The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 541-550

Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Stop and Attack!


Ye Wu charged forth majestically with his blue flames burning.

The next moment, the students of third grade class one were staring in bewilderment. It was a slap! The Hell White Tiger had only needed to slap Ye Wu, and he was sent flying.

It was clear that the Hell White Tiger’s two front claws were covered in
scale-like armor. These were Wu Siduo’s four pieces of battle armor, which were particularly effective in the martial soul fusion skill. They had truly
expended much thought and care on this matter.

The martial soul fusion skill had closed and even exceeded the gap between their ability levels. Ye Wu was slapped until he was left dizzy and confused. His eight pieces of blue-colored battle armor glimmered with radiance as they released a light blue shield, protecting him from injury but with great
effort. His face remained filled with fear. She was exceptionally powerful!
This had absolutely surpassed an ordinary soul master’s cultivation base! It had proven itself to be the martial soul fusion skill.

The Hell White Tiger gracefully leaped forward through the air as it attacked Ye Wu once again.

No longer daring to another high-speed collision anymore, Ye Wu turned around and fled. The biggest problem with the martial soul fusion skill was its sustainability. His best option now was to rely on his extreme speed to run away and keep the Hell White Tiger from catching up.

But Wu Siduo’s speed had increased twofold in the form of Hell White Tiger, compared to when she was the Hell Civet. More importantly,
although Ye Wu’s method was powerful as evidenced by the battle earlier, it had a drawback and that was his trajectory!

There was no way to effectively change one’s direction when one was dashing at such speeds.

Wu Siduo had earlier realized that Ye Wu could only slightly adjust his direction while running unrestrainedly. He was incapable of turning or even backing away much.

This was the price of extreme speed.

She became aware of this earlier when she was in the White Tiger and Hell Civet form, but could not capture him due to her speed. However, the
situation had changed.

The Hell White Tiger instantly turned around and dashed ahead. Based on his momentum, Ye Wu would certainly come through this direction.

Stop and attack!

Wu Siduo was not only powerful physically, but mentally as well. Having a great knowledge of battlefield tactics was what made her one of the top ten students in the Genius Youth Ranking. Not even Tang Wulin could
completely outshine her in first grade class one. She was still among the best in terms of individual strength.

When Ye Wu realized that the Hell White Tiger was blocking his path, he already knew he was in big trouble. He clenched his teeth as blue flames
leaped about the eight pieces of armor on his body. He curled himself into a ball and rolled toward the Hell White Tiger, protected by the armor and his awesome blaze. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t notice that Hell White Tiger was burning when he curled into a ball!

A layer of twisted fire with unidentifiably colored flames scorched from the Hell White Tiger’s body. Its flesh instantly seemed even more unreal, but its eyes turned unusually bright within the blaze.


The fierce blast exploded across the ground. The Hell White Tiger’s
enormous body almost disintegrated and transformed into countless light streams before gathering into Wu Siduo who flew backward again.

But her opponent was even weaker. The light shield around Ye Wu’s body had shattered, and he had been blasted out like a cannonball. He collided
with the protective cover on the sparring arena before he bounced back and slammed the ground ferociously.

Wu Siduo’s face was ghastly pale as she kneeled onto the ground. Her breathing was rapid. Her body shivered slightly. She did not mind burning out her Hell White Tiger’s strength in that one strike. She could sense that it should have succeeded.

Two streams of white light descended from the sky and fell around both her and Ye Wu separately.

Wu Siduo could feel a comforting warmth spread through her entire body all at once. The severe weakness from earlier was recovering rapidly. Even the counter-charge that came with the martial soul fusion skill had decreased substantially.

Two streams of white light descended from the sky and fell around her body and Ye Wu’s separately.

“Huuu…” She exhaled as she slowly stood up.

On the other side, it took a few seconds before Ye Wu raised his head with great effort below the reflection of the white light. He propped himself from the ground and stood up.

By then the glow of the eight pieces of battle armor on his body was dimmer. He was covered in dust, dirt, and even had blood on his lips. Yes, he was still injured despite being under the armor’s protection.

“First grade class one, Wu Siduo wins!” Elder Cai glanced at the two of them and announced the result.

Both were actually defeated and wounded in this match. Ye Wu had been knocked out despite having eight pieces of battle armor. However, Wu Siduo was already rendered incapable of continuing. However, a match was still a match, and at least Wu Siduo did not faint so she won by a narrow margin.

The muscles on Ye Wu’s face were visibly twitching. His injuries were quickly healing under the reflection of the Holy Spirit Douluo’s light. He gave a thumbs up at Wu Siduo’s direction with a forced smile before he stepped down from the stage dejectedly.

Wu Siduo frowned hard.

In actuality, her opponent did not necessarily lose. If each was given
adequate time to rest, she would certainly lose in a life and death battle.

The Holy Spirit Douluo’s light was able to heal injuries and recover one’s strength, yet it was incapable of resolving her martial soul fusion skill’s
counter charge. It was impossible for her to launch the Hell White Tiger anymore while Ye Wu who was healed only needed to rest for a while before he could continue to fight.

She was not yet powerful enough. She needed to become even stronger.

However, Wu Siduo believed that — given adequate time of one to two years — Ye Wu would no longer be a worthy opponent for her regardless. It seemed like she would have to look for a compatible second soul spirit for her White Tiger martial soul. One that was just like Yuanen Yehui’s. She had already made Yuanen Yehui her goal without noticing.

It was now a winning streak of two, with the first and second grade’s team being victorious twice in a row.

The students from third grade class one had already stopped talking, while students from the first and second grade seemed like they were drowning in a sea of happiness.

There was a difference of three years between each grade! Yet, they were
still capable of winning twice under such circumstances. In reality, they had already won the respect of others through this sparring competition.

The Holy Spirit Douluo withdrew her holy light and could not help nodding gently. “The new generation of children are gifted with superb natural talents. Each of their twin martial souls had its own characteristic. This will become the generation with limitless possibilities in the future. But why haven’t I seen Tang Wulin onstage?” She had very deep memories of Tang Wulin.

The Scarlet Dragon Zhuo Shi who sat behind her said, “Tang Wulin will be taking part in the two-against-two match alongside Gu Yue. He’ll also be participating in the group battle later.”

Yali spoke in slight astonishment, “So who is going to represent the first
and second grade’s team in the final one-to-one match? Is it going to be that young lad from the Holy Angel Clan?”

“I don’t think so. It is Ye Xinglan who had formerly left the court.”

“Xinglan? It is that little girl. Take a good look at her. See how far she has come.”

Song Lin’s expression turned somewhat unpleasant now, but she did not blame Ye Wu. They lost the first two matches not because her own students were not working hard or because the other party was too fortunate. There was a genuine difference in their strengths. Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo were both at least five years younger than her own students. They were almost definitely entering the inner court in the future. Moreover, it was highly possible that they would become important personages of the inner court. But she remained recalcitrant. It was far too embarrassing for the third grade students to lose to the lower grades.

“Mo Jue.” Song Lin’s gaze glowed.

“I understand. Don’t worry, Teacher Song. We will definitely win the third match!” It was not known how long Mo Jue had been beside Song Lin. She raised her chin proudly.

Song Lin’s expression relaxed a little. “Not only will you win this match, but we will not tolerate any losses in the matches that follow. The time to defend the honor of third grade class one is upon us.”

Her voice was calm, but the students by her side were in high spirits. “Yes, so what if all of you are gifted with outstanding talent. It is our third grade’s time right now.”

Mo Jue did not jump onto the stage but walked step by step along the pedestal.

“Mo Jue!”

“Mo Jue is about to strike now.” “Look, it’s Mo Jue!”
Under the stage, students from every grade broke into a discussion at once.

Chapter 542

Chapter 542: The Black Swan

The strongest students in the outer court were the one-word battle armor masters, with the exception of higher grade students who had already
entered the inner court. They were still considered outer court students before they participated in the inner court examination. There were only two such students, Mo Jue and Like Qiankun.

That was why they were the powerhouses of the inner court.

She was not called the strongest in the outer court for no reason. Many
students’ faces turned fanatical when Mo Jue walked onto the stage. She was their idol!

Shortly after this, Mo Jue and Li Qiankun were scheduled to enter the inner court together for the trial. They could join Shrek Academy’s inner court
students and acquire great privilege as long as they passed the trial.

Mo Jue represented the third grade in the third match. This basically meant a sure win for third grade class one in the third match!

After three one-against-one matches, the final result would be determined by a two-against-two match. The only question was who would represent first and second grade’s side, and whether that person was capable of posing a challenge to Mo Jue in the upcoming match.

Ye Xinglan was also walking to the competition stage step by step in a
similar manner. She was silent and did not exchange information much with her companions before she ascended the stage. However, her entire demeanor began to change as soon as she stepped onto the competition
stage’s pedestal. Ye Xinglan brought an indescribable constrained feeling to the ordinary
students as if she were a stormy cloud, ready to break out at any moment.

“She is suppressing herself.” Yali stared in astonishment at Ye Xinglan as she ascended to the stage slowly.

Mo Jue arrived onstage one step before Ye Xinglan. She had only taken one glance before she saw her opponent walking from the opposite side, drawn in by the vital energy.

Yet another girl competitor. The first and second grade’s team sent out female students for all three one against one matches.

Compared to Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo, Ye Xinglan had a less stellar reputation in the outer court. First of all, she was the last to enter the outer
court. Secondly, she usually kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public unless she was attending class.

Her presence was noticeable only because she joined Tang Wulin’s little group. But Tang Wulin shone so brightly that most people noticed only him but had little knowledge of his other group members. Only the opponents of Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo could truly understand that Tang Wulin wasn’t the only powerful one in the group; every member could hold their own.

Ye Xinglan ascended the stage. The entire crowd grew quiet once again. Xu Lizhi had already stood up under the stage, tightly clenching his fists.
Just as third grade class one’s students investigated them, they had similarly investigated the students from third grade class one. Mo Jue was one of the two one-word battle armor masters in the class!

In the third one against one match, Ye Xinglan had the imposing prospect of facing up against the strongest opposition in the end.

Elder Cai peered at Ye Xinglan once, then she looked toward Mo Jue and announced, “Begin.” This time was different from the previous match where the two parties
abruptly dashed toward each other. After Elder Cai had announced the start of the fight, neither competitor launched an attack at first.

The light around Mo Jue’s body had visibly dimmed. She walked forth
slowly. With every step, the dimness increased. Circles upon circles of soul rings arose from the bottom of her feet.

Purple! Purple! Purple! Purple! Purple! There were five impressive purple- colored soul rings.

A thousand-year spirit soul was capable of withstanding three soul rings. In other words, there were two thousand-year spirit souls in Mo Jue’s body right now. However, one would notice upon closer inspection that the two outer soul rings behind were a deeper color, the dominant feature of a ten thousand year soul ring.

The spirit ascension platform was capable of raising the spirit soul into a higher level. Outstanding genius soul masters could possibly enhance their soul rings’ level through the spirit ascension platform, but the process of
advancing became more difficult with more soul rings.

However, it was very apparent that Mo Jue would certainly advance her fourth and fifth soul rings to a ten thousand year level in the future. At the same time, five soul rings also implied that she was a Soul King!

She was a five soul ring King-level powerhouse. Mo Jue was nineteen years old this year. Not only had she attained Soul King level at this age, but she was also a one-word battle armor master. This only occurred frequently in Shrek Academy. As a sure inner court student, she was one of the strongest in the outer court present.

One after another, black feathers emerged from within her long hair. The feathers spread from her hair down to her body, following which the force on her body became thicker.

It was the Black Swan! This was Mo Jue’s martial soul. The swan had always been the supremely elegant living creature among the soul beasts. Ordinary swan-type soul beasts were skilled in recovery type
abilities. Legend spoke of a being named the Emerald Swan, one of the Ten Great Beasts. Her cultivation base was also the top among the Ten Great

Even so, Mo Jue’s Black Swan was not skilled in recovery, nor was she an auxiliary-type soul master. She was a true soul master, an assault type who was an expert in casting all sorts of spells and long-range attacks. Her reputation in the third grade class one had triumphed even Li Qiankun.

If Li Qiankun was the mainstay if third grade class one, then the Black Swan Mo Jue was the spiritual pillar of third grade class one.

There were always a few important personages in each grade of Shrek
Academy’s outer court. Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Duan Hunxiao
were undoubtedly the stars of second grade. The third grade had Li Qiankun and Mo Jue. Just as with the present situation of the first grade, it was
extremely rare for many students to achieve this level.

Ye Xinglan stopped moving toward Mo Jue, who was walking slowly ahead. Ye Xinglan’s gaze was determined. She would never allow her opponent, a one-word battle armor master, to affect her will to fight.

She stood on the same spot, her entire body straight as a javelin. She did not release her soul rings but continued to stand there. The force of her whole body was rising and withdrawing continuously.

Mo Jue squinted her eyes, her sharp senses telling her that this opponent was anything but ordinary. She was not careless. As a fellow Shrek
Academy student, she was aware that the academy was rich with monsters.

Wu Rui seemed unassailable, but he was defeated. Ye Wu obviously had the upper hand, yet he too was taken down.

It was her turn now. She would never act recklessly no matter how advantageous it seemed. The Black Swan of darkness attribute.

Mo Jue raised her right hand, and as the first soul ring on her body flashed, her right hand touched the space in the direction of Ye Xinglan.

A ghastly sight suddenly materialized. A gigantic black skull appeared out of thin air and flew toward Ye Xinglan.

It was at this exact split-second that Ye Xinglan finally moved.

Her whole body glowed with a dazzling radiance as a streak of sword’s consciousness shot out from her body in a half a second. The intensity of the consciousness caused the arena’s protective shield to give a shudder.

A ghastly scene emerged at once. A gigantic black-colored skull appeared out of thin air and flew toward Ye Xinglan.

The sword’s energy was awe-inspiring. Like a meteor, she dashed straight at Mo Jue.

Incredibly, the black skull in the air dissipated as soon as Ye Xinglan moved.

Shock flashed in Mo Jue’s eyes. How was this possible? The skull was her first soul skill, Weakness Curse.

Physical and elemental defenses were ineffective against the Weakness Curse. Once someone was hit, they would sink into a period of weakness
lasting ten seconds while at least twenty percent of their soul power would be suppressed. Only a spirit type soul skill was capable of resisting it.

But Ye Xinglan was obviously not launching a spirit-type ability. It was the sword’s consciousness, the sword’s consciousness! The condensed sword’s consciousness of hers collapsed the Weakness Curse immediately.

How could her sword’s consciousness be so powerful at such a young age?

While her expression changed to fear, Mo Jue waved her arms as two pitch black light orbs fused in front of her body. Simultaneously a pair of black wings spread out behind her back. With a flap of her wings, she floated into the air.

In the split second when the two black orbs fused, a dark green skull
emerged. Upon appearing, the skull shot a stream of dark green flames in Ye Xinglan’s direction.

Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Sword’s Consciousness Shoots to the Clouds

It was Shadow Devil Flame! It burned the soul as well as the body and was a double attack on both the physical and spiritual levels. Although it was only her second soul skill, it was extremely powerful.

The Shadow Devil Flame also possessed intense corrosive and adhesive ability. Once a person was struck, it would act like a leech attached to the bone as it burned continuously.

In Ye Xinglan’s eyes, there was no skull, Mo Jue, or Darkness Devil Flame. There was only the sword in her eyes — her Stargod Sword. Anyone looking closely into her eyes at the moment would discover that her pupils seemed to have become vertical slits. For these were not her pupils, but the Stargod Sword’s reflection.

It was the Stargod Sword! A dash of dazzling starlight shined straight into the Shadow Devil Flame, causing the flame to suddenly parted from the radiant light, cracking like a fissure.

The dark green-colored skill exploded into pieces, causing countless Darkness Soul Flames to fly in all directions and pounce toward Ye
Xinglan. However, the flames were just a few meters away from her body when they abruptly parted, as if sliced by a sharp knife.

This was Sword’s Consciousness Shoots the Clouds! Streams upon streams of brilliant sword reflections interlaced in the sky, forming a large net that enshrouded Mo Jue. Everywhere the net passed would see all darkness being cut away.

‘This was…’ Many of the students in the audience gulped.

Before the start, all had assumed Mo Jue was certain to win. This match was not expected to be the least bit suspenseful. Yet in a heartbeat, it
seemed that Mo Jue was at a complete disadvantage. Even a skill as powerful as her Black Swan was useless against this first grade student named Ye Xinglan.

This was supposed to be a battle between the five-ringed Soul King and a four-ringed Soul Ancestor! This was supposed to be a competition between third grade and first grade!

How did this happen?

Was it due to the difference in their martial souls? No, the Black Swan was at the peak of the darkness attribute martial souls. The Stargod Sword was definitely strong, but it was impossible for it to achieve such a level that it could suppress the Black Swan.

There could only be one reason, and that was comprehension. To be precise, the comprehension of martial souls.

Ye Xinglan soul skill was not powerful, but her sword’s consciousness was! Her comprehension of her sword’s consciousness went back many years.

She was capable of being directly accepted by the inner court when she first joined Shrek Academy but later entered the outer court to become a one-
word battle armor master to fulfill the inner court’s requirement. How could she not possess extraordinary talent?

When Tang Wulin first met Ye Xinglan, she beat him until he had no way of striking back. How could that happen, you ask? It was all due to her
comprehension of the Stargod Sword.

In her world, there was only a sword, the perfection of that sword, and the feedback from the sword. Mo Jue could have remained in the air to avoid Ye Xinglan, but she understood that this would rob her of any advantage, and she would continue to be suppressed.

This was only a first grade junior!

A hint of color flashed past her eyes. The wings on her back spread out at once and flapped strenuously. Her third soul ring glowed brightly as a dark green halo descended from the sky, accompanied by her flapping wings.

The Stargod Net turned a dark green color where the ring passed. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the net gradually melted until it vanished.

Holes seemed to have been made in the very air wherever the dark green halo passed.

This was Darkness Erosion! It used the purest darkness energy to release the most primitive Darkness Devour. In the beginning, Mo Jue depended on this powerful soul skill to get into Shrek Academy.

Ye Xinglan did not fall back in the face of the Dark Erosion. Her Stargod Sword was thrust toward the sky, causing a gleaming streak of the sword’s reflection to surge skyward.

At the exact moment that the Darkness Erosion ring came into contact with the sword reflection, the latter began melting. However, the sharp sword’s
consciousness still forcefully pushed through, cutting a hole in the Darkness Erosion ring. Ye Xinglan paid no attention to the fallen ring as she had
already leaped up into the air, toward the floating Mo Jue. This was truly intense!
Ye Xinglan had always made people feel this way. Her resolve to win was utterly undisturbed by the fact that her opponent was strong and powerful.

Anger flashed past Mo Jue’s eyes. She could not imagine that she could be compelled into such a situation by a junior. Of course, she could release her one-word battle armor immediately to combat Ye Xinglan. Yet, if she were to use her battle armor so soon as a five-ringed Soul King, would that not be as though she acknowledged the fact that her five-ringed cultivation base was weaker than her opponent’s?

Mo Jue had an extremely arrogant heart. This was something she could never tolerate.

As the fourth soul ring’s radiance shimmered, a long spear materialized in Mo Jue’s hand. The spear appeared dark green in color and there were three skulls on the base of the spearhead.

The spear rotated as rings of light descended from the sky. There was a ring of grey, green, and of a dark red.
The three rings ignited the skulls on the spear. Each represented different curse effects, namely weakness, fear, and agony.

These three halos covered such a large area that Ye Xinglan had nowhere to dodge. She watched helplessly as three layers of colors were absorbed into her body. She appeared unusually grim, and her entire being seemed to be nullified by the halos.

She stopped for a moment and descended from mid-air. The three negative curses — weakness, fear, and agony — seeped into her body rapidly.

Still in the air, Mo Jue could finally heave a sigh of relief. Ye Xinglan’s first attack was far too intense. That sharp sword’s consciousness of hers startled Mo Jue and rendered her helpless. This was the first time she encountered
such a fierce attack. Ye Xinglan’s cultivation base was obviously much
weaker than hers, and yet she was pushed until her soul skill eventually lost its effect.

The spear pointed diagonally at Ye Xinglan, and dark green light gathered to the middle of the spear. The tip of the blade flickered before shooting a dark green beam straight toward Ye Xinglan at lightning speed. Ye Xinglan was looking down when she landed on the ground, but her gaze immediately raised once again. Her eyes were unusually bright like orbs of glimmering starlight blooming in the arena.

Starlight shone from the Stargod Sword. She suddenly shouted aloud as the sword’s consciousness dashed to the sky once again. The powerful
consciousness combined with a glimmer of starlight ascended as the cursed glow on her body disintegrated inch by inch. The three layers of curses
were removed in succession.

“A sword is capable of breaking many curses. This is the perfection of a maiden.” On the rostrum, a light flashed past Zhuo Shi’s eyes.

The Stargod Sword flew upward as a streak of the sword’s reflection
appeared out of nowhere. It hung in midair much to everyone’s surprise, so dense that it would not dissipate. The minute the spearhead’s reflection
came into contact with that of the sword, both quickly dissolved. However, it was very apparent that the sword was stronger.

Ye Xinglan looked up at her surprised opponent in the air. The third soul ring on her body suddenly brightened. Soon after, her entire body turned a shimmering gold color. She was transformed into a ball of starlight as she fused her body with her sword and surged skyward.

It was the third soul skill, Starfall Sword!

Black Swan Mo Jue frowned. This opponent’s strength exceeded her
expectations. All her curse-type abilities were virtually ineffective. This
could be attributed to Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword being equipped with the light attribute, but more importantly, to call her sword’s consciousness
sharp would be an understatement. Any curses put on her would be extinguished by the sword’s consciousness within a short time.

Mo Jue spun at high speed with the Cursed Spear in hand. One after
another, swan feathers flew out from her black wings. The feathers were flying in the air and ascended into the sky before transforming into a mighty torrent that surrounded her body. The starlight that had ascended into the sky suddenly fell, quickly increasing in speed. It shot toward Mo Jue like a meteor.

The sword’s consciousness soared high into the air. A piercing howl could be heard wherever it passed. It felt like a real meteor shower. The audience could no longer feel the sharpness of the sword’s consciousness as all of it had been concentrated into the dazzling starlight.

Ye Xinglan’s cultivation was entirely centered on the sword. No one else, not even her companions, could compare to her focus. She was improving daily, and all of it went to her sword and focus. She cultivated with painstaking effort free of distraction. In this aspect, she was the strongest among her companions.

The second grade class one’s powerhouses had once experienced the Stargod Sword’s valiance. Ye Xinglan once singlehandedly fought their three champions of the same rank as herself. With every battle, she became stronger.

The black feathers collided with the falling starlight. The feathers disintegrated rapidly but managed to block the descent of Starfall Sword.

Her fifth soul skill, Swan’s Feather, was the fifth soul skill only available to Soul Kings! Starfall Sword, on the other hand, was only Ye Xinglan’s third soul skill. Despite the obvious difference in their soul power, both parties
appeared to be well-matched in strength at the moment.

Innumerable streams of sharp sword energy continuously cut at the Swan’s Feathers. The black feathers spread out and formed rings of dark green
airflows rolling towards Ye Xinglan. Darkness corroded light. The Starfall Sword’s radiance gradually dimmed. The Swan’s Feathers rolled upward and finally seized the upper hand.

Anyone could see that Ye Xinglan had a better control of her martial skill than Mo Jue, and she was only capable of fighting back due to her higher cultivation base.

Chapter 544

Chapter 544: Fighting a One-Word Battle Armor Master!

A purple-colored ring rippled out of the sky at that moment. This was the splendor that manifested when a soul ring released its soul skill.

The violet ring of light brought the fourth soul skill!

Ye Xinglan’s body used the impact of the Swan’s Feather to rise into the
sky once again. Her body spun around to stop the dark force brought by the Swan’s Feather from invading her body. She depended on the sword’s
energy to compel the dark away from her.

Soon after, the golden light surrounding her grew brighter. The piercing gleam radiated a dazzling light. The sky appeared dull while Ye Xinglan transformed into an orb of golden light. Countless sword reflections fell from above.

Those sword reflections were fine as silk. They did not appear magically but descended from the sky like it was raining with light.

The rain fell upon the darkness from the Swan’s Feather, bathing it in brilliance and extinguishing it. Pieces of Swan’s Feather melted away gradually. The dazzling golden light continued raining down, covering Black Swan Mo Jue’s body.

‘How is this possible? Her fourth soul skill is even stronger than my fifth soul skill?’

Mo Jue’s heart was filled with shock and disbelief, yet she had already exhausted herself by using her soul power. The Swan’s Feather was
continuously released under the Cursed Spear’s control. However, it was
still clear that she was fatigued. She watched helplessly as the rain of light moved ever closer to her. She could not feel the sword’s energy, yet it made her scalp numb. The droplets of light were obviously filled with highly
condensed energy from the sword!

This was Sword Meteor Shower, the Stargod Sword’s fourth soul skill.

The rain of light spread out then gathered again and shot straight toward Mo Jue. Swan’s Feather was weakening steadily and would fail soon.

Mo Jue bit her lower lip. She had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that it was very difficult for her to win even if she had one more soul ring than the opponent, no matter how unwilling she was.

‘In that case, I shall suppress the opponent by brute force!’

Mo Jue widened her eyes abruptly and flung her right hand out. An orb of dark-green radiance shot out and drew a small arc in the sky. It turned
around and dropped onto her chest accompanied by a crisp ‘ding’ sound.

In a split second, two pieces of dark green armor emerged from both sides of the orb and covered Mo Jue’s chest. Soon after, she flung her arms outwards as piece after piece of dark green armor flew out from her storage device and swiftly attached to her body.

There was no pattern on the armor, but with the addition of each piece, the force of Mo Jue’s body strengthened even more. Swan’s Feather became powerful once again. The feathers began to burn with dark green-colored flames and finally managed to push against the Sword Meteor Shower, turning it back upward.

Armor covered her arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and feet.

She also had waist support, a war-kilt and finally a helmet with a three feather design descended, covering Mo Jue’s forehead.

Her limbs stretched outwards in the air and the armor on her body gave a loud clanging sound. A dark green radiance then blasted out from the one- word battle armor. The mass of her Swan’s Feather increased several-fold instantly. The Sword Meteor Shower that was being pushed away gradually was now going back to Ye Xinglan’s side.

Song Lin frowned hard and sighed discreetly below the competition stage.

Without a doubt, Mo Jue could not possibly lose this match. She already possessed power close to that of a Soul Sage’s level just from the
enhancement of the one-word battle armor. Yet in the eyes of others, Mo Jue had already lost. Without her battle armor, she could very well have
been defeated by Ye Xinglan. Her opponent’s strength had compelled her to use the armor.

These little monsters from first grade truly were extremely powerful!

“My battle armor is called ‘Swan’!” The complete set of one-word battle armor had already qualified for a title.

Swan Mo Jue! She had earned the right to address herself as such.

The armor covering her entire body seemed to exceed Ye Wu’s eight pieces of battle armor earlier by just a few pieces, yet the power was incomparable. The dark green halo bloomed, and Mo Jue seemed to have transformed into another person while suspended in midair. The light of the entire sparring arena dimmed. Sword Meteor Shower was weakening gradually while Swan’s Feather curled up and attacked Ye Xinglan. Her
second soul skill which had almost run its course was now being rejuvenated. It was terrifying yet amazing.

It was absolute suppression by means of brute force!

The radiance that surrounded Ye Xinglan slowly faded and she could be
seen clearly. Her expression remained apathetic as before, but at the same time, there was wildness shimmering in her eyes.

She was a person who refused to admit defeat and had always been like that. When she first met Tang Wulin, it was also her refusal to concede that resulted in the two parties becoming enemies. So what if she was a five-ringed Soul King? So what if she was a one-word battle armor master? She wanted to make the opponent feel the full extent of her strength even if she were to lose.

Her right hand that was tightly grasping the Stargod Sword shook once, and starlight glittered on the back of the hand. Her Sword Meteor Shower had been breaking down but was now suddenly rejuvenated. A piece of pure
white armor with speckles of stars slowly emerged from the back of her hand. It extended upward rapidly and covered her forearm. A twinkle of starlight glowed on her elbow as the white armor emerged. The light gathered and protected her arm, then her right shoulder and continued
creeping upward. Another piece emerged from the back of her left hand.

She had armor covering her entire right arm and shoulder, and also her left forearm. Yes, it was battle armor! Three pieces of battle armors! Forged and fused with spirit alloy!

She had only three pieces of battle armor, yet it made Ye Xinglan’s force increase exponentially in an instant. Amazingly, her Sword Meteor Shower managed to withstand the assault from the Swan’s Feather for the moment.

‘Three pieces of battle armor? A first grade second academic year’s student could have three pieces of battle armor already? Moreover, that battle armor of hers was…’

Almost all the teachers and the academy’s superior personages had the same feelings in their hearts – the young people of today were impressive!

Many of the academy’s elites had heard that someone from the first grade produced one-word battle armor that was made from spirit alloy, yet it was but a rumor. This was the first time they were seeing it. Moreover, three pieces of it were released at once.

There were not many students from among all the grades who could recognize spirit alloy one-word battle armor. They only thought it was peculiar that the battle armor on Ye Xinglan’s body was capable of fusing into her body as though it was two-word battle armor. The spirit alloy one-word battle armor was not that different from ordinary one-word armor if judged superficially. Being made of this alloy meant that its durability and amplification effects exceeded ordinary one-word battle

Three pieces of spirit alloy one-word battle armor were enough to be on par with about five pieces of ordinary battle armor.

Ye Xinglan had the highest amount of one-word battle armor amongst Tang Wulin’s group. This was because the enhancement of her power would
ensure her ability to make even more armor as the main battle armor
craftsman. Hence, Tang Wulin made sure that she made her own first after every group member owned one piece of armor each. That way she could work toward the goal of becoming a one-word battle armor master. When she was done making the armor for her entire body then she could start making more armor for the other group members. This was the most time- saving method. Everyone agreed to this, which was why Ye Xinglan was already an owner of three pieces of battle armor.

Her Sword Meteor Shower was raining even more heavily thanks to
amplification provided by the battle armor. The three pieces of armor were gleaming with speckles of starlight, causing the radiance to become much more dazzling.

However, Mo Jue was still the true one-word battle armor master after all! After a momentary pause, her Swan’s Feather continued to attack upward again.

It was also at this moment when Ye Xinglan’s focused her gaze as she concentrated. A peculiar scene emerged. Her first and third soul ring glowed at the same time.

She was using many soul skills simultaneously. This was an extremely high-end skill even for Shrek Academy. It required the soul skills to work together implicitly, while the user simultaneously exercises the impeccable control and understanding of the martial soul.

Ye Xinglan did it seamlessly. The golden light that had been fading slowly became bright once again, and the Sword Meteor Shower suddenly vanished. Ye Xinglan’s figure gradually disappeared in the sky leaving behind a magnified version of the Stargod Sword that materialized out of thin air. It was created from a vast
amount of the sword’s consciousness and energy and had been formed using the Sword Meteor Shower as a foundation, fused with the Stargod Sword along with the addition of the Starfreeze Sword’s sharpness.

Chapter 545

Chapter 545: The Resolute Ye Xinglan

Curling as it turned upward, the Swan’s Feather came into contact with the gigantic Stargod Sword. It tainted the sword with layers of deep darkness, but its feathers were shattered in succession too.

The dark force in the arena became thicker and stronger, and the powerful Swan’s Feather had already seized control of the entire scene, amplified by the one-word battle armor.

Mo Jue’s gaze burned into the airborne Ye Xinglan. Every attempt to struggle was useless when faced with such power.

It was at this point that the huge Stargod Sword in the sky gave out a sharp howl and descended abruptly. It broke apart layers of the Swan’s Feathers as it dashed straight for Mo Jue.

The giant sword was a relentless, indomitable force that was terrible to behold. It broke apart barrier after barrier as it plowed through the mass of the Swan’s Feather and dropped down brazenly.

Mo Jue was startled as well. The opponent was actually capable of
continuing her attacks to her main body despite the great disparity of their powers.

The speckle of starlight on the sword’s tip approached closer and closer but was continuously blocked by the Swan’s Feather. It appeared that the
sword’s reflection seemed to have a hard time tracking her. However, Mo Jue did not act carelessly. The wings at her back flapped so she could pull herself away from the Stargod Sword. She relied on the many feathers to keep herself free from harm. Yet, there was still a gap between their abilities. The Shrek Academy
students in the audience widened their eyes in astonishment, for this was the strength of a one-word battle armor master with a complete set of armor.

The Stargod Sword’s reflection gradually dimmed and became slower in the midst of the Swan’s Feather. As much as it persisted, the sword could not
sustain its forward momentum.

It was over. The match had already ended.

Mo Jue cracked into a smile at last. It may not have been a delightful victory, but she won nonetheless.

It was at this moment when a point of starlight suddenly brightened and penetrated the barriers. Just as Mo Jue became sure of her victory, the
starlight reached her face.

That speckle of starlight did not dash out from within the Swan’s Feather but unexplainably materialized, making a graceful trajectory in the sky. It bored through the cracks in between pieces of the weakened Swan’s Feather, moving through it like a ghost. Mo Jue only managed to react to the situation when it was already upon her.

The light grew and transformed into Ye Xinglan’s form.

The Stargod Sword had already vanished in the distance, but a new one appeared before Mo Jue.

The sword slashed downward and slammed right into her shoulder armor.

The one-word battle armor glowed brightly in reaction to the Stargod Sword’s wild attack. No matter how sharp the sword, it could not pierce the three-piece battle armor. However, the sharp sword’s consciousness did manage to surge into Mo Jue’s body, eliciting a low grunt.

Ye Xinglan did not allow her to react. Her figure flashed and she arrived behind Mo Jue. The Stargod Sword in her hand suddenly burst out. Her second soul ring shimmered as the Stargod Net bloomed magnificently as she moved her body into the sword.

In a brief moment, the battle armor on Mo Jue’s body shone brightly as she shrieked. However, the Stargod Net was still glowing as it struck forth with great strength.

Everything was happening too fast. Even the judge Elder Cai did not expect to witness such a rapidly changing situation.

Everyone thought the match was going to end, and yet it changed in an instant.

The Stargod Net encircled Mo Jue while her besieged battle armor was glowing brightly. Even she was feeling both shock and panic. Every time she was about to release her soul skill, the stinging sword’s consciousness invaded her body from all directions to disrupt her by force.

Her battle armor was strong, but it was not invincible. Although it was capable of guarding against the force of such a close-range attack, the
sword’s consciousness was truly too powerful. It was even affecting her state of mind.

The third soul ring shimmered brightly as the Stargod Sword appeared once again. This time, it was bathed in golden light. Not only did it cover Ye
Xinglan, it spread over Mo Jue as well.

An orb of piercing golden light surged skyward. It had already floated its way to the top of the sparring arena in an instant and slammed ferociously into the protective shield.

The entire protective shield of the battle arena brightened. The shield was made to withstand even eight-ringed powerhouses and above. When the Stargod Sword hit the shield, it felt like colliding into a gigantic elastic band. Its velocity increased exponentially when it bounced back from the shield.

“Boom!” The golden orb of light crashed onto the ground violently.

On the surface of the arena floor, a layer of fissures appeared rapidly.

As the brightness and the sound of the impact gradually faded, the figures of the two combatants became visible.

Ye Xinglan was kneeling on Mo Jue’s lower abdomen, her hands grasping the Stargod Sword tightly. The sword had cut through the gap between Mo Jue’s shoulder and chest armor, and fresh blood was oozing out from the wound.

Mo Jue’s gaze appeared slightly confused, but Ye Xinglan only lowered her head and did not budge at all.

‘This was…’

Who could have known that the final moment of this match would suddenly become as intense as this? Who could have predicted that a one-word battle armor master such as Mo Jue would end up in such a precarious situation?

Elder Cai swiftly approached the two, but another came to the arena at the same time. It was none other than the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. Both were standing in front of the two girls who remained in the middle of the stage.

Mo Jue was still conscious since the battle armor helped her withstand the impact. But her eyes were wild with fear. She stared at Ye Xinglan kneeling on top of her — eyes closed, but still inhabited by the wild sword’s
consciousness — and she felt nothing but horror. It was terrifying! She was too frightening.
In the final moment when the two were falling from the sky due to the Stargod Sword, Mo Jue saw Xinglan’s eyes filled with ferocity. That savage persistence was seared deeply into the depths of her mind.

Even with the enhancement of three pieces of spirit alloy one-word battle
armor, it would have been impossible for Ye Xinglan to break through using her power under normal circumstances. However, she relied on the Stargod Sword’s descent and even absorbed the shield’s rebound to open a gap in Mo Jue’s armor during their fall. The Stargod Sword had violently pierced her shoulder. The icy sensation filled Mo Jue with cold, despite Ye Xinglan’s inability to release the sword’s
consciousness at the time. ‘Who is this fierce little girl?!’
Mo Jue was truly horrified. It was a fear like she had never felt before.

She had always been the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars in third grade class one. She was already a one-word battle armor master at a very young age and a future Shrek Academy inner court student. Yet on this day, she felt the difference between them. It was not an issue of ability but the will to fight. Unlike her opponent, she did not possess the will to fight what should have been a sure loss.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali wrapped her arms around Ye Xinglan from behind and lifted her. Gentle holy light melted into her body.

Ye Xinglan was exhausted. In the final moments, she had burned her soul power completely. She had been enduring the darkness’ attack and the final large quake. At that precise moment, she used both her hand and right
shoulder armor to push the Stargod Sword. That was the only way she managed to pierce Mo Jue’s armor!

Mo Jue stood up slowly from the ground with Elder Cai’s help, but her gaze remained dull as before.

Mo Jue stood up slowly with Elder Cai’s help, but her expression was still blank.

She won the match, yes. No matter how ruthless Ye Xinglan was, she could only break open the joint between Mo Jue’s armor with great effort but she was still incapable of threatening Mo Jue’s life.

If she wished, she could turn the tide in the next moment to when the two of them touched the ground. Yet did she truly win? Was it a victory in her heart?

“Third grade class one wins,” Elder Cai announced dully.

Fresh blood flowed down Mo Jue’s shoulder, and her body swayed. She had never felt the word “win” to be so cynical before.

She was not the only one. Not a cheer could be heard from the entire third grade class one crowd after the victory was announced.

The holy light scattered and healed Mo Jue’s body. She turned around slowly and walked down the arena’s stage.

Third grade class one’s teacher, Song Lin hastily arrived at the side of the stage.

Neither her nor third grade class one’s crowd cheered following the announcement of victory and defeat.

Mo Jue came down and stood before Song Lin. She looked at her as the armor on her body slowly retracted. Her lips cracked into a smile that looked even more hideous than a weeping face.

“Teacher Song, did I win?” As soon as she said this, Mo Jue suddenly blacked out and her body went limp.

Song Lin hastily held her, supporting her so she would not topple over.

Song Lin’s expression was very unpleasant. As an experienced teacher, she understood that while Mo Jue had not lost the match, her heart had been defeated. Her state of mind was affected by the enormous assault, but the damage to her heart was the most difficult to heal. Song Lin was afraid that Mo Jue would never be able to enter Shrek Academy’s inner court if this
was left unresolved.

Third grade class one was silent.

Of the three one-against-one matches, they lost twice and won once. Their only victory came at the narrowest of margins. Judging by Mo Jue’s current state, it was impossible for her to participate in the group match later.

She was a one-word battle armor master! Yet she was incapable of achieving a conclusive result.

Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Shocking Everyone Present

Ye Xinglan’s battle method shocked the entire crowd. This proved that an ordinary soul master was not completely helpless when faced with a battle armor master.

The Holy Spirit Douluo personally picked up Ye Xinglan from the battleground to send her to Tang Wulin and the others.

“She isn’t in any danger, but her body has been overtaxed and needs some rest. She cannot participate in the competition later, so I didn’t wake her. She’s such an extraordinary girl.” Yali expressed her heartfelt praise.

Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan received Ye Xinglan together. They did not utter a word, but everyone’s eyes were burning with raging flames.

Ye Xinglan did not lose the match. She was the true winner in their hearts!

Through sheer determination, she relied on her four-ringed cultivation base to fend off a five-ringed one-word battle armor master! It was apparent that Mo Jue was incapable of participating in the competition later.

“We have to win the group match,” Tang Wulin muttered.

Before the competition began, they had never thought that the first and
second grade’s allied team could achieve the final victory. However, when Ye Xinglan descended from the sky and slammed Mo Jue to the ground, piercing through her battle armor, everyone’s fighting spirit was ignited.

‘So what if she’s a one-word battle armor master? Whoever said we
wouldn’t be able to defeat such a person? We’re going to win. Victory will be ours!’ Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stared at each other as Yuanen Yehui walked over from the side quietly to receive Ye Xinglan.

There was an unspeakable atmosphere rising among them. Everyone’s expression smouldered in that single moment.

The first grade class one’s section in the audience was similarly silent at present. They did not cheer from their defeat but Ye Xinglan’s loss was even more shocking than their two previous victories.

It felt as if their blood was on fire, burning with an indomitable and unyielding will to fight.

Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran were sitting in the front row.

Each of them wore a different expression.

They had been trying hard to strengthen their resolve all this time and had been making great effort to chase after the footsteps before them.

Yet, that moment earlier made them feel like the footsteps they were
chasing after were not getting any closer. On the contrary, the distance was growing more significant.

Ye Xinglan had been undefeatable in their eyes! Disparity! This was a disparity!
Luo Guixing clenched his fists subconsciously until his nails actually pierced into the soft flesh of his palms. Xu Yucheng’s countenance was fluctuating violently as his eyes never left Ye Xinglan the whole time.

“From this day forth, she is my goddess,” Xu Yucheng muttered coldly.

The group gave him a sidelong glance. He pursed his lips, but his gaze was burning. His face showed not an ounce of emotional fluctuation. There was only a fierce will to fight in his eyes. Looking at Ye Xinglan’s body, he knew what his destiny would be. So what if his body was weak? So what if his spirit
soul had a low ranking? That was all because he dared not try. How could one make it to the peak of the world without taking a risk?

Natural talent was one matter; having no limits was another. Only a truly uncontrollable person could stand at the peak of the world!

Zheng Yiran’s gaze had slightly dimmed. She had always felt defiant toward Tang Wulin’s group but now, she realized that she was far behind them.

Yang Nianxia’s gaze was deep. He did not look at Ye Xinglan, but at the person who was standing below the stage; the heart of the group.

He puffed up his chest as his gaze burned with dazzling flames. Ye
Xinglan’s battle had not only shown everyone her powers, but also her trust in her companions. She used her actions to ignite everyone’s fervor before leaving the rest to this young man and her teammates.

Yang Nianxia had clearly seen Ye Xinglan tilt her head in Tang Wulin’s direction before she went unconscious. He would certainly have noticed it as well.

“Extraordinary! The young people of today are truly extraordinary!” The Scarlet Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu muttered to himself on the rostrum.

On this very rare occasion, Zhuo Shi did not refute Feng Wuyu’s words. “Yes! That little girl is even wilder than you back in the day. I have to
acknowledge that this generation’s first grade is truly the strongest of the century. This little girl is not only wild, but her ferocity is tempered with
her impeccable battle tactics. All her might in the beginning was to conceal the Stargod Sword’s skill in that final split second. If I’m not mistaken, the Stargod Sword’s final attack with the sword was using the Tang Sect’s
Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. It was indeed because she closed the distance between them that the one-word battle armor master skilled in long-range attacks took such an enormous amount of damage. Not only did this little girl confuse the enemy, she even deluded us in that split second. A fierce and intelligent maiden will certainly achieve outstanding feats in the future. I think that she can become one of the candidates for the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters.”

Elder Cai stood on the stage. It took her a long while to calm down as well. Pride flashed in her eyes as all the outer court students were considered her disciples. She was concerned about the third grade’s momentum in this upcoming match…

“Two against two, let the contestants from both parties enter the stage,” Elder Cai spoke dully.

A boy and girl were sent from the third grade class one’s side. Two students with an eighty percent similar appearance stood up and marched toward the competition stage in unison.

On the other side, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue walked side by side from the first and second grade alliance team. They walked in great strides as they ascended the competition stage.

The pair of students from third grade class one were exuding a strong aura which they were obviously suppressing. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were
similarly calm, but it was the calm of a volcano about to erupt. “Third grade class one, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian!”
“First grade class one, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue!”

The two parties introduced themselves, causing the audience to finally become animated once again.

Those were Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian! They were twins — brother
and sister — so they had the best understanding between them when it came to teamwork and the martial soul fusion skill. They were the backbone of the strongest group in third grade class one. The brother and sister duo were both assault-type soul masters. They were known as the unbeatables and
were very incisive. “The allied team is sending out first grade students again. That girl earlier was also from first grade, right? The first graders from this batch are so powerful! It’s surprising that they’re also sending out first graders for the two against two match.”

“I bet you don’t know this. That Tang Wulin is actually the class monitor for first grade class one. Even though he only has three soul rings, he’s a rank-5 Blacksmith. Despite having so many geniuses in first grade class one, they seem to be very convinced of his abilities. Gu Yue is supposed to be the assistant class monitor, but I’ve never heard about them being skilled in a two-against-two match.”

“We’ll just wait and see. They said that the first and second grade once
competed in an exchange competition last year but the first graders won the competition in the end.”

“That’s impossible! Yuanen Yehui from second grade class one is so powerful! I bet no one from third grade is a match for her without a set of one-word battle armor. Do you think that the first grader is capable of defeating them?”

“How’s that impossible? Didn’t you see how powerful Ye Xinglan was
earlier? The junior brothers and sisters of today are really formidable. If we don’t put in more effort, I’m afraid that we won’t be worthy opponents for them anymore.”

“Let’s watch the competition then. It’s about to begin. Their powers will prove everything.”

This was the chatter going on below the stage. On the sparring arena, Elder Cai did not immediately announce the start of the competition. She took a look at the two parties in turn, and her gaze lingered on the figures of Gu Yue and Tang Wulin for a little while longer before she shouted the
announcement, “Let the match begin!”

Two blasts of an intense fiery glow leapt up from the twins’ bodies in a flash following the announcement. Not only that, they flung their arms out simultaneously as pieces of battle armor flew out from their spatial rings and attached to their bodies.

Their armor was a fiery red color with faint flame patterns on the surface. Each of them had five pieces of armor including pairs of gauntlets and vambraces, pauldrons and rerebraces, along with waist support and war- kilts.

Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Crushed

The twins were only twelve years old when they first entered Shrek
Academy and had just turned eighteen years old recently. They owned five pieces of battle armor each and still had more to do before they could possess their own complete sets. In two years’ time, they would have the opportunity to become one-word battle armor masters and enter the inner court.

Most importantly, as martial soul fusion skill cultivators, the academy could very possibly allocate more time for them.

Flames leaped up as the bodies of both siblings changed. A low raging roar was heard. Their martial souls were both of the fire attributes, but they were completely different.

A muffled lion’s roar echoed from Li Mengyang’s body, while a deep tiger’s howl came from Li Mengtian.

The lion’s roar and tiger’s howl were both heard at once. The powerful force rushed directly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue across the arena.

Two yellow and two purple. These were colors of the Li siblings’ soul rings. They were both at four soul ring Soul Ancestor rank.

Tang Wulin dashed out. When the opposition was releasing their martial
souls and battle armor, he had already advanced forward. Two golden soul rings appeared on his body in a flash.

Even though he understood that the Bluesilver Grass’ third soul skill,
Bluesilver Golden Array, was capable of limiting the opponent’s elemental attribute and weakening their power, at that moment Tang Wulin was
suppressing a savage fury in his heart. He did not want to use any skills. He just wanted to crush his opponent in the most devastating way possible and vent the rage he felt inside.

Gu Yue walked forward slowly. Layers of an otherworldly luminescence shimmered around her body. There seemed to be countless rays of light gathering toward her in the air. Her eyes were staring straight at the figure
of Tang Wulin the whole time. Her gaze never left him even for a moment.

Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian took a step forward in perfect unison. Their movements were synced as though they were a single person. Even their
soul rings glowed at the same time.

The twins’ hair turned to a blazing red color. They skipped a step and dashed toward Tang Wulin.

The first golden soul ring shimmered as golden scales covered his entire body rapidly. His Golden Dragon Claw rushed forward. Facing two opponents alone, Tang Wulin was fearless.

He did not bother looking at Li Mengtian as his left leg stomped once on the ground, and he arrived before Li Mengyang in a flash. The Golden Dragon Claw formed into a fist as he punched straight at his opponent.

Li Mengyang scoffed. The scorching hot flames were blazing and
surrounded his right fist. He expelled a ball of flame from his mouth, spitting it at Tang Wulin’s face.

Tang Wulin did not even try to dodge the flames spat out by his opponent. His right fist continued to punch forward.

Without a sound, an Ice Wall emerged in front of the two combatants. When the flames were spat onto the Wall, it melted in an instant, but the fiery breath was also extinguished in the process. Tang Wulin’s fist was just
about to strike Li Mengyang’s face at the same time the Ice Wall melted.

Without a doubt, the Ice Wall was summoned by Gu Yue. Her timing could only be described as pure excellence. She helped Tang Wulin neutralize his opponent’s flaming breath without hindering his own attack. The Ice Wall was erected in two layers: one thin and one thick. The thinner layer was on her side, while the thick layer blocked Li Mengtian on the outside.

Li Mengyang did not expect that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue could work together so well. However, he was also an assault-type battle soul master. He would never show weakness when he was fighting Tang Wulin, whose cultivation base was weaker than his own.


Two fists collided. Li Mengyang felt as if he had been hit by a Soul Train. A sharp pain shot through his right arm and hand, and the enormous impact sent his body spinning.

Tang Wulin had already broken four levels of the Golden Dragon King’s Seal. His body was tough and hardy, certainly far beyond average.

The third grade class one’s students only managed to find a few rough details about him anyway. Even if they were aware of Tang Wulin being strong, they would absolutely never have expected that he was this formidable.

Li Mengyang was almost twirling as the blow tossed him backward. If not for him jumping up at the last second, he might have broken an arm.

However, he was truly capable. His red hair completely exploded while his body was still in the air. A raging roar echoed from his mouth as his second soul ring glowed brightly.

The Lion’s Roar!

A great blaze of flames shot out when the enormous soundwave stunned Tang Wulin momentarily. On the other side, the thick Ice Wall broke apart
and Li Mengtian had already dashed forth. She raised her pair of tiger paws, clawing at Tang Wulin’s side. One of the twins had a Blazing Demon Lion martial soul while the other had a Blazing Demon Tiger. The hearts of the brother and sister were
connected, so when one attacked the enemy, the other provided reinforcement.

The blood essence reversed in Tang Wulin’s body. He stomped the ground with his right foot suddenly, as a valiant dragon’s roar filled the entire

Li Mengyang’s ongoing Lion’s Roar was abruptly cut off. Eight dragon- shaped winds with Tang Wulin’s body as their center swarmed toward the siblings as if they had eyes.

Li Mengtian had no choice but to slap her palms to the ground.

The Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was indeed an exceedingly powerful soul skill created by Tang Wulin himself. It was inspired by the Golden
Dragon King’s bloodline under the blood essence reversal effect. Even if Yuanen Yehui were to fight against Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth when she was at her peak, she would not necessarily win.

There was still a significant gap between the abilities of the twins and Yuanen Yehui. The battle armor reduced the discrepancy, but it still remained. Moreover, the siblings had no leg armor.

The shockwave blast echoed through the entire competition stage. The
audience witnessed as the siblings were both blown away by the quake. The armor on their bodies began glowing and only then were they capable of resisting the powerful impact of the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

Tang Wulin let out a dragon’s roar from his mouth. His body flashed again as he swiftly leaped at Li Mengyang. Cold light shimmered in his eyes as he thrust out his right hand. Five streams of golden-colored lights appeared out of thin air. Those were from the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.

Li Mengyang could feel a gust of foul wind blowing against his face. In his heart, he cried out, and his fourth soul ring glowed in an instant. A layer of scarlet light enshrouded his body, and his entire physique expanded, becoming bulkier. He placed his hands on the top of his head while his battle armor was shining brilliantly.


The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw slammed Li Mengyang’s whole body into the ground. Even more shockingly, a soft exploding noise echoed from his rerebraces. Although the armor did not shatter, there were already fine
cracks appearing on the surface.

He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

At that moment, Li Mengtian had just landed on the ground and she dashed in her brother’s direction at full speed. They had already understood now that the first grade class one was truly monstrous! They could only depend on the martial soul fusion skill to defeat them.

Silver light flashed as a figure emerged in front of her soundlessly.

“Go away!” Li Mengtian shouted in her sweet voice. She struck her pair of tiger claws together as two balls of phantom-like shadow claws suddenly
appeared before her.

Gu Yue clapped her palms, creating a blue ball of fire in front of her. “Boom!”
Li Mengtian flew up into the air as her entire body was doused in blue flames.

Soon after, a terrifying ice ball had already caught up with her. It was over a meter wide and covered in long spikes.

Li Mengtian dropped her arms and used her battle armor to crush the ice ball. The ball shattered, but she gave out a muffled gasp as the impact sent her reeling backward. Tang Wulin took a stride forward and had already reached Li Mengyang.
His right foot stomped the ground once again as the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth targeted Li Mengyang, who had just stood up and was ready to get back into the air again. Soon after, the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens’ golden dragon head charged toward Li Mengyang’s body, as if it was
engulfing him.

Finally, a ball of silver moonlight bloomed and positioned itself in front of Li Mengyang’s body. The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens charged into the moonlight and vanished without a single ounce of energy fluctuation.

Elder Cai grabbed Li Mengyang in mid-air as she nodded toward Tang Wulin.

On the other side, Li Mengtian panicked after seeing her brother had been confirmed eliminated from the match. She dashed rapidly after she landed on the ground. The fourth soul ring on her body shimmered as a tiger’s roar suddenly resounded. A blazing giant tiger was released from her body. One could see the indistinct form of a spirit soul fused into the giant tiger as it pounced straight at Gu Yue.

Gu Yue stood in the same spot without moving. With a flash of silver light, a tall and imposing figure with golden-colored scales covering his entire body appeared before her.

The golden scales suddenly turned reflective like mirrors and the Blazing Devil Tiger clone only made his scales shimmer more when it crashed into him.

Li Mengtian then heard a loud and clear dragon’s roar. The enormous golden dragon head appeared directly in front of her.

The silver moon shimmered once again, constraining Li Mengtian and
engulfing the dragon’s head. However, it was different this time, as a series of loud booming noises echoed with a fluctuating silver glow that rippled faintly.

The entire scene was silent! Tang Wulin and Gu Yue happened to be standing at the center of the entire battle arena at the time.

Both of them stood side by side. The golden scales on Tang Wulin’s body were still shimmering with a faint glow, and his gaze was filled with
assertiveness and dominance. He was exuding a formless stress just by standing over there.

Xie Xie stood below the stage. He looked up to Tang Wulin on the sparring ground and could not help muttering to himself, “Big brother’s fighting method is really becoming more and more aggressive and also more and more extravagant. But I like it. It is pure joy to watch him fight.”

“First grade class one, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue win.” Elder Cai placed down Li Mengyang and his sister in her hands while simultaneously
announced the result of this match.

They won. First grade class one won again.

Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Admitting Defeat

This round was different from the first three. Those were one against one, and at least the competitors were evenly matched for the most part. Ye
Xinglan’s match could be described as tragic, but no sweeping wins had taken place before this.

This time, in everyone’s eyes, the two against two match ended with an overwhelming victory.

When the match began, the twins, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian had intended to fight an exploratory battle. However, they were forcefully
separated in the end. They did not even have the chance to unleash their martial soul fusion skill before they lost the match.

What a terrible loss it was.

The siblings were ghastly pale. Their expressions were brought about not only by their injuries, but also by the two figures standing in the center of the sparring ground.

Tang Wulin, around whom a faint dragon’s roar could still be heard, gave them the impression that he was unstoppable with his golden soul rings and golden scales.

He did not have battle armor, but they were still pushed back despite both of them having five pieces of armor each. They lost. They were unsatisfied, but their wills had already surrendered.

Tang Wulin gradually retracted his scales, but he did not go down from the battleground. Coming up next was the seven against seven team battle, and they were participating in that as well. The reason why he deployed such fierce tactics to win against their opponents was to pave the way for the seven against seven battle. Without question, the opponents who took part in the paired matches would most
certainly take part in the following seven against seven match. He wanted to establish an undefeatable image in the minds of his opponents.

On the alliance team’s side, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, and Xu Lizhi went up to the sparring ground and stood beside Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

Ye Xinglan could no longer participate. She was substituted by Xu Lizhi, whose usually chubby face was usually smiling, but was now as dark as rain clouds right. He went to Tang Wulin’s side and kept giving him
Recovery Pork Buns to help him restore the power of his blood essence. The seven of them stood there, while an invisible pressure permeated the entire arena.

On the other hand, Third Grade Class One was silent. Only Li Qiankun walked silently towards the sparring ground.

“Wait.” Song Lin grabbed Li Qiankun’s shoulder.

Li Qiankun turned around and shot her a quizzical look.

Song Lin closed her eyes and heaved a sigh. When she reopened them, she seemed to have made up her mind.

She spoke with a deep voice to Elder Cai who stood on the sparring ground, “Elder Cai, we forfeit the team battle. We admit defeat.”

When she said this, the entire arena burst into an uproar.

Admit defeat? Third grade class one admitted their defeat? Did they just
admit defeat? Even when Li Qiankun— their one-word battle armor master, the strongest person in their class— had not yet taken part, third grade class one had admitted defeat.

“Teacher Song, why?” Li Qiankun asked hastily. Song Lin had a wry smile as she shook her head at him. “Look at your companions. We won’t stand a chance in the team battle.”

Li Qiankun was stunned. His gaze first landed on Mo Jue, who had already come to her senses, but was sitting at the edge of the arena like the walking dead.

Then he looked at Ye Wu. Ye Wu’s eyes were dull. He was staring at Tang Wulin who stood on the sparring ground. He seemed to be swallowing hard.

On the sparring ground, the twins, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian huddled against each other. Their eyes clearly flickered with fear.

Then, he looked at his other companions who had not yet taken part in any match. When his gaze fell upon them, they all lowered their heads in tacit agreement.

Their confidence was shattered. In the first five matches, it had been broken by the alliance team of the first and second grade.

“Teacher Song, I want to fight this match. I don’t care if it’s one against
seven. Even if I have to fight alone, I want to fight.” Li Qiankun balled up his fists.

However, Song Lin shook her head. “I don’t want you to end up like Mo Jue. I’ve made my decision.”

Li Qiankun’s breathing turned heavy immediately. He glared fiercely at the seven members of Tang Wulin’s team. His eyes, like blazing fire, locked onto them. Suddenly, he shouted out in fury, turned around and ran.

Third grade class one had lost. In front of all six grades of the outer court, they had lost. They had utterly lost. They even lost the final seven against seven match without putting up a fight.

Indeed, their one-word battle armor master, Li Qiankun, had not yet participated in any matches, but it seemed that he was the only one who was still at his full fighting strength. He was up against seven opponents, all of them formidable.

Song Lin’s decision was right. She did not wish to see her disciples suffer another blow. If they lost in the seven against seven, then Li Qiankun’s
spirit would almost certainly be severely wounded. This was something she hoped never to see.

On the sparring ground, Tang Wulin stood at the front. Beside him were his six companions, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui,
and Yue Zhengyu.

Seven teenage boys and girls full of youthful vigor stood there with the conviction to win, flames burning in their eyes.

The five hundred students of the six grades of Shrek Academy’s outer court seemed to have fallen in a trance at the sight of them.

“These children are amazing!” The Holy Spirit Douluo had already returned to the rostrum as she exclaimed softly.

In front of all the students of the outer court, Tang Wulin and his
companions finally showed their extraordinary capabilities with this series of matches. A year’s worth of careful preparation had allowed them to display their true strengths. They were extremely talented individuals, but what was more important was their conviction to win.

Even if they were up against a one-word battle armor master, they would not cower in fear. This was who they were. They who are youthful, they who are persistent, they who are strong.

Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu beside him both happened to look at each other.

On this rare occasion, the Holy Twin Dragons did not quarrel. What they saw in each other’s eyes was relief.

With the addition of Ye Xinglan, the average age of these youngsters was fourteen and a half. If they were given a few more years to reach eighteen or nineteen years old, they believed that these young men and women would surely be able to support Shrek Academy’s new generation.

“The Pavilion Master was right. Outstanding young people such as them need more experience and toughening.”

“Third grade class one has forfeited the seven against seven match. The victor of the challenge is the alliance team of the first and second grades.” Elder Cai hit the gavel and announced the final results.

It was only now that the entire spectators’ stand of the first and second grades erupted in an earth-shattering chorus of cheers. This was especially true for first grade class one. As the academy’s latest addition, they had not spent more than a year here! However, as the main force behind the alliance team, they had won against the representative team of third grade year one which was supposed to be the strongest team in the outer court. This meant that they already stood on the pinnacle of the outer court. At the very least, there would no others that could surpass them in the next few years.

Tang Wulin raised his arms high. Xu Lizhi leapt down the sparring ground and ran swiftly to Ye Xinglan who had just regained consciousness. Amidst Ye Xinglan’s soft exclamation of surprise, he lifted her up and leapt back onto the sparring ground.

“We’re the best!”

Ye Xinglan’s delicate face blushed as she said softly, “Put me down, quickly.” She was currently sore all over and her limbs were weak. She could not resist him even if she wanted to.

“Huh? What did you say?” Xu Lizhi spoke loudly. At that moment, cheers resounded on and off the sparring ground, so it seemed he could not hear Ye Xinglan’s voice.

“I said, put me down this instant!” said Ye Xinglan angrily.

“Huh? Don’t let you fall? Don’t worry Sister Xinglan. I’ll be sure to hold you tight,” as he said this, the fat little guy shook his arms and hugged her tighter.

“You fatso!” Ye Xinglan could not help but pinch his arm. Xu Lizhi lowered his head to look at her and grinned.

Li Qiankun led the representative team of third grade class one away from the arena. The students of third grade class one also departed quickly. Today was not their day.

“I have an announcement to make,” Elder Cai’s voice echoed across the
arena. The aura of a Title Douluo swiftly suppressed the cheers and noise of the entire arena.

Chapter 549

Chapter 549: The Star Luo Continent?

Everyone turned their attention toward Elder Cai. She spoke with a deep voice, “Due to the outstanding performance of the first and second grades’ alliance team in this match, the academy will choose a batch of students from the two grades to participate in the exchange program on the Star Luo Continent six months from now. All of you will have to work harder to earn a place among those going to the Star Luo Continent. The exchange program will go on for one year.”

The Star Luo Continent?

Tang Wulin looked at Elder Cai with shock. The Star Luo Continent was a whole new world for them. What kind of a place was it?

As class monitor, he would undoubtedly be considered for selection. His memories flashed back to the match between the master and disciple pair who came to challenge the Blacksmith’s Association not long ago. Would they be going for the exchange in the same manner? He did not think that it was likely to happen.

Frankly, he was slightly reluctant to go. Ever since he entered Shrek
Academy, his development could be described as a seven-league stride. The best cultivation resources could be found here, in addition to those supplied by the Tang Sect. If he continued on, Tang Wulin was confident that he
could become a one-word battle armor master before he finished first grade. At that point, he would be a mere sixteen years old. Even in Shrek
Academy where there was no shortage of geniuses, he would still be regarded as an extraordinary student.

He would then further his studies in the inner court as he continued on the path to becoming an expert. If he went to the Star Luo Continent for a
whole year, what would happen? He was not the only one thinking about this, as his companions around him were also at a loss. Gu Yue seemed to be lost in thought, and Yuanen Yehui was noticeably frowning.

The rest of the students left the sparring grounds and went for their own cultivation.

Tang Wulin and the others went back to the working students’ dormitory at once.

“Yuanen, Zhengyu, don’t be in such a hurry to go back. Let’s talk about what Elder Cai said, shall we?”

“Okay.” Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu stopped where they stood.

There were only the eight of them staying in the dormitory, so it was the cleanest place in the academy.

“About the Star Luo Continent, anyone here know anything about it?” Tang Wulin put the question to them.

Xie Xie replied, “I’ve read about it a little. Once, there were two empires on the Douluo Continent. One of them was called the Heaven Dou Empire, and the other was the Star Luo Empire. There were a few smaller countries
wedged between the two empires. About ten thousand years ago,
continental drift caused the tectonic plate of the Sun Moon Continent to
collide with ours, and the two merged. The Sun Moon Continent was rich in natural resources and had more advanced soul technology. At that time, the Heaven Dou Empire had split into two separate nations and this led to a

“Those were the days of Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao. During that period, the Sun Moon Empire eventually gained the upper hand and took over the two small countries borne by the division of the Heaven Dou Empire. They then prepared themselves to march against the Star Luo Empire. The enemy was already at their walls. It was Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao and Dragon Butterfly Douluo Tang Wutong who led their compatriots and tried their best to save the situation. In the end, the Star Moon Empire temporarily halted its attack on the Star Luo Empire, though the reason for that is unclear. The entire process lasted for years.

“The remnants of the Heaven Dou Empire’s royalty brought their followers over the sea. They eventually found another continent and occupied the land, which is now called the Heaven Dou Continent. On our Douluo
Continent, the Sun Moon Empire’s strength continued to grow. Spirit Ice Douluo and Dragon Butterfly Douluo ascended into the Divine Realm and no longer cared about the mundane world. Feeling helpless, the Star Luo Empire secretly sent out a fleet of ships that eventually found a continent
rich in natural resources. They then discreetly started migrating to that land. In the end, a huge portion of the Star Luo Empire’s population had left. The Star Moon Empire unified the continent, and after many developments, the continent turned into the Federation we know today. That’s why, whether it’s the Heaven Dou Continent or the Star Luso Continent, they’re actually the original inhabitants of our Douluo Continent, and they are openly hostile toward the Federation. If we went to the Star Luo Continent for an
exchange, I’m afraid it won’t be smooth sailing all the way. We’ll face many challenges, and there will be more than a few uncertainties.”

Yue Zhengyu nodded. “What Xie Xie said is basically the same as I know. If we went to the Star Luo Continent, I reckon that we’ll be in a lot of trouble. That said, I’m still interested in going. It’s nice to see things in other parts of the world! The academy will guarantee our safety. I heard that the Star Luo Continent has also dispatched diplomatic corps to have an
exchange with our Federation. We don’t know much about the situation in the Star Luo Continent, but it won’t hurt to go and have a look. I think that they won’t be as advanced as the Federation.”

Tang Wulin looked at Yuanen Yehui. “You seem reluctant to go.”

Yuanen Yehui nodded silently.”I’m so used to the life here. I don’t want to leave. Now that everyone’s cultivation is on the right track, it would
actually cost us a lot to tarry for one year.”

Tang Wulin said, “I figure that the academy will pick you, seeing that you’re the monitor of second grade class one. Besides, if they’re asking us to go, the academy must have some plan in mind for our cultivation, right?” Yuanen Yehui shrugged. “I’ll go if I must. Can you forge enough spirit alloy in six months?”

Tang Wulin’s heart stirred. “What? You’re still thinking about becoming a one-word battle armor master? Even if I can forge it, I can’t possibly craft battle armor!”

Yuanen Yehui squinted her eyes slightly and said, “At the very least, I think it’s possible to forge a complete set if the eight of us were to give it our all and work at it.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. “What are you getting at?”

Yuanen Yehui continued. “What you need to do is forge enough spirit alloy within the next six months for the eight of us to craft a set of one-word battle armor. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Then, we’ll
strive to craft a complete set of armor for one of us. In the year we’ll be
spending in the Star Luo Continent, we’ll make battle armors for everybody using the rare metals that we have prepared. This way, our development
will not be impeded.”

When she said this, Tang Wulin could not help but shift his gaze toward Ye Xinglan. In terms of crafting battle armors, she was the best among them.

Ye Xinglan said, “I’m still only a rank 5 mecha craftsman. To complete a full set of one-word battle armor, I must raise my rank to 6, otherwise I won’t be able to finish the final core components of the armor. I’ll try my best to have make some progress within six months.”

Tang Wulin nodded, “Alright. Then for these six months, just focus on crafting your full-body battle armor and nothing else. Only when your
overall abilities are strengthened will you be quicker in crafting armor in the future. Yunanen, Zhengyu, what do you think?”

“I don’t have any objections,” Yuanen Yehui said with a nod.

Yue Zhengyu said, “Me neither. But, I’m also a craftsman. I’d still want to craft my own battle armor. I’ll work at it slowly, so it’s alright for the resources to go to Ye Xinglan.” He was very close to becoming a rank 5
craftsman. In order to raise the team’s overall strength in six months, it was most fitting to increase Ye Xinglan’s pieces of battle armor first.

Besides, Ye Xinglan had proven herself with her powerful performance in that day’s match. It was a glorious defeat, and she had made a huge
sacrifice for the final victory of the team. If the scenario had gone the other way and the Black Swan Soul Master Mo Jue took part in the final seven
against seven, third grade class one would never have admitted defeat. Not when they had two one-word battle armor masters. Their chances of
winning would have been very slim.

Tang Wulin stretched out his right hand. “Then let’s work hard for these six months.”

Gu Yue placed her palm under his out of habit and the others stacked theirs on top of each other.

Today was definitely a day to remember, because it was the moment when the working students were at their most united.

Everybody would be busy in the coming days.

The students of first grade class one were more studious than any other grade. The inspirational role played by Tang Wulin and the others had filled the entire first grade with fighting spirit.

The name of ‘strongest first grade’ also spread like wildfire and was accepted by the entire outer court.

With the exception of Tang Wulin, the other team members had already
attained four-ring cultivation bases. He only had two things on his agenda every day: cultivate his soul power, and forge spirit alloy.

The list of exchange students going to the Star Luo Continent was
announced soon after. From first grade class one, Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan. From second grade class one, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu. It was them, the eight working students. The chaperone was teacher Wu Zhangkong. Besides him, the leader of the group was Silver Moon Douluo Cai Yue’er.

Tang Wulin and the others welcomed the thought of Wu Zhangkong being the chaperone, but Elder Cai’s presence made them feel pressured. After all,
Elder Cai had given them their fair share of trouble when they had first entered the academy.

Six months passed.

Beside the Spirit Ice Plaza of Shrek Academy’s outer court, Na’er sat on the stone bench. Her feet dangled and swung lightly. She wore a dress, and
when her feet kicked up, she exposed her calves that were as white as polished jade. Her silver hair was longer now and fell freely behind her. It flickered with a faint luster in the afterglow of dusk.

“Brother, when are you leaving?” Na’er asked softly.

Chapter 550

Chapter 550: When Can I Reach Rank 40?

Tang Wulin smiled and shook his head. “I don’t know either, but I think it’s probably within the next few days.”

“Teacher won’t give her permission for me to go.” Na’er pouted her red lips, discontent written all over her face.

Tang Wulin chuckled. “It’s not like I’m never coming back. I’ll only be away for a year.”

Na’er said sadly, “You’re willing to leave me here alone? I don’t even know anything about the Star Luo Empire. I’m worried about you.”

Tang Wulin caressed her long hair. “I know, but it’s already been decided. We can’t do anything to change it. Na’er, have you completed your one- word battle armor?”

Na’er shook her head. “I’m still short of one final component.”

“Work hard okay? Maybe, just maybe, when I return after one year, it’ll be as a one-word battle armor master,” Tang Wulin said with a smile.

Na’er smiled as well. “I don’t believe you. You only have one piece of battle armor right now. How can you possibly progress that quickly?”

Tang Wulin said, “Don’t you know that I’m exceptionally gifted?”

Na’er hardly stifled her laughter. “Brother, since when have you become so full of yourself? By the way, you’re not even at rank 40. I see that you’ve been busy every day. So busy that you have no time for me. How much further are you from your goal?” Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “I’m at rank 38 now, so two ranks more.” Tang Wulin sighed. “Some exceptionally gifted person I am. The increase in my soul power has been proceeding at an extremely slow pace.”

He was also troubled by his own condition. Six months have already passed, and his soul power was only at rank 38. Although he was very close to reaching rank 39, it was obvious that he would not be able to reach rank 40 before they departed for the Star Luo Continent. If he could not reach rank 40, it meant that he could not become a rank 6 blacksmith and could not obtain his second spirit soul, or fourth soul ring for that matter.

All these were factors that restricted him from developing his power.

How could he not feel depressed when he was the team leader but had the lowest cultivation base? Yuanen Yehui, who had the highest soul power, was already at rank 45. Gu Yue and Yue Zhengyu were both at rank 44,
while Ye Xinglan was at rank 43. Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were all at rank 42. He was the only one who was still at rank 38.

After reaching rank 40, everyone’s strength improved quickly. Tang Wulin had been working hard to cultivate his soul power, but he made little headway in other aspects. Only his blood essence became more powerful. If this went on, he would soon fall behind the others.

“Don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll have a breakthrough very soon. Maybe you’ll be able to catch up to the others after you’ve reached rank 40,” Na’er said with a smile.

Actually, Tang Wulin was not too depressed. Ever since he continuously broke the Golden Dragon King bloodline seals, his soul power had changed somewhat. Although he could not increase its amount, his soul power had grown in vigor. When he first started cultivating in the Mysterious Heaven Method, his soul power was pure white. Now, it had transformed into a faint golden liquid. His cultivation base was only at rank 38, but his
endurance was in no way inferior to his companions’. Because of his lower rank, he could not move on to a higher status, but his foundation was rock solid. “Thanks for the wishes. Let’s hope it turns out that way.” Tang Wulin had longed to reach rank 40 for quite some time now. Once he reached rank 40, all his abilities would improve, albeit to varying degrees. If he wished to become a one-word battle armor master, the lowest requirement was rank 40!

At this moment, his soul communication tool rang.

“Teacher.” Tang Wulin smiled as he recognized the number. It was Teacher Mu Chen.

“Are you in the academy?” Mu Chen’s gentle voice could be heard. “I am, sir,” Tang Wulin replied politely.
“Can you come to the gate?” Mu Chen asked.

“Certainly, I’ll be right down.” Tang Wulin turned to Na’er and said,
“Teacher Mu Chen has come. I’m going to meet him. Why don’t you return to the inner court?”

“Oh,” Na’er replied reluctantly.

Tang Wulin almost flew as he sprinted toward the academy’s gates. “It’s impossible, you know? Him and you.”
At this moment, a voice reached Na’er’s ear. She turned around abruptly and saw Gu Yue standing not far from her, looking at her with fiery eyes.

Na’er pushed against the stone bench with her right hand, leaped, and stood on it.

“Why are we impossible? Do you even know how it feels to like someone?” Na’er said angrily.

Gu Yue only looked at her silently and said nothing. Na’er’s emotions calmed down gradually. She shot Gu Yue a spiteful glare before turning and leaping away. Her silver hair fluttered in the wind and she disappeared in an instant.

After Na’er was out of earshot, Gu Yue muttered to herself, “Do I know how it feels to like someone?”

Tang Wulin reached the gates of Shrek Academy’s outer court in no time. His eyes quickly registered shock. Mu Chen was not alone as he stood beyond the gates. Beside him was another familiar figure.

It was Zhen Hua.

When Zhen Hua saw him, he could not repress his smile.

Tang Wulin ran over hastily. He bowed politely. “Teacher, uncle-master.” Mu Chen smiled. “You’re fast. I thought you’d be held up a little.”
Tang Wulin chuckled. “What brings the two of you here? You could have just called me and I’d come to meet you both.”

Mu Chen said, “If we’re going through the back door, it’s best not to do it at the Association.”

“Back door?” Tang Wulin looked at his teacher in confusion.

Mu Chen’s gaze was on Zhen Hua beside him. Zhen Hua smiled. “We’ve brought you something.” As he said this, he stretched out his right hand and opened his palm.

On his palm was a badge. It had a white base, and six purple stars on the top that flickered with a noble luster.

“This is…” Tang Wulin looked at Zhen Hua with shock. “Uncle-master, I’m not at rank 6 yet!”

Zhen Hua smiled. “Well, you practically qualified for rank 6 long ago. The only thing that you lack is your soul power cultivation base. Once your soul power is brought up to speed, it won’t be much difficulty for you to Spirit Refine spirit alloy seeing how sturdy your foundations are. You’ll be going
to the Star Luo Continent for one year, and your cultivation base is bound to break through rank 40 within that year. I’m giving you this badge in
advance. When you return, you’ll have almost certainly become a true rank 6 blacksmith already.”

Mu Chen said, “Take it. Your uncle-master made this for you himself.” When he said this, there was clearly a tinge of jealousy. He had to admit that there was still a huge gap between him and Zhen Hua in terms of
forging. After all, Zhen Hua was one of the generation’s Divine Craftsman!

“Thank you, uncle-master. Thank you, teacher.” Tang Wulin accepted the badge. It must have been unprecedented for the Blacksmith’s Association’s president to go through the backdoor to give him the rank 6 blacksmith badge in advance.

Mu Chen said with a deep voice, “Be mindful of your safety throughout this trip, and achieve a breakthrough in your soul power cultivation base as soon as possible. Your foundations are firm, but you’re still a bit slow in improving your soul power. If you’re still unable to raise it faster after you return from the Star Luo Continent, we’ll find a way to help you out.”

“Thank you, uncle-master.” Naturally, Tang Wulin understood what he meant by ‘a way’, but inwardly he still wished to improve his soul power through his own hard work.

Throughout this year, although he had made little progress in his soul power, the experience he got from cultivating gave him a clearer grasp of his soul power and a deeper understanding of his Bluesilver Grass martial soul.

If he improved his cultivation base by using heaven and earth treasures, he could be certain that the effects would be as good as this.

Zhen Hua looked at Tang Wulin with a smile and said, “I expect that you’ll have a few surprises throughout your trip to the Star Luo Continent.” “Surprises? Like what?” Tang Wulin inquired curiously.

Zhen Hua spoke with a mysterious tone, “Since it’s a surprise, how can I spill the beans? You’ll know when you get there.”

Tang Wulin looked toward Mu Chen for help, but Mu Chen only smiled at him and shook his head.

“Alright, we’ll be going off. I wish you a safe journey.” Zhen Hua waved at Tang Wulin. The master-siblings turned around and left.
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