The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 571-580

Chapter 571

Chapter 571: The Cultivation Method of the Body Sect

The dark golden body walked easily on the ocean’s surface. It walked with a calm pace as it slowly made its way toward him.

It was that dark golden figure. Two and a half meters tall, it was completely out of range for an ordinary human to grow to that height. His entire body was enveloped in a dark golden hue as if he was plated with a layer of metal.

‘I’m done for…’

Tang Wulin spoke with his slightly hoarse voice, “Who are you? You should at least tell me whose hand I’m dying under, right?”

The dark golden body flashed. In the next instant, Tang Wulin was grabbed and pulled out of the ocean.

When his body left the embrace of the ocean, Tang Wulin only felt that his entire body was limp.

Shortly after, a strong wind suddenly howled around them. The dark golden figure had already brought him flying into the air as they flew at blinding

‘Isn’t he going to kill me? Why is he stopping now?’ Tang Wulin was slightly puzzled in his heart.
Only a few moments have passed but he noticed with shock that he could now spot the two oceangoing ships far away. Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly as he accumulated his energy. He was prepared to look for an opening to inform the passengers of the ships to notice the circumstances he was in no matter what.

However, he had not finished preparing when the dark golden figure
suddenly accelerated. Tang Wulin only felt his vision blur as the strong wind subsided. The moment his feet hit solid ground, his limp body was already sprawled on the ground.

He had never felt the ground to be such a wonderful thing. Although this was not the earth just yet, at least he was stepping on something solid!

His slightly sluggish eyes noticed that he had returned to the balcony of the cabin room in which he stayed in, and the dark golden figure was standing beside him.

The dark golden hue faded away slowly, exposing a face he was familiar with.

“You…” Tang Wulin looked at him with mixed feelings of shock and anger. Finally, he could not bear it anymore, his field of vision darkened and he fainted.

A ruminating faint smile appeared in Mu Ye’s face. He carried Tang Wulin who was on the floor in his arms and walked into the room. Then, he removed his clothes in a swift motion and tossed him onto the bed.

“I made the right choice,” Mu Ye said with some admiration.

Of course, the person who snatched Tang Wulin away and pushed him into the depths of the ocean was him. He had known beforehand about Tang Wulin’s weight and density. When they were sinking into the ocean, Tang Wulin had amazingly broken free from his grasp. That had truly astonished him.

It must be known that the gap between Tang Wulin’s cultivation base and his were truly far apart. For Tang Wulin to be able to break free and launch an attack under these circumstances… That was something that he had never expected. Of course, Mu Ye released Tang Wulin on purpose afterward. He intentionally let Tang Wulin go while he still had a bit of consciousness left. He wanted to see if his body could continue to react to the pressure put on it.

He had also experienced the same pain as he thought back to the time when he only managed to struggle and swim up for less than thirty meters before he completely gave in at the brink of death.

His divine mecha had been underwater from the very beginning. It had been observing Tang Wulin silently, and once Tang Wulin’s vital signs dropped to a certain threshold, it would immediately rescue him.

After Mu Ye floated up, he also observed through his divine mecha that Tang Wulin had stayed put. Tang Wulin did not choose to float up immediately and this caused him to think that Tang Wulin could no longer
bear it. However, he quickly noticed that he did not sink. Instead, he flailed his arms about in the water to control his body.

Mu Ye was impressed that he still had the sense to wait until the enemy has left before saving himself despite being at the brink of death. It was not
easy for one to remain this calm when faced with such a crisis!

After that, it was naturally time to observe how far Tang Wulin could float up.

In actual truth, they were already more than five hundred meters in the deep sea. Tang Wulin quickly surpassed the distance which he had floated up so many years ago. When he was almost exhausted, his body flickered with golden light again and amazingly, he accelerated once more before he got
exhausted. He would do this over and over again.

All this left Mu Ye staring with his mouth agape. What he had never thought of was that Tang Wulin would break the ocean’s surface with his own strength in the end to successfully save himself.

In the history of Body Sect, the only one who had achieved such a feat was the first generation founder of the Body Sect. Back then, the first generation Body Sect founder was set up by someone else and was thrown into the depths of the ocean. However, under the immense pressure of the water, it
awakened his martial soul for the second time, and he obtained the powerful body martial soul.

Therefore, this deep sea trial had become one of the mandatory tests for those wanting to enter Body Sect. They could determine how gifted the person was by the results of this trial.

Without question, what Tang Wulin gave him was an enormous surprise.

This was not only about his body but also his willpower. The Body Sect had undergone ten thousand years of development but could not grow as strong as the Tang Sect. A huge part of the reason was their special cultivation method.

The Body Sect’s cultivation required one to have strong determination because the process was too painful. Without sufficient willpower, it was impossible for one to persevere.

“Smack!” Mu Ye struck Tang Wulin’s chest with his palm. That made his body jump up from the bed instantly. A series of smacking sounds sounded and within the span of a few breaths, Mu Ye’s palms had continuously
smacked Tang Wulin’s body dozens of times.

His hands turned dark golden once again and with every hit on Tang Wulin’s body, there was a faint dark golden air flowing into his body.

Tang Wulin’s body shuddered slightly. He was still out cold, but with Mu Ye’s smacking on him, the surface of his skin began glowing with a golden hue and created a layer of golden patterns. It slightly resembled his scales as it covered his body like a net.

With every smack from Mu Ye’s hands, Tang Wulin’s body would shake once before it quickly calmed down. Finally, his body fell back onto the bed but it would still twitch slightly every now and then. “It’s better than I expected. The vigor of this young boy’s blood essence is something I’ll only see once in a lifetime! He’s totally worth my giving up of the presumptions regarding his discipleship.”

Amidst his unconsciousness, Tang Wulin felt that he had fallen into a giant furnace. It was as if his body was continuously baked as the blood essence within his body burst forth. Even if it was just a dream, that scorching feeling tortured him until he wished he was dead.

It was unclear how long had passed before the pain gradually subsided. Only then did he fall into a deep slumber.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A series of knocks were heard on the door, and Tang Wulin managed to open his eyes. He felt sore and limp all over, without any energy to move his limbs. He said weakly, “Who is it?”

“Captain, it’s time to eat.”

Tang Wulin sat upright abruptly when he heard that it was time to eat.
Although his body was still filled with discomfort, his stomach was even more uncomfortable! A strong sense of hunger made him stand up immediately. As he made a beeline for the door, he noticed his naked body. Then, the memories of last night’s events resurfaced.

He glanced at the balcony, and the door was shut. Could it be that he had dreamed about what had happened? It was impossible! It was too real to be a dream.

“Okay, I’ll be right there. Give me a minute!”

He quickly freshened himself up. Tang Wulin truly felt like he did not even have enough strength to even hold his toothbrush. His body was feeble and weak, and it was as if his bones had melted.

He changed into some slightly more presentable clothes and pushed the door open to find his companions already waiting outside. “What happened to you?” came Gu Yue’s astonished voice.

“Yeah! Captain, why do you look so pale? Are you alright?” Xie Xie’s expression was also one of shock.

Tang Wulin looked terrible. Eyebags aside, his face was as pale as a paper, and he looked lifeless. Even his gaze was noticeably duller. This was leaps and bounds from his usual demeanor that was always in high spirits.

“It’s nothing. My cultivation didn’t go down too well yesterday, so I’m not in my best condition today. Let’s go, I’m starving. Lizhi, can you give me a bun first?” Tang Wulin said as he moved closer to Xu Lizhi and extended
an arm over his shoulder.

When she saw that he was still filled with a desire to eat, Gu Yue’s expression relaxed a little.

Xie Xie moved closer to Tang Wulin’s side and said softly, “Captain, don’t tell me that you’re having trouble sleeping after seeing Gu Yue dance last night? It’ll do your body harm if you fantasize too much about these male and female things.”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. He had an urge to toss this fellow into the ocean and give him a good soak but he truly did not have the strength. He could only glare at him.

Chapter 572 - Additional Nourishment

Chapter 572: Additional Nourishment

” Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds! 1 ” Xu Lizhi chanted a spell and a Recovery Pork Bun was served to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin gulped down the Recovery Pork Bun swiftly. He continued to extend his hand toward Xu Lizhi. Before they arrived at the restaurant on the third floor, he had already eaten nearly twenty pork bns.

The effects of the Recovery Pork Buns were extraordinary indeed. Tang Wulin’s sickly complexion had noticeably improved, and his face was also not as pale as before.

The restaurant on the ship was very large. This was to accommodate about a thousand guests at any one time. The various facilities were complete, and it was completely different from the buffet reception the day before, where they could not eat to their hearts’ content.

There were cold dishes, porridge, different kinds of eggs, and seafood served on every table.

The others consciously picked a different table from Tang Wulin, because they knew that all the dishes on one table might not even be enough for him.

It was still early, and although the food in the restaurant was already prepared, only a third of the participants were eating.

Tang Wulin found a table in the corner and sat down. He reached out his hands and grabbed six eggs in front of him. He was about to chow down on them when a soft exclamation of surprise reached his ears.

“Wulin? Why are you eating here alone?” Tang Wulin raised his head to look at the direction of the voice. Was that not Lin Yuhan?

Lin Yuhan glanced at the other Shrek Academy students at the next table, especially at Gu Yue. Then, she returned her gaze toward Tang Wulin. She could not help but show a little puzzlement in her eyes.

“Mmhmm.” Tang Wulin was famished. He had no spare time to explain the situation as he began to binge immediately.

At the next table.

“Sister Yue,” Xu Xiaoyan pointed with her mouth as a signal to Gu Yue.

Naturally, Gu Yue had seen Lin Yuhan. A contemplative smile showed on her face, but she showed no intention of going over to that table.

Ten minutes later…

“Y-you can really eat,” Lin Yuhan stared with her mouth agape at Tang Wulin sitting in front of her, eating like a whirlwind that could scatter wisps of cloud beside him. If she had to describe him with a phrase, describing him as a whirlwind that scattered wisps of clouds was most fitting. His
eating posture was not something that was mildly presentable. A table full of dishes had been swept two-thirds clean in no time.

“Mm mmm,” Tang Wulin did not even have time to spare to speak as he
continued to gobble down the food. He noticed the weakness he felt would become less pronounced as he put more food inside his stomach. Indeed, he needed to eat to replenish his blood essence! Unfortunately, the nutrition value of the food onboard the ship was limited.

Lin Yuhan gulped. “I’ll go and have my meal then!”

When she saw that Tang Wulin did not have the time to entertain her in
addition to the brand new impresion he had just made on her, Lin Yuhan left with swift footsteps. “Was she scared off?” Xu Xiaoyan finally understood why Gu Yue did not go over to the other table. When Tang Wulin was eating, nothing could take the place in his eyes except for food. It was absolutely meaningless to
attempt to communicate with him at a moment like this.

“Eat this,” a deep voice sounded beside Tang Wulin, and a huge tray was shoved in front of him.

On the metal tray, there were strips of dark bluish meat, and there were about twenty strips of them.

Tang Wulin raised his head to look. Was the person whom had appeared beside him not Mu Ye?

After he woke up this morning, his memories had also returned to him. He clearly knew that he was not dreaming about last night’s events. He also understood the reason why Mu Ye had dragged him into the depths of the ocean.

He had never been suspicious of the food which Mu Ye brought him, but today, he asked carefully, “What is this?” The pain of last night was still fresh in his memories. That feeling of being on the brink of death was not enjoyable at all!

Mu Ye replied, “It’s the belly of a deep sea, thousand year tuna. It’s the best kind of fish oil there is. I’ve caught one in my stride yesterday. Count yourself lucky to enjoy these essences. I have more back in the kitchen, you can have these in the meantime.”


The dark blue colored fish flesh was obviously fresh, but they were not processed in any other way. From Tang Wulin’s perspective, the taste
should not be anything fancy.

He stabbed a strip of fish with a fork and bit into it. The flesh was
surprisingly slightly chewy, he needed to bite down hard to be able to even get a chunk off. However, what surprised Tang Wulin was that not only the lack of a fishy taste, there was even a certain aroma after it was put into his mouth. He chewed on it slightly and as he swallowed, a gush of warmth slid into his belly. That warmth quickly surged toward his limbs and bones. It
was a comfort that he could not describe. ‘This…’
‘This is good stuff!’ Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened up immediately. His body was currently very weak so exceptionally nourishing food was exactly what he needed. For a moment, he had no time to think about other matters as he immediately dug in and began eating.

When he finished the tray of raw fish, Mu Ye returned holding another large tray. There was a big fish head on the tray with a diameter of almost half a meter long. It was served with its neck and was roasted to a nice golden finish, causing the layer of oil covering its head to sizzle.

Unlike the raw fish earlier, the aroma immediately spread out to its
surroundings when it was served. It spread so far that many who were near his table turned and shifted their gazes toward him.

Tang Wulin helped himself to the food. He grabbed a large fork and began eating wildly.

The flesh of the fish and the fish neck had a special flavor to them. The texture of the flesh was very firm and there was an aromatic, gelatinous layer in the deeper layers of the flesh. At this moment, Tang Wulin’s
stomach felt as if it was being burned by a flame within him. His entire body was boiling hot, but it was a type of comfort that was difficult to put into words.

“Chef, what’s he eating? Why don’t we have it?” someone could not help but ask Mu Ye.

Mu Ye said drily, “He caught that fish himself and had us cook it. If you guys have any food ingredients, you can request for this service as well.”

‘He caught the fish himself?’ ‘How could he had caught a fish on this ship?’

Mu Ye left and did not wait for them to voice their questions.

Tang Wulin merely used twenty minutes to turn the big fish head into a pile of bones. He was as skilled as a butcher dismembering an ox.

After he finished eating, he felt like his entire body was filled with energy. There was a faint tickling sensation between his bones and muscles.

“I’m going back early. Call me if anything happens,” Tang Wulin notified his companions. Then, he turned around and went back to his own cabin room.

The journey on the sea was far from over. They did not have anything
special planned throughout the voyage so most of them just cultivated on their own.

After he returned to the room, Tang Wulin glanced at his noticeably reddened skin and immediately laid down on the bed.

His entire body was steaming with a warm sensation. It was truly too comfortable. Without him noticing, he dozed off into a deep sleep.

He had slept very soundly this time. All the pain he felt seemed to gradually disappear amidst that warm sensation. The blood essence in his body surged and flowed continuously inside his body as it changed and soaked into
every corner of his body.

On the surface of his skin, the golden patterns resurfaced. They appeared clearer than before. With his breathing, an obvious wave of blood essence emanated from his body.

He slept until the evening and when Tang Wulin woke up from his slumber, the sun was already setting outside the window.

He crawled out of his bed and rubbed his sleepy eyes. Tang Wulin instinctively stretched his back, quickly making a series of cracking sounds as if his entire body was limbered. The indescribable comfortable sensation made him moan. The weakness in his limbs was completely gone, and in its place was a different feeling. that he had the energy but had nowhere to let it out. It was as if every single muscle of his body was filled with strength.

He reopened his eyes after he had woken up and quickly opened the door to get out. Then, he knocked on Gu Yue’s door which was just next to his.

“You’re awake?” Gu Yue opened the door. When she saw that he was in high spirits, her eyes could not help but brighten up. Although Tang Wulin’s complexion was ruddy, his body clearly exuded a rich aroma of sunlight.
He was full of vigor.

“Mm. Why didn’t you wake me up for lunch?”

“Eating is all you think about. I tried calling you in the afternoon, but you were asleep like a dead pig. You won’t come to the door no matter what I tried. I jumped over from the balcony to check on you but when I saw that you were so soundly asleep, I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up. What did you do last night? Why do you look so exhausted?”

Tang Wulin had a wry smile as he shook his head. It was not really
convenient for him to speak about Mu Ye, “Maybe the cultivation here was too hard on me but I’m fine now. Let’s go, we’ll grab some dinner.”

Gu Yue was speechless.

Mu Ye did not make an appearance at dinner. Tang Wulin noticed with
shock that his appetite for dinner had diminished a great deal. He stopped after only eating seven or eight times more a normal person’s portion.

‘Could it be that the nutrition content in my body is too rich?’ he thought. “What’re you guys up to after dinner?” Tang Wulin asked his companions. Gu Yue replied, “I’m going to practice designing mechas.”
Ye Xinglan said, “I’ll continue crafting battle armors.” Yue Zhengyu said nonchalantly, “I’ll be loitering around.”

Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui expressed their desire to return to their rooms to cultivate. On the other hand, Xie Xie wanted to cultivate in the ship’s special cultivation venue.

Tang Wulin said, “Then I’ll cultivate in my room as well.” He still had some uncertainties about the current condition of his body. Only by
meditating and deeply feeling his own changes could he grasp the key to his altered body.

Tang Wulin returned to his room but just as he was about to start meditating, the door to the balcony opened. Mu Ye walked into the room like a phantom without making a peep, and waved his big hands, causing a thin dark golden glow to envelop the entire room.

“You… What’re you doing?” Tang Wulin looked at him in alarm. Mu Ye replied, “How do you feel?”
Tang Wulin was stunned. “Feel what?”

Chapter 573 - Wanting To Live!

Chapter 573: Wanting To Live!

Mu Ye spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You’re such an ungrateful young lad. You’ve consumed the essence of a thousand year bluefin tuna and you still dare to ask me this? Do you know that even someone like me can’t find these top-grade ingredients every time.”

“It tasted great! It was very nutritious.” Tang Wulin spoke, “Uncle chef, yesterday night you were…”

Mu Ye explained, “I was only testing the potential of your body. The facts prove that your potential is far better than what I had predicted. Your body feels lethargic this morning because it had been overloaded along with your bloodline yesterday. However, the cultivation of my sect is to bring the human body to its perfect form before stimulating its potential to tap into its secrets. This, is our special cultivation method.”

“The cultivation method of the Body Sect?” Tang Wulin looked at him in astonishment.

Mu Ye nodded. “There are many cultivation methods in my sect. However, all methods lead to the same goal — bringing out the potential of one’s body. Have you ever heard of the martial soul’s second awakening?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I’ve heard our teacher mention this in the academy. It’s possible for a martial soul to awaken for the second time and produce change under certain conditions. The change can either be good or bad but the effects would be extremely obvious.”

Mu Ye’s mouth cracked into a smile. “That’s right, you didn’t attend the
academy for nothing. Then, you should also know how difficult it is for the martial soul’s second awakening to happen. Historically, there are only
certain clans with exceptionally profound inner secrets and martial souls passed down from ancient times that have a higher chance at a second awakening, is that right?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Yes, that’s what we’ve learned in the academy.”

Pride shone in Mu Ye’s eyes. “I’m telling you this, now. The second awakening can be controlled by men. The Body Sect has a method to
stimulate the martial soul’s second awakening. To top it off, it’ll definitely be a beneficial second awakening.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was startled.

He had some knowledge about the martial soul’s second awakening. If a
soul master’s martial soul could be awakened for the second time, it would elevate his powers vastly. However, he had never heard that there was some special method to stimulate the awakening, let alone a beneficial one. This was truly too valuable!

If his Bluesilver Grass martial soul could be awakened for the second time…’What would it become?’ he wondered.

“Uncle Chef, are you serious?” Tang Wulin could not help asking.

Mu Ye answered in an unpleasant tone, “What do you mean Uncle Chef. Address me as your teacher!”

“Teacher?” Tang Wulin hastily replied, “I haven’t promised you that I’d join the Body Sect! I’m already a disciple of the Tang Sect.”

Mu Ye exhaled a breath through his nose and spoke impatiently, “Forget it, forget it! There is no need for you to cut ties with the Tang Sect anymore. I’ll accept you into the Body Sect.” From his point of view, this was the best compromise he could make.

Tang Wulin replied weakly, “However, as a part of the Tang Sect, I don’t think I’m allowed to join another sect without their approval, right.”

Mu Ye widened his eyes to look at Tang Wulin. “What did you just say?” He had already compromised so much, yet this little brat… Tang Wulin’s tone sounded more determined. “Yes, I cannot betray my sect. I’m sorry Uncle Mu Ye. I’m extremely appreciative of the value you’ve put in me but I am already a part of the Tang Sect. That alone is the reason

“Nonsense. Like it or not, you’ve already reaped the benefits of the Body Sect so, you’re a disciple of the Body Sect.”

Tang Wulin was about to refute him when his vision blurred. His throat was already being choked by Mu Ye and in the next moment, he felt as though he was treading on clouds.

‘Oh no…not again?’ “Plop!” Into the sea.
Mu Ye pressed onto Tang Wulin as he directly dropped into the deep sea. His body sank rapidly while the water pressure increased exponentially.

However, the situation today was clearly much better compared to yesterday. This was because Tang Wulin had better mental preparation so his mood was vastly different. Moreover, he could clearly sense that his body’s resistance to water pressure had apparently become stronger.

Mu Ye pressed onto Tang Wulin as he rapidly sank into the deep sea as a pitch black befell them once more.

He experienced almost the exact process as yesterday. It was so overwhelming with pain that he hardly wished to live.

When Tang Wulin finally managed to crawl out to the surface of the sea with great effort yesterday, he had greedily taken in gulps of air.

Yet, he was much stronger than he was yesterday. At the very least, he did not lose his consciousness as he did before. The tremendous stress from the water pressure still made his entire body sore and weak.

The thousand year tuna was certainly good enough. A warm current was
coursing through his entire body at this moment, healing his physical being. Mu Ye who was dressed in a dark golden suit appeared before Tang Wulin.

“Uncle Mu Ye, we should go back, right?” Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh as he spoke.

Mu Yu spoke dully, “The biggest secret to the Body Sect is how we stimulate the soul master into completing his martial soul’s second awakening. You already know this secret. We have to squeeze out a
person’s potential until it’s perfect before we bring out new potential by putting that person under extreme stress. Since you insist on being unwilling to join the Body Sect… I’m sorry, I can only murder you to prevent you from revealing our secrets.”

Mu Ye’s body flashed past under Tang Wulin’s fearful gaze, he choked his throat once again and pushed him into the deep sea.

He sank into the deep sea once again as his physical ability that was slightly healed earlier disappeared rapidly. This time, Mu Ye seemed to be
exceptionally determined to keep him in the sea. Tang Wulin’s
consciousness gradually blurred under an extreme lack of oxygen and immense water pressure.

When Mu Ye’s grip loosened, a tiny remnant of his consciousness kicked in along with his survival instinct to allow him to attempt escaping with great effort.

Clearly, this was even more extreme than yesterday. Soon, his vision gradually fell into darkness.

“Wake up,” a low voice echoed from every direction.

Tang Wulin was astonished when he discovered that he had arrived in the spiritual word. Old Tang was suspended in the air close to him.

“Wake up,” Old Tang’s voice echoed once again.

“Old Tang, what’s happening to me?” Tang Wulin asked subconsciously. “You’ve entered a state of false death. The Body Sect’s cultivation method is extremely useful in elevating your body’s strength. Persistent willpower is the foundation to stimulate one’s potential. Never lose the will to live, no matter when! Only by doing so can you bring out all the potential within your body to light. The Golden Dragon King’s seal in your body alone
already has enough potential to exceed ordinary people.”

“Ah, I also have to inform you that the first nine layers of the Golden
Dragon King’s seal are completely different from the last nine layers. I’m quite confident that you’re capable of enduring the first nine layers provided you have enough heavenly treasures. However, the energy
contained within the last nine layers is truly terrifying. You’ll face more and more dangerous situations, ones that regard life and death at every layer.
Although the Body Sect’s cultivation method may be cruel, it’s a good method to brace the body and willpower. Keep holding on, and you might just survive when you break through the following Golden Dragon King seals.”

Tang Wulin wanted to say something but his vision was still a blur. The strong sensation of suffocating and the agonizing pain reemerged as he regained a hint of his consciousness.

‘Live! I want to live!’

He bit the tip of his tongue with great effort. His body that was already lost struggled as his arms flailed about to push his body toward the surface of the sea once more.

‘Live, I want to live!’ he roared furiously in his heart. Slowly but surely, he managed to find shreds of strength that surged from his limbs and bones that managed to slowly push his body toward the surface of the sea.

However, what Tang Wulin failed to see was that a red-colored figure had already soundlessly appeared behind him. It was Mu Ye’s Divine Mecha. It had already determined that Tang Wulin’s vital signs were about to disappear and was prepared to rescue him. However, it did not expect that he would regain his consciousness once more. Mu Ye was sharing data with his Divine Mecha. At this moment, his eyes were filled with astonishment as he stood on the surface of the sea. ‘This young man’s potential… It truly needs to be squeezed from his body with full force!’

Chapter 574 - Forty Nine Days

Chapter 574: Forty Nine Days

When Tang Wulin floated to the surface once more, he did not even have the strength to breathe. His entire body was ghastly pale like a dead fish, and he looked nothing like a human.

A tube had been inserted in his throat as oxygen was gently pumped through it to assist his breathing and heal his body.

Tang Wulin’s mind was now completely blank. He was only aware that he was alive despite what he had been through. Eventually, the darkness turned pitch black after an unknown amount of time had passed.

The weather that day was nothing out of the ordinary as sparkling starlight flickered in the sky, and the surging waves of water lapped against his body.

Tang Wulin had finally regained his ability to breathe after a full hour. His body felt lighter, and he could hear the whooshing sound of the wind.
However, his vision darkened as he fainted again.

His final conscious thought was, ‘So it turns out, Uncle Mu Ye was truly not trying to kill me.”

On the next morning, the color of Tang Wulin’s face was exactly the same as when he had just regained consciousness earlier. It was still extremely hideous.

Mu Ye brought him a type of dark purple prawns from the deep sea that had pale purple flesh. They were extremely peculiar but Mu Ye did not send it to the cafeteria this time around. Instead, he brought it directly to the room for Tang Wulin. “Were you playing a bloody trick on me?” Tang Wulin spoke to Mu Ye weakly.

A smile flashed past Mu Ye’s eyes. “If you wish to be a great man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitters. You’ll realize in the near future that the pain you’ve suffered is worth it.”

Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh. “Uncle, I’m truly unable to join the Body Sect!”

Mu Ye’s expression changed as he slapped Tang Wulin’s head. “You little brat, can you stop infuriating me? We can discuss the matter of joining my sect later. You can ask the Tang Sect about this when you’re back on your
feet. Meanwhile, you’re going to be learning from me from now on. It is my own damn unfortunate luck. However, even if you didn’t join my sect, can’t you at least call me teacher?”

This time Tang Wulin did not hesitate at all as he immediately called out respectfully, “Teacher.”

Mu Ye’s expression instantly became pleasant. “Alright. You’ll need to
spend more time meditating during the day after consuming this amethyst lobster. Try not to sleep. The healing effects of meditation are much better than sleeping. Moreover, you’ll be able to sense the changes to your body more clearly.”

He left after saying that, but he did not teach Tang Wulin any cultivation methods.

Color returned to Tang Wulin’s face after he ate the amethyst lobster for breakfast. The lobster did not carry heat but instead, it gave him a refreshing chill compared to the thousand year tuna. The chill seeped into his internal organs and made his entire body feel lighter.

He returned to his room to cultivate after breakfast. This was the first time he meditated after the torture he went through. Perhaps it was due to the amethyst lobster’s effect that Tang Wulin entered a meditative state quickly. Everything felt different.

Tang Wulin was wondering about his cultivation base that had now broken through to rank-39. This meant that there was only one final step before rank-40. He had achieved this sooner than he had expected.

It seemed like the process of squeezing out one’s potential was not only helpful in cultivating the body but even in cultivating soul power! Of
course, this was also closely related to those delicacies he consumed that were like priceless heavenly treasures.

There were number of changes to his body. Tang Wulin discovered earlier that there was now a faint layer of gold on his bones, muscles, internal organs, and blood after he continuously absorbed the Golden Dragon King’s essence. Additionally, he could clearly sense that the layer of gold was becoming even more obvious, and he also discovered that his inner sight
was growing in sensitivity. This was a clear sign that his spiritual power must have grown stronger as well.

The tremendous agony brought along a multi-tiered elevation in his body, giving Tang Wulin a vague understanding of the Body Sect’s cultivation method.

It was already after dinner when Mu Ye approached again. Tang Wulin shivered subconsciously upon seeing him. “Again?”

“Of course!” Mu Ye spoke with a dull tone.

Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh. “Teacher, when can I rest for a day?” No one would wish for another attempt after experiencing the agony of being on the brink of death.

Mu Ye answered, “Roughly… it’ll take forty-nine days before you’ll be able to achieve considerable initial success in your body. If your martial
soul is stimulated into the second awakening by then, we can change your cultivation method.” “Forty-nine days…” Tang Wulin was staring at Mu Ye in bewilderment. “Teacher, are you certain that this cultivation method won’t kill

Mu Ye answered in a dull tone, “In the history of the Body Sect, only about thirty percent of the disciples died under such a cultivation method.”


Mu Ye looked at Tang Wulin. “Not everyone is allowed to use such methods to trigger one’s body. Otherwise, the Body Sect would’ve
conquered the entire realm of soul masters a long time ago. In reality, there are very few soul masters who’re capable of using such methods to
stimulate one’s potential. One’s blood essence must be very powerful and have astonishing potential. I brought you into the deep sea on the first day to test the potential of your abilities. I would’ve never continued if you didn’t have any potentia.”

The Body Sect was incapable of expanding because their cultivation methods were too extreme. It was so extreme such that a mishap could possibly cause someone to lose their life.

That alone was reason enough for only a few people to take a liking to the Body Sect, and more so for those people to persevere. Powerful sects that had existed for over ten millennia were always facing the same problem of having less talented personnel. There were always people with astonishing talents amongst every generation of the Body Sect’s powerhouses, but it
was not a common phenomenon.

“Teacher…” Tang Wulin was about to ask him something when he was grabbed and lifted by Mu Ye before he was tossed into the deep sea again.

Tang Wulin began his new life of torture just like that.

Everybody else had a rather boring life on the ship. After all, not matter how large was the ship was, it had limited entertainment facilities. It was not as entertaining after quite some time had passed. Most soul masters would spend most of their time meditating in their rooms because it was the most time-consuming activity.

Only Tang Wulin had a life that was truly exciting.

From the first day when he almost died after he dived into the deep sea for the first time, he had went from a depth of five hundred meters to a thousand meters by the sixth day, and he could still float onto the surface of the sea in the end.

By the twentieth day, he could already dive two thousand meters into the sea and still came out alive. The deepest part of the ocean here was only two thousand meters at this point. Tang Wulin’s stimulated potential was impressive, seeing that he could sink into such depths and still came up alive despite struggling without any breathing apparatus.

However, it was also very apparent that Mu Ye would never release him to seek perfection. There was no way to increase the depth of the sea. The new challenge Mu Ye gave Tang Wulin was that a ferocious thousand year oceanic soul beast would emerge before him after he sank two thousand meters to the bottom of the sea.

He would have to float back to the surface while the oceanic soul beast gave chase to him.

A thousand year soul beast was nothing worth a mention on the land. He could definitely kill the opponent in a few simple moves.

However, this was in the middle of the sea! In a sea that was two thousand meters deep, water pressure and suffocation were his greatest enemies. He could not display much of his power at all.

He almost died in the sea when he faced the oceanic soul beast for the first time. This was because the enormous water pressure would squeeze the blood from his body once he was injured.

Fortunately, the Golden Dragon Body’s defense saved him. Tang Wulin burst out abruptly during a crucial moment and used Bluesiber Grass to bind the soul beast. He was pulled out from the sea a few hundred meters by the oceanic soul beast before he grabbed the opportunity to solve the problem by slapping it with his Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.

Ever since that day, the oceanic soul beasts that he faced became an infinite variation of strange things. He could not tell where Mu Ye found these soul beasts but they continued growing stronger as time passed.

Tang Wulin was tortured into feeling so overwhelmed with grief that he
wanted to die. He was afraid that he would have a mental breakdown if not for the support of a large number of highly-nutritious delicacies he
consumed each day.

Chapter 575

Chapter 575: You’ve Got To Be Playing A Bloody Trick On Me, Teacher

The entire journey from the Douluo Continent to the Star Luo Continent took about two and a half months’ time. This could only be achieved by using the ocean liner’s maximum speed.

Dusk had arrived once more, and Tang Wulin’s mental state had
strengthened after eating. Since he could not flee, he would put all his efforts into surviving.

“Today is the forty-ninth day,” Mu Ye’s voice echoed. Tang Wulin’s spirit was shaken at the sound.

He could clearly remember that Mu Ye had once told him that the first stage of cultivation lasted forty-nine days.

The forty-nine-day cultivation process did not feel long, for it was only a brief period compared to the past ten years. Yet, he was brought to the verge of death on a daily basis within that short amount of time. Could he even describe it as ‘passing a day as if it were a year’?

Tang Wulin’s entire body shrank, but he appeared even more muscular now. Of course, he could also clearly sense the change in his body when he was tormented by the pain.

He was constantly pushing his potential to its limit with the extremely high water pressure and the continual struggle to survive. Then, he replenished himself with highly nutritious food the next day. During these forty-nine days, Tang Wulin felt that he had thoroughly remolded himself. When seen with his inner sight, the color of his bones, internal organs, and blood
essence had turned from their initial pale golden hue to a bright gold. Moreover, Old Tang had already explained to him explicitly that he need not consume any more heaven and earth treasures once he had broken through the fifth layer of the Golden Dragon King seal. His body was
strong enough to sustain itself now, and he could attempt to break through at any time that he wished to.

Tang Wulin was highly motivated when he realized that he could save some money. However, he did not have the intention to try for the fifth layer right now, for once he broke through a layer he would need to be ready to take on the next layer. He could wait a little while more and face it when he was fully prepared.

Old Tang appeared again on the tenth day of Tang Wulin’s cultivation. He assured him confidently that this was the Body Sect’s most extreme
cultivation method, and that the technique of stimulating one’s potential on the brink of life and death would be highly effective for him. He just had to persevere.

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth and endured for forty-eight days because of that.

His soul power progressed fast in that time. Even his concentrated soul power had already increased to the peak of rank-39. After all, every tenth rank of one’s soul power elevation was the most difficult to break through.

This was the last day of his suffering in this ordeal!

“Today is going to be a hurdle for you. The time needed for the first stage of training cannot be calculated exactly. In other words, the forty-ninth day is just a standard benchmark. If your martial soul’s second awakening is
successfully stimulated today, then you would’ve proven that you have
adequate talent to join the Body Sect’s elite. Otherwise, you’ll need to begin another forty-nine days until you’ve completed the second awakening.” Mu Ye’s voice sounded very dull, but it felt like a thunderclap in a blue sky to Tang Wulin’s ears.

‘So this is not the end yet?’ In reality, Mu Ye was feeling very strange in his heart. As the Body Sect’s sect master, no one else in the world was more knowledgeable of the their cultivation method than he.

Tang Wulin was unaware that he was not enduring the Body Sect’s standard cultivation method for the past forty-nine days, but one that was many times more harrowing.

The endurance of Tang Wulin’s body had far exceeded Mu Ye’s predictions, especially in the stimulation of his potential. Tang Wulin’s condition had rarely been recorded appeared in the Body Sect’s ancient archives.
Moreover, those members of the Body Sect with similar situations from ages past went on to become Limit Douluos.

Hence, Mu Ye had been testing him to the highest standards all along, and gave him the greatest challenges. Each time, he was only willing to stop
after he was sure that Tang Wulin’s body had been pushed to the edge.

According to the Body Sect’s ancient records, if a person could endure such a cultivation method more than ten times, his second awakening should be completed. The Body Sect’s technique had a ninety-five percent success rate in stimulating the martial soul’s second awakening. In other words, it was highly possible for the second awakening of any martial soul, provided that the person could survive the highly hazardous process.

After just one attempt, the majority of people would breakdown, either physically or mentally.

That was why Mu Ye felt that Tang Wulin should have completed the martial soul’s second awakening earlier. Yet even now, there was still no sign of it after forty-eight attempts.

This was completely extraordinary! Generally, a martial soul capable of
enduring such a cultivation method which also took a long time to awaken would be extremely powerful. The longer it took for the awakening, the
stronger the martial soul. Yet forty-nine times of stimulating the potential was the limit. Any martial soul that had yet to awaken after that would fall into the extremely rare five percent. This signified that Tang Wulin’s martial soul was entirely mundane without any gene from an ancient bloodline. No second awakening would be possible, so it would point out that that he was a Body Sect’s disciple that could never achieve greatness.

Regardless, Mu Ye refused to believe this. Tang Wulin was an elite student of Shrek Academy, and he even possessed a superhuman physique and
willpower. It did not make any sense at all that he would fail to complete his martial soul’s second awakening!

Today was the last day. In reality, he was even more anxious than Tang Wulin. Mu Ye had prepared a great surprise for him today in order to ensure the success of his awakening so he could stimulate his body’s potential further.

“Cough, cough. Teacher, will you please stop shaking my conviction!” Tang Wulin looked at Mu Ye out of frustration.

Mu Ye walked in great strides to face him. He grabbed Tang Wulin’s
shoulder with one hand and murmured, “You must do as you have been, but it’ll be slightly different. I won’t be saving you today. I swear by the honor of a Title Douluo that I won’t give you the slightest help even if you’re facing a deadly crisis. You can only depend on yourself. Today is the last day and also your final appraisal. That is why you must live!”

Tang Wulin had never seen Mu Ye speak in such somber tones before. In the next moment, his body had already soared high into the sky as he flew out of the room under Mu Ye’s guidance.

This time, Mu Ye flew at an exceptionally fast speed. Moreover, he did not drop Tang Wulin into the sea at once, but he flew for an hour until he was far away from the two ocean liners before he stopped.

“Live!” He murmured once again then released his grasp. Tang Wulin dropped down from the sky like a rock.

With a thump, Tang Wulin fell into the ocean as the cold, surging seawater covered his face. Tang Wulin’s ability to swim was vastly enhanced after he being tormented by the sea for so many days. He inhaled a deep breath at once to increase his body’s oxygen levels. He was astonished to discover that Mu Ye did not intend to press him into the deep sea, but instead vanished in a flash.

Tang Wulin was slightly confused as he soaked in the seawater. However, he still maintained the highest vigilance in his heart. He was certain that the situation that he was about to face today would be more difficult than before based on Mu Ye’s solemnity.

It was useless for him dwell on it further. He could only focus his efforts on facing whatever lay ahead.

As time passed soaking in seawater, Tang Wulin still did not meet any unusual situations. He wondered if Teacher Mu Ye was merely testing his ability to survive at sea? He fiddled with his spatial ring. There was a lot of
food in there, so he could at least float on the sea for another ten to fourteen days if he were to keep going. His life would not be at risk.

There was no lack of food or water in the sea, what was lacking was balanced nutrition.

The moon shone beautifully that night, and the scenery on the sea was tinted with a faint silver brilliance. All of a sudden, Tang Wulin could just make out the blurry image of a few pieces of silver scales at a distance.

At first, there were only two or three, but soon, there were dozens.

At the next moment, he saw Mu Ye’s figure. Mu Ye’s hands were waving toward nothing while his body was in the air. Faint green shadows were scattering down from the air and crashed into the sea with a loud bang.

‘What is Teacher Mu Ye doing?’

Tang Wulin found out the answer very fast, because he had already clearly seen the origin of those silver scales. Those were not scales but instead, were individual shark fins piercing the water’s surface.

The fins cut through the water as they charged straight at Tang Wulin like pointed silver arrows.

As fear registered on his face, he thought, ‘This isn’t just a shark… it’s a school of sharks!’


Tang Wulin did not think of that at all. Although he was quite capable at
swimming, it would be a foolish choice for him to race against sharks in the sea.

He finally understood his test today. Was it for him to live? To live when he was attacked by a school of sharks. Without a doubt, these were definitely not ordinary sharks.

‘This, this must be the Devilsoul Great White Shark that’s said to be one of the oceanic soul beast’s overlords in the legends of past!’

‘Teacher, you must be playing a bloody trick on me…’

Chapter 576 - Devil Soul Great White Shark

Chapter 576: Devil Soul Great White Shark

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as his eyes flashed brilliantly. Blade after blade of Bluesilver Grass surged out like a swarm of bees and rapidly
spread outward from his body. The grass surrounded his body like seaweed, creating a dense barrier ten meters around him.

Tang Wulin had a simple idea. No matter how ferocious the Devilsoul Great White Shark was, it had the same sensitivity to the smell of blood as an ordinary shark. Therefore, he could use his plant-attribute Bluesilver Grass to completely hide his scent so that the sharks would not attack him. He
could possibly emerge from this entirely unscathed.

The first shark was dashing forth just seven to eight meters in front of him. As Tang Wulin had expected, the Devilsoul Great White Shark did not notice him due to his own scent being masked by the faint odor of the
Bluesilver Grass.

This great white shark’s length exceeded seven meters. Its entire body was like pure white jade, and it emitted intense waves of energy. Given its
extremely fast swimming speed, it had at least a thousand years’ worth of cultivation.

The Devilsoul Great White Shark was almost peerless in the water. As long as they did not bump into any hyper oceanic soul beasts, they were the overlords of the sea.

The first one charged past, then the second, third, and fourth one…

Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief. He was trying his best to ensure his scent did not reach them. He held his breath and waited quietly. The temporary crisis was resolved, but would Teacher Mu Ye let him off so easily?

Just as this thought crossed his mind, Mu Ye flew just above his head. “Get ready.” Mu Ye’s voice echoed in the sky.
Tang Wulin raised his head and looked up subconsciously. He noticed Mu Ye was holding a large bottle in his hand. He unscrewed the cap and poured out its contents.

A splash of liquid rained down from the sky at once. The thick odor of blood scattered around Tang Wulin.

“Begin!” Mu Ye spoke with an indifferent tone.

“Argh!” Tang Wulin screamed out in agony as he forced all the Bluesilver Grass downward. He was relying on the buoyancy of the plants in the water to lift up his body and get him airborne quickly.

Numerous gigantic white figures pounced out from below and collided with one another. Waves swelled up as a violent energy fluctuation burst out from Tang Wulin’s location.

His face and head felt cold as the odor of blood wafted by once again. Tang Wulin was horrified when he saw Mu Ye tilt the bottle once again and pour out more of the strange blood. This time, it completely covered his body.

‘This is killing me!’

Tang Wulin’s mental state was always calm when he was facing a crisis. He did not have the time to blame anyone, and he understood Mu Ye’s style very well. Mu Ye would never show him an ounce of sympathy no matter how hard he screamed.

He parted his hands as he suddenly tore away the clothes on his body. This was not the time for him to worry about shame when his life was on the line. The fresh blood dropping from the sky had fallen straight onto him. There was now a large amount of blood on his body. Using the bloody clothes he had torn off, Tang Wulin formed two balls before he could fall, and he then threw them as far as he could in two directions. At the same time, he flung out a strand of Bluesilver Grass as he dashed straight towards Mu Ye. He managed to Bind Mu Ye’s body with the Grass.

He had to resort to every conceivable measure in order to survive.

Mu Ye was slightly stunned. In his heart, he nodded in approval, but it was apparent that he would not be Bound by Tang Wulin. His body flashed past and he was already in the air. He observed the situation that was taking place below him quietly and attentively.

Tang Wulin then immediately began to fall again. The two bundles of bloody clothes he had tossed out were quite effective. The strong odor of the blood lured a few Devilsoul Great White Sharks toward them, but there were still seven or eight sharks sticking their heads out of the water. With
cold gazes, they watched as Tang Wulin fell from the sky.

“Roar!…” The roar of a roused dragon echoed from Tang Wulin’s mouth
abruptly, while three soul rings shimmered on his body simultaneously. His second soul ring glowed brightly as blades of Bluesilver Grass rained downward. The grass enveloped all the great white sharks.

Two of the sharks widened their mouths and fired two balls of white light.

In an instant, the blades of Bluesilver Grass exploded into pieces. A great white shark slammed its tail down, flinging its enormous body out of the sea. As it flew directly toward Yang Wulin, it widened its mouth to reveal its ghastly white teeth as sharp as knives.

A blade of golden Bluesilver Grass shot out and lashed onto the flying Devilsoul Great White Shark’s head with such force that its head was whipped to the side.

Without a doubt, Tang Wulin’s brute strength was on display. In the next moment after the blade of golden Bluesilver Grass lashed onto the Devilsoul Great White Shark, it wiggled nimbly and Bound onto a tooth in the shark’s widened mouth.

Tang Wulin pulled with all his strength. His body moved horizontally towards it at once as he fell toward the shark’s head.

The three soul rings on his body switched over to two golden soul rings in an instant. Golden scales then covered his body.

“Puff!…” The Golden Dragon Claw sliced down brazenly and cut into this Devilsoul Great White Shark’s head that had a thousand year’s cultivation base. The claw sank all the way into the head until his forearm was buried in it. At the same time, a brutal and ferocious expression flashed in Tang Wulin’s eyes.

He could not take any chances if he wanted to survive, and he could not have even the slightest doubt or show an ounce of mercy.

With a flash of dark golden radiance on his right arm, this Devilsoul Great White Shark over six meters long suddenly fell apart in dozens of chunks. A foul wind and a rain of blood misted over the sky and spread out in all directions.

Tang Wulin’s right foot stepped onto the largest chunk of the shark’s corpse. He used the momentum to bounce up and fly diagonally.

After his Golden Dragon Claw stabbed into the shark’s head, he made the choice to trigger the Duskgold Dreadclaw. He relied on the Duskgold
Dreadclaw’s terrifying impact force to dismember the shark.

The Devilsoul Great White Sharks were extremely bloodthirsty. They unthinkingly pursued every form of flesh and blood, even that of their own kind. The education provided by Shrek Academy was proving vital at this moment.

As he expected, the blood and flesh falling down from the sky attracted almost all of the sharks. Still soaring forward, Tang Wulin released the Bluesilver Grass once again. Dozens of blades lashed onto the water’s surface to push his body and send him flying once again.

He dove straight into the sea, avoiding the sharks at the surface.

The seawater felt cold and refreshing. Tang Wulin rubbed his body and hair strenuously to wash away the smell of blood.

The sharks were attracted to the odor, but they were leaving him alive for now given the much greater amount from the slain shark’s corpse.

Tang Wulin used the opportunity to cleanse himself, as only once he was free of any trace of blood would he be able to escape the sharks.

Otherwise, the Devilsoul Great White Shark’s sense of smell could pick up his scent even if he was five kilometers away.

After he had finished washing, Tang Wulin leaped up once again with the help of the Bluesilver Grass. He relied on the Grass’ vines to lash against the surface of the sea and identify a direction that he could use to flee.

Mu Ye’s expression was unusual as his body was still suspended in the sky. He had finally witnessed the battle between Tang Wulin and oceanic soul beasts in the deep sea during the cultivation period. Those battles were deep in the sea, but without a doubt, Tang Wulin’s fighting capacity on the
water’s surface exceeded his expectations. This young lad’s adaptive and
combat abilities, and also his level-headedness were the best of the chosen.

No wonder he could become an influential personage in Shrek Academy’s outer court. As expected, he was a little monster.

However, if he was under the assumption that everything would end there, then he was gravely mistaken.

The school of Devilsoul Great White Sharks gobbled up their companion’s body at the far side. All of a sudden, one of the sharks with an exceptionally huge body and silver striations raised its head. The fin on its back shook once, and in the next moment, it suddenly sped up and swam in Tang Wulin’s direction.

When it passed by the place where Tang Wulin had cleansed himself, it slowed ever so slightly. Soon after, it sped up once again and dashed
straight in the direction that Tang Wulin had fled. The rest of the sharks followed closely behind as they cut through the seawater leaving streaks of white waves.

Chapter 577 - Battling the Shark King with Intelligence

Chapter 577: Battling the Shark King with Intelligence

Mu Ye had a profound understanding of all sorts of soul beasts, as well as heaven and earth treasure-type food. The blood that he spilled over Tang Wulin was that of a Deep Sea Devil Whale. The Devilsoul Great White Shark and the Deep Sea Devil Whale were natural enemies, as both were the overlords of the sea.

Comparing the two, the Deep Sea Devil Whales were stronger but were far less numerous than the Devilsoul Great White Sharks. The whale’s blood had a special characteristic in that it was highly adhesive. Moreover, once it came into contact with a strong blood essence’s fluctuation, it produced an even stronger smell.

How could the Devilsoul Great White Shark not recognize its enemy’s smell? Naturally, it launched an incessant pursuit.

Tang Wulin leaped on the surface of the sea. He turned around to look occasionally and found that those sharks were chasing after him at full speed. His face was filled with bitterness as the sharks were getting increasingly closer.

How could he have known that the tricks Mu Ye laid on him could not be washed away?!

What should he do?

At this moment, he was about to face a tough decision.

Live! It was apparently useless attempting to flee. This was a vast sea, so there was truly nowhere to hide. If it was impossible to escape, then the only way to survive was to fight to the death! Only by killing all the Devilsoul Great White Sharks would he stand a chance.

The sharks could still make a meal of him if he exhausted himself by running away. Besides, there was no way he could outrun the overlords of the sea!

Violet light flashed past his eyes. Everything appeared clearer following the release of the Purple Demon Eyes.

There were forty-seven Devilsoul Great White Sharks, excluding the one he killed.

The shark at the front was over ten meters long. There was silver light
shimmering on its back. This could very possibly be a ten-thousand-year rank Devilsoul Great White Shark, so it posed the biggest threat to him.

If he was on the ground, Tang Wulin would not necessarily mind even if there were dozens of thousand year soul beasts given his current cultivation base. But it was different with a ten-thousand-year soul beast. That was a
creature that could truly threaten his life. So? He must live no matter what.

Sharp light flashed in his eyes. Tang Wulin took a deep breath and flung out his right arm as a streak of yellow radiance appeared behind his back in an instant. It was his yellow mecha.

Up in the sky, Mu Ye had yet to react to the situation, so Tang Wulin seized the opportunity. He used the Bluesilver Grass that was striking at the
surface of the sea to catapult himself into the yellow mecha.

The mecha started glowing. With a burst of light behind its back, it immediately carried Tang Wulin away from the turmoil.

The Devilsoul Great White Sharks below suddenly lost his scent so they slowed down immediately. However, it was also at this moment, a blood red figure blocked Tang Wulin’s mecha in the sky.

“Let yourself out and jump down, or should I tear your mecha apart and toss you down?” Mu Ye was apparently not pleased by Tang Wulin’s violation of the rules.

Tang Wulin’s expression did not change at all as he sat inside the mecha looking at the divine mecha in front of him. He had already anticipated this situation. He was in the yellow mecha for a specific purpose, and it also gave him a moment to relax.

Within the mecha, he ate all the food that he had prepared in a few bites, then he spoke in feigned panic, “I-I will jump myself. Don’t ruin my mecha.”

He was eating the heaven and earth treasure-type delicacies provided by Mu Ye which he had secretly stashed away. These delicacies were highly nutritious and could replenish his blood essence at once.

This momentary buffer could improve the possibility of his success in the battle to follow.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as the yellow mecha’s chest armor opened up. He jumped into the sea once again. After this temporary relief and the food he had eaten, a little of his physical strength was quickly restored.
With another flash of yellow, the mecha was stored back inside his ring. Tang Wulin dropped straight into the water.

He closed his eyes as golden scales emerged on his body. The atmosphere became calm and serene, as he could not keep from sinking into the depths.

Just as Mu Ye observed, his fighting capacity on the water’s surface far exceeded his ability below the sea.

The Devilsoul Great White Sharks’ sense of smell was exceptionally sharp. They immediately noticed his presence the moment he jumped into the sea. Their gigantic figures sped up abruptly and dashed in Tang Wulin’s direction.

His eyes turned violet as the scales covered his entire body. Even though he was completely submerged, Tang Wulin was still emitting a gush of bold
aura that was hard to describe.

The sharks were getting closer. Speckles of starlight glittered on Tang Wulin’s right hand. His battle armor emerged soundlessly and covered his right hand and forearm. Powerful strength radiated through his entire body. A brutal gaze appeared in his eyes as he stayed suspended in the same spot and waited for the sharks’ arrival.

The sharks approached closer and closer, while the ten-thousand-year
Devilsoul Great White Shark at the forefront was exuding a ferocious and malevolent aura from all over its body. It widened its mouth as it drew near and spat out a ball of white light. The ball was aimed directly at Tang Wulin.

The soul beast’s intelligence was already similar to a human as it had a ten- thousand-year cultivation base. It did not approach carelessly, choosing instead to launch a direct attack.

Tang Wulin crossed his arms with his right arm held forth. He curled up his body so that he was completely enveloped within the golden scales.

He did not dodge or use any attacking tricks. He simply allowed himself to endure the full force of the attack.

“Boom!” When Tang Wulin was struck by the white light, he felt as if his body was about to dissolve instantly into a collapsed water molecule. He
was blasted straight out of the water. His whole body shimmered with white light. Even though the Golden Dragon Body protected him, he was still bleeding profusely from the attack.

Mu Ye who was watching the battle from the sky was startled as well. ‘What is he doing? How is he capable of facing the ten-thousand-year soul beast’s attack?’ Mu Ye clenched his fist subconsciously. Of course, he
would not allow Tang Wulin to die, yet this was the forty-ninth day which was also his final opportunity!

He inhaled a deep breath and suppressed his urge to save Tang Wulin. He chose to put his faith in the boy. He believed that this intelligent yet tenacious youth would not do anything randomly.

The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark watched as Tang Wulin was blasted away. Bloodthirsty radiance flashed past its eyes at once. There were a few sharks on each side that leaped into the sky and widened their mouths as they rushed toward Tang Wulin.

A low roar echoed as a powerful aura burst out from the ten-thousand-year shark’s body. Waves surged out across the water’s surface and blasted away the few sharks that were heading for Tang Wulin. How could it let others take advantage of such a scrumptious meal?

The ten-thousand-year shark soared high into the sky. When its body flared up its speed was as fast as lightning. It blasted out from the water almost in an instant and in a stroke, it reached Tang Wulin’s face. It opened its gigantic mouth and readied to bite down on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin seemed to be knocked unconscious by the blow earlier. His body was no longer curled up. He had been blown away and was dropping like a stone.

While he was still unresponsive, the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s gigantic mouth brazenly swallowed him up.

Oh no!

Even a Title Douluo like Mu Ye was too late to save him now. How did this happen? This was wrong! This did not conform to Tang Wulin’s power at
all. Even if he was no match for the ten-thousand-year soul beast, he should not have been killed without giving even the slightest struggle. This was completely unexpected.

“Crack!” The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark was
extremely cunning. It did not swallow Tang Wulin whole but bit down at his waist.

With teeth as sharp as knives, it would only need to cut this fellow who was emitting the Deep Sea Devil Whale’s smell into two, and that would be the end of it.

Its gigantic mouth closed. Mu Ye who was flying down from the sky had already shut his eyes subconsciously while his heart filled with murderous intent. All he could do now was kill all of these Devilsoul Great White Sharks to avenge Tang Wulin.

“Aaah!” An agonizing scream echoed in the next moment.

Mu Ye who was already approaching the surface of the sea unwittingly opened his eyes, because that agonizing scream apparently did not come from Tang Wulin!

He opened his eyes just in time to witness Tang Wulin’s entire body shimmering with a mirror-like glow. The golden scales covering him sparkled brilliantly. At this moment, half of his body was already
swallowed by the shark. Moreover, it was his upper body. Only his legs were visible from outside.

However, the scream actually came out from the ten-thousand-year
Devilsoul Great White Shark’s mouth. Its huge maw had only closed for a moment before it suddenly reopened, and fresh blood immediately came
spurting out from its body.

Tang Wulin was not cut in half by those sharp teeth. He seized the opportunity to curl up his body when the shark opened its mouth and then positioned himself inside the creature.

Chapter 578 - Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring

Chapter 578: Ten Thousand Year Soul Ring

The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark dropped down from the sky and crashed loudly onto the ocean’s surface, making a great splash. Its humongous body twisted wildly. It wriggled continuously and produced countless waves. The violent energy wreaked havoc in the ocean. There
were three or four-thousand year sharks nearby who had their bodies ripped apart by the force. The other sharks kept their distance as they eyed their leader with uncertain eyes.

“Puuu!” The color of blood suddenly dyed the seawater red. A huge slit opened on the back of the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark. A black soul ring rose from its body as it gradually stopped struggling.

A ten-thousand-year soul ring!

Yes, a ten-thousand-year soul ring which had become a rarity in the world of Soul Masters. This also meant the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark was dead!

A figure creeped out from the shark’s back with some difficulty. It was covered in blood. The scales on his body flickered with a faint golden luster. He stood on the shark’s back and released a long howl at the heavens.

Mu Ye was flabbergasted. He had never expected things would turn out like this. He was not shooting aimlessly, but he had taken out a ten-thousand tear soul beast just like that! Moreover, he took out the king of the seas, the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark.

Naturally, it was impossible for Tang Wulin to stand up to a such a creature with his abilities. No matter which perspective one looked at, it was impossible. Tang Wulin himself had judged the situation from the beginning. Given the circumstances, he understood he did not stand much of a chance. If he
wanted to defeat the Devilsoul Great White Shark, there was only one way, and he would have only one opportunity.

He took the hit from the Devilsoul Great White Shark head on. Such a blow injured him gravely. Spitting out fresh blood was not an act he put on.
However, with the Golden Dragon Body and his right arm battle armor, he managed to dissipate much of the force from the attack. Even so, that was only the shark’s probing attack.

With his body in the air, he had been a meal in the eyes of the shark pack.
Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, the ten-thousand-year Great White Shark would never have allowed the other sharks to have such a tasty treat as he.

That was why it came rushing toward him with its jaw opened wide. Whether it was a swallow or a bite, it was within Tang Wulin’s plan.

He unleashed the Domineering Golden Dragon Body at the last moment.

In the ocean, the Domineering Golden Dragon Body was actually
weakened, because almost all the oceanic soul beasts’ attacks were long- range. The Domineering Golden Dragon Body could only unleash its greatest power during close-range situations.

That was why Tang Wulin had gambled. He was betting that the ten- thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark would come and eat him. The gamble paid off!

By giving the impression that he was weak, the shark saw him as an easy meal. The Domineering Golden Dragon Body also reacted as he had
expected it to. It bore the brunt of the shark’s terrifying bite.

The defensive capabilities of Tang Wulin’s body and the Golden Dragon Body were very strong. With his armor at the ready, his defensive abilities increased tremendously. Even the bite force of the ten-thousand-year
Devilsoul Great White Shark could not break his body in two with just one bite. Naturally, the Duskgold Dreadclaw held nothing back as it slashed at the shark’s throat. No matter how strong a living organism was, their insides were always the weakest parts of their bodies. The ten-thousand-year
Devilsoul Great White Shark was no exception, and the results were just as expected.

As he stood on the back of the shark, his bones screamed with pain as if all of them had dislocated. The instant that he was bitten, although the
Domineering Golden Dragon Body had taken the blow, Tang Wulin’s back still felt as if it had broken.

Anyway, what did it matter? He was the one that survived. He could not help but release a long howl toward the heavens. The bloodline within his body was boiling and flowing wildly as it healed his wounds.

Then Tang Wulin’s voice stopped abruptly in the next instant. The
Devilsoul Great White Shark pack had only stopped for a moment before they rushed toward him in a frenzy.


This was different from an ordinary situation, was it not? The leader of the soul beasts had been killed, so why did the others not run away? Could it be that they were unafraid of death?

Tang Wulin’s expression was slightly stiff. The scene before his eyes seemed to be somewhat different from what he planned.

The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark which posed the biggest threat to him had been killed. The other sharks should have been running away the instant they had the chance. This was a natural instinct! However, the natural instincts of the Devilsoul Great White Sharks were obviously not the same as what he had imagined.

What should he do?

His face looked slightly sluggish. As he faced the thousand year Devilsoul Great White Sharks, he was truly stunned. He seemed to have taken out the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark with ease, but after taking such a powerful blow followed by such
strenuous exertion, his stamina and soul power were greatly exhausted. His current strength was not even a third of his peak condition. Now he had to face an army of forty-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Sharks!

Could he endure it? Without a doubt, the answer would be no.

Mu Ye, who had flown back into the air revealed a smile as he gloated over Tang Wulin’s misfortune. He said to himself, “Silly brat, do you think this is on land? The Devilsoul Great White Sharks’ bloodlust is not something that should be taken lightly. In their eyes, all things are only food to increase their own strength, even if it’s one of their own. The carcass of a ten-thousand Devilsoul Great White Shark is a huge temptation for them.
How could they let go of such a treat? I’m afraid you’re unaware of this natural instinct of theirs.”

Tang Wulin truly did not know about this. He could not keep spacing out like this with the shark pack already nearing him.

Balls of white light shot toward him from all directions. There was no way he could hide from them.

Tang Wulin immediately reacted accordingly. He leaped and re-entered the back of the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark. Concurrently, he curled up his body.

“Boom!” Countless explosions sounded. The ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s carcass was completely torn to pieces. However, even if it was a carcass, it was still a being that had been cultivating for ten thousand years. Its defensive capabilities were still quite strong.

Tang Wulin dropped directly into the water, however, the force of impact he experienced was limited.

The large group of thousand year sharks rushed forward like a swarm of bees. However, he quickly noticed that not all of them were charging toward him. Quite a number of the sharks headed toward the shattered carcasses.

‘What the-? They’re eating their own leader!’ The usually gentle and polite Tang Wulin could not restrain himself from swearing in his heart. They truly were wild beasts!

Tang Wulin finally understood the special characteristics of the Devilsoul Great White Sharks. He was not shocked, but he was pleased. If that was the case, then what he had to face was not the entire pack of thousand year Devilsoul Great White Sharks.

He rapidly unleashed blades of Bluesilver Grass. They blasted downward and jettisoned him into the air. He could only survive if he stayed away from the area surrounding the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s carcass.

The Bluesilver Grass whipped the ocean’s surface as it led him on a run toward a faraway direction. At that moment, the seawater was already the color of blood. The Bluesilver Grass released by Tang Wulin was also
tainted with the fresh blood of the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark. The glittering and translucent blue color was overlaid with the color of blood. Under the glow of the moonlight, it had a peculiar sense of beauty to it.

A Devilsoul Great White Shark rushed upward from below as it chased after his body.

Tang Wulin lashed out with his right arm. A ball of dazzling silver light
shot out from his hand and twined around the Bluesilver Grass. With a loud blast, it landed a direct hit on the shark’s head. The immense force slammed it right back under the water’s surface. Tang Wulin pulled on the Bluesilver Grass and recalled his Spirit Refined Heavy Silver Hammer. At the same time, his body shivered. As he dropped toward the ocean, he tapped the
water’s surface with the tips of his toes. The vines whipped the ocean again and sent him flying. At that moment, a circle of strange-looking ripples suddenly rose from the ocean’s surface. Shortly after, dozens of water columns shot skyward.

When the ripple touched Tang Wulin, his body stiffened immediately. The blood within his body seemed to have rippled slightly with it. When his bloodline was affected, his body had naturally gone rigid. Even the scales released by the Golden Dragon Body were retracted.

Chapter 579 - A Martial Soul’s Evolution

Chapter 579: A Martial Soul’s Evolution

This was bad!

That was what had just crossed Tang Wulin’s mind had when an extremely powerful blast from a water column shot his body skyward.

The Devilsoul Great White Sharks were still the overlords of the oceans. That was not just a saying. What he had just experienced was the Devilsoul Wave which was released by thousands of the sharks at the same time.

When they hunt in the water, the Devilsoul Wave could instantly render their prey unable to retaliate. Then, they would be easy pickings for the sharks.

In truth, Tang Wulin had had a lucky escape. If the ten-thousand-year shark just now did not think that he was vulnerable after taking the blow from the first attack and simply shot him with a Devilsoul Wave like this, Tang Wulin would have already been brought to his knees.

Of course, if that had been the case, Mu Ye would definitely have had the time to come rescue him.

Tang Wulin spat out a mouthful of fresh blood after being struck. Though he was going through much pain to repress the damage he received from the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark, it had erupted once again.

His guts felt like they were on fire, but the wild surges of his blood essence could not be controlled. The fight for his life could not be avoided.

A thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark that was a few centimeters larger than the others was already waiting for him down below. When it saw that Tang Wulin was falling from the sky, It leaped upward suddenly, opening its jaw wide. At the same time a Devilsoul Wave headed toward Tang Wulin, the shark rushed forth to swallow him.

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth. He seized the brief window before the second Devilsoul Wave reached him. His Bluesilver Grass spiraled upward wildly, and a thick layer of vines completely enveloped him.

He could not utilize his bloodline. All he could rely on now was his own martial soul.

When the wave reached him, Tang Wulin’s body stiffened once more, but the Bluesilver Grass had formed a strong barrier around his body and transformed him into a big blue cocoon. Tang Wulin’s only hope now was that one bite would not be enough to kill him. As long as he had the chance to take a breath and regain control of his bloodline, he could survive this

“Puhhh!” The shark chomped down on the cocoon.

Its terrifying bite force brought with it an immense crushing strength. The outer layer of the Bluesilver Grass broke under the pressure. Every blade of the Bluesilver Grass flickered with a dazzling blue light. However, in
essence, they were still Bluesilver Grass. In the end, they could not truly guard against the sharp teeth of the Devilsoul Great White Shark.

Sharp teeth were a shark’s most terrifying weapon, and the Devilsoul Great White Sharks were no different.

Tang Wulin could clearly hear all of his bones cracking under the terrifying bite force. His surging bloodline had quieted down, as the shark’s bite was squeezing his body which resulted in his bloodline being blocked.

The immense pressure made Tang Wulin feel like his blood essence had rushed to his brain. His body flushed an abnormal red.

Surprisingly, the full strength bite of the thousand-year great white shark did not shatter the prey within its jaw. This infuriated it. It opened its huge jaws again and clamped down forcefully. This time, Tang Wulin could not bear it no matter what he did.

Mu Ye sighed. He was already beside the Devilsoul Great White Shark. He raised his right fist and swung it toward the shark’s head.

But right at that moment, he suddenly saw rays of dazzling blue and gold light shining from the Bluesilver Grass enveloping Tang Wulin’s body.

This young lad had a backup plan?

Mu Ye hesitated instantly. This was the final opportunity. As long as there was a chance, he would not interfere. If this ordeal were to end without any progress, it would signify that Tang Wulin could not truly be a member of the Body Sect, and he could not obtain their powers.

“Puhhh!” The Devilsoul Great White Shark closed its mouth.

However, it did not shatter all the Bluesilver Grass as it had expected to. The shining blue-gold light suddenly became extremely intense, lighting up the water’s surface.

The thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s body seemed to have gone stiff for a second. Shortly afterward, Mu Ye saw blades of Bluesilver Grass growing wildly from within the cocoon. They swiftly burrowed into the shark’s body and quickly shot outward. An unfathomable aura poured from the cocoon.

This was an extremely rich life force. Even in this ocean, it was so substantial that it seemed to be manifesting physically.

The blades of Bluesilver Grass tunneled into the ocean and the seawater rippled. The color of blood in the water quickly faded away, and it regained its clear appearance. The blue-gold glow released from the Bluesilver Grass even made the ocean shine brilliantly.

The cocoon broke free of the thousand-year Devilsoul Great White Shark’s enormous jaw. The shark was pushed mercilessly by the blades of
Bluesilver Grass until it flew away, though it was not badly injured. From being horizontal, the blue-gold cocoon raised itself upright. Circles of Bluesilver Grass glowing blue expanded outward.

The reason was unclear, but amidst this wave of rich life force and the still- expanding circles glowing blue and gold, the frenzied Devilsoul Great
White Sharks had all calmed down. They were no longer wild, nor did they lust for blood. All of them raised their heads and looked at the cocoon as it slowly rose and released more and more blue-gold vines.

Success! Mu Ye was overjoyed. For such a strange phenomenon to occur on a three-ringed Soul Elder, it could only have meant one thing, and it was that his martial soul would be awakened for the second time. In the face of a life and death crisis on the forty-ninth day of hardening himself, he was finally about to awaken.

Even with Mu Ye’s cultivation base and experience, his heartbeat was still accelerating. Awakening on the forty-ninth day? What could this mean? It meant that the bloodline concealed within his body was extremely powerful, so powerful that it was difficult to even imagine.

What was it? What could it really be?

The blue and gold glow of the expanding Bluesilver Grass vines brightened. The blue color was the original hue of the Bluesilver Grass, whereas the golden color was the leaf veins which were inside it. The glow intensified
as the light from the veins grew stronger.

These Bluesilver Grass vines increased in girth at a noticeable pace, and the leaf veins inside them appeared more clearly. An unusual change started to happen. Among the leaf veins, golden patterns gathered in the center, and within their dazzling glow, an extraordinary transformation was taking place.

The surface of the Bluesilver Grass vines seemed to have blossomed. Chunks of clear blue scales rose from their surfaces. The shapes of the scales were perfect diamonds. What could be the second martial soul’s awakening that was hidden in the Bluesilver Grass? Was it the legendary Bluesilver Emperor?

Mu Ye’s breathing started to become slightly ragged. In all of human history, there was only one record of a martial soul awakening from
Bluesilver Grass to Bluesilver Emperor. However, that single occurrence had survived in the Douluo Continent’s memories for twenty thousand years.

This was because that person was the one who had once led the human Soul Masters to rebel against the Martial Soul Hall. That proud son of heaven
who eventually defeated the Matriarch of the Martial Soul Hall who had already turned into a deity, Bi Bidong, the leader of the Shrek Seven
Monsters, Tang Sect’s founder, and the person who was known as the greatest Soul Master in the world of man, Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San.

Back then, he had a twin martial soul, and the main martial soul was the Bluesilver Grass. Then, with the improvement of his cultivation base, his martial soul eventually awakened for the second time and turned into the Bluesilver Emperor, which laid a solid foundation for him to finally turn into a god.

If Tang Wulin’s martial soul also awakened to Bluesilver Emperor, what would it look like?

At this moment, hot blood boiled within Mu Ye’s heart.

Given that it had not made an appearance in twenty thousand years, nobody knew just how powerful the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul would be or
what special characteristics it would have.

Now, the bearer was his own disciple. This was a glory that belonged to the Body Sect.

It must be known that when the undefeatable Tang San roamed on the Continent, the Body Sect had not even been founded yet. The Bluesilver Grass was undergoing even greater changes, and the glow
around it also grew in intensity. The cocoon opened up slowly and exposed Tang Wulin inside it.

He was bare-chested as he hung in midair. His eyes were shut tight, and a bluish golden color appeared on his body. His whole body now looked like a part of the Bluesilver Grass. Behind him, an exceptionally large blade of Bluesilver Grass was slowly blooming. Its tip opened up slowly, looking just like a giant tulip.

A light of blue and gold descended from the sky. The vines slowly turned as thick as a human arm and the scales slowly solidified. The three purple soul rings on Tang Wulin’s body sparkled. Under the shine of the blue-gold light, the color spread throughout his body.

The leaf veins within the vines finally and progressively completed their combination. It looked surprisingly like bones and resembled a spine.

Blue vines, a golden spine, and blue-gold scales. This was the brand-new Bluesilver Grass, or to use the new name, Bluesilver Emperor!

A faint golden glow started to appear on Tang Wulin’s skin, slowly turning brighter. Scales started to emerge, and the strength of his aura was increasing.

An invisible suction force came forth from his body. Nearby, the black soul ring which had made its appearance moments ago suddenly shot toward him at lightning speed.

Soul ring fusion?

Had his cultivation base exceeded rank-40? In the process of his martial
soul’s second awakening, Tang Wulin’s soul power finally broke through its limits and entered the realm of rank-40.

Chapter 580 - Spirit Soul — Overlord Dragon

Chapter 580: Spirit Soul — Overlord Dragon

He had brought Mu Ye too many surprises. Although Mu Ye was not sure if it was truly suitable for Tang Wulin to absorb the ten-thousand-year
Devilsoul Great White Shark, naturally he would not stop the process. That was a ten-thousand-year soul ring, not a ten-thousand-year spirit soul. The fusion of soul rings would not affect a Soul Master’s spiritual power. Was it not difficult for one to obtain a ten-thousand-year soul ring? Furthermore, this was something that he had killed himself and his body had absorbed it of its own accord. It should be beneficial to his body.

As he looked on, the black soul ring was already above Tang Wulin’s head after shooting forth from afar and was descending gradually.

Now that he had undergone his martial soul’s second awakening, Mu Ye was not worried in the least that Tang Wulin could not absorb this ten-
thousand-year soul ring. His body’s strength was enduring, and his spiritual power was at least at the rank of Spirit Sea or it would have been impossible for him to undergo so many days of vigorous cultivation.

It was a whole forty-nine days! Even for him, under the devil’s training of the Body Sect’s previous sect master, he had completed the second
awakening of his martial soul on the twenty-eighth day. It was said that under the devil’s training which stimulated one’s potential, the longer it went on, the amount of pain would increase, and it would be more terrifying.

However, Tang Wulin had stoutly persevered for forty-nine days. Other than his great potential, his extremely indomitable willpower was also the reason he was able to do it. Otherwise, he would have collapsed early on.

What shocked Mu Ye throughout the training process was that although this child was in such pain, so much pain that he would have wished to die, as long as there was something to eat once he woke up, he would display a contented expression after he had his fill. How powerful a heart he must have! He would try again on the second day. The more he was put down, the more valiantly he fought.

Under normal circumstances, a person should have been progressively dejected after being trained this gruelingly. However, although he was not quite used to it during the first two days, after that he even seemed to be
enjoying the entire ordeal. He did not feel any burden from all this. His body’s regenerative abilities were also very strong, so he must have been supported by those heaven and earth treasures-type food. However, the
premise was that he must be able to digest them first! In terms of eating, he was truly the most formidable person Mu Ye had ever seen.

It should not have been a problem for him to absorb the ten-thousand-year soul ring with his body’s qualities and spiritual will. That was something obvious. It was definitely something great to have a ten-thousand-year soul ring as a fourth soul ring as it would lay a firm foundation for his upcoming improvements. The strength of the ten-thousand-year Devilsoul Great
White Shark’s body was also sufficient. The only thing he was unsure of was the compatibility with his martial soul.

As Mu Ye observed, the black soul ring had already come down from above Tang Wulin’s head and was about to merge with him.

Suddenly, an unexpected change occurred.

A deep roar suddenly came from Tang Wulin’s body. That was definitely not his own voice. Then, a ball of light formed on top of his head and
surprisingly blocked the descending black soul ring. ‘What was that?’
Mu Ye shifted his gaze toward it. He saw with a shock that a small illusory image had appeared on Tang Wulin’s head. A head that was proportionally larger, thick and powerful legs, a pair of sharp claws, and a long tail. No matter how one looked at it, it appeared to be the Overlord Dragon, the primordial creature which only existed in legends!

Mu Ye had known for quite some time now that Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul was useless, but under his gradual nurturing and improving, he had named it Goldsong.

‘But what was this small and exquisite Overlord Dragon?’

Then, something that shocked him even more occurred. The image of the Overlord Dragon lifted its head and opened its mouth wide. It leaped upward and swallowed the black soul ring in one swift movement.

‘Did it eat a soul ring? What was this?’ Even with Mu Ye’s vast experience, he had never witnessed something like this before!

The little Overlord Dragon smacked its lips, and then it released a roar skyward. It leaped up above Tang Wulin’s head. As Mu Ye’s stared at it
with his mouth agape it increased in size. In an instant, it had turned into a giant shadow about sixty meters high. Its imposing and terrifying manner exploded abruptly. The pressure was so intense that the distant Devilsoul
Great White Sharks fled into the depths of the ocean, for they dared not get close to him even by half a centimeter.

Rays of dark golden haze came out from the body of the Overlord Dragon like threads. They then tunneled into Tang Wulin’s body from all directions.

The haze first swirled around the blades of Bluesilver Grass, then, it slowly crept upward along the Grass until it finally reached Tang Wulin’s body.

“Roaarrrrr!” Another furious howl that dashed to the skies was heard. The voice of the Overlord Dragon was obviously filled with excitement.


Mu Ye was astounded. He had never expected something like this to happen. ‘Where did this illusory Overlord Dragon shadow come from?’ It looked somewhat like a spirit soul, but he had never heard of a stored spirit soul on someone’s body that could be absorbed only when the person achieved a breakthrough!

The huge Overlord Dragon’s figure gradually shrunk. Tang Wulin’s bright blue Bluesilver Emperor vines had slowly taken on a darker hue and the bright blue had turned to a royal blue. Its color and luster became a deeper shade, and the vein network which looked like a spine within it had also
silently turned a dark golden color. It now appeared stronger than before.

The Overlord Dragon spirit soul. It was truly the Overlord Dragon spirit soul! A weak martial soul such as the Bluesilver Grass fusing with the
Overlord Dragon spirit soul was not a situation which anybody would have ever imagined!

No, the martial soul of the current Tang Wulin was not the Bluesilver Grass any longer, it was now the Bluesilver Emperor. He reckoned that only the
Bluesilver Emperor was able to endure such a powerful spirit soul. The only thing unknown to him was what the first soul skill this Overlord Dragon
spirit soul would give to Tang Wulin’s Blue Emperor martial soul would be.

That was a pity. Did he not have bloodline soul skills as well? It would have been incredible if the Overlord Dragon had merged into his bloodline. That was a being that could be on par with an actual dragon! It was the unyielding spirit soul of the legends. Why did the unyielding one choose him? Mu Ye was more happy than shocked. He was even more convinced that his disregarding of his status and accepting Tang Wulin as a disciple no matter the cost was the correct choice.

The black soul ring slowly rose from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet. With that, his imposing manner rose once more. After going through so much, he finally became the final member of his team to reach the rank of a four- ringed Soul Ancestor.

His aura intensified, and the Bluesilver Emperor vines slapped the water’s surface gently. The vines which had attained the girth of a human’s arm gradually increased in thickness after fusing with the fourth soul ring. In no time, they were already as thick as thighs. The bulking up of his martial soul was undoubtedly the sign of his own improvement. Bluesilver Emperor and the Overlord Dragon, these would have originally been incompatible. However, under the neutralizing influence of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline, they had fused into one.

Mu Ye gasped inwardly in his heart. From this moment on, he reckoned that nobody would ever call Tang Wulin’s martial soul weak anymore. It seemed like his fourth soul ring had the ability to greatly enhance his own martial

The rays of light gradually faded. Tang Wulin opened his eyes slowly, and the instant he did, a look as cold as ice flashed across them.

Because Mu Ye had been keeping a close eye on him, he realized with shock that when Tang Wulin opened his eyes, his eyes had vertical slit pupils that gleamed coldly and were full of bloodlust. However, this
condition of his had only lasted for a brief moment before he returned to normal. His eyes slowly turned clear and bright.

That must have been a special change brought about by the fusing with the Overlord Dragon spirit soul. It was fine as long as he had recovered.

Tang Wulin could always tell what changes had occurred to his body.
Currently, he only felt that he was filled with an unprecedented feeling of strength. This was especially true for his Bluesilver Grass. They were no longer the weak blades of grass and vines. Every blade of Bluesilver Grass was like an extension of his body, and they now possessed the same powerful strength he had.

He finally understood where the Overlord Dragon which had disappeared that day went. Surprisingly, it had turned into a spirit soul and hidden within his body. It fused with his body of its own accord only after he had broken through to the rank of four rings.
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