The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141 – True Control

Chapter 141 – True Control

The Man-Faced Demon Spider’s giant body shuddered as yellow-green blood continuously gushed from its abdomen. It wanted to attack, to shoot some spider threads, but they only flew a few meters before hitting the ground. They were completely unsuitable to use as an attack now.

It continually struggled like this as it grew weaker by the minute. Simultaneously, a yellow light shot out from the Curtain of Darkness.

The darkness gradually vanished while the yellow light lingered on the pale-faced Tang Wulin. His arm had already transformed back to its normal human form, with only golden scales covering it now. Thanks to those
scales, he hadn’t suffered any corrosion from the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s blood.

Hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider, killed!

Xie Xie had already been pulled back awhile ago, so the five of them stood there, exchanging looks of astonishment from prevailing over such a
calamity. Wang Jinxi couldn’t help but embrace Tang Wulin with an ardent expression that overflowed with passion.

This battle had fully displayed the team’s ability and was the culmination of the knowledge and experience they had gained. In the end, the formidable Man-Faced Demon Spider had died by their hands!

From start to finish, there had been no room for luck. They had claimed this victory purely with their own strength.
 Even as they blatantly stared at the corpse of the Man-Faced Demon Spider that was a few meters away from them, they still couldn’t believe that they had succeeded. Tang Wulin was the most surprised of them all; he had been prepared to sacrifice himself in their plan, yet they had actually achieved victory.

If his Golden Dragon Claw had been unable to resist the toxins, or if Gu Yue’s ice had been incapable of shielding him from the corrosion of the spider’s blood, he would have died.

Fortunately, the two of them were able to give a perfect performance. His Golden Dragon Claw proved its might once again with its immunity to the toxin’s corrosion, while Gu Yue’s control of ice had been able to isolate the toxic blood for a few moments. These two elements had combined to give him enough time to break away from the corpse and toxins.

Every single moment of their battle had been ridden with extreme danger.


The Spirit Pagoda staff member stared at the screen dumbstruck. He was completely speechless.

Just how perfect were their tactics!? That was actually a hundred-year Man- Faced Demon Spider that even four or five ring Soul Masters would avoid! They wouldn’t even dare to engage it without thorough planning. Yet, this group of kids, who at most have two rings, actually performed a miracle
and defeated the Man-Faced Demon Spider! This is unbelievable!

Even Wu Zhangkong was a bit shaken by this. A smile had actually appeared on his ice-cold face.

“He meets the requirements of a Control System Soul Master,” he quietly muttered under his breath.

He’s also the one who has made the most progress in the last three months.
 This battle had tested not only the limits of their strength but also the breadth of their knowledge. During their battle, Wu Zhangkong took note of every single detail with his experienced eyes. Even if the students were baffled, Wu Zhangkong observed the events with clarity. It wasn’t until
Tang Wulin appeared beneath the Man-Faced Demon Spider that he suddenly realized Tang Wulin’s intentions.

“Teacher Wu, are these children thinking about joining the Spirit Pagoda? If I send a recording of this battle to the higher-ups, I think an exception can be made to accept these children as members. Their potential is simply

The Spirit Pagoda staff member finally snapped out of his daze, but his eyes were still filled with shock and admiration.

As a staff member of the Spirit Pagoda, he had a comprehensive knowledge of various soul beasts as well as Soul Master battle styles. Yet, after
witnessing the unconstrained battle style of class zero, every single inch of his body was in awe.

He could only describe the battle as ‘shocking.’

To prevail over the Man-Faced Demon Spider, the first thing the students needed was a deep understanding of it.

At first, he assumed the children to be foolishly standing still, letting the Man-Faced Demon Spider weave its webs and continuously tighten it
around them. After their remarkable performances in their previous battles, it came as a disappointment. He’d been anticipating just how these children would deal with a powerful soul beast such as the Man-Faced Demon Spider.

The staff member thought that the best course of action would have been to immediately flee. Although the Man-Faced Demon Spider was fast, it was lacking in long-range attacks; as long as they were ahead of it, they would have a chance at escaping. The second best choice, in his opinion, was for one of them to sacrifice themselves in order to allow the others to escape.
This way, they would minimize their losses.
 There was once a team of Soul Masters who similarly encountered the
Man-Faced Demon Spider in the spirit ascension platform and had verified that these two choices were indeed the best.

Yet, the response Tang Wulin initiated with his team today had widened the staff member’s horizons.

Gu Yue hadn’t revealed her control of the earth element until this battle. Against the Man-Faced Demon Spider and its toxic spider webs, it wasn’t her other elements, but her use of the earth element, that had the greatest impact on the battle.

As the Man-Faced Demon Spider continuously decreased their area of mobility, thinking them trapped, it was, in truth, the one to have been tricked instead. Soul beasts were also living creatures, and so they shared some similarities with humans. Once it felt that its victory was all but
assured, it subconsciously relaxed a bit.

None of their soul power fluctuations were particularly strong, and they
were trapped in a cramped space. To the hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider, they were as good as dead. It didn’t consider any other possibility of survival remaining for them.

At that moment, it decided to shoot out its largest spider web net, minimizing the maneuvering space of the five opponents.

Thus, the five students were forced to attack the Man-Faced Demon Spider. Clearly, it never imagined an obelisk would suddenly shoot out of the ground to block the spider web though, as it had been stunned for a split

Then there was the Bluesilver Grass which had shot up from the ground and bound both the spider and Wang Jinxi, who had appeared out of nowhere.
Just this was enough to praise their coordination.

The Man-Faced Demon Spider responded amazingly as well. It effectively used the sharp points of its legs to resist the Bluesilver Grass and bought it the time necessary to shoot out another spider web.
 Yet in the end, it was tricked. Wang Jinxi was pulled back by a strand of Bluesilver Grass, and the spider web it shot out was met with nothing but
air. Then, Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Storm appeared out of nowhere to begin the first wave of their assault.

It was at that moment that the staff member began to shower them with praise. After all, who wouldn’t exclaim in admiration of children who could reach such a level? At the very least, they had secured a chance at victory.

There was also the vital golden strand of Bluesilver Grass, which was the result of fusing it with a spirit soul. Tang Wulin controlled it perfectly to trap the Man-Faced Demon Spider.

However, how could he have imagined the miraculous scene that occurred after? That strand of golden Bluesilver Grass had broken with meticulous
precision and timing. Thanks to the strand’s pulling force, that final moment caused the Man-Faced Demon Spider to stumble as the child dragged himself under its body. At the same time, Gu Yue had manipulated the earth to propel him even further, ensuring he slid beneath the spider completely.

When the staff member saw Xie Xie unleash his Light Dragon Storm on the spider’s rear, he thought the children didn’t have the necessary understanding of the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s weakest point on its underside.

He was proven wrong, however, in but a few moments. It turned out that the chain of attacks didn’t stop with Xie Xie, and the final attack was the most marvelous and shocking one.

Covered in ice to protect himself from the toxins, Tang Wulin pulled himself underneath the spider, his toxin resistant golden claw ready to attack.

A total victory, it had been a total victory! They hadn’t lost a single member. These children who had two rings at the most were actually able to kill a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider! If anyone heard this, they
would find it completely unbelievable!
 Was the Man-Faced Demon Spider stupid? Of course not. This was all due to the meticulous planning of these five students. The staff member couldn’t help but stare at the handsome, young teacher. This is the man who taught them!

Chapter 142 – Massacre of the Toxic Spider Web

Chapter 142 – Massacre of the Toxic Spider Web

As a side effect of exhausting his soul power, Tang Wulin felt fatigue wash over him as he sat down on the ground.

Right. That feeling of controlling everyone had left an indelibly deep impression upon his heart. This sense of satisfaction just couldn’t be gained elsewhere.

He had used little Goldlight to strengthen his Bluesilver Grass, but there
were no benefits that didn’t come with a cost. During the time his grass had been strengthened, his soul power had also been rapidly consumed.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to keep the Man-Faced Demon Spider bound the whole time. If he could do that, he would be able to easily kill the Man- Faced Demon Spider with his Golden Dragon Claw, regardless of whether he struck a vital spot or not.

However, the soul power consumption was simply too great for him to
sustain. He had no choice but to recall Goldlight from his Bluesilver Grass in order to preserve enough soul power to use his Golden Dragon Claw.

Although his actions seemed to have been in perfect concert with Gu Yue at that final moment, in reality, it was simply that everything had gone
according to their plan. Of course, no one would actually believe this. All of their actions incorporated a deep understanding of one another. In fact, even Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were surprised by the depth of their mutual understanding.
 “That was an incredible victory!” Zhang Yangzi exclaimed, giddy with
excitement and admiration. His words echoed everyone’s thoughts at that moment.

“Everyone, rest here and recover your soul power,” Tang Wulin said
weakly, before taking the lead and closing his eyes to begin meditating.

As for the issue of safety? Why did they need to worry about that now? They were surrounded by the highly toxic spider webs of the Man-Faced Demon Spider, preventing both humans and soul beasts from approaching. They were in a perfectly safe position to rest right now.

The five sat in a circle with Tang Wulin in the center. Although they had been acting as a team for several months already, it wasn’t until a few moments ago in their triumph that they truly acknowledged Tang Wulin as their team captain.

Tang Wulin had controlled their entire battle against the calamity known as the Man-Faced Demon Spider, and had even fought with it face-to-face.
Even though he may have potentially suffered torturous pain at the hands of the Man-Faced Demon Spider, he had not backed down from his duty. His unyielding will had truly been admirable to them.

Not only had he fulfilled his duties as the team captain, but he had also demonstrated the Bluesilver Grass’ power over control. Regardless of whether they were friend or foe, the degree of control would be
unparalleled and would likely be even more amazing if his soul power had not been so weak.

The dim yellow light of spirit energy was slowly being absorbed into Tang Wulin’s body. Despite its outward similarities to other yellow spirit
energies, the energy from the hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider was far different from those of ordinary soul beasts. The thousand-year soul beast’s energy they had killed before hadn’t been like this either. Due to it currently being the rebellion period, the energy was even more rich and distinct.
 The benefits of killing a hundred-year Man-Faced Demon Spider soon appeared. As it was currently the rebellion period, there were more soul beasts actively roaming the forest than usual. Very quickly, soul beasts began to appear.

Not all soul beasts possessed sharp senses and different soul beasts possessed different ways of perceiving the world. As such, they were all taking a detour around the remains of the chaotic battle.

The Man-Faced Demon Spider possessed a terrifying toxin within its body, as well as its webs. Furthermore, its webs were extremely tough, to the point that even large soul beasts might not be able to break it if they
charged into it. And after that… they would only be met with tragedy.

Ten-year soul beasts would be killed in a flash by the toxic spider web while hundred-year soul beasts would only be able to struggle for a few moments, before they too, met their demise.

As long as one was ensnared by the spider webs, there was no hope for
survival. Those with keen senses could avoid the webs, but those with dull senses could only fall prey to the Man-Faced Demon Spider.

Spirit energy overflowed from the soul beasts that died within the webs. If it were the normal spirit ascension platform, the energy would quickly disperse, but it was currently the rebellion period so the dispersion rate was much slower. Not too far from the spider webs, the five students of class
zero meditated in the only calm of the webbed chaos. They were
subconsciously slowly absorbing all of the spirit energy of the beasts that fell prey to the webs.

In the beginning, there were only a few weak soul beasts that died, but gradually, the number and strength of soul beasts increased. More and more spirit energy drifted over to the five students.


“This… how can this be? There must be some issue with the spirit
ascension platform.” The staff member stood there, dumbstruck as he
 watched the spirit energy surrounding the five coalesce and grow stronger and stronger. His expression was almost as if he had seen a ghost.

Could he say the five of them were cheating? Absolutely not! However, the amount of spirit energy the five would be able to absorb would only increase as time passed. This spirit energy didn’t come from thin air either, its origin the Spirit Pagoda’s greatest secret. Yet, it was being consumed rapidly right now.

It could be said that the students of class zero had accidently exploited the strength of the Man-Faced Demon Spider to obtain such a wonderful opportunity.

“Teacher Wu, I’ll definitely have to report this situation to the higher-ups,” the staff member solemnly stated.

Wu Zhangkong merely glanced at him. “What rules have my students broken? They defeated the Man-Faced Demon Spider and now they’re just meditating and recovering. Everything happened naturally. With my impression of the spirit ascension platform, you shouldn’t have the power to change any of this either. The spirit ascension platform runs by itself; you
can only provide maintenance, nothing more.”

Beads of sweat dripped down the staff member’s forehead. “Yes, the spirit ascension platform cannot be easily altered. But if this continues on, your
students will also experience difficulties. Can their spiritual power and body bear the pain of their spirit soul evolving to the thousand-year level?
Especially the two children with only one ring, their pain will be even greater. They will definitely be in danger if their spirit soul’s level surpasses what they can handle.”

That was right. In their current situation, their spirit souls were continuously undergoing small evolutions and eventually, their bodies would meet the limit of what they could support. Fortunately, they were still quite far from meeting their limits.

As for whether a one-ringed Soul Master could support the rebound of gaining a thousand-year spirit soul… there was not one bit of worry in Wu
 Zhangkong’s heart. Tang Wulin’s body was far stronger than an ordinary Soul Master and he was also at the Spirit Connection realm, so a thousand- year spirit soul would be no problem for him. He was even less worried
about Gu Yue. She was on the boundary of reaching rank 20 and gaining a second soul ring while both her body and spiritual power were superb.

These brats have really gone above and beyond this time for their final exam!

Seeing Wu Zhangkong void of any sort of reaction, hesitation crept into the heart of the staff member. Still, he picked up the communicator and dialed a number. Anyway, the original reason why they existed was to ensure that the spirit ascension platform operated normally.

Tang Wulin’s body felt bloated after he finished recovering all of his soul power. When he opened his eyes, he was met with a frightening scene.

An extremely thick yellow light surrounded him and his comrades. Is, is this spirit energy?

A bit further away was a pile of soul beasts corpses. Some of them had
already been dissolved by the spider web’s corrosion, but many were still mostly intact, and there were even some that were still in their last moments of struggling for their life.

He had exhausted the most amount of soul power, so he was also the last one to awake from his meditation. Everyone else had long awakened and were all staring dully at the scene outside.

“What…, what’s going on?” Tang Wulin quietly asked.

It’s the toxins, the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s toxins,” the normally quiet Wang Jinxi said with an odd expression.

Tang Wulin quickly understood their current situation. The Man-Faced
Demon Spider truly was worthy of being called a soul beast killer; its toxic spider webs had killed numerous ten-year and hundred-year soul beasts.
 Moreover, all of the beasts’ spirit energy had been absorbed by them. Their spirit souls had continuously evolved in such a fortunate situation.

Without any conscious thought, Tang Wulin looked down to see Goldlight on his chest shaking its head. Its body had expanded by a whole circle.

“If we continue like this, won’t our spirit souls…” Tang Wulin said in shock.

A bitter smile forced its way onto Wang Jinxi’s face. “Not really. There’s only so much our bodies can bear right now. Those of us with two soul rings definitely can’t do it. At the very least, I know for certain that I can’t support two thousand-year soul rings with my current level of spiritual power. I estimate that my limit is five hundred years for both my soul rings.
Yangzi’s limits should also be similar, maybe just a bit better actually. Only you and Gu Yue haven’t gotten your second rings yet, so you two might still have a chance at obtaining thousand-year soul rings.”

Tang Wulin immediately made an awkward expression. Considering their current situation, if their spirit souls grew saturated with spirit energy, then they wouldn’t be able to enter the spirit ascension platform anymore and battle soul beasts. There was also the potential danger of their spirit souls exploding due to their insufficient spiritual power.

“You guys don’t need to look so confused. The Man-Faced Demon Spider’s webs will disappear soon. We need to prepare to depart.” Gu Yue’s voice
cut in.

Chapter 143 – Another Chance at Spirit Ascension

Chapter 143 – Another Chance at Spirit Ascension

Tang Wulin swept his gaze over the spider webs in his surroundings and
sure enough, they were beginning to weaken. There were even some cracks visible in the webs now. Although the Man-Faced Demon Spider was
extremely toxic, there was still a limit to its toxicity. Once the protection of the webs disappeared, they would no longer be safe to rest in this spot as
after all, they, too, were afraid of the toxic spider webs!

Tang Wulin asked, “How much spirit energy do you all think we’ve absorbed?”

Gu Yue frowned. “We all should have absorbed four to five hundred years worth of spirit energy. You and I have it all concentrated in our single soul ring, while the others have increased each of their two soul rings by about two hundred years. There should also still be about one or two hundred years worth of spirit energy in our surroundings, but it’ll take us too long to absorb it. We’ll need to be especially careful of other Soul Masters after we depart. They’re a much greater threat to us now than soul beasts.”

Gu Yue’s deduction was correct. A thick air of spirit energy currently hung around their bodies, and if another party of Soul Masters saw them, they might immediately be targeted. After all, there were no true deaths in the
spirit ascension platform, and who wouldn’t want to absorb such rich spirit energy?

Tang Wulin responded with a calm smile, “Take it easy. In one move, we’ve already passed our final exam and absorbed far more spirit energy than
 usual. Even if we encounter a powerful foe and get ejected from the spirit
ascension platform, that’s okay, too. Everyone’s recovered now, right? Let’s go then.”

Tang Wulin’s words had injected vigor into everyone’s minds. He took out his hammers once more and reminded his comrades, “Everyone, pay
attention to how much your spirit soul can bear. If you feel like you’re
approaching the limits of how much it can absorb, then immediately press the button to exit the spirit ascension platform. Don’t be greedy, or else your body or your spiritual power might collapse, and then you’ll really be in trouble.”

Although he himself was beginning to feel a bit bloated, he hadn’t reached the limits yet. According to Gu Yue’s assessment, he should still be able to absorb a lot more spirit energy, so he didn’t have to worry about it for now.

After all, the strength of his body and spiritual power was directly related to how strong of a spirit soul he could support. There was no need to even
speak of his body’s strength and his spiritual power growth rate. They were both outstanding, allowing him to already reach the Spirit Connection realm, so he certainly had the capabilities to bear a single thousand-year
spirit soul.

A thousand-year spirit soul… Would he truly be able to walk this path?

Tang Wulin led his team out, carefully avoiding the toxic webs. They left their miraculous, safe heaven and once again returned to the dangers of the forest.

The chaos of an assortment of noises soon entered their ears. There were the sounds of collisions, the roars of soul beasts, and occasionally, some wretched screams from Soul Masters.

It truly was a rebel period!

Tang Wulin mulled over their choices for a moment before he decided to have everyone absorb the remaining spirit energy in the area. Normally, they would have to kill countless soul beasts before earning this much spirit
 energy. Though it would take awhile to absorb all of this energy, it was a rare opportunity for them. Wu Zhangkong could help them out in the matter of combat experience, but not in evolving their spirit soul. This was the most important goal in entering the spirit ascension platform after all!

A sudden realization dawned on Tang Wulin. Those with fewer soul rings actually have an advantage in the spirit ascension platform. Wang Jinxi,
Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie all have two soul rings. Furthermore, Xie Xie’s rings come from two spirit souls, and they’ll need to evolve all of their soul rings to the thousand-year level in order to evolve their spirit soul. In other words, the more soul rings someone has, the more spirit energy necessary to evolve the spirit soul!

The strength of a Soul Master’s spiritual power and body also determine how much spirit energy they can bear to absorb.

Wang Jinxi and Zhang Yangzi can’t handle having two thousand-year soul rings then. Their spiritual powers are both too weak.

Having come to this realization, Tang Wulin’s heart began to stir. If it’s like this, then isn’t being a one-ringed Soul Master the best for the spirit
ascension platform? If my spirit soul actually evolves to the thousand-year level, then once I hit rank 20 and get a second soul ring, that ring will also be at the thousand-year level. And when I get my third, it will be at the thousand-year level, too! Wouldn’t I save a lot of money like that?

Tang Wulin’s heart sped up at this discovery, but he soon calmed himself at the thought of the rare situation they were in.

First of all, the spirit ascension platform was strictly monitored by the Spirit Pagoda, and they had already calculated the maximum level of spirit soul a one-ringed Soul Master could bear to be a little over four hundred years.
Basically, it was impossible for a one-ringed Soul Master to attain a thousand-year spirit soul. However, the spirit energy they absorbed would be split when they reached rank 20 and gained a second soul ring.

Tang Wulin’s current situation could be said to be truly marvelous. One reason was that he coincidentally found himself such a wonderful
 cultivation environment while the other was that his body was far stronger than normal people’s, allowing him to absorb more spirit energy. These two factors combined to allow him to potentially obtain a thousand-year spirit

Following this line of thinking, his original guess that the academy wanted them all to obtain thousand-year spirit souls was wrong. The others
wouldn’t even be able to support two thousand-year soul rings even if they wanted to! At most, they would only be able to absorb enough spirit energy until they reached their current limits.

In the future, as he grew stronger and gained more soul rings, it would only grow increasingly harder to evolve his spirit soul. This was the reason why spirit evolution was rarely seen in the spirit ascension platform. Ordinary Soul Masters with ten-year spirit souls wouldn’t even be lucky enough to
enter the spirit ascension platform, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to defeat any soul beasts. Those with the means to directly obtain a hundred-year spirit soul wouldn’t opt for such a convoluted method of
evolving a ten-year spirit soul either. As for those who wanted to evolve their hundred-year to a thousand-year spirit soul, the vast majority had bodies that were too weak to bear it.

Everything was clear to him now and more importantly, he had found the path he would travel from now on. Others might not be able to evolve their spirit souls, but I can! My body is far stronger than normal, and my spiritual power is high too. Though, I can’t even compare myself to Gu Yue.

With his current circumstances, he could absorb as much spirit energy as he wanted, until his body reached the saturation point.

He wasn’t clear on the strength of his body after absorbing the power of the Golden Dragon King’s first seal, but he knew he was about as strong as an ordinary Soul Master with three or four rings. With this in mind, he deduced that he would have no problems obtaining a thousand-year spirit
soul. After this was over, he planned on having Wu Zhangkong assess him.

Then there was the matter of his spiritual power. The level his spiritual power attained would determine just how much spirit energy he could
 absorb in the spirit ascension platform.

Teacher Wu said that if I joined his organization, I’d be able to obtain a cultivation method. It seems I should really consider joining it now…

As for talent, my comrades are all far more talented than me. After all, my martial soul is just Bluesilver Grass. Tang Wulin had no way of knowing whether or not his Bluesilver Grass would continue to mutate as he broke the seals on the Golden Dragon King, but a Soul Master’s spirit souls and soul rings were directly representative of their strength!

If I can evolve my spirit soul once more, then I’ll have paved the path for my next two soul rings.

Even if I absorb as much spirit energy as my body can handle, my body will strengthen again when I break the next seal on the Golden Dragon King,
and then I’ll be able to absorb even more spirit energy. I need to have two rings before I break the next seal, but what if I break it when I’m only
approaching two rings? Will I be able to survive it?

Countless possibilities continuously appeared within Tang Wulin’s mind, as if numerous, brilliant doors were slowly opening up to him.

Chapter 144 – Ice Staff Siblings

Chapter 144 – Ice Staff Siblings

Tang Wulin was unaware that his current thoughts and ideas were laying a foundation for his future. A path never traveled before was quietly opening before him thanks to the power of the Golden Dragon King.

“Careful!” Xie Xie’s warning jolted Tang Wulin out of his exciting train of thought. He instinctively responded by activating his Bind skill to send out a mass of Bluesilver Grass at the lean leopard in front of him.

Xie Xie reacted in a flash, his Light Dragon Blade streaking across the sky and slashing the ten-year soul beast.

“Sorry everyone, my mind was wandering just now,” Tang Wulin bluntly apologized while a cold shiver ran down his spine. This is still the spirit
ascension platform. Instead of being preoccupied by my ideas, I must focus on absorbing the remaining energy here. That should be my main goal for now.

Zhang Yangzi gently chuckled. “My mind was wandering just now, too.
After all, the events just now changed the way we think about the spirit
ascension platform. In any case, our harvest this time is already quite good. Even if we’re to be eliminated, it’ll still be fine.”

Tang Wulin sternly said, “Don’t think like that. Since we’ve been blessed
with luck this time, we have to do our best to secure the opportunity and not let it slip away! Otherwise, we’d be letting down the expectations of the
Heavens. Everyone, let’s all do our best.”

He’d prepared these words to say at the moment of their departure. With their distracting thoughts dispelled, Tang Wulin took the lead once again,
 ready to intercept any potential dangers.

Soon, a roar announced the presence of a monstrous, six-armed python ahead of them.

“A hundred-year Six-armed Fire Snake. Everyone, be careful,” Tang Wulin grimly ordered.

Suddenly, a bright, white light flashed from far ahead of them and heavily wounded the Six-armed Fire Snake. A bizarre ice wheel fluttered in the breeze, its points dripping with the blood of the soul beast. Although the Six-armed Fire Snake couldn’t be considered a powerful soul beast,
especially with regards to its defense, it was still shocking that it had been cut up so easily and quickly by that ice wheel.

A figure with three soul rings underfoot appeared before them, quickly absorbing the spirit energy of the fallen Six-armed Fire Snake.

It was a youth, about seventeen or eighteen years old. Two yellow soul rings and one purple soul ring coiled around his body, identifying him as a Soul Elder. In his right hand, he held a snow white staff which was topped by an icy, blue crystal. His expression was cold and arrogant, and the yellow aura around him was similar to that of the five students of class zero.


The five teammates could already tell how powerful this Soul Elder was just by his aura.

Not only that, he actually wasn’t alone!

A girl seemingly around the same age as Tang Wulin’s group popped her head out from behind the youth. Her blue hair was styled in twintails, and she looked as if cut from jade. Her beauty was stunning and far exceeded
that of Gu Yue’s. In her hand was a staff nearly identical to the youth’s, only hers being a bit smaller. A single yellow soul ring flickered beneath her, illuminating her frightened expression in the face of such killing.
 The male youth’s gaze immediately fell upon the students of class zero. When he saw the rich aura of spirit energy surrounding them, his eyes brightened a bit and he started taking large, decisive strides towards them.

Tang Wulin’s eyes narrowed as he signaled with his left hand to those behind him.

“Withdraw from the spirit ascension platform voluntarily and leave behind your spirit energy. Then you’ll be spared from some pain,” the youth with the ice staff stated, as if it was only natural.

The corner of Xie Xie’s lips curled in disdain. “Is he some sort of soul beast in human form? Apparently, this human-shaped soul beast can even speak now. It’s done a good job evolving.”

The youth’s eyes sharpened as a cold light flashed through them. He pointed his ice staff at Xie Xie, and immediately, an ice wheel shot straight toward him.

Xie Xie wouldn’t take it lying down, as he swiftly responded with a slash of his Light Dragon Dagger, shooting out a Light Dragon Blade.

Tang Wulin and the others didn’t make a single move. Their opponent had three soul rings, with one of them even being a thousand-year soul ring, so they couldn’t underestimate his strength. It was best to let Xie Xie probe him first.

The ice wheel flew through the air, slashing in a bizarre arc and easily avoiding the Light Dragon Blade. Then, it sped up, transforming into a whirlwind that appeared in front of Xie Xie in a flash.

It changed directions and sped up! Such formidable control!

This was Tang Wulin’s first impression. Xie Xie was also given a fright, but he quickly adapted. He simply lowered his body to let the ice wheel fly over him.
 Just as he was about to launch his counterattack, Gu Yue shouted, “Let me try!”

A sparkling icicle shot forth and hit the ice wheel precisely on its core, smashing it into pieces.

The youth was stunned for a brief moment. The weakest point of his ice
wheel was the center, but it was extremely difficult to hit it due to its rapid spin and his precise control. Moreover, his opponent had accurately hit it with a mere icicle. This keenness of eyesight and level of control couldn’t be considered weak at all!

Gu Yue walked forward from beside Tang Wulin, who was shocked to see that Gu Yue didn’t just have one soul ring anymore, but two!

That was right, during the battle with the Man-Faced Demon Spider, Gu Yue had made a breakthrough! Although none of them knew what her spirit soul was, there was no doubt that it had already provided her with her
second soul ring.

A pair of yellow soul rings twinkled on her body, making her seem even more imposing than before.

Even with a single soul ring he had been able to defeat a two-ringed Soul Master, as well as causing the twin-souled Xie Xie to cower in fear. Just how powerful was she now that she had two soul rings and had absorbed all that spirit energy? It was impossible for Tang Wulin to even guess.

“Let me take a shot at him,” Gu Yue told Tang Wulin.

“Okay!” Tang Wulin understood her intentions; she wanted to verify what her current strength was, now that she had two rings.

The youth looked at Gu Yue and frowned. After seeing her attack with an icicle, he had come to the conclusion that she had a martial soul similar to his own.
 It was normal for Soul Masters with similar martial souls to feel an affinity with each other.

“Ice attribute?” the youth asked.

“You’ll find out in a moment,” Gu Yue indifferently said as she raised her right hand to shoot another icicle while a bright light suddenly exploded out of her left hand.

The youth was blinded and cried out in alarm.

Bright Light technique—an application of the light element.

The youth unleashed his strength. Despite his temporary blindness, he
wasn’t disoriented. He raised the staff high, releasing a series of dazzling blue lights from its peak. Everyone was bathed in the light, including the young girl beside him.

The icicle rapidly dissolved in the light, leaving not even a drop of water.

Although Gu Yue’s teammates had also been bathed in the blue light, they were further from the source and were able to vaguely make out the youth’s shining, second soul ring.

Taking advantage of her opponent’s momentary blindness, Gu Yue activated both her soul rings. With the activation of the first, it only seemed as if her
aura had grown stronger, but when the second began to shine, they couldn’t sense any changes to her.

In a silver flash of light, Gu Yue suddenly appeared behind the youth.
Countless lights covered the sky and flew forth, some of them attacking, while some shot straight into the sky instead.

There were fireballs, wind blades, icicles and rocks. Water, fire, earth and
wind. She brilliantly controlled all four of these elements simultaneously. In another moment, the sky was painted with these elemental colors.

Is she even human? The youth had nearly recovered from his blindness
when he heard the girl beside him cry out in fear, “Big brother, big brother,
 I can’t see anything. What do I do? I can’t see.”

“Don’t panic. Just close your eyes, and you’ll be able to see again in a few moments.” The youth’s vision had already returned, only to find that his opponent had disappeared, leaving her teammates behind.

Xie Xie kindly pointed behind the youth who automatically turned his head to look and was greeted with the sight of the magnificently brilliant Gu Yue.

Chapter 145 – The Powerful Gu Yue

Chapter 145 – The Powerful Gu Yue

A green tornado gradually whipped up as Gu Yue waved her hands in a mystical rhythm mid-air. Its viciousness increased as numerous icicles flew inside

The youth wielding an ice staff thought he was going to lose his mind. He simply couldn’t figure out what this lady’s martial soul was. If he said that her martial soul was of the ice attribute, then what was with that bright light? And then, what about this current tornado…

As the icicles merged with the tornado, Gu Yue’s aura grew at an insane rate. Even though the youth was a fair distance away from her, he could sense just how crazy this soul skill of hers was. It’s a dual attribute soul skill. So powerful!

His second soul skill receded as his purple soul ring lit up.

Tang Wulin’s group watched the battle raptly. A thousand-year soul skill!

They had never witnessed the might of a thousand-year soul skill before. Furthermore, a thousand-year soul skill was already considered high-end in the current era of Soul Masters. As for ten-thousand-year soul rings… Tang Wulin had only ever seen the one Wu Zhangkong had.

Extremely pure ice energy erupted from the peak of the ice staff, slowly coalescing into a spear.

Fury of Ice! A powerful soul skill attack!
 The ice spear grew to two meters in length. Faint magic patterns shone in its shaft. The students of class zero could instinctively sense its power just by looking at it. They were certain that none of them could survive a single
strike from that spear.

This thousand-year soul skill is so powerful!

“There’s still time for all of you to voluntarily withdraw,” the youth said to Gu Yue. His expression wasn’t as cold as before. In his eyes, the fact that Gu Yue was able to release such powerful elemental waves despite only having two rings made her worthy of praise. Although he had always been prideful, he now felt a bit of pity for her.

The corners of Gu Yue’s lips curled. It wasn’t a smile, as only one side of her mouth curled up. It was clearly a derisive smirk.

The youth’s eyes dulled with frost as he pointed his staff at Gu Yue once again. The ice spear shot forward in a flash, piercing toward Gu Yue like lightning.

But in that split second, the icicle tornado in front of Gu Yue crumbled apart and she disappeared in a flash of silver.

Space attribute soul skill? Is it that legendary teleportation skill, the godly skill that can evade the lock-on of another soul skill? How can this be!?

Countless possibilities flashed through the youth’s mind in a single moment. His Fury of Ice had already flown off into the forest and disappeared.

“Big brother, what’s that above us?” The young girl beside him suddenly pointed at the sky.

The youth looked up. He stared, dumbstruck, at the sight of brilliant fireworks raining down upon them from the sky.

Even though his soul power had reached rank 35 and he was the strongest amongst his peers, it still didn’t change the fact that he didn’t have enough
 time to prepare another thousand-year skill attack which drained so much soul power.

How can this be!?

As that last thought ran through his head, he moved to hit the button on the back of the girl’s hand. He couldn’t let his little sister suffer. Immediately afterward, he was baptized in water, fire, earth and wind…

Two lights flickered one after another, then disappeared.

Only, one of them had been sent out by the button, while the other had been destroyed by the four elements.

Tang Wulin muttered, “That guy’s actually decent. He knew to protect the person at his side first.” As he finished muttering, Tang Wulin abruptly felt as if there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

When Gu Yue turned back to her team, she saw Xie Xie, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi standing there frozen, as if they were statues. Their faces looked even weirder since their emotions were in chaos..

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Tang Wulin asked, puzzled.

Xie Xie respectfully bowed to Gu Yue. “Big sister. From now on, you’re my big sister. I won’t ever argue with you again.”

Zhang Yangzi hastily mimicked Xie Xie’s actions. “Hello, big sister.”

Of the three, only Wang Jinxi remained as he was, bashfully staring at Gu Yue with eyes filled with both admiration and fear.

Gu Yue silently walked over to Tang Wulin’s side and dully said, “What’s so amazing about defeating that arrogant guy? Come on, let’s go.”

As she spoke, the spirit energy that had surrounded the ice staff wielding youth flew over to them like a storm. Of course, the one who absorbed most of it was Gu Yue, followed by Tang Wulin who was standing next to her.
 The spirit energy released from a Soul Master was no different from the energy received from killing soul beasts. After losing its host, the spirit energy would be absorbed by the closest being to it. On top of that, the closer one was to it, the more one would absorb.

Tang Wulin finally understood why the other three had reacted like that.

That was right! That was a three-ringed Soul Master, and not just any three- ringed Soul Master; it was one with a thousand-year soul ring! That meant he had two spirit souls at the very least. They had seen just how powerful of a Soul Elder he had been when he had instantly killed the Six-armed Fire Snake. Yet, Gu Yue had only needed a few minutes to defeat him! They
could only imagine how strong Gu Yue was now that she had two rings…

Tang Wulin’s heart began to race as he guessed what Gu Yue’s second soul skill was. Her first soul skill was Elemental Tide, which strengthened her
ability to attract elemental energy, but in the previous battle, she had been
able to launch numerous low-level attacks as well as a icicle tornado. Using those attacks, she had provoked her opponent to use his thousand-year soul skill, giving her an opening to kill him with a mass of low-level attacks
afterward. This level of control was simply too powerful and was definitely impossible to attain with just her spiritual power. If it wasn’t for her second soul skill, then just how had she managed to cover the sky with low-level
elemental attacks?

Although neither of Gu Yue’s soul skills were directly related to attacking, did she really need them to be? She could control six elements! With this array of elements, she could not only fight in countless styles, but also
constantly change her tactics. And then there was her powerful spiritual power… Among the students of class zero, she was undoubtedly worthy of being called the strongest!

It was no wonder that Xie Xie no longer had any dreams of defeating her. How could he even possibly be a worthy opponent for the powerful Gu Yue?

Although, Gu Yue had been right. That ice staff wielding youth had been careless and hadn’t even bothered trying to understand her abilities. If he
 had been more cautious and immediately used his second soul skill to defend, he likely wouldn’t have lost so easily. Furthermore, Gu Yue
couldn’t possibly match him in a battle of attrition.

“Do you want to rest for a while?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue. Gu Yue shook her head. “Let’s go.”
Without the protection of the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s webs, it was extremely dangerous for them to stay in place for an extended period of time.

“Soul beasts are approaching.” Zhang Yangzi, who was in charge of reconnaissance, urgently informed them. “There are a lot. It seems to be a group of soul beasts, and there are at least thirty of them. They seem to be Blazing Demon Lions.”

Horror took over everyone’s faces when they heard his words.

Lions were one of the strongest types of soul beasts that lived on land.
Generally speaking, the greater a soul beast’s individual strength was, the greater its inclination toward being independent. That way, they would be able to obtain even more resources. Only lion-type soul beasts were unique in this aspect. With a single leader lion as the head of a pride of lionesses, they formed a powerful force regardless of whether they were in the forests or the prairies. Even soul beasts that were far stronger than the head lion
wouldn’t dare to provoke the pride lightly. The combined power of the whole pride was simply too fearsome.

“Run!” Tang Wulin shouted the order without the slightest hesitation before turning around to flee.

Gu Yue waved her hands and enveloped them in a green light. Its effects
were stronger than before and now they felt as if they were light as feathers, giving them a large boost to their speed.

Chapter 146 – Successive Eliminations

Chapter 146 – Successive Eliminations

The greatest and most powerful advantage of Gu Yue’s control over the
elements was the fact that she could use them to attack, defend, and control, making her strong in every aspect of combat. Now that she had gained her
second soul ring and become a Soul Grandmaster, her strength had received a massive boost, firmly cementing her position as the strongest member on the team.

Xie Xie took the lead and scouted for a path ahead while Zhang Yangzi continued to direct his little Black Eagle spirit soul to watch their rear.
During his meditation, he had restored his spirit soul enough to come out
again, but it was still too weak to contribute in combat and could only share its vision with Zhang Yangzi. If he wanted to completely restore it, he
would need to meditate for several more days.

A roar rumbled behind them. Soon, numerous red figures could be seen madly rushing toward them.

Soul Masters weren’t the only ones who could absorb spirit energy; soul beasts could too. It was precisely due to the powerful waves of spirit energy emanating from their bodies that had attracted the soul beasts. Blazing
Demon Lions were one of the strongest soul beast races and could easily sense the student’s spirit energy fluctuations, spurring their rapid pursuit.

Run! If they could run for even a moment longer, then it was a moment longer they would live. Even a fraction of a second more would allow them to absorb a bit more spirit energy.
 They stood no chance against a whole pride of Blazing Demon Lions. Perhaps if they all possessed three soul rings, they might have had a glimmer of hope.

In a previous trip into the spirit ascension platform, they had been unlucky enough to encounter a pride of Blazing Demon Lions and were met with a deadly fate. That horrific slaughter was still fresh in their memories.

The Blazing Demon Lions had surrounded them, and despite their best
efforts to resist, they had been slaughtered within moments. For the rest of that day, they were plagued by the sensation of being burned alive.

This pride of Blazing Demon Lions was definitely an existence that stood at the very apex of the elementary spirit ascension platform. Though the Man-
Faced Demon Spider was extremely powerful as an individual, even it
wouldn’t be able to survive an onslaught from a pride of wild lions. In such a scenario, its only choice would have been to flee.

The head lion of a pride of Blazing Demon Lions was equivalent to a thousand-year soul beast. As for the remaining lionesses, every one of them had the cultivation of a hundred-year soul beast at least, if not a thousand- year level. They were able to become so powerful simply because they had very few natural predators in this forest. Regardless of whether it was an individual Soul Master or a group of them, it was practically impossible to defeat the Blazing Demon Lions with only three soul rings.

This was the reason why Tang Wulin had immediately given the order to flee the moment he heard that they were being chased by Blazing Demon Lions. The only thing they could do now was to run until they either lost the lions or perished.

Of course, there was a silver lining to this. The roars of the Blazing Demon Lions scared off all other soul beasts. After all, the lions were just as terrifying to soul beasts as they were to humans! Regardless of which lion species, they all shared one thing in common: they were carnivores! They hunted both humans and soul beasts alike.
 As such, not a single soul beast dared to block their way in their mad
escape. Even if a soul beast were to appear before them, they would soon flee in fear when they heard the declarations of the lions’ hunt.

Despite their best efforts to flee, however, the Blazing Demon Lions were natives and were able to traverse the great forest far more quickly than humans.

Coordination was useless in such dire circumstances.

Surprisingly, the slowest one among them was Wang Jinxi. Just as the lions were about to reach him, he helplessly slapped the button on the back of his hand.

Wang Jinxi disappeared in a flash of light, the spirit energy he had yet to fully absorb drifting over to the remaining four Soul Masters.

The next slowest person was Gu Yue. Although she could enhance her speed with the wind element, she still couldn’t hope to match Agility
System Soul Masters or Tang Wulin, who had been born with innate divine strength. She was the second one to hit the button on the back of her hand. Perhaps it was due to her meticulous planning, but after she disappeared in a flash of light, all her unabsorbed spirit power flew toward Tang Wulin
with barely any dispersion.

The remaining three were too preoccupied with the Blazing Demon Lions drawing closer and closer to question her control over the spirit energy.

For the time being, they were able to gain a little breathing room thanks to Gu Yue as she had cast a giant blizzard at the pride behind them before she exited, slowing them momentarily.

“Captain! I have an idea,” blurted out Zhang Yangzi.

“What?” Tang Wulin urgently asked as he continued to madly flee. His method of running was different from Xie Xie’s and Zhang Yangzi’s as he wasn’t an Agility System Soul Master, and lacked their raw speed. Instead, he possessed tremendous power. He would launch off the ground like an
 artillery shell, leaving a deep imprint in the ground each time. Every leap was filled with so much momentum that he didn’t even bother dodging the branches. Instead, he plowed straight through them, just like a bulldozer.
Tang Wulin’s actions simply left Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie speechless.

This wasn’t the point though. The important thing was that with this method, Tang Wulin was actually a bit faster than the other two! In fact, Zhang Yangzi and Xie Xie could enjoy a clear path as long as they stayed right behind Tang Wulin.

“There should definitely be some soul beasts flying in the sky. I’ll try and lure them down here, and maybe they’ll attack the Blazing Demon Lions.”

“Don’t go, It’s too risky.” Tang Wulin immediately rejected the proposal.

Provoking the soul beasts in the sky was an easy matter, but with one mistake, Zhang Yangzi would die.

Zhang Yangzi smiled mischievously. “This is the spirit ascension platform; we won’t really be in danger. If worst comes to worst, I’ll just be a bit
shaken for a few days. We’ve already made enough gains to make up for the losses this trip anyway. I haven’t contributed much this time, so let me try this at least.” After he finished speaking, without even waiting for Tang Wulin’s reply, Zhang Yangzi kicked off a tree branch and swiftly climbed up the tree with the aid of his wings.

Zhang Yangzi had yet to forget his first experience in the spirit ascension platform. His failure that time had brought to light many of his
shortcomings. It was then that he had truly understood he wasn’t the most outstanding student in his class anymore.

As he approached the top of the tree, a shocking scene filled his eyes.

In his first trip into the spirit ascension platform, he had only seen a single green bird flying, but this time, he witnessed flocks of all kinds of flying
soul beasts that covered the sky.
 There were a few green birds among the mass of beasts and were in a
chaotic battle against each other. Every once in awhile, a killed soul beast would drop from the sky and into the forest thicket.

“What, what is this?!” Just as he was about to reach the tree’s peak, he saw a giant nest with several pitch-black eggs within.

The eggs were large, each similar to the size of a large ball.

“These should be a flying soul beast’s eggs. Big brother is really apologetic, but I’ll have to crack you.” Zhang Yangzi quickly picked up an egg and lifted it overhead. Utilising his second soul skill, Eagle Soars the Sky, he rushed into the sky.

“Hey, whose egg is this? Quickly come claim it!” Zhang Yangzi shouted at the top of his lungs.

The nearby flying soul beasts turned their gazes to this newly ascended human. A moment later, a gigantic black soul beast released a sharp cry full of wrath.

“Hehe. Catch!” While saying this, Zhang Yangzi threw the egg toward the speeding red specks on the ground. After provoking the flying soul beasts, he slapped his escape button with lightning speed.

Mission accomplished!

Zhang Yangzi disappeared in a flash of light while dozens of gigantic flying soul beasts dove into the forest.

As the spirit energy contained within Zhang Yangzi’s body began to disperse, the flying soul beasts arrived just in time to absorb it.

I stole your egg, but you’re gaining so much spirit energy that you’re profiting from this. Of course, you still need to survive the battle with the Blazing Demon Lions. These were Zhang Yangzi’s final thoughts as he disappeared from the spirit ascension platform.
 The last two remaining heard a cacophony of twigs breaking and leaves rustling from behind them. Following that, the pressure of the lions’ pursuit dissipated. Tang Wulin and Xie Xie exchanged a knowing look. They knew that Zhang Yangzi had succeeded.

“Nicely done!” Xie Xie couldn’t help but praise their fallen comrade.

Zhang Yangzi had given up on absorbing more spirit energy in order to create an opportunity for his teammates to survive.

“Although, I don’t think he had enough spiritual power to absorb much more spirit energy anyways. Haha!” Xie Xie heartily laughed as he sped up once more.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but crack a smile too. Although he was absorbing more and more spirit energy, he had yet to reach his limits. As for his teammates with two rings, however, they were probably feeling awfully bloated by now.

Suddenly, a dark golden radiance flashed ahead of them.

Xie Xie wasn’t able to stop his mad dash forward in time, so his body was instantly sliced up into pieces and scattered onto the forest floor.

Xie Xie’s corpse then disappeared in a flash of light.

Tang Wulin’s scalp began to tingle. Without any hesitation, he shot
Bluesilver Grass out of his hand toward a tree, forcefully changing his direction.

Another dark gold light flashed by and an ear-piercing hissing sound came from where he had been standing just a split-second ago. Three lines in the air could be made out.

Chapter 147 – The True King

Chapter 147 – The True King

Half of Xie Xie’s spirit energy flew toward Tang Wulin while the other half flew in another direction. As he watched the energy fly away, a giant figure emerged.

It was an enormous bear, its fur dark-gold in colour. Standing over three meters tall, it had thick arms and its majestic shoulders, akin to a great wall. Four golden claws of at least one meter in length extended from each paw.

Xie Xie! Tang Wulin screamed in agony within his heart, for he knew just what sort of backlash Xie Xie would experience after being slashed into pieces. Although dying in the spirit ascension platform did not signify a true death, Soul Masters would still face powerful mental backlash from their death experience. Though they all had plenty of experience in this by now, it was still Xie Xie’s first time being killed in such a gruesome manner.

Tang Wulin could instantly recognize the formidable soul beast before him.
As a matter of fact, it would be impossible for him to not recognize it; it was simply too famous in the world of Soul Masters.

Reputed to be the strongest soul beast in the world, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear.

It was rumored that the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear was one of the most powerful bears within history and when mature, it would not need to fear
any predator, not even true dragons. Should a battle between titans come to pass, the outcome would be difficult to guess.

The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear preferred to to live independently. Whether it be attack or defense, it possessed overwhelming power in every aspect. It
 truly was an existence that stood at the apex of the soul beast world.

If the Blazing Demon Lions were said to be one of the top predators in the elementary spirit ascension platform, then when faced with the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear, all they would be able to do was beg for their lives. The
reason was simple. Throughout the ages, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear had always been an existence that stood at the very peak!

This Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear before his eyes was only three meters tall, but should still be at the hundred-year level, if not higher. In comparison to other hundred-year soul beasts, if it was said that a hundred-year Man- Faced Demon Spider could kill a thousand-year soul beast, then a hundred- year Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear could make even ten-thousand-year level
soul beasts run away in fear! That was just how frightening it was.

Never in his wildest dreams did Tang Wulin expect to run into this legendary bear within the rebellion spirit ascension platform. After all, wouldn’t such an amazing beast appear in the higher leveled spirit
ascension platforms instead?

Fight it? You have got to be joking with me.

Tang Wulin threw his hammer straight at the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear before turning around and fleeing.


A metallic note rung out as the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear tore the hammer apart with one swipe. Furthermore, it had already completely absorbed the spirit energy left behind by Xie Xie.

Such a powerful claw!

At this moment, a bizarre thought popped into Tang Wulin’s mind. Is my Golden Dragon Claw stronger, or its Duskgold Dreadclaw?

Pressured by the dangerous aura behind him, Tang Wulin felt as if the entire forest had darkened. As soon as the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear had
 appeared, the entire forest fell into a complete silence. Not even the chirping of birds could be heard.

Having dealt with the unexpected troubles from the sky, the Blazing Demon Lions roared and rushed toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin knew that it was impossible for him to escape. He clenched his teeth and run headfirst into the pride of lions. Regardless of who kills me, you won’t get off lightly either.

He didn’t immediately hit his ejection button. To him, even a little bit more spirit energy absorbed could lead to a wonderful situation. He wanted to hold out and absorb as much energy as possible.

The head lion stood over four meters tall and had a fiery red mane like a flickering flame. Its entire body was coated in an orange fire. A domineering aura emanated from its body, which was only bolstered when it roared wrathfully as if it was proclaiming its sovereignty. It was telling all the surrounding soul beasts that it was the ruler of this forest.

With one glance, it spotted Tang Wulin, his rich aura of spirit energy instantly catching its attention. The Blazing Demon Lion snarled a
command to its lionesses, who quickly split up and surrounded Tang Wulin while it pounced directly at him. With such a fat slab of meat in front of it, how could it share with others? Its strength would leap substantially if it
absorbed all of Tang Wulin’s spirit energy.

At that moment, however, Tang Wulin suddenly leapt up. A strand of
Bluesilver Grass shot out. Pulling on it, he instantly changing his direction.

A dark-gold light flew out, announcing the arrival of the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear.

Its speed was completely uncharacteristic of its gigantic body. It hadn’t made a single noise while running.

Aflame with arrogance and wildness, the thousand-year Blazing Demon Lion took one look at the bear and, as if a switch had been flipped, it
 immediately pressed down on all four legs and skidded to a halt. The flames on its body blew out and even its fiery mane had become dull. It flipped over a few times and landed in front of the bear with its tail between its legs. Rather than immediately trying to flee, it crawled on the floor and let our some sad cries.

“This, this is the Blazing Demon Lion King? Is it really a thousand-year
Blazing Demon Lion?” Tang Wulin was dumbstruck as he witnessed such a shocking scene. Isn’t that guy just a little kitty now?

That was right. In front of the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear, the thousand-year Blazing Demon Lion and its lionesses were merely kittens. All their fires had extinguished as they crawled on the floor, swishing their tails as they begged for pity.

The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear didn’t even put them in its eyes. Its icy gaze had been fixed on Tang Wulin the entire time.

Tang Wulin urgently raised his right claw just as a dark-gold light flashed, filling his heart with panic. He immediately pulled on the strand of
Bluesilver Grass he had shot out and swung in another direction.

A gigantic dark-gold figure destroyed everything in the place he had been just a split-second before.

That was right! Everything!

There wasn’t even any rumbling as the trees, bushes and even the earth were torn to shreds.

Duskgold Dreadclaw… That’s a real Duskgold Dreadclaw! It could even tear open a dragon’s body!

The humongous Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear soared into the air with a terrifying leap, overtaking Tang Wulin in a flash.

I’ll risk it all!
 A golden light twinkled in Tang Wulin’s eyes as he directed all his soul power into his right arm. A wave of golden scales covered his arms and his Golden Dragon Claw appeared.

Compared to the huge Duskgold Dreadclaw, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw was simply tiny. He fiercely slashed at the Duskgold Dreadclaw with his dragon claw.

While attacking, Tang Wulin adjusted his posture in the air, keeping his head away from the bear. Even if his Golden Dragon Claw was torn apart and his body was cleaved into two, it would be fine as long as his head
wasn’t destroyed immediately. If it were, the split-second of pain he would experience would leave many residual effects.

He had just decided on this retaliation, because if he didn’t test the true might of his Golden Dragon Claw, he would regret it.


The Golden Dragon Claw met with the Duskgold Dreadclaw in an explosive collision.

In the brief moment that their two claws had clashed, Tang Wulin felt all his soul power being drawn out and his blood boiling. In particular, a spot between his eyebrows was burning as a faint golden light appeared.

As the Duskgold Dreadclaw swept past, it not only missed his head, but also his entire upper body. Unfortunately, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw disappeared in the next moment while the Duskgold Dreadclaw
continued to slash across his body.

Xie Xie had been torn in half vertically, while Tang Wulin was cleaved in half horizontally. The last thing he felt was his lower body separating from his upper body.

An icy numbness washed over him as darkness enveloped his mind.

Chapter 148 – Full Marks and 99 Points

Chapter 148 – Full Marks and 99 Points

“Hurry! Quickly go save him! Does this child not recognize the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear? Why didn’t he hit the ejection button!”

An anxious voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind as he gradually regained consciousness, the icy numbness fading from his body at the same time.

A metallic friction sound rang out and in the next moment, light filled his eyes.

I’m back. I’m fine. Those were Tang Wulin’s first thoughts, but then he noticed something strange about his state. Why do I feel fine?

His body had been shredded into pieces so he should be experiencing strong residual effects, and yet, he didn’t feel anything in particular.

“How are you doing?” Wu Zhangkong’s face appeared above the metal box.

Staff members also came over, prodding Tang Wulin’s body with a sort of popsicle-looking thing. “Are you conscious? Do you feel cold?”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin answered.

“He’s awake and has feeling. This is odd! He recovered this quickly?”

Tang Wulin grabbed the edge of the metal box and slowly pulled himself up.
 A burst of weakness struck his brain, as if his mind had tired. Apart from this, everything else felt normal for him.

“Teacher, I’m fine.” After confirming that his body had no abnormalities, Tang Wulin got out of the metal box.

Wang Jinxi, Zhang Yangzi and Gu Yue were waiting at the side. Standing right beside his box, Gu Yue only let out a breath of relief when she saw Tang Wulin sit up.

However, the box next to his was bustling with people. Xie Xie, that’s Xie Xie’s box.
Xie Xie should be fine, right?

Tang Wulin anxiously asked, “How is Xie Xie’s state right now?”

Wu Zhangkong said, “He managed to avoid having his head destroyed at the final moment, but the spiritual backlash for the rest of his body is still great. He’s currently unconscious, but he should wake up after resting a bit. Oh, he’s conscious.”

A long sigh of relief escaped from Tang Wulin after hearing that Xie Xie was awake. The most important thing after exiting the spirit ascension platform was waking up. As long as one was able to wake up, the body
would be able to slowly recover. After all, they hadn’t truly sustained any injuries.

Tang Wulin quickly reached Xie Xie’s box and peered inside. Xie Xie’s complexion was pale and his body was twitching. Abnormal twitching of the body was a typical residual effect from dying in the spirit ascension platform.

Twitching is normal after dying in there, but there aren’t any effects in my body at all. Why aren’t I twitching too?

Tang Wulin wasn’t the only person thinking of this question. Within Wu Zhangkong’s heart, he was asking himself the exact same question. It was
 obvious, however, that Tang Wulin was unable to answer this question.

“As long as everybody is fine, then that’s good.” Wu Zhangkong dully said. “Wulin, thank you.” Xie Xie’s weak voice called out from the metal box.
“Huh? What are you thanking me for?” Tang Wulin smiled bitterly.

Xie Xie forced out a difficult smile. “Thank you for your Thousand Refined Cloud Titanium vest. If I hadn’t worn it on my shoulders, helping to block
some of the attack and giving me enough time to react, then my head might have been shredded too. That would have been truly troubling.”

It was only then that Tang Wulin understood Xie Xie’s words. Although it had seemed to him that Xie Xie had been sliced apart, the vest had still
slightly protected him. With his sharp reflexes as an Agility System Soul Master, he had just been able to narrowly avoid having his head destroyed.

Come to think of it, it was also like that when the Duskgold Dreadclaw
Bear tore me apart from the waist down. It’s just that I was already dodging at that time.

“You guys cheated.” Wu Zhangkong’s cold voice suddenly cut in as he
stood there holding a vest. That vest was undoubtedly Xie Xie’s, stripped off during his post-ejection medical inspection.

Tang Wulin immediately blushed with embarrassment and awkwardness. “Teacher Wu, that shouldn’t be considered cheating, right? I only made it
because I was afraid everyone would suffer like Wang Jinxi the first time.”

Wu Zhangkong handed the vest to Tang Wulin and indifferently
commented, “The craftsmanship is not bad. You can already Thousand Refine?”

“Ah?” Tang Wulin was stunned. “Yes!”
 Wu Zhangkong said, “For the first part of your final exam, everyone gets full marks except for you, the captain. You get points deducted because you cheated and encouraged your teammates to cheat. Your final exam score is…”

Tang Wulin listened anxiously for the final verdict, his heart racing. “Just 99 points.”

Ninety-nine points? That’s not a huge difference from one hundred though? At that moment, Tang Wulin was at a loss as to how to react. The Zhang
Yangzi at the side had already started yelling, “Long live Teacher Wu!”

Wu Zhangkong coldly responded, “Don’t get so excited just yet. There’s
still one more section to your final exam. You will need to pass this section too in order to pass your exams.”

A staff member brought out a machine to stabilize Xie Xie’s conditions. This machine sent electric currents into his body to alleviate the side effects of the spirit ascension platform.

Xie Xie had suffered from many residual effects after being killed, so it took him over an hour before he was able to muster enough strength to sit up.

Everyone else had already recovered and were all waiting for Xie Xie. Tang Wulin walked to Wu Zhangkong’s side and softly asked, “I still have
another entry card for the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Am I actually able to go in again?”

“Mn?” Wu Zhangkong stared at the card in Tang Wulin’s hand, a trace of astonishment flashing through his eyes.

“The Blacksmith’s Association gave this to me.” Tang Wulin didn’t bother trying to hide it.
 Wu Zhangkong’s impression of Tang Wulin changed. He then shook his head and said, “You don’t need to go in again. There’s no meaning in it for you. As the rebellion period progresses, the spirit ascension platform will grow increasingly powerful, and even more rabid soul beasts will emerge. If you go in right now, you won’t be able to survive for long at all. You can just hold onto the card for now and use it during the next rebellion period.
The card itself is also worth a lot. You could auction it off for quite a sum.”

Tang Wulin had originally wanted to return to the rebellion spirit ascension platform to absorb more spirit energy, but after hearing Wu Zhangkong’s words, he understood that his thoughts had been too naive.

“Teacher Wu, I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to achieve or not. It’s about the spirit energy we absorbed. This time we…”

Just as Tang Wulin was about to explain, Wu Zhangkong’s hand shot out and covered his mouth. Wu Zhangkong’s eyes shifted to the nearby Spirit Pagoda staff members then whispered, “We’ll discuss this when we get back.”

Tang Wulin realized his error. That’s right! We had absorbed so much spirit energy this time that we must have surpassed the average. I really shouldn’t talk about this in front of the Spirit Pagoda members.


Xie Xie was piggybacked by Tang Wulin all the way back to the academy. Although Xie Xie was recovered now, he still didn’t have full control over his body and all his movements were uncoordinated. According to a Spirit Pagoda staff member, he would need at least a day to recover from this
state. Fortunately, there would be no lasting effects. As for whether a shadow had been cast over his heart, only Xie Xie could answer that.

“I’m fine? I didn’t even see what soul beast killed me, so why would I have a shadow over my heart?” Xie Xie said, all thick-skinned.

“That’s good then.” A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s lips after hearing such a typical response from Xie Xie.
 Xie Xie grumpily complained, “It’s so unfair. You were slashed apart too, yet why are you completely fine?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “I don’t know either. Anyways, I’m just happy I made it out alright. Perhaps it’s also related to your body strength. Your body is still too weak. How about you come with me on morning runs from now on? It’ll increase your constitution and strength.”

Xie Xie teased, “Alright! I can go meet that senior sister with you then.”

Tang Wulin blushed crimson. “What meeting with the senior sister? Stop talking about things you don’t know about.”

Gu Yue’s gaze instantly locked onto Tang Wulin, while Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi cast curious glances in his direction.

Tang Wulin said dismissively, “It’s nothing. There are a lot of people going on runs in the morning so naturally I’ve met a few seniors.”

Even though the words he spoke denied it, a delicate face appeared within his heart.

It was just as Xie Xie had said; every day he would be able to see Ouyang Zixin on his morning runs. Although he only greeted her each time and occasionally spoke a few words with her, the more he ran, the more familiar he had grown with her.

Moreover, he was so accustomed to seeing her every morning that disappointment would fill his heart if she wasn’t there one morning.

“Go back and rest properly. We’ll be summarizing your experiences tomorrow. Tang Wulin, come to my quarters.” Wu Zhangkong immediately issued out these commands the moment they arrived at the academy.

Tang Wulin first delivered Xie Xie to his room and laid him down to rest before heading over to Wu Zhangkong’s office.

“Wulin, you must remember that in the future, regardless of whether it be the spirit ascension platform or the Spirit Pagoda, you mustn’t speak of any
 ideas. Instead, wait until you come back. Understood?” Wu Zhangkong advised.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Understood, teacher. But why? If the spirit ascension platform has a problem, shouldn’t I tell the Spirit Pagoda?’

Chapter 149 – It’s Possible In Theory

Chapter 149 – It’s Possible In Theory

Wu Zhangkong said, “You’re still young and there are some things you needn’t know about just yet. As long as you remember my words, you’ll be fine. The Spirit Pagoda doesn’t think the same way you do. They possess so much power that even the Federation is afraid of them. Moreover, the Spirit Pagoda spans across to other continents too.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Other continents? The Star Luo Continent and the Heaven Dou Continent?

“Teacher, have you ever been to the other two continents? Do you know what’s different about them?” Tang Wulin curiously asked.

Wu Zhangkong calmly answered, “There are many different kinds of places in this world, and you’ll know what they are like when you visit them in the future, but for now, you shouldn’t be thinking about that. Now tell me, what did you feel in the spirit ascension platform today?”

Seeing that Wu Zhangkong didn’t wish to talk about the other two
continents, Tang Wulin wisely chose to drop the topic and quickly began explaining his thoughts.

“Teacher Wu, after absorbing all that spirit energy today, I realized that it’ll be extremely hard for my teammates with two soul rings to evolve their
spirit souls. In fact, it’s practically impossible for them to evolve them to the thousand-year level since the spirit energy is split between their two rings evenly. Even if they did evolve their spirit souls to the thousand-year
 level, their bodies wouldn’t be able to bear two thousand-year soul rings, not to mention that neither Wang Jinxi’s nor Zhang Yangzi’s spiritual power is strong enough to handle a single thousand-year spirit soul yet. Isn’t this the reason it’s so hard for Soul Masters to evolve their spirit souls in the
spirit ascension platform?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “The fact that you’ve arrived at this conclusion
shows just how seriously you have been thinking about this. Not bad. Even if you had enough resources to enter the spirit ascension platform more times, there is still a limit to what your body can handle. In the end, your
chances of success would still be tiny. What you really should be considering isn’t that.”

“Mn.” Tang Wulin nodded in understanding. “I think my situation is
actually a bit special. My body is stronger than an ordinary Soul Master’s so I’m actually able to support a thousand-year soul ring despite only having one ring. I’m not restricted to an up to four-hundred-years ring like other one-ring Soul Masters. My spiritual power is also at the Spirit Connection realm, so if I absorb enough spirit energy, I should be able to gain a thousand-year spirit soul, right?”

For a moment, a glimmer of surprise twinkled in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes before he nodded and said, “It’s possible in theory, but you will have to absorb enough spirit energy to evolve your spirit soul before you gain a second soul ring. Moreover, your body will need to be able to bear two thousand-year soul rings when it comes time for your second soul ring.”

Wu Zhangkong’s words immediately reminded Tang Wulin of something. That’s right! If I evolve my spirit soul to the thousand-year level, that means my second soul ring will also be at the thousand-year level. It’s no problem for me to handle one thousand-year soul ring right now, but will I be able to handle two thousand-year soul rings by the time I become a Soul Grandmaster?

Wu Zhangkong continued, “How about this, we’ll run some tests on your body later and figure out just how much you can bear. We already know your spiritual power can support a single thousand-year spirit soul, so all
 that’s left to determine is whether or not your body can bear two thousand- year soul rings. You’ll really be a unique case if you can.”

“Thank you, teacher.”

Teacher Wu isn’t the only person I can ask about how much my body can bear. I can also ask… Old Tang!

After Tang Wulin left, Wu Zhangkong sat there in deep thought. There really is something special about Tang Wulin. I think he’ll actually be able to do it.

Should he actually obtain a thousand-year spirit soul, then even though his martial soul is weak, it will be enough to make up for it and make him
strong! This set of circumstances is even rare in Shrek Academy.

However, this isn’t a certainty. After all, I’ve never entered the land of the true monsters of Shrek.

He should only be a step away from evolving his spirit soul once more. It seems I’ll need to conduct some special tests on him.

Wu Zhangkong narrowed his eyes. It’s best to keep this matter a secret from the Spirit Pagoda.

At the very least, this can’t be revealed until he’s stronger.

As his train of thought traveled along this path, a series of plans began to form.

He had never expected these children to make such a great harvest this time in the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Without a doubt, having survived the longest, it was Tang Wulin who had benefited the most. He had
absorbed the most spirit energy with Gu Yue in second place. She had
suddenly broke through to become a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster, gaining enough power to even defeat a three-ringed Soul Elder who had two spirit souls and a powerful martial soul! It was true that her opponent had been
 careless, but it would have been impossible to grasp victory without her insane control over the elements!

Nobody knew just how strong Gu Yue’s spiritual power was after gaining her second soul ring. This little girl had a chance of reaching the Spirit Sea realm by the time she turned fifteen!

The others’ spirit souls had also made some progress, but now they were faced with a problem. They couldn’t enter the spirit ascension platform
again for a while, otherwise they might accidently absorb too much spirit energy which would negatively influence their bodies.

He had never expected they would make so much progress in a short six months. According to the original plan they had for class zero, they
shouldn’t be this powerful until the third grade.

It seems I’ll have to adjust the originally planned curriculum.


“Old Tang, now that I have fully absorbed the power of the first seal, how many soul rings and spirit souls can my body handle?” The moment Tang Wulin returned to his room, he began meditating to call out Old Tang.

Old Tang’s body was still bathed in a golden light, but for some reason, Tang Wulin felt as though the light had grown a bit more resplendent than before. Old Tang also no longer seemed as transparent to him.

Old Tang asked, ”Oh? What do you mean? Is there a problem with your soul rings?”

Tang Wulin didn’t know why, but he placed an immense amount of trust in this mysterious Old Tang that dwelled within his body. He didn’t bother to hide anything as he explained what had happened in the spirit ascension platform, as well as his thoughts on the spirit soul evolution he had already experienced.
 After hearing his explanation, Old Tang suddenly blurted out, “I understand what you’re thinking. You’re worried that your body won’t be able to
absorb that much spirit energy, correct?”

“That’s right! That’s what I’m worried about.” Tang Wulin hurriedly added, “So what level of soul ring do you think my body can bear right now? And my spirit soul?”

Old Tang said, “This is actually a very simple matter since there’s no one more familiar with your body than I. Your spiritual power is gradually increasing, but your job to find a way to improve faster. It would be best for you to find a spiritual power cultivation method that will help you increase your spiritual power improvement rate. With your current level, you should be able to support a single thousand-year spirit soul or two hundred-year
spirit souls. As for soul rings, you need not worry. Having absorbed the power of the Golden Dragon King’s first seal, it’ll be no problem for your body to bear two thousand-year soul rings.”

Tang Wulin said, “Then, is it possible for me to break the second seal before I reach rank 20? And what level will my body reach after absorbing the second seal’s power?”

Old Tang answered, “Based on your body’s current condition, it should be possible. However, you will need to find the items I told you about first.
You can only break the second seal after obtaining those items. You will also need to strengthen your body further by that time. Actually, if you
really can evolve your spirit soul and soul ring to the thousand-year level, it will provide you with an overall improvement to both your body and
essence, so I fully encourage you to evolve them before you reach rank 20. When that time comes, I’ll give you some new advice. Just remember though, the earlier you break the seals, the higher the chance they will break on their own in the future and so your period of safety will become even

Chapter 150 – The Xu Clan’s Siblings

Chapter 150 – The Xu Clan’s Siblings

“The seals will break on their own? They can do that?” Tang Wulin doubtfully asked.

Old Tang said, “Of course. If you grow old enough or accidentally run into something that purifies the Golden Dragon King’s essence, then there’s a
chance that a seal might break forcefully. Should that happen, you’ll be faced with great danger. More importantly, the latter seals will become even firmer. Basically, the more seals you break by yourself, the lower the
chances are that the following seals will break automatically and endanger your life. It would be best you if they never break by themselves, otherwise…”

Old Tang didn’t finish his sentence, but the grim tone in his voice made his meaning clear.

“Thank you, Old Tang. I’ll definitely do my best! My goal now is to first evolve my spirit soul to the thousand-year level!”

“That’s right. Do your best.”


“You all scored highly on yesterday’s exam, and this can be attributed to each of you doing exactly what was necessary. It seems that the last three months haven’t been a waste after all. At the very least, you are now a functional team.” Strangely enough, although Wu Zhangkong was clearly
 praising his students, his voice was still as icy as ever. The five students were doubting whether they should be happy or ashamed.

“Tang Wulin, your control has obviously made much progress. Good work, and continue to do your best. Unfortunately, every one of you has absorbed too much spirit energy yesterday, so once the final exam period is over,
we’ll run some tests again and figure out just how much more spirit energy your bodies can bear. Keep in mind that it is absolutely crucial that you do not absorb energy beyond your limits.”

Based on his initial observations, Wu Zhangkong proceeded to summarize the battles from the previous day and gave them his assessment.

The five students couldn’t help but beam proudly as he talked about the rebellion spirit ascension platform, especially when he mentioned the Man- Faced Demon Spider. A sort of wonderfully unfathomable feeling still lingered in their hearts at the thought of that battle.

Although Gu Yue had not yet broken through to two rings at the time of that battle, her tactics had been absolutely perfect.

“Tang Wulin, I have a question for you. Was it part of your plan to use the Man-Faced Demon Spider’s toxic webs after its death to kill even more soul beasts?” Wu Zhangkong’s burning gaze bore into Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin ardently shook his head. “I was thinking that if I let it spin its web, then it would lower its guard and we would be able to use the webs as a protective barrier after it died. I’d never imagined that the webs would
actually kill so many soul beasts for us, letting us absorb so much spirit energy.”

Wu Zhangkong gave a slight nod. “While your coordination control was exceptional, you must keep in mind that the essence of a Control System
Soul Master is to never let your opponent know your intent. This time, your constant, coordinated attacks served to misdirect the enemy’s attention,
creating a vital opening for you.”
 At the mention of this, Tang Wulin could only scratch his head in embarrassment.

Wu Zhangkong continued, “But you are still not calm enough! After killing the Man-Faced Demon Spider, it was clear that you all lost your previous tension. Compared to your state of mind from before the battle, the difference was too great! Did you feel satisfied after gaining that much in the spirit ascension platform?”

The students looked at each other in dismay. Even Tang Wulin was no different in that he had harbored the same thoughts at that time. After all, by then, they had already gained far more than they had planned.

Wu Zhangkong said, “Then let me ask you one question. What if you had been in a real forest that time, facing a horde of rebellious soul beasts?
Would you still be standing before me now?” No one dared to utter a word.
Wu Zhangkong continued his lecture, “Remember this: no matter how
enticing or how beneficial something is, it cannot compare to the value of your life.”

Xie Xie meekly said, “Teacher Wu, I have a question. If we encounter
something like the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear in the future, what should we do?”

Wu Zhangkong answered without the slightest hesitation. “Run. If you don’t run, then you die.”

“Eh…” Xie Xie stared at Wu Zhangkong in shock.

Wu Zhangkong said, “The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear is a special kind of soul beast. From the moment of its birth, it is a king. Its strength simply
can’t be measured in years, unlike normal soul beasts. But there’s no point in continuing this conversation. It would be miraculous for you to encounter a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear in the future, since they have already been hunted to near extinction long ago.”
 “Is it because they’re dangerous?” Zhang Yangzi asked.

Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “No. It’s because there’s a high chance of collecting a soul bone from them. From the perspective of soul beasts, humanity is the greediest existence in the world. Soul beasts are on the brink of extinction not because they are a danger to us, but because hunting them brings us too many benefits.”

Tang Wulin was dumbstruck at these words. For the first time, he was
exposed to the true relationship between humanity and soul beasts. When he thought back to all the soul beasts he had killed in the spirit ascension platform, his feelings of triumph couldn’t help but turn a bit sour. Those soul beasts had only been illusory existences, but still…

“Big brother, don’t be so angry,” Xu Xiaoyan timidly begged her brother.

Xu Xiaoyu’s distorted expression looked ready to erupt. He couldn’t feel
anything but anger at the moment. Their clan had paid such a heavy price to obtain entry cards to the rebellion spirit ascension platform for the two of them, yet, due to his moment of carelessness, they had both been

The sensation of being annihilated by that elemental attack remained vivid in his mind. It had taken him a full day of rest to recover.

“The only people in the rebellion spirit ascension platform region we
entered yesterday should’ve been Soul Masters from Eastsea City. From their age, they should currently be attending an intermediate academy.
Could they really be students of Eastsea Academy?” Xu Xiaoyu narrated his thoughts with an ashen expression.

Xu Xiaoyan remained stunned for a moment. “Really? If that’s true, then they should be my seniors.”

Although Xu Xiaoyu was the only son in their clan, his stubbornness and
arrogance displeased the elders. On the other hand, the gentle and timid Xu
 Xiaoyan was an absolute treasure in their eyes.

Despite the fact that Xu Xiaoyan was gifted with innate soul power, she didn’t like to cultivate. Fortunately, with an outstanding elder brother like Xu Xiaoyu protecting her, no one dared force her.

When she had first awakened her martial soul three years ago, the clan had run tests on her using their equipment, only to discover that not only did she have soul power at rank 17, she also had a martial soul that had undergone a starlight phenomena rarely seen throughout the history of their clan. After this, they realized that she was an even greater genius that the outstanding Xu Xiaoyu.

The Xu family was the largest clan in Eastsea City, and Xu Xiaoyu and Xu Xiaoyan’s father was the minister of Eastsea City’s financial affairs, which was a position with much prestige and influence. When he found out that his daughter possessed the legendary martial soul of their clan, he was
simply overjoyed. He used his power and influence to obtain another
entrance card so that his son and daughter could enter the rebellion spirit
ascension platform together. Before they entered, he had repeatedly warned Xu Xiaoyu to take care of his little sister and to help her gain as much spirit energy as possible.

Due to Xu Xiaoyan’s timidness and her lack of Soul Master training, she had been cowering in fear behind her brother from the moment they entered the spirit ascension platform. She didn’t have the courage to kill a single
soul beast. Xu Xiaoyu was able to absorb a great amount of spirit power, but his younger sister, with her reluctance to kill, had barely absorbed any.

As he tried his hardest to convince her to at least attack the next soul beast they came across, they accidentally stumbled upon Tang Wulin’s team of five. Afterwards, they were met with tragedy…

Upon returning home, not only did he have to suffer the side effects to his body, he also had to endure a lecture from his father. It would have been
strange if he was still in a good mood after all that.
 “Don’t let me find out who they are, otherwise, I won’t be able to stop myself!” Xu Xiaoyu said grimly.

Despite his words, Gu Yue’s apathetic expression and serene appearance
appeared within his mind. Although she wasn’t as pretty as his little sister, she possessed an amazing temperament. Just how had she been able to
control that many elements?

Even now, Xu Xiaoyu’s heart was in turmoil with his doubts and confusion.

“Teacher Wu, the final part of our exam is about to start. Will today’s combat class be postponed?” Zhang Yangzi flatteringly asked Wu Zhangkong the moment he entered the room.

This was to be expected of course. With their holidays upon them, it was only normal for students to start feeling a bit lazy.

Wu Zhangkong dully said, “Due to the amount of spirit power you all absorbed this time in the spirit ascension platform, the academy has
arranged for you to test your soul ring year levels and your bodies again. Don’t think that you can squander your time just because you are young. If you don’t put in effort at this age, it’ll be useless to begin putting in effort
when you grow old. Don’t you all have a good understanding of each other? Combat class will still proceed as planned. I’ve thought about it for a while, and considering your current situations, it wouldn’t be suitable for you all to enter the spirit ascension platform again for a while. Your combat classes
will actually need to be modified a bit. Follow me.” Wu Zhangkong immediately turned on his heel and walked out.

Crestfallen, Zhang Yangzi muttered, “Teacher Wu is so unreasonable.”
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