The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181 – A New Semester Begins

Chapter 181 – A New Semester Begins

Tang Wulin usually produced fourth-grade Thousand Refined items. When the occasional luck was with him, he would create third-grade metal, while when it was against him, he would forge fifth-grade items.

Although making fifth-grade products were enough to complete the tasks, items of the third-grade and higher would receive additional payment. Tang Wulin was pleased to discover that after forging a third and a fourth-grade metal in the beginning, the rest were all second-grade. That was a lot of
extra money!

The fact that the quality of his products had improved signified that he had bettered his understanding of metal. Teacher Mu told me before that when I can forge first-grade metals with a thirty percent success rate, I’ll be ready to try Spirit Refining.

He had originally thought that it would take three years before he could
attempt it, but now it seemed that he would be able to try it sooner than he expected. If he could easily produce second-grade metals without trying his best, how far off could first-grade be?

What Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of was that his harvest from his trip to
Heaven Dou City truly was astounding. Apart from the Dragonscale Fruit, his experiences and gains in the intermediate spirit ascension platform had broadened his view on soul beasts and soul skills. What was most
significant of all, however, was the complete upgrade he had received from absorbing the Three-Eyed Demon Ape’s spirit energy.
 As a spiritual-attribute soul beast, the Three-Eyed Demon Ape’s spirit
energy was far more volatile than that of normal beasts. Combined with the excess spirit energy that surpassed his bodily limits, Tang Wulin had faced a tremendous amount of danger.

If Old Tang hadn’t come to his rescue, his cultivation would have deviated, resulting in permanent injuries at the best and an agonizing death at the
worst. Wu Zhangkong’s guilt had stemmed from this grave possibility.

But, Tang Wulin had survived and made an extreme breakthrough.
Although he hadn’t benefited as much as breaking a Golden Dragon King seal, his gains were clear.

His spirit soul had reached heights he never thought possible and the
Mysterious Heaven Method had improved both his spiritual power and soul power.

After refining these two energies, his fundamental strength had increased significantly. No matter which occupation a Soul Master has, these two
energies were an essential part of their foundation. This was why Tang Wulin’s improvement in this regard had aided his forging.

Having finished earlier than he expected, Tang Wulin didn’t immediately go turn in the tasks. Instead, he chose to cultivate the Mysterious Heaven
Method. His understanding of metals deepened over the next three days as he comprehended many things during this meditation.

Eastsea City’s month-long calm came to an end with the new school
semester starting and was once again bustling with noise and excitement.

Students streamed into the academy, all of them brimming with positivity. This was their second semester. After they finished it, they would advance to the next grade. Though they looked forward to moving up a grade, the dreaded grade promotion exams loomed over them.

For those attending an intermediate Soul Master academy, they absolutely had to have reached two rings by the time they graduated from their six years in the elementary division, otherwise they wouldn’t be issued a
 graduation diploma. On the other hand, those in the advanced division needed to have three rings to properly graduate.

Regardless of the academy, not every student could meet this requirement. Those in the upper grades would be extremely pressed for time.

Students in the first two grades were still able to relax though. The urgency of advancing their cultivation was still at the back of their minds.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were exploring the academy while chatting about various things. The two had become good friends after a semester together.

“Have you seen Wulin or anyone else from class zero? Speaking of them, there’s something really weird! I heard that Wang Jinxi and Zhang Yangzi transferred to another academy.” Zhou Zhangxi smirked. “They’re probably too ashamed to be in the same class as those three.”

Yun Xiao rolled his eyes. “Do you think a genius who already has two rings in the first grade would feel ashamed? It’s definitely something else. You know, I bet Wulin is feeling the pressure now. I heard Gu Yue is already a Soul Grandmaster now and he’s the only one in their class who still only has one ring. I wonder how much longer class zero will last?”

Zhou Zhangxi’s eyes lit up. “It would be good if the class shuts down, that way they would have to come back. We’re class one right now, but we both know how strong our class really is. What will we do for this semester’s
Class Promotion Tournament? Won’t we just get demoted at this rate?” Yun Xiao shrugged. “We’ll just drop down to class two I guess.”
Zhou Zhangxi’s twisted with displeasure. “Don’t you feel even a shred of team honor?”

Yun Xiao said, “You need strength to win honor. Shouldn’t you focus on cultivating instead of thinking about such useless things?”
 The two continued to converse as they made their way to the dormitories.
Suddenly, something caught Yun Xiao’s eye. He nudged his friend and whispered, “Look, it’s Gu Yue.”

Zhou Zhangxi followed Yun Xiao’s gaze and found an expressionless Gu Yue that was wearing the academy uniform.

She had a delicate appearance, but wasn’t particularly pretty. At least, she was still far from Ouyang Zixin’s level. Her unique temperament, however, had a dominating effect on others. Even Xie Xie found himself affected by her; only Tang Wulin seemed immune to her charms.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were no exceptions. They felt suppressed the moment they saw her as if they were a low-level soul beast seeing a powerful soul beast.

Gu Yue had grown taller and prettier over the last semester, which somehow condensed her domineering aura.

Gu Yue didn’t notice the duo and continued to walk toward the academy’s entrance.

“She really doesn’t have any regard for others!” Zhou Zhangxi waited for her to leave before he whispered to his friend.

Yun Xiao snickered. “What do you understand? I found out long ago that Gu Yue is actually the strongest in class zero. I don’t think anyone below
the fifth grade is her match. If class zero participates in the Class Promotion Tournament… Hehe. I can’t even imagine how much she will shine.”

“She’s that strong? Even stronger than Xie Xie?” Yun Xiao smirked. “Should be.”
Outside of the teacher’s building.

“Teacher Wu, please take care of this student. We’ve examined her and she definitely qualifies to enter class zero.” Long Hengxu solemnly told Wu Zhangkong.
 Wu Zhangkong shifted his eyes towards Long Hengxu before lowering his head to look at the timid girl before him. He coldly said, “My class only
accepts monsters, not ordinary people. Do you really think she qualifies? She only has one ring.”

Long Hengxu frowned. “Speaking of which, Teacher Wu, I think your class zero could use some adjustment. There’s no problem with Gu Yue and Xie Xie, but why did Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi leave? The academy principal explained what happened to me, but I don’t think forcing a pair of Soul Grandmasters to leave for the sake of the one-ringed Tang Wulin is right. Also, why does class zero still need to exist? I found a genius for you yet you’re making all sorts of excuses. I’m going to ask the academy to
close down class zero since you only have three students then.”

Wu Zhangkong gazed at him with icy eyes. “You should say that to the principal instead of me. Students have their own choice, and I have my own choice. You’re Xu Xiaoyan right? I’ll give you a chance. You have one month to obtain mine and my student’s approval. If you don’t, then regardless of your background, I won’t accept you as my student.

Xu Xiaoyan listened with her head lowered, timidly nodding. She wanted to bury her little head into her chest right now.

“Follow me. I’ll arrange your dorm assignment.” Wu Zhangkong didn’t bother to say goodbye to Long Hengxu, quickly turning around and leaving.

Chapter 182 – Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan

Chapter 182 – Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan Xu Xiaoyan hastened after Wu Zhangkong.
Long Hengxu’s gaze followed their departure as his lips quirked up at the edges. Not for a second did he think Wu Zhangkong’s behavior to be unreasonable or irritable. “That guy, he really cares about class zero! He wouldn’t submit otherwise. This is good. It’s good that he cares since it’ll motivate him to give his best effort. I’m looking forward to the results!”

He sat down and quickly dialed a number on his soul communicator.

“Hello, President. So, I have an idea. This past semester, we poured our resources into class zero, yet ever since the two students left, the board of directors has been questioning your decision, correct? I believe it’s time to display class zero’s strength while also determining whether to continue
supporting this endeavor or not. What do you think?”

Long Hengxu listened to the other line and nodded. “Right, that’s exactly what I was thinking. We’ll have them go. While I’m unsure of how it’ll develop, they’re still young, so it should be fine so long as they achieve decent results and garner some prestige for our academy. This way,
everyone will note the superiority of our academy’s teachers. Once they realize this, won’t even more geniuses apply to our school?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll start making the arrangements.”

 As Xu Xiaoyan followed behind Wu Zhangkong, her sparkling eyes took in the unfamiliar surroundings. Her previous school had been an ordinary one, and since her family excessively doted on her, her life was devoid of any hardships.

It was the mutation in her martial soul that led her onto this path.

She had originally set on this path unwillingly, but after meeting Wu Zhangkong, her rejection rapidly diminished.

Handsome! Teacher Wu is so cool and good-looking. Her heart hammered inside her chest.

The next moment, however, she remembered her classmates whom she had investigated after meeting them once before when they had pummeled her brother. Big brother was careless, but they were still so strong! Brother
couldn’t even struggle against that girl who’s only a bit older than me!

Unfortunately for Xu Xiaoyu, he was unaware of Xu Xiaoyan’s thoughts, or else he would have choked to death.

“This is your dorm room,” Wu Zhangkong said as he opened the door and entered.

Xu Xiaoyan followed him inside, only to be shocked by the sight of the single bed. It seemed almost too good to be true.

What kind of student dorm has such nice conditions? I was given special treatment before, but I still had a roommate!

“Remember, everything you receive is because you’re currently in class zero, but you still have one month to prove yourself.” Wu Zhangkong turned on his heel and exited the room.

Left behind, Xu Xiaoyan eyed the room doubtfully, but a smile soon appeared on her charming face.

“It looks like I really need to do my best. I have a handsome teacher and strong classmates. Things are going to be fun. Huh, what’s this? Why’s
 there a hole in the wall?”

After she caught sight of the depression in the wall of her new room, Xu Xiaoyan got onto her stomach to peep through it and saw another room on the other side.

“Where does this lead?” she mumbled to herself. She took a cloth and
cautiously covered the hole, fearing any peeping toms on the other side. Bang bang bang!
She gave a startled jump at the violent knocking and quickly went to open her door, thinking someone was outside.

But when she stuck her head out, there was no one there. Instead, she saw a familiar figure rapping on the door of the room beside hers.

He was a delicately handsome boy who carried himself with a slight aura of coldness. “Wulin, are you back yet? Jeez, he always appears and disappears in a flash.”

It’s him! Xu Xiaoyan could immediately identify the boy. Isn’t he the dagger-wielding boy?

“Hey, there’s no one in there,” Xu Xiaoyan said.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” Enough time had passed since their last encounter that together with her weak presence, Xie Xie didn’t recognize Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan snorted. “Why can’t I be here? You’re in class zero, right?” Xie Xie nodded.
“I’m going to be a student in class zero too. Remember this, my name is Xu Xiaoyan.” Away from Wu Zhangkong, the timid girl from before transformed into a pretty, little tyrant.
 “I’m Xie Xie.” No different from any other boy, Xie Xie was drawn to pretty girls.

“Thank you1?” Xu Xiaoyan stared blankly at him.

With some annoyance, Xie Xie said, “The second ‘Xie’ is the one used to write ‘chance encounter2’. That’s my name.”

“Pft.” Xu Xiaoyan snickered. “Your name is really meaningful. Please take care of me in the future.”

Xie Xie’s curiosity was piqued. “How did you enter our class when it’s
already the second semester? I thought they weren’t accepting new students anymore.”

Xu Xiaoyan stated matter-of-factly, “My family has some connections, got a problem?”

Xie Xie was dumbfounded. “Teacher Wu allowed someone to enter through connections? I don’t believe it.”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled sweetly. “It’s fine if you don’t believe me. Actually,
we’ve met before in the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Where is the big sister who beat my brother?”

Xie Xie carefully looked her up and down before he suddenly realized her identity. “Ah! You’re that ice-staff guy’s little sister. No wonder I thought you looked familiar.”

“The ‘ice-staff guy’? That’s what you’re calling my brother? Haha! That’s hilarious. But wait, I have the same martial soul as him, what do I do?” Xu Xiaoyan’s expression became anxious. She couldn’t bear to be called ‘Ice- Staff Girl’!

“Don’t worry, we won’t call you that,” Xie Xie said. “How many rings do you have?”

“One ring!” Xu Xiaoyan said.
 Xie Xie became mute. How did she join our class with only one ring? That ice-staff guy’s strength was extraordinary, especially his thousand-year soul skill, but he had three rings. Xu Xiaoyan was able to join us with only one? Does she have some special skill or something?

“Alright then, call me if you need anything. I’m going back to my room now. My room is across from Tang Wulin’s. Oh right, your next-door neighbor is our captain and boss, Tang Wulin.”

“Tang Wulin? Is that the big sister’s name?” Xu Xiaoyan curiously asked.

Xie Xie burst into laughter. “Of course not. Wulin is a guy. The big sister is on the other side. Her name is Gu Yue.”

Astonishment flickered through Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes.

The battle between her brother and Gu Yue had left a deep impression on her. With her own strength, Gu Yue had been able to bridge the gap between ranks and defeat him—simply brilliant. Yet such a powerful girl wasn’t the strongest person in class zero?

With only three students in class zero, wouldn’t the strongest be the captain?

“Tang Wulin also has two rings?” Xu Xiaoyan asked.

Xie Xie shook his head. “No. He’s the same as you—only one ring.”

“Someone with one ring is the captain?” Her curiosity toward Tang Wulin grew.

She wanted to continue questioning Xie Xie, but he gave her a mysterious smile and refused to reveal any more.

The morning of the next day, a ceremony was held to welcome the new
semester. Class zero stood at the very front of the first grade, three students neatly lined up in a row.

Indeed, there were only three students; Tang Wulin was missing.
 Starting from the outside, Gu Yue stood, followed by Xie Xie then Xu Xiaoyan.

Meanwhile, Wu Zhangkong expressionlessly stood with the teachers, completely unconcerned about Tang Wulin’s absence.

Xie Xie whispered to Gu Yue, “Wulin couldn’t have forgotten that the semester starts today, right? Why do you think he’s so late?”

Gu Yue indifferently replied, “Do you think he’s you?”

Xie Xie was speechless. “Just how biased can you be? When have I ever been late? Wasn’t it him last time, too?”

Gu Yue said, “Then he definitely has a good reason.”

As the academy president began his speech, a hunched-over figure snuck over from the back to the very front before nudging Gu Yue’s side.

A radiant smile blossomed on Gu Yue’s indifferent face. “Why are you so late?”

Tang Wulin had no excuse to give.

The time he spent in deep meditation wasn’t something he could control, so by the time he woke up, it was already the morning of the new semester
ceremony. Because he had dashed out without eating breakfast, his gnawing hunger was forcibly shoved to the back of his mind.

The deep meditation this time, however, had yielded great results; his individual comprehensions and abilities were now consolidated into a whole.

1. Pronounced as xie xie in mandarin.

2. 邂逅 is ‘chance encounter. His name is 谢邂.

Chapter 183 – An Explosion of Spiritual Power

Chapter 183 – An Explosion of Spiritual Power

Tang Wulin resolved to thoroughly investigate the results of the deep meditation later. For now, he was certain that his soul power had increased to a stable rank 16 on the verge of breaking through to rank 17.

His growth rate wasn’t particularly outstanding when compared to Wang Jinxi, Zhang Yangzi, or Xie Xie, but his progress came as a wonderful
surprise considering that he wielded the Bluesilver Grass. “I cultivated too much,” Tang Wulin sheepishly said.
Even as he said this, he felt a stare boring into him from the direction of the stage. Looking up, he met Long Hengxu’s glare and hastily straightened his posture without another word.

Xu Xiaoyan furtively glanced his way. So it’s him!

She encountered Tang Wulin twice before—the first time in the spirit
ascension platform and the second at the barbecue skewers restaurant with Ouyang Zixin—and on both occasions, he had left a lasting impression on her.

Of all the boys her age, Tang Wulin must be the most handsome one she had ever seen. Long, delicate eyelashes framed his large eyes, and paired with his rosy-white skin were his straight nose, supple lips, and rounded earlobes. From beneath his beautiful exterior, he also radiated a warm
energy like that of the sun.
 Clothed in the academy’s uniform, Tang Wulin seemed even brighter, and despite his tardiness, he remained unruffled. This guy is so calm! Isn’t he afraid of being criticized?

Like everyone else, Wu Zhangkong’s eyes were set on Tang Wulin but for an entirely different reason. He could distinctly see a luster in the depths of Tang Wulin’s eyes which signified a breakthrough, yet he noticed no major change in soul power.

From experience, he knew this to be the best outcome. For Soul Masters, if it wasn’t a breakthrough in soul power, then it had to be one in
comprehension, which was absolutely vital in progressing further in
cultivation. Although Tang Wulin’s innate talents didn’t amount to much, his extraordinary perception weighed far more heavily than even his mutated martial soul.

The ceremony continued without another hitch and after the customary motivational speeches, it soon came to a close. Teachers led their charges back to the classroom where they gave their own words of wisdom and
encouragement before dismissing the students until the next day when classes would officially begin.

Naturally, class zero had the simplest proceedings with only four students including the newly arrived Xu Xiaoyan.

“Introduce yourself,” Wu Zhangkong said to Xu Xiaoyan as soon as they entered their classroom.

Facing Wu Zhangkong with her usual bashfulness, she stood and said,
“Hello, everyone. I’m Xu Xiaoyan. I’m 10 years old and my martial soul is the Starwheel Ice Staff. My soul power is at rank 17.”

The corner of Tang Wulin’s mouth began to twitch when he heard her last sentence.

Noticing Xu Xiaoyan the moment he arrived, he originally thought, She’s a new student? A transfer student? He mistakenly assumed that with his
 recent progress, his soul power would at least outrank the new student’s. He didn’t expect that instead, Xu Xiaoyan’s soul power surpassed his.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Over the next month, you need to prove your
strength and adaptability with class zero. At the end, I will decide whether or not you will stay.”

“Yes,” Xu Xiaoyan cutely answered.

Wu Zhangkong turned to the other three. “You’ve had a month to rest, so I need to test your bodies again as well as run another combat test. You have half an hour to meditate and prepare.” He turned back to Xu Xiaoyan.
“Same for you.”

Considering Tang Wulin’s recent near explosion from absorbing an excess of spirit energy, Wu Zhangkong was curious about the other children’s progress; only with accurate data could he properly plan out their
curriculum. Since he knew that they wouldn’t be so lucky every time, he wanted to avoid another similar problem cropping up in the future.

In the results that followed, however, his usual calm bearing was breached.

There weren’t any major changes in their physical strengths. Only Tang Wulin’s number observed a slight increase, but it was nothing of note
except to Xu Xiaoyan who was left stupefied.

She wanted to turn to Xie Xie and ask, Is this guy even human? Are you sure he isn’t a soul beast?

Xu Xiaoyan’s body strength was feeble to the point of being tragic, no different from an ordinary person’s.

What shocked Wu Zhangkong instead were the results of the spiritual power test.

The first to take the test was Xie Xie.

His spiritual power had surprisingly broken past 50 and was now at 59. Finally progressing from the Spirit Origin realm to the Spirit Connection
 realm, he could now upgrade his spirit soul to the thousand-year level.

The second to go according to Wu Zhangkong’s plan was the newcomer,
Xu Xiaoyan. He believed that since the academy allowed such a physically weak girl to join class zero, her special strength must lie in a combination of spiritual power and her ice-attribute trait.

Contrary to his expectations, however, Xu Xiaoyan’s spiritual power was at 61 points, placing her in the Spirit Connection realm. Strangely enough, she only just barely eclipsed Xie Xie in this respect yet it seemed to be her
strongest point.

Tang Wulin went next; his results left Wu Zhangkong and his classmates utterly flabbergasted.

“212 points?” Xie Xie read out the displayed number, incomprehension clear in his voice.

“Teacher Wu, are you sure there’s no problem with the machine?” Xie Xie blankly stared at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was also shocked. 212 points? My spiritual power went straight from the elementary level to the intermediate level of Spirit Connection?

The threshold for the intermediate level was 150 points while the advanced level was 350 points. Once it reached 500 points, he would enter the Spirit Sea realm, marking a major breakthrough in his strength that would increase by leaps and bounds. Then he would join the vast number of powerful experts at the Spirit Sea realm.

His mediocre spiritual power had surpassed Gu Yue’s first monstrous result now. A spiritual power of 212 points was enough to make the hearts of geniuses tremble.

Xu Xiaoyan finally understood why Tang Wulin was the captain. Isn’t this too monstrous? He’s only ten years old and has 212 points of spiritual power? Her bafflement deepened further when she considered spiritual
 power’s trend of rapid growth until twenty years of age before its growth would slow to a crawl.

Having over 200 points at ten-years-old meant that even if he halted all
cultivation, his spiritual power was still guaranteed to reach the Spirit Sea realm. He would then have the foundation of spiritual power to become a powerful figure!

“Heavens! Boss, what elixir did you drink this last month? How did your spiritual power increase by over one hundred?” Xie Xie stared at Tang Wulin, his expression disbelieving.

Tang Wulin understood the reason behind his monstrous results since he had absorbed the spirit energy of the Three-Eyed Demon Ape. The ape’s energy changed his spiritual power in a method that was wrought with danger, yet he succeeded and made a breakthrough in his spiritual power.

“Gu Yue, your turn.” Wu Zhangkong’s momentary astonishment vanished, returning his expression to normal shortly after. Similar to Tang Wulin, he presumed the cause of the tremendous growth could only be attributed to the Three-Eyed Demon Ape.

“T-two-hundred-seventy-eight?” Once more, they were stunned, but this time by Gu Yue’s number.

Gu Yue clipped her chin towards Tang Wulin as if to say, ‘I’m still better than you!’

A trace of a smile crept onto Wu Zhangkong’s lips. These two brats are really starting to look like monsters.

Chapter 184 – Tang Wulin’s Thousand-Year Soul Ring

Chapter 184 – Tang Wulin’s Thousand-Year Soul Ring

Xu Xiaoyan had thought one month was plenty of time to prove herself but after seeing these numbers, she finally understood how large the gap between her and the other three.

Xu Xiaoyan raised her hand. “Teacher Wu, I’d like to test my spiritual power again at night.”

“Hm?” Wu Zhangkong turned to look at her. “Does the night affect your spiritual power?”

“Mn.” Xu Xiaoyan nodded.

This had been her greatest secret, but her competitive nature dragged it out of her.


“The combat test will begin in a moment. You’ll battle in pairs; Tang Wulin with Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie with Gu Yue.” Wu Zhangkong instructed.

Xie Xie went silent. Gu Yue frowned and said, “Teacher Wu, that’s not fair. We have two rings, while they only have one ring. We should pair a one ring with a two ring. How about I go with Wulin, and the agile Xie Xie pairs with Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Ice Staff? Xie Xie’s soul power is the highest after all.”
 Her words nearly caused Xie Xie to be in tears. Just how much do you loathe me! Notwithstanding the fact that my soul power is the highest, if you pair up with Tang Wulin, how am is my group supposed to fight? In his eyes, Xu Xiaoyan was like a child brought from a previous marriage, void of any hope.

“Do as I said. Who said that a battle must be fair?” Wu Zhangkong said indifferently.

Xu Xiaoyan stood next to Tang Wulin while Xie Xie and Gu Yue stood opposite of them. A mysterious calming aura exuded from Tang Wulin, giving her with a sense of security.

“Do you have the same aptitude as your brother?” Tang Wulin asked Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan nodded. “I’m a long-ranged elemental attacker like him. My first soul skill is the same as my brother, Ice Wheel, although my control is a bit better than his. Actually, I’m a lot more powerful at night.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s a pity that it’s still daytime. Well, whatever. Try to stay behind me; I’ll protect you. Let’s do our best together.” His impression of Xu Xiaoyu wasn’t anything good especially after the incident with
Ouyang Zixin, but he harbored no malice toward Xu Xiaoyan. In fact, he sympathized with her when Wu Zhangkong had said that she only had one month to prove herself. Her situation reminded him of the pressure he was under before his Bluesilver Grass had mutated.

“Mn, mn.” Xu Xiaoyan repeatedly nodded.

“Let’s start then. Do your best.” Wu Zhangkong said from a distance.

“Then Wulin, I won’t be polite. Wahaha!” A strange laugh left Xie Xie’s mouth and a moment later, he sped towards Tang Wulin like the wind. It was obvious that he had spent his one month vacation improving, not playing around as he had said.
 Gu Yue raised her hand and shot fireballs at Tang Wulin while enveloping Xie Xie in the wind element. She slowly advanced upon her opponents.

She’s firing from so far away? Would it reach us?

They were still separated by fifty meters. From Tang Wulin’s knowledge, there was no way the fireball could fly that far.

However, Gu Yue soon displayed the might of having 278 points of spiritual power.

After flying ten meters, the fireball suddenly split into five small collinear fireballs. Each consecutive one sped up and rammed into the one in front from behind until they compressed together into a far more powerful and swift fireball.

It was smaller compared to the original fireball, and an orange hue
surrounded it now. It shot towards Tang Wulin’s stomach like like an artillery shell.

An ear-piercing blast tore through the air as heat mirages tailed the tangerine ball of flame.

Xie Xie nearly jumped in fright when the little flame whizzed past him.

The fireball finally arrived in front of Tang Wulin. He had never looked down upon Gu Yue’s strength. Though he had never dueled her, he knew that she could easily restrain him, so he didn’t use his Heavy Silver

After his trip to Heaven Dou City, he understood now that strength
stemmed from one’s self. Even battle armor merely enhanced one’s own abilities.

His eyes flashed violet as he abruptly stepped forward with his left foot and his right fist exploded out in a magnificent straight. Golden scales appeared in a wave on his arm while Bluesilver Grass blossomed behind him like a peacock spreading its tail. Several strands wrapped around Xu Xiaoyan’s
 waist, connecting her to him, while the remaining strands weaved together to form a protective screen.


His fist smashed into the fireball. A blazing explosion erupted, illuminating his sparkling golden scales. Under the tyrannical might of his fist, not a
single spark landed on his body and the remaining vestiges were promptly obstructed by his Bluesilver Grass.

Xie Xie sucked in a deep breath while he charged at Tang Wulin.

When a brilliant purple soul ring arose from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet, his expression froze in shock.

Purple? That’s a thousand-year soul ring!

Goldlight slithered onto Tang Wulin’s left arm. Now a full foot in length, it could coil three times around Tang Wulin’s arm.

Goldlight emitted a golden brilliance that turned all of Tang Wulin’s
Bluesilver Grass gold. The grass’s veins became distinct and the strands emitted a sapphire radiance.

Thousand-year? When did he evolve his spirit soul again? And it’s thousand-year?

Not only were the combatants flabbergasted, Long Hengxu, who had dropped by to observe, was beyond stupefied.

Wu Zhangkong had told Long Hengxu to come watch this morning’s battle in response to his doubts over Tang Wulin.

The moment Long Hengxu arrived, he was greeted with a magnificent violet.

It was in this split second that Long Hengxu realized that the academy’s investment into class zero was worth it! Despite Tang Wulin only having one ring right now, it was a purple ring! This was an even better surprise
 than him possessing three rings! It was guaranteed that Tang Wulin would have soul rings at the thousand-year level and above. He couldn’t be
considered a genius anymore; he was a monster! No wonder Wu Zhangkong said class zero only accepts monsters and not ordinary people.
That motto came from Shrek Academy and is their source of confidence and strength!

The peacock tail-like of Bluesilver Grass went into a frenzy as Tang Wulin narrowed his eyes. Right this moment, he was filled with a new and weird sensation. He could sense the vitality of each strand of Bluesilver Grass he had released; they were all connected to his mind and he could exercise
complete control over them.

His Bluesilver Grass’s thickness hadn’t changed, but its very essence had undergone a qualitative change during his spirit soul’s evolution. If they were said to be merely vines before, then now they were living snakes.
Each strand was quick-witted, tenacious, strong, and in his control. This was his thousand-year Bluesilver Grass!
Xie Xie was already within ten meters of Tang Wulin but he immediately backflipped and slashed out a Light Dragon Blade at the sight of Tang Wulin’s transformed Bluesilver Grass. He also summoned his Shadow
Dragon Dagger.

The Bluesilver Grass knitted together in front of Tang Wulin to form a shield against the Light Dragon Blade.

Light burst out in the clash between the Bluesilver Grass and the Light
Dragon Blade. A moment later, the result proved unexpected. Not a single scratch was apparent on the shield of Bluesilver Grass.

Sharing! Upon reaching the thousand-year level, his Bluesilver Grass gained the ability to mitigate damage by spreading it equally between every strand.

This sharing wasn’t a soul skill, but an ability derived from Tang Wulin’s
spiritual power control. The number of strands he could spread the damage
 over was wholly dependent on the number of strands he could control in that split-second.

You want to run?

The defensive formation of Bluesilver Grass instantly transformed into an array of spears chasing after Xie Xie. Tang Wulin activated his first soul
skill, Bind!

This was the thousand-year soul skill, Bind!

Strand after strand of of Bluesilver Grass weaved together to form a giant net in the air. Tang Wulin recalled the difficulty they had with battling the Man-Faced Demon Spider and its dangerous spider webs. With his Bind now at the thousand-year level, he could easily imitate that spider.

Control subdued agility, this was a known fact in the Soul Master world.

Before, Tang Wulin’s ability to control was weak and was completely unable to restrain Xie Xie’s agility. Now that his first soul skill had
ascended to the thousand-year level, however, everything changed.

Chapter 185 – The Power of

Thousand-Year Bluesilver Grass
Chapter 185 – The Power of Thousand-Year Bluesilver Grass

Xie Xie’s response was just as swift. He instantly activated his second soul skill, Light Dragon Storm, and spun like a whirlwind while attacking Tang Wulin.

But the Bluesilver Grass was too quick and tenacious! Each time Xie Xie shredded the grass another wave would overwhelm him a moment later, eroding at the power of his Light Dragon Storm.

This isn’t good!

Xie Xie sucked in a deep breath. He descended from the air and launched a second Shadow Dragon Storm. The two skills merged together, increasing its power and speed. He returned to Gu Yue, his speed so fast that he
seemed like a phantom.

The Light Dragon Storm and the Shadow Dragon Storm combined to make the Twin Dragon Storm!

This was Xie Xie’s greatest accomplishment over the last month. After all, who wouldn’t feel pressured to improve in such an environment?

Tang Wulin was momentarily stunned. He had believed that his thousand- year Bind could easily restrain Xie Xie, but he hadn’t expected Xie Xie to progress this much.

Xie Xie landed far away, his complexion pale at the unpleasant oppression he had felt and the massive consumption of soul power by the Twin Dragon

Gu Yue halted her advance. She gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up, an amused smile gracing her face as her eyes glittered.

Having known each other for so long now, Tang Wulin naturally understood her intention; she wanted to battle seriously now.

Xie Xie dashed out from the side. As an Agility System Soul Master, he
shouldn’t have charged from the front anyway. Meanwhile, Gu Yue waved her arms and summoned an array of elemental attacks that surrounded Tang Wulin from all sides.

If it was Tang Wulin’s previous self, he would have been hard pressed to deal with such an assault. But he had changed. His Bluesilver Grass
slithered through the air as it weaved into a large net to shield him from the onslaught of elements. It was a battle of attrition now.

Tang Wulin’s advantage lay in his thousand-year spirit soul which minimized his consumption while Gu Yue’s lay in her Elemental Tide and her control of the elements, which also had a relatively low consumption rate. Gu Yue gradually gained the upper hand in this battle with her higher cultivate base. After all, the two were a Soul Master and a Soul
Grandmaster, separated by a whole realm!

Yet, Tang Wulin wasn’t worried at all. He hadn’t forgotten that Gu Yue had no one to protect her!

Tang Wulin had completely disregarded Xie Xie—who was on the peripheral of the battle—and charged toward Gu Yue.

As long as he took out Gu Yue, then Xie Xie would be no problem. He hadn’t even taken Xu Xiaoyan into consideration. They had never worked together before and Xu Xiaoyan’s strength was a mystery to him, so he had treated the battle as a one on two from the very beginning.

With his thousand-year Bluesilver Grass and his intermediate level Spirit Connection realm spiritual power, he had infinite possibilities to attack and

The sharing ability of Bluesilver Grass alleviated any fear Tang Wulin had toward Gu Yue’s six element assault. Of course, his confidence only lasted as long as his soul power did.

With such a restriction placed on him,what he needed to do now was use a blitzkrieg strategy.

Gu Yue ran backwards to escape from Tang Wulin’s charge. Although her speed couldn’t compare with Tang Wulin’s, each step bought her precious seconds.

She threw up her hands and made some complicated hand gestures that forth two balls of light, one cobalt and the other crimson. Waves of unstable power rippled out as the two fused. Gu Yue quickly threw it toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin would have directly crashed into the fused elemental ball had he not cultivated the Purple Demon Eyes. Fortunately, he had and could
clearly discern how volatile this fusion of ice and fire was!

She combined the two opposing elements, fire and ice? Although the fusion was unstable, he couldn’t fathom how Gu Yue managed to reach this state in the beginning! Even though the fusion was only temporary, its true power lay in it exploding!

Tang Wulin didn’t hesitate to command Goldlight to retreat.

Goldlight shot into the air, carefully avoiding the ball of ice and fire by gently deflecting it with a wiggle of its tail. At the same time, Tang Wulin saw an alarming violet glint in Gu Yue’s eyes.

A wave of dizziness struck her as she lost control over the elemental ball. The ball, deflected by Goldlight’s tail swipe, flew off to the side towards the bystanders.
 Tang Wulin took advantage of this opening to close the distance between them and use Bind on her.

Not only did the Purple Demon Eyes enhance eyesight, it could also send a powerful spiritual attack. Once cultivated to a sufficiently high level, one
could kill with just a simple look.

With Tang Wulin’s talent for Purple Demon eyes, he had made rapid progress. Though he couldn’t kill with a glance yet, he could easily disturb his opponent’s mind.

In this state, Gu Yue’s hands moved too slowly to defend herself. By the time she regained lucidity, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass was already in front of her.

In this moment of crisis, Gu Yue used her strongest element, disappearing in a flash of silver light. This was her control over space!

In the next instant, the strands of grass that had swept out grabbed nothing but air.

Incredulity spread across Tang Wulin’s face. Just when he thought Gu Yue had evaded far away from him, she appeared before him in a flash of light!

That was right, she had chosen to teleport right in front of him. She thrusted an azure palm at his chest.

Her actions had been too unexpected for Tang Wulin to even process, let alone react to! She had rushed past his net and turned the most dangerous
area into the safest area! Against all his expectations, she charged right into his arms!

He only had one option now: to retaliate with his Golden Dragon Claw! He was confident that even if he froze over, there was a fifty percent chance he could hit her back; but there was also a chance that she would immediately crumble apart under his claw. This was the claw that could kill a thousand- year soul beast!
 Tang Wulin’s subconscious was in a state of chaos. His raised right arm lowered a moment later. She’s my comrade! A loss is just a loss!

But at that instant, Gu Yue’s palm struck a white light that had enveloped Tang Wulin’s chest instead!

A chill swept out from his chest, repelling Gu Yue’s palm.

Tang Wulin didn’t let this chance slip away. He immediately summoned his Bluesilver Grass to restrain Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin lightly pinched Gu Yue’s neck with his claw, interrupting her control over the elements.

He looked back at Xu Xiaoyan in astonishment. Her ice staff was raised and pointed in his direction and her expression the definition of smug.

Xie Xie was the most miserable one.

He hadn’t expected Gu Yue’s attack to come flying his way.

He had just finished his preparations to break through Tang Wulin’s defences with his Twin Dragon Storm and join Gu Yue in a coordinated
attack, but who would’ve expected that the ball of fire and ice would out of nowhere and explode!

The violent blast let Xie Xie experience what was called two heavens of fire and ice.

Chapter 186 – Welcome to Class Zero

Chapter 186 – Welcome to Class Zero

The two elements worked in tandem, the ice freezing Xie Xie while the flame scorched him—a terrifying combination. Had he not quickly reacted by using his Light Dragon Storm to mitigate the majority of the blast, he would have ended up in a far worse condition.

Just as he celebrated his survival, an ice wheel slammed into his back out of nowhere. Disbelief spread across his face as his body went rigid and toppled over.

Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass trap untangled itself as he released one hand from Gu Yue’s neck while supporting her with the other on her waist, thus restoring her mobility.

Their bodies were so close that Gu Yue could enjoy Tang Wulin’s clean and crisp scent. She could have easily escaped his trap by teleporting,
continuing the battle and eventually winning through guerilla tactics. She chose instead to let him grab her, as only in close combat could she have a chance of defeating him in one strike.

The result, however, went against her expectations. She had lost. She and Xie Xie had both lost.

The battle might have looked like Tang Wulin was fighting alone against the two of them from start to finish, but, as observers, Wu Zhangkong and Long Hengxu had clearly seen Xu Xiaoyan’s two decisive moves. Her
 actions had been made at the exact moments needed to turn the tide of battle.

This girl’s perception and control are pretty good. She supported Tang Wulin excellently. Even compared to her peers, she is excellent!

Upon arriving at this conclusion, Wu Zhangkong met eyes with Long Hengxu and the two exchanged nods of tacit understanding.

Long Hengxu approved of Tang Wulin, while Wu Zhangkong was beginning to approve of Xu Xiaoyan.

“You took many risks,” Tang Wulin said as he released Gu Yue.

She snorted. “I was just afraid I would hurt you. otherwise, I would have used even more elements that you can’t defend against.”

Tang Wulin came to a startling realization. That’s right! Gu Yue can control many more elements; water, fire, earth, wind, light and even space. Each
and every one of them is powerful. Ice is an extension of water, but it’s not necessarily her strongest ability. With her control, she could have attacked me with three elements at once!

I went easy with my Golden Dragon Claw, but wasn’t she going easy on me too?

An awkward smile tugged at his lips. “You’re still the most amazing.”

Gu Yue laughed. “You’re amazing too! You would’ve injured me if I didn’t restrain you in time.”

“Ow, ow! I know you guys are busy admiring each other, but can you spare some time to help your good friend off the floor?” Xie Xie’s painful groans interrupted their exchange. He painstakingly crawled back to his feet with an irritated expression.

Only Xu Xiaoyan was nice enough to walk over and help him up.

Xie Xie looked at her and rolled his eyes. “Is slicing me up that fun?”
 Xu Xiaoyan giggled and revealed a harmless, toothy smile.

The other two students walked over. Tang Wulin extended a hand to Xu Xiaoyan. “Welcome to class zero.”

Xu Xiaoyan accepted the handshake. “Thank you, class captain. You guys are too awesome though! The only thing I could do was look for opportunities to aid you.”

Her words were not exaggerated. As soon as the battle begun, she found that the most she could do was just stand there foolishly!

These guys, are they really monsters? How is this Tang Wulin’s soul ring at the thousand-year level? Isn’t the limit for the first soul ring about four hundred years? Even if he used some heavenly treasures, there’s no way he could upgrade it to the thousand-year level! Only at three rings do people begin to have thousand-year soul rings!

Xie Xie’s swiftness and Gu Yue’s control over six elements also instilled an equally deep shock. She felt utterly insignificant in front of these three monsters.

But she had keen observation skills and hadn’t acted blindly, waiting instead for the right opportunity to act. She knew she couldn’t even hope to compare with this trio during the day, so she had to do her best to at least leave a good impression by grabbing any chance she got to display her

Opportunities would always come to those who were well prepared. Her success served to prove this statement.

Two one-ringed Soul Masters had prevailed over two two-ringed Soul
Grandmasters. The very notion of this coming to pass was inconceivable, yet they had accomplished it.

Long Hengxu walked over to Wu Zhangkong. “Now I have more
confidence in your class. I’m sure I can persuade the president to increase your resources. Teacher Wu, is there anything you need?”
 Wu Zhangkong said, “The children could use more nutritious food.
Nutrients are very important at their age. The martial soul is an extension of the body; it needs to be properly nourished.”

Long Hengxu forced a smile. “That wouldn’t be an issue if they all had normal appetites, but Tang Wulin is just a glutton He can clean out all the food the first window makes!”

Wu Zhangkong indifferently said, “You’ve seen his strength and his thousand-year soul ring; do you think they just appeared out of thin air? That he can grow so strong just from eating is amazing in and of itself.”

“I guess there’s some sense to that,” Long Hengxu muttered.

Wu Zhangkong added, “Eastsea City is rich in many kinds of seafood, of which some are highly nourishing sacred foods. Get some for the children. They need sturdy foundations to grow.”

Long Hengxu nodded reluctantly. “I’ll tell the president. Teacher Wu, keep in mind that the president is facing a lot of pressure because of class zero.
Just counting the cost for admittance to the spirit ascension platform, the amount of resources invested into class zero is enormous. Thankfully, things have been successful so far; you even managed to train a monster like Tang Wulin. What the academy truly desires, however, is glory. You understand, right? The academy wants your students to participate in the
Skysea Alliance Tournament. You should prepare for it. Even if they don’t place too high, they need to at least amaze people and win the academy
some fame. The goal is to have them win the Outstanding Newcomer Award or the Outstanding Newcomer Group Award.”

“The Skysea Alliance Tournament?” Wu Zhangkong’s eyes flashed with comprehension and he nodded without the slightest hesitation. “I have no problems with fulfilling their request.”

Long Hengxu stared at Wu Zhangkong in surprise. He had assumed Wu Zhangkong would refuse since the children were only ten years old, yet he had readily accepted.
 “You agree?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “The best method to temper someone is through real combat. So far, they’ve only focused their energy on cultivating and they lack combat experience. This is a good opportunity to fix that issue.”

“Excellent! I was worried you might not agree. I will immediately report this matter. I can guarantee you—until the Skysea Alliance Tournament starts, your meals won’t be lacking even when compared to those at the
Shrek Academy! This time, the academy is going to spend all of its capital.” “Good!”
“All of you, come here.” Wu Zhangkong stepped onto the arena and beckoned to the children.

The four students quickly ran over.

Wu Zhangkong nodded and turned to Tang Wulin. “You still need to practice more. There were too many holes in your defences.”

“Yes, Teacher Wu.” Tang Wulin couldn’t contain his excitement. Now that his soul ring was at the thousand-year level, his combat strength and control precision had skyrocketed! He believed that after breaking the second
Golden Dragon King seal, his Bluesilver Grass would evolve once more and receive another huge power up.

Wu Zhangkong turned to Gu Yue. “You were a bit unfocused. You should be stronger than that.”

Gu Yue lowered her head and said quietly, “But we’re teammates, not enemies.”

Wu Zhangkong said, “You’ve progressed quickly. Continue striving hard to improve. As for you…”

He turned to Xie Xie. “You’ll have to put in more effort if you want to keep up with them.”
 The corner of Xie Xie’s mouth began to twitch. I really can’t catch a break! Or is it just that Wulin and Gu Yue improve too quickly?

Wu Zhangkong finally turned to Xu Xiaoyan. “You have some ability. Just remember that you only have one month to prove yourself. Alright, you’re dismissed for the day. Tomorrow, we’ll start training. I will be your opponent for three fights every day.”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin, Gu Yue and Xie Xie said with bitter faces. Meanwhile, Xu Xiaoyan couldn’t contain her excitement and eagerness towards the following day. I heard this ruthless and handsome Teacher Wu is really
strong. I wonder just how strong he is though?

“I will be using my soul skills.” Wu Zhangkong’s left after speaking these shocking words, his white robe fluttering in the breeze.

“Sou-soul skill?” Xie Xie stammered. “Did I hear that right? Just who is Teacher Wu? Why does he need to use soul skills against us? Did he make some mistake?”

Tang Wulin gaped in disbelief. He had personally witnessed the might of Wu Zhangkong’s soul skills and knew that even if he suppressed his
cultivation to their rank while only using Frost Scars and Frost Mist, it was more than enough to slaughter them.

Chapter 187 – Forging at the Skysea Alliance Tournament!

Chapter 187 – Forging at the Skysea Alliance Tournament!

“It seems like we need to start studying tactics properly,” Tang Wulin said earnestly.

“Let’s go, we’ll plan in our room,” Xie Xie replied.

To them, Wu Zhangkong was a goliath that they had to face.

At that moment, Tang Wulin’s soul communicator rang. Glancing at the caller ID, he saw that it read “Teacher” and immediately knew who was calling.

“Wulin, come see me as soon as you’re free. I have something to talk to you about.” Mu Chen’s voice was lower, different from his usual calm self.

“Yes. Teacher, I’m free at the moment so I’ll go right away.” Although Tang Wulin didn’t know what the matter was, Mu Chen had always treated him well. He naturally had to show respect in return.

“Mn. I’ll be waiting.”

Tang Wulin hung up and turned to his friends. “I need to pay a visit to the Blacksmith’s Association. You guys go ahead and talk without me. Just update me when I return. However, I’ll give you a rundown of Teacher Wu’s soul skills first. We will most likely be facing his first soul skill, Frost Scar, and his second soul skill, Frost Mist…”
 Tang Wulin continued to explain what he had observed of Wu Zhangkong’s first two soul skills. By the time he left for the Blacksmith’s Association in a hurry, everyone was still gaping in shock at the tales of their teacher’s power.

Tang Wulin discovered that there were other people there as well when he arrived at Mu Chen’s office. Apart from Mu Chen, Cen Yue and Mu Xi
were also present. Mu Xi had clearly rushed over as soon as the ceremony had finished.

“Teacher.” Tang Wulin bowed to Mu Chen.

“Mn. Take a seat.” Mu Chen pointed to the two-seater sofa in front of his desk. Cen Yue was already sitting in one of its spots, and Mu Xi stood at Mu Chen’s side. This pampered girl stared at Tang Wulin with an odd
expression that she had never shown him before.

When Tang Wulin sat down, he discovered a familiar object on the desk. It was a cerulean metal with irregular, life-like veins running through it.
Depending on the angle from which one looked at it, the lines would take on a completely different appearance.

It was the rare metal, Blue Coppertite. It had a powerful innate ability to amplify soul power, but its internal composition was highly complex and wrought with numerous impurities. Only after being Thousand Refined could it be used to make goods.

Tang Wulin only needed a single glance to recognize that he had Thousand Refined this chunk himself. After all, to Thousand Refine, a blacksmith had to grow extremely familiar with the item and treat it as if it were their own child.

“Do you recognize this?” Mu Chen said with a frown.

“Yes, I do.” Tang Wulin shot up from his seat and stood straight as a pillar. “Teacher, did I do something wrong?”
 Cen Yue awkwardly smiled at Tang Wulin. “No, it’s not that you did something wrong, but you did something too well. Did you know that you’re quickly approaching your teacher’s level?”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin gave Cen Yue a blank stare.

Mu Chen said, “Tell me what the characteristics of Blue Coppertite are.”

Tang Wulin quickly answered, “Blue Coppertite is a type of copper alloy that is composed of thirty percent copper, a trace of coppertite, and a variety of other trace elements. Coppertite is a special compound and the origin of the metal’s name. It’s an excellent conductor of soul power and is even
called a soul power amplifier. Soul Masters usually choose this metal when building their battle armors, but since it has numerous impurities and a
complex internal structure, it is extremely difficult to forge. It cannot be properly Hundred Refined and instead needs the Thousand Refinement to purify it. Only when the properties of Blue Coppertite have been stabilized and condensed can it be considered completely Thousand Refined. Its value

“That’s enough,” Mu Chen interrupted him. “Not only have we verified that this is the Blue Coppertite you forged, we’ve also determined that it’s at the peak of the second-grade. In other words, it’s only one step away from being a first-grade metal. Do you understand what this means?”

Tang Wulin mumbled, “More money?” Cen Yue burst into laughter.
Mu Xi helplessly said, “Do you only have eyes for money?”

Mu Chen shot a glance of annoyance at his daughter, warning her not to say anything else.

Tang Wulin sunk into thought.

Is it bad if I’m focused on money? Blacksmithing is currently the only way I have to make money, and who knows how much I’ll need in the future.
 “This means that you are on the verge of Spirit Refinement.” Mu Chen’s words startled Tang Wulin out of his thoughts of self-doubt.

On the verge of Spirit Refinement? Dazed, Tang Wulin raised his head to look at his teacher.

In a deep baritone, Mu Chen said, “Thousand Refinement is also known as Half-Spirit Refinement. This is because, at that point, blacksmiths are able breathe life and spirit into metal which they can then shape according to their will, improving the quality of the final product. Second-grade Blue
Coppertite can amplify the power of a battle armor part by 110 percent, while first-grade Blue Coppertite can amplify it by 112 percent. If it were Spirit Refined, it would amplify the power of a battle armor part by 115 percent.

“This is why anyone in the blacksmithing world who can produce a first- grade metal is only a step away from becoming a Spirit Blacksmith. I inspected the metals you handed in to complete your tasks, and most of them were of the second-grade. This means you’re already a fourth rank blacksmith.”

Fourth rank?

These two words finally made Tang Wulin realize the significance of his second-grade products.

According to the Blacksmith’s Association’s regulations, one needed to be able to Thousand Refine and shape two metals in a row to become a fourth rank blacksmith. Yet Mu Chen said that he was already a fourth rank blacksmith since he could forge second-grade metals. This was the first time he had heard of something like this.

“Do you find this strange? What I’m saying is different from the association’s regulations, right?” Mu Chen asked.

“Mn. It’s a bit strange. I haven’t even tried forging a mecha component yet,” Tang Wulin probed.
 Mu Chen sighed. “The association doesn’t have this in writing because very few people are able to forge second-rank metals before becoming a fourth rank blacksmith, not to mention you who has a success rate of over 50 percent. My original plan was to have you rest during this time as it might help with your comprehension, but you’re just too amazing. You’ve really
surprised all of us and made major progress!. According to the unwritten rules of the blacksmithing world, just having a 20 percent success rate in forging second-grade metal makes someone worthy of becoming a fourth rank blacksmith. In light of this, congratulations!”

Fourth rank? That means I can accept even harder tasks that will bring in twice as much money! If I can reach Spirit Refinement, then the money will more than just double!

Tang Wulin’s eyes began to shine.

“Isn’t this little money grubber only imagining how much money he can make now?” a gentle voice sounded off to the side.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin unwittingly grunted in agreement, but a strange feeling came over him soon afterward. He saw that Mu Xi was standing at his side, clearly harboring some evil plans for him.

Mu Xi let out a disdainful laugh. “Dad, just look at how immature your disciple is. All he knows is money. He doesn’t even have a dream.”

“Be quiet,” Mu Chen said in displeasure. “You’ve always been given what you wanted, but him? If he didn’t need money to live, would he have to
care about it at such a young age? Wulin, just ignore her. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money. We’re a business after all, and a business is all about money. It’s good that you’re currently saving money. It’ll help when you are able to Spirit Refine.”

“Huh? Does Spirit Refining cost money?” Tang Wulin stared at Mu Chen in shock.

Chapter 188 – Thousand Refined Blue Coppertite

Chapter 188 – Thousand Refined Blue Coppertite

Mu Chen nodded. “The rarer the metal is, the easier it is for a blacksmith to Spirit Refine it. You have to buy your own metal when the time comes because if you fail to Spirit Refine it, the metal would become worthless. It wouldn’t be suitable to be handed in for tasks since the value would be too low. Considering your talent, the association will gift you some metal at that time, but you’ll still need to buy a lot of it yourself. Every blacksmith
suffers when it’s time for them to attempt Spirit Refinement.”

Cen Yue laughed mischievously. “It’s not just suffering. It took me five years to pay off my debt, and Mang Tian still hasn’t finished paying his yet. Why else do you think he accepts so many tasks?”

Tang Wulin swallowed his saliva.

Teacher Mang Tian still hasn’t repaid his debt? Just how much does he still have?

Mu Chen shook his head. “Alright, let’s not talk about such things just yet. I called you here today for two things. The first was to confirm your status as a fourth rank blacksmith. You need to Thousand Refine two metals in a row and submit it. If one of them is a second-rank product, we can end your test there and officially make you a fourth rank blacksmith.”

“Yes! Thank you, teacher.” In the end, Tang Wulin was still a child.
Although the potential cost of Spirit Refinement made him anxious, he could easily distract his mind from a matter that was so far in the future.
 He remembered that Spirit Refinement wasn’t just a forging technique—it required one to have at least three soul rings to succeed. Considering this, Tang Wulin had plenty of time until he gained his third ring.

Mu Chen said, “You’ve earned fourth rank status much faster than I
expected, so I want you to broaden your horizons now. In the near future, the five great eastern coastal cities will be holding the Skysea Alliance Tournament, a grand tournament that is held once every three years. There are competitions for everyone—Mecha Masters, Battle Armor Masters, Soul Masters, blacksmiths, mecha craftsmen, mecha designers, mechanics, and so on. The events are divided according to age. There is a division for those aged fifteen and under, a division for youths aged fifteen to twenty,
and a division for adults aged twenty to thirty. Anything beyond that is too old. I plan to have you and Mu Xi represent Eastsea Blacksmith’s
Association in the blacksmith competition for those aged fifteen and below.”

The Skysea Alliance Tournament?

The name of the tournament itself piqued Tang Wulin’s interest. “Teacher, will I be competing with young blacksmiths from other cities at this tournament?”

Mu Chen nodded. “That’s correct. You only have one objective: to come back as the champion. I’m convinced that there aren’t any blacksmiths in the fifteen and under division that will be more remarkable than you. Don’t you want to earn money? This is a good opportunity to do that. The
champion’s prize is three million federal coins. In addition, the association will award you with ten chunks of rare metals if you win. That should save you plenty of money when you attempt Spirit Refinement.”

The chunks of rare metal that Mu Chen mentioned had dimensions of approximately a third of a meter on each side.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Tang Wulin was already eager for the tournament.

Teacher Mu Chen said it would be easy for me to win the championship and win a lot of money! At the very least, it’ll be enough to pay Teacher Wu

Mu Chen nodded. “The Skysea Alliance Tournament is hosted by the five great eastern coastal cities. As a result, it is also called the Grand Banquet of the Sea and the Sky. I’m absolutely certain that you will shine brilliantly and bring glory to our Eastsea Blacksmith’s Association.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Mu Xi pouted. “Dad, I could do that even if we didn’t have him.”

Mu Chen shot her a glance. “You think you can win? Even if you’re a genius, all your competitors will also be geniuses! With Wulin here, victory is certain. You only need to work hard and prepare to attempt the Thousand Refinements. This time, the minimum requirement to participate is middle- grade Hundred Refined. They will assess you more carefully after you meet this requirement.”

The Grand Banquet of the Sky and the Sea… the Skysea Alliance Tournament.

Tang Wulin carved these words into his heart.

“Let’s conduct your test then, Wulin. Mu Xi, you come along too. You can watch and learn from Wulin.”

“Mn.” Strangely enough, Mu Xi didn’t put up as much of a fight this time. She simply gave her father a cute nod.

Only four people were present in the forging room: Tang Wulin, Mu Chen, Mu Xi, and Cen Yue. Mu Chen personally selected two metals for Tang Wulin to forge, one of which was Blue Coppertite.

Mu Chen’s astonishment regarding Tang Wulin’s accomplishment could be attributed to two things. One was the sheer difficulty of Thousand Refining Blue Coppertite to the second-grade. It was even harder than forging a first- grade product using an ordinary metal. The second was the speed of Tang Wulin’s development—it was so fast that the only thing holding him back
 was his soul power. Tang Wulin currently only had a single ring, but Mu Chen was sure that he would reach Spirit Refinement within three years if he had three rings.

Soul power, however, was extremely hard to increase! There was nothing he could do unless he spoil things by getting ahead of himself. The more that Tang Wulin’s talent revealed itself, the more Mu Chen hesitated to give him any heavenly treasures that would boost his cultivation. Mu Chen didn’t want Tang Wulin’s foundation to be unstable; it would damage his future prospects.

What was strength? What Tang Wulin currently displayed was strength. Tang Wulin’s talent for forging was something that even a first-rate genius like Mu Chen could only spend his whole life looking up to.

The forging began.

Three crisp tones echoed through the air when Tang Wulin lightly tapped the Blue Coppertite. The Stacked Hammers effect was occurring in full force.

Tang Wulin’s ear twitched slightly and a violet shimmer appeared in his eyes.

Without a doubt, Blue Coppertite was extremely difficult to forge. When he had previously forged Blue Coppertite, there were countless times during the process where he was forced to use Purple Demon Eyes to prevent failing.

The pattern that ran along the surface of the Blue Coppertite transformed, rippling with each strike of Tang Wulin’s hammer.

This was the reason why Blue Coppertite was so hard to forge. Its internal structure constantly changed under the pressure the Thousand Refinements. A single incorrect strike could turn it into a lump of trash.

There was no hesitation in Tang Wulin’s movements. The moment one arm rose, the other fell, resolutely pounding the metal unceasingly.
 Cen Yue’s eyebrows leaped upward. So quickly? Doesn’t he need to examine it?

Even if he were the one forging the Blue Coppertite, a sixth rank blacksmith like him would need at least three minutes to inspect the metal before he
could begin hammering. And yet, Tang Wulin never even paused!

The intensity of Tang Wulin’s strikes continued to grow. His hammers hurtled through the air as if their several hundred kilograms of weight was the same as a straw of rice. One after another the hammers descended upon the metal like a storm. With the Stacked Hammers effect, a bizarre rhythm similar to that of rain falling upon a forest of banana trees began to resonate throughout the room. It was as if a multitude of blacksmiths were all
working in harmony.

Mu Xi’s attitude toward Tang Wulin had changed significantly because of Tang Wulin’s strength.

When one person competed with another and there was a gap in strength, jealousy would appear. However, once that gap grew large enough, that jealousy would quickly disappear.

Mu Xi had yet to become a third rank blacksmith because she was still
struggling with the Thousand Refinements, yet Tang Wulin was already a fourth rank blacksmith! Such a gap couldn’t be closed in only a few days.

When she saw Tang Wulin’s second-grade Blue Coppertite, the way she viewed him completely changed. She no longer saw him as just a rival and could see his other strengths now. When she saw him today, the first thing she that came to mind wasn’t “It’s this annoying guy again.” She actually thought, “Actually, this guy is kind of handsome.”

Such a subtle psychological change went unnoticed by Mu Xi. Even if she did realize this change, she would never admit it.

Mu Chen’s eyes were electric as he stared at that chunk of Blue Coppertite. He discovered that although Tang Wulin’s strikes were swift, they also hit the exact center of the Blue Coppertite’s ripples. Tang Wulin took
 advantage of the Stacked Hammers effect to withhold the strength of his strike such that the force would be just enough. He had complete control over this chunk of Blue Coppertite.

A moment later, Mu Chen noticed the purple glow of Tang Wulin’s eyes. That looks like…

If it really is that, it would explain a lot.

Chapter 189 – The Halo and the Fourth Rank Blacksmith

Chapter 189 – The Halo and the Fourth Rank Blacksmith

The clock slowly ticked by. It was normal for the Thousand Refinements to take a few hours, but the relentless storm of Tang Wulin’s twin hammers had already reduced the Blue Coppertite to one-third of its original size in only a quarter of an hour. Its blue hue grew brighter and brighter while the ripples on its surface began to slow down and stabilize.

He’s almost done?

So fast!

The Stacked Hammers effect may have helped Tang Wulin, but it was his strength, judgement, and understanding of the metal that allowed him to finish so quickly.

Having already become one with his hammers, Tang Wulin’s concentration could not be broken. Surprisingly enough, he was actually beginning to resemble his hammers.

Bang bang bang!

The final hammer strike descended, and an azure halo that was a third of a meter in diameter burst from the Blue Coppertite, fusing back into the metal a moment later and disappearing.

“A halo emerged!” Cen Yue cried.
 Only metals at the second-grade and above could release a halo. Furthermore, the appearance of a halo signified the degree to which spirit was imbued into the metal. This was the origin of the name, “Half-Spirit Refinement.”

That halo just now wasn’t an ordinary second-grade halo! Cen Yue wiped cold sweat from his forehead. Did this boy just forge a first-grade metal? Is he trying to astonish us even more?

Mu Chen’s eyes lit up. He raised one hand to stop Tang Wulin and used his other to grab the metal. “You don’t need to do anything else. We’re ending the test here. You’ve succeeded at Thousand Refining a second-grade Blue Coppertite and officially passed the fourth rank test.”

Since Tang Wulin could forge a second-grade Blue Coppertite, they didn’t even need to check if he could do the same with lesser metals.

“It isn’t of the first-grade?” Cen Yue asked Mu Chen.

Mu Chen shook his head. “It falls a bit short, but it’s nearly there. You’ll make a lot of money off of this Blue Coppertite the next time you accept
some tasks. Go back and prepare for the Grand Banquet of the Sea and Sky. It begins in one month.”

“But… teacher, don’t I still need to attend class?” Tang Wulin asked.

Mu Chen said, “You don’t need to worry, the association will help you take care of that. You need to spend the remaining time forging. I’ll continue to teach you once a week. It seems like I need to start teaching you the technique needed to forge first-grade metals.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Yes, thank you, teacher.”

“I’ll go with you.” Mu Xi took the initiative to accompany him back to the academy.

After the two left the Blacksmith’s Association, Mu Xi suddenly pinched Tang Wulin’s cheek.
 “Ow! Senior disciple sister, what are you doing?” Tang Wulin complained.

Mu Xi snorted. “I’m checking if you’re even human. Isn’t everyone
supposed to be equal? You don’t have another face, so how are you able to progress so quickly?”

“Senior disciple sister, I don’t have a second face,” Tang Wulin said in embarrassment.

Mu Xi suddenly became all smiles. “I know. Can I talk to you about
something? If no one ends up being better than me at the Skysea Alliance Tournament, can you let me win? I’ll give you the prize money too, and then you’ll have the money for both first and second places. I’ll even give you the metals that are awarded as well. How about it?”

Tang Wulin stared at her in a daze. “Okay.”

Okay? Mu Xi thought she misheard him. He agreed so easily?

“Hey, do you even understand the significance of the Skysea Alliance Tournament? How can you agree so easily?”

Tang Wulin said, “It’s just fame. The difference between first and second place can’t be that large anyway. If I can earn more money by giving up first place for second place, then I’m all for it!”

“I’m convinced now—you really only think about money!” Mu Xi smacked the top of his head lightly. “I’m just joking with you. If I stole first place from you, dad would kill me!”

A trace of a smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s lips. “Teacher wouldn’t do that. He actually looks at you with doting eyes. I’m serious, senior disciple sister. If no one is better than you, I’ll give you first place. I’ll be taking that prize money though.”

Tang Wulin’s earnest insistence left Mu Xi in a daze. “I don’t want you to do this for my dad.”
 With her intelligence, she immediately realized what Tang Wulin intended. He was doing a favor to Mu Chen.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s not what you’re thinking. Teacher once said that the tallest tree in the forest will be ravaged by the wind. I’m still
very young, so what do you think would happen if I reveal that I’m already a fourth rank blacksmith? I’m still a long ways from three rings and Spirit Refinement, so what does first place even mean to me? If I just take second place, then I can keep a low-profile while earning some money.”

Mu Xi curiously asked, “Can you tell me why you need so much money?”

Tang Wulin forced out a bitter smile. “My cultivation path is a bit different from other people. I need a lot of heavenly treasures to continue evolving my martial soul. My strength comes from that evolution. You know that my martial soul is Bluesilver Grass. Take a look!”

Tang Wulin raised his right hand and summoned his golden scales.

The sight of the golden scales left Mu Xi speechless. She slowly raised a finger and tapped on the scales, creating a sharp metallic tone.

“This is why you’re in class zero? This is the source of your strength?” Mu Xi asked in disbelief.

Tang Wulin nodded.

“Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell my dad?” Mu Xi asked suspiciously. “I don’t intend to hide this from teacher!” Tang Wulin said.
“Forget about it, then!” Mu Xi nodded at Tang Wulin’s answer in
satisfaction. “I’ll look out for you in the academy from now on. If anyone dares bully you, just tell me their name.”

Tang Wulin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Senior disciple sister, what are you saying? I don’t get into fights anyway.”
 “You don’t get into fights? Who was it that sent his roommates flying out of their second-floor window on the first day, hm? I can’t seem to remember…”


“Oh, right, do you like Zixin?” Mu Xi asked suddenly.

Tang Wulin was blindsided by this question, and his face immediately went beet red before he waved his arms in denial. “N-No! No, I don’t! I don’t…”

“Hahaha! Look at how flustered you are! Aren’t you usually super calm? I understand. You’re confused about the matters of the heart and are trying to deny it, but it’s clear that you like her! Just what are you learning at such a young age?” Mu Xi pinched his face over and over.

Tang Wulin was distressed. “I really don’t! Senior Sister Zixin is just a really nice person, and we frequently run into each other during our morning jogs. Even if I did like her, it would be because she’s so pretty and gentle. I can appreciate those qualities, you know! Don’t go having any
weird thoughts!”

Mu Xi raised her eyebrows. “So you’re saying that I’m not pretty or gentle enough for you to like… and you don’t appreciate me?”

Tang Wulin was still a ten-year-old child, so how could he hope to win an argument against a developing young lady? Mu Xi was fourteen years old this year and was far more mature than him.

“I-I…” Tang Wulin gawked at her, speechless. Isn’t that right though? You’re not gentle at all!
Tang Wulin had to admit Wu Xi was pretty, but he would never say so out loud.

After pinching Tang Wulin’s face a bit more, Mu Xi was satisfied.
 Bullying him is even more fun than being cold to him! Her mouth curled into a wicked smile.

They soon arrived at the academy and Tang Wulin let out a sigh. He flew back to his dorm while rubbing his aching cheeks, the sound of Mu Xi’s witch-like cackling chasing after him.

“The Skysea Alliance Tournament?”

Tang Wulin mentioned the tournament during lunch and immediately
caught Xie Xie’s ear. He hadn’t realized just how much Xie Xie knew about the tournament!

Chapter 190 – Starwheel Ice Staff

Chapter 190 – Starwheel Ice Staff

“That’s amazing! There are eighteen first-class cities in our federation and they’re divided into the five regions—the north, the east, the south, the
west, and the center. Each region has a few major cities, but the center region only has two: Heaven Dou City and Shrek City. Even though that’s less than the other regions, these two cities make up for it with their influence. Our eastern region actually has five first-class coastal cities that form the Skysea Alliance. Eastsea City is ranked second among the five.

“The Skysea Alliance Tournament is held every three years to scout
excellent geniuses and check out the strength and development of all the
cities. Naturally, those who show the most talent are practically guaranteed to shine brilliantly in the future. The most outstanding people may even be chosen to represent the Skysea Alliance in the federation-wide tournament that’s held every five years! That’s a grand tournament that involves the
entire continent! Have you seriously never heard of this before?”

Tang Wulin awkwardly scratched his head. He really hadn’t heard of this before! Who would even mention such a thing in a small town like
Glorybound City? Even if someone had, he would have been too young to remember it.

“Isn’t the federal tournament usually held in Shrek City?” Xu Xiaoyan
asked, staring at Tang Wulin in shock as he inhaled all of the gourmet food before him.

“That’s right! It’s held in Shrek City. Fortunately, Shrek Academy doesn’t participate in that tournament, otherwise, the results wouldn’t be
 suspenseful. It’s been the number one academy on the continent for the past ten thousand years after all.”

Xu Xiaoyan grew excited. “Doesn’t that mean we have a chance, then?”

Her words made Xie Xie dispirited. “What chance? We’re still too young. I looked it up a long time ago. The federal tournament is being held next year, and we’ll only be eleven years old then. According to our age, we
would be put into the ten-to-fifteen division. Considering that we’ll only be eleven years old, we would be at a severe disadvantage. We would be facing the continent’s greatest geniuses after all! And that’s assuming we
even qualify to enter. In order to qualify, we would need to participate in this year’s Skysea Alliance Tournament and place in the top six of our age group. Next time the federal tournament is held, we’ll be sixteen years old and get bumped up to the fifteen-to-twenty division. It would be strange if we did well in that tournament. We really were born at the wrong time.”

Tang Wulin continued to gorge himself as he said, “Don’t worry about rankings. It’ll be fine as long as we gain some experience and knowledge. You don’t have to be so determined to win.”

Gu Yue said, “Who cares if we’ll be eleven? Who said that an eleven-year- old can’t be the champion? If you don’t have believe in yourself, who will believe in you? If you want to do it, then do it.”

Finishing her speech, Gu Yue stood up to put her tray away.

Xie Xie’s mouth curled in disdain as she left. “She’s talking as if we’re
actually going to participate in the Skysea Alliance Tournament. Aren’t you the only one participating, Wulin?”

Tang Wulin couldn’t be bothered to speak anymore; today’s meal seemed more filling than usual.

That was some delicious seafood!

Tang Wulin had grown up on the coast, yet he had never eaten such
amazing seafood. Aside from the mouth-watering flavor, an indescribable
 feeling of warmth spread throughout his body when the food entered his stomach.

After lunch, all of them gathered to discuss Wu Zhangkong’s strength and what tactics they could use to restrain him.

As for victory over Wu Zhangkong… they had never even considered it. Their only goal was to survive against him as long as possible.

Tang Wulin was confident about today’s combat training since his
Bluesilver Grass had become so powerful after reaching the thousand-year level. Furthermore, Goldlight could finally play an active role in battle. If it hadn’t been for Goldlight, Tang Wulin would have been too focused on neutralizing Gu Yue’s explosive ball of fire and ice to defend against her follow up attack.

In his opinion, Gu Yue’s greatest strength lay in her control over the
element of space. She could teleport all over the battlefield with it and employ a myriad of different battle tactics.

They eventually came to the simple conclusion that they could only prolong their survival by working together.

“Xiaoyan, you said you’re even stronger at night, so can you show us after dinner?” Tang Wulin wanted a thorough understanding of his new teammate to further develop their teamwork.

Xu Xiaoyan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

In truth, her family had specifically warned her not to reveal her unusual power. However, now that she came face to face with the greatest geniuses of Eastsea City, she simply felt too powerless during the day. She knew that staying in class zero depended on whether or not she could obtain the
approval of her new classmates.

For this reason, she only needed a moment of thought before agreeing.
 If I don’t show my strength, how am I supposed to fit in with these geniuses? There’s no way I can match them with just observation skills and precise control!

Night fell soon after they finished dinner.

The four classmates were walking toward a grove in the corner of the fields.

Regardless of whether it was Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, or Gu Yue, all of them were curious about what change Xu Xiaoyan would experience at night.
Throughout the Douluo Continent, fantastical martial souls of every description could be found. If it was possible, then it likely existed. For example, Gu Yue’s martial soul allowed her to control six elements. This
was something that had never been heard of before, so just how unique was Xu Xiaoyan’s martial soul?

Inside the gloomy grove, Gu Yue raised her hand and summoned a resplendent golden light, illuminating their surroundings.

Anticipation welled up in Xie Xie. It was only natural since they were quietly doing mysterious things in a forest at night.

Xu Xiaoyan stepped forward and looked toward the stars. This grove’s
canopy was nowhere near as lush as the one in the spirit ascension platform, so starlight easily pierced through it.

Specks of starlight twinkled in the sky. She nodded once. “I’m starting.”

She raised a hand toward the sky while a yellow soul ring rose from beneath her feet and a slender ice staff appeared in her hand.

The golden light from Gu Yue’s hand struck the ice staff, giving it a holy aura with a golden glow.

Xu Xiaoyan’s expression turned grave. She raised the staff higher as light burst from her eyes.
 “The stars in the heavens that shine forever tranquil, grant me strength! My starwheel!” Summoned by her gentle call, the tip of her staff suddenly began to shine, and a golden beam of light descended from the heavens!

An orb of light instantly appeared at the tip of the staff. It gradually changed to become a six-pointed star of golden light.

This is…

A variant martial soul?

This possibility instantly popped into Tang Wulin’s mind. Furthermore, it was a mutation that could be controlled!

Xu Xiaoyan’s aura transformed the moment the starwheel appeared,
changing from weak and delicate to confident and bold. She seemed more refined and pure under the sparkling starlight.

Specks of starlight even found their way onto her soul ring, and a golden star adorned her forehead.

With a wave of her staff, the starwheel shot out and embedded itself at Xie Xie’s feet.

In that moment, Xie Xie felt his body seize up as a chill permeated his body, stealing away his mobility.

The starwheel grew bright, then exploded into icy shackles around his body.

Xie Xie quickly circulated his soul power in a bid to resist, but he was
shocked to discover that there seemed to be some sort of mysterious seal on him that slowed his circulation.


Xu Xiaoyan’s complexion paled and she looked toward Tang Wulin. “I can draw upon the starwheel’s strength at night, so my martial soul is called the Starwheel Ice Staff. It’s different from my big brother’s ice staff. The Starwheel Ice Staff is a special variant martial soul that has been passed
 down through my clan since ancient times. It’s been several hundred years since someone last awakened it. The power of the starwheel will grow with me, so whatever spirit soul I fuse with will influence the starwheel.
However, I can only display its full strength at night. I’m just an ordinary Soul Master with an ice staff during the day, but at night, I am blessed by starlight.

“The starwheel is separate from my ice attribute and is actually an
astrological attribute that lets me draw power from the stars. The strongest aspect of the astrological attribute is how absolute it is. With my current
strength, I can use the starwheel to seal one person for a minimum of one second, but it also depends on my target’s strength.”

How terrifyingly absolute.
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