The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101 – The Battle Begins!

Chapter 101 – The Battle Begins!

Tang Wulin noticed that the Light Dragon Dagger in Xie Xie’s hand had reduced in size by one circle and its light had become dimmer, yet it seemed to have grown more solid. The lines on the dagger were even clearer to see and now carried a terrifying aura to it.

Two rings? There’s actually a student in class five with two rings?

Despite having just arrived at the sidelines, Long Hengxu’s mouth was
already agape. In comparison to class one with its three Soul Grandmasters, the fact that a Soul Grandmaster appeared in class five was even more
shocking. It was an unprecedented event in all of Eastsea Academy’s history!

Long Henxu felt his face heat in pain as though he’d been smacked in the face.

Oh Wu Zhangkong, Wu Zhangkong. You truly are capable!

The whole of class five began to cheer when they saw that there were actually two rings beneath Xie Xie’s feet.

In a flash of light and shadow, the two of them rushing towards the other. With a grave expression, Xie Xie sped up, turning into a golden light,
spiraling in an arc towards Wei Xiaofeng and pressing him back.

Before they even clashed, Xie Xie’s oppressive aura made Wei Xiaofeng feel as if he was being chopped up.
 What powerful soul power! He must have just broken through, while I’m already at rank 22! How can his soul power still be so oppressive?

Naturally, Wei Xiaofeng didn’t know that with his twin souls, Xie Xie’s soul power was far mightier than others at the same rank.

None of the other four remained idle while these two clashed.

Tang Wulin didn’t immediately release his martial soul, but rather he rushed forward madly, making a beeline for the opponent’s commander, Zhang

Gu Yue’s figure flickered for a moment before quickly reappearing behind Tang Wulin, as if she were his shadow. Although Tang Wulin only relied on his tyrannical strength and was nowhere near as fast as Xie Xie, he was
certainly not slow either. Gu Yue was light as a feather, as if she were a ghost. From beginning to end, she stuck herself to Tang Wulin’s back.

Zhang Yangzi stood there without budging a single inch, as if he paid no mind to Tang Wulin’s charge at all. Rather, it was Wang Jinxi who moved from his side.

Similar to his teammates, Wang Jinxi also had two soul rings. His slim figure seemed to swell a bit, but what had grown in size weren’t his muscles, but rather, his skeleton. He looked like a bony rack as he raised his arms to let forth a stream of black gas.

This… He actually has martial soul with the darkness attribute?

Wang Jinxi took large strides forward to meet Tang Wulin, his arms
extended in front of him the whole time. Two black flames seemed to ignite within his eyes as he advanced. His spirit soul was nowhere to be found and no one knew what it was.

Despite this, Tang Wulin’s expression remained unchanged. A white soul ring appeared underfoot as he raised his arms forward and the little
Goldlight slithered out from his shirt collar to expose its tiny head.
 Of those present, it was only Wu Zhangkong in the audience who noticed that Goldlight’s head had grown much larger than before. But with its body hidden within Tang Wulin’s clothing, he couldn’t get a clear look at it.

A layer of earthen yellow light enshrouded Tang Wulin, causing his figure to appear even thicker than before. His speed, however, slowed down a bit.

A red ball of light flew by his shoulder from behind, just barely missing. Surprisingly, it was a fireball!

Pow! It struck Wang Jinxi’s right hand, but in a flash of black radiance, the fireball was extinguished. In the moment following, he began his exchange of blows with Tang Wulin.

A face to face battle was the domain of an Assault System Soul Master.

Bang! A muffled bang was heard. Tang Wulin came to a stop with a trembling body while Wang Jinxi retreated three steps after receiving Tang Wulin’s punch.

The unmoving Zhang Yangzi’s face colored with astonishment. He understood how much strength Wang Jinxi possessed, as he had a first class close combat martial soul that made him an excellent Assault System Soul Master. In fact, even he himself could not compare in physical strength with Wang Jinxi. He had been absolutely convinced beforehand that within Eastsea Academy’s intermediate division and for those with less than three rings, there were few who could compete in strength. After all, Wang
Jinxi’s martial soul was just that powerful!

Yet, an unbelievable scene played out before him. A mere one ring Soul Master with a ten year soul ring actually possessed strength that surpassed Wang Jinxi’s? This was simply inconceivable!

It wasn’t just Zhang Yangzi who thought this way; Wang Jinxi was equally as shocked at Tang Wulin’s strength. In the moment when they had
exchanged blows, he felt as if he was a lone man facing an unshakable mountain. That tremendous strength of Tang Wulin’s was something he was completely unable to contend with. He couldn’t help but retreat.
 Gu Yue didn’t follow up with another attack, but instead continued to hide behind Tang Wulin’s back. They still had one opponent who had yet to make their move, so she wanted to conserve her strength.

In the moment Tang Wulin’s fist struck Wang Jinxi, the peculiar feeling within Gu Yue’s heart grew even further.

On the other side, Xie Xie and Wei Xiaofeng were still engaged in an intense clash.

Faced with the threat of Xie Xie’s assault, Wei Xiaofeng’s first soul ring lit up as he used his first soul skill. His body suddenly became illusory as a
series of phantoms appeared behind him. These phantoms appeared unreal as they revolved around him and he blended in among them, making it hard for others to identify the real one.

For his Green Shadow Snake martial soul, Wei Xiaofeng’s first soul skill was Green Shadow Clones.

Wei Xiaofeng’s spirit soul and martial soul backed up his arrogance. With their extreme compatibility with each other, the soul skills he obtained had been a level higher than what other Soul Masters could get.

Although these Green Shadow Clones were simply clones, they were nearly identical to the real thing and possessed an illusory air to them. Wei
Xiaofeng’s foot quietly reach out, winding about Xie Xie’s leg.

Could Xie Xie distinguish between the phantoms and the true body? Naturally, the current him couldn’t. But he still had means.

Wu Zhangkong had taught him that if he ever encountered an opponent
with abilities he could not analyze, the best method to deal with them was to fully display one’s own abilities. With the use of his strongest abilities, Xie Xie would forcefully break through.

Thus, Xie Xie activated his first soul ring, lighting up the Green Shadow Clones for a moment. A radiant golden blade slashed out.
 Why do I care how many phantoms you have? One attack and I’ll know which one is real and which are fake.

After reaching rank 20, Xie Xie’s soul power had reached another realm, causing the might of his Light Dragon Blade to grow substantially.

The blade of golden light was just like a crescent moon slashing out. A
series of shrill sounds could be heard as the edge of the blade sliced through the wind.

Wei Xiaofeng was startled. He hastily pulled back his foot and jumped in an attempt to evade Xie Xie’s attack.

But destroyed phantoms were still destroyed phantoms. When he leapt up in retreat, the phantoms followed right behind him. In that moment, he was revealed.

Xie Xie exploded off the balls of his feet, raising his Light Dragon Blade as his body spun, heading straight for Wei Xiaofeng.

Wei Xiaofeng’s Green Shadow Clones were assembled together in a desperate attempt to ward off Xie Xie, but these clones only had ten percent of Wei Xiaofeng’s strength. Whenever Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Blade passed by, one clone after another would be crushed. He had broken through Wei Xiaofeng’s soul skill.

The spectators from the first grade’s class one were dumbstruck. Wei
Xiaofeng was actually being caught in this wind? His clones had actually been annihilated with such a brute force method?

Only Ye Yingluo was able to identify the problem. Xie Xie’s martial soul was unusual. At first glance, it would appear to be merely a dagger, but it was far sharper than a dagger and possessed its own innate aura which
exerted a level of pressure on Wei Xiaofeng. Wei Xiaofeng’s usual
confidence had been stifled and his full strength couldn’t be displayed at all.

One blue vine after another shot from the ground to bind Wang Jinxi. At some point in time, a pair of metal hammers had also appeared in Tang
 Wulin’s hands.

In order to face such a powerful opponent, he couldn’t hold back this time. The hammers he brought out were his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver

He could already tell from their previous clash that Wang Jinxi’s martial
soul had something to do with his bones. I don’t care what kind of martial soul you have. If I can forge uncommon metals, then why can’t I smash your bones?

“Hou!” Wang Jinxi was enraged by the loss he had just suffered in their
exchange. Beneath his feet, his first soul ring began to shine and a strange transformation overcame his body.

His entire right arm rapidly expanded, especially his hand as his five fingers fused into four extremely thick ones, his fingernails turning pitch-black.
This enormous arm of his now gave off a tyrannical feeling. His transformation complete, he threw himself straight at Tang Wulin.

Wang Jinxi didn’t bother to concern himself with Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass.

Chapter 102 – Golden Palm

Chapter 102 – Golden Palm

Although a blue vine twisted around Wang Jinxi’s body, binding him, in the next moment, a strange scene occurred. The vines came off by themselves as Wang Jinxi’s body became illusory.

At some point in time, Wang Jinxi had activated his second soul skill, the corresponding soul ring shining brightly beneath his feet. He had actually used his soul skills in quick succession.

Zhang Yangzi revealed a smile when Wang Jinxi had utilized his second soul skill. Even if it’s him, it’ll be difficult for him to defeat Wang Jinxi.

It had to be known that Wang Jinxi’s martial soul was actually a first-rate darkness type soul, the Bone Dragon King!

Wang Jinxi’s martial soul was superior to Wei Xiaofeng’s in every single aspect.

First soul skill: Bone Dragon Claw.

Second soul skill: Bone Soul Transformation.

Wang Jinxi’s Bone Soul Transformation could transform a part of his body incorporeal. Although the transformation only lasted for a short duration, he was immune to everything during that time.

Naturally, with his current cultivation, he could only turn a quarter of his body incorporeal. Under his meticulous control, the incorporeal part was precisely the parts that the Bluesilver Grass had latched onto.
 Despite his anger, Wang Jinxi was very cool-headed. Zhang Yangzi had told them before the battle that they couldn’t underestimate class five. Naturally, it was because this supposedly trash class had the strength to defeat three
classes in a row. As a result, their battle plan was to have Wei Xiaofeng
engage one in close combat, while Wang Jinxi went all out, taking care of the other two. Zhang Yangzi was left to clean up.

After all, their goal wasn’t just to defeat those in their grade; it was much higher than that. They had decided to hide Zhang Yangzi’s abilities in this battle. Without a doubt, Zhang Yangzi was the core of their team.

The gigantic Bone Dragon Claw was already in front of Tang Wulin, spreading its claws wide to grab hold of him.

Poisonous darkness came from the Bone Dragon Claw. It possessed an
extraordinary strength as it made Wang Jinxi’s bones ten times stronger and his strength five times greater. Furthermore, the amplification effect would be greater as he continued cultivating. One day, if he managed to attain
seven rings and reach the level of martial soul true body, he would be able to transform into the Bone Dragon King and reveal its true body.

Even Zhang Yangzi’s martial soul was somewhat inferior to Wang Jinxi’s. Ye Yingluo had told them before that if they cultivated to become a seven ring Soul Sage, the strongest among them would be Wang Jinxi.

At two rings, although Wang Jinxi could only execute a single claw, he was confident in his chances of winning. Even if he faced a three ring Soul Elder, he would still be confident.

“Wulin, be careful.” Gu Yue moved in a flash, removing herself from Tang Wulin’s back as a burst of light came from her body.

“It’s fine, you have me.” A bizarre radiance appeared within Tang Wulin’s eyes and grew in intensity as he raised his right arm.

He didn’t even try to dodge the gigantic Bone Dragon Claw; nor did he use his Bluesilver Grass to ward it off. In fact, the hammer in his right hand had disappeared too. In the depths of his eyes, a golden light flickered.
 He curled his right hand into a fist and punched straight at the center of the Bone Dragon Claw. By his side, Gu Yue suddenly heard a succession of popping sounds from Tang Wulin’s bones as an astonishing aura suddenly burst forth from Tang Wulin’s body.

This aura had only appeared for a split second, with only two people on the competition stage reacting to it.

Right when Xie Xie was pursuing Wei Xiaofeng, he body went sluggish as he felt an extreme sensation of fear flash from the bottom of his heart. Not only did it slow him down, it also caused him to tremble as his soul power became unstable.

The other person who had reacted was naturally Tang Wulin’s opponent, Wang Jinxi.

Although Xie Xie had reacted to Tang Wulin’s aura, Tang Wulin hadn’t directed it at him. Thus, the feelings invoked within Wang Jinxi were far stronger.

In that split second, Wang Jinxi no longer saw his opponent as a person, but rather, he saw Tang Wulin as a ferocious beast. His power, which originated from his within blood, suddenly turned into a restrictive force. His tremendous strength transitioned into intense trembling while his claw
slowed down.

Afterward, he could only stare blankly as Tang Wulin extended his right arm. He grabbed one of the Bone Dragon Claw’s digits, then exerted a tremendous amount of strength to toss him.

How can this be?

In the moment that Wang Jinxi had been thrown, regardless of whether it was the students on stage or the spectators and teachers off stage, everyone was dumbstruck at this scene.

Long Hengxu had just been preparing to intervene and block Wang Jinxi, fearing that the Bone Dragon Claw would seriously harm Tang Wulin. In
 fact, he was already rushing forward to intervene when the situation took a drastic turn.

Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw had slowed for some unfathomable reason, and in the moment following, he was transformed into a human artillery shell!

Only Gu Yue, who had been right by Tang Wulin’s side, had seen his hand glow a golden color the moment he threw Wang Jinxi. Having seen this, her eyes were somewhat dull.

That aura and power… It resembles…

In the depths of her beautiful eyes, an indescribable look of shock flickered. Within her heart, the same question many others were asking appeared:
How can this be?

But there was a difference between her ‘How can this be’ and everyone else’s.

Bang! Wang Jinxi landed in a confused mess in the distance. Despite the disarray he was in, however, he no longer felt that trembling.

Wei Xiaofeng was the most fortunate. He hadn’t been able to use his second soul skill in time as Xie Xie drew closer, but for some baffling reason, Xie Xie had slowed down. This had given him the chance to quickly put distance between them as he dashed towards Zhang Yangzi.

Tang Wulin clenched his fist, his expression radiating with happiness. There really is a chance!

Without pause, he threw the hammer in his left hand straight at Zhang Yangzi with a strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to its shaft, quietly
trailing behind it. As it shot towards Zhang Yangzi, the hammer gave off an ear-piercing whistle. In a flash, it was right in front of him.

At that moment, an ominous green light appeared by Zhang Yangzi’s side. He felt his body tense up as he was no longer able to move a single inch.
 Gu Yue had used her control over the wind element to bind Zhang Yangzi.

Her binding and Tang Wulin’s hammer attack had happened in perfect concert.

It seemed as if that hammer, which weighed over a hundred kilograms, was unavoidable. Tang Wulin held onto the strand of Bluesilver Grass connected to it. If Zhang Yangzi truly couldn’t do anything to resist, then he would
stop the hammer at the last second. After all, this was only a competition.

A trace of shock flashed through Zhang Yangzi’s eyes, but there wasn’t a
single trace of panic. Two soul rings lit up beneath his feet and immediately, the loud cry of an eagle came from his mouth. With a shake of his body, he seemed to have overcome the wind element which trapped him, allowing him to take the single step necessary to evade Tang Wulin’s hammer.

Having released his martial soul, a shadow flew out from his back as a pair of black wings appeared from his back.

A flying-type martial soul?

Zhang Yangzi flapped his wings and flew into the sky. The astonishing thing was that his body was now pitch black and he had violet eagle eyes. The build of an eagle wasn’t too large, but its eyes were exceptionally sharp and vigorous.

Rather than attacking Tang Wulin immediately, Zhang Yangzi used his flight speed, which surpassed even Xie Xie’s speed, to arrive at Wei
Xiaofeng’s side in a flash. His first soul ring lit up, inducing his wings to suddenly grow ten meters in length, and became an even deeper shade of black. He enveloped Wei Xiaofeng and Xie Xie with his large wings.

This was…

When one saw a flying-type martial soul, the first thing one would think of was an Agility System Soul Master. However, Zhang Yangzi had actually used a control-type soul skill! Could it be that he was actually a Control System Soul Master?
 It was at this moment that Wang Jinxi crawled up. After leaving Tang Wulin’s vicinity, that feeling of fear and dread within his heart had disappeared. Despite the unfathomable mystery they had encountered just now, he had still known Zhang Yangzi since childhood, hence knowing that he should immediately run toward the area of darkness.

“This isn’t good. Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin shouted for Xie Xie. His foot made an indent in the ground as he madly dashed straight at that black area.
Along the way, he retrieved his hammer and began spreading his Bluesilver Grass in full force, moving it to cover that area.

A green light appeared beneath his feet, lightening his entire body. His
speed increased by a margin, but at that moment, a golden light began to shine above that black mass.

Chapter 103 – Bluesilver Whip

Chapter 103 – Bluesilver Whip

Under that golden light, the area of darkness dissipated, revealing four figures inside.

Light attribute? Off stage, Ye Yingluo was shocked once again. Even Xie Xie having two rings didn’t shock her to such an extent. Just what is this
class five girl’s martial soul? Ever since the start of the competition, she has used wind element, fire element, and now the light element. How can she
control three elements? This is simply inconceivable.

Regardless, it was useless. With Xie Xie besieged by three people, how could he possibly endure?

What was truly astonishing, however, was that despite them assembling together, Zhang Yangzi, Wang Jinxi, and Wei Xiaofeng were unable to catch Xie Xie in that short period of time.

The golden ball of light that shone above the mass of darkness suddenly
exploded and began to spin. Amidst the chaos of the light’s flurry, a series of clashes could be heard.

Xie Xie’s second soul skill, Light Dragon Storm!

That’s right, this was the powerful soul skill Xie Xie had obtained after making his breakthrough. With his body as the axle, he would spin rapidly whilst holding his Light Dragon Dagger, turning the edge of his dagger into the winds of a violent storm that spiraled and slashed at his surroundings.
This was a skill that encompassed both attack and defense!
 It was only by relying on this powerful soul skill that he was able to withstand being attacked by all sides.

Tang Wulin had already arrived, once again punching out with his right hand.

Just like before, only Xie Xie and Wang Jinxi reacted to his punch.

Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Storm halted for a moment, while Wang Jinxi couldn’t bear the pressure at all, his entire body turning rigid.

One after another, strands of Bluesilver Grass entered the area, heading out to bind their three opponents. At the same time, the hammer in Tang Wulin’s left hand furiously smashed at Wang Jinxi.

Zhang Yangzi moved quickly, but with Wang Jinxi’s rigid body, it was easier for Tang Wulin to fight.

A green light wrapped around Wang Jinxi’s waist and in the next moment, three shadows retreated back together. A black shadow helped open up a distance between them.

It was Wei Xiaofeng who had grabbed Wang Jinxi. His right leg seemed boneless as it continued to bend at impossible angles.

The three of them retreated while Xie Xie stopped his soul skill, regrouping with Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

The battle returned to a three versus three.

“Good, very good!” Zhang Yangzi’s face was colored with excitement, but his battlelust and confidence took precedence.

Xie Xie was gasping for breath beside Tang Wulin. He stole a glance at his teammates. He didn’t know why, but from beginning to end, he felt a terrifying aura coming from Tang Wulin.

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin whispered.
 Xie Xie shook his head. “I’ve used quite a bit of soul power, but I can still persevere.”

He wasn’t the only one alarmed by Tang Wulin. The opposing Wang Jinxi looked at Tang Wulin as if he were a monster. He was flabbergasted by Tang Wulin, but more than that, he was terrified of him.

What’s going on? How come I can’t control my martial soul when I face him? Wang Jinxi’s mind overflowed with questions.

Zhang Yangzi said, “Very good. You’re even stronger than we thought. Still, it is only till here. The three of us have grown up together, become Soul Masters together, and cultivated together. We’ll let you see our
coordination next.”

As he spoke, the two wings on Zhang Yangzi’s back unfolded once more. The black light suddenly strengthened, hiding the three of them within it.

The corner of Gu Yue’s mouth curved into a smile. “Darkness attribute control, huh?”

She pulled Tang Wulin back, preventing him from rushing forward as she took two steps forwards herself. Standing in front of their opponents, a yellow ring glimmered beneath her feet. In that moment, it seemed as if Gu Yue’s eyes had begun to shine.

A faint silver light flashed in the depths of her eyes as she raised her right hand. Suddenly, a golden light burst into life above her palm, as if she were holding a miniature sun. An overwhelming radiant aura rushed forth from her.

Xie Xie was alarmed. In the instant that Gu Yue’s light element shone, his whole body felt an indescribable feeling of comfort, helping him recover his spent soul power.

As Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Daggers were of light attribute and his Shadow Dragon Daggers were of space attribute, basking in this golden light would naturally feel extremely comfortable.
 Zhang Yangzi’s curtain of darkness received the light’s attack, immediately diminishing as the three figures within were now faintly discernible.

A blazing red light followed the golden light, fusing to create a golden-red flame that ignited Gu Yue’s surroundings.

“Element fusion?” Ye Yingluo gaped at that one-ringed girl on stage. A genius. She is absolutely a genius! Although I don’t know what her martial soul or soul skill is, for being able to merge the two elements of light and fire at such a young age, even the word ‘genius’ isn’t enough to describe her!

As the black curtain approached the golden-red flame, it began to melt away, just like snow. It was impossible for it to come any closer.

Right at that moment, a Bone Dragon Claw shot out of the black curtain with lightning speed, heading straight for Gu Yue.

Following the Bone Dragon Claw was a figure surrounded by several large green snakes. There were six in total, their mouths wide open as they revolved around the Bone Dragon Claw. Unlike the Bone Dragon Claw, the snakes went around Gu Yue and shot towards Tang Wulin and Xie Xie in an attempt to bite them.

Devouring Green Shadow! This was Wei Xiaofeng’s second soul skill.

A golden-blue vine pulled Gu Yue back while the golden-red radiance
spread across all of their bodies, covering them in a layer of light. This light warded off that darkness while Tang Wulin controlled his Bluesilver Grass to attempt a binding once more. Suddenly, Xie Xie exploded forward with great speed. In that moment, his entire body seemed illusory as light and
shadow flickered upon his Light Dragon Dagger, creating an even brighter light that met the Devouring Green Shadow head on. None of the snake heads were able to press their assault.

As Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue back behind him, he moved up to face the
Bone Dragon Claw once more. He smashed apart a snake head with his left
 arm while his right arm turned golden again as he threw a punch to meet the claw.

The Bone Dragon Claw withdrew, and in its place, a black figure suddenly shot out toward Tang Wulin. The light and fire elemental light covering
Tang Wulin’s body clashed with that black figure’s black light, causing an explosive boom. He nimbly avoided Tang Wulin’s right arm and landed a punch on Tang Wulin’s stomach.

This black figure arrived too suddenly; Tang Wulin hadn’t been able to react at all! With regards to speed and combat techniques, he was far inferior to Xie Xie, and that black figure had cunningly avoided the
Bluesilver Grass covering the ground!

It can’t be avoided! Tang Wulin’s eyes twinkled as his Heavy Silver hammer once again appeared in his right hand. Since it can’t be avoided, then I won’t try to dodge at all!

His hammer smashed into that darkness, warding off his opponent.

Pu! A punch landed lightly on Tang Wulin’s body while his hammer swept past.

What was strange, however, was that the black figure, after being struck by his hammer, unexpectedly fell apart and scattered into countless black lights. Seeing this, a chill rose from within his body and numerous bones began popping as he was overcome with a cold trembling.

Not good. I fell into his trap.

Zhang Yangzi’s second soul skill, Shadow Clone, created clones of himself that possessed half of his combat strength. Anything hit by the clones would be infected by the corrosion of darkness. Their soul power would be unceasingly devoured and their body would corrode.

Right at that moment, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass finally managed to penetrate the mist of darkness. Tang Wulin groaned as he resisted the
corrosion within his body and suddenly exerted all of his soul power.
 A strand of Bluesilver Grass abruptly rose into the air, flying towards that curtain of black light.

It didn’t bind, but rather, it was a Bluesilver whip!

That soft-looking Bluesilver Grass suddenly turned tough in that moment. It covered the screen of darkness, striking towards the interior.

Even if it was that Bone Dragon Claw, it still would have been driven aside.

For a moment, Zhang Yangzi, Wang Jinxi, and Wei Xiaofeng suffered from the move, causing them to stagger backwards at different degrees.

Who would have imagined that the weakest-looking Bluesilver Grass with a measly ten year soul ring could actually exert such power! Zhang Yangzi had relaxed a bit when he’d successfully attacked Tang Wulin, and as a result, he fell prey to this strand of Bluesilver Grass. It whipped him,
sending a scorching pain throughout his body. Wei Xiaofeng also suffered at the hands of this whip, making him to lose control of his Devouring
Green Shadow. Wang Jinxi, however, had relied on his powerful body to
endure; but was still trembling from the pain of the whip and couldn’t help but stagger back.

Chapter 104 – Gu Yue Erupts

Chapter 104 – Gu Yue Erupts

“Are you okay, Wulin?” Gu Yue gently pressed a hand onto Tang Wulin’s back, causing light attribute soul power to enter him. A wave of warmth
suffused through his body, lessening the discomfort.

“I’m fine.” Tang Wulin sucked in a deep breath. Although there was still
some chilliness and pain within his body, it was nothing compared to what he had experienced these past few days. If that previous pain had made him want to die, then the current pain was just like having an upset stomach.

When Zhang Yangzi saw the condition Tang Wulin was in, he was startled. Despite being hit by his Shadow Clone and being weakest of his group members, Tang Wulin was still able to stand tall. Just what kind of situation was this?

“You can go die!” Gu Yue suddenly shouted. Before Tang Wulin even had a chance to grab her, she’d already rushed forward.

Gu Yue suddenly accelerated, a green light flickering around her body. As she sped towards them, she motioned with both her hands, shooting a fireball and an icicle towards her three opponents.

While her attack shot towards the opposing trio, the green light covering her body shone brighter and brighter, her eyes growing clearer. After the fireball exploded, her hands had already taken on an icy-blue color. Then,
when the icicle shattered, that icy-blue light began to blend with the green light.

A chaotic gale screamed through the air, and the spectating students and teachers were reminded of the turbulent hurricane that had swept past just
 recently. In a short period of time, the wind and ice had already grown into a tornado five meters in height and one meter in diameter and quickly
advanced towards Zhang Yangzi and his teammates.

The temperature onstage plummeted as the ice shards within the swirling gale became sharp blades that cut through the air, releasing waves of ear- piercing screeches.

The opposing trio’s expressions soured. Wang Jinxi was the first to take the initiative and act as the vanguard, while the other two used their soul power to protect their bodies.

Evade? The entire stage seemed to be under the control of this miniature tornado as it drew them into its center. Their speed had also been cut in half, making it basically impossible for them to escape its range.

Long Hengxu looked upon the stage with a dumbstruck expression once again. This, this is the soul skill of a one ring Soul Master? Can a Soul Elder with a thousand year soul ring even achieve this?

Blizzard! This was a combination of ice and wind.

Among the trio from class five, the strongest one wasn’t Xie Xie, who possessed both twin martial souls as well as the greatest soul power among them; rather, it was Gu Yue.

Gu Yue had never used her true strength until this match. Today, however, Tang Wulin had been injured by their opponents, incurring her wrath. Thus, she’d cast her strongest elemental attack.

After creating her blizzard, however, her face became deathly pale, her body tottering on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, Tang Wulin gently held and supported her, preventing her fall.

Constant collisions were heard from within the blizzard as it tore through the trio from class one. A twinkling light could vaguely be seen within the blizzard, indicating that they still had enough soul power to defend themselves.
 Xie Xie grasped his Light Dragon Dagger tightly as a light gleamed within his eyes. He had faced the blizzard’s might long ago and clearly understood just how formidable Gu Yue was. As an Agility System Soul Master, he
was afraid that even after obtaining a second ring and with the advantage of his twin martial souls, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of Gu Yue’s blizzard. If he were forced to face it, then he would have to prepare in advance and run far away.

Although he frequently quarreled with Gu Yue, he still respected her for her strength.

The blizzard persisted for a full ten seconds before it began to disperse. In the end, the temperature of the stage and its surroundings had dropped drastically.

The figures of Zhang Yangzi’s trio gradually appeared from within the dispersing blizzard. Standing at the front was Wang Jinxi, his clothes in tatters and his body covered with bruises. Fortunately for him, he had blocked his face with his arms, saving him from having his face disfigured.

Zhang Yangzi and Wei Xiaofeng’s situations were somewhat better, but their faces were still pale. Their soul power was depleted after enduring that blizzard.

The spectating students perception of Gu Yue had changed. They all
wondered, Is she really a new student? Just how powerful will she become in the future?

Light Dragon Dagger in hand, Xie Xie walked over to their opponents and said, “Concede defeat.”

Everyone could see that the opposing trio had used up at least half of their soul power and had been injured to varying degrees.

Long Hengxu also approached, prepared to stop the match at any moment. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, Gu Yue’s strength was simply too terrifying. He finally understood why that arrogant Wu Zhangkong had
 wanted to accept her into his class. Long Hengxu had been the pig-brained one!

“We still haven’t lost.” Zhang Yangzi’s gaze was just as sharp as before, but these words were barely audible from behind his gritted teeth.

Wei Xiaofeng gave him a look, before saying hesitantly, “Do you really want to…”

Zhang Yangzi resolutely looked at him, “We can’t lose. Jinxi, come!”

Wang Jinxi suddenly straightened his back, releasing a roar towards the sky as a powerful black aura overcame his body once again.

A light of ridicule flashed through Xie Xie’s eyes. They still want to overturn the heavens in their current situation? In a flash, he began
advancing on Zhang Yangzi. After all, Zhang Yangzi was the core of their team.

But right at that moment, a dark figure appeared. With black light spraying from its mouth, it obstructed Xie Xie’s attack and slowing him down.

Afterward, Xie Xie was shocked to see that Zhang Yangzi had flown behind Wang Jinxi and was now holding him by the waist.

A deep dragon’s roar and the cry of an eagle resounded throughout the
stage. At that moment, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi’s bodies became a pitch-black color, like ink. Then, they began to undergo a sort of bizarre fusion.

Zhang Yangzi turned into a black light, quietly merging into Wang Jinxi and becoming a pair of wings for him.

Wang Jinxi’s body began to grow. A large tail emerged from his tailbone, while his two arms became Bone Dragon Claws, his aura soaring.

“Screw off!” Wang Jinxi bellowed with a deep voice, slashing out with one of his Bone Dragon Claws. Xie Xie attempted to dodge, but a black light
 appeared around him and made him feel like he was trying to struggle free from a swamp.

This black light had appeared too suddenly for Tang Wulin to rescue Xie Xie with his Bluesilver Grass. The only thing Xie Xie could do was defend himself with his Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger as he was sent flying through the air.

In the air, a spray of blood escaped Xie Xie’s mouth, and Tang Wulin could hear fractures come from Xie Xie’s arms.

“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin dashed over and caught him.

Xie Xie’s eyes were shut tightly, having already lost consciousness. His Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger began to fade away with his weak aura.

“You bastard! This is only a match!” Tang Wulin snarled as he recklessly charged towards that Bone Dragon.

As he charged forward, a layer of golden scales began to cover his right arm starting from his fingertips. His arm seemed to grow thicker by a whole

Tang Wulin’s pupils had already turned golden, and when he suddenly stomped with his left foot, it unexpectedly caused a boom.

He exploded forward like an artillery shell, shooting straight towards that transformed Wang Jinxi.

Wang Jinxi’s body was far different than before. With a flap of his wings, his over two meter tall body ascended into the air. Then, with a simple twist of his body, he whipped his tail at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin opened his mouth, releasing a puff of black gas. His right hand suddenly grew larger and his fingers grew longer, taking on the form of a dragon’s claw.
 But it was different from Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw; Tang Wulin’s dragon claw had five claws.

Bang! Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claw violently clashed against that air- twisting Bone Dragon tail. A golden light flashed on the tail before Tang Wulin was flung into the air from the force of the collision.

In midair, Tang Wulin curled his body, then used the Bluesilver Grass he had wrapped around the Bone Dragon to pull himself back towards it. The Golden Dragon Claw descended once again, but this time, towards Wang Jinxi’s head.

Wang Jinxi brought his two claws together, swatting at Tang Wulin. But at that moment, Tang Wulin released an ear-piercing dragon’s roar.

Chapter 105 – Golden Dragon Claw

Chapter 105 – Golden Dragon Claw

A faintly discernible golden ray of light appeared from his body for a split second, causing Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw to immediately slow down.

The Golden Dragon Claw smacked down at his head.

“Stop!” Long Henxu and Ye Yingluo shouted out simultaneously.

But at the moment, Tang Wulin’s mind was only filled with rage over the sight of Xie Xie’s injuries. With his Golden Dragon Claw attacking at full strength, it was impossible to stop now.

Right at that moment, a slender arm noiselessly appeared and touched Tang Wulin’s right arm, softly pushing it aside. The gGolden Dragon Claw that was originally heading towards Wang Jinxi’s head was deflected and
smacked his right claw instead.

Bang! Despite being several times bigger than Tang Wulin at this moment, Wang Jinxi was smashed into the ground, while Tang Wulin landed softly on the other side due to the counterforce.

“Enough!” A cold voice rang out. Just like the morning bell and the evening drum, it caused Tang Wulin to wake from his rage.

Wu Zhangkong stood beside him, holding the injured Xie Xie.
 Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon Claw was snapped at an angle as it lay on the ground, while his tail clearly had a fracture where Tang Wulin had struck it.

At that moment, a black light separated from Wang Jinxi’s transformed body. When the two kids returned to normal, they released miserable
shrieks of pain.

Zhang Yangzi lay on the ground, both of his legs broken, while Wang Jinxi’s right arm had fractured, bent at an impossible angle. The two of them couldn’t help but utter screams of intolerable agony.

This match had developed into something so tragic that none had expected it.

“Teacher Wu, how can you allow your students to be so violent?” Ye Yingluo flew onto the stage, finger pointed at Wu Zhangkong as she snarled the accusation.

Wu Zhangkong said to Tang Wulin, “Go.” From beginning to end, he didn’t spare a glance for Ye Yingluo.

Ye Yingluo wanted to chase after him, but Wu Zhangkong suddenly released a sharp ice-cold aura which caused her whole body to freeze up as she felt the sensation of death.

After Tang Wulin’s arm returned to normal, a wave of weakness came over him. Even though he had puffed out a mouthful of the black gas earlier,
some still remained of that ice-cold feeling within the pit of his stomach.

Following behind Wu Zhangkong was Gu Yue, who was looking at Xie Xie in Wu Zhangkong’s arms. Together, the three of them got off the stage.

Long Hengxu remained onstage with a gloomy expression as if his face was dripping with water.

This time we have a major situation.

In this Class Promotion Tournament, three students had been seriously injured and as the referee, he had to take responsibility! This was a major
 situation that hadn’t happened for many years.

Wu Zhangkong brought Xie Xie directly to the infirmary to have a teacher with a recovery-type martial soul inspect his body. Fortunately, it was only a fracture. Although his two arms had suffered some minor fractures and these injuries couldn’t be considered light, his body was fine for the most part. His internal organs had only been shaken up a little, so he only needed some time to rest and recover.

The dark energy within Tang Wulin was also dispersed by the teacher.

“Teacher Wu, I…” Tang Wulin looked at the silent and ice-cold Wu Zhangkong, wanting to explain himself.

“You don’t need to say anymore as you didn’t do anything wrong. You two just hurry up and go back and rest,” Wu Zhangkong indifferently said.

“Oh. Then Xie Xie…?” Tang Wulin hesitantly asked. “I will be here.” Wu Zhangkong gave him a look.
At that moment, Tang Wulin suddenly felt that this ice-cold teacher wasn’t so cold after all.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue left the sick bay with complicated expressions. Xie Xie had broken both of his arms; this was definitely a serious injury.

Tang Wulin was full of guilt. If he had been fast enough to pull Xie Xie back with his Bluesilver Grass at that moment, then Xie Xie wouldn’t have suffered such serious injuries. He had been too careless as the team captain.

“Don’t think about it too much.” Gu Yue turned and said to Tang Wulin,
“None of us had expected a situation like that. If my guess is correct, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi had used a soul fusion skill. Supposedly, soul fusion skills are nearly impossible to see nowadays in the world of Soul Masters. It can only appear if two martial souls are exceptionally compatible with each other.”
 Soul fusion skill? Tang Wulin had heard a bit about them in class. If two Soul Masters had martial souls that were compatible enough, then they had the possibility of using a soul fusion skill, one of the strongest types of techniques. Soul fusion skill effects didn’t add the strengths of both sides, but rather, it multiplied the strength of the two Soul Masters!

“What I am curious about is how you are able to defeat them, even if their soul fusion isn’t perfect! Your right hand…” Gu Yue looked inquisitively at Tang Wulin’s right arm.

Tang Wulin went silent for a moment before he gently shook his head. “Gu Yue, we’re friends, so I don’t want to lie to you. But I really can’t tell you about it. So, please don’t ask, okay?”

Gu Yue pondered over it for a moment before giving him her reply, “Fine then. I won’t ask, but you must learn to control your power. It seems to be very formidable, but such great power also requires great control. It seems that during the week of the hurricane, a change occurred in your martial

That was right! A change had indeed appeared. Moreover, it was an extremely powerful change.

Tang Wulin thought back to when he had taken those spirit medicines and attacked the seal afterward.

Intense pain. Pain so intense that Tang Wulin couldn’t even be bothered to take in the changes around him anymore. Chill, heat, itchiness. These three sensations replaced each other frequently in what seemed like an endless
cycle. And when he thought it was over, he began to feel all three at the same time.

The only reason he had been able to succeed was by clinging onto his sense of existence. Regardless of how intense the pain was, he never gave up in his heart.
 This was the reason he had been able to surpass his limits.

After some time, he grew muddle-headed. At that moment, he could vaguely see that his body as well as his surroundings had turned golden.

The golden veins within his skin came alive, slowly creeping up his body. With a clanging sound, it seemed that something within his body had been torn to shreds. At that time, he still didn’t understand the meaning of pain. Suddenly, an indescribably powerful and fantastic energy drilled into every single corner of his body.

Cold, heat, itchiness. All disappeared. In its place was a feeling of being bloated.

His bones, meridians, viscera, and skin all felt as though they had inflated and would pop at any moment.

This, this is the seal’s energy?

In that instant, Tang Wulin no longer doubted Old Tang’s words. The
energy that was sealed from the Golden Dragon King’s soul could definitely cause his body to explode if his body wasn’t strong enough. Faced with the assault of such tyrannical energy, he was afraid that his entire being would

The pain from that feeling of bloatedness gradually reached a peak before receding.

He had survived and hadn’t blown up. In that moment, Tang Wulin was sure that he was fine.

Is the seal breaking done? His mind gradually relaxed as the pain receded, until finally, he lost consciousness.

The golden veins along Tang Wulin’s body broke apart, becoming tiny
specks of light that moved away from his body while the golden veins on his vertebra became even clearer. Gradually, the golden veins reappeared on his body, but this time they were much more prominent and deeper in color.
 The golden specks of light slowly merged with his right arm, while the rest of his body underwent an imperceptible transformation.

After surviving the onslaught of the seal’s energy, he now had to assimilate it and undergo a transformation.

The little Grass Snake, Goldlight, slithered onto Tang Wulin’s body. It lazily curled up atop his body, the golden lines on its skin now closely resembling those on Tang Wulin’s.

Goldlight trembled slightly, as if it was experiencing tremendous agony. Its trembling, earthen yellow body gradually turned golden as it grew longer
and larger. It no longer looked as weak and frail as before.

A strand of Bluesilver Grass quietly appeared within the palm of Tang Wulin’s right hand. The golden veins along its body no longer seemed as illusory as before, but rather, a golden light could clearly be seen within. This vine-like grass was now taller and straighter, no longer seeming as delicate as it had been.

Chapter 106 – A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?

Chapter 106 – A Pleasant Surprise in the Future?

When Tang Wulin woke up, his entire body felt relaxed and at peace. All of the previous pain and suffering had vanished. The first thing he did was
enter his mind’s spiritual world.

“You have awoken.” Old Tang rejoiced.

“I succeeded in breaking the seal?” Tang Wulin asked.

“En. You have succeeded in breaking the first seal and have absorbed the Golden Dragon King’s soul. All things begin with hardship, so this first breakthrough can be considered you laying down your foundation. After
some time passes, you will experience more and more of the benefits from this breakthrough.”

Tang Wulin impatiently asked, “What kind of benefits? Will my soul power increase by a lot?”

Old Tang said, “No. The Golden Dragon King’s soul will mainly affect your body. Though there will be some improvement to your soul power with
each broken seal, it will not be as significant. The important thing is that your body will transform under its influence, gradually gaining the strength of the Golden Dragon King. After breaking through your first seal, you now possess a trace of a dragon’s might. In the future, when facing dragon-type beasts that are inferior in rank to the Golden Dragon King, you will be able to suppress them with your dragon aura. Naturally, the larger the gap in
cultivation between you and your opponent, the weaker the effect will be.
 “Secondly, the part of the Golden Dragon King’s power you have absorbed is its right hand. After you have thoroughly absorbed this piece of its soul, you will be able to transform your right hand into a dragon’s claw. The
Golden Dragon Claw’s strength is tremendous, and it also possesses a
special property — that is, ‘crushing’. Simply said, there is almost nothing it cannot overcome. Assuming the hardness of the object is within a certain range, anything you attack with your Golden Dragon Claw will definitely be broken.

“After you break through more seals in the future and fuse with more of the Golden Dragon King’s power, the benefits you receive will be even greater. Do not lightly use the Golden Dragon Claw, however. Although it is now a part of your body, using it will still consume an enormous amount of your
soul power.”

Golden Dragon Claw? I can control the Golden Dragon Claw now?

Tang Wulin unconsciously looked toward his right hand. With a single thought, his right hand transformed and a layer of golden scales began to cover it, but that was the extent of the current changes.

“Don’t be so anxious. You still need some time to absorb the Golden
Dragon King’s soul before you will be able to use it. Alright then, onto the second seal now. You must undo the seal before you turn fifteen. To do this,
you will need to find or purchase four different heaven and earth treasures. I will brand their descriptions into your mind. Oh, and one more thing. If you are able to break the second seal, there will be a pleasant surprise for you.”

“A pleasant surprise?” Tang Wulin wanted to ask what it was, but Old Tang’s figure was already fading away.

When Tang Wulin returned to his dorm, Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were already there.

“How is Xie Xie?” asked his two roommates as they hurriedly got up.
 Tang Wulin answered with a hint of anger, “I’m afraid that he’ll be forced to rest for a while so that he can recover. But you know, I’d never have
expected them to be so fierce. It was just a competition after all!”

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi exchanged a glance before Yun Xiao let out a few small coughs and said, “Your moves weren’t light either. Both of Zhang Yangzi’s legs were fractured, and Wang Jinxi’s right arm was also broken. I also heard that Wei Xiaofeng was so scared of you that he pissed his pants.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. Now that he thought about it, it did seem that Zhang Yangzi’s legs had turned into Wang Jinxi’s tail when they were in their combined form. That must be how his legs had fractured after
suffering Tang Wulin’s dragon claw’s crushing property.

He had not noticed because they had truly been in a desperate situation at the time. In hindsight, however, when he had struck the fused form of Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi, they had continued to move despite their
somewhat sluggish motions. It seemed that their soul fusion skill was still far from perfect.

Moreover, after the fusion, the suppression from Tang Wulin’s dragon might on Wang Jinxi had clearly lessened. If their fusion was perfect, then Tang Wulin was afraid that he wouldn’t have been able to achieve victory in the end.

The Golden Dragon Claw increased the strength of his right hand
explosively, but it also had its limits. From his estimations, it could only double his strength at the moment. The crushing property was still the most important part.

“Who did the director declare the winner in the end?” Tang Wulin asked.

Yun Xiao shook his head. “He didn’t declare a winner. Long Hengxu had a truly ugly expression as he was arranging your treatments. But even so,
everyone could see that if Teacher Wu hadn’t stepped in, those two guys would have been crippled by you. I never expected you were still hiding such strength. So what is your right hand?”
 Tang Wulin bitterly smiled. “A variation occurred in my martial soul. I’m not sure what exactly it is either. Anyway, I’m going to go meditate now.”

The bitterness of this competition left a profound impression on his heart. At this moment, his heart was full of regret from his impulsive actions at the end.

I hope they’re fine.

Fortunately, we won the match, so we should be class one after the tournament ends.

Since he had to rush over to the match as soon as he woke up from
absorbing the Golden Dragon King’s soul, he hadn’t had any time to rest until now. As his body relaxed, he quickly entered a meditative state where he was isolated from everything.

The president’s room.

“How did this happen?” With a grave expression, Yu Zhen looked at Long Hengxu from across the desk.

Long Hengxu forced out a bitter smile. “The new students this time are truly prodigies. It was my fault; I wasn’t able to stop them in time. I take full responsibility for this. But I must say, the new students this year are absolutely outstanding geniuses. If we can guide them properly, they will definitely become the pillars for Eastsea Academy in the future.

“The reason today’s match had gone out of control was because at the very last moment, two Soul Grandmasters from class one had used an incomplete soul fusion skill. Their soul fusion skill is most likely an
exceptionally powerful one that requires them to have at least three rings to be able to use to its full extent.”

“Soul fusion skill?” Yu Zhen’s eyebrows rose in excitement, a light of
surprise flashing through his eyes. In his delighted surprise, his anger had
 weakened a bit.

“Yes, a soul fusion skill. Although it isn’t complete yet, its strength was able to break both of Xie Xie’s arms. What’s even more shocking is what
happened afterward. A one ring Soul Master with a ten year soul ring from class five suddenly exploded in power. His right hand transformed into a dragon claw. With two attacks of his claw, he was able to break through the soul fusion skill. Fortunately, he was stopped just in time. Otherwise, he might have crippled the other students.”

Yu Zhen was startled. “A one ring Soul Master who can transform his right hand and use it to defeat the soul fusion skill of two Soul Grandmasters?
Are you trying to tell me a fairy tale?”

Long Hengxu sighed. “I’m finding it hard to believe as well, but it is a fact.
Over a thousand students and teachers witnessed it. This isn’t something I
could make up even if I wanted to! If you don’t believe me, then you can go investigate it yourself. In my opinion, that Tang Wulin’s variant martial soul is likely a body martial soul from the legendary Shrek Academy!”

Yu Zhen was suddenly terrified. What did a body martial soul mean? A body martial soul combined with a mecha would undoubtedly create a shining genius!

The two words, ‘Shrek Academy’, were enough to fill the eyes of Eastsea Academy’s president with a light of reverence.

“If that’s true, then we can pardon the situation today. After all, it was just too unexpected. Director Long, write a detailed report on this matter for me.”

Long Hengxu said, “Tang Wulin’s martial soul was originally the trashy Bluesilver Grass, but if a variant body martial soul appeared within him, then it might mean he has twin martial souls. Then he wouldn’t be trash anymore, but a genius. President, I have a proposal.”

“What is it?” Yu Zhen suspiciously eyed him.
 Long Hengxu bitterly laughed. “With the condition the first grade is in at the moment, I don’t think it would be fitting for the Class Promotion Tournament to continue. From what I’ve seen today, I don’t think the
second grade, no, not even the third grade could stand up against their might. These students might not necessarily be a good thing. As such, I think we will need to give these new students special treatment.”

“What kind of special treatment?”

Chapter 107 – Pondering the Golden Dragon Claw

Chapter 107 – Pondering the Golden Dragon Claw

Long Hengxu said with sparkling eyes, “With geniuses such as them, an ordinary teacher wouldn’t be enough. As such, let’s establish a special class in addition to the five classes we already have. The geniuses of this class
will have the academy’s strongest teacher to guide them from the intermediate division all the way into the advanced division. That way, they’ll spend at least eight, no, nine years in the academy. As long as we guide them properly, the shining future of our Eastsea Academy’s success will be just around the corner!”

Yu Zhen pondered over it for a while. He had to say that Long Hengxu’s
words moved him. A special class for cultivating geniuses with the backing of all of the academy’s resources… With this year’s new students and their unique talents, this proposal would give the academy a chance to truly shine in the future. If that happened, then the academy would be able to recruit
even more talented new students.

He envied those first-rate academies in major cities that were able to recruit students from all over the federation. This was exactly one of the reasons
why the strong stayed strong.

Although Eastsea Academy was in a major city flourishing with business due to the ocean’s resources, many students were still dissuaded from picking the academy due to its location in a corner of the continent and the nature of the surrounding terrain. Overall, Eastsea Academy could only be considered a rank within the lower middle rankings when compared with the rest of the continent. It wasn’t remarkable at all.
 Perhaps this year’s new students truly were a turning point for them?

“Which teacher do you think is most suitable then?” Implementing this plan would be fairly easy, but the creation of the special class would necessitate pouring all of the academy’s strength into cultivating this class.

Long Hengxu had clearly decided on someone long ago as he said without the slightest hesitation, “Let’s assign Teacher Wu Zhangkong to this class. He is the strongest within the academy, and the result of the tournament was clearly influenced by his teaching ability. When he was still in the advanced division, he didn’t conform to the group and isolated himself from the other teachers, never displaying his full strength. I think it will be most fitting for him to train these few elite students instead.”

“En.” Yu Zhen nodded. “I agree with your plan. I’ll go make a proposal to the board of directors. Alright then, you may leave now.”

Long Hengxu respectfully said, “President, I’ll take my leave then.” He rejoiced within his heart. The president had surely been swayed by his attractive words and this matter had now come to a close without any disciplinary actions against him. His calculating methods were actually meant to allow him to shirk his responsibilities. Of course, he did have some hopes for this new class.

When Tang Wulin awoke from his meditation, he was gifted with the sight of dawn.

Xie Xie hadn’t returned yet as he was recuperating in the infirmary. Zhou Zhangxi and Yun Xiao were both still meditating. With the provocation of class five’s continuous victories, everyone was now diligently cultivating with renewed vigor.

Tang Wulin’s body was brimming with a power that made him want to face the sky and just scream.
 Ever since he had broken the seal, he hadn’t had any time to carefully inspect the changes in his body until now. He subconsciously began to stare at his hands. On the surface they appeared exactly the same as before, but in reality, his skin had become fairer. When he touched his skin, it was also a great deal more elastic.

His soul power had risen by at least one rank while his control over his soul power had also grown much stronger due to his spiritual power increasing too.

In the end, Tang Wulin wasn’t sure exactly how much his power had increased. After all, he had never tested himself in this way before.

Is this the power of the first seal on the Golden Dragon King?

When he recalled his use of the Golden Dragon King’s power the day before, he began to concentrate on wielding that power once more, and very naturally, a familiar feeling reappeared within his right arm.

Immediately, a layer of convex, rhombus-shaped golden scales, covered his right arm like a layer of armor. At the same time, the feeling of power
within his arm increased explosively, yet his right hand hadn’t completely transformed into the Golden Dragon Claw.

The Golden Dragon King’s aura was exposed while Tang Wulin
continuously and meticulously circulated his soul power and strength toward his right hand. It was only then that the bones within his right hand started to show a change. His hand slowly swelled in size and dragon claws grew from his fingernails. Apart from the feeling of immense power, he
could also feel a tyrannical aura being emitted.

This was the transformation that came from breaking the first seal on the Golden Dragon King. His right arm, now covered in golden scales, had doubled in strength. Moreover, the Golden Dragon Claw could further increase his right hand’s strength by another fold in addition to its crushing ability.

It really does feel powerful.
 Now that he unleashed the Golden Dragon King’s power outside of battle, he was able to clearly inspect the changes that occurred within his body.

The most obvious change was to his soul power. His soul power was now being consumed at an astonishing rate. After only several breaths of time, a third of his soul power had already been used up.

According to the current consumption speed, he could only sustain his Golden Dragon Claw for about ten seconds.

Just as he expected, a wave of weakness overcame him at the ten second mark and his right hand returned to normal. Yet, the power of the golden dragon scales was still there.

He suddenly had an epiphany. The Golden Dragon Claw required the
Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power and his soul power to sustain it, but the golden dragon scales only required the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power.

If it’s like this, then I had been really lucky to defeat Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi yesterday!

Looking back upon that battle, he realized that Zhang Yangzi and Wang
Jinxi couldn’t completely control their soul fusion skill, so he was lucky to have been able to use his Golden Dragon Claw at just the right time to
counter them. The Bone Dragon King was also of the dragon bloodline, so in the face of the Golden Dragon King, it had been suppressed and received double the effects of Tang Wulin’s strikes. This was the reason why he had been able to win after two strikes.

In other words, the reason he had been able to win was because his Golden Dragon King bloodline was able to suppress Wang Jinxi’s Bone Dragon

I’m still not strong enough! If my opponent had fought with me a bit longer and realized that I couldn’t sustain the Golden Dragon Claw for long, then he could have won by simply evading my attacks and waiting for my soul power to run out!
 Despite his harsh self-judgement, Tang Wulin wasn’t depressed at all. When he compared himself with his past self, he had still gained much from breaking through the first seal. His body’s strength and overall power had increased, and the dragon scales could further increase his right arm’s
strength. He now had the explosive power of the Golden Dragon Claw.

In short, his gains had been pretty good. At the very least, he could no longer be considered trash.

Oh right, Goldlight experienced a transformation as well.

Recalling this, Tang Wulin wanted to release his little spirit soul to take a look. He shook his head in disappointment, however, as his soul power had already been exhausted, and he wasn’t even able to release his martial soul, much less his spirit soul! His current cultivation was still too weak!

Breaking the first seal had helped him with his cultivation somewhat, but he was still only at rank 13. Moreover, everyone else was around rank 20 now.
He was afraid that the gap between them would just keep growing larger and larger.

More effort! I need to put in more effort!

He leapt down from his bed, his mind crystal clear. Careful not to disturb his roommates, Tang Wulin quietly went to go wash his face and drink a glass of water before going out for a jog. It was the start of a new day, and warming up was first.

He ran laps around the track in the sports field and shouted out, “I am as lithe as a swallow!”

He had always been good at running, but after absorbing a part of the
Golden Dragon King’s soul, a normal pace was simply too slow for him now. The scenery continuously flitted past him, the cool wind brushing
against his cheeks. This refreshing feeling gave both his body and mind a sense of freedom and indescribable comfort.
 Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. As Tang Wulin was currently engrossed with this experience, however, by the time he reacted, he had already collided with this person.

A pure voice called out, “Be careful!” Tang Wulin felt a gentle force move his body, causing him to spin around in circles, dispersing all of his kinetic energy.

Tang Wulin didn’t grow dizzy due to his powerful body, but when he stopped spinning and was able to look at the figure before him, he still experienced a split second of vertigo.

In front of him was a tall and slender girl. Tang Wulin could be considered tall among his peers, but he was still only ten years old. The girl in front of him looked to be about fourteen or fifteen years old and was already beginning to turn into a woman. She wore a pink tracksuit which offset her milky white skin and her long blue hair that was collected into a bundle
with a comb.

Chapter 108 – Ouyang Zixin

Chapter 108 – Ouyang Zixin

The girl was very pretty with delicate facial features and large, limpid eyes.
Under the rays of the morning sun, it seemed as if a layer of golden light was drawn to her. She was simply too stunning for Tang Wulin.

“S, sorry.” Tang Wulin hurriedly apologized. In that moment, this girl with a golden radiance around her left a profound impression upon Tang Wulin. So pretty! She’s even prettier than Senior Sister Liu Yuxin!

“Junior brother, pay attention when you’re running.” The young lady raised her hand to rub his head as she spoke with a beaming smile.

“Ah! You’re very good looking.” The young lady stared at Tang Wulin’s large eyes, which were accented by his long eyelashes and was astonished to see that his eyes were even larger than her own. She curiously pinched his face and giggled before she quickly turned around and left.

Her pinch had hurt a bit, but it had awakened Tang Wulin from his stupor. That senior sister is so pretty. She’s jogging here so she should also be in the intermediate division, right?

When he saw the young lady run further and further away, Tang Wulin hastened his pace to catch up with her. With his powerful body, he caught up in no time.

“Junior brother, what’s your name?” She turned her head to look at Tang Wulin.

“My name is Tang Wulin. I’m a student in the first grade. What about you, senior sister?” He blurted out his words with an eager heart. He hadn’t
 mentioned that he was in the first grade’s class five. Anyway, after winning the Class Promotion Tournament, they should be class one now.

“You’re this young yet you’re already so naughty! You want to pick up this senior sister, huh?” The girl shot him a crafty glance.

“I, I’m not…” Tang Wulin said in embarrassment.

“Haha. Your embarrassed face is so cute! How about this then; let’s have a ten lap race. If you win, I’ll tell you…” Before she even finished speaking, she had already increased her speed and rushed forward.

Ten laps?

There was no way Tang Wulin was afraid of such a competition so he quickly picked up his pace and chased after her.

The young lady was still taller than him by about half a head and had
already grown into a slender and elegant woman. As she ran, her long hair flowed behind her in the breeze, while her graceful form was accented by her long and flexible legs. With each step, he could see her slender hips
sway. Her whole body was just brimming with the vigor of youth.

Tang Wulin’s physical strength was exceptionally formidable, however, despite his shorter stature, he was still faster than her. Trailing just behind her, alarms were going off within his mind for some reason, telling him to be careful of her.

Due to this, he followed just behind her and watched her, keeping up with her pace.

That girl’s physical strength was pretty good. Not only was she able to maintain a constant running pace, but her pace was continuously increasing. Like this, the two of them continued their race, one in front, one behind.

Soon after, they were approaching the end of the tenth lap. There were still a hundred meters left.
 It was only then that Tang Wulin remembered the goal of this competition. He suddenly sped up, unleashing his body’s explosive power. He flew forward and overtook the girl by the fifty meter mark.

“Ouch.” A cry of pain suddenly came from behind him,

Tang Wulin quickly turned his head to look but was met with the sight of that slow pink clad figure suddenly speeding up, surpassing him, rushing straight toward the finish line.

“Haha. You little dummy. You’ve been fooled!” The girl’s bell-like laughter clearly rang through the first glimmers of dawn on campus.

He had obviously been tricked, but when he saw this smile that was like a blossoming flower, Tang Wulin couldn’t bring himself to grow angry at all.

Tang Wulin ran over to the finish line where the girl waited. He scratched his head awkwardly as he said, “Senior sister is so amazing.”

As the young lady gazed at his bashful expression, her smile couldn’t help but grow even wider. “Alright then. I’ll stop teasing you. Junior brother’s strength is pretty good. Keep it up!” Finished speaking, she turned around and walked over to the dormitory, waving goodbye to Tang Wulin as she left.

Tang Wulin watched her back. A peculiar feeling had been aroused within his heart. He didn’t understand what this feeling was, but he knew that he wanted to keep seeing this senior sister.

“My name is Ouyang Zixin. I’m in the fifth grade’s class one.” The girl’s pure voice floated on over.

Ouyang Zixin. What a pretty name.

“Stop staring. That senior sister is already long gone.” Right at that moment, a friendly voice spoke from behind him.

Tang Wulin quickly turned around to see Xie Xie watching him with an amused expression. His arms were still bandaged up and while he had a
 smile, it wasn’t quite a smile as he looked at Tang Wulin.

“You’re better now? How are your arms?” Tang Wulin greeted him in surprise.

“It’s no big deal now. My bones have already reconnected, and they were treated by a healing-type martial soul. I’ll still need at least ten days to make a full recovery though. But you, I return one day later, and I find that you’re actually chasing after senior sisters. You truly are too good.”

“I’m not.” Tang Wulin hastily defended himself.

“Really now? You have enough skills to do it. That senior sister even told you her name. Have you really never heard of Ouyang Zixin before?” Xie Xie asked with a big grin.

“I haven’t!” Tang Wulin blurted out.

Xie Xie said, “She’s the prettiest girl in our intermediate division! I can’t believe you’ve never heard of her before. Actually, I even heard that there are countless seniors from the advanced division chasing after her. She’s in the fifth grade so she should be four years older than us. You can just give up right now.”

Tang Wulin grudgingly said, “You’re talking about age, but why do you have such thoughts in your heart? I only think that senior sister is really pretty, and I admire her. I don’t have any other ideas, okay? Don’t get me wrong!”

Xie Xie’s mouth began twitching. “Fine then! You can just stare at her foolishly. You might not acknowledge it, but who wouldn’t like this kind of pretty senior sister? Every man has a profound memory of a pretty senior

All men have a pretty senior sister that left a deep impression on them?

Tang Wulin was shaken by Xie Xie’s words. The name Ouyang Zixin had already been engraved into his heart.
 They went to eat breakfast before going to class, where they were informed that all the students in the first grade were to gather at the sports field for a grade assembly.

Although Xie Xie’s arms were still injured, his condition had stabilized, and he was able to attend his classes.

A grave expression still colored Wu Zhangkong’s face like normal as he brought class five to assemble at the field.

It could be said that the first grade’s class one had changed now. When they arrived at the field, they attracted the gazes of all of the other classes. Most of these gazes drifted toward Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue.

Of course, the most prominent one among them was Tang Wulin! The day before he had prevailed at the last moment in a desperate crisis, shocking countless people and engraving a deep impression upon their hearts.

“Have we become celebrities?” Gu Yue asked in a hushed tone.

Xie Xie shot her a disdainful glance. “With how mature you act, why are you so interested in how people see you? And besides, it would be more
accurate to say that Wulin is the celebrity here. I heard he was the one who won us that match in the end yesterday. Ah, that’s right. Wulin, I haven’t thanked you for avenging me yesterday yet!”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I really shouldn’t have acted that way. It
wasn’t right for them to injure you, but it also wasn’t right for me to injure them. After all, we are all fellow students.”

Gu Yue gave a cold snort. “Take a look at Wulin then take a look at yourself. In any case, I don’t care if I’m a celebrity now or not. And besides, there was a certain someone who was so confident but was immediately knocked out yesterday.”

“You!” Xie Xie glowered at Gu Yue.
 Gu Yue disdainfully said, “What? You weren’t a match for me even when you weren’t injured, yet you’re still trying to show off in your current

“I’ve had it with you!” Xie Xie said, smothering his anger. He simply
couldn’t bear it anymore! With his arms like this and his martial souls being two daggers, he really couldn’t do anything right now.

Tang Wulin was already used to their bickering, so he held Xie Xie’s
shoulder gently and said, “It was just a fluke yesterday. They’re actually really strong, so you should just go and recuperate properly, and we’ll do our best to cultivate together after.”

Class five was already assembled in the field when Tang Wulin finished
speaking. He noticed that Zhang Yangzi wasn’t present among the students of class one. After all, broken legs were really too troublesome. On the other hand, Wang Jinxi had a broken arm, similar to Xie Xie, and had that arm bandaged up.

In front of the gathered students wasn’t just Director Long Hengxu, but also President Yu Zhen.

Long Hengxu looked towards Yu Zhen before he began speaking. “Today’s first grade assembly is to announce two things. First, due to the special
circumstances of this year’s first grade, the victorious class will no longer be continuing with the Class Promotion Tournament, but the classes of the first grade will still be rearranged according to the results. Namely, what
was originally class five is now class one. And all of the other classes have been rearranged accordingly.”

We can’t continue participating in the Class Promotion Tournament
anymore? An uproar appeared among the students of the new class one. If they couldn’t’ continue with the tournament, then that meant they were no longer receiving the reward for being able to challenge the upper grades!

Chapter 109 – Class Zero is Established!

Chapter 109 – Class Zero is Established!

Long Hengxu continued, “In light of the new class one’s outstanding
achievements in this tournament, the entire class will be rewarded with one meal a day from the first window for one term.”

After hearing these words, the previous discontent murmuring turned into cheering. What was the first window? It served the most nourishing food!
Without even speaking of the taste, it had the most benefits to their
cultivation but was extremely expensive. Most families couldn’t afford to feed their children a meal from the first window. One term’s worth of meals from the first window was worth an extraordinary sum of money!

Right now, as the teacher in charge of class two, Ye Yingluo’s face grew even gloomier at those words. Clearly, she wasn’t happy with these developments.

Long Hengxu shouted, “Quiet down!”

It was only then that the cheering gradually subsided.

Long Hengxu resumed. “Due to the excellence of this year’s first grade, the board of directors has decided to conduct a study. We are establishing an
experimental class in the first grade that will be comprised of the best students in the grade. It will temporarily be called class zero, and Wu
Zhangkong will be the teacher in charge. The students for class zero have already been selected. From class one, we have Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue. From class two, we have Zhang Yangzi, Wang Jinxi, and Wei
 Xiaofeng. In the future, any other student who shows exceptional ability will also be put into class zero.”

Class zero?

What the hell is this?

All of the students assembled were in a daze. In all of Eastsea Academy’s history, there had never been a class zero! Moreover, what did having Wu Zhangkong as the teacher in charge mean?

Tang Wulin’s trio was startled, while Wang Jinxi and Wei Xiaofeng had
similar reactions on the other side. In an almost synchronized motion, the two of them looked towards Tang Wulin’s trio.

Wei Xiaofeng’s expression was brimming with loathing and enmity, while Wang Jinxi’s gaze was focused solely on Tang Wulin as he made a
complicated face.

Wu Zhangkong was expressionless as usual, but in reality he had already been notified by the board of directors last night after they decided on
approving the plan.

Long Hengxu said, “Aside from these two announcements, there are still punishments to be announced. In the match yesterday between class one and class two, both sides prioritized their comrades first and the
competition second, which led to three students being seriously injured.
This has raised a serious concern with the six participants. As such, they
will be deprived of the tournament rewards as a punishment and warning to others.”

Deprived of their reward? It would seem that for this grade’s Class Promotion Tournament, even if they’d won, there would be no rewards. Their class would only be promoted!

Long Hengxu had said these words harshly, but in reality this wasn’t even a punishment at all!
 “President, do you have any words to say?” Long Hengxu asked, looking at Yu Zhen to his side.

Yu Zhen nodded and began speaking with a clear voice. “Students, I am sure you are all very curious as to why we established class zero. This is because the students we have picked out have already far surpassed the level of their peers. If they were to continue advancing with the other
students, their talent would be buried. In summary, if you wish to shine in the future, then you must put in even more effort! I hope that I will see more students joining class zero later on, going on to become the greatest geniuses of Eastsea Academy!

“Alright then, the assembly is over. You may all leave now. Teachers, lead your classes back. Long Hengxu will act as class one’s substitute teacher until a new teacher can be found. Wu Zhangkong and the students of class zero will remain here.”

Filled with shock, admiration, envy, and regret, the students of the five
classes returned to their classrooms, leaving only the president as well as those of the newly established class zero.

“Children, come over here.” Yu Zhen beckoned everyone over.

Although they were somewhat reluctant, the five of them still walked over.

In the presence of the academy’s president, even Wei Xiaofeng didn’t dare to act in an unbridled manner. It was clear, however, that Tang Wulin’s trio and the other two had some tension between them.

As Yu Zhen observed the five children in front of him, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He coldly said, “You guys are quite able, huh! Do you think that just because you’re a bit more outstanding than your peers that you’re great? Look at you all, what have you accomplished? Among the five of you, two have broken arms, and there’s still one with broken legs resting in the classroom!”

The five of them were scolded into a daze. They had never expected Yu Zhen to reprimand them like this. As soon as they arrived, they were
 showered with a tongue-lashing.

Yu Zhen continued on with a stern expression. “I have already said what the purpose of class zero is: it’s to not hold you back. But even with how small you all are, you harbor so much pride and conceit within your hearts. I will have you all behave with integrity in front of me, otherwise, don’t blame the academy for being impolite. I’m warning you now; if a situation like yesterday’s happens again, you will all be punished. Don’t think that just because you are geniuses that you don’t have to follow the rules. You are all just viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. There are plenty of people
even more outstanding than you five throughout the federation!

“From the very beginning, this world has never lacked geniuses, nor has it lacked geniuses that die young. If a genius wants to become great, then they will have to invest far more effort than an ordinary person. Only then will you live up to your potential. Do you all understand?”

“Understood.” In the face of the president’s overbearing aura, none of the five children could raise their head.

“Sign this contract.” With a flip of his hand, a pile of papers appeared, and he quickly distributed them to the five children.

The five of them subconsciously took the pen. Tang Wulin looked it over, his attention drawn to the large word at the top: contract.

Following the title, the content below it could be summarized as saying: Person XXX voluntarily enters a contract with Eastsea Academy. Before XXX graduates from the intermediate division and the advanced division, they will not change schools.

This was the general gist of the contract.

What is the meaning of this? The five of them thought in a daze.

“Now that the academy has established class zero, we will invest even more resources into you. Because of this, the academy wants a guarantee that you
 will stay here for your studies. It isn’t because of some other weird reason. Alright then. Just sign it now.”

Xie Xie meekly asked, “President, shouldn’t we discuss with our families before signing this?”

Yu Zhen blinked a few times. “Of course you can! You can go back and discuss it, but you won’t be able to join class zero anymore. I am a very busy person, and I don’t have the time to wait for you.”

In the time they had been speaking, Tang Wulin had already signed his name on the contract. To him, this contract didn’t mean anything at all.
Apart from Eastsea Academy, he didn’t even know where else he could go to study. Just the fact that the academy would be investing more resources into him, a good-for-nothing, was a divine gift. He simply didn’t have any reason to refuse.

Gu Yue signed it in nearly the same time as Tang Wulin. Seeing the two of them signing it, Xie Xie didn’t question it anymore. Not being able to leave Eastsea Academy wasn’t that big of a deal.

On the other side, Wang Jinxi had signed it as well. Only Wei Xiaofeng was currently hesitating. “President, I think it’s bad to not consult with my family first. I still want to discuss the matter with them before I sign. After all, my clan might have me go to an even better advanced academy in the future.”

Yu Zhen nodded. “You’re very ambitious. You can just go back to class two. Now, there are only five students in class zero.” As he said this, he had already snatched back the contract from Wei Xiaofeng’s hands and began
shooing him off with his hands.

Wei Xiaofeng revealed a complicated expression, but in the end he didn’t take back that contract. Instead, he bowed to the president before returning to class.

After he left, Yu Zhen’s stern and cold expression melted into a gentle smile.
 Seeing his god-like face changing skills, the four students couldn’t help but fall into a stupor.

“Alright then. You have all signed the contract so from now on, you are the elites of the academy. We will respect Wei Xiaofeng’s decision but in the future, I definitely believe that he will regret his choice this day. Although our Eastsea Academy isn’t ranked too highly on this continent, we are still the sole intermediate Soul Master academy in this major city. With all of our resources poured into you, I dare say that not even the legendary Shrek Academy could match us.”

After hearing the president’s confident words, the four students suddenly felt a bit better about signing the contract. Standing off in the distance, Wu Zhangkong’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard those words.

Chapter 110 – Battle Armor

Chapter 110 – Battle Armor

After class zero was established in Eastsea Academy, what Tang Wulin found the most shocking was just how differently the academy treated them when compared with their treatment of the normal students. The classroom changed to a much more open one while their dorm rooms had also been upgraded. They no longer shared a room with four people, but rather, they each had their own room now that were situated beside one another.
Moreover, their rooms were the same as the ones given to ordinary teachers. In other words, they were enjoying the treatment a teacher would receive.

Zhang Yangzi signed the contract without the slightest hesitation when he heard that Wang Jinxi had signed it. Including the teacher in charge, class zero comprised of six people in total.

Wu Zhangkong was also given new living quarters alongside the dorms of his students. His previous dorm had now been replaced with a suite.

The academy gave them one day to get themselves organized before class zero would officially begin classes the following day.

Naturally, even if classes were to begin now, not all of them would be able to attend. After all, three of them had suffered serious fractures and could only attend theory classes for now.

Class zero’s classroom seemed a bit spacious and empty. Although it wasn’t any different than the ordinary classrooms, it seemed very large with only five students in it.

Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi sat on one side while Tang Wulin’s trio sat on the other. The five of them were like two separate rivers.
 Zhang Yangzi rested his legs on top of a chair, his expression dark. Wang Jinxi was his usual silent self, but his eyes would occasionally flit towards Tang Wulin.

Wu Zhangkong entered the classroom with a stern expression and walked to the center. He swept his gaze across the five students.

“From henceforth, your curriculum will undergo a change.”

His words drew the attention of the five students. Even if it was Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi, they couldn’t help but admire the Icily Arrogant
Prince Charming’s strength. After all, they too had been mesmerized by the battle between Wu Zhangkong’s and Guang Biao.

Wu Zhangkong said, “Due to the current conditions of your bodies, we will put off cultivation for a while. Instead, we will begin with theory classes.
Today we’ll start with mechas.” Mecha?
When they heard this word, all five students looked at each other in confusion.

Zhang Yangzi’s expression brightened a bit as he couldn’t help but ask,
“Teacher Wu, aren’t mechas a topic for the advanced division? We’re still in the first grade! Isn’t this just too early?”

Typically, the intermediate division would only cover foundational knowledge, and they wouldn’t cover mechas until they entered the
advanced division. After graduating from the advanced division, they would enter an advanced academy based on their area of study, walking one step at a time towards their goal. Anyone who could graduate from an advanced
academy would definitely be an elite of society.

They had just started their first of six years in the intermediate division, yet they were already learning about mechas? Wasn’t this just jumping ahead of themselves?
 Wu Zhangkong responded naturally, “The topics in this mecha class will not be taught in detail, so the course load won’t be too much. Among you, who wants to become a Mecha Master in the future?”

The five of them went silent in unison. Mecha Masters were already synonymous with powerful experts in the views of the vast majority.

Wu Zhangkong continued, “With this being the case, you all better pay attention in class.” He shot a glance at Zhang Yangzi as he finished
speaking, causing him to tremble from head to toe. Zhang Yangzi no longer dared to utter a single doubtful word.

“Modern day mechas have undergone ten thousand years of development while soul devices have went through several thousand more years of
development, becoming more and more widespread. Technology has always been researched for one main reason: war. Soul devices are no exception. It was only after soul devices filled the battlefield that they began to be used by civilians.

“The Soul Guide Masters of the time never would have imagined that soul guided devices, or soul devices for short, could be used to empower a Soul Master by such a large margin. It was only after they discovered this that they began researching mechas.

“Soul Masters have been the most essential profession within the last
several tens of thousands of years. Soul Masters were not only rare, but the majority of them were also weak. But with the advent of soul devices, this paradigm had shifted. Low rank Soul Masters could now become much more powerful by relying on their soul power and soul devices. Afterward, soul mechas began to appear, allowing Soul Masters to become even

“Soul mechas are operated by using soul power from soul power batteries, thus allowing its user to display strength far surpassing their own. The first soul mechas were developed in a larger form, the factor being that the larger they were, the larger the soul power battery they could install as well as the number of weapons it could be equipped with.
 “As technology progressed, mechas became operable by ordinary people
with sufficiently strong bodies. From then on, soul mechas became the main weapon of the modern army.

“In the history of mecha development, there have been periods where the form was small, medium, and large and now they have taken the form you are all familiar with. This is the basic outline of mecha development. This was a process of trial and error and its resulting improvements. It involved the perfection of soul circuits, various innovations, and the advancement of technology by leaps and bounds. Mechas have only grown increasingly more important in wars ever since their creation.”

Tang Wulin earnestly listened as this was his first proper lesson on mechas. If he wanted to become a Mecha Master, this was crucial knowledge to him.

“But these are not the mechas I want to talk to you about.” Wu Zhangkong paused right there, letting astonishment wash over the five students.

Not these mechas?

Wu Zhangkong indifferently said, “Didn’t you all think that as technology developed, ordinary people could control soul devices better and better?
Then let me tell you, that’s only what ordinary people think. In the tens of thousands of years of history the Douluo Continent has witnessed, one fact has never changed: Soul Masters are the most powerful existence!

“With the aid of soul devices, an ordinary person might be able to match up to a Soul Grandmaster, and with a mecha, they could even possibly contend with a five ring Soul King. Mechas truly do offer tremendous power to its user, but even so, it cannot give an ordinary person the fighting power of an eight ring Soul Douluo or a nine ring Title Douluo. At the very least, it is impossible at this point in time.”

Xie Xie said, “Then what if they use a super-weapon? There are some super-weapons that ordinary people can use.”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “What you speak of is a possibility. But let me ask you in return, what if both sides possess super-weapons then? Who will
 have more power? Let me tell you first though, currently, the strongest super-weapon cannot defeat the strongest person.”

Wu Zhangkong spoke without the slightest hesitation, causing the five students to sit down subconsciously in shock.

After a short pause, Wu Zhangkong continued speaking. “With humanity’s trend in weapon technology advancement, perhaps such a weapon will
appear in the future. But at the moment, there exists no such weapon.”

“Teacher Wu, this powerful person you spoke of, are they a Mecha Master or a Soul Master?” Tang Wulin asked.

Wu Zhangkong said, “To be exact, they are both.

“The mechas you commonly see range from five to eight meters in height and have some peculiar differences depending on what type of mecha they are. These are the modern medium-sized mechas I spoke of. From their research, Soul Guide Masters came to the conclusion that a combination of bulk and flexibility along with a balance of offensive and defensive
capabilities were the most suitable for the army. But these are just the
standardized mechas for the army. Or it might be better to say, these are mechas for ordinary people. White and yellow mechas are of the same
category, but that isn’t your goal. With your talents, you absolutely cannot develop in that direction. Instead, you must develop towards battle armor!”

Battle armor?

This was the first time the five of them heard these words.

Wu Zhangkong continued dully, “The truly powerful would not allow their body to become even larger. The reason mechas exist is amplification of power, not to become larger. Purple mechas and onwards are all small in
size, to the point where they are almost like armor! Due to this, they are called battle armor!1

“Only Soul Masters with battle armor can truly be called powerful experts. They are experts who can perfectly combine their martial soul and mecha
 together, resulting in formidable combat power.”

1. May have been retconned later to have mechas and battle armor be two separate paths. Will fix accordingly when I actually translate that stuff. I just skim the raws.
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