The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 581-590

Chapter 581 - Second Awakening, Complete!

Chapter 581: Second Awakening, Complete!

The Overlord Dragon changed more than his soul ring and martial soul. There was currently a forceful surge of blood essence within Tang Wulin’s body. It was so extreme that even without his control, the vigorous blood essence was already lashing against the fifth Golden Dragon King seal inside his body.

Tang Wulin was fully conscious now. He desperately tried to calm his blood essence down, but the fifth seal had obviously loosened. There was no need to ask Old Tang, as Tang Wulin could feel it himself. After the forty-nine days of tempering himself, along with large helpings of oceanic soul beast
essence and meat, he could have broken the fifth seal any time he wanted.

With the progression of his cultivation base to four rings, his overall
strength had taken another leap forward. Especially noteworthy was the second awakening of his Bluesilver Grass martial soul. This was a magnificent development he had never expected!

Until this moment, the strength of the Golden Dragon King bloodline had been his greatest weapon. Compared to that, his martial soul seemed much weaker. However, Tang Wulin could already feel the power after the new
enhancement to his Bluesilver Grass, turning it into the Bluesilver Emperor.

If he had to face the pack of Devilsoul Great White Sharks again, he was now confident of utterly smashing them to pieces.

Four rings meant that he had also risen to a rank-6 blacksmith as well, and it signified that he had attained the inner foundation to become a one-word battle armor master.

The ten-thousand-year Overlord Dragon spirit soul meant that he did not need to look for another spirit soul even if he cultivated to six rings or seven rings in the future.

He had finally taken this step! It was not easy. It was said that cultivating one’s soul power becomes even more difficult after rank-40, but after taking this great step forward, his martial soul had evolved for a second time. At least his cultivation speed would not be any slower than his companions. He was only fifteen years old now, so he had plenty of time.

He moved his thoughts and the Bluesilver Grass vines waved silently. They floated on the surface of the ocean with their enlarged size and supported Tang Wulin’s body.

“Teacher.” Tang Wulin looked toward Mu Ye.

Mu Ye said with relief, “You’ve finally completed the second awakening. How do you feel?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “I feel amazing! I think this can be seen as my luck after all the hardships, right?”

Mu Ye nodded. “For you, the toughest days are now over. Your upcoming training will be somewhat easier.”

Tang Wulin’s expression stiffened slightly. “Teacher, you see, I’ve been at it for quite some time now. Shouldn’t I be allowed to rest for a few days?”

Mu Ye said in a deep voice, “Achievement is founded upon diligence and wasted upon recklessness. How can you rest now? Hmm, I’ll let you rest tonight.” As he said this, his body flashed and in an instant, he stood beside Tang Wulin. Then, he grabbed him and leaped into the air.

The Bluesilver Grass, which flickered with a dark golden luster, shrank and returned to Tang Wulin’s body. The two of them chased after the ship.

Early the next morning, when Tang Wulin regained consciousness from his meditation, the sky was only beginning to light up. He rushed to the balcony and faced the east as he awaited the arrival of the violet dawn. It was certainly different. His martial soul had evolved from Bluesilver
Grass to Bluesilver Emperor. The speed of his soul power’s improvements had increased noticeably. Even if the ocean was not suitable for the
cultivation of a Plant System martial soul, Tang Wulin still felt that his progress sped up at least threefold.

Was this what it felt like to have a powerful martial soul? He had spent forty-nine days pacing back and forth at the edge of life and death to
stimulate his potential. Eventually, he awakened his Bluesilver Grass’ ultimate source of strength, and that felt awesome!

He was genuinely grateful to Mu Ye. Without Teacher Mu Ye, he would never have reached this level.

After he finished training the Purple Demon Eyes, the sun had already risen above the ocean’s surface and it bathed the two great ships in its golden glow.

By now, they had already covered two-thirds of the journey. They were getting increasingly closer to the Star Luo Continent.

These days, the official party frequently organized some exchange activities and got everyone involved. The members of the diplomatic corps from both sides also became more and more familiar with each other.

He pushed his door open and was about to go knock on Gu Yue’s door to invite her for breakfast when the door of the room diagonally opposite his opened. Xu Xiaoyan walked out from within.

When she saw Tang Wulin, she was momentarily stunned. “Captain, you…”

Tang Wulin smiled. “What’s wrong Xiaoyan? Why are you looking at me like that? Can’t you recognize me anymore?”

Xu Xiaoyan shook her head. “It’s not that! It’s just that you look different somehow. How did you take such good care of your skin? You seem to be glowing, and your aura… I-It’s frightening me a little.” “Huh?” Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He instinctively retracted his aura. Only then did Xu Xiaoyan relax somewhat. “That’s better.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “I had a breakthrough during my cultivation last night. I wasn’t aware of my lack of control over my own aura. It won’t happen again.”

Indeed, he had not noticed it himself. After reaching four rings and fusing with the Overlord Dragon spirit soul, his aura had also virtually become a mixture of the Overlord Dragon’s ferocity and the Golden Dragon King’s aura.

Although the Overlord Dragon was certainly fierce, it displayed complete submission when faced with the Golden Dragon King. However, the
Golden Dragon King’s aura itself had also taken on a new ferociousness under the Overlord Dragon’s influence.

Tang Wulin himself could not feel anything, but Xu Xiaoyan noticed the change immediately.

“Breakthrough? Captain, you’re finally at rank 40 now?” Xu Xiaoyan covered her mouth and giggled.

Tang Wulin coughed somewhat awkwardly. “What do you mean ‘finally’? Am I really that slow?”

Xu Xiaoyan nodded immediately. She then let out a series of giggles which sounded like silver bells and ran away.

They had their conversation outside. Tang Wulin had no need to knock. Gu Yue’s door was already opened. The others were also out of their rooms.

Gu Yue had heard them talking. She looked at Tang Wulin with shock. “You’ve broken through this quickly?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I have to work hard to match you guys’ pace!”

Ye Xinglan had also walked out at this moment and said, “I’ve been trying a few times over the past few days and I can’t complete the final core component no matter what. I’m starting the process of crafting battle armor for all of you now. Captain, let’s start with you. I’ve made a right rerebrace and pauldron for you already. I want to finish at least one piece for you before I work on the others. Or should I craft a complete set for you first?”

Tang Wulin thought about it and said, “Let’s go with making one piece for each person. It’s still useful for us to increase everyone’s battle strengths
and personal survival abilities. After all, we don’t know what kind of situations we’ll find ourselves in on the Star Luo Continent.

“Okay.” Ye Xinglan did not say much. She merely nodded.

At this moment, with a sudden, loud boom, the ship shook violently. Tang Wulin and the others hastily reached for something to hold onto for support in the corridor, and they managed to keep their balance.

“What’s the situation?” Tang Wulin asked with shock.

Aside from Xu Xiaoyan who had run off earlier, all members from Shrek Academy’s team were present.

“Everyone gather together. Let’s go to my cabin first,” shouted Tang Wulin in a deep voice as he pulled his own room door open.

“Brumm!” Another violent boom sounded, shaking the ocean liner once more.

Tang Wulin held the door open to allow his companions to get into his room quickly. The cabin room was certainly safer than the corridor. That was because the room had a balcony, so they could make an exit at any moment. They had more options here.

After everyone had gotten into his room, Tang Wulin quickly went to the balcony, grabbed the handrails and looked outward. When he stared at the scene before him, an expression of terror immediately showed on his face.

The azure ocean had turned dark purple without anyone noticing. A giant water column dozens of meters wide shot forth from a faraway part of the ocean. It crashed violently into the activated Soul Barrier of the ship, creating ripples and rocking it violently.

A purple ocean? What change had occurred here?

Just then, a figure descended from the sky and landed on the balcony. It was the sect master of the Body Sect, Mu Ye.

Chapter 582 - Here Come the Avengers!

Chapter 582: Here Come the Avengers!

The others looked shocked at when they saw Mu Ye. He said in a deep voice, “A powerful oceanic soul beast has come to attack us. All of you, stay here and don’t move. These waters are very dangerous.”

Tang Wulin’s heart was struck with fear. If Teacher Mu Ye, who had a divine mecha and a cultivation base of rank-94 was this serious, the oceanic soul beast that they were facing this time was not an ordinary soul beast!

“Teacher, what is it?” Tang Wulin’s use of the term astonished the others, but this was obviously not a good time to inquire about it.

Mu Ye knitted his brows tightly. “Looks like a huge pack of Devilsoul
Great White Sharks. A very huge pack of Devilsoul Great White Sharks. There’s a kingly figure that’s leading the pack with a cultivation base of a hundred thousand years. There are also other powerful oceanic soul beasts accompanying them.”

Tang Wulin’s heart stirred. He turned to look toward Mu Ye. The edge of Mu Ye’s lips twitched. He said nothing, but his expression had clearly told Tang Wulin that the arrival of these powerful oceanic soul beasts was related to the pack of Devilsoul Great White Sharks they had faced yesterday.

A light flashed on Mu Ye’s hands, and white ceramic jar appeared in one. “Eat this.”

Tang Wulin opened it, and a salty, fishy smell was blown in their faces. Inside the jar was a golden-colored, grease-like substance.

“This was…” Mu Ye said, “Fish oil from the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s head. It’s highly nourishing.”

Tang Wulin coughed. He thought inwardly, ‘I can’t believe Teacher is still thinking about nourishment at a time like this, but I like it.’

He did not hold back. He raised his head and swallowed the deep-sea fish oil. In matters of its taste, it was nothing special. The smell of fish filled his nostrils. However, after it reached his throat, it immediately turned into a
warm wave as it spread throughout his body. His brain was instantly clearer. It was a comforting feeling that he could not put into words.

Mu Ye spoke to himself, “I never thought that there would be such a pack of large and powerful soul beasts in the deep sea. They even look powerful and hardy. The one that shot water at us must be the Deepsea Devil Whale. Judging by the power of its attack, it must have a cultivation base of at least a hundred-thousand years already. Deepsea Devil Whale King and the
Devilsoul Great White Shark King… this is an impressive line-up!”

Tang Wulin could almost be sure now that the oceanic soul beasts in front of their eyes were related to them. However, Mu Ye did not seem to be the least bit interested. He even seemed to take pleasure in their misfortune.

At that moment, numerous figures leaped into the sky from the two ocean liners and flew swiftly through the air.

Three people flew out from the ship that Tang Wulin and the others were on, and another two persons flew out from the other ship.

The five of them stood in midair. All of them gave off extremely strong auras. Among the five of them, the only person whom Tang Wulin recognized was none other than the Silver Moon Douluo, Elder Cai.

At this moment, an ice cold figure appeared in front of Tang Wulin’s balcony. It was Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong had noticed Mu Ye immediately after he landed. His brows furrowed. “Who are you?” Mu Ye pointed at his own clothes. “A chef.”

A cold gleam flashed across Wu Zhangkong’s eyes. The icy aura immediately enveloped Mu Ye’s body.

Mu Ye smiled drily. He did not release his aura. He let the icy coldness released by Wu Zhangkong cover him, but he acted as if nothing was happening. He was not affected in the least.

Wu Zhangkong’s gaze focused. Just when he was about to take another step forward to take action, Tang Wulin hastily said, “Teacher Wu, please don’t attack. He’s my teacher as well.”

Wu Zhangkong was momentarily stunned. He landed on the balcony. The balcony was not that big to begin with, and now that everyone was there, it felt a bit cramped.

He looked at Mu Ye, then at Tang Wulin. “Where’s Xu Xiaoyan?” Tang Wulin said, “She must have gone to have her breakfast.”
Wu Zhangkong said in a deep voice, “Go get her and come back here. Things don’t look good. A large number of oceanic soul beasts have already surrounded our ship, and they’re not short on experts. In the middle of this ocean, the amplification of their strength will be very powerful.”

“I’ll go.” Yue Zhengyu offered his services. He turned around and dashed out of the room.

Just then, from far away on the sea, another giant water column was blasting toward their ship.

In midair, a red-haired elder grunted coldly. His body flashed and appeared in front of the water column. His right hand struck out against air. A ball of powerful red light flashed and collided with the water column.

The water column shattered. The red-haired elder grunted again and retreated with a flash. At the same time, a thought that struck fear into all of them came from the depths of the ocean. “Humans, you’ve taken the liberty of passing over our domain and killed my kin. Surrender the murderer to me or else I’ll let all of you bury yourselves here.”

This was not a voice. It was sent telepathically. However, even all the people within the ship’s protective barrier could clearly hear what had been said.

An enormous figure slowly floated out of the ocean’s surface. Its silvery
white back was like a small island. Its gigantic dorsal fin stood erect like the edge of a blade. It gave off a sharp chilliness. Not far away from it, another larger, dark purplish figure appeared. It looked to be at least hundreds of meters long.

When the two of them appeared, a powerful aura burst forth immediately. From the ocean, more and more terrifying creatures started floating up to the surface.

The bulk of those frightened beasts were Devilsoul Great White Sharks and Deep Sea Devil Whales. The combination of the two clans appeared to number in the thousands. A horrifying aura fell upon the ocean, and it was filled with oppression.

Elder Cai said in a deep voice, “We’re only passing through. We did not kill your clansmen. If you insist on not letting us pass, don’t blame us for not being merciful. Do you think that with only two hundred-thousand-year
soul beasts, you can stop us? Among us humans, we were never short of those that would want a hundred-thousand-year soul ring.”

After she said this, the aura of the Devilsoul Great White Shark King and the Deep Sea Devil Whale King immediately become roused.

The conflict between humans and soul beasts had long passed the point of reconciliation. The terrestrial soul beasts were virtually extinct. With the advancement of Spirit Pagoda’s techniques in creating spirit souls, the habitats of the soul beasts were compressed even further. Oceanic soul beasts also rarely had the courage to go near the shore. Only the deep sea could be seen as something of a paradise for oceanic soul beasts.

Shrek Academy has always been a supporter of peace between humans and soul beasts, but Elder Cai had a strong personality. When she was faced
with a large number of soul beasts blocking her way, naturally, she would hold nothing back. Even if someone on the ship had killed a soul beast, it was impossible for her to make a concession.

“Roarrr!” a deep roar sounded. Shortly after, another thick water column shot forth and headed straight toward Elder Cai.

Elder Cai grunted coldly and pointed at the sky with her right hand. A
strange phenomenon occurred. The entire sky darkened immediately, and a silver moon materialized out of thin air. The silvery white glow reached down from the sky and collided loudly with that huge water column, releasing a violent and loud roar.

The water column collapsed, but the silver moon did not budge from its position in the sky. A terrifying aura that seemed to have originated from the depths of hell burst forth from Elder Cai’s body.

Even the hearts of the human experts who hung in midair could not help but shudder, let alone the soul beasts in the deep sea.

A Hyper Douluo!

The aura emanating from Elder Cai’s body was clearly the aura of a Hyper Douluo! Moreover, she had not even utilized her own battle armor yet. No wonder she had so much confidence just now.

Soul rings appeared on Elder Cai’s body. Three purple, three black, and three red. The nine soul rings flickered.

The originally clear skies began to darken, but the silver moon increased in its brilliance. Elder Cai just hung there, she seemed to have naturally turned into the core of the heavens and earth. When the members of the Star Luo Continent diplomatic corps saw this
scene, they could not help but feel fear run down their spine. Was this the strength of an expert from the Douluo Continent’s Shrek Academy?

Shrek Academy was truly the gathering place of the greatest experts on the continents.

The Deep Sea Devil Whale King and the Devilsoul Great White Shark King seemed to have been silenced by Elder Cai’s display of strength. However, in the next moment, the purple colored ocean slowly turned a darker shade. In the middle of the ocean, whirlpools formed and quickly gathered together. They rolled toward the two ships.

Faced with Elder Cai’s threats, these powerful oceanic soul beasts chose to fight.

Elder Cai’s gaze focused. With a single stride into the air, she had already appeared above the Deep Sea Devil Whale King and the Devilsoul Great
White Shark King. Under the illumination of the silver moon, glittering and translucent light spots appeared on her body.

The other four experts were also of the rank of Title Douluo or rank-3 battle armor master. They released their respective battle armors.

Elder Cai’s battle armor was absolutely breathtaking. Rays of dazzling
silver light arced outward from her body. They turned into circles of silvery light arcs and merged silently with her body. Her battle armor did not seem to be thick or heavy. Every piece was full of surprisingly beautiful patterns. A pair of titanic silver wings spread open behind her. When a silver headband that resembled a royal tiara dropped down, Elder Cai suddenly
showed an amazing change.

Her head of originally silver hair slowly turned green. Her wrinkled face regained its former tautness and instantly, she had transformed into a lady of incomparable beauty.

Her full set of silver battle armor was set nicely against her body, emanating a sense of perfection. Her armor-clad right hand held a staff, on top of which there was a silver disc engraved with magnificent patterns. The staff and the silver moon in the sky complemented each other.

Chapter 583 - The Great Beast

Chapter 583: The Great Beast

Silver striations were shimmering with a translucent radiance on the magnificent silver battle armor. The entire sea seemed to have sunken under the irresistible force produced when her armor appeared.

Mu Ye’s eyes glowed ever so slightly as he heaved a sigh softly. “The three- word battle armor. This is Shrek’s three-word battle armor. It is most
certainly unique!”

Tang Wulin took a glance at his teacher in confusion. This was the first time he had ever witnessed Elder Cai’s power. Elder Cai once targeted them so they understood that she was formidable, but this was still the first time they had ever seen Elder Cai unleash her full power. ‘That terrifying and overbearing aura…

The entire sea seemed to be enthralled by her. Her awesome valiance was enough to instill fear in the ocean.

A Hyper Douluo with the addition of three-word battle armor meant this was someone who had achieved the level of a Limit Douluo.

A seven-ringed Soul Sage with two-word battle armor had already achieved an ordinary Douluo’s level, while an eight-ringed Soul Douluo with three- word battle armor could even achieve the level of a rank-95 Hyper Douluo. However, once one had become a Hyper Douluo, it was extremely difficult to reach new ranks at the same rate as before.

A Title Douluo with three-word battle armor was only capable of reaching an equal footing with a rank-96 Hyper Douluo.

As a Hyper Douluo with three-word battle armor, Elder Cai was strong
enough to equal a rank-98 Hyper Douluo at the moment. She was already close to becoming a rank-99 Limit Douluo. Once her battle armor was
elevated to four-word, she would be capable of possessing powers at the highest level in the world.

This was Elder Cai’s inner secret. Let alone facing two ten-thousand year
soul beasts, with her power that was equal to a rank-98 Hyper Douluo right now, she was capable of fighting a Great Beast with an even higher
cultivation base.

Which one of the Sea God’s Pavilion members in Shrek Academy was not a being at its pinnacle?

“I am giving all of you another chance to retreat now!” Elder Cai shouted in a low tone.

“Leave her to me.” Just then a peculiar voice echoed in the deep sea. Soon after, a figure suddenly soared into the sky in the distance.

The sky in the distance suddenly turned a bright blue the moment he was airborne. To everyone’s amazement, the sea erupted and engulfed the sky.
Looking from the two ships, it felt as if the entire world was completely covered.

Seeing this, Elder Cai’s expression changed for the very first time, and her gaze became stiff.

Purple light shimmered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. With great effort, he relied on the Purple Demon Eyes to see the human figure in the distance with great

Surprisingly, the creature was humanoid. However, only his upper body resembled a man, while his lower body was made of twelve octopus-like tentacles. He was suspended in midair as his aura blew forth rapidly and pushed toward Elder Cai’s side.

“The Great Beast?” The words slipped from Mu Ye’s mouth. His face was filled with astonishment. The so-called Great Beast was a Hyper Soul Beast with a cultivation base that exceeded twenty thousand years. There were once Ten Great Beasts on the Douluo Continent.

The Ten Great Beasts stood tall on the Continent thousands of years ago. Some of the Beasts submitted to the command of a mighty warrior known as the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, who once conquered the world brutally, while others were killed by him. The rest of the Great Beasts vanished without a trace afterward. The greatest among them was the
Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King. It was known as the Beast God, with a
cultivation base as high as eight hundred thousand years, and it was reputed to be the strongest of all at that time.

According to the legend, the Spirit Ice Douluo once launched a great battle with this Beast God Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King before he became a god. He won the battle in the end, and the Beast God went into hiding. No one knew if it was alive or dead. Meanwhile, the Spirit Ice Douluo
ascended into the God world.

The sea’s area was far larger than the land, so naturally, it was possible for Great Beasts to appear here.

With a Great Beast and two ten-thousand year soul beasts, they were finally equipped with the power to threaten the fleet.

The figure that soared into the sky transformed rapidly. Its body started
expanding against the seawater behind its back. It only took a short while before it had transformed into an enormous octopus over a thousand meters in diameter. The sea became violent under the control of its tentacles, such that even Elder Cai’s suppression was unable to match with it.

“Roar!…” the Deep Sea Devil Whale King gave out a furious roar. All the oceanic soul beasts immediately swarmed toward the two ocean liners. The attack had begun!

Elder Cai’s figure flashed as she transformed into a stream of moonlight. She raised her staff high as the silver moon that was suspended in midair fired a huge beam of moonlight. It was reflected onto the silver plate on the tip of the staff and rapidly formed into a fine needle-like silver light. It shot toward the enormous octopus in the distance.

The colossal octopus waved its eight tentacles as countless speckles of violet light floated into the air and formed into a layers blocking Elder Cai’s attack.

As the two powerhouses from both parties clashed, the two ships’ offensive and defensive maneuvers had already begun on the other side.

With deep roaring sounds, soul cannonballs shot out from the muzzles that had opened on the sides of the ships.

These soul cannons were powered by the soul battery array that was filled with energy. It could even be launched directly through a soul master’s soul power when necessary.

Every soul cannon’s attacking power was impressive. The strongest soul cannon could even be as damaging as a Title Douluo.

For a while, the sea was blasted such that it continuously echoed with the sound of explosions, while the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks fell against the ships’ protective shield and exploded into piercing rings.

Fortunately, the two parties’ diplomatic corps had been equipped with
strong defenses and adequate soul energy for the safety of the trip. With great effort, they could still defend themselves against the encircling oceanic soul beasts, at least for the moment.

The four masters in the air, each of whom owned at least three-word battle armor, were divided into two groups. Each group blocked the Deep Sea
Devil Whale King and the Devil Soul Great White Shark King respectively. This was the limit of their abilities, as the sea was still the oceanic soul beasts’ territory.

In short while, it was already chaos. Tang Wulin nudged Mu Ye who was standing by his side. “Teacher, are you…”

Mu Ye acted as if he had nothing to do with this. He just stood there and watched the battle outside with no intention to participate at all.

Wu Zhangkong squinted his eyes as he took one deep look at Mu Ye. His figure flashed once and he had already arrived in the midair. Speckles of white light glowed as the Sky Ice Battle Armor emerged and quickly
covered his body. The Skyfrost Sword appeared out of thin air. He was like a meteor as he dashed out of the ship’s protective shield and into the sky.

Wu Zhangkong was already a seven-ringed Soul Sage, and he was close to possessing the power of a Title Douluo with the addition of his two-word battle armor. Moreover, he was Wu Zhangkong!

A Devil Soul Great White Shark discovered him in the sea. The silver light on its back fin shimmered as a streak of light flew toward him at full force.

The silver glow was akin to the sharp edge of a knife. It arrived before Wu Zhangkong at lightning speed.

The Skyfrost Sword cut through it as a faint streak of shadow appeared out of thin air. Needles of fine frost overlapped and tore apart the silver light with ease. Soon after, Wu Zhangkong’s entire battle armor glowed brightly with silver light. He descended from the sky and pounced directly into the sea.

The soul rings on his body shimmered alternately as his seventh soul ring suddenly burst into light.

A peculiar scene emerged. The Skyfrost Sword suddenly enlarged as Wu Zhangkong fused with the sword. A gush of sword’s consciousness burst out.

The colossal Skyfrost Sword over ten meters long descended from the sky. It was his seventh soul skill – the martial soul avatar. The Skyfrost Sword was not aiming at any oceanic soul beast, but it dove directly into the sea before disappearing.

‘What… what’s Teacher Wu doing?’ Tang Wulin and the rest were filled with confusion.

At the next moment, they widened their eyes in amazement.

The sea started freezing from the point that Wu Zhangkong had entered the water. Countless strands of frosty air soared into the sky as firm ice started spreading rapidly in all directions. The oceanic soul beasts were frozen rapidly in the ice.

The solid ice spread at an incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, it had
already spread out hundreds of meters. A great number of the oceanic soul beasts were frozen, taking off some of the pressure from the battle immediately.

Chapter 584 - Enter the Battle

Chapter 584: Enter the Battle

Mu Ye’s gaze moved ever so slightly. “He’s using his martial soul avatar to freeze the sea and exercise complete control. At least twenty oceanic soul beasts with cultivation bases of over ten thousand years are sealed within the ice. But why didn’t he just kill them straight?”

“Roar!” The ship shook violently just then. The outer protective shield was already weakening.

The oceanic soul beasts came in overwhelming numbers, and the two oceanic liners were mainly meant for long voyages and not for battle. Even though mechas were shooting one after another into the sky from the ships right now, the oceanic soul beasts still had the upper hand.

Once the protective shield was shattered, the ships themselves would be under attack. If the ships’ hulls took significant damage, it would possibly be a death sentence for all the passengers.

“Attention every Soul Master, attention every Soul Master. We’re under attack by oceanic soul beasts. Requesting fellow Soul Masters to join the
battle immediately and protect our ship. Please join the battle immediately to prevent damage to the ship’s hull from the oceanic soul beasts’ attack.”

Tang Wulin glanced at Mu Ye.

Mu Ye smiled. “Join if you want to. An opportunity as good as this is very rare.”

Tang Wulin looked toward his companions and spoke softly, “Follow me.” He stepped forward as he spoke. He leaped up, put his right foot on the balcony’s railing and thrust himself into the air, flying out the ship. A
Bluesilver Grass vine wound anticlockwise around the railing. He descended from above and dropped toward the frozen surface Wu Zhangkong created.

Gu Yue was the second one to take the leap. As she jumped, a circle of green soul rings bloomed and dropped onto her companions to assist them by reducing their body weight.

She stepped onto Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass and used it to slide down.

Soon after, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie followed behind. Only Xu Lizhi remained, looking ghastly pale. “I-I’m afraid of heights.”

Mu Ye smiled gently. “You’ll get used to it after a few tries.”

Before Xu Lizhi could react to the situation, Mu Ye had already grabbed the fat little boy and tossed him out.

“Wulin, catch him.”

There was a sixty to seventy-meter drop from the balcony to the surface of the sea. Xu Lizhi was bawling loudly, having been suddenly thrown into free fall.

Tang Wulin had just reached the ice floor at that moment. He turned around and realized that Xu Lizhi was falling from the sky. Bluesilver Grass vines rapidly spread out.

His Bluesilver Grass was manifesting with the thickness of an arm. The
Grass formed a large net in the sky and Xu Lizhi dropped down from above into it. After he bounced once the momentum had dissipated.

Before his martial soul’s second awakening, it would be quite problematic for his Bluesilver Grass to endure such powerful velocity. But, it was different now. After the Bluesilver Grass evolved into the Bluesilver Emperor, its synchronization with Tang Wulin was vastly elevated. Now Tang Wulin’s strength could be directly transmitted into the Bluesilver
Grass. “Be careful, everyone.” Bluesilver Grass vines emerged and wound around the waists of his companions individually. The six of them stayed together as they ran in the direction of the ice’s edge.

Gu Yue’s eyes flashed as her Elemental Staff appeared out of thin air. Her staff waved to conjure up balls of blue flame, sending them surging
skyward and shielding the ships from the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks.

Even Tang Wulin could not tell how far her spiritual power had advanced. It was as if those fireballs had eyes as they continuously bloomed.

“Wait for us.” A voice echoed in the sky.

They watched as Yue Zhengyu spread his wings and he carried Xu Xiaoyan down from the other side of the ship.

Yue Zhengyu’s arms were wrapped around Xu Xiaoyan’s waist. Xu
Xiaoyan’s charming face was clearly blushing scarlet. The both of them touched the ground and joined their companions.

Tang Wulin took a glance at them as the corner of his lips cracked into a smile. “There’s no need for us to attack the oceanic soul beasts ourselves.
We only need to stop their attacks. The oceanic soul beasts will still be
exhausting their soul power continuously in order to launch their soul skills. We’ll use our own soul power and try our best to stop them from attacking the ships.”

“Okay,” the crowd answered in unison.

They could launch their attacks more easily with the solid ice surface beneath their feet. However, given their own cultivation base, it would be suicide if they were to battle the oceanic soul beasts in the sea. At least a hundred of the oceanic soul beasts that encircled the two ships possessed a ten-thousand-year cultivation base. A portion of them was frozen by Wu Zhangkong, but there was still a large number of heavy hitters.

They were not afraid to face one ten-thousand-year ranking soul beast, but they would undoubtedly perish if they were surrounded in the middle of the sea.

“Captain, protect me until I reach the edge. I’ll be casting my spell there,” Xu Xiaoyan suddenly said to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s heart jerked once, and he understood what was she about to do. He was about to respond when Yue Zhengyu who was by her side spoke up. “I’ll get you there safely.” The wings behind his back spread out as the Saint Sword appeared from thin air, and he ran toward the edge of the ice.

Xu Xiaoyan followed behind him. Tang Wulin raised his hand once. Two vines wrapped around their waists in order to back them up whenever necessary.

In the meantime, Gu Yue relied on her Elemental Staff to launch attacks on the sky, while Yuanen Yehui relied on her Air Cannon. With great effort, Ye Xinglan cut out streaks of sword slashes in the sky to stop the attacks that were closer to the surface of the sea. Xie Xie was at an idle end, on guard by his companions’ sides.

Close-range combat was not as effective as long-range attacks in the kind of battle they were fighting.

At the same time, while Xie Xie was feeling frustrated, he looked toward Tang Wulin’s direction. Tang Wulin was similarly unskilled in long-range attacks as well!

However, he was staring in bewilderment at the scene that followed.

A black radiance flashed once as Tang Wulin launched his fourth soul ring. Due to the pressure from a large number of oceanic soul beasts earlier, they did not notice that Tang Wulin’s soul rings now numbered at four.

There was an ethereal shadow that faintly appeared on top of Tang Wulin’s head once his fourth soul ring began to glow. It was the spitting image of the Overlord Dragon. Gu Yue who was standing by his side looked at the shadow in surprise. Soon after, they noticed that the Bluesilver Grass released from Tang Wulin’s body started growing wildly. The Bluesilver Grass vines
shimmered with a dark golden gloss as the Grass turned thicker and longer at full speed.

Bluesilver Grass vines dozens of meters in length waved through the air and dashed straight into the sky. The Grass lashed out at the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks, much to everyone’s surprise.

At least hundreds of vines swarmed out of Tang Wulin’s body, akin to giant serpents covered in dragon scales and glistening with a dark golden gloss. The Grass reached for a projectile from the sea, pulverizing it into nothingness with terrifying strength and a powerful bearing.

This was Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor’s fourth soul skill – the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation!

This was a general amplification soul skill that was effective on the rest of the three soul skills simultaneously. The Bluesilver Emperor finally revealed its power for the first time.

Tang Wulin was feeling as if he had countless tentacles. The blood essence power surging through him poured into these tentacles and waved them
around in the air as if they were part of his body. The scales that covered the vines shimmered every time one lashed onto the oceanic soul beasts’ long- range attack. Not only was it capable of pulverizing the attack, but it would also dissolve a portion of the attack’s energy.

There were other Soul Masters who had also jumped off the ship, including the Royal Star Luo Academy’s students.

They could not help but see what was happening on Tang Wulin’s side.

They were already staring in bewilderment from earlier as they witnessed the incredible scene taking place before their eyes. “Is…is he even human? What’s his martial soul? Why are there so many gigantic dark-blue serpents? Can it be the Hydra?”

“His martial soul is not a beast. I think it’s a plant-type martial soul, but I can’t tell what it is. Perhaps it’s the product of plant-type and beast martial
soul’s nuclear transformation? This is too terrifying! What sort of energy is that?! Look, that enormous ball of water is dissolved like nothing. This is an extremely powerful energy. He has four soul rings. That fourth soul ring is
actually a ten-thousand-year level one. Oh dear! There’s more…how much soul power will he be consuming to stop this barrage? How can he appear so relaxed?”

Was Tang Wulin relaxed? He was not that relaxed actually. For a short while, his Bluesilver Emperor’s blades managed to block a good deal of long-range attacks as they blasted through the sky, but it was also
exhausting him tremendously at the same time.

However, he was not only relying on his soul power but also his blood
essence power. The biggest advantage of the martial soul’s second evolution was not that it elevated his cultivation base, but that it completely combined his soul power and blood essence power. In other words, his martial soul possessed the power of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline, while the
Golden Dragon King Bloodline was capable of borrowing his soul power. The two sides complemented one another and finally united.

In this way, Tang Wulin’s fighting capability could endure for long periods. Moreover, there was also Xu Lizhi constantly stuffing steamed buns into his mouth by his side.

One after another large steamed meat bun was constantly stuffed into Tang Wulin’s mouth. With this plus the Devil Soul Great White Shark’s fish oil which he had consumed earlier, the blood essence in Tang Wulin’s body at
present was extremely exuberant. He could still hold on for a length of time. All the Soul Masters on the ocean liners had begun to join the battle.
Wu Zhangkong’s ice floor was extremely important. After all, the Soul Masters’ battle formation would be affected if they were to stand on the ship as they launched their attacks, but they could strike more easily on the ice surface. In addition, the solid ice was absolutely vital in immobilizing the ships.

Chapter 585 - Mu Ye Enters the Battle

Chapter 585: Mu Ye Enters the Battle

The members of the diplomatic corps that were chosen to represent both continents for the exchange program were all the best of their respective professions. On the Douluo Continent, the leaders of almost every field were Soul Masters because they possessed the strongest bodies, natural talents, and spiritual powers. With such a huge advantage, they were
superior to ordinary people in any occupation.

Tang Wulin and his companions were undertaking the task alone at their position. Their overall soul power only averaged around a cultivation base of four rings, but they came from Shrek Academy. With the addition of the enhancements granted by their battle armor and the powerful abilities of their martial souls, they were impressively effective.

“Captain, since when did you have four soul rings? Why’s your martial soul so different from before?” Xu Lizhi asked curiously while he fed steamed buns to Tang Wulin.

It was no joke. Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was now worlds apart from what it had been! Every blade of Bluesilver Grass was akin to a dragon. Not only was it capable of offense and defense, but it was also even filled with
spiritual intelligence that it did not possess in the past.

Each of the gigantic vines waved intimidatingly, and they also had an extremely wide range. He managed to block more oceanic soul beast attacks than anyone else in the group.

Tang Wulin exclaimed, “Naturally, it would be different now that I’ve reached four soul rings. This is my fourth soul skill. It’s called the
Bluesilver Overlord Transformation. Is it cool?” “Cool, hah-hah!” Xu Lizhi admired Tang Wulin’s appetite the most. This young lad could hardly even open his mouth to speak when he ate.

The scene was rather chaotic. In the distance, Elder Cai and the Great Beast that came from the depths were engaged in a fight on the most spectacular scale.

The most terrifying part of an oceanic soul beast was that it was capable of controlling the sea, and the power of nature was always dreadful to humans.
A soul beast that had achieved a level of ten thousand years was certainly
strong enough to cause a mighty torrent. As a result, Elder Cai and the four members of the human vanguard had to first make sure that the creatures with cultivation bases of over ten thousand years did not use the power of the ocean to capsize the ships. Otherwise, they could end up in a deadly
situation in the middle of this vast sea with no reinforcements.

Fortunately, the members of both diplomatic corps were fairly powerful. Some politicians that normally appeared cultured and elegant on usual days were now suited up in high-level mecha as they suspended themselves in midair to join the fray. The two ocean liners stayed close to each other with their soul cannons opened up completely and spared no effort in firing at the oceanic soul beasts’ battle formation to suppress their attacks.

“Boom!…” The color of the sky in the distance changed continuously as the terrifying energy fluctuation howled across it. A streak of dazzling
silver light transformed into an enormous curved sword and cut through the horizon. A massive tentacle dropped down from above and slammed onto the surface of the sea, creating a giant wave.

Elder Cai’s figure appeared with a bright radiance glowing on her back. Her entire body bloomed with silk-like strands of silver light.

Even so, her situation was not optimistic either. Her face looked ghastly pale while her gaze appeared slightly dimmed. It was apparent that despite her success in severing one of the opponent’s limbs, she was rather
exhausted as well. In truth, Elder Cai was unafraid of this Great Beast, given her own
cultivation base, but the problem was that the sea was the opponent’s home turf.

Countless faint speckles of blue light were drawn into the Great Beast’s body continuously from the water. The severed tentacle slowly grew out again with a slow wriggling motion.

The speed of its regeneration was not nearly as fast as the rate it took damage, but it was still more than Elder Cai was capable of.

Had it been night-time, or even better, a full moon, Elder Cai could absorb the moonlight to amplify her powers. Unfortunately, the present situation was in the Great Beast’s favor.

“Hand over the murderer!” The gigantic Great Beast held its position and stopped attacking.

Even though it had the upper hand now, its victory was not certain. It was very possible for both sides to be wounded, maybe even fatally, if they were to put up a desperate fight with a tough opponent like Elder Cai.

“Hand over the murderer and I’ll let all of you leave. Otherwise, all of you shall face destruction.” There were eight eyes on the front of the gigantic octopus’s head. All the eyes were glowing with a ghoulishly murderous
shine as they stared at Elder Cai.

Elder Cai spoke coldly, “So you think you’ve won? The soul beast’s numbers are already dwindling, yet you still wish to seek your own doom? Do you think that humankind is truly incapable of conquering the sea? I don’t know who killed your clansman, but you and I are not from the same clan. We will protect our own clansmen regardless. Destruction for all of us? You can try.”

A dull voice suddenly echoed in the air at this exact moment. “The murderer is here. What can you do?” Elder Cai raised her brows slightly. Silver light flashed past her back as all of her battle armor glowed brightly. She was astonished to discover that she did not know where he was when he had spoken. Even though all of her
attention was focused on the Great Beast in front of her, it was apparent that this person was very powerful.

With a flash of shadow, there was one more figure next to Elder Cai. He
appeared to be an ordinary chef who was dressed appropriately in a spotless white toque and uniform.

He clasped his hands behind his back as a dark golden glow diffused around him. The soul rings on his body were of exaggerated colors. There were five black and four red soul rings. His whole form was emitting a frightful presence that caused even elder Cai to stare entranced.

She was not acquainted with this person, but he was from the ship without a doubt.

“It’s you!” The Great Beast’s eight eyes became fixated as eight streaks of blue light shot out from its eyes and headed straight for Mu Ye.

Mu Ye turned around and looked toward Elder Cai as he smiled. In a relaxed tone, he said, “Leave this to me.” As he spoke, he took a step forward. He did not dodge or defend against the eight streaks of blue light. He simply punched directly into them.

It was as if the sky had twisted violently when the dark gold fist blasted out. When the blue light melted away, Mu Ye raised his head to the sky and let out a howl. A set of dark gold battle armor emerged rapidly and covered his entire body in an instant. His aura was immediately elevated multiple times.

A pair of large dark gold wings spread open behind his back and a dark gold halo appeared. At the same time, his body was enlarging at a shocking speed. He had already transformed into a giant that was hundreds of meters tall in the blink of an eye as if he was a colossal pillar that supported the sky and oppressed the sea.

The sky and the ground trembled. In fact, the whole area trembled. After transforming into a giant Mu Ye once again punched out his hyper fist directly at the Great Beast’s chest.

“A four-word battle armor master!” Elder Cai gasped softly. She turned
around and left, bringing along the Silver Moon as she returned to the ocean liner. Silver light shimmered as the oceanic soul beasts immediately felt an overall oppressing sensation.

She could not fail to recognize that the dark gold armor on Mu Ye’s body was four-word battle armor! This person’s cultivation base was below her
own judging from his soul power fluctuation, but he became someone Elder Cai could not compare with after his body transformed. They were both over rank-90 with a difference of one or two ranks in their cultivation bases, yet Elder Cai was not confident that she could triumph over him in a battle even without the disparity in their battle armors. It was thus clear that this ‘chef’ who suddenly appeared was very powerful. He was not a Hyper
Douluo, but he surpassed the Hyper Douluo.

She was somewhat jolted. Elder Cai had already figured out this person’s identity. In her heart, she could not help but feel astonished.


The Great Beast Octopus and Mu Ye fought ferociously. But in contrast to the battle earlier, they now fought purely with strength against strength.
They were colliding with one another using their raw power without any tricks.

The force of the water was completely useless in face of Mu Ye’s body that was akin to a colossal pillar. The octopus’s enormous tentacles lashed
against him, while his fist was also punching against the gigantic octopus’ body continuously. It seemed like the two sides’ powers were surprisingly equal.

Yet, it became clear that the octopus’ tentacles could not cause any real harm to Mu Ye. On the other hand, Mu Ye’s fist left behind dark golden streaks on its body. The silver light illuminated the sea. The oceanic soul beasts’ attacks were finally suppressed by the Silver Moon Douluo’s formidable imposing manner.

Chapter 586 - Mu Ye’s Power

Chapter 586: Mu Ye’s Power

Tang Wulin stood on the icy surface, his gaze burning as he looked at Mu Ye in the sky. He could see the extraordinary splendor in his eyes. This was the first time he witnessed Mu Ye in combat.

He had always assumed the Mu Ye could never be on par with Elder Cai since he had yet to achieve the cultivation base of a Hyper Douluo.
However, judging by the current events, it seemed like an entirely different situation.

Teacher Mu Ye’s combat capabilities were surprisingly terrifying even without his divine mecha. The magnificent dark-golden battle armor
covered his entire body, making him appear as if he was a God descending into the mortal world. Each attack he launched would cause the sky and ground to tremble and slowly but surely, he compelled the Great Beast into gradually losing the battle.

“Consider this. I neither have the need for a soul ring nor a soul bone, and it hasn’t been an easy path for you to have achieved your current cultivation base. Run, now! Seek out someone else stronger to exact your revenge.”
Mu Ye’s arrogance was heard throughout the nine heavens.

“Roar! Human! Do you really me so hopeless before you?” The colossal octopus sounded infuriated. It lowered its eight tentacles as eight blue soul rings surged in its direction from the sea. Its entire body was now enveloped by a ghastly olive green that increased the horrifying aura it gave off

“I’ll fulfill your wish, especially since you’re seeking your doom. Your timing is simply impeccable to allow me to present my disciple with a
welcome gift,” Mu Ye’s gaze was fixated on it as he said that, his right hand waving nonchalantly in the air. A streak of red shadows appeared abruptly by his side, making it seem as if the sky had been torn apart. In the shock plaguing everybody present, the red mecha that stood six-meters tall rapidly transformed into an enormous, bloody-red long saber. Then, Mu Ye’s body shrank to about ten-meters tall and in that split second, he grabbed onto the hilt and a gush of bloody red
suddenly shot out from the saber.

“It’s the Divine Mecha!” countless people gasped out loud. They were right. This was Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha!

Tang Wulin did not expect Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha to not fuse with his body, but to also be used in such a manner! Surprisingly, it could even transform into a weapon.

“Retreat!” an unwilling roar was echoed. The eight gigantic tentacles of the colossal octopus waved in an abrupt manner before leaving behind a thick gust of black smoke from its body that concealed the nearby auras.

Even so, Mu Ye was still proudly suspended in mid-air without even the slightest intention to pursue.

The oceanic soul beast that was originally full of life and energy swiftly
sank into the sea. They vanished without a trace, like the falling tides of the ocean.

The thick black smoke lasted for quite some time before dissipating. Mu Ye waved his right hand once more and transformed the enormous saber in his hand back into the red mecha. The spatial fissure that had appeared in the
sky disappeared without a trace, and he returned to his regular size. It may have seemed impossible, but he was now dressed in his spotless, white
chef’s uniform once again.

With this conclusion, the silence and serenity of the sea were overlapped by the cheering that came echoing from the two large ships.

Undoubtedly, all the attention was currently focused on Mu Ye. He swayed his body as he vanished without a trace. It was as if he had fused into space itself. Tang Wulin was still starstruck as he stood on the surface of the ice. This
was the first time he had witnessed combat fought on such a high level with his own two eyes. This not only impacted him immensely but every single member of the Shrek Academy group.

They had finally realized the true extent that would follow combat fought on this level when they experienced it for themselves.

Although both sides did not clash, they were engaged and were exploring the enemy’s capabilities from the very beginning. However, the oceanic
soul beasts did not pursue the matter in the further and retreated in the end. It was clear to everyone that the events unfolded in this manner because of the huge disparity in their power.

‘They’re too powerful… T-this power, it’s simply too powerful! When will we ever be able to possess such power!?’

In a way, Tang Wulin was forced to become Mu Ye’s disciple. However, it was only now that he understood the true extent of the Body Sect’s power.

He was now convinced that Mu Ye was serious when he said the Body Sect was once a rival of Shrek Academy.

Mu Ye was filled with a kind of loneliness as he made that statement. Even so, if he was already so powerful… How powerful would those in the inner sanctums of Shrek Academy be?

Tang Wulin and his companions returned to the large ship in shock.

The people there were counting and sorting through those present in the ship to confirm if there were injuries or deaths from the earlier incident.

Tang Wulin looked out to the boundless sea and thought about his martial soul’s second awakening. The pride he originally felt when his Bluesilver Grass transformed into Bluesilver Emperor was now diminished, and he understood that he still had a long path to continue on. He would still need to work his hardest to become truly powerful. “Has your martial soul evolved?” Gu Yue’s voice echoed from his side.

Tang Wulin was jerked from his thoughts. He turned around and looked toward Gu Yue before nodding gently.

Gu Yue smiled. “Congratulations!”

Tang Wulin replied, “I’ll need to work harder now. I’ll be practicing my forging later after the counting is over. I can begin to fuse forge the Spirit Forging bedding now. When our one-word battle armor is complete, we’ll all be able to work our hardest toward our two-word battle armor.”

Them, Gu Yue also turned around to look toward the sea. Her gaze was distant, and there was no way to tell what was on her mind.

The headcount for the entire ship was soon over, and only a small number of its members were slightly injured with the powerhouses guarding the
ship. Everyone was present and there were no deceased members. The only person they failed to find was the chef who displayed his martial prowess during the earlier incident.

Naturally, Mu Ye did not enter the earlier battle with his usual outlook.
However, Tang Wulin could still figure out that it was him. It was not that difficult for Elder Cai to look for him either.

The large ships began to sail once again, and silver light shimmered in Mu Ye’s cabin. Before long, Elder Cai appeared in his room.

Cai Yue’er regained her usual aged and senile look at that moment and lost the unrivaled beauty she possessed earlier.

“You’re Sect Master Mu Ye of the Body Sect, right?” Cai Yue’er squinted her eyes as she looked at Mu Ye standing before her.

Mu Ye smiled indifferently. “That’s right.” Everyone was on the same level so there was nothing much to hide.

“I would never have expected Sect Master Mu Ye to finally complete his four-word battle armor.” Cai Yue’er praised in admiration, “You’re probably the only person who’s both a four-word battle armor master and a divine mecha master in the world.”

Mu Ye chuckled softly. “What if I told you that I’m not a four-word battle armor master. Would you believe me?”

Cai Yue’er was stunned for a moment before she smiled and shook her head. “This is your secret, and it’s one I don’t wish to find out. However, I’d really like to know why Sect Master Mu Ye is following our diplomatic corp in the direction of the Star Luo Continent?”

Mu Ye’s gaze turned cold. “Is that your business to mind?”

Cai Yue’er raised her brows. She was not a good-tempered person either. At that moment, the atmosphere in the room had suddenly turned intense.
“Alright, if you’re going to be that way, we’ve nothing much to talk about. Go carefully, Sect Master Mu Ye,” Elder Cai spoke coldly. A silver light flashed only once in her eyes before she vanished without a trace.

Mu Ye harrumphed but was unperturbed by her actions. No other powerhouse in the diplomatic corps of both countries had the capabilities to threaten his presence there.

Elder Cai frowned hard when she finally returned to her room. She would have definitely lost her temper earlier if someone else took his place. How could she not worry when a top-ranked powerhouse suddenly appeared
within the ranks of the ship’s crew. Heck, she could not even determine if he was friend or foe!

Although the Body Sect was no longer on bad terms with Shrek Academy for many years, both parties were still not on friendly terms. Still, the Body Sect was still the Body Sect despite falling from its prior glory. The Sect Master of the Body Sect in the past was as powerful as the Sea God Pavilion Master. In truth, there was nothing she could do to Mu Ye. She was still incapable of taking the Sect Master on toe-to-toe with her current combat capabilities.
Even within the ranks of the Sea God Pavilion, there would not be many who could suppress Mu Ye.

For this fact alone, she hoped that he was a friend instead of a foe.

Elder Cai walked to the balcony and as she waved her right hand, a silver ball appeared in her palm. Then, a sparkling silver light flickered as her fingers moved rhythmically like the wings of fluttering butterflies. Before long, rays of silver light weaved an intricate pattern in mid-air.

She then slowly pressed the silver ball onto the pattern, causing silver light to flash, and the ball to disappear into thin air at the very next moment.

Tang Wulin had broken out of an encirclement and broke through to rank- 40, resulting in the evolution of his martial soul to the Bluesilver Emperor. The leap in his power was not only evident in combat, but also in Tang Wulin’s forging efforts when he attempted to forge in the ship’s forging room. He could sense a significant change to his body.

The difficulty one would have to endure to spirit forge was directly related to one’s soul power and cultivation base, regardless of skill.

In the past, Tang Wulin had been depending on his blood essence to replenish his soul power in order to succeed in forging. However, it was difficult for him to have enough excess energy to complete fuse forging at the spirit forging level or with three alloys.

It was apparent that this time would be different. His cultivation base had elevated, causing his blood essence and soul power to meld into a single entity, converting themselves into an unusual energy. The energy took the form of two colors, white and gold. Both could be fused independently or together as he moved the energy around.

When both energies were fused, his soul power would take on a platinum sheen and supply immense energy to Tang Wulin. His soul power was
extremely pure and precise. With his exceptional blood essence, the fused energy was strong enough to allow him to forge continuously for a long time. The exhaustion he faced in the past was just that – a thing of the past.

Chapter 587 - The Second Stage of the Special Training?

Chapter 587: The Second Stage of the Special Training?

When both were separated, he could transfer his other abilities on their own. For instance, his soul power could not partake in his abilities which were related to the Golden Dragon King Bloodline. He could only transfer with his pure blood essence power.

Hence, Tang Wulin was not only practicing his forging abilities when he forged. He was also feeling the changes in his body as he familiarised himself with the various abilities he obtained when he obtained four soul rings.

This was the most important thing to him.

When dusk came, Tang Wulin dragged his fatigued body back to the cabin. The only thing he wanted after a good dinner was a good sleep.

As he lay on the bed, he felt his entire body relax and suddenly felt an intriguing sensation.

He had been cultivating with painstaking effort all along to continuously
elevate himself. He always thought of his inadequacies as he noticed others who were more powerful than himself while he chased in the footsteps of his companions.

Now that he cleared his mind, he stopped and turned around to take a look occasionally to realize that his hard work did not go to waste. He had been progressiv swiftly all along.

It was similar to how he felt toward a few of his earlier acquaintances like Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi that motivated him to elevate much faster in the beginning, they were now similarly motivated to catch up to his progress.

Without noticing, he was close to becoming one who was capable of
entering the inner courts of Shrek Academy. Not only was he a member of the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall, he was also a disciple of the Sect Master of the Body Sect.

‘How miraculous can this world get?!’ He suddenly felt a surge happiness.
Everyone had a different definition of happiness. To some, happiness was being content. To others, a mild and pleasant life meant happiness.

However, Tang Wulin gradually realized that these two types of happiness were not the ones he sought through his growth.

His happiness originated from his powers, his continuous hunger for power for a steady advancement toward a higher cause and a further direction.

He could still vaguely remember the words his father spoke to him when he was young.

Contentment could make a person happy for a lifetime, but this alone was a mediocre and unambitious happiness. Only insatiable greed could motivate a person, as greed would enable one’s continued progress while hard work enabled one to continuously improve.

It was quite likely that 99% of natural talents were brought on purely by luck. However, without that single percentage of hard work, everything would become a waste.

Tang Wulin never truly understood his father’s words until now and had taken fancy in greed. He had taken fancy in the greed to pursue power,
along with the sense of accomplishment that had gripped him over and over again. His ultimate goal was the Star Sea! “Thud!” Tang Wulin almost leaped from the bed and instinctively jumped to the ground with a soft thud.

The balcony door opened, and Mu Ye looked at him with a spurious smile plastered across his face while his hands were kept in his pockets.

“It seems to me like you’re not self-complacent yet. This is good.” Mu Ye nodded toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin could not help falling into a trance as he looked at the teacher who deterred the Great Beast this morning right before him. He even felt a sense of incredulity that his teacher was such a powerful being!

“Teacher.” Tang Wulin saluted Mu Ye respectfully.

“This is hard, but I’m finally feeling some sincerity in you! Let’s go.” Mu Ye waved his hand at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “What are we doing?” Mu Ye exclaimed, “We’re training!”
Tang Wulin spoke in astonishment, “I thought it has already ended? My martial soul’s second awakening was completed, was it not?!”

Mu Ye answered matter of factly, “Now, whoever told you it has ended? That was only the first and also the easiest stage of training. You’re about to begin the second stage of training. Could it be that you’re trying to slack now?”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s mouth twitched slightly. ‘Only? That… was only? That forty-nine days of torturing on the brink of death… only!?’

“Teacher, don’t you think that your precious disciple deserves a good rest for once? Adequate relaxation is good for elevating oneself a step closer,” Tang Wulin declared sincerely.

“That’s for ordinary people, are you ordinary? You’re the little monster from Shrek Academy. Stop talking nonsense, go!” Mu Ye’s figure flashed as he uttered those words before he took hold of Tang Wulin. At the next moment, both of them were already on the surface of the sea once more.
“Teacher, can you be less cruel to me?” Tang Wulin wailed sorrowfully. “Don’t give me that. Will you succeed if I was never cruel to you? Your
grandteacher once told me that if he were to treat me more ruthlessly during my earlier years that I could probably become a true powerhouse!”

Tang Wulin’s face was filled with frustration. It seemed like putting on a play before his teacher was useless. ‘If that’s the case, I’ll just work harder then!’ In reality, he had never thought of slacking at all.

To his surprise, Mu Ye did not bring Tang Wulin too far away from the ship this time around.

“The first forty-nine days of cultivation was the first stage, mainly meant to squeeze the potential from your body in hopes that you’ll be pushed to
complete your martial soul’s second awakening and adjust your entire body. Now that this is complete, we’ll proceed with external refinement. Your body’s strength, natural talent, and blood essence are exceedingly impressive. That’s why I came up with this great idea to give you an
absolutely pleasurable sensation.”

For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin felt his hair stand up upon hearing Mu Ye’s words.

‘Pleasurable sensation? What sort of pleasurable sensation was he talking about?!’

A rope that was made of some unknown material was wrapped around Tang Wulin’s hands while the other end of the rope was tied to the oceanic large ship’s tail in the distance. Afterward, Tang Wulin turned into a dragged object on the surface of the sea.

It felt like the ship traveled at the speed it usually did. However, the feeling was completely different now that he was being dragged from the back of the ship. Without his arms to balance himself, it was absolutely impossible for him to stand up.

Tang Wulin could not even utter a word of objection. At this moment, he had already been dragged until he seemed like he was flying on the surface of the sea.

His body continuously dipped into the sea, colliding with the mighty waves before he was abruptly dragged out and slammed onto the surface of the

He appeared to be no more than a little black shadow that rose and fell when seen from a distance.

The ocean had no reason or rhythm. He floated and sank as he continuously lashed about in the ocean.

Worst of all, Mu Ye also directly sealed Tang Wulin’s soul power and blood essence, making him incapable of moving the energy in his body to support himself.

“This is a form of forging too! The sea is forging your body!”

“Tea…cher, the…second stage…how long will it last… ugh!” Tang Wulin’s voice was heard intermittently along with the sound of waves crashing .

“Until we’ve arrived at the Star Luo Continent.”

By the time Tang Wulin returned to his room an hour later, he seemed like a puddle of mud.

Mu Ye had a very good control of his body’s condition after all these training sessions. He could always end the training when he could not take it any longer. Tang Wulin had never disappointed him either.

After a few hours of being dragged on the surface of the sea, Tang Wulin’s body was now red and swollen. Mu Ye did not immediately remove the seal on Tang Wulin’s blood essence and soul power but he used a special potion of the Body Sect on his entire body before he did. As he did this, he also forced Tang Wulin to cultivate cross-legged.

Such bitter days had just begun!

Tang Wulin spent almost every day in deep distress and suffering until he was informed that he has arrived on the Star Luo Continent.

When a stretch of black appeared on the horizon in the distant, Tang Wulin was almost moved to tears. He had finally lived through the suffering days!

The people from the Star Luo Continent also cheered in unison, because this was home to them!

The Star Luo Continent’s coastal seemed quite similar to the Douluo
Continent when seen from a distance. Even the architectural style of the pier in the distant was also slightly different from the Douluo Continent.

All those grand welcoming ceremonies and the rest were nothing but a mere formality to the people from Shrek Academy. Here, the two diplomatic
Cora finally parted after such a long journey.

The Star Luo Continent’s diplomatic corp was directly dismissed for the holidays, while the Douluo Continent’s diplomatic corp had just begun their visit.

“This’ll be the itinerary. We’ll initially arrive in the Star Luo Continent’s capital in the Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City. Then, we’ll be participating in a series of sparring competitions. The main target of the exchange
program is the Royal Star Luo Academy’s representative team. Then we’re going to head toward…”

Chapter 588 - Invitation to A Competition?

Chapter 588: Invitation to A Competition?

Wu Zhangkong’s chilly voice told the masses what they were going to do next. Most of his announcement was about the academy’s student exchange and some sightseeing activities at a few points of interest on the Star Luo

Among all the students, Tang Wulin listened the most intently. His face was also filled with anticipation. The others, even the girls, were much calmer than he was.

“Captain, why do you look so happy?” Xu Lizhi touched Tang Wulin and asked in a soft voice.

“Huh? Am I?” Tang Wulin touched his own face.

“Your eyes are filled with longing!” Xu Lizhi laughed foolishly.

Tang Wulin chuckled. It was true! How could he not look forward to this? They were finally breaking free from the ocean. When he thought back to the days at sea after they were attacked, the sensations of pain, numbness, and itchiness that he felt, he shuddered even in the perfectly warm weather. He was finally free of the burden.

That being said, the two-months’ voyage on the ocean was also a journey of great change for him. The person he had become was vastly different from what he was before.

Under the arrangement of the Star Luo Empire, they first rested at the city by the sea for one night, then they took the express soul train directly to the Star Luo Empire and headed toward its capital, Star Luo City. “Good day, Elder Cai.” As the official representative of the Star Luo Empire, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Sima Lanxiao had always been courteous toward Elder Cai.

“Hello,” Elder Cai replied drily.

Sima Lanxiao smiled. “Elder Cai, I have something to discuss with you. We’ve just received word that there’s an ongoing grand competition for young Soul Masters in the capital of our Star Luo Empire. Coincidentally the first stop of your itinerary on this trip is Star Luo City. The Shrek
Academy students you’ve brought with you are also the outstanding ones of their generation, and I wonder if they would be interested in taking part in our young Soul Masters’ competition? They might be slightly disadvantaged in terms of age, but this is certainly the grandest and highest level competition for the young generation of the Star Luo Continent. If your students can participate, they will definitely be the main highlight of the competition. It would be an excellent way to promote it.”

Elder Cai smiled plainly. “We’re only here for the exchange. There’s no need for us to enter a competition.”

Sima Lanxiao said, “Elder Cai, it won’t be troublesome at all. With the abilities of these Shrek Academy students, they can skip the preliminary rounds. They’ll start off from the elimination rounds. It won’t take too much of your time. Also, we can guarantee their safety.”

Elder Cai stole a glance at Sima Lanxiao and said drily, “I’m not worried about that.”

Sima Lanxio was slightly stunned, but he understood her soon enough. His gaze flickered slightly. “It seems that you’re very confident in your disciples!”

Elder Cai smiled faintly. “Confidence comes from true strength. If you insist on having us taking part in the competition no matter what, it’s not that we can’t, but the prize for the champion must be a soul bone.” Sima Lanxiao’s expression changed. Naturally, he was very aware of what a soul bone was. Even twenty thousand years ago, when the Douluo
Continent was still in the medieval era, soul bones were the absolute treasure of treasures. In modern times, the rarity of a soul bone was unimaginable.

Soul bones came from soul beasts, but every soul beast produced a different soul ring. The probability that a soul bone would be produced was one in ten thousand. Only in hundred-thousand-year soul beasts could soul bones be found with certainty

On the Douluo Continent, where the soul beast population had withered and scattered about, it was extremely difficult to obtain a soul bone. If any of the great clans passed down a soul bone from generation to generation, it
would be the most precious treasure of the family, the existence of which would also be a closely guarded secret.

Although the circumstances on the Star Luo Continent were slightly different from the Douluo Continent, a soul bone was no less rare here.

“Elder Cai, our competition is called the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition and there are several different categories. There are the solo competition, team competition, mecha competition, and others. About the soul bone that you’ve mentioned, we only have one prepared for the champion of the integrated solo competition. In the team contests, the grand prize of the seven-member team competition is one piece of Spirit Refined metal for each member. For the two-against-two
competition, the prize is a ten-thousand-year spirit item. The grand prize for the champion of the mecha competition is a black and purple mechas for the runner-up and the second runner-up. So, under the circumstances where there’s only one piece of soul bone, what do you…”

Elder Cai’s brows rose slightly. She had not expected that the prizes for the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition of the Star Luo Continent to be this generous. Not only was there a soul bone, but the other prizes were also very attractive. “Sounds good, but the disparity between the prizes for the various categories seems a bit much!”

Spirit Refined metals, mechas, and heaven-and-earth-treasures spirit grass were fine, but they were not nearly as rare as a soul bone.

Sima Lanxiao said, “The reason why the prize for the one-against-one is this generous is because the category is known as the Unlimited Challenge. Also, the participants have to sign a waiver. Only an extremely precious prize is able to attract a large number of participants. The one-against-one category is also the most important competition among all the categories.”

This was different from the situation on the Douluo Continent. On the
Douluo Continent, the seven-against-seven team battle was the highlight of the event. However, in this place, individualistic heroism was clearly more highly advocated.

“What are the restrictions of participation?” Elder Cai asked brusquely.

Joy arose in Sima Lanxiao’s heart. He knew that she was slightly
swayed. “Below twenty years old. There aren’t any other restrictions, especially for all of you from Shrek Academy.”

“Okay.” Elder Cai’s reply only consisted of one simple word.

Tang Wulin and the others were at quite a loss. They had just arrived on the Star Luo Continent, and they were about to face a new competition.

They were currently sitting on board the luxurious express soul train, enjoying the sights that were unique to the Star Luo Continent.

Compared to the Douluo Continent’s bustling and mechanized cities, the Star Luo Continent was clearly more primitive. After all, the Douluo
Continent had been developed for a much longer duration compared to the Star Luo Continent.

The speed of the soul train was also much slower. Beyond the window, forests and lakes appeared with no end. The air was so clear that their eyes could see far into the distance. They occasionally passed by some cities. Under close scrutiny, they could see that there was still a gap in modernization between here and the Douluo Continent.

The food of the Star Luo Continent was not much different from that of the Douluo Continent. The extremely sumptuous cuisine was served on the train for the members of the diplomatic corps.

They enjoyed the scenery as they ate delicious meals. This was virtually their first ever experience of a relaxing trip. At the very least, after they joined Shrek Academy, they had never had such a good time.

There were also members of the diplomatic corps from the Royal Star Luo Academy on the same train as Tang Wulin and the others. All of them sat on the same coach.

When they had just boarded the ship, there had been some friction on both sides. However, they gradually familiarized themselves with each other and never really came into conflict.

The seats on the train were arranged in such a way that two pairs of passengers would be seated facing each other with a table between them.

Gu Yue sat beside Tang Wulin. Xu Lizhi sat opposite him while Ye Xinglan sat opposite Gu Yue. Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen
Yehui sat at another table.

Currently, Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi were gobbling down all the food that they could get their hands on. They had not stopped from the moment they boarded the train. To them, nothing was more important than eating.

On Royal Star Luo Academy’s side, four were seated at each table as well. Their gazes would shift toward Tang Wulin and the others every now and then.

“That guy can really eat,” a young girl said softly, “and he looks quite handsome too.” Another girl who sat opposite her could hardly suppress her laugh.
“Zhenzhen, are you trying to rob the cradle? He’s four or five years younger than we are. He’s the captain of the representative team from Shrek
Academy. Did you see when the oceanic soul beasts had us surrounded? The unknown martial soul he released that looked like a flood of dragons was really powerful. He’s so young, but he already has four rings.”

“Don’t you boost other people’s morale and reduce your own courage. Our captain is already rank-45, and he’s certainly not weaker than him. Besides, our captain is already a one-word battle armor master. He, on the other hand, doesn’t have a full set of battle armor.”

Chapter 589 - Into the Sea

Chapter 589: Into the Sea

The Royal Star Luo Academy students stole glances at Tang Wulin and the others as they whispered among themselves.

“I’ve heard that the Empire has already invited them to participate in this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. I think our next meeting will be on the competition stage.”

“What competition would that be? They may be from Shrek Academy, but they’re still younger than us. I think they’ll be in the junior competition. At least that way, they might have a shot at the championship.”

“No, I think they’re participating in the youth group. The empire is being a little unfair with this!”

“Well, you can’t actually say that. After all, we’re the host.”

“In any case, we’ll have to hit them hard from the start. I’ve heard that the Monster Academy is also going to take part.”

“Is this a battle between the true and false Shrek?” A female student covered her mouth and laughed.

“Be careful with your words! The Empire holds the Monster Academy in high regard.”

As he shoved dim sum into his mouth, Tang Wulin seemed to be lost in thought. Monster Academy? What was that?

The second evolution of his martial soul had brought about many other changes. The Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power and the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul had fused together completely, bringing a comprehensive enhancement to his abilities. For example, his hearing had become much more to sensitive.

“Captain, do you feel nervous riding a soul train?” Xie Xie laughed softly.

Tang Wulin glared at him angrily. “This isn’t the Federation. I don’t think we’ll be running into the evil soul master.”

That said, his previous experiences riding soul trains did not exactly leave him with fond memories. Almost every time, he was faced with something unpleasant. He even narrowly escaped death on one occasion. The
Academy had sent him to the Star Luo Continent partly to have him hide from the threat of the evil soul master.

However, Tang Wulin was still in a good mood. Although what he had
endured over the past two months could be seen as a deplorable ordeal, he still broke through rank-40 in the end and obtained the ten-thousand-year soul ring which induced the second awakening of his martial soul. He had undergone a complete transformation, and he finally caught up with the
pace of his companions, both in terms of his cultivation base and his martial soul.

He could break through the fifth level of the Golden Dragon King seal at any time, and he would not be faced with any threats for now. His forging
had officially reached rank-6. Due to his ample preparation, he had already completed the Spirit Forging and fuse forging of three types of metals. He had easily reached the standard of a rank-6 blacksmith, indeed, for that rank, he could already be considered an old hand. Of course, he still had a long way to go if he wanted to reach the rank of Divine Craftsman. Not only would he need to further boost his cultivation base, but also his multi- metal fuse forging and Spirit Forging skills.

What excited Tang Wulin the most was his cultivation speed. After the
second awakening of his martial soul, he could get twice the results with half the effort using the Mysterious Heaven Method. Currently, a single day’s worth of developing his soul power would have taken three days before. When the others reached rank-40, their cultivation speed dropped. On the other hand, his had greatly increased. With a rate of improvement like this, by the time he was twenty, he was confident that he would reach rank-60. If he could complete his two-word battle armor by that time, then he would truly be able to join the ranks of the experts. This speed of his was at least five years quicker than Teacher Wu back then.

He joined his hands behind his head and casually leaned back in his chair. There was a hint of a smile on his face. He took in the scenery beyond the windows. This was a rare opportunity for him to enjoy the moment.

“Eh? What’s that? Is that a mecha?” Tang Wulin suddenly noticed that beyond the window, there was a patch of black dots moving swiftly through the air in the distant skies.

He focused his gaze slightly and utilized his Purple Demon Eyes. What he saw was a fleet of mechas. The models of these mechas were distinctly different from those in the Douluo Continent.

The soul mechas of the Douluo Continent were basically humanoid whereas the mechas he was looking at now had numerous different shapes. They
were in the forms of various beasts and were unlike anything he had ever seen.

So these were the mechas of Star Luo Empire! Eh, what were those spots of light?

Tang Wulin suddenly saw that something began to light up on the mechas.

At the same time, Elder Cai, who had been sitting with her eyes closed in rest, abruptly opened them. She turned and looked toward the scenery outside the window.

“Enemy attack!” Tang Wulin screamed and immediately jumped out of his seat.

He was not the only one who had reacted. A gush of frosty aura suddenly burst forth from the seat in front. Shortly after, a beam of cold light swirled in a circle on the ceiling of the coach. Suddenly, everyone felt a cold wind blow past the tops of their heads, and the top part of the coach was blown away. A strong wind howled as it blew into the coach.

Wu Zhangkong’s body flashed and grabbed Tang Wulin. The tips of his toes tapped on the floor as he leaped into the sky.

At this critical moment, Tang Wulin’s personal qualities manifested themselves. At the instant after he raised the alarm, Bluesilver Grass vines had already rushed out like a swarm of bees and wrapped around his
companions. The others kept their cool as well. A circle of green rings was released from Gu Yue’s body and enveloped the entire coach. Everyone in the coach felt their bodies lighten.

In the next instant, Wu Zhangkong was already in the air. Tang Wulin’s body shook when the tendrils of Bluesilver Grass as thick as arms swung upward with great force and took all his companions out of the coach.

It was not only the team from Shrek Academy. His Bluesilver Grass also covered the flustered students of the Royal Star Luo Academy.

The students of Shrek Academy had cooperated with him and sprung upward immediately. The students of Royal Star Luo Academy, on the other hand, were pulled out of the coach by Tang Wulin’s sheer strength alone.

At that moment, a peculiar sight appeared on the soul train. A clean, white and chilly figure rose skyward while pulling on someone. The person in his grasp was releasing numerous dark bluish vines while he carried another group of people under him.

This was the evolution of Tang Wulin’s martial soul. With the tensile
strength of the Bluesilver Grass previously, if he wanted to pull this many people out, he would have had to rely purely on the power of his arms. It might have been impossible for him to accomplish this feat.

Right after they had jumped out of the coach, sounds of violent roars came from under them. Those were clearly soul cannonballs raining down on the soul train. There were as many as a hundred mechas flying from that direction. The leading mecha was a glaring red!

However, it was different from Mu Ye’s red mecha. This red mecha was in the form of a goshawk. It spread its wings and moved at an incredible
speed. Almost simultaneously with the explosion, it had appeared on top of the soul train.

The violent explosion had turned all the coaches of the soul train upside down. Flames rose into the air, and with a loud roar, shrapnel scattered and flew everywhere.

This express train was commuting a large number of diplomatic corps members from the Douluo Continent!

After they entered the Star Luo Continent, although they had parted ways at the seaside city, at least half of them were headed toward Star Luo City, and they were all on this soul train.

Just then another strange scene occurred.

Layers of silver light emanated from the rolling soul train. The flames from the explosion were quickly snuffed out. After a series of spins in midair, the soul train crashed into the ground, but it did so while enveloped in the silver light.

The explosion mostly affected the train’s surface. Although the train itself had suffered quite a lot of damage, it was not broken into pieces as their
attackers imagined it would be.

Shortly after, a column of brilliant and dazzling silver light suddenly blasted into the sky. It headed straight toward the red mecha as it shot forth

The red mecha was too fast. Like an illusory image in the sky, it flashed and materialized a few hundred meters away as it dodged the column of silver light. The roof of the train broke open, and throngs of people scrambled to get out.

Just then, soul rays of various colors shone brightly and a fleet of mechas dashed out swiftly from within the soul train. It was the Star Luo Empire mecha escort which was tasked to protect the diplomatic corps.

They were mostly purple mechas, along with four black mechas, totaling thirty altogether. Soaring into the air, they shot beams of soul rays in unison to stop the enemies.

All of the attacking mechas had the mark of a skull on their chests. The most striking feature of that skull was the pattern of green flames which burned within its sockets, giving them a very eerie appearance.

Elder Cai rose into the air. A silver moon shone, and she locked her aura onto the enemy’s Divine Mecha. It was because of her protection that the soul train had not met with a catastrophic disaster.

Even so, there were many diplomatic corps members injured when the soul train began rolling.

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth and looked at Xie Xie. “You’ve jinxed it.”

Xie Xie said with an innocent expression, “Captain, it’s not me who jinxed it. It’s your own bad luck!”

Wu Zhangkong said coldly, “Stop talking nonsense. Protect yourselves. Go have a look at the coaches and rescue the civilians.” It was impossible that all of the people on the train would be Soul Masters. Whether it was the
staff or the general passengers, they were all ordinary humans. After the horrific rolling of the train just now, their fates were still unknown.

Chapter 590 - Saving the People

Chapter 590: Saving the People

By this time, the crowd of people had already got onto the ground. Shrek
Academy’s eight students quickly went into formation. Tang Wulin stood at the forefront with Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie were beside him, Gu Yue at his back, with Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi at the rear.

“Let’s go. We are going to rescue the passengers,” Tang Wulin called out and led the group as they ran toward the soul train. The Royal Star Luo
Academy’s students had just been released by the Bluesilver Grass and had yet to completely calm down. Some appeared confused, while others looked terrified. It was obvious that they had never experienced such a situation before.

Tang Wulin was clearly the most calm among all of them. Even though the situation before his eyes did not appear optimistic, at least they had with them the Hyper Douluo Elder Cai, who had assumed personal command!
With her presence, there was no need to concern themselves with the
enemy’s red Divine Mecha. Even though the opponent’s numbers were
extremely high, they had a large amount of Soul Masters on their side and they had the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade as well. It would not be easy, but they were still capable of defending themselves.

The only thing that made him slightly puzzled was that Mu Ye was not in the diplomatic corps. When they had just arrived on the Star Luo Continent, Mue Ye informed Tang Wulin that he was going to travel around, and that he would come looking for Tang Wulin in the Star Luo Empire’s capital.
Otherwise, who were these enemies in Teacher Mu Ye’s presence?

Ever since Tang Wulin witnessed Mu Ye’s battle previously, he had been meticulously analyzing Mu Ye’s capabilities. Teacher Mu Ye was definitely more powerful than Elder Cai based on the Body Sect’s special abilities alone. On Duoluo Continent, he was at the pinnacle.

Would he never be able to simply take the soul train? In his heart, Tang Wulin felt depressed. He never had a smooth trip on the soul train!

Meanwhile, he had already arrived at the front of the damaged train. Golden light flashed on his body as his right arm swiftly enlarged. Scales covered
almost his entire torso and right arm. His bloodline power was released which enabled him to grab onto the side of the train with his Golden
Dragon Claw. With one swift jerk he tore a hole into it.

“There’s a window too!” Yuanen Yehui could not help but say it upon seeing Tang Wulin’s roughness. She threw a punch and shattered the window, then she jumped into the train too.

“Xinglan, Zhengyu, stay on the outside to guard against any new attacks. Lizhi and Xiaoyan will work together with both of you. Gu Yue, stay on the outside too. Xie Xie, come in and join Yuanen and me in saving the passengers.”

Tang Wulin distributed his group members in a simple manner, then he was the first to rush into the soul train.

The inside of the soul train was in a scattered mess after the overturn.
Countless pieces of broken cutlery and window glass covered the place. There were also many bloodstains.

By following the sound of their moaning, Tang Wulin soon found two
casualties. He immediately picked them up and dashed out of the soul train.

Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi separately received the casualties and took them a safe distance away.

The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students had come to grips with the situation by now and ran over to offer help. Before they managed to reach, they could see that there were a few soul
cannons that shot past their defensive line and were flying toward them in the distance.

“Oh no! It’s a soul cannon!” A female Royal Star Luo Academy student gasped in surprise. She then saw a flash of silver light. Standing outside of the train, Gu Yue suddenly vanished and instantly reappeared on its roof.

Four soul rings rose up as the Elemental Staff in Gu Yue’s hand bloomed a dazzling radiance. The jewel on the tip of the staff transformed into an oddly alluring blue color. Balls of blue flames shot out and flew toward the soul cannons.

Ye Xinglan flew up to the top of the train with the Stargod Sword in her hand. She stood guard by Gu Yue’s side.

Shockwaves roared toward them as the soul cannons exploded in midair.

Speckles of starlight interweaved into a large net, shielding Gu Yue and Ye Xinglan from the impact of the shockwave.

Yue Zhengyu was slower than Ye Xinglan by one step, but he had already arrived at the top of the train. The three of them stood side by side.

Gu Yue’s Elemental Staff was akin to a soul artillery battery. Streams of light shimmered. The blue fireballs had the strongest attack power, the
sword flew the furthest, and the colossal icicle had the strongest penetrating force. Long-range attacks of numerous attributes kept pouring out to block the soul cannons. The soul beam-type attacks that occasionally made it through were all blocked by Ye Xinglan and Yue Zhengyu.

“Move sideways to the left side of the car.” Tang Wulin’s voice came from below. The three of them rapidly moved toward that side. This meant that they had already completed the rescue in the earlier car.

“Work with them to save the passengers,” the Royal Star Luo Academy’s captain shouted softly. He helped Shrek Academy’s group move the
casualties saved by Tang Wulin away from the crash site. Meanwhile, the battle in the sky grew more and more intense.

Red and silver lights flared at the highest altitude. The color of the sky was constantly changing as the two top powerhouses collided into each other.
On the other hand, the situation on the main battlefield was not as optimistic.

The incoming enemies were apparently fully prepared. Their firepower was strong, and their mechas’ overall power was extremely strong as well.

Other than the red mecha, there were eight more black mechas, over thirty purple and more than one hundred yellow.

The mecha party which they formed launched violent attacks. Even though Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade were valiant fighters, they were being overpowered by the enemy. There were just too many of them. As a result, they only managed to hold back a fraction of the enemy attacks.

There were seven Soul Masters with cultivation bases of seven soul rings or more within the diplomatic corps, but even with all of them combined, they were still less effective than Wu Zhangkong alone, who was already suited in his Sky Ice Battle Armor.

Wu Zhangkong released his powers effortlessly in the sky. The Skyfrost Sword in his hand became gigantic and stopped a large number of long- range attacks. From that distance, he was trying his best to guard Shrek Academy’s group below.

Given the current situation, it was impossible for them to launch a
counterattack. Merely blocking the opponent was already taxing enough.

The firepower of over a hundred mechas could not be described as simply ‘violent’ anymore. The entire surrounding area was blanketed by the terrifying energy fluctuation.

“Boom!” A soul cannon finally managed to cross the barrier and exploded on a car that was farther away from Tang Wulin’s group. At once, fire erupted from it, while the horrendous explosion violently shook the other cars.

Tang Wulin and the rest had already saved dozens of the train’s passengers.

“Wulin, we can’t hold on anymore! Come out quick!” Gu Yue shouted below as she stood on the top of the train.

A few mechas of the Star Luo Empire’s mecha brigade had already been destroyed. The situation was becoming worse by the minute.

Although the enemy’s eagle-shaped red mecha was slightly weaker than Elder Cai’s, it was incredibly fast. Moreover, it was extremely incisive with its attacks on Elder Cai. She could not free herself from its assault even for a moment. The two hyper powerhouses’ were well above the turmoil on the ground. Had they not been, the fallout of their battle could have been

Tang Wulin saved two more passengers from the car. There were still five more cars that they had not searched. At this point they could give up, turn around and flee. With their abilities they could easily survive. But there
were innocent lives at stake!

Tang Wulin took a glance at the sky and shouted, “Everyone prepare to fall back.” At the same time, he took something from his chest pocket and quickly made use of it.

As he was shouting at the group to retreat, he had already dashed to the other car.

At that moment, the battle was taking a turn for the worse. The enemy mechas fired rapidly from a distance, but they were finally done with long- range attacks. Having already pinned down the diplomatic corps brigade, the mechas pulled out their close-combat weapons in succession as they dashed forth at full speed. Their sheer numbers gave them such an overwhelming advantage that they could defeat even higher-ranking opponents. Wu Zhangkong’s icy cold voice echoed from the sky, “Fall back! Take the casualties as you leave!” As he spoke, the Sky Ice Battle Armor emerged
with a blinding white light, while he floated toward the opponent like a gust of snow.

The enlarged Skyfrost Sword glowed brightly as icy blue light rays were pulled out of the sky.
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