The Kind Death God Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Giant Serpent

Lu Wen listened to the narration of the two, and already understood the whole story, knocked on his granddaughter's head, and said: "It's not to blame Dumb, you are too naughty, even the uncle dare to kick. Little Lizi , Go and call your master, let him take this girl back and discipline him." Li Yi's master is Lu Wen's only son.

Li Yi agreed and went hurriedly. The girl stared bitterly, tears streaming continuously.

Lu Wen carefully checked his granddaughter's leg injury, and it was no longer a major problem, but at least it would take a hundred days of rest to fully recover. He thought to himself that this is probably God's punishment for his naughty granddaughter. Turned his head and said to Dumb: "Dumb, don't take it to heart. You are not to blame. By the way, I still have something to find the master, his old man, but his old man once again told us not to disturb you. Come here, what's the matter?"

A dumb said: "Master asked me to call some uncles. His old man said that I have something to tell you."

Lu Wen was shocked, how dare he delay the command of the Heavenly Sword Saint, and hurriedly said: "Dumb, you can help me look at this girl here first, and when her father comes, let her father take her away. Cultivation, I'm going to find some of your uncles." After speaking, he quickly got up and went to the sword school.

The seven or eight young people present looked at each other. They were very curious about the younger Master Uncle. A bolder man approached him and asked: "Little Master Uncle, what did you use just now? How come you can get the same plank in a few strokes.” You know, it’s not difficult to split the tree into a plank with vindictiveness. The difficulty is that the plank is very smooth and the two pieces are the same. You can do it all at once, and you need a special one. Work hard.

Dumb said: "Just use anger to divide the branches, and then cut off the unnecessary parts outside."

The young man said enviously: "Uncle Master, your vindictiveness can be released outside, hasn't it reached the fifth level. But why is your vindictiveness different from ours?"

Because the girl’s legs have been connected, and there is a dull and Lu Wen's vindictiveness to dredge the meridians, it is no longer so painful at this time, listening to the young man’s question, snorted, and said: "Who knows where he came from? , Don’t talk to him, do you hear me?

The young man was taken aback, smiled dazedly at Ah, and stood aside.

At this time, Xi Wen ran over in a hurry. When everyone saw him, they hurriedly saluted him respectfully: "I have seen the master master."

Xi Wen nodded slightly, walked to Dumb's side, and said, "Dumb, did the master look for us?"

Dumb nodded and said, "Yes! Master asked me to find some uncles, as if I have something to tell you."

Just now Lu Wen was the first to inform Xiwen, so he could come so quickly. He glanced at the girl sitting on the ground, smiled and said, "One by one, I heard that you were in trouble again."

They flattened their mouths one by one, and said aggrieved: "Grandpa, they didn't get into trouble. You see, my legs were discounted by him. You have to avenge others!"

Xiwen stretched out his hand and touched the wounds one by one and smiled and said, "Your grandpa has taken it for you. If you raise it well, it will be fine. It's not bad if you don't bully others. Why would you bully you? , I heard that you are studying with the master and his elders for life and change? How are you practicing now." As the master disciple of the Sword Master of Tiangang, Xiwen is the only one in the Sword Sect, except for Ah Du. People who have changed their skills. However, this was just passed on to him when the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint sent the Giant Spirit Snake Skin to him a few days ago, and he had not had time to practice.

Dumb nodded and said, "I can barely apply it."

Xiwen touched Yiyi's head and said, "Although it is you, but now that your leg is broken, Grandpa will let Dumb pay you something, how about it?"

Someone finally made the decision for themselves, and they were overjoyed one by one, and hurriedly said: "Okay! Thank you, Grandpa, you are the best."

Xi Wen laughed and said, "You let your grandfather hear this. He will be sad."

He stuck his tongue out one by one and said: "You can't pull it. As long as you don't tell Grandpa, you won't know it. Grandpa, what do you want him to pay me?"

Xi Wen looked at Ah Du, and said, "We tried various methods for the snake skins that the old man sent by the master and his old man that day, but we did not succeed in dividing them. Hearing from the master, only the ability to make changes can be achieved. Wait for you when you have time. , Just divide those snake skins. The master said that you killed the giant spirit snake, and the snake skin can be counted as yours. You first help your fellow brothers to divide the snake skin, and then make a close-fitting light armor Give it to one. It’s an apologize, how about it?” Although the Sword Saint of Tiangang had already divided the snake skin into dozens of pieces that day, he wanted to make light armor, but he needed to process it according to his body. Lu Wen said he wanted to find Tiangang. Juggernaut, just for the things that the snake batch cannot cut.

Dui nodded quickly and said: "Uncle, Master said that I should not go back first. I will not be able to go back to the grotto after you have seen him come back. It is just this time that I will divide the snake skin first. I just don't know me. Is the skill enough."

"One by one, my dear daughter, what's the matter with you? Let me see who has discounted my daughter's legs so boldly." A deep voice came. A sturdy man walked over quickly after the sound, with a Tiangang sword on his back, a beard on his face, a tall and sturdy figure, and a forceful aura.

Xi Wen smiled and said, "Lu Ping, why is your temper more and more toward your Seventh Master Uncle." The person here was Lu Yiyi's father, Lu Ping.

When Lu Ping saw Shiwen, he was shocked, and hurriedly suppressed his anger, and respectfully saluted: "I have seen the head teacher. Uncle, I heard that my daughter's legs were discounted, so I was rude. ,please forgive."

Xiwen stepped aside and let Lu Ping see each one on the ground, "Don't be impulsive, this is your daughter's own fault."

Lu Ping is such a precious daughter, and she usually loves her very much. Seeing her embarrassed look, her heart suddenly hurts, so she hurriedly leaned forward and said, "Daughter, what did you do."

Lu glanced at the dumb beside him one by one, and said, "You can ask him."

Lu Ping's eyes were irritated. Although it was not easy to break out in front of Xiwen, he still said with hatred, "Even if my daughter is naughty, you can't make it so hard. Whose disciple are you?"

Xiwen answered this question for Dui, "This is your youngest brother Dui, and he is the only disciple of your dead Master Uncle Owen. Dui, this is your senior brother Lu Ping. Although he has a temper, he is still very angry. Ok."

Ah Da hurriedly said: "I have seen brother."

Lu Ping snorted and said, "It turned out to be Junior Brother, why did you discount my daughter's leg?"

Dumb was not good at expressing at all, and under Lu Ping's scorching gaze, he couldn't speak even more.

"Dad, it's really my fault this time." It turned out to be one by one to help Adai. She explained the situation at the time, and finally said: "Anyway, I don't care, Grandpa said, he will do it for me. A light armor is with me. Dad, you have to give me a testimony.” She had long heard that Taishizu got some good treasures. It must be a good thing to make light armor with it. I will explain to Ah Dui so that I can get this treasure as soon as possible. The number of snake skins is limited, and it is not easy to get a light armor.

After listening to his daughter's narration, Lu Ping knew that he really couldn't blame the dull boy in front of him, and shook his head helplessly, unable to speak.

At this time, several second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect had all rushed over, and Xi Wenchong Luping said: "Xiaolu, we are going to see your master. Since Ah-Dai is free now, you can take him to cut those snake skins. He should have a way." After speaking, he took his juniors and left quickly.

Lu Ping was shocked. He knew the toughness of the giant snake snake skin. He could be said to be the core disciple of the three generations of disciples. They tried their best to get the giant snake skin from the Tiangang Sword Saint, but they still did not divide. A good way to be right.

"Ah! Brother, I'm really sorry, I was too rash just now."

Dumb shattered each of his calves, feeling very guilty, and hurriedly said: "No, it's me that is not good. I shouldn't break Master, Nephew's leg."

Pouting one by one, he said, "Okay, don't be polite, please give me the compensation you should have given me first."

Lu Ping picked up his daughter, sighed helplessly, and said: "You crazy girl! You are always so fierce, and I will see who dares to marry you."

One by one pretty face blushed, and said: "Dad, what are you talking about? I hate pulling! Quickly, hurry up and hug me to the place where the snakeskin is put. People will see how he divides it."

Lu Ping frowned and said, "No, it's all hurt like this. You must go back to your room and rest as soon as possible. When the light armor is ready, Dad will send it to you.

"How can it work? How can light armor made without tailoring clothes be suitable, Dad, anyway, my legs are also connected, you let me go. I promise, after the light armor is finished, I will go back to my room and rest. Huh?" They pleaded with an aggrieved look on their faces.

Seeing her daughter's appearance, Lu Ping felt soft and said, "Okay, but you can't move around, otherwise, it will be troublesome to become a lame in the future."

Hearing his father agreed, he was overjoyed one by one, and repeatedly agreed.

Lu Ping turned his head and rushed to Dumb: "Junior Brother, I’ll trouble you, let’s go now. You all give me back to practice the exercises. You don’t work hard all day long. What are you doing? Your uncle’s age Smaller than you, but the cultivation base is much higher than yours." The last sentence was addressed to the seven or eight young people.

With Li Yi as the leader, the young people hurriedly agreed and left without any promise. They were actually very wronged in their hearts, chasing Lu Wen's orders one by one, but in front of Lu Ping, who had a fierce temper, no one dared to argue.

Lu Ping looked at their leaving figures, and said dissatisfied: "One by one, I blame you crazy girl, you seniors who are with you, you are infected with lazy habits, how can you go on like this!"

He snorted one by one, and said, "It's my fault! People didn't let them follow me all the time. They insisted on pestering me. Dad, don't wrong the good people."

Lu Ping glared at his daughter and said, "Are you a good person? I heard you right. This time your leg is also injured. See how you are going crazy in the future, let's go." Then he turned and walked to the backyard. .

At this moment, a strong voice suddenly sounded, "Dumb, Dumb—" With the shouts, two majestic figures appeared in the sight of Dumb and Lu Ping, the rocks and Yanli brothers that had not been seen for many days. For the past six months, Brother Rock has been practicing martial arts from Xi, and Xiwen told them Dumb must stay here for half a year to meditate, and let them wait patiently. Under Xi Wen's careful guidance and their own assiduous practice, their skills have made great progress. The bronze skin shone with a healthy glow, and the knotted muscles were full of explosive power.

"Ah! Big Brother Rock, Big Brother Yanli, are you okay?" After seeing each other after a long time, Dumb was full of joy, and hurriedly greeted him, holding the rock's broad shoulders with both hands.

The Rock laughed and said, "Brother Dumb, you are so convinced that you can learn martial arts from the old man of the Sword Saint. I really envy us. How about it, I have gained a lot in the past six months."

Yan Li grabbed Ah-Dai’s arm and said, “Let’s have a discussion that day. Mr. Xi Wen also taught me and my eldest brother a lot of kung fu, let’s see who of us is better.”

Lu Ping walked over with one by one, "Two juniors, why are you here?"

Rock laughed and said, "Senior Lu Ping, Dumb is our good brother. As soon as we hear the news of his return, our brother will naturally come." After half a year of training in the Sword School, the rock and the rock strength have already been here. The crowd is very familiar. Lu Ping has a bold personality, and he has naturally become their good friends on weekdays. The three of them know the enemy by their skills, and they often learn from each other on weekdays, forming a deep friendship.

Yanli saw the one in Lu Ping's arms, and said in surprise: "One by one, you are not too young, how can you let your father hold him? You are not ashamed!"

He snorted one by one and pointed to Dumb: "Senior Uncle Dwarf, you will bully others, and his legs will be discounted by him, so Dad will hold me."

Yan Li was shocked. Although he was very naughty, he was loved by the same sect in the sword school on weekdays. It was the jewel in Lu Ping's palm, and it could be said that he was the little princess of the Tiangang sword school. Here, who dares to provoke her easily! How could Duan discount her leg? The eyes of the Rock Brothers fell on Ah-Dai. This time Lu Ping explained the situation to Dui, and then the two of them were relieved.

"Dumb, since we are going to get snake skins, we also have to go and see, this time it is the giant spirit snake you killed. How come the light armor has our brother's share, hehe." Yan Li showed a greedy look. , Everyone laughed. The light armor made of the snake skin of the Wanzai Giant Spirit Snake can be said to be a very good protective gear, and it is no wonder that Rock Force wants to get a copy.

Lu Ping said: "Since we met, let's go together. Junior sister Yuan Ping is worrying about those snake skins." After speaking, she turned her head and led the way to the backyard.

Lu Ping took the dumb three to outside a large room in the backyard. Before he got to the front, he shouted, "Sister Yuan Ping, I can think of a way to cut the snake skin. Haha."

The door opened, and a beautiful middle-aged beautiful woman came out, frowning and said: "You are dead, what are you shouting? I am not deaf. I don't believe you can divide the snake skin, even the head teacher No, can you do it? Ah! Rock and Yanli two junior disciples are here too. This is?" Yuan Ping is one of the few women among the three generations of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Before she entered the Tiangang Sword Sect, she She has been learning tailoring from her parents, so when she enters the sword school, she will be responsible for trimming the clothes of the disciples. Whether it is a second-generation disciple or a third- or fourth-generation disciple, they all respect this ingenious Yuan Ping. At the same time, she is also Liao Yi’s mother. Liao Yi’s father, Liao Ping, has the most powerful skills among the three generations of disciples. One of the two in the sixth stage of rebirth and determination, Liao Ping usually controls his son very strictly.

Dui took a few steps forward and said: "My name is Dui, hello, sister."

Yuan Ping was taken aback. He looked at the unsurprisingly dull young man in front of him, and thought to himself, are these the younger brothers whom several uncles and uncles respect? Before she could speak, Lu Ping rushed and said, "Junior Sister, Dumb, but I have invited you to be a master at dividing snake skins! Haha. The head teacher said, let Dumb get my daughter in light armor first. ."

Yuan Ping was stunned and said, "Does Brother Dumb have any magic weapon? The snake skin of this ten thousand-year-old giant spirit snake is very tough. Since the master teacher said so, you can try it." , Turned around and led a few people into the room. The room was very empty, with only a large case on which was placed many tools for sewing clothes. At the corner of the wall stood dozens of rolls of cloth of various colors, and dozens of giant snake skins cut by the Heavenly Sword Saint were stacked on the ground, and the fine scales shone with dark blue light. Yuan Ping saw one by one being held by her father, naturally, he was very strange, and couldn't help asking about it. After Lu Ping's explanation, he suddenly realized.

"One by one, you girl is too naughty, even the uncle dare to kick." Yuan Ping pretended to be. The relationship with Yuan Ping has always been very good. Her mother died early and always treated Yuan Ping as her mother. Among the swordsmen, only Yuan Ping was willing to listen to them. Yuan Ping also loved her very much, and faintly meant to match her with his son, but they were still young and never explained.

One by one, he lowered his head and muttered: "At that time, how did people know that he was Uncle Master?"

Rocky said: "Sister, don't say one by one, her legs are broken, this time the punishment is a bit bigger, just let Brother Dumb help her to cut out the snake skin that can make light armor, which is to compensate her. ."

Yuan Ping nodded slightly, and said: "The head teacher has already decided that these snakeskins are all ready to be made into vests for the fourth generation of disciples. After all, their skills are relatively low. If there is extra, they will be given to the third generation of disciples. Some, but I’m afraid it’s not enough. I calculated it. The snakeskin here can be made into more than 100 vests. I am afraid that each of the four generations of disciples will be a problem.

When I heard Yuan Ping’s words, I stopped doing it and hurriedly said, “Then, how can it be done? Just now, the head teacher said that this is an apologize to others. If everyone is the same, wouldn’t my leg break in vain? "

The reason why Yuan Ping said that just now was to strive for more benefits for each one. He smiled and said, "Then I have to ask you what you mean by Master Dumb. After all, this giant spirit snake was obtained by him and his master. Yes, the master teacher will always listen to some of his words."

Dumb murmured: "I, I don't know what to do!"

Yuan Ping winked one by one with his back to Ah Dai. The clever one didn't understand. He hurriedly said: "Then, I want a complete set of light armor, so even if you make up for me, Uncle Master."

Dumb nodded stupidly, and said, "Then, that's all right."

Yuan Ping smiled slightly and said, "Little Junior Brother, I don't know how you can separate this snake skin. Senior Sister will have a long experience."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "I don't know if I can do it, I can only try it."

Yuan Ping pulled a piece of snake skin about nine square meters and said: "Then I will draw the size first, and then you can divide it." As he said, she didn't know where she transformed a white object. White traces were quickly drawn on the snakeskin, and the appearance of a dress was quickly outlined, including the coat and pants, as well as many small dots at the connection.

He clapped his hands one by one and laughed: "Auntie, you have such a great skill in painting! You must teach me if you have the opportunity."

Yuan Ping said angrily: "I don't know how many times you want to learn tailoring, but you are so naughty, why do you have a crush on it. For my poor fabrics, forget it. Dumb brother, you just need to cut Just cut the snakeskin with the white lines I drew. Then I cut through the connecting points, and I will sew them together with silver threads."

Dui agreed and squatted on the ground, carefully looking at the white marks on the snakeskin. Yuan Ping, Lu Ping, Yiyi and the Rock brothers all stared at Dui, to see how he could split the tough snakeskin.

Duan and the giant spirit snake fought each other, knowing the tenacity of the snake skin and the concentration of luck. The silver villain in the pubic area was shining brightly. The surging energy was quickly concentrated to the hand under the action of Duan's mind. The yellow light came from the palm It was revealed that a group of yellow glittering light containing huge energy appeared, and the light group gradually changed into a pair of scissors. This is the first time Ah Dui has condensed the true qi in his body into the shape of scissors by using life transformation. He successfully succeeded. Under the stunned gaze of everyone, A'dai pulled the snake skin with his left hand, and the yellow energy scissors in his right hand cut along the edge. Although the tough snake skin is a bit laborious to cut, it can still support the dumb who has reached the eighth level of life and life. Soon, the snake skin becomes a few formed pieces of clothing under the action of energy shears. Dumb urged the energy and transformed it into an awl. He quickly pierced small holes in the connection points drawn by Yuan Ping on the clothes piece. After a while, the cutting was completed.

Everyone was stunned, and the room became silent. Dumb stood up looking at his work with satisfaction, and smiled at Yuan Ping: "Sister, do you think this is all right?"

Yuan Ping nodded blankly and said, "Well, what kind of skills are you doing, how can your vindictiveness be deformed?"

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Master said, this is a change."

They shouted one by one: "Uncle Master, teach me this skill, it's so interesting!"

Dumb froze and thought, anyway, everyone is a fellow of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and there is nothing wrong with teaching her. He nodded and said: "Yes! How much is your life and life training?"

She stuck her tongue out one by one, and said, "Second level. What's the matter?" This was because she had a good aptitude to cultivate. In this regard, she and Xuan Yue are also very similar, most of the time is spent on jokes, and she hasn't practiced seriously at all.

Dumb said: "Then you can't learn it for the time being. The birth of life transformation is based on the birth of true qi. You must practice Shengshengjue to the sixth level before you can start cultivation."

Yuan Ping and Lu Ping glanced at each other. They only had the fifth level and the fourth level. I didn’t expect this junior brother to have reached the sixth level or above. I really don’t understand how he cultivated at this young age. .

One by one discouraged: "What? The sixth stage is all right! Then when will you have to wait? Let's forget it."

Yuan Ping sighed and said, "Little Junior Brother, since you can cut this snake skin apart, please help me fix the rest." The four generations of disciples have a large number of them, but they all have their bodies here. Record, you can draw the graph according to the record. Finally, I have the free labor of Dumb. How can I not use it more?

The rock picked up a cut corner of snake skin, pulled it hard, and said, "It's a good thing. It's not only strong and tough, but also very malleable. Sister, can you get a vest for our brothers to wear." "

Yuan Ping smiled and said, "Of course, you are all good brothers of Dumb. Without him, the clothes will not be shaped. I will be the master, so let's give you a vest." She can be regarded as a good favor. . These snakeskins, apart from the Sword Saint of Tiangang, belong to the dumb with the most control. Naturally, no one would object to making a vest for Brother Rock.

Rock and Yanli were overjoyed and hurriedly thanked them. In this way, Dumb started his cutting work.

When Ah Dui helped Yuan Ping cut the snake skin, Brother Xiwen had already arrived in the grotto.

"Meet the master." The seven respectfully saluted the Tiangang Sword Saint sitting on the rock.

Tiangang Sword Saint opened his eyes and said calmly: "Get up all."

Everyone stood up, and Xi Wen asked, "Master, your old man is looking for us, do you have any instructions?"

Tiangang Sword Saint sighed, and said, "Dumb has been here for half a year, and everything I can teach has been taught to him. Kitty has to soar in the sky before he can grow into the overlord in the vast sky. In a few days, I am going to let him go down the mountain to practice. Dumb, this child has a pure temperament and good aptitude. When he was a child, he ate the fruits of the past. He was blessed enough to pass on my mantle. In the future, the development of the Tiangang Sword Sect will depend on him. Xi Wen , You, as the head of the Tiangang Sword Sect, I ask you, in the future, you must support dumb unreservedly, especially in the millennium catastrophe, don't save any strength, remember, only the mainland is in peace and prosperity, we Sword Sect In order to develop smoothly. You are all my disciples. I have newly researched the changes in life. You can practice with a few juniors and disciples. Maybe you will be able to play some role in the future."

Listening to the words of Tiangang Sword Saint, Brother Xi Wenshi looked at each other, and they all had an unknown premonition in their hearts.

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said: "You guessed it, the master is going to leave. You don't have to be sad, this is the destiny of the destiny, not manpower can be restored. What should go is always going. Only the old power disappears Only when new power is produced can there be better development. Do you understand?"

Xi Wen seven people shook their bodies and knelt to the ground at the same time, wailing, "Master."

Tiangang Sword Saint is always strict, even for his disciples. Today, his tone is surprisingly kind, "You are all the pride of the master. However, you must not be satisfied with your own achievements and come back. You have seen that Xuanye. With your skill, no one is his opponent. He is much younger than you! Therefore, you must work tirelessly to cultivate. Especially in cultivating the next generation, we need to work harder, so that our Tiangang Sword Sect can last forever. After half a year of training, Duan’s skill has greatly increased. I believe that his future achievements will definitely not It will be under me. This is my compensation for Owen. Go ahead and ask Dumb to come back. After seven days, I will ascend from there. When the time comes, you can send me off, even if I didn’t teach it in vain. You have one game. Remember, unless Ah-Dai breaks through the Ninth Rebirth Judgment, otherwise, you must not tell the news of my death. Do you understand?" The meaning of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint could not be clearer, if Ah-Dai's strength is not enough to replace him With such a mental status, announcing his death would inevitably cause a great blow to the Tiangang Sword Sect.

The Seven Xiwen are already in tears. They have been with the Sword Saint of Tiangang for decades. They not only respect the teacher with a vast cultivation base, but also contain many different feelings. For a while, the grotto was filled with a sad atmosphere.

Tiangang Sword Saint closed his eyes and sighed: "Children, although you are not young anymore, in the eyes of the master, you are still children. Don't be sad, as long as you promote the Tiangang Sword Sect, you are the best for the master. Repaying him. In the realm of the master, there is no longer a feeling of life and death. Death is just another beginning of life. Go, go. Call dumb back, I have something to leave him. Oh, yes, you guys Look." He stretched his finger to the sleeping golden-eyed holy evil dragon in the corner.

Chapter 52: Juggernaut

Xi Wen and others only noticed the behemoth in the corner. They should have felt the existence of the holy evil with their skill, but because of the words of the Heavenly Gang Swordmaster, they were sad and hard to concentrate, so they never noticed it. . Xi Wen choked and said, "Master, what is this?"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said: "When this little thing appeared, I was also surprised. It may be the last dragon on the mainland. It is a friend of Dumb and a friend of the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Dragon? How amazing this term is! That was a species that only existed thousands of years ago, but Xi Wen and others have no intention of studying the origins of the holy evil, their minds are all placed on the Tiangang Sword Saint.

Tiangang Sword Saint said: "This dragon is called Shengxie. Don't tell your sect about this secret easily. In the future, it will definitely become a great help for Ah Dui when he grows up. Okay, go ahead."

For the first time, the Seven Sivens disobeyed the order of the Sword Saint of Tiangang. They knelt on the ground without saying a word, bowed their heads and weeping silently, and their hearts were sad. Although they did not speak, the Swordsman of Tiangang was clear. Understand the attachment of these disciples to yourself.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang took Owen's Tiangang Sword casually, with a smile on his face, "Life and death, gathering and disengagement, what can't be seen. Owen, the master will come to see you." His hands folded. Suddenly, the soft energy enveloped the bodies of the Seven Xiwen and sent them out of the grotto. He also sealed the entrance of the grotto with Shengsheng Zhenqi to prevent everyone from entering again.

As soon as he came out of the grotto, Zhou Wen was the first to release his life and wept bitterly, but a person in his sixties cried like a child. Among these second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect, none of them had less sorrow in their hearts than Zhou Wen. They still maintained a kneeling posture, silently kneeling there, and the sadness in their hearts had reached the extreme.

Two hours later, everyone's sadness abated slightly, and Xi Wen took the lead in knocking down at the grotto nine times before slowly standing up. He took a deep breath and said, "Master, let's go back. Master and his elder's orders must be implemented." Under Xiwen's persuasion, the second generation of disciples each knocked on their heads and stood slowly. Up. When they came, they were still in peace, but when they left, they were full of sadness.

When Xi Wen and others returned to the Tiangang Sword Sect, Dui had just cut out all the snake skins, and a large amount of energy was consumed, causing the inch-high silver villain in his body to lose the light and almost used up his skills. Rebirth changes are very energy intensive, and if used for a long time, even if Dumb reaches the state of the Eighth Rebirth Judgment, he can't stand it. He was sitting on the ground and panting constantly. Lu Ping slowly injected his power into Ah Du's body to help him recover.

Yuan Ping was not idle either. She had successfully finished the light armor for Brother Rock and Lu one by one. The rocks and rock power were put on the light armor made of giant spirit snake skin. She was so excited that Yuan Ping's superb skills made the light armor. It is made to fit very well and is worn next to the body, feeling light and soft, and very comfortable. One by one, because she was a girl, she couldn't change clothes in front of everyone, but she smiled happily while holding her full body armor. Everyone admired Ah'Dai's skill. If it weren't for his life changes, it would be difficult to divide these snake skins.

The door opened and Shivin walked in. There was no expression on his face, but his eyes were a little red. Chong Ah dumb said: "Go back to the grotto, your master called you."

With Lu Wen's help, Ah Duan had recovered some physical strength and quickly stood up and said, "Master, I will go back first." After speaking, he walked out of the room quickly.

Yuan Ping thought carefully and naturally found out that Xi Wen was wrong, and stepped forward and asked, "Master Master, what's the matter with you? Could something happen to Master Master?"

Xi Wen was shocked, remembering the instructions of the Heavenly Sword Master, and quickly curbed his sadness, and said calmly: "I'm fine, you are busy." After that, he turned and left.

Dui left the sword sect and headed straight to the back mountain. Excessive qi consumption made him very tired, and now he wanted to meditate and adjust his breath.

Back in the grotto, Ah Du Fei floated on the rock, sat down cross-legged, and said, "Master, I am back."

Tiangang Sword Saint closed his eyes and said, "What have you done in the Sword Sect, why does it consume so much true energy?"

Dumb scratched his head and recounted what happened to him in the sword school. After listening to his narration, Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said: "They will use you quite a bit." Opened his eyes, his eyes flashed with a faint light and looked towards Dumb. The dumb and simple face looked very tired. "You should meditate first. With your current skill, you should be able to recover your skill in 27 weeks. After your skill recovers, I have something to tell you."

"Oh." Ah-Dai replied, urging the remaining energy in the body to practice. The silver villain in the dantian exudes a faint qi, which slowly circulates around his meridians, and every time it circulates, the villain will be brighter, and Dumb's skill is gradually recovering. Except for the subtle snoring of Shengxie, there is no sound in the grotto.


Half a year later, the Pope stood in the Temple of Light, looking at Xuanyue bathed in holy divine light, his heart was filled with excitement. It has been half a year, and Xuanyue's baptism of God has not yet ended. You know, the longer the baptism of the gods takes place, the better the effect will be. At the beginning, the baptism of gods performed by his successor as the pope only took three months, but Xuanyue has already There is no sign of completion in half a year.

Xuanyue quietly floated above the huge magical six-pointed star, her white and crystal skin was completely enveloped in the golden light of the seraph. After half a year, her figure had grown a little taller, and her face was extremely holy. The aura set her off like a saint, and her awe-inspiring temperament made her beautiful face even more gorgeous. The phoenix blood on her chest exudes a faint red light, and the halo flickers, slightly absorbing golden energy.

The pope thought to himself: Yueyue! After you have received the baptism of God, you don't know what kind of effect you will have when you practice. Maybe you will be the strongest goddess in the history of the Holy See.


After performing the exercise for twenty-seven weeks, Ah Dai slowly recovered his gong and woke up from the meditation. The silver villain in the dantian had completely restored his radiant appearance.

"Master, my skill has been restored." Dumb said respectfully.

Tiangang Sword Saint looked at him with joy on his face, as if he was admiring an artwork he had created. For a long time, when Ah-Dai was unnaturally seen by the Sword Saint of Tiangang, he said, "My child, you are leaving here. Master has something to tell you. Listen carefully. These are what you must do in the future. To do it."

Listening to the words of the Sword Saint Tiangang, A Duan's eyes showed a faint sadness. Although he knew that he had to leave, the time agreed with the Elf Queen was decreasing day by day. But facing the Tiangang Sword Saint with white beard and hair, he has an unspeakable feeling in his heart. "Master, please tell me, I will listen to you everything."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said: "My child, Master asked you, what do you think of my skill?"

Dui stunned and said, "Master is the most amazing person Dui has ever seen. I can't describe your skill. I just feel that no one can beat you."

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head, and said: "There is sky beyond the sky, and the continent is so vast. Who knows where there is an expert with skill above me? However, the master's skill has indeed reached its limit. There can be no breakthrough. Therefore, Master must go to another world to practice, so that maybe there is a chance to peek into a new field."

"Another world? What is that?" Dumb couldn't understand the words of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

Tiangang Sword Saint said calmly: "Master doesn't know what's there, but that's where I have to go. Maybe, that's where the gods that people worship are located."

"Where does the **** live? Master, can you come back? Can I see you again?"

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head and said, "I don't know, what the scene there is like, I'm afraid no one in this world will know."

Ah Dumb looked at the Heavenly Sword Master with a little ignorance, and muttered: "Then, then I will never see Master again. I will miss you!"

Tiangang Sword Saint warmed his heart and smiled kindly: "Silly boy, your qualifications are very good. You have such an achievement at such a young age. Master believes that one day you will also ascend to the realm of the gods. At that time, will we not be able to meet again? If you want to see Master again, you must work hard!"

Dui firmly said: "Master, don't worry, Dui must practice hard. When his skill reaches the realm of Master, he will definitely visit you in the other world you mentioned."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang looked at Ah Dui's firm gaze, without any regrets in his heart. In fact, what he said to Ah-Dai was not wrong. With his skill, it was indeed possible to go to that other illusory world, but he had a decision in his heart that was related to Ah-Dai's decision. After this decision was made, he didn’t know if he could still ascend to another realm, but he would not change this decision. No one in the **** realm knew what it was like. Instead of pinning his hopes there, it’s better to stay. Download useful things.

"Dumb, Master Master is going to leave anyway. If you leave his skills useless, let's pass them on to you." This is the decision of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. In fact, if the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint didn't decide to pass all his skills to Ah-Dai, even though he was very old, it might not be impossible for him to live for another ten years with his cultivation level. But at that time, his skill will gradually decline. Even if he lives to the millennium catastrophe, he will not play any role due to the decline of his skill. The Sword Saint of Tiangang didn't want to let his years of hard practice go to waste, so he would rather give up the remaining life, and decided to pass on his skills to Dumb. There are many reasons for this, including the reluctance of gong, the trust in Dumb, the apology to Owen, the affection for the Tiangang Sword Sect, and the belief in helping mainland humans resist the thousand-year catastrophe.

Dumb was taken aback and said, "Then, how can you do it, you have already given me a lot, if you give me all your skills, how can you survive in that other world!"

"Stupid boy, after arriving in another world, the skill in this world will disappear. Since the master can't take it, it is better to leave it to you." Tiangang Sword Saint said so much, its main purpose , Is to let Ah Dui accept the perfusion of his skill with a calm heart.

Dumb felt that something was wrong, and murmured: "But, Master, will it really affect you?"

Tiangang Sword Saint said: "There will be no impact. You can accept it with confidence. After the master passes the skill to you, he will successfully ascend into another world. Today, maybe before you ascend into the **** realm, Let’s talk for the last time. There are still many things that you can’t let go of in this world. From now on, you will have to solve them. Although your body is very strong, you can’t accept so many things from your master now. Master’s skill, Master will help you shape an energy golden body on your chest. It may look the same as your dantian, but since Master’s skill is much higher than yours, it may be larger in size. The body stays in your body and is not under your control. You must go through continuous cultivation to gradually absorb the energy contained in the golden body in your chest and transform it into your dantian to become your own power. When can you If you absorb all the golden body passed down to you by your master, your skill will surpass the current realm of your master and reach another culmination. I hope you can reach the realm that your master has not reached."

Dumb said: "Master, do you really have to go to that other world? Can you not go?"

The Sword Saint of Tiangang showed a soft gaze, and said: "Master is old, and this pair of skins can no longer support it. Then another world must be visited. It is not the Master can decide. Therefore, Master only I can leave you with more things before leaving, do you understand? Master has three things for you to do. First, after Master has gone, if the Tiangang Sword Sect encounters any trouble, you are a disciple of the Sword Sect. , We must do our best to help."

Dumb nodded and said, "Of course, even if you don't say it, I will do it."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled satisfied and said: "That's good. The master of the Tiangang Sword Sect has devoted most of his life's efforts. I don't want the Tiangang Sword Sect to be famous in the mainland after I leave. The second one is five. In the match between you and Xuanye in the next year, no matter what, you must win. Remember, you must not be arrogant to yourself. Although you may not be able to compare to him now, as long as you pass the master to you If you absorb more than 30 or 40% of your skill, Xuan Ye will not be your opponent anyway. Life and Life Change can be said to be the guest star of all magic except forbidden spells. Dumb, this competition is not only related to the honor of the Tiangang Sword Sect, It’s also related to your life’s happiness."

Dumb froze, and said, "It's related to the happiness of my life? Why!" He naturally didn't understand the meaning.

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly, and said, "You will understand at that time. The third and most important thing is another duel. It is also five years later, but it will take longer than you and Xuan Ye. The test is a bit earlier. Five years later, in February, the sacred calendar, February, 1999, right here, at the top of Tiangang Mountain, there will be three elderly people who are as old as Shizu. They are all You are Shizu’s friends, you have to learn skills with them. Shizu doesn’t require you to beat them, as long as you can tie them or let them know how much life has changed. This is very important to Shizu, You must do it."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Master, are these three of your friends great?"

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded and said: "Yes, their skill is not weak, they are amazing. As long as you can pass their level, Xuan Ye's competition is nothing." Tian Gang Sword Saint said Duel is exactly what the Four Great Sword Sages discuss once every twenty years. It has been carried out three times so far, all of which ended with the victory of Tiangang Sword Saint. The reason why he didn't tell Ah Dumb that these three friends were the three great sword saints was because he didn't want to put pressure on him. How could the skill of the three sword saints be comparable to Xuan Ye.

"Okay, Master, I promise you that I will work hard to cultivate and will not shame you."

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded and said: "If you do all these three things, then even if the master is..., ah, even if he is in another world, he will be very satisfied." He almost blurted out when he was not careful. Out of dead words. Fortunately, Dui didn't notice his speech disorder. "Dumb, your Pluto Sword Master has carefully studied it. The surging evil power contained in it is indeed, as Owen said, it does not belong to this world. Even I feel that the huge evil power is terrifying. However, its energy is really powerful. If your life is threatened, Master allows you to use it. With your current skill, as long as you don’t use the last five moves of the Nine Jue of Mingzi, you will not be invaded by evil auras. The vitality in your body can completely suppress the Pluto sword. To be honest, Master really wants to see how powerful the last few strokes of the Nine Jues is. Unfortunately, I can’t see it anymore. Don't force yourself. If you want to test the next few tricks, you must wait until you absorb the success power I have passed to you and reach the Ninth Rebirth Determining Realm before proceeding. At that time, at least you can protect yourself. Power. I took a closer look. The farther behind the Pluto swordsmanship, the greater the power and the more dangerous it becomes. If you are not careful, you will be bitten by it. Therefore, you must be cautious. Master is pouring on you. Too much expectation!” When Ah-Dai first started to practice with the Sword Saint of Heaven, the Sword Saint of Heaven confiscated his Pluto Sword, because he was afraid that the evil power of the Pluto Sword would affect the rate of progress of A's True Qi. . He has carefully studied the two sheepskins in the sword bag of the Hades, and the one that records the Nine Jue of the Hades is the same as what he saw with Ah Dui. But he couldn't distinguish the weird words in the other sheepskin, and finally had to give up.

"Master, I will definitely not use the Pluto sword lightly." After severely injuring the Ten Thousand-year Giant Spirit Snake with Shengshengchang and the mysterious iron bow, Ah Dumb's confidence increased greatly, and he felt that even if he did not use the Pluto sword, he would be able to save more.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang took out the skin of the Pluto sword from his arms and said: "Using less does not mean not using it. If the enemy is an evil person, like the murderer who killed Owen, you don’t have to worry about it. Owen’s hatred cannot be. No report. You have to practice diligently when you change. I hope you can reach the realm that your master hasn't reached. The little girl Xuanyue has a deep affection for you. You must catch it when you should catch it, and don't give up lightly. , Shizu doesn’t want to see Owen’s tragedy repeat itself on you.” He stretched out his hand, and there were two more green crystals in his palm, “These two crystals are the crystals in the eyes of the giant spirit snake, and eating them is very good for the body. One will be eaten before I teach you the exercise, and the other will be given to Xuanyue’s little girl. There are also twenty zhang snake tendons, which you can bring with you. Maybe you will have them in the future. What's the use. Don’t easily reveal the kung fu of changes on the mainland. After all, it’s too shocking. I have checked the body of Sheng Xie. The energy contained in the inner alchemy of the Ten Thousand Years Giant Spirit Snake is too huge, and he will wake up for a while. But come. Shengxie is too eye-catching, don't let others see it easily, your dragon blood should be a good place for him to rest, you can use the blood of the dragon to take it in when you leave here. Shengxie has a share in his body. Inexplicable evil power, you must be more careful in the future, and don't let it fall into evil ways, understand?"

A Duan nodded and said, "Master, don't worry, I am friends with Sheng Xie, and he still listens to me very much."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang took a deep look at A-Dai. He had already explained what should be explained. He glanced at the grotto for a week with some nostalgia, and his body floated up and fell beside A-Dai. Putting the sword of the Pluto on the ground, he said: "My child, remember what Shizu said, sometimes, excessive kindness can cause great harm to you. To treat the enemy, you must be as merciless as the autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves. Shizu I made two sets of light armor for you and Xuanyue, and you can take them with you when you go. The snake skin of the giant spirit snake has a strong elasticity, and you should be able to wear it properly. The light armor uses part of the giant spirit snake’s tendons. Connected, as long as the opponent does not have super power, it is still possible to use it to save life. Don’t forget, you have to take away the Eye of the Giant Spirit Serpent when you leave. Also, you can leave Owen’s sword in the grotto, There are changes as the basis, it is of no use to you, let it accompany me instead of Owen."

Dumb knew that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint was about to pass on his kung fu, so he couldn't help asking again with a little nervousness: "Master, did you pass on your kung fu to me really not affect you?"

Sword Saint Tiangang showed deep feelings in his eyes, and nodded slightly and said: "Don't worry, Master will be fine. Farewell, my child, Master is waiting for you to reunite in the God Realm. Let's start." , Squeezed one of the giant spirit snake eyes in his hand into A'Dai's mouth. The huge pressure instantly fixed A'Dai's body. The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint yelled in a deep voice and slapped A'Dai's top door with a fierce palm. A scorching airflow instantly rushed into A'Dai's body, and A'Dai's whole body was shaken. The surging energy instantly filled the body of Dumb. He felt as if he was trapped in magma, unspeakably uncomfortable, subconsciously, trying to struggle with his true energy.

The voice of the Sword Saint of Tiangang rang in Ah'Dai's ears: "Dah, this time you don't pass the gong better than the previous two. You must embrace the original and return to the same one. You can't have the slightest thoughts in your heart, and completely immerse your mind in the golden body of Dantian. Once you get into trouble, you will definitely give up your previous efforts."

A Dumb's heart shuddered, and he hurriedly relaxed his body, allowing the surging energy to enter into his body from the top door, enduring the intense pain, the scorching curiosity continued to invade every place in his body, as if all the meridians were burning. , The body becomes a white piece. Although the vitality of Tiangang Sword Saint is the same as him, but Tiangang Sword Saint’s hundred years of cultivation is no different. Under the action of huge energy, Ah-Dai seems to be in hell, and his whole body is constantly convulsing and delicate. His blood beads kept oozing from his pores, and after a while, he had become a blood man.

The true energy in Tiangang Sword Saint kept flowing into Ah Dui's body, and the strong white light enveloped their bodies. He looked at Ah-Dai, knowing that if this goes on, Ah-Dai's body will not be able to bear it at all, and will collapse and die. He has to slow down the input of True Qi and continuously compress the surging energy in Ah-Dai's body to his chest. As the energy input rate has slowed down, Dumb's situation is a little better than before, and the spasms are no longer so severe. Tiangang Sword Saint breathed a sigh of relief, and gradually began to increase the intensity of input. His own twelve success power had been passed to Duan 20% before, and had been completely absorbed by him. Now, all he has to do is to save himself. All of his ten successful powers were passed on to Ah-Dai, and then let him slowly absorb it. This kind of open-top transmission is extremely dangerous. Although the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint has the idea of sacrificing himself, the energy is too huge. If they are not careful, both of them will go crazy and die.

As time went by, the severe pain made Ah'Dai unable to bear it anymore, his consciousness gradually blurred and he entered a coma. In his chest, he had condensed a golden body the same as Dantian. The golden body was white, and its volume was gradually increasing as the surrounding energy was compressed. At this moment, the guardian ring on the left hand of Ah-Dai exudes a faint white light, surrounding Ah-Dai's body, and the soft energy protects his meridians, so that he will not burst into death due to excessive energy. With the help of the guardian ring, Tiangang Sword Saint immediately let go of the worries in his heart, and tried his best to madly lose his remaining skill into Dumb.

Seven days later. Early in the morning, Xi Wen and his six junior brothers quickly came outside the grotto. The huge energy contained in the grotto made them secretly alarmed, and only the Master Tiangang Sword Saint had such a powerful strength. Suddenly, a white light suddenly shot out from the top of the grotto, the light flashed, and the huge energy suddenly disappeared.

Xi Wen was taken aback, "Quickly, let's go in, I'm afraid the old man, Master..." As he said, his body floated into the grotto like lightning. When they entered the grotto, they were all stunned. Duan sat cross-legged on the rock in the middle of the grotto, his body exuding a faint white light, his clothes had turned dark red, and a faint **** smell gradually drifted. In front of Ah Du, there were two sets of dark blue light armor, which were made from the snake skin of the giant spirit snake. That was done by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint for Ah Dui when he was recovering his skills. A dark green bead was placed on the light armor with a faint glow. There was something like a white silk thread beside the beads, which was the giant spirit snake tendons. Beside the light armor, there is a faintly evil skin of the Pluto sword. The black gem on the hilt of the Pluto sword shines with a faint cold light under the white light of Ah-Dai's Except for Ah Dumb and the still-sleeping Golden-Eyed Sacred Evil Dragon, there is no Tiangang Sword Saint in the grotto. Several people looked at each other, the same thoughts flooded their chests-where is the master?

Zhou Wen had the most anxious temperament. He knew that in order to figure out the whereabouts of the Sword Saint of Heaven, he had to wake up Ah-Dai. He floated up and pounced on Ah-Dai. Even in the midst of sorrow and anxiety, Shiven was still very sane. He hurriedly pulled Zhou Wen back and whispered: "What are you doing?"

Zhou Wen said anxiously: "Big brother, don't hold me, I want to wake up dumb and ask him where the master is."

Xi Wen said slightly angrily: "Did you not see Ah'Dai doing exercises? Don't bother me. Let's talk about it when he wakes up."

Zhou Wen gasped constantly, "But, but I'm anxious! Don't you want to know where the master and his old man have gone?"

Xi Wen tapped his right hand to seal Zhou Wen's meridians, and said in a deep voice, "I have to wait in a hurry. Have you forgotten how the master told us? Dumb is the hope of the Sword Sect in the future and must not hurt him." There is no rush in his heart, but if he is disturbed by the cultivation of Dumb now, once he gets into trouble, all the efforts of the Master Tiangang Sword Saint will be wasted.

Chapter 53: The second golden body

The seven were silent, standing there waiting anxiously. One hour later, Dui remained as it was, and the atmosphere in the grotto became extremely heavy. The patience of everyone is disappearing little by little. Finally, just when Xi Wen was about to be unable to bear it, A Duan let out a sigh, the faint light radiating from his body suddenly converged, and slowly opened his eyes.

There seemed to be two cold stars suddenly appearing in the grotto, and the heart-piercing gaze made the seven Xiwen stunned at the same time.

Dui finally woke up. The Tiangang Sword Saint's last efforts were not in vain. He successfully compressed and condensed ten percent of his body's power into Dui's body. The milky white, crystal-like three-inch golden body floated on Dui's chest, except Apart from this golden body, Ah Dui did not feel any other changes in himself. Dan Tian's inch-high silver golden body still maintained its original appearance, but it seemed to be more radiant. At the end of the work, he suddenly felt that his brain was clearer. It seemed that there were short fragments that kept flashing past. The fragments were full of blood and killing. He tried hard to remember, but he couldn't. Grasping the exact content of the clip, he had to give up after several failed attempts. Opening his eyes, he was surprised to find that the seven uncles were all standing in the grotto, staring at him. Quickly stood up and floated to the ground, "Uncle, why are you here?" When it fell on the ground, Dumb realized that all of his original cloth was covered with dried blood, which was hard and sticky, making it very uncomfortable to stick to the skin.

Xiwen ignored the changes in A'Dai's body, and hurriedly asked: "Dai, where is your Master? Where is his old man?"

Dui also realized this problem at the same time, looked around, there was no Tiangang Sword Saint, and said sadly, "Master, the old man said, he is going to another world, as if it is the world where the **** is. His old man. Have you already left?" Thinking that he would never see the Sword Saint of Heaven in a short time, he couldn't help feeling sad.

"The God Realm? The master said he is going to the God Realm, dumb, what did the master tell you?" Xiwen, who had always been prudent, ignored his manners and asked urgently, grabbing Dumb's shoulder.

"Master, don't worry. Master, his elder said that he is too old to survive in this world, and he must go to another world to make a new breakthrough...." A Duan General Tiangang Sword Sheng's previous words are probably repeated again.

Xi Wen and the others looked at each other. Not only were they surprised that the Sword Sage Tiangang had passed all their skills to Ah-Dai, they were also surprised at the words left by the Sword Sage Tiangang. Ascended to the God Realm, if that were the case, the master would not die!

Lu Wen groaned: "Brother, since the master said that he can ascend to the realm of the gods, I think it is very possible. With the master's cultivation base, there are almost no rivals on the mainland, and even the gods will not be much better than the old masters. Right. It seems that we should be happy for the master!"

Xi Wen nodded slightly. After all, the body of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint was not found, and the white light that flashed outside the grotto was also a sign of ascending, which gave everyone hope. He sighed and said: "No matter whether the master passed away or ascended to the gods, we will never see him again. Brothers, let us send him away." He said, kneeling down first. Knocking his head bang. Several other people, including Duan, knelt down without hesitation. After a while, eight shallow pits appeared on the ground.

For a long time, Xi Wen straightened his upper body and folded his red-eyed hands on his chest, "Master, you old man go with peace of mind. You can rest assured, as long as our brothers and sisters are there, the Tiangang Sword Sect will surely develop according to your wishes. May your old man’s spirit in heaven rest in peace. If you really are in another world, we will always bless you."

Dumb said strangely: "Master, Master, his old man has indeed gone to another world, you, why are you..." Hearing what Xiwen said, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Xi Wen shook his head slightly and said, "Dumb, don't say anything, let's get out of here first." He stood up and pulled Dui up. Dumb looked at the sadness of several uncles and pointed at the normal sword The big rock where the holy practiced murmured: "Master, you go to the God Realm first. When Ah Dumb has enough power, he will definitely find you." After speaking, he flew onto the rock on which he was sitting. Put away the light armor, the snake's eyes and snake tendons, and the sword of Hades. Then he floated in front of the sleeping saint evil, took out the blood of the dragon from the collar, and said: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." After the Shengshengjue practice reached the eighth level. , Not only does Ah Dui’s true qi become more vigorous, but since the cultivation and transformation is mainly the practice of mental power, in order to better control the life of vindictive energy, Ah Da’s mental strength has also improved a lot, and now he controls the blood of the dragon. Even more handy. A blue halo floated from the blood of the dragon, covering the body of the holy evil, the light flashed, and the holy evil disappeared, and Ah Du felt that the blood of the dragon had the energy of life again.

With a heavy heart, the Seven Xiwen returned to the Tiangang Sword Sect with Dui. Dui first washed away the blood from his body and put on the armor of the giant spirit snake left by the Tiangang Sword Saint. This is A set of armor covering all parts except the head, hands, and feet. After putting it on, it feels like an extra layer of skin. Not only is it extremely flexible, but it is also very breathable, just like it grows on the body. No matter how the body moves, it will not have the slightest influence. Tie the skin bag of the Pluto sword outside the light armor, and then put on his own ordinary cloth.

There is no need to carry the Tiangang sword anymore, Ah Du's current attire is no different from an ordinary civilian, but his temperament is completely different. Compared with ordinary people, he has a strange look on his body.

In the lobby of the Sword School, Xi Wen sat in the position of the chief, and the other six second-generation disciples sat down, their expressions were very solemn. The biggest reason why the Tiangang Sword Sect has today’s achievements on the mainland is that there is a super master in the Sword Sect—the Tiangang Sword Saint, and now, whether the Tiangang Sword Saint died or ascended to the God Realm, the Tiangang Sword Pai will lose his blessing.

Dumb stood beside Lu Wen, the heavy atmosphere in the lobby made him feel breathless. After a long while, Xi Wen said, "All the younger brothers, since the old man has gone, we must take care of everything about the sword school. This matter must be kept secret. Seventh younger brother, especially you, you are impulsive and easy. Speaking of speaking, you must pay attention from now on. With the second brother, please don't notify him for now. He is not too young, I am afraid he will not be able to bear the situation of the master."

Zhou Wen nodded solemnly and said: "Big brother, don't worry, I will definitely pay attention."

Xi Wen sighed and said, "Dumb, since the master has imparted all his skills to you, your shoulders have put a heavy burden on you, do you understand?"

Dumb lowered his head and said, "Master, don't worry, whenever the Sword Sect is in trouble, I will definitely come back as quickly as possible."

Xi Wen said: "I know you still have a lot to do, including revenge for your master Owen. We won't keep you much. But you have to remember that no matter where you go, you have to ask for a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect Myself, if you do something evil, we won't let you go." At the last sentence, Shivin's tone became severe.

Dumb didn't answer, but nodded silently.

Lu Wen said: "Big brother, then I will take Ah Du to find Brother Rock, and let them go down the mountain as soon as possible."

Xi Wen said: "Okay, then I will trouble you fourth brother. From tomorrow on, the seven of us and the three generations of disciples who have reached the sixth stage of life and life determination will practice the life and life transformation techniques left by the master in order to improve the sword sect faster. At the same time, the junior disciples should also urge their disciples to practice diligently."

"Yes, senior brother."

Lu Wen took Dui out of the lobby, and while walking, he warned: "Dumb, be careful on the road. If there is anything you can't handle by yourself, come back. This will always be your home."

Dumb's eyes were red, thinking of all the things Tiangang Sword Saint had paid for him, and his heart was sad, "Four uncles, after I take revenge on Uncle Owen, I will definitely come back to see you."

Lu Wensai gave Duan a wooden pipe and said, "When necessary, you only need to pull out the cork from the pipe, and then pour the vitality into it, and you can send out a signal to summon the same door. Within a hundred miles around. My fellow mate will rush to help you."

Duan took the wooden pipe and put it into the blood of the dragon. The effect of this wooden pipe seemed to be similar to the scroll Xuan Ye gave him.

At this time, they had already arrived at the room where Rock and Yanli lived. Lu Wen knocked on the door a few times, and the sound of rock thick came from the room, "Who!"

Dui hurriedly said, "Big Brother Rock, it's me. Dui."

The door opened, and Rock and Yanli came out. When they saw Lu Wen, the two hurriedly saluted. Lu Wen smiled and said, "Well, your brothers don't need to be polite. Pack up and go down the mountain with Dumb." After hearing Lu Wen's words, Brother Rock was overjoyed. Although he lives a freehand life here, They have Xiwen's martial arts skills, but they have always been accustomed to freedom, they have long been impatient, and traveling to the mainland is what they yearn for.

"Dumb, did the old man of Juggernaut let you go?" Yan Li asked.

Dumb glanced at Lu Wen and nodded: "Yeah! It's been more than half a year, we should also help the Elves find their people. Otherwise, it would be bad if things are delayed."

Lu Wen said, "Okay, I'll go back first. You don't have to say goodbye to us when you leave. Be careful on the road and don't be impulsive in case of trouble." After speaking, he patted Ah Du on the shoulder, turned and left.

After watching Lu Wen disappear, the rock laughed and said, "Dumb, I can finally go. It's really boring here! Come, go to the house, and wait for us to clean up."

The room where the Rock Brothers lived is very simple, with only two beds, a table and some essential items for life. As the rock tidyed up his clothes, he said, "Dumb, you have changed a lot in the past six months! Yesterday you cut snakeskin with a great skill. If you use it to attack the enemy, it will definitely be more powerful."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Big brother, you have passed the prize. You are also amazing!"

Yan Li had already packed his things, hehe smiled and said, "Okay, you don't have to be polite. I wanted to compete with you, but yesterday I saw your energy transformation skills, I still don't want to try it, otherwise , I was clicked by your yellow scissors and everything was over."

Dui was not as excited as the Rock Brothers. After they were cleaned up, the three of them quietly left the Sword Sect, and under the leadership of the Rock, they followed the right road in front of the mountain and went down the mountain.

"Big Brother Rock, how is the nephew who was shattered by me the other day? Is it better?" Duan still had a sorrow about the broken leg that day.

Rocky said: "Where is it so easy? I hurt my muscles for a hundred days. How can that girl have to rest for three months to recover. One by one is a naughty ghost, this time her leg is broken, just to make her converge and save it. The chickens and dogs in the old sword school are restless."

Duan murmured: "If Yueyue is here, it will be fine. With her recovery magic, maybe one leg injury can be healed soon." Holding the fairy bracelet Xuanyue left him, Dui There was a strong yearning for Xuan Yue in his heart. Although he understood that it was almost impossible for him and Xuanyue to be together, he still couldn't make himself forget the things that happened when he was with Xuanyue.

Looking at Ah Dui's appearance, the rock sighed slightly, and said, "I miss Yueyue. We also miss her very much. I didn't expect that she was actually the daughter of the Holy See's red garments. Or, let's go to the Holy See to find her? "

Rock’s proposal made Ah-Dai's heart slammed, but he quickly rejected the idea, "No, I can't go to her. She and I were originally from two worlds. It's better not to meet. Otherwise, we will definitely do. It caused her even more trouble. Maybe, she has forgotten me now." The thought that Xuan Yue might have forgotten herself a long time ago, Duan's heart suddenly ache, as if a large stone was suppressed in his chest, making him unable to breathe. . Although he has been avoiding his feelings for Xuan Yue, his heart will not deceive him.

Looking at Ah'Dai in sadness, the rock couldn't help thinking of his wife who had died tragically, and said sadly: "How can you be better than me. At least you know where your beloved is. But I, Yuner is dead, and she too Take away my heart."

Yanli looked at the two injured and frowned, "Okay, don't think about it anymore. If you continue to think about it, you will go crazy. Let's hurry up and see who runs faster." After that, he took the lead. , Galloping down the mountain quickly. Dumb and Rock looked at each other, and the two of them showed gazes of comforting each other at the same time, and they screamed, chasing Rock Li.

In the spring of 1995 of the sacred calendar, Dui and Brother Rock, who had accepted all the skills of the Tiangang Sword Saint, left Tiangang Mountain and embarked on the journey of saving the catastrophe.

The three of them all made great progress. After a day of rushing, they finally left the Tiangang Mountains. Looking back at the rolling mountains, the three of them felt like a world away.

Rocky said: "It's dark, let's take a break. We will go west from here until tomorrow morning. It is estimated that in three or four days we will pass through the bright province of the Huasheng Empire and reach the territory of the Sunset Empire. Let’s search each city one by one, and we will surely find the whereabouts of the Elves."

Ah Dui's face suddenly moved, as if he had noticed something, he found that there seemed to be some looming energy around the three of them. Standing up cautiously, A Duan's whole body emitted a faint white light, searching for everything around him. The sounds of insects and birds are heard, but there is no special discovery.

"Dumb, what's the matter with you?" Rock asked.

Dumb sat down and frowned, "Just now I felt like there were people around, but when I listened carefully, there was no movement."

Yanli laughed and said, "There are very few people around the Tiangang Mountains. What are you doing so nervously? Even if there are people, it doesn't matter to us."

Yanli was wrong. The people in the dark had followed them from under Tiangang Mountain, and the four figures were hidden a hundred meters away from them. At the same time, they were amazed at Ah Du's spiritual sense, and more carefully concealed their breath. They are the four holy judges sent by the Holy Vatican to secretly protect Dumb.

Two days later, the three passed through the Tiangang province and entered the territory of the Guangming province.

"Wow, what a tall city wall!" Yan Li exclaimed. In front of them is a huge city. The city wall is more than 30 meters high and is completely repaired by huge stones. There is a moat about 20 meters wide in front of the city. The suspension bridge is lowered to connect the two banks, and there is a constant flow of people. Passing through the suspension bridge, it is very lively. Rocks and rock forces have grown in the Puyan clan since they were young. This is the first time they have seen a city, and they are naturally surprised.

Above the wide gate in the middle of the city wall, a stone plaque is hung high and there are three large characters written in the script of the Holy See-Guangming City.

The rock unfolded the map, looked at it carefully, and said, "This should be the Guangming City, the capital of the Guangming Province. In the Huasheng Empire, this is one of several big cities. It's really magnificent! I heard that the Huasheng Empire a few years ago Based on this, we fought several small-scale battles with the Sunset Empire. Both sides suffered damages, and no one could do anything about it."

Duan agreed with Rock very much. From the outside, this Guangming City was much larger than the small cities of the Red Hurricane tribe, and the broad walls could not be seen at a glance. "Big Brother Rock, let's go in and find a place to rest first. We will continue our journey tomorrow, and since this city is so big, there must be nobles in it, and maybe we can find traces of the Elves."

The rock shook his head and said: "I guess not. The Huasheng Empire has always been bright and dignified in all aspects. It is the only country in the three empires other than the Sodom Federation that does not have a courtyard or a casino. If not for them Dealing with things upright will not get the support of the Tiangang Sword Sect. There should be no nobles who pay high prices to buy the elves and make efforts. The reason why the Moonscar brothers said that the nobles of the Sunset Empire were most suspected of arresting the elves was very reasonable. Yes. The Sunset Empire and the Huasheng Empire are just the opposite. They are the darkest country on the mainland. There are not only jiyuans and casinos rampant, but most of the base camps of many dark forces are located there. The killing crafts that wrap your enemies will be there. Inside."

Ah'Dai's expression changed, and he said, "Killing Craftsmen's Association? Brother, do you know where their headquarters is?" After the increase in skill, Ah'Dai's confidence also increased. He wanted to avenge Owen as soon as possible.

The rock smiled bitterly: "The headquarters of the Shaman Association is very secret, let alone I don't know. Even the people in the Shaman Association, only the high-level people know the location of their headquarters."

Dumb was a little disappointed and said: "It seems that I can only look for it slowly. Brother Rock, what are the jiyuan and casinos you just mentioned? Why haven't I heard of them.

Hearing Dumb's questioning, the rock was speechless and could not speak. Yanli laughed and said, "You'll know when the sunset empire. That's all selling gold caves!"

The rock glared at Yanli, and said, "Brother, that's not a good place, you'd better not touch it."

Dumb didn't understand, so he nodded and said, "Then let's go to the city."

Yan Li seemed to have thought of something suddenly, ah, yelling, Rock and Duan couldn't help but cast their eyes on him. The rock asked: "You were pulled by your tail, what's the blame?"

Yan Li said bitterly, "Brother, we seem to have forgotten an important thing."

The rock was shocked and said: "What's the matter?"

Yan Li said, "We don't have any money! It's hard to move on the mainland without money."

Yan Li's words immediately stunned Ah-Dai and Yan. Yan Li was right. They didn't have any money. All the money from Ah Dui was given to Xuan Yue at first, and it was almost spent all the way. When she left Tiangang Mountain, Xuan Yue was very confused, she only remembered to leave the bracelet to Dumb, but forgot about the money. And when they left Tiangang Mountain, Xi Wen and others were immersed in the grief of the disappearance of Tiangang Sword Saint, and no one cared about these details.

Rock smiled bitterly: "Yeah, why did we forget about this? I'm afraid we can't even afford food if we don't have money. Should we brothers also find a place to work?"

Dumb suddenly changed his expression, remembering what Owen had said to him, and whispered: "Big brothers, I can get money."

Yan Li was overjoyed and said, "What is the solution, please say it quickly."

Dui covered himself with a tall rocky body, summoned his red magic card from the blood of the dragon, and said, "Have you forgotten? I am an intermediate magician! With this card, I can receive the moon bonus. I haven't received it for more than half a year. That sum of money should be enough for us to spend a while."

Yanli laughed and said, "Brother, it's still you, how can we forget this. However, you magician is really different! The kind of magician with superb martial skills and bad magic. Haha!"

Hearing Yan Li said that his magic was bad, Duan couldn't help but think of Coris. In his heart, Coris was a great magician. I secretly said in my heart: Teacher Gris, when I finish dealing with the elves, I will definitely visit you as soon as possible. Then, you will teach me more magic! Dumb must learn from you seriously. How he hopes to return to the psychedelic forest soon! But the things of the elves prevented him from being cloned.

Rock smiled and said: "Don't make fun of dumb. Now that we have money, let's go to the city."

Guangming City is worthy of being one of the most prosperous big cities in the Huasheng Empire. When you enter the city, you will see a wide street with shops on both sides of the street. Cries of sales come and go, and pedestrians come and go in an endless stream. Some nobles' carriages were moving slowly under the driving of the imperial lords, a scene of prosperity. Coming here, Ah-Dai felt very comfortable as if he had arrived home. The pedestrians around him were all black and yellow with black eyes, and no one would cast him curious eyes.

Rock and Yanli are exactly the opposite of Duan. They are sturdy, with shaved heads and weapons on their bodies. They immediately become the focus of pedestrians' attention, and the two of them are very uncomfortable. Yanli almost turned into anger a few times, but accidentally discovered that there were some beautiful girls among the people who looked at him. The anger in his heart suddenly subsided, and he also put on a look of standing tall.

Upon hearing that the Mage Union was not far from here in the east of the city, the three of them hurriedly speeded up their pace and went straight to the Mage Union.

Like the small city of the Red Hurricanes, the Magician Union of Guangming City still lives next to the mercenary union, but the Magician Union here is not so depressed. Although the number of people entering and leaving is far less than that of the mercenary union, there are also many magicians coming and going. Moreover, in terms of architecture, the magician union here is much larger than the mercenary union. The hexagonal tall building completely compares the mercenary union. Dumb didn't know that this was the general meeting of the wizards' union on the entire continent.

"That's it, let's go in." The three of them walked toward the gate of the wizard's union. As soon as I walked to the door, a wooden staff suddenly stretched out inside the door, and an old voice said: "You are wrong, the mercenary union is next door, this is the magician union." Duan looked intently and saw the magician. There was a man inside the gate of the trade union. This man had white beard and hair. He looked at least seventy or eighty years old. He was dressed in ordinary civilian clothes with his bags under his eyes. He did not look at the three dumbs.

Duan had encountered the same situation, and said hurriedly, "Grandpa, I am a magician, and I am here to receive the monthly gift. These two are my friends. Let us go in." The old man slowly raised his head. Looking at the three of them, his eyes were dirty and yellow, and he looked at them up and down with a dull look. Dumb was afraid that the old man would not believe it, and hurriedly passed his magic card over. The old man didn't answer, just glanced at it, and said, "Since you are a magician, then you can go in. They are not two, you can't enter."

Yan Li was angry and said: "You old man, why are you so dull? We just went in and took a look, and we didn't make trouble. When my brother finishes receiving the money, we will leave immediately."

The old man snorted and didn't even look at Rock Power. He still said that, "It's not a magician, you can't enter."

When Yan Li was about to break out, Ah Dai hurriedly grabbed him and said, "Two big brothers, if this grandfather doesn't let you in, it's not easy for him to guard the gate here at such an age! Let's not make it difficult. He’s here. Wait for me here, and I’ll be out soon."

The rock pulled Yanli's jacket, Yanli snorted, and said in a low voice: "Dumb brother, then you can come out quickly. Haven't you seen the restaurants on both sides of the street? Brother, I'm already in trouble. We'll have a good meal later. Since I went to Tiangang Mountain, we haven't had a good meal. The birds are almost fading out of my mouth."

Dui nodded and turned around to enter the wizard's union. The rock pulled Yanli to the side and sat down in the corner, waiting for Dui.

As Dumb went through the gate, he rushed to the old man and said, "I'm so sorry, my eldest brother is actually very good-minded, but he has a bad temper. Please don't care about it."

The old man's turbid eyes glanced at the dumb, and said faintly: "The world is getting worse! There are not many young people like you, so go in."

Dumb smiled slightly, and walked into the wizard's union after saluting the old man. The light in the union is not very strong. There is a huge six-pointed star pattern on the ground. On the inside, there are several unmarked counters. There are already more than a dozen magicians in the middle of the hall, chatting together, all seeming to be talking about magic experience. One of the magicians saw Ah-Dai walking in and greeted him with a smile: "This little brother is very face-to-face! You are new here." This person is wearing a red magic robe and looks more than 30 years old. Years old, the sign on the magic robe shows that this person is a senior magician.

Seeing people take the initiative to say hello, Ah Dai hurriedly said, "Hello, I am new here, and I am here to receive the monthly gift. May I ask, who do I want to receive?"

The middle-aged man smiled and said: "So the little brother came from a long way! I don't know what level of magician you are, why don't you wear a magic robe?" Proud of the magic robe.

A Duan said in embarrassment, "My magic robe is broken, so I just came here to get a set by the way. I passed the certification of an intermediate magician."

Chapter 54: Demon Call

The middle-aged man nodded and said: "So, my name is Simon, I'm a steward here. Give me your magic card, and I will help you get the moon blessing and magic robe."

Dui quickly passed the magic card in his hand and said gratefully: "Uncle, thank you."

Simon took a look at Dumb’s magic card, and smiled: "It turns out that you, like me, are also a fire magician. We will have more opportunities to communicate in the future. You are welcome here. When the magician is here, it is equivalent to returning. It’s the same as your own home. Oh, by the way, don’t call me uncle, I’m still very young! Haha.” After speaking, he turned and walked to a counter on the side. Passed the magic card of Dumb to the counter, saying something.

The magicians chatting on the side all smiled kindly at Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai hurriedly responded. Among these magicians, four or five were all at the level of great magicians, and they seemed to be very familiar with each other. A great water magician said: "The Sunset Empire has been a lot more honest recently. I don't know what conspiracy those nasty guys are brewing."

The earth magician wearing a yellow magician robe said: "Huh, a lowly race like the Sunset Empire should have been extinct long ago."

"I can't say that. Although the Sunset Empire is dark, I can't say that there is no good person. However, if they dare to provoke, I believe we will give them a good look."

A younger senior fire magician proudly said: "How can the sunset empire be our Huasheng opponent? They can't deal with our unique magician army alone."

The previous great water magician said: "You can't say that. Although the strength of the sunset empire is not as good as ours, they have indeed made a lot of money through those dark forces. If you want to say rich, our Huasheng can't compare to them! I also know that many large mercenary groups on the mainland are employed by the Sunset Empire, and the Killing Hand Association and the Thieves Guild have colluded with them. If we really want to fight, our situation is not optimistic."

When everyone heard this, they suddenly pondered. When Ah-Dai heard the four-character killer, he became angry and hated: "What is the killer? I will kill them sooner or later."

The eyes of the magicians suddenly fell on Ah-Dai, and the arrogant fire magician praised: "Okay, little brother, have the backbone. Killing craftsmanship is nothing, only sneaky calculations, there will always be a day when they die. Don't let me see the people who kill the manual, otherwise, if I see one, I will kill one."

The veteran and respectful water system master said: "It is good for young people to be arrogant, but don't be too much. The strength of the Killing Hand Society is still very large."

Star snorted. Although his opinion was different from that of the old magician, he did not refute it out of respect.

At this moment, Ah-Dai suddenly felt a strong murderous aura permeating, the black figure flashed away, and a dim light went straight to Star. The "bad" body moved at will, and Ah Dui instantly exerted his vitality to the extreme, his body leaped out like lightning, the second hair came first, and he reached out to grab the shadow.

With a soft ding sound, the ghostly light was successfully grasped by Duan. It was a short black blade that was not long. I don't know what is painted on the short blade, but it will only reflect a trace of light, and the person who masters the short blade, The whole body was wrapped in a black tights, with a hood on his head, except for a pair of cold eyes, no skin was exposed. There were dark purple traces on the short blade's blade, which was obviously poisonous, but in the palm of Ah Dui's gleaming yellow light, he couldn't move forward any further.

Several magicians reacted and exclaimed at the same time: "Killer."

Seeing that he couldn't regain his weapon, the assassin suddenly let go, and slammed into Dumb. When he heard the identity of the other assassin, Dumb's heart surged with anger, and he greeted him with a fist. The assassin's body suddenly twisted strangely, a plume of smoke rose from his body, and disappeared in place. Suddenly a sharp golden wind came from behind Dumb. A sneak attack at this speed didn't have any effect on Dui. A black light suddenly pierced through the air on one side of his body, floating away from the place like a wisp of smoke. Dui snorted coldly, and the short blade in his hand condensed a huge amount of vitality. The Qi machine completely locked the killer. The huge pressure immediately stagnated the assassin's body. Dui took this opportunity and the short blade had already caught up. The shoulder of the killer. Silky air-conditioning leaked from the short blade, making the killer afraid to move.

The process of fighting back and forth only took a few seconds, and Star fully reflected at this moment. Just about to chant a spell, he found that the killer had been restrained by dumb. Looking at the poison-feeding short blade in Dumb's hand, remembering the speed of the killer's attack just now, his whole body was already drenched with cold sweat. For magicians, killers and thieves are the most terrifying enemies, and their attacks are impossible to guard against.

Dumb breathed a sigh of relief, and said bitterly: "You are a killer. Tell me where the headquarters of the Killing Craftsmanship Association is? Tell me and I will let you go."

There was a sardonic look in the assassin’s eyes, and he gave a cold snort, and suddenly his head slammed in the direction of the short blade. Dumb had not had time to react. The assassin’s throat had been cut by the sharp short blade, and blood spurted out immediately, although Dui was protected by a vigorous anger, and he was not contaminated with blood, but such a scene still made him feel nauseous.

Star's face was pale, and he leaned to the side of Ah-Dai, gasping slightly, "Little brother, thank you. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I would have died by this **** just now."

The old water magician said angrily: "This killer guild is too rampant, I dare to go to the headquarters of our magicians' union to provoke."

Simon also ran over, looking at the assassin who had died in anger, his face sank as water, and he handed him the magic robe, Yue Bong and magic cards he had brought for Ah Dai, and said, "Don’t be angry, everyone, I will go to the president Your lord reports." After speaking, he turned and ran back.

Star squatted down and pulled off the headgear from the killer's face. The killer who has died looks very ordinary, of the kind that will never be found in the crowd. His face has turned blue-purple, and purple blood is constantly flowing from the wound on his neck, which shows how strong the poison on that short blade is. He touched the assassin's arms, and a small black metal card fell out, with a word forbearance on it. Star exclaimed: "It's a ninja. Why is he killing me?"

A magician rushed to the dumb: "Little brother, aren't you from our union? How did you use martial arts just now?"

Dumb scratched his head and said: "My magic level is not high, only the most common fire magic. I joined the magician guild, mainly for the purpose of receiving the monthly offerings to make a living. I am a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Martial arts is my major."

As soon as I heard Ah-Dai said that he was a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, the magicians suddenly became in awe. On the mainland, due to the scarcity of magicians, so they have a high status, magicians generally look down on samurai. But there is an exception in the Huasheng Empire, that is the Tiangang Sword Sect. The Tiangang Sword Sect is the state faction of the Huasheng Empire, and the status of the Tiangang Sword Saint is so high that even the king of the Huasheng Empire respects him. In the Huasheng Empire, the status of the disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect is by no means inferior to the sacrificial offerings of the Holy See.

Star's mood has calmed down, and said: "It turns out that my brother is a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect. No wonder Kung Fu is so good. I Star makes you a friend. I have to say something in the future, brothers are absolutely duty-bound. Our Mage Union has always been. Made good friends with the Tiangang Sword Sect." His previous arrogance has disappeared, and his hearty words made Ah-Dai feel good about Dasheng.

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded, "The Mage's Guild is nothing great. The half-handed kung fu of the Tiangang Sword Sect is not a big deal. You will die together today."

Everyone looked towards the door in amazement, and saw more than two dozen people in black walking in. The five people in the lead were all dressed in black magic robes. The rest were the same as the previous killer costumes. The old man guarding the door hid aside and did not interfere with the entry of these people, but there was no trace of panic on his face.

The old water magician frowned and said, "Who are you? Come to our magicians' union and want to cause trouble?"

Two people in black were separated to guard the gate, and the rest walked in. One of the black-robed magicians said coldly: "Yes, we are here to cause trouble, not only to cause trouble, but also to smooth your magician. Trade union. Come on." More than a dozen black-clothed assassins turned into black shadows, rushing to the magicians like lightning, and they didn't have the opportunity to chant spells at all. Originally, they had previously sent a killer to sneak in. They wanted to assassinate a few magicians present in order to weaken the strength of the wizards’ guild, but the appearance of dumb destroyed their deployment, and they came with all their strength to make sure In the shortest time, it caused the greatest blow to the Wizards’ Union.

Dui clearly knew the magician's weakness, and hurriedly stood in front of everyone, the yellow energy sword suddenly swept out and brought a huge vigorous vigor to block the figure of the people in black.

The assassins were not weak in their skills, and they rushed up from different angles. The three assassins in the front suddenly slammed into the vindictive anger made by Duan. In a loud noise, the bodies of the three of them flew back upside down. With a slight internal injury, Dui was afraid that these people would hurt the magicians behind him. He no longer kept his hands. The energy sword in his hand sprinkled a light yellow light under his control, in the lightning-like figure of Dui. Next, all the attacks of more than a dozen killers were taken down. The figure flickered, and in the light, it was impossible to see the figure of Dui. The assassins' weapons immediately broke into two pieces when they encountered Ah-Dai's energy sword. In the brief confrontation, there were more than a dozen broken blades on the ground. But these assassins seemed to have not only one weapon in their possession, and they drew out other weapons to constantly wander in front of Dumb, looking for opportunities to attack.

A'Dai stood in place like a mountain, the silver golden body in his dantian was generous, making his skill at its peak, and a huge pressure continued to spread from A'Dai, making the killers in front of him afraid Attack easily.

Suddenly, a black mist emanated from the two black-robed magicians on the left, drifting towards Dui. Dui didn't know what magic it was. He was shocked, moved back, and shot out his left palm. Under the white light, he abruptly blocked the black mist from advancing, but the huge energy contained in the black mist brought tremendous pressure to him. With a snorting, his whole body was shocked, and the killers rushed in time. Come up. When Duan resisted those assassins, his skills were a lot slower, and the yellow energy sword in his hand was suddenly dimmed. At this time, the magicians behind Ah'Dai also completed their spells, and all kinds of gorgeous magic suddenly flew out from behind Ah'Dai, facing the black mist in the air. The puff sounded, these gorgeous magics disappeared as soon as they were thrown into the black mist, and they were unable to shake the black mist energy. All the pressure was concentrated on Dumb. It turns out that these magicians of the Magician Guild, in order to quickly use magic, all used the same elementary and intermediate attack magic at level 5. Under the six-level dark magic that has the same attributes, the dark mist is immediately offset. Up.

The black robe magician in the center snorted coldly, raised his skinny right hand, made a void move, and muttered a few spells. A weird thing happened. The killer who committed suicide on the ground suddenly stood up, his face was still the same as he was when he died, his hands were stretched out, and he suddenly rushed to Dui.

Duan was taken aback, facing the enormous pressure, he broke out. Roared: "Heaven and earth net." The yellow energy sword in his hand and the vindictive energy that resisted the dark mist eroded soul suddenly retracted, and his hands continued to draw yellow rays in the air, and the silk-like solid energy was transformed by the technique. A tiny bit of it fluttered out, woven into a big net in the sky, and cast it toward the killer and the black mist. Such a weird effort scared all the killers back quickly. One of the slower killers was covered by the light net, and his body suddenly turned into countless tiny blood clots, and he disappeared before he could even make a sound. The killer who was originally turned into a zombie by the black-robed magician got the same fate, completely dismembered into pieces of meat. The black mist that was comparable to the anger of Ah-Dai just now, when it encountered the solid energy of the sky and earth net, it melted quickly like ice and snow met a raging fire. The Sword Saint of Tiangang was right, and it changed. The solid vindictiveness that comes out is definitely the nemesis of any magic. Dumb ignored the nausea, the speed of the optical network did not decrease, and went straight to the five magicians at the door.

This move is one of the three life-saving tricks passed by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint to Ah-Dai. With Ah-Dai's current skill, only 30% of the power can be exerted. Otherwise, none of those assassins will be able to escape.

The headed black-robed magician gave a horror, took out a black bead from his arms, formed a weird handprint with his hands, and shouted: "Qi." The black bead flashed a weird red light and shattered. Cracked, a dark red mist floated out, greeted the nearby light net with a screaming howl. In the chick sound, the light of the light net gradually dimmed, and the red mist disappeared. Dumb felt that the energy he emitted was violently shocked, and his whole body was hot, and a mouthful of blood was spurted out. To his surprise, he hurriedly recovered the residual energy from the sky and the earth. This full blow had consumed nearly half of his skill.

The black-robed magician seemed to be angry. He whispered something. The four magicians beside him kept sending large black energy bombs to Duan and others, making Duan and the other magicians busy dealing with them. He did not rush over again, but quietly guarded behind the five black-robed magicians. The black-robed magician headed by his right hand stroked the void in front of him, and a black crack suddenly appeared in the air. He reached in and took out a magic wand. This rod looks very weird and can also be described as horrible. The staff is pale, and the staff is made of a long piece of bone. The head of the staff is the skull of a human skull, and the eyes of the skull are shining with a strange green light. What Duan didn't know was that this magic wand was very famous among the dark forces and was called the Nether Wand.

A large number of black magic energy bombs made it very difficult for everyone to deal with. Although most of these magicians are advanced or above, their magical natural attributes are not as good as dark magic, so every time a dark magic bullet is destroyed, they consume a lot of mana. Only when Dui's life changes are resisted, can it be easier. The magic level of the four black-robed magicians seemed to be very high and profound, and the magic energy bounced in their low spells, and there was no sign of stopping at all.

Due to the use of the net of heaven and earth, the energy in the body was consumed rapidly, and the light of the silver golden body in the dantian had dimmed. A small yellow energy shield was transformed into each of his hands to resist the attack of the dark energy bomb. In order to protect the magician behind him, more than 70% of the attacks were taken by dumb, and he could no longer spare his hands. Stopped the black-robed magician named the leader.

At this moment, two roars sounded from outside the door, and the assassins separated seven or eight people to greet them. It turned out that the rock and the rock force rushed over when they discovered the situation here. Although their skill is not weak, they can't rush in for a while in the face of a large number of assassins, brandishing weapons and constantly rushing in the assassins. Their weapons contain a huge amount of vindictiveness, and the assassins will arrive in a short time. They couldn't help them, and the two sides were in a stalemate.

The headed black-robed magician seemed to have no idea what was going on. He slowly raised the Nether Bone Staff in his hand and sang in deep voice: "Soul sleeping in the darkness! I call you in the name of the demon Tistal , Concentrate your huge resentment, descend into the world under my guidance, and devour the life in front of you.” With the completion of the spell, the skull-headed eyes on the staff of the Nether glowed green, in the black robe mage’s Under the wave, a black magic hexagram with a diameter of three meters appeared on the ground in front of him, and the wizards’ union suddenly became cloudy and windy, and the screaming howling continued to be heard from the black hexagrams on the ground, and the black hexagram suddenly became brighter. Let go, a black skeleton crawled out of it, carrying a bone knife in his hand, and walked over to Dumb and the others step by step. The black six-pointed star didn't mean to stop. The disgusting dark zombies and the huge necromancers crawled out one by one.

Behind Ah Dui did not know who exclaimed, and shouted: "No, this is the call of the devil, you dare to use this magic, are you afraid of being condemned?" The call of the devil is a dark type of taboo magic, this magic can be called The devil in the demon world attacks the enemy, but the biggest disadvantage is that the summoned dark creatures will not return to the demon world. Moreover, as long as no one stops the magic, the summoning will continue. The later the dark creatures come out, the more powerful they are. Big. Even among the dark magicians, this magic is absolutely not allowed to be used, and driving this spell requires a lot of energy, and I didn't expect it to be used in the hands of this black robe magician.

After using this magic, the black-robed mage at the head looked very tired. He could only stand firm with the support of a killer behind him. He hehe sneered, "All the pigs in the Huasheng Empire deserve to die, goddamn? Here I am. It’s the heavens. Will the gods you believe in come to save your humble lives? The great devil will swallow all your souls and will never be exalted, haha, hahahaha." He laughed wildly, laughing Full of resentment.

At this moment, the first skeleton had already walked in front of Dui. The black magic bullet disappeared as the skeleton rushed forward. Dui had no time to breathe. The bone knife in the skeleton's hand had already slashed at him, facing such a weird sight. A Duan's heart shook, and the white light that gave off anger suddenly released, resisting the dark aura emanating from the skeleton, and suddenly punched out, and the skeleton suddenly exploded into dust under the huge energy of anger. However, behind the skeletons, there were dark creatures one after another, and they continuously drilled out of the dark six-pointed stars. In just a short time, as many as seven or eight have emerged.

At this moment, the purple flame light suddenly fell from the air, and the hot energy would drill out to completely envelop the dark creatures. An unpleasant smell came, and those dead creatures had been turned into ashes. At the back door of the Wizards’ Guild, six old people wearing magic robes of various colors appeared. Their faces were serious, their eyes flashed with angry light, and they were constantly singing spells. Huge fluctuations of magical energy continue to upload from them, showing their powerful strength.

The head black-robed magician was surprised. His purpose of coming here this time was to weaken the strength of the magician union, and if possible, try to eliminate the magician here. Their plan was thoughtful and effective. If the Taiping Wizards’ Guild was attacked by a large number of killers, they would have suffered heavy casualties if they didn’t have time to sing magic, but maybe it’s really blessed by the gods, dumb and rock brothers come at this time When he got here, Ah-Dai used his powerful martial arts to dismantle the assassin's attack, making these men in black unable to succeed. What the Black Robe Mage didn't even expect was that the president of the Mage Guild and the five elders were all here, and the elders were usually stationed in other branches. Faced with these six magicians who reached the level of wizards, they couldn't please. He shouted in a deep voice: "Let's go." The assassins covered the five black-robed magicians and quickly withdrew outwards. Before leaving, he waved the Nether Staff in his hand and shot a strange green light into the black six-pointed star.

Several dark creatures sprang from the black six-pointed star on the ground. Dumb knew that he was coming to support him, and his strong hatred for the killer drove him to fly and chase the black man who was about to run away. . Under his urging, the silver golden body at the dantian radiated a lot, instantly raising the remaining skill to the apex, shooting yellow energy threads in his hand to entangle the man in black.

However, Dui had forgotten the black six-pointed star on the ground. Just as he was about to cross over the six-pointed star, suddenly, a huge black shadow emerged from the six-pointed star. Dui had no time to dodge, and his chest was hit by the black shadow. Then, the whole person flew out suddenly. As he used most of his power to attack, the vigor of the bodyguard suddenly became much weaker. The huge impact force caused his internal organs to be violently shaken, and the guardian ring shining white light at the right time to protect the body of Dui. But the impact was very strong. Under the instant impact of that surging power, the bones of Dumb's chest rattled. If it hadn't been protected by the light armor made of giant spirit snake skin, his sternum would have been fractured.

In the bang, Ah-Dai’s body was inlaid on the sturdy ceiling of the Mage’s Union Hall, spouting a few mouthfuls of blood. The silver golden body in the dantian exuded a faint light, protecting his internal organs, and the severe pain made Ah-Dai He was dizzy for a while, and he did not expect that he would suffer such a heavy blow as soon as he stepped into the mainland as his skill increased greatly.

The black shadow rushing out of the black six-pointed star has fallen on the ground. It turned out to be a bone dragon six or seven meters long. If it weren’t for the vastness of the hall of the Mage’s Guild, this behemoth might not be able to contain him. The hardest head hit Dumb's chest, giving the people in black a chance to escape. Before being hit by it, the energy thread emitted still caught a few killers. As A'dai's body swayed, the killers flew towards the newly emerged bone dragon. The bone dragon roared frantically, the huge dragon claws caught the killers, and the green light flashed in his eyes. Without hesitation, he tore the killers into pieces of meat. In the screams, The killer’s flesh and blood was scattered everywhere, and the **** scene made the members of the Wizards Guild vomit.

At this time, the magic of the six old magicians had been completed, and the huge magic energy of different colors went towards the bone dragon and the black six-pointed star cover like layers of enchantments. The several dark creatures that had emerged before suddenly turned to ashes in front of the powerful magic. However, other magicians were shocked that the huge bone dragon did not seem to be affected by magic. Except for the earth-type magical earth-cracking rock burst which caused him some trouble, other magic hits its white bones. The above does not play any role.

The bone dragon seemed to be irritated by magic. His body suddenly swayed, and the bone wings that could not make him fly constantly flapped. The huge tail swept across the wall to the side. In the loud noise, the wizards’ union gave enchantment protection. The wall suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, two unions entered the courtyard. Otherwise, passers-by would not be scared to death by the terror of the bone dragon.

The dumb who was embedded in the roof was already better at this moment. He was struggling to get out of the roof. Suddenly, he felt the blood of the dragon on his chest agitated and trembled constantly. There was a movement in his heart, knowing that it was Sheng Xie waking up. Omens. He clearly understood that under the Bone Dragon sneak attack, he had basically lost his combat effectiveness now. Perhaps, only the Holy Evil could help. The dumb, who was hit hard, did not expect the appearance of the holy evil to bring much surprise to the magicians present, and he resolutely recited the spell of the blood of the dragon.

A blue gloomy light emerged from Ah-Dai’s chest, and a huge and loud dragon roar sounded. The bone dragon was shocked, looking up in the direction of Ah-Dai, a huge gray figure rushed down from the sky, crashing. During the sound, the bone dragon flew out and fell to the center of the hall. This huge gray shadow is the holy evil. The appearance of the holy evil has changed again before it eats the inner alchemy of the Ten Thousand Years Giant Spirit Snake. The scales on his body are shining with silver-gray light. There is a layer of luster than before. The body is more than four meters long. With the wings open, the seven golden sharp horns behind them became stronger, and the golden eyes shot cold light. It signed an equal contract with Ah-Dai, and the two were connected with each other. Naturally, they knew that the bone dragon was the murderer who severely wounded Ah-Dai. At this time, the whole body exuded huge pressure and glared at the fallen bone dragon.

The body length of an adult dragon is generally more than 15 meters. This 7-meter-long bone dragon itself is a small dragon. The remaining bones after death are invaded by the soul of the dark demon world to maintain its strength. Although he lost his consciousness, his subconscious perception as a dragon made him clearly understand the power of the dragon in front of him, shaking the huge bones of his body, a little afraid to step forward.

All the magicians were stunned. They stared blankly at the two powerful creatures in front of them. Sheng Xie didn't care what the other party was, and Duan was his closest person, and hurting Duan was equivalent to hurting himself. With a roar on the sky, Sheng Xie suddenly rushed forward and pounced on the bone dragon in front of him. Because the bone dragon has lost its body, it only has ordinary physical attack capabilities. Similarly, he also has strong magic resistance, but how can its speed be compared with the holy evil? After taking the Giant Spirit Snake Inner Pill, Sheng Xie's strength has increased greatly. Although he is not as big as a bone dragon, his strength is not inferior. He opened his mouth and bit on a bone on the bone of the bone dragon. Pulling, he immediately took the body of the bone dragon, slammed the bone dragon aside, and the bones that had been bitten by the holy evil had broken. Sheng Xie's golden eyes shot out two faint golden lights, and the sacred energy shot out, accurately hitting the two horrified green lights on the bone dragon skull. The divine energy is the guest star of the dark creature like the bone dragon. The bone dragon hissed horribly, and his whole body suddenly shook. The astral energy in the head was the foundation for supporting its body, and it was suddenly hit hard, and the whole body shook violently. The body curled up together, the arrogant arrogance just now disappeared, and he lowered his head, not daring to look at the holy evil, and looked pitiful waiting for death.

Chapter 55: Conquer the Bone Dragon

Ah Dui finally broke free from the roof, his whole body weak and weak, falling to the ground. Sheng Xie couldn't take care of hunting down the bone dragon. He fluttered the huge dragon wings to greet him. Then he attached Ah-Dai to his back, and then fell down. Ah-Dai rode on the first root of Sheng Xie’s head. In the middle of the second golden horn at the front of his back, he grabbed the first golden horn and breathed continuously. The remaining vitality in his body healed his injured body, and the feeling of weakness spread throughout his body.

The holy evil roared and walked towards the bone dragon step by step, feeling the threat of death, the huge body of the bone dragon curled up constantly trembled. Dumb felt soft in his heart, patted Sheng Xie's back, and said, "Forget it, don't kill it. It is only used by the bad guys. It won't help you kill it." The bone dragon nodded repeatedly, a pitiful pair. Under the attack of the sacred energy of the holy evil just now, it actually seemed to have some consciousness.

Sheng Xie stunned, stopped, and hummed at the bone dragon. The bone dragon fell to the ground in fright, and did not dare to move. Dui turned his head and looked at all the magicians, and saw that they all seemed to have fallen into the fixation method, including the six old magicians who came out later, standing in place one by one, all eyes focused on Dui. The black six-pointed star was shrouded in colorful light, unable to release dark creatures, and the situation was finally controlled. The rocks and rock power have also rushed in, and they looked a little embarrassed, their clothes were torn a few times, and the giant spirit snakeskin vest faintly revealed. They hadn't seen Sheng Xie either, and were at a loss where they were. Dumb realized that he was too impulsive, and even released the holy evil in front of everyone.

Reluctantly controlling his body, A Duan jumped off Sheng Xie's back, and when he landed, his body almost fell down. Sheng Xie's golden eyes showed a worried look, and the big head rubbed against Dui, as if asking about his injury. A Dumb said softly: "Xiao Xie, I'm fine, I don't want to kill this bone dragon, what should I do?"

Sheng Xie blinked, raised his front paw, pointed at Ah Dui's chest, and groaned softly. A dumb heart moved, and he immediately understood the meaning of the holy evil, and said in a low voice: "There are too many people here, you should go back first. Use the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light came from Dui. The chest revealed, the bone dragon was sucked in first, and the holy evil then entered the blood of the dragon under the light of blue light.

Dui sat down on the ground, breathing non-stop. He desperately needs to find a place to heal. The holy evil disappeared, and everyone gradually came to a sense of surprise. Rock and Yanli quickly stepped forward and helped Adumb up. Yanli asked, "Dumb, what the **** is going on! What are the two big guys just now?"

Six old magicians surrounded by the rest of the magicians, Star said: "Little brother, what kind of magic was that you just now! It's so amazing that you can summon such a big creature, it's incredible. Now, the summoning magic has long been lost, where did you learn it?"

Dui smiled bitterly: "Don't ask me, I, I..." The violent dizziness made Dui unable to hold on anymore, his body softened and he fainted in the arms of the rock. Fainting, maybe the best way to answer everyone's questions.

The only earth magician among the six old magicians frowned and said: "This kid is too exhausted, let him rest first." He looked at Brother Rock, and said: "I am the president of the Wizards Guild, the earth magician. Shikari, thank you for your help, please follow us to the back first."

Looking at Ah Dumb's weakness, the rock nodded and said, "Well then, I'm sorry to trouble you, President Kari."

Kari turned his head to look at the magicians around him, and said in a deep voice: "No one will tell you what happened today. Rilko, you go find someone to repair the union's house. No one is close to the sealed one. The dark passage, five elders, please go to the sacrificial hall in the city yourself and invite the bishop there. Maybe his light magic can completely eliminate this dark passage." Because the relationship between the Huasheng Empire and the Holy See is not Very good, so, there is the most sacrificial hall in Guangming City, but the sacrificials generally don't interact with ordinary people, and only the elders of the Wizards' Guild have the ability to invite their bishops. Fortunately, the black-robed magician who used taboo magic did not exert the true power of this taboo magic because of insufficient skill. Otherwise, even the five elders of the wizards' union and President Kari would not be able to seal the dark passage.

The five elders nodded one after another and led their orders. Kari rushed towards the rock and said: "You come with me." As he said, he turned and walked back.

Kari didn't ask the Rock Brothers anything, but arranged a big room for them and asked the water magician in the trade union to give A-Dai a simple treatment. Duan's internal organs were shaken, and under the treatment of the water magician, the injury gradually stabilized, but the skill was consumed too much, and it was temporarily unable to wake up. Kari ordered the people to provide a lot of food to Brother Rock and told them to call the guard at the door to look for him when Dui woke up.

After arranging everything, Kari led more than a dozen members of the Magic Guild to the City Lord's Mansion in Guangming City. Although Kari didn't show any emotions on the surface, he was extremely angry. The enemy's sneak attack was obviously premeditated, so many assassins and dark magicians appeared in the city of light, he didn't even get any news. The other party unexpectedly used taboo magic such as Devil's Summon, apparently trying to destroy the wizard's union, even destroying the city of light, and his intentions were so vicious, which shocked the earth magician who had practiced for many years. He understood that this sneak attack was not only aimed at the Mage Union, but also at the entire Huasheng Empire.

When he came to the gate of the city lord's mansion, Kari stopped and rushed to the guard: "Please give us a message. It is said that the president of the Magician Guild, Kari, begged to see the lord of the city."

When the guard saw so many magicians, he was so frightened, he hurriedly agreed, and quickly went back to his house to report. After a while, the gate of the mansion opened wide, and a middle-aged man in his fifties greeted him surrounded by guards. This man had a righteous face. Although he was over fifty, he had no old attitude and had deep eyes. His eyes showed his extraordinary scheming, a plain white cloth robe could not cover his stalwart figure. It was Aldous, Lord of Bright City. He has a very high position in the Huasheng Empire, especially in the military department. He is second only to the commander-in-chief. He has always been bravely fighting for the first place in the war, rushing to the forefront of the army, and he is loved by the soldiers. The army of the Guangming Province is under his control, directly under the command of the empire. At the same time, he is also the brother of the current queen of the empire, a hereditary marquis, otherwise, the Huasheng Empire would not send him to guard such an important place in the province of Guangming.

"President Cary, what brought you here." Aldous laughed and greeted him. The relationship between the Mage’s Union and the Huasheng Empire has always been much better than that of other countries. The Huasheng Empire is also the only country with a magician army. Therefore, even if a great official such as Aldous sees the magician’s union Long is also respectful. What's more, the two have been friends for many years.

Cary sighed and said, "My Lord City Lord, let's go in and talk about it. I have something very important to report to you."

Aldos was stunned, looking at Kari's heavy expression, knowing that something very important must have happened, and hurriedly said: "President, please inside." The two entered the city lord surrounded by guards and magicians. At the mansion, Aldous retreated left and right, and brought Cary to his secret room. Kari asked the magician who followed him to guard outside, leaving him and Aldous in the secret room. Aldous said in a deep voice, "Brother Cary, what's going on, can you come to me in person."

Kari's eyes showed concern and said: "This time the matter is very serious. Just now, more than 20 people broke into our wizards' union, tried to kill our wizards, and used dark taboo magic. Among these people are five dark magicians. Depending on their strength, at least one has the level of a magician. The rest are killers with strong skills."

Aldous was shocked. The public security in Guangming City has always been very good. Suddenly this happened, and it was in the Mage's Union. As the city lord, he had an inescapable responsibility. Hurriedly said: "Brother Kari, what about the union casualties? I didn't get a report on my side!"

Kari sighed and said, "Thanks to a man who claimed to be a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect who happened to be in the trade union, his martial arts were very strong, and he was hit hard to block the attacks of those people. It bought us time. However, those people actually used the forbidden demon summons, obviously thinking that we were so vicious in the Wizards’ Guild, there must be a certain reason. They have already escaped."

Aldous pondered for a moment, turned his head and walked out of the secret room, and ordered his personal guards to give orders to immediately martial the city of Guangming and send troops to search for the enemy's traces.

After giving the order, Aldous returned to the secret room, "I have sent someone to search. Brother Kari, who you said would be so bold, even your wizards’ union would dare to move."

Cary snorted coldly and said, "I don't need to point it out. I think you should be able to guess it."

Aldous took a deep breath and murmured: "You mean, are people from the Sunset Empire?"

Cary nodded and said with deep meaning: "The Magician Union has always been attached to the Huasheng Empire, and it will inevitably pose a great threat to the Sunset Empire. The total number of magicians in the other three countries is not as large as the Huasheng Empire. Moreover, those magicians are basically under the control of the union. If Huasheng goes to war with the sunset, with the help of the magicians, I am afraid it will be difficult for the sunset empire to please!"

Aldous walked back and forth in the secret room. After a long while, he stopped. He shot a cold light in his eyes and said, "So, the Sunset Empire has the ambition to invade our territory."

Carrie said: "Although it is still impossible to prove that the Sunset Empire really has this intention, it must be prevented. With the treacherousness of the Sunset Empire, I am afraid it is impossible. Only they have the ability to summon so many dark magicians to attack our magicians. Union, Orr, you have to be cautious! The provinces of light and the dark provinces of the sunset empire are bordered, and if there is a war, here will be the first to bear the brunt. Okay, I won’t say more. People in the union are panic now. , I have to go back to deal with it. I hope you can send some troops to protect us. I will immediately issue orders as the president to gather the magicians scattered in the empire as soon as possible, and be ready to respond at any time."

Aldous nodded and said: "Okay, then I won't keep you. I will report this matter to your majesty as soon as possible, and everything will be determined by your majesty. By the way, Brother Cary, I want to see the rescuer if I have a chance. You are the master of the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Kari walked out, stopped when he reached the door, and said, "Okay, I will try my best to arrange it. Brother, you should also be prepared! You are a well-known strategist, and you should understand that you don’t fight. The reason for preparing for the battle, although we hope for peace, when the wolves come, we have to hit them head-on."

Aldous said gratefully: "Thank you, Brother Kari, you must also be careful about everything. You also need to control the overall situation of the Mage Union."

Kari didn't speak, walked out of the secret room, and returned to the wizards' union with his magicians. Soon after they returned, Aldous sent a thousand-man city guards to station around the union, and all the pedestrians were under their surveillance.

In the next three days, the army of the Guangming Province began a large-scale mobilization and assembly. On the grounds of military training, eight elite legions and a hundred-man magician legion were concentrated on the border between the Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire, and logistical supplies With the support of strong national power, they quickly gathered forward. Among the four empires, the Huasheng Empire has the best position. To their south is the coastline, and to the east are two mountains of Death Mountain and Tiangang Mountain, which separate them from the Sorbian Federation, and to the north is the Holy See. Only the sunset empire to the west can pose a threat to them. Although the Sorbian Federation is the most powerful and covers the largest area, it is divided into six major races after all, so that they will not pose a threat to any country.

In the early morning of the next day, Ah-Dai finally woke up from his drowsiness. Since his dantian had a silver body, the true qi in his body will move slowly even without deliberately cultivating it. After a day of rest, the breath in his body finally stabilized , Skill has also recovered a few percent.

Opening his eyes, Ah Dumb's consciousness gradually recovered. The pain in his whole body made him groan slightly. Looking around, he was the only one in this strange room. Dumb's mood was extremely heavy. He originally thought that after the teaching of Master Tiangang Sword Saint, his skill could already travel in the mainland without any problems, and he could seek revenge for the killer. But who knows, it's just some ordinary killers and a few magicians, and they can't do anything about it. How can I avenge Uncle Owen? Although the power of life change is huge, his own skill is not enough to use it for a long time. When will it be possible to reach the realm of mastermind that surpasses heaven and earth! A feeling of decadence filled Ah Du's heart, and his whole body seemed to be weaker.

Just as Dumb was thinking about it, the door opened, and the rock and rock force walked in. Rock Li said: "Brother, the food provided by the Wizards' Guild is really good, even early there are so many kinds."

The rock said irritably, "You know eating. Dumb has been in a coma for a day, and I don’t know if it’s better. We are unlucky enough, obviously we are here to get the money, and we are all involved in the Killing Hand Association and the Mage Union. In dispute."

Dumb struggled to sit up, "Big Brother Rock, you are back. This, is this in the Wizards Guild?"

As soon as I saw Ah'Dai wake up, the Rock was overjoyed, and he hurried over to support Ah'Dai's body and said, "Brother, we are in the Mage Guild. How are you? Are you hurt better? What did you do so hard that day? ?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "I can't watch those killers kill the people in the Mage Union."

The rock rushed into the rock and said: "You are here to take care of Dumb. I will tell the President Kari about his waking up." After speaking, he got up and went out.

Yanli took the position of the rock, let Ah'Dai lean on his shoulder, and said, "Brother, you are really amazing! You can stand up to so many assassins, one word is strong."

Dumb sighed and said, "My strength is still too weak, otherwise I won't be hit hard. Who is the Kari that Big Brother Rock said?"

Rock Li said: "Kari is the leader here. I didn't expect this to be the general meeting of the Mage Union. Those magicians are very grateful to you! Without you, they would probably have many people killed by the killer. What happened to those two big guys that day, that power is really terrifying!"

This time I just remembered that the bone dragon is still in the blood of the dragon. Although the strength of the bone dragon is strong, it is much worse than the ten thousand-year giant snake in Tiangang Mountain. If you are in its heyday, The transformed solid energy should be able to beat it. He moved in his heart and said: "The bone dragon was summoned by the dark magician who was with the killer. As for the dragon, it seems that I summoned it." The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint told him that he must not easily kill the holy evil. Tell the story.

Yan Li screamed, "Brother, it turns out that your magic is so powerful. I haven't heard of anyone who can summon a dragon. I said that your magic is bad, it seems I was wrong."

"Yeah, summon the dragon, let alone you have never heard of it, even the president of the wizard's guild of me has never heard of it." The door opened, and Kari walked in with the rock. He is still in a yellow magic robe, with a slight smile on his face. He walked quickly to the bed and smiled and said: "You are called Dumb, right? Thanks to you this time, or the loss of our Mage Union would be great."

Ah Dumb smiled shyly and said, "You are welcome, are you the president of the trade union?"

Kari nodded and said, "You really opened our eyes to us that day. I didn't expect that you could summon a dragon. Although I have never seen what a dragon looks like, I think that what you summon must be the most sacred. The silver dragon, and only the powerful sacred aura of the silver dragon can restrain the evil bone dragon so quickly. Can you tell me how you conjured the silver dragon?” It turns out that after the evolution of the sacred evil, the body is gray. The scales have a shiny luster. Under the light, it can indeed flash a faint silver light. On the mainland, no one has seen what a dragon is like. The Holy Evil successfully defeated the bone dragon. Beautified by the magicians.

Dumb murmured and didn't know how to answer, and he couldn't speak.

Kari didn’t force him, “Don’t worry, this powerful summoning magic is naturally a personal secret. However, as the president of the Mage Guild, I am deeply as powerful as you in the Mage Guild. The magician is proud."

Dumb smiled bitterly in his heart. He is just an intermediate magician who knows fireball and flame arts. With the help of the holy evil, he has become a powerful magician. However, he can't explain, he can only be vague. Said: "I, I just happen to be, and I am not sure to summon the dragon you mentioned."

Kari nodded and said: "I have seen records about summoning magic in some of the ancestors' magic notes. There is indeed a certain chance of the success of summoning magic. However, despite this, your summoning magic still surprised us! Especially! It was the last time you returned the summoning dragon, and took away the skull dragon. What a huge amount of mana is needed to do it. But I checked your body, and although your mental power is not weak, it seems to be free. That level is still some way away."

Dumb couldn't answer Kari's words at all, so he changed the subject and asked, "President Kari, why did those people in black attack the Mage Union that day?"

As soon as he mentioned the invading man in black, Kari's thoughts turned around, his face sank, and he coldly snorted: "Those nasty guys are naturally instigated. However, you should still know less about these things. The few dark magicians in the world are very powerful, especially the guy who casts the devil’s summons, I’m afraid his magic level is close to that of the magister. Fortunately, we dealt with it in time, and the forbidden magic has not yet exerted its power. It is time to seal it, otherwise, once too many dark creatures appear, I am afraid that the city of light will be destroyed. After a day of hard work by the priests of the Holy See, which dark passage is finally completely wiped out, it is really dangerous! Right! Dumb, are you really a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect? Me and your Sword Sect teacher Lu Wen are very good friends."

Dumb said: "That's my fourth uncle."

Kari showed a look of surprise in his eyes, and said: "So you are still a third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. No wonder you have achieved this at a young age. The future is limitless!"

A Duan said in frustration, "My skill is still too low. I almost died in the hands of the bone dragon that day."

Cary smiled and said: "Stupid boy, don't underestimate yourself, your skill is not low at all. The ability to withstand the attacks of five wizards and twenty killers with one person's power can only be described by a miracle. It’s just that you don’t seem to be very proficient in the use of your own power, otherwise, your attacks will definitely be able to exert greater power."

A dumbfounded, said: "Really? But how do I feel that I am so useless."

Carrie said: "Of course it is true. You saved the lives of more than a dozen magicians in the trade union with your own power. How could it be useless? You can be said to be the great benefactor of the trade union! After thinking about it, take a good rest and get back to the body first. If you have any needs, just say, the union will try to satisfy you."

Looking at Kari’s sincere smile, Dumb’s confidence gradually returned, and his pale face suddenly became a little more vigorous, "Thank you, President Kari, I don’t need anything, as long as I’m resting for a while, I’ll be fine. ."

Cary nodded and said, "Okay, I won't bother you, I will go now. Tomorrow, I will see you again."

Rock and Rock Force sent Kari out of the door. Dumb leaned on the bed. Thinking back to what Kari had just said, he blocked the attack of five wizards and twenty killers. It seemed that he was really not Very weak!

Rock asked: "Dumb, what are you thinking? I just woke up, would you like to eat something?"

Ah-Dai woke up from his thoughts and shook his head and said, "No need to eat, Brother Rock, please protect me, I want to use my gong to heal my injuries as soon as possible." Since Shengsheng Zhenqi broke through the sixth realm, Ah-Dai has not been so eager for food. Up. There is endless qi nourishing the body, and he only needs a small amount of food to maintain it.

"Okay, then you can heal your injury as soon as possible. You are good, and we can get on the road soon."

Dui closed his eyes, concentrating on urging the vitality in the dantian, the silver golden body gradually lit up, and the mellow vitality wandered through the meridians, constantly restoring the wounded meridians. Since his vitality reached the eighth level, the silver golden body that condensed huge energy began to grow with each time he practiced. Although the growth rate was very small, dumb could clearly feel it. Growing up slowly. He knew very well that when the three-inch-high golden body on his chest was completely melted into his dantian, his skill could reach the ideal realm of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. But until now, he hasn't the slightest way to absorb the energy of the golden body in his chest.

Every time the true qi in the body goes through a cycle, Ah's power recovers one point. After eighteen cycles, the injury in his body has basically improved under the vitality of the vitality of true qi, and the power is quickly restored, and it reaches the second stage. In the seventeenth week, the silver golden body in the pubic area had returned to its former luster. Ah Dui didn't stop and continued to practice. After leaving Tiangang Mountain, he hadn't fully practiced the great cycle of ninety-nine-eighty-one weeks. He took this opportunity to consolidate his skills.

Eighty-one cycles took a full day and night to complete. Early in the morning, Ah-Dai opened his eyes, feeling the surging energy in his body, and his chest was very refreshing. There was a sound of even breathing, and Dui found that the rock was asleep by the bed. Obviously he had been protecting the law for himself, while Yan Li was snore on the bed beside him. Dumb felt warm in his heart and floated down to the ground without making a sound. Gently patted the rock on the shoulder.

Rock was disturbed, and he woke up suddenly. When he saw that it was Dumb who was shooting himself, his body relaxed, "Brother, how is it? Has his skill recovered?"

Seeing the tired look of the rock, Dui said, "Big Brother, go to bed and rest for a while, my skill has completely recovered."

The rock was overjoyed, "Okay, just recover. I'm really sleepy. I'll sleep for a while. There is something to eat on the table. You can eat it yourself." After finishing speaking, he turned on the bed, his body was not lying down yet, but snoring It has been spread out.

Dumb put the quilt on the rock, turned around and wanted to go to the table. He hadn't eaten for two days. He was indeed a little hungry. There were a few dishes and six or seven steamed buns on the table. It was already cold. It seemed that the rock prepared him for him last night. But he didn't expect him to cultivate for so long.

After breakfast, Duan took off the dirty clothes on his body. When he was severely injured by the bone dragon, not only his clothes were torn, but also a lot of blood he vomited on it. Putting on the last piece of cloth brought out from Shitang Town, it seems that I really want to buy clothes to wear. The speed of consuming clothes is too fast.

Dui is now anxious to know the situation of the bone dragon that has been collected in the blood of the But here, he dare not let the bone dragon out easily, not to mention that the room is relatively small, and the bone dragon may not be placed. under. If the bone dragon is released to destroy the buildings here, I am afraid that President Kari will fight hard with himself. How can we know the condition of the bone dragon? Dui sat on the chair and took out the blood of the dragon, watching the faint blue light flashing on it, thinking constantly.

Suddenly, Ah-Dai remembered the situation in which he had collected the bone dragon that day. It seemed that Sheng Xie had told himself in his heart that he asked him to collect the bone dragon with the blood of the dragon. In this way, the holy evil thoughts should be passed on to oneself through certain channels and communicate with oneself. But what is this way? If you can find this way, then you can communicate with the holy evil, what a wonderful thing that would be!

Way, way, Dui thought, the holy evil can't speak, the only thing that can communicate with the holy evil is mental power, thinking of this, his somewhat clear brain suddenly opened up after accepting the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint pass. , Hurriedly urged the mental power in the body and carefully transfused the blood of the dragon in his hand.

The blood of the dragon did not reject the mental power he had input, he seemed to feel that he had entered a blue ocean. In this ocean of immense energy, there are many things, exactly those items that he kept in the blood of the dragon. He continuously expanded his spiritual power and found to his surprise that there were two powerful living bodies in the ocean. That should be Sheng Xie and the bone dragon that was taken in.

Chapter 56: Bright City Lord

It seems that I felt the entry of Ah-Dai’s mental power. One of the life forms quickly approached Ah-Dai. A psychic power touched him. There is no language in the contact of mental power. Both parties just felt the other's inner thoughts. . A voice rang from the bottom of Dumb's heart, "Dad, you can finally communicate with me."

Hearing these words, Ah'Dai almost lost his mind, and replied mentally, "Who are you? Why do you call me Dad."

"Dad, I am Xiaoxie! You finally found a way to communicate with me. Dad, when will you let Xiaoxie go out! Although it is very comfortable to stay here, Xiaoxie is so boring!"

Dui was completely stunned, Sheng Xie, Sheng Xie actually called himself father. What is going on here? In fact, this is a good explanation. Although Shengxie is a powerful dragon, it also has family affection. When it is born, the first person to see is Dui, and Dui provides it with food and cares about him and loves him. The two have an equal contractual relationship. Based on these various reasons, Sheng Xie will naturally develop attachment feelings to Dui, and regard Dui as his closest person. This kind of dependent feeling was understood by Dui as the meaning of dad in the mental communication.

It took a long time for Ah Dumb to react, and reluctantly told Sheng Xie through his spiritual power, "Xiao Xie, don't call me father, you should call me brother."

"Brother, oh, all right, then I'll call you Dumb brother."

Dumb breathed a sigh of relief. Then he remembered the business and hurriedly asked: "Xiao Xie, how was the skull dragon that day, why did you let me receive it in the blood of the dragon?"

The holy evil said: "Brother, that **** has been subdued by me. Now he is my little brother. I can ask him to help you in the future! Although his consciousness is not very clear, he is still honest after being subdued by me. Moreover, you It’s very grateful to you for saving it! He will never dare to be presumptuous with me. Don’t worry.”

"Ah! I have another bone dragon friend. Xiaoxie, you have to be optimistic about it, its destructive power is too strong."

"Brother, you are so stupid! If you weren't attacked by it that day, use your profound iron bow to shoot its head like a giant spirit snake. It would have been solved long ago. Where did I use it? Go out? Don’t worry, it’s very well-behaved now, and honestly be my little brother. In the blood of the dragon, it seems very satisfied, and it can absorb external energy through the blood of the dragon like me. In the blood, because it can absorb energy, I don’t need to eat, but there are delicious things, brother, don’t forget me! Brother, when on earth do you let me out to play! Xiaoxie is here It's so stuffy inside."

Sheng Xie asked one question after another. Duan was a little dizzy, and replied: "There are too many people here, and it is not convenient for you to come out. When you find a place with few people, your brother will definitely let you out. Little evil boy, you just need to get out Let's play with the dragons. If there is a chance, my brother will let you out and play with you."

Sheng Xie said aggrievedly: "Well, brother, I'm going to fix that guy. If you have something to do, call me out."

Ah Dui promised, and slowly drew his mental power out of the realm of the dragon's blood. Although he only exchanged a few words, he already felt a little tired. I thought to myself that it seemed that my mental power was not very strong yet, and I hadn't meditated for a long time. I don't know if my mental power has regressed.

"Hey--, it's so comfortable, I slept really well." Yanli stretched out and woke up. "Dumb, have you finished your cultivation? You are really good. This sitting is one day and one night!"

Dumb whispered: "Big Brother Yanli, keep your voice down, Big Brother Rock just fell asleep."

Yan Li looked at the rocks on the bed, and said, "The eldest brother has been watching you vigilantly all day and night during your cultivation. It seems that you are too tired. Go, let's go out and take a walk."

The two of them walked out of the room. They lived in the backyard of the Wizards’ Guild. The yard was quiet, planted with various vegetation, and the fresh air refreshed Ah-Dai.

"Dumb, the people in the Mage Guild seem to be very busy these two days. There are many more people coming and going than when we first came."

Duan looked around and said, "Maybe it's because the union people became vigilant after being attacked that day. Big Brother Yanli, when Big Brother Rock wakes up, let's set off for the Sunset Empire. I won't find the Elves as soon as possible. It's been more than half a year, so the Elf Queen Auntie must be anxious."

Yan Li nodded and said: "Yeah! The area of the sunset empire is not small. I am afraid we will find it for a while. By the way, dumb, big brother and I discovered that we made a mistake when we left the elves."

Dumb froze and asked: "What's the mistake?"

Yan Li said: "We forgot to ask the Elf Queen for the exact number of missing Elf Clan. I don't know the exact number. How can we be sure that all Elf Clan members have been rescued?"

Dumb was shocked, yeah! How can we ensure that all the elves are rescued without knowing the exact number? Anxiously said: "What can we do then? Do we have to go back to the Elf Clan again? One of their clan members has not been rescued. I am embarrassed to go back to see the Elf Queen aunt."

Yan Li shook his head and said, "Let’s talk about it first, maybe the elves who rescued will know the specific numbers? Even if they don’t know, we only need to rescue the elf princess Xing'er first, and the task will be basically completed. Elf, I can talk about it later."

Dumb was about to say something. Two people walked from the front yard. One of them was Karri, the president of the Wizards’ Guild, and the other was a middle-aged man he and Yan Li had never seen. The middle-aged man was dressed in a white cloth robe. Although his attire was simple, he had an awe-inspiring aura of majesty. From him, dumb could feel the aura of killing.

Kari also saw Dumb and smiled: "Dumb, how is your injury? What a coincidence, I'm just about to find you?"

Dumb hurriedly said, "President Kari, thank you for your concern. My injury has basically healed. What can you do with me?"

Kari turned to the middle-aged man who came with him and said, "Come on, let me introduce to you. This is Lord Aldous, the lord of Guangming City. He not only rules Guangming City, but also the whole province of Guangming. Governor. Aldous, this is the young hero of the Tiangang Sword Sect I told you, Dumb, he is a great benefactor of our union!"

Aldous looked at Ah-Dai up and down, and took a quick look. There was nothing peculiar about the shy young man in front of him, but a closer look revealed that Ah-Dai had an unspeakable temperament. The simple and simple feeling made him feel good about Dasheng, and smiled and said, "Dummy kid, thank you for helping Brother Kari! Otherwise, it would be difficult for me, the City Lord of Bright."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Hello, Aldous City Lord, I am also a member of the Mage’s Guild, this is what I should do. What's more, the people who killed the hand-killing club once killed my uncle, I can’t wait to smooth them out. It."

Carrie said: "Come on, sit down with me, let's have a good chat." In the past two days, under Aldous's order, the garrisons of the entire province of Guangming have been constantly escalating to the Huasheng Empire. The frontier of the sunset empire moved, and at the same time, he also reported the attack on the wizard's union to the senior leaders of the Huasheng Empire. The current Emperor Lille of the Huasheng Empire was furious, but because there was no sufficient evidence to prove that the attack was instigated by the Sunset Empire, he only ordered the garrisons of several provinces bordering the Sunset Empire to mobilize and prepare to face the fall. The invasion of the empire. The troops of the entire Huasheng Empire had a huge impact because of the attack on the Mage Union. Kari was not idle either. In the past two days, he used his status as the president of the trade union to issue orders to various magician trade unions in the mainland, asking them to gather together and wait for the dispatch of the association at any time. Although magicians are usually very idle, they are supported by the union's salary. When the union has an incident, of course they are obliged to stand up and help. Tianyuan Continent has also caused a little turmoil following the magician union's abnormal behavior. , The undercurrent that had been brewing for many years began to flow quickly.

Cary took the three of them to his residence. Although he was the president of the Mage’s Guild, his residence was not very gorgeous. Although the room was large, there was no special decoration, only a large bookshelf. A table and a big bed and a few chairs.

Entering the room, Adam was immediately attracted by the magic book on the shelf, and he unconsciously showed a longing look. As a sorcerer and the president of the sorcerer's guild, Kari's collection is naturally some rare rare books. Seeing that Dumb was very interested in his collection, Kari couldn't help but said proudly: "I have a lot of magic books here. Dumb, if you are interested, you can take a look."

Dumb was happy at first, but when he thought he was about to leave, he shook his head and said, "Thank you, President Kari. But I'm afraid I won't have the opportunity to borrow. Tomorrow morning, we will leave here. Go to Sunset Empire , I’m here to say goodbye to you today."

Cary was surprised: "Why are you in a hurry? Stay in the union for a few more days. I still want to find opportunities to exchange more magical experience with you?"

Dumb helplessly said: "I also want to ask you, but we have an urgent matter that must be dealt with as soon as possible, so we can only say sorry. By the way, President Kari, did the killer who attacked the union caught it that day?" His questioning immediately made Aldous a little embarrassed, "Those assassins are indeed cunning. Although the troops I sent captured their whereabouts, the cultivation of the dark magicians was not weak, so they let them escape. The several assassins who were caught also committed suicide." Aldous was a little annoyed when he mentioned this. Nearly a thousand people stopped him, but after losing 300 people, all five dark magicians escaped. If it was dropped, the assassins who caught it all killed themselves. If it weren't for the close relationship between him and Kari, I really didn't know how to explain it to him.

Cary patted Aldous on the shoulder, and said: "Those guys have planned for a long time, even if they catch them, I am afraid they can't ask anything. Dark magicians are very rare, and their magic is really powerful. However, Don't worry, their appearance will make life difficult in the future. I have already reported to the Holy See through the sacrificial hall in the city. The Holy See will deal with these blasphemers. I believe that after they fled back. , I’m afraid I’m afraid to show up for a while. What I’m worried about is that I don’t know the number of these dark magicians. If there are a large number, it will be difficult to deal with. Except for the light magic of the Holy See, ordinary magic is very difficult. Contend against them."

Dumb asked: "President Kari, are those dark magicians the people who kill the manual?"

Kari froze, shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be. I have never heard of the existence of magicians in the killing hand club. After all, only those specially trained and good martial arts killers are more powerful. This time they sent The killers who came are all of the ninja level, which makes me a little bit unable to understand. I don’t know if they look down on us too much or if they deliberately do it. If I were the president of the Killing Hand Association, I would definitely not send a magician. As long as we let the killers sneak attack from the dark and retreat with one blow, our magicians will inevitably suffer heavy losses."

Aldous shook his head and said, "No, Brother Kari, this killer will be more insidious than we thought. Think about it, if all the assassins came this time, how would our Huasheng Empire react? Your Majesty must be furious. As everyone knows, the headquarters of the Killing Hand Society is in the Sunset Empire. I don’t believe that the Sunset Empire does not know their exact location. If your Majesty uses strong means to demand people from the Sunset Empire, even the Holy See will not protect them. , After all, the killing hand will belong to the dark forces. Under pressure, I think it is very likely that the sunset empire will bear the pain to sell the killing hand to us. The president of this killing hand will definitely think of this relationship, so he will The sunset empire asked them to cooperate with the dark magicians, and those magicians would uniformly command the killers. However, it is very dangerous to attack the magician union in the Huasheng Empire. The killers will be out of selfish thoughts, so they will not send them. A higher-level killer."

It’s not fortunate that Aldous can sit where he is today. His analysis made Cary nod his head repeatedly, "Yes, Santo, what you said makes sense. If this is the case, it means that the Sunset Empire and him The dark forces under your hand may not have one mind, so it's much easier to deal with. Dumb, you just said you are going to the Sunset Empire, what are you going to do? It's messy there now!"

Dumb lowered his head and said: "It is precisely because the Sunset Empire is a dark force that we have to go. Some of my friends have been taken away by the thieves’ union, and they may be sold into slaves. The Sunset Empire is the most likely. Place, so we are going to look for them."

Aldous snorted, "This sunset empire is simply a cancer on the mainland. Almost all despicable things have to do with them. It's a jerk. I'm going to see how long they can be rampant."

Yan Li asked curiously: "Since the sunset empire is so hateful and a concentration camp of the dark forces, why don't the other empires on the mainland unite and destroy them?"

Aldous glanced at Yanli and smiled and said, "Little brother, what you think is too simple. If it can be destroyed, the sunset empire will not be rampant to this day. Thousands of years ago, destroy the evil dark demons. At that time, His Majesty, the first Pope of the Holy See, had been helped by many friends, and the most important of them were the founders of the sunset empire, so the Holy See would naturally protect them to a certain extent. Besides, Although the dark forces of the Sunset Empire are rampant, there are also the most people who believe in the Holy See in their territory. This is a great irony. Therefore, the Holy See is always protecting them. You should know that on this continent, there is the only one. Only the Holy See can make the four empires scrupulous at the same time. Although the region where the Holy See is located is not vast, their power can be said to control most of the mainland. There are more than tens of millions of believers alone. There are also those powerful luminous priests and goddesses, as well as a small number of holy knights with extremely strong single combat capabilities. Who can compete with them? The contradiction between us and the sunset empire is the deepest. It is not a day or two. Now, some small frictions that usually occur. The Holy See does not interfere, but if the conflict escalates to a real war, I am afraid they will intervene. In terms of overall strength, we are slightly stronger than the Sunset Empire. , But as long as the Holy See supports the Sunset Empire for one day, we can’t move, we can’t, and we don’t dare to send troops to the enemy. Who wants to offend the largest power on the mainland? Not to mention the Holy See has long seen us not pleasing to our eyes, our Huasheng Empire The people of China are self-sufficient and don’t have a lot of affection for the sacrificial offerings of the Holy See. If it weren’t for the old man of the Sword Saint of Tiangang to deter the Holy See, I’m afraid they would have found a reason to forcibly spread their teachings. Therefore, we can only wait, When the sunset empire takes the initiative to send troops, then there may be some opportunities."

After hearing these complicated situations, Duan couldn't help but feel dizzy, and muttered, "It's better not to fight. If you start a war, I am afraid that many people will die!"

Cary sighed: "Who wants to fight? But when things come to the fore, sometimes humans can't change them. This is God's will."

Aldos said: "Dad brother, I think it's better not to go to the sunset empire. The border situation is so tense, I am afraid that many situations will occur."

Dui shook his head and said firmly: "No, we must go to the Sunset Empire. Don't worry, we will be careful." The elf queen's request will be completed anyway.

Aldous took a deep look at him and said: "Marshal Feng Wen and I have a very good relationship. If you are willing to join the army, he will introduce you to the empire, and the future should be boundless!"

Yanli laughed and said: "He? He is not suitable for joining the army! Ah-Dai is too soft-hearted. I am afraid that when he is on the battlefield, he will not be willing to kill himself."

Aldous froze, looked at Yan Li, and said, "It depends on your figure that you are also practicing martial arts. If you are willing to join the army, I can also arrange a good position for you."

Yanli shook his hand again and again and said, "I can't do it. I'm used to a free life. If I'm in the army, I'll cause you trouble."

Dumb said: "City Lord Aldous, thank you for your kindness, we are really not suitable for joining the army."

Aldous’s mood didn’t change because of Duan and Yanli’s refusal. He smiled and said, "Dumb, how old are you so dumb. You don’t want to call me from the city lord. That’s too much. My Uncle Or! This time you helped the Mage Guild. I am very grateful. If you need anything in the future, I will come to my uncle. Uncle will definitely help you."

Kari secretly said in his heart, good Aldous, you will really buy people's hearts! Without waiting for Ah Dui to answer, he rushed: "Yes, not only will he help you, you are now the great benefactor of the trade union, if there are any difficulties in the future, the wizards will help you, you will be one of us after all, the trade union It will always be your home. This is for you." As he said, he took out the things he had prepared and handed them over.

Dui took a look. It turned out to be a golden magic card. Its appearance was a bit similar to his original red magic card, except that the symbol of the wizards’ union was protruding, and the card contained a touch of energy. Dumb, who had studied alchemy in Reese, knew that this card was not made of gold, but a mixture of rare metals. "President Kari, don't say that. I am not some kind of benefactor of the union. The union is in trouble. I will definitely help. This, what is this?"

Kari smiled slightly and said, "You also call me uncle. This card represents your identity as an elder in the wizards’ guild. There are already nine elders in the guild, and you are the tenth. When you reach each branch, as long as you If necessary, they will help you unconditionally."

Dumb froze and pointed to his nose: "Me? Elder? Kari will..., ah, no, Uncle Kari, how can I be an elder? My magic is very poor."

Kari sternly said: "Of course you can. I have discussed with several other elders. Although you are not very old, with the magic that you summoned the Silver Dragon that day, you are enough to hold the position of elder. I will officially grant you the position now. The position of honorary elder of the Wizards’ Guild."

Dumb still wanted to refuse, but Kari sternly said, "If you don't accept it, you will look down on your uncle and the wizard's union. Don't you want to be our enemy?"

In desperation, Dumb had to put the card away next to him, and Yan Li envied him: "Dumb, you are so lucky, Uncle Kari, what is the monthly salary of this elder?"

Kari smiled and said: "The elders don’t have a monthly service, but because of the lofty status of the elders in the union, no matter where they are, with this identification card, they can always use the union’s funds not to exceed 10,000 gold coins. that power."

Dumb was surprised: "What? Ten thousand gold coins? I can't use that much money, just enough to spend."

Aldous looked at Cary, his eyes showed approval, a rare master! Being able to win over such a magician with the ability to summon dragons is bound to be of great benefit to the future development of the magician guild. He smiled and said: "No one wants you to spend so much money. Brother Kari means that as long as you need it, The amount below 10,000 gold coins can be at your disposal. If you spend less, you can take less from the union. When you meet for the first time, Uncle Orr will give you a gift." He took a diamond-shaped silver square from his arms and handed it. To dumb. Dui took a look, and there was a letter in the center of the square. He started with a heavy hand. He put it under his nose and smelled it. A faint fragrance passed into his nose, and said with emotion, "This, this is agarwood silver!" Silver is a very precious metal that has a strong anti-corrosion effect. Its effect is better than that of silver tin, and it can emit a refreshing faint fragrance. Many noble women’s jewelry boxes are made of it. , The cost is extremely expensive, this thick agarwood silver foot can make several jewelry boxes.

Aldous did not expect that this dull young man was quite knowledgeable, and nodded: "Yes, this is a token made of agarwood silver with my special mark on it. With it, you can enter and exit the Huasheng Empire at will. Garrison, since you insist on going to the Sunset Empire, I think it will have some effect on you."

Dumb said embarrassedly, "Two uncles, how can I receive such precious gifts from you?"

Carrie said: "No matter how valuable things are, life is not as important. You saved so many people. This is what you deserve. Okay, put it away."

Yanli nodded repeatedly, grabbed the token from Dumb, stuffed it into his arms, and smiled: "I thank you both for Dumb."

Aldous stood up and said, "I have a lot of things to deal with, so I will leave first. If there is anything to ask me, no one will stop you as long as you rely on this token."

After the three of them sent Aldous away, Kari ordered them to send a set of magic robe to Dui. It was also a red magic robe that symbolized the identity of the fire magician, but this set had a special place. The six-pointed star is hooked with gold thread. The six vertices are also inlaid with red ordinary magic spar. There are nine golden six-pointed stars on the right shoulder, which symbolizes the identity of the union elder. Putting on this gorgeous magic robe, Duan couldn't help but feel a little awkward, but couldn't refuse Kari's kindness, so he had to do so. Kari originally wanted him to choose some magic items from the union's collection, but they were all rejected by Dumb. After all, he knew that his level of magic was not high, and it was useless to ask for those magic supplies. Early the next morning, when the three of A'Dai left, Kari personally sent them to the west gate of Guangming City, and gave A'Dai one hundred amethyst coins as travel expenses, and A'Dai had to accept it.

Originally, Yanli wanted to buy a few horses, but after reading the map, the rock found that the terrain from here into the sunset empire was complicated and it was difficult for the horses to pass, so he dispelled this idea. In this way, the three continued to embark on the journey to the sunset empire. The biggest gain for Duan in Guangming City was not to obtain the title of the elder of the Mage Guild and the token of Aldous, but to use the blood of the dragon to conquer. A bone dragon. The bone dragon's physical attack power is so strong that it can be said to be worse than the dumb who doesn't need to change. It will definitely be a big help for him in the future.

Two days later, the three finally passed through the Guangming Province and came to the junction of the Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire. Looking at the barracks that were unable to find the border, the three of them couldn't help but froze. Yan Li lost his voice: "Why are there so many troops here? How can we get there?"

Rock pondered: "It seems that the relationship between the Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire is very tense! This should be the defensive army of the Huasheng Empire. It seems that it is estimated to exceed 100,000."

Yan Li looked at Ah-Dai and said, "No wonder the Aldous City chief gave you a token. Without the token, it is impossible to pass the garrison of the troops."

Dumb took out the token from his arms and said, "Then let's go. Didn't Uncle Orr say that there is this token that can pass through the garrison of the Huasheng Empire at will?"

The three of them walked from the front to the barracks. When they were hundreds of meters away from the barracks, they were stopped by the patrolling infantry. When Dui showed Aldous's token, the infantry recognized the origin of the token and did not dare. Neglecting, quickly led them into the barracks.

In the establishment of the Huasheng Empire, every ten men was a squadron, every hundred men was a squadron, every thousand men was a large brigade, and ten brigades and ten thousand men were a corps. Ten legions form a group army, which is in charge of the commander-in-chief of the group army. The 100,000 people stationed here are the only group army of the Guangming Province. Their commander-in-chief is naturally the Governor Aldous of the Guangming Province. These troops can also be said to be the direct line of Aldous. The title of Tiger Army, under the leadership of the bright tiger Aldous, has made numerous contributions to the Huasheng Empire. It is the most powerful unit other than the Knights of Light led by Fengwen.

Because of the many affairs of the Bright, Aldous will naturally not be in command here. For the time being, he is replaced by the commander of the First Army of the Light, who has the title of Viscount, West Africa. Being cautious, good at defensive, and loyal, he is highly regarded by Aldous. With him commanding the army to garrison here, even if the empire is suddenly attacked by the setting sun, Aldous is sure to keep the enemy from getting close. The infantry who stopped Ah Dui and the others, because they were holding Aldous's token, regarded them as messengers from the City of Light, and reported directly to the headquarters of the group army.

West Africa was discussing with nine other army commanders and some staff officers and generals in the group army. Upon hearing that an envoy had arrived from Guangming City, they hurriedly invited the three dui into the headquarters.

The headquarters is a makeshift large tent, which is extremely wide and is as large as hundreds of square meters. Entering the tent, the three dumbs looked at the brightly armored and knightly commanders. They couldn't help but feel a little panic when they hadn't seen the world. They just walked by the way, but they didn't expect to be received by the commander here.

Xifei walked down from the main seat and looked up and down at the three of them. Because Dui was wearing a generous cloak of the magician, he could not see clearly, but he knew the mark on Dui's shoulder. He was shocked and hurriedly politely. Said: "West Africa has never been welcomed, please forgive the elders. I don't know what the Governor-General has ordered?" I wondered in my heart that the messenger had not clearly stated the identity of the person, how respected the identity of the elder of the wizards’ union, I should It's right to come out in person.

Chapter 57: Deterrence

Seeing that the other party was so polite, Dumb hurriedly replied: "You, you are welcome, we are just passing by here, Uncle Orr didn't give any instructions."

West Africa was stunned. Hearing Dumb's voice, it seemed that he was not very old, and asked with some doubts: "Excuse me, which elder are you in the wizard's union?"

Yan Li proudly said: "My brother was just awarded the title of elder by President Kari."

Rock pulled his brother a bit. He understood that Yan Li's temper was too straight, and Dumb was too dull, so he stepped forward and explained: "Master, hello. We are indeed from Guangming City, but we are nothing. Messenger. I just want to go through the barracks and go to the sunset empire. While in Guangming City, the Lord Aldous once gave us a token, saying that with this token, we can pass through any military camp of the Huasheng Empire."

West Africa breathed a sigh of relief and thought, it turned out that it was not Governor Aldous who gave any new instructions. Knowing the identity of the other party, he was still very curious about the three of them, especially the one wearing the costume of the elders of the Wizards’ Guild, "In this case, I will order the three of them to leave the camp later. Please take a rest first. Let’s have something to eat. Come and prepare meals for three guests."

Dumb lifted the cloak on his head and said gratefully: "Thank you, Lord Commander." They were indeed a little tired after rushing for a long time.

The generals in the command center were shocked when they saw Dumb's young appearance, including West Africa, and West Africa lost his voice: "Elder, you are so young."

Duan smiled awkwardly, and said, "I, in fact, my magic level is not high. Getting the position of elder is just luck."

West Africa laughed and said: "Strength can prove everything and can be recognized by the Mage Guild, but how can the word "lucky" be explained? The elders are really young! Let's go to rest and wait for you to leave. At that time, I will send someone to **** you through the camp." As he said, he asked the soldiers on the side to take the dumb three to leave the headquarters.

After watching the three people leave, Xifei frowned and sat back in the main seat. He was cautious all his life. Such a young wizard union elder naturally aroused his suspicion. But the dumb three did carry Aldous's token, and he couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

The staff officer on the side clearly saw the doubts in the coach's heart, and stepped forward and said: "Acting commander, I think these three people are suspicious. Although I don't know how to magic, I have heard of the difficulty of magic practice. That young man It seems that they are less than twenty years old, how can it be possible to reach the elders of the Wizards’ Guild? There must be fraud. Maybe they are the spies of the sunset empire hidden in our country. When they see our defenders are waiting, they think Hurry back to the Sunset Empire. I think they should be left in the barracks."

The staff's words happened to be in the heart of West Africa. He nodded and said: "It is possible, but how did they get Governor Aldous's token? I checked it before. The token is indeed true. This matter must be handled cautiously. If they really got the token from the Governor, we detain them without authorization, I am afraid that the Governor will blame it."

The staff was also embarrassed, frowning and said: "The dark forces of the Sunset Empire have many weird abilities, maybe they are stealing the Governor's token."

West Africa shook his head and said: "Although it is possible, the Governor's token has always been tightly stored. There are many experts around him to protect it. It is not easy to steal it. It is better to be cautious."

Rick, the commander of the Second Army Corps sitting at the head of West Africa, said: "Brother, it's easy. We only need to test their strength, don't we know whether they are true or false?"

West Africa froze and asked: "How to test? Can strength prove their identity?"

Rick smiled deeply and said: "Of course it can be proved, brother, don't forget, we also have people from the Mage Union! The strength of the elders shouldn't be too weak."

West Africa's eyes lit up and said, "You mean..."

Rick nodded and said: "Leave this to me. If they are spies, I guarantee that none of them can run away. You continue to discuss the matter of the Sunset Empire, I will deal with it." After speaking, he turned and walked out of the headquarters. . The magician group has a transcendent position in the group army. Even the Huasheng Empire with the largest number of magicians has only three hundred magicians. They have never participated in military meetings, and only take action when there is a war. They are more expensive troops than the heavy knights. The treatment of a 100-man magician group is equivalent to an ordinary ten thousand army.

The three duo received warm hospitality in a tent not far from the headquarters. After the three of them had a full meal, they were exhausted, and they were sitting together calculating where to start looking for the elves in the sunset empire. . At this moment, the curtain of the tent opened and two magicians walked in. Judging from the magic robes on them, one of them was a great magician of the water system, and the other was a great magician of the fire system. They were all quite old, about over sixty. When the two saw Ah-Dai’s attire, their eyes lit up. The great fire magician saw the six-pointed star mark on Ah-Dai’s shoulder, and then said respectfully: "The leader of the three groups of the magician. Rui has met the elders." After finishing speaking, he and the water magician saluted Adam.

Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly stood up to salute them, "No, you are welcome, Commander Sri, are you looking for me?"

Sri glanced at his companion and nodded: "Yes, we heard that the elders in the union have come here. As a member of the wizards' union, how can we not come to meet?"

A Dumb hurriedly said: "Please sit down, please, you are welcome, I am just an elder."

The two of Sri were invited by the commander of the Second Legion to identify the identities of the three dumbs. He suddenly heard that an elder who was less than 20 years old had come, and he suddenly snorted. The cultivation of magic takes time. In the union, only magicians who have reached the level of wizards can become elders, and how can a young man under twenty years of age achieve this level.

With a little contempt in his eyes, Sri went straight to the subject, saying: "There is another elder in the union. We are all surprised, can you let me take a look at your magic card."

Dui said in embarrassment, "Don't call me any elder anymore. My name is Dui. You can just call me by name. This is my card." He said, handing over the golden card that Kari had given him. . Sri received the card with a look of surprise in his eyes. He had already determined that Dumb must be an impersonating elder. However, when he looked at the identity card, he couldn't help giving up his previous conjecture. The magic robe may be imitated, but the elder-level magic card cannot be faked because the method of making this golden magic card is extremely complicated. Only the elder and the president know. In order to make an elder-level magic card to be issued to the new elder, not only the president's approval, but also the approval of at least five elders, are all made by the president himself after passing the review. Judging from the energy contained in this magic card and the appearance of the card, it is indeed a genuine thing. Suddenly, there was a little more respect in his heart, and all the previous doubts disappeared. He handed the card back to Dumb, and said: "So you really are the new elder of the union. Sri had previously offended."

Dumb hurriedly said: "No, no, how could you offend me? To be honest, I still don't know why Uncle Kari made me an elder."

Siri said with some embarrassment: "Elder Adu, why are you going to the Sunset Empire? The situation on both sides is very tense now. When you get there, I am afraid that there will be situations that are not conducive to you!"

Just as Dumb wanted to answer, the rock rushed to say, "Head Siri, you don't need to tentatively test us. Do you think Brother Dumb is too young to believe that he is the elder of the trade union." Entering the door, the rock could see their purpose from their look.

Si Rui was dumbfounded by the rock's question, and continued: "No, no, no, we didn't mean that. It's just that the generals in the group army looked at the elder's young age and feared that he was a spy of the sunset empire, so let us identify Yes. Elder Adu’s magic card has proved his identity, and we have no doubts. However, those soldiers are all dead brains. Elder Adu, can you show your magical strength, let them see, and save them. doubt."

The rock said angrily: "That's not what it meant. The Huasheng Empire army just doesn't believe in friends? We came with the token of Governor Aldous."

The impulsive rock stood up fiercely, drew a double axe from behind, and said angrily: "Big brother, dumb, let's go, I see who dares to stop them."

Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly grabbed Yanli, and said, "Big Brother Yanli, don't be impulsive. In fact, it is no wonder they suspect that I am really not like the elder of the Wizards Guild. But, Chief Sri, my magic The level is really not high, how would you show me?"

Sri had already identified the identity of Dui, but after hearing what he said, he couldn't help but wonder again. Without strength, how could he sit in the position of elder, "Elder Dui, don't be humble, just show it casually. Strength, just let the generals of those troops take a look."

Dumb scratched his head and said embarrassedly: "But, but I only know ordinary fire magic!"

Yan Li said, "Who said, don't you know how to summon magic? Dumb, you will summon a dragon to show them and let them know how good you are."

Dumb's heart moved, and then he thought of the reason why he could become an elder. He thought that summoning the dragon is different from raising a dragon. Although it is also very surprising, it should be acceptable. He nodded slightly and said, "Well, S. Commander Rui, you let them make a quick place for me first. I'll give it a try."

When Siri heard that Yanli said that Ah-Dai had the ability to summon dragons, he immediately looked at him with admiration, and replied in surprise, then turned and walked out with his deputy.

Yan Li hummed angrily: "I didn't expect it would be so difficult to pass by here. We would have taken a detour if we knew it."

The rock, who had calmed down, shook his head and said, "In fact, they can't be blamed. The relationship between the Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire is tense, and their suspicions are not unreasonable. Okay, let's go out. Dumb brother, you are sure. Summon the dragon again? If it doesn't work, don't force it. If it doesn't work, we have to stay here."

Yanli said angrily: "If they don't let it go, we will kill them."

The rock glared at him, and sarcastically said: "You are capable, you go! There are 100,000 troops out there, how can your skill be no matter how high you are? Can you fight more than 100,000 trained fighters?"

Yan Li was suddenly speechless, muttering speechless.

Dumb hesitated in his heart. "Summoning" the dragon could not be simpler for him, but he was still afraid that he would summon the dragon in front of so many people, which would be too shocking. "Brother Rock, can we leave if we summon a dragon?" Rock froze, and said, "Dumb, are you not sure! If you are not sure, forget it. If it doesn't work, let's stay here, and they don't dare What about us, when they get news from Aldous City Lord, they will naturally let us go."

Dumb said: "I'm not so sure, I just summoned a dragon. It's too scary."

The rock shook his head and said: "What is scary? No matter where you are now, as long as you have the strength, everyone will respect you. The magician who summons the dragon, that symbolizes how powerful the strength is!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Okay, just'summon' again, the time has been too long. If you save the elves one day earlier, they will suffer one day less sin."

The three people walked out of the tent, and many people had already gathered outside, including all the members of the magician group and hundreds of sergeants. West Africa did not appear, as if he was afraid of being embarrassed by the three dumbs. Rick stood in front of the soldier with a sneer. He couldn't believe that a teenager who looked less than twenty years old could summon a dragon. Seeing that the three of Duan came out, Sri gave Rick a wink. Rick ordered the soldiers to disperse, leaving an open area of hundreds of square meters in the barracks. Sri directed the magicians under him to chant magic spells together. Among the hundred members of this magician group, there are four great magicians, 27 high-level magicians, and the rest are intermediate-level magicians. Although they don't have too much magical abilities, they have cooperated for many years, and the group magic that they have combined to perform, even the magician will have a headache. Under the light shining, a layer of multicolored magic enchantment suddenly appeared in the open space, and the gorgeous colors were breathtaking.

Siri said to the dumb: "Elder, this enchantment is one-way, only inward defense. If you summon a dragon inside, it will not affect the outside. However, we have never seen a dragon attack. You should be careful. One thing, don't let him destroy it."

Duan nodded and walked straight into the barrier. When he passed through the barrier, he didn't get any obstacles, he just felt a wave of energy sweeping over him. Standing in the middle of the open space, Ah-Dai closed his eyes and sent a message to the holy evil in the blood of the dragon with spiritual power. Sheng Xie felt that Ah Duan was calling him, and he was overjoyed, "Brother, are you looking for me?"

Ah Dui told it through mental power: "Xiao Xie, I can only let you come out for a while, and then come back, okay?"

Sheng Xie said aggrievedly: "Brother, Xiao Xie is so bored! And it's been a long time since I have eaten anything, can you get me something to eat!"

Dumb froze and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Shengxie replied with a little embarrassment: "I am so hungry that I am not very hungry. But, but I am a little greedy." After all, he was only half a year old, and he was still a child. The desire for steamed buns. Ah Dui deeply understands this feeling, "Well, brother must try to get you something to eat. Okay, I want to let you out. You can't run around after you come out."

The people outside the barrier were a little anxious when seeing Ah-Dai standing still. Rick sneered at the corners of his mouth. If Ah-Dai couldn't use any magic that satisfies him in a while, he would order the arrest. . Muttered: "The spies of the Sunset Empire, you don't want to escape from me."

Dui suddenly opened his eyes. In order to do something more like it, he urged the vitality in his body, and his body suddenly emitted a white light. Under the cover of the sacred breath, Dui's simple and honest face looked so solemn and precious. He chanted softly: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." A blue halo spread from Dumb's chest, and a blue halo floated out.

The huge dragon roar resounded across the world, and in the blue light, the figure of Sheng Xie appeared. Under the sunlight, the gray scales on the four-meter-long body of Shengxie reflected the rays of light, and the seven pointed horns on the back of the head were even more golden. Its wings were wide open, and it roared up to the sky with golden eyes. Shining with a strange look. After finally coming out and letting out the wind, of course it has to stretch its body and refresh its spirit.

I haven't seen the holy evil for a few days, and Ah Dumb missed it very much. When he saw its huge and gracious figure, he had forgotten that he was being tested by those troops. He flew up and fell gently on top of the holy evil. Grasp one of its sharp corners to stabilize your body. Sitting on Sheng Xie's neck, Ah Du patted his big head and said, "Xiao Xie, I miss you so much!"

The holy evil groaned softly, and his voice sounded from the bottom of Ah Dui's heart, "Brother, I really want to see you too!"

Rick had already looked silly, Sheng Xie's huge and mighty figure had long been deeply imprinted in the minds of everyone present, and his radiant body was so sacred in everyone's eyes. Sri yelled: "Elder, it's okay, you can take the dragon back." The dragon power emanating from Shengxie's body constantly impacted the surrounding magic enchantment, which was enough to prove the strength of Duan. He already fully understood why Duan could become the elder of the union.

Sheng Xie groaned and shook his head, obviously not wanting to return to the blood of the dragon so soon. Dumb realized that there were still so many people around, and used his spiritual power to rush towards the holy evil way: "Little evil boy, there are too many people here, so you should go back first. OK?"

"Brother, it's okay, you just promised to let people eat delicious food, but you can't speak without counting."

Dumb didn't want to force the holy evil, because these people have already seen him, he floated down from the holy evil's back, and said at it: "Then you obediently be here, don't walk around casually, brother will find you food." As soon as Xie heard that he didn't need to immediately return to the blood of the dragon, his big head was excited, and he simply squatted on the ground, enjoying the warmth of the sun, closing his eyes with a freehand look.

Dumb shook his head helplessly and walked towards Sri. When he walked to the barrier, he suddenly encountered an invisible barrier, "Head of Sri, do you take the barrier first?"

Sirui looked at Shengxie hesitantly, and said, "But, your dragon hasn't taken it back yet!"

Dumb smiled and said: "Don't worry, it was summoned by me, it will obey my command, and its character is very docile, and it will never attack others easily."

Sri was relieved, and ordered his magicians to open the enchantment and greet the dumb. Seeing Ah Dumb stepping out of the enchantment, Rick immediately recovered his senses, ran over quickly, and said excitedly: "My elder, your magic is really amazing. Is this the first time I have seen the legendary dragon? It's so beautiful. If you can become a dragon knight, you should be so majestic! Elder, if your dragon can be sold or not, I am willing to exchange all the assets with you."

When he heard that he was going to buy the holy evil, Ah Du's face suddenly sank, "I don't sell it, it's my friend, it's not a commodity. What's more, it was summoned by me with magic, and it will disappear in a while." Rui said: "Head Sirui, this dragon is a bit hungry. Look, can you find something to eat for it."

Siri stunned. Although he didn't know the principle of summoning magic, he had never heard that the summoned creature needed to eat. He quickly agreed: "Yes, yes, Captain Rick, look... …" Although Rick was rejected by Dumb, he was not angry. He liked the silver dragon more and more, "No problem, I will find something delicious for it." , Turned and ran away excitedly. At this time, the news that Dumb had summoned the dragon had almost spread throughout the entire camp. For a while, the soldiers who came to watch had already surrounded the barrier. This is a bitter to those magicians, their magic level is not low, it is very difficult to maintain this enchantment, but seeing that Dui didn't mean to take back the dragon, for the safety of the barracks, Siri naturally could not let them Remove the enchantment. Only supported by hard work.

West Africa naturally got the news. As soon as he heard that Ah-Dai had summoned the dragon, he immediately cursed the former staff officer and brought all the generals out of the enchantment. "Ah! Elder, I'm so embarrassed. I heard that Captain Rick misunderstood you as a spy and was very angry about trying to test you. This is not what our headquarters meant. Don't worry, I will punish him. "Xifei is worthy of being an old traitor, and his understatement put all the responsibility on Rick.

Rick just came back with a large plate of food. He couldn't help but rushed up when he heard what Xifei said, but suddenly understood what Xifei meant. He hurried forward and said with a smile: "Yes, yes. , It’s all my fault, elder, don’t mind. I am also thinking about the Huasheng Empire. Now the situation is tense and I have to guard against it! You are abrupt again, I admit punishment, I admit punishment."

West Africa glanced at Rick with satisfaction. It was his old brother who understood his own mind and pushed everything to Rick alone. It was better than letting this powerful wizard guild elder misunderstand the entire Bright Tiger Army. Angrily said: "Legion Commander Rick, you have done too much today. The elder is our most distinguished guest. How can you misunderstand him? I declare in the name of the acting commander-in-chief of the army. Suspended for half a year."

Rick hurriedly accepted the punishment of no pain or itching, holding the food and rushing towards dumb: "Elder, look, is it time to give these food to the dragon you summoned."

Dumb looked at Rick holding the large tray with excitement, and couldn't help but feel a little bit ridiculous. The tray was filled with all kinds of chicken, duck and fish. I don't know where he got it. He nodded and said, "You give me the food. Right. I just take it in and give it."

Rick smiled and said: "Elder, can you let me go in with you? Didn't you say that it listens to your orders? I just want to leave and see what the dragon looks like."

Dumb nodded and said, "Okay. Captain Sri, you can remove the enchantment, I promise, the dragon will not hurt anyone, but don't let the soldiers get too close to it."

West Africa shouted, "Generals, immediately control your soldiers. What are they all around here? Don’t you let the elders laugh? Where is your usual rigorous attitude in running the army? Elder, rest assured, we are bright tigers. The army has always been disciplined, and they will never provoke your dragon. Elder, look, can I also go over with you and see." Westfir’s expression is almost the same as Rick, dragon, this legend Who doesn’t want to be able to contact him.

Dumb looked at Xifei with a look of eagerness, nodded and said, "All right."

The rock snorted, and said, "Now we are here to pretend to be people. When I suspected us, he made a tortoise with his head." He wouldn't be like a simple dumb, fooled by a few words from West Africa, without the highest command. Order of the officer, who would dare to doubt the elders of the wizards’ union with Aldous tokens casually.

West Africa has been a soldier for so many years and has already developed an excellent psychological quality. As if he hadn't heard it, he walked into the enchantment with Rick and accompany Duan.

Ah Dui walked to the side of Sheng Xie, patted his big head, and said in a low voice, "Big slacker, you are not asleep. Hurry up and eat, and I will go back after eating." Sheng Xie opened his eyes. , Seeing two strangers beside Ah-Dai, he immediately stood up, the cold light in Jin's eyes flickered, and a strong momentum appeared on his body. Its appearance really frightened Sifei and Rick. Although they both have good skills, who can guarantee that they can compete with such a huge dragon.

Dumb saw the unkind look of the holy evil, and hurriedly said: "Little evil, don't be angry, they are friends who brought you food."

Sheng Xie didn't seem to hear Dumb's words, and rushed towards Rick. Duan just wanted to stop it, but found that Sheng Xie didn't seem to be malicious. Sheng Xie's speed was trained by climbing the mountain with Ah Du, and the sudden eruption made Rick too late to stop him. He withdrew his body, only to find that Sheng Xie's huge dragon mouth had already arrived in front of him. He closed his eyes and said in his heart: It's over, it's over, curiosity kills people. A light in his hand, he didn't feel any pain on his body. When he opened his eyes, the tray in his hand had been taken away by the dragon. Shengxie put the tray on the ground, and he lay down in front of the tray, and ate it beautifully. After a while, except for a dried fish left in the tray, it swept away everything. Shengxie grabbed the dried fish with his front paws, moved his wings lightly, and flew to Rick again, supported his body with his hind limbs, stood upright, blinked at Rick, and stretched out his other front paw to pat He patted Rick's head, pointed at the dried fish in his hand, and finally threw the dried fish into his mouth, chewing sweetly. The dignified Second Corps commander Rick was completely sluggish.

Seeing that Rick was patted like a child by the dragon, West Africa was embarrassed about couldn't help laughing, "Brother, this dragon is so smart! He is telling you He loves to eat dried fish, so you can get him some more."

Hearing the voice of Westfir, Rick woke up from the sluggishness, looked at the holy evil who had already returned to Dui, and muttered: "Wow, you have to scare me to death!"

Dumb said embarrassedly, "I'm so sorry, I caused you trouble."

West Africa repeatedly said: "It's okay, it's okay, I'll order someone to find some dried fish."

Shengxie ate 30 catties of dried fish before returning to the blood of the dragon to go to sleep contentedly. He was very friendly to both Xifei and Rick who provided him with dried fish, and he took the initiative to use his head. After rubbing them, Sifei and Rick were overjoyed, and they were reluctant to give up when the holy evil returned to the blood of the dragon.

Dumb can be said to have conquered the entire Bright Tiger Army with the appearance of the holy evil. Everyone admires him as a magician who can summon dragons. West Africa ordered a big banquet to entertain the dumb three. Dui didn't want to accept their invitation, but Yanli said that he had been framed by them for a long time, and he didn't eat what he could say. Less than two hours after the previous meal, they ushered in another sumptuous meal.

Chapter 58: Downfall merchant

West Africa raised his water glass and laughed loudly: "Drinking is not allowed in the barracks. Today, I will bring wine with water to apologize for our previous offense to the elders of the Bright Tiger Army." Almost all the senior generals of the Bright Tiger Army are present. , Including Siri, the leader of the magician regiment who usually doesn't have much contact with the army, stood up and raised the water cup together.

Dui hurriedly stood up and said awkwardly: "I understand that you also have difficulties, so how can you blame you."

The high-ranking generals of the Bright Tiger Army praised Ah Dui's powerful strength without hesitation, and the feast took two hours to end in a cheerful atmosphere.

West Africa personally led the three dumbs to the border, "Elder, if you encounter any danger in the sunset empire, you will come back immediately. As long as you come to us, we will be able to guarantee your safety. However, my concerns should be all It was in vain. With your powerful strength, how could the despicable guys of the Sunset Empire hurt you."

Sri said: "Elder Adu, you are the most powerful magician I have ever seen. You can maintain your summoned creatures for more than an hour, even I haven't seen them in magic books!"

Rock has long been annoyed by the praise of these people, and said impatiently: "Well, don't bother you to send it away, we have to hurry. Dumb, let's go."

Xifei and the others returned to the barracks after watching the three dumbs disappear. Feeling anxious, I went to write a report letter to Aldous.

Finally entering the territory of the sunset empire, Ah-Dai took the elf bracelet out of the blood of the dragon, and said: "Those generals are so enthusiastic, my head is so dizzy!" For Ah-Dai, it can be said that it is the worst thing at all. Today What he said in the barracks was more than what he said in his usual ten days.

Yanli laughed and said: "Whoever allows you to summon such a powerful silver dragon, it is no wonder that they will continue to flatter you. Dumb brother, when you encounter enemies in the future, you only need to summon the dragon, who can be us? Opponents. Those nobles of the Sunset Empire are nothing at all."

Dumb shook his head and said, "Actually, Sheng Xie is just a little dragon. Its strength is very limited, but it was exaggerated by the commander of West Africa. Although the dragon is powerful, it is not invincible." He clearly understood. How strong the Holy Evil is. If he uses the life transformation and the mysterious iron bow, the Holy Evil cannot resist it. The main reason for the strong shock in the barracks lies in the powerful and mysterious dragon. Deterrence played by creatures.

Rock said: "Dumb is right. No matter what you do, you still have enough strength to be guaranteed. Dragons can't be summoned every time. We have to work hard to cultivate in the process of searching for elves. "The three of them said as they entered the dark province of the Sunset Empire. Contrary to the garrison of large troops in the province of light, the territory of the province of darkness is very calm. The three passed through a hilly area and entered the plain. They didn't dare to walk too fast, and moved forward in a roundabout way, using the power of the elves bracelet to inquire whether there were elves around them.

Sunset over the mansion of the Lord of Dark City, the capital of the dark province of the Empire.

The five dark magicians and four assassins who attacked the remnants of the wizards’ guild were scattered in a large dark room.

The door opened, and a ray of light came in from outside. A middle-aged man in a Chinese suit approached the room. He closed the door with his backhand, and the darkness returned to the room. The killers were still scattered around, while the five dark magicians stood up.

The middle-aged man asked faintly: "What was the result of this trip. Why did Aldous of the Bright Province concentrate all the troops on the border? Did you reveal the purpose of this trip?"

Behind the hands of the leading Dark Mage, the voice was a little hoarse: "The Mage Union is stronger than we thought. This sneak attack did not succeed."

The middle-aged man frowned and said, "I didn't succeed? How far did it fail? Is it because of your reasons that Aldous's Bright Tiger Army assembled?"

The Dark Mage snorted coldly and said: "Don't speak to me in the tone of asking your subordinates. This action really failed completely. No one from the Mage Union died in our hands. It's just the defenders in the Light Province. In the pursuit, we killed hundreds of ordinary soldiers."

The cold light in the eyes of the middle-aged people can still be clearly seen even in the dimly lit room, "Total failure? Why did the plan fail completely? It is impossible for the wizards' guild to be prepared beforehand, and break so many manpower, what do you tell me? Explain to the Grand Duke. You can explain what happened."

"Hmph, you don't need to explain it, I'll talk about it with the Grand Duke. There is no need to explain to you again, we will prepare the carriage immediately, and we will rush back to Sunset City."

The middle-aged man exudes a hint of cold air, his tone is cold without any emotion, "Why can't you explain to me. Don't forget that I am the planner of this operation."

The black-robed magician was not at all intimidated by the other person's appearance, and said disdainfully: "Because you don't deserve to listen to my explanation. Don't forget what I am. Don't say that you are just a little viscount, you are Lord Duke. It’s also very respectful to me. I don’t have time to argue with you here, so hurry up and prepare my car. I’m going back to the leader."

The middle-aged man's body trembled slightly. He barely suppressed his monstrous anger. The power behind the Dark Mage was beyond his reach. Even if the Lord Duke had to rely on them, he tried to control his voice calmly, saying: "The car is already ready, you can go now."

The black-robed magician said calmly: "Let's go." Go to the door first. Opening the door, he stopped under the light from outside, and his long back was covering the middle-aged man. He turned his back to the middle-aged man and said, "Since you are a direct line of the Duke, I remind you. There is a young magician with superb martial skills in the Wizards’ Guild. This action was destroyed by him. I didn’t see how his magic is, but his martial skills are very good. Moreover, I used it in the Wizards’ Guild. The call of the devil, but after waiting for news, we discovered that the taboo call of the devil did not cause casualties to the wizards’ union. Think about it.” After that, we left with the four wizards and the remaining assassins. . With a bang, the last person who went out slammed the door shut, leaving only the middle-aged man called the Viscount himself in the room.

The anger in the middle-aged man's heart was dispelled by the last words of the Dark Mage. Muttered: "Devil's call? That guy actually used the devil's call. Doesn't he know how dangerous this magic is? And the wizards' union actually took this magic down. A young magician who knows martial arts, It seems that this operation cannot be said to be a complete failure. At the very least, I have inquired about Huasheng's details. Unexpectedly, they also have hidden forces." Thinking of this, his pale face showed a vicious look.

"Come here." The middle-aged man shouted. A slender figure pushed the door open until it flashed in through a gap. A pleasant but cold voice sounded, "Master."

"Through my order, all previous deployments were cancelled, and all personnel returned to their posts on standby. At the same time, they ordered the eagle to sneak into the province of light, inquire about the situation of a young magician who knows martial arts, and report back as soon as he finds it. Let the spies always pay attention to the movements of the troops assembled in the Guangming Province, and quickly report back if there is an abnormality."

"Yes, Master." The figure flashed, and the slender figure disappeared. A wicked smile appeared at the corner of the middle-aged man's mouth, and he followed the slender figure and left the room. The dark room fell silent, without a trace of life fluctuation.

The sky had darkened, and the three of A Duan stopped at a mountain bag sheltered from the wind.

Yan Li sat down on the ground and said dissatisfied: "It's good to stay in the barracks for the night. I have to hurry in the evening. This is good. If you don't reach the village in front of you, you will have to sleep in the wild again."

Ah Dui said embarrassedly, "I'm sorry, Big Brother Yanli, but those generals are so enthusiastic. I'm afraid that if they don't leave, I'm afraid they will be unable to sleep during the night."

Yanli laughed and said, "Okay, no need to explain, just joking with you. Quickly, use your fire magic to make a bonfire. It's just three months old, and the chill is still quite enough." Refers to the branches and some leaves on the ground that the three of us just gathered.

Ah Dui promised and chanted a spell that hadn't been used for a long time, "Fire elements flooding the heavens and the earth! Please give me your warm strength, condensed into a ball, and now in my hand." Dui clearly felt the surroundings keep moving. The fire element condensed by himself, the little red glow continued to converge, and with a puff, Dumb's hand lit up, and a dark blue fireball with a diameter of about ten centimeters was burning like it came from hell. Dumb was shocked, has his mental power improved again? Why the fireball is so big, and it seems that the heat has increased a lot.

Duan’s magic power has increased, no, it should be said that his mind control has increased. For the past six months, when he is practicing and transforming every day, he has been concentrating on controlling the vital energy in his body with his consciousness and gradually transforming into a solid form. , And then change into various appearances, which enables his mental power to be continuously cultivated. Although he did not deliberately meditate, his spiritual power has improved to a certain extent, and it is even more handy to control the magical elements. Ah Dai stretched out his left hand, Yunqi became mad, his fingers flashed with a faint white light, and with a flick on the fireball, a little blue spark suddenly floated out, although there was only a little spark, but it fell into the pyre But the whole pile of branches was lit at once, and the dark night suddenly lit up, and the three of them felt their bodies warm at the same time. They put their hands by the fire to warm their bodies. Yan Li said, "Dumb, I will go find some branches, the fire is bigger, I guess these are not enough to burn overnight." After speaking, he turned and walked towards the small woods not far away.

As the three of them ate too much today, they are not hungry now, Dui and Rock found some leftover leaves from the winter and piled them together, temporarily using them as beds, ready to sleep.

Rock said: "Brother Dumb, I am afraid it will not be easy for us to find the elves this time. If we want to travel to every corner of the Sunset Empire, I am afraid that two years will not be enough. What's more, I don't know if other countries are involved in those The captive elves, if any, will be more troublesome."

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "Big Brother Rock, we discussed last time that since the elves were taken away by the thieves’ guild, they should be sold to great nobles who can afford a starting price. I think, since they are great nobles. , It should not be in some remote places. Although the sunset empire is very large, there should not be too many cities inhabited by great nobles. As long as we look for these big cities as the primary goal, we should have certain gains. , As long as we can find the people of the elven clan, from their mouths, we will inevitably get some information, and then it will be much more convenient to find them, what do you think?"

The rock stared at Dumb stupidly, only to react for a while, and smiled: "Dumb, when did you become smart. This is indeed a good way!"

Dumb scratched his head, and said in embarrassment, "I can't say anything smart, but I just said it when I suddenly had this idea, brother, do you think it is feasible?"

Rock laughed and said, "Of course it is possible. This may be the best way now. Come, let me see, which is the closest big city to us?" As he said, he took out the map from his arms and spread it on the ground. First find their own location, and then look around. "Well, that's it. We are in the dark province. The capital of the dark province, the dark city is the largest city here. We are already very close to here. Let's start from here, and then we will search for the capital of every province. City, the final goal is to sunset the capital of the empire."

Dumb nodded and said: "Okay, let's hurry up tomorrow and go directly to the dark province. I hope this first stop will be rewarding."

"Let go of me, let me go, you let me die, let me die. What's the point of me being alive." Cries kept coming, dumb and rock stared in amazement, only Yan Li was walking from the woods He ran over, as if there was still a person under his arm, that person was struggling constantly, and the crying sound seemed to be his origin.

Yanli's body soared up and fell beside Ah-Dai and Rock. With a loose hand, he threw the man caught on the ground. He was a middle-aged man, his clothes were torn in many places, and his face was pale. He was thrown to the ground in an embarrassed manner. He suddenly screamed in pain, got up, pointed to Yan Li’s nose and cursed, "You short winter melon, whoever uses you to be nosy, I don’t even have the right to die. Huh? I want you to take care of it. What are you doing?" He spoke fluently in the Holy Vatican, so that all three of them could understand.

His yelling touched Yan Li's reverse scales, black light flashed, and a battle axe had been placed on his neck, Yan Li said bitterly: "Who do you think is a short winter melon?"

The middle-aged man snorted and said: "Of course it means you, you kill, kill me just right, I don't want to live long ago."

Duan and Shishi looked at the middle-aged man in surprise, Shishi asked, "Ali, what's going on? How did you find Chai and someone to come back."

Yan Li angrily said: "This guy is a jerk. I saw him hang himself in the woods just now, so I kindly saved him, but he scolded me. I knew I would let him die."

Dumb stood up, walked to the middle-aged man, put Yanli's battle axe aside, and said in a peaceful voice, "Uncle, you can't think of anything, you have to die? If you die, you can't live."

The middle-aged man gave a blank look and said, "Nonsense, since I want to die, I don't want to live again. What's the point of being alive! I have nothing, nothing left." As he said, his emotions Excited again. Dui held the middle-aged man’s shoulders and injected a prudent vitality into his body. The true aura nourished the middle-aged man’s body with vigorous vitality. His face became ruddy and his emotions gradually calmed down. Sitting on the ground, his eyes became dull.

Duan glanced at the rock, squatted beside the middle-aged man, and asked, "Uncle, what has forced you to go to a dead end? Tell us? We will try our best to help you."

The middle-aged man looked at Ah-Dai, only to realize that he was wearing a magician costume, with a glimmer of hope ignited in his eyes, and murmured: "I was a rich businessman in the dark city. A year ago, I was still a group of wives and concubines. Wan Guan, but in this year's time, I actually lost everything! What do you mean by my being alive, I am already over forty years old, and it is impossible for me to rise again." The encounter was said. It turned out that this person was named Wattana. He was originally engaged in a business selling medicinal materials in the Dark Province. After more than ten years of hard work, he set up a huge family business. In middle age, his spirit of struggle gradually faded and he began to stick to it. As a result, he bought a mansion and shop in the dark city, the capital of the dark province, and is still engaged in the business of selling drugs. Due to the poor public security in the dark city, fights often occur, so there is a great demand for drugs. The business is getting more and more prosperous, and even people from other provinces and cities will come to buy it. After a few years, it can be regarded as a small name in the dark city. When a person has money, he will gradually degenerate. Beauty and gambling have naturally become his hobbies. Not only did he marry more than a dozen concubines, but he also started gambling under the instigation of a few friends. As soon as gambling is attached, the addiction will soon become bigger and bigger. At the beginning, he can still do small gambling, and losing some money is nothing to him? But with the bewilderment of his friends and his own gambling addiction, the stakes doubled. Soon, he became a big-and-expensive high-roller. Money was constantly fading like water. After a year, not only did he lose his possessions, but also owed a gambling debt. Even his concubines ran away and became lonely. The day before yesterday, the people in the casino came to force the debt again. In order to survive, he had to run out of the dark city and spent two days and two nights in fear and panic. Watana was close to the brink of collapse. He felt himself He had lost everything, and he was going to be chased and killed when he was alive. It would be better to be self-sufficient, so he took off his belt in the woods and prepared to hang himself. At this time, he met the rock power to pick Chaihe and saved him. Come down.

After listening to Wattana's story, Dumb took a breath. Although he didn't quite understand what gambling was, he was also deeply surprised by the harm it caused. "Uncle, is gambling so terrible? It can force you. Go to a dead end. If you don’t bet, it’s fine."

Watana smiled bitterly and said: "You said it is easy. Gambling is even more addictive than beautiful women. It can make you rich overnight or make you impoverished. Although few people win, most people always It’s because I’m not tired of it, I can’t control myself at all. When I have money in my hands, I feel itchy. The gambling industry in the Dark City is very developed. From the 80s to the teenagers, almost everyone does not gamble. Like. It’s not one or two that I lost my fortune like this."

The rock snorted disdainfully, and said: "You are all asking for it, and you have a comfortable life, but you have to plunge into the abyss of gambling. You are the one who pushed yourself to this end."

Watana sighed and said in pain: "Yes! I forced myself. But, brother, you don't know, when a person spends much money or not, he has enjoyed everything he should enjoy. . His soul is so empty, in order to find a spiritual comfort, I embarked on this road of no return. I regret it now, but what is the use of regret? I have lost everything, that is not Recovered. Now for me, death may be the best relief. If there is an afterlife, I will not gamble anymore. You should let me die. I have no hope."

Dumb said anxiously: "If you don't use it in the world, you are not too old now! There is still time for redevelopment, uncle, you have to cheer up, you can return to your old business, maybe you can restore to the past glory!" Of course he is kind. You can't watch Watana commit suicide, you can only try to comfort him.

Watana sighed and said, "It's impossible. I don't have the vigor of my youth now, and I don't have children. Now I can say that I have no concerns. Thank you for listening to me. I'll leave. Find someone The place settles itself and saves you trouble. Death is the best relief for me. Perhaps, the hunters of the casino for pressing debts have already found here."

Dumb grabbed Wattana who wanted to stand up, and said, "Uncle, don't do this, isn't it just some money? We will help you pay it back!"

Watana took a look at Dumb and said, "Although you are a magician, what I owe is not a small sum. There are tens of thousands of gold coins! That's not to say that you can pay it back. Hey——, In the past, more than 10,000 gold coins were nothing to me at all, but now it’s different. Even if you sell me by weight, I’m afraid it’s not worth one percent."

Dumbfounded and said, "Tens of thousands of gold coins?" This number reminded him of what Kari said to him when he was in Guangming City. As the elder of the Wizards' Guild, any branch can mobilize assets of less than 10,000 gold coins. , Isn't it equivalent to having tens of thousands of gold coins? Since it is to save people, it can't be regarded as squandering. Thinking of this, he resolutely said: "Don't you just have tens of thousands of gold coins? Uncle, don't worry, I will help you pay it back. Then you can get a new life, and it's still too late to start again!"

Wattana's eyes lit up, grabbing Duan's shoulder, and tremblingly: "Little brother, you, what did you say?"

Dui said firmly: "I said, I will help you pay your gambling debts, so that you don't have to die."

The rock on the side shook his head secretly, thinking to himself, Ah-Dai didn't even know the details of this person. He only listened to his words, and he was willing to help him so unreservedly.

Wattana weakened and collapsed to the ground, tears of excitement streaming down, and murmured: "Child, you are such a good person, you are such a good person! I, I am saved again. I am saved again. Look. Come, the gods are really taking care of me, and let me meet noble people like you."

Dumb helped Watana up and comforted him: "Uncle, don't do this, we can't watch you go to a dead end! You will rest here with us for one night, and tomorrow we will go to the Dark City."

Watana kept panting, staring blankly at the red fire in front of him, muttering speechless.

Dumb took out the dry food and water, handed them to Wattana, and said, "Uncle, you can eat something first, and then rest early. When tomorrow comes, everything will be better."

Watana took the dry food and water, choked up and said, "Little brother, how can I repay you!"

A dumb said: "You don't need to repay me, you just need to live well. Eat." Watana seemed to be hungry for a long time. He desperately stuffed the dry food into his mouth and choked. Take a sip of water. Dumb looked at Watana's way of eating and smiled contentedly. For him, helping others is the greatest happiness, and that will bring him satisfaction.

The rock drew Dui to his side and whispered: "Dumb, there are no good people in this sunset empire. How do you know that this guy is not a liar? Be careful. Besides, 10,000 gold coins are not a small amount, you really Do you want to help him?"

Dumb nodded and said, "Brother, look how pitiful Uncle Watana is! He is about to commit suicide, so how could he pretend? Don't worry about it. Although there are a lot of ten thousand gold coins, it is still to save people. It's worth it! I don't think the Wizards' Guild will blame me."

Rock sighed, and said: "Then take a step and take a step, it just happens that we are here for the first time, and we lack a guide." He couldn't bear to embarrass Dumb, but he secretly paid attention to the sudden appearance of Watana. I thought, as long as you show the fox’s tail and do anything unfavorable to us, I will definitely let you be in a different place. Since entering the dark province, the rocks have been very cautious. After all, this is the dark place of civilization on the whole continent. According to legend, the atmosphere is full of evil everywhere here. .

In the early morning of the next day, under the leadership of Wattana, a person familiar with the terrain, the four set out on the road to the Dark City. Along the way, except for guiding the path, Wattana has been taciturn and rarely speaks. Only occasionally looked at Dumb with grateful eyes. The closer he gets to the Dark City, the more worried look on his face.

The dark city, the capital of the dark provinces, is so large that it seems to be even above the light city. The bustling crowds constantly shuttle back and forth from the wide gates. On the surface, there is no indication that this is a city with developed dark forces. , Seems to be not much different from Guangming City. When he came to the gate of the city, Watana stopped, with an expression of pain on his face, as if he was not in front of the gate of the city, but like a gate of hell.

"Uncle, don't worry. Since I promised to pay you back, I will definitely be able to do it. Go, let's go in." While comforting Watana, Dumb took out the fairy bracelet from his arms, the bracelet slightly heated A faint green light flashed unexpectedly, Dui looked at the rock, and both of them had excited and excited expressions on their faces. The bracelet had already told them that there were elves in the dark city.

Rock whispered: "Luck is really great. I didn't expect that we found the target so smoothly at the first stop." As long as you find an Elf tribe and ask about the whereabouts of other Elves, it will be much easier, Yan At this time, Li also noticed the change in the bracelet in Ah-Dai's hand. UU was about to shout happily, but was covered by the rock and glared at him. Then he calmed down. Watana didn't seem to notice their changes, and still bowed his head thinking about his own thoughts.

Dumb put the bracelet in his arms, looked at the gate of the dark city, and said confidently: "Let's go." Suffering elf friends, you are about to be free. I will definitely save you from the sea of suffering. You must hold on! Thinking of this, Dumb's eyes flashed with determination.

Walking to the city gate, Wattana suddenly stopped, his body was slightly convulsed, and he whispered: "Dad brother, I still won't go in. I, I'm afraid that I will meet someone who will press debt."

Dumb stopped Wattana's body that wanted to shrink, "Uncle, don't be afraid, didn't I promise to pay you back? After paying back, those people won't do anything to you anymore, go, let's go in." Then, he pulled Wattana and walked towards the city. How could Watana resist Dumb's power, and the group of four finally entered the dark city.

The flow of people coming and going in the Dark City is more than twice that of the Light City, all in a hurry, and many people have a decadent expression on their faces. Having already entered the city, Wattana relaxed a little, and whispered to Dumb: "Look, those people with decadent faces and tired faces all gambled all night and lost money. Before, I was also them. One of them!"

Chapter 59 : Win

The rock said disdainfully: "How can a nation like this become stronger? The civilians are gamblers, and their bodies have long been hollowed out by alcohol and gambling. I think if there is a war, I am afraid this big city cannot be guarded. A few days." Yanli echoed: "That's no wonder it's called the Dark City. I think, except for those officials and casino owners who are fat, I'm afraid these ordinary people will be hollowed out like Uncle Wattana. Hey, Look, is it a casino." As he said, he pointed to a shop with a small shop floor but with the most traffic. The shop didn't have an obvious sign, but there was a big character on the door. The character seemed to be written in the sunset empire script, and the three did not recognize it.

Wattana sighed and nodded: "The word on the door is a gambling word, it's just a small casino, it's nothing at all. You are right. I don't know other places, most of the dark city People are in a state of decadence. Most people work to make more money so that they can enjoy the casino. We are not afraid of fighting at all. Who does not know that the Holy See will protect us. We are the most loyal gods. Believers, God will bless us."

Yanli said disdainfully: "If God would bless you people, then he would be too unsightly."

A look of anger flashed in Watana's eyes. He is a loyal believer of the gods, but now he is begging for others and dare not refute the words of Yanli, so he muttered: "My lord god, please forgive the ignorant fools. ." There was a pious look on his face, as if the gods would really bless him.

Dumb said: "Uncle Wattana, you take us to the wizard's union first, so I can withdraw money to pay your debts."

Watana was about to agree, but was stopped by the rock. He winked at the force of the rock, and then drew Dui aside, and said dubiously, "Big Brother Rock, what are you doing? I have already agreed to Uncle Watana. , You must do it, don’t persuade me, I believe Uncle Wattana will not be a liar."

Rock smiled slightly and said: "What are you anxious for? I didn't say that you would not be allowed to pay back Wattana. It's just that the money cannot be paid by the wizards' union. After all, it is to pay off gambling debts, although you are to help people. , But it may still affect your reputation in the Wizards’ Guild, which will be detrimental in the future. We should solve this matter ourselves."

Dumb froze and said, "Why, brother, do you still have money?"

Rock smiled mysteriously, pointed to the small casino, and said: "Although I don't have one, but there are there! Since the casino squeezed Watana's property, let the casino pay him back."

Dumb scratched his head. He didn't understand the meaning of the rock, and said in confusion: "Big brother, did you let me gamble? Last night you didn't even say that gambling is harmful, so how can we go?"

Rock explained: "Gambling does harm people, but if we can win steadily, we won't suffer from it. Maybe we can help those gamblers out. Dumb, with your ability to change, you should be able to control a lot. Something. At that time, when you enter the casino, you just have to follow my instructions. I promise you can win all the debts that Watana owes."

Duan still had enough confidence in the rock, and nodded and said, "Okay, brother, I will listen to you."

The two walked back to Wattana again, Wattana was pale, bowed his head and said rocky: "Uncle Wattana, don't worry, we will definitely pay you back, but you have to take us there first Take a look at a casino, we want to see how this casino harms people."

Watana waved his hand again and again: "No, no, I won't go anymore, it's a harmful place! I don't want to bet anymore in my life."

Rock comforted: "Uncle, don't worry, we are not asking you to gamble, we just want to see how the casino hurts people. At that time, you only need to tell us how to play those things." , Pulling Watana Chongyanli and Duan winks, the four of them walked towards the casino.

Rock thought, since this Watana was once a wealthy businessman, the places he went to were all high-end casinos. Such small casinos on the fringe of the city would never be patronized, and naturally no one would know him here. As soon as they entered the door, they immediately won the two attendants. As soon as they saw the magician attire on Ah-Dai, they immediately nodded and bowed in and invited the four in. As expected, no one noticed Watana.

"Master, what do you want to play? I can introduce it to you."

Watana, who said just now that he would never gamble anymore, when he entered the casino, he heard the familiar shouts and the collision of various gambling equipment, his heart seemed to be boiling, and his eyes kept flashing. Excited brilliance. It was the first time for the dumb three to come to such a place, and they all felt a little dazed. The rock rushed and said: "You don't care about us, let's take a look at it first, and then decide what to play." Although he told Ah-Dai that he was sure of winning, it was actually because he was confident in Ah-Dai's skill. I believe that no matter what kind of gambling, it is possible to change the result. Rock has always hated things like gambling, and he heard a lot of things like Wattana. His purpose is to bring down this casino. Turning his head to the excited Wattana and asked: "Uncle Wattana, what is the fastest to make money here?"

Wattana said without hesitation: "Of course it is the roulette wheel, which is the big disk with the most people there. You see, there are a hundred grids on the disk, divided into two colors, black and white. There is a corresponding number in each grid, and the big table next to it is the place to bet. As long as you buy the chips, and then go there to press what you want, it’s all right. Generally, there are the most black and white people. There is a half chance of winning. After the roulette wheel is turned, the casino player will put a bead on it, and the bead will quickly rotate around the opposite direction of the roulette wheel. When the roulette wheel stops, the bead stays in what color grid, Those who press this color will win. However, because the odds of winning are high, the odds are not very high, one loses one."

Dumb asked, "Then why do you still say that this roulette wins the fastest?"

When it comes to gambling, Watana has already forgotten everything about himself, acting like an old gambler, and said: "Of course I have my reason to say that. You can not only bet on black and white on roulette. , You can also bet on points. In general casinos, you can press multiples of three, five, seven, nine, or ten. In other words, the number where the ball hits is a multiple of three, and those who press multiples of three You can win three times the bet, and you can win five times by pressing five, and so on. If you can press a multiple of ten, it is a loss of ten! One gold coin can become ten. This is not the highest payout. The highest rate can be up to twenty-five per one. That is to squeeze the number, only squeeze one number.

Rock nodded and said: "The odds are indeed very high. Dumb, you give me the money that President Kari gave you, and I'll change the chips."

Yan Li was shocked and took hold of the rock's hand and said, "Big brother, what are you doing, why did you really come here to gamble? That will be our living expenses in the future!"

Rock smiled slightly and said, "Big Brother has his own purpose, don't worry. Dumb, give it to me." Dumb hesitated, and finally chose to trust the rock and gave him the money bag. The rock was guided by Watana, who had forgotten everything, to the casino's chip exchange office. After a while, he walked back. He was also followed by an attendant, who was carrying a large plate filled with purple. Bargaining chips. Watana opened his mouth and said, "So you are so rich. A purple chip can represent five gold coins!" When the surrounding gamblers saw the chips in the hands of the attendants, they all cast amazed eyes. Several people became big gamblers.

A slightly obscene thin man approached the rock and whispered: "Uncle, since you have so much money, why do you come here to gamble? Go to our Jinfu Casino. The service there is first-class. There are beautiful chicks to serve you, as long as you offer a starting price, we can satisfy you with whatever you want."

The rock moved in his heart, looked at him, and said, "Since we have already come, let's play here for a while. If we win the money, we can visit you again."

"Okay, okay, then I will first wish you a victory, uncle." The thin man said flatteringly. After speaking, he quickly squeezed into the crowd and disappeared.

The rock walked to the side of Ah-Dai and said in a low voice, "Go, let's go and play some roulette." After finishing speaking, he walked to the roulette first. Dumb had no choice but to follow Yanli.

Watana leaned against the rock in excitement, and when he reached the roulette wheel, the person next to him suddenly stepped aside, leaving a place at the roulette wheel. In this small casino, silver coins are generally used for gambling, and some civilians even have dozens of copper coins to have fun. Seeing a big bully like the rock, they will naturally get out of the place to see the gambling method.

Several dumb people gathered around the roulette, and the rocks leaned in to dumb's ears, and said in a low voice, "Whatever I will press later, you will use your infuriating energy to control the ball falling there, but don't give off a grudge. It's best to pass the vindictive energy into that machine from the ground." In fact, the rock can barely do it, but in order to be more certain, so dumb can do it.

The dealer looked at the rare big gambler and thought, this time he must let all these guys lose. He shouted: "It's almost time! I'll buy it away." The little gamblers on the side placed their bets, but the rock didn't move. He leaned in to Ah Dui's ear again and said, "You try first. The ball is controlled in the fifty-fifth grid, see if it works."

Dumb nodded slightly, the dealer couldn't help being a little disappointed seeing that they were not participating, and ordered his men to start spinning the roulette. The gamblers on the side kept shouting the numbers they pressed, the clamors came and went, the roulette quickly turned, the dealer put a small wooden ball in it, and the ball kept gently on the roulette. The beating, making an aggressive sound.

Dui lowered his head, and the magician cloak completely covered his body. He closed his eyes, stimulating the vitality of his body, condensing the light completely, and carefully poking into the roulette with his vindictiveness. He couldn’t help but startled as soon as the grudge entered the bottom of the roulette, because through the induction of the qi machine, he found that there was a person squatting inside the roulette machine. Although dumb didn’t understand why there were people, he knew that he could not let that Man discovered his vindictiveness, and carefully urged the vindictive wire to penetrate into the roulette through the wooden board beside it. At this time, the rotation of the roulette had slowed down, and dumb used his invisible vindictiveness to quietly control the beating wooden small With the ball, the roulette gradually stopped, but the ball was still beating, and all the gamblers opened their eyes wide, waiting for the ball to settle. The rolling speed of the ball slowed down, and finally, it bounced and rolled into the number fifty-five grid.

The dealer was a little strange. The signal he gave this time was clearly the 63rd, how did it become the 55th, and what happened to the guy below. The method of cheating on roulette is very simple. In the wooden box under the roulette, there is a person who can see the roulette number from below. The dealer will give him a signal before the start of each round, and he will follow this signal. Put a magnet with strong suction under the iron roulette. After the roulette is turned, the wooden ball with iron core will naturally be attracted by the magnet. There is more than 80% possibility that it will fall under that. A lattice with magnets. In order to have better control, the people below will usually put magnets in several different grids, so that the casino can be said to win without losing.

A gambler suddenly exclaimed, "I am hit, I am hit, I hit a multiple of five, fast, fast to lose money, I pressed a gold coin, haha, hahahaha."

Rock was equally pleased, and he was right in his own judgment. Duan did have this ability. The dealer's expression remained unchanged, this small mistake is sometimes inevitable, five gold coins are nothing at all, after all, most people lose. What he cares most about is this high-profile man who has exchanged thousands of gold coins. Withdraw the ball and tell his subordinates to lose money to the winning gambler. Looking at the rock with a professional smile on his face, he tentatively asked: "Master, don't you play two hands?"

Rock said: "Of course you want to play when you come here. You are ready for the next set. I'm going to bet."

The dealer was secretly delighted and adjusted the roulette wheel. At this time, the previous game had already lost money, and he said loudly: "Okay, start betting, you get more."

The gamblers put their chips in the place they wanted, and the rock took out two chips from the tray of the attendant behind him, placed them on the thirteenth position, and said: "I'm the only one."

The dealer secretly cursed in his heart that this guy must be a fool who burned the bag, and he actually suppressed the only one. Even if I don't cheat, you can't be suppressed. "Okay, let's get out of hand." His men stopped taking bets. The dealer vigorously turned the roulette, took a quick glance at the betting plate, and quickly compared a few numbers to the person below with his right hand, and then The wooden ball was put into the roulette.

Dui stared at the fast-turning roulette with all his attention. He was not in a hurry to control the wooden ball. Premature control wouldn't help, but it would lead to suspicion. The wooden ball kept beating. When the roulette was about to stop, Dumb’s vindictive spirit was wrapped around the wooden ball quietly. When the wooden ball jumped to the thirteenth position, he accurately led the wooden ball into the grid. Among. How can the suction power of the iron magnet compare to the energy of the fighting spirit wire?

The dealer looked at the wooden ball that did fall into the 13th in amazement, and muttered: "Impossible, this is impossible!" The gesture he made just now was for the people below to be on the 12th and 14th respectively. Put magnets in two places, so that the wooden ball is attracted by the magnets on both sides, it is impossible to enter the grid of No. 13, but things are counterproductive and the facts are in front of you.

Watana exclaimed, shouting loudly, "We have been hit, we have won the lone number, quickly, and lose money soon."

The dealer commanded his subordinates with a calm face to pay the chips to the rock. Two purple chips are ten gold coins, and twenty-five times is two hundred and fifty gold coins!

Rock smiled slightly, everything was in his calculations, he took the tray from the attendant, handed all the chips to the dealer, and said faintly: "I'm all on the 36th."

The dealer's face changed. If such a big bet is really hit, it would be a big number at twenty-five times the odds! He turned his head and whispered something to his men, and one of his men quickly squeezed out of the crowd and left. When the gamblers around saw such a big bet, they all stopped and fixed their eyes on the rock and the dealer.

The rock said to the dealer: "Since no one else is betting, let's start."

Due to the previous two mistakes, the dealer had lost confidence in his heart. At this time, the person who had left had returned with a middle-aged man with a short stature. The dealer glanced at the middle-aged man, and the middle-aged man nodded slightly at him, and the dealer said: "Okay, buy it away." He turned the roulette again. The squat middle-aged man's eyes were firmly locked on the rocks, without any relaxation. The wooden ball bumped up on the roulette again, and the rock looked at the beating wooden ball indifferently. The roulette slowly slowed down, and under the control of Duan, the wooden ball accurately landed in the 36th space. The audience was in an uproar, and the dealer was stunned. He knew clearly that this time around the 36th, there were all magnets under the ten spaces, but the final result was still pressed by the opponent. His body was slightly Twenty-five times the 1,250 gold coins are more than 30,000 gold coins!

The pudgy middle-aged man walked to the side of the dealer, his eyes flashed coldly, staring at the rock firmly, and said coldly: "Zhao compensate."

The dealer agreed with trepidation, using each golden bargaining chip symbolizing a hundred gold coins to pay the rock. Rock didn't take back all his chips, and smiled and said, "It seems that I'm lucky today. I'm still playing No. 36 alone, all in." The dealer softened and almost collapsed to the ground. The pudgy middle-aged man said solemnly: "Brother, sometimes moderation is a good choice. Don't miss yourself for a moment of greed." The threat in his words is already very obvious, and he feels a strong smell of gunpowder. The gamblers onlookers were afraid to continue their bets, quietly looking at the rocks and the chunky middle-aged man.

The rock sneered: "Why, do you still have a saying that the casino restricts gamblers' bets? This is a bit wrong, right. Here are thirty-two thousand five hundred gold coins. Can't I suppress it?

The short, fat middle-aged man knew that if he met a master today, he would lose more than 800,000 gold coins if he was pressed by the opponent again, which was not something he could afford to be a small casino. Loudly said: "My friends, today our casino is temporarily closed for temporary business, please come back another day." Dozens of strong men emerged from the casino, holding wooden sticks in their hands, slowly surrounding them in this direction. The gamblers all left when they saw something bad. Most of them were small vendors, who were most afraid of getting into trouble. Everyone knew that anyone who could open a casino had a hard backing behind.

The rock grabbed the angry rock force and turned to Wattana and said, "Uncle, please wait for us outside the door." The pale Watana seemed to wish him to say so, and hurried out. Dui looked at the rock, the rock was still smiling and did not say a word. After a while, except for the three dumbs, the gamblers had already left. The chunky middle-aged man ordered his men to close the door. Dozens of thugs surrounded the three duo in the center. He looked at the dumb in magician costume, and said coldly: "I am afraid that the three are not locals, but since they are here, they are guests. If you want, you can leave immediately with the money you won. If you want to continue to gamble. If I go down, I will still accompany him." Although more than 30,000 gold coins are already a very large sum for him, he also understands that these people are not easy to deal with, especially the other party has a magic. Master, although he is considered a personal character in the east of the city, he can't afford to provoke the Mage Union.

The rock laughed and said: "Of course I have to bet, I have already placed the bet, then please start."

The short and fat middle-aged human said: "I am the boss here, and others call me Fatty Uncle. Although one of you is a noble magician, this is a dark city. If you don't want to die, leave immediately."

The rock snorted coldly: "What if we don't leave?"

The fat on Uncle Fat’s face trembled slightly, his slender eyes narrowed, and the fierce light kept flickering, and he said coldly: "Then I will only send you on the road. Give it to me and kill the magic first. division."

Dozens of thugs rushed up with a shout, and more than a dozen of them were aimed at dumb. How could Ah'Dai see these weak thugs in his eyes, and the real qi came out, and the strong grudge filled his whole body. The thugs rushed to three feet in front of him and were shocked and flew out. Neither the rock nor the rock force took out the weapon, and the fists and feet were added, three hits, five divided by two, and these thugs were beaten up and down. None of the three attacked the killers, but after a while, these thugs also fell and fell on the ground. He moaned and lost his fighting ability.

The fat on Uncle Fat’s face kept trembling, but he was not afraid. He looked at the imposing rock brother and roared: "You dare to make trouble with me, don't you fear death?"

With a flash of black light, Yanli’s big axe was placed on Uncle Fatty’s neck, and he laughed: "Looking for death? I think you are the one who died first."

Rock said: "Ping also squeezed the blood and sweat of a lot of people. Today, we won't leave without a little blood. Well, how can you have a wealth of more than 100,000 gold coins for a casino of this size."

The cold air oozing from the battle axe made Uncle Fatty's fat face extremely pale, and his voice was trembling, "What do you want? I, I am a relative of the city lord, now hurry up and I can still ask the lord of the city. Plead, forgive, forgive you for your life."

Seeing the fat man's stern look, Dumb frowned and said, "Big Brother Rock, what do we do with him."

The rock smiled slightly and said, "No one is good for such a scum who runs a casino. It's not an exaggeration to kill him." The rock force pushed the battle axe down, and the fat uncle, who has always been pampered, was pressing down. Xia suddenly sat down on the ground, the sharpness of the battle axe had cut through the skin of his neck, and the stinging pain made this incredible casino owner finally terrified. "Don't, don't kill me. I take it." For him, life is always more important than esteem.

The rock snorted coldly, and said, "It's okay not to kill you, but you must dedicate all of your wealth to us."

Uncle Fat repeatedly said: "Okay, okay, I'll give you fifty thousand gold coins, this is all I have."

Rock looked at this three- to four-hundred-square-meter casino, shook his head, and said, "You have no sincerity! Fifty thousand? Do you treat us as beggars? Let's give us one hundred thousand gold coins. Leave immediately, but you will not be allowed to open this casino in the future, otherwise, next time we come to see you, we will just ask your head."

Uncle Fat cried out: "You, you want my life! Where do I have so much money!"

Rock said: "For a casino of your size, I already need 100,000 gold coins. So hurry up and pay, otherwise, don't blame us for being rude."

Uncle Fat said with a bitter face: "Although my income here is not bad, most of it has to be turned over to the city lord. I don't have much left. Uncle, you just let it go."

Uncle Fat's tearful appearance made Dumb feel soft, and said, "Big Brother, forget it."

The Rock glanced at Dumb, sighed in his heart, and said, "Dumb, have you forgotten that Uncle Wattana was forced to commit suicide by their vampires? It is not too much for me to ask him for 100,000 gold coins."

Thinking of the way Wattana was crying last night, Dumb frowned and said nothing.

Yan Li was already a little impatient. He knocked the battle axe down in his hand. With a light click, Uncle Fatty's right arm suddenly fractured, and the severe pain caused Uncle Fatty to scream like a pig. Constantly rolling on the ground. The rock glared at Yan Li, and said in a deep voice, "If you want money, you still have to die. Choose one yourself."

The severe pain caused the fat on Uncle Fat’s face to be deformed. He gritted his teeth and said: "I, I will give, I will give." As he said, he put his hand in his arms tremblingly, and took out one tremblingly. A card was handed out. Rock took the card, and saw many weird symbols on the black card, "What is this?"

Uncle Fei said: "Here, this is a universal magic crystal card. It records all my family properties. You can withdraw money from any silver shop. There are more than one hundred and three thousand gold coins. Give it to you. Let me go. ."

This is the first time I have seen this thing. I looked back and forth with some doubts. Dumb leaned in front of him, feeling the extremely weak magical energy on the card, and said: "This card is made of special metal, and it has The weak energy fluctuations should be real. Big brother, let’s go.” In fact, Duan was not sure whether the card was genuine or not. But the atmosphere in the casino made Duan very uncomfortable, especially The large moans filled his kind heart with contradictions. Knowing that these were not good people, he still couldn't bear to see them in pain.

The rock nodded and said, "Okay, let's go. Fatty, you will remember for me, and let me see your casino reopen. Be careful of your pig head."

At this moment, the door of the casino suddenly opened, and a group of soldiers in black and light armor rushed in under the leadership of a general. When Uncle Fei saw the visitor, he was overjoyed, "General Ma Rui, save me! These robbers, they want to rob my property."

The general who was called Ma Rui by the fat uncle frowned, looked at the person lying on the floor, and shouted angrily: "Where are you from, dare to go to our dark city to go wild." His soldiers drew out their weapons one after another. Quickly surrounded the three dumb people.

Duan and the three were shocked at the same time. Although these soldiers are not strong, they represent the army. If they collide with them, it will inevitably affect their main purpose of coming here. A sudden flash of light flashed in Ah Du's heart, rushing to say: "This big brother, we originally came here to gamble, but they cheated in this casino, so we will let them compensate for the loss." Kicked the roulette with one kick, revealing the trembling casino staff hidden inside.

Chapter 60: Anhao Nightclub

Why didn't Ma Rui know that Uncle Fatty was making a gambling here? He had never liked this fat man, but the relationship between Fatty and the lord of the city made him have to take care of some. Normally Uncle Fatty really did not benefit him less. But in front of him, he didn't dare to attack the three people in front of him, that was because he clearly saw the nine golden six-pointed stars on the shoulders of Dumb. He doesn’t know much about magicians, but he has also heard that the more six-pointed stars on the shoulders of a magician, the higher his status in the wizards’ guild. The fire magician in front of him has nine six-pointed stars on his shoulders. , Is obviously an important figure in the wizard's union. Although the Wizards’ Guild did not help the Sunset Empire much, the transcendent status of wizards cannot be ignored. They have always had a close relationship with the Holy See, and the Holy See is the greatest support of the Sunset Empire, let alone him. Even the city owner dare not offend. What's more, in the Dark City, strength represents everything. The three people in front of them have not weak strength at first glance. If they really fall out, they will not be better off. Thinking of this, he hurriedly said politely: "Mr. Magician, although it is a casino gambling, you have injured many of them. I think, let this matter go."

Duan and the three were shocked at the same time. They originally thought that these soldiers would definitely help Uncle Fatty deal with them, but they didn't expect to be so easy to talk. Dumb said: "Since the general said so, then forget it, Brother Rock, let's go." With that, he lifted the rock and walked out.

Uncle Fatty clutched his broken arm and cried out, "General Ma Rui, they have robbed me of my money! That's all my belongings, you, why don't you arrest them? I paid so much tax, could it? Does the army not protect my property?"

Ma Rui glared at him, and said impatiently: "Stop talking nonsense." Uncle Fatty didn't dare to argue anymore with his sharp gaze, and watched the three of A'Dai leave. When the dumb three left, Ma Rui said to Uncle Fatty: "Did you not see a high-level magician among them? Even if it is the lord of the city, it will not easily offend the wizards’ union. Do you still have the rules of the dark city? I don't understand, strong strength is everything, Uncle Fat, this time you will accept it."

Uncle Fat trembling said: "But, but they took my family property! How will I live in the future?"

Ma Rui snorted coldly: "You can earn more if you lose your wealth, but if you lose it, you won't be able to come back. If that magician uses a high-level fire magic, not only you have to finish it, but we are also hard to escape. You want to get back to your home and go by yourself! I don’t dare to offend the Mage’s Guild casually, so you can clean up the mess here. Let’s go.” After speaking, he turned and left with his men, leaving only because The fat uncle trembling with pain because most of the property was taken away.

Out of the casino, the rocks pulled up to Wattana, the four quickly left and walked to a dark corner. Everyone stopped and Watana asked worriedly: "Just now, I saw the army enter, you are all right. Huh?" Rock shook his head and said: "We're all right, Uncle Wattana, do you know this thing?" Then, he passed the Magic Crystal Card that Uncle Fatty gave him.

Wattana's eyes lit up and said, "This is the universal deposit card for the Sunset Empire! Are you not outsiders? How come there are."

Rock smiled slightly and said, "It seems that the fat man didn't lie to us."

Dumb suddenly said, "Big Brother Rock, can we stop doing this kind of thing in the future? I feel very uncomfortable." He stood there with his head down, a sense of boredom in his chest.

The rock froze and said: "Dub brother, these are all casinos squeezing money from gamblers. We didn't do anything wrong, you are still too kind."

Dumb still lowered his head and said, "Although the casino is not right to cheat people on money, have we done too much? If that fat uncle loses his family, how will he live in the future?" Everything that happened in the casino was deeply shocked. Looking at him, the act of taking and arrogantly made him feel extremely upset.

Rock smiled and shook his head, and said, "Silly brother, you are still too innocent. Do you think that fat man just has that kind of money? He must have other savings, otherwise, even to save his life, he won't take it so easily. Come out. Okay, don’t talk about it anymore, elder brother promised you that we won’t do this kind of thing in the future, let’s go ahead."

Dumb was overjoyed and said gratefully: "Big brother, thank you."

The Rock laughed and said, "It's all my own brothers. What can I do to thank you. Let's go and help Uncle Watana pay back the money first. Then we have to do business."

The three of them were able to get out of the casino safely and won money when the casino was obviously going to disadvantage them, which greatly increased Watana’s confidence in them. They were not as scared as before. Walked into the dark city. The Dark City is really big. It took more than two hours for four people to walk through seven or eight streets before reaching the casino where Watana lost all their possessions. This casino has four floors and the exterior decoration is magnificent. There are two slender young girls at the door who constantly show professional smiles. There are not many gamblers, but most of them come in luxurious carriages. , Obviously, it is not on the same level as that of Uncle Fatty.

Watana looked at the casino in front of him, with a confused look in his eyes, and murmured: "This is this, this is this. My possessions will be lost here!"

Dumb looked at the line written in sacred Vatican on the huge golden signboard of the casino, and said: "Anhao nightclub." He suddenly felt his chest heat up, and he reached out and took out the fairy bracelet in his arms, surprised It was found that the green light on the wizard bracelet was stronger. A hint of joy flashed in the rock's eyes, and he whispered to Dumb: "Brother, it seems that we have to play the casino again. It is very possible that there are elves in this casino."

Dumb nodded, saving the elves is more important than anything else, clutching the elves tightly and saying: "Then what should we do?"

Rock said: "Let's go first to help Watana pay back the money, and then act by chance."

Wattana seemed to be still remembering all the things he had done before, staring firmly at the door of Anhao Nightclub, and said: "This is definitely the biggest gold cave in Dark City, and all my hundreds of thousands of possessions are here. Why? Why, why am I so stupid that I have thrown all my hard work here. The family business that I have accumulated for more than 20 years!" At this point, his whole body trembled slightly with excitement, and his eyes were already wet. .

Dumb patted Wattana on the shoulder and said, "Uncle, don't be sad. When we help you pay back the money, you can start again. Don't gamble anymore."

Watana said in a hateful voice: "Gambling, gambling, I will ruin it, I will never step into the casino in the future. Dumb brother, I want to live some ordinary lives now!" In a word, Wattana suddenly showed a look of yearning.

Rock said: "The Dark City itself is a big dye vat. Sometimes, it's beyond your control. I suggest you leave here completely and go to Huasheng Empire. There, for you, maybe It's a piece of paradise."

Wattana's eyes lit up and said: "Huasheng Empire, yes! I may only have a way to survive to that justice country. But, I heard that there is martial law there, and they will not welcome me like this. The sunset over the empire."

Rock smiled slightly and said: "Don't worry, we have our own way to help you. Go, let's go in, pay your debts first, and there will be nothing to worry about in the future. Uncle Watana, remember, go in From now on, we will say that we are your distant relatives. I heard that you have difficulties and came here to help you. We don't want people in the casino to be suspicious."

Watana nodded, took a deep breath, and strode towards Anhao Nightclub. The dumb three followed him closely. When they walked to the door, the two young girls suddenly greeted each other with smiles.

"Yeah, isn't this Wattana boss? Why, are you rich again? The person we went to collect the debts just returned. If you didn't bring the gambling debts, I advise you to run away. "The two girls covered their mouths and laughed, smiling beautifully. The plump body was constantly trembling, and the hip waves and breast waves were constantly trembling.

Iwali stared at the plump bodies of the two girls intently, swallowing and spitting secretly. Watana stared at the talking girl a little bit resentfully, and said, "My uncle came back today to pay the money. Didn't you see that I brought the distinguished guest? They are all my distant relatives. Does your boss teach you to use this attitude? Do you deal with guests?"

The eyes of the two young girls first fell on the burly body of the rock, and suddenly they shone brightly, and surrounded the rock one by one, "It turned out to be a guest here! I'm really sorry, come on, please come inside."

The rock snorted coldly, and the cold light flashed in his eyes. The two frightened young girls did not dare to approach, and together with Duan, they walked in with Watana. Rock strength fell to the back, and squeezed a girl's buttocks forcefully, showing a look of intoxication, "Miss, are you free tonight?"

These two goalkeeper girls were obviously trained and didn't get angry because of the frivolity of rock power. One girl leaned on rock power that was shorter than herself, and said softly: "Master, although we are not free at night, but If you are willing to pay the price, let our boss let it go and accompany you is no problem. At that time, what do you want to do, isn't it what you want?"

Yan Li was teased by two girls. He was very tightly controlled by his elders when he was in the Puyan clan. He never had the opportunity to indulge. He was short. Although he was a famous fighter in the clan, he The beautiful girls look down on themselves, and have never touched a woman so far. These two angry girls have evoked the most primitive flame in his heart, "Ali, what are you doing? Come in quickly." Rock Seeing that Yanli didn't follow up, fearing that he might have lost his return to look for him, but seeing Yanli's Mimi and the two goalkeepers laughing, couldn't help feeling a little angry.

Yan Li was taken aback, and hurriedly broke free from the entanglement of the two girls, ran to the rock, the rock surface was sinking like water, and said coldly: "Ali, you will remember that if you dare to touch those souls Dirty and dirty woman, don't blame me for not acknowledging your brother, and immediately send you back to the Puyan clan."

Yan Li was still very afraid of rocks, blushed, and lowered his head and said: "Big, big brother, I don't have..."

"Not yet, if I don't come out again, you can't wait to rectify the Fa right there. What is so good about those women, I don't know how many people have been **** by them, I haven't found out before, you still have lustful problems. Humph.

Yan Li raised his hand and surrendered: "Brother, let me go, I dare not. Ah! Go ahead, I won't find dumb later." He said, hurriedly ran inside. Rock sighed helplessly. It seems that I really want to watch Yanli this kid closely, so I must not let him make mistakes! Sometimes, taking a wrong step can change a person's life.

The decoration inside the Anhao Nightclub is more luxurious than the facade. The floor is covered with red carpet, the walls are hung with glazed palace lanterns, the beautiful maids are in constant motion, and the gorgeous appearance makes the rock dizzying drool. These maids are comparable to the gatekeepers. The girl is much more beautiful. After entering the door is a hall of hundreds of square meters. The circular hall is five meters high and is dotted with many plants. It has a sense of elegance in the gorgeousness. There is a staircase on the left and right, which obviously leads to the upper floor. On the opposite side, is a golden gate with a plaque on it, with three characters-Fuhua Hall. The door was closed tightly so that one could not see the scene inside.

Watana explained to the three: "This dark nightclub is divided into four floors. To put it bluntly, it is a collection of **** and gambling. The first floor is for ordinary gamblers, but they must also exchange chips for thousands of gold coins. In order to enter, the second floor is full of rich people, and the minimum exchange of 10,000 gold coins each time. On the third floor, there are some upper-class people, basically nobles or extremely rich people, and Some alchemists and magicians."

Hearing this, Ah Dumb said in a blank tone: "What? Will alchemists also come to this place?"

Watana nodded and said: "Yes! Alchemists are more respected than magicians. Some of the items they refine can be sold at high prices. They can be said to be the richest people on the mainland. They are too. The most distinguished guests of this Anhao nightclub usually come and go directly to the third floor."

Dumb thought in his heart, Teacher Gris would never come to such a place. He is also here for the first time. If Watana hadn't said that he would lose hundreds of thousands of property here, he couldn't believe that such a magnificent place was actually a gold mine for squeezing money.

Wattana continued: "On the fourth floor, there are usually few people who can go up. It is reserved for guests who can spend money and are extremely distinguished. I have heard people say that it is not a gambling place, it is like a hotel. , For the most distinguished guests among the third-tier gamblers to rest. I heard that no matter what you want to do there, the nightclub will satisfy you. There are many stunning girls inside."

The rock pondered: "Uncle, how many assets do you think this Anhao nightclub can have?"

A strange light flashed through Wattana's eyes, and he murmured: "It's hard to tell, but this property alone is probably worth tens of millions of gold coins. Their daily income will definitely not be less than one hundred. Ten thousand gold coins, calculated in this way, I am afraid it is equivalent to the tax of an ordinary city. However, I heard that about half of the income here will be given to the dark city, even if the dark city is not the richest city on the mainland, it ranks in the top three The position is absolutely no problem. However, it does not mean that the people in this city are rich. Only the nobles and big wealthy businessmen are the real winners. Even the family business of my previous size is nothing at all. In the city Many people in the wealthy areas in China have more than tens of millions of fortunes."

Everyone was thinking about Wattana's words, and was surprised by the situation in the Dark City, and suddenly heard a somewhat sharp voice: "Ah! Wattana, you dare to come back, just so I can find you, and I won't pay back today. , You don't want to get out alive." A slender middle-aged man walked over, with two strong thugs behind him. From the breath of the thugs, Ah Du found that they all have good skills.

Watana saw the middle-aged man, his whole body was shaken, and he subconsciously hid behind Duan. Dumb greeted him and said, "Don't embarrass Uncle Wattana, we are here to pay him back."

When the middle-aged man saw Ah'Dai's gorgeous magician costume, his heart was shocked. The number of sorcerers in the sunset empire was extremely rare. Although he was knowledgeable, he couldn't see the level of Ah'Dai. Said politely: "It turned out to be Mr. Mage. It was a salute just now. Mr.'s visit to our place really made the shed of Anhao Nightclub shine!"

Dumb said: "Are you the boss here? We have to pay back Uncle Wattana."

The middle-aged man smiled slightly and said: "Mr. Magician, going to Jinbo is just a small steward, not the boss. Since you are willing to pay back Wattana, let's talk about it later." , Make a gesture of please to Dumb. Dumb turned his head to look at the rock, and the rock nodded slightly at him.

Under the guidance of Jin Bo, the four of them came to a large room on the first floor of the nightclub. The room was decorated very elegantly. The walls were wrapped in gorgeous decorative cloth. There was a large table in the middle and several large sofas on both sides. Jin Bo Said: "Sit down, please."

The sofa is soft and comfortable, sitting on it, there is a feeling of falling into it. After a few people were seated, Jin Bo walked to the back of the table, took out a sheet from a neatly arranged pile of paper, and said, "This is the IOU written by Mr. Wattana when he borrowed money from us. The total is ten thousand. Five thousand gold coins. Up to now, it has been owed for three months. Ligunli should return 45,000 gold coins. Since you are here to help him pay back the money, please pay."

Watanathan stood up, his face was full of anger, and he lost his voice: "What? I borrowed fifteen thousand, how come it turned into four thousand five thousand gold coins when I paid it back? It only took three months. !"

The corner of Jinbo's mouth showed a sneer of contempt, "Watana, don't forget, we are usury here. For the sake of Mr. Mage, the interest has been reduced by a few cents, which is not a lot. If it is all counted. I’m afraid it’s more than 50,000."

Dumb's anger surged, Watana was already forced to be like this, but the dark nightclub refused to let him go, and couldn't help but angrily said: "You are too cannibal. You will have an extra 30,000 gold coins. Pushing Uncle Wattana to death? What if he has no money?"

Because Dui was a magician, Jin Bo didn't dare to be too presumptuous, and said lightly: "This is the rule set by our boss, and I can't help it. If there is no money to pay back, then I can only say sorry, man His life is always worth the gold coins. However, since you are a magician, you shouldn't care about this little money."

Forty-five thousand gold coins were actually called small coins by him, and the kind-hearted dumb couldn't help but become angry. Now he understood why the rock would be merciless to the former fat uncle. Just about to argue, it was stopped by a rock. Rock threw the black magic crystal card from Uncle Fatty on the table and said, "You should recognize this thing. Take the money out of it, enough to pay the debt Uncle Watana owes you."

Seeing the black magic crystal card, Jin Bo suddenly smiled and said: "Okay, okay, since you paid Mr. Wattana the money, then we promise that we won't embarrass him again. The credibility of our Anhao Nightclub is absolutely It's the best. Some of you stay here for a while, and come as soon as you go down." He said, turned and walked out. Two of his bodyguards stood at the door, apparently intending to monitor a few people.

Dumb looked at the rock and frowned, "Big brother, how can you give them so much money? They are too cannibal."

The rock snorted and said in a low voice: "Don't worry, the wool is on the sheep. You know how nasty these **** are now. After dealing with Uncle Wattana later, we can get it back in the old way. , There are figures of the elves here, we must find out something."

This time, Ah-Dai didn't refuse anymore, not only to save the elves, but also to arouse the anger in his heart because of the way Jin Bo was just now. He also wanted to teach these cannibal demons a lesson.

Wattana sat there awkwardly, and said in frustration: "I, I didn't know it would be like this. How embarrassed to let you spend so much money!"

Dumb smiled and said, "Uncle, don't do this. Since we promise to help you, we will definitely help people to the end."

After a while, Jin Bo returned with a smile on his face, and respectfully handed the card back to the rock, saying: "I have already drawn 45,000 gold coins from the card. From now on, we and Mr. Wattana have There is no debt problem anymore." As he said, he picked up the IOU on the table and tore it to pieces in a few clicks.

Rock asked: "Mr. Jinbo, I don't know if you can use the magic crystal card to withdraw cash directly."

Jin Bo said: "No problem, do you want to withdraw some money to play?"

Rock smiled slightly and said, "Anhao Nightclub is the largest casino in the Dark City. Since you are here, you can leave without having fun. How is it appropriate. Well, I should have more than 50,000 gold coins in this card. You take out fifty-five thousand gold coins for me, among which fifty thousand gold coins are exchanged into chips, and that five thousand you can exchange them for amethyst coins."

When he heard that the rock was about to exchange for the bargaining chip of fifty thousand gold coins, Jin Bo's eyes flashed, and he repeatedly agreed, turned and ran out, this time even his bodyguard followed.

The rock rushed to Watana and said: "Uncle, I'll give you the five thousand gold coins later. Take the money to the Huasheng Empire. When you reach the defending army, you just say that the dragon magician asked you to go, guard The army should not stop it. With this money, it will be enough for you to live a peaceful life for the rest of your life. Dumb, do you have any tokens, it's best to give one to Uncle Watana, the guy from Westfir is too suspicious."

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "I really don't have any tokens. Or else, when the guy Jinbo comes back, I will ask him for paper and pen and write a letter to Uncle Wattana."

Rock nodded and said, "That's also good."

Watana was trembling with gratitude, tears were running, and he knelt on the ground with a plop. He was about to kowtow to the three of them. Dumb and Rock hurriedly grabbed his body. Dumb said: "Uncle, you must not do this, kill us. Up."

Watana wept bitterly: "You, you are really my reborn parents! If there is an afterlife, I will repay you by being a cow and a horse."

At this time, Jin Bo has returned twice as fast as before. One of his bodyguards is holding a large tray with piles of golden chips on it, and he is holding one made of good leather. He handed the money bag to the rock, without looking at Watana on the ground, and said: "Sir, there are fifty diamond coins in it, I think it should be more convenient for you. These are chips, you can Go directly to the second floor and have a fun, I have already explained it. Our people will definitely give you the best service."

The rock stuffed the purse into Watana's hand and smiled and said, "Mr. Jinbo, what you think is very thoughtful!"

Jin Bo still had a hypocritical smile, nodding and bowing: "Serving our distinguished guests is our highest mission and our highest honor. This is your magic crystal card. You can win when you leave. The money goes directly to the card."

Dumb asked strangely: "How do you know we will win?"

Jin Bo froze and cursed secretly in his heart, but said politely: "A few people are good luck. I think you will definitely win."

Rock sneered: "Then thank you for your kind words. Mr. Jin Bo, can you borrow your pen and paper."

Jin Bo hurriedly said: "Of course." He took out the white paper from the table and spread it out, and handed over the pen. Dui took the pen and thought about it for a moment. Just about to start writing, he found that Jin Bo was still standing beside him. He couldn't help but snorted, his aura greatly increased, Jin Bo's expression changed, his eyes flashed coldly, and he walked aside with a sneer.

Dumb wrote a letter quickly and handed it to Wattana, "Uncle, you must take it and go. It's time to go."

Jin Bo on the side anxiously said, "Are some gentlemen not playing anymore?"

Dumb said: "What are you in a hurry? We have to send Uncle Wattana away before we can start!" After saying that, the three of them accompanied Wattana until they reached the door. Watana thanked him for a long time before turning and leaving. Looking at Watana's back, Ah-Dai showed a knowing smile, helping others is always his happiest thing.

Rock whispered: "Brother, we are going to start, it's the old way."

The three returned to Jinbo’s office. Jinbo handed the chips to Rock, and said: "Three, please do it yourself. I will not accompany you up. If there is anything unsatisfactory, just come to me and I will help. You solve it."

A Duan said coldly: "I hope you don't force us for debt. Brother, let's go." After speaking, the three turned and left the room.

Looking at the backs of the three people leaving, Jin Bo showed a strange smile on his face, his energy flickered, and the previous humility and kneeling disappeared completely.

The three dui followed the stairs to the second floor of Anhao Nightclub. The gate of the gambling hall on the second floor was almost the same as that on the first floor. The plaque on it read the three characters of Fortune Hall, but two rows of young girls appeared in front of the door. All of them wore cool light blue short skirts and white vests with arms exposed. Their plump figures were full of temptation, and their exposed slender legs teased the hearts of the three. As soon as I saw the three dumbs coming up, three young girls with the best looks greeted them.

"Welcome distinguished guests to the Fortune Hall of Anhao Nightclub." A silver bell sounded, giving people a comfortable feeling.

Yan Li's face flushed and rubbed his hands a little excitedly, obviously already moved by these girls. For the first time in this scene, A Duan felt helpless, and looked at the rock as if asking for help. Among the three of them, only rocks can maintain the state of mind like still water. Although these girls are full of temptation, how can they compare with the fairy Yuner in his heart. Yun'er is dead, and Rock's heart is also dead. Seeing these beauties, there is no wave in her heart. Calmly said: "Take us in."

The three girls gave salutes at the same time, "Yes." One of the girls took the bargaining chip in Yanli's hand, and the other two girls opened the door and made a please gesture.

The area of the Wealth Hall is very large, more than 2,000 square meters. It is still covered with red carpets and sparsely placed various gambling equipment. There are not many gamblers, there are less than a hundred people, but everyone is accompanied by a girl who is dressed like the girl outside the door, with smiles on their faces, throwing or receiving chips for their guests.

Those wealthy businessmen, all of them full of intestines, most of them gambled while groping around the girl next to them. The girls did not dodge, and laughed like silver bells from time to time. The enchantment makes people feel like they want to commit a crime. Some poor-looking maids continued to shuttle among the guests with a variety of fine wines and snacks, and let the wealthy businessmen ask for them.
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