The Kind Death God Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81: Healing

As the supreme leader of the Holy See, the Pope has not felt so happy for a long time. It is indeed a pleasure to make fun of his lonely brother. The pope sighed as he looked at the pale-faced Duan, and said, "I checked his internal condition just now. His meridians are damaged too badly. He should have died long ago. He can hold on to this day. The two golden pills you fed him are related to his own physical fitness. All broken meridians have a looming connection. It is this connection that maintains his life. I can't say that it can be 100%. He can only be cured by a try. I didn’t expect that this child could be so strong that even you were injured. Now, I believe Yueyue’s statement more and more.” He turned his head and rushed towards the rock. Humanity: "Quit and wait outside the hall."

A few people in the rock were shocked. They were about to say something, but they were stopped by the pope, "I'm afraid you won't be able to bear the aftermath of my sacred magic before letting you out. Don't worry, dumb, this child is also very important to the Holy See, I It won’t let him die easily. You are also very tired. Go to the door and rest for a while.” After speaking, he waved his sleeves and a low chant sounded, and the four of the Rocks felt that their entire body was covered with smoke. Wrapped in the white energy, they were gently sent out of the temple. When they landed, they clearly felt that the tiredness of the past few days had disappeared a lot. I couldn't help being full of respect for the supreme ruler of the Holy See, even the supreme ruler of the mainland, and secretly prayed for Dumb.

Rock and the others were sent out, and the pope looked at Dumb. He thought for a while and murmured: "In his current situation, it is easy to save his life. It only requires advanced sacred magic. But , I’m afraid it’s difficult to restore him to his original appearance, especially his skill. The true energy in his dantian has recovered a lot with his own rotation, and there seems to be a stronger energy in his chest. It is these two energies that protect his internal organs. However, since his meridians have been unable to withstand the movement of energy, the true qi in his body has fallen into a solidified state. It is difficult to restore the power and must be reactivated. The vitality of his true qi in his body is good, um, your divine battle qi should be able to do it. So let’s try together with the two brothers. I am responsible for repairing his body, and you are responsible for stimulating his vitality, how about you? It’s not because he made you so embarrassed..."

"Do you think I am you? Every day I think about how to calculate. If I wanted to kill him, I would have already started and will bring him back? Don't treat a gentleman like a villain." I don't know why, Xuan Yuan I always felt that the faint smile on his elder brother's face looked treacherous. He looked at the pale-faced dumb. In any case, this gifted child indirectly caused the current consequences because of his own relationship. Help yourself. It is also necessary to help him. Thinking of this, he glared at the Pope and said, "What do you want to do?"

The Pope said: "Okay, without further ado, let's start now. You must remember that you must not be too anxious to arouse his true anger. After I have cured all his external and internal injuries, you will A little bit to stimulate the energy in his body, understand?"

Xuan Yuan said impatiently, "Hurry up, don't I even know this?"

The pope took a deep look at Ah-Dai, with a faint smile on his face. He closed his eyes, put one hand on his chest, and put the other hand on Ah-Dai’s forehead, chanting loudly: "Heaven, earth and everything, all things Return to the ancestors, God is the ancestor, God is the ancestor, the power of God surging in the heaven and earth! Let me be the medium." The golden light fell from the sky, the pope raised his head slightly, and the golden light hit his eyebrows. In an instant, the pope's whole body was wrapped in a strong sacred energy, full of surging sacred aura, the light flashed, the golden energy was input into his body through the hand of the pope pressing on the forehead. A faint golden glow gradually enveloped Ah Du’s body. The pope suddenly raised his hands high, facing the sky, and chanted loudly: "The healing light that soars into the sky! Under the mercy of the gods, Save the world." The Pope's hands lit up, and a group of white light suddenly lit up in the midair in the center of the Temple of Prayer. The light was getting brighter and brighter, covering the Pope, Xuanyuan and Ah-Dai completely.

The temple of prayer is densely covered with clouds, almost all the priests outside saw a ray of white holy light penetrating the dark clouds from the sky, the light is constantly injected into the temple of prayer, the surging divine power is like a miracle, and people have to raise a pious heart of reverence. . The priests unanimously chanted the curse, and for a while, the loud singing voice clearly spread throughout the Holy See.

Xuan Ye was meditating with his wife Nasha in the room. The loud singing and the surging sacred air awakened them from their meditation. Xuan Ye and Nasha looked at each other, and Nasha said: "Ye, the Holy See again What's the matter, why are so many people singing the mantra?"

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "I don't know why this is happening. Today is not an important day either!"

Nasha said with some worry: "Will Yueyue have an accident? Let's go out and have a look." When it comes to her daughter, even Xuan Ye can't help but feel confused. Since Xuan Yue left the customs a year ago, Although they can meet with their husband and wife every ten days, they feel that their daughter is getting more and more unable to see through, and the sacred temperament of Xuan Yue's body is getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes, even Nasha Dare to watch the divine light radiating from her unintentionally, the pope didn't tell them how far Xuan Yue had been in her cultivation, only that he was very satisfied with all the progress. Not long ago, the Pope had ordered the four priests in red and twelve priests in white to use the Heavenly Mantra and directly blasted into the Temple of Light. The Heavenly Mantra is one of the three secret curses of the Holy See. The divine power is used by the pope, and under the energy-gathering action of the heavenly curse, the pope can use his own ability to use the destructive power of the forbidden curse. After the Tianqi Mantra was used up that day, the Temple of Light was always wrapped in divine light. No one knew what had happened. Only Xuanye and his wife could faintly feel that the Pope's use of the Heavenly Mantra to gather energy should be related to Yueyue. , Yesterday they asked about this when they saw Xuan Yue, but Xuan Yue only told them vaguely that it was for cultivation needs.

Xuan Ye and Nasha left the room, and saw that most of the priests were chanting the god-given mantra while walking towards the Temple of Prayer. They also saw the vision in the sky. Others did not understand what was going on, Xuan Ye As a red priest, he certainly knows what this holy light represents. He lost his voice: "This is the healing technique of the gods! How can my father use this magic? This is the strongest healing magic that a single father can use, its power It's so big, as long as the body is not cold, it can almost be saved. After all, who was seriously injured, and asked his father to perform divine healing techniques to save each other." Xuan Ye and Nasha have seen their worries. , The two said almost at the same time: "Could it be Yueyue?" When she thought that the seriously injured might be her own daughter, Nasha suddenly became anxious, her eyes flushed, and she ran to the Temple of Prayer quickly, Xuan Ye's heart was eager. Not inferior to her, hurriedly followed the pace of his wife.

Xuanyue was actually practicing magic in the Temple of Light, and she heard the singing of the curse outside, but her mind was all in her magic practice, and she ignored the outside situation and still practiced herself. Suddenly, Xuan Yue felt an inexplicable pain in her heart, and she couldn't help frowning. Since receiving the baptism of the gods, her heart has remained peaceful, the sacred magic has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the speed of progress has even been astounded by the pope. In just one year, her magic level has been close to that of the white clothing sacrifice, even in the realm. It's worse. Xuan Yue shook her head vigorously, and she couldn't say what was going on in her heart. What happened to her? Since grandpa went out just now, she felt a little restless. Now this feeling has become stronger. Could it be that something happened? She walked to the gate of the temple and looked out. She clearly saw the light of God's healing from the dark clouds in the sky. She frowned and murmured: "Who is injured? Grandpa actually wants to use this Strong recovery magic. This injured person should be related to me, otherwise it will not affect my emotions. Who will it be? Is it father and mother? No, it won’t be them. They just saw me here yesterday. Dad said that he would not leave the Holy See in a short time, and it would be impossible to be injured. Who would it be?" Thinking of this, Xuan Yue was filled with doubts. She wanted to find out what was going on, but she didn’t. Dare to walk out of the Temple of Light. Not long ago, with the help of four priests in red and twelve priests in white, the pope used heavenly mantras to condense a huge divine power into the Temple of Light. Grandpa told himself that no matter what happens, he must not leave here. , You must wait for seven to seven forty-nine days before you can leave after completing the magic experiment with the huge energy gathered, otherwise, the energy will be condensed in vain. How could grandpa's ardent expectations of him be destroyed by curiosity? Xuan Yue took a deep breath, turned around and walked back to the statue of the god, sat down cross-legged, and continued to practice. It turned out that the reason why the Pope asked the high-level priests to condense the sacred power to the Temple of Light with Heavenly Mantras was to help Xuanyue practice. The magical powers of magicians are limited, even the Pope, if you want to practice magic Control, the most important thing, is to have a deep magic power as a backing. The condensed sacred energy can guarantee this, so that Xuan Yue's practice can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Xuan Ye and Nasha rushed to the outside of the Temple of Qishen. When Xuan Ye saw the Rock Brothers and the two elves, they were shocked. The Rock Brothers were sitting exhaustedly on the steps outside the temple to rest, and the faces of both elves were revealed. Out of worry. Nasha had not seen the rocks and others. Seeing that they were not the sacrificial costumes of the Holy See, she stepped forward and asked: "Who are you? Why are you outside the temple of prayer?"

Yanli had fainted, and the rock was barely supporting him. Although he was extremely tired, how could he sleep well before he got the news of Dumb's safety. Hearing Nasha's question, I couldn't help but wake up a little, and said weakly: "We are here with the presiding judge, and the Pope is saving our brother."

Nasha was relieved when she heard that the Pope's healing technique was not used on her daughter. But Xuan Ye became nervous. Of course he knew who the brother the rock was talking about, so he hurriedly stepped forward and asked urgently, "Is Dui injured?" He suddenly remembered the scene when he went to see his uncle Xuan Yuan that day. It was also said that it was brought by the presiding judge. Could it be that the uncle injured Ah-Dai.

When the rock saw Xuanye's heart shuddering, Xuanye's powerful strength on Tiangang Mountain made him still have lingering fears. He nodded and said: "Yes, dumb is very bad. For Yueyue's sake, you must let him The Pope save him!"

Xuan Ye already understood why his father would spend energy using divine healing techniques. He was very clear about the importance of dumb to the Holy See. He nodded and said, "Don’t worry, as long as dumb still breathes in, the pope’s divine healing techniques are all Can bring him back." He raised his head and looked at the fading white light in the sky, and said: "Wait, the divine healing technique is almost over."

In the Temple of Prayer, Ah Du’s body floats in the air. Around his body, there is a circle of white light up to three meters thick. The Pope keeps chanting a mantra. The meridians in Ah Du’s body are powerful in the healing technique. The restoring force gradually joined together, and a huge amount of energy filled Duan's body, repairing and consolidating the damage to his body, and Duan's body quickly recovered.

The Pope was very satisfied with the effect of his divine healing technique. He clearly felt the gradual flow of blood in every part of Ah-Dai, and nodded slightly to Xuan Yuan on the side. Xuan Yuan floated up, seemingly patted with a soft palm on Ah'Dai's dantian, golden light flashed, and the zhenqi with a strong sacred aura rushed in from the dantian and quickly merged into the meridian of Ah'Dai's lower abdomen. The energy kept wandering through the meridians, and finally merged with the silver golden body of Dumb in the center of the dantian. In the past nine days, the silver gold body has recovered most of its energy by virtue of its own powerful recovery ability. When this external energy is stimulated, it suddenly becomes active, the energy is stimulated, and the light shines brightly. The golden body was reactivated, and the surging vitality of life flowed to the whole body along with the meridians that had just been connected. Duan's body in the air shook, and a painful look appeared on his face. The meridians that he had just connected were still a bit fragile, and were shocked by the huge energy, almost breaking again. The pope glared at his brother, and hurriedly used the remaining divine healing energy to protect the meridians in Ah Dui's body, which avoided the danger of his meridians rupturing again.

Dui himself began to emit a white light gradually, and the expression on his face gradually calmed down. The pope rushed to Xuanyuan and said: "Unblock the energy in his chest, be careful, and just input a little energy. It seems that the energy is not completely controlled by him. A little activation may help him in the future."

Xuan Yuan leaped up again, and the index finger of his right hand shot out a golden light, and the electricity shot in the center of Ah-Dai's chest. The surging energy flowed in, and instantly merged into the second golden body passed down by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint on his chest. The second golden body shook slightly. For a long time, Duan was gradually absorbing its energy. This time, as soon as he was stimulated by external forces, the second golden body immediately released a layer of golden energy ring, and the huge vitality instantly spread. The whole body of Duan added a layer of golden energy to the white light around him. After the second golden body exudes this energy, it still floats quietly in the chest of Dumb, but it has changed. Although it is not like the silver golden body which is the source of the energy of Duan's whole body, as his energy becomes active It will be much easier for Dumb to continue to absorb his energy in the future. Only Xuanyuan’s pure sacred energy can activate the second golden body, and his strength is just right. If the energy is smaller, it will not work. If the energy is large, it will be more dangerous. It may make the second golden body. That huge energy was fully activated, that was energy that dumb could not bear.

Feeling the changes in A'Dai's body, the pope showed a smile on his face, and Chong Xuanyuan nodded, using his own divine power to control the body of A'Dai, making him fall on the altar. He carefully checked the situation of Dumb again, and then smiled, "It seems that my healing technique is still very effective. His body has basically recovered, and he only needs to constantly adjust his own qi. How long will it take to recover. Just let him stay here and don't move him until the meridians in his body return to normal, so as not to waste all previous efforts.

The Pope and Xuan Yuan walked out of the gate of the Temple of Prayer together and looked at the clergy around the door. The pope said solemnly: "Everyone, go away. God tells us that only through constant penance can we gain true knowledge. Go, children of God. "The priests knelt to the ground and chanted the mantra again, and then gradually dispersed.

Xing'er and Zhuo Yun looked at the Pope anxiously, and Xing'er asked anxiously: "Pope, how about Brother Dumb?"

The pope took a look at Xing'er and said calmly: "Don't worry, he is fine, he will wake up in three days." Hearing the words of the pope, Shi Yan suddenly relaxed, and after he followed Yan Li, he fell into a weary sleep. On the steps outside the Temple of Prayer.

Xuan Ye respectfully said: "My Pope."

The pope agreed and said, "Xuan Ye, you are guarding in the Temple of Prayer, and dumb is under my divine healing technique. The body function has been restored and no one can disturb him, understand? After he woke up, You inform me immediately. I have something to tell him. These children, I don’t think they are willing to leave Dumb, so let them rest in the Temple of Prayer and let them give them some food."

"Yes, Lord Pope."

The pope glanced at Xuanyuan, who was wearing a hat next to him, and said: "Let's go, sit down with me. We should talk about it too."

Xuan Yuan snorted a little dissatisfied, but still followed the Pope.

Sunset over the imperial thieves’ union.

"Feng'er, what have you done for more than a year? How many times have I told you. If you want to be the strongest thief, you must maintain a normal heart. You think you have done everything. Don’t know? All your actions are under my surveillance. Everything you have done for more than a year has violated the principle of a thief. From now on, I will punish you to keep you closed for one year. Don’t leave. One step from the Thieves Guild. Do you have any doubts?"

Mie Feng listened to his father's reprimand with a blank face, did he stay in seclusion for a year? Then it's a good time to retreat, my mind has been messed up, I hope this year can calm myself down.

Seeing that her daughter did not answer, the voice of the president of the Thieves Guild softened a bit, "Child, I know you want to avenge your uncle, but now the mainland is covered with clouds. You should remember the blood a few years ago, for the sake of our union's success. For the development of China, we must preserve our strength and not affect the trade unions because of private grievances. From now on, we must go underground and cannot provoke any party’s power. Everything is kept low-key, and it follows the situation in the mainland. It’s because I had such a plan that I didn’t stop you from ruining the news that should have been passed to the Killing Hand Society. The more chaotic the Killing Hand Society, the more beneficial it would be for us. The old guy had a heart to swallow us, he thought I would not Understand. By the way, there is something you don’t know yet. According to our people’s report, the kid you are going to kill has been taken away by the Holy See."

Mie Feng was startled, frowned and said, "Is he taken away by the Holy See?"

"Well, and it seems that he was seriously injured. The person who reported him said that even if he is not dead, he will probably be disabled. He must have some connection with the Holy See. Maybe, he himself is a member of the Holy See. Otherwise, why would he have been with the sunset? The dark forces of the empire are doing the right thing. Don’t think about your fourth uncle anymore. This can be regarded as your indirect revenge. Okay, go down. Remember what I just said, within a year, absolutely You are not allowed to leave the union."

"Yes, the president." With a promise, Mie Feng turned and walked out. I don't know why, after hearing the news that Duan was seriously injured, Mie Feng felt an inexplicable pain in his heart.

The Pope and Xuanyuan returned to their dormitories and set up a sound-proof barrier. Then they said to Xuanyuan, "Brother, what do you think of the dumb boy? Yueyue said, he is the savior of God, you think it is possible. Huh?" Xuan Yuan sat on the chair and said lightly: "I don't know if he is the savior. What I know is that even if the Sword Saint Tiangang is his age, there is absolutely no such skill as him. If I guess right. , What kind of thunder and lightning he used must be from the Heavenly Gang Sword Sage, and only that perverted old guy can develop such a powerful stunt. You didn’t see it. At that time, it was like a forbidden curse. I I have tried my best to defend, and I almost died. As long as my bodyguard's vindictiveness is a little weaker, I am afraid that it is not as simple as my hair and beard. His own vindictiveness is very strong, at least equivalent to my six strengths or more, or even more high."

The Pope groaned for a while, glanced at Xuanyuan, with a slight smile on his face, and said: "That said, this dumb might really be the reincarnation of the savior. I really want to see you being hit by his thunder and lightning. What is it like in China."

Xuanyuan snorted dissatisfiedly, and said, "What do you see me doing? You can wait until he wakes up, and you will try to be struck by lightning. Now my hands and feet are still numb. I don't care about this kid. Anyway, he is a disciple and grandson of Tiangang Sword Saint. I am a little interested in the two bald boys. Although their talents are not as good as dumb, they have a stoic personality, which is what I like."

The pope's eyes lit up and said, "Why, do you want to accept apprentices too? I thought, you want to bring your own talent into the coffin."

Xuan Yuan said angrily: "What kind of coffin is not a coffin, I can't die if you die, don't forget, I'm just over 80 years old."

The Pope said, "Okay, you are still young, so let's do it." He looked straight and said, "This time you brought Dumb back to the Holy See and did a good job. Since he may be the savior, then we must win He, at the very least, he is also a martial artist with profound skills. If he is willing to join the Holy See, it will be very beneficial to us."

Xuanyuan snorted disdainfully, and said, "You are thinking well, I am afraid it is not that easy. That kid is a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect. The Tiangang Sword Sect has never been in contact with our Holy See. You think he will risk being caught by the Tiangang Sect. Does the risk of the Juggernaut being expelled from the division be up to you? I don't think you should think about it."

The pope frowned slightly, and said: "What you said makes sense, I will try my best, at least not to make him an enemy of the Holy See. As for everything in the future, just let the flow go." Xuan Yue flashed in his mind. According to Xuan Ye's report, the relationship between his granddaughter and Dumb is very unusual. In order for the Holy See to continue to survive on the mainland, it is impossible to say that this relationship may be used in the future.

Three days later, the Holy See prayed to the temple.

Dui's consciousness gradually cleared up. The constant soreness throughout his body made it difficult for him to move. The vitality in his body seemed to circulate automatically, and the blood vessels in his body were a bit stiff. As his consciousness became more and more clear, Dui not only gradually mastered the body Controlling also recalled everything that happened before. He opened his eyes sharply and shouted: "Big brother, sister, sister Xinger, run!" A strong sense of fear filled his chest, and he sat fiercely. Get up, gasping for breath.

"Dumb, you finally woke up." The excitement of the rock came. Dui could see everything around him clearly. He was actually in an extremely wide room beside him, surrounded by Brother Rock and Zhuo. Yun, Xing'er, Xuan Ye and an old man wearing a golden sacrificial robe with a golden crown. Seeing the rock, they were all right, and Ah-Dai was relieved and muttered: "I, am I not dreaming?" The rock took Ah-Dai's hand and choked up, "Brother, you scared me to death. If you die, Big Brother will definitely follow you."

Seeing the rock's sincere expression, Duan's heart warmed, and he smiled and said, "Big brother, look, am I okay? This, where is this? Uncle Xuan Ye... Sacrifice to adults, why are you here."

The pope previously calculated that Ah-Dai would wake up at about this time, so he came to the Temple of Prayer in advance. He smiled and said: "Because you are in the Temple of Prayer for the Holy See now."

Rock hurriedly recounted what happened after Ah-Dai was in a coma. After listening to his narration, Ah-Dai understood. He scratched his head and smiled bitterly. "The presiding judge will test me and say no. Why be so serious, Pope, Thank you for saving me."

The pope smiled and said: "This was originally a mistake we made. If the presiding judge does not test you, you will not be seriously injured. He should be cured for you. Besides, there is no guarantee of your own mellow infurience. , I can't help it! How, do you feel normal now?"

With a grateful look in Ah Du's eyes, he jumped from the altar, moved his body, and said, "Thank you, except that the body is still a little weak, it's basically better."

The pope nodded and said: "Weakness is normal. You have always been relying on the true energy in your body to maintain your life. How can you not be weak if you haven't eaten for more than ten days? Okay, Xuan Ye, you can take Ah Duan to eat , Let him have a good rest, and I will talk to him tomorrow." Xuan Ye hurriedly responded respectfully.

Seeing the pope's gentle smile, Duan's heart warmed, and his eyes showed respect. Looking at his expression, the pope knew that his purpose had been achieved. Chong Ah Dai nodded, the light flashed and disappeared into the hall.

The pope left Xuan Ye looked at A-Dai with a cold face. A-Dai's appearance was very ordinary, but now that he shaved his head, he looked more rustic. How it was not pleasing to the eye, he really wanted to It doesn't make sense, why did his daughter look at him in the first place, but fortunately, Yueyue has forgotten him now. Calmly said: "Come with me. I will take you to rest."

Xuanye took the five people to the Yaxuan specially set up for the guests in the Holy See Sacred Mountain, and arranged three rooms for Dui and the others. The Rock Brothers had not rested well in the past two days. At this time, it was confirmed that Dui was okay and went to himself. I fell asleep in the room. Zhuo Yun and Xing'er's stamina was also very overdrawn. Although Xing'er wanted to stay with Ah Dao for a while, Zhuo Yun was afraid that her energy consumption would be too great, which would weaken the bloodline of the Elf King, so he forced her to return to the room to meditate. went.

After Xuan Ye brought Ah-Dai to his room, he ordered his subordinates to bring Ah-Dai some liquid food, "Okay, you have something to eat, rest first, and I will take you to see the Pope tomorrow." He turned around and walked out, perhaps because of the insult he had suffered on Tiangang Mountain. Even if Duan was really the savior, he couldn't have a good impression in his heart.

"Uncle Xuan Ye." Duan stopped Xuan Ye anxiously.

Xuan Ye turned his back to Dumb and said coldly: "Don't call my uncle, you can just call me by my name, or call me Xuan Ye to sacrifice. I can't afford the word uncle. Just say anything."

Chapter 82: Leaving the Holy See

Listening to Xuan Ye's icy voice, Ah-Dai felt cold, but he still mustered the courage to ask: "Xuan Ye...sacrifice, I want to ask, is Yueyue okay now?"

Xuan Ye frowned, turned around abruptly, and a sharp light shot in his eyes. Under his imposing gaze, Duan couldn't help lowering his head. Xuan Ye said in disgust: "My daughter is very good, so you don’t need to care. Dumb, you have to remember that my daughter is different from you. She is now devoting herself to practicing sacred magic. I don’t want her to be disturbed. After you are cured, please leave the Holy See as soon as possible. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the five-year agreement set by the Sword Saint of Tiangang. At that time, if you can really win, let me talk about it." Leave without returning.

A Duan's heart was plunged into an icy cold, and his body trembled slightly. He knew that Yueyue was in the Holy See, maybe only a few rooms away from him, but Xuanye's words completely sealed his heart. . Xuan Ye has already said very clearly, she and Yueyue are not the same kind of people at all, Yueyue is the daughter of the Holy See's red clothing sacrifice. But what about yourself? What is oneself? He felt self-pity thinking, his heart could not help but throbbed, and scenes of being with Yueyue kept flashing in his mind. Yueyue, I really miss you, I really want to find you! But, can I really go to you? I can't! We are people of two worlds, and we are inappropriate. Dumb grabbed the edge of the bed in pain, unable to let go for a long time.

Early the next morning, Xuanye brought the five dumb people to the Temple of Prayer again. The Pope and the chief judge Xuanyuan were waiting for them.

When the pope saw the arrival of the dumbs, he suddenly smiled amiably, "One night’s rest, I really feel better. Dumb, I am looking for you today. There are two main things I hope you can consider carefully. The first one, I think. I seek your opinions and see if you are willing to join the Holy See. Although you are not practicing the techniques of the Holy See, I admire you very much. I hope you can join our bright clan. In the Holy See, you will get Better training opportunities."

The five people stunned at the same time, and Zhuo Yun said without hesitation: "Sorry, Pope, our elves will not join any organization, only the elven forest is the most suitable for us." In her heart, the Holy See has no position at all. When she and her people are suffering, where are these people who claim to be closest to God? Even if there is a god, it has nothing to do with their elves. Now she just wants to **** Xing'er back to the elves as soon as possible.

The pope nodded, looked at Dumb and Brother Rock, and asked, "What about you?"

Dumb was struggling constantly in his heart. The words of Xuanye last year caused him a lot of harm and filled his heart with low self-esteem. At this time, he heard that the Pope was willing to let him join the Holy See, and his heart moved. Once he became a member of the Holy See The identities are naturally different, so he has a good chance to get along with Xuan Yue. When he thinks of seeing Yueyue again, his heart heats up. However, he knew clearly that he was a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect, how could he join the Holy See? Everything I experienced in the Sunset Empire is still in sight. If it weren't for the protection of the Holy See, how dare the dark forces of the Sunset Empire be so rampant? He raised his head, glanced at the expressionless Xuanye, shook his head, and said, "I'm sorry. Lord Pope, I can’t join the Holy See. Princess Xing’er’s bloodline of the Elf King is already very weak. We must send her back to the Elf Forest. This time, I also want to say goodbye to you. Thank you again for your help. Grace."

The pope frowned when he looked at Ah Dui's lonely expression, and sighed: "Everyone has aspirations. I won't force you. I just hope you can become a friend of the Holy See."

Dumb didn't answer yet, but Yan Li rushed to say, "As long as your Holy See doesn't defend those **** of the dark forces, how can we become your enemies?"

The rock pulled his brother and said to the Pope: "I'm sorry, Pope, my brother is too impulsive. Please forgive me." Not to mention that this is the site of the Holy See, just the three continents in the temple of prayer. The characters are not something they can deal with. The Vatican has an ambiguous attitude towards the various forces on the mainland, and the rock is not without worries.

Xuan Yuan heard Yan Li's words, and a faint smile appeared in his eyes. Seeing his elder brother deflated is always his most excited thing. Moreover, he also hates the scum of the sunset empire.

The Pope didn’t get angry because of Iwali’s words, he just sighed and said: “On this issue, the Holy See is really wrong. The ancestors of the Sunset Empire have a deep connection with the Holy See, so we naturally have to take care of them. However, They have indeed made too much trouble in the past few years, and I will deal with it. That said, you are not willing to join the Holy See."

The rock said neither overbearing nor overbearing: "Yes, our brothers are from the Puyan ethnic group. Maybe others don't know the history of the Puyan ethnic group. I think you should be clear about it."

A look of surprise flashed through the eyes of the pope, and even Xuan Yuan's expression became solemn. The history of the Puyan tribe is very mysterious. The pope only found a record of them in the ancient books of the Holy See after listening to Xuan Yue last time. He knows deeply that the suffering the Puyan people have suffered for thousands of years cannot be resolved in a few words. With a little apology in his voice, the pope said: "I know about the Puyan people, but the situation at the beginning was very delicate. It is easy to remove the evil forces. His Majesty Shen Yu is afraid of extra branches. Therefore, only the Puyan clan is wronged."

Neither the rock nor the rock force spoke any more, but their eyes were full of indignation. Dumb couldn't help but said, "Why do you want to wrong the Puyan tribe? The Puyan tribe should have exerted the greatest effort." The pope sighed and said, "At that time, almost all the regions of the mainland have been re-divided. The people of the clan finally helped His Majesty Divine Feather to eliminate the Demon God, so how could they give up their own territory? You also know how vast the Puyan Clan’s earliest territory is. If they are all returned to them, I’m afraid they will not be able to manage it. Moreover, there may be another **** storm on the mainland because of the turf competition. In this matter, the Holy See can only say sorry to the Puyan tribe. However, I think that His Majesty Shenyu’s choice was not wrong. , Don’t mention the past. Since you are not willing to join the Holy See, I am not reluctant. There is a second thing about the Pluto sword. Dumb, can you show me your Pluto sword? "

A Duan was shocked and took a step back subconsciously. He pressed his right hand on his chest and said vigilantly: "Pope, I will not give you the Pluto sword. At the beginning, I bet on the Tiangang Mountain and Xuanye Sacrifice. I won, I don’t care what the origin of the Pluto sword is? I only know that it is a relic left to me by my uncle."

The pope smiled and said: "Dumb, don't be nervous, I didn't say you want your Pluto sword, I just want to see it, this world's most evil treasure, who doesn't want to see it?"

Dumb froze, and said with some doubts: "Are you really not going to take the Pluto sword?"

Xuan Ye scolded: "What's the identity of the Pope, is it to lie to you?" Hearing Xuan Ye's cold tone, the Pope couldn't help but glanced at him with dissatisfaction. Xuan Ye lowered her head and did not say anything.

After a while, Ah Dui untied his coat, revealing the Pluto sword inside, untied the sword bag together, walked to the Pope, gritted his teeth, and handed the sword bag over.

The Pope took the sword pouch, a faint white light radiated from his body, completely wrapped the sword pouch, and gently stroked the familiar sacred spell on the sword pouch, he slowly pulled out the Pluto sword sheath. Under the envelopment of his energy full of sacred aura, everyone did not feel the evil aura. Xuanyuan's gaze fell on the sword of Hades, looked at the faint gray gas in the white light, and couldn't help but exclaimed: "Good sword. It is indeed the most evil in the world. It has already been so powerful before being unsheathed. It seems that it should be a top-grade artifact. No wonder Pluto became the world's number one killer with it."

The pope nodded and said, "Not only the top grade, but also the top grade in the top grade. This is a divine tool that shouldn't exist in the mainland!"

Dumb looked at the Pope and Xuan Yuan with some incomprehension. In the eyes of others, the Pluto sword was a representative of evil. How did it get into their mouths and become a high-grade artifact.

The pope rushed to the dumb: "We are not wrong. This is indeed a divine weapon. According to the ancient books of the Holy See, when the third pope got this sword, he was determined to be a weapon dropped by the gods or the devil. , Maybe, like its name, it is the sword of Pluto." While talking, he took out the two sheepskins from the sword pouch, and did not look at the sheepskin that recorded the sword skills. To that weird sheepskin with nothing. The pope murmured a few spells, a golden light shot from his fingertips, the golden light completely wrapped the sheepskin, and the pope chanted: "Great God of Heaven! Please allow me to borrow your endless power , Get your guidance." The sheepskin flew out and hovered in the air. The pope’s eyes shone brightly. His hands formed a handprint on his chest. A brilliant white light shot out from the handprints and went straight to the temple of prayer. Angel statue on the chest. The angel statue lit up, completely absorbing the white light emitted by the pope, and it seemed to come to life. The huge body carved out of unknown material trembled slightly, and the emblem of the angel on the center of the angel’s brow lit up. , A brilliant colorful light suddenly hit the sheepskin, and the sheepskin gave a slight shock. On the blank sheepskin, lines of golden text gradually appeared. Although the text was a bit fuzzy, it was barely recognizable. Square fonts appeared. , Including the Pope, no one can discern.

I don’t know why, seeing those weird texts, Ah Dumb has a feeling of deja vu. His brain is blank. The fuzzy images that have appeared before flashed quickly. He desperately wanted to see clearly, but no matter what. Can't distinguish. The flashing image was very blurry, and it seemed that many people were flashing.

The pope sighed softly and withdrew the white light emitted. The angel statue returned to silence. The sheepskin slowly fell into the hands of the pope. He glanced at Dumb and said: "According to the record left by the third pope in the ancient books, this sheepskin The words shown above should be the words of God. If the secrets of these words can be deciphered, the origin of the Pluto sword may be clear."

The words on the sheepskin disappeared, and Dumb's mind returned to normal. He kept thinking about it, but found nothing. Suddenly, there was a strong sense of disgust towards the Pluto Sword in his chest, and Duan was completely sluggish. The pope thought that Dumb was surprised by the miracle just now, and smiled and said, "My child, you will be the guardian of the Pluto sword in the future. This sword is too evil, so it is better to use it sparingly." Put it back into the sword pouch and hand it to Dumb.

Subconsciously took the Hades sword, the cold evil spirit awakened Ah-Dai from the sluggishness. Looking at the black gem on the hilt of the sword, Ah-Dai had an urge to throw it out. Taking a deep breath, barely suppressing the irritability in his heart, he backed the Pluto sword on his back again. Murmured: "Do you believe me that way?"

The Pope said: "The opposite of evil is kindness. Only kind people can restrain the world's most evil things. When you wake up from a serious injury yesterday, the first thing you call is your friend's name, only from the life of your friend. If you look more important than yourself, I know that you are definitely a kind child."

Dumb nodded and said, "Pope, thank you for your trust. Under the sword of Hades, only evil people will be killed. This is my guarantee to you. If you have nothing else, I think we should also leave." Every time he stayed here, his impulse to see Xuan Yue deepened. Perhaps only by leaving the Holy See could his heart calm down.

The pope looked at Dumb's thoughts and nodded slightly: "Well, if you need help from the Holy See in the future, you can come here. We will try our best to help you. The disaster of a thousand years may require you to resolve it, time Not much anymore. The road ahead is bumpy, all be careful. The presiding judge, you send them off."

Xuan Yuan replied, and brought A-Dai and others out of the Temple of Prayer.

Seeing Ah'Dai and others leave, Xuan Ye walked to the side of the Pope and whispered: "Father, don't you really take this opportunity to take back the Pluto sword? That is passed down by the ancestors of the Holy See!"

The Pope frowned and said: "Ye'er, I have always regarded you very seriously, and your performance has not disappointed me. How can I be so short-sighted. Although the Pluto sword is important, it is insignificant compared to the Millennium Tribulation. Yes. Dumb's expression is a bit wrong today. Have you said anything to him?"

Xuan Ye's heart shuddered and said: "Father, I always feel that Dumb is not like a savior. His Majesty Shenyu was so wise at the beginning! But he was a stupid boy. Perhaps Yueyue explained that way only to help him out. Yes. He can have what he is today, almost entirely by luck."

The Pope sighed and said, "My child, why are you so far from the idea of being a father? I tried my best to win over Dumb, but you pushed him outward. Luck? Do you think that luck is something anyone can have? That was the result of the guidance of the gods. His achievements today are certainly related to luck, but his own character and efforts have also changed a lot. From now on, I ask you, no matter what circumstances in the future, you must never act with him. Enemy. For the time being, there is no need to send someone to monitor him. I think if he is really the savior, he will surely behave before the sacred millennia. Your recent cultivation has been slower, so you should work harder. Otherwise, maybe you are not as good as your own daughter in the future." After speaking, the golden light flashed, and the pope disappeared in the temple of prayer, leaving only a somewhat sluggish Xuanye.

Walking out of the hall, Xuan Yuan slowed down, "Dumb, I ask you, was the lightning strike passed to you by the Heavenly Gang Sword Master?"

Duan felt that there was nothing to hide, and nodded and said, "Yes. Master taught me."

Xuan Yuan said: "If the same trick is used by the Sword Saint of Heaven, how powerful will it be compared to you?"

Dui shook his head and said, "I don't know about this. I haven't seen my master's life with an old man. However, my master taught me the changes in my life and I practiced between the second and third changes. Said that the deeper the skill, the greater the power of the sky thunder that can be attracted. The life transformation of his old man has been cultivated to the sixth change. I think the power should be much greater than mine."

Xuanyuan sighed secretly in his heart. He understood that with his current skill, he was incomparable with the Sword Saint of Tiangang. Even if it was the thunder and lightning that A Duan used to blast him, it would be so difficult. The power is unimaginable, I am afraid that even his elder brother may not be able to take it, and he will definitely drink hatred under the thunder of the sky. "If you see Tiangang Sword Saint again, tell him that Xuanyuan, the presiding judge of the Holy See, will ask him if he has the opportunity."

Although Ah Dui didn't quite understand Xuan Yuan's meaning, he still nodded, his eyes turned red when he thought of the Heavenly Sword Saint who had given him almost everything.

Xuan Yuan said, "After you descend from the mountain, keep moving towards the southeast to reach the Tianyuan clan territory. Dumb, you still can’t control that trick of thunder and lightning. In the future, it’s better to use less before you can replenish your power. Once a meridian breaks, I am afraid that the pope will not be able to save you, understand?"

As soon as Dumb thought of the energy generated by the collision of the Yin and Yang twin thunders that day, he couldn't help but feel palpitations, and nodded in agreement: "Don't worry, I will pay attention."

Xuanyuan looked at Brother Rock, took out a thin book from his arms, and handed it over, "Because of my mistake, I almost killed Ah-Dah before. This is an apologize to you. Ah-Dah's skill is no longer necessary for me to give directions. The Kungfu of the Tiangang Sword School is very authentic. As long as you practice hard, you will gradually improve. Although your two skills are considered good among young people, the things you have learned are too complicated and will affect your future achievements. In this book, it is recorded that my Shenyu Douqi cultivation method should be more suitable for you. Practice hard and strive to transform your own messy true Qi. Rest assured, this cultivation method is my master’s skill and has nothing to do with the Holy See ."

Rock took the thin book and felt excited. Their brothers have always had a dislike for this seemingly lonely old man, and he didn't expect that he would teach his unique knowledge. What they cultivate is a kind of zhenqi of the Puyan clan, which is not very deep. Since they are not disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect, Xiwen only gave them some tips for fighting qi cultivation and the application of common tricks. However, without a solid vindictive foundation, no matter how good their tricks are, they have always been eager to learn a kind of superior innocence, but they did not expect it to be realized here.

Yan Li said in a puzzled way: "I said the presiding judge, what do you mean, do you want to accept us as disciples?"

Xuan Yuan snorted and said, "Just your stupid appearance. If I accept you, I will be mad and mad. Why do I teach you what I just said is very clear. It is your own business whether you learn or not. , But the cultivation method cannot flow into the hands of outsiders. Okay, I will send it here, and I will rely on you in the future. When we meet next time, if you still have this virtue, maybe I will kill you." After that, Xuan Yuan floated away under the white grudge package.

Seeing Xuanyuan's back, Shishi murmured: "This old man is really weird, but he doesn't seem to be that annoying."

Yan Li approached his brother and asked, "Brother, do we want to learn from this innocence?"

Rocky smiled and said, "Does that still need to be said? Of course. You have not seen the strength of the presiding judge. How can we give up with such an opportunity? Didn't he just say that you are stupid? Just practice it. Show him."

Yan Li remembered Xuanyuan's contemptuous gaze just now, and couldn't help but bang up, and said, "Hmph, next time I see him, I will definitely surprise his disdain."

Ah Dumb's mind is still placed on the previous image in his mind. He secretly wondered: Why did he become disgusted with the sword of Hades after seeing the gold inscription on the sheepskin? There is no reason for this. Although I don't like the evil of the Pluto Sword, but with the power of the Pluto Sword, he has escaped several times. Speaking of which, I should be grateful for it. Moreover, apart from when Uncle Owen gave the sword to himself, he had never felt this kind of hatred for the sword of Hades. What is the actual cause? Does that sheepskin with gold lettering have anything to do with me?

With the passage of time, the energy of the bloodline of the Elf King in Xing'er has become weaker and weaker. When the five people entered the territory of the Yalian Clan of the Sodom Federation, Xing'er was already weak and unable to drive on his own power. Backed by the most powerful dumb, Zhuo Yun tells everyone that Xing'er's bloodline of the Elf King is almost exhausted. If you don't get the nourishment of the Elven Old Tree and the Elf Lake, I am afraid that you will lose the ability of the Elf King's blood. In order to fulfill the entrustment of the Elf Queen, the five people bought horses from the Yalian tribe, and hurried forward to the direction of the Tianyuan tribe at full speed.

After another three days, the fairy forest of the Tianyuan clan was already in sight. Xing'er had entered a coma at noon yesterday, and the situation was very critical.

As he rushed, Zhuo Yun said anxiously: "A dumb, the princess may not be able to hold on anymore. If she cannot be sent to the city of the elf before she wakes up, the blood of the elf king will disappear." Suspiciously: "Before you wake up?"

Zhuo Yun solemnly said: "Yes, if the princess wakes up from a coma, she will completely become an ordinary elf. She will lose the ability to inherit the throne of the elf king."

Duan was shocked, if Xing'er really became an ordinary elf, how could he explain to him like an elf queen! After gritting his teeth, he resolutely said: "Let’s go slowly behind you, I’ll take her there first." Duan hugged Xing'er in front of him, and said softly: "Sister Xing'er, you have to hold on, we will immediately I'm home." After speaking, he gently lifted Xing'er's body, hugged him horizontally, and stepped on the stirrups with both feet, flew up, fell from the galloping horse, and urged with all his strength. The vital energy in the body turned into a phantom, and at a speed faster than a horse, it flew towards the fairy forest of the Tianyuan clan like lightning. The surrounding scenery was pouring over from both sides of his body quickly, and Ah Dai protected Xing'er's body with his innocence, and while dashing, he kept talking to Xing'er, "Sister Xing'er, when we arrive, we will be there soon, you Don't wake up!"

"Sister Xing'er, you are the daughter of Aunt Queen. You must be strong and you must keep your bloodline of the Elf King."

"Sister Xing'er, I'm your dumb brother! As long as you can make it home, brother will..."

Finally, the elven forest was already in front of him, and Ah Dui found that Xing'er's delicate body was struggling slightly, and his closed eyes were showing signs of opening, and his heart was anxious, urging the silver gold body's energy to its limit, lightning He rushed towards the elf forest, and at the same time, he continuously injected the true energy into Xing'er. Although he didn't know how to keep the blood of the elf king, he deeply remembered Zhuo Yun's words and said nothing would make Xing'er. He woke up, so he locked Xing'er's breath with his true energy, causing her to fall into a severe coma again.

The elf forest is still so quiet and mysterious, but Dui has no intention of appreciating the beautiful scenery. With a vague memory, he rushes to the depths of the elf forest.

Suddenly, a sharp wind hits not far from the front. If Duan stays in shape, he will be hit by the sharp wind. In desperation, he deserves to free up a hand, press a palm to the ground, and charge forward. The power changed to ascend, and flew up, avoiding the attack. More than a dozen elves appeared in front of him. Except for the two elven magicians who were chanting spells, everyone else drew bows and arrows, as if they were facing an enemy.

Dumb was very anxious, and said with a grudge, "Don't do it, take me to the city of the elves, Lord Xing'er is dead."

All the elves were shocked. They saw an elves in their arms just now, thinking it was a poacher again, so they attacked him. Listening to his explanation, the leading elves prevented the tribe’s forthcoming attack, and asked suspiciously: "You said you were holding Princess Xing'er? What is your name?" Most elves have never seen Duan and others. He is one of them.

Sweat was spread on Ah Duan’s forehead, and he said with a stern voice: "I am Dui, I am entrusted by the Elf Queen to bring Princess Xing'er back. Her bloodline of the Elf King is about to disappear. You must get out of the way. OK." If the elves entangle again, the anxious Dumb is ready to do it.

Fortunately, after returning from Sunset City to the Elf Forest, the Elf Queen has notified all the people of the rescue of the Elf Princess, and ordered them to report back as soon as they found Dui and the others sent the princess back. The elf headed listened to Dui’s explanation. I was shocked, and all my doubts were gone, and he hurriedly said: "Sorry, we don't know it is the princess, let's go, we will lead the way." He said, ordering his tribe to fly forward and lead the way for Ah Dao. Without their guidance, in this labyrinth-like fairy forest, Duan would never find the location of the fairy city.

Finally, after passing through the enchantment arranged by the elves, Ah Du once again saw the beautiful city of elves. The pure elven lake water shimmered under the sunlight that penetrated into the big trees and looked so charming. Dui felt the Xing'er's tender body in her arms trembling constantly, and her heart was stunned. With a grudge, Xing'er's tender body was completely wrapped and he threw it into the Elf Lake. Xing'er was wrapped in white light and turned into an arc, accurately falling on the lake next to the ancient elven tree, making a splash and splashing water. Watching Xing'er fall into the lake, Ah-Dai suddenly relaxed a little. The continuous rushing and the worry in his heart made him exhausted physically and mentally, and he was gasping for breath. He was still not sure whether Xing'er's bloodline of the Elf King had disappeared. After all, when Xing'er was about to wake up just now, he used his fighting energy to restore Xing'er to sleep.

The elf who led the way saw Ah Dumb throwing Xing'er into the lake, and he was furious and shouted, "What are you doing?"

As Dumb gasped, he explained, "Her bloodline of the Elf King is going to disappear, and she must absorb the aura in the Elf Lake."

The elf flew up and flew towards the place where Xing'er fell into the water, while saying: "Our elf can't swim, let alone the princess is still in a coma, what should you do if you drown her?"

Dumb was shocked. Just about to say something, he saw five figures flying out of the ancient elves. One of them was the queen of elves. She flew directly to the lake, the green light flashed, and the stars were soaked in water. The Jiao body was picked up by her. Dui flew up, made a few clicks on the water, floated to the side of the Elf Queen, grabbed the vines hanging from the old Elf tree and said to the Elf Queen: "Auntie, look at the Elf King of Sister Xinger I'm afraid the bloodline..."

Chapter 83: Keep blood

The Elf Queen looked serious. As Xing'er’s Elf King’s bloodline was exhausted, Ah Du took her into the Elf Forest. The Queen didn’t notice it. It was not until they entered the Elf City that the Elf Queen felt a faint breath. She hurriedly flew out, and she heard the conversation between Ah-Dai and the elf. She fished her daughter out of the water and immediately injected her natural power into Xing'er's dry meridians. When she was in Sunset City that day, it was not that she didn't want to help Xing'er restore the energy of the Elf King's blood, but she couldn't help it without the aura of the Elf Lake and Elf Old Tree. At that time, although the energy of Xing'er's bloodline of the Elf King was weak, but the Elf Queen calculated that it was still enough time for them to return to the Elf Forest, so she did not urge dumb too much. But who knows, after more than a month, they have not come back. In the past few days, the Elf Queen has been anxious, and even sent a few groups of elves out of the forest to meet them.

Seeing that the Elf Queen didn’t answer, Dumb kept blaming herself. If it wasn’t that she was too impulsive at the beginning, and used thunder and lightning without identifying the presiding judge’s exact identity and purpose, it would cause serious injuries and delay time. Wouldn't let Xing'er fall into such a dangerous situation.

The four big elves flew around the elven queen, they kept chanting spells in elven language, and circles of green light emerged from their bodies and gathered towards Xing'er's body. The elf queen suddenly screamed, sending out a light green energy at the old elf tree. The old elf tree shuddered, and suddenly a few thick canes were wrapped around Xing'er's body, except for her head. The body was completely wrapped, and under the control of the Elf Queen, she slowly sank into the water, only exposing her nose to breathe.

The elf queen sighed and shook her weakly. With Audi’s support, she stabilized her body. Ever since she used the melody of growth to stimulate her full potential, her energy has not recovered. Just now because of anxiety, she used her full strength. It consumes a lot of natural force to treat his daughter.

Dui hurriedly asked, "Auntie, how is Sister Xing'er?"

The Elf Queen smiled with relief, "Don’t worry, your sister Xing’er is fine, as long as she rests for a while, her body can recover. It’s really dangerous! Her Elf King’s bloodline is almost completely exhausted. Thanks to you throwing her into the lake in time, and relying on the spirit of the lake of elves to maintain a trace of blood energy at the last minute, so that I can help her re-moisturize the meridians. Dumb, thank you."

Only then did Ah-Dai relax, his subconscious hand loosened with his mood, his body dropped, and he fell towards the Elf Lake with a plop, and the water splashed in all directions, and Ah-Dai suddenly fell into the cool water. The Elf Lake is not deep, only to the shoulders of Dumb. The cool water shook his whole body, shivering, and the embarrassed Elf Queen smiled.

Audi let go of the elf queen and chanted a spell, and a thick cane rose under the lake to support Dui, "Little brother, why are you so careless!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "This may be my retribution for throwing sister Xing'er into the lake just now."

The Elf Queen smiled and said sincerely: "Dah, thank you so much. You brought Xing'er back, which is equivalent to saving the entire elves. I thank you on behalf of my people." He bowed deeply.

The movements of the elf queen immediately made Ah Daub feel at a loss, and hurriedly said: "Auntie, don't do this, aren't we friends? Why thank you?"

The Elf Queen sighed and said: "Child, as a human being, you have helped our Elves so much. How can this gift be repaid? From now on, no matter what you need, the Elves will unreserved support. You. Okay, let’s rest in the tree house first.” As he said, leaving Audi and another big elf envoy to protect the Xing'er, chanting a spell, and taking the dumb into the tree house of the old elf tree.

After a short while, the Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun were also drawn back by the elves. Returning to his home, Zhuo Yun was so excited that he couldn't hold on to himself. Under the auspices of the Elf Queen, the Elves held a grand welcome banquet for Dumb and Rock Brothers. At the banquet, the Elf Queen solemnly announced that Dumb and the Rock Brothers would become eternal friends of the Elves, and personally gave them one Elf Orb representing the power of nature. With the natural energy contained in the Elf Orb, they can enter and exit the defensive enchantment of the Elf race at will in the future.

As night falls, even in the middle of the night, the city of the elves is still so beautiful, the light mist floating on the water of the elven lake, under the moonlight, the hazy beauty contains a mysterious color. The elves have the habit of going to bed early, except for the patrolling people, they have already rested. Duan and Brother Rock were sitting by the Fairy Lake, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of them, the mood of the three was unspeakably relaxed. They finally completed the task entrusted by the Elf Queen, with unspeakable excitement in their hearts. Although the fourteen elves who died made them unable to let go, under the explanation of the Elf Queen, they understood that saving the Xinger was equivalent to saving more elves' lives, and the regret in their hearts was much lessened.

"Dumb, what are your plans?" The rock asked faintly, staring at the mist in the lake.

Duan glanced at the rock, put his hands on his knees, and said, "After Sister Xing'er recovers, I want to leave here and go to the Tianjin Empire to find Teacher Corris. I have been away for seven years. I don’t know the teacher is now. How is it? After meeting the teacher, I want to learn magic with him, and I won’t wander on the mainland anymore. I am so tired of human intrigues. I just want to live a peaceful life with Teacher Gorris. Maybe only psychedelic The forest is the paradise where I can live in peace."

Rock turned his head to look at Dumb, and said, "Where is Yueyue? Don't you want her? There is also your uncle's grudge, don't you report it?"

Speaking of Xuanyue and Owen, Duan couldn't help but feel a pain in his heart. He sighed and said, "Brother, don't mention Yueyue anymore. She and I are not the same kind of people at all. We are impossible. As for uncle's hatred. , Of course I have to report. In the future, I will spend three months looking for the traces of the killing hand club. Sooner or later, I will find their nest and eradicate them completely."

The rock hugged Ah Dui's shoulders and smiled and said, "Brother, don't be so unconfident in yourself. In the eyes of your eldest brother, you are the best. Happiness is achieved by yourself. Yueyue is a good girl. Don't give up easily. "

Dumb shook his head gently. The bottom of his heart suddenly remembered the scene in the small town of Nino. When the girl was leaving, he still clearly remembered what she was doing now. Maybe, after seeing Teacher Gorris, I should look for her. Only when they were both thieves, can they be combined. At least, there is no identity gap between them. The girl said that she would be her own wife when she grew up, but she didn't know if she remembered it. Forget it, now thinking about the use of these, let's wait until I have met Teacher Corris.

Yan Li patted the rocky thigh, and said with a smile: "Big brother, don't keep talking about people dumb, what about yourself? What happened to you and Zhuo Yun every day?"

Rock blushed when he heard Yan Li's words. Fortunately, Yan Li and Dui couldn't see his face at night. The rock said embarrassingly: "I have nothing to do with Zhuo Yun, don't talk nonsense."

Yan Li snorted disapprovingly, and said, "It's nothing? You think we are all blind! Dumb, do you think the relationship between Big Brother and Zhuo Yun is unusual."

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Big Brother Rock, I can't help you this time. You and sister obviously feel each other, even I can see it."

The rock lowered his head and murmured: "Is it that obvious? Yes, I like Zhuo Yun. After saving her, the gentleness and kindness she showed when she comforted you made me seem to see the dead Yun'er again. Zhuo Yun is a good girl, and everyone has feelings. For such a long time, if you say you don't like her, you are definitely lying. However, I can't let go of Yun'er's death until now. How can I pursue Zhuo Yun? What's more, her lover has just died not long ago. At this time, how can I..."

Dumb said: "Brother, don't worry too much. I can see that Sister Zhuo Yun still has feelings for you. Since you like each other, why bother to the previous things. You just said to me, happiness I have to fight for it on my own. My sister is really good, and I absolutely support her as my sister-in-law."

Yanli laughed and said, "I also support it, brother.

The rock suddenly became silent. He stared at the mist on the Elf Lake blankly, and then said for a long time: "Dumb, you have a question, answer me."

"what is the problem?"

Rock took a deep breath, seeming to have plucked up his courage, and then said: "Tell me how old the elves generally live."

Dui hadn't understood the meaning of the rock talk, and replied: "There is always a few hundred years old, you see, sister Zhuo Yun is over a hundred years old and still so young."

A sad expression flashed through the rocky eyes, "Yes! She was so young when she was more than 100 years old, and when she was more than 200 years old, at most, she became a middle-aged elf like the Queen of Elves. What about me? Can I do it? I'm twenty-eight years old now, and it looks like a good match to Zhuo Yun, but what if I was fifty-eight years old? What would it look like? Have you ever thought about it. At that time, Zhuo Yun Yun is still young, but I am still very old. Taking a step back, I can always maintain a young appearance, but human life is only about a hundred years old without any accidents, while the elves can live. A few hundred or even a thousand years old. I can’t hurt Zhuo Yun because of my own impulse. I once heard her say that the elf will only get married once in her life, and the married partner is her lifelong partner, even if the partner dies It will change. I can't ruin her future happiness! Only her clan is her best choice. With her beauty, with her gentleness and kindness, she will definitely be able to find an elf better than me to be her husband. "Speaking of this, Rock bowed his head painfully. When he said these words, his heart was like a knife. After more than a year of getting along, he has fallen in love with Zhuo Yun deeply. The problem of age has always been his The deepest concern.

After listening to the words of the rock, Ah-Dai and Yan Li were silent. Neither of them thought of the reason. The rock was right. If he and Zhuo Yun become married, this is a problem that must be faced.

The breeze blew, and a small wave was set off on the surface of the wizard lake, and the three of them were silent.

For a long time, Dumb couldn't bear the doubts in his heart first, and asked, "Big Brother, do you really want to just give up like this?"

The rock raised his head, looking up at the stars in the sky, and said with a wry smile: "What can I do if I don't give up? I can't help but give up! Long-term pain is better than short-term pain. If there is no development between us, we should break it. Right." He lowered his head and looked at the dumb beside him, "Brother, in fact, you also face the same problem as me, and the problem is even more serious."

Dumb was startled, "Same problem? How can I have the same problem as you."

Rock laughed and said, "Of course. The reason why I say your problem is more serious is because it is not the ordinary elves who like you, but the princesses of the elves."

Dumb was shocked, "What? You said..."

The rock smiled and said: "You are really stupid. Didn't you realize that Xing'er saw something else in your eyes? I found out when we were still in Sunset City. Xing'er often She will stare at you in a daze. Usually she always has a smile on her face. Only when she looks at you will she show a faint look on her face. You get along for so many days, don't you feel at all?"

Ah Du's face changed slightly, and he shook his head and said, "No, no, I am so ugly, and sister Xing'er is so beautiful, why would she like me. Brother, you must have understood wrongly, sister Xing'er should be Because I was the first person to rush into the room to save her, so I have a good impression of me. Don’t tell others! It will be misleading."

Yanli laughed and said: "My silly brother, the eldest brother is right. Except you don't know, none of us don't know how Xinger feels about you. When you were seriously injured, her anxious look couldn't deceive anyone. Yes, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhuo Yun."

Dumb looked at the rock and the rock force blankly, and shook his head again and again: "No, no, I, I can't!" He always regarded Xing'er as a younger sister. At this time, he couldn't help being filled with the words of Brother Rock. Lost. Xinger likes herself? If this is really the case, how will you face her?

The rock patted Ah-Dai on the shoulder and said, "Brother, don't think too much. You also have my concerns. Forget it, although the elven girls are beautiful, they are not suitable for us humans. I think there is only one way. Can solve our problems."

Dumb looked at the rock in surprise and asked, "What is the solution?"

The rock took a deep look at the ancient elven tree in the middle of the elven lake, and sighed: "Escape. Only by leaving here can we completely solve these problems. Over time, maybe we will slowly forget them, and they will too. Forget about us. Hope time can dilute everything." While saying this, he was also asking himself, can he really forget Zhuo Yun?

Dumb's eyes lit up and he nodded and said, "Yeah! This is a good idea. Although the thing we promised Aunt Elf was not very good, at least it was done. It's time to leave. Brother, What are your plans?"

Rocky said: "I originally wanted to go with you to meet your Teacher Corris, wanting to see what charm he has that makes you so obsessed with him. These days with you, you will mention him every few days. But now it’s no longer possible. Ali and I’s skills are too weak. In the past two years, we can only watch you from birth to death, and can’t help much. The painful feeling made me know that strength represents everything. It has been decided, and Ali will return to the Puyan Clan to practice the Divine Imperial True Qi given to us by the presiding judge, and try to improve our skill. If there is a thousand years of calamity, we can also make some contributions to the people. Well, take advantage of the darkness. , Let’s go now. Otherwise, let the queen of elves find out, I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave. You have seen the enthusiasm of elves just now. Let’s go, it’s time for us to leave.” After speaking, he stood up. , Stretched out his body, staring at the tree house where Zhuo Yun was resting not far away, showing a look of helplessness and sadness.

Dumb said: "Shall we go now? Do you need to leave a message for Aunt Elf."

The rock thought for a while, looked at the soil on the shore of the lake in front of him, and said, "Just leave a sentence here to save them from worrying."

Duan took a step forward, stretched out his right hand, and a yellow-green light shot out. His wrist trembles, and a line of words has been outlined by him. What he wrote is, Aunt Elf, we have already given the task you have given It's done. My two brothers and I still have something to do. Please forgive us for leaving without saying goodbye. Take care. -Dumbiu. When writing this line of words, Dui felt that the zhensheng qi in his body was so round and transparent that he could almost move his mind with his thoughts. As soon as the thoughts in his heart came up, his fingers were already urging to complete the writing. the process of. After leaving the Holy See, I have been rushing fast. Until this moment, Dui didn't feel the difference in him. The second golden body on his chest used to stay there quietly, but now, as long as he succeeds, the second golden body will be there. Emitting a faint light, not only completely shielded one's internal organs, but also seemed to have an effect on the energy emitted by the silver golden body, making the energy emitted by the silver golden body more condensed.

Seeing Ah Dui finished writing, Yan Li exclaimed: "Brother, your skill is getting more and more refined. I don't know when you can catch up with your current level. Big brother is right. When I go back, I will work hard. Practice."

Dumb smiled and said, "The two eldest brothers have such a good foundation. With the guidance of the presiding judge's true Qi cultivation method, they will definitely make rapid progress."

Rock looked around with nostalgia, and said, "Let's go while it is late at night." After speaking, he walked out of the Elf Forest first. Because they had the elves on their bodies, all the phantoms arranged by the elves had no effect on them. They moved quickly to the east. After avoiding a few waves of patrolling elves, they finally came out before dawn. forest.

A Duan himself was just a brother-sister relationship with Xing'er. Although he was a little bit dissatisfied with everything about the Elf Clan when he suddenly left, there was nothing special in his heart except for some loss. But the rock was different. He had a deep affection for Zhuo Yun and barely left the elf forest. He became silent all over, looking back at the misty elf forest in the morning, a sad expression appeared in his eyes. His heart was filled with reluctance to Zhuo Yun.

As he walked, Yan Li rushed to the dumb and said, "Brother, let's live with our Puyan clan for a while."

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, I haven't seen him in seven years. I'm going to the Psychedelic Forest to meet Teacher Corris. Two big brothers, let's break up here." The intense yearning for Corris filled his chest. , Thinking of all the things in the Psychedelic Forest, he clearly remembered every moment he was with Corius. It was Corris who changed his life and made him, the lowest-level thief, walked out of Nino City without a brother. Reese, there is no such thing as the current dumb, dumb is a very emotional person, and finally completed the elf's request, it is time to see the teacher.

The rock awoke from his melancholy, and the three of them stopped almost simultaneously. It has been two years, they have been together for two years, and the coming separation makes them feel bitter.

Dui took a deep breath, took a step forward, and put his arms around the shoulders of the stalwart rocky shore, "Big Brother." The rock backhand grasped Dui's shoulders, and the strong brotherhood was unspoken.

Dui loosened the rock, turned to a rock that was much shorter than him, and grabbed his broad shoulder, "Big Brother Yanli."

Yan Li sighed, "I didn't expect to be separated so soon, brother, take care. When you have time, come to the Puyan clan to see us. We will all miss you."

Duan nodded, remembering what Prophet Prin said to him, and said, "Two eldest brothers, don't worry, as long as the Puyan clan has something to do, I will rush to help you as quickly as possible. This is what I promised. Prophet Prin's."

Rock said: "Good brother, work hard, but don't be decadent, there are many things waiting for you to do. This is for you, you can use it when you return to the Psychedelic Forest." As he said, the rock took out of his arms I handed it over my own continent map, which almost recorded the exact path of most parts of the continent.

"Brother, this map is also very useful to you. Give it to me, what do you use?"

"Take it, brother, eldest brother has nothing good, and only it can be used as a parting gift. We will practice among the Puyan clan. I am afraid that we will not leave easily. Come and see when you think about us. I think the prophet The adults are also looking forward to your coming. Best, I can bring Moon Moon next time."

Ah Du's face flushed and said, "Big Brother, I will definitely go to you again."

Rock sighed and said, "Let's go, since you are going to separate, don't be twitchy. Brother, we will be waiting for you." After finishing speaking, he pulled up the rocky arm and carried his vindictive energy towards the Puyan clan Galloped away in the direction of. Dui stood on the spot, watching their tall and short figures gradually disappear from his sight. Suddenly, he felt so empty in his heart, and suddenly became himself again. The feeling of loneliness made Dui sad. Since the death of Uncle Owen, he met Xuanyue soon after he left the Xibo clan. Yueyue can be said to be his first friend, followed by the Moonscar Mercenary Group and Rock and Rock Power. Yueyue stays in the Holy See, I am afraid it will be difficult to see each other in this life. The Moonscar Mercenary Group does not know where it is, and now even the Rock Brothers are separated from him. He stood there for a long time, until the sun shone on the earth and the dazzling light pulled him from his thoughts back to reality. Yes! It's time to leave.

Ah Dui spread out the map given to him by the rock and found his position. From here, he can enter the Tianjin Empire by passing through the Yalian tribe and heading north, and then pass through the Dulu and Durun provinces of the Tianjin Empire. Province, you can reach the province of Valen where the Psychedelic Forest is located. Under the sunlight, Ah Dui jumped up, pointed his toes, and galloped toward the north. Every time he jumped, he would float to more than ten meters away. After a while, he had disappeared in the Tianyuan and Yalian tribes. On the prairie handover.

Ten days later, the Yalian Clan's Dafeng tribe. A group of Yayan people are gathering the killed cattle and sheep together for a process of drying and curing them. These cattle and sheep will become their food for some time to come. Among this group of blacks, a tall, black-haired, black-eyed young man is the most eye-catching. He works very fast. One person can even carry a strong bull weighing seven or eight hundred catties. The work of four or five strong men of the Yalian tribe. This young man with black hair and black eyes is dumb. Ten days ago, when he entered the territory of the Yalian clan, he discovered that he had nothing. At the beginning, all the money he and the rock won from the casino during the sunset empire were all stored in the savings card that is used by the sunset empire. In order to be able to send dumb to the Holy See in time, the rock had forgotten about the exchange of coins. When I returned to the elves, I used almost all of the advanced horses to buy horses. Ah Dui found out after entering the territory of the Yalian clan that he didn’t even have the money to buy a steamed bun. Almost all the Yalian clan is an endless prairie, there is no city at all, let alone the wizard’s union, so naturally Cannot receive monthly salary. In desperation, he could only rely on his own strength to find a job that worked hard to carry things in the larger blast tribe of the Yalian tribe. Dui's requirements are not high, as long as he can save some food, it is enough for him to eat before entering the Tianjin Empire. According to his calculations, tonight is almost enough.

The Yalian ethnic group is a very hospitable ethnic group. Although Duan is different from their races, they did not exclude or discriminate against him. Especially when Duan raised a whole cow in order to show people like here that he has enough strength, it was almost a sensation. The entire blast tribe, no matter when and where, the warriors are always so beloved.

"Bang." Ah-Dai threw the dead cow on his shoulders on the ground, wiped the sweat from his head, and said to the elderly Yalian people who were cutting the beef: "Uncle Wind Slave, is that enough?" The old man nodded at Ah-Dai: " Enough, enough. Dumb, you are such a hard-working young man. After you come, our efficiency is much higher. Let’s rest and rest. Here, drink some goat’s milk." The finished skin bag was thrown to Dumb.

Dui opened Pisai and poured some fishy goat milk into his mouth. He drank happily. While sipping goat milk, he stared at the busy Puyan people with unspeakable comfort. In this simple nation There is no dispute, everyone is busy with what they should do. After living here for ten days, Dumb's body and mind has been relaxed like never before. He thought, maybe this kind of ordinary life without intrigue is suitable for him.

Uncle Feng Nu smiled and said: "Dumb, you can live in our Storm Tribe. You are so capable. Uncle will help you find a beautiful wife someday. There are many beautiful girls in the tribe who are attracted to you. Haha."

Ah Dumb smiled shyly and said, "I'm sorry, uncle, I still have a lot to do. I can't stay in the tribe for too long. Maybe, I'm leaving tonight."

Feng Nu frowned and said, " Don't you like the life of our Dust Wind Tribe? Here, as long as you work hard, you can definitely get the corresponding reward. You are gone, the uncle will miss you. "

Dumb looked at the direction of the Tianjin Empire and muttered: "No, I like it very much, but I have a reason to leave. I'm sorry, uncle. I will miss you too. If I have a chance in the future, I will definitely come back to see everyone." After speaking, he turned around and continued his work today.

Looking at the tall figure of A Duan, Uncle Feng Nu sighed and murmured: "Yes! How can a person like you live such an ordinary life! Go, go to your world. If You are tired and tired one day, and this is your shelter from the wind."

Dui's back shook slightly, but he didn't stop, and went straight away.

As night fell, the people of the Storm Tribe returned to their camps to rest. The lively prairie during the day fell into silence. The temperature at night was much lower than that during the day. Only the fire in the tent can do the hard work. The Yalian people of the day brought warmth. Duan packed up his things in the tent. These ten days of hard work gave him three sets of ordinary cloths and enough food. He put these things into the blood of Shenlong, and touched the Pluto sword on his chest. Taking a deep look at Uncle Feng Nu who seemed to be sleeping, he sighed and quietly got out of the tent.

Chapter 84: Wizards Guild

With the energy of the silver golden body running, dumb floated up, and in the dark night, he set off in the direction of the Tianjin Empire. With some chilly night breeze constantly beating his body, so that Dumb's spirit is always kept in the most sober state, the breeze holding his face is so freehand, thinking that I will see Mr. Gorris soon. Dumb's heart couldn't help being hot. The steps are even stronger.

As he was walking, he suddenly saw the sky light up not far away, and a red fireball rose into the sky, exploding a large area of sparks, which looked extremely gorgeous. A move in Dumb's heart, the flames did not look like magic, but fireworks. It seemed that there shouldn't be such things as fireworks in the Puyan clan!

With a puzzled mood, Duan speeded up and galloped towards the place where the fireworks rose. Before he approached, he clearly felt the magic waves in the air. The magic elements seemed to be very manic. Behind the mountain bag in front, lights of various colors were constantly flashing, and it was obvious that magicians were attacking each other. Dumb flew up, several ups and downs had already climbed up the mountain bag, staring down, suddenly startled by the sight in front of him.

Under the mountain bag, two groups of magicians are attacking each other, most of them are fire and wind magicians. Flames and wind blades of various colors collided in the air constantly. The side close to the mountain pack is at a disadvantage. They have six people. Although the single magic level is not weak, the number of them is significantly less than their enemies. Opposite them, there are thirteen magicians. They are constantly sending out attack magic, attacking the defensive enchantment laid down by the six magicians. Seeing the power of magic, it seems that the six magicians will die. of. The surrounding plants were touched by the aftermath of magic. Within a few hundred meters, they almost turned into a piece of scorched earth, with signs of burning and freezing magic everywhere.

Dumb thought to himself, the flame in the sky just now should be a signal for the weaker to ask for help. The number of magicians on the continent is very rare. How can there be so many here? And these people are fighting with each other. Although it doesn't matter if they attack each other, no matter which side wins, their enemies will inevitably be hit hard. Why is this?

Thinking of this, the kind thoughts in Dumb's heart were haunting him, and he decided to figure out the whole story. He used his life to transform a yellow-green energy shield and flew down. The aftermath of magic couldn't hurt his body under the protection of the energy shield. Several ups and downs have fallen to the center of the two groups of magicians, shouting: "Stop."

The magic on both sides flew over Ah-du’s head, and Ah-du’s whole body exuded a strong white light. A fist blasted towards the magic in the air, and a huge vigor erupted. Amidst the loud noise, the sky suddenly burst into light and rain. The magician's attack stopped, staring blankly at the young man in the center who didn't know whether he was an enemy or a friend.

Dui's body shook slightly. The blow just now was almost at the same time against ten magicians. Although the level of these magicians is not high, the counter-shock force generated by the combined magical attack still made the true energy in his body slightly slightly. fluctuation. Seeing that the two parties had stopped their attacks, Ah Dumb sighed in relief and asked loudly, "Everyone is from the Mage Union, so why bother?"

The magician headed by many people sneered and said: "This is between our magicians. It has nothing to do with you. Leave quickly. Otherwise, don't blame our magic for being ruthless." Although he also saw the extraordinary youth in front of him, he relied on it. I don’t care about the number of people.

A water magician on the side with fewer people said: "Are they not members of the guild? They are traitors who want to stand on their own. Brothers, they are scum among the magicians. You helped us eliminate them, the guild of magicians. I won't forget your benefits." They are now the weaker side. Naturally, they all see the strong strength that Dui has shown just now. As long as they can draw Dui to their side, there may be a chance of victory.

The many magicians suddenly became angry and shouted, "You are the traitors, we are the members of the authentic wizards' guild..." While yelling at each other, the two sides began to chant magic again. It seems that The next round of attacks is about to proceed.

A Duan frowned and shouted, "Stop, who said that it has nothing to do with me, I am also a magician." As he said, a dark blue magical flame appeared in his right palm. Before he used martial arts to break the magic attack on both sides, all the magicians clearly saw it. At this time, when he saw that he actually used magic, they all looked at him in surprise. One of the few magicians suddenly shouted: "Ah! This gentleman, are you called Dumb?"

Dumb froze and said, "How do you know?"

The magician did not expect that he was wrong, and suddenly became extremely excited, "Great, great, only you can do both magic and powerful martial skills. Elder Adu, you help us eliminate If you drop them, they are all traitors of the Mage Guild." When he heard that he was called Elder Adu, the magician on the other side suddenly changed his face. Everyone knew that the elders of the Mage Guild had at least the strength of a wizard. And these magicians, the highest level, are just great magicians, and the difference in level determines the insurmountable distance between magicians. If a magician controls his magic properly, he can deal with ten great magicians.

Dumb heard that the young man called him the elder, only then realized his identity in the wizards' union, floated up, fell in front of the young man's magicians, and asked: "Why did you do it? How did they become Traitors, are they the magicians of the Sunset Empire?" In his mind, only those magicians in the Sunset Empire who were bought by money could betray the union.

The magician who recognized the identity of Dumb said bitterly: "They are not from the Sunset Empire, but from the Celestial Empire Lardas. Elder, help us destroy them."

The many magicians discussed with each other a few words. Suddenly a dozen people quickly chanted the spell together. Under the urging of the spell, the attack magic of each element suddenly appeared and attacked towards Ah-Dai. The magicians next to Ah Du was startled, and hurriedly chanted defensive spells, lest they would be affected by the attacking magic of the opponent.

Dumb was attacked for some reason before she understood the matter, and a trace of anger rose in her heart. With his hands in a circle in the air, he transformed into a larger shield with the transformation. Although the area is large, the energy will be scattered, but the transformation itself is the nemesis of magic. With his current skill, he can naturally resist those who are coming. Magic attack. The magic attacks of various departments exploded a large area of brilliant colors on the defensive shield of Ah-Dai, but they could not cause any harm at all. The defensive enchantments arranged by the magicians behind Ah-Dai were all displayed. When the brilliant magic light disappeared, Ah-Dai and the magicians next to him found that the dozen or so magicians of the other party had already left the place, and their figures were rapidly working under the influence of the acceleration technique. It turned out that they saw their enemy coming for reinforcements, and after discussing them, they decided to advance as a retreat. After issuing a powerful attack, they immediately evacuated.

Dumb stopped the magician who wanted to chase next to him. Before he figured it out, he would not easily regard either party as his enemy. He grabbed the magician who recognized him and asked, "Don't chase them, they are crowded. You tell me first, what the **** is going on? Everyone is a magician, why do you attack each other?"

The magician said: "Elder, my name is Al. Didn't I tell you just now, they are from Lardas."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Laldas? This name sounds familiar, but I can't remember it. I haven't been in the union for a long time. Can you make it clear?"

Elle stunned, looked at the magician who was disappearing in the distance, sighed, and explained: "Laldas is the national teacher of the Tianjin Empire, one of the three major magicians on the mainland except the Holy See. Fire magic has a very lofty status in the Tianjin Empire. At the beginning, the magicians of all countries on the continent were under the control of our trade union. But since the guy came out of Lardas, it has changed. He is better than the setting sun. The chief court magician of the empire was even more domineering than Inrooge. Relying on his powerful strength, he actually placed all the magicians under the Tianjin Empire under his own jurisdiction and called himself the president of the magician guild. Therefore, there have been two magician unions on the mainland. Of course, our union is authentic. Those people just now belonged to Lardas. Originally, we were ordered by the president to go to the Yajin clan. Those who buy some magic ore, who knows that I met those self-righteous **** just now. They claim that their magician guild is authentic. We naturally have to refute, and if we don’t agree, the two sides will start their hands. Who knows They didn’t make sense at all. A dozen people attacked us at the same time, so we were in a passive position. Thanks to your timely arrival, otherwise, we would probably die at the hands of these despicable guys.” It turned out that the Mage’s Union was in Lalda. After Si appeared, Lardas was divided into two factions. Although Lardas was superb, he did not have the deep foundation of the original wizards' union. He only had two wizards who reached the level of wizards, and the wizards' union on Kari’s side , Including Kari, there are ten wizards, the strength of the two sides is similar, and they have always been opposed. On Kari’s side, the most primitive wizards’ union, the main force is concentrated in the Huasheng Empire, while Lardas’s power is mainly concentrated in the Tianjin Empire. The magicians of the Sunset Empire have been affected by the dark forces. Both sides disdain to win, and the magician in the Sooyu Federation has become the object of their contention. Up to now, it has been the Kali side that has the upper hand with the absolute advantage of the number of people.

After listening to Al's narration, Dumb couldn't help feeling a little headache. This struggle for power made him very tired, and couldn't help smiling wryly: "Since everyone is a magician, why should we divide each other? There are just as many magicians on the mainland. Not much, if you continue to kill each other, won't it affect the status of the magician on the mainland?"

Al frowned and said, "Elder, these things are beyond the control of ordinary magicians like ours. If you have the opportunity, you should talk to President Kari. There are still many people nearby, who just sent out a signal. They are also coming over soon. As long as there is a crowd, they will not be afraid of Lardas's men. Elder, where are you going! Why don't you lead us to chase." He didn't understand, this young elder Even speaking for those traitors, the contradiction between the two unions is no longer a day or two. How easy is it to give up.

Seeing that they hated the magicians of the Tianjin Empire so much, he was too embarrassed to say his destination, so he had to say: "I have traveled in the mainland, and I didn't expect to meet you here. Forget about chasing them. Now that he is gone, why bother to hang on."

Al smiled and said: "Since you said that, then forget it. By the way, you have nothing to do anyway, just go with us to the Yajin clan. If you meet those bastards, you can take care of it. Our union is there. The elders are harassed by Lardas's subordinates. As long as you go, our strength there will be stronger. The three elders, Yuyuan, Fengzhi, and Gutian are also there. Don't you want to gather with them?" The two magician guilds attached great importance to the magicians in the Sovre Federation. They were located in the Sovre Federation's magician center-the Yajin Clan. They retained their strong strength and were ready to accept challenges from each other.

Dumb now only wants to rush to the Psychedelic Forest to see Corris, how could he be delayed because of other things, and quickly refused: "I can't go with you, there are still some important things to do, since there are three elders there. , It doesn’t matter if I go or not. It’s getting late, I can’t delay here, so take care.” After that, I won’t give Al a chance to get entangled anymore. Going in the direction of the Tianjin Empire in the north. Seeing Ah'Dai leaving, Al couldn't help muttering: "This young elder is really weird. He doesn't look like an elder at all. However, he saved us after all. Forget it, since he won't go, let's hurry up. Let's join together. By the way, I heard that this elder Adu has the ability to summon dragons. I really want to see and see."

In the old elves of the elves forest and elves city.

Xing'er passed the aura of the ancient elven tree and the elven lake, and the bloodline of the elven king in her body finally returned to normal. When she woke up, she found herself in the mother's room in the ancient elven tree. Feeling the vitality around him, Xinger's whole body was uncomfortable. Sighing: "I finally went home, it feels so good to be home!"

"Now I know the house is fine? If you were not naughty, could you cause so many troubles? Do you know how much your mother worried about you in the past two years." The elf queen flapped her wings and flew to her daughter's bed, although There were words of blame, but because of her daughter's recovery, her face was filled with joy that could not be concealed.

Seeing her mother's haggard face, Xing'er's eyes suddenly turned red. She struggled to sit up, plunged into the elf queen's arms, and screamed affectionately: "Mom——" choked up and cried. Mother's embrace was so warm, Xing'er was completely immersed in the maternal love of the Elf Queen, and she finally returned to her mother.

The fairy queen gently stroked her daughter's hair, and said softly: "Okay, baby, don't cry, just come back, just come back. Mom doesn't blame you for the past, but in the future, you must listen to her. Although you are still young now, the burden on your shoulders is not light. There are still many things to learn. In the future, you can inherit the throne of Ma, so as to develop our elves smoothly and preserve our paradise."

Xing'er stuck to her mother's arms, and her excitement gradually calmed down, "Mom, Xing'er will definitely listen to you in the future, and will never leave you again. It's all Xing'er bad, which makes you worry."

The Elf Queen looked at her daughter who seemed to be quite sensible, and smiled contentedly, "This time is really dangerous! If it weren't for the dumb to send you back in time, the blood of the Elf King of our Elves would be broken."

Xing'er's body shook, raised his head, and asked anxiously: "Mom? Where's Brother Dumb?"

The elf queen darkened her eyes and sighed: "He has gone. After sending you back, he and the Rock brothers left the city of the elf that night, leaving only one sentence. Dumb is really a good boy. He is for our elf clan. He has paid too much. For two full years, he has been running around because of our business. Human life is very limited, how many two years can there be? Mother really doesn’t know how to repay him. Although Dui's appearance is not handsome, but his heart is the kindest among human beings. He will be our elf friend forever."

"What? Brother Adu has gone." Xing'er exclaimed in exclamation. She struggled out of her mother's arms, flapping her wings to fly out.

The elf queen grabbed her daughter's arm and frowned, "Xing'er, what are you doing? Dumb, he left ten days ago, and you can't catch up."

Xing'er was dragged back to the bed by the Elf Queen, and she fell into a sluggishness. He muttered, "Big Brother A'dai is gone, so he left? Why doesn't he wait for me to wake up!"

The elf queen looked at Xing'er's blurred gaze, and her heart was shocked, "Xing'er, you, don't you like Dumb?"

Xing'er's ruddy face became extremely pale, nodded gently, and choked up: "Mom, do you know? When Xing'er was most helpless, it was Brother A'Dai who rushed into the cage to save me. When he told me that he was entrusted by you to rescue me, how excited Xing'er was! You said Brother A'Dai was not handsome, that was wrong. In Xing'er's eyes, the brother A'Dai at that moment was The most handsome man in the world. During the more than a month he spent with him, he cared about me all the time. In order to save everyone, he took risks many times. No one can compare his great sentiment. He showed The strength of Xing'er is so powerful that as long as he is by Xing'er, Xing'er will be surrounded by a sense of security. No matter what he faces, Xing'er will not be afraid. Later, when we rushed from the Holy See to the Elf Forest, The bloodline of the Elf King in Xing'er was about to dry up. In the coma, I felt that I was going to die, and the energy of the Elf King’s blood was gradually leaving me. At this moment, I clearly heard Brother Adu His encouragement, it was his continuous encouragement that allowed me to persevere, and insisted on returning here to keep the blood of the Elf King. Mom, the dumb brother is gone, and he took Xing'er’s heart away! Isn’t he worth it? Do I love it?"

The Elf Queen was silent. She was not an unenlightened mother. She knew clearly that if she were a star, she would fall in love with the kind-hearted dumb without reservation. However, Xing'er is a princess of the Elf clan, and her life is not entirely her own. In order to ensure the purity of the Elf King's bloodline and maintain the continuation of this paradise, the Elf King clan must never intermarry with foreigners.

With a light sigh, the elf queen put the star in her arms and said softly: "Child, mother understands what it is to love someone, and dumb is indeed worthy of your love. But mother must solemnly tell you that this love, you Can only be buried in the bottom of my heart. You also know that you are the only heir to your mother, and the next fairy queen, it is impossible for you and Dumb to be combined. Even if you don’t care about everything, age, or race , But, for the sake of the tens of thousands of people of the Elf race, you can't stay with Ah! Our Elf King family is to pay all for the Elf race, and can't affect the inheritance of the entire race because of ourselves, do you understand?"

Xing'er's delicate body trembled violently, and her mother's words were like a sharp knife, which deeply pierced her soul. She knew that everything her mother said was so true, but none of these could change her miss for Dumb. She could only use constant crying to vent her emotions.

For a long time, Xing'er's cries ceased, and she slowly raised her head, her beautiful eyes had become red and swollen from crying, and she said foolishly: "Mom, is it really worth giving up my love for the sake of the people?"

The Elf Queen never expected her daughter to have such thoughts, her face suddenly sank, and she said sternly: "Xing'er, this is not a question of whether it is worth it or not. This is incomparable. For our people, you must give up. Do you understand the feelings for Dui? You should know the history of the elves. One of our ancestors almost ruined the entire elves because they fell in love with humans. In the end, she was jointly cast by the elves of the elves with the magic of soul oblivion , It returned to normal. Do you want your mother to use this magic on you? It will reduce your life span by a hundred years! And the pain of forgetting everything may not be something you can bear."

Xing'er's delicate body trembled slightly, she shook her head vigorously, and said: "Mom, I understand, give up everything for the people of the tribe, and give up everything for the people of the tribe. You don't need to forget with my soul. I only have one request, I think Let Brother A'Dai always remain deep in my heart. Xing'er cannot be combined with Brother A'Dai, but I can quietly love him and bless him. This is Xing'er's only wish."

The elf queen finally understood why Ah-Dai chose to leave. The daughter's affection for Ah-Dai would be so deep, which she couldn't change. She clearly knows that the feelings of the elves are the most exclusive. As long as you fall in love with someone, it is difficult to change. Now, she only hopes that time can dilute everything. Xinger is still young, and she hasn't been able to talk about marriage. Time, maybe a hundred years later, she can forget the dumb man.

After five days of trekking, Ah Du finally crossed the prairie and entered the Dulu province of the Tianjin Empire. He didn’t want to think about anything now. He was getting closer and closer to the Psychedelic Forest. He was about to see Teacher Gris. Duan’s heart was boiling, and he drove on the road almost without stopping. In just one day, he had already rushed. We arrived at the city of Dulu, the capital located in the center of Dulu province.

After seeing a big city like sunset, Dulu City was only a small city in the eyes of Dulu, with an area of only a few thousand square kilometers. After a day's journey, Dulu felt a little tired. Although it was almost evening, Dulu City was still very lively. Dumb touched his belly, which had no stock, really wanted to find a place to have a good meal. The magician he met five days ago destroyed his original plan. After knowing that the magician union of the Tianjin Empire and the mainland magician union were not one, he had already given up the idea of receiving the monthly salary. However, the food he brought out from the Yalian clan has been eaten clean, and there is nothing on his body. Who will give him food? Dumb felt helpless for a while, and it felt as if he had returned to the days when he was not full or warm in the small town of Nino. Is it true that I really want to fall to the point of catching fish again to make a living? No, I can't be a thief anymore. Hey, take a break first, and then see if there are any places where workers are needed, earn some money, and then go back to the Psychedelic Forest to find Teacher Gris. As he thought about it, he walked to a remote path and sat down. He hasn't taken a shower for a long time, and the strange smell on his body even feels a little uncomfortable for him. Looking at the some torn cloth, Dumb shook his head helplessly, leaning on the wall behind him, and looking at the bustling crowd. In a daze.

I don’t know how long it took. The few ding-ding dings made Duan regain his senses. He found that there were a few more copper coins on the ground in front of him. When he looked up, he saw a man and a man in front of him. Girl, the woman is about 1.7 meters tall, about eighteen or nine years old. She has the same black hair and black eyes as her own. She has a beautiful face and is wearing a gorgeous pink dress. She is looking at him softly. She put her arms around the man's arms, and saw that she was looking at him, her voice softly said, "Take the money to buy some steamed buns to eat. You must be very hungry."

Looking at her soft gaze, Duan couldn't help but feel like crying. He had already fallen to the point of being treated as a beggar. Hey--, it's no wonder that Xuanye would look down on herself, maybe her life was such a humble fate. The girl didn't respond when seeing Ah-Dai, thinking that he didn't think he had enough money, she took out a handful of copper coins from her arms and squatted down and placed her delicate body beside Ah-Dai's feet. Dumb saw two clear eyes that seemed to be familiar, and those soft eyes were full of kindness. The girl said softly: "These should be enough for you to spend a few days. Depending on your age, it's better to find some serious things to do. Begging is not the answer!"

The man with the girl is about 20 years old. He is tall, and his white noble costume symbolizes his noble status. The long golden hair is meticulously combed. There is a hint of arrogance between his eyebrows. There is a gorgeously decorated handle hanging from his waist. The long sword showed a strong momentum on his body, obviously possessing an extraordinary martial skill. He pulled the girl up with a bit of disgust, "Fuya, let's go, what are you doing with this beggar? If he is willing to work hard, he will be reduced to what he is now."

The girl glanced at Dumb apologetically, took the man's arms again, and the two went away. Ah Dui vaguely heard the girl say: "Why do you always have this attitude? People are not born to be a beggar. Can you forget my previous experience? Just help if you can."

The man said: "There are so many thieves and beggars in the world, you have to help, can you help? You, you are too kind, hurry up, the city lord is still waiting for us to eat." While talking, the two have gradually Go away. Dumb felt that his mind was a little confused. The girl's soft voice and the clarity of the eyes looked so familiar. Why does he feel this way? UU Reading I would never know this aristocratic girl. Like Yueyue, she has her own unattainable identity. Picking up a cold copper coin on the ground, there seemed to be the fragrance of the girl's hand. Dumb placed the copper coin in his palm, and the dozens of rose copper coins seemed to mock him. "Beggar, I have leveled up again, from a thief to a beggar." Dumb flicked his hand, and the dozens of rose copper coins in his hand brought a dozen faint cold light, and in a sound, nailed into the opposite wall. . He glanced at the direction the girl was leaving, turned his back, and walked in the opposite direction.

With a feeling of loneliness, Dulu wandered slowly on the streets of Dulu City. It was already time for dinner. The aromas were constantly wafting from the restaurants lined on both sides of the road. The feeling of hunger continued to stimulate Dui. Before he knew it, he left. Arrived in front of a tall building. I accidentally looked up and saw the emblem of mercenaries carved on the building. Dumb's heart moved, although he can't go to the wizard's union to receive monthly salary, he is still a mercenary! It should be easy to complete some simple tasks with your own skill. Thinking of this, he walked directly into the mercenary union.

As the weather was getting late, there was no one in the mercenary union, so Dui walked directly to the counter and prepared to take up a task.

Behind the counter stood a young girl. Seeing Ah-Dai's desolate appearance, she said disdainfully: "Do you want to be a mercenary too? To be a mercenary, you need to be capable."

Chapter 85: Girl again

Dumb looked at the girl's disgusting face, and said in a bitter heart, "I'm not here to be a mercenary, I am a mercenary myself. With the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." Lan A light halo came out from Ah Du's chest, and the mercenary card registered with the Red Hurrica tribe flew out and landed on his hand lightly. He handed the card to the girl, waiting for her response.

The girl couldn't help being a little surprised when she saw the blue light radiating from A'dai. She didn't expect this seemingly downright person to have this ability. After receiving the card, she opened the heavy register of the mercenary union and checked it. After a while, the girl seemed to have found the information of Dumb, and said in surprise: "Ah! Are you a member of the special mercenary group Tian Ei?"

Dumb froze and said, "We should be an ordinary three-pole mercenary group, how come we have become a special grade."

The girl said: "This is a record from the General Conference. There is nothing wrong with it. It says that you have completed a special mission. The trade union made an exception and upgraded you to a special mercenary group. The leader Xuanyue and the deputy leader Ah Daiya. They are all upgraded to special-grade mercenaries. Ah, what you have accomplished is to retrieve the best magic crystals from the Death Mountains. The reward for this task is very high! If it weren't for the task to be completed by you and the Moonscar Mercenary Group, maybe Will be promoted to a super mercenary group. After all, very few special tasks can be completed."

Dumb realized that when Yuehen was using the best magic crystal to deliver the task, he and Xuanyue had also reported it. After all, they had taken the task at the beginning. I don't know what happened to Brother Yuehen, they hadn't seen each other for a full two years.

After discovering that Dumb was a special-grade mercenary, the girl was obviously more polite, and tentatively asked: "Are you going to take the task?"

Dumb woke up from his thoughts, "Oh, I want to take it. If there is any task that can be completed quickly, the reward does not matter, generally it is fine."

The girl looked at Dumb in confusion, and said, "Complete faster? Such tasks are generally low-level, and correspondingly, the rewards are much less. Are you sure? At your current level, you should take some high-level tasks. Fit it."

Dumb now only needs to be able to maintain his travel expenses to the Psychedelic Forest. He has no desire for money. He nodded and said: "I'm sure, any task will do, as long as it can be completed sooner."

The girl nodded and pointed to the task board behind her: "Then you can choose your own. Ordinary tasks are relatively easy to complete, such as sending letters, etc., are relatively simple. Since you have been promoted to a special mercenary, card I have to change it too. You can choose the task first, and I will change the card for you." As he said, he turned and walked inside.

Dumb looked at the mercenary union task board and looked up from the bottom up. There were so many tasks, but after searching for it for a long time, he didn't find one suitable for him. He gradually looked up, and finally found a task in the area of the first level task. This task was to require the mercenary to send an item to the city lord's mansion. After the lord opened the item, it was completed. Well, just for this task, the reward is enough and it can save time.

At this time, the girl had already turned back, and Dumb's original card was replaced with a gold card with the mercenary union's logo engraved on it. The production was extremely detailed, and the treatment of special mercenaries was indeed different. When Dumb told the girl about the task he wanted to take, the girl said: "This task was put on just a while ago, and it is strange that the reward for the task was paid in advance, a total of fifty gold coins. This task is for you. Isn’t it too simple? We also have special missions here. You can think about it."

Dumb shook his head and said, "Just this task. I have something to do, so I can't delay too much time."

The girl agreed and quickly registered for Dumb, and gave him the items that needed to be delivered and fifty gold coins.

After walking out of the mercenary union, Duan found a restaurant nearby. He spent three gold coins and had a big meal. He converted the depression of being treated as a beggar by others into appetite. After eating enough food for three people, he was satisfied. Account left. After leaving the restaurant, Dumb thought to himself that all the rewards given by others have been spent, and it is time to do things for them. He picked up the wooden box in his hand and looked up and down, but he didn't notice anything special. The wooden box that needs to be delivered has a beautiful appearance. It is engraved with the words "Auspicious and Ruyi". The corners are all wrapped in metal, but the weight is very light. It shakes lightly, and there is no sound inside. Although Dumb is a little confused, But I also know that mercenaries can't dismantle the rules of delivering items. Asked passers-by the direction of the city lord's mansion, and went straight.

The mansion of the lord of Dulu City. This year, the Lord of Dulu, Figuete, is not only the lord of a city, but also the governor of the entire Dulu province, in charge of the affairs of the province, and a hereditary marquis. Dulu Province is a large province in the Tianjin Empire, and the southernmost Mica Province of the neighboring empire is a strategically important place. Being able to serve as a governor here shows the trust of the Tianjin Empire's senior officials. Today, the grandson and god-granddaughter of his friend Tilhaus, the governor of Mica Province, visited him on behalf of Tilhaus and brought him many precious gifts, which made him very happy and specially hosted a banquet. He and Tillhouse have been in friendship for decades. When they were young, they used to be a pair of powerful upstarts. They both succeeded in inheriting the titles left by their parents, and then they climbed to where they are today with their extraordinary minds. . When the two were old, they rarely met because of their respective duties, but this did not affect their feelings. Although Tilhouse could not visit him in person because of his busy schedule, he would always send his cronies to visit him. Of course, he would also ask his cronies to visit him. Because of their relationship, the two provinces of Mica and Dulu have become a monolithic one. They have a very large influence in the entire Tianjin Empire. Even the emperor will not easily do anything to these two important provinces. The important transfer of knowledge, everything is handled by them, Figuet and Tilhaus have become the dominating earth emperors of the Tianjin Empire, and one-third of the military power of the entire Tianjin Empire is in their hands.

"Grandpa Figuet, on behalf of my grandpa, I toast you a glass, I wish you good health and all the best." Tilo, the grandson of Tillhouse in white, raised his glass and smiled to Figuet.

Figuete drank a toast with Chinese wine, laughed, and said, "His grandson! You are welcome, I have heard that you are young and promising, and you really deserved your reputation when I saw it today! At a young age, he was awarded the Northern Sword Sage. Appreciation and became his registered disciple. Your grandfather is really blessed! You are much better than my grandsons who can only eat, drink and have fun all day long."

When Figuete mentioned the four characters of the Northern Swordsman, Tilo's eyes suddenly showed respect and humblely said: "Grandfather Figuete, I am only a registered disciple of his mentor, if I am lucky enough to be able to win him in the future. It is my blessing to be officially included! However, how can our juniors compare to you? I heard my grandfather say that you used your own power to quell the rebellion in the entire Dulu province, and you were only relying on your merits. In this position. Compared with you, what is my little achievement? Grandpa said, if he had not inherited a higher title than you at the beginning, he would not be able to keep up with your current achievements."

Tiffany, who was sitting next to Tirol, watched his god-brother deal with Figuet calmly, and a faint smile appeared on Qiao's face. The purpose of their visit this time is to allow Tiro to have more contact with this feudal official, and to connect with each other. Tiro is young and promising, and has already been appointed as the direct heir of Tierhaus. These are all he must experience. The test. Until now, all his answers have been very appropriate.

After listening to Tilo's words, Figuete, who was already a bit drunk, suddenly had an old face. Who wouldn't want his heroic past to be complimented by others, he laughed, and said: "Does Tillhouse really say that? This old guy still remembers what happened more than 20 years ago. I'm already old, and the years are not forgiving! From now on, it will be the world of your young people."

At this moment, the servant walked to Figuet's side and whispered: "My lord, there is a man who claims to be a mercenary outside and said he was entrusted to give you a gift."

Figuete was happy chatting with Tirol, and was suddenly interrupted. He was naturally displeased. He had never liked the profession of mercenaries. He had always thought that those people were just low-level civilians, and said impatiently: "No See if I have a guest here? Just let him leave the gift. Do I have to deal with this personally?"

The servant said with trepidation: "But he insisted on seeing you and said he had to hand over the things to you. We drove him several times but were unable to drive away. He had a bit of skill, and the guards at the gate were knocked down by him. ."

Figuete snorted and said, "You dare to come to me to make trouble. You are so courageous! Okay, then you can bring him in and let him wait at the door. I have to see, this mercenary What the **** is it?"

The servant took the order. After a while, he led a tall, black-haired and dark-eyed young man to the outside of the hall. The young man’s simple clothes were damaged in many places and looked very desolate. He was holding a wooden box in his hand. Although he looked downright, there was a temperament in him that people could not ignore, a pair of bright black eyes gleaming with faint brilliance. Tiro and Tiffany looked at each other. Isn't this the beggar they gave alms not long ago? Why became a mercenary again? Dare to provoke the City Lord's Mansion.

Figuete is also looking at the down-and-out young man. He can steadily serve as the governor of Dulu province. He has a good eye for understanding people. Although this young man is dressed in ordinary clothes, his temperament reveals. He, this is not an ordinary young man, with a move in his heart, he beckoned to his servant, beckoning him to bring the young man in.

It took a long time for Ah Dui to persuade the servant to inform him. When he walked to the entrance of the hall, he recognized at a glance that the girl sitting at the table in the hall was the girl who had given him alms before and made him feel familiar. With a shock, the servant has led him into the hall. The dilapidation on Dui's body formed a sharp contrast with the luxury in the hall. Except for Figuet and the white-clothed girl Tiffany, everyone showed disgust.

Figuete put down the wine glass in his hand, looked up and down Dumb a few times, and said, "Why do you have to hand things over to me yourself?"

Dumb glanced at the Tiro brothers and sisters, and said, "I am a mercenary, and the task I received requires me to do this. This is a gift, please accept it." He said, handing the wooden box over.

The servant held the wooden box in front of Figuete. Figuete smiled slightly and said, "I'm going to see what this gift is. Open it."

The servant answered, lifted the wooden box, and snorted, a puff of pink smoke was ejected from the wooden box, with a strong sweet fragrance. The servant who opened the box had no time to react and subconsciously inhaled the mist. His mind was faint, and he fell to the ground suddenly. Figuet screamed badly in his heart, hurriedly held his breath, slapped his hand, a light cyan vindictiveness came out of his palm, and the pink mist was dispersed. Although he reacted quickly, he still inhaled a trace of poisonous mist, and a drowsy feeling suddenly shocked his mind.

Seeing such a scene, Dumb was shocked, and the poisonous mist that Figget shot scattered just floated in his direction, and the infuriating qi instantly spread all over Dumb's body, isolating the pink mist.

Facing the sudden change, Tilo knew clearly that this was exactly when he was acting. He screamed, flew up, his hands circled in the air, the red vindictive surging with huge energy suddenly appeared, and the pink poisonous mist was caught by him. It converged in a circle and couldn't disperse anymore. He wrapped the shrunken poisonous mist with his vindictive energy and slapped a fluttering palm to the ground. Under the action of the vindictive energy, the shrunken poisonous mist suddenly sank under the ground, and could no longer disperse and wound people.

Figuet reluctantly urged the vindictiveness in his body to control the poisonous mist he inhaled, and pointed to Dumb and said, "Grab him, don't let him run."

Until now, Dulu finally woke up. This was basically a trap. The person who entrusted the mercenary union to perform the task wanted to use the poisonous fog to harm the City Lord Dulu, but he became a victim. As he reacted, Tiro had already dealt with the poisonous mist. Even if Figuet didn't explain, he knew what to do, floated up, and punched Dumb in the chest.

The red vindictiveness brought tremendous pressure to Ah-Dai, and the surrounding air seemed to become hot. Ah-Dai's right palm stood on his chest and blocked Tiro's fist. There was a look of disdain from the corner of Tiro's mouth, and his body trembled strangely in the air. The fist that had attacked Dumb's chest turned into an attack on his shoulder.

Tilo's change of moves was very fast, and he didn't give Dui any time to reflect. When Dui discovered that he changed his move, his fist had reached less than three inches in front of his shoulder. In desperation, Duan shrank his shoulders and shrank his back. His body was completely reliant on the sensation of his mind. The Lightning Class turned ninety degrees, and the hot red vindictiveness almost slid against his shoulders, but it burned Duan’s damaged clothes. In a big hole, the residual energy of the scorching fighting energy was cut off by the armor of the giant spirit snake, and it did not hurt dumb.

Tiro was too confident in his attack. At this time, his moves could not be recovered anymore, his whole body was exposed, and half of his body was given to dumb. Dumb knew that all of this was in a misunderstanding, so naturally he wouldn't hurt him. He pressed his right palm lightly on Tiro's shoulder, and with a grudge, he sent Tilo's body out. Tiro felt that he was wrapped in a pure vindictiveness, and he couldn't break free. When the vindictiveness disappeared, he found that he had returned to Tiffany's side. It’s the first time that Tiro has encountered such a powerful opponent since he came out of the teacher. Although he knows that the opponent is merciful, he is still angry and proud. He does not allow himself to fail, especially his sweetheart and relationship. The Figuete of his future is still by his side, and he is not allowed to fail even more. He shouted angrily and rushed out again, imagining countless palm shadows with his hands, and the red vindictiveness was overwhelmingly attacking Dumb.

At this time, Figuete's guards had already attacked Ah-Dai, and eight masters and eight weapons focused on Ah-Dai's body at the same time. Dui didn't have the opportunity to explain at all. The huge pressure made him use his full potential. His whole body was centered on his left foot, and he quickly spun around. Eight weapons were flicked by him with his fingers. The skill of the personal guards is not low, but the vindictive qi who is close to the ninth level of Duan seems so fragile. Everyone feels that his chest is like a sledgehammer, and his body flies up with the surging vindictiveness. All the weapons flew out of their hands. Almost just for an instant, Dumb had already repelled them.

Tiro's second attack had arrived by this time. Being attacked by the opponent one after another, although it was a misunderstanding, it still made Duan's anger rise in the dark, and with a loud shout, the yellow-green vindictive light instantly formed a solid shield centered on his right hand. The sound of thumping sounded constantly. Although Tilo's attack seemed gorgeous and powerful, it looked so flashy compared with the unpretentious shield of life and transformation of Adu. All the attacks were unable to shake the shield's defenses, and turned into a little bit of aura of aura flying in the air. Dumb flicked his right hand and already shook Tiro back out. This time he used a bit of strength, and Tiro felt that he was lost. Throwing out vigorously, with a bang, it has already hit the wall of the hall heavily. Dumb didn’t find a gap for explanation until this moment, and hurriedly shouted, “Don’t do it, it’s a misunderstanding.” As he said, his body turned into a phantom and flew to Figuet’s side like a lightning. There was no smoke-like figure. No one has time to stop. At this time Figuete was struggling with the poisonous fog, and had no resistance at all. Duan pressed a palm on Figuet's shoulder, and the surging vitality suddenly rushed into his meridians. Figuete kept pushing the poisonous mist out of his internal organs by virtue of his true energy, and was not injured by the poisonous mist. At this time, a strong and gentle energy merged into his vindictive energy, which was full of vitality. With the help of Ah-Dai, he finally managed to force the poisonous mist out. With a wow, he spouted a mouthful of black blood, which made him feel much better.

The surrounding guards had already surrounded him again, but seeing Figuet in the hands of Dumb, he did not dare to step forward.

Figuet raised his hand weakly and said, "Stop it for me." He raised his head to look at Dui, smiled gratefully, and said, "Little brother, thank you. What's the matter?" Dui helped him out. The poison mist's behavior had clearly told him that Dumb was not the one who came to harm him. Otherwise, Dumb rushed in front of him just now and was fully capable of taking his life instead of helping him.

Dumb apologized: "I'm sorry, Lord City Lord, I don't know what's going on. After I took this task from the mercenary union, I sent it to you directly. Who knew this would happen."

Tilo walked over with the help of Tiffany. He wiped the bloodshots from the corners of his mouth after losing his demeanor. He looked at Dumb bitterly, and said, "It must be you, Grandpa Figget, who killed him. ."

Figuete took a look at Tiro and said, "His grandson, don't be impulsive. This thing is a bit weird, I am afraid it is not as simple as it seems. This little brother is very capable. If he wants to assassinate me, There is no need for poisoning at all. Besides, it is not very poisonous, it is just a thousand-day drunk that makes people sleepy. Look at it." Then, he pointed to the servant who fell unconscious on the ground.

"Wow, grandpa, you can see it through, you are so amazing." With the sound of a silver bell, a blue figure ran in, and Dumb stared intently, only a little girl came in. She was a little shorter than Tiffany, but her appearance was not inferior, with a sly smile on her face, jumping to Figuet's side.

Tilo couldn't help but stun when he saw this beautiful girl, Figuete frowned and said, "Rongrong, is it your ghost?"

The girl stuck her tongue out, pretending to be aggrieved, and said: "What's wrong with others? People see you being so tired from business affairs all day long. They want you to sleep well. I just made a joke with you. It’s medicine, it won’t hurt you to be drunk for a thousand days. Grandpa, you love Rongrong the most, you won’t be angry, right.”

A dumbfounded look at the girl, and muttered: "Is it your job in the mercenary union?"

Rongrong glared at her, and said dissatisfied: "It's me, how about? You are so stupid, you have ruined your plan, and you don't hurry to leave the things to Grandpa, but you were found out."

Figuete looked at his only granddaughter with a smile, and said helplessly: "Rongrong, you are too bold. You dare to poison your grandfather and see if I won't let your father beat you in the ass."

Rong Rong made a grimace at Figuete, put her arms around his neck, and kissed his face hard, giggling and saying, "Grandpa will definitely not tell Rong Rong. Are you willing to watch Rong Rong get beaten? ?"

Figuete sighed and said, "I really can't do anything with you girl. Today came a guest, you are still so presumptuous, are you not afraid of people's jokes?"

Rongrong looked at Tiro, snorted at him, and said, "Do you dare to laugh at me?"

Ti Luo looked at Rong Rong's pretty appearance, and said repeatedly: "Don't dare, don't dare, it turns out that it is Miss Sun, who is polite in Ti Luo."

Dumb asked suddenly, "Ms. Rongrong, what if your wooden box is opened because of curiosity by the mercenary who took the task?"

Rong Rong said casually: "Then he will be unlucky. Who makes him not abide by the rules of mercenaries, he will be drunk for a thousand days and can't die, he will sleep more than ten days at most.

A Duan sighed secretly. This noble child is indeed not understandable by herself. Although she also likes pranks, Yueyue is much better than her. At the very least, I wouldn't make fun of other people's health. There is no place for him to miss here anymore, he saluted Figuet slightly and said: "My Lord, since it is a misunderstanding, then I will leave." After speaking, he turned his head and walked out. "Hold on." Figuete stopped dumb, looked at him appreciatively and said: "Young man, I appreciate your martial arts very much. Are you interested in coming to me to do things?" A Duan such a martial artist with profound skill was discovered by him, there is no reason to let it go.

Dumb shook his head gently, and said, "No, thank you for your kindness. I am used to being free and don't like being restrained." After speaking, he continued to walk out. When passing by Tiro, he heard clearly. Tiro said to Chuanyin: "Boy, you remember what happened today, and I will ask you to settle the account." Dumb didn't stop at what he said. In his heart, are there few people who want to kill me? It's nothing more than you? Although Tiro is not weak in kung fu, he hasn't been seen by Duan yet.

As soon as Dumb walked to the door, Figuete's voice came out again, "Young man, can I know your name?"

Dui urged the vitality in his body and floated up, leaving his faint voice in the air, "My name is Dui."

Rong Rong chuckled when she heard Dui's answer before leaving, and said, "No wonder others are so dumb. The original name is Dui. This person is quite funny."

Contrary to Rongrong’s reaction, Tivya shook his whole body after hearing Duan’s words, and her rosy pretty face faded away instantly. Dui, he was Brother Duan. No wonder she had a familiar feeling. He turned out to be I struggled to find the unsuccessful dumb, and he has already learned such a high level of kung fu, dumb brother, so you are still alive.

Tivya was the girl in the small town of Nino. After she returned to the Governor's Mansion with the wife of the Governor of Mica Province Tilhous, because of her cleverness and well-being, the Governor and the Governor's wife loved her very much. Accepted her as a goddaughter and changed her name to Tiffany. Although she has changed from a thief to an enviable noble, she has always been obsessed with the dumb who cared for herself when she was young. She always remembered her promise to dumb. Three years ago, when she was sixteen years old, she did everything possible to win. With the consent of the governor's wife, she took people back to Nino City to find dumb. During the search, Uncle Li was finally found, but Uncle Li told her that Dui had died shortly after she left. Hearing the news of Ah'Dai's death, the girl was distressed, and after a long period of time, she gradually recovered. It was also at that time that the governor's grandson Tilo fell in love with the pretty girl. In the constant pursuit, the girl finally couldn't stand his pleading and became his girlfriend. Although the Governor and the Governor's wife have always loved the girl very much, her origin is not good after all. Although they were allowed to communicate, they never mentioned the matter of getting them married. Today, she and Tiro came to Dulu to visit Figuet. When she saw Dulu who was like a beggar in the city, she felt a very cordial feeling, but with the change of age, Dulu could not recognize her. , She also couldn't recognize the tall and burly dumb. Unexpectedly, this young man who had been charity by himself was a dumb who had been separated for more than eight years.

Tiró didn’t notice the change in Tiffany’s expression. His mind was put on the pretty Rongrong. Although he also liked Tiffany, he always felt that Tiffa’s life was not worthy of him. Own, and the face in front of him is not under Tiffany, and Rong Rong, who has a noble life experience, has already made his heart beat. This is the best choice for him!

Figuete looked at the back of Ah'Dai leaving, and muttered: "This son's martial arts is the only thing I have seen in my life! It is not easy to have such an achievement at such a young age, but it is not easy for me to use it."

Tiro snorted coldly, and said, "I was afraid of killing him just now, so I didn't use the master's skills, otherwise, hum."

Figuet took a look at Tiro and thought, although this son is a teacher from the north, he is too arrogant and narrow-minded. I am afraid it is difficult to be grand, but considering his relationship with the governor of Mica province, Tilhous, he smiles. Said: "Of course, how can the disciple of the Northern Sword Saint be compared to a civilian like him."

Rong Rong listened to Figuete's words, and said in surprise: "So you are a disciple of the Northern Sword Master! I heard that the Sword Saint is the highest title for warriors on the mainland."

Ti Luo proudly said: "Of course, his teacher has the ability to penetrate the sky and the earth."

Rong Rong chuckled and said, "It's a pity, you haven't learned much about your teacher's skills in UU Reading! You can't even beat that silly mercenary."

A hint of anger flashed under Ti Luo's eyes, but seeing Rong Rong's smile, he still held back, and said in hatred, "One day, I will let that kid know how good I am." He couldn't have a bad face when facing beautiful women. But the resentment towards Dumb in his heart deepened.

Rong Rong looked at Tivya and let out a startled voice, and said, "Sister, why are you looking so bad! Did you get drunk just now? I have an antidote here. Do you want to take one?"

Tiffya hadn't heard their conversation before. Her mind was completely on Dui who had left. When she heard Rongrong asking her, she shook her head and said, "Thank you, I am not poisoned, but I feel a little sick. That's it. Grandpa Figuet, I'm sorry, I want to rest first."

Figueet asked concerned: "Is it uncomfortable? I will ask the doctor to help you see it."

Tiffany shook her head and said, "Thank you, I don't think it will be necessary. Maybe it's because I'm tired on the road, and I'll take a rest."

Figuete apologized: "I blame Rongrong for making you scared, Tiro! You can take good care of your sister for me."

Chapter 86: Death of Corris

Tiro originally wanted to talk to Rong Rong for a while, but after all Tivya was here with him, so she reluctantly agreed and took Tiffa and her servant.

Watching them leave, Rong Rong said to Figgate: "Grandpa, who are they? Why haven't I met before."

Figuete smiled and said, "They are your grandfather Tillhouse’s grandson and goddaughter. They used to be the representative of Tillhouse’s parents who came to visit me. Maybe it’s because these two children have grown up, Tillhouse. I want them to see the world, and I will send them this time. Rongrong! Although this Tilo has a good background and is a named disciple of the Northern Sword Master, his grandfather doesn't like his temperament very much, so don't go with him. It’s too close. Moreover, the relationship between him and his god-sister seems to be very unusual. Hey--, if the young mercenary just now could be used by me, it would be great!"

Rong Rong agreed disapprovingly. After all, Tilo was a handsome boy, and it would be impossible if she was not attractive to her. How did the rebellious Rongrong listen to Figuet's persuasion?

Tiró sent Tiffa back to the luxurious room that Figuet had arranged for her. As soon as he entered the room, Tiró closed the door with his backhand, hugged Tiffa’s delicate body from behind, and kept kissing her white neck. Then, Tiffany's body trembled, and she forced herself out of Tiro's embrace, "Big Brother, I, I don't want to..."

Tiro was stunned. Tiffany's struggle made him angry, who was already in a bad mood, "Fuya, what are you doing?"

Tiffany lowered her head, and said pleadingly: "Big Brother, I'm a little tired, don't want it today, okay?"

In front of Tirovi, he hugged Tiffa, and said angrily: "You don't want to, I think." He kissed Tiffa's pretty face a bit crudely and frantically, and kept taking off her clothes. How could Tivya break free from Tiro's powerful arms? Although she was struggling desperately, Tilo grasped her tightly, and the clothes on her body decreased piece by piece. Today, Tilo was defeated by Ah Du, his proud pride was seriously hurt, and Rong Rong provoked his **** in his heart. At this time, he completely vented on Tiffa’s body, he was holding Tiffa’s body. Flying down to bed, he waved his hand to put out the lights, and kept asking Tiffany for it.

Tears poured out of Tiffany’s eyes uncontrollably. As early as more than a year ago, she could not stand Tire’s bitter pleading. For him, at this time Tire had changed from the past gentle and elegant, crazy It was raging on her, and the powerful impact made Tiffany's heart burst into pain. Holding the sheets tightly, the scenes in the small town of Nino kept flashing before her eyes...

"Dad brother, wait until I grow up to marry you, OK?"

"What is married?"

"Marriage means that I will be your wife and take care of you for the rest of my life! I will treat you as if you promised, don't regret it. From now on, my girl will be your dumb fiancee. You must treat me well in the future."

"Fiancee? Oh, okay, then I'll give you more buns every day...."

All the memories are so clear, and the clear words are just like what I said yesterday, but now I can no longer be the wife of Brother Dumb, I have betrayed him, what face is there to look for him? Dumb brother, why? Why is destiny teasing me so that we can’t recognize each other when we meet, Dumb brother, how I would like to use a torn jacket to keep warm with you! But, I, I am not worthy, I am not worthy to be your wife anymore.

After a frantic vent, Tirlo was finally released. He panted heavily on Tiffany's body, and felt the cold tears on Tiffa's face. He was shocked and shook his head vigorously. , I immediately became sober, what happened to me, how could I become so crazy today?

"Fuya, I'm sorry, I, I was too impulsive. Today that stupid kid humiliated me, so I was so impulsive, you, don't blame me."

Tiffany was silent, lying there quietly as if she had lost all her anger.

Tiro frowned, turned over Tiffany’s beautiful body, put her in his arms, and comforted her: "Don’t cry, I won’t be like this anymore. I know you’re sleepy, go to sleep. ."

Tiffany still didn't say a word. She knew clearly that after seeing Dumb today, she couldn't hold Tyro anymore in her heart, and everything in Nino City kept flashing in her mind.

Dumb left the City Lord's Mansion in a depressed mood, touched the remaining gold coins in his arms, and thought to himself, it turned out that being a mercenary is not easy! If his skill is not high enough, I am afraid that he would have died in Tilo's hands. Forget it, what do you want to do? They are all aristocrats, and naturally they have a lifestyle. Now that the travel expenses are available, it is better to go back to see Teacher Gris. Even though he comforted himself so much, Tiffany's familiar face kept flashing before his eyes.

Four days later, according to the directions of the map, Dulu finally passed through Dulu and Durham provinces and entered the territory of Varyan province. The gradually familiar scenery around made Dulu forget all his troubles, what Yueyue, girl, Xing'er and Tiffany are not important at this moment. He just wants to see Teacher Corris as soon as possible. In his heart, Corris is the second person who is more important than Mantou, even more important than Girl. .

The sun hung high in the middle of the sky, and the scorching temperature was the same as Ah Du’s current mood. The hazy scene of the psychedelic forest finally appeared in front of him, looking at everything familiar before him, and remembering the scene of living here seven years ago. Dui stood in the same place and couldn't help being a little silly. From the blood of the dragon, he summoned his first work after following Coris-steamed buns wrapped in silver tin. Gently stroked the silver tin on the steamed buns, Ah-Dai shouted in a choked voice: "Teacher Corris, I am back, and your apprentice Ah-Dai is back." The voice of sobbing was spread far away under the influence of his grudge. After coming out, the trees around Zhen seemed to tremble slightly with his mood. After the shout, Ah-Dai took a deep breath, and his body, like an arrow from the string, galloped towards the depths of the psychedelic forest like lightning.

Although Dui was not familiar with the path outside the Forest of Psychedelia, he knew that when entering, as long as he looked for one direction, he would definitely be able to walk to the place where Corris had set up the organ. Once there, Dui could walk safely even with his eyes closed. Go to the wooden house in Corris.

The current dumb is no longer the dumb who fell down because of the hard work of the road. The hazy fog in the psychedelic forest has no effect on him. He keeps tapping on the plants, and his body shuttles through the forest like a fish. , Sliding quickly, sliding inward without stopping.

The gale blew, and the speeding dumb suddenly smelled a fishy odor, a loud roar came, and a huge black shadow rushed towards him accurately. A Duan was shocked, the true qi in his body suddenly reversed his luck, abruptly stopping the momentum of his forward thrust, violent anger spread all over his body, and he was ready for defense.

The black shadow rushed up like a lightning. Although he looked very big, he appeared to be very agile. Only then did Dumb see clearly, and pounced at him, turned out to be the king of white beasts with black patterns on his body. --tiger.

Dumb smiled helplessly, it seemed that this tiger took himself as his lunch. Although the tiger looks fierce, what does he compare to the dark people of the Sunset Empire? Suddenly, the anger burst out, and A Duan turned sideways slightly, flashed the white tiger's pounce, and pressed his palm to the word king on its head.

Bai Hu seemed to be very clever. He felt threatened by the big hand that A'Dai patted him, and his body made a dodge movement in the air, gently falling aside, avoiding the attack of A'Dai.

Dumbfounded, he didn't expect that his lightning-fast attack would be avoided by the tiger all the time, and he looked at the white tiger carefully. Bai Hu landed on the ground, a pair of big brown-black eyes staring at him tightly, roaring slightly, seeing him cautiously, as if he was hesitating to continue attacking or turning around and running.

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Are you new here? Why haven't I seen you before. Go find other food, you can't eat me."

Bai Hu snorted dissatisfiedly, and his big round head shook lightly, kicking his limbs on the ground, and suddenly rushed to Dui again.

Duan rushed to see Coris, naturally he didn't want to entangle with him more, and didn't dodge this time. He surrounded his body three feet away with anger, waiting for the white tiger to pounce. No matter how smart the white tiger is, how can it compare to the master? Seeing that Duan is not evasive, his big eyes are already showing a cruel and fierce light, it seems that Duan will be thrown to the ground like other prey. It's like eating a big chunk. Duan smiled and watched Bai Huzhuang's defensive vindictiveness. He didn't want to hurt this beautiful king of beasts. Under his control, his vindictiveness became extremely soft. Baihu's seven or eight hundred jins of weight hit against Duan's. In vindictiveness, as if hitting a soft cushion, the forward thrust came to an abrupt halt, and there were horrified gazes in its big eyes. Duan gave a chuckle, pressed a lightly fluttering palm on the king character pattern on its head, hitting Bai Hu Nuo's big body to the ground like a fly. Duan didn't use much force, but Bai Hu still got dizzy and rolled on the ground before he stood up.

Dumb shook his head at it and said, "I said you can't eat my food. Go find other food. I'm leaving." After speaking, he turned into a streamer and rushed to the depths of the psychedelic forest. Bai Hu stood on the spot looking at his leaving figure, a ray of resentment appeared in his eyes, and he roared and disappeared into the forest.

After nearly an hour of running wildly, Ah-Dai finally saw the familiar place. He stopped the impulse and stopped, his blood boiled over. Looking at the tall trees around and everything in front of him reminded him a lot. This is where Owen was besieged by the killer, and Dumb saved him. Owen can be said to be the second person to change the destiny of Dumb, and his importance to Dumb is no less important than Coris.

Dui touched the Pluto sword on his chest. Under his deliberate urging, monstrous evil spirits gushed out from the hilt of Pluto's sword. The cold evil force made the surrounding plants tremble, and Dui seemed to be back again. It's the scene when Irving single-handedly confronted many killers. Pluto moved in a flash, and Owen’s cold and familiar voice seemed to rang again when facing the killer, tears from Dumb’s face, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Uncle Owen, your hatred of me It will definitely be reported." Released the Pluto sword, Dui just closed his eyes, and moved his body step by step with his very familiar memory at the beginning. He is leading the way for himself with his own heart, and Dui seems to feel that he is getting closer and closer to Teacher Gris. He clenched his fists in excitement, taking every step so solidly.

Duan stopped, the sounds of insects and birds were so clear, he knew that he had entered the area of the wooden house where Corris lived. He stood there, trembling slightly with excitement, and slowly opened his eyes. Three small wooden houses appeared in front of him, and nothing seemed to have changed. The surrounding scenery remained, and the surrounding yard was still shrouded in dense fog. The fresh air shocked him, and finally returned, after a gap of seven years. , I finally came back.

"Teacher Gris——" Dumb shouted loudly, how he wished to see the familiar and old face of Gris!

There was still silence around, the voice of Ah-Dai's shouting disappeared, but the wooden house was still calm, nothing had changed, and there was no figure that he imagined that Corris would greet him, and Ah-Dai's heart sank, and an ominous premonition filled him. Heart. He flew up, just one ups and downs, and he had already stepped on the steps of the wooden house. Dumb gently pushed open the door of the room he was living in. The room was empty and nothing changed. The wooden bed, the chair, All are still in his original position. On the chair was the bamboo basket that he used to pick the fruits. Whether on the bed, on the chair or on the floor, there was a thick layer of dust, and it seemed that no one had been here for a long time.

Dumb's heart is getting heavier, Teacher Gris, don't you think you've never come back? No, it's impossible. He quickly ran out of the room and rushed towards the laboratory.

The laboratory is the place where Corris often stays. Once inside, there is no mess as Dumb expected. Everything is so neat. Just like when he left, all the experimental objects are placed on the original position, the wall The surrounding cabinets stood quietly, no matter what, like the wooden bed and chair in his room, a thick layer of dust fell. Ah Dai walked towards the small cauldron of the Coris refining device step by step, his heart was completely blank, Coris was not there, he was not there, and it had been a long time. Could it be that after Mr. Corris left, he never came back?

Xiaoding’s lid was tightly covered. Next to Xiaoding, there was a dusty dress. Dui clearly remembered that when he left, there was no such dress. His hands trembled and picked it up. , Shaking lightly, dust immediately filled the room, and Duan had a vigorous protective body. The dust could not attack him, but it also affected his vision.

After a while, the dust gradually fell silent, and everything around him clearly appeared in the eyes of Dumb, looking at the clothes in his hands, ah! This, this is not the black magician cloak that Teacher Gris has been wearing. The original low mood has become active again. The teacher has come back, and the teacher has come back. Dumb held the cloak in his arms excitedly. Suddenly, he found that there was a blank paper in the place where the clothes were just placed, with clear writing on it. Dumb put the magician's cloak aside, and carefully picked up the yellowed paper.

On the white paper is the handwriting of Corris, clearly written in Tianjin Empire text: "The only people who can come here are my brother, Gorison and my apprentice, Dumb. Gorison, if you are here, Leave immediately. Big brother is gone. If you meet my apprentice in the future, please help me take care of him. All my things will be left to my apprentice. No, I have now admitted that he is my real Dui's apprentice." Seeing this, Dui's eyes became hot and tears poured down. Teacher Gris, you, you admit that I am your apprentice, and I am finally your apprentice. Dumb's lips trembled slightly, and he continued to look down, "Dumb, if you come back, the teacher is really happy. Do you remember the gift I gave you? It was the one you wrapped in silver tin, and you walked over to it. Pull the drawer out of the grid containing the soul-killing grass. The drawer will bring out an iron plate. In the grid on the iron plate, write the name of the gift I gave you in the words of the Tianjin Empire. You There will be surprising discoveries." The text on the paper ends here, and Ah-Dai clearly remembers that Soul Soul Grass is in the sixth drawer in the fourth row from the left. He walked to the cabinet and carefully pulled out the drawer. The drawer was filled with air-dried light red Essence Herb. He knew clearly from the notes that Corris gave him that this is a highly poisonous herb. He didn't dare to touch it with his hands, wrapped it with anger, and slowly opened the drawer completely. Sure enough, as Coris said in the letter, behind the drawer, there is an iron plate made of metal connected. The iron plate is very glorious with two square grids carved on it.

Of course, Dumb knew what the gift Corris was referring to. He stretched out his index finger and wrote the word steamed bun in the two grids. The space drawn by the drawer suddenly produced a strong suction force. Dumb was shocked and unconsciously released the drawer, and the wooden drawer and metal plate containing the soul-killing herb were sucked back into place.

Zaza's voice rang from the ground, and Ah Dui clearly felt that the ground was shaking slightly. Although he was a little surprised in his heart, he was convinced that Corris would never harm him. This must be the teacher left behind. He stood quietly and waited. Sure enough, Dumb's judgment was very correct. On the open space in the center of the laboratory, the wooden board that seemed to have no gaps suddenly cracked. The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, a faint yellow light comes out from below, and a staircase appears in the cracked crack. The institution left by the teacher is really surprising!

Dumb walked to the crack and looked down. Only a dizzy light could be seen below, which seemed to be a deep tunnel. The place where the crack was just now turned out to be a three-foot thick steel plate. Under the steel plate, there are dense small holes on both sides. Dumb, who is familiar with Corris, knows that if the method of opening the mechanism is not found correctly, even if it is forcibly attacked, It will hurt badly. Moreover, I can't get anything. The institutions set up by Teacher Corris are always so strict.

Dumb's trust in Corris made him without any hesitation or fear, and quickly walked down with the letter in his hand. When he walked down the ten stairs, the zack sounded again, and Dumb looked up, and the cracks just now had closed again. He looked at his feet and knew that the closing mechanism should be on the tenth step.

Although the cracks above were closed, the light in the tunnel was not dim. Although the faint yellow light was not strong, it allowed Ah Dui to see everything around him clearly. He was surprised to find that the yellow light seemed to seep from the wall.

Dui quickly walked down the stairs and walked down for more than ten meters until he finally reached the end. At the very end, it was just an empty space less than three square meters. At first glance, it seemed that there was nothing. Duan frowned and looked around, but he still didn't find anything peculiar. He reached out and knocked on the wall. The message from the wall was that there were solid iron walls on all sides. Suddenly, he found that there seemed to be something out of the corner of the ground. I hurried over to check it carefully. With the white light radiating from his vigorous spirit, Dui clearly saw that a line of small characters was engraved on the corner of the wall: The word "Well my disciple Dui. After that, I knelt down in the middle of the clearing and bowed three times toward this word." , And then shout out your birthplace in Nino Town.

After reading this line of words, I was dumbfounded, and shouted out my background, isn't my background a thief? Since Mr. Gorris asked me to worship, please do. Thinking of this, Dumb fell to his knees, banged his head three times, and shouted: "I am a thief." He found that after he yelled these four words, his heart was full of pain. For a moment, he clearly felt that his origin was so humble.

Suddenly, without warning, dumb felt his feet were empty and his body fell suddenly. He could not help exclaiming. It seemed that it was only a few seconds of work. What happened to his body? Blocked, the thing blocking him was full of elasticity. It bounced his body obliquely, slipped out of an inverted arc, and fell to the ground. He was protected by vindictive energy. Naturally, this pain was nothing. One, stood up, contrary to the light above, the surrounding area was pitch black, and there was nothing to see. He just wanted to use his anger to illuminate, but found that the top of his head suddenly lit up. The faint white halo brought light to him again. He looked up and was surprised to find that the white halo was actually provided by a fist-sized Ye Mingzhu, which gradually slipped from the small crack on the top. Attached to a thin silver wire. The ingenuity of the mechanism made Ah Dumb amazed. After living in the wooden house for a year, he didn't realize that there was such a huge project under the wooden house. This is a spacious stone room. It is very dry. Although it is deep underground, there is no feeling of suffocation. The empty stone room can be seen clearly at a glance. There is a large diagonal net where he fell just now. The big elastic net bounced him here. Not far from him, there is a round table with a diameter of one meter, which seems to be made of stone. It is also the only utensil in the whole stone room. On the round table is a black wooden box with no decorations on it, and it is bare. .

Dui stood up and walked to the round table. He picked up the wooden box. The wooden box was very light and was not locked. He gently opened the wooden box. There were a few pages of paper inside. It's not as yellow as the one in the wooden house. Dumb picked up the paper and unfolded it. It turned out that it was a long letter left by Corris.

"Dumb, the teacher really hopes that you can come back here and read this letter. When you read this letter, the teacher has already gone to another world. Although I am dead, the teacher has nothing to do. Regrettably, I am over eighty years old, and death is not considered a premature death. Especially, with my own death, I finally fulfilled my wish for decades and refined a divine tool that belongs to me." After a few lines of words, Ah-Dai couldn't stand it anymore. He was completely sluggish. Teacher Gris died, and Teacher actually died.

"No-, ah-" Ah-Dai yelled in pain. At this moment, it seemed that everything in the world had stagnated, and only Ah-Dai's voice reverberated in the stone chamber. He felt that he was completely plunged into the endless darkness. In the darkness, he was like a small boat, struggling and trembling constantly on the raging waves of pain, his heart was broken, and his soul was gone.

Looking forward to the reunion after seven years, it turned out to be one day at a time, and heaven and man are separated forever.

The little boat in the dark kept undulating, the great pain caused the little boat to gradually collapse, and the heart-piercing pain kept raging on the little boat. Just when the little boat was about to be completely destroyed by the pain, the dark waves Suddenly disappeared, the two brilliant rays of gold and silver brought light to Xiaozhou again.

Dumb stood quietly on the spot, regaining consciousness, two lines of blood and tears were left along his face, dyeing the cloth on his body red. Just now, just when he was about to be completely destroyed by pain, the second golden body on his chest and the silver golden body of Dantian radiated soft energy in time, awakening the vitality he had to give up on his own, and pulling him back from the edge of life and death.

Uncle Owen is dead, the ice is dead, and Teacher Gris is also dead. Why, why these people who are more important than steamed buns in my heart died? You are all dead, what does it mean to be alive? Ah Dui thumped and fell to the ground. The intense pain caused him to curl up and his body was convulsing constantly. Seven years, seven years later, after seven years away, he got news of the teacher's death.

The white paper in Ah Du's hand was completely full of wrinkles, he just curled up on the ground, and gradually fell asleep. Perhaps only losing consciousness is the best way for him to escape pain.


Standing in a desolate and dark clearing, Duan looked around blankly.

"Child, you are back. The teacher is so happy!"

what! This was the voice of Teacher Gorris. Duan was shocked all over, shouting: "Teacher, teacher, where are you?"

"Child, I'm here, am I right in front of you?" There was a flash of light, and Coris, wearing a black cloak with a pale white light all over his body, appeared in front of Dui, with a kindly smile on his cold and stiff face. .

" I miss you so much!" Ah-Dai rushed towards Corris, but he passed through Coris's body, thumped, staggered, and almost fell over. Ground.

"Dai, you've grown up so much, why are you so reckless! Look, what is this?" A basket of steamed buns suddenly appeared in Corris' hands, steaming from the fragrant steamed buns, and Ah-Dai exclaimed excitedly: "Mantou, it is my favorite steamed bun."

Corris handed the steamed buns to Ah-Dai's hand and gently stroked his head, "Child, eat, eat more, the teacher loves to see what you look like when you eat steamed buns. This is what the teacher bought for you. You do you like it?"

"Like, teacher, I really like it too much."

There was a sad look in Corris' eyes, "Dumb, the teacher is leaving you, no matter where the teacher is, he will think of you, take care. My child." As the voice gradually fainted, Corris looked like a body. Floating away.

"No, teacher, don't go!" Ah Dui carried the basket with steamed buns and chased frantically, but no matter how he chased him, he could not keep up with the speed at which Corris disappeared. Finally, the surroundings returned to darkness. Among them, Corris's figure completely disappeared.

Chapter 87: Corris' wish


"No--, teacher--" Ah Duan sat up fiercely, and he clearly felt the tears on his face. His mind gradually became sober, he found himself still in the stone chamber, his whole body convulsed slightly.

"The teacher is dead, the teacher is dead." Duan murmured, he took out the steamed bun wrapped in silver tin from his arms, "Teacher, do you like watching me eat steamed buns? Okay, let me eat them. Look." He broke it forcefully, splitting the steamed bun that had been kept in half. Although there is a silver tin package, the steamed buns are not, but they have become extremely hard. As if he didn't know the change of the steamed bun, Ah Dui gently moved the silver tin on the steamed bun, put it into his mouth, and chewed hard. The dry steamed buns gradually made it difficult for Ah Dui to breathe. He swallowed desperately. Because of too much force, his gums had been slipped by the hard steamed buns, and the salty and fishy steamed buns were constantly swallowed by him.

"Teacher, I have finished eating, you see, I have finished eating the gift you bought me. I really like it! Teacher, look at me again, I miss you very much, teacher, I really miss you so much !" Regardless of the blood in his mouth, Ah-Dai cried bitterly, until his mind fell into a faint again, and the sound of deep grief in the stone chamber stopped. But the faint sadness could not dissipate for a long time.


I don’t know how long it took. Dui’s body moved slightly. He slowly opened his eyes without light, and sat up sluggishly. The white paper left by Corris was scattered on the ground full of wrinkles. He moved them slowly to his side, rearranged them according to the numbers on the footer of the white paper, and carefully stacked them together.

Picking up the blank paper, Dui looked at blankly, "Dui, with your kind heart and attachment to me, I know that my death must have dealt a great blow to you. But you should already be a man. You must be strong. Get up, the teacher does not like the weak. The teacher is willing to die for his own wish. This is the teacher's own choice. Even if you are still with me and have not left, this choice will not change. Remember when you were there. Was it in the small town of Ninoy? Our meeting can only be described by chance. You stole my money bag. You may not understand why I got out of the money bag. Tell you, that money The bag is a work I am very satisfied with. As long as the money bag is not more than ten kilometers around me, I can find it with the magic circle above and use a spell to appear in the money bag position. The first time I saw you , I only have disgust in my heart. Your dirty look makes me want to end your life at that time. However, at that time I suddenly remembered my last wish, so I simply checked your body and was surprised to find that, although Your body is very weak, but your own quality is very good. It is the most suitable for my cauldron. So, I took you away from your career as a thief and gave you the pill that I carefully refined. Child. In fact, the teacher is not a good person. When I took you away, there was no good intention at all. I wanted to destroy your life!"

Seeing the end of the first page here, Dumb’s dazedness gradually disappeared, with a look of surprise in his eyes. He quickly opened the second page of the letter paper and continued to read, “Later, when we left Nino City, when we were on the boat, I started to prepare for the future, so I taught you the most basic fireball skills. What I didn't expect is that you look stupid, and your talent is so good. In such a short time, you can actually summon. Magical energy. Do you remember the pirate you met on the ship? The pirate leader is very capable, and even I am not sure that I can beat him. With my heart, if I don’t care about my safety, I won’t Rescue the people on the ship. Just when I was in a stalemate with the pirate leader, you scared him away with the fireball skill you just learned, and resolved my embarrassment. It is from then that your kindness began. It gradually changed me. Later, we returned to the Psychedelic Forest. I was not good to you, but no matter how I asked you, you never complained and worked hard. Your kindness penetrated bit by bit. In my heart. When I came back for a few months, I left in search of herbs. During the period of time I was away, as long as I calmed down, you would appear in my mind. I don’t know why, you The simple face of Atsumu's face makes me feel so kind. Do you remember the notes I gave you? There is no last page, right, because, the last page records the method I found to refine the artifact, maybe I am not the one A powerful magician, but, on the mainland, I am afraid that no one can match my alchemy. I think you have now understood what my wish is. Yes, no matter which alchemist is, it has the same. My wish-to refine my own artifact. To this wish, I have worked hard for decades! Countless experiments, finally let me gradually feel the method of refining the artifact. Before meeting you, I have used the method in an ancient book to calculate that one day in April of the ninth year of the sacred calendar will be the time when the evil in the world is at its peak. At that time, it was also the day when I refined the artifact. The method of refining the artifact is very complicated. The main reason why the artifact is so powerful is that it has a soul, yes, a soul. Therefore, at the last juncture of refining, I must have a living person as a cauldron, and pass this virgin body through nine The body cultivated by Zhuan Yisui Pill was thrown into the divine tool, and he sacrificed his life to do the final fusion process to complete my final wish. And when I saw you in Nino City, I had already selected you. Dumb, is the teacher very evil?"

At the end of the second page, Dumb was completely sluggish. Teacher Gris actually wanted to kill himself. No, no, the teacher was joking with himself, yes, it must be a joke. He couldn't wait to turn to the third page and continue reading.

"Dumb, what the teacher said are all facts, hey—do you hate the teacher? I know you don’t, you are a good boy, you are so kind, even though you have suffered so much in Nino City, I didn’t notice any hatred in your heart. I paid too much to refine the artifact. Originally, nothing could prevent me from fulfilling this last wish, but you changed me. When I returned to psychedelic When Zhisen saw you, he suddenly felt that you seemed to be my relatives. Especially, I saw that you were reluctant to eat all the steamed buns I gave you, and kept one of them, carefully preserved with silver tin My heart trembled. How could I make you such a kind child be the victim of my wish? Because of the war between heaven and man in my heart, I decided to leave again, because, the more I get along with you, I will The more difficult it is to strengthen my confidence in refining artifacts. This time I lied to you. I am not looking for something, I am evading. But sometimes, evasion is not the way, and your status in my heart is so important. , When I stepped into the land of the Psychedelic Forest again, I couldn’t say anything to hurt you. At that time, I had decided that even if I gave up refining artifacts, I wouldn’t make you a victim. But, all of this It's too late. When I come back here, everything is different. You are gone, you are taken away by Pluto who is much more evil than me. No matter how loud I call your name, you can't Hearing it, I can’t come back to me anymore. I read the letter you left me and read it many times. Although your letter is very short, I clearly feel your attachment to me. For a moment, how much I want to tell you, dumb as long as you come back and come back to my teacher, the teacher will definitely teach you magic, teach you alchemy, and the teacher will not experiment with you. But it is too late, you have already left I don’t know when and when I can come back again. Do you know? Because of your departure, the teacher cried. For the first time in fifty years, I cried. At that time, I suddenly felt that you were like myself Like your child, your departure also took away the heart of the teacher, dumb, my child! Don't resent the teacher, the teacher knows that he was wrong." So far, the third page is over.

Dumb’s tears burst out, and he shouted loudly, “Teacher, I don’t blame you, I really don’t blame you, teacher, you will always be my teacher! Teacher Gris, I love you, I love you As long as you can survive, even if I sacrifice my life as a furnace to help you refine the artifact, I am willing." He fell to the ground in pain, and his previous doubts were all resolved by this third page of letter paper, regardless of Corris. Who used to be and what he did before, but now, Dumb only knows that Corris treats himself sincerely and treats himself sincerely. A huge grief filled Dumb's heart, and he was crying with excitement, and he recovered the grief he had just learned of the death of Corris.

After a long time, Dumb's mood gradually calmed down. The intense grief in his heart made his face as white as the paper in his hand, trembling slightly, and he turned to page four, "Dumb, since we were together, you have treated the teacher There is so much care and attachment, but the teacher has paid too little for you before. When writing this letter, I have already decided that my wish is still to be fulfilled, and the artifact is still to be refined and made into a furnace People who have had to have eaten my Jiuzhuan Yisui Pills. Although you are gone, there is one person here who has eaten Jiuzhuan Yisui Pills. That is me. I am not afraid of your jokes, although the teacher has lived more than 80 years. Years old, but still a virgin body, I have decided that I will use my life to fulfill my wish. Boy, this will be the teacher’s last gift to you. The teacher is convinced that after so many years of hard work, I will be able to Refining a powerful artifact, and you, will become the owner of this artifact. Child, how exciting it is to own a artifact! Are you happy?"

"No, I'm not happy, I don't want the artifact, I only want you, Teacher Corris, don't!" Dumb's mood just calmed up again, he seemed to see Corris step by step towards the hot furnace with a smile on his face. I can't stop it myself. Yes, the facts have been forged and can no longer be changed. He kept watching with tears. The handwriting at the back is slightly different from the front, and it seems that it was not written on the same day.

"Child, I want to start. Today is the time when the evil spirits are at its peak. I have prepared everything. Originally, the teacher wanted to refine a staff for myself, but now I have changed my mind. Since Pluto said If you want to teach you kung fu, then what he teaches you must be the world’s most evil Pluto sword. I think, you don’t need weapons anymore. The teacher thought for a long time before he came up with an artifact that suits you best. You are too kind and easy to suffer. If the magical tool is made to be exactly the same as mine, then you will have two life-saving abilities. One is that you can instantly transfer yourself to Any place within fifty meters, of course, this requires your mind and the artifact to be fully integrated, but this ability will be flawed. Although the artifact itself can absorb energy, the energy is limited after all. Every day, this teleport ability you It can only be used three times. The other ability is the clone, which can instantly replicate the same you under your control. This same you is not only a shadow, but with the increase of the artifact, the clone will have Half of your attack power. Remember, this shadow can only last for half an hour to an hour. Although it may not be able to help you kill the enemy, it is still a good choice to be a meat shield. In this place, the teacher used more than ten It was established by years of hard work and almost spent all the savings I exchanged for refining items. This is the real refining place for the teacher. In the laboratory, there are not only the artifacts refined by the teacher, but also The teacher’s magic notes and some previously refined things, you can take away those things, but it’s better not to learn magic. After all, if you can come here, it means that you have inherited the mantle of Hades. Magic and martial arts are still Focusing on one kind is good. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can go to the capital of the Tianjin Empire to find my brother Risson. His magic skills are higher than mine, and his character is much better than mine. In Tianjin There is a certain amount of power in the empire. For my sake, he will definitely help you. Okay, my child, the teacher who should explain it has already explained it clearly. You can take the name of this artifact yourself. , The teacher of the method of refining the artifact has been destroyed. It is too evil after all. Perhaps, this artifact is not only the first artifact produced by mankind, but also the last one. Ah! I don’t know if you can see it now. , The blood day has already appeared. It’s time for the teacher to start. My child! The teacher has not done any good deeds in his life. After possessing this artifact, I hope you can continue your kindness and be a kindness to the mainland. Contributors. The last page records how to obtain the artifact and the specific usage. Even if there are some omissions, the usage should not be far away, because the teacher does not know how powerful this artifact can be, so you can explore it yourself. Finish writing This letter, the teacher is really excited, how I want to watch you put on the artifact! Unfortunately, I can’t see it anymore, my child, promise the teacher, we must protect this artifact, because there is a teacher on it. My soul, the teacher will always stay on the artifact to protect you. Farewell, let me find my apprentice again.—— Corris. "

After reading the letter, Duan didn't have the slightest interest in the artifact. In his heart, there was only the endless miss for Coris. With a wow, he spouted a mouthful of blood, and Duan fell softly to the ground, his consciousness gradually blurred, and darkness fell again.

Whenever Dui wakes up, he will repeatedly look at the letter Coris left him. After reading the letter, he will fall into a coma because of grief. This state lasts for three days, even if he is angry. Has reached the realm close to the ninth level, but still can't bear it.

Dui woke up weakly again, and bursts of tingling pain kept coming from the bottom of his heart. He spread out the letter from Corris and subconsciously just wanted to repeat the previous process again, but accidentally saw the blood on his chest, he took a deep breath. Tone, the numb consciousness gradually cleared up, no, I can't go on like this. Teacher Gorris said, I want to cheer up, I want to cheer up, and I also need to protect the artifact he left me, yes, the artifact. He carefully folded the first four pages of letter paper, put it back in the wooden box, and picked up the last page of letter paper. According to the instructions on the letter paper, Duan stood up on the stone table and gently pressed down on the circular protrusion in the center of the table. The protrusion sank for a second and then rebounded, revealing a cylinder about one foot high. Duan had both hands. Grasp the cylinder, rotate it three times to the left, and then rotate it three times to the right, and then push back the much longer protrusion again.

Zaza's voice sounded, and Ah Dumb was surprised to find that the wall in front of him trembled slightly, as if the mechanism had been activated. Sure enough, the entire wall slowly rose under the influence of the organ, exposing an area as wide as several hundred square meters. This is the real laboratory of Corris!

The first thing Ah Du saw at the center of the laboratory was the giant cauldron with a height of two meters and a diameter of more than three meters. The cauldron had three legs, and the cauldron was carved with various complicated patterns. The last page left by Coris stated clearly that the artifact he refined was in this cauldron. There are many delicate objects hanging on the walls around the laboratory. These are the items made by Corris himself. On a bar table on the side, there are a dozen porcelain vases and three wooden boxes. That is Corris. All kinds of refined medicines.

A Dai walked towards the giant cauldron in the center step by step. With his height, he still couldn't see the situation in the cauldron. He took a deep breath, and Adai urged his body to float up and landed on the edge of the giant cauldron. The giant cauldron was filled with dark brown viscous liquid, and even after seven years, it still showed no signs of drying up. Dui picked up the long rod next to the tripod and stirred it in the viscous liquid according to the instructions on the letter. When he stirred to the center of the tripod, he realized that he had encountered a hard object. He used the fine hook on the long pole to test it. A few times, I hooked the thing and picked it up carefully.

When the long rod left the viscous liquid, Dui could see clearly. It was a black-gray object, which looked like an iron cylinder. The thick brown liquid was not even stained on it. A faint cold air came from the iron. The tube oozes out and reflects the metallic luster when illuminated by another larger night pearl in the laboratory.

Dumb knew that this iron barrel was the artifact made by Corris's life. He retracted the long rod, brought the iron barrel to him, and gently took it off. As soon as the iron cylinder started, Ah Du suddenly felt an unusually kind energy flowing into his body from the iron cylinder. Tears that had dried up appeared again, and Ah Dao gently stroked the only pattern on the iron cylinder, and muttered: "Teacher Corris, are you calling me? Teacher, why are you doing this?" He sighed. Dumb bit his right **** and dropped a drop of blood on the iron cylinder. The blood came into contact with the iron barrel and immediately seeped in. Dui felt a shock in his hand. The iron barrel suddenly emitted a black light, trembling slightly, and the familiar and kind energy was suddenly restrained and flowed back into the iron barrel. When Duan was surprised, the iron cylinder suddenly lost its form and turned into a soft liquid. It slipped into the giant spirit snake armor of Duan's right hand lightly, and disappeared with a ding sound. Just as the iron cylinder disappeared, Ah Dui clearly felt that the kind energy from the previous burst suddenly, with incomparable warmth, instantly spread all over his body, nourishing every part of his body, and the pain in his heart hurt his body. The damage caused seemed to have been healed by this warm energy in an instant, and a feeling of blood and flesh came from Dumb's right forearm. He seemed to feel the existence of Corris again, tears filled his eyes and rolled up the giant snake armor on his arm, exposing the skin inside. Dumb found that the black-gray iron cylinder had completely melted into his skin, right A section of skin close to 20 centimeters on the forearm turned black, and the faint brilliance circulated softly, and the cordial feeling made all the pain in Dumb's heart completely disappear.

"Mr. Gris, have you become this brace? Yes, it must be like this. Although your people are dead, your soul will always live in this brace. Being one, teacher, we will never be separated. Since this brace has been your wish for decades, then I will call it the Wish of Corris. I will always carry your soul and your wish, Teacher, Dui is not sad anymore, because you will always be with me. In my heart, you will always be alive."

The hope of Corris flashed, and the warm energy strengthened a bit, seeming to respond to dumb.

Dumb said with joy: "Teacher, are you satisfied with this name? The wish of Corris, you will always be my guardian."

The great human alchemist Coris used his soul to finally refine the first inferior artifact of mankind, which was named by his disciple Adai-the wish of Coris.

Duan jumped down from the giant cauldron, and his mind was focused on the wish of Corris on his right wrist. Looking at the black lines, he seemed to see the wrinkles on Corris's face again. He was full of grief and finally found a trace of comfort. He sat on the ground, leaning against the giant cauldron, stroking the wish of Corris on his hand, wrapped in warm energy, and finally fell asleep for the first time physically and mentally after returning to the psychedelic forest. This timely sleep The protection of the wish of Corris finally relieved his inner fatigue and pulled him back from the brink of derangement.

Having got the wish of Corris, Ah Dumb's spirit has sustenance. When he woke up early the next morning, he felt that he had recovered to his previous appearance, stretched his muscles and bones, and a strong sense of hunger came, ah! It seems that I haven't eaten anything for a long time. Dui raised his right hand and took a deep look at the wish of Corris on his arm. Although the warm feeling weakened a lot, he could still feel the cordial energy.

Dui walked to the table where the pills were placed. The dozen or so bottles of pills were labeled with labels. After about a glance, they were almost all poisons, all kinds of poisons. He shook his head helplessly. , Reached out and opened one of the three wooden boxes. It was filled with the notes that Corris had shown him. Duan trembled and held the notes in his hands, turning over the pages one by one. The familiar font And the content made his emotions agitated again. When he turned to the last page, he found an extra piece of paper, which read: Dumb, my child, this magical tool refining method will let it disappear with me . Dumb held the note tightly in his arms and murmured: "Teacher, you often say that I am stupid, but aren't you stupid too? In order to refine a divine weapon, you actually abandoned your life. Don’t worry, I will cherish the wish of Corris just as I love my own life.” While talking, he opened the other two boxes. In the other two boxes, there were Corris’ magic notes and walls. How to use those items hanging on the ceiling. Seeing these things left by Corris, Dumb couldn't help but feel a little silly.

After a long time, a strong sense of hunger awakened Ah'Dai from his obsession. He carefully put the three notes back in place, rubbed his stomach, and Ah'Dai decided to eat something first. He took out the last page of the letter that Coris had left him, walked to the giant cauldron according to the method recorded above, squatted down, and he got under the giant cauldron, where he found a protruding stone and held it down. The stone rotates three times to the left, and the sound of zapping sounded. The dumb squatting really felt his body moving, and a stone slab under his feet moved out with his body, towards the one with various utensils hanging. The wall rushed, just as Dui was stunned. A gap was opened in the wall. Under the leadership of the slate, Dui rushed directly into the gap. The surroundings were plunged into darkness. Dui clearly felt that he was driven by the slate under his feet. , His body was constantly rising diagonally forward, and after a while, a ray of light suddenly came from above his head. When he was not fully prepared, his body had already appeared in a mist. Dumb was shocked and angry. Under his deliberate urge to protect his body, he looked around, and Ah Dumb was surprised to find that he was actually in the fruit forest. Looking at the slate turned up beside him, he walked out. As soon as he left, the stone slab covered with shrubs was slowly closed, and no gap was visible from the outside. Dumb, who was familiar with Corris' notes, knew that this exit was absolutely impossible to open from the outside.

The surrounding fruits are so familiar. Because no one has picked them for many years, they grow exceptionally moist. The huge fruits of various colors can be seen in the eyes of Duan, making him think that he is back seven years ago. Duan picked off a purple one next to him. Fruit, a fragrance of fragrance penetrates through the body, this is my favorite Ziyun fruit! With a light bite, he was sucking the sweet juice in the fruit, and a cool air flow passed into his body, which immediately shocked Duan. Looking at all the indisputable surroundings, Duan secretly decided to stay here for Corris for one year, and then look for someone from the Killing Hand Society to avenge Owen. If there really is a thousand-year calamity on the mainland, then do your best. If there is no change in the mainland, you will come back here and die. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai's mood suddenly brightened, and his figure danced in the fruit forest like a butterfly wearing flowers, and his hungry body was constantly filled with sweet fruits.

Eleven months later, the sacred calendar is April 1997. Holy See.

Xuanyue stretched her body out of the Temple of Light. It has been two years since she had been baptized by God. In the past two years, her progress has been tremendous. She has completely exceeded the Pope’s expectations. In just two years, she has already Exceeding the level of white clothing sacrifice, no matter how difficult the spell, how difficult to control the magic, she can learn at twice the speed of normal numbers. Especially in terms of magic power, Xuanyue is now at a rapid pace. Now Xuanyue is no longer the Xuanyue who only has the ability of a primary magician and is supported entirely by divine tools. Her sacred magic has entered the realm of magicians, not inferior at all. The holy see's white clothing sacrifices.

The bright sunshine fell on Xuan Yue's pretty face, and her beautiful face was full of sacred aura under the sunlight, like an inviolable saint, and every movement was full of amazing beauty. She is now taller than her and reached about 1.75 meters, no less inferior to ordinary men. Her long blue hair like a waterfall draped behind her, hanging straight over her knees, if we say three years She was a beautiful little girl before, but now she has fully developed into a stunning beauty, although she is wrapped in a wide white goddess robe, but she can't hide her proud figure. Xuanyue stared directly at the dazzling sunlight without evading, and her body and mind were in a calm state. In the past few days, her sacred magic seems to have improved again, except for those eighth-level magic that requires too much magic power. I have basically learned the Holy See's sacred magic and the space magic stored in the Phoenix's blood.

"Hey, Yueyue, it's really you! It's been a long time." A clear and pleasant voice awakened Xuanyue from her calm. She turned slightly and saw a tall young man. The young man was dressed in a strong white outfit. The corners of the white placket were all hooked with gold thread. He had broad shoulders and a wide back. A long sword hung around his waist. The standard attire of the Holy See Judge of Light, with a trace on his handsome face. With a surprised smile, he quickly walked towards Xuan Yue. The position of the Judge of the Light in the Tribunal of the Holy See is second only to the presiding judge and the holy judge. It is the backbone of the trial. The judges who can reach this level have reached a very high level of martial arts.

Xuan Yue frowned slightly. For a while, she didn't recognize this somewhat familiar face, and murmured: "Who are you! How come you came to the Temple of Light? This is not the place for the people from your trial office. ." Her voice was indifferent, without any emotional fluctuations.

Chapter 88: Memory recovery

An awkward expression appeared on the youth's face, and he defended: "I just passed by here, Yueyue, don't you recognize me? I am your brother Babuyi! When we were young, we often played together. My father It's Babylon."

Xuan Yue suddenly said: "Oh, you are Babuyi brother, you are so tall, remember that when I was young, I seemed to bully you often. You gave me a horse ride." Speaking of childhood In the past, Xuan Yue's holy face filled with sacred aura revealed a faint smile.

Ba Buyi looked at Xuanyue's smile like the thawing of the spring breeze, and couldn't help but feel a little silly. Xuanyue's beautiful appearance, holy and elegant temperament, deeply moved his heart. He is two years older than Xuan Yue. Because of the relationship between Xuan Ye and Babulun, he naturally became Xuan Yue’s playmate when he was a child. Since childhood, he has liked this angel-like sister very much, and has been silently with her. On the side, no matter what mischief Xuan Yue did to him, he would accept it willingly. Every time he saw Xuan Yue's innocent smile, Ba Buyi would fall into a deep fascination. Although Ba Buyi has grown up year after year, and at a young age, he has also passed the examination of the Judge of Light, but he still can't forget Xuan Yue, who grew up with him since childhood. Perhaps it was his father's inheritance. Ba Buyi was extremely dedicated to Xuanyue. When he was a teenager, he had already determined that he would not marry Xuanyue in his entire life.

The reason why he met Xuan Yue here is not a coincidence. Since knowing that after Xuan Yue came back, he would wander around the Guangming Temple where Xuan Yue cultivated every day, except for practice. For more than a full year, this was the first The next time I saw Xuan Yue's figure, I hurried up to talk. A few years ago, when he had just learned about men and women, he told his father Babylon about this idea. Babylon was overjoyed when he knew about it. He went through countless pains before he pursued his wife. , The son liked the daughter of a friend. Although Xuan Yue was a little bit naughty, he was also loved by him. The two were very close to each other. He took it for granted that Xuan Ye would agree to this marriage. He didn't want his son to experience it again. He was suffering as much as he was at the beginning, so he took the initiative to propose this marriage to Xuan Ye many times. At first, Xuan Ye also had the same meaning. However, Xuan Ye has been perfunctory to him for the past two years. This has made Baburun a little upset. Vaguely felt that Xuan Ye's refusal was related to the few months Xuan Yue left the Holy See. So, using the strength of his subordinates, he learned everything about the months that Xuan Yue was missing from the dozens of silver armor judges who followed Xuan Ye. Only then did he discover that his son had an extra rival in love, and he couldn't help but worry. stand up. After Xuanyue returned to the Holy See, she lived in simplicity and rarely left the Temple of Light. In order to make her son happy, Babulun told Babuyi that in order to get the girl’s heart, he must be bold, careful and thick-skinned, and only firm. Only faith can hold the beauty back, so he asked Ba Buyi to stay outside the Temple of Light, looking for opportunities to approach Xuanyue, in order to close the water tower and get the first effect.

"Yeah! Yueyue, we haven't seen each other for several years. I have been practicing qigong for the past few years, and I have less time to get along. How are you doing these years?" Facing his sweetheart, Ba Buyi Can't help feeling a little at a loss.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "I'm fine! Big Brother Babuyi, you have already become the Judge of Light. It's not easy!"

Ba Buyi blurted out, "I only have the ability to protect you after hard training!" After speaking, his handsome face turned red.

Hearing Ba Buyi's words, Xuan Yue looked at him in amazement, her heart moved, her calm and watery heart seemed to tremble slightly, as if she was touched by Ba Buyi.

Seeing Xuanyue not speaking, Ba Buyi thought she was moved by her own words. He was overjoyed, stepped forward, walked to Xuanyue, looked at Xuanyue, who was close to her nose, and smelled her body. A faint fragrance, fascinated, said: "Yueyue, if you want, elder brother can still ride you as a horse like when you were a kid."

Xuan Yueqiao blushed, and Ba Buyi was as smart as hers, so why couldn't she understand it? She knows how good Ba Buyi is to her, but in her heart, Ba Buyi is always a big brother who will take care of her and take good care of her. Xuan Yue lowered her head, shook it gently, and said, "Big brother, we all grow up. It’s impossible to reproduce the jokes of childhood."

Ba Buyi said: "Yes! We are all grown up, everything is different. Yueyue, there is a word I wanted to tell you very early. Actually, actually I..." He blushed and bulged. Courage, when she was about to say what she was saying, she was interrupted by Xuanyue. She seemed to evade and said, "Big brother, I want to go back to practice, so go and work." Then she turned around. Return to the Temple of Light.

After waiting for more than a year, even if Ba Buyi had no patience, he was already worn out. After finally waiting for this opportunity, he was really unwilling to give up, and impulsively grabbed Xuanyue’s little hand and said: "Yueyue, I will not delay You have too much time, let me finish my sentence?"

Xuan Yue turned around and gently drew her hand back. Ba Buyi can be regarded as her elder brother after all. She knew that she had to go to the cotton team for some things, so she nodded and said: "Well, brother, you said. "

Looking at Xuanyue’s clear beautiful eyes, Ba Buyi trembles slightly, rubbing his hands, lowering his head, avoiding Xuanyue’s gaze, and muttering: "Yueyue, Yueyue, in fact, I, I have been, always I like you very much."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "I know! From childhood to age, eldest brother has always treated me very well, and I have always treated you as my own brother, elder brother, do you want to tell me this?"

Ba Buyi was a little anxious in his heart, and hurriedly said: "No, no, I'm not talking about that kind of like, I mean, I, in fact, I..." Raising his head sharply, Ba Buyi summoned his courage, "Yueyue, In fact, I have always loved you! Can you give me a chance? Let me protect you for the rest of my life."

Xuan Yue's whole body trembled, and there was a look of confusion in her beautiful eyes. She did not answer, but looked at Ba Buyi quietly.

Ba Buyi finally said what he had held in his heart for a long time, and his chest was refreshed and relaxed a lot. "Yueyue, I am two years older than you. There are many things I must understand before you. When we were young, I I already like you very much, but at that time I didn’t know that it was love. As I get older, I find that my heart always thinks of you. No matter how hard or tiring the practice is, as long as I think about it, I am now The martial arts of cultivation can protect you in the future, and I will never feel tired anymore. You are the driving force for my cultivation! I told myself that I will only love Yueyue in this life, and I will only marry Yueyue as me. My wife, this belief will not change no matter how long it takes, Yueyue, I love you, give me this opportunity. I don’t ask you to promise me now, I just hope you can give me this to pursue you I believe that I will be able to impress you with my sincerity. In the world, no one will love you more than me." He excitedly said all his words in his heart, his handsome face turned slightly red , Looking at Xuan Yue with expectation.

Ba Buyi's words disrupted Xuanyue's originally calm heart. For the first time since practicing sacred magic, Xuanyue felt that she could no longer remain calm. A slight ripple appeared on her closed heart, and there seemed to be a voice. Calling to myself from the bottom of my heart, a faint figure gradually emerged, but that was not Babuyi.

Yueyue shook her head gently, and Yueyue whispered: "I'm sorry, Babuyi, I can't accept your feelings. You are kind to Yueyue, Yueyue understands, but I have always regarded you as my brother. Don't be embarrassed. How is Yueyue?"

Hearing Xuanyue's refusal, Ba Buyi's flushed face gradually turned gray. He clenched his fists, trying to control his emotions, "Yueyue, why? Wouldn't you give me a chance? I know. You are still young and don’t want to think about it, but I can wait, I’m willing to wait, even for the rest of my life, can’t you even give me this opportunity to wait? Yueyue, I said, in my life I will only love you one."

Xuan Yue took a deep breath, stared at Babuyi's anxious eyes, gritted her teeth, and said: "Sorry, Babuyi, I really don't feel that way for you. I can't delay you. There are many good girls in the Holy See. I believe you will find your own happiness. I'm sorry."

Ba Buyi's heart was cold, Xuan Yue firmly refused to pierce his heart like a sharp blade. He tremblingly took two steps back and murmured: "No, no, Yueyue, we will grow up together. , You, why don't you feel at all about me? No, no, you must be joking with me, right?"

Xuan Yue sighed and said, "Big Brother Babuyi, calm down, you should know that I won't make fun of this kind of thing. Although I don't want to hurt you, I don't want you to fall too deep, so wake up. Brother, we are impossible."

The only trace of blood on Ba Bu Yijun’s face faded, and his voice suddenly became stern, "I know, I know, you must be thinking about the guy called Dumb, right? You didn’t accept me because of him. How can I not compare to him? He is just a commoner of unknown origin! He is not a believer of God at all, only I can truly be worthy of you!"

Hearing Ba Buyi's words, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, and the word A Duan smashed through the confusion in her heart like a giant hammer. The past, all kinds of things continued to emerge from the bottom of her heart, and that simple and dull face appeared clearly. Before her eyes, Xuan Yue's heart throbbed, and the events of three years ago flowed out of her memory.


"I'm taking a magician test, what are you doing. You accompany, you accompany my magic power."

"Yes, sorry, miss, me, I didn't mean to. How to accompany?"

"Your ring sucked my magic power, so you can accompany it to me."

"No! This ring is very important to me. I can't accompany you. You can ask for something else."

"No, I want that ring."

"I really can't give you a ring, or else I will give you some money."

"Who wants your stinky money? Well, it's fine if you don't give me the ring, but you have to promise me one condition."

"This girl is playing on the mainland, and she is missing a follower. From your appearance, she seems to have two skills. As long as you follow this girl and be my follower for a year, I will forgive you. This condition is very generous, right? . Let you follow me, but your blessing."


"Dumb, dumb." All the memories were restored, Xuan Yue clearly remembered that the reason why she was willing to learn sacred magic with grandpa at the beginning was entirely to see dumb again! Dumb, are you okay? where are you? Is the elf rescued? Dumb, dumb.

Xuan Yue's whole body trembled slightly with excitement, and the thoughts that had been sleeping for three years poured out of her nest, two lines of clear tears flowed down, no matter how strong the sacred breath, at this time, she couldn't stop her inner yearning for Dumb, that dull and honest young man It is so important in her heart. She already understands why she firmly rejected Ba Buyi just now. It is because she can no longer hold anyone in her heart. There is only one dumb in her heart.

Seeing Xuanyue's tears, Babuyi immediately became sober, and tentatively asked: "Yueyue, what's the matter with you? Big brother is too heavy, don't cry, brother doesn't force you, let's talk about this later."

Xuan Yue shook her head gently, her beautiful eyes filled with miserable expression, "No, Big Brother Babuyi, what you said is right, I really can't accept you because of Duan. Three years ago, I have separated from him. It has been three years, but I still know how I feel in my heart. I love him, I love dumb, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." After saying that, Xuan Yue turned her head and ran inside the Temple of Light, crystal tears floating in the air, in the sun Under the illumination, there was a faint light.

Ba Buyi was completely sluggish, and his expectations were completely shattered. His body was shaking slightly, and Xuan Yue's last words sealed his only hope. He felt that his chest was so stuffy and depressing, and his unthinkable feelings were constantly impacting his heart. Yueyue had fallen in love with other people, so what about herself? What should I do? Ba Buyi, the first master of the young generation of the Holy See, like an ordinary person with a serious illness, holding on to the railing in front of the Temple of Light, walked step by step, with a broken heart.

In the temple of Guangming, Xuan Yue stood quietly in the center of the temple, her delicate body trembling slightly, and her thoughts constantly impacted her heart like a tide. She loves Dumb, and this thought became clearer and clearer. strong. Once the thoughts that had been closed for three years broke the barrier, it was so unstoppable, tears kept streaming down, in her heart, there were only two words-dumb.

"I'm going to find him." Xuanyue muttered, her big eyes lit up, revealing an unusually firm gaze, I'm going to find him, I'm going to find Dui, at this moment, she clearly felt, No one can stop oneself from missing Dumb. She turned around abruptly and rushed towards the door of the Temple of Light. At this moment, she no longer wanted to practice any sacred magic. Even the gods could not stop her impulsive emotions.

"Hey, Yueyue, what are you going to do in such a hurry? How is your cultivation today?" The old voice thought, Xuanyue rushed into a warm embrace, soft sacred energy enveloping her delicate body , Suddenly let her wake up from the excitement. Looking up, the person who suddenly appeared was his grandfather, the Pope.

The Pope stroked Xuanyue's long hair and said kindly: "What happened to my Xiaoyueyue today? Why is my heart so disturbed!" He lifted Xuanyue's pretty face, and pitifully wiped away the tears from her face. "Why are you crying?"

Xuan Yue choked and said: "Grandpa, I, I think of dumb. I don't want to practice anymore, you let me go to dumb, okay, I miss dumb! Why? Why have I forgotten him all these years? I didn't think of it until now!"

There was a look of surprise in the eyes of the pope. After receiving the baptism, Xuan Yue took an indifferent attitude to everything except for practicing sacred magic. The change at this time surprised him, although this kind of sentiment revealed Xuan Yuebi He likes Xuanyue, who is full of sacred aura and does not eat the fireworks even more, but he is still worried that the change of mood will affect Xuanyue’s cultivation base, and hastened to mobilize his divine power. Body, inquiring about the situation in her body, her magical power has not changed, but her mentality is no longer calm. After sighing, the pope said: "Grandpa doesn't know why you forgot him, maybe this is the will of God, everything in the world has its own will in the world, and when you think of him at this time, it is God's arrangement! Yueyue, tell grandpa, how do you feel about Dumb?"

Xuan Yueqiao blushed, and lowered her head and said, "Grandpa, I love Dumb. Although I have been apart for three years, I clearly understand my intentions. I love him. I really love him. Even if he doesn't have anything. The advantage is that I love him. With him, I will have an inexplicable sense of security. Although he is not handsome, he is not noble, and he is not outstanding in every aspect. However, for no reason, I am Love him. Grandpa, Yueyue begs you, let me find him." Even in the excitement, Xuanyue knew clearly that if the pope objected, she would not be able to go to Duan, she slowly knelt Falling to the ground, the mist in her beautiful eyes was hazy, and her beautiful pretty face showed a look of sadness.

The Pope sighed slightly, waved his hand, and the soft golden energy lifted Xuan Yue's delicate body, "Child, don't worry, can you listen to Grandpa? If Dumb is just an ordinary civilian, Grandpa will definitely not agree with you. You are with him. Because you are my granddaughter, and your father Xuan Ye is the most likely candidate to become the next pope. In the Holy See, you have the status of a princess. In your capacity, how can you be with one Ordinary civilians have feelings?" Seeing Xuanyue's pale face, the pope smiled and said: "Don't worry, grandpa hasn't finished talking! Although grandpa opposes you to associate with people of different identities, he does not oppose you. Contact with Ah-Dai. You once said that Ah-Dai might be the savior of the Thousand-Year Calamity. Although Grandpa cannot be sure of this statement. However, Prophet Purin of the Puyan tribe is very likely to be correct. Judging from the current situation , His speculation is gradually becoming a reality. Whether it's Dui or you, you have done things that ordinary people can't accomplish at all. Your progress is really fast. If you and Dui are really the saviors of disasters, that is, the gods will arrange you When you’re together, how can your grandfather fight against the gods? My child, I know you miss him very much in your heart and want to find him quickly, but you have been separated for three years. If you don’t have the help of your grandpa, I’m afraid you can find him. Nian may not be able to find him, so patiently listen to Grandpa finish the words."

Xuan Yue's eyes shone brightly, and said with joy, "Grandpa, do you know where Dumb is?"

The pope smiled and said, "Although I don’t know where he is, I am sure to let you find him. Dumb is no longer the dumb you knew before. In the three years since you forgot about him, something happened on the mainland. Many things. A year ago, your dumb has become a **** of death known to the world. In the Sunset Empire, at least thousands of lives were killed in his hands."

After hearing the Pope’s words, Xuan Yue trembled all over her body, her face was pale and she took a step back, tremblingly: "No, it's impossible. Dumb can't kill so many people. He is so kind, how could he become a **** of death?"

The Pope sighed and said: "I don't know the specifics, but you don't have to worry too much. All that dumb killed were people from the dark forces of the sunset empire. He seemed to kill people to rescue the elves. Almost everyone he kills has a way to die. What Grandpa wants to tell you is that Ah Du’s current skill is very different from when you were with him. I’m afraid, even if your father wants to beat him now, he must It took a lot of trouble."

The light of surprise in Xuan Yue's big eyes flashed away, and she said with relief: "Dai has the Pluto sword, of course ordinary people can't deal with him."

The Pope shook his head solemnly and said, "No, Grandpa said, on the premise that he doesn't use the Pluto sword. The presiding judge has tried his skills personally, but he almost fell into his hands, your uncle's ability, You don’t know."

Xuan Yue opened her mouth wide in surprise, and murmured: "Grandpa, you won't be kidding me. Grandpa is the most powerful person I have ever seen except you. Oh, no, it seems that the Sword Saint of Tiangang is also Very powerful. It's impossible for Duan to fight against Grandpa."

The pope smiled bitterly: "I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for the facts, but it is the case. Do you remember that I used the healing technique in the Temple of Prayer nearly a year ago? You asked me to save Whoever used it, that time, I was just to save Dui. Although Dui launched his strongest attack and almost defeated your uncle, he himself paid a heavy price and was shocked by his powerful attacks. The meridians almost died."

Xuan Yue was anxious, she grabbed the pope by the skirt, "Grandpa, why didn't you tell me earlier, dumb, dumb, how is he?"

The pope said: "I didn't tell you at the time because I was afraid of affecting your meditation. At that time, you were at the most important juncture of cultivation. Don't worry, don't you know how powerful grandpa's healing arts are? With grandpa and you With uncle grandfather's cooperation, even the dead can bring him back. Dumb was cured by us at that time. However, when he recovered, he immediately left the Holy See."

When Xuan Yue heard that A Duan was okay, she was relieved immediately, her pretty face blushed, and she said with a twist, "Then, didn't he mention me? He has already arrived at the Holy See, why didn't he come to me?"

The pope shook his head and said: "He didn't mention you in front of me, but he seemed to look a little wrong when he left, as if he was in a dull mood."

Xuan Yue said foolishly: "Damn, you, why didn't you come to see me? Did you forget Yueyue?" Strong thoughts filled her heart, Xuanyue firmly said to the pope: "Grandpa Since you have no objection, I will go to Dumb now."

The pope nodded and said: "Well, Grandpa will not stop you. It is no problem to protect yourself with your current level of magic. When encountering enemies, you must not be careless. Grandpa with the Angel's Staff and the Divine Artifact Phoenix Blood can also rest assured Up."

"Grandpa, how can I find Dumb?"

The pope’s lips moved slightly, and the light element in the Temple of Light fluctuated. He swiped in the air, and a crack appeared. The pope took out two not-so-thick classics from the cracks, pointed to the red-covered classics and said: "Remember Grandpa Do you teach you magic about the blood of the phoenix? They are all recorded in this book. At the same time, this book also records all the methods and application magic of the dragon’s blood. You can teach him after you see the dumb. Although he is not the main cultivator of magic, his mental power is very strong and should be applicable. Only by making full use of the power of the artifact, you will be able to become the real savior like His Majesty Shenyu in the future. This book also records There are several combined magics of the blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix, but those magics have too high requirements for the caster. Although your skill is not low, it is still not up to the method used. The blood of the dragon and the phoenix The blood is a pair of artifacts. In terms of a single body, both have the power close to the intermediate artifacts, but if they are truly combined, the energy emitted can even approach the high-level artifacts. If you want to find the dumb smoothly, you must use these two As for the connection between these artifacts, as for how to use it, you can find it from this book yourself." The pope pointed to another book with a white cover and said, "You can transfer this book to Ah-Dai for me. How to use the ring, this kid actually has three artifacts on his body. If used properly, his skill will be improved. This is a gift I gave him." After speaking, he handed the two classics to Xuanyue. Hands.

Xuan Yue took the two classics, looked at the Pope's kind eyes, choked up and said, "Grandpa, thank you."

The Pope sighed and said, "When the bird grows up, it must fly by its own ability. Child, go and do what you want to do. Be careful, maybe, the future of the mainland, the future of the Holy See, It's up to you and dumb."

Xuan Yue put the two classics into Phoenix's blood, nodded gently, fell to her knees, and knocked three heads at the Pope before she stood up and ran out quickly.

"Wait a minute." The pope called to Xuan Yue. "You can't find him like this. Although you are a member of the Holy See, your appearance will cause you a lot of trouble. Maybe you haven't found Dumb, you will be entangled a lot."

Xuan Yue froze and said, "Then, what should I do?"

The Pope smiled and said: "Go change into a sacrificial outfit, and then dress yourself up as a boy. Yi Chai Erping should be your best choice."

With Xuanyue's cleverness, he can naturally understand the meaning of the pope's words, and nodded gently and said: "Thank you, grandpa." After speaking, she turned her head and ran out of the Temple of Light.

"What, father, did you let Yueyue go to find dumb?" Xuan Ye looked surprised. After learning that his daughter had left the Holy See, he immediately brought his wife Nasha to the Pope, but he got the Pope to let his daughter go. Look for news from Dumb.

The pope said calmly: "Some things cannot be stopped. Even if you keep Yueyue's person, you can't keep her heart, let her go. Maybe, Dumb is her best choice."

Xuan Ye said anxiously: "But, how come that dumb kid is worthy of last month!"

Nasha doesn't care whether Dui can be worthy of her own daughter. What she cares about is the safety of her daughter. "Pope, Yueyue is a young child. Will this be too ~ The pope said lightly: "Yueyue is not young anymore, she has grown up, although she is your daughter, she should also have her own freedom, she has her own providence, have you forgotten that Yueyuehe Dui is likely to be the savior of the Thousand Years of Calamity, and their fate is naturally arranged by heaven. If God arranges them to be together, how can you stop them. Nasha, you should still remember your promise to Yueyue. "

Nasha froze, and said in confusion: "Promise? You mean..."

The pope nodded and said: "Yes, Yueyue's magic level has surpassed your current realm. As believers of God, we can't lie, let everything be natural. Okay, go on, no Bother me again."

Xuan Ye and Nasha looked at each other, sighed, turned and walked out.

"Ye'er, I don't allow you to leave the Holy See. I will take care of Yueyue's affairs." The pope's voice was full of unrejectable majesty.

Xuan Ye shook his whole body, just about to say something, but felt the infinite power emanating from the pope, sighed helplessly, and left the hall with his wife. He clearly knew that his father's words were beyond doubt.

Chapter 89: Death attack

Three days later.

Babron led the set to return to the Holy See. This six-month tour on behalf of the Holy See made him very satisfied, and the sacrificial halls in various places were running in an orderly manner. The thought of seeing his beautiful wife makes his heart hot.

Back at the courthouse, Baburun ordered his men to disperse and rest on their own. He quickly returned home. As soon as he entered the door, he saw his wife cleaning the room. He watched his wife’s familiar exquisite body warm in his heart and whispered. : "Shui'er, I am back." Although it has been combined for more than 20 years, Babylon's love for his wife has not diminished over time. He and Xuanye are both famous models in the Holy See husband.

Babylon's wife Luo Shui turned to look at her husband, snorted, and complained: "You still know that you are back! It's been so long since you left."

Babylon laughed and said, "I have tried my best to rush, and you know, half a year is the fastest time to go around the mainland. Wife, I miss you so much! I have been walking for so long and miss me No?" As he said, he hugged Luoshui.

Luo Shui Liu slid his waist, avoiding the'attack' of her husband, looking at her husband, frowning and saying: "Stop making trouble, you should go see your son first. I don't know what's wrong these days, and Fuyi is always in despair. Yes, it seems as if the sky is falling down, even if you don't even practice martial arts, it seems that you have suffered some blow."

Baburon smiled bitterly: "My wife, you should pay attention to what you say. When will the sky fall? You will be blamed by the gods."

Luo Shui snorted and said: "Come here, I don't care about the gods, I only care about my son. How I ask him, he would not say, it seems to be stimulated. You don't care about your son today Ask clearly, I can't finish with you."

Babylon has always been terrified, and hurriedly said: "Okay, okay, I will go now, my wife's order is the imperial edict, how dare I not complete it!" After speaking, he turned and walked to his son's room.

Baburon tapped twice on his son's door, and Babuyi's lifeless voice came from the room, "Who?"

"Your father, me." As he said, Babylon pushed the door in. He was startled by the look of Babuyi, and he looked very desolate, who had always valued appearance. His long golden hair was scattered, his face was full of stubble, and he sat on the bed blankly, his decadent appearance made Babrun frown.

Ba Buyi glanced at his father and said without expression, "Dad, you are back."

"Well, what's wrong with you? Anxious your mother?"

Babuyi lowered his head and said sadly: "I'm fine, Dad, you leave me alone, I want to be quiet."

The appearance of his son couldn’t be more familiar. When he was his age, he was decadent for pursuing Luoshui for a long time. With a move in his heart, Baburun asked, “Is it because of Yueyue? I didn’t let you be outside the Temple of Light. Keep it? Did she reject you?"

Ba Buyi shook his whole body and looked up at his father. In the past few days, he has been in intense pain. His beloved has categorically rejected his feelings, leaving him with great physical and mental trauma.

As soon as he looked at his son’s expression, Baburun knew that he had guessed correctly, and frowned, “No! You and Yueyue grew up together, how could she reject you? Seeing you, she should be very decisive. Right."

Ba Buyi smiled bitterly: "Yueyue totally rejected me, Dad, why? You say, I am inferior to that dumb dumb, but Yueyue said that she loves that person, and I have no chance at all!"

Looking at his son, Babylon couldn't help but think of himself. He stepped forward and pulled Ba Buyi up, face to face, staring at him and said, "One rejection made you like this? Why are you so unpromising. How can you prove that you are like this? You love Yueyue. Could it be that if you stay at home, Yueyue will automatically fall into your embrace?"

Ba Buyi said in despair, "But, but Yueyue already has someone she likes, she can't accept me anymore!"

Babylon forced his son onto the bed and said angrily: "What is impossible? Do you know how many times I was rejected when I chased your mother? You know your mother's temper, how does it compare to Yueyue? But it’s more violent! But your father and me, for my true love, after going through hardships and getting more frustrated, I finally moved her with my sincerity, but how about you? Are you still like my son? Just a frustration It made you look like this, just like you are like a bear, no wonder Yueyue doesn't like you." In fact, his decadent appearance was much worse than Babuyi now, just to maintain his dignity as a father. , Aroused his son's fighting spirit, but also had to say some bold words.

Babuyi looked at his father stunnedly, and muttered: "Dad, then you say, do I still have a chance?"

"Nonsense, of course there is a chance, and there is a big chance. Yueyue and that kid have only been together for a few months and haven’t gotten married. It’s still too early to say anything. But what about you, you and Yueyue have grown up Growing up together, the relationship foundation should be much deeper. Yueyue may be just a momentary effort, or attracted by a certain aspect of that kid, she will understand in the future that only you are her best choice. But this requires you Go and fight for it. Opportunities must be grasped by yourself."

Babuyi jumped up from the ground, with a complicated look in his eyes.

Babrun said: "You tell me whether you like Yueyue or not."

Babuyi nodded firmly.

"That's fine. Now that you have determined your goal, you must pursue it firmly. Even if you really fail, at least you have worked hard. Do you want to leave yourself any regrets? Yueyue is now where?"

Ba Buyi was completely awakened from the decadence by his father's words, and the hope in his heart rose again, "Yueyue, she left the Holy See three days ago, maybe she went to find the boy named Ah Dumb."

Ba Shi slapped his son **** the head and cursed: "You stupid boy, Yueyue is gone. You are not going to chase after him. If you nest here, Yueyue will fall into your arms? If you let her and If that kid gets along and even does something, you still have a chance to fart. Get out of here, don't bother me here."

"I, I'll go now." Babuyi turned his head and ran out, but was caught by Babulun. "Wait a minute," he took out a golden token from his arms and stuffed it into his son's hand. "Hold my token, the sacrificial halls everywhere will help you. Yueyue's appearance is very easy to recognize. Rely on your own efforts."

Babuyi clenched the token, looked at his father's encouraging gaze, and said excitedly: "Dad, thank you, don't worry, I will not let you down." After speaking, he turned and ran out of the room.

Babylon smiled and murmured: "This is just like my son, kid, good luck." He was about to walk out of the room, but Luo Shui rushed in, "What's wrong with my son, how excited Ran out?"

Babron chuckled and said: "That silly boy is troubled by love, I have solved it, don't worry, he is chasing Yueyue, I believe that our son will be able to do it. How about? Should it be given to me? Some rewards?"

Luo Shui glared at Babulun with an annoyed look, and said, "How about your two sons to help your son?"

Babulun proudly said: "My skills are not good, how can I chase after you this big beauty?" He said, he took Luo Shui into his arms.

Luoshui blushed and murmured: "I didn't agree to you because I was pitiful at the beginning. I hate, who allowed you to hug me, hurry up, there is still a lot of work to do at home. You don't want to do it today. Okay, let's sleep on the sofa at night." After speaking, she broke free of her husband's arms and ran away with a triumphant smile.

Baburon gave a wry smile and resignedly followed out.

One month later, the psychedelic forest.

Dui stood in front of the wooden house, quietly watching the mist in front of him, and it was time to pray for Corris every day. Since he got Corris’ wish, he could always feel Corris by his side, so, Before breakfast every morning, he would pray silently for Coris.

For a whole year, Dui repeated the same thing almost every day. In the morning, he prayed for Coris first, and then had breakfast. For the remaining day, he was soaked in the intricate utensils left by Corris. This year His martial arts progress was very small, and he still did not break through the eighth stage of life and life to reach the highest level. However, according to the notes left by Coris, he thoroughly studied those delicate instruments and was deeply intoxicated. In the crystallization of these wisdom of Corris. The wish of Corris has also become his best partner. After a year of hard work, it has become the first artifact that dumb can completely control. Dumb discovered that Gorris' Wish not only has the ability to instantly transfer three times a day and clone one hour, but at the same time, its instant transfer can also act on other objects. The avatar’s skill is Dui’s favorite. Whenever he feels lonely, he will call out his avatar. At the beginning, the avatar will move with his movements. What Dumb does, its avatar will do the same. Except that the power of martial arts is only about half that of dumb, there is almost no difference, it seems to be another dumb. Over time, Ah-Dai discovered that the clone can be controlled with mental power. In order to achieve this goal, the original meditation every night has become meditation. Under the effect of the birth of zhenqi running through the meridians, due to the original practice Because of the change in controlling the fighting spirit, Ah'Dai's mental power is not weak. Coupled with his continuous meditation practice, he has made rapid progress. Now he can control the clone to do whatever he wants. As long as the mind moves, Corris's Wish will respond accordingly according to his instructions.

Dumb, remembering Corris’s exhortation in the letter, he didn’t practice all the magic that Corris left behind. He just blocked the space that he was most interested in. With this magic, he can even without the blood of the dragon. Many things were stored, and the works left by Coris were sealed off by him.

After praying, A Duan floated up and turned into a phantom into the fruit forest. Relying on his memory, each piece of sweet and delicious fruit accurately fell into the bamboo basket under the action of the vindictive silk that had changed. Turning back to the wooden house, Dui sat on the steps, ate the fruit while calculating the time of his arrival. Not counting the first few days below, he was surprised to find that it had been a year. Dumb sighed and said: "Time flies so fast, it's been a year, Teacher Gris, I have fulfilled my promise. Now, I am going to avenge Uncle Owen, I think you will not stop me Yes, no matter how long it takes, I must fulfill my last wish. If I am still alive then, I will come back and be here with you for the rest of my life."

Dumb wanted to leave right away, but he couldn't bear everything here. Using the green spring behind the wooden house, he spent a full day cleaning the wooden house, and then he took out the three books from the underground secret room of Corris. Note, bury it in the depths of the fruit forest, cut the wood into a stele, and engrave it: The tomb of the great alchemist Corris, signed, and the disciple Ah Dawei stood in tears. After doing this, it was getting dark, and Duan did not return to the wooden house, but accompanied the tomb of Corris in the fruit forest. He started to meditate for the first time since he came here.

The silver golden body that hasn't been activated for a long time gradually circulates. Dui found that although he hadn't deliberately practiced, the endless circulation of fighting qi itself prevented it from declining. On the contrary, it still There has been some progress. The second golden body from his chest still exudes a faint light. After a night of practice, Dumb was surprised to find that there seems to be a bridge between the two golden bodies, although the silver golden body cannot control the second. The energy of the golden body, but due to the reason that the golden body can communicate, he absorbs the energy of the second golden body much faster than before. In just one night, he already feels that his skill has increased.

After the work was completed and the sky was getting bright, Dumb quietly knelt in front of the tomb of Corris, gently stroking the wish of Corris on his wrist and muttered: "Teacher, I am leaving. I hope you like it here. It is a fruit tree. When you are hungry, just absorb some of the aura here. Teacher, no matter when you are in the heart of Dumb, you have the most important position. You will always be the teacher that Dumb respects most." Tears fell, Soaking quickly into the mud, Ah Du took a deep breath, wiped away the tears that had flowed down his face without knowing it, and stood up. Hanmang flashed in his eyes, he gently stroked the Pluto sword on his chest, and said bitterly: "The Killing Hand Club, I'm here, I must avenge Uncle Owen's revenge."

Simply go back to the wooden house to pack up the things that need to be taken away, put on a clean civilian clothing, Dui walked out of the wooden house, looked deeply at the familiar scene around, sighed, the gray figure rose into the sky, Dui followed The path he was familiar with left his home and went to the Forest of Psychedelic. After carefully studying the notes of Corris during this period, the path of the Forest of Psychedelic could not be too difficult for him. Soon, he walked out. The mechanism arranged by Corris swiftly galloped outwards.

A familiar smell suddenly entered into Dumb’s nose. With a move in his heart, his forward body flew high, and a white figure rushed from under his feet. Dumb looked at the white shadow attacking him, just as he had judged. This sneak attack on him was the white tiger he met when he came back. It was looking at him with a pair of big, fierce and shining eyes and roaring softly.

Dumb shook his head helplessly, "I didn’t tell you that you can’t eat me. Let’s be the king of your beasts. Okay, I’m leaving now, but don’t get entangled anymore, otherwise, I won’t You're welcome."

Bai Hu's gaze suddenly softened a lot, and it roared softly, as if to say something. Duan looked at it, and saw the white tiger crawling on the ground, gently shaking his big head, revealing a trace of pain. Dumb tentatively asked, "Are you feeling uncomfortable? Can I help you?"

The wise king of the beasts understood Dumb's words, and the big head nodded, showing a pleading look. Its pitiful appearance made Duan feel soft, floated up and landed beside Baihu. Baihu's ability was not enough to hurt him, so he was not overly vigilant. Gently patted the big head of the white tiger, and said: "What's wrong with you? King of the forest."

Suddenly, Bai Hu opened its big mouth, and the scared Dui took a step back subconsciously. Bai Hu didn't bite him, but still opened his mouth. Dui looked into his mouth and saw the last one on his right. The tiger teeth seemed to have turned black, and there was still a hint of yellow pus underneath. Dumb suddenly felt that this was the source of the pain of the white tiger.

"It turns out you have a toothache! Don't move, let me see." As he said, Dumb approached Baihu and looked into his mouth carefully. The black tiger tooth seemed to have been damaged. Trembling slightly and a little shake.

Dumb frowned and said, "Brother Tiger, your tooth is broken. Let me pull it out for you. It is already inflamed. If you don't pull it out, you will feel more pain in the future."

Bai Hu opened his big mouth and nodded gently. Duan stroked his soft and radiant long hair twice, and said softly, "Just endure a little pain, it's all right." The yellow-green silk became vindictive in Duan. Under his control, he carefully wrapped around the black tiger tooth. When the fighting spirit wire touched the tiger tooth, the white tiger couldn't help shaking slightly, obviously very painful. Dumb was afraid that its big mouth would suddenly close, so he supported its big mouth with white anger and also wrapped its body to prevent it from moving, and then circled it into a small ring with the changed vindictive threads. Be careful Put on that black tiger tooth. "Brother Tiger, I'm about to start, please bear with me." With a move of Duan's thoughts, the fighting spirit wire was pulled out. A huge black tiger tooth blurted out under the painful grunt of the white tiger, and fell to the side, yellow pus from The place where the tiger's tooth was pulled out kept flowing out, and Ah-Dai didn't stop. He used his life to transform into a straw-like object, using his life's true energy to continuously **** the yellow pus from the white tiger's mouth and make it drip to the ground.

Bai Hu's whole body was trembling in pain, but under the pressure of Ah Dumb's vindictive energy, he couldn't move anymore. The yellow pus kept flowing out, and its spasm gradually weakened.

Finally, the pus disappeared under the continuous extraction, and the blood oozes from the place where the tiger tooth was pulled out. Dumb was overjoyed, and chanted: "Open up, my space." It slipped easily, acting on the effect of mental power. Down, a crack appeared in the air. Duan took out a lavender herb from the inside, controlled it with the energy produced by the transformation, and sent the purple herb to the top of the wound. The vindictive energy condensed, and the purple herb was squeezed out droplets of purple. The juice can control the fighting spirit so wonderfully, and only the change can do it.

Bai Hu's trembling became more intense, and his whole body was constantly convulsing, seeming to endure the intense pain. Dumb comforted: "Brother Tiger, bear with it. This is purple soul grass, which has anti-inflammatory effects, and it will be cured in a while." As he said, he twisted the purple soul grass after the juice was dripped. The powder was sprinkled on the white tiger's wound, and the restraint on the white tiger was lifted with satisfaction.

The white tiger groaned slightly on the ground, and after a while, its big eyes had a certain look, and obviously the pain had disappeared a lot. Dumb smiled and said, "How about it, Brother Tiger, is it better?" As long as it is helping others, Dumb will have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, even if the object is a white tiger.

Suddenly, Bai Hu stood up fiercely from the ground, his brown hair was completely erected, his big eyes looked fiercely behind Ah-Dai, and he let out a low growl. Suddenly, as the white tiger turned his head to look back, nine black ghosts suddenly appeared in the silent forest, piercing the sky with incomparable murderous intent and tremendous pressure, and shot at his vital body like lightning. Come.

Duan's heart was shocked. When he saw the nine rays of light, he had already clearly judged that this was definitely not the energy he could resist, and the attack came so fast that time had not allowed him to pass. To dodge more, he wants to use teleport, but if that is the case, the white tiger behind him will inevitably be crushed by the nine deadly energy, so he can't hide.

When the thought moved, the black light on the right arm's wrist was booming, and a similar figure suddenly appeared in front of Ah-Dai. The surging vigorous vigor spread out from the figure, welcoming the nine rays of death without reservation.

What Dui used was the special effect clone technique of the wish of Corris. While using the clone, he also covered the fighting spirit all over his body and flew back. As long as the clone could block it, he would be sure to take the white tiger away. The opponent's attack range.

The light of the nine ghosts came too fast, and their attack intensity exceeded Dui's estimate. Just as Dui called out the clone, they had already rushed in front of Dui's eyes. Amidst a loud noise, Dui felt that he was right The arm was hot, and the clone had been disassembled under the strong death attack, and the nine ghost lights showed their original shape. It was the narrow black sword like nine poisonous snakes. The narrow sword gave a slight pause, and it was already chasing the dumb sting.

Dui waved his hand and shot, and the white tiger who wanted to rush up to help him flew out. It was the moment of hesitation. Nine black rays of light had hit Dui's chest, which was faster than lightning speed, and brought him. The fear of death came, and the left hand was hot, and a white light instantly spread all over the body. The guardian ring once again exerted its power in the crisis. In the bang, the blood spurted out, although the guardian ring was That unprecedented powerful force was shattered, and Ah'Dai's body guard was broken, but he still managed to save his life by relying on the final defense of the giant spirit snake armor. Only after breaking the two big trees can he stabilize his figure. The pressure on him is even greater than that of Xuanyuan at the beginning. The vigorous murderous intent envelops the mysterious psychedelic forest with a layer of death. Faced with such a huge pressure, Duan had no choice but to grab the sword hilt of the Pluto in his chest. The cold death aura instantly soared, and the cold murderous intent filled the world. It was this cold murderous aura that prevented the enemy. Chase.

The king of the forest, Baihu, has now become as supple as a kitten. He glanced at the dumb who exuded death in fear, turned around and ran away, disappearing into the depths of the psychedelic forest in a flash.

Duan was breathing continuously, using the vitality in his body to heal the serious injuries, while staring at the owner of the nine "venomous snakes".

Nine people in black stood at the position where Ah-Dai was just now. Nine narrow swords pointed diagonally at Ah-Dai's murderous aura as if a tangible thing locked tightly to Ah-Dai's body. Even if the huge pressure was blocked by the evil spirit of the Hades sword, Dumb felt a little overwhelmed.

The nine people who attacked Ah-Dai were the remaining nine people in the original killing team. After years of hard work, their already superb martial skills have passed many breakthroughs, and they have reached a peak of strength, even With martial skills like Xuan Yuan's, if he faced these nine people, he could only choose to escape. But now, how did the badly injured Dumb run?

Mie Yi's eyes kept flashing astonishment. He didn't expect that under the joint attack of his nine brothers, this descendant of Pluto could still escape. A year ago, they got news from the Tianjin Empire and they knew that Dui had gone in the direction of the psychedelic forest. After asking the Lord for instructions, the nine people came in secret, but the psychedelic forest was arranged by Corris. No matter how powerful they are, they can’t break through, and they have tried many times without success. However, they are assassins, and they are the strongest assassins on the mainland. They all have the patience of assassins. In order to complete the tasks assigned by the Lord, they have been lurking here for a full year. They are convinced that dumb will come sooner or later. Appeared in the mist. Sure enough, early this morning, Dumb rushed out of the fog, but because Dumb was moving too fast, they did not find a good time. Therefore, I can only follow him not far away, hang behind him and wait for the opportunity. Finally, Dui stayed because of the White Tiger, and the Mie Yijiu gradually approached him. When they watched Dui heal Bai Hu's injuries, they were ready for a sneak attack. But because of the caution of a killer, they did not attack rashly. The vindictiveness released by Ah-Dai because he controlled Bai Hu's body made them a little jealous. They were afraid that Ah-Dai would use Bai Hu's body to block it when attacking. As a killer, one strike is the best choice. What's more, there is a Pluto sword that can threaten their lives. They have been waiting for a year, so naturally they don't care about waiting a little longer. However, they never imagined that even if their hidden abilities were high, they would not be able to escape the sharp sense of smell of the white tiger, the king of the forest. Although the white tiger was in danger because of the white tiger, at the same time it was also caused by it. Dumb became vigilant. Mie Yi knew that he couldn't wait any longer, so he launched an attack when it was not the best opportunity. They thought that Dumb would inevitably dodge because of the powerful attacks of the others, so they had already prepared for the subsequent violent storms. However, in order to protect the white tiger behind him, Duan did not hide from but chose to shake. The sudden appearance of the clone immediately distracted the nineteen people. Although their skills were outstanding, they could not. After breaking the guardian ring defense, it will bring death to the dumb. The situation that Mieyi and others most unwilling to see appeared, and the familiar and fearful aura of the Pluto sword permeated the woods. The cold evil spirit stimulated their bodies, Mie Yi couldn't help but hesitate.

Dui looked at the nine people in front of them. From the murderous aura and costumes on them, Dui knew clearly that these people who attacked him must be sent by the killer club, and their aura showed the strength to surpass the killers of the Yuan killer clan. Even with the sword of Hades, he didn't have a trace of victory. Dui slowly stood up, wiped the blood from his mouth, and a strong hatred filled his heart. As long as he was a killer, he was a demon to kill in his heart. They were all murderers who killed their uncle. What he thinks in his heart now is to pull a few people back before he dies.

Mie Yijiu people stared at Ah-Dai firmly. They were looking for opportunities, but Ah-Dai’s hand never left the Pluto sword in his chest. The surging evil power formed a powerful force field around his body, under the Pluto sword. Those who have experienced life and death know that as long as they enter the death field of the Pluto Sword, they may be attacked by the evil of the Pluto Sword that day. That kind of unresistible evil attack is something no one wants to face. Therefore, they never dared to move lightly, and confronted Dui quietly, looking for opportunities. After all, Dumb was injured. As long as he slackened slightly, the nine of his own would find a chance to kill him.

Chapter 90: Meet Xuanyue again

Dui kept adjusting the zhenqi in his body. Under that powerful attack, the effect of the giant spirit snake armor was very low. Although the qi of the nine attacks was severely reduced, it was still strong and kept in his body. Raging. He didn't dare to show a painful expression, he could only dissolve the nine sharp energies bit by bit. These nine people seemed a little familiar. A dumb heart moved, and suddenly remembered that these people weren't the ones who were chasing after him. Did you kill Uncle Owen here? The excitement was uncontrollable, and the hatred in Dumb's heart was surging out, and the enemy had already been sent to the door before he went looking for it. He can no longer care whether he can deal with these powerful assassins. Taking a step forward, his whole body is full of murderous intent, his eyes are slightly narrowed, and the surging vigor full of sacred aura continues to seep through his body, and the evil Pluto Jian Qi Ji formed a sharp contrast. Dumb stared at the nine assassins in front of him, his cold voice without a trace of life, "Did you chase Uncle Owen back then?"

With the sudden increase in the momentum of Ah'Dai, the people of Mie Yijiu took a step back in the opposite direction, staring at him cautiously, and Mie Yi said coldly: "Yes, it was the Pluto we chased and killed. This is the order of the trade union. People can violate. Unexpectedly, your skill is still above the original Pluto, which surprised us! But no matter how strong you are, you will never escape our palm. Today, this is your burial The land.” Although it allowed Ah'Dai to use the Pluto sword and threatened them greatly, it also aroused the fighting spirit in their chests. After seven years of hard practice, they fully believed in their own strength. Even the Juggernaut may not be able to beat them.

Dumb stared coldly at the killers who were chasing Owen, and the resentment in his heart rose to the apex, "It’s hard to say who will die here today. Back then, it was in the Psychedelic Forest. Uncle Owen killed the three of you. Today , You remaining nine beasts will also die here under the sword of the Hades, Uncle Owen, you are alive in the sky, watch Dui take revenge for you." Dui's heart suddenly became abnormally calm, everything around seemed Grasping it in his heart, every trace of energy fluctuations of the other nine people clearly appeared in his heart. With the urging of his thoughts, Dumb, regardless of the sharp vindictiveness that had not been completely eliminated in his body, launched the first instant movement. Under the horrified gaze of Mei Yijiu, his body disappeared out of thin air, and the death field with the sword of Hades disappeared.

The Mie Yijiu people fell into deep fear, and they clearly felt that the force field full of death breath had enveloped their bodies.

A clear and murderous voice rang in their ears, and the evil spirit suddenly climbed to an unprecedented peak, "Pluto transforms the blade into a sword-stand-to determine -." A dark blue light turned into a huge death The sharp blade slashed towards Mie Nine people horizontally, and the surging evil force restricted their actions, making their actions slower. Ah Dui is no longer the silly boy who used the sword of the Underworld one by one. In order to better destroy the enemy, he decidedly chose the biggest killer that his injured body can withstand-Ming Zhan. His goal was to use this trick to hit these evil assassins severely. Faced with the enemy who was chasing Owen, the kindness in Adam's heart was completely replaced by murderous intent, and he was merciless.

Mie Yijiu people are not so easy to deal with. Over the years, they have been practicing with Pluto as their imaginary enemy, and they have come up with countless ways to deal with the sword of Pluto. However, when they really face the evil of Pluto sword Suddenly found that all the methods of confrontation seemed so fragile.

Mie Yi reacted for the first time, and he shouted: "Mieshi Nine Changes." Nine black figures floated up with the blue light illusioned by the sword of the Hades, and the nine figures seemed to turn into smoke and dust, black. The vindictive energy of the fused together, protecting their bodies, floating like nine leaves in a big wave, always staying out of the attack range of Ming Zhan. However, Ming Zhan is the third trick of the Pluto swordsmanship, is it really that easy to deal with? Under Dui's control, the surging evil power suddenly broke out, and the blue light flashed away. The combined defenses broke down, and a black figure disappeared amid the horrible howling, and the other eight figures were also fluttered up by the surging evil force and fell dozens of meters away.

The Pluto sword recoiled, and Ah-Dai kept panting. The energy contained in the silver gold body had been fully mobilized by him. Although the previous sharp fighting aura was dispelled, the evil force that was more terrifying than it was constantly consuming Ah-Dai’s body. A stream of cold and surging energy continuously penetrated into Ah-Dai's body, he snorted miserably, and couldn't help but spit out blood again. The blood of the dragon on the chest lit up slightly, and Ah Dui used the sacred power contained in the blood of the dragon to force the evil spirit out of his body, but his skill was also consumed a lot. Looking at the eight remaining black figures not far away angrily, Duan was full of surprise. He didn't expect that Ming Zhan with such a powerful force would only kill the opponent. With his current skill, he dared not use the same trick again, and the opponent still had eight people.

The surprise in the hearts of the eighteen people is not weaker than that of Duan. The nine changes in the world are one of the strongest defensive tactics they have developed. Constantly changing without being hurt by the other party, but such subtle moves still cannot stop the evil power of the Hades sword. After paying the price of a life, they are also invaded by the evil air, and they are constantly using their own fighting energy. The fight against evil.

The two sides are in a stalemate again, and they are constantly working, preparing for the next attack while healing their injuries.

Dui put down his hand on the Pluto sword. He clearly understood that the eight people in front of him were probably not the first two strokes of Pluto swordsmanship that he could deal with, and he couldn't stand the huge evil power contained in the next few strokes. , If you barely use it, it is likely to be eaten back by evil spirits, let the evil power of the Pluto sword control, and become a murderer. That is the situation that dumb is most afraid of.

The sudden reduction of the evil spirit greatly reduced the pressure on the eighteen people. They looked at Dumb in astonishment, not understanding why he did this.

Dui took a deep breath, the yellow-green light flashed on his hands, and the energy that the two groups had changed suddenly came out, and he was ready to fight to the death with his own strength. Even if he has the ability to run now, he will never leave, and finally find Owen's enemy, how can he be willing to kill him without killing him. "Tell me, where is the killer?" Dumb asked the question he most wanted to know, although he knew that the other party would not answer. The injuries in his body were suppressed by him again. He didn't know how many more attacks he could make, but he would definitely not back down.

Mie Yi was the first one to get rid of the evil spirits in his body, and said coldly: "Do you think I will tell you? Boy, you are indeed very strong, and the Pluto sword is worthy of being the most evil in the world. We will still have one person to die after practicing for many years. In your hands, but I want to know how many times you can use the Pluto sword."

Dumb said bitterly: "Even if you don't use the Pluto sword, I can kill you. Tell me the address of the killing hand club, and I will spare your life." Dumb knows that these people are just accomplices, only the killing hand club that uncle said. The president is the culprit who killed his uncle in his life.

Mie Yi was overjoyed. He didn't expect that one of his own temptations would reveal the secret that Ah-Dai would no longer use the Pluto Sword. Although the young people in front of him had advanced skills and even surpassed each of them, there was no threat of the Pluto Sword. How can the boy named Dumb be his brother's opponent? The killer doesn't talk about knighthood alone.

At this time, the other assassins had also recovered from the evil spirit, and they almost simultaneously raised the narrow sword in their hands. Mie Yi sneered: "You don't need the Pluto sword, you have only one result, and that is death--" As soon as the voice fell, eight people who had cooperated and worked together for many years flew up at the same time, and the eight figures intertwined in the air into a large black Wang, with a strong murderous intent, rushed towards Ah Dui.

Dui took a deep breath. Faced with such a powerful attack, his body and mind were completely lost in sadness or happiness. The body seemed to be shaking slightly uncontrollably, and the yellow-green solid energy gushed out, "Heaven-Luo-Earth- —Net--." A yellow-green light net was formed under the constant shaking of A'Dai's hands, and a series of solid vindictive threads were intertwined into a big net full of explosive energy. In an instant, A'Dai seemed to feel that his skill was more powerful than before. Sincere, the energy emitted by the sky and earth nets is more destructive than before, and under his deliberate control, it covers the opponent.

When the Eighteen People saw that A Duan used a grudge to send out an energy net similar to that of the eight of them, they couldn't help but feel shocked. After all the battles, they quickly reacted from shock. They all knew that the same energy was in the same form. In the event of a collision, which party has the stronger energy will have the upper hand. When Duan didn't use the Pluto sword, they couldn't believe that this young man who was only about twenty years old was able to fight against all eight of them at the same time.

Of course, Duan also understood that Tianluodiwang could not deal with these eight powerful opponents. When the energy net created by the eight-handed long sword collided with the heaven and earth net of life and transformation sent out by Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai suddenly cut off his first line of contact with the heaven and earth net, and used teleport for the second time.

Amidst the loud noise, the Tianluodinet was shattered from the front for the first time, but at the same time, the trace of Duan was also lost in front of Mie Eight. Although the solid energy of the heaven and earth net was broken, the energy net containing the huge energy still surged with blood. At this time, huge pressure suddenly appeared behind them, and the huge pressure even exceeded the threat of the Pluto sword to them. The eight people suddenly turned around, the eight narrow swords pointed deep, and quickly joined forces to build the next layer of defense barrier. Fifty meters behind them, Dumb stood there blankly. I don’t know when he had a dark longbow in his hand. The bowstring was drawn like a full moon, and a gleaming yellow-green energy arrow pointed at it. Extinguish one, that huge pressure is produced by the bow and arrow. A dull's eyes flickered, and the air of the bow and arrow was locked on Mie Yi.

The huge pressure made the killers dare not move a little, they could even clearly feel the sharpness of the energy arrows, they could only continuously urge the energy in the body to maintain the black vindictive defensive cover in front of them.

Dui spent the second precious moment transfer, and finally regained a slight advantage. The powerful offensive power produced by the mysterious iron bow in his hand and the arrow of life and change was his most powerful weapon besides the Pluto sword. He clearly knew that at such a close distance, he only had a chance to shoot an arrow, and then he had to face a powerful attack from the opponent. He hadn't practiced archery at all in a year, so naturally he couldn't talk about accuracy. Originally, he just wanted to deter the opponent, but the practice of forming a defensive shield by killing the first class made Ah Dumb so happy that he couldn't shoot anyone. Could it be me? Can't you hit a ball of defensive energy? In the face of such a strong defense, Duan couldn't help thinking about how much destructive the arrow of change can produce. With a loud shout, the yellow-green energy arrow shined brightly, combining the unique power of Duan's own skill and the increase of the black iron bow. The attack shot out, piercing the sky almost instantly like a phantom, and the exact hit was on the defensive cover laid down by the eighteen people. The loud bang and the trembling of the bowstring sounded at the same time, and the eighteen people spurted blood and flew back at the same time. The impact of the mysterious iron bow and the arrow of birth and change was so great that even with their joint strength, it was unavoidable to be shocked. hurt. But the eight people are worthy of being the first-rate assassins in the Assassination Society. They were not giving A'Dai a chance to draw a bow. They moved in as soon as they retreated, and the eight black shadows slashed towards A'Dai like lightning.

Dui used the Nether Slash, the Sky and the Earth Net, and the Arrow of Transformation, plus the trauma at the beginning. At this time, most of the power in his body has been consumed. Originally, when the Arrow of Transformation blasted through the opponent's enchantment, he was There is a chance to escape, but he has already made up his mortal determination, just accumulating energy in place. Seeing the eight opponents attacking at the same time, he couldn't help but hesitate, would he use his last teleportation? At this moment, Ah-Dai, who was in crisis, suddenly felt a heat in his chest, and a familiar message came into his mind: "Brother, let me come out quickly, and Sheng Xie can help you." Ah-Dai was overjoyed and fell asleep for more than two years. The holy evil finally wakes up, as long as he has the help of the holy evil, at least he has the strength to fight, thinking of this, dumb retreats like a lightning, and does his best to throw a solid energy ball into the air. Eight people greeted.

Boom——The violent shock made Ah'Dai fly up with shock, blood spurted out wildly, the whole person flipped a few times in the air before he fell heavily to the ground. The strength of the combined forces of the Eighteenths is really terrifying. What Dui didn’t know was that the combined strength of Mieyi and them was enough to compete with a sword master. If he hadn’t used his stunts one after another, and relying on the ability of Corris’ Wish, he would have hated the opponent’s sword. . Although the trauma was more serious, Duan was not surprised and rejoiced. He had gained enough time for himself and quickly chanted: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light lit up with a loud sound. The angry dragon roar roared out, the huge sound wave resounded in the psychedelic forest, the surrounding plants shivered and the animals within a radius of several thousand meters were all limp to the ground, succumbing to the mighty dragon. under.

Although the members of Mieyiba dissolved the explosive energy ball, the energy arrows emitted by the mysterious iron bow previously caused them to suffer a certain amount of trauma, so their bodies couldn't help but have a meal. Successive frustrations have brought their anger to the climax. They were about to kill Dumb with all their strength, but they saw a terrifying scene. In front of the dumb who fell to the ground, a huge figure about seven meters in length appeared. The roaring sound was shaking the earth. The golden eyes full of anger stared at them, and the huge wings spread out, completely covering the surrounding trees. When the shot broke, strong pressure came from this unknown creature. Its gray scales shone under the sunlight. The seven golden long horns flashed from head to back, full of incomparable beauty. .

Mie Yi suddenly remembered that in the data collected by the Killing Manual, there was a record that once said that Dah once summoned a silver dragon in the Dark City and destroyed all objects within a kilometer radius. Could it be that this terrifying thing in front of him? Is the creature the silver dragon?

Yes, the holy evil has awakened. After using the golden engulf of the dragon curse far beyond its ability, he had to fall into a deep sleep because of the excessive consumption of his potential. After more than two years of rest, it The body finally gradually recovered, but because the energy drawn from the blood of the dragon is used to supplement its own loss, so the holy evil has not evolved again for more than two years, and it is still in the growth stage. Today, he is facing death in Dah At the juncture of the crisis, the holy evil that was closely connected with Duan's mind was finally awakened. It doesn't matter who these people are in front of it, anyway, the people who are trying to hurt Dumb are its enemies, without any thought at all. After the roar, a gray dragon's breath sprayed out in a large area, covering the eighteen people.

The wide range of attacks made the Mieyi class have no chance to dodge at all. In desperation, the eight had to work together to once again put out a defensive qi shield. When they thought about it, no matter how powerful this dragon was, it would not be possible to break through their combined defense. However, they were wrong. It is indeed impossible for the Holy Evil's current ability to exceed them. However, the Holy Evil's dragon breath is very special. The corrosive evil energy has the ability to corrode all objects, and the gray dragon's breath covers it. Mie Yi’s defensive shield did not have any impact. Mie Yi was horrified to find that the defensive shield with huge energy was gradually melting under the gray gas. Although the melting speed was slow, he clearly felt it. The threat of death.

Dui was lying on the ground and panting constantly, Sheng Xie's huge figure blocked him, bringing him an unprecedented sense of security. He suddenly felt that he was not alone before, and he still had Sheng Xie! The silver golden body at the pubic area has lost its brilliance. Even when Shengshengzhenqi is constantly running, he can’t stand his greedy request. Only less than 40% of the energy remains. Although he is constantly condensing, but short It is impossible to return to normal within time. Dumb understood that he would not be the opponent of these eight people anyway, and couldn't kill them at all, even with the help of the holy evil in the heyday. My strength is still too weak! The killer club is not as easy to defeat as I thought. Dui used a black iron bow to support his body and slowly stood up. The black iron bow was so heavy. After his skill was greatly damaged, Dui had a feeling of being unable to hold it. He knew that not only his skill was insufficient, but also The injury is not light, and the arrow of rebirth has been issued. In desperation, he had to take it back into the blood of Shenlong. He turned from the side of Sheng Xie and looked at the hard-supported Mie 18 people.

The holy evil continuously spewed out the dragon's breath, and the gray gas continued to corrode the defensive cover they sent out. Dui's heart tightened. He suddenly felt something wrong with the skill of destroying the first class. It would never be so. It's easy to get stuck. He turned his head to look at Sheng Xie, the newly recovered Sheng Xie looked a little tired after constantly spraying dragon breath. The huge and familiar figure filled the heart of Dumb with warmth. He was about to gather some energy to help the holy evil, when the mutation happened suddenly.

Mie Yi understands that if this continues, the gray gas will inevitably break through the defensive shield. Once such a powerful corrosive force touches the body, they cannot afford to cause damage. In order to achieve the goal of killing dumb, he decided Don't hesitate to waste his skills, but also to keep him here. While supporting the defensive cover, he whispered: "Put all your strength, and destroy the world." The eight people have the same mind, and at the same time, they run their skills to the limit, touching the ground with their feet, and soaring into the sky surrounded by the defensive cover.

Seeing the change of the enemy, the breath of the dragon erupted by Shengxie could not help slowing down, the black energy shield disappeared, and huge pressure suddenly appeared. Even a powerful creature like Shengxie couldn't help showing the color of fear. He spread his wings. Guarding in front of Ah-Dai, constantly condensing his own dragon power, the seven golden horns behind him gradually lit up, and the sacred breath enveloped his whole body. A stream of golden energy continued to gush out from the six horns behind, condensed towards the largest long horn on his forehead. Looking at the holy evil who was firmly protecting him, Duan's heart trembled, and he secretly swore, even if it was If you die, you must not let the holy evil suffer any harm.

Dui wanted to summon the bone dragon to help Shengxie, but was stopped by Shengxie. Although Dui didn't understand why, he still respected Shengxie's choice.

The reason why the holy evil did not let Ah Duan summon the bone dragon was because he had discovered in the blood of the dragon that the bone dragon did not know what was fused, and its strength had become extremely powerful. It was beyond his control. The bone dragon was originally He helped Dui catch it. If he could not suppress it in energy, he was afraid that the bone dragon would be detrimental to Dui. It would be better to protect Dui as hard as he could. Faced with such a dangerous situation, they could no longer withstand any adverse changes.

Dui condensed the remaining vitality, waiting for the final battle to come, every second, he can condense more energy, so he does not intend to take the initiative to attack.

The eight people in the air stagnated strangely. They lined up together vertically, while holding up their narrow swords with both hands, and at the forefront, the black fighting spirit rose into the sky, huge energy raging crazily around their bodies. Dou Qi gradually condensed in the air, and huge pressure filled the air. The black vindictive energy formed a powerful energy blade, and the power of the whole body of the eighteen people continued to gather like an energy blade. The killers' eyes lit up, and Xiaoyi shouted: "Mie——" The killer behind him yelled in turn: "World-One-Cut-Break-Dry-Kun -."

Seven cold words echoed constantly in the air, and the eighteen people shouted at the same time: "Kill—"

The huge black energy blade descended from the sky with the narrow sword that they hacked at the same time, slashing towards the dumb and the holy evil as if opening the world. The holy evil exploded at the moment when the energy blade was slashed, and the dragon roar sounded continuously, and a huge golden beam of light rose into the sky to greet the energy blade. Amidst the bang, the energy blade was stopped abruptly, and the surging energy shredded all the plants within a radius of 100 meters, and two surging energies, one black and one gold, faced each other in the air. The black energy obviously has the upper hand, slowly pressing down, and the breath of death is getting closer and closer to Dumb and Shengxie. In fact, neither Shengxie nor Ah-Dai knew that the ability of Shengxie could not stop the strongest attack from the first class. However, since this move was supposed to be used jointly by nine people, at this time, one person is missing, and the natural power is greatly reduced. What's more, the skill of the eight people has been weakened due to injuries, so they will be reluctantly resisted by the holy evil. .

Dui clearly felt that Sheng Xie's body was convulsing slightly. Under the huge pressure, even with the strength of Sheng Xie, it gradually couldn't support it. Bloodshot eyes gradually ooze under the gray scale armor and golden eyes. It gradually dimmed, and it has tried its best. Although the huge black energy blade seems to be gradually becoming weaker, he is very clear that the holy evil must die first, and such a powerful energy attack is not something that its scaled armor can withstand.

"No--, I can't let Shengxie die." Ah Dui kept shouting from the bottom of his heart, his right hand slowly pressed on Shengxie's trembling body, he gave Shengxie a nostalgic look, and resolutely used his own thoughts. Teleported for the last time with the wish of Corris.

The black light flashed, and Sheng Xie's huge body disappeared. He was instantly teleported by Dui to 30 meters behind the people of Mieyi and others.

At the same time when the holy evil disappeared, A'Dai's body was completely exposed under the black energy blade. Without the energy of the golden horn of the holy evil, the black energy blade suddenly slashed down towards the top door of A'Dai.

A sorrowful smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth. At this time, he could not think of any way to counter the full attack of the Mie 18 people, symbolically condensing to a sword of life and transformation, and slashed to the black energy blade. At this moment, Ah Dui had put aside his life and death, and used his last mental power to send Sheng Xie a quick escape message.

The saint evil was originally fighting against the strong pressure, and suddenly felt his whole body loose, and he had changed a place. He clearly saw that in front of him, the huge black energy blade was slashing towards Ah-Dai, and he couldn't help but feel big. Anxious, the golden light on the horns blasted with all their strength, blasting towards the eight people in the air. However, its movement is always slower than the black energy blade.

Time seemed so slow at this moment, and the trajectory of World Destruction Yizhan was so clear. Dumb had already felt the shadow of death, as if his life was disappearing.

"No--you--" a stern shout sounded, a clear golden light was a bit faster than Dumb's energy sword, and it suddenly hit the black energy blade that had been weakened a lot. Amid the loud bang, Ah-Dai felt his whole body flying lightly. At this moment, he didn't seem to feel anything, only the sound of the last shout was reverberating. Duan's body crashed to the ground, he felt his whole body shake, his eyes went dark, and all his perceptions fell into a deep sleep.

It is also uncomfortable for the eighteen people. The Zhanran Divine Light contains a huge attack power, which is different from the attack power of the fighting spirit, the energy full of sacred aura and they weakened a lot of the world under the impact of Yizhan, UU Reading produced a huge explosive force. Just as their whole body shook, the attack from the back of the holy evil had arrived. Amid the loud noise, eight people spurted blood at the same time and flung them out. Mie Yi clearly felt that a powerful enemy was rushing towards them. At this time, all eight of them had already been hit hard, weighing the severity, Mie Yi shouted without any hesitation: "Withdraw."

Under the urging of the remaining energy, the eight figures disappeared in the psychedelic forest, leaving only some bright red blood stains.

Sheng Xie couldn't care about chasing the enemy. All he was worried about was Dui, flapping the huge dragon wings, and flew towards Dui in a scream.

A white figure rushed in front of Ah-Dai faster than the holy evil. The surging sacred aura instantly enveloped Ah-Dai's body. This arrived in time and saved Ah-Dai's life. It was the one who left the Holy See to find Ah-Dai for a month. Xuan Yue.

After leaving the Holy See, Xuan Yue was eager to find dumb and forgot the Pope’s instructions and went in the wrong direction. It was not until two days later that she woke up and found information about the blood of the Phoenix and the blood of the dragon from the ancient books the Pope gave her. Relying on the induction between the two artifacts, he found the territory of the Tianjin Empire. When she came outside the psychedelic forest, she suddenly remembered that Duan had said before that his teacher lived here, and she was suddenly overjoyed. She clearly knew that Dumb would definitely be here.
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