The Kind Death God Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91 : Gentsuki? Genryuu?

Entering directly into the woods, Xuan Yue did not make any detours due to the mutual attraction between the artifacts. As she kept on her way, she suddenly felt a shock in her heart, and an unknown premonition suddenly came. She clearly realized that this unknown feeling must have something to do with dumb, and hurriedly used sacred magic to impose triple acceleration on herself. Speeding in the direction of the sensed dragon's blood. When Ah-Dai was facing the critical moment of life and death, Xuan Yue clearly saw that the Black Energy Blade Saint Evil that resisted the black energy suddenly disappeared, and that huge energy slashed towards Ah-Dai. At the critical moment, Xuanyue exploded out of her full potential, using the angel’s rod to increase, and without chanting a spell, she used the sixth-level sacred light unit to attack the source of magic divine light and took over the energy blade’s power. attack. Under the impact of energy, the blood of the phoenix, which had been completely controlled by Xuan Yue, lifted the shock and protected her body, but Xuan Yue still suffered a great shock in her body and mind because she was shocked by the explosive force of two energy sources. Flying up, bright red blood continuously spurted from his mouth, life and death unknown.

Xuan Yue burst into tears in front of Ah-Dai, ignoring her own depletion, desperately using a low-level recovery technique to stabilize Ah-Dai's injury first. The couple who had gone through hardship finally met in this situation.

The holy evil flew to the side of Ah-Dai. He had previously endured the pressure of Mieshizhan, which caused it to suffer a lot of trauma. Seeing Xuanyue’s appearance at this time, it suddenly felt a touch of closeness and clearly understood that this human being was Treat dumb. He couldn't help lowering his body, stretched his big head to Xuan Yue's side, and looked at Dui.

At this moment, Xuan Yue’s heart was completely placed on A’Dai, and she did not notice the extra holy evil beside her. After checking her sacred energy, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although the trauma to A’Dai was not light, her internal organs were not light. There was no fatal serious injury, but the meridians were subjected to a larger shock, coupled with the loss of power to coma.

Xuan Yue sighed, raised the angel staff in her hand, and chanted in a low voice: "Great God! You have endless divine power. I beg you, please use the light of restoration to have mercy on the creatures in front of you. Light revives. "A faint white halo flowed from the angel's staff in Xuan Yue's hand, and immediately enveloped A'Dai's body. Xuan Yue closed her beautiful eyes and felt every change in A'Dai's body with her whole body.

After a long while, a gratified smile gradually appeared on Xuan Yue's pretty face, and the trauma in Ah Dui's body was gradually healed under the treatment of her recovery technique.

The light faded, and the internal and external injuries of Duan had completely disappeared. Now he fell asleep because of excessive energy consumption. All he needs is rest.

Xuan Yue just breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to rest for a while, but suddenly she felt something lightly touching her shoulder, and the hot breath continued to spray on her neck, which immediately frightened her, subconsciously all over her body. Trembling, rushed forward a few steps, a short-distance teleport in the space magic, floating out ten meters away, the blood of the phoenix flashed with a faint red glow under the deliberate urge of Xuan Yue, the red glow condensed into a blur The shape of a phoenix envelops her delicate body.

It was the Holy Evil that touched Xuanyue. It was connected to Ah-Dai’s thoughts. Naturally, I could feel that Ah-Dai’s wound was healed by Xuan Yue. It also suffered serious injuries. The sacred light from Xuan Yue made It felt extremely close, and subconsciously touched Xuanyue with its front paws, and wanted her to heal herself.

Xuan Yue looked back abruptly and couldn't help exclaiming when she saw Sheng Xie's huge body. Sheng Xie's big head leaned against Ah Du on the ground, and then gently nodded like Xuan Yue. There was a hint of kindness in the golden eyes. Xuan Yue looked at this huge benevolent creature, and she was secretly surprised. The power emanating from Sheng Xie's body caused her to beat a drum, but seeing Sheng Xie's performance, and remembering how it looked when it was dumb resisting the attack, Xuan Yue Understand that this huge creature should be Dumb's friend. She looked up and down the holy evil, her heart moved, and she blurted out: "You, you are the dragon egg that dumb brought out from the fairy forest, right? You really hatched!"

Sheng Xie's big head was dotted, and he used his front paws to continuously draw towards Xuan Yuebi, pointing at Dumb and at himself, showing a pitiful look. Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Are you asking me to also use a light recovery for you?" Sheng Xie's eyes suddenly showed excitement, and her big head nodded.

Xuan Yue chuckled. This clever dragon greatly increased her curiosity. Her previous fear disappeared. She hurriedly chanted a spell. The angel's rod once again shined with a holy light, and the holy evil was bathed in the holy light. Unspeakable freehand brushwork, just lie beside Xuan Yue and enjoy the magic that can cure her body pain.

Xuan Yue gently patted Sheng Xie's big head and smiled and said, "You will enjoy it when you arrive. You are Dumb's friend, right. Me too. We will be friends in the future."

Sheng Xie rubbed Xuanyue's delicate body like a flattering, closed his eyes and stopped moving. After the energy of light recovery disappeared, Xuan Yue stopped paying attention to the holy evil, walked to the side of Dumb, raised his upper body, and let him rest on her lap. Her heart was filled with excitement and joy, and finally she was not too late, and she rescued Ah-Dai in time. Seeing Ah-Dai's mature face, she couldn't help being a little silly. Reuniting again after three years of separation, Xuan Yue clearly felt that her heart was full of attachment to Dumb, and his stupid appearance was so kind in her own eyes.

Stroking Ah-Dai's short black hair, Xuan Yue's heart gradually recovered her peace. She secretly decided that she would never be separated from Ah-Dai in the future, and murmured: "Dai, it has been three years, we have been apart for three years. You still Do you remember Yueyue? Yueyue missed you so much! Dumb, have you been doing well these three years? You must have suffered a lot, Yueyue has cultivated a not weak sacred magic, and I will be by your side in the future , I will definitely not let you get hurt casually. Dumb, can you understand my feelings for you?" The obsessive voice echoed in the air constantly, Xuan Yue always stared at the dumb in her arms.


It's so warm and comfortable! Am I dead? Is **** so comfortable? Dui gradually came to his senses, the warmth of his body made his weak body especially comfortable.

Suddenly, Dumb smelled a faint fragrance, the fragrance was so familiar.

He slowly opened his eyes and realized that it was already night, and the surrounding mist was so dense that he could not see farther. A bonfire was raised not far in front of him. By the side of the bonfire, Sheng Xiezheng fell asleep sweetly, ah ! Turns out I'm not dead yet. He felt that he seemed to be resting on something soft, and he couldn't help but look up subconsciously. Only then did he realize that he was actually resting on a person's lap. Looking back on everything before, when I was about to be destroyed by the black energy, a golden light blocked the attack. Before the light came out, there seemed to be a familiar voice shouting "Don't".

Dumb settled down, he found that the vitality in his body had recovered a bit, he couldn't help but subconsciously sat up and looked at the person beside him intently. The face of deja vu came into view. He was originally pillowed on the thigh of a young man. The young man looked a little thin. He was wearing a sacrificial gown of the Holy See. His long blue hair was combed behind him. There was a two-finger-wide blue on his forehead. Colored hair band, eyes closed, long eyelashes on the eyelids, fell asleep against the tree trunk behind. There was a faint smile on his handsome face, as if he was happy because of something. This handsome face was so familiar, but Dumb knew clearly that he didn't know any young people in the Holy See except Xuan Yue. Who is he? Why did you save your life? Forget it, no matter what, anyway, if he saved himself, then he would definitely not be the enemy, and Dumb couldn't help but feel grateful. Sitting cross-legged opposite the youth, meditated.

Early in the morning, Xuanyue woke up first. Last night, she didn't know when she fell asleep. She opened her eyes and saw that Dui, who had originally been on her lap, was sitting opposite her and meditating. what! He must have seen me. Qiao's face blushed, her heartbeat gradually accelerated, and she thought secretly, wondering if he recognized himself last night, if he saw through his makeup, would he admit it? No, I can't admit it. After so long apart, who knows if he has forgotten himself, he should use another identity to tease him first. If he really likes himself, then tell him the truth. In fact, how did Ah-Dai recognize her? Ah-Dai was indifferent. In the past three years, Xuan Yue's body has undergone great changes. Not only has she matured a lot in her appearance, she has also become more than ten centimeters taller than before. Disguised as a man, even if Dumb himself is very smart, it might not be so easy to recognize. Xuan Yue was completely worried.

Seeing the faint white light radiating from A'Dai's body, Xuan Yue clearly felt that A'Dai was powerful. He hadn't seen him in three years. It turns out that his skill has improved so much!

After a night of practice, Ah Du’s silver golden body finally returned to its original state. He took a breath, and before he opened his eyes, he felt the scorching gaze on the opposite side. His body, and then opened his eyes, the previous sneak attack by Mieyi and the others really made Ah'ai more cautious.

The first thing that caught my eye was a pair of clear blue eyes. Looking at him straight, the blue eyes flinched when he saw him open them. Duan looked intently, and in front of him, it was the young man who sacrificed himself.

The two looked at each other for the first time three years later, and they couldn't help being a little embarrassed. For a long while, they just stared at each other without saying a word.

"En-" Shengxie's groan awakened the two of them from the sluggishness, and they looked in Shengxie's direction at the same time, only to see that his huge body turned over and fell asleep comfortably.

Dumb shook his head helplessly, and said, "You have slept for so long, you haven't slept enough!" He turned back to look at the familiar and kind face of the young man before him again, and couldn't help but relax a lot, and asked tentatively: " You, hello, did you save me yesterday?"

Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling a little funny looking at Ah Dumb's silly look. Although he didn't recognize himself and relaxed a lot, he felt a little bit more disappointed. Nodded gently, deliberately lowered his voice, and said, "Yes, thanks to my timely arrival yesterday, otherwise, you would be in danger. Who were those yesterday? Why did you kill you."

Dui exuded gratitude, and said sincerely, "Thank you, those who were the killers of the Killing Hand Association yesterday, I didn't expect them to be so powerful. My name is Dui, and I haven't consulted..."

Xuan Yue sighed slightly, and said, "Why don't I know that your name is dumb?" After she said that, she realized that she had made a mistake, her face changed slightly, and she quickly remedied: "My name is Xuan Ri."

Dumb stared at Xuanyue in a daze, and asked doubtfully: "Brother Xuanri, do you know me? I also see you very familiarly, but I just can't remember that we have met before."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said: "Although we have not seen it before, I have already heard of your name. Although you don't know me, you should know my sister."

"Sister sister? Excuse me, your sister is..." Dui seemed to be holding onto something, but he was not sure.

Xuan Yue scolded Ah Dumbunne secretly, and said, "My sister is Xuan Yue! Don't you even remember her?"

A Duan was taken aback and lost his voice: "What? You are Yueyue's brother." He jumped from the ground excitedly, his voice raised a lot.

Seeing Ah'Dai's excitement, Xuan Yue smiled secretly in her heart and stood up, looking at Ah'Dai who was more than half a head taller than herself and said: "Yes! Why, don't we look the same?"

Suddenly seeing Xuanyue's brother, Ah-Dai was a little overwhelmed with excitement, and muttered: "Like, you are really alike, brother Xuanri, Yueyue, Yueyue, is she okay?"

Xuanyue looked at Ah'Dai's flushed face, her familiar appearance made a circle of ripples in her heart, and she whispered, "Do you remember her?"

"Of course I remember." Dumb blurted out the answer. After he finished speaking, he shook his whole body and suddenly felt that he missed Xuanyue so much. There was a confused look in his eyes. Looking at Xuanyue's surprised eyes, he muttered: "No wonder, no wonder I feel like you are. Familiar, it turns out that you are Yueyue’s elder brother, Brother Xuanri, you, don’t get me wrong, Yueyue and I are just good friends and have no other relationship."

Although Ah'Dai's last words made Xuanyue's heart a little bit painful, she could tell from Ah'Dai's embarrassed expression that he was insincere, and he still remembered himself! At least he remembered himself. With a sigh, Xuan Yue said, "Big Brother Dumb, I'm afraid you will forget my sister! My sister asked me to come to you."

A Duan's body shook, and hurriedly asked: "Yueyue, Yueyue asked you to come to me? She, is she okay now?"

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Yueyue is okay. She has been studying light magic with the Pope. We, a female compatriot, can be said to be the closest people to each other. Yueyue has told me everything about you. It happened that I was traveling abroad, and she entrusted me to come to you. But I didn’t expect that when I saw you, you would almost be killed."

"Yueyue turned out to be practicing magic!" A dull voice contained a trace of loss. The fragments of the two who were together at the beginning appeared in front of him. He couldn't help being a little stunned. Xuanyue's beautiful and beautiful appearance continued to show. His eyes flickered.

Seeing Ah Du's expression, Xuan Yue suddenly made waves in her heart. Seeing his confused look, she seemed to be thinking about herself all the time!

"Big Brother Dumb, what's wrong with you?" Xuan Yue took a deep breath, calmed down her inner turmoil and asked lightly.

Dumb was taken aback, shook his head, and said, "I'm nothing? Brother Xuanri, how can you find me so easily? Is the Holy See informed enough that even my position is clear?"

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and shook her head and said: "The Holy See doesn't know where you are, but there is one thing that knows, look." She said, taking out the Phoenix blood from the collar.

The red jewel gleamed with a familiar light, and Duan seemed to have seen the beautiful naughty girl again, and subconsciously grabbed Xuanyue's shoulder and exclaimed excitedly: "Yueyue."

Xuan Yue was shocked. Did Ah'Dai recognize herself, looked at the excitement in his eyes, and tentatively asked, "Big Brother Ah'Dai, what's wrong with you?"

Only then did Ah Dumb realize his gaffe, and hurriedly released the hands that grabbed Xuan Yue, "Yes, I'm sorry, I was too impulsive. When I saw the blood of the phoenix just now, I thought of you as Yueyue? What are your siblings similar to? There are so many!"

Xuan Yue breathed a sigh of relief, her heart was filled with excitement, she was already certain that Dui had her own in her heart. He didn't recognize himself anyway, so don't worry about telling him, let's play with him first. The naughty heart that had disappeared for three years reappeared in Xuan Yue's heart. She smiled and said, "Big Brother Dumb, this is your fault. If I am really a younger sister, you just caught me like this, isn't it rude?"

Dumb flushed immediately when he heard Xuan Yue's words, and said, "I, I just missed her a little because I haven't seen Yueyue for a long time. Brother Xuanri, don't tell her in the future! I am! ,I……"

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dui's embarrassment, she couldn't bear it for a while, and smiled and said: "Okay, I am teasing you, don't worry, I won't tell my sister."

Ah Dumb breathed a sigh of relief and murmured, "You brothers and sisters even have such a similar temper. They all love pranks so much. By the way, Brother Xuanri, you said you found me with the blood of the phoenix. Why?"

Xuan Yue said: "The blood of the phoenix and the blood of the dragon are a pair of related artifacts. They can use the corresponding spells to inquire about each other's location. Hey——, tell you the truth, I am not only affected by my sister. She asked to come to you. Moreover, Yueyue wanted to roam the mainland with you, but her father was very strict with her, so she could only let me complete this task instead of her."

Dui sighed in her heart, although you are very similar to Yueyue and her brother, but Yueyue's position in my heart can be replaced by you. With a helpless sigh, he said, "Will Yueyue let you enter the mainland with me instead of her? I think, let's forget it. Apart from revenge, there is nothing in the mainland worthy of my nostalgia. My enemy is the Killing Hand Society. Since you are a member of the Holy See, don't get involved, otherwise it will be bad for you and the Holy See."

Seeing A'Dai's loss, Xuanyue almost couldn't help telling him that she was Yueyue, barely suppressing the excitement in her heart, and said: "Dai, for the sake of sister's wish, let me follow you. Yesterday, it was not too. Did I save your life? My strength is still enough to help you. With me by your side, you will save a lot of trouble. We are a magician and a martial arts master, isn't it just the right combination."

"But, I'm going to take revenge! Not traveling, it's too dangerous, I can't promise you."

"Vengeance? I think you are going to die. Did you forget what happened yesterday? Those assassins almost killed you. The Assassins should not be the only ones. The mysterious Assassins have never been in front of the world. He has appeared, do you know how strong he is? With your strength alone, have you avenged it? Take a step back, even if you have the ability to avenge, do you know where the killer will be? You don’t know, You can only search blindly, and it is very likely that you will once again fall into the ambush of the Killing Hand Association. But if you have my help, it will be different, we can search together! Big deal, wait for your revenge I just leave it alone, so it's always okay."

Dumb knew that what Xuanyue said was the truth. Although her skill was no longer weak, the killing craftsmanship was still insufficient for revenge. She sighed and asked, "After I fainted yesterday, what about the eight killers? Let me go so easily?"

Seeing that Ah Du’s tone had loosened, Xuanyue smiled and said, “They can’t give up if they want to. Your dragon gave them a bit from behind, causing them to suffer serious damage, plus my sudden appearance, Holy Magic They themselves are guest stars of their dark energy, and they will naturally run away."

Dumb sighed: "The eight assassins are really powerful. Even if we join forces, they may not be able to deal with them. You follow me, the danger is too great. If you have something good or bad, how will I tell you like Yueyue in the future? ."

Xuan Yue said disdainfully: "No matter how strong the killer is, they are also dark forces. The reason why you have suffered such a big loss is because you are too vigilant and you haven't fully utilized the few treasures on your body. Don't you think except Other than the sword of Hades, is there nothing else that can help you? Don’t forget, the guardian ring on your left hand and the dragon’s blood hanging on your neck are all artifacts. It’s an artifact! Do you know what an artifact represents? He represents power. If an artifact can exert its full power, its terrifying degree is not what you can imagine. What you need now is to learn how to use these two artifacts. As long as you master them The usage, plus me, don’t have to be afraid of those killers."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "But, how can I learn how to use these two artifacts! At the beginning, your father Xuanye offered to teach me how to use the ring of guardianship. But then he found out that I had the sword of Hades. My impression and attitude have changed drastically. I am very repulsive, and I don’t want to ask you the Holy See."

Hearing Ah'Dai mentioning her father, Xuan Yue's heart shuddered. She remembered what her father had said to her before. Indeed, as Ah'Dai said, Xuan Ye rejected him very much, or even disgusted him. If she stayed with Dumb in the future, I am afraid that her father would be the biggest resistance, Xuan Yue lowered her head and kept thinking.

Dumb thought that Xuanyue was thinking about how to use the divine tool, and comforted her: "Don't think about it, I'll find out how to use this divine tool by myself, and I can figure it out after a little more time."

Xuanyue woke up from her thoughts, shook her head, and said, "No, how can you just try to test it? Can you not test out the spell that activates the divine weapon? Don't worry, I have a way. Use the blood of the phoenix as a guide to open it. Right, the gate of time and space." The red light lit up, and the two classics that the Pope had given her were summoned out of Xuan Yue precisely, and slowly fell into her hands. With a triumphant smile, Xuan Yue stuffed the two classics to Ah Du, and said: "These two books record the usage of the Ring of Guardian and the Blood of the Dragon, please study it yourself. It is my sister who is afraid that you are not strong enough. For you."

A Duan's heart shook, and he looked down at the classics in his hand. The classics with the logo of the Holy See were faintly scented. The whole body was convulsed slightly, and his eyes turned red. Yueyue was still thinking about herself! Always thinking of myself! He held the classics in his arms tightly, speechless, his eyes were misty. Her lips trembled slightly, "Yueyue, was Yueyue asked you to bring it? Yueyue, you still think of me!"

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dui's obsessive look, with warm currents flowing in her heart, how she hoped that she would replace those two classics and be held in his arms! She could no longer bear the feelings towards Ah-Dai in her heart, and said excitedly: "Dai, actually I..."

Just when he said this, Sheng Xie's big head suddenly stretched out, and blinked in the middle of the two of them. Suddenly, A Duan and Xuan Yue jumped, and he blocked what Xuan Yue was about to say.

Ah Dumb slapped Sheng Xie's head and said, "Xiao Xie, what are you doing? Frightened us. Your injury is all right."

Shengxie's voice sounded from the bottom of Ah Du's heart, "Brother, I'm fine, he has cured me."

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue gratefully and said, "Xiao Xie, you will call him Brother Xuan Ri from now on, he is my friend."

Sheng Xie froze for a moment, but still nodded. What he didn't understand was, is this Xuan Ri unknown to be female? Why did my brother let me call him brother? But since my brother said so, let him take care of it. After all, the holy evil is the most powerful creature. Although Xuan Yue's disguise is very magical, how can he hide his keen aura judgment?

Xuan Yue rushed to dumb in surprise: "Can you communicate with it?"

Dumb nodded and said: "Yes! Shengxie is my good friend, we can communicate through thoughts."

Xuan Yue said suddenly: "My sister once told me that you got a dragon egg from the elves, it was hatched from the dragon egg, it's so beautiful!"

Dumb stroked Shengxie's big head and said, "Shengxie was born not long after we separated from Yueyue in Tiangang Mountain. Since then, we have become good friends. He has saved my life more than once. Xie, I haven't said thank you to you. If it wasn't for you yesterday, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to support Brother Xuanri coming."

Sheng Xie lay down and rubbed Dumb’s legs gently, "Brother, should we still say thank you? Yesterday, if you didn’t throw me out at the end, maybe those humans would kill me. You are good to Xiaoxie, Xiaoxie knows that Xiaoxie will naturally treat you well. We will never be separated, Xiaoxie will always guard you."

Feeling the deep feelings from the little evil body, Ah Du’s eyes were slightly moist, and the people who treated him well died one by one. Now only the holy evil is still beside him, no matter what, the holy evil must not be allowed to step on them. Following in the footsteps, even if you die, you must keep the holy evil safe.

Xuan Yue saw that Dui looked a little excited, and asked, "Big Brother Dui, what's wrong with you."

Dumb shook his head and said, "I'm fine. Oh, by the way, Brother Xuanri, what did you say to me just now?"

A complicated look flashed through Xuan Yue's She was hesitating whether to tell dumb the truth, suddenly, a white figure flashed by, and a beautiful white tiger appeared in their field of vision, and quickly turned to dumb. Rushed towards the direction. Sheng Xie stood up quickly, spread his wings to block in front of Dui, glaring at the rushing white tiger and roaring slightly. The mighty Longwei spreads around the holy evil.

The huge pressure made Bai Hu's figure abruptly stopped, and stopped fifty meters in front of Sheng Xie, trembling all over, not daring to move in. It looked at the behemoth in front of him in horror, and the oppressive feeling produced by the holy evil made him constantly cringe and retreat.

A look of surprise flashed in Ah Du’s eyes. When he was in Tiangang Mountain, except for the ten thousand-year-old giant spirit snake, almost all animals saw the holy evil as they were slumped to the ground. I didn’t expect this white tiger to be able to. Persist in standing, you deserve to be the king of beasts! He floated to the front of Sheng Xie, smiled and said: "Xiao Xie, it is a friend, don't be like this."

Sheng Xie glanced at Bai Hu, and the light in Jin's eyes was real. Bai Hu shook his whole body with a mournful whistle, and took a few steps back to stabilize his figure, but its four legs were already shivering like chaff.

Shengxie looked at the white tiger, showing a trace of disdain, and lay on the ground proudly, lifting his deterrence against it.

Chapter 92: Ambivalence

Dui floated and fell beside Bai Hu, stroked his soft fur, smiled and said, "Don't be afraid, Sheng Xie is my friend, he won't hurt you. Why are you back again?"

The white tiger roared softly, with grateful gazes in his big brown eyes, and dumb said: "Your teeth should be cured. Be careful in the future and don't eat anything."

Xuan Yue walked to the side of A'Dai and looked at the white tiger who was not hostile at all in surprise, and said, "Big Brother A'Dai, is it here to find you?"

Dumb smiled and said, "Yeah! I pulled out a sick tooth for him earlier, he might have come to thank me. You see, this white tiger has more human nature! Much better than those who kill the manual People are sinister. Instead of getting along with people, I prefer these animals." Bing’s shadow suddenly rose in his heart. Whenever he remembered that Bing gave his precious life to save himself, his heart hurts so much. , Catwoman is not dead yet. While avenging her uncle, she is also looking for the murderer who severely damaged the ice.

Dumb took out Bing's head from his arms and muttered: "Bing, do you feel the same as me! If you are still there, it would be great! Although there are beasts in the psychedelic forest, although there are Poison, but compared to the Empire of Sunset, this is a beautiful holy land. If you can come here with me, we can live a peaceful life. I think this is what you want most. Bing, you see Are you here? The surrounding scenery is so beautiful, just like you."

Looking at the portrait of the beautiful woman in Ah'Dai's hand, Xuan Yue's whole body was shocked, her pretty face looked a little pale, and her heart was constantly stirring. She bit her lip, and asked faintly: "Big Brother Dumb, who is this Bing? Why haven't I heard my sister say before."

Ah Dui showed a sad smile, "Bing is one of the most important people in my life. I only met after Yueyue separated from me. She gave me too much."

Xuan Yue's delicate body shook, and his mind was dizzy. He, he actually said that what ice is his most important person, what about me? What am I? She asked a little excitedly: "Who is more important to you than my sister?"

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue blankly, shook her head, and sighed: "I don't know? They are incomparable. Bing has paid too much for me. I'm sorry, brother Xuanri, I don't want to mention the previous things. , Don’t ask, okay?"

Seeing the misery in Ah'Dai's eyes, Xuanyue felt that her heart was so painful. This girl named Bing brought her an infinite sense of threat. She could clearly feel Bing's position in Ah'Dai's heart. The importance of it, even more than oneself. Why is he not willing to say it? Could it be that after I left, did he fall in love with this woman? Xuanyue lowered her head, and complicated emotions were constantly entangled in her mind. She had already decided that she would never tell A-Dai her identity before she fully understood her position in A-Dai's heart. She needed time to understand. In the three years since I left, what happened to Dumb.

After a while, Ah-Dai gradually woke up from the memories of Bing, carefully put Bing’s head into his arms, tightened the two books in his hands, and said to Xuanyue: "Brother Xuanri, didn’t you say let me first Do you practice the mastery of artifacts? I also think that you should improve your ability first, otherwise, it will be very dangerous to encounter those killers. Come with me, I have a very secret place, even if the killers will come in, they will not be found. of."

Xuan Yue tried her best to calm her voice, took a deep look at Dumb, nodded and said: "Then let's go. What about Sheng Xie and this white tiger?"

Dumb patted the big head of the white tiger and said, "My friend, go back to the forest. I'm leaving. If you encounter humans in the future, you have to stay away. You can't understand the despicableness and viciousness of human beings. It is very powerful among animals, but even the most ordinary people may threaten your life."

Bai Hu took a deep look at Dumb, and then looked vigilantly at the holy evil not far away, and then left reluctantly. Seeing it turning around one step at a time, Dumb's heart couldn't help but warmed, and said softly, "Go."

Until Baihu's figure disappeared completely, Ah Dui turned around and walked to Sheng Xie with Xuan Yue, "Xiao Xie, you finally wake up, don't go back to the blood of the dragon, just play outside for a few days. Yes, but you can’t attack other animals casually, otherwise, I will take you back."

Sheng Xie's eyes shone with excitement, his big head nodded, and he patted his stomach with his front paws, sending a message to Dah that my brother is hungry.

Dumb smiled and said: "You, except for sleeping, you can eat. Okay, let's go. Brother will find some fruits for you to eat. The taste is very good." He turned to Xuanyue and said: "Let's go, only in the lost The safest place is the depths of the fantasy forest."

In this way, the two of them, Ichiryu, moved towards the psychedelic forest at a slow speed.

Dui was holding two books of the Holy See. His eyes never left the cover of the books. He imagined that the books had been held in Xuan Yue's hands. He thought to himself: Yueyue, you are so kind to me, how can I repay you? what! It would be great if I was also a noble, I have the right to pursue you, but, but I can’t, I am not worthy of you!

Xuan Yue silently followed Ah-Dai's side, and her heart was always lingering in the head in Ah-Dai's hand. Who is that girl named Bing? Why does Dumb miss her so much. Could it be that between them..., shook her head vigorously, Xuan Yue drove the doubts out of her body, she wanted to see him when she didn't see Ah-Dai, but after seeing him, how could she still be in such pain. Dumb! Don't let Yueyue disappointed!

Dumb turned his head to look at Xuanyue, took her hand, and said, "Brother, I will take you away. There are a lot of diversions where the line of sight is not good, and there are organs arranged by my teacher. If you are lost, I will not be able to find it. You're here." Xuan Yue's cold little hand was held in her hand, and Ah Dui's body shook slightly. The soft and boneless little hand was so familiar, he couldn't help but recall the scene when he was holding Xuan Yue. what! What's wrong with me, he is Yueyue's brother! Being a man, how can I feel this way? Subconsciously, Dumb blushed.

Xuan Yue's heart was like a little deer colliding, and her body trembled slightly. After she was reminded by Babuyi to remind her of Dui, how much she hoped he would hold her hand again! At this moment, she finally realized her wish. Although Ah Dui didn't know her identity, she was already satisfied. The unhappiness caused by the appearance of ice was immediately relieved by the warmth in A'Dai's hands. Xuan Yue didn't say a word, clinging to A'Dai's side, and followed him to the depths of the forest.

The two had their own concerns, and the journey was spent in silence. Finally, under the leadership of Dui, they passed through the fog and came to the scope of the wooden house. Looking at the wooden house surrounded by mist, the dreamlike feeling deeply shocked Xuan Yue's heart, and blurted out: "It's so beautiful here!"

Dumb sighed: "Yes! This is the place I miss the most. When Teacher Gris brought me here, I deeply liked this peaceful place. Although there is no bright sunshine here, But it's so quiet and quiet. This elegant environment is my favorite. After I take revenge on Uncle Owen, I will definitely settle here, just live a life like this."

Xuanyue wanted to ask Dumb, what should my sister do if you settle here. But looking at Ah Dui's lonely expression, she still did not ask.

Dumb turned his head and rushed towards Sheng Xie, "Xiao Xie, just rest in the yard. Brother will find you something to eat later. This is your brother's house. Don't destroy things."

Sheng Xie looked at the surrounding scenery in a novel way, nodding his head and looking around.

A Dui took Xuan Yue into her room. Although the room was simple, but the dust was cleaned by Dui, there was a warm feeling in Xuan Yue's heart. If I could live here for a long time with Dui, that would be great! In such a beautiful environment, it would be a wonderful thing to be with the one I love.

Dumb let go of Xuanyue's little hand and said, "Brother Xuanri, sit for a while, and I will pick some fruits to eat. There is no other good thing in the forest, but there are many kinds of fruits. I think, you are in the Holy See I must have eaten a lot of delicacies, it would be nice to change to a lighter taste here." After speaking, he carefully put the classics on the table, picked up the basket and floated out, and went to the fruit forest to pick fruits.

Xuan Yue looked around the empty wooden house, and the fresh air kept coming from outside the window, making her feel relaxed and happy. This is where Dumb lived! In the hazy fog, it was like a fairyland on earth. It was so beautiful. Compared with the elf forest, although it was less elegant, it was more mysterious.

After a long while, Ah-Dai turned back. In his hand, he carried a basket of various fruits. Ah-Dai put the fruits on the clean table and smiled and said, "Try it, you can be said to be the first guest of the Psychedelic Forest. , The fruits here can’t be bought even if I want to buy them outside. I’m going to get something to eat for Sheng Xie.” After speaking, he turned around and left the wooden house again, leaving only Xuanyue in a daze.

Sheng Xie's appetite is very amazing, one person actually eats ten baskets of fruits before stopping. Dui stood beside Shengxie, watching him finish the last basket of fruits, and said with a wry smile: "Xiaoxie, according to your way of eating, I am afraid that it will not take long for the fruit forest to be cleaned by you."

"Brother, the fruits here are really delicious! Not only are they sweet, but each fruit seems to contain some energy. My body hasn't fully recovered yet, so I just come to supplement my nutrition. Ah! So sleepy! I eat it. Really comfortable, brother, Xiao Xie is going to sleep." Since Sheng Xie was born, he has had too little contact with the outside world. Although the dragon is an extremely intelligent creature, it now has only childlike wisdom.

The connection of thought was interrupted, Sheng Xie crouched into a ball in the courtyard in front of the wooden house, closed his golden eyes and fell asleep. Dumb shook his head helplessly, and looked at Sheng Xie's familiar sleeping face with a smile of satisfaction. With the company of the holy evil, it is much better than his lonely life, not to mention the one-month-long sibling.

Back in the room, Ah Du saw that Xuan Yue was flipping through the two books, and smiled: "Brother Xuan Ri, I haven't thanked you for bringing me the news of Yueyue?"

Xuan Yue raised her head and said, "No thanks, I am also for my sister! By the way, thank you for the fruit, it is really delicious. I like this light and sweet feeling the most. I have some for you, you Eat some too." He said, pointing to the remaining fruits on the table.

While eating the fruit, A'dai picked up a book. He was about to look through it, but he heard Xuanyue ask: "Big Brother A'dai, didn't you say this is your teacher's home? Why didn't you see your teacher."

Dui's whole body was shaken, the fruit in his hand fell on the table, and his unconcealed sadness was revealed. He placed the classics on the table, supported his body with both hands, and muttered: "Teacher, teacher, he is dead. ."

Xuan Yue was shocked and apologized: "I'm sorry, I didn't intend to touch your pain." Seeing A Duan's sad look, she felt uncomfortable.

Dumb shook his head and said, "To be honest, the teacher is the closest person to me. His death hit me very hard. When I first learned of the teacher's death, I really wanted to follow him underground. It was the teacher who left it to me. My things have given me the courage to survive. The teacher is too persistent in this life. He dedicated his life to alchemy, and even completed the last work with his own life. In my heart, the teacher is So great, no one can replace his position."

Xuanyue chewed on the meaning of Dumb's words and muttered: "Use life to complete the last work, what is that?"

Duan's grief contained pride, "The teacher used his own life to fulfill his last wish and become the first master alchemist to make a divine weapon in human history."

"Sacred tools? Are they artificially crafted? Your teacher is really great. This is the first time I have heard of someone who can make them."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's surprised expression, showing a sad and helpless smile, "Yes! Teacher is the greatest alchemist, but he also gave his life to fulfill this wish." The brother stroking his right arm. Reese's wish, Dumb sighed, "If it weren't for the artifact left to me by the teacher, I'm afraid I would have fallen for the first attack by the killers yesterday."

Xuan Yue was full of curiosity and said subconsciously, "Can you show me this artifact?"

Duan nodded, he naturally wouldn't be wary of Xuan Yue's relatives. He lifted the clothes on his right arm to reveal the giant snake armor inside, and opened the snake armor to reveal the black forearm inside.

Xuan Yue leaned in front of Ah-Dai, took Ah-Dai's big hand, and looked at his arm with a faint black light, and said, "This is the artifact? Are you fused with the artifact?"

Dumb looked at the complicated black patterns on his arms, nodded and said, "Yes! This is the artifact the teacher left for me. I named it after the teacher, and it is called the wish of Corris. It makes me daily The ability to teleport three times can also release a clone that holds half of my abilities. Yesterday, it was with these two abilities that I was able to support it for so long."

"Three teleports." Xuan Yue couldn't help thinking of her space magic, and muttered: "Teleport can be done with space magic. This clone has never heard of it. You use Coris's wish instant What is the range of the teleport? Can the accuracy of the teleport be ensured?"

Dumb said: "The teleport range is less than 50 meters, and the accuracy can basically be maintained. The deviation will not exceed one meter. That is also because there is only a moment of time when positioning. If you give me plenty of time, then Can be completely accurate."

Xuan Yue nodded and said in admiration: "It turns out that it is like this. It is indeed a divine tool. Although space magic can be teleported, even a magician with strong ability can only have 30% accuracy at most. Very consuming mana." While talking, she gently stroked the Coris' Wish on Dumb's arm, feeling the powerful inner magic.

Xuan Yue's icy little hand moved back and forth on her arm, causing Ah Dumb to have a strange feeling, ah! Me, how could I have this feeling for Xuan Ri, who is also a male? It must be because he is too much like Yueyue. Shocked in his heart, Dui retracted his arm and pulled up his sleeve.

Xuan Yue asked concerned: "What's wrong with you?"

Dumb lowered his head and concealed: "Nothing? Maybe the injury yesterday has not fully recovered, right? I want to meditate for a while, so you can meditate."

When I heard that Dui's injury had not healed, Xuan Yue immediately became nervous, "Then you can meditate quickly. Healing the injury is important."

The two sat on the bed, and Ah-Dai took a deep breath, glanced at Xuan Yue's concerned gaze, closed his eyes, and urged the energy in the silver gold body to sink his thoughts into the dantian, and gradually settled down.

Xuan Yue did not immediately meditate. Seeing the faint white light gradually rising from A Dui's body, her heart was filled with tranquility and warmth. From the previous relationship, she clearly felt the change of Dumb. Although still dull, Ah-Dai appeared to be much more stable than before. At any time, there would be a faint sadness between his brows. Over the past three years, he must have experienced a lot of pain. When he wakes up, he must ask clearly. Dumb, I will be by your side from now on, and I will definitely not make you suffer anymore. Don't let me down! If you really like other women and dislike Yueyue, Yueyue will definitely die in pain. Suppressing her inner emotional struggle, Xuan Yue chanted a spell in a low voice, and entered into meditation. The holy pale golden light came out, enveloping her, clearly feeling the active magic elements in the air condense to her, Xuanyue's consciousness gradually merged into the sacred golden ocean.

In the evening, Dui took the lead to wake up and meditate for two consecutive days. He clearly felt the progress of his skill. He seemed to be able to break through the ninth level only by the last step, but he couldn't make it at this step. Silver The golden body is already close to two inches high, and it seems that its inherent ability has reached its limit, and it can no longer absorb the energy of the golden body in the chest. How can this energy limit be broken? Dumb is not sure.

Dumb sighed secretly in his heart, the ninth level of Shengshengjue's cultivation method only has one formula, that is, to accept all rivers. At the beginning, Tiangang Sword Saint didn't explain the meaning of this to him, but only told him that this requires his own understanding to achieve the best effect. However, with my own mind, it is so easy to understand. It seems that I can only explore through continuous cultivation. If you don’t break through the ninth level, it’s really hard to avenge Uncle Owen!

Opening his eyes, the first thing Ah-Dai saw was Xuanyue who was completely wrapped in golden light in front of him. The holy feeling made Ah-Dai's heart calm. What a powerful divine energy! It seemed that Yueyue's elder brother seemed to be about the same as Uncle Xuanye in ability. Moreover, the sacred aura radiating from him without a sense of oppression seemed to have a higher realm than Xuanye, and more similar to the energy radiated by the Pope. The Holy See is really capable people, if he compares with Xuan Ri, he may not be able to win him. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai couldn't help but secretly admire the Pope's abilities, and only he could nurture such an outstanding talent. This Xuanri must have worked hard with the Pope, no wonder he hadn't mentioned him before. I don't know how Yueyue is now, if she can have half of her brother's skill, it will be enough to protect herself. Brother Xuanri and Yueyue are really alike, but they are a little bigger, and they deserve to be twins. He must know Yueyue very well. When he wakes up, see if you can ask Yueyue about the situation in recent years. Yueyue has been thinking of herself! She even gave me precious books of the Holy See. Do you know Yueyue? I miss you too! How I want to be your lifelong follower, but our identities are too far apart, although I want to be by your side forever to guard you, but I can't do it! I can only bless you in secret. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai couldn't help sighing deeply and shook his head gently.

Perhaps feeling the depression in Ah-Dai's heart, Xuanyue woke up from her work, two azure divine lights shot out from her eyes, and Ah-Dai, who was sitting opposite her, suddenly felt his whole body shake, a feeling of tranquility instantly Spreading throughout the body, warm and sincere energy wrapped his and Xuan Yue's bodies at the same time. Under the irradiation of this sacred light, Dui seemed to feel that he had a hint of magic.

"Big Brother Dumb, what's wrong with you? Is there something unhappy?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "It's nothing? Brother Xuanri, your magic ability is really strong! You must have reached the strength of a wizard now."

Xuanyue stunned. Since practicing with the Pope, she has never thought about what level she has reached. He smiled and said: "I don't know, maybe there is. However, you also know that the body of the magician They are all very fragile. Although protected by the blood of the phoenix, they are still not that safe. Let's roam the mainland together in the future. You must protect me!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Are you really going to find a killer club with me?"

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Of course, this is my sister's wish, which is my wish. You can treat me as your sister. I traveled with you on behalf of her. When I get home, I will take our Tell her what you have experienced."

Ah Du's face changed slightly, with a wry smile in his heart, and thought to himself, how could you replace Yueyue? Although your looks are so similar, you are not alone after all, let alone you are still a man.

Xuan Yue seemed to be thinking about something, and didn't notice the change in A'Dai's expression. After a long while, he said, "Big Brother A'Dai, I don't think you should rush to take revenge."

Dumb woke up from his thoughts, "Why? Revenge is my only wish now."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't worry! I just told you not to rush to take revenge, not to prevent you from taking revenge. You also know that with your current ability, you can't compete with the entire killing craft with your current ability. .If you want to deal with them, you must greatly improve your skill. The killer will not be able to run. When your skill is enough to destroy them, wouldn't it be better to kill them with one more blow? I think, your dead uncle I don’t want to see you go to death.” In fact, she also has her own selfish intentions when she said so. If Dumb goes to avenge, the two will not get along as easily as before. She knows that although the Pope allows herself to find Dumb, But there is always a limit to time. If something happens in the Holy See, or the parents are eager to look for her, I am afraid Grandpa will not be sheltering himself. In order to get more time to get along with Dui peacefully, she came up with this method. She secretly decided that she must establish the relationship between herself and Dui before the people of the Holy See find herself back. As long as Dui truly loves her, even if everyone opposes, she will be with him without turning back.

Dumb sighed: "I also know the importance of skill improvement, but my current skill has reached a bottleneck, and it is very difficult to improve it again. Maybe, that level is impossible for me in my life. I can't. Wait indefinitely!"

"Is the realm? Actually, the realm is illusory and difficult to think about, but it's not impossible. In the face of danger or stimulation, the realm may suddenly rise. How can you know if you don't try it? Once there is a way, it is likely to help you elevate your realm to a new level." After that, Xuan Yue smiled mysteriously.

Dumb was overjoyed. He knew that Yueyue's elder brother would not lose sight of it, and hurriedly asked, "What is the solution?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It's not the time to tell you. Your first task is to master the usage of a few artifacts, and then just listen to me."

Dumb asked in confusion, "Listen to your dispatch? I..."

Xuan Yue interrupted him and said, "What? No way? Even if you don't believe me, don't you still believe Yueyue? I am the person Yueyue trusts the most. Otherwise, she won't let me come to you. ."

Hearing him mention Xuanyue, Ah-Dai suddenly felt like a discouraged ball. He couldn't find a reason to refuse, and said helplessly: "Well, then, but I don't have much time. The sacred calendar is 999 years, and I have two more. An important test is to be completed. There are less than two years before this, I think I will make a break with the killer."

Xuan Yue thought of the match between Ah-Dai and her father, and her heart trembled. She was her father on one side and her lover on the other. They were her most important people. How could she choose!

Xuan Yue sighed secretly, forget it, now I think it's a bit early, isn't it two years away? Let's talk about it then, maybe when it's time for the competition, there are other ways to resolve the contradiction between them! Thinking of this, she nodded and said: "Two years is enough. We can use one year to improve your strength. UU reads the book and then goes to find the killer and will settle accounts. The power of the Holy See You should know that when the time comes, I can use this force to get accurate information about the killing craftsmanship."

Dumb frowned and said, "It's not good to borrow the power of the Holy See. After all, I have nothing to do with the Holy See."

In Xuan Yue's heart, she had regarded Ah Dui as her own, and blurted out: "Why it's okay." As soon as the voice fell, she couldn't help but realize that she had made a mistake, and quickly defended: "Don't you know my sister and me? This is you and me. The relationship between the Holy See! Okay, it’s so decided. After practicing for a day, should you get some fruit for me to eat? I’ll go with you. I want to see what the fruit forest looks like here. Fruits that are so sweet and delicious."

Dumb said: "Well, I will take you there."

The two got off the bed, Dui picked up the bamboo basket and walked out of the room.

The sky gradually darkened, and the setting sun dyed the fog in the psychedelic forest into a faint orange red, which looked very moving. Shengxie was still lying there and dreaming about his dreams. Ah'Dai pulled Xuanyue's little hand and said, "Go, I'll take you there. The fog in the fruit forest is so thick that it's hard to tell the direction. I'd better take you along. "Unconsciously, Ah-Dai already liked the feeling of pulling Xuan Yue, which he didn't even realize.

Chapter 93: Artifact use

Xuan Yue let A-Dai hold her slender and fair little hand and followed him, her heart full of sweetness. The two of them entered the fruit forest. In the hazy mist, crystal-clear and jewel-like fruits appeared in their sight. Dumb smiled and said, "Look, there are dozens of fruits here, there are many. The same color does not look much different, but the taste is very different, some even poisonous fruit. Look at this, this purple fruit does not look like a gourd, it is the king of fruits here, the teacher named it Zilu is not only delicious, but also very energizing. Picking two is enough for us to eat. Look at this, this is Bitao. Although it is not as sweet and sweet as Zilu, it is also crisp and delicious. It does not have a flavor..."

Xuan Yue quietly listened to Ah-Dai's introduction. At this time, he, like a master, seemed so calm in introducing the appearance of the fruit. Since seeing Ah-Dai again, only the present him has revealed happiness. expression.

"Big Brother Dumb, don't pick it, these should be enough for us to eat. How beautiful these fruits hang on the tree! Don't waste it."

Dumb discovered that the bamboo basket was full. He looked at Xuan Yue and said, "Brother Xuan Ri, I don’t know why. I feel very relaxed when I am with you. Since I know that Teacher Gorris is dead, this is still me. This is the first time I have such a happy feeling, I should really thank you."

Xuanyue felt that Duan's palm was slightly hot, and her heart was agitated, her pretty face blushed, "Thank you? Are we friends already? Friends should bring happiness to each other!"

"Yes! Friends should bring happiness to each other. I don't know what happened to Brother Rock and them? Brother, do you know Brother Rock and them?"

Xuan Yue smiled and nodded: "Of course I know, I didn't tell you. Yueyue has already told me everything about you together."

A dumb said: "The two eldest brothers, Rock and Yanli, are both temperamental people. Since I don't need to rush to revenge, let's stop by the Puyan clan after I leave here. I haven't seen you for a year. I think they must see me I will be very happy. It's a pity..." The voice stopped, and Dumb's expression added a bit of loneliness, as if he was avoiding something.

"What a pity?" Xuan Yue asked.

Dumb shook his head and said, "It's nothing? Let's go back and eat some fruit. It's time to rest. I don't know why, this year, I like to sleep very much. I used to practice every day, and I often didn't sleep for ten and a half days. Maybe it was because of Xiaoxie's infection." In fact, what he just wanted to say is that it is a pity that Yueyue can't go with her.

Xuan Yue nodded, and walked back after Ah Dai. Yes! Since receiving the baptism of God, I have never slept, and have always spent it in meditation. Yesterday was the first time I fell asleep in two years. The joy of seeing Dui again relaxed my body and mind. It feels so good to be with him!

Until the wooden house appeared in front of him, Ah Dui released Xuan Yue's hand and returned to the room. They divided the fruits they had picked. Xuan Yue only ate three of them, and Ah Dui killed the rest.

"Brother, let's sleep. Starting tomorrow, you will guide me to use the artifact."

Xuan Yue was shocked, her pretty face suddenly turned red, he, did he let me sleep with him? But, but.

No matter how deep Xuan Yue’s feelings for Dui were, she was still shy in the face of such an embarrassing situation, and muttered: “Big Brother Dui, I’m not used to sleeping with others. Are there still two rooms here? No, I will go to sleep elsewhere."

Dumbfounded, and smiled: "What are men afraid of? Only this room can rest here. One of the other two rooms is a laboratory and cannot be accommodated. And the other." When he said this, he paused. Suddenly, the feeling of sadness filled the air, and the pain of missing the teacher was constantly entangled in Dumb's heart. He sighed and said, "The other room is the former dormitory of Teacher Gorris. I want to keep that dormitory for him. , So I can’t live either."

Feeling the sadness of Ah-Dai, Xuan Yue walked to him and whispered: "Big Brother, don't you feel sad, isn't there still Corris' wish to accompany you? If your teacher sees you suffering so much for him, I’m afraid I won’t be happy either. That’s good. If you sleep in the room, I can sleep outside."

Ah Dumb’s sadness was diluted by Xuan Yue’s words, “Well, how can you be here, how can you let you sleep outside? Besides, the night here is very cold, okay, let’s sleep on the bed, I slept on the floor, so it should work. I want to ask you something about Yueyue."

Xuan Yueqiao blushed, and said, "How embarrassed, didn't you say that the night here is cold?"

Dumb didn’t notice Xuanyue’s expression, and buckled the bamboo basket on the ground, saying: “The cold is for you. Your magician’s body is so fragile. I don’t care. With the protection of true energy, the cold cannot hurt. Come to mine. Okay, go to bed. The quilt that Mr. Gris prepared for me was very warm. I just washed it the day before yesterday and it was very clean." After saying that, he just lay on the floor with a bamboo basket as a pillow. .

Xuan Yue stepped past Ah'Dai's body and sat on his single bed. Seeing Ah'Dai lying on the floor, she suddenly felt that he was so lonely and a sour feeling appeared in her heart.

Dumb turned his head to look at Xuanyue, smiled and said, "Brother, what's wrong with you, lie down, today you have a good spirit, and tomorrow you can guide me!" As he said, he handed the only one in the room. The magic lamp went out, and the room plunged into darkness.

Xuanyue pulled the quilt away without taking off her coat. She dived into the soft quilt. There was a refreshing smell on the quilt. The warm feeling made her feel hot. This is what Dumb usually covers! Now it's over him. The pretty face was hot, and a faint sweetness rose in Xuan Yue's heart.

"Brother Xuan Ri, did you learn your magic from the Pope? Or, how can you achieve such an achievement at such a young age? The magicians I have seen before are all elderly people, like Xuan Ye sacrifice I have only met such a young high-level magician. But you and Yueyue are brothers and sisters, and they should be less than twenty years old. The magic level is already so high, and the future is unlimited! "

"Ah? Oh." Xuan Yue woke up from her sweetness, "Yes! Grandpa taught me." Unconsciously, she had confided the secret of the Holy See.

Dumbfounded, he sat up from the floor, "Grandpa? The Pope is your grandpa."

Only then did Xuanyue react and murmured: "Based on your relationship with Yueyue, it doesn't matter to tell you. The Pope is indeed my grandfather. Only the senior leaders in the Holy See know this. You can do not tell others."

There was a chill in Ah Dui's heart. He was already very inferior. At this time, learning that the Pope turned out to be Xuan Yue's grandfather, he suddenly felt that the gap between himself and Xuan Yue was deeper. What an honorable status is the Pope's granddaughter! As for himself, he was just an ordinary civilian, a civilian who was born as a thief.

"Big Brother Dumb, why aren't you talking? Don't you want to ask me about Yueyue's situation?"

A Duan sighed softly and said, "I really didn't expect your brother and sister to be so noble. Brother Xuanri, I'm really climbing high when interacting with you."

"Big brother, don't say that, what is the relationship between our contacts and our identity, we are all your friends!"

How can it be okay? It is precisely because of my identity that I cannot be with Yueyue! Dui took a deep breath, lay back on the floor, looked up at the dark roof, and said faintly, "Has Yueyue spent time in the Holy See? She loves to play so much. If she is restrained, she must be very unhappy. Right."

The temperature under the quilt gradually increased, and Xuan Yue felt that there was a slight warmth in her body, "It's okay, now she is studying magic with grandpa seriously, she knows that she is not strong enough, and going to the mainland with you will only serve You are troublesome, so you will study hard. I happened to be out of practice, so she asked me to replace her first. She said that after she finishes her studies, she will come to you."

Because he learned that Xuanyue is the pope's granddaughter, Ah-Dai's heart was dispirited. She couldn't say anything she wanted to ask before, and said indifferently: "Brother, it's already late, go to sleep."

Feeling the change of Dui, Xuan Yue was shocked, thinking of her own question, she asked: "Big Brother Dui, I heard Yueyue say that you once promised the Queen of the Elves to help them find the thief union in three years. The abducted clansmen, now you have been separated for three years, have those elves recovered?"

Duan closed his eyes, recalling what happened in the Empire of Sunset, and said with hatred: "What if you find it? Those **** in the Empire of Sunset insulted their souls. There are a total of sixteen elves, only two are still alive. The rest After being rescued by us, all fourteen people chose to commit suicide."

"What? Suicide? Why!"

"Because they have received too many insults, the dark forces of the Sunset Empire are so abhorrent. If possible, I really want to wipe them all out..." Ah Dui was reminded of the past by Xuan Yue's words. Now, in detail. He narrated the encounter between himself and the Rock Brothers in the Sunset Empire, but concealed the part of Bing. He didn't even mention the thief girl who often assassinates him that resembles Bing. Bing represented pain in his memories, and he subconsciously avoided it.

Listening to Dui narrating the various darkness of the Sunset Empire and the miserable encounters of the elves, Xuan Yue's pretty face was covered with crystal tears.

"Later, we took the fairy princess Xing'er out of Sunset City, but was stopped by the presiding judge of your Holy See. I thought he was going to endanger us, so I used all my strength to use Master Tiangang Sword Saint and his old man. The sky thunder that passed to me bombarded myself, and in the end I was seriously injured. In the end, if it weren’t for your grandpa Pope’s use of sacred magic to cure me, I’m afraid you won’t see me now. The power of the sky thunder is really amazing It’s huge, but unfortunately I haven’t fully understood it yet. It takes a certain amount of time and opportunity to use this trick. I was badly injured when I faced the killers that day. Otherwise, with the power of the thunder that day, those hateful killers may not be able to take over. How cheap is it? You see, my hair was originally shoulder-length, but it was turned into ashes under the power of the sky thunder. After a year of growth, it barely stayed."

After listening to the various thrills in the narrative of Dui, Xuanyue felt her heartbeat gradually speed up. Although Dui said it was calm, she seemed to feel the fierce battle at the time. After the battle, she was afraid to make her whole body cold. , Ah Dui came back from Guimenguan so many times, how much pain he has experienced!

"Later, we finally sent the elf princess back to the city of elf in time, and we can be regarded as taking care of this matter for the elf queen. After leaving the elf forest, I broke up with Big Brother Rock and they came here, but no I had thought that Teacher Gris had gone away from me, and I could no longer see the familiar face of the teacher."

Feeling the sadness in Ah'Dai's heart, Xuan Yue murmured: "Big Brother Ah'Dai, you have suffered so much. Those elves are really pitiful! It turns out that the sunset empire is so dark. But why has the Holy See never cleansed them up? What? These dark forces absolutely blaspheme the gods!"

Dumb sneered: "Your Holy See is just hanging on a sacred name. For the economic support of the Sunset Empire, how can you be willing to wipe out the dark forces that provide them with a lot of money? As long as you give the money, you still care if they will blaspheme. God?"

For the first time, Xuan Yue heard A Duan speak this way to herself in such a tone. She felt a pain in her heart and murmured: "I, I don't know it will be like this. When I return to the Holy See, I will definitely ask Grandpa to withdraw for investigation."

Dumb was in a state of resentment against the dark forces of the Sunset Empire, and did not hear that Xuanyue's voice had brought out some female voices, and sighed: "Forget it, you are not the pope. What's the use of saying it, I am afraid it is you Father Xuanye has nothing to do with this matter. Okay, you have heard my story, Brother Xuanye, I hope you don’t tell Yueyue what I said to you, if he wants to ask. , You can describe it to her, I don’t want her to worry, okay?"

Xuan Yue's heart was shaken, and she murmured: "Bad brother, you..."

Dumb sighed and said, "I just don't want him to worry about it. Don't think too much about it. It's night. Go to sleep."

Xuanyue lay on the wooden bed with ups and downs. After listening to what happened to Dui, how could she fall asleep? The pain that Dui has experienced in the past three years has deeply shocked her young girl's heart. She never expected that her beloved Dui would have experienced so many hardships. Feelings of pity kept surging deep in Xuan Yue's heart, and the love for Dui in her heart became even stronger. How she wanted to use her love to warm Dui's gradually cold heart! After thinking about it for a long while, she gritted her teeth, she turned sideways and rushed towards the dumb on the floor and said, "Bad brother dumb, are you asleep?"

Dumb confided in the experience of the sunset empire, feeling a lot more comfortable, just fell asleep gradually, but was awakened by Xuanyue's voice, and said in a daze, "What's wrong?"

Xuan Yue took a deep breath, struggling constantly in her heart, and finally overcame her shyness for her love for Dumb, and whispered softly: "Big Brother Dumb, it's cold on the ground, you go to bed too. Let's squeeze."

"Oh." Dumb didn't feel anything, he got up from the ground and sat on the bed. Xuanyue retracted her body close to the wall to make room for him. Dumb lifted up the quilt and got into the warm blanket. The warmth brought by the quilt immediately made A Duan's body shake and relax, and his sleepiness became even stronger. Although he does not fear the cold with Shengsheng Zhenqi Bodyguard, his warm bed is the most comfortable! There was a hint of orchid in the nose, a familiar smell, um, it seemed to have been smelled on Yueyue before. It turns out that Xuan Ri even smelled like Yueyue! He still didn't understand, stupidly, that Xuan Ri, who slept with him on the same bed, was the moon he yearned for.

The place for the single bed was not big at all. Dui was tall and tall, and when he entered the quilt, the small space suddenly became cramped. Xuan Yue's delicate body inevitably touched him. Xuan Yueqiao's face flushed, and she clearly felt her fierce heartbeat. She lowered her head and her body trembled slightly.

Feeling the change of Xuanyue, Ah-Dai thought she was cold, so he subconsciously pulled the quilt and got closer to Xuanyue. He apologized: "The place is small, so let's make up the goods. Cover it, don't catch the cold." He leaned inward so that the bodies of the two of them would not be exposed, and were close to Xuan Yue's body. The softness of Xuan Yue's body made him feel very comfortable, and he unintentionally put his arm on Xuan Yue's body. Gradually fell asleep.

The room was dark, Xuanyue felt that Duan's body was so warm, and the sense of satisfaction filled her mind and body.

Abandoning all worries, he gently leaned into Dumb's arms, the familiar feeling filled his whole body, Xuan Yue gradually became fascinated. It would be great if I could sleep in Dumb's arms like this forever! Dui breathed evenly and gently on her face, Xuan Yue approached Ah Dui's not handsome face, and kissed him gently on his lips, as if the numbness of an electric shock spread all over her body instantly, Xuan Yue felt herself 'S body became even hotter.

Early in the morning, Ah-Dai stretched his waist and woke up from his sleep. One night’s deep sleep gave him a full rest. After moving his body, he found that he had more people in his arms. He looked down and just saw Xuan. Yue's long blue hair and a faint fragrance came, causing the strangeness in Dumb's heart to rise again. The quilt is so small, Brother Xuan Ri must have been cold to rely on himself. Looking at the sky outside, it seemed that it was too early. In order to get rid of the strange feeling in his heart, Ah Dao gently pushed Xuan Yue's body away and sat up from the bed.

Xuanyue actually just fell asleep not long ago, facing her beloved man, how could she fall asleep? She kept looking at Ah Dumb's sleeping face. Although she could not see clearly in the dark, she was extremely satisfied. Being with him again, and still being so close, let the love in Xuan Yue's heart continue to breed, until she couldn't support her sleepiness, she fell asleep in his arms vaguely.

Ah Dui got up from the bed, stretched his body a few times, and walked outside. In the yard, Sheng Xie was still asleep. Because he had eaten too many nutritious fruits yesterday, he was constantly digesting and absorbing.

Dui suddenly remembered the two books Xuan Ri had brought to him, went back to the room and took them out, sitting in front of the wooden house and reading them. After learning about the identity of Xuan Yue and the Pope last night, he really wanted to forget Xuan Yue, and only by forgetting could he avoid more pain, but can he really forget? Although he looked at the classics, his heart was still unable to calm down. On every page of the classics, there seemed to be a portrait of Yueyue.

After half a month. In front of the wooden house in the depths of the psychedelic forest. With a clear loud shout, five groups of holy light bullets with a strong sacred aura were emitted from Xuanyue's angel staff, and they hit the opposite dumb.

Dumb looked at this five-level sacred attack magic without the slightest panic. Behind his hands, his eyes flashed with confidence, and the blue light on his chest was bright, and a dragon-shaped energy poured out, entwining his body instantly. The sound of the pounce sounded, and the five holy light bullets accurately hit the blue energy, exploding a rain of light, but did not cause any damage to Duan.

Xuan Yue put down her staff, nodded in satisfaction, and said, "Big Brother, you are making progress so fast! In just a few days, you have mastered the basic usage of the ultimate defense of the Dragon God's body."

Dumb smiled and said, "Thank you for your guidance too! However, this dragon **** cover is really wonderful and can actually block any attack. As long as the opponent's attack does not exceed the energy of the dragon **** and myself, it is difficult to hurt. I'm here. It's a pity that the highest level magic contained in this dragon's blood itself consumes too much energy. Moreover, I can barely use the most basic dragon body."

Xuan Yue said: "It's already very good. It is not a day or two to fully exert the power of the dragon's cover. My phoenix cover has been trained for so long, and it can only make the shape of the phoenix clearer. When will we be able to summon a fully formed dragon and phoenix that is considered to have completely controlled the defensive abilities of these two artifacts. Take your time, we can control it one day."

A huge black figure fell to the ground from behind Ah-Dai, and the huge dragon head came over, it was Sheng Xie. He leaned to the side of Dui, stretched out his front paws, kept pointing at his chest, blinking his big eyes, and looked very funny.

Dumbfounded with a smile: "Little heresy, it is the dragon I summoned!"

Xuan Yue also laughed. In these days of getting along, because she had treated Sheng Xie, Sheng Xie was very close to her. For this big guy who is as stupid as Dumb, Xuan Yue likes it very much, "Yeah! What? Forget Xiaoxie, it is the dragon you really summoned. Dumb brother, I have seen the record of dragons in the vatican books, but no one has described a dragon like Shengxie, maybe, waiting for the holy After the evil is fully grown, the ability it exerts will surpass the blood of the dragon. It is your fifth artifact!"

Sheng Xie looked proud, lying on the ground, hiding his big head between Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, as if they were afraid that they would not take it seriously.

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "Holy evil, stop making trouble, let your dumb brother practice the use of the artifact. You can protect us in the future!"

In the year before, Dah did not improve his martial arts, but in order to control the God’s Wish of Coris, he constantly improved his mental power. In addition, he used to control the increase in energy to make his Her mental power reached a level close to that of a magician. When Xuan Yue discovered this situation, she couldn't help but close her mouth in surprise. If you want to control magical artifacts like Dragon’s Blood and Guardian Ring, what you need most is huge mental power. Although Ah-Dai can’t fully perform the effects of these two artifacts, he has mastered it in just ten days. With their basic usage, this is already a very incredible achievement.

In addition to being able to collect items and use it as a space bag, Shenlong's blood has two main skills. One is to use the increase of Shenlong's blood to use light magic within the range of spiritual power. The other is to use the most primitive energy of the dragon's blood. His primitive energy contains two forms of attack and defense. The defense is the dragon cover that Dui used just now, and the attack is the reincarnation of the dragon. The rebirth of the dragon is the same as the attack of the blood of the phoenix. The spiritual power required is too large. At least the spiritual power of the magister can be controlled. Duan and Xuanyue are still far behind and cannot be used at all, but they both After learning the ultimate defense of these two artifacts, although they are still in their embryonic form, they have already demonstrated a strong defense capability. Even the changes that Duan is currently in between the second and third changes are difficult to break. Duan clearly felt that although Corris had used his life to refine the God's Wish, the power of Coris' Wish was much worse than that of the Dragon's Blood. Xuan Yue told him that this was the gap between the primary and intermediate artifacts.

Duan's Ring of Guardian is also a primary divine weapon. It has two abilities like Corris' Wish, except that his abilities are all embodied in defense. One of them is to absorb magical attack energy at the maximum amplitude and convert it into the ring itself. Dumb had used this ability unintentionally before. The first time he met Xuan Yue, he met because of the magical energy emitted by Xuan Yue. Xuanyue told Ah-Dai that in fact, the role of the Guardian Ring was not very practical. The most important function of the Ring of Guardian is its defense. It can instantly release a defensive barrier to resist the enemy's attack when the owner is threatened with life. This defense has two uses. One of them is to defend against the enemy's attack multiple times, but there is a corresponding defense upper limit. Dumb It was this kind of defense that was used unintentionally before. It didn't need to be triggered deliberately by the owner. As long as it felt the owner was threatened with death, it would automatically erupt, and it could be used again after an hour. And another type of defense is the most useful for Dumb right now, and that is absolute defense. The so-called absolute defense means that the ring of protection can instantly release a defensive enchantment under the influence of the master's spell. No matter how powerful the opponent's attack is, this defensive enchantment can be completely blocked. In the face of powerful enemies, this absolute defense is equivalent to the master's second life, and the Ring of Guardian is called a divine weapon because of its ability. Of course, the price of absolute defense is also very heavy. Every time absolute defense is used, the guardian ring needs 49 days to recover its energy. During this period, it will completely become an ordinary ring. . The biggest advantage of this artifact is that in addition to absolute defense, ordinary defense does not require mental power control. Even if it is absolute defense, it only needs the spiritual power of the wizard level, and with the current ability of Dumb, it can barely be used. But in order to cherish the energy contained in the Ring of Guardian he has not tried it.

"Brother Xuanri, with the blood of the dragon and the ring of guardianship, I feel that my abilities have been enhanced a lot, at least I am more stable in defense. I shouldn't get hurt so easily in the future."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "If it weren't for the possible assassin outside, I really want to see what the absolute defense of the Ring of Guardian looks like. The classics are so amazing that it can defend against any attack. If it is an attack by a god, it can also be defended. Is it?" Her question was answered in the near future, but at a price.

Speaking of the killer, a chill suddenly appeared in Ah Du's eyes, and he subconsciously touched the Pluto sword in his chest.

Feeling the change in A'Dai, Xuan Yue hurriedly said: "Big Brother A'Dai, you'd better not use this Pluto sword in the future. Hearing you talk about being almost controlled by him before, I feel scared. Except for the Pluto sword, the rest of your body The three artifacts can basically be used, and with their help, they should be able to cope with normal situations. This Pluto sword is really evil, it is definitely the best among evil artifacts. I heard Grandpa said that the Pluto sword is the most terrible It is not his monstrous evil spirit, but his own self-consciousness."

Dumb put down his right hand and said in confusion, "Self-consciousness?"

Chapter 94: Start adventure

Xuan Yue solemnly said: "Yes, it is self-consciousness. This evil sword has no defensive ability at all. Its only ability is attack. Its attack power is the most powerful of all divine tools in the world. I am afraid it is the grandfather's god. The rod can’t compete with it either. Its so-called self-consciousness is completely an evil consciousness. Whenever someone uses it, it emits a power of control that is proportional to the moves used. Obsessed with its abilities and used evil powers beyond what you can bear, you will be controlled by it and become the Pluto of the world. By then, I am afraid you will be overwhelmed. This is why Grandpa always attaches so much importance to it, dumb. Brother, you should be more careful in the future. But don't use the Pluto swordsmanship that surpasses your own abilities because of the hatred of the Assassin Society!"

A layer of cold sweat appeared on Ah Dui, and Xuanyue's words shocked his heart. When he was besieged by Mie Yi the other day, it was not that he had not considered using moves beyond his own abilities, it was only because of Xiao Xie's appearance that he let him dispel it. With this idea, thinking about it now, the situation Xuan Yue described just now almost appeared to herself. Pluto in the world! What an evil word that is! No, I must not cause the creatures on the mainland to become charcoal because of my own selfishness. In the future, this Pluto sword will really need to be used less.

"Brother, you are right. This Pluto sword is indeed better to be used sparingly. Now that I have almost mastered the artifact, it is time for us to leave. Where are you going to go first?"

Xuan Yue's body shook slightly when Ah Dui mentioned to leave here. In the past half month in the Psychedelic Forest, she has been getting along with Dui day and night every day, and the feelings in her heart are constantly sublimated, and she deeply loves the peaceful life here. Here, no one will bother them. Every day when Dui and Dui are hand in hand to pick fruits from the woods, it is her happiest moment. In fact, she had already remembered the journey with her cleverness, but in order to make Dui pull herself, she always pretended to be indistinguishable from the road, and making fun of her was worse than her own memory.

During the day, they would study the use of the artifact together, and at night, they would share the same bed. With the passage of time, Xuan Yue's shyness has gradually faded, and she will no longer feel awkward when sleeping with Ah Dao, even thinking that it should be right.

Dui has also gradually adapted to the existence of "Xuanri". Although the strangeness in his heart persists, he understands that strangeness as a yearning for Xuanyue. After more than ten days of getting along, he has become more and more conscious of Xuanyue's incarnation. The closer he got, he faintly felt that the closeness seemed to be different from the brotherhood between the rock and himself.

"Brother, what's the matter with you? Didn't you say that we planned our trip a long time ago?"

Xuan Yue said in a daze: "Yes! It's time to go, let's join forces and the power of the holy evil, even if the eight killers come again, there is no need to be afraid." She knew that after leaving here, within a short time, she and Dumb There will never be such a peaceful day. I really want to give up everything, and stay here forever, but now they can't do it.

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's lonely expression, and the strange feeling in his heart rose again, and asked with concern, "Brother, is there something uncomfortable with you, why is your face so ugly?"

Xuan Yue sighed lightly and said, "I'm fine, I just have a little nostalgia for the life here. I really don't want to go! Brother, I really want to live here with you forever."

Duan listened to Xuanyue's sincere words, and her heart was slightly sour, "Brother, this is impossible. You are the grandson of the Pope, and I'm just an ordinary civilian, we will be separated someday. After all, we are two People from different worlds."

Xuan Yue's heart moved when she heard A'Dai's plain words. She seemed to realize something, but she couldn't say it clearly. She shook off her annoyance and said, "Big Brother A'Dai, in my heart, you and I are no different. Since everyone is the same. People, what are the distinctions? Didn’t you say that the nobles of the Sunset Empire are not worthy of being called people at all. Identity does not mean anything? Since we are going, let’s go and pack things. Our goal is the Death Mountain. ."

Xuan Yue's first sentence made Ah-Dai feel much better, but the latter sentence shocked his whole body, "What? Go to Death Mountain, brother, are you crazy?"

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dumb with a startled look and smiled, and said, "Big Brother, I am not crazy, nor am I wrong. Our destination is the Death Mountain Range. Of course, before we go to the Death Mountain Range, we have to go to another There are two places, one is the Puyan clan, where to meet your two brothers. The other is the elves. Only with the help of the elves, we can successfully cross the Tianyuan clan territory and reach the Death Mountain. Let's complete the tasks that you and sister failed to complete."

"But, Yueyue didn't tell you the horror of the Death Mountain, it's too dangerous to not go there."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "What is danger? How can you make progress if you don't face a crisis? Didn't I say to help you find a way to break through the current realm? Perhaps, it is only through the test of life and death in the Death Mountain. Only with your life and decisiveness can you break through the final bottleneck. Now you are not the same as you were at the beginning. I am not the magical lowly Yueyue, plus the only dragon in the world, the holy evil, what else is there on the mainland? We can’t go. I want to fulfill my sister’s wish to re-form the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Corps with you to explore the Death Mountains. If I have never been to this place in my life, I will die when I die."

After listening to Xuan Yue's words, Duan's pride rose suddenly, yeah! I have four artifacts on my body, plus the blood of Xuanri's phoenix and the staff of angels that are close to the artifact, why can't I go to the Death Mountain? "Okay, brother, I listen to you, let's go to Death Mountain, even if there are demons there, we will find him to fight."

Looking at Ah Dui's slightly red face, Xuan Yue showed a knowing smile. Her dumb was still so straightforward, and she moved him with a few words. Dumb! I do want to explore the Death Mountains, but what I didn't tell you is that even in danger, I have absolute certainty to withdraw from the Death Mountains. How can I be willing to risk your life?

"Well, since you agree, let's pack things up now. Tomorrow morning, we will set off for the Sokyu Federation."

Early the next morning, Xuanyue and Ah Dai got up early in the morning, and everything they needed to take was stored in the space bag. When they were about to leave yesterday, Duan and Xuanyue cleaned the wooden house again. Make it return to the way it was when Dumb wanted to leave last time.

"Big Brother, let's go." Xuan Yue urged Dumb. Although she is very nostalgic for the life here, she can't wait for the excitement in her heart when she thinks that she will be able to explore the mainland with Dui immediately.

Dui hadn't told Xuanyue about the underground laboratory. After all, it was a secret between him and Corris, and he was about to leave here. The sadness of parting lingered in Dui's heart. "Brother, I'll take you to a place, and then let's go again." After speaking, he told Shengxie to wait in front of the wooden house and walk in the direction of the fruit forest.

Xuan Yue was taken aback, and hurried to catch up with Dumb's hand and said, "Big brother, you forgot to pull me up, do you want me to get lost in it?"

Dumb apologized: "I'm sorry, I really forgot."

The two walked into the fruit forest, and Ah-Dai dragged Xuan Yue to the depths. Xuan Yue said in confusion: "Big Brother, haven't we already picked enough fruits? If you take more, I'm afraid it won't be fresh even if stored in the blood of the dragon. Fruits are no better than steamed buns!"

Dumb shook his head lightly, without answering, pulling Xuanyue and continuing to walk deep. Xuan Yue gradually discovered that they had passed through the place where they usually picked, and came deeper into the fruit forest.

Suddenly, Dui stopped and stood still, his body seemed a little stiff.

Xuan Yue walked around Ah Du's body and saw a tombstone standing in front of them. "Ah! This is the tomb of Master Corris!"

With a plop, Ah Dui knelt down in front of the tombstone, wiped the dust off the tombstone with his sleeves, two lines of tears flowed down, "Teacher, I am leaving, I don't know when I can come back to see you, where are you? Take care!" After speaking, he respectfully knocked three times toward the tombstone.

Xuanyue felt the sorrow in Ah-Dai's heart. She knelt down beside him and bowed with him, praying secretly in her heart: Master Goris, I and Ah-Dai are leaving. You must bless us! I really like Dumb, don't worry, I will take care of him on your behalf in the future, so that he won't suffer any more.

A gust of breeze blew, bringing a bit of cool feeling. Dumb said with joy: "Teacher, is that you? You must have heard my voice, right?"

Xuan Yue exhorted: "Big Brother, Master Collis must have come to tell you to take care of you all the way and come back to see him earlier."

Duan glanced at Xuan Yue, nodded gently, took a deep look at the tombstone, and stood up. "Goodbye, Teacher Gris."

Before the two returned to the wooden house, Ah'Dai's expression became much more relaxed. He looked at Sheng Xie and Xuan Yue beside him, shouting loudly, "Toward the Death Mountain, let's go."

The holy evil screamed happily, and suddenly spread huge wings and swept towards Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. The two lightened their bodies and rose off the ground. They were thrown onto their backs by the holy evil, and the holy evil took a big step outward. Go. His current level of evolution is still low, not enough to fly with two people, so he can only choose to walk.

Xuan Yue grabbed the dragon's horns in front of her, stabilized her body, and smiled: "Sheng Xie will really feel sorry for me, knowing that my physical fitness is not good, so I want to hump us out."

Dumb smiled back and said, "Yes! Xiaoxie is our best friend. Let's go, Xiaoxie."

Sheng Xie let out a deep roar, and walked out in a big step. Under the contact of Dumb's mind, it clearly escaped one organ after another.

Dui and Xuanyue did not relax at this time. The last time Dui died near death, his vigilance was greatly strengthened. Both of them were ready to withstand the assassin's sneak attack.

In fact, the eighteen people had already been withdrawn. On the same day, Xuanyue’s sacred magic and Holy Evil’s golden horn power severely damaged them. Although Xuanyue only released a sixth-level light magic due to time constraints, she had been injured before the eighteenths, and her skill was very depleted. Big. Their dark attribute fighting energy and Xuan Yue's sacred light magic are opposed to each other. Xuanyue’s sacred magic is the most authentic. Although the surging divine power only invades their bodies, it also greatly damages their power. The holy evil is originally the descendant of the dragon king, although it was affected by the evil spirit of the sword of the underworld at birth. It became both righteous and evil, but the seven golden horns behind it were entirely made of sacred power. Peiran's divine power was launched from behind the assassins without defense, almost causing a fatal blow to the assassins. Under the attack of two different qualities of sacred energy, although the killers are tough, they can only use their residual power to escape their lives. After nearly ten days of rest, they gradually recovered a little, and it is difficult to fight again in a short time. Moreover, before they wanted to come, Dui and Xuanyue must have already left. For the two who severely injured them, the killers hated them. As soon as their injuries stabilized, they immediately returned to the secret den of the Killing Hand Association nearby, waiting for Dui and the others. And report the situation that happened during the attack on Dumb to the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association, waiting for the Lord’s order.

The holy evil body is huge, and the steps are naturally much larger. In just two hours, they have come out of the psychedelic forest. Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue and said with a sigh of relief: "Brother, it seems that our worries are unnecessary. Those assassins should have already gone."

Xuan Yue has been releasing inquiry magic. This magic can collect and transmit information within 500 meters of the caster's body to the caster's mind, and is the most effective for creatures. Two hours of continuous casting made Xuan Yue a little tired. She looked around vigilantly and said, "Brother, let's be more careful. After all, being targeted by a killer is not easy to deal with. Their sneak attack It is impossible to guard against, so we must always be vigilant."

Duan said bitterly: "I'm looking forward to their appearance now. As long as they dare to come, I will let them come and go." After mastering the basic usage of several artifacts, Duan's confidence is much more than before. With the assistance of the divine tool, coupled with the magic of Xuan Yue and the dragon power of the holy evil, he was completely sure to fight the remaining eight killers.

"Aw--" The roar suddenly sounded from behind them, and the two turned to look, only to see Baihu standing outside the forest, staring at them with big eyes. The White Tiger was very grateful for Dui's healing, coupled with the great strength that Dui showed, the King of the Forest had completely surrendered. It has always wanted to get close to Ah-Dai to show good, but the saintly evil dragon's prestige is too prosperous, so he dare not approach. Seeing that Dumb and the others were out of the Psychedelic Forest at this time, they had to roar.

Dumb smiled slightly, and said to Xuanyue: "Look, friends from the forest have come to see us. Let's say hello." With that, she raised Xuanyue's little hand and jumped from behind the holy evil under the enraged package. Down. Dumb naturally knew that Bai Hu was afraid of the holy evil, and told the holy evil to wait in place. Only then did Xuan Yue walk to Bai Hu's side. Bai Hu looked at Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, without the ferocity of a beast, and gave a soft roar, looking at Ah-Dai with some attachment.

"Brother Tiger, we are leaving, you are the king of the forest, but you have to protect the psychedelic forest!" Ah-Dai stroked the huge king character on the white tiger's forehead. The soft and thick fur was extremely textured.

Bai Hu nodded lightly, his big eyes lit up a lot, and there seemed to be tears flowing in it.

Xuan Yue also walked to Bai Hu's side, and there was dumb to protect her, so she was not afraid of any danger. The sacred aura exuding from Xuan Yue's body is that all animals, except the dark attribute, like to get close. Bai Hu didn't reject her, letting her slender, white fingers stroke her fur.

Dumb glanced at Xuanyue, and said to Baihu: "Brother Tiger, we are really going to leave. This psychedelic forest will be handed over to you in the future. You must take good care of this place. When you come back, I will definitely give it to you. Bring some good food. Go, go back, the forest is your territory."

Bai Hu stretched out his tongue and licked dumb, then he turned around reluctantly and sank into the depths of the woods. Xuan Yue looked at Bai Hu's leaving back, and said, "No wonder you say that animals are better than humans. At least they still know how to avenge gratitude, but humans’ gratitude avenges their grievances..., let’s go. It’s so easy to ride Xiaoxie. what!"

Dumb smiled and said, "I'm afraid from now on, we can only walk on our two legs. Have you forgotten that Xiaoxie is a dragon, so he can't just walk in front of people."

Only then did Xuan Yue wake up, blushing, and said, "I forgot. Hey, but Xiaoxie may not be willing to return to the blood of the dragon."

Dumb and Xuanyue walked back to Shengxie. As Xuanyue said, after being free for so long outside, Shengxie said that he would not want to return to the blood of the dragon.

"Xiao Xie, be obedient, go back quickly, okay? You are so shocking and horrifying outside that it will make it hard for us to move."

"Little Xie, go back quickly, and let you out after your brother buys you something delicious. Hey, are you disobedient? If you want to do this again, I'm angry."

Sheng Xie lay on the ground, his big golden eyes staring at Ah-Dai, and his eyes were filled with pitiful colors. No matter what Ah-Dai said, he just didn't want to go back, and Ah-Dai didn't want to force it, so he couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

Xuan Yue smiled and looked at Ah-Dai, and said, "How about it? Nothing. Brother, believe it or not, I have a way to get Xiao Xie back to the blood of the dragon."

"Do you have a way? I don't believe it. Xiaoxie usually listens to me the most, but now he doesn't agree. What can you do?"

Xuan Yue smiled mysteriously and said: "You don't care what method I use, I can do it. So let's make a bet, if I let Xiaoxie obediently return to the blood of the dragon, you will walk with me behind your back. The first city, do you not?"

Ah Duan snorted, and said, "You are a big man who let others bear it, are you ashamed?" The words of'Xuan Ri' couldn't help but remind him of his back in Tiangang Mountain. The memory of that intimate scene made him think. Slightly hot.

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "I am a magician. How can my physical strength compare to you? You are not afraid that I will delay the trip! You gamble or not, anyway, you can't let Xiaoxie go back."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's slender figure, she didn't seem to be too heavy, and said helplessly: "Well, I'll bet with you, what if you lose? Are you carrying me to the next city? See you are not so vigorous yet."

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said mysteriously: "It's easy to do if I lose. If I lose, I will tell you a secret, how about my sister's secret? However, I won't lose."

"Tell me a secret? You are not telling me." Dumb looked at Xuan Yue suspiciously.

Xuan Yue tried to make her face more serious, "Big brother, do you think I think the kind of person who would lie to you? Don't worry, this secret is definitely worth the money for you. How come you are like a woman Mom, do you gamble or not. Hurry up."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue with some powdery air, and said in his heart, I haven't said you look like a woman? You are talking about me. "Well, I will believe you once and do what you say." He glared at Xuan Yue, but he could not believe what he could not do. Duan was still very confident in the relationship between himself and Sheng Xie.

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, walked to Sheng Xie's side, and whispered something on her ear. Duan turned into anger, extended his hearing, trying to hear their conversation, but Xuanyue used magic power to isolate the voice, and he tried several times without success.

Xuan Yue stood up straight, seemingly finished. There was a trace of determination in Sheng Xie's big eyes, and his voice echoed from the bottom of Ah Dui's heart, "Brother, take me back to the blood of the dragon."

Dumbfounded, Brother Xuanri really has a way! I couldn't help asking, "Xiao Xie, why did you suddenly change your mind? What did Xuan Ri tell you?"

Shengxie shook his head, "I'm sorry, brother, I promised him not to tell you, so take me back quickly."

In desperation, Ah Duan used a spell to take the huge body of the holy evil into the blood of the dragon. After taking back the sacred evil, Ah-Dai looked at Xuan Yue with a smug look in surprise, and asked, "Brother, what did you say to Xiaoxie? He went back so obediently."

Xuan Yue smiled mysteriously, and said: "This is a secret, but I can't tell you. You can say it first. You admit that you have lost."

Dumb nodded helplessly, and said, "Will you be willing to bet, isn't it just walking you to the first city? Come on."

Xuanyue walked behind Ah-Dai with a smug smile, and jumped on his back. Ah-Dai clenched her hands and copied his legs. The close contact made Ah-Dai feel a softness behind his back, and said in his heart: The magician's body is really weak. There is no muscle at all.

"Haha, after riding the dragon, it feels really good to ride a man." Xuan Yue is in a great mood now, patted Ah Dui on the shoulder and said, "Let's go."

A Duan was a little depressed and walked along the official road with Xuanyue on his back. While walking, he was still unwilling to ask: "Brother, I am also carrying you on my back. Just tell me what method was used to make Xiao Xie succumb. Right. I'm really curious."

Xuan Yue said while admiring the beautiful scenery on both sides: "It's actually very simple to pull, but I just won't tell you. If you want to know, it's okay. If you carry me another city, I'll tell you."

Dumb weighed the severity, and finally decided not to ask, anyway, Xiao Xie had already gone back, so let's talk about it when she releases it next time. In order to be able to rush to the next city as soon as possible, Dui urged the vitality in his body, unfolded his figure in this uninhabited place, and moved forward like an arrow from the string. Xuan Yue was screaming in exclamation, feeling the scenes on both sides fast passing by, she had to hug Dui's neck tightly and bury her pretty face behind him. Dui's wide back brought her warmth and a sense of security.

After a while, the sense of fear gradually disappeared, and Xuan Yue's excitement made her excited again, and Ah-Dai's body like a galloping switch moved around in the air, unspeakably chic. His long black hair stroked Xuan Yue's pretty face from time to time, making her feel fascinated.

After Ah Duan rushed for more than an hour, a bustling crowd appeared on the road. In order not to shock the world, he slowed down and strode forward. Xuan Yue's is not heavy, and with Ah'Dai's current skill, rushing for this period only allowed the blood in his body to fully stretch a bit, without even disturbing his breath.

The pedestrians on both sides kept casting their surprised eyes at them. The dumb was very awkward. He couldn't help but said to Xuan Yue: "Brother, see if you can get down first. There are too many people here. Everyone looks at us. You are the Holy See. It’s better to be more stable for the sacrifice of

Xuanyue looked at the pedestrians around and knew that Dui was a little embarrassed, how she had the heart to embarrass her beloved, and said happily: "Okay, you let me down and I will go by myself. However, this section of the road must be noted first. , You have to supply me in the future."

"Huh? Don't worry about that."

"I am willing to bet and lose. What? Do you have an opinion?"

"Well, I admit it."

"It's almost the same. Go ahead, I'm hungry, I haven't eaten human food for a long time, I miss it!"

Dumb looked at Xuanyue walking in front of him helplessly. He was surprised to find that with this Yueyue's brother, he would always maintain a relaxed mood. The relaxed feeling was really comfortable. "Brother Xuanri, I haven't asked you something yet?"

Xuan Yue turned her head and smiled at Dumb, "What? You ask."

Dumb said: "What kind of route are you going to take to the Puyan Clan? If you don't go far, you will reach the fork in the road."

Xuan Yue stopped, and took out the map that originally belonged to Ah-Dai from her arms, and said, "I have arranged it a long time ago, you see." Then, he opened the map and asked Ah-Dai to hold it, and then stretched out his slender fingers. , First pointed to their location, and then said: "We are now in Varyan province. From here, we will go northeast. We will pass through the Durham province of the Tianjin Empire, and then we will move northeast from Dulu. Passing by the edge of the northern side of the province, you can enter the territory of the Yajin tribe of the Sorbian Federation."

Dumb froze, and said, "We are going to the Puyan tribe. What are we going to do when passing by the Yajin tribe? It should be to go all the way to the southeast, passing through the territory of the Yalian tribe! Only then can we reach the Puyan tribe in the shortest distance. Also. It saves time. This is how I came from the Tianyuan clan."

Xuan Yuebai glanced at her dumb and said, "The reason why I have to walk northeast into the territory of the Yajin tribe is of course purposeful. I did not say that we are going to the Death Mountain to explore. Since it is an adventure, if Bai It’s boring to go. My plan is, let’s go through the territory of the Yajin tribe and go to the Honghu tribe. The general association of the mercenary union is there. I think there must be a special mission about the Death Mountain~ Let's take the task and finish it by the way when we go to the Death Mountain. With our current ability, it would be shameful to be a tri-level mercenary!"

When Xuan Yue mentioned the Red Hurricane Clan, Ah Du couldn't help but think of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. After so long separation, he didn't know how they were. "Brother, you don't know, now the evil mercenary group is a special-grade mercenary group."

Xuan Yue froze, and said, "Special grade mercenary group? Brother, are you doing the task? How can you rise so quickly."

Dulu smiled slightly, and told about his encounter with the mercenary union in Dulu province, "Look, this is my current mercenary card." As he said, Dulu took out the golden card representing the special mercenary and handed it to Xuan. month. Xuanyue smiled at the card in her hand and said, "This Brother Yuehen is pretty good. We have reported both of us for a mission. Okay, when I get to the next city, I will also go to the mercenary union to replace it. My sister exchanged cards."

Dumb looked at the excited Xuan Yue and shook his head helplessly. He walked forward first. He didn't hear the language sickness in Xuan Yue's words.

Near noon, the two finally arrived at Meme City in the Durham Province. This small town has a small population and a pitiful area, only over 1,000 square kilometers. From the west, you can almost see the east.

Chapter 95: Accept task

"Brother, aren't you hungry? Let's find a regular restaurant to eat something." Dumb touched the remaining dozen gold coins, and thought to himself that if you save some flowers, it should be enough to keep them going to Asia. For the gold clan, when you reach the magician union there, you should be able to receive the monthly gift from the union.

Xuan Yue nodded and said: "Okay! But, why don't you find a decent restaurant to eat, the ordinary small restaurant is not clean."

In a bitter smile, Duan was dragged into one of the most luxurious hotels in Meme City by Xuanyue. Although the most high-class hotels in this remote town were far less than the big casinos in the Sunset Empire, Duan still suffered a pain. Money! Although this thing is not omnipotent, without it, there is no food. No matter how high your skill is, you can't skip eating! It seems that after eating this meal, I am afraid I have to think of ways to raise money again.

As soon as he entered the hotel, a waiter hurriedly greeted him. He saw the sacrificial gown on Xuan Yue's body, his eyes lit up and respectfully said: "The sacrificial sir is here, the shop is really shining on the shed! Come on, please come inside. "I ignored the dumb who was on the side, leading Xuanyue and walked in.

Dui looked down at his ordinary civilian clothes, sighed slightly, and walked behind.

Xuanyue was led by the waiter to sit down in the private room. The private rooms here are all open-style, located a bit higher than the lobby, surrounded by a wooden fence about one meter high. The waiter handed it over. The recipe said: "Sacrifice adults, please order."

Xuan Yue took the recipe, looked at Dumb who had just walked over, and said, "Brother, sit down. Although it's not luxurious here, it's pretty clean."

The waiter looked at Ah-Dai in surprise. Before, he thought that this tall young man was just a servant or bodyguard of the youth sacrifice, but he didn't expect that they were friends or even brothers. Hurriedly ran over to help Dui pull the chair away, "Sir, please sit down."

Dumb looked at the waiter's strange eyes, of course he knew what he was thinking, and he was not the first person to look down on himself. "Brother, you can eat whatever you want, I can eat anything."

Xuan Yue felt that Ah's mood seemed to change a little, and she glanced at him, and said, "Brother, then I'm not welcome. I want a Sky-Gold Empire Ice Sea Crab, just two more than one catty. Well, come again..."

Every time he heard Xuan Yue order a dish, Ah'Dai's heart trembled, and he subconsciously touched the purse in his arms, wondering if his remaining dozen gold coins were enough to pay the bill.

Xuan Yue ordered eight dishes before she stopped. Every one she ordered was a famous dish of the Tianjin Empire. Although Ah Dui hadn't eaten it before, she could tell the price of these foods from the name. .

Closing the vegetable garden, Xuanyue smiled at Dumb: "Brother, I know you can eat, so I ordered more. You will taste it later. These dishes are all delicious! Okay, let's go down. "After speaking, the waiter was driven away.

A Duan sat there with a bitter face. He would rather eat dried buns than sit here and wait for the delicacies.

"Big brother, what's the matter with you? Are you unhappy? Is it because of the waiter's face just now? These guys are just like that. Dogs look down on people. You ignore them. Later, we will find a wizard's union and give it to you. With a mage robe, this will not happen in the future."

Dumb sighed and said, "Brother, don't you know, this day the Magician Guild of the Golden Empire and the Magician Guild on the mainland are two different things. I'm afraid I won't give us anything."

Xuan Yue was born in the Holy See. Except for the sneak run three years ago, this was the second time she left the Holy See. Naturally, she didn't know what was going on outside, and she said puzzledly: "Why, there are two magician unions?"

Ah'Dai nodded, and explained how he had encountered the confrontation between two magicians in the Yalian clan.

"Oh, it turns out that the magicians are so messy! Forget it, wait until the Yajin clan, let's talk about it, the magician guild there should belong to the one we originally participated in. After all, you and your sister have been tested in the red hurricane clan. , The vast majority of magicians in the Sooyu Federation should belong to the mainland magicians union."

A Duan sighed softly and said in a low voice: "Brother, can you ask how much the food you ordered just now? I don't have much money. Or else, I'd better return some dishes."

A smile appeared on Xuan Yue's face and said, "You don't need to retreat, brother, don't worry, I can do it myself."

Dumb heard what she said. He thought she was rich, and he was relieved immediately. Anyway, he is the grandson of the Pope. He should have a lot of money. He also ate a lot of his own fruits in the Forest of Psychedelic. Pause should be.

At this time, the eight delicacies ordered by Xuan Yue had already come up one by one, and the two of them looked at the delicious food that was delicious in color, fragrance, and taste.

The famous dishes such as ice-sea cold crab and swallow-winged lobster are delicious. Even when the sunset empire was very rich, Ah Duan had never eaten such delicious food. He couldn’t help having a great appetite. Together with Xuanyue, these eight dishes Swept away. Dumb thought, it seems that people not only need to have money, but also spend money.

Patting his slightly bulging belly, Ah Dumb exhaled contentedly, and said, "Brother Xuan Ri, I'm really full today! Or you can eat, these foods are so delicious."

Seeing Ah'Dai's contented expression, Xuan Yue showed a knowing smile, "Brother, as long as you eat happily, we can eat whatever we want in the future. Don't feel wronged like you did before. I will definitely take it. You eat delicious food all over the mainland."

Dumb laughed: "Okay, then I will follow you to enjoy the blessing. Today we are eating out for the first time, I will treat you, but you will pay for the travel expenses in the future. I don't know if ten gold coins are enough for this meal. ." He also tentatively talked about it, after all, it is not good to let people pay directly. With that said, he took out his own money bag from his arms. This money bag was the one he stole from him when he first met him. For dumb, this money bag has a very Special meaning, so carry it next to your body and cherish it.

Xuanyue snorted, laughed, and said, "Big Brother, I think you should forget it. Ten gold coins? Not enough to buy a dish. At least one hundred gold coins are needed for this table of food. It’s up to me."

Ah Du was shocked, "What? A meal cost a hundred gold coins, which is too extravagant. Brother, do you have so much money with you? Is it in the blood of the phoenix, how can you not be in the psychedelic forest? I heard you talk about it." Although he was mentally prepared, he was still taken aback by Xuan Yue's words. His face was reddened, and as soon as he came out of the Psychedelic Forest, he was a little embarrassed in his heart that "Xuan Ri", who had known him for a long time, spent so much money to invite him to dinner.

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "I don't have money with me! I never bring money when I go out. Didn't you know that my sister used to be too, don't you know?"

"No, no money?" Dumb froze, and his face fell, "I said, brother, since you have no money, why do you order such a good dish, it seems that we two are going to wash the dishes here."

"Brother silly, you are really interesting, how can we clean the dishes? With our level of cultivation, there is no need to do that. You wait and see, I have my own way. Waiter."

The waiter hurried over when he heard Xuanyue's call, and said with a big smile: "Sacrifice your lord, what is your order?"

Xuan Yue stabbed and said: "Go and call your boss."

The waiter hesitated, and said, "Sacrifice your lord, are you dissatisfied with it?" The priest dare not offend him.

Xuan Yue frowned and said, "There is so much nonsense where you are, if you ask you to go, you go, hurry up."

"Yes, yes." The waiter left in a panic. After a while, he walked over with a tall middle-aged man. The middle-aged man walked to Xuanyue's side, and said very politely: "Sacrifice to adults, I am the boss here. I am really negligent. The waiter just told me that you came to our store, and it really made the shop's shed shine! You have Whatever needs to be said."

Xuan Yue said faintly: "The dishes here are delicious, and we are very satisfied. After leaving the Holy See, this is the most comfortable meal I have eaten."

The boss immediately beamed with joy and said, "Thank you for the compliment of the priest. Your appreciation is the greatest honor of the store."

"Well, your dishes and service make us feel very comfortable. Since everyone is a believer in the gods, I will give you something to keep as a souvenir. We will come again when we are free in the future." He said, picked up On the silver spoon on the table, lowly chanted a few spells, the golden light surging out under the urging of the spell, enveloping Xuanyue’s body, and immediately brought a soft and warm breath to the entire hotel lobby .

The boss felt the feeling of spring breeze, his eyes showed respect, and his expression became more respectful. Xuan Yue blinked at Ah Du, and the golden light wrapped the silver spoon in her hand. With the injection of sacred energy, the silver spoon had turned golden in a short while.

Xuanyue’s performance caught the attention of the diners in the hall. In the Tianjin Empire, a country that believed in the gods, suddenly saw such a strong divine light, everyone stood up and respectfully paid attention to Xuanyue. . Xuan Yue smiled slightly and squeaked, the golden spoon fell on the table, the sacred light suddenly converged.

The owner is someone who has seen the world. His restaurant is the largest in Meme. Usually, he often goes to the sacrificial hall in the city to worship. Naturally, he knows that only high-level sacrificials can release the golden saint. Guang, the pious Chongxuanyue said: "Please sacrifice to the adults to guide the maze."

Xuan Yue picked up the golden spoon and said, "I heard from others that you are a loyal believer of the gods. That's why you came here to replace the gods to reward you. You keep this spoon, and there is the sacred energy of my seal on it. Using this spoon to dine can have a calming and calming effect and is very beneficial to the body."

The boss was overjoyed, quickly picked up the spoon, and said piously: "Thank you for the reward of the sacrificial adult. The villain will surely collect it carefully." Feeling the warm energy fluctuations on the spoon, the boss knew the preciousness of this thing and decided secretly. In the future, I will definitely use this spoon as my own store treasure.

"Sir, please give me some guidance."

"Sacrifice your lord, I am also a loyal believer of the gods, please give me something too."

The surrounding diners gathered around. Those who can eat here are all powerful people in Meme City. They also know the goods. Seeing that the hotel owner has obtained such a good thing, they suddenly couldn’t restrain their excitement. Xuan Yue pleaded.

Xuanyue stood up and smiled and said, "Things with sacred aura cannot be spread. As long as you serve the gods piously and honestly, you will surely be blessed by the gods. Okay, boss, let us check out. We pay back I have to be busy."

A dumbfounded watching Xuan Yue finish this, she didn't yet understand her intentions. At this moment, she became nervous when she heard that she was going to check out.

The boss who received the golden spoon said with trepidation: "Sacrifice to the lord, it is our honour for you to visit the shop. How can we collect your money? You are killing the villain."

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Well, even though we are clergy, we have to pay for food! This will ruin the reputation of the Holy See, and the gods will be angry."

"No, no. Lord Sacrifice is to reward me on behalf of the gods, such a precious reward, how can these vulgar things be comparable. Lord Sacrifice, if you want to give me money, the gods will definitely blame me for greed. Please take your fate back. It is definitely the greatest honor for the villain to invite the priest to eat." In fact, he knew that Xuanyue and Dui had come, but because there had been cases where the priest did not pay for the meal before, because the other party was Clergy, he is not good to ask for it. So he didn't show up this time, but Xuanyue later named him to see him, and it would be bad if he didn't come out, thinking that the other party called him because he didn't give money, and he didn't plan to collect any more money when he came out. But where did you know that this great sacrifice actually rewarded him with a treasure full of sacred aura. What he said now was all psychological words, and he really wanted to invite Xuanyue and Ah-Dai to eat this meal from the heart.

Xuan Yue sighed and said, "Well, since you are so pious, then we are not welcome. Brother, let's go." Xuan Yue used the teleportation magic she had prepared, wrapped in golden light. The bodies of her and Dumb disappeared out of thin air under everyone's surprised gaze.

"Tianjin, this must be the manifestation of the deity!" Everyone in the hotel knelt down, chanting a god-given mantra religiously.

A businessman approached the hotel owner and said in a low voice, "Brother, we're old too. Look, can you let me give you the gift from the sacrificial lord? I will pay a high price."

The boss glanced at him vigilantly, hurriedly took the golden spoon into his arms, and resolutely shook his head: "No, this is rewarded to me by the priest, how can it be transferred? It is a blasphemy against the gods."

The diners around had originally wanted to buy this golden spoon. Hearing what the boss said, they had to dispel the greed in their hearts. How dare they violate the will of the gods when they think they have seen miracles? The golden spoon Xuan Yue gave to the boss did not deceive him. She did seal a small amount of sacred aura. It had a certain effect. This could be regarded as the simplest refining tool. With Xuan Yue's current magic cultivation base, it was naturally easy to accomplish. Later, when the restaurant owner went to the sacrificial hall in the city to pray, he asked the priest there to help him identify. The priest told him that the sacred energy contained in the spoon was the purest he had ever seen. Suddenly, the value of this golden spoon rose sharply and became a treasure of the entire Meme City, which Xuan Yue could not expect.

Xuanyue and Ah-Dai were teleported to the hotel 30 meters away by teleportation magic. Xuanyue smiled and said, "How about it? Brother, isn't this solved?"

With Ah Du's eyesight, she naturally saw what Xuan Yue did just now and frowned, "Is it really worth that much money just to seal some of her energy in the utensils?"

"Of course. Otherwise, how could I have so many delicious foods, brother, don't forget, there are only a few magicians on the mainland after all, and there are even fewer sacred light magicians like me. It’s still cheaper for him. If he sells that spoon, it is estimated that thousands of gold coins should be fine."

Dumb's heart moved and said, "Then we might as well sell things in the future, so that we won't have a fixed income."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "That's not good. If there are too many of these things, it will be worthless. Moreover, Grandpa will scold me when I go back. I just did this, so we can save money for our meals. , You can also promote the gods, killing two birds with one stone. If you use the sacred power to gain your own benefits, it is a blasphemy against the gods, and I can’t do it." After being baptized by the gods, her persistence and belief in the gods has already flooded her body and mind. .

Dumb thought to himself, how could she also be Teacher Gris's apprentice, she is more proficient in refining tools than Xuan Yue, she is unwilling to use divine power refining tools, can't she do it? You can still do some simple things by yourself, and your own qi is also sacred. If you don't have financial resources in the future, you can try her method, and you won't have to worry about food and clothing. He originally carried a lot of Corris's masterpieces, but they were all the relics left by Corris, how could he be willing to sell them.

Xuanyue and Ah-Dai asked about the path, and smoothly arrived at the mercenary union branch in the middle of Mime City. Due to the small area of Meme City, the mercenary union here is naturally much smaller. There were only a few mercenaries coming and going back and forth. From the breath of them, Duan could clearly feel their weakness.

Xuan Yue's purpose here is nothing more than to change a card of a special mercenary. But the mercenary union here is so small that there is no inventory.

"What do you look at? I haven't seen a sacrifice as a mercenary!" Xuan Yue shouted impatiently while looking at the surprised gazes around her.

Except for Dumb and Xuanyue, the staff including the mercenary union replied almost at the same time: "I haven't seen it." Yes! What is the status of the priests of the Holy See on the mainland, who would be mercenaries like choosing the moon? And he is also a special mercenary.

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's red face and smiled and said, "Forget it, brother, since you can't change the card here, let's talk about it when we get to the Honghu Clan."

Xuan Yue snorted and said dissatisfied: "Okay, let's go. Their eyes are really annoying." As she said, she turned her head and walked out.

The two had just left the mercenary union, and a white-haired old man in his sixties suddenly stopped them. Dumb asked politely: "Old sir, what do you want?"

The old man smiled and said, "Two mercenaries, I heard that you are going to the Red Hurricanes, right?"

Xuan Yue's heart was depressed because of the mercenaries' words just now, and she said angrily: "You are very old, and your ears are very bright."

The old man smiled awkwardly, and said, "Hey, I am old, old, and when I was young, I was famous for being a wind ear. I have something to trouble the two of you, and I don't know if the two are willing."

Dumb said: "Speak up, do you need any help?"

The old man nodded and said: "I really need the help of two of you. Looking at the costumes of the two, they must be mercenaries with good skills. I am a businessman from the Tianjin Empire. Our business association is going to deliver a large amount of goods this time. Andis City, the capital of the Akin tribe. This section of the road is not close. In order to avoid problems on the road, we decided to hire more mercenaries. I just heard from the staff inside that both of you are super mercenaries. Mercenaries are hard to find! Since the two are going to the Red Hurricanes, they must pass through Andy's City, so I took the liberty to ask them to join the mercenaries we hired. In this way, our goods will be safer. As for the treatment The two of you can rest assured that we will never be stingy with respected special mercenaries, especially when there is a sacrificial adult. We are willing to give out a thousand gold coins, I don’t know what the two want."

Dumb didn't have any idea about money, just enough to spend. This old businessman looked very sincere, which made him feel good. Turning his head and rushing to Xuanyue said: "Brother, what do you think?"

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said, "Anyway, we have to go to the Yajin Clan, so let's follow them. Old gentleman, you can take care of all of our food and accommodation, and we can't be too bad."

When the old man heard that they agreed, he was overjoyed and hurriedly said: "No problem, with two people joining, our caravan will definitely reach the destination smoothly. That's it. See you at Dongchengmen tomorrow morning. The caravan will gather there. Oh, yes, my name is Mulats, and you can just find me directly." After speaking, he turned and left in a hurry.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Brother, it should be very comfortable to follow the caravan. Someone takes care of food and shelter, and finally pays back the money. This is a good thing."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "It shouldn't be that simple. If it is so leisurely, I am afraid that people will not spend so much money to hire us. It is better to be careful."

"What happens is good, so that our life will be wonderful! It will also reflect the value of experience. Let's go and find a place to rest."

The two randomly found a cheap hotel to live in. In the Psychedelic Forest, Xuan Yue had long been accustomed to sleeping with Dah, and only opened one room in the name of saving money. But when they entered the room, Xuan Yue reluctantly discovered that there were two beds in the room called the standard room. Can't help feeling a little lost.

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, I won't squeeze you this time. Let's take one by one. You sleep over there."

Xuan Yue struggled constantly in her heart, recalling Ah Du’s warm embrace, gritted her teeth, and said: "Big brother, I am used to sleeping with you these days. I am afraid of the cold by nature. If I sleep alone, I am afraid that I will not sleep well. of."

Dumb stupefied: "Brother, your body is too bad. It's almost entering June. Would you still be afraid of the cold? Remember when you first came to the Psychedelic Forest with me, you asked to sleep alone? I'll get used to it in a few days?" Looking at Xuanyue's slightly angry expression, Duan didn't dare to make fun of him anymore, and hurriedly said, "Let's put the two beds together so that there is space and it won't be cold. Why? kind?"

Xuan Yue nodded softly, "That's it. But you just made fun of me and punish you for fighting together."

Putting together a bed is of course not a big deal to Duan, and it takes a few clicks. It's still this afternoon, Xuanyue was carried by Dumb, without a trace of sleepiness, she turned to Dumb and said, "Big brother, let's go out and stroll around, how about visiting Meme City?"

Dumb smiled slightly. It’s been a long time since he’s been so relaxed. He nodded and said, "Okay! Don’t we just say it when we are in the Psychedelic Forest? I will listen to you along the way. I’ll go wherever you go. Where. Even if it is to help you fulfill your wish for Yueyue." Whenever Xuanyue was mentioned, Dumb's heart was agitated.

Xuan Yue's heart warmed and said in a low voice, "Big Brother, thank you. I, I..."

"Okay, don't say thank you. Are we friends? Let's go."

Xuan Yue really wanted to tell A-Dai her true identity immediately, but every time she thought of the ice in A-Dai's arms, her heart pierced. She had tempted many times, but Duan was evading and refused to tell him about Bing. The less A'Dai said, the harder the thorn in her heart, she gritted her teeth, Xuanyue decided to keep hiding it until she figured out Bing's affairs before considering telling her own identity.

The two of them left the hotel and wandered the street. Suddenly, Xuanyue saw a clothing store not far in front of him, and said to dumb: "Brother, let's make some clothes for you in the past. Save the old folks To your face."

Dumb sighed and said, "No, I don't have a lot of money with me. Besides, I am a commoner, so let them see how people think of me."

Xuan Yue persistently said: "Then how can it be done, you ignore them, I can't see it. When I was in the restaurant today, I almost turned my face with the waiter, and tomorrow we will have thousands of gold coins. Don't worry about eating and drinking. Go and pull, don't you listen to me when you say everything? Don't resist. Follow me." After saying that, without any objection from Dumb, he forced him to the clothing store.

In the clothing store, fabrics of various colors are neatly placed, and a variety of ready-made clothes are hung on the walls.

The clerk saw Ah-Dai and Xuanyue walking in, and hurriedly asked: "Good for you two, do you want to make clothes?"

Xuan Yue pointed to Ah Du, and said, "My elder brother is going to make some clothes, elder brother, what color do you like?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Brother, I think it's better to forget it. I have several sets of clothes. Enough to wear."

Xuan Yue insisted: "No, if you say you want to make clothes, you must make them. Quickly, let's talk about what color do you like, and I can choose it for you."

An hour later, Dui and Xuan Yue left the clothing shop. Under Xuan Yue's repeated insistence, they bought three sets of clothes for Dui, all of which were standard samurai outfits. The quality is good, and I spent ten dumb coins. It made him painful. Ten gold coins, how many buns can you buy!

"Big brother, be happy, you see, it's obviously different when you change into your clothes. Your martial arts are so advanced, you will naturally reveal a temperament on your body, and with this outfit, how energetic!"

Dumb looked helplessly at the light blue jersey on her body, feeling like she had become a person. The light blue fabric was very light and soft, and it was also very tough. When pedestrians saw themselves, they would never treat themselves like they did before. Seen as a servant. Xuan Yue helped him pick this light blue outfit. She said that this outfit could set off his long blue hair.

Suddenly, a rude voice shouted angrily: "His, is your kid looking for death? You dare to take the old man's things. I will kill you."

"Ah--" A scream sounded, and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue subconsciously looked in that direction. I saw a group of people gathered together, not knowing what to look at.

Dumb said: "Brother, let's go and take a look."

Xuan Yue froze for a moment. Dumb usually doesn't like the excitement! what is it today.

The screams kept coming from the crowd, and the two walked in. Duan squeezed the people on both sides with a soft grudge, and smoothly squeezed to the inside. I saw a strong man beating a thin teenager. The boy vomited blood when he was beaten, fell to the ground, holding his head, screaming constantly.

The crowd onlookers kept shouting, "Kill him, kill this thief." "It deserves it, whoever lets him steal something, it's time to fight."

Dumb's heart was shocked, is this a thief being beaten? Looking at the scarred thief, Duan couldn't help but remember the scene when he failed to catch a fish in Nino City and was beaten. The painful feeling is still vivid, and he involuntarily shouted: "Stop." The body flashed out and grabbed the strong man's hand.

The brawny man dressed in a standard mercenary costume looks in his thirties, his face is full of flesh, he is angry, and when someone stops him, he immediately yells: "Don't be nosy. Get out of the way." With a hard effort, I want to shake off Dumb's hand. But how can his skill compare to Dumb. Dumb sighed, offsetting the trace of grudge he was swaying, and said, "Big brother, forget it. He has his own reasons for being a thief. If you beat him, don't embarrass him anymore."

Seeing that he couldn't pull his right hand back, the burly man was furious, his left arm violently waved, and a fist hit Ah Du's face.

Dumb frowned slightly. The infuriating qi instantly transformed into fighting qi, and the white light burst out, but he didn't want to hurt people. The strong man only felt that his fist was wrapped in a mass of energy and could no longer get in. Seeing that feeling the surging fighting energy energy, his domineering expression suddenly changed, and he shouted, "You, what do you want to do?"

Dumb grabbed his fist and waved his hand lightly, tossing his body aside, and said faintly: "I don't want to do anything, but I don't want you to embarrass him anymore." Then, he went to the beaten. Next to the bruised boy, a white light reappeared, and Ah Dai treated the boy's wounds with zhenqi.

Xuan Yue walked to Ah Du's side and whispered: "Brother, let me come."

Chapter 96: save life

Duan took a look at her, knowing that his light magic is more effective than his own fighting energy to heal injuries, nodded and stood up.

The mercenary had already reacted. He knew that he couldn't beat Dumb, but he didn't want to stop there. He shouted angrily: "Look, everyone, this man is injustice for a thief, there is no reason."

The crowd onlookers talked all of a sudden, and for a while, the noisy dull voice of reproach and verbal abuse thought back in his ears.

Dui felt extremely depressed in his heart, and the pressure on his mind caused by his identity for a long time broke out at this moment. "Shut up all to me." The surrounding buildings shivered with the huge sound wave, and immediately suppressed the messy sounds.

A Duan's right hand held the Pluto sword on his chest, and the murderous aura was surging out. Everyone onlookers felt the whole body cold almost at the same time, and they stood still and moved, and the feeling of fear spread throughout everyone's body and mind. As soon as Xuan Yue used Light Element Magic to heal the young man's injury, she felt the change in Ah-Dai. She was shocked and turned around and walked to Ah-Dai's side. He has a protective body of sacred energy and is not afraid of the evil power before the Pluto sword is out of its sheath, "Big brother, no, what's wrong with you?"

Ah Dun ignored Xuan Yue and said in hatred, "You ignorant people, isn't the thief a human? He just stole something, and you will control him to death. If I kill you out of resentment now How?" He turned his head and stared at the mercenary who had acted before, and said sternly: "You made a heavy move just now!"

The mercenary was very close to Ah-Dai, and he clearly felt the surging evil power emanating from his body. His whole body trembled and fell to the ground. Under the evil pressure of the Pluto sword, what did he say? At this moment, the anger that suppressed the old-fashioned deep in Ah-Dai's heart was fully revealed. He did not realize that the evil power of the Hades sword not only suppressed the surrounding people, but also attacked his body because of the negative emotions he produced. However, this attack is very weak.

"Brother, forget it, let's go, let's go back. What's wrong with you." Seeing that the people around gradually couldn't bear the evil power of the Pluto sword, Xuan Yue shouted anxiously. However, Dui's murderous aura became stronger and stronger, and it seemed that he could use his hands at any time. As soon as Xuanyue gritted her teeth and recited the spell silently, the calm light that had knocked the rock back from its frenzied state appeared. Xuan Yue's whole body exuded a strong light, and under the surprised gaze of everyone around, a thick golden light full of sacred aura suddenly enveloped the dumb.

Dumbfounded, the irritability and murder in his heart gradually disappeared. The sacred energy invaded his body calming his body and mind. The right hand placed on his chest left the sword of Hades, and the strong evil in the air disappeared. A Duan gasped slightly, and looked at Xuan Yue with a pale face, her figure flickered, and she turned towards the thief and said faintly: "Let's go."

Although the evil spirit disappeared, no one onlookers, including the mercenary, dared to say anything. At that moment, they clearly felt so close to death. The crowd separated automatically, revealing a passable road. Dumb walked outside without expression, Xuan Yue sighed in relief and hurriedly followed him. The two quickly left the crowd and disappeared at the corner of the street. It wasn't until Ah Du's back completely disappeared that the people present all relaxed. They all felt a wave of weakness all over their body. No one said anything, they just dispersed so naturally.

Dui held the comatose thief striding ahead with a meteor, and Xuanyue followed closely behind. Although Dui woke up in the calm light, his heart was extremely depressed. The misfortunes of his childhood filled his heart, status and status. The difference strongly impacted his almost collapsed heart.

Back in the hotel, Dumb put the thief on the bed, looked at his stained face, and shook his head gently.

Xuanyue’s sadness was not weaker than that of Dui. She didn't know that Dui was a thief. Naturally, she didn't understand why he suddenly broke out. She walked to him, stood next to him, and whispered: "Big brother, he There is nothing wrong with his injuries? It was only because he was too weak that he fell asleep. It seems that he hasn't eaten for a long time."

Dui looked at Xuanyue next to her, and clearly read the concerned question from her eyes, "Thank you, brother, I am not in a good mood. I caused you trouble just now, and I will try my best to control it in the future. Just now. Are you using calm light? Remember, when Yueyue and I first went to the Puyan clan, Big Brother Rock went crazy because of his wife’s death and kept attacking people around him. When no one could help, Yueyue took action. What she used was the calm light to free Big Rock from the frenzied state in order to save her life. Speaking of which, she is still Big Rock’s lifesaver. Hey— —, brother, I really hate the faces of those people just now. Isn't the thief a human? If you stole something, you have to pay with your own life? Who is born to be a thief?" Staring on the bed lying The boy of "Dai" sighed: "If he was born in the Holy See, just like you. Or he is a child of a nobleman, then he would never become a thief." Dah bent down and reached out to touch the boy's belt. Under Xuan Yue's surprised gaze, a sharp knife appeared in Ah Du's hand. The knife was about four inches long, with a smooth curve on one side and a sharp blade on the other without a handle. On the surface, there is nothing strange, but Dumb knows clearly that this is the tool the thieves use to eat!

Xuan Yue curiously asked, "Big brother what is this? How do you use a knife without a hilt?" She leaned in front of Ah-Dai, constantly looking at the blade that seemed to have no attack power.

Dui smiled slightly, looking at the familiar knife, a feeling of nostalgia for the past surged in his heart. The knife he brought out in Nino City remained in Owen's collection. After Owen died, Dumb was confused and did not bring out his commemorative knife. Later, I still miss it very much. With a move of Ah Dui's finger, the knife was naturally sandwiched between the index finger of his right hand and the middle finger, and the blade rushed down. From the back of his hand, it was impossible to see that Dui was still holding something. "Brother, look at it." A Dumb's right hand lifted lightly, waving in the air, his five fingers trembling slightly, Xuan Yue clearly saw a stream of light trembling along with A Dumb's fingers, constantly floating back and forth in his five fingers. Intertwined into a piece of brilliance in the air. Xuan Yue didn't feel the dumb luck, knowing that the streamer was not caused by vindictive energy, but because the small knife was running too fast. Can't help but admire: "Brother, your fingers are so flexible! You deserve to be a martial artist."

Dui felt the coldness between his fingers. Although he hadn't practiced this kind of finger knife for a long time, because he often had to control the energy of the transformation, the control between the fingers and the wrist was very strong, even if he didn't use the vindictive energy, he could still feel comfortable. Controlling the blade of his fingertips, it feels much more comfortable than the trembling feeling in the small town of Nino.

The light suddenly converged, and Ah-Dai spread out his palm, and the blade reappeared in his palm. The quick sliding just now did not hurt his skin.

"Brother, it's better for you to learn martial arts! Even this kind of knife can be controlled freely. I can't. If I do it once, I'm afraid my fingers will be cut."

Dumb shook his head, looked at the knife in his hand, and said, "Brother, you are wrong. This is not something you can master by nature. Even a martial arts expert needs a long time to control this kind of scalp knife. At the beginning, I practiced for more than a year before I gradually mastered it. This is already considered very fast." Pointing to the boy on the bed, smiled bitterly, "I'm afraid his technique is not as good as mine!" The comprehension of finger knife practice is very strong. When I first learned this technique with Uncle Li, the speed of mastery was so fast that people like Uncle Li were full of praise.

Xuan Yue asked in surprise: "Brother, is this skill of **** a sword a profound martial arts? It has kept you learning for so long?"

Dumb shook his head, and said, "It's not a high-level martial arts, but it's hard to learn. Speaking of it, it can be regarded as a survival skill."

"The ability to survive? Brother, you can make it clear, why don't I understand it." Xuan Yue faintly felt that this ability to survive seems to be very related to Ah'Dai's humble mentality. She looked at the young man on the bed, and there was a flash of light in her mind, and she couldn't help but be surprised: "Brother, don't you mean, this knives is..."

Dui closed his eyes, nodded gently, and said, "Yes, this knives is the unique survival skill of a thief. Back then, I used this technique to pull fish and exchange for some cold steamed buns. Yes. Look at the underarms of your sacrificial robe." As he said, he pointed to the white robe on Xuan Yue's body.

Xuan Yue was filled with surprise, thief? Dumb turned out to be a thief? She looked down at her clothes, and as soon as she avoided her arms, a one-foot-long seam suddenly appeared. As the summer started to get hotter, Xuanyue only wore a chest wrapper inside. As soon as the crack broke out, Ah-Dai suddenly saw the white cloth entwined under Xuanyue's sacrificial robe, and couldn't help but stay in a daze.

Xuan Yue immediately flushed her pretty face, and hurriedly covered her sacrificial robe, and said angrily: "Big brother, you, what are you doing?"

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's red face, and muttered: "I, I just want you to see how the thief gets things through. If you have a purse hanging on your waist, I have stolen it just now. ."

Xuan Yue clutched her sacrificial robe, looked at Ah-Dai in surprise, and said, "Big brother, haven't you been learning martial arts with your uncle before? How could you be a thief?"

Dumb felt a pain in his heart, and said: "Learning martial arts with Uncle Owen was after my teenage years. Before that, I was a thief, a nasty thief. Now you should understand why I was It will reflect that old. I have no memory of the things before the age of six or seven. I am an orphan. What I can remember now is the small town of Nino in the northernmost province of the Tianjin Empire. At that time, I was worrying about my three meals every day. The small town of Nino was at the northernmost part of the mainland. It was very cold and cold there. Every day, I could only live by picking some food from the garbage discarded by the big families. Later, I met Uncle Li. Uncle Li took me in and taught me the skills of a thief. Among thieves, the act of stealing is described as a fish catcher. What I have to do every day is to steal money bags and give them to Li. Uncle, Uncle Li gave me a torn jacket, and there will be a few dried buns for food every day. Do you know why I love Teacher Gris so much? That’s because the teacher brought me out of Nino City, I no longer have to live the life of a thief who can’t eat and wear warmth. It’s the teacher who brought me warmth!” Dumb paused, thinking about the first time I saw Corris, his eyes became moist. "I remember that Yueyue used to say that I am inferior. Yes, I am inferior. No matter who it is, if I have experienced the same childhood as me, I think I’ll think of me like this. I’m just a thief. How insignificant it is compared to your beautiful sons these days!"

If, when I first met Dumb, I learned that he had been a thief before, Xuan Yue would definitely despise him. However, she is different after being baptized by the gods. What's more, she has fallen in love with Ah-Dai so inextricably. At this time, she can only sympathize with Ah-Dai’s inferiority, "Big Brother, this is the will of the gods! Humans cannot change. Didn’t you just say that what’s wrong with the thief? The thief is also a human, nor is it a thief at birth. You have to do this to survive. Do you remember what Prophet Prin said? Didn’t he say, You are the savior who saves the world. In the future, you will surely become a great hero who will save the mainland. All the tribulations you have experienced before are all tests for you! Brother, cheer up, now you are completely different from the past It's the same. Why do you always live in the pain of the past? Look forward, forget those unpleasant experiences in the past, and find your ego. Although you are born in a humble background, but, think about it, you have the greatest in the world The alchemists in the world are teachers, the uncles of the world’s number one assassin, and the masters of the four great sword saints, these are unmatched by ordinary people! You have achieved today’s achievements through your own efforts, those How do the nobles compare to you? In my heart, you are a gem that removes dirt, and those who relied on their origins to show off are just a pile of dung."

Dui's whole body was shaken, Xuanyue's sincere words melted the coldness in his chest. He stared deeply at Xuanyue's eyes that were as deep as the sea, his nose was sour, and he choked up and said: "Brother, thank you , You are the same as Yueyue, you are so good to me. I thought you would leave me after knowing my identity as a thief. Brother, I..."

Xuanyue raised her big hand and said, "Brother, it’s boring to say more words of gratitude. What I said just now is completely true. You really don’t need to feel inferior. Those who look down on you will regret it one day. Could it be that you are decadent because of their despising or even disgusting look at you? That way you will only make them look down even more. Only by cheering up and doing something earth-shattering can you truly let them understand you. Let them know who you were. Ignorance and regret."

The inferiority in Ah Du's heart was washed away by Xuan Yue's words, and he gradually straightened his chest, tightly holding Xuan Yue's little hand, his eyes flashed with spirit.

Xuanyue knew that her words had worked, "Brother, tell me what's going on in the future. It must be uncomfortable to be in your mind. No matter when, my sister and I are your friends and the object of your talk. , You are not alone! Since we have been together for less than a month, have you ever felt that I look down on you?"

Dumb shook his head, took a deep breath, and then spit out the depression in his chest, "Brother, I understand. From now on, I will work hard, I will struggle, and will not be looked down upon by others." With Xuan Yue's help, Ah Dui finally let go of his mind and no longer worry about his origin. It is precisely because of this that in the near future, he will be able to surpass the achievements of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

Seeing Ah-Dai cheered up, Xuan Yue smiled, her smile from the heart made Ah-Dai look strangely up, and some evasive eyes moved away to look at the boy on the bed.

At this moment, the boy's body just moved, and he groaned slightly, and Ah Dui let go of Xuan Yue's hand and grabbed the boy's bowl veins. He discovered that although the boy's injury had healed, his body was very weak, which should have been caused by not eating for a long time. Singing the spell of the blood of the dragon, amidst the flickering blue light, a purple dew fruit fell into the hands of Dumb. He carefully cut through the peel with the finger knife on his hand, and the milky white juice overflowed and dripped into the young man's mouth. With the help of Adam's anger, he swallowed. When a berry was eaten completely, his pale face had a hint of reddish luster. Dui just wanted to give him another one, but Xuan Yue stopped him.

"Big brother, his body is weak, it is better not to be too tonic. The energy of a purple dew fruit is enough." Xuan Yue stood beside Ah Du, stretched out her index finger, and a soft golden light shot out. On the center of the young man's eyebrows, the young man's whole body was shaken, and he gradually woke up.

This filthy young boy has big bright eyes. When he saw the caring gazes of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, he suddenly sat up and curled up into a ball, trembling all over, with some crying in his voice. Don’t, don’t fight, I, I won’t dare anymore.” Seeing him as if he was caught stealing things in Nino Town before, Dui felt a pain in his heart, and said softly, “Little brother, you Don't be afraid, no one will beat you again. Have you forgotten what happened before?"

The boy's mood gradually calmed down. Everything that happened before appeared in his mind. He looked at Ah Dumb, then at Xuan Yue, and asked tentatively, "Yes, you saved me."

Dumb nodded and said, "You can say so. How are you? Are you feeling better?"

The teenager gently moved the most injured right hand before, and found that all the pain had disappeared. He was overjoyed and said gratefully: "Thank you, thank you, you are really good people."

Listening to his childlike words, Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Little brother, can you tell us why you are stealing things?"

The young man bowed his head sadly and did not answer, but Dumb could see from his expression that he was indeed in trouble. If you are a fallen person, you won't have such bright eyes. "Let's talk, say it, you see, this brother is a sacrifice, you should know the position of the priest on the mainland, he will definitely be able to help you."

The young man looked up at Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue nodded at him, and said, "I will definitely help you." As she said, she urged the surrounding light elements to spread a soft light around her body.

The young man suddenly rolled from the bed to the ground, and knelt in front of Xuanyue under the surprised gaze of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue, and said with tears: "Sacrifice to adults, sacrifice to adults, please, save my mother."

Ah Dai hurriedly pulled the boy up, and under his question, the boy told everything. The young man's name is Wo Xin, who is only fifteen years old this year. He became a thief entirely because of his mother. He lost his father when he was young, and he and his mother depended on each other. There was a small shop in his family that was able to support their mother and daughter. However, there were unexpected circumstances. Three years ago, his mother was suddenly ill and seriously ill. The medical expenses spent all their savings, but they could only sustain his life. In order to treat his mother, Wo Xin would Including the shop, everything that can be sold at home has been sold, but medical expenses are like a bottomless pit, emptied everything. Now, he and his mother have only a dilapidated hut. Wo Xin is young and has no life skills. In order to raise money for her mother to live, Wo Xin had to choose the path of stealing. He bought all the stolen money for medicine and food for his mother, but he often did not eat for a day or two, which barely allowed his mother to keep his heart warm. His last words deeply shook the hearts of Xuan Yue and Dui. He cried and said, if I didn't steal, I would have no mother.

Duan and Xuanyue's eyes reddened, Xuanyue stroked the boy's head, choked up and said, "Go, little brother, take us to meet your mother. As long as she has a breath, the brother will help you rescue her. Life. Believe us, when you met us, your hard days have passed."

Dui also stood up, leaned to Xuanyue's side, and said, "Let’s go now, and treat him earlier, so that he can be cured more surely." Dui does not have a mother, but he knows. If he changed to Wo Xin, he would not hesitate to choose the same path as Wo Xin, and it would be worthwhile to pay more for his loved ones.

Xuanyue changed into a perfect sacrificial robe, and together with Ah-Dai, under the leadership of Wo Xin, the two came to his shabby room in a remote corner of Meme City. The room was ventilated from all sides, and as soon as the door was opened, there was a strong smell of medicine. Bashing. The room was very messy. On the big inner bed, a faint breathing sounded, ", you...?" 'S voice sounded so bleak, as if the owner of this voice might lose his life at any time.

"Mom, I'm back." Wo Xin ran to the bed quickly, and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue walked over behind him. The bed is not big, it is made of several wooden boards, and there is a woman lying on it. According to Wo Xin’s age, the woman should be no more than 40 years old, but it looks like a 50 or 60 year old man. Like a woman, she has been emptied of her body after being in pain for three years. The shriveled hair was scattered on the dirty pillow, his eyes showed no gleam, and the thin and pale hands were tightly held by Wo Xin.

The woman was shocked when she saw Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, and said with a trembling: ", what are they...people? How...we...we...this... ...In...come."

Wo Xin said: "Mom, they are my friends, I invited to treat you, don't talk, let's rest for a while. The sacrificial brother said that he can heal you."

Xuan Yue nodded, and looked at each other with Duan. She reached out and pressed her hand on the woman's right wrist. A faint white halo flashed. Xuan Yue closed her eyes and felt the breath of the woman. After a while, she released her hand, cursing her brows and shook her head. Wo asked anxiously, "How about my mother offering sacrifices to my brother?"

Xuan Yue sighed and said: "Your mother's illness is too serious. When she first got sick, there was no timely treatment. After so long, the virus entered the bone marrow, and her meridians were almost completely blocked. If I can judge Yes, she should not live for five days. It is not easy for such a serious illness to be able to sustain a breath."

Hearing Xuan Yue's words, Wo Xin burst into tears, clutching his mother's hand tightly, and cried out: "No, Mom, I don't want you to die! Mom, you have to hold on."

Wo Xin's mother was surprisingly calm, she gasped slightly, "Boy... son... don't... do this... this is... God... destined to... mother... very clear... ...Chu's...self...the situation...situation,...if you don't...I'm relieved...not,...I...have been...dead... "After speaking, she fainted with a tilted head.

Seeing the grief and pain of their mother and son, Ah Dumb's heart was cramped and asked Xuanyue: "Brother, is there really no way to do it?"

Xuan Yue glanced at Ah Du, took a deep breath, and said, "Let's try. Her such a serious illness can only be cured with the magical healing technique that Grandpa used to treat you at the time. Unfortunately, I haven't yet. Use the power of God Healing. So, brother, you can help me with the blood of Shenlong, and we can see if we can heal her with God Healing."

Dumb nodded and said, "Okay, without further ado, let's start now."

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dui's firm gaze, and said in a low voice, "But, brother, if we try our best to use the trance healing technique, I am afraid that our skill will be greatly reduced. It will take at least a few days to recover. Now there is a possibility that there will be a killer on the side. Look forward to it, this is too dangerous."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue and said very firmly, "Brother, let's start. The killers' target is only me. If they appear, as long as you don't interfere, there will be no danger. I can't just watch a life disappear. Don't save it! Look at Wo Xin, how pitiful he is, we can't let him lose his mother."

Xuan Yue gritted her teeth and said: "Okay, then I will give up my life to accompany the gentleman. Wo Xin, you go out first, and you can rest assured to give your mother to us. Remember, leave the room for ten meters, otherwise, I am afraid that the divine energy will It hurts you. If someone who is dressed like me comes later, you will stop them from coming in outside, and say that the bishop ordered you to do this."

Wo Xin said with a trembling voice: "Brother, can you really cure my mother?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "If your mother doesn't get treatment quickly, I'm afraid she will leave you. Don't worry, even if we can't cure her completely, we can at least extend her lifespan. Go."

"Two elder brothers, I believe you, mom will get rid of it." As he said, he knelt to the ground, ignoring the obstacles of Duan and Xuan Yue, and slammed three heads at the two. Then he ran out of the room.

Dumb looked at the leaving figure of Wo Xin, and sighed: "Brother, we can't fail! We have all the hope of Wo Xin. You start, how can I help you?"

Xuan Yue said: "Big brother, I will do my best. You put your hands on my shoulders, and when I start to chant the spell, you control the blood of the dragon with your mental power, and use its ability to condense the light elements. The light element enters my body. If you can, you can pass on your vitality to me. Remember, there must be no breaks in between."

Dumb said: "I don't need to summon the holy evil to protect us from sneak attacks by the killers."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said: "No, the **** healing technique is the strongest single healing magic except forbidden curse. The sacred aura it emits is very powerful, and the energy of all dark forces can't invade. What's more, this place is so small. , How will the holy evil stay? Come on, get ready." Then, she took a step forward, stood in front of Ah-Dai, and took out her angel staff from the space bag.

Ah Dui stretched out his hands and put them on Xuan Yue's shoulders. Although there was a layer of sacrificial robes, he could clearly feel Xuan Yue's slippery skin, and he couldn't help but feel a little sway.

Xuanyue sensed Ah'Dai's mental fluctuations, and said in a deep voice, "Taking my mind, I'm about to start." Xuanyue raised the angel's staff, her pretty face was awe-inspiring, and she chanted: "Heaven and earth, all things return to the sect, God Being the ancestor, respecting the gods, the power of the gods surging in the heavens and the earth! Use me as a medium to exaggerate." Dui clearly felt the surrounding light elements madly gathering towards Xuanyue, and he hurriedly controlled with mental power The blood of the dragon helps Xuan Yue condense energy, and at the same time urges the surging vitality in the silver golden body, which is sent into Xuan Yue's body from her shoulders like threads.

Xuanyue's spirit was lifted, and the white light of the whole body was released. With a low drink, she raised the angel rod high, and the roof of the broken house suddenly exploded, into the originally clear sky. Xuan Yue's whole body shook as she gathered up large black clouds. At the beginning, the energy consumption was the greatest, and she clearly felt that the sacred aura in her body was constantly being lost.

A Duan snorted, under the constant impact of his mental power, the blood of the dragon in his chest burst into blue light, and a looming blue light dragon floated out, completely enveloping the bodies of him and Xuan Yue, a larger light element Constantly rushing towards Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue took a deep breath, the phoenix blood coming out of her chest was attracted by the energy of the dragon’s blood, and the red and blue rays of light continuously entangled their bodies. Gu Peiran's tremendous force instantly rushed into Duan and Xuan Yue. At the same time, the two felt a blank in their brains, and the unspeakable huge energy was constantly washing their hearts. In a loud noise, the huge energy suddenly exploded, and the walls and roof of the entire house disappeared.

Wo Xin, who was guarding outside, was startled. Everything that happened in front of him was completely incomprehensible. A dazzling golden light completely destroyed his home. The huge energy sent him fifty meters away. He lives here in a relatively remote area, and there are no other houses around, so it has not spread to others. In the huge golden light cluster, one red and one blue light was continuously entwined. The golden light gradually expanded, and it stopped expanding when it enveloped fifty square meters. The golden light was so dazzling that it was impossible to see what was happening inside.

Chapter 97: Artifact change

This huge sacred energy is actually the result of the fusion of the blood of the dragon and the phoenix. The Holy See's record of these two artifacts is incomplete, and there is no record about the ability of the two artifacts to fuse. As the first pope, the original savior Shenyu and his wife's bodyguard artifact, how could the blood of the dragon and the phoenix be just ordinary abilities? Dui just felt that Xuanyue’s energy was a little unsupportable. At the crisis, his mental strength was unprecedentedly enhanced. The kindness and self-sacrificing sentiment was deeply in line with the way of using the blood of the dragon, which completely urged the essence of the blood of the dragon. The power of the original, it was the explosion of this powerful original power that triggered the change in the blood of the phoenix. After a thousand years of separation between the two artifacts, they met again. The energy accumulated over the past thousand years was surging out and merged in an instant. The power of the original met once again, making the two artifacts that already possessed the subconscious so excited. The powerful divine power that burst out instantly filled their master's body. The power of heaven and earth caused by the entanglement of dragons and phoenixes constantly impacted dumb and Xuanyue has made their mental strength improved as never before.

Under the golden light, the appearance of the blue-gold dragon and the red-gold phoenix gradually became clear. The huge energy contained in the thousand years has been entangled in the air continuously. The blood of the dragon and the phoenix have achieved unprecedented energy absorption. The promotion of, under the action of the power of heaven and earth, completely transformed its own texture, gradually rising from a middle-level artifact to a high-level artifact. Fortunately, although this sacred energy is powerful, it is not like the evil power of the Pluto sword, it will hurt people casually. The powerful energy is only kept in a small range, and it is continuously absorbed and transformed by two divine artifacts.

Dumb and Xuanyue gradually recovered from the enormous energy, and couldn't help being surprised when they discovered the surrounding scene. The blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix had merged with each other's energy at this time, and gradually changed back to their original form. Based on their original form, they both had a golden symbol in the center.

The abnormal changes of the artifacts benefited their owners, Dui and Xuanyue, especially Dui. After he was awake, he clearly felt the changes in his body. The silver golden body in the dantian turned into gold, and the surging surroundings The divine energy was continuously absorbed by the new golden body, and the unprecedented powerful feeling made him full of confidence. The second golden body on the chest changed from three inches to nearly four inches at the moment just now, and the energy contained in it has become even greater. This energy that cannot be controlled by dumb has absorbed itself by virtue of its extremely high intensity. A lot of divine energy in the air.

Dumb was extremely excited. He knew that he had finally broken through the bottleneck of the eighth stage of Shengsheng Jue and reached the highest stage of the ninth stage. The enhancement of the two golden body energies greatly increased his vitality. The ninth rebirth of true qi and the eighth level are absolutely two concepts. After reaching this highest level, Ah-Dai truly understands the true meaning of the sea and the endless life. That huge energy keeps running with his mind, freely And the comfortable feeling makes Ah Dumb feel drunk. What a wonderful feeling! While Shengshengjue was elevated to the highest realm, his mental power was thoroughly baptized by the power of pure elements, and he successfully broke through to the realm of the wizard, giving him a deeper understanding of magic.

Xuanyue’s phoenix blood was attracted by the energy of the dragon’s blood, and she was in a passive position. Although she did not benefit so much from Ah-Dai, the pure power of heaven and earth was deeply in line with her sacred magic principles and spiritual power. With an unprecedented increase, Xuan Yue seemed to feel that she had received another baptism of God, if the first baptism of God changed her physique and the purity of sacred energy. Then this second baptism completely improved her spiritual realm. She clearly felt that her spiritual field had expanded ten times as much as before, and more and more pure elemental powers swarmed in, making her The magical ability has formed a qualitative leap, the feeling of instant enlightenment is so wonderful, Xuanyue is almost certain that she has reached the realm of the sacred light system magister, this is the most basic realm of the red clothing sacrifice! .

Dui and Xuan Yue took a deep breath at the same time. Xuan Yue turned around and looked at Dui. The excitement in her heart could not be expressed in words. Both of them had a feeling of being connected to each other. Through Dui's arm, the energy in their bodies seemed to be generated. The ability to communicate is constantly cyclically transforming each other as one. Their eyes fell on the wooden bed in front of them at the same time. Although a huge amount of energy was surging just now, due to the subconscious action of Dumb and Xuan Yue, the golden energy formed a protective layer around the wooden bed, and Wo Xin's mother was not harmed.

Xuan Yue took a deep breath and raised the angel rod in her hand again. This time, she was full of confidence, and the golden light that had just converged within ten square meters expanded again, because the energy was not enough to provoke the power of the gods again. Activate, with Xuanyue's soft chick, the dark clouds in the sky suddenly split, and a dazzling golden light fell from the sky. Xuanyue raised her head slightly, and the golden light hit her forehead. In an instant, Xuanyue's whole body was thickened. Wrapped in the sacred energy, full of surging sacred breath. She closed her eyes and felt the energizing energy circulating in her body. She flicked the angel's staff in her hand, and the light flashed, and Wo Xin's mother was immediately enveloped by divine power.

Xuan Yue chanted loudly: "The healing light that soars in the sky! Under the mercy of the gods, save the world." The golden light began to gradually change, and the huge energy became softer and softer. Wo Xin's mother was completely enclosed. Duan doesn't need to deliberately control it. The golden body in his body will continuously absorb and transform energy from the outside world. It will be strengthened through its own operation and then input into Xuanyue's body. The energy that also carries the sacred aura between the two continues to circulate , To make up for the consumption of magic. At this time, magic had been formed, Xuan Yue successfully drew out the power of the gods, and the magic of **** healing was constantly playing its role.

Wo Xin’s mother floated from the wooden bed, a faint light gleaming continuously on her body, and the power of God healing melted into her body, completely transforming her body full of pain, and layers of black liquid came from her body. Exuded, and gradually melted into the divine energy. Duan and Xuanyue clearly watched Wo Xin's mother gradually change. The wrinkles on her face gradually disappeared, her skin became pale, her withered hair regained her spirit, and she was shining with golden glitter under the envelope of sacred energy. Light. The meridians in her body were gradually reopened, and vitality was injected into all her organs, enabling them to rejuvenate. A dying person came back to life with the joint efforts of Xuan Yue and Ah Dui.

The white light in the sky gradually disappeared, the dark clouds floated away with the removal of the sacred energy, and the sun shone on the earth again, bringing infinite warmth to the earth.

A Duan and Xuan Yue made a long sigh. The excessive consumption that they thought would cause not only did not appear, but the two of them's cultivation base had a qualitative leap, the light gradually converged, and everything around them became clear.

"Mom—" Wo Xin rushed over and rushed to the bed. When he saw his mother's transformation, he couldn't help shaking his whole body. Even if he was dull, watching her mother's transformation knew that she was cured.

The woman groaned and slowly opened her eyes. The illness that had been entangled with her for three years suddenly disappeared and she was a little confused. Seeing her child right in front of her, she stretched out her hand and gently stroked Wo Xin's head. Muttered: "I, am I dreaming? Could it be that the gods have mercy on me and let me go to heaven..."

Xuanyue and Dui looked at each other. The feeling of saving people is so good. Xuanyue smiled and said: "You are not dreaming, and you are not going to heaven. We have cured your illness. You will have a brand new body. , You will be able to take care of your children in the future."

The woman stared at Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue in a daze, her whole body trembling constantly, "Benefactor, benefactor! Thank you, thank you..." The mother and son embraced and wept, and the joy of rebirth was so intense.

Dumb and Xuan Yue's eyes were also red. Suddenly, Xuan Yue seemed to find something? Gently stabbed dumb, dumb stunned, waking up from the excitement of joy. He suddenly found that with them as the center, people were everywhere around him, and everyone's eyes were pious. Although it was daytime, what had happened before was shocking! The scene as if the gods descended shook the entire Meme City. If it weren't for the small place here, people in the distance would not be able to see clearly, I am afraid that more people would gather. Since this incident, the Meme City, regardless of age, men, women, or children, has become obsessed with the gods. Its level of piety even exceeds that of ordinary clergy.

Three sacrifices dressed in white stood out from the crowd, kneeling down in front of them respectfully, and the head of the sacrifice said: "The elder Samuba of the Sacrificial Hall of Meme City paid a visit to the bishop. Thank you for the mercy of the gods, and may the gods bless you." Xuanyue wears only ordinary sacrificial robes, but the miraculous sight just now shocked everyone's hearts. With that huge sacred power, these sacrificial rites have never been seen even in the Holy See. They have affirmed that Xuanyue is The identity of the cardinal. Indeed, Yi Xuan Yue's strength after being promoted by the divine tool is no longer weaker than her father Xuan Ye, but his experience in magic use is much worse.

Xuan Yue suppressed the excitement in her heart, and said faintly: "You all get up. I am guided by the gods to save this suffering person. From now on, you will spread the gods' enlightenment in the city of Meme. This is true for mother and child. Poor, mother’s illness has been cured by our sacred magic, you must take care of it in the future."

The sacred aura radiating from Xuan Yue's body made all the people around him feel like a spring breeze, and they all knelt to the ground in unison, yelling: "Respect the Lord's instructions."

Xuanyue took the big hand of Ah-Dai, silently chanted a few spells, the light flashed, and the two disappeared in place at the same time. This was the first time Xuan Yue used a mid-range teleportation magic after leaving the Holy See. When he was in the Holy See, the probability of this magic being successful was very low and it was extremely difficult to locate it. But with her ability to just reach the realm of the Magister, she succeeded easily, and her positioning this time was also very accurate.

When they appeared again, they were already three hundred meters away from the crowd. Xuan Yue watched that the crazy crowd was still gathering, she couldn't help patting her chest, and said: "Big brother, let's run, if so many believers entangle us, I'm afraid it will be difficult to get out." Raising the big hand of Dumb, the two quickly ran to the hotel where they lived.

Back in the hotel, Xuanyue closed the door, and then he was relieved. In Mimu City, all people seemed to know the appearance of the "miracle". They came back along the way and saw many civilians leaving towards them. Xuanyue ran in the direction of Xuan Yue and gasped, "It's dangerous! Brother, the eyes of those civilians who looked at my sacrificial robe just now lit up. Quick, give me your civilian uniform. I don't want tomorrow. We were surrounded when we left."

Successfully broke through the bottleneck of life and life decision, Dumb's heart was bright and smiled and said: "Although it caused a sensation, we also successfully cured Wo Xin's mother. It is also a good thing! Brother, what happened just now? Do you know? Why is there such a large amount of energy that I have broken through the final bottleneck before going to the Death Mountain."

Xuan Yue was overjoyed, "You have broken through? Great. My sacred magic has also improved a lot. It seems to have reached the level of a magister. It's a coincidence! It must be the gods who felt the kindness in our hearts. Our. Brother, have you noticed that your blood of the dragon and my phoenix have changed a bit. The huge energy just now should have been generated because of them. Ah! No, let’s leave quickly. Here. Wo Xin knows we are here, if he brings all those crazy civilians, it will be in trouble."

Ah-Dai was taken aback and said, "Yeah! Why didn't I expect it. With the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." As the spell sings, Ah-Dai clearly felt that the blood of the dragon seemed to melt into himself Like a whole body, huge energy with a sacred breath came out, a blue light flashed, two sets of ordinary civilian clothing appeared floating in front of him.

Duan and Xuanyue looked at each other. The sacred aura just now was quite different from before. The huge energy was not what the blood of the previous dragon could radiate. It was just a basic summoning item that produced such powerful energy. Her heart couldn't help but trembled. Dumb suppressed the excitement in his heart, and said to Xuanyue: "Brother, you go and change your clothes first. I also want to change to a more ordinary one, so as not to attract attention. Let's slowly explore the changes of the artifact after we leave here. "As he said, he threw the civilian clothes floating in the air to Xuan Yue's set.

After a while, Xuanyue walked out of the bathroom. Dumb was much taller than her. The wide clothes looked very funny on her. The trouser legs and cuffs were rolled up a few times, and the wide clothes wandered back and forth. It's not his own. Dumb laughed: "Brother, you are so thin!"

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "Go and pull." The two hurriedly left the hotel after checking out. Xuanyue's judgment was correct. Soon after they left, Wo Xin brought the people from the worship hall and those loyal believers to find it. Duan and Xuanyue not only saved him, but also saved him. The gratitude in his heart could not be described in words. Moreover, the priests of the Sacrifice Hall have promised that in the future, the lives of their mother and child will be solely responsible for the Sacrifice Hall. From now on, he won't have to be a thief anymore.

The innkeeper opened the door in fear, and let Wo Xin and the priests enter the room where Ah-Dai and Xuanyue lived. Outside this inconspicuous little hotel, thousands of believers have gathered and surrounded the place. Who doesn't want to let them know Owner of that huge divine power! The devout belief in the gods has reached a peak among these people. When Wo Xin walked into the empty room, a strong sense of loss filled his heart.

The innkeeper said helplessly: "I told you just now that they just checked out and left after they came back in a hurry. You just don't believe it. Sacrifice to adults, what important person is it that is worthy of invigorating the crowd like this?" Samuba sighed: "It's a young bishop in the Holy See. I have never seen such a powerful divine power. It seems that the bishop does not want to be entangled by us! Forget it, let's not disturb him. I have been practicing divinely for decades. Light is magic, but compared with Master Bishop, it is simply the light of blazing fire." The gorgeous divine healing technique has deeply shocked him.

Wo's eyes lit up when he suddenly found something, and took a few steps forward and picked up a piece of paper from the bedside cabinet. The priests gathered around and saw the piece of paper saying, "Brother Wo Xin, if you come here again, it proves that our judgment is correct. You don’t need to thank us, you can heal your mother. , We are very happy. We believe that as long as they are capable people, they will be willing to help you when they see your situation. You are a filial and good child. Take care of your mother in the future. We are leaving, don’t look for it anymore. We, although your stealing is a helpless act, stealing is not a good thing after all, so don’t do it again in the future. Give us your fingertips as a souvenir. If you have fate, we will see you again." , Two people who did not want to mention their names.

Wo Xin’s eyes became wet, and his whole body was plunged into violent convulsions, and he turned around abruptly. He knelt down in front of Samuel with a plop, and said firmly, "Elder, please accept me as a disciple. , I want to join the Holy See and become a priest who spreads the faith of God."

Dumb and Xuanyue didn't actually leave Mimu City, they were still thinking about the thousand-mei gold coin. The two found a small hotel not far from the East City Gate and stayed in. The same civilian attire naturally no one will notice them. Dumb looked at the few silver coins left in his purse, Chong Xuanyue smiled bitterly: "Brother, we can't eat a lot tonight."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Yes! If you don't reveal your identity, I'm afraid it will be difficult to get out. I don't know how Wo Xin will react to our letter. I hope he can be like a big brother and be a kind person. Brother, let’s not sleep tonight. The huge sacred energy during the day makes me feel so unreal. Let’s practice for one night and consolidate the newly acquired energy. Maybe there will be even greater gains. What do you think?"

Dumb nodded and said, "Good idea, anyway, I eat a lot during the day, and it's not hungry. It is the most energy-saving when practicing. I will eat their food after we set off with the business association tomorrow."

The two did what they said, closed the door and window, and sat down on the bed to start practicing.

Dui didn’t need to deliberately perform the exercises. With a movement of his mind, the golden body in the dantian lit up, the meridians in the body were clearly visible, and the powerful energy of Shengshengzhen Qi continued to repeat the process of exuding and condensing, the two inches of the dantian The tall golden body kept shining with light, and Dumb felt that his body seemed to be a bottomless pit, containing such a huge amount of energy without the slightest feeling of fullness. Dantian's golden body is constantly absorbing the energy of the golden body in his chest, and it grows a little bit in the constant movement. After reaching the ninth stage, Ah Dui really felt like absorbing the energy transmitted by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. He knew clearly that it might not take a few years. When he absorbed all the skills of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, he would Will become another sword saint, even more than the achievements of the sword saint of Tiangang, I can have today, thanks to the gift of the sword saint of Tiangang, the great sentiment of the master giving up himself constantly shocked his soul. The second golden body on his chest seemed to feel the excitement in A'Dai's heart. A warm energy radiated from the second golden body, covering the whole body of A'Dai, making his somewhat disorganized mood gradually stabilized and his consciousness gradually immersed. In the soft and pure energies of the two golden bodies, they entered the state of concentration.

The meditating Ah-Dai didn’t notice that Xuan Yue, who was sitting crosswise across from him, had also changed a lot at this time. The surging sacred power enveloped her body, and six looming transparent wings of light were baptized. , Appeared again. With the ability of Six Wings, Xuan Yue absorbed the elemental energy in the air faster than before, and her magic cultivation continued to sublimate. The pope's judgment was right at the time. After receiving the baptism of God for a year, Xuanyue has become the closest person to God.

In the early morning, two rays of light, one blue and one red, lit up at the same time, enveloping two groups of energy, one white and one gold. The blue and red light gradually disappeared, and the white and golden energies gradually converged, revealing the figure inside. Duan and Xuanyue opened their eyes at the same time, and the four sparkling lights collided in the air, seeming to inspire a cloud The spark of paralysis.

Xuan Yue found that Ah Dui had changed. His black eyes looked so deep, and a faint light gleamed under his bronzed skin. At this moment, the ordinary face was full of strange charm. There, it is as insurmountable as the mountains and mountains.

Dumb also found that Xuan Yue had also changed. The long blue hair gleams with crystal light like filaments drawn from gems. The blue eyes contain infinite soft light like the sea. The white skin exudes divine brilliance, and the faint golden light surrounds her. The body is like a **** descending from the earth.

Although both of them wore the most ordinary civilian clothes, these plain clothes could not conceal their brilliance, and their temperament had undergone a huge change. After all the things yesterday, they finally raised their abilities to an unprecedented height, and at the same time, they finally reached another. Cultivation in the future will be completely at another level.

"Brother, you are so handsome!" Dumb exclaimed.

"Brother, you are also very handsome!" Xuan Yue answered with a smile. The two laughed at the same time. The huge increase in strength made them full of confidence now. The Death Mountain was nothing in their hearts. The huge strength would become their most powerful weapon. At this moment, the two were convinced that there was nothing. People can block their progress.

The dawn of dawn came through the window, the sun was rising from the east, and a new day was about to begin.

Ah Dui smiled slightly and said, "It's late, let's eat something first, and then we're going to set off." Without chanting the spell, the blue light flashed, and the last few fruits from the psychedelic forest floated in the air. Xuan Yue opened her mouth, and a fruit flew towards her. She bit into it, and the sweet juice flowed into her mouth, "Big Brother, this fruit will be gone after we eat it. It depends on who of us eats it faster."

Dumb's childlike heart rose, "Okay!" Following Xuan Yue's appearance, he sucked in a piece of fruit and ate it quickly. After a while, the eight fruits were evenly divided by the two.

East Gate of Meme City.

One of the largest business associations in the Tianjin Empire, the Standy Alliance is gathering their caravans. More than two hundred horse-drawn carriages were loaded with various precious items produced by the Tianjin Empire. The wheels of the horse-drawn carriage left deep marks on the ground, showing the weight of the goods it carried. The Stanty Alliance only needs to resell these items to the Sok Domain Federation to make a lot of money. The Yajin tribe in the Sorbian Federation is very rich because of their rare ores. There, it is their destination.

Hundreds of knights suddenly appeared from both sides of the street, and they surrounded the busy caravan. The staff of the caravan didn't seem to see them, and they were still busy with their work. These knights are neatly dressed, each riding a tall horse, wearing a brown Pique, and on their left chest there is a metal shield logo. The shield is crossed with two long swords, above the cross of the long swords, There is a skeleton carved with two distinctive characters on Pique's right chest-skull. A light spear hung from each saddle with a war knife on his waist. Carrying his own baggage on his back, although there are hundreds of people, there is no chaotic noise at all. The discipline is strict, and he looks like a warrior with many battles. They are the skeleton mercenary group that the caravan has paid a lot of money to protect them, and it is also one of the few special mercenary groups on the mainland.

The Skeleton Mercenary Group is very famous in the mercenary world. The missions they took over have almost no record of mishandling. There are more than 1,400 people in the group, all samurai with extraordinary skill. They seldom interact with other mercenary groups and act very harshly. Anyone who provokes them will not end well. But their credibility is also very good, as long as they accept the task, they will definitely go all out to complete it. Of course, as a special-grade mercenary group, their remuneration is also quite high. Because of their fierce style, even the only super mercenary group on the mainland, Hong Hu, was unwilling to interact with them. In the Tianjin Empire, every major business association will ask them to protect them for every major guardian mission, and there has never been a mistake.

The Skeleton Mercenary Group consists of four major parts, namely the light cavalry brigade, the bow and arrow brigade, the heavy cavalry infantry brigade, and the guards. They have no supply units. Every time they perform a major task, their supply is provided by the employer. Among them, the first three brigade has 400 soldiers, while the guard brigade has 200 soldiers. What appeared here was the light cavalry brigade of the Skeleton Mercenary Group. In a small city like Mimu, the streets are so narrow that they can only accommodate these people. Due to the high reward for this mission, the skeleton mercenary group came out. In order not to disturb the residents of the city and cause unnecessary trouble, their other three brigade were waiting outside the city.

There are four leaders in the Skeleton Mercenary Group. They are Ice Skull, the deputy commander of the light cavalry brigade, Wind Skull, the deputy commander of the bow and arrow brigade, Iron Skull, the deputy commander of the heavy cavalry infantry brigade, and the guards. The head of the blood skull, these four heads and deputy heads have been using their own nicknames for a long time, and no one has called them their original names anymore. The rise of the skeleton mercenary group is very short. In less than five years, they have risen from a fourth-level mercenary group to their current position. Countless bandits have died in the hands of their four brigade, in the mercenary world and Hong Hu The mercenary groups are legendary teams. Someone once said that if it weren't for the fact that the Skeleton Mercenary Group had too few members, they might have risen to the Super Mercenary Group.

Chapter 98: 3 strokes

At the front of the light cavalry brigade, a snow-white war horse sits on a female soldier. Her whole body is wrapped in silver light armor. A silver spear hung on the saddle. The silver spear is three meters and six inches long and as thick as The chicken egg has a spiral pattern on the tip of the gun. Although it is peacefully placed on the saddle, you can clearly feel the coldness it emits. As she wears a helmet, she can't see the female knight's appearance, and can only tell her gender from the shape of her armor. She is one of the three deputy commanders of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps, and the ice skeleton that leads the light cavalry brigade.

Turning over and dismounting, the Ice Skull walked towards the caravan. She walked to the front of the caravan and stopped beside the old man who was carrying the cargo under the command. The ice skull was about 1.8 meters tall, half a head taller than the old man, and a cold voice oozes from the helmet, "President Mu, how long will it take for your caravan to be ready."

Mulats looked at the female evil star in front of her, and her heart trembled. In his heart, he has never regarded the Ice Skull as a woman. The Stanti Alliance has cooperated with the Skeleton Mercenary Group many times. As one of the three presidents of the alliance, Mulatz has participated in two of them. I have seen the scene of Ice Skull killing the enemy without mercy, and I have survived under her extremely ice silver gun. The strangest thing is that after cooperating so many times, no one has ever seen her true face. "Ah! Hello, Deputy Commander Bing, we are almost ready, we can set off when two more people come over."

Bing Skull said impatiently: "Two more people? Who?"

Mulats rubbed his hands and said, "Like you, they are also mercenaries. One of them is a magician, which can make up for the deficiency of the expensive mercenary group. Don’t be surprised, the goods shipped this time are coming to our alliance. Saying is too important, so I have to be cautious."

Ice Skull looked at Mulats coldly, two cold lights shot out from the helmet, Mulats had a cold fight, and couldn't help taking a step back. Ice Skeleton said coldly: "Your Stan Emperor Alliance does this in contempt for our Skeleton Mercenary Group. You should know the consequences of contempt for us."

Mulats said with a smile: "Deputy Commander Bing, don't be surprised, they only have two people, not to mention they are also a special mercenary group. Only this time, please give in."

Ice Skull froze and frowned: "It's also a special mercenary group, what are their names?"

Seeing that things had turned for the better, Mulatz was delighted, and hurriedly said, "They are the evil mercenary group. Have you heard of it? It seems that there are only two people."

Although the Skeleton Mercenary Group does not interact with other mercenary groups, as a special mercenary group, they have many privileges in the mercenary union. She had heard of the evil mercenary group this day. There are indeed only two members. It seems that they have completed a very difficult task. They climbed straight up from the low-level mercenary group. The rate of ascent even exceeded them. It's just that they only showed up once three years ago. She hadn't accepted the task and didn't expect to appear here. She couldn't help but become interested in the evil mercenary group in her heart, and said coldly, "Wait for them to come." After speaking, she turned and walked back to her team. in. Mulats wiped the cold sweat on his head and breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't dare to offend this female evil star.

Duan and Xuanyue settled the hotel account with the last remaining money and walked out. As soon as they left the house, they saw the mighty team not far away.

Xuan Yue said in surprise: "Wow, a lot of carriages! This caravan is really big. Hey, big brother, look, those knights guarding the sides should also be mercenary groups."

Dumb nodded and said: "It should be, they all have a certain degree of skill. It seems that the strength of this mercenary group is not weak! The caravan not only hired us, but also other mercenary groups. Very valuable."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Brother, your mind seems to be turning faster than before. What about him? Anyway, we just follow along and earn some travel expenses. Let's go, let's go, it's late, and they will leave soon. Up."

The two walked in the direction of the caravan. They deliberately suppressed their own cultivation base. On the surface, they were no different from ordinary civilians.

Soon, the two came to the caravan, and Dumb asked a member of the caravan who was working: "Brother, please tell me, where is the old Mr. Mulats?"

The man just finished loading his cargo and looked at Dumb a few times, thinking that he was a worker in the caravan, pointed to the front and said: "President Mulatz is in front of the command? You can go and find it yourself."

Xuanyue and Adai walked forward, while Xuanyue said: "Big Brother, that Mulatz is still a president. It seems that our 1,000 gold coins have fallen."

The two walked to the front of the team, and Ah Du saw Mulats's figure at a glance, and hurriedly walked over with Xuan Yue.

"Old Mr. Mulatz."

Mulats heard someone calling him and looked back and said with joy, "You are here, and the caravan is about to set off." He looked up and down Xuanyue, and said, "How did the priest change his clothes?"

Xuan Yue said: "Have you ever seen a sacrifice as a mercenary? I don't want people in the Holy See to know that it is safer to wear civilian clothes."

Mulats suddenly said: "So that's it. Are you two people used to riding horses or carriages? I'll make arrangements for you."

Xuan Yue said, "Of course it's a carriage. I can't bear the bumps of riding."

"Well, those two will ride with me in the same car later. I have to ask you for this matter."

Xuan Yue rubbed her fingers at Mulatz and said, "President Mulatz, you hire us, shouldn't you give me a commission first?"

Mulatz was stunned, and hurriedly said: "Yes, yes, you have forgotten my memory." He took a purse from his arms and handed it over, saying: "There are five diamond coins in it. We hire mercenaries to pay half first. The rest will be paid to you when we arrive."

Xuan Yue put the purse in her arms and said, "Well, where is the carriage? Let's get in the carriage and wait for you."

Just as Mulats was about to answer, a cold voice suddenly sounded, "Wait a minute." The silver figure flashed by, and the ice skeleton appeared in front of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. Dumb was shocked, the ice skeleton's body style made him vigilant, she was extremely fast, and she knew the martial skills were extraordinary. Moreover, the coldness contained in the ice skull seemed to be a very domineering grudge.

Ice Skull looked at the two civilians who were nothing strange in front of him, snorted coldly, and asked, "Are you from the evil mercenary group?"

Xuan Yue was very tired of this cold tone, frowned and said, "Yes, what's the matter with you?"

Mulats hurriedly said, "Let me introduce to you, these two are members of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group, and this one is Miss Ice Skull, the deputy head of the Skeleton Mercenary Group."

Duan felt the chill radiating from the ice skull and then heard her name, his heart was shocked, and he subconsciously touched the head of the ice in his arms.

As soon as Xuan Yue heard that there was an ice character in the other party's name, she couldn't help but glanced at Dumb. She repelled the ice skull in front of him even more, and said disdainfully: "I haven't heard of any ice skulls or fire skulls."

Ice Skull didn't seem to care about Xuanyue's words, and said coldly: "This task is taken by our Skeleton Mercenary Corps. We don't allow others to interfere and leave immediately."

Dui frowned. This overbearing attitude made him a little angry. Although the female warrior in front of her had a name similar to Bing, the murderous intent exuded from her was something Dui didn't like, and said lightly: " We didn't intend to take on this task. We only accepted it at the invitation of Head Mulaci. You don't seem to be an employer. You don't have the right to drive us away."

Xuanyue looked at Ah'Dai's indifferent expression, and knew that anger was in his heart, and couldn't help being overjoyed. The female soldier in front of her was obviously not Ah'Dai's ice, so she could feel relieved.

The ice skull got used to it, even the other leaders in the group rarely rebelled against her. Hearing Dumb's words, he suddenly became furious. The light blue light leaked from her silver armor, and the surrounding air Suddenly it became a bit cold.

Mulatz was taken aback and hurriedly said: "Everyone is a fellow traveler, don't do it, let's give in."

Ice Skeleton glanced at Mulats. She also knew that the Stanti Alliance is very important to their Skeleton Mercenary Group. She snorted and said to dumb: "If you want to complete this task with our Skeleton Mercenary Group, you must Defeat me first. Otherwise, you are not qualified."

Xuan Yue rushed and said: "What is it to defeat you? If you can make three moves under my elder brother, it will be pretty good."

Ah-Dai pulled Xuan Yue a moment, "Brother, don't be impulsive." The anger that the ice skeleton in front of me just exudes shows tyrannical strength. Although he is sure to win when he reaches the ninth rebirth, he has three tricks. It's also a bit exaggerated.

Ice Skull laughed, and the silver bell-like laughter spread far away. The members of the light cavalry brigade of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps unanimously looked in her direction, and their bodies were a little convulsive. They couldn't be more familiar with this kind of laughter. Ice Skull had only laughed twice before, and the enemies they encountered during those two times were all killed by her extremely ice silver spear. That crazy attack shocked the hearts of every member of the light cavalry brigade, making them truly surrender to this female commander.

The ice skeleton flashed, fell back to his white horse, took off his extremely ice silver spear, and shouted coldly: "All those who don't want to die are scattered." The cold voice seemed to come from the mysterious ice hell. Both the members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group or the staff of the business association retreated far away subconsciously.

Ice Skull raised the second silver spear in his hand and pointed at Dumb: "Come on, let me see how you can win me with three strokes. If you can defeat me with three strokes, from now on, I will face you. Fate is obedience, otherwise, your result will only be death." Among mercenaries, conflicts often occur in order to compete for a suitable task. Even if people are killed, the local government generally does not interfere. All the mercenary unions will issue consolation money uniformly. Of course, situations that lead to death are rare. After all, mercenaries are all for making money. Who would make fun of his life?

Dumb shook his head helplessly, glanced at Xuan Yue, and said, "Brother, you are waiting for me here." After finishing speaking, he walked to the Bing Skull. The white anger exuded, wrapping his body. If he uses the Pluto sword, within three strokes, he can definitely take the life of the ice skull, but he and the other party do not have a deep hatred, how can he use the world's most evil?

Ice Skull looked at the genuine anger exuding from A'dai, and said in a cold voice, "You are from the Tiangang Sword Sect. Who is the Tiangang Sword Saint?"

Dumb said indifferently: "The Sword Saint of Tiangang is my master."

Ice Skull snorted coldly, and said: "It's just that the disciple of the old man from Tiangang dare to be arrogant in front of me. A year ago, did you humiliate a young man who used fire fighting spirit in Dulu province?"

Dumbfounded, he said: "A young man who uses fire fighting spirit?" Tiro's figure appeared in his mind. He shook his head and said: "I can't talk about humiliation, but I did fight each other." The sword saint was an old man, making Ah-Dai's heart raging, and the golden body at the dantian place lit up under his urging.

Binggu said: "That's my junior. Not only did you humiliate him, but you also humiliated me today. Come on, let me see how your Tiangang Sword Sect is vindictive."

Ah Dumb said indifferently: "Okay, let you see, if I can't defeat you within three moves, I will decide on this." For the honor of the Tiangang Sword Sect, he couldn't back down and blocked his own retreat. A light green light appeared on Dumb's hand, completely entering the third transformation, transforming into a more powerful solid grudge.

Neither side moved, and both were condensing a stronger momentum. Ah Du's Sheng Sheng Jue has entered the ninth stage, and is much higher than Ice Skull in terms of skill. He took a deep breath, and under his deliberate urging, the white Sheng Sheng Qi completely transformed into a pale green solid state. Become vindictive. He had already decided to completely defeat the ice skeleton in front of him within three strokes of the thundering force.

After the ice skeleton martial arts succeeded, she felt fear for the first time, that kind of powerful oppression, she had only felt it in the body of her master Northern Sword Saint. The clothed boy in front of her stood in front of her like a heavy mountain. There was no flaw at all. Just when she was about to be too pressured to take the initiative to take the initiative, the huge pressure suddenly disappeared, and the surging vigor suddenly turned into a green guard. The body was fighting, although the pressure on the surface was greatly reduced, but the fear in the ice skeleton's heart was deeper. She clearly felt that the ordinary-looking youth in front of her had unfathomable strength.

Dumb still didn't move, he was wrapped in light green vindictive energy, standing proudly in place, the ninth stage of vitality was really different. At this time, the transformation of the phantom was larger and different in intensity. , The inner energy, only Duan could clearly feel it. He has never been so confident in himself as he is now, nor has he been so eager to win as he is now. Three moves, within three moves, I must defeat her.

Because Ice Skull had shown timidity in her heart, she held the extremely ice silver gun in both hands and carried it to her. She clearly knew the strength of the person in front of her. Under such a passive situation, she would definitely lose, but she should have not supported the three moves. Question it. Thinking of this, she took a half step with her right foot diagonally forward, her legs and knees slightly bent, posing a defensive posture, staring at Dumb, the blue vindictiveness kept vomiting on the tip of the extremely ice silver spear.

If the Ice Skull came up and attacked with all strength to Adai, so that Adai could not take full advantage, it would be really difficult to defeat her within three moves without using the Pluto Arrow. Ice Skeleton is different from Tiro of the day. She is the disciple of the Northern Sword Master. She has obtained the True Legend of the Northern Sword Saint. The Northern Sword Saint has spent a lot of pains on her and the other skeletons. Although they are not old, they have skill. Has reached a very high level, at least not weaker than Zhou Wen, the weakest disciple of the second generation of Tiangang Sword Sect. Since his debut, he has organized a skeleton mercenary group and has never met an opponent. However, Ice Skull was already scared. The fear in her heart restricted her performance and gave Ah Dui the opportunity to exert her full strength.

A Duan roared loudly, and the clear and agitated roar went straight into the sky, and all those who were watching the battle were shocked. Duan's body rushed towards the ice skull like lightning. Bing Skull's heart shuddered. This battle was not only related to his own reputation, but also related to the contest between the master and the Sword Saint of Heaven. He must not be defeated. He immediately attacked with all his strength, and the blue vindictive spirit with icy cold aura suddenly flourished, and the ice skull slammed, and the extremely ice silver spear in his hand turned into a sky-blue light spot, stabbing at the figure of Ah-Dai.

Duan was surprised to find that every shot of the extremely ice silver spear in Ice Skull's hand would bring up a sharp blue vindictiveness. It was just a moment of time. Hundreds of vindictiveness had already sealed off all the attacking routes of Adumb. Faced off, if he was replaced by the dumb who didn't break through the ninth rebirth final, facing such a powerful attack, he would only have to avoid his sharp points for a while and then look for opportunities to counterattack. However, now the dumb is different. Facing the sharp blue light, he didn't panic at all, his rushing body suddenly stopped in the air.

Ice Skull was taken aback. Just now, Duan seemed to have done his best with the infinite impact. How could he stop and stop? The directions of her extremely ice silver spear attack were all sent out at the speed of the shock of Ah-Dai. At this time, Ah-Dai's body came to a halt, and she suddenly felt a sense of losing her center of gravity. However, her attack has already taken place. It looked like, under the change, it was bound to usher in the storm-like attack of Duan. Now she had no choice. She gritted her teeth, touched her feet on the ground, and greeted Duan. However, her previous aggressive attack was already a little weaker. Just as the ice skull jumped up, she suddenly found a faint smile on the corner of Ah Du's mouth, a smile full of victory and confidence.

As the ice skull attacked, Dumb moved again. His suddenly paused figure rushed forward like lightning. His hands kept making complicated hand shapes in the air. A layer of yellow light net covered an area of one square meter in front of him. To the ice skull's attack cover.

All those who watched the game saw a strange scene. The light green light on the boy wearing the cloth suddenly changed to light yellow, and he rushed forward, and suddenly there was a similar figure behind the ice skull, the same light net, but it had already turned light green. Before and after, two light nets, one yellow and one green, flanked towards the ice skull.

In order to achieve victory in the shortest possible time, Duan had already used all his strength. He used the wish of Corris to summon his own clone at the moment when the ice skull dashed forward, and turned into a net of heaven and earth to greet the ice skull with half his skill. At the same time, he took advantage of the first instant transfer of the wish of Goris, and suddenly appeared behind the ice skull, and the more powerful heaven and earth net sealed all the ice skull's retreat. Dumb at this time has already mastered the absolute initiative.

Ice Skull didn't notice the changes behind her, and her mind was all placed on the condensed but not scattered light web in front of her. There was a collision of fighting energy, the blue ice cold fighting energy emitted by the extremely ice silver gun and the sky and the earth net released by the dumb clone violently touched, and the sound of the pounding sound continued, and the solid fighting energy that had changed almost blocked all the ice skulls. attack. The ice skull yelled, the blue vindictive rays of the whole body skyrocketed again, and the blue vortex like a tornado suddenly appeared, and in the bang, finally barely resisted the yellow light net in front of him.

The dumb figure wrapped in yellow light fluttered back and shook his head at the ice skull. Ice Skull thought that he had repelled Dumb. He was happy, and said, you are nothing more than that. Although you are better than me, it is impossible to defeat me within three strokes. At this moment, the mutation happened, almost at the moment when Bing Skull was thinking about it, she was surprised to find that she had lost control of her body, and a light green light net completely wrapped her body. Live, the huge energy instantly suppressed her own extremely ice vindictiveness.

"You lost." The simple three words hit the ice skull's heart like a sledgehammer, and her whole body was shaken. When she looked at the yellow figure in front of her, she found that the figure had disappeared. The green figure turned out from behind her, showing a dumb smile. The soft use of Tianluo Diwang has completely locked the ice skeleton's body. He actually only used one move before and after, even if the clone's move was included, it was only two moves. Dui stood one meter in front of the ice skull, and said lightly: "The dignity of the Tiangang Sword Sect cannot be insulted."

Bing Skull’s heart was filled with anger, she tried her best to break free of her body, but the huge energy brought by that layer of light was suppressing her body like a mountain, no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t get rid of it, but the pressure increased. The heavier it came, she clearly heard the creak of her silver armor. If I lost, I just lost like this, it's so unclear.

Xuan Yue walked to Dui's side and smiled and said, "Big brother, how about it? I said she can't take you three tricks. Your control of the clone is more handy than before. You can do two things with one mind, and control two bodies at the same time. I'm afraid no one can stop such an attack." Dumb shook his head. In fact, he knew that his trick was very dangerous. If the Ice Skull was calming down, she would definitely be able to feel the changes behind her and transformed herself At the same time as the clone, the body suddenly sank from the air, and with all his skills to dodge, he would be able to dodge this attack. At the very least, he wouldn't be defeated so passively. It should be no problem to overcome three moves. However, Dui felt more comfortable with his application in the changes. He almost thought that he would be able to respond accordingly.

Dui looked at the still struggling Ice Skull, and said calmly: "I have no intention of hurting you, but I hope you will not insult the Tiangang Sword Sect and my master in the future." After speaking, Dui lifted Xuanyue and floated around. He rose, fell beside the dumbfounded Mulats, and said, "Now we are qualified to do your **** mission."

Mulats had already been completely conquered by the martial arts of Ah Dui. He woke up and nodded again and again, "Of course, of course." He secretly rejoiced in his heart, and said in his heart: This time he can pick a treasure, this young man actually made a move. I subdued the Ice Skull, so martial arts, even if you spend tens of thousands of gold coins to invite it!

Suddenly, a brown figure was thrown at Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai pulled Xuan Yue aside, and the white light radiated all over her body, and immediately blocked the leaping person from three meters away. This rushed over is a light cavalry under Ice Skull. This person is an effective general under Ice Skull. In the light cavalry brigade, his skill is only under Ice Skull. Blocked by dumb, he did not resist, but respectfully bowed a knightly to dumb. As a samurai, who doesn't respect strong people? The prestige of the Ice Skull in the light cavalry brigade is absolutely supreme. Her extremely powerful ice silver spear makes every light cavalry member deeply afraid, but the unremarkable boy in common clothes in front of him is only With one move, they defeated the peerless master in their hearts, and the avatar's move made them fascinated. The image of Dui has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of these light cavalry. After this kind of fair duel, regardless of the victory or defeat, neither the subordinates or relatives and friends of both sides can nor interfere. This is the most basic principle of a knight.

Dumb frowned and said, "What's the matter with you?" He was a little tired of the domineering behavior of the skeleton mercenary group.

The light cavalry said politely: "Hello, I am Zong Yue, the deputy captain of the light cavalry brigade of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps. You must be the captain of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Corps. I think, since we are protecting the caravan together, don’t get hurt. Be kind, can you lift the **** of our captain first."

Duan glanced at the struggling ice skull, nodded, and said, "Okay, but I don't want you to trouble us again." After speaking, with a thought, his right hand moved in the direction of the ice skull, and the green light flashed. , He took back the heaven and earth nets on the ice skull. Tianluodiwang is no longer available for sending but not receiving as before. Now, Dumb can completely control the huge energy, so that it can be sent and received by heart.

The shackles on the Ice Skull body suddenly disappeared, and she was struggling suddenly staggered and almost fell to the ground, barely supporting her body with an extremely ice silver spear. Struggling with all her strength consumed a lot of her skill, panting with big mouths, staring at Dumb not far away with cold eyes through the helmet, and all kinds of complicated emotions kept shining in her heart. She's not reconciled to such a defeat!

Dumb ignored the ice skeletons, pulled Xuanyue up, and said to Mulatz: "President, may I ask where your carriage is, let's get in and wait for you."

"Okay, okay. It's over there, the black one is." Mulats hurriedly pointed to a large carriage powered by four tall horses not far away.

Just as Ah-Dai pulled Xuanyue towards the carriage, the voice of Ice Skull suddenly heard behind him, "Wait a minute." Her voice was no longer as cold as before, showing a trace of depression.

Duan turned around, looked at the ice skull, and said, "What else do you have?"

Bing Skull remembered his previous promise, and with a bite of Silver Fang, he strode forward to Ah Du, and said bitterly: "Ice Skull is waiting for the master's instructions."

Dumb froze, looked around, and said in surprise: "Who is your master?"

Ice Skull said coldly: "We said earlier, if you can defeat me within three strokes, I will follow your orders from now on. Now that you have done it, you can give orders."

Dumb smiled indifferently, Bing Skull’s behavior of keeping his promise made him feel good, “Why take a joke seriously. I just hope you don’t harass us again. Our evil mercenary group just wants to help you, UU reading www. will complete this task together. Since everyone is on the same route, I don't want to be calculated."

Ice Skull said angrily: "I have always spoken arithmetic, since I have made a promise, I must do it. From now on, my Ice Skull will officially leave the Skeleton Mercenary Group. I am waiting for you, the commander of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group." She almost said these things through gritted teeth. The humiliation of being defeated by one move constantly impacted her soul.

Dumb looked at the ice skull and listened to the determination in her words, only then realized that she was serious. Looking at Xuan Yue, she showed a look of help. He didn't want to be followed by a girl. Moreover, there is "Xuan Ri". If he tells Yueyue about this in the future, Yueyue will definitely be very angry. Although Ah-Dai has always rejected her feelings for Xuanyue, he will still consider Xuanyue inadvertently. How she feels about herself.

Xuanyue looked at Ah'Dai's help-seeking gaze, smiled slightly, walked in front of Ah'Dai, and said, "Miss Ice Skull, he is not the head of the evil mercenary group, he is just the deputy head."

As soon as Xuan Yue said this, the surrounding crowd suddenly became horrified. They didn't believe that such super martial skill as Duan was just a deputy commander.

Ice Skull was also shocked, "Deputy Commander, who is your Commander?"

Chapter 99: Skeleton Mercenary Group

Xuanyue pointed at herself proudly, and said, "The head of the group is me. You just said, obey all the instructions of Dumb, right?"

Ice Skull nodded. At this moment, her heart was surging. The handsome young man in front of her said that he was the leader. If that were the case, the strength of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group would be terrible.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Well, I and Dui are like brothers. He will not object to what I say. I will give you the first and last order for him. From now on, you don't have to Listen to any order from Ah-Dai, you are still you, Ah-Dai or Ah-Dai, and at the same time, order you to return to the Skeleton Mercenary Group and continue to be your light cavalry captain. Is there a problem?" How can Xuan Yue let the Ice Skull follow Ah-Dai? Even if Dui didn't ask her for help, she would find a way to drive away the ice skull. She didn't want to let a girl be next to Dumb every day, that would pose a big threat to her, love is selfish.

Bing Skull froze and said, "But, does he really want me to be a subordinate?" At this time, her mood suddenly became very complicated. Before she defeated her, the confident smile on her face constantly shocked her. I don't know why, but now she actually has an idea to follow Dumb.

Dumb said: "No need. The words of Commander Xuanyi are mine. This is my only command to you. It's too early. I think the caravan should also leave."

Mulatz on the side suddenly woke up, and hurriedly said, "Yeah! You have to set off as soon as possible, otherwise you will miss the schedule. Everyone should be friendly with Wuhui, don't care too much, let's get on the road."

Ice Skull took a deep look at Duan, and floated up with the extremely ice silver spear, falling towards his white horse, raising the silver spear in his hand, and shouting: "Go." Gently clamped the horse belly, and rushed first. Get out.

Zong Yue gratefully bowed to Ah-Dai and ran after him. He can understand the current mood of Ice Skull very much. She has always been arrogant and defeated so easily. How can she suffer? Zong Yue and Blood Skull are close friends, and Bing Skull is the sister of Blood Skull, so he naturally wants to take care of it.

Duan and Xuanyue stepped into the carriage, and Mulats followed. The carriage is very large, and the three people sitting in it are unconsciously crowded. The soft cushions and luxurious decorations immediately give people a warm and comfortable feeling. Dumb sat on the left, Xuan Yue next to him, and said, "Brother, the skeleton mercenary group dare not be arrogant this time. Your performance just now was really good."

Mulats, who had just gotten into the car, immediately echoed: "Yes! The skill of the deputy commander is really something I have only seen in my life. The skeleton mercenary group has always been above the top, and this time it has also suffered under your hands."

Dumb sighed, and said to Xuanyue: "Brother, you should pay attention to your words in the future. Even if you are an enemy, try to show some affection to others. If it weren't for you to propose three ways to defeat the other party, the relationship will not be disturbed now. It’s so stiff. This way, everyone has to get along. It’s not good."

Xuan Yue snorted, and said: "Who made them so arrogant? The ice skeleton looked like me alone, and I was angry when I looked at it. Anyway, it has happened. Wouldn't it be better to let them know that you are good? No one will come to provoke us anymore." Ah Dao had said to her in words, suddenly speechless, and shook his head gently.

Mulats sighed and said: "Little brother! I am afraid it is not as simple as you think. This skeleton mercenary group can have today's scale entirely by virtue of the strength of their four heads and deputy heads. This ice skeleton is just One of the four, they also have the head of the blood skeleton, the two deputy heads of the wind skeleton and the iron skeleton. The strength of these three people will never be under the ice skeleton. And the skeleton mercenary group is very vengeful. Today You have humiliated Ice Skull, I am afraid that her brothers will not give up."

Xuan Yue snorted, and a cold light flashed in her eyes, revealing incomparable confidence, "Come on, are we still afraid that they won't make it. Brother, isn't this just giving us a chance to practice? Fight against each other to see who can get the upper hand."

Outside Meme City. The three chiefs of the Skeleton Mercenary Group are waiting anxiously. Behind them, the other three groups of the mercenary group are neatly lined up. The heavy cavalry infantry group has a total of 400 people riding on the tall horses, including theirs. The horses are all wrapped in heavy armor. On each saddle, there is a heavy spear that is three meters long. They are the absolute main force in the entire skeleton mercenary group. They come to finish. This torrent of steel mercenaries are led by iron skeletons who also wear black heavy armor. When the team is marching, they are always at the forefront. Once they encounter an enemy on the plain, even regular troops can hardly resist their tide-like impact. When there are special circumstances or terrain limitations, they can jump from the horse and transform into heavy infantry. This brigade is all composed of strong men over 1.9 meters.

A wind skull in a cyan outfit rides on his big blue horse, with a long bow on his back. The bow is 1.6 meters long. It is from the hands of a master alchemist in the Tianjin Empire and has the ability to add wind magic. The arrow shot from this bow has the title of shadowless arrow. Behind him, there were also four hundred people in the same blue attire. They were all with long knives on their waists and long bows on their backs. On both sides of the saddle, there were four quiver hangings in total, each containing 25 quiver. With a steel-headed feather arrow, these archers, under the training of Feng Skull, have all practiced the good arrow method of penetrating Yang with one hand. Under the action of the steel-headed feather arrows, ordinary light armor could not resist at all. Among the entire skeleton mercenary group, this archer group killed the most people.

In the center of the heavy cavalry infantry brigade and the archer brigade, there are two hundred samurai shrouded in red clothes. They do not have armor protection, but the red armor maintains their flexibility. Each one carries one on his back. A narrow sword. From the outfit point of view, its momentum is far inferior to the other brigade, but they are the most elite force in the entire skeleton mercenary group, the blood skeleton's guards, and the mercenary group's commando. These people all have good martial arts skills. Each of them has a strength equivalent to that of assassins. Whenever the skeleton mercenary group encounters difficult bones, it is the moment they are dispatched. There is no disadvantage under the leadership. Since its establishment, the team has increased from 20 people at the beginning to 200 people now, without any casualties. The Skeleton Mercenary Group can have today's results, and their efforts are closely related.

The entire skeleton mercenary group is tightly organized, like a small army, and the four arms cooperate with each other. Even the regular army cannot compare with them. The Tianjin Empire once paid a lot of money to hire four skeletons to enter their military system, but they were all rejected by the blood skeletons on the grounds that they needed freedom.

Blood Skull looked like an ordinary middle-aged person, tall, with a faint smile on his face, and a gray suit that was inconspicuous in the entire mercenary group. However, those who are familiar with him know that the happier he smiles, the more cruel he is to kill people. These four skeletons were taught to the Northern Sword Saint at the same time. According to their different qualities, the Northern Sword Saint taught them different martial arts, but none of his apprentices could teach his most proud swordsmanship. Among the four great sword saints, the northern sword saint learned the most mixed. Blood Skull and Ice Skull are brothers and sisters, while the other two skeletons are the same brothers of Blood Skull and Ice Skulls. Because Ice Skull was the youngest among them, they were taken care of by these brothers.

Iron Skull is anxious. He glanced at the Blood Skull next to him, and said, "Big brother, why the younger sister hasn't come out yet, what is this caravan doing? Nothing will happen, right?"

The blood skull smiled and said: "My sister will do nothing, don't you understand her ability? Third, you have to learn more prudently in the future. How can you be so irritable to be honest? Don't forget, our goal is to Surpassing the Honghu mercenary group and becoming the number one mercenary group in the mainland. To achieve this goal, there is still a long way to go!"

Iron Skull said with disdain: "It's good to have a chance to fight the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps. I don't believe that they can stop the impact of my heavy cavalry. What's the use of more people."

The blood skull frowned and said: "Don't underestimate the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps. Their three heads and deputy heads are not weak. It is said that their main head is a disciple of the Eastern Sword Saint. Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps Today’s achievements are by no means formed by a large number of people alone. Although their peripheral mercenaries are not very good, the core thousands of people have very strong strength. We are still in a tempering period, and we can’t compete with them. They clashed randomly. Well, look, the fourth sister is not here."

Sure enough, the light cavalry brigade of the Skeleton Mercenary Group quickly rushed out of the Meme City gate. Four hundred people lined up neatly on both sides of the gate, protecting the caravan behind the caravan out of the city.

Ice Skeleton rode the white horse that was straddling, and did not care about his men, but rushed straight towards his brothers, Zong Yue followed closely behind her, looking anxious.

Feng Gu said: "Big Brother, why did the Fourth Sister come here by herself?"

The Blood Skeleton also felt very strange. According to their plan, the Ice Skeleton should **** the caravan to join them and guard the two wings. Now she should command her men.

Soon, the ice skeletons have galloped in front of them, violently pulling the reins, the white horse stood up, and stopped. Even with the white horse's dignity, she couldn't stand the fierce manipulation of her. He made a long hiss, showing his heart. Dissatisfaction. Zong Yue rushed to her side breathlessly, and gasped, "My sister-in-law, grandma, what are you doing so fast? You are exhausting me!"

Ice Skull ignored Zong Yue, took a look at his elder brother, and pulled the reins before going around everyone. Blood Skull said in a deep voice: "Little sister, what's wrong with you? What kind of young lady's temper." Bing Skull was still a little jealous of his elder brother, and said coldly: "I'm fine." After finishing, one Pulling the reins, the horse is controlled to the forefront.

Blood Skull looked at Zong Yue, and said, "Brother Zong, what's wrong with Bingbing? Is there something going on in the city?"

Zong Yue sighed and recounted what had happened in the city. After hearing his narration, Wind Skull and Iron Skull exclaimed at the same time: "Impossible."

The Blood Skull was also very puzzled. He could defeat his sister with one stroke, even the master might not be able to do it! Besides, the other party is just a young man. "Brother, what trick did that person use?"

Zong Yue smiled bitterly: "To be honest, I didn't see it clearly. It was almost just what happened at the moment of the fire. The person seemed to have two figures transformed into two figures. When they were in a wrong position with Bingbing, they used green energy to turn Bingbing into Bingbing’s body is bound. With Bingbing’s ability, not only does he have no chance to resist, but after being bound by that energy, he can’t break free. It’s really just a trick! My eyes were straight at the time, I’ve never seen it before. Dou Qi can be used in this way. His quarrel seems to be in any shape. However, I really admire him. The young man is only about twenty years old, but his skill is absolutely superb. Bingbing originally wanted to take his life. But he didn't hurt her. By the way, I seem to hear Bingbing say that he is from the Tiangang Sword Sect."

The three skeletons looked at each other. They all knew that the Northern Sword Master had competed with the Tiangang Sword Saint three times, and they all ended in a disastrous defeat when they fought a hundred moves. The Tiangang Sword Sect had always been their goal of surpassing. Although their strength is too weak compared to the Tiangang Sword Sect, only those second-generation disciples who are over 60 have the possibility of surpassing them, and it is definitely not possible to do it with one move. Blood Skull smiled, and smiled very happily. As the disciple of the Northern Sword Saint, whether for the dignity of the master or his sister, he was not allowed to shrink back. In his heart, Ah Dumb's defeat of Ice Skeleton was a provocation to the Northern Juggernaut. This insulting hatred could not be reported.

The impulsive Iron Skull shuddered when he saw Blood Skull’s smile, and swallowed back the words he had just wanted to call for a fight. Blood Skull’s skill has always been crowned among the four. All their enemies, no one can follow him. Escaping from his hands and ascending to heaven, Iron Skull knew that his eldest brother had already started a real fire.

The blood skull's laughter stopped, two frosty rays of cold light flashed from the bottom of his eyes, and he said in a deep voice: "The team spread out, meet the caravan as planned, and prepare to set off."

Feng Gu said anxiously: "Brother, is it so easy to let go of that kid?"

The blood skull smiled and said: "Don't you understand my temper? The mission of the Stanty Alliance is very important to us. They are the main source of our mercenary group's economy. Of course, this humiliating hatred must be reported, but not now. , Do your job well. Without my order, you are not allowed to provoke each other casually." He looked at the approaching carriage in the distance, and said in his heart: Come on, even if you are strong, I will meet you for a while. Let's compare the ranking of the Juggernaut.

The caravan has arrived. The members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group immediately separated, and the heavy cavalry infantry group turned around and faced the distance, and the bow and arrow group formed a formation behind them. The light cavalry brigade guarded the two wings. The personal guards, commanded by the blood skeletons, walked around to the back of the caravan. More than 1,400 mercenaries lined up in an orderly manner, forming a solid protection for the caravan.

Dui and Xuanyue are very comfortable sitting in a comfortable carriage. This carriage is specially made by Stanty Alliance for Mulats. The body is made of hard hardwood and is very heavy. The cabin is also luxurious and unusual, with two thick rows. The soft seats are wrapped in silk and satin. A wooden plate protrudes from the center with some fruits on it. The most peculiar thing is the thick springs attached to four giant wooden wheels. These springs are made of rare metals. It is not only extremely hard, but also has very good ductility. After being crafted by skilled craftsmen, it is made into a spring with full elasticity. One end is connected to the axle and the other end is connected to the car body. Even on very bumpy roads, the carriage of the carriage will travel. Quite stable, sitting inside, like sitting in a moving palace.

Xuan Yue opened the curtains and looked out. She saw that the caravan had already left the city. Around the caravan, there were more skeleton mercenary members. She has always been fearless and fearless, not to mention that her magic level has just risen to the magic level. The realm of the instructor did not see these mercenaries in sight.

Putting down the curtains, Xuan Yue said to the dumb: "Big Brother, I regret agreeing to this task now."

Dumb asked in confusion: "Why? Isn't this carriage very comfortable? It's much easier than walking."

Xuan Yue said, "However, this speed is too slow. According to the current state, it will take at least 20 days to enter the territory of the Yajin clan. How boring to sit in the carriage every day!"

Mulats smiled and said, "It’s too boring. At that time, you may have to rely on two great forces. You don’t know that at the junction of the Tianjin Empire and the Yajin tribe, there is a small mountain range. We all call it the Tianjin Mountain Range. It takes about half a day to cross from one end of the mountain to the other. The main reason why the Business Association Alliance employs so many mercenaries is to guard against bandits there."

Mulaci's words aroused Xuan Yue's interest, "Are there bandits? Have you met before."

Mulats nodded and said: "Yes! I have suffered a lot before. The bandits are very arrogant. The caravan passing through the mountains must hand over half of the goods to buy road money. Otherwise, they will kill people and take all All of the goods were looted. In order to avoid greater losses, some small caravans often gave them goods. Hey, one trip can only make a small amount of money."

Xuan Yue said in confusion: "Why do you have to go to the Golden Mountain Range? Isn't it possible to make a detour?"

Mulats sighed and said: "The biggest industry of our Standi Alliance is the manufacture of spices, including edible spices and ordinary spices. These spices must be stored in special sealed warehouses. Otherwise, it will take a long time. , It will lose the original taste. This time, 80% of our goods are spices. In order to save time and not change the taste of spices, we can only venture through the Tianjin Mountains. In this way, before reaching Andis City At that time, spices can guarantee the quality and sell them at a good price. It is not for these spices, of course we will choose to detour. However, now there are two of them, plus the skeleton mercenary group, I think those thieves will take us nothing. Let’s do it. I hope it’s a safe journey."

Dumb said strangely: "Since these thieves are harming one party, why didn't the Golden Empire send troops to encircle and suppress it?

Mulats sighed and said: "Why didn't encircle and suppress it? The Tianjin Empire once sent heavy soldiers to encircle and suppress seven times, but each time they came back in despair. The terrain of Tianjin Mountain Range is very dangerous. Except for a road that can pass, other The place is full of tall mountains, where there are not only a large number of bandits, but also very familiar with the terrain. They used the various institutions arranged by the geographical advantage to make the Tianjin Empire suffer a lot and suffer heavy losses. Even if the Master of the National Normal University came out in person. , Using a few large-scale destructive magics did not cause a devastating blow to them. The whereabouts of those bandits were erratic, and many of them were powerful. When they felt unable to fight, they would temporarily abandon the base area and flee to Suo. Within the territory of the Territory Federation, the army of our Tianjin Empire can't chase it. It's difficult! The Tianjin Empire didn’t have any good results because of the huge losses. Later, it stopped sending troops to encircle and suppress it. One side has stationed heavy troops to prevent the bandits from doing too much harm. Those bandits are so cunning that they know that they can only survive in the mountains and never leave the Tianjin Mountains. They just rob the past business travelers. No one knows them. The specific situation. Now, I just hope that they will be frightened by the power of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps and don't mess around. Otherwise, once the conflict arises, it will be difficult to say."

After a day’s journey, it was only seven or eighty miles away. As Durham province is dominated by agriculture and the distance between cities is relatively large, the caravan did not rush to the next city and had to camp in the open land. The caravan gathered the carriages together, and the skeleton mercenary group surrounded the outer circle for defense. Tents surrounded the caravan's carriages and were laid down on the open plain. The caravan, together with the mercenaries guarding them, had more than two thousand people.

After sitting in the carriage for a day, Duan and Xuanyue both felt a little astringent. They jumped out of the carriage. Xuanyue stretched her body and breathed a few breaths of fresh air from the plain, and immediately felt a lot more comfortable.

It was already evening, the setting sun was gradually falling, and the earth gradually dimmed. Xuanyue complained: "It's so boring. I took a car for a day and didn't do anything." Because the bumps of the carriage were not suitable for cultivation, their Their skills are at their peak, and there is no reluctance, so in this whole day, apart from chatting, they only dozed off. Even Dui felt a little lonely, not to mention the lively and active Xuanyue. After seeing Dui, she has recovered to the cheerful and lively appearance she had been like before.

Dumb looked at the members of the skeleton mercenary group with tents arranged in an orderly manner, and smiled: "This skeleton mercenary group can become a special-grade mercenary group. It is not fortunate, brother, how neat they are arranged! Although I I don’t know the art of war, and I know what defensive formation this is."

Xuan Yue curled her lips and said, "Just being so overbearing at them, I am afraid it will be difficult to make a big deal. Brother, how about going there? The meal I ate at noon hasn't been digested yet."

Dui looked in the direction of Xuanyue's finger, and saw a small forest not far away. It looked very quiet and nodded and said, "Okay. We will come back when we have dinner."

Mulatz approached them, glanced at the four leaders of the skeleton mercenary group not far away, and whispered: "You have to be careful, don't conflict with the skeleton mercenary group. "

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't worry, even if there is a conflict, we won't suffer. I'm afraid that they won't make it. Go and pull, big brother." She said, pulling the hand of Ah-Dai and walking towards the woods.

Duan and Xuanyue's departure were all seen in the eyes of the blood skulls, and the blood skulls said to his sister, "Is that them?"

Ice Skull nodded. For the whole day, she kept thinking about what happened in the morning, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out how Dumb restrained her. The taste of failure is very painful for a proud person like her. .

Feng Gu said: "Brother, look at the person who defeated Bingbing, could it be Tiangang Sword Saint himself? I remember that the master said before that Tiangang Sword Saint looks only like a middle-aged man because of his profound cultivation. Are you here to humiliate us?"

Blood Skull shook his head, and said, "It shouldn't be. As the Sword Saint of Tiangang, how could you become a mercenary, let alone those of us juniors. Besides, the master also said that although the Sword Saint of Tiangang looks young, , But his hair and beard are all white, the kid’s hair and eyes are black, and he looks like a young man, he shouldn’t be the Juggernaut himself. Maybe it’s a master trained by Tiangang Juggernaut himself, otherwise, at his age, how could he With such advanced martial arts. If he really wins Bingbing by his own ability in the morning, then his skill is definitely close to the strength of a Juggernaut."

Iron Skull snorted coldly and said, "Brother, didn't they go there alone? Let's go there and they will naturally find out the details. I don't believe it. We can't beat him with the strength of the four of us. Master. It’s been a long time since I taught us the Four Element Array. Even a master, it takes a hundred moves to break our Array. If I don’t get Bingbing’s face back today, I’m not reconciled." Iron Skull and Wind Skeletons have always admired Ice Skulls very much, but they are also brothers, and they are usually not too contentious. What discourages them most is that Ice Skulls have the same attitude to everyone, neither cold nor hot. It made them unable to feel her inner thoughts. At this time, there was a chance to show that he could bear it.

Feng Gulu agreed: "Big brother, I agree with the third brother. We can't lose the face of the master. Let's try their kung fu while we are still far from the Tianjin Mountain Range. Also help Bingbing get revenge."

Blood Skull frowned, turned to look at his sister, and said, "Bingbing, what do you think?"

Ice Skull said indifferently: "I agree. I lost it in the morning. But I did lose. Maybe, only the four element array can deal with him. Brother, are the four of us afraid that he will not succeed. Skeleton servant The Corps cannot afford to lose this person."

Blood Skull has always been cautious in doing things. In fact, even if his younger siblings don't say anything, he will not let A Duan and Xuan Yue go. "How is the kung fu with the handsome boy who defeated you? Did you see that in the morning?"

Bing Skull shook his head and said, "He didn't make any move in the morning, and he looked very arrogant. Listening to Mulats, he seems to be a magician and a priest of the Holy See. Moreover, the leader of this evil mercenary group. It's him, but from the point of view of his name, he seems to be stronger than the person who defeated me, but I didn't feel any overpowering aura from him. The person who defeated me seemed to protect the handsome man. youth."

Iron Skull said contemptuously: "Sacrifice? I think the old man Mulatz made up it himself. Sacrifice can come out as a mercenary unless he has a brain problem. Besides, are we afraid of magic with our martial arts? Maybe, What kind of relationship is between those two boys?"

The blood skull frowned and said: "The third child, keep your mouth clean, and don't talk nonsense in front of Bingbing. Since we are going to deal with, we can't be careless. Although ordinary magic can hardly cause us harm, it is profound. Magic is still enough to threaten our lives. Everyone must be careful, we can't lose anymore." He is also very interested in this evil mercenary group, especially the one who defeated his sister with one move, and he is following the north. When I was a Sword Saint, I heard the Sword Saint say how powerful the Heavenly Sword Saint was. How could he be reconciled if he encountered a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Saint and didn't try the opponent's skill.

The four skeletons of blood, wind, iron, and ice picked up their weapons one after another. Among them, the blood skeletons were empty-handed. After giving their men the protection of the caravan in the camp, they galloped towards the woods where Ah-Dah and Xuanyue disappeared.

Mulatz watched the four skeletons chasing Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. Although he was anxious, he didn't dare to step forward to stop him. These powerful masters were not something he could offend. He can only pray silently, hoping that neither side will have trouble. Otherwise, the caravan’s journey to the Yajin tribe might be dangerous.

Dui was dragged into the woods by Xuanyue. The fresh air in the woods shocked them. Dui flew up, lightly tapped on a branch, floated in the air, closed his eyes, and felt the breath of nature. He had seen the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint completely suspended in the air before, so he wanted to give it a try. The two-inch golden body in the dantian exudes a strong qi of life, and it wraps Ah-Dai's whole body like a huge white air mass, staying in the air for a few seconds and slowly falling.

Chapter 100: 4-element array

"Big Brother, what are you doing?" Xuan Yue asked with delight, seeing Ah Dai's figure slowly landing, knowing that his skill had reached a new level.

Ah Dai fell on the ground with a regretful expression, "It still can't do it! I remember that Shizu, the old man, can completely control his body to float in the air for a long time. But I just can't. It can only last for ten seconds. I have also reached the state of the Ninth Rebirth Judgment! It seems that there is still a big gap between the skill of the old man and the master."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and said, "It turned out to be for this! Brother, it should be no problem to control your body to float in the air with your current skill. I can do it. Look at it." After she finished, she said the spell silently, golden. The light gradually seeped out, Xuan Yue gave a soft drink, "Get up." The golden light suddenly concentrated downward, and Xuan Yue's body floated against the backdrop of the golden light.

Dumb opened his mouth wide in surprise and watched Xuanyue floating freely in the air. Not only was there no tendency to fall, but it was still rising. He couldn't help asking, "Brother, how did you do it?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It's actually very easy, but you don't know the trick. Magic and fighting Qi are both energy forms, but they differ because of the different ways of using energy, but they can be connected in some applications. You The main reason why you can only stay in the air for more than ten seconds just now is because you radiate all the fighting energy throughout your body. There is very little fighting energy used to reduce the weight of your body. This is good for defense, but It doesn’t work to control my body to leave the ground. You see, the reason why I was able to float up is to control the magic power to concentrate completely under my feet, and use the reaction force of the impact on the ground to hold my body up. However, I used God to heal that day. The gains during the surgery are really not small. I used to be able to lift myself three meters off the ground with magic power at most, but now that I have more than ten meters, do I have more power?"

Duan scratched his head, and said, "You mean, if I put the anger on my feet completely, I can fly like you?" Under Xuanyue's guidance, Duan's mind finally understood a little bit.

"Yeah! Try it quickly, it will definitely work. Our kind of floating is completely dependent on energy and cannot last for too long. Compared to wind magicians, they can directly use the wind element in the air. Offset her own weight, and as long as you control the direction of the wind, you can fly to where you want to go." While talking, Xuan Yue lowered her body, suspended one meter from the ground, waiting to see How does dumb use grudge.

A Duan concentrated his qi, surging out of his fighting energy. He closed his eyes and controlled the fighting energy with his mind to slowly concentrate under him. As Xuanyue said, under the backlash of the fighting energy, his body gradually lifted from the ground. Floating up, feeling his gradually rising body, Dui was extremely excited. He opened his eyes, controlled his grudge, and fixed his body three meters above the ground. Smiled and said, "Brother, we don't need to make boats when we cross the river in the future. This kind of flying feels really good."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It feels good, I taught you a trick, how can you thank me?"

Dumb said: "You speak. You can pick whatever I have with me except Corris' wish. Oh, yes, brother, my skill has improved so much now, so let me give you the Ring of Guardian. You are after all Magician, with the protection of the guardian ring, it should be much safer."

Xuan Yue's heart moved, thinking that Dui had never given her a gift before, and that this guardian ring would be the gift he had given her. At the moment, she was also polite, stretched out her hand and said, "Get it."

Dui had far more eyes on friendship than others. He took off the ring that had saved him many times without hesitation. With a flick, the Ring of Guardian turned into a white light and accurately fell into Xuan Yue's hands.

The usage of the guardian ring Xuanyue is even more familiar than Duan. After chanting a few spells silently, the ring suddenly shrunk to the size that she was wearing. She put the ring on her middle finger, sweet in her heart, and said with a smile: "Brother, thank you Pull."

Seeing Xuanyue's happy look, Duan was also very happy. The two of them were just floating in the air, breathing the fresh air in the woods, indescribably freehand.

The four skeletons of blood, wind, iron, and ice were walking into the forest at this time. They all condensed their breath, looking for the traces of Dumb and Xuan Yue.

A Duan was communicating with Xuan Yue about the feeling of floating, and suddenly felt four breaths quickly approaching him, and couldn't help looking in the direction where the breath came from. He just saw the four skeletons, and he couldn't help but feel stunned.

Blood Skull and the other four also saw Dumb and Xuanyue. The four couldn't help but breathe a cold breath. They all knew clearly what it meant to float in the air? In their impressions, they only saw the Northern Sword Master did it, but the two in front of them were quietly suspended in the air. Their confidence was shaken when they came, and two powerful masters were more difficult than one. There are many dealings, not to mention that one of the two is a magician.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It seems that the trouble is here. Brother, let's go down." The two condensed their own energy, and quietly fell to the ground. At this time, Xuan Yue didn't even see the four skeletons in his eyes.

The invisible pressure made the Four Skulls feel heavy. A dumb could already defeat the Ice Skull with one move. The handsome young man seemed to have no skill below him. Facing a powerful enemy, even the Blood Skull hesitated. He took a few steps forward and smiled and said, "You two have a good time! Come here to relax?"

Dumb said: "Yeah! Are some of them coming to us?" No matter how slow his mind is, he knows that these skeletons have come here with unkind intentions, secretly operating the vitality in his body, ready to respond at any time.

The blood skull said: "I heard the sister-in-law say that you taught her this morning. The sister-in-law is really stubborn, but it doesn't seem to need you to take care of it. As her elder brother, we will naturally come to meet you who can Defeat the capable person of her sister-in-law with one move."

Xuan Yue flashed out from behind Ah Du, the sharpness of the blood skull words made her feel slightly angry, and said: "You have to figure out that it is your sister who is provoking in the morning. What kind of skull is the one. We just took the caravan escort. The task is that she has to challenge my elder brother, otherwise, who is rare to do it with her. Since you are looking for a spot, you will draw the road and our brother will continue."

The Blood Skull laughed loudly, "Okay, let us see the stunts of the two. We are self-aware and admit that one-on-one is not your opponent, so our four brothers and sisters joined forces to ask for advice."

Xuan Yue coldly snorted: "It's shameless to fight with more and less! Big brother, don't be polite with them, beat them all down, so as not to annoy us all the time."

Dumb was afraid of the other party's sudden attack. He pulled Xuanyue behind him and said, "This big brother, since our two mercenary groups are taking on the same task, I think it's better for everyone to help each other in the same boat. Why kill each other." What? I don’t want to say more about who is right and who is wrong in the morning, but I hope that you will stop entangled, it will be bad for you and me."

The blood skull smiled and said: "We are just discussing skills. What is good or not? How can we give up asking for advice after we finally meet a master like a brother? The formation." The strength of Dumb and Xuanyue has aroused his heart. The crazy fighting spirit and the smile on his face represented the murderous intent in his heart. No matter what Dumb said, he wouldn't listen to it now.

The four skeletons of blood, wind, iron, and ice spread out at the same time. The blood skeleton does not use weapons. The iron skeleton is a huge hammer, and the ice skeleton is still a very ice silver spear. The three of them surrounded Adu in front. Feng Gulu took off his longbow and drew a steel-headed feather arrow, deterring the dumb duo from a distance.

Dumb sighed helplessly, and said, "If that's the case, then learn it. Brother, you step back and let me come."

Xuanyue nodded and said: "Okay." Her magic can only play a greater role in the periphery, not to mention that the opponent still has a wind skull that looks forward to it.

Dui smiled slightly, the pale green light covered his whole body, his hands circled in the air, and a solid energy shield suddenly appeared on his right hand.

The smile on Blood Skull's face disappeared. He rubbed his hands together, and the hot red fighting energy came out. Dumb recognized that this was exactly the fire type fighting energy used by Tilo.

Ice Skull raised the spear, the blue extremely ice vindictiveness kept vomiting, and finally there was a second chance to fight, she secretly told herself that she must not fail again, and even if she died, she would die with the person who humiliated herself.

The iron skeleton was shining with yellow light, the huge hammer was raised high, the tiger's eyes were shining, and he looked like he was going to eat people.

The wind skull's longbow has also been drawn like a full moon, with cyan energy gleaming on the bow, squinting his eyes, and the feather arrow aimed at Ah Du's chest. Among the four skeletons, although the blood skeleton has the highest skill, the wind skeleton is the most dangerous. They are all ready to attack.

Under the strong pressure of the Four Skeletons, Ah-Dai still seemed so calm and unhurried. The golden body of Dantian continuously provided him with a strong vitality, and the light of the shield of transformation in his hand flowed, making him full of confidence in himself.

Xuan Yue was not idle either, chanting a spell softly, and under the surprised gaze of the four skeletons, two consecutive intermediate-level auxiliary light magics were continuously applied to Ah-Dai. Ah Dui clearly felt that his body seemed to have become lighter. He knew that this was the effect of the Light Element Acceleration Technique after spending so many days with Xuan Yue. Outside his pale green light shield, a layer of golden light was condensed, and the guardian of the gods had the effect of driving away all evil energy. The scorching heat from the blood skeleton fighting spirit and the cold from the ice skeleton fighting spirit suddenly faded a lot. .

The blood skull moved, and he realized that he could no longer give the opposing magician a chance to play, his whole body was flashing with a strange red light, he leaped high, and pounced on Dumb, his hands suddenly enlarged in the air, and his two palms Each formed a group of red grudges with a diameter of one meter, and suddenly blasted towards Dumb, the temperature in the air rose sharply, and the surrounding trees exuded a faint burnt smell.

The Four Skeletons have cooperated for many years. The Iron Skull fits forward while the Blood Skull jumps up, roars, and the hammer is raised high, hitting Ah-Dai's head heavily, as if he is going to control him to death. Ice Skull’s Extreme Ice Silver Spear suddenly became abnormally erratic. Under her deliberate control, Extreme Ice Dou Qi was fully condensed, and the energy was completely contained, and it did not conflict with the blood skull’s flaming Dou Qi. Three different powerful attacks attacked dumb at the same time. They have all done their best. Feng Skull still didn't move, but the Qi of Feather Arrow still locked Ah Dui's body.

Seeing such a powerful attack from the other party, Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling tight, raising the angel's staff in her hand, and began to chant her attack spell.

Facing such a powerful attack, Duan didn't have the slightest tension. He clearly felt every change in the three energies from the attack, and his body floated up to meet the most powerful blood skull in the sky.

Blood Skull was overjoyed, and secretly said, as long as you leave the ground, just wait for the siege of the three of us, as long as the four element array is activated, you don't believe you can hold it. He urged his energy to the limit and suddenly blasted towards Dumb.

"Boom--" In the loud noise, the energy of the Shield of Transformation and the Blood Skull in Dumb's hands collided first. The blood skull clearly felt that his own fiery fighting spirit could not break through the opponent's barrier. The shield formed by the opponent's energy was hard and extremely flexible. The huge counter-shock force made his body flutter in the air for a while. Qi and blood surged.

Dui was also surprised by the power of the blood skull. His vindictive spirit was much thicker than that of the ice skull. The powerful attack made A'dai's body shake, and his body was slightly stagnant in the air. At this time, the attacks of the Ice Skeleton and Wind Skull had also arrived. The blue light of the Extreme Ice Silver Spear and the yellow light on the Iron Skull Hammer almost enveloped all the places that Duan could dodge.

This kind of unfavorable situation, Dui had already thought of, he was not messed up, and he shouted, while lowering the shield of transformation, the blue light on his chest suddenly shined, and a dragon-shaped blue energy instantly passed from him. Overflow from the chest. For the first time in the battle, Ah Dui used the ultimate defense of the dragon's blood-the dragon cover.

The sound of the dragon's chants cleared the sky, and all the attacks of the ice skeleton and the iron skeleton finally smashed the shield of life and transformation weakened by the blood skeleton. However, behind the shield, the dragon-shaped energy full of sacred aura exuded incomparably powerful With its momentum, the dragon's body gradually became clearer, and the blue light and shadow revealed a layer of golden brilliance. In the loud noise, the iron skeleton and the ice skeleton spurted blood and retreated. They were all injured by the counter-shock force of the attack and suffered serious trauma. Dui was shocked. He originally only wanted to use the ultimate defense of the dragon's blood to withstand the opponent's attack, but he did not expect to have such a result. He knew that the power of the dragon's blood had increased so much, of course, and his own spirit The increase in power is related, but the blood of the dragon has also changed a lot.

When Ah-Dai and the Three Skulls were fighting in the air, Xuan Yue's attack spell was almost complete. She was afraid that Ah-Dai could not resist so many attacks alone, so she was about to help him. Just as the spell was about to be completed, Xuan Yue suddenly felt a trace of ominous fear in her mind. Subconsciously stimulating the blood of the phoenix in front of his chest, the ring of guardianship released a white light at the same time, and it stood in front of Xuan Yue. "Boom--" Xuan Yue's body fluttered five meters away, staggering and almost falling to the ground.

It turned out that Feng Gulu had long seen that Xuanyue was going to help Ah-Dai. Just when Ah-Dai was fighting the Three Skulls, he had already removed the longbow from Ah-Dai and aimed it at Xuan Yue. When he saw the golden light on Xuan Yue’s body When Zhan released, he released his shadowless arrow without hesitation. Although the power of the shadowless arrow is not as powerful as the life-changing arrow released by Duan with the black iron bow, it still produces a huge penetrating attack power with the hurricane bow with the blessing of wind energy. The guardian ring and the Phoenix blood energy released by Xuanyue in time saved her life, but due to her rush, she did not prepare in advance and did not use the ultimate defense of Phoenix blood, so the defense ability was greatly reduced. Fortunately, Phoenix The blood was upgraded to a high-level artifact level. After the defense of the Ring of Guardian broke, it forcibly blocked the attack of the Wind Skull. But Xuan Yue was a magician, and her body was relatively fragile. Such a huge impact immediately shook her body. The meridians in her body were shaken and she suffered a little injury.

The two sides fought almost at the same time. At the same time Ah Dao shook the ice and Tie Er's skeleton, he happened to see Xuan Yue's body being shaken off at the same time. Dumb was shocked in his heart, and hurriedly urged Corris' wish, used the second instant transfer today, flashed to Xuan Yue's side, grabbed her body, and asked with concern: "Brother, how are you? "

Xuan Yue gasped slightly, pressing her right hand on the faint painful part of her chest, and said aggrieved: "Brother, they are discussing together. They obviously want our lives. What a ruthless arrow!"

Xuanyue's injury fully aroused the anger in Ah-Dai's heart. The cold light in his eyes was violent. The murderous intent created by the sunset empire reappeared, and said indifferently: "Brother, you are waiting here. Big brother will avenge you." , Turned and looked at the four skeletons.

The four skeletons all showed a look of horror. Under the full attack of the four, they only slightly injured the magician without the other side's defense, but two of them were injured. The strength of dumb has exceeded their expectations. The combined attack of the three skeletons actually forced him to retreat, making it impossible for the three to use the formation to make subsequent attacks.

Dumb stood facing the four skeletons, without a trace of expression on his face, and said faintly: "You shouldn't hurt my brother. Everything you do is your responsibility."

Having reached this point, the Blood Skeleton could not show weakness naturally, and shouted in a deep voice: "Everyone is attacking with all your strength, the world of the four element array is inaction." The eyes of the other three skeletons showed a surprised look. Heaven and earth inaction is the most powerful attack method in the four element array. , Regrettably, the power of heaven and earth, the Northern Juggernaut once told them not to use it lightly until the moment of life and death.

The red light on the blood skull lit up, staring at the opposite dumb, the wind skull put away his longbow, the cyan vindictive light was released, the iron skull and the ice skull also put away their weapons, and sparked separately. The two colors of yellow and blue light, the four-color fighting qi soared into the sky, covering the bodies of the four people. For a time, the four-color fighting qi echoed each other, with great momentum.

The anger in Ah Dui's heart continued to rise. He knew that if he hadn't just given the guardian ring to Xuan Yue, I'm afraid that Feng Gulu's arrow just hit her. If the Four Skeletons hurt A Duan himself, maybe he would not be so angry, but they hurt Xuan Yue, but they completely aroused the anger of Duan. Under Dui's deliberate urging, the golden body at the dantian exudes a strong light, and the ninth realm of Shengsheng Zhenqi ran wildly. Two clusters of pale green energy appeared in Ah Du's hands. With the continuous improvement of his skill, a blue light radiated from the pale green energy.

, Blue, represents the realm of the fourth change of birth and change. In the midst of anger, the realm of birth and change has improved again. He read word by word: "Born-birth-change-of-thunder-electricity-cross-boom -." The left hand waved out like lightning, green and blue energy like flakes. Flying out, flying lightly in the air, his right hand drew a semicircle on the chest and slowly pushed out, the light green light suddenly released, releasing a dazzling light, making bursts of thunder-like roars, one condensing the big dumb The light ball of part of the skill flew away slowly. The previous flake energy did not fly far away. When the light ball appeared, the two energies, one light and one thick, violently rubbed in the air. The shining light made people unable to face it, and the light green energy was in the blue. Under the friction of the green flakes, it suddenly turned light blue, and the green IP continuously revolved around the light blue light ball, and it slowly floated forward. Ah Dui finally used the thunder and lightning strikes among the three tricks for the first time after Sheng Sheng Jue practiced to the highest level.

Behind Ah-Dai, Xuan Yue clearly felt the strange vindictiveness exuded by Ah-Dai, which seemed to be the energy that communicated between heaven and earth!

The Four Skulls had reached the point where they had to send arrows on the strings. When Ah-Dai began to blast through the sky with thunder, the Blood Skull shouted, "Heaven—" the body rushed out one meter before shaking, his hands lifted up, huge fire attributes Dou Qi flashed into the sky with dazzling red lights, and the other three skeletons quickly moved their bodies to form a square with the blood skeletons. The four skeletons occupies a vertex of the square respectively, and the wind skeleton shouted, "Earth--" the same. Putting your hands up, the blue vindictiveness soars into the sky, entangled with the red vindictiveness in the air, "No——" "For——", as the iron skull and ice skull shout loudly, the earth-based yellow vindictiveness and water The extreme ice fighting energy of the attribute rises into the sky, and the four-color fighting energy is constantly entangled in the air. The energies of the four different attributes form a huge energy vortex, and the surrounding air is gradually twisted by the huge energy.

Blood Skull took a deep breath, he was the dominant force of the formation. His hands gradually recovered, and the other three skeletons repeated his actions, and the entangled energy in the sky gradually recovered. In the intense compression, the four-color IP was continuously flashing. Finally, under the full control of the four people, the energy rising into the sky was condensed into a ball. The huge energy fluctuations made the four of them very hard to support. The silver light armor on the ice skeleton has gradually begun to be a little damaged, and the distorted huge energy group constantly fluctuates in their center.

The Blood Skull winked at the Wind Skull. Among the four, the two of them had the highest skill. The Blood Skull shouted: "Go, the world of the four elements is inaction." The red and blue figures dispersed at the same time, condensing all of the four. The immense energy of gong power exploded, and the four energies had merged into a blue-violet due to the constant compression, and a huge beam of light suddenly emerged, blasting towards the sky thunder sent by Ah-Dai. At this time, the sky-thunder exchange had reached the critical point of the explosion, and the muffled thunder continued to sound.

When the blue-violet light hits the light blue light ball, the sun thunder that Dui sends out with its huge suction power not only temporarily blocks the impact of the world’s inaction, but also absorbs a small part of the elemental energy around him. The blue ball of light became a blue-violet halo. A Duan whispered in a low voice, "Thunder and lightning strike, break—" Under his shout, the light blue ball of light spun quickly, and the suction force suddenly increased, and Duan stared at the sky with expectation. This time he controlled the thunderbolt, he was much easier than when he confronted Xuanyuan last time. Although the thunderbolt used most of his skill, he still had the initiative to control the energy.

At this time, the sky was already dark, and a flash of light suddenly appeared in the sky, so that dumb could clearly see the dense clouds in the sky. "Crack." There was a loud noise, and the roar of thunder continued to sound. A dazzling and thick blue lightning fell suddenly, accurately bombarding the light blue ball of light, and huge energy burst out suddenly. The explosion successfully attracted Yin Lei, and the energy that the Yin and Yang twin thunders burst under the fusion is so huge, how can the ultimate stunt of the Four Element Array compete with the energy that truly communicates with the world?

At the same time when the sky thunder descended, A Duan used the last instant transfer, appeared beside Xuan Yue like lightning, protected Xuan Yue in his arms, and quickly said four words to her.

"Boom----" There was a huge sound, and the caravan stationed three hundred meters away from the woods, everyone looked at the woods.

The woods lit up, and a strong white light instantly swallowed the entire woods. A huge wave of air radiated to the surroundings. Almost just in a flash, the strong shock wave reached the caravan camp three hundred meters away. Most of the camps that have just been stationed have been lifted. Including the mercenaries of the Skeleton Mercenary Group, most people were caught up in the air waves. Fortunately, because the boxes of the goods are heavy, they just keep shaking in the air waves. The heavy cavalry infantry brigade showed their superiority, and their huge weight made them the only troops that were not blown away.

The violent airflow lasted for a minute before it gradually calmed down. Many of the workers in the caravan were injured because they had no basis in martial arts. While the air wave appeared, Mulats was resting in the carriage. The carriage was specially processed and heavy, so it just kept shaking and did not fall to the ground. The shaking of the car body and the neighing of the horses awakened Mulatz, who was in a dim state. He sat up blankly. The violent shaking of the carriage made him very surprised. This trip, he is the leader of the caravan, and he is most afraid of what will happen. Jumped out of the car.

When he got off the carriage, he was shocked by everything in front of him. The originally paved tents were flying and falling everywhere. The members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group had just gotten up from the ground. Everyone was at a loss and didn't know what happened. The people in the caravan were all shameless, and many workers were moaning constantly because of injuries. The only thing that comforted Mulats was that the boxes with the goods were still on the spot and were not blown.

Mulatz pulled up a caravan worker next to him and asked anxiously: "What's the matter?"

The worker looked into the distance with lingering fears, pointed his finger, and said, "Over there, there is a sudden gust of wind."

Mulats looked in the direction the worker was pointing, and couldn't help but breathe a breath of The place where the accident happened was the forest where Dumb, Xuanyue and the four skeletons gathered before. The original large forest was gone, dusty, and after the smog, it was a large scorched black scene. The forest seemed to have been burned by a blast of sky fire. There were no plants left, and it looked indescribably desolate. Mulats trembled and thought to himself, could it be caused by those guys? Human power can actually level a forest, which is simply incredible.

"Quickly, go over and see what's going on." Without his instructions, the deputy captains of the Skeleton Mercenary Group had already awakened. They first stabilized the mercenary group and helped the caravan people to regain Create a camp. Then, under the leadership of Zong Yue, the deputies of the seven or eight mercenary groups rushed to the location of the accident. As they got closer, they clearly saw that the original green woods had disappeared, and there were scorched broken trees and branches everywhere. Because of the bombardment of the sky, the forest was turned into ashes, and bursts of smoke continued Floating in the woods.

Zong Yue yelled, "Leader——, deputy leader——, where are you?" There was dead silence in the empty woods without any response at all. A few people looked around anxiously. There were ashes everywhere in the woods. When they stepped on it, they would often fall into the whole calf. The breeze blew through, and several deputy captains had already made ashes. At this moment, they can no longer care about their own image. The Skeleton Mercenary Group cannot do without a few heads. Without their leadership, even if these ordinary members have not weak abilities, they will still be a mess and it will be difficult to play. Give power.
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