The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151 – A Problem Appears

Chapter 151 – A Problem Appears

Xie Xie’s mouth twitched as he said, “Just be content with how things are. I can’t even count the number of advanced department students that want
Teacher Wu to teach them.”

“Catch up,” Tang Wulin cut in.

The five students followed Wu Zhangkong to the academy’s training facilities.

These facilities were specially prepared for students to engage in real
combat. It was equipped with a soul barrier to minimize the damage caused by stray soul skills.

“Are we being demoted?” Zhang Yangzi covertly whispered to Wang Jinxi. This training facility was frequently used by the ordinary students. After joining class zero for several months, they hadn’t come here as much, so it was only natural that Zhang Yangzi was confused. Their combat training had largely been conducted in the spirit ascension platform against the various soul beasts as, after all, they wouldn’t be sufficiently challenged otherwise.

Wang Jinxi shot him an annoyed glare. “You really speak a lot of nonsense.”


Wu Zhangkong found the teacher in charge of the building and reserved a training field for them.
 The training fields varied in size, ranging from 30 to 50 meters in diameter. The facility had three floors in total. Each floor had four training field of differing sizes, and each field was usually bustling with students from all grades training.

Wu Zhangkong had requested a field on the third floor as it was currently empty. This way, they would be able to train in peace.

Wu Zhangkong brought them to a large training field that reached 50 meters in diameter.

Xie Xie eagerly asked, “Teacher Wu, are we three going to fight against them two? Hehe.” Xie Xie shifted his gaze to Zhang Yangzi, a mischievous grin on his lips as he geared up for battle.

“No.” Wu Zhangkong said in a cold voice. “The five of you willing be battling me.”

“Five against one, that’s very unfair… Huh? Against you…” Xie Xie stared at Wu Zhangkong, dumbfounded.

With his usual indifference, Wu Zhangkong said, “Don’t forget, this no longer is the spirit ascension platform. You won’t revive here in the real
world and I might not be able to properly hold back. I will suppress my soul power to the same rank as you all, and I won’t amplify my soul rings. This time, however, I will be using my martial soul. Begin.”

Without even giving the students a chance to respond, soul rings immediately rose up from beneath his feet.

Two yellow, two purple and two black soul rings appeared. An unstoppable aura engulfed the students for a split second before his soul power rapidly decreased to about rank 20.

An ice blue sword appeared in his right hand. It was as if his usual coldness had condensed into that glacial sword; a rarely seen tender expression graced his face.
 White robes and blue sword, sky ice and snow cold!

These words couldn’t help but pop into Tang Wulin’s head.

The memory of when Wu Zhangkong revealed his martial soul in the battle against Guang Biao was still crystal clear in his mind. He hadn’t even been able to make out what sort of attacks Wu Zhangkong had used back then
and the battle had already ended in a few brief moments. Yet today, they were supposed to face his Skyfrost Sword?
“Into formation!” Tang Wulin’s thunderous order shocked the rest of his comrades out of their stupor. Gu Yue was the first to respond, appearing behind Tang Wulin in a flash. Wang Jinxi, Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie moved into their positions, forming a cross with Gu Yue at the center and poised to face Wu Zhangkong.

Tang Wulin shouted, “Everyone, be careful! I’ll restrain him, Gu Yue, you control the battle. The rest of you, focus on attacking. Go!”

Bluesilver Grass gathered in his right hand as he spoke. Tang Wulin had learned from his experiences in the spirit ascension platform and was far more skillful in his control over the vines now.

Strand after strand of Bluesilver Grass issued forth, closing in on Wu Zhangkong’s position. At his rear, two soul rings sparkled as Gu Yue raised her hands to shoot out a series of blazing fireballs at Wu Zhangkong. With some flying straight at him and others arcing toward him, Wu Zhangkong faced a fiery assault.

Although ice could indeed extinguish fire, fire could also melt ice. After taking into consideration the fact that Wu Zhangkong had lowered his soul power rank to their level, Gu Yue decisively chose to first suppress his

Dozens of fireballs filled the air, some quick, some slow. Regardless of which, in the end, they all shot toward Wu Zhangkong. The fireballs
 besieged him from all sides, seemingly impossible for him to deal with the all at once.

Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass exploded forth at the same time. A multitude of strands engulfed Wu Zhangkong, binding his body.

Xie Xie, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi dashed forward from different directions, but all three converged towards Wu Zhangkong. With strands of Bluesilver Grass tied around their waists, Tang Wulin was in complete
control of them.

The first to arrive were the fireballs. Despite this, Wu Zhangkong’s gaze never left his Skyfrost Sword. He took a slow and calculated step to the side as the fireballs seemed to slow down.

In the blink of an eye, the Skyfrost Sword’s chilly aura filled the training grounds. Dozens of fireballs extinguished quietly, and as their warm light disappeared, the surroundings returned to its original luster.

For a brief moment, a sliver of emotion made it past Gu Yue’s grim
expression. She had felt the cores of her fireballs obliterated instantly by Wu Zhankong’s move.

The next second, Wu Zhangkong moved in an eerie rhythm, his mystical footwork dodging the bindings of Bluesilver Grass as they shot forth one after another.

At that instant, he was no different from a ghostly general, his body almost illusory. This scene shocked and dazzled the assault team of three to their very bones.

Not good! Tang Wulin pulled ferociously on several strands of Bluesilver Grass as he shouted, “Withdraw!”

It’s best not to aim too high against an opponent like Teacher Wu. We need to avoid making any mistakes and prioritize our safety first.

His reaction was swift enough, but his actions were still lacking in power.
 Xie Xie had understood Tang Wulin’s thoughts from the very beginning, so the moment he heard the order to withdraw, he had immediately changed directions and flown back at his maximum speed.

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi, on the other hand, were a moment too slow. The frost had already crept onto their bodies.

They were not fools though. Having learned from past experiences, they instantly locked hands and were enshrouded in a black light.

Martial soul fusion skill! Shadow Eagle Dragon!
They didn’t dare to hold back against Wu Zhangkong!

Waves of darkness rippled out, unveiling a monstrous scene. Wang Jinxi’s aura had clearly grown stronger; however, there was a hint of dissonance between him and Zhang Yangzi. The two of them let out a groan before their bodies quickly separated.

Two cold lights landed on their bodies, causing them to stiffen in place as Wu Zhangkong appeared before them.

“What’s going on?” He didn’t continue attacking and began to examine the two instead.

Their soul fusion skill failed?

Although they had only partially succeeded in using their soul fusion skill during the Class Promotion Tournament, it was still considered a success. But now, their soul fusion skill had actually failed?

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi paled. They both knew that their martial
souls weren’t particularly powerful, and it was only because of their soul fusion skill that they had been able to enter the ranks of geniuses with a slim possibility of becoming famous powerhouses in the continent in the future.
 Yet, their soul fusion skill had just failed. They were dumbstruck.

“Try it again.” Wu Zhangkong moved back and brandished his Skyfrost Sword once again. The chill immediately returned.

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi exchanged a knowing look as they charged at each other once again, their soul powers pushed to their very limits.

A pair of wing unfurled from Zhang Yangzi’s back as he swept Wang Jinxi into his arms.

Chapter 152 – Wang Jinxi’s Pain

Chapter 152 – Wang Jinxi’s Pain

Wang Jinxi mirrored Zhang Yangzi, and the two collided in the next moment.

A deep dragon’s roar rumbled from Wang Jinxi as his Bone Dragon King and Zhang Yangzi’s Shadow Phantasm Eagle fused in an instant. They
could feel Wang Jinxi’s body rejecting the fusion immediately. It was as if his body was trying to push Zhang Yangzi out the moment it saw the Shadow Phantasm Eagle.

Zhang Yangzi stumbled away from Wang Jinxi and landed his butt. Suddenly, he was filled with rage as he shouted, “Wang Jinxi, what is the meaning of this?! Why won’t you fuse with me?!”

“I, I didn’t do anything!” Wang Jinxi stared at him in confusion. He couldn’t comprehend what was going on either.

Wu Zhangkong knitted his brows and turned to Zhang Yangzi. “Calm down. This isn’t something Wang Jinxi can control. I fear that there really might be a problem with your soul fusion skill now.”

Zhang Yangzi got up from the floor, breathing heavily. On the other side, Wang Jinxi’s eyes clouded with apprehension as a vague reason formulated within his mind.

Wu Zhangkong went silent for a moment. “Jinxi’s martial soul has probably mutated, so now your two martial souls aren’t compatible enough to use your soul fusion skill anymore.”

Wang Jinxi looked at Tang Wulin with a conflicted expression.
 Similarly, Tang Wulin also wore odd expression. Is it possible that his Bone Dragon King was influenced by our dual cultivation?

His gaze alternating between Wang Jinxi and Tang Wulin, Zhang Yangzi began to have an inkling as to the cause. After all, he was a bright kid.
“Could it be because the two of you are cultivating together?”

Wang Jinxi let out a sigh that was filled with all his pent up emotions. “I can’t think of any reason other than that.”

Wu Zhangkong said, “Today’s classes will end here. Tang Wulin, Wang Jinxi, you two follow me. I need to examine your martial souls.”


It was a very simple process to examine their martial souls; Wu Zhangkong simply used his own soul power to scan their bodies and observe any
changes that had occurred when they used their martial souls.

“Jinxi, I am almost certain that the problem was caused by Tang Wulin’s influence on your martial soul. As an individual, it’s something fortunate since your martial soul is mutating to a higher level under the influence of Tang Wulin’s bloodline. As for how far it will mutate, I have no way of knowing. The one thing I can be certain of, though, is that if you continue
to cultivate with Tang Wulin, your martial soul will continue to mutate, but you will likely no longer be able to use your soul fusion skill with Zhang Yangzi. That is the drawback of this situation. You need to carefully think things over and decide which direction you want to develop in.”

Wang Jinxi stilled, completely dumbstruck. “Then, will I return to normal if I stop cultivating with Tang Wulin?”

Wu Zhangkong grimly said, “From what I have seen so far, it should be possible. You two have only cultivated together for a few months and his soul power is weaker than yours, so he hasn’t influenced you much. As a
result, your martial soul mutation is still not firm, and you should be able to slowly return to normal if you stop cultivating with Tang Wulin. His bloodline’s influence affects similar martial souls within a certain range
 though, so if you choose to stop, I will rearrange your rooms further apart from each other.”

Wang Jinxi raised his head to look at Tang Wulin, his eyes flickering with conflicting emotions.

“I’m sorry, Jinxi! I didn’t know things would turn out like this.” Tang Wulin earnestly apologized. He was well aware just how important a soul fusion
skill was to Soul Masters.

Wang Jinxi shook his head. “How can I blame you for this? No one could have predicted it. Teacher Wu, is it fine if I return to my room and think
about this before deciding?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Of course. This is an important decision. It’s best for you to go back and think about it carefully.”

Wang Jinxi looked at Tang Wulin with a deep gaze before giving him a curt nod.

Wu Zhangkong said, “There’s something else I must remind you. From my current observations, Tang Wulin’s bloodline is actually gradually growing stronger. If you continue to cultivate with him, your martial soul could potentially grow even stronger than a soul fusion skill. Furthermore, that
would purely be your strength as an individual. This is an important point to consider.”

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.”

Sadness and bitterness found its way into Tang Wulin’s heart after Wang Jinxi left. He had never expected that their mutually beneficial cultivation method would have such a large drawback.

Wang Jinxi was still benefiting either way, but what about Zhang Yangzi?
Without Wang Jinxi, he would no longer be able to use their soul fusion skill.
 Tang Wulin hated to see a situation such as this, but it had already happened, and the decision rested in Wang Jinxi’s hands. It wasn’t his place to try to influence Wang Jinxi’s decision.

A strange mood fell over class zero from that day onward.

Zhang Yangzi became uncommunicative while Wang Jinxi was even more taciturn than usual.

Two days quickly passed and the second part of their final exam was upon them.

“Follow me. We’re going to take the second part of the exam now.” Wu Zhangkong said with his usual indifference.

“Teacher Wu.” Wang Jinxi suddenly stood up.

“Hm?” Wu Zhangkong gave him a curious look. Tang Wulin also turned to stare at Wang Jinxi, a hint of dread welling within his heart as he
anticipated what would happen next. Wang Jinxi hadn’t been cultivating with him these last few days, and the moment they were dismissed from class he would immediately return to his room and not come out.

“Teacher Wu, I’ve decided. I won’t cultivate with Tang Wulin anymore.” Although Wang Jinxi spoke quickly and monotonously, his voice was resolute.

Stunned, Zhang Yangzi stared at Wang Jinxi with wide eyes.

Wu Zhangkong gazed at him for a moment before asking, “And you have really thought this over carefully?”

Wang Jinxi earnestly nodded. “While I might be able to reach even greater heights in the future if I continue cultivating with Tang Wulin, only I would benefit that way. I grew up with Zhang Yangzi, and we’re the closest of
childhood friends. We played with each other everyday. We’re inseparable and are practically brothers. I can’t abandon him for my own sake, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Besides, we’re already
 two-ringed Soul Grandmasters and have a soul fusion skill, so we can definitely be considered geniuses already. This is why I choose to cultivate with Zhang Yangzi.”

At this point, Wang Jinxi took a moment to stop and swept his gaze at Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue. He took in a deep breath, beating the drums of courage as he readied his next words. “Also, Teacher Wu, thank you for this semester’s guidance. I also thank my comrades as well, but I’m sorry; I
want to transfer academies. I’ll transfer schools together with Yangzi. Wulin’s bloodline influence is just too much. As long as I stay within this academy, I’ll continue to be influenced by him. Even during the last two days where I haven’t been cultivating with him, I still felt oppressed by him. The only thing I can do now is leave.”

Tang Wulin was rendered speechless at these words. He had never expected that his mere presence would force Wang Jinxi to transfer academies.

“Jinxi, I can try to keep myself away from you if my effect is really that strong. You won’t have to transfer academies then…” Tang Wulin hastily interjected.

Wang Jinxi relaxed as he let out a deep breath. A gentle smile found its way to his lips as he shook his head. “Don’t be silly. Wulin, you can’t blame yourself for this. This decision isn’t related to you at all. These changes happened to my body, not yours. You also could never have predicted that your bloodline would have such great influence either. This change won’t
affect our friendship at all, we just can’t cultivate together any longer. It’s not just my martial soul that’s being affected; my mind is as well. Maybe if I leave you and go cultivate somewhere else for some time, I’ll be able to return to normal. Ever since the Class Promotion Tournament, I’ve felt this mental pressure, but I just never wanted to acknowledge it until now.
Yangzi and I can still cultivate properly together, so you don’t have to worry about us.”

“Teacher Wu, I’ll have to trouble you to handle the contract with the
academy. I have already discussed things with my father and we’ve decided to pay for the resources that were used on Yangzi and I this semester. I’m
sorry for the inconvenience.” Wang Jinxi bowed deeply before Wu
 Zhangkong, expressing his deep regret. Tang Wulin saw two water droplets fall to the floor as Wang Jinxi bowed.

How could Wang Jinxi actually want to leave? They hadn’t just become friends after a semester together, they had reached a rarely seen level of tacit understanding between Soul Masters! They had come together to form a squad; a squad that was able to kill a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider! How could he be willing to part with his cherished comrades now?

Chapter 153 – Leaving

Chapter 153 – Leaving

It was just as Wang Jinxi said. If he continued to stay here, he would inevitably be influenced by Tang Wulin and reap many benefits by
cultivating together. During the two days they had been apart, however, Wang Jinxi discovered just how deeply he had been affected. He could no longer sleep soundly at night and he wasn’t even able to meditate properly. His heart was in turmoil.

It was only after contemplating his situation deeply these last two days that Wang Jinxi realized that if he continued to cultivate with Tang Wulin, he might not be able to part with him. In fact, he might subconsciously become Tang Wulin’s vassal.

Regardless of which type of martial soul, it was a fact that bloodlines and martial souls would affect each other. The stronger one’s soul power was, the stronger their bloodline would be. Currently, he was a level higher than Tang Wulin, yet he was already being influenced so greatly; then what
would happen if Tang Wulin overtook him in the future? He feared just how much he would be affected then.

Despite his young age, Wang Jinxi clearly understood this terrifying concept. Furthermore, in consideration of his relationship with Zhang
Yangzi, he had finally arrived at this decision. It was a hard decision, and although it pained him to do so, he had no other choice.

“Jinxi!” Zhang Yangzi suddenly rushed over and embraced Wang Jinxi. He couldn’t hold back anymore; tears began to stream down his face.
 Hadn’t he also been suffering these last few days? Losing his soul fusion partner would leave him as nothing more than an ordinary Soul Master. His cultivation speed would take a hit, and his clan would no longer place as much value on him. After all, strength was what decided his position within his clan.

Yet, Wang Jinxi’s staunch words had washed away all the worries within his heart. Friendship truly prevailed over all and his heart was touched by such a deep friendship.

Wu Zhangkong still stood there like an unfeeling statue, but Xie Xie had noticed it. For just a brief moment, a tinge of sadness had flashed across the depths of Wu Zhangkong’s eyes.

“Fine then. Since you have already decided on this, you don’t have to worry about the rest. I will settle things with the academy and handle it with your clan. Perhaps this really is the correct choice.” Wu Zhangkong’s reply was utterly simple. “Then, do you two still want to take the second part of the final exam?”

Wang Jinxi could only force out an awkward smile. “Teacher Wu, I’m
sorry. I don’t think Yangzi or I am in any frame of mind to participate in the exam today. Wulin, Xie Xie, Gu Yue, good luck! Please don’t let our decision disturb you. You three are amazing. We’ll meet again in the future; at that time, we might even be challenging you then. The two of us will definitely become strong soon. We won’t let you leave us behind.”

Tears fell down Wang Jinxi’s face as he spoke with a bright smile and
clenched fists. It took all his willpower to just wave goodbye at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin suddenly charged over and brought the two of them into his embrace, letting out a few quiet sobs.

“We will conduct the exam tomorrow.” After stating this, Wu Zhangkong left the classroom with large strides.

 Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi returned to their rooms to pack up their belongings. Tang Wulin didn’t know what agreement their clans and the academy had made. What he did know, however, was that class zero only had three students left.

Wei Xiaofeng was the first to leave, and now Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi are leaving too. Mom and dad left me. Na’er left me too. Why do the people I hold dear always leave me?

Tang Wulin looked out the window, staring listlessly at the field outside as sorrow and dejection welled within his heart.

His heart pained from the loss of his friends, as well as self-blame.

“Hey! What’s up with you?” A pleasant voice suddenly called out from the field.

Tang Wulin turned toward the voice. It was the pretty Ouyang Zixin, and she was waving at him.

“Senior sister.” Tang Wulin blankly stared at her. He didn’t know why, but for some unfathomable reason, his mood instantly uplifted the moment he saw her.

“You’re so big already yet you’re still snivelling like a child?” Ouyang Zixin said with a teasing smile.

Tang Wulin touched his cheeks, completely unaware that he had been crying.

Now that he noticed his tears, he quickly wiped them away with his sleeve, embarrassed. “I’m fine, senior sister.”

“Come down here.” Ouyang Zixin beckoned him.

“Oh…” He climbed onto the window sill. With a strand of Bluesilver Grass attached to the window, he jumped from the fourth floor which was dozens of meters tall, and landed gently.
 “Wow! So cool!” Ouyang Zixin beamed sweetly at him.

Tang Wulin awkwardly scratched his head. “No way! I’m just…”

Ouyang Zixin giggled. “Okay, okay. You don’t need to explain yourself. It’s normal for children to like showing off. So, why were you crying? Come tell senior sister.”

Tang Wulin bravely shook his head. “It’s nothing much. Two of my classmates are just transferring academies, so I’m a bit sad.”

Ouyang Zixin said with an air of maturity, “You’re such an emotional kid; it’s not like you won’t see them again in the future. They’re simply transferring academies, that’s all. Alright then! Life is just like this and the world is ever-changing. Who would know what tomorrow holds for them? As long as you live, then live each day happily! Go pursue your goals and your own happiness. You’ll be fine as long as you do that.”

She rubbed Tang Wulin’s head as she spoke. “Come on, I’ll take you out for some good food.” She grabbed his hand and immediately began dragging him toward the academy gates.

Ouyang Zixin’s hand felt soft and delicate over his own, and as she pulled him forward, he was able to catch her fragile fragrance.

Warmth filled his heart for a brief moment. He had always devoted himself wholly to cultivating his martial soul and blacksmithing, but at that moment he was in desperate need of affection.

Both his parents and Na’er had left him. All the people he held dear had
also left him without a single trace. All he could do was throw himself into cultivating to numb the pain. Yet, it was precisely because of this that
Ouyang Zixin’s gentleness made him warm; it was the feeling of being loved.

“Big sister will bring you out for some barbecue skewers and grilled fish.”
 A normal person’s appetite would grow when they were in a good mood and Tang Wulin was naturally no different.

Ouyang Zixin’s beautiful eyes simply stared in shock as Tang Wulin continued to stuff more and more barbecue skewers into his mouth.

There was a mountain of bamboo skewers in front of of Tang Wulin, attracting curious glances from the surrounding customers.

Ouyang Zixin was on the verge of crying. “Junior brother, big sister brought you here to comfort you, but do you hold some kind of grudge against me? You’ve already eaten a week’s worth of my food budget!”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin finally noticed just how much he had eaten. He looked up and was instantly attacked by Ouyang Zixin’s lovable pout. His appetite today was a bit bigger than normal, especially since he hadn’t eaten much in the morning with the matter of Wang Jinxi and Zhang Yangzi’s still
weighing down on his mind.

“Ah, sorry! Senior sister, I’ll pay today. A man should treat a lady
anyways.” Tang Wulin hastily put on the airs of a gentleman. In any case, he had more than enough money to pay for food with all the forging he had been doing.

Pa! Ouyang Zixin hit his head with a karate chop. “What do you mean by man? You’re still just a child. What kind of big sister brings her little brother out to eat and actually lets him pay? Come on, eat, eat. Even if you eat away all my money, I’ll just have to rely on the academy’s dining hall then. Oh right, could you be the rumored Super Rice Bucket of the lower grades? I heard that even the academy fears your appetite.”

“Eh… That’s probably me…” Tang Wulin said with a hint of shame.

“Seriously though, you can eat so much! Your future wife is going to be worked to death cooking for you!” Ouyang Zixin teased.

“Zixin,” a voice suddenly called out.

Chapter 154 – The Arrogant and Pampered Ice Staff Guy

Chapter 154 – The Arrogant and Pampered Ice Staff Guy

Ouyang Zixin turned toward the voice, her eyes lighting up when she saw who it was. Hastily standing up, she walked over and greeted, “Senior brother, are you here to eat?”

Tang Wulin’s vision was obstructed by her body, so he could only make out that the person she was talking to was a tall male youth.

“Yeah! I brought my little sister out for a nice meal. It’s only been two
weeks since the last time I saw you, and you’re even prettier than before,” the youth said with a bright smile.

Ouyang Zixin held her face as she bashfully said, “Really? Thank you for the compliment, senior brother. Ah, there aren’t any free tables right now. Do you want to eat with us?”

“Sure!” the youth said with a laugh.

Tang Wulin didn’t know why, but a feeling of dissatisfaction crept into his heart when he heard Ouyang Zixin speaking to the youth with such a tender voice. An inkling of hostility grew within him, but he didn’t raise his head, instead choosing to wallow in his bitterness.

“Damn, you guys really ate a lot!” the youth exclaimed in astonishment.

Ouyang Zixin proudly explained, “That’s right! My little brother here has quite the big appetite. Senior brother, please, I’ll treat you today.”
 The youth revealed a gentlemanly smile. “How can I let a girl pay for me? Boss, I want to order some more food. I want to order one dish of broiled cod and one dish of roasted chicken wings. Xiaoyan, is there anything else you want?”

“I want some barbeque skewers. Lamb skewers and beef skewers. Big brother, can I have some beer too? I like it, and it’ll be refreshing.” A melodious voice attracted Tang Wulin’s attention.

However, he could only stare in shock at the two people who sat across from him.

Just how small is the world that I managed to run into you here! Isn’t this the arrogant and pampered ice staff guy and his little sister?

That was right. The one Ouyang Zixin called senior brother was actually Xu Xiaoyu, and naturally, the girl at his side was Xu Xiaoyan. He had been in a bad mood these last few days, so he wanted to bring his little sister out to
eat some good food to cheer up. Yet, who would have thought that he would run into Ouyang Zixin and Tang Wulin.

Xu Xiaoyan was excitedly picking out what foods she wanted to eat while Xu Xiaoyu was turned toward the restaurant owner, so neither of them had noticed that Tang Wulin had raised his head yet.

“Hey, little guy, slow down a bit! You’re going to frighten the others.” Ouyang Zixin took this as a chance to scooch closer to Tang Wulin and whispered this warning into his ear.

Indignance instantly attacked his heart. Could senior sister actually think of this arrogant and pampered ice staff guy that way? Although Tang Wulin
was young, he wasn’t ignorant to the affairs between men and women after all the things Xie Xie had told him.

Tang Wulin lowered his head once more. It’s best if they don’t notice. Otherwise, there’ll be some trouble. I’ll just focus on eating then.
 Finished ordering food, Xu Xiaoyu turned back to see the sweetly smiling Ouyang Zixin and said, “Junior sister, is this your actual little brother? Or does he attend our academy?”

Ouyang Zixin laughed. “He’s not my actual little brother, I just treat him like one. Ah, that’s right! This little brother of mine is actually a genius. He’s in the newly created class zero!”

“Eh? Class zero?” Xu Xiaoyu’s voice was full of surprise, exchanging curious looks with his little sister.

Ouyang Zixin said, “You know about class zero even though you’re in the advanced division?”

Xu Xiaoyu said, “I only started hearing about them in the last few days. My little sister will be attending an intermediate soul master academy starting next year, but father said that he wants her to enroll early and transfer into
class zero. I think his arrangements should be nearly finished.”

“Transfer student?” Without thinking, Tang Wulin raised his head and asked. The ice staff girl is joining class zero?

His sudden outburst attracted the gazes of Xu Xiaoyu and Xu Xiaoyan. The two siblings were immediately dumbstruck when they saw Tang Wulin.

The gloom that hovered over Xu Xiaoyu had originated from Tang Wulin
and his friends, so there was no way he wouldn’t recognize Tang Wulin. His gaze immediately sharpened. “It’s you!”

Xu Xiaoyan covered her mouth as she cried out in surprise, “Ah! You…”

Realizing that he had exposed himself in his excitement, Tang Wulin could only show an abashed expression.

Ouyang Zixin directed a puzzled glance at him, before turning to ask Xu Xiaoyu, “Senior brother, do you know my little brother?”

Xu Xiaoyu was about to say yes, but after thinking about it once more, he realized that it wouldn’t be too good for his reputation if Ouyang Zixin
 found out he had been beaten by a bunch of brats in the spirit ascension platform. He still wanted her to have a good opinion of him.

“I don’t know him. It just seems like our meeting is fated,” Xu Xiaoyu coldly said.

“Big brother, isn’t he…” The pure Xu Xiaoyan was quickly cut off with a nudge from her brother.

With her cleverness, Ouyang Zixin could immediately tell that something was off, but since Xu Xiaoyu didn’t want to speak about it, she wouldn’t pry. Instead, she cheerfully said, “I’ll introduce the two of you then. This little guy is from the first grade’s class zero, Tang Wulin. Wulin, this senior brother is our academy’s most outstanding genius. He’s in the advanced division’s second grade’s class one; our senior brother, Xu Xiaoyu. He’s
already a three-ringed Soul Elder, and he might even make a breakthrough to four rings by the time he graduates. And then he’ll be a Soul Ancestor! Pretty girl beside him is his little sister, Xu Xiaoyan.”

Upon hearing Ouyang Zixin’s introductions, Xu Xiaoyu felt his face grow hot, as if he had been slapped in the face. If not for the presence of Ouyang Zixin and his junior brother, he wouldn’t have been able to restrain himself from making a scene.

“Hello, senior brother,” Tang Wulin said as he forced himself to offer a handshake.

Xu Xiaoyu snorted. “This junior brother sure is capable! Could your class zero be the ones I ran into the other day? Or was it someone else?”

Tang Wulin’s scalp numbed. Is this guy out for revenge? Gu Yue might have defeated him that day, but that was only because he was acting so despicably! The terrifying memory of the Fury of Ice skill was still fresh in his mind, so he didn’t dare utter a word to contradict him.

Ouyang Zixin quietly prodded Tang Wulin. “Senior brother asked you a question.”
 Shifting his gaze toward her, Tang Wulin realized that Ouyang Zixin’s gaze had never left Xu Xiaoyu even when she was speaking to him. A repressed tenderness exuded from her eyes.

“Senior sister, I’m full now. Let’s go.” Tang Wulin took a napkin and wiped his fingers, then got up to leave.

“Wulin, what’s going on with you?” Ouyang Zixin hastily scolded him before quickly turning back toward Xu Xiaoyu. “Sorry, senior brother! I’ll take him back first. You two go ahead to eat, I’ll be back in a bit.”

Xu Xiaoyan watched with curiosity as Ouyang Zixin chased after Tang Wulin. “So he’s actually from class zero. It seems class zero is really powerful! That big sister can even defeat you, big brother!”

A dark frown instantly settled on Xu Xiaoyu’s face as he lightly smacked Xu Xiaoyan’s head. “Can’t you keep quiet about that?”

Feeling wronged, Xu Xiaoyan cried out, “You hit me! I’m going to go tell dad!”

“How can that be considered hitting? It was just patting, okay, patting!” Xu Xiaoyu helplessly denied.

“Wulin, what’s going on with you?” Ouyang Zixin finally caught up to Tang Wulin to ask him.

Tang Wulin had already regained his senses from the chilling winds. He realized that he had acted inappropriately. His senior sister had been so kind to treat him to a meal yet he had actually run out like a little kid.

“I’m sorry, senior sister,” Tang Wulin apologized. “I haven’t been in my right mind these last few days. Let’s go back.”

Ouyang Zixin shook her head. “Forget it. I’m already full from watching you eat. Why don’t you just head back first? I’ll go keep them company for
 a bit longer.”

“Huh?” He finally understood when he saw the look in Ouyang Zixin’s eyes as she gazed back toward the restaurant. Xu Xiaoyu occupied a larger place in her heart than he did.

“Okay. Thank you, senior sister, for treating me today. I’ll return the favor some day,” Tang Wulin said with the utmost courtesy.

“Eh, forget about it. It’s fine. We can talk about it next time. I’ll be going back to the restaurant now. You be careful on the road back.” With these parting words lingering in the air, Ouyang Zixin quickly rushed back toward the restaurant.

Tang Wulin laughed in self-ridicule. He still liked Ouyang Zixin, but there was still the gap in their ages.

Huh, but is there really going to be another student joining class zero? Xu Xiaoyan doesn’t seem that strong though! She didn’t even have the courage to attack that day. All she did was hide behind that arrogant and pampered ice staff guy.

I’ll just go back and ask Teacher Wu. If we don’t get another classmate, then we’ll really be a small class with just me, Gu Yue and Xie Xie…

Once he got back to the academy, instead of returning to his room, he went over to Wu Zhangkong’s room and knocked.

“Come in.” Wu Zhangkong’s cold voice penetrated through the door.

Knowing that the door was unlocked, Tang Wulin opened it and walked in to see Wu Zhangkong clad in white, as per usual, sitting cross-legged on his bed as if he had been meditating.

“What’s the matter?” Wu Zhangkong dully said.
 Tang Wulin asked, “Teacher Wu, I met someone today who said that they’re going to join class zero. Are we really getting another classmate?”

Wu Zhangkong suddenly opened his eyes, a purple light flashing through them for a split second. “This isn’t something you should be concerned
about right now. Instead, you should be thinking about how you will pass the second part of your final exams. Let me remind you, the exam was originally prepared for the five of you to take together, but now you’re down to two people. That means the three of you will be taking a test meant for five.”

“Huh?” How can this be called reminding? I found out just now!?

Chapter 155 – You have the scent of a woman on you!

Chapter 155 - You have the scent of a woman on you!

Tang Wulin stared at Wu Zhangkong, dumbstruck. He felt dazed as a thought popped into his mind, So there really exists someone this unreasonable!

Wu Zhangkong continued, “If there isn’t anything else, you may leave now.”

“Oh.” Tang Wulin left the room dejected, but could not wait inform Xie Xie and Gu Yue of what Wu Zhangkong had said.

“If it’s a test for five, then it’s a test for five.” Gu Yue was unperturbed by this revelation. On the other hand, Xie Xie was a bit nervous, but he knew that it was useless to worry about things they had no control over.

“Wulin, actually, there’s something I want to try with you,” Xie Xie mischievously whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear.

Tang Wulin eyed him suspiciously. “What is it?”

Xie Xie said, “I was thinking, when I stabbed you with my dagger back when you were still unable to control your bloodline, you suddenly
exploded with power. Now that you’re able to control it, do you think even more power will burst out?”
 After a moment of astonished silence, Tang Wulin answered, “I don’t know either.”

That mischievous smile returned to Xie Xie’s lips. “Then, do you want to test it out?”

“Unacceptable! Why don’t you go stick a knife in yourself?!” Gu Yue smiled brightly while kicking Xie Xie away.

Xie Xie groaned out, “I knew you would be overprotective of him! Jeez, can’t you be a bit more unbiased, Gu Yue? We got to know one another at the same time, so why do you favor Tang Wulin so much?”

Gu Yue’s smile grew wider. Her smile was beautiful, giving a sense of homeliness. Despite its beauty, though, all it did was strike panic and fear into Xie Xie’s heart. “What, what are you smiling about?”

“You want to know why I treat Tang Wulin better than you? The answer is very simple; he’s more handsome than you!” Gu Yue said maliciously.

“Eh… How can you be like this!” Xie Xie’s voice was filled with indignance.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but chuckle at their banter. “Settle down, you two. Let’s figure out how we’re going to tackle the exam first.”

Gu Yue said, “We’ll just do things the same way we moved in the spirit
ascension platform. We have the best coordination between just the three of us anyway, so we should just adapt to the situation as we see fit. Besides, Teacher Wu wouldn’t give us an impossible test.”

Tang Wulin nodded in understanding. “I think Teacher Wu will target our usual arrangements. How about this then, we’ll change things up a bit. Xie Xie, you’ll still be our main assault-support force. Gu Yue, you’ll also join in the assault this time. I’ll be in charge of defense and control.”

Gu Yue nodded. “Alright. I’m fine with anything.”
 “Okay, we’ll go with that then.” After the two of them left Xie Xie’s room, Gu Yue pulled on his arm before he could return to his room.


“What is it?” Tang Wulin asked, puzzled.

Gu Yue moved closer to him and circled around him once, sniffing the
whole time. “There’s the scent of a woman on you. Speak; what you were doing earlier?”

Tang Wulin was astonished. “Your nose is so sensitive! You’re actually able to distinguish the scent of a woman over the smell of barbecue. Amazing,
so amazing!”

“Don’t try to change the subject. Out with it already,” Gu Yue fiercely interrogated.

Tang Wulin awkwardly smiled. “It’s nothing much! I wasn’t in a good mood today, so senior sister Ouyang treated me to some barbecue. Can you guess who I met there?” He explained how he had went out to eat with
Ouyang Zixin and had run into the Xu siblings.

Even after she heard his explanation, Gu Yue still eyed him suspiciously. “So you’re telling me that this senior sister Ouyang likes that arrogant and pampered ice staff guy?”

Tang Wulin grudgingly said, “It seems so. Oh right, Xu Xiaoyan is probably joining class zero. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t mind!” Gu Yue’s answer was normal, considering her usual attitude of indifference. “That Ouyang girl is no good, valuing love over friendship. You should distance yourself from her.”

Tang Wulin frowned. “Don’t talk about her like that. She was kind enough to treat me to a meal. Senior sister Ouyang is a kindhearted person!”

Gu Yue said, “Kindhearted? If she was kindhearted, then she would have walked you back. The restaurant you guys went to was so far away, and
 you’re still so small…”

“Where am I small?!” Tang Wulin asked in dissatisfaction.

Placing her hands on her hips, Gu Yue retorted, “Anyway, just don’t meet her so much in the future. One look and I could already tell that she wasn’t any good. Go get some sleep.” Having proclaimed her decree, she quickly turned around and left.

Tang Wulin couldn’t make any sense of what had just transpired. Choosing to forget about it, he returned to his room to focus on cultivating. Although his day had been full of gloom and suspicions, becoming a powerful expert was still his ultimate goal so he couldn’t stray from his routine just because of a small psychological attack.

After returning to her room and closing the door, Gu Yue’s eyes seemed to twinkle with an unusual light. She walked over to the window by her bed and opened it, basking in the cool night air.

As her hair fluttered in the evening wind, her eyes gradually changed from their usual black and began to emit a faint purple light.

She held out her palms, letting several lights dance within her palms. Blue was water, yellow was earth, red was fire, green was wind, silver was space and gold was light. Yet, a dark purple light also danced about. In the next moment, it disappeared.

Dawn of the next day.

Tang Wulin was jogging on the fields per usual when a familiar figure entered his sights.

“Good morning senior sister,” Tang Wulin called out to Ouyang Zixin in greeting.
 Beaming her usual smile, Ouyang Zixin said, “How are you? Are you in a better mood now?”

Tang Wulin scratched his head in embarrassment. “I’m good now. No problems at all.”

Ouyang Zixin giggled at his embarrassment. “That’s good then. Oh right, it was senior brother Xu who paid the bill yesterday. You should go thank him when you get the chance.”

“He paid the bill?” Once again, gloominess shrouded his heart immediately.

Ouyang Zixin said, “Yeah. He paid the bill to give me face. Ah, this sister is just joking with you. You can treat me next time instead. Come on, let’s pick up the pace. Let’s see if I can beat you this time.”

It was clear that Tang Wulin held the advantage as they sped up. Ouyang Zixin was by no means slow, but there was definitely a gap between her and him. Tang Wulin, however, restrained himself to maintain a pace that matched Ouyang Zixin’s.

Finished with their run, Ouyang Zixin went back to wash her face as she always did. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin went about his usual routine too;
rushing off to attack the dining hall with his one man Rice Bucket Brigade.

Unexpectedly, the second part of the final exam was also not conducted on the academy’s grounds. Wu Zhangkong led them out of the academy and onto a soul bus that headed to the outskirts.

“Teacher Wu, can’t you at least give us a hint of what today’s test is about yet?” Xie Xie asked with a grin.

Wu Zhangkong merely glanced at him. “You’ll know when we get there. It’s similar to the spirit ascension platform, but not really.”

“Eh…” Xie Xie gave a slight nod.
 Although Tang Wulin had already lived in Eastsea City for over half a year, he hadn’t really explored anywhere else besides the academy, the
Blacksmith’s Association, and their vicinity. He was unfamiliar with the rest of the city.

Unfamiliar scenery flitted past them as the bus entered the suburbs.

Although it was still crowded and bustling with activity, the suburbs were clearly more spacious than other parts of the city.

After getting off in the outskirts, Wu Zhangkong brought them to a gigantic park called Eastsea Soul Technology Park.

The park was filled with greenery and buildings that had a variety of styles. Every single building had its own unique characteristics, but the majority of them were made of metal.

“Do you know what this place is?” Tang Wulin quietly asked Xie Xie.

In a similarly hushed voice, Xie Xie answered, “I heard that Eastsea City’s best tech companies are based here. Apparently, they even have a mecha factory here.”

“Mecha?” Tang Wulin’s eyes instantly lit up at this word. Although Wu Zhangkong had explained to them that high-end mechas were battle armors, they had never seen one yet, so in Tang Wulin’s mind, mechas were still the coolest!

Chapter 156 – Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong

Chapter 156 – Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong

The park was enormous, so it was only after half an hour did Wu Zhangkong lead them to a smaller park within the park.

They were greeted with a wide expanse of greenery. There was a small building in the center, tiny in comparison to the other buildings they had
seen on the way there. Along with the vast emptiness that surrounded it, the scene looked disproportionate.

When they reached the building, the students were surprised to see that it didn’t have a name plaque. They couldn’t make heads or tails of just what this place was. Is the second part of the exam really being conducted here?

The building was dark blue, and its walls shimmered like a mirror, each wall seemingly cut from a block of glass. There was a bizarre sense of beauty to this reflective-like quality. Every angle refracted the light in a different way. It was breathtaking.

No one guarded the dark blue double doors that were also made of glass. Wu Zhangkong walked up and pressed onto the glass.

A blue light suddenly appeared. It projected an image that was
accompanied by an amused voice. “Oh, long time no see! It’s Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong!”

Wu Zhangkong coldly said, “Open the doors.”

The voice answered back willy-nilly, “You’re still so boring.”
 With a crisp ring, the doors wordlessly opened up.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue stood there dumbfounded. Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong? What in the devil?

Zhangkong is Teacher Wu’s name, and ‘Eastsea’ should be referring to Eastsea City right? But… this way of calling him is just… Ahem.

Entering the door, they saw the same dark blue walls, but there was now a shining white floor and gentle fluorescent lights overhead. They came together to paint a scene of calm and order, further emphasizing the lack of people. A circular metal platform holding three metal wristbands hovered over.

“Put them on,” instructed Wu Zhangkong.

Xie Xie curiously asked, “Teacher Wu, what does it do?”

Wu Zhangkong answered back, “It’s to identify you. If you wear it, you won’t be considered an enemy by the defense systems here.”

Xie Xie gasped. “So high-tech!”

Without wasting any more words, Wu Zhangkong lead the trio over to
another dark blue glass door. A bright blue light swept out once more, but without the voice this time. After scanning them and taking note of their wristbands, it quieted down.

Past the door was a long tunnel with several bends in it. As Wu Zhangkong lead them through the tunnel, he passed through another glass door and disappeared in a flash of light.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue instinctively stopped. This is…

“Spatial technology?” Xie Xie exclaimed. He had been born to a large clan so it was only natural that he had a deep understanding of just how
advanced the continent’s technology was now. He clearly remembered that spatial technology was still in its development stage, and was far from
 being implemented into practical uses. Yet, what they had just experienced was the result of spatial technology!

“Forward.” Wu Zhangkong’s voice resonated from all sides.

Exchanging glances with his two companions, Tang Wulin lead the way forward.

After entering the area Wu Zhangkong had just been in, an odd feeling
swept over them. Tang Wulin felt as if his whole body was being wrapped up in pure energy. In the next moment, he found himself in a completely different place.

It was a dark blue space. Dark blue stalagmite and stalactite crystals surrounded him. The walls were made from a silver-white metal. The crystals and metal came together to refract light in astonishing ways.

Shortly after, Xie Xie and Gu Yue appeared by his side with two flashes of light.

“Wow! It really is spatial technology! Our final exam location is so high- tech!” Xie Xie’s voice was full of awe.

Wu Zhangkong was leaning against a wall. A moment later, some unknown mechanism seemed to have been activated as one wall suddenly split open to reveal a large screen with a myriad of symbols on it. A keyboard popped up and Wu Zhangkong began typing. The sounds of his typing was like the pitter-patter of rain that struck down with lightning speed.

“Identity confirmed. Eastsea’s Little Zhangkong.”

“Test difficulty: medium. Participants: three. Commencing in ten seconds.” “Ten…”

“What’s going on? Why is it starting a countdown?” Xie Xie asked, startled.
 Wu Zhangkong turned to stare at them. “Don’t tell me you still want more preparation time? Just go do what you always do.”

“Eight, seven, six… Three, two, one. Begin!”

Three blue lights descended onto the trio and in a flash, they disappeared.

Tang Wulin felt that energy wrapping him up again. This time, though, the feeling was far stronger and lasted longer.

Tang Wulin hastily circulated his soul power and sped up his blood flow when he felt the sensation that he was being pulled apart. He could now clearly hear his own heartbeat continuously accelerating.

Each powerful beat of his heart fended off the pain, allowing him to calm down and steady himself.

After some unknown period of time had passed, another light flashed and Tang Wulin lost control of his body. He was enveloped with a sense of

Not good!

He didn’t hesitate to release and shoot his Bluesilver Grass downwards to latch onto something while he frantically took in his bearings.

The first thing he felt was the world spinning around him. He then felt a strong pull on his body. His Bluesilver Grass had finally attached itself to something. As two other lights descended near him, he hastily exerted all
his strength in controlling his Bluesilver Grass to slow his fall and act as a spring for his other two comrades.

The elastic force of the grass disappeared just as he gently landed on the ground.

Xie Xie and Gu Yue were nowhere to be found. He was alone now, and astonished to discover that this place was somewhat familiar to him. The ground was white and there was no sky, yet, there seemed to be no boundaries to this world.
 This place resembled the world he had met Old Tang in. It was different, of course. This place had far more things present and couldn’t possibly be the space within his consciousness.


Just what is this place?

“Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. First trial, medium difficulty. Name: Tang Wulin. Age: 10.”

“Test objective for the first round: survive for thirty seconds.”

Without even giving Tang Wulin a second to understand what was going on, a beam of light appeared in front of him, revealing a pretty girl. She had gentle eyes and wore a kind smile.

“Begin!” The electronic voice announced.

The girl’s eyes lit up and a powerful light enveloped her body. As the light grew brighter, a yellow ring rose from beneath her feet.

Tang Wulin saw her figure flicker and in an instant, she appeared right in front of him. She struck out a palm straight toward his stomach.

This footwork! It’s similar to Teacher Wu’s!

Having experienced Wu Zhangkong’s strange footwork before, Tang Wulin was prepared when the girl charged him. With a wave of his hands, dozens of strands of Bluesilver Grass shot out in front of him to create an all-
encompassing defense.

A three-legged cauldron materialized in front of her all of a sudden. Too quick for Tang Wulin to even react, the cauldron descended with an
eruption of black gas.

The ground trembled and a loud rumble resounded, jolting Tang Wulin into launching his Bluesilver Grass net upward. He was completely powerless to resist his opponent.
 Taking advantage of the opening, a delicate palm struck out.

It was too late for Tang Wulin to even attempt to dodge. The moment her soft palm pressed into his stomach, he felt an attractive force. Combined with the sudden straightening of her arm, it delivered an explosive strike that sent him flying.

Fortunately, he was wearing the Thousand Refined Cloud Titanium vest. When the palm had struck him, every piece of the vest had locked together and distributed the palm’s force evenly. Even after distributing the force, Tang Wulin felt as if his stomach had been struck by a battering ram.

Of course, with a body far stronger than that of his peers, he could endure it.

He wasn’t given a chance to even stand up, however, as the black cauldron was already rushing toward him. Tang Wulin simultaneously noticed that there was a purple light within the girl’s eyes. A bout of dizziness struck him, and his attempts to remount his defense paused.

The black cauldron struck like thunder, but Tang Wulin retaliated with an explosive right punch.

A golden-scaled punch met the cauldron, their collision creating a rumbling boom.

He had long since activated his bloodline power. Even while he was dazed, he had managed to force his fist forward.

However, it was impossible for him to exert his full strength in such conditions, so he was sent flying once again.

Chapter 157 – A Formidable Opponent

Chapter 157 – A Formidable Opponent

After a vigorous shake of his head, Tang Wulin realized how shocking his opponent was. They both had one ring. They both only had one ring! Yet, her combat prowess was so great!

He couldn’t let himself be shaken though. Taking a moment to compose himself, Tang Wulin waved his arms in flurry, sending Bluesilver Grass
shooting toward the black cauldron. For now, he wanted to try binding his opponent’s martial soul.

Falling short of his expectations, the girl didn’t mind her martial soul at all. Instead, she chose to accelerate her charge at Tang Wulin.

She wants to fight me in close quarters?

Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath as a wave of golden scales covered his right arm. He stood there, as steady as a mountain. He could tell from their previous exchange that her attack possessed tremendous power. Other than attacking with her soul power, she also seemed to have other tricks up her sleeve. Since Tang Wulin couldn’t beat her in speed, he chose to steady his person and meet her head on.

A subset of the Bluesilver Grass Tang Wulin had shot out split apart and returned to him, assembling protectively around his body.

The girl’s figure flickered again and then disappeared without a trace. This time, however, when she reappeared, she was everywhere around him. The
 only thing Tang Wulin could do to resist was to lash out with the few strands of Bluesilver Grass he had, trying to stop her.

Suddenly, a phoenix’s cry pierced the air.

A flute had appeared in the girl’s hands all of a sudden. The moment the harsh note attacked Tang Wulin’s ears, he felt as if his entire world had slowed down, which was clear from the sluggishness of his Bluesilver Grass. In his sluggish state, the cauldron was easily able to escape the
entrapment of the grass as it soared high into the sky before crashing into Tang Wulin.


Tang Wulin was felt a jolt which was promptly followed by numbness. He had been sent flying with greater force than before. Meanwhile, the girl had pulled apart his Bluesilver Grass defense using her jade-like hands. His defenses having been broken, the girl reached Tang Wulin in a flash before moving to attack his stomach, this time using both hands.

I’m finished!

Despite the intense threat he felt from the girl in that instant, only one thought occupied his mind. Twin martial souls. This girl has twin martial souls!

And she can even use them both at the same time! She doesn’t need to switch between them at all!

The moment her white-jade-like hands landed on his body, Tang Wulin trembled as a bizarre power rushed into him, washing away his numbness.

Tang Wulin only had enough time to sweep his right arm out in front of him.


A bone-breaking force met his right arm, leaving it in tatters. It rebounded back into his chest, pushing him back even further.
 This time, however, he didn’t fly too far back. As he crashed into the
cauldron which was right behind him, darkness filled his eyes. Drawing strength from who knows where, the girl continued to chase after Tang Wulin. She struck out with her right hand which possessed some sort of attractive force, sending Tang Wuling flying back towards her, while her left hand curled into a fist as she punched towards his chest.

Although his right arm was in acute pain and Tang Wulin was being continuously beaten, this had actually roused his blood.

He let out a deep roar as his right hand transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw in a splendid burst of light. Meanwhile, he lashed out with a vine of Bluesilver Grass that Goldlight had slithered into.

This strand of golden Bluesilver Grass was just like a spear as it pierced into the ground. Using all the strength his body could muster, Tang Wulin suddenly changed directions and barely evaded the girl’s palm attack.

Taking advantage of the attractive force of the girl’s attack, he rushed toward her and soared over her head, taking this chance to grab her head with his Golden Dragon Claw.

This had been the first time since the start of the battle that he could launch a counterattack.

Another note of a phoenix’s cry rang out. Tang Wulin immediately froze in place while a wave of dizziness assaulted his senses.

As the girl descended from the air, she pointed one finger at Tang Wulin, commanding the black cauldron to smash him.

Tang Wulin forced his Golden Dragon Claw to move, brazenly smacking it into the black cauldron.


The black cauldron was smashed into pieces, completely falling apart. The girl’s body was still swaying from the rebound when Tang Wulin

At that moment, Tang Wulin had figured her out. As he withdrew his
Golden Dragon Claw after smashing apart her cauldron, a strand of golden Bluesilver Grass shot out from the ground, propelling him forward and into the air like a bullet.

Haven’t thirty seconds passed yet? They should almost have.

The girl stared at him blankly for a moment. She charged forward in pursuit once again, but when she arrived before the golden Bluesilver Grass, she hesitated for a moment.

In reality, Tang Wulin wasn’t in a good condition either. He was already running low on soul power after using his Golden Dragon Claw and golden vine.

The Bluesilver Grass propelled him further away from her. Meanwhile, the golden Bluesilver Grass vanished as Goldlight returned to him.

He was currently maximizing his time airborne to open up the greatest distance he could between him and the girl.

“Thirty seconds have passed. First trial over.”

The long awaited voice appeared once more. He rolled when he landed to mitigate the force, then stood up and looked behind him.

“The second trial begins. Defeat your opponent or survive for another thirty seconds.” Tang Wulin was speechless at the ball-breaking objective the
electronic voice announced.

Just before, he had been forced to use two-thirds of his soul power just to
survive the short battle against her. Yet now, he had to survive another thirty seconds?

Seemingly unaffected by the electronic voice, the girl charged toward him once more. This time, however, she only wielded the flute.
 What do I do?

Run? I’m nowhere near as fast as her. My footwork can’t compare with hers. I can’t run.

A battle of attrition?

If she really is only a one-ringed Soul Master, then there shouldn’t be a big difference between our soul power capacities. She’s a bit stronger with her twin souls, but using both their soul skills consumes a lot of soul power too. Assuming my guess is true, then I need to engage her as much as possible now. Even if I can’t beat her, I should be able to survive another thirty

Arriving at this conclusion, Tang Wulin turned around and ran. A second less spent in combat meant a second more of survival.

Though he was low on soul power, his physical strength was in no way
affected. With every stomp of his feet, he shot forward like a cannonball. With this method, he was oddly quick.

Yet, the girl was still a bit faster than him. Fortunately, it wasn’t that easy to catch up to him. With one fleeing and the other pursuing, ten seconds had
soon passed. Just as the girl was about to catch up to him, Tang Wulin
suddenly leaped with all his strength while summoning his two Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers.


Here it comes again…

Tang Wuling turned sluggish, and a sense of dizziness overcame him, so he hadn’t been able to fully turn his body as he wanted to. He had only managed to turn halfway when the girl arrived before him.

This time, she didn’t immediately attack him. She instead reached out and grabbed his right shoulder and pulled him toward her while kicking his
calves with her right leg.
 Tang Wulin was immediately thrown off balance, dropping onto the ground.

He waved his arms in an attempt to fight back, but the girl was jumping about like a fairy, dodging every single one of his attacks. Even while
evading his attacks, she had somehow been able to land two more punches into his stomach.

Bind! “Wu!”

Once again, his Bind soul skill was slowed down. In fact, the slow effect was so great that the girl grabbed a strand of Bluesilver Grass and threw him up.

All Tang Wulin could do now was go into a fetal position in an attempt to protect his head and vital organs.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

He was like a human punching bag, getting pounded from all directions.

After some time, the electronic voice appeared once more. “Thirty seconds has passed. Second trial over.”

Tang Wulin felt as if his whole body had lightened and the aching of his bones had been washed away.

Chapter 158 – Tang Sect

Chapter 158 – Tang Sect

Tang Wulin rejoiced that he had the Thousand Refined Cloud Titanium vest to protect his body. He also realised that the strength of the girl’s attack lessened as her soul power ran out. A single glance at her martial souls made it clear that she wasn’t a Power System Soul Master, but rather a
Control System Soul Master. It was shocking, however, that a Control System Soul Master was able to display such attack power. If I hadn’t shattered her cauldron, would I have been able to endure?

Tang Wulin crawled up from the ground. The girl had already disappeared, but he was still in the same space as before.

It’s already been two trials. Is it possible that the test isn’t finished yet? Tang Wulin harbored this suspicion in his heart.

“Advanced test, first trial. Get ready.” Advanced? It’s been upgraded to advanced now?

A figure appeared with a flash of light. Surprisingly, it was the same girl as before. This time, she appeared to be slightly older. Tang Wulin felt
aggrieved as he saw two soul rings rise from her feet. He knew just what he was in for now.

Tang Wulin stumbled out of a flash of light, his face green and purple from bruises. He truly made for a sorry sight.
 When he looked up, he saw Xie Xie standing relatively close, his
appearance even more haphazard than his own. Xie Xie’s complexion was truly unsightly.

“How many trials did you pass?” Tang Wulin asked him thoughtlessly.

Xie Xie’s face darkened. “One trial. This test is too hard, my opponent was way too powerful! There wasn’t anything I could do against her. She
surpassed me in both explosive power and speed, and even in close combat ability! I was helpless to defend against her even with my twin martial

“What about Gu Yue? She still hasn’t come out?” Tang Wulin asked.

Xie Xie nodded. “In the end, she’s the strongest! How many trials did you pass?”

A bitter laugh escaped Tang Wulin’s lips. “Just two trials. I passed the second trial only because I’m good at taking a beating.”

From when they had entered until now, Wu Zhangkong hadn’t moved an inch from his previous position. The screens here were different from those of the spirit ascension platform; they didn’t show everything that had occurred within the test, so all he could do was wait patiently.

Another minute passed before a pale-faced Gu Yue stumbled out of a flash of light. Tang Wulin, who just happened to be standing right in front of her, saw shock in her eyes.

“How many trials did you pass?” Xie Xie asked.

“Advanced, two trials. The final level was too hard, And I was defeated in the first trial. What about you guys?”

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie stood there, utterly speechless. They truly felt that comparing themselves to others could only lead to madness!

Wu Zhangkong turned towards the trio and nodded. “Come here.”
 The trio approached before him. Having the worst results, Xie Xie hung his head low, his heart filled with self-deprecation.

As these thoughts surged in his mind, a bright light flashed, and the trio disappeared in a spatial wave.

With another light flash, they found themselves in an expansive office. It was at least 200 square meters in area. Off to one side, there was a large office desk and a white sofa across from it.

“Take a seat. There are a few matters I need to discuss with you three,” Wu Zhangkong said as he pointed to the sofa.

Confused, the three sat on the sofa nonetheless. Wu Zhangkong took a seat across from them.
“Each of you must have felt that today’s test was strange. You all had different opponents who, at some point in time, were all Soul Masters that had lived on this continent. Unfortunately, only seventy percent of their true strength can be replicated by the simulation. How did you compare to your opponents?”

They were real Soul Masters?

Tang Wulin immediately recalled that girl with twin souls, while Xie Xie recalled the tall and beautiful girl whose waist seemed as flexible as a bow.

As for Gu Yue, she recalled the black-haired youth whose eyes twinkled with a bizarre splendor. He had easily defeated her in the ultimate level trial. She shuddered at the memory of their battle.

“I brought you all here for two reasons. First, you are nearing the limits of how much spirit energy you can absorb in the spirit ascension platform.
After entering a few more times, you’ll reach that limit, so you need another place to gain real combat experience. Compared to the spirit ascension platform, the Hall of Heroes can provide even better combat experiences as the injuries you receive in there are all real. Of course, you’ll automatically
 be ejected when you’re injured to a certain degree. There also won’t be any mental rebounds like you received in the spirit ascension platform when you had your bodies destroyed. In other words, the experience you gain in the Hall of Heroes is even more valuable than in the spirit ascension platform.

“Second, this test is actually unrelated to your final exam. Your final exam had already ended in the rebellion spirit ascension platform and your scores have already been given. The test here is instead an entrance test to an organization. If you become a member of this organization, you’ll be able to accumulate points in the future to use the Hall of Heroes again.”

Organization? This word, coupled with the memory of his opponent’s footwork from earlier, made Tang Wulin realize immediately that this was the organization that Wu Zhangkong had told him about before. The very organization he had originally refused to join.

Xie Xie and Gu Yue stared at Wu Zhangkong with curiosity while thinking, So Teacher Wu is actually part of some organization.

“Teacher Wu, what does this organization do?” Xie Xie asked. He was from a large clan, so he couldn’t casually join any organization; the fact that this organization was able to have a base here in Eastsea City’s technology park, however, meant that its background should be nothing to laugh at.

Wu Zhangkong asked, “Have you heard of the Tang Sect?” Tang Sect?
Hearing these two words, the trio began to tremble with excitement. The Tang Sect? It’s the Tang Sect!
How could they not have heard of it before? There was practically no one in this world who didn’t know of the Tang Sect! Legend had it that the Tang Sect had existed from the ancient era until now. It could be said that the greatest historical events of the Douluo Continent all involved the Tang Sect in one way or another.
 The Tang Sect’s founder was the guardian of the continent 20,000 years ago. It was rumored that he had ascended to godhood!

With the Tang Sect’s founder leading the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Shrek Academy had also risen to power in that era. It could be said that without him, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect would not have become such legendary existences.

At that time, the Martial Soul Hall had been ambitious in its attempts to conquer the entire continent and unite it under one banner. Against them,
the Tang Sect founder assembled the forces of nations and Soul Masters to fight with the Martial Soul Hall in a final, decisive battle. In the end, he
stood on the side of victory.

It was said that while wielding the Sea God’s Trident, he had ascended as the Sea God.

Tang Wulin had always loved to listen to the Tang Sect founder’s story because he also possessed the Bluesilver Grass martial soul!

It was possible for someone on the continent to not know of the Spirit Pagoda, but it was impossible for them to not know of the Tang Sect.

As time went on, the Tang Sect had nearly withered away due to the
advancement of soul device technology, when suddenly, another legendary figure appeared out of nowhere. That was right, he was the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, as well as the creator of spirit souls. His mark on history had completely altered the structure of the world of Soul Masters to this very day.

After the Tang Sect’s resurgence into power, they had never declined again. Though, it was rumored that, along with the Star Luo Empire and the
Heaven Dou Empire, they had long relocated to the two other continents. In the last thousand years or so, they were rarely spoken of, but their legend had never been forgotten.

The trio was truly shocked at the utterance of the two words that represented such a legendary organization. Could it be that we’re in the
 Tang Sect right now?

“Teacher Wu, didn’t the Tang Sect already disappear? Or move to the other two continents?” Tang Wulin blurted out in disbelief.

Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “No, the Tang Sect never truly disappeared.
While it’s true that the Tang Sect has founded bases on the other two continents like the Spirit Pagoda, but the Tang Sect has never left the
Douluo Continent. The federal government knows of the Tang Sect too, but for the sake of adapting to the current societal norms, the Tang Sect now operates in a low-key manner. After all, the Tang Sect’s reputation is truly too great. The building we’re in is actually owned by a company under the Tang Sect; the Dazzling Era Tang Sect Technology Company. They developed the Hall of Heroes as a learning system, and the opponents you just fought were once members of the Shrek Seven Monsters.”

Tang Wulin was electrified. He recalled his opponent with the newfound realization of her identity. “My opponent… was she in the same generation as the Spirit Pagoda’s founder from the Shrek Seven Monsters ten thousand years ago? The possessor of the Three Cycles Soul Cauldron and the Nine Phoenix Flute, Xiao Xiao the Phoenix Flute Douluo?”

The dumbstruck Xie Xie gasped. “Then, wasn’t my opponent also from the same generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, the Demon Rabbit Douluo
Jiang Nannan?”

Chapter 159 – Gu Yue’s Decision

Chapter 159 – Gu Yue’s Decision

Gu Yue’s eyes were blank. Wu Zhangkong glanced at her, not particularly surprised at her expression. “Gu Yue, your opponent was the Spirit Pagoda’s founder, the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao back when he only possessed two soul rings.”

“So you three shouldn’t be discouraged. You were defeated by powerful legends after all. If you do well in the Hall of Heroes and keep rising up, you might even get the chance to battle the original Shrek Seven Monsters one day.”

Tang Wulin subconsciously swallowed at these unbelievable words. He didn’t even need to think about his answer and directly shouted out, “I want to join!”

Having heard the tales of the legendary Tang Sect since childhood, one could only imagine his burning desire to join the organization. These
stories, however, weren’t the main reason behind his willingness to join—it was his idol, the founder of the Tang Sect who possessed the same martial soul as him! Any previous doubts he held towards joining Wu Zhangkong’s organization were blown away after hearing that it was the Tang Sect.

Xie Xie came to a similar conclusion after a moment of hesitation. “I want to join too.”

Wu Zhangkong cautioned them, “You don’t need to decide so quickly. You can go home and ask your family first.”

Xie Xie shook his head. “There’s no need. I don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity. Teacher Wu, I will join. I’m sure I can convince my family

Tang Wulin’s and Xie Xie’s gazes drifted to Gu Yue. Neither of them knew whether she would join or not, but it was indisputable that her performance was the best out of all of them today.

In reality, their only requirement was to pass the first trial of the medium level to be eligible for membership. The trials after that were to push them to their limits.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Wu. Wulin, Xie Xie, I won’t join,” Gu Yue said with utmost calm. There wasn’t a single shred of regret in the depths of her eyes, as if she was only dealing with a mundane matter.

“Huh, why?” Xie Xie and Tang Wulin asked in unison.

Gu Yue simply shook her head. “There’s already another organization that I want to join, so I can’t join the Tang Sect.”

Tang Wulin wanted to say something, but Wu Zhangkong cut him off.
“That’s fine. Everyone has their own ambitions, so it’s fine as long as you have thought things through properly. Gu Yue, you’re very talented and
would be able to shine no matter where you go in the future. With this being the case, I’ll make some other arrangements for the combat component of your education.”

“Thank you, Teacher Wu.” Gu Yue curtly nodded.

Still in disbelief, Tang Wulin approached Gu Yue. “But Gu Yue, it’s the Tang Sect! The Tang Sect that has traditions from 20,000 years ago and countless mysteries!”

There was a slight change in Gu Yue’s expression, but her mind was firm. She shook her head once more at Tang Wulin’s words. “I’m sorry Wulin. I had already decided to join the Spirit Pagoda before we came here, and they require that I don’t join any other organization.”
 While Tang Wulin was stunned at these words, Wu Zhangkong’s eyebrows jumped up in surprise. When did the Spirit Pagoda approach Gu Yue? They made their move so quickly!

But Gu Yue’s excellence had been apparent from the beginning. Regardless of whether it was during the rebellion period or the ordinary spirit ascension platform, Gu Yue had always demonstrated extraordinary strength and potential. Neither Tang Wulin nor Xie Xie could compare to her, especially with her never-before-seen martial soul which could control six elements.
Moreover, her control power was formidable, allowing her strength to far surpass her peers. The Spirit Pagoda had undoubtedly paid a tremendous price to rope her in.

It was exactly as she had said. There would be some disputes if she joined the Tang Sect after joining the Spirit Pagoda.

Wu Zhangkong’s gaze returned to Tang Wulin and Xie Xie. “What Gu Yue said was correct. Both the Tang Sect and the Spirit Pagoda are top-notch organizations on the continent. An organization isn’t like an association; you can only join one organization. If you choose to join the Tang Sect, then in the future, you cannot join the Spirit Pagoda. If you want to leave the Tang Sect, then you’ll need to return everything you received from it, including cultivation methods. With this in mind, you two should carefully consider your decision again and tell me at a later time.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang Wulin said, “I don’t need to think it over. I want to join the Tang Sect. It’s my dream!” That was right, he had dreamed of joining the Tang Sect since childhood.

Though he didn’t want to separate from Gu Yue, he had to prioritize his dream!

Xie Xie looked back and forth between Tang Wulin and Gu Yue before nodding to himself. “Teacher Wu, I have also settled on joining the Tang Sect.”

“Fine. We’ll end today’s testing here. After filling in some forms later, you will officially become outer members of the Tang Sect. I’ll explain to you at
 a later time everything you need to know about the organization such as rules, benefits and duties.”

On the bus ride home, Tang Wulin stared off into the distance with a lonely expression.

Wang Jinxi had left. Zhang Yangzi had left. Even Gu Yue was choosing a different path from him. His companions were leaving one by one, and he truly felt powerless since he had no basis to influence their decisions. If joining the Tang Sect hadn’t been his dream, he definitely would have
chosen to join the Spirit Pagoda with Gu Yue. Companions had to stay together after all!

Yet, it was as if fate had decreed that he must be alone. His family and friends were leaving one after the other, and the only one left by his side was Xie Xie. Will Xie Xie leave me too?

Seated beside him, Xie Xie prodded him with a few words. “What’s up? Are you feeling down because Gu Yue isn’t joining the Tang Sect?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I just feel like everyone I hold dear is leaving. My parents and Na’er left. Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi left, and now Gu Yue has chosen a different path. Maybe I really am meant to be alone.”

Xie Xie heartily laughed. “How can that be? Don’t you still have me? I won’t leave.”

A depressed sigh escaped Tang Wulin’s lips. “Maybe you won’t have a choice but to leave me in the future too.”

“Who said I’m going to leave?!” Gu Yue suddenly appeared beside them. She pulled Xie Xie out of his seat before stealing it to sit beside Tang Wulin.

“You’re so emotional,” Gu Yue said, displeased. Tang Wulin was startled by her words. “Maybe.”
 Gu Yue pressed on. “I only chose not to join the Tang Sect, and it’s not like I’m leaving class zero. Whatever organization I join doesn’t change the fact that I’ll always be together with you guys.”

Seeing an opening, Xie Xie took this chance to cut in. “If you just say ‘you’ instead of ‘you guys’, he’d be far more moved.”

“Go away!” Tang Wulin and Gu Yue yelled at him in unison. “You guys are bullies!” Xie Xie said with grievance.
Tang Wulin chuckled. “Sorry Gu Yue, I didn’t mean to blame you. Everyone makes their own decisions. I just feel a bit frustrated. You were right. Maybe it’s because my family left, but I’ve been very emotionally weak. I’ll do my best to fix that.”

Poking his head in once more, Xie Xie said, “Just vent your feelings whenever you need to. For example, let me beat you up once.”

Tang Wulin snorted. “I’m not so certain I’d be the one getting beat up.”

The end of a semester was a joyous occasion for all students as it marked the start of their one month long vacation. They could finally relax and forget about studying or cultivating during this time. Despite their status as prestigious Soul Masters, in the end, they were only children.

After one more trip to the Dazzling Era Tang Sect the next day, class zero
also began their vacation. Gu Yue and Xie Xie chose to spend their vacation away from campus.

Naturally, they were both going home to play and relax, leaving Tang Wulin the only one left in the dormitory.

Where can I even go? Back to Glorybound City?
 Mom and dad aren’t there anymore, so can that place even be called home anymore? Tang Wulin bitterly laughed at his lonesome thoughts.

The only place he had now was Mang Tian’s workshop. He hoped that by devoting himself to cultivating and work, he’d be able to forget about his family.

He had already filled out the Tang Sect’s registration form and handed it to Wu Zhangkong, who submitted it to the Dazzling Era Tang Sect for review. Only after approval would he officially become a member of the Tang Sect.

Chapter 160 – The Rules of the Tang Sect

Chapter 160 – The Rules of the Tang Sect

Tang Wulin sighed as he packed what he needed for the next month’s stay at the workshop.

“Wulin,” a familiar voice called out. “Teacher Wu.”
Wu Zhangkong stood in the hallway, patiently waiting for Tang Wulin.

“What plans do you have for your vacation?” Wu Zhangkong stoically asked.

Somewhat at a loss, Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t really have any plans yet. I figured I’d just focus on forging and cultivating.”

Thinking it over, Wu Zhangkong set out a proposal. “Since you don’t have any plans, how about you come with me? I’m visiting another city in order to take care of some business. If you come along, you’ll be able to learn more about the world outside of school and relax at the same time.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin stared at Wu Zhangkong in astonishment.

Wu Zhangkong considerately asked, “Do you want some time to think it over?”

Tang Wulin quickly shook his head. “No, I’ll go with you.” In that split- second, his mood brightened up from his previous lonely depression. I
 wonder where Teacher Wu will be taking me?

Since Wu Zhangkong didn’t say, Tang Wulin didn’t bother to ask.

A short hour later, they were waiting for the train at Eastsea City’s soul train station.

As usual, Wu Zhangkong was clothed in his white garbs and carried no luggage. Clearly, he possessed a soul storage device similar to Tang Wulin’s. As for Tang Wulin, he had packed lightly, only bringing along a few sets of clothes and his two forging hammers.

The white-clad Wu Zhangkong caught the attention of many women in the train station. Regardless of their age, their eyes would naturally drift to Wu Zhangkong. Surprisingly enough, there were quite a few younger girls who chose to eye Tang Wulin instead.

Tang Wulin’s appeal was different from that of the mature and handsome Wu Zhangkong’s. His large, limpid eyes as well as the calm aura that was beyond his years easily drew the gazes of girls around his age.

Today, Tang Wulin wore white sportswear that he had purchased himself. They were the cheapest of the cheapest clothes he could find. Though he was in no way hurting for money right now, his frugal nature wasn’t
something he could easily change. He couldn’t even imagine what kind of high-quality materials Wu Zhangkong’s white robe was made of.

After spending a semester together, it was clear to Tang Wulin that Wu Zhangkong liked silence, so as long as Wu Zhangkong didn’t say anything to him, he didn’t try to engage him in conversation either. He was resolved to be a quiet and well-behaved child.

The train’s arrival was preceded by a low, rumbling noise. At the sight of the train they were to take, Tang Wulin finally realized their destination.

They were headed toward Heaven Dou City.
 Heaven Dou City? Didn’t that use to be the capital of the Heaven Dou Empire? It was a large metropolis that could still be considered one of the greatest cities on the Douluo Continent today.

The distance between Eastsea City and Heaven Dou City was by no means small!

Wu Zhangkong had bought them economy class seats. Each carriage could seat four passengers, two on each side separated by an aisle in the middle. The cheap price of the ticket was obvious from how cramped the carriage was. Tang Wulin was fine since he was still a small child, but Wu Zhangkong’s long legs were already leaning against the back of the seat in front of him.

While Tang Wulin was seated by the window, Wu Zhangkong had taken the outer seat, acting as a human barrier between him and the rest of the crowd. In his isolated space, Tang Wulin felt a sense of security.

“Here.” Wu Zhangkong handed him a booklet.

Tang Wulin curiously examined it. There wasn’t a single word on its cover, making him assume it was a notebook. When he opened it, however, there were drawings of people alongside many notes.

“What is this, Teacher Wu?” Tang Wulin inquired.

“The Tang Sect’s investigation into your background shouldn’t turn up with any issues, so I’m giving you this booklet right now. Inside it is the Tang Sect’s cultivation technique, the Mysterious Heaven Method. It can also be used to meditate, so you could also call it a meditation method. The benefits you get from it should be far better than what you’re receiving now. Later, when you learn other Tang Sect techniques, this Mysterious Heaven
Method will serve as the foundation.”

The Tang Sect’s methods? Tang Wulin’s eyes instantly lit up with
excitement. So far, he’d been using the basic cultivation methods provided by the academy, but now he would be able to replace it with a method from
 the legendary Tang Sect! Considering its reputation, he had no doubts about its quality.

However, Wu Zhangkong had to caution him. “When you first join the Tang Sect, you’re initially only allowed to learn the Mysterious Heaven Method
since it’s the foundation of everything. Only after familiarizing yourself
with it will you be able to cultivate in the other methods and techniques of the Tang Sect. But in your case, since you entered by passing the medium level test, you can also pick one more technique to cultivate.”

“Teacher Wu, wait a minute.” Tang Wulin suddenly interrupted Wu Zhangkong and then lowered his voice. “Can we really talk about the Tang Sect’s methods in such a crowded place?”

Wu Zhangkong shook his head dismissively. “They won’t hear our voices. Listen and see for yourself.”

“Huh?” It was only then that Tang Wulin noticed the total silence that
surrounded him. The people continued to clamber onto the train, but not a peep could be heard.

As he focused on his surroundings, he observed a thin layer of soul power separating them from the crowd.

“What is this?” Tang Wulin looked back at Wu Zhangkong in astonishment.

Wu Zhangkong casually explained, “This is merely a way of using soul power. You’ll be able to do this once you reach a certain level as well. Now back to the topic of Tang Sect techniques.

“There are a total of six: Mysterious Heaven Method, Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Purple Demon Eyes, and Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations.
Among them, Hidden Weapons Hundred Separations has already fused with the development of soul device technology and is incorporated into the
Tang Sect’s unique battle armors. As for the other five techniques, you’d still learn them as you normally would.
 “You may learn one extra technique after passing the medium level test, the advanced level test, and so on. So right now, you can choose another one in addition to the Mysterious Heaven Method. I personally recommend that you choose Purple Demon Eyes. It’s a method to cultivate your eyes’
strength while also increasing your spiritual power.

“Eyes are the windows to the mind, and this is the easiest way to increase your spiritual power. You will gain many advantages, so you really should pick Purple Demon Eyes.”

“Okay!” Tang Wulin’s gaze sparkled. It’s a Tang Sect technique!

“Then, Teacher Wu, what obligations do I have to keep for the Tang Sect in return?” Tang Wulin asked.

Wu Zhangkong said, “You must memorize and abide by the rules of the Tang Sect. As long as take care not to break any of them, your status as a member of the Tang Sect will be guaranteed. In this world, nothing comes
freely. If you want to increase your position in the Tang Sect, you will have to contribute to the sect. For example, you can complete missions in order to earn some contribution points, which you can then exchange in the sect for many different items that you can’t obtain anywhere else. You may also use them to increase your contribution level in the sect.

“As for the matter of documenting your contribution points, even as you
spend them, your total, recorded contribution points never change. As such, you can call that total your effective contribution points value.

“I’ll explain these things more in detail later, but what you really need to remember right now are the rules of the Tang Sect. If you break any of them, the lightest punishment you will receive is expulsion and having to return everything you received from the sect. In the worst case scenario, there are much harsher and more severe punishments that may follow. As such, pay attention.

“The first rule of the Tang Sect: be filial to the sect and to your teachers. This one is pretty simple. Just don’t join any other sects or organizations and you’ll be fine.
 “Second rule of the Tang Sect: you will not commit rape or robbery.

“Third rule of the Tang Sect: you must not divulge the secrets of the sect.

“Fourth rule of the Tang Sect: It is the duty of everyone in the Tang Sect to uphold virtue and condemn evil.

“Fifth rule of the Tang Sect: you must not deceive others.” “…”
Wu Zhangkong continued to profoundly list off one Tang Sect rule after
another, and Tang Wulin took each of them to heart. Though there were ten rules in total, none of them were particularly harsh. The intent behind their regulations could be summarized in one phrase: be a good person who
cherishes the Tang Sect.

“Tang Wulin, are you capable of following all of these rules?” “I am,” Tang Wulin solemnly answered.
With a more solemn tone than usual, Wu Zhangkong said, “Remember, this is a lifelong commitment. The Tang Sect’s objective is to uphold virtue and condemn evil while supporting the continent’s steady development. There aren’t many restrictions other than the ten rules, but you must absolutely
never break them. As your teacher, as well as the person who recruited you, I will be held responsible for any mistake you make.”

Sensing the sudden severity in Wu Zhangkong, Tang Wulin’s pulse began to race, and he nodded solemnly.

“Alright then. Return the book to me after you’ve finished reading it.” Wu Zhangkong let out a long sigh, then reclined in his chair and closed his
eyes. He was now quietly waiting for the train to arrive at their destination.

Yet, the clamoring of the crowd didn’t return, and they were still enveloped in the same peaceful calm as before. Tang Wulin understood that Wu Zhangkong was maintaining the barrier of soul power so that he could read in peace.
 The section on the Mysterious Heaven Method wasn’t particularly long, and Tang Wulin finished reading it within half an hour. Despite that, he still had some confusion about some of the acupuncture points and things of that nature.

Wu Zhangkong gave him detailed explanations to any questions he asked about the cultivation method and even had him begin moving his soul power along some of the paths outlined in the booklet.
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