The Kind Death God Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Temptation

The innocent dumb couldn't help but feel a little enthusiastic when he saw this scene. After all, he was still a boy less than eighteen years old. He was involuntarily attracted by watching such a scene of drunken and golden fans. The figure of girls in white dresses like butterflies in flowers. Constantly stimulating his senses. The strength of the rock is even worse, the saliva is almost flowing down, the strong arms have been wrapped around the waist of the girl in the white skirt who accompanied him, and there was a look of intoxication in the eyes. Rock was just a little surprised when he saw the scene in front of him, but he quickly returned to normal. In his eyes, these young beauties are just walking corpses who have scorned their souls. They have lost their self-esteem and lost their self-esteem. Self, willing to be at the mercy of others, such a woman, it is difficult for him to have a dead heart.

"Huh!" The rock snorted and awakened Ah-Dai from his intoxication. Ah-Dai's whole body was shaken. He was already aware of his gaffe. He himself was not deep into it. After waking up, the vindictive spirit in his body naturally urged. , Stimulate the mental power in the brain. The feeling of coldness, like a divine enlightenment, made Ah-Dai instantly return to normal, and a clear look appeared in the bottom of his eyes. Although Yan Li was a little more awake, he was obviously too intoxicated, and his big hands were still tightly held between the girl's waist and hips.

Dumb and Rock looked at each other, and at the same time they secretly exclaimed something powerful. In such a scene, not to mention that Watana would be attracted. Even these martial arts practitioners, those with a more determined mind than ordinary people, would not be spared, almost indulging in it. The rock winked at Ah-Dai, and then slammed his mouth in the direction of Rock Force, signalling Ah-Dai to find a way to wake up Rock Force.

A Duan's heart moved and he pressed it to Yan Li's side, and placed his right hand gently on his chest. Under the stimulus of Zhensheng Qi, the Pluto sword hilt on his chest exuded a trace of evil, and Dui carefully wrapped the evil with Shengsheng Qi. Inside, into the rock force body. While in Tiangang Mountain, Tiangang Sword Saint specially pointed out the way to control the evil power of Hades. Although the evil power of the Pluto sword is strong, it can only show its powerful power after it is out of the sheath. Before it is out of the sheath, it is not a problem to control the evil energy it emits with the current life-born zhenqi training of Ah-Dai. Yes, even after getting out of the sheath, the evil spirits can still be controlled within a certain range with pure skill. The evil qi that Dui entered into Yanli's body was very weak, not enough to harm his strong body, but as a stimulus, it was enough.

Yanli fought a cold war cleverly, and his whole body was chilly, and suddenly felt like there was a terrifying force around his body, and he snorted, and immediately let go of the girl's hand, the fascination in his eyes disappeared and replaced it. It was a look of surprise. Dumb gathered the sound into a line, and transmitted the sound to Yanli: "Big Brother Yanli, the environment here is too tempting, you have to keep your mind! Otherwise, it will be troublesome if you get caught in it. Be careful."

Yanli nodded slightly, retracted his gaze from the field, lowered his head slightly, and looked at the ground. All of this almost only happened in the fire after the door of the wealthy hall was opened, but the three dumbs had already dealt with the Anhao Nightclub once, and it turned out that neither party had the upper hand.

The girl next to Ah-Dai raised her hand and smiled and said, "Please, please." As she said, she took the lead in taking a step inward, leaving enough room for the three of Ah-Dai. The height of this girl is close to 1.8 meters, and her figure is extremely well-proportioned. With long beautiful legs, beautiful eyes, and her peerless appearance, she is definitely the crown of all the girls present. What distinguishes her from other girls is that she has many hands. A pair of gloves made of white yarn can only dimly see the slender beautiful hands inside.

The three dumbs walked into the hall. Except for the three young girls who followed them, no one would pay attention to them. The spirits of the gamblers were concentrated in the gambling game in front of them.

"Sir, what do you want to play with?" the girl who followed Dumb asked.

Dumb froze, turned his head to look at the rock, and the rock calmly said, "We like to play roulette the most. Not only is it fast, but it also depends on luck. Do you have roulette here?"

The girl pursed her lips and said, "Of course, we are the largest casino in the entire Dark City. Even in the entire Sunset Empire, it definitely ranks in the top three. No matter what gambling equipment is, it can be said to have everything. Three, Please follow me." As she said, she turned to lead the way. She walked lightly and walked in front of Dumb, her graceful figure constantly turning into a seductive figure.

Duan has learned the previous lesson. At this moment, it can be said that he is trembling. The spiritual platform is tightly guarding Qingming. He uses the evil spirit of the Pluto sword in his chest to continuously stimulate his body and mind. No matter what kind of temptation, he cannot have any impact at this moment. In the northwest corner of the lobby, under the leadership of the young girl, before the six came to the roulette, there were only two gamblers, both dressed as wealthy merchants. It seemed that the round of gambling had just ended, and both of them showed decadent looks. Obviously it was not overwhelmed.

The rock nodded at Ah-Dai, and the three of them leaned in front of the roulette. The girl leading the way was attached to Ah-Dai, and her elastic body pressed towards Ah-Dai. Dui had never encountered such a scene before. He suddenly blushed and hid slightly to the side, but the young girl followed him like a shadow, still next to him, her plump body twisted slightly, her chest Plump immediately rubbed Ah Du's arm. Duan was embarrassed, coughed slightly, and pushed the girl's body aside. The height of the girl was higher than the position of Duan's nose. She gently lifted her head, her face showed a look of weeping, which was very affectionate and low. Said: "Sir, do you hate me?"

Dumb was most afraid of women crying, and quickly defended: "No, I don't hate you, but you are so close to me, I am a little uncomfortable. Don't cry, others will think I bully you."

The girl turned from sorrow to joy, and left Ah-Dai a little bit, but the delicate body still touched Ah-Dai's arm, but it was not as strong as the previous temptation. Dumb breathed a sigh of relief and was too embarrassed to dodge anymore. Rock and the girl beside Yanli are doing the same thing. Yanli's clear just now was obviously washed away by this huge temptation, and her sturdy arms looped around the girl's waist again, pinching the girl's waist and buttocks from time to time. , The girl just turned red, but she didn't dodge, letting him pick it. Like Duan, Rock is also resisting temptation, but the death of his beloved wife Yun'er really stimulates him too much. Although the girl in front of him is the best choice regardless of her size and appearance, she still can't move his cold heart. , Pushed the girl aside without pity, and shouted coldly: "You stay away from me." The girl yelled, her body almost fell, her eyes flushed, and she burst into tears. As if he hadn't seen the rock, he said to the girl next to Ah-Dai: "Give me the next thousand gold coins to the 36th."

The girl next to Ah-Dai's expression moved, and she took a look at Ah-Dai, and cleverly placed the one-thousand-gold coin chip in the 36th position. The roulette gambling method here is exactly the same as the previous Fat Uncle’s casino, even the odds are the same.

The other two gamblers saw that the rock actually pressed the single number, and both showed a look of disdain. One of them pressed the white square representing the even number, and the other pressed the multiple of three.

The dealer is a middle-aged man in his forties. His appearance is very mediocre. There is nothing special. When the rock is pressed, there is no expression on his face. The quality is better than that of Uncle Fatty. The dealer is much smarter. He yelled to buy away from his hand, and turned the roulette. Duan was like in the Fat Uncle Casino, quietly urging the qi in his body to peek under the roulette machine. When his grudge entered the roulette machine, he was surprised to find that there was a big box under the roulette machine. It was filled with water, and the water waves kept rippling slightly, and the energy input by Dui suddenly oscillated, making it impossible for him to locate his position. Dumb's heart moved, could it be that the casino here can't cheat?

The girl next to Ah-Dai lowered her head, feeling the slight energy fluctuations in Ah-Dai's body. A cold light flashed in her eyes, and all the previous charms disappeared, but the three of Ah-Dai did not notice.

Of course Ah Dui will not give up. Although the bottom support under the roulette is all water, there is still a box containing water. He carefully moves the energy from the wooden box step by step, and finally when the roulette is about to stop. Successfully penetrated under the roulette, and with the control of the energy wire, successfully dragged the wooden ball on the roulette into the number 36 grid.

"Ah--" the other two gamblers cried out in surprise. This round turned out to be a rare banker's claim. The two people also pressed 1,000 gold coins. This time, they each had a lot of gains. Of course, the biggest winner was the rock. The 1,000 gold coins quickly won 25,000 gold coins.

The rock test succeeded, and he glanced at Dumb, showing a look of encouragement, without hesitation, let the girl press the 75,000 chips in her hand to the 36th again. The dealer, who had been bowing his head, slowly raised his head and looked at the rock intently. His eyes flashed with stunning light, and a faint sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. It seems that if you want to die, come on.

Naturally, the rock will not be intimidated by the other's expression, smiling faintly, holding his hands on his chest. When the other two gamblers saw that the rock had placed such a big bet, they couldn't help but both were shocked, but they did not follow up and still placed the same bet as before. The dealer didn't hesitate, and said solemnly: "Buy it away." Under his vigorous control, the roulette turned quickly.

Duan is still the old way to penetrate the energy thread under the roulette wheel, but when his energy just touches the roulette wheel, a strong energy suddenly strikes from the other side, immediately blocking the energy thread he emits. Dumb was shocked and looked up, and saw that the dealer was pressing his hands on the table behind the roulette, his eyes gleaming, staring at the rock. Dui suddenly understood that the energy of resistance must be from the dealer, and the dealer's skill is not weak! Obviously he is a master, but after all he is pressing his hands on the table, as if his skill is not as good as himself.

Dui naturally couldn't let all the bets brought by the three of them just lose. He secretly urged the silver golden body of the dantian, and the output of vigorous qi was changed to the method of rebirth and transformation. The qi wire suddenly became extremely sharp and easily broke through the dealer's. Blocked and reached the roulette smoothly. The dealer's face changed drastically, and his skill was broken, he snorted and took a step back. At this time, the roulette was about to stop, and the wooden ball kept beating, just about to fall. Duan was about to drag the wooden ball into the grid. Suddenly, he felt a sharp energy hit from the girl who was close to his body like a lightning, because he was afraid that the fighting energy light would shed, and the energy of the body guard was not strong. The sharp energy broke through the line of defense easily. Dumb snorted, and his heart was furious. The energy of the silver golden body was suddenly raised to the extreme by him, and his body suddenly emitted a faint white light. The light flashed and disappeared, which had cancelled out the invading energy, and it was about to fall away in the wooden ball. When he entered the No. 38 grid, he pulled down sharply, successfully leaving the wooden ball in the No. 36 grid.

Although Ah Dui didn't attack, after the girl's energy was offset by him, she couldn't help but turned pale, she fell a step aside, her face changed drastically. She couldn't think that Ah Dumb's grudge was so strong, and under such unfavorable circumstances, she could actually resolve her sneak attack. Duan glared at the girl coldly, but he couldn't say anything now, after all, he himself used grudge to cheat and changed the direction of Muqiu. The surprised look of the girl made him feel soft, frowned, and turned his eyes to the dealer behind the wheel.

The Rock didn't know the danger Dumb was facing. Amidst the cheers of the other two gamblers, the pale-faced dealer said, "Los it. The total is 1.875,000 gold coins."

The dealer gave a dry cough and said solemnly: "I'm sorry, I don't have so many chips here, please wait a moment, I'll get it."

Rock secretly praised that the dealer could not mess up even after losing so much money. Although he was looking for a rescuer, he did not mean not to pay. The dealer left quickly. Dui still stared at the girl next to her. The girl no longer had her previous charming expression, her face suddenly became extremely cold, and the cold light flashed under her eyes, staring at Dui without relaxing. Suddenly, Dui felt that the girl with such a cold face was so much cuter than the one who had been with her before. She softened her heart and sighed, but she didn't say anything.

The girl was constantly annoyed and blamed herself for her impulse. Her mission was not to affect Dui. It was just that she felt the energy fluctuations from Dui's body. She suddenly aroused the idea of trying his skills, but she rushed to take it. , Unsuccessful unexpectedly, dumb might still be vigilant. She thought that Dumb would inevitably act because of her own influence. She watched the anger in Dumb's eyes, ready to resist the attack of Dumb at any time. However, Dui only glared at him a few times and did not take any further action. It seemed that nothing happened just now. What shocked her the most was that after seeing her return to normal, Dui's eyes flashed with an amazing look. Without the previous rejection, she subconsciously thought, could it be that the cold me is more lovely than the masked me?

The dealer finally ran back. Next to him was Jin Bo. Jin Bo didn’t seem to be nervous because of the dealer’s large losses. The big man behind him was holding a large tray in his hands, and piles of dark were piled up high in the tray. There seems to be about two hundred red chips.

"Three, I didn't expect that we would meet again so soon. It turned out that the three were actually gambling masters. It was really rude to play before. These are your winning bets. They can be exchanged for cash at our dark nightclub at any time. Please accept them. "Speaking, motioned the big man behind him to pass the tray in his hand.

Dumb took the tray and was surprised to find that the chips inside were all 10,000 gold coins. The dark red chips were made of red crystals. The value of so many pure dark red crystals is very high. It seems , The hidden strength of this dark nightclub is really amazing!

The rock leaned over to Ah-Dai. He didn't realize that Ah-Dai and the girl were wrong before. He put all his mind on Jin Bo, and said with a faint smile: "Today I feel lucky. I hit the duo twice after pressing it twice. Thank you Brother Jin for his auspicious words! Brother Jin, I don’t know if I put all the money on the monopoly, will you still pay the money?"

Jin Bo's expression changed, and he smiled unnaturally, "Of course I can pay, but you are no longer suitable for playing here anymore."

The rock's face sank and said, "What do you say?"

Jin Bo suddenly became calm and smiled and said: "Master, don't get me wrong. I mean, with your current assets, plus the identity of this noble magician, you can already reach the third level. Go and enjoy better treatment. There, you will get better hospitality."

Rock and Duan looked at each other and said, "Okay, I have long heard that the third floor of your Anhao is a paradise on earth, so I can see it this time. Brother Jin, please lead the way."

From the corner of Jin Bo's eye, he glanced at the girl next to Dumb, turned around and made a please gesture, leading the way first. The three young girls followed behind the dumb three, and quickly walked out of the wealthy hall. Just about to go upstairs, Yan Li found that the little beauty she had "loved" for a long time hadn't followed, and she couldn't help asking, "Why, don't they follow?"

Jin Bo said with a smile: "They are all escorts in the Fortune Hall. There will be better escorts in the Saint Noble Hall above, and the grades are higher than them. You can rest assured that in the Saint Noble Hall, several people will definitely get better Treatment, please."

"Wait a minute." Dumb stopped Jin Bo suddenly. Jin Bo froze and asked, "Sir, what else do you have?"

Dumb nodded and said: "I don't want other accompany, but I only want her to accompany me." He said, pointing to the girl who attacked him just now. He was very curious about this girl. Before, when she entangled herself with a charming face, I didn't even feel that she turned out to be a master with martial arts, but after the sneak attack, she suddenly became an iceberg. Dumb didn't understand why he would keep her. He just felt that the girl's clear eyes seemed Full of sorrow and resentment.

The girl was startled, she raised her head to look at the silly and sophisticated magician in front of her, and frowned. Jin Bo's gaze fell on her, revealing an inquiring look. The girl's eyebrows gradually unfolded, and she looked at Ah-Dai, who was also looking at her. The two eyes met, and the girl found that Ah-Dai’s eyes were so clear and clear. A trace of impurities. Jiao body shook slightly, and she nodded involuntarily.

Rock looked at Ah-Dai, with some doubts in his heart. Although the girl's appearance was indeed outstanding, it was a little worse than Xuanyue. Suddenly, he also noticed the change in the girl's expression. And Dui didn't show any signs of being seduced by her. Could it be that Dui had other purposes? Thinking of this, he did not object.

Jin Bo said: "Since the magician wants Ah Bing to accompany you, then ask her. You can change it at any time when you reach it."

Duan smiled slightly and nodded at Ah Bing, who then gave him a cold eye. Under the leadership of Jin Bo, the duo and Ah Bing walked to the upper level together.

At this moment, in a dark room in the mansion of the city lord of Dark City, a pale middle-aged man stood quietly behind his desk with his back to the door.

There was a soft knock on the door, and the middle-aged man looked still, and said solemnly: "Come in."

The door opened, and a black figure flashed into the room. He was covered in black clothes and bowed and said, "Master, the eagle is here to return."

The middle-aged man's expression moved slightly, still turning his back to the door, and said faintly: "Have I found the person you were looking for?"

Eagle Road: "I have found it. The subordinates are more than 80% sure that the person I found is the martial arts magician you are looking for."

"En?" The middle-aged man said softly, "Why not 100%?"

The eagle still lowered his head and said: "Master, after receiving your order that day, I quickly rushed to the troops stationed by the Huasheng Empire. I wanted to sneak past there at night, but I was in the barracks. I heard their soldiers talking about a magician who can summon dragons. Right now, after a period of eavesdropping, I heard the same thing from several groups of soldiers. They were all talking about it. Not long before I went, Three people came to Guangming City. One of them was a magician. Because the Huasheng Empire garrison suspected their identity, the magician of the three showed his extraordinary summoning magic in front of many soldiers. It unexpectedly summoned a silver dragon full of sacred aura, which shocked the garrison troops of the entire Huasheng Empire. I heard that the three men came in the direction of our sunset empire. At that time, I thought, if the soldiers were right, It is very possible that the magician is the person you mentioned. So, I sneaked back and finally found the three people not far from the Dark City." At this point, the man in black hawks back. Slowly raising his head, it was Watana. The cowardly look on his face has long since disappeared, revealing a vigorous air.

The middle-aged man slowly turned around, facing the eagle, and said, "A magician who can summon dragons? This is very new. I haven't heard of dragons on the mainland, so continue."

At the moment, Ying explained how he pretended to be a high-roller who had lost all his fortunes, and how to cheat the trust of Dumb and others. "That magician has a very kind heart. He once used vindictiveness to help me shock my emotions. Therefore, I can be sure that he is the magician who knows martial arts as you said. His vindictiveness is very strong and belongs to the authentic route. It is definitely not something that can be achieved in one or two days. It must be practiced for a long time. Later, under my leadership, they even destroyed the casino of Chengdong Fatty Uncle and snatched 100,000 gold coins from Fatty Uncle. Do you remember How many traps I set up at the beginning? Using the traps I set up, I brought them to Anhao. Jinbo’s memory is good and works well with me without revealing the slightest flaw. Now, I think the three of them are still in Anhao. How is there. Jin Bo should have arranged Bing to receive them, and now I don’t know what the situation is. Master, how are you going to deal with them? Oh, yes, they also gave me a letter, saying yes, let me rely on this letter The letter can safely pass through the defenders of the Guangming Province to their territory." Then, the eagle took out the letter and the diamond coins that the three dumbs finally gave him.

The middle-aged man groaned for a while, grabbing the letter in his hand, and said: "You can collect the money. It is your reward this time. Let's go to the dark man. I want to know if this magician has What a skill. Not only can martial arts but also summon dragons. I have never heard of it. No wonder he can defeat the devil's summons. It seems that he is much better than that evil bastard. However, I am very surprised. , Why did they come to our sunset empire. Are all the people in Huasheng stupid? Such a powerful magician will give up, no, no, if that magician is really so kind to you, then he will The sunset empire must have other purposes. Their purpose, I am very interested." After speaking, quietly went out with the eagle and disappeared into the dark corridor of the city lord mansion.

The three dui followed Jinbo up the stairs, and Bing approached Dui with no expression on their faces. Their plump body always kept a half-foot distance from Dui, but the scent of the body stimulated Dui's sense of smell from time to time. Dumb was very curious about the girl named Ah Bing. He wanted to understand why the change between her front and back was so great. Just now, he used his skills to the limit and explored the conditions in other girls, but he didn't find any one with a special skill. Yes, is this A Bing specially arranged by Anhao Nightclub? Or does she have a strong skill in her own body, even the people of Anhao don't know? With doubts, Dui looked at Bing from time to time. Although there was no reaction on the surface of the ice, she was surprised to find that her heartbeat had accelerated, and even the speed of blood flow was much faster. Why is this? What?

I finally reached the third floor. The third floor is completely different from the first two floors. I step up the stairs and no longer see the magnificent decorations. Instead, the hall is decorated with natural marble and there are no extra decorations around. It looks very elegant. Gives a very comfortable feeling. On the two doors carved like jade, there are three simple characters-Shenggui Hall. The most attractive is the eight girls in white clothes in front of the gate, all of whom are wearing white long skirts, covering almost all skin except the head, which is the opposite of those in the wealthy hall on the second floor. Not only are their looks better than those on the second floor, they are young girls, but they also have a holy look on their pretty faces, without the slightest frivolousness. This look can't help but greatly increase the favor of the three.

Rock secretly praised in his heart that this Anhao nightclub does have his uniqueness. Its decoration design can be described as unique, especially the maids in front of the door, which are obviously designed for those distinguished guests. They have a special flavor. Even he has such a heart. People of inevitably have a good impression.

Jin Bo smiled slightly, and said: "Three distinguished guests, you can choose any of the eight girls in front of this door to be your attendant. They are all carefully selected and purchased from all over the country by our Anhao Nightclub. The training of time is of the highest quality. If you want, they can also accompany you. However, it will cost a relatively high cost. Their overnight fee is 50,000 gold coins." Lowering his voice, Jin Bo said mysteriously : "However, please rest assured, these girls are absolutely worth the money, they are absolute virgins. Hey."

Looking at Jinbo's wickedly smiling face, a feeling of disgust surged in Ah-Dai's heart. The Sunset Empire was worthy of being a dark country, and it even sold these living girls as goods.

Yan Li said in surprise: "Fifty thousand gold coins, UU reading www.uuká is too expensive."

Jin Bo smiled and said: "In fact, these girls are not expensive at all. These girls were bought from their parents when they were about ten years old. After six years of training, they came out to work. They can only receive guests once. I can’t stay here anymore. All the customers who ask them for a starting price, almost without exception, will be redeemed for them at a price of 100,000 gold coins after the fact. If you don’t believe me, you can taste it and make you satisfied."

A Duan coughed a little boredly, pulled a heartbeat of rock power, and said: "Let's go in, we are here to gamble, not here..." His face flushed, and he could no longer speak.

Jin Bo was still smiling, and just as he was about to lead the three people into the Hall of the Holy Ghost, he was stopped by the rock. The rock looked at the eight girls up and down, shook his head, and said, "Although this kind of goods is good, our brothers still don't see it. Brother Jin, I don't know if you have any other best products here."

Jin Bo stunned and said, "Master, these are the best in our dark nightclub. Even if you search the mainland, it may be difficult to find a beauty of this quality!"

Chapter 62: 0 million assets

The rock snorted, and said, "We have seen a lot of beauties, and we are all tired of having fun. We need some new excitement now. Hey, what a pity! You here pretend to be one of the biggest nightclubs in the Sunset Empire. One, I didn’t even satisfy me. I’m really disappointed.” He turned to Dumb, gave him a color, and said, “Brother, there’s a chance, let’s go to the Tianyuan Clan of the Suoyu Federation. With our strength, Maybe I can catch an elf for fun. I heard that all the elves are beautiful women! Hey."

Seeing the rock's smirk, Dumb knew that he was pretending to be, but he still couldn't help but feel a chill and reluctantly agreed: "Yes, we must go once if we have a chance."

Rock pretended to have lost his interest, and said: "When I think of the beauties of the elves, my heart is hard to grasp. I don't even have the interest in gambling. Brothers, there is no surprise in the Saint Noble Hall. Let's not Let’s go, let’s go, exchange the chips, let’s find a place to rest, and then go to the Sok Domain Federation. Maybe, with our strength, we really have a chance to catch an elf. At that time, our three brothers can enjoy It’s an exotic delicacy."

Yanli also understood the meaning of the rock at this time, and echoed: "Yes, yes, it is the fairy sister who is more attractive."

Rock turned to Jin Bo whose face changed slightly, and said, "Brother Jin, help us exchange the chips. We are leaving now, and we will come again later."

Jin Bo was playing drums in his heart. He knew that these three people were not easy to come from. He had previously asked them to go to the Fortune Hall to gamble for money, just to entangle them, but he did not expect that the three of them had superb gambling skills and won nearly two million gold coins. Hao Night Club has a big business, but two million gold coins is not a small amount. Forget it, I don’t care about the others, I will keep them first, and everything will be decided by the owner. Thinking of this, Jin Bo smiled and said: "Three, don't worry about leaving! Can we take a step to speak."

The three dumb people were overjoyed at the same time, knowing that Jin Bo had been fooled, the rock pretended to be embarrassed, frowned and said, "I don't want to delay too much time here, you can tell me something."

Jin Bo rushed to the two bodyguards behind him and said, "Go and guard the top of the stairs. If anyone comes, let me know." After sending the two bodyguards away, he winked at Bing Bing. Bing glanced at Dumb and stepped aside. Jin Bo brought the three dumbs to the corner of the hall and whispered: "Three, don't worry, in fact, we also have elves here."

Rock pretended to be taken aback, and lost his voice: "What? You have them here too. It seems that there are quite a few things that surprised me! It is indeed the dark nightclub. Then you can find us some elves to play with. Play, rest assured, and promise not to treat you badly."

Jin Bo smiled bitterly: "The three should also know how precious elves are, where there are so many. Our dark **** only got a female elven through some channels. We paid a lot of money to get it. Since you are really interested. , I won’t hide it anymore. Actually, the fourth floor of our Anhao is not a place to rest, as reported from the outside. It’s actually an underground auction house, and the things being auctioned are extremely rare on the mainland. .The female elf is the most precious item in the auction, but no one has been willing to pay a high price to buy her? There is an auction tonight. If the three are interested, you can wait until the evening to check it out. If the price is right, we will sell it. If you have something particularly good, you can also put it up for auction."

Dumb was overjoyed and rushed: "Well, we will participate in this auction tonight. I don't know how much the fairy will sell."

Jin Bo smiled mysteriously and said: "The price is not very high, the reserve price is only 10,000."

Iwali murmured, "Ten thousand? It's really not very high. It's much cheaper than the girls here."

Jin Bo smiled and said, "Although it is ten thousand, it is indeed a diamond coin."

The rock lost his voice: "What? Ten thousand diamond coins, you might as well grab them. That's a million gold coins! It's enough to raise an army of ten thousand people for more than a year."

Jin Bo reluctantly said: "Things are rare and expensive! No way, this is the price set above. Originally, we had three elves here, including one male, but the other two have been taken away and sold. The amounts are 70,000 diamond coins and 80,000 diamond coins. These elves are not only expensive, but because they have a strong attack power, although they are restricted, they are still very fierce and not easy to subdue! Actually, here The young girl is not better, the price is cheap and the quantity is sufficient, the feeling on the bed should not be worse than that of the elf."

The rock snorted coldly, and said: "Okay, stop talking nonsense, what we want is that kind of feeling. We will participate in the auction tonight, and you will inform us to participate when the time comes."

Jin Bo nodded and bowed, "Okay, okay, do you still want to go to the Saint Guildhall to play?"

Dumb knew that he had less than two million chips, which seemed to be not enough to redeem the elves, and said, "Let's go to the casino to play for a while. When the time comes, you will call us again."

Jinbo didn't want him to say so, and hurriedly agreed. Called out two of the eight girls in white clothes, and accompanied the three of them into the Saint Noble Hall with Bing.

As soon as they entered the Saint Noble Hall, the three of them were shocked. There were only a few dozen guests in the Noble Casino. Among them, four of them were magicians. In addition, they were all dressed in noble costumes. Seeing them coming in, they couldn't help showing a surprised look. It seems that there have been no new guests here for a long time.

The four magicians were shocked at the same time seeing Ah-Dai's attire, and they gave up their gambling games. Accompanied by the girl in white clothes, they lowered their heads and quickly walked towards Ah-Dai. Their actions startled Dumbfounded, not understanding why they came. The Bing beside Ah Du also frowned.

Four magicians swiftly walked up to Ah-Dai. They were all about 40 or 50 years old. Judging from the decorations on their magic robes, three of them turned out to be at the level of great magicians, and the other did not have any magic on them. Sign. The four of them stood one meter in front of Dui, and at the same time bowed and said, "I have seen the elder."

Dumb dumbfounded, only then did he remember his identity in the Wizards’ Guild, and hurriedly said, "You are welcome, four."

The four magicians saw Ah'Dai's face clearly, and couldn't help looking at each other. At the same time, they thought, why is there such a young elder in the union? Although money gambling was not prohibited by the Wizards’ Guild, it was not an honorable thing after all. They were shocked when they saw Ah-Dai's costume, and hurriedly ran over to see him with a guilty conscience. Seeing Ah Dui so young at this time, I couldn't help but wonder.

The magician without the magician level mark said: "Elder, I don't know where you are from. Next is Meepo, the senior alchemist of the Alchemist Union." The Alchemist Union is equivalent to a branch of the Magician Union. All unions are based on magic, and the relationship is very close. The current form of the Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire makes the Magician Union dispatch all members, and the alchemists naturally support the actions of the Magician Union, and all of them are Because they don’t want to participate in a possible war, they hide here. When they see Dumb, they all think it’s the Magician Union faction.

When I heard that the other party was an alchemist, Ah-Dai's affection immediately increased, and he hurriedly said politely: "So you are an alchemist, I have learned some before. We are from the Huasheng Empire. Chairman Kari of the Mage Union just now I was awarded the title of elder soon, so you are welcome."

Meepo frowned and said, "The elder is here, is..."

The Rock saw the concerns in the hearts of several people and rushed to say: "We are here just for fun, and there is no other purpose. You should not misunderstand."

Several magicians were obviously relieved, and Mi Bo slightly saluted: "In that case, I won't bother you, elder." After speaking, the four turned and walked to the place where they were betting money.

Duan looked at the rock and said, "So magicians also have so much money to gamble! How can they have so much money?" The cold snorted beside him said: "You are not a magician, nor are you the same. Come to gamble. Do you need any identity to gamble?" Bing was shocked when he heard the four magicians call the elder Adu. The elder of the magician union, how honorable the identity is, she couldn’t figure it out. The dull boy would actually be one of them.

The white-clothed girls behind Rock and Yanli looked at Bing in surprise at the same time. They didn't know Bing, but they knew that they could never offend these distinguished guests, otherwise, the end would be very miserable. Hearing what Bing said, Duan smiled awkwardly, and said nothing. Bing also seemed to feel that he had failed to speak, lowered his head and stopped talking.

The layout of the Saint-Guire Hall is very elegant. In the hall, there are actually two tall trees with lush foliage, which constantly filter out fresh air. All the furnishings, buildings and decorations here are made of marble and crystal. They are all made of crystals of various colors, and the elegant feeling makes people extraordinarily comfortable.

Before the dumb three came to the roulette again, they were the only guests of the roulette. This roulette is very beautiful. The whole roulette carved with crystal looks crystal clear, even the small ball used to bounce is a purple crystal. It looks very eye-catching. The rock smiled at Ah Du, and the two of them were almost connected, and they both prepared for the auction tonight. The rock took the tray from the ice, took out ten chips from it, placed them on the number 36, and nodded to the dealer: "It's time to start."

The dealer saw that he was pressing on a monogram, and he was slightly surprised, but he didn't pay much attention to it. He used his force to spin the crystal roulette, which was much heavier than the ordinary roulette. The roulette was spinning rapidly, and the purple crystal ball fell on it and made a crisp crashing sound, spinning quickly around the periphery of the roulette. Ah-Dai glanced at the ice beside him, his feet pressed hard, a trace of vindictiveness had penetrated into the crystal roulette, a strange light flashed through the bottom of Bing’s eyes, and he looked up at Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai’s voice suddenly and clearly entered her ears. "Don't attack me again this time, otherwise, I'm afraid I'll hurt you."

Previously in the Fortune Hall, Bing had already clearly understood that his skill was definitely not Dumb's opponent. He gave a cold snort, ignored him, and just whispered: "Don't go too far."

The purple crystal ball smoothly fell into the unique number 36 under the control of Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai and others successfully won 2.5 million gold coins. The dealer's face changed, and he found an excuse to turn around and left. Dumb couldn't help but feel a little funny. He passed the sound to the rock and told him to stop when he won 10 million gold coins. He had no idea about money, as long as he could transfer The elves can be saved. Rock knew that it couldn't be done too much, and nodded in agreement.

This time, it was not Jin Bo who came back with the dealer, but an old man about 60 years old. His eyes were constantly shining, but his mouth said politely: "Sorry, the dealer is a little uncomfortable. I will temporarily To replace him. Please place your bets."

The rock smiled slightly, and took out the two hundred thousand gold coins and put the bargaining chip on the number 36. The old man didn't say anything, and quickly turned the roulette wheel. Dumb stared at the old man and clearly saw a red light surging under the crystal roulette, enveloping the roulette. He was shocked, knowing that the old man used the same method as him, except that it was Just protect the roulette. Even if it is a fair bet, the chance of falling on the odds is very small. Duan didn't dare to neglect to hide his strength, a faint yellow light surged from under the roulette, and went straight up like a sharp blade. The red and yellow lights in the roulette were constantly entangled and flashed. For the first time, Dumb's life change met his opponent. He clearly felt that the old man's red grudge was full of stickiness, although he could not stop the life change breakthrough, but However, it always sticks around the dumb's grudge. As long as dumb wants to control the purple crystal ball, the red grudge will inevitably go up and make it impossible for dumb to catch the crystal ball. Ah Dui was anxious, and hurriedly added two success strengths, wanting to rush away the old man's red vindictiveness, the old man's face changed, sweat stains loomed on his forehead, and he had obviously done his best. At this moment, a dark green light poured in from below the roulette. Dumb turned his head to look. Bing didn't know when he had come to the front. The dark green vindictiveness was obviously caused by her. Dumb had already gained the upper hand in a grudge, although he couldn't stop it, he succeeded in interfering. The entanglement of the three colors of red, yellow, and dark green makes the crystal roulette exude brilliant colors. The rotation of the roulette has gradually stopped, and the purple crystal ball is about to fall. Duan didn't dare to spur more grievances, because he knew clearly that the energy of birth and transformation was too strong, and if he applied more force, it would very likely destroy this precious crystal roulette. The Rock apparently found the same problem, and grabbed the rock force to prevent him from interfering.

There was a flash of inspiration in Ah Du's mind, and he scolded himself for being stupid, how could he have forgotten the ever-changing characteristics. The yellow vindictiveness suddenly dispersed around, leaving the open space in the center for red and green vindictiveness. Bing and the old man were overjoyed at the same time, they both thought that Dui had given up, and the purple crystal ball was about to stop at the fifty-odd position. Suddenly yellow vindictive qi rushed from all directions, and instantly enveloped the red and green vindictive qi like a big net. The old man and Bing were shocked at the same time, struggling hard, but his skill was much weaker than that of dumb. No matter how they struggled, they couldn’t escape the control of Ah-Dai. A slight smile appeared on Ah-Dai’s face, and a trace of grudge was drawn from the large net enveloping the two-color energy. It gently swept it on the purple crystal ball and smoothly sent it into the third. On the sixteenth position. The roulette stopped, and Dumb's grudge was also torn away. Bing and the old man kept panting, expressions of astonishment filled their faces, obviously unable to believe that Ah-Dai could control the fighting qi so much as he wanted.

The rock took the five million gold coins that the old man had accompanied him, smiled slightly, and said to dumb: "Brother, it's enough, let's take a rest."

The contest just now didn't consume much madness, and he smiled and said, "Okay! Let's eat something first." Turning his head and looking at the sinking Bing'er, he said, "Let’s take a break together. You must be very tired. Right." Indeed, Bing'er suffered a lot from the confrontation with Ah-Dai just now, and the consumption of vindictive energy was huge. Her towering chest was constantly undulating, without answering Ah-Dai's words.

The three of them came to the rest area in the Shenggui Hall, sat on the comfortable leather sofa, looked at the pile of chips in front of them, Yan Li smiled and said: "Unexpectedly, we became multimillionaires so quickly, no wonder we have so Many people are willing to gamble. You can really get rich overnight!"

Rock closed his eyes and said, "Let's rest for a while. There is not a wonderful show in the evening."

Dumb looked at Bing, who was sitting on the side, and said to her, "Your skill is very strong! Why would you be a maid here? This is not a good place!"

Bing gave a dumb look, leaning on the sofa and did not answer. The other two white-clothed girls brought fruits, snacks and some drinks. They looked at Bing sitting next to Dumb, and they couldn't help showing a worried look, but they seemed to be afraid of something. They didn’t say much, just quietly. Standing aside. Rock secretly praised that the quality of the maids here is indeed much higher than the ones below. As long as the guests don't take the initiative to request them, they won't get caught up. Originally, Iwali wanted to make love to the beautiful girl, but under the stern gaze of the rock, he had to shrink back.

In the secret room on the fourth floor of Anhao Nightclub. The pale middle-aged man sat in a chair and listened to Jin Bo's report. With a respectful look on Jin Bo's face, he explained in detail what the dumb three had done.

The middle-aged man frowned and said, "What is their purpose here? If it's just for pleasure, it's easy to deal with. If the magician is willing to use it for me, it doesn't matter even if the wizard is given to him. However, their purpose is true. Is it so simple? Jin Bo, what do you think?"

Jin Bo lowered his head and said; "Master, I don't know what their purpose is, but I can feel that apart from the short one, the other two of these three people are not moved by our enjoyment here. , It seems that it’s not the kind of person who can be tempted by beauty. Just now I heard from my subordinates that the magicians in the Saint-Noble Hall were actually called the kid elders. And he was very respectful. Could it be that he turned out to be the elder of the Wizards’ Guild Huh? If it is true, the purpose of his trip is not so simple. People in the Wizards’ Guild generally have no good impressions of our Sunset Empire! Master, they have now won tens of millions of gold coins, regardless of their purpose of coming here. What is it, we can't let them go easily."

The middle-aged man nodded and said, "Things are getting more and more interesting. Don't worry, wait until the auction tonight, no matter how good they are, they will never escape my palm. Go down and prepare for the auction. Matters."

"Yes, Master." Jin Bo respectfully agreed, turned and retreated.

The eagle who stood beside the middle-aged man said: "Master, I and Jin Bo have different opinions."

The middle-aged man raised his head and glanced at him, and said, "Tell me about it." Eagle is one of his most powerful subordinates. He is thoughtful and a rare talent.

The eagle pondered for a moment, and said, "From the contact between the three dui and I, they don't seem to represent the Huasheng Empire, nor do they mean to threaten us. They should have some special purpose, as if I’m looking for something. Although I don’t know what the purpose is, it’s almost certain that it won’t threaten us. I think it’s better not to conflict with them. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will have a great deal Loss."

The middle-aged man stood up and looked at the eagle: "How do I feel that after you get along with those three people, your psychology has changed. Don't forget, we represent darkness, even if they are not here to threaten us, You must not let it go easily. Such a powerful person must be destroyed if it cannot be used by me. Eagle, you have been with me for so many years, you should be very clear about my way of doing things. I hope you are not old, remember , It will not end well against me."

Ying's heart shuddered, cold sweat oozing slightly from his body, and he hurriedly replied respectfully: "Yes, Master, his subordinates know they are wrong."

The middle-aged man picked up the water glass on the table, took a graceful sip, patted the eagle on the shoulder, and sighed: "I remember everything you paid for me. However, sometimes, once you make a mistake, It’s irreversible. Go, gather our people, and wait for my dispatch at any time. I’m going to the city lord and report to him about the situation here. I heard that a distinguished guest has arrived at the city lord’s mansion, and I’m also Go and receive it."

The eagle was uneasy in his heart, and quickly nodded and said: "Yes, Master." After speaking, he turned around and left the secret room quickly.

The middle-aged man looked at the back of the eagle leaving, and muttered: "The charm of that dumb kid can touch the eagle's heart. It seems that the eagle should rest after this incident is over." At this point, a fierce light flashed in his eyes, and the water glass in his hand turned into powder.

The three dumbs were chatting with each other, Jin Bo suddenly appeared in their sight, he still looked humbly, and said with a big smile: "Three, why don't you play anymore? Is it because our people don’t serve well?"

Rock shook his head and said, "That's not it, but we came from afar and we are a little tired. I want to rest for a while, and you see that we have won so much. If we win, I'm afraid your boss will come to clean up our uninvited guests. Okay. So, it’s better to accept as soon as you see it. What, is there anything wrong with Brother Jin? It’s only the afternoon now."

Jin Bo smiled and said, "It's okay, but if the three of you get tired, let me take you to rest. We have a room for guests to rest."

Rock nodded and said: "That's good, we really need to take a good rest, so I can trouble you to lead the way."

Jin Bolian didn't dare, and led the three out of the Hall of Saints. Walking through a corridor, the three of them saw dozens of doors on both sides. Jin Bo stopped and ordered his men to open the three doors and said: "Three, please rest. I will come to invite you to participate in the auction in the evening." To the three girls including Bing, said: "You have to serve the distinguished guests, you know?"

The two girls except Bing quickly agreed, Jin Bo winked at Bing, and Bing nodded slightly.

Rock frowned and said, "Brother Jin, I think it's waived. You should know what our interests are, so let's talk about it at night."

Yan Li looked at the girl who was following him, swallowed and spit, and rushed to the rock with a begging cry: "Big Brother, I..."

A sharp light flashed in the rock's eyes, and he said coldly: "I know you are tired, so take a good rest. Brother Jin, please take you people away. I don't want anyone to disturb our brothers."

Dui suddenly raised his head and rushed to the rock and said, "Big brother, I want this girl to serve." As he said, he pointed to the frozen Bing.

The rock froze and looked at Dui. Dui's lips moved slightly, and the voice transmission said to him: "Brother, I think this girl is very suspicious. You also know this dark nightclub is not easy. I want to try it out. You can see. Huh?" With a move in Rock's heart, he realized more and more that Ah Dumb was different from before, and he always felt like a foolish wit. Nodded slightly and said, "All right. Ali, what are you looking at? Let's go, our brothers can rest in the same room. I have something to tell you."

Yan Li snorted a little dissatisfied, and walked into the room helplessly. When Jin Bo heard that Dumb was about to leave ice, he was immediately happy, and hurriedly said, "Then I won't disturb the rest of the distinguished guests." After speaking, he left with the bodyguard and two other young girls. Looking at Ah Dumb coldly, without saying a word, she suddenly felt that her heart was very complicated. For some reason, she is very reluctant to stay here. The more you get along with Dumb, the more confused her heart is. However, the master's order cannot be violated.

Dumb stood in front of his room and said embarrassingly: "Girl A Bing, let's go in."

With a cold snort, he walked into the room, and Ah Dai hurriedly followed in, closing the door, and said: "Girl Abing, do you have something unspeakable! You are so good at martial arts, why are you staying here? Don't you? Knowing that casinos are not a good place? I can feel that although you are cold on the surface, there is a trace of sadness in your eyes, which proves that you don't want to stay here. Is someone forcing you? Can I help you? If you are in trouble, I will try my best to help.” While talking, Dumb turned around and wanted to walk into the room. When he entered, his whole body was shaken because he saw what he saw. , Is the ice of the whole body. The fair skin shone with a lustrous luster, the plump carcass was full of temptation, a long black hair cascading down behind her, she stood there blankly, without a trace of shyness on her face, but beautiful eyes , But she was struggling because of Dumb's words.

Dui was completely dull. When he first entered Tiangang Mountain, he had vaguely seen Xuanyue's newly developed body. At that time, he was scared enough to face such a lively beauty this time. The strong temptation is not at all comparable to the cool clothes that Bing wears before. The two blushes on the towering top are so human, the darkness between the legs is full of mystery, dumb feels his heart beating quickly, his whole body It became scorching hot, muttering speechless, but his eyes couldn't move away from Bing's delicate body.

After enough tea time, Bing’s eyes returned to indifference, and said faintly, “Don’t you want me to serve? Come on.” I don’t know why, she really wants to see the boy in front of her ugly, she found her heart After facing him, he was constantly changing, and there was an indescribable feeling.

Facing Bing’s invitation, the dumb dumb stupefied suddenly felt a warm liquid coming out of his He yelled, as if he saw the devil, disappearing in front of the ice like lightning. The rushing sound of water kept coming from the bathroom, and a smile appeared on his cold face.

After a long time, Dumb walked out of the bathroom. The strong shock just now made him still unable to calm down. The cold water made the heat in his chest disappear, but he never dared to go into the room to look at the ice anymore. Standing in the corridor of the room, breathing constantly. "Ah, Miss Abing, can you put on your clothes first."

Bing still stood on the spot, with a gentle look in his eyes. Those dignitaries who the master wanted to bribe, who saw his body didn't rush forward quickly and violated himself. But this stupid magician was different. Although he would be tempted by himself, he could barely restrain it. Bing took a deep breath and said calmly, "Don't you want to get my body? Come on. Why do I wear clothes? I'm just a maid, isn't it to serve you, a rich and powerful man? Is that terrible?"

Dumb was unwilling to face Bing even in the face of thousands of troops, and with some pleadings in his tone, he said: "Miss A Bing, it's me who is not good. I misunderstood you, but I really don't have that Meaning, I just want to ask you what are your difficulties so as to help you leave this dark place, so you can put on your clothes first. I, I don’t need your clothes anymore, you can leave."

Chapter 63: Ice dissuade

Bing sighed lightly, put on his cool clothes one by one, and then walked out slowly. When she walked to the corridor, she saw a funny scene. Dui's whole body was soaked, and water was constantly flowing down from the tips of his hair. He was lying on the wall, and he didn't dare to look at himself. The magician with great skill in the casino just now disappeared. He has now become A shy little boy. Seeing this tall magician who was a few years younger than himself, Bing's heart felt tenderness for the first time. She stopped beside Dui and said lightly: "My life is not something you can understand. I hope you don't bother me. You can't control it. Since you don't want my body, then I will leave." After speaking, she turned around and walked to the door. When she reached the door, Bing showed a hesitant look in her eyes, and said in a low voice: "I'll give you a piece of advice, get out of here as soon as possible, otherwise..." She paused, and didn't go on. , Opened the door and walked out.

Hearing the footsteps of Bing's fading away, Ah-Dai breathed a sigh of relief, his body slightly soft, even though he had climbed back and forth on Tiangang Mountain, he was not as tired as he is now. Looking back on the "moving" scene just now, Ah Du's face flushed involuntarily. After a long while, his mood gradually calmed down. After calming down, he thought of Bing's words just now, and clearly felt the sadness in Bing's heart, and there must be some secret in her heart. Although Bing had a great temptation for him, he didn't like Bing. He clearly understood that his heart was completely occupied by Xuan Yue. The reason why he left Bing just now was just to help him. Although Bing is so beautiful and moving on the surface, Dui felt that she was so pitiful, and he couldn't help making up his mind to help Bing if he had the opportunity.

Duan walked out of his room, there was no sound in the corridor outside. He looked around, came to the door of Brother Rock, and knocked gently on the door.

"Who?" The rock's deep and thick voice rang.

"Brother, it's me." Dumb replied in a low voice.

The door opened, and the rock looked at the embarrassed dumb and couldn't help being a little strange, and let him in. Yan Li looked at Dumb strangely, and said with a smile: "Brother, you can't do that! Are you done so soon?"

Dumb was shocked by what he said, and said, "What's the matter?"

The rock glared at Yanli and said, "Don't talk nonsense. Dumb, why did you leave that girl just now." He knew clearly that Dumb was definitely not the kind of person who greeted beauty. Leaving ice must have its purpose. , Coupled with the previous voice transmission of A-Dai, he wanted to solve the doubts in his heart from A-Dai's mouth.

Dumb sighed and said, "Big brother, I think the girl named Ah Bing is very mysterious and pitiful. She seems to have been traumatized, and it seems that there are so many unspeakable hidden things. I wanted to help. Her, but she doesn't appreciate it." Now, in the casino, how Bing attacked him, and what happened afterwards.

After listening to Dumb's words, Yanli stretched out his thumb and said, "Brother, you are really good, so you can live as you please, I'll take it."

Rock frowned and said: "Dumb, what do you mean is that the girl's skill is not weak, and it seems to be controlled by the boss here. This dark nightclub is really interesting. The dealers in the casino seem to be not weak. His skill, especially when we gambled on roulette in the Saint-Germany Hall, the later old man, his red vindictiveness was very strong, and he was definitely not under me. It seems that this is a place where the dragon and the tiger are hidden!"

Dumb nodded and said, "Yeah! Big brother, I think we shouldn't confront them head-on. There are dark forces everywhere here, but also people's places. If head-on conflict, it will definitely bring a lot of trouble and affect us. The plan to save the elves in the future. Anyway, we also have tens of millions of gold coins. At night, if possible, just buy the elves, and then leave here to rescue the elves, and our mission here will be considered complete."

Rock sighed and said, "Brother, what you think is too simple. Our performance in the casino today is too eye-catching. I am afraid that the boss here will not let us off easily."

Yan Li snorted, and said, "What if he can't let it go? Could it be that he can still eat us? If it really doesn't work, let's kill."

Rock said: "Where is that easy? This is the place of others. If they want to deal with us, they will have a careful plan. No matter how strong our skill is, we may not be able to kill. Now we can only take one step and count one step. Never change and change. If those people want to come hard, we are not easy to bully. Dumb, there are few good people in this dark nightclub. You can't be soft-hearted, otherwise, we will fall into a disadvantage. Situation. When necessary, if you can, I hope you can summon dragons to fight together, so that no matter how strong the enemy is, we may also be able to rush out of the encirclement." After a while, the rock continued: "Actually, I am most worried now. It's not the hidden forces here, but the army of the Dark City. No matter how strong our ability is, it is impossible to compete with the army. Human power is always limited."

Dumbfounded, he said, "Big Brother, are you saying that it is possible for the forces of the Dark City to interfere? Could it be that they will protect these dark forces?"

The rock laughed, patted Ah Du’s shoulder, and said, "Silly brother, don’t you understand? If there is no official support, how can this dark nightclub be opened on such a large scale? You didn’t listen. Uncle Watana said, is there a large part of the income here to be turned over to the lord of the Dark City? Although we have just entered the territory of the Sunset Empire, I already understand why they chose to quit and hide in the dark. The dark forces are indeed terrifying! Fortunately, we have been practicing hard in the Tiangang Sword Sect for half a year, otherwise, the current situation will be even more dangerous."

Listening to the rock talking about this, Ah Dumb couldn't help but think of Hongfei's Heavenly Gang Sword Master, and prayed in his heart, Master, you must wait for Dumb in that world! Dumb will come to you someday.

Yan Li said with some confusion: "Big Brother, why didn't I feel anything wrong? Isn't it great here?"

The rock turned to Yanli, his eyes flashed sharply, and he said in a deep voice: "Ali, I solemnly warn you now that you must listen to my orders. If there is something wrong with you, I will not spare you." The voice became Softer, he continued: "I know, our Puyan people’s life is very monotonous. Everything here is very tempting. But, don’t forget, you are the warriors of the Puyan people. The mission of inheritance and revival of the Puyan tribe. Remember those Tiru warriors? If they did not pay at the cost of their souls, maybe we would not be there today. If you abandon the expectations of the tribe for temporary pleasure, then , I will be the first to solve you." The rock is not joking, as his voice gradually gets colder, he exudes a brutal murderous aura. Yanli was stunned by what he said, and all the previous scenes flashed through his mind constantly. He couldn't help asking himself, what is wrong with me, is that mimi person still me? Yes! I am a warrior of the Puyan tribe. What expectations the chief, the prophet and the tribe people have placed on us! Why, why am I doing this? Why is my xinxing lost? The cold sweat kept oozing out, Yan Li was already a bit dumbfounded, and his face looked abnormally pale.

Dui grabbed Rock by the arm and whispered, "Big Brother, forget it, Big Brother Yanli didn't mean it, he won't do that again in the future."

The rock sighed and said: "Actually, I don't blame Ali. The temptation here is so strong, as long as it is a normal person, no one can not be attracted. Speaking of which, among the three of us, it is your ability to resist temptation. The strongest, but Ali is simple-minded and easily loses himself in the face of temptation. As his elder brother, how can I watch him sink."

Duan was shocked, and said ashamed: "I have the strongest ability to resist temptation? No, no, Brother Rock, in fact, I also..." Thinking of Ah Bing's attractive body that was full of attractiveness earlier, Dui couldn't help lowering his head. Actually, my ambition is not firm enough. How can you compare to your big brother?"

The rock shook his head and said, "No, your aspiration is much stronger than mine. The reason why I am not affected is because my heart is dead. It has passed away with Yun'er, unless Yun'er comes back to life. , Otherwise my heart will never wake up again. Although there are many beauties here, and there are many looks better than Yun'er, in my eyes, the beauties here have lost their souls and become full of servility. Their early It has become ugly because of the lack of a soul. How can they attract a dead person like me? If Yun'er hadn't died, the first time I was exposed to such a big temptation, maybe my concentration is not as good as Rock Li." Rock sat down on the sofa aside, with a sad expression on his face.

Dumb carefully recalled what the rock said, and nodded gently, yeah! No matter how beautiful her face is, she will become ugly if she loses her soul. The reason why I like Yueyue is not because of her beautiful looks, more, it should be because of her character. What about Girl A Bing, has her soul lost too? But why is her eyes so sad sometimes.

Yanli stood up suddenly, the eyes of the tiger shone brightly, he looked at the rock firmly, his eyes were completely clear, the words of the rock completely broke through the confusion in his heart, and he finally awakened. He walked firmly to the rock, fell to his knees with a plop, the rock was shocked, and asked, "What are you doing?"

Yanli solemnly said: "Brother, I know I was wrong. I just want to tell you one thing. I will always be a warrior of the Puyan clan and won't change because of anything."

Rock smiled with relief. He helped Rock Li up and smiled and said: "This is my good brother. From now on, I will watch your actions. Okay, let's rest for a while. In the evening, we still need business affairs. When we do it, we must maintain our best condition."

Duan and Yanli nodded at the same time, and the three of them found a comfortable place and sat up cross-legged in three different moods.

I don’t know how long it took, when the knock on the door suddenly sounded, the rock stood up, looked at the dumb and Yanli who were still meditating, and walked towards the door, "Who?"

"Guests, we are here to deliver food. Please open the door." A respectful voice sounded outside the door.

Yanli opened the door, and there were three waiters outside. They all had large trays with lids in their hands. They first saluted the rock respectfully and said, "This is your dinner."

Rock nodded, let the three people in, and ordered them to put food on the table.

The head waiter said: "Three distinguished guests, please have dinner. Manager Jin ordered that a few distinguished guests go straight to the fourth floor in an hour, and there will be someone to receive some."

Rock nodded slightly and said, "I see, you can go out." As he sent the waiter away, Rock opened the lid on the tray, and there were three exquisite foods inside. The aroma came in bursts, and he couldn't help but urge him to move. , Just about to start, suddenly, he stopped in his mind.

Perhaps it is because the scent of the food is too tempting. Dui and Yanli have sobered up from the practice. Dui looked at the food in front of him and couldn't help swallowing and spitting, and said, "A lot of delicious! Brother, why didn't you eat it? Wait for us. Huh?"

The rock shook his head, took hold of the salivating rock power, and said, "We will eat later, we'd better be careful here. If the food is poisonous, I'm afraid we can only be at the mercy of others. Let's be hungry. Yeah. But this might cause people here to be suspicious."

Yanli frowned and said, "Big brother, this food looks so delicious and doesn't have any weird taste. It shouldn't be poisonous. Look, there is wine, even if it is poisoned, it will be in the wine. We don't Just drink. I always have to eat, and the snacks I ate in the afternoon are long gone."

The rock shook his head and said, "Be careful not to eat. It's a pity that we don't have a way to test the poison, otherwise we won't be afraid."

Dumb's heart moved, thinking of the silver **** that he had refined to control Owen's holy water. Although they were eaten by the holy evil, there are still a few left. They should be the best items for drug testing. Organic cream has the function of adsorbing all poisons, and silver mother is also the best item for testing poisons. Thinking of this, Duan read the spell of moving the blood of the dragon and took out a silver ball.

The rock froze, and just wanted to ask Ah-Dai what it was. Ah-Dai had already proved his purpose with his actions. Under the control of the vindictive silk that had been transformed, the silver ball cautiously probed towards the food on the plate. After that, Yinqiu didn't have any special reaction, he couldn't help frowning, glanced at the rock, and said, "Brother, there is no poison in the food."

Rock thought for a while, and said, "No! We won tens of millions of gold coins today. The old man who is fighting against you should know how strong we are. If I were the boss here, I would definitely play some drama. Poison is here to deal with us, dumb, try again if there is poison in the wine."

Duan nodded, and plunged the silver ball into the wine. Unexpectedly, the silver ball remained unchanged. Rock said: "Brother, can you be sure that this silver ball is sure to detect all the poisons?" Dumb said without hesitation: "It should be no problem. Brother should know the colorless, odorless, and poisonous holy water in the world. Well, you can detect it with this silver ball."

Yan Li smiled and said: "That said, we will treat the gentleman's belly with the heart of a villain. Okay, eat quickly. When you are full, you will have more energy to deal with everything at night!"

The rock nodded. Just about to start his hand, he found that Dui was shocked. Dui looked at the silver ball he had just placed in the tray. Just now, the silver ball rolled slightly because of its quality and shape, and hit it. The spoon in the tray, the entire silver ball suddenly turned black.

With a palm of the rock, he knocked out the hand of Yanli who was about to get the tableware, and asked dumb in surprise, "What's the matter?"

Dumb said solemnly: "It seems, big brother, you are right, the people here are really insidious! There is no poison in the food and drinks, and the poison is on the tableware." As he said, he tore a piece of cloth from the bed sheet and took the silver ball. Wipe off the blackness on the tableware, and cautiously probed the tableware one by one. Finally, he was surprised to find that, except for the wine jar and the food plate, the other tableware were highly toxic, especially spoons and wine glasses, dumb smell Hearing the poison gas adsorbed on the silver ball, recalling the record in Corris’s notebook, he said in a deep voice: “This seems to be a chronic poison that mixes many kinds of poisons. Although it does not happen for a while, it is always threatening. We are so vicious!"

Yan Li snorted angrily and said: "He's x, thanks to his being alert, otherwise, we don't know how to die. Don't eat anymore, hungry."

Rock and Dumb looked at each other, and both laughed. Dumb said, "It doesn't matter, can't you use utensils? The food is not poisonous! We can eat with our hands and then wash our hands." Rock Nodded and said, "Dumb is right, we must eat, so as not to arouse those people's suspicion, such a good thing, it would be a shame not to eat!" As he said, he took his share and started eating. Yan Li's eyes lit up, and he looked at each other with Dui and started together.

In order to keep their heads sober, they did not drink, but when they almost finished eating, they mixed the leftovers with poisonous tableware a few times, so that it was less likely to arouse suspicion.

When the three of A-Dai stepped onto the fourth floor, A-Dai saw the ice waiting there at first glance. Bing changed her clothes. The white shirt and trousers wrapped her exquisite body, although her expression was still cold. But when she saw Duan appear, there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. Beside Bing, there were two girls in white skirts who followed the Rock Brothers in the Saint Guild Hall. When they saw the rock and the strength of the rock, they hurriedly smiled and greeted them with a slight salute. One of the girls in white said, "Guest, please Let's come." After speaking, we will lead the way first.

Dui walked to Bing's side and nodded at her embarrassedly. Bing frowned, and suddenly took A'Dai's hand and walked in behind Brother Rock. Bing's little hand was the same as her name, and it was extremely cold. Dui felt Bing's index finger keep sliding in his hand, oxygen and oxygen, but very comfortable, and a strange thing could not help but rise in the bottom of his heart. With a move in his heart, he felt that Bing seemed to be writing. Under his concentrated feeling, Bing wrote: Why don’t you go, don’t you know it’s dangerous here?

Dumb froze, transmitting the sound to Bing said: "Although it is dangerous here, we can't help but come! Miss A Bing, don't stay in this place. You, you come with us."

Bing's whole body shook and glanced at Ah-Dai, who saw something crystal clear in her eyes. Bing's index finger moved again, "Do you think I can still leave here? You go now, maybe it's still too late. Hurry up, go." Bing kept writing the word "Go" in Ah-Dai's palm, but Ah-Dai didn't mean to stay. , Holding Bing's little hand, still walked in.

An anxious look appeared in Bing's eyes. He lowered his head, stopped writing, and didn't know what to think about.

Soon, they came to the hall on the fourth floor. The light in the hall was very dim. In the big place, there were only two weak lights on the walls on both sides. Duan found out here and the three below through the dim light. The casino floor is completely different. There are no gambling equipment here, but rows of luxurious sofas. At the front, there is a wide high platform, which is empty and nothing. Two girls in white clothes led the three dumb people to a large sofa in the middle left and asked them to sit down. There was a table in front of the sofa, and there was a number plate on the table with the number thirty-six written on it. There are also various fruits and drinks on the table. Rock glanced at Dumb, the three of them were sitting on the big comfortable sofa, and the two girls in white skirts sat beside the Rock brothers and stopped talking. Yan Li showed trembling, always keeping his eyes on himself, not looking at the girl beside him, while the rock was watching everywhere.

Bing sat down next to Ah-Dai. Ah-Dai could clearly feel the temptation from her cold skin through the thin clothes. Thinking of everything in the room now, he couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Bing held A-Dai's hand tightly, and quietly wrote: "Be careful. Leave as soon as possible." A-Dai looked at Bing, Bing's face still had a cold look, only holding his little hand, it became slightly hot. The Jiao body also gradually gained warmth. Dui felt this strange atmosphere. He wanted to leave the ice some distance, but the sofa was so wide, just enough for six people. Next to him was another girl in white clothes. , Will inevitably come across. Instead of being next to other girls, Dumb thought it was better to be next to ice.

Dumb asked, "Is this the place of the auction?" Bing glanced at him and nodded gently. At this time, people kept walking into this auction hall under the leadership of the girl in white clothes. Because of the dim light, it was difficult to distinguish the appearance of those people. When there were more than 20 guests in the hall, no one came in. The door of the hall suddenly closed, and the whole hall looked even dim because there was no light outside the door. Suddenly, Dui noticed that the Bing next to her, her body was trembling slightly, and her gasping was also a little quick, and she couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong with you?"

Bing grasped Ah-Dai's hand tightly, and wrote in his hand: "Let me x you for a while." After finishing writing, Jiao Chu fell over to Ah-Dai. She was so tall that she could lie on Ah-Dai's shoulders. With his arms in his arms, his entire upper body was tightly attached to A-Dai. A Duan's whole body shook and looked down at Bing. Bing was also looking at him. Her clear eyes were covered with a layer of mist, and her complex eyes contained emotions of satisfaction, sadness, unwillingness and excitement. Dui suddenly felt clearly that the reason why Bing leaned against him was not to seduce him, but to feel completely from his heart. Although Bing's delicate body was still full of temptation, Ah Dui couldn't help pushing her away, and could only let her lean on silently, feeling her heartbeat constantly accelerating.

"Welcome all the distinguished guests to the auction hall of Anhao Nightclub." The table in front suddenly lit up, and a ray of light shot down from above, illuminating the center of the table. It was Jin Bo with a smile on his face that spoke, and he went down the stage. After scanning for a week, he continued: "Our auction will be held once a month. Since this month, we have collected some rare and rare items. Please enjoy them. The rules remain the same as before. After our reserve price is released, everyone VIPs can use their number plates to make bids, with a minimum of a thousand gold coins."

A hoarse voice sounded from the right side of the hall, "Okay, we all know the rules, you can start quickly."

Jin Bo nodded and said, "In that case, please go to the first auction item." As soon as the voice fell, two big men pushed a small car from behind the stage to the front of the stage with a red cloth covering the car. Jin Bo smiled and said, "This first auction item was purchased by Tianjin Empire at a high price." As he said, he unfurled the red cloth, and what he saw was a vest with glittering silver light. It doesn't look very big, except that it is silver, there is nothing special, Jin Bo explained: "This vest was made by an alchemist in the Tianjin Empire. Its biggest feature is that it can protect the body. Moreover, it has a certain resistance to magic. Please take a look." As he said, he took a dagger from his arms, straightened the vest with his hand and pierced it with force, but the vest did not move, leaving no damage. Jin Bo used fire to burn again, and the vest remained unchanged.

Duan frowned. Although this vest was precious, it did not look as good as his own giant spirit snake suit. There was nothing peculiar about it, and it didn't seem to fit the characteristics of this dark auction.

Jin Bo said: "With this vest, it is equivalent to one more life. The reserve price is 10,000 gold coins. Please increase the price."

The guests in the audience seemed to be not very interested in the vest, and the bid was not positive. In the end, it was bought by the honorable guest on the eleventh for 21,000 gold coins.

Perhaps because of the feeling of dissatisfaction in the audience, Jin Bo smiled mysteriously: "The second auction item is something that will inevitably appear in previous auctions. However, this time it is more precious. Please go to the second auction item." It was still the two big men, they pushed another cart and walked up, and took the cart and the red cloth. Jin Bo lifted the red cloth on the second car, there were five

A bottle, the bottle is a very ordinary style, it seems to be made of crystal. The five bottles were filled with dark red liquid, and there seemed to be some small white things floating in the liquid.

Dui obviously felt the whole body shook while leaning on Bing, and couldn't help but lower his head to look at her. Bing's lips trembled slightly, and he lowered his head without saying anything?

Jin Bo said proudly: "Every guest should know what this is. These five bottles are all Zihe cars. However, unlike the auctions in the future, this time the Zihe cars are very special. Not only are the best products conceived between four and five months, but the five bottles contain the purple river carts of the sunset people, the Huasheng people, the Tianjin people, and the Yayan people, the largest race of the Soryu Federation. The purple river cart in this bottle is the most precious because it was taken from an advanced light magician. But don’t worry, that light magician is by no means a member of the Holy See. How can we blaspheme the great god? Yes. The sacred energy of the light magician itself makes the Zihe cart she bred is extremely precious, and it really took us a lot of hard work to get it. With these five Zihe carts, it can be equipped with a big supplement Medicine. Of course, it can also be used for other things. These things are definitely the best sacrifices."

After listening to Jin Bo's introduction, the guests in the audience were in an, they seemed to be surprised by this second auction item. Dumb looked at the rock in a puzzled way, but found that the rock had a green face with his hands clenched tightly. He couldn't help asking, "Brother, what is this Zihe cart?"

The rock glanced at the same curious rock force on the other side, and barely forced the sound into a line and said to Dui: "Brother, you must not be impulsive. This purple river cart is actually an unfinished embryo. In other words, these dark nightclubs He killed five pregnant women and took them out of their fetuses." The rock's skill is not enough. Although the distance is very close, he also spent a lot of skill with sound transmission, panting slightly, his eyes flashing constantly. With Hanmang, staring firmly at the five bottles on the stage.

After listening to the explanation of the rock, Ah-Dai was completely shocked. The five bottles on this platform represent ten lives! Why, why these guys are so cruel, even pregnant women are not let off, the anger that has never been before is constantly impacting Dui's brain, Dui feels the energy in his body is completely boiling, and when his brain is hot, I don't remember The consequences rushed up. At this moment, Bing, who had been holding his arms, suddenly pulled him tightly, Jiao Chu sat on his thighs, wrapped his arms around Dui's neck, and kissed Dui with cold lips. Dui's whole body was shaken, and his hands were unconsciously. Putting his arms on the ice, there seemed to be an icy airflow from Bing’s lips, completely dissipating the anger in his body, making him calm again, and kissing Bing’s soft lips, dumb was a little flustered, that powerful His temptation constantly stimulated his body, making his breathing heavier. Rock and Yanli's surprised eyes fell on Ah-Dai, not understanding what he was doing.

Chapter 64: Underground auction

As if feeling that Ah-Dai's anger had disappeared, Bing's lips left him, and gently broke free of Ah-Dai's embrace, retreated to his side, still holding his arm, and pressing his body against it. Although Bing left, the lingering fragrance on her body did not disappear. Dui felt that everything about him seemed to have changed, and his whole body trembled slightly. The touching feeling deeply stimulated his heart, and his body was sitting stiffly. On the sofa, my mind was blank.

Jin Bo on the stage smiled after the surprise of the guests below gradually disappeared, "Because these five Zihe cars are not easy to come by, so the price is slightly higher. The reserve price is 50,000 gold coins. Please make your bids. "As soon as his voice fell, someone had already offered the price of sixty thousand gold coins. Obviously, the purple river cart of the light magician was very attractive. The price continued to rise. Finally, it was sold at the price of 130,000 gold coins. A fat man dressed as a wealthy businessman bought it.

Dumb finally recovered from the shock, the evil of Zihe Che and the gentleness of Bing just now made him feel mixed, unable to tell what he felt inside. He wanted to escape in his heart, and wanted to leave this place that has caused him countless troubles. The kind-hearted dumb didn't think about using his own power to resolve the dark forces. Although he hates evil, he can't afford to fight against it. This may be the other side of his kindness, that is, cowardice.

Jin Bo invited the third auction item and opened the red cloth. She was a beautiful woman. To be precise, she was not a human being. Although her figure resembled a human being, her back was covered with light yellow fluff and ears. Standing sharply on both sides of the top of her head, the most peculiar thing is that she has a long tail on her hip. Long gray hair looked very scattered, but did not cover her pretty face. She was crawling in the cage with her whole body xxl. She protected her chest with her hands. She had sharp claws on the tips of her fingers. Her predecessor did not seem to be fluffy, a pair of greenish green. His big eyes kept opening and closing, a collar tied to his neck, and the chain of the collar was connected to the cage, groaning constantly.

The rock lost his voice: "Orc." Dumb was shocked and looked at the rock. The rock did not explain, and his face became heavier.

Jin Bo patted the cage triumphantly, scared the **** female orc curled up, shaking constantly. Jin Bolang said: "Today's first precious lot is now being auctioned. Everyone has seen it. Just now some distinguished guests called out her origins. Yes, she is indeed an orc, an orc very close to a human. She belongs to an orc. One of the weaker races in the middle of the world-the cat people, due to its good relationship with the powerful tiger people, the cat people have not been annihilated by other orc races. This female cat can be said to be the best among cat people, and I promise everyone , She is definitely still a virgin. I think you are all famous, beautiful women see more, but such a precious cat is indeed very rare. However, I remind everyone that the cat’s attack power is not very strong. But it is also quite powerful, and she still has a very fast speed, it took us a lot of effort to get back. Therefore, if you want to enjoy her, you must have the ability to control her. There is a cat person To be a slave, what a wonderful thing! Okay, now the official auction starts, starting at 300,000 gold coins."

Looking at the cat man in the cage, the heart of Dumb kept surging. If the Zihe cart just now is a foregone conclusion and there is no way to save it, then the cat woman in front of him is standing on the edge of the tragic life, impulsively Next, Dui raised the number plate on the table and shouted: "I will give out 400,000 gold coins."

The rock froze, turned his head to look at Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai nodded firmly at him. The rock smiled approvingly, revealing an expression of understanding. Bing, who was next to Dui, suddenly wrote in Dui's hand: Do you want to save her too? If you continue like this, I am afraid it will be difficult to leave this place, so give up.

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, I will never give up. I want to save this catwoman. What a cruel word slave is!"

Bing snorted slightly, and wrote in his hand: You can save one, but you can't save all of them. As far as I know, there are definitely no less than 100 women of all ethnicities who have been auctioned off here.

Dumbfounded, yeah! I can save this cat man this time, but what about next time? Can I save another woman who is auctioned? How can we prevent this kind of selling people from appearing?

Jin Bo glanced at Ah Dui's side with a little surprise, and said, "Okay, this VIP has given out 400,000 gold coins. Is there any higher one?"

"Four hundred and one hundred thousand." A bidding sounded, perhaps because the cat man did have a strong appeal. The bidding sounds one after another, and in a while, it has been raised to more than half a million.

Bing wrote in Ah Dui's hand: If you really want to save her, pay a high price. If you add in a little bit, the price will be very high.

Dui hesitated for a while, raised the number plate in his hand again, and shouted: "One million." There was an uproar in the audience. In the eyes of the VIPs, although this cat man is a good plaything, it is definitely not worth a hundred. The number of ten thousand gold coins suddenly disappeared. After Jin Bo asked three high questions, he pointed to Ah-Dai and said, "Okay, this catwoman will be sold for one million, and it belongs to VIP 36." Ah-Dai counted one million gold coins from the chips on the side. Freed from the embrace of the ice, walked to the stage, handed the chips to Jin Bo, and said solemnly: "She belongs to me now."

Jin Bo nodded and smiled and said: "This cage is also given to you. If you want to be xx, you can use Mixiang to stun her to save her from resisting." Jin Bo's words immediately caused the guests below to laugh. Ah Dui's expression became more solemn, and he shook his head, and said, "I think, I don't need this cage." As he said, he walked up to the iron cage and grabbed the thick iron bar with his hands, under the white light flashing. The cage was torn apart abruptly.

Catwoman curled up in the corner, trembling constantly, with a look of fear in her eyes.

Dumb said softly in the Sokyu Federal language: "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, come with me, trust me, okay?"

Seeing Ah Dui's sincere gaze, his body gradually softened, but he still didn't move. Dumb sighed, the yellow light flashed, and the collar on Catwoman's neck broke off, which shocked her. A Duan said softly, "Trust me, I won't hurt you. Come with me. After you leave here, I will definitely give you freedom and let you go back to the Orcs." A faint white light was emitted from the hands of Dui. The radiant, infuriating energy that was full of sacred aura penetrated Catwoman's skin and penetrated into her body, calming the panic in Catwoman's heart. Catwoman finally no longer rejected it, and cautiously leaned in to Dumb. A Duan waved his hand and photographed the red cloth that Jin Bo had thrown aside. She surrounded Catwoman's body and said in a low voice, "Trust me." Her body floated up and fell back to her seat.

Dumb's performance not only stunned Jin Bo, but the distinguished guests were also surprised and inexplicably, "Who is this kid, why haven't you seen it before?"

"It should have been found by Anhaoxin, he should be a magician in his costume, but was he using magic just now?"

"Then I don't know, but that kid's cultivation base doesn't seem weak, so it's better not to provoke him."

Dui ignored those people's comments, and hugged Catwoman on the sofa. The rock made the two girls in white stand up to make room. Dui put Catwoman on the sofa. Although the body of Catwoman had not been affected. What torture, but her spirit seems to have been greatly traumatized, shivering constantly. Duan kept injecting Shengshengzhen Qi into Catwoman, and said softly: "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, everything is over, I will definitely let you go home."

Catwoman's big eyes blinked, still not saying a word, her body curled up in the red cloth, and the invigorating moisture gradually calmed her mood.

Bing looked at Catwoman on the other side of Dumb, sighed slightly, and whispered: "She's so fate!" As if thinking of something, Bing's mood seemed very low.

Dui turned his head and asked Bing: "Is there a restroom here, can you find a suit for her to put on?" When she was holding Catwoman just now, her trembling body put Dui's will to the test again. He can never grow old. Let this catwoman surround the red cloth.

Bing nodded, and said to Catwoman: "You come with me."

Catwoman shook her head, closed her eyes, pressed against Dui's body and refused to leave. Dui's vindictiveness and his kind gaze made Catwoman seem to grab a driftwood in the ocean and refused to let go. . Dumbfounded, he didn't expect that the catwoman who had just been bought by him would actually be so attached to him. He sighed and looked at Bing and said, "I'll go with you." After saying that, he picked up Catwoman again, said to the rock, and followed Bing out of the hall. Bing took them to a room and found a pair of white underwear that was the same as himself. Looking at the dumb standing there stupefied, said, "You still don't hide, do you want to see someone change clothes?"

Dumbfounded, she hurriedly put Catwoman on the bed aside, but Catwoman grabbed his shirt tightly and said nothing to let go. A Duan smiled bitterly: "I won't go far. I'm waiting for you outside. Don't worry. Girl A Bing is a good person. She won't hurt you. You will feel more comfortable wearing clothes."

Catwoman looked at Dumb in confusion, and tremblingly said: "I, I'm afraid, I'm afraid."

Bing shook his head and said, "Forget it, you are here, just close your eyes."

Duan nodded, and reluctantly pulled Catwoman's sharp claws away from her coat, stood aside and closed her eyes. After a while, Bing's voice sounded, "Okay, you can open your eyes." "Dai opened her eyes, the catwoman in front of her had already put on the same clothes as Bing, and she curled up on the bed shyly, except for the two small ears on her head, she couldn't see anything different from her outside. Bing sat beside her with a faint smile on her face. The two beauties who sat and lay together made Duan look a little silly.

Bing said: "We should go back, your friends are still waiting for you."

Dumb then reacted and said to Catwoman, "Can you tell me what your name is? I really didn't mean to buy you. After you leave here, you will be free. Will you follow me first?"

Catwoman nodded gently, and whispered: "I, my name is xx."

Dumb said: "Then let's go." He carefully pulled **** up, perhaps because he hadn't stood for a long time. As soon as **** stood on the ground, he couldn't help but shook his body and fell into his arms. Dui quickly hugged her delicate body and said softly: "Be careful, don't fall." After speaking, he took xx's hand and walked out. **** seemed to move away, putting his body on Dumb's arm and following him out. Behind them, Bing's eyes flashed with complex emotions, the most contained of which was jealousy.

Returning to the auction hall, xx, who was dressed, immediately made Brother Rock's eyes shine, and her weak appearance made people feel pity. Dui sat down next to the rock, **** was next to him, maybe because Dui brought her a sense of security, her body no longer trembles. But Bing, who had previously leaned on Dumb, was sitting on the very side, with a trace of disappointment in her eyes, sitting there silently.

There was nothing on the auction table, and Dumb asked the rock: "Brother, did the elves appear?"

The rock shook his head and said, "This dark auction house is really eye-opening for me! After you left just now, a few more items were auctioned, all of which were unheard of, and none of them could be seen, sold. The prices are all over 500,000 gold coins. Just now Jin Bo said that the auction will take a break and it should start the second half soon."

Duan nodded, looked at the catwoman beside him, and asked in a low voice: "xx, why did you get here?"

Listening to Dui's question, **** seemed to have thought of something. He shook his body and looked up at Dui. A layer of mist rose from the green and clear eyes, and whispered, "Can I really trust you?"

Dumb nodded solemnly, and said: "You must believe me, I will definitely return you free."

xx tightly grasped Ah Du’s arm and whispered: "I originally lived in the cat people tribe. Although our cat people are a weak race among the orcs, we live peacefully under the protection of the tiger people. , The brothers of the tiger race took great care of me. One day, I was playing in the forest. Suddenly, a big net fell from the sky and covered me. My life changed because of this. A group of people in black appeared here. In front of me, I was fainted by their scent. I don’t know how long it took before I woke up. When I woke up, I was in that cage. The humans here are so terrible! They are always greedy. I looked at me as if I was about to swallow me up, I was so scared, I was really scared. It should have been a few months since I left the tribe, I thought I was going to die, you, you can really send me off Go back?"

After hearing xx's words, Dumb couldn't help but hate him. This must be done by those guys in the thieves' union. Why do they always help him to abuse him, "Girl xx, I will definitely send you back. I won't let you be frightened again. . You sleep for a while. When you wake up, everything will be okay." Shengshengzhen Qi was under the control of Dui, gently stimulating the blood in XX's body, and XX slowly fell into Dui's arms, sinking. Fell asleep. Bing looked at **** in Ah Du's arms, said nothing, and sat there quietly. There was no emotion in her eyes, and her previous coldness was restored. At this time, Jin Bo has stepped onto the stage again and announced the start of the auction.

Pieces of bizarre auction items are constantly being sold amidst the bidding prices, and none of them fail. These auction items even include the most poisonous holy water in the world. The auction item symbolizing darkness gradually made the blood in Dumb's body boil. Why, why should there be such an evil thing in the Sunset Empire, can these guys be considered human? Although the Pluto sword is evil, it seems to be inferior to them. The most evil thing in the world should be the human heart. No, I must not let this situation continue. How many people have died because of the dark forces! The seeds of hatred have been firmly planted deep in Ah Du's heart.

Finally, the auction came to an end, Jin Bo exclaimed with a look of excitement: "OK, now the auction of the last item." A cart was pushed onto the stage after his voice fell. Jin Bo said: "This auction item is definitely the best thing at this auction. Distinguished guests, such a rare opportunity is rare. I hope everyone can seize the opportunity." As he said, he drew the red cloth fiercely. Down, there was a big cage again, and the three dui could see at a glance that there was a girl, a girl of the Elf race, curled up in the cage. Her hands and feet are all locked by chains, and she wears a headband on her forehead. There is a black gem on the headband, shining with a faint light. The wide transparent wings behind the girl completely wrapped her body, but because the wings were transparent, the looming appearance was even more fascinating. The pointed ears show her identity, and the long light green hair covers her face, but no one will doubt her beauty because she is an elf. The appearance of the elven girl immediately surprised the "dignified guests", and the voice of discussion continued.

Duan glanced at Brother Rock, and the three of them were excited at the same time, and finally found the elves.

Jin Bolang said: "Everyone should have seen it, yes, the girl in the cage is an elf girl, and she is a big elf-level elf magician, her magical ability has been invited by our noble alchemy The warlock created a device that can restrict her magical use, that is, the headband on her forehead. With this headband and the iron chain tied to her body, the body of this elf girl can definitely be picked by her master. I don’t need to describe the beauty of the elves. Her preciousness, I believe everyone can understand. The value of the headband alone is more than 100,000 gold coins, and the reserve price of the last auction item is 10,000 diamonds. Please make a price for all the distinguished guests. You can rest assured that we have checked this elven girl, and we have never been tainted by any men."

The "VIPs" seemed to be crazy, and the first one to bid, shouted the high price of 30,000 diamond coins. The price kept rising, and after a while, under the dumbfounded gaze of the three duo, the price had actually climbed to 60,000 diamond coins. Dumb remembered what Bing had said before, and suddenly raised the number plate and shouted: "I'm out of 80,000 diamond coins." The noisy hall suddenly became quiet. Everyone understood what 80,000 diamond coins meant, and that meant Eight hundred thousand amethyst coins, eight million gold coins!

Jin Bo looked at Dumb, smiled slightly, and said, "Okay, VIP 36 has offered 80,000 diamond coins. I don't know if there is any increase. 80,000 diamond coins once, and 80,000 diamond coins twice..."

"Wait a minute, I'll give out one hundred thousand diamond coins." A hoarse voice sounded from the corner, and the three dumb eyes couldn't help but look in that direction at the same time. The man was in the shadow, making it impossible to see his face, but However, Dui faintly felt the threat he brought. One hundred thousand diamond coins were already a price that the three of Dui could not afford, but facing the girls of the Elf race, they were bound to win. Dui hesitated for a moment, bent down, turned his back to the ice, and whispered the spell of the blood of the dragon. Under the faint blue light shining, he took the ten thousand-year-old snake tendon from Tiangang Mountain. Hands. From urging his skill to the extreme, Ah Dui used the sharpness of the birth to cut the snake tendon down to about five feet long, and shouted: "I will give out 90,000 diamond coins and add a ten thousand-year-old giant snake tendon." Although he didn't know the value of snake tendon, according to Tiangang Sword Saint, the toughness of this snake tendon was definitely no less than that of Xuan Tie.

Jin Bo stunned. He clearly knew how much money the three dui had. When he heard the price of 100,000 diamond coins, he thought that dui would definitely give up, but he did not expect that dui would offer this price. He frowned, and said, "Prison No. 36, our auction will only accept cash. I can't say how much your snake tendon is worth."

Dumb carefully put Catwoman on the sofa, stood up, raised the snake tendon in his hand, and said, "I can't say how much snake tendon is worth, but I can solemnly tell you that it The tenacity of the elves can’t be broken by anyone present.” After speaking, he flew up to the auction stage and stood beside the cage of the elf girl, and said in a deep voice: "This elf girl is something I must get, if Whoever can pay the price, I can sell this snake tendon to him on the spot. The reserve price is 10,000 diamond coins."

Someone in the audience asked: "Who can prove that the snake tendon in your hand belongs to the Ten Thousand-Year Giant Spirit Snake, it is only a creature in the legend."

Dumb frowned and said, "I promise with my reputation that this snake tendon is definitely a giant spirit snake forever."

"Who believes your nonsense, how much is reputation worth?"

"I believe what he has in his hands is indeed the Ten Thousand Years Giant Spirit Snake and Snake Tendons." A figure stood up from the distinguished guests, and Dumb stared at it. It was the high-level alchemist Mi Bo, Mi Bo, who had previously seen him in the Hall of the Saint With a loud shout, the noisy discussion was suppressed, and he said in a deep voice, "I Meepo, everyone should know each other, this magician on the stage is the elder of the magician union. I believe that in his capacity, absolutely I won’t say anything to deceive. Elder, I'll give out 20,000 diamond coins to buy your snake tendon. I think it should be good to use it to refine the weapon."

Dumb smiled slightly and nodded at Meepo. After hearing Mi Bo's words, the VIPs in the audience couldn't help but wonder. Mi Bo is a frequent visitor at the auction. Everyone here knows that the alchemist's vision is the sharpest. Everything Mi Bo had been fond of before was nothing but For the boutique, when he saw his bid, someone immediately followed up and raised the price. In the end, it rose to 30,000 diamond coins and was bought by a wealthy businessman. When the wealthy businessman took the giant spirit snake tendon that looked like a white line from Dumb, he couldn't help but Some muttered, is this thing really worth so much money?

Dui saw the doubt in his heart and sang: "The fire element flooding the heavens and the earth! Please give me your warm strength, condensed into a ball, now in my hand." A dark blue fireball appeared in Dumb's hand. The scorching temperature immediately caused the wealthy businessman to step back. Dumb said: "The temperature of my fireball is very high, look at it." He stretched out his right hand holding the fireball and walked to the cage with the elf girl. The elf girl suddenly curled up like a catwoman before. , Trembling constantly. Ah Dui controlled the fire ball to fly, and quickly slammed into the iron cage. With a chuckle, the fire ball passed through an arm-thick iron bar, which quickly melted into a pool of molten iron. Dui walked to the dumbfounded rich businessman again, took back the snake tendon in his hand, and threw it on the fireball back in his hand. It seemed that the fireball had no temperature at all, and the snake tendon floated gently on the palm of Dui's palm. There is no sign of damage.

The wealthy businessman widened his eyes and said, "Is it really that god?" Dumb extinguished the fireball in his hand and threw the snake tendon to the rich businessman. The hot and hot wealthy businessman remaining on the snake tendon screamed, but his heart was filled with it. Feeling of joy, obviously very satisfied with this snake tendon. Mi Bo in the audience was also very surprised. Although Ah Dui used just a very ordinary fireball technique, and it seemed that he hadn't tried his best, but its power was very high. Its temperature was higher than his own level, and he couldn't help but feel it. Some regrets, why didn't I persist in taking this snake tendon.

Dumb turned to Jin Bo and said, "I have another 30,000 diamond coins, and now I'm paying the price of 120,000 diamond coins to buy this fairy girl."

Jin Bo stared at Ah-Dai stupidly. The performance of Ah-Dai just now gave him a great shock, "Okay, VIP 36th has given out 120,000 diamond coins, and no one has made a price yet." The hoarse voice continued. There was no sound, and Dumb finally succeeded in getting the elf girl. He walked to the iron cage just like when he took away the catwoman before, using his hands to force the iron cage to deform it, and said to the elf girl: "Follow me, I won't hurt you."

The elf girl raised her head in amazement. It was a beautiful and refined face. She looked much calmer than the previous catwoman. Her eyes were filled with resentment. Dumb sighed slightly, and the yellow light flashed lightly. The chains on the elf girl's hands and feet All disappeared. Jin Bo leaned over to Ah Du and said, "Guest, you remove all her chains, she will have to run."

Dumb snorted, ignored him, and went into the cage like that, grabbing the elf girl with one hand. The place in the cage is very small. Although the elf girl is not bound by the chains, how can she escape the scratch of Dumb? She closed her eyes and tears fell from the corners of her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a lightness all over her body. Everything changed, and his imprisoned mental power quickly recovered. She opened her eyes violently and found that Dui hadn't grabbed her body. The headband that was on her head had already been grabbed by him. There was an angry look in Ah Dui's eyes, and the headband in his hand contained not weak magical energy. Under the gaze of Jinbo and the elf girl, Dui grabbed the headband in his hands with both hands and rubbed it hard, and the powder continued to pour from Ah Dui's hand. And down, the headband has disappeared.

The elf girl had forgotten that she had recovered her abilities and could attack with elf magic. She stared at the tall young man in front of her in a daze, at a loss.

Jin Bo exclaimed: "You, why did you break the headband, this elf can be magical."

Duan glared at Jin Bo coldly, took out the elf bracelet that had already become crystal clear and green from his arms, handed it to the elf girl, and said, "Do you recognize it?"

When the elf girl saw the elf bracelet, her eyes flashed brightly, and the familiar natural energy deeply stimulated her. Like a child who left his parents to find a home, his people did not abandon themselves, and finally came to save themselves. She threw herself into Dumb's arms and wept bitterly. Duan held her tender body, returned to the rock brothers under the gaze of everyone, picked up the catwoman on the sofa, took a deep look at the ice next to him, and said in a deep voice: "Let's go~www.mtlnovel. com~ Before Jin Bo and the VIPs present could reflect, they had quickly left the lobby and walked down the stairs.

Bing sat quietly on the sofa and did not move. Her hands were constantly trembling. Jin Bo walked to her and asked in a low voice, "Miss Bing, what's wrong with you?" Bing has a better position in front of her master. Much stronger, he didn't dare to offend easily.

Bing's body shook, stood up, and said coldly: "Where is the master?"

Jin Bo said a little embarrassed: "Before the master went back to the mansion of the city lord, it should be near the nightclub now. You know, those few people just now are very important to the master, and now you may go to deal with them."

A glimmer of cold light flashed through Bing's eyes, and without saying anything, he turned and walked out.

When I got out of the auction room, Dui found that Bing hadn’t followed him, and he couldn’t help feeling a little lost, but he successfully rescued the elf girl. He was in a very good mood. He held the two delicate bodies in his arms tightly, and guarded the rock brothers. Next, quickly out of Anhao Nightclub. Dumb has a clearer mind than before. There must be a huge power hidden behind the dark nightclub. Only by leaving the dark city completely, the elf girl and catwoman **** can be truly safe, but they can really be so smooth. Leave?

Chapter 65: Catwoman's Secret

The night was already deep, under the dark moon and the stars, the outside world was extremely dim, the dark city was silent, and most people had already fallen asleep.

Finding a remote alley in the street, Duan stopped, handed the catwoman in her hand to the rock, patted the elf **** the back, and said: "Don't cry, you are saved. We are under the influence of the elf queen. I entrusted it. Don’t worry, you will be home soon.” While talking, he took out a large coat from the blood of the dragon to completely cover the delicate body of the elf girl, and used his anger on the outside of the clothes. Two openings were opened to release the wings of the elf girl.

The elven girl's body trembled a little, and said cowardly: "Thank you, thank you, let's go quickly, I want to leave here."

"It's not that easy." A gloomy voice rang. Dumb and Brother Rock suddenly looked back. They saw that a pale middle-aged man led dozens of people in black to appear in their field of vision. He is not tall, looks very gentle, a gorgeous robe sets off his pale face, giving people a feeling of excessive wine. He looked at Ah-Dai with a smile on his face. The dozens of people in black behind him did not make a single sound. Their condensed aura revealed their powerful strength. The huge pressure gives people a feeling of breathlessness.

The middle-aged man smiled slightly and said, "Hello, in Lower Horton, the hereditary Viscount, is the nephew of the Dark City Lord. I know you don’t know me, but my other identity, you should be surprised, I am The behind-the-scenes owner of Anhao Nightclub."

Dui looked at the middle-aged man in front of him vigilantly. Although the middle-aged man's skill did not seem to be high, Dui felt a dangerous aura from him. "What are you looking for us for?" The elf girl moved from in front of Dumb, hiding behind him tremblingly, apparently very afraid of this Viscount Horton.

The middle-aged man still smiled, "Please relax, I am here not malicious, I just want to talk to you, the noble magician."

A Duan snorted coldly and said, "What do I have to talk about with someone like you? What if you are a Viscount? What if you are the boss of Anhao? We don't seem to owe you money, right." Due to Watana's experience and the extravagance of Anhao Nightclub, Duan couldn't help but bump into his anger, and his anger soared.

Horton didn't seem to feel the anger of Ah-Dai. He looked at the elven girl behind Ah-Dai and said, "I heard that you are the elder of the Mage Guild, and you have the ability to summon dragons. I have a great deal of your strength. Interested. I don’t know if you are willing to give in. Come to our city lord’s mansion to be our chief magician. Our dark city can be said to be the richest city on the continent. As long as you are willing, I can agree to any request. Of course. , This elven girl naturally belongs to you, and I will refund you all the money you spent on buying her. Even if you want, I can help you find another elven girl."

Yan Li snorted and said, "A scum like you is not worthy of being a human being. You will do all the bad things."

Horton was not angry because of Iwali’s insults. He calmly said: "Bad thing? What is a bad thing? It's just that you have a different perception from me. What did I do? I just sell something and open a casino. , What counts. As long as you have the strength and money, I am the most just here. A person’s life is only a rush for a hundred years, why not let yourself live a little more chic. When you are old and unable to move, you will Do you regret it? I won’t, because I have enjoyed everything that the world can enjoy. I die without regrets, but you all have a powerful body, but you have never experienced anything, and live like this What's the point?"

Dui took a step forward. Hearing what Horton said, his mind suddenly became extremely clear. He looked at Horton coldly and said, "What you said is only your own point of view. Your enjoyment is based on others. Above the pain. Your pursuit is nothing more than rights and money. But what we pursue is different. Yes, in material, you did enjoy the extreme, but in spirit? Are you happy? You have done so many evil things. , Don’t you dream about your life when you sleep every night. The heart is at peace, the body is at peace, and the heart is at ease. Your heart is disturbed, how can you say that you are happy? You are me The most evil person I have ever seen, your hands are covered with blood. I want us to be your subordinates, so stop dreaming."

Horton finally changed his face, and Dumb's words happened to hit the pain in his heart. The empty heart had always been a problem he hated but couldn't solve. Now there is almost nothing to make him tempted. He raised his eyes, sighed, and said, "Okay, what an elder of the Mage Guild. Since you are so persistent, then I can't keep you. In my concept, there are only two kinds of people, one is Useful people, the other is the dead. Since you choose the latter, then I can only fulfill you."

As soon as his voice fell, the people in black immediately surrounded the alley, and the huge momentum enveloped the entire alley. Duan was the first to bear the brunt. The huge pressure made him take a step back. These people in black are so strong! In the sense, the skill is not weaker than the ninja who appeared in the wizard's union. But Dui is not afraid. He firmly believes that there is no problem in breaking out of the siege with his own power. The only things he is worried about now are Catwoman and the elf girl who has just recovered some physical strength. Shen said: "Two elder brothers, you protect them, I will block the enemy's attack."

The rock whispered: "When necessary, try to summon the dragon. I don't believe these people will not be afraid of dragon attacks."

A move in Ah Du's heart, thinking of the holy evil in the blood of the dragon, suddenly increased confidence. Horton looked at them with a sneer and said, "Maybe, you have a strong strength, but what use is it if you have the ability to use it? Didn't you find out that you have been poisoned?"

Dumb thought of the poison in today's dinner, and sneered, "Are we really poisoned? Why don't I think."

Holden looked up at the sky and said faintly: "Well, time is almost up. Do you think that you won't be poisoned if you don't use those utensils tonight. I, Viscount Holden, haven't been unable to do anything in the dark city. , How can young people like you fight me. No trace of your previous conversations in the room fell out of my ears. Yes, you are very smart and didn’t use those utensils. However, before in the Hall of the Holy Spirit The fruits and cakes I eat, I’m afraid I haven’t checked carefully. In fact, even if you don’t poison, you can’t be the opponents of my masters. Even if you really summon the dragon, you may not be able to do anything. It works, but I’ve always been cautious in doing things, and I’ve never left any chance for the enemy. Hey—there are too many colorless and odorless poisons now, and it’s not easy to spot any of them. I Think, you should feel a little bit chilly now."

The hearts of the three of A'Dai were shocked. As soon as Horton's voice fell, A'Dai suddenly felt a slight shock on the silver golden body of the Dantian. It seemed that a cold current spread all over his body instantly, and suddenly couldn't help but fight a cold war. He was shocked, and hurriedly urged the vitality in his body, trying to dispel the chill. At this moment, five sharp forces suddenly struck from behind, and there was no time to respond. Duan's body was already flying, and the heart-piercing energy instantly spread throughout his body. With a wow, Duan was suddenly **** in the air. spray. Five sharp fighting qi rushed into one's body instantly from the vest, raging in the meridians, and the silver golden body light was released. It was hard to reinforce this sharp fighting qi, but the poison in Dumb's body was also due to the use of fighting qi. But it broke out quickly, and bursts of chill continued to invade his body and mind.

Bang, Dui hit the wall on the side, and his body slowly fell. The powerful attack made his whole body limp. The vitality in his body was almost shattered, and the appearance of the silver golden body was a bit blurred, with strong waves. The chill kept surging, attacking his meridians. Blood kept flowing from the corners of his mouth, and he looked at where he was standing. I saw the catwoman who had been asleep standing there, frowning at her little hand with sharp claws.

Both the rock and the rock power had a livid look, and the elf girl was even more shocked as a chicken, her whole body trembling slightly. Horton and the group of people in black did not move. Horton came forward with a smile, and said to Catwoman slightly: "Ms. Mimi, thank you."

Mimi's original cowardly look has long since disappeared, she smiled charmingly, and said: "My lord, you are welcome, I have to apologize for the leader of the Black Demon for the previous rudeness of the Dark Demon. However, this kid is really stupid. Yes, I would believe me so. However, I am surprised that my full blow just now should be able to penetrate his body. But it seems that something is blocking it. It seems that I still want to eat a heart. It's difficult!"

"Ah--" The roar sounded, and the rock and the rock force rushed towards Catwoman and Horton simultaneously waving their weapons. Catwoman let out a sigh of disdain, her delicate body suddenly turned into a vague figure, the rock brothers were impulsive, and their skills were not fully exerted at all. In addition, the cold poison in the body limited their skills, and only felt a flower in front of them. , The chest received heavy blows and spurted blood back.

Catwoman mimi still stood on the spot, stroking the sharp claws on her hand, frowning and said: "Their skin is really hard! My cat's claws can't penetrate. However, their destiny, I'm afraid that the poison of Condensation Frost will attack faster, hey--, it's really reckless."

Dumb's face was full of incredible expressions, looking at Catwoman blankly, and muttering: "Why? Why did you attack us?" He still doesn't understand why there is such a big change before and after Catwoman. .

Catwoman showed a wicked smile and a pair of small tiger teeth, "Hey, I can only blame you for being so stupid, but your skill is really good, and the pure innocence that I lost to me is still very real. Comfortable, in fact, you entered the calculations of the Viscount from the beginning. Viscount Horton, you should explain it to them." She didn't seem to want to kill Dumb and others right now, just like a cat playing a mouse. , You have to play enough before you eat it.

Viscount Horton was very respectful to the catwoman mimi and smiled: "Mr. Magician, I think, after being seriously injured, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to summon the dragon again. Now, we can talk about it. I know. Your ability is very strong, not only is your skill not weak, but you also have the ability to summon dragons. This is the first time I have heard of the existence of summoning magicians."

Dumb said bitterly: "What do you want?" He kept condensing his dantian's true qi, but the severe poison of the condensed frost constantly impacted his dantian's true qi, which seemed to be a kind of San Gong poison. Yes, the situation of Brother Rock and Iwali is also very bad, and they all fell to the ground under the heavy blow of Catwoman just now, her face was blue, and she seemed to be unable to get up from sitting there.

Holden had the upper hand, with a smug look, behind his hands, he said: "Mr. Mage, don't worry, let me finish. Actually, I think you still remember what happened in the Mage Guild in Bright City. Right. To tell you, that was actually done by our people, but it was because of your presence that broke our plan, and since then, we have noticed you."

Catwoman glared at Horton, her green eyes seemed to be fascinating, and Horton had a cold war. Catwoman whispered: "Master Viscount, it's better not to say some things."

Horton smiled and said: "They all have no resistance. It doesn't matter if they tell them. If they don't convince them, how can we successfully join our camp?"

Catwoman blinked, smiled, and said, "Let's do it with you. This little magician is very interesting. If he promises to follow you, let me play for a few days."

There was a chill in Horton's heart, and he smiled reluctantly: "Okay, okay." In his heart, let you play for two days, can that person live?

Dui suddenly felt a trace of warmth in his chest, which seemed to be from the second golden body passed by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. He looked inside and was surprised to find that there was a flowing out of the golden second golden body. A ray of golden energy was injected into his silver gold body. The somewhat vague silver gold body that had been severely damaged by condensation frost and catwoman was restored to its solid form. Dumb could clearly see that the silver gold body was wrapped around it. Layers of purple silk. He carefully urged Zhen Qi to isolate the filaments, but it took a certain amount of time for Zhen Qi to get rid of all the toxins. The elf girl retreated to the rock brothers, staring at the people in black in front of her in horror. The prolonged imprisonment made her body extremely weak. Although her mental strength had recovered a lot, she could not use elf magic temporarily.

Horton took a deep breath and turned to Dumb. "After we noticed you, in order to prevent you from affecting our plans, or even join us, I sent someone to look for you. Originally I thought you would definitely I was left with them by the Mage’s Guild, but I didn’t expect that they would let such a master like you leave casually, maybe they were too stupid. After the people I sent in the army stationed in the province of Guangming found out about your whereabouts , I went to look for you, and finally found your traces not far from our dark city. Do you remember Wattana? That is my subordinate. His real name is Eagle. The funny thing is that you can believe so easily People, what I want you to understand is that if you want to survive on the mainland, you need to have a powerful force and a wise mind. But you are so stupid, step by step into my trap. "

After hearing Horton's words, the expressions of the three dui changed drastically, and dui said in a blank tone, "What? Uncle Wattana will be yours."

Horton smiled slightly and said, "Why? Don't you believe it? It doesn't matter if you don't believe it. After you decide to follow me, I will let you see the eagle." The reason why he didn't bring the eagle was because he thought it was an eagle. His heart has changed. Although Holden is vicious and cunning, he is extremely cautious and never leaves a chance for his enemies or those who might become enemies. "Later, you came to our dark nightclub after a fight with Uncle Fei. The so-called debt is basically a trap we laid out a long time ago. With the cooperation of Eagle and Jinbo, you deceived you. Originally, I wanted to use the temptations of Anhao to gradually change you, but I did not expect that you were not fooled and won me a lot of money, and finally bought this fairy. When I knew you were going to participate in the auction, it happened. Miss Mimi came to me. We discussed it and decided to show you the show. You didn't have any hope when you came here, but you are really stupid enough to actually buy Miss Mimi."

Duan murmured: "It turns out that this is all a trap, and mimi's pitifulness was pretended. You weren't caught by Anhao at all, right?"

Mimi smiled and said, "Of course not, almost nothing I told you is true, ah! The truth is still there, I am indeed a cat in the orc clan, but I think you must have never been Orcs. Our cats are not a weak race. Among the orcs, although we are not the most powerful, we are definitely ranked in the top three. What are the tigers, and they rely on our cats to support them. , Silly boy, you are so silly and cute! Viscount Holden, come to an end, I don’t have time to spend with you all the time."

Horton nodded and said to the dumb: "You are poisoned now, and you have been severely injured. There is no chance at all. The most precious thing for people is life. Now you have two choices, one is to surrender to me. , The other is to end life. If it is someone else, I would not spend so much words, but talent is rare, I hope you can follow me. I have dozens of times, I hope you can make the right choice. One..., two ..."

Duan had just forced out the poison of Condensation Frost just now, and he hadn't had the ability to resist, but time didn't allow him to delay any longer. The situation of Brother Rock was worse than him. Their bodies were trembling, their ruddy faces turned blue-gray, and they were obviously fighting against the poison. After gritting his teeth, Ah-Dai used his spiritual power to signal Sheng Xie for help, and quickly chanted the spell in a low voice, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space."

At this time, Horton had just read the number five. Although Ah Du's voice was low, he still heard it. He couldn't help but hesitated. He knew that using magic requires a strong vitality. He thought that he wanted to summon a dragon as powerful as that. The creatures must have huge spiritual power, and the dumb, who was seriously injured and poisoned, could not do anything. Catwoman's reaction was much faster than him, and she rushed to A-Dai like lightning, her sharp cat's claws gleaming with a dazzling green light, and she grabbed the top door of A-Dai.

A blue light gleamed from Dumb’s chest, and a huge black shadow suddenly appeared. It happened to collide with Catwoman. With a bang, Catwoman was shocked and flew back. She felt, As if hitting the steel plate, the cat's paw was in a dull pain. The huge figure of Sheng Xie appeared in front of everyone, and the not-so-wide alley was completely blocked by its huge body. Shengxie’s golden eyes were full of anger. Duan’s trauma made him reach the edge of an explosion. Although Catwoman’s attack did not penetrate his hard dragon scales, it also made him very painful, without any hesitation. The gray dragon's breath sprayed out with evil air. Instantly covered the entire alley. Catwoman grabbed Holden's body and flew up instantly. Dragon's breath rushed past her feet. There were close to ten people in the black-clothed group who did not react because they were too close. They were affected by the narrow boundary of the alley and it was too late. The screams were all turned into ashes in Shengxie's corrosive dragon's breath.

The holy evil roared, and another breath of dragon, spouting towards the catwoman in the air, the light flashed in the blue eyes of the catwoman, and she threw Horton out, the cat's claws intertwined a fine attack net in the air, a green vindictiveness Sealed in front of her, Sheng Xie's dragon breath was extremely powerful. When the fighting spirit came into contact with the dragon's breath, Catwoman was surprised to find that her own fighting spirit had disappeared quickly. With the force of the impact, she completely broke through the dragon's breath. Before the anger, he drifted out obliquely, but he was also frightened in a cold sweat.

Dumb said coldly: "Holy evil, you protect us, and when I disperse the poison, I will help you."

The alley was so narrow that Sheng Xie could not stretch out his huge wings, but his dragon breath made everyone extremely jealous. Catwoman, Holden and the crowd of people in black fell in the distance, looking at Sheng Xie in surprise Huge body. Horton lost his voice; "This, it's impossible, the magician is hardly hit, it is impossible for the magician to sing a powerful spell, how can he still summon the dragon."

Catwoman was frightened in a cold sweat. If she dodged more slowly just now, she would have been reduced to ashes under the terrifying dragon's breath. An angry light flashed in her beautiful eyes, and said: "The dragon must be very inflexible in order to guard those people. Taking advantage of this opportunity, everyone dispersed and attacked. Don't confront it head-on, go around behind it first. Kill those few humans." After speaking, she threw out first, turning her whole body into a phantom, rushing to the holy evil like lightning, and naturally it was another dragon's breath to greet her. This time Catwoman already has Prepared, a slight side of the body let away the huge energy. Cat's claw grabbed the golden eye on Shengxie's big head. There was a look of disdain in Sheng Xie's eyes. The Golden Eye was not only his weakness, but his strongest ability. Two golden lights shot out, greeted Catwoman with surging sacred aura and spiritual shock. Catwoman was taken aback in the air, and she shot a grudge while she was busy, and her body quickly rolled in the air. Her speed was indeed amazing, she still managed to avoid the attack of the holy evil in such an embarrassing situation.

When Sheng Xie dealt with Catwoman, the rest of the people in black also swooped in from all directions. Various weapons mixed with different colors of vindictiveness flew down, attacking Sheng Xie from all directions. It was difficult for Sheng Xie to move in this alley, and it was a little difficult to deal with it because he had to take care of the dumb and others behind him. Seven or eight people were forced to retreat with dragon breath, but they were also beaten by the grudge of more than ten people. The dragon scales protected Sheng Xie's body, but the intense pain made Sheng Xie angry, and his huge body suddenly changed. Flicked, the walls on both sides collapsed instantly under his terrifying power. The huge dragon wings more than six meters wide stretched out and slapped at those in black who were attacking him. At the same time, the dragon's breath was continuously sprayed, and three more people died suddenly. In its hands. The rest of the men in black also flew away in the strong hurricane.

Horton standing in the distance sighed: "It's terrible, the power of the dragon is indeed powerful!"

Catwoman fell next to Horton, her eyes flickering constantly. Since her debut, she had never suffered such a loss. The golden light in Shengxie's eyes just made her feel the threat of death for the first time, Catwoman Suddenly squatted on the ground, with her hands on the ground, "meow--" a crisp cat cry came from her mouth. Catwoman's ears suddenly became longer, and the claws on her hands suddenly became twice as long as they were before. His eyes turned dark green, and his body completely turned into a white IP, rushing towards Sheng Xie.

Sheng Xie naturally discovered the threat in front of her. Opening her mouth was a dragon breath. Catwoman's movements were too fast. She twisted strangely in the air, avoiding the dragon's breath, and in a loud noise, before Sheng Xie could not make it. In the second reaction, it had already hit its chest heavily, Sheng Xie let out a scream, his body was hit and then retreated three meters, almost pressing down on the dumb sitting on the ground cross-legged, its chest has become A piece of flesh and blood, that hard scale was shattered by the impact of Catwoman. This is the first time Sheng Xie has suffered a heavy blow in his life.

Catwoman's body also bounced back under the huge impact, falling beside Horton, her face was a little pale, she had tried her best in the attack just now, but she still couldn't kill this powerful dragon. Horton hurriedly held Catwoman, who was a little unstable, and asked in a low voice, "Miss Mimi, what should I do now?"

Mimi said cruelly: "Are your group of subordinates all trash? Don't hurry up, I didn't see that the dragon is already injured. Take this opportunity to kill the few humans first, as long as the magician dies, this one The dragon will naturally disappear." Horton's heart was already in chaos due to the appearance of the holy evil. Only then did he regain his ability to think and command everyone to rush towards the holy evil.

Sheng Xie's chest was constantly flowing red blood, and the intense pain made it convulsively. The holy evil was injured, and Ah Dui naturally sensed that he felt a great pain in his heart, and he was even more sad than his own injury. At this time, the holy evil’s voice sounded in his heart, "Brother, hurry up and summon my little brother, I will go ahead and kill Those bastards." As soon as the voice fell, Sheng Xie's body was already flying, and he rushed towards Horton and Catwoman in the distance.

Horton and Catwoman were shocked at the same time. They couldn't figure out why the dragon would give up protecting his master and attack itself. However, they immediately understood that just as Horton's men were about to rush to Dumb's side, a huge white figure appeared in the blue light. It was a figure much larger than the previous dragon. It turned out to be a skull dragon.

The bone dragon has already been tamed by the holy evil in the blood of the and in the blood of the dragon, it feels much more moisturized than the life in the demon world. These days, it has already adapted to it. Not only the damage caused by the holy evil to him was completely healed, but there was also a certain improvement in his skill, a bony spur grew on his forehead, and the bones of the whole body became stronger. Just now, it suddenly felt that its boss was injured, and it suddenly became angry. As soon as its figure appeared, the huge bone claws suddenly shot a few people in black. Under the tyrannical attack power of the bone dragon, those black people who were touched Yiren suddenly became a pool of flesh. The bone dragon seems to have the same attributes as the Pluto sword. He actually absorbed the souls of these dead people. The green light in his eyes kept flashing. The dead men in black were all drained of flesh and blood, but the bone dragon's absorption speed was obviously faster than The Pluto sword is much slower, and it must be absorbed after people die. The bone dragon stood proudly in front of Ah-Dai, like a steel fortress. No person in black can pass through its attack range. The surging vindictiveness of the people in black can't damage its thick and extremely hard. Although its movement was a bit slow, the people in black couldn't get past the thunder pond. Horton and Catwoman were not surprised, because Sheng Xie had already rushed in front of them, and the huge dragon claws grabbed them with a powerful momentum. Catwoman clearly knew that although her attack could not kill the dragon in front of her, if she was caught by it, I am afraid that vindictiveness would not be able to play a defensive role at all. Taking advantage of his speediness, he ran away with Horton, causing Sheng Xie to jump into the air.

Catwoman threw Horton aside and said angrily: "Go and find some more people, here I will pester them first."

Chapter 66: Golden swallow

Horton had already begun to retreat, and ran away without any hesitation. Catwoman snorted, her body turned into a green lightning, and she continued to revolve around Shengxie. Although Shengxie was not slow, she still couldn't catch up with the cat who was known for her speed. Catwoman occasionally went around behind Shengxie and attacked it one or two times, but she walked as soon as she touched it. Although it couldn't hurt Shengxie, she still made it roar, forgetting everything, and desperately chasing Catwoman and attacking. Catwoman was overjoyed in her heart. What she has to do now is to entangle this powerful dragon and wait for the arrival of reinforcements.

From the back of the alley where Dui was, a man in black suddenly appeared. This man was arguably the most intelligent among Horton's men. He sneaked around to the back of the alley from a distance, and walked over the wall, quietly. Touch to dumb. While watching the situation on the court, Duan kept moving to poison, without paying attention to his back. And the Rock brothers are struggling with freezing frost. The elven girl had already been stunned by the appearance of two giant dragons. Although the bone dragon is powerful, it is far inferior to the saintly vigilant. While resisting the attack of those in black, it is watching its boss chasing and killing the girl. The man in black had already touched five meters behind Ah-Dai. He slowly raised the short blade in his hand without making a sound. He threw at him like lightning, and the short blade slashed towards the artery in the neck of A-Dai. Dui suddenly felt the golden wind coming to his body, but he had no time to respond when he was detoxifying him. When he turned his head, he just saw the cold light hitting him. Dumb closed his eyes and secretly said: It's over, originally because of the strength of the two giant dragons, he thought he had a chance to survive, but he didn't expect to die here.

At this extremely critical moment, a faint white figure appeared, and it suddenly dropped from the sky, and accurately slammed into Horton's subordinate, the dagger in his hand pierced the man's throat. When the man in black died, the short blade in his hand was less than a foot away from Dui, and Dui could clearly feel the chill on the short blade. The blood spurted out, making the red magic robe more vivid. Dui looked at the white figure who had saved his life, and lost his voice: "It's you." It was not someone else who came here, it was Dui who had only met Bing for only one day in Anhao Nightclub.

Bing's face was still cold, but there was a hint of joy in her eyes, as if she was relieved. She took out three pills from her arms and handed them to Dumb, "Quick, take one, this is the antidote."

Dumbfounded, looking at Bing's anxious gaze, he took the pill and swallowed one resolutely. In his eyes, the ice now is so trustworthy. Under the urging of zhenqi, a warm current rose from the dantian, constantly driving away the poison of the condensate frost, and the chill in dumb body gradually disappeared. Dumb looked at Bing sincerely and said gratefully: "Thank you."

There was a smile on Bing’s pretty face, and Ah Du’s trust in her made her heart warm, "Hurry up and detoxify your friend. Then leave here quickly, Lord... Horton will not let you off easily, only You can be safe if you leave the dark city."

Dui nodded and stuffed the remaining two pills into the mouths of Brother Rock. The elf girl looked at Dui and asked with concern: "You, are you all right?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "Leave here first." At this time, his skill has recovered a bit. Although Mimi Catwoman's previous attack hit him hard, he now feels his body is full of power. This power was brought by Bing. After taking a deep look at Bing's pretty face, Ah Dui jumped up and rushed towards the catwoman who was still fighting the holy evil.

Sheng Xie's heart was depressed, and Catwoman didn't contact it at all, relying on her quick posture, she occasionally attacked herself occasionally, making him very angry, but helpless.

Mimi put her heart and soul on Sheng Xie. She knew clearly that the three dui were seriously injured and were disturbed by the poison. As long as she insisted on holding on to Holden to bring reinforcements, none of these people could run away. At this moment, she suddenly felt a huge pressure on her, she was surprised in her heart, turned her head to look, and was surprised to find that a huge yellow light net was covering herself. The giant dragon was also rushing towards herself, sealing all escape routes. For the first time in her life, she felt powerless. She yelled and instantly aroused the potential of her whole body, and she rushed towards the light net behind her. , My hands turned into countless green vindictive rays.

How could Catwoman easily rush out of the heavens and earth nets that A Duan had transformed into her life? Ordinary energy was so weak compared to the traditional energy that had changed. For the first time, Dui felt that she hated a person so much, not only because Catwoman severely injured him, but more importantly, because she used her kindness to deceive him. In a loud bang, Catwoman was impacted by the transforming energy and flew back, and was slapped on the ground by the claw of the holy evil who just caught up. The claw in the anger of the holy evil smashed Catwoman’s body guard. , In the bang, Catwoman spurted blood and fell into the dust, and she was immediately traumatized. If it weren't for her body to be exceptionally strong, it would be enough for her.

A phantom of a yellow energy sword in Dumb's hand, resting on Catwoman's throat, looking at her coldly, a panic expression in her eyes, the huge pressure brought by the energy sword made her dare not move.

Sheng Xie screamed, no longer paying attention to Catwoman, turned and rushed towards his little brother Bone Dragon. In the cooperation between Shengxie and Bone Dragon, the remaining people in black were quickly wiped out.

Dumb forced Catwoman with a look of resentment in his eyes, and murmured: "Why? Why are you deceiving me, why?" The feeling that his kind heart was deceived was so uncomfortable, and his heart hurts now. it hurts. Everything has settled down. The Rock Brothers have recovered from the poison and walked over with Bing with a pale face. The holy evil and the bone dragon also surrounded them, and the rock said bitterly: "Dumb, kill her, this **** almost killed us."

The energy sword in Dumb's hand was pressed down again, and Catwoman's eyes showed a look of horror, "No, no! I was also forced, if I didn't help Holden, I would die miserably! Forgive me! Me, I won’t dare anymore.” Catwoman pleaded mournfully, tears in her green eyes kept streaming down, her appearance was extremely moving, and the pitiful sight of such a weeping cry made Duan couldn’t help thinking. One soft.

Bing leaned over to Ah Du, and said coldly: "She was definitely not instructed by Holden. I had never seen her before. This woman is too vicious. I will kill her soon."

Dumb gritted his teeth and said to Catwoman, "Say, why on earth did you help Holden."

Catwoman mimi choked and said, "I, I said. Actually, I was originally the princess of the cat race, but I was later arrested by a group of evil people. They cruelly abused me and imposed restrictions on me. I had to Controlled by them! I don’t know the origins of those evil people. I only know that their leader is called the leader. Forgive me, I won’t dare to hurt others anymore.”

At this moment, there was a sudden intensive sound of footsteps around, everyone was shocked at the same time, and the ice color changed: "No, it must be Viscount Horton who is here to bring rescue soldiers. Go away."

How many people are represented by this extremely shocking and dense footsteps! Everyone clearly knows that only a trained army can make such a neat footsteps. Dumb's mind is all on the coming troops. The energy sword in his hand suddenly relaxes, and the catwoman mimi's eyes flashed. After a faint light, the tender body that fell on the ground suddenly moved out a foot without any warning, out of the control of Dui, her figure violently, and a claw caught Dui's face. Her speed was so fast that she could only use it. To describe it as the flash of light.

Dui subconsciously leaned back and raised the energy sword in her hand. However, Catwoman's speed was exerted to the extreme under the threat of death. It was too fast. Dui itself was moving backward, and the energy sword was just rising. Cat's claw has caught his face. Suddenly there was a person in front of Ah Du, the tall leaping figure abruptly blocked Catwoman’s attack with her body, and the light of blood appeared, and Catwoman’s right paw was inserted into the leaping figure. Among. She froze slightly, and did not hesitate to drew out her sharp claws, turned into a green light, and leaped to the side of the roof like lightning, avoiding the attack of a dragon's breath from the holy evil. Inside. Catwoman ran away, and the gang of Dumbs blocking the attack slowly fell into Dumb’s arms, blood continuously gushing out of her body, it was ice again. At the most critical moment, the ice once again saved Dumb’s life. The top of her right chest was completely penetrated by the cat's claws, and Duan tightly hugged the body of the ice, the blood in her whole body boiled in an instant, "No--" the shout broke through the silent night sky. At this time, a large group of Dark City soldiers wearing armor had surrounded them. The Rock brothers drew out their weapons one after another, staring at the enemy in front of them blood-red. If they were attacked by Catwoman, if they were not protected by the giant snake vest, they would have died under her cat's claws, and the anger in their hearts had reached its limit.

Duan tightly hugged Bing's tender body, and quickly sealed Bing's blood with zhensheng qi, but the wound was too big, and although the blood flow slowed down a lot, it still kept flowing. Ah-Dai inputted his life’s true energy into Bing’s body without hesitation. Bing’s face was scary and pale. Her face was no longer cold. She looked at Ah-Dai with a smile, her eyes filled with miserable expressions, "Don’t waste your energy. Now, take me out of here, OK? I don’t want to die in this dirty place. Take me out of the Dark City."

The soldiers of the dark city who came up, saw the appearance of the holy evil and the bone dragon, stopped in shock, raised the weapon in their hands, and made a look ready to attack.

Dumb hates me. I hate why I am so weak. If I killed Catwoman’s life with a sword just now, I would not suffer severe damage. If my magic cultivation is advanced, I can use the blood of the dragon to treat the wounds with light magic ice. However, he couldn't do anything now, he could only watch the vitality of the ice gradually pass by. After gritting his teeth, Ah-Dai picked up Bing's delicate body, gently swayed, and floated onto Sheng Xie's back, and whispered: "My good brother, I rely on you now."

The voice of the holy evil rang from the bottom of Ah Dui's heart, "Brother, go on my little brother's back. He is bigger and stronger than mine. I will open the way in front and let him carry you."

A'dai nodded and turned to look at the bone dragon. The bone dragon seemed to have received the holy evil's instructions. He had already lowered his body. A'dai shouted, "Brother, take the spirit on the bone dragon, we rush out."

The rock stepped back a few steps, hugged the elven girl's body, and flew on the back of the bone dragon with Yanli. Ah Dui jumped up and landed on the bone dragon’s neck. He tore off his magic robe and tied it tightly to the Bing’s wound. He said softly: "A Bing, you must hold on, believe me, I must I can take you out."

Bing still smiled gently, as if the injured body was not in pain, she put her head on Dui's chest and muttered: " your arms...I'm good...cough cough ...Warm...ah! matter what...what happens..., I...have been...satisfied with...sufficient..." Dumb's Shengsheng Zhenqi barely maintained Bing's life. It moisturizes her wounded meridians, but her lungs have been severely wounded, and her life is disappearing little by little.

A Dui shouted: "Get out." Sheng Xie raised a huge dragon roar from the sky, his body flew high, and a gray dragon's breath sprayed out to the densest soldiers. Suddenly, hundreds of soldiers were in the dragon's breath. Disappeared under the attack. The Bone Dragon closely follows Sheng Xie. Its huge body is not something that ordinary soldiers can hurt. Thousands of soldiers surrounded them and attacked them continuously, but the streets were small and could rush to both ends. The number of soldiers in front of the dragon was not very large. Those heavy armored infantry posed a certain threat to the holy evil, and they could only continuously spray out the dragon's breath to kill the nearby enemies. Although there are few magicians in the Dark City, they are not without them. The magicians who have been completely bought are constantly sending out various magic to the two giant dragons. The combined attack of more than ten magicians is terrible, and the dumb has changed forever. A layer of defensive nets hardly protected the bone dragon’s back, but his strength was limited after all. He had to maintain the life of the ice and protect everyone. As cold sweats flowed down, the remaining vitality in the body became less and less. , If it weren't for the inexhaustible nature of generating true qi, his gong would have been exhausted long ago.

Brother Rock can’t help at all. The elf girl barely releases a thin layer of light green barrier to help Duan resist, but the situation is getting worse and worse for them. After all, Shengxie is still a little dragon, and his dragon’s breath is still very good. It was limited, it had already consumed a lot of its energy before, and by this moment, it no longer dared to spit out the dragon's breath, and could only rely on its tyrannical body, claws scratching its tail, and constantly rushing forward. Dui suddenly found that the body of the bone dragon seemed to be slowly changing, and a large number of soldiers around died, their souls were constantly being absorbed by the bone dragon, and its originally flashing green eyes had gradually turned purple, huge. His body made bursts of light noises, and instead of gradually weakening his attack power, it increased.

Sheng Xie has become crazy. His gray scales have been completely stained red by the blood of human soldiers, turning into a blood-red dragon. He has been killing continuously, and thousands of soldiers have died in its hands. However, as more and more people gathered around, the power of the holy evil was gradually weakening. The magician in the distance continued to release magic, fireballs and ice cones constantly impacting its body, as if The rain of arrows like migratory locusts continued to fall. Although they could not harm the two dragons, they made it more difficult for Duan to deal with.

Sheng Xie stopped his body suddenly, and his golden eyes looked at Ah-Dai. Suddenly, its wings were fully spread behind it, and the body stood upright. The clear dragon roars sounded for nine days. Ah-Dai clearly saw that Sheng Xie moved from his forehead to his back. The seven golden horns began to emit a strong golden light, Sheng Xie muttered something, that strange voice could not be understood by anyone, but it gave people a feeling of fright. The bone dragon carrying A'Dai and the others suddenly backed away a few steps, and the huge skeleton trembled slightly. The dark purple eyes seemed to show fearful eyes.

Those soldiers who tried to attack Shengxie were all shaken off three meters away from him. The sound of Shengxie's dragon roars is still endless, and the light from the golden horn has completely covered its body. It seems, The holy evil seemed to have become golden. It suddenly bent down, and the dragon's tail was slightly upturned. The seven golden horns behind it pointed to the sky. The light of the golden horns became more and more bright. Suddenly, each golden horn shot out. A golden light illuminates the night sky. At a place about 30 meters above the ground, seven golden lights will gather together. The huge energy makes the bone dragon unconsciously retreat ten meters away again, and Sheng Xie's dull roar The sound kept ringing, and the hard scales on its back were unable to resist the huge energy exploding continuously, exposing the flesh and blood inside, and huge golden energy continued to gush out from the holy evil body, flooding the sky.

The magical attacks flying around were constantly absorbed by the golden light in the air, and the magicians looked at this strange scene dumbfounded and at a loss.

The besieging soldiers did not dare to step forward, and they all froze in place. Dumb looked at the blood flowing behind the holy evil, with a great pain in his heart, and shouted through his spiritual power, "Xiaoxie, what are you doing?"

For the first time, Sheng Xie ignored Ah Dui's call. The curled up body gradually straightened up. The golden horn was no longer emitting a golden light. A golden ball of light with a diameter of three meters was condensed in the sky. Sheng Xie used it as an adult. The Dragon King’s ability, Dragon Spell—Golden Swallow. This is a special attack with a wide range of lethality. It is a special skill that can only be used by the Dragon King. In order to be able to use this special attack of the Dragon King, the holy evil is almost exhausted. His full potential then let him sleep for more than two years. However, what it didn't know was that it was the appearance of the dragon curse that made the bone dragon, which had absorbed the soul and become so powerful, completely sincerely submit to it.

The holy evil slowly raised one of his front paws, and the golden dragon's eyes scanned the short human soldiers around, with a trace of disdain from the bottom of his eyes. It screamed, as if saying something, in the dragon's eyes. Suddenly the golden light was released, and the golden energy ball in the sky broke out in an instant. The huge sacred energy completely illuminates the entire night sky, and the golden light shines on the earth like the sun. Except for the 50-meter radius centered on the holy evil, hundreds of square kilometers are completely covered by golden light, dark The soldiers in the city almost screamed and disappeared. The surrounding houses and buildings continued to melt under the shining of golden energy. The dumb people were completely stunned and watched as their surroundings became a piece of land. The golden ocean, the surging energy is so strong, Dumb asked himself, if his skill is at its peak, using life changes to transform the protective layer and desperately protecting the body, it is possible to maintain a glimmer of life in this golden light. This forbidden curse-like attack is so gorgeous, even the ice lingering on the edge of life and death has already looked at it.

The Dark City is one of the three major cities of the Sunset Empire, covering an area of more than 16,000 square kilometers. The 23rd of March in the sacred calendar, 1995, is a day that everyone in Dark City will never forget. In the middle of the night, when most of the civilians were still asleep, the northwestern part of the dark city suddenly lit up. It seemed that God was caring for his people with his holy light. The dot as the center quickly extended, illuminating the whole city completely. But that is not a miracle, nor is it a holy light, it is a light that brings death and destruction. Within a minute, the northwestern part of the Dark City occupies about one percent of the city's area. All the buildings and lives disappeared under the golden light, and turned into nothingness under the light. Everything is so simple, but so real, more than 60% of the defenders of the Dark City completely disappeared in this devastating attack.

The golden light lasted for a minute, and gradually disappeared, and the surrounding area became barren, as if there were no such buildings. The night sky returned to silence, and only the panting of everyone could be heard clearly. The body softened, and the holy evil was paralyzed to the ground, and the holy evil voice sounded from the bottom of Ah Dui's heart, "Brother...Brother..., take...I...return to the blood of God...Dragon...Let... I... want to sleep... sleep... in a short... time..., I'm afraid... I can't help... you... you... everything... be careful..."

Ah Dunian's curse of moving the blood of the dragon, painfully retracted the holy evil into the blood of the dragon. Shengxie’s efforts were not in vain. There were no soldiers and magicians chasing everyone around. Only a few thousand meters away were the remaining soldiers looming. Dumb looked at the ice in his arms and patted the bone dragon’s neck. Shouted: "Go, let's rush out of the dark city."

The bone dragon seemed to be frightened by the attack previously released by Sheng Xie, and it took a long time to reflect it. With a howl, he moved the huge dragon feet and rushed in the direction guided by the dumb. A large part of the surviving soldiers were stunned. Seeing the fierce appearance of the bone dragon, they immediately scattered and fled. Dumb and the others were not hindered by any more. Under the rapid advance of the bone dragon, they rushed to the west gate in a while. The tall and wide city gates were closed, and the soldiers guarding the city saw them rushing over to release arrows, and a rain of arrows was thrown out, trying to stop dumb and the others from advancing.

Dui ordered the bone dragon to stop outside the range of the bow and arrow, and his eyes flashed coldly, carefully laying the ice flat on the bone dragon's broad back, calling out the black iron bow from the blood of the dragon, and taking a deep breath. Calling for the little energy remaining in the body, a halo-circulating yellow long arrow appeared on the bowstring. Dumb shouted, struggling to pull the black iron bow into a full moon, "Destroy everything, stop me." The bowstring uttered. With a hum, the yellow phantom flashed away.

The bone dragon felt a sense of fear again, and this attack from the boss's boss on his back was not something he could resist!

Although Duan's arrow technique is not accurate, the gate is too big, it is very difficult not to shoot. The arrow of birth and change hit half of the city gate on the left like lightning. In a loud noise, the city gate exploded a large hole with a diameter of three meters, and the entire tower was trembling. A Duan yelled, "Chong." The bone dragon ran out without hesitation, bringing a piece of dust behind him. Dumb's shocking shock stunned the soldiers on the tower, coupled with the horrible golden light before, made them stunned, forgetting to attack. When they tried to stop them, the bone dragon carried the crowd and rushed to the gate. The hole of the gate was still a little smaller for it. The dark purple light in the bone dragon's eyes was constantly flashing, and suddenly it opened its mouth. A faint purple light sprayed out, and even followed the big hole that Duan had blasted, melting the rest of the city gate completely. This is the flame of skill erosion created by the bone dragon after absorbing thousands of souls and improving its ability. Seeing the result of his own creation, the bone dragon roared in excitement, and rushed out without looking back. The speed suddenly doubled, and the sparse arrow rain behind it could not penetrate the defenses of the dumb people.

The bone dragon ran continuously, and because it had absorbed a lot of soul and anger, it didn't feel tired at all, and it kept rushing into a woods dozens of miles away before Ah Dui let it stop. Using the blood of the dragon to take back the bone dragon, Dumb carefully placed the unconscious ice on the ground. The meridians in his body are painful, and there are less than 20% of his skill left.

The rock sighed and said: "Now I understand that human power is so small. If it weren't for your two-headed dragon, I'm afraid we would have been buried in the dark city."

Tears flowed down Ah Du’s cheeks, and murmured: "It would be fine if Yueyue was here, Bing, you must not die!" His skill at this time was not enough to save Bing, Bing's body. It gradually became cold, and the vitality disappeared.

The elven girl walked to the side of Dui, took a look at Dui, and said softly: "Let me try it. Okay?"

Dumbfounded and said, "Can you save her? Quick, quick, please, save her."

The elven girl nodded and said: "You don't need to beg me, you are a friend of Her Majesty, and saved me from the hands of those evil people. You are my benefactor! Even if there is no relationship between us, I will I won’t die, but I’m afraid I’m not strong enough, so I can only try. You should rest for a while. Your physical exertion is too great, so you won’t be able to support it. Rest assured, adjust your breath. Before you wake up, at least I will not make her situation worse than it is now. The chasing soldiers are coming soon, and they can only be dealt with with more strength." In fact, the Dark City has been completely panicked now, with a large number of citizens and troops. Death has caused chaos in the whole city, so how can there be time to chase Dumb and the others?

Listening to the soft words and drizzle of the elf girl, Ah Dui's body gradually relaxed, nodded gently, fell to the ground, and began to adjust his breath. The Rock Brothers walked to the side of Ah-Dai, guarding them one by one, holding their own weapons, and staring at the direction of the Dark City with a firm look on their faces. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

The elf girl said: "You guys have a rest, too, you were all injured just now."

Rock shook his head and said, "No, we have to ensure the safety of Brother Dumb. You can heal this girl. When Dumb wakes up, we will adjust our breath." The regret in Rock's heart cannot be described in words. of. Among the three, he always thought he was the most agile, but at the critical moment, he was actually caught by Holden, and he almost plunged the three into a situation where it was impossible to recover, if it weren’t for Dumb and the two dragons he summoned. , And ice delivered the antidote to Condensation Frost in time, and the three of them couldn't have any chance to escape.

The elf girl nodded, knelt down beside the ice, carefully unwrapped her body, and the shocking wound exposed the bones inside. The elf girl stretched out her index finger and murmured a few spells. A light green light appeared on her fingertips. The index finger stretched out and carefully pointed towards the ice wound. The green light flashed and sank into the wound. The elf girl Muttering the spell with her eyes closed, she was surprised to find that the shoulder bone and collarbone in the ice wound had been completely smashed under the inquiry of natural magic. It was impossible to repair it. After sighing, the elf girl slowly sang: "Great God of Nature, please lend me the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to moisturize the creatures in front of you." The green light envelops the elf girl's body, and she slowly Putting his hand on top of the ice, the light flickered, slowly entering the ice's body, moisturizing her body.

Chapter 67: Death is born

Dui’s consumption is too great. The silver golden body in his dantian has become dim, carefully stimulating the energy in the body, continuously running, stimulating his own potential, and repairing the damaged meridians. Restored skill. I don't know how long it took, and Ah'Dai's skill finally recovered 50%, and most of his injuries healed. He was worried about the condition of the ice, slowly regaining his strength, and awake from meditation. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that the elf girl was shining with a faint green light all over her body, healed the ice. She just recovered not much mana, and she was very hard to support. There was sweat on her forehead. Dumb's heart was tight, and she hurriedly joined in. To the front of Bing.

Bing's wound has healed a lot, but his face is still pale, his brows are slightly wrinkled, as if he is experiencing endless pain.

The elf girl took a deep breath and dissipated the magic in her hand. She shook her body and almost fell. She stabilized her body only with the support of Duan. Ah Dai hurriedly asked, "Girl, how is she?"

The elf girl shook her head sadly, and whispered: "I have tried my best. In these three hours, I have used almost all of my mana, but it is still irretrievable. Not only was she severely injured by the catwoman, but also inside her There is a violent toxin in itself. The toxin has already invaded her bone marrow. It seems that she has been relying on some drugs to maintain her life. Now she has lost too much blood and the toxin has been attacked. It was only maintained by your zhenqi before. Now, I am afraid it is. Her Majesty came in person, and it is impossible to save her life."

Dui's whole body was shaken, and she stared at Bing's poignant and beautiful face, and tears kept flowing down, "Why? Why is God so unfair, I, I don't want her to die, there must be a way, there must be a way "A Dui took Bing's hand and hugged her in his arms, desperately inputting the innocence that he had finally condensed, and the white light enveloped Bing's delicate body, making her look like that. Holiness. Bing's face turned ruddy gradually, coughed out a mouthful of blood, and slowly woke up.

The elf girl sighed faintly, she knew clearly that Bing's life was exhausted, and this was just the last reflection. Standing up, she didn't want to disturb them in this last time, and the Rock Brothers winked, and took the two big hands and walked out three meters away.

Dui didn't know what was happening behind his back. He saw Bing's face become ruddy, he was overjoyed, and he continued to infuse Shengshengzhen Qi into Bing's body.

Bing finally opened her eyes, and the pale pupils showed no trace of expression. The first thing she saw was the anxious face of Duan, with a faint smile on her face, "I, are we out of the dark city? "Her voice was low and hoarse. Although the elf girl could not heal her, she still helped her to stabilize her lung injury, so that she didn't have to talk so much.

Duan nodded and said softly: "Don't talk, we are outside the city now, don't worry, I will definitely cure you. You won't have to stay in that dark place anymore."

Bing smiled slightly and said, "Silly boy, am I still not sure about my own situation? I am 23 years old this year. Although I am about to die, only today is the happiest in my life."

Dumbfounded, "I, I am not a child, I am only five years younger than you! You will not die."

Bing's eyes showed a confused look, and he murmured: "You are so stupid! But you are so stupid and cute. Did you know? You are the only person I have ever liked in my life. I am going. Would you like to listen to me? I want you to know my past and everything about me, so that even if I die, I can look down."

A strong sense of fear arose in Ah Dui's heart and shouted: "No, no, you will definitely not die, you must not, I will definitely save you, you have to hold on!" Tears poured out uncontrollably. Next, he suddenly felt that this girl who only spent one day with her but saved his life twice was so important to him.

Bing reluctantly raised his hand, stroked Ah Du’s face, and smiled and said, "People are always going to die. Sometimes life is more painful than death. Death is just relief for me. The only thing I can’t give up is that You. Do you think I'm so cheap? We only knew each other for a day, but I said this to you." She pressed Duan's mouth to prevent Duan from arguing, "Stop talking, okay? Listen to me. , My time is running out, but I still have a lot and a lot to say. This is the last wish of my life. Let me fulfill me, okay?"

Dumb's tears continued to flow down Bing's palm, he nodded gently, and tightly grasped Bing's cold little hand.

Bing sighed softly, looking at the silent night sky, with a confused look in his eyes, "Although I have only been together for one day, your figure has been deeply imprinted on my heart. I don't know why this happened. I I was born in a small village not far from the Dark City. Now that small village is gone, and the people of the Dark City have taken over their original land. Before I have any memory, I His mother was already dead, and his father’s temper became very irritable because of his mother’s death. One year after my mother passed away, he found me a stepmother. The stepmother was always cold to me, especially after having a younger brother. I am just a superfluous person at home. Whether it is a father or a stepmother, they will beat and scold me when they are angry. It seems that I was born to beat and scold them. At that time, I developed my cold personality. Eight years ago, when I was fifteen years old, a large group of people suddenly came to the village. They wanted to drive us out of our homes and forcibly occupy our land. Of course, the people in the village did not do anything, so they quarreled with them. But those people simply Unreasonable, they began to slaughter our villagers madly. I remember one of those butchers said that strength is justice. If you are unwilling to give up the land, go to hell. Yes, except for me, the whole village is big and small More than 200 lives, young, old and young, all disappeared within two hours. Father died, stepmother died, and younger brother died, but I found that I didn’t feel any sadness at all. I’m waiting, waiting. Those executioners killed me too. I was only fifteen years old, but I felt that death should be faster than life. However, they did not do that. At that time, I first met Viscount Horton, who was me. Later master." At this point, Bing's breathing was a bit short, and with the help of Ah Dumb's zhenqi, he gradually stabilized.

Dumb choked and said, "Bing, you, don't say anything, let's rest for a while."

Bing shook his head gently and said: "No, I want to say, let me go on. Later I learned that the group of people was brought by Viscount Horton. He didn't kill me because of my beauty. He took me back to the Dark City. How could I resist when I was weak. In the Dark City, he asked someone to dress me up, clean up my whole body, and give me delicious food. At that time, I thought I met a Good man, God sent him to save me from my father and stepmother. But, where do I have such a good destiny, the beast of Horton, shortly afterwards, when my body just got healthy, it was only ten. I am five years old. My body was already defiled by him at that time. I hate him, I hate him so much, I can’t wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood, but I am too weak to fight him. He can only fight silently. He told me that I will be his slave from now on and I can only call him his master. Maybe it is my cold personality that he appreciates, and he hired many people to teach me various things, including martial arts. , All kinds of talents and... how to seduce men. Remember what I told you? I said I was an unclean woman. For pleasure, to earn money, and to win over other forces, not only did he often possess mine The body also gave me to other dignitaries for their yin pleasure. I hate, I hate all people, I have thought about suicide, but I am reluctant to die, because I have to take revenge, I have to kill Horton For this faith, I have been waiting and waiting for the opportunity to avenge Holden. However, I found that I was poisoned by Holden. Not only me, but all of Holden’s cronies were shot by him. The poison is extremely toxic, and Horton will send us a certain antidote every month to suppress the onset of toxicity. If anyone goes against his will, he will die. Although terrible, how can it compare to his viciousness? In order to find opportunities, I deliberately pleased him and finally became his confidant. In this way, I stayed by Horton for eight years. Horton is a cautious person He never showed any flaws. There was always a master guarding him. Even when he was on the bed, he remained very vigilant. For eight years, I couldn't find a chance to assassinate him."

Dumb bit his lip. He was no longer crying silently. The sound of sobbing and crying kept coming from his mouth. He finally understood why Bing's eyes kept showing sorrow and vicissitudes of life. She was just a second. The thirteen-year-old girl had already experienced so much pain, it was pain that she could not even imagine.

Bing wiped away the tears from Ah Dui's face, and his resentful voice softened, "I heard your friend call you Dui, is this your name?"

Duan nodded, but couldn't say anything in choking.

Bing smiled and said: "It's such a silly name, but it looks very similar to yours. Don't cry, dumb, listen to me carefully, you are the only person in my life to talk. Ah! Yesterday, I received a notice from Jin Bo that he asked me to approach you and seduce you, saying that it was Holden’s order. When I first saw you at the entrance of the Fortune Hall, I didn’t realize what you have. In surprising places, I have seen a lot of magicians, but I have never seen you so young. My heart is already dead, so I approached you as Jin Bo said. Your embarrassed appearance made me see at a glance Come out, you are just a young girl who just debuted. I tried my best to seduce you, but I didn’t expect your will to be so firm, I’m not ugly, but you can stand up to my temptation. I really thought you were a man without that kind of ability."

Listening to Bing's relaxed tone, Duan's sadness was slightly restrained, his face turned red, and he said, "I, I..."

The rosy face gradually dimmed, but the smile remained undiminished, and he said intermittently: "You...what...ah! Later...come on, you...go gamble...roulette, fruit ...It's like what Huo...don turned out to be...a magic...master with martial control the wheel...pan The ball,...successfully...successfully, I...can't bear it...I want to deep is your...skills...that's , And you... but... weren't...wounded sneak attack...wounded, cough...cough, that time...I knew...bai, you actually...have...powerful reality ...Power. Originally... I wanted to kill me with... because you would be furious...but, you...but you don't have..., from your...that clear...eye... In my eyes... I only saw... a trace of... anger, your kind... kind heart is that I have never... seen... in the dark city... I can’t help but... It's... a little good feeling..., I can't bear to get here..., so...I usual...cold. Later...come in the holy...hall, I help... ...To the village...the family once lost...the same...nothing to blame...I, Jin... Bo me..., let...I use...seduce you..., make the midst of..., I also...want to see you... ...Can't be tempted as soon as...into the room...I started...before undressing...serving, said... I want to me...get out of here...and your...kindness is know...what...what is...when is it true... …I’m in love with… you… you…? Just when… you turn… turn around and see… to my… naked… body, with… nosebleeds… when… you ...The way it's silly...oh,, fell...fleeing...worried...looks...mine The heart...for the first time...really...happy...get up..."

Thinking of his embarrassed look when facing Chi Luo's ice in the room, Duan couldn't help but shake his whole body. Bing loves herself, Bing is the first girl to tell herself that she loves herself, feeling Bing's body gradually Stiff, Ah Dumb burst into tears, and tremblingly said: "Don't, don't tell me, I, I..."

Bing's big eyes closed slightly, her long eyelashes were almost on her eyelids, and she said dreamily, "After...come on, the meeting...,... Lean... …Your…that period of…time,…I really…feel…very happy…the temperature of your body…the constant…warming my…heart, I…I Much...think...rely...for a while...ah! But...yes, the cat...female...appeared and And...later,... …You leave…auction…after…, I found…that Huo…Dun took…people to chase…you…have, your heart…Central Africa…usually... …Heart, thinking of…with the means of…pre-Horton…, I know…,…you must…have…condensed frost…fortunately… He took away... a lot of... manpower, night... in the club... the guards... weren't tight..., because... my relationship with... his... is still... close... cut, ...And there is no...nobody's attention...I move...toward, finally...successfully...the antidote...stole...come out. were...sneak attack... I caught up with.... a moment..., my whole cold...sweat...through, I'm so...fear...ah! Such as... If I... come a little later..., I will watch... openly... and watch you die... go. Then... so... I will... more than now... pain……."

Dumb knew clearly how his life was returned. Bing's two lives were saved before he was still alive now. He tightly grasped Bing's little hand, while infused with genuine energy, his eyes showed gratitude. look. "Bing, thank you, you must hold on, you can't die, I, I will use my life to repay you."

Bing’s eyes were darker. She coughed a few times, and blood flowed from the corners of her mouth. She looked at Ah-Dai softly, her voice weakened, "I’m so... happy... to hear... you... what to say... ! But you...not...let you...grate...grateful to me. Stupid...boy..., I know...that worthy...not for you... extravagant...hope, long as, enough......I, I .......You take care of...behind...the emperor of the setting sun...the country is should...the place where you should come to...,... leave... early. I'm... so cold, hug... me, okay...?... I love... you, now... I'm more... love you..., my... soul..., I... will definitely ...In the sky...bless you...of, can...get the...real...fortune...fortune, Ah...dumb, Ah... …Stay…, how much I hope… I hope I can… survive… go, even if… every day… see you… it’s okay…" Bing touched Adai’s hand and slipped down, weak Falling down beside her, she quietly closed her eyes, leaning against Dumb's arms with a contented smile on her face, a drop of crystal tears flowed down her pale face, and the ice was satisfied, nothing Going without regret, she seems to have no regrets anymore.

Ah Dalai hugged Bing's delicate body, which had lost any vitality. He was completely sluggish, and just sat quietly, motionless. The sadness in his heart has reached its culmination. His heart is bleeding and his brain is blank. He does not want to believe that the ice that was still alive yesterday afternoon has now become a corpse.

The Rock Brothers and the Elf Girl stood behind Dumb. They knew that nothing could get rid of the sadness in Dumb's heart. They could only accompany him silently, feeling his silent sadness.

For a long time, Ah Dai carefully placed Bing's delicate body on the ground slowly, and said softly, "Bing, you are not an unclean person. In my heart, your heart is so pure. You can go with peace of mind, you I will definitely help you realize your wish. I will always take you by my side and let you look at me, okay? I think you will be very happy. Come, let me take care of all the filth for you first Clear it out and return your clean body. The fire element that fills the heavens and the earth! Please give me your warm power, condensed into a ball, and now in my hand." The dark blue fireball appeared in the hand of Dumb, "Ice, I To keep your perfection forever, go, my flame." He held the ice body off the ground lightly with one hand, and released the fireball with the other hand. In an instant, the ice floating in the air was already Surrounded by a deep blue flame, under the high temperature, it slowly turned to ashes. Dui used his anger to put a gas mask around the ice corpse so that the ashes would not fly away. Under the engulfing of the flames, Bing’s body disappeared, leaving only a piece of white ashes in the gas mask. Duan folded his hands, stimulating the true energy in the body, and continuously fusing the ashes together, and the ashes were growing and becoming huge. Under the pressure, they gradually condensed together, and the volume gradually became smaller. In the end, it finally became a small ball with the size of a fist. Dui closed his eyes, and his right hand kept slashing towards the ashes, flashes of yellow light, the ashes The group gradually changed shape. With a solid memory of ice, Dui portrays the ashes like ice. Dui, who has never had experience in carving, exhausted all his inner feelings in the depiction. The white head is so lifelike. , Dui opened his eyes, stretched out his hand to make a move towards the head, and the white head fell in his hands. Dui stared at the smiling head, looking at Bing's eyes, she couldn't help but feel a little silly.

The skirt of the rock had already been wet with his tears. He walked behind A-Dai and put on A-Dai's shoulder, "Dai, let's be sorry. Girl A Bing is dead."

A Dumb shook his head silently, and said, "No, she is not dead. She will always live in my heart. I will take her across the mainland so that she can always see the beautiful scenery on the mainland." Cherish and cherish Bing's head in his arms. Turning around, there was no expression on his face, and he rushed to the rock and said: "Brother, let's meditate, let's get back to the body before talking. Elf sister, thank you for helping me keep the life of ice." After speaking, he sat on the ground. Practice.

The Rocky trio looked at each other. If Ah-Dai burst into tears, they wouldn’t be surprised, but Ah-Dai was so calm, giving them a feeling that the mountains and rain were about to come to the building. It seems that something terrible is about to happen. The three of them were also exhausted and could no longer take care of the others, so they sat down on the ground and started practicing.

A day later, Ah-Dai was the first to wake up. The injury in his body was completely healed, his power was exhausted, and his whole body was full of surging vitality. At dusk at the end of the sky, the afterglow of the setting sun shone the earth red. Dumb stood there with a calm face, took out Bing's head from his arms, and murmured, "Bing, let me fulfill your eight-year wish for you. If it weren't for my cowardice, Catwoman would not have it. The opportunity hurts you, I swear in front of you, from today on, I will never let go of any wicked person, I will send them all to hell, so that their souls will never be exalted. I will become those The nightmare of the evil people became the **** of death who took away their evil souls." Bing's death completely changed Ah Dumb. Although his kindness still exists, the murderous intent in his heart has been raised to the extreme. A cold murderous aura exuded from his body, and his slender hand had already touched the Pluto sword on his chest subconsciously.

Sen Leng's murderous aura awakened the rock from the meditation, and the rock opened his eyes, and his whole body was shocked when he saw Duan. Although the red magic robe on Ah-Dai's body was already dilapidated, he stood there, and the aura of Aoyuan Mountain shook himself deeply, especially his cold expression, which made people feel chilly. The rock suddenly felt that the dumb in front of him was no longer the kind and weak dumb. Standing up, the rock walked over to Dumb, "Brother, what's wrong with you?"

Dumb said indifferently: "Brother, is your injury healed?"

Rock said: "It's okay, but the skill has not been fully recovered."

Duan narrowed his eyes and looked at the fading sunset, "Brother, I have something to do, don't stop me, okay?"

The rock froze and said, "What are you going to do?"

A cold smile appeared on Ah Du's face, "I want to go back to the Dark City to help Bing fulfill her wish."

Rock's heart shrank, and he said in a deep voice, "You want to return to the Dark City again? Do you know what you will face like this?"

Dumb nodded lightly and raised his head made of ice ashes in front of him, "Of course I know what to face? I have already swore in front of Bing, from now on, I will never do it again. For cowardly things, as long as they are evil people, I will definitely charge their lives and souls. Brother Rock, don’t stop me, you can’t stop me now, wait here for my return. Believe me, I am now No one can stop it."

Feeling the cold murderous aura on A'Dai, the rock sighed slightly. He clearly understood the feelings in A'Dai now. When Yun'er died, wasn't he crazier than him? If I could find the murderer right then, I'm afraid that a **** stopped him, and he would rush over without hesitation. He raised his head. He looked at Ah Dui's somewhat sluggish face and sighed, "Go, brother. Men sometimes, There are some things that must be done, but you still have many tasks to complete. Promise me that you must come back alive for us, for your teacher whom you haven't seen for a long time, and for Yueyue."

Dui's whole body was shaken, he had already embraced the mortal heart, and the words of the rock reawakened him to survive, yes! I still have friends, Teacher Gorris, and Yueyue, who doesn’t know if I can see each other again. I can’t die. I have to eradicate the evil forces in the world. I nodded solemnly, "Brother, don’t worry, I I will definitely come back alive."

Rock nodded and said: "Then you go now, we will wait here for your return, don't let us wait too long."

Dui gently stroked Bing's head, and whispered: "Bing, let's go. You have to watch carefully and see how I fulfilled your wish for you." The voice fell, and Dui's feet touched the ground, and his whole body rushed up. , Galloping towards the direction of the dark city.

Seeing Ah'Dai's back, UU Reading Rock murmured, "Brother, you must come back alive!" He also wanted to go with Ah'Dai, but he knew clearly that his skill was still worth it. If he doesn't recover, even if he recovers, if he follows along, it will only drag Ah-Dai. Ah-Dai is protected by the dragon, and he will definitely be able to come back. The abilities that Sheng Xie previously demonstrated made him still have lingering fears. But how did he know that Sheng Xie had entered a complete deep sleep because of over-stimulating his own potential. Moreover, in order to avenge the ice personally, Dumb didn't intend to use the dragon's power at all.

Dumb rushed towards the Dark City in a dash. From a distance, he had already seen the walls of the Dark City, and the sky was already dark. The silent night sky is dotted with stars. The destroyed city gate has not been repaired, only a dozen guards are guarding it carefully. Ah Dui had already taken off the broken robe of the magician, revealing the full body armor of the giant spirit snake inside. He carefully walked around to a dark part of the city wall, and wrapped his hands with solid vigorous energy with the transformation technique. Lightly vertical, he jumped up to a height of seven meters, his hands were like cutting tofu, and he silently inserted into the city wall. He cautiously looked around, using his hands, his body lifted again, and he rose another seven meters. . Using the same method, a few ups and downs, Duan has floated on the top of the city. Since it was already night, there were not many defenders on the city. He took advantage of the gap that the defenders patrolled the way before, carefully passed through the city wall and fell onto the tower. His figure flashed, and he had already hid in the shadow of the tower. A line of patrolling soldiers hurried past with torches, and their faces showed serious expressions.

Chapter 68: Bloodbath

Dumb was concentrating on his luck, aware of the surrounding aura, and when he felt that there was no threat anymore, he floated to the inner city, using his quick body skills, successfully entered the dark city. The darkness in the dark city was deadly silent, passing through a row of houses, and you could clearly see the empty space. After calming down, Dui found out that the damage caused by the holy evil yesterday was so great, hundreds of square kilometers. The land has sunk slightly, and there are no broken walls left. Taking a deep breath, Dumb drove his body skills to the limit, turning into a wisp of smoke in the middle of the night, and flew towards the direction of Anhao Nightclub. Anhao Nightclub will be his first goal.

Anhao Nightclub is still as calm as before. It seems that the huge destruction in the city hasn't affected them in any way. The other girl is still standing at the door. It may be because of the lack of customers. The two are chatting with each other. . "Sister, what's the matter with the huge golden light yesterday? I asked Manager Jin Bo yesterday. He scolded me a few words, but said nothing."

"You, don’t ask, that’s not what we should know. Knowing too much, but it’s no good! Haven’t you heard? Everything that happened yesterday has been completely blocked by the people in the City Lord’s Mansion, no one knows. What's the matter, I just heard that a large number of troops were mobilized last night, and many people died in that barren area. Now everyone says that it is because the gods were angry because of the blood of our dark city. I'll be blamed. Most casinos are very deserted today, and we only have a few dozen people here."

"Ah! No, don't get angry! The gods must not get angry! What if they blow up to us next time! The gods killed so many people with this anger, didn't they become death gods?"

"Shhh, don't talk nonsense, you dare to make arrangements for the gods. However, this time it is estimated that our boss will be busy. I heard that the boss is the big power in the city. This time the loss in the city may cost ten million gold coins. It’s time to calculate. Okay. Stop discussing this. Today is so deserted, I guess we can get off work early."

Hearing this, there was a sneer at the corner of Ah Du's mouth, and he thought to himself, God? If the gods were wise, they would have completely destroyed the entire dark city long ago. Since he is unwilling to do it, let me replace him. Yes, from now on, I am the nightmare of all evil forces and the **** of death in your mouth. The figure flashed over, and Dumb suddenly appeared in front of the two girls. The two young girls suddenly realized that there was another person in front of them who was covered with scales. They were shocked and turned pale. Just as they were about to scream, they found that they could no longer make a sound, because their throats were all over. With a big hand made of steel, Dumb snorted coldly and said, "Tell me where Jinbo is, don't even think about it, if you do, I will end your lives now." As he said, he slowly released the left one. hand.

The girl kept breathing a few times, stroking her throat, her eyes filled with horror, "Don't, don't kill us, Chief Jin is in it, we don't know exactly how many floors he is!"

A Duan glanced at them coldly, stunned, and immediately fainted the two young girls, and with a flick, they sent them out of a corner ten meters away.

Stepping into the door of Anhao Nightclub again, the look on Ah Du's face became even colder. This dark place is where Bing has been tortured for eight years! He walked inward step by step, and what he saw was the empty hall. Only a few maids shuttled back and forth. They all saw the arrival of Ah-Dai, and they couldn't help being shocked. A slightly bolder maid trembled: "Sir, are you here to play?"

There was no expression on Ah Du's face, he shook his head, and said faintly: "No, I'm not here to play, I'm here to kill, tell me Jinbo is there."

The girl froze for a while, screamed, and turned around with the other maids and ran away. Dumb ignored them and walked straight to the Fuhua Hall on the first floor. There were only a dozen or so guests in the lobby, and the arrival of Duan immediately attracted everyone's attention. "Tell me, where is Jinbo?" Dumb's voice was not loud, but it was clear to everyone in the hall.

A person in charge stepped forward and said coldly: "Who are you? What are you looking for in our manager?"

Duan looked at the steward. From the breath on his body, he could clearly feel that he had a strong skill, "Don't do anything, just want his life."

The steward was shocked, and turned furious, "So you came to find something. Come to our dark man to find something. I think you are tired of living." The bodyguards and staff of the casinos around immediately surrounded them. It seemed that everyone All of them have some skills, and Dumb sighed: "You are all driven by evil. Your soul is already dirty and you don't deserve to live anymore." He slowly raised his hands, and the yellow light gradually became clear, two yellow short swords. Appeared in the hands of Dumb.

The manager didn't know where to pull out a dagger, gleaming with a faint green light, and rushed towards Dumb like lightning. A Duan snorted disdainfully, his body floated slightly, twisted strangely, and the energy swords in his hand staggered out without any fancy. Using his amazing speed, he flashed past the dozen people in front of him. , He quietly fell behind this group of people. This was a trick he accidentally flashed according to the first style of the Hades sword, but the power was much weaker than when he held the Hades sword. To the surprised gamblers and the maid whose face was pale: "Gambling is a harmful thing. Don't gamble anymore. Remember my name. My name is Death." After speaking, the figure flashed and disappeared. not see. After the dumb figure disappeared, blood spurted from the eyebrows of the forehead, with white brains, slowly fell to the ground, turning into gray eyes, all showing There was a look of horror and unwillingness, and there was no trace of anger on their bodies.

Dumb didn't stay any longer, drifting towards the wealthy hall on the second floor. At the entrance of the wealthy hall, eight young girls were still standing. It might be because it was getting late, and the faces of these girls showed a tired look.

Dumb looked at their attire and couldn't help but remember the scene when he saw Bing for the first time, standing stupefied at the top of the stairs, a little silly.

The girls also discovered his existence and looked at Ah'Dai's strange dress. Although they were a little surprised, their quality was obviously better than those of the maids on the first floor. A maid walked over to Ah'Dai, smiling coquettishly, and said, "Uncle, Do you want to play something? How interesting is your dress? What kind of fabric is this? Is it a new style? How can it look like scales."

Dumb said indifferently: "Tell me, where is Manager Jin Bo? I have something to do with him."

The girl frowned and said, "Sir, we can't disclose the whereabouts of the manager at will. Can you tell me, what do you want to do with the manager?"

A smile hung on the corner of Ah Du's mouth, "You will know, it doesn't matter if you don't say it, I will find it myself." As he said, he strode towards the Fortune Hall. The cold aura on Dui's body made the eight girls dare not stop him and let him push the door open. Dumb looked at the deserted wealthy hall, and asked the attendants and bodyguards who were guarding the posts: "Whoever tells me Jinbo's whereabouts can survive."

The bodyguards looked at each other and screamed in unison, rushing towards dumb.

The result of the Wealth Hall is similar to the Fuhua Hall on the first floor. All the men died under the life changes of Dui. When Dui left the Wealth Hall, the eight girls at the door had already disappeared, and they were obviously killed by him just now. The scene was stunned. The same thing happened in the third floor of the Saint-Noble Hall. There was no guest in the Saint-Noble Hall. The bodyguards and dealers were obviously more skilled than the two floors below. Dumb took some work and relied on the ever-changing changes to complete them. Get rid of. When he killed the last person, he suddenly felt a sense of blood-chewing pleasure, and the depression in his chest seemed to disappear.

With a cold smile, he shook off the blood on his hand, turned and walked out of the hall of Saints. He stood quietly at the door. Dumb believed that he had killed so many people. He didn't believe that Jin Bo would not appear. He just needs to wait now.

The main reason why Ah Du was able to "clean" the three gambling halls of Anhao Nightclub so smoothly was that all the masters here were taken away by Horton. Horton did not die because he returned to the City Lord's Mansion to transfer troops. Under the dragon curse of the holy evil, the situation in the dark city is so tense now that he needs the protection of a master to be at ease.

Dui stood on the spot, gently stroking the Pluto sword tied to his chest, there was a dense footstep, and a cold light appeared in the corner of Dui's eyes. He knew that the people he was waiting for were coming. Sure enough, the sound of footsteps gradually approached, and Jin Bo's familiar figure finally appeared in the line of sight of Ah-Dai. Behind him, more than twenty heavily armed bodyguards followed. When Jin Bo heard the maid report back, saying that someone was making trouble, he was furious. He was upset in his heart. What happened yesterday caused the number of guests in Anhao Nightclub to be greatly reduced, and there was almost no income. When someone was making trouble, he immediately rushed with his subordinates aggressively. When he saw the scene of the Fuhua Hall on the first floor, he couldn't help being shocked, because he clearly knew that his subordinates could kill all his subordinates so quickly, and they were all fatal in one blow. There was only one explanation. This person who came to make trouble must have profound skills. When he arrived at the wealthy hall on the second floor and found the same situation, he couldn't help but get a little scalp, but after all, he was Holden's confidant. At this time, he must not back down and brazenly walked up to the third floor. , Stepping up the stairs, he saw Dui standing at the entrance of the Saint Noble Hall at a glance. Because Dui's attire was completely changed, he didn't even recognize him. However, judging from the cold murderousness of Dumb, he knew that this person was here to play. After gritting his teeth, Jin Bo led his subordinates and walked towards Ah-Dai, "This brother, I don't know what kind of hatred our Anhao Nightclub has with you, but you have killed so many of us by this poisonous hand."

Dui said lightly: "Jinbo, don't you remember me? I am the magician dui you want to kill, no, now I should be called death dui. Our hatred is as deep as the sea, and your evil souls need to be purified. Those who died before are just your role models."

Jin Bo's heart trembled. Others didn't know what the golden light was last night, but he probably knew. He clearly understood that the huge energy that destroyed hundreds of square kilometers was emitted by the dumb gang. Now that he has come to take revenge, he has found himself. Thinking of this, Jin Bo's body couldn't help shaking slightly, and his voice stiffened: "Dumb, Dumb VIP, not me, what happened, I, I don't know!"

Duan narrowed his eyes, and the cold light in his eyes swept across everyone in front of him like a sharp blade, "I don't know? You are a confidant of Holden, you don't know. Tell me, where is Holden now? Where is Catwoman? "The aggressiveness that he exudes made Jin Bo and his bodyguards full of panic. Jinbo trembled: "I, I can't say, I'm going to die miserably."

Dumb smiled slightly, "If you don't tell me, I will let you die miserably now. Haven't you seen the situation in the lower two levels?"

Thinking of the blood holes in the eyebrows of his men, Jin Bo couldn't help but shake his body. He knew that the unfathomable **** of death in front of him, dumb, would definitely go to Holden in trouble. Anyway, he can't escape. It's important to save his life first, that chronic poison. Look for the antidote slowly. Thinking of this, he looked at his men and resolutely said: "Okay, I tell you, but you can't kill me."

A Duan looked at him coldly and said, "Say." Binghan's voice pierced into Jin Bo's heart like lightning, and the last line of defense in his heart was completely disintegrated, his body softened and he almost fell over, muttering: " The master, the master, and Miss Catwoman should all be in the city lord’s mansion. You can go there to find them. The city lord’s mansion is in the north of the city and is guarded by many masters."

Dumb asked: "Tell me why Horton can mobilize the city's army so quickly as a Viscount."

Since Jin Bo has already said, he will not hide anything, and said without hesitation: "In fact, although the master is nominally the nephew of the city lord, the lord has no children and is old and sick. The power of the dark city is almost entirely The master holds it in his hand. Moreover, the master is also related to a powerful nobleman at the top of the empire, so he can call the wind and rain in this way.

Duan nodded, he knew everything he wanted to know. Faintly asked: "Jin Bo, can you tell me how many people you and your subordinates have killed?"

Jin Bo's whole body shook. He heard the meaning of Dumb's words and trembled: "I, I, that was the master who forced me to do that! Not what we wanted, Dumb, you just promised not to kill me. ."

Ah Dui stretched out his index finger and shook it lightly, saying: "I don't seem to have promised you anything. I don't feel sorry to help you die. I don't have much time, so let you die under the sword of Hades. It's for you. The muddy soul will do a final wash. Remember, this is your glory." As he said, he touched the Pluto sword on his chest.

Jin Bo and his bodyguards can be said to be the most powerful in the Anhao Nightclub. He still refused to let him go when he heard that Duan suddenly dared to say, pointing to Duan and said: "Give me up, only kill. We can have a way for him to survive." Those bodyguards were used to Jin Bo's instructions, but he hesitated for a while and rushed to Dumb. Suddenly, they felt an icy chill spread all over their bodies instantly, and they shivered involuntarily, and their movements suddenly slowed down.

Ah Dai wrapped the evil power of the Pluto sword with a vigorous anger, and looked at them quietly. Under his control, the evil power permeated the hall on the third floor and did not flow out. Seeing the approaching bodyguards and the slowly retreating Jin Bo, endless killing intent surged in Dumb's heart, Bing, look at it, I am about to avenge you. "Pluto flashed the sky--earth--moved--." The faint blue light floated from hell, and threw the bodyguards with a dumb figure. The sudden breath of death made the bodyguards. We and Jin Bo all stood rigidly in place, the surging evil aroused the most primitive fear in their hearts, and they couldn't have any idea of resistance. None of the bodyguards rushing up could stop the hellish evil. The sword body of the Pluto sword less than a foot deep into Jin Bo's eyebrows, no blood flowed out, the dark blue sword body seemed to be screaming happily, Jin Bo's eyes instantly turned grayish white, and his whole body gradually dried up. He turned into a corpse in an instant, and killed countless people in the dark nightclub. He finally died under the evil Pluto sword. The Pluto sword not only absorbed his soul, but also absorbed the present. The souls of all the bodyguards stood frozen in place, and there was no more vitality in their bodies. Ah Dai slowly drew the Pluto sword from Jin Bo's eyebrows. With the surging vitality protection, he no longer feared this monstrous evil power. For the first time, I saw the body of the Hades sword clearly. The body of the sword was like a stream of autumn water. The dark blue light continued to circulate, and the weird lines were carved on the body of the sword. There seemed to be thousands of them. The soul was crying, and the sword of Hades slowly returned to its sheath. Dumb's heart was unexplainable. Jin Bo's death eased his depressed heart a lot. For the first time, I felt that killing was such a beautiful thing.

Dumb didn't stay any longer, he clearly knew the result of the Pluto sword, and walked slowly to the lower level step by step. Jin Bo is dead. He feels that he is enough here. His ultimate goal is Holden, Catwoman, not the maids who were coerced. Bing's tragic experience made him full of pity for the maids. "Listen, everyone, Anhao Nightclub is finished, leave here immediately, otherwise you will die without a place to bury your body." The cold voice spread to every corner of Anhao Nightclub, screaming and crying. Gradually, the voice stopped. Dui spread his mental power into this nightclub with the help of vindictive spirit. He didn’t find a trace of anger anymore. The black figure floated out, and he walked out to Outside the door of Anhao Nightclub, looking at this magnificent and extremely dark building, he smiled dumbly. Yes, he smiled, and finally eliminated the dark corner. He felt exceptionally satisfied.

"The fire element flooding between heaven and earth! Please give me the power to burn, in my name, with your power, appear, hot flames." With two chuckles, two dark blue flames suddenly appeared in dumb. In the palm of your hand. He slowly closed his hands to the center, and chanted loudly: "Rise, flame ball." Under the action of amazing mental power, small fireballs about five centimeters in diameter continued to condense on the blue flames, floating on In the air, the brilliance flashed in Ah Du’s eyes. Large blue fireballs rushed toward the huge building in front of the sky. The deep blue flames carried extremely high temperature. The magnificent dark nightclub was burning, and the huge building was in the fireball. Under the raging technique, he was gradually swallowed by blue flames. Seeing his achievements, Ah Dui squinted his eyes with satisfaction, took out Bing’s head from his arms, turned the head of the head to the flames, and muttered: "Bing, have you seen it? The darkness that has caused you to suffer for so many years Hao nightclub has been swallowed by flames. Is the flame very beautiful? It will completely clean up this dirty place, and it will not harm people in the future." After a sigh, the dumb continued: "Ice, let's go. I'm going to find the person who will kill you all your life." Putting Bing's head back in his arms cautiously, Ah-Dai's figure flashed and floated towards the north of the city.

In a dark room in the mansion of the Dark City Lord, Holden stepped back and forth, and Catwoman Mimi sat aside with a gloomy expression. After a day's rest, Mimi's injuries have basically healed, but their hearts are sinking to the bottom. The foolproof plan was eventually destroyed, and it caused such a huge loss in the Dark City. Nearly 20,000 soldiers died under the surging golden energy. Although Horton blocked the news, he knew clearly that this It's not a way, the upper layers of the sunset empire will know this sooner or later. Now, what he feared most was the revenge of the magician. When he thought of the young magician who summoned the dragon, his heart felt cold. It was not something he could cope with in an instant to smooth out hundreds of square kilometers of power.

Mimi said impatiently, "Don't go back and forth."

Horton stopped and looked at Mimi, "Miss, you have come to think of a way for me! In this situation, how do you ask me to explain to the Lord Duke. Moreover, those people will probably come back to retaliate in the future. I'm the most loyal friend of your teaching. I provide a large part of the funds for your teaching. Would you like to just watch me die like this?"

Catwoman groaned for a while, and said bitterly: "It's all the bad thing about the **** named Bing under yours. If she didn't show up, the magician would have died long ago. I don't know how to help you now. With you and The Duke’s relationship, he should cover you, but the magician must be solved first. He not only threatens you, but also threatens us. His strength is really terrifying, even if there is no dragon to help him, I may not be his opponent either."

Horton sighed and said: "I didn't expect to be so annoying, that kid could summon two dragons even though he was seriously injured and poisoned. Although there are many masters in the mansion, but They don’t know what is emitting the golden light, but they can’t resist it.” All the people who saw the sacred evil using the dragon curse were dead, they just guessed that the golden light was caused by Ah-Dai and others, but they didn’t know. The specific situation at that time.

Catwoman remembered the golden light last night, she couldn't help being afraid for a while. When Jin Guang first appeared, she felt bad, and she ran desperately, and finally escaped from the attack range when the golden light broke out, but just after she was caught The shining golden light caused an extremely powerful shock to her heart. The energy that ruined the world made her still have lingering fears. She sighed, and said: "It's really not possible, you just give up here for now, follow me in Islam , After we find a way to eliminate the magician, you are coming back to reorganize the forces in the Dark City."

Catwoman’s suggestion really moved Horton, but how could he give up his own industry here? His foundation is here. If he leaves, he doesn’t know what it will become when he comes back. My uncle is about to die soon, and those powerful and powerful in the court have long been bribed by himself. As long as the uncle dies, he can naturally accept the title of the uncle earl and the position of the dark city lord. These are all I can't give up!

Just as Holden was hesitating, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside, and a panicked voice sounded: "Viscount, Lord Viscount, it's not OK."

Horton frowned, opened the door to the room, and saw one of his subordinates panting in panic, and said angrily: "What is it? What happened?"

The subordinate gasped and said, "Da, sir, Anhao nightclub is on fire. The fire seems to be very big, and it can be clearly seen from our side. You, you go and take a look."

Horton was shocked. The dark nightclub can be said to be the most important source of his income. It took him nearly ten years of hard work to reach its current scale and become the largest casino in Dark City. In a hurry, he turned to look at the catwoman who followed. Catwoman's eyes flickered, and she said coldly: "Fire won't rise for no reason, go, let's go and see first. Get all your masters. , Be careful about everything."

Seeing Catwoman's calm expression, Horton's heart relaxed a little, and he ordered the subordinates: "Go, call all the people over and let them gather in the courtyard. Remember, don't disturb the lord of the city. The guards are all soldiers. Leave it to me, I don't want those useless guys to see anything, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Viscount." The subordinate agreed and turned and ran to pass the order.

Horton turned around and took off a long sword inlaid with gems from the wall of the room. This sword was he spent a lot of money. It was made by a master alchemist. The sword was three feet two inches long and didn't need to be moved. , It has a sacred atmosphere. It is said that a white priest has blessed a permanent sacred magic. It has the ability to drive out all evil forces. When he got this sword, he felt funny. It's really ironic to use this sword. Holding the sword in his hand, the sacred breath penetrated in, instantly making Horton's mind calm a lot.

Catwoman looked at the long sword in Holden's with a look of disgust on her face, frowned and said, "How do you use this sword."

Horton smiled bitterly: "I can only feel at ease if I hold it. I hope it wasn't the magician who found it back."

A cold light flashed through Catwoman's eyes. As one of the twelve heavenly kings in the organization, she encountered this kind of character that made her feel unable to fight for the first time, and the anger in her heart had already burned. Hately said: "What if he comes, sooner or later I will let him die under my cat's claws. Let's go, your subordinates should be assembled."

Horton nodded, and the two of them walked out of the room together, and soon came to the courtyard of the city lord’s mansion. There were forty or fifty people gathered in the courtyard, and each of them was full of a solemn aura. Horton was hired by various methods, including two great magicians who had left the magicians' guild. If it weren't for the deaths of the dozen or so magicians who dealt with Dumb and others, his strength would be even stronger. Looking at his subordinates with extraordinary skills, Horton's heart couldn't help but settle down a lot. Looking at the direction of the light up of Anhao Nightclub in the distance, Horton said in hatred: "Everyone should have seen it, my Anhao Nightclub is on fire. , I'm afraid this is caused by man-made, I don't know who is so bold to move my place, but no matter who it is, I will not let it go. Now, it is time to show your strength, follow me. "Speaking, together with Catwoman, walk to the gate of the mansion first.

Chapter 69: Pluto 3

A cold voice suddenly sounded, "I think, you don't need to go, because I have already come." A figure slowly walked out of the dark corner of the gate, and the figure gradually became clear under the dim moonlight. It was a whole body. The person wrapped in black scales has long black hair scattered behind him, his face is not handsome without a trace of expression, and cold murderous intent is constantly uploaded from this person. The most surprising thing is that his chest is inserted in the skin. The dagger that is less than a foot long, the black gem on the hilt of the dagger, which is shining with magical light, seems to continue to attract the souls of everyone present, and a faint evil spirit continues to spread around the hilt. . Horton took a breath, and the person he was most afraid of seeing now appeared.

Duan looked at the group of masters in front of him. There was no sadness or joy in his heart, and he fell completely into silence. There was only one thought in his mind-kill. Only by killing all the people here can his heart be calm. Holden is there. Catwoman is here, Bing! Please bless me with your spirit in the sky and let me kill these evil people for you.

The long sword in Horton's hand gleamed with a faint white light, covering his body. Although the faint evil spirit could not penetrate, he still felt that his whole body was cold. Although there is only one opponent, this is the first time in his life that he feels that the opponent is so strong, so strong that he can't seem to fight it at all.

Dui's right hand held the hilt of the Pluto sword, and his calm brain told him clearly that there were too many masters, and it was impossible to fight with his own power.

Catwoman touched Holden, and she was surprised to see Dumb, but her heart was more resentful. When she remembered that she had been begging for mercy to the young man in front of her for survival, her heart was filled with anger, and a green light flashed. , Her body has been completely catified. The sharp claws gleamed with dark green light, and the pupils became vertical thin lines. She clearly knows that only by killing the person in front of her can her heart be restored to peace. She raised her hand and asked coldly: "You burned the Anhao nightclub, right?"

Duan nodded gently, looking at the green light on Catwoman. He squinted his eyes, his whole body was murderous, and the faint white light surrounded his body. The eighth realm of Shengsheng Zhenqi was already lost by him. Urging to the limit, "Yes, it is estimated that Anhao Nightclub is almost reduced to ashes now, Viscount Horton, your subordinates are also dead. Their evil souls are beckoning to you, I think you should go with them. It's time."

Horton violently drew out the long sword in his hand and shouted angrily: "You actually ruined my years of hard work."

Dumb said coldly: "For your hard work, yours, how many people have you killed, do you know how many people you killed? Ice is dead, she died because of me, her only wish is to kill you . You ruined her life, and today is the time to redeem her life, although your life is so humble compared to her holy life."

The long sword in Horton's hand shines brightly under the urging of his not weak vindictive spirit. The white sacred aura greatly increases his confidence. The tip of the sword points to Dumb, and said: "Give me up, kill him, I will reward one hundred thousand. Gold coins." Those of his men are usually pampered in the mansion. Although they also know what happened yesterday, they don't know that it was caused by dumb. Seeing that the young and weird young man in front of them dared to provoke the City Lord's Mansion, they were already on the verge of an explosion. Upon hearing Horton's order, four figures suddenly rushed towards Ah-Dai like lightning. With one sword, one sword, and two spears, they attacked Ah Dao with surging anger. The two great magicians had also recited their most familiar attack spells. The rest of the people were also shining with vindictive light of various colors, and the huge pressure locked Ah Dui firmly in the center.

Ah Dui’s squinted eyes widened, and the huge pressure aroused his inner resentment. Thinking of Bing’s death, his whole body power suddenly exploded, and the vitality of life continued to be transported to the sword of Hades, and the evil aura suddenly flourished. Under the attack of the evil atmosphere, the four masters in the air suddenly slowed down, and the surrounding masters also withdrew part of the pressure on Dumb in order to protect themselves under the invasion of evil. Taking advantage of this moment, Ah-Dai moved, "Pluto flashed the sky-the earth-moved -." The blue light flashed, the monstrous evil air filled the entire courtyard, and Ah-Dai's body became empty. Shadow flashed past the four people in front of him, the light dimmed, and everyone was stunned. At the moment when the Pluto sword was unsheathed, the masters present at the same time felt the cold all over their bodies. They tried their best to urge the vindictive energy to resist the attack of the evil air, and they withdrew a few steps at the same time. Their faces were pale and scary, and the meridians in the body seemed to be tangled. It seems that there is a dizziness in the brain. If it weren't for their own good skills, but this layer of evil aura just now would have taken their souls.

Bang, bang, bang, bang four lightly, four people fell to the ground, no, it should be four dry corpses fell to the ground, each of them left a wound on their eyebrows, their souls and flesh and blood are already Completely absorbed by the Pluto Sword, the most pitiful were the two great magician-level magicians. They had no time to initiate their own spells. Their weak body was completely corroded by the evil gas of the Pluto Sword, and they stood still. , Lost his soul.

Catwoman and Horton lost their voices at the same time: "The world is evil-the sword of Hades."

A Dumb snorted coldly: "Do you only know now?" The reason why he didn't attack continuously was because, even though his four-strike flash killed four masters just now, in order to break through their defense, he had to fight The evil aura of the Pluto sword is urged. The huge evil power not only absorbs the enemy’s soul, but also devours his own body. The huge evil aura makes him have to stop and use his own vital energy to invade The evil spirits in the body are all driven out of the body. He was surprised to find that the evil spirit he had driven out of his body had been absorbed by the blood of the dragon, the white light was shining, and dumb quickly returned to normal.

Horton's body couldn't help but swayed slightly. Fear instantly filled his whole body. Although he was protected by the sacred sword in his hand just now, the evil aura almost broke through the sacred aura of his body protection, and the icy feeling filled him. The whole body. Catwoman is even worse than him. Although her skill is superb, the evil aura is still difficult for her to bear, but her mind turns fast. When she feels the evil aura, she quickly dodges behind Holden. Then he was not invaded by those evil spirits, but he was also in a cold sweat. Pluto's name is really too big. He is the number one killer in the world. He has never missed the continent for thirty years. After his sudden disappearance six years ago, his evil Pluto sword disappeared. There was already a feeling of irresistibility in their hearts, and the Pluto sword that had been missing for six years appeared in front of them. They clearly knew that what they offended was not only a magician who could summon dragons, but also a killer with the sword of the world's most evil underworld king.

"You, why do you have the sword of the Hades?" Horton asked with a trembling voice.

A Duan smiled coldly and said: "Are you afraid? It's too late now. Why is the Pluto sword in my hand? You don't deserve to know. Tell you, I am the **** of death who has put an end to all evil lives. Pluto will flash ghosts again—God— -Shocked." For the first time, Ah Dui used the second move of the Hades Sword, his body flashed out, and a faint blue light rushed forward, surrounded by dozens of masters in front of him. When the Pluto Sword appeared, they were all struggling to support the monstrous evil power. There was no chance, and it was impossible to avoid the dreamlike death figure of Duan.

The figure of Ah Dui took away ten more lives like a blue ghost. Under the raging power of the most evil, the masters were completely panicked. Seven or eight of the most powerful masters burst out suddenly. The skill that urged the whole body barely resisted the impact of evil, brandishing weapons and rushing towards Ah-Dai who had just used it up. They were terrified. They knew that if Ah-Dai’s Hades sword was out of its sheath again, they couldn’t. To resist, it is better to make a desperate blow. Only by killing Dumb can you save your life. At the same time as they started, Catwoman pulled Horton and rushed over like lightning, as smart as her, she naturally found that Duan would have to take a breath for a sword. Only by taking this opportunity can he kill him.

Dumb himself knew his weakness, but if he didn't use the Pluto sword, he couldn't resist these masters. Before coming here, he had vowed that he would use his own strength to help Bing revenge, and he didn't dare Summoning the bone dragon hastily, the holy evil has fallen asleep, without the deterrence of the holy evil, he does not know whether the bone dragon from the devil world will suddenly betray. Flashing again after he was used up, the stronger evil aura continued to invade his body, the silver golden body in his body was shining brightly, and he kept resisting. In the face of everyone's attack, Duan had no time to remove the evil aura in his body. Forced out, and gritted his teeth, he had to urge the evil sword on his chest again, and shouted: "Pluto transforms the blade-stand-decisive -." The blue light turned into a huge in the sky. The sharp blade, the broad blade body floated out, suddenly cut off with an extremely fierce aura and a much stronger evil than before. The dumb at the source of the blue light blade stood proudly in the air like a demon god. The seven or eight masters who attacked first all disappeared under this cut. Catwoman mimi knew it was bad when Dumb screamed. In order to save her life, she slammed Horton, who was flying and attacking with her at the same time, and then recoiled, quickly retreated, and Horton was here. Pushed down, speeding up to fly into the blue light that dominates the world with dumb. He didn't have time to curse Catwoman, and tried his best to wield the sacred sword in his hand. The huge white light helped him block most of the evil spirits, but how could it stand against the evil Hades sword? With a puff, the sacred sword was cut off by the end of the blue light, and the sacred aura suddenly broke out and could not stop the faint light of the sword of the Hades. Horton felt his body chill, his strength and his soul were crazy. He rushed to his chest, his will blurred. Before he died, he saw a pair of blood-red eyes. Those were the eyes of Dumb and the eyes of death.

Dumb fell to the ground, breathing continuously, Catwoman had disappeared, and the huge evil spirit brought about by Ming Slash was uncontrollably raging throughout the mansion of the city lord, the rest of the masters, the soldiers guarding the mansion They, as well as the city lord and his servants who were seriously ill by the overhead forces, have already lost their souls because they could not resist the invasion of evil. The blood of the Hades washed the entire mansion and took away hundreds of them. life. Dumb gasped constantly. Although the Pluto sword had been re-sheathed, the evil energy that swallowed the body was constantly devouring his body, and his will had gradually blurred. The silver gold body in the dantian was wrapped in a faint layer. Grey gas, why? Why is this happening? Didn’t Shizu say that with my current ability, I should be able to use the four-stroke Pluto sword technique? But why did I just use three tricks, so I can't help it? No, you can't be controlled by evil spirits. "No--" Dumb's heart was full of fear. He deeply knew what would happen if his body was controlled by the Pluto sword. The guardian ring on his left hand lit up. , A surging sacred breath flowed into his body along the arm, quickly moisturizing the meridians in his body, dispelling the evil air around the silver golden body, and protecting the source of his energy. Suddenly, Dui found that the second golden body on his chest trembled slightly, and the evil energy surrounding it was suddenly thrown away by it. A strand of true energy flowed down like a thread, connecting the silver golden body, Dui Suddenly he felt an explosive energy in his body. With a puff, he couldn't help but expand his arms, and a thick layer of gray gas had been forced out of his body, and the blood of the dragon on his chest lit up and absorbed the gray gas. Go in. Duan fell to the ground, breathing non-stop. He clearly felt that in order to fight the huge evil spirit, the silver golden body in the dantian had lost more than half of its energy, and the communication energy of the second golden body was also there. The evil spirit disappeared at the same time, and the silky vindictive spirit seemed to have never appeared before. Despite this, Ah-Dai was very excited. At least he had already killed Bing’s most hated enemy, but it was a pity that Catwoman ran away. After a long while, Ah-Dai let out a long breath, stood up slowly, and touched it. The Pluto sword in the chest, its monstrous evil power is really a double-edged sword, although it is powerful, it is also extremely dangerous. Looking at the dead and walking corpses around, there was no sad expression in A'Dai's heart. He felt that his chest was very comfortable. When he walked to Horton's corpse, A'Dai took out the head of ice and asked her to face the corpse, "Ice, you Did you see it? I have killed Holden for you, the beast who has killed you all his life, he can no longer harm the world. Don't worry, I will never let the catwoman who hit you hard. I will meet you next time. Time is her death date." Dui stroked the head lightly. He felt as if ice was smiling, and the depression in his heart disappeared. Dui stretched out his right hand, and the yellow energy thread was under his control. The walls were constantly painted, and two large characters with a diameter of one meter were clearly left on it-the **** of death.

Looking at his masterpiece, Ah-Dai smiled coldly, all the evil forces, wait for you, waiting for the presence of death, I want you to be buried under my evil Hades sword, be careful Retracting Bing's head, Ah-Dai unfolded his figure, and floated out from the top of the wall, the mansion of the city lord, which had no trace of life.

What happened in the City Lord’s Mansion was not discovered until the next day. When the mummy was found, everyone was shocked. The two big characters on the wall deeply shocked everyone's soul. People know from the surviving maid in Anhao nightclub that this **** of death is the one who wiped out the nightclub and the entire gate of the city lord’s mansion. People think of the golden light the previous night, and they naturally associate it together. It was quickly spreading all over the streets and alleys, and the name of the **** of death was deeply imprinted in the hearts of every Dark City people. People began to panic. Those who were engaged in dark professions converged and tremblingly did not dare to do evil again. They are afraid that the next target of death will be themselves. In their hearts, it was no longer a human being, but it was indeed a divine residence sent from the sky. In the end, the Holy See intervened in the matter and gradually suppressed the matter with the huge influence of the church, but the name of the **** of death was No one will forget. On the contrary, those who were oppressed by the dark forces secretly cheered. Without the oppression of the people of the Dark City City Lord's Mansion, their lives became normal, and they even prayed and looked forward to the coming of Death again.


In the woods, the rock brothers and the elf girl waited anxiously. Dui had been there for a long time, and a ray of light gradually appeared in the distant sky. The dark sky gradually turned dark blue. The dawn had arrived, but Dui still did not return. Yanli wanted to go to the Dark City to find Dui several times, but was stopped by the rock. He clearly understood that he had to wait and wait for Dui's return.

A ghost-like figure appeared in the direction of the rising light, and the black shadow was extremely fast, and it threw in the direction of the woods like lightning. The Rock Brothers nervously drew out their weapons. Everything they experienced in the dark city has made them startled. The spirit girl of the elf girl has not fully recovered, but she still recites an attacking elf spell, and a few drilled on the ground. The tree vine climbed in front of the three of them, and as long as the dark shadow was not good for them, the elf girl would control the tree vine and launch an attack.

The figure quickly approached, and finally, under the light of the dawn, the rock could see clearly. The figure that approached was the dumb who went to the Dark City. His whole body was wrapped in the full body armor made of giant spirit snake snake skin. As he approached, although his face was a little pale, his spirit seemed very excited. "Dumb——" The Rock Brothers yelled unanimously.

Dui leaped high and flew in front of Brother Rock. The two brothers couldn't help but hugged Dui's shoulders tightly. The night of anticipation and anxiety finally returned to their brothers. Their hearts were completely excited, and Dui was back. , Came back alive, not even a bit of blood on his body, no matter whether he succeeded or not, but at least he was still alive.

Duan put his arms around the rock brother's generous shoulders, and the strong brotherhood warmed his cold heart, "Two big brothers, rest assured, I'm fine."

After a while, the excitement of Rock Brothers gradually calmed down, and the rocks looked up and down Duan, "Brother, you are coming back, we are all worried to death, how about it? What's the situation in the Dark City now?" A dull face showed a hint of coldness. "What else is going on, Anhao Nightclub is gone. The evil people in the City Lord’s Mansion are all killed by me. Holden is dead, and I also counted as Bing’s half revenge, but it’s a pity that Catwoman ran away."

The Rock Brothers and the Elf Girl were completely stunned. They knew clearly that what Dumb was dealing with was equivalent to the forces of the entire Dark City! He even destroyed the largest casino in the Dark City with his own power and killed Horton. How incredible it is! Yan Li murmured: "Brother, how did you do it?"

Dumb pointed to the Pluto sword on his chest and said faintly: "It helped me do it. Those evil souls have been absorbed by the Pluto sword that is more evil than them."

A trace of anxiety flashed in the rock's heart, frowning, and said: "Brother, didn't you say that you don't need the Pluto sword?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, I changed my mind. Although the sword of Hades is the most evil in the world, it also has its own effect. From now on, I will never be soft on those evil people, I will let One by one, they all drink their hatred under my Pluto sword."

The rock suddenly grabbed Ah-Dai’s shoulder and said loudly: "A-Dai, I know that Miss Ah Bing’s death is very stimulating to you, but I don’t want you to become like this. Do you really want to become a murderous demon? Come back, Big Brother still likes the innocent and kind-hearted dumb before, not the blood-devouring dumb now."

Dumb did not move and let the rock catch him, but his expression gradually became excited, a layer of water mist appeared under his eyes, and said excitedly: "No, I don't want to go back to the old dumb, I don't want it. If not. I am weak, and the ice will not die. I blame it. I killed the ice. I regret it, I really regret it. If I killed Catwoman with a single sword, even if the poison in the ice body is violent, I will I must be able to figure out a way to save her. I want to kill, I want to kill, I want to kill all the wicked people in the world." He suddenly shook his arms and shook the rocky hand away, his whole body surging with murderous aura. Constantly convulsing. The eyes were bloodshot, and they looked very scary.

The rock was sore by Ah's arms. He knew that now he couldn't listen to what he said, so he sighed and said, "Okay, let's talk about it later. You sit down and rest. Anyway, let's This time there is a big trouble in the Dark City. From now on, it will be difficult to move in the Sunset Empire. There is still a huge force behind that Catwoman. We must be careful."

Duan's excitement gradually calmed down, and he whispered: "Sorry, Brother Rock, I'm so excited."

Yanli patted Ah-Dai on the shoulder and said, "No matter what you become, we are all your brothers. The eldest brother is also for your good. He doesn't want you to be blinded by hatred."

Ah Dui nodded gently, and the whole night of fighting made him exhausted. He slowly sat down on the ground, leaning against the big tree behind him.

Seeing that Dui calmed down, the rock continued: "If you want to find the whereabouts of other elves, our identities must not be easily revealed. Dui, you should not wear magician robes in the future. Let's change to ordinary civilian clothes. Cover your identity and try to find some remote paths forward."

The elf girl walked up to the three of them, and said cowardly: "Thank you three for helping me, I, I don't know how to call you yet."

Yanli laughed and said, "My name is Yanli. This is my big brother Rock. This magician who summons the dragon is our brother Dumb. You can call us by name from now on. The purpose of our coming to Sunset Empire is to rescue All of your people, we are entrusted by the Elf Queen." At the moment, the process of how the three of us accepted the Elf Queen’s entrustment in the Elf City was said.

After listening to Yanli’s narration, the elf girl’s eyes were filled with gratitude, and tears of excitement flowed down. Suddenly, she fell to her knees with a thump, choked up and said: "Thank you, thank you for helping us the elf clan. I am afraid I have become a plaything of those human beings now."

Yanli hurriedly helped the elf girl up, and the rock walked up to her, and said softly: "Sister elf, don't cry, now you are completely free. When we rescue all of your captured clansmen, I’ll send you back to the city of the elves. Okay? Now, you want to tell us how many people from your clansmen were arrested, and probably where they will be."

The elf girl suddenly burst into laughter, her bright smile was as moving as a blooming flower, and said, "Who is your sister elf? She is 141 years old this year."

Only then did Rock remember the age ratio of the elves, and couldn't help being speechless. Yanli laughed and said, "Then we should call you Elf Sister."

The elven girl smiled slightly and said, "Actually, proportionally speaking, I am equivalent to your human beings about twenty years old."

Dumb sitting on the ground said indifferently: "Sister Elf, do you know where your other clansmen were arrested?"

The elf girl darkened, shook her head, and said, "I don’t know. My name is Zhuo Yun. When I was in the elf forest, a sister and I were arrested by a group of people in black. They gave us one. It kept our minds in a turbid state. After I was sober, I found that with me, a total of sixteen elves were captured by them. Among them was our little princess. Those in black were very cold and never told us a word. Then, we were always imprisoned in several carriages. I don’t know how long it took. They took us out of the car and locked us in a dungeon. We were completely restrained, and we didn’t even have the power to commit suicide. Later, My people were taken away one by one. Another sister and a brother and I were taken to the Anhao nightclub. Not long ago, they were taken away by the people in the nightclub, and I was the only one left. Where are they I don’t know at all, you, you must save my people! Being caught by those terrifying humans, their experience must be miserable." Zhuo Yun’s big eyes turned red, and the transparent wings behind him lightly It slapped, with a sad look on his face.

The rock groaned: "According to you, our judgment is correct. The elves must have been trafficked to various places in the Sunset Empire. It seems that we can only look for them everywhere."

Dumb suddenly thought of a question. He took out the green elven bracelet from the dragon's blood and said, "Sister Zhuo Yun, if you have been by our side, how can the elven bracelet feel the breath of your other people?"

Zhuo Yun said: "This is simple. As long as the fairy bracelet absorbs a drop of my blood, it won't feel my breath anymore. You can use it to inquire about other tribesmen." Then, she walked to the side of Ah-Dai. Gently bit a small wound on his index finger, and dripped a drop of his own blood on the bracelet of the spirit. Sure enough, as she said, the light of the fairy bracelet gradually dimmed, and gradually returned to a dark green without any luster.

Rock said: "Let's take a rest here, and when Dumb's body is adjusted, we will find a place to change her attire, and then go to the next city to find the whereabouts of the elves."

Duan nodded, stopped talking, closed his eyes and started to meditate. He cultivated for a full day and night before adjusting his body to its peak Dui found that the silver golden body in his dantian seemed to have absorbed some of the second golden body passed down to him by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint In the energy, the skill has increased slightly.

Two days later, they found a remote village and bought a few ordinary civilian costumes from the locals. In order to cover Zhuo Yun’s elf characteristics, they also bought a hat for her and covered her transparent wings with a cloak. From the outside, no one can tell her identity. In this way, a group of four people continued on their way to save the elves.

At this time, the name of the **** of death had spread in the sunset empire.

Killing hand will.

"What? Reaper? Where did the Reaper come from?" The Lord asked in shock.

The vice president of the Killing Hand Association said respectfully: "According to the news from the Thieves’ Guild. A major event has occurred in the Dark City. Not only has the largest casino there been destroyed, but even the City Lord’s Mansion has been bloodbathed. No one can escape. Come out. On the night before, a golden light appeared in the dark city, and one percent of the entire city completely disappeared. The scene was very strange."

The Lord fell into contemplation for a long time before saying: "Do you know how the people in the City Lord's Mansion died?"

Chapter 70: Chief judge

The vice president shook his head and said: "It's not clear yet. What happened in Dark City shook the entire sunset empire. The emperor personally ordered the dispatch of his trusted ministers to deal with matters over there, and all news was blocked. The thieves’ union only got the news. The specifics are all unclear. I think we have to wait for the news."

The Lord said: "It's been so long, have you found the descendants of Pluto?"

The vice chairman said embarrassingly: "Our own people, as well as the people from the Thieves Guild are all looking for it, but the kid seems to disappear into the air, and there is no news at all."

A gleam of cold light flashed in the eyes of the Lord, and he said coldly: "A bunch of trash, that kid is not important, what is important is the Pluto sword on his body. You should know how much the Pluto sword can bring us. You should be very clear, and immediately add manpower. , To see people alive, and a corpse to die, find him as soon as possible."

The vice chairman wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with one arm, and repeatedly agreed. He knows the horror of the Lord the most. After losing an arm, his power has been greatly reduced, and he has lost a lot of usefulness. If he can no longer find the disciple of the Pluto, it is very likely that the Lord will find a reason to treat himself Kicked down from the current position, even killed himself, in order to save his life, this time I have to find the trace of the kid.

Does the Thieves Guild really not know the specific news about Dark City? Of course not. As the most well-informed group on the mainland, how could they be unclear about such a big matter.

Mie Feng squeezed his hand in the return of the people in her room, and her eyes flashed with coldness. When she received this news two days ago, she was murderous. According to the news, a large part of the people who died in the Dark City had become corpses. So she quickly thought of the death of the fourth uncle. Only the sword of the Pluto can cause such a result. After half a year, there is finally news of the murderer of the fourth uncle, and he is in the sunset empire, it is time to avenge himself. She knew clearly that the Assassin Group was also looking for the whereabouts of Dui, so she only reported part of the situation to her father, and concealed the specific details on the grounds that the Sunset Empire blocked the news. Only if no one else knows the news, can one secretly take revenge. He gathered the notes in his hand into a ball, and turned into a pile of crushed powder under the burst of anger.

"Humph! You murderer who killed the fourth uncle, I will never let you live again. Wait, I will definitely kill you to comfort the fourth uncle in the sky."

In the light hall of the Holy See.

Xuan Ye and her father-in-law, Na Yan, another priest in red, looked at the information from the sunset empire. The Holy See is not engaged in production and is completely maintained by donations from believers. And the Royal Sunset Empire donates tens of millions of gold coins every year. The other three countries together can’t reach this amount. The reason why the Holy See has been protecting the Empire of Sunset is because it has a mission left by its ancestors, but it’s because the Empire of Sunset is theirs. The biggest source of income. It’s not that they don’t know that the dark forces of the Sunset Empire are rampant, but, in order for the Holy See to better develop, they have to close one eye and pretend to be ignorant. What's more, the dark forces are very much in the Sunset Empire. Rampant, but judging from the information they received, those forces could not threaten the Holy See at all, so they were allowed to go.

Na Yan murmured: "It is impossible for the dark city to have golden divine light. Even those of us who are closest to the gods have never seen divine light, how could it appear there? Is it really true? The gods appearing, are they warning us?" The other two red-clothed sacrifices were not in the Holy See, so the intelligence naturally came to him and Xuan Ye. Na Yan has always been responsible for the affairs of the sunset empire. When such a major event happened, he was naturally nervous.

Xuan Ye has always had no liking for the sunset empire, frowning: "It shouldn't be a miracle, otherwise, how can we feel it here. Hundreds of square kilometers are razed to the ground, if we join hands and add sacrifices in white clothes Support, the forbidden curse issued can also achieve this effect. Will it be artificial? This Sunset Empire should indeed be punished. A few days ago, through the sacrificial hall of Sunset City, I asked the Emperor Quanyi of Sunset to order it to be captured. When the walking elves were released, they actually did not admit it, saying that they had never seen any elves appear. Huh, these guys are too arrogant now. If it weren’t for the Holy See’s economic needs, I would have supported China. The Sheng Empire completely destroyed this despicable race." He was angry when he talked about it, and Emperor Quanyi of the Sunset Empire didn't seem to see himself in his eyes.

Na Yan is very satisfied with her son-in-law. Xuan Ye is not only the son of the pope, but also everyone admires her for her own strength. She reached the status of a red ritual at a young age and was the most likely candidate to succeed the pope. When she knew that he liked her daughter, Nayan even smiled when she slept, "Well, Ye'er, don't be impulsive, be more stable when you are in trouble. What you said earlier makes sense. However, this matter should not be that simple. . Be cautious."

A cold light flashed under Xuan Ye's eyes, and he said coldly: "Although I don't know how the divine light appeared, but the city lord's mansion was blood-washed, I know who did it." The corpse that turned into a dry corpse can only be done with the sword of Hades. , Dumb, what death do you call yourself, huh! I remember that I told you at the beginning that if you use the Hades Sword to do evil, I will definitely not let you go. Even the Heavenly Sword Master cannot protect you.

Na Yan said in surprise: "Do you know who did it?"

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Father-in-law, I want to go to the Sunset Empire to see. Let me take care of this for you."

Na Yan frowned and said, "Should we report such an important matter to the Pope before making a decision."

Xuan Ye's heart moved, and he awoke from his anger. He remembered Yueyue's words. Yueyue had said that Dumb is the savior. Can he move him? Regardless of whether Dumb is really the savior, his father would never allow himself to touch him before he figured it out. It has been more than half a year, and Yueyue has been in retreat. Although his father did not say how far Yueyue is, from the excitement on his face when he saw his father several times, it can be seen that Yueyue's progress must be fast. All the Pope's mind was put on Yueyue. If I deal with dumb now, my father will be very angry. With a flash of inspiration, Xuanye suddenly remembered that his father had ordered the four holy judges to monitor Dumb. His eyes lighted up and said: "Father-in-law, let me talk about this matter slowly. You use us in the dark city. Let’s calm down the people’s hearts first. I’ll go to the court."

Na Yan said in surprise: "What? You are going to find that guy Xuanyuan, don't you know his temper?"

Xuan Ye smiled bitterly: "Why don't I know that except for his father, he won't give any face to him, but he is my uncle after all, and I am doing things for the Holy See, so I should be fine." The news was passed on to the pope and the presiding judge, and the pope has been supervising Xuan Yue's practice now, and there is no shadow at all, so he has to go to the presiding judge.

Xuan Yuan is the presiding judge of the Holy See Tribunal and the brother of the Pope. Suddenly disappeared when he was three years old, and did not return to the Holy See until he was more than 40 years old. With his superhuman ability, he took over the post of presiding judge. Xuan Ye would rather face the most evil enemy than his uncle. Xuanyuan’s character is extremely withdrawn. Unless something major happens, he rarely leaves the Holy See, and no one dares to approach him. The general affairs of the court are handled by two deputy chief judges, and he is just alone in the secret room. Cultivation, no one except the pope will be seen. In the Holy See, although he was nominally offering sacrifices to Qiping with the red clothes, Xuan Ye was deeply aware that his uncle, who was over 70, had the only martial arts power among those he had seen. Second to the Sword Saint of Tiangang, far surpassing the strength of the four sacrificial priests in red. If it wasn't because this incident involved the dumb who might be the savior, Xuan Ye said that he would not want to see his uncle.

Na Yan smiled and said, "Since you are not afraid to touch the nails, you can go. This matter is left to you. I am also old, and I have to think about it for a few more days. By the way, I haven't seen the moon in more than half a year. Yueyue, is she still practising in retreat now? The Pope is also true, the child of Yueyue just sixteen, let her work so hard, what to do." He has always loved his granddaughter the most. When my daughter was young, in order for her to occupy a place in the Holy See, she was too harsh on Nasha. For this granddaughter, Na Yan poured out almost all of her feelings, and Nasha often jealous of her daughter.

Xuan Ye sighed. Why didn't she miss her daughter? Nasha had mentioned that she wanted to see her daughter a few times, but how did she speak to her father. "Father keeps Yueyue's affairs secret very much, even I don't know the specifics. It seems that we have to wait. Father-in-law, you should go to rest first, and I will go to uncle now." After finishing, Xiang Nayan After the salute, he left the Guangming Hall.

After leaving the Guangming Hall, Xuanye walked alone to the trial house in the northeast. The trial house and several halls of the Holy See were built next to each other. Thousands of judges lived in the trial house.

"Ah! Isn't this Lord Cardinal? What brings you here." A clear voice sounded.

Xuan Ye looked intently and found that it was Babron, known as the Blade God, who was one of the two vice presiding judges. Babron was about the same age as Xuan Ye. He was the son of the presiding judge. He has a lot of fun together, and his relationship is very close. He is about 1.7 meters tall and has an ordinary appearance, but he has an extraordinary skill. He is good at using a bright short blade and has extremely high skill. When he was thirty-seven years old, he relied on With his own strength, he was promoted to the position of deputy presiding judge, and he was the best successor to the next presiding judge.

Xuan Ye walked to her old friend and said with a smile: "Why, old man, don't you welcome me?"

Babrun laughed and looked at his best friend, "How could it be unwelcome. Since you became the cardinal, we have spent much less time together, so we can go for a drink when we have time."

Xuan Ye said: "I'm still afraid that you won't succeed. You have been a lot busy since you became the deputy presiding judge, and you still can't be free when you are so busy."

Baburun said helplessly: "There is no way! There are too many things, and our judge is lazy. Only me and Uncle Feng are more busy."

Xuan Ye smiled and said: "Let's go, take me to my uncle's retreat, I have something to do with his old man."

Babrun frowned slightly and said, "Brother, it was not I who hit you. Although you are the nephew of the presiding judge, he may not meet you. Want to touch a nail?"

Xuan Ye smiled bitterly: "If it's not something very important, you think I'm willing to come to uncle! Am I still not sure about his temper? Let's go, bite the bullet and I have to go!"

Babron laughed and said: "Since you are not afraid, then I will take you there. I want to see you deflated."

Xuan Ye said angrily: "You, it's all the deputy chief judge, or a childish temper." The two walked into the courthouse together and gradually sank into this tall building.

As he walked, Xuanye asked suddenly: "By the way, how are your sister-in-law and my godson? I haven't seen them for a long time."

Babron looked around, and saw that no one noticed him, he smiled bitterly: "You don't know your sister-in-law's temper, but it hurts me! I have been arguing with me these days, and I feel uneasy. of."

Xuan Ye whispered: "I was driven out of bed by my sister-in-law again, right?"

Babrun's old face blushed and said, "What do you mean? I don't know how many times this is. I can't do anything with her. Be careful every day. Does she always pick me up?" He was born to be. A strict wife, he was already well-known in the Holy See when he was young. There are many goddesses who like him, but he saw a girl outside the church when he was performing a mission. The girl looked like a god, and he suddenly It was love at first sight, but people simply ignored him, and didn't even see him as a young master of the Holy See. Later, he learned that this girl turned out to be the daughter of a great nobleman in the Guangming Empire, so he begged her father, and the presiding judge at the time went out to beg for her. With all my efforts, everyone is finally welcome. After marrying back the beloved in his heart, Baburun naturally cherishes him incomparably, but people seem to have no good feelings for him, no matter how he pleases, he won't give him a good face. Twenty years of marriage, Babylon was a beautiful deputy presiding judge outside, but as soon as he returned to his home, he became a slave to his wife. He was afraid that his wife’s illness was almost known to everyone in the Holy See and was drawn as a laughing stock. But Babylon doesn't care. His love for his wife is old and strong. As long as his wife wants, he will do it for his wife. The two have a son. He is 19 years old this year. He has inherited his mother's appearance and his father's martial arts talent, and he is already well-known in the court.

Xuan Ye shook his head helplessly, saying in his heart, it's better to be his wife! "You have been married for so many years, and your sister-in-law's temper has not changed at all?"

Baburon shook his head slumpedly and said, "You know, it was all my wish at the beginning. She had no feelings for me at all. Although it has been so long, I never felt that she liked me. However, the more she did. , The more I want to treat her better, when, if she can really like me, I will die even if I die."

Xuan Ye looked at Babulun’s sadness, and hurriedly changed the subject, and said, "What about my godson? How is his skill now?" The two families are good at home, and Babulun’s son naturally recognized Xuan Ye’s work. Dad, and Xuanyue also recognized Babylon as godfather. Babylon liked Xuanyue so much. He wanted her to marry her son as soon as possible. When Xuanye asked, he hurriedly said: "Is the son I taught still bad? My little thing, almost They were all taught to him, and now it's just a little bit hot. Last year, the presiding judge personally guided him for a month. This is an honor that even I have never received! From now on, this kid's future must be higher than mine. By the way, how about Yueyue? I haven't seen that girl for a long time, and I miss her a lot."

Why didn't Xuanye know what Babulun meant, and smiled: "The girl is now practicing with the Pope, she has been in seclusion for more than half a year?"

Babylon laughed and said: "When did this girl change her sex, but that's okay, you and the Pope are the leaders of our Holy See. It would be a shame if Yueyue can't inherit your divine power. The children have grown up. We are old, and we are also old. How did you think about the things I told you last time? Did you decide the marriage of your child first? My stupid boy is just like me at the beginning, but he is obsessed with your family Yueyue It’s terrible. I told me a long time ago that I won’t marry if I don’t marry every month.”

Xuan Ye smiled bitterly in her heart. How could he tell Babylon about the relationship between his daughter and Dumb? He could only hope that his daughter would forget that silly boy after practicing with her father. "The children are still too young. My family Yueyue is only sixteen years old, so I am not willing to marry her out so early? Why are you in a hurry!"

Babylon smiled and said: "Can I not be in a hurry? Yueyue is so beautiful, and there will be fewer people chasing her in the future! I don't care. Although you are not in a hurry to get married, you can always get engaged first. I will take it as you agreed. ."

Xuanye smiled and said: "You, you are all this old, and you are like a child. I didn't promise you. I will talk to Nasha when I go back. Besides, Yueyue has to agree with me. I I don't want to force my daughter to do things that he doesn't want to do." He is actually very willing to be in-laws with Babylon, but how can he agree to this situation.

Babron said with some dissatisfaction: "My stupid boy is not worthy of your family's Yueyue, and he still pushes it."

Xuan Ye said: "Ah! Here, this is the place for uncle to meditate." At this time, the two had already walked to a garden at the back of the Holy See. At the end of the garden, there was a lonely little house. The house was not big. Made of hard granite.

Babylon stopped, with a look of fear on his face, "Go by yourself, I can't stand the temper of the presiding judge and his old man."

Xuan Ye shook his head helplessly, and walked to the small house alone, about ten meters away from the room, he clearly felt the huge energy that was undulating in the room, and could not help but secretly marvel in his heart, and said respectfully: "The red dress worships Xuan Ye, and I ask to see the Lord Judge." Although the two have the same rank in the Holy See, Xuan Ye's respect for this uncle is no less than that of his father, the Pope. He wrapped his voice with light magic power and slowly sent it into the room, where the energy suddenly converged. A low voice sounded, "Who asked you to disturb me, don’t you know I’m cultivating?" The voice was low and cold, without a trace of emotion, as if the presiding judge didn’t even know that he was standing outside. Nephew.

Xuan Ye's mind shook slightly in the deep voice. He was awe-inspiring, and hurriedly urged the divine power in his body to protect his body, "Master Judge, Xuan Ye is here to ask about important matters."

The deep voice sounded again, "Go ahead, I hope what you said will satisfy me."

The corner of Xuan Ye’s mouth trembled slightly, “That’s it. About half a year ago, the Pope issued an order for the four holy judges to go and monitor a person. Recently, the Holy See suddenly received information from the Sunset Empire. The Dark City City Lord’s Mansion was bloodbathed. From the death of those people in the mansion, I judged that it was the person supervised by the Holy Judge. Therefore, I am here to ask you where the Holy Judge is now. "

"Those guys in the Dark City should have died long ago. What are you doing with so many nostalgic affairs? Only the Pope can command the Holy Judge in the Holy See. You come and ask me what to do? Leave quickly."

Xuan Ye said anxiously: "However, the Holy Judge will send back some news every time. These news should be in your hands."

"This matter is nothing important, don't bother me anymore." A surging energy came out from the room through the wall, and Xuan Ye was shocked, and was sent out by the energy and fell on Beside Babylon, although he has the divine power to protect him, he still feels breathless. My uncle is really unkind!

Babylon chuckled in a low voice, and he seemed very happy when he saw Xuanye hit the nail. Xuan Ye glared at him, suddenly a bright light flashed in his mind, and said loudly: "Master Judge, I have seen the Sword Saint of Heaven and played against him a few days ago, don't you want to know the specific situation?" Xuan Ye Shen I deeply know that my uncle’s only hobby is to practice martial arts, and the four great sword masters have always been his goal. He once said that when he was eighty years old, he should be able to achieve the same level of skill as the four great sword masters. degree.

Sure enough, Xuan Ye's words worked. The door of the room that had been closed opened, and a figure flashed out of the room door. It seemed that it was only a moment of effort, and there was one more person in front of Xuan Ye. This person is wearing a white robe, his hair and beard are messy, and his skin is as delicate as a baby. Between the opening and closing of the pill and phoenix eyes, they shoot out a cold light. It is the Holy Court Judge Xuanyuan, he stands one foot in front of Xuan Ye. Faintly said: "Have you seen Tiangang Sword Saint? Tell me what he is like."

Xuan Ye felt that his whole body was restrained by the surging energy, and the huge pressure constantly shocked his mind. He looked at his uncle and said: "More than half a year ago, the Pope ordered the four holy judges to monitor. Before that person, I went to Tiangang Mountain. There, I saw the well-known Tiangang Sword Saint. He seemed to be about my age. Except for his white hair, everything on his body seemed to be middle-aged. Human. His skill is very terrifying. With a wave of his hand, he can use the clouds and fog in the mountains as his weapon, and penetrate a hole in the mountain far away. I lost, I had no chance to chant the spell and I was already defeated. , He is the strongest warrior I have ever seen. The Pope said that in a one-to-one situation, no one in the world is his opponent." The whole body was loosened, and the huge pressure suddenly disappeared. With his hands behind his back, Xuan Yuan's eyes flashed, and there was some confusion in his eyes, as if he was imagining the scene when Xuanye saw the Sword Saint Tiangang, and sighed softly, "It seems that I still can't compare to him. Ah! The gap is too big."

Seeing that his uncle did not seem to be as unkind as before, Xuan Ye hurriedly said: "The four holy judges sent by the Pope to monitor are the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sage's retransmission, and he still has the Heavenly Underworld King Sword on his body, so , I just came to ask you the whereabouts of the holy judge. This time, many people died in the Dark City. We must understand the situation clearly."

Xuan Yuan glanced at Xuan Ye and said, "The news that came back a few days ago said that the person being watched killed was a **** person. He is still in the Sunset Empire. And this person has a very strong personality. Ability. At a young age, his fighting spirit has reached a very high level. According to the report of the holy judge, his skill is not under any holy judge, even without the sword of the Hades. At the same time, this Humans still have strong magical abilities. They actually summoned two dragons, a giant dragon with silver golden eyes, and a bone dragon. The miraculous divine light in the Dark City might have been produced by them. Even I was surprised when the army rushed out of the Dark City. I didn’t expect that a disciple of the Sword Saint of Tiangang would have such ability.” It turned out that the four holy judges had been secretly protecting Ah-Dai and the others. When they were besieged by Horton and fell into desperation, the holy judge was ready to take action, but Ah-Dai suddenly summoned two giant dragons, which made them temporarily dismissed their minds. Later, when Ah-Dai and others were besieged by thousands of troops. , They watched not far away, until Sheng Xie released the dragon curse, the four of them could not escape and could only huddled together, relying on their own powerful strength, united to resist the forbidden curse-like attack, and barely kept it. Lost his life, but also suffered heavy losses. They were the only people who survived the golden swallow of the dragon curse. They had already lost sight of Ah-Dai and others, but later Ah-Dai returned to the Dark City to avenge his revenge, and they were eyeing again.

Xuan Ye lost his voice: "What? Summoning dragons, how is this possible? Summoning magic has long been lost, and there is no record of the possibility of summoning dragons in the ancient books of the Holy See!"

Xuan Yuan snorted coldly, "The facts are in front of him, this young man who claims to be a **** of death has indeed summoned a dragon, and he is still two-headed."

There was a chill in Xuan Ye's heart. Could it be that everything Yueyue said is true, is Duan really the savior of the Millennium Tribulation? Otherwise, how could he summon such a powerful creature like a dragon. Thinking of the agreement between himself and Tiangang Sword Saint, he lost his confidence for the first time. Although his abilities were superb, the dragon he had never seen before was unimaginable. "Thank you, Lord Judge, I will report this matter to the Pope immediately, and ask him to decide."

Xuan Yuan turned around and turned his back to Xuan Ye, "No, he already knows it."

Xuan Ye was shocked, just about to say something, a white figure suddenly appeared beside Xuan Yuan, "Yes, I already knew it." The person here was Xuan Ye's father, the contemporary Pope.

Babulun and Xuanye hurriedly said respectfully: "I have seen the Pope."

The pope smiled slightly and said: "It's all his own, so don't be polite. I am also shocked by this incident. It seems that everything Yueyue said is true. Although Ah Dumb killed a lot of people this time, it is just like The presiding judge said that those are people whose souls have been corrupted by darkness. This matter will not shake the foundation of the Sunset Empire. Although they are very helpful to the Holy See economically, we will never support their dark forces. , Let them solve this matter by themselves. For the savior, it’s better to let him develop on his own. We shouldn’t intervene. Everything is of our own will. Ye'er, you send orders to us in the Sunset Empire and let them help The local forces calmed the hearts of the people."

Xuan Ye hurriedly said, "Yes, Lord Pope."

The pope said: "Okay, go down, I have something to say with the presiding Xuan Ye and Baburun looked at each other, and then stepped out. Looking at their leaving figures, the pope said : "Brother, are you still so obsessed? "

Xuan Yuan said lightly: "Martial skill is the only goal I pursue. My wish is to defeat the Four Great Swordmasters. You should know this."

The pope sighed and said, "In fact, your current skill, except for the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, should be no different from the other three Sword Saints. Why are you doing this?"

Xuan Yuan said, "However, the Sword Saint of Tiangang is my goal. If he can do it, I will definitely be able to do it. Brother, you don't have to persuade me."

The pope sighed and said, "Go out and relax, don't you want to see that young man?"

Xuan Yuan shook his body and said, "Will you let me leave the Holy See?"

The pope nodded and said, "You have stayed in the Holy See long enough, so you can go for a walk. However, you should know that it is too early to challenge the Four Great Swordsmen with your current skill. I don't want to listen. When it comes to your death. I hope you will see the child named Dumb yourself. If he is really the savior, I think you should be the motivation to stimulate his potential."
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