The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 561-570

Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Board the Ship

“Hello, Elder Cai.” The federation’s secretary Zhang Panwen personally came before Elder Cai to pay his respects.

Panwen was middle-aged and of medium build. He was a slightly balding man, who appeared to be over fifty years of age. There was nothing special about his looks. In fact, they were quite ordinary. However, he was reputed to be a rising star in the federal administration. He was alleged to be running for the next presidency.

“Hello, Chief Secretary Pan,” Elder Cai greeted him flatly. Shrek Academy had never been on the best of terms with the federation.

Zhang Panwen chuckled and spoke, “Elder Cai, it goes like this. We’ve arranged for your respected academy to be on the Star Luo Continent’s ocean liner S.S. Star Luo for the purpose of the exchange between both parties. They’re in this program too. They wish to trade skills and learn from all of you during our long journey to Star Luo Continent.”

Elder Cai’s reply immediately made Tang Wulin feel energized.

“Oh, so it’s the academy that wishes to begin the exchange program with our academy despite our own wishes!”

The atmosphere turned a little quiet when those words were spoken.

Panwen proved himself to be a politician. He reacted to the situation swiftly as he laughed aloud. “You’re right! Your respected academy didn’t make
arrangements for that as the timing wasn’t suitable. So this is just the right time to exchange experience on the boat, right?” “Hmm.” Fortunately, Elder Cai did not speak anymore. Instead, she simply nodded.

Panwei continued. “Alright, Elder Cai. This way, please. I’ll bring you and your Shrek Academy’s top students to the location.”

The federation’s secretary personally came to lead the way. He had already shown all the respect he could.

Frankly, Panwen was feeling frustrated at heart. He understood Shrek
Academy’s status on the continent better than anyone else. The academy had always been the biggest problem for the federation. The greatest desire held by previous generations of the federation was to take control of Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda. Of course, that was just a wishful thinking.

These two organizations had a decisive status on the continent. More importantly, both of them were home to the continent’s most powerful forces.

The Spirit Pagoda was easier to manage since they would cooperate
smoothly, driven by mutual interest. However, the Shrek Academy was akin to the hardest reef in the ocean, refusing to budge no matter how the wind or rain crashed into it.

The federation only tolerated Shrek Academy as it housed the most powerful in the continent. Of course, it was also because Shrek Academy did not have any wild ambitions. The Academy had never expressed any desires to expand its influence. The students were akin to flowing waters, and they had no intention of accumulating their forces. This was why the federation allowed for the Academy’s autonomy.

Under Panwen’s personal guidance, the Shrek Academy’s group boarded the ship in succession.

The ship had a specialized escalator that was powered by soul technology. It was steady yet a little too slow. Tang Wulin had only taken a moment’s glance before seeing that there was a line of people dressed neatly standing a short distance from them. They were in the process of boarding the ship.

All were dressed in white school uniforms, and their average age was around seventeen to eighteen years old. They pointed and discussed
something unknown when they noticed the presence of Shrek Academy’s group dressed in their own green school uniforms.

“So those are the students from Royal Star Luo Academy?” Xie Xie asked softly.

Yue Zhengyu fiddled with his long, thin finger. “Who cares where they are from? I will ruin them if they dare to cause trouble.”

Xie Xie darted him a look. “I don’t believe you. You can try to ruin them if you can. I doubt that you’re capable of doing so.”

“Are you looking for trouble again?” Yuanen Yehui glared at Xie Xie.

Yue Zhengyu was pleased with himself. “You see that? Our class monitor is still on my side. Don’t blame the class monitor for treating you harshly if you go looking for trouble!”

Yuanen Yehui glared at him “What he said earlier was right. One look at you and I can tell that you’re no good.”


This time it was Xie Xie’s turn to laugh aloud. He looked at Yue Zhengyu with a self-congratulatory expression.

Xu Lizhi, who was standing at the back, was also laughing foolishly. Ye Xinglan darted them a look. “These two must be getting uncomfortable from all the boredom.”

It was actually true not only for Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie but even Ye Xinglan, Xu Xiaoyan and the rest. All were feeling restless from the monotony. For them, being occupied had truly become a habit.

During their normal routine, they were used to being busy with their studies and cultivation in the academy. There was nothing much for them to do
after they came out other than training by themselves. This was in fact quite boring.

It was inconvenient for Ye Xinglan to forge her battle armor without a
stable location. Moreover, she could clearly tell that although she was still capable of forging some parts of the one-word battle armor, and her success rate was already very high, it was still out of her reach to forge the most
complicated core components. To progress, she needed to advance to a rank six craftsman. However, she was still rather far away from that, judging by the current situation.

She had already discussed this with Tang Wulin yesterday. She would start forging battle armor for her companions after her set of battle armor was fully completed save for the core component. She would finish her armor when the time was right.

They boarded the large ship. Everything seemed so small when they turned around and looked at the shore.

There were already workers approaching them. These were not workers from the Douluo Continent but from the Star Luo Continent.

Naturally, the arrangements of their lodgings had already been taken care of. The ship’s carrying capacity was large enough for everyone to board together without any problems.

There was enough space to keep both rival groups separated into two sides.

Soon, everyone received the keys to their cabins. Each of them was given their own room due to the abundant space while Elder Cai left by herself. Her living quarters were different from everybody else as it was on the highest level of the ship. Panwen personally led her to her room. “Shrek Academy’s school uniform is truly hideous. How can all of you stand to wear it!” an eccentric voice echoed at this moment.

Shrek Academy’s group turned around and found themselves greeted by the few Royal Star Luo Academy’s students whom they had seen earlier.

There was a total of twelve students who appeared to be of similar age. The eight boys and four girls moved forward.

The person speaking was a short boy. He was not lean, but he appeared to be exceedingly strong and bulky.

Yue Zhengyu suddenly turned his head as if he was looking for something and then muttered to himself, “Who’s talking? Is anyone there?”

The Royal Star Luo Academy’s student was short, but not so much that he could not be seen! Yue Zhengyu’s words immediately infuriated the crowd.

“Boy, what did you say?” The short student was the first one to take the bait. He took a big stride and sprinted forth as he slammed his chest into Yue Zhengyu.

Yue Zhengyu did not run or dodge. “Oh, turns out you’re here. I’m truly sorry. My cervical vertebra isn’t functioning well, so I’m not used to
lowering my head to look at someone. However, your height, heh-heh, must be a little problematic, right?”

“Bang!” The two parties’ chests slammed against one another, the short youth having to jump up to ram into Yue Zhengyu. Yue Zhengyu stood his ground, not moving an inch, while the diminutive student felt as if he had crashed into an iron sheet. His body dropped down as he took two steps back.

It was clear to see that their power levels were different.

“Is this how the Star Luo Continent’s people bond with others? This is so
strange! Is it the same with your girls too?” Yue Zhengyu peered at the four Royal Star Luo Academy’s female students curiously as he said this. Tang Wulin had already covered his face as he stood behind them. He
calmly said, “We aren’t acquainted with him. Do as you please.” He then turned around and walked away. Yue Zhengyu was truly too eager to get into trouble.

With Tang Wulin leaving, Gu Yue naturally turned to go with him without any hesitation. Xie Xie was the last person to turn around and back away. He gave Yue Zhengyu a pat on the shoulder, saying, “Self-help is better than help from others.”

Chapter 562

Chapter 562: The Departure

“Is this how you treat your fellow man?” Yue Zhengyu turned pale with fear. Conceited though he was, he would not single-handedly fight against twelve people.

Together, the twelve students from the Royal Star Luo Academy moved forward with unkind expressions on their faces.

“Hold on!” Yue Zhengyu shouted with his hands outstretched.

“How’s this? I’m going to jump down from here, and we can call it even. Pretend that I never said anything.” A wise man would not fight when the odds were against him. Yue Zhengyu moved in a flash as he scurried off the deck before the other party could react.

The deck was over seventy meters above sea level. At that height, an ordinary man would doubtlessly have died from the jump even if he had landed in the sea below the ship!

The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students were stunned as they leaned over the railing and saw Yue Zhengyu freefalling. Just as he was about to hit the water’s surface, a stream of golden light beamed out from his back and transformed into a pair of exquisite wings with pure white feathers. With one flap they stopped him from falling, and then he glided in the other direction.


The Royal Star Luo Academy’s students hardly had time to react to the
situation. In any case, it was already too late. The other party was capable of flight, and he was too fast for them. The four purple soul rings on his body were incredibly dazzling. “Thump! Traitor!” “Thump! Traitor!”
Yue Zhengyu walked along the hallway between the cabins in a rage. Every time he passed by a room he would give one bang at the door. He could vaguely recall that his companions were all staying in these few cabins.

One of the cabin doors suddenly opened, revealing an icy yet handsome face.

“Who are you calling a traitor?” Wu Zhangkong looked at him coldly.

“Uh… I’m calling myself– I’m calling myself that!” Yue Zhengyu ran away hastily.

Tang Wulin happened to walk out of the next cabin at that moment. He could not help laughing when he saw Yue Zhengyu dashing back to his room. This fellow was usually considered rather well-behaved in the
academy, yet having escaped the academy walls it seemed as though he would be uncomfortable if he did not torment someone every day!

The cabin which the Star Luo Continent arranged for them was rather impressive. The room was forty square meters in size and there was an en- suite washroom for showering. Each came with a balcony, so one could see the world outside and enjoy the sea breeze. It was all rather comfortable.

Tang Wulin, who was extremely reluctant to participate in this exchange program initially, felt the anticipation in his heart after he boarded the ship. His constantly tense emotions could finally relax.

It was high noon. With three sounds of the steam whistle, the two oceangoing liners slowly sailed out of the port and gradually accelerated toward the open ocean.

The ocean liner was like a monster in the sea. It cut through the wind and waves as it moved forward steadily. He stood on the balcony and could not feel any swaying at all. Bright
sunlight scattered over his entire body as the sea breeze blew against him. It was a joy to behold.

“Hey!” Just then a voice called out from beside him. Tang Wulin turned and saw Gu Yue was on her balcony too since who knows when.

Gu Yue was staying in the room next to his, so the distance between the two balconies was less than two meters. Both of them gazed at each other and

“I suddenly feel like it’s the right choice to come out this time. Even though I grew up by the seaside, I never went this far out to sea,” Tang Wulin
announced to Gu Yue.

“Me too.” Gu Yue smiled gently.

The sea surged forward with great momentum. Soon, there was only a black line where the land used to be, while waves surrounded them everywhere
else. The sea water was so crystal clear he could see some of the larger fish swimming past occasionally.

“Wulin…” Gu Yue suddenly called out.

“Hmm?” Tang Wulin looked toward her curiously.

“Nothing.” Gu Yue chuckled and shook her head. “I’m going to sleep in my room.” With that, she went back inside.

Tang Wulin was feeling a little confused, but he departed from the balcony as well. Even though he was relaxed, he still needed to train! How else was he going to reach rank-40?

The stress of it stayed with him the whole time. He returned to the room and started meditating.

Gu Yue sat on her bed and looked out to the sea outside the window. Her charming eyes appeared slightly dazed as she muttered to herself, “He’s a really good person. Na’er, perhaps you’re right. Even so, I’ll never allow the two of you to be together.”

She took a deep breath as determination flashed past her eyes.

The liner moved steadily. There was a distance of a few thousand meters between the two ships. One could still see the other ship clearly given its size and there was nothing to block the view. It felt as if the ships were keeping close to be able to aid each other in an emergency.

The sky gradually turned dark. It felt different watching the afterglow of the setting sun on the sea.

“Attention! Attention!” The sound of a broadcast suddenly echoed in every cabin room.

“Greetings to all passengers aboard the S.S. Star Luo ocean liner. Tonight, we’re hosting a grand banquet to welcome everyone. Please dress formally for the occasion. This is a social event to promote the long-lasting friendship between the two continents. Additionally, we’re going to hold
some exciting games. Please join us.”

‘A social event?’ Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation, perhaps because his body and mind were relaxed. He had the sense that he had
arrived at the bottleneck from rank-38 to rank-39. His effort would not be wasted since when he finally broke through to rank-39, with one more step he would advance to rank-40.

Rank-40! He would become a rank six blacksmith by then.

His heart started to burn hot as soon as he thought about forging. He had learned that there were special forging rooms for rent on the ship since
earlier. Of course, they charged for the room.

‘But we need to dress formally for the party in the evening? Do I have anything formal? Of course, the answer is no.’ Other than his school uniform, he didn’t seem to have any other clothes. “Thump! Thump!” The sound of someone knocking on the door echoed.

Tang Wulin walked over to open the door and found Gu Yue standing outside his room.

“Did you hear the broadcast?”

“Hmm. It’s a social event, I wonder if there’s anything nice to eat,” Tang Wulin spoke excitedly.

Gu Yue spoke in an unpleasant tone, “The only thing you know is eating.” Tang Wulin shrugged. “What else can I do other than eat?”
Gu Yue answered, “We’re to dress formally for the event. I bet you don’t have anything formal, do you?”

Tang Wulin asked, “Shrek Academy’s school uniform isn’t considered formal?”

Gu Yue scoffed. “I knew you didn’t have anything. Here you go.” As she was saying that, there was a bright flash in her hand as a set of clothes
appeared on her arms. She passed everything to Tang Wulin. “This is a…”
Gu Yue smiled. “A suit!”

Tang Wulin could clearly feel the silky texture of the fabric when he received the clothes in his hands. There were many pieces, and they did not appear to be ordinary clothes.

“Where did you get this?” Tang Wulin stared at Gu Yue in bewilderment.

Gu Yue answered in an indifferent tone, “I bought it of course. I hired
someone to tailor this for you. I figured that there would be such events, so I made a few sets for you.”

Tang Wulin looked at her in a daze. ‘She made me clothes?’ Gu Yue’s charming face blushed as she raised her haughty little head. “So that you won’t embarrass me! Remember to change into it later.” Upon
saying that she turned around and left.

Tang Wulin had only gradually reacted to the situation when he returned to his room and placed the clothes on the head of his bed.

The rims of his eyes felt slightly warm all of a sudden.

How many years ago was it since he last received clothes like this?

“Wulin, Mommy made you some new clothes for the new year. See, doesn’t the little brown suit look good?”

“Oh no, my son is the most handsome man. You look good, so good.
Mommy will be making a new set for you every year after this. You can take all the suits when you’re all grown up and going to get married, so you can bear witness to the process of your growth.

Mother had left. Father had left. Mother’s wish was unfulfilled in the end. The few sets of suits from when he was young were still in his house at the Eastsea City.

‘She made me clothes! She made me clothes…’

Perhaps Gu Yue was only trying to make him a set of clothes, but it held a significant meaning to Tang Wulin.

He thought about his mother and his home. His heart felt all warm and fuzzy, as though the feeling of having a home had returned.

Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Suiting Up

Although she was usually cold, she truly did many, many things for him. “Gu Yue, thank you,” Tang Wulin mumbled softly.
Everyone heard his words being broadcast through the speakers.

Yue Zhengyu was feeling pleased with himself inside his room. He was fiddling with his clothes. He had brought quite a number of clothes in his
spatial storage unit. The amount he brought clearly exceeded the capacity of his wardrobe.

“That’s it. You’ll be the center of attention for sure!” Yue Zhengyu’s eyes brightened. He took out a suit and placed it on the bed.

It was a pure white suit with faint gold-colored stripes on the collar, that was the crest of the Holy Angel Clan. A white suit, white trousers, white
girdle, white shirt, white bowtie, and a pair of white leather shoes. His attire was completely white with the sole exception of the faint gold stripes on his suit’s collar, which was the finishing touch.

The suit was made by the hands of a master. The golden clan crest matched his long, blond hair.

“I’m certain that I’ll be the most dashing guy out there tonight,” Yue Zhengyu said with a smug look on his face.

He changed into the suit and stood in front of the mirror. He stared at his own reflection with besotted eyes and mumbled to himself, “To think that a person can be this handsome, so handsome that I have the urge to rape myself! I’m too handsome.” He adjusted his bow tie and took out a clean pocket square with a golden pattern and placed it into the pocket of his suit. Yue Zhengyu opened the cabin door and walked out with satisfaction.

Coincidentally, the cabin door opposite him opened at the same time as Xu Xiaoyan walked out from within.

Upon seeing each other, the two of them were both stunned.

Xu Xiaoyan almost felt herself swoon when she saw Yue Zhengyu in his white suit and meticulously tidied hair. Yue Zhengyu could certainly be regarded as tall and handsome. He had a slender figure and was about the
same height as Tang Wulin, though a little skinnier. Currently, his white suit made him look tall and straight, slender and with a hint of nobility. His bad boy grin even made Xu Xiaoyan’s heart flutter.

Yue Zhengyu was also taken aback when he saw Xu Xiaoyan. Today Xu
Xiaoyan wore a gown. A short gown to be precise. What happened to be in perfect harmony with his attire without prior consultation was that Xu
Xiaoyan’s knee-length dress was also white. The upper part of her garment exposed her shoulders in a simple evening dress fashion, while the lower part was a pleated skirt. Her white dress was decorated with golden stars.

Generally speaking, when soul masters had their outfits tailored, they liked to include elements related to their own martial souls. Yue Zhengyu did that, and so did Xu Xiaoyan.

However, standing in front of each other, they realized with shock that their dresses complemented each other perfectly. Their outfits even looked like a couple’s attire.

“You look beautiful today.” Yue Zhengyu offered his praise sincerely. Xu Xiaoyan’s pretty face turned pink. “Thanks.”
“Yes? Who’s calling for me?” From another door, Xie Xie jumped out. Completely opposite to Yue Zhengyu, this fellow wore a black suit, white shirt, and a black bowtie, the most traditional formal dress.

Xie Xie was almost as handsome as Yue Zhengyu, and he was only slightly shorter. He had a naturally cold appearance, just like when Tang Wulin had first met him.

He was wearing a suit now, and he had the air of a jade tree in the wind.

The door opposite Xie Xie’s opened and out walked Yuanen Yehui. She was still in her male form. She wore red trousers and a black shirt. Although her male form was not too attractive, Yuanen Yehui had a slender build. The black shirt and red trousers displayed her figure, making her look tall and
straight. With the addition of the common knowledge that she was the owner of the Fallen Angel martial soul, she practically sparkled before everyone.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled and said, “Yuanen, if you were holding a rose in your mouth, I would have fallen in love with you.”

Yuanen looked at her, then she looked at Yue Zhengyu, “Since when did the two of you get together?”

“Huh? We didn’t.” Xu Xiaoyan’s pretty face flushed red with embarrassment. She turned and fled.

Yue Zhengyu darted an angry glance at Xie Xie and puffed out his chest,
“Xie Xie, who knew that you’d look this handsome if you dressed up a bit.” Xie Xie replied smugly, “But of course.”
Yue Zhengyu sighed softly. “It’s just that you don’t have the noble quality that I have.” After speaking, he too turned and left.

“What the hell? What do you mean? Don’t you run away!” Xie Xie was
enraged. That guy had said this in front of Yuanen Yehui! He ran after him.

Yuanen Yehui shook her head with slight helplessness. She followed them as well. At the same time, she thought, ‘A rose? I like them too, I suppose. Especially red roses.’

They had barely taken the first step when the doors of Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan opened at practically the same time. The two of them looked at each other and both were astonished.

Xu Lizhi did not change his attire. He still wore his dark green garment
which exposed his belly. He had a foolish grin on his face. Ye Xinglan had changed into a dark green dress. She looked somewhat conservative, but
she was still stunningly beautiful with her icy demeanor and remarkable looks.

“Sister Xinglan, you’re so beautiful,” Xu Lizhi stared at her and even gulped subconsciously. His chubby cheeks bobbled up and down.

“Why didn’t you change your clothes?” Ye Xinglan asked.

“Me? I don’t have anything else!” Xu Lizhi scratched his head. “Maybe I shouldn’t go.”

“It’s alright. Just go. Wait a minute for me.” As she said this, Ye Xinglan closed her door again as she returned to her cabin.

Xu Lizhi stared blankly at the space as he stood there. He chuckled as he made fun of himself. “With my body, I won’t look good no matter what I wear.”

He had not waited for long before Ye Xinglan’s door opened again. When Xu Lizhi laid eyes on her once more, he could not keep them from bulging. “Sister Xinglan, you…”

Ye Xinglan was still the same, but she had changed her clothes. She was wearing Shrek Academy’s uniform.

“Let’s go,” Ye Xinglan stepped forward and pinched his chubby cheek lovingly. She patted his broad shoulder and started walking out.

Xu Lizhi gulped once more and hastily caught up to her. “Sister Xinglan, I’m sorry. I…” “What are you apologizing for? It’s not like you wanted to be this chubby. It was decided by your martial soul. Besides, chubby is cute! You have to be a man with the qualities of a bear. When you lie down, you have that silly
cuteness about you. When you’re hugged, you warm the person hugging you, and when you’re leaned against, you’re like a cushion. When people are tortured by cold and hunger during winter, and when the ammunition and food supplies run out, you can even sacrifice yourself to serve as
emergency rations. However, when you’re in danger, you’ll stand up and turn into the fiercest soul beast in the world. How great a sense of security is that!”

“Oh, then I’ll just be your bear. Sister Xinglan, do you like white bears or black bears? Or maybe brown bears?”

“I like silly bears.”

“I-I’m plenty silly! Hehe.”

The banquet hall of the S.S. Star Luo was on the second floor. The spacious hall could accommodate up to a thousand guests at once. Currently, it was
already packed.

Because this was a friendly exchange, all the tables and chairs were removed. Only tall cocktail tables were arranged in the hall with some finger food and drinks served on them.

It was undeniable that Star Luo Empire and Douluo Federation had given much thought to this event. Both parties had the intentions of building a closer relationship. The interior of the hall was decorated with articles of gold and jade. The diplomatic corps members entered in their splendid
attire. The hall livened up quickly.

The alcoholic beverage served in the banquet hall was sparkling wine.
Sparkling wine was the best beverage to make people happy because the
carbon dioxide in the wine could deliver the alcohol to various parts of the human body in the shortest time possible. That was why sparkling wine was also known as the most delightful wine. Yue Zhengyu was the first from Shrek Academy to arrive in the banquet hall. As he approached the door, he immediately puffed out his chest. He wore a faint smile on his face showing four clean white teeth and walked slowly into the banquet hall.

Chapter 564

Chapter 564: The Banquet Begins

His attire and handsome appearance turned many heads. However, the
attention was fleeting. After all, there were many attending the banquet in splendid costumes. Although Yue Zhengyu was good-looking, he was only sixteen. He still lacked the mature temperament of an adult.

“Yue Zhengyu, don’t you dare run away from me! You’d better explain yourself.” Xie Xie followed Yue Zhengyu into the banquet hall. He was a little loud and drew even more onlookers than Yue Zhengyu.

Yue Zhengyu turned around and looked at him with a smile. “What do you want me to say, sweetheart?”

Xie Xie had initially been filled with boiling anger, but he got goosebumps all over his body when he heard Yue Zhengyu’s “sweetheart”. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been splashed on him. The fire of his rage was put out instantly.

“I don’t know you.” Xie Xie turned away from him. He grabbed a drink and faced the other direction.

Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan walked into the banquet hall successively. When Xie Xie saw Yuanen, he seemed to have clutched onto a life-saving straw. He walked quickly toward her. “Yuanen, Yue Zhengyu is harassing me. How can he behave like this?”

Yuanen Yehui said drily, “Don’t come to me with matters that are between the two of you. They have nothing to do with me.”

Xu Xiaoyan broke into laughter, and she cheered softly. “Get together, get together!” Xie Xie’s face was never thinner than Yue Zhengyu’s. When he heard this, he immediately turned toward Yuanen Yehui and said shyly, “You see, even Xiaoyan is encouraging us to be a couple.”

“Scram!” Yuanen Yehui rolled her eyes at him and walked straight into the hall.

Xie Xie flashed a hand-sign at Yue Zhengyu. Yue Zhengyu was unwilling to show weakness and replied with a flirtatious smile. That irked Xie Xie to the point of losing his cool and he ran quickly after Yuanen Yehui.

Following that, Yue Zhengyu walked up to Xu Xiaoyan. “Beautiful lady, may I have the honor of being your dance partner for the night?”

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “How do you know that there will be a dance tonight?”

Yue Zhengyu replied with a smile, “Every banquet has them. How about it? Want to be my dance partner?”

Xu Xiaoyan replied, “Sure!”

Yue Zhengyu snapped his fingers loudly. “You’re truly a lovely lady.”

Xu Xiaoyan nodded earnestly and said, “I am! I think so too. I don’t think that you’re ugly.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled bitterly. “Don’t be so harsh, will you? But…”

When he said this, he extended the syllable intentionally, then he suddenly inclined his body and moved closer to Xu Xiaoyan. When Xu Xiaoyan backed away instinctively to dodge, her upper body was completely bent backward.

Yue Zhengyu was shocked to discover just how flexible she was. She had easily bent over sixty degrees without hesitation.

“But what?” Xu Xiaoyan looked up at him, keeping her back bent. “But do you really think that I’m ugly?” Yue Zhengyu’s azure eyes looked attentively at Xu Xiaoyan. His gaze was filled with a sincere glow.

Out of the blue, Xu Xiaoyan felt flustered. “That’s enough, you. Get up quickly. This is most unbecoming.”

Yue Zhengyu only straightened his back after she said that. He pulled lightly on Xu Xiaoyan to help her get upright again.

“You haven’t answered my question yet,” Yue Zhengyu said softly.

Xu Xiaoyan murmured, “I generally don’t have good opinions of playboys.”

“How do you know that I’m a playboy?” Yue Zhengyu touched his nose.

“When I first met you, you were already harassing Yuanen. Can you say that you’re not a playboy?” Xu Xiaoyan said with a snort.

“Err…that doesn’t count. At that time, I thought she was the evil soul master and I did that on purpose. In truth, I’ve never had any girlfriends.
Isn’t that far from what you expected?” Yue Zhengyu said with a shy expression.

Xu Xiaoyan said sternly and justly, “How old are you? Sixteen? According to the laws of the federation, you’re only an adult once you turn eighteen. It’s already very inappropriate for you to think about relationships and stuff when you’re only sixteen years old. Are you even thinking of getting a girlfriend? Your actions are bound to be criticized by society. How can you say that you’ve contradicted my expectations when you’re a juvenile delinquent? But you don’t have to worry. Everyone will try their best to
save you.”

In a competition of acting skills, when did Xu Xiaoyan ever lose to anyone?

After she had finished, a faint smile appeared on her face. She said with all earnestness, “Don’t let the hormones of youth get the better of your thoughts.” She flipped her long hair and skipped away. Yue Zhengyu stared at Xu Xiaoyan with his mouth agape as she made her way into the hall. He remained that way for some time. What just happened?

Sure enough, life was a theater. It all depended on one’s talent for acting! He never knew that this young girl was so skilled. He had been under the impression that Xu Xiaoyan was completely mesmerized by his handsome looks.

Currently, the hall was gradually filling with the incoming guests. Those who found themselves among the ranks of the diplomatic corps from the two continents were undoubtedly experts in their respective fields. There were people from all walks of life. But in terms of age, the students of Shrek Academy were definitely the youngest ones.

In no time, Yue Zhengyu saw Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong.

Elder Cai wore a silvery white dress. She looked elegant and noble. She
exuded a faint splendor that was difficult to put into words. Her appearance immediately drew the attention of everyone inside the hall.

Although she looked wizened, for some vague reason, everyone had the feeling that she was an unsurpassed beauty of the era.

Wu Zhangkong stood in a corner of the hall. He enjoyed his glass of cold drink slowly. If it were not for Elder Cai’s request, he would not have been willing to attend banquets such as this. He was never a fan of crowded places.

He did not look very different compared to his usual attire. He wore a suit of white with a white shirt and trousers. The clothes looked as ordinary as could be, but when he wore them, he stood out from the others. Among all the rest, he was unique.

Even though he was standing in a corner, within moments, he was already hit on at least seven times by ladies who boasted of their own beauty. Wu Zhangkong was as polite as ever, but he shook his head toward them with a frosty expression. As he stood there, he seemed to emanate a cold aura.

However, the rejected ladies were unwilling to be too far away from him. They all stole glances at him from nearby. Occasionally, their eyes showed besotted gazes. In terms of outer appearances, Wu Zhangkong’s slender body, handsome looks, shoulder-length hair, and cool demeanor were
simply impeccable. He was the very image of prince charming upon a white horse from the ladies’ dreams.

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes were only focused on observing the figures of his disciples. He saw Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Yue Zhengyu. Then, he saw Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi who walked in wearing only their uniforms.

Although the organizing committee had requested everyone to attend the banquet in formal dress, it was not a strict rule. Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi were not barred from entering and were still allowed in. The two of them immediately found a corner, a place with food to be precise. Xu Lizhi kept passing food to Ye Xinglan. When Ye Xinglan shook her head, he would throw it directly into his mouth. When Ye Xinglan accepted the food, he would grin foolishly.

But where were Tang Wulin and Gu Yue? It was already time. Why were they not here yet?

Wu Zhangkong squinted his eyes slightly as if absorbed in thought.

In the watchful eyes of his lady admirers, the ice-cold prince seemed to have gained a melancholic quality. That made them gaze at him with even more infatuation.

“Welcome, everyone, to tonight’s banquet. Greetings, I am Sima Lanxiao, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Star Luo Empire on the Star Luo Continent. I am pleased to see so many good friends from various professions on the Douluo Continent. Tonight, let us drink until we drop.
This evening, we will be having a few games. We will also be selecting the best-dressed gentleman and lady, the most handsome gentleman, the prettiest lady, and the most graceful dancing couple. They will all receive a prize provided by our Star Luo Empire.”

Sima Lanxiao was a middle-aged man of great stature with blond hair. He looked handsome, and his voice was magnetic and persuasive. When he
spoke, the mood of the entire hall livened up immediately.

Various alcoholic beverages were served by the waiting staff who entered in single file. Soon the atmosphere of the banquet grew energetic.

Chapter 565

Chapter 565: A Breathtaking Appearance

In the center of the banquet hall was a huge dance floor fifty meters across.
After the music started and the leading dancers from the Star Luo Empire stepped onto the dance floor, it signaled that the banquet had officially

At that moment, two figures walked slowly through the entrance. The moment they stepped into the hall, the music had just begun, and a spotlight was shone upon the entrance.

The spotlight drew all eyes toward the entrance, and everyone at the banquet immediately saw the duo.

The girl with an ethereal appearance wore a silvery white one-piece dress. The dress was embroidered with textural patterns, and her long hair fell loosely on her shoulders. Her eyes projected a sense of cold nobility.

She was not exceptionally beautiful, but for some indecipherable reason, with the spotlight upon her, she looked like the bright moon that ascended above the ocean. She attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

Her indescribable temperament pulled on everyone’s heartstrings.

Her hemline was at knee-level, which was not low. Her pair of fair and
slender calves were exposed, and her legs were very beautiful. They were perfectly straight, smooth and proportioned. Any heavier and she would have appeared fat. Any thinner and she would have seemed skinny. With the addition of her silver shoes that shone like crystals, she looked like a moon fairy that descended upon the mortal realm.

Her hands were wearing silver gloves made of lace that extended up to her elbows. There was no unnecessary embroidery on them. Her left arm was locked onto the young man beside her. The lad stood tall and straight. He was slender but not bony. His shoulders were wide and his back was straight. He had black hair like his companion which was wavy
and loose. He wore perfectly straight black trousers with a single shining black stripe running down the sides of each leg. He had a black girdle, and his white shirt was pleated from top to bottom with hidden buttons. His
collar was jet black along with a black bowtie. Under the shine of the light, his purple velvet dress shirt was the most dazzling of his attire, form-fitting and shining brilliantly.

If it was said that the young girl beside him attracted the attention of the entire hall with her temperament, in his case – other than his figure and outfit – it was his handsome face that drew gasps of admiration from the people.

He had big eyes, long eyelashes which were the envy of every woman, and a straight and upright nose bridge. He was pure perfection, even without
considering his temperament. Complemented by the tailor-made suit, he was flawless.

If one had to find some fault on him, then perhaps it would be that he was a tad too young. His face still had some childishness about it. Even so, they
still drew a wave of gasps the instant they appeared. They had become the center of attention.

The spotlight was operated manually. When it happened to catch the figure of this couple, it naturally lingered on them. In that moment, it was as if they had turned into the prince and princess of the night’s banquet.

Sima Lanxiao who was standing on higher ground had noticed them from the start, and he was certain that this match made in heaven hailed from the Douluo Continent. That was because he knew everyone in the Star Luo
Continent’s diplomatic corps. He had an impression of them all in his mind. An extraordinary retentive memory was a must-have ability for a Secretary of State.

“It looks like we have strong competitors for today’s prize. I welcome the both of you. May I know which part of the Douluo Continent you hail from?”

Tang Wulin actually felt slightly awkward in the formal clothing. He had always been casual, and he dressed for comfort. He did not have time to
care about his outer appearance as he dedicated his time to cultivation and forging. The dress shirt fit him very well, which also meant that it was
somewhat restrictive of his body movements. However, he clearly felt that he held his body taller and straighter because of the shirt.

Gu Yue had locked her arm with his naturally as they walked in. When the light shone on them, Tang Wulin was momentarily stunned.

But he was someone who had seen and experienced many things. After a brief moment of shock, he regained his senses.

“We’re from Shrek Academy on the Douluo Continent,” Tang Wulin’s voice was pleasant but not excited. His voice sounded gentle, but it traveled far. Without a soul microphone, using only his own breath and a push from his soul power, everyone in the hall could clearly hear what he had said.

“Welcome to the banquet.” Sima Lanxiao’s expressions changed slightly as he spoke with a faint smile.

The spotlight finally left Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. The music increased in volume and the dancers on the floor started moving nimbly. A variety of foods were served out.

“Wow, class monitor. You shouldn’t be like this.” Xu Xiaoyan was the first to dash over to them.

“What do you mean?” Tang Wulin asked in confusion.

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “You’re dressed up so handsomely. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll fall in love with you?”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “You look beautiful as well today!”

Xu Xiaoyan hugged Gu Yue’s arm. “Sister Yue, this is your doing, isn’t it? I don’t believe that our class monitor could dress himself up like this. But, aren’t you concerned that he might be snatched away by some other
woman? I took a look around just now, and there are quite a number of beautiful ladies, you know?”

Gu Yue smiled faintly. “I’m not worried.”

Three simple words, but when they came out of her mouth, they sounded completely confident.

Tang Wulin looked at them helplessly. As everyone grew older, they were
all at the stage where their youthfulness started getting ahead of them. Even he himself had clearly been paying more attention to the girls around him. If it were not for his strenuous cultivation, maybe he would have given more thought to this aspect of his youth.

He had always restrained himself. He dared not be distracted. Perhaps it was because the huge burden of his parents’ disappearance pressed down upon his heart at all times. All he thought about was working hard to improve himself so that he could rescue his parents as soon as possible.

Everyone else had already walked over. Yue Zhengyu’s lips twitched noticeably. Compared to Tang Wulin, even he himself felt that his own attire was lackluster. The main point was that Tang Wulin was truly too good-looking. He was superior in appearance and height. How could he ever compare to that?

“Tang Wulin, you’ll end up with no friends if you keep this up, you know?” Yue Zhengyu said with contempt.

Tang Wulin threw him a glance. “Oh? I take it that you have many friends?”

Yue Zhengyu’s lips twitched. As he looked at Tang Wulin’s shadow of a smile, he grunted, “I’ll stay away from you!”

He prepared to leave, but he realized that his way had been barred. Seemingly familiar faces appeared before him. Were these not the students from Royal Star Luo Academy who they met earlier that day? The numbers were clearly on their side, and they were looking at Yue Zhengyu with malice on their faces. This fellow had a deplorable mouth. He really got on other people’s nerves.

Tang Wulin smiled faintly. “Hello there. Let’s formally introduce ourselves. I’m the captain of the Shrek Academy exchange students for the Star Luo Continent. My name’s Tang Wulin.”

He took the initiative and walked up to them, shielding Yue Zhengyu behind him.

Now was different from the afternoon. This was a formal occasion. As the captain, this was a responsibility he could not abandon.

On Royal Star Luo Academy’s side, a tall young man who looked to be
about eighteen or nineteen years of age took a step forward. He reached out a hand and shook Tang Wulin’s. “Hello. I’m the captain of the Royal Star Luo Academy exchange students to the Douluo Continent, Luo Qinghan.”

The two captains shook hands. Tang Wulin instantly felt an immense force coming from the other person’s grip. It was like a pair of metal pincers.

This was a banquet. If he cried out in pain, it would naturally be an embarrassing affair.

A battle of strength, was it? A faint smile showed on Tang Wulin’s face. “Nice to meet you. May we learn more from each other from now on.”

Luo Qinghan’s expression changed in an instant. The color drained from his face, and he turned dreadfully pale. He felt his right hand being crushed as if it had been caught in a meat grinder.

As they were shaking hands, Tang Wulin’s palm moved rhythmically. His tremendous strength, a little squeeze caused the bones in Luo Qinghan’s palm to displace slightly and rub against each other. The intense pain was
accompanied by spasms. It was not something that an ordinary person could endure. However, Luo Qinghan knew that he could not cry out no matter what. He could only grit his teeth as his face turned pale. He was sweating so much he looked like he had been caught in the rain.

On Shrek Academy’s side, everyone was all smiles. All could see what
Tang Wulin and Luo Qinghan were doing. They thought to themselves that there was nobody in Shrek Academy who would have a challenged Tang Wulin to a contest of strength. It was truly…foolhardy.

Tang Wulin only shook Luo Qinghan’s hand a few times before letting go. After he had nodded to the other party, he walked past them.

Two Royal Star Luo Academy students shifted their bodies and blocked his way.

Tang Wulin seemed not to have noticed them as he continued forward. Their shoulders collided and the two Star Luo Empire students staggered to the side as if they were shocked by electricity. Then, Tang Wulin walked past them just like that.

On Shrek Academy’s side, the others followed behind him naturally.

Luo Qinghan did not stop them. He put his hand into his pocket. His palm was still shaking. The pain was too great. This boy was really…

Chapter 566

Chapter 566: A Dance

He clearly felt that Tang Wulin was younger than him. However, this boy who was smiling from the beginning till the end had displayed an extreme assertiveness. There was no scuffle. He simply employed the most domineering method to break through their formation. This was a banquet so the other party wagered that they would not dare get into a fight here.

On occasions like this, whoever made the first move would lose.

The four female students of Star Luo Royal Academy gazed at Tang Wulin with different looks in their eyes. There was a look that seemed to be lost in thought, one that rippled with splendor, and one filled with curiosity.
Without a doubt, the handsome Tang Wulin had attracted all their attention.

“How long do I have to eat until I can actually be full?” Tang Wulin frowned as he looked at the tall cocktail table in front of him with distress.

A plate of snacks was served on the table. The snacks were delicate looking cakes that had been served on spoons. For an appetite like Tang Wulin’s, he would need to eat until his Nth life before he would actually be full.

Xu Lizhi chuckled, “I’ve already eaten off three tables but I think that if you want to eat until you’re full, it’ll be difficult. Very difficult.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Being unable to eat your fill isn’t something that makes you happy.” Eating was closely linked to his
cultivation. Sufficient nutrients could increase his blood essence and
strengthen his bloodline’s power. A powerful bloodline would naturally condense his soul power.

Tang Wulin had never been worried about the strength of his soul power
and his endurance in battle. In truth, he understood that he could not break through rank-40 up until now partially because his soul power was condensed.

Tang Wulin had once asked Wu Zhangkong if this situation was beneficial or detrimental to him. Wu Zhangkong’s explanation was simple. Generally speaking, after breaking through a cultivation base of five rings, everyone must condense their soul power. The sooner they condensed their soul power, the more refined and pure their soul power would be. It would be difficult to cultivate at first but it would be advantageous in the long run. It was not something bad. If worse came to worst, it would only delay his becoming a battle armor master.

After Teacher Wu’s explanation, Tang Wulin let go of his worries. As he worked hard to cultivate every day, he continued to increase his bloodline power and his body’s abilities.

Actually, he also felt that with the breaking of the fourth Golden Dragon King seal and after acclimatizing to the Golden Dragon King’s essence, he would always instinctively resort to the simplest, most direct, and perhaps even crudest methods when he engaged in battle. He would dominate his opponent through sheer brute strength. Battles like these would make his blood boil. They were exhilarating, and whenever he fought like this he
would practically be adding to his imposing manner.

Tang Wulin understood that these must have been the effects of the changes in his bloodline. For the time being, they had no negative effect on him. On the contrary, his face-to-face combat ability had been growing stronger.

“What do we do, captain?” Xu Lizhi asked.

Tang Wulin sighed, “Flies are meat as well. Let’s eat. Just eat as much as we can. I don’t think this will be the case for every meal. If we really can’t stand it, we’ll think of some way to catch some fish from the ocean to eat.”

Xu Lizhi was startled. “But there are oceanic soul beasts inside the ocean! I don’t think it’s a good idea to catch fish directly from the ocean.”

“Haha, I’m just joking.” Tang Wulin laughed. “Catching fish is a good idea,” just then, a deep voice suddenly came from beside Tang Wulin’s ear. This voice was clearly familiar. Tang Wulin turned around instinctively and he was immediately dumbfounded.

A middle-aged man in a white chef jacket stood behind him. He held a tray in his hand which he placed onto the cocktail table in front of him.

Tang Wulin stared with his mouth agape and said, “Uncle…Uncle Chef? What are you…”

Was this person in chef’s attire before him not the Body Sect’s sect master, the same one who possessed a divine mecha, Mu Ye?

What was he doing here? Even if he was here as a representative of the diplomatic corps, he should not have come as a chef! After all, he was…

“Hehe, I’m a qualified chef after all. I have a dozen restaurants on the
continent, and this time I’m here as the representative chef of the exchange team. Tell me your room number,” Mu Ye said with a smile.

Tang Wulin quickly gave it to him.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t full here. I’ll look for you later,” Mu Ye said drily. He sized Tang Wulin up and nodded. “Nice shirt.” With that, he left them.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were incredulous. This was the Body Sect’s master, an expert with the rank of Title Douluo, and a divine-level mecha master. He could possibly have even been a four-word battle armor master. However, he had participated in this exchange as a chef. What did he come here for?

He could not help but recall the request Mu Ye made to him when they last met. ‘Could it be that Mu Ye came for me?’

In truth, Mu Ye did come for him. After Tang Wulin had left that time, Mu Ye thought about it over and over again. In the end, he could not deny the truth. A genius like Tang Wulin suited to the Body Sect’s cultivation was all too rare. He could wait no longer, nor was he willing to let the Body Sect die off without a fight.

Lineage was important, but the priority was passing the sect down to the next generation!

The Body Sect had a glorious history. If even this history disappeared, of what use was one’s ancestry?

Zhen Hua had once told him that as long as Tang Wulin could grow
steadily, he would definitely become someone great in the future. He had a confidence level of more than eighty percent that Tang Wulin could become a Divine Craftsman in the future.

With an heir like this, other matters aside, if Tang Wulin became a Divine Craftsman in the future then at least the Body Sect need not worry about having enough rare metals when crafting high-end battle armor.

What’s more, Tang Wulin’s moral character was one that could endure trials. His actions during his encounter with the evil soul master were proof enough. Besides, what kind of place was Shrek Academy? That he had passed Shrek Academy’s assessment and became the class monitor was very telling.

In reality, Mu Ye had been keeping an eye on Tang Wulin, and he had also kept tabs on his activities. Mu Ye knew everything, including their victory over third grade class one.

During that time, he finally made up his mind. He would make Tang Wulin a member of the Body Sect no matter what, even if he was already a member of the Tang Sect. That was why he came. With his abilities, it was a simple matter for him to get into the diplomatic corps.

As he watched Mu Ye go, Tang Wulin frowned slightly. Still, this would not be a problem. There was one more familiar face on the ship with them now, and he was an extremely powerful being who was well disposed toward them. This would only be beneficial for the group and there was no harm. This was the first banquet, hence the members of the diplomatic corps from both sides were quite conservative. There were not many who stepped onto the dance floor.

People mainly talked, and everyone appeared to be at ease.

Very quickly, dedicated staff began distributing numbers for all of them to stick on their chests. This was for the little game of selecting the few
“bests” later.

“The way which we’ll be voting is simple. The two diplomatic corps will
select five members of noble character and great prestige to take part in the primary selection. After the primary selection, there will be ten shortlisted participants for the categories of the best-dressed gentleman and lady, the most handsome gentleman and prettiest lady, and the best dance partners.
Then we’ll have another vote by all the participants to decide on our final victor. I’m not worried about the other matters, but the number of people on the dance floor right now is far too few. The majority of our two diplomatic corps are young people. Young people should be filled with vigor. Don’t
suppress the passion in your hearts. Come on, let’s dance!”

Sima Lanxiao’s voice was enchanting. After he had voiced out his suggestion, the floor started to fill with dancers.

“Do you know how to dance?” A clear and crisp voice came from beside Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin turned his head to look. He was greeted by the sight of Lin Yuhan wearing a light blue dress. She had been standing beside him without him noticing.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui were not far from him. They were eating and chatting and there was only Xu Lizhi beside Tang Wulin.

Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Follow My Lead

“Huh? I don’t…” Tang Wulin tried to wave her off quickly. From his childhood till now, he never once had the opportunity to learn how to dance!

“It’s not that hard. Why don’t I teach you?” With a graceful movement, Lin Yuhan reached out her hand and pulled a stunned Tang Wulin by his arm, directing him toward the dance floor.

“Woah. Tang Wulin’s being pulled away. It’s that girl from the Star Luo Empire,” Xu Xiaoyan exclaimed softly as she nudged Gu Yue beside her.

Gu Yue turned to look. As soon as she saw Tang Wulin being pulled toward the dance floor by Lin Yuhan, she instantly furrowed her brows.

“What do we do? Sister Yue?” Xu Xiaoyan said softly. Gu Yue smiled dryly. “Nothing.”
Xu Xiaoyan said with a smile, “Our captain is really popular! You must keep both eyes on him.”

Gu Yue replied, “If one’s man is seduced by another woman, it only means that one’s own charm is insufficient.”

Ye Xinglan lifted her head to look at Gu Yue and gave her a thumbs-up. Yuanen Yehui could not help but break into laughter.

“I’m the only one who’s unswerving in my loyalty. No girl can seduce me, no matter how pretty she is.” Xie Xie had turned up out of nowhere. He
stood beside Yuanen Yehui and spoke as if he was an upright person. “Get away from me,” Yuanen Yehui said with a soft voice. The other three girls tried to suppress their smiles.

Lin Yuhan was a blacksmith through and through. The strength of her hand was extraordinary. She was pulling Tang Wulin toward the dance floor, so it would be unbecoming of him to forcefully break free of her grip. To be honest, his impression of Lin Yuhan was not bad.

It was difficult enough for a man to learn how to forge, let alone a girl. Blacksmithing was the hardest to master among all the other sub-
professions, and also the most difficult to produce results. For Lin Yuhan to become a rank 5 blacksmith at around his own age, she must have put in a tremendous amount of effort.

Tang Wulin knew all too well just how much hardship he had to endure to achieve his current level. Even if there was a gap between Lin Yuhan’s
abilities and his, it would not be much of a difference. For a girl to be able to reach this point, her determination must have been unimaginable.

They were both of the same profession, so there was a natural closeness between them. That was why he followed Lin Yuhan to the dance floor without much resistance.

Lin Yuhan spun around to face him. She did not loosen her grip on his hand. Instead, she raised it. Her other hand rested on his shoulder.

“You just have to follow my lead. I’ll guide you. Place your hand on my waist,” Lin Yuhan said softly.

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was slightly shocked. Other than Gu Yue and Na’er, he had never been so intimately close to another girl. He instinctively raised his hand and rested it lightly on Lin Yuhan’s midsection.

Her waist was lithe and slender. Tang Wulin was a youthful teenager after all, and he never had much contact with girls. His heart started racing, and his cheeks flushed a faint red. As she looked at his obviously awkward expression, Lin Yuhan could not help but break into a laugh. “Here I go,” she said as she slid on her left foot and glided with Tang Wulin onto the dance floor.

A force came naturally from her hands as they guided Tang Wulin’s body. Although Tang Wulin did not know how to dance, he had learned the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track before. His reflexes were certainly fast enough.
He always lagged slightly behind in his steps, yet he somehow managed to keep up with Lin Yuhan. He appeared rusty, but he could still dance.

Lin Yuhan started moving quicker now, and Tang Wulin had already become more familiar with the steps. As he followed the music, he gradually got the hang of it.

The boy was handsome and the girl was beautiful. Although their poise was not all that great, they still easily attracted the crowd’s attention.

Lin Yuhan led him in the dance as she snickered. “You’re heavy. You don’t look fat, but you’re not light either.”

Indeed, Tang Wulin was much heavier than he looked. The density of his bones and muscles was far greater than those of an ordinary person. That was why his actual weight was quite a shock.

Tang Wulin said with a bit of awkwardness, “I really don’t know how to dance. You’re quite good at this.”

Lin Yuhan said, “When we reach the Star Luo Empire, how about I invite you as a guest to our Empire Forging Academy?”

Tang Wulin said with a faint smile, “That would be great! You guys must have some unique views on forging. It’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn a thing or two.”

Lin Yuhan rolled her eyes. “You? Learn? You’re powerful enough as it is. In our academy, I’m already the most outstanding genius, but I was still no match for you. How on the continent did you cultivate that strength of yours? Since when have you been learning to forge?” Tang Wulin replied, “Ever since I was six years old. I started off learning the basics under my teacher. I was born with greater strength than other people, so maybe that’s where I have a slight advantage. I’ve been forging ever since.”

Lin Yuhan grunted. “Then you haven’t been spending as much time as I have. I’ve been holding the forging hammer since I was three years old. My father’s a blacksmith. Not long after I was born, the hammer was my only toy. Then, as I grew up, my toys were larger and larger hammers. You can
say that forging is in my blood. I never thought it would be possible to find another person who loves forging as much as I do, but I never expected to meet a beast like you.”

Tang Wulin looked at her in astonishment. Lin Yuhan had said it lightly, but for a little girl like her to grow up knowing only the forging hammer, she must have gone through unbridled hardship.

“Is your father strict?” Tang Wulin asked.

Lin Yuhan pouted her lips a little, then she nodded her head slightly.
“Teacher could not bear to see how stern my father was with me in the past. That’s why he brought me with him to participate in this exchange. You may not know this, but this year has been the most relaxing for me. The
Douluo Continent is a fun place. I’m even slightly reluctant to go back, especially when I think about having to face Father.”

Tang Wulin sighed softly. “At least you can still see your father. My father was kidnapped by some unknown criminal many years ago. I can’t see him even if I wanted to. I think that your father places high demands on you because he wants you to inherit his legacy. You’ve endured it for so many years now, so please keep up the good work. I think he won’t be as strict
with you after you’ve become a Divine Craftsman.”

There was a hint of sorrow in the eyes of Lin Yuhan as she looked at Tang Wulin. She could not help but feel amazed. It seemed that she was lucky compared to his situation. “You really know how to ease someone’s anxieties. I’m sorry for making you sad,” she replied softly.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s alright, I’ll work hard as well. I will find Father and Mother. They will return to me. Then, we can have a family reunion.”

“Yes, you can do it.”

Just then, the song had reached its end, and the people on the floor stopped dancing. Although it was only one song, his powerful body coordination
and reflexes had got Tang Wulin somewhat used to dancing.

They stopped dancing as well. Tang Wulin hastily removed his hand that had been wrapped around Lin Yuhan’s waist.

Lin Yuhan smiled faintly. “Didn’t you find dancing fun? Would you like to go again?”

Tang Wulin quickly waved his hand. “No thanks. I’m nervous. Didn’t you notice that I kept staring at the floor just now? My main concern was that I might step on your feet.”

Lin Yuhan covered her mouth as she laughed softly. She wanted to say something but noticed someone else was standing beside Tang Wulin.

“Excuse me,” she nodded slightly toward Lin Yuhan. Her right arm locked onto Tang Wulin’s arm.

It was the girl who came in with him. Lin Yuhan’s pupils contracted slightly. She managed a smile. “You guys have something planned?”

Gu Yue smiled dryly. “He’s my dance partner. I’ll be dancing with him for the next song.”

Tang Wulin looked at her in surprise. Since when had they become dance partners? Then he saw the bitterness behind Gu Yue’s eyes. There seemed to be a domineering look to her as well.

“Oh,” Lin Yuhan replied. She smiled at Tang Wulin, but she did not leave. She just stood there.

The next song started to play shortly after.

Gu Yue pulled lightly on Tang Wulin. “Come.”

“O-okay.” Tang Wulin had no choice but to follow her back onto the dance floor.

Lin Yuhan pouted. She went to one side, but she secretly balled her fists. The best boys would always have many admirers. She would have to fight for her own happiness.

From her childhood up until now, she had spent her days forging. Every day was the same dull routine with the forging hammer. Only when she came to the Douluo Continent did she have the chance to truly relax her body and mind. She had a huge improvement in her emotional quotient. Her mind
was relaxed, and even her forging had risen to a higher level.

If the requirements were not so strict, she, having already exceeded a four- ringed cultivation base, could already be considered a rank 6 blacksmith.

She had known since she was a little girl that she was an absolute genius in terms of forging. There was nobody on the Star Luo Continent stronger than her.

Women were always attracted by strong men. During the last competition with Tang Wulin, although she was somewhat dissatisfied, in hindsight, she had no choice but to admit that Tang Wulin’s forging ability was better than hers.

A rival! She had never thought that there would be someone amongst her peers that could exceed her own forging level. From that day onward, Tang Wulin’s handsome face would frequently appear in her mind.

Chapter 568

Chapter 568: A Hot Dance

When they met again this time, she found it hard to take her eyes off of him. She even threw her restraint as a girl to the wind and invited him to dance.

When Tang Wulin had appeared at the entrance with Gu Yue, she spotted him immediately. He looked so handsome today! He seemed to fulfill all her heart’s desires.

Nothing could be more natural than liking a person of the opposite gender. Actually, Lin Yuhan herself did not understand much about those sort of things. She just enjoyed being close to Tang Wulin.

She was confident enough in her own looks, and she did not think that she was any less pretty than Gu Yue. Furthermore, she shared the same profession with Tang Wulin. She still had a chance.

The next song was noticeably more energetic than the one before, as
arranged by Sima Lanxiao. He needed to enliven the mood of the banquet. A vibrant atmosphere was helpful for the exchange program.

Gu Yue pulled Tang Wulin onto the dance floor. Tang Wulin barely had time to react when Gu Yue stopped in her tracks.

She turned around suddenly and glared angrily at Tang Wulin. “Gu Yue, I…”
The electrifying music started to play right at that moment. Gu Yue pulled on Tang Wulin’s arm and placed his right hand on her waist. At the same time, she raised her left hand. She held Tang Wulin’s left hand and raised it high above her head. Shortly after, Gu Yue’s entire body, under the guidance of her raised left hand, started to swivel quickly.

As she swayed, her one-piece dress seemed to glitter with a silver glow like a gemstone.

Her hemline started to rise. Tang Wulin had wanted to warn her, but he noticed that Gu Yue had worn shorts underneath her dress. Nobody knew when she had put them on.

The Gu Yue in this moment was no longer calm nor cold. Instead, she was filled with a wildness that was hard to pin down.

Tang Wulin felt like something inside him was being prodded. His heart fluttered slightly, and his blood ran hot.

Gu Yue also attracted the attention of everyone around them. Soon after, she unexpectedly stepped on Tang Wulin’s thigh with her left foot. She took
advantage of the situation by using the momentum to leap up and landed on Tang Wulin’s shoulders. Her movements were gracefully extended. It was a beautiful scene. She tiptoed on Tang Wulin’s shoulder and started swaying again.

With this, everyone’s eyes were centered on her.

Holding firmly onto Tang Wulin’s shoulders, she stood on her hands. Gu Yue now seemed to have transformed into a serpentine beauty. She slid down in a spiral around Tang Wulin’s body, and her waist fell into his grasp once again. She pulled backward and Tang Wulin was naturally leaned forward. Gu Yue bent backward as far as she could. She supported herself
against the floor with her hands and threw her long legs upward around Tang Wulin’s neck.

Tang Wulin’s arms were still on her waist. Gu Yue’s every movement was impeccably synchronized with the music.

“Throw me.” Gu Yue’s voice sounded in Tang Wulin’s ear. Using his upper body strength, Tang Wulin pushed back and supported her slender body. He was immensely powerful. As he swung upward, Gu Yue’s figure swiveled and shot into the air.

The banquet hall was at least thirty meters high, but when Gu Yue was thrown upward by Tang Wulin, she almost touched the ceiling. She
continued gyrating in midair as her upper body stretched out in various movements. She dropped downward slightly while swaying, appearing like a silver lotus in full bloom.

On the floor, everyone else had stopped dancing for quite some time. Their gaze was fixated on Gu Yue and Tang Wulin.

As she dropped down from above, Tang Wulin raised his right hand and caught her gently by the waist before placing her back on the ground.

Gu Yue pulled on his hand and broke into a waltz around him. Tang Wulin did not move much, his every move was made under Gu Yue’s guidance, but they seemed to be in sync.

Tang Wulin’s gaze never left Gu Yue’s eyes, but the expression in his own eyes changed shifted continuously. From the initial shock, it turned to
surprise, then to enthusiasm, and finally to ecstasy. Her poise was truly a sight to behold.
Gu Yue had an amazing body. Her legs were especially slender, and her waist was slim. Although she did not possess the bosomy beauty of a mature woman, she was filled with the vigor of youth.

Even while doing such a quick paced dance she still displayed grace and nobility. She was like a fairy beside him, always at his side and dancing enthusiastically for no one else.

When the final note of the music sounded, Gu Yue swiveled and leaned on Tang Wulin’s chest. She raised her head slowly. The hatred and hidden bitterness in her eyes had disappeared. There was only a faint smile on her beautiful face. As she leaned on his chest, she stretched out her hands and placed them lightly on his cheeks.

Their eyes locked. Tang Wulin’s gaze was scorching hot, but there was only warmth left in hers.

Tang Wulin pulled on her lightly. Gu Yue turned in a circle and stood up straight. She extended her arms and led Tang Wulin as they bowed to the audience.

The crowd in the banquet hall burst into applause immediately. In an instant, whistles and claps had brought the atmosphere in the banquet hall to a climax for a moment.

With everyone cheering for them, Gu Yue faced Tang Wulin and adjusted his bowtie and shirt for him. She spoke to him in a volume which only the two of them could hear, “Even if you want to learn how to dance, it’s
enough for me to teach you. If you ever dance with another girl again, I’ll…”

“What’ll you do?” Tang Wulin hugged her waist.

Gu Yue raised her head. She did not evade his gaze in the slightest as she said with a smile, “I’ll break her legs.”


Gu Yue pulled on Tang Wulin as they parted the crowd to exit the dance floor. Like a proud peahen, she had pulled him back to where he once was.

“Wow. Sister Yue, you’re so amazing.” Xu Xiaoyan’s pretty face had flushed red out of excitement. She hugged Gu Yue forcefully. “Teach me how to dance! Can you teach me how to dance after this as well?”

Gu Yue nodded with a smile.

Yuanen Yehui’s expression was a little peculiar as she looked at Tang Wulin. “Gu Yue did the right thing. Some people just can’t be indulged.” “That’s right. Whatever bad habit you let them indulge in, they’ll certainly pick it up,” Xie Xie chimed in from the side immediately.

Tang Wulin raised his eyebrows. “Xie Xie, don’t you think that dancing is a beautiful thing? If a man has graceful dance moves, he’ll attract the
attention of the ladies more easily.”

Xie Xie was stunned. He looked at Yuanen Yehui beside him. He remembered clearly that when they were watching Tang Wulin and Gu Yue dance so nimbly, Yuanen Yehui had never taken her eyes off them even for a second. There was even a hint of envy in her eyes.

“What do you mean? Did you want to teach me? You don’t seem so well- versed yourself.”

Tang Wulin said, “For something like this, practice makes perfect. How can you know the result if you haven’t even given it a try? Besides, you’re an
Agility System Battle Soul Master! I’m sure you’ll master it in no time. Come, I’ll teach you.”

“Don’t you find it weird that two guys are dancing together?” Xie Xie was
slightly hesitant, but he still came to Tang Wulin’s side. If he learned how to dance, would that add points to Yuanen Yehui’s impression of him?

Tang Wulin hugged his shoulder and pulled Xie Xie toward the dance floor.

Xu Xiaoyan looked at Gu Yue with puzzlement and said, “What’s the captain up to? Don’t tell me that he’s really hooked on dancing?”

Gu Yue said drily, “No, I think it’s because of what I said to him just now. I’ll break the legs of anyone he dances with.”

“Uhh…” Xu Xiaoyan was initially stunned, then, she broke into laughter, “The captain is pure evil. He’s too sly. Poor Xie Xie.”

Yuanen Yehui also laughed hysterically. Somewhat helplessly, she shook her head. In the end, Tang Wulin did not successfully dance with Xie Xie, the reason being that the primary selections of the day were just about to start.

On the Douluo Continent’s side, Elder Cai was among the five persons of noble character and high prestige.

Impressively, Tang Wulin was chosen as a candidate for the best-dressed gentleman, the most handsome gentleman, and the best dancing couple
categories in the next selection. He was nominated for three categories in one go.

Of course, his dance moves were not worth mentioning, but he was Gu Yue’s dance partner!

What surprised Tang Wulin a little was that Wu Zhangkong, who had been standing in a corner and had never stepped onto the dance floor, was also nominated for the best-dressed gentleman and most handsome gentleman categories.

He had never thought that he would have the chance to compete against Teacher Wu.

Chapter 569

Chapter 569: Into the Sea

For the best-dressed lady on Shrek Academy’s side, Gu Yue and Xu
Xiaoyan were both nominated in the primary selections. Yue Zhengyu, on the other hand, was nominated for two awards —the best dressed and the most handsome gentleman.

Among the ten prettiest ladies nominated, Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xu Xiaoyan, and Lin Yuhan were all on the list.

Gu Yue’s dance was too breathtaking. It was so breathtaking that she was
still the crowd favorite although she paled slightly in the looks department. Next came the voting session.
In the end, Tang Wulin won the best-dressed gentleman award along with the best dance award with Gu Yue. The award for best-dressed lady went to Gu Yue while the prettiest lady award went to someone they were unfamiliar with. It was a twenty-year-old lady from the Star Luo Empire.
As for the winner of the most handsome gentleman award, the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming, sky ice and snow cold Wu Zhangkong impressively took it home!

When Wu Zhangkong went up the stage to receive the award, Tang Wulin could clearly see a hint of awkwardness flash across his eyes. He reckoned that it was the first time Teacher Wu had encountered a situation such as this. If it were not for Elder Cai’s presence, he probably would not even go up the stage.

The prizes were actually nothing to shout about. They were just a few
specialties from the Star Luo Empire. However, throughout these series of events, the relationship between the diplomatic corps from both continents was now noticeably friendlier. “You’re quite good at dancing.” Lin Yuhan walked up to Gu Yue. She said with a smile, “Congratulations on winning the award.”

Gu Yue replied with a smile, “You’re not too bad yourself.”

The two girls locked eyes, and there seemed to be faint sparks shooting between them.

“Wulin, do you have time tomorrow? I’d like to ask you a couple of things about forging. There’s a forging workshop on the ship. Would you like to
come and have a practice session with me?” Lin Yuhan turned toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was about to agree when a sudden shot of pain jolted upward all the way from his waist. He coughed and said, “You know what… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it tomorrow. I have to cultivate, and I have some other things to attend to. Let’s do it another day, okay? Another day….”

“Okay. I’m staying in Room 521. You can reach me with the ship’s
communication phone.” After they entered the ocean, every other soul communicator tool lost all signal. They could only get in touch via the ship’s in-house communication system.


Lin Yuhan walked away, feeling slightly dissatisfied. After she left, Gu Yue released her grip on the back of Tang Wulin’s waist.

Tang Wulin looked at her. She raised her head and returned the gaze.

” So sour… It’s so sour. Is there a spilled vinegar bottle somewhere 1 ?” Yue Zhengyu laughed loudly. He kept laughing as he took the lead and ran

This banquet was very successful. The diplomatic corps members from the Douluo and Star Luo Continent had obviously warmed up to each other.
The identities of the diplomatic corps members were very complicated. There were scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants. Of course, there was no lack of exchange of battle strength between them as well. Tang Wulin had heard Wu Zhangkong mention that there were very powerful mecha and battle armor masters from both sides who participated in the current
exchange competition. Naturally, they were representing the academy.

From their initial contact, Tang Wulin felt that they may not necessarily be stronger than them although the Royal Star Luo Academy was rather strong considering their gap in age. It was clear that the specifics of the exchange program would not be carried out in the ship. Of course, the possibility that it might be on the ship could not be discounted as well.

He went back to his cabin room, took off the clothes Gu Yue gave him and hung them in the closet in his room. The only scene replaying itself within Tang Wulin’s mind was Gu Yue’s elegant, noble, and wild dance moves. He had never thought that Gu Yue had this side to her. However, he had no
choice but to admit that Gu Yue was different from the rest when she danced earlier. Her moving dance left a deep impression in his heart.

He immediately felt much more comfortable after changing into his usual clothes. Tang Wulin opened the door to the balcony and allowed the sea breeze to enter. The refreshing sea breeze enveloped his face and body, making him feel very comfortable. Tang Wulin took a deep breath of the moist air and looked into the sky.

The weather was not too good today. There was no light from the moon or the stars while the ocean was a giant, pitch black patch. He could only hear the faint sounds of waves crashing, but there was an additional tranquility which excited him.

As expected, the outside world was very unique! He began feeling grateful for the opportunity given to him to participate in this activity. After
encountering the scores of newfangled things, his heartstring which had always been tense due to cultivation, relaxed.

He stepped out onto the balcony and held the handrails with his hands. A purplish light flickered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He worked his Purple Demon Eyes and looked downward. As expected, the enhancing effects of the Purple Demon Eyes toward his
eyesight were very effective. With the meager lighting on the ship, he could still see the seawater below.

The night dyed the ocean black. One could not find the light here, but it was filled with mystique.

The ocean was the most expansive place in the world. It was mentioned during one of their classes in the academy that the ocean covered almost seventy percent of this planet’s surface.

Planet. This concept was interesting. He wondered if there were other planets out there in the world beyond the Douluo Continent.

The new and developing discipline of astronomy had begun expanding
slowly. Humans had begun observing the outside world through high-power telescopes. Sadly, although Tang Wulin was very interested in this, he had no opportunity to procure more knowledge on this matter because of his hectic cultivation and academic schedules.

Just when he was lost in his thoughts, Tang Wulin suddenly felt the back of his neck tense up. He leaped as if he was treading on clouds.

This was bad! A strong sense of danger immediately spread across his body so he instinctively urged his soul power. However, he noticed a strange
energy entering his body, cutting off his connection to his soul power. The bloodline within his body raged as it was forcefully resisting the alien
energy but to no avail. The back of his neck went numb and a vital part was pinched. Soon, his entire body immediately began to ache as it turned limp.

Although he was still young, this was not the first time he encountered a dangerous situation. He did not lose his cool when faced with this situation.
Instead, he continued mobilizing his blood essence and soul power in an attempt to find a chance to escape.

His body leaped but naturally, he did not know how to fly. After leaping over the handrails, what ensued was a rapid fall. “Splash!”

His body felt ice cold as he fell into the sea. Immediately, Tang Wulin felt his body completely drenched with seawater as the light around him
surrendered, giving way to the darkness.

That large hand had been pinching his nape forced him down toward the bottom of the sea. Tang Wulin’s weight was far heavier than an ordinary person. However, at this moment, a denser body did not bring him any benefit. Instead, it only brought disadvantages as he sank as swift as a rock would in the ocean.

Tang Wulin could not breathe so he could only hold his breath forcefully. He tried desperately to struggle but he could not break free from that large hand on his nape no matter what he did.

His vision had blurred, and he only saw pitch blackness. The soul power and blood essence within his body were suppressed, and he could not breathe. The feeling of being oppressed set in quickly. This was followed by a pressure of being continuously pushed down into the depths of the ocean.

Was he about to die? Tang Wulin had no clue as to who would want to hurt him. However, he had no doubts that this person was far more powerful than he was. He was simply far too powerful. He did not even have the
strength to retaliate.

He could neither shout nor breathe. The immense pressure of the water pushed against his body. Although he was sufficiently strong, the pressure on his body caused him to lose oxygen quickly, considering the fact that he was currently out of air. The powerful feeling of being oppressed made
Tang Wulin’s lungs feel pain, and it was as if they were about to explode. Under this pressure, his blood essence began to restlessly move about.

‘No, this can’t end like this. I want to live!’

His indomitable determination suddenly arose and once again, Tang Wulin’s inner potential exploded in a time of crisis. A layer of faint golden light appeared on his body and the blood essence within him suddenly boiled over wildly. The strong waves emanating from him due to his bloodline urged the appearance of the Golden Dragon Body, causing the pressure on his nape to also diminish to a certain extent.

The formidable force of the Golden Dragon King bloodline manifested itself. With his boiling blood essence, the feeling of being oppressed decreased ever so slightly, and as his scales appeared, Tang Wulin’s elbows shot backward in full force.

His blood essence completed its reversal in an instant. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens erupted from his elbows and he unleashed
Domineering Golden Dragon Body, causing the scales all over his body to suddenly shine brightly.

He needed a chance, a chance to break free. The ship above him had not left but as long as he broke the surface, there was a possibility that he would be noticed by others. On the large oceangoing ship, there were plenty of
experts among the diplomatic corps from both parties, and they were as numerous as trees in the forest. He would be safe as long as he could get them to notice him.

“Bang!” A muffled sound came from beneath the sea’s surface. His elbows seemed to have hit an iron board. If Tang Wulin’s body was not firm and tenacious enough, his bones would have been shattered by this impact. The pressure from the large hand on his nape increased tremendously but at this moment, Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s effect erupted.

The scales on his body flickered quickly and Tang Wulin suddenly shot forward. With the recoil from his elbows earlier, he forcefully broke himself free from the grip of the large hand.

He was still underwater but he abruptly turned around and brazenly swiped with his right hand. Five dark-golden shadows in the shape of a claw
slashed out flagrantly in a flicker of madness.

In the face of a life-and-death crisis, Tang Wulin’s potential completely erupted. The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw enhanced by his Domineering Golden Dragon Body could definitely be regarded as his masterpiece.

As he clawed, the seawater was torn apart, allowing Tang Wulin to see the person who had been controlling him as he turned around to face him.

Before him was a person with indistinguishable features with a dark golden body. He was made of a pure, golden darkness.

Chapter 570

Chapter 570: The Edge of Life and Death

Tang Wulin was quite confident in the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw. It was a combination of a soul bone and his own bloodline. It was his most powerful attack move yet. As he launched this attack, he reversed his bloodline to
connect with his soul power and almost lashed out with a combination of a third of his strength and the energy absorbed by the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. Tang Wulin was confident that even an expert at the rank of five rings Soul King would have a hard time blocking that attack of his.

However, he was flabbergasted in the next instant.

The person before him showed no intention of evading the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw. The five, dark golden blades of light slashed mercilessly toward the person’s body and disintegrated. As the remnants of the attack dissipated, the dark golden body showed no signs of change.

It did not wait for Tang Wulin to escape upward. Tang Wulin’s vision blurred as a large hand choked his throat.

His body continued to sink downward and it seems as if this person had forcibly suppressed all the blood essence Tang Wulin had roused up earlier.

‘He’s fine… He’s actually fine… He was directly hit by Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, but it had no effect on him.’

From his body to his soul, Tang Wulin was ice cold all over. He knew that he hadhit an iron board 1 right now. This person was not someone he could fight against. His strength far surpassed his own.

The pressure from the seawater grew in magnitude. The explosion of energy earlier also resulted in the rapid deterioration of Tang Wulin’s strength, and the immense pressure made him feel numb in certain parts of his body. The feeling of being oppressed even made his brain fall into a light trance. The dragon scales on his skin were still present, and they still glowed with a faint golden light. However, although the bloodline in his body was trying desperately to break through, the enemy was far too powerful. The
suppression was so great that Tang Wulin had no way of breaking out of it.

‘I’m done for…’ A bitter smile appeared on the edge of Tang Wulin’s lips. He had never thought that he would die such an obscure death in the midst of the ocean. Perhaps, he would soon turn into food for an soul beast and turn into nutrients for the ocean.

He saw nothing but a pitch black and could not even see the dark golden color of the enemy’s body anymore. Tang Wulin began to relax his limbs
although his hallucinations were getting worse. He seemed to be able to see a pitch black tunnel and at the end of it, there seemed to be someone calling out to him.

At this moment, the large hand that was choking him suddenly loosened its grip.

The instant the grip was loosened, the bloodline within Tang Wulin
suddenly rushed forward. His bloodline began to revolve, making his hallucinations disappear as he partly regained consciousness.

He could vaguely make out a figure traveling upward whereas his body was still sinking.

‘Did he think I was dead?’

Tang Wulin’s body was currently in an acute state of anoxia. However, the instinct for survival instantly cleared his mind. If his opponent truly thought that he had died, then the opportunity to live had finally arrived.

He bit the tip of his tongue to wake himself up with the intense pain. He did not attempt to float himself immediately but managed to flail his arms about to prevent his body from sinking down even further. He had to wait for that peculiar enemy to get farther away from him.
Otherwise, his death would be all but certain if his attempt to escape was discovered by his opponent.

He waited for some time but the pain in his body made him feel like he was going to explode, causing him to hallucinate once more. Tang Wulin dared not wait any longer. He bit the tip of his tongue again and managed to keep himself awake with the immense pain.

If it were another ordinary person, the person would have long been dead under such immense water pressure and prolonged state of anoxia.
However, he had the Golden Dragon King bloodline. His life force 2 was extremely tenacious. In addition to that, his potential had been completely unleashed in the face of a life-and-death crisis. He flailed his arms about and managed to utilize what little soul power he had left in his body to
swim upward.

Tang Wulin grew up in a seaside city so swimming came naturally to him, especially since the ocean was significantly more buoyant. As he controlled his soul power to reduce his weight, his body began to float up rapidly.

The water pressure began to kick in, but the lack of oxygen still caused him to hallucinate. Tang Wulin gritted his teeth. His life or death hung upon this single action. He had to endure this no matter what.

The ocean was pitch black. He could neither see the end of it nor could he
see the surface. He could only squeeze what strength he had left in his body with his indomitable willpower.

The speed at which his blood essence revolved began to slow down. His limbs were as heavy as if they were filled with lead but he still managed to flail his arms about as he brought his weight down to slowly float upward.

The water pressure grew weaker but Tang Wulin’s movements were also beginning to slow down. Even he was unsure how far he was from the ocean’s surface. Finally, his body could not take it anymore. He had no energy left to move his limbs. The intense lack of oxygen made it impossible unable to control his body. His dense body was adversely affected by his weight, and he began sinking again.

“No!!!” Tang Wulin screamed in his heart. Then, he unexpectedly felt a
sudden surge of consciousness. At this moment, he could feel another surge of strength rising within him. He flailed his arms that were covered in golden scales about with all his might and his body suddenly leaped upward. The eighteen 3 Golden Dragon King seals within his body were
compressed at the same time, and it felt as if they were squeezing out the strength from his body’s innermost core.

The golden light on his body was faint but unexpectedly, the feeling of oppression in his chest lessened somewhat. Tang Wulin waved his arms with all his might and kicked down with his feet.

Whether it was the sudden surge of consciousness before his death or some other thing, he knew that this was his final ounce of strength. If he could not break the sea’s surface with this, it would be the end for him.

Eventually, the stirred-up strength was still gradually exhausted, it was becoming more and more difficult for him to breathe. ‘I’m done for. Am I really done for?’


He howled in his heart. He forcibly squeezed out another ounce of strength and increased the speed at which he was floating upward.


“Puhhh!” His head broke the water’s surface. A wave hit him and made Tang Wulin’s torso fall backward.

He abruptly opened his mouth as wide as he could as a mouthful of air immediately gushed into his lungs through his mouth and immediately got transported to every part of his body. He broke into a gasping fit as his body seemed to be breathing in the air greedily.

Intense pain traveled along his limbs and bones, even from his inner organs.
He had floated up too quickly from a depth of hundreds of meters. The change in the water pressure had brought along its symptoms which was
now wracking his body, and the transition from an oxygen-deprived state to an environment full of air had left him feeling as if he was being torn apart.

He managed to paddle with his arms to stay afloat as he continued greedily breathing in big mouthfuls of air. The blood essence within his body finally resumed its revolutions.

He had never felt so close to death. As Tang Wulin floated on the sea surface, his entire body seemed to have gone weak and limp.

There was intense pain all over his body. It felt as if he was being peeled open and was being ground up. The feeling was so painful that he groaned out loud. However, he was smiling. Yes, he was smiling.

Right now, pain gave him a sense of pleasure. If he felt pain, at least it meant that he was still alive!

Finally, the powerful self-regulatory ability of his body made the revolving of his blood essence increasingly stable. The pain in his body also gradually subsided with the nourishment of his blood essence.

At this moment, there was only one thought in Tang Wulin’s mind. After
eating so much food over the years, at least they were not eaten in vain! At this critical moment, it was still his vigorous blood essence that saved his life.

Although he was well aware that the big oceangoing ship was already far away, his crisis was far from over. Amidst this vast, boundless ocean, his
death would be all but certain if he could not find another boat. However, at the very least, he had survived. He waved his arms and managed to stay afloat as he controlled his body. Tang Wulin’s face was plastered with a bitter smile.

The two large oceangoing ships were already gone. Even if he could see them, he probably could not catch up to the ships at the current state his body was in. To say the least, it would be impossible.

So, he would end up dying in the ocean anyway? His dense body required him to constantly fight against his weight to prevent himself from sinking.
However, this would also naturally exhaust what little was left of his stamina.

He suddenly thought of a phrase, dragging out one’s feeble existence.

At this very moment, his pupils suddenly contracted. He saw a dark golden flash.
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