The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 551-560

Chapter 551

Chapter 551: What’s With You Today?

Staring at them as they left, Tang Wulin wracked his brains, but still he could not figure out what the surprises were supposed to be.

‘Could it be that there’s someone I know on Star Luo Continent? Impossible! It’s the Star Luo Continent for crying out loud.’

His mind baffled, Tang Wulin did not return to the academy. He was about to leave for the Star Luo Continent, and he had to pay the Tang Sect a visit.

He was now a white warrior of the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall. He had to inform them if he was going to be away from the sect for such a long period.

Ever since he joined Battle Soul Hall, he had received a lot of cultivation resources, but the Tang Sect had never given him any missions. When he sold forged metals to the sect, he even got bonus contribution points. It
could be said that he received a lot of benefits but had never given anything in return. The least he could do was inform the sect that he would be away for a year.

Travelling to the Tang Sect was like driving a light carriage on a familiar road. Tang Wulin found Battle Soul Hall’s Hall Master Guo Xiaoxu almost immediately.

“Yes, we’re already aware that you’re going to the Star Luo Continent.
Observe more and speak less while you’re there. Look after yourself, and return to us safely,” Guo Xiaoxu said with a faint smile.

“Remember to bring your white warrior’s badge.” As he said this, Guo Xiaoxu took out a letter and passed it to Tang Wulin. “If you’re far away from the Douluo Continent, you won’t be able to reach us via soul communication. Bring this letter to the Tang Sect’s branch in the Star Luo Continent and give it to the person in charge there. If you need anything, just request their assistance.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “Hall Master, you’re saying that we have people from the Tang Sect on the Star Luo Continent?”

Guo Xiaoxu smiled. “What do you think? Not only on the Star Luo
Continent, we even have our people on the Heaven Dou Continent. It isn’t just us. The Spirit Pagoda’s network is wider than ours. Some organizations can’t be stopped by the continents. Of course, Shrek Academy is an
exception. The academy is unwilling to expand itself.”

He looked at Tang Wulin with deep eyes. “You’re still young. It’ll do you good to see what’s out there and broaden your horizons. You’re steadier
compared to your peers, and you must remember to stay calm no matter what comes at you. Don’t forget that there’s a special button behind your Battle Soul Hall badge. When you’re in trouble, just press that button. If
there are any sect members in your vicinity, they will immediately come to your rescue.”

“Alright.” If Guo Xiaoxu had not reminded him, Tang Wulin would have forgotten about the special function of his white warrior badge.

After exiting the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin looked up at the sky. The weather today had just a hint of gloom.

“Let’s hope that I’ll get something out of this trip to the Star Luo Continent.” Tang Wulin heaved a sigh.

According to his plans, he should have broken through to rank 40, obtained his second spirit soul and fourth soul ring, and become a rank 6 blacksmith before he left for the Star Luo Continent.

However, he had only achieved the goal of becoming a rank 6 blacksmith, and even that was through the backdoor. He was slightly depressed. Thinking about battle armor, Ye Xinglan was just three pieces short of a
complete set, while everyone else had only one piece of armor each. Tang Wulin did not have any issues with this. Once Ye Xinglan became a one- word battle armor master, her forging skill and speed would increase tremendously, and it would then be a piece of cake for her companions to become one-word battle armor masters. He had already prepared the spirit
alloy for everyone. They could even continue crafting battle armor while in the Star Luo Continent.

He took out his soul communication tool and dialed Gu Yue’s number. “What’s the matter?” Gu Yue’s voice came from the speaker.
“Gu Yue, can you get your hands on some entry tickets to the spirit
ascension platform? The intermediate spirit platform, I mean,” Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yue replied, “I think so. What do you plan on doing?”

Tang Wulin said, “I’ve been training hard these days, but I don’t see any improvement. I want to go and let off some steam. It’s not likely that I’ll reach rank 40 before we leave, after all. I’d be better off flexing my limbs.”

“Where are you now?” Gu Yue asked. “I’m at the Tang Sect’s headquarters.”
Gu Yue said, “Wait for me then. I’ll join you, and we’ll go there together.” Tang Wulin smiled. “Sounds like a plan.”
Shortly after, a soul taxi stopped in front of Tang Wulin. Gu Yue waved at him. He went over and got in the car.

The soul taxi headed steadily toward Spirit Pagoda.

“Are you coming with me to the spirit ascension platform?” Tang Wulin asked with curiosity. Gu Yue nodded. “That’s great!”
Tang Wulin grinned and casually held her hand, but Gu Yue pulled it back as if she had just been shocked by electricity.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Wulin was astonished. They always had a little physical contact when they were together, and Gu Yue had never acted this way before. Only at that point did he only realize that Gu Yue was not her usual self. Her eyes looked colder.

“It is improper for a man and a woman to touch each other’s hands. Please have some self-respect,” Gu Yue said drily.

Tang Wulin was at a loss. “Then why didn’t you say that when you held my hand of your own accord?”

Gu Yue’s expression grew awkward. She turned her head towards the window and ignored him.

Tang Wulin scratched his head. So the saying that a woman’s heart was like a needle at the bottom of the ocean was true! What on the continent was going on here?

He kept silent as well. The soul taxi left Shrek City and drove on for quite some time before it arrived at the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters.

Along the way, Gu Yue and Tang Wulin kept silent. Tang Wulin did not want to initiate a conversation only to be snubbed.

Gu Yue paid the fare and got out of the taxi. She walked towards the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, with Tang Wulin hastily following behind her.

With her badge, Gu Yue brought him into the headquarters.

After being in Shrek City for so long, Tang Wulin had always been
cultivating in the academy and had never came to the spirit ascension platform here. This was just a random idea he had had that day. When he was still in Eastsea City, their actual combat abilities were the fruits of training on a spirit ascension platform.

The spirit ascension platform of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters was at the rear of the complex. The duo switched elevators twice before they arrived at their destination.

Gu Yue brought Tang Wulin through two security gates and they arrived at a metallic room. A familiar screen and airtight capsule greeted them.

“The intermediate spirit ascension platform, please,” Gu Yue said to the staff in the room.

“Alright.” The staff did not ask anything, but he shot Tang Wulin a curious look.

Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue in a soft voice, “How much does the intermediate spirit ascension platform here cost?”

Gu Yue threw him a sideways glance and kept her mouth shut. She went into one of the airtight capsules.

Tang Wulin frowned slightly. What was her problem? He did not recall
crossing her today! If he had known this was going to happen, he would not have come to the spirit ascension platform. If they were uncomfortable with each other, they would almost certainly not be able to synchronize later. It would be a difficult guess as to how long they could keep at it.

Since he was there anyway, he would grab the chance to let loose.

He went into the capsule and it shut itself tight. Various scanning instruments came to life.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes. His current body was much stronger compared to when he first came from Eastsea City. Dizziness soon hit him as the
energy waves reached his body. After a long minute, Tang Wulin felt his body go light and he could breathe in fresh air.

He was in. He opened his eyes and immediately saw Gu Yue not far from him. They were surrounded by a dense forest.

There seemed to be no difference from when they entered the spirit ascension platform in Eastsea City.

Tang Wulin took a few steps forward and stood beside Gu Yue. At the same time, his watchful eyes observed their surroundings. Although it had been a long time since he had gone to a spirit ascension platform, his alertness had not diminished one bit.

They could have been facing great danger at any moment there. They would have to be careful with every step they took.

Gu Yue stood behind him. Her silent eyes were on the tall and straight teenage boy in front of her, seemingly lost.

Tang Wulin had gotten a little taller after six months. His shoulders had broadened and he had become even more handsome. He was growing into a fine young man.

Tang Wulin, now approaching fifteen years old, was already one hundred and eighty centimeters tall. Other than some boyishness in his face, he looked almost like an adult.

As the monitor of first grade class one, he was powerful and dashing. His admirers from the first and second grades were not in short supply. Tang Wulin was the only one oblivious to all this. He busied himself with
cultivating and forging, spending little time interacting with other people.

Gu Yue even thought that the way Wu Siduo looked at Tang Wulin was slightly strange.

‘Do I really not know how it feels to like someone?’

“What are you spacing out for? What’s with you today?” When Tang Wulin turned around, he saw with shock that Gu Yue had not been following him. She was still standing at her original spot. He could not help but feel slightly flustered.

He could overlook her peculiar emotions just now, but this was the intermediate spirit ascension platform and they could be in grave peril at any time. The soul beasts would not show mercy just because they were unprepared.

Gu Yue said nothing and walked silently to his side.

“Are you alright?” Tang Wulin asked again, this time without blame in his tone, only tender care. He even attempted to touch her forehead.

“I’m alright.” Gu Yue pushed his hand away softly.

Tang Wulin looked at her with puzzled eyes. He then turned around and continued walking.

Chapter 552

Chapter 552: A Herd of Boars

He and Gu Yue had spiritual powers from the Spirit Sea realm. Their senses were so sharp, they could notice any movement within a fifty-meter radius.

Gu Yue lifted her hand and green light enveloped their bodies, making them more agile.

Tang Wulin was relieved that she seemed to be back to normal.

“If we’re to stay until tomorrow morning, we’ll have around fifteen hours to spend in the spirit ascension platform. Let’s be on our way and have a look at the deeper parts.”

At their current level, ordinary soul beasts were not a threat to them. Tang Wulin had no plans to ascend his soul rings this time. His main objective was to find some powerful soul beasts to vent his frustration on and let loose.

His spiritual power connected him with the surrounding plants, and his
senses were immediately heightened. Although the rate at which his soul power increased was far from ideal even after spending six months training in the special cultivation venue, Tang Wulin’s bond with plants had grown stronger. The Bluesilver Grass was like an extension of his senses as it
conveyed the happenings of faraway places to him.

In the distance, a faint light glimmered in the air. Tang Wulin approached it quickly. He took a step forward and leaped.

The light shrunk and moved away instantly.

“It looked like a bird.” Tang Wulin dropped down from the sky and told Gu Yue. He had no intentions of hunting down the weak soul beasts. They hastened their pace and proceeded on their journey.

Suddenly, a low rumble came from ahead. It sounded like thunder, but it seemed to be far away.

Tang Wulin knelt on one knee and placed his ear onto the Bluesilver Grass on the ground. He silently focused, feeling the vibrations.

Fear. What he felt was the raw fear transmitted from the distant Bluesilver Grass.

“Seems like a herd of beasts. We should climb up a tree,” Tang Wulin immediately said to Gu Yue beside him.

He walked quickly toward Gu Yue, placed his right arm under her both of hers and leaped up. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the tips of his toes tapped against the tree, and with another movement, he landed on a thick and strong branch with Gu Yue in his arms.

Gu Yue leaned on the tree trunk. Tang Wulin held onto a higher branch to steady himself.

“Judging by the sound, they seem to be heading toward us. There’s quite a number of them!” Tang Wulin had a slight frown. A low rumble like this could only have come from a group of beasts. The soul beasts must have been huge, or they wouldn’t have been able to create such a fierce noise.

As expected, the rumble drew closer, getting louder as it did. Tang Wulin’s expression changed slightly. What group of beasts was this? How could they create such a furor?

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” The thunderous stomping seemed to cause the entire forest to shake violently. It left them with a feeling of foreboding.

Fright registered on Tang Wulin’s face. His brows were tightly knitted together. A dash of purple flashed across his eyes and he looked in the direction of the sound through the canopy. His expression changed quickly.
“This is bad. I’m afraid we’re in trouble. It’s a herd of Diamond Boars.”

Diamond Boars were communal soul beasts, and frenzied Diamond Boars were more terrifying than lions or tigers. They were large creatures and their heads were as tough as iron. Their three pairs of canine fangs were like spades with extra sharp points. When they ran wild, they had an incredible ramming speed. Even powerful soul beasts would not wish to be on the receiving end of these boars. They had about fifteen thousand kilograms of force.

The teeth of the Diamond Boars were of very good quality material. They were hard, compact, and suitable to be used as carving tools. That was why in the old days, this species of soul beast went extinct very early on.
However, in the spirit ascension platform, they were perfectly recreated. “Boom! Boom! Boom!”
The booms were not just generated by the boars’ stomping hooves. They were also the result of falling trees.

A mature Diamond Boar could reach up to two tons in weight with a body length of over five meters and height of two meters. In a stampede, the force of the direct impact was unimaginable. Ordinary trees could not stop their advance.

Tang Wulin turned to look at the tree on which he and Gu Yue stood, and he cried out inwardly in alarm. This tree looked no older than a hundred years, and he was afraid that…

His thoughts had only proceeded up to that point when the Diamond Boars were closing in on them. Far away, great trees fell one by one. The smell of the herd greeted their noses. Tang Wulin saw that the leading Diamond Boar was huge. Its hairs were greenish-black and stood up like iron needles. It was two times larger than a mature Diamond Boar, and where it passed, great trees fell.

Surely, this must have been the worst of luck? They had just gotten into the intermediate spirit ascension platform and they already encountered this hazard.

“Gu Yue, be careful.” All he could hope for now was that the wild boars would not come their way.

However, luck was apparently not on their side. As he looked on, the massive Boar at the lead was sprinting madly toward them.


The tree could not bear the impact of the Diamond Boar and crashed down loudly. With a flash of silver light, Gu Yue had already teleported in midair with Tang Wulin. However, they were still some distance away from the next tree and she was unable to teleport directly to it. If she brought
someone along, the distance of Gu Yue’s Teleportation would be affected.

Two blades of Bluesilver Grass lashed out in the nick of time. Tang Wulin
arched his back and carried Gu Yue on his back. He pulled forcefully on the Bluesilver Grass and used it to catapult them toward another tree.

At that moment, the tree that Tang Wulin had Bound his Bluesilver Grass to was rammed by the other boars. Like the others, it started to fall.

As the situation turned increasingly perilous, Tang Wulin’s mind became clearer. Using his arms to swing the Bluesilver Grass, he swung himself. Then, he released his Bluesilver Grass and grappled onto another tree in mid-air.

The trees continued to fall as the herd of boars advanced. Tang Wulin followed his Bluesilver Grass’s guidance as he carried Gu Yue and kept changing his direction in the forest. The Bluesilver Grass’s effect, Bind, was made full use of by Tang Wulin in his current situation. He did his best to control it so that he and Gu Yue
would not fall.

Gu Yue clung to his back with her arms tightly around his neck. Her long legs crossed around his waist and their two bodies were stuck close together.

She could clearly hear Tang Wulin’s steady and strong heartbeat. Plainly, he did not lose his cool in the face of their current adversity.

He faced the dangers ahead of him with a calm heart. That sense of security made Gu Yue subconsciously turn her head and rest her cheek on his
shoulder as she closed her eyes.

The wind howled as it blew past. She had her arms around his warm body, which made her feel secure. The coldness in her eyes and her gloomy disposition seemed to have vanished without a trace as a faint smile carved itself upon her face.

They still had a lot of time before the session came to an end. Regardless of what came next, she would enjoy herself.

“Hey, can you go easy on those arms? You’re choking me.” Tang Wulin’s complaint reached her ears. Apparently, Gu Yue did not notice how tightly she was holding on.

She quickly loosened her grip. “How can I possibly choke you with these thin arms of mine?”

Tang Wulin pulled on the Bluesilver Grass and changed directions once again. The duo leaped in the air. He felt like a monkey as he swung from
tree to tree, but he was starting to enjoy the sensation. He could not help but laugh. “I’m just fresh meat. You should be protecting me.”

Gu Yue clicked her tongue and punched him in the shoulder. The Diamond Boar herd finally passed them by leaving behind a messy trail.

Tang Wulin pulled on the Bluesilver Grass for the final time and sent both of them into the air. He pushed against a tree trunk with the tips of his toes and leaped. Both of them then fell straight toward the ground.

“Spatial,” Tang Wulin said to Gu Yue.

At this moment, if Gu Yue used Spatial Retreat with him, they could immediately break their fall.

However, Gu Yue showed no signs of using her skill, and only tightened her grip on his body.

Chapter 553

Chapter 553: The Terrifying Overlord Dragon!

“Hey!” Tang Wulin gasped in surprise. He had already landed on the
surface. At the exact moment his feet touched the ground, he had no choice but to roll over with Gu Yue immediately.

His strength was impressive, especially since he managed to negate seventy percent of their falling speed when they landed. He held onto Gu Yue as they continued rolling on the floor, the soft grass helping to cushion their fall. A moment passed as they lay there after coming to a complete stop.

Tang Wulin lay on the Bluesilver grass, his expression filled with helplessness while Gu Yue lay beside him with a sweet smile on her face.

“What’s going on with you today? You’re acting really strange,” Tang Wulin said somewhat helplessly.

Gu Yue spoke with a smile, “There are a few days in a month when a girl behaves as such. Cheers to you if you can understand everything in this world.”

“Which few days are those?” Tang Wulin turned around and looked toward Gu Yue. He could not help but be stunned upon seeing the smile on her face.

“Those few days indeed.” Gu Yue’s cheeks blushed. “I don’t understand,” Tang Wulin replied foolishly.
“There is no need for you to understand,” Gu Yue retorted unpleasantly.

Tang Wulin looked at her in confusion. “Can we still continue? If not, then we might as well withdraw. You’re not working with me here, and it feels terrible.”

Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him. “Alright, I won’t mess with you anymore.”

Meanwhile, they suddenly noticed that the originally sunny sky had
abruptly gone dark. They turned around and looked upward subconsciously. Both of them were immediately horrified by what they saw.
It was a humongous head, lowering down as it looked at the pair of tiny humans on the ground with eyes as large as water tanks.

‘What sort of creature was this?’

Tang Wulin pulled at Gu Yue as they rolled over and leaped up without the slightest hesitation.

There was not a lot of cover since so many of the trees had just been rammed down by the Diamond Boar herd. They could clearly see the entire form of this towering creature.

It was a titanic, sixty-meter tall monster with a body as vast as a hill. There were thick greyish-black scales covering its entire body, each one an irregular shape. Its monstrous head was almost a quarter of its body length, and its colossal pair of eyes were slightly puzzled as it looked at these humans that appeared so small. It was dragging a thick and strong tail behind its back, and its slightly gaping mouth was big enough to swallow even the biggest of the Diamond Boars they had encountered earlier.

Tang Wulin scolded himself secretly. Why had he not used his common
sense? Naturally, a creature in this forest capable of making that Diamond Boar herd run for their lives was certainly not going to be easy to deal with.

Its ghastly white teeth, sharp as knives inside its cavernous mouth, were covered in fresh blood. It was apparent that the creature had just hunted something.

“Roar!” Without a word, the monster widened its mouth and gave out a raging roar that shook the heavens and earth. Its booming voice transformed into a terrifying soundwave that traveled directly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

‘It’s so powerful…’

There was no way for him to determine the rank of this enemy soul beast because as far as Tang Wulin could recall, there was no soul beast such as this.

“The Overlord Dragon. It is the lord of the Elemental Dragons.” Gu Yue’s voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s ears. With a flash of silver light, the two of them vanished into thin air. When they reappeared, they were standing next to an uprooted tree.

Tang Wulin asked softly, “Are you sure that this creature is an elemental dragon?”

“I’m sure. I didn’t expect such a beast to exist in the spirit ascension platform. The Overlord Dragon should have perished in ancient times. That is why there’s no introduction to it in our textbooks now. I read about it in the spirit ascension platform’s library. A fully grown Overlord Dragon is on par with the existence of a giant dragon. I think this one has a ten-thousand- year cultivation base, but even an ordinary one hundred thousand-year soul beast is not necessarily stronger. We’re in big trouble now. It has an
extremely sharp sense of smell.”

“Let’s fight for a final chance. If my bloodline does not affect it then you should flee the battlefield at once!” As Tang Wulin spoke, he pushed
against the tree by his side and leaped swiftly into the air. Already, he could clearly sense that the Overlord Dragon was approaching. It was such a massive creature and yet, it did not make a sound when it walked. This was also the reason why they had not sensed its presence earlier.


The valiant sound of a dragon’s roar burst out from Tang Wulin’s mouth. He leaped into the air and released his blood essence instantly. It was his Golden Dragon Body!

A thick wave of blood essence burst out immediately. His Golden Dragon Bloodline’s fluctuation surged skyward when he intentionally reversed his blood essence.

His palms pushed up to the sky as the enormous Golden Dragon’s head emerged. It was Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens launched by Tang Wulin was not aimed at the Overlord Dragon. Instead, it was aimed at the sky.

He could sense that he was utterly incapable of fighting the creature judging by the beast’s size and Gu Yue’s description. He was completely outranked, so his only chance was to intimidate it. He could only hope this would buy him enough time to escape. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was
capable of releasing his blood essence on the greatest scale, so he knew that the success of his plan depended on this single move.

As expected, the Overlord Dragon was already upon them when Tang Wulin had leaped up.

It seemed like the beast had never seen humans before and was approaching out of curiosity, not in a rush to attack. The waves of soul power emitted by Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were far too weak to threaten it, so it felt no need to strike back.


The Overlord Dragon raised its head and roared furiously at the sound of Tang Wulin’s valiant dragon’s roar. The powerful shockwave even changed the color of the sky.

Tang Wulin could feel the blood essence in his body surge, but it was followed closely by a strong urge to free himself from the Golden Dragon King’s Seal.

“Roar!” To his astonishment, the Golden Dragon’s head which Tang Wulin brought out from the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens roared of its own accord. Compared to Tang Wulin’s roar, this dragon’s roar was far more powerful, with a superior manner. There was even a feeling of overwhelming the heavens and earth. The voice of his roar was certainly not as intense as the Overlord Dragon’s, but the roar’s clear and melodious voice was not obscured at all.

Tang Wulin could feel a burst of energy release from his body, propelling him upward and temporarily suspending him in midair.

Then, to his astonishment, the hulking Overlord Dragon, over sixty meters in height, lay down and bowed its gargantuan head in his direction.

A speckle of golden light glowed in the middle of the Overlord Dragon’s head.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. All of a sudden, there was a voice coming from inside him that seemed to be telling him something. He could not understand it, but his body was floating uncontrollably in the direction of the Overlord Dragon’s gigantic head.

The golden light in the middle of the Overlord Dragon’s head glowed brighter and brighter. Tang Wulin could already see that it was apparently a diamond-shaped scale.

The scales on the Overlord Dragon’s body were all irregular. Most were oval-shaped or semi-circular. Only that single scale glowed, shimmering with a dazzling golden light. It was a magnificent color and shaped like a diamond. The shape was exactly like Tang Wulin’s scales, with its edges and corners, and was filled with texture.

‘This was…’

The Overlord Dragon raised its immense head and looked at him with a pair of scarlet eyes. Tang Wulin was feeling a little nervous. He could already feel that he was capable of floating now, not because of his own abilities but from the
Overlord Dragon’s soul power.

The creature was truly formidable. It was, at the very least, the strongest of all the soul beasts that Tang Wulin had ever faced thus far.

‘How effective is the influence of my bloodline on it?’ Tang Wulin’s heart was beating wildly. Although he had relied on the power of his bloodline to suppress many soul beasts before, this was his first time facing an Overlord Dragon with such a rank.

The bloodline’s influence was effective on all dragon-type soul beasts and martial souls, but it was limited by the rank of his cultivation base. For
example, his Golden Dragon bloodline was capable of affecting the Scarlet Dragon Douluo and the Blazing Dragon Douluo, yet those two respected
Douluos were only marginally affected. He could possibly affect them even more if he were to elevate his cultivation base to their rank.

The dragon stared at Tang Wulin. The human and beast were locked in a
stalemate. Tang Wulin was already pondering in his heart now: if he were to be torn apart by the Overlord Dragon, how would the agony that he suffered affect his spiritual power? Even though his spiritual power was already
elevated to the Spirit Sea rank now, this incident would definitely not reduce the pain that he was suffering from, and perhaps it would even strengthen him.

‘One is the knife and I am the fish.’ This was how Tang Wulin felt at the time. He could only push his bloodline power with all his might to maintain the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. A drop of cold sweat trickled down his head.

The Overlord Dragon widened its mouth slowly. Due to their close proximity, Tang Wulin could clearly see that each of its huge teeth was a few meters long and would require two people to wrap themselves around it. The ghastly white teeth were covered in blood and scraps of meat. Tang Wulin thought that the dragon could even consume a hill in one gulp as he witnessed its mouth widen more and more.

Chapter 554

Chapter 554: The Disappearing Overlord Dragon

‘I can’t do this anymore. The stress is too much.’ Tang Wulin had already thought to press the escape button. At least there was still an opportunity to do so now.

Yet it was also at this moment he was shocked to find that his body was paralyzed. A burst of unusual energy radiated from the Overlord Dragon’s body and formed a strange connection with his blood essence reversal. Tang Wulin felt like he was hit with an immobilization spell. He was suspended in the air and could not budge at all. He was effectively rendered incapable of fleeing the spirit ascension platform now.

How did this happen?

He could not even make a sound. He could only gape speechlessly as he looked at the dragon’s mouth widening more and more right before his eyes.

‘He could kill me in just one gulp.’ Tang Wulin could not imagine how it would feel to be chewed up by such humongous teeth.

Meanwhile, the Overlord Dragon was moving. Its massive head suddenly thrust forward with its mouth opened wide.

‘It’s over!’ Tang Wulin’s mind was completely blank.

He could sense as a wave of tremendous power gushed forth, so strong that he was unable to breathe.

“Swoosh!” Tang Wulin rose into the air and there was an indescribable uneasiness within his body. Despite this, his breathing had recovered, and he did not feel any pain.

He regained control of his body as he hastily shifted his soul power to slow his fall.

He could clearly see the Overlord Dragon closing its mouth as he fell. Its thick tongue had just retracted into its gaping maw.

In an instant, Tang Wulin’s entire body was drenched.


‘It wasn’t trying to bite me but lick me?’ Tang Wulin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He felt relieved as if he had just miraculously escaped death.

The Overlord Dragon’s giant head jutted forward just in time to catch Tang Wulin as he fell from the sky. Tang Wulin landed right onto the diamond-
shaped golden scale.

His hands pushed down to stabilize his body. Just as he pressed on the golden scale, the dragon raised its head and let out a deafening roar that shook the entire forest.

Tang Wulin could suddenly feel the creature’s emotions. It was cheering. It was thrilled and excited.

Out of nowhere, a golden color appeared on Tang Wulin’s body. The
Golden Dragon Body was releasing a gentle gold-colored soul ring. The
color spread to the scale on the Overlord Dragon’s forehead and then to the rest of its body.

The blood essence fluctuations in Tang Wulin’s body grew more and more strenuous. The fourteen seals that had yet to be opened were vibrating
slightly. An unfathomable force radiated from the depths of his blood essence and released into his body. The great Overlord Dragon seemed to sense the force as it slowly knelt, then lay prone on the ground.

Tang Wulin stood up subconsciously and then jumped down from the dragon’s head. After landing, he turned around to face the enormous
creature and found that its entire body was now golden. What happened after that astonished Tang Wulin.

The Overlord Dragon slowly shut its large eyes, and Tang Wulin could clearly see that they were filled with relief as they closed. Soon after, its
gigantic body started fading. A stream of golden smoke floated out of the diamond-shaped scale on its forehead and flew toward Tang Wulin.

The golden color filled the air and covered Tang Wulin’s entire body. He felt like a strange rush of power seemed to seep into him. He could do nothing as the force grew stronger and stronger. In an instant, clouds of golden smoke had completely surrounded him, and his body was absorbing them like the great sea.

Gu Yue had already walked out from the trees by the side earlier. She was
slightly stunned upon witnessing the incredible scene happening before her. She muttered to herself, “How did I forget that the Overlord Dragon is lord of the Land Dragons because the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline courses through its body?! It isn’t pure, but it’s the only one.”

The golden smoke clouds lasted for more than ten minutes before they gradually vanished. His vision no longer obstructed, Tang Wulin was
amazed to discover that the gargantuan Overlord Dragon had disappeared.

It was as though it had not been there at all, if not for the vast hind footprints that the dragon had left behind.

Tang Wulin felt that there was something different inside his body, but he could not explain it. He concentrated his inner sight, but he could not sense anything at all.

The remaining fourteen Golden Dragon King’s Seals were still firm as before and there was no change to his soul power. His blood essence was still exuberant but not enhanced. Without thinking, he released his soul ring, but there were no changes there either.

So, what happened to the golden clouds that fused with his body? What was that anyway?

Even though this happened in the spirit ascension platform, almost
everything else was unreal. His spirit soul and soul ring were not enhanced.
It felt like nothing had ever happened, yet Tang Wulin was almost
absolutely certain that something had entered his body. Something he could not comprehend.

At least the crisis brought by the Overlord Dragon had passed.

Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief. The urge to vent that he felt earlier had dissipated due to the shock.

Once again, he had to come to terms with his own strength. He was still insignificant in this world, and still a long way from becoming one of the elites. That being said, he surmised that even Teacher Wu would flee if he had bumped into the Overlord Dragon. The creature was simply too powerful.

Tang Wulin turned around to look at Gu Yue standing at a distance and found that she was staring back at him too. He hastily ran to her side.

“Did you see that? How did the Overlord Dragon disappear? Do you know what happened? I don’t feel like anything in me has changed,” Tang Wulin said confusedly.

Gu Yue shook her head and answered as if deep in thought, “I only felt that it fused with you most willingly. Just like how the spirit soul and soul master reached an agreement when the spirit ascension platform was first built. It can only be completed when the two parties do it of their own free will. On the other hand, we already did it one-sided now.”

Tang Wulin laughed as he said, “It’s still impossible for it to turn into my spirit soul, right? I have yet to reach rank 40.” Gu Yue smiled. “I don’t know about that either. Anyway, how did we manage to keep it from making a meal of us? Shall we rest awhile?”

Tang Wulin sat on the ground. “Of course we should. You don’t know how terrified I was earlier. I was petrified! We couldn’t even bear the sound of its roar, leave alone a full frontal assault. Let me rest for a while first. I doubt any other soul beasts would dare to come here after all of its furious roaring earlier.

“It sounds like the management of this spirit ascension platform is problematic! This is only an intermediate spirit ascension platform, so how did it…”

Tang Wulin was interrupted when he suddenly felt dizzy. It was as though the sky and earth were spinning, and the space around him seemed to have become twisted. Gu Yue felt the same. Both of them wore shocked
expressions before everything faded to black as they lost consciousness.

The entire process seemed to be very brief. When they once again opened their eyes, they discovered that they were already at the Spirit Pagoda
where they had entered the spirit ascension platform earlier. The hatch cover opened, and Gu Yue was climbing out from inside.

‘Have we been sent back?’

Tang Wulin turned over and sat up. He was startled to see that the place was filled with people standing around. They were led by Gu Yue’s teacher Leng Yaozhu, the Spirit Pagoda’s deputy master who was titled the
Heavenly Phoenix Douluo.

Tang Wulin sat up and found that everyone staring straight at him. Leng Yaozhu’s gaze burned as she looked at him. “Don’t panic. There’s been an accident in the Spirit Pagoda. We’re going to investigate for a while. Come and follow me, both of you.”

Chapter 555

Chapter 555: The Unyielding Spirit Soul

Tang Wulin might have felt anxious if somebody else had been there, but he was truly relieved when he saw it was none other than Gu Yue’s teacher.
This was not due to his trust in Leng Yaozhu, but in Gu Yue. He would absolutely never believe that Gu Yue would refuse to help him.

The rest of the staff were bustling about in the spirit ascension platform while Leng Yaozhu brought Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to her office.

“I saw what happened earlier. The Overlord Dragon’s appearance in the intermediate spirit ascension platform was the Spirit Pagoda’s mistake. It was supposed to be the guardian of the path between the intermediate and advanced spirit ascension platforms. Moreover, it was the strongest guardian. Due to certain circumstances, it accidentally escaped to the outer region. The Spirit Pagoda can only exercise limited control over a soul beast of such a rank. However, you’ve absorbed it…”

Leng Yaozhu’s face took on a peculiar expression as she looked at Tang Wulin while speaking. Even if it was the Spirit Pagoda’s fault that the
Overlord Dragon appeared on the intermediate spirit ascension platform’s area, at most she would only need to compensate the soul master who bumped into the Overlord Dragon afterward.

The reason she went to the spirit ascension platform’s entrance was because this young man before her actually absorbed the Overlord Dragon in a rather baffling way.

Leng Yaozhu had rushed over at once when she realized that Gu Yue was involved, and then she saw Tang Wulin once again.

She had arrived just in time to witness the final moments when the Overlord Dragon had turned into smoke and was completely absorbed into Tang Wulin’s body.

“Your eminence, would you believe me if I told you I don’t know what happened either?” Tang Wulin spoke with a forced smile.

“I believe you. Tell me how you felt at the time.” The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo did not seem suspicious of Tang Wulin’s words. After all, in her eyes, Tang Wulin was still a child of just over ten years old. Furthermore, he had led a clean and pure life.

After Tang Wulin had helped his companions gain their spirit souls on the spirit ascension platform earlier, Leng Yaozhu investigated this young fellow who had a close relationship with her disciple.

Tang Wulin explained, “There seems to be a dragon-type force in my bloodline, but my martial soul has yet to be truly awakened. In other words, it’s a different type of awakening. The energy of my bloodline is capable of bringing forth this ability of mine. I’m capable of generating a suppression effect on most dragon-type soul beasts, but only a certain amount. That’s
why we were unable to defeat the Overlord Dragon earlier, but I had to try since I already entered the spirit ascension platform. Then I…”

He did not try to conceal anything. He recounted everything that he felt,
along with the fact that there was no change to his body after absorbing the dragon.

Leng Yaozhu gazed at him deeply. “Wulin, I’m sorry. This is our Spirit Pagoda’s mistake, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to go through a series of physical inspections due to the strange circumstances of this incident.”

Before Tang Wulin could even answer, Gu Yue spoke with a frown, “But
why, teacher? Our training on the spirit ascension platform was interrupted, and you’ve said yourself that this was our Spirit Pagoda’s own mistake.
Why does he have to be put through these inspections?”

Leng Yaozhu darted her a look. “Of course it would be easy to settle if this was such a simple incident. We would even offer some compensation. However, you need to understand that the soul beasts in the spirit ascension platforms really exist, in a sense.”

Tang Wulin was startled immediately upon hearing these words. He could vaguely sense that he understood the mystery.

Upon seeing Tang Wulin’s eyes widen in surprise, Leng Yaozhu smiled gently and spoke, “Don’t be afraid. It’s only a few routine inspections.
Actually, it’s fine for me to inform you that many high ranking soul masters are aware of what happened in the spirit ascension platform earlier. Most of the soul beasts you see on the spirit ascension platform are real creatures.
We use a device that allows your spiritual consciousness to bring your body’s brand into the platform’s world. When you are in that world, the energy of any soul beasts that you kill will be attached to your spiritual power and your body’s brand. Then it is brought out using the device. In
reality, the soul beasts that all of you see there are actual spirit souls that are created or cloned by the Spirit Pagoda.”

“The Spirit Pagoda’s greatest source of income is the creation of spirit
souls, yet there’ll inevitably be some abnormal results from this process. These defective products cannot be absorbed by soul masters directly, but we are able to send them into the spirit ascension platform after a special
cultivation process. These products will then manifest before you. The soul beast and soul power’s characteristics from their main body will be
converted into pure energy that is absorbed into your soul ring after they are killed. This is the origin of the spirit ascension platform.”

“However, not all soul beasts in the spirit ascension platform are defective products. In order to improve the spirit ascension platform– particularly at the intermediate and advanced levels– we added some perfected artificial
spirit souls, and as well as some real spirit souls. This ensures that the entire system is further perfected.”

Tang Wulin had only just realized that this was how the spirit ascension platform originated. He could not help admiring the Spirit Pagoda in his heart. The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo explained in such a simple manner, but he wondered how many technical issues were involved. This was the essence of the Spirit Pagoda’s wisdom for millennia and mega-annums before the spirit ascension platform was created.

Battle armor, artificial spirit souls, and spirit ascension platforms were known as the epoch-making products. They had managed to enhance the human soul master’s overall power to a large extent. This was also the main reason that the soul beasts faced extinction before the soul masters.

The Spirit Pagoda played an extremely important role in this.

Tang Wulin finally understood more about the Spirit Pagoda after listening to Leng Yaozhu’s words.

“Your eminence, so the Overlord Dragon that we ran into earlier was…”

Leng Yaozhu looked at him with a deep gaze as she spoke, “That was a real spirit soul. It is known to us as the ‘unyielding spirit soul’.”

“The unyielding spirit soul?” This was the first time Tang Wulin had ever heard of such a title.

Leng Yaozhu nodded and spoke, “The Spirit Pagoda has been preserving a large number of spirit souls since ages past. Generally, a soul beast’s spirit soul will gradually dissipate after it has died. In order to retain these spirit souls, the Spirit Pagoda uses a number of special techniques to preserve them in the hopes of finding the most suitable soul masters for them in the future. Just like how we are studying the spirit soul recovery system. If the research is successful, a soul master who dies from ordinary causes in the future will need only be sent to the Spirit Pagoda three days after his passing. Then all the spirit souls he has ever owned in his lifetime can be extracted for preservation. This’ll greatly conserve our resources. Of
course, it’ll take a very long time before this research can be perfected. We would also need the soul master’s family members to cooperate with us.
After all, the soul master’s body will be violated to a certain extent in the process of extracting spirit souls.”

Tang Wulin widened his eyes. ‘Has the Spirit Pagoda achieved such a level of technological advancement?’ Leng Yaozhuo continued, “Not all the spirit souls that we preserved can be absorbed by soul masters. It has been that way ever since ancient times, and it remains so to this day. The majority of such spirit souls cannot be
absorbed due to their own pride or intractable behavior. These are the ones that we have dubbed ‘unyielding spirit souls’. If a soul master attempted to absorb them by force, he would certainly be endangering his life. We have kept precise statistics and records of these spirit souls, in order to ensure that the soul masters will never bump into them.”

“However, most of the unyielding spirit souls are very powerful. Just preserving them has consumed a lot of the Spirit Pagoda’s resources. We are trying to figure out a way to send them into the spirit ascension platform. This is mainly to perfect the spirit ascension platform, but it’ll also ensure that they have a place to go so we can save cost.”

“The Overlord Dragon is an unyielding spirit soul?” Tang Wulin asked.

Leng Yaozhu nodded and answered, “Yes. Moreover, it is an elite soul
amongst all of them. It is one of the most uncontrollable creatures. There are only a few that are on par with it. The Overlord Dragon is wild and
overbearing in temperament. There was once a human soul master who had achieved rank-90 that wanted to absorb it as his final spirit soul, but he died tragically as a result of being forcibly breached by it. None have ever
conquered its unyielding will. Amongst the Spirit Pagoda’s preserved souls there is only one spirit soul from a soul beast that has been extinct since
ancient times. It is also a creature at the pinnacle and exceedingly disobedient. It’ll often devour the other soul beasts in the spirit ascension platform. We have thought about killing it, but due to its long history, as
well as its rarity, we chose to leave it be. Yet, it was absorbed by you today.
This has piqued our curiosity, and that is why we need to collect a set of statistics from you and keep you under some observation in the future.”

“Even though there is no way to absorb the unyielding spirit soul, the amount of resources and money that the Spirit Pagoda has spent on the
Overlord Dragon is astronomical. We will need to explain its disappearance to the Spirit Pagoda’s council system. Don’t worry. We won’t do anything bad to you. It is just some routine inspections, and we will provide you with a set of our inspection results. I’ve already sent someone to notify your Shrek Academy. Someone will come from your academy to personally supervise your inspection.”

Chapter 556

Chapter 556: The Rival?

‘Is the matter so serious? Even the academy was notified?’

However, Tang Wulin felt calmer upon hearing Leng Yaozhu’s words. The Spirit Pagoda managed its affairs appropriately, and since someone from the academy would be here then naturally there was nothing for him to worry

“Very well, your eminence. I’ll certainly work together with you,” he said with a smile.

Leng Yaozhu’s description of the Overlord Dragon made it sound even stronger.

‘Yet why isn’t there a single change to my body despite being completely fused with a being so powerful?’

Leng Yaozhu seated them first. She would only begin the inspection on Tang Wulin after the party from the academy arrived.

If another soul master was in Tang Wulin’s place, he would have been dragged away for the inspection much earlier. However, Tang Wulin was different. Not only was he Gu Yue’s partner, he was also a student from Shrek Academy. Leng Yaozhu had heard of his situation even though she was living in the Spirit Pagoda. There was no doubt that Shrek Academy greatly valued his presence. She could easily get caught in a confrontation with the academy if she were to perform a set of thorough physical inspections in a rush. That was why they notified the academy’s side at once.

Moments later, a middle-aged woman came by Leng Yaozhu’s room and softly spoke, “Your eminence, the people from Shrek Academy have arrived.”

“Who have they sent?” Leng Yaozhu asked dully.

The woman hesitated for a moment before quietly saying, “It’s her eminence, the Holy Spirit Douluo.”

Leng Yaozhu’s body clearly stiffened for a moment upon hearing the name and she stood up at once. “Please.”

Soon, Tang Wulin was brought before the Holy Spirit Douluo.

The Holy Spirit appeared even more elegant today. It was unknown if she had intentionally dressed up. She was wearing a long white gown, free from blemishes of any kind. Her entire person overflowed with wispy beauty.
Her fair complexion and tender skin looked as though they would break at a pinch. She was utterly unlike a Douluo who was famous for years. None
would doubt if it was claimed that she had yet to reach her twenties.

“Your eminence, Heavenly Phoenix.” The Holy Spirit Douluo nodded gently toward the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo.

“Sister Yali, since when have you become so courteous?” Leng Yaozhui welcomed her with a smile and a gentle hug.

The Holy Spirit Douluo chuckled. “Business is business, right? It’s been too long since I last saw you. I’ve missed you. What happened? Is Tang Wulin in trouble?”

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo smiled gently. “There has been a little trouble. That’s why we notified all of you immediately. However, it isn’t his, but our trouble.”

She recounted the course of events in a simple manner. Yali did not question Tang Wulin because she knew the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo and the Spirit Pagoda she represented well enough to know that she was not lying. “Then, we’ll work together with you to investigate this matter. I’ll be here on the scene through the whole inspection,” the Holy Spirit Douluo smiled as she spoke.

“Of course.”

The Holy Spirit Douluo then came to Tang Wulin’s side. “Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you during the entire process. We’ll return after the inspection,” she smiled as she spoke calmly and yet, anyone could hear the confidence
and pride concealed in her tone.

Tang Wulin felt as if the Holy Spirit Douluo was different than usual. She had always been so easygoing and was as gentle as flowing water.
However, there seemed to be a sharpness to her demeanor today.

Tang Wulin was taken to a huge room full of instruments, and a series of inspections ensued.

Tang Wulin did not know most of the implements in the room. All manner of scans and measurements were carried out continuously. He felt as though he were a puppet constantly being fiddled by all sorts of things but it did not cause him too much pain.

They had some problems drawing blood, as Tang Wulin’s skin was so tough that ordinary needles could not pierce it at all. In the end, he had to use his own Golden Dragon Claw to make a small incision in his skin, and only then did they succeed.

Gu Yue stayed by his side the whole time. When she saw Tang Wulin’s blood being drawn, she furrowed her brows furiously.

All of the inspections were finally completed after a full two hours of suffering.

Tang Wulin, who could usually cultivate all day without being fatigued, was left feeling dizzy. Gu Yue passed him some water and he took a few big gulps. He then sat for a while as he slowly regained his strength.

“Finally, everything is done.” Tang Wulin exhaled a breath of relief. Gu Yue whispered, “I’m sorry.”
“Huh? What are you sorry for?” Tang Wulin asked in confusion.

Gu Yue lowered her head and spoke, “I shouldn’t have acted up with you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have had come to the spirit ascension platform. Actually, I saw you and Na’er today.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “How’s this your fault? I really did plan to come here. I can only say that we were a little unlucky. Na’er?
What’s with Na’er? She…”

“Nothing.” Gu Yue suddenly interrupted him.

Meanwhile, both of the Title Douluo’s had already walked over.

“Wulin, let’s return now.” Yali grabbed Tang Wulin’s hand suddenly.

With a smile on her face, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo spoke, “Sister Yali, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Why don’t you stay and let me treat you to a meal? It will be another two hours before the results of the inspection
are out. You see…”

Yali smiled as she shook her head. “There’s no need. I still have some matters to attend to when I return. He’s still waiting for me. Let’s go.” She pulled Tang Wulin along as they made their way outside.

The middle-aged woman who was standing at the entrance looked inquisitively toward the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo whose expression became gloomy.

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo shook her head gently. The Holy Spirit Douluo brought along Tang Wulin as they left together. Not even one of the Spirit Pagoda’s staff tried to stop them.

“Bang!” Leng Yaozhu slapped the table in front of her, her face green with rage.

Gu Yue was startled as she had never seen her teacher so furious. “Teacher, what happened?” she asked in concern.
Leng Yaozhu spoke ferociously, “She’s only here to flaunt her strength at me. Hmph. What is so good about her?! Why is she pretending to be all holy and pure?! Hmph!”

Gu Yue was slightly dumbstruck. ‘What’s going on here?’

The Holy Spirit Douluo waved her hand once after she exited the Spirit Pagoda. A white soul ring circled around her body and Tang Wulin’s. The surrounding scenery immediately turned blurry.

He could not feel that he was flying. He could not even see everything on the outside as though he was simply in a comfortable space.

“Are you feeling curious about my attitude earlier?” The Holy Spirit
Douluo could not help smiling at Tang Wulin’s dumbfounded expression.

Tang Wulin nodded honestly. The Holy Spirit Douluo was truly acting completely different today!

The Holy Spirit Douluo answered, “Initially, there was no need for me to
come today and yet, I came over the moment I heard it was Leng Yaozhu. I would never allow her to bully you. Let me tell you a little secret — she’s considered my rival. Oh, Wulin! You’re blessed with natural talent in
cultivation, and you’ll definitely amount to great things in the future.
However, you must pay more attention to your relationships. You’ll attract more and more females as you grow older because of your excellence.
Don’t flirt. A man should be monogamous. Don’t ever behave like someone…” Meanwhile, in the Sea God’s Pavilion, someone suddenly sneezed. His nose was feeling rather itchy. ‘What is going on? I’ve long since become immune to heat and cold. How did this happen? Who’s talking about me?’

Back in the Spirit Pagoda, it was announced, “The results of the inspection are out.”

Leng Yaozhu sat at the head table in the meeting room. The people sitting below were those in charge of the different departments in the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, including the manager of the intermediate spirit ascension platform.

“Alright. Explain to everyone,” Leng Yaozhu instructed her staff.

The staff immediately turned on the projector, and Tang Wulin’s figure was projected onto the white wall.

Gu Yue was staring at Tang Wulin’s image in the projection as she stood behind Leng Yaozhu. She could not help feeling strange since this was the first time she looked at him in this manner. He appeared rather helpless at that moment, and she felt a twitch in her heart out of nowhere.

Chapter 557

Chapter 557: The Analysis

“Tang Wulin. Male — fourteen years old. The class monitor of first grade class one’s student in the outer courts of Shrek Academy. The first graders in this batch are reputed as the strongest freshman class in Shrek Academy. There are many outstanding students in the class but for him to be elected as the class monitor for this particular class… He has to have truly outstanding abilities. Today, he even came to the spirit ascension platform…”

Following that was a description of the events that took place throughout the spirit ascension platform.

“…we’ve carried out a thorough inspection and analysis of his body and discovered astonishing results. For starters, his body does not contain a single trace of the Overlord Dragon. In other words, although we clearly witnessed the Overlord Dragon being absorbed into his body, there’s no sign of its existence. It’s as if it has vanished into thin air.”

The meeting room broke out into a series of discussions once she mentioned that.

An elder mumbled, “This doesn’t even make sense. The Overlord Dragon is an unyielding spirit soul. It possesses exceedingly vast energy in its body.
Judging by normal circumstances, although it’s a spirit soul, even an ordinary ten thousand year soul beast’s spirit soul is not necessarily
comparable to its mighty force. The energy generated from such a soul beast is definitely not something a youth at rank-30 soul power is capable of enduring. It doesn’t make sense that it would just vanish without a trace now.”

“It doesn’t make sense, but it’s the truth. Elder Tian, we’ve carried out all a meticulous inspection but there’s truly nothing. The child didn’t lie when he told us there was nothing left behind by the Overlord Dragon in his body.”

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand and said, “Continue. Explain your other analyses.”


“Although we can’t detect the existence of the Overlord Dragon within Tang Wulin’s body, we discovered many unusual things. First, his martial
soul is Bluesilver Grass, a trash-tier martial soul which has limited growth opportunities. On the other hand, his bloodline contains a unique form of
strength, and when we analyzed his blood, we found that although it meets the criteria of human blood, the vast strength it affords him is far beyond what regular human beings have.”

“Is he a hybrid?” the elder from before asked once again.

The staff shook his head in reply. “He isn’t a hybrid. He’s a pure human being. However, the immense strength his blood affords him is very distinct. Put simply, there’s a unique energy combined with the red blood cells within his body. We were unable to separate the energy but it was rather similar to the energy generated when his martial soul and bloodline
was bound to him. Under normal circumstances, the energy provided by the martial soul will dissipate into the air once the blood leaves the human body. However, his remained intact. On the contrary, the energy was
strongly bound to his blood. There’s only one circumstance that fits this description. The bloodline within his body is extremely powerful.”

“We’ve also examined his body thoroughly. How do I describe the strength of his body… If I were to measure his strength quantitatively, it has already exceeded an ordinary six-ringed Soul Emperor. Moreover, I’m talking about a six-ringed, assault-type Soul Emperor. Everything from his bones and nerves to his internal organs are capable of achieving such a ranking.”

The meeting room turned a little quieter.

After a long pause, a middle-aged man spoke, “Good lord, he really does prove himself to be a little monster cultivated by Shrek Academy. He’s really peculiar!”

The staff gave a forced laugh as he spoke, “There were even stranger findings later on. After our inspection, we found that his spiritual power is roughly placed between level 650 to 700. This is exceptionally above the others who are at his age. He is at the Spirit Sea rank. However, when we were attempting to inspect his spiritual power’s state on a deeper level, our instruments wouldn’t work so we weren’t able to continue with the
examination of his brain.”

“The instruments wouldn’t function?” This time, even Leng Yaozhu was astonished.

“Yes. We didn’t use instruments that are even stronger on him considering that he’s a student from Shrek Academy. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that we’d hurt his brain. Generally, our ordinary instruments can complete all inspections necessary for soul masters who are on an even higher rank than he is.”

“Next is his data analysis, his red blood cells content…”

A series of data was swiftly presented before everyone. Basically, every single data point from Tang Wulin’s body indicated an abnormality,
especially the density of his muscles and bones that exceeded an ordinary person by many folds.

“According to our judgment, his strength is exceptionally strong. How do I explain this? Our comprehensive evaluation on him indicates that he’s a beast in human-form. If this young man is capable of continuously growing at this rate, he’s going to be an exceedingly amazing being only by virtue of his strength when he reaches adulthood. Aside from his soul power that’s developing along a regular path, everything else far exceeds an ordinary
soul master.”

Leng Yaozhu frowned. It sounded as if the data from Tang Wulin’s inspection was so abnormal that he far exceeded ordinary beings. In reality, this was not so out of the ordinary especially since he was from Shrek
Academy. Since when did normal humans exist in Shrek Academy? The Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul that they truly wanted to test showed them nothing. It was as if it had truly vanished into thin air. In the history of the Spirit Pagoda, this was the first time this situation had ever happened.

The Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul valuable — this was without a doubt.
However, although the information the Spirit Pagoda possessed was
sufficient, the problem with such a phenomenon was the question if it was related to the spirit ascension platform.

The spirit ascension platform was the core of the Spirit Pagoda. If a problem arose there, it would be enough to shake the Spirit Pagoda’s foundation.

“Platform Master Leng, please instruct us. How do we manage the follow- up? Should we continue to look for that Tang Wulin for further inspections?”

“Don’t,” Leng Yaozhu had yet to speak when Gu Yue behind her suddenly spoke.

Dozens of gazes in the room were immediately focused at her.

Gu Yue did not cower because of all those gazes, “Don’t. He’s about to represent Shrek Academy to head to Star Luo Continent for the exchange program. The academy will never allow him to be inspected again.”

A middle-aged man looked at her before turning his gaze toward Leng Yaozhu once more. “So… Regarding this matter, do we just acknowledge that we were unlucky? Regarding our loss that is…”

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand. “Now isn’t the time to talk about losses. The intermediate spirit ascension platform will be temporarily closed for a month of an internal inspection to ensure that it’s not problematic. We’ll preserve all the data and once he’s done representing Shrek Academy in the exchange program, we’ll inspect him once again. I’ll figure out a way to
convince Shrek Academy, Gu Yue.” “The disciple is here.” “You’ll be heading to Star Luo Continent with him. You must observe Tang Wulin closely during this period of time. Remember to immediately let me know if any anomalies occur to his body once you’ve returned.”

“Yes, teacher,” Gu Yue answered.

She understood that when she suddenly spoke earlier to keep Tang Wulin from another inspection, she was only concerned that another inspection would cause harm to him. She lost all self-control at that exact moment when the words escaped her lips.

It was without a doubt that the Spirit Pagoda suffered a huge loss on this matter. They had no other choice since Tang Wulin was a student at Shrek Academy. Even if the Spirit Pagoda was capable of commanding the wind and rain on the continent, they would not dare to directly offend Shrek
Academy. This was the overbearing power they accumulated over the years.

They would not be able to do anything even if they made no discovery after Tang Wulin was brought over for another inspection. They would not even be able to make him compensate them for the loss for one simple reason — he could not afford it!

If he was just an ordinary soul master who was unrelated to Shrek
Academy, Leng Yaozhu would certainly figure out a way to make him join the Spirit Pagoda. As long as he became part of them, any advantage he gained from absorbing the Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul would still be
closely related to the Spirit Pagoda.

The first thing that Tang Wulin did upon returning to the academy was to visit his special cultivation venue.

He meditated to feel the change within himself.

Unfortunately, the only change he felt after meditating until the next morning was… nothing! There was absolutely nothing at all. The Overlord Dragon’s presence was nonexistence. It was as if it had never appeared before.

Chapter 558

Chapter 558: See You In A Year

This truly frustrated Tang Wulin. How could a big creature disappear just like that? Moreover, it was some so-called unyielding spirit soul.

No one would believe him if he were to say that this was normal.

He wondered what the Spirit Pagoda’s reaction would be. There was nothing else he could do here anyway.

After cultivating Purple Demon Eyes in the morning, Tang Wulin met Gu Yue in the cafeteria to inquire about the Spirit Pagoda’s situation. Gu Yue informed him that all was well within the Spirit Pagoda and there was no need to worry.

‘No need to worry?’ Tang Wulin was still puzzled. ‘The Spirit Pagoda was not supposed to be so amiable, right? It was the Overlord Dragon after all!’

However, since Gu Yue said all was well, everything was probably fine. This was closely related to the academy. Under the protection of people with power and influence, one could profit. When the Holy Spirit Douluo chose to head there personally, it was already a sign that there were many problems.

“Let’s begin our lesson,” Wu Zhangkong walked to the back of the rostrum and announced the start of today’s class.

“Stand up,” Tang Wulin instructed habitually. They stood up and saluted as the class began.
“I’m going to announce something before the start of our lesson. Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Ye Xinglan. Today is the last day of class for all six of you. You’ll all be given a day’s rest tomorrow before you are to depart the day after tomorrow to participate in the exchange program in Star Luo Continent. That is why today’s lesson will be my final lesson for you for the coming year.

“Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s class duties will be passed on to Wu Siduo and Luo Guixing. Wu Siduo will be the class monitor, while Luo Guixing will be the assistant class monitor. Yang Nianxia will progressively take over the role as assistant class monitor and the blacksmith’s committee…”

Although many people were aware that Tang Wulin and the others were leaving soon, it was then that finally realized that the time had come after listening to Wu Zhangkong’s announcement. Tang Wulin and the others would represent the academy in Star Luo Continent for an entire year.

There were very few who were envious of them. This was because many people did not agree that there was anywhere else that was more suitable for cultivation than Shrek Academy.

Although a year in the exchange program would increase one’s experience and knowledge, it was not necessarily a good thing for one’s cultivation.


The bell rang indicating that the class had ended.

Wu Siduo walked and stood before Tang Wulin. “Don’t let me exceed you when you return a year later.”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “I’m looking forward to that day.”

Yang Nianxia walked to Tang Wulin’s side, he stretched out his huge arm and wrapped it around Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “Leave the duties of class monitor and blacksmithing to me. Don’t worry, I’ll lead everyone well.”

Tang Wulin scoffed as he gave a forced laugh. “You’ve always been leading everyone. Naturally, the blacksmith committee should belong to yours as
well.” He felt as if he had never truly performed his duties in the blacksmith committee since he usually practiced forging by himself. Yet, no one else in the class complained because Tang Wulin would frequently help the others with their forging for free or for a minimal charge. The products that he forged were of impeccable quality.

Tang Wulin’s high prestige in first grade class one for almost two years was already irreplaceable from the very beginning.

Luo Guixing’s gaze appeared slightly dazed as he muttered to himself, “I actually hope to explore the world. My dream is to become a traveler and
visit every place in this world. I didn’t expect that all of you would be a step ahead of me now. I’ll definitely go once I’ve graduated.”

Xu Yucheng spoke coldly, “Graduated? It’s still too early for you.”

He was right. Every single one of them had an opportunity to enter the inner court of Shrek Academy. Although they did not have a spirit alloy one-word battle armor, they already had more than a third of their one-word battle
armor. They would certainly become one-word battle armor masters by the time they were in second grade if they continued at their current speed.
They could even achieve rank-50 and above to become Soul King powerhouses. This would definitely ensure their place in the inner courts. Then, they would need to become two-word battle armor masters to graduate from the inner court. They were not allowed to leave the academy before they became two-word battle armor masters. The length of that process would depend on their natural talents.

“Cough! Cough! It seems like becoming a two-word battle armor master is a little… difficult, to say the least.” Luo Guixing’s face was filled with frustration as he spoke, “It seems like my dream will have to be postponed then.”

Tang Wulin laughed in reply. “Alright, don’t grieve over the passing of spring. I’ll bring back some souvenirs for everyone when I return.”

“Really?” Wu Siduo asked.

“Really,” Tang Wulin replied earnestly. Xie Xie whispered from the side of the room, “There’s no need to put such high hopes on it. Coming from our stingy class monitor, it definitely won’t be anything good..”

Tang Wulin glared at him ferociously. “Will it kill you if you didn’t speak so frankly? A souvenir! What is a souvenir? As long as it has some meaning to it, how is price even related to the souvenir?”

The crowd could not help laughing. Yes! He was still the stingy Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin and the rest did not leave the classroom as they chatted. They did not say it out loud, but everyone was heavy-hearted when it came to parting with one another.

Although they were constantly bustling about after they came here, they were always studying and cultivating continuously. However, it was only after they arrived that they gradually became stronger and gained an understanding of many things.

This was Shrek Academy, the most prestigious academy in the entire
continent and perhaps, even the entire continent! This was Shrek Academy, the pride of every student here!

How could they not feel the unwillingness to part when they were about to leave for an entire year.

“Alright, let’s go back now. We should go and pack our things.” Tang Wulin finally stood up and took a glance at the hundred tables and chairs before he walked out of the classroom.

‘When we return, I’ll certainly become even stronger and more powerful! Star Luo Continent, here we come!’

The blue sky was cloudless, and the sunlight was so beautifully bright that it felt hot. This type of weather always put one’s mind at ease. At the very least, it was not depressing.

Tang Wulin and his companions arrived at a city that he was familiar with. It was Skysea City — the largest city east of Star Luo Continent.

Tang Wulin and Gue Yue first met Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan here back in the day.

There was a total of ten people from Shrek Academy. The Silver Moon
Douluo Cai Yu’er was the leader of the group while Sky Ice Wu Zhangkong was the chaperone teacher. The students present were Tang Wulin, Gu Yue,
Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, and Ye Xinglan. All the eight working students were there.

They were at the Skysea City to gather with the Star Luo Continent delegation.

After more than a year’s in the exchange, the Star Luo Continent delegation was about to travel by boat back to the Star Luo Continent. They could not travel by long-haul flight to leave this place since the airspace was closed,
and mechas could not travel such a long distance. Only the Douluo
Continent had long-haul flights at the moment. The federation would never risk their newest technology, the soul airplane being stolen in order to send off the Star Luo Continent’s delegation. That reason alone was why they
were traveling by boat.

“Eat, eat all you can. The meal today is on me,” Tang Wulin called out to his companions in an extremely straightforward manner.

Ye Xinglan pouted her lips while she was eating. This little dining room was the exact one where he left her and Xu Lizhi hanging in the past.

Although the food was scrumptious, she could not help but feel offended when she recalled what happened back then.

‘That treacherous fellow… Hmph!’ Their salt roast fish conquered everyone’s taste buds, and everyone was chowing down the food joyously. Only Wu Zhangkong ate politely while
Elder Cai stopped eating after she ate some seafood since she had a small appetite.

Elder Cai’s gaze appeared slightly dazed at this moment because this was the first time she was seeing Tang Wulin during meal time.

“This young man is too capable of eating, right. Has he been eating like this in the academy all this while?” Elder Cai could not help asking Wu Zhangkong who sat beside her.

The corners of Wu Zhangkong’s lips twitched as he nodded and spoke, “Yes. Elder Feng promised Tang Wulin that he’d provide for his meals. That’s why his food allowance is paid for by Elder Feng.”

Elder Cai smiled as she replied, “No wonder. The moment that crazy old man found out that we were going to depart, his expression was as if he had been relieved from a heavy burden. So it turns out this young man scared Elder Feng with his appetite.”

The coldness on Wu Zhangkong’s face seemed to become much gentler now. He turned to the side and looked toward Tang Wulin who was
chomping down his food, and could not help recalling the past in his mind. ‘It would be great if she was still here.’
He looked at a group of fourteen to fifteen-year-old youths eating and drinking as they chatted away, laughing joyously. It was good to be young!

“Yuanen, you should eat more.” Xie Xie placed a plate of chickpea shrimps in front of Yuanen Yehui.

The chickpea shrimps tasted truly amazing, its shell was hard but the flesh inside was exceedingly fresh and savory. Better yet, the salty gravy was
absolutely out of this world. Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi’s appetite were not hindered by little shrimps that were only a finger’s length but this was truly too scrumptious for them.

Yuanen Yehui took a glance at Xie Xie as she received the plate and placed before her to slowly savor the taste.

Xie Xie’s gaze revealed his delight. He could indistinctly feel Yuanen Yehui rejecting him less now.

This was a truly good beginning! The trip to Star Luo Continent this time was considered a free trip that could perhaps, improve their relationship even more!

Everyone gradually stopped eating due to fullness. Although they had good appetites, they were still far behind Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi.

Chapter 559

Chapter 559: Long Lost Parents

The crowd could not help laughing at the plates that gradually accumulated as high as a hill in front of those two. These two people were even stronger at eating that their usual fighting capacity!

“All of you are truly capable of eating! My shop’s inventories have all been eaten by the lot of you.” The shopkeeper had been dumbstruck since they began eating.

It had been a few years since they last met, and Tang Wulin had grown a lot. However, this young man was still recognizable through his appetite.

“Hmm, I’m eighty percent full now!” Tang Wulin exclaimed satisfactorily.

Xu Lizhi raised his head as Ye Xinglan picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth. “I’m actually already full, but I wanted to try and see how far apart our appetites are.”

Tang Wulin spoke unpleasantly, “Then aren’t you wasting food there? You might as well leave it for me.”

“Settle the bill then. The total is sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty federation coins. I’ll only charge you sixteen thousand,” the shopkeeper walked to Wu Zhangkong and spoke.

There was only one adult amongst this group of ten people. Elder Cai appeared old while the rest were children.

Wu Zhangkong looked towards Tang Wulin but he was currently looking to the sky. It was as if he could see through the ceiling to tell that the weather was good. “I’ll pay the bill.” Wu Zhangkong settled the bill.

Tang Wulin leaped up immediately. “Long live Teacher Wu! Why did you settle the bill, I’ve already said that I’d be treating them to a meal! I’m still considered half a host after all.”

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, do you understand that?” Wu Zhangkong darted him a cold gaze carrying a dash of hidden bitterness.

“Let’s go.” Elder Cai stood up. They had just arrived at the Skysea City
earlier just in time for a meal before they were guided to this place by Tang Wulin. The meal was truly costly but money was nothing to a Title Douluo like her.

The federation announced the assembly point this time around to be at the Grand Skysea Hotel.

The Star Luo Continent diplomatic corps would be gathering here before they depart from Skysea Port by boat. There was a ship which they used to travel here. This time around, the Douluo Continent would be sending a
ship to tag along on the trip. This was for the convenience of receiving Tang Wulin’s group that represented the Douluo Continent in the exchange program after a year.

The Grand Skysea Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in Skysea City.

The group of people traveled by car and soon arrived at their destination. Not every city was as large as Douluo Continent after all.

Wu Zhangkong was in charge of handling the procedures. Shrek Academy received first-class service wherever they went so the check-in process was completed rather quickly. Wu Zhangkong and Elder Cai had their own
single rooms, while the students were paired up and each shared a room. Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, and Yue Zhengyu were each paired in their respective rooms while Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, Gu Yue, and Xu
Xiaoyan were assigned to their rooms as well. “Everyone get some rest. Later, you’ll be free to explore the place but you must return before it gets dark,” Wu Zhangkong urged them repeatedly.

Tang Wulin was still worried about Elder Cai targetting them but she
seemed to be rather easy going right now. She did not speak much during the entire journey, and everything related to the trip was arranged by Wu Zhangkong. This made Wu Zhangkong heave a sigh of relief. She was a Title Douluo after all. They were all be safe and sound under her leadership as long as her fury was not directed at them.

“What are we having for dinner?” Tang Wulin asked his companions before he returned to his room.

Elder Cai who was walking at the front clearly turned rigid for a moment before she sped up. She could not help laughing in spite of himself. ‘Didn’t he just have his meal? This young man is truly a foodie.’

The Grand Skysea Hotel’s room was impressive. A standard twin room was at least sixty to seventy square meters, and the room directly faced the great sea when the curtains were opened.

One could not help feel their horizons broaden when they saw the ocean right outside the windows.

Tang Wulin had been growing up in a city by the ocean ever since he was a child, and he had formed an invisible yet intimate relationship with the great sea.

However, when he looked at the ocean at this moment, the sight of his father and mother bringing him and Na’er to play at the seaside when he was younger came to him in his mind.

‘Father, mother, where are you? Why haven’t you contacted me after such a long time.’

Tang Wulin’s heart was suddenly filled with impulsiveness when he thought of this. He fished out his soul communicator and dialed a number. The call was connected but it rang for a long while before a low voice echoed from the other end.

“Teacher Mang Tian,” Tang Wulin called out.

“Wulin, it’s you! How’s everything? Is everything fine at the academy?” Mang Tian’s voice sounded much gentler compared to when he was still teaching Tang Wulin in the past.

Tang Wulin answered, “Everything is going pretty smoothly. Teacher, how’re you doing?”

Mang Tian replied, “Not that different from the past, I’m alright.”

Ever since Tang Wulin formally acknowledged Mang Tian as his teacher, he had not guided him much any longer. In reality, Tang Wulin had even
already exceeded him in his blacksmithing skills. However, he who taught a student for one day was his father for life. Tang Wulin had never stopped respecting him even for a moment.

“Teacher…” Tang Wulin paused for a moment. He was feeling slightly terrified in his heart for some unknown reason. He was especially hoping that he could receive some news about his parents but he was afraid that it would be bad news.

“They haven’t contacted me as usual.” It was apparent that Mang Tian was aware of what he was about to ask.

Tang Wulin’s expression dulled as he heaved a gentle sigh. “It has been so long and I still don’t know where father and mother are at. Teacher Mang Tian, they’re going to be fine, right?”

Mang Tian assured with certainty, “They’re definitely going to be fine. Your father’s message back then was already very clear. They’re very valuable to the people who captured them. They won’t be in too much danger since they’re useful. You needn’t worry too much either. You’re already doing a good job right now. Just continue walking down the path according to your father’s words. I believe it’s possible that you’ll be able to find him when you can successfully graduate from Shrek Academy.”

“Okay,” Tang Wulin responded.

Yes, he could look for his father and mother only after he ensured that he was sufficiently strong and powerful to return to their side.

His heart had always been with them no matter where they were.

He hung up the call. Tang Wulin’s slightly fatigued heart was reenergized. He knew he had to work hard so he could look for his father and mother.
His father once said that the only person he could completely depend on and trust in this world was himself. As long as he was strong enough, he
could definitely find them. He would contribute more to the Tang Sect so he could lend from the sect’s strength at that time. Did the Branchmaster not mention that? The Tang Sect was similarly influential despite being
continents apart.

“Still no news about your parents, huh?” Xie Xie’s voice echoed from his back.

Tang Wulin shook his head gently. “Still nothing. We’re going to leave for a year. I hope there’s good news waiting for me when we return.”

Xie Xie replied, “Definitely. Perhaps at that time, your father and mother are already waiting for you at home.”

“Thank you for your kind words.” Tang Wulim smiled before returning to his bed. He sat on his bed and started meditating.

Tang Wulin spent most of the following few days cultivating in the hotel. He would need to exceed rank-40 regardless. He would certainly be able to thoroughly remold himself when he achieved rank-40.

He was not too concerned about the Golden Dragon King’s seals. He had already broken through the fourth seal. According to Old Tang’s words, he would not be in any danger as long as his body remained trouble-free for the next two years. Of course, there were certain things that he could still prepare beforehand.

Tang Wulin once asked Old Tang if his strength and endurance would become stronger if he were to own battle armor?

Old Tang could not confirm since he did not understand battle armor that well.

Tang Wulin received news that everyone had already arrived after three full days. The Star Luo Continent’s delegation was about to embark on the return journey to Star Luo Continent.

The Grand Skysea Hotel was overcrowded with people.

Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Meeting Lin Yuhan Again

The number of people in Star Luo Continent’s delegation exceeded the sum of the others who came to Douluo Continent earlier by a thousand people. These were elites from different professions. However, there were also others who were merely returning to Douluo Continent to visit and although the Grand Skysea Hotel’s lobby was rather spacious, it was currently filled with people.

The group from Shrek Academy stood in a corner as they waited quietly. The person-in-charge from the federation who made the arrangements had already paid a visit to Elder Cai.

Elder Cai regained her usual cold and indifferent attitude and did not communicate much, except for informing the other party that Shrek Academy was fully prepared and could depart at any moment.

Tang Wulin stood in the corner as his gaze swept toward the direction of the Star Luo Continent’s delegation.

The people from Star Luo Continent seemed quite similar to people from Douluo Continent. Only their attires differed as the former was simpler and less sophisticated. However, they were equally powerful.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened as he saw a familiar figure. Perhaps, that person sensed his gaze or maybe, it was just luck as the person turned around to conveniently meet his gaze.

Lin Yuhan was obviously stunned when she saw Tang Wulin. Her gaze revealed her astonishment before she waved her hand in Tang Wulin’s direction.

Tang Wulin smiled at her and nodded in greeting. A proud voice echoed from the side of his ears, “Look! Look at the little beauty over there, quickly! She’s waving at me huh… This is a world that relies on beauty after all! Can’t help it when one is this attractive.”

Yue Zhengyu flicked his long golden hair he shot her an attractive smile with his handsome face.

Xie Xie pouted his lips. “Would it kill you to not brag for a day?”

Yue Zhengyu spoke calmly, “Ordinary people like you will never understand the world we handsome people live in. Look, she’s coming over now. How is she? She looks rather pretty, right? She looks like she’s from Star Luo Empire… I’m feeling a sudden interest in the exchange program now. It’d be great to experience an exotic taste.”

He straightened his body as he spoke before smoothing out his clothes as he walked up to her with his head raised.

Yu Zhengyu was already over sixteen years old and was the oldest in the group along with Yuanen Yehui. Perhaps, he was this handsome due to the influence of his Holy Angel martial soul that filled his entire body with the splendor of sunlight.

Only Tang Wulin could match up to his looks in their group.

“Nice to meet you.” Yue Zhengyu walked over as he smiled gently toward Lin Yuhan, revealing a mouthful of pearly whites.

Lin Yuhan took a suspicious glance at him. “I don’t know you.”

Lin Yuhan had already walked past Yue Zhengyu while he stared blankly at her and arrived before Tang Wulin as her charming face blushed scarlet. “I didn’t expect to see you here. Is this considered a coincidence?”

Tang Wulin laughed and spoke, “I thought I might meet you here, so this isn’t a coincidence. We’re representing the Douluo Continent to head to Star Luo Continent for the exchange program.” Yue Zhengyu stared at bewilderment as he witnessed the scene before his eyes. It was only then that he realized that she was not waving to her

Xie Xie walked to his side and wrapped his arm around Yue Zhengyu’s
shoulder before speaking in all seriousness, “This is a world that relies on beauty after all! You’ll never understand the world handsome people live in”

The muscles on Yue Zhengyu’s face twitched before he turned sideways to look toward Xie Xie. His gaze suddenly turned warm and gentle as he
wrapped his arm around Xie Xie’s waist and whispered, “It’s okay. Actually, I’m not that interested in girls.”

“F*ck…” Xie Xie darted away as if he was electrocuted.

Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi were laughing so hard that they fell over
sideways. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, could not help smiling while Ye Xinglan shook her head out of frustration. Gu Yue was looking at Tang Wulin and Lin Yuhan’s direction.

Lin Yuhan asked Tang Wulin curiously, “Are you going to promote blacksmithing in the exchange program? Have you had any new products?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Nothing much. I still haven’t achieved a breakthrough.”

Lin Yuhan spoke, “When we eventually arrive at my home turf, I’ll make it a point to fight you again! I’ll put in great effort to exceed you!”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Very well! Stress is a form of motivation. I’m anticipating the next fight with you as well.”

Lin Yuhan gazed at him deeply before she turned around to leave.

“Captain, you truly have a wide circle of acquaintances!” Yue Zhengyu peered at Tang Wulin playfully.

Tang Wulin answered, “I do.” Yue Zhengyu looked towards Gu Yue. “Do you know that he’s constantly flirting girls on the outside?”

Gu Yue darted him a look. “He doesn’t. It’s the girls who are actively flirting with him.”

Tang Wulin declared justly, “I’ll pass through crowds of girls and yet remained untainted by any of them. Oh no…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wu Zhangkong had already slapped the back of his head, “Just how old do you think you are?” His icy cold voice
silenced the students at once.

“Cough! Cough. Just pretend that I never said those words.” Tang Wulin took a glance at Wu Zhangkong in frustration.

Wu Zhangkong was dressed in a suit of white clothes as he stood just a
stone’s throw behind them. It was clear that he had witnessed everything that had just happened.

Yue Zhengyu retorted, “Teacher Wu, you’re wrong there. We are young… In fact, we’re peerlessly young, so we’re at the most imaginative point of our lives. If we don’t think about these matters now, will we have enough emotional intelligence when we’re older?”

Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment but he held his tongue.

Xu Xiaoyan chuckled. “That’s right, you’re the only one that has high
emotional intelligence. You’ll purchase the entire bar without a moment’s hesitation just to pick up a girl and get her number.”

Yue Zhengyu’s expression stiffened. “What is wrong with buying over a bar? My bar is earning a lot of money, every day, even right now!”

He secretly peered at Yuanen Yehui’s direction as he was saying that.

Yuanen Yehui was looking at him coldly, while Yue Zhengyu coughed. “Uh, I’ll be compensating your salary later.” “Hmph!” Yuanen Yehui was furious when she recalled the way she lost her job for him. However, so many days had passed already and they had managed to resolve the misunderstanding.

Xie Xie looked at Yue Zhengyu in disdain and spoke, “One look at a greasy-looking asshole like you, and I can tell that you’re no good.”

“Why don’t you take me on one-on-one if you’re not convinced?” Yue Zhengyu raised his eyebrows.

“One-on-one it is then. It’s just that I’m afraid you won’t be able to.” Xie Xie sounded more confident now.

“Alright. Don’t let others see us as a joke.” They were speaking rather loudly and attracted the attention of many others so Tang Wulin hastily stopped them from continuing their quarrel.

More and more people were gathering in the hotel lobby but everything was still in order under the organizer’s management.

Then, a loud and clear voice echoed through the entire lobby through the soul loudspeaker at that moment.

“Hello everyone, I’m the federation secretary, Zhang Panwen. I’ll be leading the exchange program that’ll be heading to the Star Luo Continent. The Star Luo Continent exchange group, please get a full headcount before you depart momentarily. Board the soul buses numbered 1 to 25, and we’ll board the buses numbered 26 to 25 on our side. Please begin a headcount for each department, now.”

It was always slightly troublesome when it came to organizing a large number of people so they could only depend on the organizer’s capability. They had no choice but to acknowledge that the federation had impeccable organizing ability to be able to arrange two diplomatic corps with over two thousand people and exit the Grand Skysea Hotel orderly before they boarded the buses. The soul buses slowly exited the hotel under the guidance of specialized mecha escorts and headed straight to the port.

Tang Wulin sat at the back of the bus and was sitting by the aisle while Gu Yue took the window seat. Generally, everyone would consciously give up the seat beside Tang Wulin to Gu Yue during the trip aside from their lodging. This seemed to have already become an established practice.

Gu Yue shut her eyes as she leaned on the seat. Ever since the day she got into a quarrel with Tang Wulin, she seemed to have returned to her usual self. She spoke sparingly but the mutual understanding she had with him remained as strong as before.

The distance from the hotel to the port was not far, and two large ships appeared within the horizon when the sea came to view.

Every large ship had at least five stories above deck that were visible. The alloy that the large ships were made up of were gleaming and there were clearly openings built in to install soul weapons.

The sea was not a peaceful place. According to the federation’s calculation, the number of soul beasts in the sea was at least fifty times compare to the ones on land. However, this was in the past.

Ever since the soul beasts on land began facing extinction, humankind
stretched their hands toward the sea, resulting in a significant reduction in the population of soul beasts in the ocean. However, although this was happening, soul beasts in the ocean still greatly outnumbered the soul beasts presently living on the Douluo Continent.

Only large ships like these that had powerful offensive and defensive
capabilities were capable of traveling long distances on the sea. Naturally, a large ship like this would cost a fortune.

Tang Wulin overheard that the Star Luo Continent sent their people out on a diplomatic mission this time around with the intention of showing off their large ships. Of course, it would still take a very long time in order for them to catch up to the federation’s speed in developing new technology. They got off the bus in succession and boarded the ship. Tang Wulin was slightly surprised at how the two large ships were not separately taking on the diplomatic corps from the Star Luo Continent and Douluo Continent.
Instead, both parties were transported simultaneously in both large ships and it seemed as if it had already been prearranged.

This arrangement was allegedly for the benefit of the exchange program/

The students from Shrek Academy were not easily noticeable in such a vast expanse of people in the diplomatic corps until they were asked to board the ships.
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