The Kind Death God Chapter 21-30

Chapter21 Hades evil sword

Ah Dai thought, he was going to go to the Death Mountains soon, and he had no idea what kind of monsters there were. In order to successfully return to see his Teacher Gliss, he decided to just learn it. Uncle Owen was right, it is fine as long as I have kind intentions, I’ll just use the sword when facing evil monsters, using evil to fight evil. As he thought about this, Ah Dai undid his robes, revealing the leather sack underneath.

The black jewel on the hilt of the Hell’s Sword faintly emitted a chilling feeling, Ah Dai clenched his teeth and took out the whole unsheathed sword. In order to prevent the evil qi from escaping, he circulated his boundless true qi in order to fully cover the Hell’s Sword. A white light flashed, and the room instantly brightened, while a faint layer of black qi came out from the ancient sword scabbard, a stark contrast to the white colored boundless dou qi.

Even though it was covered by the boundless dou qi, the temperature of the room still dropped when the Hell’s Sword was taken out of the leather sack. The waves of cold air, caused Ah Dai to shiver uncontrollably.

With one hand wielding the Hell’s Sword, Ah Dai carefully took out the sheepskin with the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques from the leather sack.

Placing the Hell’s Sword back into its original position, the evil qi dissipated and Ah Dai heaved a sigh of relief. His hands that were holding the sheepskin were trembling, until now, he was unsure of the changes that might befall him after he learnt the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques. However, he knew that Uncle Owen would definitely not harm him, and since he had told him to learn it, there ought to be no complications. Therefore, he decided not to hesitate further, and unraveled the sheepskin.

At first, Ah Dai was worried that there would be many difficult words that he might not be able to comprehend, but when he opened the sheepskin, he was instantly mesmerized by all of the pictures within. There was not a single word on the sheepskin, but only an extremely complicated diagram with all sorts of odd lines and strange symbols. In the middle of the pattern, there seemed to be two weird giant eyes, staring at him.

Within Ah Dai’s consciousness, there seemed to be someone talking to him. He was unable to avert his gaze from the diagram, and the voice gradually became clearer.

“The Hell’s Sword, the evillest sword on the continent, it was once the top godly artifact of the Underworld. For unknown reasons, it had landed in the mortal’s’ realm, and an Alchemist Feng Yuan chanced upon it, obtaining the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques as well. The evil qi of the sword was too rampant, after all, it was an extreme evil qi that originated from the Heavens and Earth, people who do not have a resolute mind, or profound martial arts, must never use the sword, it not, great catastrophe would befall them. There are nine mnemonics of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, accompanied by their corresponding nine sword moves. After obtaining this sword, I’ve only recorded the cultivation method, but never practiced it myself, and thus, I’m unsure of its actual might. However, the last three moves seemed to possess a power that is not of this world, you must never carelessly attempt them, if not you will surely perish from the backlash. Even experts with a profound level of martial arts may get influenced by the evil of the sword, and turn into demonic beings. After drawing the Hell’s Sword from its sheath, it must absorb someone’s soul before it can return, if no enemies are killed, you will die instead. When using the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, you must cover yourself with life force to prevent the evil qi

By the time the voice stopped, Ah Dai was already covered in cold sweat. Although he did not know who the alchemist Feng Yuan was, he could guess that it was someone from at least thousands of years ago. The moves can be learnt, but never to be carelessly executed. However, where are the moves? Just as this question surfaced in his mind, the diagram on the sheepskin started moving, and a image of a shadow flickered across his consciousness. The shadow continuously moved, demonstrating one move after another, it did not require any effort of memorization, and the nine moves were etched firmly into Ah Dai’s mind.

When the shadow finally faded away, there was a flash of bright light before Ah Dai’s eyes and the sheepskin returned to its original state, as though nothing had happened. However, those nine moves were already engraved into his mind. Ah Dai panted non-stop, in just a short period of time, his clothes were totally drenched from his sweat, and waves of fatigue washed over him, he had fully expended his mental strength.The sky outside was gradually becoming brighter, signifying that dawn had broken. it felt as though everything had happened in a flash, yet it actuality, quite some time had passed.

Of the nine moves, each one was more complicated than the previous one. The moves seemed very simple, but each was accompanied by a mnemonic. For example, for the First Move, the body of the shadow had one arm extended out, as he pulled out the sword from his chest area. The sword tip was aimed towards the middle between the brows of another shadow before him, and the first shadow flashed across the latter. This move was called Hell’s Flash, and the mnemonic was only 11 words long
—— King of Hell’s First Flash, Hell’s Sword Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher.

[TN: in Chinese, there are 7 words in the mnemonic ,
but due to English translation, I’ve changed it to 11 (update the name in chapter 12.2)]

Ah Dai stood up, and went to the bathroom to wash away the sweat on his body, while changing into a set of clean clothes. This made him feel much more comfortable and he did not feel tired even though his mental strength had yet to recover. Hell’s Flash? Hell’s Sword Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher? Do I just chant this while using the sword to stab towards the enemy? He used his hand to stab towards the air, while chanting, “King of Hell’s First Flash, Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher.” Immediately after chanting his mnemonic, he felt the Hell’s Sword near his chest tremble. A gust of icy cold air instantly flowed across his body from his chest, and his body suddenly flashed across a certain distance according to his thoughts. The Hell’s Sword started emitting a low buzzing noise, seeming as though it wanted to escape from its sheath.

Ah Dai got a big fright, if the Hell’s Sword was to be unsheathed, it will immediately release great amounts of evil qi. It would be beyond his control, once the evil qi spreads out, perhaps no one within a hundred meters would survive from its evil powers. Thinking of this, Ah Dai quickly jumped back into bed, and took a deep breath, circulating the liquid boundless true qi in his dantian towards his chest. A while later, an intense white light emanated from his chest area, the white light released faint waves of silver glow, barely managing to suppress the trembling of the Hell’s Sword.

When the Hell’s Sword had completely ceased moving, Ah Dai finally let out the breath he was holding. He panted for a while, his right hand tightly pressed against his chest. It’s too scary, really too frightening. The icy cold feeling of that extreme evil qi released even when unsheathed was already so frightening, no wonder Uncle Owen was able to become the top assassin of the continent with it.

After a long time, Ah Dai finally calmed his emotions, but he was shocked to discover, that more than half of his boundless true qi was depleted. It was probably depleted when he was suppressing the evil qi.

The sky gradually brightened, and Ah Dai had no more time to cultivate and recover. Thus, he packed his bags and waited for Xuan Yue to wake up. The first time he tried practicing the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, he had already expended all of his mental strength and a half of his boundless true qi. This caused Ah Dai to be fearful, and he no longer dared to carelessly recite the mnemonic. He tried executing just the moves of the Hell’s Flash, but he did not get the desired effect, it was simply like a normal sword technique. Perhaps I’ll wait till my strength recovers before practicing, this Hell’s Sword is really dangerous, carrying it is like a ticking time bomb, that may explode anytime. Walking over and opening the window, the early morning breeze carried a trace of coldness. The sun had already risen, hanging high up in the east, looking like a huge red gem that was embedded within the azure blue sky. The rays of the morning sun, were not glaring to the eye, it seemed extremely gentle, but gave people a feeling of vitality and life.

Inhaling a deep breath of fresh air, Ah Dai’s spirit was lifted. A new day had arrived, and the faraway Death Mountains are awaiting me!

“Ah Dai, Ah Dai.” Xuan Yue’s voice came from beyond the door. She had woke up really early!

Opening the door, Ah Dai saw that Xuan Yue’s complexion did not seem very good, she was still wearing the white magician robes, and her eyes were slightly red, as if she did not have a good sleep.

“Miss Xuan Yue, did you not sleep well yesterday?”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed in reply, “Isn’t it all your fault! I’ve finally fallen asleep after tossing around, but only to be woken up from the cold in the middle of the night.” Yesterday, she had slept much poorer compared to the day before, she could not help but miss Ah Dai’s warm arms.

Ah Dai got a scare, thinking that Xuan Yue had found out that he was practicing the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques. Immediately he apologized, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it in the future.”

Xuan Yue pouted, “It’s good that you know your wrongs, how can you touch a girl’s body so easily? We are about to set off soon, you better listen to me on the journey. If not, I won’t give you a piece of that top- grade magic crystal.”

“Yes, I am Miss’ attendant, I will listen to your orders,” Ah Dai nodded in reply.

Facing Ah Dai’s humble attitude, Xuan Yue felt immense displeasure, and she remarked snidely, “You really are suited to be a slave, in just two days, you’ve already learnt how to be a servant?” Ah Dai’s whole body trembled as grievances and anger filled his body, he clenched his teeth and glared at Xuan Yue, his eyes almost seemed to be spitting fire.

After she spoke those words, Xuan Yue was dumbfounded, and just stood there in a daze. She did not understand why she would speak such hurtful words either, it was not her intention!

The two of them just stood there silently, not speaking for a long time.

“I’m hungry, let’s go eat and head out directly.” It was Xuan Yue who first broke the silence. Her voice was monotonous, without any trace of emotions. Xuan Yue turned and walked in the direction of the dining hall, while Ah Dai did not move. He continued to stand there, until he saw Xuan Yue’s back disappear. Letting out a faint sigh, he put on his red magician robes, and hid his body underneath the giant cloak. Carrying his TianGang Sword and bag, he then walked towards the dining hall.

Under such an awkward atmosphere, both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai ate very little. Throughout their whole breakfast, none of them spoke.

After leaving the inn, the two of them arrived at the West Gate. Yue Hen and Yue Ji were already waiting there, but of the dozen mercenaries yesterday, only two remained, and in total, there were only four of them.

Spotting Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, Yue Hen immediately rushed over to greet them, “Miss magician, you’ve arrived.”

Xuan Yue looked at Yue Hen, and asked, “Why are there only four of you, where are the others of your Moon Scar Mercenary Group? Don’t tell me they’re not joining?”

Yue Hen gave a bitter smile, “I’ve no choice either, after all we are all good brothers, and this mission is so dangerous, I can’t force them! Many of them still have families to care about, and there were only the four of us in the end, me, my sister, and these two brothers. These two brothers are both orphans, so they don’t have any lingering attachments, and they were very interested in this adventure.” [TN: In Chinese, doesn’t mean blood siblings, it just means a very
close friend, a good buddy, or in this case, a good brother. Only Yue Hen and Yue Ji are siblings, while the others are just referred to as brothers, not actually blood brothers!]

Xuan Yue replied in annoyance, “Hmpf! I hope that you won’t back out when we reach the Death Mountains. If not, let’s just disband right now.”

“You can rest assured about this, us siblings will definitely not change our minds once we decide on something. Let me introduce you, this brother here is Wan Li, he’s proficient in the heavy sword; and that brother is Miao Fei, he’s proficient in quick-sword and body techniques.” Wan Li had a tall and large stature, around the same as Ah Dai, the heavy sword that he was carrying seemed to be even broader than Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, but just slightly shorter. His hair was pretty messy, and he seemed very rugged, he looked to be around 24 or 25 years old. On the other hand, Miao Fei was much thinner and shorter, even shorter than Yue Ji by half a head. His limbs were very long, almost reaching his knees. He had a perceptive look, and seemed a little timid, he was currently appraising Xuan Yue and Ah Dai. Xuan Yue did not notice his sword, but looking at him, who looked like a monkey, she could not help bursting into laughter.

Delight flashed across Miao Fei’s eyes as he smiled, “Hello Miss, I am Miao Fei, 18 this year, handsome and charming, suave and romantic. I don’t have any girlfriend currently,… …”

Yue Hen coughed, and told Xuan Yue, “Miss magician, why not introduce yourself as well, we don’t know your name yet.”

Xuan Yue glave Miao Fei a side glance, “I am Xuan Yue, this is my friend Ah Dai, he is proficient in fire attribute magic.”

Friend? Ah Dai was stunned, he never would have imagined that Xuan Yue would introduce him as such. Stepping forward, he said, “Hello.”

Hearing Ah Dai’s name, Yue Ji let out a grin, “Your name is so strange! Ah Dai, right?” Yue Hen saw the sword hilt peeking out from behind Ah Dai’s shoulder, and a trace of astonishment flashed across his eyes. Ah Dai nodded his head slightly, he did not dare face Yue Ji’s overbearing gaze, and only lowered his head to look towards Xuan Yue.

Xuan Yue gave Yue Ji a dissatisfied glare, before continuing, “Let’s go.”
As she spoke, she grabbed Ah Dai’s sleeve, and led them out of the city.

After exiting the city, Yue Hen took out a map. “The Death Mountains are located in the South-West side, in order to get there, we must pass through the territories of the Puyan Tribe and the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. If we are fast, we can reach in about half a month. Miss Xuan Yue, do you have any suggestions?”

“Eh, can’t we just go there directly, what suggestion do you need?”

Yue Hen explained, “I’ve never been to the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, so I’m not too sure. However, the Puyan Tribe is a very strange tribe. Even within the Commonwealth, they very rarely interact with people from other tribes, and only live within their own territory. Also, they seem to be very hostile towards strangers, the Puyan tribesmen have very cold temperaments, I’ve been there once… Ay——, it was a horrible experience! At there, even if you wanted to buy stuff, no one would sell it to you.”

Yue Hen’s words ignited Xuan Yue’s interest. “That means, the Puyan Tribe must be hiding some secret? If not, they won’t be so hostile.”

Nodding, Yue Hen continued, “Perhaps so, we just need to pass through their territory. As long as we try not to get into any conflicts with them, it should be fine. As for the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, it’s even more complicated, there are many different races there, and each race has their own characteristics, the journey might not be very smooth! It’s better to be cautious on the way.”

“What’s there to be afraid of, the cart will find its way around the hill when it gets there, let’s just get there first. If we don’t provoke them, what can they do to us? And this way by walking is too slow, why don’t we hire a horse carriage? It will be faster and less tiring,” Xuan Yue replied nonchalantly. Yue Hen laughed, “What? Hire a horse carriage? I’ve never heard of mercenaries taking a horse carriage, even mercenaries who ride a horse are quite rare, only those big mercenary groups like the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, would have their own cavalry unit. I guess let’s forget about the horse carriage, at the most, let’s wait till we arrive at the next city, and buy some horses.”

Xuan Yue grumbled, “Why are there so many restrictions! Why can’t we sit on a horse carriage, hmpf!”

While Xuan Yue and Yue Hen were talking, Yue Ji scooted over to Ah Dai’s side. Looking at Ah Dai who was half a head taller than her, she smiled and said, “Hello Ah Dai, I am Yue Ji”

Ah Dai was shocked, and was at a loss of what to do. After all, Yue Ji was the second girl that he had come across ever since he stepped into the continent, and she seemed much more mature than Xuan Yue. “Ah.. He- hello, Miss Yue Ji.”

Yue Ji thought to herself, No wonder he’s called Ah Dai, he really is a little dumb, “Ah Dai, why are you carrying such a big sword! It must be at least 5 feet long?”

Just as Ah Dai was about to respond, Xuan Yue spoke up, “”That sword of his is for decoration, or to open up the route or something, just decoration only, he’s not as powerful as the warriors of your mercenary group.”

“I think so too, however brother Ah Dai’s sword is even longer than mine, and it seems quite heavy! Brother Ah Dai, amongst the magicians, I think your strength should be considered pretty good,” Wan Li voiced his agreement.

Ah Dai glanced at Xuan Yue, he did not understand why, even though they were working together, he still had to hide the fact that he knew martial arts. However, he did not speak anymore, and merely nodded at Wan Li. Due to Xuan Yue’s poor stamina, after walking for a while, she would clamor to take a rest. Even after walking for a full day, they still had not reached the next city. It was soon evening, and the pearl-like moon gradually replaced the setting sun, the light suddenly dimmed.

Yue Hen looked at the sky, telling Xuan Yue, “Miss Xuan Yue, it seems that we will have to camp in the wild today, we are currently still in the territory of our Red Hurricane Tribe. However, our speed is too slow and when we arrive at the next city tomorrow, it looks like we really need to get some horses.”

Once she heard that they were going to be camping in the wild, Xuan Yue’s big eyes instantly brightened, she lifted the hood off her head and smiled, “Great! Then let’s first set up our tents, where shall we set them up?”

Looking at Xuan Yue’s ethereal smile, Yue Hen was rendered speechless for quite a while. In order to cover his embarrassment, he quickly replied, “To set up a tent, it’s to better a place without wind, and then all that needs to be done is to clear out an open space.”

Yue Ji pointed towards the forest by the roadside, “Big brother, how about there, there shouldn’t be much wind tonight.”

Yue Hen nodded, bringing the rest into the forest. Under the bright moonlight, the forest was filled with various flitting shadows, and the occasional breeze cause the leaves to rustle, making the silence of the forest even more mysterious. The Yue siblings, along with Wan Li and Miao Fei, put down their bags and took out tents made with soft leather. In just a short moment, four tents were already skillfully set up and tightly secured with nails. The four tents formed a circle, while there was around a dozen square meters of space in the middle.

Ah Dai had wanted to help, but he was stopped by Xuan Yue, the reason being that he did not know anything, and he would only cause more trouble instead of helping. After setting up the tents, Yue Hen walked over with a smile, “Miss Xuan Yue, you might need to bear with it for tonight, and share a tent with my younger sister. Although it may be a little tight, but it can at least shelter you against the wind and rain. Brother Ah Dai, you can share a tent with me, although we are both not small-sized, just bear with it for tonight.”

Xuan Yue pouted, and complained, “No, who wants to share a tent with her, I’m used to sleeping by myself, free up a tent for me.” As she talked about sleeping by herself, she secretly glanced at Ah Dai, and could not help but recall the comfort of sleeping in Ah Dai’s arms. A tinge of blush slowly appeared across her cheeks.

Yue Hen was stunned, and awkwardly replied, “But there are only four tents, how do we share?”

“Isn’t that simple, you sleep with that bulky Wan Li, and give your tent to me, while Ah Dai sleeps with your sister,” Xuan Yue answered nonchalantly. She had wanted to embarrass Yue Ji intentionally, as she still held a grudge against Yue Ji for the challenge yesterday. Furthermore, Yue Ji also looked pretty decent, and her figure was… … As women, she could not help but feel a little jealous.

Yue Hen stammered, “What? No way, my sister is a girl!”

Ah Dai also got a fright, quickly shouting, “No, no, I, I’ll just sleep outside, I don’t need a tent.”

Pouting, Xuan Yue retorted, “To think you’re so timid, that day, didn’t you still… …” She wanted to say, ‘that day, didn’t you still sleep with me’, but she suddenly caught herself and quickly stopped. However, her face was already blushing, and her heartbeats quickened as she glanced at Ah Dai, muttering, “Whatever, I don’t care anymore, I just want to sleep by myself.”

Yue Ji just happened to walk out at this moment, but unexpectedly, she only glared at Xuan Yue, then walked over to Ah Dai’s side with a smile on her face, “Am I that scary? What’s wrong with sleeping together with me?”

Instantly, Ah Dai was dumbfounded as he stammered, “No, no, grand magician Giger said that, boys and girls who are not married, must not sleep together.”

Hearing Ah Dai’s words, Yue Ji could not help but laugh, her laughter was melodious like ringing bells. “What’s wrong, little brother, have you just stepped into society?! It seems that this elder sister will have you educate you.”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows, “Yue Ji, stop teasing brother Ah Dai, tonight I’ll share a tent with brother Ah Dai, while brother Wan Li can share a tent with Miao Fei, this will be fine.”

Yue Ji ignored her brothers chiding, as she scurried over, whispering in Ah Dai’s ear, “Do you really not want to sleep with me at all?”

Ah Dai felt her warm breath against his magician robes and he could clearly catch the sweet scent of her breath, which was like orchids. His body seemed to have frozen as he tried to dodge to the side, “No, no, I.. I’ll go relieve myself.” As he finished speaking, he quickly turned and ran towards the forest.

Looking at the frightened Ah Dai, Yue Ji could not help but burst into laughter. The reason why she teased Ah Dai, was not because she felt any special attraction towards him, but only because she had originally thought that there was some special relationship between him and Xuan Yue. Since she was unable to offend Xuan Yue with her fearsome magic, she could only tease Ah Dai, in hopes of angering Xuan Yue. However, who knew that, after teasing Ah Dai for so long, there was unexpectedly no reaction from Xuan Yue, and she only stared excitedly at Yue Hen’s tent. Yue Ji wondered about their exact relationship, could it be, that they were only just friends?

Glancing towards his sister, Yue Hen was full of disapproval as he chided, “You better behave yourself, brother Ah Dai is so honest (naive in a good way), don’t bully him.”

Yue Ji put on a look of innocence as she said, “When did I bully him, I only saw that he was a little boy, so I was just trying to educate him.”

Helplessly, Yue Hen sighed, “You… just don’t cause too much trouble. I’ll go raise the fire, and cook some dry rations. After eating, we need to get a good rest, we have to set off early in the morning.

After a long time, Ah Dai finally came out of the forest. There was already a pile of firewood in the middle of the four tents, that the others had just gathered. Yue Hen and Miao Fei were crouching there, trying to start the fire with a stone. However, perhaps the air was too moist, they did not have any success. Wan Li was sitting by the side polishing his heavy sword, while Yue Ji was fiddling with her bow, only Xuan Yue was nowhere to be seen.

Seeing that Xuan Yue was not there, Ah Dai felt worried and quickly walked over to Yue Hen, asking, “Big brother Yue Hen, where’s Xuan Yue?”

Yue Hen did not have the time to reply before Xuan Yue’s voice sounded, “So you’ve finally thought of finding me! I’m preparing food for y’all, don’t you want to eat steamed buns? Come over, I have stuff to speak to you.”

Ah Dai looked in the direction of her voice, only to see Xuan Yue peeking out from Yue Hen’s tent, while waving a steamed bun in her hand. Catching sight of Xuan Yue, Ah Dai was finally able to relax. He hastened over towards the tent, and squatted, “Miss Xuan Yue, what did you want to talk about?”

Xuan Yue glared at him in displeasure, “Just a little scolding and you’ve become so cold, here, I’ll give you this steamed bun, is that okay?” To Xuan Yue, this was a sort of apology.

Ah Dai accepted the steamed bun, muttering, “I am a stupid person, I wasn’t cold, just that I’m afraid that if I spoke too much I’ll offend you again. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll leave first.”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “You are indeed dumb, oh right, don’t tell them about my Phoenix’s Blood, that is my secret. Look.” As she spoke, she lifted up the tent cover, and there were about a dozen steamed buns inside, “This is our dinner for today.”

Ah Dai carried the steamed buns as he asked, “Since we have decided to work together with them, why can’t we be honest with them, isn’t it bad to hide secrets from them?”

Rolling her eyes, Xuan Yue spoke in a soft voice, “Do you understand? My father has taught me, ‘One should not have the heart to harm others, but must be vigilant so as not to be harmed.’ It’s better to be more careful, especially of that Yue Jie, she doesn’t seem to be a good person. You mustn’t interact with her too much, understood?”

Ah Dai nodded, “Okay.” But in his heart, he was thinking, Why do I feel that she is much better than you, at least she doesn’t have a temper like yours.

Xuan Yue came out of the tent and ran over to Yue Hen, “Why is the fire not started after such a long time?”

“It is summer now, and the air is more moist. Although the temperature is high, it is too humid here and the firewood is not dry enough. I’m afraid we will have to eat cold dry rations today.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Y’all are really dumb! Have y’all forgotten, there’s a fire attribute magician with us! Quickly, Ah Dai, help us light the fire.”

Ah Dai nodded as he walked over to the pile of firewood, but just as he was about to chant the incantation, Miao Fei sounded, “Brother Ah Dai, you are at wrong here, as a fire attribute magician, how can you watch us toil around and not come to help us out.”

Ah Dai wanted to explain, but Xuan Yue interceded, “Ah Dai’s may be slow at thinking, but since when are you allowed to speak badly about him.”

Miao Fei’s expression slight changed, but as he looked at Xuan Yue, his anger instantly dissipated.

“Okay, okay, brother Ah Dai, let us have a look at your magic,” Yue Hen tried to smooth things over.

Hearing that Xuan Yue had spoken up for him, Ah Dai felt moved. He voiced his agreement and chanted, “Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your blazing strength, in my name, by thy power, searing flame appear.” With a whoosh, a deep blue flam instantly appeared in Ah Dai’s palms. To mercenaries like Yue Hen and the others, they had never seen the power of magic, and this sudden flame that appeared had gave them a fright. The surrounding temperature steadily rose, and apart from Xuan Yue, all of the others uncontrollably stepped back.

“Woah, such a pretty blue flame! Bother Ah Dai, you are awesome!” The person who spoke up, was Yue Ji. After she had saw the flame spell that Ah Dai executed, she could not even be bothered about her own bow, as she jumped up and sat beside Ah Dai. Ah Dai stretched out his hand in front of him, and blew gently at the flame while circulating his boundless true qi. A small blue flame instantly flew out, landing on the pile of firewood.

The blue flame had an extremely high temperature, thus it was able to dry up the moisture within the firewood, and light it up, creating a bonfire. Along with the cackling of the fire, their surroundings brightened up, and under the reddish glow of the flames, Xuan Yue seemed even more enchanting. Miao Fei’s pupils were already dilated, while even Yue Hen seemed to be in a daze.

Under the roasting fire, everyone ate the steamed buns that Ah Dai took out, no one had raised any suspicions, as they thought that the steamed buns were from Ah Dai’s bag. After eating, Xuan Yue called Ah Dai into her tent. Just as he was about to ask her the reason, something appeared within Xuan Yue’s hands, it was precisely the marinated meat that they had bought yesterday in the city.

“Here, for you, quickly eat it.”

Stunned, Ah Dai asked, “Why didn’t you take it out just now?”

Xuan Yue glared at him, “I’m not so dumb like you! This is our food, why should we let them eat it, giving them steamed buns is already good enough. They have no relations with me, but you are my attendant, if you do not maintain a healthy body, how are you going to protect me. Quickly, eat this and go to sleep.”

Although Ah Dai was slightly confused, he still at the marinated meat. The meat was way more savory than the steamed buns, and furthermore, the three steamed buns earlier were simply not enough to fill his stomach.

“Miss, I’ll return first then.”

“Hmpf, I’ve already given you the meat, why are you still calling me ‘Miss’, can’t you change it? I order to to call me Yue Yue.”

Ah Dai hesitated for a moment, “But, but, I’m still your attendant! It’s better if I called you Miss.”

Angrily, Xuan Yue pouted, “Miss, miss, HMPF. Get out now, hateful!”

Chapter22 Puyan Warrior

Ah Dai quietly exited the tent, and inhaled a deep breath of the refreshing air. However, even so, he was unable to clear the confusion in his mind, he simply could not figure out what sort of person Xuan Yue was. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold, throwing a tantrum at him, then suddenly showing care for him.

“Brother Ah Dai, quickly come in and sleep, we need to set off early tomorrow.” It was Yue Hen who spoke, and he was currently smiling at Ah Dai.

The tent was very small, and with Yue Hen and Ah Dai’s figures, it was indeed quite cramped inside. Yue Hen sat crossed-legged by the side and asked, “Brother Ah Dai, how old are you this year?”

Ah Dai lifted the hood from his head as he replied, “I’m 17 this year, how about you, brother Yue Hen?”

“I’m older than you by 2 years, I’m 19 this year, while my sister is 18, we can be considered to be of the same generation. How do you feel about going on this journey to the Death Mountains?”

Ah Dai was stunned, and shook his head, “I just want to obtain a piece of magic crystal for my Teacher.”

“I see, then how did you meet Miss Xuan Yue? Your relationship seems to be very weird.” Ah Dai sighed in response, “Brother Yue Hen, don’t ask anymore, it’s complicated! You can start cultivating, I’ll start to meditate too.” As he finished speaking, he sat cross-legged, and closed his eyes.

Seeing that he refuse to speak, Yue Hen shook his head helplessly, and started cultivating his dou qi.

After meditating for a while, Ah Dai saw that Yue Hen had already entered the state of cultivation. Thus, only then did he start circulating his boundless true qi. Since Xuan Yue did not want to let the others know about his ability to use martial arts, he could only follow along.

The night remained silent, and the next morning, everyone continued on their journey, advancing in the direction towards the territory of the Puyan Tribe. After a whole afternoon of walking, they finally arrived at the next city in the Red Hurricane Tribe at noon. This city was obviously much bigger, and most of the citizens were Red Hurricane tribesmen. Under Xuan Yue’s insistent demands, they eventually bought a spacious carriage and two fine steeds to pull the carriage. When paying the money, Xuan Yue was only willing to pay 50 gold coins, while simply the carriage costed at least 100 gold coins. Yue Hen seemed to be quite affluent as he did not argue, and even paid for the others. The most pitiful was Ah Dai, Xuan Yue used the excuse that he was not going to buy anything with his money, and took all of his money instead. Of course, all of it went into her own purse. After lunch, Wan Li drove the carriage, and continued on their journey.

With the horse carriage, their speed was much faster, and after two days, they finally crossed the borders of the Puyan Tribe.

Although riding on the carriage was quite bumpy, it was much more relaxing as compared to walking. However, also due to the bumpiness, Yue Hen did not dare to cultivate and when he got bored, he started chatting. After a few days of being together, they came to know one another better. Ah Dai and Xuan Yue found out that, Yue Hen and Yue Ji were actually children of a noble family in the Red Hurricane Tribe, and it was very strict at home. Like Xuan Yue, they had also run away from home, and only returned home once or twice a year. Even though they were not very old, they already had 3 years of experience as mercenaries, and the Moon Scar Mercenary Tribe was just created last year. Due to the fact that being a mercenary was quite a popular profession in the Red Hurricane Tribe, their parents no longer restricted

What made Ah Dai surprised was that, Xuan Yue did not boast of her own identity, but merely said that she had learnt light attribute magic from a nameless magician. In these few days, Xuan Yue kept a low profile, apart from questioning Yue Hen about some interesting stuff in the continent, she never mentioned her background.

“Xuan Yue, it seems that riding a horse carriage is actually so relaxing, you’ve really done a good thing this time!” Yue Jie remarked with a tinge of sarcasm. Even after being together for the past few days, the relationship between Yue Ji and Xuan Yue did not change, they continued to bicker and argue, as though there was some sort of deep-rooted hatred between them.

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “So you realized that now! Ah Dai, why are you keeping such a far distance away from me, I’m sleepy, lend me your shoulder to sleep on for a while.”

Ah Dai got a fright and immediately tried to hide to the side, “Miss, boys and girls should not get close, this doesn’t seem good.”

Miao Fei interjected with glee, “Miss Xuan Yue, if he isn’t willing, why not I lend you my shoulder?”

Xuan Yue gave him a glare as she said, “You’re too skinny, I don’t want your shoulder! Ah Dai, quickly come over!” As she spoke, she moved over next to Ah Dai.

The horse carriage only had so much space, thus Ah Dai had no choice but to let Xuan Yue lean on him. Under Miao Fei and Yue Hen’s envious looks, Xuan Yue leaned against Ah Dai’s arms and closed her eyes. She did not know why, but once she leaned against Ah Dai’s sturdy arms, her fatigue felt more intense, and she fell asleep almost immediately.

However, while Xuan Yue slept peacefully, Ah Dai was suffering. He did not dare move an inch, and not only did he need to endure Yue Ji’s curious gaze, he had to try and maintain his balance.

Xuan Yue gradually entered a deep sleep and her hands were tightly clutching Ah Dai’s arms, with a satisfied look on her face. Looking at Xuan Yue’s serene sleeping face, and feeling the soft warmth radiating from her body, a tinge of gentleness appeared in Ah Dai’s eyes.

As it was already afternoon, the hot weather caused everyone to feel a little drowsy, and they were all in a muddled state.

Suddenly, the carriage jolted, and screeched to a stop, it seemed that Wan Li had forcefully stopped the horses. Everyone woke up from the intense shaking, and Xuan Yue’s body had unknowingly ended up within Ah Dai’s embrace from the shaking. In a daze, Xuan Yue asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Ah Dai was afraid that Xuan Yue would misunderstand and think that he was taking advantage of her, so he quickly righted up her body. “I don’t know what’s happening either, the horse carriage seemed to have suddenly stopped.”

Miao Fei had already stepped out, while Yue Hen and Yue Ji soon followed, leaving only Ah Dai and Xuan Yue in the carriage. Ah Dai suggested, “Miss, I’ll go take a look as well.”

Xuan Yue let out a yawn as she replied, “I’m so tired, I still want to sleep, your shoulder is so comfortable. You don’t have to go, they can probably resolve the problem.” As she finished speaking, she grabbed hold of Ah Dai’s arm, and closed her eyes once more.

Ah Dai had no choice but to comply, and could only strain his ears to listen to what was happening outside. There seemed to many people outside, and a stranger’s voice suddenly sounded, “Who are you people, what are you doing here in the territory of our Puyan Tribe?”

“Greetings fellow warriors, we are members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and we are on our way to the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. We are just passing by the territory of your esteemed tribe.” Yue Hen responded calmly.

The stranger’s voice sounded once more, but this time in a more aggressive tone, “I don’t care whether you are mercenaries or not, if you wish to go to the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, take a different path, and go around, you are not allowed to pass through our territory.”

Ah Dai was shocked, the people of the Puyan Tribe were a little too unreasonable, not even allowing them to pass through their territory.

Yue Hen did not get angry, but continued with his calm voice, “Elder brothers, please accommodate us a little, if we are to change our routes now, it will at least take ten more days of travelling. We are all people of the Commonwealth, just be a little understanding, and let us pass for the sake of convenience, we promise not to stay too long within your esteemed tribe, is that okay?”

“Hmpf, I’ve seen too many people like you. Don’t pretend to be close to me, I’m not your elder brother, quickly leave this place now. If not, we will have to use force.”

“You are really too unreasonable! Why should we listen to you, we insist on passing, let’s see what you can do.” Yue Ji retorted in anger.

Clanging sounds rang out, it seemed that the opponents had drawn their weapons. Ah Dai quickly shook Xuan Yue awake, “Miss, I think they’re about to fight, you can continue to rest while I’ll go out to take a look.”

Xuan Yue let out a grunt in discontent, but she lied down on the bench in the carriage to continue her sweet dreams.

Ah Dai floated down from the horse carriage, and hid in a corner to observe the situation. It was a big path lined with trees, the ground was very even, while towering trees stood by the roadside with their dense canopy, allowing only the tiniest bits of sunlight to pass through. Before the carriage, the Yue siblings, Miao Fei and Wan Li were standing in a row. Opposite of them, were a group with twenty over young light cavalrymen. They had just drawn their sabers that were hanging from their waists, and were currently glaring menacingly at the four people before them.

Yue Hen said in a loud voice, “Fellow warriors, we are genuine mercenaries, aren’t there any mercenaries in your Puyan Tribe? We just wish to pass through yet you treat us in such a way, our Red Hurricane Tribe isn’t so easily bullied either.”

The warrior at the front let out a cold hmpf, “Red Hurricane Tribe? Apart from some measly mercenaries, what else does your Red Hurricane Tribe have? Let me take a look at your strength, if any of you can defeat the saber with my hand, I’ll let you all pass.”

His words had thoroughly infuriated Yue Hen, as he replied coldly as well, “Okay, then let me see what’s so great about the Puyan Tribe! Little sister, y’all step back.” As he spoke, he drew his long sword, gazing at the warrior on the horse.

The Puyan warrior jumped of his horse, and Ah Dai was shocked to discover, that the warrior was even taller than him by half a head. Once he got off his horse, he immediately exuded a domineering aura. He stepped towards Yue Hen, with his large saber that was almost four feet long resting against his shoulder. With each step that he took, his aura grew stronger, and was firmly locked onto Yue Hen’s body.

Yue Hen kept his sword close to him, while revealing a grim expression. He did not think he would actually meet such a strong expert in such a place.

“Yan Shi (english translation is Rock) of the Puyan Tribe. Engarde!” With his loud shout, a yellow colored dou qi instantly burst forth from Yan Shi’s body. His hands were clutching the saber as he charged towards Yue Hen with a terrifying momentum.

[TN: So what Yan Shi said were some formal greetings before a spar, idk how to translate that into english, but it’s a bit like fencing, where opponents will greet each other and stuff.] Ah Dai got a shock, the move that Yan Shi used, was extremely similar to his cleaving move from the TianGang Sword Techniques.

Yue Hen did not shrink back in the face of his opponent’s strike, and with his silver sword slanted in his hand, he aimed it towards Yan Shi’s saber. With a slight cling, Yue Hen’s silver sword accurately landed 5 inches away from the tip of the saber. The silver light flashed across, forcefully directing the opponent’s saber away. However, due to the force behind Yan Shi’s strike, Yue Hen was still sent stumbling back two steps.

Yan Shi did not retreat, and continuously sent out 3 strikes, cleaving towards Yue Hen rapidly. His dou qi surged out, and even Ah Dai, who was standing beside the horse carriage, could clearly feel the huge fluctuations. Yue Hen was significantly weaker as his body shook, he executed his Moon Shadow Sword Technique, and starting circling around his opponent. For a short while, the two silhouettes, one yellow and the other silver, constantly struck against each other, causing the wind to be in a flurry. In terms of agility, Yue Hen had the upper hand, however, he lost against Yan Shi in terms of dou qi. Under the pressure of Yan Shi’s domineering aura, he found it very hard to hold on, every time the silver sword clashed with the saber, his body would tremble from the impact.

With a loud clang, Yue Hen staggered backwards, a piece of his silver armor near his shoulder had been cleaved apart, and he was clearly at a disadvantage.

Wielding his saber, Yan Shi said with disdain, “I’ve already told you that you can’t get past me, yet you didn’t believe me. Quickly leave our Puyan Tribe’s territory, if not, don’t blame me for not holding back.”

Yue Hen knew that he was the strongest of his mercenary group, since even he could not defeat the opponent, there was no other solution.

Miao Fei and Wan Li both drew their weapons, protecting Yue Hen on both sides. Yue Ji’s silver arrow was already prepared on her bow, while the warriors on the horses jumped down from their horses. From their experienced actions, it seemed that they were not weak either, and in terms of forces, Yue Hen’s group was still at a disadvantage. “Annoying, waking me up from my sleep! Ah Dai, what are you standing there for? Let’s go and take a look, who is actually so impudent.” It turned out that it was Xuan Yue who had squirmed out of the horse carriage. It was so noisy outside, causing her to be unable to sleep. She had long been observing the situation through the gap in the carriage, but she only chose to step out now that Yue Hen was at a disadvantage.

Ah Dai helped Xuan Yue down the carriage as she rubbed her sleepy eyes and shouted, “Yue Hen, what’s wrong, who is so ignorant to try and block our path!”

Hearing Xuan Yue’s voice, the warriors instantly turned their gazes over.
There was a slight shock in Yan Shi’s eyes, “A magician?”

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue walked over to Yue Hen’s side, while Xuan Yue looked towards Yan Shi and said in a sickly sweet voice, “What are you so tall for? Do you need me to raise my head and look at you?”

Yan Shi lowered his head, just happening to see Xuan Yue’s exquisite features. Even with his strong will, he could not but be dazed for a moment, and muttered, “Why does me being tall concern you.”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “I’ve heard all your previous words, and saw how you tried to stop us. So, if we can defeat you, you will let us pass right, Ah Dai, go and teach him a leeson.”

Stunned, Ah Dai stammered, “Me?” Looking at Yan Shi’s performance earlier, he had no confidence of winning at all.

“Of course it’s you, if not me? Quickly, defeat them then we can be on our way.”

Ah Dai grunted a reply as he stepped forward, in front of Yan Shi.

Yan Shi was not really confident either, he had never fought against a magician before, he had only heard that magicians were very powerful, thus, he did not know if he could defeat one. With great caution, he agreed, “Come at me then.” Behind Ah Dai, Xuan Yue was instructing, “Use the skill that day when you cleaved the wall, let him have a good look.”

Although Ah Dai was confused to why Xuan Yue no longer wanted him to conceal his martial arts, he still obediently drew the TianGang Sword on his back. Observing the sight before him, Yue Hen did not step out to stop him, he had long developed suspicions of Ah Dai’s heavy sword, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to have a look.

Looking at Ah Dai draw his TianGang Sword, Yan Shi revealed a surprised expression, there was slight hesitation in his eyes, but he still lifted up his saber.

Suddenly, Ah Dai felt warmth flow through his body, and a burst of energy filled him, causing his spirits to be instantly lifted. A faint layer of white light enveloped his body, but it was not his boundless dou qi, since he had not circulated his qi yet. He turned to glance at Xuan Yue, only to see her shoot him a wry smile, while twirling the wand in her hand. Obviously, the white light was her doing, and it was probably a support magic.

Solemnly, Yan Shi said, “Please.” He was still wielding the saber with both hands, and cleaved towards Ah Dai.

Ah Dai could not be bothered about that move, although he did not have a very vast battle experience, he could not be anymore familiar with that cleave. With a loud shout, he raised his TianGang Sword with both hands, and cleaved towards his opponent as well. The white colored glow of the dou qi instantly expanded, and surged forth as well. Amidst the loud clashes, Yan Shi’s saber and the TianGang Sword struck against each other, and both of their dou qi instantly caused small cyclones to form from the dust on the ground.

Ah Dai felt that his dou qi seemed to be much stronger than before, this was not purely because his Boundless Life Art had reached the Fifth Stage, but a large of it was rather, due to the white light that first appeared.

Yan Shi felt a strong force surging from his opponent’s sword, and could not help but take a step back. As someone who was always known for his strength, he had never been forced to step back by his opponents, but now, he had actually lost out to a magician! With a loud howl of rage, he swung his saber once more, this time, he had used all of his strength.

Back at Sweetrock Town, Ah Dai had faced the waves every day, and he had practiced the cleaving move for countless times. He circulated his boundless true qi into his arm, and cleaved out once more. Clang, clang, clang, the sounds continuously rang out. Ah Dai and Yan Shi both seemed to remain in their positions as they cleaved towards each other, it was a pure battle of strength.

After more than ten clashes, Ah Dai gradually gained the upper hand. After all, his boundless true qi provided him with an endless supply of force. In terms of weaponry, Ah Dai was also at an advantage, his TianGang Sword was much heavier than his opponent’s saber. Finally, at the 18th clash, Yan Shi’s saber was cleaved apart by Ah Dai, his TianGang Sword was covered with a threatening aura from his dou qi as it cleaved towards Yan Shi. Ah Dai got a fright, he did not want to kill anyone, and after the numerous clashes, he developed respect for Yan Shi. He knew that, if not for Xuan Yue’s magic, he might not have been able to gain the upper hand in terms of strength, and not to mention, Yan Shi had already fought against Yue Hen previously, expending some of his energy. Forcefully, he twisted his wrist and his right leg stepped out to to the right, and barely managed to swing the TianGang Sword sideways. With a loud bang, it sank into the ground. Suddenly changing his attack when he had already swung out, put a huge burden on Ah Dai’s body, and his chest felt as if it was hammered by a giant hammer. Feeling something in his throat, he instantly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Yan Shi was long petrified, he had never experienced such a close brush with death, and seeing the TianGang Sword which was buried deep into the ground, he clearly knew the consequences if that had landed on his body. His hand fell limp, and his broken saber dropped onto the floor.

Xuan Yue ran over to Ah Dai’s side and asked anxiously, “How are you feeling?” Coughing a few times, Ah Dai used the TianGang Sword to support himself, “I’m fine.”

Xuan Yue immediately chanted in a low voice, “By the power of the great Heavenly God! Please bestow upon me your benevolent powers of recovery, and heal the injuries in sight. God’s Healing.” Following her incantation, a ball of white light appeared from her magic wand, and with a flash, it entered Ah Dai’s body, a warm feeling instantly surged throughout Ah Dai’s meridians. Since his boundless true qi already contained a slight holy attribute, Xuan Yue’s light attribute magic instantly stimulated the bountiful life force in his body, and his chest felt much better.

Drawing out a long breath, Ah Dai nodded towards Xuan Yue, “Thank you, Miss.”

The Puyan warriors that were behind Yan Shi instantly jumped down from their horses, and formed a protective barrier around Yan Shi. Their sabers were raised, and they had a aggressive expression on their faces, as if wanting to strike out anytime.

Ah Dai raised his head and looked towards Yan Shi. Yan Shi was still in a sluggish state, as if he could not believe that he had lost. “This big brother, I wonder if you will keep your words, and let us pass now.” Ah Dai’s words were very polite, and he had a smile on his face. The strike just now had given him quite a scare, and now that Yan Shi was unharmed, he felt great relief and happiness from his heart.

Yan Shi snapped out of his stupor from Ah Dai’s voice, and there was a look of embarrassment on his face as he told Ah Dai, “Brother, you really have good skills, thank you for your mercy, I, Yan Shi, admit defeat. Can I ask you, is your weapon the TianGang Sword?”

Ah Dai nodded, “Yes, it’s the TianGang Sword.”

There was a flash of delight in Yan Shi’s eyes as he started walking towards Ah Dai. Wan Li immediately stepped forwards, blocking in front of Ah Dai. Cautiously looking at Yan Shi, he asked, “What do you want?” Yan Shi spread out his arms, and the previous arrogant and domineering aura was gone. He spoke in a polite tone, “I’ve no bad intentions, I just want to have a few words with this little brother.”

Xuan Yue stuck to Ah Dai and retorted, “What’s there to talk about, Ah Dai had already won, you should let us pass now, our time is tight.”

Yan Shi glanced at Xuan Yue, then looked towards Ah Dai, saying, “Brother, I am called Yan Shi, when I was young, I was once given some pointers by the eldest disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint, Teacher Xi Wen, for a few days. I guess, we can be considered to be from the same school. I really don’t have any bad intentions, since you are related to the TianGang School, I guess you’re not an evil person either, you can pass through our territory.”

Ah Dai was stunned for a few moments, before replying, “So it turns out that big brother Yan Shi is from the TianGang Sword School! My uncle is too, I’m called Ah Dai, and my TianGang Sword was imparted to me by my uncle. Big brother Yan Shi, we’ll get going first then.”

Yan Shi chuckled, “Outsiders will find it hard to travel through our Puyan Tribe’s territory, how about this, I’ll escort y’all through some distance.”

The sudden change in Yan Shi’s attitude caused Yue Hen and Yue Ji to feel uneasy, and Yue Ji let out a cold hmpf, “Who knows what you are scheming, entering your territory and getting slaughtered?”

Yan Shi raged, “I swear on my reputation as the son of the Puyan Tribe leader, I, Yan Shi, will definitely stay true to my words.”

Apart from Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, the other four members were instantly shocked. They had never imagined that, the burly man in front of them was actually the son of the leader of the Puyan Tribe, one of the six great tribes in the Commonwealth.

Xuan Yue played with the magic wand in her hand, and said nonchalantly, “Who cares whose son you are, if you want to travel together, then quickly do it. Big brother Yue Hen, let’s get into the carriage.” As she finished speaking, she turned and walked towards the carriage.

“Brother Ah Dai,” Yan Shi called out to Ah Dai, who was just about to follow Xuan Yue, “Let’s ride a horse on our way, I’ve some stuff to ask you.”

Ah Dai turned to look at Xuan Yue. She shot a glance at Yan Shi, “Go then, but if your injuries worsen, I won’t care anymore. Hmpf.”

Yan Shi chuckled, and ordered one of his men to give his horse to Ah Dai. With a loud shout, “Brothers, let’s go”, they started off.

This was Ah Dai’s first time riding a horse, and he could help but be nervous. When he had first gotten on the horse, the big horse could not help but wobble a little, after all, with over 50kg of body weight, as well as the weight of the TianGang Sword, it was indeed a little heavy. Ah Dai gripped the reins and his legs held on tight to the horse, while his face was full of embarrassment. This was because, his horse remained at its original spot, not moving forwards.

Seeing Ah Dai’s posture, Yan Shi knew that Ah Dai did not know how to ride a horse, and he laughed, “What’s wrong? Brother Ah Dai, is this your first time riding a horse?”

Red-faced, Ah Dai nodded.

Yan Shi let out a smile, “It’s okay, actually riding a horse is simple, let me teach you some tricks. Don’t be so nervous and relax a little, angle your body forwards, and gently tap its side, yes, yes, that’s right. Don’t hold the reins too tight, loosen it a little or else the horse will be uncomfortable. See, aren’t you doing great? When turning, angle your body in the same direction, and lightly pull the rein with the corresponding hand, and the horse will follow your instructions. When you want it to stop, just lean back, and use both hands to pull the rein.” Ah Dai followed Yan Shi’s methods, and the horse really started to move.
As it slowly increased speed, Ah Dai found the experience wonderful.

At this moment, Yue Hen and the others had got back into the carriage, and once inside, Miao Fei could not wait and asked Xuan Yue, “Miss Xuan Yue, why didn’t you tell us that Ah Dai knew martial arts!”

Xuan Yue gave him a glare, “Must I tell you everything? And who said Ah Dai knows martial arts, it’s just that he has quite some strength.”

The others had all practiced years of martial arts, and the force and skill that Ah Dai displayed, was definitely not simply just because he had more strength, especially that white colored dou qi of his, was more of a symbol of a martial arts expert. Yue Hen pulled aside Yue Ji, who was just about to ask more questions, and lightly shook his head at her. Miao Fei got uninterested, and did not ask further, while Xuan Yue leaned against one of the seats at the side and fell asleep once more. After a while, the carriage returned to silence, and there were only the sound of rumbling wheels and the crisp sound of the horse’s hooves.

In just a short while, Ah Dai had already got used to some of the simpler horse riding techniques, and with Yan Shi’s help, he was able to keep up.

Yan Shi brought Ah Dai to the very front, and instructed his men to not follow too closely. Turning to Ah Dai, he said, “Brother Ah Dai, I really must thank your for your mercy just now, if not, ay… …”

Ah Dai scratched his head, “Big brother Yan Shi, don’t say it like this, there are no hatred between us anyway, why would I hurt you, we really just wish to pass through your esteemed tribe’s territory.”

Yan Shi nodded, “It was all my fault for being too rash. However, our Puyan Tribe has some enmity with some other tribes on the continent, hence the previous situation. However since you’re from the TianGang Sword School, there are naturally no problems, the TianGang Sword School stands on the side of justice! Oh, right, brother, this is for you.” As he spoke, Yan Shi took out a medicinal pill around the size of a dragon’s eye and handed it to Ah Dai. Ah Dai stretched out his hand to receive it and asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, what is this?”

Yan Shi laughed, “Brother, quickly eat it, this is our Puyan Tribe’s
secret holy recovery pill, the Eliminate Injuries Pill ( ). It is
extremely effective. Just now, in order to not harm me, you suddenly directed your attack away, and spat out blood, I’m sure your internal injuries aren’t light. Quickly eat it, and you don’t need to worry too much, in less than half a day’s time, you’ll be alright.”

Ah Dai brought the Eliminate Injuries Pill close to his nose and took a whiff. Thinking for a while, he replied, “Big brother Yan Shi, this pill is very precious! It contains Star Grass, Tendon Fruit and Blue Sky Flower, these are all very precious medicinal herbs, are you really going to give it to me?” After staying together with Gliss for a year, Ah Dai was long able to recognize different medicinal herbs by their smell.

Yan Shi was stunned, “Brother, I didn’t know you even know medicinal herbs! Only the elders of the tribe know the accurate recipe of the Eliminate Injuries Pill, however, the herbs that you just mentioned, seem to be correct. Since you’ve gotten injured because of me, just eat it, it will have great effects for your injuries.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Thank you big brother Yan Shi.” As he finished speaking, he peeled off the layer of wax surrounding the pill and ate it.

Yan Shi chuckled, “Bother, you don’t have to be so polite. To be honest, I am really in awe of your skills, ever since I was young, most of the people around my age were unable to defeat me. Today, you are the first one, I was really too arrogant in the past, it really is ‘there will always be people better than you’! Recalling that final strike of yours, I’m still afraid even now.”

After eating the Eliminate Injuries Pill, warmth flowed towards Ah Dai’s dantian, and spread all across his body. The warm feeling was indescribably comfortable, and all of the pain in his chest totally disappeared. Under the stimulation from the medicinal effects, the boundless true qi in his body grew denser, and Ah Dai replied after some slight cultivation, “The Eliminate Injuries Pill is indeed very effective, most of my injuries have healed. Big brother Yan Shi, actually, my strength can’t be compared to yours, it’s only that my TianGang Sword was heavier than your saber. Furthermore, I guess that Miss Xuan Yue had cast some support magic on me, so this was how I was able to win.”

Chapter23 Tribal changes (to celebrate the 3rd ann

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Stunned, Yan Shi said: “Brother, you are really honest. The Miss Xuan Yue that you mentioned, should be that little girl in magician robes right. You are really fortunate! To find such a beautiful girlfriend.”

Ah Dai laughed bitterly, “She’s not my girlfriend, I’m merely her attendant.”

Yan Shi was shocked, “How can this be? Brother, with your martial arts, how could you become someone’s attendant?”

Ah Dai recalled all the events that happened after he met Xuan Yue, shook his head helplessly and changed the topic: “Big brother Yan Shi, why is your Puyan Tribe hostile to outsiders?”

A look of hatred flashed across Yan Shi’s eyes, and after a long time, he sighed: “Because, our Puyan Tribe had suffered too much damage. I can’t tell you now because it’s considered to be one of our tribe’s greatest secrets. If there’s a chance in the future, you will know. Let’s hasten our speed. one of our small clans is not too far ahead. It is also my home and your aunt’s cooking is really good. Today, let big brother drink merrily with you.” With a whistle, Yan Shi hurried his battle horse, and sped forth.

Ah Dai’s riding skills were not that good, but the battle horse that he was riding seemed to very prideful, as it immediately chased after Yan Shi as well. Amidst the panic, Ah Dai could only lay low and try to maintain his balance. At the same time that Ah Dai and Yan Shi were heading towards a clan within the Puyan Tribe, Feng Ping had arrived at the TianGang Mountain. In the past few days, he had hastened his pace, and passed through the borders of the Yajin Tribe and the Yalian Tribe, finally arriving back at his school after much effort. Just as he had ascended the mountain, he came across a white-robed elder who seemed to be around 60 years old.

“Little Ping, why have you returned? I heard from your Master that you’ve become a vice-leader of some mercenary group?”

Feng Ping looked at the white-robed elder, and quickly bowed in respect, “Greetings, uncle-master Lu Wen. Is senior Grandmaster here? I’ve urgent matters to report.”

Lu Wen was the fourth disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint, and was already 69 years old this year. He was very loyal, honest, polite, and was deeply respected by all the different generations of disciples in the school. After hearing Feng Ping’s words, he revealed a surprised expression and asked, “What exactly happened that you must alarm Master, he is currently in closed door training.”

Feng Ping wiped away the sweat on his head, and briefly recounted his encounter with Ah Dai. Listening to his recount, Lu Wen furrowed his brows, “Which apprentice-nephew has such remarkable abilities to actually train his disciple who is not yet 20, to such standards? Ping’ Er, I’ve never heard that you had such an outstanding senior or junior brother! Come, let’s quickly go up the mountain, I need to discuss this matter with your other uncle-masters first.”

Feng Ping followed Lu Wen to the summit of the TianGang Mountain, the summit was pretty flat and the TianGang Sword School had already many decades of history after being established on this mountain. The TianGang Sword School had an extremely prestigious position within the Prosperous Empire, and the current commander-in-chief of the Prosperous Empire’s army was the TianGang Sword Saint’s second disciple, Feng Wen. It was around forty years ago, when the monarch of the Prosperous Empire had declared the TianGang Sword School to be the nation’s representative. The require Once they returned to the school, Lu Wen immediately ordered the disciples to invite his senior and junior brothers who were currently on the mountain over, this included Feng Ping’s master, the fifth disciple of the 2nd generation disciples, Shi Wen. In the face of all his uncle-masters, Feng Ping once more recounted his encounter with Ah Dai. Listening to his recount, the 2nd generation disciples could not help but look among one another, even after much pondering, they could not figure out who Ah Dai’s master was.

“The information of all of the 3rd generation disciples is pretty accurate, and there were no news of any of them dying! Ping’ Er, are you sure that child is really using the TianGang Sword Techniques?” Lu Wen asked.

Feng Ping nodded, “Fourth uncle-master, there is really no doubt, even though the TianGang Sword Techniques can be imitated, there is no way to fake the boundless dou qi that Ah Dai used. Although he has not reached the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, he is definitely not too far from that stage. It’s all my fault, I didn’t manage to stop him there. When I bring him back, everything would be clear.

Xi Wen, who was sitting at head seat, suddenly opened his eyes, and his gaze immediately landed on Feng Ping. Xi Wen was the first and eldest disciple of the TianGang Sword Saint. Among his various junior brothers, he had the highest level of martial arts, reaching the Eighth Stage of the Boundless Life Art. Although he was already over 80 years old, just from his appearance, he seemed slightly younger than Lu Wen.

“Eldest senior brother, do you know whose disciple he is? Could it be a disciple of second senior brother’s disciple?” Lu Wen asked.

Xi Wen shook his head, “It’s not very probable, although second junior brother’s martial arts is not weaker than mine, he spends most of his time in the army and has no time to instruct his disciples. His two disciples are only at the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art and they can’t possibly nurture such an outstanding disciple. Furthermore, they are always by second brother’s side When second brother returned, he had brought them along to pay their respects to Master.” Suddenly, Xi Wen emitted a glow from his eyes as he turned to Feng Ping, “Ping’ Er, do you still remember if there are any special aspects about the TianGang Sword that the child used?”

Feng Ping thought for a while, before replying, “From the surface, I didn’t notice any difference between our TianGang Swords but his sword seemed to be a little heavier than mine. Even though his martial strength was not comparable to mine, he was not at a great disadvantage when we sparred.”

Xi Wen nodded, “This might be right, there is a high chance that the child is not a 4th generation disciple but a 3rd generation disciple. Furthermore, the TianGang Sword that he is using should not be the 56 kg TianGang Sword of the 3rd generation disciples, but rather 72 kg one that us 2nd generation disciples are using: the TianGang Heavy Sword that incorporates darksteel.”

Lu Wen got a shock, and stammered, “Eldest senior brother, you are saying… …”

Xi Wen nodded and sighed, “Only him, only he has the ability to nurture such an outstanding disciple! It’s been 30 years and we finally have news of him. Quickly, fellow brothers, let’s go and request Master to come out of his closed door training. Now that there are news of him, master will surely be pleased.” As he spoke, he revealed a sorrowful expression.

As Feng Ping listened to their conversation, he only got more confused, and did not know who eldest uncle-master was talking about. However, all of people seated before him were his elders and he did not dare to ask too much., he simply continued waiting there.

Xi Wen and the other 2nd generation disciples came to a grotto behind the back mountains, this cave that seemed ordinary. it was precisely where the famed TianGang Sword Saint was undergoing his closed door training. The mountain winds blew at the white clouds in the sky, causing them to continuously strike the mountain summit where they were at. however they were all experts of the continent, using a faint layer of white light from their boundless dou qi, they prevented the damp mist from touching them.

At the entrance of the cave, the seven of them formed a line with Xi Wen at the front and shouted respectfully together, “We humbly request Master to exit from closed door training.” Their voices were not loud but with their boundless dou qi wrapping around the sound. Their voices soon reached deep within the cave.

In just a while, a clear voice sounded out from within the cave, “What has happened to make you come and disturb my training?”

Xi Wen bowed in the direction of the cave “Greetings Master, we may have received news of youngest brother. Fifth brother’s disciple Feng Ping had discovered a child at the Red Hurricane Tribe. He is not yet 20 but his Boundless Life Art is already at the Fourth Stage. According to that child, his master has already passed away, I think only youngest brother would have been capable of nurturing such an outstanding disciple.”

There was silence within the cave and the seven of them could only wait quietly for the TianGang Sword Saint’s instructions. In the hearts of these disciples, the TianGang Sword Saint was akin to a legend.

After a long while, the clear voice sounded once more but this time it carried a trace of melancholy, “Old nine has already left for so many years but who knew that he would have died outside… Hais——, humans are fortune’s fool! Pass on my order, all the disciples of the TianGang Sword School must give their all to search and find out that disciple’s whereabouts, then bring him to see me. Xi Wen, I’m old already, from now on I won’t ask about the matters within the school. From this day forth, you will be the 2nd generation Head of the school.”

Xi Wen got a big shock, and immediately knelt down on the floor, saying in a trembling voice, “Ma-master, your disciple is fearful, please retract your order.” “I’m already very old and I will finish this life very soon, I should have long passed this title on to you. This is my order, you mustn’t disobey.”

After hearing that the Sword Saint was about to pass away, Lu Wen and the other disciples knelt down as well, exclaiming in a loud voice, “Master

The TianGang Sword Saint’s voice became gentler as he continued, “I’ve already lived for 101 years. Of the four sword saints, I am the oldest. There is a limit to one’s longevity, in the future, the TianGang Sword School will be in your hands. The advent of the blood sun indicates that the thousand-year great tribulation is about to arrive. It is not something the Holy Church can defend against by themselves. The dark forces on the continent have already started to move, you must take responsibility for the lives of the common people. When the thousandth year of the holy calendar arrives, there will definitely be evil beings surfacing in the mortal realm, ah——, I’m afraid I won’t able to persist till that day. All of you must lend your support to the Holy Church and rid the world of evil, understand?”

“Yes, we will comply by Master’s orders.”

“En, Xi Wen, you must quickly find the whereabouts of that child. The incidents regarding old nine, are what I regret most in this life. I was really too selfish, I really hope that I can accomplish this wish of mine before I die.”


After around two hours of hurried journeying, Ah Dai who had never ridden a horse before felt as though his whole body was about to split apart; Especially his waist and hip: they were already sore to the extent that they felt numb.

Yan Shi lightly pulled the reins, and slowed down their speed. Looking at Ah Dai beside him, he asked, “Brother, how was the feeling of riding a horse?” Ah Dai smiled bitterly, “Big brother Yan Shi, my bones feel like they’re going to shatter, have we arrived yet?”

Yan Shi let out a hearty laugh, “It’s always like this the first time you ride a horse. After going through this forest, we will arrive soon, endure for a while more.”

Stretching his limbs, Ah Dai asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, the environment in your Puyan Tribe is so good, There are so many forests, are there no cities?”

Yan Shi nodded, “The nature has provided so much for our Puyan tribesmen, so how can we destroy it. Cities? What are the uses of cities? Isn’t it still built on the land from the cleared forests. The nature has its own rules, if we treat it badly, one day it will return the favor Although humans have power, it is impossible to compete against nature!”

Ah Dai scratched his head and said, “Big brother Yan Shi, although I don’t really understand your words, I think what you said is correct., Compared to the city, I prefer to be within the forest where there’s much cleaner air.” Once he mentioned the forest, he naturally recalled the illusionary forest, as well as the alchemist Gliss who he had not seen in 5 years. Uncontrollably, he revealed a faint expression of sorrow.

“My clan is just right in front, it is my own territory, our Puyan Tribe is split into tens of clans, and my father is the leader of the largest clan, thus he became the leader of the whole Puyan Tribe. Our Puyan tribesmen are very united, unlike other places, where people always try to scheme against others.”

After finally passing through the forest, the sight before him caused Ah Dai to gasp in shock. It, it was just like a giant village, there were countless houses built from stones everywhere, seeming to house almost thousands of families. The center of the village was bustling with life, and smoke was rising, it seemed that many families were currently preparing lunch.

[TN: I just used village for the place where they lived in, since clan is used to describe a group of people, but not where they live. In Chinese, the same word 部落 is used for both.]
Holding the reins, Yan Shi jumped off from his horse, and looked at Ah Dai, while beaming with pride, “How’s this, our clan is pretty good right? At here, apart from not having city walls, we are pretty much like a city, and we have everything here. Have a good rest here today, it’s not too late to continue your journey tomorrow morning.”

Ah Dai also got off his horse, once his feet landed on the ground, he felt much more comfortable, only a little weak in his knees. He adjusted his breathing, and quickly stretched his sore limbs. At this moment, Yue Hen and the others had also got off the horse carriage, and Xuan Yue quickly ran over to Ah Dai’s side. Looking at the village before them, she let out a cry of astonishment, “Woah, such a big village!”

Yue Hen coughed two times, “This is not a village, this should be the Puyan Tribe’s clan, kind of similar to a normal city, I’ve seen even bigger clans than this.”

[TN: So this part is confusing, since I have no idea what type of houses clans lived in, but in Chinese, it didn’t matter (as mentioned earlier), so bear with this confusing part & this amateur translator T~T]

Xuan Yue gave him a glare, “I’d like to call it a village, so what?” As she spoke, she tugged on Ah Dai’s clothes, and furrowed her brows, “Look, your clothes have gotten so messy, let me help you tidy them a little.” As Ah Dai was riding a horse, his clothes were long full of wrinkles. Looking down, he saw that Xuan Yue was tugging at his magician robes, continuously dusting it off. A strange shock-like feeling instantly spread through Ah Dai’s body, and he stood there dumbly staring, speechless.

Yan Shi let out a laugh, “Brother, I thought you said she isn’t your girlfriend, look at how much she cares about you!”

Xuan Yue’s blue braids swayed as her face became red, and she muttered, “What nonsense are you saying, who is his girlfriend! It’s just that we came together, if his clothes are so messy, I’ll be embarrassed too!” Yan Shi gave Ah Dai a weird look, before continuing, “Let’s go into our village first, you’ve journeyed for a whole afternoon and must be tired now. Go eat some food and rest.”

Together with Yan Shi’s group of warriors, all of them entered the village. Puyan tribesmen were mostly yellow-skinned, their skin was just a little darker than Ah Dai’s and their trademark was brown hair. When the people saw Yan Shi, they all had looks of respect on their faces.

“Uncle Yan Shi, you’ve come back, did you bring any yummy food for Dong Dong?” A 4 or 5 year old boy ran over to Yan Shi, while curiously gazing at Ah Dai’s group.

Yan Shi laughed, while carrying the little boy in his arms, “Dong Dong, this time uncle was too rushed, and didn’t have time to bring some food for you. Uncle promises you that I’ll bring some back next time.”

“Uncle, you must keep your word!” Dong Dong pouted.

Yan Shi tenderly patted his head, “Since when has Uncle not kept his word, where’s your mother?”

A woman with delicate features ran over and greeted Yan Shi, “Young leader, you’ve returned. This Dong Dong, once he saw you, he immediately ran out. Dong Dong, quickly come down.” Dong Dong looked at his mother, but continued to hug Yan Shi’s neck, refusing to move.

The woman walked over to Yan Shi’s side and sighed, “Young leader, Dong Dong has always treated you like a father figure. His father has passed early, I hope you can teach him some stuff if there’s a chance next time.”

Dong Dong raised his head and looked at Yan Shi, “Yeah Uncle Yan Shi, I want to become a brave warrior like you!”

There was a sorrowful look in Yan Shi’s eyes as he gently caressed Dong Dong’s hair. “Dolma, I will. Dong Dong, be obedient and get down first. Uncle has guests today, so I can’t accompany you. After a few days, Uncle will teach you martial arts, okay?” Under Yan Shi’s coaxing, Dong Dong finally returned to his mother. The woman took a glance at Ah Dai’s group, before turning and leaving.

Looking at their silhouettes, Yan Shi revealed a trace of loneliness in his eyes. Curious, Xuan Yue asked, “Your relationship seems to be very complicated! Big guy, who are they to you?”

Yan Shi shook his head, and brought the people towards the center of the village while explaining, “Dolma is the wife of a good brother of mine. When Dong Dong was 2 years old, his father was killed on duty, speaking of this, it’s already been 3 years since then. I really pity them, a widow and a fatherless child, when I’m free, I will try take care of them. In our clan, there are many cases like Dolma, it’s all because… …” He abruptly stopped, and did not continue anymore after giving a wary look at Xuan Yue.

Yue Hen and Yue Ji looked at each other, while Xuan Yue seemed to be deep in her thoughts. Turning to Yan Shi, Ah Dai tried to console, ”Big brother Yan Shi, don’t be upset, things have already happened. Although their circumstances are very miserable, at least Dong Dong still has a mother. Compared to me, it’s still much better.” Recalling his childhood of ‘catching fish’ back in Ninuo City, Ah Dai felt a little sentimental.

Xuan Yue had never heard Ah Dai talk about his personal life, so she curiously asked, “Ah Dai, I’ve never asked you before, what do your parents do? And where is your home?”

Ah Dai glanced at her and flatly replied, “I’ve no parents. And no home.” Thinking of Owen, there was pain in his heart, he was filled with emotions and longing for Owen and Gliss.

Yan Shi patted Ah Dai’s shoulder, “Brother, so you are an orphan too! It’s okay, come to my house, let’s go in and let your aunt cook up some good food, you must know, her cooking is really good!” This is already the second time that Yan Shi had boasted to Ah Dai about his wife. From his face of happiness and pride, it was obvious that he had deep feelings for his wife.

Hearing Yan Shi’s words, only now did Ah Dai realize that they had arrived before a huge stone house, the stone house was at the center of the whole village, and occupied at least a few hundred square meters. The surrounding was a ring of empty land, and the warriors that had followed Yan Shi were already gone, perhaps they had returned home. The ones left were only Ah Dai, Xuan Yue and the other four.

Yan Shi was full of excitement as he shouted loudly towards the closed door, “Little Yun, Little Yun, we have guests, quickly open the door. Open the door!”

The door seemed to be locked from inside, and after Yan Shi shouted for a long while, there was still no reaction. He seemed to be in a daze as he muttered, “What is Little Yun doing? She usually never locks the door!” He grabbed hold of a villager who passed by and asked, “Uncle Kru, have you seen Little Yun today, why is my door locked, did she go out?”

The old man who was stopped by Yan Shi shook his head and replied, “After you left in the morning, I’ve never seen Little Yun, she should still be at home. Yeah! Why is your door locked today, Little Yun rarely leaves the house. Try knocking some more, perhaps she is sleeping?”

Yan Shi shook his head, “No, I’ve told her that I’ll return for lunch, Little Yun will surely wait for me.” There was an anxious expression on his face as he walked over to the door. Hesitating for a moment, he stretched out his large hands and pressed against the door. A yellow glow emanated from his body and with a ‘crack’ sound, the latch on the door broke apart.

Yan Shi pushed open the door, and stepped into the room, with Ah Dai beside him. Once they entered, they could smell a strong tangy smell of blood. Yan Shi’s expression changed drastically as he quickly ran towards one of the rooms.

“NO——” Yan Shi’s mournful howl came from within the room, and the whole stone house was sent trembling. Ah Dai got a fright and immediately rushed in together with Yue Hen, but what lay before them, caused both of them to be stunned. There was a large bed in the bedroom, and on the bed, lay a naked woman. Her brown colored long hair was in tangles, and her original beautiful face was full of hatred and resentment, her large gray, lifeless eyes were still open, staring at the ceiling. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists and her blood had stained the white sheets red, there was still some blood out from her private parts, she was clearly raped then killed. Her fair skin was slowly turning green, seeming that she had died for quite some time.

Yan Shi hugged the girl within his embrace, and he had become lifeless. Tears continuously flowed from the eyes of this strong warrior, and his facial muscles constantly spasmed.

Xuan Yue and Yue Ji had followed as well, and looking at the sight before them, they could not help but let out screams. Xuan Yue jumped into Ah Dai’s arms, and her voice trembled as she spoke, “This, this… What has happened, it’s so frightening!”

Yan Shi did not reply. He carried the naked corpse of the girl and stood up, ripping off his own cloak to wrap her up, and slowly stepped outside the door. Everyone automatically cleared the path for him, and looked as he walked outside.

As he finally stepped out the door, he suddenly roared towards the sky, “AHH——” The voice rapidly became louder, piercing straight through the clouds. Along with his thunderous cries, Yan Shi’s body gradually started changing. His original muscled body became even bulkier, splitting his clothes apart, and his brown colored eye became blood red, as a dangerous aura burst out from him.

Yue Hen cried out, “Ah! He… he has turned berserk! He’s actually a berserker!”

Yan Shi’s howls had shook the entire village and the nearby villagers immediately ran over. In just a short while, Yan Shi’s house was fully surrounded. “Young leader, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Ah! What happened to sister Yun’ Er? Why is there blood, this,… what happened?”

“Young leader, you… …”

A dark and cold voice came out from Yan Shi’s mouth, deeply intimidating the people’s hearts, “Tell me, who, who killed my Yun’ Er. Who was it, tell me, WHO——?”

All of the Puyan tribesmen were dumbfounded, Yan Shi’s wife was famous for being a kind-hearted beauty in the clan, and now that she had died so suddenly, even they were unable to accept such a fact. Yan Shi constantly let out howls of agony, but he just simply could not express the pain he felt inside.

A middle-aged man, whose body was no less fit than Yan Shi’s, ran over, and upon seeing the corpse in Yan Shi’s hands, he was shocked. “Brother Yan Shi, how did sister-in-law become like this?”

The dangerous aura from Yan Shi continued to increase, and he was still repeating that phrase, “Who, who killed my Yun’ Er!”

Ah Dai walked to Yan Shi’s side, trying to persuade him, “Big brother Yan Shi, please calm down, let’s try to get to the bottom of this matter.”

Yan Shi swung his arm, and a huge force immediately pushed Ah Dai a few metres away, his eyes seemed to almost be spitting fire as he raged, “Calm down, how can I calm down, my beloved has died, how can I calm down!”

Ah Dai circulated his boundless true qi, and only after completing a few cycles, was he able to dissipate the dou qi that Yan Shi had released. Yan Shi’s martial skills were already higher than him, and after entering a berserk mode, his strength had surged, almost doubling his original power. Such an enormous power, was simply not what Ah Dai could handle. More and more people gathered, thoroughly surrounding Yan Shi’s house. A group of young men dressed as warriors squeezed all the way to Yan Shi’s side, and upon seeing the sight, they were all dumbfounded.

Yan Shi suddenly let out an angry howl. With one hand tightly holding his wife’s body, he was glaring at one of the warriors before him, shouting in a crazed manner, “It’s you, it was you right, it was you who killed my Little Yun!” Without notice, his other free hand shot out, with a dense layer of yellow colored dou qi surrounding it, and hit against that warrior’s chest.

Shocked from the sudden danger, the warrior was barely able to bring his hands forward to his chest to block. Ah Dai got a fright and quickly shouted, “NO!” while sending out a punch to try repel Yan Shi’s dou qi covered fist.

Amidst the loud bangs, two streaks of silhouettes were sent flying. The force contained within Yan Shi’s fist was indeed too powerful, even with Ah Dai using all of his power, he was still sent flying from the impact. Under Ah Dai’s interference, Yan Shi’s fist had still landed against that warrior’s hands. The sounds of his bones fracturing rang out clearly, and his body was sent flying as well, spitting out a mouthful of blood in mid-air. If not for Ah Dai intervening in time, he probably would’ve died under Yan Shi’s berserk fist, but even so, he had still sustained heavy injuries.

Xuan Yue cried out, “Ah! Has he gone mad?”

The muscular middle-aged man who had rushed over previously, immediately shouted, “Quick, everyone first help to restrain the young leader, he has gone berserk, and does not recognize anyone.” As he spoke, he ran up first.

The man seemed to have some authority within the Puyan Tribe, as some of the surrounding young warriors instantly rushed up as well, leaping towards Yan Shi. While Yan Shi was howling crazily with rage, he was also continuously swinging his arms. The yellow colored dou qi surged out, and there seemed to be no one who could step within 3 meters of him. Many silhouettes were sent flying, and in just a short while, over ten Puyan tribesmen were heavily injured. Wan Li helped Ah Dai up from the ground. Ah Dai had met Yan Shi’s fist from the side, so even though he was sent flying from the impact, he was not really injured. Looking at the berserk Yan Shi, Ah Dai furrowed his brows, and ran over to Xuan Yue, “Miss, big brother Yan Shi has suddenly become like this, do you have any solutions to save him?”

Xuan Yue seemed to have not gotten over her initial shock from seeing Yan Shi’s wife’s body, and hearing Ah Dai’s question, she shook her head, “I, I’ve no solutions either!”

“Berserkers are very powerful, they are able to instantly raise their own power by 200% while in the berserk state, and his body’s defense is multiplied as well. With Yan Shi in this state, I’m afraid no one will be able to restrain him. Our strength is not enough!” Yue Hen interjected.

Ah Dai clenched his teeth, “I’ll go up and try, why did big brother Yan Shi suddenly become like this, did he really go mad?”

Yue Hen grabbed hold of Ah Dai, explaining, “Brother, there’s no use even if you go, he is unable to recognize anyone in his berserk state. The blow that he had received was too much, and he has lost sense of himself. Although I’ve seen berserkers before, they only entered 50% of their berserk states, and they will regain their senses after their potential is depleted. But looking at Yan Shi’s state, I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult for him to recover. Let him calm down first, only then is there a chance of him recovering. Miss Xuan Yue, do you have any magic to let someone calm down?”

Xuan Yue thought for a while, before nodding, “Yes, however, my magic standard is not enough, I’m not sure if I am able to execute this sort of high level Calming Mantra.”

Yue Hen glanced at Yan Shi who was still in his berserk state, and anxiously muttered, “Just give it a try, after he has entered the complete berserk state, he will first exhaust his strength and energy, and after that he will start depleting his life force and potential. If this continues, he will probably die of exhaustion.” Worried, Ah Dai voiced out as well, “Yeah! Please Yue Yue, just try and save big brother Yan Shi, take it that I’m begging you.”

Surprised, Xuan Yue shot a glance at Ah Dai, but she nodded, “Okay then, Ah Dai, you have to help me.”

Ah Dai was stunned, “How do I help?”

Chapter24 Calm light

Translated By: Kuroneko Edited by: Darklord5555
Special thanks To J.H. for helping out in the editing

Xuan Yue instructed “Stand beside me, hold my hand, and think of moving your magic force. Transmit it to me and then i will cast the spell, perhaps this might work. The Calming Mantra is a Level 6 magic spell, I can only try and hope that it will be successful with the boost of my magic wand.” On this continent, magic spells were ranked according to their strength and there were a total of 9 levels. Level 1 and 2 magic spells were considered as elementary level magic spell, and those who were able to cast level 1 and 2 spells were at the level of a junior magician. For example, Ah Dai’s fireball and flame spell were level 1 magic spells, but the power of the two spells were able to vary according to the amount of magic force that one had. The fire meteor spell is one of the higher ranked level 2 magic spell, while the deep blue fire meteors that Ah Dai had casted had already reached the power of a level 3 magic spell. That’s why Giger determined him as an intermediate magician. Level 3, 4 and 5 magic spells were intermediate level magic spells and those who were able to cast level 4 magic spells were advanced magicians, while grand magicians had to be able to cast at least two level 5 magic spells or a level 6 magic spell. Level 6, 7 and 8 magic spells contained the true meaning of advanced level magic spells: most of the advanced magic spells were all large-scaled attack magic and they definitely possessed heaven and earth shaking power. As for the alchemist Gliss, his magic had only reached the level of a Grand magician and could only cast a couple of level 5 magic spells. However, his magic spells were a combination of his fire and darkness attribute, thus his strongest magical attacks would rival the power of level 7 magic. Gliss could barely be considered a mage since one had to be able to cast two level 7 magic spells to be considered a mage. The highest titles of Magister were only given to those who were proficient in level 8 magic. Until now, excluding the Holy Church, there were only 3 magicians on the continent who had reached the Magister level and all of them possessed the power to cause immense devastation. Level 9 magic spells were restricted incantations, and normally required a few magicians at the level of Magister to cast. Currently, most of the level 9 magic spells were lost.

“Okay,” Ah Dai responded, and quickly went over to Xuan Yue’s side and held on to her tender small hand, closing his eyes. Just as he was about to transmit his magic force to her, Xuan Yue suddenly whispered “If I manage to save that foolish big brother that you just met, you must not get angry with me next time and you must call me Yue Yue, okay?”

Ah Dai opened his eyes to glance at Xuan Yue, only to see her reveal a faint smile, then sticking out her tongue at him. It was an unbearably cute sight. Ah Dai nodded in agreement.

Keeping her smile, Xuan Yue turned to the crowd around Yan Shi and said solemnly, “Let us begin.”

Ah Dai closed his eyes once more, and concentrated on transmitting his magic force towards Xuan Yue, it was a difficult and painful process. As his magic force left the orifice between his brows, he suddenly felt his mind blank out. As though everything was sucked out, he could not help but wobble. Clenching his teeth, Ah Dai tried his best to bear the pain and continued to manipulate that ball of energy towards his right palm through his arm. Finally, under Ah Dai’s incessant efforts, the magic force finally flowed into his palm; causing Xuan Yue’s small hand to slightly tremble. Suddenly, he felt as though his body seemed to have become one entity with Xuan Yue’s body and he could

Ah Dai discovered that Xuan Yue’s body seemed to be filled with a golden glow and there was an abnormal holy aura all around. Once the magic force entered Xuan Yue’s body, it immediately flowed into her body and followed a fixed trajectory. Xuan Yue’s original magic force did not seem as strong as his own, but her magic force felt vastly different from his, it was an indescribable feeling.

While Ah Dai was transferring his magic force to Xuan Yue, he was also continuously circulating his boundless true qi in order to support the strain on his mental energy and prevent him from fainting.

Xuan Yue felt a stream of pure and dense magic force from Ah Dai’s hand, and even though it was not comparable to her father’s vast amount of powerful magic force, Ah Dai’s magic force was exceedingly pure and did not seem to contain any impurities. She carefully controlled the foreign magic force into her body and took a deep breath. Looking at Yan Shi who had gone berserk, she hesitantly chanted the unfamiliar incantation, “O the great heavenly god! This devoted believer humbly requests of you, to let the holy rays from the infinite ocean of light descend onto the worldly realm, flood into me, and save the people!” Following her chant, her body suddenly started glowing, although her bell-like voice was not very loud, it rang clearly in the ears of the people. A peaceful and calming atmosphere started spreading outwards from Xuan Yue. Amidst the glow, Xuan Yue looked extremely enchanting and captivating, just like a holy maiden. Beside her, Ah Dai suddenly felt that his mental energy was rapidly being depleted and he could not help but shiver. The surrounding voices became softer and he could hardly hear anything. He had to rely only on his will in order to remain standing.

The golden glow emanating from Xuan Yue became brighter and the top- grade magic crystal in her magic wand suddenly started glowing. Xuan Yue raised her wand high above her head, and the two angelic wings on her wand started releasing a faint white light, contrasting with the golden glow from the crystal. The magic force in her body continuously flowed towards her wand, and she even swayed a little from the overexertion of her mental energy. However, she had to endure, the incantation was not yet finished. The magic elements rapidly moved, causing fluctuations in the air, and forming a golden barrier around Xuan Yue and Ah Dai. Yue Hen and the others were instantly pushed back a few metres. After seeing such a mystical light, all of the Puyan clansmen quietened down, apart from the warriors who were still surrounding Yan Shi.

Ah Dai’s consciousness was already blurred and all of his magic force was transferred to Xuan Yue. The two of them were like a single entity, and he was just standing there subconsciously, unaware of the things happening. Everything was under Xuan Yue’s control.

After bracing herself, Xuan Yue barely managed to control the powerful energy that had gathered on her wand, and continued her chant, “O the infinite Holy Light! You are the purest power in this worldly realm, please use your righteous and peaceful energy, to eliminate all the chaos, and let the heart regain calmness. Let the mind regain clarity, and let the body regain life, go forth with the blessing of God, Calming Light!” This Calming Light, also known as the Calming Mantra, was a large-scaled support magic. It was able to eliminate chaos, confusion, poison and other abnormal conditions, allowing the user to regain calmness, and it contained some healing power as well. Amongst the light attribute magic spells, there were actually very few people who would use this spell because the support potential of this spell, when used in battle, was not even comparable to the level 4 magic spell Blessing of Light. However, its speciality was to remove chaos and poison statuses, thus it was extremely suitable to use it on Yan Shi who was in his berserk state.

Under the effects of the incantation, the vast holy energy surrounding Xuan Yue gradually started to coalesce within the magic crystal. If not for this magic wand, which was almost a godly weapon, Xuan Yue’s would have found it difficult to even use level 3 light attribute magic with her current power. Xuan Yue’s eyes were open wide, as she pointed her magic wand towards Yan Shi, and the light suddenly burst out from the top-grade magic crystal. Golden colored light clouds floated out, enveloping Yan Shi, as well as the others near him, within. Xuan Yue’s original power was too weak, and the Calming Light that she casted was only able to display about a third of its usual might, thus enveloping only such a small area. However, in this case, it was already enough. Yan Shi’s body, that was covered in the golden light, suddenly became stiff, and he stood there motionless, while carrying his dead  wife in his  hands and panting  heavily. His red  eyes gradually turned back to brown and two streams of blood red tears flowed out. His actions became sluggish, while the warriors near him, regained their energy under the help of Calming Light, and instantly rushed over to Yan Shi, successfully constraining him.

The light scattered, and Ah Dai could not endure any longer. With a thump, he collapsed onto the ground. Xuan Yue’s mind was blank as she wobbled, and fell toward the group. Unable to endure any longer, she fainted onto Ah Dai’s body. However, their hands remained clasped together, without separating. The two of them seemed to have lost consciousness at the same time.

After god knows how long, Ah Dai gradually woke up, his mind still felt groggy, a clear sign that his mental energy had not yet recovered. The sounds of the carriage wheels rang out, and after a long time, he was finally fully awake. Opening his eyes, he saw Xuan Yue leaning against him, still deep in her sleep. His hands were still holding Xuan Yue’s, and that soft and smooth feeling caused Ah Dai’s face to heat up. Xuan Yue’s small hands were also tightly clutching his, and his palm was already soaked with sweat. Ah Dai though to himself, Since she’s still sleeping, I’ll just continue holding then. He looked around, and realised that they were back in the carriage. Yue Hen and Yue Ji were sitting opposite him, with their eyes closed, while Miao Fei was leaning against the side, faintly snoring.

“Yue Hen, big brother Yue Hen,” Ah Dai called out softly.

Yue Hen opened his eyes, and seeing that Ah Dai had woken up, he revealed a hint of delight. “Brother Ah Dai, how are you feeling, does your body still feel uncomfortable?”

Ah Dai shook his head, “I’m fine, just that I feel a little weak. Have we set off again? How’s big brother Yan Shi? Are we just going to leave like this? It’s still unknown how his wife died, big brother Yan Shi is really pitiful.”

Yue Hen let out a bitter smile, “We have set off, but we are on our way to the Puyan Tribe leader’s clan. Both you and Miss Xuan Yue have fainted for a whole day. Yesterday afternoon, your combined efforts in casting the Calming Mantra was effective, just before Yan Shi was about to deplete his life force, it managed to remove his berserk state. However, his wife’s death still remains a mystery. All of his clansmen decided to send both Yan Shi and his wife to the tribe leader. They were scared that Yan Shi might go berserk again, so they knocked him out, and he is currently on the horse carriage behind ours, along with his wife’s coffin. The clansmen were all very grateful to both of you, if not for your help, Yan Shi might not be alive right now. However, they said that we were outsiders, and there are still some suspicions. Therefore, we were not allowed to leave, and we have to pay a visit to the tribe leader and let him determine our fate . Outside, there are currently over 500 elite Puyan warriors to escort us along. It looks like, our journey to the Death Mountains will be a tough one. I really can’t believe that we would face such an incident.”

Ah Dai sighed, “Big brother Yan Shi is really too pitiful, he must have loved his wife dearly, hais——. Let’s just follow along, I want to know the truth behind this matter as well, who exactly was so ruthless to kill brother Yan Shi’s wife.”

Hearing Ah Dai’s words, Yue Ji suddenly opened her eyes and exclaimed, “Aren’t you afraid of them making us the scapegoats? Looking at how the Puyan Tribe is averse to outsiders, I’m afraid that even if we complied and went along, there will be trouble in store for us! If not for the fact that they outnumber us, and that both of you had fainted, we would have long tried to think of ideas and escape. We really have miscalculated in the beginning, we should have just took the roundabout route, although it’s further, at least we would not be stuck in this compromising situation!”

Ah Dai was stunned, “Why will they make us to be the scapegoats? We haven’t done anything!”

Yue Ji pursed her lips, “You, you really are too naive. Won’t the real culprit who is still in hiding try to frame us? Although we were together with Yan Shi when we arrived, don’t forget, the Puyan tribesmen are all very united. It’s impossible for them to suspect their own tribesmen, but as for outsiders like us, we happen to just be the right targets for suspicion.” Yue Hen let out a sigh, “What my sister said makes sense, if we go and see the Puyan tribe leader, our fates are uncertain!”

The death of Yan Shi’s wife caused Ah Dai to feel stifled, although he had not spent much time with Yan Shi, he had took a liking to Yan Shi’s unrestrained and frank personality.

“En.” Xuan Yue’s body moved a little, and she raised her head that was laying against Ah Dai’s shoulders. Looking at Ah Dai with her misty eyes, she remarked, “Where is this place? It feels so uncomfortable, my whole body feels weak.”

Seeming to have recalled the sight of Xuan Yue casting the calming light, there was a look of respect on Yue Hen’s face as he said, “Miss Xuan Yue, your magic is really powerful! To have reached such a level at your age, you must have trained hard for a long time.”

Xuan Yue turned to look at Yue Hen, then straightened her body, blushing slightly. Back in the Holy Church, she was known for being mischievous, and even her father was unable to control her actions. There was no need to mention cultivation at all, she had hardly spent any efforts in her cultivations, and if not for the Supreme Pontiff and the crimson-robed priests doting on her, and using their holy powers to cleanse her body, perhaps she might not even have been able to reach the standards of a junior magician.

“Big brother Yue Hen, should we set off now? Isn’t that Yan Shi or something okay already, it was so scary just now, the way his wife died was too horrifying.”

Yue Hen let out a bitter laugh, and repeated what Ah Dai had said earlier.

Listening to Yue Hen’s words, Xuan Yue fumed, “They are so unreasonable, we’ve helped them out of goodwill! Eh, Ah Dai, why are you holding my hand?”

Ah Dai blushed, “No, it wasn’t me who grabbed your hand, it’s you who didn’t let go of my hand!” Xuan Yue quickly released her grip, and retorted, “You’re spouting nonsense, who said I didn’t let go of your hand, stinky Ah Dai, are you trying to take advantage of me when I wasn’t noticing?”

Yue Ji flipped her fiery red hair to her back, and her expression was cold as she said with disdain, “It’s so dangerous now, yet you still have the mood to joke around, what taking advantage and stuff. Ever since you cast that magic yesterday, both of you have been holding hands, and won’t let go no matter how we tried. Just take it as both of you took advantage of each other.”

Xuan Yue stuck out her tongue towards Yue Ji, and shot a glance at Ah Dai, saying, “It must be because you transferred your magic force to me, resulting in this. I’m sorry Ah Dai.”

Stretching his right hand that was a little numb, Ah Dai replied, “I, I don’t know, maybe so. Miss, back at the Magicians’ Guild, you father gave me a magic scroll, he told me to use the scroll to contact him if we are in danger. Should we use the scroll now? Big brother Yue Hen said that it is likely that the Puyan Tribe will think that we are the culprits!”

Xuan Yue widened her eyes and exclaimed, “You dare! I’ve finally got my father off my back, and if you call him over now, I’ll be taken back again. You mustn’t use it, okay? Even if there’s danger, I’m not afraid. Eh! What did you call me just now? Before I used the Calming Mantra, what did you promise me?”

Only then did Ah Dai realise that he had promised to call her Yue Yue, as he stammered, “O-Okay, Yue, Yue Yue.”

Yue Ji let out a peal of laughter, and mocked, “So affectionate, calling her Yue Yue, doesn’t that make you Dai Dai then.”

Xuan Yue gave Yue Ji a glare, but then said in satisfaction,” This is much better. Ah Dai, how do you think Yan Shi’s wife died! He’s really pitiful, he seemed to love his wife so deeply, if not he wouldn’t be so devastated that he fully entered the berserk state. I wonder who was so ruthless to kill his wife.” “Furthermore, she was raped then killed, that person must be a perverted monster. If I find out who it was, I’ll surely take a sword and chop off that part,” Yue Ji added on.

Xuan Yue asked with curiosity, “Chop off what part?”

Hearing Xuan Yue’s innocent question, Yue Ji’s face started to turn red, and she said abruptly, “Go and ask Ah Dai, I won’t tell you.”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows, “Little sister, you’re getting out of hand, is that what a girl like you should say? Miss Xuan Yue, don’t listen to her nonsense.”

Xuan Yue stared curiously at Yue Ji who was blushing a bright red, and muttered, “What part exactly?”

Yue Hen glanced at Ah Dai in embarrassment, and changed the topic. “I heard from the Puyan tribesmen that it takes two days to travel from Yan Shi’s clan to his father’s clan. We’ve already traveled for a day or so, I estimate that we will reach before today night. The incident this time is too great, the Puyan Tribe is afterall a great tribe, and now that the wife of the leader’s son has been raped and murdered so suddenly, there will be a large commotion. I wonder how their tribe leader is going to handle this, according to the clansmen who were nearby at the time, they did not see any suspicious activity and the neighbors did not hear anything unusual from Yan Shi’s house. The culprit seemed to be a sadistic murderer, Yan Shi’s wife’s legs and arms were completely broken, she must have suffered immensely, and after the murderer raped her, he thrust a sharp object below, causing her to die. The method of killing is way too brutal, he must be a ruthless killer.”

At this time, Miao Fei was also woken up by their chattering, and he chimed in as well, “Boss Yue, do you think it was someone from the Assassins’ Guild? Only they are able to sneak into Yan Shi’s house without anyone noticing.”

Once he heard the words ‘Assassins’ Guild’, Ah Dai jolted, he recalled those killers who caused Owen’s death, and uncontrollably, he started clenching his fists.

Yue Hen shook his head, “It doesn’t seem like it, it shouldn’t be the work of the Assassins’ Guild. Although their methods are very ruthless and they kill without questioning, they do not have the tendency to rape before murdering someone. Normally they would quickly finish off their target, then leave. The culprit should probably be someone familiar to Yan Shi, and in my opinion, I guess it’s someone from their clan. Perhaps someone who has deep enmity with Yan Shi.”

Ah Dai gradually calmed down as he listened to Yue Hen’s words. “But, big brother Yan Shi has said before, his Puyan tribesmen are all very good-natured!”

Yue Ji let out a hmpf, “People are unpredictable, even in a pot of sweet porridge, there may be sand mixed in. Who knows? Don’t forget, Yan Shi’s house is in the middle of the village. In the day, there’s people all around, for outsiders, even if they were to fly, they would be easily found out by the clansmen. Therefore, only his own clansmen will be able to sneak into his house without raising alarm.“

Miao Fei lowered his head and mumbled, “I hope that the Puyan Tribe leader will be wise and find the real culprit, and not treat us as scapegoats. Boss Yue, I’ll go take over Wan Li, and let him get some rest.”

Yue Hen nodded, and Miao Fei jumped out agilely. The horse carriage stopped for a moment, then continued on after Wan Li got into the carriage.

Once Wan Li got on, he immediately spoke, “I heard one of the Puyan tribesman say that Yan Shi seems to have woken up. However, he did not cry or shout, and just kept quiet, as though he has lost his mind.”

Yue Hen sighed, “Being depressed is better than shutting off his emotions permanently, the death of his wife was really too great of a shock to him.”

Ah Dai turned to Yue Hen, “I want to go see big brother Yan Shi, and see if I can console him and make him come to his senses.” Stunned, Yue Hen replied, “There’s no use even if you go, it’s better that you stay here, in case you arouse other people’s suspicions.”

“No, I want to go and see him. I know the pain of watching someone you love dearly die, it’s really too unbearable.” As Ah Dai finished speaking, he ignored Yue Hen’s objection, and jumped off the carriage. Unexpectedly, Xuan Yue, who always liked to order Ah Dai around, seemed to not take any action, as she closed her eyes and started meditating.

Ah Dai jumped off the carriage, and discovered that there were Puyan warriors with large sabres all around. They were all wearing light armor, and surrounded the horse carriage. Behind the carriage, there was another horse carriage that was even more spacious. There was about a dozen elite Puyan warriors surrounding it, and even under the bright sunlight, there was a hint of gloom on their faces. Yan Shi is most likely to be in that carriage.

The horse carriage was now close to Ah Dai, and he quickly turned to speak to the warrior at the front, “Greetings brother, I’ve heard that big brother Yan Shi has awoken, and I wish to see him, is that okay?”

The warrior furrowed his brows and replied, “Brother Yan Shi had only just woken up, it’s better to not disturb him. Mister magician, you should go back to your carriage, when we arrive, the tribe leader will naturally determine right and wrong.”

Before Ah Dai could respond, a horse suddenly came galloping forward, and seated on top of the horse, was that brawny middle-aged man who was in front of Yan Shi’s house. He had changed into a set of black colored armor, and was carrying a sabre. He turned to the warrior in front of the carriage and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The warrior bowed respectfully and answered, “Big brother Yan Ju, this magician says that he wanted to see brother Yan Shi.”
 [TN: Yan Shi & Yan Ju share the same Yan, Giant巨 rock岩] literal translation is Yan Ju glanced at Ah Dai, and smiled, “I must really thank you and that miss magician, it’s due to your magic that Yan Shi was able to live. Hais
——, the blow that Yan Shi faced this time is really too severe, I want to help him as well, but his condition now is… … Never mind, since you want to see him, go then, but don’t speak too long, he needs to rest.”

Ah Dai was delighted, “Thank you, brother Yan Ju.” As he finished speaking, he rushed off towards the carriage and hopped on.

Looking at Ah Dai getting on the carriage, there was a hint of an abnormal expression in Yan Ju’s eyes as he turned his horse around and went back to his position in the squad.

When Ah Dai entered the horse carriage, he only saw Yan Shi lying near the side of the carriage, with his body binded to a sturdy wooden plank. He was staring dumbly at the black colored coffin beside him, and there was no emotions in his eyes. His face was pale, seeming that he had yet to recover from the backlash of his berserk state.

Ah Dai spoke in a soft voice, “Big brother Yan Shi, are you feeling better?”

Yan Shi did not reply, and continued staring dumbly at the coffin beside him, as though he had not heard Ah Dai’s words.

Ah Dai sat next to Yan Shi, and spoke in a low voice, “Big brother Yan Shi, I know that you’re very upset over sister’s death, but, you must come to your senses! The culprit has not been caught, if you continue to remain like this, sister will not be able to rest in peace.” Looking at the state Yan Shi was in, Ah Dai felt immense worry and sadness.

Yan Shi did not respond, and remained in his earlier posture.

Holding Yan Shi’s icy large hands, Ah Dai spoke up again, “Big brother Yan Shi, I’m bad with words, but I know sister’s death must have been a great shock for you. Not too long ago, my uncle who took great care of me died, and I was distraught and depressed, just like you, my uncle was murdered by people. However, right now I am too weak, I am unable to avenge him. I was all alone since young, and it was Teacher who took me in, he taught me magic and alchemy. But not too long after, I met uncle, he was inflicted with a deadly poison, and he forced me to leave Teacher, and we arrived at the Commonwealth. He started teaching me martial arts, and initially, I missed Teacher dearly, viewing uncle with hostility. However, after a long period of living with him, I came to realise that uncle has always treated me well, and I knew that, he was a good person. But just as I have come to form a deep relationship with uncle, his enemies discovered him. Because of them, uncle overused his dou qi, causing the deadly poison to flare up and result in his death. I really, really miss uncle, if only he was still alive!” As he spoke, images of Owen flashed across Ah Dai’s mind, and he could not help but tear up. A tear landed on Yan Shi’s large hands, and Yan Shi seemed to move a little.

After a long while, Ah Dai’s emotions finally calmed down a little, and he continued, “Big brother Yan Shi, please come to your senses. You still need to avenge sister’s death! If you continue to be like this, the killer will only take delight in your actions. Just now I heard brother Yue Hen’s analysis, he said that the most likely culprit, should be someone from your clan!”

Hearing Ah Dai’s words, a light flashed across Yan Shi’s eyes. He shook his head non-stop while muttering, ”No, no, it’s impossible. Our clansmen are all so kind-hearted, how can they kill Yun’ Er?”

Ah Dai repeated Yue Ji’s words, “Even in a pot of sweet porridge, there may be sand mixed in, it’s very difficult to say for sure! In broad daylight, only your clansmen are able to enter your house. Big brother Yan Shi, think carefully, do you have enemies in your clan?”

Yan Shi shook his head, “My relationships with my tribesmen have always been good, how can there be any enemies? Yun’ Er, Yun’ Er, why did you just go like this, leaving me behind, how am I going to continue living? Brother, do you know how important Yun’ Er is to me? We grew up together since young, and she was two years younger than me. Yun’ Er was not of any prominent background, and her parents had died when she was young, it was my father who took her in out of kindness. She used to be my maidservant and when I was a teenager, she had started taking care of me daily. She was so kind, so beautiful, and she showed meticulous care and concern for me. When I was angry, she would comfort me; when I was suffering, she would accompany me; when I was sick, she would take care of me; when I was feeling down, she would be concerned about me. She, she will forever remain my angel. In my heart, even the position of the tribe leader was not as important as her. When I was 18, we fell in love. At first, she was unwilling to accept me. I knew that she loved me, after all of the time we spent together, I knew that she clearly had feelings for me. The reason why she was unwilling to accept, was because she felt that, with her status, she was unworthy of me. However, what has status got to do with love? The only one I love, is her, her kind-hearted nature! Under my constant pleading, she finally accepted me. Brother, I don’t mind you laughing at me, but in order to obtain her love, I once even kneeled before her and pleaded! Perhaps my persistence moved her, and she finally opened her heart to me, and we were finally together.”

Chapter25 Puyan hostility

Pausing for a while, Yan Shi seemed totally immersed in his memories, and there was a trace of gentleness within his eyes. After some time, he finally continued, “This incident will be quickly known by father. I’m his only son and the successor of the Puyan Tribe leader. Father originally wanted me to marry the daughter of a large clan leader, and when he knew that I was in love with Yun’ Er, he was strongly against it initially. However, how could I be so easily discouraged? When father made me choose between the position of the tribe leader and Yun’ Er, I picked Yun’Er without hesitation. At last, my father had no choice but to agree to our marriage. The struggles and obstacles in those few years, I can still remember them clearly. We’ve only been married for two years, but these two years, I lived as though I was in a dream, I was so happy, really so blessed. Every time I left the house, I will always think of the gentle Yun’ Er, who was waiting for me at home, with my favorite dishes prepared. Once I think of her, I will be filled with love and yearning. Yesterday, when your cleave was about to land on me, there was only one thought in my mind, and that was, I won’t be able to see my beloved Yun’ Er again. And afterwards, when you got injured in order to not harm me, I was immensely grateful towards you, because, as long as I was alive, I would be able to return home to Yun’ Er. However, however, she… she just departed in such a way, the light in my life, just suddenly disappeared… Brother, how, how am I supposed to accept this fact!” As he spoke, Yan Shi suddenly burst into tears, the tears streamed down, staining his clothes.

Hearing the story of Yan Shi and Yun’ Er, Ah Dai was greatly moved.
Yan Shi’s unwavering love for Yun’ Er had tugged at his heartstrings. After a long while, Yan Shi finally calmed down a little as he choked out, “My Yun’ Er was so kind, she had never offended anyone, and she would definitely not have any enemies. She treated everyone kindly, and she would even nurse injured stray animals. But, but, just like that, she’s gone now, with such unwillingness and suffering. Who was it, who was it that was so ruthless! To not even spare such a kind and caring maiden like Yun’ Er! I’m really regretful, if only I had not gone out to patrol today, but stayed by her side instead, perhaps she wouldn’t have died…”

Ah Dai patted Yan Shi’s shoulder, and asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, have any strangers came to your clan recently?”

Yan Shi shook his head and replied with certainty, “No, definitely not, our Puyan Tribe rarely interacts with outsiders, and it’s even rarer for us to bring outsiders to our own clans. If not for you sparing my life yesterday, and your relationship with the TianGang Sword School, I would definitely not have brought you back to the clan. Brother, I really don’t want to live anymore, I want to die, to die and find Yun’ Er, perhaps, I might be able to reunite with her there. The only thing that’s holding me back now is that I need to avenge Yun’ Er. I must shred that heartless fiend into pieces!” A frosty killing aura emanated from Yan Shi as he finished his last sentence, causing Ah Dai to feel shivers run down his back.

Yan Shi’s gaze gradually hardened as he said in a low voice, “Brother Ah Dai, thank you for bringing me back to my senses. I must avenge Yun’ Er’s death, and you’re right, that fiend might be someone from my tribe, and even more likely, someone from our troops. Yun’ Er has been with me for so long and she knows some martial arts. To kill her without even allowing her to make some noise, that fiend must possess dec

A little confused, Ah Dai simply nodded and consoled, “Big brother Yan Shi, don’t be too depressed, the culprit will surely get his just deserts.”

Yan Shi closed his eyes, letting his last two tears fall, and replied in a cold voice “From now onwards, I will not longer be sad, there shall only be hatred within my heart. Brother Ah Dai, you can go now, wipe your tears away and don’t let anyone find out.”

“Take care, brother Yan Shi.” Wiping away his tears, Ah Dai was just about to get off the carriage.

“Wait a minute.”

Confused, Ah Dai turned around and asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, what’s wrong?”

Yan Shi glanced at Ah Dai for a while, “Brother, you are really kind, thank you very much. From today onwards, you are one of my best brothers.”

Ah Dai grabbed Yan Shi’s hand, “Big brother, I was an orphan and don’t have any siblings, I am really lucky to have a big brother like you!”

Returning to the carriage, Ah Dai sat beside Xuan Yue once more.

“How’s Yan Shi?” Yue Hen asked.

Ah Dai shook his head, “His condition isn’t very good, he had become unresponsive after his wife’s death. He did not speak any words and only stared at his wife’s coffin.” Ah Dai thought to himself, This is my first time lying, big brother Yan Shi, I really hope that you’ll be able to find the culprit soon.

Yue Ji sighed, “He is indeed pitiful, losing his wife at such a young age.”

Xuan Yue suddenly opened her eyes and glanced at Ah Dai, but remained silent.

After a day of travelling, with almost 500 Puyan warriors escorting them, they arrived at the largest clan in the southwest of the Puyan Tribe’s territory —— the Yan Clan. Most of the people here have Yan as their surnames. Yan Shi’s father was the leader of this clan, as well as the leader of the Puyan Tribe. The 500 Puyan warriors stopped at a small hill in front of the Yan Clan. Perhaps they had already received news beforehand, but when Ah Dai got off the horse carriage, there was almost thousands of Puyan warriors who rushed forward. They were all part of the light cavalry, and they wore leather armors, and wielded spears. Their spearheads were pointed to the ground and they glinted when the rays of sunlight reflected off of them. There was a chill in the air as they emitted hostile auras. The Yan Clan was much larger than the clan Yan Shi lived in. From afar, it looked as large as a big city, with all sorts of different sized and shaped stone houses scattered around. In the middle of the clan, there were also some tall imposing stone buildings, and the whole territory was so vast that even when standing on the small hill. It was difficult to see the its whole entirety.

The thousands of warriors formed a line and stood in the path before Ah Dai’s group. Yan Ju ordered all of his warriors to stop, then jumping off of his own horse, shouting loudly, “I am Yan Ju, whose troops are these?”

“Oh it’s brother Yan Shi! I heard something happened? The tribe leader ordered me to await your arrival.” Accompanying the deep voice, a horse galloped out of the troops. He was very skilled at riding, and his tall black-colored fine steed was like a flash of black lightning, dashing straight towards them. Yan Ju was not startled by his speed and simply revealed a small grin.

The rider of the black horse seemed to have become one with the horse, as his body was leaning forward, swaying slightly with his galloping horse. In just a short instant, they had already arrived before Yan Ju and just as the black horse was about 5 metres away from Yan Ju, its rider suddenly let out a huge shout and forcefully jerked the reins. The black horse let out a long whinny, stopping to the side, under the control of its rider.

Yan Ju let out a laugh, “Brother Yan Li, your riding skills have gotten even better!”
[TN: Same Yan (岩) as Yan Ju and Yan Shi, a pretty common surname of their tribe, but doesn’t mean they’re related, “brother” is used with the meaning of “bro” as mentioned earlier.] The warrior, named Yan Li, was not very tall but he was extremely built, with veiny, muscled arms, and an intense look to him, seeming to be around 20 years old. One glance at him and one could tell that he was a warrior that specialised in strength. The black horse that he was riding was even more handsome with his sleek dark hairs glistening under the sunlight. After the sprint and the sudden stop just now, it was now panting slightly, but other than that, it seemed fine. “Big brother Yan Ju, what has happened? Where’s big brother Yan Shi? I heard from the messengers that you sent, that big sister Yun’ Er… …”

Yan Ju replied, with a solemn voice “Little Yun was really too pitiful, let’s not talk about it now, Yan Shi and Little Yun’s corpse are on the carriage behind. Let’s enter the clan first, everything will have to be decided by the tribe leader.”

Anger surged forth within Yan Li, as he let out a loud grunt “I wonder which bastard did this, if I ever find out, I’ll surely rip him apart! Let’s go, big brother Yan Ju, quickly bring me to see Yan Shi. He had such deep feelings for sister Yun’ Er, he must be suffering now.”

Yan Ju sighed, “Yan Shi had suffered quite a huge shock, he seemed to have lost his will after Little Yun died. Throughout the whole journey, he hasn’t spoken a single word and refused to eat. He seems so much thinner, and seems to be in a daze. Come, I’ll show you.” As he spoke, he turned around, and let Yan Li to the horse carriage. Yan Shi’s carriage was all the way at the back, and Yan Ju and Yan Li had to pass by Ah Dai’s group. As Yan Li saw them, he could not help but to furrow his brows and asked, “Big brother Yan Ju, who are they? Why are they amongst your troops?”

“They are the outsiders that Yan Shi brought back on the day the incident happened, they seem to be his guests. Just as they arrived at the clan, Little Yun had died. I was afraid that they may be possible suspects, so I brought them along, for the tribe leader to judge.”

The cold glint within his eyes intensified as he jumped off from the horse and took big strides towards Ah Dai’s group. When he got closer, Ah Dai was able to see the pair of battle axes on his back, the handle was very short, only around a foot long, but the blade areas were very large. The pair of battle axes seemed to have almost spanned the whole of Yan Li’s broad shoulders.

[TN: omg, imagine olaf from league of legends xD]

Yan Li barked at them roughly, “Who are you people? Did y’all harm sister Yun’ Er?”

Yue Hen furrowed his brows, the scenario that he was worrying about still happened, the Puyan Tribe’s hostility towards outsiders caused misunderstandings to arise! He quickly explained, “We are mercenaries, planning to accomplish a mission near the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. When we passed by your esteemed territory, we met brother Yan Shi and even sparred with him. Later on, we became friends and brother Yan Shi invited us to his clan, but who knew that something like this would have happened. We definitely do not have any enmity towards your tribe, furthermore, we were always together with Yan Shi, how could we have killed his wife?”

At this moment, Yan Ju got off his horse as well. “Don’t make it seem as though you’re totally innocent, when y’all arrived, Little Yun was already dead for a few hours, and as for whether y’all are really the culprits, it is up to the tribe leader to judge. Although I believe you, as the vice-leader of Yan Shi’s clan, I mustn’t let off any suspects. I am really sorry to have made y’all come here and feel wronged, but I believe the truth will come to light, and the tribe leader will definitely get to the bottom of this.”

Cold light flashed in Yan Li’s eyes, as his pair of battle axes suddenly appeared in his hands. With a loud howl, he hacked towards Yue Hen, two flashes of black light instantly appearing near him. This sudden change caused Yue Hen to be in shock and he had no time to draw his sword, only relying on his nimble body techniques to retreat to the side. Yan Li paid to heed to rationality, and let out another howl of rage, hacking at Yue Hen with his battle axes in a flurry. Those heavy battle axes seemed almost weightless in Yan Li’s hands, and the flashes of black increased in its momentum. “Clang——” A loud clash sounded, resonating deeply within the people’s ears. Ah Dai, who was wielding his TianGang Sword, had to take 3 steps back before he was able to steady himself. Yan Li’s strength was shocking, seeming to be even greater than Yan Shi’s. It turned out that Ah Dai saw that Yue Hen was in danger and immediately sent out a strike to resolve the danger.

After the strike from Ah Dai, Yan Li’s battle axes were sent into the air from the rebound and his body shook, taking a step back as well.

Ah Dai took a deep breath, trying to suppress his boiling fury as he raged, “Why are you so unreasonable! Attacking brother Yue Hen the moment you saw him, we didn’t do any wrongs against you!”

Yan Li roared back, “Bullshit, it must be outsiders like you who harmed sister Yun’ Er! Apart from you, who else will do this sort of stuff. Let me kill y’all today, to avenge sister Yun’ Er!” As he spoke, he swung his battle axes, preparing to rush up again.

Yan Ju quickly grabbed Yan Li from behind and shouted angrily, “ Yan Li, what are you doing! Before we get to the bottom of this matter, you are not to touch them!”

Yan Li struggled with all his might and Yan Ju was almost unable to contain him. “Big brother Yan Ju, let go of me! Apart from them, who else would be so heartless to kill sister Yun’ Er, she was so kind-hearted. You bunch of bastards, why did you kill her! I will kill you to avenge her!” Yan Li’s words caused the other Puyan warriors to glare at Ah Dai’s group as well, seemingly to have thought the same. The warriors jumped down from their horses and drew out their sabres, clustering up together. From the immense killing intents in their eyes, they seemed as though they wanted to tear at their throats. Wan Li, Miao Fei, and Yue Ji could not help but to draw their weapons as well.

Xuan Yue went over to Ah Dai’s side, while giving Yan Li a cold glare and said, “Are all your Puyan tribesmen such a bunch of simple-minded fools? Does killing us really help you to avenge her? What proof do you have to claim that we are the culprits, are all of you really so dumb?” As she spoke, a dense white glow surrounded her, and a holy aura enveloped the six of them.

The holy aura from Xuan Yue gave off a calming feeling and the sense of panic instantly lessened.

Yan Li was stunned, and no longer seemed to have the violent rage from earlier. He furrowed his brows as he stated, “So there’s a magician as well.”

Ah Dai was scared that Yan Li would attack once more and he quickly stepped beside Xuan Yue, with his eyes fixated on Yan Li, preparing to strike out at once if necessary. Under the constant circulation of his boundless true qi, a faint dou qi glow shone from the blade of his TianGang Sword.

Xuan Yue lightly waved the magic wand in her hand, as she glared at Yan Li. Waves of white light constantly spread out from her magic wand as she was prepared to make her move any moment. Her other hand was placed on the Phoenix’s Blood near her chest, and she made up her mind to use her strongest attack if she had to. As she was pampered from young, she naturally flew into a rage when facing this sort of situation.

Yue Hen had already recovered from his earlier fright but he did not draw the longsword behind his back, only telling Yan Li, “Brother Yan Shi’s wife had just perished, aren’t you going to see him? We are unable to run, and if you really find out that we are the real culprits, you can easily kill us any moment. The strongest of your troops are all gathered here, are you still afraid of us running? If you kill us without any proof or reason, we will definitely not stand here and remain passive.”

Yan Ju grabbed hold of Yan Li’s muscular arm, and raged, “Yan Li, are you not listening to your elder brother’s words? Come, let’s go and take a look at brother Yan Shi, then return back to the tribe and wait for the leader’s decision.”

Yan Li let out an angry hmpf as he raised his left arm and pointed the axe threateningly at Yue Hen, “Just you wait, if it was really you who killed sister Yun’ Er, I’ll use this axe of mine to kill all of you!” As he finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the horse carriage at the back. Without their leader in charge, the other Puyan warriors also retreated after Yan Ju’s scolding.

Yan Ju sighed and shook his head. “All of you, please don’t take this to heart. This brother of mine, Yan Li, always had a fiery temper since young, I’ll apologize to you on his behalf.”

“What’s the use of apologizing, it’s better if you quickly investigate the truth and let us go. We have important stuff to do, and no time to waste with you here,” Miao Fei grunted.

Yan Ju nodded his head slightly and did not speak anymore, chasing after Yan Li.

When Yan Li got off the carriage that Yan Shi was in, his face was livid and a strong killing aura emanated from him. Glaring at Ah Dai’s group, he mounted his black horse and ordered the 500 people who came from Yan Shi’s clan to proceed to the Yan Clan. Yan Ju was fearful that Yan Li would cause trouble again and he stuck by Yue Hen for the whole journey, with a solemn expression on his face.

After entering the clan, Yan Ju send Ah Dai’s group into a small stone house and locked the door from outside. He ordered some warriors to stand guard, while he and Yan Li rushed off to see the tribe leader.

Miao Fei sat on a chair and expressed his frustrations, “What is this! Why are we so unlucky, to actually chance upon such a situation! Big brother Yue Hen, what if they insist that we killed Yan Shi’s wife, does that mean that we’re surely going to die?”

Yue Hen gave him a glare and chided, “Miao Fei, calm down, now that things have progressed to this extent, we can only wait. This is the largest clan of the Puyan Tribe and there are at least ten thousands of people, are you going to kill them all? We are all within their territory and we have no way to resist at all. Furthermore, we haven’t done anything wrong, what’s there to be afraid of? Let’s just wait, I don’t believe that Yan Shi’s father, as the Puyan Tribe leader, would be so blind and not see the truth.”

Yue Ji retorted, “So what if he can see the truth? The killer was so crafty, not leaving behind any trace of evidence, how are they going to investigate? Don’t tell me that we will be stuck here forever if they are unable to find the culprit? The killer must have schemed for a long time, and it would be difficult to find him! That short man, called Yan Li or something, was so evil, attacking big brother without any warning, I really want to shoot an arrow through his head.”

“He’s just a boorish fellow, why argue with him?” Yue Hen sighed.

Xuan Yue sat on the bed, while twirling her magic wand, “Anyway I have the time, it’s not like we’re lacking food or accommodation here, let’s just wait.” As she finished speaking, she darted a glance at Ah Dai, “Come over, and sit by my side.”

Ever since Xuan Yue used her Calming Light to save Yan Shi, even with the danger of exhausting all her magic force, Ah Dai’s opinion of her had become much better. Listening to her call, he sat over and whispered, “Yue Yue, are you really not afraid at all? If things really go wrong, let’s just use the scroll to call your father over, perhaps he will be able to save us?”

Xuan Yue shook her head as she leaned over and said softly, “If my father comes, how will I be able to play? Oh right, what did Yan Shi say to you today?”

Ah Dai replied honestly, “Big brother Yan Shi said… Ah, he’s still in a daze, he didn’t say anything at all!” As the stone bed was at the other side of the room, and the two of them were speaking in hushed tones, Yue Hen and the rest of them did not hear anything, and were still discussing methods to get out of their current predicament.

Xuan Yue pouted, “Are you still trying to lie to me? If he had not said anything, why are your sleeves wet, I think it’s because you cried, right?” Ah Dai had not expected that Xuan Yue would be so observant, thus he revealed a look of embarrassment as he whispered into Xuan Yue’s ears, “Big brother Yan Shi had come to his senses, but because he said that he wanted to find the culprit, he did not let me tell anyone that he had awoken. You mustn’t reveal this!”

Xuan Yue felt Ah Dai’s warm breath on her ears, and could not help shrink away, while giggling, “Why are you so close to me!”

Yue Ji looked towards the duo, and scoffed, “Look at the situation that we’re in now, and you still have to mood to fool around? I say, Miss Xuan Yue, aren’t you an advanced magician, can’t you cast some teleportation magic and bring us out of here?” Her words instantly caused Wan Li’s and Miao Fei’s eyes to brighten up. To them, it was simply too dangerous here, and their lives might be in danger any moment.

With her back facing Ah Dai, Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and leaned against his shoulders. “Don’t spout nonsense without knowing anything, do you think teleportation magic is so easy to use? That is the speciality of a spatial attribute magician and it’s very difficult to execute, even for spatial attribute magicians. Without the level of a grand magician, it is extremely difficult to teleport people. What I learned is light attribute magic. Furthermore, if we left, doesn’t that just prove that we are guilty and we would become scapegoats for the real culprit. Do you really wish to be hunted down by the Puyan Tribe on the continent? If you want to run, you can do it, I won’t leave without getting to the bottom of this.”

Yue Hen coughed “What Miss Xuan Yue said was right, we mustn’t leave now. I estimate that their tribe leader will see us soon. Let’s meet him first before deciding anything. Now that things have come to this, we can only wait.”

Just at this moment, the door of the stone house opened, and Yan Ju and Yan Li walked in. Yan Ju was expressionless, while Yan Li had a face full of fury as he ordered loudly, “Come, follow me to see the tribe leader.”

“3-inched nail, can’t you be more polite, we aren’t your prisoners!”
Yue Ji mocked. [TN: 三⼨钉⼉ literal translation is 3-inched nail? Which is a jab towards his short height, but please feel free to suggest any better
translations :D]

Yan Li instantly raged, “Who are you calling!” A black light flashed, and the pair of battle axes were back in his hands. Yan Ju immediately grabbed hold of him, and said to Yue Ji, “I’m sorry fellows, this brother of mine has a bad temper. The tribe leader wishes to meet the six of you and ask you about yesterday’s incident.”

Yue Hen nodded, shooting a glance towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue.
“Okay, let’s go then.” As he spoke, he stood up and was about to step out.

Yan Ju suddenly extended his arm and stopped him, “Please leave behind your weapons in this room before you go.”

Miao Fei was furious, “What? You still want us to leave our weapons behind? No way! What if you come to blows with us?”

Yan Li let out a cold laugh, “Just the few of you? If we really fight, you will surely lose, even with your weapons!”

Miao Fei really hated people who looked down on him and he could not contain his rage. “What are you saying? Do you think you’re that strong? Why not let us have a look?” He specialised in using skills and techniques and did not place any regard of Yan Li, who was just all brawn in his eyes.

Yue Hen held back Miao Fei, glancing at Yan Li for a short while before finally placing his longsword aside. “Everyone, just leave behind your weapons.”

Yue Ji and Wan Li didn’t say anything, complying with Yue Hen’s words and placed their weapons on the table. Under Yue Hen’s stare, Miao Fei also put down his soft sword with immense reluctance.

Suddenly, a flash of red light appeared in the room and everyone looked in the direction of the light, only to see Xuan Yue extending her arms and exclaiming, “I’ve no weapons on me.” It turned out that, when Yue Hen had put down his weapon, she made use of the Phoenix’s Blood, to store both her magic wand and Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword. But what she did not know was that, there was still another weapon near Ah Dai’s chest, the extremely evil Hell’s Sword.

Yan Li let out a hmpf, “Whether you have weapons or not, you are most aware of that yourselves. When we reach the tribe leader’s place, as long as you have weapons on you, you will definitely be unable to enter. Don’t blame us if you’re seeking death.” As he finished speaking, he turned and walked out.

The six of them followed Yan Ju and Yan Li, along with a group of Puyan warriors surrounding them and walked to the centre of the Yan Clan. It took a full half an hour before Yan Ju finally led them to a towering stone structure. This structure was at the very centre of the clan and was made of rocks stacked atop one another. It appeared to be triangular shaped and was around 30 metres tall, spanning almost an area of a few thousand square metres, it can be said to be the largest building within the whole clan. The 3 metre-tall door was guarded by over twenty warriors who seemed different from the light cavalry earlier. They were wearing heavy black armor, which encased them totally and they were even wearing helmets that covered their whole face, causing one to be unable to see their faces. Every one of the heavily armored warriors were wielding an enormous battle axe in their hands, standing guard majestically. Just one look at them and one could tell that they possessed immense power. If not for the gaps between the armor revealing some skin-colored parts, one might even think that those unmoving warriors were like statues.

Yan Ju and Yan Shi stopped before the twenty heavily armored warriors, and the arrogant and irritable Yan Li actually stopped to bow respectfully towards the warriors. He pointed towards Ah Dai’s group behind him and said, “Greetings, Holy Tilu Warriors, the tribe leader has ordered me to bring this group of outsiders to see him, please let them pass.”

The twenty warriors moved to the side at the same time, forming a pathway. Throughout this, none of them spoke, and from their orderly actions, it could be seen that they had gone through intense training. Yan Ju walked over to Yan Li’s side, and also bowed respectfully towards the twenty warriors. After that, he turned and nodded towards Ah Dai’s group, while instructing, “This is our Puyan Tribe’s most sacred Tilu Temple. Only when something major happens, will we come here to make decisions. When you step inside, you mustn’t speak inappropriately, and follow behind me and Yan Shi carefully.”

Yan Ju’s kindness towards the group had won over their respect, and Yue Hen immediately nodded, “Yes, we will.”

Yan Ju glanced solemnly towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, giving a last warning, “If you have any weapons on you, it’s better to take them out now. If not, once you’re found out by the device before the temple, the Tilu warriors will immediately attack. At that time, no one will be able to save you.”

Xuan Yue did not believe that anything was able to detect the items within her Phoenix’s Blood, and merely waved her hand. “I have nothing on me, why are you looking at me.”

Ah Dai’s heart was beating rapidly, the Hell’s Sword near his chest could not be taken out any at cost. However, looking at Yan Ju’s seriousness, it seemed that the Tilu warriors were extremely powerful. Hesitating for a moment, Ah Dai still decided to keep mum. He did not want to harm the people here with the evil energy from the Hell’s Sword.

Yan Ju let out a sigh, “If it’s like this, then let’s go.” As he finished speaking, he brought them into the temple.

Before passing through the door of the temple, Yan Li threw the two battle axes behind his back aside, then stepping into the temple. Yan Ju followed after, then Yue Hen, Miao Fei, Wan Li, Yue Ji and Xuan Yue. True to Xuan Yue’s expectations, under the power of godly artifact, the Phoenix Blood, the weapons were not discovered at all.

Chapter26 Tiru Temple

It was at last Ah Dai’s turn, and he walked up uneasily. Suddenly, an abnormally strong pressure was exerted on him, as if wanting to crush him, and he had difficulty breathing. The 12 Tilu warriors nearby moved a little. Just as Ah Dai thought that the Hell’s Sword was discovered, it suddenly emitted a surge of energy fluctuations, a gust of extremely cold energy instantly covered his whole body, causing the pressure on him to disappear. A rock at the top of the temple door suddenly gave off a puff of green smoke, and let out a small ‘bang’. Ah Dai got a huge fright, thinking that the temple had discovered the weapon on his body, and quickly touched his chest. Although he had only practised the Hell’s Sword Technique – Hell’s Flash once, he believed that he had the ability to execute it.

The surrounding Tilu warriors did not move anymore, and they stood in their original positions, with both hands wielding their battle axes. Ah Dai quickly walked into the temple, while letting out a sigh of relief. His clothes were damp from his cold sweat, and he shuddered while thinking back, Why did I want to use the Hell’s Sword just now? If the Hell’s Sword was to be unsheathed, and if the evil qi was released, the twelve Tilu warriors nearby would surely perish. Perhaps, it was the suffocating pressure that caused that thought to cross his mind. Relaxing his hand, Ah Dai inhaled a deep breath and calmed his emotions, then chasing after Xuan Yue.

A long narrow passageway greeted them as they stepped into the temple. On the sides of the passageway, there would be a torch every ten metres or so, the light from the torch was not very bright, and the passageway was still quite dim. Everyone was on their guards, as they glanced around while they walked. They felt as though someone was observing their actions, and the temple seemed to contain some sort of special energy.

Xuan Yue glanced back at Ah Dai who had just caught up, and quietly asked, “Why are you so slow?”

Ah Dai shook his head and muttered, “It’s nothing, let’s go. Yue Yue, this place is so mysterious!”

While touching the Phoenix’s Blood that felt a little warm, Xuan Yue nodded and replied in a low voice, “There seems to be some sort of powerful special energy within this temple.”

Yan Li seemed to have overheard Ah Dai and Xuan Yue’s chatter, and turned around to glare at them. Ah Dai quickly shut up and stopped talking.

Yan Ju and Yan Li brought them through some twists and turns, and the path gradually became wider and brighter. After walking forward ten more metres, their surroundings suddenly changed, it was a spacious area, and there were no torches around. Yan Ju and Yan Li stopped in their tracks. Yan Li said respectfully, “Tribe leader, we have brought them.”

Suddenly, there was a ‘whoosh!’ and the area lit up, over a dozen large torches had ignited simultaneously. It turned out that, they were in a large hall that was at least a hundred square metres. At the two sides of the hall, there were more than a hundred Tilu warriors, just like the ones outside, and they were all holding enormous battle axes. At the front of the hall, there was a platform that was about 40 metres tall. There were two people standing on the platform, the first was a tall Puyan tribesman, who seemed to be around 60 years old. He wore a grey colored long robe that seemed to conceal his tall figure, and his long brown hair was loose behind his back, his piercing gaze caused Ah Dai to feel very uncomfortable. Beside him, there was a guy who was fully covered under a black cloak, and his facial features were unable to be seen.

The grey-robed old man waved his hand, and immediately, Yan Ju and Yan Li retreated to the side, with their heads bowed in respect. “Greetings, outsiders. I welcome you to our Puyan Tribe’s Tilu Temple. I am the tribe leader, Yan Fei, and this is our tribe’s prophet, Pu Lin. What happened to my son, Yan Shi, is not something that anyone wished to happen, and he is still currently in shock. I apologize for Yan Li’s earlier actions, he was too rash and almost harmed you. Now, can you please tell me your account of what happened after meeting my son, do not leave out any details.” Yan Fei had a solemn expression on his face.

Hearing Yan Fei’s polite tone, Yue Hen let out a sigh of relief, and walked forward, “We pay our respects to the esteemed tribe leader. The six of us are mercenaries, and we were on our way to the Heaven’s Origin Tribe to complete a mercenary mission, passing by your esteemed tribe,
……” Yue Hen was very good at expressing himself, and gave a thorough description of everything that happened.

After listening to Yue Hen’s account, Yan Fei started to ponder. After a long while, he finally turned to the black-robed man beside him, “Prophet Pu Lin, what do you think of this matter?”

A deep and hoarse voice echoed throughout the hall, “Tribe leader, even though I am clairvoyant, I do not know everything. However, I’ve already inspected Yan Shi and Yun Er’s corpse, what I am sure of, is that these outsiders were not the culprits. Do you still remember what I said last time when Yan Shi was still young? A calamity would befall him when he was 26 years old, this calamity would affect him greatly. Although it would have a great impact on him, it will not be life-threatening. And when that calamity happens, it would also be the start of his new life, and he would meet a fated person in his life. This person, is someone who can bring weapons into this sacred temple. As long as this person is there, Yan Shi will be able to avert the great danger. However, if the culprits of this incident were able to kill Yan Shi before he regains his consciousness, Yan Shi would forever be confined to the depths of hell, unable to gain eternal life.”

Yan Fei was stunned, “Prophet Pu Lin, who is this fated person you are speaking of?” Prophet Pu Lin lifted the black hood off his head, revealing a head of white hair, and a face full of wrinkles. However, he had a pair of penetrating eyes, as though he was able to see everything in the world. Even the defiant Xuan Yue could not help but lower her head at his gaze. In the great hall, only Ah Dai was able to meet his gaze without being affected. Prophet Pu Lin’s gaze swept across the group of people, and said, “This person has appeared, and he is within the group of outsiders. However, Heaven’s secrets cannot be so easily disclosed, I can only request that tribe leader treat this group of outsiders kindly. From tomorrow onwards, let them stay with Yan Shi, and he will be able to break free from his sorrow. However, before that, you must make sure that Yan Shi is well- protected.”

There was a hint of delight in Yan Fei’s eyes as he exclaimed, “Thank you Prophet Pu Lin. Yan Ju, Yan Li, both of you shall command some warriors to protect Yan Shi tonight.”

Yan Li was a little puzzled as he asked, “Esteemed Prophet Pu Lin, since big brother Yan Shi’s fated person is within this group of people, why not let them meet with big brother right now? Wouldn’t that help brother Yan Shi recover faster?”

Prophet Pu Lin let out a benevolent smile as he replied, “Yan Li, you are still too rash. This is all Heaven’s plans, I cannot reveal too much, just follow the tribe leader’s orders.”

“We will follow tribe leader’s orders,” Yan Ju bowed respectfully, then pulling Yan Li away.

Yan Fei seemed to be in his thoughts as he glanced at Prophet Pu Lin, then turning to Ah Dai’s group and saying, “Okay then, Yan Li, bring our honored guests somewhere to rest first. Tomorrow morning, follow Prophet Pu Lin’s plans and let our guests reside with Yan Shi.”

Yan Li agreed, and his gaze towards Ah Dai’s group seemed to have softened when he spoke to them, “Please, follow me.” “Wait a minute.” Just as they were about to follow Yan Li and Yan Ju, Prophet Pu Lin suddenly spoke out.

The group of people abruptly stopped in their tracks and turned to look at Pu Lin. “This young lad, and this young maiden, please stay for a while, I have something to say to both of you,” Pu Lin spoke.

Even without Pu Lin having to point out, Ah Dai and Xuan Yue both knew that Pu Lin was referring to them. Xuan Yue asked, “May I know what stuff do you have to talk about, that can’t be spoken now?” In Xuan Yue’s eyes, apart from the crimson-robed priests and the Supreme Pontiff in the Holy Church, this old Prophet was the only other person who was able to cause her to feel nervous. Thus, her tone had become considerably more polite as well.

Prophet Pu Lin let out a smile as he said, “There are some things that I must talk with both of you in private. Are you unwilling to listen to the ramblings of this old Prophet?”

Pu Lin’s kind smile had deeply affected Ah Dai, and the sense of familiarity surged forth within his heart. Although it was just his first time meeting Pu Lin, it felt as though he had known him for a very long time.

Yue Hen shot Ah Dai and Xuan Yue a look, then saying, “Since the Prophet has some words to speak to you, we shall get going first.”

Yan Fei coughed, “Yan Ju, Yan Li, quickly bring our honored guests somewhere to rest. Yan Shi’s safety tonight shall depend on the both of you, nothing must go wrong.”

Yan Ju and Yan Li looked at each other, then bowing respectfully, “Yes.” As they finished speaking, they brought Yue Hen and the others through the same path, walking out of the Tilu Temple. Only Ah Dai and Xuan Yue remained.

Prophet Pu Lin closed his eyes and muttered, “It’s already evening now, time for dinner. Tribe leader, you still have matters to deal with, remember what I’ve said.” Although Yan Fei was the tribe leader of the Puyan Tribe, he was still very respectful towards this old prophet. He nodded his head slightly, “Then I shall take my leave first, prophet Pu Lin.” Soon, there was only Xuan Yue, Ah Dai and the mysterious prophet Pu Lin left in the great hall, apart from those unmoving Tilu warriors.

Prophet Pu Lin walked down the stairs of the platform, wobbling slightly as he used the wooden stick in his hand to support himself, seeming extremely frail.

Looking at his halting steps, Ah Dai could not bear it any longer, and quickly rushed forward to support him. When his hands came into contact with prophet Pu Lin, there was a flash of light in Pu Lin’s eyes, and a shiver ran down Ah Dai’s back, he felt as though he was totally seen through.

Prophet Pu Lin sighed, “Old, I’ve really grown old, my body can’t take it anymore. Come, children, I’ll bring you somewhere.”

As he finished speaking, he faced the platform that he just descended from, and beckoned Xuan Yue to go over. In comparison, Xuan Yue was much more wary than Ah Dai. From the way prophet Pu Lin made them stay and the way he spoke to Yan Fei, she could tell that this old man with white hair had an insurmountable status within the tribe, but why would he ask her and Ah Dai, 2 outsiders, to stay behind? Didn’t the Puyan Tribe hate outsiders? Despite these thoughts, Xuan Yue still walked over. She did not know why she did so, but she understood that the prophet Pu Lin did not have any ill intentions towards Ah Dai and herself.

Prophet Pu Lin looked at Xuan Yue who had just walked over, and said, “Little miss, do you have any uneasiness towards this old man? To tell you the truth, the Tilu Temple is the most sacred and holy place in our Puyan Tribe. All crimes are forbidden here, if not, the person will surely face the wrath of the Heavens. Hais——, children, I have been waiting for you for a very long time.” As he spoke, there was a sudden great suction force coming from his body, causing Ah Dai and Xuan Yue to be pulled closely beside him. He raised the wooden stick in his hand, and quietly muttered some incantations. With a flash of light, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai both felt that they had entered a foreign world. They seemed to no longer be in control of their own bodies, and there were all sorts of colors swirling around them, with colorful spots of light constantly passing by their bodies. A dizzy feeling arose in their minds, they wanted to scream, but were unable to let out any sound; they wanted to struggle, but were unable to control their bodies. The Prophet Pu Lin who was by their sides, closed his eyes, and continued to chant some incantations.

Suddenly, everything faded to black, and all of the colored light disappeared. Just as Xuan Yue and Ah Dai were completely perplexed, everything suddenly lit up once more and feelings slowly returned to their bodies, and the strong suction force from Prophet Pu Lin’s body vanished as well. Ah Dai and Xuan Yue realised that they had appeared in a corridor, and below them, was a huge golden magic hexagram. There were many complicated symbols on the hexagram, and not even Xuan Yue, who was from the Holy Church, was able to decipher the symbols. Along the walls of the corridor, there were many small fire-red gems embedded within, they were around the size of a fist and constantly emitted faint light. With Ah Dai and Xuan Yue’s eyesight, they were only able to see around ten metres in front of them. Xuan Yue knew that the red gem was called Fire Cloud Stone, although it was not very precious, having such a large amount of Fire Cloud Stones was still very shocking. Furthermore, in order for the Fire Cloud Stone to emit light, it must have a supply of magic force. It seems that, the Tilu Temple was indeed mysterious.

Prophet Pu Lin remained standing there, not making any noise, as though nothing had happened. Xuan Yue was worried, and cast a common low level light magic spell, Illumination Spell. However, to her surprise, the surrounding air seemed to not contain any magic elements at all, no matter how much she chanted, there were no ripples of magic elements.

“Child, don’t try anymore. In this place, no one else is able to use magic, apart from myself. This place can be said to be my domain.” As he finished speaking, he waved the wooden stick in his hand once more, causing a gust of wind elemental energy to suddenly appear in the original empty corridor, lightly lifting the three of them and gradually sending them through the corridor. Every hundred metres or so, a red Fire Cloud Stone would appear on the walls of the corridors, providing a faint light. Xuan Yue knew, that Prophet Pu Lin’s magic had already reached a very high level, the magic that he used earlier, was a legendary magic teleportation spell, a magic spell that even her father did not know! And now, even though the wind attribute magic spell that he had used was not very advanced, he was still able to use this sort of magic in a place without any magic elements, and he did not seem to be tired at all! This caused her to be very surprised. As for Ah Dai, even though he had been astonished by everything that happened, he did not speak out any of his questions, he had a strong baffling sense of trust towards Pu Lin, causing him to not be afraid at all.

After quite some time, the wind elements disappeared, and the three of them landed on the ground. In front of them, were two large stone doors, and on the sides of the two doors, there was a Tilu warrior standing guard. The two Tilu warriors, seemed to be different from the ones outside. Not only were they taller and more muscular, the armor that they were wearing also gave off a faint golden shimmer. When the three of them landed, the Tilu warriors crossed their long battle axes, blocking their path. A strong and fearsome aura emanated from their bodies, instantly enveloping the three of them within. The immense pressure caused Ah Dai and Xuan Yue to gasp for breath and they did not have any ideas of resisting, because the two Tilu warriors were simply too strong. That immense pressure caused Xuan Yue and Ah Dai to be unable to move at all.

Prophet Pu Lin seemed as though he was unaware of Ah Dai and Xuan Yue’s predicament, as he simply stood there, unmoving. The Tilu warriors’ pressure also seemed to have no effect on him.

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue’s bodies were gradually unable to withstand the pressure, and looking at Xuan Yue’s expression of pain, Ah Dai could not bear it anymore. With a low growl, he circulated his boundless true qi to the maximum, and a faint layer of white light instantly spread out from his body, blocking before him and Xuan Yue.

Xuan Yue relaxed, and she could finally move her body. Turning her head to look at Ah Dai, she saw that he was already half kneeling on the floor, and large droplets of sweat continuously flowed down his forehead. The white light before them constantly trembled, and she realised that Ah Dai had transferred all of the pressure to himself. Xuan Yue was instantly moved, she clearly understood that, this was all for her sake! With immense gratitude and emotions surging in her heart, she unhesitatingly took out the Phoenix’s Blood.

Seeming to have sensed danger, the Phoenix’s Blood immediately released a strange red glow, which merged with Ah Dai’s white colored dou qi, and blocked the immense pressure.

Ah Dai was almost at his limits, and a drop of blood had trickled down his mouth, but the Phoenix’s Blood had helped him withstand the pressure just in time, and Ah Dai instantly felt much better. When facing the danger, Ah Dai had subconsciously reached out for the Hell’s Sword near his chest, causing the chilly evil energy to spread out. When the faint grey light appeared from Ah Dai’s chest, the red glow of the Phoenix’s Blood dimmed a little, and under the combined efforts of the white, grey and red light, the pressure on Ah Dai and Xuan Yue was fully blocked, retreating to almost 3 feet away.

The two Tilu warriors seemed to have noticed the change on their bodies, as they raised the long battle axes in their hands, as though they were preparing to strike out.

Xuan Yue and Ah Dai got a huge fright, they had just barely managed to block against the immense pressure. If the two incomparably strong Tilu warriors were to unleash their attack, they would surely be in dire situation. Xuan Yue opened her mouth slightly, ready to chant the strongest incantation of the Phoenix’s Blood, while Ah Dai was also prepared to use the Hell’s Sword. Ah Dai was able to sense that, although the evil energy of the Hell’s Sword was powerful, just by itself, it would not be able to harm Xuan Yue, who had the protection of the Phoenix’s Blood. And as for the mysterious Prophet Pu Lin, he did not have to worry at all; what he wanted to deal with, was the two abnormally strong Tilu warriors before him.

Just as both sides were about to unleash their attacks, Prophet Pu Lin finally opened his eyes, and calmly said, “Okay, you can stop now.” Two rays of blue light shot out from his body, passing through Xuan Yue and Ah Dai’s defenses, directly entering the centre of the two Tilu warriors’ eyebrows. The Tilu warriors immediately retracted their battle axes, and stood back in their original positions, as though nothing had happened. The immense pressure had instantly disappeared as well.

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue both felt extremely weak. Ah Dai had endured most of the pressure and he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, his whole body was weakly kneeling on the ground, as he panted loudly. Xuan Yue was not much better off, her face was pale and her temples were soaked with sweat. She clenched the Phoenix’s Blood tightly in her right hand as she glared angrily towards Prophet Pu Lin.

Two balls of gentle white light appeared in Prophet Pu Lin’s hands, and shot towards Xuan Yue and Ah Dai. Under the effects of the light, both of them felt warmth surging forth in their bodies, and it was extremely comfortable. The previous fatigue and wounds seemed to disappear almost instantly. Ah Dai stood up and glanced at Xuan Yue, who was a little dumbfounded, then asking Pu Lin, “Prophet, what is going on?”

Prophet Pu Lin revealed a gentle smile, sighing, “There’s no mistake, the melding of Kindness and Evil, the fusing of Light and Dark, with Phoenix’s Blood as guide, passing through all obstacles. We have finally met, both of you, I’ve been waiting for both of you for 30 years!”

Ah Dai was confused, even the clever and quick-witted Xuan Yue was stunned. She slowly muttered, “Prophet Pu Lin, shouldn’t you explain what is this all about?”

Prophet Pu Lin glanced at Xuan Yue, and replied, “Behind these two stone doors, is a secret that our Puyan Tribe has been guarding for a thousand years. You coming here, is all because of Heaven’s guidance. Children, when you step past these doors with me, your fates will be changed, and everything will go according to Heaven’s plans. Come, let’s go, I will tell you everything that you wish to know after we enter. It’s been 30 years! You’ve finally come.” As he finished speaking, he waved the wooden stick in his hand, and the two large stone doors slowly opened, with creaking sounds. It was darkness beyond the stone doors, and Prophet Pu Lin stopped for a moment, “Follow me.” Then, he walked in, seeming to be preoccupied with his thoughts. Xuan Yue walked over to Ah Dai’s side, asking in concern, “How are you feeling? Are you alright now?”

Ah Dai gazed at the two Tilu warriors, with a hint of fear in his eyes, and shook his head, “I’m fine, let’s go.”

Xuan Yue nodded. Since they had already come this far, there was no way to return and they could only walk forward. Step by step, they followed behind Prophet Pu Lin, and walked towards the darkness behind the doors. Just as they stepped past the stone doors, the doors behind them suddenly slammed shut. The loud ‘bang’ continuously echoed throughout the darkness.

Xuan Yue trembled as she grabbed hold of Ah Dai’s large and warm hand, her voice quavering as she spoke, “Ah Dai, you, you must protect me!” In this mysterious and strange Tilu Temple, even the daring Xuan Yue seemed to be frightened.

It was Ah Dai’s first time seeing that Xuan Yue so helpless and weak, and a desire to protect her surged forth within his chest. Tightly holding Xuan Yue’s small hand, he circulated his boundless true qi and a faint white radiance spread out from him, enveloping them. Xuan Yue felt much more comfortable, and she leaned against Ah Dai, feeling as though he was able to protect her from everything.

It was a confined space without any light, but surprisingly, it did not feel stuffy at all.

“In my name, by thy power, go forth, power of God.” Prophet Pu Lin’s hoarse voice rang out, and their surroundings suddenly lit up. Xuan Yue and Ah Dai discovered that they were in a pretty small grotto, and the light was given off by the gems on the walls. Faint yellow light lit up the grotto, and Prophet Pu Lin stood in the center, staring at the stone wall before him. The surrounding walls, including the top of the grotto, were all covered with murals. Those large and life-like murals appeared exceedingly mysterious, under the light from the gems. Prophet Pu Lin slowly walked over to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, sighing, “Children, this, is the place where our Puyan Tribe’s ten thousand years of history is stored.”

Xuan Yue wrinkled her brows, “What has your Puyan Tribe’s ten thousand years of history got to do with us? Why must you bring us here?”

Pu Lin did not answer Xuan Yue’s question directly, but merely smiled and asked, “Little miss, how old do you think I am this year?”

Xuan Yue was stunned, and looked puzzledly at the wrinkles on his face, answering, “You seem to be at least 80 or 90 years old?”

There was a trace of sadness in Pu Lin’s eyes as he shook his head, “Tribe leader Yan Fei and I were playmates, he is 62 this year, and I, am younger than him by 1 year.”

Xuan Yue and Ah Dai were both shocked, as they looked at Pu Lin. Pu Lin let out a self-deprecating laugh as he continued, “Do you know why I look so old even though I’m only 61 years old?”

Ah Dai shook his head in confusion, while Xuan Yue pondered for a while and asked, “Is it because of your title as the Prophet?”

Pu Lin nodded, “You’re right, Prophets like me, are quite similar to the priests of your Holy Church, we are the most devout followers of the Gods. In terms of power, I am much weaker than the priests of the Holy Church, however, I have an ability that they do not.” As Pu Lin spoke about this, there was a glint in his eyes as he continued, “This ability of mine, is the ability to foresee the future. Children, the Prophets in our Puyan Tribe, have absolute authority within the tribe, and even the tribe leader has to follow the Prophet’s orders. There are a total of over 30 clans in Puyan Tribe, and this is the largest clan. As for the Tilu Temple, this is where the Prophets worship the Gods, and foresee the future. There can only be one Prophet in the Puyan Tribe and they are all selected by the previous Prophet before them. I can be said to be the Prophet with the highest talent so far. As for the advent of the blood sun that occurred a few years ago, little miss of the Holy Church, you should know about it, right?”

Xuan Yue was shocked as she cried out, “Are you talking about the Thousand Year Great Tribulation? You, how did you know that I’m from the Holy Church?”

Pu Lin smiled, “Anyone with enough experience would be able to tell, the holy aura from your body, is not something that ordinary light attribute magicians will have. If I’m not wrong, your parents, should be a crimson-robe priest of the Holy Church right? Furthermore, you possess the godly artefact of the Holy Church, the Phoenix’s Blood, that means you must have some special relationship with the Supreme Pontiff. Am I right?”

Xuan Yue nodded her head blankly, “Then you calling us here, is it related to the Thousand Year Great Tribulation?”

Ah Dai looked at Xuan Yue and Pu Lin in surprise, “Thousand Year Great Tribulation? Is it related to the blood rain 5 years ago?”

Xuan Yue let out a hmpf as she recited, “Blood sun high in the heavens, Evil will be born, Blood rains across the world, Calamity shall come, Thousand Year Great Tribulation shall befall the continent. Have you never heard of this legend?”

“I don’t know, what does the Thousand Year Great Tribulation got to do with us?”

Pu Lin sighed, “If it’s not related to you, I wouldn’t have called you here. It was the Heavens that directed you, our great saviors, to me”

Ah Dai had not even reacted, and Xuan Yue was already trembling due to shock. “What, what did you say? You say that we are the saviors of the Thousand Year Great Tribulation?” She knew about the matter of the savior, 5 years ago during the advent of the blood son, the Supreme Pontiff had sent out orders to ask all the clergymen to find the whereabouts of the savior. And the Supreme Pontiff had only spoken one sentence as guidance, that was, “Kindness, Evil, Dragon, Phoenix, Love.” These 5 words were the clues to finding the savior, and all of the clergymen racked their brains, but they were unable to find any traces, even after 5 years. The Supreme Pontiff also once said, if the savior was unable to be found, great calamity would befall, and the whole continent would be shrouded in blood.

Prophet Pu Lin turned around, with his back facing Xuan Yue and Ah Dai, as he spoke, “Although the Supreme Pontiff is all-knowing, he was still born as a priest. The reason why I know you are the saviors of the world, is not only due to my status as a prophet, but more importantly, because of what happened 30 years ago. Before the blood sun had even appeared, I had used 30 years of my life as sacrifice, obtaining more guidance from the Gods when I was praying for our Puyan Tribe’s fate, and the guidance was related to the identities of the saviors. Therefore, this is why I seem so old now, I am 61 this year, and adding on 30 years of longevity, my appearance became 91 years old. Child, tell me what you know of the prophecy.”

Xuan Yue was completely shocked, and as for Ah Dai, he still had no idea what Pu Lin and Xuan Yue were talking about.

Xuan Yue replied, “Back when the Supreme Pontiff was resisting the blood sun, he obtained some information regarding the savior, there were only some vague words, ‘Kindness, Evil, Dragon, Phoenix, Love.’” Although this was the secret of the Holy Church, Xuan Yue still decided to say it. She felt a sense of reverence towards the old prophet before her.

Chapter27 Puyan History

There was great delight in Pu Lin’s eyes as he exclaimed, “That’s right, the power of the esteemed Supreme Pontiff is indeed profound! Even when resisting against the blood sun, he was still able to obtain God’s guidance. If not for the Supreme Pontiff and the various priests of the Holy Church, the great tribulation might have already happened five years ago. However, we do not have much time left. At the thousandth year of the Holy Calendar, it would be impossible to prevent the great tribulation. After sacrificing 30 years of my longevity, the full verse of guidance that I obtained was, “The melding of Kindness and Evil, the fusing of Light and Dark. With Phoenix’s Blood as guide, passing through all obstacles. With Dragon’s Blood as bond, love through all eternity.” Most of the Supreme Pontiff’s words are inside, so this must be it. You, the both of you, are the saviors as decreed by God!”

Ah Dai discovered, Xuan Yue’s small hands were damp with cold sweat. Savior? This word was too foreign to him, and he could not help but ask, “What is a savior?”

Prophet Pu Lin forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart, and explained,” Savior, a savior is someone who receives His guidance, in order to save the people during the tribulations. The advent of the blood sun, was just a forewarning of the incoming great tribulation. The Supreme Pontiff and the priests have used their pure holy powers of god just to postpone the great tribulation, and it is impossible to avoid it. However, God has not abandoned us, He still cares for us. And under His guidance, the two of you have appeared. God will guide you to become the saviors, who can turn the tide of the great tribulation.” Xuan Yue wrinkled her brows, “Prophet Pu Lin, what proof do you have that we are the saviors?”

Pu Lin smiled, “Of course, I have sufficient proof, I will explain it to you later. First tell me, what are your names?”

Xuan Yue replied, “He’s called Ah Dai, and I’m Xuan Yue. Prophet Pu Lin, please quickly explain it to us.”

Nodding his head, Pu Lin continued, “The melding of Kindness and Evil is talking about Ah Dai. Ah Dai is a kind-hearted child, but on his body, there is an extremely evil energy.”

Xuan Yue got a shock, and looked at Ah Dai. Subconsciously, Ah Dai felt for the Hell’s Sword near his chest, while shaking his head repeatedly. “No, no, I’ve never done any evil deeds!”

Pu Lin let out a smile, “Don’t be so agitated, the evil energy that I’m talking about is from an evil object, and as for kindness, it is your original temperament. Do you know why I am so sure that you are the melding of kindness and evil? It was not simply because of your actions just now to save Xuan Yue. Take a look.” Suddenly, a crystal ball appeared out of nowhere. Pu Lin quietly muttered some incantations, and the crystal ball started emitting faint light. There were some blurry images in the crystal ball that gradually became clearer. It was showing the scene where Ah Dai was preparing to step into the Tilu Temple. Nothing special happened when the first few people passed through the door, but just as Xuan Yue stepped past, her image started glowing a faint red, and a faint phoenix silhouette appeared, enveloping her within. And when Ah Dai stepped into the temple, his body started emanating faint gray light. The crystal ball darkened, and the images instantly disappeared. As he kept the crystal ball, Pu Lin explained, “This is the projection of you stepping into the Tilu Temple, and the defensive magic formation that I set up for inspection was actually shattered by Ah Dai. Normally, even if it were someone many times much m

Furthermore, the way you acted after you entered the temple proved to me that you were extremely kind-hearted. Therefore, I was even more sure that you are the true savior. That sentence describing kindness and evil must have been referring to you. As for light and darkness, it was precisely describing the contrast between you and Xuan Yue. The extreme evil object brings about the power of darkness, while Xuan Yue, who was born in the Holy Church, is the embodiment of light. Initially, I’d never have thought that there would be two saviors. But, after seeing the Phoenix’s Blood from the Holy Church on Xuan Yue’s body, I was able to confirm this thought of mine. As for the Phoenix’s Blood as guide, wasn’t it just describing Xuan Yue? And as for the Dragon’s Blood, I will tell you later. I’m not too sure about the last part regarding love for all eternity, so you will have to find that out for yourselves.”

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue looked at each other, neither of them would have imagined such a thing. Xuan Yue asked, “Prophet Pu Lin, did you call us here, just to confirm that we are the saviors? I don’t want to become some savior of the world, if it is something that people like you, who have such profound powers, can’t accomplish, how are we supposed to do it? There’s something I don’t understand, why would you sacrifice 30 years of your longevity just for this prediction of the saviors? Shouldn’t the Holy Church be responsible for the safety of the continent? Even it the great tribulation were to befall, it should not have much to do with your Puyan Tribe!”

Pu Lin let out a bitter smile, “Indeed, I do not have such noble intentions. The only thing I’m concerned about, is the preservation of our Puyan Tribe. Initially, I wanted to foretell the future of the Puyan Tribe, but all sorts of omens made it clear that if our Puyan Tribe wanted to continue developing and make a place for ourselves in this continent, we must successfully make it past this Thousand-Year Great Tribulation. The savior is not just the savior of the entire continent, but shall also be the savior of our Puyan Tribe. The reason why I brought you two here, is to reveal the secret throughout our long history, and helping you to become true saviors. Hopefully, the great tribulation will come to pass, our Puyan Tribe has been suffering long enough, I can’t bear to watch it go towards ruin!” “Prophet Pu Lin, I’m still not very sure of the meaning of your words. Are you hoping for us to help your Puyan Tribe do something?” Ah Dai spoke up.

“I guess you can put it that way, but of course, I wouldn’t simply request for your help without any payment. First, listen to the whole story that I’m going to recount, then I’ll tell you what kind of help our Puyan Tribe needs. Be it in the United Regions Commonwealth, or in the entire continent, our Puyan Tribe is one of the tribes with the longest histories. We are the earliest human beings that appeared on the continent, and the history of our Puyan Tribe can be traced back to over ten thousand years ago. While the current three main empires and the commonwealth, were only formed after the first generation Supreme Pontiff sealed the demon god.” Pu Lin walked over to one of the walls in the stone grotto, and pointed to the mural on the wall. “Look.”

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue glanced towards the place that he was pointing to. Under the faint light from the glowing jewels, they saw that the colors on the mural was mostly faded, but they could tell that there were many people in the mural. The people were wearing clothes made of wild beast’s’ fur, and they were wielding primitive weapons in their hands, as they seemed to be dashing wildly towards somewhere. There was a tall and burly man among those people, with his long brown hair scattered behind his back, as he revealed a face full of excitement, with his spear raised up high, he seemed to be shouting something. Pu Lin explained, “This is the most complete ancient mural that the Puyan Tribe has preserved till now. The group of primitive people in the mural, are the ancestors of our Puyan Tribe, and as for that burly man, he is the first tribe leader. I, myself, am not too clear as to exactly how old this mural is, but I feel it should be at least ten thousand years old. Our ancestors were still living primitive lives back then, and since then, our Puyan Tribe is the tribe that cares for nature greatly.”

Taking a few steps forward, Pu Lin continued to point towards a second large mural and said, “This should have been painted a thousand years after the first mural.” The second mural was of a large valley, and along the cliffs of the mountains, there were numerous caves. The Puyan tribesmen were wearing cloth as they traveled in and out along the cliffs. Pu Lin explained, “After a thousand years of progress, our Puyan Tribe had slowly begun to have its own civilization. Although they were still living in caves, the Puyan tribesmen had already started farming at that time.” He did not elaborate further, and walked forwards again, pointing towards the third mural. There were tens of thousands of Puyan tribesmen, wearing neat leather armor and wielding long battle axes, lined up in orderly contingents, with murderous looks on their faces. “This is around 5000 years ago. At that time, our Puyan Tribe was looking to advance towards a greater goal. Look at these warriors, do they seem familiar to you? Indeed, they are the original forms of the Tilu warriors. Look at the fourth mural.”

There was only a single person depicted in the fourth mural, a brawny man, with bulging muscles. He was only wearing a pair of ordinary long pants, leaving his upper body exposed. His hands were raised as he held a pair of long battle axes, seeming to be yelling something in rage, and a layer of dazzling yellow light emanated from his body. Pu Lin’s eyes revealed a look of reverence as he sighed, “This man on the mural, is the greatest hero of our Puyan Tribe, the Tilu battle god. He led the Tilu battle warriors, and brought our Puyan Tribe to glory. This very Tilu temple was built in honor of him. Under the leadership of the Tilu battle god, our Puyan Tribe’s territory increased immensely, and in just 30 years, three quarters of the continent was occupied by our tribe. The continent at that time, was basically the Puyan Empire instead. Our tribesmen who were scattered all over, married into some of the other smaller clans, resulting in the humans with different colored skin now. Apart from the Southern Silk people, who share the same length of history as us, our Puyan Tribe can be said to be the ancestors of the humans on the continent today. Oh, perhaps you don’t know yet, the current Prosperous Empire, is the descendants of the Southern Silk people. They were not as ambitious as our Puyan Tribe to expand their territory, since they were a peace-loving race. Although they only occupied a small area on the continent, they have obtained the respect of our tribesmen, and we were able to get along with them peacefully. I guess, that the Southern Silk people were cleverer than us, since, they are still able to occupy nearly a quarter of the continent even now.”

As Pu Lin was talking about how the Puyan Tribe was able to dominate over three quarters of the continent, there was immense pride and excitement in his eyes, as though he had been part of those glorious times. Especially his gaze when he looked towards the Tilu battle god, it was a look filled with reverence and admiration. Ah Dai and Xuan Yue had also been deeply affected by his story, the two of them listened intently to Pu Lin’s recount, totally immersed in the story that happened thousands of years ago.

Pu Lin walked over to the fifth mural, it was the largest mural in the stone grotto, and it seemed to almost encompass a fifth of the stone wall in the grotto. The mural displayed an image that seemed very much like the current Puyan Tribe, there were stone houses everywhere, and there were expressions of happiness and contentment on the face of the Puyan tribesmen, as they hurried around, doing their own business. Pu Lin let out a sigh, “The full glory of our Puyan Tribe lasted for 3000 years, and during those 3000 years, we had dominance over the continent. This was how it looked like, every single corner of the continent seemed to be filled with the same stone houses, forming smaller clans.”

As he spoke, Pu Lin continued walking forwards, to the sixth mural. On the sixth mural, a large city was depicted. Although the city wall was short, and there were not that many buildings, it was still a city. Sighing, Pu Lin continued once more, “The continent is indeed too broad, although we had occupied a large portion of land in the continent, the distance between the regions were too vast, and there were still many things that we fell behind in. Our tribesmen gradually separated into different sections, now known as the white colored people, black colored people, and even including the red haired people of the Red Hurricane Tribe. Under the influence of the natives then, they gradually broke free of our Puyan Tribe’s rule, and formed their own empires. They even abandoned the basic values of caring for nature. They started to destroy forests, in order to establish their own cities. At that time, our tribe leader did not blame them too much, after all, they were still the descendants of the Puyan Tribe, and the Puyan Tribe still occupied more than half of the continent.”

Pu Lin revealed a look of sorrow as he walked over to the seventh mural. The mural was filled with smoke, seeming to show the battles among a few different tribes. “Although we did not try to conquest those tribes who have separated from us, their progress is really too fast, and they had even surpassed us in various aspects. At last, they could not control their ambitions, and joined hands to attack our Puyan Tribe. In that battle, both sides suffered many casualties. However, our Puyan Tribe was at an advantage in terms of sheer numbers, and we finally won the battle. That happened around 1200 years ago. After that great battle, the predecessors of the Heaven’s Gold Empire and the Sunset Empire first started appearing. Tribes like the Yalian Tribe, also started to grow and develop after that great battle. Even though the territory of our Puyan Tribe did not decrease, we were no longer able to control our whole territory, as we had simply lost too many tribesmen in the battle. Due to the massive casualties in the battle, all of the tribes entered a recuperating period, and it was from then on, that our Puyan Tribe started to go into decline.” Two rows of tears flowed down from Pu Lin’s eyes, and he trembled a little, then walked towards the eighth mural, letting out another sigh.

On the mural, there was a group of humans, no, they cannot really be considered as humans. They had green colored skin, and there were sharp claws on their hands. Even with their human-like appearances, it was impossible to conceal the evil aura emanating from them, and their blood- red eyes also contained many devious colors. At the very middle of the group, there was a giant whose height was about three times that of a normal green colored person. He had a pair of wings on his back, and his green wings were surrounded by sharp spikes. There was also a single horn protruding from his forehead, and the claws on his hands were glinting with a piercing, chilly aura. His fearsome appearance caused chills upon anyone who looked at him. Xuan Yue involuntarily cried out, “That, isn’t that the ancient devil?”

Pu Lin nodded, ”Indeed, he was the ancient devil, also, he was the demon god that the dark demon race worshipped. At that time, after the great battle, the peace barely lasted for a hundred years, before these green- colored people appeared in the continent. They were savage and ruthless, born with destructive powers. They still exist today, the dark demon race has yet to be exterminated, even though their numbers are extremely little right now. This ancient devil was the god of the dark demon race. His strength was was terrifying, and it is far from what you could ever imagine. The dark demon race multiplied rapidly, and no one knew how they appeared on the continent, not even our Puyan Tribe and the Southern Silk people of the Prosperous Empire. Their appearance soon became the nightmares of the human race, the Supreme Pontiff should know, that the great tribulation a thousand years ago, was actually caused by this dark demon race. Initially, their numbers were not very many, but they had powerful bodies. Just based on their powers that far exceeded those of a normal person, they were able to quickly take over a small area of land in the continent. Anyone who opposed them were fully exterminated. 50 years later, just a mere 50 years of development, the numbers of the dark demon race had already exceeded ten million. That was all a mistake on our part! If only we weren’t recuperating from our casualties, and killed them off just after they appeared, perhaps there would not have been such devastating consequences. The dark demon race launched attacks on all of the different races and tribes, and tens of millions of their warriors flooded into the continent. In just 5 years’ time, they had managed to occupy over half of the continent. And at that time, out Puyan Tribe was the first to be targeted. Although our forces were strong, we were not fully prepared, and adding on the extreme power of the dark demon race, we were simply unable to stop their progress. 5 years, it was just 5 years! Our Puyan tribesmen had decreased to only a fifth of what we once had.” At this point, Pu Lin could not help but start crying, he mourned deeply over the fates of his tribesmen.

After quite some time, Pu Lin finally managed to steady his emotions, and walk forward again, to the ninth mural. That was a tall and muscular youth, wielding a magic staff in his hand. A faint white light was spreading out from his body, and behind him, there were countless soldiers from various races. What was most astonishing to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue was that, there were actually over ten colorful dragons circling over his head. Those were the dragons from legends! And before him, was precisely the dark demon race that the demon god commanded. Pu Lin sighed, “Just before our Puyan Tribe was about to be wiped out, the savior appeared. Under his lead, all of the various races and tribes on the continent were united, and with the help of the ancient dragons, they entered the final battle against the dark demon tribe. When the battle ended, under the wise leadership of the savior, we managed to wipe out most of the dark demon race, but the total number of humans had also fallen to only one fifth of the original population, and our Puyan Tribe was left with only 5% of our original numbers. The savior activated a heaven-shaking curse, and although he did not manage to eliminate all of the dark demon race, he had successfully restricted their reproductive prowess. Until now, the dark demon race is still a mortal enemy of the empires, just that, after that battle, they gradually moved below the ground, and it has been very hard to find traces of them. I guess that their numbers are few.”

Hearing this, Ah Dai suddenly recalled the incident of the pirates when he was on the ship with Gliss. At that time, Gliss had told him that the green skinned people were of the dark demon race.

With a solemn expression on his face, Pu Lin finally walked over to the last mural. It depicted a group of people in magician robes, surrounding the dark demon god. The leader of the group of people, was the savior mentioned by Pu Lin. Green colored blood was flowing out from the dark demon god’s body, a huge magic hexagram appeared on the ground. “At last, after the humans eliminated most of the dark demon race, they trapped the dark demon god on a mountain under the leadership of the savior. All of the advanced magicians and the strongest warriors of the human race were gathered, and with the help of the savior, they successfully killed the dark demon god, sealing his body and soul in the mountain range. And that place, was the Death Mountains.”

Xuan Yue and Ah Dai gasped in shock. How could they ever have guessed, that the place that they were planning to go, was actually where the ancient Devil was sealed.

Pu Lin seemed to be extremely frail, as he relied on his wooden staff to support his body, saying with a grievous voice, “During that great tribulation, our Puyan Tribe suffered the greatest loss. However, as the continent gradually regained peace and calm, we were forgotten by everyone. They did not return us our rightful land, claiming that we were unable to rule over such a large territory with our numbers. Under the instructions of the savior, the continent was divided into 5 areas, the Heaven’s Gold Empire, Sunset Empire, Prosperous Empire, the United Regions Commonwealth, and the Holy Church of today. As there were not many Puyan tribesmen left, we could only become one of the numerous tribes in the Commonwealth. After a few thousand years of glory, the Puyan Tribe finally fell into decline. At that time, if not for our Puyan tribesmen sacrificing their lives to delay the advancement of the dark demon race, the savior might not have been able to unite everyone and achieve victory! However, our Puyan Tribe did not get any of the respect that we deserved…”

Xuan Yue furrowed her brows, “Prophet Pu Lin, this savior you’re talking about, is he the first Supreme Pontiff of our Holy Church, His Majesty Shen Yu?”

[TN: Shen ( 神) means god, while Yu ( ⽻) means feather, it sounds weird “english-ising” his name, so I left it in hanyu pinyin.]

Pu Lin nodded, “That’s right, he is indeed the first Supreme Pontiff, His Majesty Shen Yu. Our Puyan Tribe has never bore a grudge against the Holy Church, because without His Majesty, there would not be a continent today. During that time, he was already very considerate towards us. However, what we are resentful about, are the other tribes. It was our Puyan Tribe that sacrificed the lives of our tribesmen in order to protect the others, but when His Majesty Shen Yu proposed to return the land to us, they actually voiced out their dissent! Because of that, His Majesty was disheartened, and decided to live a solitary life in the divine mountains of the Holy Church. However, what His Majesty had done, would never be forgotten, and the year that he went into recluse, was named as the first year of the Holy Calendar.”

Listening to his words, Ah Dai could not help but comment, “The Puyan Tribe is so pitiful! 95% of the tribesmen had died, that is such a huge number! Prophet Pu Lin, don’t be sad.” Pu Lin shook his head dejectedly, “All of this happened a thousand years ago, what use is there even if I’m sad now? Just before His Majesty Shen Yu went into recluse, he warned that there would be another great tribulation a thousand years later. If we are unable to get through this tribulation, the continent will once more be in dire straits. The thousandth year is approaching, and the great tribulation is about to befall. The only one who can save us, are you two.”

“But I still can’t believe this, how can we the saviors? With our powers, we can’t even accomplish anything much in the continent, much less help you. I think that you should find the Supreme Pontiff and have a talk with him,” Xuan Yue frowned as she spoke.

Pu Lin shook his head, “No, the only ones who can help our Puyan Tribe, are the both of you. Even the Supreme Pontiff is unable to go against God’s decree. Of course your powers are still insufficient right now, but there will be a day that you will understand the reason behind what I’m doing this day. Actually, I don’t really wish to ask anything much from you. I just hope that, when the great tribulation befalls, you can help protect the bloodline of our Puyan Tribe, and allow our tribesmen to continue living on the continent. Just this will suffice.”

Without waiting for Xuan Yue to respond, the hot-blooded Ah Dai immediately replied, “Prophet Pu Lin, I promise you, if there is really some great tribulation, I will surely help your Puyan Tribe to get through it!” Xuan Yue had pinched Ah Dai’s hand, but she was unable to stop him from saying the words in his heart.

Pu Lin revealed a smile of relief, and his voice was trembling as he spoke, “Child, thank you, thank you. The future of our Puyan Tribe, will depend on you. Xuan Yue, you are a member of the Holy Church, so I know that you are hesitating, but why would an old man like me, with only a few years left to live, lie to you? The only wish that I have, is for my tribesmen to continue living on. This is my only wish.”

Xuan Yue gave Ah Dai a glare as she replied, “Prophet Pu Lin, if everything is as you say, I promise you, I will do my best to protect your Puyan Tribe. Of course, I can only try my best with the power that I have. With our current powers, even protecting ourselves may be a problem, not to mention protecting your tribe.” As she finished speaking, there was a trace of craftiness in her eyes.

Pu Lin let out a gentle smile, “Little lass, although you’re still young, you are pretty clever. It is better for you to witness the truth in the future, but still, remember what I have told you. And remember the promise that you made today. Of course, I won’t just ask for your help without any repayment. Follow me.” As he slightly waved the wooden staff in his hand, the stone wall that the last mural was on, suddenly cracked open, revealing a narrow gap. Pu Lin took the lead and walked inside. Xuan Yue whispered to Ah Dai, “Why are you so dumb? We’ve just met him, how can you be so rash to promise him? Even if he is speaking the truth, we are in such a dangerous place within the Puyan Tribe, and you… … Nevermind, forget it, you wouldn’t understand anyway. Let’s quickly follow.” As she spoke, she pulled the muddled Ah Dai along, entering the gap between the stone wall.

It was not exactly another grotto, as it was simply too small, only around ten square metres. It was more like a stone room. The surrounding stone walls were uneven, and in the middle of the room, there was a square- shaped platform that was around one metre tall and half a metre wide. Prophet Pu Lin was standing before the platform, as he saw Ah Dai and Xuan Yue enter. “This is our first meeting, yet I’ve already requested for you to help our Puyan Tribe. I apologize if I was too brazen, but to show my sincerity and to help you increase your powers, I will gift each of you something. Come over, Xuan Yue.”

Shooting a glance at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue loosened her hand that was holding Ah Dai’s, and walked over. Prophet Pu Lin let out a sigh as he said, “Child, Pu Lin is my real name, but in the continent, I am known my by alias. Back when I was wandering the continent, I have always been using that name, and that name was Yuan Mu.”

[TN: as usual, Yuan ( 圆) means round, Mu ( ⽊) means wood. So no english-ised name here.] Although Pu Lin was very calm as he spoke, the words he said were like thunder throughout Xuan Yue’s ears. Her body wavered as she cried out, “What? You are Magister Yuan Mu?!” On the whole continent, apart from the Holy Church, there were only three people who have reached the level of a Magister. One of them was the current guild leader of the magicians’ guild in the Heaven’s Gold Empire, Magister Lardas, who specialised in fire attribute magic. The second, was the chief court magician of the Sunset Empire, Magister Biernlog, who specialised in wind attribute magic. And the last one, also the most mysterious one, Magister Yuan Mu, who specialised in spatial magic. Among the 3 magisters, if they were to compare only attack power, it would surely be the fire attribute Magister Lardas who came out first. But, if they were to compare the combined power, it would be Magister Yuan Mu instead. His spatial magic shocked the whole continent, and even Xuan Yue’s father, the youngest crimson- robed priest, Xuan Ye, had deep respect for him.

Pu Lin let out a smile, “What? Do I not look the part? But this is the truth. The reason why you are unable to use magic here, is because I used spatial magic to restrict the movement of magic elements here. Ever since the blood sun appeared, I disappeared from the continent, because I was waiting, waiting for both of you to appear. Do not be too surprised that I am Yuan Mu. And the gift that I’m going to give you, is my magic book. Although I don’t dare to say that my spatial magic is comparable to the holy light magic of your Holy Church, it should still be of certain value, especially since it has undergone thorough studying and refining by the previous prophets of our Puyan Tribe. I know that you already have many treasures on you, so this book should be something useful to you. I can tell that you have great talents for magic, just that you have not practised hard enough. In fact, my spatial magic and the light magic that you’ve been cultivating are quite compatible and it can even help to supplement your magic. You have to work hard, if not, Ah Dai’s accomplishments will greatly surpass yours.” As Pu Lin spoke, he sliced open the space, forming a spatial tear. Reaching his hand in, he grabbed and retrieved a thick leather bound magic book before Xuan Yue.

Chapter28 Dragon Blood

Xuan Yue knew how precious the spatial attribute magic book was, especially since it had belonged to this famed Magister Yuan Mu, whose specialty was spatial magic. Xuan Yue received the magic book solemnly, and said with a blank face, “Thank you Prophet Pu Lin, I will be sure to practice your spatial magic well.” Although this was what she said, she still had a hint of doubt over what Pu Lin had talked about earlier.

As though seeing through Xuan Yue’s thoughts, Pu Lin smiled, “Child, there will be a day, where you will work hard and be the savior. Ah Dai, come over here.”

Ah Dai nodded in agreement, and walked up to Xuan Yue’s side. Pu Lin was smiling as he grabbed hold of Ah Dai’s hands and said, “Ah Dai, you are a kindhearted child. The current you, have yet to reach your full potential, and I’m sure you will grow up to be a clever child. The reason why you are like this now, should be related to your childhood. If I’m not wrong, you should be an orphan right?”

Ah Dai gasped in shock, “How did you know that?”

With a mysterious smile on his face, Pu Lin said, “Don’t forget, I am the prophet of the Puyan Tribe! Some painful experiences must have occurred during your childhood. After you stepped into this temple, I checked your body and discovered that there is a layer of shadow in your mind, only by breaking through it, will you be able to rediscover yourself. However, this will depend on your own efforts. Even after losing your memories, you are still such a kind child, this kindness of yours has enabled you to get to where you are today, and your accomplishments will be unlimited in the future. Remember my words, no matter whether you recover your memories or not, you must always continue to have that kind heart of yours. You will be blessed by God as long as you remain kind.”

Listening to Pu Lin’s words, Ah Dai stood there dumbfounded. There was a flash of light in his mind, but he could not seem to grasp it. Xuan Yue furrowed her brows as she said, “Prophet Pu Lin, are you saying that Ah Dai had lost his memories?”

Pu Lin nodded his head, “Ah Dai must have suffered some great shock in his childhood, causing him to lose his memories. I believe, he will be able to remember them in the future.”

With a quavering voice, Ah Dai asked, “Prophet Pu Lin, are you saying… that I might have a family? I, I’m not actually an orphan?”

Pu Lin shook his head, “My powers are limited. I myself, am not sure of where you came from, or who you are exactly. You will need to rely on yourself to discover your origins, do you understand?”

Ah Dai only stared dazedly at Pu Lin, unable to think of any words to say.

“It’s okay Ah Dai, don’t think too much about it for now. Come, I’ll give you a gift as well. It should be useful to you, not only can it help you suppress evil, it can also protect you in times of danger. Look.” As he spoke, Pu Lin placed his hand on top of the stone platform before him. With a flash of light, a round shaped stone pillar suddenly emerged from the platform. Pu Lin quietly muttered some incantations,and drew a magic hexagram on top of the pillar. The light immediately intensified, and the emerging pillar seemed even more dazzling. A necklace suddenly appeared in the middle of the pillar. It was silver-colored, with a blue pendant hanging from it, a very simple looking pendant shaped like a water droplet, but its appearance seemed extremely similar to Xuan Yue’s Phoenix’s Blood.

In accordance to the appearance of this necklace, the Phoenix’s Blood near Xuan Yue’s chest suddenly grew hotter. The necklace caused her to fee Looking at the necklace with hazy eyes, Pu Lin sighed, “Do you still remember that phrase? ‘With Dragon’s Blood as bond’, this necklace is a pair with the Phoenix’s Blood. Our Puyan Tribe has been keeping it for almost a thousand years. Xuan Yue, you ought to know the origin of the two necklaces, right?”

There were emotions surging through Xuan Yue’s body, as she looked towards the Dragon’s Blood and nodded her head. “The Dragon’s Blood and the Phoenix’s Blood belonged to the first generation Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Church, His Majesty Shen Yu, and his wife. Legends said that the king of dragons— the Dragon King, and the king of all birds— the Phoenix, had used their own blood to craft the two godly artifacts. They both possess great power.”

Pu Lin nodded, “Yes, what you’ve said is correct. This Dragon’s Blood, was precisely bestowed upon us by His Majesty Shen Yu. At that time, the other tribes were reluctant to return our land to us. This caused His Majesty Shen Yu to feel apologetic, and he gave our Puyan Tribe his own godly protection artifact. It later became the priceless treasure of our Puyan Tribe. For a thousand years, no one has ever used it. As for the Phoenix’s Blood, it was always preserved by the Holy Church, and it is the necklace that Xuan Yue is wearing now. The two necklaces are a pair, complementing each other. Your powers are still too weak now, so you will be unable to display the true might of the two godly artifacts. When the two of you surpass me, perhaps you may really be able to summon the spirits of the Dragon King and the Phoenix. Among all the godly artefacts, the Dragon’s Blood and the Phoenix’s Blood are considered to be middle-grade.”

Xuan Yue was shocked, “Even godly artifacts have different ranks?”

Pu Lin nodded, “Godly artifacts are generally separated into 3 grades, didn’t your elders teach you? Some low-grade godly artefacts can be crafted with the power of humans. According to what I know, there was once a great alchemist who managed to craft a low-grade godly artifact, with his own skill and extremely precious materials from around the continent. But, as for how middle-grade and top-grade come about, I am not sure either. I only know, that the power of top-grade godly artefacts, may even cause the gods to be wary.” As he spoke, his gaze seemed to be directed towards the position of the Hell’s Sword on Ah Dai’s body.

Ah Dai did not notice Pu Lin’s gaze, and stammered in shock, “Prophet Pu Lin, you… are you saying that you are going to gift this Dragon’s Blood to us?”

Pu Lin let out a smile, “No, this is for you only. I’ve already given my own magic book to Xuan Yue, so this Dragon’s Blood shall belong to you.” After uttering those words, he seemed to use some mysterious technique, causing the necklace to appear in his hand. At the same time that the Dragon’s Blood appeared, its blue glow instantly brightened, and there seemed to be a loud roar echoing in the distance. The Phoenix’s Blood at Xuan Yue’s chest also let out a brilliant red glow, seeming to resonate with the Dragon’s Blood. It was as though the two necklaces had their own souls, and at that moment, they seemed to be rejoicing.

Immediately, Ah Dai waved his hand, and tried to refuse, “No, no, this is not appropriate, the Dragon’s Blood is your Puyan Tribe’s heirloom! How can I take it? Prophet Pu Lin, it’s better for you to keep it.”

Pu Lin shook his head, and merely said, “Ah Dai, just accept it. I feel reassured that the godly artifact will be safe in your hands. As it is a godly artifact, it should help you on your journey. The Thousand-Year Great Tribulation is about to befall, I hope you can put the artifact to good use, and display its might. To be able to help the savior, it is our Puyan Tribe’s sacred duty.”

Xuan Yue stared at Pu Lin, then looked back at Ah Dai. Suddenly, she reached out and grabbed the Dragon’s Blood from Pu Lin, and thrust it into Ah Dai’s hand. “Since he asked you to take it, just take it. Didn’t Prophet Pu Lin say that we still have to help his Puyan Tribe next time? With the Dragon’s Blood, we will have a better chance of doing that. If not, you can always return it to him after the great tribulation has passed.”

Ah Dai was stunned. The Dragon’s Blood in his hand emanated warmth, and his body was filled with an indescribable sense of comfort. Furthermore, the Dragon’s Blood seemed to have a sense of closeness to him. After it was placed in Ah Dai’s hand, it’s blue radiance gradually dimmed, but the vast energy contained within remained.

“Prophet Pu Lin, then I’ll borrow it first, thank you very much!” Ah Dai relented.

Pu Lin let out a smile and said, “There is an incantation to activate the Dragon’s Blood. When you want to use it, you just have focus all your mental energy into it, and the incantation will naturally appear in your mind. The incantation of the Dragon’s Blood is similar to the incantation of the Phoenix’s Blood. As for its other uses, Xuan Yue can explain it to you.” Pu Lin revealed a pleased look as he exclaimed, “My duty is finally done here. The fate of the Puyan Tribe, shall lay in your hands in the future. Xuan Yue, Ah Dai, the both of you mustn’t disappoint me!”

Xuan Yue pulled Ah Dai towards her, replying on his behalf, “We shall do what we can. Prophet Pu Lin, do you have any other things you need to tell us? We should get going soon. Yan Shi is still in danger. Aren’t you worried that he will be harmed again? The culprit was able to kill his wife without anyone noticing, I think that Yan Shi might still be in danger even here.”

There was a trace of pain in Pu Lin’s eyes, and he sighed, “That child, Yan Shi, I’ve watched him grow up, but his fate is already determined by the Heavens, it can’t be so easily changed just with the power of humans. Don’t worry, I’ve already made the necessary arrangements for him. I’ve still got some things to tell you. You’ve seen the Tilu warriors in the Tilu Temple, what are your thoughts about them?”

Xuan Yue and Ah Dai both revealed looks of fear. Xuan Yue responded, “They are the most dangerous warriors I’ve seen. Even among the inquisitors of the Holy Church, perhaps only the highest ranked inquisitors might be match for them. Your Puyan Tribe has quite a few experts!”

Ah Dai added on, “They are really strong, especially the two Tilu warriors outside the door of the stone grotto. If they were to attack, just a single one would be able to kill us easily.” With a pained look on his face, Pu Lin lamented, “These Tilu warriors are heroes, most deserving of respect in our Puyan Tribe! Do you know how they came about? I’ll tell you now, this is one of the greatest secrets of our tribe. A thousand years ago, our Puyan Tribe was almost wiped out by that great tribulation. And even after the tribulation, we still faced many threats. In order to allow our tribe to continue to progress and grow, the current tribe leader, decided to use a restricted witchcraft and create the strongest warriors.”

“Strong warriors could be created?” Ah Dai exclaimed in shock.

Pu Lin nodded, “Witchcraft is an extremely mysterious magic, and it is similar to the forgotten necromancy magic. The one using witchcraft will have to pay a certain price in order to attain his goals. In our Puyan Tribe, we have records of a witchcraft, that enables one to reach and display his full potential. However, there is an exorbitant price to pay, and that is — the soul.”

Both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai involuntarily cried out, “Soul?”

Pu Lin nodded his head solemnly, “Yes, the soul. After using this witchcraft, one will have to give up their soul. The warriors who used this witchcraft, although they had lost their souls, as long as their fleshly body was not destroyed, they would have eternal life. This is the true form of the Tilu warriors. They have forcefully unlocked their full potential, not only do they have powerful attack and defense abilities, the most fearsome is the self-healing ability that they now possess. As long as their bodies are not totally destroyed and they are not disabled, they can be said to be immortal.”

Listening to Pu Lin’s explanation, Ah Dai could not help but mutter, “To give up their souls in order for greater power, this, this seems too…..”

“Too evil? The current Tilu warriors, are the heroes of our Puyan Tribe. They have given up their souls in order for the progress of our Puyan Tribe, and they shall forever gain the respect of our tribesmen. This witchcraft cannot be simply used by anyone. One must possess great power and an extremely resolute will, if not, it will be impossible for the witchcraft to succeed. The Tilu warriors who have successfully used this witchcraft were the strongest fighters our Puyan Tribe has produced. There is a method to test a warriors compatibility, and the warriors who pass the test, will obtain the instructions and incantations for the witchcraft from the prophet. If something that threatens the safety of our Puyan Tribe appears, these warriors will activate the witchcraft unhesitatingly, allowing them to become the fearsome Tilu warriors in an instant. In that year, after the great tribulation, the countless other tribes treated our Puyan Tribe as a slab of meat. To them, the long history of our tribe, meant that we must have many priceless treasures. As a result, they tried to invade our territory numerous times, vying for the land and the treasures we possessed. But each time, in the face of this danger, the warriors in our tribe instantly used the witchcraft, and became fearsome Tilu warriors to eliminate the enemies. After the enemies had been defeated, they would lose their souls and consciousness, and could only be controlled by prophets like me. This is exactly why, I hate those outsiders even more. In the past thousand years, our Puyan Tribe had experienced great dangers a total of 121 time, and because of these dangerous situations, a total of 276 brave warriors had turned into the Tilu warriors. Excluding the 11 whose bodies were totally destroyed in battle, there are still 265 Tilu warriors remaining, the oldest of them are at least 900 years old. Although their strength will no longer increase, they have become the most powerful secret weapon that our Puyan Tribe possesses.”

Perplexed, Ah Dai asked, “Since the Tilu warriors are so powerful, wouldn’t just ten or twenty of them be enough? Why are there so many Tilu warriors?”

Pu Lin let out a bitter smile, “Our Puyan Tribe consists of over thirty clans, although it is incomparable to the time when we were at our prime, our territory still spans quite a large area. Every time our enemies attacked, it was impossible that a Tilu warrior would always be nearby. So, in times of extreme danger, these strong warriors would sacrifice their souls using the witchcraft, instantly increasing their power in order to protect their tribesmen. If not for the strict requirements of the witchcraft, perhaps, we might have even more Tilu warriors today. Even now, there are still some people who lust over the ‘treasures’ that our Puyan Tribe supposedly has, and they try to sneak into our tribe. This is why our Puyan Tribe really despises outsiders, and refuses to interact with them.”

Ah Dai thought for a while and asked, “Prophet Pu Lin, then do you think, big brother Yan Shi’s wife, might have been killed by those outsiders?”

Pu Lin shook his head, “I’m not too sure, everything will be revealed tonight. Children, the reason why I told you the secret of the Tilu warriors, is to let you understand that, if you face stronger opponents in the future, the Tilu warriors of our Puyan Tribe shall be your loyal allies. They will be able to be of great help to you.”

Ah Dai and Xuan Yue looked at each other, and Xuan Yue sighed, “These Tilu warriors are so pitiable, we would rather not have them help. They have already lost their souls, it’s better for them to live quiet lives in the Tilu Temple. What do you think?”

Pu Lin had watery eyes as he replied, “You’re right, these seniors have already sacrificed enough for the sake of the tribe. We can talk about this next time. However, even if you don’t wish for them to help, I’ll still tell you the methods to control them, because I don’t have much time left. You have to promise me, after I impart the technique for controlling them to you, you must never use them for selfish purposes. At the same time, I have another request, and that is, I wish that you will not reveal the fact that the both of you are the saviors to anyone, not even to the Holy Church. Let things progress on their own, if the Holy Church finds out that you are the saviors they are seeking, perhaps it may affect your growth in the future. Xuan Yue, you should understand, I’m saying these words to you.”

Without waiting for Xuan Yue’s response, Ah Dai hurriedly exclaimed,
“Prophet Pu Lin, why do you not have much time left!”

Pu Lin let out a sigh, “As a prophet, my life has already been quite long. Afterall, I’ve revealed Heaven’s plans, so I will surely receive divine punishment. Although I cannot really foresee when exactly my time will run out, I know that it will be soon.” Shooting a glance at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue asked, “Since we are the saviors that you speak of, then wouldn’t it better to tell this news to the Holy Church? We will be able to receive more help in the future.”

Meanwhile, Ah Dai interjected, “Prophet Pu Lin, you will be fine, you can surely live for another 10 years!”

Pu Lin raised his hand, preventing Xuan Yue and Ah Dai from speaking further. There was a faint smile on his face as he said, “People’s lives will eventually come to an end, and mine is no exception. I have already said it earlier, that I am considered to be one of the older prophets, some have passed away before they even reached the age of 30. Right now, I am already very satisfied. Xuan Yue, as a member of the Holy Church, I understand that you may feel guilty if you do not tell such an important thing to the Supreme Pontiff, but you must remember my words. Everyone has their own fate, that is prearranged by the gods. If there are external forces interfering, there may be slight changes to your fates. Like the both of you, you have already embarked on the wheel of fate, you can only go on according to your own fate. It is best to stick to your natural path, Xuan Yue, do you understand?”

Xuan Yue seemed to be deep in her thoughts, not speaking further. Pu Lin walked unsteadily into the middle of Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, he originally did not have a short stature, but somehow he seemed hunchbacked now. Ah Dai quickly went to support him and asked, “Prophet, are you okay?”

Pu Lin shook his head, saying, “Both of you, listen to me. Right now, I will be teaching you the method to command the Tilu warriors, both of you must vow to never teach this to anyone else.”

Lowering his head, Ah Dai muttered, “Prophet Pu Lin, I, I don’t want to learn this.”

Pu Lin let out a sigh, as he suddenly stretched out his bony right hand and touched Ah Dai’s chest. Ah Dai was shocked, but he did not resist. That bony hand was already feeling the sheathed Hell’s Sword hidden away behind Ah Dai’s shirt. An evil energy emanated from the hilt of the sword, and the temperature in the stone room instantly got colder, causing Xuan Yue to shiver uncontrollably.

Pu Lin retracted his hand, seeming to be unaffected by that extreme evil energy. “Child, objects are not categorised by kindness and evil. No matter what it is, it all depends on how you use it. If you use it with kind intentions, then you will be kind; if you use it with evil intentions, then you will be evil. The Tilu warriors are just like the object of extreme evil at your chest, both of them should not have existed. But since they already exist, then wouldn’t it be better if you use them for good, instead of leaving them there to be useless, or to be used with evil intentions? The reason why I’m teaching you the method to command them, is not to make you bring them to accomplish anything. I just hope that, if something happens to our Puyan Tribe in the future, or perhaps if the great tribulation requires a helping hand, you can use these heroes of our Puyan Tribe to aid you. As long as it is for a righteous cause, I’m sure, these heroes in the nether world will be pleased as well.”

With a gentle gaze, Pu Lin then turned towards Xuan Yue. Ah Dai kept quiet with his head lowered, but Xuan Yue thought for a while, and replied, “Since you put it this way, then let’s start. I promise you that we will definitely not use your esteemed tribe’s Tilu warriors, unless the situation calls for it.”

Pu Lin had a satisfied look on his face, “Okay, I’m glad that you can understand my intentions. Let us begin now. Actually, the method to command the Tilu warriors is not really difficult. Although they do not have souls, they still sense a connection with things that are familiar to them. The two of you may not be part of our Puyan Tribe, but Xuan Yue has obtained my magic book, and Ah Dai obtained the Dragon’s Blood. With these two items, it should be much easier for you to learn the method to command them.” Pu Lin then explained in detail, the methods of commanding the Tilu warriors, to Xuan Yue and Ah Dai.

After an hour or so, Pu Lin took a deep breath and said, “I’ve told you everything that I know. Both of you are too weak right now, so you can’t use this method yet. Especially Xuan Yue, since you have a holy physique, if you want to use this method, you will need learn spatial magic as support. After all, the Tilu warriors were made through witchcraft, they could also be considered as dark warriors. If you have the time, you should practise according to the magic book I gave you, do you understand?”

Xuan Yue nodded. What Pu Lin had just taught them, was actually information regarding the witchcraft of making those Tilu warriors, as well as the methods to control the witchcraft. Since it was something that was foreign to both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai, they found it a little hard to take in. The power of witchcraft was extremely mysterious, and even prophet Pu Lin only knew this one type of witchcraft.

“This time, passing by our Puyan Tribe, where are you heading? Can you tell me?” Pu Lin asked.

Xuan Yue glanced at Ah Dai and replied, “We are going to the Death Mountains to search for top-grade magic crystals.”

Pu Lin was shocked, “What? You are going to the Death Mountains? That is the one of the most dangerous places in the continent! You are really too daring.” As he finished speaking, he drew a magic hexagram in the air. With a solemn expression on his face, he quickly chanted some incantations. After a long time, he finally stopped, and sighed in relief, “I’ve already helped you to calculate, although you may face many dangers in your journey, you should still be able to return safely. It is best to be careful.”

Ah Dai was easily convinced by Pu Lin’s words, and his original worry instantly disappeared. “Then you’re saying that, we are able to obtain the magic crystals?”

Pu Lin coughed a few times before replying, a little out of breath, “You must believe in yourselves, and have the confidence to overcome all obstacles. Whether you will be able to succeed, it will all depend on yourselves. Let’s go, it’s time to leave this place, it should be time to resolve the matter regarding Yan Shi.” Dumbfounded, Ah Dai was about to say something, but his stomach suddenly started growling. Quite some time had passed, and the food he ate during lunch was already digested.

Xuan Yue let out a peal of laughter, but she soon chanted some incantations and took out some buns from the Phoenix’s Blood, passing them to Ah Dai. “You must be hungry, eat some food first. Prophet, do you want some too?”

Pu Lin smiled awkwardly, “I apologize, I’d forgotten that you two have not eaten dinner yet. Let’s go, after Yan Shi’s matter is dealt with, I will surely ask the tribe leader to treat you well.” As he spoke, he led Xuan Yue and Ah Dai out of the stone room. When they stepped out of the two stone doors, the two Tilu warriors standing guard did not show any signs of obstruction. Pu Lin explained, “These two Tilu warriors are the two strongest warriors in our tribe. They were courageous and strong warriors who used witchcraft to turn into Tilu warriors a few hundred years ago, and they can be considered to be the kings of the Tilu warriors. They are standing here now, to protect the history of our Puyan Tribe. Xuan Yue, there is a method of entering this place, written at the very back of my magic book. If there’s need in the future, you can come here to command them.” Xuan Yue and Ah Dai glanced towards the Tilu warrior kings, with looks of reverence, yet also tinged with a hint of sadness.

Xuan Yue could faintly sense that Prophet Pu Lin, someone who had sacrificed 30 years of his life for his tribe, seemed to be stating his last will.


It was already very late at night, and there was not a single star in the night sky. Layers of clouds obscured the bright moon, and the land was sunk into darkness. There was an occasional breeze rustling the leaves, causing people to feel a sense of strangeness.

In a stone house outside the Tilu temple. Yan Li was currently sitting on the steps leading into the house. He produced a piece of cloth out of nowhere, constantly wiping his two battle axes. “Big brother Yan Ju, do you think the culprit will come tonight? Should we have set more people here to make sure if that culprit comes, he will be unable to leave. Once I capture that bastard, I will surely hack him into pieces with my axes!” As he spoke, he even waved the battle axes in his hands angrily. They had already been standing guard outside for half the night, yet there was no sign of any movements. It was already very late at night, and the Puyan tribesmen in the clan were sleeping.

Yan Ju shook his head helplessly, “Ah Li, you’re not that young anymore, but you are still so rash. Think about it, if we place too many men here, how will the culprit fall for it? Furthermore, the two of us can already be considered to be experts within the tribe, no matter how strong the enemy is, with our strength, we will surely be able to delay him for enough time, while the other tribesmen come to help capture him.”

Yan Li yawned, “Big brother Yan Ju, you’ve lectured me since young, but I’m old enough now, you can stop lecturing me. I’m so sleepy! If only the next day can arrive sooner. Big brother Yan Shi is really pitiful, sister Yun’ Er just departed like that. The Heavens are really blind! to Not even bless such a kind person like sister Yun’ Er.”

“Stop saying this kind of nonsense! If the tribe leader were to hear this, you will be in deep trouble!” Yan Ju chided.

Yan Li only let out a hmpf, “I don’t know what the tribe leader is thinking, if I were him, I would have surely arranged for many men to protect big brother Yan Shi. Although finding the culprit is important, shouldn’t it be more important to save big brother Yan Shi? However, not only did he simply send the two of us to stand guard, he even spread the prophet’s words throughout the tribe. Does he want big brother Yan Shi to be in more danger? Sister Yun’ Er had already died, and big brother is so miserable, but he didn’t even seem to be very sad. Furthermore, he was already opposed to sister Yun’ Er marrying big brother Yan Shi last time, who knows, he might even be glad that sister Yun’ Er is dead.” Yan Ju pulled Yan Li up from the ground, scolding, “Why is it that the more I scold you, the more you continue to say? Is the tribe leader someone you can make judgements about?”

Yan Li seemed to know that he had gone overboard, as he awkwardly placed his battle axes behind his back, and muttered, “Big brother Yan Ju, pretend I didn’t say anything just now.”

Yan Ju let out a slight smile, chiding, “You! If only you can change that rash behavior of yours, perhaps you will be more well-liked, and the tribe leader will not be worried about sending you out for training..”

“I’m getting so bored spending all my time within the clan. Big brother Yan Ju, what do you think will happen, if big brother Yan Shi is unable to wake up? He is the only successor of the tribe leader! Our tribesmen surely won’t allow someone who lost consciousness to take over the position of the tribe leader. I really hope that he quickly regains his consciousness.”

There was a faint glint flashing across Yan Ju’s eyes as he replied, “If brother Yan Shi is really unable to wake up, perhaps the highly respected tribe elders will have to select a new successor from the younger generation.”

“Big brother Yan Ju, if they really had to pick a new successor, who else will be able to compare to your famed reputation. In our generation , perhaps even big brother Yan Shi is incomparable to you!”

Yan Ju was slightly stunned for a moment, and furrowed his brows, “Yan Li, stop spouting nonsense. Stay on your guard, the culprit may appear anytime, our mission tonight is very important!”

Yan Li let out a cold hmpf, “I’m more afraid that the culprit won’t dare to show up. As long as he comes, I refuse to believe that he will be able to escape!”

Yan Ju walked over to Yan Li’s side, patting his broad shoulders as he spoke, “Yan Li, there’s something you’re very right about.” Confused, Yan Li asked, “What thing?”

Chapter29 Murderer revealed

Translated by: KuroNeko Edited by: Stbunbun

“If Yan Shi is really unable to recover, then I will surely be able to succeed the tribe leader. I have at least this much confidence, after toiling away for so many years, it is something that I deserve in return,” Yan Ju said.

Yan Li was shocked, “Big brother Yan Ju, what are you saying? It was just a casual comment of mine, you can’t be serious about it?”

Letting out a cold laugh, Yan Ju instantly pressed his right hand that was covered with a layer of yellow dou qi against Yan Li’s body. The dou qi burst out, sealing Yan Li’s meridians.

Yan Li tried to react, but it was too late for him to put up any resistances. With a look of disbelief on his face, he stared at Yan Ju as his body gradually collapsed onto the floor. Although he had not lost consciousness, he had already lost the ability to move or speak. He could only stare in shock at Yan Ju.

Pleased with his actions, Yan Ju looked warily around, dragging Yan Li’s muscular body, retreating to the back of the stone house. After placing Yan Li’s body in a corner, he was finally able to relax, and let out a smirk, “Yan Li, you are really too dumb. There are some things that you will be unable to understand. After I take care of Yan Shi, I will come back to take care of you.” After he finished speaking, Yan Ju took slow steps towards Yan Shi, who was tied to the bed. Although Yan Li had already collapsed onto the floor, his gaze was still fixated on Yan Ju, obvious signs of disbelief in his eyes. He simply could not understand why, why such a good-tempered and magnanimous person like Yan Ju would act this way. There was an steel dagger in Yan Ju’s hand as he walked over to Yan Shi’s bed. Coldly glaring at Yan Shi who had visibly become thinner, he snarled with deep hatred, “Yan Shi, do you know why I’m treating you this way? I’m sure you don’t know. I’ll tell you, so that you can at least die knowing the truth. Ever since we were young, I’ve hated you. It was obvious that I had surpassed you in every aspect, but just because you were the son of the tribe leader, everyone pampered you, adored you, and treated you as the successor of the tribe. But, as for me? I could only stand in your shadow. Little Yun, little Yun, she was indeed a very good lady, but did you think you were the only one who loved her? No! I’ve loved her since a long time ago, but you were the son of the tribe leader, and you were with her all the time. I didn’t have any opportunities, no chances at all to talk to her, and I could only hide my feelings deep in my heart. Why? Why are the heavens so unfair to me? Even though you had offended the tribe leader, all he did was to exile you to another clan within the tribe and make you their clan leader. That time, when I left with you, the tribe leader had instructed me, to keep an eye on you, to take care of you and to help you. I really don’t understand, I’m better than you in all aspects, but why am I unable to get the girl that I love, and only be a vice-leader, always hiding in your shadow.” As he talked about this, Yan Ju’s voice could not help get louder as he became more agitated, with a crazed look in his eyes.

Yan Shi remained motionless, still lying on the bed with a dazed look. However, his hand underneath the bed sheets was already clenched tight, his fingernails digging deeply into his flesh.

Yan Ju raised the dagger in front of his face, saying with extreme hatred, “The day before, when you were gone to patrol, I could no longer endure the torment deep in my heart. A

Just at this moment, something miraculous happened. Yan Shi, who was originally bound tightly, suddenly released a yellow glow, and the ropes on his body started to tear, inch by inch. He kicked towards Yan Ju’s chest which let out the crisp sound of bones breaking. Yan Ju let out a monstrous howl as his whole body was sent flying, and he fell onto the floor after hitting the stone wall.

Yan Shi got off the bed, and started walking towards Yan Ju, with blood- red eyes that were full of hatred. Waves of dense killing intent spread out from him as he cracked his knuckles and said with a trembling voice, “Why… Yan Ju, why! You are my most respected elder brother, why would you do such a monstrous thing!”

Although he had just received a kick from Yan Shi, Yan Ju had profound martial arts, and the dou qi in his body prevented the broken bones from piercing his inner organs. He gasped in shock, “You, you’re awake? The, the prophet lied? You… I really regret not killing you earlier.”

Yan Shi merely glared coldly towards him, with his dou qi emanating from his body. Due to the intense hatred, all of his latent potential had burst out. Just as he was preparing to end Yan Ju, a frail old voice sounded, “Yan Ju, I did not lie. It’s just that you had misunderstood something.”

The stone door opened, and Prophet Pu Lin and the Puyan tribe leader, Yan Fei, walked in, along with Ah Dai and Xuan Yue. Initially, Yan Ju thought that he still had a chance to live, and he was already conserving all of his power, waiting for Yan Shi to strike out. After all, in terms of power, he was still above Yan Shi, and even though he was injured, he still had some confidence of winning. However, when he saw the prophet and the tribe leader entering the house, he knew he was done for, and all of his efforts were in vain. Everyone in the tribe knew how powerful the prophet was.

There was a sorrowful expression on Yan Fei’s face, as he muttered in disbelief, “Yan Ju, why? You were one of my most trusted tribesmen, why did you betray the Puyan Tribe, and Yan Shi. He was your brother! Even if he had done something wrong to you, why must you resort to this kind of vicious action? You’ve really disappointed me, how are you going to face your departed parents? Indeed, compared to you, Yan Shi was lacking in many aspects, and he was similar to Yan Li, both of them were strong, but blockheaded and rash. But did you know, the reason why I instructed you to do many things, was precisely because I had already decided for you to be my successor. I am not concerned over small things like birth, and felt that, with your leadership, our tribesmen would be able to lead better lives. However, you… you have disappointed me greatly.”

Yan Ju was stunned, but he replied coldly, “What’s the use of you making things up now, I don’t believe that you wouldn’t let your own son be the next tribe leader.”

Prophet Pu Lin sighed, “Since you don’t believe the tribe leader’s words, how about mine? Three years ago, the tribe leader had already discussed with me, and he said that you were the best candidate to succeed him. Thus, we arranged a series of tests, to examine your abilities, and you had passed it all. However, I had never expected that you would have such evil intentions. Yan Ju, everything is clear now, Yan Shi had already told us everything that happened when you and Yan Li were bringing the visitors to the temple. He was already clear-headed since then. Initially, after you killed and raped Yun’ Er, you even purposely damaged her corpse in order to agitate Yan Shi. You knew that only the elite warriors of our Puyan Tribe had the ability to go berserk, and you were trying to agitate Yan Shi into his berserk mode. He would have been unable to control himself, and would have easily depleted his life force and died. However, you had never expected that, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai would be able to calm his berserk mode at the crucial moment, and save his life. After that, you no longer had the chance to kill him, and you were not in a rush to do so, since he had become dazed. Did you think I was lying back in the Tilu Temple? You’re wrong, everything that I’ve said is the truth. Ah Dai is indeed Yan Shi’s fated person. What I did not specify was that, they had already seen each other in the horse carriage, and Yan Shi came back to his senses with Ah Dai’s persuasion. We arranged all of this in order to find the true culprit, and you, finally revealed yourself now.”

Yan Ju was totally dumbfounded, mumbling incoherently, “No, no, this… this can’t be. You are all lying to me, right? You must be lying…” He would have never imagined that, the position of the tribe leader that he was vying for all this time, was actually so close to him, but he had just thrown away all his chances. Even the word ‘regret’ was impossible to describe the feelings within his heart.

Xuan Yue glared hatefully at Yan Ju, saying, “Yan Shi, what are you waiting for? He had killed your wife! Did you forget how your wife died?”

Listening to Xuan Yue’s words, Yan Shi let out a howl of rage, and his brown-colored hair was flying around from the undulations of his dou qi as he shot a punch towards Yan Ju.

“Bang——” Yan Shi was sent backwards 6 or 7 steps from the impact, and only managed to steady himself with Ah Dai’s help. The person who had shielded Yan Ju, was the Puyan tribe leader, Yan Shi’s father, Yan Fei.

“Father, why do you stop me, shouldn’t that bastard die for his crimes!” Yan Shi yelled in fury. He was already close to the point of going berserk.

As Yan Fei retracted his hand that had blocked Yan Shi’s fist, he sighed, “Yan Shi, father is at fault. At that time, if I hadn’t let Yan Ju accompany you, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. Indeed, Yan Ju ought to die, but he cannot die now, we have to give the tribesmen a proper explanation first. Oh Yun’ Er! You have died such a wrongful death!”

Yan Shi stood there silently as he glared fiercely at Yan Ju who had collapsed onto the floor. If looks could kill, Yan Ju would have already died over a thousand times.

It was at this moment, a cold glint flashed across Yan Ju’s eyes. Under the cover of Yan Fei’s shadow, Yan Ju seemed to be quietly muttering something.

Rage burst forth from Pu Lin as he exclaimed, “Yan Ju, do not try to struggle anymore, it’s futile. With your cruel character, you are completely unworthy of becoming a Tilu warrior!” As he spoke, he drew a yellow-colored magic hexagram in the air. There was a flash of light, and Yan Ju started howling in misery as the hexagram was imprinted onto his chest. It turned out that Yan Ju was planning to sacrifice his soul and become a Tilu warrior to escape   However, it was still discovered by Pu Lin. Pu Lin shook his head solemnly, “Tribe leader, I’ve already sealed all of Yan Ju’s power, the rest will be up to you to handle.”

Pu Lin turned around to speak to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, “You must remember the words that I’ve said today. The future of the Puyan Tribe is in your hands. No matter what happens in the future, you will always be the most respected friends of our Puyan Tribe.” Then, he turned towards the tribe leader, “Tribe leader, I’m tired, I will return to the temple first. You must take good care of these visitors.”

Yan Fei took a glance at Ah Dai, and responded, “Yes, Prophet.”

As Pu Lin hobbled out of the stone house, he seemed to have become frailer, and that withering body of his, was like a candle that was about to go out. Ah Dai could not help but feel his heart ache when he looked at Pu Lin’s fading silhouette.

Yan Fei called over two Puyan warriors to carry Yan Ju away, then proceeded to undo the seal on Yan Li’s meridians, while saying, “Yan Shi, you and Yan Li are not to leave this place tonight. Tomorrow at mid- afternoon, I will openly deal with this matter regarding Yan Ju, in the public square of the tribe.” After he finished speaking, he nodded towards Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, and left the house.

Yan Shi was stunned momentarily, as he watched his father walk off. Suddenly, he burst out in tears, as though wanting to vent out all of his sorrows and emotions. He had finally found the killer of his beloved wife, only to discover that the culprit was actually his most respected brother. And what pained him the most was that, no matter how he was going to rip apart Yan Ju, he could not bring his wife back to life again.

Even now, Yan Li still had not awoken from his shock. He was merely sitting in a corner, unmoving, and at a loss for words.

Ah Dai looked at Yan Shi, and remembered the incidents in his past. As he recalled the pain in his childhood, his tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably. He put his arms around Yan Shi’s shoulder in consolation, and stood there silently. Under the depressing atmosphere, the air seemed to be abnormally stifling.

Xuan Yue scurried over to Ah Dai’s side and grabbed hold of his large hands, with a gentle look on her face.

A tremor went down Ah Dai’s body and a gust of warmth erupted from his heart when he saw the gentleness in Xuan Yue’s gaze. In his eyes, Xuan Yue seemed to have grown up, and was no longer the same spoiled brat who would only annoy him.


Two days later, Ah Dai, Yue Hen and the others, a total of 8 people, finally left Puyan Tribe to continue on their journey. Yes, a group of 8, Yan Shi and Yan Li had now joined them. On the day after capturing Yan Ju, the Puyan tribe leader had revealed all of Yan Ju’s crimes to the tribesmen. Harming another tribesman was the most serious crime in the Puyan Tribe, and the punishment for that, was death. Eventually Yan Ju had died under Yan Shi’s sabre, but even after getting his revenge, Yan Shi was still unable to feel any joy. Thus, when Ah Dai’s group of people were planning to leave, Yan Shi pleaded to Yan Fei, asking him for permission to go adventuring with Ah Dai. At first, Yan Fei was reluctant, but Pu Lin had advised that it would be beneficial for Yan Shi to be together with Ah Dai. Furthermore, Yan Shi’s emotions were still unstable now, and it would be better for him to go on a journey, to get things off his mind. With Pu Lin’s words, Yan Fei agreed to Yan Shi’s leaving. Likewise, Yan Li was troubled over the incident that happened and he had also longed to leave the tribe to explore, so he went to ask Yan Fei for permission as well, using the excuse of protecting Yan Shi. Due to fatigue from dealing with the incident, Yan Fei did not really put much thought into it, and agreed as well, only advising them to listen to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue’s instructions and not to be too rash.

Therefore, Yan Shi and Yan Li both followed Ah Dai’s group on their journey. Yan Shi and Yan Li continued to ride on their horses, while Ah Dai did not want to endure the muscle pain from horse-riding, and went back to sit in the horse carriage with the others.

It was a pleasant day, with clear skies and a bright sun shining down.
Under the rays of the sunlight, the air became much hotter.

Peeking his head out from the horse carriage, Ah Dai yelled out to Yan Shi and Yan Li, “Brothers, the weather is too hot, let us rest awhile before continuing!”

Ever since Yan Shi stepped out of the tribe, he had not spoken a single word. When he heard Ah Dai’s call, he merely nodded his head slightly, and stopped, jumping down from his horse with Yan Li.

After Ah Dai and the others got off the horse carriage, all of them walked over to the forest beside the wide road, and found a shady spot to rest. Yan Shi sat alone by the side, with a lonely expression on his face.

Yan Li drew the pair of battle axes from behind his back, and placed them aside as he asked Ah Dai, “Brother, do you have any water? I’m dying of thirst, this damned weather is really too hot.”

Yue Hen let out a smile and threw the waterskin to Yan Li, “Drink up, this is the spring water from your tribe.”

Yan Li caught the waterskin gratefully. There was a hint of embarrassment as he looked at Yue Hen, “Brother, you are called Yue Hen, right? I’m really sorry for that day, I was too rash at that time, please don’t take it to heart!”

Yue Hen was still a little afraid as he recalled that day when Yan Li used his battle axes to strike at him, if not for Ah Dai blocking that fatal strike, perhaps… However, he did not take it to heart and smiled, “That was all a misunderstanding, I’m not such a petty person. But, brother Yan Li, your strength is indeed powerful! I might have lost my life under your axe.”

Yan Li let out an awkward laugh and replied, “If you are comparing strengths, in the younger generation of our Puyan Tribe, apart from big brother Yan Shi and Yan Ju, it would be…….” Mentioning Yan Ju, Yan Li suddenly got a shock and quickly stopped talking, turning his head to glance towards Yan Shi. Yan Shi was still sitting in a corner, cleaning his blade, seeming to not have heard anything.

Yan Li shot Yue Hen a funny face and went off to the side to drink water, causing Yue Ji to burst out in laughter.

Ah Dai brought his own waterskin and walked over to Yan Shi’s side.
“Big brother Yan Shi, drink some water too.”

Looking at Ah Dai, Yan Shi accepted the waterskin and drank a few mouthfuls. “Thank you brother Ah Dai.” This was the first sentence that he had spoken today.

Ah Dai sat down by Yan Shi’s side and started speaking, “Big brother Yan Shi, everything has already happened, don’t think too much about it anymore. Perhaps, perhaps you might find another good wife in the future?”

With a sorrowful look in his eyes, Yan Shi glanced at Ah Dai, and shook his head, “It’s impossible. There’s no one else who is better than Yun’ Er. Brother, you don’t have to console me anymore, I’ve already avenged Yun’ Er, so she can rest in peace now. I shall dedicate what remains of my life, to protecting my tribesmen. It’s okay, I want to be alone for awhile, you should return and chat with your friends.” After he finished speaking, he kept his sabre and leaned against the sturdy tree trunk, closing his eyes.

Ah Dai returned to Xuan Yue’s side, and she whispered, “How is he?
He’s still suffering, right?”

Ah Dai nodded, “The relationship between big brother Yan Shi and his wife was so deep! I’m afraid he won’t be able to recover anytime soon. We have to show more care for him.”

Xuan Yue nodded to Ah Dai’s words, while passing him some steamed buns, “Here, eat some buns first, I’ve already given the others their share.” Surprised, Ah Dai asked, “When did you take out the buns, why didn’t I see it?”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Don’t you remember that I was the last to get off the horse carriage? Ah! Right, I’ll teach you how to use the Dragon’s Blood when we get the chance. This way, you can bring your own steamed buns and save me the trouble. However, when you use the Dragon’s Blood, it’s still better to do it away from the others. After all, it is a godly artefact.” Ever since they had left the Puyan Tribe, Xuan Yue no longer seemed to treat Ah Dai as though they were from different classes. When thinking of how Ah Dai had protected her in the Tilu Temple, Xuan Yue could not help but smile, and she found that she was starting to like this silly Ah Dai even more.

“Okay! I want to know the uses of the Dragon’s Blood too, why don’t you tell me now?” Ah Dai muttered while biting into the steamed bun.

Xuan Yue glanced over the others who were resting nearby, and said in a low voice, “I can teach you, but you must tell me, what is the extreme evil object that Prophet Pu Lin talked about?”

Ah Dai got a shock from her question, but shook his head, feeling troubled, “It’s better that you don’t know about it. If there’s a chance in the future, perhaps you will see it.”

“Why? Please, I want you to tell me now. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t tell anyone about it,” Xuan Yue pouted.

Xuan Yue’s pleading look was enchanting, and Ah Dai was a little dazed as he looked at her. Giving in, he muttered, “You must promise to not tell anyone, okay? Not even your father.”

Xuan Yue nodded solemnly, “Quickly tell me, I, Xuan Yue, will stay true to my words. I know that that object of yours mustn’t be seen by anyone, and I promise I won’t tell anyone about it, not even the people of the Holy Church. Is it okay now? Whisper it to me.” The experience within the Tilu Temple had caused Ah Dai’s impression of Xuan Yue to change drastically, and he had begun to subconsciously think of Xuan Yue as his best friend. Looking around warily, Ah Dai finally spoke, “This sword was given to me by my Uncle, he instructed me to not tell anyone about it because it is simply too evil. It is called the Hell’s Sword.”

Hearing the name of the sword, Xuan Yue got a huge shock and cried out, “What? Hell……” Just as she barely got a word out, her mouth was immediately covered by Ah Dai’s hand. “What are you doing? Didn’t you promise not to say?”

The shock in Xuan Yue’s eyes gradually faded and she used her hand to point at Ah Dai’s hand which was still covering her mouth. Ah Dai suddenly sensed the warmth underneath his hand, Xuan Yue’s skin was soft and supple, and that rosy cheeks and moist lips of hers… Red-faced, Ah Dai quickly released his hand, and awkwardly apologised, “I, I’m sorry, Yue Yue.”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “Hateful! Are you trying to suffocate me?”

The two of them had caused quite a loud ruckus, and the others started to look at them. Miao Fei was a little envious as he joked, “Ah Dai, you mustn’t bully Xuan Yue! If not, we won’t forgive you!”

Yue Ji giggled, “Miao Fei, why are you butting into their flirting?
Haha, are you jealous?”

Xuan Yue blushed in embarrassment as she elbowed Ah Dai, “It’s all your fault! See, they’re laughing at us. You need to compensate me! Tell me how you are going to compensate me, hmpf.”

The innocent and simple-minded Ah Dai was instantly dumbfounded as he stared at Xuan Yue, sputtering, “I, I am already your attendant. How else do you want me to compensate you?”

Wan Li guffawed, “Why not you give yourself to her as compensation?” Xuan Yue’s face became even redder and she pouted, “You! You’re making fun of me too!” Casually waving her magic wand, a small ball of light immediately shot towards Wan Li like a bolt of lightning. Just as he wanted to block it, the ball of light had already burst apart near him, and a small hole appeared in the ground. Mud and grass splattered all over Wan Li’s body. Getting a huge fright, Wan Li immediately smiled apologetically, “Miss magician, I’m sorry, I won’t dare to laugh at you anymore. Brother Ah Dai, quickly compensate—— her, if not, I’m going to die.”

Ah Dai let out a bitter laugh, “I’ve no ideas! I don’t know how I am supposed to compensate her either!”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “If you don’t know how to compensate me now, then you can owe me first. You can pay me back next time when I think of something.” As she finished speaking, she dragged Ah Dai over to her side, and continued in a low voice, “Were you telling the truth just now? You really have the Hell’s Sword?”

Subconsciously, Ah Dai felt for the sword at his chest, and nodded,
“Yeah! It’s something that Uncle gave me.”

Although Xuan Yue was still young, she had already heard of the legend of the Hell’s Sword First Flash – [Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher]; Hell’s Sword Second Flash – [Ghost and God Terrorizer]. The Holy Church had never fought with the number one assassin in the continent, the “King of Hell”, before, but the Supreme Pontiff had sent out orders long ago that, if any of the clergy discovered his whereabouts, they must immediately report to the Holy Church. Also, her father had once told her, the scariest person in the Assassin’s’ Guild was not their mysterious leader, but rather the “King of Hell” who wielded the Hell’s Sword! The Hell’s Sword was discovered by the 3rd generation Supreme Pontiff and it contains an incomparable amount of evil energy. The current Supreme Pontiff had once said that the Hell’s Sword was the most extreme evil object, and even normal godly weapons were simply incomparable to it. Xuan Yue would have never guessed that such an extreme evil object would actually be on the silly- looking Ah Dai. Based on appearance, Ah Dai did not seem like an evil person at all, so how was he able to use the evil Hell’s Sword? Barely suppressing her utter shock, Xuan Yue continued in her low voice, “That means, the uncle who gave you that Hell’s Sword, is the number one assassin on the continent, the “King of Hell”? Where is he now! Why did he give the Hell’s Sword to you?”

Ah Dai’s eyes dimmed as he replied, “Uncle… has already died. Yue Yue, after I left uncle, you are the first person to know this secret, you mustn’t tell this to anyone! Uncle said that he had a lot of enemies, and the Hell’s Sword is extremely powerful. If bad people were to obtain it, they might cause bloodbaths throughout the continent.”

Xuan Yue hesitated for awhile, but agreed, “Okay, I’ll promise you. However, you must be careful too. Your uncle is right, if people were to find that you have the Hell’s Sword, you will be in danger too.” Pausing for a moment, she could not contain her curiosity and asked, “Ah Dai, then do you know how to use Hell’s Sword First Flash – [Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher] and Hell’s Sword Second Flash – [Ghost and God Terrorizer]?”

Ah Dai scratched his head, “I don’t know how to say it, but I think I know a little. However, I’ve never tried it before. The evil qi from the Hell’s Sword is too powerful. Uncle said that every time he drew the sword to kill a bad person, countless of innocent bystanders had died just from the evil qi spreading out. I cannot use it carelessly.”

“So frightening! Can you let me see it? No, just touching it will do,”
Xuan Yue gasped in shock, but she was still curious.

Ah Dai got a fright and quickly turned away to hide, “It’s better not to. The evil energy from the Hell’s Sword is too strong, I’m afraid that it will harm you!”

Xuan Yue’s curiosity was totally aroused right now, and she urged, “It’s okay, I’ll just touch it over your clothes. Don’t forget, I have a holy physique, so I’ll be fine. Quickly~” Without waiting for Ah Dai’s response, she immediately stuck out her delicate small hand, and pressed it against Ah Dai’s chest. Just as her hand came into contact with the hilt of the Hell’s Sword, a gust of extremely icy qi flowed out from the hilt, causing Xuan Yue’s whole body to shiver uncontrollably. To her shock, she was unable to release her hand, and her face instantly became ashen.

Ah Dai got a fright and immediately pushed away Xuan Yue’s hand, then placed his hands against her shoulders, circulating his boundless true qi into her body. Ah Dai was tall, and he was able to block everything that happened, so that the others did not notice. Under the bountiful life force of his boundless true qi, Xuan Yue’s complexion gradually became better, but she was still continuously panting. The feeling of the evil energy entering her body was deeply etched in her memory. Just now, when her hand had touched the hilt of the Hell’s Sword, she felt as though her soul was about to be absorbed by the Hell’s Sword and her consciousness slowly became blurry. If not for the protection of the Phoenix’s Blood, shielding her momentarily, and that Ah Dai was able to break off her contact in time, she might have lost her life, even with her holy physique!

“Such, such a scary feeling, that evil energy was so strong! It’s too frightening…” Xuan Yue mumbled a little incoherently.

Ah Dai asked in concern, “Yue Yue, how are you feeling? Are you okay now? I told you that the evil energy of the Hell’s Sword is too powerful, and you were too careless. Before touching the Hell’s Sword, you must use your vitality to protect your body. If you had used your light magic to protect yourself, perhaps you might not have been taken over by the evil energy. Are you feeling better now?”

Xuan Yue took a deep breath of air, and lightly nodded her head, “It really is so powerful! You mustn’t touch it carelessly as well. To release such powerful evil energy even when sheathed… If it was unsheathed, perhaps all of the life within a hundred square metres from it will be totally annihilated. I’m already regretting the promise that I made just now, I think that it will be better if you handed it over to the Holy Church for safekeeping.”

Ah Dai tightly grabbed the Hell’s Sword, shaking his head anxiously as he said, “No. This is something left to me by Uncle, I must never hand it over to anyone else. Yue Yue, I’ll promise you that I won’t use it carelessly, okay?” Xuan Yue let out a smile. “Of course, I know what type of person you are. Don’t worry anymore, I won’t tell anyone about it. After all, I still need your protection.”

Just as Ah Dai was about to speak, Yan Shi suddenly stood up and walked over, stopping in front of Ah Dai and Xuan Yue. With his movement, all of the others instantly turned to look at the three of them. “Brother Ah Dai, since we are going to the Death Mountains, let us first discuss our plans.”

At a loss for words, Ah Dai merely nodded his head. Yue Hen and the others soon walked over as well, and only Yan Li was still lying against a huge tree, letting out thunderous sounds of snoring.

“Big brother Yan Shi, do you have any good ideas in mind?” Yue Hen asked.

Chapter30 Internal chaos

Editors: Samskor, Jonathan Hurd

Crouching down, Yan Shi took out a piece of map, and placed it flat on the ground. “I don’t really have any good idea, but this time, we will need to pass through the Heaven’s Origin Tribe to continue on our journey to the Death Mountains. You should know, there are four main races in the territory of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, mainly the Winged Race, the Dwarven Race, the Elven Race and the Were-beast Race. Among them, the Elven Race and the Winged Race are peace-loving tribes that care for nature as well. Thus our Puyan Tribe has always been on good terms with them, and it should be no problem passing by their territory. As for the Dwarven Race, although they may be short-tempered, they are still kind at heart, with forthright characters, so passing through their tribe should not pose much problem as well. However, it may be harder to pass through the Were-beast territory. Their aversion to outsiders is probably equal to ours, and they tend to be aggressive, hunting wild beasts in the forest for food.”

Xuan Yue asked, “But, aren’t they similar to ordinary wild beasts? Why would they still kill them?”

Yan Shi glanced at her, explaining, “This is what you don’t understand about the Werebeast Race. The very word ‘Were-beast’ means that they possess intelligence and the ability to think, they may be beasts, but they are extremely similar to humans. The Were-beast Race is split into many different sub-races, with Were-lions, Were-tigers, Were-leopards, werewolves and Were-bears as the main five. Their smaller sub-races are also not easily bullied, as they possess special traits, such as the centaurs who are skilled in archery, and the mysterious dark demon race.

Shocked, Ah Dai exclaimed, “What! The dark demon race is a part of the Werebeast race?”

Yan Shi nodded his head solemnly, “Yes, although the dark demon race has been hunted down by humans, they were not discriminated against within the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. Thus, they were able to continue living there. However, they remain hidden, and even the other races of the Were-beasts find it hard to spot any traces of them. The numbers of the dark demon race are not very many, but they possess extremely strong attack power. Hopefully, we won’t come across them. They have a lofty status among the Were-beast race, and none of the other races will have any plots to attack them. Apart from the races that I’ve mentioned, there are still many other sub-races among the Were-beast race. Some of them are weak to the point that, even the normal beasts, without intelligence, are able to kill them. Therefore, these weak sub-races, along with ordinary beasts, become the prey for the Were-beasts.”

“Wah, they even eat their own tribesmen!” Yue Ji cried out in shock.

“Yes, this is why I said that they were very savage. Their territory lies in the middle of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, and we will have to pass through it in order to reach the Death Mountains. At that time, we need to obtain the help of the Elven race and the Winged race, and it’s best for us not to come into any conflicts with the Were-beast race. Their numbers are large, and it is impossible for us to deal with.”

The rest of them looked at one another. No one had thought that they would already face this much trouble even before entering the Death Mountains. Ah Dai asked, “Big brother Yan Shi, what happens if we really clashed with the were-beasts?”

A cold glint flashed across Yan Shi’s eyes as he replied, “Then we will have to look at the situation. If they have few numbers, we can just kill our way through; however, if they have large numbers, we can only try and run aw “If only we had wings like the winged race, then we could just fly across,” Xuan Yue muttered.

Yue Ji rolled her eyes, “Aren’t you a magician? If you know wind attribute magic, can’t you just bring everyone across?”

Xuan Yue retorted in annoyance, “If you don’t know anything, then don’t interrupt. Do you really think using wind attribute magic to fly is that easy? Simply flying alone is difficult enough, not to mention bringing so many people! Even the Magister Biernlog might not be able to accomplish such a task. Such a moron!”

Yue Ji was infuriated, immediately standing up to shout, “Who are you calling a moron? If you got the ability, then let’s spar, you can’t use magic, and I can’t use my bow.”

Xuan Yue was not intimidated and proudly stood up, staring at Yue Ji who was almost half a head taller, “Do you think I’m scared! You’ll have to defeat Ah Dai first before even thinking of challenging me. Ah Dai, teach her a good lesson on behalf of me.”

Yue Hen pulled his sister back, furrowing his brows as he chided, “Okay, okay, stop fighting you two. There are still so many obstacles ahead of us, let us first get through this. We are all a team, don’t fight between ourselves. Big brother Yan Shi, we’ve never been to the Heaven’s Origin Tribe before, so we are not familiar with their customs. But, according to your words, does that mean we are likely to face conflict with the Were- beasts?”

Yan Shi nodded, “I guess you can say so. Although the Elven race and the winged race are peace-loving, their likelihood of helping us is not large. After all, they are all a part of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, and they are unwilling to offend the were-beast race. The were-beasts are very prideful, when we reach their territory, we must make haste and not clash with them.” Sighing, he continued, “The most complicated place on the continent, is the United Regions Commonwealth, especially the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. There are too many powers there.” “If it’s really impossible, why don’t we just go around it?” Wan Li suggested

Yan Shi shook his head, “It’s too troublesome to take the roundabout route. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that we won’t face the same trouble in other territories. Since we are on our way to adventure, we mustn’t fear the problems in our path.”

“What are you guys talking about? Why didn’t you call me?” Yan Li ran over, while stretching his body.

Miao Fei laughed, “You really can sleep!”

Upon hearing that, Yan Li was a little embarrassed as he explained, “The past two days have been rough, now that we’ve finally had the chance to rest, of course I’m going to sleep more. Big brother Yan Shi, what were y’all discussing?”

Yan Shi solemnly replied, “Ah Li, as a warrior, you must be constantly on guard. The journey ahead will get even tougher, you must be more wary of your surroundings. We were just discussing how to pass through the Heaven’s Origin Tribe. Our Puyan Tribe has not had a lot of interactions with the were-beast race, so I’m afraid that we will face some difficulty in passing through their territory.”

“Don’t worry, if they dare to block our path, I will cleave my way through, one by one. I don’t believe that they will be able to block me!”

Yue Ji sneered, “Do you really think you are that capable? To fight against their whole tribe by yourself? I’d like to see how are you actually going to cleave your way through when that happens!”

“Old hag, are you looking down me! I am one of the strongest warriors in the Puyan Tribe!” Yan Li raged.

Yue Ji was already pissed off by Xuan Yue earlier, but hearing that Yan Li called her an old hag, her anger immediately surged even further. “Who are you calling old hag, you 3-inched nail!” [TN: Refer back to chapter 25, when she used 3-inched nail as an insult] [ED: jab about his height]

Yan Li drew his battle axes from behind his back in rage, “Are you still calling me 3-inched nail? I’m going to beat you up!”

Ah Dai stood up and interjected, “I think we’ve rested enough, let’s continue on our journey. Big brother Yan Li, your battle axes are very beautiful, can you let me see them?” As he spoke, he walked over to Yan Li, blocking in front of Yue Ji.

Since Ah Dai had helped Yan Shi regain his consciousness, and Prophet Pu Lin had mentioned that he was Yan Shi’s fated person, Yan Li was much more cordial when speaking to Ah Dai. Thus, he handed over his battle axes, and humpf-ed, “The mouth of that old hag from the Red Hurricane Tribe is so rotten, I really hate people calling me 3-inched nail!”

Yue Ji picked up her bow and walked over to the horse carriage, while muttering under her breath, “It’s your own fault for being short, what’s wrong with me stating the fact?”

Yan Li’s ears were sharp and he heard that remark. “You dare insult me, I’m going to kill you!” As he raged, he tried to grab the battle axes from Ah Dai’s hands and prepared to go all in.

Ah Dai turned around, with his back facing Yan Li, saying to Yue Ji, “Sister Yue Ji, you are in the wrong, how can you make fun of someone’s shortcomings?”

Yue Ji let out a cold hmpf, “That’s none of your business, just let him come, I’m not afraid of him.” As she finished speaking, she started drawing her bow.

“PA!” To everyone’s shock, Yan Shi had flashed out, and gave Yue Ji a slap, sending her flying. Wan Li and Miao Fei immediately drew their weapons after recovering from their shock. They were all members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and seeing that one of their companions was injured, they were instantly filled with anger. Yue Ji was sent flying a few meters, and fell onto the ground. A clear, red hand mark appeared on her delicate face, and fresh blood gradually trickled down her face. She was dumbfounded; ever since young, not even her parents had hit her, but the tall, burly man in front of her, had actually slapped her so ruthlessly.

Yue Hen gripped his sword hilt in anger, “Big brother Yan Shi, why did you hit my sister!”

There was no expression on Yan Shi’s face as he said, “Because she deserved it. With her arrogant attitude, she should have been taught a lesson long ago. As her brother, you didn’t educate her properly, so I shall do that for you. Every single word that she spouts from her mouth is offensive, I think that even before we reach the Death Mountains, her mouth will bring us demise. Am I wrong to have slapped her? Our Puyan warriors have our honor, which is not to be violated. If you’re not happy with my action, then feel free to find me and settle it.”

Yue Ji struggled to stand up, her armor was all messy, and her originally neatly tied hair was all scattered. Adding on the fresh red mark from the slap, and traces of blood near her mouth, she seemed extremely wretched. Her pale lips were trembling with anger, as she drew her bow and with a flash of silver, she sent an arrow shooting towards Yan Shi.

There was a hint of shock in Yan Shi’s eyes, but he immediately clasped his hands together, catching the silver arrow in his palms.

When Yan Shi had slapped Yue Ji, Yan Li was extremely shocked as well. After all, she was a girl, and to be given such a harsh slap in front of everyone, it must have been an extremely embarrassing experience for her.

Xuan Yue ran over to Ah Dai’s side, grabbing onto his arm as she whispered, “Brother Yan Shi has such a scary temper! If I say something bad in the future, you must protect me, okay? I don’t want to be beaten.”

Ah Dai nodded, then walked in front of Yan Shi, blocking Miao Fei and Wan Li, who had just rushed forward. “Stop fighting, all of you. We are all friends, but if we keep fighting within ourselves, how are we going to successfully accomplish our mission at the Death Mountains? Big brothers Yue Hen, Wan Li, and Miao Fei, please calm down first.”

“Ah Dai, don’t interfere, what right does he have to slap Yue Ji! If he thinks he is so powerful, he can fight us then!” Miao Fei shouted indignantly.

Yan Li had also run over, trying to persuade Yan Shi, “Big brother, just forget about it.”

Yue Ji’s voice was a little hoarse as she pointed her bow towards Yan Shi, screeching, “You, you dared to hit me! No matter what, one of us will have to die today!” As she spoke, she took out three more arrows from her quiver.

Yan Shi stood there, staring at Yue Ji emotionlessly. Throwing away the silver arrow in his hand, Yan Shi remarked, “Although your archery skill is not bad, but to think of killing me, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy. Just a bunch of youthful mercenaries who only have so-so skills, do you really think you are all that powerful? Do you think that you are able to make a name for yourselves with your current strength? Stop dreaming. Brother Ah Dai, please step aside, let me teach them a good lesson, and let them understand that there will always be others better than them. If not, when we reach the Death Mountains, we will all die there, because of their arrogance and ignorance.”

Ah Dai quickly threw the battle axes in his hands to Yan Li, and turned around to grab hold of Yan Shi’s shoulders. “Stop, big brother Yan Shi, don’t be rash!” He shouted, before turning back and saying to Yue Ji, “Big sis Yue Ji, I’ll apologize on big brother Yan Shi’s behalf, okay? His wife had just passed away, and he might still be feeling emotional, we should be more understanding. Brother Yue Hen, Miao Fei, and Wan Li, let’s just put this behind us, and forgive each other, okay? The road ahead is still long, must we really fight among ourselves?”

Yue Hen sighed, loosening his firm grip on his sword, and walked up to Yue Ji. Grabbing hold of her bow, he led her away while saying, “Forget it, sister.” But, he turned around and glared coldly at Yan Shi, “Yan Shi, you’ve hit my sister today, I won’t forget this grudge. But, seeing that Ah Dai spoke up on your behalf, and how your wife had just passed away, I won’t pursue this matter. However, if there is a next time, even if I have to die, I will surely get you back for that. Let’s go.” As he finished speaking, he pulled Yue Ji, with her face full of resentment, towards the horse carriage. Miao Fei and Wan Li also glared at Yan Shi, before getting on the horse carriage. There were faint sounds of Yue Ji crying in the horse carriage.

Ah Dai exhaled the breath he was holding and turned towards Yan Shi, “Big brother Yan Shi, why did you do that? Although Yue Ji was in the wrong, you shouldn’t have hit her!”

Xuan Yue walked over and added on, “Yeah! She’s still a girl, and you’ve embarrassed her in front of everyone. Especially with her proud nature, how is she going to accept that?”

Yan Shi let out a bitter laugh, and mumbled, “I don’t know why I was so rash, I’m sorry brother Ah Dai. You can go on the horse carriage first, we still have to proceed on our journey.” Then, he turned and went back to his steed, together with Yan Li.

Xuan Yue held Ah Dai’s big hands and said, “Come, let’s get on the carriage and comfort Yue Ji.”

Ah Dai scratched his head, “Yue Yue, their relationship has soured, what do you think will happen in the future! I think it’s a little inappropriate for me to console Yue Ji, since you are a girl as well, can you try to console her? Big brother Yan Shi’s slap just now was quite heavy!”

Xuan Yue pouted, and wanted to reject initially, but looking at Ah Dai’s pleading look, she could not help but give in. “I’ll try then, but if she ignores me, I can’t do anything about that.”

While they chatted, the two of them got onto the horse carriage. Wan Li had went to the front to steer the carriage, while Yue Hen sat silently within the carriage, and Yue Ji was lying by the side sobbing. Miao Fei was playing around with his sword, and once he saw the two of them, he shouted angrily, “Ah Dai, you be the judge, don’t you think Yan Shi was too unreasonable! He actually dared to hit Yue Ji. Do you know, Yue Ji is like the princess among our mercenary group! Yue Ji, please don’t cry, I’ll go and take revenge for you.” As he spoke, he wielded his sword in his hand, and was prepared to go down.

Yue Hen immediately grabbed hold of Miao Fei, “Stop it, don’t cause anymore trouble. Just sit here.”

Ah Dai let out a bitter smile as he tried to explain, “Brother Yue Hen, big brother Yan Shi hasn’t been feeling well these past few days, please don’t blame him anymore. When there’s a chance, I’ll get him to apologize to sister Yue Ji.”

Yue Hen humpf-ed in anger, “Even though his wife died, what has that got to do with us? No matter how emotional he is, he shouldn’t have hit my sister! I admit, she may be a little too pampered, but even so, what right does he have to educate her? Ah Dai, this time, l gave you face and stopped arguing with him, but they should stop provoking us. Perhaps we may not be able to defeat Yan Shi, but we are willing to die for our honor!”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Okay, okay, you are all great heroes, with great honor. Stop being angry anymore, we still need to go to the Death Mountains.” While she spoke, she scurried over to Yue Ji’s side and sat down. Patting Yue Ji’s back, she asked, “To be slapped by that burly guy, it must have hurt a lot, right?”

Yue Ji instantly sat upright, and glared at Xuan Yue. The left side of her face was already swollen. “Don’t gloat, if you got the ability, why don’t you receive a slap from him as well.”

Xuan Yue stuck out her tongue cheekily, “He’s in a bad mood now, I don’t dare to provoke him. Hais, sister Yue Ji’s face was so beautiful originally! But, to be beaten to this state… What if there’s some deformity left behind, and your eyes and mouth become crooked or something… That would be horrifying.” Even with Ah Dai shooting Xuan Yue many glances, she still said it out.

Miao Fei exclaimed in shock, “What? Deformities?”

Xuan Yue explained, as a matter-of-factly, “Of course, I don’t need to explain Yan Shi’s strength right? Perhaps sister Yue Ji’s bones may have been broken by him, and her face may become crooked.”

Perhaps Yue Ji thought of how her beautiful looks would just be gone so simply, tears started flowing down her cheeks. With a wail, she once more kneeled on the floor and started crying. The veins on Yue Hen’s forehead throbbed as he sighed, “Miss Xuan Yue, my sister is already very upset, can you stop trying to agitate her?”

Xuan Yue revealed a cunning smile, “I’m just warning her out of good intentions! Seeing how she got so badly beaten up, I just wanted to heal sister Yue Ji, and help her recover to her original state. But since you put it this way, nevermind then, I’ll go to sleep. Ah Dai, come, let me lean against your shoulder. Although you’re so silly, your shoulders are so comfortable.”

After hearing Xuan Yue’s words, Yue Ji’s crying instantly abated, and she sat up again, grabbing hold of Xuan Yue. “Little sis, what did you say? Are you able to fix the injuries on my face?”

Xuan Yue twirled the magic wand in her hand, replying, “Of course, did you forget that I’m a light attribute magician? I’m most proficient in healing. Now you’re calling me ‘little sis’?”

For the sake of her looks, Yue Ji could not help but lower her voice, and plead, “Little sis, please just help me. I, I…”

Xuan Yue held Yue Ji’s arm, and giggled, “Okay okay, big sister Yue Ji, don’t worry. In just a few minutes, I can help you get back your looks to the original way it used to be. Although this time big brother Yan Shi had indeed gone overboard, you were at fault too, weren’t you? Just stop harboring a grudge against him, okay? We are all teammates, and we will need to help one another out next time.”

Yue Ji glanced at Xuan Yue, and had no choice but to nod her head. Hearing that Xuan Yue could treat the injuries on his sister’s face, the furrowed brows in worry on Yue Hen’s face immediately relaxed, and he added on earnestly, “Miss Xuan Yue, please help treat my younger sister.”

“Of course I will, even without you asking. Sister Yue Ji is so beautiful, it would be such a pity if her looks were ruined!”

With Xuan Yue’s compliment, Yue Ji’s complexion instantly improved. Just an hour ago, she still thought of Xuan Yue as her rival, but now, she was only filled with immense gratitude towards Xuan Yue.

Actually, everything that Xuan Yue said was just a hoax, to scare them. Although Yan Shi’s slap was indeed not light, he had held back. Even without treatment, Yue Ji should be able to fully recover after a few days. Of course, it would just be a more painful process. Seeing that the atmosphere within the horse carriage had relaxed with Xuan Yue’s words, Ah Dai also heaved a sigh of relief.

Xuan Yue cracked a smile as she instructed, “Sister Yue Ji, sit down properly, I’m going to start now. The others must remain quiet, okay?”

Miao Fei and Yue Hen immediately sat back down, not daring to make any noise. Yue Ji also adjusted her position, and used her sleeves to wipe away the tears on her face. “I’ll start now.” With a smile, Xuan Yue raised her magic wand, and purposely raised her voice to chant the incantation, “O the great god of light! This devoted believer humbly requests of you, to use the holy light of recovery, and heal all the wounds and pain before you!” As she chanted, the angelic wings on her magic wand started to emanate faint white light, and a holy aura filled the carriage. Xuan Yue used her mental force to direct the light of recovery towards Yue Ji.

Yue Ji flinched slightly when the light reached her, but under the light of recovery, her swollen face felt extremely refreshed, and the pain had subsided. The light gradually became more intense, and everyone could see that Yue Ji’s face slowly became less swollen, and even the hand mark on her face was fading. When all of the light dissipated, apart from the traces of blood near her mouth, Yue Ji’s face was fully back to normal, almost as if she had never got slapped at all.

Xuan Yue put down her magic wand, and glanced carefully at Yue Ji, before smiling, “Okay, sister Yue Ji, feel for yourself, everything’s okay now.”

Yue Ji felt that all of the pain was gone, and there was only a cool feeling from where she was slapped instead; it was indescribably comfortable. Miao Fei curiously walked over to Yue Ji, and peered closely at her face, causing Yue Ji to blush. Shoving him away, she stuttered, “Ha-Haven’t you seen a beauty before?”

As Miao Fei fell on top of Ah Dai, he exclaimed in wonder, “Wah! Sister Xuan Yue, your magic is indeed powerful, not even a single trace is left behind. Yue Ji, I was just being kind to help you check! Why are you repaying kindness with evil?”

Yue Ji rolled her eyes at Miao Fei, then touched her own face. The areas where the injuries were, no longer hurt, and her face seemed to be back to its original shape. Filled with gratitude, she gushed, “Little sis, thank you so much! I, I’m sorry for what I did last time, always arguing with you. But, from now on, you shall always be my good sister! If there’s anything that you need help with, elder sister will be here to help you.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “I was in the wrong too! But it’s because sister Yue Ji is too beautiful, I was a little envious, hehe.”

Ah Dai was dumbfounded and speechless as he looked at the pair of beauties who used to quarrel all the time. A woman’s heart, was something that he could not comprehend.

Yue Hen laughed, “This time, it’s all thanks to Miss Xuan Yue, that my sister is able to recover. I really have to thank you.” “Since sister Yue Ji is all recovered, then let’s just forget about what happened just now. Actually, big brother Yan Shi is a good person, just that because of……” Ah Dai mumbled.

Yue Ji hmpfed, “Okay then, since little sis has also asked, I won’t bear a grudge this time, but I don’t want to talk to that barbarian anymore. Hmpf! Ah Dai, you better take good care of my little sister, if you bully her, or make her sad, I won’t forgive you!”

Ah Dai let out a bitter laugh, “Me… bully her? I should be praying that she doesn’t bully me instead. Ow! Yue Yue, why did you pinch me!”

The conflict this time, was finally resolved with the help of Xuan Yue’s elementary level healing skills, and the group continued on their adventure to the Death Mountains.

3 days later, they finally left the territory of the Puyan Tribe, and entered the territory of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, where it was filled with forests and hills. In the past 3 days, as Yan Shi and Yan Li were travelling with them, every time they passed by a clan within the Puyan Tribe, they would always be warmly received. However, there was now a barrier between the four members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group and Yan Shi, Yan Li. Yan Shi had become even quieter, and only talked when Ah Dai spoke to him. Meanwhile, although Ah Dai did not directly practice the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, he had already understood and memorized it. As for Xuan Yue, when she had nothing to do, she would either read the magic book that Prophet Pu Lin gave her, or secretly teach Ah Dai some incantations of the Dragon’s Blood. There was a special teleportation technique within the magic book that caught her interest, and caused the usually mischievous and rowdy girl to actually start cultivating it. Ah Dai also tried his best to remember the incantations that Xuan Yue taught him. The incantations were not very complicated, and was pretty much similar to the incantations for the Phoenix’s Blood, with some slight differences. Although Ah Dai’s brain was a little slow, he had managed to fully remember some of the simpler incantations. With his current power, it was just enough for him to use these lower leveled incantations. The horse stopped, and Wan Li’s voice sounded from outside, “Boss Yue Hen, there’s no more road in front, with a large forest blocking. What do we do?”

The group got off the horse carriage and took a look. Indeed, before them, was a vast stretch of forest, with towering trees and a thick canopy. With just a glance, one could tell that the forest was very old, with a long history behind it. Yan Shi and Yan Li also got off their horses, and Ah Dai walked over to Yan Shi’s side, asking, “Big brother, how come there is no road here? Did we take the wrong path?”

Yan Shi shook his head and explained, “We are on the correct path. It’s just that, the Heaven’s Origin Tribe has a special feature, and that is, there are no roads within their territory. Therefore, even if there are large numbers of troops trying to attack them, it may be extremely hard to break their defenses. From here onward, we can no longer ride horses. The forest ahead of us, is the famed Elven Forest.”

Everyone had gathered around Yan Shi to hear his explanation. Miao Fei furrowed his brows and asked, “If we can’t ride horses past through their territory, then what do we do with our horse carriage?”

“You can only leave them here, likewise for our horses. I’ll request the elven friends to take care of them, until we return,” Yan Shi replied in a neutral tone.

Ah Dai looked towards Yue Hen, and Yue Hen nodded. These few days, due to the awkward atmosphere between the two groups, Ah Dai had sort of become the messenger between them.

Xuan Yue walked over as well, and asked in excitement, “Big brother Yan Shi, are there many elves in the Elven Forest! I’ve never seen an elf before, what do they look like?”

As usual, Yan Shi remained expressionless as he answered, “In just a while, you’ll be able to see them. The elves are generally good-natured and kind; as long as you don’t harm them, they won’t easily start fights. Pack up your things, we will be entering the forest.” Looking at the ancient forest, Ah Dai could not help but recall his days in the Illusionary Forest, and sighed, “Nature is still the most beautiful! This giant forest is so beautiful!”

Yan Li hmpfed, “How is this considered beautiful, it’s only the outermost part of the Elven Forest. Wait till you enter the elven villages, that is truly an otherworldly paradise!”

Ah Dai was shocked, “Don’t elves live in the forest? Why do they have villages? Don’t tell me they actually destroy the forest?”

Yan Li laughed, “I guess you are too ignorant. Hehe, you’ll be able to see the elven villages later.”

Yue Hen walked over to Ah Dai’s side, and continued to explain, “There are fewer elves on the continent, and they are unwilling to interact with humans. After all, any single male elf of elven race is much more handsome than humans, and as for the female elves, they are simply incomparably beautiful. There are many nobles who are willing to pay a hefty sum for the people of the Thieves’ Guild to capture some young or matured elves. According to my knowledge, a single matured female elf, can be sold for ten thousand gold coins or so, in the black market. Because of that, the elven tribe is often plagued by people from the Thieves’ Guild, or even those who are lusting over money. Even when dealing with such people, the elves rarely kill them, showing their kind and pure nature.”

“There are people who even capture elves? They are so horrible! If I ever meet anyone of them, I will surely eliminate these scoundrels for the elves! Big brother Yue Hen, what do those nobles want the elves for?” Xuan Yue exclaimed in rage.

Yue Hen let out an embarrassed smile, and softly replied, “To become
*** slaves or playthings.”

[TN: the word was censored from the raw, and i’m sure most people should know what’s the censored word /// if you don’t, good, and please remain innocent XD] Xuan Yue was stunned, “What’s a *** slave?”

At that moment, Miao Fei was drinking water. When he heard Xuan Yue ask that question, he immediately spat out the mouthful of water, coincidentally right into Wan Li’s face. Wan Li got a fright and grabbed hold of Miao Fei’s collar, “What are you doing!”

Miao Fei choked on his water, and stuttered, “I, I….. didn’t…. do it… on purpose, Miss, Miss Xuan Yue…. she, she…. is really…. Too…..”
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