The Kind Death God Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Between Embarrassment

Xuan Ye's face showed divine majesty, raised the wrath of the gods with both hands, and sang: "If you turn your back on God's glory, I will take back your life, and if you turn your back on God's majesty, I will take back your soul and turn your back on God. Faith, I will take back your right to be born. God's power! Rise up. The great gods will use my hand to punish those sinful lives that blaspheme the gods - God's judgment." This magic is the eighth level of light. The most powerful one in magic, even with the power of Xuan Ye, it must use the wrath of the gods and the help of twelve high-level priests to exert its power.

A huge beam of light suddenly erupted with Xuan Ye as the center, rising straight into the sky, and the sunlight in the sky suddenly disappeared, replaced by a huge cloud of light, a huge cloud of light flickering with electric lights.

Xuan Ye Ao stood in the white hexagram, the wrath of the god in his hand pointed forward, and the light cloud in the sky immediately sent out a huge white lightning, with a loud bang, the five hundred bandits and their horses rushed towards Xuan Ye. Together, it turned into a little light, and all disappeared. There were no traces left on the ground, as if they did not belong to this world.
The lightning of light continued to fall, making a roaring sound. God's judgment was only valid for life. Under Xuan Ye's control, in an instant, all two thousand members of the Wolf of the Prairie were transformed into starlight, a divine aura. Filled on the oasis, the originally clear lake water is more crystal clear.

When the chief reflected, he was surprised to find that Xuan Ye and his party had disappeared, and the light clouds in the sky gradually dissipated. All the Yalian people were shocked by Xuan Ye's almost miraculous performance just now. A large number of black people knelt on the ground and kept praying and worshipping. The light cloud full of terrifying power finally disappeared, and the sun shone on the earth again. The wolf of the prairie, who had been in the Yalian tribe for many years, finally disappeared into the hands of Ah'Dai and Cardinal Xuan Ye.
After eliminating all the bandits, Xuan Ye quietly left with his subordinates for fear of being entangled. Now he just wants to find his daughter and Ah Dai quickly, and bring Pluto Sword and Xuanyue back to the Holy See.
While walking, Xuan Ye murmured: "Did I make a big deal of a fuss just now? I used God's Judgment to deal with 2,000 people. It seems a bit too much, and I wasted most of my mana."
A senior priest flattered: "How can it be, the bishop is powerful, only in this way can those black people know what the power of God is."
Xuan Ye's face sank and said: "Okay, hurry up as soon as possible, if my calculations are right, Yueyue should have reached the area of Tiangang Mountain. I hope they don't get entangled with the old guy of Tiangang Sword Saint, I don't want to. Deal with him." He was still wary of the leader of the Four Great Sword Saints, who had long been known on the mainland. The Pope once said to him that if anyone could threaten the Holy See, only the four Sword Saints could do it together.

Xuan Ye was right. At this time, Ah Dai, Xuan Yue and Brother Yan had indeed entered the Tiangang Mountains.

"Tiangang Mountains is the largest mountain range on the mainland. It consists of hundreds of mountains of varying heights. It is continuous and covers an area larger than the entire Holy See. Because most of the peaks are very steep, it is not suitable for this place. The life of ordinary people makes the Tiangang Mountains inaccessible. There are few people and few people. The environment here is comparable to that of the Elf Forest. Everything comes from nature, and there are basically no artificial traces. The Tiangang Mountains are derived from their main peak, Tiangang Mountain. Famous. Tiangang Mountain is more than 6,000 meters high, which is the highest among the mountains, but it is also the gentlest mountain on which the Tiangang Sword Sect was established." The rock looked at the large green mountains in front of him. , said with a sigh. These were all told by Xiwen when he taught them martial arts to the Puyan tribe. The surrounding mountains that can be seen are all as steep as a knife and axe, and the rock walls are covered with various green plants.
Ah'Dai sighed and said, "What a magnificent mountain! It's really difficult to pass through here, I'm afraid it will take us a lot of work."
Rock nodded and said, "Yes! These mountains are so steep that we can only pass through the ravines. It would take a lot of detours to go around. That's why I suggested going to the Holy See."
Among the four, the one who is most not afraid of hardships and dangers is Xuanyue. This mountain is nothing to her at all. No matter how difficult it is, she will never ask her to climb it by herself. For the past two days, she and Ah'Dai have been in a different atmosphere. The dull Ah'Dai has never shown anything, but Xuanyue can see the concern and... Forcing Ah Dai, this kind of sweet feeling when getting along with each other made her feel very happy.
Yan Li looked at the three horses beside the four of them, and said regretfully, "Unfortunately, these horses can't be brought along anymore."
Ah'Dai smiled and said, "Then let them go. There are lush plants everywhere, and they will never be hungry."
Yanyan said: "Let's go, anyway, Yueyue still has a lot of food on her body, it should be enough for us to eat before we find Tiangang sect. " She treats her like her sister. If she hadn't tried her best to use the power in the blood of the phoenix that day, the two brothers would have been killed by the joint attack of the wolf of the grassland. Because of the close relationship between the four, Xuan Yue naturally told them the secret that the blood of the phoenix could store food. Rock is right, so far, the blood of the phoenix has preserved nearly 700 steamed buns, enough for them to eat.

Xuanyue walked behind Ah'Dai, jumped hard, put her arms around Ah'Dai's neck, and hung herself on Ah'Dai's body, giggling, "Let's go, Duo, you have to carry your back."

Ah'Dai smiled bitterly, and helplessly folded Xuan Yue's legs with both hands, and carried her on his back. Fortunately, his Tiangang sword and black iron bow are all stored in the blood of the dragon, otherwise, it would be difficult for even him to support it with so much weight. Now his power has fully recovered. Thanks to the help of the source of the elves and the previous life-and-death struggle, Ah'Dai's skill has grown slightly. Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi is thicker than before, and the liquid energy in the dantian is much more.
Yan Yan laughed and said: "Let's go, Yan Li, you use an axe to open the way in front."
Yan Li snorted helplessly and said dissatisfiedly, "Why is it always me who gets hurt."
Xuanyue smiled and said, "Who made your axe so powerful? Big Brother Shiyan wants to find a way, and Ah'Dai wants to carry me behind his back. Of course, you are the one who opened the way. Do you have any opinion?"
Yan Li smiled and said, "The three of us all have jobs, what are you doing, little sister Xuanyue?"
Xuanyue said confidently: "Me? My work is the heaviest, I can bring food for you, and I also need to identify the direction, don't you want to get lost? Hurry up and pull, I'm not taller than me. Big Brother Rock."
Yan Li was speechless by what she said, so he had to pull out his double axe and cut through the thorns in front of him. Rock followed behind him, constantly discerning the terrain, Ah Dai walked behind with Xuan Yue on his back, Xuan Yue's weight was right. It's nothing to him, he just needs to follow the rock now, which is relatively easy.
The three of Ah'Dai are all martial arts masters. Although the road is difficult to walk, it does not affect them very much. After half a day, they have crossed three high mountains from the ravine and entered the Tiangang Mountains.
The climate in the Tiangang Mountains is pleasant. Although the weather is hot now, the air in the mountains is very fresh, and there are some tall plants for shade. It is much more comfortable to walk than to hurry on the grasslands. Occasionally one or two small beasts jumped by the crowd, bringing some different fun to the four. Yan Li tried to catch a small beast for a change of taste several times, but was stopped by Xuan Yue. Her reason was that people were living well, so why did they kill them to eat them? Rock force had to give up under her soft-spoken attack.
The sound of the stream flowing suddenly came, and the murmur like a silver bell seemed to wash the hearts of the four people like fairy music. Although they haven't seen it yet, they are already deeply intoxicated. Almost invariably ran in the direction of the water flow.

What they saw was a clear creek. The creek seeped from the crevices of the high mountains on the side and gathered into a small pool. The clear spring in the pool trickled down, nourishing the surrounding creatures along the terrain.

"It's great, I want to take a bath." Xuan Yue jumped off Ah'Dai's back and rushed towards the pool. With a clatter, she jumped into the knee-deep water. The cold spring water nourished her body, and the exhaustion from the past few days seemed to disappear in an instant. She kept teasing the spring water in the altar, giving out moving laughter.

Shi Yan coughed, pulled Yan Li and turned his head, with his back facing the direction of the water pool. It turned out that Xuan Yue's white magician's robe was soaked in the spring water, showing an exquisite curve. The sixteen-year-old girl has developed to a certain extent, and Xuan Yue's face is so attractive, even the dullest person will be confused by the beauty at this time.

Ah'Dai stared blankly at Xuan Yue who was in the water pool, and for a while he was stunned. In his eyes, Xuan Yue was like a happy angel, so touching.

Xuanyue also discovered her mistake, exclaimed, and hurriedly squatted in the water of the altar, two red clouds rose on her pretty face, and said angrily to Ah'Dai: "What are you looking at? Hate it, turn around quickly."
Ah'Dai woke up from the sluggishness, agreed, and hurriedly turned to the side. Yan Li secretly snickered twice and said, "Leave this to Yueyue, let's go downstairs and drink some water."
Shi Yan smiled bitterly: "Isn't it necessary to drink Yueyue's bath water?"
Ah'Dai scratched his head and said, "I, I'll go down first." He felt a burst of blood rushing towards his head. The appearance of Xuanyue just now was really tempting, the looming white | tender skin, that exquisite and delicate Jiaozhu, he didn't dare to think about it any more. It seemed that there was a heat current in his nose that was about to overflow, and some parts of his body had changed unconsciously. He was frightened and hurried to the lower reaches of the lower terrain, and kept using The cold spring water washed his face to wake himself up.
The sound of flowing water was constantly heard from the pool, and it was obvious that Xuan Yue was happily cleaning her delicate body. For her who loves cleanliness, it would definitely be more uncomfortable than killing her if she didn’t take a bath for a few days. If you find such an opportunity, you will naturally have to wash it for a while.
Shi Yan and Yan Li sat next to Ah'Dai respectively. The two of them washed in the spring water and rested comfortably.

"Dai, what did you see just now! I seem to see your nose bleeding, isn't it too irritating? Fortunately, I didn't look at it, otherwise, it would be a needle eye." Yan Li grinned wickedly. , while poking Ah Dai's body.

"Ah! I, I didn't see anything." Ah'Dai explained clumsily. The icy spring water did not weaken the warmth in Ah'Dai's chest at all, and he still couldn't calm down until now.

Yan Yan smiled and said: "Ali, don't tease A'Dai. A'Dai, it doesn't really matter. Anyway, your relationship with Yueyue is so close, you can see it sooner or later. Hey, why are you blushing? Is there something wrong? It's comfortable. You secretly told us that the scene just now was very moving!"
Ah'Dai couldn't wait to let himself get in. He didn't expect that even the rock would come to make fun of him, and he hesitated: "I, I really didn't see anything. Don't talk nonsense, I have nothing to do with Yueyue." In fact, deep in Ah'Dai's heart, Xuan Yue's shadow has been deeply imprinted. Xuan Yue's beauty, liveliness and kindness have long touched Ah Dai's heart. Although he has never shown his feelings, although it is related to his dullness, what is more important is that Xuan Yue and his identities are too different. How can a cardinal's daughter and a thief like him match up. What's more, there is a girl who was to be his fiancee when he was young, so Ah'Dai didn't dare to express his feelings at all. He kept telling himself that you are only compatible with girls from the same background, and Yue month is impossible.

Yan Li smiled and said, "What's the matter? That girl Yueyue sticks to your side every day, even a fool can see your relationship."

Ah'Dai was shocked, shook his head vigorously, and threw away the thought that Xuan Yue liked her, and whispered: "Two big brothers, stop making fun of me. I want to rest for a while." On the grass, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Seeing Ah'Dai's depressed mood, Brother Rock looked at each other, not understanding why he was like this, so he stopped making fun of him.
After a short time, Xuan Yue's exclamation suddenly came from the pool above. Ah'Dai who was lying down immediately jumped up like a reflex, and rushed towards the water pool with an anxious look on his face.

Yan Li just wanted to follow up to see what happened, but was pulled by the rock, "Do you also want to bleed your nose? Nothing major will happen here, just let Ah'Dai handle it. You shouldn't watch it. Can't watch it!"

Yan Li laughed and said, "Boss, it's still as thoughtful as you think."

Ah'Dai had already jumped onto the water pool at this time, and he jumped high, just above the water pool. But when he saw the "beautiful view" in front of him, he couldn't control his body and fell into the water with a thud. Bright red blood continued to flow out of his nose, and bursts of blush appeared from the pool.

It turned out that when Ah'Dai came to the water pool, what he saw turned out to be Xuan Yue who was completely naked and full of beauty. Because she hadn't showered for a few days, Xuanyue really wanted to get rid of the dirt on her body. She also believed that the three of Ah'Dai would never peek at her, so she boldly took off the restraints on her body and washed them happily. The exclamation just now was made because a small white fish suddenly hit her in the water bomb. But she didn't expect her exclamation to attract Ah'Dai. She knew that she had been seen all over, and immediately squatted into the pool in embarrassment to protect the "vital point" on her body.

Ah'Dai got up from the water, closed his eyes and said, "Yueyue, Yueyue, how are you?"
Xuan Yue lowered her head and said tremblingly: "You, you go away, I'm fine. You..."

As soon as he heard that Xuanyue was fine, Ah'Dai turned around and ran away. However, he forgot that his direction had already changed when he fell into the pond, and he closed his eyes again, and when he turned around, he ran in the direction of Xuanyue.

In Xuanyue's exclamation, Ah'Dai happened to bump into her body, and the two fell into the pool together. Under the panic, Ah'Dai only felt a soft ball in his hand. Under the shock, he wanted to open his mouth to call, but he took a mouthful of cold spring water, which made him cough.
Xuanyue was embarrassed, Ah'Dai caught just her... She pushed Ah'Dai aside and said angrily, "You, what are you doing?"

Ah'Dai opened his eyes, struggled to get up from the pool, just saw Xuanyue who was close at hand, shouted, turned around and ran. He was full of panic, his body was smashed by the stones by the pool, and he suddenly fell into the thorns, and his body was scratched with more than a dozen wounds. But now he couldn't care about the pain, and he almost rolled and crawled back to the rock and rock force. The embarrassed look startled the two of them.

"Brother, what's going on, how did it get like this? What happened?" Yan Li asked with concern.
Ah'Dai was gasping for breath, his heartbeat was clearly audible, his whole body spasmed slightly, and the soft touch in his hand kept shocking his heart. He had never been so disturbed by anything since he was a child.

The rock slammed into the rock with a wink, motioning for him to stop asking. Pointing at Ah'Dai's bleeding nose with a finger, he smiled slightly.

Ah'Dai ran away, Xuanyue felt that her whole body was numb and unable to move, and it took a long while to recover. Ah'Dai was grabbing her just now... When the heat in his palm made her weak and weak, she barely crawled back to the shore, no longer in the mood to wash it, and summoned a set of clean clothes from the blood of the phoenix and hurriedly put it on up.

Xuan Yue put on her clothes and walked towards Ah Dai and Brother Yan in a daze, the eyes of the three fell on her at the same time. Xuanyue's long blue hair was scattered on her shoulders, and the crystal water droplets occasionally left behind, which set off her as moving as a hibiscus. The white dress set off her holiness, giving people a feeling of inviolability. It's just that the originally bright big eyes showed a dazed look.

Seeing Xuanyue coming over, Ah'Dai's face flushed red, and he stuttered: "Yueyue, Yueyue, I, I didn't see anything." The way he stuttered, anyone could see that he was lying.
Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dai, her chest was heaving constantly, suddenly, she squatted on the ground and burst into tears.

Ah'Dai was startled, and at a loss, he cast a look of help at Shi Yan and Yan Li, but the two brothers looked to the side with a tacit understanding.

Seeing Xuanyue crying sadly, Ah'Dai couldn't bear it for a while, and helplessly moved his steps to her side and whispered: "Yueyue, you, hit me, scold me, it's all my fault, don't you? Cried."
Xuanyue raised her head and looked at Ah'Dai's blushing simple and honest face and the torn clothes on her body, her heart softened. Choked and said: "You, how can you look at other people 's bodies, and, still touch them..."

Ah'Dai smiled bitterly: "I, I really didn't mean it."

Xuan Yue wiped away the tears on her face, snorted, and said, "I don't care, anyway, you will pay for bullying me."

Ah'Dai was relieved when she saw that she was no longer crying, and hurriedly said, "I will pay, I will pay." Anyway, I owe her a lot. The so-called "do not worry if there is too much debt, and don't bite when there are too many lice. Besides, he has nothing to worry about." Apart from himself, there is really nothing to compensate Xuan Yue.

Xuanyue stood up angrily, looked at Brother Rock who was snickering, and said angrily, "What's so funny, what's so funny. Laughing again will make you all hungry."
Shi Yan and Yan Li hurriedly restrained their smiles, and Shi Yan forbeared: "No, we won't laugh anymore."

Xuan Yue didn't actually blame Ah'Dai for infringing on her, she only cried because of the girl's shyness. Thinking of that shameful feeling, her heart thumped, and the look in Ah'Dai's eyes became even stronger.

"Let's go, it's time for us to hit the road, don't you want to rest all the time?" Xuan Yue said dissatisfied.
Yan Li hurriedly stood up, carried his axe and ran, "I'll open the way first." The same is true for the rock, leaving the sentence I'll look at the terrain, and ran with Yan Li.
Ah'Dai murmured: "Yueyue, me, do I still carry you?"

Xuan Yue said angrily: "Of course I have to carry it on my back. It's such a difficult road, do you want to leave me behind!"

"Oh." Ah'Dai squatted beside Xuanyue cautiously, Xuanyue bit her lip, hooked Ah'Dai's neck, and leaned on his back. The contact again caused both of them to have an electric shock-like feeling, and their bodies froze at the same time. What Xuan Yue felt was the heat behind Ah Dai's back and the intense heartbeat. But Ah'Dai felt the temptation of Xuanyue's cold and soft body and the crystal water droplets dripping from her hair. After the two maintained this stalemate for more than ten seconds, Xuanyue said first, "Let's go. ' Her voice was low, soft, with a hint of shyness.
Ah'Dai only then came to his senses, hurriedly dismissed his distracting thoughts, raised Xuanyue's legs, and chased in the direction where the rock and rock strength disappeared.

When the moon replaced the sun and brought a ray of light to the dark and silent earth, the four had already entered the depths of the Tiangang Mountains.

Xuanyue said with some dissatisfaction: "Where is the Tiangang Sword Sect? I have been walking for a long time, and there is no shadow. Big Brother Rock, you said that Tiangang Mountain is the highest mountain in the Tiangang Mountains, but how do I look at each mountain here? They are all so high that it is impossible to tell which one is Tiangang Mountain, so how do we find it?"
Shi Yan smiled bitterly: "It's the first time I've come here, how do I know? What I said was what Teacher Xiwen said at the beginning. However, this mountain range covers a large area and is surrounded by mountains. Our line of sight is blocked, and it is normal that we cannot find the main peak, Tiangang Mountain. Let's find a place to rest for a night first, and continue to look for it during the day tomorrow."

In fact, they didn't know that in the Tiangang Mountains, there were several secret mountain roads built by the Tiangang Sword Sect, through which they could quickly enter the Tiangang Mountain. This is also a secret of the Tiangang sect, and it is impossible to know if it is not a disciple of this sect.

Xuanyue pouted and said: "Well, let's rest first. It's quite hot during the day, but it's a bit cold at night." Because everyone had entered the mountains, the water in the mountains was thick, and the terrain was high. I don't feel anything during the day, but at night, I will naturally be soaked in the cold. The three of Ah'Dai practiced martial arts all year round, and their bodies were so strong that they didn't realize it, but Xuanyue couldn't take it anymore.

Ah'Dai hurriedly took off his coat and put it on Xuanyue. His magician's robe had been damaged as early as the Yalian tribe, and now he is wearing a simple cloth from Shitang Town. Xuan Yue shyly glanced at Ah'Dai, her heart was sweet.

Rock said: "It's cold in the mountain, and it will be difficult to endure at night. Let's find an open space to build a fire, and it will be warmer. It will be one night, and tomorrow we will find Tiangang Mountain."

Yan Li frowned and said, "Brother, there are trees everywhere in the mountains. If the mountain is burned, the Tiangang Sword Sect will not fight with us!"

Rock smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's okay. We just need to clear a small open space, and then start a fire in the center of the open space, and then we won't be afraid, and now it's September, and the air in the mountains is humid, so it won't catch fire so easily."

Ah'Dai said: "Then light a fire, I will be responsible for the fire."

After a while, the three of them found a lot of firewood and piled them together on an open space on a small hillside. Ah'Dai used an ordinary flame technique to dry the firewood first, then ignite it, and set the fire for everyone. It brought warmth and light. The four of them sat around the fire. Their faces were flushed red by the light of the eyes of the fire, and their bodies and minds were warm. They baked the steamed buns Xuan Yue took out to satisfy their hunger. Hot steamed buns were always better than cold ones. Except for Xuan Yue, all three of them enjoyed it.

"Who is so bold, dare to set fire in the mountains." A loud voice suddenly sounded from the woods.
The four of them were startled and picked up their weapons respectively. After going through the ordeal of the Elves and the Yalians, they are now always vigilant. The angel's staff in Xuanyue's hand flickered with white light, ready to bless the three of Ah'Dai with light-based auxiliary magic at any time.

A black shadow jumped out with a swoosh and landed not far in front of the four of them. The man was about twenty years old, about one meter eighteen tall, with thick eyebrows and tiger eyes, a straight nose and a square mouth, and his brows were full of heroism. He carried a broad-edged sword on his back and glared at the four. "Where did you guys come from to set fire to the mountain, don't you know it's dangerous?"

When Yan Yan saw the other party's dress, he knew that he was a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and he couldn't help being overjoyed, and said, "This brother must be a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect. We are going to Tiangang Mountain to visit Teacher Xi Wen and enter the mountain. Later, I got lost, and it was cold at night, so I decided to do this. You see, the surrounding vegetation has been cleaned up by us, so there will be no fire. "

Hearing that Shi Wen called Xi Wen a teacher, the young man's face changed suddenly, his previous anger disappeared, and he asked with some doubts: "You want to see the head master, do you know what's going on?" It turned out that this person It is Xi Wen's second disciple.

"I am a rock of the Puyan tribe. When I was a child, I was instructed by Teacher Xi Wen. This time I am going to the Sunset Empire. After passing through the Tiangang Mountains, I am going to visit his old man. I have not seen him for many years. I don't know if Teacher Xi Wen still Okay? Listening to what you just said, Mr. Xi Wen has become the head of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Could it be that the Tiangang Sword Saint is his old man..."

The young man smiled and said: "Don't guess, Taishizu is very healthy. It's just because he is old and has been cultivating in the sword sect, so he will pass the head of the master to the master. Since you know the master. , then come with me. My name is Liao Yi, a fourth-generation disciple, and I will take you to see his old man. You can't make a fire in the mountains! Sometimes the mountain wind can be very strong at night. Once the fire is blown into the mountains, Causing wildfires is a terrible thing."
A few people hurriedly put out the fire, and Ah'Dai said: "I'm really sorry, but the weather is too cold, so we will do this. Is Tiangang Mountain still far from here?"
Liao Yi smiled and said: "It's not too far, I'm out to patrol the mountains, I'm afraid to meet people like you who dare to set fire in the mountains. From here, you will reach the main peak of Tiangang after crossing two mountains. However, the altitude of the main peak is It is very high, if you want to climb to the top, I am afraid it will take dawn."

Ah'Dai is afraid that Xuanyue's body will not be able to bear it. Although Xuanyue doesn't have to climb the mountain by herself, how can he rest assured when the weather is so cold at night! He hurriedly said: "Big brother, we've been on the road all day and we're all tired. Let's take a night's rest and leave tomorrow morning! The night dew is so cold, I'm afraid my body won't be able to bear it."
When Liao Yi heard Ah'Dai's words, he couldn't help but look down on him a little, and said proudly: "We are all martial arts practitioners, this coldness is nothing, hurry up, maybe we will reach the top of the mountain before dawn, and then we will rest. Not too late."

With Xuanyue's cleverness, she naturally couldn't see what Liao Yi was thinking, she snorted and said to Ah'Dai, "Let's go now, what are we resting, do we still care about climbing the mountain?" Because the extinguishing of the fire affected the In the eyes of everyone, Liao Yi didn't see Xuanyue's appearance clearly. He heard that the other party's words were aimed at him, and his heart was shocked. He didn't refute, just waited for Ah'Dai's answer with a smile on his face.

Ah'Dai walked to Xuanyue's side and whispered, "Yueyue, you will be cold when you travel at night."

Chapter 42: Tiangang Peak

Xuan Yue chuckled and squatted beside Ah'Dai's ear and said: "I can't pull it. If you use your sacred fighting energy to enter my body, won't I be cold? Besides, I can impose a spirit on myself. Blessing! Then sleeping on your back is the same. Walk around, don't let that kid look down on." She was called Liao Yi, but she didn't want to think that Liao Yi was older than she and Dumb.

Dumb nodded and said, "Well, let's go now, and wait until the Tiangang Sword Sect, and then take a good rest."

"Brother Rock, do you still need to rest?"

Rock shook his head and said, "Since this brother said he wants to go now, let's go now. I am also eager to see Teacher Xiwen early. With this brother leading the way, we can also avoid many detours."

Liao said: "Okay, follow me closely, and I will lead the way." After speaking, he touched his feet and floated forward gently. Dui picked up Xuanyue and Brother Rock hurriedly to keep up. The three of them are better than Liao Yi in skill, but the path is unfamiliar. With him leading the way, it is easier to walk without distinguishing the direction.

Liao Yi got more and more frightened as he walked away. Among the four generations of Tiangang Sword Sect disciples, he was considered to be an outstanding one, but compared with these few foreign young people from the Sodom Federation, he obviously had big difference. Even the short man who looks very strong can easily keep up with him, his previous contemptuous heart disappeared, his speed slowed down a little, and he headed towards Tiangang Mountain.

The night was full, and a faint chill invaded everyone's body. A Dumb was afraid of freezing Xuan Yue, and constantly injected Shengsheng Zhenqi into her body to help her drive away the cold dew in the middle of the night. In fact, Xuanyue was not so afraid of the cold, she had worn more clothes than others, and there was the heat on Duan's back to warm her up, and the cold in the mountains had little effect on her. However, the feeling of being born with true energy into the body was still very comfortable. After a while, she actually fell asleep. As long as she was with Dumb, Xuan Yue's heart would always be full of security. Although her posture was not very good, she still slept soundly.

After almost half the night, when entering the night, Liao Yi led everyone to the foot of Tiangang Mountain. Because it was late at night, A-Dai and others could only vaguely distinguish a high mountain in front of them. The mountain was much gentler than the peaks they had seen before. Liao Yi stopped and stood under the mountain. The shadows flashed by and the three of A-Dai fell on Beside him. The rock looked up at the mountain intently, "Is this Tiangang Mountain? Why is there not even a road?"

Liao Yi smiled slightly and said, "Tiangang Mountain covers a very large area. Only the side facing the Huasheng Empire has a road up the mountain. If we go on the right road, we will detour. This is only the back mountain, with a small road leading to the top of the mountain. We can climb up from here to reach the top of the mountain."

Duan felt the sound of Xuan Yue's even breathing behind him, tightening his hands, and said, "Big Brother Liao, then you can lead the way."

Liao nodded a little, and led the three of them into the dense forest under Tiangang Mountain. As he said, there was a winding path in the dense forest. The four of them followed the path. Although they were climbing, they were But it seems like walking on the ground, climbing quickly. Climbing halfway up the mountain, Liao Yicai stopped again, panting and sitting on the ground, and said: "It's still early, let's rest for a while." His vitality was just cultivated to the third level, and he was climbing for a long time. , The true qi in his body could no longer be supported. The rocks and rock power are also a bit tired. Although their fighting qi is strong, they don't have the endless characteristics of generating true qi, and they sit aside, panting slightly. Among the few people, the only one with Xuanyue on his back was nothing. Although he was a little tired, the vitality of life in his body circulated endlessly, changing from liquid to gas, and then from gas to liquid, constantly Provide him with the motivation to move forward.

Dumb carefully lowered Xuanyue's legs, turned around gently, hugged her in his arms, and sat aside with her. The mountainside of Tiangang Mountain was a bit colder than below, he was afraid that Xuanyue would be caught by the cold. , Holding Xuan Yue, with one hand on the spiritual platform behind her, slowly injecting Shengshengzhen Qi into her body. A faint white light enveloped the two of them, so obvious in the dark night.

Liao looked at Ah-Dai in a daze. He didn't know how the true qi was born. The true qi emitted by Ah-Dai had reached the state of photochemical and vaporization. It was only after the fifth stage of Shengshengjue that it could be expressed. Ah! He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, leaned over to Ah Du, and asked, "Little brother, are you using our Tiangang Sword Sect to be so angry?"

Duan nodded, and made a quiet gesture at him, Xuan Yue was sleeping Zhengxiang, he didn't want to wake the baby in his arms.

Liao Yi lowered his voice and said a little excitedly: "Then, may I ask you the disciple of that uncle or uncle? I don't seem to have seen you before! How come your vitality has reached the fifth level? The realm is almost the same as my master, this, isn't it possible." In the Tiangang Sword Sect, the skill of the second generation disciples is generally maintained at the seventh and eighth levels of Shengshengjue. The three generations of disciples are in the range from the fourth to the fifth level. Only one or two disciples who started early and have good aptitude have reached the sixth level. Among the four generations of disciples, including Liao Yi, only three have entered the third level. Even so, they all received praise from the head Xiwen. The characteristic of Sheng Sheng Jue is that it is extremely difficult to practice, but every level you rise, your skill will be greatly improved, and the foundation is very good. Compared with some other genres, it is often the latter that can dominate.

Dumb said: "My uncle taught me to practice cultivation, and I can't tell you his name. Before he died, he asked me to come to Tiangang Mountain to see his old man, Tiangang Sword Saint."

Liao Yi's heart moved. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and lost his voice: "Your name is not dumb."

Dumb froze, and said in surprise: "How do you know?" I thought: I have never seen him before!

Liao Daxi said: "Great, it turns out that you are really a dumb, this time I have done a great job. You don't know, Taishizu and his old man personally ordered the whole faction to scatter to the mainland to find your whereabouts. , I must bring you to his old man. My luck is so good that I met you in the mountains. Go, let’s go up the mountain." He thought to himself, he found the person the Taishizu was looking for, and returned In faction, how can it be a bit prestigious.

Duan scratched his head, and said, "Don't you need to rest? Tiangang Sword Saint is his old man looking for me? Why would he look for me?" Tiangang Sword Saint is the teacher of Uncle Owen, Owen is already in his sixties, then The age of the Sword Saint of Tiangang is naturally greater, so it is called the old man.

Liao nodded and said: "Yes! Now all the factions are mobilized and look for you everywhere. Don't rest and go. I don't know why Taishizu looked for you. It seems that after Master Feng Ping came back. , Said something to several masters, and then Taishizu passed down the order to find you."

Fengping? This name is so familiar! Dumb thought about it carefully, only then did he remember the middle-aged man of the Tiangang Sword Sect that he had met in the small town of the Red Hurricane Clan, he had even given himself a bag of gold coins. That's a good person. "Well, I'm not tired anyway. Brother Rock, how are you? Can you still hurry?"

Both Rock and Yanli heard the conversation between the two just now, leaned forward, and said, "Brother Liao, you said that the Sword Saint of Tiangang wants to see Ah Dui? Isn't his old man no longer asking about world affairs?"

Liao Yi said impatiently: "Don't ask, hurry up with me. I'm just a low-generation disciple, how can I know so much! When I get to the mountain, everything will be clear naturally."

Xuan Yue opened her dim eyes and frowned, "What is it! It's the Tiangang Sword Sect?"

A Duan said softly: "It's not here yet, I'll call you when I'm here, come, sleep on my back, we're on our way again."

"Oh." Xuan Yue promised, lying on Dumb's back in a daze, and muttering with her eyes closed, "How far is it! Why haven't we arrived yet?"

Dumb smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's almost here. Yueyue, are you cold?"

Xuan Yue didn't answer, but even breathing sounded. It turned out that she was already asleep again. Dumb shook his head helplessly, and entered Xuan Yue's body with a new breath of vital energy to help her maintain her body temperature. He turned to Liao and said, "Let's get on the road."

Liao Yi was filled with unusual excitement, nodded, followed the path, and rushed towards the top of the mountain with all his strength. Dumb and Brother Rock hurriedly followed, the whistling sound of breaking through the air continued to sound, and the four dark shadows continued to rise to the top of Tiangang Mountain.

When the five came to the top of the mountain, dawn was breaking, the dark sky gradually turned into dark blue, and the eastern sky gradually turned into a white jade-like color, gradually brightening. Under the gradually stronger light, the blade-like peaks stand at the foot of Tiangang Mountain. Amidst the clouds and mist, only some towering peaks can show their heads, giving people a feeling like in a dream, as if already It's like entering a fairyland. If the city of elves is the place where the world is beautiful, Gangshan is the place where the world is magnificent that day. The feeling of looking at the small mountains widens one's mind. Just as everyone was paying attention to the beautiful surroundings, in the far east, red light suddenly shone, and the bright red sun rose slowly like a round red fruit. Its light was not dazzling, but slowly rose. The clouds and mist in it gradually turned golden.

Liao Yi stopped and said, "Your luck is so good. It is usually difficult to see the sunrise. The sunrise in Tiangang is a famous beauty in the world. The dawn is dawning, and the golden clouds on the red sun are opposite to Tiangang. Praise for the sunrise."

At this time, Xuan Yue had already woken up, looking at the moving scenery a little drunk, and sighed: "It's so beautiful."

The sun gradually strengthened, shining on everyone, dyeing them golden like clouds.

Rock said: "Brother Liao, you are almost at the top of the mountain, why haven't you seen your Tiangang Sword Sect?"

Liao Yi smiled and said: "The top of Tiangang Mountain is very flat. Our house in Pili is in the middle of the top of the hill, like a large courtyard. Of course it is not visible now. We will reach the top of the hill soon."

"Who?" He choked a few times, and a few people came out from the front of the small road. Their attire was similar to that of Liao Yi, and they were four young men under twenty years old.

"It's me, juniors, are you on duty today?"

"Ah! It turned out to be Senior Brother Liao Yi! Didn't you go to patrol the mountain? Why did you come back so soon." From the respect of several teenagers towards Liao Yi, it can be seen that Liao Yi is still very much among the four generations of disciples. Popular. The Tiangang Mountain Range is vast, and it usually takes about half a month for the mountain-seeking disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect to turn around in one direction. Yesterday, Liao Yi was planning to take advantage of the night to cool off, but he happened to meet Dui and others. He suddenly turned back before the time was up, and he naturally surprised these Shoushan disciples.

Liao Yi smiled slightly and said, "Isn't there a guest here? I'm afraid the guest can't find us here, so I brought them back."

The four teenagers looked towards Ah-Dai and the others. Their different costumes aroused their interest. However, the style of the Tiangang Sword School has always been rigorous, and they did not dare to be too presumptuous, but there was a curious look in their eyes, constantly looking at them. People, especially the beautiful Xuanyue, are the objects of their attention.

Liao Yi coughed and said, "Several brothers, you continue to guard here, I will take the guests up first."

"Yes, please, senior brother, please." The four teenagers stepped aside. Liao Yi took A Duan and others to the top of Tiangang Mountain. As Liao Yi said, the top of the mountain was flat and wide. There was a huge courtyard in the middle of the top of the mountain. The courtyard wall as high as three feet blocked everyone's sight, and it was impossible to see what was inside. Xuan Yue jumped off from Dui's back and looked around excitedly. Although she was not sleeping very well, the warmth and sense of security that Dui brought her still made Xuan Yue's body fully rested.

"Is that the Tiangang Sword Sect? The Sword Sect is so famous on the mainland, I thought there would be a huge palace."

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "Brother Rock, you are not mistaken. The altitude of Gangshan Mountain is more than 6,000 meters this day. If it takes a lot of work to build a palace, I am afraid it will not be finished in a hundred years."

Liao nodded and said: "The young lady is right. Even this courtyard took nearly ten years to complete. It was all done by our Tiangang Sword. If we hire ordinary people to do it, I am afraid it will It took longer. This courtyard is basically made of local materials and made of hard granite in the mountains. When I joined the martial arts, it was already built. My teacher said that they used to chop granite. I’m here to practice swords. I don’t know how big the yard of the sword school occupies. I only know that there is a martial arts field where hundreds of people can practice swordsmanship at the same time. There are hundreds of large and small rooms. All of us don’t have to go out to practice. The disciples all live here, basically a room for two or three people, and there are still many vacancies."

Dumb said: "What a big project! Big Brother Liao, please take us to see it quickly."

Yanli rubbed his stomach and said, "It's best to get something to eat and drink first, I can't stand it anymore."

The Tiangang Sword Sect was near, and the clash of weapons and shouts came clearly, dumb, and rushed to Liao: "Someone attacked your Sword Sect? Let's go and take a look."

Liao Yi smiled and said: "I haven't heard of anyone who dares to attack our Tiangang Sword Sect. Even if it is the Killing Hand Association, I am afraid they are not as brave. This is because everyone is doing morning class and practicing swordsmanship." He didn't speak big words. , Although the number of disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect is not very large, the single combat ability is very strong, especially the second-generation disciple. In a one-to-one situation, even the killer of the elementary killing group needs three or more to be possible. win.

"This kind of numbness is impossible. Liao Xiaozi, you should change your arrogance." A vigorous and kind voice came out, a flower was seen in front of everyone, and one more person suddenly appeared in front of them. This person is dressed in white, with gray beard and hair, and looks more than sixty years old. His waist was stiff and straight, with a kind smile on his face, he was looking at Ah Dui and the others.

Liao Yi hurriedly bowed to his knees and said: "I have seen the Fourth Master." This person is exactly Lu Wen, the fourth disciple of the Sword Saint of Tiangang.

Lu Wen smiled and cursed: "You kid, get up quickly." With a wave of his hand, a faint white light flashed, and Liao Yi was lifted up. Although the energy was surging, it was extremely soft, which made Ah'Dai and the others admired greatly. "Who are these people? Why did you bring them to the mountain."

Liao Yi pointed to Dui and replied respectfully: "Four Master, this little brother is the Dui the Tai Master wants to see."

Lu Wen was shocked, and his body suddenly moved in front of Ah-Dai like lightning, and patted his chest with a palm. The white light suddenly flourished, and the surging energy flowed out. Lu Wen's attack speed was very fast, and the rock and rock force couldn't get in at all. Even if they reacted in a timely manner, they would not be able to break through the vindictive energy emanating from Lu Wen. Duan felt like a bird in a cage. He couldn't dodge at all. His chest was pressed by the surging energy and it was hard to breathe. He had to put his hands in front of his chest and breathe the whole body. Instantly transformed into a vindictive statement.

"Boom—" Dumb's body floated out. When the two quarrels collided, he clearly felt that Lu Wen's quarrel was very soft, like a huge soft cushion, although it contained powerful strength, it would not hurt people. He was bounced out by this cushion-like energy.

When Yan Li saw Ah-Dai being attacked, he was furious. He pulled out his battle axe from his back and shouted, "What are you doing?"

Lu Wen ignored Yan Li, smiled at Ah Dui, and said: "Okay, it is the fifth level of vindictiveness. I really don't know how Junior Brother Nine taught it. Boy, your master is Owen."

Dumb felt that the kind old man in front of him was not malicious from the opponent's attack, and murmured, "Uncle Owen is not my teacher, but he taught me a lot of kung fu."

Lu Wen smiled and said: "Since Junior Brother Owen tells you that you will live and live, you are already a disciple of our Tiangang Sword Sect. Liao Yi, go, ring the nine-sounding heavenly bell, and summon all of your masters."

Liao Yi thought he had heard it wrong, and the Jiuxiang Tianxuan Bell would ring only when something major happened in the faction, and asked, "Four Master, is Jiuxiang?"

Lu Wen nodded and said: "It's Jiuxiang. Hurry up. You follow me." The last sentence was for Duan and others. After speaking, he turned and walked towards the gate of the courtyard.

The dumb four followed Lu Wen and walked into the Tiangang Sword Sect. The layout of the Sword Sect was very simple, with no decorations, bluestone paved and empty surroundings. Led by Lu Wen, they passed through the first courtyard and went straight to the lobby behind. In the Tiangang Sword Sect, with the exception of the Tiangang Sword Saint and the second generation disciple, the other clergymen are not allowed to enter the lobby without being summoned.

The four people just walked into the lobby when a loud bell rang. Since the top of Tiangang Mountain is much higher than the surrounding mountains, the loud bell suddenly spread ten miles away. The bell continued to ring nine times before it stopped. It is the Tianxuan Bell of the Tiangang Sword Sect.

Entering the lobby, the first thing that catches your eye is a Tiangang giant sword hanging in the middle of the front wall. This Tiangang sword is a full length, and the broad blade is one and a half feet wide and half a foot thick. From the cold light above, it can be seen that this sword is not a decoration. The weight of such a huge sword is probably close to a thousand catties. Two big characters are carved on the blade of the giant sword-Tian Gang. There is a wooden chair in the first place before the giant sword, and there are five chairs on each side of the hand. The lobby area is about 200 square meters, and it is usually a place for the second-generation disciples of the literary generation to discuss matters.

Lu Wen casually found a chair and sat down, looking at Ah Dui and the others: "Look at how you look like you are in the dust, you are a short walk away."

Rock said: "Yes, we are here from the Tianyuan Clan of the Suoyu Federation. We are going to the Sunset Empire to do something. After passing here, I want to visit Teacher Xiwen. I am the rock of the Puyan Clan. This is me. Brother Yanli. They are Duan and Xuanyue. Are you?"

Lu Wen smiled kindly and said, "I am Lu Wen, the second-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and Xi Wen is my senior brother. Wait a minute, when my senior brothers come together, I have something to ask Dumb."

Ever since he came to the Tiangang Sword Sect, Dumb felt a cordial feeling in his heart, perhaps because it was the home of Uncle Owen. Wouldn’t he be happy if he knew that I was here so soon? Dumb said, "Uncle Lu Wen, I don't know if I can meet the old man of Tiangang Sword Saint. Uncle said when he was dying that he wanted me to visit his old man." When Owen's death was mentioned, Dui's face suddenly fell. Thinking of Owen's horror at his death, his angina arose.

Lu Wen's smile disappeared, and he sighed, and said, "Is the little brother really dead? My boy, even if you don't want to see the master, we will let you see his old man. We will talk about it when some of your uncles arrive. ."

At this moment, a loud voice sounded, "Who made the ringing Sky Profound Bell disturb my dreams, I haven't woken up yet." A brawny man with a beard and beard came closer, although his beard and hair were a little gray. , But the sturdy air on his face has not diminished in the slightest. It is Zhou Wen, the seventh disciple of Sword Saint Tiangang. Although he is in his sixties, his fierce temper has not diminished at all.

Lu Wen shook his head helplessly, and said, "Old Qi, you are so old that you still sleep late, and you don't give the disciples a leading role. It was the kid I called Liao Yi knocked on."

As soon as Zhou Wen entered the door, he saw a few dumb people, looked at them up and down, and sat beside Lu Wen and said, "Fourth brother, I don’t have this problem a day or two. Who are they!"

Lu Wen said: "Let's talk about it when the big brothers come. They should be coming soon."

Zhou Wengang wanted to say something more, Shiwen, the second-generation leader of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and the other four people filed in. Lu Wen and Zhou Wen quickly stood up, "Big brother."

Xi Wen nodded at them and looked at the four dumbs. Compared with ten years ago, Shiwen has not changed much. Rock and Yanli recognized at a glance that the first person was the teacher Shiwen who had taught them martial arts, and hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Master Shiwen."

Xiwen's eyes flashed, and he said with some doubts, "You are?" The rock and rock force still learned martial arts with him more than ten years ago. After so many years, his appearance has changed long ago, and now he has shaved his head again. It is even more unrecognizable.

Rock said excitedly: "Teacher Xi Wen, I am the rock of the Puyan clan! This is my brother Yanli, don't you remember us?"

Xi Wen suddenly said: "So it's you! It's been more than ten years, and you are all grown up. How come you have time to come to us?"

Rock explained: "We are passing by here, just by the way to see you."

Xi Wen smiled and nodded, then looked at Lu Wen and said, "Fourth, it's the Heavenly Profound Bell that you asked someone to ring. Is it for them?"

Lu Wen took a step forward and said, "Brother head, they are here with Dui. That's the Dui Feng Ping said." Then, he pointed to Dui beside Mu Li.

Xi Wen was taken aback, and the light in his eyes was shining brightly. Under his gaze, Dumb felt a sense of being seen through. He said, "Hello, uncles."

Xiwen didn't care about his title, and asked a little excitedly: "Are you a disciple of Owen? We heard Feng Ping say that Owen he..."

Dumb said sadly, "Uncle Owen has passed away."

The atmosphere in the lobby suddenly became serious, and the seven Xiwen looked at each other, and he said solemnly, "Tell me, how did Junior Brother Nine die?"

A dumb look showed grief and indignation in his eyes, and he said bitterly: "It was the Killing Hand Society. It was the Killing Hand Society who killed Uncle Owen."

Zhou Wen exasperated his whole body, and said angrily: "It turns out that it's that group of bastards. It's fine for them to kill people everywhere on the mainland. Even the younger brother..., huh, if I don't level them, I won't be called. Zhou Wen." As he said, he turned and walked out.

Xi Wen frowned and said in a deep voice: "Old Qi, you come back to me, please make things clear first."

Although Zhou Wen had a bad temper, he was indeed a little afraid of his big brother. When he first joined the school, many of the skills were taught to him by Xi Wen's master. Hearing this had to stop.

Xi Wenchong Lu Wen said: "Fourth brother, you ask the disciples to arrange a place for them to live in, we will immediately take the dumb to see the master and his old man."

Lu Wen nodded in response, turned and walked out.

Xuanyue leaned to the side of Ah-Dah and said, "I, I want to follow Ah-Dah."

Xiwen only noticed the little girl in front of him. He smiled slightly and said, "Girl, you are a member of the Holy See. Dumb is related to some secrets of our Tiangang Sword Sect. You should go to rest first. Wait. When he comes back, he will naturally look for you."

Xuan Yue was shocked, the old man in front of her gave her the feeling that she could see through the world, that the invisible pressure did not seem to be under her father. Subconsciously nodded and stopped speaking.

In fact, if in terms of strength, Shivin, who is good at martial arts, is a bit worse than Xuanye, who is good at sacred magic, but that is only caused by some special characteristics of magic. Xiwen's profound skill is even higher than that of Owen, and he is the number one master in the Tiangang Sword Sect besides the Tiangang Sword Master.

The rock suddenly realized: "Yueyue, it turns out that you are a member of the Holy See. No wonder the last time I said to go to the Holy See, you opposed it like that. Did you run out?"

Xuan Yue glared at the rock and said, "I want you to take care of it."

Lu Wen returned soon, and the two third-generation disciples followed him in, taking the Rock Brothers and Unwilling Xuanyue out.

Duan didn't want to be separated from Xuan but thought of Owen's deathbed entrustment, she still endured it. After hearing the exact news of Owen's death, Xiwen's heart was extremely heavy, and he sighed, and said, "Let's go, and see the old man, the master." After finishing speaking, he went out of the lobby with the six juniors and the dumb and went through the courtyard , Went straight to the back mountain of Tiangang Mountain, the grotto where Tiangang Sword Saint practiced.

The seven second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect brought a tremendous amount of pressure to Ah-Dai. He unconsciously revolved the vitality in his body. As he walked, Shivin asked: "Dah, how long have you been with Owen? You have already cultivated to the fifth stage of your life. Owen's teaching is really good!" Among Shivin's own disciples, there is nothing too outstanding, and I can't help but envy Owen.

Dumb said: "I learned martial arts with Uncle Owen for five years. He taught me a lot of things."

The seven Xiwen looked at each other, and couldn't help taking a breath at the same time. An ordinary disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect has cultivated for five years, and with good aptitude, he can only reach the realm of the second rebirth determination. Those who have cultivated for ten years and reached the third stage like Liao Yi are already talents. But the seemingly stupid child in front of him had only cultivated for five years and reached the fifth stage. To them, it was incredible. Everyone fell silent, and they still couldn't understand how Irving did it. Is this stupid child a genius that has never been seen in a century?

Chapter 43: Tiangang Sword Saint

The Grotto is not far from the Sword Sect, and soon, eight people came outside the Grotto. Xi Wenlang said: "Master, disciple Xi Wen, please see me. There is news from the Ninth Junior Brothers." His voice spread into the deep grotto under the energetic package.

After a while, there was an echo from the grotto, "Well. I just heard the bell of the sky, did I find Owen's disciples? Come in." It was the clear voice of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

"Yes, Master." Xi Wen promised, and walked into the grotto with Dumb and his younger brothers.

A Duan looked around. This grotto was completely natural, with no traces of artificiality. The grotto was very deep, and it suddenly became clear after walking a full 100 meters and turning a bend. This is a not very big cave. There is a person sitting cross-legged on a big rock in the middle of the cave. Because the light is very dark, dumb can't see the person's appearance.

Seven Xiwen knelt to the ground at the same time, and said respectfully: "Worship the master."

Dumb dumbfounded, and he knelt to the ground under Shiven's pull, and said, "Ah, Dumb pays homage to your old man, Tiangang Sword Master."

"You all get up. Xiwen, stand aside." Tiangang Sword Saint's original calm voice added a touch of excitement.

Xi Wen and others agreed and retreated to the sides. Dumb was the last one to get up. Just standing up, two cold electricity from the front suddenly shot on him. He was startled and couldn't help taking a step back. The cold electricity was emitted from the opened eyes of the Sword Saint Tiangang. It was a pair of clear eyes, although they did not contain any emotion, they were full of vitality. His whole body seemed to be sealed off, unable to move at all, the vital energy in his body was constantly running, and the surging energy seemed to be extremely excited.

"Are you Owen's disciple Dumb?"

Duan almost couldn't breathe under the force of Tiangang Swordmaster, "Yes, yes, Uncle Owen taught me martial arts."

Tiangang Sword Saint sighed lightly, closed his eyes, and the pressure on Ah-Dai suddenly disappeared. "Tell me how you met Owen, everything you got along with, and how he died later."

Dui couldn't even feel the slightest thought of resistance, and honestly replied: "I used to practice magic with Teacher Gris in the Psychedelic Forest. Teacher Gris went out to find something during that time. Ah! By the way, Teacher Gris He is a great alchemist. After the teacher left, one day, I suddenly found that the magic circle arranged by Teacher Corris was touched by someone. I thought it was the teacher who came back, so I ran out to meet him, who knew, but met a group The man in black besieged a man in white. The man in white is Uncle Owen. The group of people in black wants to kill the uncle Owen, but they are not opponents. I heard them say that Uncle Owen has been poisoned by the holy water of the same."

Hearing this, the Seven Xiwen exclaimed at the same time, the name of Wuer Sheng Shui can be said to be well-known on the mainland, and it is the world's best anti-poisonous that everyone is very afraid.

Tiangang Sword Saint didn't seem to care, "Go on."

Dumb said: "Uncle Owen was about to be killed by the men in black, and then he used the sword of Hades to kill two men in black."

This time even the Sword Saint of Tiangang couldn't keep calm. His eyes opened again, and the cold light shot out, and his expression moved slightly: "You said Owen used the Pluto sword. That said, the number one who has been on the mainland for many years. The one killer'Pluto' is him. Unexpectedly, really unexpectedly! My disciple actually became a killer. Child, you continue."

Duan nodded, and explained in detail how Owen frightened the man in black, how he fainted, and what happened between himself and Owen. "Uncle Owen said before he died that the most sorry thing in his life was his younger sister and your old man. He said, let me come to the Sword Sect when I have time. After my uncle died, I cremated his body. , Take the ashes with you. Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." Dui took out the blood of the blue dragon from the collar, and in the light of the twinkling, Owen gave him the epee of Tiangang And the jar containing Owen's ashes flew out, and under the control of Dumb, it landed smoothly on the ground.

Tiangang Sword Saint and the Seven Xiwen were silent. With a breeze, the Sword Saint of Tiangang had fallen in front of Ah'Dai, and he was getting close. Ah'Dai was surprised to find that the Sword Sage of Tiangang looked like a middle-aged man in his forties, with no wrinkles on his face. His beard and hair are all white, his appearance is not very handsome, his face is clear, his nose is high, and a pair of Danfeng eyes expresses the coldness between the opening and closing. Looking closely, Ah-Dai found that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint had a strange charm that made him unconsciously arouse the heart of reverence, which was a feeling that even Cardinal Xuanye had not brought him. Tiangang Sword Saint exudes a strong aura of righteousness. At this moment, his whole body was trembling slightly, and he looked at two things on the ground, his eyes flashed.

The Tiangang Sword Saint stretched out his right hand, and the Tiangang epee weighing more than seventy kilograms and the ashes altar floated up and fell on his palm. Although years of practice had already brought him to a state of desperation, he suddenly learned the news of his beloved disciple’s death and the cause of his daughter’s death, which also made the world-famous Juggernaut surge up and down, and he gently stroked him. Holding the sword, murmured: "Lao Jiu, you've had a hard life in this life. Hey—this is the master's fault at the beginning. I shouldn't leave you in the cold because of your junior sister's death. That's not to blame You!"

The feelings between the Seven Xiwen and Owen are very deep, and the few people are already in tears, and they are surrounded by Tiangang Sword Saint. Feeling the sad atmosphere, Owen's face seemed to appear in Dumb's heart again. He choked up and said, "Uncle Owen, I will avenge you."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang suddenly raised his head, his eyes flashed coldly, and he said to Dumb: "Show me the sword of Hades."

Ah Du was shocked and hurriedly said: "The evil spirit on the sword of the Hades is too strong, I am afraid, I am afraid of you..."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang snorted coldly, his whole body surged, and the whole grotto trembled slightly, "Take it, I don't believe any evil can hurt me."

Dumb then remembered that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint's Sheng Sheng Jue had already cultivated to the highest ninth level, and he nodded, untied his coat, revealing the skin inside. The hilt of the Pluto sword inlaid with black gemstones exudes a faint cold light, and Dumb exhorted: "Juggernaut, you old man, don't take it out! The Pluto sword is out of its sheath to take the soul away." The sword and the skin bag were untied together, and they were handed to the Tiangang Sword Saint respectfully.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint handed the Heavenly Gang sword and Owen's ashes to the hand of Xiwen who was next to him, and his whole body was full of vitality. Dumb found that the Pluto sword in his hand seemed to be wrapped in an unknown energy, and he could no longer feel the slightest evil, as if it were just an ordinary short sword. The Pluto sword fell into the hands of the Heavenly Sword Master with the skin bag. He grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled out the Pluto sword with its sheath. The Pluto sword that left the skin suddenly became vigorous, but the monstrous evil spirit still couldn't break through the vindictive energy released by the Heavenly Gang Sword Master. The white light lit up, and Ah-Dai could clearly see that the Pluto sword under the vindictive Qi continued to grow. A faint gray gas was released.

A look of surprise flashed across the eyes of the Sword Saint Tiangang, and frowned, "This is the sword of Hades that ruined Owen's life! This kid is so obsessed with so many murders, it is no wonder that he will not end well. The Supreme Underworld Sword, as expected, has a not weak power. I don’t know how many moves I can resist with the Nine Jue of the Underworld."

Dumb said: "Uncle Owen said that if I can practice to the ninth stage of Shengshengjue in the future, I can use the first five strokes of the Pluto swordsmanship. He also said that the next few strokes are not powers that should appear in the world. Sword Saint, Your old man should be more careful."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang put the Pluto sword in his skin, and said to Dumb: "If I tell you now, I want to keep this Pluto sword with me, would you like it? After all, Owen gave it to you."

Hearing the words of the Sword Saint of Tiangang, a sense of relief rose in A'Dai's heart. Although the Pluto Sword had a powerful power, it also caused a huge trouble to A'Dai. He nodded repeatedly and said, "It would be great if you keep the Pluto sword. If it weren't for Uncle Owen's insistence on giving it to me, I wouldn't want it. That evil power is really terrifying."

Tiangang Sword Saint looked at the relief in Ah Du's eyes, smiled slightly, and said, "It's a pity! It's useless to me. Owen is right. Like this evil weapon, it may not benefit people when used in the right place. You I'm very satisfied with his disposition, so you can be the guardian of the Pluto sword." After speaking, he threw the Pluto sword to Dumb.

Dumb froze, grabbing the sword of Hades and muttered: "Don't you think about it anymore? Only when you have such a deep skill, you can control it by keeping it by your side! I'm afraid, I..."

Tiangang Sword Saint's face sank, and said: "As a disciple of my Tiangang Sword Sect, you must have a determined mind and rise to difficulties. What do you look like. Don't you understand the principle of man's victory over heaven?"

Seeing the Tiangang Sword Saint getting angry, Ah-Dai couldn't help but frightened, and hurriedly put the Pluto sword away, hung it on his body, and did not dare to say anything.

Tiangang Sword Saint glanced around his seven disciples, and said: "What do you think of Owen's death?"

Xi Wen said: "Master, this killer club is also done absolutely. They know that Junior Brother Owen is your disciple, so they dare to murder Junior Sister and force Junior Brother to join them. I think it's time for us to take the initiative to attack. I believe that with the skill of our brothers, it should be possible to wipe out the killing hand and avenge the ninth brother."

Zhou Wen said bitterly: "Big brother is right, the killing craftsmanship is simply too hateful. It doesn't take our Tiangang Sword Sect in the eyes at all. The nine brothers' hatred must be reported!"

Tiangang Sword Saint closed his eyes, sighed softly, and said, "What about revenge? What about no revenge? No matter what, your junior and junior sisters can't survive. I'm a hundred years old, and I can't protect myself. My own disciples and daughters, hey--, what's the use of just having the name of this Juggernaut?" When I remembered that Dui said that Owen was still thinking about himself when he was dying, his eyes couldn't help but moist.

Lu Wen tentatively asked, "Master, is that for me?"

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head slightly, and said: "I'm tired, you take Dui back. Let me think about it. From today, Dui will officially become my third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Xiwen used his eyes to stop the fellow juniors who were still talking, and dragged Ah-Dai out of the grotto with them.

Walking out of the grotto, Ah-Dai suddenly burst into tears. Just now telling everyone about his experience with Irving is equivalent to letting him recall everything that happened between himself and Irving, thinking of all kinds of things Irving had to him, and many years. He couldn't help but feel sad for the friendship.

Xiwen patted Dumb on the shoulder, and said solemnly: "Son, don't cry, don't worry, Junior Brother Owen will never die in vain. The master has always been the shortest guard, and he will never look at the people of the Killing Club getting away with you. You I’m tired along the way. Let’s take a good rest. The master has already assigned you a name, so don’t call us uncle in the future. You want to be uncle, understand? The master is called Master Zu."

Dumb wiped his tears and nodded: "Yes, Master."

Back in the sword sect, Dui was arranged in an ordinary hut. The rooms of Brother Rock and Xuanyue are next to him, Brother Rock has already gone to bed. Xuan Yue has been waiting for him to come back.

"Dai, what's the matter with you? Why are your eyes red? Did something happen?" Xuan Yue asked with concern, looking at the sad expression on A'Dai's face.

Dui took Xuanyue's little hand and said: "Yueyue, Master said that he would accept me as the third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. I'm fine, just thinking of Uncle Owen's death, I feel sad."

Xuan Yue stunned, and said: "Master? You say Tiangang Sword Saint. However, if you join the Tiangang Sword Sect, you should not be able to travel the mainland with me. How can you do it? You are someone's follower. Stay with others."

Dumb lowered his head and said, "I, I don't know, my heart is very confused."

Xuanyue looked at Ah-Dai and couldn’t bear to force him anymore, and said softly: “After all the night’s journey, you are also tired. Let’s rest first. I will talk about everything until I wake up.” After she finished, she forced Ah-Dai to Pushed onto the bed and covered him with a quilt. Just about to go out, Dumb took her hand and said, "Yueyue, can you stay with me for a while, I feel so lonely."

Xuan Yue nodded gently, pulled a stool and sat beside Ah-Dai, letting him hold his little hand, and whispered: "Go to sleep, everything is over when you wake up."

Holding Xuanyue's soft little hand, Ah'Dai's excitement gradually calmed down, and he was indeed a little tired. After a while, he had fallen asleep.

It wasn't until the evening that Dui woke up from his sleep, Xuanyue was gone, and the room was empty. Dui lay flat on the bed, gently stroking the Pluto sword on his chest, recalling the scene of seeing the Sword Saint of Tiangang in the early morning, and his heart was undulating like waves. The powerful aura exuding from Tiangang Sword Saint, Xi Wen and others made him feel that he was so small. He clearly knew that even if he used the Underworld, he would definitely not be able to help them. With his current effort, it is impossible to avenge Uncle Owen. It seems that only constant practice can do!

At this moment, the door suddenly opened and Xuanyue got in. She thought that Dui was still asleep, and walked to Dui's side. She was startled when she saw Dui's eyes open, "Hey, when will you wake up? What? Why did I come in without talking, startled me. Really."

Dumb smiled reluctantly, sat up, and said, "I just woke up, Yueyue, haven't you taken a break?"

Xuan Yue said: "Sleep for a while. Let's go, those old men told us to eat together. The rocks and rock strength have been gone."

Dumb frowned and said, "Yueyue, you can't be unreasonable to your uncle, they are all respectable elders."

Xuan Yue spit out her cute little tongue and said, "If you know how to pull it, let's go."

A Duan got up from the bed, and briefly cleaned up his appearance, and under the leadership of Xuan Yue, he went to the lobby of the Tiangang Sword Sect. There is an extra table in the lobby. Xi Wen and other disciples of the second generation of the Tiangang Sword Sect are all present, and the two brothers, Rock and Yanli, sit down respectfully. On the table, there were a few big pots of potted vegetables, and the aroma came out, which could not help but arouse the hunger in Ah Da's belly.

Xi Wen smiled slightly and said, "Dumb, come on, just waiting for you." Dumb and Xuanyue sat beside the rock and Yanli.

Xiwen said: "You first came to the mountain, and there is nothing good to entertain you. They are some of the specialty of the mountain, so let's eat them. Everyone in the sword pie eats these. Although you are originally guests, there is no exception."

The four of them were hungry a long time ago and would not be picky about anything at all. These delicious meals made them eat a lot, even Xuan Yue ate a lot. On the contrary, the Shivin Seven ate very little, and their mood has been difficult to calm since they learned about Irving today.

"Dumb, how did you know Rock and them? I heard Feng Ping say that when he saw you, you seemed to be just a person. It didn't take long for you to get together with Rock and them. And this A little girl from the Holy See, whose child are you, how can the Holy See let you walk around the mainland at will? You seem to be under the age of experience."

Duan glanced at Xuan Yue, and talked about how he met Xuan Yue, how he later took on the mission of the Death Mountain, and what happened to the Puyan and Elves. It just didn't say that Xuan Yue's father was one of the cardinals of the Holy See.

After listening to his narration, Lu Wen laughed and said, "You young people! I really don’t know the sky is high and the earth is thick, and the Death Mountain is also something you can go to? Fortunately, the kind-hearted elves will stop you, otherwise, it will be there. There, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out again."

Xiwen looked at the rock softly and said, "I didn't expect that your wife would kill Yanju. Hey, Yanju was originally a good boy, but because of his power, he entered the magic way. It’s just that I’ve suffered you! People can’t come back from death, so be sorry. Rock, if you are willing to stay, I can officially accept you as a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect." He understands the nature of the rock, and he has now become Tiangang. The leader of the sword faction, so he will easily call the shots.

If Shivin wanted to accept him as a disciple when the rock was young, he would definitely agree without hesitation. But now, he can't, shook his head, and said earnestly: "Thank you, Teacher Shivin. But since we have promised the Elf Queen to help her find her people, we must not miss the appointment. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely ask you. Advise."

Xi Wen nodded slightly, and said, "Well, I won't force you. Dumb, do you want to help the Elves find the people?"

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue, an anxious look appeared in his eyes. "Master, I promised the Elf Queen first, so I think it's better to help her find the people back to the clan first."

Xi Wen smiled slightly, how could he not understand Xuan Yue's expression, "You are all kind and good children. It is very correct to help the Elves. You are doing the right thing. If you offend any noble in the Sunset Empire in the future, you all You can come back. Here, no one will trouble you. However, dumb, I hope you stay for a few more days. The old man, the master, is very confused because of the ninth brother. I think, after his old man decides how to deal with the killing workshop, You go again."

Hearing that Xiwen did not stop Ah-Dai and herself from looking for the elves, Xuan Yue was overjoyed and hurriedly said: "No problem, the scenery of Tiangang Mountain is so beautiful! Especially when Gang sunrise that day, we are also thinking of staying for a few days. "However, what Xuan Yue didn't expect was that it was precisely because of the decision to stay here that she and Duan had been separated for three years.


Somewhere in the empire, the thieves’ union headquarters.

"What, the fourth child was killed by the Pluto disciple of the Killing Hand Association?" The president of the Thieves Guild took the scene, and his chest was filled with anger. The acquirer has always been the middle force of the thieves’ union. Every loss of one person is the heaviest blow to the thieves' union. If it were not for the extremely high commission paid by the employer this time, it would not have been dispatched by all the acquirers in the labor union. The temptation of ten thousand diamond coins is too great. With this money, it is enough for the thieves' union to live a rich life for ten years.

Mie Feng took a step forward and bowed his head and said, "President, it's all my fault. If the fourth uncle is not trying to save me, he won't die under the sword of Hades. Please punish me."

The president glanced at his daughter, who was his only daughter and the greatest pride in his life. Not only was Miefeng extremely talented, she also worked harder than she did when she was young. She reached the level of a gainer at the age of only nineteen, which was entirely her own effort. The other six acquirers can be said to be their own old brothers, and they sometimes love Miefeng more than himself. He understands why the fourth child will take the sword of Hades instead of Miefeng. He sighed, shook his head and said: "You will tell the whole story first."

Mie Feng lowered his head and said: "This is how it is. After we accepted the employer's deposit, under your order, we led ten high-level thieves and a hundred ordinary thieves to quietly touched the Tianyuan clan elves forest. Gang At the beginning, everything went very smoothly. We set up many traps and took half a month’s effort to capture 16 ordinary elves, including 6 male elves and 10 female elves, which was ten short of the employer’s request. Only a few people. However, later those elves became more vigilant and frequently dispatched masters to patrol the forest. Our high-level thieves and ordinary thieves lost a lot, so we had to temporarily withdraw from the elves forest. Later, there was Several strangers appeared. They have six men and two women, a total of eight people. Their skills are not very advanced. When they first entered the elf forest, they were stopped by a small group of elves. The elves may have been caught by us. I didn’t believe in those outsiders and insisted on restraining them. Those outsiders also agreed and were **** with natural magic by the elves. I calculated the number of these elves, and we have already caught them. Yes, it was just enough for the 30 people needed by the employer, so we discussed it and decided to use all our strength to capture the group of elves. So we quietly followed the group of elves into the elves forest. After inquiring, there were no other elves around. Circumstances, we attacked them and caught their magician first. Soon, the situation turned to our side. But at this moment, the strangers suddenly broke free and quickly killed many of us. Ordinary thieves, in no way, we also went out. In order to avoid more casualties, we decided to challenge these strangers head-on. Their skill is not high, the first person to come up, even my tricks Don’t come down. The second one is a tall young man with a sluggish expression on his face. He uses a large sword and has a lot more skill than the previous one. But he is not my opponent yet. After a few moves, he was about to lose to me when he suddenly revealed that he had the Pluto Sword. The fourth uncle tried to test himself for fear of me getting hurt. Who knows that the young man is indeed the descendant of Pluto, in the Pluto Sword. Below, with the fourth uncle's skill, he didn't even go out for a face-to-face encounter, and he was already..." At this point, Mie Feng's eyes turned red, choked and couldn't speak. Thinking of the death of the fourth uncle, a terrible hatred rises in her heart. She hates the man who killed the fourth uncle and can't wait to break his body into pieces.

The acquirer who became the uncle of Miefeng walked to Miefeng’s side and said respectfully: “President, the failure of this mission was caused by my mistakes. If I did not let the fourth child to test whether the young man is a Pluto. He is not going to die, you can punish me."

The president of the thieves' union stood up, his whole body was covered in black clothes, and his head was wearing a hat with a green gauze, making it impossible to see his face. "Brother Li, I can't blame you for this incident. If I were on the scene, I would also test the depth of the young man. You don't have to dispute who made the mistake. I am also very sad about the death of the fourth child, but you This mission did not fail. On the contrary, it was very successful. The employer not only paid us the commission originally promised, but also paid five thousand diamond coins. These five thousand diamond coins are your reward for this trip."

Mie Feng stunned, and said: "Dad, what did you say? We completed the task? However, we only caught 16 elves! The number did not meet the employer's requirements."

The President of the Thieves Guild’s voice softened a little, and said, "No, you have completed the mission. Do you know? Among the sixteen elves you captured, one of them has the blood of the Elf King, that is, she She is the daughter of the Elf King. With her alone, it is enough to top a hundred ordinary elves. Although we have lost a lot of manpower this time, you have also brought a lot of benefits to the organization. Over the years, you have established for the organization For countless contributions, they are all my good brothers. Without you, there would be no thieves’ union today. So, I will take you one year off, and you can have a full rest. As for recruiting new members, I will find someone to do it. of."

Mie Feng said anxiously: "Dad, what about the murderer who killed the fourth uncle? Isn't it just letting him go?" The person named Li next to her grabbed her and said, "Feng'er, don't talk about it. Old man. Although everyone is very sad about the death of Si, the person who killed him has a close relationship with the Assassin Association, and the Assassin Association is something we cannot afford to provoke."

Mie Feng said excitedly: "Even if the killer is powerful at, they can't kill our people for no reason! Over the years, have we provided them with little information?"

The guild leader raised his hand to stop Mie Feng from speaking, and said faintly: "The fourth child will not die in vain. I will seek justice from the Killing Hand Association. Although their strength is stronger than ours, they are both dark forces. It will give me a little bit of face. I just think it’s very strange why Pluto would give his disciple the treasure of the Pluto sword. You go and rest. I will deal with this matter."

Upon hearing that the president wanted to seek justice for the dead gainers, the eyes of the five older gainers showed gratitude. Without saying anything, he walked out quietly. Only the president and Miefeng remained in the room. Mie Feng removed the veil from his face and said, "Dad, the fourth uncle must not die in vain. You can let me go. As long as I find the murderer, I will definitely kill him."

The president said slightly angrily: "Do you cause me less trouble? Don't you understand the reason for someone outside of the world? The first rule of our thieves union is that no murder is allowed. As my daughter, do you want to break this rule? He sighed, and then said: "I know you have a deep relationship with the fourth child, but some things can't be dealt with easily. You are my only daughter. If something happens to you, what do you tell Dad? Do it. Okay, don't intervene in this matter anymore, I will find the killer and I will ask you clearly. I will let you know if I have any news. Go on."

Chapter 44: Xuan Ye arrives

"But, Dad."

"Go down--" The chairman's voice became severe.

Mie Feng bit his lower lip, groaned angrily, turned and retreated. The president murmured: "It seems that I really want to meet that guy. Pluto, Pluto dare to move my people. Humph!"


Two days passed quickly. Duan, Xuanyue and Rock brothers spent two peaceful days on the top of Tiangang Mountain. Occasionally, Shivin would come to Dumb to ask him something, or to point rocks or rock strength. For Dumb, he refused to teach anything. Since Ah Dui felt that his strength was far from enough that day, for two days, he had been practicing Sheng Sheng Jue almost without leaving the house. Even Xuan Yue came to him to go out to play, but he refused. Although the two days were not long, his life of zhenqi had improved slightly, and it was only a matter of time before he reached the sixth level.

Dumb refused to accompany Xuanyue, but the four generations of young disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect were very fond of her. They had never seen such a beautiful girl. They surrounded her every day and took her to see the beautiful scenery on the mountain. With the help of the heavens, Xuan Yue had already gotten acquainted with these people.

"Dah, Dah." Xuanyue ran to Dah's room anxiously. Dah had just finished practicing for seven weeks and was about to take a break to eat. Seeing Xuanyue's anxious appearance, she quickly asked, "What's wrong? Yue? Yue. What happened?"

Xuan Yue said in a panic: "No, dumb, I feel my father's breath, he is probably chasing here. What to do? What to do? Let's run quickly."

Ah-Dai took Xuan Yue’s cold little hand and said, “Yueyue, don’t worry, if your father really wants to catch you back, you can’t hide. Remember when he saw him last time in the Wizards’ Guild, he Let me take good care of you, and did not say that I want to take you back to the Holy See. Maybe, what's the matter with him coming to the Tiangang Sword Sect?"

Xuan Yue's mood calmed down a bit, and she shook her head and said, "No, no. Among the four countries, the Huasheng Empire in the south has the fewest people. In general, the Holy See seldom interacts with this side. Dumb, I have a feeling that Dad must have come to catch me back. Let's, let's run."

Dumb hesitated for a while, nodded and said, "Okay, then. Let's say goodbye to the masters and uncles first, and then leave here."

Xuan Yue nodded again and again and said, "Then I will go back and pack my things first. You can call Big Brother Rock and them, let's go now." After that, she ran out violently.

Seeing Xuanyue's anxious look, Duan couldn't help but smile, thinking that only her father can cure her. It would be great if there was a father who cared about him so much! Thinking of this, he couldn't help but think of Corris and Owen. In Dumb's heart, he didn't have a deep concept of his father. He had already regarded Corris and Owen as his closest relatives. Of course, there is one more Xuanyue now. The more he gets along with Xuanyue, the more difficult it is for him to extricate himself.

While thinking about it, he walked into Brother Rock's room and said what Xuanyue had just said.

Yan Li laughed and said: "I really want to see how powerful this sacrificial lord is. We are scared, and Yueyue, who has always been fearless and fearless, will run away."

Rock said: "Okay, since you are leaving, hurry up and pack your things. If you don't have Yueyue, we won't be busy on this road." In fact, they have nothing to clean up, so they stuffed some of their clothes. In the package, it's over. When they finished packing, Xuan Yue had already ran in in a panic.

"Go, go, my father's breath is getting closer, I'm afraid I'm almost at the top of the mountain, we must go down from the other side later."

Duan nodded, raised Xuan Yue's little hand, and said, "Then let's go and say goodbye to the master first, and then leave."

The four of them left the room and came to Xi Wen's quiet room. Dui knocked on the door a few times and said, "Master, I am Dui, I want to tell you something."

Shivin's voice came out, "Come in."

The dumb four pushed the door in. Sivin sat cross-legged on the couch, looking at the four of them, smiling and said: "What, are you going to leave? The master has not heard from his old man."

At this time, Xuanyue couldn't take care of her restraint anymore, and said the truth: "I, I feel that my father is coming here soon. I sneaked out of the Holy See. If he gets caught, I'm afraid I will never leave again. It's not coming, Uncle Shiven, you can let us go first. After a while, we will find a member of the elves and then come back to see you, okay."

Xi Wen shook his head helplessly and smiled: "You girl! If I were your father, I would definitely catch you back. Okay, if you want to go, please go. If your father is chasing you, he should You are walking down the back mountain, you go down from the front, and then continue to the west, and you will enter the province of light. Dumb, you must come back in a while, you know?"

"I will definitely be back, Uncle Master. You can say goodbye to Master for us."

At this moment, Xuan Yue suddenly shook her whole body and her eyes were completely dull. Dumb felt Xuanyue's change and turned to ask: "Yueyue, what's wrong with you?"

Xuan Yue murmured: "It's over, I can't run. Dad's qi has been locked on my body. It's over now."

Dumb didn't understand what Xuanyue meant, and just wanted to ask, but heard someone outside said: "Master Master, a guest from the Holy See has come to the mountain and is waiting for you in the lobby."

Xiwen's eyes flashed, and he floated from the bed and landed beside Xuanyue, smiling: "Since you can't go, just face it. It's not an enemy, what's terrible. Let's go, I also want to see See how heroic your father is.” He didn’t know yet, Xuan Yue’s father was one of the four red-clothed priests of the Holy See.

Dui took the pale Xuanyue and walked to the lobby with Xiwen with Brother Rock.

Xuan Yue whispered: "Dumb, what should I do if my father wants to take me back? I still want to roam the mainland with you! I, I don't want to leave you!"

A Duan's heart warmed and comforted: "No. Even if he takes you back to the Holy See, I will find you in the future. Yueyue, don't be nervous, your hands are sweating."

From Xiwen's room to the Jianpai lobby, only a hundred meters away, Xuanyue's body and mind experienced immense suffering. It's finally here, and can't hide it anymore.

In the lobby, all the six second-generation disciples except for Shiwen had already arrived. As soon as they saw Shiwen's arrival, they immediately stood up and respectfully saluted: "Head."

As soon as Dui and the others entered the lobby, they immediately found Xuanye wearing a red sacrificial costume. Xiwen said in surprise: "It turned out that the red sacrificial ritual came here. I am embarrassed that the old man has lost his way."

As soon as Xuanye entered the Tiangang Mountains, he discovered the breath of his daughter. In order to get his daughter back quickly, he tracked the breath of Xuanyue and spent a day using the light flight technique he created alone. I found the main peak of Tiangang Mountain, and rested on the mountainside for a long time to recover mana before I found it. He didn't expect that his daughter would go to the Tiangang Sword Sect. Although he had never seen the Tiangang Sword Saint, he understood the truth of the innocence under the reputation. The Holy See has never had much contact with the Tiangang Sword Sect, so he naturally has to be more cautious.

"Are you the Sword Saint of Tiangang? Long admiring the name." Xuan Ye said to Xi Wen politely, without even looking at her daughter.

Xi Wen smiled slightly, and said: "Your Excellency is polite, the Sword Saint of Tiangang is my master, and I will not abandon it under the mentor, and take over as the second-generation master."

Xuan Ye was shocked, as soon as Xi Wen came in, he clearly felt the strength of the opponent. Unexpectedly, he was just a disciple of Tiangang Sword Saint. The guard against the Tiangang Sword Sect in my heart increased a bit.

When things came to an end, Xuan Yue also knew that she couldn't run, so she lowered her head and walked to Xuan Ye's side and muttered, "Dad."

Xuan Ye snorted and said, "Do you still know that I have a father?"

Dumb also walked over and said respectfully: "Hello, uncle."

When Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue entered the door, Xuan Ye clearly saw Ah-Dai holding his daughter's hand, and his dislike for him grew a little bit more. He just snorted and did not speak.

Xiwen said, "Sir, please sit down. I don't know if you are here, what's the matter?"

Xuan Ye sighed, stared at Xuan Yue, and said, "It's not for this girl. She sneaked out of the Holy See without knowing the heights of the sky. I originally wanted her to experience the mainland and make her suffer. But. Who knows, this girl actually had the idea of going to the Death Mountain to explore. Too much, I had to take her back."

Xuan Yue was shocked in her heart, and took Xuan Ye's arm, and begged: "Dad, no! I don't want to return to the Holy See, it's suffocated there. I promise not to go to the Death Mountain range? You don't want to go back. Good dad, please." In the past in the Holy See, Xuan Yue's trick was a hundred-thirty trick, and even the pope could do nothing about her. It's a pity that Xuan Ye has made up his mind this time. Although her heart has softened a little, she still said coldly, "Are you not causing enough trouble? In front of so many elders, don't be rude."

Xi Wen said: "Master Bishop, Ling Ai is actually very well-behaved. Although she is a little younger, she seems to have nothing wrong with going around on the mainland. Besides, there is dumb following her. Dumb is a kind-hearted child and has no skill. Weak, with his protection, there shouldn’t be any problems.” He has seen the relationship between Xuanyue and Ah-Dai very clearly in the past two days. He also likes this lively little girl very much, and wants to indirectly fulfill them. .

Xuan Yue glanced at Xi Wen gratefully, and hurriedly said, "Yeah, yeah! Dumb has saved me several times. He would rather protect me from injury, dad, don't worry."

Xuan Ye glanced at Ah-Dai with deep meaning, and said, "The head, it is precisely because of Ah-Dai that I feel more worried."

Xi Wen's brows wrinkled slightly, and their senior brothers all took on one of the shortcomings of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, that is, protecting shortcomings. What's more, Ah Dui is still the only disciple of his deceased Ninth Junior Brother. He loves this kind-hearted child even more. When Xuan Ye's words contain disdain, he naturally feels unhappy, "Where did the bishop begin this statement? What?"

Xuan Ye glanced at Ah Du, and said, "When I saw him for the first time, I thought he was a kind, good boy. But, who knows, he hides the most evil Pluto sword in his body. This shows that , He has an extraordinary relationship with the world’s number one assassin who kills countless people. The Pluto Sword has been searching for the Holy See for many years. Do you think I can keep my daughter with a little devil?"

Xuan Ye's words were indeed a bit heavy. Xuan Yue was stunned, and Ah-Dai was shocked. His heart was extremely painful. Although he knew his identity was not worthy of Xuan Yue, he did not expect Xuan Yue's father to be so. Looking at himself, his voice was a little trembling, his face flushed, and he said, "I, I am not a demon."

Xuan Ye sneered: "I also said that I am not a demon. I ask you, who killed the bandits in the Elf Forest? Who killed those bandits in the Yayan tribe? Nearly a thousand lives were destroyed by your Pluto. Under the sword, you still say that you are not a demon."

"No, no—" Ah Dumb yelled frantically. The blood in his whole body was boiling and his brain heated up. The scenes of previous killings kept flashing in his mind. He grabbed his hair with both hands and kept shaking. Started, "No, no, I don't want to kill them, they forced me, they forced me."

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dui with a great pain in her heart. She tried to comfort him, but found that her body could not move at all. "Dad, how can you say that? Those dumb killed are bad guys! And if you don't kill them, they will kill us."

Xuan Ye snorted coldly, and said, "Aren't the bad guys human? That's also thousands of lives."

Ah'Dai's whole body shook, and a surging warm current suddenly poured into his body. The power of the same origin continued to comb its chaotic breath, and a soft voice sounded in his ear, "A'Dai, calm down. If this continues, You will go crazy. Your uncle will decide everything for you."

The breath in Dumb's body gradually calmed down, and he turned his head to see that Xiwen didn't know when he had already come to him. Including Shiwen, the eyes of all the second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect were filled with anger. Xuan Ye's words not only insulted Dumb, but also insulted Owen, the king of the underworld. Owen is their brother, and he is dead, how can they tolerate nonsense from outsiders.

"Master Bishop, you should pay attention to your own language. Dui is the third-generation disciple of our Tiangang Sword Sect. I can guarantee that he has a kind heart. I think Dui is not wrong in killing those people. Killing a bad person is equivalent. To save hundreds of good people. Moreover, when the enemy threatens your own life, it is you. Can you not kill because of your own protection?"

Xuan Ye stunned. He didn't expect that Ah-Dai would have such a deep relationship with the Tiangang Sword Sect. After learning that he had the Pluto Sword, Xi Wen still protected him. Looking at the angry masters around him, he was also in his heart. He couldn't help but play some drums. If it was just one Shivin, he felt that he could deal with it, but these seven young people were not weak in their skills, and if two of them joined forces, he might not be able to deal with it.

Xuan Yue burst into tears in tears, sobbing: "Dad, Dui has never killed a good person. Don't wrong him!"

Xuan Ye walked in front of Ah-Dai, the cold light in her eyes kept flickering, and she thought to herself that she had killed as many as 2,000 bandits. It seemed that this kid really couldn't be blamed for killing indiscriminately. Leng snorted: "It is precisely because he has not killed a good person yet, that I have no intention of taking his life. However, his Pluto sword must be taken back by the Holy See, and you are not allowed to be with him again. Go back to the Holy See with me immediately."

Dumb stood there blankly at a loss, and looked at Shivin for help. He actually wanted to hand over the Pluto sword, but this was the last relic left by Owen, and he was a little reluctant.

As soon as Xi Wen was about to speak, Zhou Wen stood up abruptly, grunted, and said: "Your Excellency Cardinal, you have to see clearly, this is our Tiangang Mountain, but not your Holy See. My dignity does not tolerate anyone. Infringement. Dumb is my third-generation disciple. To tell you frankly, the Pluto you mentioned is our long-lost junior. Now that the junior is dead, the Pluto sword can be said to be his relic. We will never allow outsiders. Take it away."

Xuan Ye was furious. Ever since he took up the role of the red-clothed sacrifice, no one has dared to be so rude to him, but Zhou Wen's words really shocked him. He couldn't think that the world's number one assassin-the'Pluto' would actually He is a disciple of Tiangang Sword Saint. With these old guys, it seems that his goal is beyond reach, is it really going to return to the Holy See to tune in? But the Tiangang Sword Sect was supported by the entire Huasheng Empire, and if there was a disturbance because of this, it would be very detrimental to both parties.

Lu Wen watched Xuan Ye's face turn blue and white, knowing that he was on the verge of getting angry. Lu Wen and Xi Wen looked at each other, hurriedly stepped forward, pulled Zhou Wen away, and Chong Xuan Ye said, "My Master, I'm really sorry, my brother and sister are reckless by nature, don't mind. However, Pluto is indeed our long-lost Junior brother, he will be forced to do those things when he is killed. Now that others are dead, we will not pursue all the sins committed, and I hope you will not investigate them deeply, let alone insult him. As for the sword of Hades, I hope We can find a solution that is satisfactory to both of us. My master, his old man, has always been very fond of the Holy See, so we don’t want any rifts between each other, don’t you think?"

Lu Wen's remarks were neither humble nor overbearing, which made Xuan Ye uncomfortable. He said in a deep voice, "Then you say how to solve it? The Pluto sword was discovered by the third Pope of the Holy See, and I lost it for some reason. Dang. When the "Pluto" wielded this evil sword on the mainland, our Pope issued an order, ordering us to take it back at any cost. Now the Pluto sword is on Ah-Dai, don't you want me to give up?"

Xiwen smiled slightly and stepped forward to stop in front of Dui, and said, "Master, we also understand the evil nature of the Pluto sword, but the vindictiveness I sent just defeats it. I believe Dui has the ability to become his guardian. , Will never kill anyone in vain, otherwise, our Tiangang Sword Sect will not let him off easily. I think the guarantee I sent should be acceptable to you."

With the reputation of the Tiangang Sword Sect on the mainland, and the assurance of the current head, it really makes Xuanye very embarrassed. He clearly knows that unless the four cardinals come together, it is impossible to compete with the Tiangang Sword Sect. He hesitated, Xuan Ye said: "I believe in the guarantee of the noble faction, but it is still a question whether Ah Du's current strength can protect the Pluto sword. Well, as long as he can persist in my attack magic. Without falling to the ground in seconds, I will admit his strength. What do you think?"

Xi Wen's heart was shocked, he knew that Cardinal Xuan Ye had already made a big concession. Turning to look at Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai looked blank, unable to see his inner feelings. Xi Wen was also playing drums in his heart. He knew that Xuan Ye had a lot of truth to say, and that protecting the Hades sword really requires strong strength. Although Ah-Dai has reached the level of the fifth rebirth zhenqi, Xuanye is a cardinal after all, and he has a position under one person in the Holy See. Shivin doesn’t know much about magical attacks. I don’t know if Ah-Dai can survive Xuan Ye. The magic of the night.

At this moment, Xuan Yue suddenly said: "Dumb, just try it. I believe you can do it."

Zhou Wen said: "Yes, dumb, just try it. No matter how powerful his magic is, you can definitely break it with the sword of Hades."

Xuan Ye's face changed slightly, and she thought, how did she forget the Pluto sword, if the Pluto sword is out, would she be able to resist it? The power of the most evil in the legend made him a little scared, after all, the Pluto sword has the title of killing people.

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, you can't use the Pluto sword. If you go out with the Pluto sword, someone will die. Sacrifice to Uncle, I am willing to try your magic with my own skill. If my ability is not enough to protect the Pluto sword, you will take it. Let's go. But when I think I can protect it, I will ask you to come back."

When Xuan Ye heard that Ah-Dai didn't use the Pluto sword, he couldn't help but feel relieved. He couldn't help but change his feelings towards Ah-Dai. He nodded slightly and said, "Well, the place is small, let's go outside."

Xi Wen glanced at several of his younger brothers, and Chong Xuan Ye made a gesture of please, Xuan Ye was not polite and pulled Xuan Yue out of the gate first.

Xiwen patted Ah-Dai on the shoulder, and rushed to the rocks and rock strength beside him: "You have weak skills and are easily affected, so don't go."

Rock looked at Dumb with a dazed expression, and said, "Teacher Xiwen, you must protect Dumb!"

Xi Wen nodded and said, "Don't worry, let's go." As he said, he took Dumb and a few juniors out of the lobby. Xuan Ye was standing proudly outside, while Xuan Yue lowered her head and wept. She knew that no matter whether Dah could withstand her father's attack, she must return to the Holy See with him.

Xiwen said, "Master Bishop, let's go to the empty place on the top of the mountain."

Xuan Ye nodded slightly and said, "Okay, please lead the way."

Xi Wen walked out with Dumb and a few juniors, but Xuan Ye didn't notice that one of the juniors was missing.

The group left the courtyard of the Tiangang Sword Sect and came to the top of the flat and wide mountain. Xuan Yue suddenly raised her head and said to Xuan Ye: "Dad, don't restrain me, your magic will hurt me."

After Xuan Ye put forward the suggestion just now, she decided to do her best, and she made up her mind not to let Ah Dao support for five seconds. When she did her best, it was really difficult to take care of her daughter, so she hurriedly took back the seal on Xuan Yue and said, "Go away. I will try my best to control the energy by protecting myself with Phoenix’s blood."

Xuan Yue nodded obediently, and ran to the side. When she passed A-Dai and the others, she and A-Dai's eyes met, their bodies shook at the same time, and they both revealed complex expressions. A-Dai said to himself in Xuan Ye. When it was a demon, she was already desperate, but Xuan Yue was full of reluctance for the upcoming separation. Xuan Yue bit her lip and whispered: "Protect yourself with the blood of the dragon. You must support it!" The reason Xuan Yue agreed with her father just now was because Xuan Ye didn't know what she meant, and she still carried it on A'Dai. Because of the blood of the dragon.

After listening to Xuan Yue's words, A Duan finally raised a faint expression in his eyes and nodded slightly. At this moment, a low voice suddenly rang in Ah'Dai's ears, "Child, don't be surprised and don't move. You can rest assured to compete with that arrogant kid, everything is mine, don't worry." Ah-Dai stunned. This voice is exactly the sword saint of Tiangang. He looked around, but there was no trace of Tiangang Sword Saint at all.

"What do you look at? Didn't I tell you not to be surprised? I am talking to you with the sound transmission technique. Remember, when you are attacked by magic, I will protect my whole body with vigorous anger, and keep it in my heart, no matter how the opponent attacks, You must not move your will, take your own body as the foundation, like a mountain like a mountain."

Xuan Ye said impatiently: "Dumb, come on, as long as you can take my attack, I will let you guard the sword of the Hades."

Dui's body shook, Xuan Ye's gaze that seemed to penetrate his lungs shook his whole body, and the huge mental pressure made him unable to resist the idea of resistance, so he had to lower his head and walk forward slowly.

"Idiot, this is a mental magic attack, which will calm your mind and save your dantian."

Hearing the instructions of the Sword Saint Tiangang, Ah-Dai's whole body shook, and the vindictive energy in his body was subconsciously driven, and instantly spread all over his body. Looking up, Xuan Ye's eyes didn't seem to be so dazzling.

Xuanye was shocked when seeing Ah-Dai suddenly break free from her spiritual restraint, and snorted coldly, saying, "After my attack, you only need to hold it for five seconds, even if you pass."

A Dui nodded slightly, concentrated his mind, and urged the liquid in the dantian to generate zhenqi, which instantly burst out of the body, transforming into a vigorous vitality. The thick white light condensed into a thick body protection barrier five inches around the body of A Dui. Defensive posture.

Seeing Ah-Dai's appearance, Xuan Ye was slightly startled. Compared with the last time he saw him, Ah-Dai's skill seems to have improved a lot. "The wrath of the gods, use your divine might to infuse your heart to eradicate evil." Golden light flashed, and the wrath of the gods appeared in Xuan Ye's hands. Xuan Yue in the distance was taken aback. She didn't expect her father to use the wrath of the gods to deal with dumb. However, now it’s too late to regret, Xuan Ye has already begun to chant the spell of attacking magic, "Great God! You have endless divine power. As your loyal believer, I ask you to give me the power of God. "The huge white magical six-pointed star appeared at Xuan Ye's feet, and the rich sacred aura rose slowly from the six-pointed star, entangled with the golden light of the wrath of the gods, and the surging energy made Xiwen and the others slightly change their colors.

Xuan Ye slowly stretched out his right hand holding the wrath of the gods, and chanted, "God's power! Condense it." The white light rising from the six-pointed star quickly condensed towards the wrath of the gods in his hand. After the wrath of the gods absorbed the energy of the light element, the golden light was suddenly released. For a while, even the rays of the sun in the sky seemed to be covered by it, and the golden induced electricity continuously revolved around the wrath of the gods. The surging energy is gone, but everyone knows that a stronger power is already contained in the wrath of the gods, and there is a possibility of explosion at any time.

When Xuan Ye was singing the spell, UU was not idle while reading After Xuan Yue reminded him just now, he remembered that he still had the blood of the dragon to protect his body, so he maintained a vigorous temper. The shield, while chanting the spell Xuan Yue taught him before, stretched out her hands, "Great King of the Dragon Race! Please lend me your endless divine power to form a shield that cannot be urged and defend the dignity of the dragon. "At this time, his mental power has been at its peak after a few days of rest. As the spell sings, his chest is blue, and there seem to be countless light spots around him, faint white. The light appeared in the hand of Ah-Dai, and gradually spread out with his urging, and a thick layer of energy barrier was placed on the outside of the anger. It was the strongest light magic that Ah-Dai could release by using the blood of the dragon. Guardian of the light.

Xuanye naturally saw the changes in Ah-Dai. Although he was extremely surprised, the magic in his hand had been condensed and formed, and when the arrow was on the string, he had to send it. He sang in deep voice: "Go, the wrath of the gods." This is a seven-level sacred light attack magic. Xuan Ye uses it under the increase of the wrath of the gods, and its power is not weaker than the eighth-level magic. In order to preserve his strength, and he also believed that there was no need to use the judgment of the eighth-level magic god, so he used the strongest single attack magic he could use. The golden light of the anger of the gods was released, and the golden energy roared out, forming a golden beam of light with a diameter of one foot and suddenly blasted towards Ah Du's chest. Xuan Ye was afraid that killing Ah-Dai would cause trouble to herself. He still had a back hand for this magic. As long as Ah-Dai couldn't resist, he could control the magic to disappear at any time.

Chapter 45: 5 seconds to resist

"Boom..." God's anger hit the guard of light around A'Dai's body. Since it is also a light magic, there is no problem with the properties of each other. A'Dai's whole body was shaken, and his body took a few steps back unconsciously. The Guardian of Light weakened instantly, and in less than a second, it had already begun to break. Under the traction of the Qi machine, Dumb couldn't help spitting out a mouthful of blood, and even the vindictive Qi outside his body was weak. His mental power has reached the brink of collapse.

Xuan Ye was also very surprised. He didn't expect that the defensive magic released by Dui could actually block the first attack, hurriedly urging the mana to continue the attack. At this point, two seconds have passed. While Xuan Ye was attacking, the Sword Saint of Tiangang who was hiding in the dark was also very strange. He was already ready to take action, but when he saw the defensive magic released by Dui, he couldn't help but dispel his thoughts and prepared to look at his little one. What magic weapon does Tusun have? It is not too late for him to sell it again when he really can't hold on.

Under the impact of God’s wrath, Ah Du’s body moved back ten meters away. He supported it in pain, but the Guardian of Light was only a six-level defensive magic. Although it was augmented by the blood of the dragon, it was definitely not. Xuan Ye's angry opponent. Finally, in the third second, the guard of light under Adubu turned into a little light and disappeared. The wrath of the golden **** was heavily bombarded on the anger of his guard. A Duan’s left hand heated up, and the guardian ring frantically absorbed the energy of God’s anger attack, but because the energy was too large, it could not absorb cleanly at all. Dui's whole body was shaken, and blood was spurted again, and it seemed to be unable to support it. Up.

Xuan Ye was overjoyed for fear of hurting Ah-Dai's life. Just about to regain her power, blue light suddenly burst from Ah-Dai's chest, and a burst of blue energy rushed out, protecting him in an instant. The blue energy condensed into a dragon. The shape, opened his mouth, swallowed the wrath of God. At this time, Dui had fainted because of the surging energy, and he didn't know that the blood of the dragon was swallowing the divine power from Xuan Ye under the effect of the dragon egg in it.

Xuan Ye was taken aback. He was horrified to discover that his divine anger was continuously being swallowed by the blue energy dragon like a clay cow into the sea, and his magic power disappeared quickly. This, what is going on, he simply Can't understand. In order to prevent his skill from being greatly reduced due to the excessive consumption of mana, he had to forcibly dissipate the attacking power. The golden light was weakened, and the wrath of the gods restored the faint golden light. At the same time the attack disappeared, the blue energy dragon on Dumb's chest also disappeared. The blood of the dragon itself does not have the power to swallow it. It’s just that last time, in order to protect Duan from being invaded by the evil spirit of the Hades Sword, he absorbed a lot of evil power, and one of the greatest characteristics of the evil power of the Hades Sword is to devour the soul. Under the fusion of the blood of the dragon and the divine power of the Hades, it finally burst out at the most dangerous time for Ah Dui, exerting his only ability to swallow him and saving him. The evil power it absorbed and the divine power of God's wrath were completely absorbed by the dragon egg that was about to awaken.

Xuan Ye's body shook slightly, staring at the dumb dumb who was lying on the ground dumbfounded, and said, "The blood of the dragon is impossible. How can the blood of the dragon be on him." He is not very clear about the ability of the blood of the dragon, but He recognized the blue energy form. In the descriptions of the Holy See, the blue dragon-shaped energy is the symbol of the blood of the dragon.

Xiwen floated to the side of Dui, took his body, slightly angrily said: "Master, the time just now should be more than five seconds." As he said, he pushed the vitality into Dui's body and helped him. Adjusting the breath.

When Xuanyue fell, she felt that the sky was spinning and the energy completely disappeared. She frantically ran to the side of A-Dai and cried out, "Dai, A-Dai, don't you have anything wrong!"

Xiwen found that although Ah'Dai's body was weak and the meridians in his body had been shaken to a certain extent, his injuries were not very serious. He comforted Xuan Yue and said, "Don't worry, he is fine."

Xuan Ye sighed. It is impossible to compete with her with the power of Duan. He just didn't know where this kid got the blood of the first Pope's bodyguard, the blood of the dragon. No, he floated to Xuan Yue's side and said faintly: "Since Ah-Dai persisted for five seconds, let him temporarily save the Pluto Sword. However, if he relies on the evil power of the Pluto Sword to do something bad in the future, The Holy See will not forgive him. Yueyue, let's go." After speaking, he sealed Xuanyue's actions with magic power, and turned her around and left.

"My Tiangang Mountain is what you said just to leave? I want to leave after playing with the prestige, I am afraid it is not so easy." The breeze moved lightly, and Xuanye suddenly appeared in front of him. It is the Sword Saint of Tiangang.

"See the master." Brother Xi Wen saw the arrival of the Sword Saint of Tiangang, he was secretly happy in his heart, and hurriedly saluted. It turned out that as early as Xuanye proposed to let Ah Dao stick to the defense for five seconds, Xiwen asked his junior to go to Houshan to tell the news to the Heavenly Sword Master. He also knew that the Holy See cannot easily offend, and it is better to let the master handle such important matters.

Xuan Ye stared at the person in front of him, asking in his heart that this is the famous Heavenly Gang Sword Saint in the mainland? From the outside, there is nothing special. Nodding slightly, "What do you mean?"

When the Tiangang Sword Saint appeared, his back was facing Xuan Ye. At this time, he slowly turned around, flashing cold and electricity between the opening and closing of his eyes. Xuan Ye saw that the Tiangang Sword Saint with white beard and hair actually had a face of his own age. He was shocked. The so-called vision must have supernatural powers, and the divine light in Tiangang Sword Saint's eyes fully shows that he is profound. The power of the test.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang snorted coldly, and said: "Unexpectedly, thirty years later, you little monkey will also become the cardinal of the Holy See. You come to me to show off your prestige. Even if your father sees me, he must be called A cry, senior, don’t think that your Holy See is so great that you don’t see it in my eyes."

Xuan Ye's heart was shocked. Few people in the Holy See knew the secret that he was the son of the Pope, but he didn't expect that the Heavenly Gang Swordsman, who was young and old, would break it in one word. "Are you the Sword Saint of Tiangang? Junior Xuan Ye is reasonable." He clearly knew that he was not the opponent of the Sword Saint of Tiangang at all, and the arrogance in his heart could not help but curtail a lot.

Tiangang Sword Saint closed his eyes and said indifferently: "You are here this time to teach my disciples and grandchildren?"

Xuan Ye was walking on the mainland. It was not respectful to anyone who saw him, but the old man in front of him, like he said, did not put the Holy See in his eyes at all. Xuan Ye resisted his anger and said: "Pluto sword It's the most evil thing in the world, I just want to test if Duan has the ability to guard it."

Tiangang Sword Saint snorted coldly, and said, "Does my disciple use you to test? You are too underestimating my Tiangang Sword Sect. Now that you have tried my disciple's skill, should I also try your magic? How profound!"

Xuan Ye's heart was shocked. He didn't expect that the Sword Saint of Tiangang would take the initiative to challenge himself regardless of his identity, and resisted: "Sword Saint, the younger generation thinks he is not your opponent's opponent."

Tiangang Sword Saint snorted and said, "It’s fine if you know it. I don’t want to see people from your Holy See appear near the Tiangang Mountain Range in the future. You don’t have to refuse. If you want to do something with me, your father’s coming here is almost the same. Look." He suddenly stretched out his left hand and grabbed it empty.

Xuan Ye stunned, the Sword Saint Tiangang didn't exude any powerful aura. Just when he didn't know why, he was surprised to find that the clouds in the mountains actually moved, like a long whale sucking water in the direction of the Sword Saint Tiangang. Floating. Tiangang Sword Saint shook his right wrist, and the fog suddenly dispersed, but there was an extra long sword condensed with fog in his hand, and he did not see any gestures. With a wave of his hand, the fog sword shot out and went straight to a distant place. The towering mountain flew away. Everyone's eyes were focused on the fog sword. There was no expected explosion, and the fog sword disappeared, but the mountain peak was penetrated by a powerless fog sword into a large hole, and there was no sign of the mountain collapse. The huge hole seemed to exist by nature. Everyone was surprised and couldn't move. If Xuan Ye's magical power was surprising before, the performance of the Sword Master Gang, the fog sword crossing the peak that day can only be described by miracles.

Xuan Ye took a deep breath. He understood that even if he used the strongest magic with all his strength, it was impossible to penetrate a target that was so far away. What's more, the Sword Saint of Heaven was not tepid when doing all this. Huo made himself unable to see how much skill he had used. He was right, and only his father came personally. Maybe he could contend for it.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang restored the posture behind his hands and said faintly: "Have you seen it clearly? The Thousand-Year Calamity is coming, so use all your abilities to useful places."

There was a complicated look in Xuan Ye's eyes, and it took a while before he said, "You are an elder, so naturally I cannot refute your words."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly, and his voice rang in Xuan Ye's ear: "Why, are you still not convinced? You are also an elder to Dui, and I can put it on you for the same. If I try my best, I'm afraid You can't hold on for five seconds. The Pluto sword is indeed the most evil thing in the world, and it is indeed difficult to protect it with Ah's current skill. However, I will prove to you that the achievements of my disciples will not be inferior. For you, five years from now, you are still here. You can have a fair match with Dumb. If you win, the Pluto sword will let you take it back. If you lose, I hope you will marry your daughter to Dumb. You can Do you agree?" He had heard Xi Wen talk about the relationship between Dumb and Xuanyue, so he made such a request.

Xuan Ye's heart was shocked. He didn't expect that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint would actually be a matchmaker for Dui, five years? He too underestimated himself, let alone five years, even thirty years, dumb may not be able to achieve the skill of Tiangang Sword Sect leader Xiwen, and his mana will continue to improve. It sounds like this bet. It seems to be very beneficial to myself. Resolutely said: "Okay, since you said so, just follow what you mean. Five years later, Xuanye will definitely come to visit again." After speaking, he pulled Xuanyue to urge the magic power in his body, surrounded by the white holy light. I'm leaving next.

"Wait a minute, Dad." Xuan Yue choked to stop her father.

Xuanye frowned. The invisible pressure Tiangang Sword Saint put on him kept him at a disadvantage and humiliated him. All of this was caused by his daughter. If Tiangang Sword Saint asked his daughter to stay, he was Without the ability to stop, he couldn't help but angrily said: "What else are you doing?"

There were crystal tears on Xuan Yue's face. Just now, the conversation between the Sword Saint Tiangang and Xuan Ye used the method of sound transmission. She didn't hear it. She knew that separation from A-Dai was inevitable, and said in a sad voice: " Dad, I have one thing I want to leave to Dumb. It belongs to him. You first lift the seal on me, and I will follow you to the Holy See."

Seeing her daughter's sad look, Xuan Ye's heart softened, and she released Xuan Yue's body. Xuanyue wiped the tears on her face with her sleeves, walked to Tiangang Sword Saint, choked up and said: "Grandpa, you tell Dumb, you said Yueyue will always miss him, let him pay attention to his body in the future, if possible If you don’t, I’ll find him in the future.” While she was talking, she took off the elven bracelet in her hand and handed it to the Sword Saint of Tiangang. “This is given to us by the Elf Queen. He is looking for someone from the Elf tribe. It can be used at the time, but Yueyue can't go with him."

Tiangang Sword Saint took over the fairy bracelet that couldn't emit green light because of leaving the fairy forest, and said faintly: "My child, work hard when you go back, and you will definitely meet again in the future. Grandpa has nothing to give you. I can only send you a strong guardian in the future." Looking at this cute little girl, he couldn't help but think of his dead daughter.

Xuan Yue's tears couldn't help but flow down again, she took a deep look at Dumb who had fainted in Xiwen's arm, and wept: "Tell him, I, I hope he can be my life's follower." After speaking, she turned her head. Just ran, the crystal clear teardrops were flying in the air, gleaming colorful light under the sunlight.

Xuan Ye sighed, and after giving a slight salute to the sky, the sword saint chased his daughter. Tiangang Sword Saint murmured to himself: "Owen, you have been too hard in your life. Master can't make up for you. Let me help your disciples get happiness."

Brother Xi Wen has surrounded him, and Zhou Wen said, "Master, you let him go like this? You didn't see how arrogant he was just now!"

Tiangang Sword Saint frowned slightly, and said, "Zhou Wen, starting from today, I will punish you for three months. Your impulsive temper needs to be changed, and you can supervise him. This Xuanye's magic talent is so high. , Even surpassed his father, the Pope, and his future is limitless. Although I won’t have a problem with him, but have you ever thought about it, if you completely offend the Holy See, all their senior priests join forces to launch the forbidden curse, I am afraid Tiangang Mountain will not Vice-existence, in terms of a single confrontation, I am not afraid of the Pope. But if I keep a certain distance and give him enough time to chant spells, I cannot be invincible. Although the gods are illusory, the Pope possesses mysterious powers. I know that your current skills are not weak. Ordinary magic cannot break through your vindictive defenses. However, you must not underestimate the power of magic. The energy that borrows the power of heaven and earth is after all better than those of us who cultivate ourselves. The vindictiveness should be strengthened. Besides, the thousand-year calamity is approaching, and I don’t want to have extra branches. You will have to step up your cultivation from today. When the catastrophe comes, you will rely on you." He stretched out his hand and grabbed Ah-Dai from the silence. Xiwen took it. "Sivin, the two children who came with Dumb, you have to give them guidance. I have already figured it out clearly. Owen's hatred is to be reported, but it is not suitable for us to participate. After all, he has made a lot of killings on the mainland. Sin, if I send openly to participate, it will affect the reputation of the Tiangang Sword Sect. This task of revenge will be completed by Dumb in the future."

Lu Wen said: "But Master, Dumb, this child is still too young. Although he is the strongest among the disciples of the same age, I am afraid he is also..."

Tiangang Sword Saint raised his hand to stop him from speaking, "You don't need to worry about this. After half a year, you come to the grotto to see me, and I have something to tell you. Within this half a year, no one should go to the back mountain to disturb me. "After finishing speaking, she disappeared in front of everyone in her arms.

Xi Wen led all the juniors to respectfully salute the direction where the Sword Saint of Tiangang disappeared. After a while, Xi Wencai said, "We should go back too. It seems that the master is going to teach Dumb himself."

Zhou Wen said with a bitter face: "Brother, the master asked me to close my face for three months, you see..."

Xi Wen glared at him and said, "You really should close your face, your temper! Fourth brother, starting from today, you have to urge the disciples to practice diligently, and we must also hurry up. Master let us improve. Strength must be his old man's intention."

Road Wen said: "Yes, big brother."


In a dark room.

"Are you looking for me?" The deep voice sounded.

"If it's okay, do you think I would come here?" The other voice was almost the same as the previous one.

"What's the matter?" The deep voice didn't carry a hint of color.

"The person under me was attacked by your subordinates during the mission, and killed one of my subordinates, the master of the killer association, should you explain it." This person is the president of the thieves' union Since he learned that his acquirer had died under the sword of Hades, he immediately rushed to the Headquarters of the Killing Hand Association to inquire. The headquarters of the Killing Hand Association may be a secret place to others, but to him, the leader of thieves who possesses the intelligence of the world, it is nothing.

"En? What are you talking about?" The Lord said in surprise.

"I said that your subordinates killed one of my gainers. You should know how difficult it is to cultivate a gainer. It is much more difficult than training those killers." The president said angrily.

The master said: "How is this possible? It can kill the acquirer. In a one-on-one situation, only the members of the meta-killing group can do it. But they are all in the'home'. I did not send They perform any task, are you making a mistake? You should know that your thieves’ union and our killer have always been mutually beneficial."

"Huh! I'll be mistaken. Pluto is moving in a flash. No one can do it except the ace killer "Pluto" of your Killing Hand Association. It is that the disciple of "Pluto" killed my men with the sword of Pluto."

The master lost his voice: "What did you say? A disciple of Pluto? Is it a young boy who looks a little dull."

The president snorted coldly, and said, "Since you admit it, it's easy to handle. You must give us an explanation for the thieves' union."

The lord pondered for a while, and said: "What do you want me to explain to you? I have been looking for this person now. By the way, you don't know, Pluto has already been sentenced from the killing hand meeting."

The president of the Thieves Guild froze, and sneered for a moment: "Who do you want to lie to? Pluto will kill the craftsmanship for you for so many years. I am afraid you don't know what you have done. You can still win over him and let him There is a chance for betrayal? And even if he betrayed, in your style, would you keep him?"

The Lord’s voice was slightly angry, “Don’t think that I’m afraid of you. If you and I get froze, it’s not good for anyone. You should remember how Pluto joined our union. He eavesdropped. After talking with me and my subordinates, and knowing the secret, can you say that he could not betray? Although I reacted in a timely manner and asked his subordinates to give him the holy water, his skill was indeed strong and he escaped. And evaded. I chased and killed twice. Now Pluto should be dead, and we also paid the price of three killers, six yuan killers and one arm of the vice president for this. The kid you said I know, he It seems that he is indeed a disciple of Pluto. It seems that Pluto has indeed passed his Pluto sword to him. My people have been looking for him. He killed your men, what is our business? Your men are in Where did you see him?"

After listening to the Lord’s explanation, the leader of the Thieves Union calmed down and said solemnly: “In the fairy forest of the Tianyuan clan. However, he may have left now. As for where he went, I don’t know. If what you said is true, I will let my subordinates find that kid, and I hope you can solve him."

The Lord was overjoyed in his heart, but on the surface he said quietly: "Okay, teach us about this. I know your thieves union can't kill people easily. What do your gainers do in the Elf Forest? What are the big tasks? Are you getting richer and richer!"

The president of the Thieves Guild was dark in his heart. It has not been a day or two for him to fight with the master of this killing hand guild. He sneered and said: "This can't tell you, how can we make money faster than your killing hand. Well, I will notify you as soon as I have news." After speaking, the black shadow flashed and disappeared in place.

The Lord sneered a few times and said to himself: "Are you able to control the actions of our Killing Hand Association?"

A one-armed man appeared next to the Lord, and said in a low voice: "Master, he is getting more and more arrogant now, should we..."

The Lord raised his hand to stop him from speaking, and said, "No, the power of the Thieves Guild is actually not under us, and there are still many places where we can cooperate, and we can’t move them now. We were originally about Pluto. The concealment was very good, but now let him know. Without Pluto, our strength has indeed weakened a lot. You order all the men who went out to find the kid to come back. The Thieves Guild will help us find him. If we can look right. Pluto takes it for his own use and cultivates it for a period of time, and then we have the number one killer in the world again."

The one-armed man hesitated: "But Pluto died because of us, will he submit?"

The Lord snorted coldly and said, "There is nothing in the world that cannot be done. It depends on whether you work hard. Don't worry about it in advance, wait for the news. You must hurry up and train your subordinates. The division of strength will play a key role for us in the future."

"Yes, Lord." The one-armed man stepped back quietly. He did not see, the eyes of the Lord shone with a faint red light.


"No, no, I'm not a demon." A Duan woke up from the nightmare and suddenly sat up. He was breathing continuously. Just now he dreamed that countless souls were surrounding him and demanding his life. After a long while, he calmed down, and found that he was lying on a large hard rock, the surroundings were very dark, and he could only make out vaguely that he seemed to be in a cave.

"You're awake." A clear voice rang in Ah Du's ears.

Dumb then realized, isn't this the grotto where the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint lives? "Master, is this your old man? How could I be with you."

"En. I brought you here. You have been in a coma for a day. How do you feel now?"

Ah Dui's mind gradually moved, recalling everything before, and said bitterly: "Master, I'm fine. Yueyue, Yueyue, did she leave with her father?"

The Sword Saint of Tiangang appeared in front of Dui. He stretched out his hand on Dui's shoulder and prevented him from standing up, "Sit still. Your little girlfriend has already left with his father. For you, being separated from her may not be A bad thing. With her, how can you concentrate on cultivation?"

A Dui lowered his head, and a strong yearning for Xuan Yue surged in his heart. Although he had only been with him for more than a month, the figure of Xuan Yue had already been deeply imprinted in his heart.

"This is what she left for you." The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint handed the dark green elf bracelet to Dumb. Dui took the bracelet and held it tightly in his hand. The fragrance of Xuanyue still remained on the bracelet.

"She asked me to tell you that in the future, if possible, she will come to you. She also said that she hopes you can be her follower for life."

Although the Sword Saint of Tiangang didn't have the slightest feeling in his voice when repeating Xuanyue's leaving message, the heart of Duan was deeply shocked. No matter how stupid he is, he can understand the affection in Xuan Yue's words, his body trembled slightly, and choked up: "Yueyue, Yueyue, I, I am willing to be your follower for life!"

Tiangang Sword Saint sighed slightly, and said, "I don't understand you children. You are still young, and it's a bit early to talk about feelings. Dumb, let me ask you a question." He suddenly emitted a strong white light. , It was the light of vindictiveness, the light illuminates the cave, so that Duan can clearly see the world-famous old man in front of him.

Dumb barely suppressed his inner emotions, and said, "Ask, Master."

Tiangang Sword Saint opened his eyes, the light in his eyes looked firmly at Ah Du's eyes, and said in a deep voice: "I ask you, do you want to avenge your master Owen."

At the mention of Owen's hatred, Duan's whole body was shaken, and he nodded without hesitation, and said: "Of course I do, Uncle Owen died so miserably! Those who kill the craft club are really hateful."

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded in satisfaction, and said, "That's good. Since you are willing to avenge him, the mission of revenge is entrusted to you to complete."

Dumb froze and said, "Me? Good, Master, even if I die, I will definitely avenge Uncle Owen."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled disdainfully, and said: "With your current skill, I am afraid that even an ordinary assassin can't be dealt with. If it weren't for the few treasures on your body, you thought you could hold on to that kid Xuanye for five seconds. I’m telling you that although artifacts are sometimes very important, their own strength is more important. Otherwise, even if you hold the artifact, you won’t be able to exert its true power. To make the simplest analogy, let Xuan Ye holds five artifacts, and I don’t use weapons, he is also not my opponent, can you understand?"

Dui probably understood the meaning of the Sword Saint of Tiangang, nodded slightly, and said, "Master, I will definitely work hard. Uncle Owen said, I have eaten the fruit of the past, and I can practice much faster than ordinary people. Auntie also used a natural magic called Spirit Spring for me. I think I will be able to avenge my uncle in the future."

In the previous questioning, Ah-Dai didn’t say anything about the fruit he had eaten in the past. At this time, he said that even the firm spirit of the Sword Saint of Tiangang couldn’t help but was shocked, and said in surprise: "What did you say? You ate past lives. Guo Why didn't you say it before. No wonder, no wonder you can cultivate so fast. Although your qualifications are good, you are not yet genius. It turns out to be the role of rebirth. Owen! You do The most correct thing is to accept dumb as a disciple!"

Dumb's mood gradually calmed down because the sword saint of Tiangang mentioned Owen's hatred, scratching his head, and said: "Master, is the reborn fruit really so good?"

The Sword Saint of Tiangang nodded solemnly, and said: "The reborn fruit can be said to be the world's most treasure, and its effect is extremely huge for our cultivators of life and life. You will understand later." After a pause. , He continued: "My child, how do you compare with that Xuanye of the Holy See?"

Dumb froze and said, "Xuan Ye is Yueyue's father and the cardinal of the Holy See. He is the most powerful magician I have ever seen. How can I compare to him?"

Tiangang Sword Saint snorted coldly, and said: "Your lack of self-confidence must be corrected. I tell you frankly, I have written a battle book to him for you, if you want to keep the Pluto sword that Owen left for you, You have to beat him in a decisive battle five years later."

A dumb voice said: "What? No, it's impossible, I can't win him at all!"

Chapter 46: Dragon Egg Hatching

Tiangang Sword Saint said slightly angrily: "There is nothing impossible in the world. The time between you and Owen is not too long. From now on, you will stay with me and learn martial arts with me. You can leave after half a year. If you don’t believe me, will the disciple I teach not be comparable to the Pope’s son?"

"Half a year? Master, but I have promised that the Elf Queen must help her find her missing people. The daughter of the Elf Queen’s aunt was taken away by the bad guys. If she is not rescued within three years, she will lose the Elf King bloodline. I , Can I find the missing elves first, and then come back to learn from you?"

"No. I don’t have much time. You don’t know how much time it takes to find the elves. My child, you have to understand the principle of sharpening your knife and not cutting wood. When your skill improves, you will also find the elves. It's easier. Isn't it three years? After half a year, you still have more than two years, which should be enough."

"But, Master, I..."

"Okay, don't say any more. The decision I made will not change." Tiangang Sword Saint grabbed the void, and Owen's Tiangang epee floated into his hand. He handed the Tiangang sword to Ah-Dai, and said, "You slash me with all your strength. I want to see what you have gotten with Ou."

Dumb took the sword helplessly and said, "Master, I will learn martial arts from you, but I am very stupid, I am afraid that I will annoy you."

Tiangang Sword Saint Piao retreated three meters away, and said coldly: "Stop talking nonsense, take it."

Dui jumped off the rock holding the Tiangang sword. His shock had already been healed by the Tiangang Sword Saint, urging the vitality in his body, and the white light gradually brightened. "Master, you are careful." Dumb watched the Tiangang Sword Saint slowly raising the Tiangang sword in his hand. He was surprised to find that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint in front of him was like a mountain without any flaws. As soon as he gritted his teeth, Ah-Dai poured his whole body of fighting energy on the Tiangang Sword, and his whole body suddenly became vigorous. Recalling the scene when he was chopping and cutting the waves on the beach, a slash suddenly struck the Tiangang Sword Master.

When the Gang Sword smashed a foot in front of the Sword Sage Tiangang, Ah-Dai suddenly felt that he could no longer cut it off. The Sword Sage Tiangang's body guards violently blocked his attack from his body. The white light flashed, and amidst a loud noise, the anger from Ah-Dai was completely dissipated, and the man with the sword flew out, hitting the wall of the grotto heavily, and slowly falling to the ground.

After a long while, Ah-Dai struggled to get up. Although his body was not injured under the protection of vindictive anger, the violent impact still made him surge in blood. He carried the sword and walked in front of the Sword Sage Tiangang with his head down without saying a word. Facing the Sword Sage's momentum like a mountain, he could not raise a trace of resistance.

Tiangang Sword Saint said lightly: "It's not bad. Dumb, do you know why I can't shake my bodyguard?"

Dumb said: "Your skill is so profound, how can it be compared to me. Naturally, I can't hurt you."

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded and said: "Yes, you are right. Although the skills in martial arts are very important, after the master reaches the later stage, the decision to win is still the skill. As long as the skill is strong, it can issue indiscriminate attacks like magic. No matter how good your opponent’s skills are, it’s irresistible. What you need most now is to improve your vitality as soon as possible. Okay, sit on the rock and start practicing."

Dui promised, floated down on the rock and sat cross-legged, adjusting his breath according to the cultivation method of life and death. As soon as he closed his eyes, Xuan Yue's delicate face appeared in front of him, and Ah Du's body was shaken, and he couldn't enter the center of concentration. The vitality in his body was also a little disordered because of his mental instability.

"Baoyuan return to one, shield away distracting thoughts." A hot air suddenly spread from the top of his head, instantly spreading across Ah'Dai's body, and the chaotic Shengsheng Zhenqi suddenly calmed down and slowly followed the path of Shengshengjue. Duan was immersed in the heat, and finally gradually calmed down. The intention is to guard the pubic region and enter the cultivation state.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang stood behind Ah-Dai, and constantly injected his mellow true energy into Ah-Dai's body. Ah-Dai had already settled, and he didn't feel much about the outside world. The Sword Saint of Tiangang used his energy to begin to reshape the meridians of Ah-Dai, slowly blending his zhenqi into Ah-Dai's liquid zhenqi. Dumb didn't know that his skill was being continuously improved by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

I don't know how long it took, and Ah Dai gradually woke up, his whole body warm and uncomfortable. The surroundings didn't seem to be as dark as when they first arrived. Although it was dim, the scene inside the grotto was clearly visible. Duan looked at the situation inside his body and couldn't help being shocked. Originally, the small group of liquid energy in the pubic area disappeared. Instead, it was liquid energy like a river. The liquid Shengshengzhen Qi was constantly swimming in the meridians, brightening Duan's body.

Dui opened his eyes and jumped off the rock. He found that his body seemed to be weightless, without making a sound, his ears and eyes were more sensitive than before, and his mind seemed to be sober. Many, as if a shadow was removed from the mind, some unclear images flashed by, as if they were remembering something.

"You are awake, child. The effect of the fruit is really good!"

Dui clearly discerned that the sound was coming from behind him. With a movement of thought, his body had already turned around, and he saw the Sword Saint Tiangang sitting cross-legged on a large rock not far from him, his face seemed not as rosy as before. , Showing a trace of fatigue. Dumb said: "Master, is it your skill to help me improve?"

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded slightly, and said: "Let’s say so. I have passed on my success to you, and at the same time stimulated the effect of the past fruit in your veins, the effect is much better than I thought. Your life Jue has broken through the sixth stage and is close to the seventh stage."

Dumbfounded, and said: "Master, you pass on your skills to me, can you recover?"

Tiangang Sword Saint said faintly: "The skill can be restored naturally, but it will take a few more years to practice." Tiangang Sword Saint's 10% skill is enough to compare with ordinary people for ten years of hard work. Although he said it is easy, but He didn't say the danger he faced when passing the power to Dumb. It is not difficult to lend one's own power to others temporarily, but it is very difficult to completely transfer one's own power to others and become the master’s own power. spread.

Dumb stood there in a daze for a long while before saying: "Master, how can I want your skill, you should take it back."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said: "Stupid boy, you can't take it back if you give it. You only need to practice hard in the future to help the Tiangang Sword Sect to flourish, and it will be the best reward for your master. The master is old, keep it like that What's the use of multi-gong? It's better to pass it to you. You are still young and you can use it in the future. My child, although your body is already very good under the nourishment of the past fruit, it still can't bear my too much gong. This Within half a year, you must work hard, you know? The half-year time is a bit shorter, but as long as you accept my success and walk on the mainland, it will be smoother." The skill was passed on to Ah-Dai, of course, because Ah-Dai was inherently kind, but more importantly, he put his own sense of debt to Owen completely on Ah-Dai, so he would not hesitate to waste his skill to perfect him.

Dumb was no longer as dumb as before, so he hurriedly fell to his knees with a thump, banged his head at the Sword Saint Tiangang three times, and said, "Thank you, Master, for perfection."

The gentle wind blew, and Ah'Dai's body was supported by the Heavenly Sword Sword Saint, "Here are the two of us, no need to be polite. Your skill has reached the sixth level, and you can start to learn the master's newly created Kung Fu. You are careful. Look." Tiangang Sword Saint floated up and stretched out his right hand. The white light on the palm of his palm flickered, and a crystal of silver energy came out through his palm. The silver energy continued to emerge, and gradually stood up in the palm of the Heavenly Sword Saint, turning into a silver sword.

Duan was surprised and closed his mouth from ear to ear, and lost his voice: "Master, do you know how to do magic? How come you can make an energy sword without singing."

The Sword Saint of Tiangang grabbed the energy sword in his hand that looked like the Tiangang sword, floated in front of Dui, and smiled: "Look carefully, yes, this is indeed an energy sword, but it's not magic, it's true energy, yes. Born zhenqi. It is formed by the master using the vital qi in the body to condense into a solid state. This is what the master wants to teach you. Since the liquid sword is formed by zhenqi, its power is as great as when you use real qi. Chi directly attacks the enemy, even if the opponent is using a magic weapon, it may not be able to compete with you. This sword has a spiritual connection with the owner. When your skill is deep, you can change its form at any time during the battle and become another enemy An invincible weapon. Of course, if you want to reach that level, you have to learn a lot.” As he said, the silver sword in the hands of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint changed. It became a shield and a spear. , Makes Ah Dumb amazed.

"This place is too small. I'm afraid that the grotto will be destroyed, so I won't show you his power. Remember, when your skills can condense a huge Tiangang sword like the sword sect lobby at any time, and you can command It becomes any form, then even if you have practiced this skill. Ashamed, the master can only condense an energy sword about eight feet long when his skill is the highest. Now it has passed your success. , It’s even worse. I call this kung fu a life change. I hope it can be carried forward in your hands in the future."

Dumb has long been attracted by this martial art even more miraculous than magic. "Master, it turns out that martial skills can still be used like this! You teach me, I must study it seriously."

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled and said: "If you fully learn this skill, you can surpass the master. Its power can be said to be invincible and not under the sword of Hades. Although magic has its characteristics, even if the Pope is united The forbidden curse issued by the priests is also very difficult to break through my fortress of fighting spirit. I just realized this kung fu ten years ago. It is based on a deep vindictive spirit. Now you mainly need to practice its manipulation skills, as for the skill. , It’s not something that can be cultivated in a day or two.” In fact, the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint still underestimated the power of the Hades Sword. The Nine Jues of Hades became more powerful as he progressed, which was not what he could imagine.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint seemed to suddenly remember something, and said to the dumb: "By the way, what was the blue dragon-shaped energy you used when you last resisted Xuan Ye's attack yesterday? You actually swallowed Xuan Ye's magic."

Dumb froze, and said: "Blue dragon-shaped energy? I don't know! Ah, is it the blood of the dragon." Then, he took the blood of the dragon from the collar.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang frowned, feeling the enormous energy contained in the blood of the dragon, and said: "This is a good treasure. You say it is called the blood of the dragon. Is it the dragon of the first Pope Shenyu? Blood? How did it get into your hands."

Dumb said: "It is the blood of the dragon, which was given to me by the Prophet Purin of the Puyan clan." At the moment, he will tell him about the encounter with Prophet Purin in the Puyan clan, without any concealment.

After listening to Ah Du's narration, the Sword Saint of Tiangang took a deep breath and restrained his inner excitement. "He said you are the savior who saved the thousand-year-old catastrophe? Well, it seems that I chose to pass on the gong to you right. Puyan clan The prophet of "does have the ability to surpass ordinary people. Dumb, you have to work harder. If you are really what he calls the savior, you will have to fight against the calamity of the thousand years."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Master, you all said there is a thousand-year calamity, what exactly is this calamity?"

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head and said: "I don't know what exactly it is, but six years later, it will be the sacred millennium that Purin said. By then, everything will be clear."

The blood of Shenlong trembled suddenly, and dumbfounded. He clearly felt that there seemed to be something calling him in the blood of the dragon. I subconsciously thought of the dragon egg that the fairy queen gave him, and hurriedly chanted: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light shone wide, and it was not the dragon egg that appeared. There wasn't even an eggshell, but a black creature floated out, twisting slightly.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang was also taken aback and asked, "Dumb, what is this?"

Dumb stared at the little things that fell on the ground, and said, "Master, when I was in the Elf Forest, the Elf Queen once gave me a dragon egg, and I put it in the blood of the dragon. I just felt it. It was moving, so let it out. Why is it not an egg? Could it be that it hatched."

Duan and Tiangang Sword Saint looked at each other, and at the same time lost their voices: "Dragon." Both of them cast their eyes on the flying creature. I saw it was about one meter long and looked like a big loach. The flesh was rolling, the skin was very smooth, and the whole body was gray-black. There were four short claws under the body, and the eyes on the forehead were open. It was golden, with seven small protrusions extending from the forehead to the back, as if something was about to come out of the body. On both sides of the body, there are two small fleshy wings gathered, which are also gray-black. The body was constantly twisting on the ground, making a faint sound. There was a faint wickedness radiating from his body, but the small eyes that were not too big would produce a trace of sacredness between opening and closing.

Duan felt a kind of intimacy from this creature. What he didn't know was that this was when the original equality contract had come into effect. What's more, he was the first person the creature saw when he was born, and he would naturally feel kindness. He squatted down and stroked its head with his hand. The creature turned his head, his small eyes blinked at Ah-Dai, and suddenly he let out a shout of joy and pounced on Ah-Dai. Dumb was taken aback, hugged it in his arms and murmured: "You, are you a dragon?"

The creature seemed to understand what Ah-Dai said, and nodded gently, sticking out his pink tongue and licking Ah-Dai's face constantly, extremely affectionate.

Holding his soft body, Dui felt very comfortable. He looked at the surprised Sword Saint of Tiangang, and said, "Master, is this the dragon?"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled bitterly: "I didn't expect that I lived such an age, and I was lucky enough to see a dragon. It should be like this. It seems that it likes you very much."

The little black dragon nodded repeatedly, expressing his agreement with the Heavenly Sword Master's words, and said, "Master, what about it! Auntie Queen said, I can be friends with it, can I?"

Tiangang Sword Saint suddenly burst into laughter, Xiao Heilong and Duan looked at him in surprise at the same time. After a long while, the laughter stopped, Tiangang Sword Saint said with excitement: "Of course you can be friends with him. I didn't expect my disciple grandson. He turned out to be the first dragon knight on the continent, I am afraid it is also the last. Now I believe the words of Prophet Prin even more."

Dui wanted to put the little black dragon on the ground, but the little black dragon didn't do it. With his two shorter front paws, he tightly grasped Dui's collar. The wings on his back kept flapping gently. Dumb said: "Master, I don't know how to ride it, we are friends!"

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head noncommitantly, and said: "Since it is a dragon, it should be very powerful. Why doesn't he even have scales. I don't know what power he has."

As if the little black dragon was about to show his abilities, he let go of the dragon's claws that grabbed Dumb, his wings flapped constantly, but unfortunately, the power of his wings was obviously not proportional to his own weight, and his body was only kept in the air. In less than a second, with a plop, he fell to the ground. The little black dragon screamed, and there was an aggrieved look in his little eyes.

Dui squatted to his side and stroked his head and said, "Don't be afraid or not, when you grow up, you will definitely be able to fly."

This gray-black little dragon hatched from the dragon egg was originally the child of the king of the dragon clan. Thousands of years ago, it was the few remaining members of the dragon clan who helped Shenyu rescue the catastrophe of the mainland. And the wife of the Dragon King had just given birth to a dragon egg fifty years before that. After the battle with the devil, the dragon clan suddenly disappeared mysteriously, and the dragon egg was left on the mainland. Originally, this little dragon should be like his father, a golden dragon king. However, the hatching of the dragon egg requires its parents to provide it with huge energy, and after it is left behind, there is no energy for it to hatch. Therefore, he could only lie quietly in the cave of Death Mountain, relying on the weak energy released by the magic crystal in the cave to maintain his life. In all, this little dragon has a life span of thousands of years. One hundred years ago, just when the dragon egg was about to die because it had no energy to sustain it, the Elf Odi accidentally obtained it in the cave when he infiltrated the mountain of death and practiced. After bringing it back to the Elf Forest, it relied on Elf Spring and Elf Ancient The tree’s spiritual energy is nourished, it comes back to life, and the energy accumulated over the millennia continues to condense. Finally, it got the energy it needed in the blood of the dragon, and successfully hatched through the wrath of the sword of the world to the evil underworld king and the sacred **** of Xuanye, but because its incubation was affected by the evil spirit of the underworld sword Influence, will become like this, become the first holy evil dragon in the world. It continues to possess all the abilities inherited from the original Golden Dragon King, and also possesses certain abilities of the Pluto Sword. Will evolve with continuous growth. Since it has a life span of thousands of years, reaching the age of an adult dragon, it can grow up quickly as long as it accumulates enough energy.

After hearing A'dai's comfort, the little black dragon used the front to rub his painful place, stood up slowly, whispered to A'dai, and rubbed his stomach again.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang smiled and said: "It seems that this little thing is hungry, but I don't know what it wants to eat. Raising a dragon is indeed a very interesting thing." After the appearance of the black dragon, curiosity arose.

Dumb remembered that there was still some food in the blood of the dragon, and hurriedly chanted a spell to summon all the things in the blood of the dragon. Including some food, a profound iron bow, five superb magic crystals, eleven silver **** that were refined at the beginning, and some of his own clothing, as well as the buns wrapped in silver and tin that were brought out from the psychedelic forest.

Little Heilong’s eyes lit up, he didn’t even look at the food, opened his big mouth, and ate two superb magic crystals in one bite. Dumb was shocked, thinking of the gift he had left for Corris, and finally swallowed it in Little Heilong. When he took the second mouth of magic crystal, he snatched the black magic crystal.

Tiangang Sword Saint looked at the little black dragon dumbfounded, and said in surprise: "Does dragons eat ore?" When he was astonished, the little black dragon had reached the side of the black iron bow and opened his big mouth to take a mouthful. Maybe the Xuantie bow is too hard, it didn't bite, but cried out in pain, paws constantly slapped on the ground. A row of small tooth marks was left on the hard mysterious iron bow.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang grabbed the Xuantie bow from the ground and said with emotion: "This is made of Xuantie, dumb, you have a lot of treasures!" You know, even the second generation disciple's Tiangang epee But Han has only 5% of profound iron. He put on the bowstring easily, and easily pulled the profound iron bow into a full moon. The silver light flashed, and a solid energy arrow appeared on the bowstring. The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint gave a soft drink, and the energy arrow shot out and entered silently. Inside the wall of the grotto, a light beam shot in from the outside, the grotto was shot through, and the energy arrow disappeared.

Tiangang Sword Saint praised: "Well, what a strong bow."

The little black dragon sniffed on the ground. Duan quickly grabbed three of them when he bit the silver ball, and the rest went into his big mouth. Then he ate the food in two bites without any ore. I had no choice but to eat these.

Dumb looked at the little black dragon whose appetite was much larger than himself, and said, "You can eat so much, I can't afford you in the future."

The little black dragon stretched out his front paw and pointed at the black super magic crystal in Dumb's hand, and blinked aggrievedly.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint is obviously in a good mood, and he handed the Xuantie Bow to Ah Du, and said, "Although there is no ore in the mountains, there is still food. Let it make up for it."

The little black dragon snorted a few times with dissatisfaction, and the Tiangang Sword Saint laughed and cursed: "Some food is good, do you have any comments? Dumb, since he is your friend, you can give him a name."

Dumb dumbfounded, and said: "Get a name? I don't know how. You should do it."

Tiangang Sword Saint said: "Gray black dragon, call you Xiao Hei or Xiao Hui, OK?"

The little black dragon listened and shook his head constantly, as if he couldn't follow him to death. Tiangang Sword Saint laughed, and said: "So you can tell good from bad! I think about it, um, you have evil spirits on your body, and your eyes are golden with a sacred breath, so call you holy evil." Hearing this name, Xiao Heilong seemed very satisfied, and he kept nodding his head, and got to the side of Tiangang Sword Saint and choked his leg.

Dumb laughed and said: "Okay! Shengxie, you will be my friend from now on. I'll just call you Xiaoxie." The world-famous golden-eyed Shengxie dragon thus established a lifelong friendship with the death **** Ah Dai.

Xiao Xie twisted her chubby body, yawned under Ah Dui's feet, and lay motionless on the ground. After a while, she snored.

Tiangang Sword Saint shook his head helplessly, and said, "Well, dumb, you first go back to the Sword Sect and ask Xiwen to find someone to bring more food. I am afraid that the appetite of the holy evil will be amazing. When you come back, I will do it again. Teach you how to practice cultivation."

Dumb promised and turned around...

To the surprise of Tiangang Sword Saint and Ah Du, Sheng Xie slept for seven days, during which there was no sign of waking up, and the sleep was very sweet. Dui had used Shengxie Zhenqi to probe his breath because he was worried about Shengxie's physical condition, and found that there was nothing abnormal. When Sheng Xie slept on the third day, both A Duan and Tian Gang Sword Saint noticed its changes. Sheng Xie's body seems to have grown a bit, and the dragon wing behind it has changed the most. It is not as soft as it was when it first appeared. Although it is still full of elasticity, it is firmer and bigger. Sheng Xie's body is not as smooth as it was when it appeared, and the dense small gray spots spread all over the body, and felt hard, like small protrusions. The seven protrusions from the forehead to the back are also more bulging. In fact, all of this was caused by the fact that Sheng Xie ate the four top-grade magic crystals. The reason why he fell asleep was because he was constantly absorbing the energy in the top-grade magic crystals.

During these seven days, Ah-Dai spent half of the time in meditation every day, and the Sword Saint of Tiangang began to teach him the methods of life and change. The birth change is a special technique developed by the Tiangang Sword Saint himself. It is very difficult to cultivate, and the requirements for one's own fighting spirit ability are very high. Ah'Dai's Sheng Sheng Jue had reached the sixth stage, but it was still very difficult to cultivate. When you are practicing, you must force the true qi in your body out of your body, and control these forced energies by your will. At the same time, you must also control these energies and have the ability to withdraw at any time.

When Ah Dui first tested the transformation, according to the cultivation method mentioned by the Tiangang Sword Saint, he tried his best to condense a fist-sized white fighting energy, which was slightly liquid. Just when he wanted to control the changes in the liquid energy, he accidentally used too much force and suddenly broke away from the spiritual connection with the liquid energy. As a result, not only blasted a three-meter-diameter deep pit on the ground, but also blasted himself into embarrassment. If it were not for the guardian ring to emit defensive energy in time, UU reading www.uukanshu. I'm afraid Ah Dumb will be hit hard. The worst thing was that because he urged almost all his liquid fighting energy out, as soon as the fighting energy disappeared, his body was empty and empty. After two consecutive days of meditating, he was considered to be back to his original state. Since this first experiment, every time Ah-Dai practiced to control life changes, he would be blasted out of the grotto by the Sword Saint of Tiangang. The Sword Saint of Tiangang didn't want the grotto he practiced in to be blown up by dumb. After all, the energy contained in the solid-state Shengshengzhen Qi condensed by the Shengshengchang Gong method is so huge, that is the energy that is compressed to the point! .

By the fifth day of cultivation, Ah-Dai had gradually mastered the tricks. He found that when using the biotransformation, as long as the liquid qi that was transported out of the body did not exceed the zhenqi remaining in the body, it would be very well controlled. Once exceeded, it will be much more difficult to control. From then on, he began to distribute Shengsheng Zhenqi four times and six points for it. Although he could only emit solid energy the size of an egg, he could control it easily. It would be much easier for him to make changes when he began to practice. The solid state energy changes form. Seeing these in secret, Tiangang Sword Saint couldn't help nodding secretly. The reason why he didn't tell Ah Dumb about these cultivation tips was because he wanted him to experience them by himself. What you bring is not as thorough as what you have understood.

While Ah-Dai was cultivating hard, Xuan Ye's father and daughter had also returned to the Holy See. The Holy See is not far from the Tiangang Mountains. After leaving the Tiangang Mountain Range that day, Xuanye brought her daughter and joined all of her men, first restored the magic power in her body, and then immediately returned to the Holy See.

Chapter 47: Return to the Holy See

Xuanye has been in a bad mood these days. Not only because he didn't get the Pluto sword back in the Tiangang Mountains, but also because of his daughter Yueyue. In the Tiangang Mountains, although he failed to demonstrate the strong power of the Holy See, and was still defeated by the spiritual pressure of the Tiangang Sword Saint, it is not a shame to lose to the Tiangang Sword Saint, and besides the Tiangang Sword Sect No one else saw him and his daughter. However, after leaving the Tiangang Sword Sect, no, to be precise, after the separation of the daughter and the dumb, the innocent, lively and mischievous Yueyue disappeared. She became extremely silent, no matter what she asked her, she would not refute it. However, on a few occasions, I found Yueyue crying secretly by herself. Even when she usually went forward together, Yueyue's eyes became very confused, as if she had lost her soul.

"Yueyue, I will be at the Holy See soon, let's go home."

Xuan Yue glanced at the low hills in front of her, and did not show any emotions. She knew that as long as she turned over here, she would arrive at the holy place of the Holy See, which is her home. After leaving the Tiangang Mountain Range, her mood never calmed down. Every day she was with Ah Du, and she didn't realize that he had any special goodness, but this sudden separation, her ardent yearning for him tortured Xuan Yue like a tide every day. , She no longer lied to herself, she clearly understood that she had fallen in love with that stupid and dull dumb. Although her people had left, her heart still stayed with him.

"Yueyue, why don't you speak? Are you unhappy when you go home?"

Xuan Yue woke up from her thoughts and shook her head gently.

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "What's so good about that dumb? It's worth thinking about him so much. Regardless of his background and appearance, there is nothing worthy of my daughter. Apart from the blood of the dragon and the sword of Hades, he has nothing to be true. Ability, Yueyue, you are still young, and it is not suitable to get involved in relationships prematurely. Feelings are both painful and incapable of giving up. You have to be strong and you will understand Dad’s painstaking efforts in the future. Be happy, you're about to get home. You look like you, do you want your mother to worry? She has been very anxious since you sneaked away."

Hearing Xuan Ye mentioning her mother, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, her heart surged with strong miss for her mother, she slowly raised her head, her eyes flushed, and she whispered, "I, I miss my mother so much!"

Xuan Ye hugged her daughter's shoulders and said softly, "Yueyue, don't cry, you should be happy to see your mother soon. After returning to the Holy See, Dad will no longer force you to practice magic, so you should adjust for a while. Time, wait until the spirit recovers. Don’t think about those messy things anymore, everything will pass, time can dilute everything.” In his opinion, the relationship between the daughter and the dumb is just a long time, such a short period. Time, it is impossible for the two to establish any deep emotional foundation. With her daughter's playful character and loves new things, it won't take long for Dumb to forget. But is it really as simple as Xuan Ye thought? Can Xuanyue really forget Dumb?

Xuan Yue glanced at her father and said, "Dad, let's go quickly, I want to see my mother soon."

Guarded by the high-ranking priests and silver armor judges, the group quickly entered the center of the Holy See. With Xuan Ye's position in the Holy See, the priests saw him bowing deeply. The central area of the Holy See is composed of more than a dozen temples. The central temple is a place for high-level meetings of the Holy See. The surrounding temples are for the priests in the Holy See to rest. The people in the courthouse live on the periphery of the Holy See, and together with the Holy See's Knights, are responsible for the defense of the Holy See.

Nasha had already got the news when Xuanye took people into the Holy See realm. When she heard that her daughter and her husband were back together, she was indescribably happy. She didn't agree with her husband's practice of letting her daughter go out for practice. This time the husband found his daughter back. She was in a very good mood and greeted her alone.

When Nasha greeted the entrance of the Guangming Hall of the Holy See, she happened to see Xuan Ye and Xuan Yue walking surrounded by her men.

"Yueyue--" Nasha could no longer pay attention to etiquette, and ran over quickly.

Hearing her mother's call, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, tears flowed down instantly, and the grievances in her heart seemed to erupt completely at this moment, crying to meet her mother, rushing into Nasha's arms, and crying bitterly.

Holding her daughter in her arms, Nasha couldn't help crying. Since Xiao Xuanyue's birth, this was the first time their mother and daughter separated. Stroking Xuanyue's blue long hair, choked up: "Yueyue, don't cry, tell her mother if she is suffering outside. Don't leave her mother anymore. Mother is almost dead worried."

Xuan Ye walked to their mother and daughter, the feeling of family reunion made the dark cloud in his heart completely disappear, his eyebrows stretched out, his arms stretched out, and his wife and daughter embraced his arms. All the men on the side were quietly seeing this scene. He retreated, leaving the warmth of this moment to the bishop's family.

For a long time, Xuanyue's cry ceased, she raised her head to look at her beautiful mother, and sobbed: "Mom, Yueyue really missed you! I blame Yueyue for being bad, and worry you."

Nasha said with tears: "Yueyue, be good, come back, just come back. Mom won't be angry with you. Come, let mom take a look." She took Xuanyue's delicate face and wiped her face away. With tears on her face, kiss her gently on the forehead of her daughter. "Ah! Yueyue, you have lost a lot of weight. Why did you become so haggard? You must have suffered a lot."

Xuan Yue gently shook her head, and said, "Mom, I didn't suffer much. Let's go home."

"Okay, let's go home. Mom will make you some delicious food. You have to eat more! Don't sneak away anymore. You are my mother's most beloved baby. What should I do!"

Xuan Ye embraced his wife's willow waist and whispered, "Let's go home first."

Seeing her mother dilutes Xuanyue's miss for Dumb. Nasha took her little hand and sat on the side of the bed and said, "Yueyue, tell mom, what have you been doing during your absence? Have you encountered anything dangerous!"

Nasha's words couldn't help but evoke Xuanyue's memories. Thinking of the ups and downs that she and Dumb had experienced over the past month, she couldn't help being a little silly. Muttered: "Mom, if you like someone, how does it feel?"

Nasha was startled, she looked up at her husband and said softly, "Yueyue, what's wrong with you? Do you have someone you like?" The confusion in Xuanyue's eyes could not be more familiar to her. At the beginning, after interacting with Xuan Ye, I often showed this expression. Could it be that my daughter has a sweetheart, and her daughter is only less than sixteen years old! She couldn't help secretly wondering, it was just over a month's work, who had such a charm that could completely change her naughty daughter.

Xuan Yue shook her head and murmured: "I, I don't know, Mom, I want to see Grandpa."

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "Your grandfather is cultivating, it's better not to disturb his old man." In fact, he also wanted to see the pope as soon as possible and tell his father what had happened before in Tiangang Mountain. The existence of Tiangang Sword Sect has threatened the majesty of the Holy See, and he must discuss countermeasures with his father. This kind of major matter still requires the pope to make a decision.

Nasha said: "You can take Yueyue with you. Father has already left the customs the day before yesterday. He has been meditating alone in the Temple of Prayer these days. You and Yueyue have not seen his old man for a while, so you should visit Look."

Xuan Ye thought for a while, and said, "Well, Yueyue, why do you want to see Grandpa. In normal times, you are most afraid of seeing Grandpa." When Xuanyue was born, the Pope personally imposed a prayer for her. , The Pope discovered that Xuan Yue turned out to be a naturally bright physique, and her aptitude was even better than her father Xuan Ye. After Xuan Yue was sensible, she often forced Xuan Yue to practice. But Xuanyue was naturally naughty, relying on the love of her parents, always avoiding the pope, but refused to practice, the pope was angry and loving, but there was nothing to do with her.

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said, "Dad, I want to learn light magic from grandpa."

Both Xuan Ye and Nasha were startled. Nasha touched Xuan Yue's forehead and said in surprise: "My dear daughter, what's the matter with you? You don't have a fever! How do you say nonsense? Didn’t you tire of cultivating the most before? Why did you take the initiative this time. Even if you want to learn, it’s enough for your father to teach you."

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said, "Mom, I'm fine. I just feel that my strength is too weak, and it's not a big deal on the mainland? Didn't my father and grandpa both say that a thousand-year catastrophe is coming? Me too I want to do my part for the Holy See. I can practice with my grandfather, maybe I can learn faster."

Xuan Ye couldn't help feeling a little angry. Her daughter felt that she was not good enough, and she was the youngest red priest of the Holy See! But he was also a little excited. After this month of experience, his daughter was finally willing to drop her heart to practice. Maybe this way you won't think about that stupid boy again.

Nasha frowned, her eyes flashed, she put her arms around her daughter's shoulders and said: "Cultivation is not in a hurry, you just came back today, take a day off and sleep for a while. When you wake up, let Dad take you there. See grandpa, okay?"

In her mother's soft voice, Xuan Yue nodded gently, and got into her comfortable bed. Nasha helped her cover her quilt and stroked her long blue hair lightly. Xuan Yue gradually fell asleep under the familiar warmth of her mother. These days, she is really tired, and after a while, even breathing sounds have been heard.

Seeing her daughter fall asleep, Nasha stood up with a sullen face, took her husband out of the daughter’s room and returned to their own bedroom, closed the door, Nasha sighed: "You damned ghost, go find your daughter by yourself Why didn't you tell me. Also, what's wrong with my daughter? How come back so much after going out? Is it hard for me."

Xuan Ye looked at her sweet wife helplessly, and smiled bitterly: "Sasha, anyway, I am also one of the four great red-clothed sacrifices. Can you please stop screaming for this dead ghost? I went looking for Yueyue alone, not for you. I am afraid of you. Worry! Originally, I wanted to take you with me, but I was afraid that your journey would be strained, so I left by myself."

Nasha snorted and said, "Then tell me what happened to Yueyue? If you don't make it clear, you will sleep on the sofa tonight." Outside, Xuan Ye has always been a high cardinal, Nasha. He never embarrassed him, just like an ordinary white-clothed sacrifice, respecting him and loving him. However, as soon as he returned home, he completely changed his appearance. Xuan Ye loved her stunning wife so much that she hadn't said a single word since the marriage. After a long time, Nasha will bully Xuan Ye. Xuan Ye didn't feel any dissatisfaction with this. He felt that being bullied by his own wife might not be a pleasure. Of course, Nasha also knows how to control her, and never embarrass her husband too much. After all, she also loves this man with a strong cultivation base, he is both a good husband and a good father.

Xuan Ye stepped forward. He took his wife's shoulders and sighed: "Sasha, don't worry, listen to me slowly."

Nasha slapped Xuan Ye's hand and groaned: "Don't move your hands, make it clear first, otherwise, don't touch me."

Xuan Ye surrendered: "Okay, it's like this..." At the moment, he told all the parts he knew about what happened between Xuan Yue and Ah-Dai, and he concealed the part Xuan Yue wanted to explore the Death Mountain. . It took a full hour to say everything clearly.

Nasha frowned and said, "My husband, after hearing you say that, Yueyue should be serious. I think you have a prejudice against the child of Ah-Dai. Although the sword of Hades is the most evil thing in the world, Ah-Dai's heart is very kind. , The Pluto sword in his hands is not necessarily a bad thing. Moreover, as you have seen, Yueyue seems to be very painful, shouldn't you break them apart!"

The cold light flashed in Xuan Ye's eyes, "No, Nasha, I must never allow my daughter to interact with someone who has an unknown origin and possesses an evil sword. There are so many outstanding young people in the Holy See, who is no better than dumb. A hundred times stronger. He is not worthy of our daughter at all. Don't worry, after a while, Yueyue will definitely forget him, don't you understand Yueyue's temperament? As long as we are optimistic about Yueyue, there should be nothing wrong. "

Nasha thought for a while and said: "But, I think it seems a bit wrong for you to do this. I don't want Yueyue to become so painful. Although she was naughty before, I still like that innocent and lively daughter. As long as my daughter is Happy, let’s not control him too much.” Nasha herself was born in the Holy See. Her father is one of the four red priests now. When she was a child, she was very strict. , So that Nasha had the ability to sacrifice in white clothes. Later, after she married Xuan Ye, she escaped from her father's control. She didn't want her daughter to be like she did before, without even a good childhood. This is also one of the root causes of Xuanyue's mischief.

Xuan Ye hugged his wife, looked at her charming and charming face, with strong love in her heart, and whispered: "Wait until I have seen my father. I miss you so much, wife! We haven't had it for a long time. ..."

Nasha blushed and pushed Xuan Ye away: "I hate it, you're not serious. I just wanted to do bad things when I came back."

Xuan Ye smiled, and said, "What's so bad about my husband and wife being together? I really miss you! Little don't win the newlyweds." She said, she hugged Nasa, who was half-pushed, and kissed. On her lips. Nasha only struggled symbolically, before she softened into Xuanye's tenderness.

It wasn't until midday the next day that Xuan Yue woke up from her sleep, and a good sleep restored her tired body and mind. Sitting on the bed foolishly, thinking of all kinds of dumb. When she thought of the flustered and bewildered look when she saw herself when she first entered the Tiangang Mountains, she couldn't help but flushed her pretty face and revealed a knowing smile. What a wonderful thing to find the elves with Dumb!

Dumb, are you okay now?

The door opened and Nasha walked in. Seeing the smile on her daughter's face, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, "Yueyue, what do you think so happy! Do you think of dumb?"

Xuan Yue woke up from her memories, her pretty face blushed, and she lowered her head slightly and said, "Mom, I, I didn't miss him."

Nasha sat next to her daughter’s bed, put Xuan Yue in her arms, and said softly: "Silly girl, you are mom’s daughter. You have something to do, don’t you tell mom? Tell mom? What's so good about that dumb? , He will attract you so much."

In the warm embrace of her mother, Xuan Yue immediately relaxed and muttered: "Mom, Dumb is really nice to me. I am so happy with him, so happy. Although he is a bit dull, he has a good temperament. In order to save me, he even sacrificed his life. He was kind to me. I know, mom, when you and dad were together, you had the feeling of missing him if you couldn’t see him, and being very happy with him. Huh?"

Nasha was startled. It seemed that the relationship between her daughter and Dui was far from what her husband said. She said calmly: "Yueyue, do you think Dui deserves you to treat him so sincerely? He can bring him in the future. Do you give you happiness?"

Xuan Yue glanced at her mother and nodded firmly without hesitation, and said: "It will definitely be possible. Although there is nothing very good about Dui, but I don't know why, I just like to be with him. At the beginning, I look down on him, I just want to play with him, but as the time gets along, I find that there are many special places in him. I, I can't say how much the relationship between me and him is. Deep feelings, just feel that after leaving him, I seem to have lost one of the most important things. Mom, I am really in pain now!" At this point, Xuan Yue's eye circles couldn't help but flush.

Nasha gently stroked her daughter’s long hair and smiled and said, “Silly girl. You are too young. Naturally, you can’t understand the relationship. Mom knows that you don’t want to stay in the Holy See, so she wants to find dumb. right?"

Xuan Yue sat up straight, her voice trembling: "Mom, you, can you let me go?"

Nasha sighed. It seemed that her daughter was really in a deep trap! She still didn't understand that she had fallen in love with the dull boy, "No."

Hearing her mother's firm refusal, the excitement on Xuanyue's face disappeared suddenly, and her disappointment was beyond words.

Seeing her daughter's disappointment, Nasha felt a pain in her heart, and then said: "Yueyue, you are too young, how can mother rest assured that you are traveling in the mainland? With your current strength, you can't protect yourself at all, I listen. Your father told me about your experience during this trip. If it wasn't for good luck, I'm afraid you have already suffered a lot. Mom is just a daughter like you, and you must not let you go into danger again. You are not yet sixteen years old. !"

Xuan Yue choked up and said, "But, mother, I really want to be with Dumb! I..."

Nasha covered Xuanyue's small mouth and said, "Don't tell me, your mother can understand how you feel. Actually, your father is doing something wrong. He shouldn't look down on Ah Dai because he is from Hanwei. Although my mother disagrees. You are staying with Ah, but mother does not want you to suffer, and your own happiness is to fight for your own happiness. So, mother is the master of your father, as long as your strength can surpass your mother and reach the level above the white clothing sacrifice, and At that time, if you were still obsessed with Duan, I would agree to go out and look for him. Then, mother can rest assured!"

After hearing her mother's words, the fire of hope rekindled in Xuan Yue's heart. Originally, she thought she would never be able to leave the Holy See, but if her mother said so, there was hope. Was the strength of the white clothing sacrificed? Maybe it's not that difficult to achieve.

Nasha wiped the tears from Xuanyue's face, shook her head, and said, "Girl, don't you be happy, do you think the strength of the white clothing sacrifice is so easy to achieve? If it is so easy, the Holy See will not be only ten. There are so few sacrifices in white clothes. When will you be able to surpass your mother without the help of any artifact, you will be considered qualified. That is not an easy task. Although you have a good talent, how long will it take, mother? I don’t know anymore, everything depends on your own efforts."

Xuan Yue looked at her mother. For the first time in her life, she was so eager for powerful strength, and said firmly: "Mom, I will definitely be able to reach the white clothing sacrificial strength in the shortest time. You have to speak and count!"

Nasha smiled and said: "It doesn't count when Mommy has spoken, you know, your father wants to listen to me."

Xuan Yue smiled happily for the first time since she returned to the Holy See, "Yeah! Mom is so beautiful. If Dad doesn't listen to you, you will ignore him. He is most afraid of your trick. Then you are awkward, he doesn't Know how painful it is, hehe."

Standing outside the door, Xuan Ye couldn't help but shook his head with a wry smile, asking her heart, is she really so afraid of Nasha? After thinking about it, the answer is yes. In this world, besides his father, I am afraid that the one he fears most is his wife. Thinking of the passion of last night, his heart can't help but feel a little shaken.

After hearing her daughter's words, Nasha's pretty face blushed slightly, and said, "Don't talk nonsense when you go out. After all, your father is the cardinal of the Holy See. If others hear it, it will be bad for his reputation, you know? , You change your clothes first, I'll ask your father to take you to see grandpa."

"Okay, mom, go call Dad, I can't wait to start practicing magic with my grandfather." Xuan Yue dark determined that she must improve her skill as soon as possible, and when she and Ah-Dai go to the mainland together, she will also You can help him. At the thought of being with Dui again, her mood suddenly became bright, and the previous gloom was wiped out.

Nasha left Xuanyue's room and walked back to her bedroom with her husband who had been standing at the door for a long time.

"Husband, you said, can Yueyue really forget Dumb in her cultivation?"

Xuan Ye said confidently: "It must be possible. You also know that Divine Light Magic can not have any distracting thoughts when practicing meditation. If Yueyue wants to reach the level of white clothing sacrifice, she must practice hard. At that time, Dazed The shadow in her heart will inevitably fade away, or even completely forgotten. By the time she succeeds in her practice, I am afraid she will no longer remember who Dui is. By then, we are looking for the best person for our daughter to be our son-in-law. Is everything in order soon?"

Nasha was still a little worried and said: "But, if my daughter still misses Dumb at that time, what shall we do? I have already promised her and will let her go to find Dumb then."

Xuan Ye thought for a while, and said: "Yueyue wants to reach your level is still very difficult, if it's true as you said, if she can't forget Dumb, let her go to him. Maybe the gods are destined to be together. , We have no ability to dismantle them. Besides, I also promised the bet of Tiangang Sword Saint. It seems that it will take five years to have an answer."

Nasha was startled and said, "Husband, are you not sure that you have won Dumb in five years?"

Xuan Ye shook his head and said, "I'm not unsure, I'm just a little worried. You haven't seen the Sword Saint of Tiangang and don't understand how powerful he is. Who knows what that perverted old man will do in five years. Maybe. , Maybe he can greatly improve the strength of Dumb. But don’t worry, your husband and I are not vegetarian. I will also improve in the past five years."

Nasha leaned into Xuanye's arms and murmured: "I don't care about everything else, as long as you and Yueyue are safe."

Feeling the gentleness of his wife, Xuanye lightly kissed her forehead, and said, "Let’s go, don’t let that girl wait in a hurry. This time, I will also report to the Lord Father, to the Tiangang Sword Sect. He still has to wait for his old man to decide on his attitude."

The two came to Xuanyue’s room again, just in time to see Xuanyue coming out of the room. She changed into a white long skirt with gold threads around her skirt, and her long blue hair was combed back into a long one. The braids were hanging straight over the knees, and the pretty little face was filled with a lively look. Holding the angel's staff in his hand, it looked like an angel descending from the earth.

Xuanye looked at her daughter and wife, and sighed: "Sasha, Yueyue is really like you back then! Remember that time, I was conquered by your holy temperament."

Nasha blushed and pinched Xuanye lightly, and said in a low voice: "Don't talk nonsense in front of your daughter. Yueyue, let's go. I told your grandfather yesterday. He is now waiting in the temple of prayer What about us."

Yueyue couldn't help being envious when she saw the affection of her parents. If she and Duan could also..., how great! Qiao's face blushed, she tried to bury the idea deep in her heart, leaned to her mother's side, pulled her mother's hand out of her father's grasp, and squeezed between them and said: "Then let's go, don't let grandpa It took too long to wait."

Xuan Ye looked at his wife being taken over by his daughter, shook her head helplessly, and said, "Let's go."

In the Temple of Prayer, the Pope sits cross-legged on the round table in front of the statue of the gods in the center, with long white hair draped behind him, and the golden crown on his head is shining with golden light. The golden sacrificial robe sets off his noble identity and a faint sacred breath. All around him, his eyes closed, with a smile on his face. The carved oak on his back has six pairs of white wings. The holy body is entirely carved from white jade. There is always a hazy mist on it, which makes it impossible to see his true face and gives people a kind of mystery. a feeling of.

"The sacrificial offering to Xuanye in red, and the offering to Nasha in white sacrificing to Xuanyue with the female Xuanyue begging to see the Pope." A clear voice came from outside the hall.

The pope still closed his eyes and said calmly: "Come in." Although his voice was not loud, it spread out clearly. He is the only one in the entire Hall of Prayer for God.

Xuanye's family walked into the main hall, and they walked ten meters in front of the pope and respectfully performed standard vatican etiquette.

Xuan Yue looked at her grandpa who hadn't seen her for many days, and suddenly ran over when her parents were not paying attention. "grandfather."

Xuan Ye didn't stop Xuan Yue, but shook her head helplessly.

The Pope slowly opened his His eyes were so clear and soft, it seemed that he could see the vicissitudes of a century in his eyes. With a faint smile, the pope stretched out his hand, and the soft light wrapped Xuan Yue's body, leading her to the round platform in front of him. "You girl, finally know you're back."

Xuanyue spit out her tongue and said, "I was caught by my father. Grandpa, I miss you, how are you?"

The Pope is the spokesperson of God on the mainland. His identity can be said to be the most noble one on the mainland, but Xuanyue is his only granddaughter. For this granddaughter, he has nothing to do, like an ordinary old man. In a loving tone, he said kindly: "As long as you don't get angry with Grandpa, Grandpa won't die for a while."

Xuan Yue grabbed the pope's white beard, and said angrily: "Grandpa is not allowed to talk nonsense, why are you going to die."

Xuan Ye scolded: "Yueyue, don't be rude to grandpa."

The Pope grabbed Xuan Yue's little hand and said, "You girl, you are getting more and more presumptuous. Don't let go. Grandpa has just a few baby beards. We have to rely on them to strengthen the facade." He waved his sleeves. The white sacred light had completely wrapped Xuan Yue's body, making her unable to move and could only sit beside the Pope honestly.

Chapter 48: Baptism of God

"Xuan Ye, do you have anything to tell me? Let's talk."

Xuan Ye didn't dare to be so presumptuous like Xuan Yue, and hurriedly said respectfully: "Yes, Lord Pope. That's it. This time I was searching for Yueyue and found traces of the Hades Sword."

The pope was taken aback and said, "What, Hades sword, did you finally find the killer?"

Xuan Ye shook his head and said, "It's not the killer, but his disciple." At the moment, he will tell how his subordinate Yin Yi found out that Ah-Dai was holding the Hades sword and how he went to the Tiangang Sword Sect to find Xuanyue and the incident with the Tiangang Sword Sect. Said the conflict process again. Among them, he only concealed the bet he promised to bet in the Tiangang Sword Saint bet.

After hearing Xuan Ye’s narration, the pope was silent. For a long time, he sighed and said, “It’s really strange that the sword of the Hades and the blood of the dragon appear on the same person at the same time. Ye’er, you did something wrong. , That is, we should not provoke the Tiangang Sword Sect. Although the Tiangang Sword Sect has never been in contact with our Holy See, they are always a righteous school. If it is normal, we can think of some ways to gradually transform them into gods. Believers of, but now is an extraordinary period, we don’t have time to do this. Thirty years ago, I met with the Sword Saint of Tiangang. At that time, I just took over as the Pope. At that time, the Sword Saint of Tiangang He is nearly ninety years old. I am still not convinced of his Juggernaut's reputation, so I challenged him."

Xuanye was shocked when he heard his father's words. He had never heard his father talk about the experience of fighting against the Heavenly Sword Master. He hurriedly asked: "Father, what was the result? Who won, you and Tiangang Sword Saint."

The pope sighed slightly, and said: "That time, it was the only defeat in my life. I lost."

Xuan Ye was shocked. He clearly knew how powerful his father was inherited by the Pope. He couldn't help but say, "No, how is this possible? There is no way anyone can win you on the mainland!"

The Pope's eyes were always calm, and he said faintly: "But, I did lose. In that battle, we only fought one move. The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint left, but I knew clearly that I had lost. The martial arts of Tiangang Sword Saint has reached the realm of transcendence, which is not what ordinary people can imagine. If the distance between us is kilometers, maybe I still have the possibility of winning. But he will never give me that chance. A pair. For one thing, I am afraid that no one in the world will be his opponent. Even the current me is not good."

Xuan Ye stood there blankly, he didn't expect that his father would have such a high evaluation of Tiangang Sword Saint. Muttered: "Does the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint already possess the power of a god? But, you are the person closest to the **** on the mainland!"

The pope shook his head and said: "Yes, his strength has indeed reached the power to approach God, but unfortunately, he is not a believer of God. If we do not use any equipment to assist each other, he is fully capable of one Take my life within a move. But if I have the aid of a magical tool, maybe, he can be destroyed within one move. I haven’t seen him for 30 years, I don’t know how far he has progressed. But I know clearly, unless I activate A powerful forbidden curse, otherwise, there is no magic in the world that can help him. In my heart, he is more terrifying than the Pluto sword. Therefore, I just said that you made a mistake and you should not provoke him. he."

Xuan Ye said: "Father, if you take our four red-clothed sacrifices to the Tiangang Sword Sect, can you completely eliminate them?"

The pope’s voice suddenly became cold, "You must not have this idea. If I fight with the Heavenly Sword Saint with all my strength, it is not known who will kill them. With you, you can indeed destroy them. But you have to know, the mainland There are a total of four sword saints, I told you before. If there are any threats to the existence of the Holy See, there are only four of them. Although the four sword saints do not communicate with each other, they are spiritually, But they are all the best friends. If the Holy See devotes all efforts to destroy the Tiangang Sword Sect, let’s not say how the Huasheng Empire will react. The revenge of the other three sword saints will inevitably cost us heavy losses. Therefore, the Holy See and Between the four great sword masters, they will always be friends of the gods."

Xuan Ye didn't fully understand the seriousness of the matter until this moment, and said ashamed: "Father, I'm so reckless."

The pope sighed and said: "You are the most outstanding priest in the Holy See. I hope you can be more strict with yourself. In the future, you will have to inherit my position. Don't just look at the surface phenomenon. You must delve into the connotation, and after you see it thoroughly, you can make the final decision. Do you understand?" The pope exuded a brilliant light, staring at Xuan Ye for a moment.

Xuan Ye shook her body, nodded respectfully, and said, "I must follow the instructions of the Pope." After a pause, he continued: "Father, what should I do with the sword of the Hades and the blood of the dragon? That is because the Holy See is eager to take it back. Don’t you let them fall into the hands of the dumb kid? That’s a very dangerous thing. You should know the evil of the Pluto sword."

Although Xuanyue’s ability to act was blocked, it did not affect her speech, and she resisted: "Daily has a kind heart. He will definitely not use the Pluto sword to do harm to heaven and reason. Dad, you shouldn’t always speak ill of DAI. ."

The pope closed his eyes and said for a while: "Xuan Ye, you told your subordinates who are going with you this time, never say this thing. At the same time, tell the presiding judge to send someone to guard near the Tiangang Mountain Range. Leaving Tiangang Mountain, immediately send a master to protect it. As for the blood of the Pluto Sword and the Dragon, we must take it back, but don’t be too rushed. Let’s just look at the reaction of the Tiangang Sword Sect. You have not made a deal with the Tiangang Sword Saint for five years. Isn’t it a promise? By then, it’s never too late to take it back. I believe you will not lose to a child.

Xuan Ye said proudly: "Of course not, even if I give Dah 30 years of training, he may not be able to beat me."

Listening to the conversation between her father and grandfather, Xuan Yue was a little anxious, "Grandpa, how can you **** Dumb's things? His Pluto sword and the blood of Shenlong were given by others. Moreover, without the protection of these two things, he would It's dangerous."

The Pope glanced at Xuan Yue and smiled: "Silly girl, what are you worried about, so-called caring is messy. In fact, if you don't have those two things, this child named Dui might be safer. Do you understand what grandpa means?"

Xuan Yue stunned, and said, "No, I don't understand. I only know that both the sword of the Hades and the blood of the dragon have saved Ah Du's life. What's more, he still has so many difficult missions, how can he do without good equipment? "

Xuan Ye stunned, and said, "A daunting mission? What daunting mission can he have? Oh, you say save the elves, I will arrange it, father, now the thieves' union is too violent, it should be rectified. It's time for them."

The pope nodded and said: "This matter is up to you. Don't do anything too much. You go and tell the presiding judge, after Ah-Dai descends from Tiangang Mountain, the Pluto sword will be saved by Ah-Dai. After all, you promised Tiangang. Sword Saint, we can't fail to say anything. But the blood of Shenlong is the relic of Lord Shenyu, and it must be recovered as soon as possible. You understand what I mean."

Xuan Ye's eyes flashed, and said: "Yes, Your Majesty the Pope."

When Xuan Yue heard this, she stopped doing it, and hurriedly shouted: "No, no, grandpa, dad, you can't take back the blood of the dragon from Ah Dui! That doesn't belong to our Holy See. If you take it back, it would be a robbery. , How different from robbers."

The pope froze slightly, and said: "Yueyue, what do you mean? The blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix on you are a pair. Both are the treasures of our holy court. Thousands of years ago, the first generation of Pope Shenyu Your majesty and his wife wear them. Naturally, they belong to our Holy See. You must be careful when speaking. If you let outsiders listen to it, it will be bad for the reputation of the Holy See.

Xuan Yue shook her head in excitement, and said, "No, no, the blood of Shenlong is no longer a property of the Holy See. He was sent out by His Majesty Shenyu. You can't take it back casually."

The Pope and Xuanye looked at each other with a look of surprise. He also knew that the blood of the dragon was sent by Shenyu. It is recorded in the ancient books of the Holy See, but the record does not indicate that the blood of the dragon was given to He could not help asking: "Yueyue, what do you mean, do you mean that the blood of the dragon was given to Ah-Dai by the descendants of the person who was gifted by His Majesty the Feather?"

At this time, in order to protect Ah Du’s safety, Xuanyue blinked her eyes and said, "Yes! Grandpa, don’t you know that His Majesty Shenyu gave the blood of the dragon to the Puyan clan at the beginning? Is it?"

"Puyan clan?" The Pope and Xuan Ye were startled at the same time, and said silently.

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "Yueyue, you mean, Ah Du was the blood of the dragon that was obtained in the Puyan clan's territory? What is going on, you can elaborate."

With a wave of the Pope's sleeves, Xuan Yue's restrictions were lifted, waiting for her answer. Xuan Yue's heart squinted, and said: "That's it. After we arrived at the Puyan tribe, the prophet Purin of their tribe brought me and Ah-Dai to the Tiru Temple...." I repeated the history of the Puyan tribe that I told her and Ah-Dai, "The Puyan tribe is really pitiful! They paid the most during the disaster, but in the end they lost their territory. But by then, the matter had already arrived. To the unchangeable point, in order to no longer have extra branches, His Majesty Shen Yu will send the blood of the Shenlong to the Puyan tribe as their family treasure. Later, Prophet Purin gave the blood of the Shenlong to Adu."

The pope sighed softly and said: "It turns out that there is still such a new secret, and there is no record in the ancient books of the Holy See. I want to come, I must be afraid that this matter will be spread, and it will be bad for the reputation of the current major countries. Yueyue, since This dragon's blood has become the treasure of the Puyan clan, how can they easily give it to dumb?"

Xuanyue remembered that Prophet Prin had let them go with the flow, and don't talk about themselves as the savior. He hesitated and said, "That, that's because, because..."

Xuan Ye became a little anxious, and asked, "Because of what? You have to say it!"

Nasha pinched Xuanye, and whispered: "What are you anxious for? Don't rush the child."

As soon as Xuan Yue gritted her teeth, she no longer cared about Prophet Prin's advice, and looked at the Pope and said, "That's because Prophet Prin said that Ah'Dai and I might be the savior who saved the mainland."

As soon as this sentence came out, the pope, Xuan Ye, and Nasha were all stunned. Xuan Ye's voice trembled slightly, "What did you say? The prophet of the Puyan clan said that you are the savior. This, how is this possible, no, he must have guessed randomly." The importance of the savior to the Holy See. He is the cardinal. It is very clear. With the advent of the millennium catastrophe, the Holy See is facing a severe test and is likely to lose its dominance over the mainland due to the catastrophe. And what can change all of this is the new generation of saviors Shen Yu said before his death. They have been searching for this savior for many years.

Although the Pope was also uneasy in his heart, he was still relatively calm and said in a deep voice: "Yueyue, tell grandpa why Prophet Purin said that. I know that there are some Puyan prophets that even our Holy See does not have. Special ability. Did he tell you something?"

Xuan Yue nodded and said, "Grandpa, do you remember your guess about the savior? It's just those few words."

The Pope said: "At the beginning, with the help of the priests, I used the curse to calculate goodness, evil, dragon, phoenix, and love. These words, you are talking about this."

Xuan Yue nodded and said, "Yes! Prophet Prin did the same thing as you. The difference is that although he is not as powerful as yours, he sacrificed his 30 years of life in order to obtain more accuracy. The full text of God’s guidance is the combination of good and evil, the unity of light and darkness, with the blood of the phoenix as the guide, crossing the barriers, with the blood of the dragon as the knot, and the eternal life of love."

After hearing Xuan Yue’s words, the pope could no longer sit still. He stood up abruptly, turned around, and faced the statue of the god, muttering: "The combination of good and evil, the unity of light and darkness. , Using the blood of the phoenix as a guide, passing through the barriers, using the blood of the dragon as the knot, the eternal life of love. Yes, this must be the real guide." He turned back, grabbing Xuanyue's shoulder with both hands, and said: "Yueyue, go on to say, what else did Prophet Prin say. Don't leave a word, tell me all."

Looking at the anxious appearance of the pope, Xuan Yue already regretted it, but at this time, she couldn't help but say: "It is because of this guidance that Prophet Prin said that I and Ah-Dai are the saviors, Ah-Dai. It is the main part of it. Do you think that the combination of good and evil means the combination of the kindness of Dui itself and the sword of Hades? And the light and darkness, Prophet Prin said, represents me and Dui, I learned the sacred light magic, and he used the evil Pluto sword. The next two sentences, you can understand without me explaining. It is because of this that Prophet Prin will give the blood of the dragon to dumb. Now that the blood of the dragon does not belong to our Holy See, you can't **** it by bullying!"

The Pope and Xuanye were very excited. They didn't expect that the savior who had been searching for many years would be in front of them. The Pope kept thinking about it. For a long time, he sighed and said: "It seems that Prophet Prin's prediction is 80% correct."

Xuan Yue said with joy: "Grandpa, then you won't ask people to **** the blood of the dragon from Dumb. Prophet Prin didn't let me tell you this, saying it would be better to let the flow go. But if I don't Say, you will be disadvantaged to Dumb."

The pope nodded slightly and said: "Xuan Ye, you tell the presiding judge to send four holy judges to protect the child named dumb. However, it is not a last resort and can not be easily shot, understand? Everything is just as Yueyue said. It's natural."

Xuan Ye also regretted it in his heart now, he understood very much what the savior represented. At the beginning, Shenyu, the first savior, was respected by everyone because he saved the mainland, and successfully established the Holy See above any country. If A Duan is really the savior of this thousand-year calamity, as Xuan Yue said, then what he represents will be God. However, he has been fighting against God all the time, which has kept the Holy See far away from God's guidance. No one can predict what the outcome will be if this continues. I really underestimate him. "Yes, father, I will go later."

Xuan Yue was obviously relieved, and she pulled the pope's arm with some excitement and said, "Grandpa, thank you. I'm relieved." The highest position of the Holy See Tribunal is naturally the presiding judge who can sit on the same level as the Cardinal, followed by The two deputy presiding judges, again, are the six holy judges. The skill of the holy judge is so high that it doesn't seem to be under those second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and it is almost the same as the three chief judges and deputy judges. Of course, this is just Xuan Yue's feeling.

From high to low, the positions of the Holy See Tribunal are: Presiding Judge, Deputy Presiding Judge, Holy Judge, Light Judge, Golden Judge, Silver Judge, and Ordinary Judge. As Xuan Ye, he should have brought the Judge of Light when he went out on a parade, but because the twelve silver-armored judges had almost grown up with him, they have always protected his safety. ,, so, will always take them. The Holy Judge directly obeys the Pope, without the Pope’s order, even the presiding judge has no right to use their power. Although the court and the sacrifice are two systems, their supreme ruler is the pope. For thousands of years, the power accumulated by the holy court is so strong that even a cardinal like Xuan Ye is not fully aware of it. Only the pope can Mobilize all these strengths.

Seeing that Duan’s matter had been successfully resolved, Xuanyue took the pope's arm and said, "Grandpa, Yueyue has something to ask of you."

The pope smiled slightly and said: "You ghost, what is your idea to beat Grandpa! Grandpa's darlings at the bottom of the box are almost all taken by you." After receiving accurate news from the savior, the pope felt a lot easier. At the very least, there is no need to look around aimlessly.

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "Grandpa, how bad is someone as you say, I want to learn magic with you!"

The pope laughed and said: "When did our family Yueyue change sex? This is not like you!"

Xuanyue glanced at her mother, Nasha smiled at her, and gave her an encouraging look. "Grandpa, I really want to learn magic well. This time I went out to practice, and I knew how far I was from the masters outside. You can teach Yueyue."

The pope nodded in satisfaction. Xuan Yue asked to learn magic and he was very happy. No matter what the reason, his only granddaughter finally knew that he had worked hard. "Then why don't you ask your father to learn?"

Xuan Yue turned her head and made a grimace at her father, saying: "Dad's magic level is not as high as grandpa! Since people want to learn, they naturally have to learn the best and most powerful magic. Grandpa is the person closest to the gods on the mainland, of course. I want to learn from you."

Even the pope would like compliments from others, especially if this person is his own granddaughter. The pope smiled and said, "Well, grandpa will accept you as an apprentice. But month by month, the increase in magical power and It can’t be done in a day or two. It takes a lot of hardship. Can you bear it? When teaching you to learn magic, grandpa won’t be merciful because you are my granddaughter. At the time, your father learned from me. At that time, I don’t know how much I have suffered."

As soon as Xuan Yue remembered that as long as she could learn advanced magic, she could go out to find dumb and explore the mainland with him. She immediately said confidently: "Grandpa, don't worry. I can hold on."

The Pope said, "Well, that's the case. From today, Grandpa will teach you the true sacred magic. Xuan Ye, Nasha, go down. Remember what I tell you. Yueyue will stay with me, she After finally having this determination, I will definitely teach her well."

Xuan Ye gave her daughter a worried look and smiled wryly: "Dad, you have to be merciful." Obviously, he did suffer a lot when he was learning magic.

The Pope smiled slightly, and his voice sounded from the bottom of Xuan Ye's heart, "Don't worry, I have found a better way to practice for so many years. Yueyue won't suffer as much as you did before. Go on." When he After learning that Xuanyue might be one of the saviors, she had already made up her mind to train her granddaughter into a senior priest in the Holy See.

Xuan Ye took his wife and saluted the Pope together, then withdrew from the Temple of Prayer.

Xuan Yue curiously said: "Grandpa, are you teaching me magic right here? How to learn it? Do you want me to start meditating?"

The Pope shook his head, a strange light flashed in his clear eyes, and said faintly: "Since you may become one of the saviors, how can Grandpa train you to become a master of magic. Let's go." , Murmured two spells, a golden six-pointed star suddenly appeared on the stone platform under the seat, and the pope and Xuanyue disappeared into the air at the same time.

Xuan Yue only felt that her eyes were blank, but in a moment, she regained consciousness. However, everything around her changed completely. She found that she and her grandfather were in a huge stone room at the same time. The stone room was more than ten meters high and had an area of about 500 square meters. On the ground in the center of the stone room, there was a diameter A huge golden six-pointed star about ten meters away. Above the center of the six-pointed star, there is a golden object floating. It is an angel-like object. It is about half a meter in height. The whole body is golden. There are six white wings on the back. Lightly slapped, a sacred breath constantly radiated from the golden angel's body, giving people an inexplicable heart of reverence.

"Grandpa, here, where is this?" Although she has lived in the Holy See for more than ten years, Xuanyue has never heard of this place.

The Pope placed one hand on her forehead and the other on her heart. He respectfully bowed to the angel floating in the air. Seeing Grandpa's seriousness, Xuan Yue didn't dare to speak anymore.

After the pope chanted the mantra in a low voice, he slowly stood up straight and turned to Xuanyue and said: "Yueyue, this is the most mysterious place in our Holy See, the real temple of light. This one floating in the air, It is the miracle left by our first pope, Lord Shen Yu, after his death. At the beginning, he had the inheritance of the gods to have the powerful power to save the mainland. Before our popes ascended the throne, all Must come here and be baptized by God."

Xuan Yue froze and said, "Grandpa, what are you doing here with me?"

The pope sighed softly and said: "Originally, let alone you, your father does not have the right to come here. But what you just said made Grandpa determined to bring you here. Because, only here, Only by practicing magic can you quickly enter the divine realm. I hope Prophet Prin's guess is correct."

Xuan Yue didn't understand what Grandpa meant, but she didn't ask any more questions. The Pope looked a little confused, as if thinking about something.

After a while, the pope said: "Yueyue, you come with me." As he said, he walked slowly towards the angel in the center of the six-pointed star.

Xuanyue followed behind the Pope. She was surprised to find that with every step forward, the sacred aura around her would become stronger. It seemed that she had completely entered a sacred ocean, her heart gradually calmed down, her whole body was extremely relaxed, which was hard to see with the naked eye. Energy is constantly pouring into his body from all around.

The pope stopped three steps before the angel. He said faintly: "Yueyue, the reason why our Holy See has been able to stand for thousands of years on the mainland, and is always in the highest ruling position, the most fundamental reason is that we have been blessed by God. Magic is left to the mainland by God. A kind of ability, if you want to cultivate this ability to the peak state, you must accept the baptism of God. Grandpa’s current level can be said to be close to a demigod. Tell you a secret, every generation of the pope is actually not dead. They all escaped from the world under the blessing of God, went to the realm of God, and became a god. This is also the home of grandpa in the future. Now that you have the confidence to tide over the difficulties, you must first accept the baptism of God. I think, After receiving the baptism, it will not take too long for your ability to be greatly improved. You are the first person in the Holy See to be baptized by God not because you want to inherit the position of the Pope. You must cherish this. For the next chance, try to get as much of the favor of God as possible. Go, boy, the gods will bless you."

Being so close to the angel in front of him, Xuan Yue felt that the angel in front of him was no longer as short as when he first saw it, but became extremely tall, like an impassable mountain, under the words of the pope like a nightmare. , She unconsciously walked in the direction of the angel step by step.

Finally, Xuanyue walked under the angel, and she found that her body seemed to have become golden, and the whole person seemed to have become a mass of sacred energy. Gradually, her mind went blank, her heart was extremely peaceful, all The feeling is gone.

The Pope watched his granddaughter float slowly, his face couldn't help showing a hint of joy. He understood that this phenomenon showed that the gods did not reject Xuan Yue and were willing to baptize her. UU reading www. thought of this, he no longer hesitated, and chanted the spell chanting to God.

"Great God of Heaven! I, as your most loyal subordinate in this world, beg you to use your purest, most sacred, and most powerful power to wash the heart of this child and bring her closer to God. Will, become your spokesperson in the world.” While chanting the spell, the Pope’s hands turned into several handprints in the air, and golden symbols floated towards the angels in the air.

The golden light on the angel's body suddenly flourished, and Xuanyue's body disappeared as the light flickered, and she completely merged into the angel's body. Her clothes gradually turned into ashes, and her holy body was shining with sacred golden light. Circles of light constantly poured down from the top of her head, and the angel's body became the same size as Xuanyue, and the six white wings flapped gently behind her, as if Xuanyue was an angel.

Looking at the spectacle in front of him, the pope smiled with satisfaction. He knew that his granddaughter had already begun the most important process in life. As long as she is baptized, she can have a strong foundation, and her future achievements will inevitably not be below her. Seeing her and the angel's power blend so perfectly, the breath of God that she can get should be more than her own.

At the same time that Xuanyue began to perform the baptism of the gods, it was also the seventh day that Ah Du had practiced on the top of Tiangang Mountain, when Xiaolong Shengxie woke up from his deep sleep.

Chapter 49: Great advancement

Over the past seven days, under the assiduous practice of Ah-Dai, he has been able to use his transformational techniques to transform into a palm-sized white energy knife or a simple weapon such as a spike. Although it is not large in shape, it is not small in power. Using an energy knife to cut objects is simply indestructible.

Looking at the knife in his hand, Duan couldn't help but smile secretly, thinking that when he was in the Nino town of the Tianjin Empire, he used a similar knife to steal things. Unexpectedly, now that I have come up with a small energy knife, do I have to return to my old business?

The Sword Saint of Tiangang was very satisfied with the speed of Ah'Dai's progress. In his heart, he felt that Ah'Dai was not as dull as he was on the surface. He had a high level of savvy. It is already very difficult to understand the connotation of the Shengshengchang exercise in such a short period of time. He didn't give too much guidance to Dumb, just let him control the energy that he turned out to be more proficient. The promotion of infuriating anger does not happen overnight. Duan's fingers and wrists have been very flexible since he was a child, and now he can control this energy knife, and he can be considered handy.

Sheng Xie opened his eyes, and his golden eyes with sacred power could clearly see the scene in every corner of the dim grotto. He opened his mouth wide, stretched his waist, and stood up shaking. After seven days of deep sleep, he has completely absorbed the energy of the five superb magic crystals, and his body has undergone obvious changes. The body length has changed from one meter to about 1.5 meters. The dragon wings are much wider and thicker. The most peculiar thing is that a layer of small gray scales grow on the body. Although the scales can't protect the whole body, they are already It can reflect the luster of metal, and it feels very hard to the touch. The seven protrusions on the back are more obvious. At the top of the protrusions, there seems to be a golden light gleaming.

Shengxie walked out of the grotto slowly, and Dumb sitting cross-legged on the rock's mind moved a bit. After waking up from the meditation, Shengxie raised his head and looked at him, grunting gracefully.

"Ah! Xiaoxie, you're awake." Ah Dui jumped off the rock excitedly and hugged Sheng Xie's neck. Pat his sensual big head.

Sheng Xie rubbed against Ah Dui, licking his face with his tongue deep, feeling extremely affectionate.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang also woke up from entering the concentration, his eyes flashed, and he nodded slightly: "The holy evil grows so fast! But within seven days, his body has changed so much."

Sheng Xie used his two hind legs to support his body and stood upright. With clear golden eyes, he glanced at the Sword Saint Tiangang, patted his stomach with his front paws, and hummed a few more times.

Dumb smiled and said, "Are you hungry? Go, my brother will get you food." He had prepared food for the holy evil a few days ago. The temperature on the top of the mountain is very low and the food is not good.

Shengxie was surprised by Ah Dui's gaze. After eating ten people's food, he patted his bulging belly with satisfaction and bounced around in the grotto.

"Dumb, you can take it to the gate of the grotto to have fun. You should also start a trainee change today."

"Yes, Master." After Ah-Dai saluted the Sword Saint of Tiangang, he walked out of the grotto with Shengxie. Shengxie was very sticky to him, always spinning around him, it kept flapping its dragon wings to try to fly. , But the result always crashed to the ground and fell into dismay. But its body is really strong, and it will stand up again after rolling.

Walking outside of the grotto, Ah Dai became energized, and the white light blocked him from the mist. Ah Dai took a deep breath and stretched out his right hand, constantly urging the liquid qi in his body to flow to the palm of his palm, a little white light. It appeared first, and under Shengxie’s surprised gaze, the white light gradually increased and turned into a white solid the size of an egg. Under the control of Duan’s mind, the white solid gradually deformed and finally became a handle five inches wide. The half-inch knife looked exactly the same as the one that Duan used to steal before. The white halo remained. The five fingers of Dui's right hand trembling flexibly, and the small knife made of solid and innocent qi flew up and down against his palm.

Sheng Xie kept looking at the palm of Ah-Dai with his big golden eyes, and his front paws continued to sign with the movements of Ah-Dai's hand, as if imitating.

Dui concentrates on controlling the small knife in his hand. Over the past few days, he has become more familiar with the method of controlling the birth and transformation. Although the energy is not very strong, the energy knife can easily penetrate anything under his control. Within meters, his mental power and vigorous anger can be combined to completely control the sending and receiving of solid energy.

"Xie Xie, don't move here. Or it will hurt you." As he said, Dumb's body floated down ten meters away, his eyes flashed coldly, "Go." The white energy knife floated. From now on, under the traction control of Ah-Dai, he continued to dance around his body. Every movement of Ah-Dai changed the knife. For a while, the knife turned into a white light, which was constantly intertwined around Ah-Dai. Optical network.

Sheng Xie was idle and bored alone, and didn't want to violate Ah Du's words, so it had to sit on the ground, pick up a palm-sized stone with its front paws, and play continuously. After a while, Sheng Xie's mouth suddenly showed a faint evil smile, and his body shook, and the stone in his hand flew towards Dumb.

Although Ah Dui is cultivating, but his skill has reached the sixth rebirth determination, how sensitive is his senses. Seeing the stone thrown by the holy evil, he does not rush, the white energy knife is under the control of the five fingers, as if There were several invisible lines pulling, and the light flashed. The stone had just approached within five meters of Dumb, it had turned into a pile of stone dust, and disappeared under the blowing of the mountain.

Sheng Xie opened his mouth wide and blinked his big eyes, as if he didn't believe what happened just now. Duan was amused by its appearance, and the control in his hand suddenly became weaker. Under the action of inertia, the energy knife suddenly took off and flew out. I was shocked, that was 40% of my own skill! Hurry up and chase the energy knife. When he was in a hurry, a white silky grudge flew out of his hand, caught up with the knife in front of him like lightning, entangled the handle of the knife, and pulled it back abruptly.

Falling on the ground, Dumb looked at the energy thread in his hand and was surprised to find that it was also a solid energy. However, because the energy thread was very thin, it only consumed about 10% of his power when it was three feet long. One end of the energy wire has been integrated into the handle of the energy knife. Dumb once again controlled the knife to fly. Under the control of the energy wire, the knife could already fly within ten meters of his body. Although the control was a little harder, the attack range suddenly more than doubled due to the traction of the energy thread.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang didn't know when he came out. Seeing Ah Dui excitedly controlling the energy that was transformed by life, he couldn't help but smile. The progress of this child was beyond his imagination! He also saw the way Sheng Xie threw a stone just now. With a wave of his hand, dozens of small stones floated up on the ground, and under the gaze of Sheng Xie, the stones flew towards Dumb like lightning.

Dui was focusing on practicing, suddenly felt a huge pressure hitting him, and hurriedly danced the energy knife and flew behind him. With a puff, a stone was turned into ashes under the power of the energy knife, but more stones flew towards him.

Dumb was shocked in his heart and tried his best to urge the Shengshengzhen Qi in his body. While retreating, his body resisted the stone's attack. Under the great release of the white light, the energy knife flew up and down, and the sound of puffs continued, and most of the stones disappeared under the attack. However, there were still three or four stones hitting Ah-Dai. Although the Sword Saint of Tiangang didn't use much force, and Ah-Dai had a vital energy body, he still cried out in pain when he was beaten.

Tiangang Sword Saint shouted: "Your defensive net is too big, and your strength is too scattered." As he said, dozens of stones flew towards Dumb. After hearing the instructions of the Heavenly Sword Master, Ah Dui quickly recovered the energy thread, controlled the energy knife within three meters in front of him, and resisted the great pain on his body, preparing for the next round of attacks.

At this moment, the mutation took place, and the saint evil who was sitting aside suddenly stood up, his eyes widened, and the dragon’s mouth opened, a gray energy flew out with a faint evil air in the air. When the stone touched the gray energy, the stone disappeared quietly, without making a sound, and immediately wiped out most of the second round attack sent by the Sword Sage Tiangang, and the few remaining stones were completely disintegrated under the defense of Ah-Dai. Tiangang Sword Saint and Dui were both stunned, and they both cast their eyes on Sheng Xie at the same time.

Sheng Xie sat back again, looking a little confused, apparently the gray energy spewed out just now consumed a lot of his energy.

Dumb floated to the side of Tiangang Sword Saint, and asked in surprise, "Master, what is the thing that Xiaoxie spewed out just now?"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled bitterly: "Just like you, this is the first time I have come into contact with dragons. You don't know, how would I know. Just ask it."

Dumb leaned over to Sheng Xie and patted his big head, "Xiao Xie, what did you spray just now, it seems to be very powerful." Sheng Xie blinked, babbling, babbling. What? The dumb was inexplicable. Sheng Xie also seemed to be very anxious. He opened his mouth again towards the distant clouds and puffed out a burst of gray energy, but it was less than the last time. A lot of it, as soon as the cloud meets the gray energy, a large amount of it disappears. As long as the surrounding rocks are stained with a little, it will immediately melt a large piece. After the energy burst out, he suddenly fell to the ground, panting constantly, his eyes gradually closed.

This time Tiangang Sword Saint saw clearly, felt the energy fluctuations, frowned and said: "The energy he sprayed is very corrosive, and the stone just now should have been corroded in an instant. Now the holy evil is too much. Xiao, when he grows up in the future, this gray dragon flame will probably be more powerful. Dumb, you have to be careful in the future, don’t get this kind of energy, otherwise, your body will look like the stone just now. The same disappeared. However, you have a vigorous spirit to protect you, unless the power of the holy evil is stronger than you, otherwise you can’t hurt you. It seems that the power of the dragon is really terrible. It only has been born for seven days. Such a strong power. When it becomes an adult, I don’t know what surprises it will bring to us. He seems to be very tired. You can hold it back to the grotto. Remember, when the change is under control, defense must be done. When there is no leakage, the offense must be brave and overwhelm the opponent with momentum, so as to be invincible."

"Yes, Master." A'ai picked up Shengxie and walked quickly into the grotto. Shengxie looked very tired. When A'ai picked him up, he had already fallen asleep.

There are seven changes in the birth and birth changes. Each change will change the color of the solid energy emitted by the practitioner. The first change is to condense the liquid qi in the body into a solid. As long as the solid energy is successfully maintained, it will be successful. Turning to white, as the energy deepens, the white solid energy will gradually turn into yellow, then light green, light blue, lavender, silver and finally gold. What Tiangang Sword Saint has reached now is the state of the sixth change. Although he created the life change, he also failed to reach the highest state he had imagined. The first two changes of Shengshengchang can be gradually achieved after Shengshengjue has reached the sixth level. However, starting from the third change, a stronger vitality support is needed, and it will only gradually change after reaching the ninth stage. Tiangang Sword Saint has a unique talent, and he obtained the cultivation method of life and life when he was young. After nearly seventy years of hard work, he reached the ninth state. Without the instructions and guidance of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, even if Ah-Dai had the energy support of the past fruit, even if he worked hard, it would not be possible to reach the ninth level before the age of sixty.

In the past six months, under the guidance of the Sword Saint of Tiangang, A'Dai has greatly improved in all aspects. The Sword Sage of Tiangang has passed his skills to A'Dai 10%, making A'Dai successfully break through to the seventh stage of Shengshengjue. , Skills greatly increased. Ah Dui's life change has reached the state of the second change, he can transform a lot of things, he is more skillful in control, and he rarely misses. The Sword Saint of Tiangang once said to him that after the martial skill reaches a certain level, the skill is no longer important, and only strong skill is the most reliable thing. However, it does not mean that skills are not important. Good skills can save more energy. The Sword Saint of Tiangang originally wanted to teach Duan some complicated swordsmanship, but he found that Duan’s ability in learning moves was really not flattering. He often managed to learn one move, and when he learned another move, the first move was also He has almost forgotten, the overturning changes are not what he can remember. After teaching for less than a week, Tiangang Sword Saint gave up. He understood that Duan would never become a skilled master. He had to extend the time he spends meditating every day to fourteen hours in order to make his skills more profound. Now, one day and one night, Ah-Dai can successfully circulate the energy in his body for ninety-nine-eighty-one weeks. With the input of the Past Fruits and the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, his progress can only be described in a thousand miles, reaching the first The realm of the Eight Rebirth Rebirth Judgment is just a matter of time.

From the second month onwards, every morning after Ah-Dai wakes up from entering Ding, the first thing is to go down the mountain, run from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain, and then climb back. At an altitude of six kilometers, the Tiangang Sword Sage only gives him one hour. time. In the beginning, let alone one hour, even three hours, dumb wouldn't be able to come back. After finally coming back, the energy in the body was consumed too much, and there was no way to practice anything else. The reason why Tiangang Sword Saint asked him to climb the mountain is very simple. Dumb is too dull, and he is very easy to lose when fighting with people. Now his skill is not high, so he must first practice the ability to escape. Although Duan is stupid, he is an obedient child. No matter how hard the cultivation is, he has never shouted tired. After the Sword Saint Gang passed him another success in the fourth month, he could barely go back and forth to Tiangang Mountain in one hour. Now, his physical fitness has reached the level that Tiangang Sword Saint is satisfied.

Dumb, who has reached the second transformation of the life and life transformation, can now successfully transform into a three-foot long sword as his own weapon. He has long been deeply attracted by the ever-changing ability of the life and transformation. As long as he does not meditate, he can almost always At every moment, he is studying how to make his life changes more changes and play more roles.

Xiaolong Shengxie’s body has grown at an alarming rate in the past six months. Although there is no energy-rich food to supply him, his body has grown to more than three meters in six months. With its own unremitting efforts, it stretches With a huge dragon wing about the length of his body, he could already fly with his huge body, but it didn't last long. After half a year of growth, Sheng Xie has initially taken the form of a dragon. Seven golden horns have been drilled out of the seven protrusions behind them. The horns are obviously still in a juvenile state. They look like spring bamboo shoots and are tender and not hard. But it looks extremely powerful. The gray scales cover the whole body, and the scales are extremely tough. Even the Sword Saint of Tiangang is full of praise for its defensive ability. The Holy Evil does not show other abilities except for spraying gray dragon flames, but even so, he is already With a strong physical attack power, ordinary fighting energy cannot harm his body covered with scales.

After half a year, Ah Du and Sheng Xie have gotten closer together. Sheng Xie can hardly leave him. When Dui is meditating, he sleeps. When Ah Dui's trainee changes, he will play around and often slap. Dragon Wing used the flying sand and rocks on the top of the mountain to test the defensive ability of Dumb. Since he was able to fly, every morning, Sheng Xie would flap his dragon wings and go down the mountain together with Ah-Dai. After all, he could fly, and his dive speed was much faster when he descended the mountain. But when he went up the mountain, he would often fall behind Dumb. Its dragon wings were not enough to support his heavy body to fly to a height of 6,000 meters, and he often needed a few rests to fly back to the mountain. There are almost no people in the back mountain of Tiangang Mountain, otherwise, if someone sees this terrifying flying dragon, I’m afraid...

Perhaps it was the effect of generating true qi. The dumb, who had grown violently in half a year, looked much better than half a year ago. Shen Ning's momentum was undoubtedly revealed. It looks simple and honest, and has the style of a generation of masters.

In the early morning, a figure that looked like smoke jumped out of the grotto without making a sound. The surrounding undulating terrain did not cause any hindrance to him. It fell straight down like a green ash, from the steep back mountain. Pounced down the mountain. Behind him, a huge figure flew up and followed, and swooped down from the top of the mountain. Only when the speed was too fast, would it flap its wings to reduce its momentum. After a while, it had already surpassed the previous gray. Shadow, two figures went down the mountain like lightning. They, it was Ah Dui who had been cultivating for half a year in Tiangang Mountain and his friend, Golden Eyed Sacred Evil Dragon who was half a year old. The two started the indispensable course every morning.

The surrounding scenery kept cascading from next to Ah-Dai. Since he got used to morning jogs, this feeling of speed made him feel very comfortable. The innocence enveloped his whole body, and the strong wind blowing on him was constantly being driven away, without any influence. Dumb Benz's speed. Seeing the holy evil surpassing himself, Duan couldn't help but feel excited, the viscous vitality in his body was urged to the limit, and the whole body emitted a thick white light, constantly tapping on the mountain to reduce his momentum, lightning Rushed down like that. Every time he ran, he lags behind first, and cannot catch up with the holy evil until he is about to reach the top of the mountain. He clearly knows that after a while, when the holy evil’s wings can fully bear the weight of its body, when he climbs the mountain, I can't catch up with him.

When Ah Dui was still more than a thousand meters away from the foot of the mountain, he suddenly found that Sheng Xie had stopped and stood under a big tree on the mountain with his wings folded. Dui floated and fell beside Sheng Xie, gasping slightly, "Xiao Xie, what's wrong? Anything to find out?" Sheng Xie is a carnivorous dragon. The same situation has happened several times, and they are all big beasts. It was discovered. Those beasts naturally became the delicacy in its belly. Under the sunlight, the seven golden long horns on Sheng Xie's back shone, and the golden eyes revealed a cautious look, as if searching for something? Even if the tiger encounters the holy evil, it will be afraid of the coercion it produced that day. This is the first time Ah Dui has seen the cautious expression of the holy evil, and can't help but feel a little strange.

Suddenly, the rustling sound rang, Sheng Xie suddenly backed up a few steps, raised a front paw, and the dragon head swayed slightly in the direction of the sound, and the cold light flashed in his big eyes, making a pair ready to attack. Look like.

Although Dui didn't understand what was going on, he still cautiously urged the vitality in his body, the yellow light lit up, a solid energy sword gradually revealed from Dui's palm, and the light of the three-foot sword flowed. Contains huge energy.

With a hissing sound, a huge snake head was drilled out of the bushes not far away. The head of the snake was more than half a meter in diameter. The red tongue and letters continued to vomit. The body was covered with dark blue fine scales and a pair of red The eyes flashed with icy light, behind the snake's head, a body that was as thick as a bucket was connected, and the fierce light flashed in the eyes, as if he was scrupulous about the holy evil. No matter how powerful a snake is, it is a snake after all, and it has a natural sense of fear for the most powerful creature in the world, the dragon.

Sheng Xie also cared about the opponent, groaning constantly in his mouth, spreading his wings, and roaring slightly, as if he was ready to give the opponent a fatal blow at any time.

Seeing the appearance of the giant snake, Ah Dumb couldn't help taking a breath. He couldn't think that there would be such a fierce beast in Tiangang Mountain. Although the giant snake only showed a half of its body, it was already seven or eight meters long. Left and right, the huge body swayed constantly, as if looking for the flaws in the holy evil. He obviously didn't see the ‘tiny’ dumb in his eyes.

Sheng Xie took the lead. He flapped the dragon's wings and suddenly opened his big mouth, a burst of gray energy sprayed towards the giant snake. There was a look of horror in the giant snake's eyes, with a big mouth, a pink, fragrant gas sprayed out. The mist and gray light touched and made a chick, and disappeared almost simultaneously.

Dui accidentally inhaled a little red mist from the giant snake, and suddenly felt dizzy. He was shocked, and hurriedly urged the vital energy in his body to get rid of the poisonous gas.

Seeing that the poisonous mist sprayed by the giant snake could withstand the attack of the holy evil, the horrified expression disappeared, opened its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth, and viciously wandered towards Ah-Dai and the holy evil.

Dumb floated up and turned into a blue smoke to fall on the back of the giant snake. Although he didn't want to kill, the appearance of the giant snake was too vicious. He didn't want humans to die under its huge mouth. The yellow energy sword thrust into the giant snake's back without hesitation. The giant snake seemed to feel its own danger, and swung its body vigorously. The energy sword transformed by Shengsheng Zhenqi was indeed invincible. Although the giant snake's tough scales blocked it, the yellow light still submerged into its back.

The giant snake shook his whole body, slammed his body fiercely, and twisted fiercely. The huge snake tail suddenly swept forward and bombarded the dumb on his back. Dumb didn't dare to block it, retracted the energy sword, and floated up, avoiding the attack of the giant snake. Although the energy sword was inserted into the giant snake's body just now, he also consumed a lot of skill. The deep blue scales on the giant snake were extremely tough. If it weren't for Ah Dui's full-scale attack, it would be difficult to penetrate his defenses.

Obviously, the giant snake was severely injured, and its body was constantly twisting. Blue blood kept flowing out of the wound, and a mouthful of pink poisonous mist continued to spray out, so that dumb and holy evil did not dare to approach. A bit of poisonous mist will wither immediately.

Dumb knew that although the sword successfully pierced the giant snake's body, it was not a fatal injury. The giant snake seemed to have a powerful energy in it. When the energy sword was inserted into the giant snake's body, it slammed the blade sideways. , So that it cannot damage the bones and meridians of the giant snake. Under the severe pain, the giant snake became angry, and its body swayed crazily. Within a radius of tens of meters, a piece of flying sand and walking stones suddenly disappeared under its huge body. Dumb finally saw the whole picture of the giant snake. , The giant snake foot is nearly 30 meters long, even if it is tens of meters away, you can still feel the strong wind swaying from his body. The holy evil flapped his wings and flew suddenly. It turned out that the pink poisonous mist had spread over. Duan didn't dare to neglect, floated up and landed on a big tree tens of meters high behind him.

The giant snake gradually calmed down, forming a snake formation, looking at Dumb and Shengxie viciously. Sheng Xie was not afraid of the enemy's strength, and he groaned, seeming to be extremely excited.

Ah Duan summoned a profound iron bow from the blood of the dragon. Although his arrow technique was not very good, it was still easy to shoot at such a big target below. He clearly knew that with his own skill, only the ability to shoot three energy arrows, the giant snake's body is so big, if it can't shoot its vitals, I am afraid it will be difficult to cause any harm to it.

Although Dumb wounded the giant snake, the giant snake still regarded Shengxie as his main enemy, and kept raising his head to spray out a mouthful of poisonous mist. Shengxie was not eager to attack this powerful enemy, and flew until the poisonous mist could not reach. Hovering around the place, the poisonous mist of the giant snake is obviously the same as the dragon flame of the holy evil. There is a certain amount. At this time, the poisonous mist has gradually faded. Through the gradually dissipated poisonous mist, you can clearly see Its body.

Dumb stood steadily on the top of the tree, urging the vitality in his body, a yellow solid energy arrow appeared, he shouted, and the vitality burst out suddenly, under the white light, he pulled the profound iron bow into After the full moon, Qi was locked tightly on the head of the giant snake. The astonishing aura made the giant snake a little panic. He clearly felt that the human on the tree who had hurt itself was threatening it with death, and the giant retracted into the snake formation, vigilant. Looking in the direction of Dumb.

Naturally, the holy evil would not let go of this opportunity, and quietly flew to the place where the giant snake could not see, suddenly swooped down, and rushed directly to the giant snake’s big head. The giant snake felt the danger and shrank its head back and opened its blood basin. , Ready to bite the holy evil who threw down. Seeing that there was no chance, Sheng Xie flew his wings and flew again, his heart filled with anger. Although this giant snake has lived here for tens of thousands of years and has advanced cultivation, he is just a snake after all. If the holy evil body grows up, he will not be seen in his eyes at all, but now he is only in a mature state. For a long time, there is a certain gap with the giant snake.

The giant snake scared away the holy evil, but it also gave A'Dai a chance. He aimed at the giant snake's big head, his right hand loosened, the yellow light flashed away, and the explosive energy contained in the arrow of life-changing energy that A'Dai shot. In the bang, the giant snake's body suddenly rolled, and a huge blood hole was blown out by the arrow at its tail, and one-fifth of its body was broken. It turned out that when Ah-Dai’s energy arrow was shot, the giant snake felt the threat of death. Although Ah-Dai’s arrow was not very accurate, it was a little lower than he expected, but even so, once it was shot at the predecessor On the chest area of the giant snake, it will be difficult for the giant snake to survive. As a last resort, it can only lift its snake tail in an instant to block the energy arrow. Under the action of the mysterious iron bow, the energy arrow that was transformed into a life and change exerted tremendous power. Not only did it penetrate the scales of the giant snake, it also exploded suddenly in its body, exploding its body for a while.

Chapter 50: Holy evil tonic

Duan didn't expect that his energy arrow would have such a powerful force. When he was secretly delighted, he was surprised to find that the giant snake began to churn up violently, and the blue blood continued to flow out, flying around, and the holy evil was present. Several mouthfuls of dragon flame spurted from the air, and the gray energy attacked the giant snake's wound with great corrosiveness. Although the scales of the giant snake are not afraid of corrosion, but the place where it was turned up by the energy arrow's flesh and blood, it can't stand it. With a stern hiss, the giant snake's flesh and blood disappeared quickly. He could not bear the severe pain, fiercely. He opened his big mouth, the green light flashed, and a group of fists punched, and the dark green gloomy object flew towards the holy evil in the air. Although the speed is not very fast, it contains huge energy.

Dumb was shocked. The second energy arrow had already hit the bowstring. Just as he was about to shoot the giant snake's head with an arrow, a clear voice sounded, "Don't kill it first."

Dumb dumbfounded, he heard that the source of the sound was his master, Sword Saint Tiangang, and hurriedly converged the bowstring, sucking the transformed arrows back into his body.

The dark green light ball was about to hit Sheng Xie's body, Sheng Xie seemed to be very afraid of the thing, flapping the dragon's wings and dodge hurriedly. A white light flashed, and there was one more person in the air. Sword Saint Tiangang didn't know what method he used, controlling his body to float in the air. He yelled, "The evil animal is looking for death." The right hand scratched the dark green one. The light trembled and stopped suddenly. The giant snake shook his whole body, desperately twisting his body, the dark green light group was constantly trembling, as if he wanted to fly back.

The Sword Saint of Tiangang snorted coldly, his right hand swiped in the void, and the silver light flashed between the green light group and the giant snake, cutting off their connection. The giant snake's body suddenly jumped from its physical surface and was three meters above the ground. Then he fell back heavily, rolled a few times, and stopped moving. The dark-green light floated in the air, the light gradually dimmed, and it was no longer shaking. With extraordinary eyesight, Dui saw that it seemed to be a green fruit-like object, which had been grasped by Tiangang Sword Saint. Sheng Xie flapped the dragon wings and flew to the side of Sword Saint Tiangang, and pointed his front claws at the green light in the hands of Sword Saint, showing a look of covetousness.

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled and cursed: "You know if this is a good thing or not."

Sheng Xie kept nodding his head, humming, drooling out.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint knocked on its big head and floated to the big tree where Ah-Dai was. Ah-Dai looked at the green ball in the hands of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint in surprise and asked, "Master, what is this?"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly and said, "When I first came to the Tiangang Mountains, I once saw this ten thousand-year-old giant spirit snake once, and I accidentally let him run away, but I didn't expect to let you meet it. This snake has a life span of tens of thousands of years. It is not easy for it to evolve to this point by relying on the aura of Tiangang Mountain. However, this wicked animal is cruel, and the little beast in the mountain does not know how much it has eaten. . This time is a good result. Dumb, except for the lack of accuracy, your arrow just now is not bad. When you have time in the future, you should practice your arrow skills, and long-range attacks can be unexpected. Unexpected power. The defense of the Ten Thousand Years Giant Spirit Snake is very tough. I didn't expect your profound iron bow to be so powerful that it can blow up a section of its body with the energy arrow that changes."

Dumb scratched his head, and said in embarrassment, "Unfortunately, my arrow technique is too bad, otherwise, maybe it can be eliminated with one arrow. Master, why are you here?"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled and said: "You haven't come back for so long. I'm afraid you have an accident, so I will come and have a look. It has been a long time since I left the top of the mountain. The air here is really good."

Sheng Xie flapped the dragon wings and floated beside the two, his eyes never leaving the dark green ball in the hands of Tiangang Sword Saint.

Dumb asked, "Master, what are you holding in your hand! Xiaoxie seems to want it very much."

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint laughed, and said: "This little guy is very clever. This is the inner pill of the giant spirit snake. After eating it, it can become infinitely powerful. If you eat it, your skill will be greatly improved. It is of great help. Although it is not as good as the reborn fruit of the treasures of heaven, material and earth, it is not far off. You said that the holy evil energy is not greedy?"

Seeing the pitiful look of the holy evil, Dumb couldn't help saying: "Master, then you can eat it!"

Tiangang Sword Saint nodded slightly and said, "You kid is good with everything, but you are too kind. You can treat your friends like this, but you have to be cruel when you encounter enemies in the future, do you understand? Being kind to your enemies is cruel to yourself. Human heart It's unpredictable!" After speaking, he took a look at Sheng Xie and said at him: "This time it will be cheaper for you. You have to protect Dumb in the future, you know?"

The holy evil groaned joyfully, and the sound of the dragon's groan reverberated in the mountains. It excitedly moved its big head between the sword sage Tiangang and Ah Dui, the sword sage Tiangang shook his right hand, and the giant spirit snake inner alchemy flew towards the holy evil. Go, it hurriedly stretched out its mouth to catch it, and swallowed. The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint knocked on its big head and said: "Hurry up and go back to the grotto while the inner alchemy's effect hasn't come into play. If you sleep here, we won't hold you back."

Shengxie was very happy to get the inner alchemy of the giant spirit snake, nodded quickly, flapping the dragon's wings and flying towards the top of the mountain.

"Dumb, let's go down." After speaking, the giant spirit snake first fell to the side of the giant spirit snake. The giant spirit snake that lost its inner core has become soft and weak. The wound on its tail caused it to lose a lot of blood, and it was close to death. edge. Ah Dai landed beside the Tiangang Sword Saint and said, "Master, how do we deal with it."

Tiangang Sword Saint said: "This giant spirit snake can't live anymore. The reason I didn't let you shoot it again was because there are so many treasures on it. If you shoot its head, you will lose many good things. After finishing speaking, with a wave of his right hand, a spike formed by silver energy appeared in the hands of Sword Saint Tiangang, he said to the giant spirit snake: "You have done too much evil, it is time to go. I will let you suffer less pain. "As he said, his hand lifted and the blade fell, and the spikes pierced straight down from the top door of the giant spirit snake. The giant spirit snake shook his whole body and did not move again.

A Duan turned his head unbearably, and put the mysterious iron bow into the heart of the dragon.

Tiangang Sword Saint sighed, and said: "Since you are not used to this kind of scene, go back first."

Ah Dui agreed, turned into a gray shadow, and quickly climbed to the top of Tiangang Mountain. The Sword Saint of Tiangang turned into two short silver blades in his hands. Under the influence of his vast vigor, he had already pulled the skin of the giant spirit snake off in a while...

Ah Dui returned to the grotto and found that the holy evil who came back first had fallen asleep. The huge energy contained in the giant spirit snake inner alchemy was obviously not something that could be absorbed for a while.

The previous blood and gore made Ah Dumb feel a little bored, and he sat cross-legged on the rock to practice.

After the Tiangang Sword Saint processed the giant spirit snake's body, he returned to the top of Tiangang Mountain. He transmitted his voice to Xiwen in the Sword Sect and told him to order his disciples to go to the mountain to retrieve the body of the giant spirit snake. Bao, its meat is also very nourishing.

From the giant spirit snake, the Sword Saint of Tiangang obtained a total of thirty meters long snake tendons, the brain of the giant spirit snake, the finely scaly skin and two round snake eye crystals. The snake tendon is the toughest part of the giant spirit snake. Even the arrow of Duan did not break the snake tendon. The snake tendon is very thin and similar to ordinary silk thread, but it once supported the giant spirit snake's huge body. The scale armor of the spirit snake is very defensive and extremely soft, enough to make dozens of good light armors. And those two snake-eye crystals are even more precious, eating them can enhance people's eyesight and improve a certain amount of skill.

Even if it is Dumb's skill, it is very difficult to make light armor with the energy blade transformed by life, so it can only be cut by the Sword Saint of Heaven. He divided the scales of the giant snake into dozens of pieces, except for the two toughest pieces in front of the abdomen, and gave the rest to Xiwen for him to deal with.

In the grotto, after the life of zhenqi circulated for eighty-one weeks, Ah-Dai slowly woke up, and the zhenqi consumed during the fight with the giant spirit snake had been completely recovered.

"Eat it." A small bowl flew in front of Dumb. Ah Dui subconsciously caught it, and saw a mushy mass in the bowl, exuding a faint fragrance. The Sword Saint of Tiangang was sitting on a rock not far from him, fiddling with something in his hand, and his right hand was shining with silver light, constantly dancing.

"Master, what is this?"

"That is the tonic I asked Xiwen and the others to prepare. It is good for your body. Take it as soon as possible, and then practice for eighty-one weeks to remove the power of the medicine."

"Yes, Master." Of course, Ah-Dai knew that the Sword Saint of Tiangang would not harm him. He swallowed the paste in the bowl in two mouthfuls. The fragrance of the fragrance made him feel relaxed and happy, and the previous nausea had already disappeared. A faint heat rose slowly, and Ah-Dai didn't dare to hesitate, so he hurried to practice again.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint who was sewing light armor smiled slightly. What he had just given to Ah-Dai was the brains of the giant spirit snake. Although the effectiveness of the brain is much worse than the inner alchemy, it is still the essence of the giant spirit snake. The reason why he told Ah Dui that it was a tonic was because he was afraid he would not accept it. For this disciple, Tiangang Sword Saint can be said to have taken great pains.

The vitality qi in Ah'Dai is constantly running, and the silver energy is running slowly. Recently, Ah-Dai has discovered that although the liquid source of vitality in his body has become thicker, it takes a lot more effort to operate than before. Eighty-one days a week, it takes a full day and one night. This time, under the action of the medicinal power of the giant spirit snake’s brain, the thick silver liquid had a tendency to gradually condense. Dumb was startled, but he didn’t dare to stop, because if he stopped doing his work suddenly, he would get confused. danger.

In the constant movement of Zhensheng Qi, it gradually condensed into the dantian at a very slow speed like a sea of rivers. The dumb was already a little uncontrollable, and the dantian completely became a silvery color, and the qi continued to grow. The condensation is compressed. A faint silver light flashed around Ah Du's body.

The Heavenly Gang Sword Saint who was making light armor was shocked when he saw Ah'Dai's change. He knew that this was a precursor to the eighth level of real qi. He didn't expect the giant spirit snake brain to have such a great effect. He quickly put down the light armor in his hand and floated behind Ah-Dai, pressing his palm on the spiritual platform of his vest, helping Ah-Dai to condense the scattered innocence, and pressing the other hand on the Baihui on the top of Ah-Dai's head. Next, Dui entered into a coma, and could no longer feel his physical condition. The reason why the Sword Saint of Tiangang did this was because he was afraid that Duan would have distracted thoughts because of the strange energy operation. Right now, the vitality in Ah Du's body was completely controlled by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. In fact, the reason why Ah Dai was able to reach the eighth level so quickly was mainly because the Sword Saint of Tiangang lost his two success powers, and coupled with his hard work for the past six months, the breakthrough of skill is a matter of time. Under the influence of the brains of the giant spirit snake, he naturally successfully entered the eighth realm.

I don’t know how long it took, and Ah Dao slowly woke up. He was surprised to find that the thick silver energy that was empty inside his body was completely gone. Instead, a small silvery one inch in the pubic area was replaced. people. He looked carefully and saw that the appearance of the villain was very similar to himself, this, what is going on!

Slowly opening his eyes, in the eyes of Dui, the grotto completely changed into another appearance. The originally dim grotto seemed to have added countless colors, and it looked so touching. He raised his right hand in accordance with the previous exercise method, and the yellow energy sword appeared in his hand at more than twice the previous speed, and the little figure in his dantian seemed to only dim the silver light.

"You are awake." The voice of Tiangang Sword Saint came.

Dui looked at the Heavenly Sword Saint who was sitting on the rock. He was surprised to find that he could clearly see every fine line on the Heavenly Sword Saint’s face. The Heavenly Sword Saint looked haggard and his face was slightly pale. , "Master, me, what's wrong with me? How come the true qi in my body has disappeared?"

Tiangang Sword Saint opened his eyes, smiled kindly, and said, "Child, do you know? You have entered the eighth stage of Sheng Sheng Jue-Sheng Sheng Plastic Body. Your original liquid qi has not disappeared, they are all condensed Become the villain like you in your dantian, that is the total energy of your whole body. In the future, you can still practice according to the original method when you practice."

Eighth? Dumb was shocked in surprise. Half a year ago, I had just entered the fifth level. I didn't expect that in only half a year, I already had the eighth level of skill. Doesn't that mean that I have reached the same level of skill as Uncle Owen?

The Sword Saint of Tiangang obviously saw the doubts in Ah Du’s heart, and smiled: "My child, you are indeed lucky. You are the first in the sword school to reach such a realm so quickly. But, you must know that you reach the eighth level. The high realm does not mean that you have the strength to catch up with your uncles. It will be very difficult for you to increase one level of life, especially after reaching the sixth level, most of your skill improvement depends on external forces, which makes Your own skill is not pure enough, so even if you consolidate the eighth level of skill, it will take a long time. Moreover, even if it is the same as the eighth level of cultivation, the level of skill is very different. Your eight The uncles are all highly qualified. Among them, except for Zhou Wen because of his irritable personality, he did not break through the final limit of the eighth level. After decades of hard work, several of your other uncles have reached the eighth level. However, their skills are quite different. Your master Bo Xiwen and Second Master Fengwen have the highest skills, because they have maintained the eighth level of cultivation for more than 20 years. The ninth level, even if it’s me, it took 30 years of hard work to reach it. Therefore, you still have a long way to go. From now on, you will have to rely on yourself." After a pause, Tiangang Sword Saint Dao "Go, call some of your uncles, I have something to tell them, after you call them, you should stay in the sword sect first, wait for your uncles to go back, and you will come back. Hey——, you His skill is enough to make a breakthrough on the mainland, and it should be time to leave."

Dui was shocked. When he first started practicing, he always hoped that the six months could pass faster, so that he could leave here as soon as possible to find the missing members of the Elves. But Tiangang Sword Saint suddenly said that he was going to let him leave, but his heart was filled with reluctance. For half a year, although Tiangang Sword Saint had never shown him a good face, he gave his unique knowledge to his heart. Twenty percent of the skill that he had cultivated was passed on to him, so how could Ah Duan not be deeply moved by such a profound blessing.

Tiangang Sword Saint closed his eyes and said indifferently: "The one that should go is always going. You have a long way to go. Don't be a child. Go."

Duan nodded, bowed to the sky, the sword sage bowed deeply, glanced at the still sleeping holy evil in the corner, and floated out of the grotto.

Breathing some cold air from the top of the mountain, Ah-Dai felt that his skill had improved a lot from before reaching the eighth rebirth determination. There seemed to be a faint flow of energy between gestures and movements. With a movement of his mind, his body had already flown out. Toward the direction of Qianshan Sword Sect.

The sword faction's door was open, and as soon as he entered, he happened to run into Liao Yi. "Ah! Little Uncle, it's you! Long time no see." Liao Yi greeted him warmly. Dui was confirmed as the third-generation disciple of the Sword Sect by the Sword Saint of Tiangang, and he was naturally a generation higher than Liao Yi. Liao was very envious of his little uncle. Obviously he is younger than himself, but his skill is much higher than his own. This time, Mengzu Master personally taught martial arts, and his skill must be even more rapid. This time he saw Dui, he clearly felt different. Although Dui still had a dull color on his face, the brilliance flowed under his skin, and his whole body was enveloped in a radiant color, although he did not show any powerful skills on the surface. , But he knew that compared to six months ago, Dui had made great progress.

"Brother Liao, you still call me by name, don't call me an uncle, I'm not as old as you!" Duan replied with some embarrassment.

Liao Yi said sternly, "Well, we Tiangang Sword Sect attaches great importance to generations. You are the disciple of Master Uncle, and of course my Master Uncle. Little Master Uncle, why are you back? I heard that you are not here. Do you practice with Taishizu?"

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Master asked me to call some uncles to see his old man."

Liao Yi was taken aback, and said, "Then you go quickly, if you delay Master's affairs, I can't afford it! I'm going to practice exercises." After that, he turned around and left.

Dumb looked at Liao Yi's leaving figure and shook his head helplessly. He turned out to be his uncle. It was embarrassing! While thinking, he walked in the corridor.

As she was walking, a figure suddenly appeared on the side, and came oncoming, with seven or eight people chasing her behind. "Little Junior Sister, don't run away, is Master looking for you?"

While running, the figure in front turned back and said: "I'm not going. Grandpa is looking for me, he must force me to practice exercises, and they want to go out and play. Hehe." It turned out that the figure was a dumb. The girl I've seen, with surging vitality radiating from her body, was in a daze, and dumbfounded that she was very similar to Xuan Yue, and she couldn't help feeling a little stunned. For half a year, even though A'Dai had been cultivating hard, his thoughts about Xuan Yue existed all the time. He has buried this deep thought in his heart. What Xuan Ye said that day hurt his heart. Whenever he thought of Xuan Yue, he would also think of Xuan Ye's expression of looking down on himself, yeah! How can I be worthy of last month?

While dumb was stunned, the girl had already hit her, the corridor was not wide, and she fell into dumb's arms just as she screamed. Ah Dui subconsciously reached out and hugged the girl's body to prevent her from falling.

Although the girl’s appearance is not as beautiful as Xuan Yue’s, she is also very delicate, she found herself falling into the arms of a strange man, she was suddenly ashamed, blushing, pushed the dumb away, angrily said: "What are you doing? Who are you?" Her charming look was so familiar, it made Ah'ai look a little silly.

"Hey, you haven't seen a beauty! What are you staring at me for? I'm asking you something."

Dumb then reacted and blushed. The girl's temper really resembled the Xuan Yue she had seen for the first time. She said embarrassingly, "Yes, I'm sorry, I want to go over here."

The seven or eight young people behind had already chased up, all of them were the same people that Ah-Dai had never seen before. At first, the Sword Saint of Tiangang issued an order to send all of them out to find Ah-Dai. Therefore, when Ah-Dai first came, they were not on the mountain. It was only when I came back a few months ago.

The headed young man gasped and said, "Little Junior Sister, do you want to exhaust us? Master is looking for you, why can't you not go. Hey, brother, are you a disciple of that Senior Uncle and Uncle?"

Dumb stunned, he didn't know how to answer, and murmured: "My name is Dumb, I haven't been here for a long time."

The young man nodded, and did not think that this young man was the person the master was looking for, but guessed that this dull young man must be a disciple who has just started. He immediately assumed the posture of a senior, and said: "If you don't go to practice in broad daylight, why are you running here?" He leaned to the girl's side and whispered: "Little Junior Sister, he didn't hurt you. Brother, you Hurry up to apologize to the little junior sister."

Ah Dui promised and hurriedly said: "I'm sorry, Junior Sister."

The girl Xingmu opened her eyes wide, rubbed her sore shoulder, and said, "Who is your little sister, you should call me senior sister so late when you started."

Dumb looked at the girl in front of him who didn't seem to be her own, and muttered: "Yes, Senior Sister. Didn't hurt you just now."

The girl snorted and said, "Why doesn't it hurt? It hurts so much? You said, how can you pay me?"

Duan seemed to be back in the wizard's union where he met Xuanyue for the first time. Xuanyue asked herself to be the scene when she was a follower, her eyes suddenly showed fascination, and she did not answer.

"Hey, why are you stupid, I'm asking you something? Tell me, how can you pay me?" The girl looked arrogant with her hands on her hips. She didn't feel disgusted in the eyes of Dumb, she was very kind, and smiled and said, "Just tell me."

The girl looked at the several teenagers who were chasing him, her eyes flashed strangely, and she slowly stepped behind Dui, and muttered: "Let me think about it. It's appropriate to see how you can compensate me."

The seven or eight youngsters who caught up with each other all reported that they were watching a good show, and no one came up to make it happen.

The girl had already turned behind Ah-Dai, and she suddenly smiled and said, "I thought about it, so you can help me deal with their chasing soldiers." As she said, she kicked Ah-Dai's hip. When she thought about it, this kick would surely make Dui jump over, blocking the way of those seniors, and she could escape. However, she didn't know that Ah Dumb's skill was no longer what she could imagine.

Dui was suddenly attacked, the vitality in his body was naturally mobilized, and the whole body flashed light, and the girl was shocked and flew out in an exclamation. This is the fact that Dui discovered that the attack on him was the girl’s hurriedly curtailed skills. He saw the girl’s body being shaken off, and his heart was anxious. He subconsciously raised his right hand, and the yellow light suddenly emerged with the changing technique, turning into a light. The belt was wrapped around the girl's waist, and Ah-Dai gently brought the girl back and wrapped it in his arms.

The girl screamed in pain in cold sweat, and tears flowed down her cheeks. Her calf had been broken by the dumb body guard just now.

Seven or eight teenagers were all stunned, and the effort Dui used just now was completely unimaginable.

Duan held the young girl's body, anxious, but at a loss. The headed youth reacted first, and said angrily: "You dare to hurt the little junior sister." A step forward, a punch in the face, punching Ah-Dai in the face. Dumb was afraid that the scene just now would be repeated. With a movement of his mind, his body moved back three feet, avoiding the blow of the youth, and shouted: "Don't do it, find someone to show the senior sister. Her leg seems to be broken."

The young man was taken aback, and pointed to Ah'Dai's nose and said, "Wait, wait for the master to deal with you." After speaking, he ordered a junior to call someone, and surrounded Ah'Dai with a few others.

Dumb saw that the girl’s painful whole body was constantly convulsing, and hurriedly stimulated the vitality of life in her body. A faint white light radiated out, and warm energy was injected into the girl’s body, stimulating the little vitality of life in her body, surrounding the wound. Place. The girl's pain suddenly became much lighter.

After a while, Lu Wen ran over in a hurry under the leadership of the disciple for training. When he saw Dumb, Lu Wen was surprised: "Why are you back?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Four uncle, please take a look at this senior sister first, her leg seems to be broken by me."

Hearing Ah Dumb called Uncle Lu Wen, all these young people were shocked. They didn't expect that this young boy would be a generation taller than them.

Lu Wen took the young girl's body from Dumb and frowned, "Senior sister, she is your nephew. How did you do this? You girl must have provoke your uncle. "

The girl's painful body convulsions had long been speechless. The young man headed by the side hurriedly helped her defend her: "Four Master Zu, no, yes, it was the uncle who broke the leg of her sister."

Lu Wen snorted, and said, "Little Lizi, when have you learned to lie? It seems that I should go to your master to sue you. Don’t I know what kind of disposition is dumb? If you don’t provoked him, will he fight back? Go, quickly find me two boards, UU Reading, I will immediately connect the fractures one by one."

Li Yi was taken aback and didn't dare to say anything. Just about to look for the plank, Dumb said, "Uncle, I'll come." With that, he urged the vitality in his body and flew from the corridor. After coming out, falling on the only big tree in the yard, a yellow light flashed in his hand, and a five-inch long knife appeared in Dumb's hand. With a wave of his hand, a branch fell silently. Dumb stretched out his hand to catch it, and the knife in his hand was flying up and down under the control of his mind. It was almost an instant of time. Two identical wooden boards had appeared in his hands. Floating back to Lu Wen, he hurriedly passed the board over.

Although Lu Wen was surprised by the time Dui had shown, his granddaughter’s legs were more important at the moment. He took the plank, sealed the girl’s blood, and then carefully corrected the fracture and dislocation, and tore off his clothes. As a rope, firmly fix the planks from both sides to the leg bones one by one.

The bone took it back, and the girl choked up and said, "Grandpa, grandpa, you have to vent your anger! He just kicked him and he broke his leg."

Dumb squatted beside the girl and rushed to the road and said, "Four uncles, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Just now, she kicked me from behind. The anger in my body reacted by itself. I didn't have time to completely take it back. That's it. You, punish me."
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