The Kind Death God Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191: Before the decisive battle

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "He is talking to Auntie Queen of the Elves about our eradication of the Dark Sacred Church this time. I think you haven't come here for a long time, and you are a little anxious, so you will come out to welcome you. You can walk slowly! We have all arrived for more than two hours."

Tiya and Oliveira looked at each other, and the two said in unison: "Has it been that long?" After speaking, both of them flushed at the same time and lowered their heads.

Xuan Yue knew that they had had a good relationship with each other, and she couldn't help but secretly joy, and said with a smile: "Is it right to ask yourself. Okay, Brother Vera, you take Sister Tiya around, I'm going to the old fairy tree to find dumb." In order to avoid embarrassment again, Tiya hurriedly said: "Sister Xuanyue, I will go with you, take me!"

Xuan Yue floated in the air and said: "Let Brother Vera take you, he can do it too." After finishing speaking, she took a golden light and walked towards the ancient fairy tree.

Tiya turned to look at Oliveira, and said in surprise: "Can you fly, too? I thought it was Dumb and Xuanyue who have this ability."

Oliveira smiled confidently and said: "Tiya, don't forget, I am a wind magician! The energy to control the wind is my strong point. Free wind element! Please give your flowing energy I, fly." With the breeze blowing, Oliveira's body slowly floated, blowing the cyan magic robe on his body, giving people a feeling of ecstasy. With a slight smile, he stretched out his hand to Dia, bowed slightly, and said to Dia with the most standard gentleman's courtesy: "May I take your hand, Miss Dia."

Seeing the sun-like smile on Oliveira’s face, Dia subconsciously handed her hand over. Oliveira shook her slender, soft hand, and her heart suddenly swayed, chanting the spell silently, and the green glow shone , The gentle wind immediately brought Tiya off the ground. The feeling of being wrapped in wind magic is completely different from being wrapped in Xuanyue's sacred energy. In the divine energy, there is no difference from being on the ground. If you don't know that you are in the air, you won't have any special feelings at all. On the other hand, Oliveira's wind magic was different. Tia could clearly feel that she was rising under the action of the air current, and the novel feeling made her feel strange. Driven by Oliveira, their bodies floated up slowly, and the light breeze moved slightly. Although the air flow fluctuated from time to time, their flight was unusually stable. Unconsciously, the scenery under their feet was flowing, and they had arrived in front of the ancient elves in the middle of the elven lake. The corridor leading to the tree house inside was not closed. Oliveira smiled and said: "Tiya, this is the fundamental place of the elves, and their Queen lives here."

Tiya nodded and said: "Vera, your wind magic is really superb! I have seen wind magicians before, but you are the first to have the ability to fly."

Oliveira could clearly feel that Tiya's favor with him was gradually heating up, and she was overjoyed, and took her directly to the platform in front of the tree house. A soft voice sounded, "Welcome to Miss Diya, the patriarch of the Yajin clan." The door opened, and the beautiful figure of the elf queen appeared in front of Diya. Feeling the gentle energy of the other party, Tia lied and said: "You are the queen of the elves. Tiya is polite." The queen of elves smiled and said: "You are welcome, the patriarch, please come inside."

In the tree house, Dumb and Xuan Yue looked at Oliveira and Tiya deeply, and the two of them couldn't help blushing again. The Elf Queen asked the two to sit down, turned around, and said, "Dumb, I will gather all the people from the Elf clan and the Elf Envoy today. When the Holy See's army is ready to act, we will go there."

Duan nodded and said: "I have discussed with the Pope on the road. After all, the Death Mountain is the most dangerous place in the mainland. The best strategy is to fight steadily. We must first establish an advance and retreat on the periphery of the mountain. Defend the base, and then rush to the mountains, gradually eroding the territory of the undead creatures, and finally achieve the goal of destroying the Dark Sacred Cult. The operation should begin tomorrow, while establishing a base while resting the team."

The Elf Queen said: "Then early tomorrow morning, I will take people directly to the entrance where you entered the Death Mountain last time. Let's meet there and build a simple base. We can help. You are with me. Rest here, or go back?"

Dumb said: "It's a matter of great importance. We have to rush back to report to the Pope as soon as possible, and leave now."

The Elf Queen smiled and said, "Well, I won't keep you. Say hello to the Pope for me. See you tomorrow."

Dui pulled Xuanyue's little hand, and said to Oliveira: "Vera, Yueyue and I will go one step ahead. Go back and report the matter to the Pope. You can take Patriarch Tiya and go. How?"

Oliveira, wishing to be alone with Tia, glanced at Tia and saw that she had no objection, and hurriedly agreed. The Elf Queen personally sent them to the shore of the Elf Lake, and Dumb urged the vitality in his body, took Xuanyue and flew high, towards the direction of the Holy See's army. Oliveira and Di Ya looked at each other. Because he was going to fly a long way, to be on the safe side, he took out his Wind God Staff, took Di Ya high and flew up, and followed in the direction where Duan and Xuanyue disappeared. Past.

A Duan took Xuanyue and flew as he said: "Yueyue, do you think Vera and Patriarch Tiya have any hope? It seems that they seem to have an affinity for each other!"

Xuan Yue said: "Feelings are not anxious. Anyway, we have done what should be done. Let's go with the flow. After a period of development, we will see. If they have fate, they will always come together. I I think the two of them are very good match, their status, appearance, and temperament are good. Now we don’t have to worry about them anymore, just focus on how to fight against the Dark Sacred Cult. Dumb, when fighting against undead creatures, you must Be careful, for yourself and for me, you must be fine."

Dumb smiled and said: "Don't worry, my good wife, I have absolute confidence in myself. Now that I have practiced the Sumeru sword, I can test the sword with those high-level undead creatures and the Dark Sage. The evil is I will never defeat justice. I firmly believe this.” Holding Xuanyue’s delicate body tightly, Ah Du’s heart was full of protective desire, and said softly: “Yueyue, when you enter the Death Mountain, don’t follow me, I want Fight with a few senior Juggernauts in front. You stay behind and support us with magic with your sacrificial army of the Holy See."

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, and she resolutely said: "No, this is absolutely not possible. I want to be by your side at all times. Don't you have confidence in yourself? Besides, with my current magic cultivation level, you don't need to protect anything. I still have the blood of the phoenix and the ring of guardianship, so I am more than enough to protect myself. I don't care, I don't worry about you alone in front."

Dumb shook his head helplessly, and said, "This time the army marched is different from when we first came to explore. We must remove or influence the undead creatures in the Death Mountain step by step. Otherwise, the army will never advance. Moreover, the mountains of death are full of evil and death, which may affect people's xinxing."

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said, "Don't worry about this. The high-level priests of our Holy See can be said to have come out this time. Although there are hundreds of thousands of troops, as long as they are blessed by a large area of God, there is no need to be afraid The evil spirit is affected. In fact, the number of people may not be useful. The most important thing is the master and the magician. Even if the ordinary soldier is trained for a long time, he can't fight against those undead creatures!"

Duan nodded and said, "I have thought about this. When we enter the Death Mountain, it is best to use all heavy armored infantry. Although the speed of advancement will be much slower, it is at least relatively safe for the soldiers. If it is guaranteed, the remaining troops will be reinforcements in the rear." At this time, the two had returned to the camp of the joint army. Floating down to the ground, Ah-Dai dissipated his body protection and became angry, and took Xuan Yue's hand directly to the main account of the Chinese army.

"Grandpa, we are back." As soon as she entered the main account, Xuan Yue leaped to the pope's side. The Pope was looking at the map of the Death Mountain Range, and seeing Xuanyue and Dui had returned, he smiled slightly, and said, "You girl, you are almost married and still so crazy, you have to let Dui take care of you in the future."

Xuan Yue pursed her small mouth and smiled: "Am I not good enough now? There is no problem with the elves. Aunt Queen said that we will bring the master of the clan to the entrance of the Death Mountain early tomorrow morning."

The pope sighed and said: "The elves really helped us a lot, and I will trouble them again this time. Dumb! Come, you can tell me in detail about the various undead creatures of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. , We are about to launch an offensive soon, it is better to think about the exact countermeasures first."

Duan nodded, walked to the side of the Pope, first glanced at the map of the Death Mountains, pointed to the outermost mountains and said, "Grandpa, look, there are no enemies in the outermost periphery of the Death Mountains. Last time we There are a large number of bone birds in the sky. Those bone birds are about one meter long and composed entirely of bones. Their attack power is very weak, but they are not afraid of death and have the ability to regenerate. As long as the body is not completely destroyed They will really die. But these bone birds are very easy to deal with. I said last time that the essence of these bone birds is the gray mist that surrounds their bodies. As long as they use the sacred light magic to eliminate their gray mist, These bone birds will destroy themselves, which is the best one to deal with among the undead creatures. After we enter the Death Mountain, we only need to let Yueyue or any red priests pay attention to the sky at all times. Further inside is the skeleton guard In the second level, those skeletons are much stronger than bone birds, and they have a certain amount of wisdom. Some of the high-level skeletons also have the ability to fly. It is more troublesome to deal with them, and their bodies must be completely destroyed. I think , The fire magic is more lethal to them, so the fire magician under him led by Lardas Magister as the main attack, and directly burned their bones. Our army is behind the cover, among those skeletons The masters will be dealt with by me and a few senior Juggernauts. The third level is about zombies. When we came back here, we tried to avoid fighting with them, and there was no real conflict. These zombies are quite annoying, they carry A strong corrosive poisonous gas. This requires the priests of the Holy See to deal with it with purifying light. I heard the grieving spirit who accepted that these first three undead creatures are not wise, they are all instinctive attacks, so we You must not be soft and destroy them directly. By the way, Grandpa, can you completely offset the evil spirit in the Death Mountain? If not, it is not a way to always use light magic to support the army!"

The pope shook his head and said, "There is no way. Those evil auras are born after a thousand years of gestation, and in the middle of the Death Mountain there is the evil aura coming from the entrance of the sealed demon world. I am afraid it is difficult to eradicate. I think so. Tomorrow, let the soldiers from all sides build temporary bases on the periphery of the Death Mountain. We will bring some masters to eliminate all the undead creatures in the first three levels. Clear the obstacles to advance. Then I will think of ways to see how we can Eliminate the evil spirit in the Death Mountain."

Duan nodded, and said, "That's the only thing. I am worried about the last five levels of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. I don't know what kind of creatures are there."

The Pope said indifferently: "There must be a way for the car to reach the mountain. It's useless to worry now. Let's take a step. If we still can't win the final victory with our strong lineup, it is that God is going to destroy mankind, not what we are. It can be changed. You and Yueyue go to rest. Tomorrow's battle, you are the key."

Duan nodded, and retired with Xuanyue after saying goodbye to the Pope. The two people's tents were next to each other. After eating something casually, Xuanyue's pretty face looked a little pale, and she leaned on A'dai's shoulder without saying a word. Dumb stroked her soft long hair and whispered: "Yueyue, what's the matter with you? You don't look good!"

Xuan Yue sighed lightly and said, "When you talked to Grandpa about the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead, I suddenly had an ominous premonition. Grandpa was right. The Dark Sacred Sect in the Death Mountain is too quiet. Our army has arrived. Therefore, they didn't even react at all, and seemed to be very disdainful of our arrival. I'm so afraid..."

Duan kissed Xuanyue's forehead lightly, tightened the big hand around her waist, and smiled: "Don't be afraid, we are the savior! God will not let mankind be destroyed. We will surely lead the human army to bring darkness The power is completely wiped out. After a day's journey, I went to the Elf Forest again. You are also a little tired. I will send you back to rest, OK?"

Xuan Yue gently shook her head, and suddenly raised her head, with a firm expression flowing in her beautiful eyes, and said, "Dumb, I'll give it to you, OK?"

Dumb froze, "Give it to me? Give me what?" Xuan Yueqiao blushed, like a ripe apple, lowered her head and said, "I, I want to be your real wife."

A Duan's whole body shook, and then she understood what she meant. Love surged in her heart, resisting the impulse in her heart, and said softly: "Yueyue, what's the matter with you? Didn't we say it, wait until we have After the rank,..." Before he could go on, Xuan Yue violently hugged Ah Du’s neck and choked: "But, I, I'm really scared. I'm really afraid of our fight with Death Mountain. There is a very ominous premonition, as if something will happen to you. Dumb, I love you, and I don’t want to have any regrets! Take me, okay?"

Dumb kissed Xuanyue's tender cheeks and smiled and said, "Yueyue, don't think too much about it. See what you say, it's like we are going to live and die. Come, I will send you back to sleep." Xuan Yue's soft and delicate body floated out and returned directly to Xuan Yue's own tent. Gently put her on her bed, gently covered her with a quilt, and said softly: "Go to sleep, I am here with you, and I will leave when you sleep." Xuan Yue shook her head. "No, you can go back now. You are also tired for a day, take a break earlier, and there are still important things waiting for you to do tomorrow." Xuanyue seems to have recovered her badge, and a trace of her beautiful eyes flashed Faint tears.

Duan nodded and said, "Then I'm leaving, you have a good rest." He kissed Xuanyue's forehead and fragrant lips, before turning back to his room. After Xuanyue's provocation, Ah-Dai's heart was fierce. After sitting still for half an hour, he gradually drained the distracting thoughts and entered the cultivation state.

After Ah-Dai left, Xuanyue sat up from the bed, the depression in her heart did not disappear, and her mind was filled with Ah-Dai's concerned eyes and honest face. Xuan Yue muttered to herself: "Dumb, there will be nothing wrong with you, no matter what time I will let you have something." As she calmed down her inner turmoil, Xuan Yue seemed to make some determination, her pretty face softened a lot. , Sighed, sat cross-legged, and began to meditate. In recent days, she obviously felt that the progress of her magic cultivation was much slower than before, obviously because she had reached a certain height. It's much harder to think about progress. Converging his mind, his mental power slowly radiated out of his body, quietly absorbing the pure light element in the air.

Early the next morning, the coalition army moved forward slowly under the leadership of the Pope and the leaders of the forces. After about two hours, it finally came to the periphery of the Death Mountain.

Looking at the beautiful figure with wings back and forth in front of him, the pope smiled slightly and said, "Hello, Your Royal Highness the Elf Queen."

The Elf Queen has been waiting here with her people for a while, watching the huge force of the joint army behind the Pope, smiling and saying, "Hello, Lord Pope."

The pope smiled kindly: "If you are concerned about your age, you are much older than me. The Vatican sent people to the Tianyuan clan last time. Thanks to your help, we will always remember the friendship of the elves."

The Queen of the Elves said: "The Pope is welcome, this is what we should do. After all, everyone is a creature on the mainland. Although we are not humans, when humans are in danger, we will still help each other. Although humans have allowed We are disappointed, but the mainland is the common homeland of humans and other races. We don’t want him to fall into the hands of the dark forces. It’s our best choice to cooperate wholeheartedly, isn’t it? I also hope to become eternal with the Holy See My friend. Our elves just want our beautiful homeland to be peaceful forever."

The pope nodded, turned his head and rushed towards the wind beside him: "Marshal, please order your supply troops to start building simple fortifications, and then stay there and wait for dispatch."

"Wait a minute." The elf queen stopped the pope and said with a smile: "Let us take care of the establishment of the base. Audi elf, start to move." Audi nodded, flapped his wings and flew away. Seeing the pope’s surprised look, the Queen of Elves said: “In the vibrant forest, it’s the best place to play our Elves’ natural magic. Let us build the base, which not only saves your time, but also prevents the forest from growing. Was destroyed." The reason she asked her people to help the coalition build a temporary base was to help the coalition, but more importantly, the Elf Queen thought that if a temporary base was established here, the surrounding trees would inevitably be cut down for the sake of She made this proposal to avoid the ecological destruction of the Tianyuan tribe.

Under the gaze of everyone, the edge of the forest on the periphery of the Death Mountain began to change. Dozens of elves under the leadership of four big elves such as Audi continued to chant complex elves natural magic spells, a circle of faint The green halo floated out, spreading around. The Pope, Dui and others clearly felt that the vitality in the forest was more intense, and with a move in their hearts, Dui seemed to have understood what the Elf Queen was going to do. Under the green halo, the ground began to change, the branches and leaves of the big trees in the forest became luxuriant, and countless tangled vines drilled out of the soil, quickly condensed together, and continued to grow. In a short while, a natural barrier has appeared on the periphery of the forest, forming a thick wall as high as five feet. Sharp thorns appeared outside the tree wall, and a lilac light shone on the thorns. The Elf Queen smiled and said: "My Lord Pope, in the Death Mountains, our elves have no effect because they can’t connect with nature. Let’s take care of the protection of the coalition forces here. I believe that as long as we are responsible for guarding here, it will be dark. The holy religions came out, and they couldn’t break through the defense in a short time. Please order the coalition forces to be stationed within the tree wall. About two days or so, we will be able to let the tree wall spread to the periphery of the forest. The thorns contain a strong anesthetic liquid. No matter what kind of creature, as long as it touches a little, it will be paralyzed for more than two hours. When necessary, I can also activate the forbidden curse of natural magic."

Dumb nodded and said: "Auntie Queen’s wizard magic is very powerful. When we rescued the star princess in the Imperial Palace of Sunset Empire, aunt’s growth melody paralyzed the defense of the entire palace. I think there is an aunt here. , The defense of the coalition is not a problem."

Feng Wen said: "I also believe in the defensive ability of Her Majesty the Queen, but with such a solid tree wall here, what should we do when our army wants to go out?"

The elf queen smiled slightly and said: "Please rest assured, Marshal, as long as I am here, these defenses will never affect the speed of the army's attack. I am here to help everyone establish a headquarters. Let all important personnel be concentrated here. It will be much more convenient to discuss anything. In the name of the elves of the past generations, I call you, the soul of the elves!" A faint green light turned around the queen of the elves, setting off her beautiful body , The elf queen closed her eyes, made a weird gesture with her hands on her chest, and whispered: "Take the elf blood as a guide, wake up, my elf heart." The green light around her body suddenly became stronger, she Constantly chanting unknown spells in the language of the elves, the green light became more and more prosperous, and the subtleties shining within ten meters around the body would appear. Under the elf spells constantly sung by the elf queen, a green elf floated out from the center of her eyebrows, almost exactly the same as herself. The whole body was transparent and fell lightly on her shoulders. Layers of green ripples were small in green. The elves continue to spread as the center.

Ah Dui's eyes widened. He was so familiar with this scene. The spell used by the Elf Queen in Sunset City is clearly the forbidden spell of Elf Magic-the prelude to the melody of growth!

The elf queen slowly opened her eyes, and two turquoise rays of light shot out. She took a deep breath and bit the **** of her right hand. A drop of turquoise blood flowed out, and she quickly used green energy around the drop of blood. Draw a trajectory, the blood is instantly wrapped in complex elven symbols, and the Elf Queen sings: "Inheriting the blood of Elf Kings from generation to generation! Please arouse the aura between heaven and earth, the great **** of the earth! Please! Use your compassionate heart to pity the lives that grow in your body, forbid ※#8226; the melody of the awakening growth of the elves." With the completion of the spell, all the green rays of light crazily wrapped in the elves. The blood of the elves is condensed. After a while, it turned into a small light green ball. The elf on the shoulder of the elf queen lifted the green ball of light. The difference from the last time was that she looked very relaxed. The elf queen smiled slightly and whispered: "Grow with the melody." The little light green ball of light fell from the hands of the elf's heart, and instantly penetrated into the ground and disappeared. The Elf Queen closed her eyes again, and drew two beautiful arcs in the air with her hands. The sweet voices kept ringing, and the ground under everyone's feet began to tremble slightly. The surrounding big trees continue to grow thick and thick tree vines like the previous tree wall, but these tree vines gradually formed a solid tree house. After a while, hundreds of tree houses appeared in the forest. In the central location, a tree house made of ten large trees growing vines is more than two hundred square meters wide.

The melodious singing stopped, and the elf queen slowly opened her beautiful eyes, with a trace of fatigue in her eyes. Dui hurriedly stepped forward to support her delicate body, and asked with concern: "Auntie, are you okay?"

The elf queen smiled slightly and said: "Don't worry, Auntie is fine. Although the melody of growth is also used, the one I used just now is much less magical than the one I used. The vines that promote the growth are not aggressive. . And here is very close to the source of our elves-ancient elves, and in the woods, the spiritual power is quickly replenished, and I will recover in a while." Turning to the pope: "Pope, take it here. This is our headquarters to deal with the dark forces, what do you think?"

The pope admired: "Natural magic is really amazing. This is the first time I have experienced it. Thank you, Your Majesty. Marshal Fengwen, I will teach you here. You have the most experience in commanding troops."

The style was not humbly, and he nodded and said, "Okay, don't worry, I must arrange all the troops."

The pope nodded and said: "Dumb, let's set off now. The red clothes sacrifice Xuanye and Xuanyue with us. At the same time, all the holy judges, light judges, and high-level priests of the Holy See, as well as the Tianjin Magician Guild and the mainland are dispatched. There are two hundred fire magicians in the Mage Guild. We set off in half an hour to clean up the low-level undead creatures on the periphery. Three sword saints, I have to trouble you to go together. We must clear the way for the coalition forces."

Yun Yi smiled and said, "You don't have to be polite, the Pope. Since we are here, we will rely on you to send us."

Half an hour later Under the leadership of Duan and Xuanyue, everyone left the forest and stepped into the territory of the Death Mountain. Although the priests’ magical cultivation is advanced, their physical fitness is a little worse. With the help of the judges, they climbed to the outermost high mountain of the Death Mountain Range. This trip is almost all the priests of the Holy See, and their sacred energy naturally resists evil.

Looking into the distance, the pope said to the dumb: "Let's act as planned. You take Yueyue and Xuanye to eliminate the peripheral bone birds first, and we will support you in the back."

Duan nodded and chanted: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." Two groups of energy, one silver and one black, floated out of the blood of the dragon in the blue light package. The energy gradually increased, and the small bones and the huge figure of the holy evil appeared in front of the priests in the surprised gaze of the Vatican and the three sword saints. One clear and one vigorous dragon chant sounded, and the sound of the dragon chant wafted in the mountains of the Death Mountain range, spreading far away.

The pope took a look at Dumb and said, "Are these two dragons of yours? Much stronger than I thought. The dragon has finally come to the world again since His Majesty Divine Feather destroyed the Dark Demon Race. Go. If you come back as soon as possible in special danger, don't force it."

Chapter 192: Skeleton King

A Dui agreed, and Chong Xuan Ye said: "Father-in-law, let's go to Sheng Xie's back." Xuan Ye's attitude towards Dui has changed a lot now, and smiled and said, "I didn't expect to have the luck of riding a dragon in my life." He stood up and landed lightly on Sheng Xie's generous back. Looking at its thick scales and golden horns, even with Xuanye's calmness, he couldn't help but curiously said: "The dragon is worthy of being the most powerful creature on the mainland. It's just that it's already so powerful." Sheng Xie seemed very strong. Satisfied with being praised by Xuan Ye, he groaned and slapped his wide dragon wing excitedly.

Duan smiled slightly, and took Xuanyue to fall behind Shengxie. He stood on Shengxie’s big head, holding the golden horn at the forefront, and said: "Xiaoxie, let’s go to the place where we met the bone bird last time. Go. Little Bones, you have followed." In the cheerful dragon roar, the two dragons and three people flew high, advancing toward the interior of the Death Mountain at extremely fast speed.

Xuan Yue took out her angel rod and smiled at Xuan Ye: "Dad, you are ready. When the bone birds appear, we will directly attack the gray mist that envelops them. This time, none of them can be let go." Ye looked at her daughter with excitement, she couldn't help sighing, she didn't know what magical power Ah Dumb had that made her so obsessed with her. As long as she was with him, her daughter would not be happy. It seems that his promise to their marriage is indeed correct. While singing softly, the shining golden light of the wrath of the gods fell into his hands, "Girl, dad is also a red-clothed sacrifice! Later, let's see who of us has the strongest attack." Mastering the divine tool, the wrath of the gods, Xuan Ye's cultivation base The daughter is not weak at all.

The speed of the holy evil gradually slowed down, and its kind voice rang in Ah Du's mind, "Brother, we have already been to the place last time, shall we wait here for a while?"

Dumb said: "Wait a minute, those bone birds should come out soon." After receiving his order, the holy evil and the small bones floated in the air and waited. Dumb found that Sheng Xie's body seemed to have grown a little bit, and it seemed that its cultivation base had also increased during this period. Stroking its spiral golden horn, I thought to myself, since I first learned art from my master at Tiangang Mountain, Shengxie has been by my side and has never been separated. I can say that I am my closest partner. , When this matter is over, I will bring it and Yueyue to find a beautiful place to settle down, and never ask about world affairs again. As for the small bones, I will try to summon the dragon again to help the resentful spirits who have suffered so much reincarnate.

At this moment, Xuan Yue suddenly said, "Dai, look, it's here." A dumb was taken aback. He raised his head and looked into the distance. The same dark cloud appeared last time, slowly moving in the direction of her and others. Dumb turned his head to look at the Xuanye father and daughter, and said in a low voice: "Get ready. It seems that these bone birds really don't have any wisdom at all, and they still rushed over like last time. However, the gray mist they wrapped seems to have recovered a little, no It's as weak as it was after being hit by Yueyue's light magic last time."

Xuan Ye said: "These undead creatures should have been born by absorbing the death aura in the mountain of death. As long as there is a trace of the death aura in their protective body, they will gradually recover. Come on, dear daughter, let us end today. Their lives." The golden light envelops Xuan Ye's body, the wrath of the gods hangs in front of him, and the red sacrificial robe gently swings in the breeze. Xuanyue also raised her angel staff, and the father and daughter chanted the spell of the seven-level light system attacking magic divine light at the same time, "Great God of the heavens! I beg you to lend me the endless divine light. Destroy the evil creatures in front of you." Jin Guangzhan put it down, and the holy evil looked very excited, and the seven golden horns behind it also lit up, and the small bones involuntarily retreated aside because they were dark creatures.

The group of bone birds seemed to feel the threat of death, but as low-level undead creatures with only a few instincts but no intelligence, they only knew to destroy the enemy. The gray cloud composed of the entire group of bone birds suddenly accelerated and rushed towards Dumb. Jin Mang flashed, and with the support of the magister's cultivation base, the spell of the father and daughter Xuan Ye had been completed. The wrath of the gods floated up, welcoming the group of bone birds with an extremely pure sacred light. Xuan Yue yelled, the angel's staff pointed forward, a strand of ten centimeters in diameter, but the substance of golden light shot straight away like a chain, accurately hitting the tail of the wrath of the gods. The wrath of the gods was released, and rushed into the group of bone birds. The gray dark cloud trembling violently, the forward momentum stopped, and the gray cloud kept stirring in the midair.

Xuan Yue's mission has been completed, she looked at her father with a smile, Xuan Ye closed her eyes, and kept chanting spells. Suddenly, a golden light shot out from the gray clouds in the air, and then another. The gray clouds seemed to be completely still, and golden lights appeared one after another. Xuanye suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, "Broken. "Countless lasing golden lights in the gray cloud merged suddenly, and the loud sound shook the sky above the Death Mountain Range, as if the air was trembling, and the sun-like dazzling light stimulated Ah'Dai and couldn't help but narrowed his eyes. Under such a strong golden light, all the gray mists are constantly melting away, and the bone bird it envelops is completely purified by the energy full of sacred aura. Under the immense power of the fusion of the two divine lights, the low-level undead creature-the bone bird, finally left this world forever and was completely purified.

The golden light gradually converged, and the wrath of the gods floated from the sky into Xuan Ye's hands like lightning. Xuan Ye held the artifact in his hand, the golden light was released from his body, and the **** stood proudly behind the holy evil.

Xuan Yue said excitedly: "Great, we did it, the bone bird is over."

Dumb fell to Xuan Ye's side and smiled: "Father-in-law, your light magic is really powerful!"

After destroying the group of bone birds, Xuan Ye was in a good mood, and smiled: "You kid don't give me a lot of magic soup. If even these lowest-level undead creatures can't be destroyed, I will also claim that the Holy See's red clothing sacrifices."

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Okay, let's go back to grandpa. Holy evil, Little Bones, let's go." The two giant dragons turned around and flew back amid Xuan Yue's tender laughter, and in a while, they returned to the Pope. Waiting for someone. The pope had already seen everything that happened in the sky, and nodded with satisfaction, and said: "You are doing a good job, let's go directly to the next level. Dumb, the three swordsmen, and the Lardas Magister, this time It's up to you. We don’t have many judges. So, dumb, your two dragon friends can transport about a hundred magicians at a time. Just trouble them to run twice and remove 200 fire magicians. Transport to the past. I let all the judges go with you to protect the magician and be sure to destroy all the skeletons."

Yunyi said: "We three old guys go ahead first, so that those skeletons will not have the chance to attack." The pope laughed and said, "Big Brother Yunyi, you really understand my thoughts."

The falcon suddenly drank a sip of wine, and said: "When people grow old, they become fine. Of course, the three of our old guys understand what you mean. It's been a long time since I moved my muscles and bones. Let me see what these undead creatures are so powerful." Dumb knew that the power of the falcon's fire and nightmare fighting spirit was definitely better than fire magic. Smiled and said: "With Senior Falcon, those skeletons are of course nothing."

The falcon snorted suddenly, and said, "Boy, are you complimenting me or hurting me? Let's go now." After speaking, he floated up in the midair under the vindictive package of Fire Nightmare.

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue and said, "Yueyue, don't go and rest here for a while, but they are just low-level skeletons and won't be a threat to me."

Xuan Yue nodded, and said: "Well then, you are all careful."

Dumb smiled and nodded, and said to Lardas: "President, you can bring people to the dragon's back, so that everyone must sit firmly and don't fall."

Lardas laughed and said: "Although we are magicians, we are not that vulnerable yet. I can also enjoy the feeling of riding a dragon." This time the fire magician is led by him and under his command Down, orderly on the back of the two dragons. The body of the small bones is indeed big enough. Eighty people sit on the huge body that is more than 30 meters long. This is because Duan made them sit in the center of the small bones back for safety reasons. Sheng Xie appeared to be much smaller, with only thirty people sitting on his back. Led by Dumb and the three sword saints, the two giant dragons flew high and crossed the mountains in front of them, and came to the center of the Bone Bird Domain and the Skeleton Domain. Because the bone birds and skeletons are relatively weak among the undead creatures. , So their territory is not large, and the distance is very close. The three sword saints took the lead to land, looking at the bare soil slopes and hills around, they were a little confused. The magicians landed one after another, and the two giant dragons returned to the mountain to pick up the other magicians under the order of Dumb.

The falcon looked around, snorted, and said, "Dumb, your kid said that there are noses and eyes, but where are the skeletons? Why didn't you see any of them."

Dumb urged the vitality in his body, spreading the spiritual sense around, and said in a deep voice: "Senior, don't worry, when the rest of the people are all there, we will meet the skeletons if we walk a little further. "

After a while, Sheng Xie and Little Bones had returned. The Light Judge and the Holy Judge have also gathered. Dumb said loudly: "All fire magicians are gathered together, ready to attack with the strongest fire magic. The judges guard the periphery. Once the skeleton soldiers appear, they can only defend but not attack. Let's go." , Took the three Juggernauts and Lardas and walked forward first. Here is a ravine, the terrain is relatively flat, less than one kilometer out of the road, Ah Dumb felt a movement, hurriedly shouted: "Be careful, everyone, the skeleton is about to appear, pay attention to the ground." Sure enough, his judgment was correct, there were cracks. Appearing on the ground, skeletons of various colors crawled out slowly. The three khaki Skeleton Kings were among them last time. These three Skeleton Kings can be said to be aliens among the skeletons. Compared with ordinary skeletons, they have a certain degree of wisdom. Seeing Dumb, suddenly resentment in his heart, waving the bone knives in his hands and commanding the skeletons to rush towards everyone . A dumb's eyes flashed with golden light, and he turned his head and said suddenly: "Senior, have you seen the three khaki skeletons? Those are the heads of these skeletons. How about we kill them?"

Falcon suddenly responded to Dumb's words with action, and the fiery red vindictiveness suddenly gleamed, rushing towards the three skeleton kings like a meteor. In the past, all the skeletons that collided with him had only one end, and that was the annihilation of the gray flight. Even the blue and gray skeletons could not slow down his progress. Dumb smiled slightly and thought, this time it seems that he doesn't need to make a move by himself. Yunyi and Harry were standing on both sides of dumb. Although the surrounding skeletons were charging fiercely, the light judge and the holy judge were the highest rank among the warriors in the Holy See. It is more than enough to deal with these skeletons, and the skeletons are flying in the air for a while, it is difficult for the skeletons to cross the thunder pond.

Under the leadership of Lardas, the fire magisters kept singing spells, and the air gradually heated up. Laldas' eyes flashed, his cultivation was the highest and deepest, and he was the first to use Ziyan Tenglong. The huge purple-black fire dragon rushed out, instantly gasifying the lives of hundreds of skeletons. With the completion of Lardas' spell, the purple flame dragons of Corison and Keanu appeared one after another, and the three dragons continued to emit With the powerful fire energy, under their impact, the number of skeletons suddenly decreased. The magic of other fire magicians has also gradually been completed, one after another gorgeous magic dyed the territory of this skeleton into a sea of fire. Often the skeletons were burned to ashes just as they crawled out of the ground, and there was no chance that they could only get resurrection.

Before the magic was activated, Falcon had already rushed to the three Skeleton Kings. Before he thought, the three seemingly fragile skeletons were not the end of being killed by himself. But he was wrong. Although the strength of the Skeleton King was nothing, it was surprisingly slippery, feeling that the enemy in front of him could not deal with it by himself, and ran in three directions. Falcon suddenly felt furious. After losing to Dui that day, he kept suffocating his breath. At this time, facing these skeletons, he was struggling, his eyes were red, falling to the spot and no longer chasing, and the fiery anger continued. After warming up and shouting, the falcon punched out fiercely, and a group of dark red fighting gas turned into a beautiful arc to chase a skeleton king.

Yun Yi smiled, and said: "The old confusion has arisen, and even the Fire Nightmare Meteor Fist has been used. It seems that those bones are going to go to heaven!" As everyone watched, the fist suddenly threw out two punches, a total of The three dark red grudges chased the three Skeleton Kings respectively. Although the speed of Skeleton King is not slow, it is still far behind the fighting spirit. They are constantly changing their shapes and changing directions, but they can't get rid of the pursuit of the fighting spirit behind them. They can only watch the fighting spirit getting closer and closer to themselves. . Amidst anxiety, a shrill roar suddenly came from the three Skeleton Kings. The ground suddenly shook, and Ah-Dai was startled, and said solemnly: "Protect the magician." There was a flash in his eyes, and the golden giant sword gradually appeared in his hands. The huge sword that seemed to have inexhaustible power shone brightly, and Yunyi and Harry next to him unconsciously stepped back, urging their true energy to resist the strong pressure from Dumb.

Finally, the three groups of energy punched by the falcon with the fire night meteor hit the Skeleton King accurately, and three screams rang out. In the burning energy that surpassed the purple flame dragon, they had no chance to resist, just like My own little brothers turned into fly ash. The falcon snorted suddenly, and said, "Fight with me and seek death."

Dumb was not overjoyed by the death of the three Skeleton Kings. He clearly felt the danger coming from below the ground. Skeletons no longer crawled out of the cracks in the ground, and all those who crawled out were all annihilated by the 200 fire-type great magicians. The ground shakes more intensely, and Little Bone suddenly exclaimed: "Master, be careful, it is the Skeleton King. There are skeletons that have evolved to the Emperor level. It is incredible. That is a powerful creature comparable to the dead monster!" He flew up, holding the sword of Sumi, waiting intently. He had learned how powerful the Dead Demon was, and it was comparable to the Dead Demon, proving that the Skeleton Emperor possessed absolutely powerful strength.

"Boom--" The ground shook violently, and the magicians almost became unstable, and a huge crack appeared in the center of the ground. All the judges cautiously retreated to the side of the magician, raised their weapons, and carefully watched the crack. A **** hand stretched out from the crack. Dumb was surprised to find that this hand alone was nearly two meters in diameter. Moreover, this hand was completely composed of black skulls. A hand was stretched out, and the two **** hands gave people a sense of horror. The black skulls on the hands seemed to be wailing constantly. Under the action of those two big hands, the cracks expanded again. , A huge black figure burst out from the ground. It crashed a hundred meters away in front of everyone.

Dumb took a breath, and in front of him was a huge skeleton, thirty meters high. The black body was shaking constantly, as if it was not suitable for the environment on the ground. The whole body was made up of thousands of skulls. It looked terrifying, the dark holes in the eyes were shining with dark yellow light, and there were deafening roars in the mouth.

A long roar sounded, and the small bones spread out their huge wings and rushed straight toward the skeleton emperor from mid-air. A black dragon's breath mixed with blue stars spouted from his mouth. The Skeleton King roared, without the slightest fear facing the small bones about the same size as his own. The skeleton on his right arm transformed into a shield shape strangely, blocking the dragon's breath of the small bones, which seemed inconspicuous black. The skull is extremely tough, and the dragon's breath of the small bones cannot cause any damage to it.

Dumb knew how important time is to the coalition forces. Although the skeleton emperor in front of him is powerful, he still doesn't look at him, shouting: "Little bone, hide. Watch me to destroy it." High flew up. , Holding Sumi's sword in both hands, he suddenly slashed towards the Skeleton Emperor with huge energy.

The dark yellow light in the eyes of the Emperor Skull and Crossbones jumped, and the black skull heads that made up the body disappeared in an instant, and they were rolling everywhere. Ah'Dai's original sword slashed into the empty space, but even so, the huge sword energy of Sumi's Sword still brought a deep chasm on the ground. Under the sword light, all the skulls that touched a little were turned into powder.

The sad screams sounded, as if countless souls were collecting debts, they were constantly shocking the hearts of everyone present. Lardas promptly ordered the magicians under him to launch a fire magic attack, and the target was the black skulls that fell on the ground. Just as the magicians were singing the spells, all of the skulls on the ground suddenly flew up, fiercely flying towards everyone, their speed is extremely fast, and they all have a strong pungent smell, almost just for a moment. Rushed in front of the judges who defended the periphery.

The Holy Judge and the Light Judge exerted their due strength at critical times, a large light curtain lit up from them, and the sacred grudge formed one solid barrier after another to block the impact of the skeletons. A Duan's figure flashed, and the Sumi sword waved, and a large number of skulls died in his hands. However, only his attack can completely wipe out these hard skulls, and the Holy Judge and the Light Judge can only support it hard.

The three sword masters glanced at each other, knowing that it was time to make a move. One blue, one red, and one blue fighting spirit suddenly lighted up from behind the judge. Under the powerful attack of the three sword masters, it was suddenly subtracted. The judges are mostly pressured. At this time, the purple flame dragon appeared again, and Lardas, Grizon, and Keanu commanded the three purple dragons to enter the group of black skeletons.

At this moment, except for the black skeletons that were wiped out by Dumb and the three sword saints, the other black skeletons that impacted the Judge and Ziyan Tamron exploded one after another. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom, the violent explosion sounded dumb, every explosion will bring up a black mist, and the impact of the explosion is very strong, three purple flame dragons in hundreds of times In the explosion of the black skeletons, they had shrunk, and their fire energy had no way to deal with the black mist. Dumb secretly said that it was not good, floated up, rushed to the judges like lightning, and shouted: "Be careful, everyone, those black fog may be poisonous." As he shouted, there were already four or five people with weak skills. The sacredness of the Light Judge’s body was too late to stop. The body was already contaminated by black air. The clothes and flesh on their bodies were quickly corroded, and they turned into a pool of black water in an instant. Only the skeleton remained, the black one. The skeleton still wielded its original weapon and did not fall, but instead attacked his original companion. Although the attack power is not as good as the previous three khaki skeleton kings, it is much stronger than those blue and gray skeletons. The changes in the companions immediately shocked the judges, and they were no longer able to exert their full strength. Only in the blink of an eye, three bright judges turned into black skeletons.

Dumb was shocked in his heart. Just when he didn't know how to deal with the situation in front of him, a long and clear roar sounded, and the blue light flashed suddenly, and a figure transformed into countless blue lights like lightning, unexpectedly restrained the skeleton. The impact of the head and the black mist, under the action of the blue light, the black mist actually condensed into drops of liquid and scattered on the ground. At this time, most of the magicians' fire attack magic has also been completed. The black mist that turned into liquid was far less powerful than they were when it was misty, and suddenly disappeared in the fire. The blue figure in the sky came out with a few clear words, "Cool breeze, bright moon, sword." The blue light flying in the sky gradually changed, and the blue light gradually turned into a blue and white color. Flying in the sky, falling into the group of skulls like leaves. Dui could clearly feel the huge energy contained in the patches of blue light, even if he faced such an attack, it would be difficult to deal with it. From the five characters of Qingfengmingyuejian, he judged that this blue figure was the Eastern Sword Sage Yunyi, who was second only to his master among the Four Great Sword Sages, and he was the only one who possessed such a powerful force. Strength.

Under the action of the blue light, the impact and explosion of the black skulls were completely stopped, and the mellow energy, like a breeze, turned the evil skulls into ashes. Duan was surprised to find that Yunyi's vindictive spirit contained two different attributes of wind and water. He was shocked in his heart. No wonder Yunyi could become one of the four great sword masters. He was clearly a fusion of vindictive spirit! The skull was crushed with the breeze, and the black mist in the air was purified with the energy of the bright moon like water. Such a miraculous vindictiveness made him breathless and admired in his heart. Taking this opportunity, Ah-Dai flashed out without stopping. His goal was the nearly ten light judges who had turned into black skeletons. He must never allow another judge to be hurt like this.

Facing the enemy who was their comrade-in-arms at the previous moment, all the judges were softened. Although their skills were not inferior to these skeletons, they could not attack each other. With a flash of black light, a skeleton waved a long sword that had turned black in his hand and slashed it at the Light Judge who had been driven into desperation. Seeing, the life of the Light Judge was about to end. Fear and despair filled his heart. At this moment, the golden light flashed, and the black skeleton in front of him that was about to take his own life completely turned into dust, and passed away with the wind, and the pure and sacred energy penetrated his body. However, under the nourishment of this vigorous energy, the Judge of Light suddenly became energetic. A slightly reproachful voice sounded, "When you are alive and dead, stay up and don't lose face to the Holy See." After a slight daze, the Judge of Light had discovered that it was Dumb who saved his life. Since the tragedy of the Babylon family, all judges have had strong hostility towards Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, especially the rest of the judges who stayed in the forest to command the Holy See by Xuan Yuan this time. These senior judges are even more It was unscrupulous, and had long been discussed secretly, and must find a chance to let Ah'ai die in this kingdom of undead. However, what happened just now not only shocked the heart of the rescued judge, but also made the other judges feel ashamed. The same thing happened one after another. Under Adu's irresistible Sumi sword, all the judges who turned into skeletons disappeared.

In the air, the red and cyan rays of light combined with the piece of blue light continuously reduced the number of black skulls, coupled with the cooperation of fire magic, the situation has stabilized. After killing the few light judges who turned into skeletons, Dumb flew up and watched the situation in front of him. Suddenly, he was surprised to find that from the huge crack drilled by the previous skeleton emperor, there were black skeletons one after another. The head kept pouring out quietly. Since everyone's spirits were on the skulls that launched attacks and explosions, no one noticed this change. With a move in his heart, Ah Du suddenly understood that the source of these skeletons' energy was underground. With a cold snort, he urged the vitality in his body to float above the crack. Holding the Sumi sword with both hands, the tip of the sword pointed down, and he shouted, "Destroy it, the source of evil." The golden light flashed, and the huge, ten-foot-long lightsaber plunged into the crack like lightning. Countless screams resembling grievances suddenly sounded, and large stocks of black liquid poured out from the ground. Lardas commanded the wizards under his command to use fire magic to completely vaporize the black liquid, so that they could no longer cause trouble.

Dumb floats in the The spirit is completely connected to his Sumi sword, and he clearly feels that the source of evil in the depths of the earth has been shattered by the broad energy of the Sumi sword. Hi, he folded his hands on his chest and shouted: "Open." "Boom——" The sword of Sumi exploded in the ground, and the earth trembled violently, and a golden light rose from the ground to the sky. The black liquid vaporized by the fire magic disappeared completely under the impact of golden light. Dui felt his whole body shocked and weak. After all, the sword of Xumi contained too much energy, so he hurriedly flew up and rushed into the beam of light, constantly absorbing his own energy in the golden light. The solid energy is transformed into a gaseous state, and the volume is much larger than before. After nearly a quarter of an hour’s explosion, Ah-Dai recovered less than 50% of the skill of the Sumi sword from the golden light. He was dark in his heart, thinking that although his cultivation level is advanced, if he uses the Sumi sword like just now, it will cost him , I'm afraid it won't last long, and I will definitely not be able to easily cause the Sumi's Sword to explode in the future.

The earth gradually stopped shaking, and many cracks appeared on the ground and surrounding mountains. Dumb fell to the ground, breathing slightly, looking around his side, and there was no one other than the light judge who turned into a skeleton. Be injured. However, Ah-Dai's mood is very heavy now. He never expected that among this low-level skeleton, there would be such a powerful enemy. After the skeleton emperor that appeared last was dispersed into skulls, the threat posed was fatal. If it weren't for Yunyi's Qingfeng Mingyue Sword, which happened to have restraint, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Chapter 193: Forbidden Curse to Kill the Corpse

Dumb sighed secretly. Although his cultivation level was high, he couldn't think of a way to deal with the situation just now. It was far less effective than the Holy See's sacred magic's large-scale attack. It seems that undead creatures are not so easy to deal with!

Yun Yi floated to the side of Ah-Dai, still showing a cool air. Obviously, the attack just now did not cost him too much skill. He sighed and said, "I didn't expect these skeletons to be so powerful. Ah-Dai, are you okay?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "Thank you, senior, I'm fine."

Yun Yi smiled and said: "There is nothing to thank. In fact, there are ways to deal with these skulls with your cultivation base, but I haven't figured it out for a while."

Of course Ah Du knew that he could also deal with these skulls, as long as the sky thunder bombarded them, they could be completely destroyed. However, once the thunder and lightning strikes, it will definitely affect everyone on his side, which is definitely not what he wants to see. "Senior Yunyi, this skeleton is already so difficult to deal with, and the zombies in front may be more dangerous. I think so, please wait here, I will go to the back to take the priests of the Holy See, supported by their light magic, We will deal with it more easily."

Yun Yi nodded, and said, "Dumb, have you discovered that after the root cause of the skeleton soldiers here is destroyed, the evil spirit that originally contained every inch of the earth also disappeared."

Dumb froze. Because of the long-term use of the Pluto sword, his feeling of evil aura is not very clear. Hearing Yunyi's words, he focused on investigating, and sure enough, the evil aura in the mountain of death near where he is. It has disappeared, completely disappeared, except that there is no vegetation, it has become no different from the aura in the Tianyuan clan territory, and he is happy, and said: "That said, have we eliminated the undead creatures? With the support of the evil aura in the Death Mountains, those undead creatures will at least lose the ability to regenerate."

Yun Yi smiled and said: "It's not that simple. I think what you are destroying is only the root of evil in the outer two layers of the Death Mountain Range. The undead creatures inside are probably not easy to deal with. We must be extremely careful, the slightest Don't be careless. Go ahead and take the Pope over first. We will rest here for a while, and then go to the front to destroy the zombies in the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead."

Duan nodded, floated onto Sheng Xie's back, and returned with the two giant dragons to the mountain peak where the Vatican gathered behind. The Pope also discovered the changes nearby. After getting confirmation from Ah-Dai, he was very pleased, but the appearance of the Skeleton King also aroused the vigilance of everyone. In order to better eliminate the enemy, Ah-Dai led the two dragons again and again. Brought all the light sacrifices to the territory of the original skeletons. When everyone finished their rest, the pope ordered to go to the third level of Death Mountain.

Turning over a few low mountain packs, the green mist in the sky has appeared in everyone's vision. Below the mountain packs, there are zombies swaying and flowing green slime all over their bodies. The carrion and slime on their bodies make everyone can't help but Disgusting. The Light Sacrifice and the fire magicians led by Lardas lined up in a neat lineup, waiting for the Pope's order. The pope turned his head and asked Dumb: "Look at what we should do with these zombies in front of you. Dumb, have you discovered that there is no evil in this zombie territory. It seems that the source of evil you destroyed also contains it. The source of energy here. Without the support of evil spirits, these zombies should be much easier to deal with."

Dumb nodded and said, "Grandpa, these zombies are so disgusting and highly poisonous. I think, you can order all the magicians here to launch a ranged attack directly on them. Wait until the zombies are destroyed. , Let’s find a way to remove the green poisonous fog in the air. I feel that zombies are much slower than skeletons, and their bodies are not flexible enough, but their defense and attack power are also much stronger. With so many of us powerful The magician, shouldn't give them a chance to rush closer."

The Pope smiled and said: "Our ideas coincide. In the Death Mountain, we must fight steadily. Today, it is enough to eliminate these zombies. Since the periphery of the Death Mountain is no longer evil, after the zombies are eliminated, We can drop the large troops and supplies from the rear and station directly in the mountains, so we can launch the next attack in the shortest time. Xuanye and Xuanyue, you lead all the light sacrifices to prepare to launch the judgment of the large gods. Erdas Mage, please lead all fire magicians to be ready to respond at any time. If there are zombies that slip through the net and rush to our side, please take your defense."

Lardas said: "You are welcome, the Pope, we will do our best."

The pope rushed to the dumb: "You spent a lot of money in the battle with the skeletons just now. Let's rest for a while. If there are no special circumstances, you four sword masters don't need to take action."

Under the Pope’s order, the senior priests took out their magical weapons one after another, Xuan Ye, Xuan Yue and his daughter slowly floated into the air in the golden light package, the wrath of the gods and the angel rods respectively raised their heads, "The great gods Ah! You have endless divine power. As your loyal believer, I beg you to give me the power of God." The father and daughter sang at the same time with their hearts. Under their lead, thousands of high-ranking priests sang loudly. With the same spell, for a time, the white holy light floated out from the sacrificial artifacts, condensing to Xuanye father and daughter, a huge white magic hexagram appeared, with a diameter of more than 100 meters, that holy light Against the red figure of Xuan Ye and Xuan Yue, the huge light element summoned by thousands of high-level priests kept condensing around their bodies. Xuan Ye and her daughter looked at each other, and their hearts were full of fighting spirit. This was the first time they received such a strong support. They believed that even if the Forbidden Curse was released now, it could be done. With the majesty full of sacred aura, while singing loudly: "Betrayal of the glory of God, I will take back your life, betray the majesty of God, I will take back your soul, betray the faith of God, I will take back your right to life The power of the gods! Ascend. The great gods will use my hand to punish those sinful lives that blaspheme the gods—the judgment of the gods." As their spells were completed, the singing of the high priests below became louder. , The divine energy is continuously injected into them. With a faint smile, Xuan Yue nodded at her father confidently, Xuan Ye held up the wrath of the gods in both hands, feeling the huge energy gathered around, and shouted, "The wrath of the gods, through your divine might, infuse your heart and eradicate evil "The huge white six-pointed star trembled at the foot, and the huge energy fluctuated extremely steadily. The golden light emitted from the wrath of the gods suddenly flourished, spreading to the entire magic circle in an instant, and the white six-pointed star was dyed golden. , With the saturation of energy, a huge golden beam of light rose into the sky and rose straight into the sky.

As the priests began to chant spells, the zombies had already discovered their existence. The previous evil aura disappeared, and these zombies had become extremely panic. At this time, there was so much vitality, and there was also a letting force. Their hateful sacred breath immediately aroused the ferocity of the zombies. Tens of thousands of zombies bounced towards everyone. Although they were slow, their jumping ability was amazing. Once they fell together, they could at least go forward ten times. The distance of ten feet, in a while, was already close to within 300 meters of everyone. Lardas did not hesitate to give the order to attack, and under his leadership, the fire magicians under him launched a large area of flames. Although the attack power of this magic is not very strong, the range that can be released is very large. Under the action of a large area of fire energy, the zombies suddenly let out miserable howls. However, Dumb’s judgment is correct. These zombies have much higher defense power than skeletons. When the flames burn to their bodies, the green liquid on their bodies will turn into a layer of green mist and envelop themselves. , Although the flame can still burn them, it cannot eliminate them, and can only slow down their progress. However, this is enough. The main attack against zombies is the trial of the gods of the Holy See. After delaying the efforts of the fire magicians, the trial of the gods was finally completed when the zombies rushing forward were 100 meters away from everyone. The sky lit up, and a large cloud of light that had never been seen before was floating. It was different from the judgment of gods used by Xuan Ye before. This time the light cloud was actually golden, and the energy full of sacred aura shone across the earth, clearly Feeling the connection between herself and the light and cloud in the sky, Xuan Yue waved the angel's staff in Xuan Yue's hand, and a row of golden IPs floated down from the sky, directly hitting the zombie group in front of them, booming ——, no matter how strong the defense of zombies is, it cannot be compared with such a powerful magic attack. In the loud noise, thousands of zombies were turned into ashes in this row of lightning. At the same time, when the IP was falling, It inevitably penetrated the green poisonous fog in the sky. The green poisonous fog quickly disappeared in the place where the light of judgment was transmitted. After this first attack, the poisonous fog had already appeared a lot thinner.

The pope looked at the result in front of him with satisfaction, smiled slightly, and said: "The judgment of God that everyone used together has almost the power of forbidden curse."

Yunyi, Yutu, and Harry are the first time they have seen such a powerful magic. The eyes of the three of them all showed horror. When they hit under the light of judgment just now, they all clearly felt that even if they were Faced with such a powerful attack, I am afraid it would be difficult to please. For the first time, the three sword saints deeply realized that the strength of the Holy See is so powerful.

Xuan Ye held the wrath of the gods in both hands and continued to sing. The golden clouds in the sky looked thicker, and Xuanyue's angel rod pointed again. When the golden clouds suddenly brightened, a large number of IPs floated down. The entire zombie territory was completely blown up, and rotten flesh and bones were blown up in all directions. Under the golden light, the filthy soul of the zombie was continuously purified. The lightning of God's Judgment seemed to be endless, and there was no sign of stopping. In that dazzling golden light, the number of zombies was rapidly reduced. No longer caring about attacking everyone, the remaining zombies huddled together, continuously releasing green mist floating in the sky, trying to block the lightning attack. The poisonous mist emitted by the zombies is indeed very strong. The powerful corrosive power can erode even the energy. However, the attack power of the judgment of the gods is too strong. Under the golden light, the zombies have nothing else but complete death. result.

Looking at the trial of the gods who had already dominated in front of him, Lardas ordered his fire magicians to stop the attack of flame magic, walked to the side of dumb, smiled and said: "It's really one thing and one thing! These zombies! It is much easier to deal with the light magic of the Holy See than we are. In just one day, we can clear the obstacles of the first three levels, and the mountain of death seems not as big as I thought."

Dumb shook his head and said, "I'm afraid it's not that simple. Who knows if a zombie emperor will appear here. And the more you go in, the stronger the power of the undead creatures. We still don't know the five innermost levels. What kind of creatures are these. It’s better to be more cautious.” As they spoke, the judgment of God had already launched the seventh round of attacks, and finally the zombies gathered together were completely eliminated, even the green poisonous fog in the sky. Completely dissolving in that huge sacred aura, in the shortest possible time, the zombies of the third level of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead have been successfully eliminated.

The singing gradually stopped, the light clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, Xuan Yue and Xuan Ye fell back to the ground, looking at the valley that had been purified in front of them, both father and daughter smiled with joy. As the guide of this large-scale God's trial, there are a large number of high-level priests supported, and their mana consumption is not very large.

The pope turned his head and rushed to a holy judge next to him and said: "You immediately return to the camp to give orders, mobilize the Holy Knights to enter the Death Mountain, and directly come here to station. At the same time, transfer the rest of the priests of the Holy See, and then let all the forces Integrate all the heavy armored soldiers, enter the Death Mountain, and wait for dispatch in the territory of skeletons."

With a faint smile, the pope said to the people: "Let's rest here where we are. Tomorrow morning, move on."

As night fell, the coalition forces had already moved into the mountains of death, leaving only the light cavalry and ordinary soldiers in the camp of the Tianyuan clan, under the command of the Elf Queen.

A total of fifty thousand holy knights and eighty thousand heavily armored soldiers are stationed in the territory of bone birds, skeletons and zombies. In order to ensure safety, the Pope sent a large number of judges to serve as scout soldiers scattered around the camp, keeping an eye on the enemy's movements.

In the main tent, the pope, dumb, four red priests, three sword saints and leaders of all parties gathered together.

"Our achievements today are very significant. The achievement of this achievement is inseparable from the news that Dumb and the others have explored. Although we have successfully eliminated three undead creatures, we have not yet discovered the Dark Sacred Cult. Tomorrow, our goal is to wipe out the two-pole undead spider in level 4 and the rotten dragon in level 6. These two undead creatures are better than what we face today These three are much stronger. Do you have any suggestions?"

Xuan Yue said: "My Lord Pope, when we came here last time, we used to fight against the two polar undead spiders. They have two abilities, namely, ice and fire. Among them, cold-yin undead spiders can fly, and their frozen silk is very Domineering, not only contains the power of ice, but also contains the breath of death. According to my judgment, once human beings are entangled in this kind of silking, or even touched a little, I am afraid they will die under the cold and evil energy. The situation of the fire undead spiders is basically the same. Therefore, I suggest that tomorrow, when confronting the polar undead spiders, we don’t send an army, just need some top experts to participate. Although the undead creatures become more capable as they go into the mountains of death, However, the number of them will decrease. According to our visual observation last time, the sum of the two polar undead spiders will not exceed four thousand. The divine light magic has little effect on these two kinds of spiders. They seem to be born with them. With certain immunity, only the energy opposite to them can successfully destroy them. To deal with the cold-yin undead spiders, I, the Laldas Magister, and a few Fire Magisters are enough. For the dead flame spiders, we need advanced magicians or martial artists who are good at water magic. These spiders are very slippery. We must not give them any chance to escape."

As soon as Xuanyue's voice fell, the Northern Sword Saint Falcon suddenly rushed and said, "I am an old man to deal with those cold-yin undead spiders. I like burning ice most."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It would be better if you go to the old man's house. Those cold-yin undead spiders are dead. We are more good at fire magic. What I am more worried about now is the person who deals with the fire undead spider. Those The fast-moving red spider is not easy to deal with! Without powerful water magic, I am afraid it will be very difficult to deal with."

Dumb said: "Then I will come. If it doesn't work, I will bombard them with the sky thunder. Although it is not the opposite energy to them, the powerful explosive force should also be able to strike them to a large extent." The appearance of the Nine Heavens God Lei that he led to the Holy See last time has left Xuan Ye and the other three red-clothed sacrifices with lingering fears, and everyone can't help but nod their heads.

Xuanyue glanced at Ah Du, then thought for a while and said, "Okay, but you must first protect your body with a dragon covering body, and then use thunder and lightning. This will be more certain."

Yunyi said: "I'll go with Dumb. Although my fighting spirit is not pure water, but it also has the ability to clean the remaining flames and dead spiders."

The pope nodded and said, "Well, that's it. I will lead several other red priests to support you in the rear. We must completely wipe out the enemy. After we have eliminated the two polar undead spiders, we will discuss how to deal with the rotten dragon. The way. After a busy day, everyone is tired, go back and rest. Tomorrow morning, start to act."

Ah-Dai pulled Xuanyue back into his tent, and said with some worry: "Yueyue, do you feel wrong?"

Xuan Yue froze and said, "What's wrong?"

Dumb said: "Today we passed the three levels, and the Dark Sacred Church didn't even show his face. Isn't it strange? If it was me, we would definitely order our subordinates to cooperate with the undead creatures. Difficulty. Now the people of the Dark Shengjiao can say that they have not seen one, and we are very passive. What I am most afraid of now is that the headquarters of the Dark Shengjiao is not here at all when we detected a mistake."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, sat on Ah Du's lap, wrapped her hands around his neck, and said softly: "Don't worry too much. Our original reconnaissance was not wrong. Did you forget what the little bones said? There will be nothing wrong with the dark alien races we have seen with our own eyes. Didn’t we also encounter strong resistance from the Skeleton King today? Besides, if the headquarters of the Dark Sacred Church were not here, the threat to us would not be that great. They Although there are more than 100,000 people, if it weren't for the threat from the Demon Realm, with their own power, I am afraid our Holy See could easily deal with it."

Dumb sighed softly and said, "It's not that simple. Think about it. It's only mid-April, and there are still more than seven months before the sacred calendar. From the comparison of strength, we have a great chance to pass this undead. The defense of the twelve calamities, and it will not take too long. As long as there is no barrier from the undead creatures, the 50,000 holy knights of your Holy See alone can make the Dark Sage a headache. They are not worried that we will destroy them at all Is it a conspiracy? I think there must be a problem."

Xuan Yue put her pretty face on Dui, and said, "Only they know about the conspiracy of the Dark Sacred Church. It is useless if we worry about it now, we can only take one step at a time. I didn't tell you about me. Do you have an ominous hunch? Now I really hope that the enemy can attack in a big way, at least we can take our destiny in our own hands. Don't think too much, rest early. When we fully occupy the first seven territory, It’s never too late for you to worry about it. Dumb, promise me that you will always put your own safety first. For our future, you must be fine!"

Feeling Xuanyue's deep affection for herself, Duan couldn't help being drunk. After the two lingered for a long time, Dui reluctantly sent her back to the tent. When he was sent back to Xuanyue, Dui stood at the door of his tent and looked at the dim sky above. His heart fluctuated, but he didn't know why, but his heart kept irritating. The ominous premonition Xuan Yue said also appeared in his heart.

Early the next morning, Ah Dui summoned the sacred evil and the small bones. The small bones carried Xuanyue, Futu, Lardas, Corison and Keanu. The holy evil carried Yunyi, Dumb, and Harry, up and down, and marched towards the fourth level of the Twelve Calamities of the Undead. Little Bone, who was familiar with the road, took Xuanyue and the others to the sky above the fourth level. Xuanyue took out her angel staff and smiled and said: "Let me take the main attack. I have a way to use a large area of powerful fire element. Magic, Senior Falcon, if there is a cold-yin undead spider that slips through the net, I will trouble you, Magister Lardas, please help protect the little bones."

Hu suddenly said with some dissatisfaction: "Why don't you let me attack? Don't you still believe in my strength?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Why? Your strength is so strong, of course you have to stay behind to hold the line, I can't do it, you go up again! Look, it's coming." A large blue spot of light swiftly toward everyone from the air Approaching, it was the cold-yin undead spider guarding the fourth pass of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. Xuan Yue couldn't explain it anymore, her beautiful eyes revealed a glimmer of divine light, and she chanted loudly: "Take the blood of the phoenix as a guide, containing the sacred energy of infinite vitality! Please allow me, as the owner of the blood of the phoenix, Borrow your power to make the undead phoenix with infinite fire power use its blood as a medium to reincarnate, and give it infinite power." The red light floated out with the completion of the Xuanyue spell, quickly surrounding her. Her body spun, and Xuan Yue's body and mind were completely fused with the Phoenix blood on her chest under the energy full of sacred aura. Her delicate body slowly floated up and landed in front of the small bones, like never before. She felt that her spirit had completely entered the same spiritual level as the blood of the Phoenix, and the blood of the Phoenix sent warm and honest energy, which constantly nourished her delicate body. A red magic six-pointed star appeared at Xuan Yue's feet. Pei Ran's sacred red light instantly enveloped Xuan Yue's body, making it impossible to see her appearance from outside. Xuan Yue's arms stretched out, and a pair of golden wings appeared behind her, flapping gently with the appearance of red energy. Then, another pair of golden wings floated out, clearly visible golden light spots, These four wings gathered in all directions.

Lardas exclaimed: "This is the power of the phoenix, Xuan Yue has completely mastered the energy of the blood of the phoenix." He clearly felt that this was the energy of the Forbidden Curse! Although the red light didn't feel hot, but he was good at fire magic, but he knew whether this was the reason for it. The little bones felt a trace of fear inexplicably, and the huge body retreated subconsciously. The cold-yin undead spiders are still constantly approaching. They seem to have felt the danger, and they spread out in a fan shape. They are still hundreds of meters away from Xuanyue and the others. They have sprayed out frozen silk and condensed into a thick layer in front of them. Barrier.

A long and clear phoenix cry resounded from Xuan Yue's mouth, and the voice was sharp and clear, penetrating the clouds. The four golden wings of light spread out behind him, and the red light became extremely rich. Xuan Yue's body was floating in the air like a huge red fireball. At this time, the cold-yin undead spider had covered the huge barrier made up of frozen silk, instantly enveloping the red fireball, and seemed to be constantly eroding inward. After covering the spider silk, the red fireball turned into a faint blue, looking extremely strange.

The falcon frowned suddenly, and just wanted to make a move, but was stopped by Lardas, "Senior, wait and see, Xuanyue's Phoenix blood will not be easily penetrated by the enemy." The voice just fell, it was wrapped in it. The spider silk of Xuan Yue's body had changed. The entire sphere swelled violently, and the spider silk was very extensible. Although it expanded rapidly, it was not burst. All the cold-yin undead spiders stopped, half surrounded by the enlarged orb. Suddenly, a red ray of light permeated from the orb, and an incomparably loud cry sounded like a cocoon. The huge red figure completely melted the spider silk around the body, the one hundred meters wide. The wings spread out and the air became completely distorted. That was an extremely huge fire phoenix, burning hot energy on its body, and the hundreds of cold-yin undead spiders closest to it suddenly turned to ashes. Fully aware of the threat of death, the cunning cold-yin undead spider immediately gave up the attack, almost at the same time converging its wings and going down, trying to escape.

A sweet female voice sounded, "The undead harms the world, I take back your sinful lives in the name of the phoenix." The huge red wings lightly patted, and countless red feathers like sharp arrows floated out, and they caught up in an instant. None of the fallen cold-yin undead spiders can only escape the attack of the red fire feathers. The fallen bodies of the cold-yin undead spiders completely the fire phoenix screamed to the sky, bringing up a gorgeous red tail flame. , Swiping down suddenly in the twisted air, wherever it passed, those cold-yin undead spiders suspended in mid-air turned to ashes, and none of them was spared.

Everything returned to silence. The scorching heat on the fire phoenix suddenly reduced, hovering in the air for a week, and came to the top of the small bones. Under the powerful pressure of the fire phoenix, the small bones did not even dare to move. Can keep calm. The clear voice of the fire phoenix sounded, "You tell the girl, you don't call me when you encounter creatures of this level in the future, they are not worth my shot. Goodbye." The flames suddenly converged, and everyone just felt red. , When the vision was restored, everything disappeared, Xuan Yue's delicate body fell lightly behind the small bones, the light wings behind her were gone, and her pretty face looked a little pale, as if it had been worn too much. Slowly opened her eyes, Xuanyue weakly held a bone spur behind her small bones, stabilized her body, and rushed to the crowd in a misty manner: "Did you succeed?" The difference from Duan was that she was summoning the Fire Phoenix body. After that, her consciousness was blank, and the Fire Phoenix completed her actions entirely based on the mind she had when she called. Falcon took a deep look at Xuan Yue. This time he came with the Holy See's coalition forces. There were so many things that surprised him. Let's not talk about how powerful Dumb's Sumi sword has been, but Xuan Yue just now The fire phoenix summoned brought tremendous pressure to him, the turbidity in his eyes disappeared, and the deep eyes shot brightly, "The fire phoenix let us tell you, next time, after such a weak enemy, Don't call it out, you succeeded, and no enemy slipped through the net. I didn't get in at all."

Chapter 194: Rush forward

Everything went smoothly. While Xuanyue used Phoenix Reincarnation to wipe out all the Cold Yin Undead Spiders, Adu, Yunyi, and Harry also handed over the Fire Undead Spiders. The silking stickiness of the fire undead spider is greater than that of the cold-yin undead spider, and it is full of fire poison and death. However, the power of the Sumi sword is so powerful that it is not trapped by these silking. Beneath the long golden solid energy sword, one by one the flame undead spiders were twisted into powder. Yunyi and Harry each used their own unique skills, Qingfengmingyue's fighting spirit and Qinglian's fighting spirit simultaneously exerted their immense power. With the combination of these three Sword Saint level masters, the number of Fire Undead Spiders was drastically reduced. When the sky was full of the gorgeous appearance of the fire phoenix, the three of them joined forces to launch a powerful attack. They did not use lightning at all to wipe out the fire undead spiders. So far, the fourth stage of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. Everyone passed smoothly. However, after entering the territories of the two polar undead spiders, the evil aura in the mountains of death has appeared again.

After annihilating the two polar undead spiders, everyone returned to the pope. In order to be able to win the pursuit, the pope ordered that the combined army of all forces stand still. He and the presiding judge Xuanyuan personally led all the high-level priests and judges toward the depths of the death mountain. The territory of Level 5 Wraiths was surprisingly quiet. The Winged Races and Dwarves that they had seen here at the beginning have disappeared. There is no enemy that can stop them from moving forward in the entire Level 5 Realm. After the small bones were carefully confirmed and discerned that there were indeed no enemies, the crowd gathered and quickly set off towards the territory of the rotten dragon.

From a distance, everyone has seen the large red poisonous mist floating slightly in the sky. Dumb said, "Grandpa Pope, this is it. Look, the red poisonous mist is full of stickiness. Time, it took a lot of effort to rush from here. According to my understanding of this poisonous fog, I am afraid that the light system magic will not damage them too much. That’s good, I will use thunder and lightning to test it first, if If possible, we will first eliminate the rotten dragon and poisonous fog. If it is really impossible, we will think of other ways."

The pope nodded and said, "This is already the sixth level of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead, and the relative danger is much greater. Let others rest here. I will go and see if necessary. , I can help you a little bit too." Dumb froze, and said: "How about it, you can't take risks! I'll do it myself."

The Pope smiled and said: "I said that you are both the savior and my grandson-in-law, and I am responsible for your safety. Hey, I haven't done anything for decades. This time my old bones are also active. Yueyue, don’t look at me, I won’t let you go. You just used up too much mana when you summoned the Fire Phoenix, so rest here, don’t worry, Ah Dai and I will be back soon. Don’t you believe Grandpa? Is the strength of Xuan Yue?" Xuan Yue pouted helplessly, and said: "Well, you should be careful about everything. In fact, I think God's trial should have a certain effect."

The pope sighed and said, "The more we get inside, the more careful we are, because we are getting closer and closer to the Dark Sacred Cult. It is always good to retain a bit more strength. Dumb, let's go."

Dumb and Pope Fei wore small bones on their backs, leaving the holy evil on the ground and flying high. Soon, he came to the periphery of Hongwu. The undead creatures are unconventional under the integration of the Dark Sacred Church, and will not attack beyond the boundary. Although the red mist that seems to have life has found the dumb and the pope, it has not rushed over. The Pope said: "Damn, if you can bring out the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder again, the rotten dragon here is nothing at all, but you must remember to save your energy as much as possible and not consume too much. Our goal today is to achieve the first Seven levels, meeting with your friend of the dead demon, starting tomorrow, the last five levels of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead will be the real challenge to us. Do you understand?"

Dumb nodded and said: "Grandpa, our lineup is unprecedentedly strong this time. We will surely be able to successfully eliminate the enemy. Let's go into the poisonous fog, so that my thunder and lightning can exert the greatest power and defense. The poison mist will be handed to you."

To be cautious, the Pope took out the scepter of the gods from his own space barrier, which made Ah'ai order the little bones to take the two into the poisonous mist of the rotting dragon. After practicing for this period of time, Little Bones has completely mastered his current body, and a thick black mist is emitted from his body, blocking the red poisonous mist around the body. Spouting a few breaths casually, he was able to clear some of the poisonous mist. The surrounding poisonous mist kept squeezing its huge body, but couldn't get past the thunder pond.

The pope said in surprise: "Dumb, your dragon friend is so powerful! Its breath seems to be much more poisonous than this red mist."

Dumb said: "The small bone is a fusion of tens of thousands of wraith spirits and the body of the original bone dragon. From its own level, it can be said to be a high-level undead creature. After mastering its own abilities, it will be there. , These poisonous fog can't hurt us, but the poisonous fog is too sticky, it will slow down its progress a lot. Grandpa, you are ready to respond at any time, I am going to start."

The pope murmured a few spells, and a dazzling golden light radiated from the top of the staff of the gods, pushing the surrounding poisonous fog back a few meters to make a wider space for the small bones.

Dumb's eyes were full of energy. The previous battle with the Fire Undead Spider didn't cost him too much power at all. At this time, the energy in his body was still abnormally full. The eight-inch golden body in the body suddenly gleamed, and the vital vitality circulated rapidly in the body as if it were a substance. The seventh transformation of the birth-to-solid-state energy came out, enveloping the body of A-Dai, and floated up with his left hand. With a wave of a palm, a piece of golden energy floats out, and the right hand draws a semicircle on the chest and slowly pushes out, the golden light suddenly shines, releasing a dazzling light, making bursts of thunder-like roars, one condensed A large amount of golden light spheres that have turned into solid energy slowly floated away. When the flakes and the ball of light touched and violently rubbed together, a blast of thunder sounded in the sky, and the huge boom made the body of Xiao Bone tremble slightly. The cold light in Ah'Dai's eyes was like two dazzling cold stars in the sky. The clarity and incomparable dominance suddenly appeared. Under the effect of his transformational energy, the deafening roar continued to invade the hearing of the pope and the small bones present. Duan raised his head fiercely, opened his hands, and his black long The hair was dancing with the wind, and he chanted loudly: "Birth-birth-change-of-sky-thunder-cross-boom -" Ah Dui's whole body was wrapped in a huge golden energy, constantly Absorbing the free energy in the air, under the fierce friction of the flakes and silver **** that have been transformed, bursts of thunder sounded from the sky outside the poisonous fog, and Dumb's heart moved. This is the same as the last time he drew the Nine Heavens God Thunder. It seems different! But at this time, the arrow had to be sent on the string. In the fierce friction, the sun thunder produced a huge suction force, and even the energy used by the pope and the small bones for defense was constantly trembling. In order not to affect them, Ah-Dai took the sun thunder into the sky and directly broke into the red poisonous fog. There was a thunder explosion in the sky, and the red mist violently fluctuated, and Ah-Dai's whole body was shaken. He clearly felt that a thunder had already happened. Cleaved into the poisonous fog, the sun thunder rose and merged with the invisible thunder in the air. "Boom--" With the cultivation base of dumb, my ears could not help being temporarily lost by the huge boom. Hearing, the body fell back to the back of the small bones like lightning, and the golden energy quickly completely wrapped the small bones' body under his control. A violent shock wave came, combining the skills of dumb, small bones, and the pope, and barely resisted it. The surrounding red mist oscillated violently. Under the action of the yin and yang twin thunders, the poisonous mist quickly dispersed. The power of heaven and earth was so terrifying. When the shock wave disappeared, Dui found that the surrounding poisonous mist had completely disappeared. There is no trace left.

After a few breaths, Dumb frowned and said, "Grandpa, I seem to have failed. I didn't attract the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder." He didn't understand how his cultivation level had clearly improved after reaching the seventh change in his life. , But why can't it attract the powerful Nine Heavens Thunder?

The Pope thought for a while, and said: "The Nine Heavens God Thunder, the Heaven Thunder, possesses incomparably powerful power. Even among the Heaven Gods, only powerful beings above the Lord God can use them. The divine power possessed by the Nine Heaven God Thunder is for the world. It’s very masculine, incompetent by humans, so you don’t have to think too much. The last time may have been just a coincidence. Your sky-thunder attack itself is already very powerful, and this kind of attack that stimulates the force of nature is definitely close. The power of the forbidden curse. You see, such a large area of poisonous fog has been completely wiped out by the explosion of power just now. We are considered successful. Let our sacrifice deal with the rotten dragon below." Because there is no more Blocked by the poisonous fog, they could clearly see the thousands of rotten dragons in the valley below. The body of the rotten dragon is generally about seven or eight meters long. The explosion just now has obviously affected them, and the rotten dragon is caught in a panic, constantly looking up. But they belonged to a variety of dragons. They were only earth dragons before they were alive, and they didn't have the ability to fly, so they only had to look at the huge body of the small bones.

A Dumb rushed to the Pope: "Grandpa, let's go to see this Rotten Dragon Valley first, and test their offensive and defensive capabilities, and then we will decide what method to use to destroy them."

The Pope has absolute confidence in the strength of Dumb, nodded, and said: "Okay, you go, I am waiting for you on the periphery, and I will come back after a test. If it doesn't work, we will use the judgment of God to deal with them. Although it will cost the priests a lot of mana, it should be able to completely wipe out these rotten dragons."

Ah Dui promised, floated up, and fell into the valley. In the golden light, his body is as gorgeous as a meteor. The kilometer distance came in an instant, and Ah Dui did not use the Sumi sword, but instead blasted the rotten dragon directly below him with a punch. Under the action of impulse, this dominating punch carries a powerful force. In the bang, the huge rotten dragon was immediately shattered by the bombardment, and rotten flesh and bones were scattered all over the place. Duan was shocked. He didn't expect that his punch could not completely turn the rotten dragon into ashes. It can be seen how strong this rotten dragon's defense is. At this time, he had fallen to the ground, and the surrounding rotten dragons immediately surrounded him, and the huge dragon claws and the red mist spit out the surrounding area. A Duan snorted coldly, and the golden glow in his eyes widened, and his hands circled, the golden light suddenly dispersed in all directions, and suddenly flew out dozens of rotten dragons around him, most of which were broken bones. fold. Dui didn't stay much longer. He floated up and flew into the air. He escaped from the encirclement of the rotten dragon. The rotten dragon that was first torn apart by him has been resurrected, and slowly climbed up from the ground, but It looks weaker than other rot dragons. Duan didn't try again, soaring into the sky, crossing the peaks outside the Rotten Dragon Valley, and returning to the crowd.

Xuanyue leaned over to Ah Du and asked, "How about? Are those rotten dragons easy to deal with?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "It's very difficult to deal with. The defenses of these rotten dragons are beyond my expectations. With my seventh change, I can't completely destroy a rotten dragon with one punch."

A flash of startled light flashed in the Pope's eyes, and he frowned, "Is it so difficult to deal with? These rotten dragons are highly poisonous, and if they are attacked by a large force, they will definitely lose a lot. It seems that only a large-scale attack magic can be used. Give it a try with the judgment of the gods. Yueyue, don't take part in it. Xuanye, Yuma, and Manxiu, the three of you, lead two thousand worshippers, and act immediately."

"Yes, Lord Pope." The judgment of the gods launched by the two thousand priests and the three red priests absolutely possesses the power of forbidden curse. The super-large scale of the gods' judgment will completely concentrate the attack power on the body of more than a thousand rotten dragons. , A series of huge golden lightning continued to descend on the huge body of the rotten dragon that could not be dodged at all. Amidst the roar, the first attack successfully wiped out more than three hundred rotten dragons. However, the battle did not go as smoothly as expected. All the rotten dragons seemed to be mad, their eyes turned red, and they suddenly rushed towards the people on the hillside. Rotten dragons have a certain degree of wisdom. When their survival is threatened, they have ignored the threat of the Undead Codex, and just want to immediately wipe out all the enemies that have invaded near their territory.

Seeing the rotten dragons rushing towards their own outside of their territory at a rapid speed, the pope couldn't help but frown. Although the judgment of the gods is powerful, there is a certain interval between the lightning strikes. The defensive power of the rotten dragon is not comparable to that of zombies. Under the joint attack of two thousand priests and three red priests, only three hundred dragons were eliminated for the first time. In terms of distance and speed, these rotten dragons can withstand at most one more attack, and they will rush to everyone. To ensure safety, the pope turned his head and rushed to the depths, "Presiding judge, you take all the judges to defend with all their strength. Rush to our sacrificial side, Dui, you can go together too." Dui and Xuanyuan looked at each other, and immediately led thousands of judges to rush up, stopping in front of the sacrifices.

At this time, God's Judgment had already launched the second round of attacks, and a total of three rows of dense lightning blew on the rotting dragons in a loud noise. The people watching the gorgeous golden light were dazzled, and the pope calmly said: "The judgment of the gods will stop, and all the sacrifices will immediately add auxiliary magic to the judges, and then use the single attack magic to attack the rotten dragon."

Under the command of the Pope, the golden clouds in the sky dispersed, and circles of sacred light enveloped the judges. Dui felt his whole body shake, as if he had added a little more strength, and there was a faint layer around his body. In fact, because of the difference in cultivation base, these auxiliary magics did not have much effect on him, and the poison of the rotten dragon itself could not hurt him. The eyes of the rotten dragon looked like they were about to rush in front of everyone, including the chief judge Xuanyuan, these judges were a little nervous, the rotten dragon's huge body of three or four meters in the run made a burst of noise and lost. With six hundred companions, these rotten dragons have gone mad, and there are less than a thousand remaining, all with red eyes, red mist lingering between breathing.

Dui stood at the forefront of the team, looked at each other with Xuanyuan, floated up and floated in the air, his eyes flickered, and the golden Sumi sword gradually appeared, a powerful and irresistible force. The aura spread out, and Ah'Dai's body was as tall as a mountain. Xuanyuan and the judges behind him involuntarily produced a feeling of surrender, and respect came to life. Ah Dai slowly squinted his eyes, and raised the Sumeru Sword with both hands. The rotten dragon rushing forward seemed to feel the threat from the Sumeru Sword, and the speed of its attack could not help but slow down a bit, but they did so. Shi had already red eyes and would never shrink back. The first rotten dragon slammed **** the ground and rushed towards Ah-Dai with a red breath with poisonous mist. Dui didn't mean to shrink at all. Holding the Sumi sword in both hands, he drew a semi-arc in the air and slashed forward. The substantial golden light flashed away. Although the red mist had strong stickiness, When the powerful attack of Sumi’s Sword completely melted under the surging energy, the golden light smashed into the head of the rotten dragon with almost no pause. Under the powerful energy, the body of the rotten dragon was blasted. Shattered, turned into a piece of dust and fell into dust. Killing a rotten dragon, dumb didn't feel the slightest excitement. When smashing the rotten dragon with the energy of the Sumi sword, he clearly felt the rotten dragon’s powerful defensive power, even with his own cultivation. It is impossible to eliminate them in a large amount in a short time. But now there is no time for him to hesitate more, a large number of rotten dragons have rushed up. Rays of golden light rushed into the rotten dragon group from behind Ah-Dai. These sacred attacks immediately slowed the forward momentum of the rotten dragon. It was a single attack from thousands of priests from the Holy See. These sacred magic seem to be not weak in power, but at this time, it is not so easy to succeed when used on the rotten dragon. These sacred light magic attacks are far inferior to the previous judgments of the gods. In the red breath of the rotten dragon, they are much weakened. Although there are some powerful attacks that can break the rotten dragon bones, they cannot be controlled. They are dead.

The majesty of the dumb **** was displayed, and the Sumi sword in his hand continuously turned into golden sword shadows. Others followed the sword. In an instant, seven or eight rotten dragons were completely dead in his hands. At this time, a large number of rotten dragons had rushed in front of the judges, and the hand-to-hand combat began. These judges are all outstanding warriors of the Holy See. Although the attack and defense are not as powerful as the rotten dragons, they use the difference in body proportions to toss and move around and fight with the rotten dragons. The auxiliary magic from the priests is continuously strengthened. Their bodies resisted the poison on the rotting dragon, and for a while, they did not show signs of depression. The three sword saints didn't do anything. They were observing the movement of these rotten dragons from the pope behind. At this time, the rotten dragon had completely rushed up and started a melee with the judges. After a while, the Pope has discovered that it is wrong. Although the judges can resist in a short time, these rotten dragons have always maintained a certain number. Except for the Sumi sword of Adu, which can kill them, the rest of the trials Even if they tried their best to dismember a rotten dragon, they could not completely eliminate them. As the surrounding poisonous fog became thicker and denser, the judges could not help but slow down with the assistance of magic, and they had begun to suffer casualties. Up. Because it was a melee, the priests of the Holy See didn't dare to use overpowering magic, lest they hurt their own people. Under the influence of these factors, the scale of victory was gradually tilting towards the rotten dragon.

Yunyi said: "This is not the way to go. After all, Ah Du has only one person. Although his Sumi sword is very strong, but the Sumi sword will consume a lot of his skill, I am afraid it is impossible to sustain all the rotten dragons. Pope, let the three of us go down too, at least we can help Dui share some of it."

The pope shook his head and said: "The three sword saints have worked hard enough, let me go. There has been no activity for a long time." After speaking, the staff of the gods in his hand was lightly touched, and the person was already floating from the ground. Up. Flew in the direction of the confrontation between the rotten dragon and the judge. At this time, Ah Dui also felt that something was wrong. Although he had killed nearly 30 rotten dragons, the consumption of vindictiveness was also very huge. He felt a little anxious, and sent a message of attack to Sheng Xie and Xiao Bone. . Two huge figures, one silver and one black, fell from the sky and rushed into the rotten dragon group before the pope. The Pope was slightly shocked and couldn't help but stop. He knew that in the Death Mountain, maintaining a little more strength would increase his chances of winning, and braking by static was his best choice now. The small bones are so fast that they rushed into the rotten dragon group before the holy evil. Although the rotten dragons were huge, they were far worse than the small bones. The physical attack of the small bones is extremely powerful. With a flick of the huge dragon's tail, seven or eight rotten dragons have been blasted off. The wings spread out, and a pure black breath sprayed out with green flames, the first one to bear the brunt. The rotten dragon was immediately hit by the breath, and his whole body burned violently, rolling all over the floor in pain. The small bones and tails swept the claws, coupled with the powerful breath spraying. After a while, dozens of rotten dragons lost their resistance. ability. However, the attack of the small bones still couldn't make these rotten dragons completely die, but the resurrection time was much longer, and the pressure on the judges was suddenly reduced. At this time, Sheng Xie had also rushed down. Opening his mouth is a silver-gray breath. Strange things happened, and the evolved holy evil had a breath that was more corrosive than before. The two rotten dragons that were knocked over by small bones to the ground instantly melted in the breath, and they did not resurrect. A Duan was overjoyed and floated to the side of Sheng Xie, saying: "Xiao Xie, I will bring down these rotten dragons, and you will solve them completely." The sword of Xumi retracted, and the light in A Duan's eyes widened, and his hands joined together. , A completely brilliant golden light wafted out of the surroundings, and suddenly more than ten rotten dragons were beaten to shattered bones and shattered and fell to the ground. There is no need to completely eliminate these rotten dragons, he will deal with it more easily. There is no rot dragon that can support a moment in his powerful skill. With the joint hands of Dui and Xiaotou, nearly two hundred rot dragons fell to the ground in just five minutes, and the holy evil is here. They completed the final attack behind them. As long as the body of the rotten dragon is touched by its breath, the body will corrode quickly, and even the dregs will not be left behind. Under the large-scale spray of the breath, the speed of death of the rotten dragon Much faster than before. Feeling a strong threat, the rotten dragons began to charge towards Dumb and Xiao Bone. The body defense of the small bones is extremely strong. Even if the rotten dragon grabs its body, it cannot break through the hard scales on its body surface. The small bones are extremely excited when they use their full force for the first time. At the speed of defeating the rotten dragon, it is better than dumb. It couldn't slow down much, especially its black breath with green flames, as long as it sprayed on the rotten dragon, they would immediately lose their resistance. With the help of this man and two dragons, the coalition forces gradually regained the advantage, and Xuan Yuan led the judges to cover up and kill them from the rear, and drove the rotten dragons who were trying to escape into their race again. The number of rotten dragons was decreasing, and finally, after an hour of torn and killing, these powerful creatures were completely wiped out.

Sheng Xie looked very tired, using a lot of breath, its physical strength has been completely overdrawn, needless to say, he returned to the blood of the dragon, the small bones are not much stronger than Sheng Xie, lying on the ground panting violently , The light in the eyes looked much dim. Dui showed a strong resilience. In the battle after taking back the Sumeru sword, his skill not only did not weaken, but he recovered a lot. Now he still has about 80% of his skill, except that he is a little tired, there is nothing unusual. .

The pope led the priests to thoroughly clean up the dark aura and residual poisonous fog in the Rotten Dragon Valley. Xuanyue's mana had recovered a bit, and she flew to the side of Ah-Dai with some worry, "How are you? No injuries, right." Inquiring, she lifted her toes to help Ah-Dai comb through her long green hair that was scattered. Feeling the tenderness of his fiancée, there was a warmth in Ah-Dai's heart, and smiled and said, "Don't worry, my current skill self-recovery ability is very strong, and the golden body will continue to operate by itself to replenish my lost energy. As long as I don't use beard The sword of Mi’s power will not consume too much."

Xuanyue took the big hand of Ah-Dai and said with a smile: "In just two days we have cracked all the undead creatures in the first six levels in the Death Mountain Range, and the dead monster in the seventh level will not be our enemy. It seems, We will successfully complete the mission of destroying the dark forces this time! After seeing you wiped out the rotten dragon just now, the ominous premonition in my heart seemed to be lightened a lot."

Dui sighed lightly and said, "Now we can't be too optimistic. The undead creatures get stronger as they go inside. We still don't know what the next five levels are. We have already struggled with the rotten dragon. The undead creatures will be more difficult to deal with."

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Grandpa has sent orders to drop all 50,000 of the Holy Knights. They have certain resistance to evil and death. Although the evil aura here cannot be eliminated, grandpa But we can use some profound light magic circle to make the evil aura in a range unable to invade. In this way, we can stay here, wait for a rest, and then we will attack the undead creatures in the eighth level. Now, can you trust that dead demon Slim? Will she..."

Dui shook his head firmly, and said, "No. Although she lied to me at the beginning, she has fully understood at this time. By the way, she is no longer an undead creature. It wasn't about Little Bones last time. , Has she become a god? Maybe, she has successfully ascended now, in fact, Xianxian is really pitiful. Yueyue, please help grandpa arrange here, I will go to Xianxian territory to find her, if she If she is still there, she will definitely help us. She already belongs to the second-highest undead creature, and she should know more about it. I can also learn about the high-level undead creature by the way."

Xuan Yue thought for a while and said, "Well, be careful yourself. If you are in danger, use the instant transfer function of the wish of Corris and run back quickly."

Dui nodded and said, "Yueyue, you must be alert. We are in a dangerous place, and the Dark Sacred Sect may attack at any time. I'm leaving." After squeezing Xuanyue's little hand, Dui floated up. , Urging Shengsheng Zhenqi in the dantian, and quickly flew towards the slender territory of the dead demon. I don't know why, there is a glimmer of expectation in his heart, and he seems to be eager to see something slender.

Chapter 195: Revenge

Over a high mountain, the slender territory is already in sight. Everything is the same as when he came last time. There is no change. Dumb forced the sound into a line and shouted into the valley: "Slim, I'm back." The voice was real. Under the influence of qi, it penetrates the deepest part of the valley. After a while, a figure slowly flew up from below, and Dumb was delighted. If he could see the slender smoothly, the possibility of the coalition forces successfully eliminating the dark forces this time would become even greater. Gradually, the figure gradually became clear, and Dui's heart shuddered. It was not a slender body, but a person covered in black clothes. From the surface, Dui clearly felt that this person was not an undead creature. One of them, although he exudes a dangerous aura, he doesn't have the dead aura of undead creatures. It felt like I was familiar with this person, and an inexplicable sense of disgust came through my chest.

The man in black quickly approached to the side of Dui in the air. He had a pair of black wings on his back and a sharp horn on his head. With a move in Dui's heart, he immediately understood who the person was, and his heart burned with anger, the sword of Sumi It appeared again under his condensed force. The huge pressure made the man in black flew 100 meters ahead of him and dared not move forward. His wings spread out and floated in the air.

"Boy, it really is you, do you still recognize me?" The man in black took off the black cloth cover on his head from a hundred meters away, revealing an ugly face covered with scales, his fierce eyes shining with red light . A Duan's whole body was shaken, and the sword of Sumi was slowly raised, and he said in hate, "Even if it turns to ashes, I know you. Lord, don't want to be spared today. Under my sword of Sumi, you will never There may be a chance to escape." This monster with wings and horns on its head is the president of the Killing Hand Association.

When the Lord released the sword of Sumi before, the Lord had already risen in his heart. The huge energy emitted by the sword of Sumi made his breathing a little difficult, but the Lord was surprised at Ada Great progress in a short period of time, but still confidently said: "Boy, it's not always certain of us who die today? You don't have to rush to do it, I will show you something." A layer of black mist came from him. The large hand with scales revealed, and in an instant it became a long strip, the black mist dissipated, and a glass bottle appeared in the master's hand. Duan looked intently and was shocked, because in this glass bottle, there was a white figure, that beautiful face and exquisite figure he was familiar with, it was Death Demon Slim. Her body became very small, and she was extremely distressed when she was locked in this glass bottle, her eyes closed tightly, as if she was suffering endless pain.

"Boy, you recognize her. If I’m right, not long ago, you brought people to our death mountain to make trouble, and resolved the grievances and subdued the dead demon. The dead demon always has eyes above the top. And my heart is full of resentment, but I didn’t expect it to be easily resolved by you. To be honest, I really admire you. However, don’t think that you can easily pass through our twelve undead tribulations. It’s impossible. Yeah. The Death Demon seemed to be very attached to you! When we caught her, no matter how we pressed her, she would not tell who resolved her grievances."

Although Ah Dui was anxious, he knew that he must remain calm now, otherwise he would be multiplied by the Lord. While stabilizing the energy of the Sumeru Sword, he said coldly: "Lord, the resentful spirit disappeared, you will definitely know , But how do you know that Dead Demon has become my friend? In such a large territory, even if you want to find her, it is very difficult."

The Lord snorted disdainfully, and said: "Difficulty? What's the difficulty. You too underestimated our Dark Sacred Church. To tell you frankly, we all know everything that happens in the Death Mountain. Death demon. The huge resentment on her body has disappeared. How can we not know? Although she has become more powerful than before after becoming a god, but under the siege of the dark spiritual shackles of the elders of our Dark Sacred Church, she is like this The spirit body is impossible to resist. Now being sealed in this bottle, as long as I chant a spell, she will be dispelled and completely destroyed by me."

Barely suppressing the fury in his heart, Ah Duan said coldly: "Then what do you want now? Do you use her to threaten me?"

The Lord smiled confidently and said: "Yes, I just want to use her to threaten you. You are indeed very strong now, and I can't believe it. Under your leadership, it took just two days to charge. At this seventh level. However, you have a weakness. Do you know what it is? I think you should know it very well. That is that you are too soft towards your friends. Therefore, you are not a capable person at all. People who do great things. I believe that you can't bear to watch the dead demon just die in my hands."

Dui's hand holding the Sumi's Sword trembled slightly. The Lord was right. His heart was indeed too soft. If it weren't for the soft heart, the ice wouldn't die at the beginning. Even though he could be cruel to the enemy, But when a friend is in danger, he will definitely put his friend's safety first. Staring at the Lord bitterly, he said, "What do you want?"

The Lord laughed loudly, seeming to be proud of his understanding of Dui, "What do I want to do? The killing craft I worked so hard to create will be completely destroyed in your hands. What can you say about me? Now you have three The first choice is to kill me. Of course, your dead demon friend will die in my hands. Second, if you commit suicide, I will consider letting your dead demon friend go. Third, you go The pope is killed. I can also let go of your friend. I think, since you can come with the Holy See army, the relationship with the pope should be very good. You will not implement this third item. Want to save the demon, You can only have self-determination in front of me. Use this sword in your hand to destroy yourself."

Ah Du's face turned blue for a while, he really wanted to save the demon, but he didn't want to die! It was hard to be with his beloved Yueyue, and the Dark Sacred Sect had not been eliminated, how could he want to die? There was a turmoil in my heart, and the energy of the sword of Xumi shook slightly. He knows that if he considers the overall situation, he should kill the Lord without hesitation. This will not only weaken the strength of the Dark Holy Cult, but also avenge Uncle Owen. However, if he really does that, the Death Demon will dead. Although I didn’t get along with the dead demon for a long time, she was already deeply moved by her tragic experience. She became an undead for her beloved, trapped in the mountains of death for thousands of years, and the dead demon suffered. The pain can be imagined. Now that he has finally become a god, has a chance to reincarnate, but is about to die at the hands of the despicable man, how can he bear it?

The Lord looked at Ah Dui hesitantly, and raised the glass bottle, a wisp of black gas floated directly into the bottle through the glass, and penetrated into the body of the dead demon. Xian Xian's original body trembled violently, her pretty face became paler, and her body was trembling violently. Dui seemed to be able to feel the pain she was suffering. There was a cramp in her heart, and she shouted angrily: "What are you doing?"

The Lord smiled and said: "My patience is limited, and I don't want to confront you endlessly here. Hurry up and make up my mind. Kill me or commit suicide to save your friend."

Dui's body trembled violently. Even with a high level of cultivation, at this moment, he had nothing to do with the master. The slender eyes opened, and there was no trace of expression in the beautiful eyes. Her gaze fell on Ah Du's face, watching him faintly, and seeing her faintly resentful eyes, Ah-Dai's heart ached sharply. At this moment, he It seemed that I saw the expression of no regrets and regrets when the ice died, and I also seemed to see the unwillingness of the girl when she died, her heart was rushing, her kind thoughts and emotions defeated her reason, and she shouted: "Okay, you only have to Let her go and I will commit suicide in front of you."

Hearing what Ah-Dai said, the Lord was overjoyed. Originally, he didn't expect Ah-Dai to agree to his terms. The reason why he came to see Ah-Dai with a slender slenderness was just to threaten him to leave. If Dui wanted to kill him, he would immediately say the fourth option, which is to let Dui leave here and stop participating in the confrontation between the Holy See and the Dark Sacred Church. He didn't expect that Ah'Dai was "stupid" to such an extent. He was willing to give his life for a resentful spirit who had only seen it once. Of course he knew how terrifying Ah'Dai’s cultivation level was. For the dark cause of the Dark Sacred Church, there are too many benefits. "Well, you are really stupid, I swear, as long as you decide yourself in front of me, I will immediately let go of the dead demon, ah! No, let go of this **** and let her go to reincarnation. If you violate the oath, I am willing to be subject to Lord Hades Punishment of destroying souls." At this time, he never thought of lying to Dumb. To their Dark Sacred Sect, Xianxian had no threat at all, and it was nothing to make her reincarnated. Even if she could retain the original memory, when she reincarnated When he was reincarnated into the world, the mainland had already been ruled by darkness.

A Duan glanced at Xianxian with bright red eyes, gritted his teeth, and raised the Sumi sword in his hand high. When he was about to cut it towards himself, he suddenly found that the Xianxian in the glass bottle was crying, and two lines of tears flowed down. Her face was flowing down, and the crystal tears were completely condensed with energy. Hasn't she been completely sealed? Why can we still use energy to make tears? Just when Dui had doubts, and the Lord was ecstatic in his heart, the change happened. The slender in the glass bottle suddenly burst into a circle of white light all over the body, and there was a crisp sound. The glass bottle blessed with dark magic was shattered and completely shattered, and the beautiful white figure of slender suddenly enlarged. It revolved around the main body like smoke, a white energy circle hooped the main body firmly, making him immobile. This sudden change shocked the Lord and Ah-Dai, and no one knew what to do.

Bai Mang flashed, slender appeared in front of Ah-Dai, her deep beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and she stared at Ah-Dai's eyes miserably. Dumb had already reacted and said excitedly: "Xianxian, you, are you all right? Great, really great."

Xianxian rushed into A'Dai's arms and wrapped her arms tightly around A'Dai's neck. Although it was an energy body, Xianxian's energy at this time was already close to the entity, and A'Dai could clearly feel her softness, "You, You are really much better than him. Why didn't I meet you in the first place?" Xian Xian lay in her arms and cried bitterly, as if she wanted to fully express the pain in her heart.

Although Ah Dumb was embarrassed, how could he bear the heart to pull the slenderness away? She can only let her hold herself and cry bitterly, softly comforting: "It's all over, don't cry, no one will hurt you anymore." Slim raised her head slowly, and all the tears on her face disappeared, she said foolishly: "Dumb, you are a good person. You are a good person with the most affection and nature. Just because you regard me as a friend, you are willing to give your life for me. This is absolutely impossible for Shenyu. If he treated me in the first place, he could have you I don’t want to be like this for one-tenth of the current one. No matter when, he is so sensible, always focusing on his great cause. But you know that you will lose a lot after death, but I am still willing to give my life for such an energy body as me. I am satisfied, and I am satisfied to have a little lover like you in my life." The sadness and sadness on Qiao's face gradually disappeared, and it was replaced by heartfelt. smile. Loosing his arm, the slender floats beside Dumb, her pretty face full of satisfaction. "Dumb, are you wondering why I ran out of the seal."

Seeing the slender smile, Duan's heart throbbed, and he nodded stupidly, "Yes! How did you get out."

Slim smiled triumphantly: "They look down on me too much. I am no longer the old dead demon. I am now a spirit body, how can they be controlled by their dark magic? Yes, come to catch my three The combined cultivation base of the elders of Mingan Shengjiao is indeed stronger than me, but how can my control over my soul be comparable to them? When they came to arrest me, I could completely escape. But, I heard They said that they arrested me to threaten you, so I gave up some resistance and let them seal me up. Because I wanted to see how you would choose to treat me. I heard all your conversations just now. I think, as long as you can hesitate for a while and prove that you still have a bit of attachment to me, I will be satisfied. However, you are willing to die for me. I never thought! Dumb, what he said just now is right, you Really silly, so silly. But you are so silly and cute. He should have a deep hatred with you. Go, he can't resist now."

Dumb is now full of mixed feelings. He doesn't know what it feels like. He just committed suicide to save the slim. It can be said that 70% is because of impulse, and the remaining 30% is because of impulse. Sympathy for Xianxian, if it weren't for thinking of Bing, thinking of the girl, I might not have done that! She is really ashamed of her praise. After taking a deep look at Slimline, Ah'Dai flashed and fell in front of the Lord's upper body. After listening to Slim's words, the Lord had no other feelings in his heart except regret. He knew that in the hands of Dumb, he would only have one end. He stared at Dumb's face bitterly, and said sharply, "Boy, you kill. . One day, you will die in the hands of our dark saints. If you have the ability, you let me go, and I will fight you fairly."

Dui took a deep breath, gathered the complex emotions in his heart, and said coldly: "Master, I didn't expect you to have today. You don't have to play tricks with me, I will never let you go. You are the most filthy soul I have ever seen. There is no fairness to you. There are so many people who die in your hands. Even if you die ten thousand times, you can’t redeem your sins. Uncle Owen, you are alive in the sky. Today, Dui took revenge for you." Dui's hand touched his chest under the horrified gaze of the Lord, and the evil spirit rushed out, instantly filling the air. Nothing fancy, the blue light of the Pluto sword submerged into the Lord’s chest. Although the Lord’s body was extremely strong, how could he resist the evil Pluto sword in the world? Up? The fierce color in his eyes gradually dimmed, and his body was slowly shrinking. The Pluto sword was constantly holding his soul and flesh and blood, his blood-red eyes gradually dimmed, and he muttered: "This, this... It turned out to was Ming...the god...human...weapon...weapon..." After speaking the last word, his body had completely shrunk and turned into a mummy. The Sumi's sword in Ah Du's other hand fell suddenly, slicing the corpse into ashes. After successfully killing the enemy, Ah Dumb was very excited, and he didn't realize that countless evil spirits were gathering towards the sword of Hades in all directions. Xianxian on the side noticed something was wrong and exclaimed: "Dumb, take back your sword."

Dumbfounded, only then did he realize that the Pluto sword was still exposed in the air, and hurriedly urged the Zhen Qi in his body to retract the sword into the sheath. However, at this time, the sword of Hades had absorbed a lot of evil energy, and even refused to resheath, the blue light on the sword suddenly flourished. Xianxian endured the strong evil energy, and quickly used her energy to build a barrier around Ah Du's body, separating the evil energy from the Hades sword, making it unable to continue to absorb it. Dumb yelled, his vitality at this time had reached the highest level, and his determination was not something that the Pluto sword could affect. The Sumeru Sword was suddenly recovered and turned into a circle of brilliant golden light, which wrapped the Pluto Sword. Under the squeeze of the huge energy of the Sumeru Sword, the dark blue light gradually dimmed, and it went smoothly. Take it back into the sheath.

Without the source of the Pluto Sword, the evil spirits gathered around gradually disappeared. Slender breathed a sigh of relief, stared at dumbfoundedly, and said, "Why do you have such an evil weapon. Did you know? If you let your sword continue to absorb evil, I'm afraid it will bite you back, even if your skill High and deep, it is absolutely irresistible. It must not be used again in the future."

Dumb remembered what Xuanyue said to herself when she first came to the Death Mountain Range. She was also afraid for a while, nodded, and said: "I was too excited just now. Xianxian, you don't know, the Lord used poison to mutilate Uncle Owen, I killed him in the end. The hatred between me and him was too deep. I was finally able to kill him to avenge Uncle Owen, I..."

Xianxian shook her hand and said, "Okay, don't say anything, I understand your feelings. If you change to be me, you might do the same. You came here today to find me, do you want me to help you."

Duan nodded and said: "Yes! We have united all forces on the mainland and organized hundreds of thousands of troops to fight the Dark Sacred Sect to the death. Now the army is stationed outside. In any case, we must take the Dark Sage this time. The teachings are completely wiped out, and they cannot be allowed to open the entrance to the demon world. Now the first six levels have been cleared by us. We do not understand the undead creatures behind. Are you willing to go back with me? You have lived here for thousands of years, I can definitely help us."

Slender shook her head gently, and said, "Dumb, I will not go with you among humans. Although I have become a god, but I have no good feelings for humans. Human beings are deceiving, I see. There are too many. I only want to see you and your beautiful wife now. If you have any questions, please ask here now. When you go deep into the mountains of death and confront other undead creatures, I will guard by your side. After everything here has been dealt with, I may be going to reincarnate. You are right, maybe I will be lucky if I do it again."

Dumb sighed softly and said, "Just forget it if you don't want to see others. After you reincarnated, there will be a brand new beginning. Don't think too much about it. You won't be hurt again. Can you tell me, in the Death Mountain What are the undead creatures in the last five levels, and how can we eliminate the evil air here? With these evil airs, it is difficult for our coalition forces to enter the depths of the Death Mountain, let alone fight against the Dark Sacred Cult. ."

Slim floated to the side of Ah Du, and said, "Don’t want to eliminate the evil air here. It has been contained for thousands of years. I am afraid that even the gods will have no choice. The so-called coalition forces of you humans It doesn’t make much difference when they come in. When they face the latter few undead creatures, they will only end up with one, and that is death. I feel that you have eliminated the evil spirits of the first three levels, but that is only the most It’s only the periphery. Starting from the fourth level, the evil aura of the entire Death Mountain is interlinked and cannot be eliminated. The undead creatures behind are so powerful that even the Hierarch of the Dark Sacred with the Undead Codex dare not dare Easy to offend, they are almost beyond the scope of undead creatures. Let me tell you briefly about their characteristics. In the eighth level, which is the next level, the undead creatures responsible for guarding are the undead fire monsters. They are good at fire. Ability, however, is not comparable to those of the fire undead spiders in the fourth stage. I will tell you the origin of the undead fire monsters, and you will understand their terrible. In the great battle thousands of years ago, the demon world and the gods participated in the final These undead fire demon are actually the lowest level of the gods in the gods. When they were fighting, their souls were corrupted by the energy of the devil. Although their bodies were dead, they were contaminated with the breath of the undead and became what they are now. They are all giants about three meters tall. They are covered in dark armor and use fire whips as their weapons. It is a death flame formed by the combination of demon fire from the devil world and undead fire, which can directly burn people’s souls. . Very difficult to deal with. And because these guys were originally the **** soldiers of the God Realm, so they are very determined, and my abilities can't work on them at all. Fortunately, there are not many of them, only about a hundred. Otherwise, you will never be able to break through their defenses. By the way, one thing you have to remember is that undead fire monsters are not afraid of other magic except water. Their body is inherently immune to other magic. Even water magic, there is no It’s almost impossible to harm them with the power of Forbidden Curse. I have never really played against them, and I don’t know how powerful their physical attacks are. However, I estimate that with your current cultivation base, you can deal with a few undead fire monsters. It is still possible. Whether you can rush through depends on how many masters you have on this trip. These undead fire monsters cannot communicate, their souls have become extremely dirty, and they must be killed. OK. What they are best at is sneak attacks. You must be careful. These high-level undead creatures are not controlled by territory. Although they are on the eighth level, they are likely to go elsewhere. They are the most terrifying. The place is cunning."

After listening to Slim's narration, Ah-Dai took a deep breath. Only the eighth level was so difficult to deal with. The next four levels are indeed unimaginable! Can't help frowning and said: "Then, to deal with the undead fire monsters, I can only fight hard. With my skill, I should be able to kill some undead fire monsters."

Xianxian smiled slightly and said, "With your cultivation base, it is okay, but you must use the fastest speed to eliminate them, minimize their number, and don't be multiplied by them. According to my estimation, you With the current strength, there should be no problem dealing with this undead fire demon. But the next four levels are hard to say. The ninth level of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead is the Bone Dragon Legion. There are more than two hundred Bone Dragons guarding there. These Bone dragons are transformed from real dragons, far beyond the rotten dragons in the sixth stage."

After hearing the words of the slender, Duan was shocked, "What? Bone dragons are the undead creatures in the ninth level? Isn't it that the bone dragons are the most powerful among the undead creatures? How can they be in the ninth level~www.mtlnovel. com~Xianxian chuckled and said, "You are just hearsay. Although the bone dragon is a high-level undead creature, it is not close to the most powerful. These two hundred bone dragons have powerful strengths and all have the ability to fly, but their current strengths are different because of their different cultivation bases when they died. As far as I know, the most powerful bone dragon king among them is more than seventy meters in length, which was changed from the dragon soul after the death of the dragon king. Although the dragons succeeded in helping Shenyu to achieve the final victory, they also got annihilation. After more than two hundred dragons died, their bones and souls reintegrated, and they were eroded by evil and death. Now, although they have become bone dragons, their strength is no worse than before they were alive, but their xinxing has changed. Imagine for yourself, what is the appearance of more than two hundred bone dragons? Bone dragons have the ability to be immune to all magic, and you can only fight against them with physical attacks. Are you already a little discouraged to hear such a powerful undead creature? "

A dumb's eyes flashed, and he shook his head vigorously, and said, "No, I will never be discouraged. Even if I kill them one by one, I will destroy them all. Xianxian, you continue. The last one. What are the three high-level undead creatures?" For the survival of the mainland, even if he knows that the enemy can't deal with it, he won't have the slightest fear, and going forward is his only choice.

Chapter 196: Undead Master

Slim nodded approvingly, and said: "It's good to be firm, but don't be reckless. The last three undead creatures can be said to be the kings of the entire mountain of death. The number of them is the same as me in the seventh level. There is only one of them, but their strength is incomparable to the undead creatures in the first nine levels. I don’t know much about them. They are the Great Winged Ghost King Hadoxfen, the Undead Witch King Nazgul and the Evil Dragon Halbaink. Their strength has even reached the realm of gods and demons. The giant-winged ghost king Hatosfen is the lowest-key among the undead creatures. Before, I only listened to the evil dragon Halbaink I just mentioned it, and I don’t know what abilities he possesses. The Immortal Witch King Nazgul is the most evil of all undead creatures. He seems to be a powerful creature in the Demon Realm himself. After being killed by the gods, he passed the undead’s grievances. Reincarnated with evil spirits in the mountains of death, his ability is the real immortality. I only know that his shape is similar to mine, like an energy body, with the ability to summon undead creatures, that is to say, the first nine He can summon all undead creatures. Of course, the summoned undead creatures have no wisdom. As for how powerful he is, I also don’t know. Speaking of which, the king of these three undead creatures, I The one that I know best is the evil dragon Halbaink in the last level. I don’t know how strong Halbaink is. I only know that the Hierarch of the Dark Saint who owns the Codex of the Undead claims to be his servant. He must be respectful and respectful to him, and he does not dare to neglect. Although he is called an evil dragon, he is not a real dragon. Thousands of years ago, after the entrance to the demon world was opened, the king of the demon world descended into the world, and Halbaink It is his mount. The reason why the dragon race was annihilated can be said to be caused by Harbaink alone. With his own strength, he killed the entire dragon race. The bone dragons in the ninth level are like this. In the end, after the **** descended, he killed it in the battle with Pluto. Later, the entrance to the devil world was sealed by the gods. Pluto had no time to take its soul away. By virtue of his own strength, Halbaink was in the immortal witch With the help of King Nazgul, he was resurrected in the form of undead. Halbaink is too powerful. Although it belongs to the category of undead creatures, his appearance after resurrection is no different from before. He is the entire mountain of death. The highest ruler, before the Dark Sacred Church came, all the undead creatures had to visit him every year, allowing it to absorb evil spirits. He was more than 150 meters long and covered with dark blue scales. He The biggest difference from dragons is that they have no horns on their heads. Among the undead creatures, Halbaink hates bone dragons the most. When he was bored before, he would visit the settlements of bone dragons and beat them all into bones for fun. It will not really kill these bone dragons, but the bone dragons see him like a mouse sees a cat. Once, I once witnessed Halbaink in five minutes, two hundred The appearance of multiple bone dragons smashed, his strength is simply terrifying, and his soul is also incomparably strong. Just shoot a claw, you can Disperse a few strong bone dragons. When I saw him, there was only one feeling in my heart, and that was fear. The main reason why Halbaink accepted the Dark Sacred Cult to the Death Mountain was that he also wanted to open the entrance to the Demon Realm and welcome his master Pluto. It has long been unable to bear the death mountain. lonely. "

After listening to Slim's narration, Dumbfounded, his original confidence was shaken, and he murmured: "The Great Winged Ghost King Hadoshifen, the Undead Witch King Nazgul, and the evil dragon Halbaink. Slim, Do you think that with my current strength, I can't deal with any of them at all?"

Slender was silent for a while, before sighing softly, nodded silently, and said: "When I first saw you today, I clearly felt that you have become stronger, much stronger than when I saw you last time. If you had the current skill at the beginning, I would definitely not dare to pierce you with your soul. Your cultivation has reached a very high level, and it is even close to some of the gods I have seen before. However, with your current Strength, if compared with the three kings of the undead, judging by your aura, I guess, maybe you can only contend with the giant-winged ghost king Hatosphin. I don’t know if I can win, ha Dosphine’s strength is stronger than that of the Bone Dragon King, but it should not be as strong as the Bone Dragon Legion Union. It is only because of a good relationship with the evil dragon that he can become one of the three undead masters. As for the undead evil witch King Nazgu You and the evil dragon Halbaink, you don't even have to think about it. It is definitely not something that can be confronted by a single person's power."

Ah Dui nodded solemnly, and said, "I understand. Thank you for telling me this, so that I have some preparations. Since you said that these undead creatures can be free from geographical restrictions, will they join forces to attack us? ? If they join forces, I am afraid we will really have no chance at all."

Xianxian shook her head and said, "You can rest assured that they won't join hands. The undead fire demon is very cunning, but the relationship with the bone dragon is not good. The bone dragon can be said to be the only undead creature that still has some Originally temperamental creatures. But the fire demon is extremely evil. As for the three masters, they are all extremely arrogant, and they will not join hands with anyone, especially Halbaink. In his eyes, except for the Na who helped him resurrect Zigur and the powerful Hadoxfen are worth seeing. The other undead creatures are just slaves under his feet."

Dumb said: "It seems that I have to study with the Pope Grandpa to see how to deal with these powerful undead creatures. With the human army, if it is only the Dark Sacred Cult, it can be easily dealt with, the latter high-level undead. Creatures are our real strong enemy! If we can maintain our current strength after eliminating the fire demon and bone dragon, we should be able to compete with the three masters together. Tianyuan Continent is human, and I will never allow the devil to invade "A huge momentum surged from the whole body, and A Dumb's body exuded a strong killing intent. The huge killing intent caused the slender body to tremble involuntarily, and said in surprise: "You, you are so murderous, it seems I still underestimate you."

The killing intent was restrained, and Dumb smiled bitterly: "I am afraid that the murderous intent in me is because of too much killing."

Xianxian shook her head and said, "No, this is definitely not something that can be produced by killing a lot of people. I am an energy body, and now I am a god, and I am the most sensitive to breath. I can clearly feel the death emanating from your body just now. Breath. That is a death breath that is different from undead or evil creatures. What you exude is actually a sacred breath of death. This is something I have never seen before. Even the gods and demons back then did not have yours. Breath. Your breath is unique."

Dumb sighed and smiled: "No matter what the breath is, I just want to completely eliminate the undead creatures here before stopping the actions of the Dark Sacred Church. Slim, I have to go back. I have been out for so long, everyone will worry about me. Yes. Are you really not going with me?"

Slender looked at Ah-Dai with nostalgia, fluttered up, and lightly kissed his cheek. The tremor from the deepest part of his soul made Ah-Dai shiver slightly, and looked at her with some embarrassment.

"Go, my little lover, you don't have to come to me again. I will always be by your side. Come on, I believe you will be able to accomplish this impossible task."

Nodding lightly, A Dui took a deep look at the girl with a miserable life in front of him, floated up and flew towards the territory of the Rotten Dragon. Seeing his leaving back, slender sighed, muttering to himself: "He doesn't have a handsome face, and he doesn't have the dusty temperament like a **** feather, but why is his position in my heart more and more important? Well? Hey, maybe this is because he is the savior. His savior is much more humanized than the savior of Shenyu. No matter what, I must try my best to ensure his safety. After all, he is the first one willing to go for me. Dead person." The figure gradually faded, and the slender disappeared out of thin air.

Soon, Dumb has returned to everyone. A huge magic circle composed of the Pope and four red priests has already taken shape. That is a total of six magic circles. The coverage area encompasses the entire territory of the rotten dragon. In the enchantment formed by these magical circles containing huge energy, the evil aura has completely disappeared. Fifty thousand holy knights have come here. They all carry supplies for a week and are simply camping. Today, the main priests and magicians are resting in the enchantment, while the three sword saints, the pope, and the red-clothed priests are all gathered together, waiting for the return of dumb.

Floating and falling in front of everyone, Ah-Dai looked a little tired. After all, he had gone through several battles today. After listening to the words of Xianxian just now, his spirit suffered to a certain extent. The expression looked a little lonely. Xuan Yue walked to the side of Ah-Dai and said with concern: "Are you tired? Do you want to adjust your breath for a while?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I just learned how powerful the enemy we are going to face! Grandpa Pope, except for the fifty thousand holy knights here, you should not dispatch the coalition forces." The pope looked at Dui. Knowing that he must have been hit by his trip, he asked: "Did you see the dead monster? What did she say?"

Duan looked around the crowd and repeated what Xianxian had told him. He didn't say that he committed suicide for Xianxian, only that he met the Lord and successfully killed him. When everyone heard him talk about the five levels behind the Twelve Calamities of the Undead, their faces became more and more serious. The three masters of the Bone Dragon Legion and the undead creatures had a greater impact on them than they had on Dumb. Originally, because of today's successful elimination of the rotten dragon, all the excitement disappeared, and even the pope's face sank and couldn't say a word.

"That's it. The power of the three kings of undead creatures is something we didn't expect before. Ordinary soldiers will only die. In order to avoid casualties, I suggest that the strong from all forces should be gathered together, and ordinary soldiers should not let them participate in this. It's a battle."

After listening to Dumb, the pope was silent. For a long time, he said: "In the war between justice and evil, there will always be sacrifices. Their sacrifices are valuable. If undead creatures are really as powerful as you said, let us These people here may not be able to rush past! Now we have a total of 80,000 heavy armored soldiers. When we rush inside, we will mobilize them and serve as a backup force here. If we can fight with the undead creatures behind To contend, naturally we don’t have to ask them to participate. If our strength is insufficient, we still have to mobilize these elite human soldiers to participate in the attack. Xuanye, you immediately return to our territory in the Tianyuan clan forest, and bring the masters and magicians of all forces Fall all over, concentrate on our strength, rest for a few days, and then we will continue to push in."

Dumb frowned slightly, as if there was something wrong in his heart, but the pope's order had already been given, and he couldn't say anything.

It took a full day to gather eighty thousand heavy armored soldiers, fifty thousand holy knights, six hundred magicians from two magician guilds, three thousand high-level priests from the Holy See, and masters from all forces in the territory of the dragon. The momentum of more than 130,000 people is extremely large, and the enchantment arranged by the pope can barely accommodate these people and prevent them from being corroded by evil.

After another three days of rest, the 80,000-armored soldiers used the surrounding boulders to establish a simple defense, using the Rotten Dragon Territory as a temporary camp for the army. The leaders of the various forces and Dumb and others have also adjusted their state to the best. As night fell, the Pope gathered the leaders of all forces and the Four Great Swordsmen together.

"Everything is ready. Although there are still seven months before the sacred millennium, there are many obstacles ahead. I decided to set off for the eighth level of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead tomorrow. Dumb, you can describe the Undead Fire Demon to everyone. Characteristics. So that everyone can have a simple understanding."

Duan nodded, walked to the center of the crowd, and said solemnly: "Seniors, friends, the undead fire demon is a very powerful undead creature. They were originally the gods who appeared during the battle between His Majesty Shen Yu and the Dark Demon Race thousands of years ago. Soldiers, they come from the realm of the gods and possess very powerful power. Later, they died in this mountain of death during the battle with the realm. Their powerful souls were not scattered, but they were eroded by evil and death, turning them into one. This kind of very evil creature is the undead fire demon. These are giants about three meters in height. The fire demon is covered in dark armor. They use the fire whip as their weapon. That is the combination of the demon fire from the demon world and the undead fire. The flames of death can directly burn people’s souls. As for how powerful they are, no one of us knows now. It is said that they are extremely cunning. There are about a hundred people. These guys do all the magic except the powerful water system. Immunity, that's all I know."

After listening to Dumb's words, everyone was silent, and everyone looked at each other with a worried look. Most of the people here are aware of Ah Du's current strength, even he said so solemnly, which shows how powerful this undead fire demon is. The pope stood up, walked to the side of Dumb, and said, "Because the undead fire demon possesses great strength and cunning disposition. Therefore, I decided to select a powerful master from us and go together to fight the fire demon. Those willing to participate, You can stand up now."

Xi Wen stood up for the first time and resolutely said: "I am willing to participate in this operation." Then, seven other second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect also stood up one after another and expressed their intention to participate. Seeing their resolute expressions, the Pope said with satisfaction: "Thank you for your strong support. However, Marshal Feng Wen should not participate in this operation. You will also lead the army here. Once an enemy invades, only you will lead. With the army, I can rest assured. The rest of you, please take part in this operation."

Yun Yi smiled slightly and said: "The three of us old guys are definitely going to participate. We are almost a hundred years old. It is our wish to see more before we die."

The pope nodded and said: "Okay, then thank you three. Is anyone else willing to participate?"

The prophet Purin, Rock, and Rock Power of the Puyan tribe, Kari, the president of the Continental Magician Guild, and the two elders who practice water magic and Oliveira, the patriarch of the Yajin tribe and the four elders, Honghu Lian Shan and Zhu Yuan of the Mercenary Group, Yuehen and Overlord of the Yuehen Mercenary Group, and Dai Ya, the patriarch of the Yalian Clan, all stood up.

The pope stroked his chest with his left hand, pressed his forehead with his right hand, and said piously: "Our warrior! The gods will bless you. Let's arrange the attack method tomorrow."

Prophet Prin stepped forward and said, "Tomorrow, our Puyan tribe will be responsible for the main attack." As soon as he said this, everyone, including the Pope and Duan, was stunned. None of them expected. Purin will take the initiative to ask for a fight. The powerful dumb of the undead fire demon has been described very clearly, but Purin still demands the main attack. The courage alone makes other parties shame.

The Pope groaned: "Prophet, this fire demon is very difficult to deal with. I think we should discuss it again."

Pulin shook his head and said, "I think it's most appropriate for us to attack. Dumb has already said that the fire whip of the fire demon has the effect of burning people's soul. I think, if you use soulless warriors to come It’s most suitable to deal with them. The Tiru warriors of our Puyan tribe are all the greatest heroes of our tribe. Although their strength may not be as good as the fire demon, they should be able to compete with them. For the peace of the mainland, Our Puyan people have never considered sacrifices. Pope, I just want to beg you, if all the elites of our Puyan people die here. Please be kind to our people. I have no other requirements, as long as we can It is enough for the tribe to survive in the current territory."

Dumb's chest was full of blood, and he said excitedly: "Prophet, you, why do you bother?"

Pulin smiled slightly and said, "Dumb, I have lived for so many years. It is great for me to contribute to the peace of the mainland. I have made my decision. I will personally lead it tomorrow. Two hundred Tiru warriors of the Puyan clan fight against the fire demon. Rock and rock power, in the name of the prophet of the clan, I order you not to participate in the battle tomorrow."

Brother Rock was anxious, "Prophet, no, we have to participate!"

A cold light flashed in Pulin's eyes, and he said with a slight anger: "If you still have my prophet in your eyes, don't say more. Otherwise, you are the sinners of the Puyan tribe."

Pulin has always been kind and peaceful, but his sudden anger suddenly made the Rock Brothers feel a little at a loss. The two looked at each other and were speechless for a while.

The pope sighed softly, nodded to Purin, and said: "Prophet, don't worry, I will write down what you said. No matter when, Puyan will always be friends of the Holy See."

Pulin smiled with relief and said, "That's enough. Everyone, you continue to talk, I will dispatch the Tiru warriors first to prepare for tomorrow's battle." After saying the spell, the light flashed and disappeared in front of everyone. . For his people, this respectable old man has already given too much. All the people present unanimously saluted the place where Purin disappeared.

The pope sighed, looked around at everyone, and said: "Tomorrow our main attack will be the Puyan clan. Since the fire demon is immune to magic, then only trouble the four Sword Saints and the members of the Tiangang Sword Sect to assist the Puyan clan. At the same time, I will order Xuanyuan, the chief judge, to lead the light judge and the holy judge to assist you. I myself and the four red priests will be your back-up, using auxiliary magic and recovery magic to support. President Kari, you lead These two elders who are good at water magic are responsible for water magic attacks. Vera, you are a wind magician, so you don’t need to participate. Other parties don’t need to participate in this operation. You are here waiting for news. At the same time, You must also take on the heavy responsibility of defense, and you must not give the enemy a chance to take advantage of it. Okay, everyone should rest early."

Duan accompanied Xiwen and the others out of the big tent. The night was already dark. Because the sky over the Death Mountain range was filled with clouds and mist all the year round, there was no starlight. Although the entire camp was dotted with torches, it still looked very dim. Xiwen patted Ah-Dai on the shoulder and said, "The battle behind it will be more and more difficult, Ah-Dai, you are the mainstay of the sword school. You must pay attention to your safety."

Feeling the care from the teacher, Dumb felt warm in his heart and smiled and said, "I will. Tomorrow fellow teachers should also pay attention to safety. We still don’t know how strong the fire demon is, but after all, they were once magic soldiers. I'm afraid it won't be easy to deal with."

Xiwen said: "You have already avenged Owen. Uncle Master is really gratified. I believe Owen can close his eyes in the Spirit of Heaven. Since the day our Tiangang Sword Sect was born, your master taught us that we must be from the mainland. Working hard for justice and peace, even if you give your own life, you will not hesitate. The uncles are already old. You don't need to worry about us."

Ah Dumb felt anxious and said, "How can you do it, Master, you..."

Shivin stopped Ah Dumb from continuing, sighed, and said, "Everything is up to fate. The uncles will not die so easily. By the way, tomorrow you must take good care of Prophet Prin. He is truly admirable. People. The Puyan people can't live without him! It's night, let's go to rest." After speaking, we went back to our camp with a few juniors.

Seeing the disappearing back of Xiwen and others, Dumb felt a moment of sorrow. He could say that he was not sure about the battle tomorrow. Xuanyue took the initiative to lean into Ah'Dai's arms, bursts of fragrant fragrance drifted into his nose, and Ah'Dai's mind cleared, holding his fiancée's body, and muttering: "Yueyue, we will definitely win the final victory, right?"

Xuan Yue gently shook her head and said, "I don't know. But no matter where you go, I will always follow you. If you die, then I will go to **** to find you, and we will never be separated. "She said plainly, but it shocked Ah Dui's whole body. Of course he knew that Xuan Yue's words were definitely not a joke. As if for fear of losing her, Duan tightened his arms, as if to blend her body into his body.

In the early morning, when the day was lightened, Prophet Purin had led more than 200 Tiru fighters of the Puyan tribe in front of the camp. The Tiru warriors wrapped in thick armor appeared to be extremely calm, and a breath of murder permeated between them. These great warriors, who lost their souls, were about to fight for the peace of the mainland. The pope, the four red priests, the people of the Tiangang Sword Sect, the president of the Mainland Mage Guild, Kari, two elders, and the four great sword saints gathered together. The chief judge Xuanyuan led dozens of high-ranking judges. Beside the Tiru warrior.

Prophet Prin came to the pope without expression and said to him: "Go."

The pope nodded, raised his scepter of the gods, and flew up with the four red-clothed priests, and the crowd moved quickly toward the eighth pass of the Death Mountain Range. When passing through the territory of the dead demon Slimline, Ah-Dai couldn't help looking around, but did not find Slimline's figure. Thinking of Slimline's previous words, he converged his mind and floated to the front of the team, advancing with Prophet Prin. Although the Tiru warriors are wearing thick armor, they are advancing very fast, even surpassing the Light Judges and the Holy Judges. Dumb was surprised to find that the aura exuding from these Tiru fighters was much stronger than before, especially those with the deepest cultivation base, which seemed to have the strength no less than that of a Juggernaut. It seemed that in just one night, They have completely reborn. He wanted to ask Prophet Prin what was going on, but Prin’s face was completely covered with solemnity. Since he set out, he hadn’t said a word, and dumb could only leave the doubts in his heart in his stomach. The improvement of Tiru fighters' strength will only benefit them.

The slender territory quickly passed, and everyone overcame a high mountain and came to an empty basin. The area here is huge, and as soon as they entered this basin, everyone felt a fiery feeling. Dumb stared at the surroundings vigilantly, and said in a deep voice: "Be careful, everyone, the undead fire demon is very good at sneak attacks." As soon as the voice fell, a thick red light suddenly appeared behind everyone, the red glow was ten feet long, and the goal was right. It is the Pope and the four red priests. When the pope heard Dumb's words, his heart was vigilant. At the same time that the red light appeared, his scepter of the gods was also raised, and a huge light shield appeared in front of him and the four red sacrifices, amid a loud noise, The golden light shield exploded countless sparks. Dumb expanded his speed to the limit without any hesitation, and rushed in the direction of the red light. Behind a huge rock flashed a huge figure with a height of three meters. His whole body was covered in black armor. A flaming red whip in his hand was very eye-catching. There were two red lights in his eyes, as if he was attacking him just now. Successful and angry. At this moment, Ah-Dai had already rushed in front of him, and countless golden filaments poured out of Ah-Dai, covering the undead fire demon. The fire demon was startled, and did not dodge, the long whip in his hand turned into a red light curtain to greet the Dou Qi Silk. The intensive collision sound The fire demon's body was hit and flew by the powerful collision force. In the loud noise, he smashed the stone he had hidden. Dui was not excited about hitting the Annealing Demon, because he found that his invincible fighting spirit wire could not penetrate the barrier of the Fire Demon. The Pope fully believed in the strength of Dumb, and immediately and Prophet Prin commanded everyone to form a solid defensive formation, ready to respond.

The golden light flashed suddenly, and the huge body of the sword of Xumi appeared. Dumb knew that the number of fire demon was only over a hundred, and if one was killed, there would be one less. He had made up his mind to fight the mighty one in front of him. biological. The fire demon seemed to be very afraid of Sumi's sword. He screamed and turned around to run. He was very fast. He made a strong leap and had already risen ten feet. At the same time, the fire whip in his hand swung down to try to stop the attack of Duan. . A Duan's body was full of vigor. He didn't jump to chase him, let go of Sumi's sword, and let the huge sword with huge energy hover in front of him. Hugging his hands up and down in front of his chest, he coldly shouted: "Go to hell." Sumi's sword shined brightly, and with the Pope's cultivation base, he couldn't help but be frightened. The huge golden sword body flashed and passed through accurately. With the huge body of the fire demon, the sword of Xumi was suspended in the air like a mountain. Duan's hands circled around, and the golden giant sword drew an arc and flew back to his hand. Yun Yi exclaimed: "Use Qi to control the sword." Several Sword Masters who use Qi to control the sword can do it, but the energy of the Sumi sword is far incomparable with ordinary energy swords. Duan can control the energy so powerfully. The control of the energy sword is so accurate, not only the true energy is unfathomable, but it also requires a strong mental power. Yun Yi knew that this was the real work of Dumb.

Chapter 197: Fire Demon Sneak Attack

The fire demon's body suspended in the air twisted slightly, and with a loud noise, it was turned into nothing in the red glow. An undead fire demon was wiped out under the powerful strength of Ah Du.

Ah-Dai flew up with the Sumi sword in his hand, shouting: "Fire demon, come out, let us fight to the death." It seems that the soul was shocked by Ah-Dai's intrepidity. There was no sound in the entire basin, and no fire demon appeared. , Everything seemed so silent. Dui frowned slightly, expanded his spiritual sense to the limit, searching for the whereabouts of the fire demon.

The pope commanded the crowd to maintain the formation and search the depths of the valley, but the fire demon was like a flash in the pan, and no trace was seen again. At this moment, a voice rang in Ah'Dai's ears, "No, Ah'Dai, go back soon, I'm afraid the fire demon will attack your base." A'Dai's whole body shook, and the voice was delicate. After listening to her words, Ah-Dai's heart sank into the valley, and he shouted in a loud voice: "No, grandpa, let's go, I'm afraid the fire demon will attack the base." Most of the coalition masters are concentrated here, except for the wind in the base. Apart from the leaders of the Wenhe races, there are soldiers, holy knights, and sacrificial rites of the Holy See. Although there are a large number of them, they absolutely cannot pose a threat to the fire demon.

The Pope's face changed drastically and said, "How do you know?"

Dumb said anxiously, "I don't have time to explain to you, I'll go back first, you hurry up. Use the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light lit up, and the small bones and the figure of the holy evil appeared. In front of everyone, after a few days of rest, they have completely returned to normal. "Little bones, little evil, you can carry as many people as you can, and immediately return to the territory of the rotten dragon." After speaking, he expanded his speed to the limit, and turned into a golden light with the Sumeru sword, like lightning. Fly back along the way it came.

Rotten Dragon Territory, temporary base for coalition forces.

After everyone left, the cautious style immediately commanded the soldiers to start strengthening the defense of the base, but the hard geology of the Death Mountain made it difficult for them to dig out the rocks, so they only adjusted the formation and made the defense more tight. Oliveira accompanies Tiya to patrol the fighters of the Yajin tribe. Since Duan and Xuanyue have built the bridge between the two, Oliveira has been very active and often goes to Tiya. The relationship between the two is relatively complicated. Tiya There are concerns in my heart. Although I have a good impression of Oliveira, I dare not accept her easily. The two are just ordinary friends now.

Looking at the full-armed and high-spirited soldiers in front of him, Oliveira said: "Tiya, your Yajin warriors are not inferior to Marshal Fengwen's Holy Light Legion!"

Tiya smiled slightly and said: "After all, our Yajin clan's homepage is mining and smelting. We produce too many weapons and armors. Of course, we must equip our army with the best."

Oliveira said, "Unfortunately, I am not a samurai, otherwise I must ask you to tailor a suit of armor for me. Tia, you look so beautiful in armor!" Indeed, today Tia wore a dark gold suit. The armor is extremely exquisitely made. This is a set of armor with triple magic defense. It is extremely precious, and its market value is definitely more than 10,000 diamond coins. Against the background of the armor, Dia's original beautiful appearance added a bit of British air, and Oliveira's eyes never left her face.

Tiya smiled and said, "You, don't be unsatisfied. There are not many magicians like you on the mainland. I don't know how many warriors envy you."

Looking at the bright smile like spring flowers, Oliveira was completely fascinated, and said uncontrollably: "Tiya, actually I..." Just now, the change happened suddenly, right in front of them. Not far away, there was a sudden scorching temperature from the solid ground, a huge roar and roar sounded, and countless broken stones shot in all directions. Without any preparation, both of them were shocked. Dia grabbed him, and the Qingfeng Mingyue vindictiveness learned from teacher Yunyi suddenly erupted, taking Oliveira away ten feet away, at the same time A vindictive barrier was placed behind him to resist the gravel that came after him. The clanging sound continued, and many fighters of the Yajin tribe were hit by the gravel, but their armor was indeed hard, and only a few of them suffered minor injuries. A black figure three meters tall appeared among the crowd. The red light suddenly lit up, rolling towards the heavy armored soldiers around. It was too late to reflect that the ten-zhang-long red light had already struck dozens of people. As soon as the red light was received, the soldiers who were touched slowly fell to the ground, and puffs of blue smoke emerged from their heavy armor, and the scorched smell made people vomit.

Oliveira looked at the tall creature before him in shock, remembering the description of Dumb before, and couldn't help but say: "This is the undead fire demon."

Dia flashed a cold light in her eyes, stretched out her hand and drew out her long sword, and stared at the evil creature in front of her. Oliveira took out the wind god's staff and continued to chant the spell. The undead fire demon just appeared, and he was a little uncomfortable with the surrounding situation. The huge head looked around, roared, and the fire whip in his hand swung out again and attacked the surrounding soldiers. At this time, in the entire coalition camp, one after another fire demon continued to appear. Their huge fire whip brought disaster to the coalition forces. The sacred knights can still use the sacred light equipment on them to resist a little bit, while the ordinary soldiers of all races have nothing to do with the fire demon. No one can rush to them, and even throw a spear can not penetrate them. Hundreds of fire monsters appeared in their armor, and within a few minutes, thousands of coalition soldiers had already died in their hands, and the armor with blue smoke could be seen collapsed to the ground everywhere.

Tiya saw the undead fire demon in front of him killed a hundred soldiers under her, and couldn't bear it anymore. Qingfengmingyue's fighting spirit suddenly emerged, and her whole body was wrapped in a light blue light and rushed towards the fire demon. A red glow flashed in the fire demon's eyes, and the fire whip in his hand turned into circles like a snake out of a hole and set it toward Dia. Dia is holding a sword in her hand, and she keeps dinging and dinging, constantly flying the circle towards her own fire whip, but her cultivation level is far worse than her master, Eastern Sword Saint Yunyi. After several blows , Has been shaken back by that powerful impulse, the fire demon ignored people, and the fire whip chased Tiya's body and flew over. Once touched by the fire whip, the human body would move from the inside out. Burning until death. At this moment, a cyan round shield flew out from behind Tiya, accurately resisting the fire whip's attack for her. In a loud noise, the fire whip flew back, and the cyan shield had disappeared. , It is Oliveira's nine overlapping wind shields that played a role.

Oliveira supported Tia who was staggering, and asked with concern: "Are you okay?"

Tiya shook her head and said, "Take care of him first. Be careful." A La Oliveira, the two panned three meters, and a scorched chasm appeared on the ground beside them. It was the bombardment of the fire whip. . A large number of heavy armored soldiers of the Yajin tribe rushed towards the fire demon in order to protect their patriarch. Under the raging fire whip, they died one after another. Oliveira's heart burned with anger, and he stopped Tiya who was about to rush up, and the cyan light came out, and the speed of spell singing suddenly doubled. A strong halo emerged from the wind god's staff. From the resistance of the wind shield just now, Oliveira discovered that although the fire demon is immune to magic other than the water system, he is immune to the special effects of magic, and the impact of magic energy still has an effect on them. Floating up, he took the initiative to rush towards the Fire Demon. Naturally, the Fire Demon would not abandon the enemy who sent him to the door. The fire whip circled and drew towards Oliveira. Oliveira’s body suddenly divided into nine in mid-air, and countless cyan light spots gathered at him quickly. The fire demon’s fire whip penetrated through one of his shadows and hit the empty space. Rivera's spell was finally completed. Nine five-level wind magic tornado storms flew out, rushing towards the fire demon from all directions. The fire demon was dumbfounded, and the fire whip recovered, trying to dissolve the nine tornadoes that didn't seem to be very strong with his characteristic of not fearing magic. However, it was wrong. Oliveira had already possessed the cultivation base of the Sorcerer himself, and coupled with the increase of the Wind God Staff, he was now very close to the realm of the Sorcerer. Nine tornadoes changed directions in the air at the same time, bypassing the fire whip attack, and quickly gathered together. A terrible thing happened. A huge blue-black tornado appeared in front of the fire demon. Its rapid rotation surprised the fire demon. It constantly waved the fire whip in his hand and arranged it as a fire wave barrier in front of him. How could the five-level superimposed magic used by Oliveira leapfrog so easily to resist? Although the power of the fire whip is huge, it appears so small in front of the wind magic that is close to the curse. This undead fire demon and his fire whip were drawn into the blue-black tornado. The strong wind formed a series of wind blades and continuously attacked his body. Cracks gradually appeared on the fire demon's armor. His fire whip was stranded to pieces, and under the violent tornado, his powerful body was finally dismembered. Oliveira spurted blood violently, Jun's face was full of tiredness, even he himself could not imagine that he could use such a powerful magic. All the Akin warriors cheered, and Oliveira’s powerful magic attack was respected by everyone.

Although Oliveira successfully killed one fire demon, it was only one. The rest of the fire demon raged everywhere, and the casualties of the human coalition army were rising. There are not many masters in the coalition army. Even if it is Fengwen, he can barely resist the attack of a fire demon. Under the fire whip that can directly burn the soul, he is extremely embarrassed to resist, and he has no spare capacity to command the army. Even if he could command it, it would be nothing but an orderly army, it would not be able to resist this kind of creature that could not be resisted at all.

Just remembering the cheers of the Yajin soldiers, another black figure appeared. It may be that he had discovered the death of his companion. He became extremely violent, swiping the fire whip, and took hundreds of lives. Tiya let out a mournful cry, released her hands holding Oliveira, and urged her Qingfengmingyue grudge with all her strength, and suddenly slammed into the undead fire demon. However, her strength was too small, and with a bang, she had already been counter-shocked and fell beside Oliveira. The fire demon chased in anger, but just took a step, and it was not far in front of them. The fire whip drew like a thunderbolt from top to bottom towards Tiya's delicate body, set against the red light. Dia Huarong paled, she knew how she couldn't avoid this attack. At this extremely critical moment, Oliveira next to her suddenly turned over and rushed to Tiya, using her exhausted body to resist the fire demon's attack. There was a faint smile on his handsome face, and he whispered: "Tiya, I love you." He hugged Tiya's delicate body violently, urging his last wind element energy, waiting for death. advent. For Tiya, he was willing to give his life.

Tia's whole body trembled violently, and Oliveira's affection made her eyes moist. The fire whip is less than two meters away from Oliveira’s back. The scorching energy has dissipated all the wind elemental energy of Oliveira, and when he is about to die on this fierce whip , The golden light flashed suddenly, the fire whip in the air was strangled to pieces, a horrible scream sounded, the fire demon was suddenly penetrated by the golden giant sword full of huge energy, and in a loud noise, it stepped past its companions. Follow. The owner of this golden giant sword is dumb. He finally rushed back in time and saved Oliveira and Tia's lives. The sword of Sumi returned to his hand, and Adai fell beside Oliveira and Tiya, and asked urgently, "How are you?"

Two lines of tears flowed from Dia’s eyes, and she put her arms around Oliveira's body, choked up and said: "I, we are all right."

Oliveira originally came from a dying, but he didn't feel the pain for a long while, and heard Dumb's voice again. He couldn't help but raised his head, Tiya Na Pear's pretty face with rain appeared in front of him. At this time, he seemed to forget. Everything, softly said: "Tiya, why are you crying?"

Dia fiercely hugged Oliveira's neck and murmured: "Thank you, Vera. I, I love you too."

Although he didn't know what was going on, Dumb was still happy for the two of them. After instructing the soldiers around to protect them, he flew up and flew towards a nearby fire demon. Perhaps the sword of Xumi had the effect of restraining the fire demon by nature. Although Ah'Dai used every sword to attack with all his strength, under his skill of controlling the sword with Qi, six fire demon died in his hands. At this time, the Pope and others also rushed back. Prophet Prin took the lead in commanding the Tiru warriors to rush towards the fire demon, and the remaining more than 90 fire demon fought with the Tiru warriors. Large pieces of auxiliary magic fell on all the coalition soldiers, they were no longer as vulnerable as before. Under the command of the Pope and the four red priests, the chaotic situation has been somewhat controlled. Xiwen and Fengwen led the Tiangang Sword Sect to assist the Tiru Warriors to temporarily resist the fire demon's attack. The strength of the Tiru warriors made everyone amazed. Even if they were drawn by the fire whip of the fire demon, they seemed to be unaffected by slashing each other with an axe. Once the Tiru warriors died, their bodies would turn into A cloud of black smoke entangled the fire demon, making their bodies temporarily unable to move and could only be slaughtered by human masters. The fire demon's previous advantages have gradually been lost, and under the siege of the allied masters, one by one died. Although the undead fire demon is cunning, they did one thing wrong, that is, they should not enter the enchantment arranged by the priests of the Holy See. Here, without the support of evil spirits, they lose the ability to resurrect after death, even if they don't blow the fire demon to pieces like Dumb, they can still take their lives. The Tiru warriors also suffered great damage. They used their bodies to dissolve the power of the fire whip in the hands of the fire demon. When there were more than 30 fire demon remaining, they also sharply reduced to about 60, an average of two. The death of the Tiru warrior can help everyone destroy a fire demon. Prophet Prin kept chanting spells that everyone didn't understand, and black light radiated from his body and floated into the Tiru warrior. Any Tiru warrior shot by the black light would be shocked.

The light of the Sumi sword in Ah Du's hand has dimmed a lot, and at least one-third of the more than one hundred undead fire demon died in his hands. The overdraft of Zhen Qi made him a bit unable to hold on. When the coalition master who had originally attacked the Fire Demon territory was taken back again, Xiao Bone and Sheng Xie also participated in the battle. Their powerful attacks gave Ah Duan a chance to breathe, and fell to the ground, breathing quickly with the smell of burnt air. The golden body in his body was running fast, constantly restoring his skills.

Finally, after the last bitter struggle, all the fire monsters were completely wiped out, and their dead bodies were completely purified by light magic under the command of the Pope. Even if evil appears here, they will not be able to resurrect. At this time, the Tiru fighters of the Puyan tribe only had more than ten remaining. The loss can be described as heavy.

With a wow, Pulin spit out a mouthful of blood, his whole body softened, and he was still on the ground. He seemed to be ten years old in an instant, with a sad look in his godless eyes. Dumb was shocked when he saw the appearance of Prophet Purin, and hurriedly flew to his side and transferred his pure vitality into Purin's body. With the movement of the true qi, he clearly felt that the vitality in Purin was weakened. After a lot of work, he looked extremely weak, and asked anxiously: "Prophet, what's the matter with you?"

Purin said miserably: "Nothing. It takes a price to increase the strength of the Tiru warrior in a short time. This is the harm of witchcraft. After this battle, the Tiru warrior was almost completely damaged by the Puyan tribe, and we have done our best. The leaders of all races gathered around, the Pope's face sank. Although the Fire Demon was successfully eliminated, the coalition forces paid a huge price.

"Xuan Ye, Manxiu, you go to count the number of casualties. Prophet, thank you, if it were not for the brave and tenacious Tiru warriors of the nobles, I am afraid our losses will double. Don't worry, what I promised will be done. of."

Pulin sighed and said: "My Lord Pope, our Puyan people have no effect in the coalition forces. Please come in and allow us to return to the rear base. We have done what we can do, and whether we can win in the end, It's up to you. I believe that justice will definitely defeat evil."

The pope sighed softly and said: "Well, I will send someone to take you back."

Pulin shook his head and said, "It is enough to have rocks, rock power, and the remaining dozen or so Tiru fighters. Rocks, your brothers, help me go back."

Brother Rock walked to Prophet Prin, helped his weak body, and left with the remaining Tiru warriors. Their backs looked so lonely and vicissitudes of life.

After a while, Xuan Ye and Mang Xiu had already returned. Their faces were very gloomy. The Pope closed his eyes and sighed softly, "Let's talk."

Xuan Ye and Mang Xiu looked at each other, Xuan Ye said: "We probably counted that this fire demon attack has caused huge losses to our side. Among the leaders of all parties, the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps Liandan and Zhu Yuan were seriously injured. , The overlord of the Moonscar Mercenary Group was killed, and the Daiya Patriarch of the Yalian tribe was killed in battle. Among the soldiers of the Allied Forces, the Holy Knight Legion was killed in the battle, with no serious injuries. More than 200 judges at all levels were killed. 80,000 from all forces More than 26,000 heavy armored soldiers died in the battle, a total of about 34,000 killed, equivalent to one-third of our strength."

The Pope slowly opened his eyes, tears loomed in his deep eyes, he sighed, and said, "I blamed me for improper command. If I listened to Dumb and withdrew all the heavily armored soldiers back then, I wouldn't lose so much. Marshal Feng Wen, I think it is better to withdraw the allied forces here."

Feng Wen was about to agree, but Duan rushed to say: "I don't think so, just leave these heavy armored soldiers here to rest. The four levels we have to face behind are the Bone Dragon Legion and the Three Lords of the Undead. , They shouldn't come and attack us behind."

The pope looked tired, and nodded: "As you say, you are the savior of the mainland. In this situation, everyone can only win the final victory by following your footsteps. From now on, I Announcing that the command of the coalition forces will be handed over to Dumb, no one may violate his orders."

Dumb froze, and said, "Grandpa, how can this be done? How can I take over your command when I am young and virtuous?"

The Pope shook his head and said: "Your strength is obvious to all. Does anyone oppose my decision?"

The leaders of all parties were silent and focused on Dui. Dumb said in embarrassment, "Grandpa Pope, you should lead it. I will definitely help."

The Pope said: "My child, sometimes people have the courage to take on their responsibilities. We all believe that you have this ability, so don't shirk anymore."

Dumb looked at the Pope’s resolute expression, nodded helplessly, and said, "Okay, then. The coalition suffered a heavy loss today. Apart from leaving enough manpower for reconnaissance and security, please return to their respective posts. Take an inventory of the soldiers. Let’s take a day’s rest, and tomorrow we will plan the next actions.”

Under the first order issued by Duan after he became the commander of the coalition forces, the leaders of all parties dispersed and returned to their own camps.

Xuan Yue accompanied Ah'Dai back to his camp, looked at his pale face, and asked, "How are you? It consumes so much today, so hurry up and practice."

Dumb stopped her in his arms. Only by holding his beloved can he calm his heart completely, "I'm fine, don't worry. I am really worried about our actions behind us now. Today's undead fire The demon is already better than the rotten dragon. I don’t know how much it is. If we didn’t rush back in time, the coalition forces here might be wiped out. The next level is the Bone Dragon Legion. They need both single combat capability and quantity. Beyond the fire demon, it may be difficult to deal with. And there are three masters of the undead behind. Even if we can pass all the four levels, the damage will be very large. It is still unknown whether we can stop the Dark Sacred Church! So the main reason for Grandpa to keep the heavy armored soldiers is to use them to deal with the last dark alien race. The Dark Sacred Sect is still far behind the advanced undead creatures here."

Xuan Yue said softly: "After all, the time is still far away, and you don't need to be too anxious. We can rest for a few days after each level of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead, regroup and move on. The three of the last three levels Although the master is strong, there is only one of them after all. We will do our best to eliminate them completely. Could they be able to resist your four great sword masters joining forces?"

Duan nodded and said, "I hope everything goes as smoothly as you said."

After two days of rest and reorganization, the coalition forces regrouped and, under the leadership of Ah'Dai, moved towards the ninth pass of the Twelve Tribulation of the Undead. After passing through the fire demon's territory, Ah-Dai suddenly felt a strong pressure coming from the opposite mountain, and his heart moved and hurriedly ordered the coalition forces to stop advancing. The bone dragon has the ability to be immune to magic. At random, except for the four red-clothed priests and the pope, he brought with him all martial arts masters. The pope also found something wrong, and immediately used the blessing of the gods with the four red-clothed priests. Put a lot of auxiliary magic on Dumb and others.

Dumb said in a deep voice, "The bone dragon may be on the mountain in front. Be careful, don't be distracted. We concentrate our efforts and be ready to respond at any time. I'll go and see first." After that, before Xuanyue objected, she floated away. He rushed towards the opposite mountain, and for the sake of caution, after flying, he immediately condensed his Sumi sword. The closer you are to the mountain, the stronger the sense of oppression from the other party. Dumb urged his aura to the limit and rushed forward aggressively. The gray mountain peaks are getting closer and closer, and even though Ah-Dai has enough eyesight, he can't see anything strange from the mountain peaks.

A deep and thick voice suddenly sounded, "It's really strong, no wonder you can come here. Just let me see how strong you are." A dark green light suddenly gushed out of the mountain, flashing towards dumb Hit in the chest. A Duan snorted coldly, and the sword of Xumi slashed forward to meet the attacking energy. With a puff, the dark green light disappeared, and Ah'Dai's forward body stopped abruptly, and his heart was full of horror. For the first time since using Sumi's Sword, he felt the appearance of a creature with abilities evenly equal to his own. Although the dark green energy was successfully shaken away, the force of the counter shock made him stop. The most terrifying thing is that the dark green energy contained a kind of cold evil force, as if he was almost caught As when the evil power of the Pluto sword was controlled, it directly corroded his body through the sword of Sumi, so that he had to urge the golden body in his body to eliminate the evil power.

"Led by the blood of the dragon, the dragon soaring in the sky! Please grant me your powerful divine power, and defend the dignity of the dragon in the shape of the dragon.-The dragon cover." As the spell sang, dumb's chest The blue light of the dragon's blood was released, and a clear dragon roar sounded, and the blue dragon-shaped energy came out, and instantly hovered around Ah Du's body, becoming his solid barrier.

" is really good. It is the first time I have seen a human being who can stop me from a blow without injury." The dark green figure suddenly descended from the high mountain, surrounded by energy, Dui couldn't see his form clearly, so he could only increase his skill to the extreme, urging Xumi's sword to emit a strong light. He knew that the opponent's cultivation base was by no means inferior to his own, or even higher than his own. He must not let the opponent grab the initiative, otherwise he would be very difficult to get back. He gritted his teeth and rushed to meet the opponent.

When Ah Dumb collided with the dark green energy, the dragon's rays of light shone out, and the clear dragon roar continued to dissolve the huge evil spirit brought by the dark green energy. The sword of Sumi slashed into the opponent's energy abruptly. "Boom——" A'Dai's body and the dark green figure flew upside down at the same time. With the help of the Shenlong mantle, A'Dai pulled back the disadvantage of the first fight and fought the opponent equally. The dark green energy dissipated, and Dumb saw the other side's form. It was a monster, two meters away. He had a human form, but he had six arms. There was only one single eye on the huge head. The most striking were his two three meters wide. The huge wings, the dark green iron feathers above gleaming, contain huge energy.

Dumb said in a speechless voice: "You, you are the Great Winged Ghost King Hadoxfen, why are you in the territory of the Bone Dragon?"

Halsfin looked a little surprised, and asked in confusion: "Human, do you know me?"

Chapter 198: Giant Winged Ghost King

Dui gradually calmed down. The Great Winged Ghost King, one of the three masters of the undead in the next level, raised his vigilance, "I just heard of you. You haven't answered my question." Halsfin blinked with a single eye, as if he was not in a hurry, "I can't limit anyone in the Death Mountains. Even the evil dragon Halbaink will not care about me. I heard about the undead ahead. A lot of creatures have been wiped out by your humans. Come out to see if you are really strong. It's really rare for humans to cultivate to your level! You already have the power of a god."

Dumb felt that Halsfin in front of him seemed very human, and he moved in his heart and said, "I have never seen a creature like you before. Are you really an undead creature?"

Halsfin smiled, the fangs in his mouth gleamed with pale colors, "Of course not, how can undead creatures be as powerful as mine, we are guarding the last three levels, in fact, are from the devil. I am originally One of the demons under the seat of Pluto, the ruler of the devil world, was killed by the King of Gods when he came here with Lord Pluto. It was the evil witch Nazgul who protected my soul from death and used the undead he had summoned. , Brought me back to life. Although I belong to the category of undead creatures, my ability is still the former terrifying demon Halsfin."

After listening to his words, Duan's heart suddenly sank. He knew that since the opponent came from the demon world, it was impossible to submit to his side. Now he can only fight him to the end. Facing such a powerful demon, he will win a little. Not sure. "That said, neither you nor the evil dragon died, the evil witch king Nazgul was resurrected. Who is Nazgul?"

Halsfin snorted and said, "That guy is just a koo-headed sergeant under the seat of Lord Pluto. If he didn't save my body, I would be lazy to care about him. If you have a chance, you will kill him later. He’s good, even in the Demon Realm, there are few demons who would like that guy. I was originally handsome and handsome, but I was spelled like this by him. I was also called the Giant Winged Ghost King. It’s just shit. When I think of it, I get angry. That bastard, how can he not do it to Halbaink. Obviously bullying me is not as strong as him. Boy, you are here to deal with the bone dragon. Those big bones are united, I am afraid not You can deal with it. In the Death Mountains, apart from Halbaink, even Nazgur fears them a little bit. You are only going to die. It is better to give your body to me, you are like this. Much stronger than I am now." As he said, his single eyes released a light green halo.

Dumb was shocked. With the experience of fighting against the dead demon Xianxian, he knew that the enemy in front of him was about to launch a mental attack on him.

The Shenlong mantle is extremely powerful. Although Halsfin made a mental attack, he still blocked most of it. After learning what the Yajin clan elder was, Ah Dui shouted, "Pro." He himself His mental power fluctuates violently, and a faint white halo emerges from the sea of consciousness, abruptly dissolving Halsfin's residual energy. Under the traction of spirit, Halsfin in the air shook slightly. Taking this opportunity, Duan held the sword in both hands and suddenly struck him at the door. He knows that when the spirit is wounded, the enemy is the most vulnerable.

The huge Sumi sword passed through Halsfin's body without making any sound. It was only a ghost. Dumb was shocked, and a huge energy shock suddenly came from behind, sending him out in shock. Despite the protection of the dragon cover and the giant snake armor, the meridians of Dah still received a certain shock, and he quickly circled the body with the Sumi sword, and forced back the chasing Halsfin. Halsfin did not try to attack any more, still floating in the air, "Boy, your mental power is very strong! It seems that I really underestimate you. But don't forget my disgusting title—— Giant Winged Ghost King, I can change into a soul-like form at any time, and it is not easy to attack my body."

The three blue, red, and blue figures flew up from below. It was the other three sword saints. They found the situation above, and quickly flew up, ready to aid Dumb.

Halsfin did not show any panic, he laughed and said: "There are three more to die. Well, yes, when did humans become so strong. I remember that thousands of years ago, there were no such capable people like you. A few, we have all caught up today. However, there will be no gods to help you today."

Dumb mixed the zhenqi in his body, and said solemnly: "Three seniors, be careful, he is the giant winged ghost king Halsfin, one of the three masters of the undead."

Needless to say, Yunyi and the three people also felt the strong pressure from Halsfin. Qingfeng Mingyue vindictiveness, fire nightmare vindictiveness, and Qinglian vindictive qi diffused out of the three of them. Elsfin surrounded the center.

Halsfin glanced at the four of them and said, "You don't need to be so nervous, and I can't run. Hey, to be honest, I'm tired of being in the devil world a long time ago. I really want to walk in the human world. That kid, Shall we negotiate a condition?"

Dumbfounded and said, "The conditions? What conditions?"

Halsfin said: "This condition is very beneficial to you. As long as you can beat me in a one-on-one situation, I will join your human camp and help you deal with Bone Dragon, Nazgul and Ha Erbaink. How? Of course, when things are done, you will take me out of here to see and see the human world. I promise not to kill casually."

Ah-Dai was overjoyed. He glanced at the other three Juggernauts and said, "How can I believe you are telling the truth?"

Halsfin said with a serious face: "That's not easy, I can swear! I swear in the name of the terrifying demon Halsfin, as long as your kid can beat me, I will let you send it. That's it. "

Yun Yi said solemnly, "What will happen if you break your oath?"

Halsfin said: "If I break the oath, I will never be elevated."

Dumb said: "Okay, I promise you. Come on, let me learn about your demon's cultivation skills." Sumi's sword in his hand circled, and flew out, using Qi to control the sword to shoot at Halsfin go with. Although the remaining three sword saints still doubted Halsfin's sincerity, dumb had already agreed, and they couldn't say anything. As a warrior, they always value Xinyi more than their own lives. Aroused the true energy in the body, flashed to the side, watching the battle for Dumb.

Halsfin faced the golden glow of the sword of Sumi, with a solemn expression on his face. The huge wings flapped quickly, and a large amount of dark green energy gathered in front of him, forming a whirlpool towards Sumi. The sword greeted. The power of the solid energy sword is immense, and when the Sumi sword rushes into the vortex, it produces intense friction. Halsfin kept flapping the huge wings, condensing energy against the sword of Sumi, while Ah Dui kept injecting his vigorous vigor into the sword of Sumi, the two of them were so stalemate in the air. No one can hurt each other.

There was a flash of light in Ah Du's eyes, and the black light flashed on his right arm. An illusory figure suddenly rushed towards Halsfin, which was the stunt clone of Corris' Wish. As Dui's cultivation base increased sharply, the clone was able to use the sixth energy that had been transformed into it, the silver light lit up, and the huge energy sword slammed Halsfin from above.

A flash of startled light flashed in Halsfin's eyes, and he shouted fiercely, and his wings suddenly floated up behind him, covering the top of his head. With a chuckle, the dark green iron feathers flew in all directions. In the case of confronting the Sumi sword, Halsfin couldn't use the power of his ghost, and immediately took a strong sword from the clone of Adu.

The wounded Halsfin was angry, and squirted out a violent spit of dark green blood, and the vortex in front of him suddenly expanded, shook out both the sword of Sumi and the clone of Duan at the same time. The clone rushed towards Halsfin again with a silver light, but Ah Dui took the Sumeru sword back, and the golden flames rose all over his body. The Sumeru sword was gradually shrinking in his hands. It was not because of him. The energy was recovered, but he compressed the Sumi sword. Under the compression of the Sumi's Sword, which was originally composed of solid energy, the energy rose exponentially, and the space around it was violently twisted.

Halsfin was already injured, but he was a demon from the demon world after all, and the dark green energy transformed into a spear in his condensate, and greeted the dashing clone. Dumb doesn't know how to move, and his clone is the same. Nothing fancy, the clone and Halsfin violently collided with each other, and in a loud noise, a huge shock wave sent the bodies of Dumb and the other three Juggernauts 100 meters away. The dumb clone in the air had disappeared, and Halsfin was panting in embarrassment. Although the dumb clone was destroyed, it also consumed a lot of evil power.

Just when Halsfin hadn’t slowed down, an unusually terrifying energy suddenly came from all directions. He was surprised to find that he could no longer move, and that terrifying energy squeezed him from all around. body. This is not the most terrifying, the most terrifying is the abnormal energy that can completely kill oneself from the front.

Forty meters away from the front of Halsfin, Dui was looking at him coldly. The air around Dui's body was constantly twisting. In his hand, there was a big dark bow with a sword on the bowstring. Yes, the sword, the sword of Sumi, the sword of Sumi after being compressed. After compression, the color of Sumi's Sword has become colorful, and the huge energy fluctuations feel the threat of death even with Halsfin's cultivation. Under the squeeze of this huge energy, he could no longer turn into a ghost, let alone avoid it, he could only look at the bow and sword in Dumb's hand in fear. Ah Dumb’s spirit is firmly locked in Halsfin. With his current cultivation level, he does not need to be accurate at all. He only needs to use his own spirit to guide the Sumeru sword on the mysterious iron bow. Halsfin's body. After playing against each other for just a few minutes, Ah-Dai had already exerted his best efforts to give full play to his skills, and finally succeeded in gaining the absolute upper hand.

Dumb said coldly: "Halsefin, you have no way to escape, surrender. Even if you have the ability to transform into a ghost, but in this case, as long as my Sumeru sword shoots through your body , You will fall into a place that will never be restored, I can completely destroy your soul together, you should feel it."

The expression on Halsfin's face changed continuously. He never expected that he would lose like this, his face was red and blue, and he could not speak for a long while.

Ah Duan squinted his eyes and said, "My patience is limited. I hope you can make a decision quickly and abide by your previous vows." The compressed Sumeru sword, the energy is too powerful, and he already has some To support it, there are only two options now, one is to shoot Halsfin, and the other is to dissipate the skill. Under the influence of the kind thoughts in his heart and the previous slenderness, Dumb decided to give Halsfin a chance to keep his promise.

Halsfin is now completely passive, maintaining his original posture, and said dejectedly: "Boy, you are cruel enough, I gave up."

Dui took a deep breath and urged the golden body in his body. Little by little, he retracted the compressed Sumi sword into his body. As the pressure decreased, the expression on Halsfin's face suddenly relaxed, with huge wings behind him. Slightly flapping, the gaze in the single eye gradually returned to normal. "You won. Although I didn't fully display my strength because of my carelessness, you did win. I speak arithmetic. From now on, you will be my master." As he said, he floated forward. Ten meters, slowly bending over, saluting to dumb.

Duan finally took the compressed energy of the Sumeru Sword back into his body, and said with satisfaction: "You don't need to be polite, I will not be your master in the future, we are just friends."

Halsfin raised his head, looked at Dumb gratefully, and said: "You are such a tolerant human!" While speaking, without any warning, Halsfin moved forward instantly like a ghost, his right three arms At the same time, he stretched out Dou Da's fist to hit Ah Dumb's chest. At this moment, Halsfin exploded much faster than Duan. There was almost no time to reflect. His three fists had reached Duan's chest. Dui had just absorbed a huge amount of compressed energy, and had not fully recovered his control over the energy. He still held the profound iron bow in his hand, and had no time to respond. And at this time, the Shenlong mantle was also retracted when he used the energy control to compress the Sumeru Sword. Now, he can be said to be facing Halsfin's attack naked. In the midst of fright and anger, Ah-Dai could barely raise a small amount of anger to stand in front of him. Halsfin's cultivation is similar to that of Dumb. How can Dumb resist his attack without precautions? Three dark green fists bombarded his chest and abdomen, seeing that Dui was about to die in Halsfin’s hands. Suddenly, a black-gray gas appeared from Dui’s chest, and an icy feeling instantly In the air, Halsfin felt a chill all over, and shivered, and the attack was naturally weakened by a few points. In the bang, Dumb's body flew out, blood spurting wildly. But Halsfin was also uncomfortable. He floated back thirty meters to stabilize his body.

Seeing that Dui was attacked, the three sword masters rushed up in anger at the same time. The blue, red, and cyan rays of light intertwined into a dense network of light from all directions, and Halsfin turned his whole body. Covering his body, it instantly turned into a ghost, rushing out of this dense energy network. But the attack energy of the three major sword masters in the rage is indeed powerful. Even his ghost body is still affected to a certain extent. He spouts a mouthful of dark green blood. Halsfin shouted angrily: "Stop first, I have something to say. ."

The falcon suddenly said angrily: "What else can you say, silly villain."

Halsfin snorted coldly and said, "Several of you hit me, is it fair and honest? Don't forget, I am a demon, a demon from the devil world, when have you heard that devil speaks arithmetic. Only Can say you are too stupid, just trust me."

The hard-hit Ah-Dai did not fall. His body was still floating in the air. His body was trembling slightly, and the four colors of black, gray, white, and gold were constantly flashing around his body.

"Boy, why do you have the breath of Lord Pluto? What is the relationship between you and Lord Pluto?" Halsfin asked eagerly.

Dui slowly raised his head, his black eyes became extremely deep, and the various rays of light on his body slowly merged into his body. At this time, he seemed to be in the same situation as when the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder was attracted that day. A huge ghost slowly Floating behind him, releasing an icy chill, Xu Ying held a long weapon in his hand, which looked extremely strange. The three Juggernauts had not seen the appearance when Duan drew the Nine Heavens Thunder, and could not help being shocked like Halsfin. A strange light flashed in Ah Du's eyes, and he said coldly: "Ignorant lowly microorganisms, your ruin and stupidity led to your death. Go where you should go." The huge phantom behind him will be there. The long weapon was sent forward and fell into the hands of Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai delivered it with one hand. The three sword saints only felt that their eyes were dark, and a stern cry sounded, "No -, are you a **** or a devil?" Now, Halsfin’s body has disappeared, not even a trace of evil remains. The phantom behind Dumb gradually faded. He shook his body and fell back suddenly, as if he had lost all his support, and his body quickly moved downward. Fall off. The three sword sages were taken aback, Yun Yi flickered, and took Ah Du in his hands, exchanged glances with Hutu and Harry, and flew quickly in the direction of the coalition masters.

Because the place where Ah-Dai and the others are fighting is far away from the coalition masters, even though Xuan Yue and the others know that Ah-Dai has encountered a very strong enemy, they cannot see what the enemy is like. The sky suddenly darkened, and the original five figures suddenly lost one. , Xuan Yue was startled, fearing that Ah'Dai would be injured, she hurriedly flew up to meet her. Seeing the three sword sages flying in front of her, when she found that Ah-Dai had fainted in Yun Yi's hands, she was shocked. "Senior, what happened to Ah-Dai? Who was the enemy just now? How could she hurt him like this? ."

Yun Yi said in a deep voice: "Go, let's go down first." The four fell on the ground, and the crowd immediately surrounded him. When the pope saw that Dui was wounded, his heart suddenly became very anxious. The staff of the gods pointed forward, and a little golden light floated in He was in the body of Dui, under the action of Jin Mang, he was constantly perceiving the situation in Dui's body. After a long while, the pope exhaled and withdrew his magic scepter.

Xuan Yue asked eagerly: "Grandpa, how is he dumb? Is his life in danger?"

The Pope shook his head and said: "The meridians in his body have been shaken to a certain extent, but it is not very serious. The main meridians are well protected, but the mental strength is greatly lost and he needs to rest. The three Juggernauts, just now Who is the enemy fighting against Dumb? In terms of size, it should not be the bone dragon."

Yun Yi nodded, and said, "The one who fought with Duan just now was the giant-winged ghost king Halsfin, one of the three rulers of the undead. However, he seems to have been killed by Duan. As for how Duan made the move, we No one has seen it." At the moment, he explained how Dumb bet against Halsfin, how to win, how Halsfin regretted attacking Dumb, and how he was killed by Dumb somehow.

After listening to Yunyi’s narration, the pope showed a gratified smile on his face, “It seems that Ah-Dai is really the savior! The phantom that appeared behind him is likely to be a divine residence responsible for protecting him, whenever he lives When threatened, this divine mansion will help him through the difficulties."

Yun Yi shook his head slightly and said, "Is the mansion behind him really? I can't see it! The phantom seems to exude icy energy. Although it is not very evil, it seems to be different from your divine energy. Different. It may not be as simple as the gods descending to the earth."

"Yes, I feel the same way." The white light and shadow suddenly appeared in the void, startling everyone. The Pope was about to make a move, but was stopped by Xuan Yue. Because she recognized that this sudden appearance is precisely the slenderness that has been transformed into a **** because of Mingwu. Hastily explained her identity to everyone.

Xianxian saluted everyone and said: "I have been hiding in the dark to protect him. Just now Halsfin made a surprise attack, and I didn't have time to help Dumb. However, because I was by his side, I could be clear. I feel the energy of the phantom behind him. It seems to be the energy between good and evil. It has both a sacred aspect and an evil essence. Moreover, both good and evil are so pure and seem to come from gods and demons. The highest energy of the two worlds. I am a **** body, I feel extremely sensitive, and I can’t read it wrong. The phantom behind the dumb is definitely not an ordinary **** descending. Thousands of years ago, when the **** feather led the human power to fight against the dark demons At that time, I was by his side. At the last moment, he could not resist the appearance of the demons. Surrounded by a golden light, a large number of people from the gods appeared. Their auras were so pure and holy. It's very different from the phantom behind Dumb.

When Xianxian said that she had fought together with Shenyu, the pope was in awe, and said respectfully: "Senior, do you know what dumb brought to this?"

Slender sighed softly and said: "I'm not good. The energy of the phantom is very strong. Although it is only a phantom body, the energy contained is so powerful. Since Halsfin is a demon from the demon world, its repair It was so high that it far exceeded my original imagination. After the appearance of the phantom, Duan was able to destroy him without any resistance. Such a cultivation level is simply appalling. And he was dying in Halsfin. At the time, he once asked Dui, whether you are a **** or a devil, which makes me feel very strange. All of this can only be gradually understood later. Although Dui’s injury is not fatal, it is not mild, so you should give it quickly. He treats. I will still protect him in the dark." After speaking, the slender figure gradually faded and disappeared again.

The pope said: "Four red priests, please protect me, and I will save dumb right away." Xuanyue's four were separated at the four corners of the pope, and the masters of other parties also drew out their weapons to guard around.

The pope took a deep look at Ah-Dai, sighed, closed his eyes, raised the staff of the gods with one hand, and placed the other hand on Ah-Dai's forehead, chanting loudly: "Heaven and earth, all things return to the sect, God For the ancestor, respecting the gods, the power of the gods surging between the heaven and the earth! Let me be the medium.” The golden light fell from the sky under the lead of the god’s staff. The pope raised his head slightly, and the golden light just hit him. At the center of his eyebrows, in an instant, the pope's whole body was wrapped in a strong sacred energy, full of surging sacred aura, the light flashed, and the golden energy was input into his body through the pope's hand on the forehead. A faint golden glow gradually enveloped Ah Du’s body. The pope suddenly raised his hands high, facing the sky, and chanted loudly: "The healing light that soars into the sky! Under the mercy of the gods, Save the world." An unusually thick beam of light gushed from the staff of the gods, and the light exuded warm and full-bodied energy, making everyone around him feel comfortable. In the white light, Ah Du's body slowly floated up from Yunyi's hands, bathed in the white light, it seemed unusually sacred. What the Pope used was the single-handed treatment of the eighth-level sacred light magic divine healing technique. This was the second time he had used the divine healing technique on Ah Du. Under the influence of the huge sacred energy contained in the divine healing technique itself and the vitality of Ah Dui's own vitality, the wounded meridians are constantly healing.

After a long time, the pope took a deep breath, and the light of the healing technique gradually drifted into the air. Dumb fell into Yunyi's hands again, smiled slightly, and said, "Okay, he is all right now. He only needs to rest for a while to fully restore his mental strength. , We can return to the previous state. Today we have gained a lot. We have eliminated the Great Winged Ghost King, one of the three kings of the undead, first return to the base, and wait until Dah recovers, then continue to break through." Dah wiped out the three undead Halsfin, one of the masters, made him feel better, and his lost confidence was restored.

Three days later.

Duan woke up from the coma, slowly opened his eyes, and found that he was in the camp, his memory was still retained when Halsfin sneaked, and he suddenly sat up. After moving the body, except for a little dizziness in the brain, there is no discomfort. The vitality in the body is still extremely active, and there is nothing unusual. He muttered to himself: "Isn't I dead? Huh?" Thinking back to Halsfin's sneak attack on him, Dumb couldn't help but hate him. He blamed himself for believing the enemy too easily. I wonder what happened to everyone? Halsfin's cultivation base is so strong, I am afraid that the three Juggernauts will not be pleased by joining forces. In worry, he floated to the ground, and was about to go out to have a look, when the curtain opened, Xuan Yue walked in, with a basin of clear water in her hand.

"Ah! Dumb, you are awake." Xuanyue said in surprise. Put the water basin aside, and plunged into the arms of Dumb.

Huozer Xuanyue's gentle and tender body, Dui really believed that he did not die. There was a stirring in my heart, and he said softly: "Yueyue, what's going on? Didn't I die that day?"

Xuanyue raised her head in an annoyed manner, and tapped Dumb's head with her soft little hand, and said, "You are really stupid. You have been tricked by the enemy again." Nestled in her arms, she narrated what happened that day. Again. After hearing Xuan Yue's words in a daze, Dumb frowned and said, "Is there a **** to help me? No way."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Why not? It was the same scene last time when you triggered the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder. Did you know? When Halsfin sneaked on you that day, not only did you break your defensive vindictiveness, but also the giant spirit snake. The armor is shattered. But he is also considered bad luck. His three punches hit you first, which happened to be the Pluto sword wrapped in a leather pouch on the chest. The Pluto sword is worthy of being a top artifact, it helps you resist it After most attacks, it’s probably because of grief and that you mobilized the gods to help."

Dumb was completely confused now, shook his head vigorously, and said, "Don't think about him. If God really helps me, he will definitely show up again. It's already early May now. I'll do it again tonight. After meditating for one night, we will immediately go to the territory of Bone Dragon tomorrow. The ominous premonition in my heart seems to be clearer, as if something is about to happen soon. It is better to eliminate the Dark Sacred Church as soon as possible, so that I can feel at ease. "

Xuan Yue nodded and said, "Come on, wash your face first. These clean waters are all brought by our logistics supply unit from the Tianyuan clan territory. They are very precious, so I got some for you. I will do it now. Go tell Grandpa what you have woken up."

In the early morning of the next day, after a night of meditation, Ah-Dai was fully restored to his best condition. The same lineup set off again, and their goal was still the Bone Dragon Territory in the ninth level.

When he came to the mountain again, Dumb looked around and said to the pope: "Grandpa, although bone dragons are immune to magic, I think they should be the same as fire demon, and the powerful magical impact still has them. Certainly threatening, after the Bone Dragon Territory, you and the four red priests will be asked to launch a large-scale, high-intensity magical attack to completely suppress those Bone Dragons. Otherwise, two hundred Bone Dragons will launch at us at the same time. It will be difficult for us to deal with the attack. I am afraid there will be casualties."

Chapter 199: Bone Dragon Legion

The pope nodded and said: "I understand what you mean. The Holy See hasn't used the Forbidden Curse for many years. It seems that we will have to use it once to overcome the difficulties today. Thousands of worshippers joined forces on that day. The trial is very close to the power of the Forbidden Curse, but it is still different from the real Forbidden Curse." A proud look appeared on the pope's old face. This old man who rules the Holy See has already aroused his inner pride.

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Grandpa is the strongest magician in the mainland, and I want to see it too. Don't worry, we will form a strong line of defense at that time, and we will not let the bone dragon affect your spells." With that said, everyone has already begun to climb the peak. Duan took the holy evil and the small bones to the front, ready to respond at any time. Everything was so peaceful. There was no creature that threatened them. Ten minutes later, Dumb and Ssangyong stepped onto the top of the peak first. Some can’t wait, Dumb flashed and floated to the other end of the peak. When he saw what was behind the peak During the scene, the whole body was shaken. Although he had already prepared in his heart, when he really faced it, the spectacular scene in front of him still shocked his soul.

On the other side of the mountain, more than two hundred giant bone dragons live in the valley. Their bodies are similar to the small bones at the beginning, but the size is very large, the smallest, and the length is more than 20 meters. In the center, two huge bone dragons with a length of nearly 80 meters lay there, and their bodies were much larger than the Shenlong. At this time, the Pope and the others had also stepped up to the top one after another. When they saw the Bone Dragon Legion in the valley in front of them, they all looked like dumb and were deeply shocked. These more than two hundred powerful creatures, any one going out, all have destructive power, how can they not be shocked? Although those who were able to participate in this operation were all masters among human beings, they were not even sure about these powerful creatures, including Duan. The pope was the first to wake up from the shock, and said in a deep voice: "They are too strong, I want to start the Forbidden Curse immediately. Dumb, once the Forbidden Curse breaks the bodies of these bone dragons, you must go down with everyone immediately. They are completely destroyed, and we must not give them a chance to resurrect, otherwise we will be finished."

Dumb nodded in alarm. In order not to let the bone dragon find out, he did not use the Sumi sword for the time being.

Sheng Xie was lying on the edge of the mountain, with a weird expression, with big golden eyes, staring at the two huge bone dragons in the middle of the valley, as if thinking about something.

The pope and the four red priests took out their magical instruments one after another, the pope stood in the center, and the four red priests surrounded him. The pope solemnly said: "I want to launch the second-level forbidden curse of eternal light, and you do your best to help me." There are five forbidden curses known to the Holy See. After the experience and experience of the past popes, they are divided into three poles. There are two forbidden spells, one to attack and one to defend. For example, the Seraphim Wall used by the Moslem Pope to resist the Nine Heavens God Thunder was one of the defense curses. With the Pope's cultivation base, with the strength of a single body, these two first-level forbidden curses can be released. There are also two second-level forbidden curses. In order to be much stronger than the first-level forbidden curses, they are also one attack and one defense. The attacking curse is the eternal light that the pope will use soon. This forbidden curse consumes too much mana, so The pope must have the cooperation of four red priests to use it. The only three-pole forbidden curse has never been activated in thousands of years. It was left by the first Pope Shenyu. The Holy See's classics record the words of Shenyu. Unless it is a critical moment of life and death, it is absolutely impossible. Launch the last forbidden curse. That is at the cost of the Pope’s life.

The pope took a deep breath and slowly raised his **** staff. "Heaven and earth are boundless, all laws are united, the eternal power of God! Awaken." The four red priests chanted at the same time following the Pope: "Eternal power of God! Awaken." The light at the top of the staff of the gods. The ball burst out with a huge golden light, and everyone around felt an incomparably powerful sacred energy suddenly radiate and rushed straight into the sky. The dark clouds over the entire Death Mountain range completely turned golden under the stain of golden light. The bone dragon in the valley ahead became restless, and dozens of bone dragons measuring 20 to 30 meters in length had spread out their huge wings and flew. The two huge bone dragons in the center stood up slowly, and at the same time they groaned, their voices were so low, the flying bone dragons suddenly fell back to the ground. The king of the two skull dragons raised his head and glanced at the golden clouds in the sky. He kept roaring after another. The rest of the bone dragons gathered towards them. Suddenly, the biggest bone dragon roared sternly behind him. The bone spurs exuded pale light, and under his leadership, the same scene appeared behind all bone dragons. The pale light was gradually magnifying.

Duan was shocked, and rushed to Yunyi beside him: "Senior, these bone dragons should have found us, but why don't they attack us? Look, what is the white light behind them? Do they want to talk to the Pope directly? Does Grandpa's forbidden curse compete?"

Yun Yi shook his head and said, "I don't know. Now we can only wait. As long as the forbidden curse of the Pope and the four red priests can completely suppress the bone dragon, the possibility of us destroying them will be great. too much."

At this moment, Sheng Xie stood up suddenly, his eyes were still on the two huge bone dragons, and he was shocked. Because of the spiritual connection with Sheng Xie, he clearly felt that Sheng Xie's heart seemed to be full of contradictions. . Suspiciously asked: "Xiao Xie, what's wrong with you?"

The big head of the holy evil shook, and the voice sounded from the bottom of Duan's heart, "Brother, I, I don't know what's going on. The bone dragons here seem to be different from the small bones. Especially the two largest ones, seem to have something with me. It's like a connection. Brother, can you just leave it alone."

Dumb glanced at them. The Pope and the others, who were still concentrating their divine power, said with a wry smile: "Now the arrows are on the string and have to be sent. These are all evil undead creatures, we must eliminate!"

Sheng Xie nodded his huge head, then squatted back, returning to thinking again.

"Enlighten the heavens, give birth to all things, the great god! Please allow me to borrow your eternal light, heal evil wounds, purify the air in the world, the great divine element of light, you have infinite power, and darkness is in you In front of me, there is such a small, eternal light flowing in the sky, I ask you to come to the world and destroy all evil. — Forbidden※#8226; Eternal light.” With the completion of the Pope’s spell, the four reds The sacrificial priest immediately accelerated the gathering of the light elements he had condensed towards the pope, and the golden light on the staff of the gods suddenly expanded three times, and the clouds in the sky became brighter. The surrounding light elements became extremely violent, pushing A-Dai and others tens of meters away. The pope and the four red-clothed priests all floated from the ground. A huge golden six-pointed star appeared under their feet, and the pope and Xuanyue passed by. In the baptism of the gods, the same four light wings appeared behind them. As the energy continued to increase, the body of the other three priests in red was already trembling slightly. Obviously, the load was too heavy and they were almost unable to support them. Even if Duan wasn't majoring in magic, he could clearly feel the rage of the light element. It took so much magic power and used it for such a long time, showing how powerful this magic is. In order to ensure that the Pope and the others can use this magic smoothly, Duan devoted most of his energy to monitoring the bone dragon army in the valley in front of him. As the golden clouds in the sky became brighter and brighter, the white light gathered behind the bone dragons continued to rise. Suddenly, the two skull dragon kings in the center shouted loudly at the same time, and a huge roar sounded throughout the valley. Dao's pale white light shot from the bone spurs behind them, and after soaring about a hundred meters, they gathered together to form a white energy ball. According to the size of other bone dragons, the speed of converging energy is different. White rays of light are continuously injected into the light ball in the sky. The volume of the light ball gradually increases, which seems to contain extremely terrifying energy.

Seeing this scene, Sheng Xie stood up again, and Ah-Dai also found something wrong at this time. The reaction of these bone dragons was somewhat similar to Sheng Xie's dragon curse. An extremely old voice rang from the bone dragon group, "Despicable humans, you can only use sneak attacks. Let you see the power of our dragon clan. In the name of the dragon king, the power of the holy dragon! Let's burst out." The white ball of light that had gathered all the energy of more than two hundred bone dragons, the volume actually shrank. There was a solemn color on Ah Du's face, and he, who was familiar with energy control, certainly understood that the bone dragons were compressing the white energy **** in the air. Once they broke out, their power would be amazing. Now I can only hope for the Pope’s curse, but I don’t know who will win in the end.

The eternal light of the second-level forbidden curse was finally completed, and the four red-clothed priests fell to the ground at the same time. Except for Xuanyue's support, the other three red-clothed priests all sat down and immediately meditated to restore their mana. The Pope God ascended into the air awe-inspiringly, looking at the diminishing white ball of light in the valley, his eyes also showed a hint of surprise, pointing the rod of the **** in his hand, and shouting angrily: "The eternal light destroys all evil Right." The golden clouds in the sky suddenly dispersed. After a thousand years, the Undead Mountain Range was finally illuminated by the sun again, as if separated from the sun. A creamy white beam of light shot down directly, and the light instantly expanded, and it was enveloped. The entire Bone Dragon Valley. Dumb was surprised to find that under the eternal light, the air in the entire valley was distorted, and the strange sight could not help but amaze him. He never thought that the use of magic could reach such a level, no wonder Yueyue said that the Holy See had secret skills.

The largest skull dragon in the valley raised its head fiercely, and the bone spurs on its back instantly increased. The white ball of light in the air seemed to be controlled by it, and exploded violently in compression. Two nearly identical white rays of light collided violently in the air, and they represented the power of justice and evil respectively. The power of more than two hundred skull dragons is terrifying, and the pale light actually blocked the light forbidden curse used by the Pope and the four red priests. Under the two Forbidden Curse-level energies pouring into each other, the huge shock wave made the mountain where Dumb and them were swayed slightly. Everyone's breathing hastened with the arrival of the shock wave. Duan saw that the situation was not good, and hurriedly urged the vitality in the body to transform into a golden solid energy wall, which blocked the power of the shock wave. Even with his cultivation base, when the shock wave hits the wall of energy that has become solid, his body shook violently, and the feeling of suffocation hit his face. This is dumb. If you change someone, I am afraid that you have already been affected by this. However, the huge shock wave swallowed. Muffled noises continued to be heard in the midair of the Bone Dragon Valley, and no one could take advantage of the two huge energies, so it was so stalemate.

Time passed by minute by minute, whether it was the eternal light of the Pope's forbidden curse, or the dragon power issued by the bone dragon combination, it had been weakened to a certain extent. Although supported by the staff of the gods, the Pope's cultivation level has dropped dramatically. Finally, he could no longer hold on. After the final energy commanding the eternal light burst, he fell back to the mountain. Dui hurried up to support the pope's swaying body, and asked anxiously: "Grandpa, are you okay?"

The pope seemed to be ten years old in an instant, and the gully on his face became deeper. He sighed and said: "Everyone, prepare, I'm afraid the bone dragon will fight back. I didn't expect that they could condense such powerful energy." Although the final burst of Eternal Light successfully offset the energy emitted by the Bone Dragon Legion, it did not hurt any of them. The Pope knew that bone dragons not only possess powerful energy, but their physical attacks are also extremely powerful. Without the threat of eternal light, they might immediately launch an attack on their side.

The Pope’s judgment was correct. When the two vast energy fluctuations disappeared completely, the bone dragons in the valley spread their huge wings and flew up. Under the leadership of the two skull dragon kings, they rushed toward the mountain where everyone was. A shin, he said solemnly: "Everyone, be careful, the bone dragon is going to work hard, protect the pope and the four red priests. Small bones, holy evil, you also lift off."

The sword of Sumi appeared in the cohesion of Duan, and the huge power immediately shocked everyone's hearts. Although they were facing the powerful Bone Dragon Legion, everyone was the most outstanding master among mankind. Now they only have the heart to fight hard. , There will be no retreat. The holy evil groaned and flew up at the same time as the small bones. After this period of cultivation, the holy evil's body length has been close to 20 meters, and his cultivation base has increased a lot, although the bone dragon in front of it gives it a strange feeling. , But in order to protect Dumb, it still chose to fight. The seven golden horns on the back lit up at the same time, and Jin's eyes were full of power, floating fiercely to the left of Ah-Dai, and the small bones on the other side were guarding the two wings respectively. More than two hundred bone dragons, under the leadership of the two bone dragon kings, only slapped their wings a few times, and they surrounded the mountain where Dumb and them were on. The huge bone wings were covered with a layer of skin, and they stared fiercely. To everyone. One of the bone dragons that couldn't wait rushed up fiercely. It seemed that because the white energy had been concentrated before, it took a lot of energy, so it did not use the unique breath of bone dragons, but directly rushed towards the pope with its body.

Divine light flashed in Ah Du's eyes, because the speed was too fast, his body brought a phantom shadow in the air, and the heavy-handed Sumi sword slashed towards the bone dragon's head. The bone dragon seemed to feel the threat from the Sumi's Sword, a green light flashed in his eyes, and the huge bone claws greeted Ah Du. The Sumi’s Sword is so powerful that even the bone dragon can’t resist it. The golden glow collided with the bone claw and passed by silently. The bone claw separated from the bone dragon’s body immediately, and the golden glow flashed again. The dragon's huge body was immediately cut open by Jin Mang, and was knocked out of the mountain by the force of a loud noise and fell down.

Duan was secretly frightened. Although he succeeded in smashing the bone dragon, the bone dragon’s defenses were surprisingly strong. This sword did not break the root of his life. In this mountain of death, he did not completely smash it. His bones can be reborn again. Just when Ah-Dai's heart was depressed, a huge roar sounded, surrounded by many bone dragons, two huge bone dragon kings appeared in front of everyone, no bone dragon dared to attack, all hovering around, seemingly waiting The order of the Bone Dragon King.

As soon as the biggest bone dragon king flew in front of everyone, he found Xiaojin and the small bones on both sides of Dumb. His eighty-meter-long body shook slightly, and his low and old voice sounded, "Humans, why are you attacking us? You guys. You will pay the price for your actions." Apparently the old voice came from its mouth. The bone dragon that can speak is something that everyone didn't expect.

Dui felt the pressure from the Bone Dragon King, urging the vitality in his body to float, and said coldly: "You are the undead creatures in the mountains of death. We are here to represent the dark forces of the Dark Sage. Destroyed. But you are an obstacle to our advancement. Fighting is inevitable. For the peace of the mainland, we must go to the deepest part of the Death Mountain."

As if he hadn’t heard Duan’s words, the Bone Dragon King turned his gaze to the holy evil and Little Bones, and sighed: "I didn’t expect there to be dragons on the mainland. It seems that our clan is immortal! It depends on our two clans. For good reason, let’s go. I don’t make it difficult for you, but don’t come again. We won’t let you pass here."

Dumb was stunned. He didn't expect the bone dragon to talk so easily, but with the lesson of Halsfin before, he would never believe in these undead creatures anymore. He said coldly: "This is what we must pass. I know that your Bone Dragon Legion is very strong, but we will not back down. Even if we sacrifice our lives, we must stop the conspiracy of the Dark Sacred Church."

The Bone Dragon King gave a long groan to the sky. He seemed to have been irritated, and his whole body was greatly increased. He snorted: "Well, since you don't know how to live or die, then I will complete you." Another smaller Bone Dragon King spread his wings. , Exuding the same great power as the talking Bone Dragon King, Duan clearly felt that the two Bone Dragon Kings alone had a strength that surpassed Halsfin, which he could not deal with. His heart couldn't help but sank to the bottom. Are we going to die here today? At this moment, Sheng Xie suddenly roared in anger, and the seven golden horns behind him suddenly brightened up. His wings were fully extended and his body stood upright. The clear dragon roar sounded for nine days, and Sheng Xie muttered something. The strange voice could not be understood by anyone, but it gave people a feeling of fright. Dumb was shocked, Sheng Xie's current performance is the same as when he rushed out of the dark city back then. Through previous exchanges with Sheng Xie, he knew that this was a dragon curse that only the Dragon King clan could use.

Listening to the voice of the holy evil mind, the huge bodies of the two bone dragon kings shook sharply at the same time, and two old voices sounded at the same time, "Dragon King, dragon curse." The bone dragon who had spoken before shouted: "Stop, don't Go on, I have something to ask you." His voice was trembling, as if his heart was filled with excitement.

I don't know why, Sheng Xie was infected by the bone dragon king's voice, and the dragon curse stopped, and a pair of big golden eyes stared at the two bone dragon kings.

The two bone dragon kings looked at each other, and the biggest one said to the saint: "You, where do you come from. Why do you have the blood of the Dragon King clan."

Shengxie looked at him blankly, blinked his big eyes, and turned his gaze to Dumb who was aside, "Brother, why does it ask me that? Where did I come from?"

Fearing that the Bone Dragon King would hurt the holy evil, Ah Dui flew to the side of the holy evil with the sword of Sumi, cautiously said: "The holy evil was hatched with my help. About a hundred years ago, an elven race The predecessor found the holy evil that was still an egg in the mountain of death and took him out from here. After the natural energy contained in the elven lake and the old elves, it regained its vitality. Maybe it is my fate with the holy evil. By coincidence, he was hatched. Because he spent a long time in the Death Mountain, he seemed to be different from the ordinary Dragon King, with a bit of evil on his body, so I named him Shengxie. You bone dragons before. All of them are dragons, why do we have to help the tyrants here? As long as you let us pass through here, we will not be embarrassed with you."

After listening to Ah-Dai's words, the two bone dragon kings screamed at the same time. Suddenly, they showed a super speed which was completely incompatible with the body. A Duan was shocked, and the sword of Xumi burst into light, and suddenly slashed towards the Bone Dragon King who was coming towards him. A green light flashed in the Bone Dragon King's eyes, and the mountain-like vigor suddenly burst, and the huge bone claws slapped at Dumb's Sumi sword. In the loud noise, Ah-Dai was shocked by the huge energy and flew back ten meters. Although he was not injured, it was still a surge of energy. The bone claws of the Bone Dragon King were also cut off by the Sumi's Sword.

When Ah-Dai was fighting the biggest bone dragon king, the other bone dragon king had already rushed in front of Sheng Xie. Due to the sudden change, Sheng Xie had no time to use the dragon curse. In a hurry, he could only flap his wings to meet him. The opponent ran into it. The Bone Dragon King didn't seem to be hostile. The huge bone wings patted and stopped the holy evil with a puff. The difference in strength made the holy evil no room to resist in front of him. A little white light floated from the Bone Dragon King's forehead, accurately hitting the largest golden horn on top of Sheng Xie's head. Shengxie's body seemed to freeze, and fell heavily to the ground. Dumb was shocked. He gritted his teeth and instantly raised his skill to the limit. With the sword of Sumi in his hand, with a three-foot-long tail light, he attacked the saint. The evil bone dragon king flew away.

The Bone Dragon King who had previously fought with Dui roared, the huge bone wings swept out, and the Sumi sword was swept out from the side fan. Under the traction of the Qi machine, Dui's whole body was shaken and he involuntarily retreated three steps in a row. The sword flew back to his hand again, and the Bone Dragon King was uncomfortable, leaving a huge hole in the bone wing. Although his recovery ability was amazing, he could no longer fly in a short time.

The old voice sounded, "Don't do it anymore, we are not hostile." The Bone Dragon King who was injured by the dumb spread its wings to prevent dumb from attacking again. Looking at the behemoth in front of him, Duan said angrily: "Also said that there is no hostility. You have injured the holy evil. Even if you die today, I will avenge the holy evil."

The Bone Dragon King didn't get angry, and said lightly: "We didn't hurt it, just let him have the ability to speak. You'll know it later." He gave a long scream, and the bone dragons surrounding the mountain simultaneously withdrew back. Meters, showing that they are indeed not malicious. The three Sword Saints approached Ah-Dai, and they had already made up their minds to cooperate with Ah-Dai to eliminate the two skull dragon kings first. In order to avoid suspicion, the two Bone Dragon Kings also retreated. The Bone Dragon King previously injured by Dumb was constantly healing.

Ah Dui flew to the side of Sheng Xie, calling him from the bottom of his heart, Sheng Xie did not respond, and seemed to have passed out in a coma. The Bone Dragon King said: "We opened the Spirit Aperture for him, so wait a little longer. It won’t take a long time before it will wake up. Humans, you can rest assured that we will never be an enemy to you at least. Let's talk about it when Sheng Xie wakes up."

Although Ah Dui is afraid of any tricks by the bone dragon, he also knows that if he really fights together, his own party is very likely to lose. UU read www.uukanshu. com and the holy evil is now uncertain about his life and death, so he can only wait for now. Signaling all the coalition masters to remain vigilant, he himself was watching the holy evil. After half an hour passed, Ah-Dai finally felt Sheng Xie's life fluctuations again, and was overjoyed in his heart, and hurriedly sent a message of inquiry to Sheng Xie. Sheng Xie slowly opened his golden eyes, looked at Dumb blankly, and said: "Brother, me, what happened to me just now?"

Dumbfounded, he lost his voice: "You can really speak."

Sheng Xie also realized his change, blinked his eyes in surprise, and murmured: "Yes! I can speak now, I can finally speak."

The two bone dragon kings flew over again, and the biggest bone dragon king said: "Holy evil, you can speak, we are not hostile now. My name is Xi La, this is my wife Kayi, if I guess it is right. , You are our long-lost child!"

After hearing the words of the Bone Dragon King, not only the Holy Evil was stunned, but everyone in the human coalition including Ah Dumb and the Pope was stunned. They never expected that the Bone Dragon King would say such a thing.

Xuan Yue couldn't help saying: "You are not mistaken. How can Sheng Xie be your child? No matter where you look at it, you don't have a similarity!"

Chapter 200: Dragon Soul Legacy

The Bone Dragon King Xilai sighed and said: "I can't make a mistake. Shengxie is my child, the only child of Kayi and me. Thousands of years ago, in order to help the savior Shenyu destroy the Dark Demon Race and bring it to the mainland Peace, Kayi and I led all of our people to participate in the action to destroy the Dark Demon Race. Under the strong attack power of our clansmen, the number and territory of the Dark Demon Race are constantly decreasing. Humans continue to gain one after another. Finally, we pushed the Dark Demon Race to the brink of defeat. The last tens of thousands of Dark Demon Race soldiers were besieged by us on the periphery of this mountain of death. Just when we were about to fight the Dark Demon Race to the final death battle, I He Kayi suddenly discovered that our child is about to be born. Our Dragon King clan has always been a single pass. This is likely to be the only opportunity in our life to give birth to offspring. In order to allow the dragon clan to multiply, we have to find someone The place gave birth to this child first. In order to give birth to this child, not only Kayi spent a lot of physical strength and cultivation skills, but I also consumed a lot of dragon power in order to protect her and our child. After the child was born, it happened to be in time. In the final battle, in desperation, we can only find a hidden place in this mountain range to hide the child’s dragon egg, and prepare to wait until the dark demons are completely eliminated before finding the child. But, the last The war is cruel. Although the Dark Demon Race is about to be destroyed, they have successfully expanded the entrance of the Demon World, attracting a large number of Demon World Demons and monsters, and the war is going on extremely tragically. Our soldiers and the Demon World are coming. All races are constantly dying. Our clansmen are also declining sharply. Since Kayi and I have consumed a lot of cultivation to give birth to children, we dare not take part in the battle easily. At this time, the rule of the Devildom Zhe Pluto appeared. It seemed that he seemed to be inevitable for the human beings in this Tianyuan Continent. He brought a large number of demon generals. We immediately fell into complete passivity. No one, including the savior Shenyu, could resist. The strike of staying in Pluto, Pluto’s mount, is the evil dragon Harbaink, who is now the last stage of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. His strength is beyond our imagination. If both Kayi and I are kept in the best condition , We can also contend with it, but we are too weak. We only fought for a few rounds, and both died under the powerful attack of Harbaink. We are really unwilling! We have not yet seen the birth of the child , Just died like this, we are really unwilling. However, the facts have been created, we can only die with hatred. Just when we died, the gods of the heavens finally felt that under their leadership, humans launched the Jedi In a big counterattack, Pluto and God King disappeared at the same time. I don’t know where to fight. The final victory belongs to human beings. The demons were successfully driven back to the place where they came. At that time, the consciousness of Kayi and I had disappeared. These are what Nazgur said after listening. Nazgur, do you know? He is the next level of the undead evil witch king. Although the book evil dragon Halbaink is the most powerful in this mountain of death, That guy is just a simple-minded **** who really rules this land. In fact, he has always been the Undead Witch King Nazgul . His death magic is extremely powerful, and Death Mountain can have the situation it is today, it can be said that he caused it entirely. At the beginning, Halbaink died under the joint hands of the gods, mankind was victorious, and all creatures in the demon world were driven back. Only Nazgul stayed, maybe Pluto is preparing for the next attack on the human world. Nazgur's dark magic is extremely powerful. Especially the control of the soul, although I hate him, but I have to admit his strength. He used the floating souls in the air to summon and create various undead creatures to occupy this land. After absorbing a lot of evil spirits, he first resurrected Halbaink in the form of undead creatures. After that is the Great Winged Ghost King Halsfin, and finally, it is us. In order to be afraid of our resistance, Nazgur deliberately injected a huge amount of evil into our minds, and left a prohibition. It is that we cannot have the slightest heart of resistance. It can be said that all the undead creatures in this undead mountain range are from the hands of the Undead Witch King Nazgul. After the resurrection, we still retain our previous consciousness. At that time, we and all the people of our tribe were already controlled by evil, but only one thought made Kayi and I stay awake. That is our child. At the time of death, this idea was so ingrained that it could not be changed even if it was invaded by evil energy. Due to the battle between the gods and demons, the entire mountain of death has been destroyed, and the terrain has been greatly changed. We have tried our best to search for hundreds of years, and there are no children. We are discouraged because we know that without us Children can’t hatch, and the energy in the dragon egg can’t support it for too long. Disappointed, we can only stay in this valley, waiting decadently for the dispatch of the Undead Witch King Nazgur. In order to please Halbaink, Nazgur often restricted our ability and let Halbaink kill for fun. Although we hate in our hearts, we don't have any ability to resist. We can only let them fish. Not long ago, we knew that humans had come to attack here, and Nazgur gave us an order to stop humans from advancing at all costs. Moreover, he has restored all our capabilities. Human beings are our friends. How can we be your enemies? However, in order to survive, we have to listen to Nazgur's orders. The huge magic you used just now has even surpassed the cultivation base of Shen Yu before. I really feel very relieved that the energy of more than 200 people of our tribe has been gathered to withstand that powerful attack. We flew up, just trying to drive you away, but did not intend to kill, otherwise, we would have done it a long time ago. Although you have a large number of people, and you are all strong among human beings, compared with the many bone dragons of ours, there is still a gap in strength. I am really excited and excited now. Just now, when Sheng Xie was using the dragon curse, I discovered the Dragon King bloodline on his body. Although his current form is quite different from the Dragon King clan, the Dragon King bloodline You can't go wrong. He is the baby Kayi and I gave birth to! Our only child. Shengxie, I am your father. It's so hard for your father and mother to find you! "Xi Li's old and sad voice touched everyone present. Dumb knew that it was impossible to pretend such a revelation of true feelings. Before coming here, he never expected that things would change like this, so he couldn't help turning his head to look towards the holy Xie. Sheng Xie's huge dragon body kept trembling, big and big tears streaming out, the huge dragon claws had been deeply caught in the hard rock, and the scales on the back kept trembling. Suddenly I saw it. When it reaches its parents, how can it not be excited? A bit difficult, Sheng Xie murmured, "Dad? mom? I'm father and mother again. I, I am not an orphan. me……"

Xi Li gathered up the huge bone wings, strode towards Shengxie, and muttered: "Child, yes, you have a father and a mother. We love you. We have been deeply in love since the moment you were born. I love you, my child! Dad really didn’t expect to see you in his lifetime, child, child, Dad loves you!" He tremblingly re-opened his bone wings, and used that huge wings to bring the holy evil Enclosed, the bone dragon has no tears, but from his excited voice and trembling skeleton, everyone can clearly feel his inner excitement and excitement. Bone Dragon King Kayi flew up to them, crawling beside Xilai, gently rubbing against Xilai's body, muttering: "Child, child."

Looking at the reunion of Shengxie's family, Ah Du's eyes couldn't help but moist. He was an orphan since he was a child. He didn't know who his parents were. Shengxie could find his parents, but what about himself? I don't even know who my parents are? Thinking back to the various experiences he had experienced when he was a child, Dumb couldn't help but sigh. If he could know who his parents were, it would be great!

Seeing Ah'Dai's excitement, Xuanyue naturally understood his intentions, leaned close to him, took his big hand, and said softly: "Dai, what's wrong with you? Xiaoxie's family reunited, you should be happy for him! My home is your home. After we get married, won't my father and mother also belong to you? Don't think too much."

Holding Xuanyue's warm and soft little hand, Duan smiled reluctantly, nodded softly, and said, "Thank you Yueyue, I'm fine. Of course I am happy for the reunion of Shengxie's family."

Suddenly, a sharp whistle came from the depths of the Death Mountain, Xilai, Kayi, and all the bone dragons were shocked at the same time. The green light in his eyes suddenly became stronger. Xi Li started embracing the holy evil with some pain, and said in a deep voice: "Nazgur has discovered that you have invaded and is urging us to attack you directly. We were summoned by him and cannot violate its orders. He has the ability to take our lives at any time. He can make us live and we can die. According to my estimation, at least an hour, he will find out the situation here, our time is running out. Humans, yes You have been taking care of the holy evil. From now on, he will trouble you to continue to take care of it. Nazgur’s dark magic is extremely powerful, so don’t conflict with him for now. Maybe you don’t know it yet, the so-called dark magic The sacred cult can actually be said to be planned by Nazgul. Like the Nazgul, the leader of the dark sacred cult is a demonic witch race from the demon world. He is also a disciple of Nazgul. If you want to win the final victory, you must eliminate Nazgur and Harbaink. Shengxie, father, mother and these people are not willing to be other people’s puppets anymore. You have to Promise Dad that in the final battle, he must kill Harbaink to avenge his father, mother and all the people. He not only killed us at the beginning, but also after we became undead creatures-bone dragons Insults, these shame and hatred, you have to pay your dad."

Listening to Xi Li's words, Ah Du and Sheng Xie had an ominous premonition at the same time. Sheng Xie raised his head and said, "Dad, mom, you guys, what are you doing?"

The green light in the eyes of Xi Li and Ka Yi softened, and the couple looked at each other, and their hearts were connected. Xi Li sighed softly, "Hundreds of years ago, we wanted to end this life now. The pain of being enslaved is not enough. For outsiders. We don’t want to let Nazgur enslaved, or let the evil dragon Halbaink be insulted. We were already dead thousands of years ago. Seeing you today, we don’t have any regrets anymore. Child, my child! For the dignity of our dragon, we will completely get rid of the control of Nazgul today, child, we love you, and we will always love you forever."

The holy evil opened his wings and said in horror: "Dad and mom, what are you going to do?"

There was majesty in the old voice of Xi Li, "Child, listen to me. We have been living for many years. Whether you can defeat the forces of darkness in the end, we will not be able to live anymore. Don't kill all humans, Nazgul will not let us go. But, how can we attack you. Children, don’t worry, father, mother and many other people just abandon the present form, we will not be evil again The forces have served, children, humans, you have to work hard. My people and I will pray for you in the dark. Holy evil, since we gave birth to you, we have never fulfilled our responsibility as parents. Today , Let us compensate you. All the dragon warriors! Are you willing to dedicate everything for the future of our dragon family?"

The answer to Xi Li was more than two hundred huge roars. In this massive dragon roar, Dui and others were all shocked. Sheng Xie shouted: "Mom and Dad, don't!" While shouting, he flew up and slammed into the west. Xi Laicong Sheng Xie shook his head, and said solemnly: "Child, the future of the Dragon Race depends on you, don't be obsessed." With a light wave of his wings like a copper wall and iron wall, Sheng Xie immediately shook him back. All the bone dragons opened their wings, and the green flames in their eyes flashed with determination.

Xi Lai took a deep look at Ah Du, and said, "From now on, Sheng Xie will ask you to help us take good care of him. Don't stop any of you, this is our best choice." After speaking, he turned to The Holy Evil, who was knocked to the ground by himself, said solemnly: "Child, you will do what you should do in the future. We will pass on to you all the essence of the dragon. In your current form, you will be able to quickly Assimilate and reach the ultimate form of the Dragon King, children, father and mother will always love you." After saying this, Xi Li roared, and all the surrounding mountains trembled slightly. His wings opened and closed, shook the Sheng Xie who had rushed up again, and a milky white light floated on his forehead, accurately hitting the golden horn on the top of Sheng Xie's head. Sheng Xie's body suddenly softened. The old voice of Xi Li shouted: "Burn it, my dragon soul." Under his urging, the green flames in his eyes darkened, the bones all over his body crackled, and the huge skeleton began to release With the faint white light, Kayi was doing the same thing as Xilai. All the bone dragons present, led by the two skull dragon kings, Xilai and Kayi, burned their dragon souls. The white light gradually increased, and a group of crystals shimmering with a faint colorful light spit out from Xi Lai’s mouth. Under his control, the mouth of the holy evil opened automatically, and the colorful spirit slid into his mouth. After that, Kai and all the bone dragons did the same thing, except that the dragon souls of the other bone dragons were white except for Xili and Kai. The mountain peaks are small, and apart from Xili and Kayi and the human coalition, they cannot accommodate any other bone dragons. After each bone dragon dedicate its own dragon soul, the huge skeleton will fall into the valley and be shattered. Without the Dragon Soul, these bone dragons have truly died. After half an hour passed, the essence of more than two hundred dragons all entered Sheng Xie's body. Sheng Xie's body was enveloped with a faint white light, and there was nothing unusual on the surface. Both Xili and Kayi's bodies were limp to the ground. Because of their strength, they did not die immediately after losing the Dragon Soul. Xi Li weakly said to Ah-Dai: "Human...kind, holy...evil...has been...accepted...we...all...human...dragon... soul,...he will... Become...the most...powerful...dragon...the king...that...should...should be...with...the ……And accept……zi……the ancient…er resists…balanced…real…power,…with…its help…assistance……I…think…you ……We are last...the winner...the winner, a few...days... I...can feel...feel the blood of the god...the's... The, don't need...more...soon,...he ...Again...continue...impact...undead...twelve...failure...finally...two levels...Let's...we're going to...go to..., I...or...endure, photo...Gu...Holy evil..., he is ...We...we are only...a...child...!...Goodbye..., human...kind..." After saying the last sentence, Xi La rose up his remaining strength Wrapped his wife's body with dragon wings, and jumped off the high mountain together. Although they were dead, Dui clearly felt the satisfaction in their hearts. The love of parents for their children is always the most selfless and the least demanding for reporting. Two lines of tears unconsciously flowed down from Ah Du’s face. He choked and chanted: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blue light was bright, and the body of Sheng Xie that was enveloped in white light floated. He flew up, and returned to the realm of the blood of the dragon under constant shrinking.

The demise of the Bone Dragon Legion filled everyone's hearts with respect and sadness. The dragon clan, the strongest creature that once called for the wind and rain on the mainland, has just perished, and they have paid too much for mankind. Duan blankly forgot the direction in which Xili and Kayi disappeared, slowly fell to his knees, folded his hands on his chest, and muttered: "Two senior dragons, thank you for everything you have done. Don't worry, I He will take good care of Xiaoxie. I believe that your pure souls will be able to ascend to heaven and be transformed into the Dragon God line. I will take the place of the holy evil and see you off." After speaking, he respectfully knocked on his head three times. As if feeling Dumb's words, the air in the entire Bone Dragon Valley looked much cleaner, and the dark clouds in the sky were not so thick.

The pope walked to the side of Dumb and sighed: "The world is unpredictable! Before we came here, we never thought that we could solve the Bone Dragon Legion so easily. It seems that there are only the last two levels. All the dragons just now will Their dragon soul was passed on to the holy evil, I think, when the holy evil absorbs their dragon power, after waking up, its ability should not be under the evil dragon Harbaink. Now there is still time, we will temporarily take a rest, Waiting for the holy evil to wake up, and then launch the final impact, so that you will be more sure."

A Dumb nodded silently, thinking to himself, when the holy evil wakes up, how can he explain to him the death of his parents? It's hard to find your relatives, but if you become a Yong Jue so quickly, no matter who it is, it will be difficult to accept! We can only go one step at a time.

Everyone returned to the base established in the territory of the rotten dragon. Although the self-destruction of the bone dragon legion made everyone feel a little sad, it is always a good thing to successfully break through the tenth level of the twelve tribulations of the undead. The leaders of the various forces are concentrated in the big tent. Since Ah'Dai is still sad because of the death of the bone dragon, the Pope will preside over.

"We have been in the Mountains of Death for some time. Generally speaking, our actions so far have been successful. We have passed ten levels in the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. Only the last undead evil witch king Nazgul and the evil dragon remain. Halbaink. They are also the strongest among the twelve calamities of the undead. It is May, and there is still a period of time before the sacred millennium. From now on, the various forces must adjust their state to the best and wait for dispatch at any time. When we break through the last two stages of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead, the Dark Sacred Sect will be completely wiped out. At that time, the mainland will regain peace."

Xuan Yue looked at the dumb with a trace of sorrow between her eyebrows, and said, "I don't know when the holy evil will wake up. I'm really afraid that it will only sleep for a year!"

Dumb shook his head and said, "It shouldn't be possible. Didn't the senior Xilai Dragon King say that the holy evil can quickly absorb the energy of the Dragon Soul? Not to mention the nourishment of the dragon's blood. I think there should be one. The month is almost over. Wait, if the holy evil has the strength to compete with Halbaink, then our certainty will be much greater."

Xiwen said: "Now it can only be like this. After all, Halbaink once wiped out the entire dragon family with his own power, and he is also the mount of Pluto. Without a master who can fight him, it is difficult for us to pass the last one. It’s about. We’ll be responsible for this warning. As long as there is a little movement around, we will send the news back."

A trace of sadness flashed across the pope's eyes, and he sighed: "No matter what, we will definitely not lose. Everyone is nervous for a day. Let's rest."

In the depths of the Death Mountain, the Hierarch of the Dark Saints floated down from the altar. Looking at the six already very dim golden symbols on the altar, he snorted proudly. Floating up and flying into the air. After climbing over several mountains, he stopped in front of a secret cave. Respectfully rushed into the cave and said: "Master, we are almost succeeding. I don't know how the human side is now?"

A vague voice came from the cave, "You don't have to worry about humans, you just need to do your own thing. As long as you can successfully open the entrance to the devil world and welcome Lord Hades, everything is no longer important. Human beings are indeed very strong. I don’t know what method they used to kill Halsfin and the Bone Dragon Legion. When they attack again, it’s time for Master Halbaink and I to take action. Ace Tali, do what you should do. As long as there are me and Halbaink, humans don’t want to leapfrog the thunder pool. At the same time, you let those idiots under you control the black knight. When the entrance opens , The human race will inevitably be madly impacted. The Black Knight will be your main force, and the races that you have taken over, their lives are extremely humble. Arrange them, you know what I mean."

The Hierarch Estali respectfully said: "Yes, Master, I understand. The seal of Shenyu and the gods on the entrance is indeed very strong. I have been trying my best."

"Well, you are a rare genius of my evil witch family for a thousand years. You have the talent to resist that hate of sacred power. Only you can open the seal of this altar. Don't worry, as long as our demons occupy this fertile area. Lord Pluto will not treat you badly in the land of the land. Go ahead, I also have to do some preparations. I want to let those wicked humans know what the real black magic is."

After Estali saluted again, he flew up and headed towards the depths of the Death Mountain. After he left, a little inaudible voice came from the cave, "What a fool, if it weren't for..., could I let you take the credit for it? Hehe, hehehehe." The cold laughter seemed to make the whole valley It was all condensed, and it sounded extremely gloomy.

A month later. Dui and Xuanyue stood on a not-so-high mountain, looking down at the neat lineup of the human united army. After these days of mobilization, the coalition had hoarded all the elite 100,000 troops in the Rotten Dragon Valley. Originally, Dui was He didn't want to mobilize too many troops, but driven by the ominous premonition in his heart, he thought that the tens of thousands of dark alien races of the Dark Saint Cult were not so easy to deal with. So I agreed to Fengwen's proposal. In this valley now, it can be said that the most powerful forces of mankind have been gathered. In the Holy See alone, there are 1,200 judges, 3,000 high-ranking priests and more than 40,000 holy knights. With such strength, it is enough to sweep the mainland. But in the face of the last two stages of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead, no one is sure.

Xuan Yue snuggled in the arms of Ah-Dai and said softly, "It has been a month, and our army has almost been integrated. But Sheng Xie still shows no signs of awakening. Are we going to wait like this? For a few days, I often feel very depressed in my heart, as if something is about to happen. Although our peripheral vigilance is already strong, this feeling is always lingering. Dumb, do you think it will happen? What's the matter! I am really scared in my heart now."

Dumb stroked Xuanyue's long blue hair lightly, and smiled: "Don't worry, nothing will happen. We have been waiting for at most a month. If Shengxie still hasn't woken up at that time, we will launch the final attack. "In fact, the same feeling of depression and ominous premonition also appeared in his heart, just for An Xuanyue's heart, he never said it. The battle between good and evil has come to the final juncture. As the current commander of the human coalition army, how can he not be nervous? The two cuddled up on the mountain, feeling the warmth from each other in the evil wind.

While Ah-Dai was enjoying the warmth brought by Xuanyue, a sudden change occurred, and the evil spirit in the Death Mountain range suddenly rose. Even Ah-Dai, the "God of Death" who often deals with evil spirits, couldn't help but shake his whole body. There was a shiver. The blood of the phoenix on Xuan Yue's chest poured out a red glow, enclosing the bodies of the two of them, and this was the only way to get rid of the cold brought by the evil air.

Xuan Yue lost her voice: "What's the matter? Why did the evil spirit suddenly turn up? Could it be that the undead evil witch king and evil dragon came and attacked."

Duan stood up from the peak and forgot toward the depths of the Death Mountain. At this moment, the clouds in the sky were suddenly and constantly surging, as if they were gathering with the evil air. The thickest part of the clouds was the deepest part of the Death Mountain. Duase changed: "No, something must have changed in the deepest part of the Death Mountain."

A blast of thunder sounded, and the clouds in the sky continued to agitate. For unknown reasons, their colors were constantly changing. For a while, the clouds were surging, and the mountains and rain were about to come.

Dumb held Xuan Yue in his arms, urging the vitality in his body, staring into the depths of the Death Mountain Range in the distance. At this time, the clouds in the sky gradually became quiet after the continuous process of drifting, condensing, and transforming. Xuan Yue pulled the lap of Ah-Dai's clothes and said, "Look, the fire burns the clouds."

Ah'Dai looked up at the sky. Sure enough, the clouds in the sky had turned red at this time and looked extremely strange. A glimmer of cold light flashed in his eyes, and Ah'Dai murmured: "No, this is not a fire cloud, this is a cloud of blood! I'm afraid, I'm afraid the entrance to the Demon Realm will be opened. How can it be so fast, there is still some time before the sacred calendar thousand years! Hurry, Yueyue, let's go back quickly. We must attack the Death Mountain immediately. Our time is running out." After finishing speaking, he picked up Xuan Yue and flew towards the camp at the fastest speed.

Without dumb's order, the leaders of the various forces have already been concentrated in the big account, and everyone is sinking. This sudden change has made these human coalition leaders a little at a loss. The pope looked at Ah-Dai and said in a deep voice, "No matter how difficult the future is, we must immediately go to the Death Mountain and the Dark Sacred Cult for the final duel. The entrance to the Demon Realm is about to open, and time does not allow us to wait any longer. Dumb, give your order."

Ah Dui nodded solemnly, and said: "The human coalition immediately prepares, and all are dispatched. The three thousand priests of the Holy See will assist the army to expel the evil spirits with auxiliary magic. We will directly attack the Death Mountain Undead 12 at the fastest speed. The last two stages of the robbery. Set off immediately." Under his order, the temporary base was all moved, and the camp was too late to clean up. All the soldiers put on their own equipment and formed a solid and tidy structure under the leadership of the leaders of all parties. The lineup has moved towards the deepest part of the Death Mountain. Dumb, the three sword saints, as well as the pope, and the four red sacrificial offerings, accompanied by the masters of the Tiangang Sword Sect, marched towards the Death Mountain at the fastest speed.

The blood cloud in the sky looked more and more dense. An hour later, Dumb and the others had already arrived in the territory of the bone dragon. The pope said solemnly: "The entrance to the devil world is about to open. I'm afraid the undead evil witch king and the evil dragon will unite against us. Everyone is careful, even if we die, we can't let catastrophe fall on the world."

Everyone's face was full of perseverance, and they finally moved towards the eleventh pass of the Twelve Calamities of the Undead. It will take some time for the large troops in the rear to come up. UU read but they can no longer wait any longer. Unexpectedly, he surpassed the three peaks one after another without encountering any obstacles, but the evil spirit grew stronger.

"Grandpa, look quickly." Dumb pointed at the sky with some horror. Everyone's gaze followed where he was pointing, and they saw that the blood cloud that was originally dense in the sky suddenly spread out, and a round blood-red light group floated high in the sky. Xuan Yue muttered: "Then, is that the sun?"

The pope nodded heavily and said: "That is the day of blood, which symbolizes the blood day of the millennium catastrophe. When the blood day is in the sky, evildoers will appear, the blood will rain, and the catastrophe will be completed. Whether the millennium catastrophe can be resolved depends on Ours. From the map, we are already close to the deepest part of the Death Mountain. Go, let’s rush." After giving everyone a blessing of God, this represents the strongest lineup of mankind, and quickly marches towards the center of the Death Mountain. With.

Everyone was anxious, fully exerting their full strength, advancing at a fast speed, and after a while, relying on fast flight, they advanced toward the depths of the Death Mountain. They all knew that once the entrance to the devil world was opened, they would no longer be able to compete with the dark forces. The power of the demon world is not something humans can resist.

Over another mountain, a wide valley appeared in front of him. At the end of the valley, there was a mountain that was taller than they had ever seen in the Death Mountains.
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