The Kind Death God Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71: Dumb heart

Xuan Yuan nodded silently and said, "Hopefully, he can become the same motivation for me. Thank you, brother." After speaking, he walked to his room without looking back.

The pope sighed and looked at his brother's figure with sadness in his heart. Shortly after the two were born, Xuanyuan disappeared. When Xuanyuan came back, he had become a cardinal. This younger brother of his is really too strong, and he always feels uncomfortable for not being able to surpass himself. His desperate cultivation is not only to challenge the four great sword masters, but also to surpass himself.

One month later, the four dumbs searched for four larger cities in the dark province according to the map, but they found nothing, and there was no trace of elves at all. Dumb became very silent. During the day, it was hard to hear his voice, which made Brother Rock worried, but he was helpless.

Unfolding the map, the rock looked at it and said, "In the dark province, we only have the last big city of mica. If there is no trace of the elves, we will go to the next province." Mica city is in the dark. The westernmost part of the province, according to the signs on the map, this big city is second only to the dark city in the dark provinces. They are still twenty miles away from the city.

After a month of recovery, the spirit of the elf girl Zhuo Yun has completely calmed down. She is a quiet girl, and she is very easy to be shy. She usually follows the dumb three silently, and takes the initiative when she rests. She took care of the three people's daily life, so that they liked her greatly.

"Dumb, let me say if you cheer up a little bit, don't be so muffled." Yan Li said dissatisfiedly as he looked at Dumb, who was moving forward.

Dui raised his head with a dazed expression in his eyes. Bing’s revenge had already been half-rewarded, but I don’t know why. In addition to the joyful feeling at the beginning, he fell into the bottom of his mood again. With deep affection, he felt like he wanted to cry. "Sorry, Big Brother Yanli, I just don't want to talk."

Rock sighed and said, "Dumb, the matter is over, so don't think about it anymore. You have avenged Miss Ice for her. I think her spirit in the sky will rest in peace. She doesn't want to see it either. As you are now, you have to cheer up!"

Dumb smiled reluctantly, and said, "Big Brother, I will. Let's go quickly, don't we still go to Mica City to find elves?"

As he was walking forward, Ah-Dai suddenly felt that his whole body was cold, as if something terrifying was about to appear, he couldn't help raising his vigilance, looked around, but found nothing unusual. At this moment, the sudden change occurred, and the road beside him suddenly blew up a large piece of dust, and the dust spread over the four people. Behind the dust, hide this cold light, the goal of cold light. , It is Dumb's chest. Dui has experienced many catastrophes. He is no longer the dull boy when he first stepped on the mainland. His eyes were full of coldness, and he was born with vitality, blocking the dust that fell on him, and painting with his left hand in front of him. An arc appeared, and the yellow vindictive light formed a shield to protect him. With a ding sound, the cold light stabbed on the shield that Dui used to transform, and a sharp and unusual vindictive air seemed to break through the defensive. In the past month, Dumb has already begun to absorb the energy of the second golden body in his chest, his skill has increased a lot, and the transformation is the strongest vindictiveness. Where is it so easy to break through, he gave a cold shout, and his left hand kept pressing. Moving the true energy, resisting the attack of sharp vindictive energy, his right hand turned into a light blade, and cut it to the owner of Hanmang. The surging energy completely dissipated the dust in the air, and the yellowish light flashed.

The person who attacked obviously did not expect that Dui would react so quickly. With a sway of his body, he slashed to Dui's side like lightning, and two cold rays were drawn up and down his throat and lower abdomen. The action was as swift and effective as running clouds and flowing water. Live in Dumb's body. Dumb felt a sense of familiarity in the face of these two cold lights. He is no longer the dumb he used to be. Although the enemy's speed is fast, his speed is also not slow. His figure flashes, and he quickly floats to the side. His hands are waving in the air. The yellow thread of fighting spirit is like a soft thread. Entangled the assailant.

The attacker seemed to be taken aback. The pressure caused by the changes made her heart shocked, and she tried her best to retreat, but she was still picked up by the grudge, and the veil on the attacker's face was torn by grudge. She dropped, revealing a beautiful and cold face, she exclaimed, and withdrew three feet away after lightning.

Dumb stayed in place, staring at the girl in front of him who wanted to take his own life for an instant. The girl's beauty was not the reason for his dullness, but her cold face, that cold look and dead ice. It was so alike, the hatred in his eyes made Ah-Dai feel extraordinarily kind, not only blurted out and shouted: "Ice——"

The girl was shocked, and did not attack again. The Rock Brothers and the wizard Zhuo Yun had also reacted, glaring at the girl in front of A'dai. When they heard the word Bing yelled by Ah-Dai, they were shocked. The girl in front of her was as beautiful as Bing, but she didn't look alike, but her icy temperament was exactly the same.

Dumb's voice trembled a little, and walked towards the girl in front of him step by step, tremblingly: "Bing, is that you? Bing."

The girl looked at Ah Du’s eyes full of expectation. I don’t know why, her original determined murderous intention softened. She frowned and said, "Who is your ice, I am the one who came to take your life." This girl, it is. The youngest acquirer of the Thieves Guild, Miefeng, daughter of the President of the Thieves Guild. After she got the news of Dui, she slipped out of the union quietly, followed Dui and waited for a few days, and finally figured out the direction they were going to pass. In this remote place, she found a chance to kill Dui. Revenge from his fourth uncle. But she didn't expect that Ah'Dai's skill was so different from when she was in the Elf Forest. Although she didn't use the Pluto sword, it also prevented her from gaining the upper hand.

Dumb looked at the girl in front of him who had almost the same temperament as Bing, and a strong yearning surged in his heart. He didn't even know what he felt about Bing. For Bing, he didn't have the kind of unforgettable memories for Xuanyue, but Bing's death left a deep mark on his heart. That was his biggest regret. Bing died for him and saved his life twice. Although Bing was once insulted, she was so pure in the heart of Dumb. At this moment, the girl in front of him seemed as if ice was resurrected, so how could he not get excited.

Mie Feng knew that he would not be able to kill Dumb today, so he let out a cold snort and his body floated backwards suddenly. Dumb saw that Feng Feng was about to leave, and shouted: "Ice, don't leave me." The figure rushed forward, and subconsciously used the transformation, the silver golden body in the dantian shined brightly, and the yellow became a fighting spirit. It turned into a series of slender silk threads flowing out, covering Miefeng's delicate body.

Mie Feng was shocked, and the short blades in his hand were intertwined with a fine defensive net, but Dumb didn't mean to hurt her. The fighting spirit thread was all soft, and the yellow energy thread drifted up and down with the short blade. Not only was she not repulsed by Miefeng, but instead enveloped every place around her. Mie Feng felt his whole body tighten, and his body was completely entangled by the fighting spirit, unable to move.

Duan floated over and fell in front of Miefeng, tears bursting into his eyes, and he hugged Miefeng tightly in his arms, muttering: "Bing, Bing, you don't leave me anymore. Leave me, OK? "

Mie Feng’s body was completely stiff in the warm embrace of Ah-Dai. For the first time in her life, except for her father, she was hugged by another man. The masculine aura from Ah-Dai's body caused a violent tremor in her heart, feeling the thickness of Ah-Dai. With deep emotion, Miefeng stood there stiffly, and his mind was completely blank.

Brother Rock ran over, and the rock pulled A'Dai away. He could clearly see everything just now. This ice-like girl wanted to take the life of A'Dai! How could he let Ah-Dai mistake her for ice? With a slap, the rock slapped Ah-Dai's face, slapped him back three steps, and said angrily: "Dai, you see clearly, she is not ice, she is The one who came to kill you, don't you want to live anymore?" Dumb, who was repulsed by the rock, was in a state of confusion, and the control of the change naturally disappeared. Mie Feng felt his whole body lighten, and the yellow fighting spirit entwined with him suddenly disappeared. She gave a stunned look. Before Yan Li's big hand caught her body, she fluttered suddenly, her delicate body dodges the vines transformed by Zhuo Yun's natural magic like a butterfly wearing flowers, and several ups and downs disappeared in everyone's sight. Inside.

Dumb stayed in place, watching Miefeng leave, feeling a sense of loss in his heart. When he hugged Miefeng just now, he already understood that the girl in front of him was not ice. Although her face was cold, her body was hot, while Bing was not. Bing's body and heart were cold. He murmured: "She, she is not ice, not ice."

The anger flashed in the rock's eyes, and he shouted: "Are you crazy? You went to hug a woman who wanted to kill you. If you were a little bit weaker, you would have been killed by her with a single blow. The one just now was obviously from the Thieves Guild. People, have you forgotten everything you encountered in the Elf Forest? You bastard, you can't die."

Duan's heart shook, and his eyes became clearer. Only then did he think of the acquirers encountered in the Elf Forest. Yeah, those short blades, that strange physique, and sharp vindictiveness belonged to the Thieves Guild. Symbol, me, what's wrong with me? Why am I like this.

The rock walked up to Ah-Dai, took out the head of Ice from his arms, threw it on him, and said angrily: "Look clearly, this is ice, but the one just now is not."

Dumb was startled, and hurriedly grabbed the head that almost fell to the ground, squatted on the ground, carefully grasping the head of ice, and was relieved to see that there was no damage.

Zhuo Yun couldn't stand it anymore, she ran to Dui, put her head in her arms, choked up: "Don't force him, don't you see how sad he is?" Feeling Zhuo With Yun's gentleness, Ah'Dai's body gradually softened, tears in his eyes flowed down again, and he lay down in Zhuo Yun's arms and cried bitterly. For a month, the increasing depression in his heart seemed to be completely released at this moment, his tall body nest Shaking constantly in Zhuo Yun's arms, tears flowed down, wet Zhuo Yun's clothes.

The rock stood there and fell into a sluggishness. He was so angry because he was worried about Ah-Dai’s safety. Along the way, he had already regarded Ah-Dai as his own brother. How could his deep feelings prevent him? To care about Dui, when Han Mang attacked Dui just now, his heart was completely strained, and finally saw that Dui had the upper hand, but he actually took the initiative to hug the woman who wanted to kill him. That's why the rock erupted. However, looking at the painful look of Ah-Dai, Rock realized that he had cared too little for Ah-Dai in the past month. Bing's death hit Ah Dumb even more than he thought. Dumb himself was extremely innocent, and it was naturally difficult to recover from such a heavy blow.

Yanli walked to his elder brother's side, he seemed to be calmer, and whispered: "Let him cry, he will feel better when he cries."

Like a big sister, Zhuo Yun kept stroking Ah'Dai's long black hair, comforting his trembling heart with his own tenderness. I don't know how long it took, Ah'Dai and Zhuo Yun have both sat on the ground. The crying gradually stopped, and the body softly pressed against Zhuo Yun's warm and soft embrace, and he fell asleep like that.

The rock walked to Zhuo Yun's side, watching Zhuo Yun's face show a mother-like smile, his already cold heart trembled because of Yun'er's death. Zhuo Yun's gentleness and kindness are so similar to his own Yun'er. Zhuo Yun also saw him, made a silent gesture at him, and said in a low voice: "He is not easy to relax, let's not disturb him, let him sleep well, when he wakes up, he must It will be much better." As she said, a gentle smile appeared on her face. This smile was so touching in the eyes of the rock, as if his Yun'er was back again. At this moment, he suddenly understood why Ah-Dai called out Bing when he saw the assassination of his girl, and Yuner almost blurted out the words.

Mie Feng didn't go far. She floated away before and fled, not far away, and then quietly turned back. She didn't know why she came back, obviously there was no chance of assassination. When she turned back, she happened to see Zhuo Yun holding A'Dai in his arms, and A'Dai was crying bitterly. Seeing Ah Dui’s trembling body, she suddenly felt an inexplicable pain in her heart. Although she didn’t know why this young man, who had suddenly become extremely powerful, cried, she vaguely felt that it must be the same as the Bing’s name he just called out. It's very relevant. Thinking of the scene when Ah-Dai hugged him, Mie Feng, who had always been calm, turned into confusion, hiding in the bushes, and couldn't help but feel a little silly. When she saw Ah Dah asleep in Zhuo Yun's arms, she was a little jealous. Secretly surprised, Mie Feng shook his head vigorously. What happened to me? That is my enemy! How can I feel this way. I can't revenge now, so let's look for opportunities later. Thinking of this, she quietly left in the distance. Before leaving, she couldn't help but glance at Dumb again. Only then did she unfold her figure and drift away.

Dumb slept for a long time, only to wake up when the sun was setting. So comfortable! It has been a month, and there has never been a day in such a solid sleep as this time. He slowly opened his eyes and found that he was actually resting on Zhuo Yun’s thigh, and Zhuo Yun’s arm was resting on his shoulder. On, dozing off. His whole body was shaken, and he remembered the past. The sorrow in my heart seemed to be completely resolved between the crying, my chest no longer felt uncomfortable, unspeakably comfortable, took a deep breath, wanted to sit up, but awakened Zhuo Yun.

Zhuo Yun looked at Ah-Dai with a smile, and said softly: "Dah, you are awake."

Dui blushed and sat upright. He found that the Rock brothers were asleep by the big tree on the side of the road. He and Zhuo Yun were still in the middle of the road. Fortunately, it was extremely remote. Almost no one would pass by. Dui low Turning his head, he said embarrassedly: "Sister Zhuo Yun, I, I..."

Zhuo Yun smiled and said: "Good pull, don't say anything, in the eyes of my sister, you are the kindest brother. The past should not be forgotten, but you have to live on, don't be immersed in sadness. Come out. Only to face it bravely is the best choice. Tomorrow will be better." Zhuo Yun struggled to stand up, but his body was a little stiff, and his body couldn't help shaking.

Dui hurriedly took hold of Zhuo Yun's arm, "Sister, be careful." Zhuo Yun's words finally made Dui walk out of grief. Zhuo Yun's gentleness brought him a mother-like care. The strong sibling friendship was established at this moment. Zhuo Yun moved his body and felt a lot more comfortable. He turned his mouth in the direction of Brother Rock, and said, "Get them up. Since this is not far from Mica City, let's go there to rest. It will be very cold at night in the wilderness." Indeed, in May. The weather is still a bit chilly.

Dui walked to the rock and recalled what he had said before. He clearly understood that the rock brothers cared about him. Thinking of his bad mood this month, he couldn't help but apologize. He patted the rock on the shoulder, "Brother, get up, we should hurry."

The rock opened his misty eyes, and saw that he was called dumb, and he couldn't help showing a hint of joy, "Brother, you are awake. The previous eldest brother's words were a bit heavy, don't care."

Dumb shook his head and said, "Big Brother, I know you are all for my good, so how can you blame you. Let's set off." After speaking, he cried out Rock Li.

Zhuo Yun walked to the three of them, and smiled at dumbfounded: "You can really sleep! I slept for a full day, my sister is hungry, I can't make you a pillow for a day, you can ask me to eat something at night Good. Human food is really rich and varied, much better than the monotonous vegetables and fruits of our elves."

A smile appeared on Ah Du's face, "Sister, thank you, without your care, I might continue to sink into hatred. I have been an orphan since I was a child, would you like to be my sister?"

Zhuo Yun looked at Ah Du's sincere gaze, his eyes were red, and he nodded, "Of course, I certainly do. From today, you will be my good brother." After speaking, he flapped his wings hidden in the cloak. , Flew in front of Ah Du, and put his head in his arms again.

Dui touched Zhuo Yun's soft body, without a trace of evil thoughts, filled with warmth, and muttered, "Sister, I will never let anyone hurt you in the future."

Rock looked at Zhuo Yun and Dumb with some envy, and smiled: "Miss Zhuo Yun, thank you."

Zhuo Yun let go of his dumb, fell back to the ground, smiled and said, "You are polite, if it weren't for you to save me, I'm afraid I would have been reduced to an effort now. I want to thank you!"

Yanli laughed and said, "It's all my own. What's the point of thanking you for coming? Isn't it going to eat? My stomach is already beating. Let's go to Mica City."

A group of four set foot on the road to Mica City, and Dui finally returned to his old smile, which made the Rock Brothers feel good. Finally, in the evening, everyone came to their destination. Although it is already evening, Mica City is still very lively, with various shops on both sides of the road. When I was in the Dark City, almost all the money I won was used to buy Zhuo Yun. But there were more than 3,000 gold coins left on the card obtained from Uncle Fatty, enough for four people to spend.

As soon as he entered the city, Dui stopped his figure suddenly, and the other three people looked at each other in amazement. Zhuo Yun asked, "Brother, what's wrong with you?"

There was a hint of joy on Ah Du's face, and he took out the bracelet of the elves from his arms, and said, "Here are your people." Sure enough, the bracelet of the elves was shining with a faint light, and it was obvious that there were elves not far away. trace. Seeing the elven bracelet glowing, Zhuo Yun was overjoyed, "Great, I finally found other people."

The rock was also very excited. He stood beside Zhuo Yun and said, "Yes! As long as we walk around the city like the bracelet of the elves, we will definitely find the whereabouts of the elves."

Rock Li said, "Finding an elf in one month is enough. I hope it will go smoothly in the future. However, let's eat something before we talk about it."

Zhuo Yun and Shi Shi said almost at the same time: "You know how to eat." After speaking, the two looked at each other, and the feeling of unison made the expressions on their faces a little embarrassing.

Yan Li aggrieved: "Eating is the most important thing! If you don't have enough to eat, how can you have the strength to save people!"

Zhuo Yun smiled and said: "Then eat first." The four of them randomly found a small restaurant and sat down. The task of ordering food was naturally completed by the best rock power. He unceremoniously ordered more than a dozen dishes before he stopped. He wanted to drink wine, but when he remembered that he might save people at night, he dispelled the idea.

While waiting for the arrival of the dishes, the rock said: "Since there are traces of elves here, I think it should still be with the rich nobles or rich merchants."

Zhuo Yun nodded and said: "It is possible. Since our elves can sell millions of gold coins, it is not something ordinary people can afford. Let's start with the nobles. There is a bracelet of elves to lead us. Tonight, we will definitely be able to I found the trail of the clansman. The little princess doesn't know what's going on. She is so innocent, I'm really afraid of her being hurt.

At this time, the waiter had already started serving dishes. When he put the dishes on the table, the rock said, "We are from a different place. I wonder who is the richest person in Mica City?"

The waiter was stunned and said, "The richest? Of course it is the Marquise of Sana."

The rock was shocked and said: "Why is it a woman?"

The waiter whispered: "The Marquise is not an ordinary person. The Lord Marquise is the lord of the city. I heard that she is still related to her current majesty. She once served as the finance minister of the empire. Later, she retired to this place when she grew older. , Became the lord of Mica City. Our Mica City and Dark City are the two largest cities in the Dark Province. Lord Marquis is also the governor of the entire province. Think about it, since he was once the Minister of Finance, can he have no money? After arriving in our Mica City, almost all commerce was monopolized. The Marquise married the Marquis 20 years ago. At that time, she was only in her twenties. After the Marquis passed away the year before last, because he had no children, he Naturally, the marquise was inherited by the marquise. The marquise is not an ordinary person. I heard that she has a very hard backstage. She is the sister of a great nobleman in the empire. Therefore, the current city lord dare not offend her, here , The power of the city lord is not as strong as her."

Dumb said strangely: "How can you know so clearly."

The waiter looked around, and saw that no one noticed here, he said embarrassingly: "Who doesn't know the name of the marquise in Mica City! You can say a few words to anyone you ask. Although this marquise is over four years old, Ten, but..." At this point, he suddenly stopped, smiled awkwardly, and turned away.

Dumb looked at the rock, and the rock groaned: "It seems that this marquise is not easy! Ask again later."

When the waiter brought the second wave of dishes, the rock quietly stuffed him a gold coin and asked in a low voice: "We are very interested in this marquise you said. You haven't finished talking just now."

The waiter looked at the gold coin in his hand and smiled suddenly. Whispered: "It's not that I don't want to say it, but the marquise is too powerful in the city, I'm afraid I will get into trouble."

Rock smiled and said: "We are just curious, just ask casually, never talk nonsense everywhere."

The waiter nodded, and put the dishes on the table, while saying: "This marquise is very coquettish, with countless faces. I heard that the current city lord has a leg with her. As long as it is a young and handsome boy, it is her goal. Uncle, you have a great body. If you let her take it, you might be able to rise to the sky in one step and become a rich man."

Old Rock blushed, took a peek at Zhuo Yun, and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Where does this marquise live?"

The waiter smiled and said: "The marquise lives in the manor in the south of the city. The area of her house almost occupies tens of thousands of square meters? That building is very luxurious. Ay——, it's a pity that I am ugly, otherwise , Also try to see if there is a chance for her to look at me. Then I will have nothing to worry about for the rest of my life."

There was a look of disdain from the bottom of the rock's eyes, and he said to Dui and Zhuo Yun: "Let's eat." Seeing that the rock ignored him, the waiter retreated angrily.

Yanli had already started, and kept stuffing the delicious food in front of him into his mouth. Zhuo Yun ate very slowly and rarely. While eating, she said to the rock: "Shall we get to the marquise later? Let’s take a look at his mansion. Hearing what the waiter said, this marquise should have the ability to buy our elves."

Rock nodded, avoiding Zhuo Yun's gaze, and said in a low voice: "It's possible, let's go after dinner."

Dumb looked at the rock and then at Zhuo Yun. Suddenly there was a weird feeling. He felt that the eldest brother, who had always been brave, seemed to be afraid of facing Zhuo Yun.

After the meal, the four of them walked towards the south of the city. Dumb held the bracelet of the elves tightly in his hands. The further south, the brighter the bracelet of the elves became. "Brother, it seems that the elves are really with the marquise. We. How to get in, is it hard to break or wait for the opportunity?" The cold light flashed in his eyes. In his heart, none of the people who bought the elves as slaves were good things. The silent murderous intent in his chest gradually rose, and the blood-chewing feeling continued to invade. His soul, kill, must kill those wicked people, and ordinary civilians will have a happy life.

Rock thought for a while, and said: "Since the marquise's power is so large, we shouldn't rush in, sneak in and look for it. With the guidance of the wizard bracelet, we will definitely find it."

When the four came to the south of Mica City, the bracelet of the elves had become green all over, and it was obvious that their goal was in the marquise mansion in front of them. Seeing the huge mansion in front of me, I couldn’t help but breathe air-conditioning. No wonder the waiter would describe it as a manor. The courtyard wall of the manor is two meters high, and there is an iron fence of the same height of two meters on the wall. There were spikes, and a few people flew up to a big tree outside the manor and looked inside. The manor is brightly lit, and you can clearly see a team of patrolling In the center of the manor, a three-story white castle-like building stands proudly there, and it surrounds the castle. A circle of rivers more than five meters wide. The clear river water shimmered under the light of the patrol guards torches, setting off the small building in the center, and it looked very luxurious. Around the castle, there is a flat road leading to the gate, and the rest are pavilions, connected by stone paths, shaded by green grass, and planted with various plants. Outside the gate of the manor, there were a dozen ornate carriages parked, and the coachmen were chatting.

The rock sighed: "I will really enjoy it! This is much more luxurious than the City Lord's Mansion in the Dark City."

Zhuo Yun pointed to the coachman below and said to Dumb: "Brother, can you hear what they are saying?"

Dumb dumbfounded and said, "I'll try it." He said, concentrating on his luck, and improving his hearing with his vitality. A coachman yawned and said: "It's been two hours, why the banquet is not over yet." Another coachman said: "Wait, these old ladies, how come they have to play for a while, okay? This is not an overnight banquet, otherwise we would have waited even worse."

"The Marquise would have a banquet every night. Our master returned to attend, trying to win her fascination, but he didn't want to think about how old he is. The marquise likes Xiaobaiface, so why would you like him? ."

Chapter 72: Marquise

"Brother, keep your voice down, if you let your master know, you can make sure you can't eat."

"I'm not afraid. My lord's family business is almost defeating him, and he can't even support his bodyguards. After some time, if he doesn't give me the start-up money, I will change a place. If I can get to the Marquis mansion Just be a coachman. You haven't seen how arrogant the coachman in their mansion is, and look so high, as if they are also aristocrats."

"Okay, brother, don't complain, people are treated much better than us. The marquise has money! That's a bullshit."

Dumb heard this, turned his head and said to everyone: "It seems that the marquise is having a banquet. Those coachmen are all brought by guests."

Rock thought for a while, and said: "Now that there is a banquet, the guards will naturally be tighter. Let's wait. When the guests leave, the guards will inevitably relax a little bit. Let's dive in and find someone."

Zhuo Yun nodded approvingly, and said, "This is a good idea, wait on it."

There was a hint of joy in the rocky eyes. He glanced at Zhuo Yun and looked back into the manor. The four waited quietly on the big tree.

Two hours passed and it was late at night. Yan Li was the first to become impatient, and was about to suggest to dispatch now. At this moment, the gate of the castle in the manor suddenly opened, and the wide suspension bridge was lowered. Amidst the laughter, almost The individual came out. They are gorgeously dressed, male and female, and they all look drunk, walking stumbling out. The four people were overjoyed, and the slack spirit was immediately lifted up. The nobles, escorted by the escort, went out the gate, got into their carriages and left. Silence was restored in the manor. Those guards extinguished the torch in half, and the number of patrols seemed to be reduced. The rock said solemnly, "Go, we should start."

The four of them slipped quietly from the tree, put on the black coats they prepared in advance, and sneaked into the corner outside the wall. Dumb said: "I'll go in first." This is where he has the highest skill. It is safer to go first. After signaling to the other three, Dumb floated up gently and fell on the top of the fence like a leaf. He stepped on his toes. The fence crouched down, looked around, and saw that there were no guards around him, and the three people below waved their hands, and then gently floated into the manor.

Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun also followed. They landed beside Ah-Dai. At this moment, a team of guards walked in their direction. The four hurriedly hid behind a pile of flowers and trees. The guards walked on the gravel road in front of Huamu, and the four of them breathed a sigh of relief. Yan Li just wanted to move, but was pulled by Dui. Yan Li was shocked and looked at Dumb in amazement.

Dumb pointed in front of him, Yan Li looked down, and saw a very thin silk thread on the ground with a few small bells tied to it. It turned out that when the guards passed by just now, through the torches in their hands, Duan saw something gleaming in front of Yanli, and then looked intently and discovered this mechanism.

The rock whispered: "It seems that the layout of this marquise's mansion is really quite a lot. Let's be careful."

Ah Dumb transmitted the sound to the rock and said, "Brother, the guards here don't seem to be very strong, or let's rush in and find them. They can't stop us."

Before the rock spoke, Zhuo Yun rushed to say: "No, brother, calm down, I want to rescue the tribe as soon as possible than you, but have you forgotten the lesson in Dark City? Since this marquise is so powerful, Could it be that she can't mobilize the soldiers in the city, once she rushes to alarm the official, I am afraid we will face a desperate situation again."

Dumb nodded and said, "Well, sister, I will listen to you."

Rock smiled and said: "Besides, since this marquise has such a huge family property, she will definitely hire a master to protect it. Although the guards outside are nothing, we don't know what the inside of the castle looks like. Let's be careful. Good. It’s best to save the elves without knowing it."

A cold light flashed in Ah Du's eyes, "Huh, there is no good thing in the Sunset Empire, and the marquise doesn't know how many people have been killed?"

Feeling the violent aura on Ah-Dai's body, the rock frowned, and a trace of worry rose in his heart, "Okay, let's go. Ah-Dai, you are looking for the way ahead, be careful."

Duan nodded, raised his spiritual sense to the limit, and moved carefully toward the castle. Among these elegant flowers and plants, there were mechanisms hidden everywhere. If it weren't for Duan's amazing eyesight, the four of them would have already been discovered. After half an hour, the four people touched the river outside the castle.

Looking at the towering castle, Dumb said: "Brother, look, only the top one has lights, so the marquise should live there."

The rock looked in the direction of Dumb's finger, and sure enough, the uppermost room of the castle was faintly shining, and the rest was dark. He nodded slightly and said, "It should be there."

Dumb said: "I'll go up and take a look, you help me watch the wind below." As he said, he took off his coat, revealing the black giant snake scales inside.

There was no better way for the rock, so he nodded and said, "Be careful, if you are found, don't force it. Let's get out of here and then think of a solution."

Duan nodded, looked around, there was no movement, and quietly floated up and landed on the opposite shore. When he was about to land on the opposite shore, he suddenly saw the same string of rope as he had seen before. Shocked in his heart, he took a deep breath and pushed a palm into the air behind him. With the help of that weak recoil, his body suddenly accelerated and hit the castle wall directly. With his fingers pressed hard, under the effect of zhenqi, he successfully grabbed into the hard rock wall. He was about three meters above the ground and looked around. The guards were still patrolling, and they didn't notice any movement here. A Duan's hands pressed hard, a few ups and downs, already floating outside the lighted window, he looked inward, here is an empty room, there is a faint sound of water. Suddenly, Ah-Dai turned his head to look down, and saw a team of guards walking towards the castle. Although he was completely dark, he was afraid of being seen by the guards, and carefully opened the window and floated into the room.

The temperature in the room is obviously higher than the outside. In the center is a large round bed with a yellow blanket on it. The layout of the room is very elegant, and the tables and chairs are very luxurious. The sound of the water seemed to be coming from outside. Dui walked over carefully, the door of the room was hidden, Dui looked outside, and there was an empty hall outside, and there was no one inside. The sound of water flow came from a room next to the hall, and Dui walked over quietly, the door of that room was not closed tightly, he felt that there seemed to be a person inside. Lie down at the crack of the door and look in. Suddenly made a blush. A naked woman inside is taking a bath in a big bathtub, her fair skin is looming. Although her age is not young, she can still tell from the outline that she must be a stunning girl when she was young, but she still has After the fat, the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes exposed her age, her face flushed, and she looked intoxicated in the hot water. Dui leaned against the bathroom wall, thinking, is she the Marquise?

Suddenly, Dui felt the elven bracelet in his arms heat up, and was startled. He had heard footsteps outside, and it seemed that there was more than one person.

There was a bang on the door, and a respectful voice said, "Madam, the man has already been brought."

The beautiful woman in the bathroom seemed to have come out of the bath, causing a rush of water. Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly hid in the interior and looked out through the crack in the interior door. I saw that the beautiful woman walked out with a large bath towel wrapped around her body, and the black hair on her head was wet behind her back. She walked into the hall and said, "Come in." Her voice was soft and charming, giving a human kind. A feeling of softness all over.

The door opened, and two strong men came in carrying a man. The man was wrapped in white cloth, with only his head exposed. Judging from the handsome face and pointed ears, it was a male elf. The elf's whole body seemed to be trembling constantly, his face flushed, and his eyes closed seemed to be struggling. The beautiful woman suddenly smiled when she saw the wrapped elf. Asked a brawny man, "Did you give him something to eat?" The brawny man glanced at the beautiful woman greedily, and said respectfully: "I have eaten, ma'am."

"That's good, come in with me." As he said, he turned and walked inside. Ah Dai hurriedly turned around and looked around. It seemed that there was only a place to hide under the bed. Hastily got in. He had just hid, and had heard the sound of the door opening, six feet walked in, the bed shook, and the two strong men seemed to put the elves on the bed.

The beautiful woman's voice sounded, "Tie him up and save him later." Xi Suo's voice sounded, and Dui saw that two strong men seemed to be busy beside the bed.

After a while, the beautiful woman said: "Okay, you can go out. Close the door. What do you want to see. Do you want me to gouge your eyes?"

The brawny man said with trepidation, "The slave dare not, the slave dare not." The two hurried out. In the room, only beautiful women, elves and dumb under the bed were left.

After the beautiful woman heard the door closing outside, she threw off her slippers, and the bed vibrated again, and it was obvious that she was already in bed. "Little baby, I miss you so much! I drank a lot of wine today, and I will be very excited later." The elf breathed heavily, and seemed emotionally unstable.

The beautiful woman said: "These nine million gold coins are really worth it. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Look, your handsome face and perfect body, I really want to eat you in one bite, but I can’t bear it. How do those men compare to you? Look, your eyes are red, do you want to let your sister help you solve it! Don’t worry? Ah! You are so hard underneath! My sister loves you Like this."

Although Ah Dui couldn't fully understand what the beautiful woman said, he still vaguely knew what she was doing. He couldn't help but blushed for a while. He wanted to go out and save the elf, but he still held it back.

The bed trembled and the elf's breathing became thicker. There was some helplessness in the beautiful woman’s voice, "Hey, although you are very cute, but unfortunately you are too disobedient. If you follow me, you don’t have to suffer so much. No matter how much you struggle, it’s useless. Hmm? It seems that they fed you a lot of Helu tonight! You are so excited so soon. Wait, wait until you get a little more excited, people will eat more joyfully Well. When you brought you back for the first time, you scolded my old witch. People are really sad. I have lived for more than 40 years. Whoever sees me doesn't say I am beautiful, only you, only you will scold me .Although I have blocked your ability to speak, people still like your masculinity. Don’t worry, I will never treat you like those people. I heard that the life of elves is It’s very long, and the appearance won’t change. I will keep you for a lifetime. None of those boys can compare to you before, and I’m tired of playing in a few days. The funny thing is, they still want mine. People didn’t want to give them money, so I had to kill them. However, I still keep all their treasures. Now, there are hundreds of them. Hehe, as soon as I have time, I will visit them. The baby soaked in the potion has a sense of accomplishment! Okay, my sister knows that you can't stand it anymore, come on now. Ah--, it's so hot and comfortable!" The bed kept shaking, puffing, The pounding voice sounded.

Duan's eyes were splitting under the bed. Although he didn't know what the baby was, he knew that this vicious woman had killed at least a few hundred people. Unable to bear it anymore, he slid out of the bed in parallel. When he floated up, he saw the elf on the bed, with his limbs tied to the head and foot of the bed, and the naked beautiful woman was constantly rising and falling on him.

The beautiful woman was not surprised when she saw Dumb. She kept moving her body and said, "I knew you had touched it a long time ago. The defenses here are so tight that you can come in. It's good. Well, it looks like though. Average, but in good shape. What are you wearing? Looks so stylish!"

Dumbfounded, he didn't expect that the beautiful woman would actually know that he was here.

The beautiful woman smiled slightly, and said, "My dear, don't be surprised. When you watch your sister taking a bath outside the bathroom, your heartbeat will speed up, and your sister will naturally find Ra. Well, well, so comfortable!" She still kept moving a little With his bloated body, the elf boy closed his eyes tightly, sweat kept flowing down, as if struggling.

Ah-Dai was furious, and slapped the beautiful woman with a fierce palm. The white anger came out and went straight to the beautiful woman's body. The beautiful woman uttered a groan, and around her right hand, a light red grudge greeted him. With a bang, dumb was actually taken a step back, while the beautiful woman was still riding on the elf, looking at him with a smile on her face. "My dear, your skill is not weak. My sister likes a man with high martial skills like you. Those magicians are all silver-like wax gun heads, which are not useful at all."

Duan was taken aback. The light red vindictive energy that the beautiful woman had just issued was very soft, but it had a strong adhesive force. Her own vindictive energy collided with it, and it was completely resolved by her sticking and turning. He took a step back, this weird effort he had never seen before.

Where did Dumb know that this marquise was not an ordinary person. She had consumed the most lewd things in the world when she was a child. When she grew up, she had a lustful personality. She learned an evil method of cultivation from a dark force in the sunset empire, by drawing on men. The primordial spirit came to improve her skill, and the Marquis died on her. Because of her strong backing, no one knew about it. After the death of the Marquis, she became even more vigorous, using her huge power to continuously absorb the soul from the strong man, and her skill greatly increased. She already knew when Ah-Dai came to the bathroom door. She relied on her high skill and didn't put Ah-Dai in her eyes. She wanted to use her **** with the elf boy to seduce Ah-Dai. But I didn't expect that this young boy who seemed to be young would not be tempted to face his nakedness, and his skill was not weak, he could take a palm of himself without falling.

Ah Dui subconsciously touched the Pluto sword in his chest. The cold evil force was centered on the Pluto sword and spread rapidly. The beautiful woman's face changed, she floated up, and fell from the elf boy to the ground. He frowned and said, "It turns out that you are the **** of death the cat said. The world is the most evil underworld sword, the cat is afraid of you, and I am not afraid of the silver girl. As long as you are not afraid of this elf dying, you can come. I don't believe that you can control the evil force without hurting him."

A Dumb's heart shuddered, knowing that what the silver girl was saying was the truth. Just as he relaxed, the silver girl moved, her whole body exuding a strong pink light, and her hands changed strange shapes and grabbed her. A Duan retreated, and pushed his hands out violently, transforming into a yellow buckler, and greeted the silver girl's pink grudge.

There was a muffled sound, and the silver girl flew backwards with a look of surprise, and the solid vindictiveness that Ah'did transformed into made her pink vindictiveness lose its stickiness, almost unable to dissolve the huge attack power. A Duan’s right hand turned a yellow long sword, walked with the sword, and slashed towards the silver girl. The silver girl snorted coldly, and her body was as slippery as a fish. It flashed past the attack of A-Dai. The pink vindictiveness was under her control. Knocked towards Dumb from the side. The movement in the room seemed to have alarmed people outside, and noisy footsteps sounded outside the room. Dumb knew that it would be difficult to kill the marquise with great skill in front of him without using the Pluto sword. He gritted her teeth and said in a deep voice, "The net of heaven and earth." The yellow light net floated down with the lightning-like gesture of Duan. The silver girl’s attack dissolved as soon as she touched the light net. She was shocked and disregarded, her body flew back suddenly, smashed the bedroom door and retreated like lightning, her body rolled on the ground before it resolved. Dumb's attack.

Ah Dui waved his hands without hesitation, untied the shackles of the young elf, and wrapped his limp body in the blanket on the bed and floated out of the window. With both feet pressed hard against the stone wall of the castle, his body rushed towards the rock where the three people hid like a sharp arrow, and the five-meter-wide river flashed by.

When the rock saw Dui come back, he hurriedly asked: "How is it?"

Dumb whispered: "Hurry up, you're done." After speaking, he rushed out.

The silver girl was embarrassed by the powerful attack of Ah'Dai. When she got up from the ground, her men had already rushed in. The silver girl screamed: "Catch the invaders for me, don't let them run." Her screams spread far away under the influence of anger, and immediately alarmed the entire manor.

The dumb four ran fast, Zhuo Yun flew up, green light radiated from her body, there are many plants here, it is the most home place for natural magic, under the action of her fast spell, the surrounding vegetation Suddenly it grew wildly, forming barriers to stop the guards who were chasing over. The four of them were so fast that they rushed to the walls of the manor in an instant. Dumb and Brother Rock flew up, floated out of the manor, and fled in one direction. The silver girl stood in front of the window and looked at the leaving figures of the four dumbs. Knowing that her subordinates would never catch up, she didn't dare to chase after her. After all, the Pluto sword on the death **** posed a great threat to her. The anger in her eyes keeps burning. She, like Catwoman, is one of the twelve heavenly kings of the mysterious organization. Watching her beloved "pet" be snatched away, and at the same time pushing herself into embarrassment has already made her mind The anger was extreme.

Obviously, things about the manor had not been alarmed outside. The Mica City in the middle of the night was extremely quiet, the sky was clear, and the moonlight brought a gleam of light to the dim earth. The four of them ran towards the south gate. Soon, I saw the wide tower. There were many guards at the city gate. Dumb turned his head to look at the rock and asked, "Brother, what should I do now? Shall I rush out?"

Rock shook his head and said, "Go over the city and go out. Don't make things too much."

Dumb looked at the blanket in his hand with some worry. The body of the elf boy in the blanket kept rising in temperature. He knew that this must be the result of eating something and Helu. He hadn't seen it in Corris' notes. This kind of poison can only be detoxified by finding a safe place.

The four cautiously touched the corner of the tower and climbed up quietly. Although Ah-Dai was holding a person in his arms, he relied on his superb vigor, transformed into a filament with vigorous changes, and flew up while pulling his body. The guards at the head of the city are not too strict, and most of the soldiers are dozing off. The four of them didn't alarm any soldiers, and successfully left the city, galloping toward the southwest. After running for more than a dozen miles, the Mica City behind him had turned into a dark shadow, and everyone stopped. Everyone was breathing a little, and Zhuo Yun excitedly leaned to the side of Ah-Dai, and said, "Should we rescue another member of our clan? Quick, let me see who it is.

Dumb put the blanket on the ground and smiled bitterly: "Sister, your tribe is male, and your body is naked, so you should not look at it for now."

Zhuo Yunqiao blushed and said, "Then you can dress him first." After speaking, he turned his back to Dumb.

Dui took out a set of rock clothes from the blood of the dragon, opened the blanket, and was surprised to find that the elf boy's body turned red, and sweat was constantly flowing, which seemed extremely painful. Dui just put the clothes on for him, and the rock asked in surprise: "Dubai, what's wrong with him?"

Dumb said: "Brother, I heard the nasty marquise say that he seemed to have taken a poison called Hehelu, and he also took some loose tendons."

Rock was startled. He had heard from the clan before that Hehelu is a strong aphrodisiac, which can inspire people's* to quickly say: "Quickly, dumb, you can try to calm him down with the evil spirit in the sword of Hades. Go down, he will burn to death."

Hearing the words of the rock, Zhuo Yun turned around. When she saw the face of the young elf, she suddenly screamed. This young elf was so familiar to her. This is her childhood sweetheart's playmate, and her unmarried fiance-Qi Ling. That day, it was the two who ran out for a tryst to give people from the Thieves Union a chance and arrest them. She grabbed Qi Ling's shoulders excitedly and shook his body, "Ling, what's wrong with you, Ling."

Dumb held down the hilt of the Pluto sword, wrapped a trace of cold evil with Shengsheng Qi and input it into the spirit beggar. Qi Ling's body trembled and gradually calmed down.

Dui grabbed his wrist pulse and urged the zhen qi in his body to be input into the begging spirit body, helping him to get rid of the two toxins in his body. Under the effect of the right and peaceful energy of the vitality, the toxins in the begging spirit body were not too severe. Excluding the body, at the same time, Ah-Dai also rushed through the ban in his body that controlled his voice.

Qi Ling slowly exhaled a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. Zhuo Yun found that his originally clear eyes had become much dim, and his eyes had become dull. "Spirit, it's me, spirit, you're saved. Dumb brothers, they were invited by Her Majesty the Queen to save us. You're saved."

Qi Ling looked at Zhuo Yun, with a faint brilliance in his eyes, and tremblingly said: "Yun, is that you? Yun, me, I can see you again. I didn't expect that I would really see you again."

Zhuo Yun hugged Qi Ling's upper body into his arms, and comforted: "It's okay, Ling, you are safe, we can go home after we rescue the other people." Seeing their affectionate expression, his eyes were rocky. Showing a trace of sadness, he took a step back and lowered his head silently.

Qi Ling's strength seemed to recover some, he struggled out of Zhuo Yun's arms, "Yun, I'm sorry you." Crystal tears flowed down his face, his body trembling constantly, muttering Said: "Yun, my body is already filthy, and I am no longer worthy of you. I can't go back to the elves. I can't stain our city of elves because of my dirty body. I'm sorry Yun. "He violently raised his right hand, and the strength he had just recovered suddenly inserted into his left chest.

No one thought that the spirit of beggar who had just been saved would seek death, and there was no time to stop it. The blood burst, and the spirit of beggar had slowly fallen down, falling into Zhuo Yun's embrace.

"No—" Zhuo Yun cried loudly, "Ling, why? Ling, why are you doing this!"

Duan was astonished, and hurriedly grabbed the hand of the beggar, and continuously injected Shengshengzhen Qi into the beggar's body.

There was a bitter smile on Qi Ling's face, and he said to the dumb: "Brother, thank you for saving me. Don't waste my effort. I have cut my heart. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to commit suicide. . Only death can wash my soul.” His voice gradually weakened, turning to Zhuo Yun, and intermittently said: “Yun,,, ...But..., I can' able be, I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I let,...don't Now,, have to...well...take care,...don’t think of...I..., there must be...someone better than...I... Many...people, love...protect,...I'm really...good...I the spirit...the city of... That...A period of time...Ah! Much...I want to...and you..."The voice stopped abruptly, two lines of tears flowed down, Qi Ling with a longing smile on Zhuo Yun's face. Zhong swallowed his last breath.

The night is as silent as death. Zhuo Yun hugged Qi Ling's body completely dull. Duan was also stunned. He couldn't think that the beggar who was struggling to rescue would end up on his own.

The rock crouched next to Zhuo Yun. If he saw a trace of jealousy in his heart when he saw Zhuo Yun holding Qi Ling just now, his heart is full of pity for Zhuo Yun. "Zhuo Yun." He called softly. Zhuo Yun turned to the rock dullly.

The rock sighed, put Zhuo Yun's delicate body into his arms, and said sadly: "If you want to cry, just cry out. I didn't expect him to be so staunch. UU read"

Zhuo Yun burst into tears. The death of Qi Ling dealt a huge blow to her. Tears soaked the skirt of the rock chest. She cried, "Why? Why are you so stupid? You are not willing! No one will blame. Your, spirit, spirit, why are you so stupid!"

There was a bit of choking in the rock's voice, and Zhuo Yun's long pale green hair lightly touched, "He is a proud elf. He has been insulted so much. He feels that his soul has been stained. That's why he chose Death. Maybe he will be more painful to live than death. Didn’t you see? He died with a smile. I think he will ascend to heaven, don’t be sad."

Zhuo Yun pushed aside the rock fiercely and shouted: "No, no, I don't want him to die, how do you know that he will be more painful alive than death?" She grabbed the upper body of Qi Ling and swayed constantly, "Ling, you You scared me, right? You scared me before in the city of elves. I know you scared me, so wake up. Spirit..."

The rock closed his eyes, sighed, and said, "Zhuo Yun, if you have encountered the same experience as him, and have been humiliated by those evil people, how would you choose when you see him again."

Chapter 73: Xuanyue Exit

Zhuo Yun's whole body was shaken, and the words of the rock deeply moved her heart. Yes, if it was her, how would she face her lover and her people? I would die without hesitation. The rock hugged Zhuo Yun into his arms again, and said softly: "Cry, it will be better if you cry. He is dead, and his soul will never want to see you in such pain. Let him go with peace of mind. "

Duan clenched his fists tightly, the anger in his chest was constantly burning, begging for the spirits is because of the silver woman who committed suicide, why these evil people are going to kill such a kind spirit. He stood up abruptly. The Rock was taken aback, and grabbed his skirt, and said, "Dumb, what are you doing?"

An icy voice oozes between Dumb's teeth, "I'm going to take revenge for Brother Elf."

The murderous intent that had just calmed down in Ah Dumb's chest was burning again because of Qi Ling's death. He broke free from the pull of the rock and turned back to Mica City.

"You stop for me." Zhuo Yun's delicate voice came.

Dumb froze, staring at Zhuo Yun in amazement. Zhuo Yun broke free from the embrace of the rock, the tears on his face looked so sad and beautiful. Her voice trembled a little, but she firmly couldn't refuse: "Don't go. I have lost my lover, do you still want me to lose my brother?"

Dumb looked at the begging spirit who passed away with a smile, and said bitterly: "Sister, let me go. Isn't the big elven brother dead in vain? I want to use the ugly soul of the evil woman to pay tribute to the spirit of big elves in the sky. Don't worry, I will be able to succeed."

Zhuo Yun shook his head vigorously, and said in pain: "No, you can't go. If you are absolutely sure, you will have killed the person who killed him when you saved the beggar. Although your Pluto sword is strong , But have you forgotten everything that happened in the dark city? How can the wicked schemes and tricks be simple you can handle. They must open their big nets now waiting for you to vote. Dumb, listen to my sister, don’t go My sister is already uncomfortable enough, I never want to be sad for you again. Do you know how worried we were when you went back to the Dark City to avenge the ice? You succeeded that time, can you guarantee that it will also succeed this time? Mica City Those tens of thousands of soldiers are something you may not be able to fight against. Don't be arrogant, take a step back and say, what if you succeed? The beggar is dead, and no matter how many people you kill, he won't survive."

Dumb said anxiously: "But, sister..."

The rock interrupted Dumb and said calmly: "Dumb, you should calm down first. We must repay the enmity of the Elf Brothers. However, you must first tell what happened to you in the castle, and let us find a way together."

A Duan sighed, and explained in detail what happened when he entered the silver girl's room. After listening to Ah Dui’s narration, the rock gasped in air, “This temptress has harmed so many people. However, your life changes can’t hurt her, which shows that her skill is so high. With the previous things, I’m afraid it’s true. The meeting told Zhuo Yun that she is waiting for her. Miss Zhuo Yun is right, you can't go, and we must leave here as soon as possible."

Ah Dai blasted the ground with a punch, and there was a loud noise. A pit with a diameter of one meter suddenly appeared on the ground, and the mud was scattered all over. He said in hatred, "Then, is the big brother Elf so dead in vain?"

Zhuo Yun wiped away the tears from his face, his pretty face was surprisingly pale, "I don't think about revenge, but the other people who have been arrested. Begging spirits have been tortured like this. I'm afraid they too..., if that's the case. With the strong disposition of our people, I am afraid that Qi Ling will not be the last to commit suicide."

Everyone's hearts were stunned, Zhuo Yun was right. If other elves were also subjected to similar insults, then they might not be able to bear it. The rock resolutely said: "Dumb, let's not take revenge for now. It is important to save the elves first. The moment you save them early, their hope of alive will be greater. After all the elves are rescued, it is not too late to talk about revenge."

Dumb stood there in a daze, looking at the beggar's body, the resentment in his heart kept rising. Zhuo Yun carefully laid the upper body of Qi Ling on the ground and stood up. She walked to Dui, took his big hand, and choked up: "Brother, just listen to you, Brother Rock, and hope that other people will be like me. It’s good to be so lucky."

Dui didn't regret the half-year wasted time in the cultivation of Tiangang Mountain. If it weren't for half a year, I'm afraid they would not be able to save a spirit, but the death of beggar still made him feel depressed. Seeing Zhuo Yun's pleading gaze, he nodded heavily, "Well, then let's get on the road as soon as possible."

Zhuo Yun turned to look at the beggar who was lying on the ground calmly, tears came out again, and said, "Dumb, sister, please."

Dumb froze and said, "Sister, say, I will promise you no matter what."

Zhuo Yun took a deep breath and said, "Using the method you used to melt the ice last time, cremate the corpse of Qi Ling and condense his ashes into a ball. I will also carve out his head and take him forever. By her side." Her sad tone was full of reluctance to beg the spirit, and the rock couldn't help but sigh sadly.

A Dumb nodded silently, chanted a spell, melted Qi Ling's body with fireball, gathered his ashes into a mass and handed it to Zhuo Yun.

Zhuo Yun gently stroked the ashes of the spirit beg, muttering: "Spirit, we can still be together forever! You are still a pure and kind spirit in my heart." This time even the rock didn't know how to comfort him. Zhuo Yun had to say: "Let's get on the road, there are so many elven brothers waiting for us to save."

A group of four people set off with a heavy and sad heart, and rushed to their next target city.

More than four months later, the Holy See.

The Pope stood in the Temple of Light, looking at the granddaughter floating in the air before him. A year has passed. Three days ago, the Pope was surprised to find that the angelic light on Xuanyue's body finally began to gradually diminish. He clearly understood that the baptism of God that had been going on for a year was about to end. Her granddaughter has been completely reborn. After this year-long baptism, her future achievements will inevitably surpass herself.

Three days later, since discovering that the baptism was about to end, the Pope has stayed in the Temple of Light without leaving any step.

The whole body of Xuan Yue in the sky was wrapped in the holy white light, and the angel that had been integrated into her body gradually separated, and the light of the angel became much dim. Xuanyue's glittering golden light was shining, full of sacred aura, slowly descending. The Pope knew that the baptism was about to end, and he chanted a godly curse loudly, and the loud chanting set off the sacred breath of Xuanyue’s landing. The entire Temple of Light was exuding a strong golden light, especially the golden six-pointed star on the ground. The sacred breath of Xuan Yue actually supported Xuan Yue's delicate body and controlled her body to fall.

Although Xuan Yue’s body was separated from the angel in the sky, there were still six transparent wings behind her. Under the light flapping of the wings, they finally landed in the center of the golden six-pointed star on the ground. In the praying curse over and over again, the golden light on Xuan Yue's body gradually diminished, her hands folded on her chest, the corners of her calm pretty face turned up, revealing a faint smile.

Even the wise man who had experienced countless vicissitudes of life like the Pope was completely stunned by Xuan Yue's beauty. The indifferent smile was as moving as a goddess in the lower world, deeply shocking the Pope's soul. One year of God’s baptism, Xuan Yue’s body not only has a rich sacred aura, at the same time, her body has also matured a lot, and her height has grown to about 1.7 meters, with waterfall-like blue long hair floating behind her, hanging straight. On the ground, it looks so beautiful.

The pope took a deep breath, calmed his mind, picked up the goddess costume prepared in advance from his side, walked step by step to Xuanyue's side, and put the white cloak over Xuanyue's body to cover her graceful body. The pope stretched out his index finger, pressed Xuan Yue's eyebrows lightly, and chanted: "Holy power has washed your mind, pure power has filled your body, wake up, child of God." Golden light When the pope's fingertips lit up, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken and opened her eyes slowly.

Xuan Yue's blue eyes were clearer than before, and there was no trace of impurities. Her eyes looked so soft, and the deep blue eyes showed a faint golden light. As if nothing had happened, she became that girl Xuanyue again.

One year of God's baptism seemed to have only passed for an instant to Xuan Yue. However, at this moment, she felt that she seemed to have grown up, and everything around her was different, and her heart could no longer rise from the previous playfulness and became so peaceful. When she saw the pope in front of her, she asked faintly: "Grandpa, what's wrong with me?"

The pope kindly stroked Xuanyue’s blue long hair and smiled and said: “My child, you are grown up. You are really the pride of grandpa and did not disappoint me. It seems that my original choice was correct and the baptism of God was thorough. It has stimulated your potential. After a year of God’s baptism, your body has completely changed."

"One year?" Xuan Yue was a little surprised in her heart, and nodded softly, "It's actually been a year."

The Pope said: "Okay, let's go out too. Your father doesn't know how many times he has asked me. Starting tomorrow, you will learn the purest sacred magic of the Holy See from your grandpa."

Xuanyue nodded slightly, and led by the pope’s spell, the two returned to the Temple of Prayer. There was no one in the hall. When Xuanyue saw the tall angel statue in the Temple of Prayer again, there was a hint of enlightenment in his heart. "Grandpa, look, this statue seems to be alive?"

The pope was shocked, and he was overjoyed. What can be seen from the angel statue in the Temple of Prayer is enough to prove that Yueyue has been completely different from before. After receiving the baptism, he has practiced for 20 years. . "Come here, please come here in red to worship Xuan Ye, and in white to worship Nasha here." His voice spread far away.

"Yes, Lord Pope." A deep voice sounded outside the Temple of Prayer.

Xuan Yue still looked at the angel statue behind the pope intently, and didn't seem to hear the pope's words. Her heart is full of peace, and at this moment, no one can disturb her state of mind. The tall angel statue in front of him seemed to be smiling at himself, feeling that what he brought to himself was the warmth of a father and the care of a mother.

Xuan Yue's stupid standing didn't end until Xuan Ye and Nasha arrived. As soon as Nasha entered the hall, she saw her daughter in a goddess costume, ignoring her salute to the pope, and exclaimed excitedly: "Yueyue, I want to die." She rushed to Xuanyue quickly and slapped herself. The daughter who hadn't seen him for a whole year was in his arms.

Xuan Yue quietly clung to the arms of her mother who was taller than her. The warm embrace was so real, and there was warmth in her heart, she couldn't help but subconsciously cried out, "Mom."

Although Xuan Ye missed his daughter no less than Nasha, he was still quite calm and saluted the Pope: "I have seen the Pope, please forgive Nasha for being rude."

The pope was obviously in a good mood and smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, you haven't seen Yueyue for a long time."

Xuan Ye looked at her daughter. He was surprised to find that Xuan Yue and Nasha were standing together. The sacred aura on her body seemed to be stronger than that of Nasha, who had cultivated for many years. He couldn't help asking: "Father, Yueyue has been in this past year. How's her progress, what level of sacred magic has she learned?"

The pope smiled slightly and said: "She didn't learn anything this year, but she has changed a lot."

Xuan Ye lost his voice: "What? Didn't learn anything for a year?"

The Pope said: "You will understand later. Today is the time for your family to reunite. Starting tomorrow, I will continue to teach Yueyue. Go."

Suspiciously, Xuan Ye left the Temple of Prayer with his wife and daughter and returned to his home.

Nasha took Xuanyue's hand, as if she was afraid that her daughter would leave her suddenly again, and asked kindly: "Yueyue, tell mom, what have you learned from grandpa this year?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "Mom, don't ask. Grandpa said, those are secrets and cannot be said."

Nasha and Xuan Ye looked at each other. The moment Xuan Yue said this, they felt their daughter had changed.

A day later, Nasha and Xuan Ye sent their daughter back to the Temple of Prayer in a depressed mood. In this day, they felt that their daughter had changed a lot. No longer as lively as before, she became a quiet girl who seemed to see everything through. The two couldn't help but feel a little worried. Although Yueyue looked like a real goddess, they still liked the lively and active daughter before. No matter how they asked, Xuan Yue didn't say what she did this year, it seemed that the whole year was completely blank. The only thing that made them gratified was that Yueyue seemed to have forgotten the dumb person and never mentioned him once.

Praying Temple.

"I have seen the Pope." The Xuanye family saluted the Pope respectfully.

The Pope smiled and said: "It's all a family, don't need to be polite. From now on, you can come to see Yueyue once every ten days. Don't bother her the rest of the time. I believe that Yueyue will definitely become a new generation in the Holy See. The leader of Xuan Ye, Nasha, go out."

"Yes." Xuan Ye and Nasha left unwillingly, only the Pope and Xuan Yue were left in the Temple of Prayer.

One day, Xuan Yue found that her heart seemed to become more peaceful. Even in the face of the affection of her parents, her heart was still calm, and she seemed to be interested in nothing. "Grandpa, shall we start now?"

The pope nodded and said: "Yueyue, you must remember that you are the first person in the Holy See to not be baptized by God because of accepting the position of the pope. Moreover, you are baptized four times as long as the average pope. This situation is not recorded even in the ancient books of the Holy See. It is not clear how much you are changed by the baptism of God. Grandpa is not clear. However, Grandpa believes that your future achievements will surpass me, and perhaps you will become His Majesty God Feather. After that, there will be another great supernatural power in the Holy See. Your future is limitless, but even if you have a good foundation, you need to work hard to make progress. Okay, let's get started."

After receiving the baptism of the gods, Xuanyue finally began her sacred magic learning process.

one year later. The Sunset Empire Killing Manual.

"Bang." The body of the vice president of the Killing Hand Society flew out and hit the wall heavily. The Lord said coldly: "I have given you enough opportunities. It has been one and a half years. You have not done this yet. What is the use of keeping you? From now on The killing team be a killer. Get out of here."

The vice president slowly got up from the ground, lowered his head, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, the light of resentment in his eyes flashed by, and he bowed out without any further excuses.

The Lord's heart was raging, and it has been almost a year and a half. The young man named Dumb never entered his grasp. He found his figure four times, but every time he sent there, there was no killer. One was able to come back alive, and used two Yuan-killing group members for the last time, but he was still killed. It seems that this kid has mastered the use of the Pluto sword, and his skill does not seem to be weaker than that of the previous Pluto. Judging from his ruthless attitude towards his own assassins, he should hate the Killing Hand Association so much that it is impossible to buy it. Humph, since it can't be used by me, then go to hell. As long as I get the Pluto Sword, I will be able to cultivate another Pluto within a short time.

"Come here."


"Go, call out the nine of them who have been in retreat."

"Yes, Lord."

After a while, nine black figures quietly appeared in the dark room. The Lord looked at the nine people who were full of dangerous auras, and couldn't help but nodded in satisfaction, saying: "You have been practicing hard for the past seven years. , I’m very satisfied. It can be seen that your skills have made great progress. Now the members of the Yuansha Group have lost a lot. Starting today, you will officially become the veterans of the Shaman Group, and you will be promoted to the Yuansha Group. I command." The position of the killer of the elementary killing group in the killing hand guild is very lofty. They only take orders from the president and can dominate other low-level killers.

"Thank you, Lord." The nine killers agreed without sorrow or joy.

"En. Now, there is a task for you to carry out. Do you remember when you went to hunt down the Pluto more than seven years ago? You failed that mission. Pluto later accepted a disciple, although Pluto was later chased and killed by us He died, but he passed the Pluto sword to his disciple. His disciple has now become a new generation of Pluto. He nicknamed himself Death. His killing intent seems to be more powerful than the original Pluto. I once sent four groups of killers to conquer, but all died under his sword. A total of 17 ninja killers, eight killers, and two original killers were lost. According to my estimation, his skill He should not be under Pluto. Right now, he is in the territory of the sunset empire. Your task is to find him, then kill him, and return with the Pluto sword to see me. After success, there must be a reward. The specific situation , You go to the vice president to ask, oh, because of his failures these few times, I have reduced him to a killer. Go ahead, give you three months, don’t let me down. The organization will provide it at any time Your necessary intelligence. This operation is led by Meiyi."

When the Lord mentioned the word Pluto, the eyes of the nine assassins showed a strange light, "Yes, Lord." The silhouette flashed, and the darkened room returned to calm.

"Reaper? Huh, I can't kill you if I don't believe it this time. Now it should be time to fulfill the requirements of those nobles." He had not accepted the task of secretly killing the gods before, but he had always wanted to win over Ah Dumb, but now , The death of two Yuan kill group members has made him give up completely. There was a frightening red glow in the eyes of the Lord, quietly hiding in the darkness.

"Ding--" Ah-Dai bounced off Miefeng's offense, and the surging Zhensheng Qi retreated Mie Fengzhen from three meters away. Mie Feng staggered, barely standing still and panting slightly, an expression of anger and surprise flashed in his beautiful eyes. Over a year, he assassinated this boy a dozen times, but he was unable to cause any harm to him. She was surprised to find that every time he met him again, his skill would increase, and the distance between herself and him would get farther and farther, but he didn’t hurt himself every time, just knocked himself back, and left him alone. go with. Why is the murderous in my heart getting weaker and weaker, and the attack is getting weaker and weaker. Today, I planned to fight hard, but he only attacked one move and was blocked by him. I felt powerless all over my body. This cold-faced young man seemed to be like a high mountain, and his calm momentum made himself breathless, Sister! Why don't you bless me and let me kill him? Why is my heart a little confused every time I see him now.

Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun stood aside frowning and looking at this untiring girl, with no worries in their hearts. They had already recognized that this young girl was one of the original thieves' union gainers. She had assassinated Dumb a dozen times, and she had no chance of success. They knew that the main reason why Ah'Dai never hurt her was because of her ice-like temperament. They often saw this girl with extraordinary skills appear, and they had become a habit.

Zhuo Yun couldn't help but said, "Girl, why are you doing this? You can't kill dumb at all, just give up."

Mie Feng's eyes were full of anger, he hummed heavily, turned his head and ran away. Several flashes disappeared into the sight of everyone. She thought to herself, since she couldn't kill him now, she had to find a way to improve her skill, maybe she would have a chance when we met next time. It has been more than a year since I left the Thieves Guild, and it was time to go back.

Seeing Miefeng's departure, Dumb felt a sense of loss in his heart. It has been a year and a half, and the killing intent in my heart has become more and more vigorous. In the past year and a half, I have not known how many wicked people died in my hands, and the number of people killed by myself, even I don’t remember clearly. He would feel unspeakable excitement for the second murder, especially the assassins who came to test him one after another. Every time he didn't give them a chance to speak, he let them hate under the sword of Hades, Uncle Owen’s hatred, himself. Is working hard to report. Including Zhuo Yun and Qi Ling, they have successfully rescued fifteen elves one after another. But what makes everyone sad is that with the exception of the lucky Zhuo Yun, the other fourteen elves have been greatly devastated. After being rescued, they all chose to commit suicide to cleanse their souls. The kind elves are protecting themselves from the destruction. After that, it became so strong. When a person is begging for death with all his heart, no one can stop him. Watching the elves die one by one, Dumb’s heart becomes more and more cold, and his actions are more vicious. Every time the elves are saved, those The nobles who collected the elves, including their accomplices, would be brutally killed by him, and then left the word death on the wall. He completely vented his inner hatred on these dark forces. It seemed that there was only constant killing. In order to make his heart more comfortable. The **** of death has become the name of the nobles in the sunset empire. They are afraid that they will become the next goal of the **** of death, and they have converged a lot. The nobles united to offer a black market price, as long as anyone can kill the **** of death, they are willing to pay the price of tens of millions of gold coins. However, so far, apart from the Marquise Silver Lady, no one has escaped his life when the **** of death found her. Dumb, it seems that he has become the true **** of death.

For a year and a half, watching his 14 members commit suicide successively, Zhuo Yun's heart was already numb. In the small baggage on her back, there are fourteen heads made of ashes, and each head represents the life of a tribe! Without seeing these statues, Zhuo Yun's heart hurts so she can't breathe. Had it not been for Brother Rock and Duan to comfort her by her side, I'm afraid she would have already collapsed. She had only one belief in her heart now, and that was to rescue the little princess of the elves.

The Rock Brothers were extremely worried as they watched Duan's gradually changing character. Although they wanted to persuade dumb, one after another elves died, so that their murderous intentions greatly increased, how to change dumb? Fortunately, all that Dumb killed were evil people, and this was the only thing they were gratifying.

Dui's skill has made great progress in the past year and a half. After the test of blood and fire and his own unremitting efforts, he finally succeeded in absorbing 10% of the vitality of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint lost to him. Together with the gains from his own practice, he has reached the eighth rebirth decision. The apex. The silver golden body in the pubic area has become an inch and a half in size, and the solid vindictiveness that has been transformed by the changes has also changed from light yellow to light green, turning into a color of yellow and green, and its power has obviously increased a lot. The scope is also larger, but, more than a month ago, his skill seems to have reached a bottleneck, it is difficult to improve, and he can no longer absorb the energy of the second golden body in his chest. Although dumb is confused, But I couldn't find a solution, so I had no choice but to practice hard, hoping that one day I could make a breakthrough.

Yan Li frowned and said: "Dumb, this female thief always pesters you, so much trouble. There will be no good people in the thieves' union. Last time it was the elves they kidnapped in the elven forest. If not, They, those elves won't die miserably, why are you so cruel to get rid of her entanglement?"

Of course Ah Dui understood what Yanli said, and sighed, and said with a wry smile: "Big Brother Yanli, although she is not a good person, she still wants to kill me. But whenever I see her cold face, I feel happy. Can’t afford to kill anything. I know the thieves’ union members are also dark, but I..."

Yan Li said, "Even if you don't kill her, you can catch her and ask the whereabouts of the elves, so that we don't have to look around."

The rock shouted in a deep voice: "Ali, don't say it. If I guess right, the people from the thieves' union might only be in charge of arresting people. Give the elves to their employers and they won't know whereabouts. I see, that girl. He is also a person of love and sex, otherwise he would not keep attacking dumb because of revenge. As for the kidnapping of the elves, it is the problem of the leaders of the thieves’ guild. They are completely driven by high profits. . And that girl should be just the executor."

Dumb glanced at the rock gratefully. He didn't want to hurt the girl who often came to assassinate him. Every time he saw that girl, he felt as if ice had come back to life. In his heart, ice His status is no less than Xuan Yue, sighed, and he said coldly: "The Thieves Union will definitely be my target of raids in the future."

Chapter 74: Looking for princess

Zhuo Yun sighed and said, "Let’s go. The sunset city is not far ahead. This is the only big city in the sunset empire that we have not been to. I hope the princess will be there. It’s been more than two years. Save the princess, once the elf blood is exhausted, I'm afraid..."

Dumb walked to Zhuo Yun's side and said firmly: "Sister, don't worry, we will definitely be able to save Princess Xing'er."

A group of four people marched along the road towards Sunset City on the west, where, what kind of challenge will be waiting for them?

Sunset City, the capital of the Sunset Empire, is named after the location closest to where the sun sets. It is located on the westernmost side of the Tianyuan Continent and is also the largest city in the Sunset Empire. On the top of the fifty-meter-high city, energetic soldiers are constantly patrolling back and forth. The wide city gate is large enough for twenty people to pass in parallel. The city of Sunset, facing the sea, covers an area of more than 30,000 square kilometers, equivalent to two The size of the dark city. The suspension bridge is lowered, and pedestrians and carriages come and go in an endless stream, creating a thriving and bustling scene.

There are dozens of soldiers guarding the gate of Sunset City, and their eyes are constantly sweeping past pedestrians. Anything that looks suspicious will definitely go up and check.

Dumb touched the fairy bracelet in his arms, but the bracelet did not respond. He couldn't help frowning, and whispered to the rock beside him: "Big Brother, there seems to be no fairy in Sunset City!"

The rock was shocked, and said, "Didn't it reflect?" Dumb nodded softly.

Rock thought for a while, and said: "This city looks very big, maybe because the range of the Elf Bracelet's inquiry is not reachable, let's go in and talk about it. This is the last big city in the Sunset Empire. The judgment of the Moonscar Brothers So far we have confirmed that 90%, it is almost certain that the dark forces of the Sunset Empire bought the thieves’ guild to catch the elves. Since this is the case, they have no reason not to leave Her Royal Highness in the Sunset Empire, and this is the biggest The Sunset City in Beijing is the most likely place. We went all the way to the west, and all the big cities have not been spared. I believe that Her Royal Highness must be here."

Zhuo Yun said: "The rock is reasonable. Advance the city. We have traveled all over the big cities of the sunset empire. If there is still no trace of the princess here, I am afraid it will be difficult to find. Is God going to destroy my elves?" A worried look was on her face. She knew very well the importance of the blood of the Elf King, and it was related to the future destiny of the entire Elf race.

Dumb comforted: "Sister, don't worry, we will definitely be able to save the princess. Let's go into the city and have a look." While talking, the four of them walked towards the city gate.

When they walked to the gate of the city, the eyes of the guards at the gate of the city suddenly fell on the four of them. Although the four of them were wearing civilian costumes, the unintentional aura of Dumb and Brother Rock still let these soldiers notice. "Stop." The leader called out the four people.

The hearts of the four were stunned, and the rock smiled and said, "Brother soldier, what do you want?" In order to avoid trouble, he and Yanli's weapons were kept in the blood of the dragon by Adam, so he was not worried about this. Soldiers' inspection.

The soldier looked up and down the rock a few times, and said, "Where did you come from? What's the point of going to the capital?"

Rock said: "We came from the country, and when we went to the capital, we wanted to see if there were any opportunities to make money. We just rely on our strength to eat."

The soldier snorted suspiciously and said, "Brothers, search for me to see if they have anything suspicious."

Although Brother Rock is not afraid of searching, how can Ah Du and Zhuo Yun be searched? He carried the Pluto sword on his chest, and Zhuo Yun was an elf, which was not known.

Seven or eight soldiers walked over to the four of them, and the rock hurriedly took out a few silver coins from his arms, stuffed them into the hands of the soldier leader, and whispered: "Big brother, buy some wine for the brothers. Some of us Female family members, it’s not very convenient to search. Look, can you take care of it, don’t search.” The soldier slapped the silver coin in his hand, raised his hand to stop his soldiers, he hehe smiled, and nodded: "Okay, I'll see you There is nothing suspicious, because of your kindness, go in."

With joy in Rock, the four hurried into the city. Yan Li whispered against the rock: "Big Brother, how come the guards of Sunset City are so tight? There is no such inspection in other cities."

Rock said: "This is the capital of the sunset empire after all. It is normal to have strict inspections. Okay, let's find a place to stay. We must be more cautious. Several times before, people from the slaying guild have found it. Our whereabouts are not secret, so it's better to make as little trouble as possible. Hmm? Dumb, what's the matter with you?"

Suddenly, Dui stood still on the spot, holding his chest with his hand, with a look of astonishment. Zhuo Yun seemed to feel something. He leaned to the side of A'Dai, and said in a low voice, "Is the bracelet reflected?" A'Dai nodded, and took the four of them to a remote corner, and took the fairy bracelet from his arms. When he took it out, the bracelet of the elves gleamed with a strange look, the whole body was green, which was a sign that there were elves nearby.

Yan Li said with joy: "Great, there is a reaction, that means the fairy princess is not far away, now we can find it easily."

A gleam of joy flashed in Zhuo Yun's eyes, but the joy was lost after a slight indulgence, and frowned, "It is almost certain that Her Royal Highness is in Sunset City, but if I guess it is correct, it is because of the blood of the elf king on the princess. The elven bracelet has too much reaction, which makes it impossible for us to find the precise position of the princess based on the strength it senses. What can we do? The Sunset City is so big that we can’t look it all from house to house. Allowed, and, once we are found, I am afraid that we will be unable to make any progress in Sunset City, let alone rescue the princess."

The four of them fell silent, thinking for a long time, no one had any good solutions. Zhuo Yun sighed and said, "Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to sense the blood of the Elf King. It would be nice if Her Majesty came to him. With her majesty's ability to reach the sky and the earth, the princess will definitely be found. If it doesn't work, we will return to our Elf race as soon as possible Go, invite Her Majesty to come here."

Dui's heart moved, thinking of the scroll that the Elf Queen gave him, and hurriedly said: "Sister, I have a way to summon Her Majesty the Queen to Sunset City." At the moment, he took the scroll that the Queen gave him from the blood of the dragon. , Told the three people what happened. Zhuo Yun was overjoyed after hearing this, "Great, then now call Her Majesty the Queen. With her power, the position of the princess will definitely be determined. It will be much easier for us to start."

The rock grabbed the dumb who was about to open the scroll, and said, "Don't worry, let's find a place to stay. I don't know what will happen when the scroll is opened. It would be bad if it was discovered by the people in Sunset City. Moreover, since Her Majesty can only be summoned for two hours, then we must grasp these two hours so that the Princess can be rescued."

Zhuo Yun showed approving eyes, sighed, and said: "I'm too impulsive, then let's go quickly, find a place to stay and say, thank you, rock."

The rock took a deep look at Zhuo Yun. After more than a year of getting along, his feelings for this kind-hearted elf girl have become more and more difficult to extricate himself. His heart that died because of Yun'er's death seems to be renewed. After youth and resurrection, Zhuo Yun seemed to be like his resurrected Yuner in his heart, and his smile moved his heart. However, it was precisely because of the dead Yun'er that he could not face his feelings. Although he was very concerned about Zhuo Yun, he did not dare to show it, but he would always watch Zhuo Yun silently every time he saved him. When she was an elf, the rock would always protect Zhuo Yun, lest she might lose. Even the dumb dumb could understand the change of the rock. How could Zhuo Yun not be clear? However, Zhuo Yun's mood has been very depressed because of the death of Qi Ling and the elves. The simple rock is not incapable of moving her, but she does not dare to face this feeling now. In normal times, Shi Yan and Zhuo Yun always avoid each other's eyes intentionally or unintentionally.

Zhuo Yun evasively hid beside Dui. The four people walked along the streets of Sunset City. The streets of Sunset City were the widest they had ever seen, reaching a width of several tens of meters. It seems that there is no dark power hidden here. Although there are many shops around, it is different from other cities. There is no place like a casino or a courtyard.

"Brother, what do you think of that hotel?" Yanli pointed to a not very large hotel not far ahead. The appearance of the hotel is very mediocre, without any gorgeous decoration, the big sign at the door says the four characters of Tongxin Hotel. Rock nodded and said, "Well, then live here."

The four people entered the hotel, all of them were shocked. Compared with the outside, the decoration inside was far away from the outside. Open from the outside, this is just an ordinary two-story small building, but once inside, the wide hall is close. A thousand square meters, although the luxurious decoration is not as good as the original Anhao Nightclub, it is also quite gorgeous. The scarlet carpet floor, the four huge pillars at the four corners of the hall support the top beams, although there are not many layouts in the hall, the various decorations are very elegant. At this time, there are not many guests in the hotel. At the counter on the left, only seven or eight guests are registering.

Seeing the four people entering, two sturdy waiters greeted them, the expressions on their faces were neither lukewarm nor cold, and one waiter said in a weird manner: "Stop, what are you doing here?"

Dumb froze and said, "Aren't you a hotel? We came here, of course, to stay in the hotel."

A waiter snorted and said disdainfully: "You are the stuffed buns who just came from the country. Don't ask about where we are together. You are not worthy to live here, so hurry up and leave. You don't need to blast you out. ."

Yan Li took a step forward, owed his toes, grabbed the voice of the waiter's mind, and said angrily: "Who do you say is a soil bun?"

The waiter was shocked. He obviously didn't expect the four ordinary people in front of him to dare to attack him. Rock Li's big hands were full of power. Although he was short, the wait gave the waiter no resistance. He tried to struggle a few times, but found that his chest seemed to be pressed against a large mountain, making it difficult to move. Angrily said: "Dwarf, let go of your stinky hands, don't you want to live anymore?"

Yan Li hated people saying that he was short, and he was furious. With one arm, he lifted the waiter up. If he was asked to take this waiter out, he would probably not die or be seriously injured. The rock grabbed Yanli's arm and frowned, "Ali, don't be impulsive, put him down first. We are not here to make trouble."

Yanli glanced at the rock, hummed heavily, put the waiter on the ground, and released his hand. The waiter stepped back a few steps, only to stand firm with the help of his companions, his original proud face had become pale, and his voice was trembling, "You, you..."

The rock shouted: "What are you doing? The dog sees people low, and if you don't want to die, get away." After speaking, the four of them walked toward the counter. They did not take a few steps, and immediately more than a dozen waiters gathered around. With a menacing look, at this moment, a man in charge came over from the counter, frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

The two waiters ran up to the steward and explained what had just happened. The steward looked up and down at Duan and the others, and said impatiently: "We can't come here without money, don't you know? It's not your consumption at all, let's go." He said, like He waved his hand like a fly.

The repeated insults caused the rock to bump up. He strode forward, took out from his arms the savings card he had obtained from Uncle Fatty, and threw it on the steward, saying coldly, "Blind. Your dog's eyes, take a closer look."

The manager was stunned. The experienced man was not angry because of the insult of the rock. Picking up the deposit card that fell on the ground, a look of surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes, "Ah! This, this is."

The rock snorted coldly: "You can check it. There are at least one million gold coins in this card. Are we qualified to live with you?" The sunset Empire’s consumption is very high. For more than a year, their original The money has already been used up, and Dumb is embarrassed to go to the Wizards’ Union to ask for it, so he used the old method to punish those casinos in the Sunset Empire, and he won a lot, although it was a lot less than when he was in the dark. But there are still millions of gold coins in their hands, enough for them to spend.

The manager's expression turned quickly, and he respectfully handed the deposit card back to the rock, and turned his head to anger at the waiters: "Isn't it quick to disperse, do you care for your leisure meal? Can't even the distinguished guests recognize it?" Turning to the rock and flattered: "I'm sorry, it's all their subordinates who are rude, please forgive us for our negligence, and a few distinguished guests, please follow me." As he said, he turned his head and led the way.

Yan Li glanced at his mouth unremittingly. He saw a lot of this kind of face. In this sunset empire, being rich and powerful means everything. Before the four were led to the counter on the left by the steward, the steward asked, "A few distinguished guests, do you know what we need to do?"

Rock said: "We want to stay in a hotel. Are you not a hotel here? Open three rooms." The rooms in any hotel in the Sunset Empire are usually for two people. They come all the way, and they have always been the same room as the Rock Brothers. Dumb He and Zhuo Yun each have a room.

The manager was shocked and laughed: "It turned out to be a misunderstanding. Some of you must have come from other places. Our Sunset City is different from other cities, because after all, it is the capital of the empire, so neither the casino nor the courtyard can be opened clearly. Therefore, most of them have changed their names. Like ours, these two types of businesses are the main ones. Don't you want to play?"

The four of them were shocked at the same time. It turns out that Sunset City is not without casinos and yards, but selling dog meat with sheep's heads and doing it in hiding. Dumb frowned and said, "Then do you have a place to live here?"

The steward said: "Of course there are, but they are generally prepared for the big high-profile guests, and the price is naturally higher."

Rock handed out the deposit card and said, "It doesn't matter if the price is high, the most important thing is that the environment should be quiet. We don't like noisy, understand?" Summoning the elf queen is such a secret thing that no outsider can discover it.

The steward hurriedly took the card and said, "I understand that our VIP rooms here have always been known for their elegant surroundings. Three rooms are not a problem, right." He quickly completed the formalities, and the three rooms required a day’s accommodation fee. Collect three hundred gold coins. Rock now understands why the attendants stopped them from entering in the first place. The consumption here is indeed not paid by ordinary people, and I am afraid it is no more than that of Anhao Nightclub.

The steward personally took them to the VIP room at the back. Although the hotel looks inconspicuous from the outside, it is very large inside. It is mainly divided into two parts: the casino and the jiyuan. Of course, the two parts are also connected. With more than 100,000 assets, it is really difficult to play here.

Passing through a long corridor, on both sides of the corridor, there are two types of living halls in the Tongxin Hotel. According to the steward, there are also many ordinary guest rooms in the ji courtyard, but they are only used by the clients. At the gate of the jiyuan, there are more than a dozen beautiful girls who are constantly scratching their hands at a few people, but the appearance is ordinary, and even the lecherous rock power can't be interested. The four people followed the steward to the backyard of the hotel. There was a small building in the backyard. This small building was the so-called VIP building. The steward took them into the building and opened three rooms for them on the second floor.

"A few distinguished guests, if you have any needs, please do not hesitate to give instructions. There are attendants in the building, ready to be sent by you."

Rock said impatiently: "Go down, I will call them if something happens."

The steward still seemed to be unwilling, and asked: "Are you really not going to the casino to play? Our facilities here are first-class. There are also first-class waitresses at the jiyuan, who have a full set of services to satisfy you. "

Rock didn't directly refuse, and said calmly: "We have come from afar and need to rest. Let's talk when we're done." After speaking, the four of them entered a room together and shut the steward outside.

The layout of the room is indeed very gorgeous, but the one-day accommodation fee of one hundred gold coins still seems so expensive.

Yan Li sat down on the big bed in the middle of the room and said, "Big brother, are we ready to act now?"

The rock shook his head and said: "It's not busy, the action has to start at night. If you summon Her Majesty the Elf Queen in broad daylight, it would be too conspicuous."

Zhuo Yun took off the hat on his head and revealed pointed ears, and said, "Then it will be fine tonight. Your Majesty the Queen, we will act immediately." The expression on her face is still very worried, as long as the elf princess has not been rescued. , Her worries will not disappear.

Dumb thought for a while and said, "Sister, don't know why? I always feel that the action tonight will not be too smooth."

Zhuo Yun hesitated and said: "Why? With our current strength, coupled with Her Majesty the Queen and several elders, even the most powerful nobles can't stop our actions."

Dumb said: "I don't understand why I feel this way, but it's better to be careful. Let's practice for a while and wait until the night is in the best condition before acting."

Zhuo Yun nodded. She was still convinced by the strongest dui. After all, every time she rescued the elves, it was almost always Dui who resisted most of the enemies. The strength that Dui showed in her heart was no less than that of the elves. The great wizard. "All right, I'll go to the next room to rest." After speaking, he left the room under the silent gaze of the rock.

Watching Zhuo Yun leave, the rock frowned and said, "Dumb, is there something in your heart?" From the dumb look on Dui's face, the rock had already seen the flaw. Dui seemed to be worried about something all the time, but he didn't show it in front of Zhuo Yun.

A cold light flashed in Ah Du's eyes, and he sighed, and said, "Brother, I'm really afraid that the elf princess will be like the previous elf." The last time the elf was rescued was two months ago, and they stopped the woman. The elves committed suicide three times, but the elves who suffered severe trauma eventually died from menopause. The deaths of fourteen elves were deeply touched by Ah-Dai. They were full of grinning hatred for those greedy and gloomy nobles. The name of the **** of death appeared in the homes of nobles again and again, but this was not enough to calm Ah-Dai’s heart. Sorrow. It has been almost a year and a half since Bing’s death. For this year and a half, his heart has always been in incomparable darkness. He is about to save the last elf, and it is the most important thing. The elf princess, Ah-Dai's heart is full of hesitation. If the elf princess also commits suicide, then their mission will be declared a failure. With repeated blows, Ah-Dai is on the verge of collapse. In front of Zhuo Yun, he certainly couldn't express his worries, because he clearly understood that watching his clan members die one by one, Zhuo Yun was hit harder than him, and he could no longer stimulate her.

The rock sighed and said: "Brother, how I don't understand your worries. Now I can only hope that the elf bloodline that Her Majesty said can keep the princess pure. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for us to confess like Her Majesty." How can he not worry? Zhuo Yun's distressed appearance and the death of the elves also shocked his soul.

Dumb said in a bitter voice: "These beasts of the Sunset Empire use all kinds of evil methods. I am afraid that the blood of the elves is also difficult..."

The rock patted Ah Dui on the shoulder, and said, "Worrying is useless now. Everything has its own will. If the elf princess is humiliated by the sky, we can't change it."

A Dumb's eyes suddenly became brilliant, and he said in a deep voice: "God, what is the sky? If there is a god, why doesn't he have mercy on these kind people and let the evil forces run wild, even if the sky wants to stop me, I Fight against him too. If Princess Xing'er is insulted, I will let all the nobles of the Sunset Empire bury her."

Under the surging killing intent that radiated from Ah-Dai, the rock brothers' hearts stunned, and the two stared at each other. The rock urged the fighting energy in the body, resisted the huge pressure from Ah-Dai, grabbed his shoulders, and said, "Brother, the killing intent in your heart is too strong. If this goes on, you will fall. Do you think, Pluto The sword seems to be gradually controlling your character?"

Dumb froze, awake from the monstrous killing intent, lowered his head, and muttered, "Big brother, how could I not know? The Pluto sword is powerful, but it also corrodes my body and mind. If it weren't for me The life’s true temperament restrains it, I am afraid that I have already been counter-controlled by it now. But, in the face of those **** guys, how can I let them go?" What he didn’t say was the evil of the sword of Hades Power not only eroded his mind, but also restricted the growth of his skill. Although over the past year or so, his vitality has improved rapidly. But every time he went to the final stage of the eighth level, an inexplicable evil would stop him, preventing him from breaking through to the ninth level, the highest realm of life. If he can't reach the ninth level, it will be difficult for his life to make a qualitative leap. He didn’t want to use the Pluto Sword anymore, but whenever he encountered danger, he had only the Pluto Sword as his most advantageous attack weapon. The first three strokes of the Pluto Sword were almost indestructible. Until now, except for the original Catwoman. Other than escape, no one can survive under the sword of Hades. In order to achieve the purpose of punishing the wicked, he used the Pluto sword again and again, not knowing how many people died under the monstrous evil spirit. As the Pluto sword swallows more souls, the backlash of its evil air is getting stronger and stronger. A feeling of boredom often arises in Dumb's heart. It seems that everyone in the world should die, the murderous intent in his heart. He would often rise for no reason. If it were not for the kindness in his heart and the sacred power of innocence, he would have long been hard to resist and became a real murderer.

The rock shook his head and said, "Brother, although those people are damned, you should try not to use the Pluto sword in the future. Otherwise, if there is one thing you really can't control yourself, the first killer will probably be the one who is the most Closer to us?"

A Duan's whole body was shaken, and his eyes were dull to look at the rock. He clearly knew that what the rock said was not alarmist, it was not impossible. The cold sweat kept oozing out, and Ah Du suddenly felt a lot clearer in his mind. Taking a deep breath, Dumb said, "Big Brother, I have returned to my room to practice. Only when I break through the final boundary of the life zhenqi can I control the sword of the Hades." After finishing speaking, he resolutely walked out of Brother Rock's room and entered the most Inside the VIP room on the side.

Seeing Ah'Dai leaving, the rock sighed helplessly, and said, "Let's start cultivating too. I hope Ah'Dai can control himself."

Yan Li said, "Brother, is Dumb's situation as serious as you said?"

The rock nodded solemnly, and said, "It's only more serious than what I said. Didn't you realize that when dumb kills a few times recently, he has changed a person, like a cruel demon, his subordinates are merciless. Sometimes, the opponent is obviously not very strong, but he still uses the Pluto sword to kill those people. Don't you look sick at the corpses? But Dumb doesn't seem to feel it. Look. It’s really uncomfortable for me to become like this. If I knew it would be like this, I organized him to agree to the queen of the It’s important to save the elves, but if the kind-hearted daddy becomes I am afraid that it will be even more terrible if you lose the devil. Hey, in my heart, dumb has a heavier position than the elves! You should remember Prophet Prin’s exhortation to us, we must not watch him go on like this."

Yan Li felt his brother's concern deeply, and gritted his teeth and asked, "Big brother, if one day Ah-Dai really can't control himself, what should we do?"

The whole body of the rock shook. Looking at Yanli, the two brothers stood there with chills. They both thought of the answer, but they were not willing to accept the answer. The rock said grimly: "I hope that day will never come. Starting today, we must try our best to prevent Ah Dumb from using the Pluto sword. We are all to blame for our weak skills. If we can help him share more, maybe it will be better now. There are too many. Ali, we have to redouble our efforts to cultivate."

After Ah Dui entered the room and sat cross-legged on the big bed, he did not immediately start practicing, silently recalling what the rock had said before, and a burst of chill made his body tremble. Dumb gently stroked the Pluto sword on his chest, why? Why did you bring me great strength, but also brought me so much trouble. You affect my mind, will I really become a demon in the future? No, no, I don't want to become a demon, I am a dumb, I was so kind before, but since the ice died, I have changed, become so devastating, I can't go on like this.

Chapter 75: Kind-hearted **** of death

Suddenly, Ah-Dai remembered the first time he had used the Pluto sword. At that time, he used the Pluto's flash of heaven and earth, and for the first time, with the evil power of the Pluto sword, he killed a man who was much more powerful than his. Gainer-level thieves. Although his skill was not high at that time, after using the ghost flash, he was almost swallowed by the evil energy, and later with the help of the dragon's blood, he barely suppressed the evil energy. However, after that time, nothing seemed wrong. I haven't felt any changes in my xinxing. It seems that evil air can't invade my body. Later, after half a year of cultivation on Tiangang Mountain, the power of vitality was greatly increased. However, after the ice death, when I used the Pluto sword again, I could clearly feel the erosion of the evil air on my soul. ,Why is this? Could it be that...

Suddenly, Dui felt that he seemed to have grasped something. He kept thinking about it. After not knowing how long, a glimmer of light suddenly appeared in Dui's mind, and he instantly realized it. He clearly understands that the main reason why he was affected by evil qi after he had a profound skill in genitalizing true qi is the change in his character. Bing’s death caused his kind nature to be concealed by a strong murderous intent. All he wanted to do was to kill and kill all evil people. It is precisely because of the evil thoughts in his heart that the evil spirit emitted by the sword of the Hades will go smoothly. Invading one's own meridian, gradually deepening the murderous intention in one's heart, making oneself gradually degenerate, and the original kind heart gradually disappeared. Only by maintaining a kind heart, coupled with the control of the true energy, can he be completely unaffected by the Pluto Sword. Before, he was so stupid that he fell into the trap of the Pluto Sword. As long as you have negative emotions when using the Pluto sword, the evil aura will find an opportunity to invade your body. This cannot go on. Only when you restore your previous psychological state can you gradually get rid of the evil in your heart. , Use the sacred power of invigorating Qi to completely restore his heart to normal, not under the control of the Pluto sword. However, it is not easy to change the gloomy and indifferent character that has gradually become gloomy for more than a year. Although Dumb already understands it, how easy is it to change the murderous intent in his heart? After understanding his own situation for more than a year, Duan gradually calmed down in his heart. Among the formulas of life and life determination, there is one of the most critical formulas, which is to let the flow go. Yes, now that this is the case, just let the flow go, as long as you try to avoid crazy killings, your heart can recover. At that time, you can only control the Pluto sword by yourself, and will not be countered by it. Of course, the premise is that you can't use the Pluto sword beyond your own ability. Those evil people still want to kill, but I shouldn’t kill them for their evil, I should kill them so that more kind people can live in peace. In this way, even if you are still a **** of death, It is also a **** of death against evil forces and a **** of death who maintains a good nature.

Thinking of this, Ah-Dai took a deep breath and started to meditate while he was calm. In the dantian, the silver golden body lit up under the vitality of vitality, and the pure white light radiated from the silver golden body. Suddenly, Dui felt that the white light was so pure, and his heart entered incomparable silence. , Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi naturally revolves, endlessly taking the dantian as it passes through the meridians of the whole body and then flows into the dantian. Dumb felt that his whole body had become warm, and the comfort he hadn't felt for a long time appeared again. There was a faint smile on his face, as if he had changed back to the kind and simple dumb.

The night gradually descended on Sunset City, the sun disappeared in the sea level west of Sunset City, and the stars set off a bright moon in the sky. Today's moon is exceptionally bright and looks very moving.

Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun came to the door of Ah-Dai's room together. Because of the worries about Ah-Dai in their hearts, they woke up early from entering Ding. The door was not locked, and the three of them entered the room quietly. They were surprised to find that Ah-Dai sitting cross-legged on the bed seemed to have changed. Surrounded by white vindictiveness, Ah-Dai’s somewhat dull face had a faint smile, and it looked so peaceful without a trace of killing. Qi, Shengshengzhen Qi seems to be circulating around his body constantly, setting off his innocent and simple smile.

Zhuo Yun just wanted to speak, but her mouth was covered by the rock. The rock said in a very low voice: "Don't disturb him, he seems to have found a way to get rid of his inner murderous intentions. Let's go out first."

The three of them let go of the rock when they got out of Dumb's room. Zhuo Yun asked a little surprised: "Rock, what's wrong with Dumb?"

The smile that Rock hadn't seen for a long time appeared again on his sturdy face, and said gratifiedly: "Have you not noticed the change of Dui? The quiet smile on his face tells me that the kind-hearted Dui has finally returned. ." Zhuo Yun's delicate skin made his heart shake, and coupled with the discovery just now, the rock's heart was unspeakable.

Zhuo Yun was startled and said, "You mean, dumb, he..." The temperature brought by the big hands of the rock just now made her face feverish, but the words of the rock made her even more surprised.

Rock nodded and said: "Yes, I don't know how he did it, but I'm almost certain that Dumb is dissolving the murder in his heart. Let's wait. Maybe our kind brother will return to his former appearance. , If that’s the case, that’s great. We don’t have to worry about him anymore."

Zhuo Yun said: "Then what about the action tonight?"

The rock frowned, and solemnly said: "Miss Zhuo Yun, I know you are very anxious to rescue your Elf Clan's Xing'er Princess. We are also very willing to help your Elf Clan fulfill this wish. However, let me be frank, Brother Adu The status in our hearts is much higher than that of the elf princess. Maybe you will be unhappy to hear me say this. But what I say is my inner feeling. There is still time to save the elf princess, but dumb Maybe there is only one chance to get back to normal. Therefore, no matter how long I will wait, I will wait for Dui to wake up. I hope you can understand me. Don't disturb Dui, how I look forward to the return of my brother! "

Zhuo Yun was stunned. She looked at the rock blankly, and the rock stared at her resolutely, without giving way. After a long while, Zhuo Yun sighed and said, "You! I don't know people too much. Isn't I caring about Dumb brother less than you? Let's wait, two years have passed, and I am not in a hurry. This day and two days. I will go back to the room first.” As he said, he turned and walked to his room. When he walked to the door of the room, Zhuo Yun looked back at the rock, smiled at him, and said: "You are such a fool, but I don't like the tone you just said. Don't talk to me like that anymore." After opening the door, Qiao returned to her room with a single blush on her face, leaving only the rock brothers in the corridor.

Yan Li stabbed his sluggish elder brother, and said, "Big brother, how do I feel that the atmosphere between you has changed! She, isn't it..."

The rock awoke from the sluggishness, knocked on Yan Li's big head, and said: "Don't talk nonsense. Go, go back to our room and get a chair out. Let's take turns here to protect the dumb. Don't let him be disturbed in any way. Yan Li rubbed the painful place on his head by the rock, agreed, and returned to the room with some dissatisfaction. The rock's heart beat quickly, Zhuo Yun just smiled back, and completely absorbed his mind. Although Zhuo Yun returned to the room, he felt that Zhuo Yun was still standing at the door of the room smiling at him. That moving feeling made him not only slightly hot on his face, but after more than a year of getting along, Zhuo Yun's figure had already been deeply imprinted on his heart, so clear. Shaking his head vigorously, the rock murmured: "What's wrong with me? How can I think about this now?"

Dumb’s enthusiasm lasted for three full days. He didn’t know how many weeks his life had been running, he just felt that he was always in a warm furnace, as if the furnace was constantly nurturing himself. Yes, unspeakably comfortable. After taking a deep breath, Ah Dui urged the revolving Shengsheng Zhenqi to return to the silver gold body in the pubic area. The silver gold body seemed to have become holy, and the silver light flowed, although the energy was far worse than the chest. The three-inch-high golden second golden body, but in realm, it does not seem to be weaker than it.

Slowly opened his eyes. Although it was daytime, his eyes seemed to be breathtaking like two cold waves.

An unprecedented sense of comfort filled Ah Dui's heart, and all the irritability and disorganized negative emotions disappeared. He felt that his heart was quiet, and everything around him was full of moving colors in his eyes. As soon as his mind moved, he landed on the ground lightly and stretched his body a few times. The surging vitality filled his whole body with explosive power. Although he is not sure how much his xinxing has recovered. However, Dui clearly knew that the evil spirit of the Pluto sword would definitely not affect him now, and at the same time, he had made some progress in generating true Qi.

Dumb felt that there was someone outside the door, and the breath was so familiar. When he opened the door, Yan Li sitting on a chair outside the door looked back blankly, "Dui, you are awake." Yan Li cried out in surprise.

Dumb smiled and said, "Big Brother Yanli, are you protecting the Fa for me? Thank you so much."

Ah Dumb's warm smile made Yan Li a warm smile, and he laughed: "It's all brothers, what else can I thank you for. Go, find your eldest brother, he has been worried about you these past few days!"

Dumb scratched his head and said, "I'm sorry, Big Brother Yanli, how long have I been in the Dingma?"

Yanli looked at Dumb stupidly, and murmured: "I said, brother, you scratching your head, I haven't seen it for more than a year. Big brother is right, you really have restored your previous appearance, too Okay, that’s great. Brother knows that he will be very happy."

Dumb was also shocked, yeah! Since the ice died, he really didn't seem to scratch his head too much. While thinking, he has been pulled into the rock room by the rock force.

"Big brother, big brother, Ah Dai is awake. He has returned to normal." Yan Li exclaimed excitedly. The rock stayed outside the Dumb's door for a whole night. He hadn't slept for a long time, and his sleepy eyes said dimly: "Wake up and wake up, don't disturb me, I'm so sleepy." Suddenly, the rock seemed to realize what the power of the rock means. He immediately sat up, his hazy eyes became clear, and he fixedly looked at the dumb who had just entered the door. With a grateful expression on Ah Du's face, he called out, "Big Brother Rock."

Seeing the calm of Ah-Dai's eyes, the rock felt that the blood in his body was boiling completely. He jumped off the bed and walked slowly towards Ah-Dai step by step. Muttered: "Dumb, is it really you?" Dumb bit his lower lip, nodded vigorously, and said, "Big Brother, it's me."

The rock rushed forward and put his arms around Dui's shoulders. Tiehan's eyes were wet, and he choked up and said, "Brother, my good brother, welcome you back."

Duan put his arms around the rocky broad shoulders and said excitedly: "Big brother, thank you, if it weren't for your words, I'm afraid I will really fall. Your brother Dui is back."

The rock looked at Ah-Dai with red eyes, "Don't talk about brother, everything is not important, as long as you recover, Big Brother will be happier than anything. Big Brother misses the kind-hearted Ah-Dai! That Ah-Dai who became a **** of death, big brother It's really hard to accept, brother, promise elder brother, don't be blinded by hatred to your bright eyes in the future."

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, hatred of those wicked people is inevitable, and I am still the **** of death who vowed to kill the wicked. But I am a kind **** of death."

Yan Li looked at Ah-Dai without understanding, and frowned, "The kind-hearted **** of death? Isn't that still the **** of death? Don't you have recovered?"

The rock just froze for a moment, realized it instantly, and smiled: "Brother, you finally understand, yes, you are a kind **** of death. Kindness that will never change."

Duan also pulled the rock force on the side, put his arm around the shoulders of each of them, and said: "Our three brothers will always be the best brothers, two elder brothers. Thank you for your care and care for me. Dumb will never again. Used by the evil of the Pluto sword. It is just a tool for me to kill the wicked. For the better survival of most kind people, it will surely absorb more evil souls. Let us work together, first The elf princess was rescued." At this moment, Ah-Dai finally walked out of the evil of the Hades sword, and truly became its guardian.

"Ah! The three of you brothers are so affectionate! Isn't it counted as a sister?" Zhuo Yun's voice sounded behind the three of them. Qiao walked in with a gentle smile on her face.

Dui turned his head and smiled at Zhuo Yun: "Sister, how can you not count you, you will always be Dui's good sister!"

Zhuo Yun looked at Ah'Dai's simple smile, and said, "O'Dai, sister really admires you. After only three days, you finally showed me the kind little boy when I first met. Hehe "Speaking, Zhuo Yun squeezed Dumb's face with his hands.

Dumb said embarrassedly: "Sister, how can you say that, I'm not a little boy, Big Brother Rock, you should rest first. Waiting for the evening, we are asking you to get up. Tonight, it is time for us to save the elf princess. If she is insulted by those wicked people, I will definitely not let anyone hurt her." As he said, a shocking cold light flashed through the eyes of Dumb who was smiling just now. The invisible and huge aura on his body was shocked by Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun at the same time. In their eyes, Ah Dui seemed to have grown up. His body was full of the aura of Aoyuan Mountain, which was different from his incarnation of Death.

Night fell on the earth again. Three men and a woman were sitting together in a VIP room of the Concentric Hotel in Sunset City. They all changed into black night clothes, with solemn expressions on their faces.

"Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." A blue halo lit up from the front of Ah-Dai's chest, and a small scroll gradually enlarged and fell on Ah-Dai's hand. Looking at the scroll with the pale green light in their hands, the eyes of all four of them showed fiery light. Dumb opened the slipknot on the scroll, took a deep breath, held the scroll with zhenqi, and threw it into the air.

The scroll slowly opened in the air, a green light lit up, and a breath of life instantly filled the room, making the four of them feel relaxed and happy. On the pale green scroll, there is a moving picture, which occupies three-quarters of the picture. It is the huge crown of the ancient elven tree. The lush green looks so moving. Above the crown, sitting Two elves, one male and one female, with faint smiles on their faces, cuddling together in an extremely intimate manner. The green light gradually turned and the picture on the scroll gradually blurred. Suddenly, a green light shot out from the scroll, and under the shining light, a green six-pointed star with a diameter of about one meter appeared on the floor of the room.

Inside the fairy city of the fairy forest. The elf queen lightly flapped the transparent wings behind and floated on the canopy of the ancient elf tree, with a sad smile on her beautiful face, and murmured: "Finally, it's been more than two years. I finally waited. Your news." With a flash of light, the elf queen disappeared, disappearing into the fresh air on the old elf tree.

The room was completely shrouded in green light, and the dumb four waited with expectation. The light suddenly flourished, and the four excited people temporarily lost their vision. Vigorous vitality flooded the entire room, and fourteen pale green figures appeared. For a while, the originally spacious room seemed a bit crowded. The scroll successfully summoned a queen of elves, four big elves and nine elves.

After two years of absence, when I saw the Elf Queen again, Dui's body was shaken, and he shouted emotionally, "Aunt Elf."

The Elf Queen had no intention of observing the surrounding situation, and flew in front of A-Dai, gently stroking A-Dai’s face, and said softly: "Child, you are dark and healthy. You must have suffered a lot in the past two years. "Feeling the motherly care of the elf queen, Duan's eyes moistened, "No bitterness, Auntie, I am not bitter."

Zhuo Yun knelt to the ground with a plop, crying bitterly, and cried, "Your Majesty the Queen."

The Audi elf envoy helped Zhuo Yun up, "Xiaoyun, were you rescued by dumb and others?"

Zhuo Yun nodded gently, and finally saw the elders in these tribes again, which made it difficult for her to hold on to herself, and she was extremely excited and speechless.

Dumb said with embarrassment: "Auntie Elf, I'm sorry, I failed to complete your request..." At the moment, he briefly recounted what happened in the past two years. When he said that fourteen elves had chosen to commit suicide to wash their souls, the whole room suddenly fell silent. The elven queen's eyes were a bit dull, her warm red lips trembled slightly, and two rows of crystal tears flowed. Then, murmured: "My children! Why? Why are you so stupid? Although your bodies have been insulted by those wicked people, your hearts are always pure." The death of fourteen tribesmen , Which caused a great blow to the Elf Queen, her whole body trembled slightly, and only with the help of Audi could she control her body.

The rock said solemnly: "Your Majesty, Dumb said, the scroll can only summon you for two hours. It is not too late. Can you find the trace of the princess?"

The elf queen barely suppressed her excitement, nodded gently, and said: "I have a way, dumb, you give me the elf bracelet."

Dumb handed over the elf bracelet. The elf queen placed the bracelet in her palm and began to chant the spell in elf language. The elf bracelet exuding green light seemed to be shouting cheerfully, and the green light gradually converged. , The elf queen suddenly opened her eyes and said: "I know the location of Xing'er, let's go now."

The four dumbs were already ready, quietly opened the window, dumb said: "Auntie, you lead the way, today you must rescue Princess Xinger."

The elf queen nodded and said, "I hope Xinger is still safe. For the continuation of the elf race, the warriors of the elf race, let's set out." After finishing speaking, she brought four big elf envoys, nine elf envoys and Zhuo The clouds flapped their wings and fluttered out. Dumb and the Rock brothers spread out and followed them on the ground. They all used their speed to the limit. Under the guidance of the Elf Queen, they set off towards the west of Sunset City. . It was late at night, there were almost no pedestrians on the road, and under the reflection of the moonlight, eighteen figures were advancing quickly. Dumb where they live is west of the center of Sunset City. After more than ten minutes of speeding, the Elf Queen suddenly stopped. She pointed to the front and said, "Xing'er is there."

Everyone looked at the room she was pointing to. In between, there was a tall wall with a height of more than five meters. The white stone wall looked unusually thick. On both sides of the huge arch, there were hundreds of soldiers guarding it. The holy church was used above the arch. The text is carved with four characters-Sunset Palace.

Everyone couldn't help but breathed a breath of air. They didn't expect that the place where Princess Xinger was imprisoned would be in the palace of the Sunset Empire.

The elf queen clenched her teeth. She hesitated for a minute, and then suddenly turned to Dumb and said, "Dumb, you three should not go in. There are bound to be many masters guarding the palace of the sunset empire. After all, this belongs to our elves. Things. You are waiting here. If we succeed in saving Xing'er, we will give it to you, and you will send her back to the elves. If we fail, we can only blame God for ending the continuation of my elves, and only blame us elves. Family life is bitter." After speaking, he must flap his wings and fly into the palace.

Dumb grabbed the Elf Queen by the arm and said anxiously: "Auntie, since we are all here, how can we not help you? Even if we die here today, we will definitely do our best for the Elves. "When I heard Dui's words, the elf queen shook her whole body, and her beautiful eyes showed deep feelings. She gently stroked Dui's long black hair and sighed: "Child, auntie knows you are kind, but auntie can't be so selfish. You go on an adventure again. Wait here. Auntie believes that no one can stop our concentration of elves, which is only 70% or more. Even if we can’t save Xing'er, this sunset empire will be inevitable. A heavy price is to be paid." After finishing talking, I will fly away from the hand of Dumb.

The rock suddenly said: "Your Majesty, wait a moment. If you rush like this, it may be difficult to save Princess Xinger. We need to plan first."

The elf queen smiled sadly and said: "There is no time to plan. Now we can only stay here for more than an hour, and then we will be teleported back by the power of the old elf tree. Then we will lose our last chance." Rock shook his head and said: " I have an idea in my mind, but it’s actually very simple. With this method, we have a much greater chance of success."

The elf queen froze and asked, "What is the solution?"

Rock said: "Your Majesty, I think you must be able to feel the approximate position of the princess. As long as you use natural magic to cause chaos in another direction in the palace, and then act, the possibility of success is not much higher. Already? In the direction that causes chaos, it will inevitably attract a large number of enemies, I mean you understand."

The eyes of the Elf Queen lit up, "I'm really confused. Okay, let's do it. Do you create chaos? Okay, just use the elves to recover. Four big elves, you help me, nine elves protect the law. Let's retreat over there." As she said, she pointed to a dark alley not far from the palace. Eighteen people quickly retreated.

The Elf Queen looked at her people dignifiedly, and said solemnly: "This is the success or failure. Okay, let's start. In the name of the elves of the past generations, I call you, the soul of the elves!"

The four great elf envoys stood at the four corners around the elf queen's body, and chanted: "I call you, the soul of the elf!" A faint green light turned around them, setting off the elf queen in the center. The Elf Queen closed her eyes, made a weird gesture with her hands on her chest, and whispered softly: "Take the elf blood as a guide, wake up, my elf heart." The green light around her body suddenly became stronger, and she continued He chanted an unknown spell in the language of the elves, and the green light became more and more prosperous, and the details of the surrounding alleys were revealed. Dumb was taken aback. He knew clearly that if this continues, I'm afraid the spell will not be over before the people in the palace will discover it. Hastened to activate the vitality in the body. Under the transformation of the transformation technique, the yellow-green solid energy formed a faint film, covering the queen of the elves and the four elves, blocking their radiance. . The nine elves were also aware of this problem at the same time. They almost simultaneously pulled out a leaf from their clothes made of plants. Under the urging of the the leaves expanded rapidly, forming a barrier. , Putting a barrier on Ah Du's Zhensheng Qi, from the outside, the light almost disappeared.

Under the elf spells constantly sung by the elf queen, a green elf floated from the center of her eyebrows, almost exactly the same as herself. The whole body was transparent and fell lightly on her shoulders. Layers of green ripples were small in green. The elves continued to spread as the center, and the surrounding elves felt energetic at the same time. The spell of the Elf Queen did not stop, she still closed her eyes and kept singing, and the four big Elf Envoys also continued to sing, circles of green light emitted from them and merged into the Elf Queen.

Dumb turned his head and rushed to Zhuo Yun, who was doing nothing, and asked, "Sister, what kind of spell is this?"

Zhuo Yun said with a solemn face: "This is one of the forbidden spells of our elves. Its function is to make all the plants in the range grow wildly, and then attack all creatures without elves, but it only restricts being attacked. The human body does not cause real harm. In fact, the magic of our elves itself rarely has spells that directly reach the enemy's death. You are around us and naturally will not be attacked. This elven curse is It’s only used to save plants or when the city of elves is under an infernal attack. I didn’t expect Her Majesty to use it now. Wait and see. I’ve only heard of this spell. This is the first time I have seen it. . But the power of Forbidden Curse is probably very great."

Chapter 76: Melody of growth

The elf queen finally stopped singing the spell. She opened her eyes suddenly, and two turquoise rays of light shot out. She took a deep breath. The four big elf envoys around looked extremely tired, and the elf queen bit her right hand. With the middle finger, a drop of green blood flowed out, and she quickly drew a trajectory with green energy around the drop of blood. The blood was instantly wrapped in complex elf symbols. The elf queen chanted: "Inheriting generations of elves The blood of the king! Please arouse the aura between the heavens and the earth, the great **** of the earth! Please use your compassionate heart to pity the lives that grow in your body, forbid ※#8226; the melody of the awakening growth of the elves ." With the completion of the spell, all the green rays crazily condensed towards the drop of elf blood wrapped in the elf symbol. After a while, it turned into a small light green ball. The elf on the shoulders of the elf queen lifted the green ball of light, looking a little hard.

The elf queen's face became a little pale, and she sighed: "Grow with the melody." With a light wave of her slender hand, the green light ball flew out under the energy injection of the elf heart, and disappeared instantly. In the night sky.

The heart of the elves returned to the queen of the elves. Her delicate body staggered, barely flapping her wings to maintain her body balance, and smiled: "The melody of growth can support more than an hour. Time is enough. After five minutes, go to the savior. child."

The setting sun inside the imperial palace.

In a gorgeous room, the fairy princess Xing'er was looking bored at the stars outside the window, her heart was full of loneliness, she really regretted now, why she was so playful and gave the wicked a chance. After being caught by those people in black, he fell into a coma and was in this room when he woke up again. Everything here is so gorgeous, but she doesn't like it at all. After coming here, she has never walked out of this room, and the slender chains on her feet restrict her movement. She clearly remembered that when she woke up, she wanted to escape, but an old man with white beard and hair appeared. He just chanted a few vague spells, and her body was imprisoned and couldn't move. Even with the elven bloodline as a guide, no elven spell can be activated. After the old man left, there was a handsome boy who looked handsome, and the handsome boy was dressed very gorgeously. Although he was good-looking, there was an evil spirit between her brows that disgusted her. Pleasing to the eye.

Thinking of that person, Xing'er's pretty face couldn't help but blush. At the beginning, he was still saying a lot of things that he didn't understand softly, but later, he seemed to be angry because of his disregard. He really hates it! I actually want to take off my clothes. It seems that he is not a good person. No wonder my mother said that the outside world is very dangerous and human beings have no good things. Fortunately, his elven bloodline protected his body in time. The vital energy of the Elf King's bloodline made him unable to get close to him. As soon as he saw that he couldn't help himself, he left. When he appeared again, he brought that nasty old man again. The old man used several methods, but he couldn't get rid of his bloodline of the Elf King, but it also weakened the energy of the bloodline a lot. The handsome young man seemed to want to do something to himself, but he couldn't succeed. He tried all kinds of ways to deceive himself, but at that time, he just wanted to go back to the fairy forest quickly, how could he be fooled. After all, he is already eighty years old. Although this age is not a big deal among the elves, it is quite large among humans.

That old man was really damn, as if he knew the secret of his bloodline, he drew a three sign at the young man and said to himself in the Tianyuan clan language that he understood three years later when I lost my ability. Later, although the boy didn't bother him again, he felt a deep crisis. Hey — time passed day by day. The power of the elves in his body gradually weakened. If he can no longer get the vigorous energy of the old elves, I am afraid he will not be able to inherit the throne of the mother elves. Mom is just such a daughter, what can I do! Is it that the elves must extinct themselves? No, no, how could the elves that have lasted for tens of thousands of years be extinct because of me? Blame all on me, all on me. Xing'er, who was full of regret in his heart, couldn't help but burst into tears, and began to cry sadly.

At this moment, she suddenly felt an unusually familiar energy, so comfortable! The bloodline of the depleted Elf King seemed to be active again.

Xing'er looked at the distant night sky, the blood in her body was boiling, and her nervous whole body was trembling slightly. She couldn't be more familiar with this energy, ah! This is, this is mother energy! It's mom, it must be mom, mom came to save me. Xing'er sat up abruptly from the bed, and his desperate heart was filled with hope. Secretly prayed, "Mom, Mom, you must save Xing'er out! Xing'er will definitely listen to you in the future and will no longer be naughty." The familiar energy fluctuation suddenly increased, and Xing'er was extremely surprised. The energy she was sealed was about to move. If it weren't for the forbidden chains on her feet, she felt that she could reuse the power of the elves.

There was another person who also felt this energy in the sunset imperial palace.

Biinrouge, the chief court mage of the Sunset Empire, who was meditating cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes. He is one of the three magisters on the mainland besides the Holy See. He is good at wind magic and has a very lofty position in the sunset empire. Even the emperor of the sunset empire has to salute him when he sees him.

Biinrouge frowned. Where did the magical energy wave come from? Could it be that the palace magicians under his own are practicing magic? its not right! They should generally be meditating at night. Could it be the enemy? A cold light flashed in Biinrouge's eyes. It would be great if it was an enemy. It has been inactive for many years. There are few people who can be his opponents. This opportunity cannot be let go. Thinking of this, he floated and flew to the ground. With his profound knowledge of wind magic, he can be said to be the only magician on the mainland who can persist in flying for a long time. He flicked the void and took out his magic wand-Huang Quan from the crack in the space. Closing his eyes, chanting the wind magic spell, "Gentle breeze! Follow my heart, inquire." A faint cyan light flashed on the yellow spring staff in hand, and the wind element in the air was slightly noisy. A gentle breeze blew, flying out from the gap in the window. The Staff of Huangquan was bought by the Emperor of the Sunset at the price of 20 million gold coins from a master alchemist who had retired for many years and gave it to him on his 60th birthday twenty years ago. birthday present. The staff of Huangquan has the ability to be close to the artifact, and its wind attribute makes Biinrooke's love.

All of Biinrouge's mind was placed on the enquiry wind that fluttered out, and under the control of his powerful mental power, the enquiry wind flew in the direction where he found the energy fluctuations. The light breeze passed through the palace and drifted outside the palace wall. The magic control of this distance was nothing to the Magister-level Bienrouge. Under the influence of the wind of inquiry, he was surprised to find eighteen breaths, of which five breaths were particularly powerful, and their energy fluctuations continued to come, as if they were chanting some spell. Suddenly, Biinrouge's whole body shook, and a huge energy that he could not imagine suddenly burst out from the center of the five powerful breaths. The fourth-level wind system magic inquiry wind he released was in that huge wind. Under the energy, the shock was fragmented, and immediately lost the sense of the five groups of energy. Biinrouge was taken aback. It was the first time he had encountered the situation that eliminated his wind of inquiry. He felt faintly uneasy in his heart. What kind of magic is this! It has such a powerful energy. Before he could think about it, he floated out of the room and quickly used wind magic to release several signals to inform his group of men. Then, paying attention to the direction of energy generation, he recited his own defensive spell, ready to intercept the opponent's magical attacks.

A group of aquamarine rays suddenly rose from the direction where the energy appeared, and Biin was shocked. Each school of magic has its own specific color, such as water magic for blue, fire magic for red, and earth magic. It is yellow, light magic is white, advanced sacred magic is gold, dark magic is black, and own wind magic is light cyan. This was the first time I saw this green magic. Moreover, the greater the magical power, the greater the momentum it creates. Why did this magic ball, which looked the size of a fireball technique, generate such a huge amount of energy just now. Although he could not understand theoretically, he still took corresponding measures. He raised the Huangquan Staff in his hand and chanted, "Great wind element! Listen to my orders, gather in front of you, use your violent The energy shatters all barriers, rotate it,-tornado storm." The wind element in the air violently converged toward the staff in his hand, the faint cyan light was clearly visible, and the surging wind element violently rotated, level six The wind magic tornado storm quickly appeared under the addition of Huangquan Staff. Biinrouge deliberately compressed this magic to the smallest range in order to explode its maximum power. A group of tornadoes gathered with a large number of wind elements flew out, facing the green light group flying towards the palace.

With its extraordinary speed, the pale cyan tornado quickly caught up with the aquamarine light. When the two energies collided, the aquamarine light seemed to be ineffective, and it was unexpectedly from the tornado. Passing through, cutting through the sky, throwing into the distance in the palace, disappearing into the night.

Buinrouge lost his voice and exclaimed: "Impossible." He felt that the tornado he was emitting flew out through the green light cluster without encountering any obstacles. There was no energy collision. With his profound magic knowledge Can not explain this situation. Of course he would not be arrogant to think that the aquamarine light cluster was offset by the tornado because of its low energy. He clearly saw the trajectory of the light ball flying out. "Not good." Biinrouge shouted, summoning the wind element in the air, and quickly flew in the direction where the aquamarine light cluster fell.

The aquamarine light group silently sank into the ground, and there seemed to be a surge of anger in the entire palace. The vegetation swayed gently, and suddenly, they all seemed to be rejuvenated, and they began to grow rapidly. Whether it was flowers or trees, they all grew at an alarming speed. Trees of three or four meters were almost only a few times In the blink of an eye, it grew to more than ten meters, and the flowers and plants grew exponentially. The rapid growth surprised the soldiers on patrol. After the flowers and trees grew crazily to a certain extent, they began to raging crazily and began to attack the surrounding soldiers. They did not hurt people, but they rolled up the soldiers one by one into the air. After a while, thousands of soldiers in charge of patrols were attacked to varying degrees. Most of them lost their fighting ability and were crazy. The growing plants control the actions of the body. Only some soldiers with quick response and high skill can cut off the plants that are attacking themselves with weapons in time, but the overwhelming plants show no signs of exhaustion, and they continue to attack.

Flying in the sky, Biinrouge saw this situation, and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. He had never encountered this kind of abnormal magic before. He could only help the soldiers to release their restraints with the wind blade. , But his abilities are limited after all. He was in a hurry for a while, and most of the soldiers were still exclaiming because of the plant's attack.

At this moment, eighteen people including the Elf Queen and Dui also started their actions. They entered the palace silently. The center of chaos caused by the growing melody was at the other end of the palace. Although the plants here were also The growth is rapid, but slower than that. The eighteen people have the breath of spirits. Plants will not attack them. The tall plants become their best cover, smoothly living around them. Walking through the plants. The Elf Queen and the four big Elves kept sucking the anger from the air and quickly regaining their magic power. Dumb and Brother Rock followed closely next to the elf queen, protecting her safety. Seven of the nine elf envoys were archers. While flying, they raised the short elf bow in their hands, always paying attention to the surrounding movement. Under the guidance of the Elf Queen, they quickly moved towards the depths of the sunset imperial palace.

Biinrouge's subordinates finally arrived. A dozen magicians above the level of the Great Sorcerer took action together. Although they couldn't stop the plant's attack, they also reduced a lot of burden for Biinrouge. Biinrouge shouted with the wind amplification magic: "All the guards in the palace are ordered to immediately organize and fight against the plants. Enemies invade, guard your own posts."

Due to the reduced burden, Biinrouge's heart gradually calmed down. With a flash of inspiration, he suddenly realized the source of the magic that controls plants. Only the elves magic of the elves can cause such effects. Yes indeed! The princesses of the elves are in the palace, and they must come to save the princesses. No, this is a shock. Biinrouge was furious, and the elves dare to create such chaos under their noses. He threw the task of saving the soldiers to his men, spurring the wind element in his body, and flew quickly to the palace where the elf princess was imprisoned. He knew clearly that the emperor of the sunset was obsessed with the elf princess. If the elf princess was rescued, I'm afraid there will be a **** storm in the palace.

Quan Yi, the 34th emperor of the Sunset Empire, had a sweet dream, and spent half the night with his concubine, which consumed a lot of his physical strength. The unusually noisy noise outside awakened him who had just fallen asleep. He suddenly sat up from the bed and cursed: "Which **** is making such a noise, let me know. I must skin him." The sleeping beauty beside him opened her sleepy eyes and put her arms around Quan Yi's arm, and said softly: "Your Majesty, what's wrong outside? People just fell asleep and it was so noisy. You are so amazing! The whole body is aching and can't exert any effort."

There is no man who does not want his woman to praise his ability in that respect. Quan Yi squeezed the concubine’s tender face and said with a smile: "My little baby, are you making a fuss again? Wait for me to go out and see. Come back and comfort you." After speaking, he got up and put on a coat and walked outside. It is not fortunate that Quan Yi can sit on the throne of the Emperor of the Sunset Empire. Although he is greedy and lustful, he often shows a wise side in front of important things. It is precisely because of his decisiveness and wisdom that he has won the Magister. The appreciation of Biinrouge, under his enormous influence, allowed him to stand out from among several princes. He inherited the throne as the emperor three years ago, and now he has the status today. As the emperor of the Sunset Empire, viciousness is his basic quality. He will never show mercy to his enemies. The dark forces in the Sunset Empire are under the control of his power. The gray income continues to fill up.

Walking to the door, the maid who was guarding outside hurriedly opened the door, Quan Yi shouted in a deep voice, "Where are the four guards?"

Four figures suddenly appeared in front of Quan Yi like lightning. All four of them were dressed in strong black costumes. At the same time, they bowed and said: "I have seen Your Majesty." Their skill is so high that even Biinrouge is full of praise. They have been beheading the assassin who entered the palace to assassinate Quan Yi more than ten times. He has not completed many tasks and is trusted by Quan Yi.

"En. What happened outside?" Quan Yi asked calmly. For safety reasons, the hall where he lives is surrounded by sealed corridors and guarded by many guards. It is impossible to see the outside situation at the door.

The leading guard Shuitian whispered: "Your Majesty, something happened outside. Just now, Lord Biinrouge ordered all the guards to guard the posts, it seems that an assassin has come. Moreover, the plants outside do not know why, they all grew up crazy, abnormal. It spread quickly, and those wildly growing plants attacked almost all guards on patrol. Now most of the guards are wrapped in plants and lose their fighting ability."

Quan Yi frowned slightly, his eyes widened, and he sneered: "I don't know where I am not afraid of death. Go out and have a look." There was no hint of surprise on his face, and his calm expression showed his king. The four guards guarded him and walked out. When Quan Yi walked to the gate of the palace, he was shocked by his gloomy character. The plants outside the gate of the palace were all changed, at least ten times as before. Above the size, the plants seemed to be alive, constantly twisting, looking extremely strange.

"This, what's going on?" Quan Yi asked in surprise. At this moment, a sturdy tree vine suddenly rushed over and entangled Xiang Quanyi. The sound of the wind brought by the tree vine made Quanyi startled, and he took a step back subconsciously, just mixing it on the ground behind him. Above the threshold, a stagger nearly fell. The four guards beside him stood in front of him like lightning, and the four colors of blue, red, blue, and yellow anger burst out. The impacted trees and vines were suddenly crushed, but the plants did not stop attacking. They discovered that they were alive, and began to attack the palace gate continuously. Quan Yi's four guards showed great strength. Each of them drew out their weapons, and under the action of the tyrannical vindictiveness, no plants could get past the thunder pond and disappeared into their attacks.

Quan Yi calmed down a bit in shock, and suddenly became furious. Since inheriting the throne, he has not been so embarrassed. The prince of his own country was attacked at the door of his house, and the huge plants blocked his eyes, making him unable to see the outside scene. Although the constant bombardment of green plants was blocked, the four guards could not rush out for the time being.

At this moment, a clear voice sounded, "Go, scattered wind blades." A large swath of blue light fell from the sky, almost all the plants that attacked the palace were cut in half, and the pressure of the four guards suddenly relaxed. Biinrouge descended from the sky and landed at the gate of the palace, and said slightly: "Your Majesty, are you all right?"

Quan Yi snorted and said, "It's okay now, Master, what is going on? Are these plants going crazy? They attacked people."

Biinrouge smiled bitterly and said: "This is entirely man-made. If I judge it well, it should be the magic of the elves. However, the area covered by this magic is so large, it is obviously very advanced magic of the elves. There is no way to stop the completion of this magic. Now you can only wait for the magic effect to disappear. You should go back to the temple, it will be safer."

Quan Yi frowned and said: "The elves? Why would the elves use high-level magic on my sunset empire's palace? We don't seem to have any hatred with them. These nasty elves dare to provoke my authority. Damn it."

Biinrouge sighed, and said, "Your Majesty, have you forgotten the elf princess who was captured more than two years ago? This hatred is not only there, but I am afraid it is deep." At the beginning, the grand duke offered the elf princess. He disapproved when giving it to Quan Yi. If Quan Yi was just playing with an ordinary elf, it would be fine, but the status of the elf princess in the elf clan is very important. At that time, I thought that the elves would definitely come to the rescue, and even become an enemy of the Sunset Empire. Although they repeatedly stopped, Quanyi fell in love with the beauty of the elven princess, and refused his suggestion. Two years have passed, and there has been no movement. After so long, I relaxed, but I didn't expect that the elves finally launched today, when the imperial palace was least prepared at the sunset. This strange wizard magic has caused great losses to the palace. Although there were no casualties, the growth of plants has destroyed the layout of the entire palace. Various ambush traps for assassins have almost been destroyed, and even some buildings have been destroyed. Was destroyed. What annoyed him most was that he was actually fooled and led away by wizard magic. When he realized this problem just now, he didn't dare to go directly to the fairy princess. He had to come and see Quan Yi first. For him, Quan Yi's safety was the most important thing.

Quanyi's heart moved after listening to Biinrouge's words. The beautiful elf dedicated by the Grand Duke two years ago was very touched by him. Although the elf looked only fifteen or six years old, his temperament was pure and clear. , The meticulous facial features like a master sculpting, that seductive graceful body, made him feel uncomfortable, deeply obsessed. However, for this elf princess, who is very cherished by herself, she couldn't get close to her body. Whenever she approached her, a nasty green light would block herself one foot away from her body. Buinrouge once told him that the elf princess had the blood of the elf king, and it would be three years later when the power of the elf king's blood disappeared before she could be at her mercy. Two years have passed, and I have indeed almost forgotten that pretty little girl. With the reminder of Biinrouge, Quan Yi's heart suddenly became active, and a certain part of his body was about to move. But the attack of the elves also made him angry, and he couldn't help but said in a deep voice, "Master, do you mean that the attack on the palace this time was caused by the elves? A little elves dare to be so rampant. Ah. Guru, they are here to save the elf princess. Now she is still being held in a palace not far from here. Go and have a look. You must not let them take the elf princess away." The brain filled with Quan Yi, the blazing light constantly flickered in his eyes, and the body was constantly surging. He clearly felt that he had no desire for a woman at any moment like now. The plants outside were almost wiped out because of the powerful attack by Than Rouge just now, and they could no longer pose any threat to the palace. The four guards guarded the palace gate, watching vigilantly, lest someone might threaten Quan Yi's safety.

Biinrouge nodded and said: "I am not worried about your safety, so I came here first. The four guards of water, fire, earth, and wind, you must protect your majesty. I'm going to see what is special about these elves. Ability, dare to provoke in the palace." After speaking, he chanted the spell, floated up, and flew to the palace not far away.

Under the leadership of the Elf Queen, A Duan and his group of eighteen people smoothly sneaked into the sunset imperial palace. Although there were guards around them, they were all caught by plants and their bodies could not stop them, even if some were not covered by plants. Restricted, they can't stop their progress. The Elf Queen herself did not expect that the power of this magic was so powerful, as if it covered the entire palace, walking through the vegetation like a forest, regaining some of her excessive energy consumption. Under the cover of the growing melody, they progressed very smoothly. They only met a few guards with a small number of high skills, and they were all dismissed by Dumb and Brother Rock. Soon, they passed through a corridor, and the Elf Queen's eyes flashed brightly, pointing to a palace on the left hand side, and said: "It should be there, let's go." As they said, she flapped her wings anxiously and flew away. . After a few get up and down, Dui came first, and before he rushed to the palace first, he gave a low voice, his hands flashed with yellow and green solid energy, a huge group of fighting energy suddenly bombarded the wall, and amidst a loud noise, the palace’s The wall suddenly fell down, and a large gap of two meters in diameter appeared.

"Who?" A few violent shouts sounded, seven or eight figures rushed out. These people, UU Reading were all arranged by Biinroege to take care of the fairy princess Xing'er. They also knew the situation outside. So I can only return to the room. The walls of the palace were suddenly destroyed, and they responded immediately. These guards were among the best in the imperial guards. They responded quickly when they discovered the situation. All of a sudden, various colors of vindictive light exploded from the dumb. Blowing from the gap. Dumbfounded, but not flustered. Over the past year, he has experienced the test of blood and fire, and he is much more mature than before. Especially in terms of combat experience, it has increased exponentially. Although these vindictive anger was strong, Dui was confident that he could cope. His body floated back lightly, his hands folded high above his head, and a three-foot-long yellow-green energy blade appeared on the tips of his fingers. Suddenly swiped, the solid vindictive energy containing huge energy seemed to tear the air, and it made a sharp howling sound. The oncoming seven or eight-stranded vindictive energy split from the energy blade head-on. , Sliding along the sides of Ah Du's body, there was no way to cause any harm to him. Dumb didn't stop, and instantly rushed into the palace, imagining countless light nets with his hands, and entangled the guards in the palace. The Rock Brothers flashed through the vindictiveness that had been split by Duan and rushed in, his whole body was yellow, his weapons went straight to the guards in the hall and launched a powerful attack.

Obviously, the guards did not expect that their fighting spirit would be broken so easily, and their reaction suddenly became slower. The three of them were immediately entangled in the body by the yellow-green string of fighting energy. Under the impact of energy, the meridians were sealed, and they lost the battle. ability. The Rock Brothers spawned from both sides of Ah Du's body in a loud shout, and with one sword and two axes, they brought strong vindictiveness, and killed the remaining guards without fighting back.

Chapter 77: The arrow shakes the enemy

The elf queen and all the elves rushed into the palace. The palace was empty, and no trace of the elf princess Xinger was found. Five green lights flashed, and the guards who fought against the rock brothers immediately fell down on the precise elf arrows. After learning of the tragic death of his tribe, these kind elves did not show mercy, and the foreheads of the five guards were pierced by a light green short arrow. The three guards whose meridians were previously sealed by dumb fighting spirit couldn't help secretly cry out for luck, and hurriedly closed their eyes, fearing that these winged elves would find themselves alive.

The elf queen looked around, pointed to it, and said, "Xing'er is upstairs."

Dumbfounded, there are no stairs in the hall of the palace. If you want to go upstairs, you obviously need to destroy the mechanism. However, for them now, time is everything, and Ah-Dai jumped up and turned into a three-foot-long energy blade in his hand. With a flash of light, a square with a side of one meter appeared above everyone’s heads, and there was a loud noise on top of the head. A large neatly cut stone fell from the roof of the rock, and light was faintly shining from it.

Dui slapped a palm downward, and with the strength of the vindictive energy rebounding, he used the vigorous anger to cover his whole body, floated up, and entered the upper layer of the palace.

Xing'er was sitting on the bed full of expectations, praying constantly, full of yearning for freedom. The mother's breath became stronger and stronger, and she clearly felt that the familiar life energy was constantly approaching herself. She clearly heard the noise below, she wanted to shout, but her ability to speak had been restricted. In the excitement, her delicate body trembled slightly. Suddenly, the ground not far in front of the bed flashed yellow-green light, a piece of ground suddenly disappeared, a figure suddenly appeared with a sacred white light, and fell in front of him. He had a yellow light blade in his hand. He looks young in black, but he is not his own tribe, but a human being. After seeing himself, this human being suddenly appeared with a look of surprise in his eyes.

Dui saw the stunning little beauty in front of him, and he was overjoyed. The wings and pointed ears on her back proved her identity. He hurried forward and grabbed her arm and asked urgently, "You are the fairy princess star. Huh? I am a friend of Auntie Queen of the Elves, and I am here to save you." The familiar Sorbian Federal language sounds so kind, Xing'er's tears burst out from his eyes, and the excited look of Ah'Dai is so kind in her eyes. She threw herself into Ah-Dai's arms and burst into tears. The silent cry made Ah-Dai shocked. .

At this time, the Elf Queen and the four big Elf Envoys also flew up, and the rest were guarding below.

When the elf queen saw the crying Xinger lying in the arms of Dumb, her whole body was shocked. The daughter who had been away for two years finally saw her again. Her heart was deeply shaken, and her body trembled slightly, with two lines of tears. Floating down, he shouted emotionally: "Xing'er--."

Xing'er was shocked and looked up. The mother's beautiful face appeared in her blurred vision, she looked so haggard, it must be because she was worried about herself. Xing'er opened her mouth to call her mother, but she couldn't make a sound. Dui was hugged by Xing'er just now, Xing'er's soft body made his face feel hot, and then he reacted. Seeing Xing'er's appearance, Dui suddenly understood that she was banned. The surging Shengshengzhen Qi was quickly input into Xinger's body, breaking through the restriction imposed by Biinrouge.

"Mom—" Xing'er cried out crying, flapping her wings to fly towards her mother, but the chains on her feet restricted her movement, causing her to fall into the arms of Dumb.

The elf queen flew up and held her child tightly in her arms. When she saw her daughter, all the blame and anger disappeared. She hugged her daughter’s body and felt the same blood of the elf king. , The elf queen's brain was blank, she kept tightening her arms, for fear that her daughter would disappear again.

After a long while, the elf queen came to wake up from the joy of reunion, gently stroking her daughter's long pale green hair, and whispered softly, "Goodbye, goodbye, everything is over. Mom is here, in the future. You will never be hurt again."

The eyes of the four great elf envoys were also wet, Audi stepped forward and put the elf queen and Xing'er in his arms, and whispered: "Let’s go, after all, this is the palace of the sunset empire. Those despicable humans will rush at any time Coming."

The Elf Queen wiped the tears from her face and nodded and said, "Okay, let's go."

Dui was struggling with the chain tied to Xing'er's feet. Unexpectedly, the indestructible life-changing blade in the past only cut a small gap in the chain in the first chop. Dui took a bite. Shocked, I had to cut and slash towards the gap. The gap gradually expanded, but there was still no tendency to break.

The elf queen was shocked, and said to Ah-Dai: "What kind of chain is this? It is so strong." Ah-Dai used the light blade that was transformed into a life-changing light blade. She had just seen clearly that the attack power can only be described as breathtaking, but at this moment it is The inability to solve the not very thick chain made her a little anxious. As time passed, a sense of crisis filled her heart. She knew clearly that if she could not be rescued this time, she might be There is no more chance.

As Dui worked hard, he said, "I don't know what kind of material the chain is, it is so strong."

Seeing that Dui and the others hadn't come down for a long time, the rock jumped to the upper level of the palace. He just heard Dui's words, he leaned over, looked at the iron chain, and said, "Dui, isn't your life and transformation able to transform into any form at will? Will it be possible to cut this chain faster by turning into a saw?"

The words of the rock awakened the dreamer, Dui hurriedly transformed the yellow-green energy into a jagged shape, and quickly grinds it back and forth on the chain. Little sparks splashed out, and the unknown metal gradually changed under the rapid pulling of the energy saw. It became red, the surrounding temperature gradually increased, and the gap widening suddenly became much faster. With a soft "ding-", under the unremitting efforts of Duan, the energy saw finally saw off the chain that had been trapped for two years.

The elf queen was overjoyed, "Let's go." Audi picked up his weak daughter, and the group quickly jumped into the lower palace. When they just walked out of the palace, a cold voice rang, "Want to go? It's not that easy, right? The palace of our sunset empire is not just coming, you can go if you want to." The sound of the wind sounded, and the shadow of Biinrooke fell. On the eaves not far from the palace gate. The Yellow Spring Staff in his hand gleamed with a faint blue light, staring at the people in the palace.

The Elf Queen was shocked. The pressure on the old man in the magician costume was so huge. It seemed that the level of magic was higher than that of herself. Previously, she and the four big elves reduced their skills. , Seeing such a strong opponent at this time, can not help but slightly change.

When Biinrouge saw so many elves, he couldn't help but groan secretly. These elves really came to save the princess. And obviously they are all the top masters of the elves, especially the middle-aged beauty of the elves. The energy emitted from her body seems to have reached the level of a magister. Now the palace is trapped by the crazy growth of plants. In the chaos, it is impossible for anyone to help him in a short time. I am afraid that so many powerful elves may not be able to deal with them by themselves!

Duan glanced at the Elf Queen. He clearly knew that in less than an hour, the Elf Queen and the others would disappear, and the palace was huge, and he didn't know how many obstacles there were. The worried gaze of the Elf Queen deeply touched his heart. He resolutely transmitted to the elf queen: "Auntie, you go first, this magician will be handed to me to deal with, my life and life changes cannot be hurt by any magic."

The Elf Queen said anxiously: "No, we have to go together. Although this magician is not weak, it should be easy to deal with if everyone joins hands."

Dumb grabbed the Elf Queen's arm, looked at her pale face, and said solemnly: "Auntie, you guys, go, for the continuation of the Elf clan, you can't do anything! I can do it." After he finished speaking, he used his arms hard. , Violently lifted the Elf Queen, and in her exclamation, she threw her out with real anger. Dumb’s power was very soft. Although the Elf Queen was sent out, it would never hurt her. To her body. Audi knew that when it wasn't in vain at this time, he said to Dumb to be careful, and rushed out with the elves. Princess Xing'er in his arms took a deep look at Dumb, her eyes full of concern. Before leaving, the seven elven archers each gave Beinrooke an eager elf arrow, which really frightened Biinroo, and hurriedly turned the attacking spell he was singing into abruptly. As a defense, he could barely withstand a round of attacks, but the powerful impact caused by the wizard arrows still made his face pale.

The rock clearly understood that it would be useless to stay here, and it would distract Ah-Dai. He pulled his brother and turned his head away, went through the garden in front of him, and rushed outside. The elves are masters of long-range attacks, whether they are magicians or archers, and they need the help of powerful warriors like them to better exert their advantages.

After defending against the attacks of the wizard arrows, Biinrocket couldn't help but froze. All these powerful elves had withdrawn. Instead, a human teenager was left behind. This is too small for him. He naturally couldn't let the elves leave so easily, and was about to chase the elves, only to discover something that surprised him even more. The seemingly mediocre boy's eyes shot out two cold rays of electricity, and a huge aura of neutrality and peace emanated from him, and instantly covered himself, although the distance was tens of meters away, but Biin fell into the grid. But I felt like I was standing in front of the young man with a red luo, and a feeling of fear rose in my heart. The only feeling this ordinary young man gave him was a word,-strong. This kind of formidable feeling, even from the four guards of the Emperor Quanyi in the sunset, he had not noticed it. Why did such a young boy have such a powerful skill? Biinrouge looked at dumb suspiciously, while silently chanting defensive spells. A manic wind wall rose in front of him, forming a solid barrier. Under the cyan barrier, Biinroo felt more comfortable. . He thought to himself that such a formidable enemy must never be left behind. After he was alone, he would first kill him before chasing the elves.

A faint white light rose from the dumb body. After his mind was restored to peace, he mobilized all his abilities for the first time. The unprecedented huge energy flowed from the silver gold body throughout his body. He felt that he could clearly feel every aspect of his body. The energy fluctuations emitted from a place, the feeling that you can control everything is so wonderful. Although he didn't know that what he was in front of was Biinrouge, one of the three major magicians in the mainland, he felt that he was completely confident that he could fight the magician in front of him, and his heart was full of strong confidence.

Under Duan's surprised gaze, Biinrouge floated up from the eaves, just floating in the air, constantly singing spells in the language of the sunset empire that he could not understand. Dumb's heart shuddered, and Biinrouge was close to fifty meters away from the ground. This distance not only made it difficult for him to attack, but the blue light from Biinrooge's body would also attract other enemies. I am afraid it will be difficult to get out. This will not work. Thinking of this, A Dumb chanted a spell silently, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light lit up, and the heavy black iron bow flew out and landed on A Dumb's hand. Ah Dui grabbed the mysterious iron bow. Amidst the transformation, a yellow-green long arrow appeared on the bowstring. With a loud shout, he drew the mysterious iron bow into a full moon, staring at Biyinluo in the sky. grid. The huge attack power produced by the Arrow of Birth and Transformation made him startled in midair. The dark big bow was pulled open, and the invisible pressure produced made him almost breathless. The yellow-green long arrow had become in his own eyes. A death arrow seemed to take his life away at any time. It was the first time that Biinrouge felt this kind of powerlessness since his magic cultivation level reached the level of the magister. He felt cold and hurriedly chanted the spell he was about to complete.

Duan gritted his teeth and yelled, and when Biinrooke's spell was about to be completed, he let out the long arrow. The sharp sound of breaking through the air stimulated his eardrums with pain, and the yellow-green light turned towards Biinrooke's direction. The electricity shot out, and Biinroo's magic was almost completed at the same time. The violent wind element suddenly swelled in front of him, but something that made him fearful happened. The yellow energy arrow passed through his magic at a speed that was difficult for him to see without any obstruction. He subconsciously wanted to use the Yellow Spring Staff to block it, but the sharp wind had already swept past his ears. But then, the sharp howling shocked his soul. The arrow of birth change broke through the magic of Biinrouge, and immediately shocked his whole body. However, the shock in his heart was much deeper than the shock of his mental power. If the yellow-green long arrow just shot was My vital point, I am afraid that now he is dead, and underestimating the enemy, he almost lost his life by a magical arrow. Buinrouge was full of questions. Why would that boy show mercy to his men? Why don't you shoot yourself directly, the human beings who can be with the elves, how can the arrow skills be bad? He just floated quietly in the air motionless and fell into a sluggishness.

Biin is afraid of falling behind, and Dumb is regretting. It has been more than a year. Although he often practices archery when he is free, maybe he is not talented enough. After practicing for so long, it is still difficult to get accurate. He was merciful, but he shot off. Suddenly, the sound of the surrounding wind sounded, and he felt that someone was coming here. Seeing that the magician in the air didn't seem to attack him anymore, he hurriedly unfolded his figure and chased the direction of the disappearance of the Elf Queen.

Four guards of water, fire, earth, and wind under Quanyi flew up. They saw Biin floating in the air. Shuitian looked at the ruined palace suspiciously, and asked respectfully: "Biin Lord Roger, do you see the enemy? Is the fairy princess already..."

Biinrouge woke up from the sluggishness. The magic robe on his body was soaked in cold sweat. Biinrouge sighed and said: "The enemy is unexpectedly powerful. They have already run away. I am now in the name of your majesty. Send the order, immediately mobilize all the people who can still move to chase me, and at the same time, order the whole city to martial law, be sure to capture those elves back to me. All places where people can live will be carpeted for me, especially a dozen people Strangers who are together must be searched more closely. As long as the trail of the elves is found, they must be kept at any cost. They must not be allowed to run away. I will go to see your Majesty now." Fly away according to the palace where he lives. While flying, Biinrouge's heart couldn't calm down. The shock that the boy shot just now caused him to tremble constantly. Although he lived eighty years old, he still didn't want to die. If the arrow just took his own life, then he would lose everything he had. Why doesn't he kill me, I am obviously his enemy! Biinrouge, who had escaped from the dead, couldn't help but feel a good impression on Duan.

At the gate of the palace where Quan Yi lived, the soldiers who had struggled out of the plants and those who were not controlled by the plants had already gathered. They looked like they were standing by and guarded them tightly. Seeing the arrival of Biinrouge, he hurriedly saluted respectfully. Biyin fell into the crowd and entered the palace.

Quan Yi was walking back and forth. As soon as Biinrouge mentioned the fairy princess, the heat in his heart showed no signs of diminishing, but because of the assassin, for safety, he could not leave here easily. He had to gather a large number of guards. The palace then ordered four personal guards to help Biinrouge. His mind is now full of the figure of the fairy princess Xing'er, that delicate skin, that waterfall-like pale green long hair, and that exquisite body is so attractive to him.

The concubine who was still lying on the bed tried to use her body to attract Quan Yi's attention, but Quan Yi stared at her coldly, scared that she didn't dare to speak anymore.

Biinrouge walked quickly into the inner hall, and said slightly: "Your Majesty, I'm back."

Quan Yi hurriedly asked, "Master, how is it? Have you caught those invading assassins?"

Biinrouge shook his head solemnly, and said: "Your Majesty, this time the elves seem to have come here. There are nearly twenty people in total. Their magical power is so strong that they are seen by the ministers in their lives. They did not stop them. They escaped. The elf princess was also rescued by them. The old official is incompetent, please come down."

Quan Yi's face sank, and he continued to walk irritably, anger kept flashing through his eyes, but he couldn't strike. Biinrouge is something he cannot offend. Without Biinrouge, he would not have his position today. Even if he is in power now, Biinrouge's influence in the sunset empire is so great that even he cannot compared to. After a long while, his mood gradually calmed down before he stopped, and said in a deep voice: "Master, this time allowing the elves to enter the palace so easily and retreat all over it is a contempt for our sunset empire. Look, is it possible that we will destroy the elves and let them disappear from the mainland." He himself is a person who must repay him. This incident made him feel that his authority has been greatly challenged. His anger was surging, and only by destroying the elves and regaining the princess can the anger in his heart be calmed.

Biinrouge was taken aback, and hurriedly said, "Your Majesty, never! Our Sunset Empire is too far away from the Sorbian Federation, and the Sorrow Federation is the most powerful country on the continent, although their six races It may not be united, but if foreigners invade their territory, the six races will inevitably unite and fight against each other. That is not something we can deal with. What's more, the Huasheng Empire borders the Sodom Federation, although there is a cross between them. Two mountains, but if we rashly attack the Sorbian Federation, the Huasheng Empire will find a reason to attack us. At that time, I am afraid that the Holy See will no longer shelter. For the future of the empire, this matter must not be done!. I The four guards of water, fire, earth, and wind have already been ordered to send orders. As long as these elves have not left Sunset City, we still have a chance to capture the elf princess."

Quan Yi took a deep breath. He wasn't someone who didn't know the overall situation. He fully understood what Biinrooke said. It was just that the grievances in his heart could not be calmed before, so he blurted out the words to destroy the elves. "I'm sorry, Master, I was too impulsive. Just do as you said. No matter how much you pay, you must not let the elves escape from Sunset City. No matter how powerful they are, I don't believe they can beat them. Ten thousand imperial city guards. Master, this matter is handled by you with full authority. As soon as there is news, please notify me as soon as possible."

Biinrouge breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Quan Yi approvingly, and said, "Your Majesty is wise, you can rest assured, the veteran must do his best to not let your Majesty down."

Quan Yi nodded and said loudly: "Come on, give my order, let all the palace guards work together to remove all the plants in the palace. I don't want to see the same thing again. "The Elf Queen probably didn't expect that her own magic that promotes the growth of plants brought a disaster to the plants in the imperial palace at sunset.

The Elf Queen led a group of elves and rock brothers out of the palace. Although the melody magic effect of the growth has gradually passed away, with the tall plants, they successfully rushed out. Hiding in a dark corner, the Elf Queen kept looking back into the palace, waiting anxiously. All that Duan gave for the elves made her heart full of gratitude. The figure flickered, and Dumb floated out, making everyone immediately relieved. The feeling of rebirth filled everyone with joy. Audi whispered: "Everyone, go, let's get out of here first." More than a dozen figures swiftly moved in the direction of Tongxin Hotel.

As the night was filled, dozens of figures broke through the air, gently turning over the door of Tongxin Hotel, bypassing the front building, and returning to the backyard. They quietly entered the room in the VIP building from the window.

After closing the windows and closing the curtains, everyone breathed out a long breath almost simultaneously. There was a look of excitement on his face. The elf queen hugged her daughter from Audi's arms, hugged Xing'er's body tightly, and choked up: "Baby, my baby, you are suffering. Let mother see." She held Xing'er's. With a pretty face, carefully staring at her daughter's haggard face, tears poured down. The mother and daughter embraced and wept bitterly. Seeing them, Dumb smiled with relief. Having finally completed the task assigned by the Elf Queen, it was a concern for himself.

After a while, the elf queen raised her head and said to dumb: "Child, are you not hurt? Did the old magician hurt you?"

Dui shook his head and smiled: "Auntie, don't worry, I'm fine. I shot him an arrow with a black iron bow. Although I didn't hit it, he was shocked. It's a pity that my arrow method is too bad, otherwise, I must If he can kill him, he won't be able to help him in the future."

The Elf Queen wiped the tears from her face, and said sincerely: "It's okay if it's okay, it's okay. Dumb, we're going back soon, the palace is attacked, this sunset city will definitely be upset. They will not let it go easily. It’s yours. Don’t leave the city in a hurry. Wait until the wind and waves are calm. Maybe it’s safer. Xing'er will leave it to you. You must be careful on the road and take your safety first."

Xing'er was shocked, raised his head to look at his mother, choked up and said: "Mom, what are you going to do? Xing'er will never leave you again, Xing'er promises you will listen to everything in the future, don't you don't want Xing'er Ah!" As he said, he hugged the elf queen tightly and said nothing to relax. The tears that the elf queen just stopped streaming down again, softly said: "Silly girl, why would mother not want you. Mother also doesn't want to leave you, but this time we are here with the summoning scroll of the clan. Can hold on for two hours, now the time is almost up. You also know that mom can’t leave the old elves easily. Mom is gone, you must listen to Brother Adu, and he will send you back to the elves forest. At that time, we can get together again."

Rock seemed to have thought of something, and asked in a low voice: "Your Majesty, Princess Xing'er has not suffered any harm, right?" He worried that if Xing'er was tortured the same way as those elves before, if she chooses after the Elf Queen leaves Suicide, they must not be able to explain to the Elf Queen.

The elf queen saw his worry, smiled slightly, and said: "Don't worry, the blood of the elf king in Xing'er still exists, and her body has not been violated by those despicable humans. As long as you will She is sent back to the Elf Forest, and everything will return to normal. Rock, this time I will trouble you again."

Hearing what she said, the rock breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: "Your Majesty, don't worry, Princess Xing'er has been rescued. The biggest difficulty has passed. We will definitely send her to you safely." A place like the imperial palace could be broken out, and he was full of confidence now.

The body of the Elf Queen and the Elves gradually blurred. She gently stroked Xing'er's pretty face, and said softly: "Xinger, my mother is waiting for you in the Elf City, you have to come back soon. Dumb, rock and rock force have worked hard for you, all you have done for the elves, the elves will be grateful to you from generation to generation, and wish you a safe journey." The green light lit up, and the elves and the elves disappeared into the air at the same time. .

"Mom--" Xing'er wanted to hug her mother's body, but the Elf Queen has disappeared, how can she hug her?

Zhuo Yun approached Xing'er and hugged her into his Majesty Princess, don't be sad, you will be able to see Her Majesty again soon. "

The rock said solemnly: "The most urgent task now is to find a way to leave Sunset City. Once we leave here, we will find a small path and we will be able to pass through the sunset empire safely. As long as we enter the Huasheng Empire or the Holy See, it will be safe. Your Majesty the Queen That's right, the investigation of Sunset City will be very strict in the past two days. We can't leave easily. Let's wait and talk."

Xing'er's cries gradually disappeared, and finally out of the devil's cave, due to fatigue and relaxation, she gradually fell asleep in Zhuo Yun's arms. Zhuo Yun got Xing'er back into his room with the help of Dumb. They also need a good rest after a night of running around.

In the early morning of the next day, before dawn, the steward had already found the rock. When the rock opened the door, it was the steward. He frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

The steward seemed to be in a bad mood, and smiled bitterly: "Something happened in the city. Now the city is under martial law and no one is allowed to leave the city. All places where people can live must be searched. I heard that a dozen assassins attacked the palace. , And your Majesty Long Yan was furious. There were a lot of imperial soldiers coming outside and they were checking. This disturbance scared off many of our guests. They will check in here later, and ask a few guests to be prepared. . But fortunately, there are only four of you, and they are just a formality."

Chapter 78: Mo Ming Favor

Rock was startled, and said in his heart: It's so fast! For the first time, I had some good feelings for this steward. Smiled and said: "We are not afraid of any inspection, it is just a little troublesome. Thank you for your notice. This is for you." After speaking, he took out two amethyst coins from his arms and threw them to the steward.

The manager suddenly opened his eyebrows and smiled, the unpleasant expression on his face disappeared, and he whispered: "Uncle, don't worry, our boss has a very hard backstage. In Sunset City, who doesn't know the reputation of our Tongxin Hotel, I believe that the soldiers will also Don't dare to mess around. When they find this place later, I must find a way to let them take care of you. Those who can live here, who have no secrets, naturally cannot let the soldiers know. As long as you give the poor ghosts some points The benefits should not be embarrassed."

After listening to the steward, Rock relaxed a little, took out the deposit card from his arms and handed it over, saying: "Yes! I think people like us are most afraid of dealing with officials. Go and help out with a thousand gold coins. , I know what to do when the soldiers come. If they can’t search our place, I’ll give you some more benefits. Treating friends, I’m never shabby.”

Hearing what the rock said, the steward's little eyes lit up, took the deposit card, and immediately ran out excitedly. Rock hurriedly went to the other two rooms and called Adu, Zhuo Yun and Xing'er together.

"Girl Zhuo Yun, Princess Xing'er, when those people come to search later, you must be careful not to reveal your identities, otherwise, it will be difficult for us to escape from Sunset City. Dumb, if the soldiers find out Princess Xing'er and Miss Zhuo Yun's elves, then you immediately shoot, we must kill all the people who come in, and then immediately find a way to leave Sunset City."

Sure enough, as the steward said, after a while, dozens of heavily armed soldiers entered the VIP building and searched the rooms without letting go. When they came to the room of the dumb people, the rock hurriedly passed the gold coins prepared in advance. Although the soldier captain collected the gold coins, he determined their number before leaving. Of course, for the sake of money, there is no search for them. After the soldiers left, several people relaxed.

Duan watched the soldiers leave from the window before exhaling, and said, "It seems that we have to live here for a while. I don't know when the martial law in Sunset City will end." Month long. What they didn't know was that this month not only prevented them from being searched by the Sunset Empire, but also from hunting down 19 people.

Two days after the attack on the Imperial Palace at Sunset, the people of Meiyi arrived at Sunset City. After receiving some news from the gate guard, Meiyi felt that the attack on the Imperial Palace at Sunset must have been done by Ah-Dai and others. After two days, they must have left here. Moreover, because the sunset city was tightly sealed, they could not get any specific news. After waiting outside the city for ten days, they left the sunset city and reported back to the president of the Killing Hand Association.

After the Lord got the news, he felt the matter was strange, so he ordered Mieyi and others to return to the headquarters, ready to see the situation before making a decision. The nobles of the sunset empire have been tossed by the dubs for more than a year, all darkness The forces have been affected to varying degrees. Now their business for the Killing Hand Association is much lighter than before. The top priority is to kill Dumb, and he must kill him with one blow. Therefore, he is waiting for a suitable opportunity, as long as he can kill. With the so-called **** of death, Dumb, the reputation of the Killing Hand Society will inevitably reach an unprecedented height. At this time, the blockade of Sunset City was lifted after a month.

After the Rock waited cautiously for another three days, the five people left the Tongxin Hotel, where they had already spent 100,000 gold coins.

Although the blockade of Sunset City was lifted, the gates were still tightly guarded. When they came to the gates, they could not help stopping as they watched hundreds of soldiers constantly checking pedestrians. They observed for a while and were surprised to find that these soldiers would not be bought off. No matter who entered and exited Sunset City, they would be subject to strict checks, and even some nobles were not immune.

A Duan whispered to the rock: "Big brother, what shall we do now? We can no longer wait. Princess Xing'er's elf blood is getting weaker day by day. If you wait any longer, I am afraid she will not be able to hold on." When sunset over the imperial palace, due to the magical temptation of Biinrook, the bloodline of the Elf King was greatly weakened. It was no longer like the Elf Queen said that it could last for three years. After discovering this problem, they were originally relaxed. Feeling tense, I have been thinking about a way to leave these days.

Yan Li said solemnly: "If we can't, let's rush out. I don't believe these soldiers can stop us. As long as they leave here, they will not be able to catch up."

The Rock shook his head and said, "No. It is not a last resort. It is not only the Sunset Empire who wants to capture us, but also the killer club hidden in the dark and looking forward to it. If we try hard, our identity will definitely be. Exposure. At that time, it will become the target of public criticism. Sunset City is on the westernmost part of the mainland, far away from their east border. If we expose our identity, we will face more difficulties. Dumb, do you have any good ideas? "

Dumb shook his head and said, "The main problem right now is that the identities of Sister Zhuo Yun and Sister Xing'er cannot be revealed. Their elven identities are too easy to be discovered. If they can escape, it will be easy for us. As long as I hide the Pluto sword, I am not afraid of them searching."

After a month of getting along with each other, Xing'er has become acquainted with the three of Ah'Dai. Due to the suffering he has suffered during this year, Xing'er has converged a lot more than when he was in the Elf Forest, and because of the fading blood of the Elf King , Her body is getting weaker and weaker. She rarely speaks during the day, only Zhuo Yun is by her side. Of the three dumbs, the one that she remembers most is dumb. When he was rescuing her, Dui was the first to appear. Whenever she recalled that he was thrown into Dui's arms, Xing'er could not help but flushed with her face, and her heart was as difficult as a deer collision. Seeing how difficult it is to get out of the city at this time, she sighed softly, and whispered: "It's all my fault and it hurts everyone."

Zhuo Yun grabbed Xing'er by the shoulders, and said softly: "Princess, don't worry, they all have great abilities and they will definitely be able to take us out. We are going home. Over the past two years, I and Just like you, how miss our city of elves!"

Hearing Zhuo Yun's words, the heart of the rock became hot, and he secretly vowed that no matter what, he would take everyone out of here safely.

Ah Dui suddenly raised his head, with a determined gaze in his eyes, and said, "Brother, let's go over the city wall tonight and rush out. At that time, I will attract the attention of the guards from the east of the city wall, and you will sneak out from the north. Then we meet at the place where the girl thief attacked us last time."

Rock frowned and said: "No, too risky. We were able to rescue the princess that day. The main reason was that Her Majesty’s curse magic caught a large number of guards. After all, this is the Imperial City of the Sunset Empire. The strict guards and the sheer power are beyond your imagination. It is very likely that there will be the situation that appeared in Dark City last time. How can I rest assured. Brother, let's think of other ways. Big brother can't Let you go on an adventure every time!"

Dumb said in a deep voice: "No, big brother, just do as I said. Sister Xing'er's body is getting worse and worse, and her bloodline of the Elf King may not last long. Do you want us to give up all our efforts? Time is running out. , This is the only way to cover your escape. How can my life alone be more important than that of the whole elves. That’s it, we will act late tonight."

The rock opened his mouth, he stopped talking, and finally nodded helplessly.

That night, Ah Dui sneaked up to the East City Gate quietly. He touched the Pluto sword on his chest and sighed secretly. Maybe, he will use it again tonight. Once the Hades sword is used, I don't know how many soldiers will die under the monstrous evil air. Are those soldiers as evil as their rulers? They also have family members, how can I let the sword of Hades ingest their souls? With a sigh again, Ah-Dai put down his right hand on his chest. He had already decided that even if he was in danger tonight, he would never use the Pluto Sword. As early as when he was awake from the evil erosion of the Pluto Sword that day, Has made up his mind, unless it can be proved that the enemy is indeed a heinous person, otherwise he will never use the Pluto sword lightly.

Thinking of this, Ah-Dai floated up and landed on the city wall. With the help of the solid energy transformed from life and change, several ups and downs have already climbed up to the city.

Since the attack on the palace, the defense of Sunset City has increased a lot. As soon as Duan appeared, he happened to encounter a group of patrolling soldiers with about a hundred soldiers. The soldiers were shocked when they saw the black-clothed man suddenly appeared, and then reflected in a flash, rushing to Dumb in shouts.

How did these ordinary soldiers look in Dumb's eyes? He snorted, and his whole body was full of white light, and a heavy punch hit the ground three meters away in front of him. In the bang, a big gap suddenly appeared on the city wall. The soldier who rushed in the front was suddenly injured by the splashing gravel, and a piece of it fell down. A few eager to perform, even retracted their legs and fell. In the gap.

Dumb came here to attract the attention of the patrolling soldiers in the city. He laughed and put his hands behind his back, waiting for the patrol soldiers to catch him.

Dui's performance really attracted a large number of sunset Imperial soldiers, shooting bows and arrows at Dui like locusts. Ah Daiyun became angry, and placed a light layer of fighting energy around his body. The arrow couldn't penetrate his defense at all.

In the shadow of the corner of the northern city wall, a kilometer away, the rock is always paying attention to the movements of the soldiers at the head of the city. Watching a large number of soldiers gather in the direction of Dui, the rock knows that it is time to act. Taking advantage of the gap between a group of soldiers, the four quietly rushed to the top of the city, and successfully overcame the wall before the next group of soldiers arrived.

Dumb didn't know that Rock and the others had gone out so soon, still resisting the soldiers' attack. Suddenly, more than a dozen figures flew out from behind the soldiers and pounced on him. Dumb's heart shuddered, knowing that the master of the sunset empire is coming. From the perspective of physical fitness, although these people's skills are not weak, they are not enough to pose a threat to him. Now, with the exception of standing at his feet within a radius of one meter, he has collapsed all the city walls around his body to avoid being besieged by everyone. He took a deep breath and turned his hands into a yellow-green shield, standing proudly on the top of the city. On the "isolated island", more than a dozen figures impacted in front of Ah Du under the glaring light of various colors. Dui was not afraid to resist their attack with the solid energy shield in his hand, and the sound of violent grudge collision continued to form, forming a brilliant color on the city. No matter who it was, as long as it hits his defense circle, he will be The changing energy flew back.

While resisting the attacks of these masters, Dui constantly adjusted the vitality of his body, constantly using the vital energy, so that his vitality was consumed very quickly, and he had to go through a continuous cycle to continue to support it. He is at this high point, so that the surrounding masters of the sunset empire cannot cause continuous attacks on him, and in a short period of time, they cannot cause harm to him.

Suddenly, a blue vindictive spirit rushed over. It was not Dumb that attacked, but the wall standing under Dumb. Dumb was shocked. He knew clearly that once the wall under his feet was broken, he might no longer be able to defend. Live now. Anxious in his heart, he hurriedly turned into a white vindictive energy to block the blue light. In the loud noise, Dui's body shook. Although it blocked the blue vindictive attack, his impeccable defense also showed flaws. One yellow and two sharp vindictive airs surging forward, and went straight to the gap exposed by dumb. Ah Duan roared: "The sky is the net." The yellow-green light net spread out quickly with him as the center, and all the attacking anger around him suddenly vanished.

Although Tianluo Di Net's attack power is strong, its biggest shortcoming is that the solid vindictive energy it emits cannot be recovered. After using Tian Luo Di Net once, Dumb's skill suddenly drops by 20%. He knew that he was almost unable to hold on any longer, and the heavy use of vindictive energy consumed more than 70% of the true energy in his body. If he persisted, there would be no chance of getting out. He thought to himself, time is not short, Big Brother Rock and they probably have already escaped, and it's time to leave. Thinking of this, he no longer hesitated, touched his feet to the ground, and flew out like a big bird, heading out of the city. He had just left the city, and the place where he had stood was turned into powder by the surging fighting energy. At this time, a fire dragon with its teeth and dancing claws chased up from behind, and the hot energy went straight to the dumb in the air. It was the magician of the sunset empire who had arrived. Several great fire magicians jointly used this attack close to the seventh level. Magic immediately posed a huge threat to Dumb. Duan was inevitable in the air, so he gritted his teeth and transformed a huge shield to protect his back.

Although the birth change is the nemesis of all magic, when the huge impact formed by the fire dragon hit the energy shield, it still shook the internal organs of Dumb. In the loud noise, countless sparks splashed in the air, like festive fireworks. Gorgeous and colorful. A Duan's whole body was shaken, and a mouthful of blood spurted out of his throat. With the impact of magic, he quickly fell out of the city. The breeze touched him, and just when Ah-Dai thought he was out of danger, a blue figure flew towards him like lightning.

A Duan took a deep breath and accelerated his way down. The cyan figure moved faster than him, and a cyan wind blade cut out from the figure and cut at him with a sharp whistling sound. In desperation, Duan could only condense the remaining vitality in his body, turning it into a yellow-green light blade to block it. In the bang, Duan was surprised to find that the seemingly fierce wind blade attack did not seem to have any intention of harming her. When it collided with her own energy, it suddenly turned into a breeze to wrap her body, The body that had originally fallen was lifted up and sent out lightly. When he was surprised at Mo Ming, an old voice sounded from the bottom of his heart, "I have paid your favor. I will never show mercy when we meet next time."

Under the influence of the wind element, Ah Du's body was sent out from a distance, thrown into the woods at the other end of the moat, and disappeared. In the night sky behind him, Biin Rouge floated quietly there. Seeing his leaving figure, a faint smile appeared on his face. Muttered: "What a strong martial arts, with time, I am afraid that another sword saint will appear on the mainland." At this time, the chasing soldiers of the sunset empire have been chased out, and the leader is Quan Yishen Four guards of water, fire, earth and wind beside him.

Biin dropped to the ground, stopped in front of them, and said, "No need to chase, that man is not an elf, and he has been severely injured by me, and he will definitely die. Immediately return to the city and closely monitor it. This may be a way to move the tiger away from the mountain. Immediately search all suspicious places around the city wall and stay vigilant at all times."

The four guards Bianluoge always respected, believed in his words, respectfully agreed, and led the masters to return to Sunset City, and began another big search.

Duan fell in the woods and did not dare to stay at all, turning into a phantom at an astonishing speed and galloping quickly. As he ran, he recalled the sound that had sounded in his heart just now, that sound was a bit familiar and seemed to have been heard there. He said that he had a favor, what kind of favor was it? Here, I don't seem to know anyone! After thinking for a long time, he didn't figure out what was going on either. After a while, finally came to the meeting point agreed with Rock and others.

Rock and they had been waiting anxiously, constantly staring at the direction of Sunset City. When they left, they clearly saw the colorful vindictive light on the head of Sunset City.

Xing'er clutched his shirt tightly and muttered: "He will be fine. He must be fine."

Yan Li anxiously rushed to the rock and said, "Big Brother, it's been a long time. Why hasn't A Duan come here? Is there any trouble? What if he is caught?"

The rock glanced at his brother and said calmly: "If Dumb is caught, I will stay and find a way to save him. You send the two girls back to the Elves, and then back to our clan, and ask the prophet and the patriarch to lead them personally. Come to rescue Dumb." Although his voice is calm, everyone can hear how strong emotions are contained in his deep voice.

Zhuo Yun looked at the rock whose eyes never left the direction of Sunset City, her heart trembled. At this time, the rock looked so tall. She subconsciously walked to the side of the rock, took his big hand, and said: "Don't worry, Ah Dui will definitely come back safely. You have to believe in his strength, doesn't he still have the Pluto sword?"

Rock sighed and looked at Zhuo Yun next to him. If it weren't for this time, Zhuo Yun would hold his hand, how happy he would be! He shook his head and said, "I know dumb too much. After breaking free from evil, I am afraid he will not use the Pluto sword on ordinary soldiers. Although his skills are high, there is only one person after all. Sunset City belongs to the Sunset Empire. There is no shortage of masters in the capital. Whether Ah'Dai can escape or not depends largely on luck."

Zhuo Yun discovered that the rock's big hands were full of cold sweat, his mood was obviously not as calm as the surface, and he sighed softly. She was not talking, but quietly accompanied by the rock, watching the distance. The rock was held by her soft little hands, and her anxiety calmed down a bit. The faint fragrance from her side calmed his heart a lot. Through the two connected hands, the rock suddenly felt a kind of water.

A black shadow rushed towards everyone like lightning. Seeing the pale white light emitting from his body, the rock was overjoyed and exclaimed, "Dumb, here we are."

The person here was Ah-Dai. Hearing the call of the rock, Ah-Dai's heart became loose. A few ups and downs fell in front of the rocks. The relaxation of mood made Ah-Dai unable to hold on anymore. He spouted a mouthful of blood and fell softly into the rock's arms . The rock was shocked, and hurriedly urged the zhenqi in his body to be input into Dumb's body. Although what he cultivates is not to generate true qi, it is also one of the most authentic cultivation methods. With the help of the thick infuriating energy of the rock, Ah-Dai took a breath and immediately felt more comfortable. Before, he used his own power to fight against the sunset empire master for 20 minutes, which consumed most of his true energy. When he was escaping, he was hit by the fire dragon's sky-devouring magic attack, which immediately caused him weakened in his power. If it were not for the last breeze to send his body out, I am afraid that the current dumb would have already become a prisoner of the Sunset Empire. . He was breathing continuously, and it took a long while to gradually calm down.

"Brother, don't worry, I'm okay, I'm just a little bit off."

The rock had also felt from the meridians in Ah'Dai. Although his injury was not light, it was not a threat to life, so he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. He picked up Dumb and hid everyone in the bushes on the side of the road. Then he asked: "Brother, why have you escaped for so long. I thought, you already..."

Duan smiled bitterly: "It's really dangerous! I don't dare to leave too soon. I'm afraid you haven't come out of Sunset City, so you will hold on for a while." At the moment, Dui said everything that happened in the city before. , When everyone heard him being hit by the fire dragon, they couldn't help but exclaimed at the same time.

After listening to Ah Dui’s narration, the rock said in a puzzled way: "Who will be the last to help you escape? We have no friends in Sunset City! Did you say that the blue figure could fly? Could it be that it was in the palace that day? The old magician of, he is still the only magician I have ever seen that can fly by magic. However, he has no reason to save you! He is our enemy. It stands to reason that he should attack you. The cultivation base of the old magician, I am afraid it will be difficult for you to escape back. Does he have any conspiracy?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I don't feel like it. What he said to me when I was leaving. I have already repaid your favor. When I meet next time, I will never show mercy. But I don't remember the What kind of favor does he have!"

Suddenly, Rock's eyes lit up and he burst into laughter. Several people were stunned at once, and Dumb asked suspiciously, "Big Brother, what are you laughing at?"

Rock laughed and said: "I understand, do you know why the old magician would save you? Remember that day after you ran out of the sunset imperial palace, you told us that you used a black iron bow to shoot an arrow, The old magician was shocked and escaped. I think that the old magician thought that your subordinates were merciful at that time and didn't shoot him. That's why he took this opportunity to save you. What a mistake !"

After listening to Rock's explanation, besides Dumb, the other Rock Forces also laughed. Xing'er was incredibly excited, and said with a chuckle: "It's not a mistake, but a crooked hit. Dumb brother, your luck is really good!"

Dumb looked at Xing'er's smile, and smiled bitterly: "Sister Xing'er, don't make fun of me. It seems that I will have to practice the arrow skills in the future." The power of the life-changing arrow shot by the Xuantie bow is so powerful. , It can be said that dumb is the first weapon to attack the enemy besides the sword of Hades.

The rock narrowed his smile and said, "Brother, even though we escaped, we still have to leave here as soon as possible. After all, this is still within the scope of Sunset City. Come on, let me carry you. Wherever you are, you can adjust your breath again.” As soon as the rock reached out, he took Ah Dui by one of his arms and pulled him behind his back, grabbed his legs, and carried Dui on his back.

Dumb said embarrassedly: "Big Brother, how can this work, I am so heavy, it will exhaust you."

Rock laughed and said: "Your eldest brother is not so weak and can't help the wind, not to mention, I can't carry it, and there is Ali. Every time you are born and die for us, let us do something for you. Go, let's get on the road. Zhuo Yun, take good care of the princess and fly as low as possible."

Xing'er said: "Brother Rock, don't worry, I can still support it." Although the power of the Elf King's bloodline is gradually disappearing, after a month of recuperation, her body has been much better. No need to burden others. She spread out wings that were larger than ordinary elves, and flew up, gliding into the distance with a silver bell-like laughter. Zhuo Yun was afraid that he would lose, so he hurried to catch up. Rock shook his head helplessly, and murmured: "This little princess! Just after getting out of the danger, she became naughty again." He lifted Duan's body, and together with Yan Li, strode towards the elf in a stride. . They moved forward very fast, and two hours later, they had already run more than a hundred miles.

The rock panted and placed Ah-Dai on the ground, wiped the sweat from his head with his sleeves, and Zhuo Yun and Xing'er who charged into the air shouted, "Don't go, rest for a while."

In the course of these two hours, although dumb couldn't adjust his breath properly because of the bumps, he still stabilized his injury by relying on his own pure invigoration. When he slipped to the ground, he sat down and said weakly: "Brother, you have worked hard. I will meditate for a while." After speaking, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breath. The battle at the head of the sunset city was really thrilling, and it also consumed most of his skills. At this time, he healed his injuries and soon entered the realm of forgetting things. UU reading's faint silver gold body gradually lit up under his urging, and a strand of silk-like energy floated gently, and turned around his silver gold body. Dui relaxed his whole body, using the method of letting nature he had learned when he was practicing at the Tongxin Hotel last time, and the vital energy in his body circulated quickly following the most natural route, and a faint white light appeared on Dui. Around the body, it looks so sacred.

The rock was also exhausted, he lay his **** on the ground, breathing continuously, Zhuo Yun and Xing'er fell in front of him. A faint light flashed through Zhuo Yun's eyes, and he took out a handkerchief from his arms and handed it over, "Wipe it, look at you, you sweat so much."

The rock was shocked, took the handkerchief, and said embarrassedly: "Thank you, Miss Zhuo Yun."

Xing'er looked at the rocks, then at Zhuo Yun, feeling the unusual atmosphere between them, giggling and saying, "Okay, what are you doing so polite? I'm also tired, so I will sleep for a while." He flapped his wings and flew to a big tree next to him, leaned against a broad branch, and closed his eyes. The rock wiped the sweat off his face with the handkerchief that Zhuo Yun handed him, and silly handed the handkerchief back, "I, I have used it up, give it back to you."

Looking at the rock’s simple and resolute face, Zhuo Yun chuckled and said: "You are all sweating, so what else do you do for me? Wash it clean and talk about it."

Chapter 79: Battle of Disparities

Only then did the rock discover that the handkerchief in his hand had been soaked in sweat, and he chuckled and said, "Yes, yes, I must wash it and return it to you."

Zhuo Yun gave him a white look, fluttered up and landed beside Xing'er, chanting the magic spell, the branches of the big tree accelerated to grow, and the quickly growing tree vines formed a place around Xing'er sleeping. Although the small room leaks air everywhere, it is difficult to find someone inside from the outside. Zhuo Yun got in through the gap, suddenly stretched out his head, and said to the rock: "Call us when I leave. I want to use the vitality and spiritual energy here to help the Princess restore some abilities, so that her Elf King bloodline can also It’s been a while.” After speaking, she smiled and went back to the tree house. A faint green light faintly revealed from the cracks in the tree house.

Rock's eyes were filled with that Zhuo Yun's last smile just now, and he couldn't help but feel a little silly.

"Cough, cough--." Yanli's cough awakened the rock from the sluggishness, and he said with a smirk: "Big brother, everyone has gone in, so what are you looking for?"

The old face of the rock blushed, and he glared at Yan Li, trying to tap his big head with his hand, but he escaped with a smile. Rock once again took a deep look at the tree house hanging on the tree, and then sat under the tree to adjust his breath. Among the people, the consumption of rock power is the least, so the guard task is naturally undertaken by him.

Three hours later, the dawn dawn appeared, and the fiery sun rose slowly from the eastern horizon. Not far from the place where Ah-Dai and others were resting, five figures appeared out of thin air. They appeared without making a sound. Four of them, wearing golden gowns, each carried a three-foot-six-inch long sword behind their backs. These four people all seem to be in their forties, with dull expressions, and a faint sacred aura faintly exuding from their bodies. They are the four holy judges sent by the Holy See. In the middle of the four people, an old man in plain white clothes stood with his hand holding his hand, staring at Dui and others hundreds of meters away. On the surface, this old man is no different from ordinary people, but his skin is as tender as a baby. Because of his unusualness, he is the judge of Xuanyuan, the judge from the Holy See. He has just rushed here from the Holy See to join the four holy judges. The reason why he is here now is because he has been practicing one. He had only recently achieved his own stunt. Once the retreat was over, he hurriedly left the Holy See. He wanted to see what was so peculiar about this young man who made the Pope praise him.

Xuanyuan's gaze fell on Ah Du in the distance, and said faintly: "Is he the person the Pope said?" The Holy Judge Kaidi next to him nodded and said: "Yes. We have been watching them. , Until you arrive. They just came out of Sunset City. Just like the last time we reported back, their purpose is to save the elves in the Sunset Empire. I don’t know what method the boy named Dumb used, in more than a month Earlier, the masters of the elves were summoned to attack the Imperial Palace of Sunset at night. What surprised us was that they rushed out of the Imperial Palace of Sunset without injury and rescued an elf. Those were summoned. The elf master who came out disappeared after a short time. I am now wondering, could this kid really have the legendary summoning magic? Otherwise, why can he summon the dragon and the elf one after another. Just last night, they just Just escaped from Sunset City. The strength shown by Ah'Dai is already above me. With one person, he fought dozens of top-notch masters in Sunset City for 20 minutes, and was finally caught by one when he left. Injured by a very powerful fire magic. He uses a very strange vindictiveness, and he can transform the vindictiveness with his own ability, and can transform into various forms to attack the enemy at will. The power is very powerful. When fighting against those masters, He was able to withstand the siege of many masters by relying on the two-sided huge shields he had transformed, and gave his companions a chance to escape."

"Fighting out of shape?" Xuan Yuan couldn't help feeling a little confused. He could do that out of fighting manner, but it was not so easy to say what he wanted. He snorted coldly and said, "I hope this kid won't let me down." A cold light flashed in his eyes, and Xuan Yuan floated up, floating towards the resting place of Ah-Dai and others like a featherless feather. The cold light in his eyes made the hearts of the four holy judges chill at the same time. They had seen this look four times before, and during those four times, all the enemies died in the hands of their presiding judge without exception.

Yan Li was sitting on the ground fiddling with his two tomahawks. Suddenly, a dangerous breath fell from the sky. The huge pressure shocked his mind. He rose from the ground and stood up from the ground. Protecting his chest, carefully looked at the source of the dangerous breath. A faint figure flew towards him, his speed seemed to be very slow, but in an instant he was in front of him. It was an old man with white beard and hair, but his appearance was like a young man of thirty, with a faint sneer on his ruddy face. The invisible pressure made Yan Li feel a little breathless, and he subconsciously stepped back. One step, he said in a deep voice: "Who are you?"

Xuan Yuan looked at the low-profile soldier in front of him, with a sneer from the corner of his mouth, and slowly raised his right hand, but he did not see any gestures. An unusually soft white light came out of his palm and struck Yan Li. Yan Li was taken aback. Dou Qi was usually contained in weapons or fists and attacked with its powerful strength. Few people turned Dou Qi into weapons like Duan. In the case of directly attacking the enemy with vindictive energy, he had only seen dumb's net of heaven and earth. This type of attack is very energy intensive. With a loud shout, the double axe brought the surging yellow vindictive energy and swung down suddenly, slashing at the opponent's vindictive energy. Although the white fighting spirit looks very soft, when Rock Force’s invincible battle axe slashed it, he was surprised to feel that he seemed to have smashed into a ball of cotton. There was no place to focus, and the double axe slashed heavily. On the ground, two deep pits were blasted. At this time, the excessive rock force has no time to dodge. The dreamlike white vindictive spirit had already floated to him, soft energy enveloping him, Yan Li suddenly felt that he didn't even have the ability to resist, and his whole body became sour and soft.

With a wave of Xuanyuan's big sleeves, the white vindictiveness flashed away, and Yan Li's solid body suddenly flew out.

Xuanyuan's arrival also awakened the rock at the same time, and he hurriedly collected his power. He was completely watching the situation of Yan Li and Xuan Yuan's fight. Seeing that his brother was shocked, he hurriedly flew up and took Yan Li down. When he touched Yanli's body, his whole body was shaken, and Yigu's soft vigor with the force of rotation drove his body to rotate three times in a row to stabilize.

Xuan Yuan stood there and didn't move, and said lightly, "Well, the foundation is not bad, but it's a pity that the heat is too bad, and I can't cultivate."

Yan Li fell from his elder brother. He looked at the old man in front of him in shock. With his violent temper, he didn't even dare to rush forward. The white-clothed old man gave him an absolute shock. No one has ever been able to solve himself so easily. He clearly knew that if the white-clothed old man wanted to kill him, he had at least dozens of opportunities just now.

Rock looked nervously at the old man in front of him, and took a peek at the dumb behind him. The dumb with the highest skill among the crowd was still in a quiet retreat that I had forgotten, and he seemed to be unable to wake up for a while. The old man in front of him didn't know whether he was an enemy or a friend. He tentatively asked: "Old sir, we don't seem to have anything to do with you, why did you shoot at us." The other's powerful strength changed his tone of voice. Be very polite, and at the same time, the rock is also carefully guarded. He secretly determined that if the old man's goal is dumb, then he can only step on his own body.

The four holy judges fell behind Xuanyuan, and they stood there quietly. Although their aura was reduced a lot, they still made the rock brothers feel guilty. An old man in white was already so powerful, and four more masters came. , These people are definitely not what they can deal with.

Xuan Yuan said proudly: "I never need a reason to make a move. Don't worry, I never take advantage of others. When will the kid behind you wake up?"

The rock froze and murmured: "I don't know." This old man of unknown origin caused tremendous pressure on his mind, and subconsciously drew out his long sword, urging the vindictiveness in his body to fight. Xuan Yuan suddenly raised his head, looked at the tree house above, and said solemnly: "Two little girls, if you don't stop the spell, I'm not welcome."

It turned out that Zhuo Yun and Xing'er woke up when Xuanyuan arrived. The pressure brought by this old man surprised them. The two hurriedly recited the spell of the elves, ready to help the rock brothers against the enemy at any time. But Xuan Yuan, who had an unusually sensitive hearing, saw through it, and Xuan Yuan's heart-piercing gaze made their hearts shake. In desperation, Zhuo Yun floated down from the tree house with Xing'er, hiding behind Brother Rock.

Xuan Yuan smiled slightly and walked towards Dumb. The rock touched his brother with his shoulder, and the two roared at the same time, and attacked Xuanyuan with two axes at the same time.

Without looking back, Xuan Yuan still walked in the direction of Dui, the golden light flashed, two golden rays of light received the attack of the Rock brothers, and the two brothers were shocked by the surging golden qi. Step away. The two men in gold clothes stood in front of them, and what they had just accepted was the hands of the two men in gold clothes. Their hands were shining with pale golden vindictive light, and the rocky heart sank, just this The old man's subordinates can't handle it by themselves, let alone protect dumb?

"You'd better not do it." A low voice came from behind the Rock Brothers. They looked back in amazement and found that Zhuo Yun and the Elf Princess were already under the control of the other two men in gold.

The rock roared: "What the **** do you want to do? I fought with you." The long sword swung up, and the vindictiveness of his whole body instantly condensed. In his anger, the rock fully displayed its potential, and the blade suddenly lit up three feet The long vindictive light, the sword of the man combined, suddenly slashed at the man in gold in front of him. A look of surprise flashed across the gold-clothed man's eyes, and he took a step back, his dignified hands circled, and a swirl of golden vindictiveness appeared in front of him, "Hey." He snorted, the golden vindictiveness in his hands. The vortex greeted the heavy chopping of the rock.

The rock flying in the air suddenly felt that he was awake like never before. There was a clear mind in his mind. The true energy in his body was constantly surging out. Regardless of his own defenses, his whole body's fighting energy was completely transformed into an attack. It was a bit bright, and suddenly smashed on the golden whirlpool.

Xuan Yuan stopped and looked at the rock in surprise. The strong fighting spirit of this strong young man had already given up life and death, and he was so similar to himself. The vindictiveness of the young man has surpassed his age. He should have fully exploded his full potential to form a powerful attack power, Xuan Yuan couldn't help showing his approving eyes. Nodded secretly.

In the loud noise, the rock flew back from the shock, and the long knife made of 100-refined steel in his hand was shattered every inch. The holy judge also withdrew five steps later, the golden clothing on his shoulders was a little damaged, a trace of blood oozes, his face was a little pale, and there was a look of surprise in his eyes. The rock is indeed proud to hurt the holy judge in the holy court trial.

Yan Li hurriedly took his eldest brother down, and even with his supernatural power, he took three steps to stabilize his figure. Jin Mang flashed, the two holy judges had already flown in front of them, and they were no longer given a chance to resist. The golden vindictiveness had already sealed their meridians.

The injury to the rock caused a great pain in Zhuo Yun's heart, who had been restrained. Her eye circles suddenly became red. She wanted to rush over to look at the rock, but her body just couldn't move.

Xuan Yuan retracted his gaze and continued to walk towards Ah-Dai. The innocent aura exuding from Ah-Dai made him very surprised. This sincere innocence was definitely not something that a young man of about 20 years old could have. He was forty years old. Xuan Yuan didn't seem to have such a profound skill either. Xuan Yuan stood in front of Ah-Dai, watching him silently, and a light of excitement rose in Xuan Yuan's eyes as the genuine energy flowed. This kid is really strong! He didn't bother Ah Dumb to meditate. He floated up and landed in front of Brother Rock. With a wave of his hand, a white grudge hit the rock chest. The whole body of the rock shook, and only felt a warm air current rushing away from the silted breath in his chest, the whole body was smooth, and a mouthful of congestion suddenly spewed out, making his body more comfortable. He looked at Xuan Yuan in a puzzled manner. Xuan Yuan waved at the two holy judges, and they retreated. Looking at the rock power glaring at him, he slapped it casually, released the restriction on the rock, and said lightly: "You should know that your power is impossible to cause any harm to me. I have something to do now. I ask you, I hope you answer truthfully."

Because the opponent helped him heal his injury, the hostility was reduced a lot, and the rock calmly said, "What do you want to know?"

Xuan Yuan said, "Tell me, what kind of kung fu the kid who is still cultivating does, and why he has such a profound skill at such a young age."

There was a movement in Rock's heart, and his instinct told himself that the old man in white clothes in front of him was definitely not sent by Sunset City to deal with them. He seemed to have no malice towards himself and the others, but was very interested in Dumb. Xuan Yuan Jian Shi Yan did not answer his question, frowning: "You should know that I can take his life anytime now. If you don't tell me, I will act on him now."

Rocky's heart shuddered and said: "Don't do it, I'll tell you. My brother, he cultivates the life and life determination of the Tiangang Sword Sect. As for why he can achieve his current skill, of course he has cultivated assiduously." In the Tiangang Sword Sect. Except for the second-generation disciples such as Xi Wen, no one knew that Ah-Dai had accepted the teachings of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. They didn’t even know the news of the death of the Tian Gang Sword Saint. Xi Wen had told Ah-Dai when they were leaving, so Ah-Dai Naturally he didn't tell them. What the Rock said was exactly what he believed to be the truth.

Xuan Yuan was startled, and he thought to himself, if that young man's kung fu really comes from his own hard work, then his talent is really unimaginable, no, impossible! As far as I know, authentic cultivation methods like this must be gradual. It is not something that can be achieved in a short time. No, I am afraid that the Tiangang Sword Saint at his age is definitely not as high as he is now. His eyes flashed, staring at the rock, and said coldly: "I hope you don't tell me a lie, otherwise..."

Rock had no guilt in his heart, and his eyes were clear and Xuanyuan looked at each other in no way, "I told you what I know. If you have the ability, you can ask my brother when he wakes up!"

Xuan Yuan sneered and said, "Don't worry, you don't need to arouse me, I will wait for him to wake up. The main purpose of my coming here is to see how powerful the **** of death is."

Rock was taken aback. Since the other party knew the identities of his own people, it would be more unfortunate. Anything else, he has been restrained by Xuan Yuan again. Xuanyuan walked aside, sat on the ground, closed his eyes, and started practicing silently, as if nothing had happened. He was waiting, waiting for Ah Dumb's skill to fully recover.

A little bit of time passed. One day later, Ah-Dai finally woke up from his natural concentration. Not only did he heal his injuries, but at the same time, he again began to draw the Heavenly Sword Sword from the second golden body on his chest. The transmitted energy, this day's meditation, made his skill slightly improved. Consciousness gradually returned to the body, and Ah-Dai suddenly felt the unusual surroundings. He clearly felt that there were four auras besides Brother Rock, Zhuo Yun, and Xing'er, and the auras of Rock and others were a little messy. The heart fluctuates.

Ah Dumb Gong traveled through a hundred meridians, and gradually sank the invigorating vitality into the silver golden body of his dantian. The white light on his body disappeared. He slowly opened his eyes, and the scene in front of him suddenly surprised him. Rock and the others seemed to be restrained. When Rock saw him opening his eyes, he kept using his eyes to warn him. Behind the rock stood four men in gold clothes. The energy contained in them was so strong that Ah-Dai was taken aback. He jerked and jumped up from the ground, and his zhenqi naturally revolved in the face of a crisis, forming a thick body protection anger around his body.

The figure flashed, and Xuan Yuan appeared in front of Ah-Dai. He said faintly: "You finally woke up. I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Dumb's heart shuddered. The white-clothed old man in front of him gave him a feeling that he couldn't see through. In the breath he had just noticed, there was no such white-clothed old man. It can be seen that this person's skill is absolutely in his own. Above, Ah Dui stepped back subconsciously and frowned, "Who are you? What happened to your friend?"

Xuan Yuan said indifferently: "They are nothing, they just temporarily lost their ability to move. As long as you can defeat me, I will naturally return them free. Come on, hope my waiting is not in vain and don't let me down." The same is white. Light, but Xuan Yuan's body was indeed full of sacred fighting energy, which was far more fierce than Ah Dui's true energy.

Dui didn't have time to think at all. The oncoming pressure forced him to be full of attention. He protected his chest with both hands and stared at the old man in front of him. The yellow-green light was shining, and his hands had been transformed into two by the life-changing technique. The group of solid energy can change the energy form to attack the enemy in front of you at any time.

Xuan Yuan gave a soft drink, lifted his right hand gently, stretched out his index finger, and drew a beautiful trajectory towards Ah-Dai's chest. The white grudge shot out and went straight to Dumb's chest.

Although only a breath of true energy hit, Ah Dui clearly felt that the space around his body had been completely locked by the opponent's Qi machine. As long as he dodges, he will inevitably usher in a storm-like attack from the opponent. In desperation, he could only learn something, his right index finger pointed out, and the energy of life changed into a yellow-green solid beam of light about a foot long to greet the white vindictive energy, the beam of light condensed but not dispersed, and the two energies suddenly Meet in the air. Dumb felt that the opponent's vindictive energy was so strong. Although it was not solid, its condensed energy was more than his own. With a flutter, the two energies suddenly met, and Dah's whole body was shaken. He stepped back three steps in succession before he stood firm. The yellow-green light on the index finger was suppressed by only three inches of remaining length and barely maintained.

A hint of joy flashed in Xuan Yuan's eyes, and the initiative now was completely in his hands. The vindictiveness that can be changed in the mouth of the holy judge is indeed magical. This is a dumb youth whose skill is obviously worse than his own, but he can rely on vindictiveness. The characteristic resists his first attack. With joy in his heart, he suddenly retracted his finger strength, still standing still, flicking his ten fingers with his hands, five rays of light emerged from the fingertips, and the electric shot was directed at ten vital points on Ah-Dai's body. The surging vigor brought a sharp howling in the air.

When the opponent retracted his finger strength, his body was leaning forward slightly because of excessive force. He clearly understood that the skill of the old man in front of him was far above himself. Seeing the ten strands of fighting energy, he felt unable to The feeling of resisting, biting the tip of his tongue, rekindling his fighting spirit with the tingling, shouted, "The sky and the earth." He deliberately controlled the solid energy that was transformed into a very small range, one meter in diameter. The web of light suddenly emerged in the lightning-like illusion of his hands, covering the ten strands of fighting energy that flew toward him.

Xuan Yuan was shocked. This was the first time he could see the fighting energy in the form of a net. What was even more shocking was that the ten strands of fighting energy that he sent out with five successful powers unexpectedly quickly touched the light net. The disappearance, as if divided by the optical network, the attack power disappeared. The net of heaven and earth did not disappear. Although the energy was weakened a lot, it still flew towards Xuanyuan. After fighting with Xuanyuan two moves, Ah Dui finally grabbed a bit of initiative, although this was exchanged for the price of two successful powers.

Xuan Yuan's face condensed slightly, his right hand lifted, and turned out from his chest, the surging white grudge gradually turned into gold, and the golden light formed a thick barrier in front of him, waiting for the arrival of the light net. At this moment, the sky and earth nets in the air stopped suddenly, and abruptly stopped. It turned out that Duan had connected a thin wire of fighting spirit behind the light net that he emitted, although the energy of the fighting spirit wire was not enough to control the sky and earth nets. A powerful attack, but forcibly delayed the sky and the earth net by a tenth of a second in the air. It was this tenth of a second that gave him a chance. When Xuan Yuan saw the light net stagnating, his anger could not help but stagnate slightly. The thick defensive barrier was suddenly weaker than before by one point. At the same time as his energy weakened, Tian Luo Di Net suddenly accelerated forward under the control of A Duan. , The heavy bombardment was on Xuan Yuan's defensive vindictiveness. The transformed solid energy released a huge explosive force in an instant. Xuan Yuan became the first person to resist the attack from the sky and the earth. In a loud noise, the sky and earth nets disappeared, and the golden protective wall in front of Xuan Yuan looked much dim.

Of course, Dui would not give up the chance he had finally created, and his body turned into a phantom and rushed towards Xuanyuan like lightning. The energy sword that was transformed into a life and change pierced straight towards Xuanyuan's protective wall.

After Xuan Yuan received the net of heaven and earth, his body shook slightly. He hadn't encountered an attack of this intensity for a long time. With this light net alone, his evaluation of Duan had risen by a few points. Putting away the previous contempt, and struck at Dumb's energy sword without any fancy.

Dumb was surprised to see that the sword of life change in his hand touched the fist that was shining with golden light, Xuan Yuan's slow and somewhat weird posture made him feel a little strange. Just when Xuanyuan’s golden fist wind was about to hit his sword of transformation, the golden fighting energy suddenly changed. The fighting energy that had struck from the front suddenly split into two, and one swept toward him the sword of transformation. , And another wave suddenly rushed towards his chest. Although the energy of the Sword of Transformation is strong, Duan is much weaker than Xuanyuan in terms of skill. Once the energy sword is entangled, he can't break free. In desperation, A'Dai can only control the Sword of Transformation. 'S energy burst out suddenly, producing a huge explosive force, and at the same time, a slight side of his body wanted to avoid the attack of another energy.

In a loud bang, Dui's body flew upside down. At the same time as the energy sword in his hand exploded, it completely exploded the energy separated by Xuanyuan. Although the huge explosive power affected the attack of another energy, Dui His shoulders were still swept away, and his powerful attack power completely knocked his body into the air. Although he had the dual protection of bodyguard fighting energy and giant spirit snake armor, dumb was still injured by the surging energy and flew out. The entire left shoulder was numb, and he couldn't use any more effort.

Under the action of the huge explosive force, in the center of Xuanyuan's and Ah-Dai's fight, a huge pit with a diameter of three meters exploded on the ground, and the dust was flying, making the surrounding area of more than ten meters completely turned into a yellowish patch. Xuan Yuan yelled a little excitedly. Although the huge explosive power just now was not enough to hurt him, it shocked him to take a step back. When he turned his grudge into gold, he had already used six successes. Li, unexpectedly, still didn't knock down this seemingly dull young man.

The yellow mud mist did not affect Xuanyuan’s He finally moved, his body floating forward like a dream, under the protection of the body protector, he passed through the mud mist and straddled the deep hole in front of him. Straight after the flyback dumb.

Dui had just barely suppressed the qi and blood flowing in his body. Xuan Yuan’s attack came again. He knew that he could not be defeated. If he was defeated, not only him would die, but even the rocks would not be spared. At this moment, his heart became It was extremely hot, and I kept shouting in my heart, I can't lose, I can't lose. He has never been more eager for powerful power than now. Dui boiled, and his heart was full of desire for victory. While his body slammed into a big tree behind his back, he fully mobilized the remaining true energy in Ti, the silver golden body was shaking violently, and the surging true energy continued. Transformed into vindictive energy and filled his whole body, he shouted: "Go, thunder and lightning strikes." His left hand waved like lightning, yellow-green energy flew out like thin slices, and his right hand drew a semicircle on his chest. Suddenly, the yellow-green light was suddenly released, releasing a dazzling light, sending out bursts of thunder-like roars, and a ball of light condensing all the skills of Duan slowly flew away. The previous flake energy did not fly far away. When the light ball appeared, two energies, one light and one thick, violently rubbed in the air. The shining light made people unable to face it. The yellow-green energy was rubbing. Under the increase of the deputy, it suddenly turned into light green, and the yellow IP continuously revolved around the light green ball, and it slowly floated forward. In the midst of a crisis, Ah Dui finally realized the second of the three great tricks taught to him by the Heavenly Gang Sword Master. After the light ball with the energy of destroying the sky and the earth was emitted, his whole body was soft due to excessive consumption. Sliding down under the big tree.

Chapter 80: Thunder and lightning

When Xuan Yuan saw this ball of light, his face suddenly became very serious. Although there was only one ball of light, it seemed to have absorbed all the energy elements in the surrounding air, and within a range of tens of meters, it actually formed. A force field with huge suction force. Xuan Yuan abruptly stopped his forward-looking figure, and his face solemnly stared at the force field in front of him that was gradually approaching him. He had no time to be surprised, and he could no longer retain his strength. The golden vindictive energy on his body was radiant. , His hands kept imagining kaleidoscopic gestures, and layers of golden fluctuations continued to condense in front of him. Xuan Yuan shouted loudly, "God waved the sea." The golden energy suddenly condensed in front of him, and as his hands pushed out, the surging golden energy sent a ball of light with a roar like a sea wave to Ah-Dai. Dui relied on his only thoughts to barely control his energy.

When the golden sea wave hits the light green light ball, the huge pulling force unexpectedly absorbed part of the golden energy around itself, forming a golden halo in the light green light ball. A Duan whispered in a low voice, "Thunder and lightning strike, break—" Under his shout, the pale green ball of light spun quickly, and the suction force suddenly increased, and Duan stared at the sky expectantly. Finally, his efforts were not in vain. The originally clear sky turned gloomy in an instant, and a small black cloud shrouded everyone. Suddenly, there was a thunder in the sky, and a dazzling blue lightning fell suddenly. , Accurate bombardment In the light green ball of light, huge energy burst out suddenly, and the thunder and lightning successfully attracted the real sky thunder. In the loud noise, everyone temporarily lost consciousness.

I don’t know how long it took, Xuan Yuan was the first to wake up. When the celestial phenomenon appeared, he found something wrong, and quickly completely contracted the divine wave sea energy he emitted, protecting it around his body, and stimulating his body. All the remaining energy forms a thick layer of body protection vindictive. He is the center of the entire storm. In the loud noise, his sense of hearing and vision temporarily disappeared. The violent shock made his body like a small boat struggling in a big wave, constantly drifting, and the fighting spirit of the body protector quickly Disappearing, when the burst of energy reached its limit, he temporarily lost consciousness, and he didn't fully wake up until this moment. He found that the presiding judge of his dignified Holy See Tribunal actually fell to the ground. Most of his white robe had turned into scorched black, and the long silver-white hair he was proud of stood upright. He was burnt, and the beard on his lower jaw was even spotless, and bursts of tingling pain continued to come from all parts of his body. For the first time in his life, he became so embarrassed. There was not much qi remaining in his body, and his whole body was sore and weak. Give strength.

The power of thunder and lightning is not the same as that of the sky and the earth. Even if the sword master of Tiangang uses this trick, it will cost close to 40% of the skill. Of course, the thunder and lightning he uses is naturally greater than the power of Dumb. too much. The thunder and lightning and the other tricks were all realized by the Sword Sage of Tiangang in his later years. The most magical place is that it uses the energy that exists between the heavens and the earth and its own skill. It is so powerful that it is even the Sword Sage of Tiangang. I dare not use it lightly. Tianluodiwang is just a trick that Sword Saint of Tiangang used to attack the enemy based on the situation at the time. The three-stroke cultivation method was taught to him. This thunder and lightning strike was inadvertently understood by the Sword Saint of Tiangang. Because Tiangang Mountain is extremely high, when a thunderstorm happened, Tiangang Sword Saint once witnessed a huge thunder blasting a small mountain peak in the Tiangang Mountains. The power of that nature surprised Tiangang Sword Saint, so, After nearly ten years of contemplation, he finally worked out how to use his own vindictive energy to attract the sky thunder. The principle of lightning cross-boom is very simple. It uses the method of yin and yang to attract each other to urge the yang-to-firm zhen qi to send out an energy group containing huge energy, and then use the same power to transform into a small After the two violent friction between the two energy sheets, a strong suction will be generated, forming a sun thunder. As long as the skill is deep enough and the sun thunder sent out has enough suction power, it will naturally attract the thunder in the sky, and the intersecting yin and yang, the destructive power that erupts is so great that even the Sword Sage of Tiangang who made this move is amazing. The greater the energy of the sun thunder produced by oneself, the stronger the thunder that it will attract, and the power of thunder and lightning will naturally increase accordingly. When they were on the Tiangang Mountain, after learning this trick, Dumb and Tiangang Sword Saint had experimented for many times. Yang Lei did it, but he never succeeded in attracting thunder. The Sword Saint of Tiangang once told him that once the yin and yang twin thunders collide, you must stay away immediately, otherwise it will be affected as well. The energy of the explosion will not distinguish between enemies and friends. If he can practice life transformation to the highest level, he will transform into a golden one. The solid energy forms gold thunder and silver electricity, and then using this trick, its power is so powerful that it is never under the forbidden curse in magic.

The reason why Ah-Dai was able to use the powerful thunder and lightning today is certainly related to his daily assiduous practice, but Xuan Yuan’s stimulation to him is also the source of his breakthrough. Although Ah-Dai’s breakthrough to the final stage of life and life will take time, But with real thunder and lightning, his martial arts level has far exceeded the previous one.

Xuan Yuan got up from the ground in embarrassment, breathing continuously. He was injured for the first time since he was forty years old, and he was hurt so badly. He took a golden pill from his arms and stuffed it into his mouth. With the help of the **** pill refined by the Holy See, he finally felt much better. He looked around blankly, and found that with himself as the center, within a radius of fifty meters, he turned into a piece of scorched earth. Although the four holy judges and the forbidden rock were far away from the center of the storm, they were all traumatized to varying degrees, especially the four holy judges. In order to protect the rock and others, their skills were greatly damaged. , And Rock and others all fell to the ground, still not able to get up.

Xuan Yuan looked in the direction of Ah-Dai, and saw that the big tree on which Ah-Dai was leaning was only a pile of charcoal. The clothes on his body disappeared completely, his long black hair turned into a pile of charcoal, and his face was black. It's black, falling to the ground without knowing life or death. Xuanyuan smiled secretly. He just wanted to test how great his abilities are. He didn't expect that he would use a trick that he couldn't resist. Up to now, he hasn't figured out what he called the thunder and lightning. Is it martial arts or magic?

At this time, the four holy judges and the rock and others also got up one after another. Everyone was in a panic. The restrictions on the rock and others had disappeared in the huge thunder and lightning. When they saw the situation of dumb , Couldn't help exclaiming at the same time, the rock glared at Xuanyuan who was standing in the same place. He wanted to avenge Dumb, but they were all hit hard by the thunder and lightning, and it was pretty good to keep walking. Brother Rock, Zhuo Yun and Xing'er walked towards Ah-Dai step by step. Xuan Yuan didn't stop them, he was constantly urging his zhenqi to repair the damaged meridians.

Rock and they finally walked to the side of A-Dai. Seeing that A-Dai's face was scorched and lifeless, the rock collapsed beside A-Dai.

Xing'er and Zhuo Yun were the least traumatized because they were at the back just now, especially Xing'er. The energy of the Elf King’s bloodline once again protected her, she threw herself down on A-Dai and wept bitterly. At this moment, she suddenly I feel that Dumb is so important to me. Without him, I am afraid I would still be imprisoned in Sunset City, and may even cause a fatal blow to the elves because of the loss of the blood of the Elf King. After more than a month of getting along, Ah Dumb’s kindness and simplicity and self-sacrificing sentiment were deeply moved. The heart of the little princess, she kept choking and weeping, crystal tears kept flowing down, dripping on Ah Du's face. Suddenly, Xing'er felt that the dumb under her body still seemed to have a weak heartbeat, and she was overjoyed, and hurriedly chanted: "Led by the blood of the Elf King, the source of life for all things in the world! I beg you, save the creatures in front of you. "A light green ray flowed from Xing'er's little hand into Ah'Dai's body. Under the green light, Ah'Dai's heartbeat gradually became clear, and he let out a faint moan.

Zhuo Yun and Yanli were overjoyed when they saw this, and the rock hurriedly injected his remaining true qi into Dui's body, but Zhuo Yun was afraid that Xing'er would consume too much energy, so he hurriedly replaced her.

When Ah-Dai used thunder and lightning, he did not expect the power of this trick to be so powerful. At the moment when the thunder and thunder collided, there was a strong fear deep in his heart, which was too large to resist. The energy suddenly radiated. He was the person closest to the center of this energy explosion except Xuan Yuan, but he did not have Xuan Yuan's powerful skill to protect himself. At the juncture of life and death, Ah-Dai suddenly remembered his own dragon’s blood, and barely chanted the shortest defensive spell. The blue halo flashed, covering his whole body, but how could such a weak defense resist the ravages As for the power of thunder and lightning, that thin defensive magic was broken almost instantaneously. Just when Ah-Dai thought he was dying, the guardian ring of the lower-level artifact on his left hand once again saved his life. The white halo was stronger than ever. , Completely wrapped his body. However, Dui did not know the usage of the Ring of Guardian, and could not fully exert its power. The natural defense power of the Ring of Guardian was not enough to resist the ravages of thunder and lightning. Dui's body was still severely damaged and his whole body was burnt and lost. perception. The powerful electric shock paralyzed his heart, and the fruit that he ate in the psychedelic forest exerted its full effect. Although the organs in Dumb's body temporarily lost their function, the huge vitality still forced his life. Came back. After Xing'er's energetic spirit magic nourished, and the rock force's vindictive infusion, he finally recovered a life.

At this time, Xuan Yuan had almost adjusted his breath, holding his aching body all over, slowly came to the side of Duan and others. When Yan Li saw him coming, he immediately shouted angrily: "What are you doing? You old monster, if you want to kill, kill me first." As he said, he straightened his solid chest and stood in front of dumb resolutely.

Xuan Yuan gave a bitter smile, the pain in his whole body made his face a little cramped, and reluctantly said: "When did I say I would kill you. Is this kid dead?"

Yan Li furiously said: "You just died. No, you die a hundred times, dumb won't die."

At this time, Xuan Yuan was no longer in the mood and Yan Li to control his qi. He frowned and said, "Isn't there any death? Then there is hope. Give him this, and you will eat one by one." Five fragrant golden pills were taken out. These golden pills are very precious. They are made by the Holy See through its own influence and collected hundreds of precious medicinal materials according to ancient formulas after a long period of time. Only the important figures of the Holy See will be equipped with the effect of life and death. Even at the level of the holy judge, each person is equipped with only one. As the presiding judge of the Holy See, when the pope gave him ten healing gold pills, he still threw his nose at him and didn't want to take it. The pope reluctantly gave it to him, but he didn't expect it to be effective today.

Yanli coldly snorted, "I can't beat us dumb, do you want to use poison to harm us? Stop dreaming, we won't eat your food."

Xuanyuan frowned and said, "If you don't want him to die, just do what I say. Although I am seriously injured now, there is no need to use poison to kill you. To tell you the truth, I am a member of the Holy See. So I just wanted to try this kid's skill, not to kill you, nor your enemy. Who knew that this kid was so perverted that he actually used this kind of detrimental tricks."

Yan Li stunned, and said: "What? You are from the Holy See? We are unlucky enough in the sunset empire, and your Holy See actually came to intervene. What is the closest person to the gods, I think you are a group of people eating leisurely, what? God sticks." Although he said so, based on Xuanyuan's previous performance, he knew that Xuanyuan did not lie, and that his skill full of sacred aura could only be possessed by the Holy See. Yan Li grabbed the five pills in Xuan Yuan's hand, and put one into his mouth first. The entrance of the Jin Dan melted, his mouth was full of fragrance, and a warm current rose from the Dantian, and he immediately felt much more comfortable throughout his body. After running the infuriating energy for a week, nothing was found wrong, and only then did the rest of the golden core be distributed to Duan and others.

After eating the Golden Pill, both Ah-Dai and the rock seemed to be calmer. The breath of the rock was stabilized, and the injury quickly recovered under the action of the medicine. Although Ah-Dai was still groggy, his heartbeat was much stronger. Seeing that their situation had stabilized, Xuan Yuan turned and walked back to the four holy judges. The five sat on the ground together, meditating and adjusting their breath.

When night fell, except for Dumb, the physical condition of everyone else had recovered a lot. After hearing the explanation of the Holy Judge Kaidi, the hostility of the people towards Xuanyuan and the others was not small.

Xuanyuan had never said a word since entering Ding. Xuan Yuan sat crouched under a tree not far from the crowd, thinking to himself that although his body had recovered, his hair and beard were blasted by thunder and lightning. He had to shave off the remaining long hair completely with vindictiveness. If he was seen by his pope brother and didn’t know how to make fun of himself, the dignified presiding judge of the Holy See had turned into a bald head. It was..., I blame this kid, dumb, for making him so embarrassed. I really want to fight him again, attacking with all his strength, he might not be able to use the trick that harms others and himself. However, after a day, the kid is still not sober, how can he fight with him again? Although he can't die, he doesn't know when he will wake up. Forget it, just help him yourself, or go back to explain to the Pope. Thinking of this, he stood up and walked towards dumb.

Rock watched Xuanyuan as he walked over, and asked suspiciously: "What do you want to do?" Looking at Xuanyuan's bald head, Rock almost laughed. Xuanyuan's original condensed temperament was all given by the current bald head. Destroyed, it looks almost like his brother, and it's interesting to have three bald heads.

Xuanyuan glared at the rock with an angry look, and said, "This kid is always awake, who has the time to spend with him, let me see if I can make him sober."

The rock frowned and stepped away. Xuan Yuan walked to the side of A-Dai. He took up A-Dai's hand, pressed it on his wrist, and injected his sacred fighting energy into A-Dai's body. After a while, Xuan Yuan couldn't help but frown, and Ah'Dai's body was worse than he thought. The meridians in his body were destroyed seven or eighty-eight, and some meridians were even broken into several pieces, no wonder he couldn't wake up. If it were not for the vitality of his body to maintain the continuity of the meridians, I am afraid that even if he saved his life, he would become a waste person.

Looking at Xuanyuan's heavy face, the rock couldn't help but sink in his heart, and asked, "Um, what's that long, how is my brother?"

Xuan Yuan glared at the rock and said, "Fool, it is the presiding judge. If your brother does not receive effective treatment within ten days, he will be abolished."

The rock was shocked and said: "What did you say? Speak clearly, what is abolished?"

Xuan Yuan snorted, and said, "The thunder and lightning that he used was too overbearing. As a result, playing with fire and self-harm, 30% of the meridians in the body were completely broken, and many of them were very important main meridians. . Didn’t you notice it?"

The rock was shocked and lost his voice: "Impossible, it was not good yesterday."

Xuanyuan frowned and said, "I'm afraid his meridians have been severely injured yesterday, but because the broken veins are completely stiff, there hasn't been any strong reaction for a while, so you haven't noticed it. Now, he The meridians in the body are broken a lot. If it is not supported by the surging vitality, I am afraid that he is dead now. So I said that his meridians must be repaired within ten days, otherwise, the airflow and blood flow in the body will not work for a long time, and he will not die. Will become disabled."

Hearing Xuan Yuan's words, everyone gathered around. Suddenly, the rock fell to his knees with a thump, and the tiger's eyes were red looking at Xuanyuan, and said: "The presiding judge, I know you must have a way to save my brother. Please help him. You don't want to see it either. Is he dead? As long as you can restore him to normal, I will repay you even if I am a cow or a horse."

Yan Li, Zhuo Yun, and Xing'er all knelt down, tears shed in the eyes of the four of them, Dui had paid too much for them, and the deep feelings between them could not be described in words. Even if they let them exchange their lives for Dumb now, they would not hesitate.

Xuanyuan looked at the four people who were kneeling on the ground, sighed, and said, "You all get up. I'm also to blame. If you push him too deeply, he will use such a powerful attack. However, he is indeed a Good boy, he never used Pluto arrows until the end. It is hard to find opponents. It is not easy for him to have the current results at such a young age. I don't want him to die like this. However, I did not save him. Ability. His meridians are not repairable by zhenqi at all. Only the Holy See’s magic can be cured. Then, I will feed him a golden pill, and then immediately go on the road. After returning to the Holy See, I will let those red The clothing priests think of a way, their light magic skills should be able to rescue him."

The Rock and four hurriedly thanked them, even if there was a glimmer of hope, they would work hard, at least now, Duan still has a chance to recover.

Everyone packed up, Xuan Yuan's skill was the highest. He personally carried A'Dai, used his powerful sacred vindictive energy and Jin Dan to temporarily stabilized A'Dai's injury, and a group of ten people quickly moved towards the direction of the Holy See.

Sunset City is the westernmost part of the entire Tianyuan Continent, and the Holy See is in the center of the mainland. Even if the average person rushes forward, it will take more than 20 days to arrive. After all, Xuan Yuan and others are all powerful warriors. They follow the map and try their best to keep straight to the Holy See. When encountering mountains, crossing mountains, and crossing rivers, they rest almost three or four hours every day. It took nine days to finally Entered the boundary of the Holy See.

In the past nine days, Zhuo Yun and Xing'er have been the easiest. Regardless of the terrain, they can fly over with their own wings, and, as they continue to pass through forests and lakes, they absorb the natural air of heaven and earth, but they are not tired. However, I suffered from the Rock Brothers. Originally, the speed was not what they were good at, but Xuan Yuan seemed to embarrass them intentionally. Without slowing down, he had to run hundreds of kilometers every day. For dumb, the Rock brothers have been gritted their teeth and endured. In nine days, their feet were already covered with blisters and their physical strength was severely exhausted, but they never screamed, and they never fell behind, and finally followed Xuanyuan. Came to the Holy See. Seeing their performance in Xuan Yuan's eyes, he couldn't help but nodded secretly. Although the aptitudes of these two brothers were only medium-to-high, their perseverance and dedication to brotherhood made Xuan Yuan admire them.

"The time is too late, let's go slower. This kid's injury has not worsened." Xuan Yuan said lightly.

The rock and the rock force kept panting, and the rock gasped and said: "I, we are not tired, the presiding judge, let's go quickly, get to the Holy See sooner, and my dumb brother will be more likely to recover."

Xuanyuan glanced at him and said: "You are not tired, I am tired, you just run empty-handed, do you still have to carry someone on your back if you don't see me? Okay, don't say it. It will not take long to reach the Holy See You can't miss your brother."

After another half an hour, everyone finally arrived on the Holy See Mountain. No one had the intention to appreciate the surrounding scenery, and followed the judge Xuanyuan directly to the Holy See's Temple of Prayer. The Temple of Prayer is only used when senior members of the Holy See are discussing matters. At this time, there is no one in the empty hall at noon.

Xuan Yuan placed Ah-Dai on the altar and turned around and ordered the four holy judges under him: "Cadi, you go report to the Pope, and say I'm back, let him come here. Then you go and rest. Over the past year, you have also worked hard."

"Yes, Lord Judge." The four holy judges turned into four streams of light and disappeared in the main hall. Xuan Yuan carefully probed the meridians of Ah'Dai. Fortunately, the nine-day rush did not make his injury worse, but nine days. Before the grain of rice entered, the vitality in his body couldn't restrain his body function from dropping to the lowest point. If effective treatment is not given within three days, I am afraid that Ah-Dai will return to bliss. Xuan Yuan did not tell Shi Yan and others that the method he used to suppress the injury of Dui completely cut off the retreat of Dui. Although this method kept Dui a little hope of recovery, if he could not fully recover, his life potential would be used. After all, he didn't even choose to be disabled.

The Rock and the four were waiting anxiously around the altar. Looking at Xuan Yuan, they didn't seem to be anxious. The Rock couldn't help asking, "I said the presiding judge, are you sure to let Ah Duan recover?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head and said calmly, "I'm not sure. However, if even the Pope can't cure him, I'm afraid that no one in the mainland can do it. He has only a dead end."

A sacred breath suddenly came, and a white figure suddenly appeared in front of the altar in the center of the prayer hall. The surging sacred energy made the rock four feel a sense of reverence, and they lowered their heads subconsciously, not daring to face the people.

The pope who was instructing Xuanyue’s practice immediately moved here with his own sacred magic after receiving the notice from the presiding judge. When he saw his brother Xuanyuan, he couldn’t help but stunned. Although Xuanyuan’s attire was the same as usual, his head There is a big hat on top.

Xuan Yuan said indifferently: "My Pope."

The pope greeted him and asked: "The presiding judge, why do you think of bringing a hat? I didn't remember you having this habit before."

Xuan Yuan was very calm on the surface, and said lightly: "It's out in the sun, so wear a hat to save it from getting dark."

The pope was shocked again, with a smile on his face, and glanced at the four people on the rock and the dumb on the altar. "Who are they? This is the first time I have seen you bring outsiders back."

Although the burnt black on Dumb's skin had been removed, the long black hair on his head could not be recovered. Perhaps Xuan Yuan shaved his head just like himself in order to get revenge. Dumb was lying there pale, and the pope only glanced at him and knew that the young man was severely injured and his life was dying.

Xuan Yuan said, "My Lord Pope, I have to trouble you to save him. He is the kid you said."

The pope was startled and frowned: "Why, you hurt him. Didn't I tell you, I just told you to try his skills? You are so old, and you don't know how serious you are."

When Xuan Yuan thought of the scene that day, he became furious and snorted coldly, "You have to make it clear that he didn't hurt me, but he hurt himself. If you don't believe me, you can ask him about this. friend."

The Pope glanced at the four of the Rocks. He knew that although his own brother had a weird temper, he never talked about panic. He walked to Dumb, pinched his wrist, and the divine energy was deliberately urged to probe. Holding Dumb's body. A faint white light wrapped the body of Dumb, and the Rock and four couldn't help taking a step forward, looking anxiously with a sense of anxiety.

After a while, the pope let go of Dumb's hand, a look of horror appeared on his face, and he murmured: "Impossible! Ordinarily, he should be dead, why is he still alive."

After hearing the pope's words, the rock shook his whole body and almost fell to the ground, no longer caring about the identity of the other party, and anxiously pleaded: "Pope, please, save my brother."

The pope raised his hand to stop him from continuing. After thinking about it, he asked: "Don't worry, I will save him even if you don't ask me. I will ask you if he has eaten anything like natural treasures before. Something? You can tell him how he was injured in detail so that I can choose the way to save Rock shook his head and said, "I don’t know if he has eaten or not. That day, the trial He suddenly appeared..." At the moment, the rock recounted what he saw in detail. After listening to his narration, the Pope's face changed drastically, and his eyes flashed as he stared at Ah-Dai. He clearly knew the level of his brother's skill. , And this young man who is less than twenty can actually provoke celestial attacks. Except for the Holy See's highest level of sacred magic, he has never heard of similar magic. And Ah'Dai actually did it with martial arts. He turned his eyes away from Ah'Dai. Turning to Xuanyuan, he seemed to be waiting for him to confirm the words of Rock.

Xuan Yuan snorted. He knew that his appearance would be seen by the pope sooner or later. He pulled down his hat, and said, "What do you see, you have the ability, you can pick up his thunder and lightning, and he is not prepared. Next, I don’t believe you can be much better than me."

The pope saw that his brother’s hair and beard were gone, and even only a few eyebrows were left, he was shocked, he looked at the seriously injured Dumb and Rock brothers and couldn’t help laughing out loud, "Ah! Brother, you, you How come it has become an egg without a shell. The four of you are the same, so you look like a family. Can't you accept them as apprentices?"

Old Xuan Yuan blushed, and said angrily: "Where are you so much nonsense, you can't save him, if you don't save him, I will just slap him to death and let him die simply."
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