The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501 - The Might of Golden Dragon Tyrant Body

Chapter 501 - The Might of Golden Dragon Tyrant Body

Tang Wulin’s second golden ring lit up. His body shone, a dazzling mirror of gold.

Then his opponents were upon him.

He put up no defense or attempt to break free of Spatial Lock. Instead he stood there, still, a smile on his face as he looked the beast in the eyes.

Hand partly raised, Wu Zhangkong paused once he caught sight of Tang Wulin’s expression.

In the audience, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu dropped their jaws. A second golden ring? What does this one do?

Without the empowerment of Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin never
would have stood a match against Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. Or Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape. Additionally, a second golden ring meant he had another powerful soul skill. They now knew the root of his confidence. But what the skill did was anyone’s guess.

Wu Siduo slashed Tang Wulin’s chest with Hell Rush, and a clang reverberated through the air. She felt as if she were striking a steel wall. An odd one at that. It sucked on her soul power and blood essence, her body going rigid for an instant.

Meanwhile, Xu Yucheng’s scythe tore down on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He restrained himself at the last moment, afraid he would fatally harm Tang Wulin. But his scythe stopped the second it touched the mirror-like scales. Unable to move any further.

The last to reach Tang Wulin, Yang Nianxia struck with his bear paw. A boom resounded upon impact. But Tang Wulin did not so much as budge, and he felt a portion of his strength stripped away.

Tang Wulin’s scales flashed iridescent, blinding.

The three gaped, dumbstruck. How can this be? He took on our combined attack like it was nothing! Is he even human? Even Teacher Wu would be affected by our attack without his battle armor!

A draconic roar rumbled from Tang Wulin’s body, waking the rankers from their stupor. Tang Wulin stomped on the ground, a golden aura flaring
around him. He was divinity incarnate. A split-second after his stomp, the stage tremored. With a boom, eight small phantom dragons burst out of the ground.

Once again, the rankers were stunned. Never before had Tang Wulin used an attack like this. Because of this, they were unable to dodge.

The phantom dragons struck the three rankers like bolts of lightning. Their entire bodies spasmed.

Xu Yucheng fared the worst of the three with his frail body. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he faltered backward. Before the phantom dragon could finish him off, a beam of white light descended on him. And he disappeared. Wu Zhangkong had pulled him out of battle.

Although Yang Nianxia was built the toughest of the three, he was still
caught off guard. Unable to strengthen himself in time with soul power, he sustained heavy damage.

Tang Wulin’s skill forced Wu Siduo to use Hell White Tiger. But under the bombardment of phantom dragons, her tiger form rapidly lost solidity. A mere flickering illusion by the end. Immediately after, two blue fireballs swerved over to Wu Siduo. Still restricted by the phantom dragons, she failed to put up much of a defense.
The arena groaned and shook as the fireballs crashed into her. She screamed. Her Hell White Tiger form faded.

Finally, the three phantom dragons disappeared as well. But that wasn’t the end of the assault against her. Xie Xie flickered into existence behind Wu Siduo pressing a dagger to her throat. And a beam of light took her from the arena, marking her elimination.

Just as Luo Guixing moved to back up Wu Siduo, a mass of starlight
exploded in the sky. Starlight Burst! He felt his stomach drop, his instincts screaming danger. Teleport. He had to teleport.

It was almost too late. A beam of light descended from the sky and struck the place Luo Guixing had once been. A shockwave tore through the arena, dispersing the poison fog. Ye Xinglan stepped out of a miniature crater, flicking her Stargod Sword to the side nonchalantly with a frown, dissatisfied that she had just missed Luo Guixing.

Right before Yang Nianxia broke free of the phantom dragons, he caught sight of Tang Wulin charging his way, eyes blazing gold and claw brandished.

The claws of the bear and dragon clashed. A shockwave blasted through the arena.

Yang Nianxia was knocked right into the ground, a crater crumbling around the impact. Even at his greatest, Yang Nianxia stood no chance against Tang Wulin. The power of the two golden rings simply tyrannical.

Starlight gathered under Luo Guixing’s feet before Ye Xinglan dashed toward him. Poison fog quickly spread their way. But it was too slow. Her sword stopped an inch away from Luo Guixing’s chest. That moment marked his elimination. Satisfied, Ye Xinglan disappeared in a silver flash and reappeared at Gu Yue’s side. Tang Wulin turned away from Yang Nianxia, sweeping his gaze through Luo Guixing and Zheng Yiran. Now only Zheng Yiran was left in fighting condition.

The entire arena was silent.

Back then, Wu Zhangkong had lacked confidence in Tang Wulin’s desire to challenge the third grade. But now, he saw a glimmer of hope that this team might reign in glory. Considering their growth over their break, he could
see their victory given another year of training.

Luo Guixing stared blankly. We lost. It’s our total defeat. Yiran is the only one left and they still got a full five. Even if it was just Gu Yue left, Yiran wouldn’t stand a chance. He had never expected such a swift, crushing defeat.

He had been confident in his battlefield control skills, but just as his plan had clicked into place, it was smashed to pieces. An unbelievable match.

Yue Zhengyu slowly gulped. I shouldn’t challenge Wulin. That guy, he’s just…

Yuanen Yehui’s eyes shined fiercely. She had worked harder than ever to grow stronger since her defeat at Tang Wulin’s hands, hoping to settle the score the next year. However, she now realized her odds were growing
slimmer and slimmer. Just when did he get so strong? She recalled the day she had guarded Tang Wulin. That’s probably when he got his second gold ring. Just where does that power come from? His defense is as tough as a defense-type Soul King’s! How am I supposed to deal with that?

She couldn’t forget Tang Wulin’s teammates either. While they had felt worried for Tang Wulin when he had been forced into a tight spot, they
never lost their cool. The moment Tang Wulin launched his counter attack, they immediately followed up and turned the tide of battle, tying up loose
ends in a blitz and leaving only Zheng Yiran standing. They hadn’t gone all out either.

For such a team of talents, the future was limitless. “It’s our loss,” Luo Guixing said, a bitter smile on his face.

Tang Wulin flashed a smile of his own, his golden scales receding and golden rings fading. He approached Luo Guixing and raised a hand high.

With a hint of meekness, Luo Guixing high-fived Tang Wulin. “I thought we had caught up to you guys, but the gap has only gotten bigger. Class President, are you even human?”

A chuckle escaped Tang Wulin. “Let’s all do our best. We can have another match once we’re battle armor masters.”

Chapter 502 - Specialized Cultivation Space

Chapter 502 - Specialized Cultivation Space

At the mention of a rematch, Luo Guixing slowly nodded. “Yeah. I’m down.” He wasn’t one to admit defeat. His eyes, once dim, blazed with determination once more. But there was no denying that Tang Wulin had changed. He seemed taller and more mature than ever before. He’s grown so much in one year. For the first time, Luo Guixing was regretting his decision to part ways with Tang Wulin. If he hadn’t, perhaps they would still be on the same team!

Wu Zhangkong approached them, regarding them silently.

All the while the trio of Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng, and Yang Nianxia watched on with sour faces. They were absolutely miserable. Despite their efforts, they had been defeated once again. And this time, it was even more
crushing. Wu Siduo’s soul fusion skill had stood no chance against Tang Wulin’s team.

They’re way too strong! Tang Wulin’s counter attack had overwhelmed them all. His burst of power unstoppable.

Naturally, Tang Wulin kept the ability of Golden Dragon Tyrant Body
secret. He was well aware that such an opportune time to use this skill was rare, and that either way his opponents would meticulously study it for any weaknesses. There was no point in making it any easier for them. In the
end, that skill was his lifeline. By achieving victory in this battle, Tang Wulin had gained the absolute confidence of his classmates and cowed the second grade.

After consoling the rankers, Tang Wulin regrouped with his teammates and high-fived each and every one of them.

In the eyes of the spectators, Tang Wulin’s team seemed to have bulldozed their way through their opposition. Tang Wulin knew, however, that they won thanks to both his new soul skill and the surprise it inspired. Luo
Guixing had been deceived. The gap between them wasn’t as large as he had thought. Luo Guixing’s team had three Soul Ancestors after all!

But this did not mean victory had been on the table for the rankers. With Ye Xinglan, Tang Wulin, and Xie Xie’s explosive burst of strength supported by Xu Xiaoyan’s crowd control skills, Tang Wulin’s team was already an unstoppable force. The addition of Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was just overkill. Tang Wulin hadn’t felt an inkling of fear toward Wu Siduo’s soul fusion skill. Xu Yucheng’s deadly attacks were also blunted by his frail body.

There was no way they could have lost.

“It looks like he can make a team completely of Soul Ancestors if he wanted to. That’s already better than us,” Yue Zhengyu said to Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui remained silent, turning to leave. She knew that they’d be better off not facing the first grade this year. Tang Wulin’s strength had
shook her confidence. Unless she could think of some plan, some ingenious way to exploit any and all openings, her team would struggle to defeat them. Especially with the threat of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s soul fusion

Following the end of the match was leisure time for the remainder of the day. Tang Wulin headed straight for the area with specialized cultivation
spaces. He would bite the bullet. Pay the hefty cost to use one of them. He was curious to see if it would be worth the points. “It’s one hundred points per hour. How many hours do you want?” the staff member asked Tang Wulin.

Suppressing his inner miser, Tang Wulin said, “Teacher, is it possible to get a discount if I buy hours in bulk?”

“No,” the staff member said, almost rolling his eyes. “The price is set and won’t budge no matter how many hours you buy.”

Tang Wulin clenched his jaw. “I want one hour then.” Frugal was his nature and he decided to test the waters first before diving straight in, lest it was a waste.

“What attribute is your martial soul?” “Plant-type.”
The staff member handed Tang Wulin a green emblem, then pointed to the seventh room on the left. “That’s your room. Let it scan the emblem and it’ll unlock for you. You have one hour. If you want to continue using the space while inside, you can tap your student ID on the emblem and it’ll
automatically deduct points and add more time. You can also just come out here to buy more time.”

“Thank you.”

Tang Wulin inspected the emblem for a moment, then made his way to the room. He presented the emblem to the door and a light sweeped over it,
scanning it. The door unlocked with a click and slid open.

After stepping foot within, Tang Wulin took in the space around him. It was typical, The only thing that seemed a bit out of the ordinary was a flight of stairs at the center leading below. Looks like I gotta go down. He dashed down the stairs not wanting to waste time.

After descending dozens of meters, he finally found himself in a verdant world. Lush plants surrounded him, covering the floors and scaling walls. The space glowed with vitality. He took a deep breath and felt invigorated. He could feel his bluesilver grass cheering, eager to bask in the purity of nature.

And so he indulged it like a good master, summoning it out and letting the long tendrils crawl and connect with the other plants.

The specialized cultivation space wasn’t large, only about ten square meters in area. So even if plants ran thick and free within, Tang Wulin couldn’t
wrap his head around the vitality in the air. Just how did Shrek do this? As expected of Shrek!

Not wasting another moment, he weaved a mat of bluesilver grass at the center of the room and plopped onto it. He crossed his legs into a pretzel and began to meditate.

His spiritual power quivered, stretching to encompass the space around him. It struck him immediately how rich the natural energies in this space were. Nearly comparable with those of Sea God’s Island. He came to a
shocking revelation: the greatest advantage inner court students had over outer court students was access to Sea God’s Island, free of charge.

Having experienced the boost in cultivation speed Sea God’s Island had offered him, Tang Wulin finished evaluating the cultivation space quickly. Increasing his cultivation speed by twenty percent,it was well worth the price paid.

Looks like I can’t sell off all my metals to Heaven Dou City anymore. I need more points to continue using this room.

Though is soul power grew slower than his peers, with the help of a
specialized cultivation space, he might reach rank 40 by the end of the
second year. By then, the rest of his teammates would surely have reached rank 40 as well.

According to Wu Zhangkong, most students didn’t become five-ringed Soul Kings until the end of the third grade. Soul power was easy to cultivate for the first thirty ranks, but the growth speed would slow from there on. And when a soul master reached rank 40, their advancement speed would plummet. This wasn’t due to a decrease in soul power growth speed. Rather, the root of the issue lay in the difficulty in compressing soul power.

The earlier Tang Wulin reached rank 40, the greater his advantage. He understood just how unique his constitution was. Once he obtained his fourth ring, he could become a sixth-rank blacksmith and prepare to
advance into a Saint Blacksmith. Furthermore, his body would be strong enough to equip a full set of one-word battle armor.

Rank 40 would be a turning point for him.

Chapter 503 - Earning Points

Chapter 503 - Earning Points

Now that Ye Xinglan had her fourth ring, Tang Wulin could focus on producing the metals needed for their one-word battle armor pieces.
According to his plan, she would create his armor first before moving on to the others.

For now however, Ye Xinglan would be working on crafting her own gauntlet. Because once finished, her success rate would increase and
stabilize. So in the meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s priority was to get his fourth ring. As long as he had a full set of one-word battle armor, making it into the inner court would be a breeze. Especially considering the armor would be made of spirit alloys.

Tang Wulin aimed to have four rings by the time he turned sixteen. And by the time he turned eighteen, a one-word battle armor master. He wanted to be in the running for the inner court once entering the third grade.

An hour of cultivation later, Tang Wulin breathed out slowly, pleased by the results. Tranquil and isolated, the cultivation space was perfectly suited for meditation. Not to mention the thick natural energies swirling in the air.

He finally yielded. Through gritted teeth, Tang Wulin tapped his student ID to the emblem, buying enough time to last him until the next morning. The rest of the night was spent cultivating in the room. He only left briefly for dinner. In one fell swoop, he had spent over a thousand points!

Still, it was necessary. With the arrival of a new semester, Tang Wulin diligently studied in the mornings, using every available sliver of time in the afternoon to cultivate. And he wasn’t the only one so studious.. The match between Tang Wulin’s team and the rankers had roused the first grade, sparking their work ethic and determination. None of them wanted to be left behind.

“Elder Feng, I want to sell some metals to our association for contribution points. Can you help me appraise what I have?” Tang Wulin asked.

Feng Wuyu, also wanting his disciple to reach rank 40 as soon as possible, had reduced Tang Wulin’s blacksmith training to weekly sessions. Of
course, he still kept an eye on Tang Wulin’s progress.

After absorbing Zhen Hua’s teachings, Tang Wulin saw his two-metal alloy forging success rate increase significantly. He even managed to forge a three-metal alloy occasionally. Always exceeding expectations, he had Feng Wuyu flustered throughout.

“You want to sell some alloys? How many you got?” Feng Wuyu’s eyes shone.

Alloys were in high demand with the Blacksmith’s Association as well! The alloys Tang Wulin forged were only thousand refined, but they could still be reforged twice. They were perfect for two-word battle armor masters.

Tang Wulin brought a hand to his chin, eyes hazy as he stood lost in
contemplation. A moment later, he spoke. “I’ve got about ten pieces each of jade silver, star silver, and gold crystal. Their harmony rates are all between sixty-five and eighty percent.”

“Thirty pieces? That much?” Feng Wuyu’s jaw nearly dropped, the way he looked at Tang Wulin changing to something strange. Even a sixth-rank blacksmith would have difficulties producing so many spirit alloys in such a short period. Of course, there was a huge difference: Tang Wulin’s alloys
were thousand refined instead of spirit refined.

“Bring them out for me to see. The Association will buy it all.” Feng Wuyu rarely forged spirit alloys himself. While Shrek Academy had few high- rank blacksmiths, those in its possession were also powerful soul masters. They rarely forged for the sake of money. But students from both inner and outer courts, and even teachers, wanted to buy spirit alloys. Needless to say, the massive demand was left largely unfulfilled.

Tang Wulin retrieved all of the metals from his storage ring.

Feng Wuyu’s gaze sharpened at the sight. The metals pulsated with life, shining splendidly. I really do have a great disciple! I can teach him for now, but he’ll surely surpass me soon! He’ll reach the peak of blacksmithing! This kid’s gonna become a Divine Blacksmith!

“They really are all between sixty-five and eighty percent harmony. Well, the price will be set according to their harmony rate and alloy type. I’ll also give you a bonus ten percent from my own pocket since you’re selling in bulk.”

But Feng Wuyu was not aware that Tang Wulin still had another fifty pieces sitting in his storage ring. And those were only the ones he was willing to
sell. There were still the pieces he set aside for his friends’ battle armors.

In the ten days Tang Wulin had spent training under Zhen Hua, he hadn’t had to consider the cost of raw materials and had gained quite a bit.

Of the remaining alloys in his storage ring, Tang Wulin planned to hand in twenty to the Tang Sect. He had gained much from the Tang Sect’s secret arts and contribution points, so it was only appropriate to repay them.

In the future, he planned on returning to Heaven Dou City to sell the remaining thirty metals, since the prices were even more to his favor there. He still needed to save Federal credits to buy spirit items.

“Altogether, I’ll pay you 1,635,300 points. I’ll transfer them to you directly.”

I’m rich! Tang Wulin rejoiced. High-level blacksmithing really is lucrative! I can use the cultivation space so many times with that many points. And I can grab anything I need on campus too! I won’t have to worry about points for a while.

“Elder Feng, does Shrek offer driving lessons? I’m thinking about getting a license.” Tang Wulin asked.

After all he’d been through, riding in a train was far from a pleasant and
calm experience. Driving seemed like a better alternative. In fact, anything that didn’t involve him being blown up by a terrorist seemed like a better alternative. Fortunately, the distance between Shrek and Heaven Dou City wasn’t too far. He could even make a round trip in a single day by leaving
early in the morning. But it would be taxing. His weekly day off was perfect for making such trips.

“There are. I’ll refer you to someone. What do you need a car for though?”

Tang Wulin coughed, averting his eyes slightly. “Uncle-master told me to visit him from time to time.”

Feng Wuyu snorted at the mention of Zhen Hua, but didn’t say more. In the end, Zhen Hua was still a Divine Blacksmith.

“Alright. Get your license then. And once you’ve got some money, you can move on to piloting a mecha. I know a guy who can help you register with the Federation and get a flight-capable mecha permit.”

“A mecha?” Tang Wulin asked, doubtful. He wanted to become a battle armor master, not a mecha pilot!

“You idiot, there’s no reason you can’t have both a mecha and battle armor,” Feng Wuyu said as he smacked Tang Wulin on the head.

Tang Wulin’s thoughts ran wild. That’s right! Mechas and battle armor don’t conflict at all! I can keep my battle armor inside of me until I need it and pilot a mecha whenever else. Mechas are a good defense too.

The image of Liu An’s black-grade mecha was still vividly emblazoned in his mind. It was fast as a bullet, yet remained steady throughout its flight. As they flew through the skies, they peered down upon the flitting landscape with disdain. Gods among ants.

He hadn’t considered the possibility of becoming both a mecha pilot and battle armor master. His thinking had been too inflexible, but Feng Wuyu was correcting that now.

“On the battlefield, a mecha is your first line of defense. Although powerful mechas can’t compare with battle armor, they still have their own
advantages. Mechas are the most efficient way to utilize the pilot’s soul power no matter the environment. The strongest of battle armor masters recognize this, so they’re also mecha pilots themselves. You kids should be taking a mecha piloting class this year. Don’t sleep on it.”

“Yes. Thank you for your reminder, Teacher,” Tang Wulin said, slightly lowering his head. If not for Feng Wuyu’s words, he wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention in the piloting class. He had enough on his plate as it was.

Feng Wuyu had him sold. With both battle armor and a mecha, he’d be a fortress.

Looks like I need to build myself a mecha now too.

Chapter 504 - To Buy a Car or Mecha?

Chapter 504 - To Buy a Car or Mecha?

There were many important differences between battle armor and mechas. While battle armor used a soul master’s soul power, mechas had their own power sources. Battle armors were far more powerful than mechas, but mechas were extremely energy efficient! They were also much cheaper than battle armor.

Tang Wulin already knew the basics of manufacturing a mecha, but that didn’t mean he could. In order to make one, he would have to forge loads of metals and acquire other components and circuit cores, all of which would cost a hefty sum. Only after doing that could he begin making a mecha.

Feng Wuyu’s words had opened a door in Tang Wulin’s mind.

“We have an association just for mechas here at Shrek. You can just give them the raw materials and have them make a mecha for you. It won’t be cheap, but I think you might as well just skip buying a car and go straight for a mecha,” Feng Wuyu said, delivering temptation with every word.
“Once you get a flight permit, you’ll be able to zoom around the continent in your mecha. It’ll be more taxing on you than just driving, but you won’t even notice.”

Tang Wulin grew feverish with excitement. That makes sense. Piloting a mecha is way cooler than driving. Screw it! I want a mecha! I’m gonna get my own! “I actually got a list of quotes from the Mecha Association,” Feng Wuyu said, handing a tablet over to Tang Wulin. “Take a look.”

Tang Wulin took one look at the screen and his eyes glazed over. He had just made over 1.6 million contribution points so he started considering himself quite rich, but the prices for commissioning mechas brought him back to reality.

Yellow-grade mechas cost a million points? And purple-grade cost nine million? Wait, black-grade are thirty million, and I’d have to bring my own materials and blueprints? Holy shit! No wonder Liu An’s so broke! This is practically robbery! Tang Wulin gulped and looked back to Feng Wuyu.
“You know what, I think I’ll go with a car after all. It’s, uh, more practical.”

Feng Wuyu chuckled. “Mechas are much cheaper if you bring your own materials. You just have to go to the association in person to find out just how much cheaper. In any case, I’m only telling you this is a possibility. Whether or not you go through with it is up to you. Just keep forging and you’ll make plenty of contribution points. Once you become a sixth rank
blacksmith, a purple-grade mecha will be easily obtainable. A purple mecha would serve your purposes fine. In fact, even a yellow mecha would be far faster than a car. You could buy one of those right now if you wanted.”

Tang Wulin froze. Right! I just need a mecha to get around. I don’t need the most powerful one. I won’t be using it for battle just yet, but I can still practice piloting.

Tang Wulin grinded his teeth, staring at the 1.6 million points on his card. It was an agonizing decision to make, but he knew he had already decided.

At the Mecha Association, a man called Zhang Yang manned the reception desk. Visitors rarely came by, so he was just sitting there idly. He had only taken this part-time job to make some pocket money. He was a fifth-grade student, twenty-six years of age, and his soul power was at rank 51.
However, he had yet to complete a full set of one-word battle armor. He was still missing a few circuit cores. Unlike his first year at Shrek Academy, Zhang Yang didn’t feel any pressure to work hard. It was already impossible for him to enter the inner court, but he was on track to graduate from the outer court, merely a step away.

At Shrek Academy, grades one through three were the most stressful times of a student’s life. Everyone would be at least twenty years old at the end of those nine years. They had to become one-word battle armor masters before then if they wanted to make it into the inner court. After turning twenty, however, any hope of entering the inner court was gone, so they could take it easy. They just had to become a battle armor master in the next nine years to fulfill graduation requirements, a fairly easy task by that point.
Graduating from the outer court was also an achievement to be proud of.

Zhang Yang was the embodiment of this mindset. Senioritis had already begun to take root in him. Graduating from Shrek Academy would be
enough to land him a job as chief of security for a mega corporation. He just had to finish his battle armor then wait to graduation. Even so, after
spending so many years at Shrek Academy, he was reluctant to leave. Once an outer court student left the Academy, they would never be able to return to cultivate, so he decided to enjoy the remainder of his time here. He only needed two more pieces to complete his battle armor. He had the foundation for them ready and could have them made at any moment, but he chose to prolong his time here.

I’ll breakthrough in the next three months. Zhang Yang sighed. He knew he wasn’t that young anymore. He was twenty-six years old. It was about time for him to get married and start a career. Yet the thought of leaving filled him with doubt once more. He wasn’t ready to move on with his life yet.

The doorbell chimed and someone walked in, a boy in his teens. He had large, clear eyes that bewitched even a fellow male like Zhang Yang.

It was Tang Wulin.

“Hello, Senior Brother!” he said.

“Hey, Junior Brother, what can I help you with? You wanna join the Mecha Association?” Zhang Yang asked, going through his usual script. The Mecha Association was actually the most unpopular association at Shrek Academy since every student was aiming to become a battle armor master. In Zhang Yang’s mind, the Mecha Association only continued to
exist because the Academy was protecting it. It only had twenty members. It was awful.

Just as Zhang Yang expected, Tang Wulin shook his head. The only people who joined were those who still held onto childhood dreams of mechas.

“Senior Brother, I want to commission a custom yellow-grade mecha.” Zhang Yang nearly fell out of his seat, eyes wide. “What did you just say?”
“I want to commission a custom yellow-grade mecha,” Tang Wulin repeated.

“Junior Brother, do you know how much a yellow-grade mecha costs? One million points! Not a hundred thousand. One million!” Despite all the years he spent at Shrek Academy, Zhang Yang hadn’t saved up anywhere near one million points. That didn’t mean that yellow mechas were luxurious items though.

“Yes, I know.” Tang Wulin took out his student card and handed it to Zhang Yang. “I have enough points to pay for it.”

Holy shit! Zhang Yang gulped when he saw over 1.6 million points display on Tang Wulin’s card. He could barely suppress the impulse to ask if he had just robbed the administrative office. He knew such a thing was impossible.

“O-Okay then,” Zhang Yang said. “Please fill out this form. After that we’ll go take your measurements.” These measurements were needed to construct a cockpit that was perfect for Tang Wulin, all to optimize the ergonomics
within the mecha and his piloting efficiency.

“I want a long-ranged attack type mecha,” Tang Wulin said, listing his requirements. “I want to focus on saving energy. The armor can be light. I want some powerful energy cores too. It needs to be able to stay operational for long periods of time...” Zhang Yang worked at the Mecha Association because he was a mecha fanatic to begin with. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow when Tang Wulin finished listing all his requirements. “Junior Brother, the type of mecha you’re describing is what we call a ‘brittleskin’ mecha. Long-ranged mechas obviously don’t do well in close combat to begin with, and on top of that, you want light armor. If we make your mecha like that and it takes a single hit, its energy core could explode. That’s dangerous and could even be fatal.”

“That’s fine,” Tang Wulin replied. “That’s exactly what I want. Oh, right. If I provide the necessary metals, how much of a discount can I get?”

“The price would drop down to 480,000 points,” Zhang Yang said. “The metals need to be high quality though.”

“Great! Let’s go with that.”

Chapter 505 - Ten Tons of Star Iron

Chapter 505 - Ten Tons of Star Iron

It didn’t take long for Zhang Yang to jot down Tang Wulin’s basic measurements. Hmm. That’s 174 centimeters and 66 kilograms. Pretty good for his age.

Many things had to be considered in the mecha’s design, including Tang Wulin’s age and build. And the fact that he was still in the middle of puberty. It took a full two hours to adjust the design after taking more
specific measurements.

“You’ll need to pay one hundred thousand points as a down payment. If you decide later on that you no longer want a mecha, well tough luck. No refunds. The final design will be done in about ten days. After you go over it and give your approval, bring the materials and we’ll start on your mecha,” Zhang Yang said.

Tang Wulin nodded. He paid the down payment and left.

Once he stepped foot outside the Mecha Association Tang Wulin let out a long sigh. This was his biggest purchase to date. His hands still shook and he locked them together to stop the shaking. But he understood why a mecha was so necessary, so important. He’d be a fortress with both a mecha and a set of battle armor. He’d save a lot of energy this way too. It went
without saying that the best battle armor masters eached rocked a mecha.

That was the mindset Tang Wulin must adopt if he wanted to justify the purchase. Buying a mecha simply for transport wasn’t going to cut it. Especially since it used more energy to operate than a car. Still, there was
another reason he purchased a mecha. The most important reason. This way, once piloting classes started, Tang Wulin would have his own mecha to practice with. It’d save him money in the long run; otherwise, he would be forced to rent one from Shrek Academy. And the rental added up and
wasn’t cheap. After considering that, he decided it was better to just bite the bullet. Buy his own.

Generally, the lower-tier white mechas could be made from simple cast metal and were mass produced. In fact, even yellow-grade mechas
contained parts made of cast metal. Tang Wulin naturally refused to stoop to such a level. While he had asked for his mecha to be made with light armor, the thinness of the armor wouldn’t matter if he used thousand refined metals. With his current skill, he could thousand refine the metal needed for an entire mecha in a short ten days.

“You want how much star iron? The hell are you going to do with all that?” blurted Yue Zhengyu, eyes wide as he stared at Tang Wulin.

A sly grin played across Tang Wulin’s face. “You don’t have to worry about that. Just tell me if you have enough or not.”

Yue Zhengyu gulped. “Ten tons of star iron is a lot, you know? That’s over ten million credits of metal.”

“Well, I’ll trade you some spirit alloys for them. I’ve already paid you four of pieces of jade silver, each over eighty-five percent in harmony rate.
According to your armor design, you should need seven more. If you get me the star iron, then you won’t have to pay me any money for the remaining pieces of jade silver, and I guarantee to finish them within three months. How about it?”

“Deal!” Yue Zhengyu grabbed Tang Wulin’s hand and forcefully shook it.

On paper, Yue Zhengyu was the loser of the deal. He was already tasked with supplying Tang Wulin the raw materials and now ten tons of star iron on top of that, all for about a dozen pieces of jade silver. But the guarantee of so many pieces over an eighty-five percent harmony rate within three months was well worth the price.

When Yue Zhengyu obtained his fourth ring, he came to an agreement with Yuanen Yehui to help each other craft battle armors. He was sixteen years old, just four years shy of twenty. Even so, he was anxious to become a one-word battle armor master. The more materials he had, the higher his
chances of success. Furthermore, jade silver with an eighty-five percent harmony rate could be reforged five times. Failing once or twice wouldn’t be much of an issue.

“I can’t supply you with ten tons immediately. It’ll have to be in batches. I can deliver it all within half a month,” Yue Zhengyu said.

“Sure. No problem.”

“Hey! Wulin, what have you been so busy with lately? I never see you
around,” Xie Xie asked, grabbing a halfway-out-the-door Tang Wulin by the sleeve.

Tang Wulin’s schedule had been packed lately and he rarely returned to the dormitory. Xie Xie only managed to see him in class.

Tang Wulin cracked a mysterious smile. “It’s a secret. You’ll find out soon enough though. Oh right. I wanted to remind you guys that the optional mecha piloting classes start next week. It’s two hours long starting every
afternoon at three. We need to all learn how to pilot properly.”

Xie Xie narrowed his eyes, taken aback. “What are we learning to pilot for? We’re aiming to become battle armor masters.”

Standing right beside them, Xu Lizhi chimed in, “Wulin’s right. We gotta learn how to pilot. We can use mechas and battle armor at the same time. There’s no reason not to.” Doubt creeped into Xie XIe’s heart, but he pushed it down and shook his head. “I’m good. I’m an agility-type. It’d be weird to use a mecha. I don’t have the extra energy to invest in it anyway. It’s better for me to just focus on using my speed better.” In the few weeks since classes started, Xie Xie had been training under Liang Xiaoyu every afternoon. He made rapid progress but the exercises exhausted him afterward.

Xu Lizhi goraned. “Man, I feel bad with how little I’m doing compared to you guys. I really gotta put in effort into mecha piloting. Well, it’ll be fine if you don’t learn, Xie Xie. A mecha can seat two people anyway.”

Xie Xie smirked. “Huh? You’re gonna carry me? What a good friend!”

Xu Lizhi shook his head, smirking. “As if. I’ll take Big Sis Xinglan. I don’t think she’s gonna learn how to pilot either.”

“Wow! I can’t believe you’re putting girls before bros!”

Xu Lizhi chuckled. “Well, I’m not the one sweeping the floor, wiping the windows, and drawing water for a girl everyday. A fatty like me has gotta be a bit lazy. Can’t be acting so whipped like a certain someone!”

“You damn fatty! You trying to start shit? I’ll whoop your ass!” Xie Xie said, shaking his fist.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but crack a wry smile. “Don’t bully Lizhi. It’s not like anything he said was a lie! And since we’re talking about it, how are things going with you and Yuanen?”

Xie Xie instantly deflated like a balloon. “Nothing is going. She still hasn’t responded to my confession. Jeez. Do you think it’s easy for me to do all those chores for her everyday? I’m working myself to death here.”

Tang Wulin patted Xie Xie on the shoulder. “Just persevere. Who knows what rewards your efforts will bring?”

Xie Xie balled his hands into fists. “That’s not enough. She’s way too
strong. There’s no way I’ve got a chance unless I can surpass her. I have to devote myself to getting stronger than her.”

At Xie Xie’s serious expression, Tang Wulin couldn’t help but snicker.
“Good luck then.” The gap between Xie XIe and Yuanen Yehui was by no means small.

With the matter settled, Tang Wulin ran off to clear the rest of his daily objectives. His schedule really left no wiggle room. After morning classes, he thousand refined star iron for three hours. Then came dinner and a night of cultivation in a specialized cultivation space. When morning came, he would cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes. Rinse and repeat. It was only natural that his friends rarely saw him.

But Tang Wulin wasn’t the only one in such a rush. The rest of his team were hard at work cultivating and studying too. The first three years at Shrek Academy were always the most stressful.

“What? Why do you need more money?” Tang Wulin asked Zhang Yang, his face sour.

“Junior Brother, you’re too great. You’re actually bring out a pile of thousand refined metal just for a yellow mecha? Don’t you know this is harder to craft with than normal metal? The Mecha Association will be taking a loss if we don’t charge you more. Well, it’ll be fine to build the frame like this, but the most important part are the circuit cores. You’re giving us thousand refined heavy silver to make those. In order to do that,
we need to carve inscriptions and whatnot into the metal. But you know that this heavy silver is five times harder than ordinary metals, right? All you need to pay is an extra three hundred thousand points. It’s not that much more,” Zhang Yang said earnestly.

Zhang Yang had been dumbstruck when Tang Wulin took out several tons of thousand refined metals. The armor wouldn’t have to be that thick when constructed from thousand refined star iron, which was among the toughest of metals. A top-tier mecha was guaranteed to be made from such high- quality materials. In fact, such materials would be luxurious even for a purple-grade mecha.

Zhang Yang couldn’t comprehend why Tang Wulin was using such expensive metals just for a yellow-grade mecha. But Tang Wulin’s reasoning was simple: he wanted a durable mecha.

“You really should go for a purple-grade mecha instead,” urged Zhang Yang.

Yet Tang Wulin just laughed. “You’re joking right?” It cost nine million points to commission a purple-grade mecha. Even if he supplied the raw materials, it would still be at least four million. No way he could afford that! To begin with, he didn’t need this mecha for combat. He only planned on using it for practice and getting around. The extra functionality of a purple mecha would be useless to him, and he’d rather just skip to buying a black-grade mecha in the future when he had the money.

A yellow-grade mecha would do in the meantime.

Chapter 506 - Everyone's Brother- in-Law

Chapter 506 - Everyone's Brother-in-Law

After he had haggled over the price for the mecha, Tang Wulin managed to bring it down to 280,000 points. It had still pained him to part with the points, though he could bear it. Two months and his mecha would be finished.

But a week later and his piloting classes were about to begin.

“I’ll sign up for the afternoon class,” Xu Xiaoyan said when the topic of the optional mecha piloting class came up. Her eyes shone with interest.

In the end, the only people from Tang Wulin’s team to take the class were him, Xu Lizhi, and Xu Xiaoyan. The other three decided to spend their time elsewhere.

Gu Yue was still busy as usual, disappearing for the Spirit Pagoda every
afternoon and only returning for dinner. Often with a bundle of food, which she'd give to Tang Willing without a word.

Once, Tang Wulin had tried to share some of the food with Xie Xie and Xu Lizhi. But Gu Yue had stared him down into submission. In complete
silence. Xu Lizhi and Xie Xie had ran for their lives, tails tucked between their legs. Since then, it became a known fact that her food was meant for Tang Wulin and Tang Wulin only.

“You want to learn how to pilot?” Gu Yue asked, tilting her head. Tang Wulin nodded. “I’m gonna give it a shot. It’s not like mechas and battle armors conflict with each other. If I can use both, then I’ll be even stronger. Safer too. And don’t forget, my goal is to join the army. They mainly use mechas in the army, so if I don’t even know the basics of piloting, what sort of position could I get my hands on?”

“Okay. I’m just worried that you might be wasting your time,” Gu Yue said.

A smile tugged at the corner of Tang Wulin’s mouth. “I’ll be fine. When I was a kid, I dreamed about being a mecha pilot. I never even thought about becoming a battle armor master, or even knew what one was. I was born in a small, backwater town. That's what all the boys there dreamed about. To soar through the skies in a mecha, free as a bird.”

Gu Yue giggled. “Sure. It’s up to you.”

“Class is dismissed,” Shen Yi declared from behind the lectern. She left for the teacher’s door, but stopped upon opening it. Her eyes went wide.

“Hello, Teacher!” said a beautiful, silver-haired girl.

Shen Yi schooled her features back in order. “Na’er? What are you doing here? Did you need me for something?”

Na’er shook her head and pointed a finger past Shen Yi, a huge smile blossoming on her face.

Shen Yi followed the finger, frantically wracking her brain as to why the direct disciple of the Sea God Pavilion Master would be here. Na’er was known as the number one genius in the inner court, raised under the direct and meticulous care of Sea God’s Pavilion. The fact that her talent earned the notice of the Pavilion Master was testament to her status as a peak prodigy.

Who could she be looking for in the first grade? Does she actually know someone here? Shen Yi finally stepped back from the doorway and out of
the way. She was curious to see who was acquainted with the little princess of the inner court. Na'er's figure stood out clearly upon the backdrop. A single glance and the entire first grade froze, enchanted by her adorable smile. Eyes widening, they felt their heart beats quicken, mind wandering the universe, lost in the wispy nebula. How a girl their age could be so dazzling and ethereal they would never know.

Naturally, Tang Wulin was among the crowd that saw her. He approached her, unfazed by her beauty. “Na’er, what are you doing here?” The second those words left his lips, the entire class looked his way.

Xie Xie, the only other person beside Tang Wulin who had met Na’er before, glanced nervously at Gu Yue, subconsciously taking a few steps back.

Na’er latched onto Tang Wulin’s arm. “Big Brother, can’t I come just because I miss you? Oooh! Is this what your classroom looks like?” she said as her eyes wandered around. “This place is huge. You know, it took me a super long time to find this place.”

Murmurs swept through the room. ‘Big Brother’? Is she his little sister? Damn! She’s the Class President’s little sister!

Quick as an arrow, Yang Nianxia rushed forward from the crowd, the picture of naive enchantment. “Beautiful lady, my name is Yang Nianxia. I’m a good friend of the Class President.”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. Since when were we good friends? This guy sure knows how to bluff.

Na’er gave a slight bow and a gentle smile. “Hi, I’m Na’er.”

Luo Guixing appeared in a silver flash beside Tang Wulin. “Hi Na’er, I’m Luo Guixing,” he said, revealing his best nobleman’s smile.

This guy actually teleported here! Tang Wulin could hardly what was happening.

“Hello,” Na’er said politely. The rest of the male students snapped out of their stupor as well and rushed forward to introduce themselves. Barely at the cusp of adulthood, these boys knew not the meaning of restraint. Na’er was just too charming. Her gentle beauty, tender smiles, and kindness were nothing like they had ever encountered. She greeted each and every one of them with sweetness.
Before her, all enraptured fools.

“That’s enough you guys. We’re going.” Tang Wulin peeled his classmates off Na’er and pulled her away.

Yang Nianxia’s expression grew stern as he watched the two leave. “From today onward, Class President is my big brother! I’ll do my best to make him my brother-in-law!”

“As if!” someone scoffed. “You’re shameless!”
“No way! He’s going to be my brother-in-law, not yours!”

As the boys argued, Shen Yi glanced at the door Tang Wulin and Na’er had just left through. She still couldn’t comprehend what she had just witnessed. ‘Big Brother’? Na’er is Wulin’s little sister? They don’t look anything alike though!

Before long, Tang Wulin led Na’er all the way to Spirit Ice Plaza.

“Jeez. You sure are popular, Na’er,” he said, scratching his chin as he looked at his cute little sister.

Na’er wasn’t just popular with the first grade students. During their stroll, she had attracted many gazes from students of the upper grades. But since Tang Wulin had been pulling her by the arm, they only sent envious glares at him from afar.

Na’er giggled. “You don’t like that? I won’t visit your classroom next time then. We’ll just set a place for our next date.” She placed a finger on her
chin. “Well, I’m busy cultivating most of the time, so I can only come out once a week. How about from now on we meet up on this day of the week for every week? Three in the afternoon. You can take me out for food.”

“Sounds good.” Tang Wulin rubbed her head, affection in his eyes. “What do you feel like eating today?”

“I’ll let you decide. Either way, I’ll eat anything you throw at me!” Tang Wulin chuckled. “Let’s go then!”
Whenever Tang Wulin was in Na’er’s presence, he always felt in a good mood and did his best to pamper her. It reminded him of his childhood, of simple times with his family. Reuniting with her had thawed his lonely heart and lifted some of the pressure weighing heavily on his shoulders.

He spent the entire afternoon with Na’er. He did not cultivate until evening in a rented cultivation space.

Tang Wulin left for class early the next morning. The moment he entered the classroom, he felt that something was off.

In an instant, over half of the boys rushed over to him and bowed deeply. “Good morning, Big Brother!”

Tang Wulin blinked twice as he took in the sight of their groveling. What the hell is going on?

“Get away from me! You guys are way too close!” he said, rushing to his usual seat.

“Big Brother, I got you some water,” one of the boys said. “Have some snacks, Big Brother!” another boy said.
“Enough of that!” Tang Wulin rubbed his face furiously in his palms, trying to escape from reality. “Big Brother, when is Na’er visiting again? How about we go out for some food together next time she comes?”

“What do you mean go out?” came the sound of Gu Yue’s voice, stern and
chilly. Cold enough to freeze. In one swift motion she shot up from her seat, a rampaging blizzard upon the boys crowding Tang Wulin.

Chapter 508: Na’er is Only My Sister

Chapter 508: Na’er is Only My Sister

The atmosphere in the entire first-grade class one seemed to suddenly turn tense. Origin Energy of various attributes was gathering toward class one at lightning speed. There was an array of colored lights indistinctly
shimmering in Gu Yue’s eyes.

Then, a powerful force abruptly erupted from her body. Even Tang Wulin who was sitting beside her felt a little out of breath.

‘She’s so powerful, is this Gu Ye’s true power?’

Tang Wulin knew all along that Gu Yue had always held back when they competed against one another. She would almost never strike at full force while her radiance would always almost be concealed by Tang Wulin.
However, he knew all along that he was never a worthy opponent against Gu Yue if they were to fight head-on.

At this moment, the force within Gu Yue’s body suddenly erupted. Everyone was immediately startled. Even Wu Siduo who had just walked into the class had fear written all over his face.

‘I thought she hasn’t achieved the status of a four-ringed soul master yet! How can the force from her body be so powerful?!’

“Gu Yue. They’re just kidding.” Tang Wulin tugged at Gu Yue’s arm. Gu Yue swung her arm and flung his hand away as she replied in an icy
cold tone, “Stupid!” She sat down after saying that. Her face had an air of coldness and indifference all over it.

‘What’s happening?’

Tang Wulin turned around and looked at Xie Xie who was sitting on his other side, “What’s going on? Which one of you provoked Gu Yue?”

The muscles on Xie Xie’s face stiffened while Xu Xiaoyan who was sitting on his other side almost laughed. Xu Lizhi was the most honest one, he directly pointed toward Tang Wulin.

“Me?” Tang Wulin’s face was filled with disbelief. “How could I? I wasn’t even with Gu Yue yesterday!”

Xie Xie covered his face with his hands as he giggled. “Big brother! Where’s your emotional intelligence?”

“I don’t know. It’s best that all of you start explaining.” Tang Wulin asked with a tone of uncertainty.

“Tang Wulin… There’s something I’d like to ask you.” Gu Yue tugged at his hand and turned him to herself.

“What is it?” Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue with a puzzled look.

“That girl from yesterday, is she your sister? Your biological sister?” Gu Yue was staring at with a burning gaze.

“Yes! She’s my sister! Even though she isn’t my biological sister but she isn’t that different from one. I picked her up from the streets when she was younger.” Tang Wulin explained.

“She’s only your sister?” Gu Yue inquired closely once again.

This time Tang Wulin finally understood. He suddenly felt at a loss of whether to laugh or cry at once as he replied, “What is wrong with you?
Are you stressed? My sister is beautiful, isn’t she? Of course she is only my sister, what else can she be other than my sister? She’s only twelve years old you see.

“That’s why I was saying that all of you beasts aren’t allowed to fantasize about my sister. Else, I’ll beat you all to death!” His final sentence was for the other students in his class.

“She’s only… twelve years old? She’s quite well developed!” Yang Nianxia could not help but mutter to himself before he saw Tang Wulin’s ferocious glare.

“My bad, class monitor. I can wait, I can wait until your sister is eighteen.”

“You’ll wait then. Do everything you can when Na’er is eighteen years old. Na’er is a student from Shrek Academy as well. It’s only that she’s from the inner court. So… if you think that you deserve her, you have to give your
cultivation everything you have.” Tang Wulin spoke with a smile on his face.

“I’ll enter the inner court!”

“No wonder she was able to get into the academy. Surprisingly, she’s from the inner court.”

“Class monitor, you aren’t a sincere person! Your motivation method is too… However, I’ll succumb to it and try my level best to work hard and get into the inner court.”

“Alright. Now, everyone quiet. Class is starting soon.” Tang Wulin could see that Wu Zhangkong was already outside and was walking to the class.

Afterward, he peeped at Gu Yue who was sitting by his side. Her expression had already calmed down by a lot. However, she was still sitting there
silently with a serious look plastered on her face.

Tang Wulin bumped against her shoulder gently. He laughed softly. “Am I right that you’re feeling jealous now?”

“Go away.” Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him. Tang Wulin could not help laughing as he shook his head. “Tell me. What’s actually in your mind? We’re still young, and our top priority now is to properly learn what we have to so we can improve ourselves every day. We aren’t even fifteen yet.”

“Go away! What do you think was on my mind anyway?”

“Alright. Nothing then.” Tang Wulin turned around in an attempt to suppress himself from laughing.

Wu Zhangkong walked to the back of the lectern. He looked the entire class and could sense that the ambiance today was obviously unusual. He later found out that some people seemed to be especially attentive today. Others were especially focused and attentive as well while they listened to his lesson in all seriousness.

“There’ll a mecha practical class today in the afternoon. To the students who’ve signed up, remember to come early. Class dismissed.”

Tang Wulin stretched his body. There was the mecha practical class this afternoon but he had already learned a few basics of operating a mecha.
Operating the mecha was far more difficult than what he had imagined. The only upper hand he had was that he was a soul master with abundant blood essence so the weight and the impact from the mecha did not affect him as much.

“Gu Yue, let’s have lunch in the cafeteria later!” Tang Wulin called out to Gu Yue.

“Hmm.” Gu Yue answered.

“Xie Xie, Xiaoyan, Xinglan, Lizhi, join us!”

“No thanks. I’m going to the Tang Sect in the afternoon. I’ll have my lunch there.” Xie Xie was the first one to reject his offer.

Xu Lizhi answered, “I’ve something to discuss with Sister Xinglan, you guys go ahead.” Xu Xiaoyan then replied, “I’ve some matters to attend to as well. My design class tonight is very important. I’m going to have a quick bite before I go back to prepare. I’ll be going to the mecha practical class this afternoon as well.”

‘All these people are shying away…’

Tang Wulin was feeling a little speechless. He could only go to the cafeteria with Gu Yue.

“What are you having? I’ll go and get the food.” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue.

“Anything will do.” Gu Yue seemed to have already lost the rage she had in the morning since she sounded rather calm. Tang Wulin could even sense the gentleness in her voice.

Having a meal was a very important matter to Tang Wulin. He could make a clean sweep of every dish available and ate in such a carefree manner every day.

Naturally, Gu Yue’s appetite was incomparable to him.

Gu Yu waited until Tang Wulin was done eating before she brought out a piece of tissue and gathered forward to wipe his mouth.

She performed this action in an exceedingly natural manner. It as if she already done this before in the past for hundreds and thousands of times. Tang Wulin was stunned.

“Let’s go. Go back and rest for a while. I thought you still have a mecha practical course in the afternoon?” Gu Yue stood up and led the way out.

‘Was she… feeling insecure?’ The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips curved into an arc.

He walked quickly to catch up to her so they could walk side by side.

It was very quiet at the working student’s dormitory. Only Yuanen Yehui’s door was closed. She was probably in there. However, the others were probably not in the dormitory.

“Gu Yue, do you have something to tell me?” Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue to a stop as he walked to the front of his room.

“It’s nothing.” Gu Yue shook her head.

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s true. Na’er is only my sister.”‘

Gu Yue turned around and shot him a look. “Remember your words.” She returned to her room after saying that.
Tang Wulin rubbed his nose and returned to his room as well. Meditation was the best way to rest.

There was a specific venue for the mecha practical class. The mecha trial arena was located at the southwest part of Shrek Academy.

There was a total of a dozen students from first grade class one that signed up for the mecha practical class. They were already gathered and stood in a horizontal row.

The teacher who would be teaching them in this practical class was a tall, huge, middle-aged man named Duan Shang.

“Good day, teacher.” Everyone saluted Duan Shang under Tang Wulin’s guidance.

Duan Shang spoke with a deep rumbling voice, “We’re going to continue our training in the basic operations of a mecha in the mecha practical class today. Alright, board your mecha and turn on the communication
equipment.” “Yes.”
Everyone turned around and ran toward their mecha. The mechas used for the training were white and were the most basic mechas. They were twenty meters tall and weighed about ten tons. Also, they had no weapons installed on them and were moderately armored.

The chest armor in front of the mecha’s chest opened to reveal the pilot’s cockpit. The group could only enter the cockpit by climbing into it.

Tang Wulin entered the cockpit of the mecha and skillfully pressed a button, causing the opening of the cockpit to close. A helmet came down along
with quite a number of corresponding alloy rings that fastened around his limbs.

Within the cockpit was a miniature keyboard in front of his hands that he could operate to perform a few auxiliary controls for the mecha.

The most important method to operate the current mecha he was in was to use the movements of one’s body to exercise control over the mecha. Then, one would need to utilize the core circuit as well as the connected driving
shaft to drive the mecha. With the keyboard under the user’s palm, various functions in the mecha could be activated.

“Number one’s communication equipment is fully turned on.” Tang Wulin turned on the communication equipment inside his mecha before
connecting himself into the public channel.

Soon, all fifteen students who were in the mecha practical class were done turning on their communication equipment.

“Very well. It is of utmost importance for a person to master balance in the operation of a mecha. I explained in the last lesson that all of you had to first regard the mecha as part of you. Think of the mecha as an extension of your body. How can you operate the mecha in an agile manner? All of you have to first be agile. You have to be able to feel like you’ve grown ten meters taller. Our mecha’s auxiliary equipment is very sensitive. Any and
all small movements you make will affect its movements. That is why we must first master the balance and accuracy required in operating a mecha. Follow my moves exactly. Raise your left leg…”

Chapter 509: Operating the Mecha

Chapter 509: Operating the Mecha

They were taught the most fundamental basics when they first began learning about operating a mecha. However trivial it sounded, it was a very important process. Even for someone with Tang Wulin’s physical abilities, he would still need two lessons before he could get a feel for the mecha’s balance.

Just as Teacher Duan had explained, one would first have to feel that one had already grown taller by ten meters. It was only then that one would be able to find one’s sense of balance. Tang Wulin was the only student who did not fall over when he was in the practical class for the first time.

The act of operating a mecha was truly an act of physical labor. Even the contractions in one’s muscles were capable of affecting the mecha’s
movements while one was trying to control the mecha. For that reason, any and all minute movements from the body had to be controlled with extreme precision in order to ensure the mecha followed the user’s wishes.

For example, the armor plates on the surface of the mecha would rapidly contract when the muscles on one’s arms were tensed. If there were any weapons installed, then such a movement was even capable of shooting a soul beam through a minor adjustment in the program.

The operation of a mecha was truly the mastery of a mecha master’s in manipulating over every single part of his body. One could only improve their operation of the mecha through proper step-by-step training. “Alright, our practical class for today is almost over. Finally, who is going to help us demonstrate a movement that is comparatively more
complicated? You can do it according to your own wishes.” Teacher Duan’s voice came out through the communication equipment.

Tang Wulin controlled his mecha into skipping once on the spot. “Teacher Duan, I’d like to give it a go.”

“Alright, come here.”

Duan Shang controlled his mecha into walking backward and vacated the center of the trial arena.

He was still very pleased with the class monitor Tang Wulin. After teaching the mecha practical class for so many years, Tang Wulin was the first
student who came to participate in the mecha practical class as a class monitor.

Generally, almost all the outer court’s class monitors were capable of
entering the inner court in the future. For this reason, a majority of them preferred to focus their energy on forging battle armor and self-cultivation.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin revealed an exceedingly high passion for mechas. Moreover, he was a gifted child and was naturally endowed with physical abilities that were exceptionally strong. This made the speed of his advancement the most satisfactory amongst the students that Duan Shang had ever taught in the past.

Tang Wulin had only participated in three mecha practical classes so far.
However, he had basically mastered some of the skills to balance and operate a mecha. If he were to develop continuously on this path, he would be able to achieve the yellow mecha level in one academic year at the very least. In only a year! This was an extremely impressive result indeed.

Tang Wulin raised his leg in an attempt to control his mecha in an attempt to walk steadily into the middle of the arena. Duan Shang could not help but secretly nod from looking at Tang Wulin’s mecha advancing forward. “Very well, your balance is very well

Tang Wulin stood steadily in the middle and inhaled a deep breath to calm himself. He had to diffuse the Spirit Sea’s spiritual power to allow his perception to envelop the entire mecha.

‘Fuse as one. Fuse as one.’ He continuously told himself in his heart.

He raised his arm, stretched his leg and resumed. He did not rush each and every fundamental movement but instead, he performed them in an
extremely serious and steady manner. Each and every movement he made was exceedingly accurate.

These movements were not that difficult. However, the fact that Tang Wulin, as a beginner had demonstrated his capabilities of completing these fundamental movements with such accuracy revealed the significant progress he made with the few practical lessons he had been in.

After Tang Wulin was done with all the fundamental movement, the movement and speed of the white-colored mecha Tang Wulin was in
suddenly took a cheerful turn. His left leg took half a stride to the left while his body spun around abruptly. Then, his right leg took a step backward and the mecha paced forward with an intriguing stride. This caused the mecha to lose its balance ever so slightly. It shook a little but soon, it was pulled back to safety through Tang Wulin’s control. One after another, the mecha took stride after stride as Tang Wulin began to cruise with his mecha in the middle of the arena.

He was much swifter than when he was demonstrating the fundamental movements earlier. Although he was not moving exceptionally fast, the strides his mecha took one after another made its movements seem as natural as flowing water. There was nary a flaw in its movements.

‘This is…’ Duan Shang’s eyes were slightly squinted, and his gaze was filled with astonishment. Tang Wulin’s movements were not considered to be that complicated, and it appeared very simple. However, it felt like the set of movements he was making with his mecha was especially suitable for
evading opponents. The most salient characteristic of his movements was that it was unpredictable and irregular.

When one had irregular movements, one would not be so easily captured by the enemy.

It was truly impressive! This was considered to be a form of non-directional footwork. Although his movements were still a little choppy, it was already not an easy task for a beginner do such a thing. He was simply a genius, a mecha-operating genius.

Tang Wulin became immersed in operating the mecha. The footwork that he was using now was a simplified version of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

It was impossible for him to fully utilize Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track based on his current proficiency in operating the mecha. On top of that, the mecha’s was too large and its joints were inferior compared to the joints of a human. This made it impossible for him to bring out the true power of
Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. That being the case, he could still sense a kind of familiarity between himself and the mecha when he used this footwork.

His own mecha would be completed sometime in the future, and it seemed like he would still need more practice in operating the mecha. Naturally, the more he practiced, the more proficient he would be.

The mecha was one of the greatest products of modern technology, while battle armor was a result of the fusion between a soul master and modern technology. Both of these were different and each had its own path.

Tang Wulin has loved mechas ever since he was young. How could he not be excited from the knowledge that he would soon own a mecha that belonged to him? Finally, the performance ended, and Duan Shang profusely complimented Tang Wulin for quite some time.

It was already dusk when he left the mecha trial arena. Tang Wulin was prepared to return to the dormitory for a shower before he continued
cultivating his soul power at the special cultivation venue. However, he ran into an unexpected guest outside the working student’s dormitory.

Although Guo Xiaoxu was short, he always wore a warm smile on his face. He was waiting for Tang Wulin in his dormitory.

“Nice to meet you.” Tang Wulin was at a loss. He had no idea how he should address the person before him.

Guo Xiaoxu smiled sweetly. “Follow me. I’ve something to speak to you about.” He walked outside after that.

Guo Xiaoxu was a high-level personnel from the Tang Sect. Tang Wulin had always had a sense of belonging to the Tang Sect because it was Tang Sect’s Mysterious Heaven Method that helped speed up the advancement of his soul power such that he could finally get into Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin was aware that Xie Xie was cultivating under the guidance of Hallmaster Liang Xiaoyu from the Tang Sect. Could it be that the Tang Sect found him in an effort to cultivate him as well? The person before his eyes gave off a feeling that was unfathomably deep.

Guo Xiaoxu stopped walking when they stepped into the forest. “Nice to meet you Wulin. I’m representing the Tang Sect to speak to you.” The smile on his face vanished and he now wore a serious face.

“Please, speak.” Tang Wulin spoke in all seriousness.

Guo Xiaoxu replied, “Are you interested to join the Battle Soul Hall of the inner Tang Sect.”

“Battle Soul Hall?” Tang Wulin did not have an especially good understanding of the Tang Sect’s inner halls. Guo Xiaoxu nodded, “The Battle Soul Hall is the heart of the Tang Sect’s halls. It can be described as the place that cultivates top-tier talents for the future of the Tang Sect. The Battle Soul Hall also undertakes the most important, and formidable mission of the Tang Sect at the same time. By joining the Battle Soul Hall, it’s likely that you’ll face some especially troublesome enemies in the future. Similarly, you’ll also be receiving the Tang Sect’s full support in advancing yourself by joining the Battle Soul Hall.”

“We discovered through our observations. You have a very strong foundation. Moreover, you are naturally gifted with excellent abilities, and you possess an extremely rare blood essence soul ring. We’ve decided to
absorb you into the Battle Soul Hall through Wu Zhangkong’s recommendation. It’s now time for you to let me know your opinion on this.”

The inner Tang Sect had three halls. These included the Battle Soul Hall, the Enforcement Hall, and the Worship Hall. Tang Wulin had learned of this earlier but still could not really understand the significance of these three inner halls.

It was rather simple. The Enforcement Hall was in charge of enforcing the inner Tang Sect’s rules and rectify the mistakes of the members.

The Worship Hall only allowed certain powerhouses that had cultivated to a certain level before they were allowed to enter.

Only the Battle Soul Hall was slightly more difficult to understand.

“Superintendent Guo, can you please explain what the Battle Soul Hall is all about in detail?” Tang Wulin asked.

Chapter 510: Battle Soul Hall, White Fighter

Chapter 510: Battle Soul Hall, White Fighter

Guo Xiaoxu spoke in all seriousness, “I can only tell you that the Battle Soul Hall is the Tang Sect’s true heart. However, there are many things that I’m not in the position to reveal to you before you truly join us in the Battle Soul Hall. This is unfortunately due to the involvement of many secrets,
and I can only tell you that there are many things that are unfair in this
world. There is even more evil hidden in the darkness, with plenty of things that law enforcement can’t handle. This is where we, from the Battle Soul Hall come in and manage these matters indeed. We’ve never boasted about justice but instead, we protect the weak and vulnerable by expelling the evil in this world. For example, the greatest enemy of the Battle Soul Hall is like the evil soul master that you’ve met sometime in the past.”

Tang Wulin’s gaze immediately became fixated after listening to Guo
Xiaoxu’s mention the three words — Evil. Soul. Master. Mo Lan had only barely managed to stay alive. However, there was mention that there would still be residual effects that would prevent her from becoming a soul train
captain in the future. At this moment, she was serving civilians in the
Heaven Dou City office. Even though she was cited for her bravery by the federation, the harm done to her was still irreversible.

Evil soul masters regard human life to be as worthless as dirt, and Tang Wulin had to personally bear witness to that. “Alright. I’ll join you.” Tang Wulin seriously considered the offer for a moment before deciding.

This history of Tang Sect has destined it for a future that made it impossible for it to become an evil organization. Tang Wulin had heard many legends regarding the Tang Sect ever since he was a young boy. This was part of the reason why he was willing to join the Tang Sect in the first place.

Earlier, Guo Xiaoxu’s simple explanation of the Tang Sect was so Tang Wulin had a clear understanding of his future goals, and because of that, he made the decision to join them.

Guo Xiaoxu smiled gently. “Welcome aboard. Since you’ve made the decision to join us, I can now tell you about the situation in the Battle Soul Hall. The inner Battle Soul Hall does not follow the overall classification
system of the Tang Sect. Our members are knowns as warriors, and they’re divided into four classes — white warriors, yellow warriors, purple warriors and black warriors. We currently have about two hundred warriors in the
Battle Soul Hall. As a new member, you’ll automatically hold the identity of a white warrior. Every warrior will be awarded monthly basic
contribution points for their outstanding contribution to the Tang Sect. The only requirement that the Battle Soul Hall asks of its warriors is to complete three missions each year. As for our members that are still learning at the
academy, you’ll only need to complete one mission each year, and you’ll even be rewarded for the mission.

“At the same time, warriors can also enjoy certain authorizations that are not available to the other halls. However, I’ve to warn you that the process of completing a mission can and will be dangerous. Even if the mission might be failed, your safety is the main priority. I’d suggest for you to try completing the mission during your school holiday while you’re still in the academy because completing one will definitely take some time.”

“Alright.” Tang Wulin answered.

“Follow me to the headquarters and register yourself.” Tang Wulin followed Guo Xiaoxu to the Tang Sect headquarters in Shrek City. Eventually, he arrived at an area that he had never entered in the past with Guo Xiaoyu as his guide.

They passed through several checkpoint layers before they entered an underground area.

“This is your warrior equipment. Remember this. We, the warriors of the
Battle Soul Hall live in the darkness. The outside world doesn’t know about us. That’s why you’ll have to try your best at concealing your identity when you’re out completing a mission. This is to protect yourself from enemies you’ve faced in the past who might be out for vengeance.”

Guo Xiaoxu passed a tray with some items on it to Tang Wulin.

There was a set of white clothes made from an unknown material, and it appeared a little old-fashioned. The fabric lining felt a little cold with a metallic feel, and there were no striations on its surface. Surrounding the
white clothes were a white cloak along with a metallic white mask that only revealed the eyes.

Even close friends and family might not be able to recognize someone who was dressed i this attire.

There was also a white token made of an unknown material that seemed as pure as jade. The token had a strange energy fluctuating inside.

“This is the white warrior’s badge. You can bring it with you even on regular days and request for reinforcements regardless of location by just using the warrior’s badge. You’ll only need to press this button here and
any Battle Soul Hall members who’re within a hundred kilometers will rush over to reinforce you in battle as soon as possible after receiving the signal. At the same time, you might also receive a call for reinforcement from others and once you do, you’ll have to drop whatever you’re doing and head over to reinforce your peers.”

“Understood.” Tang Wulin nodded. “It’s unusual for someone like you to join the Battle Soul Hall, and since you’re at such a young age, you won’t be able to actually go on any missions. Your current task at hand is to advance yourself with everything you have. You’ll only rise and become a yellow warrior from being a white warrior after you advance to a one-word battle armor master and complete ten missions. Different classes will be awarded with different basic
contribution points. The type of mission you’ll embark on is different as well. At the same time, the support you’ll receive from the Tang Sect will be different as well.”

Tang Wulin could not help but ask, “Superintendent Guo, why do put so much trust in me? Is there no need for me to take any examinations before I’m allowed to join the Battle Soul Hall?” An organization that was not tightly monitored could spell trouble.

Guo Xiaoxu smiled gently. “I’m the Tang Sect Shrek superintendent for the headquarters, and I’m also the Branchmaster of the Battle Soul Hall at the same time. From the day you joined the Tang Sect, your examination has
already begun. We’ve combined all aspects of the examination and after all these years of evaluating you, we’ve finally come to a conclusion — to
absorb you into the Battle Soul Hall. You see, your companions have yet to meet the qualifications to enter the Battle Soul Hall because they haven’t done enough. While your plus point isn’t that your personal power has
advanced but is instead your performance during the two encounters you had with the scoundrels on the soul train. Not only were you willing to
sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others, you even refused to back down when faced with a formidable enemy. We’re very pleased with your actions during your ordeal that we exempted you from the obligatory examination required to join the Battle Soul Hall for your extraordinary performance.
That alone is reason enough for you not to think that joining the Battle Soul Hall is an easy task. It’s only because you’re worthy that you’ve been given this opportunity.”

Tang Wulin was shocked. He did not expect that the Tang Sect would be aware of all his actions.

“Come along now. I’ll bring you to experience the Battle Soul Hall’s
specialized resources.” Guo Xiaoxu brought Tang Wulin along and walked into a room. As the doors shut tight, the room then slowly descended. This was actually an enormous elevator that was as large as a room.
The elevator stopped as a pathway emerged. Then, Guo Xiaoxu led the way as he brought Tang Wulin further in. Then, a large door that seemed to be
cast from bronze appeared before them, and it seemed like there were plenty of mysterious patterns that were engraved on the door.

“The Spirit Pagoda and Federation each has its own specialty in the research of spatial technology. On the other hand, the Tang Sect has the results of their own spatial research. After you’ve entered, you can take a look inside and find somewhere suitable for yourself. There will be a voice to signal for you to leave. When it’s time, you’ll be able to leave naturally. This’ll take an estimated twelve hours.”

‘Twelve hours?’ Tang Wulin thought in his heart. Twelve hours later would be the dawn of the next morning. That would not actually delay his lessons.


Guo Xiaoxu did not explain to him what sort of place was this. However, Tang Wulin still pushed the door and entered the room.

The enormous metallic door was extremely heavy, and behind that metallic door was another door. However, this time it was a door that shimmered
with a lustrous and dazzling brilliance, and there were three large words on the upper side of the door – Battle Soul Hall.

This place was indeed exclusive only to the members of the Battle Soul Hall.

He inhaled to take a deep breath and adjusted the soul power in his body. Then, Tang Wulin stepped through the second door with a little caution.

Immediately, everything in his surrounding began spinning and seemingly became unreal. It all seemed different as the shadows and light spun themselves around him. The intense nausea he was experiencing made Tang Wulin’s Spirit System suffer from the violent stimulation.

Fortunately, this only laster for a moment. The brilliance flashed over and before long, he emerged in a middle of an area.

Similar to before, there was still a pathway and it did not appear to be that different from the one he encountered earlier. He turned around to look toward the door he had just come through and noticed that it was already closing behind him without even making a sound. As the door closed, it finally condensed into a speck of light before it vanished into thin air.

‘Uhh… I haven’t taken my dinner tonight.’ This was the first thought that came to Tang Wulin’s heart at that moment.

‘Nevermind, I’ll cross that bridge when I have to. Looks like I’m going to start for a night then.’

The pathway that seemed like it came out of a crypt was roughly five meters wide and had several doors lined along both sides. As Tang Wulin walked further in, the words — Hall of Heroes — were seen written above the first door on the left.

‘Hall of Heroes? Isn’t this the place we used for the trial when I first joined the Tang Sect? I can actually enter the Hall of Heroes from the Battle Soul Hall?’

Tang Wulin was not in a hurry to enter the room so he continued walking toward the back. One by one, he began seeing familiar names as he walked down the path.

Designing Room.

Manufacturing Room. Forging Room.
Mecha Practice Room. Battle-Armor Fusing Room…

Plant System Soul Master Cultivation Room…

There was a sign on every door. ‘Was this an internal area used by the Tang Sect for cultivation? There’s no way to tell if these places are even different to those in Shrek Academy.’

There was a signage on every door. ‘Was this an interior zone used by the Tang Sect for cultivation? There is no way to tell if these places were different as compared to the Shrek Academy.’

Tang Wulin chose the Plant System Soul Master’s Cultivation Room as he continued pondering. After all, this was still his first time here, and he had to be a little conservative.
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