The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401 - Spirit Refined Titanium Gold

Chapter 401 - Spirit Refined Titanium Gold

Tang Wulin’s hammers glowed with soul power. Gone was the gentleness from before. They came down upon the titanium crystal like an endless,
crashing waterfall, thundering booms now shaking the arena. The
explosions of sound were further amplified by the stacked hammers effect. Upon being thousand refined, his hammers were capable of drawing on his soul power. However, after being spirit refined, they could now use his soul power to its fullest potential.

Soul power surged through Tang Wulin’s body like roaring waves. He didn’t hold any part of himself back. Compared to his first spirit refining, he now had enough soul power to spare. Even if he did run out of soul power, he still had the power of his bloodline at his disposal. In addition to that, the two bean buns he had previously eaten roused his blood. He could take
advantage of that to reverse the flow of his blood, the technique that had helped him complete Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and defeat Wu Siduo.

After successfully activating Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and reversing his blood flow, Tang Wulin perfected the technique and could now use it on command. In doing so, his blood essence became thirty percent stronger, and when he used Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, his power doubled! As of now, his strongest attack consisted of his dragon
claw, his gauntlet, and Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Tang Wulin had long since been able to harness the power of his bloodline to reduce his stamina consumption, improving his forging efficacy. Spirit
 refining titanium crystal was nothing to him now. He could use his blood
essence as a substitute for his soul power, and doing so would also increase his chances of successful spirit refining a metal! During the past few days of forging alloys, he noticed that his success rate had increased. It was clear to him that the bond between metal and blood essence was deeper than the one between metal and soul power. After that discovery, Tang Wulin’s level of forging entered a whole new realm. He didn’t increase in rank, but his
success rate soared.

This was the reason why he could forge the titanium crystal so perfectly today.

Tang Wulin’s hammers rained down on the titanium crystal. The golden ball inside of it grew brighter with each heavy hit, growing larger as the crystal that encased it became smaller. This was a truly bizarre scene to behold. It looked as if he were actually granting life to the metal.

Everyone knew that titanium crystal was spirit refined the moment that only its gold remained. Titanium gold had an astronomical value. It was one of the top ten metals and could be reforged into an alloy. Forget normal soul masters, even Titled Douluos desired such a metal! All who were not yet four-word battle armor masters would! A single piece of titanium gold
could drastically boost the toughness and other properties of battle armor. It was an absolute treasure. Titanium crystal was rare, but finding titanium gold was like spotting a unicorn! A piece once appeared in an auction
auction and sold for a whopping eighty million coins! It was so rare that it didn’t have a set market value!

Tang Wulin had imbued the metal with his blood essence as he forged. He was the only one who could finish forging it now. If that weren’t the case, Feng Wuyu would have jumped in to finish it himself. No one would pass up an opportunity to obtain some titanium gold. Even with Feng Wuyu’s cultivation level and status as a three-word battle armor master, only three pieces of his battle armor had titanium gold infused in them!

Feng Wuyu balled his hands into tight fists. You have to succeed!
 Tang Wulin’s soul power depleted rapidly as he forged the titanium crystal.
Every strike of his hammers sent a burst of soul power into the titanium crystal, reducing its size and granting it life. Titanium crystal was much
faster to spirit refine than other metals. However, this speed came at the cost of increased soul power consumption during the refining process. The
amount of consumption was so shocking that Tang Wulin couldn’t keep up. Only fifteen minutes had passed by the time Tang Wulin’s soul power ran out. As soon as it did, his three purple soul rings disappeared and a resplendent golden one took their place. Tang Wulin called his blood
essence forth in a surge of awesome power, activating Golden Dragon Body as an intense, draconic roar resounded from deep within him. Anyone with sharp eyes would see golden scales shimmering faintly in the air around him.

From his seat on the platform that overlooked the arena, Zhuo Shi gawked at Tang Wulin. “He succeeded! That brat succeeded at learning my Dragon Shocks the Heavens with just three soul rings! I had to wait until I had five rings before I could refine my bloodline to half that of a true dragon’s and complete it! No wonder he can forge like that… he’s using the power of his bloodline to supplement his forging!”

Golden light streamed from Tang Wulin’s spirit refined heavy silver hammers as his blood essence coursed through them. The golden ball on the forging table before him shrank rapidly as he continued to forge. He could feel the connection between the metal and his bloodline growing deeper and more intense. The titanium crystal was an infant about to be born and on the verge of gaining awareness.

Tang Wulin could feel his blood essence roar within him. It was being
consumed at a much slower pace than his soul power had been. He allowed its flow to reverse, feeling no need to really control it. The aura of his blood essence immediately grew thicker, a warmth spreading throughout his body.

Boom after boom filled the air. The song of Tang Wulin’s forging now followed the same tune as He Xiaopeng’s had. In fact, it was even louder. The titanium crystal grew brighter with each strike, the golden ball rapidly filling the space that the crystal of the metal previously occupied.
 W-what! He’s about to succeed at spirit refining? H-he’s actually a fifth- rank blacksmith?

He Xiaopeng stared at Tang Wulin in shock. At the age of seventeen, he was the oldest student in the second grade. He always thought himself a
prodigy for becoming a fourth-rank blacksmith at the age of seventeen. Yet Mu Xi, being a fourth-rank blacksmith herself, transferred in and showed him that wasn’t the case. If she hadn’t transferred in late, she might have threatened his position as blacksmith representative of the second grade.
Even before this match, some said she should go up instead of him. They had believed it impossible for the first grade to win and thought it would be a good chance for her to show off her skills. In the end, however, the teacher had settled on him being the one to go up, saying that the first grade had an extremely talented blacksmith.

He Xiaopeng hadn’t minded the teacher’s words back then, but he hadn’t looked down on his opponent either. He believed that, as long as he did his best, victory was certain.

Yet reality had played out differently.

He Xiaopeng had performed to the very best of his ability today, even
surpassing his limits a bit. He had been completely satisfied with the result. But then Tang Wulin did the impossible!
He’s still young! He can’t be more than fifteen, much younger than me, yet he can actually spirit refine! I don’t even know when I’ll be able to!

In the audience, a pair of shining eyes stared at Tang Wulin in astonishment. These eyes belonged to Mu Xi!

Mu Xi knew Tang Wulin was a fifth-rank blacksmith, but this was her first time seeing him spirit refine. He really can do it! That golden light should be his blood essence... I can’t believe it’s already so strong. He’s even more amazing than before.
 As Tang Wulin’s senior sister, no one understood his blacksmithing skill and his comprehension level better than her. She had been absolutely
certain that Taing Wulin would be the first grade’s blacksmith representative, so she hadn’t fought He Xiaopeng for their own grade’s position. She didn’t want to compete with Tang Wulin because she never won against him before, and she knew this time would be no different.

Mu Xi’s smile grew wider and wider as she watched him forge. He’s
advanced step by step, and now he’s able to spirit refine titanium crystal. Is there anything he can’t do? Fortunately, none of her classmates paid any
attention to her. They were all focused on the spectacle happening on-stage. If some had seen her face, they surely would have doubted which side she was on.

Tang Wulin brought his hammers down upon the titanium crystal once more. They struck the metal, sending a thundering tremor through the arena and everyone present. The golden light around Tang Wulin began to fade,
and all of a sudden, a crack appeared in the titanium crystal.

Everyone stared at the metal, eyes wide. A crack! There’s a crack in it! Did he… did he actually fail?

The crack spread. The process was slow at first, the first crack slowly giving way to another, gradually making its way across the surface of the
crystalline metal like a web being patiently spun. Yet that patience was soon forgotten. Cracks quickly ran rampant across the metal ball, branching off into two, then four, then eight, until a myriad of them completely covered the ball.

Then, after a tense moment, the crystal broke apart. Thin translucent flakes fell away from the ball one by one, each coming to rest atop the forging table to reveal a flawless golden ball that exuded life. The Holy Spirit
Douluo could clearly feel the life force within the metal. She nodded imperceptibly, a warm smile forming on her lips. Awe filled her eyes.

The golden ball resembled a bird that had just hatched. It slowly floated up into the air, then it began circling Tang Wulin like a baby bird greeting its mother, breaking the silence of the arena with cheerful humming.
 Tang Wulin smiled. He had granted this metal life and sentience. He had succeeded at spirit refining before, but the product hadn’t been anywhere near as intelligent as this golden ball before him. This was his first time seeing such intelligent spirit refined metal.

It was a miracle.

Chapter 402 - Life-bestowed Titanium Gold

Chapter 402 - Life-bestowed Titanium Gold

Tang Wulin raised his hand and the golden ball landed into his palm. It hummed softly in his hand, nuzzling his palm affectionately.

Tang Wulin’s face twitched. If every piece of spirit refined metal is like this from now on, could I bear giving them away? It feels like it's my own child!

At that moment, Feng Wuyu spoke up. “Disciple! Why don’t we discuss some things?”

Tang Wulin looked up to see a sleazy smile on his teacher’s face. “Okay! As long we don’t talk about my titanium gold, I’m fine with anything. It’s bound to me through my blood essence, so giving it to you would be a

“You stinking brat!” Feng Wuyu smacked the back of Tang Wulin’s head, but eventually revealed a helpless smile. This kid really doesn’t care about how I feel!

Tang Wulin smirked. “Teacher, I’ve already delayed the competition long enough. I need to go down and rest. I’ll visit you in the evening.”

“Mn.” Feng Wuyu nodded, still unable to hide his smile.

Tang Wulin had bestowed life onto the titanium crystal. He had succeeded in spirit refining it into titanium gold. He was no longer a fifth-rank blacksmith in name alone. Although he had focused solely on forging alloys since reaching this rank, it had imperceptibly influenced his refining ability,
 particularly his control and perception. Feng Wuyu had no right to be fussy with such a talented disciple.

“The match is over. Tang Wulin of the first grade is the winner,” Shen Yi declared. The result had long since been clear to everyone, but this made it official. He Xiaopeng quietly descended from the stage while Tang Wulin returned to his classmates amidst their cheers.

Tang Wulin flashed a smile at his classmates then gestured to Xu Lizhi.
Upon seeing that signal, Xu Lizhi jogged over and handed Tang Wulin
some pork buns he had prepared beforehand. Tang Wulin devoured them, then sat down cross-legged to meditate. Spirit refining the titanium crystal had drained him, but he would soon have to go up for the team battle. He had to take every moment he could to recover.

“The second match will be fought through mecha-designing,” Shen Yi announced. “Would the representatives please come up.”

The students of the second grade could hardly believe that they lost the first match, but they weren’t too concerned. He Xiaopeng had still put on a
splendid performance. Tang Wulin was just a freak of nature. He Xiaopeng never had a chance.

Gu Yue looked at Tang Wulin for a moment, her eyes slightly narrowed, then took the stage. Gu Yue’s opponent took the stage as well. She was a tall and no less beautiful than Mu Xi. Unlike the girls of the first grade, she possessed a hint of maturity. She looked to be the same age as He
Xiaopeng, about sixteen or seventeen, a young lady in the prime of her youth. In comparison, Gu Yue had average looks. Nothing about her really drew the eyes of others. The most charming thing about her was her cool temperament.

For this match, the forging tables remained on the stage. Their flat surfaces would do just as well for design drafting as they would forging.

The girl from the second grade glanced at a boy in the audience and flashed a sweet smile at him. The boy nodded in response.
 That “boy” was Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie didn’t miss this. He gawked at the two, his mind reeling from the
exchange. What’s going on? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were a couple!

Satisfied, the girl then turned to Gu Yue. “Hello, I’m Bai Hanying from the second grade. Please advise me.”

“First grade’s Gu Yue.”

Shen Yi looked between the two girls, then walked to the edge of the platform once more. “This designing match will test your reasoning and the quality of your design. You have thirty minutes to design a right gauntlet for a set of battle armor. You can use your old designs. Elder Cai will personally select the winner.”

A gauntlet? Upon hearing that, the students of the first grade cheered. Tang Wulin’s team had crafted his right gauntlet. Considering the relationship between Gu Yue and Tang Wulin, they were certain that she designed it!
Since she was capable of creating a design for a piece of one-word battle armor, they believed they had this match in the bag.

Graph paper and writing instruments were immediately delivered to the
stage and placed on the forging tables. The moment everything was set up, Shen Yi cried, “Begin!”

With that declaration, the pencils of the two competitors began to dance, the contents of their minds pouring out onto the paper.

It was fundamentally impossible to create a design from scratch in just thirty minutes. What this match truly tested was their design fundamentals.
Gu Yue didn’t draw too quickly or too slowly. Her pencil moved steadily
across the paper, never stopping for even a moment. The form of a gauntlet quickly took shape on her paper. On the other side of the stage, Bai
Hanying drew much faster, constantly erasing and revising her design. In spite of that, she made quick progress.
 Soon enough, the thirty allotted minutes ran out. The second they did, Bai Hanying and Gu Yue put their pencils down at practically the same time.

The two designs were delivered to Elder Cai. She handed one of them to the Holy Spirit Douluo. The two Titled Douluos took a few minutes to inspect the designs and discuss them. Once they came to a consensus, Elder Cai
stood up.

Gu Yue and and Bai Hanying looked up at the platform expectantly.

“This match is a draw.” Elder Cai looked between the two girls. “Gu Yue, your design for a one-word gauntlet incorporates spirit alloys and is very comprehensive. It’s a practical and effective design. Bai Hangying, your design is much more complicated, and it implemented many advanced
theories perfectly. However, the overall design is flawed. If you manage to complete it, you’ll have become a fifth-rank designer. Is your design meant for someone with twin martial souls?”

Bai Hanying nodded. “Yes, Elder Cai.”

Elder Cai continued. “In order to perfect your design, you should work together with Gu Yue. You will be able to complement each other and make up for your deficiencies, making it far easier to complete the design.
Adding spirit alloys to the design would vastly improve a one-word gauntlet meant for someone with twin martial souls. You would waste a lot of time if you work independently.”

Bai Hanying turned to look at Gu Yue, a flicker of hesitation in her eyes. Designing battle armor for someone with twin martial souls was already a difficult task. Adding spirit alloys to the design would push it beyond the domain of her current abilities. Feeling Bai Hanying’s gaze, Gu Yue turned
to look her in the eye. She already understood what the girl’s goal was. That design was most likely for Yuanen Yehui.

It was in this way that the second match concluded. The first grade now led the competition with one win and one draw.
 Gu Yue was over two years younger than her opponent, but she was able to bring the match to a draw. This was victory enough for them.

Both competitors left the stage. The students in the first grade welcomed Gu Yue back with loud cheers. They had done well in the first two matches so far, and this boosted their confidence.

However, the first grade suffered a crushing defeat in the third match.

Tang Wulin didn’t recognize the mecha maker the second grade sent out. He was a fourth-rank maker, but the first grade only had the third-rank Luo Guixing. The difference between the two clear, and defeat came swiftly.

The fourth match, on the other hand, was surprisingly even. Wu Siduo was quite the gifted mechanic, but her opponent was the class president of the second grade, Yuanen Yehui. Yuanen Yehui won by a thin margin in the
end, but she knew that she was older than Wu Siduo by a year, so she couldn’t feel satisfied by the win.

With the conclusion of the fourth match, the second grade had two wins, one draw, and one loss. It seemed as though their victory were certain, but they didn’t seem happy at all. Considering the age difference, it became
clear that the second grade was actually weaker than the first grade. If they did win, it wouldn’t be a true victory.

Chapter 403 - Six Versus Six

Chapter 403 - Six Versus Six

“Now, for the final match of this competition,” Shen Yi announced. “The team battle. Both teams will now come up. The first grade’s team may have between three and seven people. The second grade’s team may number one less than the first grade’s.” Her voice didn’t hold even the slightest hint of bias.

“No,” Elder Cai cut in. “The second grade team field the same number of combatants as the first grade.”

“Understood,” Shen Yi said without batting an eye. “The second grade’s team will number the same as the first grade’s. How large is the first grade’s team?”

Seated cross-legged, Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes. “The first grade’s team has six people.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at him. Their gazes clashed like a burst of sparks. She could see the blazing determination in his eyes. This guy certainly lives up to his position as their team captain!

Shen Yi turned to the second grade. “The second grade’s team may send out six people. You all have three minutes to prepare. After that, the match will begin.”

Off among the spectators, Wu Siduo stared at Tang Wulin. Her fingers twitched as she hesitated to say something, but in the end, she held her silence. She had heard about the strength of the second grade’s class
president. This made her yearn to battle him. But she hadn’t earn the right
 to. If it weren’t for her and Luo Guixing being so stubborn in the past, they would have been going on that stage as well!

The first grade’s team was composed of Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xie Xie. At the opposite end of the arena, Yuanen Yehui, He Xiaopeng, Bai Hanying, Yue Zhengyu, Ye Xingmo, and Duan Hunxiao gathered.

Up on the elevated platform, the Holy Spirit Douluo turned to Elder Cai and smiled. “Which side do you think is going to win, Yue Yue?”

Elder Cai laughed. “Why are you asking me that, Elder Sister Yali? The first grade has essentially already won. Do you not have faith in them?”

“I watched the selection tournament and saw for myself just how powerful this year’s new students are. They actually could have sent out a full team of seven and increased their odds of winning.”

“The second grade’s team isn’t weak either,” Elder Cai said. “Their class president, Yuanen Yehui, is a working student, has two peak-level martial souls, and is quite the hard worker. I’m well aware of the first grade’s team’s strengths too. It looks like this match will be a showdown between
class presidents. If Tang Wulin can take care of Yuanen Yehui, then the first grade’s got a shot at winning, but it will still be tough.”

The Holy Spirit Douluo chuckled. “Let’s wait and see. I’m here to referee the match anyway.” She stood up, attracting everyone’s attention. Stepping off the platform, she gently floated down to the stage.

Tang Wulin and his teammates finished up their hushed discussion and
walked onto the stage. He stood at the front of his team. To his left was Xie Xie, his right Ye Xinglan. Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were positioned behind him. Seeing that their opponents had taken stage, Yuanen Yehui led her team up as well.

Having yet to release her martial soul, Yuanen Yehui didn’t seem very imposing with her average size. However, in the split second she locked
eyes with Tang Wulin, an oppressive aura began to swirl around her. Tang
 Wulin may have already been familiar with her, but this would be his first time actually facing her as an opponent, and just as he was familiar with her, she was familiar with him. She knew that he was the heart of his team, and as long as she defeated him, victory would belong to the second grade.

Her five teammates quickly got into position. He Xiaopeng stood to her left, Yue Zhengyu to her right. Ye Xingmo and Duan Hunxiao stood behind them with Bai Hanying sandwiched in the middle.

Tang Wulin was already drawing up plans the moment he saw how they were arranged. Considering their battle formation, they shouldn’t have a
support-type soul master. All of them should be combat-oriented. That Bai Hanying is probably a control-type, so the rest should be assault or agility- types. His eyes swept from Bai Hanying to the others. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu are definitely assault-types. He Xiaopeng probably is too.
That means Ye Xingmo and Duan Hunxiao are probably agility-types. Their team composition wouldn’t be balanced without any agility-types after all.

Standing at one edge of the stage, a hint of a smile played at the Holy Spirit Douluo’s lips as she looked between the two teams.

“You have thirty seconds left,” Shen Yi announced from the platform. “Prepare for battle.”

Right on cue, Tang Wulin took a step forward, power radiating from his body in waves. He knew that Yuanen Yehui was the cornerstone of the opposing team, and now both he and her were posturing. He sucked in a deep breath and his eyes became a bright gold, a mighty aura thickening around him. The droning of a faint roar emanated from deep within his
body. A golden vein flickered to life at the base of his neck, throbbing with power. Yuanen Yehui urged her aura to soar higher in response. They partook in battle of wills before the match even began. Tang Wulin was an unstoppable wave while Yuanen Yehui was an immovable mountain. The
clash of their resolves whipped the surrounding air into a frenzy.

Tang Wulin understood how formidable Yuanen Yehui was, but defeat had never crossed his mind. His eyes had always been set on winning!

Without even summoning his martial soul, Tang Wulin shot forward like a cannonball, hurtling straight at Yuanen Yehui. A single golden soul ring
appeared as he activated Golden Dragon Body instead. His body swelled with strength and golden scales materialized down his right arm, the hand transforming into a dragon claw. Light then gathered around the claw and
become a fitting gauntlet! With the resplendent golden battle armor gauntlet equipped, his strength soared to its peak.

He’s going all out from the get-go? All of the second grade students were shocked. Yuanen Yehui, however, took action in a similar fashion. The
instant the match started, she leaped forward, her body undergoing the Titan Giant Ape transformation in midair. As she finished transforming, she
activated Diamond Titan. She hit the stage with a rumble, leaped forward again to soar directly at Tang Wulin!

The battle had just begun, yet the champions of each team were already clashing!

As for their teammates, they all did their own thing.

Xu Xiaoyan held Gu Yue’s hand as she stepped forward and conjured up a blizzard. Xie Xie vanished into the blizzard. Xu Lizhi stood in place, muttering chants to himself as he produced bun after bun. Ye Xinglan replaced Tang Wulin at the front of the formation, standing guard over those who remained.

At the other end of the stage, the second grade students all summoned their martial souls. Two yellow soul rings and one purple soul ring appeared
around He Xiaopeng. His martial soul was a large silver hammer, the head of which resembled a flower in full bloom. His martial soul was called the Eight-petal Plum Blossom Silver Hammer. Unfortunately for him, it was only a single hammer, otherwise, he could have forged with it. Just as Tang Wulin guessed, he was an assault-type soul master! Yue Zhengyu also
summoned his Holy Angel martial soul. His second soul ring lit up and a holy sword appeared in his hand. Together with He Xiaopeng, he advanced on the first grade’s team in a pincer attack.
 Behind them, Ye Xingmo and Duan Hunxiao jumped into action. Ye
Xingmo shot forward, now wielding a sword in hand. A golden star shone on his forehead. He moved astonishingly fast, overtaking He Xiaopeng in a single flash of movement. With another, he would reach his targets. In the same breath, Duan Hunxiao summoned a flute with a wave of his hand.
Four soul rings revolved around it, two yellow and two purple. He snatched it out of the air and blew on it, filling the arena with a melancholic tune. It washed over the first grade competitors, overwhelming them with a wave of dizziness.

This was Duan Hunxiao’s crowd control soul skill, Soul Tuning!

Chapter 404 - A Battle of Kings

Chapter 404 - A Battle of Kings

Duan Hunxiao’s melancholic tune continued to resonate throughout the
arena. The intensity of the blizzard began to weaken, clearly showing it was having an effect on the other team. Bai Hanying smiled and took a step back, letting Duan Hunxiao take her place. A tree branch covered in beautiful blossoming flowers appeared in her hand. This was her martial
soul, the Cherry Blossom! She swung it with a flourish, dispersing the petals through the air. They floated to her teammates and released a gentle light as they came to rest on each of them.

Tang Wulin was wrong. They did have a support-type soul master. That was Bai Hanying!

This single move drastically bolstered the strength of the second grade team.

At the very center of the arena, the two class presidents met. A boom tore through the air, the ground trembling as their fists met in midair. Yuanen Yehui was shocked to find herself being pushed by Tang Wulin’s strength. The golden aura around Tang Wulin flared as he exerted strength through his legs and leaped after her in pursuit.

Although Yuanen Yehui was sent retreating, she didn’t suffer any real injuries. With some breathing room now, she retaliated and used Air
Cannon, sending a bombardment of shockwaves back at Tang Wulin. Duan Hunxiao took this chance to blow another note. Tang Wulin’s strength dipped under the note’s influence.
 Yet Tang Wulin’s expression was as serene as still water. He thrust his hands out before him and used Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon! A powerful repulsive force deflected Yuanen Yehui’s barrage to the side.
Turning his head, Tang Wulin sent a look Duan Hunxiao’s way. Duan
Hunxiao had just been about to blow another note, but Tang Wulin’s eyes flashed purple as he spiritually attacked him.

Soul Tuning was a powerful crowd control soul skill. Once someone fell prey to its effects, it would be hard for them to break free. However, these effects took time to appear. That was Soul Tuning’s fatal flaw. The moment Tang Wulin interrupted it, the blizzard regained its frigid strength and rapidly swelled to envelop the entire battlefield.

It was at this moment that Ye Xingmo reached the first grade team. He
Xiaopeng and Yue Zhengyu followed right behind him, the three forming a spearhead to penetrate through the first grade team’s formation. They had practiced this tactic before, their spacing between each other was perfect.
All three were just close enough to support each other at a moment’s notice, yet far enough to not hinder one another.

On the first grade team’s side, only Ye Xinglan stood in their way. Ye
Xingmo raised his sword and thrust it outward before him, the golden star on his forehead shining as a golden beam extended from his sword’s tip.Ye Xinglan struck out with her own sword to meet Ye Xingmo’s. A sprinkle of light trailed behind her sword, outlining the path it took. The instant the two swords met, a baptism of light engulfed the stage. The miserable shriek of metal against metal pierced the air.

The clash swept Ye Xingmo’s sword aside. A hundred threads of starlight burst from the tip of Ye Xinglan’s sword, threatening to swallow him up.

Is this… martial soul suppression? This realization left Ye Xingmo dumbstruck, but he didn’t stay defenseless. His Starsaint Sword began to shine as he used his third soul skill. He became one with his sword as he fell back, an aura of starlight gathering around him and deflecting the incoming threads of starlight to either side of him.
 Threads also flew toward He Xiaopeng, who brandished his hammer with both hands like a sledgehammer, obliterating the threads with a single
swing. Beside He Xiaopeng, Yue Zhengyu slashed out with his holy sword.
Nine afterimages of his blade appeared in the air, and an instant later, the criss-crossing threads of starlight scattered into thin air. He didn’t pause at all while doing this and continued to advance on Ye Xinglan.

As Yue Zhengyu slashed at her, Ye Xinglan’s first soul ring lit up. Starlight burst from her sword. This soul skill bore a striking resemblance to the one Ye Xingmo used just now, except it was far brighter. She swung her sword to meet Yue Zhengyu’s, and a metallic clang rang out. His weapon having been readily deflected, Yue Zhengyu retreated two steps while Ye Xinglan retreated one.

They were evenly matched.

This is… The spectating students of the first grade stared blankly at the the two. The sight even had Wu Siduo at a loss. It initially seemed rash for
Tang Wulin to rush forward without a care for his companions, but Ye
Xinglan proved herself strong enough to hold the line. She had managed to fight alone against three opponents! All three were in the second grade and either had four soul rings or were just short of that number! Yet Ye Xingmo had been easily suppressed by Ye Xinglan and Yue Zhengyu had been blocked. This turn of events utterly confused He Xiaopeng.

Despite facing three powerful opponents, Ye Xinglan kept her momentum going. She pulled back her sword and pinched its tip between the fingers of her other hand. In a clear martial form, her foot slid out from underneath her, and she lashed out with her sword. A shard of starlight shot out of it,
zipping straight for Ye Xingmo before he could land. She was still using only her first soul skill.

Stuck in mid-air, Ye Xingmo had no way to dodge. However, a beam of holy light came flying out of nowhere and intercepted the starlight! A hint of embarrassment showed on Ye Xingmo’s face as he knew he had just been saved. At that same moment, He Xiaopeng reached Ye Xinglan. He brandished his hammer and used his first soul skill, Tremor Burst! A series of explosions rent the air, engulfing everything in a three meter radius. He
 Xiaopeng’s Eight-petal Plum Blossom Silver Hammer was no ordinary martial soul. It possessed an inkling of the space attribute!

Yet Ye Xinglan still showed no fear. Her second soul ring lit up as she responded with a stroke of her sword, a net of starlight instantly blossoming into existence. The net was wide enough to encompass both He Xiaopeng
and Yue Zhengyu! She wasn’t going to retreat in the face of just three opponents.

Meanwhile, the blizzard continued to build up strength. Its frigid winds
stabbed chilling daggers into everyone on the second grade team. Even the students in the audience that were closest to the stage could feel the temperature dropping.

Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui clashed once more at the center of the stage, rocking the entire arena with shockwaves of energy. The exchange sent both of them reeling backward. They were still evenly matched!

Chapter 405 - Devil Titan

Chapter 405 - Devil Titan

By bringing the full power of his draconic blood to bear and using Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin and his three soul rings were able to stand on
even ground with the five-meter tall Yuanen Yehui whose strength was bolstered by Diamond Titan!

Out of everyone present, this undoubtedly shocked Yuanen Yehui the most. She knew that Tang Wulin was strong, but she thought he wouldn’t be able to match her, especially since she just got her fourth soul ring. She had been certain that the gap between them had widened. Yet Tang Wulin’s strength
surpassed all her expectations. His battle armor equipped dragon claw
astounded her most of all. She had no choice but to bring out her reserve
strength to resist the claw’s crushing effect. Even with a cultivation base of four soul rings, she couldn’t get off lightly before Tang Wulin’s attacks.

Just how strong is this guy’s blood essence? Even with Diamond Titan
activated, I can’t match his strength! Is this the difference between men and women? That can’t be! I’ve never met a guy as strong as him before!

Tang Wulin felt free. His blood essence flowed in reverse, smooth and unhindered. His entire body felt as if it were aflame, blazing with strength.
Every single one of his attacks hit like a truck, especially those he made with his right arm. The gauntlet amplified the effects of his blood essence, added weight to his punches, and made his golden dragon claw deadlier than ever.

The basis of a battle armor’s power was the armor’s ability to fuse with its user. Only when it became one with its user could battle armor truly
amplify its user’s abilities. Then, by nurturing it and increasing the
 compatibility rate, the user would be able to have the battle armor grow stronger alongside them.

Although Tang Wulin didn’t craft his gauntlet with his own hands, by forging the star silver it had been made from, it was exceptionally
compatible with him. The strength of his blood essence exceeded the norm to begin with, but with the gauntlet, his strength reached new heights. The gauntlet fully integrated with his Golden Dragon King bloodline, and after a few days of adapting to him, the gauntlet also brought newfound strength to it.

Although he couldn’t defeat Yuanen Yehui right at that instant, he could easily keep her occupied.

Yuanen Yehui’s gaze sharpened. Her first soul ring lit up, switching off with her third to use Titan Strength. Her immense body seemed to become more solid, an aura of unstoppable might growing thick around her. She had
always been a straightforward person, so she refused to show weakness in the face of Tang Wulin’s strength.

The two clashed again, the stage rumbling from the shockwaves created by their fists colliding once more. This time, Tang Wulin was the loser. He moved eight steps backward while Yuanen Yehui only retreated by three.
However, the greatness of battle armor was apparent now. The majority of the impact had been mitigated by a burst of starlight that Tang Wulin’s gauntlet had released. Considering how tough his dragon claw was, he had sustained virtually no damage. His arm simply ached a little. He held his hand in front of his stomach, the scales on his arm rippling as if it were breathing. Taking that attack had depleted a lot of his stamina, and although he had lost that exchange, he suffered no actual setback.

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath, his abdomen swelling as his lungs filled with air. His eyes shone with golden light, his aura of gold solidified, and a thundering draconic roar emanated from his body, reverberating through the air!

From his seat up on the platform, Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi stared wide-eyed. That brat really succeeded?
 Streams of gold converged around Tang Wulin to form an illusory dragon’s head behind him. He thrust his palms toward the sky and the dragon’s roar grew more intense. The space around him went into a frenzy, preventing the blizzard from even approaching him.

A grim look appeared on Yuanen Yehui’s face. She took half a step forward with her left foot, squatted low to the ground, and used her fourth soul skill for the first time!

The hair covering her titan body turned golden. Her body shrank a bit, but in exchange, her arms became twice as thick. Bent on all fours like a gorilla, her final form exuded a primal might. Crimson bloodlust filled her eyes.

She went into a berserk state exactly like that of the Diamond Baboon!

This was no simple berserk state. Yuanen Yehui’s body had also transformed under its effects, combining the strongest traits of both the Titan Giant Ape and the Diamond Baboon. Although her eyes were crimson now, they were still clear and bright. The berserk state hadn’t affected her mind. This was the power of her fourth soul skill, which she got from her
second soul ring, Devil Titan!

As a result of the enmity between her Titan Giant Ape blood and the
Diamond Baboon spirit soul, she had endured an arduous trial trying to fuse with the spirit soul. She had nearly faced cultivation deviation! But in the
end, she succeeded in fusing with the Diamond Baboon spirit soul by using her Fallen Angel martial soul to suppress the two antagonistic bloodlines.

The conflict between the bloodlines ultimately caused a mutation in her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. This led to her Titan Giant Ape form
shrinking from five meters to four when she used Devil Titan. However, this certainly didn’t signify a decrease in her strength. On the contrary, her strength increased as much as it did when she used Diamond Titan! In
addition to that, Devil Titan doubled the potency of all of her abilities!

However, such power came with numerous restrictions. Yuanen Yehui had to use both Titan Strength and Diamond Titan before she could activate
 Devil Titan. Furthermore, she had to fuse with the Diamond Baboon spirit soul while using it. With three soul skills and the Berserk state piled atop each other, she consumed an immense amount of soul power. With her
current cultivation level, she could only maintain this state for three minutes.

But that would be a terrifying three minutes for her opponents.

She hadn’t used this soul skill a single time when she sparred with Xie Xie, yet she was already feeling the pressure from her brief clashes with Tang Wulin. She had no choice but to play this card.

A dark-gold sheen now covered her body, the madness in her crimson eyes striking fear into the hearts of all who saw them. The oppressive aura
around her could practically be touched at this point. Those around her found it hard to breathe. Three minutes? That’s more than enough!

Watching from the edge of the stage, astonishment colored the Holy Spirit Douluo’s face. Kids are so advanced these days! She’s so strong with just four rings! Extraordinary!

Yuanen Yehui ferociously charged forward, swinging a gigantic fist toward Tang Wulin. While Yuanen Yehui underwent her Devil Titan transformation, Tang Wulin’s blood essence had recovered to peak strength. He pushed his palms out before him, the illusory golden dragon head roaring along with his movements and shooting forward. Everything within a five meter radius of him was instantly dyed gold.

He unleashed Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Tang Wulin may not have eaten a bean bun this time, but he had spent the past three days refining Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. The one he unleashed this time wasn’t any weaker than the one he used against Wu Siduo!

Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens met Yuanen Yehui head on!
 A shockwave erupted from the center of the stage where both powerful forces met. It tore through the arena, stirring up a frenzy of air and dust and shaking the hall with a deafening thunderclap. The dust cleared quickly, revealing Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui struggling against one another. A blazing red aura surrounded him, and her clenched fists were completely dyed gold, an effect of receiving Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

Then the two suddenly broke away from each other, a gust of wind rising up into the vacuum their energies left between them. The gust dispersed the frigid winds of the blizzard around them. The next instant, both closed the gap once again, throwing another punch at each other. An even louder
shockwave rocked the arena, the barrier covering the stage slightly wavering before the combined might of the two.

The clash sent Tang Wulin flying backward, and he crashed into the barrier, bouncing off of it and onto the ground. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, managed to stand her ground, but her aura faded a bit. Five streaks of blood could be seen on her right fist, her right arm hanging limply at her side.

Despite her injuries, Yuanen Yehui didn’t let up on her assault. She raised her left fist and punched at the center of the blizzard with Air Cannon.

Yuanen Yehui’s so powerful!

All of the spectating students watched with bated breath.

Wu Siduo, who had been so confident of her strength, clenched her fists tightly. Could I stand toe-to-toe with Yuanen Yehui? Even if I used Hell White Tiger, I would only last a minute against her! That soul skill of hers
is just too domineering! It’s even mightier than my Hell White Tiger. I was defeated after Tang Wulin unleashed that attack, but she still has strength to spare!

The blast of air that came from Yuanen Yehui’s punch wasn’t colorless this time. It was a dull gold! It pierced through the blizzard with ease. She understood that the second strongest person on Tang Wulin’s team was Gu Yue. She didn’t know if Tang Wulin could still fight, but as long as Gu Yue still stood, then victory was not yet theirs!
 While her right arm hadn’t been ruined in her clash with Tang Wulin, the crushing effect of his dragon claw had still activated briefly and severely injured her.

Her Devil Titan transformation now had one minute remaining. She had to secure her team’s victory in that minute!

Chapter 406 - An Opening in the Chaos

Chapter 406 - An Opening in the Chaos

The clash between Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui’s had momentarily created a large gap in Gu Yue’s blizzard, the resulting shockwaves
hindering the movements of both teams. Despite the danger, two figures traversed the stage in a flash of silver light. Everyone else was too preoccupied to pay any attention to them, however. Especially Xu Lizhi. He threw bun after bun at his teammates to keep their soul power reserves topped up, all while taking the time to defend Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan.
Noticing the peril that Tang Wulin was in, he threw a bun straight at him.

Is that a Bloodthirst Bean Bun? Yuanen Yehui recognized it from their adventure in the spirit soul tower. I can’t let him eat it!

She punched out again, sending an air cannon toward the bun, the golden blast of air striking and obliterating it. She then turned her attention from Gu Yue back to Tang Wulin. She couldn’t afford to focus on anyone else until she thoroughly defeated him.

Tang Wulin struggled to his feet and wiped away the blood streaming from his nose and mouth. He didn’t retreat or try to avoid Yuanen Yehui. Instead, he charged forward to welcome her. A draconic roar rumbled from the depths of his body once more, and the two collided in midair.

Yuanen Yehui aimed a punch at Tang Wulin’s shoulder, but she held back. Considering his wounded state, she was afraid that she would fatally injure him if she used her full strength. But Tang Wulin noticed this. Sliding his
 foot to the side, he ducked under her punch. He made to grab her right arm with his claw and sweep his left foot behind her knee.

It was a grappling technique from the Tang Sect!

This stunned Yuanen Yehui, but only for a moment. She recovered her wits instantly and stomped her left foot into the stage. The ground cracked and
shook under her strength, throwing Tang Wulin off balance and forcing him to miss his grab! Taking advantage of his broken stance, Yuanen Yehui threw another punch at his shoulder, no longer caring about Tang Wulin’s

Tang Wulin rolled his shoulder backward as her fist struck him, trying to mitigate as much of the force as he could. A resounding crack rang out as Tang Wulin flew backward, bouncing across the stage like a ragdoll.

Concern flitted into Yuanen Yehui’s mind, but she pushed it aside and continued advancing toward Tang Wulin. This was a match, and she
represented all of the second grade right now. Defeat was not an option.

As the two of them brawled, a sudden change occurred on the other side of the battlefield. A pair of figures emerged from the blizzard, appearing in the backline of the second grade team.

It was Xie Xie and his Shadow Dragon Clone!

Xie Xie stabbed his dagger toward Bai Hanying’s shoulder. Since this wasn’t a real battle to the death, he had refrained from aiming to slit her
neck. The other Xie Xie approached Duan Hunxiao like lightning, stabbing its own dagger toward his hand before he could play another note.

Xie Xie caught Bai Hanying wholly unawares, but she still reacted instantly. Xie Xie’s dagger passed through empty space as her body disappeared in a burst of cherry blossom petals, only for her to reappear a short distance away. As a support-type soul master, it was only natural that she had a life-saving soul skill for times like this. Meanwhile, Duan
Hunxiao flicked his wrist to meet Xie Xie’s dagger with his flute. This Xie Xie pulled back his dagger before he struck the flute and retreated with
 Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. Then he began circling around Duan Hunxiao.

With his own strength alone, Xie Xie was keeping both of them occupied! He only chose this moment to strike because he had been waiting for the blizzard regain its intensity and fully envelop the stage to obscure
everyone’s vision.

On the frontline, Ye Xingmo had been utterly suppressed by Ye Xinglan. He was battered, exhausted, and blood seeped from his chest, streaming from the wounds where her starlights threads had cut into him.

Ye Xinglan was currently locked in battle against Yue Zhengyu and He Xiaopeng. Her Stargod Sword danced through the air as she alternated
between her three soul skills, raining a barrage of deadly attacks upon them. She used her soul skills perfectly. Each had just enough soul power to get the job done. Despite facing two powerful opponents alone, she was never forced to go on the defensive.

Ye Xingmo was undoubtedly the person in the worst position on the battlefield. Fighting Ye Xinglan reduced him to half his original strength.
After several exchanges with her, each time experiencing martial soul suppression, he realized that her martial soul was the Stargod Sword.

Martial soul suppression was a rare phenomena that only occured with martial souls of common origin. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline suppressing everything with draconic blood was a perfect
example of this.

Ye Xingmo’s Starsaint Sword was a powerful martial soul, but the Stargod Sword completely surpassed it! He and Ye Xinglan came from the same
clan, but her martial soul was a variant. The Stargod Sword had only appeared seven times in all of the Ye clan’s history. The wielder of the
Stargod Sword always became the head of the Ye clan and led them into a new generation of prosperity.

Ye Xinglan was this generation’s heir to the Stargod Sword.
 It was only natural that Ye Xingmo would have a sour face now. It was impossible for him to contend with the wielder of the Stargod Sword with his Starsaint Sword. His martial soul had been completely suppressed.

So his only option was to change targets.

He broke away from Ye Xinglan and aimed his blade at Gu Yue and Xu
Xiaoyan. He wasn’t worried about this teammates. His team also had their vice-president, Duan Hunxiao, whose strength was only second to Yuanen Yehui’s. He also had many tricks up his sleeve. Trusting in his team’s
strength, he decided to try and take out the two girls and the food-type soul master.

Ye Xingmo thrust out his Starsaint Sword, aiming straight for Gu Yue. But at that same moment, starlight burst into existence beneath his feet. His
connection with his sword was cut off, and a pure-white palm smacked his head. Frigid cold pierced his body. His eyes only saw white now.

The combo of Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Shackles and Gu Yue’s elemental control made defeating a soul master as simple as that.

Ye Xingmo walked the path of an agility-type soul master, so his defenses hadn’t been much to begin with. A single second of absolute control with the Starwheel Shackles was all it took to stop him in his tracks. Xu Xiaoyan had spent the entire battle waiting for this opening. None of her other
abilities were much to talk about, not even her Blizzard. Her greatest
strength was her Starwheel Shackles. Although it had a simple effect, the number of ways it could be used in combat were endless. If used at the
correct moment, it could turn the tide of battle.

Gu Yue turned to Xu Xiaoyan. “Go help Xinglan. I’ll help Wulin.” Green light enveloped her and she ran over to Tang Wulin.

The time had come. In the three minutes they had before the match, Tang Wulin planned for Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan to lure one of their opponents in for an easy takedown. As long as they could take out one member of the
second grade team, they could move on to the next phase of his plan. Xie Xie’s task was to take advantage of the blizzard to launch sneak attacks on
 support or control-type soul masters. Ye Xinglan was charged with keeping her opponents occupied.

Now, it was time for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to join forces to defeat Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui sent Tang Wulin flying with another thundering bombardment of attacks. Astonishment filled her crimson eyes. This was now her second time absolutely thrashing him. She thought it would be impossible for him to get back up again, but he overturned her expectations! Tang Wulin struggled to his feet once more and rolled his shoulders with a wince of pain.

Then he charged her once more.

Is he made of steel? Yuanen Yehui didn’t dare underestimate Tang Wulin. She witnessed him crushing a draconic soul beast instantly before, so she understood just how deadly his golden dragon claw was.

After another brief exchange, she sent him flying again.

At that moment, Gu Yue arrived. She raised her hand and sent a barrage of icicles and wind blades hurtling toward Yuanen Yehui.

This surprised Yuanen Yehui. What are you doing getting near me? A
elemental-type soul master getting into close-range is just seeking death!

Chapter 407 - Exchange

Chapter 407 - Exchange

Yuanen Yehui didn’t bother dodging Gu Yue’s assault. Devil Titan increased her defenses just as much as it increased her strength. Even Tang Wulin’s
attacks, which were empowered by Golden Dragon Body, only sent tingles through her body. The barrage of wind blades and icicles only tickled her.
She swatted at Gu Yue in annoyance, but before she could land a hit, a
strand of bluesilver grass wrapped around Gu Yue’s waist and pulled her away. Tang Wulin had crawled back up from the floor once again and pulled Gu Yue out of harm’s way. Yet, even as she retreated, Gu Yue
continued to unleash an onslaught of elementals attacks upon Yuanen Yehui.

This guy! He’s as tough as leather! Yuanen Yehui punched at Gu Yue, this time sending a blast of air at her, but Tang Wulin pulled her out of the way again. He then charged Yuanen Yehui with renewed vigor, throwing a bun into his mouth as he ran.

A Bloodthirst Bean Bun? Yuanen Yehui recognized it instantly. That’s why Gu Yue ran over! She was delivering a bean bun! Yuanen Yehui knew that Devil Titan wouldn’t last much longer. She was already finding it difficult to defeat Tang Wulin, but now he had a Bloodthirst Bean Bun! If she didn’t finish him now, then it would be impossible for her to win. The Bloodthirst effect would definitely outlast her transformation. I can’t let things go his way!

She steeled herself, resolution glimmering in her eyes. She raised her muscular arms then smashed them down onto the stage! The ground rumbled and quaked, a seismic wave spreading outward and knocking Tang Wulin and Gu Yue into the air.
 Yuanen Yehui immediately continued her offensive. She leaped over to the two with lightning speed and smashed her fists down on them!

Tang Wulin had only just swallowed the bean bun when the shockwave knocked him into the air. The effects of the bun had yet to take hold.

But in that moment of crisis, the most unexpected thing occurred.

In a flash of silver, Tang Wulin was teleported to Gu Yue’s side. She
wrapped an arm around his waist and thrust a palm outward to meet Yuanen Yehui’s fists. Only those with the keenest of eyes were able to see that, right before her palm met Yuanen Yehui’s fists, an iridescent flash of energy
appeared in it.

It was a whirlpool of space, light, water, fire, and earth!

In the next instant, Yuanen’s fists made contact, and Gu Yue and Tang Wulin were spinning backward. Tang Wulin subconsciously wrapped his body around Gu Yue’s as they were sent flying. Yet Yuanen Yehui didn’t
come away from the exchange unscathed either. The whirlpool of elements had latched on to her arms and began to spread, sending shivers through her body.

“Elemental chaos?” The Holy Spirit Douluo stared wide-eyed. All of the Titled Douluos on the platform above moved to the edge of their seats.

A small golden snake appeared in a flash of light, wrapping around Tang Wulin and Gu Yue to soften their landing. It absorbed the impact as they bounced to the ground, allowing Tang Wulin to remain on his feet upon touching down. He managed to only stumble a few steps even with Gu Yue in his arms. After skidding to a stop, Tang Wulin coughed up a mouthful of blood. His body had taken quite the beating from going round after round with Yuanen Yehui. Even after eating the bean bun, his body felt heavy.

“How are you doing?” Gu Yue asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I’m fine. The Bloodthirst effect is kicking in.”
 “Okay. Go help Xinglan then. I can handle this.”

“Alright.” Tang Wulin took in two deep breaths, then took off running toward Ye Xinglan.

While the two were talking, Yuanen Yehui had been waving her arms frantically in an attempt to rid herself of the whirlpool’s effects. In the end, she managed to disperse the five elements clinging to her, but not before the hairs on her arms were heavily damaged. In the interest of dealing a decisive blow, she had even used her broken right arm in the strike she just threw, relying on pure willpower to move the fractured bones. Her strength was waning. Devil Titan was wearing off.

Gu Yue took a step toward Yuanen Yehui. The instant her toes touched the ground, she disappeared in a flash of silver light, only to reappear directly in front of Yuanen Yehui. Her face held no expression as she calmly raised a palm and thrust it at Yuanen Yehui. Red, yellow, and blue energies shrouded that palm strike.

She’s engaging in close quarters? Yuanen Yehui instinctively reacted with a punch, only for Gu Yue to disappear in a silver flash once more. A split-
second later, she appeared to the side of Yuanen Yehui. She struck Yuanen Yehui with her tri-colored palm, the whirling elemental energies exploded upon contact! Even with all the strength that filled Yuanen Yehui’s bulky body, this strike sent her reeling backward.

What happened next left everyone in shock.

Gu Yue continued to teleport around Yuanen Yehui, dodging each punch at the last possible instant, countering with an tri-element palm strike, then teleporting away again. If Yuanen Yehui slammed the floor to create a
shockwave, then Gu Yue struck from above. She was like a specter, impossible to catch.

The spectating second grade students were dumbstruck. The first grade had someone like this?
 It had been shocking enough that Tang Wulin could go toe-to-toe with Yuanen Yehui, but now Gu Yue appeared and toyed with her with this unorthodox battle style.

Even someone as skilled at spatial control as Luo Guixing couldn’t believe his eyes. Just how powerful is Gu Yue? She’s teleporting nonstop! Her
spiritual power has got to be immense! Then there are those three-element palm strikes! How is she able to unleash them so quickly? She’s never
showed anything like this before! Even in the selection tournament, her
strength was still within the realm of plausibility! Is this her true strength?

Two booms suddenly rang out from the other side of the stage, on after the other.

The first came from He Xiaopeng, having been sent careening backward by an explosive barrage of starlight threads. Xu Xiaoyan had rooted him in place with her Starwheel Shackles. Ye Xinglan then took advantage of this opening to unleash a barrage of starlight threads. A moment after that,
white light enveloped him, and he disappeared.

Of Ye Xinglan’s two remaining opponents, one had been defeated.

In the next instant, her second opponent, Yue Zhengyu, advanced with furious power. His radiant sword burst with holy flame, and he slashed it at Ye Xinglan, striking her Stargod Sword at an odd angle. Ye Xinglan twisted to face the blow and muster up the best defense possible, but it sent her flying, her body erupting in holy flame. White light enveloped her, and she departed the stage, having been eliminated as well.

It was at then Tang Wulin arrived at that side of the battlefield. He glanced at where Ye Xinglan had been and growled. Oh Xinglan! You’re too
arrogant for your own good!

With her strength, Ye Xinglan would have had no problems stalling until Tang Wulin reached her, but in her arrogance, she chose to bring her battle to a head! She struck out and managed to take out He Xiaopeng. In doing so, she left herself open to Yue Zhengyu. Although she ended up falling to
 his blade, in a one-versus-two situation, she managed to take one opponent down and exhaust the other. She had already displayed her strength.

The first and second grade students in the audience watched with bated breath. On the first grade’s side, Ye Xinglan had been eliminated. The
second grade had lost both Ye Xingmo and He Xiaopeng. The first grade now held the advantage.

It was five against four!

Chapter 408 - A Dire Situation

Chapter 408 - A Dire Situation

After dispatching Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu took stock of the situation. He quickly noticed that his team was at a disadvantage and promptly took
action. A holy aura enveloped him, and he raised his holy sword, his three soul rings taking on an intense sheen at the same time. He lit up like a soul bulb, radiant as a the sun itself. Powerful waves of holy might rolled off of him. With his sword raised to pierce the heavens, holy light descended
around him. The entire stage basked in the brilliant splendor, an expanse of golden clouds gathered in the sky above. The very sight filled everyone
with awe.

“Judgement!” Yue Zhengyu’s voice resounded throughout the arena, the entire stage trembling before his holy might. Three golden beams of light
fell upon Tang Wulin, Xu Lizhi, and Xu Xiaoyan. They swallowed them up in an instant, their figures disappearing.

The beams were made of pure holy energy. Inside of them, Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan felt as if their souls were ascending to a higher realm. They felt no pain or suffering, only a comforting warmth. However, the soul power in their bodies gushed out of them uncontrollably. In the blink of an eye, half of their soul power reserves were gone. Then weakness took hold of their bodies.

Before this could go on any further, two beams of white shot out. They disrupted the beams of holy energy, taking their places on Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi to whisk them away in a flash of light.

Both were eliminated.
 No one had expected Yue Zhengyu to explode with such power. His attack carried the might of his three soul skills, possessing the power to dissolve the energy within his the bodies of his targets. The tide of battle had been turned in an instant.

The moment his two teammates were eliminated, Tang Wulin’s golden soul ring shone brightly. A golden aura blazed into existence around him and fought back the holy light. Compared to Yue Zhengyu’s brilliant aura, Tang Wulin’s aura held a hint of darkness.

Five streaks of dark-gold sliced through the holy light and continued onward to Yue Zhengyu. Spatial cracks appeared around Yue Zhengyu as the streaks approached him. In another flash of white light, Yue Zhengyu disappeared from the stage. With just a wave of her hand, the Holy Spirit Douluo saved another student from fatal harm.

And Yue Zhengyu was also eliminated!

Tang Wulin may have defeated Yue Zhengyu by using both his Golden
Dragon Dreadclaw and Bluesilver Golden Array, but he did not come away from the holy light unscathed. Immediately after retaliating, he fell to one knee, gasping for breath. The concentrated bombardment of holy judgement had depleted Tang Wulin’s energies and washed away the Bloodthirst
effect. After taking a beating from Yuanen Yehui, and now this, his reserves had now run dry.

The first grade team now found itself facing a dire situation. If Tang Wulin couldn’t continue fighting, then only Gu Yue and Xie Xie remained. To make matters worse, at that very moment, Duan Hunxiao cornered Xie
Xie’s clone.

As expected! The second grade is stronger in the end! Confidence glimmered in the eyes of the second grade students.

Weakness weighed down on Tang Wulin’s body. This battle had placed him under the most pressure. He had gone toe-to-toe with Yuanen Yehui and kept her occupied, had taken a full blast of holy might, and had even mustered the strength he still had to take out Yue Zhengyu!
 But the battle wasn’t over. Neither side had won yet.

Tang Wulin pushed off the ground with his right hand, swaying and teetering until he found his footing. He then took in a deep breath, raised his hands, and began moving them in circles. The flow of his blood essence reversed once more.

As he did that, the showdown between Gu Yue and Yuanen Yehui reached its climax.

Gu Yue danced like a specter, her figure flickering in and out of existence around Yuanen Yehui. Each time she appeared, a tri-element palm strike quickly followed.

Despite all her strength, all Yuanen Yehui could do was passively defend. As the countdown on Devil Titan’s duration reached its end, her expression grew darker and quickly soured into a frown. She had never considered
switching to her Fallen Angel martial soul for this match. She kept it a secret that few were privy to. If she did use it, her true gender would be
revealed. However, Gu Yue’s strength far exceeded her expectations. Isn’t she supposed to be a ranged attacker? How is she able to condense the
elements and use it in close quarters combat like this?

Although Devil Titan did power her defenses up to an impressive level, Yuanen Yehui still needed to move soul power through her body to dispel the elemental energies left by each of Gu Yue’s palm strikes. The elemental energies quickly accumulated on her body, fusing together to produce more potent effects.

If Yuanen Yehui were in peak condition, she would have had nothing to fear from Gu Yue. She could have just used a wide-ranged attack to force her
away. Teleportation was indeed a powerful ability, but Yuanen Yehui could have just created a spatial disturbance with a full-strength punch. That, by itself, would have prevented Gu Yue from teleporting all over the place.

Unfortunately for Yuanen Yehui, the effects of Devil Titan were about to
expire. Her strength was already plummeting rapidly. She wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. She couldn’t sustain her Titan Giant Ape form
 much longer either. Her soul power was nearly depleted. Even if she
switched over to her Fallen Angel martial soul, her combat power would take a massive hit.

What can I do?

At that moment, a sharp, melodic sound pierced the air. On the other side of the battlefield, two figures stumbled backward and fused into one. Xie Xie stumbled, nearly falling to the ground. He had no way of defending against Duan Hunxiao’s attack.

Duan Hunxiao’s eyes had a frosty edge to them. Despite being his team’s control-type soul master, he had failed to stop the enemy agility-type soul master from attacking his teammate. He felt utterly humiliated. He had his own pride, and Yuanen Yehui was the only person in his class that he respected.

Xie Xie had used his surprise attack to throw Bai Hanying and Duan
Hunxiao into disarray, then worked with his clone to keep them occupied. However, his clone had been dispelled and he no longer had enough soul power to call another one.

Duan Hunxiao didn’t let this opportunity go to waste. His third soul ring lit up and he blew into his flute. A screech pierced the air, a baleful aura
enveloping Xie Xie.

It was his third soul skill, Death Song, a sound wave attack that also affected the target’s mind!

Bai Hanying chose this moment to act. She waved the branch in her hand, scattering cherry blossom petals into the air. The petals drifted over to Yuanen Yehui. The moment they touched her, her back straightened, ferocity returned to her gaze, and a shimmering aura of white enveloped her. With her strength restored, she stomped at the ground.

Space in a ten meter radius of her warped and trembled. Gu Yue suddenly appeared out of thin air and dropped to the ground. After retreating a few steps, she took up her battle stance.
 Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong furrowed their brows at this sight. Yuanen
Yehui slowly strode over to Gu Yue. With Xie Xie completely restrained by Duan Hunxiao, his fate was decided. No suspense remained in this battle.

Bai Hanying’s cherry blossom petals were like a bridge between her and Yuanen Yehui. She revealed a sweet smile as she stared at Yuanen Yehui’s back. This soul skill was called Lover’s Bridge! Once formed, it linked the soul power reserves of the user and the target. The connection allowed Bai Hanying to funnel her soul power into Yuanen Yehui! With access to a Soul Elder’s soul power reserves, it was only natural that Yuanen Yehui would be able to continue to fight in her Titan Giant Ape form.

Today’s battle was full of surprises. With Tang Wulin’s schemes and Ye Xinglan’s strength, the first grade team had been able to take out Ye
Xingmo and He Xiaopeng.

However, they hadn’t expected Yue Zhengyu to unleash such a powerful attack. Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi had been eliminated in an instant.
Although Tang Wulin took Yue Zhengyu down swiftly afterward, their
supply line had already been cut off. The first grade team’s situation only worsened from there, yet the second grade team still had Yuanen Yehui, the four-ringed Duan Hunxiao, and the support-type Bai Hanying.

It was clear which side would win.

The roar of a dragon filled the stage. Tang Wulin’s body glowed gold as he walked to Gu Yue’s side. The two now stood shoulder-to-shoulder. At that moment, a white light flashed and Xie Xie disappeared from the battlefield. He reappeared beside the Holy Spirit Douluo an instant later. He hadn’t been able to endure the Death Song any longer.

Duan Hunxiao turned to face them Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. It was now two versus three.

If Tang Wulin were in peak condition, then maybe there would have been hope. However, since the Bloodthirst effect wore off, he was in a weakened state. His golden aura wasn’t as magnificent as it usually was. With just him and Gu Yue remaining, there was no hope for victory.
 Yuanen Yehui came to a stop and looked Tang Wulin in the eye. “Surrender.”

Even if they lost, they had already earned enough glory. There was a three- year age difference between grades at Shrek Academy. The gap in strength that three years of time created was like that of heaven and earth.

But Tang Wulin couldn’t give up here. Tang Wulin’s gaze did not possess its usual calm. Determination still burned brightly in it, so bright that his eyes resembled a pair of fireballs. He held his head high as he strode forward, the dragon’s roar growing louder with each step.

He stopped a short distance ahead of Gu Yue. She stared at him blankly, the sight of his broad shoulders filling her eyes.

Duan Hunxiao brought his flute back up to his mouth. With a cold glint in his eyes, he sucked in a deep breath and prepared to blow. If Tang Wulin and Gu Yue didn’t concede, he would immediately launch his attack.

Yuanen Yehui sighed. Defeating her opponent in a battle was a show of respect.

“I shouldn’t have asked.”

Tang Wulin smiled. He slowly raised his dragon claw and squeezed out the last shred of strength in his body, pushing his golden soul ring shine brightly once more.

Chapter 409 - Soul Fusion Skill

Chapter 409

Tang Wulin knew the battle was hopeless, but he did not cower and
surrender. Even in defeat he would stand with his back straight and head held high. It wasn’t just his own pride that he had to protect. He stood there on the stage as the champion of the entire first grade.

Defeat was acceptable, but surrender was not!

All of the first grade students got to their feet, standing straight and
watching the finale with clenched fists. At that moment, all of their hearts were united as they desperately hoped Tang Wulin would create a miracle.

That’s our Class President!

Wu Siduo clenched her fists tighter than anyone else, her knuckles strained white. She yearned to be up on that stage with them! Maybe, just maybe... if I were up there too, maybe we could have won this match! You’re not
allowed to lose, Tang Wulin!

Up on the platform, Elder Cai nodded slightly. “Even in defeat, there is honor. He’s living up to the legacies of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.”

Feng Wuyu snorted, but didn’t say a word.

Zhuo Shi furrowed his brow. His granddisciple had already proven himself, but this was Shrek Academy! There had never been a shortage of monsters here. Tang Wulin was not weak. His opponent was too strong!

None of them believed that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had a shot at winning.
 The Holy Spirit Douluo watched the scene unfold with calm eyes. Yuanen Yehui raised a fist and strode across the stage to meet Tang Wulin. Duan
Hunxiao took a deep breath and prepared to blow on his flute. A faint smile tugged at the corner of the Douluo’s mouth as her gaze moved to Tang Wulin.

But an instant later, shock replaced the calm!

Gu Yue snapped out of her daze and stopped staring at Tang Wulin’s back. She took a step forward and hugged him from behind.

W-what is she doing? Even if you like him, do you really have to do that during a battle? And you two are so young too! What on earth is she doing? No one could comprehend what they were seeing.

Yuanen Yehui and Duan Hunxiao were dumbstruck. The Lover’s Bridge that connected Bai Hanying and Yuanen Yehui wavered. The teachers on the platform had blank looks on their faces.

The lifeless dragon roar coming from Tang Wulin’s body suddenly grew
stronger. His blood essence surged with power. Strands of red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, and black rose from Gu Yue’s body, intertwining to become one before merging into Tang Wulin’s body. The seven colors
spread across his golden scales, painting them with their hues, and the regal majesty of his aura grew even further.

Tang Wulin couldn’t understand what was happening. All he knew was that his body was now bursting with power. The unprecedented level of power thrashing within him made his entire body tremble. His seven-colored
scales grew thicker, turning transparent as they spread to cover the rest of his body. He was soon clad in an armor of shining translucent scales. The dragon within him roared, looking upon the whole world with disdain.

Up on the platform, Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi and Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu groaned. Their faces contorted with horror, clearly feeling their martial souls being suppressed. If their cultivation levels
weren’t so much higher than Tang Wulin’s, they would have already been prostrating themselves before him.
 What’s going on?

Tang Wulin floated a few meters into the air. His dragon claw now gleamed with seven resplendent colors. Clenching it into a fist.

Duan Hunxiao reacted quickly to the change. His fourth soul ring lit up and he blew an ear-piercing note, creating a sound wave so powerful that it may as well have been tangible. The wave rolled toward Tang Wulin, threatening to swallow him whole, but when it was only five meters away from him, the space around him warped and the sound wave disappeared. The flute went

Then Tang Wulin turned to Yuanen Yehui, instantly crossed the distance between them, and punched.

Only then did Yuanen Yehui recover from her shock. She let out a battle cry and threw both her fists forward to meet Tang Wulin’s attack, drawing out
every last drop of strength from her body. However, inches before Yuanen Yehui’s fists met Tang Wulin’s, the space around her distorted. She felt as if she were trying to move through a quagmire. No matter how much strength she exerted, her body refused to move forward.

A seven-colored light engulfed the entire battlefield in an instant. The colors mingled together, swirling back and forth until all the spectating
students could see encompassing the stage was pitch-black darkness. The battlefield was completely devoid of light.

What’s happening? No one understood what they were seeing.

Then, in the next moment, light appeared to illuminate the darkness. This light was a familiar white. It retrieved Yuanen Yehui, Bai Hanying, and Duan Hunxiao from the darkness, moving them from the stage. Then it transformed into a net and covered all of the students the Holy Spirit
Douluo had extracted from the battle. Once it did, the darkness began to fade away, revealing the transformed Tang Wulin floating in the air. He slowly descended, coming to a gentle landing on the stage. Gu Yue then separated from his body. The instant she did, the blossom of seven lights
 vanished into nothingness. The two of them stood there with their eyes closed, completely and utterly motionless.

W-what just happened? Just what is going on? What was that seven-colored light? And those multi-colored scales? Everyone stared at Tang Wulin and Gu Yue with dumbfounded looks on their faces. Even the elders watching from their platform were at a loss. What was that?

“They’ve lost consciousness.” The Holy Spirit Douluo was the first to
speak. “Both sides have been defeated, but since I had to save the remaining second grade students at the end, victory goes to the first grade!”

Although both Tang Wulin and Gu Yue lost consciousness, they remained standing. Both were leaning into each other, neither one allowing the other to fall.

The students of the first grade did not cheer. Passionate tears flowed from their eyes instead. At that moment, all of them recognized Tang Wulin as their rightful class president, and Gu Yue as their vice-president.

Then realization dawned on them.

Glory went to the first grade. They had won.

We’re students of the first grade! They all shouted within their hearts, fire blazing in their eyes.

Yuanen Yehui’s mask of calm finally cracked. She clenched her fist and stared at the two people nestled against each other on the stage.

Up on the platform, Elder Cai stared at the duo in astonishment. “It’s a soul fusion skill.”

That was the only explanation she could come up with. There was no other way to explain the transformation that occurred when Gu Yue hugged Tang Wulin.

Zhuo Shi wore a pensive expression. “That punch… it created a vacuum.”
 Instead of immediately refuting what Zhuo Shi said, Feng Wuyu nodded in agreement. “Yes. It was a vacuum. All seven elements were stripped away, leaving only a space that needed to be filled. No energy remained, no fire, water, earth, wind, light, darkness, or even spatial energy. Wulin’s punch
created a vacuum devoid of the seven elements. I never would have thought they would be able to use a soul fusion skill like that with two unrelated martial souls. I’ll call that move the Dragon King Vacuum Punch.”

Are their martial souls really unrelated?Zhuo Shi stared at the two students on stage, his eyes narrowing to slits. Zhuo Shi had taught Tang Wulin the basis of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, so he understood it best. If that’s truly the case, why did I feel his blood essence explode with strength when they transformed? Has his bloodline sublimated? No, that can’t be.
Even if he used a soul fusion skill, there’s no way that could have happened.

When they went to move Tang Wulin and Gu Yue from the stage, they were surprised to find her latched onto him like a clamp. It was impossible to remove her from him.

Chapter 410 - Unconcious

Chapter 410 - Unconcious

Since they couldn’t separate Gu Yue from Tang Wulin, Feng Wuyu, Zhuo Shi, and Holy Spirit Douluo Yali ended up bringing them back to the
working student dormitory in one bundle.

“Yali, are their bodies okay?” Zhuo Shi asked.

The Holy Spirit Douluo shook her head. “There’s no real problem with their bodies. They’re just exhausted. That transformation was too much for them to bear, so they’ll need time to recover. Truth be told... their soul fusion skill is quite strange. Generally speaking, a soul fusion skill can be used when both soul masters have at least three rings. But it looks like the soul fusion
skill of these two is far more demanding. Or maybe it would be more
accurate to say that it’s exceedingly powerful. It simply consumed too much of their energy. Fortunately, they have good foundations, so they just need time to rest and recover now. They’ll need a full month of rest.”

“One month?” Hearing this from Shrek Academy’s most powerful healer left Feng Wuyu and Zhuo Shi flabbergasted. The value of a soul fusion skill that required a month’s rest after using it was dubious. However, this also
served as proof to just how overbearing Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s soul fusion skill was.

“They didn’t actually complete their soul fusion skill either,” Yali said. “Yet I felt my heart race when they used it. The more compatible two people are, the more powerful their soul fusion skill is. Even if we searched all of history, it would be hard to find more than a handful of people whose fusion rate exceeded eighty percent. The highest fusion rate ever recorded is that of Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao and his wife, Dragon Butterfly Douluo
 Tang Wutong. They both had twin martial souls that enabled them to use a total of four soul fusion skills. They are praised as the strongest duo in all of history. It’s been said that their fusion rate even approached one hundred percent compatibility!

“Some historians whose research focused on Huo Yuhao and his wife stated that any soul fusion skill capable of reaching one hundred percent fusion rate would be considered a divine fusion. If both soul masters were at a
sufficiently high enough level, using such a soul fusion skill would allow them to exhibit power on par with a god! Although I only have an inkling of a suspicion, the soul fusion skill of these two children might be on par with a divine fusion soul skill. I can’t imagine any other reason why their soul fusion skill would be so powerful. We'll need to keep a close eye on them.
If my suspicion turns out to be correct, then Shrek Academy will have picked up a pair of real treasures.”

Feng Wuyu and Zhuo Shi looked at each other in dismay, both sharing a bitter smile.

It was impossible to examine Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s soul fusion skill at the moment. One use alone left them bedridden for a month. This was too high a price to ask the two children to pay. They were in the spring of their youth. The amount they could grow in a month was enormous.

Blood essence bubbled, surging forth like a raging river. Tang Wulin opened his eyes to find himself within his spiritual world. It stretched out before him like a sea of stars. Countless specks of gold floated, suspended in space. The golden hall from before was nowhere to be seen.

Then he looked up. To his astonishment, an enormous golden dragon floated above him. It was too large for him to even fathom. Its body seemed to stretch on forever. There were eighteen rings of light around the dragon’s body. Three glowed a soft blue, while the rest were a blazing red.

Is this the Golden Dragon King sealed within my body? Those rings of light must be the seals then, right?
 Tang Wulin began to collect his thoughts, but he couldn’t quite recall what happened before he woke up in this spiritual world. All he remembered was the warmth of Gu Yue’s body when she hugged him, his blood essence
surging with power, and himself subconsciously unleashing a punch. His mind had already been a haze by then. The last thing he could recall was the moment when the translucent scales began covering his body.

Everything after that was blank.

“Old Tang, are you here?” Tang Wulin shouted. Maybe Old Tang can explain what happened.

However, only silence answered him. Old Tang was nowhere to be found.

The golden dragon floating above Tang Wulin suddenly stirred. It raised its head and unleashed a heaven-rending roar. A wave of dizziness struck Tang Wulin, stars dancing in his vision. Then the scene before him blurred and
changed. He saw an enormous dragon with a seven-colored aura floating in midair. Countless beasts on the ground below it and in the air around it roared in respect, shaking Tang Wulin down to his very core. The horde of beasts then began rushing in one direction like a giant wave.

A thundering voice boomed in Tang Wulin’s head, so loud that it felt like a spiritual attack.

“My fate is mine to decide! Not the heavens!” Then he lost consciousness again.
Some time later, Tang Wulin woke up, the scene of the dragon and the horde of beasts still fresh in his mind. Simply recalling that scene made his heart race.

He groaned in pain. His eyes shot open. A familiar ceiling told him he was back in the working student dormitory. He tried to sit up but didn’t have the strength. His head immediately fell back onto his pillow.
 Then he noticed a warmth pressing against his body. He heard the gentle sound of breathing. Looking down, he was stunned to find a pair of arms wrapped around him.

Huh? Is that… Gu Yue?

“Ow! My head hurts…” Tang Wulin leaned back and finally noticed that Gu Yue was embracing him from behind. Both of them were still wearing the clothes they had battled in. He tried to pry her arms from him gently. There’s no other way!

“Don’t move...” A dissatisfied voice grumbled into his ear. An instant later, he felt the arms around him tighten their hold. He felt like he was being
constricted by a pair of snakes. Throwing caution to the wind, he hastily separated himself from her. That was when Gu Yue finally woke up.

“W-what are you doing in my bed?” she cried.

Tang Wulin seized the opening and jumped off the bed. A bout of vertigo washed over him and he stumbled. His body was still weak.

Gu Yue stared at him, her eyes full of astonishment.

Tang Wulin felt his throat go dry. “Uh, t-this... is actually my bed.”

Gu Yue tried to get up, but a wave of dizziness struck her. Tang Wulin rushed to support her. He could smell the freshness of spring wafting from her. She blushed crimson and struggled free from his grasp, then stumbled over to her own bed.

No one else was in the room. The sun already shone brightly outside.

It looks like it’s morning, so everyone else should be in class. Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue, but she averted her gaze and lowered her head. Awkward tension filled the air.

Amidst this strange atmosphere, another bout of vertigo hit Tang Wulin and he had to lay down. Gu Yue seemed to experience the same thing and fell
 onto her bed as well. The curtain dividing the room was open. Both of them could hear each other breathing.

A few moments later, Gu Yue managed to compose herself. She drummed up all of her courage, preparing to speak. But then she noticed that Tang Wulin’s breathing had calmed down.

“That pig!” Gu Yue grumbled. Yet a wry smile appeared on her lips a moment later. Tang Wulin had fallen asleep just as she was about to say
something. Perhaps it was due to fatigue. Maybe he just wanted to escape from her.

When Tang Wulin next woke up, the room was bustling with activity. He heard Xu Xiaoyan’s voice first.

“Big Sis Gu yue, how are you doing?” she asked. “Are you feeling okay? Please take it easy and rest some more. I heard the teachers talking about how the Holy Spirit Douluo said you and Tang Wulin would need a whole month to recover. Please don’t force yourself. You can take this week of
classes off.”

“How long were we unconscious?” Gu Yue asked.

Xu Xiaoyan stuck out three fingers. “It's been this many days.” Gu Yue pouted. “Why was I in his bed when I woke up?”
Xu Xiaoyan snickered. “You were holding onto him so tightly that none of us could separate you! You sure know how to make a move early on, Big Sis Gu Yue!”

“Stop making stuff up.” Gu Yue blushed crimson. “What does a kid like you understand? Just focus on your cultivation instead of this nonsense.”

“Hehehe. How am I talking nonsense? Did you forget already? We’ve
already moved to the next room over. Why did you choose to stay in this room if you didn’t want to? You could have just walked next door as soon as you woke up!”
 “Huh? I… I forgot. I’m telling you, I really forgot!”

Xu Xiaoyan was correct. Right after Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan joined their group, they became working students and got another room to move all the girls into. Gu Yue couldn’t believe she had forgotten this.

“Let’s go!” Gu Yue shot to her feet and rushed out the door, the sweet laughter of Xu Xiaoyan following close behind.

Tang Wulin pretended he was still asleep until he could no longer hear them. Then he opened one eye halfway and took a peek at the room to make sure no one was there. Confident that he was alone, he let out a sigh of relief.

But then a round face popped out of his blindspot and peered down at him.
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