The Kind Death God Chapter 31-40

Chapter31 Elves

Xuan Yue was shocked, “What are you doing? I only asked what was a
*** slave, why do you all have such big reactions?”

Yue Hen was full of embarrassment as he tried to change the topic, “Miss Xuan Yue, it’s better for you to stop asking. Let’s prepare to enter the forest, remember to check if you’ve left anything behind in the horse carriage.”

Xuan Yue shook her head, “I didn’t leave anything behind! If you don’t tell me, I’ll go ask Ah Dai then. Ah Dai! Tell me, what is a *** slave?”

“I, I don’t know either! But, since they’re slaves, their lives must be very miserable. The captured elves are really pitiful…” Ah Dai sighed, as he shook his head.

“I didn’t expect that humans can be compassionate too, this is my first time seeing it.” A cold voice suddenly sounded out from within the forest. As Ah Dai’s group turned towards the direction of the voice, over ten green colored silhouettes flew out from the forest. At a glance, one could tell that there was a mix of men and women within the group of people, and their bodies seem to be slightly shorter than a normal human’s. They wore green plants as clothing, and they had a pair of translucent wings behind their back. Most of them were wielding a green-colored short bow in their hand, as they glared hatefully at Ah Dai with their bright, beautiful eyes. Apart from the wings of their back, what stood out most was the pointed ears that they had. Everyone could sense the penetrating power of their arrows, and an intense killing aura emanated from them, as though they were preparing to fire their arrows. Yan Shi spoke up, “They are the friends from the Elven race, everyone don’t move.” As he finished speaking, he walked forward and gave a small bow towards the male elf at the front of the group. “Greetings, brother elf, I am Yan Shi from the Puyan Tribe. I have come to pay my respects to Her Majesty, the Queen of Elves. May I know what has happened to cause all of you to be so tense?”

The male elf was stunned for a moment, then replying, “You are Yan Shi of the Puyan Tribe? Then what relationship do you have with Yan Fei?”

“Yan Fei is my father, does this brother know my father?”

However, the male elf did not seem to have any intention of relaxing, and continued in a wary tone, “What evidence do you have to prove that you are indeed Yan Fei’s son?”

Yan Shi let out a smile, and took out a stone-like item from his clothes, throwing it to the male elf. Ah Dai vaguely saw that there were a few words on the stone, and it even contained some special power within.

As the elf caught the stone, Yan Shi explained, “When I was born, that is the protective charm that was bestowed upon me by the esteemed Prophet Pu Lin of our Puyan Tribe. You can take a look.”

That elf inspected the stone, but shook his head, saying, “I can’t see anything special about it, but since you are so sure that you are from the Puyan Tribe, you can follow us into the forest. Did you really come to the Elven Forest just to pay your respects to Her Majesty?”

“We are planning to pass through the Heaven’s Origin Tribe to get to the Death Mountains. Since we have passed by your esteemed tribe’s territory, we decided to pay our respects to Her Majesty.”

A female elf with long, cascading purple hair walked over to the male elf’s side and conversed with him. Their conversation was in a language that no one could understand, and Ah Dai guessed that it must be the elven language. That male elf nodded continuously as he listened to the female elf’s words. After she finished speaking, he hesitated for a moment before sa

Yan Shi furrowed his brows, and exclaimed in rage, “Since when did the elves start to treat their guests like this? Is it really the orders of Her Majesty, Queen Xi Luo?”

Unrelenting, the male elf replied, “Yes, this is Her Majesty’s order. She ordered us to not let off any outsiders. Whether you are willing or not, we need to capture you and bring you back.” As he spoke, the rest of the elves raised their short bows, and one of the female elves flying at the back also waved a small magic staff in her hand, making it give off a faint green glow.

Xuan Yue grumbled to Yan Shi, “Didn’t you say that the elves were a kind and peace-loving tribe? Why does it seem, that they are even more overbearing than your Puyan Tribe! Trying to capture us just after we met.”

Yan Shi tried to explain, “Something big must have happened to the elves, if not they would not act in this manner. Friends of the Elven tribe, please stay your hand and let us discuss this first.” Then, he turned to Ah Dai and said, “Brother, it’s better for us to not start any conflicts with the elves, let’s just try and go along with them for now.”

Before Ah Dai could respond, Miao Fei interjected, “How can we accept that, if our powers are sealed, aren’t we letting them do anything they want to us?”

Ah Dai looked at Yan Shi, then looked at Miao Fei, and said to the male elf, “Brother elf, is there no other methods? We really don’t have any ill intentions.”

The male elf let out a cold hmpf, “Who knows if you are thieves who are just making use of the Puyan Tribe’s reputation? No, we must first seal your powers before bringing you into our Elven Forest.”

At this moment, Yue Hen walked up and stood in front of Miao Fei, declaring in a loud voice, “Okay then, I believe in your elven tribe.” Miao Fei hurriedly cried out, “Boss Yue Hen, you mustn’t! We mustn’t let them seal our powers!”

Yue Hen glanced at him, “It’s okay, I believe that the elves will not harm their friends. Come.”

The male elf furrowed his brows, seeming to hesitate for a moment. “If it’s proven that you are really the friends of our elven tribe, then I, Ya Yuan of the Elven Tribe, will surely express my sincere apologies to all of you. Roma, you can begin.” Following his orders, the female magician elf at the back flew out, and chanted some incantations in elven language. The green glow from her magic staff gradually spread out and after some time, enough time that a pot of tea could boil, she finally waved her magic staff. A ray of green light shot towards a nearby large tree, and under the magic light, the tree instantly grew at an insane speed, with seven or eight tree vines crawling towards Ah Dai’s party.

Xuan Yue pointed and exclaimed in astonishment at the thick tree vines,
“Wah! Is this the nature magic of the elven tribe? It’s so amazing!”

The tree vines quickly arrived before them, and started climbing up their bodies. In just a while, they were totally wrapped around them. Ah Dai struggled slightly, and felt the sturdiness of the vines, even with his boundless dou qi, he might not be able to escape from the bindings. The female elf named Roma stopped chanting after all the tree vines had bound Ah Dai’s group in place, and shot a tired nod towards Ya Yuan.

“Okay, we can go now, follow behind us,” Ya Yuan ordered, as he led his group of elves, slowly flying back into the forest.

The feeling of being bound was naturally uncomfortable, and Yan Li remarked in displeasure, “It’s been so long since I last came to the elven tribe, but who knew that I would actually be bound like a rice dumpling once I arrived.”

Yan Shi glared at him, chiding, “Don’t say any more nonsense, when we arrive at Her Majesty’s place, she will deliver us justice.” As he spoke, he started walking, following behind the elves. Xuan Yue was not too bothered by bindings, as she knew, she could easily use the Phoenix’s Blood to break free if anything happened.

The path through the Elven Forest was full of uneven ground, and everyone took careful strides as they entered the deeper parts of the forest. The giant, towering trees had blocked most of the midday sunlight, and a cool, refreshing breeze blew past them, instantly uplifting their spirits.

Yan Li was a little mesmerised as he muttered, “The air here is so refreshing, even better than our Puyan Tribe. Big brother Yan Shi, it’s been more than a decade since we last came here, right?”

In this place filled with nature’s beauty, Yan Shi seemed to be evidently happier, as he nodded his head lightly, “Yes! The Elven Forest is of the most beautiful places in the continent. If only… Yun’ Er was still alive, she would definitely be happy when she sees this place.” Thinking of his deceased wife, pain arose in Yan Shi’s heart, and he stopped talking.

Among their group, only Xuan Yue did not practise any martial arts, and after walking for a while, her legs felt extremely sore. Without her hands free to help her maintain balance, along with the uneven ground of the forest, she accidentally lost her footing, and instantly fell to the ground. Ah Dai got a fright and immediately crouched beside her. However, with his hands bound, he had no way to help her up either.

As the treasured daughter of a crimson-robed priest, this was the first time Xuan Yue had suffered this kind of treatment, and she immediately burst into tears. Hearing her cries, everyone stopped and Yue Ji quickly hurried over go Xuan Yue’s side, asking in concern, “Yue Yue, how are you?”

Xuan Yue sobbed, “Their elven tribe is too much of a bully! I’m just a weak girl who doesn’t know any martial arts, how am I supposed to continue walking through this uneven ground! I don’t want to walk anymore, wuwuwu… T_T” Ya Yuan flew over, and reached out to try help Xuan Yue. However, Xuan Yue shouted out, “Don’t touch me! Hateful!” Ya Yuan got a shock, only now did he realise that there was such an angel-like girl among the group of outsiders. In terms of appearance, she would be considered a top beauty, even among the elven race. Looking at her teary face, Ya Yuan finally relented, “From your appearance, you should be a human magician, right? Since it seems that you really don’t bear any ill intentions, I’ll just remove your bindings, okay?”

Xuan Yue instantly stopped sobbing, and a smile broke out as she hmpf- ed, “That’s much better, quickly remove these bindings.”

Ya Yuan called Roma over, and she quickly removed the vines around Xuan Yue’s body. Xuan Yue sat up and moved her sore limbs. Just now, when she fell down, she had scraped the skin on her palm, and the waves of throbbing pain caused her to cry out. She softly chanted her light attribute healing magic, and under the gentle rays of white light, the wound on her hand began to heal.

Roma landed next to Xuan Yue’s side, saying, “Little one, it’s not good to keep using magic to heal your injuries, it will decrease your body’s immunity. It’s better to let small wounds like this heal on their own.”

Xuan Yue pursed her lips and pouted, “But, but it really hurts! And, from your appearance, you don’t seem to be much older than me, please don’t call me ‘little one’. I really dislike others calling me little.”

Roma giggled, “Not much older? Haha, then you’re wrong, our elven race can usually live up to four or five hundred years. I’m almost a hundred years old this year, although it’s not considered to be very old in the tribe, I’m still much older than you.”

Hearing that, Xuan Yue let out a gasp of shock, and pointed at Roma,
“You, you are almost a hundred years old?”

Roma nodded her head lightly, explaining, “Yes! I’ll be hundred in two year’s time. When I reach a hundred years of age, I’ll be considered as an adult elf.” Xuan Yue seemed to have forgotten the pain from her fall earlier, and instantly grabbed Roma’s arm, saying in an affectionate tone, “Sister, sister, quickly tell me, how do you stay so beautiful even when you’re hundred years old?” The elves were a tribe that liked beauty and perfection, and upon hearing Xuan Yue’s sincere question, Roma could not help but smile. “Little one, this is due to our elven blood, there’s no special method involved!”

“Wah, being an elf is so good, to stay so beautiful even at a hundred years old. If only I can reincarnate as an elf next life…” Xuan Yue pouted.

Roma smiled, “If you become an elf, you will surely be the prettiest little elf!”

By this moment, Ya Yuan had flown over once more, interrupting their chat, “We should get going now, the others will be worried if we don’t return soon.”

Just then, a loud noise sounded through the forest, and more than ten black silhouettes suddenly appeared, surrounding them. All of them were fully covered in black, only revealing their eyes. Some were carrying ropes, while others were wielding weapons and shields, displaying menacing auras. A rope suddenly flew out from the bunch of black-clothed men, successfully entangling itself around Roma’s body. The tall black-clothed man who threw out the rope gave a rough tug, instantly pulling Roma towards him. With one hand grabbing hold of her body, he used his other hand to strike against her neck, knocking her out cold. Letting out a smug laugh, he proudly shouted out, “Brothers, quickly attack now, I’ve successfully captured the elven magician.”

The black-clothed men no longer had any reservations, and immediately pounced towards the elves. Ya Yuan remained calm and quickly flew into the sky. Under his command, countless green arrows rained down on the group of black-clothed men. However, the men seemed to be well-prepared, and almost everyone of them had thick shields in their hands. Although the piercing power of the elven arrows were strong, they were still unable to pierce through the black-clothed men’s defenses. Although the translucent wings of the elves were able to lift them up into the sky, their flying speed was still incomparable to that of the winged people. Within the forest, there were all sorts of leaves and branches blocking their way, and they could barely fly up ten metres. The black- clothed men constantly flung out their ropes, and without the support of the elven magician, another three elves had been caught in just a short moment.

Seeing such a change in events, Xuan Yue got frightened and quickly rushed over to Ah Dai’s side. Yan Shi hurriedly yelled out, “Elven friends, quickly help us undo our bindings, we will help you to fight against the enemies!”

Ya Yuan was busy shooting arrows and dodging the ropes as he raged back, “Who knows if you are in cahoots with them! It must be you who led them here!” Actually, even if he believed Yan Shi’s words, he had no way to remove their bindings. After all, the only elven magician in their group, Roma, was already captured.

Looking at the group of black-clothed men who were drawing closer, Yan Shi was filled with anxiety, and he quickly asked Xuan Yue, “You are a magician too, do you have any methods to remove these bindings? They are too tough, and I can’t break free from them.”

Xuan Yue thought for a moment, before replying, “I do have a method, however, you might be burned by the fire. You must bear with the pain for a while!” As she spoke, she took out the Phoenix’s Blood, and quietly chanted, “Oh exalted Phoenix, the King of all birds! Please bestow upon me your eternal flames, transform into blades of fire, and cleave apart these bindings!” One of the greatest features of the Phoenix’s Blood was that, as long as one was at a junior magician level, one could use it to produce flame magic, and the power of the flames depended on the user’s magic power. Ah Dai’s Dragon’s Blood had the same ability, just that the magic produced was light attribute.

Following her incantations, the Phoenix’s Blood in Xuan Yue’s hand let out a red glow, and a bird shaped flame rushed out from the droplet-shaped gem. Under Xuan Yue’s command, it rushed towards the vines around Ah Dai’s chest. Ah Dai felt warmth spreading through his chest, and the vines that were restricting him earlier instantly broke apart. The vines were burnt coal black, but due to the icy evil qi of the Hell’s Sword, even the flames of the Phoenix’s Blood was unable to harm his skin. Ah Dai immediately drew his TianGang Sword, and with a flash of white, the vines around Yan Shi and Yan Li were sliced apart. Even the toughness of the tree vines were unable to defend against the sharpness of the TianGang Sword. The two of them let out a loud roar, and rushed towards the black-clothed men as they drew their weapons.

The flames from the Phoenix’s Blood were the strongest power that Xuan Yue could use at her current level of strength, and she had originally wanted to continue using the flames to help remove the bindings on the others. However, her magic force seemed to have been totally depleted from one usage of the Phoenix’s Blood, and she no longer had any strength, collapsing to the ground. Actually, she had overestimated the toughness of the tree vines. Using fire against plants, even a lower level fire magic would have been able to remove the bindings.

After Ah Dai helped Yan Shi and Yan Li, he hurriedly rushed over to Xuan Yue, asking in concern, “Yue Yue, how are you? Are you alright?”

Xuan Yue was a little out of breath as she panted, “I’m fine, just that I’ve used too much magic force. You should quickly go help Yan Shi and the others defeat those evil people, don’t let them capture the elves! Especially sister Roma.”

Ah Dai nodded, and helped Yue Hen and the remaining four break free. All of them had determined looks on their faces, and apart from Wan Li who was staying behind to protect Xuan Yue, the rest dashed towards the black-clothed men. At this moment, Yan Li and Yan Shi had already rushed straight into the midst of the black-clothed men. The two of them were warriors with powerful strength, and even the thick shields were of no use against their attacks. Yan Shi seemed to be venting all of his fury, as he swung his sword relentlessly towards the black-clothed men. Every strike was filled with immense power and momentum, killing all the men who were facing against him. Yan Li’s attacks were not any weaker than Yan Shi’s, and he swung his battle axes around in a frenzy. In just a while, seven or eight black-clothed men had already died to the pair of brothers. “Hey, you people! Are you trying to take advantage of the situation to benefit yourselves?” one of the black-clothed men shouted out.

Hearing that, Yan Li yelled out in fury, “You motherf******! Don’t lump us in the same group as you, I’m going to kill all you bastards!” Ever since the day that he was tricked by Yan Ju, he already had a belly full of anger, and to add on, the past few days were extremely stifling for him. Now that he had a chance to vent his anger, he rushed towards the group of black-clothed men who were trying to capture the elves, without any hesitation. By this time, Ah Dai had also arrived. As Ah Dai was a little dumb, he remembered that Owen had taught him to focus mainly on momentum and strength while attacking, so most of his attacks were similar to Yan Shi’s. The only difference was that Ah Dai was too kind-hearted, every strike of his was only aimed towards the shields of his enemies, once the shields were broken, he then used his TianGang Sword to hit against their joints, merely causing them to lose the ability to battle. However, what Ah Dai did not notice was that the black-clothed men, who were injured by him and no longer had their shields to defend themselves, died under the arrows from the furious elves. Meanwhile, although Yue Hen’s silver sword and Miao Fei’s soft sword were unable to break their enemies’ shields, their attacks were well-executed. The black-clothed men were not very powerful, and under the joint cooperation of Yue Hen and Miao fei, most of them were killed. Yue Ji was at the side supporting them, as long as any black- clothed man was exposed, she would immediately shoot her arrow. Flashes of silver light flew past, and the accuracy of her archery was not any weaker than the elves’.

In just a short while, despite the difference in numbers, the large group of black-clothed men were forced into retreat by Ah Dai’s group, and it seemed that they would all be eliminated. Just then, another seven black- clothed men suddenly jumped out from the bushes. Their attire was slightly different from the earlier group of black-clothed men, and they were not carrying any shields or ropes in their hands, but instead, they were wielding a short dagger in each hand, giving off a cold glint.

The elves that were captured before, excluding Roma, had all been rescued. Although they did not suffer any serious injuries, they were all knocked out by the enemies.

The tall black-clothed man who was holding on to Roma quickly retreated to the seven black-clothed men who had just appeared, and exclaimed anxiously, “Leader, we were close to succeeding, but a bunch of powerful fellows suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and snatched away the captured elves. Many of our brothers have died or suffered serious injuries!”

A short and slim black-clothed man in the group let out a cold hmpf, “You bunch of useless fools, can’t even deal with just these few people. Order the men to retreat.”

The tall black-clothed man quickly obeyed, and let out a loud, clear whistle. Once the whistle sounded, the remaining black-clothed men, with only fewer than ten surviving, quickly retreated back with their shields as protection, towards the group of black-clothed men wielding twin daggers.

Ya Yuan, together with the elves who were not captured, quickly gathered with Ah Dai’s group, and Ya Yuan said with immense gratitude, “You really are friends of our elven tribe, I am really sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Let’s not talk about this right now, let us deal with those black-clothed men first. Those fellas who just arrived seem to be quite strong, everyone be careful,” Yan Shi warned.

Ya Yuan nodded, “I’ve already sent out the signal just now. However, as this is close to the borders of our elven tribe, there are fewer of us stationed nearby, perhaps aid will arrive a little late.”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows and added on, “From their appearance, these men who just arrived seem to be from the Thieves’ Guild. They actually dare to trespass into the elven tribe just to capture elves, aren’t they afraid of the United Regions Commonwealth? I presume that the ones who just arrived should be at least high-ranked thieves, everyone be careful.” Yan Shi glanced at Yue Hen, then said to Ya Yuan, “Brother elf, I’ll leave our back lines to the rest of you, we will go forth to deal with those bastards.” After he finished speaking, he started walking forward with Yan Li. Ah Dai and the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group followed behind, and the seven of them arrived before the group of black-clothed men.

The seven black-clothed men walked up as well, and one of them said in a deep voice, “No matter who you people are, don’t you think you were a little too ruthless? Twenty-two of our brothers died here, you must give us a good explanation.”

“What explanation! You bunch of bastards actually dared come here to kidnap elves, simply that, isn’t it enough reason to kill you?” Yan Li raged.

The black-clothed man coldly hmpf-ed, “We are all living on this continent, just trying to make a living and earn money. Since you’ve gone to such extremes today, don’t blame us for breaking traditions!”

Ah Dai was confused, and softly whispered to Yue Hen, “What traditions are they talking about?”

Yue Hen replied in a low voice, “There are rules in the Thieves’ Guild, that they are not allowed to kill anyone while stealing or robbing. It seems like this group of black-clothed men are going to give their all. The power of high-ranked thieves is very fearsome, if there’s any Acquirer here, we will be in danger. We must be careful later, those high-ranked thieves have extremely fast speeds.”

[TN: I’m not too sure how to translate ( 获取者) Acquirer, but I’m guessing it’s a rank for the thieves, probably a higher rank than the high- ranked thieves.

Yan Shi argued back, “Just for personal profit, you force the kind elves to be subjected to harsh treatment as slaves, your actions are too selfish! The continent will be better off without people like you, what’s wrong with us helping everyone to get rid of evil?” One of the black-clothed men whispered to the leader of the group, and the leader nodded his head, declaring to Yan Shi, “How about this, there’s seven of you, and there’s seven of us. Let us have a duel, and if you win, we will immediately leave the Elven Forest. But, if you lose, stop interfering in our business!”

Yue Hen whispered to Ah Dai, explaining, “It seems like these thieves are quite afraid of breaking their guild’s rules. If not, they wouldn’t be so tolerant right now. Actually, this kind of proposal is quite acceptable. If we were to defeat them, they will naturally have to back off, otherwise, even if we want to help, we wouldn’t be able to save the elves.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Big brother Yue Hen, do you think we will be able to beat them?”

“I’m not sure either, I can’t tell how powerful they are from their appearance. However, all of their weapons are short daggers, I’m afraid they definitely have some skills. The shorter the weapon, the more formidable the skills required.”

Yan Shi also sensed that the black-clothed men had already given them some leeway, and replied, “You decide then, how do we duel?”

“Very simple, we will each send one person to duel, and the loser is not allowed to participate anymore. Once all the seven people of a group are defeated, they will be considered to have lost. However, I hope that you will no longer go to the extreme and kill anyone. If not… I’m afraid that we will be unable to control our emotions and…”

Yan Shi did not pay attention to the threat, and merely stated, “Let us begin then. Which one of you is fighting?”

The leader of the black-clothed men glanced towards his left, “Little seven, you go.” In a flash, the leftmost black-clothed man had already stood in the middle of the two groups. His speed had indeed shocked Yan Shi. Yan Shi was clear that his advantage laid in strength, and he was not suitable in dealing with those who were proficient in speed. Just as he was contemplating whether to go up, Miao Fei had already stepped forward. With his left hand holding his soft sword, he goaded with disdain, “Let me witness exactly, how powerful dog thieves like you are!”

The black-clothed man was short and slim as well, his eyes were large, but he narrowed his eyes when he looked towards Miao Fei. He did not seem to be angered by Miao Fei’s words and coldly said, “Be careful.” His voice was hoarse and low, and once his voice faded, he made his move. Miao Fei had already lost sight of his opponent, and he got a great shock. He was pretty confident in his own speed, but he had never expected that the small, slim black-clothed man would be that fast. Instinctively, he swung his short sword around, and the surrounding was filled with after images of his sword. With a loud clang, Miao Fei suddenly felt two streams of sharp dou qi against his soft sword. He hurriedly circulated the dou qi in his body to try and defend against the attack, but he was unable to stop the ambush of the piercing dou qi. An intense pain radiated from his hand, and his soft sword fell on the floor with another clang. There was a chill against his neck, and the short dagger was already on top of his shoulder, with the blade almost touching his neck. The dense killing aura caused Miao Fei to not dare make any movements. Just as he thought that his life would be over, the killing aura dissipated, and the black-clothed man once more appeared at his original spot, calmly declaring, “You’ve already lost.”

Miao Fei stood rooted at the spot, with a pale face and cold sweat running down his back. He had never thought that he would be unable to even receive a single attack.

Yue Hen quickly walked up and grabbed hold of Miao Fei, while shooting a nod towards the black-clothed man, “Thank you for giving mercy.” His heart was filled with unease as well. The fight had clearly displayed the vast differences in power between Miao Fei and his opponent. Although Yue Hen was a little more powerful than Miao Fei, there was not such a great difference between the two of them.

Not just Yue Hen was afraid, the others were also shocked by the attack of the black-clothed man. Deep in their hearts, all of them knew, that none of them are confident in receiving that unexpected attack. Yan Shi gritted his teeth. Just as he was about to step up, he found that his shoulder was grabbed, and he turned around to see, it was Ah Dai. Ah Dai nodded towards Yan Shi, “Big brother, let me go.” After seeing the skill that the black-clothed man displayed just now, Ah Dai did not have any confidence as well. However, once he thought of how the innocent and kind-hearted elves would be sold of by those black-clothed men as slaves, anger rose within him, and he impulsively stepped out.

Yan Shi knew that Ah Dai’s power was similar to his, and he even knew some magic. Thus he thought that Ah Dai might have a greater chance, and nodded, “Please be careful.”

Ah Dai nodded in acknowledgement and drew the TianGang Sword behind his back. Both of his hands were gripping the sword hilt tightly as he walked up to the black-clothed man. Faint white colored dou qi emanated from his body, and he stared at his opponent with a domineering aura. “Please advise.” Once he spoke the words, Ah Dai immediately circulated all the boundless true qi within his body. He was no longer aware of the presence of the black-clothed man, and only felt as though he was back within the ocean. His momentum gradually increased, just like the build-up of endless waves surging towards his opponent.

There was a glimmer of shock in the black-clothed man’s eyes, as he twisted his body, trying to defend against Ah Dai’s pressurising momentum. He felt as though his body was locked down by Ah Dai, and there was no chance for him to go on the offensive. If he moved, he would immediately be faced with Ah Dai’s thunderous strike. The two of them just stood there, facing each other, and no one moved for a long time.

Chapter32 Evil Light Appears

At last, under Ah Dai’s oppressive aura, the black-clothed man could not endure anymore. His body seemed to be weightless as he suddenly slid forward, barrelling towards Ah Dai. Ah Dai let out a loud roar, as he sent out his full-power strike towards the man. The surrounding air seemed to have formed a vacuum, restricting the black-clothed man’s movement, causing him to be unable to react to the strike. Ah Dai sensed that, for some unknown reason, the strike just now seemed to have become much more powerful than last time. Actually, it was because, after he advanced into the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, his boundless true qi had gradually strengthened, allowing his attacks to become even stronger.

The black-clothed man did not panic, and the short daggers in his hands gleamed as he twisted his body, using the twin daggers to strike against the blade of the TianGang Sword. With another two ‘clang’s, the daggers struck against Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, and the piercing dou qi around the daggers was able to counter Ah Dai’s full-force strike, aiming straight towards his hands that were wielding the sword. Ah Dai could finally understand why Miao Fei had seemed to let go of his soft sword so easily. Quickly, Ah Dai circulated the liquid-like boundless true qi towards his hands. Under the continuous circulation of boundless true qi, he barely managed to diffuse the two piercing needle-like dou qi, but his hands were already a little numb.

Although the black-clothed man had successfully defended against Ah Dai’s heavy sword, the weight of the TianGang Sword, along with the immense power from Ah Dai’s boundless dou qi, still managed to cause him to take a step back. He had no hesitation as he feinted backwards before attacking once more. With a cold flash of light, the two short daggers were aimed towards Ah Dai’s chest, as he continued attacking with lightning speed.

At such close proximity between life and death, Ah Dai remained abnormally calm, as he forcefully twisted his body and changed his attack, swinging up his TianGang Sword to face his opponent’s daggers. The black-clothed man let out a cold hmpf, and did not bother to meet Ah Dai’s attack head-on once more. In a flash, he disappeared before Ah Dai’s sight. Ah Dai could not use the same trick again, and he suddenly felt a chilling breeze behind his back. There was no time for him to block, and he could only bend forward, falling to the ground. Just as he was about to crash onto the ground, his right palm heavily smashed against the ground, and he flew back five metres away. Despite his fast reaction, there was still a throbbing pain in his back. The daggers of the black-clothed man had left two long streaks down his back. The piercing dou qi continuously invaded his body, and Ah Dai spasmed on the ground as he focused on using his boundless dou qi to prevent the hostile dou qi from entering his body.

Before Ah Dai could even catch his breath, the chilling breeze arrived once more. He knew that he had no way to avoid his opponent’s attack anymore, and it seemed as though death was just looming over him. The others could only watch and let out shrieks of shock as the daggers of the black-clothed man was about to pierce into Ah Dai’s back. The black- clothed man was simply too fast, and there was no time for the others to intervene.

Suddenly, Ah Dai felt a rush of heat in his left hand, and the warmth instantly spread throughout his body. His boundless true qi seemed to be aided by the warmth and surged forth, dispelling the sharp dou qi from his body. To the others, it seemed like Ah Dai had suddenly radiated bright white light. The black-clothed man had originally wanted to use his daggers to scare Ah Dai into admitting defeat, but seeing the sudden change of events, he

Once the daggers came into contact with the white light around Ah Dai’s body, it was as though cutting against tough leather. The white light was firm yet pliable, and the light suddenly expanded, causing the black-clothed man to be sent flying from the impact. Ah Dai was not feeling well either. Although he had no idea where the sudden gust of warmth had come from, the white light that was produced could only help him block most of the black-clothed man’s attack. There was a metallic taste in his mouth, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yan Shi and Yan Li both rushed forward at the same time, helping Ah Dai up. The black-clothed man did not pursue any further, and stood there calmly, panting slightly.

Ah Dai used his TianGang Sword as support, and tried to suppress his surging blood. With a forced smile, he said, “Brothers, I’m alright.”

“It’s okay, brother Ah Dai, we’ve tried our best. These black-clothed men are simply too powerful, we can’t handle them with our current strength,” Yan Shi sighed.

Yan Li had a solemn expression as he lamented, “Even if we were all to attack together, we still might not be able to defeat them. It looks like there will always be better people! The Elven Tribe is going to be in trouble…”

“No! We mustn’t let them take away the elves!” Ah Dai suddenly yelled out. Glaring furiously at the group of black-clothed men, he continued, “We haven’t lost yet. Let’s continue. Brothers Yan Shi and Yan Li, you can return first.”

Yan Shi and Yan Li glanced at Ah Dai’s look of determination, and lowered their heads in embarrassment, for they had almost thought of giving up. Yan Li raised his head abruptly, declaring, “Let us fight it out! If all of us fight together, perhaps there might be a chance.”

Ah Dai shook his head, “No, there are too many of them, it’s better to follow the rules and continue with the duel, I might not necessarily lose. Brothers, please step back.” After he finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the black-clothed man who was standing there emotionlessly. The black-clothed man looked coldly at Ah Dai. Ah Dai walked up to him, stopping around a distance of three metres away. With one hand, he slammed the TianGang Sword into the ground. Watching Ah Dai’s actions, the black-clothed man hmpf-ed, “You are no match for me, get someone else to fight instead.”

Ah Dai shook his head, “That may not be the case.” He pulled out the Dragon’s Blood that was hanging from his neck, and held it in his palms. Following the incantations that Xuan Yue had taught him, he softly chanted, “Oh the mighty King of Dragons! Please grant me your limitless divine power to form an unbreakable shield, and defend the dignity of the dragons!” As he finished chanting, he turned around, with his back facing the black-clothed man, and stretched out his hands towards Yan Shi and the others. The white light expanded, and the black-clothed man hurriedly stepped back warily. He did not understand how the youth before him could have so many hidden mysteries.

The white light shot towards the others, covering almost the whole patch of sky. It formed a white-colored shield around everyone else, including the elves, and even his opponent. This magic, was the strongest light attribute magic that Ah Dai could utilize at his current level with the Dragon’s Blood. Out of everyone present, only Xuan Yue knew that the magic was called Light’s Protection, and it was a middle-ranked, level 5 light attribute defensive magic spell. It could purify all evil energy and contained strong defensive power. With Ah Dai’s current level of magic force, he would at most be able to cast level 3 magic spells, but with the aid of the Dragon’s Blood, he barely managed to cast this level 5 magic spell. Also, out of the others, only Xuan Yue understood what Ah Dai was planning to do, and she muttered worriedly, “Ah Dai, you must remain safe!” The white light not only formed a protective shield around the others, it also blocked out the surroundings and sounds from them. Yan Shi was extremely anxious and was about to rush out of the barrier, but he was stopped by Xuan Yue. “Don’t worry, I trust Ah Dai!” She did not understand why, but she just had confidence in Ah Dai.

After the Light’s Protection had successfully formed a barrier around everyone, all of the thieves were stunned. They could not understand why Ah Dai would use protective magic on others, but not himself. “What are you doing?” the black-clothed man asked. He was feeling a little regretful, if he had attacked while Ah Dai was casting magic, he would have already won.

Ah Dai turned back to face the black-clothed man, with a solemn look on his face as he replied, “Nothing, I’m just afraid that the attack would be too strong and harm my friends.”

The black-clothed man was stunned. Although Ah Dai did not seem weak earlier, he was just a warrior who had slightly better skills. Apart from that mysterious white light, the black-clothed man felt that Ah Dai was still lacking. So, what other strong techniques could he have up his sleeves? Could it be magic? No, at such a close distance, I will definitely not give him the chance to chant any incantations. Thieves were generally nicknamed as ‘Magician Killers’, the agility that they possess is a direct counter to magicians.

Just as the black-clothed man was becoming puzzled, Ah Dai’s right hand had already been placed on his chest.

The black-clothed man suddenly felt as though he was in the middle of a harsh winter storm, and could not help but shiver. Ah Dai who was standing in front of him, no longer seemed like that silly looking kid, there was a fierce look on his face and faint gray qi continuously seeped out from his body, filling the surrounding with evil qi. Among the first group of black- clothed men, those who possessed weaker strength shivered uncontrollably, and even the seven black-clothed men who arrived later could not help but reveal looks of fear.

The evil qi gradually became more dense, continuously spreading out, with Ah Dai at its center. The black-clothed man who was facing Ah Dai arched his body, he could barely endure the icy cold feeling for any longer. With his dagger in front of his chest, he bent over, in preparation to attack. “Wait a minute.” The black-clothed man at the very front of the group of thieves suddenly shouted out. In a flash, the other six black-clothed men appeared before Ah Dai. Ah Dai stared coldly at them, without showing any signs of fear. Boundless true qi continuously flowed into the Hell’s Sword through his right hand, and dense chilling evil qi encompassed his body. He could sense that, he would be able to use the Hell’s Sword to attack any moment. “What? Do all of you want to fight together?”

The black-clothed man faintly emitted blue-colored dou qi from his body, and said, while resisting the evil qi in the air, “Little fellow, if I’m not wrong, you should be the successor of the ‘King of Hell’ right?”

Ah Dai nodded, but did not reply.

“I never knew that someone from the Assassin’s Guild would actually become benevolent and save people. Fine, seeing that you are the successor of the ‘King of Hell’, we shall give you some face. However, you should show us some of your ability. If not, we will just have to kill everyone here, perhaps even the ‘King of Hell’ won’t be able to figure out who did it. Little Four, go and test if his Hell’s Sword is real.”

A tall and skinny black-clothed man walked forward, with his daggers in his hands, and stared at Ah Dai’s right hand.

“You should know, that once the Hell’s Sword is drawn, there will be no survivors. It’s not too late to leave now,” Ah Dai casually stated.

The black-clothed man who was nicknamed ‘Little Four’, let out a cold laugh, “Although the ‘King of Hell’ is indeed the number one assassin, I really wonder how much of his martial arts have you learnt.” As he finished speaking, he turned into a streak of black shadow, and shot towards Ah Dai like a bolt of lightning. Now that he knew his opponent was the successor of the most terrifying assassin in the Assassin’s Guild, he was not merciful like the previous black-clothed man. One dagger was aimed towards Ah Dai’s throat, while the other was aimed at his heart; the black- clothed man was filled with a strong killing intent. The thieves were all clear on one thing, although they would not usually cross paths with the assassins, they knew that the Assassin’s Guild was not someone they could afford to offend. Only by killing everyone present, would they be able to silence this matter. A cold glint flashed in Ah Dai’s eyes, as he loudly chanted, “Hell’s Sword First Flash: Heaven—— Splitting—— Earth—— Crasher——” This was his first time drawing the absolute evil sword — Hell’s Sword, and it was also his first time seeing how the Hell’s Sword looked like. He felt the life force within his body continuously being sucked by the eerie blue glow that appeared before his eyes. The boundless true qi in his body circulated at an incredible speed, and he flashed across, towards his opponents. The surrounding air seemed to be solidified by the domineering evil qi, and all of the black-clothed men lost their ability to move as the eerie blue light, that seemed to have originated from the depths of hell, flashed past. Ah Dai reappeared behind the black-clothed man’s back, causing the man to reveal a look of shock and disbelief. The color of his irises gradually dimmed and his body started to wither. With two sharp ‘clangs’ resounding through the air, the daggers that he was holding in his hands dropped onto the floor, and his body collapsed onto the floor. In that instant, he had already become a corpse.

The Hell’s Sword seemed to quaver a little, although the evil energy still remained, it was not as strong as before. The shorter black-clothed man who had fought with Ah Dai earlier suddenly let out a sorrowful howl, “Fourth uncle!” He immediately floated towards the dead black-clothed man.

“Retreat!” Their leader commanded. The techniques that he displayed were much faster than the two black-clothed men previously. With just a flash of black, he had already grabbed hold of the short black-clothed man in one hand, and in his other hand, he was carrying the corpse of the other black-clothed man. Together, they quickly retreated into the dense cover of the forest with the remaining five black-clothed men.

Meanwhile, the ordinary black-clothed men who possessed weaker powers were all rendered immobile by the evil energy that entered their bodies. Although they were not exactly weak, the extreme evil qi of the Hell’s Sword had robbed their souls. Without souls, their leftover bodies slowly became weaker, and even though they would not become cold, dead bodies, they were still unable to escape from death. From then on, they would never be able to see the rising sun of the next day. The six black-clothed men, who had arrived later, did not bother about their other companions, rapidly disappearing from Ah Dai’s sight.

Right now, Ah Dai was not in a good condition either, and he was fully focused on resisting the evil energy of the Hell’s Sword. Although he had merely executed the first move of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques — Hell’s Flash, it already exhausted a large portion of his boundless true qi. If the black-clothed men had attacked him one more time, he would not have been able to block it. Fortunately, the reputation of the ‘King of Hell’ was indeed infamous; in order to protect their own lives, the black-clothed men had chosen to retreat.

After a long while, Ah Dai finally managed to suppress the evil energy of the Hell’s Sword, causing it to return to normal. The draining feeling of using the Hell’s Sword still left fear in Ah Dai, he was afraid that he might have become a killing monster. Inhaling a deep breath, Ah Dai gradually raised his head, chancing upon the elven magician Roma’s trembling body. Even before Ah Dai had executed the Hell’s Sword technique, Roma was already awoken by the shockingly dense evil aura, and she had managed to witness everything that happened. Although she was not a very high-level magician in the elven tribe, she had grown up amongst the Elven Forest which was full of life force, and along with her nature magic that she cultivated, her body was able to resist some of the effects of the evil energy, protecting her from ending up in the same state as the other black-clothed men. However, the extreme evil energy that was emanated, as well as the earlier bone-chilling scene, was still indescribably difficult for her body to endure. In Roma’s eyes, Ah Dai seemed like the most evil being throughout Heaven and Earth; with each movement, he would take away someone’s life, something that only a god who governed over Death could achieve.

When deciding to use the Hell’s Sword earlier, Ah Dai had already forgotten about Roma’s presence, and now that he saw her shivering body, he immediately got a fright. Quickly circulating what was left of his boundless true qi, he stumbled over to Roma’s side, causing her to gasp in fear, “You… are you the Death God? What… are you going… to do?”

Ah Dai coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood as he let out a bitter smile, “I’m not going to do anything. The enemies have finally left, are you feeling very cold right now?”

Roma nodded mutely. The cold expression that Ah Dai had when he killed was freshly imprinted into her memory, she was unable to determine, if this person who had saved them, was actually good or bad?

Ah Dai crouched down, and placed his right hand on Roma’s shivering shoulder, transmitting the remaining boundless true qi in his body into hers, bit by bit. Although the white glow was very weak, it still emanated a faint holy aura. After receiving the boundless true qi, Roma felt warmth throughout her body, and was instantly more comfortable. The evil qi which had entered her body was all dispelled and she stopped shivering.

Ah Dai panted heavily, his body was almost at his limits as he grabbed onto Roma’s hand, muttering earnestly, “Sister… elf, can, can… you promise… me something?”

Roma was stunned, “What do you want me to promise you?”

Ah Dai looked into Roma’s eyes, and gasped weakly, “Sister…. Elf, I… wish… that… you… will… not… tell… the… others… that… I… killed… someone…., that… is… my… secret… Don’t… worry…, I… don’t… have… any… ill… intentions… I… did… not… want… to… kill… either…, but… they… forced… me…:”

Looking at Ah Dai’s pleading gaze, Roma was moved. She knew that, if not for these outsiders who had saved them, perhaps they might have ended up in the same state as their missing sisters, and become slaves to the humans. It was this silly and innocent-looking youth who had saved her, and despite the deep impression of the scene earlier, the kind-hearted Roma decided to help Ah Dai keep this secret. Thinking about this, Roma lightly nodded.

After getting Roma’s reply, Ah Dai immediately revealed a relieved smile, then he collapsed into Roma’s arms and fainted. He was no longer conscious to control his mental force, and the light barrier also disappeared gradually. The people who were inside waiting anxiously immediately rushed out when the light barrier dissipated. Ya Yuan fluttered his wings, flying over to Roma’s side and saw Ah Dai, who had collapsed into her arms. “What, what exactly happened here?” he asked in shock.

Roma hesitated for a moment, then replied, “It’s him, this human had chased all of the bad guys away.”

Ya Yuan was stunned. He had seen the power that the black-clothed men had displayed, although Ah Dai’s was not weak either, he was definitely still unable to match up to them. He could not inquire further, as Yan Shi had already arrived before him. Yan Shi grabbed hold of Ah Dai’s body, quickly using his dou qi to inspect Ah Dai’s meridians. The others surrounded them, as they waited anxiously for Yan Shi’s judgment.

As Xuan Yue did not know any martial arts, she was the last to run over, and she quickly squeezed to the front, asking worriedly, “Big brother Yan Shi, Ah Dai, how is he?”

Yan Shi let out a long breath of relief, “Don’t worry, brother Ah Dai is fine, he just over-exerted himself. After a good rest, he will be fine.”

Ya Yuan shot a meaningful glance at Roma, then spoke out, “Friends, thank you for saving us. I shall apologize on behalf of all the elves here for our previous hostility. We were indeed too reckless. I am sorry.” As he spoke, he bowed respectfully towards Ah Dai’s group.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m glad that we did not suffer any losses. Those thieves are indeed abominable, helping you is what we ought to do. What should we do about these bodies?” Yue Hen responded.

“Let’s leave the bodies here first, our men will take care of it. Let’s hurry back to the elf village, I need to report this incident to Her Majesty.”

Xuan Yue looked around, commenting, “Somehow there seems to be more corpses, was it Ah Dai’s doing?” Roma nodded, “But I don’t know how they died. After the second group of black-clothed men retreated, these black-clothed men just collapsed.”

“How did Ah Dai become so much stronger, and managed to chase away all of them just by himself? Is he concealing his power?” Miao Fei asked curiously.

Yan Shi was a little impatient as he replied, “Let’s not care about that first. Brother elf, I’ll have to trouble you to lead the way, Ah Dai needs a quiet place to take a good rest.”

Just at this moment, a large group of elves flew towards them, there was over hundred of them. The three elves at the front gave off a powerful aura, and Ya Yuan exclaimed in delight, “Our companions have arrived.” He quickly fluttered his wings and flew to greet them, and started to converse with them in elvish language.

The large group of elves landed, and the three elves at the front walked over to Ah Dai’s group. The male elf in the middle spoke, “Thank you for saving our sisters and brothers, I am Tian Ying, an Angel ranked elf of the elven tribe, I am honored to meet you.” There was a look of respect on his well-defined features, he seemed to be around 30 years old, and he was also carrying a short bow.

There was a change in Yan Shi’s expression, as he suddenly ran up, carrying Ah Dai in his hands. “Uncle Tian Ying, do you still recognise me?”

Tian Ying looked at Yan Shi in shock, and inspected him for a while, but replied in confusion, “You must be from the Puyan Tribe? Have we met?”

Yan Shi was a little enthusiastic as he continued, “Uncle Tian Ying, i met you 13 years ago, when my father Yan Fei brought me here! I am Yan Shi!”

Tian Ying let out a gasp of astonishment, “You, you are Yan Shi? After so many years, your appearance have really changed!” Yan Li also walked over, joining in, “Uncle Tian Ying, I am Yan Li!”

Tian Ying laughed out loudly, “So you are the cheeky little boy! I still remember that time when you came and chopped the tree at my house with your axe! Oh, and I still remember the look on your face when brother Yan Fei punished you!”

Hearing that, Yan Li let out an awkward smile, “Uncle, let’s not talk about that embarrassing event.”

“Uncle Tian Ying, this friend of mine has spent all his energy and needs some rest, can you bring us to a quiet place to let him rest first?” Yan Shi interjected.

Tian Ying patted his chest, “No problem. Ya Yuan has already informed me of what happened, let’s go now. Those thieves are really too rampant, they have already abducted our tribesmen many times. It seems like, if we don’t take some action, they might really think that our elven tribe is easy to bully.” There was a cold glint in his eyes as he said the last sentence.

Yan Shi nodded, “Uncle Tian Ying, let us go now. After we arrive at the village, I will tell you how we came to be here.”

Tian Ying nodded, commanding the rest of the elves and flew towards the depths of the Elven Forest, leading the way.


Outside the Elven Forest.

The six black-clothed men finally stopped, although they had been running for quite a long time, none of them were out of breath.

Their leader let out a long breath of relief, “It should be safe now. I didn’t expect that the King of Hell’s disciple would appear.”

The short black-clothed man who had first sparred with Ah Dai glanced at the corpse in the leader’s hand, and burst out wailing, “Fourth Uncle, Fourth Uncle! You died an unjust death!” His voice was no longer so raspy, and became clearer, speaking precise Holy Church language.

The other black-clothed men also revealed looks of sorrow, and the leader sighed, “Seventh Lass, stop crying, we can only blame ourselves for being unlucky, meeting the King of Hell’s disciple here.”

The short, skinny black-clothed man pulled off the veil on his face, revealing an exquisite face. ‘He’ was actually a beautiful girl, who looked to be about 17 or 18 years old. There were tears in her eyes as she wailed, “Fourth Uncle, Fourth Uncle died because of me! The one who should have been facing the Hell’s Sword was me!”

The leader sighed, “Child, stop crying, it is our duty to protect you.
Number Four died to protect you, he did not die in vain.”

The Seventh lass jerked her head upwards suddenly, with a furious look in her eyes, “First Uncle, what are you saying, no one deserved to die! Do you think I, Mie Feng, is a scaredy-cat who is afraid of death? If that’s the case, the ten years of martial arts that I have trained with blood and tears, and my power as an Acquirer, was it all achieved under your protection? That youth just now might not be able to use the Hell’s Sword again, why did we have to run? If we just continued attacking, we might have succeeded!”

The leader, who was called First Uncle by the girl, wrinkled his brows, “Seventh Lass, please calm down. I know you were very close with Number Four, but what’s happened has already happened. We have no choice either, do you think we are not sad now? The six of us were all brothers who have gone through life and death together. Apart from the guild leader, we were the only six Acquirers. You only became an Acquirer recently, but the six of us have been together for decades! Number Four’s death, we are even more upset than you! But Seventh Lass, you have to understand, as a top tier thief, you must definitely not let your emotions overcome you. If we had not left in time, perhaps the next target of the Hell’s Sword might have been you or me, or another one of us! Your words are indeed not wrong, that youth is still quite young, and his martial arts are still not too profound, perhaps he is really unable to execute another move. Even if he is able to, it is impossible for him to kill all of us, and we will be able to easily kill him. However, have you ever thought, if you were to do this, another one of us might fall victim to his sword? Do you really wish to see that happen? The Hell’s Sword, the extreme evil on the continent, is not something that we can defend against. No one can escape from the Hell’s Sword First Flash, with every move, someone will surely die. If we were to suffer anymore losses, our guild’s power will fall even further, how am I going to report to your father? Furthermore, don’t forget, our enemies this time is not simply that youth. If I’m not wrong, the reinforcement troops of the elves were already on their way. Ordinary elves are nothing to be wary of, but those elves who’ve already reached the Angel rank, we are not confident in dealing with them either. Child, as a thief, the most important thing is to remain calm at all times, and make the most correct decision.”

Mie Feng clenched her fists tightly, revealing intense hatred in her eyes as she nodded lightly, “First Uncle, I understand. But, Fourth Uncle’s death, I must avenge him! If I had killed that youth at the start, he would not have been able to use the Hell’s Sword. It was all my fault, it’s all my fault…” Two streams of tears trickled down her face, and her beautiful bright eyes became red.

The black-clothed leader patted Mie Feng’s shoulder, consoling her, “Seventh Lass, all of your efforts, we’ve witnessed it, even we are awed by the amount of effort you have put in. Ever since the establishment of the Thieves’ Guild, you are the only one who has become an Acquirer before 20 years old. You still have a bright future ahead of you, don’t let your vision be clouded by hatred and revenge. You should know the rules of our Thieves’ Guild, we must definitely not kill anyone in our missions. Unless, you want to be an assassin?”

Mie Feng lowered her head, gazing at the body of her fourth uncle. He was someone who had watched her grow up, and had imparted all of his skills and techniques to her. The pain and sorrow in her chest made it hard for her to breathe. Biting down on her lip, she said resolutely, “Even if I can’t be a thief anymore, I will surely avenge Fourth Uncle! First Uncle, you don’t have to try persuade me anymore.” The black-clothed man sighed, “Okay, let’s return first. We are still within the Heaven’s Origin Tribe’s territory, we need to quickly leave, wait till we get back to the Thieves’ Guild before deciding anything. I believe, guild master will surely ask for an explanation from the Assassins’ Guild. For hundreds’ of years, both of our guilds have belonged to the same forces of darkness, and we have never interfered in each other’s business. But, this time, they have ruined our most important mission. No matter what, they ought to give us a proper explanation.” After he finished speaking, he surveyed the surroundings, and activated a skill, pulling the reluctant Mie Feng along, towards the boundaries of the Yalian Tribe.

With the guidance of the elves, Yan Shi and the others soon arrived in the depths of the Elven Forest. The further in they went, the bigger the trees became. The lush greenery surrounded them, providing them with gusts of fresh breeze. As Xuan Yue did not know martial arts, Tian Ying specially arranged for some stronger female elves to bring her along in the air. It was Xuan Yue’s first time experiencing such a light feeling, and the soothing breeze that flew past her calmed her down, making her forget all the grievances from earlier. All she was thinking right now, was ‘if only I can fly too!’

The gurgling sound of water suddenly sounded in their ears. Yan Li explained excitedly to Yue Hen, who was beside him, “Ah! We are arriving at the elf lake. That is the elves’ home, and it is the main base of the elven tribe.”

Yue Hen was shocked, “There’s even a lake in the Elven Forest?”

Ya Yuan, who was nearby, heard the question and laughed, “Of course, our home is right on top of the elf lake! You will understand it after you see it, haha!”

Listening to Ya Yuan’s words, they continued forth with bubbling curiosity. All of them wanted to see how the lake in the Elven Forest would be like.

Chapter33 City of Elves

After passing through a dense patch of forest, the path suddenly opened up ahead. A fairy-like scene greeted them, causing everyone to be dazed. The lake was right in front of them, and the water was crystal clear, glistening under the reflection of the sunlight. Fish under the water were visible to them, and there was a faint layer of afternoon mist above the lake, creating a dream-like atmosphere. Countless elves were flying on top of the lake surface, with cheerful smiles of delight on their faces. This was not the most astonishing sight to behold. What was even more astonishing was the ancient, towering tree right in the middle of the lake. The tree was at least a hundred metres tall and wide, while its tree branches stretched outwards for over fifty metres. There were many cracks on the tree bark, with tree vines entangled around its trunk and hanging from its branches, and some elves could be spotted weaving through the vines. The dense canopy of the tree was covered in bright green leaves that glinted under sunlight, and the diameter of the crownwas almost the same as the height of the tree itself. Melodious sounds of birds chirping and the fluttering of the elves’ wings seemed to play a harmonious tune together, a delight to the ears. The ancient tree was not the only tree in the middle of lake, it was surrounded by many other smaller trees. The other trees were not as magnificent as the ancient, towering tree, but some faint silhouettes of tree houses situated within their branches were visible. The tree houses seemed to be melded within the trees, appearing totally natural with no traces of man-made work. There was a continuous flow between the trees and from far away, the whole place looked like a large elven city that was on the lake.

Xuan Yue looked dazedly at the sight before her, sighing contently, “It’s simply too beautiful, it’s way more beautiful than my home! Such a beautiful tree and beautiful lake!” Roma, who was flying beside Xuan Yue, smiled, “This is the centre of our Elven Forest —— the Elven City, and most of our elves reside here. Our elven magicians have set up illusions all around five kilometres from the centre of the Elven City, making it like a maze, preventing outsiders from entering. This place is our elves’ paradise.”

Xuan Yue nodded, “Your elven tribe’s nature magic is really amazing, it’s so different from normal magic!” Roma nodded her head in agreement, “The nature magic of our elven tribe is very profound. I’m still too young, so I haven’t mastered much of it, if not, I wouldn’t have been bullied by those bad guys. Sister Xuan Yue, who is that fainted youth to you? If not for him, we would have all been captured by those bad guys.”

Xuan Yue glanced down at Yan Shi, who was carrying Ah Dai, hesitated for a moment before replying, “He is my friend, he is very kind-hearted, just that he’s a little slow sometimes.”

Roma lowered her head, seeming to be in thought, and did not reply. After returning to the Elven City, all of the other elves immediately split up and flew towards their respective destinations. Tian Ying landed on the ground, explaining to Yan Shi, “All of the elves here only have their own tree houses, so there are no spare rooms for guests. How about this, you can rest here by the lakeside first, I’ll quickly go and report to Her Majesty.”

“Uncle Tian Ying, don’t worry, go do what you need to, we will just rest here by the lake. The Elven City is indeed an otherworldly paradise. Simply taking a look at such breathtaking scenery is enough to get rid of all our weariness. I’ll have to trouble you further, please let Her Majesty know that we wish to seek an audience with her,” Yan Shi replied.

Tian Ying nod

Yan Shi placed Ah Dai gently on the ground, and turned to Xuan Yue, asking, “Does Ah Dai have some secret? How did he manage to scare away those thieves? And after careful inspection, all of the previous thieves who were not very powerful have all died, and there was not a single trace on their bodies.” Xuan Yue stuck out her tongue, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know anything. Why not wait till he wakes up and directly ask him? Don’t you remember, prophet Pu Lin said that he is your fated person, what’s wrong with being a little mysterious?”

Yue Ji walked up to Xuan Yue’s side, and tugged at her small hand, whispering, “Yue Yue, you have such a close relationship with Ah Dai, you must know something, right? Just tell us~ I’m really curious. Ah Dai has given us so many surprises; when we first saw him, we thought he was just an ordinary magician, but every time we fought, he always seems to being using martial arts. It seems like magic is not his forte? It’s quite rare to see someone skilled in both magic and martial arts on the continent. Furthermore, the magic that he displayed today doesn’t seem to be of the fire attribute, but rather light attribute, just like yours. And it was so powerful! Just as we thought that he would not be able to deal with those black-clothed men, he actually managed to scare them away, that’s incredible! My brother says, those black-clothed men are at the Acquirer level, and we can’t deal with them at our current level! Please tell us, how many more secrets does Ah Dai have?” Instantly, all of their gazes landed on Xuan Yue, waiting expectantly for her reply.

Xuan Yue shook her head, “I really don’t know. Actually, I only met him two days before you. We were both taking tests at the Magicians’ Guild. After that, I found him to be quite honest and simple-minded, so I tricked him into going to the Mercenary Guild with me. Then, we accepted the Death Mountain mission and met all of you. As for his past, I’m not sure either, I’ve only heard him accidentally mention that he has an alchemist teacher? And an uncle who knows martial arts. I don’t know the exact details, so you will have to ask him later when he wakes up.”

The others looked at one another, and Miao Fei asked in curiosity, “Miss Xuan Yue, are things really that simple as you said? If you have just met each other for such a short time, why do I feel as though both of you are so close, just like old friends. Ah Dai always protects you, like an elder brother; once you are in danger, he will get so worried and he is always the first to rush over.” Xuan Yue was stunned. Just as she wanted to respond, an elf walked in, holding a large basket of fruits in her hands. Everyone’s attention was immediately diverted towards her. Yue Ji exclaimed in wonder, “Little elf sister is so pretty! No wonder those bastards always want to capture the elves.”

The elf maiden was blushing as she placed the fruits at one side, and said respectfully, “Honored guests, please have a taste of our elven tribe’s fruits.” She turned and walked out after that.

That large basket seemed to contain all sorts of colorful fruits, and was emanating a faint sweet fragrance, causing the tired and hungry group to uncontrollably gulp. Xuan Yue was the first to grab hold of two fruits, and sat on the grass beside Ah Dai to eat. With the appearance of the fruits, the group was distracted from their questions.

———————————- At the ancient Elven tree.

Tian Ying brought Ya Yuan and Roma to the tallest part of the tree canopy, and said respectfully, “Elven envoy Tian Ying, grand elf Ya Yuan, and elven magician Roma, seeks an audience with Her Majesty.”

In the Elven tribe, there are different titles as well, indicating which level of power they are at. From low to high: little elf, elf, grand elf, elven envoy, grand elven envoy and lastly elf king. Usually, little elf is used to describe elves below the age of 50, while they will have the elf rank once they’re 50. After that, the grand elf title requires both the elf to be at least 100 years old, and to possess a certain level of power. Most elves are able to reach that level with some effort. However, the elven envoy title is much harder to obtain. They are the core of the elven tribe’s forces, and are split into two groups, mainly archers and magicians. For example, Tian Ying, who is an elven envoy magician, he is already close to the level of a human Mage. Apart from the Elven King, the grand elven envoys hold the most authority within the elven tribe, and only the elders of the tribe are able to hold that title. Currently, there are a total of 4 grand elven envoys and 18 elven envoys. All of the grand elven envoys are magicians, and if they combine their power, it is comparable to two human Magisters. It’s because of their existence, that the elven tribe was able to maintain its position within the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. The Elven King is passed down through bloodlines, and every new Elven King would mate with the most outstanding elf of the tribe, to give birth to the next generation. Only elves with the bloodline of the elven king are eligible to be the next Elven King. The Elven King is able to use many high ranked nature magic with power of his bloodline, and although he does not travel the continent, there are some who call him the Fourth Magister of the continent, a nature attribute Magister.

The tree branches separated, and a clear voice rang out, “Her Majesty summons Elven Envoy Tian Ying.”

Tian Ying fluttered his wings and flew towards the tree canopy, with YaYuan and Roma following close behind. Only the elven king and grand elven envoys had the authority to reside in this ancient tree, but there would occasionally be some normal elves who resided here to wait upon the elven king and grand elven envoys.

Tian Ying flew towards the largest tree house among the treetops, and a young female elf greeted them, “Sir Elven Envoy, Her Majesty requests your presence.”

Tian Ying nodded, and led Ya Yuan and Roma into the tree house.

Inside, a middle-aged female elf sat regally on a throne of vines. Her brows were furrowed, seeming to be very troubled. Beside her sat a middle- aged male elf, and he had a similar worried look on his face, with traces of anxiety evident in his eyes. Tian Ying’s group walked in, and they bowed together in respect, “We pay our respects to Her Majesty, and Grand Elven Envoy Oudi.”

The Elven Queen raised her head to look at them, and asked, “What happened? Were there enemies who tried to infiltrate into our territory again?”

Tian Ying nodded, and shot a look towards Ya Yuan. Ya Yuan quickly stepped forward, and recounted what happened earlier, of how they were ambushed by the black-clothed men, and how Ah Dai and his companions lent a helping hand out of righteousness. After listening to Ya Yuan’s recount, the Elven Queen’s husband, also the youngest Grand Elven Envoy of the tribe, Oudi, immediately stood up in rage. “Those outsiders are too outrageous! How dare they challenge our elven tribe’s dignity, time and time again! Majesty, I think we ought to quickly do something about it.” Oudi did not obtain his rank of grand elven envoy due to his status as the queen’s husband; but rather, it was the other way around. He had gotten to where he was today all by his own efforts. Out of the 4 grand elven envoys, Oudi had the highest magic standard, and was only weaker than the elven queen. It was also due to his diligence to improve and excel, that he was picked from the queen’s countless suitors to be her consort.

The Elven Queen had a solemn look on her face as she asked, “Tian Ying, where are these valiant friends now? Can they be trusted?”

“Your Majesty, I have arranged a place for them to rest beside our elven lake, and I think they can be trusted. Does Your Majesty still remember Yan Fei, the leader of the Puyan Tribe? His son is among the group of people, while the child who had scared off the enemies is still unconscious now. I believe that they won’t harm our tribe,” Tian Ying responded respectfully

The Elven Queen let out a sigh, “Okay then, go and summon the other grand elven envoys, and tell them that I have something to discuss with them. Perhaps, the help of these new friends is needed.”

Back in the tree house beside the lake.

Just as everyone was enjoying the delicious fruits, Ah Dai gradually regained consciousness. Fatigue was present in every single part of his body, and as he tried to move his limbs, he could not help but groan in pain. The boundless true qi within his body was almost fully depleted, and there was only a weak trickle of energy. His mental force was also exhausted after activating the Dragon’s Blood.

Xuan Yue was the first to discover that Ah Dai had awoken, and she immediately ran over to grab his hand, asking in concern, “Ah Dai, are you okay? Do you feel any discomfort?” Shaking his head, Ah Dai answered, “I’m fine, I just feel so tired… Yue Yue, where is this place?”

The others gathered around, and Yue Hen explained, “We have already arrived at the depths of the Elven Forest. This is the Elven City.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Then, those elves were all rescued?”

“Don’t worry, all of the bad guys have retreated. Reinforcements from the elven tribe came, and brought us here. Here, eat a fruit first.” As Xuan Yue spoke, she passed a purple colored fruit to Ah Dai.

Ah Dai wanted to reach out to receive the fruit, but he just could not summon up any energy, and his hand fell limply onto the grass. Xuan Yue wrinkled her brows, revealing a pained look in her eyes. She gingerly bit an opening in the fruit, and brought it next to Ah Dai’s mouth, letting the faint purple colored juice flow into his mouth. Ah Dai gulped down the fresh juice hungrily, and in just a while, all of the juice within the fruit was gone.

Xuan Yue threw the fruit skin aside, and asked, “Do you still want more?
There’s still a lot.”

Ah Dai looked at Xuan Yue in gratitude, and gently shook his head,
“Thank you, Yue Yue.”

Only now did Xuan Yue realise her actions, and her face immediately turned red. “You… You don’t have to thank me, aren’t we friends?”

Miao Fei giggled as he watched the two of them, “Indeed, very close friends! Oh, Ah Dai, shouldn’t you explain to us, how did you scare away those thieves?”

Hearing Miao Fei’s words, Ah Dai suddenly recalled the scene back in the forest. Images of black-clothed men dropping down one by one flashed across his mind, and intense disgust spread through his body. He abruptly bent over and started to vomit. Everyone got a fright, and Yan Shi hurried over, gently patting Ah Dai’s back, asking, “Brother, what’s wrong?” After some time, when he could not vomit anymore, Ah Dai finally stopped and responded, with tears in his eyes, “I… I did not do it on purpose! I didn’t want to kill them, I didn’t want to kill them!”

Yan Shi heaved a sigh of relief. “Don’t worry, it’s just killing some people. I’ve killed more people than you, and they were all bad guys, killing them is not wrong.”

Yue Ji glanced over, asking, “Ah Dai, is this your first time killing someone?”

Ah Dai nodded anxiously, shrinking back and muttering, “I.. I didn’t want to kill him at first, but they forced me.”

“What’s the big deal about killing some people? Quick, Ah Dai, tell us tell us. How did you kill that powerful black-clothed man? Your skills are pretty unfathomable, haha!” Miao Fei interjected.

Ah Dai raised his head to look at Miao Fei, suddenly remembering that instance when he used the Hell’s Sword. With a horrified expression on his face, he stuttered, “No, I, I don’t know… I don’t know!”

“You don’t know? How can you not know? You were the one who killed him, quickly tell us, I’m really curious to know!”

Xuan Yue suddenly pushed Miao Fei aside and shouted in anger, “Stop forcing him to say it, can’t you see that he’s suffering now? Can’t you just let him rest first?” She gently cradled Ah Dai’s upper body, and let his head lie on her thigh. Looking at his tortured expression, she could not help but feel her heart clench in pain. A glistening tear drop rolled down her flushed cheeks, landing on Ah Dai’s cheek.

Yue Hen shot the others some stern looks, and pulled Miao Fei back into a corner of the tree house. None of them wished to disturb Xuan Yue and Ah Dai anymore, quietly retreating to the side.

Xuan Yue lightly caressed Ah Dai’s long black hair, consoling, “It’s okay, it’s okay, everything is over now.” She knew that Ah Dai’s kind- hearted nature was a stark contrast to the evilness of the Hell’s Sword; after suffering such a huge incident, how could he possibly withstand the trauma.

Under Xuan Yue’s gentle caress, Ah Dai gradually calmed down. Pulling her hand towards his face, he slowly drifted off to sleep while taking in Xuan Yue’s faint sweet scent. Looking at Ah Dai’s peaceful face, Xuan Yue was filled with satisfaction, and allowed Ah Dai to continue holding her hand. She leaned against the tree, and fell asleep as well.

After quite some time, Ah Dai sensed that someone was shaking his body. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that Yan Shi was crouched next to him, calling his name.

Seeing that Ah Dai had awoken, Yan Shi whispered, “Quickly get up, there’s people from the elven tribe.”

Ah Dai had rested well, and he had recovered enough energy. Nodding his head, he was about to get up when he realised that he was holding something in his hand. Suddenly remembering what happened before he fell asleep, he turned to look at Xuan Yue. She was currently gazing at him with a caring look on her face, while Ah Dai was still lying against her soft thighs. Their gazes met and both of them instantly shied away. Xuan Yue retracted her delicate small hand from Ah Dai’s grip, and with a blush on her face, she softly spoke, “Let’s quickly get up.”

“En,” Ah Dai responded in acknowledgement. There seemed to be something more between the two of them, but he did not know how to explain it.

Once he stood up, he realised that there were six more elves present in the tree house. All of them seem to be in their middle-aged years, and there were two females. The one in the middle, gave him a special feeling. Although there was a smile on her face, there seemed to be a hidden seriousness in her, as she looked at Ah Dai. Her beauty was totally different from the other female elves that he had seen before, it was a special kind of beauty, that emanated royalty and grace, exuding confidence. Ah Dai uncontrollably exclaimed, “Auntie, you are so beautiful!” Yan Shi quickly pulled Ah Dai aside, saying in a hushed voice, “Don’t be disrespectful, that is Her Majesty.”

There were no females who did not wish to hear others complimenting their beauty, and the elven queen was no exception. She smiled as she said, “It’s okay. Young friend, on behalf of the elven tribe, I thank you for saving our tribesmen.”

Ah Dai scratched his head, replying, “I, I… Auntie, I don’t know how to say it, but I just felt that they were bad guys.”

The Elven Queen sighed, “Yes! They are bad men. Our elven tribe rarely interferes in their worldly affairs, but they keep kidnapping our tribesmen.” As she spoke, her expression gradually became more solemn, with a tinge of melancholy in her eyes, seeming to have remembered something tragic. She turned around and spoke to Oudi, “Di, help me tell everyone what happened, I’m a little tired..”

Oudi replied with a gentle voice, “Majesty, I think you go back and rest first.”

The Elven Queen shook her head and closed her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering against her worry-filled face.

Oudi walked up and continued, “Friends of our elven tribe, thank you very much for your earlier aid, I am the Grand Elven Envoy Oudi. Let me introduce the others, you should be familiar with Tian Ying, and the other three here are the three other grand elven envoys of our elven tribe.” He pointed to a female elf at the side, “This is Grand Elven Envoy Rowan.”

Rowan nodded towards them, and then turned to Ah Dai, “Little friend, thank you so much for saving my daughter!”

Ah Dai was confused, “Your daughter?”

Rowan smiled, “You’ve met my daughter before, Roma.” Only now did Ah Dai recall the elven magician who had seen him use the Hell’s Sword. “Don’t worry about it, Aunty.” Oudi pointed to the other two middle-aged male elves and continued, “These two are Grand Elven Envoys, Sid and Pierre.” The two of them nodded towards Ah Dai’s group, and they quickly bowed back in respect.

Apart from Ah Dai, all of the others were very shocked. Although it was their first time coming to the Elven Forest, Yue Hen and his group knew how prestigious the grand elven envoys were, and not to mention, even the elven queen was here!

Oudi let out a sigh, seeming to be quite conflicted as he asked, “Friends of our elven tribe, currently, our tribe is stuck in a predicament, and I was wondering if you are willing to lend us a hand?”

“What matter troubles your elven tribe so?” Yue Hen asked

“It’s a long story, but our elven tribe has always been living a quiet, peaceful life within the Elven Forest. Living close to nature brings us happiness and contentment, and we will never provoke the other races, including humans. Even the barbaric werebeasts are on good terms with us. However, for some unknown reasons, since a few months ago, there was a sudden increase of outsiders coming into our lands. They specifically targeted those solitary elves, and despite our tight defenses, they still managed to kidnap dozens of our tribesmen. And the most heartbreaking thing is, even our daughter, Starrie, was kidnapped by them…” As he spoke of this, Oudi revealed a sorrowful expression.

Everyone present was shocked, and Yan Shi cried out, “What? Princess Star was taken?! But, doesn’t she have many elves protecting her?”

The Elven Queen sighed deeply, opening her eyes to lament, “It’s all because she was too mischievous, she always felt bored and stifled with a huge group of people following her, so she secretly used elven magic to sneak out of the Elven City. By the time we found out, she was already missing from the Elven Forest. It must be those outsiders who had taken her away. Starrie is only 72 this year, equivalent to 14 or 15 year-old human. I really don’t dare to imagine what kind of fate she will suffer, so this time, I have come with our grand elven envoys, in hopes that you will be willing to lend us your power to help find Starrie.” As she spoke, she started to tear up, and her body convulsed as she tried to hold back the tears. Oudi pulled the elven queen into his embrace, with a similar ashen look on his face.

Ah Dai walked over to the elven queen, consoling, “Auntie, please don’t cry anymore, your daughter will be fine. I, I promise you, I will surely bring her back to see you.”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows, thinking, ‘This Ah Dai is really too brash! There are so many people in the continent, how are we going to find her! Furthermore, someone who kidnapped the elven princess, do you really think that he is simple to deal with?’ Thinking of this, he questioned, “Your Majesty, we are indeed willing to help you find your daughter. But, I have a question, with you and your grand elven envoys’ power, there are few in the continent who are your opponents. Any single one will be much stronger than all of us added together, why do you still need our help? With our current power, I’m afraid we aren’t qualified.”

The Elven Queen glanced at Ah Dai, who was in a moment of realisation, and replied, “Indeed, your current power may be insufficient, but we have our woes as well. You should know, on this continent, other races like us are looked down upon by humans. They capture our tribesmen, only to take them as slaves for pleasure and entertainment. All of the elves, including me, were born here and have lived here for almost all of our lives. Everything in the continent is foreign to us, although we may have the upper hand in terms of power, once we are out of the Elven Forest, we would be like newborns, unaware of our surroundings outside. How are we going to find our missing tribesmen? However, you, my friends, are different. You have a much greater knowledge of the continent, and you are humans, so it will be much easier for you to travel around. The most important thing is, you are friends of our elven tribe. I really hope that you can consider lending us a helping hand, and our elven tribe will never forget your kindness.”

“Your Majesty, I know that your daughter’s absence has made you anxious. We are not afraid of danger, but the ones who kidnapped the elves are not people who we are able to deal with. Even if we find them, we will be unable to rescue your missing tribesmen. Furthermore, we have our own mission this time. Apart from Yan Shi and Yan Li, the rest of us are mercenaries, and we have our mercenary mission to complete,” Yue Hen explained. It was not that he did not wanted to help the elven tribe, but he just did not want to simply give up their lives. Someone who could afford high prices to purchase elves, was not someone that they could afford to provoke.

“But brother Yue Hen, we can always go to the Death Mountains later, it’s more important to save lives!” Ah Dai argued.

Miao Fei hmpf-ed, “If you want to give up your life, don’t drag us along. If we are lucky, perhaps we might come out alive from the Death Mountains. But if you go and provoke those powerful nobles who have so much authority, I doubt you will even make it out alive!”

Ah Dai was stunned, “How do you know that the nobles have captured Auntie’s daughter?”

Miao Fei replied, “Even fools will know. If not for the high price that someone is willing to pay, why would those thieves risk their lives to come here and kidnap elves? The richest people on this continent aren’t merchants, but the nobility. Perhaps, this might involve even some of the royalty of the large empires. Let’s not even mention whether we have the power to save them, even if we are able to rescue them, do you think we will be able to make it back here alive?”

Yan Shi walked up and said in a solemn voice, “Your Majesty, although my friend’s words may be a little unpleasant, but he is indeed saying the truth. Just with the few of us, perhaps….”

Ah Dai was a little anxious, “But the elven tribe is so pitiful, why don’t you want to help them? If you are unwilling, then I’ll go by myself…..”

Oudi put a hand on Ah Dai’s shoulder, signalling for him to stop. He was not angered by Yue Hen’s words, but merely asked, “Don’t worry, since we have asked you for your help, we will surely not ask you to risk your lives. But you are going to the Death Mountains right? May I know what’s your purpose there?” “We have received a mission to obtain a top-grade magic crystal back from the mercenary guild,“ Yue Hen replied. “Oh I see.. I’m not trying to frighten you, but with your current power, if you enter the Death Mountains, you won’t be able to come out alive.”

Miao Fei looked unpleased as he retorted, “How are you so certain that we won’t be able to succeed?”

Oudi gave him a look, and explained casually, “Because I’ve been there before. I am one of the rare few who managed to leave the Death Mountains and escape with my life.” “What? You’ve been to the Death Mountains?” Yue Hen exclaimed in shock.

Oudi nodded, “Indeed, a hundred years ago, when I was still an elven envoy. You should know, only when in extreme danger are we able to ignite our potential. You can laugh at me, but back then, there were many suitors trying to gain Her Majesty’s affection, and their power was around the same as mine. In order to raise my own power, and for the sake of my love, I secretly snuck out of the Elven Forest, and went to the Death Mountains.”

Chapter 34: Dragon Egg

The Elf Queen showed a gentle gaze in her eyes and grabbed Odi's hand and said: "You were too impulsive at the time, don't you know my feelings for you? Even if your cultivation level is not high, I will choose you. Thinking about it now, I am still very scared."

Aodi sighed and said, "Feifei, how can I not know how you love me. But, as a man, if I can't become the strongest warrior among the elves, what face do I have to propose to you! So, I I chose to go to the Death Mountains to experience. At first, when I crossed the Tianyuan Clan boundary to reach the Death Mountains, I realized that my abilities are so small. The Death Mountains are just like the **** on earth, full of death breath everywhere. When I entered, I didn’t realize it, but once I got in, I found that there were all kinds of monsters, zombies, and even scary bone dragons. Often, when I wiped out a few monsters with a magic, there would be More monsters rushed forward, and there was no way to turn back. The surroundings were completely surrounded by monsters. Maybe it was my fate. When I was about to be swallowed by monsters, I fell into a deep pit. Middle. The entrance to the deep pit is very small, and big monsters can't enter. Only some zombies, skeletons or small monsters can pass. I tried my best to use an illusion to seal the hole, which saved my life. Our elves never eat meat, but, in order to survive, I can only eat raw meat from those monsters with smelly bodies. I still remember that feeling deeply. I practice magic every day. , Tried to break out of the siege time and time again, but the number of monsters is too much, and there are many powerful monsters that I can't deal with at all. If it weren't for that sturdy cave, I would have become a monster's meal. Do you know? I lived in that cave for a full year. One day, I don’t know why, the number of monsters suddenly dropped a lot, and all the powerful monsters were gone, so I had a chance to rush Coming out and returning to the Elf Forest, I was awakened by nightmares every morning for three consecutive years. Now that I think of the original scene, my heart still trembles. When I entered the Death Mountain, my magical power had already surpassed the mainland. The so-called great magician, and I am still one of the few warriors in the elven clan. Together, you may be able to compete with me at the beginning. But if you go to the Death Mountain, unless you are lucky enough to find it Avoid the cave, otherwise, I'm afraid..."

Listening to Aodi's recounting of the scene of the Death Mountain, Yuehen and others felt shuddering. Even Xuan Yue, the instigator who went to the Death Mountain Range, had a pale face, as if countless monsters were rushing towards her. Miao Fei said bitterly, "Is it really that scary?"

Aodi smiled bitterly: "I don't have to lie to you. My eloquence is not good. The situation in the Death Mountain is only more terrifying than I described. I first entered, but it is only about three miles away from the Death Mountain, which is considered a marginal area. I can’t even imagine what will be there. Maybe you still have some doubts, I will show you something.” After speaking, the space in front of him suddenly twisted, and Aodi’s eyes shot two. Refined, stretched his hand across the twisted space, and a small crack appeared. With the activation of the spell, a bunch of things of different colors flew out.

Aodi stretched out his hands, those things lightly fell on his palm. Everyone looked intently. It turned out to be seven or eight gems of various colors. On the surface, those gems were not carved, and there were still Different sections, but the faint energy fluctuations, show the value of these gems. Aodi said: "These ores were dug out from that cave. It should be the best magic crystal you want to find. There is no alchemist in our elves, and what we are good at is natural magic. Keep these. The things are not very useful, so I will give them to you." After speaking, he put the gems into Dumb's hands.

Xuan Yue squeezed out a gem from Dumb's hand, took a closer look, and input the magic power in his body. The gem suddenly shined, Xuan Yue nodded and said, "Yes, this is the best magic crystal. So many. It is estimated that it is worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins on the mainland."

Xuan Yue's words shocked Duan and hurriedly said to Aodi: "Uncle, these things are too precious, we can't ask for them."

Aodi smiled slightly and said: "Take it, in our eyes, every tribe is more important than these things. You saved more than a dozen of our tribes, and we should give some gifts back. With these things, Your mercenary mission is also considered complete, so you don't need to venture to the Death Mountains anymore."

The Elf Queen took Ada’s hand and said: "Good-hearted child, just accept it. It's a meeting gift for you. I really hope you can help me find the missing tribe and daughter. I won't let you Go on an adventure, as long as I can find the traces of our people, I will be sure to let you rescue them. Child, can you tell me your name?"

"My name is Dui. Auntie, you don't need to give me anything, and I will definitely save your people back." Facing the gentle and kind Elf Queen, Dui felt extremely cordial. What the Elf Queen brought to him was the kindly maternal love he had never experienced before.

Yuehen walked over to Adu and Xuanyue and said, "Since the Death Mountain is so terrifying, we don't need to go anymore. Brother Adu, Miss Xuanyue, I'm sorry, our Yuehen mercenary group cannot participate in the rescue of the elves. After all, We still have to live on the mainland. There are many fears. Sorry, Your Majesty, even if you have a way to ensure our safety, we cannot accept your request in order not to hurt your family." Tianjin, Sunset, Huasheng these three There are not many nobles in the great empire, but these nobles have enormous strength. Able to hire multiple gainers from the Thieves Guild to perform tasks, the nobles themselves must have strong strength, and their magical powers can even know what is happening in every corner of the continent. The consequences of fighting against them are not something that Yuehen can afford. He also wants to help the Elves, but he still has a family. He doesn't want his parents to be involved.

Tsukihime seemed to want to say something, but in the end she didn't say it, and the atmosphere in the tree house suddenly became a little dull.

The Elf Queen shook her head and said sadly: "Nothing. Everyone has aspirations, you have helped us a lot. From now on, we will also be friends of our Elves."

Yue Hen nodded and walked out of the tree house. Yue Ji, Miao Fei and Wan Li also followed.

The Elf Queen apologized: "I'm sorry, it caused a conflict between you."

The rock looked at Yan Li and asked, "How are you?"

Yan Li nodded firmly. Rock's eyes showed approving gazes, and said: "Okay, you deserve to be my rock's good brother." After saying that, he urged his internal grudge, and his right hand shone with yellow grudge light, his palm stood like a knife, and his head quickly All the brown messy hair on her was shaved, and Yanli was doing the same thing. After a while, they suddenly turned into shiny bald heads.

The Elf Queen and the Great Elf Envoy watched their movements dumbfounded, and dumb couldn't help asking, "Big Brother Rock, what are you doing?"

The rock smiled slightly and said, "Brothers, the elves have made friends with our Puyan people for generations. They are in trouble. How can we ignore them. The most remarkable feature of our Puyan people is the brown hair on their heads. Only this The three thousand trouble threads are removed so that others can't identify them. This will not cause trouble to our people. Your Majesty, our brothers have decided to help you find the missing people."

The elf queen showed a deep gratitude in her eyes, and said with some choking, "Thank you, friends of the Puyan tribe."

Dumb said happily: "With the two big brothers joining, it is much more certain. Yueyue, how are you?"

Xuan Yue froze, and thought for a while, "It's fun anyway. It's the same wherever you go. I'll go too."

The elf queen said softly: "Little girl, you don't have to force it, don't hurt your family's talents. If we hurt you because of our elf clan, it will be bad."

Xuan Yue hesitated for a moment, and smiled: "Auntie, those nobles don't dare to offend my family. Don't worry. I am willing to help you." She thought, if her father knew that she had offended the nobles, she would be blamed at most. Sentence, shouldn't be too embarrassing to yourself.

Dumb nodded and said: "Yes, your father is so skilled, who dares to offend him?"

Xuan Yue gave him a white look and said, "Can you say a few words less? Aunt Elf, what can we do to rescue your daughter and tribe?"

The Elf Queen sighed and said, "What embarrass me the most now is that I don't know where they were caught. The possibility of the Sooyu Federation is unlikely. The other three empires are all suspect."

Xuan Yue frowned and said, "Auntie, how do you let us find such a large area! Even if you turn the whole continent around, you may not be able to find your daughter."

The elf queen said: "I also know that it is difficult. In order to save them back, I have a few things here for you. With these things, you will be able to act more smoothly." After speaking, she turned her head and looked towards Several big elves. The elf envoys nodded firmly at her.

The elf queen drew a green circle with her hands on her chest, and she did not even see her chanting a spell. Numerous green light spots kept pouring towards her from the surrounding air, and the green halo shone softly. The Elf Queen let the halo float in the air, her hands formed a strange gesture on her chest, and she said something silently. The green light in the sky suddenly dimmed, getting smaller and smaller, and finally formed a crystal clear green bracelet. The faint brilliance continued to flow, looking extremely beautiful.

The Elf Queen took the bracelet in one hand, bit her finger gently, dissolved a drop of blood into the bracelet, and chanted: "Take my blood as a guide, and the spirit of nature as the matchmaker, condense, inquire about it Bracelet." The blood melted into the green bracelet instantly, the color of the bracelet suddenly became darker, the light flashed away, and there was a red blood streak in the center of the bracelet, shining with a faint halo. The Elf Queen stuffed the bracelet into Xuan Yue’s hand and said, “This bracelet of inquiry is inspired by my bloodline and has a strong aura. Outside the Elf Forest, it will become dim, but as long as there are elves in Within a hundred miles of the bracelet, it will automatically glow, and the bloodshot will guide you where the elf is. When my daughter is within a hundred miles of the bracelet, the bloodshot inside the bracelet will condense into a ball. With this one Things, you will be able to find our clan members more smoothly."

Xuan Yue loves to play with the bracelet of inquiry in her hand, and she likes it as she sees it, "Auntie, is this really for me? What a beautiful bracelet!"

The Elf Queen said solemnly: "Child, you must keep this bracelet, and you must not lose it. Otherwise, once it is obtained by the bad guys, it will be much easier for them to catch our people again. Do you understand?"

Xuanyue nodded, put the crystal bracelet of inquiry on her left hand, smiled, and said, "Auntie, don't worry, I will definitely protect it."

The elf queen walked in front of A'Dai and Xuanyue. Her height was about the same as Xuanyue's. She flapped her wings and fluttered before reaching the position where she was level with A'Dai. Just like the red dress sacrifice, the voice of the elf queen sounded from the bottom of A'dai's heart. My child, your heart is so good and so kind. Among the human beings I have seen, no one can compare to you."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Auntie, I am actually very stupid, learning everything is much slower than others."

The fairy queen smiled slightly and said, "Although wisdom is important, kindness is more precious. I want to give you something. I have kept this thing for hundreds of years. Maybe, it can be best used in your hands. Right."

Dumb froze and said, "What is it?"

The Elf Queen smiled mysteriously: "When you see it, you will understand." After finishing speaking, she was not in the voice transmission, and said to several big elves: "According to what we said before, you know what to do."

Aodi and the others nodded and respectfully agreed. The elf queen said: "Dumb, you come with me." After speaking, she flew outside the house. Dui hurriedly followed. He was very curious, what exactly would the Elf Queen want to give herself? If it is too precious, you must not accept it.

Seeing Ah-Dai and the Elf Queen go out, Xuan Yue hurriedly ran out, trying to catch up, but was stopped by Aodi, "Girl, don’t go. In order to make it safer for you to find our people on the mainland, we A few will do something for you."

Xuan Yue froze, although she was a little dissatisfied, she still stopped. Tianying walked out quietly, and the four great elf envoys exchanged their eyes and chanted different elf spells.

Dumb and the Elf Queen left the tree house, just in time to see Yuehen and the others standing lonely by the Elf Lake. Before he could say hello to them, he discovered that his body was actually surrounded by a cloud of green light, and slowly floated up. Seeing such a scene, Yuehen and others couldn't help but cast surprised eyes. The elf queen flapped her wings and flew towards the old elf tree in the middle of the elf lake with Dumb. Seeing the clear lake under his feet and the faint mist floating outside the green light around his body, Duan felt like a fairyland. When the elf queen took him to the old elf tree, Dumb couldn't help sighing, "What a big tree!"

The elf queen turned around and smiled, stretched out her hand and gently waved to the ancient tree, the crown parted, and she flew in with Dumb. Dui felt like he was in a dream, constantly observing the strange scenes around him, secretly wondering in his heart. "Dumb, here we are." The elf queen's call awakened Dumb from the lack of consciousness.

"Ah! What a big tree house! Auntie, do you live here?"

The elf queen smiled and nodded, and said, "Yes! This is the aunt's home. You are still the first foreigner to come here." At this time, the two had landed on the platform outside the tree house. The elf queen opened the door and walked into the room with Dumb. The decoration inside the tree house is very simple. It is divided into two rooms inside and outside. The elf queen took Dumb's hand and walked into the inside. The inside is slightly smaller, with only a wooden bed in the room. The elf queen stood in the middle of the room, swiping her hands, and a green magic hexagram appeared in the sky. She pressed her hands, and the six-pointed star suddenly expanded and imprinted on the floor of the room. The elf queen rushed to Ah-Dai: "Come on, stand in the middle of this six-pointed star." Ah-Dai heard the word and did so, and the Elf Queen floated up to him and smiled: "We are down." A green light flashed, and Ah-Dai suddenly couldn't see clearly. The surrounding scenery is now, and the whole body is warm and mellow, as if you are in the unspeakable comfort under the hot sun. The vitality in the body is constantly circulating, absorbing the warm energy, and the previous fatigue is immediately restored a lot. Zhenqi became a vibrant scene again. I don’t know how long it took. The light suddenly disappeared. Everything changed. The tree house was gone. Under the magic of the Elf Queen, the two came to a confined space, which was about a dozen square meters in size and surrounded by walls. It's all wooden. There are many strange things in the room. Suddenly changing a place made Duan startled, and couldn't help asking: "Auntie, where is this?"

The elf queen said: "We are in the body of the old elf tree! Look, what is that."

Dui looked in the direction the Elf Queen was pointing, and saw that in the corner of the room, there was a wooden shelf. The shelf was not high. There was a cone-shaped wooden basin on it. The basin was about 80% full of water, soaked in water. With a huge egg, one-third of the dome is exposed to sleep. This oval dome has a short diameter of about half a meter, and there are some strange patterns on it, which are very conspicuous in the room. Dumbfounded: "Auntie, don't you want to give this egg to me?"

The Elf Queen smiled and nodded, and said, "You are not stupid either! I just want to give you this egg."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Auntie, what kind of egg is this! Is it delicious? Save it for yourself, ah! No, your elves only eat fruit."

The fairy queen said with a smile: "Silly boy, this is not for you. This is a dragon egg! Maybe it is the only dragon egg with life on the mainland."

A Duan was taken aback and said, "What? Is there really a creature like a dragon?" In his mind, the dragon is just a tyrannical life that only appears in the legend.

The Elf Queen nodded solemnly and said: "Dragons are a kind of wise and most powerful creatures. It may be that they are too perfect, so the gods limit their ability to multiply, and there are many dragons that cannot survive their entire lives. Give birth to offspring. Since the **** feather pope led the dragon tribe to destroy the evil demon gods thousands of years ago, the dragon tribe has disappeared, and there is no trace of them on the mainland. This giant egg was originally from when Odi was exploring the Death Mountains. It was found in the cave that saved his life. It has been in our elven clan for hundreds of years. When it was first brought back, the dragon egg only had a trace of life, passing by our spirit-filled elves He gradually recovered after the lake water was soaked and the strong vitality in the ancient elves were organized. However, we elves did not have the ability to hatch them. If you want to hatch dragon eggs, only humans can do it except their parents. Children. , Would you like to try it? If you can successfully hatch it, maybe you will become the first dragon knight in the history of the continent."

Dumb shook his head and said, "Auntie, I can't do it. You can't even do it. How can I do it. Moreover, I don't want to drive the dragon, so how pitiful he would be!"

The elf queen smiled and said: "Child, you have to have confidence in yourself. Actually, you are not as bad as you think. Moreover, it is not a day or two to hatch dragon eggs. You must use the energy in your body to subtly. Okay. So, you first make a contract with this dragon egg, and if you can hatch it later, then you can release it."

Dumb nodded and said, "This is enough, then I will try."

The Elf Queen brought Dumb to the dragon egg, "Dumb, put your hand on the dragon egg, and then say a spell to me."

Ah Dui promised. When his hand just touched the dragon egg, blue light suddenly flashed on his chest, instantly wrapping himself and the dragon egg inside, and the strong blue light frightened the elf queen. Dui himself was stunned, he only felt that the dragon egg in front of him seemed to move, and he was greeting him kindly.

After a while, the elf queen reacted and said in surprise: "Dumb, don't you carry some dragon tokens on you."

Dumb took out the blood of the dragon from his collar and said, "Auntie, are you talking about this?"

The voice of the Elf Queen trembled, "Well, is this the blood of the dragon, the protective holy thing of His Majesty Shen Yu? You, where did you get it."

Dumb said: "This was given to me by Prophet Purin. He said it was the heirloom treasure that His Majesty Shen Yu gave them to the Puyan tribe."

The Elf Queen gradually came to wake up from surprise, and sighed: "My child, there are so many things you have surprised me! With the blood of the dragon, I am almost certain that you can hatch this rose dragon egg, all dragons They are all descendants of Shenlong. Let’s start, bite your finger, drop a drop of blood on the dragon egg, and then follow me, take my blood as a guide, proud dragon! Please allow me to conclude with you Equal contracts, share each other’s energy, and become eternal friends.” In fact, humans can sign contracts with dragons to sign master-slave contracts, but the peace-loving elves have always been dismissive of master-slave contracts. In their view, all things in the world are equal, and there shouldn’t be anyone enslaving others. And Dumb's disposition fits exactly with this equal contract.

Dui honestly dripped blood on the dragon egg according to the elf queen's instructions. When his spell was completed, the dragon egg and the blood of the dragon on his neck shone out at the same time. Suddenly, there seemed to be a communication between them. Like the tunnel of the dragon, the dragon egg disappeared in an instant, and Ah Dui clearly felt that there was something in the blood of the dragon, as if there was a life closely related to him.

The elf queen exclaimed: "My child, it seems that the dragon's blood on your body has absorbed the dragon egg. In the dragon's blood, the dragon egg will definitely get better nourishment. I think it may not take too long. It can be hatched. To be honest, Auntie has never seen what a dragon looks like. After you hatch him in the future, you must show it to Auntie."

Dui said embarrassedly: "Auntie, don't say that. If the dragon egg really hatches in the future, I will definitely put it back to nature."

The Elf Queen said with a serious face: "Dumb, I know you are kind, but you have thought about it. As the strongest creature on the continent-the dragon, what a powerful force he has! If you put him back to nature, it will suffer The influence of the world may lead to a catastrophe, do you understand? And even if you let it follow you, you don’t have to enslaved it! You can be friends with him, take care of him, and use your kind heart to follow good practices , So as not to make this little dragon go bad."

Dumbfounded: "Become friends with him? Be friends with a dragon? Is that possible?"

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "There is nothing impossible. You hatched it, and when it was born, it will definitely treat you as the closest person. Take care of it in the future. Auntie also has a wish. Okay, Auntie wants to give you something else." After speaking, she took a scroll from the wall and solemnly handed it to Dumb. "There is an ancient magic in this scroll. When you find our people, you face When there is a huge danger, you can open it immediately, and it will create a field. After this field appears, you can summon all the elves on this old elven tree, but I and the four big elves generally do not Leaving here. In other words, with this scroll, you can summon us to help. I believe that apart from the Holy See, few human powers can compete with us. However, you must seize the opportunity, because through this scroll Summon, we can only exist in the realm for two hours, and then we will come back here. And the scroll can only be used once. The method of its production has been lost. We only have one chance, do you understand?"

Dui took the scroll, and the energy fluctuation on it made him feel that this scroll seemed to be somewhat similar to the one given to him by Xuanyue's father, Cardinal Xuanye, "Auntie, don't worry, I will definitely go as soon as possible. Looking for your people. I hope they don’t suffer too much."

The elf queen said sadly: "My child, this is beyond my control. However, because my daughter Xing'er has the blood of the elf king, unless she wants, outsiders can't invade her body and can only imprison her. But the energy of the bloodline can only last for three years. If the stars do not return to the ancient elves to absorb the aura of nature within three years, that mysterious power will disappear. Child, for the aunt, you must transfer the stars within three years Find it back. Auntie is just such a daughter. She is also the hope of our elves in the future."

Dumb nodded solemnly and said, "Auntie, don't worry, I will look for Princess Xinger as soon as possible."

The elf queen nodded with satisfaction and said, "I believed you. If you see her, just show her the bracelet of inquiry on Xuanyue's hand, and she will go with you. Let's go, we should Going back, your friends should also have completed the baptism."

Dumb asked, "Auntie, what is baptism?"

The elf queen said: "I'll explain it to you in a Let's go." Then, she re-formed her handprints, a green light flashed, and she returned to the old elf tree with dumb. In the tree house. Under the magic of the Elf Queen, the two flew back to the Elf Lake. As soon as they landed, Yuehen's four people gathered around and looked at Dumb and the Elf Queen in surprise. Yue Ji couldn't help asking: "Dumb, when will you also fly."

The elf queen smiled slightly and said, "I used elf magic to take him to fly. Kids, come in too, there is nothing to avoid, I believed you."

The words of the Elf Queen made Yuehen a little embarrassed. He lowered his head and said nothing, but the four of them followed Dumb and the Elf Queen to the tree house.

Xuanyue, rocks, and rock strength did not seem to have changed, and they were still standing where they stood when Dui left. The Elf Queen gave Odi a questioning look. Aodi nodded at her.

The Elf Queen said: "Children, what a few big elves have just applied to you is an ancient magic of our elves called the source of elves. Its efficacy is not very significant, but it can stimulate your own potential. In the future practice, progress will be faster than usual. Dumb, when I took you to get things, do you remember being surrounded by warmth? That is the power of the source of the elves, and you will gradually experience it in the future The role of."

Chapter 35: Bishop chased

Miao Fei looked at Ah-Dai with some envy, regretting in his heart, why didn't he promise to help the elves just now.

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "Auntie, thank you. Then should we set off. Where should we go first? The three empires are all very vast. Which country's nobles are most likely to take away Your people."

The Elf Queen smiled bitterly: "Our elves don’t know anything about the mainland. It’s up to you to find them. I told Dui just now that you only have three years. Otherwise, once my daughter’s Elf King If the body is broken, our elves will face an irreversible catastrophe. Hey—if it’s not for all the people, I won’t ask you to take the risk and help." The Elf Queen is close to six hundred years old this year, it’s not like She looks so young on the surface. In the elves, she has almost reached the limit of lifespan, and when she dies, if there is no next person with the blood of the elven king to take the position, she will not be able to control the life energy that sustains the survival of the elven city. This is one of the reasons why she can't leave here to find her daughter. The elven king and the elven tree are complementary to each other, and losing either side will bring devastating disasters to the elves. Once the energy of the elf blood is exhausted, it will not be able to recover, and the age of the elf queen will not be possible to give birth to the next generation. Therefore, within three years, if Ah Du and the others did not rescue the female star of the Elf Queen, the Elf tribe would probably perish. But these are the greatest secrets of the elves, and she certainly can't tell them. Although the Elf Queen loves her eagerly, she is the head of the clan after all, and she has to think about her clan. Therefore, it is not entirely selfish that she asks Dui and others to help her save her daughter.

Yuehen suddenly said: "I think the one who took the princess is probably the nobles of the Sunset Empire. Because the Sunset Empire is the country where the dark forces are the most active, the headquarters of the Thieves Guild is there. And there are few nobles in the Sunset Empire. It’s a good thing, they have always been greedy for fun. Therefore, they are most likely to catch the elves at a high price."

Miao Fei said: "Boss Yuehen is right. As far as I know, the Sunset Empire is a very ambitious country, but it has been suppressed by the Huasheng Empire and there is no chance to show it. Their nobles are very powerful. The power of the empire has almost emptied the power of the imperial clan, and they are most likely to invite so many gainers from the thieves’ union."

The Elf Queen said with joy: "Great. Now that there is a goal, it will be easier to find. Thank you for your reminder."

Yue Hen sighed and said: "Your Majesty, we are ashamed that we can't help you with anything. I hope Dumb and they can help you find the tribe."

The elf queen said: "My child, don't say that. Everyone has the right to choose how to live their lives. How can I blame you."

Yan Li is impatient. He immediately yelled when he heard the place where the Elves might be caught, "Now that we know the place, let's go quickly. If you set off earlier, you may find friends of the Elves earlier."

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "It's not in a hurry. You come from afar. Let us rest for a day. Tomorrow morning, I will send you out."

Yan Ju glared at Yan Li and said to the Elf Queen: "Your Majesty, then do as you said. We will leave early tomorrow morning."

The Elf Queen nodded and said: "Then I won't disturb you to rest. If you have any needs, just tell Tianying. Let's go back first." After speaking, she walked out with the four big elves. Everyone didn't know that the Elf Queen and the four Great Elf Envoys had consumed most of their magic power because they used the magic of the source of the elves, so they had to cultivate and recover quickly.

The elves were gone, and the atmosphere in the tree house suddenly seemed a bit awkward. The rock pulled the rock force and sat aside to meditate. Ah Dui, Xuan Yue and Yue Hen stood face to face, without saying a word for a long while.

It was Yue Hen who broke the silence first, sighed, and said, "Dumb, Miss Xuan Yue, I'm sorry."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "There is nothing to be sorry for, everyone has their own ambitions. Listening to what the Great Elf Envoy said just now, I dare not go to the Death Mountain. When we become stronger in the future, maybe we have a chance to be together. Go. Brother Yuehen, where are you going to go after leaving here?"

Yue Hen said: "Go back to the Red Hurricane Clan. It's been a long time since I went home to take a look. It's time to go back. You are right, we still have a chance to cooperate in the future."

Dumb took out the top-quality magic crystals that Aodi gave you from his arms and said, "Brother Moonmark, the magic crystals that Uncle Aodi gave you just now totaled eight, and it happens to be one of us. You pick one, or go back. Handed in that task."

Yuehen looked at Ah Dumb in confusion, and said, "But, this is what the elf gave you just now!"

Dumb laughed, and said, "We are all fellow travelers. Of course we should share the things we get. Brother Yuehen, you can choose. You are welcome."

This time even the more selfish Miao Fei became embarrassed, and muttered: "We didn't help much. How can we take such valuable things from you?"

Xuan Yue chuckled, and said: "Choose quickly, dumb isn't it, we are fellow travelers, we are about to be separated, and we will always be friends, even if it's a memorial."

Yuehen sighed and said, "Well, let's just take two dollars. One will be handed over to the mercenary union, which is considered as a completion of the task, and the other will be a commemoration. Dumb, Miss Xuanyue, don't insist. That's right, we are already very embarrassed." After speaking, he picked up two super magic crystals from the dumb palm.

Duan said anxiously: "Brother Yuehen, this..."

Yuehen smiled reluctantly: "You are going to save the fairy princess, you will face a lot of dangers. Keeping these magic crystals, maybe there will be any use. Just like this, I am a little tired and want to rest first. You guys Take a break too." After speaking, he walked to the corner of the tree house alone and meditated cross-legged. The three of Yue Ji sat beside Yue Hen, and also stopped talking.

Dumb and Xuanyue looked at each other, and Dumb said, "What should we do?"

Xuanyue spread her small hand and said helplessly, "Let's go with the flow, let Brother Rock and the others choose it tomorrow. Dumb, which piece do you want."

Xuanyue said that he would let Ah-Dai choose the magic crystal. Ah-Dai suddenly thought of the magic flame warlock Corris. It seems that this answer should be the Queen of the Elves to save her daughter and the clansmen. I am afraid that he can't find Teacher Coris early. I couldn't help but feel a little silly.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dumb stupefied, and smiled, "Is it so hard to pick a magic crystal? I want this white one. It contains the magical energy of the light system, and she will return it to her mother. I will love it."

Dumb then reacted and said, "I don't know which one to pick, I don't know what kind of magic crystals Teacher Gris likes."

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said, "Since your teacher Corris is an alchemist, he should be able to use magic, what kind of magic does he use?"

Dumb said: "The teacher can use black flames, which is very powerful. I once saw him burn a table with a little magic flame, and there was no ashes left." I remembered when Uncle Li faced the magic of Corris. The shivering look made him laugh.

Xuan Yue pushed him gently, and said, "What is the smirk? Black flames? That should be a mixed magic of fire and darkness. You can use fusion magic, your teacher is indeed very powerful. Then you Just give him this fast black superb magic crystal. In it, this magic crystal may have the best texture. If your teacher uses it to make magical artifacts, I am afraid that the level of magic can be improved by a lot. "Speaking, she shook the black magic crystal before Ah Du's eyes.

Dumb was overjoyed and said, "Thank you, Yueyue, I hope the teacher will be happy to see it."

Xuan Yue said, "If he is not happy to receive such a precious gift, then he will be abnormal."

Dumb frowned and said, "Yueyue, don't speak ill of the teacher."

Xuanyue spit out her tongue and hummed: "I am not as important as your teacher! I have a chance to go and see with you. Your teacher has three heads and six arms, so you are so determined."

Dumb said awkwardly: "This, this can't be compared! The teacher is my elder, of course I have to respect him. The teacher is very kind to me."

Xuan Yue pointed to her Qiong Nose and said, "What about me? Am I treating you badly?"

Dumb blushed and murmured: "Okay, you are also very good to me! Yueyue, I, I am tired, shall we take a rest first?"

Xuan Yue snorted and said, "I treat you well, but I'm not as good as your teacher. Okay, don't force you. Tell me, what did the auntie Elf give you when he took you away?"

Dumb frankly said: "Auntie gave me a scroll that can summon their elves. She said it can be used once and lasts for two hours, so that we can use it when we find their people. In addition, she gave me a dragon. Egg, let me sign a contract with that dragon egg, saying that after it hatches, let me be friends with this dragon."

Xuan Yue was taken aback and lost her voice: "What? Dragon Egg. She actually gave you a Rose Dragon Egg?" Although her voice was loud, everyone else had already settled and did not hear her shout.

Dumb covered Xuanyue's small mouth and said, "Be quiet, don't disturb everyone, it's dangerous to get caught up in the devil. The dragon egg is in my dragon's blood, I don't know when it will hatch."

Suddenly Xuan Yue laughed, the laughter was as sweet as a silver bell. Dumb was awkward when she laughed, and said unnaturally, "What are you laughing at?"

Xuanyue reluctantly laughed, her pretty face Shengchun said: "You are so stupid. Auntie Elf actually let you hatch an egg, don't you become a female dragon? You said it was funny." After speaking, she burst into laughter again. .

Dumb scratched his head and murmured, "Is it really that funny? Why didn't I feel it." After speaking, he walked to the tree house and sat down. Xuan Yue approached him and said, "Silly dumb, are you angry? They didn't mean it, but it's really funny."

Dumb shook his head and said, "I'm not so stingy. Let's practice for a while, I still feel very tired."

Xuan Yue obediently said: "Then you meditate quickly, people will have to meditate for a while." The two sat next to each other and entered their own cultivation world almost at the same time.

Everyone woke up early the next morning. The rocks, rock strength, dumb, and Xuanyue all had a refreshed feeling. It seemed that it was just a night's work, and the skill had actually improved a little. Especially Dumb, because the energy consumed the day before was the most, this night's cultivation not only restored his vitality to the best state, but also reached the peak of his spiritual power.

Rock said: "I have also rested, let's say goodbye to the elves and set off. Brother Yuehen, I want to trouble you with something."

Yuehen was shocked. Since the rock hit Yueji that day, he has never taken the initiative to speak to them, "Say it, I will try to help you."

Rocky said: "Since you want to return to the Red Hurricane Clan, you must pass through our Puyan Clan's territory. I hope that when passing through my father's tribe, I can help us report peace, so that we will not go to the Death Mountain and go to the mainland. Traveling. Don’t just go to the Sunset Empire to find the elves."

Yue Hen said: "In fact, your Puyan clan is so powerful, you shouldn't be afraid of nobles. Why are you so worried? Even your hair is shaved."

Rock sighed: "After thousands of years, our Puyan tribe has finally recovered some vitality. I don't want to cause trouble to the tribe because of my relationship."

Yue Hen nodded and said: "Okay, I will bring the words to you. Dumb, Miss Xuan Yue, you also take care."

It's about to be parted, and Ah-Dai's heart will inevitably be a little bit reluctant. He stepped forward to hold Yuehen's hand and said, "Brother Yuehen, you also have to take care. Whenever we get the chance, we will definitely go to the Honghu clan to find you."

Yuehen smiled reluctantly. Although there were only a dozen days of getting along with each other, the kindness of Duan had already touched everyone's heart. If it weren't for this time, he would not choose to leave. "Brother Dumb, we There must be a time to see you again. Be careful, and hope that when you see you again, we can travel the mainland together again."

Yueji held Xuanyue and kept whispering on the side. Both of them had beautiful eyes. They had just established a friendship and they had to part with each other, and it was inevitable that they would feel a little bit reluctant.

Rock took a deep breath and said, "Let's go, separate earlier, and we can meet sooner later." After speaking, he walked out of the tree house first. The crowd filed out. When they walked out of the wooden house, they were surprised to find that the Elf Queen was standing outside the tree house with more than twenty elves, without making a sound. Judging from the energy contained in these elves, they are all first-class masters of the elves.

Duan stepped forward and said, "Auntie, why don't you come in! We wake up late?"

The Elf Queen smiled kindly: "Stupid boy, how can it be late. We are here to send you off. These are the elite of our Elf clan, eighteen elves and four big elves. Whether your trip is successful or not , Our elves will always be your friends. If one day you are tired of life on the mainland, we welcome you to stay here for a long time."

The kindness of the Fairy Queen moved Ah Dui so much that she choked, "Auntie, thank you, you are so kind."

The elf queen said: "Well, children, I will send you two groups of people to send you out of the elf forest. Be careful all the way, if you can't do anything, don't be too reluctant, take your safety first." She pulled up the dumb. Hand, said: "My child, don't forget the scroll I gave you yesterday. Even if you don't find Xing'er, you can use it when you are in danger. Then, the aunt will come to save you." Her motherly kind The care deeply shook A'Dai's heart, and A'Dai's eyes flashed with an extremely determined look, and said, "Auntie, don't worry, I will definitely bring Princess Xing'er back to see you even if I die."

The elf queen frowned and said: "Don't talk nonsense. In the heart of the aunt, your safety is also important. Okay, you should go." The elf envoys behind her stepped forward holding eight baggages, and the elf queen said: "These Take the fruit and eat it on the road. Be careful about everything."

The crowd took the fruit and bid farewell to each other. Under the leadership of the two groups of elves, they left the elven forest in their respective directions. Looking at the backs of them leaving, the Elf Queen folded her hands and prayed devoutly, "God, please bless these kind children, and wish them a safe journey." Aodi took the Elf Queen's shoulders and whispered: " Don't worry, I believe they will be able to bring our children back."

The elf queen nodded and said: "From today, breaking the tradition, the eighteen elf envoys are divided into two groups, living in cycles on the old elf tree, ready to rescue the missing people at any time."

Except for the two elves who escorted Ah-Dai, Yuehen and others away, the other elves bowed at the same time and said, "Yes, Your Majesty the Queen."

Elf messenger Tianying took twenty big elves and escorted the four dumbs out of the city of elves and headed west. As he walked, he said to the rock: "From here to the west, you will enter the territory of the Yalian tribe. If you follow the border of the Yalian tribe to the southwest, you will enter the Tiangang Mountain Range. Go through the Tiangang Mountain Range and then go. I don’t know where the West is."

Rocky said: "If you go further to the west, you will enter the Guangming Province of the Huasheng Empire. After passing through it, you will enter the territory of the Sunset Empire. At that time, we will look for it from province to province. Rely on Her Majesty the Queen For the inquiry bracelet, I hope to find the Princess as soon as possible. Actually, we have another route to go. That is to follow the edge of the border of the Yalian tribe to go northwest. Passing by the border territory of the Holy See, into the Sunset Empire. In this way, you can avoid crossing the Tiangang Mountains. Relatively speaking, although the road is a little longer, it can save some time."

When she heard that she was passing through the Holy See, Xuan Yue was shocked, and hurriedly shouted: "No, no, you must not go the way of the Holy See."

The rock hesitated and said: "Why? We are not heretics. What is terrible. The territory of the Holy See is the best place for public security in the whole continent."

Xuan Yue smiled awkwardly, and said, "Also, let's not do it. It's so fun to cross the Tiangang Mountains! Maybe you can visit the famous Tiangang Sword Sect on the mainland."

Dumb naturally knew that Xuanyue said this because he was afraid of being captured by his father. He agreed: "Big Brother Rock, let's go to the Tiangang Mountains. My uncle comes from the Tiangang Sword Sect. If we have a chance, we can indeed go and see. Before my uncle died, he was still thinking about it."

The rock laughed and said, "What are you anxious for? I decided to take the road of Tiangang Mountain a long time ago. Teacher Xiwen taught me and Ali martial arts back then, and this time I just stopped by to visit."

Xuan Yue patted her chest, breathed a sigh of relief, and complained, "Big Brother Rock, you hate me, scare people."

The rock froze and said: "What's terrible about going to the Holy See. You are learning light magic again. Ah! I know, are you afraid of being dragged by the Holy See to be a goddess? Actually not, although the Holy See Will absorb magicians who practice light magic, but they will also let them choose. Don’t be afraid.”

Xuan Yuebai gave him a glance without explaining. After half a day of fast marching, everyone finally walked out of the elves forest. Tianying led the elves to the ground and said: "From here, go west and enter the territory of the Yalian clan. We can only send you here. , Be careful all the way, we are waiting for your good news in the city of elves."

Rock said: "Uncle Tianying, you take care too. We will surely complete the mission entrusted to us by Her Majesty the Queen as soon as possible. Yanli and I have two horses in the forest. Please help us to take them in and return it later. Give it to us." After saying goodbye to Tianying and the elves, several people left in the direction of the Yalian clan.

After getting on the road, Ah-Dai wanted to distribute the best magic crystals to rocks and rock power, but they said that they would not accept anything in the name of being of no use. In desperation, Ah-Dai had to put it in the blood of the dragon for the time being.

Just two days after Ah Du and the others left the Elf Forest, another group of guests arrived in the Elf Forest.

The red sacrificial Xuan Ye led twelve senior priests and twelve silver-clad judges from the courthouse into the elven forest. Ten days ago, under Yiner's report, he was surprised to learn that his daughter was going to the Death Forest. He was very aware of the horror in the death forest, let alone Xuan Yue's half-stroke magic, even if he went in by himself, he might not be able to retreat. In a panic, he didn't dared to tell his wife about the matter, so he hurriedly left the Holy See and entered the territory of the Sodom Federation with twelve senior priests. Because they didn't know the exact route of Xuanyue and the others, they could only enter the territory of the Red Hurricane Clan under the leadership of Yin Er, and follow the mark left by Yin Yi to the outside of the Elf Forest. When passing through the territory of the Puyan nationality, because of his distinguished status, he was not left in trouble. And got the exact news from the patriarch Yanfei. Yan Fei was also very surprised, he didn't expect that the pretty little girl would be the lover of the red ceremonies. He hurriedly sent someone to **** Xuanye and his party to chase Tianyuan through the Puyan territory.

After ten days of rushing, Xuanye finally rushed to the outside of the Elf Forest with people. When they arrived, Yuehen and others had already left in this direction for two days.

A silver figure flashed by, and Yin Yi floated out of the forest, knelt down in front of Xuan Ye, and said ashamed: "Meet the cardinal."

Xuan Ye said with a sullen face: "Get up, where's the lady? Have you entered the fairy forest?"

Yin nodded and said, "That day, his subordinates entered the Elf Forest with the young lady and the others. On the way, they encountered a group of thieves' union sneak attacks. They seemed to want to catch some elves."

Xuan Ye was startled, and said: "These thieves are too rampant now, they dare to catch elves in the elven forest. You go on."

"Yes, later, the lady and her friends made a fight together with the thieves. But unexpectedly, there were seven acquirers among thieves. Just when the subordinates thought that the lady was going to suffer and they were ready to help, that name was The dumb boy suddenly used the Pluto sword. He killed one of the acquirers and scared the rest of the acquirers away."

Xuan Ye was shocked, and said, "What? You said that the Pluto sword is on Adu. How is this possible? Isn't that the ‘Pluto’’s portable weapon? We have been looking for the Pluto for some years."

Yin Yi: "The subordinates don't know what's going on. Duan fainted after chasing away the thieves. It seemed that he could not grasp the power of the Pluto sword. Later, a large number of elves came, and they surrounded the lady and her. The friends went to the depths of the elf. Because the elf’s senses were very keen, the subordinates could only follow from a distance. I don’t know why, after they walked into a forest, the subordinates lost their tracks and turned around in the woods. For a long time, the result came out again. There seemed to be something ambush in the woods. The subordinates tried several times, but they all returned without success. The day before yesterday, the four of Miss’s friends were among a lot of elves. I came out, sitting in a carriage and left here. I wanted to catch up and ask, but I was afraid that the elves would misunderstand, and I received the news that you are about to arrive, so I stayed. I think the lady should pay In the elves."

Xuan Ye groaned, and said, "Why did the young lady have so many friends, who are they? Why didn't Yan Fei of the Puyan clan tell me."

Yin Yi: "Those people had two soldiers from the Puyan tribe, and they didn't come out. The four who came out were members of a small mercenary group. They were planning to go to the Death Mountain with the young lady. I don’t know why they changed. The idea left."

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Go, let's enter the elf forest." He faintly felt that his daughter was not in the elf forest, because he did not feel her daughter's breath.

Under the leadership of Yinyi, Xuanye and others walked toward the depths of the elf forest. Xuan Ye couldn't help but admire the quiet and elegant environment in the fairy forest, but he was not in the mood to appreciate the scenery now, he was anxious to find his daughter back. If Xuan Yue entered the Death Mountain Range, even he would not be able to rescue them at all.

"Master Bishop, this is here. If you go further, you seem to have entered a maze, and you can't go deep." After several hours of driving, Yin Yi stopped and explained to Xuan Ye.

Xuan Ye nodded, and said, "This should be the magic circle arranged by the elves. Back off, I will try to see if the block of the magic circle can be lifted."

Hearing Xuanye's instructions, the priests and the silver armor judges withdrew dozens of meters away. In their hearts, the cardinal was almost equivalent to the existence of a god.

Xuan Ye closed his eyes and used his mental power to explore the magic circle in the elven forest. Just a little deeper, he discovered that there were strong energy fluctuations repelling his mental power. The structure of the magic circle is extremely profound. After a long period of time, he tried several times and couldn't find the clue. Xuan Ye couldn't help feeling a little anxious, opened her eyes, waved her hands in the air, a white six-pointed star floating in front of him exuding a sacred atmosphere. Xuanye drew one symbol after another in the void, and penetrated into the six-pointed star. The sacred light became more and more prosperous. Although he could not crack the magic circle, he was able to shake it with strength. In a high position, he has already developed a arrogant habit. In his heart, there is nothing on the mainland that can stop him.

"The great **** of the heavens, I, your faithful believers sincerely beg for you, please lend me your endless divine power to break the mist in front of me and let the world reappear. Shining the world." This is a seventh level. The light magic of Xuan Ye used it in the hands of Xuan Ye, and the power it produced was powerful enough to level a hill. UU Reading With the end of the spell, the white six-pointed star light suddenly converged, Xuanye made a gesture of holding the sky with his hands, he shouted, the light burst, a huge beam of light with a diameter of three meters rushed towards the elf forest The depths.

A green barrier suddenly rose in the depths of the fairy forest and collided with the white light emitted by Xuanye. Amid the loud noise, the green barrier waved in waves, but still resisted Xuanye's attack. Xuan Ye was shocked, urging the divine power in his body, communicating the magic elements between heaven and earth, and constantly transforming into sacred power. The light continued to increase, and the green barrier imaginary in the elven forest trembled even more, and it seemed that it might break at any time. .

When the Guangyao Tiandi launched by Xuan Ye hit the barrier of the Elf Forest for the first time, the Elf Queen knew about it. The entire city of elves shook under Xuan Ye's attack.

The elf queen was shocked, and immediately summoned four big elf envoys, and everyone looked stern. You should know that the guardian magic circle of the elves is constructed by the elven kings of the past with their own energy. The power of this magic circle can be shaken positively, showing the strength of the coming people.

The elf queen said: "It seems that an enemy has come in. This magician's skill seems to be higher than me. You immediately rush to the place where the incident occurred, and I will resist here. Don't do it lightly, you must find out. The identity of the other party. If it is an enemy, I allow you to kill."

Chapter 36: War of the Magisters

Aodi bowed and said: "Yes, Your Majesty the Queen." After finishing speaking, he flew out with the other three great elves and six elves. In the past few days, people of the clan have been missing continuously, and their hearts are holding a wave of anger. The enemy's attack again makes them extremely angry.

The elf queen flew out from the old elf tree and landed on the top of the tree crown, feeling waves of powerful attacks from the enemy. She took a deep breath, and a faint green light radiated from her whole body. A series of elf spells kept coming from her. Floating out of the mouth, it was continuously injected into the defensive magic array through the ancient elves. The two masters of the magister level on the mainland just used the Elf Clan Magic Array as the intermediary to meet each other. For a time, the entire Elf Forest was filled with surging magical energy.

Xuan Ye was constantly attacking. His purpose was nothing more than to make a gap in this magic circle so that he could bring his men in to find his daughter. Just when the magic circle was about to be unable to withstand his own attack, the green light suddenly became stronger, completely blocking the power that he was about to rush into, and it seemed that the magic circle was rejuvenated. The opponent's strong resistance couldn't help but evoke Xuan Ye's eagerness to win. As the youngest cardinal, he enjoys a lofty status on the mainland, and he has never been so controlled. He chanted loudly: "The wrath of the gods, with your divine might, infuse your heart and eradicate evil." A golden light floated from behind Xuanye, which was his magic weapon, the wrath of the gods. The Wrath of the Gods is also an artifact, a low-level artifact. It was given to Xuanye when he was appointed as cardinal by the pope. It is only the size of a palm and looks like a pagoda. A total of 13 layers of golden umbrella-like tiles extend down, with a transparent round gem the size of a pigeon egg. , Xuanye is never easy to use. This time I used it because I was worried about my daughter and being competitive. The white light that had originally shining on the heavens and the earth suddenly turned into gold with the addition of the wrath of the gods, and its power was great. The green barrier formed by the magic circle of the elves rippled again.

The queen of the elves at the top of the old elves was stunned by the Qi machine. She was secretly shocked. The coming person is really strong! It seems to have gone beyond the scope of the Magister. In order to protect the territory of the elves from being violated, she resolutely sacrificed her own heart of elves. This is a skill that only the Elf King possesses, and it is also the ability of the Elf King to save his life. Following the elves' spells constantly sung by the Elf Queen, a green elf floated from the center of her eyebrows, almost exactly the same as herself. The whole body was transparent and lightly fell on her shoulders. Layers of green ripples were small in green. The elves continued to spread as the center, and the entire city of elves was completely shrouded in green light.

The fluctuating enchantment calmed down again, and Xuan Ye was shocked. He didn't expect that the elves would have such a master who could contend with his own god's wrath. In fact, with Xuanye's strength coupled with the wrath of the gods, the elf queen would be inferior even if she used the elf heart. But after all, this is the world of the elves, and the natural energy naturally tends to the side of the elves, and with the assistance of the elves magic circle, this can be a tie.

Just when Xuanye was hesitant to launch her strongest attack, Aodi and other four great elf envoys had arrived. The enchantment of the wizard magic circle has no effect on them. Four great elf envoys and six elf envoys flew out and landed in front of Xuan Ye, glaring at the same time.

The twelve high-level priests who had come with Xuan Ye hurried forward, ready to help Xuan Ye.

Xuan Ye saw that the elves had come, and only then woke up from the contending heart, why he was so impulsive. Hastily retracted the wrath of the gods and dissipated the magical energy in the air. The prolonged attack made Xuan Ye feel a little weak, his body shook slightly, and a stream of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The elf queen in the elf city was not much better than Xuan Ye. The enemy’s attack suddenly disappeared. She immediately sat down on the canopy, the elf heart on her shoulders melted into her body tiredly, and she vomited a mouthful of blood. It's a lot more comfortable.

Xuan Ye supported the wrath of the gods, nodded to the elves, and said, "Hello, friends of the elves."

Aodi said coldly: "Who is your friend, why are you attacking the enchantment of our elves?" He was secretly surprised. He thought that there must be a lot of enemies to attack, but when he got here, he found that power. The huge magic turned out to be a human being. The magician wearing a red robe in front of him gave him an unprecedented sense of oppression, and his indescribable majesty made him breathless.

Xuan Ye said indifferently: "We have no malice here. I'm here to find my daughter."

Aodi snorted and said, "We don't have your daughter here. If there is no malice, please leave the territory of our elves immediately."

Xuan Ye frowned, and he also faintly felt that these elves in front of him were not easy to deal with, especially the four in front of them, they all contained quite strong energy. It seems that there are so many capable people of the Elf race! But of course he will not give up looking for his daughter because the other party is strong. He also knows that he is a bit reckless in attacking the elf enchantment, and his tone is slightly softened, saying: "My subordinate told me that my daughter and her A few friends have entered your fairy forest, and have not yet come out. I have a very important thing to ask her, please forgive me for my recklessness."

The elves themselves are kind-hearted races. Seeing the other side eased, Aodi said, "What's your daughter's name?"

Xuan Ye said, "My daughter's name is Xuanyue. Together with her, there is also a young man named Dui. I don't know if they are still in aristocratic territory."

Aodi was taken aback. He didn't expect that the powerful human in front of him would be Xuanyue's father. He sighed with relief and said, "It seems that I have really misunderstood. Ling Ai has indeed been to our elves, she is our elves. friend."

Xuan Ye was overjoyed, and when he received the news from his daughter, his mood suddenly improved a lot. "This fairy friend, I was so embarrassed just now. I am eager to seek a woman and offend you. Please forgive me.

Aodi took a deep look at him and said: "Since it is a misunderstanding, forget it. Ling Ai has been a great help to our elves, but I didn't expect your cultivation level to be so advanced. I don't know where to submerge?"

Xuan Ye smiled slightly and said, "Don't dare, the nobleman also has a magician with a profound cultivation base, and his skill is not below mine. Below is the red dress of the Holy See to worship Xuan Ye."

Aodi was taken aback and lost his voice: "What? You are a red priest of the Holy See."

Xuan Ye nodded and said: "Exactly. Elf friend, I don't know where my daughter is now? I heard from my subordinates that she intends to go to the Death Mountain. I must stop her quickly."

After Aodi knew that this powerful magician was a red-clothed ritual of the Holy See, he suddenly became more respected. The Holy See was not something they could provoke. Hurriedly said: "Don't worry, Ling Ai will not go to the Death Mountain. Under our persuasion, she dispelled this idea. Please take me to the city of the elves and sit down. We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer there. "As he said, turning around to touch the barrier created by the wizard magic circle, Chong Xuan Ye made a please gesture.

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Please."

Surrounded by Aodi and others, Xuanye and his party entered the depths of the fairy forest. When he saw the moving scenery of the Elf City, he couldn't help being deeply shocked.

"The Elf Envoy of Aodi, your city of elves is really a fairyland on earth! When I am free, I must stay here for a few days, I don't know if you are welcome." On the road, Xuanye talked with Aodi Very happy, the two have become friends, and he has probably learned the whereabouts of his daughter. As long as he doesn't go to the Death Mountain, he is sure to take Xuan Yue back to him. As one of the red priests of the Holy See, he is not afraid to offend nobles. When Aodi told him what Xuanyue and others had done in the elves, he couldn’t help but sigh the boldness of these young people, especially when he knew that several big elves of the elves used the magic of the source of the elves for his daughters. He had a good impression of these kind-hearted elves. He clearly knew that with the help of the elves' source, Xuan Yue's future cultivation path would be smoother, and he might even surpass himself.

Aodi smiled and said: "Of course welcome. The cardinal is here. Our elves are shining! Bishop Xuanye, please let your friends wait here. We will take you to the ancient elves. See Her Majesty. Just now, she was the one who indirectly fought you."

Xuan Ye exclaimed: "Your Majesty the Queen is really good at cultivation. Xuan Ye admires it. Please."

Aodi flapped his wings and flew up. Just about to use elven magic to lift Xuan Ye's body, he found that the white light radiating from his whole body was also floating. Xuan Yeshi is not wind magic, but light magic. He uses magic to offset the weight of his body, and then uses magic power to counterattack the ground to bounce his body, and he can control his body to float where he wants to go. But this magic is extremely consuming mana, and he never uses it lightly. This time I first came to the elves and used them to show the strength of the Holy See. Sure enough, Odi couldn't help being surprised when he saw him floating like that. Don't say anything, and lead the way with a few big elves flapping their wings.

Parting the huge crown of the tree, Aodi led Xuan Ye into the ancient fairy tree. "Your Majesty, we are back. The attack just now was a complete misunderstanding. We brought a friend."

The Elf Queen had just returned to the tree house and was resting. She was delighted when she heard Odi's words, "Please come in."

Aodi Chongxuanye nodded, and the two walked into the tree house together. Seeing that Xuanye would not bring danger to the elves, the other three great elves went back to their own tree houses.

Entering the tree house, Xuanye saw the beautiful fairy queen, stayed for a while, and said, "This is your majesty the fairy queen."

The elf queen nodded slightly and cast an inquiring look at Aodi, and Aodi hurriedly said: "This is the cardinal of the Holy See, Master Xuan Ye. He is here this time, looking for his daughter. The girl Xuan Yue has a tight tone. , I didn't expect her father to be such a big man."

When the Elf Queen heard that the person was a red priest of the Holy See, her expression moved slightly, and said: "It turned out to be a priest to an adult. No wonder Xuan Yue used light magic, it turned out to be your daughter."

Xuan Ye said helplessly: "That girl is so naughty, I can't control her. I didn't like to practice since I was a child, and always made troubles with the Holy See, even the Pope spoiled her. This time I'm sorry to trouble you."

The elf queen smiled slightly and said: "This time they have helped us a lot. Although Xuan Yue's cultivation is not strong, she has a sense of justice. You should rest assured that you are with Ah Du's kind child. "

Xuan Ye shook her head and said, "How can I rest assured. If it weren't for you this time, I'm afraid this little girl who knows the heights of the earth will run to the Death Mountain to die. As for the child, I just saw you. When he arrived, he felt that he had a kind-hearted nature, but now he realized that his intentions were so deep."

The elf queen froze, and said, "Why? Dumb, that kid is really kind! Don't worry."

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "Your Majesty, you don't know, Ah Duh carries the world's most evil sword of the Hades. He may be the disciple of the first killer in the original killing hand guild, the "Hades". But he has been hiding himself. With this identity, how can you tell me not to worry? Therefore, I must quickly chase Xuanyue back."

The Elf Queen was surprised, "What? The Pluto sword is in Dumb's hand, this, isn't it possible."

Aodi said in a deep voice: "No, it is very possible. Your Majesty, you forgot that the great wizard Ayaki once said when reporting, I don’t know why those high-tech thieves were scared away by dumb. I think, very Maybe Dumb used the Pluto sword to produce such results."

The Elf Queen said blankly: "Could it be that Ah Dai came to our elves to cheat for something? No, absolutely not. His pure kindness came from the heart and was never deliberate. You must have misunderstood. He's here. If he has evil thoughts in his heart, he won't want to refuse the gift I gave him many times." Lifting her head, she looked at Xuan Ye and said, "Master Bishop, Dumb is definitely not evil. I can do that. Sure. Even if he has the sword of Hades, he may not be a bad person."

Xuan Ye frowned, remembering the situation that Yin had reported to him, and nodded gently, and said, "Whether he is good or bad, we can't make a conclusion yet. Wait until I find my daughter to talk about it. Can you tell me? Me, in which direction did they go, and what was their route?" He had secretly decided that, regardless of whether Duan was really an evil person, he would take Xuanyue away from him and take back the Pluto from him. sword. After all, the spread of the Pluto sword on the mainland is too dangerous. The millennium catastrophe is about to come, and he doesn't want to have more variables.

The Elf Queen thought for a while, and said to Aodi: "You go find Tianying, he escorted Dumb and the others away, maybe they will know the route of their departure."

Aodi promised and turned and flew out. In the tree house, Xuan Ye and the Elf Queen were left.

Xuan Ye smiled and said, "Your Majesty's cultivation base really makes Zai Xia extremely admire. I have almost used all my strength, but I still can't break through the noble magic circle."

The elf queen remembered the previous fight with Xuan Ye, and she couldn't help but admire this middle-aged human who was only about forty years old. "The bishop is joking. I can't compare to you. If you leave the elf forest, I am afraid it will be early I was defeated, and I had done my best just now. Next time when you come back, you only need to call out to the clan with voice magic, but you don't need to be so excited, I'm afraid I won't be able to take it down!"

Xuan Ye laughed and said, "It won't be anymore, is the Queen still angry with me?"

The elf queen shook her head and said: "How could it? We elves never get angry with friends. Master Bishop, Dui is really a good boy, I hope you don't hurt him. I can see that Ling Ai seems to be very good to Dui. Good impression. Although Dumb looks stupid, his kindness, simplicity and sense of justice completely make up for this defect."

Although the elf queen said it implicitly, Xuanye still understood what she meant, and said flatly: "Impossible. They will never be together. Even if Duan is really a kind person, my daughter must never associate with a commoner. . Your Majesty, you don’t have to say any more."

The Elf Queen sighed, and said faintly: "Sometimes, things between children are not determined by our parents."

Xuan Ye felt annoyed in her heart for a while and changed the subject: "Your Majesty, I heard Brother Aodi said that your Elves were attacked by thieves and captured a lot of people. They did too much of this matter. Wait for me to find out. Back to my daughter, I must help you seek justice. These thieves should be punished."

The elf queen was happy, how she didn't know the authority of the Holy See on the mainland, with Xuan Ye's words, she could be more sure of their actions than dumb and the others. "Then I first thanked the Bishop on behalf of the people of the tribe, hey—my naughty daughter! Speaking of which, she is even more disobedient than Xuan Yue. I was arrested this time and I don't know if I can come back safely."

Xuan Ye sighed and said, "Don't worry, as long as she is still alive, I will try to help you find her back."

At this time, Aodi had already brought Tianying back to the tree house, and Tianying saluted the Elf Queen and said respectfully: "I wonder what her Majesty the Queen would like to ask me for."

The elf queen pointed to Xuan Ye next to him, and said, "This is the cardinal Xuan Ye of the Holy See. He is also Xuan Yue's father. Tell him Xuan Yue's possible whereabouts."

Tianying was shocked, and hurriedly said, "I sent Adu and Xuanyue out of the elven territory. Listening to them, it seems that they are going to go through the Tiangang Mountains and then to the Sunset Empire to find the whereabouts of our people. Adu and Rock It seems that there is some connection with the Tiangang Sword Sect, so I should go there first."

Xuanye's expression changed, "Tiangang Sword Sect, it's easy to go there. Your Majesty, I won't stay too much. I have to catch up with that girl as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find her without her trace. Again. I apologize to you for what happened before, and when there is a chance in the future, Xuanye will definitely bring Yueyue here to apologize to you." He said, giving a deep salute to the Elf Queen.

The Elf Queen also said politely: "You are welcome, I also want to thank you for your help."

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Don't worry, what I promised will be done."

The elf queen said: "You must not embarrass the dumb child! If you have the whereabouts of our people, I will trouble you to send them back."

Xuan Ye responded, and under the **** of Aodie, he left the ancient elven tree and hurriedly headed towards the Tiangang Mountain Range of the Huasheng Empire with his men.

After Ah-Dai and the others left the Elf Forest, it took more than half a day to climb over a hilly area and enter the territory of the Yalian Clan. During the period, they did not encounter other alien races in the Tianyuan Clan.

Finally returned to the flat continent, the speed of everyone's advance suddenly increased a lot. When climbing over the hills, Xuan Yue used her physical strength as an excuse to let Dumb be caught by her. Of course her weight was nothing to Dui, but Dui carried her on her back, and there was always a feeling of thorns on her back. The fragrance on Xuan Yue's delicate body made Duan feel helpless many times, and the feeling of physical contact made him even more embarrassed. Yan Li also proposed to carry Xuan Yue on his back, but I don't know why, but he was always generous and didn't agree. It seemed that he would suffer if Yan Li carried Xuan Yue on his back.

"Yueyue, it's already a flat road, you should come down and walk." I don't know how many times this is the first time A Duan suggested that Xuan Yue should come down.

Xuan Yue chuckled and shook her head and said, "No, I will let you carry it. You all walk so fast. A girl from this family who doesn't know how to martial arts, how can she catch up!" Almost let Duan carry it for a day. Xuan Yue has gotten used to it, especially sleeping on the broad back of Ah-Dai, which is really a beauty in the world.

Dumb shook his head helplessly, and had to move on.

Yanli laughed and said, "I said, brother, you just recognize it. Anyway, you two are willing to fight and suffer."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Brother Yanli, don't make fun of me."

Seeing Ah Dumb's "pain" look, Rock couldn't help but smile, and said, "I am a little tired after walking for so long. Let's find a place to rest."

Xuan Yue said: "Okay, okay! Just here. This Yalian clan is also true, there are no trees, and there are large grasslands everywhere."

Hearing Xuanyue agreed to rest, Ah Dai hurriedly put her down. Xuan Yue gave him a dissatisfied look, and sat on the grass to block the glaring sunlight with her hand. The rock and rock force also stopped. The two of them lay comfortably on the ground. The rock said: "This is how the Yalian people are. They are all nomads and usually live in thick tents. The light cavalry of the Yalian people is on the mainland. It’s very famous on Shangri-La, and they are also the largest race in the Sorbian Federation. When we meet the Yalian tribe, we will buy some horses from them, and then we will be on the road, it will be much faster."

Xuan Yue said, "Buy a horse? Do you have any money on your body? Me and Ah'Dai have spent almost the same amount of money." Indeed, the luxury carriage that I bought before cost most of the two who needed it, not to mention it in the future. There is no money if you buy a horse.

The rock was shocked, turned his head and asked Yan Li: "Brother, have you brought the money?"

Yan Li shook his head and said, "When did we spend money in the clan? I haven't used that stuff before."

Dumb said: "It seems that we have to walk. If we can find a city, maybe Yueyue and I can get some monthly salary from the wizard's union. There will be money to spend." To be honest, he didn't want to ride a horse. He still deeply remembers the painful experience of riding a horse for the first time.

Yanli laughed and said, "No, there must be a way to the front of the mountain. Although we have no money, we have some strength. See if we can help people in the tribe of the Yalian tribe, we can also get some work. Money spent! How to drive without a horse, it will be slow."

The rock smiled and said, "I didn't expect that I would also have to work hard for a day."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "You really want to work hard! It's fun, I really want to see how you work hard. In fact, we should spend more days in the Tianyuan clan territory. We haven't seen other races. Well, Big Brother Yanli, what do you think the dwarves will look like? Will they be shorter than you?"

Yan Lichu turned over and sat up, proudly said: "Of course I am shorter than me. In the eyes of the dwarf, I must be a giant." His words made everyone laugh.

The fruits brought from the elves have been eaten long ago, and everyone can only eat some steamed buns stored in the blood of Xuanyue Phoenix. The storage capacity of Phoenix Blood is indeed good. It has been for some days, but the steamed buns have not dried or deteriorated at all.

Yanli said slowly: "It's too boring to eat steamed buns, if you have meat." When he was in the Puyan clan, he didn't like meat every day.

The rock glared at him and said: "Don't do so much, let's go, let's continue on the road, find a tribe of the Yayan tribe, and we can have a good rest."

Everyone stood up, Xuan Yue took out a coat from Phoenix’s blood, put it on her head to shield herself from the scorching sun, and said to dumb: "Damn, come and bear me, I will help you block the sun, how about Mutual benefit?"

Dumb murmured something, and finally squatted down in front of Xuan Yue helplessly. Xuan Yue smiled slightly, leaning on A'Dai's back, her chest was just beginning to develop soft and pressed against A'Dai's firm muscles, and A'Dai's face was hot, hooking Xuanyue's legs, and quickly chasing after Brother Rock.

After distinguishing the direction, the four of them kept heading southwest, until sunset, and finally found an oasis on the grassland. This is a small lake, which looks only tens of square kilometers. There are a large number of dark-skinned humans scattered around. Contrary to the elves, their appearance is generally very ugly and the skin is rough, but the figures of men are relatively more. robust.

Hundreds of tents were set up around the oasis. Hundreds of cattle and sheep were driven away by the Yalian tribe, enjoying the delicacies given to them by the heavens on their natural pasture.

Xuan Yue said in surprise: "It's so lively here! There are so many cows and sheep. Do they take care of it?"

Rock smiled and said: "Of course, come here. The Yalian people have always lived a nomadic life. Although they are the largest in the Sorbian Federation, they are also the poorest nation. They can barely support themselves. They will. They often use their cattle, sheep and other races in exchange for some necessities of life. Oasis like this is the best habitat for the Yalian people. Only by the oasis, they can not worry about water problems. You know, in the vast On the grassland, no water means no life."

Dumb said: "Brother Rock, you seem to be familiar with the Yalian Clan!"

Yanli laughed and said: "A small part of our Puyan people's territory is connected with the Yalian ethnic group. In the Sorbian Federation, only the boldness of the Yalian ethnic group and the Tianyuan ethnic group have some contact with us. These are. The Yalian people occasionally go to our territory to exchange cattle and sheep for food and various items. Of course, they are familiar. Let’s go over and buy some milk tea and beef from them. I don’t want to eat dry food anymore." Walked to the oasis not far away.

Xuanyue dragged Ah-Dai and said, "Go, let's go there too, those tents are so interesting, let's rent one to live in."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Didn't you say that our money is not rich? Save some money."

Xuan Yue pouted her small mouth and sighed: "People have never lacked money, huh, I can't play with anything I like, I hate it." After speaking, she raised her head to chase Yanli.

Dumb froze, looking at Xuan Yue's jealous expression, a feeling of aggrieved in her heart, subconsciously said: "If you want to live, you can live. You can think of a solution for money."

Rock smiled and glanced at them, thinking of his dead wife, his heart felt sour.

Xuan Yue's heart was warm, she looked at the honest and smiled: "It depends on the situation."

Soon, the four of them came to the oasis. Although the lake here was incomparable with the elven lake, it was considered clear. As soon as they saw the water, everyone quickly ran to the lake and reached out their hands into the water. The cool lake water was washing their fatigue. Under the stimulation of the clear water, all four of them felt refreshed.

After cleaning, Yanli sat comfortably by the lake and looked around. Just now, a lot of Yalian people didn't know where they all went. Said: "It's really strange, no one has seen it. This oasis is too clean."

Xuan Yue pointed to the large tracts of cattle and sheep not far away, and said, "Will they all go grazing?"

Rock shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be. Generally, grazing is done by adults. The elderly and children will stay at home. But you don't feel it. It's quite quiet here. It seems that there are no people in the surrounding tents. Just now. Before we came here, we saw a lot of Yalian people, why are they all gone now? I don’t understand what is going on."

At this moment, a sturdy member of the Yalian tribe ran out from nowhere, ran to the northeast with a look of excitement. He couldn't help but stunned when he saw the four of them. He stopped and asked, "Who are you?"

Chapter 37: Baturu Festival

The rock stood up. Although Nayalen was strong, his figure was much smaller than that of the rock. Looking at his appearance, he couldn't help but step back. Rock said: "Brother, we just passed by here. Excuse me, where are all of you here, have you all gone to herd?"

Nayeon has returned to normal from his surprise, grinning, and said, "Do you know what herding is today? Today is the Baturu festival of our Yayeon. The festival is about to begin. Everyone is running. I’m going to celebrate. Of course there won’t be anyone here. We gathered there with a few nearby tribes. I came back to get something, otherwise, you will not see it alone. The celebration is about to begin. Foreigners, do you want to take a look together? It's very lively."

Several people gathered around, and Dumb asked, "This big brother, what does Baturu mean?"

That humanity said: "You don’t even know this. Baturu means warrior in our Yayan tribe’s old saying. Therefore, this festival is also called the festival of warriors. Each tribe will select the warriors of their own clan to participate. Today’s celebration. Whether you are going or not, I will have to pass it quickly. The Baturu Festival is once a year and is one of the most important festivals of our Yalian people."

Xuan Yue said happily: "I want to go, we want to go, we also want to see. You take us there."

As soon as the Nayalian clan saw Xuanyue's pretty face, his eyes lit up, and he admired: "You are so beautiful, little girl! My name is Tubari. Welcome to our festival."

The rock and the rock force looked at each other. They had also heard that the Baturu festival of the Yayeon tribe was very interesting. It was the biggest festival of the Yayeon tribe. Since they have caught up this time, it’s okay to see them. I want to buy horses from the Yalian tribe. "Brother, please lead the way. If we foreigners go to your celebration, won't it cause you trouble?"

Tubari laughed and said, "Why? We Yalian people like to make friends the most. Since you are here, you are our friends." At this moment, there was a low horn in the distance, and his face moved. Said: "Let's pass quickly. The celebration is about to begin." After speaking, he greeted the four and ran to the east quickly.

Several people looked at each other and hurriedly followed. The most exciting thing is Xuan Yue, she is always so curious about novel things.

The four followed Tubari through the herd of cattle and sheep, and suddenly saw an exceptionally spectacular sight. The place where the oasis is located is relatively high, so they didn’t notice this side just now. Once they passed the herd of cattle and sheep, they suddenly saw mountains and plains. The Yalian people, these people are divided into three parts, and their costumes are very simple. Many young people of the Yalian people are naked and shouting constantly. Most people are riding high-head horses, with excited smiles on their faces. In the center of the Yalian tribe, there is a large empty field. Around the empty field, there are fires, and each fire is roasted with whole cows or whole sheep. The smell of meat is constantly coming, so that Ah Dui and others can’t stop eating. Big move.

Tubari said: "Let’s go, let’s go. It’s about to begin. I belong to the northern tribe, and I’m in the north. The other two are the southern tribe and the eastern tribe. Although our three tribes are not very big among the Yalian tribe. Strong, but because of the close relationship between the tribes and occupying this oasis, life is still very good." As he said, he took everyone to the Yalian tribe on the north side. The Yalian people were not surprised by their appearance. Everyone who saw them showed a simple smile and made a welcome look.

The horn sounded, and the tens of thousands of Yalian people suddenly fell silent. From the three Yalian tribes in the north, east, and south, dozens of fast horses rushed toward the center. When the three teams of men and horses were about to collide, the knights on the horses made a rein movement at the same time, and dozens of fast horses stood up almost at the same time and stopped in the horses. The superb riding skills are amazing. Dumb thought to himself, no wonder people say that the light cavalry of the Yalian tribe is very powerful.

Yanli pinched his palms and looked eager to try. Among the Puyan people, his riding skills were very famous. When he saw these Yalian people who are good at equestrianism, his heart was immediately tickled.

The three teams were concentrated in the center of the open space, and the surrounding Yalian people shouted at the same time, and the atmosphere was extremely warm. The leaders of the three teams are all men in their forties. They raised their sabers high and drank with the knights under them.

After a long while, the shouts stopped, and the leader on the north side shouted loudly: "Brothers and sisters, today is the annual Baturu festival for our Yayan tribe, and it is also the festival for the birth of our warriors. A year of hard work has passed. Our Yalian tribe has produced many new warriors..."

Tubari explained to the four: “This is the chief of our tribe. Among the three tribes, our tribe is the strongest. The Baturu festival is divided into two parts. The first one is a competition of various forms. In the end, the warriors of all races will be selected. The latter is a complete carnival. Only today, our Yalian tribe does not need to work or graze, and everyone can enjoy themselves. There are three main events in the previous competition, namely riding skills. , Wrestling and archery. Are you interested in participating."

The rock was shocked and said: "Can we also participate?"

Tubari smiled and said: "Of course. We Yalian people respect those capable people most. Moreover, competitions are rewarded. The reward for riding competitions is two horses. The rewards for wrestling competitions are the best, winning. Players can randomly choose an unmarried girl who is over 18 years old from the three tribes to marry home as a wife. Therefore, the competition is also the most intense. Many young people want to show it to everyone at this time, not only to win fame but also At the same time, win the heart of your beloved. The reward for the archery competition seems to be money. I heard that there are fifty gold coins."

As soon as they heard the reward for the steed, everyone's eyes lit up, and Yan Li couldn't wait to say: "I, I want to participate in a riding competition, man, take me to sign up."

Tubari laughed and said, "Brother, I didn't see your horse!"

Yan Li was shocked, and said embarrassingly: "It's a pity that my horse didn't ride. Hey—" he lowered his head with annoyance.

Tubari smiled heartily and said, "It's okay, so let me lend you my horse. If you can win the race, you will also win the race."

Yan Li was overjoyed when he heard this, and said, "Okay, thank you very much, brother."

Tubari took Yanli to pick up a horse to sign up. Rock shook his head, and said, "This kid! Whenever I hear that there is a horse race, I get overwhelmed." In the Puyan clan, almost every time there is a horse race, Yan Li will definitely participate.

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "If Big Brother Yanli wins, we won't have to spend money to ride a horse, isn't it just right?"

At this moment, what rituals were being held by the leaders of the three tribes in the field. Dui and others could not understand. Dui's spirit was basically concentrated on the fragrant barbecue. For him, eating is always the most important thing. One of the things. Although Rock has become more cheerful in the past few days, he still has very little usual words. After the catastrophe of his wife's death, he appeared to be a lot more stable. At this time, he was focusing on the three chiefs in the center of the venue. The most excited of the three was Xuan Yue. She kept looking around, feeling the festive atmosphere of the Yalian tribe, and she was indescribably happy.

After a while, Tubari came back, "Brother Rocky’s riding skills are really good! At first glance, he is a horse-savvy person and picked the best horse in my family. I hope he can win this race."

Dumb asked, "Brother Tubari, how is the riding competition going on?"

Tubari said: "It's actually very simple. From here to the east, ten miles away, there is a red flag. Whoever gets it first and brings it back will win. Although the rules are simple, it is difficult to compete. It’s very good. Even if you can successfully get the red flag, you may not be able to be chased by other contestants. Therefore, the first person to get the red flag may not be the winner. I participated once five years ago and the result was even the red flag. I haven't seen the shadow, haha."

Tubari’s humility made the three of them feel good about him. Duan had experienced rock riding and said confidently: “Big Brother Yanli must be able to do it. He is the best rider I have ever seen.”

Tubari laughed and said, "I hope so. The riding competition will have to wait a while before it starts. I will take you to have fun. There are archery competitions and wrestling competitions over there. Let's go and take a look."

Sure enough, several open spaces have been enclosed in the empty field. The largest one has ten arrow piles, all of which are 500 meters away. The rest are covered by dozens of wrestling venues. The archery competition of the Yalian tribe depends on accuracy, while the wrestling competition is more complicated. Anyone can participate. As long as three people fall in a row, they can participate in the next round of the competition until the only winner is finally decided. Under the leadership of Tubari, the three of them stepped into the open space. Due to the large number of spectators, Dumb was afraid that Xuanyue would be lost, so he raised her little hand to protect her in his arms.

Sure enough, there are the most people here in the wrestling competition. It is difficult to squeeze in with three floors inside and three outside. The Yalian people's body odor made it difficult for the three of them to adapt. The rock rushed to Tubari and said: "Let's go to the archery side, there are too many people here."

Tubari smiled embarrassedly, and said: "Yes! Who doesn't want to be a warrior and win a beauties! These young people are like this." While talking, everyone crowded out the crowd and came not far away. Archery competition venue. There will be much fewer people here. There is only one black spot on the arrow stack 500 meters away. Not to mention that it is difficult to aim. Even drawing a bow and archery is very difficult. Even a bow that can reach a straight range of 500 meters It is also difficult for a person with a high level of grudge to pull away. Therefore, people who participate in the competition generally choose a relatively small pull force and use a parabola to hit the target. Although there are few participants here, everyone is a master archery, and a feather arrow rushes toward the distant arrow stack like a locust.

Tubari explained: "It seems that fewer than 50 people participated in the archery competition this year. In the first round, each had 10 arrows. The remaining ten people with the most accurate shots will participate in the second round and compete for the final winner. At the beginning, do you want to go and play." As he said, his eyes fell on the rock. The rock is tall and powerful, and Tubari also wants to see what these outsiders are capable of. However, to his surprise, Rock actually shook his head, as if he was not interested in this game.

On the contrary, Xuan Yue's interest was provoked. She kept swaying Ah-Dah's hand and said, "Why don't you try? There are fifty gold coins for the reward."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Yes, but Yueyue, I don't know how to shoot arrows! It's impossible to get any rewards." Indeed, he hasn't even touched a bow, let alone archery.

Xuan Yue said without giving up: "No one is born with everything. If you don't try, how can you know that you are not good? Go try it. Just play it. If it's not for people who can't open the bow, they want to try. Try it."

Tubari smiled and said, "Yes, brother, you go try it. In fact, archery is very simple. You just need to aim at the target, don't shake your hand, and shoot the arrow over."

Dumb didn't want to participate, but he suddenly remembered Xuanyue's grievance because of lack of money before, and gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, I will participate. Big Brother Tubari, please take me to sign up." Xuan Yue's decision immediately made Xuan Yue excited, clapping her hands and exclaiming, "Dumb is the best, you must be able to do it."

The rock smiled slightly, patted Dumb on the shoulder, and said, "Brother, later you pick the heaviest bow. The heaviest the bow, the bigger the Larry, the more stable the arrow will be, and the more straight it will be."

Ah Dui promised and hurriedly followed Tubari. Registration for the bow and arrow competition is very simple. Just register a name and get a number. The Yalian people did not embarrass him because he was a foreigner, but encouraged him to participate in the competition. There were 47 contestants before, so Duan was number 48. The preliminary round has already gone on for four rounds, and Dumb has finished reporting, just in time for the final round.

Tubari took Dumb to choose bows and arrows. In order to prevent cheating, players participating in archery competitions are not allowed to bring their own bows and arrows. This is mainly to prevent someone from buying magic bows at high prices to enhance accuracy.

Looking at dozens of hard bows, Duan couldn't help but feel stunned, not knowing which one to choose. Tubari was not a contestant and couldn't come to help him. He had already retreated to Xuanyue and Shishi, was looking at him not far away, and shouted cheering at him.

Dumb picked up a bow casually. In his hand, the bow seemed to have no weight. He remembered that the rock had told him to choose the heaviest bow, and he had an idea in his heart. He picked up each bow and weighed its weight. He found that the further back, the heavier the bow. At this time, the referee was already a little impatient and shouted: "Forty-eight, hurry up. The game is about to begin."

Ah Dui hurriedly agreed, ran to the last row, picked up a dark hard bow and ran towards his target position. As soon as I started with this bow, Duan felt very satisfied. Although the bow was not very big, and was smaller than other hard bows, its weight seemed to be heavier than his sword that day. Both the bow and the bowstrings It is dark, and there is nothing special on the surface.

The referee looked at Dumb who ran to the target position in surprise, and said stupidly: "Young man, don't you want to use this mysterious iron bow. It can weigh two hundred catties, and it's not easy to pull it away."

Dumb looked at the hard bow in his hand, and said, "I, I'll try it, maybe it will work." He had no confidence in his archery, so he could only listen to the opinions of the rock.

The referee nodded and said, "Well, I also want to open my eyes. I have never seen anyone who can pull this bow away." Even the strongest warrior of the Yalian tribe can only pull this bow. It's just a radian, the weight of the bow itself is quite terrible, without the strength of more than 500 jin in the hand, it is impossible to lift it flat. As for pulling it apart, no one can say how much strength is needed.

"When the game starts, everyone, please shoot out the ten arrows in your hand within twenty minutes."

Dumb is stupid, but he has seen Yueji shoot arrows, and he knows how to recognize the buckle and fill the string. He drew a long arrow from the quiver and draped it on the bowstring. His legs stood firm one after the other, and slowly raised it. The mysterious iron bow in the hand. Xuan Yue's cheering sound kept coming, and Ah-Dai felt the blood in her body seem to boil. The weight of two hundred jins is nothing to him. He easily lifted the mysterious iron bow in his hand to a position parallel to his shoulders, without a trace of tremor in his arms. Place the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the right hand on the bowstring and pull it back slowly. As soon as he pulled the bowstring, he understood why the referee had told him that the bow was difficult to pull. The bowstring's toughness and hardness are very strong. Without using the anger, it can only be pulled into a half arc with his strength, but even so, the referee and other players around looked at him in surprise. I have forgotten that I am playing.

Even when Ah Duan didn't use Sheng Sheng Qi, his arms were more than a thousand catties. He didn't pull the bowstring at this time, and he was shocked, and he felt a sense of victory in his heart. With a loud shout, "Open--" Infuriated anger suddenly burst out all over the body, and as the white light gleamed, the Xuantie bow was pulled away by him bit by bit. Dumb found that the more the bow was pulled, the more strenuous he was. The vitality in his body had been fully mobilized, and the muscles in his body were surging with powerful strength. However, when the mysterious iron bow was pulled to about three-quarters, Ah Dumb's true energy was no longer able to expand the bowstring. His left foot suddenly piled up to the ground, his body slightly moved forward, his whole body's potential exploded in an instant, a rush of heat rose from his dantian, and the white light was abruptly pulling the profound iron bow into a full moon.

"Okay—" Applause came from all directions, and all the surrounding Yalian people cheered. They all looked at this young man from a foreign race with excitement. This foreigner who was not very strong actually opened their minds. Divine Bow, how can I not surprise them. Dumb's hand was already trembling slightly. After all, he had tried his best. As soon as he loosened his right hand, the arrow flew out like a meteor and the moon, leaving only a faint afterimage in the air. Everyone's gaze couldn't help but look at Dumb's target. However, what they didn't know was that this was the first time that Duan had shot an arrow. The arrow was successfully shot out and kept going straight. But the goal has deviated a lot.

With a loud bang, everyone watched in amazement as the No. 7 target was blown to pieces. After shooting the arrow, Dumb was almost exhausted. After the arrow was shot out, he felt that his strength had been taken out. He squatted on the ground, panting constantly, overdrawing his strength so that he could not recover for a while. It is impossible to shoot a second arrow at all. Although the bow is a good bow, the arrow is too general, otherwise it would not be blown up without passing through the arrow stack.

Xuan Yue ran over excitedly, and no one had the intention to stop her anymore. She grabbed A-Dai’s hand and said, "Dia-Dai, you are great! You also said that you can’t shoot arrows. Look, even the target was blown up." The rock also followed, and he took the Xuan from the hand. Tie Gong stretched out his hand and pulled it lightly. He couldn't help but moved in horror. He exclaimed, "What a strong bow!"

The referee said with some difficulty: "Contestant No. 48, the first arrow has zero ring. Do you want to continue?"

Xuan Yue said in surprise: "What? You are not mistaken. Even if you blow up the target, it can't be Zero Ring."

The referee smiled bitterly: "If he blows up his target, I will definitely sentence him to the tenth ring, but unfortunately, he shot his target number seven."

Only then did Xuan Yue notice that Ah-Dai was in the eighth position, and she was speechless. At this time, Ah Dao had basically recovered under the influence of his anger, and stood up and said: "I'm sorry, Yueyue, the Larry of this bow is too big, I am afraid I can't draw the second bow." When I first came up, I didn't use my full strength, and my right arm was already injured. And even if he is physically strong, it is impossible to pull this hard bow twice in a row.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dumb, who was lowering her head as if making a mistake, and she couldn't help feeling distressed, and she took Dui's hand and said, "It's okay, it doesn't work, we don't have to win the game."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's concerned gaze, and resolutely rushed to the referee: "I abstained."

His words immediately stunned all the onlookers, and the audience was suddenly upset. The referee said: "Brother, you can try again with a lighter bow!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "No, my arrow technique is really bad. It won't be good to shoot someone else at that time." After speaking, he ran out of the field with Xuanyue's little hand.

When he ran to an empty space with no people aside, Ah Dui stopped, sat down on the ground, and said, "That bow is really hard, the Yalian clan is really amazing!"

"Okay, brother, even I have to admire your strength! That bow is not something anyone can pull. I just tried it. I want to pull the bow completely. At least three thousand jins of strength are needed. . That’s something I can’t do. It seems that your skill has improved again. If I guess it’s right, that bow would normally not be used by anyone.”

Tubari also ran over, giving Ah-Dai a thumbs up with a look of excitement, and said: "Little brother, you are really good, the black iron bow is a treasure in our Yalian clan, I didn't expect you to pull it away."

Dumb blushed, "But my arrow skills are so bad, I'm really sorry."

Tubari laughed and said, "It doesn't matter, the most important thing is to participate. The equestrian competition is about to begin, you guys look." Sure enough, hundreds of steeds stood on the side of the clearing and made a plan to go. Look like. With a clear whistle, the Yalian knights urged them to step down and rush out at the same time. Yan Li's figure clearly appeared in the sight of everyone, he was riding a maroon horse.

Yan Li looked excited and urged the horses to continue galloping, and rushed to the east. When the horses disappeared from the sight of everyone, Yan Li had already rushed to the top ten.

Tubari said in admiration: "Brother Yanli is really good. My Xiaohong is not the best horse in the clan. It's not easy for him to rush to the front."

Dumb's spirit recovered a little, and said, "Big Brother Yanli will definitely get the first return."

Since the start of the equestrian competition, many spectators in the wrestling match immediately ran to watch. There were fewer people in the empty court. Xuanyue took Ah-Dai’s arm and said, "Dah, Brother Rock, let’s take a look at the wrestling. go with."

The wrestling competition has also entered a fierce competition. Only the last four warriors are still playing in the arena. The winner of this game will be able to participate in the finals.

The four big guys in the venue are all naked. Except for one who is shorter and taller, the rest are tall and not under the rock. The techniques of pulling, pulling, pushing, shoving, hooking, and mixing have reached their limits. Time is stuck.

With a bang, a player was thrown out by his opponent and fell to the ground and couldn't get up. They could only participate in the semi-finals because they had gone through multiple games. Their physical strength was almost exhausted. Once they were hit hard, it would be difficult to climb again. stand up. On the other side almost at the same time, the slightly shorter player also won. He threw his opponent to the ground with a leg hug, and then pressed the opponent to win the game. The referee announced that the two had entered the finals, rested for a while, and waited for the end of the equestrian competition to start the final competition.

"Aguti, come on, you must win!" A crisp shout sounded from the side of Ah Dui and the others. Everyone looked intently. It turned out to be a girl from the Yalian ethnic group. The girl was about 18 or 9 years old. Although she had dark skin, But with a pair of bright eyes, in the Yalian tribe, she is considered a black beauty. A happy smile flashed in his eyes, staring firmly at the first winner, who was obviously her lover.

Tubari's eyes showed a fascinating look, and said: "Lan Ying is the first beauty in our tribe, and the daughter of our tribe chief. She grew up with Agutti's childhood sweetheart. Agutti has been practicing wrestling hard in recent years. I just want to win the game today and marry Lan Ying home dignifiedly. Agutti is an orphan with a poor family background. If you don’t use this method, you cannot combine with Lan Ying. Lan Ying is 18 years old this year. No matter who wins the final wrestling match, I am afraid she will be appointed as his wife. So, this is also Agute’s last chance."

Looking at the lively Lan Ying, the rock said idiotically: "I hope they can have lovers and finally get married."

"Look, it's Big Brother Yanli who is back." Xuan Yue's screams led everyone's eyes. Sure enough, in the thunderous sound of horseshoes, Iwali took the lead without pulling the reins. He controlled the hip horse with his legs, carrying a red flag in one hand, and waving a tomahawk in the other. He shouted loudly, even the nearest horse was about ten meters away.

Dui and the others all stood up and shouted the name of Yanli. The horses chasing behind him rushed to him several times, trying to **** the banner in his hand, but as long as he waved the Tomahawk immediately frightened those people back, and no one dared to get too close to him.

Tubari exclaimed with joy: "I'm going to pick up Brother Rock Li." After that, he ran towards the finish line. At this time, Yanli had successfully crossed the finish line with all his opponents behind and won the championship of the riding competition. With a look of excitement on his face, he kept waving the banner in his hand, and many Yalian people surrounded him and kept clamoring. It seems that he can't come back for a while.

Rock shook his head and sighed: "This kid, UU reading is still so pushy."

Dumb smiled and said: "Big Brother Yanli won the championship this time, so he has two horses to ride. We only need to buy two more horses."

Xuan Yue said: "Who said that you want to buy two more horses? One is enough. People don't know how to ride a horse. You have to take me with you."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Yes, but my riding skills are not good!"

Xuan Yue said: "I don't care, anyway, you can take me with you. Don't you ride slower?"

At this time, the final of the wrestling competition had begun, and the girl named Lan Ying squeezed to the front, constantly cheering for her beloved Agutti. Agudi was similar in figure to Adu, and he was stronger than Adu. His dark skin was exposed with blue veins, and sweat was dripping on his handsome face. Obviously, the previous games had consumed too much energy. His opponent was the brawny man who was not tall. Although he was equally tired, he looked a little bit more energetic than Agutti. As soon as the referee announced the start of the game, the two yelled at the same time and rushed towards their opponent. The four arms were entangled together, desperately trying to throw his opponent out. The game entered a stalemate, and the strength of the two seemed to be similar, and no one could help each other for a while. Lan Ying looked at Agutti anxiously and kept shouting.

Chapter 38: Adult beauty

The rock frowned and said, "The one named Agutti is going to lose."

Xuan Yue froze and said, "Why? They seem to be about the same strength!"

Ah Dui explained for the rock: "Agudi's footsteps are already a bit vain, and his back strength is obviously insufficient. Although the short man is tired, but his footing is very stable, it may not be easy to throw him."

Xuanyue's beautiful eyes flowed and looked at Ah-Dai: "Then how do you compare with him? Can you beat him?"

Dumb froze and said, "I, I can't wrestle, but his strength should not be as strong as mine."

The rock glanced at Dumb and smiled: "With the power that you can pull the mysterious iron bow, he will be thrown out by you without any skill. Brother, are you interested in winning a championship? Maybe that black Can a beauty like you?"

Dui hadn't answered yet. Xuanyue had already put her hands on her hips, and groaned: "No, don't go." Dui and the rock were shocked at the same time, her eyes fell on Xuanyue's body, Xuanyue's pretty face blushed, she stuck her tongue out, and argued strongly. : "That girl already has a beloved one, why are you intervening?"

The Rock smiled, shook his head, and stopped speaking. A strange feeling developed in Ah Dui's heart. He lowered his head and walked behind Xuan Yue, "Let's watch the game."

Xuan Yueen gave a cry. Although his eyes turned to the game, his heart was placed on Dui behind him, and secretly said: What's wrong with me? Why is this so? Could it be that I...

Sure enough, as expected by the rock, the situation in the field has changed at this time. Aguti lacks stamina, and has been driven by a short man several times. Although he can barely stand firm with his skills, anyone who knows a little wrestling knows. He is already at a disadvantage. The Yalian people kept shouting: "Batulu, Batulu..."

Agutti yelled. He knew that he couldn't lose, and he couldn't afford to lose. If he lost, he would not only lose honor, but also his most beloved woman. He tried his best to twist his opponent's arms and feet, trying to throw his opponent's body out. However, his current state is far worse than before. The short man sank his waist and tried hard, but Agutti did not move him several times. Just when his strength was weak, the short man caught his calf instead, pushed him aside with force at the waist. Agudi's feet swayed vainly. The short man took this opportunity to hug his right leg, abruptly lifted him up, shouted a few times, and slammed Agu under Lan Ying's exclamation. The **** fell out.

"Baturu, Baturu..." This year's wrestling championship has been produced, and the Yalian tribes are frantically shouting for the title of warrior. Aguti, who was thrown a few meters away, could no longer get up. Although he worked hard, his body could no longer be supported by will. Lan Ying ran to Agutti in tears, shaking his body constantly, Agutti looked at her bitterly, with a look of despair in her eyes. The despair in his eyes not only made Lan Ying grief, but also touched another person—Rock.

Seeing the appearance of Agutti and Lan Ying, Shi Yan couldn't help but think of the difficult relationship between himself and Yun'er. Because of their different identities, they suffered too much.

"Brother, I'm back." Yan Li ran over with a look of excitement, surrounded by a large group of young Yalian people, including Tubari of course. Although Yan Li was soaked in sweat, he was very happy in his heart, "It's a pleasure, it's a pleasure, I still like this feeling of speed and speed."

The rock glared at him and said: "You give me a little quiet, it's always so frizzy, we are outside now, we must be careful about everything, there is always no harm in being a human being with our tail sandwiched."

Yanli laughed, and said, "Big brother, the friends of the Yalian clan are very enthusiastic, besides, won't we have two horses for this champion?"

Tubari leaned over and stretched out his thumb and said, "Brother Yanli really wanted it. This time I also showed my face. Today's game is over. It's time to award the prize later. For many years, no foreigner has won a championship with us. The dumb brother is also really good. He even opened the hardest black iron bow."

Since the competition is over, the people of the three tribes of the Yalian tribe are divided into three parts again and returned to their own team. In the center of the empty field, hundreds of people are busy. They are building a simple table with wood with the thickness of the mouth. After a while, the table has been built. The chiefs of the three tribes stepped onto the wooden platform.

"Today's Baturu Festival was very successful. I am very happy. In the previous competitions, many young heroes have emerged. Okay, now there are three competition champions."

Yanli looked at the rock, and the rock patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Go, remember, be humble."

Yan Li threw a word of excitement, "I see." He ran over excitedly.

The champion of the archery competition is a middle-aged man. He walked onto the wooden platform with Yan Li and the short, strong man who had fallen down Agutti. The rock strength is about the same height as the short and strong man, and his body shape is a bit similar, except that the rock strength looks stronger.

The three chiefs on the stage praised them separately, each toasting them a glass of milk wine, the award of fifty gold coins for the champion of archery was cashed out on the spot, and the prizes of Yanli and two horses were also brought to him. Only the short and strong man did not get it. Own prizes.

"Today, not only the champions of various competitions appeared, but at the same time, we were delighted to learn that the mysterious iron bow of our clan was finally pulled away by a warrior, and we have invited this warrior to come to power." The northern tribe chief's voice just fell. , The crowd of three tribes suddenly thought of a sound of exclamation. When Dui opened the bow just now, because everyone paid more attention to the other two games, there were not too many people around. Xuan Tie Gong is very famous among the Yalian tribe, it is the treasure of the northern tribe, and no one has ever opened him.

Xuan Yue tugged at Dumb's clothes and said, "I want you to go up."

Dumb froze, pointing to his nose and said: "Me, what am I doing up there?"

"Didn't you pull away the mysterious iron bow? Is there any prize for you! Hehe, go up and take a look."

Dui had never experienced a scene with so many people before, and suddenly said in embarrassment, "I, I still won't go. Archery shoots at other people's targets. What a shame!"

Xuan Yue pushed him a bit and said, "Why do you always have so little confidence in yourself, you can do it, go quickly, or else, I'm going to be angry."

At this time, the chief of the northern tribe had already shouted again: "Let's invite the warriors who opened the black iron bow to come to power."

Tubari also said to Dumb: "Little brother, go up and show your face, if you don't go, it means that you despise our northern tribe and will be treated as an enemy."

A Duan was startled, helplessly standing out, walking towards the central wooden platform step by step, and the surrounding Yalian people cheered. Yan Li didn't see what A-Dai had done before. When A-Dai walked to the wooden platform, he couldn't help but ask: "Brother, did you pull the mysterious iron bow?"

Duan nodded gently, before he had time to speak, he was pulled by the chief of the northern tribe. The chief was in his forties, he was covered in leather armor, his hands were thick and thick, and his face was filled with excitement, "Little brother, congratulations, you are the first person to be able to open the black iron bow. I listen. Say, when you drew the mysterious iron bow, your body was full of white light. May I ask, is that vindictive?" Although learning martial arts is not a big deal in the Sortian Federation, the Yalian tribe, a nomadic nation, rarely appears masters. . Most people are unwilling to associate with black people like them, so vindictiveness is not uncommon here.

Duan nodded and said, "Yes."

The chief patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Okay, it's a hero. Although you are a foreigner, but you can open the black iron bow, we will treat you with the courtesy of a warrior. Today, your reward is to be with Kun Like Baturu, choose the most beautiful girl among our three tribes to be your bride." Kundu is the short and strong man who fell to Agutti earlier.

Dumb was startled, thinking of Xuanyue's previous reaction, his face flushed red, and he waved his hands again and again, "No, no need."

The chief laughed and said: "Young man, don’t be embarrassed, so be it. Okay, this is the end of today’s game. Next, is the biggest feast of our Baturu festival. At the bonfire party tonight, our The warrior Kundu and the warrior who drew the black iron bow will select their bride. Brothers and sisters, let us eat and drink as much as we want, and dance as much as we like." With the cheers of the chief, the Yalian tribe of the three tribes It was all boiling, they shouted to their heart's content.

Under the pull of the rock force, Ah Daai returned to the rock and Xuan Yue's side blankly, Xuan Yue's face was standing aside like water, without saying a word. Dumb leaned to Xuan Yue's side and whispered: "Yueyue, I don't know why this happens. I won't choose any bride. Don't be upset."

Xuan Yue snorted and said, "What does it have to do with me whether you choose the bride or not, I will take care of you!" After speaking, she turned and walked to a barbecue rack and went to eat.

The rock walked up to Ah-Dai, and shook his head as he looked dazed, and whispered something in Ah-Dai's ear. Dumb was a little surprised talking to the rock, and kept nodding his head.

As night fell gradually, a huge bonfire was lit on the endless prairie. The Yalian tribe sang and danced by the bonfire, with happy smiles on their faces. Of course, this does not include Agutti, who lost the wrestling match, and his beloved Lan Ying. The two cuddled to the side. Agutti lowered his head, his face was pale, and he was constantly regretting why he could not make it to the end.

Amid the loud shouts of the chiefs of the northern tribes, the Yalian tribesmen of the three tribes all calmed down.

"Well, our bonfire party will start now. First of all, please tell us the two warriors who are going to choose the bride today."

Dui and Kundu had already been put on the clothes of their clan by the Yalian tribe, and they came to the northern tribe chief surrounded by a group of young people.

"Okay, two warriors, today can be said to be a day of great joy for you. Girls of the Yalian tribe, whoever is 18 years old and unmarried, stand up for me and see if you can be lucky These two warriors were selected.” With the voice of the chiefs of the northern tribes, hundreds of girls stood out from the three tribes. Most of the girls showed the look of expectation. It is a piece of cake to marry a warrior. What a glorious thing! Of course, this will naturally not include Lan Ying. She stood up slowly under Agut’s desperate gaze. Although she was unwilling, this was a rule laid down by the Yalian tribe for thousands of years. She couldn’t. Not comply.

Xuan Yue stood with Shi Yan and Yan Li, her body trembled slightly because of the tension in her heart, her eyes revealed an anxious expression, and secretly said: "Dah, you must not choose someone else to be your bride! Certainly not!" She didn't know why she was so nervous, but she felt that dumb was just like her own, and could not be taken away by anyone.

Kundu's gaze fell on Lan Ying, with a look of excitement on his face, but Duan lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking. The northern chief naturally saw Kundu looking at his daughter and smiled: "Two warriors, which one of you choose first?"

Ah Dui suddenly raised her head and said, "Chief, I am a foreigner, can you give me this priority?" When he said this, Xuan Yue seemed to think of a huge thunder in her ear, and her body shook, almost falling down. On the ground. Yan Li on the side said: "Dumb, this kid is okay! It's quite active. It's a good thing to find a black beauty to be a wife, haha."

The rock glared at Yan Li, held on to the pale Xuan Yue, and said, "If you don't understand anything, just say a few words and read on."

If it were normal, Xuanyue would naturally hear the other meanings in the rock talk, but at this moment her heart was messed up and she could no longer take care of other things, her little hand tightly grasped her skirt, her lips trembled slightly, her palms Full of tense cold sweat.

The northern tribe chief was shocked and rushed to Kundu: "Do you have any comments?"

Kundu glanced at Dumb and thought to himself, it doesn't matter what this silly boy would pick, let him pick first. Besides, Lan Ying is hiding behind him now, so he wouldn't pick it. Thinking of this, he nodded generously and said, "Since this brother is a guest from a foreign race, you can choose first."

The chief of the northern tribe praised: "Okay, I really have the generosity of my Yalian tribe. Warriors of foreign tribes, please--"

Duan nodded and said, "Thank you." After that, he walked out alone. He walked to ten meters in front of the bonfire and said loudly: "Thank you very much to the friends of the Yalian clan for giving me this opportunity. I believe in fate. I can tell everyone that I am actually a magician and I have a little magic. This opportunity to show everyone, and whoever the magic falls in the end proves that I chose her." After speaking, Ah Dui, under the surprised gaze of the Yalian tribe, chanted in a low voice: "Fire elements flooding the world! Please give me your warm power to condense into a ball and appear in my hand.” As the spell chanted, a red fireball with a diameter of about five centimeters appeared in the hands of Dumb. He did not use his full strength, but the fiery red fireball had already let All the Yalian people were surprised, and most of them didn't even know that there was such a thing as magic.

The fireball floated into the air under the control of Ah-Dai, first circled the top of the bonfire, and quickly flew towards the girls of the Yalian tribe.

A white light bomb flew up from nowhere and hit the fireball. Dumb was startled. He clearly knew that besides him, only Xuanyue could use magic. He was shocked, and controlled the fireball to escape the impact of the light bullet and flew into the crowd.

It turned out that Xuanyue saw that Ah-Dai really wanted to choose a bride, so anxious, and too late to use a large-scale magic, she had to release a light bullet to try to stop him. Although Xuanyue’s magical strength is obviously stronger than that of Ah-Dai with the addition of the Angel’s Staff, her own magical control is much worse. At the beginning, she can catch up with Ah-Dai’s fireball, but it can go around. Down, Dumb's fireball caused her light bullet to hit a tree. When she wanted to release another one, the fireball had already rushed into the crowd. Amidst the screams of the girls, it landed exactly in front of Lan Ying's feet. The fireball flashed out.

Lan Ying was taken aback. She thought that Kun, who was always entangled with her, would choose herself, but she never expected that this strange foreign teenager would use this method to spot her, and she would inevitably feel a little strange in her heart.

Because his sight was blocked by others, the chief of the northern tribe did not realize that his daughter was the chosen one, and shouted: "The chosen girl comes out."

Lan Ying looked at the desperate Agudi beside her, gritted her teeth and walked out of the team. In the exclamation of many Yalian people, he walked in front of Ah Dui.

Also desperate was Xuan Yue. She bit her lower lip and looked at Ah-Dai with a trembling whole body. She didn't expect Ah-Dai to insist on choosing the bride. She couldn't tell what it was like now, so she screamed, turned and ran. Crystal tears kept floating in the air, and they all carried the sadness in Xuan Yue's heart. Yan Li just wanted to chase, but was held back by the rock. The rock said, "It's useless if you chase it. You still need to tie the bell to untie the bell. I will chase her after Dumb finishes handling the matter here."

Dumb didn't realize that Xuanyue had disappeared, and Lan Ying was getting closer, and he realized the amazing charm exuding the black beauty in front of him. The exquisite body and the bright and moving eyes have a unique exotic atmosphere. When the northern tribe found out that their daughter was chosen, they couldn't help but feel mixed. The happy thing is that this foreign warrior actually fell in love with his daughter, and the worry is for Agutti. He knows that Agutti likes Lan Ying, and he also likes the motivated young man, but his identity is really unworthy. Own daughter. This time, it was the last chance I gave him, but the kid didn't live up to it, and finally lost to Kundu.

Lan Ying walked up to Ah Du, looked at the somewhat sluggish tall boy, stood there coldly, without saying a word.

The chief of the northern tribe sighed secretly, no more, and said loudly: "Okay, since this foreign warrior has chosen my daughter, I have nothing to say, haha, I announce..." Just now, he was interrupted by a scream. "Hold on, Lord Chief." It was Kundu who was speaking. When he discovered that Ah-Dai had chosen his beloved Lan Ying, he was shocked and hurriedly stopped while the matter was uncertain. He raised his head and walked to the side of the chief, and said, "My chief, the one I want to choose is also your daughter."

Of course, the chief of the northern tribe knew that Kundu had long been interested in Lan Ying, and said with a wry smile: "But, I am just such a daughter, I can't marry you two in half."

Dumb said indifferently: "That's okay, let us compare the last one. Whoever wins, Miss Lan Ying will go to whom."

The chief was shocked and said: "Compared to what?"

Dui looked at Kundu and said, "It's better than wrestling." As soon as his voice fell, the Yalian tribe suddenly screamed. No one thought Dui would make such a request. After all, Kundu just won the wrestling championship. Laurel wreath.

Kundu's eyes flashed fiercely. Although today's game consumed a lot of his energy, he almost recovered from the rest of the afternoon. Hearing this, he nodded and said: "Well, let me learn about you, a foreigner. What's a great skill?" After he finished speaking, he tore off his coat and stood in front of Ah-Dai with his naked upper body, his eyes flickering, and anger filled his whole body. The chief took his daughter to the side, and the surrounding Yalian people shouted and cheered the two people in the field.

Dumb said: "You tried for a day today, compared to the consumption of a lot of physical strength, I do not take advantage of you, so I don't use my hands, as long as you can knock me down, even if you win."

Kundu lost his voice: "What? You don't use your hands? You look down on me too much." For the beloved woman, he didn't argue too much, so he roared and rushed to the dumb.

Dui did not dodge, letting Kundu grab his shoulders, Kundu was delighted, his right foot slammed into Dui's legs, and his arms tried to throw him out. Although his strength is great, Dumb's chassis time is more stable than his. At the beginning, even with the continuous impact of the waves, it was difficult to defeat Dui, not to mention his strength.

Dumb's legs were slightly bent, the back of his hands were behind him, and he stood steadily. No matter how hard Kundu tried, he couldn't shake his body. When Kundu exerted force again, his shoulder flicked slightly, and a white light flashed. After passing away, Kundu's body had been thrown out and fell heavily three meters away.

The surroundings became silent. No matter who it was, no one thought that this young man from outside could throw down the warrior Kundu of the Yalian tribe without his hands.

Kundu struggled to get up and rushed to the side of Ah-Dai again, but this time, as soon as his hands touched Ah-Dai's clothes, the person was already shaken out. After repeating it many times, Kun Du no longer had the strength to get up. Ah Dui shouted arrogantly: "Is there no warrior in the Yalian clan that can defeat me? Come on, as long as you can knock me down, the beautiful Lanying is yours." His words immediately aroused the anger of the people. 8. Eight young men ran out and challenged dumb. Dumbs did not refuse to come. They were still holding their hands behind, and they were greeted by these challengers one by one. Almost no one could catch his clothes, and they were already thrown off. A faint.

When the nineteenth challenger lost again, no one dared to rush forward. Ah Dui suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed at the Agu Causeway, which was on the sidelines: "Aren't you the second place in the wrestling match today? Do you have the guts to try, as long as you can win me, Lan Ying is yours." "

The sluggishness in Aguti’s eyes gradually disappeared under the challenge of Ah-Dai. He stood up angrily and shouted: "Foreigners, don’t think that our Yalian tribe is no one, and the dignity of our tribe cannot allow you to trample on it like this. Okay, I will challenge you, Agutti." As he said, a stride came out, and he walked quickly in front of Dumb. The surrounding atmosphere was suddenly aroused by Agutti's brave challenge, and everyone was cheering for him. For a while, the atmosphere reached its climax.

A smile of relief appeared in Ah Du's eyes, still behind his hands, saying: "Okay, then you come on, as long as you can knock me down, even if you win."

Agudi took a deep breath, stood steadily with his feet, grasped at the shoulders of Ah-Dai at the same time, swayed his right foot to the left, and slammed towards Ah-Dai's right foot. There was a panicked look in Ah-Dai's eyes, and his right leg felt slightly. Soft, his body shook, Agutti was overjoyed, and moved to Ah Du's shoulder with all his strength, trying to throw him out. Dui staggered, not as he wanted, but even so, it caused cheers around. This was the first time Dui left where he was standing.

Agutti was unrelenting, and rushed forward quickly and entangled with Dumb. His footsteps were nimble, and he kept stirring to places that Dumb could not expect, and he fell very lively for a time. Finally, thanks to Agutti’s unremitting efforts, he found a chance to throw Ah-Dai out. When Ah-Dai landed on his back, all the Yalian tribes were boiled. They shouted the name of Agutti together. It seemed that Aguti had become The hero of the entire Yalian tribe.

Dumb stood up and sighed: "I lost. Lanying is yours. I apologize to you. Yalian is indeed a powerful race. Because of my previous arrogance, I gave up choosing a bride from Yalian. Opportunity." After finishing speaking, before everyone could react, he immediately retreated from the court. When he passed Lan Ying, he clearly heard Lan Ying's deliberately lowered voice, "Thank you for your accomplishment."

Dui walked back to the rock, and the three of them quickly squeezed out of the crowd. Now no one would notice them. The Yalian people were cheering for their hero, Agutti.

After squeezing out the crowd, Ah-Dai breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Big Brother Rock, I didn't recite the lines just now."

Rock laughed and said: "You have been carrying it all afternoon, if you make a mistake again, then you will be amazing."

Yanli said inexplicably, "Well, what the **** is going on! Dumb brother, there is nothing special about the kid who came out last, why would you lose to him?"

Dumb and Shige looked at each other and smiled. It turned out that after Kundu won in the afternoon, Shige felt extremely depressed in his heart. He understood the pain of a pair of lovers who could not be combined because of their different identities. Therefore, when Ah-Dai got the right to choose the bride, the two set up this strategy, and Ah-Dai deliberately arrogantly provoke the Yayeon clan, and finally lost to Agudi in order to perfect him and Lan Ying. Among the Yalian tribe, only the wise Lan Ying could see the mystery.

"Hey, Brother Rock, where did Yueyue go?"

Rock patted his head, and said anxiously: "Ah! No, dumb, go find Xuan Yue, after you choose Lan Ying, she ran away crying. It seems that this little girl is right. You are really emotional. Yueyue is a good girl, and you can't let her down."

Dui didn't understand Shi's words very well, but when she heard Xuanyue run away, she was shocked and lost her voice: "What? Yueyue ran away crying? She..., I..., hey--"

Asking Qing Xuanyue's direction of departure, Duan was anxious and chased after her desperately. As soon as he knew that Xuanyue was crying, his heart was pained like a knife cut, and he murmured as he ran: "Yueyue, don't have anything to do!" He ran wildly and ran to the oasis. Stopped, looking around with a little gasping, but Xuan Yue was not visible.

Just as Dumb was extremely anxious, a low crying sound came from not far away, and it sounded like Xuan Yue's voice. A Duan was overjoyed, hurriedly searched for the sound, and walked around a tent, and finally found Xuan Yue's petite body. She was sitting behind the tent, facing the oasis, with her hands on her knees, and she was crying. The thin and lonely figure caused a great pain in A'Dai's heart. He quietly walked to Xuanyue's back and squatted down, grabbed her fragrant shoulders with both hands, and said softly, "Yueyue, what's wrong with you?" He found Xuanyue. His heart was also let go, and he was greatly relieved.

Xuan Yue suddenly raised her head, sucked on her red nose, and choked up; "You hate it, you get out of here! What are you doing? Go to your bride."

"Yueyue, don't cry at UU reading, it's all my fault, please let me explain!"

"I don't listen, I don't listen, I hate you, you go away, you hate it to death." Xuan Yue cried and kept beating Ah-Dai's chest with her small hand. The thought that Dui would be someone else's husband made her feel very sad.

Dumb grabbed Xuanyue's hands and said in a daze, "Yueyue, what the **** is going on with you? Who made you angry? Tell me, I will avenge you."

Xuan Yue struggled to pull her little hand out, wiped the tears from her face, and said angrily: "You still ask, who else will make me angry except you, you pay, you pay." She said, grabbing the angel stick from the ground. Just hit Ah Dai. Dui raised his hand to block it, and the sharp wings of the angel's rod cut through his clothes, leaving a hole in his arm, blood flowed out, and the sleeves of Dui's clothes were dyed red.

Seeing that Ah-Dai was bleeding, Xuan Yue stopped immediately, staring at Ah-Dai blankly, and suddenly threw the angel's staff to the ground, lying on her knees and burst into tears.

Dumb sealed the blood on his arm, and reluctantly said, "Yueyue, don't cry, tell me what's going on? Why did you run out alone, why are you crying?" He didn't understand himself. What he did wrong would make Xuan Yue so angry that she could only ask in a low voice.

Chapter 39: Reaper first appeared

Xuan Yue cried, and said intermittently: "You, you...hate..., oooo, why do you...want to...marry another...woman...people, oooo, I...know …You don’t want to… want to do… I… follow… Ben, woo, you… go, you… go…, I… hate… you, don’t… want to… …, woohoo."

Dumb then realized that Xuanyue was angry because she just chose Lan Ying as his wife. When he thought of marrying a wife, he suddenly remembered that when he was a child, the girl once said that he would marry himself when he grew up. He breathed a sigh of relief and sighed. Said: "Yueyue, you misunderstood me. I didn't want to marry Lan Ying, but Big Brother Rock asked me to do that."

Xuan Yue stunned, she stopped crying, raised her head and said: "What did you say? Did Brother Rock ask you to marry Lan Ying?"

A Dumb waved his hand again and again: "No, no, it's like this." At the moment, he explained how he and Rock planned to help Lan Ying and Agutti.

As Xuan Yue listened, the expression on her face gradually changed. Although Ah-Dai's narrative was not very clear, she still understood the meaning. Sadness was gradually replaced by the joy of her eyes. After listening to Ah-Dai's narration, she groaned: "Then why didn't you tell me this afternoon? You made people cry for so long?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "You started to be angry in the afternoon, I told you to ignore me! And I'm very stupid. I have to recite the lines that Big Brother Rock taught me many times to remember."

Xuan Yue's heart turned from sorrow to joy, and she sighed: "I don't care, I don't care, anyway, I blame you, whoever makes you okay to pull a mysterious iron bow for causing so many things is to blame you and you." Although she said so, she had already unconsciously leaned her delicate body against Dumb's chest.

Dumb sniffed the fragrance of Xuan Yue's body, feeling a little at a loss, and could only sit on the ground, letting Xuan Yue lean. He clearly felt that the anger in Xuan Yue's heart had disappeared.

The weather today was very good, there were no clouds in the sky, and a half-round bright moon hung high in the sky. As the breeze moved, the moonlight in the water was rippling, and the misty feeling made both Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue gradually fascinated. I don't know when, Ah Du's hands have been wrapped around Xuan Yue's willow waist, lightly hugging her soft body. Xuan Yue rested on Ah'Dai's shoulder and gently stroked Ah'Dai's wound, her eyes drifting away and said, "Does it still hurt?" Her voice was surprisingly gentle, and it was very comfortable in her ears.

A Duan's heart was shocked, and he shook his head, and said, "It doesn't hurt." Xuan Yue's gentleness made him unable to adapt for a while, but he liked this feeling very much, and the strangeness in his chest became stronger.

Xuanyue grabbed Ah-Dai's big hand and whispered: "Sorry, I was too impulsive just now. I hit you without asking."

Xuanyue's soft words shocked Ah-Dai's whole body and blurted out: "Yueyue, I, I..."

Xuan Yue raised her head, looked at Ah Du, and said foolishly: "If you have anything to say, I, I don't blame you." After speaking, she lowered her head and felt her hot face and her heartbeat suddenly Get up soon.

Dumb held Xuanyue softly in his arms and said, "Yueyue, I..." He finally mustered up his courage. Just about to say something, suddenly, the deafening sound of horses hooves sounded, and it seemed that a large number of horse teams were heading towards the campfire party. Rush. Dumb was shocked and said, "Yueyue, if something has happened, let's go and see."

Xuanyue sighed secretly, stood up under the arms of A-Dai, glared at the somewhat dull A-Dai, looked at the source of the horseshoe, and saw that countless black shadows riding on tall horses were quickly moving towards the Yalian tribe. Running in the direction of the bonfire party, under the shining of the moonlight, it can clearly reflect the cold light, that is a weapon that can kill people!

Dumb naturally saw the weapons, and said in doubt, "Yueyue, who are these people? Why are they all carrying murderous aura."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "I don't know who it is. Anyway, he won't be a good person. I'm afraid he came to attack the Yalian clan."

Dumb frowned and said, "That's broken. The two big brothers, Rock and Yanli, are still there, and those friends of the Yalian tribe are all in the carnival. If they are attacked, it will be difficult to resist."

Xuan Yue said: "These people really pick the time. Now is the most empty time for the entire Yalian tribe. Taking advantage of the current attack, I am afraid that it will be very difficult to resist there. Those Yalian tribes are so stupid. It’s not surprising that the people of ‘‘’’

Dumb anxiously said: "Then what shall we do now?"

Xuan Yue said: "I want to inform them that it is too late. This is very close to the bonfire party. I am afraid that they have already entered. Let's touch it first. If those people are indeed here, we will attack. Rock and Yanli will talk about it after they rescued it. As for those stupid Yalian tribes, it depends on the situation." Her good mood just now was completely disturbed by these unexpected guests. The clever little head couldn't turn around. What is a good way.

Dumb nodded and said, "Okay, let's go."

The two walked out of the tribe of the Yalian tribe, passed the flock of cattle and sheep, and smoothly approached the scene of the bonfire party. When they got closer, the entire bonfire party was in chaos. Xuan Yue's judgment was very correct. These knights in black clothes came to sneak attack. With their shining sabers, they kept slashing at the people of the Yalian tribe who were still reveling. More than a thousand people rushed into the people of the Yalian tribe like a torrent of steel, and blood spattered everywhere they went. Even the children and the elderly did not let them go. The sound of crying is loud and clear.

"Ah! Bandit, it's a bandit! Get away from everyone."

"No! Don't kill my son, ah..."

"My leg, my leg, it hurts me so much..."

Duankan's whole body was boiling with blood, and turned his head to Xuanyue and said, "Yueyue, you're waiting here, I'll go to Big Brother Rock and them." After speaking, he drew out the Tiangang epee behind him and was about to rush out.

Xuanyue hurriedly grabbed his shirt. Knowing that she could not stop Ah-Dai from going into danger, she had to say: "Be careful and pay attention to safety."

A Duan's heart was hot, and he nodded solemnly, unfolded his body skills, and rushed to the side of the black knight quickly. ,

Xuan Yue murmured: "These people in black are too good at picking the time. Now those black people, who can fight back!"

The Yalian tribe seemed at a loss in the sudden attack, even the three chiefs were a little confused. In this grand festival, most of the Yalian people drank and swayed. How could they organize an effective counterattack? Although there were more than the enemy, they were completely caught in a massacre.

Dumb’s Tiangang sword was flashing white with anger. When he rushed below, more than a thousand people in black had successfully pierced out of the bonfire party, and they were turning around and gathering the team not far away, preparing to attack again. At the scene of the bonfire party, hundreds of corpses were left, and the number of injured people was even rarer. Most of them were elderly people, women and children who had no time to escape.

Ah Dui had never seen so many people dead. Amid the cry of the Yalian tribe, his heart was very sad and angry. Among those corpses, several young people challenged him just now, but now, they have become With a cold corpse. Ah Dumb shouted loudly, holding the Tiangang sword in both hands, and rushed to the black man in the distance. The large tracts of Yalian people ran wildly around. They didn't seem to understand that after they were separated, they would no longer have any resistance.

"Wait a minute." An agile figure jumped out from the side and stopped in front of Dumb, which was a rock. He grabbed Dumb's body, "Brother, what are you doing?"

Dumb's eyes were red with excitement, and he roared, "I'm going to settle accounts with those executioners, big brother, look, how many people they killed! This is hundreds of lives!"

Rock and Rock Power were drinking with Tubari when the man in black appeared, but they didn't react at first. When they soberly knew that someone was attacking, the black knight had already rushed into the campfire. They were on the periphery, and the enemy's impact caused the Yalian tribe to flee, blocking their way forward, so they could not rush to the innermost point until now. Just met an angry dumb.

Rock looked at the man in black who had turned around and rushed back, and said in a deep voice: "These guys are premeditated. It seems that it won't work if you don't work hard. In order to avoid greater casualties, let's try our best to resist for a while, wait for Ya The Lian clan is no longer chaotic under the reorganization of their chief, so there is no need to be afraid of these bastards."

Yan Li was proud and roared: "Okay, let the three of us fight this group of bastards." As he said, he waved his battle axe and made it look like thousands of people are coming.

The kindness in Ah Du's heart had already been diluted by the previous killings, and he nodded heavily, and said, "Two big brothers, let's rush forward, or more people will die."

The rock laughed and said: "Okay, it's been a long time since we had a good fight, let's go." After speaking, the three rushed out like three off-string arrows. Dumb was in the center, and the rock and the rock were separated. Soon Meet the rushing horse team.

Rock can be said to be the most sober of the three. He shouted and shouted: "Chop the horse's legs." After speaking, he raised the long knife in his hand high, and a yellow vindictive burst suddenly appeared, a half-curved yellow light. The electric shot came out and went straight under the front horses to cut off.

The rock force and the rock have been together for the longest time. The two brothers can be said to be connected. The two tomahawks almost simultaneously split two yellow vindictive lights. The dozen war horses in the front suddenly fell to the ground in sorrow and rushed behind. The knight who came up was overwhelmed. The torrent of the original lineup was suddenly messed up.

Dumb's brain reacted slowly. When the rock yelled, he was already leaping high, and he didn't care about cutting the horse's legs. With an angry shout, both hands drove the Tiangang sword, the white vindictive spirit sent out a three-foot cold glow, and a heavy bombardment among the knights rushing up behind. The three knights were the first to bear the brunt, and they were immediately smashed by the dumb. Yu Jin actually split their hips into two, which shows the power of the sword in the anger.

Rock and Yanli were also shocked to see Ah-Dai's attack. They had never seen Ah-Dai so angry. The two had no time to hesitate. They could not let Ah-Dai be trapped, and each rushed up with their weapons. With one sword and two axes, when the people in black thought that the Yalian clan had nothing to fight back, they successfully blocked the opponent's advancement and created chaos.

Ah-Dai had already red eyes, and the tragic death of the Yalian people kept flashing in his mind. His men were merciless. With every sword swing, several knights were bound to be cut off. Under the rush of the three, dozens of knights died unexpectedly within a short while. But after all, there were a large number of people in black, and the three dui also suffered some minor injuries.

The Rock discovered that the black knight had separated two teams and copied it from the back bread. He clearly knew that although the skills of the three of his own parties were not weak, once surrounded by these men in black, there would be no possibility of survival. He grabbed the dumb who wanted to rush forward, and shouted, "Let's go." After speaking, he turned around and killed a black knight, and rushed out with dumb and rock power.

The black knight obviously didn't want to give them this opportunity, the formation was adjusted extremely fast, and they still surrounded them in an instant. Among them, three men in black flew out from the back of the team and rushed to the three dumbs. After the sacrifice of dozens of men, the head of the opponent finally appeared.

Clang clang clang clang of ice blades, the impact of the three dumbs was abruptly blocked back, although the three men in black who attacked them were also repelled, the rest of the knights remained on them. Several wounds.

The encirclement has been established, and if their skill is not weak, it is impossible to break out of the encirclement. Countless steel knives were like the hands of hell, constantly beckoning to the three dui, their skill weakened a little bit, and the surrounding corpses continued to increase.

Just when the three of them were about to be unable to support it, a clear phoenix chirp sounded, and the originally dark sky suddenly lit up, and a huge fire phoenix with a diameter of three meters suddenly rushed towards the black knights.

A Duan was startled, he clearly caught Xuan Yue's white figure from the gap between the people in black. Yes, Xuan Yue used the blood of the phoenix at the most critical moment to release the dance of the fire phoenix beyond the range of her ability. This is a sixth-level high-level magic. Even with the increase of the blood of the phoenix and the staff of angels, it is completely Having emptied Xuan Yue's magical power and physical strength, she was already limp to the ground at the same time as the fire phoenix was emitting. Apart from her sanity, she could not use a trace of strength, her face pale and scary.

The fire phoenix came at exactly the right time, and its appearance also saved the lives of the three dumbs. The flames passed out, and the large masses of people in black turned to ashes in the painful screams. The fiery phoenix danced through the encirclement of the black knights. After swallowing hundreds of lives, the gorgeous figure Gradually disappeared.

Seeing Xuan Yue fall to the ground, Ah Du was very anxious, and no longer cared about killing the enemy, under the cover of rocks and rock power, taking advantage of the moment when the black knights were shocked, they rushed in the direction of Xuan Yue. He found Xuanyue, and those people in black also found out. They were obviously on the battlefield for a long time, and they did not panic too much because of the deaths of a large number of companions. I don't know who shouted, "Kill that magician." Hei The clothes knights also urged the horses to rush towards Xuan Yue.

Duan's three body skills expanded to the limit and rushed to Xuan Yue's side first. Ah Dui took Xuan Yue's delicate body and rushed to the distance. As far as skill is concerned, Dumb is almost the same as rock and rock strength, but in the previous battle, he almost used his full strength and consumed the most. At this time, he hugged another person, plus the Tiangang epee in his hand, and did not run much. Far, has fallen behind.

The black knights chased from behind them frantically, and nearly two hundred of their companions were killed, which had aroused their blood-eating ferocity. They had already forgotten their purpose and wanted to kill the four people in front of them to vent their anger.

Soon, Ah-Dai, who had weakened his skills, was caught up. After he tried his best to slay the two with the Tiangang Sword, he was already trapped again. As soon as Rock and Yanli wanted to turn around and rescue him, Ah-Dai roared: "You go quickly and leave us alone."

Rock knew that even if his brother rushed in, it would be nothing more than throwing two more lives. He gritted his teeth and shouted: "Dumb, you hold on, we'll be back soon." After speaking, he pulled the blood-red rock force in his eyes. , Rushed to the Yalian people who were gathering together.

Countless steel knives were slashed at Dumb, and he desperately resisted, the unending nature of being born with true qi was exerted to the extreme, and at the juncture of life and death, he stimulated the potential beyond usual. In the burst of blood, seven or eight people died under the sword of Tiangang.

Suddenly, a cold light slashed towards Xuan Yue, who was in A'Dai's arms, and A'Dai was brandishing the Tiangang Sword to resist the attack from the other side, unable to stop it at all, watching the cold light slash towards Xuan Yue's slender neck. A look of despair appeared in Xuan Yue's eyes. At this moment, she thought a lot. She doesn't regret leaving her parents' side. The time she left was the most exciting period in her life. At the moment, she only thought in her heart that she was lucky to die in the arms of Dui. .

Just when Han Guang was about to slash Xuan Yue's body, Duan roared, his body suddenly turned, and he took this heavy stab with his back. There is only one thought in his heart-if you want to kill Yueyue, you have to step on my body first.

This cold light was sent by a leader among the men in black. He was overjoyed when he saw A-Dai with his body. He couldn't help but add a bit of strength. He wanted to come, as long as he hits, how could this knife kill the one in front of him? The teenager who had his many brothers split in half. However, everything was not as smooth as he expected. The knife did slash on the back of Ah-Dai. However, just as the blood burst, Ah-Dai's left hand suddenly lit up, and a white light instantly covered his whole body. After enveloping, the light burst out suddenly, and the dozens of people in black around, including the leader, all blasted off. The leader's knife left a deep scar on Ah Du's back, and the blood had soaked his originally red magic robe. In the intense pain, Ah-Dai snorted and fell forward a few steps, but he still hugged Xuan Yue's delicate body tightly and did not relax.

"Dumb--" Xuan Yue exhaled in pain. In the midst of extreme grief, she actually recovered a bit and could speak.

A strong sense of pain filled Ah Du's whole body, and his eyes were blood-red looking at the people around him. The eyes were constantly shining with a cold light. His stamina was almost exhausted. The white light just now came from the ring in his hand that Xuan Ye called the guardian of the gods. This was the second time that the ring had saved his life. The people in black photographed the killing intent on Ah-Dai's body, and they didn't even dare to step forward, and surrounded him, staring at him, drawing a lot of space within three meters of Ah-Dai.

What Dui thought in his heart was how to rescue Xuan Yue in his arms. He knew that he still couldn't die now. If he died, Xuan Yue would be over. Subconsciously, he inserted the Tiangang sword into the ground in front of him, and touched the Pluto sword on his chest with his right hand.

The evil breath came out without warning, and a faint gray gas surrounded Dumb's body. The surrounding air seemed to be solidified. The temperature suddenly dropped, and the black knights around couldn't help but start a cold war. Under the influence of the evil spirit of the Hades Sword, Ah Dai had lost any emotion in his eyes, completely immersed in the monstrous evil intentions.

Xuan Yue Ji Lingling fought a cold war, and under the evil air of the Hades Sword, she felt that her meridians seemed to be frozen, and a sense of fear filled her whole body. At this moment, the blood of the phoenix on the chest suddenly emitted a warm current, driving the chill out of the body. The faint red light enveloped her body and moisturized the meridians in her body.

Feeling the change of Yueyue in her arms, Ah-Dai looked down subconsciously and saw that Xuanyue's whole body was wrapped in a faint red glow, completely driving out the gray evil air she radiated. Seeing such a scene, Ah-Dai was determined that he had no scruples anymore. He didn't want to kill people, but if he didn't kill people, he and Xuan Yue would surely bury themselves here. Thinking of this, A'Dai yelled from the sky, and the few vital energy remaining in his body was fully mobilized and input into the Pluto Sword. Under the stimulation of vitality, the evil qi of the Pluto Sword suddenly increased, and it seemed that there was a generation around A'Dai's body. The gray whirlpool made the black man's war horse unconsciously retreat, making waves of mourning. Even the leader of the man in black who led the team was in the cold war again and again, and his heart was full of surprise. The young man in front of him seemed to be no longer the martial art master who was about to be dismembered by his own hands, but became a demon full of evil spirits. The monstrous evil spirit seemed to be like the big mouth of a devil, swallowing himself and his men. Urged by a sense of fear, he yelled: "Brothers, give me up, kill them, I have a lot of rewards." Under the yelling of the leader, he and two other high-powered companions took the lead. After going out, three long swords with flickering cold light slashed towards Ah-Dai with different colors of fighting energy light.

Dui had no complaints or joy in his heart at this time, and he was plunged into the cold. His mind had changed with the chill of the Hades sword on his chest, and there was a cold and **** light in his eyes. The right hand of the chest has penetrated into the skirt of the clothes, and he firmly grasped the hilt of the Pluto sword. Seeing the three men in black rushing towards him, A Duan's left arm held Xuan Yue tightly, and he shouted coldly: "The Hades flashed the sky—the earth—moved—"

Even if Xuanyue was in the arms of Ah-Dai, she just felt cold all over her body. Before she could see clearly, a faint blue light had slipped out of Ah-Dai’s chest, as if it was the Nine Netherworld from **** The light moved the body of Dumb, and the three men in black who came from the opposite side flashed strangely.

The blue light disappeared, and the people in black who were about to rush over stopped. "Pump, pounce, pounce." The sound of three heavy objects falling to the ground sounded. The three men in black who had previously fought against Dumb fell into the dust. After a little twitching, they had turned into three corpses. This is no longer known as the Pluto. How many souls did the sword draw?

Ah-Dai held his chest with his hands and gasped constantly. Although the attack power of the Pluto Sword was extremely powerful, it also almost consumed the little vitality remaining in his body. The icy evil intentions flashed at the same time as Ah-Dai made use of it. , Also invaded his body. At this moment, he was constantly attacking his heart, and his true qi was almost exhausted, and he had no ability to drive out the evil qi that penetrated his body.

Xuan Yue's body trembled violently at the moment the Pluto sword came out, and it was only now that she calmed down, and the blood of the phoenix once again saved her life. She also found out that Ah Dumb was wrong, because his body was trembling slightly, his face was blue, and the cold light under his eyes was constantly circulating, as if he was in danger of breaking out at any time.

Dumb is suffering now. He barely maintains a little clarity in his mind, urging the remaining little vitality to contend with the evil intentions of the Pluto sword, but his mind has already begun under the constant attack of evil spirits. Gradually fell. Just when Ah-Dai thought he was finished, blue light suddenly flashed on his chest, and the evil spirit in his body seemed to have found a catharsis, and it was absorbed in an instant. When the evil spirit completely disappeared, Ah-Dai felt the blood of the dragon on his chest move and made a soft noise. The blue light converged, and Dumb finally returned to normal. He could no longer support his body and fell to the ground with his arms around Xuanyue. He landed first with his wounded back. Even when he had lost most of his consciousness, he still did not want to hurt him. The person in the arms. His whole body softened and he had passed out in a coma.

The people in black around them all stood there, their skills were not very high, and they hadn't practiced too high a fighting spirit. Under the sword of the Evil Underworld King, their souls had been swallowed and their lives were gradually lost. Only the dozens of people in the outermost periphery that are more than 100 meters away from Ah'Dai can remain awake a bit, screaming, urging the horses under their hips to flee, although the monstrous evil spirit did not kill them, but It has already driven them crazy.

At the end of August of the sacred calendar, the **** of death, Ah Du, for the first time slaughtered as many as 700 people with the evil spirit of the Pluto sword. Nearly a thousand dead souls were absorbed by the sword of the Hades and the blood of the dragon. The kind-hearted dumb gradually began his path to death. Although his nature was kind, he inevitably brought killing.

At this time, the Yalian tribesmen finally regrouped under the leadership of the three chiefs and found horses. Nearly a thousand young and middle-aged people who gathered temporarily wielded the temporarily found weapons and rushed towards the black-clothed crowd frantically. They just met the dozens of people in black who had fled. Killed immediately. The man in black didn't know how to avoid it, and dozens of people had already suffered most of the casualties in a while.

The rock and the rock force were desperate, and they all knew clearly what would happen if they were besieged by thousands of people. Without mercy, most of these people in black died under their hands.

"Clang--" A sound of ice-blade clashing came, and the rock held up the tomahawk that Rock Force was slashing towards the last man in black.

"Brother, why don't you let me kill this bastard? I want to avenge Dumb brothers and them!"

The rock pulled the man in black to front of him, and said, "Didn't you find that these people didn't resist at all?" He shook the man in black vigorously, and roared: "Asshole, what are you guys? people?"

The black-clothed man's eyes were dull, with an expression of fear on his face, and he murmured: "No, don't kill me, don't kill my Lord Grim Reaper, I am wrong, I am wrong. Don't kill me, Lord Grim Reaper." The man in black had the scene of his companion turning into a corpse under the sword of Hades.

The rock froze, death? Where did the **** of death come from? Anxiously in his heart, he threw the man in black aside, waved the long knife in his hand, and shouted: "Brothers of the Yalian clan, UU reading www.uukā, rush with me!" He said, taking the lead. , Rushed to the people in black who were standing still. When they rushed to the front, the black knights did not react at all. After hacking and killing more than a dozen people, they were surprised to find that these people could no longer move at all. There was a movement in the rock's heart, remembering the fate of those thieves in the elven forest, and said loudly: "Stop everyone, these people are dead." He was right. Those who lost their souls can indeed be said to be dead, not only It was them, and even the horses that were carrying them standing still had lost their lives with bleeding from their noses and mouths. A touch will collapse to the ground.

Finally, Rock and Rock Force found the collapsed Duan and Xuanyue among the crowd, and their hearts were filled with surprise. Under the siege of a thousand people, not only did not die, but also wiped out most of the enemies. What kind of skill can this be achieved! The two hurriedly helped A'Dai and Xuan Yue up. Xuan Yue was also in a coma. She was held tightly in her arms by A'Dai. After several trials with rocks, they couldn't separate them. The wound behind Ah-Dai was still dripping with blood. The rock sealed his blood with vindictive energy and handed him to the rock power aside. The rock strength is amazing, and it is hard to hold two people at the same time.

The three chiefs of the Yalian clan have also come close, and they are studying the black knights who have lost their souls. After discovering that Ah-Dai and Xuanyue were not dead, the rock finally relaxed. He came to the three chiefs and asked: "Chief, do you know where these sneak attackers came from? Why are they here? Attack you at this time."

Chapter 40: God's Judgment

The three chiefs looked at each other with a painful expression on their faces. The chief of the northern tribe said: "These people should be bandits with the title of wolves of the grassland. They have been rampant on the boundary of our Yayan tribe for a long time, and they specialize in burning and killing those that are incompatible with the world. Looting. Many times we retreat under the rounds of several big tribes of our tribe. Their greatest feature is that they are very mobile. They are composed entirely of light cavalry with superb riding skills. The number has been maintained at about 3,000. Fighting to support their lives, their whereabouts are secretive, no one knows where they came from, wherever they attacked, there are always chickens and dogs not staying! It can be said that the grassland has changed the appearance of smaller tribes like us. It’s a deadly soul. I didn’t expect these **** to attack us while we are holding the grand Baturu festival. Thank you, warriors of the foreign races, if it weren’t for your time, I’m afraid our three tribes will be ashamed. Annihilated. But what happened to these people, why can't they move anymore, and their pupils have turned gray."

The rock shook his head and smiled bitterly: "These people's vitality is gone, it should be my brother who did it. All the prairie wolves here are dead. Since they have three thousand people, you should prepare quickly. If you are attacked again, you will not be so lucky."

The three chiefs were shocked, "What, did your brother kill all these prairie wolves? He, he is too powerful, and one person can kill more than a thousand bandits. Could it be that he really was the previous one? Is the **** of death mentioned by the members of the prairie wolf? Only the **** of death can kill all these **** in such a short period of time." At this point, all three of them showed horror on their faces. Before, they had seen the three mummy corpses, and their hearts had been in a state of anxiety.

The rock naturally saw the anxiety in the hearts of the three chiefs, frowned, and said: "What death is not a god, don't talk nonsense. We are just passing by you. Since the wolf of the steppe has been wiped out, so will your people. It’s safe for the time being. Don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you. Now is the time to leave.”

The chief of the northern tribe hurriedly said: "No, warrior, we don’t mean anything else. Even if your brother is really a **** of death, he is also a kind-hearted **** of death! His appearance has saved the lives of thousands of our people. Are you afraid? You stay, even if you want to leave, you have to wait until dawn tomorrow!" Although he said a little reluctantly, there was a trace of sincerity in his eyes.

Although Rock wanted to leave here as soon as possible, Xuanyue and Ah'Dai were not optimistic. They were also very tired under the struggle with Yan Li, and couldn't drive for a long time. He nodded and said, "Well, please find us a cleaner tent as soon as possible. My brother and sister need a good rest."

The chief of the northern tribe happily agreed and hurriedly ordered someone to make arrangements.

"A few chiefs, you must quickly gather the troops in the tribe. Since there are still two thousand people in the wolf of the steppe, they may come sneak attack at any time. Be careful. Do you have enough manpower?"

The chief of the southern tribe patted his chest and said: "Warrior, don't worry, if it wasn't for a sneak attack, those **** wouldn't dare to harass us at all. There are three or four thousand warriors in our three tribes, whichever one. It will not be weaker than these bandits, it is not something they can deal with."

Rock said: "That's good, everything is careful, stay alert."

Surrounded by the Yalian tribe, the rocks and rock strength brought the collapsed Duan and Xuanyue back to the oasis. The chief of the northern tribe arranged a big tent for them to rest.

Xuan Yue was just simply letting off her strength, and she didn't suffer any injuries, all she needed was rest. However, due to the excessive overdraft, the exhaustion of physical strength, coupled with the back injury, the situation is not optimistic. In order to keep Ah-Dai, the rocks and rock power had to take turns to rest, using their fighting energy to dredge the meridians in Ah-Dai's body, mobilizing the vitality of life in his body to run. After being busy for half the night, Dui's situation is stable.

After being attacked, the three tribes of the Yalian tribe gathered their tribes and stood ready. Perhaps the wolves of the steppe discovered their tight guard and did not reappear. One night's time finally passed. For the Yalian people, this should have been a carnival night! Now, the tribesmen of the three tribes are full of grief, mourning for those deaths.

Early the next morning, Xuanyue woke up first, and the rest of the night had restored about half of her lack of magic power. Sitting up, she gradually remembered what happened last night, and she found out in anxiety. Dumb beside him.

Dui had lost a lot of blood, his face was a little pale, and he was still asleep, frowning, as if he was experiencing some pain. Xuan Yue felt a pain in her heart. Last night, if Ah Du wasn’t trying to save herself, she wouldn’t be cut by the enemy. At this time, Xuan Yue regretted for the first time why she didn’t practice well when she was in the Holy See. If so, her strength will never be what she is now, at least she can help Dumb.

Both the rock and the rock force were meditating on the side. Xuanyue put the head of Ah-Dai on his lap to make him sleep more comfortable, and gently stroked Ah-Dai's forehead with tenderness in his eyes.

After A Duan pillowed on Xuan Yue's soft thighs, his brows gradually stretched, and he fell asleep deeply. Xuan Yue was not idle either, closed her eyes and started thinking. If you want to use a larger light magic to help Dui recover, first of all, she must stay in the best condition.

At noon, several people, including Duan, woke up one after another. The rock and rock power have basically recovered after meditation and breath adjustment. Xuan Yue's lack of magical power has also been restored, only Ah'Dai's body is a bit weak due to excessive blood loss, and the wound on the back is even more painful. When he woke up, he found himself resting on Xuan Yue's lap. He was startled and struggling to get up. Xuan Yue was also sober because of his departure.

"Yueyue, me, how could I..."

Xuanyue blushed, and answered the question: "Is your body better, is there any pain?"

The corner of Dumb's mouth moved a little, and said, "No, no, I'm much better, but I'm still a little weak. I will recover in one or two days. Yesterday, after I fainted yesterday, did you not get hurt?"

Xuan Yue lowered her head, shook her head, and said in a low voice: "No, you tried so hard to protect me, how could I get hurt."

Yan Li leaned over, smiled, and said, "What's wrong with you? Why doesn't it look normal!"

Dui moved his somewhat stiff body and reluctantly said, "I, we are not normal! Brother Yanli, were you the ones who rushed back to save us yesterday? When I fainted, there were still many people around. These. The people in black are too hateful, they have killed so many Yalian people."

Yan Li didn't see the eyes blocking the rock, and smiled bitterly: "Why did we save you! Yesterday you really surprised us. When we arrived, the bandits known as the wolves of the grasslands were already stupid. Then, one by one died inexplicably. Dumb, what's the matter!"

Hearing Yan Li's words, Ah Dui's whole body was shaken. He clearly knew that it was the effect produced by the sword of Hades. The various things before he fainted kept appearing in front of him. He asked urgently, "Big Brother Yan Li, what did you say? Are a thousand people dead?"

Yan Li said, "It's almost the same if they are all dead. We killed the few who fled. These **** should have killed them long ago. Hearing from the chief of the northern tribe, they don't know how much blood they had on their hands. .Brother, tell me, what method did you use to kill those bastards, there are nearly a thousand people! Is it magic? But, how come there are no scars?"

Dui's face became extremely pale. He never expected that thousands of people were killed because of his momentary anger. The depression in his chest made his whole body tremble slightly, and with a wow, he spouted a mouthful of blood and fell soft. Ground.

Xuan Yue was startled, and hurriedly picked up Ah-Dai's upper body and swayed him and said, "A-Dai, Ah-Dai, what's wrong with you?"

Dumb's eyes were hollow, two lines of tears flowed down, and he murmured: "I, I actually killed thousands of people, am I a demon? Why is this? Why?"

Xuan Yue clasped Dumb’s head tightly, tears streaming out, "Dumb, you can’t be blamed! This is not your fault, those are damned people, there is nothing wrong with killing them, don’t think about it. Don't think too much, let's get out of here now, okay." After speaking, she gave Yanli a fierce look and chanted the spell of vitality recovery.

The rock couldn't understand the strength of the rock, and said: "Don't mention what happened last night in the future."

Yan Li scratched his head and asked in a low voice, "Big brother, what is going on! Isn't it possible that Brother Adu was not stimulated by anything. Why did he suddenly vomit blood again?"

The rock said irritably, "You think everyone is so thick to you! Dumb suddenly found that he had killed nearly a thousand people. With his kindness, how could he accept it, although I don't know how he did it. But don’t ask in the future. When he wants to say something, he will naturally tell us. You go out and take care of the chief and ask for a few horses, and then get some food. After eating, let’s leave here and get on the road. The Lian people will come and ask Dumb. It's better not to stimulate him now."

Yanli agreed and left. The rock looked at Ah-Dai and Xuanyue who were wrapped in white light, and sighed slightly. He also wanted to know what method Ah-Dai used to eliminate enemies that were much stronger than him. But how can he ask if he is like this now. Let's go with the flow.

With the help of Xuan Yue’s vitality recovery technique, Ah Du’s physical trauma was almost healed, but the depression in her heart remained unabated. She lowered her head and said nothing. Although Xuan Yue was anxious, she knew that she could not stimulate him, so she had to stay with him. Beside, waiting quietly.

After a while, Yanli came back, and he also brought back three horses and many foods unique to the Yalian tribe. A lot of rocks and rock power were eaten, but Ah Dui, who had always had the most appetite, only ate a little under Xuan Yue's encouragement, and his expression became more dull.

After the meal, after the rock went alone to say goodbye to the chiefs of the three tribes, the four rode on their horses and left the oasis where the northern tribes were located. Before leaving, the chief of the northern tribe, in order to thank the four people for their help, specially gifted a black iron bow weighing two hundred jin. This mysterious iron bow was actually obtained by the ancestors of the northern tribes by chance, and they didn't know the true value of the mysterious iron bow. As long as ordinary swords incorporate a little bit of black iron, black iron can be transformed from ordinary iron into a sharp weapon. On the mainland, black iron has always been a precious ore purchased at high prices by various countries. The value of so much black iron lies in Ah-Dai and Xuanyue. Above those few superb magic crystals. The rock gave the black iron bow to Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai didn't care much, but put the black iron bow into the blood of the dragon.

Running on the endless prairie, the depressed Duan gradually brightened up. Although the shadow still exists, he is not so persistent anymore. After all, those killed are bandits with countless murders.

Taking into account that Duan was recovering from his injury, the speed of advancement was not very fast. Although the weather in the afternoon was a bit hot, Xuanyue did not complain this time. She just nestled her body in Duan's arms and enjoyed his warm embrace.

"Dumb, what did you want to say to me last night? Can you say it now."

Dumb froze, and while controlling the horse under his hips, he murmured: "Yueyue, I, I can't speak, but I think you have changed a lot now compared to when we first met."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Then tell me, where did I change?"

Dumb said: "When I saw you for the first time, I knew that girls can grow so beautiful. At that time, your beauty almost suffocated me. However, your temper is really too big, and you are domineering and spoiled. It’s very, always look like everyone respects you. At that time, you looked down on a stupid boy like me."

Xuanyue couldn't help being proud when she heard the first sentence from Ah Dui, but she couldn't help but sink when she heard the back, pouting, "Am I that bad? Who is so pretentious? You are talking nonsense." , She also knew in her heart that what Dumb said were facts, but she didn't want to admit it. When Ah-Dai said that he looked down on him, there was obviously a trace of sadness deep in his eyes. Seeing this, Xuan Yue's heart ached slightly.

Dumb smiled bitterly: "I don't talk nonsense, and I don't tell lies. What I say is just my own psychological feelings."

Xuan Yue sat up straight and looked at Ah-Dai and said, "What about now? What is the difference between me now and when we first met?"

A faint smile appeared on Ah Du's face, and said, "Sit down first, and I will tell you. My riding skills are not good, so be careful of falling." After speaking, he stretched out his right hand and naturally embraced Xuan Yue's softness. Liu Yao hooped her in his arms.

Although Xuan Yue had a fever on her face, she did not resist, and a hint of sweetness rose in her heart.

Dumb remembered the sudden gentleness of Xuanyue last night, and the strange feeling in his heart completely dissipated the original depression. Holding Xuanyue's soft body in his arms, smelling the faint fragrance of her body, it felt so moving, he He whispered: "When I first met, I didn’t know why your magic was absorbed by me. Then you said I bullied you and made me your follower. In fact, I didn’t want to follow you, I was anxious to return Next to the teacher, but seeing your crying face, I don’t know why, but my heart softened. So, I agreed to your request. In the subsequent dealings, your temper will always change greatly. Suddenly it was good for a while, but after a while it was completely changed. I was stupid and couldn't figure out your changes, so I can only try to stay away from you and hide myself so as not to be hurt by you. Tingling."

Hearing Dui's words, Xuan Yue's body shook slightly, grabbing Dui's big hand on her waist, lowered her head, and whispered: "Sorry, I don't know that my relationship will cause you such a big trouble."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's sad look, and felt a pain, and then said, "But then you changed. After entering the Puyan clan territory, you began to gradually change. You let me discover the kind side of your character. .You saved Brother Rock with magic. At that time, I was really grateful to you. If it weren’t for your calm light, I’m afraid Brother Rock would have already died, and there would be no murderer who killed his wife. From then on In the future, you will change, and you will not have the bad things you had before. Whether in the Elf Forest or in the Yalian Clan, you are already very different from before. You have learned to care for others."

Dui’s sincere words deeply touched Xuan Yue’s heart. She tightly nestled her body in Dui’s arms and murmured: "Dui, I don’t know what I was like before, and I don’t know what I have become now. What it looks like. But I know that there is only one reason for me to change."

Dumb froze and asked: "What?"

Xuan Yue raised her head, looked at Ah Dumb, and said softly, "It's because of you. You made me change. Do you like me now?"

Duan avoided Xuan Yue's scorching gaze, and nodded blankly. He kept thinking about why Yueyue changed because of himself. But no matter what he thought, he still couldn't figure out a clue. After all, he was just a child under eighteen.

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and said: "You only need to like it, and I will definitely make you like it more and more." After saying this, Xuan Yue covered her hot pretty face and completely wrapped her body in magic. In the teacher's robe, Fang's heart trembled fiercely.

The rocks and rock power had been riding in front, and they had already felt the subtle changes in the relationship between Xuanyue and Duan. The two brothers had a tacit understanding not to disturb them.

After a long while, Xuan Yue suddenly grabbed A'Dai's big hand and whispered: "Dai, thank you for saving me last night."

Dumb froze, shook his head, and said, "You saved us first. Without your fire phoenix, I'm afraid I won't have the chance to help Rock and Brother Yanli rush out. Now I'm still a bit afraid, if yesterday If we die among the bandits, I am afraid that my soul will not forgive myself, because I am tired of you! But, I really regret killing so many people." He said, he bowed his head in pain .

Xuan Yue grasped Ah Dui’s big hand and said softly, “Don’t be sad. Those are bad people. Even if you don’t kill them, they will be met with retribution sooner or later. It’s not worth it to be sad for those people. However, Pluto Sword The power of the phoenix is so great, my Phoenix blood can hardly protect myself."

When I think of it, Ah Dumb is also very scared, "I just wanted to fight with them at the time, and when my brain got hot, I used the Pluto Sword. If you are also hurt by the evil power of the Pluto Sword, I..."

Xuan Yue covered Ah Dui’s mouth and smiled and said, “Don’t tell me, am I okay now? Phoenix blood is a divine weapon after all. As long as you don’t use the Pluto sword to attack me, evil spirits can’t break the Phoenix blood protection. However, In the future, it is better to use the Pluto sword sparingly. It is too evil. I think, as long as there is no sacred aura or high-powered protection, as long as he is invaded by his evil aura, he will definitely die. It is easy to accidentally hurt others."

Dumb nodded solemnly and said: "I will never use the Pluto sword until the moment of life and death. Its power is simply terrible. When I think of thousands of people who have died because of it, I feel extremely depressed."

Xuan Yue said: "Then don't think about it, everything will be fine."

Just as Xuanyue and Ah-Dai were whispering, in the blood of the dragon on Ah-Dai’s chest, the dragon egg that was given to Ah-Dai by the fairy queen, because of the stimulus of the breath of death, had begun to be agitated. Life became active again, it was constantly absorbing the energy provided by the dragon's blood, and its attributes were constantly changing because of the evil energy it absorbed yesterday.

At noon two days after Ah Du and the others left, the red-clothed sacrificial Xuan Ye led the men and others to the northern tribe of the Yalian tribe. After leaving the fairy forest, Xuan Ye's mood relaxed a lot, as long as her daughter did not go to the Death Mountain, everything would be resolved. The only thing he worries about now is the dumb who owns the sword of Hades. Although on the surface, Dui was a kind-hearted boy and a little dull, he didn't dare to be careless, especially after hearing the Elf Queen say that Dui and Xuanyue were closely related, his level of worries grew deeper. The Pluto sword must be taken back by the Holy See. At the same time, he also decided to take his daughter back to the Holy See.

It was noon, and in the early morning, both the Eastern and Southern tribes of the Yalian tribe had left. For two days, they had been vigilant against the revenge of the wolves of the steppe, and they were fully guarded. Although hundreds of tribesmen were sacrificed, thousands of bandits were also eliminated after all. Most of the tribesmen of the northern tribes were in a state of excitement after the sadness passed. But two days have passed, but there is no abnormal phenomenon. The three chiefs realized at the same time that the wolf of the steppe should have already left. After all, their consistent style has always been a blow back, and this time should be no exception. However, they all forgot one thing. The wolf of the steppe lost one-third of the manpower here, and the 1,000 people who attacked were all annihilated. Can they give up like this?

As soon as Xuan Ye and the others entered the oasis territory, they were quickly discovered because of their strange attire. Although the Yalian people here have not seen much of the world, they still recognize the sacrificial costumes. After all, they are also loyal believers of the gods. The chief of the northern tribe personally greeted Xuan Ye and others into the tribe.

"Dear red priests, welcome to the northern tribe of the Yalian tribe. As the most loyal believers of the gods, we the Yalian tribe have always longed for the guidance of the Holy See. Do you know what we can do for you? It will be our northern tribe's greatest honor." The northern tribe chief said with a pious face. How surprised he was when the red priest came to them! He was full of surprises to see the closest person to the god.

Xuanye sees a lot of this kind of humility, he doesn’t have a lot of favor with these black people, he asks straightforwardly: "Chief, have you seen four people come here a day or two ago? There is a girl who is very beautiful."

The chief of the northern tribe was taken aback, and he still has lingering fears with the shocking performance of Ah-Dai. Although Ah-Dai eliminated the invading enemies, the terrifying death of the bandits gave him a deep sense of fear. No detention was made when he left the next day. When he heard Xuan Ye's question, his first reaction was that Dui and the others were important criminals of the Holy See, and he hurriedly explained what happened the day before to Xuan Ye in detail.

After listening to the chief's narration, Xuan Ye was shocked. Although he had heard that the Pluto Sword was so powerful, he didn't expect it to be so strong.

"Where are the dead bandits? Take me to see."

"Master Cardinal, those, those bandits have been buried. The weather is so hot now, I'm afraid the corpses are already rotting, I think..."

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "Well then, you can describe the appearance of those dead bandits carefully."

The chiefs of the northern tribes hurriedly added oil and vinegar descriptions if they were amnesty.

After hearing his description, Xuan Ye sighed: "The Pluto sword is worthy of being the number one evil weapon in the world. It can ingest the souls of ordinary people with only the evil spirit. It's terrifying!"

At this moment, a member of the Yalian tribe ran in in a panic, "Chief, Chief, it's not OK."

The chief of the northern tribe angrily shouted: "Well what? Didn't you see the Lord Cardinal there? Don't bother the Lord."

The Yalian youth first glanced at Xuan Ye, and then hesitated: "But, but the wolf of the grassland is here."

The chief was shocked and said: "What did you say? The wolf of the steppe is here. How is this possible? Shouldn't they be withdrawn?"

The young man said in his heart, you ask me, I ask who will go, "They seem to have two thousand people, they have rushed towards the village, our people have resisted, but our number is not dominant, I am afraid ,I am afraid……"

Xuan Ye didn't wait for the chief to speak, and said first: "It's just some bandits, don't panic, wait for me to see. God will bless you Yalian clan."

Only then did the chief realize that he was beside him, and hurriedly said, "My Master, please have mercy on us faithful believers."

Xuan Ye nodded slightly, he also wanted to see what these bandits who had been rampant on the grassland for many years had. It is also unlucky for the wolf of the prairie. They had just killed more than a thousand people under Ah Du's hand, but they encountered the evil star Xuan Ye. Xuanye never kept his hands on evil forces.

The northern tribe centered on the oasis has become chaotic. The two thousand cavalry soldiers of the wolf of the steppe have rushed over. Although the soldiers in the clan are desperately resisting, there is still some gap in the number and combat effectiveness. After a while, There were hundreds of casualties.

The northern tribe chief's face was pale, and he was hit like this again within three days, and his heart sank to the bottom.

"Are these bandits running across the grassland?" Xuan Ye asked lightly.

The chief hurriedly said: "Yes! Lord You must save our tribe. These bandits no longer know how many lives have been taken away on the grassland. They are definitely blasphemers of the gods. Challenge the dignity of God!"

Xuan Ye glanced at the chief impatiently, and said calmly: "God will punish these blasphemers. God's trial preparation."

Following Xuan Ye's order, the twelve high-ranking priests who followed him quickly surrounded him in the center, and the chief and the Yalian people who followed him were ‘invited’ to the side by the silver armor judge.

Xuanye is undoubtedly a nightmare for these bandits. He chanted faintly: "The wrath of the gods, with your divine power, infuse your heart, and eradicate evil." The golden light flashed, and the tower-shaped wrath of the gods fell on Xuan Ye's hands. The twelve high-ranking priests around began to chant the mantra of God's prayers, and the white sacred light surrounded Xuan Ye's body. The sacred breath suddenly flourished.

"Great God! You have endless divine power. As your loyal believer, I beg you to give me the power of God." At the feet of Xuan Ye, a huge white magical six-pointed star appeared and wrapped his whole body. Inside, the wrath of the gods kept shining with dazzling golden light, making Xuanye so conspicuous even in the sun. The wolf of the steppe obviously discovered the situation here, separated five hundred people, and rushed towards this side desperately.
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