in its hands over twenty meters long.

Without a doubt one of these was a strength model, while the other was an agile model.

The giant bear dashed ahead, the battle ax waving wildly. Despite its heavy and bulky physique, it swung the battle ax which brought out a series of
afterimages in the air. A streak of pitch black light crossed hundreds of meters in an instant directly toward Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong’s figure suddenly turned vaporous. The Sky Ice Battle Armor on his body exuded a dream-like glow as strands of silver turned into frost, shooting outward from his body.

The black radiance cut through nothing, as though Wu Zhangkong transformed himself into an icy mist that could not be held down. With a brilliant flash, Wu Zhangkong appeared in the sky above the giant bear mecha. All the frost gathered in an instant and rolled toward the opponent like an enormous net.

The giant bear mecha was so great in size, it had nowhere to dodge.
However, the protective shield it had equipped put up a powerful defense.
Streaks of bright purple light shot out where the dark purple barrier was
struck by the frosty mist. It remained thick and sturdy without any sign of breaking.

Meanwhile, a figure silently appeared at Wu Zhangkong’s back at that exact moment. Two two-meter-long daggers dropped down and slashed directly toward his back.

It was the ape mecha moving very swiftly. While the giant bear mecha and Wu Zhangkong collided with each other face to face, it seemed to become illusory and then appeared behind Wu Zhangkong.

This was the most terrifying killer-type mecha on the battlefield.

Wu Zhangkong body gracefully swayed. His movements were extremely agile. It was as if he had completely transformed into a shadow, while the Skyfrost Sword in his hand turned translucent and dazzling. The shadow- like body vanished, and the ape mecha struck at nothing. Fast as lightning,
the Skyfrost Sword expanded and transformed into a circle of swords. This was Wu Zhangkong’s fifth soul skill – the Frost Song Moon.

One must fight and win battles decisively when faced with so many formidable enemies.

Again and again, the giant sword slashed down with a loud thud. The sky was already filled with a radiant mist of ice.

Streaks of bright light suddenly shot out from the giant bear mecha’s back. Its purple protective shield’s defense had achieved its extreme protection in an instant. Countless beams of light gushed out behind its back. Those were gun barrels. Due to the giant bear mecha’s enormous body size, it was capable of storing more energy than an ordinary mecha.

However, its enormous body size did not make it invulnerable to the attacks of the Frost Song Moon.


At the sound, the black giant bear mecha was suddenly covered from head to toe in a layer of white frost. Wu Zhangkong then vanished into thin air, leaving only a gust of icy mist behind.

Dozens of soul beams fired at his earlier position only to find their target was no longer there.

The ape mecha was astonished. It watched helplessly as the giant bear mecha fell from the sky. It was impossible for a mecha to break from a drop at this height, especially with a black mecha’s durability. But what would happen if it was frozen? Most likely the mecha would shatter and possibly cause its Master inside to drown.

The icy mist suddenly froze the mecha’s back while it remained transfixed. However, the ape mecha reacted quickly and nimbly turned its body in midair in an attempt to escape.

But the icy mist left behind by Wu Zhangkong earlier froze and immediately formed a web of frost. The ape mecha became trapped within the net of ice.

This was Frost Song Moon and Skyfrost Slash! The two great soul skills
combined and transformed into a translucent sword’s reflection. The sword appeared to flash before it disappeared immediately.

Wu Zhangkong’s figure melted into the icy mist and vanished once again. The ape mecha seemed to pause for a moment in the air, before suddenly splitting in two and crashing down to the ground. It all seemed to take an endless amount of time. In reality, it happened
within two breaths. The two black mechas were brought down from the sky by Wu Zhangkong.

This showcased the discrepancy between a mecha and battle armor, and
also the difference between an ordinary Soul Master and a Shrek Academy Soul Master.

Many more enemy mechas had already arrived when Wu Zhangkong was still fighting. The great battle was in full swing.

Close quarter combat was more frightening than long-range attacks. The best that the Star Luo Empire’s imperial guards could do was form a line of defense to block the frontal assault, but there were far too few of them to handle all of it. Meanwhile, everyone from the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps was already exhausted. They were being wounded and killed when the two sides collided with each other.

Tang Wulin tore open a car and saved two more passengers. Yuanen Yehui had already transformed into the Titan Giant Ape and held four civilians at her sides when she dashed out. She passed them to the Royal Star Luo
Academy’s students before she turned around and rushed back in again.

Just then, a purple mecha descended from the sky. The giant sword in its hand slashed right at Yuanen Yehui’s face.

Though Yuanen Yehui had already transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, her body size still could not compare to the powerful mecha. Even so, she did not intend to back down when faced with the purple mecha.

There was a brilliant flash in her eyes. She flung her fists and brazenly charged at the mecha.

“Boom!…” The purple mecha collided with her, its giant sword smashing into Yuanen Yehui’s fists. Yuanen Yehui stumbled backward by two steps, while the impact sent the purple mecha flying. The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students were staring in bewilderment. Did she just use her body to physically attack the mecha head-on?! She really was a monster!

Yuanen Yehui’s fists punched out simultaneously when she was stumbling backward. She released two air cannon spheres, firing forcefully at her opponent. The giant sword in its hand glowed with a piercing purple flare when it blocked the air cannon spheres. It slashed down with a scorching hot swing burning brightly. This power was the result of combining a Soul Master and a mecha.

Yuanen Yehui scoffed coldly as the fourth soul ring on her body glowed brightly. Her figure shrank a little but her muscles appeared even bulkier.

She dashed forward boldly and blasted another punch. It was the Devil Titan!


The flare collided into her body and instantly flew in all directions. The terrifying energy fluctuation exploded. The purple mecha and its sword were thrown backward from Yuanen Yehui’s punch.

This was Yuanen, the powerful Yuanen.

Meanwhile, an agile figure silently appeared on the mecha’s side. The figure flashed past and vanished. The purple mecha floating in midair suddenly stiffened, dropped down from the sky, and crashed into the ground.

Xie Xie touched the tip of his foot against the mecha’s body, then he
somersaulted through the air and headed for the soul train once again. He did not forget to give Yuanen Yehui a thumbs up at the same time.

Yuanen rolled her eyes at him. Her expression was growing more solemn,
as there were more than ten mechas flying in their direction at that moment.
There was a black mecha, four purple mechas, while the remaining ones were yellow. It was very apparent that the enemy realized that their opponents were not so easy to deal with. They sent their strongest reinforcements straight to them.

Shrek Academy’s group was not afraid of purple or yellow mecha.
However, a mecha that was elevated to the level of black was already
completely out of this world. The person who was controlling the mecha was at least a six-ringed Soul Emperor. The fighting capability of a Soul Emperor with a mecha was beyond one’s imagination.

“Leave the black mecha for me. The rest are yours.” A clear voice echoed from within the train. Two figures were tossed out of the train toward the
Royal Star Luo Academy’s students who rushed over to receive them. Soon after, a golden figure soared into the sky to Yuanen Yehui’s side. It was
Tang Wulin.

He had taken a great stride onto the top of the car and leaped into the sky. He flung his hands forward and shot out two Bluesilver Emperor vines at the black mecha.

Feng Linwan was a renowned black Mecha Master in the Green Skeleton Rebellion. He was twenty-seven years old this year, but he had already
achieved a Soul Emperor cultivation base. He was the organization’s rising star and was definitely going to become a Divine Mecha Master in the future.

He had a penchant for mechas from an early age, having dealt with them every day since he was three years old. Most nights he slept in a mecha. It was like an extension of his own body.

He began to painstakingly train ever since his martial soul awakened in order to become a powerful Mecha Master, and he had been learning about operating them ever since he was young.

He never took up any kind of profession or even attempted to learn about other sub-professions. Mechas were all the satisfaction he required. A battle armor master was powerful, but he had been thinking how could a Soul Master’s individual strength possibly compare to the power of technology? Mechas were continuously becoming more sophisticated. He believed that one day they would definitely exceed battle armor and become the strongest of all.

Chapter 592 - Battle Against A Black Mecha

Chapter 592: Battle Against A Black Mecha

At only twenty-six years old of age, he had defeated most of the rivals he had within the organization and finally gained a black mecha that belonged to himself. There was even that one time when he spent three days and nights sleeping in the black mecha.

His goal was to become none other than the strongest and most powerful mecha master in the Star Luo Continent.

He had been working toward this goal all along, and the current operation had been well arranged. The organization wanted to rely purely on power to overcome the other high-ranked officers and raid the diplomatic corps of the Douluo Continent.

The Star Luo Empire was so powerful that it made it a difficult time for the rebellion to survive. They required external forces to interfere and distract the government’s attention so they would obtain more time and space to
continue their existence.

Without a doubt, the Douluo Continent was capable of causing the most pressure and trouble to the Star Luo Empire. So, their mission this time was to destroy the diplomatic corps from the Douluo Continent to trigger a breakout between both continents.

The current mission they were on were top-secret. Before this day, all
communications had been jammed to the point where even a majority of their own had no knowledge of this operation.

They used a soul cannon that had radar-jamming capabilities to launch a long-range attack, directly bombarding the soul train. As expected, their plan succeeded. However, they did not expect powerhouses to be present amongst the diplomatic corps that were capable of guarding the train themselves.

From their insider, they had already gleaned enough information to know that there was a Hyper Douluo within the diplomatic corps from the Douluo Continent. Everything else was mostly based on vague information but they still sent a divine mecha to hold the line this time around.

However, the following phase of their operation did not go as smoothly as predicted. After a momentary crossfire, they managed to suppress their opponent with their immense firepower but caused only a limited number of casualties in the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. A majority of those in the ranks of the diplomatic corps were soul masters with considerable
combat capabilities. Along with the reinforcement from the forces of the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade, the attack was unsuccessful.

Time and tide wait for no man. The diplomatic corps call for help had
already been sent out, and the relief troops would definitely arrive within a short period of time. Although they understood that maintaining their long- range attacks would be more effective, they chose to engage them in close combat to completely eliminate the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps within the shortest possible time.

Feng Linwan had already noticed this earlier — that Gu Yue was like to a soul cannon battery. This young girl could shoot out various beams of light from her staff without any amplification from a mecha and had blocked most attacks headed toward them.

He then requested to be sent to the frontlines and headed straight for that direction. However, as he was about to approach the car, he spread out his arms behind his back, and two war hammers dropped into his hands. He relied on the black mecha’s powerful combat capabilities. Those war hammers were weapons capable of causing mass destruction, making it far more effective than swords or knives on many occasions.

The two colossal war hammers gave off a dark glow that was as dark as ink after he imbued it with energy. The war hammers then roared across the horizon and landed straight onto the top of the car. However, a figure suddenly appeared on the screen before Feng Linwan’s face at this moment.

It was a young boy who appeared to be less than fifteen or sixteen years old. He soared into the sky as he surprisingly released three purple soul rings and a black soul ring from his body.

‘He has a ten thousand year soul ring even while he’s just a four-ringed soul master?’ Feng Linwan was startled. This was the first time he had witnessed such a thing.

Then, he saw the black soul ring on the young boy’s body suddenly brighten. Vines as thick as thighs shimmered with a dark blue radiance as it precisely surged forward toward his direction.

He could faintly see a faint dark golden radiance emanating from within the vines. They seemed like dragons and caused the young boy’s figure to
shrink rapidly as the vines concealed his figure. ‘What kind of martial soul is this?’
An arrogant expression appeared on the corners of Feng Linwan’s mouth as curiosity got the better of him. No matter how strong his soul rings were, this boy was still no more than a four-ringed soul master. Feng Linwan was actually a six-ringed Soul Emperor! To top it off, how could the opponent possibly be his match when he owned a black mecha.

The black mecha from an initial high speed to a screeching halt. Then, the war hammer in its right hand shot out like heavy artillery as it headed
straight toward Tang Wulin.

Feng Linwan favorite style of attack was to suppress the enemy through absolute strength. He was a strength system soul master and was most
skilled in subduing men through sheer force.

The surrounding space seemed to collapse the instant the black war hammer flew out, even causing the air around it to become distorted for a moment,
and the severely compressed air to give off a light explosion The vines that were intertwined in front of the giant war hammer seemed weak as it gradually recoiled. However, something shocking happened immediately after.

The thick vines that were recoiling suddenly weaved themselves into a large net in the sky. It was true, the war hammer was powerful enough to force the net backward with such sheer force that it even lifted the net to a certain extent. However, its momentum was gradually reduced.

The large net moved horizontally as it whipped back and forth. It absorbed and discharged the energy from the giant hammer to endure its forceful

“Huh!” Astonishment appeared in Feng Linwan’s eyes. His war hammer was not attacking with mere ordinary strength. It was imbued with his
martial soul’s ability — Shatter. Shatter would activate when one was hit by the hammer and generally, whoever was at the receiving end would die a tragic death.

However, when the war hammer collided into the weaved vines, they clearly gave off a blue and golden radiance. One could indistinctly see
meridians and bones within the vines that stripped the giant hammer of its offensive capabilities.

It was then that the black mecha waved its right hand to recall the giant hammer as Feng Linwan frowned. Since he could toss his giant hammers in an offensive move, he naturally had the ability to recall them to his soul formation.

However, a vine suddenly wound itself around the shaft of his giant hammer and soon, the young boy he had seen earlier suddenly appeared,
swayed gently and flew to the top of the giant hammer with the momentum he got from swinging the vine.

The black mecha’s pair of giant hammers were about five meters long, including the length of its shaft. The hammer’s head was more than two meters in diameter so the young boy who somersaulted onto the giant hammer appeared extremely minuscule. The large net of vines unraveled and quickly spread out around his body, like a fierce octopus with countless tentacles.

“You’re trying to get killed,” Feng Linwan scoffed coldly. ‘You’re
calculative enough to use my very own hammers to approach me. If that’s the case… I’ll let you approach me.’

A dark radiance flashed and suddenly, a five-meter-tall black figure
appeared next to Feng Linwan’s black mecha. It was a dark silver giant bear that gave off a dark radiance around its body as its eyes were dyed scarlet.

It was the Dusksilver Bear! Feng Linwan’s third spirit soul was also his
strongest spirit soul. Although the Dusksilver Bear could not compare to the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear or the Duskgold Bear, it was still an expert when it came to raw strength.

Moreover, Feng Linwan’s mecha was miraculously compatible with his
Dusksilver Bear. It could rely on its strength and access the 2,500-kilogram pair of hammers equipped by his black mecha. This compatibility made it a killing machine.

The Dusksilver Bear was a spirit soul. The black mecha stretched its right hand out, and the Dusksilver Bear stepped onto its palm before dashing toward Tang Wulin who flew back to the top of the hammer like a black orb of light.

A prideful smile had already emerged on Feng Linwan’s face. The ten- thousand-year Dusksilver Bear spirit soul was so powerful that it could tear an opponent into pieces when it came close enough. If Tang Wulin chose to avoid its attack, then it would seize control of the mecha’s giant hammers to continue its onslaught in the most violent ways. It would still end in his inevitable death. This was the final battle Feng Linwan would have to directly be involved in before he could finally kill all the soul masters
within the diplomatic corps.

The Dusksilver Bear was extremely fast. Its body flashed and almost instantaneously, it arrived before the giant hammers, already bearing its ferocious fangs as it stretched out its enormous paws, making it seem as if it was trying to give a hug.

However, it was at this moment that an enormous dark shadow suddenly emerged behind Tang Wulin.

Chapter 593 - Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear

Chapter 593: Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear

However, it was not a complete body and was merely a giant skull.

Its eyes were a bloody shade of red that reduced the initial violent imposing manner of the Dusksilver Bear, suppressing it until it was close to nothing.

Although it was a mere skull, that alone was far larger than the Dusksilver Bear. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and let out a shocking howl.

A mere ten-thousand-year spirit soul? Who wouldn’t possess it? Overlord Dragon!

Spirit souls were generally intelligent. The more powerful the cultivation base of a spirit soul, the greater its wisdom. When they reached the ranks of ten-thousand-year spirit souls, their wisdom would not be inferior, even to humans.

The Dusksilver Bear was definitely weaker when it came to intelligence if compared to other spirit souls on the same rank. However, it made up for this with its sharp instincts.

What kind of a being was the Overlord Dragon? It was the one true overlord. One that domineered terrestrial soul beasts and was a being that was already extinct tens of thousands of years ago. However, within its bloodline,l was the aura of the Golden Dragon King. It was one of the purest dragonkind soul beasts within the Golden Dragon King’s direct bloodline. It was the true overlord of strength.

Hence, when the roar of the Overlord Dragon’s unyielding spirit soul
sounded, the first thing that rose within the heart of the Dusksilver Bear was fear, an extreme fear. It had been so aggressive before this when it was preparing its attack but now, its body was curled up. However, it still had its momentum and
continued its charge toward Tang Wulin.

Then, Feng Linwan saw a scene that left him staring with his mouth agape.

The young boy who stood on the giant hammer suddenly bent over and his right hand began flickering with a golden light. Armed with sharp golden claws, he brazenly clawed into the black giant hammer’s hilt. Although the
giant hammers were forged from superalloys, it was as fragile as tofu in the face of his huge golden claws.

Then, the giant 2,500 kilogram that was the pride of Feng Linwan was plucked up by the young boy from under his feet and thrown into the air.

The force of his pull was a display of sheer strength. Clearly, the amount of force the young boy was exhibiting was definitely more than five thousand kilograms.

“Boom!” The giant hammer brazenly crashed onto the Dusksilver Bear’s body. It had never expected that the giant hammer which was supposed to be its weapon would ever be used against it.

Only a short while ago, it had crushed countless opponents with that giant hammer. However, it was currently bearing witness to the terrifying
strength the hammer possessed after it was at the receiving end. One could only imagine the depth of the pain brought about by the special effect

“Bang!” It was a direct hit on the Dusksilver Bear’s huge body by the giant hammer and it crashed toward the ground. Then, its momentum lessened.
The black mecha was still able to bring the hammer to itself, and it soon flew toward its initial location. Naturally, it brought Tang Wulin’s body with it as it flew back.

“F*ck…” Feng Linwan could not help and swore. ‘Is this young lad even human? Is he even human?!’ When he looked at Tang Wulin, all he saw was a dragon in human form.

However, as the most outstanding and promising youth in his organization, Feng Linwan’s reaction was also exceedingly fast. He quickly severed the pull his mecha had on the giant hammer, causing the 2,500-kilogram hammer to fall downward in a freefall. Almost at the same moment, its body flashed and appeared by Tang Wulin’s side almost instantaneously as it swung its left hammer toward Tang Wulin.

‘No matter how strong you are, you’re still a four-ringed soul master. There’s no way you’ll be able to fly no matter what!”

The moment Tang Wulin felt the giant hammer fall, he immediately tugged on the hammer in mid-air. With the momentum, he turned his body around and directed the giant hammer toward the black mecha, throwing his body sideways.

He was currently about thirty meters from the ground, and the black mecha had enough time to sway toward one side to avoid a head-on hit from the hammer. At the same time, it attempted to pull the hammer back into its grasp once more. During this time, Tang Wulin’s body was already flying
sideways toward a faraway direction, putting some distance between them

‘I’ve to kill this human soul master. He’s so young but already has four rings?! What would he become when he gets older?!’

A fierceness flashed in Feng Linwan’s eyes. He had already locked onto Tang Wulin.

At this moment, a yellow mecha was in a collision course with Tang Wulin’s flying body. The notion of seeking undue advantages was present in anyone’s heart. The yellow mecha’s weapon was a great sword and instinctively, it hacked and slashed directly toward Tang Wulin.

Huge Bluesilver Emperor vines ventured from behind Tang Wulin as if they had eyes. Then, his first soul ring flickered and the vines instantly coiled upward. The greatsword hacked the vines from the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation and did not even leave a scratch despite the immense force it was exhibiting. As the vines continued to coil around it. Tang Wulin flipped and landed on the shoulders of the yellow mecha as the vines coiled around the yellow mecha, wrapping it firmly.

Feng Linwan and his black mecha had already quickly rushed over. Tang Wulin’s vines swung and threw the yellow mecha within its grasp into the air.

Feng Linwan took control of the black mecha and instantly decelerated. It then raised its right leg and used it as a shield to block the yellow mecha. After all, they were comrades and losing control of one’s mecha in mid-air was a very dangerous affair. However, this would not pose a problem as long as he could help steady its body.

At this moment, a figure was seen appearing from the yellow mecha’s
waist. A flash was seen as it appeared before the cockpit of the black mecha almost instantaneously. It was then that an excited dragon’s roar was heard, and a golden dragon’s head exploded at the chest of the black mecha.

When Tang Wulin threw the yellow mecha into the air, he had managed to use the Bluesilver Grass to pull him back onto its back. He managed to
seize an opportunity to ambush the black mecha when it attempted to help the yellow mecha stabilize its body. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

There was no way to evade the attack. Mechas were not humans, after all. No matter how skillful one was at operating them, it was impossible for a mecha to have the maneuverability of a human’s body. However, the defensive prowess of a superior mecha was manifested at this moment.
Amidst the dark light, a protective barrier exploded with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, sending forth a glaring light.

When the nearby yellow mecha was hit by such a powerful wave of energy, it immediately shot outward like a cannonball and crashed toward the ground. He was finally at melee-range. At this moment, Tang Wulin’s abilities had also erupted.

The second soul ring on his body glowed, signaling the arrival of Bluesilver Impaling Array. Under the Bluesilver Emperor Transformation, the
Bluesilver Emperor vines surged outward in a frenzy, flashing wildly like
countless sharp spikes that stabbed the back of the black mecha’s protective barrier in mid-air.

The protective energy barrier of the black mecha weakened dramatically as it continuously got stabbed. As that happened, another peculiar vibration
seemed to be taking an opportunity to invade. Feng Linwan discovered in shock that his black mecha was now obtuse.

If this was the old Bluesilver Grass, the Bluesilver Impaling Array could never have achieved this feat. However, it was now the Bluesilver Emperor that was enhanced by his ten-thousand-year soul skill, the Bluesilver
Overlord Transformation.

Golden light flashed brightly on Tang Wulin’s body as he unleashed the
Golden Dragon Body, dramatically increasing his strength once more. The flicker clearly seen within his eyes was one of stubborn wildness. At such a close range, Feng Linwan could clearly see the wild streak in his gaze.

This was the first time fear appeared within Feng Linwan’s heart. Almost without hesitation, he took control of the pair of giant hammers in his possession to launch a brazen counterattack, directly striking Tang Wulin’s chest.

However, the Bluesilver Emperor vines quickly weaved themselves into a shield behind Tang Wulin. Surprisingly, he did not dodge the attacks but maintained the balance of his body in mid-air with a mere blade of
Bluesilver Grass twined around the black mecha. Countless more Bluesilver Emperor vines protected his back.

On his right hand, the glow of the Golden Dragon Claw shone brightly. With the enhancement of his Golden Dragon Body, it increased several fold in size once again. Its tips were swallowing and spewing golden light at the same time.

“Humph!” Feng Linwan grunted furiously. Sitting in the pilot’s cockpit, his body also shone brightly. Two yellow, three purple and a black soul ring — all six of his soul rings glowed. He infused his mecha with soul power and suddenly, the surface energy of the black mecha increased tremendously.

“Boom!” Both hammers counterattacked, striking mercilessly on the
Bluesilver Vines behind Tang Wulin. Although the defensive powers of the Bluesilver Emperor that had undergone the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation was amazing, the hammers still landed on Tang Wulin’s back from the all-out onslaught of the superior black mecha.

However, it was also at this moment that the soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body switched to two golden ones. The second soul ring flickered and his body burst forth with a luster, making it seem almost mirror-like.

At the same time he was hit, a great dragon’s roar arose from within Tang Wulin’s body. The golden glow on his right arm’s Golden Dragon Claw
suddenly increased by half a foot in length. He drew support from the terrifying impact behind him and directly clawed at the black mecha’s pilot’s cockpit.

‘He can even block that!?’ Feng Linwan’s brain was momentarily blank. Those were giant hammers with a shocking weight of 2,500 kilograms! With the addition of the super mecha’s and his own strength, they would have been as heavy as thousands of kilograms! ‘He can even block
something like that?

Above the great ocean, two months of steeling himself had not been in vain. The ultimate goal of the Body Sect was to stimulate the human body’s potential and turn it into the greatest weapon.

Compared to his time on Douluo Continent two months ago, Tang Wulin’s current strength was far more powerful than it was. The strength of his body was even a few times greater than what it once was. When the Bluesilver Emperor awakened, his body had also undergone a transformation, turning his entire world upside-down. In terms of
survivability, even Wu Zhangkong might not that much better than him.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was displaying the full extent of his body’s abilities and strength along with the abilities of his martial soul and bloodline.

Chapter 594 - Extermination

Chapter 594: Extermination

This attack contained the strength of the Golden Dragon Shocks the
Heavens, the enhancement of the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, and the inertia from the blows of the two giant hammers.

The defenses of the black mecha shattered in an instant. The Golden Dragon Claw brazenly grabbed hold of the mecha’s cockpit.

Amidst the ear-piercing sound of tearing metal, a golden light flickered before everyone’s eyes. As Feng Linwan looked on in fear, the fifth soul ring on his body erupted and he transformed. His physique suddenly buffed up and he crossed his arms in front of himself.

His martial soul was the Dusksilver Bear!

There was no doubting the defensive powers of the Dusksilver Bear. Great strength was its core trait.

But in the face of the Golden Dragon Claw, this defensive power appeared weak, even with his Soul Emperor cultivation base. Tang Wulin’s current Golden Dragon Claw was the combination of his four-ringed soul power, the blood essence power of his entire body, and the enhancement of
Domineering Golden Dragon Body which created a force of thousands of kilograms.

“Pshhh!” Both of his thick arms were impaled in an instant. The enormous Dragon Claw had pierced all the way to his chest before it was stopped by the Dusksilver Bear’s muscles and bones after he forcibly utilized his six- ringed soul power.

A little more, just a little more! Feng Linwan could no longer care about the intense pain in his arms. All the fine hairs on his body stood on end. He had never expected that a young man who was merely a four-ringed Soul Ancestor would get so close to threatening his life.


Starlight began sparkling brilliantly on the Golden Dragon Claw. The pressure on the Dusksilver Bear’s arms was instantly lifted. Sharp dark golden blades shot out from the points of the Golden Dragon Claw.

“Battle armor!” His final howl was filled with dismay. Feng Linwan looked on as the dark golden blades stabbed mercilessly into his chest.

The light in his eyes quickly dimmed. At that moment, his mind coursed with regrets. He regretted the fact that he had taken his enemy too lightly out of carelessness, but more than regret, he was amazed. He had never thought that there was a Soul Master in existence who could accomplish such a feat at four rings.

Tang Wulin’s dull, staring eyes were now mixed with a dash of relief and relaxation. With a “puhh”, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, splattering it on the surface of the black mecha.

A massive blow of thousands of kilograms to his back… how could he be unscathed?

The black mecha brought him and the pair of giant hammers along as they dropped from the sky straight toward the ground.

The battle was still in full force. The trio of Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan had formed the toughest combat force of the Shrek team. However, at the moment, the ones who had annihilated the highest number of enemies were not them.

A Starwheel appeared silently under the feet of a yellow mecha. The yellow mecha froze instantly as it lost all control from the inside. Shortly after, it dropped down hundreds of meters from the sky. The Starwheel Ice Staff shone again. Countless sparkles of starlight flickered all across the skies. The attacks of the mechas suddenly went into disarray. Their volley turned into a scattered shot. Some of the attacks even landed on their neighboring mechas, which exploded in a flurry of sparks on their protective barriers.

The controlling abilities of Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Ice Staff were on display. She coordinated her attacks with the other three and Gu Yue’s long- range attacks. As they faced the dozen or so mechas, they held their ground without giving the slightest concession. They did not even take half a step backward.

The students of the Royal Star Luo Academy who were rescuing the
casualties in the soul train were long dumbfounded at the sight. In their eyes, the scenes that played before their them were unbelievable.

They were all at four rings, but how could they perform feats that they themselves dared not to even imagine?!

Yuanen Yehui leaped into the air and curled up her body. Two punches of her Air Cannon blasted away two beams of light at the enemy. Her body suddenly shrunk in midair as a pair of black wings unfurled on her back.
She accelerated instantly and moved like a dark purple shadow. She flashed past the side of a yellow mecha that was unable to dodge in time.

On her arms, the glow from her dark purple battle armor shone brightly. Her Shadow Demon Sword burst forth with a glaring flash. It terrifyingly cut down the legs of the yellow mecha. Without the thrusters on its legs, the mecha quickly fell from the sky.

Golden light shot outward from Yue Zhengyu’s entire body. He had instantly caught up with Yuanen Yehui in midair. The colors of black and gold fused into one. The fusion of Fallen Angel and Holy Angel did not appear too harmonious. However, within the chaos, a brilliant sword’s gleam which flickered in black and white flashed across the sky.

A purple mecha exploded in the air, looking like resplendent fireworks. “Captain!” Xu Lizhi yelled. What he saw was the instant where the black mecha’s pair of giant hammers launched their counterattack. Everyone then saw the burst of golden light and heard the gleeful dragon’s roar.

The black mecha was falling from the sky!

Gu Yue’s body flashed with a silver light and she was already airborne. With another flash, she went under the black mecha. Just when she was about to make her move, a figure flipped out from the black mecha. It
stepped against the mecha to slow its descent.

Gu Yue’s eyes beamed. A ray of silver light shone from her staff. In the next instant, the figure was forcibly pulled toward her.

There were traces of blood at the edge of Tang Wulin’s lips, but in his eyes, there was only excitement.

This was his first time destroying a black mecha! An actual super mecha! Additionally, his opponent was at the rank of a six-ringed Soul Emperor.

Even if all this was because his opponent was taken by surprise as Tang Wulin’s sudden burst of strength left him with no time to react, the results were clear. He had succeeded, with his valiant strength, in forcibly defeating such a powerful opponent. If he was able to do that, these minor wounds he had sustained were nothing.

“Are you injured?” Gu Yue asked with care.

“I’m alright. Let’s get down. I want that pair of hammers,” Tang Wulin said to Gu Yue.

Silver light flashed as Gu Yue held Tang Wulin and teleported to the ground.

The super mecha lived up to the word “super”. Although it had crashed down from the sky, other than the puncture wounds on its chest, there was no other sign of damage. Tang Wulin fearlessly picked up the pair of giant hammers which were as long as five meters.

He had no Golden Dragon Claws on his left hand, so he used his right hand to scratch some marks into the other hammer so that it was easier for him to get a grip on it. Then, with one in each hand, he raised both of the massive hammers.

The edge of Gu Yue’s lips twitched. She quickly retreated backward. This guy was getting stronger and stronger…

Tang Wulin waved his arms. He tapped the ground with the tips of his toes and started swirling rapidly on the spot.

In no time, bursts of foul wind spread out in all directions. When the mechas that were attacking them from above saw this scene, all of them quickly soared toward higher altitudes.

The pressure on Yuanen Yehui and the others lightened instantly after that.

Nobody wished to collide with those terrifying hammers! That would have cost them their lives!

Just then, a loud and shrill howl suddenly came from afar. A large patch of black dots flew quickly toward their location.

The Green Skeleton mecha unit members who were launching their attacks had received new orders and quickly made their retreat.

The reinforcements had finally arrived.

From swirling, Tang Wulin gradually slowed to a stop. It took all he had to steady himself.

The pair of giant hammers dropped to the ground, and he could not help but pant heavily. There was a worrisome feeling in his chest. His previous
wounds had somehow worsened after he strained himself again. The red mecha which was fighting with Elder Cai flashed and retreated at its incredible speed. It flew in a circle in the sky and blocked many of the follow up attacks.

Elder Cai did not give chase. Instead, she descended from the sky and
stopped in midair. Protecting the diplomatic corps was more important than crushing the enemy. In this situation, she would not take risks.

The Green Skeleton mecha unit retreated very quickly. The reinforcements which came from Star Luo Empire were clearly military. They were all
standard mechas numbering as many as three hundred units. Some of them were dispatched to protect the people below, but the majority of the remaining mechas pursued the Green Skeleton mecha unit.

Tang Wulin sat heavily on the ground. He rubbed his chest and bared his teeth somewhat. However, when he saw that huge black mecha beside him and the pair of giant hammers beside his hands, he could not help but laugh.

Chapter 595 - Making A Fortune

Chapter 595: Making A Fortune

These objects were worth far more than their monetary value alone!

The little moneygrubber stood up. His hand flashed with light and a yellow mecha appeared beside him. It was his own mecha. He quickly opened the hatch of the black mecha’s cockpit, pulled Feng Linwan’s corpse out of it
and placed it at the side. He then stored the black mecha and the pair of giant hammers in his mecha’s storage space. The yellow mecha would not be abandoned either. Tang Wulin asked Wu Zhangkong to help him keep it for now. Teacher Wu had a large spatial storage unit.

He worked extremely quickly. When the reinforcements arrived at their position, he had already finished all his business.

His companions gathered around him, watching all that he did. Yue Zhengyu stared with his mouth agape and said, “Captain, since when did you have such a large storage space? What’s the matter with this yellow mecha?”

“Mine, mine, all mine!” Tang Wulin chuckled.

“Finders keepers.” Yue Zhengyu kept his eyes locked on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin laughed. “Relax. Teacher Wu also defeated a black mecha on his side. Everyone’s going to have a share.”

The only ones who were genuinely interested in mechas among them were Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi, while the others spent more of their energy on battle armor. Even so, every part of a high-grade mecha was a greatly prized treasure. All else being equal, the value of such an amount of alloy alone
would be difficult enough to estimate. Besides, though high-grade mechas were difficult to control by others due to the incompatibility with their own martial souls, modifying one so that it was suitable for oneself was much easier than building a new mecha from scratch.

Feng Linwan’s former mecha was a rare humanoid mecha in the Green Skeleton Rebellion’s ranks. It greatly resembled the style of the mechas on the Douluo Continent. Naturally, it would be the easiest to modify.

On the Star Luo Empire’s part, their reaction was quick. Up to a hundred mechas formed a protective barricade around the soul train. The medical mechas had landed and started to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.

Wu Zhangkong descended from the sky and landed beside them. When he saw that everyone was alright, he nodded slightly and did not say much.

Still, his gaze had lingered longer on Tang Wulin.

Even if the people far away did not see the way Tang Wulin destroyed a black mecha, how could Wu Zhangkong – who was always keeping tabs on them – not notice? At that time, he was already prepared to fly in and rescue them should the need arise. However, he had never thought that Tang Wulin would be able to destroy a black mecha on his own. This was no longer a question of power. This young boy had grown again, and his martial soul seemed different from before.

As a teacher in Shrek Academy, and as an alumnus of the academy itself, Wu Zhangkong had seen many, many students who were greatly endowed with natural talents. Yet, this was his first time seeing an oddity like Tang Wulin.

When he first laid eyes on him, his martial soul was nothing more than the Bluesilver Grass. However, with the passage of time, not only had he displayed shocking determination and hard work, his natural abilities were also changing continuously as well.

Now his strength enabled him to obtain the position of leader on his team, and it seemed that his natural endowments had progressed accordingly. Tang Wulin sat cross-legged on the ground. He utilized the Mysterious Heaven Method to heal himself. The main injuries he suffered were from the concussion. With the defensive abilities of the Bluesilver Grass, the
actual damage he received was not too severe.

The soul train and its tracks took a heavy toll. It was obvious that they could not transport passengers anymore.

From the Star Luo Empire, luxurious soul buses were sent to fetch them. The hundreds of mechas also stayed behind to act as their escort.

This attack had come too suddenly, but at least there were not too many
casualties. That being said, as this matter involved both Continents, it was a terrible diplomatic issue.

Fortunately, all this was of no concern to Tang Wulin and the others. These problems were naturally left to the higher-ups to deal with. The ambush had clearly shown them that the Star Luo Continent was not entirely peaceful, nor was it a safe haven.

“We’ve already gathered intelligence about this situation. The faction that ambushed us was an organization called the Green Skeleton. They’re a rebel movement within the Star Luo Empire. They have a formidable
strength and have occupied two provinces of the Star Luo Empire which are strategically located and difficult to access. The Empire has engaged them in large-scale battles many times, but they’ve never succeeded in wiping out the rebellion due to the many experts at the helm of the group. All they
could do was minimize their territory. Their ambush this time was clearly
aimed at intensifying the conflict between the Federation and the Empire to buy themselves more time.”

It was very easy to discern the current state of the Green Skeleton Rebellion. Besides, after this battle, Tang Wulin and the others had
familiarized themselves with the students of the Royal Star Luo Academy.

Immediately after they were ambushed, if it were not for Tang Wulin’s timely assistance, these Royal Star Luo Academy students would have been hurt as well. Moreover, the strengths that they displayed after that had made the Star Luo students completely erase the thought of making enemies out of them.

The scene of Tang Wulin destroying the black mecha had left too deep an impression on them. That was unfathomable! Especially when he picked up the giant hammer and struck down the Dusksilver Bear!

The gaze of the few female students from Royal Star Luo Academy was noticeably different from before.

“Tang Wulin, how come you’re so strong? How heavy was that hammer?” A female Royal Star Luo Academy student asked with a curious look.

“Huh? It’s not heavy, not heavy at all. I think it’s hollow.” Tang Wulin put on a stone-faced look.

“I’d be stupid to believe you. Other than the engraving of the core circuits, how could a super mecha’s weapon be hollow?”

“Then why are you asking me all this if you knew the answers all along?!” “Tang Wulin, do you know your emotional quotient?”
“Ack, my chest, it hurts. I was injured just now. Let me sleep for a bit.”

Entertaining someone was definitely not Tang Wulin’s forte, especially
when he had no intentions of becoming good friends with these Royal Star Luo Academy students.

Xie Xie sat at the end of the soul bus. The rest of the Shrek team had unanimously agreed to this arrangement. The fellow was an honest-to-God jinx. He even seemed to have the frightful ability to turn the impossible into reality.

Xie Xie actually felt that they were being unfair to him. However, when he saw the nasty glares everyone gave him, he silently went to his assigned
spot at the back of the bus and drew circles. Under the protection of the mecha escort, the remainder of the journey was smooth and uneventful. Two days later, they finally arrived at the capital of the Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City, which sat in the core region of the Star Luo Continent.

Star Luo City was vast, but it still had surrounding walls which were
already a rare sight on the Douluo Continent. It looked more like an ancient city.

There was an array of soul weapons on top of the walls which formed the defense system of the city. This had further highlighted the turmoil of the Star Luo Empire.

However, once they entered the city, familiar sensations started to appear.

The streets were full of bustling crowds. Other than the architectural styles and the fashion sense of the people being slightly different from the Douluo Continent’s, there were not many differences.

After sailing on a ship for such a long time and being worn out by the long journey, they had finally arrived at a city. The people from Shrek Academy felt at ease.

Their accommodation was arranged at the luxurious Grand Star Luo Hotel.
Perhaps to compensate for the shock that the diplomatic corps members experienced, even students like Tang Wulin and the others were
accommodated in extremely splendid suites.

The Grand Star Luo Hotel had an extravagant architectural style. Gold and white were its main themes. The building appeared as if gold and jade vied with each other at all corners.

The moment he entered the room, Tang Wulin face-planted himself on the bed. In truth, he was not that tired. Given his body’s condition, it was not easy for him to get physically fatigued, however his spiritual fatigue was apparent. Compared to the others, his two months’ inhuman torture had undoubtedly raised his spiritual power, but it had also brought with it a generous amount of lethargy.

Now, his only wish was to have a nice, long sleep.

He quickly faded into unconsciousness. Soft beds easily made people feel like they needed rest.

Unfortunately, right at that moment, someone suddenly knocked on Tang Wulin’s door.

“Who is it?” Tang Wulin sounded groggy. “It’s me,” came a familiar voice.
Tang Wulin got up unwillingly. He went over and opened his door. Was that not Gu Yue on the other side?

Gu Yue saw his sleepy look. “You tired?”

“Mmm, I’m so sleepy.” Tang Wulin returned to his bed and sprawled across it.

Tang Wulin’s consciousness blurred again. Gu Yue had already made her way slowly to the side of his bed. A dash of faint silver flashed in her eyes.
However, her expression seemed to say that she was struggling with something.

“Wulin, did your martial soul evolve?” Gu Yue asked softly.

“Mm-hmm,” Tang Wulin answered amidst his fleeting consciousness.

Gu Yue’s placed her hand lightly on his shoulder. If Tang Wulin had been paying attention, he would have noticed that round, silver scales had
appeared on the back of Gu Yue’s hand.

“The bloodline in your body should have been strengthened as well, right? The Overlord Dragon that we met the other day, it turned into your spirit soul?” Gu Yue continued to question him softly.

“Mmm-hmm.” Even when he was half asleep, Tang Wulin took no precautions against Gu Yue.

Chapter 596 - Why Did You Not Attack?

Chapter 596: Why Did You Not Attack?

Gu Yue’s eyes suddenly changed. Her pupils instantly turned into vertical slits. She slowly lifted her hand from Tang Wulin’s shoulder, the scales on the back of it flickering with silver light.

All this only lasted for an instant before she returned to normal. She pulled the blanket and placed it softly on Tang Wulin. She then closed the curtains for him and left his room in silence.

Tang Wulin’s breathing was even now, and he fell into a deep sleep.

When she returned to her room, Gu Yue shut her door. She waved her right hand gently. A faintly glowing layer of silver enveloped the entire room.

Amidst the gloomy darkness, a figure appeared noiselessly. It was a man whose entire body was enshrouded by a black cloak.

“Why did you not attack? Even the Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul
surrendered itself willingly to him and chose to be his own. That was enough proof that the Golden Dragon King bloodline within him is
extremely pure. It’s supposed to be impossible for the bloodline to be born on the Douluo Continent. There must be some reason behind this. Once you extract his bloodline from his body, everything will come to light. By then, if you can absorb the bloodline, then maybe you can-”

“Enough!” Gu Yue’s tone was ice cold. She had hardly raised her voice, but the words of the man clad in the black cloak stopped abruptly. He then fell on one knee and lowered his head.

“You may leave. We need to speed things up. I’ve already thought of a way,” Gu Yue said flatly. “My lady, what about Na’er? Will we continue to simply let her be like this?” the man in black said with a soft voice.

Gu Yue responded drily, “That’s also one of the reasons why I haven’t touched Tang Wulin. Everything happened because of him and must be resolved by him. I must complete my wager with Na’er. After all this is settled smoothly, I’ll naturally make my move on Tang Wulin. What you need to do is to take charge of everything that we have to control here as soon as possible.”

“Yes,” the man in black answered politely and slowly stood up. Without a sound, he merged with the gloomy darkness once again and vanished
without a trace.

Gu Yue waved her right arm, and the silver color within her room silently disappeared. She went to the window and gently pushed it open. Her gaze traveled outward.

It was already dusk, and the last remnants of the setting sun’s rays were gradually fading. The night was upon them. The thoughts on her mind
slowly turned into a hollow nothingness, and her spirits faded. It seemed that at this moment, everything had suddenly become insignificant.

Gu Yue clearly felt that she was slightly lost and perhaps confused.

When Tang Wulin woke up from his sleep, he felt completely refreshed.

He stretched his lazy bones, and his stomach instantly made a sound like thunder. He was very hungry!

Surprisingly, he had not eaten anything before he fell asleep the day before. That was unforgivable!

Tang Wulin suddenly missed Teacher Mu Ye. Although when Mu Ye was with him, he was constantly undergoing the special training which was
something like pure torture. However, there was a perk! After every the training session, Teacher Mu Ye would bring him extra nourishing food. Within those two months, he had pretty much tasted every delicacy in the ocean at least once. That was also one of the main reasons his body had progressed so quickly.

The injuries he suffered from when he collided with the black mecha had long since healed. The self-healing ability of his body was very powerful,
so Tang Wulin did not have to worry in the least. Everything was completed in a clear and ordered pattern.

He opened the windows and the fresh morning air rushed into the room. The gentle breeze brought a bit of morning dew and gave him a very fresh and revitalized feeling.

He looked to the eastern horizon and waited for the first signs of dawn. Just then, the windows of the next room also opened.
“Wulin,” came Gu Yue’s voice.

“What’s up?” Tang Wulin asked with a smile.

Gu Yue looked at him and shook her head slightly. “It’s nothing. I just wanted to call your name all of a sudden.”

Tang Wulin broke into laughter. “I think you came by last night, am I right?”

“Mmm. I wanted to ask you out for a walk, but when I saw you were that sleepy, I gave up,” Gu Yue said softly.

“Sure! Then let’s go today. We’ve been given three days to take a break, right? Just as well. I want to observe the local customs and manners of Star Luo City. Shall we invite the others as well?”

Gu Yue shook her head. “I just want to go out with you. Let’s not call the others.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. However, a feeling of warmth suddenly surged within his heart. Although Gu Yue was always somewhat preoccupied with some issue or the other, and she sometimes even gave people the feeling that she disliked strangers, he could clearly feel that sense of reliance she had toward him.

Knowing her for this long, she could have sudden mood swings and keep him at arm’s length. However, whenever he was in some kind of danger, she would always appear by his side at a moment’s notice.

“Alright.” Tang Wulin agreed. “However, after I’m done with cultivating my Purple Demon Eyes later, I want to go grab something to eat quickly. I’m super hungry!”

Gu Yue burst into laughter. “I thought it was strange that you went to bed last night without eating anything. That’s so unlike you.”

“What’s so unlike me?” Tang Wulin asked. “You’re a glutton, after all.”
“So that’s what you think of me! I’m sad.” Tang Wulin put on an extremely grieved expression.

Gu Yue smiled slightly. “Then don’t have breakfast this morning if you can, and I’ll take it back.”

“There’s no need. I am a glutton.” Tang Wulin instantly spoke sternly and forcefully.

A faint purplish hue melted into his eyes. There was an indescribable
warmth and comfort. Tang Wulin had the feeling that his Purple Demon Eyes were on the verge of a breakthrough. After training for so long, this was finally a sign that he was progressing from the first stage to the second stage.

The cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes was divided into four stages. The first stage was Survey, the second stage was Detailed, the third stage was
Mustard Seed, and the fourth stage was Boundless.

It was said that there were only a handful who could cultivate the Purple Demon Eyes to the third stage, let alone the fourth stage. However, the subtle improvements in the Purple Demon Eyes were highly useful in the cultivation of spiritual power and during battles.

Tang Wulin suspected that the main reason his Purple Demon Eyes were about to be improved was due to his body’s potential being stimulated by the Body Sect’s cultivation method. That and the improvement in his
spiritual power.

“Gu Yue, how’s your spiritual power now? Do you know?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue.

“I don’t know. In any case, it’s higher than yours.” Gu Yue’s reply made it slightly difficult for Tang Wulin to breathe.

“My spiritual power has also increased greatly as of late. Who knows, I might have caught up to you already,” Tang Wulin said, unwilling to appear weak.

Gu Yue rolled her eyes toward him. “You have an overactive imagination.”

“How do you know that I’m not as good as you?” Tang Wulin could not help but blurt that out.

Gu Yue said, “I’m no longer at the Spirit Sea rank.” After she had finished, she closed her windows and returned to her room.

“She’s no longer at the Spirit Sea rank? Don’t tell me she’s regressed…”
Tang Wulin had mumbled to himself up to this when he suddenly seemed to choke.

Regressed? Of course, that was impossible. That much was evident from Gu Yue’s battle strength. Besides, a human’s spiritual power grew as they
aged. At least, before the age of fifty, a person’s spiritual power would only increase gradually and would not degrade.

Then if her realm did not degrade, it could only mean that…

Heavens! Could it be that she has broken through the Spirit Sea realm and reached the next rank? The cultivation of spiritual power was much more difficult than that of soul power. Tang Wulin knew clearly what realm came after Spirit Sea.

But that should have been impossible, no? It must be impossible! After the Spirit Sea realm was the Spirit Abyss realm.
The Spirit Abyss realm was like an abyssal prison, both heaven and hell.

The upper boundary was heaven while the lower boundary was hell. Everything the mind could grasp was gathered into one. Peak spiritual power was fundamental to possessing a legendary spirit soul. At this rank, one could fuse with any level of spirit soul, even orange or red spirit souls. If somebody fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then their remaining power would only be at the Spirit Sea rank. However, if one didn’t have an orange or red spirit soul, it was possible to fuse with a maximum of five

spirit souls of any color, with no limits on their rank. Normally speaking, the Spirit Abyss realm was the limit for humans.

Chapter 597 - Spirit Abyss Realm?

Chapter 597: Spirit Abyss Realm?

The soul power requirement for the Spirit Sea realm was five hundred, whereas the Spirit Abyss realm’s soul power requirement was more than five thousand!

The difference was ten-fold.

Although Tang Wulin knew that his own soul power had greatly increased, it would not have risen more than a thousand points.

There was still a wide gap between his level and the Spirit Abyss realm. If Gu Yue’s soul power had already reached the Spirit Abyss, then she might have even caught up to Teacher Wu. Teacher Wu’s soul power should be at the Spirit Abyss realm at most, right? That was truly terrifying.

‘This cannot be. I must ask her about this.’
Tang Wulin declined breakfast and went to knock on Gu Yue’s door. The door opened, and Gu Yue, who had changed into a long grey dress,
walked out from within. She was never the kind of girl who was considered a great beauty. Her grey dress was not particularly eye-catching either.
However, for some unknown reason, when it was worn on her body, there was a special quality to it.

“Y-you’ve reached the Spirit Abyss realm already?” Tang Wulin asked with a slight stammer.

Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him. “You believe it just because I said so?” As she said this, she walked out of her room. “Of course I’d believe you! When did I ever not believe your words?” Tang Wulin hastily chased after her.

Gu Yue stopped and turned around suddenly. She gazed at him sincerely. “Then what if I said that I’d intended to kill you last night? Would you believe that?”

As he looked at her abnormally serious gaze, Tang Wulin was stunned. “Why would you want to kill me?”

“Do you believe it?” Gu Yue looked at him sternly.

“I don’t… I don’t think you’d do it,” Tang Wulin said with a cheeky grin.
He even raised his hand and pinched her cheek. “Come on, drop the act. Try something else. Something with more believability.”

A helpless look surfaced on Gu Yue’s face. “This guy. Let’s go and have breakfast.”

She turned around and walked toward the exit. In her heart, the words ‘I don’t think you’d do it’ reverberated strongly.

Tang Wulin chased after her and said, “Hey, don’t you change the subject! You still haven’t answered me. Have you ranked up?”

Gu Yue said angrily, “Why don’t you shout louder so that the entire hotel can hear you?”


The breakfast served at the Grand Star Luo Hotel was sumptuous. When Tang Wulin sat at the table, he already had a fierce look on his face. What
should he do about last night’s unfinished dinner? Of course, he would have to eat more than his fill in this meal to make up for the loss!

He then demonstrated to the tenants of Grand Star Luo Hotel what a whirlwind scattering wisps of clouds looked like! “Captain, what are you up to later? We’re thinking of going out for a walk,” Xu Xiaoyan said with a smile.

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue and said, “We’re also going out.”

Xu Xiaoyan had not opened her mouth again when Gu Yue had already said, “His injuries aren’t healed yet. I’m taking him out to find some
medicine, and then we’ll head back here. If you guys are going out, don’t stay out too late!”

“Oh.” Xu Xiaoyan looked at Tang Wulin, then at Gu Yue. She gave an understanding expression.

Tang Wulin’s face was slightly awkward while Gu Yue seemed nonchalant. The looks on the others’ faces were more or less strange.

After they finished their breakfast, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue walked out the front door, shoulder to shoulder. The hotel’s service was lavishly hospitable. A staff member handed them a business card just in case they ventured too far and needed the address to take a taxi back.

As the most luxurious hotel in Star Luo City, the Grand Star Luo Hotel was naturally located in the city’s center. The diplomatic corps would be having an audience with the Star Luo Empire’s royal household.

After exiting the hotel, they found themselves in a bustling street. The street was very wide, but there were no vehicles in sight. This was the famous pedestrian street of Star Luo City. It was also the widest street and was
called Star Luo Avenue. There were a great many shops flanking the street. The buildings were built in an antique style and resembled Heaven Dou
City somewhat.

Tang Wulin had his hands intertwined behind his head as he walked down the street with a faint smile on his face. Gu Yue walked beside him. Her demeanor was calm, and her eyes looked straight ahead.

“Hey, are you really out for a walk? You’re not even looking at the surrounding shops?” Tang Wulin chuckled softly and asked Gu Yue. Gu Yue shot him a glance. “How do you know that I wasn’t looking? My spiritual power is enough to be my eyes.”

“Forget it.” Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. Whenever he thought Gu Yue’s
spiritual power might have reached the Spirit Abyss rank, he felt even more pressured. If that was true, then Gu Yue’s battle strength was not what he had seen before this. She must have been much more powerful than that.
For a Soul Master with elemental-type martial soul such as herself, her strength and spiritual power were directly proportional to each other.

Gu Yue suddenly laughed. “Idiot, you believe it just because I said it?! It can’t be that easy to reach the Spirit Abyss realm.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “You were pulling my leg?” Gu Yue giggled. “What if I was?”
Tang Wulin put on a stern façade and said seriously, “Miss Gu Yue, are you ticklish?”

“Huh?” Gu Yue was stunned. In the next moment, Tang Wulin’s hands had already reached under her armpits.

“Ah! Haha! Stop!” Gu Yue turned and ran.

Tang Wulin gave chase as he laughed, “You dared to fool me! I won’t let you go.”

Gu Yue was running straight ahead when a few people came out of a shop suddenly. Gu Yue stopped instinctively, but Tang Wulin slammed into her back. The two of them were on a collision course with the group.

“Scram,” a deep and fierce voice sounded. Shortly after, a puff of foul wind reached their faces.

Tang Wulin sidestepped instinctively and planted himself in front of Gu Yue.

With a “smack” the man’s slap landed on the back of his shoulder. Tang Wulin’s body swayed slightly before he steadied himself. His attacker was also surprised. He had put a good deal of strength into that blow. If it were an ordinary person, they would have been sent flying.

“Why are you hitting people?” Gu Yue shouted tenderly. A killing intent immediately surged within her beautiful eyes.

After Tang Wulin steadied himself, he turned around as well. He naturally shielded Gu Yue behind his back.

The one who had hit him was a tall and muscular man. They were a party of four, and he was the closest one to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. All four of them were middle-aged men, all wearing traditional Chinese outfits. They were all tall and looked strong, but their faces had the air of ruffians.

“Get out of here,” the man seemed to be feeling contemptuous. He raised his hand to push against Tang Wulin’s chest.

Tang Wulin’s eyes focused. He raised his hand as well and met the man’s palm with his own.

The muscular man’s palm was very large, large enough to wrap around
Tang Wulin’s. The muscular man snickered. With his five fingers grabbing Tang Wulin’s five fingers and twisted forcefully.

The thug was astonished by what happened next. Tang Wulin’s hand
seemed to have been showered in bronze and cast in iron. It did not budge. With the muscular man still in shock, Tang Wulin put on the pressure and twisted his right hand as well. The man felt a shot of intense pain traveling upward from his palm. He cried out in agony and fell to his knees.

Tang Wulin hated the fact that this man was willing to hit a girl, so he did not bother holding back. He twisted his hand with incredible strength. The muscular man he faced was strong, but he paled in comparison to Tang Wulin.

The other three thugs immediately turned in their direction. “Let go!” The leading bruiser shouted with rage. He took one step and was already in front of Tang Wulin.

Just then, another person walked out of the shop that the thugs had just exited.

In contrast to the muscular ruffians, the person who walked out of the shop this time was not tall, but petite and dainty. She wore a light yellow dress which complemented her delicate frame. She looked to be no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. She was extremely beautiful, with her long hair falling freely behind her.

“What are you guys doing?” The young girl had just stepped out when she saw the commotion. She could not help but frown.

The anger on the leading man’s face disappeared immediately. He said politely, “Your Highness, it’s someone who wasn’t keeping his eyes on the road. We’ll send him on his way immediately.”

Tang Wulin pushed lightly with his right hand and sent the man in his grip reeling backward. He grabbed Gu Yue’s hand, “Let’s go.”

There was no way that these thugs were willing to leave the matter at that. They immediately surrounded the two of them. It was the young girl in the yellow dress who said with a frown, “Forget it. Let’s not make a scene.”

The four angry muscleheads only stopped in their tracks after that.
However, the aura which they released in that instant had slightly surprised Tang Wulin. The soul power waves that came from these four men were
clearly not weak.

Instinctively, Tang Wulin turned to look at the young girl, and she directed her gaze toward him as well. Their eyes met, and Tang Wulin nodded
slightly toward her. The young girl in the yellow dress was somewhat taken aback.

Although Tang Wulin was still quite young, his body already appeared to be fully grown. He was tall, had broad shoulders, and his big eyes brimmed with vigor. Among his peers, his looks could certainly be described as breathtaking. The temperament that unwittingly emanated from his body — gentle, but with a hint of forcefulness — made it easier for him to attract

When the young girl in the yellow dress saw him, he noticed her eyes brighten up. A faint smile rose on her beautiful face, and she nodded toward him as well.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue and walked forward. Gu Yue turned to look at the first muscular man. A cold gleam flashed across her eyes.

“Forget it. We’re strangers in a strange place.” Tang Wulin clearly felt the harsh aura from Gu Yue’s body. He tugged on her wrist lightly.

Chapter 598 - No Comment

Chapter 598: No Comment

“It’s better not to cause any trouble when in a foreign land. Those thugs earlier were not ordinary people either.”

“He hit you,” Gu Yue spoke coldly.

“I’m fine. I’ve got thick skin,” Tang Wulin said jokingly. Gu Yue said, “No one is allowed to hit you other than me.”
The corners of Tang Wulin’s mouth twitched. He could not help laughing aloud and asked, “What kind of logic is that? Why are you allowed to hit me?”

Gu Yue raised her head. “I’m just allowed to do so. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“No comment.” Tang Wulin realized that he was truly incapable of talking back to Gu Yue every time she spoke in such a serious manner.

Gu Yue cracked into a smile seeing that he had no choice but to agree. “Now that’s the way. Let’s go.”

She held Tang Wulin’s hand and guided him forward. She seemed to be in a better mood now. Her beautiful eyes looked in all directions as she searched for a shop that caught her interest.

“Look, there’s a shop that sells rare metals. I wonder if the Star Luo Empire’s rare metals are different from ours? Let’s go inside and take a look.” Gu Yue pulled Tang Wulin into the shop. Tang Wulin felt a warm glow in his heart. How could a girl like her be interested in ice cold metals?! It was apparent that she was doing this just for him.

Tang Wulin was immediately attracted to the rare metals that were displayed on the surrounding racks when he walked into the shop. The Star Luo Empire’s rare metal types were obviously quite different from those on the Douluo Continent. After strolling past the racks just once, Tang Wulin noticed that almost a third of the metals were unrecognizable to him.

“Hello. May I help you? I can introduce you to some of our products,” the shopkeeper said while walking over in a courteous manner.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. Do you have a golden hammer? Please lend it to me for a moment.”

The shopkeeper’s eyes brightened now that there was an expert who knew how to use the golden hammer!

Only someone with a very good knowledge of rare metals knew how to test with a golden hammer when choosing rare metals. An expert could tell the difference between various types of metals by using the hammer to knock on them.

Soon, a small hammer half a foot in length was brought into Tang Wulin’s hands.

He walked to the front of the display rack and knocked gently on a blue metal that he had never seen before.

“Ding!” A crisp sound was heard with a short and powerful echo, Tang Wulin’s ears moved as he nodded gently. He muttered to himself, “This must be an extremely hard alloy, and it has a high internal density. I can tell from its echo that it has an exceedingly strong ego. It would not be very
suitable for fusing with soul power. What a waste.”

“Ding!” Tang Wulin frowned slightly as he knocked once onto another piece of metal. “The echo sounds melodious. That’s a good thing, but it lasts too long. That shows that the metal is quite weak on its own. It has an affinity for elements, but the remaining volume after it’s refined is too
small. The overall quality is also leaning to the weak side since it doesn’t have any unique properties.”

The shopkeeper walked next to Tang Wulin the whole time as he listened to him knock and examine the metals one by one. The expression on the
shopkeeper’s face grew more and more astonished. Amazingly, Tang Wulin’s analyses of these metals were free from any errors at all.

Tang Wulin stopped after he had knocked on a dozen pieces. He turned
around as he looked toward the shopkeeper and said, “Do you have any rare metals that are of slightly better quality? I’m not interested in these ordinary ones.”

He could identify that those metals were unremarkable despite not being acquainted with them. The strength of those metals was even weaker than the Heavy Silver he usually used, let alone anything else.

“Yes, we do. Please hold on for a moment.” Anyone would respect an
expert. The shopkeeper was acting even more courteous ever since Tang Wulin showed his knowledge of rare metals. He was also feeling rather curious because some of those metals that Tang Wulin had tested earlier were extremely common in the Star Luo Continent. Tang Wulin should have been able to identify them on sight.

It did not take long before the shopkeeper walked out. He gestured for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to come with him, saying, “Please follow me to the V.I.P. lounge inside.”

They walked inside and arrived in a room that had much more elegant fixtures than the outside. Two chairs were positioned behind a metal table on which two glasses of water had already been placed.

“Please take a seat. I have limited clearance so I’m only allowed to show you everything piece by piece.” Tang Wulin and Gu Yue sat down. He could not help smiling as he said, “You offer a very good service here!”

The shopkeeper chuckled and answered, “As long as you’re satisfied.
Please hold on.” He pushed open a door, went passed a metal gate and
walked into the room. After a short while, he returned with a wooden box in his arms. The box appeared a little heavy as he placed it on the table and opened it.

At the exact moment the wooden box was opened, Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened. It was a faint golden metal with a crystal clear translucence to it. It was quite similar to Star Iron, but Star Iron was dotted with golden
speckles, whereas the metal before his eyes had an extremely even golden color that was not especially thick.

Tang Wulin raised the golden hammer and knocked on it once gently.

A soft hum was heard. It had a very intriguing echo. It was as if the sound twisted and turned. The metal was shimmering indistinctly as well.

Tang Wulin listened for a moment attentively. Once more, he used the golden hammer to knock gently on the metal and it gave out that gentle hum again.

“The internal density is very high, yet it also possesses superb elemental affinity. Moreover there are also some exceptional characteristics. The
sound echoed nine times after being struck, and every echo sounded
stronger than the previous one. What are the properties of this metal?” Tang Wulin asked the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper answered, “This is the Golden Crystal, a very rare metal. It possesses the characteristic of being able to amplify all energy. Just like
what you sensed earlier, it will produce nine waves of resonance when it is amplifying an energy. It will amplify about one percent every time.
However, after the resonation, the energy can be amplified up to thirty percent. It’s also difficult to come by as its hardness is extremely high and it has very good solubility with other metals. Generally, one will choose to add this hyper metal when one is performing a high level of forging such as fuse forging.”

Without thinking Tang Wulin asked, “How much for this?” He was already a rank-6 blacksmith. It was no longer a problem for him to fuse forge three types of metals. He would certainly add in more types of metals to the spirit alloy when he was helping his companions to upgrade their battle armor.
The Golden Crystal was very useful as it was suitable for almost everyone.

“Ten thousand Star Luo Coins for one gram,” the shopkeeper said smilingly.

Tang Wulin’s expression stiffened ever so slightly. Star Luo Coins? He
suddenly realized that although he was carrying a good number of coins, those were all the Douluo Continent’s Federation Coins. How would he get Star Luo Coins? Also, ten thousand coins for one gram seemed too
expensive. He had no way to estimate without any idea of the exchange rate between the Star Luo Coin and the Federation Coin.

Moreover, if this was used in fuse forging in the future, he would need a few tonnes of this metal if he were to include himself and his seven
companions. The cost of that would be astronomical!

“Please bring forth the other types of rare metal that you have,” Tang Wulin said calmly.

“Please hold on.”

The shopkeeper brought out seven types of rare metal after that. Tang Wulin recognized three out of the seven types which could be found on the Douluo Continent. The remaining four types were only found on the Star Luo
Continent. Every type had its own characteristics and was of good quality.

“These are all the precious metals we carry at the moment. Which type is our distinguished guest interested in?” The shopkeeper asked in an
extremely polite manner. Tang Wulin swallowed hard and answered, “All your stuff seems fine. If you have adequate stock, I wish to purchase a large batch of metal. Oh yes, I have a question. Do you accept refined metal as payment?”

The shopkeeper was stunned for a moment, “Yes we do, but we only accept those of Thousand Refined and above.” His earlier enthusiasm had reduced upon hearing Tang Wulin’s question. How much could Tang Wulin and Gu Yue refine at their age even if they were blacksmiths? Were they blacksmiths of first or second rank? It was difficult for them to produce a
Hundred Refined let alone a Thousand Refined.

Tang Wulin nodded. “I have some metal to sell. Will you please take a look?” His hand glowed as he spoke. He had already added a piece of metal to the table.

Chapter 599 - Price Disparity of the Metals

Chapter 599: Price Disparity of the Metals

The metal was crystal clear and translucent. Its jade-like gloss shimmered with layered internal striations. The rare metal they had placed before Tang Wulin appeared dull in comparison to his own metal.

“Is this Jade Silver?” The shopkeeper almost cried out involuntarily. He walked in quick strides before he arrived in front of Tang Wulin. He lowered his head and picked up the golden hammer cautiously to knock onto the metal gently.

A melodious, crisp chime-like sound echoed at once. The echo was soft, but it had numerous twists and turns akin to a musical composition.

The shopkeeper’s face flushed immediately. “This is truly Jade Silver. Are…are you planning to sell this?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “No. I would like to exchange it for your rare metal. It’s more convenient that way. Please set a value.”

“Please hold on.” The shopkeeper’s breathing had obviously quickened as he rapidly walked through the metal gate.

When he returned once again after a short while, a stocky middle-aged man followed by his side.

The middle-aged man was not tall, but he was extremely sturdy and strong, with his arms appearing especially well-built. He took a few swift steps forward after seeing the Jade Silver on the table. He placed the instrument in his hand on the table, then he looked toward Tang Wulin. “May I please examine it for a moment?”

“Of course.” Tang Wulin gestured for him to go ahead. The harmony rate was the most important index in determining the spirit alloy’s value, so naturally, he needed to test that.

A moment later, Tang Wulin could hear a loud gulping sound following the weakening of the Jade Silver’s radiance on the instrument.

The middle-aged man looked at Tang Wulin and mumbled, “Little brother, this piece of Jade Silver’s harmony rate reaches up to eighty-one percent. Does your family know that you are selling it?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, while Gu Yue covered her mouth and chuckled softly at the side.

Tang Wulin coughed once, but he did not mention that he had forged it himself. “Of course they know. I am here to purchase rare metals on behalf of my family. My father said that it isn’t convenient for me to carry money, so he gave me some spirit alloy instead. Don’t worry. I’m well aware of the Jade Silver’s value. As such, please be fair when you’re setting a price.”

“Don’t worry. The spirit alloy is indeed rare, so its value is common knowledge. This piece of Jade Silver with a harmony rate that reaches up to eighty-one percent, we are willing to offer a price of…”

The shopkeeper by his side whispered something in his ear when he was halfway through his speech.

The middle-aged man dismissed his previous remarks and said, “You may
select any one of the rare metals which you saw earlier. One hundred pieces of the rare metal in exchange for this.”

One hundred pieces? This exceeded Tang Wulin’s expectations. Jade Silver could be worth several cities, but this piece was what he forged by himself when he was a rank-5 blacksmith. It was just a Thousand Refined spirit
alloy that had yet to reach the Spirit Forging level. If he were to use this kind of spirit alloy to exchange for rare metals of the finest quality on the Douluo Continent, he would receive around sixty pieces at most. So he was quite taken aback when they stated one hundred pieces. In other words, the spirit alloy’s value on the Star Luo Continent was much greater than what it was on the Douluo Continent.

It was as though radiant coins were shimmering in Tang Wulin’s eyes. It seemed as if he was about to make a fortune!

He hesitated for a while before he continued. “Can you up your offer a little bit more?”

The middle-aged man gave a forced laugh and answered, “Our price is
absolutely fair. If you were to possess a Jade Silver of even higher quality, or perhaps if you could offer it in a batch, then we would give you an even higher price.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Those rare metals which I saw earlier, do you have an adequate supply of them? All of you should know that the failure rate of us blacksmiths in forging spirit alloy or Spirit Forging is very high. That is
why we prioritize both the quality and quantity of rare metals.”

The middle-aged man exclaimed resolutely, “Don’t you worry about the quantity and quality. We are able to open our shop in the Star Luo Avenue only under strict scrutiny. As long as we keep to a certain limit, it shouldn’t be a problem for us. However, if you require an especially large quantity then I will need a certain period of time to meet your need.”

Tang Wulin nodded and answered, “Alright, deal. First I will exchange this piece of spirit alloy for one hundred pieces of Golden Crystal. Consider this a promising start. Please stock up on these three types of rare metals:
Golden Crystal, Adaptive Silver, and Star Copper. I will go back to show the quality of this batch of Golden Crystals to my father, then we might return to exchange or purchase in a large quantity.”

“Very well. That won’t be a problem. The more spirit alloys, the merrier,” the middle-aged man answered joyously.

Tang Wulin chatted with him for a while longer in order to learn more about the exchange rate. Even though it was difficult to determine the rate between the Star Luo Coin and the Federation Coin, Tang Wulin managed to estimate based on the exchange quantity of rare metals. The value of Spirit Forging on the Star Luo Continent was almost the same as Douluo Continent, but the value of spirit alloy was much higher in the former. It
was as if the blacksmiths in the Star Luo Empire lacked the skill for forging spirit alloy.

Gu Yue asked softly after they left the rare metal shop, “I remember that you still have quite a lot of that spirit alloy, right? Why didn’t you exchange more? The quality of the rare metals here seemed rather good.”

Tang Wulin sniggered. “There is no need to rush. No need to rush at all. Most of the spirit alloys that I carried with me now are Thousand Refined. There is still room for me to improve on its processing later. Once it is forged into the Thousand Refined spirit alloy or a spirit alloy fused with three types of metals, the value will be even higher while the cost of materials is relatively low. That’s the way to maximize the value! Don’t
worry. I’ll certainly make a fortune once we’ve returned.” “Such a moneygrubber.” Gu Yue could not help laughing.
“The head of the house knows the cost of fuel and rice! Which part of our cultivation as Soul Masters is free? The mecha costs money, the battle
armor costs even more money, all sort of heaven-and-earth treasures cost money too. Is it alright for me to stop working hard to earn money? I can only depend on myself!”

Gu Yue was stunned for a moment. “How about I take care of you?” Tang Wulin stumbled as he almost fell down. “What did you say?” “Nothing!” Gu Yue’s expression returned back to normal.
Tang Wulin grabbed her shoulder, “Can you still take back the words that you’ve spoken? Live up to what you said. You must take care of me!”

Gu Yue turned her head to the side, her eyes were filled with mirth. “I can’t afford to take care of you. You eat too much.” Tang Wulin said, “What if I eat a little less?”

“No.” Gu Yue pushed him away. “Stop messing around. Let’s go.”

Tang Wulin laughed and asked, “While we’re on the topic of eating, should we find a place to have our lunch?”

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. “We just had our breakfast earlier, okay? It’s still morning.”

“Still good to have some snacks! I bet there are many local snacks in the Star Luo Empire. Don’t you want to try some?”

It turned out that Tang Wulin was not the only one who had a weak spot for food. Ten minutes later, both of them had reached a side street nearby to Star Luo Avenue. There were all sorts of small shops around the area. The both of them satisfied their cravings by sampling all sorts of the Star Luo Empire’s local snacks.

“The fish ball noodles earlier were delicious!” Gu Yue exclaimed excitedly.

Tang Wulin nodded repeatedly. “Yes! It tasted really good, but the portion was a little small.”

“Small? You finished all the fish balls that they were going to sell this afternoon, and you’re still complaining that the portion was too small?”

Tang Wulin felt that choosing to learn how to forge all those years ago was s great decision. They did not have any Star Luo Coins, but he managed to get a few in exchange for a piece of Golden Crystal before he left the rare metal shop.

As expected, the Star Luo Coin’s value was much lower than the Federation Coin’s. Spending the coins in such large handfuls felt rather decadent.

It was noon.

After they had left the street food, Tangin asked Gu Yue, “So where are we going now?” Gu Yue considered before saying, “I am going to take a look at the Spirit Pagoda here. You can do whatever you like.”

‘The Spirit Pagoda? Yes! There ought to be a Spirit Pagoda over here too. They also have a Tang Sect here as well. Should I go and take a look at the Tang Sect too?’

Star Luo City was the Star Luo Empire’s capital. Tang Wulin was already aware that the Tang Sect headquarters over here was located within Star Luo City before he came.

“Alright. Then I shall go and take a look at the Tang Sect. Keep in touch in case either of us needs help.”


Gu Yue boarded a car and left, while Tang Wulin too boarded a soul taxi and headed to what was supposed to be the address of the Tang Sect headquarters in the Star Luo Empire.

The Tang Sect headquarters was not located in the center, but at the outskirts of Star Luo City.

Tang Wulin was astonished that the Star Luo Empire’s Tang Sect headquarters here was completely different from the Douluo Continent’s low-profile base. It had majestic buildings akin to a small city. The scale of its buildings far exceeded those of the Douluo Continent’s headquarters.

Tang Wulin was an intelligent person. He could tell that the Tang Sect received much more money from the public over here than the Douluo Continent, just judging from the architectural style.

No one was guarding the main entrance. He walked inside and arrived before the audience hall. Two enormous words were suspended on the top part of the audience hall’s front door.

As a disciple of the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin could not help feeling honored witnessing such majestic buildings. Tang Wulin cracked a faint smile as he took long strides into the hall.

Chapter 600 - An Embarrassment

Chapter 600: An Embarrassment

An endless stream of people were bustling to and fro from the audience hall. Standing there were two upright counters on both sides that for some unknown reason, made him feel as if he was at the Douluo Continent
Blacksmith’s Association.

After circling around the crowd while attentively listening to the crowd from the side, he gradually understood what was going on.

The Tang Sect on the Star Luo Continent was vastly different from the one on the Douluo Continent. Here, the Dazzling Era Tang Sect Technology
Company owned by the Tang Sect here was a super-organization that
spanned the entire continent. They specialized in producing and selling various soul devices. Naturally, their products were sold for civil uses. Earlier, he overheard from someone that the Tang Sect was an ammunitions supplier for the Star Luo Empire government. This elevated their status
even more!

He truly never expected that the Tang Sect had such a stature on the Star Luo Continent. It was clear that the Tang Sect’s support toward the Star Luo Empire far exceeded the Douluo Continent’s Federation. It was likely that this was related to the Federation’s situation here.

After considering for a moment, Tang Wulin decided against revealing his identity. The way things were now was already sufficient for him to glean information regarding the Tang Sect here. After all, he was tagging along with the diplomatic corps. Later, he left the Tang Sect and returned directly to the hotel.

Gu Yue had yet to return. So so he inquired at the front counter if there was a forging counter for rent close to the hotel. After getting a reply, he rented the forging workshop and continuously forged. It was far more advantageous for him to forge here in the Star Luo Empire.

The society at the Star Luo Empire was not all that different from the one on Douluo Continent. Within a mere two days, the Shrek Academy group had already completely familiarized themselves with the place.

On the third day, Tang Wulin and his group received notification that today was the day the Star Luo Empire’s emperor would personally receive the diplomatic corps and guests. The guests would be received at dusk before an entertaining banquet would follow suit. Because of this, they were requested to come dressed in their best attires.

For Tang Wulin, his best attire was naturally the same suit he had been wearing. This was almost the case for the others as well.

When it was almost dusk, a luxurious car arrived in front of the entrance of the Grand Star Luo Hotel to chauffeur the diplomatic corps from the
Douluo Continent.

Without a doubt, Elder Cai was the most distinguished guest from the Shrek Academy party. On the other hand, Tang Wulin and his group of eight gathered with the rest from the diplomatic corps under Wu Zhangkong’s guidance to board the car separately.

The Star Luo Empire’s palace was situated in the center of Star Luo City. It was said that it had been built as a complete mirror image of the Duoluo
Continent back then. The Star Luo Empire’s royal family bore the family name ‘Dai’, and the most famous people from the previous generation of the family was probably the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s original name was Dai Huyao, and he was orthodox royalty from the Star Luo Empire. The Dai family had been exercising control over the Star Luo Empire ever since ancient times. There was a period when the family abdicated its royal title. However, following the Spirit Ice Douluo
Huo Yuhao’s uprising later on, the Dai family regained their royal title once more. It was precisely due to the Spirit Ice Douluo’s deterrence that the Federation did not dare not completely annihilate the Star Luo Empire although they had already exercised absolute dominance over the Douluo Continent at the time. This resulted in the opportunity for the Star Luo Empire’s great migration.

However, the Star Luo Empire paid a dire price for their great migration. Even if the Star Luo Empire were to join forces with the faraway Heaven Dou Federation from the Heaven Dou Continent, its overall national
strength would still not be able to measure up to the Federation of the Douluo Continent.

The sounds of loud horn echoed, and the grand national ceremony began in front of the Star Luo Empire’s palace.

A bright red carpet stretched all the way from the Star Luo Empire’s palace. The Federation’s vice president was leading the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps along with a few other reputable members of the parliament in addition to Elder Cai and a few others.

Tang Wulin and the rest could only stand at a spot that was nearer to the back and almost dozed off as he listened to the majestic music. Having forged until a little too late last night, he only returned to the hotel after midnight. Tang Wulin also went to exchange some rare metals again today and was truly uninterested in the welcoming banquet tonight.

“Boom!” A violent explosion roused Tang Wulin from his sleep. Subconsciously, he immediately released his soul power.

Gu Yue who stood by his side hastily grabbed him. “It’s the gunfire salute.”

Tang Wulin had only reacted to the situation then. He stopped himself from moving awkwardly, but his unusual movement earlier still managed to
attract a lot of people’s attention.

“Captain, continue to sleep alright,” Xie Xie could not help teasing and earned a glare from Tang Wulin.

The sound of the gunfire salute boomed as it drove the ceremony to its
climax. Tang Wulin peered from the gaps between people and saw a man dressed in a luxurious long robe along with a golden crown on his head. He then passed something to the vice president of Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corps. Both parties were exchanging their credentials.

‘Hmm, Elder Cai is at the side.’

‘So it turns out to be a gunfire salute, I thought that I was turning neurotic.’

‘Huh, isn’t that the girl from the other day?” All of a sudden, Tang Wulin noticed the maiden dressed in the long palace dress that stood decently
close to the rear of the handsomely-dressed man in surprise. It was the maiden with a few burly men that he met when he went shopping with Gu Yue the other day.

He recalled how the few burly men addressed her at the time and wondered, ‘Could this maiden be a princess?’ Tang Wulin’s heart skipped a beat.

‘I think I’ll just continue to sleep then. God knows how long this is going to take.’ He lowered his head once again and continued to doze off.

Just as Tang Wulin entered the dreamland once again and fully displayed his prowess at sleeping while standing, a frail shout suddenly echoed in his ears, “Murder!”

Tang Wulin shuddered due to his sharp senses. His responses had been cultivated through repeated battles and his Golden Dragon Body was
completely released in a flash without him noticing. Soon, as the powerful aura burst out from his body, blades of Bluesilver Emperor Vines surged outward like a swarm of bees and spread out in the surroundings.

His reaction was extremely swift. Moreover, his entire being became wide awake in an instant. He knelt down slightly his body flashed. Almost instantly, he appeared before Gu Yue’s body, shielding her as he looked
around at his surroundings in vigilance.

Then, he saw pairs of puzzled eyes as he instantly became the center of attention. At this moment, Dai Tianling from the Star Luo Empire had just passed the credentials to the Federation’s vice president. The anthems of both
continents were playing and His Majesty was kindly shaking the hands of the diplomatic corps officers in greeting.

However, Tang Wulin’s noisy fuss had triggered a series of changes.
Dozens of figures dashed from all directions toward him. The fastest person amongst them arrived before Tang Wulin just barely more than a moment.

Although Tang Wulin had yet to understand the true situation at present, his Bluesilver Emperor Vines were still instantly spread out. He also realized that his companions were around him so blades of Bluesilver Grass were used to rapidly wrap around his companions’ waists. Raising the Golden
Dragon Claw on his right hand, he seemed just about ready to launch Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

“What are you doing, Wulin!?” Wu Zhangkong shouted coldly, while his figure simultaneously flashed past to stand before Tang Wulin. Wu Zhangkong approached the figure that was dashing over closely, and the
sound of soul power exploded between both sides. Wu Zhangkong retreated by two steps while the other person somersaulted backward and suspended himself in mid-air.

Almost instantly, various soul devices were locked toward his direction.

Tang Wulin was already completely awake by now as he asked subconsciously, “Where’s the murder?”

He failed to realize that the palace-attired maiden standing behind His
Majesty the Emperor had her head slightly lowered. She was suppressing her mouth from cracking into a smile with great effort.

Wu Zhangkong glared at Tang Wulin ferociously. “What the hell are you doing!?”

Tang Wulin looked toward Gu Yue by his side with a confused expression. “Didn’t you shout at me that there was a murder earlier?” Gu Yue was stunned as she answered, “I didn’t! Are you dreaming?!”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin blinked. He was absolutely sure that he had heard it clearly earlier! Could he not tell if he was dreaming or not?

Xie Xie was already uncontrollably sneering out loud. If Tang Wulin was truly dreaming, this would be a big joke.

At present, the Star Luo Empire’s royal armed escorts had already gathered forward.

“What’s going on?” the elder who had a dull bearing asked in a deep voice.

At this moment, even the steady and profound Wu Zhangkong did not know how to answer the others. Yet, he could not skip the explanation either. If the other party misunderstood their intention and determined that they were about to assassinate the Emperor, this would truly be a big joke on them.
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