The Kind Death God Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181: The resentful spirit

Due to the invasion of Duan and others, the Death Mountain range gradually became dark waves, and even the situation that affected the entire continent was constantly changing.

In a coma, Ah Dai's mental power has been strengthened by the dragon, and his spiritual realm has gradually improved to another level under the increase of that huge divine energy. I don't know how long it took, and Ah Dai slowly opened his eyes. He was surprised to find that he was already in the golden body again, not his own body. After moving his body, he found that the golden body seemed to have increased a bit, which was obviously related to the hard practice these days. As the energy difference between the golden body and the second golden body became larger and larger, he now absorbed the first The energy of the second golden body is getting faster and faster. He believes that it doesn't take too long for him to fully absorb the skills that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint transferred into his body.

Pushing the golden body, Ah Dai slowly swims upwards. He must return his spirit to the sea of consciousness in his brain to gain control of his body. With the improvement of spiritual energy, his senses have been greatly improved. Although he is wandering in the meridians as before, he can clearly feel the energy contained in each meridian in his body. Under the control of the mind, the golden body suddenly increased and decreased, and finally successfully drifted to the brain. The original remnants of evil and ferociousness seemed to disappear completely, and they could no longer feel their breath. Feeling the comfort of the whole body, Dumb carefully swims towards the sea of consciousness deep in his brain. In fact, what he didn't know was that when Shenlong helped him increase his energy, he had completely resolved the evil and hostile qi in his body. He has now fully reached the highest realm he can currently achieve, whether he is born with true qi or his mental power. With his current cultivation base, he was no weaker than the Pope, and he became the person closest to God after the Pope. Passing through those complicated meridians, Ah Du finally urged the golden body to the edge of the sea of consciousness. As soon as he entered the sea of consciousness, he was surprised to find that there was a cloud of blue energy suspended above the sea of consciousness. It was not evil, but energy full of sacred aura. In the sense, this group of energy seems to have a very close relationship with him, very kind. Subconsciously, Dumb controlled his golden body to float to the blue energy. As he approached the group of energy, the sacred aura became stronger, and Dumb felt that his entire golden body was extremely refreshed, as if uncontrollably raised the golden body's hand to the blue energy. When he touched that group of blue energy, the blue light suddenly burst, and instantly enveloped his golden body. A familiar golden symbol was shining in the blue light, and Ah-Dai suddenly woke up. This is the blood of the dragon. The energy! However, why did he come into the blood of Shenlong? Everything that happened before the coma gradually came to his mind. He remembered how he used the ultimate attack of the dragon’s blood, the magic dragon reincarnated, and summoned the dragon in the heavens. He also remembered how the dragon used its extremely powerful dragon power to completely deter grievances. The passing of the spirit. At this moment, a voice suddenly rang in his mind, "Master, the bone dragon is willing to obey your command forever."

A Duan was shocked in his heart, and used his mental power to explore the sudden emergence of energy. It was a cloud of gray-black energy, which was completely wrapped in the depth of the blood energy of the dragon. Dumb couldn't help asking: "Are you a bone dragon? How can you have a spiritual connection with me like a holy evil? Why does the energy of the dragon's blood appear in my sea of consciousness?"

The Bone Dragon respectfully said: "Actually, I am not exactly a Bone Dragon. I am the collection of the resentful spirits you encountered in the Death Mountain that day. With the help of Lord Shenlong, we have completely integrated, because the original The bone dragon has only the lowest level of wisdom, so after assimilation, the body is controlled by me. Master, don’t worry, after the enlightenment of Lord Shenlong, we have already understood. You are the savior sent by the gods, follow you and treat us It’s the best choice. We are different from other undead creatures. We are not willing to be undead creatures. We are all resenting souls. Lord Shenlong promises that as long as we help you complete the mission of eradicating evil, To give us a chance to be reborn, we will do our best. For us, what a desire to have real life! The energy of the dragon’s blood appears in your sea of consciousness, the most important thing is that Because you have been fused with the blood of the dragon. Both my consciousness and the consciousness of the dragon king can now communicate with you more easily. Your control over the blood of the dragon will be easier. But the dragon king consumed energy last time Too much, hasn't recovered yet? Speaking of which, I'm all to blame."

Dumb froze, and said, "Dragon King? What kind of Dragon King? How can I control it more easily if I have a close connection with the blood of Shenlong?"

The Bone Dragon said: "The Dragon King is the silver dragon! Lord Shenlong ordered me to obey you and his command from now on. If the Dragon King reaches the final level, he will be able to possess the same abilities as the Shenlong, and the Shenlong who subdued us that day In fact, the dragon king reincarnated after reaching the final level body. The dragon king can be said to be the most powerful existence in the dragon, and it has the ability to deter other dragons by nature. Therefore, my current body does not have the original power of the dragon king. Dare to disobey its orders easily. However, this dragon king who follows you is different from other dragon kings. Not only does he contain sacred energy, but also has a huge evil aura, which seems to be derived from the power of the demon world. With us tens of thousands The memory of the resentful spirit does not know what it will become after becoming a research-level body. Perhaps it will be more powerful than Lord Shenlong. As for how to control the blood of Shenlong more easily, the easiest thing to understand is that you will use it later When it’s abilities, you don’t need to chant spells, you can directly mobilize its abilities. In this way, you can eliminate the time wasted by the spells."

Dumb suddenly said: "So it turned out to be like this. I didn't expect that the holy evil was still a dragon king. Little bones, oh, yes, this is the name I gave to the bone dragon, and I will call you that in the future. You will be in Shenlong from now on. You must listen to the orders of the holy evil in the blood, and you can't violate it. As long as you help me sincerely and eliminate the evil forces in the future, I will definitely ask Lord Shenlong to help you reincarnate."

Little Bone said gratefully: "Master, I must help you wholeheartedly. In fact, even if we don’t reincarnate, we are very satisfied with our present powerful body. We resentful spirits are themselves very weak, because of various reasons. Dying unjustly, it is precisely because of unjustified death that we have a great resentment when we die, and then we become a resentful spirit. Now that we can have such a powerful body, it is like a dream for us. We all know Only by following you and following in the footsteps of Lord Shenlong can we survive better."

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "I will treat you kindly. By the way, since you are a combination of tens of thousands of resentful spirits, then you must have a good understanding of the situation in the Death Mountain. There is also the dark saint. Can you follow me? Let’s talk about it. We are also trying to find a way to deal with them."

Little Bone said: "Okay. At the beginning, thousands of years ago, many human heroes fought against the Dark Demon Race, and finally drove them here, successfully closing the entrance to the Demon Realm. However, there are already many evils in the Demon Realm. The chaotic aura descended on this mountain range, and even some powerful creatures of the demon world have also come to this world. Under the influence of these evil auras, a large number of undead in the mountain range have undergone abnormal changes, and they are constantly changing. , Formed a large number of undead creatures. Our grievances are one of them. I don’t know why, we undead creatures can only be confined to this mountain range and cannot go out. Various undead creatures have evolved into the present. It's like the mountain of death you mentioned. As for the Dark Sacred Religion, it is like this..." At the moment, he began to tell Dumb about the development of the Dark Sacred Religion. It turned out that the dark forces were indeed concentrated in the Death Mountain Range, as Luo Shui said. The establishment of the Dark Sacred Church began about a hundred years after the sacred calendar. At that time, the first pope of the Holy See, Shen Yu, and his wife had already emerged. One hundred years of peace has allowed mankind to fully recuperate, and gradually become satisfied with a good life, and the dark forces began to act at that time. Although they were hit hard by the divine feather at the beginning, some creatures of the demon world came from the demon world. They did not expand as rapidly as the dark demon race, because their number was too small and their ability was far from enough to compete with the Holy See. They chose Waited. After nearly a thousand years of recuperation, these dark forces finally took shape, and after gaining over most of the dark alien races, they established the Dark Holy Sect. The leader of the Dark Sacred Church has a strong strength. He is the **** of the devil, the most loyal believer of Pluto. He has only one thought in his mind, which is to reopen the sealed entrance to the devil and introduce the evil in the devil to the mainland. On the ground, completely occupy this rich land and bring darkness to the world. After continuous efforts by him and his subordinates, using the Supreme Treasure Undead Handbook from the Demon Realm, it took five hundred years, and they finally managed to control the undead in the Death Mountain, making these undead creatures their most advantageous weapon. For nearly a hundred years, the Hierarch of the Dark Sacred Church has been hidden in the center of the Death Mountain, where the entrance to the Demon World was sealed. Trying to reopen the entrance by virtue of the connection between himself and the devil. His belief is extremely persistent. Finally, it will be successful on April 14th of the ninth year of the sacred calendar, and at the same time it has also caused the celestial phenomena to change, allowing the blood sun and blood rain to descend on the earth. However, this situation was discovered by the Pope. He led thousands of high-ranking priests of the Holy See to mobilize the extremely powerful sacred power to re-seal and strengthen the entrance to the demon world that was about to open, making the Dark Holy Sect Master's work fall short. However, he did not give up and still With constant efforts, he knew that although the power of the Holy See was strong, it would definitely not be able to prevent the second opening of the entrance to the devil world. Since the last time he severely damaged the priests of the Holy See in the Valley of Destruction, he led all the dark forces under his hands to withdraw into the center of the Holy See, and divided the undead creatures into twelve categories, using the magic power of the Undead Codex to form the dumb and others. The twelve calamities of the undead encountered at time.

Dumb nodded solemnly, and said, "It seems that the pope's prediction was correct, Little Bones, do you know what the consequences will be if the entrance to the Demon World is opened."

Little Bone’s voice trembled slightly, and said: “Among our tens of thousands of wraiths, some were creatures in the Demon Realm before they were alive, and there are also people from the Dark Demon Race. From their descriptions, I know that the Demon Realm is a very scary place. , If once the entrance of the demon world opens up and becomes larger, the various ancient beasts living in the demon world will come to the world. Unless the gods of the entire **** world come to the continent, it will be impossible to compete. It is very likely that this The continent will be completely shrouded in darkness. Even if the God Realm can successfully eliminate the evil creatures in the Demon Realm, the continent will become a ruin due to their strong collision, I am afraid that humans will be exterminated! Master, you can Don’t let this happen. If that happens, let alone you humans will perish. Even our undead creatures in the Death Mountain will be destroyed. The Devil Pluto will not allow threats to its rule. Biological existence."

Ah Dui nodded heavily, and said, "Listening to you, it seems that there are also very powerful existences in undead creatures, right? Are they enough to compete with the devil world?"

Little Bone said: "After thousands of years of reproduction, the undead creatures in the Death Mountains have developed to a very high level. After all, the foundation of our undead creatures is the energy left over from the war a thousand years ago. You have also met The first five creatures of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. Bone birds, skeletons, and zombies are nothing. They are just low-level undead creatures. Only by virtue of their large numbers can they have a place in this mountain of death. But, like our resentful spirits It’s not the same as the two polar undead spiders. We are already close to intermediate-level undead creatures. If you hadn’t summoned Lord Shenlong this time, it would be very difficult to think about our level. Master, with your current power, on the mainland It is already very powerful. However, I guess you can only reach the sixth level. If you are lucky, you can pass, and the seventh level, you will never pass."

Dumb knows that because the little bones are connected to his mind, he is very clear about his abilities. Since he said that, there is some truth to it, so he can't help asking: "Then you can introduce me to the undead creatures behind. They all have What kind of ability is worthy of your admiration."

The voice of the little bones trembled, and he sighed slightly, saying: "Their strength is too strong. Before the Dark Sacred Cult classified us undead creatures, we were scattered. Skeletons, bone birds, zombies, and other undead The low-level undead creatures of the knights live together in the outermost periphery of the death mountain, while our wraith, the bipolar undead spider and the other two middle-level undead live in the middle of the death mountain. And those high-level undead creatures are all in the death mountain. The deepest level. In other words, our undead creatures are divided into three levels. High-level undead creatures can freely enter and exit the territory of low-level undead creatures. It can also be said to rule low-level undead creatures, while low-level undead creatures are absolutely not. Those who are allowed to enter the area of high-level undead creatures will inevitably suffer a devastating blow. Therefore, I only know what the undead creatures are in the sixth and seventh levels. The last five undead creatures are not what I can do. I know. The undead creatures I know in the seventh level are already incredibly powerful."

Ah Duan said anxiously: "Then what are the undead creatures in the sixth and seventh stages, you tell me!"

Little Bones pondered for a while, and said: "The undead creatures in the sixth level are called rotten dragons. They are not dragons in the true sense, but a kind of undead creatures evolved from the dragon’s close relative, the Earth Dragon. Earth Dragon, you Maybe you don’t know. Thousands of years ago, the earth dragon was a creature on this continent. It was about four meters in length and 2.5 meters in height. It had sharp claws and teeth and was extremely powerful. The number was originally very small on the mainland, about less than a thousand. They were forced to surrender by the dark demons, and later in the battle with the human heroes, they were slaughtered by the real dragons and ruined. However, by virtue of With their tenacious vitality and desire for life, they absorbed the evil air from the devil world, and forced their powerful soul to be confined in their bodies, forming what they are now. Because they are dead, their whole body is rotten flesh, and their bodies are full of hardship. The smell of smell. Just like the people who turned into zombies, they are the zombie dragons turned into by earth dragons. Compared with their lives, these rotten dragons are more powerful than earth dragons. Based on their original tyrannical physical attacks, how much Their dragon souls become extremely powerful after absorbing the evil air. However, you have the blood of the gods on your body, plus the dragon king’s dragon power, I think you should be able to pass this level. And these Rotten dragons have no flying ability. There is only a poisonous red fog above them. The poisonous fog they emit is not as corrosive as zombies, but it is very sticky. If you want to rush over, I am afraid that it will cost more time."

"Rotten dragon, the sixth level is the rotten dragon. That should still be able to rush through." With a way to deal with the poisonous fog of zombies, he believes that the same method can be used to avoid contact with the poisonous fog. "What is the undead creature of the seventh stage, it deserves your respect so much."

Little Bone sighed and said: "The seventh level is the dead monster. I can't describe its power at all. With her ability, even among the high-level undead creatures, it can definitely occupy a high position. It’s just because the number is too small that only one of them makes it to the seventh level. According to reports, she was originally a human girl. For some reason, she had a huge resentment, and her soul broke through our resentful spirit. She has reached a level that we cannot understand. Not only is she powerful, she is also full of wisdom, and is no less advanced than human wisdom."

A Duan said disapprovingly: "That said, she also belongs to your resentful spirit."

Little Bone said: "Let’s put it this way, she can be regarded as the king of our resentful spirits, even if the ability to gather all our resentful spirits is not enough to contend with her. She is different from us, all of us resentful spirits hope to find one. The body of an ordinary creature lives in to get a new life. But she is satisfied with the current situation, and doesn't care about the identity of the resentful spirit. For some adventurers in the past, she has only one way to completely swallow it. With her ability, Even high-level undead are not willing to provoke easily."

Dumb asked: "Then what exactly is she good at?"

Xiao Bone said: "She has only three abilities, the first is illusion, the second is soul-swallowing, and the third is piercing the undead. Master, you must not underestimate these three abilities. Especially the first illusion, She can transform various images completely according to the person she is dealing with, which is very terrifying. For example, what we fear most is the energy of the gods, and she can transform into the seraphic ability, even if we know it is fake, It will also lose momentum. And Devouring Soul and Undead Piercing are two abilities used in conjunction. Her Soul Piercing can directly attack the opponent's soul regardless of all defenses, and then use the ability to devour the soul to completely disintegrate the opponent. Those high-level undead The reason why creatures dare not compete with her is because they are afraid of her destroying their souls. I am afraid that only the most advanced undead creatures will not be afraid of her. Master, if you face her, you must be careful! The body protection energy of the dragon's blood can't stop her resentful undead from piercing." After listening to Xiao Bone's narration, Duan couldn't help frowning. He couldn't believe it, relying on his own life to become solid vindictive and dragon blood. Can't the energy of body protector stop her piercing? With a move in his heart, Ah-Dai remembered the guardian ring in Xuanyue's hand. The guardian ring's absolute defense claimed to be able to block all attacks. As the only special ability of the divine weapon, even the dead demon could not penetrate it no matter how strong it was. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai said with confidence: "Let’s not talk about it for now, I have another question, what is the Undead Codex you mentioned? Why can you control so many powerful undead creatures with this Codex. ?"

Little Bone sighed, and said: "The Undead Handbook is a guest star for all undead creatures. It was originally a magic weapon for the Lord Pluto in the Devil Realm. It can be regarded as a high-level artifact. The energy it possesses is extremely strange. Although it is not powerful, it can control any undead creatures, even ordinary demons. Its biggest feature is mental impact. Those of us wise undead know that if we don’t follow the command of the leader of the dark sacred religion, we will The death is very miserable. Once we are attacked by the Undead Codex, our spiritual imprint will disappear completely, and we will never live beyond life. Even the powerful undead creatures cannot resist the magical power of the Codex! Otherwise, relying on the people of the Dark Sage, How can it be possible to control us?"

Dumb's heart moved, and said: "So, if I **** the dead man's handwriting from the master of the Dark Saint, you undead will no longer be controlled by it, right?"

Little Bone smiled and said: "You shouldn't say you, you should be them. We resentful spirits now have bodies, and the Necromancer can no longer pose a threat to us. This is one of the reasons why I am so excited. You are right. As long as you grab the Undead Handbook, no undead will obey the orders of those dark saints, or even attack them. The dark saints control us in a very despicable way, but they are also very clever. They seem to be Directly control the two most advanced undead creatures, and then through them level by level downward pressure, we are awed by the power of the handwriting and advanced undead creatures and dare not fail! Like those without wisdom undead creatures only I can obey unconditionally."

After listening to the little bones of the resentful spirit, Ah-Dai already had a general understanding of the Dark Sacred Sect. He knew that his mission on this trip could be considered as completed. At least he already knew about the Dark Sacred Sect, just like Luo Shui said. The headquarters is anchored in the mountains of death. With this news, he can return to the pope and ask the pope to lead the elite humans on the mainland to come here to eliminate the dark forces.

"Master, can I ask you something?" Little Bone said sadly.

Dumb woke up from his thoughts and said, "You can tell me."

Little Bone said: "That's it. I know that you will lead humans to the mountains of death to destroy those dark forces. However, I want to beg you to kill those undead creatures as little as possible. A large part of undead creatures are not evil. Yes, it’s just because you have become an undead creature. There is no way to save those low-level skeletons, bone birds and zombies. The bipolar undead spider itself is extremely evil and you can ignore it. But those high-level undead with high intelligence may not. Not all evil! Although they belong to the world of the undead, I also hope that you will not rush to exterminate them. Can you promise me?"

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Didn't you say that high-level undead creatures are very powerful? Why are you afraid that we will deal with them."

Little Bone said: "Although they are powerful, you are the savior of the entire continent! Under your leadership, I am afraid that any difficulties and obstacles will not be able to stop the progress of mankind. I just hope that mankind can minimize the impact on our undead creatures. Killing. It can even win over those undead. I am willing to help you so that they don't oppose humans. In this way, humans can also reduce a lot of losses!"

Dumb said: "I will think about it. As long as the undead creatures are willing to cooperate with us, I will naturally not slaughter them. If possible, maybe I can help them, like helping you, let them reincarnate. No Be the undead again."

Little Bone’s emotions suddenly became very agitated, "Really, really? That’s great. With your words, I think I will definitely help you. Master, you don’t know, although there are endless things as undead creatures Life, however, also has endless loneliness. For us, if we can reincarnate, even just to be a pig, it is better than staying in this deadly place! I think, even a high-level undead Biology must think so too."

Duan nodded and said, "It's just that the Undead Codex poses too much threat to the undead creatures. I think they won't believe me so easily. After all, it's very terrifying that the spiritual imprint is completely erased."

Little Bone’s excitement suddenly fell, sighed, and said, “Yes! I’m afraid they don’t believe in your strength and sincerity. However, I will try my best. Next time you enter the Death Mountain, I will be treated Summon it, I should be able to help you some."

Dui nodded, and said, "Yes. You will take care of the holy evil in the blood of the dragon, I want to regain control of the body." Without deliberate control, Dui's thoughts moved, already from the blue energy of the blood of the dragon. Freed and sank into his own consciousness. Before his eyes became white and misty, Dui felt that his body seemed to be suspended in the clouds, full of illusory feelings. I don't know how long it took, everything in front of me gradually became clear, my consciousness was still in my own sea of consciousness, UU Reading was just a golden body but it was gone. Although the scene has not changed, Dumb knew that he had successfully gained control of the body and was now in a state of introspection. Feeling the huge energy contained in the golden body in his body, Duan's heart was hot, this time with the help of the small bones possessed by the resentful spirit, it will be easier to deal with the dark forces in the future. Adjusting the breath of the True Qi in his body, he moved for a week, and Ah-Dai gradually shifted from inward vision to reality.

When his mind returned to the outside world, Ah Dumb's first feeling was that his body had become a little stiff, and it seemed that he had been lying down for a long time. There was constant warmth coming from his body, and that warm feeling constantly stimulated his skin and made him feel extra comfortable.

"Dumb, you must wake up quickly! Do you know how worried Yueyue is about you? Dumb, I really want you to wake up and talk to me! Shenlong said you will be in a coma for a while, but this time is too long Come on, it's been forty-nine days, forty-nine days, I, I..." There was a whimper, and Ah Dui clearly recognized that it was Yueyue's voice.

There was excitement in A Duan's heart, and slowly opened his eyes, his eyes gradually became clear from the mist, and the sound of water rang out. What he saw was the slender and round back of Xuan Yue, who was washing the towel in the basin. Duan was surprised to find that he was completely naked, not even the Hades Sword and the Giant Spirit Snake Armor.

Chapter 183: Death Demon Story

Suddenly, all the dark surroundings disappeared, and a figure appeared in front of the small bones. Seeing this figure, Ah-Dai's hands that were holding Xuanyue loosened, his body trembled violently, and said, "Master."

The figure that suddenly appeared was the Sword Saint of Tiangang. He was wearing a gray-white robe, with long white hair and clothes flapping in the wind, and he looked like a fairy in the eyes of everyone. With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Chong Ah dumbly said: "My child, are you okay? Shizu miss you in another world!"

The Sword Saint of Tiangang can be said to be the most respected person by Duan. Seeing the master who gave his life for himself, how could he endure the turmoil in his heart? Tears burst into her eyes, let go of her arms around Xuanyue, floating in front of the phantom like lightning, and crying: "Master, I miss you too! Master, are you okay in another world?"

Xuanyue, Keanu, and Oliveira were all stunned, and they didn't understand what was going on for a while.

"Master, be careful, he is a phantom transformed by the dead monster. Come back soon." Because of the pressure of the dead monster for hundreds of years, Little Bones was very afraid of it and didn't dare to go forward and confront it.

As if he hadn't heard the words of Little Bones, Ah Dumb looked at the Sword Saint Tiangang in front of him with blinding eyes, and muttered: "Master, Master, I miss you so much!"

Tiangang Sword Saint smiled slightly, and said: "I miss you too. My child, let your body be used by the master." A strange light flashed in his eyes, and his body suddenly fell without resistance at all. It turned into a sharp gray gas and suddenly rushed into his body.

"Don't—" Xuanyue had already understood at this time, but it was too late. The dead demon transformed into the Sword Saint of Tiangang successfully penetrated into the sea of consciousness of dumb, when the dead demon finished saying these words , Dui has woken up from the surprise of seeing the Sword Saint of Tiangang, but due to the loss of his mind, he reacts much slower, and facing the undead piercing of the dead demon, even if he has prepared in advance and the guardian ring is not in his hand, I could only watch the gray shadow flash in front of him, and the dead monster invaded his body.

Dui's body suspended in the air suddenly stagnated, and everything seemed to be calm. Little Bone looked at the dumb floating in the air in terror. It knew that the dead demon must be devouring dumb's soul right now. Could it be that the hope of reincarnation that these resentful spirits had finally gotten will be shattered?

Xuan Yue reluctantly suppressed her ups and downs, raised her angel rod and sang a spell quickly. Amidst her anger and anger, she was already a little flustered. Two huge golden wings floated behind her, a circle of golden The halo radiated from the transparent gem of the angel's staff, covering the body of Dumb. She wanted to use her sacred light magic to help Dui get rid of the evil in her body.

A golden halo enveloped A'Dai's body in an instant, but just as the energy full of sacred aura was about to penetrate into A'Dai's body, the silver light suddenly lit up, and the solid-state energy shield appeared, completing the magic that Xuanyue gave out. Isolated. Xuan Yue's heart suddenly sank into a trough, she knew clearly that unless she continuously used level 8 or more attack magic, it was absolutely impossible to break through the powerful defensive cover of Dumb. However, if she breaks through his defense, he will definitely be hurt, so how can she do that.

Oliveira and Keanu gathered next to Xuan Yue, and Oliveira said anxiously: "Boss Xuanyue, what should we do now? Are you just watching Boss A'Dai being swallowed by that dead demon?"

Xuan Yue's voice trembled: "I, I don't know what to do, or else, let's go back to the Elf Forest and find a way."

"No, absolutely not." Little Bone said anxiously.

Xuan Yue froze, and said, "Why not? Dumb is like this now. Only by returning to the Elf Forest and asking everyone to help him can it be possible to help him drive away the demon!"

The little bones shook their heads and said: "Now no one can help the master, everything can only rely on his own strength, if you take the master's body out of the mountain of death now, once the dead demon escapes from the master's body, she will Constantly ingest the souls of strangers to strengthen oneself. Once they have grown to a certain level, I am afraid that even the gods will not be able to deal with her. I know how powerful the dead monsters are. Almost no one can resist its attacks in the spiritual realm. The human spirit can contend with her huge grievances, otherwise, she will bring greater disaster to the mainland than the catastrophe thousands of years ago."

Xuan Yue said anxiously: "Then we can't just watch her devour Duan's soul like this! What if she controls Duan's body?"

Little Bone sighed and said: "The master's mental power is also very powerful, especially after being improved by Lord Shenlong last time. Now we can only hope that he will defeat the dead demon with his own power. The dead demon won't want it. The master’s body, once she swallows the master’s soul, it will inevitably destroy the master’s body.” In fact, the fear of the small bones is completely unnecessary. Tens of thousands of resentful spirits successfully took over the body of the bone dragon and let it After the enhancement of her ability, its strength has actually surpassed that of the dead demon. Although the dead demon’s undead piercing and soul swallowing are powerful, it cannot be used against creatures with much stronger mental power, otherwise, she would have become The most powerful undead creature in the Death Mountain. The former wraiths were very jealous of the dead demon because they did not have their own body, but even if the dead demon is strong, it is impossible for the spirit to be stronger than a collection of tens of thousands of wraiths. Now that the resentful spirits have the body of the black dragon, they can completely fight her. It was just that Little Bones had just obtained this body not long ago, and had not fully grasped the power contained in this body, coupled with the deterrence of the former dead monsters, did it become what it is now. When the dead demon first saw the small bones, he was shocked and felt a sense of fear for the inner power of the small bones. The judgment of the small bones was wrong. The reason why the dead demon rushed into the body of dumb was not to destroy him. Instead, she urgently needs a body to enhance her strength, and she found that Duan’s mental power is very strong, and her whole body is full of vitality. Once she controls this body, her abilities will be greatly improved, not only need not be afraid anymore. The small bones can also get rid of the control of the Dark Sacred Cult, so they can't wait to use their three special skills to invade the consciousness of Dumb.

"Ah! No, I don't want to die!" Xuan Yue couldn't bear her sorrowful tears anymore, she cried bitterly.

Oliveira said with a sullen face: "Boss Xuanyue, don't worry, let's wait and see, don't forget, Boss Adu, he still has the blood of the dragon! And he still wants to save the savior of the mainland, how could it be so? How easy is it to die? You have to have confidence in him. I believe that no matter how great the difficulties you face, the dumb boss will surely be able to overcome the danger."

"But, but Little Bone said that the dead demon's mental abilities are so strong, can Duan be able to deal with it? Duan mainly relies on martial arts! Never used mental power to fight against the enemy."

Keanu sighed and said, "Now I can only resign."

Little Bones radiated the evil and death aura from his body, forming a thick gray-black mist floating under him, and then flew to the feet of Ah Duan anxiously with Xuanyue three people. With the aura of undead creatures contained in his body, he can completely avoid being discovered by those of the Dark Saints.

After the death demon rushed his resentful spirit body into Dui's body, he quickly moved towards the sea of consciousness. As long as it can occupy the sea of consciousness and swallow Ah'Dai's original soul, then this perfect body will become hers, and even Ah'Dai's original martial arts and abilities will not change. As soon as she entered Dui's body, the Dead Demon was shocked. Although she had felt that Dui was powerful before, she did not expect him to be so strong. Seeing those liquids full of sacred auras that gave birth to true Qi, the dead demon was overjoyed. , This body is much better than she thought. She was also secretly rejoicing, but fortunately she was a spiritual body, if ordinary energy invaded, the powerful liquid energy alone could completely destroy herself.

If she occupies this body, then her resentful spirit can be fully displayed, and she will no longer be afraid of other things. While thinking, she tries to be careful to shrink her resentful spirit power to a lesser extent, lest it be destroyed. This precious body quickly slid into the sea of dumb consciousness.

Duan was shocked when the dead demon invaded. He knew that it was too late to regret no matter how much he regrets. He immediately plunged his mind into the sea of consciousness, fully integrated with his spiritual power, and waited and waited. The appearance of the dead monster. Of course he knows how serious it is for another soul to invade his body. If he doesn't wipe out the dead monster or drive her out, he will die completely on the spiritual level. The golden body floated into the sea of consciousness under the control of Ah-Dai before the arrival of the dead demon. The consciousness and the golden body were reunited again. Ah-Dai clearly felt that he could control the mental power in the sea of consciousness as a finger. In the sea of consciousness, a faint white light appeared on the sacred body of the golden body, and Dui was already ready to fight.

The death demon passed through the complicated meridians, and his eyes lit up, and an endless ocean appeared in front of her. The water was completely milky white, and it contained huge spiritual fluctuations. The Death Demon was shocked, and thought to himself, it turns out that this man's mental power is also so strong, it seems that it is not easy to completely devour his soul! Although I realized that Duan was not easy to deal with, but it also strengthened the determination of the dead monster to occupy this body. The powerful mental power, powerful, is simply perfect. She turned in the air with excitement, speeding up and rushing towards the consciousness. sea.

Dui clearly saw a wisp of black gas coming out of the meridians of his brain, drifting towards the sea of consciousness. With a cold snort, the golden body opened his arms, and a circle of white light spread instantly. The rippling sea suddenly stopped, and the sea of consciousness condensed into a thick barrier. The dead demon fell on the barrier and said coldly: "Don't try to struggle anymore. With my ability to devour the soul, no matter how hard you fight, it is impossible to defeat me. Let me swallow and assimilate you, don't you exist the same? Rest assured, I will not destroy your body, I will use this body to become the most powerful person on this continent."

The golden light flashed, and Dumb controlled his golden body floating out of the sea of consciousness, and fell not far in front of the dead demon, and said coldly: "This body is mine, you don't want to take it away. Is the soul devouring strong? I don't believe you can swallow me." The sudden appearance of the golden body shocked the dead demon's heart. His original confidence was suddenly shaken, and he lost his voice when looking at the golden body that looked exactly the same as Duan: "You, your spirit. Has the strength reached the state of condensing into a body?" The dead demon thought about it, how powerful it is that mental strength can condense into such a clear form! The spiritual power of the person in front of him even exceeds himself. The black mist gradually condensed, constantly changing, and the Death Demon was ready to attack with all its strength. The method of combining Ah'Dai's consciousness with the golden body, although not the mental power that the dead demon wants to condense into a body, is not inferior to its strength. With the cautious and powerful source of power, Ah'Dai's mental power at this time is extremely stable. There is no flaw.

Dumb said indifferently: "If you withdraw from my body now, I can still forgive you. As long as you are willing to help us completely destroy the Dark Sacred Church, I can still help you reincarnate as much as possible. Don't you want to live a new life for a while? Huh?"

The dead demon said coldly: "No need, all I want is this body." The black mist suddenly faded and disappeared into the air in an instant, and a beautiful slender figure appeared in front of Dumb. It was a young girl with a white skirt fluttering. Her whole body was slender and dusty. She had long black hair hanging down her knees, her skin was fair and without any blemishes, and her pretty face flashed with a faint blush. The lavender star pupils flowed, unspeakably glamorous, and there was a hint of charm in it. When she said that she was barefoot exposed to the air, her delicate body slowly floated, looking at dumb with a smile.

Dumb stared at the girl in white clothes who was not inferior to Xuan Yue, and suddenly felt a sense of pity in his heart. Such a beautiful person, who would be willing to hurt her? How could she become a dead demon, living in this barren place for thousands of years. Slightly frowned, "Is this your body?"

The dead demon smiled and said, "Yes, this is my body during my lifetime. Do you think I am beautiful?" She twirled gracefully in the air, her long black hair and white veil wafting up, her gorgeous appearance was so beautiful. Fangwu.

Duan nodded and said, "Beauty, you are really beautiful, not worse than my Yueyue. But, since you are so beautiful, why did you become a super resentful spirit? Is there anything unhappy about you during your lifetime? Has it happened? You are so beautiful, who would be willing to treat you badly?" The beauty of the beauty is infinite, and the dumb who had been waiting for her has already appeared a little slack. However, the dead demon didn't seem to find the flaws in Dumb. After listening to his words, he stood in the air and muttered: "Who is willing to hurt me? He is willing, he is willing! I, I am good! Silly, why should I fall in love with him, fall in love with that bastard." The fierce light flashes in the beautiful eyes, the black hair behind it is windless, and the dead demon's emotions are extremely excited.

Dumb's heart moved and thought, the reason why the dead demon became like this must be due to extraordinary reasons. If she can completely uncover her heart knot, maybe she can really help herself like a small bone. . Thinking of this, Dumb softened his voice a lot, "Don't be excited, can you tell me who this **** is in your mouth?"

The dead monster’s eyes looked a little confused, falling to the ground, and murmured: "Who is he? Who is he? I have forgotten all these years. I only remember the pity and guilt in his eyes when he was far away from me. But, I don't need this, I don't need it. What I want is his love, his love!" The dead demon squatted on the ground and hid his face, his body trembling constantly.

A bit of unbearableness rose in Ah Dui's heart, and fell to her side, comforting: "Don't cry, I know, you can have such a big grievance, you must have a lot of grievances in your heart. You have been depressed for thousands of years, say it. Well, you will feel a lot more comfortable speaking out. I would like to be your audience, okay?"

The body of the dead demon trembled slightly, and slowly raised his head, looking at Dumb with beautiful eyes, and said, "Can you borrow your shoulder to let me lean on? I'm so lonely, I'm so lonely."

Dumb looked at her and couldn't help but think of Bing and the girl, and even Miefeng. He nodded gently, and sat beside the dead demon in a complicated mood. The Death Demon slowly leaned on Ah Du’s shoulder, and said faintly: "Thank you, you are much better than him. At least, you still know how you care about my feelings. At the beginning, if he was willing to let me lean on like this, I How could there be such a result today? He is really handsome, tall, and full of sacred aura. When I first met him, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. No matter when it was He has a sacred look. He is very good and treats everyone well, but he just refuses to give me his feelings. We knew each other very early. At that time, his strength was not strong, even It's not as good as me. However, he has a natural leadership temperament, no matter what kind of person he is willing to use for him, to become his friend and comrade in arms. His strength is like blowing a balloon. In a few years, there have been few opponents of him on the mainland. My love for him is really deep and deep, but I am a girl, how can I proactively confess? All his thoughts are in his great cause Above, although I am by his side every day, he rarely sees me directly. He has always been so indifferent to me. Finally, I finally couldn't help but confessed to him. But, he But rejected me, rejected me mercilessly. I was really heartbroken at the time! However, I still couldn't bear to leave his side. I was really stupid at that time, I thought, as long as I Staying by his side will touch him one day. But I was wrong. When that **** appeared, I knew I was wrong. He who dismissed me fell in love with the look that was far worse than mine. Bitch. I hate, I hate! Why? How can I not compare to her? Why didn't he choose me. In the last battle, in order to help him, I was full of sorrow and still stood on his side, for He struggled with those powerful enemies. However, when the **** and I were in crisis at the same time, he did not hesitate to save the slut, but he handed me mercy when the enemy hit my vital point. Guilty eyes, I know that he is leaving me, leaving me forever. I just died like that, in the hands of the enemy. My people are dead, and my heart is dead. Until the enemy’s cold sharp claws When it was inserted into my heart, I realized that I was really so stupid, really so stupid, I hate, I hate everyone. I really hate! I am not willing to die like this. There is no limit in my heart. Under the effect of endless resentment, after hundreds of years, I have become what I am now." I looked up at Dumb, and the dead demon said sadly, "As a resentful spirit, I have no tears. I really want to cry. Okay. I want to feel the feeling of crying..." The dead demon's body leaned on Dui's shoulder and trembling constantly, her slender fingers were entangled, seeming to endure endless pain.

After hearing the story of the dead demon, Ah Du could not help being deeply moved, and muttered: "You are really pitiful, the person you fell in love with is too hateful, even if he doesn't love you, he shouldn't hurt you like this. It’s too immoral for you to hurt a girl like you. It’s really unworthy for you to suffer so many years for him. Don’t be sad anymore, it’s already like this now, everything has been done It has become an irreversible past. What you can do now is to rediscover yourself. I hope you can help me eliminate the Dark Sacred Cult and bring peace to the continent where you live. I will do my best to help you get the chance to reincarnate. At that time, your life will be able to come back again. I believe that God will never bear the heart to make you suffer again."

The Death Demon nodded gently, and said: "What you said makes sense, but how long will you have to wait for reincarnation? I can't wait anymore. You are right. It is really comfortable to say everything about your own psychology. Let me. Your mental power is stronger. Your body is really perfect! With it, I can live a man’s life, give it to me." The dead demon who has been in grief suddenly changed, and his black eyes were cold. In a flash, she became extremely resentful, and her beautiful body disappeared like a lightning, and turned into a huge black vortex that fiercely covered the dumb golden body beside her. Duan's mind was still stuck in the previous story of the dead demon, there was no chance to resist, and the body was completely swallowed.

"You are so stupid, really good to lie. I was moved so easily. It seems that my charm is really not small! Your mental power is very strong, but if you lose your mind, you are dead. . Your soul will be completely swallowed and assimilated by me. With this perfect body, I will become the most powerful human being. Even in the two realms of gods and demons, I dare to break through."

Dui felt the world revolve around the world, and there was a strong suction force from all directions, and his consciousness in the golden body slowly moved outward under the action of this suction force. He knew that he had been fooled by the dead monster again, and said with regret: "You, you are so mean, you made up stories to lie to me. You are so mean."

The voice of the dead demon rang in the whirlpool, "Yes, I am really despicable. To deal with the most despicable human beings, the despicable method is perfect. Anyway, your soul is about to disappear. I might as well tell you what I just said. The story is indeed true. There is no lie. However, I don’t want to be reincarnated at all. For thousands of years, I have worked hard to erase that person’s figure from my heart. With such a powerful body as you, I don’t know that it is better than rebirth. How many times better. Go and die." The speed of the whirlpool's rotation has accelerated, and Dumb clearly feels that his soul and consciousness are about to leave the golden body. In this completely passive state of being swallowed by the soul, he I know, I have no choice. Can not help shouting, struggling desperately, making the last effort.

The four of Xuan Yue anxiously looked at Ah-Dai in the sky. An hour had passed, and Ah-Dai's body was still so suspended without any change. Suddenly, his body trembled violently, and screams rang out. Duan grabbed the long black hair on his head with both hands, his body convulsed violently. Xuan Yue exclaimed and was about to rush over. Little Bone hurriedly said: "No, the master must be fighting the dead monster right now. Don't disturb him. Once it affects his mind, I am afraid that everything will be impossible to restore. Now he can only rely on his own spiritual power. "

Duan's expression became more and more painful, and the silver vindictive hood around his body constantly produced wave-like vibrations, and he seemed to be unable to hold on any longer. Just as the trio of Xuanyue were extremely anxious, a group of blue light gleamed from Ah Du's chest, and the light quickly spread all over his body, replacing the original silver protective cover. Dumb's body spasm gradually eased, and it seemed that it was no longer so painful. Everything was calm again, and he resumed his previous appearance, floating there quietly. Little Bone said with joy: "Great, the master seems to have the upper hand."

In the sea of consciousness. Just when Ah'Dai's soul was about to be completely swallowed by the dead demon, a cloud of blue energy mixed with golden light instantly enveloped his golden body and soul, forcibly pulling back Ah'Dai's soul and consciousness, making them Combining with the golden body again, Dumb clearly felt the warmth coming from around the body. Under the big earthquake, the powerful golden body stabilized in the whirlpool with the help of that energy, and the sea of consciousness around the whirlpool. With violent fluctuations, a milky white liquid plunged into the vortex like lightning. A gleam flashed in Ah Du's eyes, and he grabbed the rope of mind that was controlled by him, and rushed out of this vortex full of death and swallowing with a swish with its power. Enveloped by the blue light, his soul and consciousness did not suffer a trace of damage, and he abruptly escaped from the swallowing black hole that could not have been left. He thumped and fell into the sea of consciousness again, and Dumb regained control of his body, and he was shocked by the feeling of a world away. If it hadn't been for the fact that Shenlong had just changed Ah Du's spiritual essence, and completely merged his spirit with the blood of Shenlong, I am afraid that his consciousness would have disappeared under the powerful soul of the dead demon.

"You, how can you have his power, this, this is the power of the dragon's blood!" An unbelievable exclamation sounded, the black whirlpool disappeared, and the dead demon's body reappeared in front of Dui, floating in The sea of consciousness. Her beautiful body was trembling constantly, and her eyes were full of sadness and memories. His face was paler than before.

A Duan gasped angrily: "You are so despicable, don't pretend to be pitiful in front of me, I won't give you a chance to attack again. Go to hell." Hands together, the blue light around the body is booming, consciousness The sea fluctuated violently, and Ah-Dai divided his hands outwards, and violently pushed towards the dead demon. The surging waves mixed with the sacred energy of the blood of the dragon suddenly covered the dead demon's body.

The dead demon didn't seem to recover from the surprise, but just wandered subconsciously, dodging the mental attack of Dumb. "Don't do it, I have something to ask you." There was a pleading look in her beautiful eyes. But, how could Dumb, who had just been fooled, believe her so easily? The spirit energy in the sea of consciousness that is controlling the more and more proficient is constantly launching waves of powerful The dead demon is irritated by the spirit energy that is constantly attacking him, and his body is violently stagnated. In the air, each of his hands turned into a black whirlpool-like energy, and he blocked Duan’s several attacks one after another, and said angrily: "Boy, don't think I'm afraid of you. Even if you have the blood of the dragon, you don't want to defeat me. It's that easy. I have something to ask you, and I won’t be too late after I ask."

A Duan snorted coldly and stopped the mental attack, but he controlled the sea of consciousness to form a thick barrier around his body, "What else can I say to a nasty resentful spirit like you. I won't be fooled by you again." ."

The death demon condensed the black energy in his hand, and said faintly: "In the contrast of spiritual power, almost no one can surpass me, even a creature with a much stronger spiritual power than me. I ask you, you the blood of the dragon Where did it come from. Did he give it to you? You must be his apprentice, right?"

Dumb dumbfounded and asked, "Who are you talking about? The blood of the dragon is not given to me by the teacher."

Death Demon said bitterly: "Who else can anyone besides that **** of Shenyu, say, what is your relationship with him. You are so ordinary, how can he accept you as an apprentice who always pays attention to appearance."

Chapter 184: End of mission

Dumb said coldly: "I'm not Shenyu's disciple. Shenyu in your mouth is the first pope and the savior of the previous generation. Don't forget, I am a human being, not a dead soul. I am only in my twenties this year. , How could it be possible to know the savior of a thousand years ago." At this time, he already understood that the person that the dead demon loved was actually the greatest hero who led mankind to defeat the Dark Demon race thousands of years ago, the savior Shenyu.

The Death Demon seemed to be a little ignorant, and murmured: "Yes! He is a human, and you are also a human. It is impossible for you to know each other after a thousand years." She raised her head sharply, and her eyes were full of miserable expressions. "But, then why do you have the blood of his dragon? That is his most precious thing, and he values this artifact far more than me."

A dumb said: "Do you know the Puyan tribe? His Majesty Shen Yu defeated the Dark Demon Clan and gave the blood of the dragon to the Puyan tribe, and the contemporary prophet of the Puyan tribe gave it to me."

"Puyan? That hapless race. They actually existed after a thousand years. It is incredible that Shenyu was willing to give them the blood of Shenlong. However, as far as I know, even the original Shenyu is also It is impossible to have such a close connection with the spirit of the blood of the dragon, and the blood of the dragon at that time does not seem to be as strong as it is now. What else do you hide from me, right?"

A Duan said coldly, "I have nothing to hide. Although I am not sure, many people say that I am the savior of the world. The blood of the dragon has changed because of a very accidental opportunity. I don’t know what’s going on. My purpose in coming to Death Mountain is to inquire about the location of the headquarters of the Dark Sacred Church, and then bring people to destroy them and prevent them from opening the entrance to the Demon World. You undead creatures have not always been subjected to the Dark Sacred Church. Oppressed? Don't you want them to be completely wiped out? We can say that we are standing in the same trench."

The dead demon kept meditating, muttering the three words savior. After a thousand years, she had indeed gradually forgotten Shen Yu, and only hatred remained in her heart. However, when she attacked Dumb just now, she clearly felt the familiar energy contained in the blood of Shenlong from him, making her seem to have returned to the days when she was with Shenyu, and her pale figure became clear again. She loves Shenyu very deeply, and time only allows her to bury her emotions deep in her heart, and it has not completely disappeared. At this time, the inner emotions were aroused, and she was already somewhat unable to control her emotions. He sighed, and said: "It seems that you are the same as him. You are both the savior of the mainland, and both possess the blood of the dragon and powerful power. Although your appearance is very different from him, your cultivation base is also different from him. Even the temperament is different. But, but I don't know why, after discovering the energy of the dragon's blood, you in front of my eyes seem to have become him."

Dumb was not moved by the words of the dead demon this time, and said coldly: "It's a war or a peace, you decide for yourself."

The dead demon show frowned, and said: "Do you think you have the upper hand now? Don't forget, I have the ability to pierce the undead, and can break through your outer defenses and directly attack the body of your soul, even if there is the blood of the dragon. You, the results will not be much different. I still have a great chance to swallow your soul."

Dumb opened his hands, and the sea of consciousness around his body was rippling slightly with the dancing of his hands. He said faintly: "Since you are sure to swallow my soul, then come on. My mental power is enough for you. It’s been pierced for a while, and it’s unclear who will kill you. I already feel the timidity in your heart. You have no confidence in defeating me."

The dead demon said slightly angrily: "Don't be too proud, I only tell you so much because you are the same savior as him. What if you can defeat me, as long as you have any meridian in your brain Corrupted by my resentful spirit, you will become an idiot, and you will no longer be able to complete your mission of the savior." Her pretty face suddenly seemed to become paler, and she said a little tiredly: "But, I don’t want to fight you anymore. I’m tired, really tired. I’m leaving now, I think, you won’t stop me.”

Dumb dumbfounded, watching the death demon's true feelings reveal a feeling of depression in his heart. Of course he hoped that the death demon would leave as soon as possible, but at this time his previous feeling of pity rose in his heart. He sighed lightly and said, "I don't want to hurt anyone, nor do I want to hurt you. If everything you say is true, then we shouldn't be enemies at all. Even if His Majesty Shenyu is sorry for you, it is only him. Human affairs, you shouldn’t involve all human beings. Don’t forget that you are also a member of human beings. Even if you become a dead monster, you are still the way of human thinking. You go, I won’t expect you anymore. Help, just hope that you don’t become an enemy with you. When the human elites come here to eliminate the Dark Sacred Cult, I hope you will not be an enemy with humans. Don’t worry, we will find the Undead Codex and destroy it completely. As long as it is the undead who is not against us, we will never be embarrassed. The Mountain of Death is still your home and always will be."

The dead demon looked at Ah-Dai with blurred eyes, and said, "Like, you really look like! Just now you spoke in the same tone as he did. He always thought of others so righteously back then. Can you tell me, What's your name?" Dumb froze, and subconsciously replied: "My name is Dumb."

"Dumb? What a weird name! But it looks similar to yours. Can you give me a hug? I loved him so much, and he never hugged me. Can you give me a hug instead? Just a moment. I, I really miss him now." The death demon's voice choked up, and his body trembled slightly.

Duan's whole body was shaken, and he said faintly, "Do you really want to lie to me again? I won't be fooled again. Repeatedly, but not again."

The dead monster smiled sadly and said: "Yeah! Why would you believe me again? Don't worry, even if you don't hold me, I don't want to occupy your body anymore. Ask you something, you have a loved one Already?" Dumb nodded and said, "Yes, you should have seen it just now. It is the **** the back of the small bone. She is my beloved one."

"Little Bones? That's a funny name! It's the name you gave to those resentful spirits. They are timid guys who never dared to communicate with me. That girl is really beautiful. When I first saw her , I am a little jealous. You are so lucky! Treat her well, it is not easy to find such a beloved girl." After a pause, the dead demon whispered: "Can you really not meet my requirements? I just want you to give me a hug, now I'm so empty."

Dumb stood there blankly, without speaking. Seeing the poignant expression of Death Demon, his heart struggled constantly, and he didn't know how to decide.

The Death Demon sighed softly and said: "Forget it, it is too difficult for you to hold someone you don't love, not to mention that we were still hostile before. I'm leaving, goodbye. Don't worry, if you lead Human beings come to Death Mountain again, and I won't be your enemy." After speaking, her white body floated gently, drifting towards the meridians of Dumb's brain. Seeing her sad expression and her farewell appearance, Ah Dumb's heartstrings shook. Under the action of the kind thoughts in his heart, feelings defeated reason, he seemed to shout uncontrollably: "Wait a minute." The golden body floated. He stood up and stopped in front of the dead demon instantly.

A look of surprise flashed in the eyes of the dead demon, and his delicate body trembled slightly, "You, are you willing to hug me?"

Dumb nodded softly, and said, "Although I am not him, I am willing to give you a hug on your behalf. He is also the savior. Even if I pay you back for him, there is nothing between us. When I hold you, I will only treat you as my most beloved Yueyue. Can you?"

The dead demon smiled and said: "What else can I ask? For me, this is enough. Are you not afraid that I will devour your soul now?"

Duan sighed lightly and said, "If you continue to do that, you can only prove that I have misunderstood the person. In my heart, you are a poor and pathetic person who has given so much without getting anything in return. I hope , We can become friends."

The body of the dead demon trembled violently, and slowly floated to Dui, muttering, "Ayu, Ayu, I really love you so much. I love you so much." The two drops were completely transformed with mental energy. The tears flowed from her beautiful eyes, and looked so sacred against the golden light on A'Dai Jin. At this moment, the dead demon in A'Dai's eyes was no longer an evil existence, and completely turned into an infatuated and pitiful. The woman subconsciously opened her arms, gently and gently embraced her into her arms. When the two bodies touched together, the contact from the spiritual level made their bodies tremble violently. Dui's heart was completely immersed in the emotion towards Xuanyue at this time, and the dead demon seemed to have fallen into the arms of his beloved Shenyu. The two embraced gently in the air, feeling their inner emotions. Unspeakable satisfaction, the grievances on the dead demon's body are getting faint. I don’t know how long after that, there is no trace of evil or resentment in her body. The sacred aura of Ah-Dai seems to have changed. Become a fairy in white fluttering.

Slowly raising his head, the dead demon lightly kissed Duan's cheek, and said in a vague way: "Enough, this is enough. I am really satisfied. My heart has been completely filled with love, no more A trace of hatred." Feeling the gentleness from the dead demon, Dumb whispered: "Actually, you have never hated him, but your love for him is too deep. Everything is in the past, no What will change again? You have been suffering for a thousand years. Don’t go on like this anymore. You are completely yours now. Be happy. I think he must regret it if he didn’t save you at the beginning. Dead demon, no matter when , I will be your friend, as long as I am here, I will not allow anyone to hurt you again. Be yourself, I think, you must be a happy girl before."

The Death Demon whispered and murmured: "Thank you, thank you for your willingness to treat my resentful spirit as a friend, and thank you for fulfilling my vanity wish. Dumb, we are now friends. Forgive me for what I did before. Do everything, from now on, I won’t hurt anyone again. Dumb, I’m leaving, I think, your love and friends must be worried about you. Remember my name, I’m Xianxian, goodbye , My little lover, when everything is over, I hope you can come and see me often, that’s enough.” The white figure flashed out, and Slim left the sea of consciousness with satisfaction and excitement. . Her heart had melted at this time.

Looking at the disappearing back of Xianxian, recalling the three words of that little lover, a smile hung on the corner of Ah Du's mouth, and he muttered to herself: "Xianxian, you are not a resentful spirit anymore, as long as I can survive to save the mainland. Mission, I will let you have a new life of your own."

The white shadow flashed, and a ray of light emerged from the center of Ah Du's eyebrows, his figure gradually expanded, and the slender and beautiful figure appeared in front of the three of Xuan Yue. Xuan Yue was shocked, she could not feel a trace of evil or hostility from the beautiful figure in front of her, but she still subconsciously raised the angel's staff and said in a deep voice, "You are a dead monster."

Xuanxian Chong Xuanyue smiled slightly, and said calmly: "Yes, I am the dead demon." Xuanyue's eyes flashed, and a circle of golden light struck Xuanxian like lightning. Slender didn't panic at all, with a smile on Qiao's face, her delicate body was dancing in the wind, and a faint white gas instantly spread across her body, calmly passing through Xuanyue's sacred energy.

As soon as Xuan Yue was about to continue his attack, Ah-Dai had already passed through the sea of consciousness and regained control of her body. He hurriedly flew to her side and said, "Don't hurt her." Xuan Yue was shocked, and said in surprise: "Dah, you are all right. Right? She didn't hurt you, right?" Xianxian answered the question for Dui, she smiled and said: "*, I have already figured it out clearly, I have to thank him, so how can I hurt him? Not now, in the future No. You are really happy to have such a good man love you, so cherish him. Goodbye." The white shadow flashed, and the slender body disappeared from everyone's sight. Hearing what she said, Xiao Bone said in surprise: "Death demon, she understands it? This, this is incredible."

Dumb froze and said, "Ming Wu? What do you mean?"

Little Bone said enviously: "Our resentful spirits are all based on huge grievances. Once we can fully understand and understand everything in our lives, we will no longer be resentful spirits, but can become The gods who have ascended into the realm of the gods. In that case, we can reincarnate freely. And our temperament will be completely changed. However, this is too difficult for us resentful spirits. It is almost impossible to think clearly about our lives and give up our resentment completely. It's impossible. No one knows how powerful the grievances of the dead demon are better than us resentful spirits. Master, how did you do it, this, this is also amazing."

Xuanyue’s beautiful eyes flowed, and her slender and beautiful posture made her involuntarily jealous. She pursed her small mouth and said, "Dumb, what is going on? She was still enemies with us before, so how come you Turning around in the body, the transformation is so big, and I still realize it." Duan smiled slightly, kissed Xuanyue's forehead lightly, and said: "She is a poor woman. It's because the one she loves doesn't like it. She will only become like this after she died. I just solved her completely. After she understands, she will naturally not be against us. Next time when we come to the Death Mountain again, I think she will become Our best friend. Yueyue, after listening to her story, I now cherish you even more. I will never let you suffer any harm." In order to respect Xianxian and to prevent Xuanyue from misunderstanding, he just extremely It would be a white lie to simply describe the matter between himself and Qianxian. Besides, he didn't have much to do with Xianxian, Xianxian just regarded him as a substitute for Shenyu, and he only regarded Xianxian as a poor friend.

Xuan Yue's delicate body trembled, leaning into the arms of Duan, she was deeply ashamed of her previous jealousy, it was ridiculous that she and a soul were jealous. Moreover, how can I doubt that Dumb really loves me? Now she had completely forgotten that she was still in the mountains of death, and she had only a strong affection for Ah-Dai in her heart.

Oliveira coughed and said, "Two bosses, will you go back and make friends again? Dumb boss, what should we do now? Continue to rush in or go back? It's been three days, and I'm going to starve to death. If you want to rush in, let's go back and add some food first." As he said, he rubbed his stomach and made a look of frown.

Keanu smiled bitterly: "It's nothing to be hungry, but we've been out for three days, I'm afraid everyone will be anxious. I'm afraid Yueji will run to the Death Mountain to find us on impulse, that will be troublesome."

A Duan's whole body was shaken, and he lost his voice: "What? It's been three days? I don't think it will take a while!"

Xuanyue lifted her head from the arms of Dumb, and said slightly: "What is it for a while, three days? If it wasn't for the small bones to disguise us with the wraith energy contained in him, I am afraid that the undead creatures would have long been disguised. I found it. Let’s go back to the Elf Forest first.” For three days, seeing Ah-Dai completely sluggish, but she was anxious. Several times, she tried to use her sacred energy to help Ah-Dai, but she was all caught by the little bones. Stopped. Xuan Yue now only wanted to leave this dangerous place with Dui immediately. Her heart was extremely fragile, and she could no longer bear the tension and worry caused by the danger of her beloved.

Duan nodded and said, "Well, let's go back now. I don't think we need to inquire inside anymore. Through the battle with the dead monster, I now understand the power of the undead creatures. Everything is waiting for us. After converging with the Pope, I will lead the human elite to come here. Only by gathering the power of all mankind, we can completely eliminate the dark forces."

The small black dragon bones returned to the blood of the dragon in the spell of Dumb, Xuan Yue quickly contacted her spatial positioning magic circle, the light flashed, and the four of them disappeared above the slender territory of the dead demon at the same time. They just disappeared, and the slender figure reappeared. Her beautiful almost transparent figure folded her hands together and murmured: "Little lover, thank you so much and wish you all peace."

With a flash of light, Xuan Yue's spatial positioning and instant movement of the magic circle succeeded again, and the four dumbs appeared in the center of the circle at the same time, "Huh, why are there no one?" Xuan Yue said in confusion.

Dui also found the same problem. The tree house of the ancient elves was empty, and there was really no one. He frowned and said, "No! Aunt Queen didn't say that they would always send people to stay here. Huh? Even if they are not there, Big Brother Rock should be there! No good, could something happen to the Elf Forest? Could it be that the Dark Sacred Cult brought people to the attack?" When he thought of the devastating crisis that the Elves might face, Adam suddenly Anxious in his heart, he rushed out of the tree house first. Because he had a bracelet on his body, the old elves naturally separated a passage. Xuanyue, Keanu and Oliveira also hurriedly followed out. When they walked out of the old elves and turned their eyes to the shore of the elves, they were all taken aback. I saw a large number of elven tribesmen gathered beside the clear water of the elven lake. They were all fully armed, divided into two camps of elven magician and elven archer, and they looked like they were waiting.

Motivated the vitality in his body, Duan quickly fell to the shore. The elves were obviously taken aback when he saw his appearance, but in an instant there was an expression of excitement in their eyes.

Dui grabbed an elf and asked urgently, "What's wrong? Is it the dark forces attacking?"

The elf shook his head and said, "No! No one is coming to attack. We are here to gather here to save you in the mountains of death." Just as the elf answered Dumb’s question, the elf team asked Scattered on both sides, the Elf Queen led four great Elf Envoys, as well as the Rock Brothers, Zhuo Yun and Yue Ji. As soon as the rock saw Dui, he rushed up, grabbed his shoulders tightly, and said excitedly: "Dumb, your kid is coming back, we are all about to die. If we don't see you again, Aunt Queen will lead the elves. The tribe’s army has gone to the Death Mountain?” It turned out that after the four dumbs left, everyone had been waiting bitterly. There was nothing on the first day, but on the second day, they all became anxious. They have all deeply experienced the danger of the Death Mountain. After two days of not seeing the dumb four come back, they have begun to think about their lives and are extremely worried about their safety. On the third day, Yue Ji couldn't help being the first one. She had to go to the Death Mountain to find dumb and them. How could the rock let her go, and finally stopped her. Earlier this morning, the Elf Queen resolutely decided to lead all her people to the Death Mountain. To the elves, dumb is a great benefactor to save the whole clan. Although the survival of the elves is very important, in order to repay dumb's kindness, the elf queen can't take care of much. At this time, the team had just assembled and was ready to set off, but received good news that the dumb people returned safely, and hurried to the shore of the Elf Lake.

Feeling the rock’s deep friendship with him, Dui’s eyes couldn't help but become moist, "Thank you, thank you. Big brother, Aunt Queen, Dui really doesn't know what to say."

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "You don't need to say anything, I understand, dumb, no matter what time the Elves will support you, you can rest assured about this." Turning to Audi, said: "The Elves , You arrange everyone to go back to their posts, and the action to go to the death mountain is cancelled." Hearing that there is no need to go to the death mountain, all the elves cheered. How can they, who have always loved peace, be willing to fight with others?

Dumb and the others returned to the old elves under the leadership of the elven queen. As soon as they sat down, the rock couldn't wait to ask: "Dumb, what is the result of your trip?"

Dumb smiled and said: "The results of this trip are not bad. We have already touched the seventh pass of the Twelve Tribulation of the Undead, and we can also say that we successfully passed the first seven passes." At the moment, he explained the trip in detail. Again. After listening to Ah'Dai's narration, the Rock looked a little worried, and sighed: "Dai, have you ever thought about it? Although the first seven passes you mentioned have passed, when the human coalition comes here, I am afraid it will not be so easy to pass. After all, there are probably not many human masters who can have the ability to fly. To deal with those undead creatures who are not afraid of death, they can only fight hard, destroy them one by one, and step on their bodies to rush into the undead. In the depths of the mountains, when you reach the seventh level you mentioned, I am afraid that the loss will be so great that you would never expect it now."

Dumb pondered for a moment, and nodded: "Big Brother said that it is reasonable. It is really not an easy task to successfully cross the Death Mountain. Except for the first level that can be removed with light magic, the second level from Skeleton. It’s hard to deal with. The most feared is their ability to regenerate. Unless they are a high-level warrior or magician, it is difficult to completely damage their bodies. When it comes to zombies, undead spiders or even rotten dragons, I’m afraid It's hard to pass."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "You don't need to worry that much. Although the Death Mountain Range is terrifying, don't forget that our Holy See has also existed on the mainland for thousands of years. There are some things that you can't imagine, these, Just leave it to us. When he sees Grandpa, his old man will definitely be able to come up with countermeasures. To save the mainland, our Holy See is the absolute main force."

Rocky smiled and said: "Since Yueyue has such confidence in the Holy See, then I have nothing to say. Okay, let's leave tomorrow. I think this is good, Yueyue, you go directly to the Holy See, and Ah Dao returns to Tiangang sword. Pie, our brothers return to the Puyan clan, Vera returns to the Mainland Mage Guild, and Keanu returns to the Tianjin Mage Guild. We will send the news back here as quickly as possible. Then immediately gather the army and converge at the Holy See Sacred Mountain. Go back here and fight the Dark Shengjiao to the death."

Hearing what the rock said, Xuan Yue said in embarrassment: "I, but I don't want to be separated from Dui! I'm going to the Tiangang Sword Sect with Looking at Xuanyue's drooping pretty face, Dui His heart was hot, he knew that Yueyue was afraid that she would be hurt when she competed with the Three Sword Saints! She smiled and said: "Yueyue, we don't need to be separated! Now there are still twenty days before the time for the Four Great Swordmasters to compete, and the Holy See is not far away from our Tiangang Mountain. That’s good, I will accompany you back to the Holy See first, and after reporting the news here to Grandpa Pope, Hurry back to Tiangang Sword Sect. Anyway, even if our Tiangang Sword Sect were to participate in this operation, it would inevitably wait until the end of the Four Great Swordmasters competition before dispatching. "

Xuan Yue suddenly turned from her sorrow to joy, and took the big hand of Ah-Dai, and said, "Okay! That's it, you can't go back."

Dumb squeezed Xuanyue’s cute little nose, and smiled: “When I’ve spoken to you never count. Let’s take a rest at Aunt Queen’s place today, and set off immediately tomorrow morning. The most critical battle for mankind is It’s about to begin. I believe that with the combined strength of our parties, we will be able to completely smash the dark sacred conspiracy and restore peace to the mainland." At the moment, everyone returned to the tree house by the lake after leaving the elf queen. . The Elf Queen sent someone to send them a lot of delicious fruits. After a good meal, everyone went into a state of meditation and meditation. Successfully inquired into the headquarters of the Dark Shengjiao, and no one was injured. They were in a very good mood.

Chapter 185: Dark Saint Invasion

In the early morning of the next day, after saying goodbye, everyone left the elf forest in different directions. The Rock Brothers, Zhuo Yun, Keanu, and Yue Ji are all the way. Because Yue Ji has been away from the Moonscar Mercenary Group for a while, she decides to accompany Keanu to the Tianjin Mage’s Guild and stop by the Honghu Clan. , One is to look back at the mercenary group, and the other is to pass the news of the Dark Sacred Church back to the mercenary group. Oliveira, along with Dumb and the others, returned along the same path until the Holy See was separated again.

In order to shorten the time on the road, Ah Dai summoned the small bones with super flying ability, carrying himself, Xuan Yue and Oliveira quickly towards the direction of the Holy See. Leaving the Mountain of Death for the first time, Little Bones was very excited. While flying, he kept watching the surrounding scenery. With his flying ability, it took only three days to pass through the vast prairie of the Yalian tribe and arrived. Near the Holy See. After these three days of flying, the resentful spirit has completely integrated with their current body, and gradually mastered the abilities that the black dragon should have. Originally, Ah Dumb wanted to summon the Holy Evil and let him let him go outside, but the Holy Evil felt the strength of the small bones, and this time he took the initiative to ask to stay in the blood of the dragon to practice. As the dragon king, if he can't even compare with his own little brother, it is difficult for him to accept. At this time, he has completely entered into penance.

"Little Bones, land, you are about to reach the territory of the Holy See, after all, you are an evil attribute, and it is not well discovered by the priests of the Holy See and the Holy Knights."

"Yes, Master." Since Ah Dumb successfully surrendered the Dead Demon Slimline that day, Little Bone has completely placed himself in the position of a servant with the five bodies he admired.

The small bones found a place where no one was left and fell steadily on the ground. Four huge dragon claws grabbed the ground, and the black scales on his body looked unusually magical under the sunlight. Dui pulled Xuanyue and Oliveira to the ground. Oliveira said, "Boss Adu, Boss Xuanyue, I won't enter the Holy See with you, I will quickly report the matter on the Death Mountain to the union. It also passed back to our entire Huasheng Empire to prepare everyone. This action to eliminate the Dark Holy Religion, we are better than those **** in the Sunset Empire, let them know what is true strength." Dumb smiled slightly and said, "I'm afraid that there are no elites who can participate in this operation in the Sunset Empire except for the wind magister Biinrouge."

Xuan Yue said: "It doesn't matter if no one is there! The scale of our action this time is unprecedented, and we must need a lot of financial support. The Sunset Empire has made so much black-hearted money, and this time we have to vomit some. This time is enough. Quan Yi's flesh is in pain, I believe, he must dare not let it out. I really want to see his expression when he receives Grandpa's order." The three of them thought of Quan Yi's bluish white face, haha. laugh it out. For the sunset empire, none of them have a good impression.

The laughter subsided, Oliveira greeted Xuanyue and Ah Dui slightly and said: "Two bosses, let's not pass this way, you are careful all the way, and see you soon after the Holy See." After speaking, he cast one on himself. Acceleration, quickly left in the direction of the light and province. Seeing Orihuela's blue back gradually disappear, Xuan Yue sighed slightly, and said, "We were very busy together a few days ago, but now there are only two of us."

After taking the small bones back into the blood of the dragon, he put his arms around Xuanyue's fragrant shoulders and smiled and said: "You still like the excitement so much. After everything is over, we will get together again! At that time, we can find friends Settle in a beautiful place, no need to run around and live a peaceful and comfortable life. The psychedelic forest and the elven forest of Teacher Gris are good places, or the small village where Uncle Harry is, can be us s Choice."

Xuan Yue gently leaned on Ah Du's shoulder, and said softly: "I love to be lively, but I also have to have you by my side. As long as I can be with you, I will live there."

Dui kissed Shang Xuanyue's fragrant lips, and hugged her delicate body tightly, feeling each other's affection, and they were completely intoxicated in their longing for the future. A cloud like a cotton ball floated in the sky, blocking the dazzling sunlight, as if the sun was also ashamed of their lingering. Without the sun's rays, there was a little coolness in the air. Under the breeze, they gradually woke up from the lingering. Xuan Yue shyly buried her pretty face in Ah Du's arms, shyly not dare to look at him. Ah Dui's heart was filled with tenderness, and he whispered: "Let's go." After finishing speaking, she hugged Xuanyue's body and flew up in the white vindictive package, and headed towards the Holy See's mountain.

As soon as he entered the territory of the sacred mountain, dumb noticed that there was a group of holy knights patrolling back and forth not far in front. Each holy knight was watching the surrounding nervously, holding his knight sword tightly, lest he let a little bit of it possible. The defense is strict, and it seems that it has reached the point where all plants are soldiers. A Dumb smiled at Xuan Yue: "Look, how tight the defense of the Holy See is. It seems that Grandpa Pope is also very nervous now!" Xuan Yue frowned and said, "No, it shouldn't be such a tight defense. After all, this is the fundamental place of our Holy See!"

Dumb froze, and said, "Let's take a look and ask if you don't know." After speaking, she pulled Xuanyue's little hand, floated up, and walked towards the defensive circle of the holy knights at the foot of the mountain. Just approaching the periphery of the defense, a loud shout came, "Stop, who dares to trespass the Holy See Sacred Mountain without permission." Hundreds of sacred knights quickly surrounded Adu and Xuanyue. The long swords in their hands all pointed to the two people's vital points, it seemed that as long as there was something wrong, they would immediately launch an attack.

These sacred knights belonged to the lowest-level clergy of the Holy See. They had never seen Xuan Yue before, not to mention that Xuan Yue was only wearing ordinary light blue dresses.

There was no tenderness on Xuanyue's face when she faced Dumb, her pretty face became extremely majestic, and she said solemnly, "What happened to the Holy See? I am a red-clothed offering to Xuanyue."

The surrounding sacred knights all showed doubts, although they had also heard that the red-clothed sacrificial Xuan Yue, who was newly appointed by the Holy See, was a very young girl and the daughter of Xuan Ye. But at this time they couldn't believe it easily. The leader of the holy knight captain tentatively said: "Since you are Xuanyue's red-clothed sacrifice, can you show your identification?"

Xuan Yue's heart tightened. She knew that something must happen to the Holy See, otherwise the holy knights would not be so nervous, nodded and said, "Yes." With a wave of her hand, she opened her space barrier and took the red sacrificial robe. After she came out, she placed it lightly on her body. Under her deliberate urge, a circle of golden divine light radiated from her body, and in a flash, it condensed into a thick barrier around her body.

Feeling the powerful energy full of sacred aura, the team leader immediately believed in Xuan Yue's identity, and quickly put away the long sword in his hand, knelt down on one knee, and said: "See Master Cardinal."

Xuan Yue's grace said, "Go away, we have to go back to the mountain and meet the Pope."

The captain stood up, glanced at Dumb in confusion, and said, "Could this adult also show his identity certificate."

Xuan Yue frowned slightly, and said, "He is the most honored guest of the Holy See. What kind of identification is needed. Isn't it enough to have me here?"

The captain respectfully said: "Sorry, Lord Bishop, this is an order issued by the Pope. No matter who it is, you cannot enter and leave the mountain at will. Those who leave must have the handwriting of the Pope, and those who enter must have us. The certificate of the priests of the Holy See. This is a newly added rule, maybe you don't know it yet."

Xuan Yue said in doubt: "Did something happen to the Holy See? Why is the defense so tight?"

The captain said: "I'm sorry, the bishop. The younger one is only responsible for patrolling. I don't know anything else. Please forgive me. Please also show the identity certificate, otherwise we can't let you go."

Dumb, where can I get any proof of identity! Can't help but feel embarrassed, Chong Xuanyue said: "What should I do? I don't have any identification."

Captain Xuan Yuechong said solemnly: "Which one of you is on duty today, told him to come and see me, I am the granddaughter of Lord Pope, don't you still trust me?"

The captain said faintly: "I'm sorry, the bishop, the pope's order instructed that even clergy with sacred energy must not violate this order. Our leader is now patrolling the other side of the mountain, I am afraid that we will not be able to come over in a short time. Otherwise, please wait a while."

Xuanyue's patience was finally worn out, and she shouted angrily: "We, the Holy See, have a major event to report to the Pope. You are blocked from entering. If it is delayed, who will be responsible?"

The captain of the holy knight can be said to be impervious, still with a calm expression, saying: "But if I let you in, I will be punished immediately by the above. It is my duty to guard this place, please forgive me. I think , The Pope will not punish a person who does his duty."

"You..." Xuan Yue's heart was full of anger, and the surging sacred aura came out, and the hundred sacred knights around the oppression involuntarily withdrew a few steps back, but even in the face of Xuan Yue's powerful aura, they Still didn't mean to shrink at all, she looked at Xuan Yue and Dumb with firm expression.

Ah Dui grabbed Xuan Yue's arm and said, "Forget it, don't make it difficult for them, they are doing the right thing. The Holy See is indeed proud to have such a clergyman!"

Xuan Yue's anger in her heart gradually dissipated under Ah Dumb's persuasion. She scanned the holy knights around and nodded and said, "Okay, don't you let us in? Then I can do it too. Great **** of heaven." Please allow me to use your power to sprinkle the holy light on the world." The angel's rod in his hand was held high, and a brilliant golden beam of light fell from the sky, instantly enclosing the bodies of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. Bathed in divine light, Ah-Dai felt a moment of tranquility in his mind, smiled slightly, and said, "Yueyue, your sacred energy is more refined."

Xuan Yue said: "This should be the result of this experience. In such a dangerous place as the Death Mountain Range, the increase in mental strength is inevitable." The angel rod in his hand slightly circled, the golden light beam in the sky completely landed, Xuan Yue chanted. : "Based on the Holy Light, the gate of time and space! Open it, please send us where you want to go." The golden light suddenly converged, and the figures of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue completely disappeared under the astonished gaze of the holy knights. The captain lost his voice: "No, they must have entered the sacred mountain. Hurry, call the police." One of his holy knights immediately took out a small golden tube from his arms and blew it by his mouth, with a sharp howling into the sky. Beginning, the entire sacred mountain was spread in an instant.

Under the action of Xuanyue's spatial magic, Ah-Dai only felt a moment of confusion before his eyes. Before the scene became clear again, he found that he and Xuanyue had arrived in front of the Temple of Light.

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Dumb, what do you think of my magic? This is my own research. The positioning transfer of the two magics, the sacred light system and the space, is integrated."

Dumb exclaimed: "Very good! Under the action of the energy condensed by the Divine Light Element Magic, the time you spend using space magic is greatly shortened. Yueyue, you are really getting better and better."

A sharp howling sounded in the ears of the two of them, Xuan Yue frowned and said: "This team leader is really serious and responsible. He actually blew the whistle of the enemy's invasion. Let's go into the temple and see what happened."

The two hadn't even reached the entrance of the temple. Three people had walked out of the temple. It was Xuan Ye, Manxiu, and Yujian who were worshipping in red. As soon as she saw her father, Xuan Yue was overjoyed, she let go of the hand that was holding Ah-Dai, and flew up, exclaiming, "Dad." The three of Xuan Ye came out only when they heard the police siren. He was also overjoyed for his daughter. He opened his arms and hugged his daughter in his arms. He smiled and said, "My baby girl is back, and my father is almost worried. Hey, when you come back, my father should have the feeling. How can I feel it at all? no?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Is it because your daughter is so good that you can't feel it! Dad, my magic cultivation has improved again."

Manxiu and Yuma also surrounded him at this time. Yuma smiled and said, "You father and daughter, let's relive the old times. Mongxiu and I will go out and have a look. "

Mang Xiu said: "Yueyue, when you came back, was there an enemy chasing you outside, otherwise, how could such a siren of the whole mountain be heard?"

Duan walked forward with a wry smile, and said, "I think the two priests don't need to go. This siren is sounded because of us."

"En? What did you say? How could the police sirens sound for you?" Xuanye asked suspiciously.

Xuan Yue pursed her small mouth and said, "Also, Dad, what's the matter with the Holy See? Why are we defending so tightly! I didn't even let me in, I used Space Transfer Magic to bring Ada in. So they sounded the siren."

Xuan Ye shook her head helplessly, and sighed: "The situation within the Holy See is also very tense recently. Strengthening defense is also a helpless move. Let's go, let's go in and talk about it. Hurry up and report the results of your trip to your grandfather, his old man. I'm getting impatient already."

Mang Xiu said: "You go in first, I'll deal with the outside affairs, so that people don't panic." After speaking, he floated up and fell towards the periphery of the Holy See.

Xuan Ye seemed to be very anxious, and dragged her daughter to quickly walk in. Duan followed behind and looked at Xuan Ye's expression so anxious, and asked, "Yue, Father-in-law, what is going on?"

After all, he has been engaged to his daughter. Although Xuanye has no good feelings for Duan, his tone is not as cold as before, "You may not know that many things have happened on the mainland during this period of time. The importance of various forces Almost all the characters have been attacked by the assassins. Now the people on the mainland are panicking, and even our Holy See is a little confused."

Xuan Yue was shocked and lost her voice: "Dad, is Grandpa also..."

Xuan Ye nodded heavily, and said, "Your grandfather was assassinated twice, and the first shot was three light judges. The second shot was actually two magic masters who had just been promoted to the priesthood in white. It’s not that your grandfather has a profound cultivation base. Even if he reacts and kills the betrayer, in that sudden situation, I’m afraid..."

Xuan Yue felt a layer of cold sweat surfacing behind her, and murmured: "Unexpectedly, even the white-clothed sacrifice has betrayed the gods. It is incredible to do such blasphemous things. What is going on? Is it really going to cause chaos in the world?"

Xuan Ye said: "According to your grandfather's speculation, it is estimated that the chaos that is happening on the mainland is completely the ghost of the Dark Sacred Church. It must be that they have planted many spies in various forces on the mainland for a long time, just like you Luoshui. Auntie. Now it’s the last juncture. They no longer need to hide the spies, so they launched an assassination operation. Their targets are all heads of state or leaders of major forces. Their purpose is clear, even if they can’t successfully assassinate these big people. , Also create some chaos on the mainland, try to delay our time to deal with them, so as to use these time to achieve their goals." While talking, they have already walked to the center of the Temple of Light.

After listening to Xuan Ye's words, both Ah Dumb and Xuan Yue were in deep thought. They couldn't think of it. After all, they had successfully completed the task in the Death Mountain Range, but there was a problem on the human side.

Xuan Ye took a few steps forward, walked to the huge angel statue, and spoke to the direction of the statue with mental strength: "Father, Yueyue and the others are back."

After a long while, a circle of golden light was shining from the angel statue, and the pope, who was covered in golden sacrificial robes, appeared in front of everyone. Compared with the time when Dumb and the others left, the pope looked a little haggard. Dumb and Xuanyue awoke from their contemplation. Xuanyue stepped forward and walked to the pope, saying, "Grandpa, we are back. You, are you okay?"

The pope sighed lightly, smiling at Xuan Yue and Dumb and said: "It's fine to come back, grandpa is fine, but now the mainland is very chaotic, and all forces are in danger of self-defense, and the form is very bad!"

Dumb said: "Grandpa Pope, in fact, there is nothing wrong with it. Instead of letting the betrayers hide in the dark, it is better to expose them like this. Although it will be a little messy for the time being, it is not bad for us to go to the Death Mountain in the future. It’s helpful. I don’t know how the forces on each side are losing, and if any leader of that side has been assassinated..."

The Pope said: "The loss is still relatively large. Like the Mainland Mage Union, two elders betrayed. Although they were eventually eliminated, they also died. The strength is lost by nearly half. You know, in the action against the dark forces, the master is the most important. Hmm? Listening to what you mean, it seems that the Dark Sacred Religion is in the Death Mountain?"

Duan nodded, and said: "Basically, it is certain, it is like this..." At the moment, he concisely explained the fact that everyone went to the Death Mountain to inquire about the whereabouts of the headquarters of the Dark Holy Sect.

After listening to Dumb’s narration, the pope’s eyes flashed brightly, and finally got the exact news of the enemy. Even with his self-cultivation, he couldn’t help showing excitement, “Well, you did a good job this time, as long as you have a clear goal. It's much easier."

Dumb said: "Grandpa Pope, is there any damage to the other parties? How about our Tiangang Sword Sect?"

The Pope said: "The Tiangang Sword Sect is extremely strict in accepting disciples, and many of them are descendants of high-generation disciples. I haven't heard of traitors. As for other forces, there are varying degrees of damage. The instructor was injured, but I heard that the injury was not very serious. King Quanyi is now afraid of being assassinated, and dispatches a large army to guard the sunset city, making the sunset empire panicked. The king of the Tianjin Empire was assassinated and lost many masters. The assassins were completely wiped out, and now the Magister Laldas sits in the palace himself, and he does not dare to relax at all. The evil barriers of the dark forces can be said to be pervasive, and almost all the forces have been attacked to varying degrees. The mainland wind is very tight. , I once sent clergymen to contact all parties, not counting the sunset empire, even the forces that reached an agreement with us in the Holy See last time almost all responded to await an accurate reply, and refused to send elites to the Holy See in advance. Hey——, They are so short-sighted, I'm afraid it will delay our final battle with the Dark Shengjiao! You know, give them one more day, the dark Shengjiao will be more likely to succeed. Once the entrance to the Devildom is opened, it will be impossible. Estimated loss. Fortunately, you delivered accurate news back in time. It is January 1999 and we still have time."

Dui nodded solemnly, and said, "Big Brother Rock and they have returned to their respective forces. I think the parties who support us this time should not hesitate anymore. After all, they should also know how threatening the Dark Sacred Church is. ."

The pope turned his head and said to Xuan Ye: "Ye'er, you immediately send my order to send the most capable subordinates to the various parties and invite them to immediately lead the elite to the Holy See. We must gather the forces to fight the Dark Holy Church in the shortest possible time. At the same time, all clergymen are instructed to step up their training and be dispatched at any time."

Xuan Ye took the order. The pope turned to Dumb and said, "Last time you said you would return to the Tiangang Sword Sect once, right?"

Duan nodded and said, "As of now, there is nothing to hide. The main reason why I want to return to the Tiangang Sword Sect is to participate in the Four Great Swordmaster Competition held every 20 years."

The Pope was startled, and said: "The four great sword masters compete? What's the matter?"

At the moment, Ah-Dai reiterated the rules of the competition set by the Four Great Sword Sages in the past, "..., Grandpa Pope, in fact, the old man of my ancestor Tiangang Sword Sage has passed away. I will return to the Tiangang Sword Sect to participate in his place. This time the test. This is really important for our Tiangang Sword Sect. I have already told you about the Dark Sacred Sect. Tiangang Mountain is very close to the Holy See. Don’t worry. Once the test is over, I will be with us Tiangang. People from the Sword Sect rushed over to join you immediately. It shouldn’t delay our time to the Death Mountain."

A trace of sadness flashed in the pope's eyes, and he murmured: "Sword Saint Tiangang, he, he has passed away? I didn't expect that he had become a permanent formula after a farewell many years ago. On the mainland, he is also the only person worthy of my admiration. Hey--" Many years ago, the Pope had been worried about his defeat under the Sword Saint of Tiangang. Although his strength was rapidly improving after he took over as the Pope, because the various things of the Holy See were too heavy, he never had the opportunity Discuss with Tiangang Sword Saint again. At this moment, I heard that the only person whom I saw as an opponent had passed away, and I would inevitably feel a sense of melancholy.

A ray of tears flashed in Ah Du’s eyes, as if the master’s figure reappeared in front of him, taking a deep breath, and he firmly said: "Grandpa Pope, I will definitely not lose in the Four Great Sword Masters this time. Will not live up to my master’s expectations. The other three sword saints are also top figures in the mainland. I will try my best to win them over and become our strongest support to the Death Mountain. It’s up to you here. , Time is running out, I think the Tiangang Sword Sect will prepare now."

A gleam of divine light flashed in the pope’s eyes, and he nodded softly, and said: "Child, you are not only the savior sent by the gods to save the world, but also my grandson-in-law. You must pay attention to your own safety. You must save the mainland from this disaster. You. Although it is important to win the three Juggernauts, your safety is even more important. You know what I mean."

Feeling the Pope’s heartfelt concern, Dui smiled slightly, and said, “Grandpa, thank you, don’t worry, my current cultivation level has almost caught up with the master’s time. I will definitely come back safely. Grandpa, now the Holy See is temporarily Nothing, I'm afraid Yueyue is worried, so let her go with me. At least two months, we will definitely come back. When we come back, we are discussing how to compete with the creatures in the Undead Mountain."

The pope looked at his granddaughter and said: "Yueyue, go to the Tiangang Mountains to listen to Ah Dumb, don't trouble him."

Xuan Yue sighed: "Grandpa, how could I trouble him? Do you still treat me as a child?"

The Pope smiled and said: "In Grandpa's heart, you will always be a child. To be honest, you can come back safely this time, and you have brought back such important news. Grandpa is really happy and gratified. In the future, the mainland will be your young people. The world is over. Since Duan is in a hurry to return to the Tiangang Mountains, I will not keep you. Be careful along the way. The guards around the Holy See are very strict. In order to save time, you just fly out. Yuma, you can arrange it, don’t let it Yueyue they encountered another barrier."

"Yes, Lord Pope." Yuma responded.

After bidding farewell to the pope, Adu and Xuanyue came to the square in front of the Temple of Light under the leadership of Yuma. When they arrived here, the two of them almost simultaneously remembered that Duan arrived in time that day and prevented Xuanyue's wedding. The two looked at each other, and deep affection exchanged in each other's eyes, and the hands held together were invariably tight, everything said.

Yuma smiled slightly and said: "You go, I will immediately arrange for the Holy See to be responsible for the anti-aircraft sacrificial don't embarrass you. Come back early, the Holy See and the people of the mainland need you."

Dumb respectfully saluted Yuma and said: "Goodbye, Yuma sacrifices, we will definitely be back soon." After speaking, holding Xuanyue's little hand, under the enraged package Flew up and went high into the sky.

The cultivation bases of Xuanyue and Ah-Dai can be said to have reached the top cultivation bases of warriors and magicians on the mainland. With their full strength, their speeds increased rapidly, and they headed towards the Tiangang Mountain Range like lightning, no more than the original small bones. What is slow when carrying them.

The mountains of death. Central peak.

In front of a huge circular altar, a person covered in black is constantly chanting weird spells in strange language. A low and gloomy feeling permeates his body. The six huge golds on the altar The symbol seemed to be trembling slightly. The altar is about three meters high and about fifty meters in diameter. The overall shape is a huge equilateral hexagon. In the center of the altar, there is a spiral pattern with a diameter of three meters. The patterns continue to extend outward to form various Kind of bizarre symbol. On the six corners of the altar, there is a huge golden symbol full of sacred aura. Although thousands of years have passed, the energy of these six symbols has not diminished at all.

Taking a deep breath, the man in black stopped singing the spell, five black figures appeared behind him, and one of them said humanely: "Master, how is it? How long will it take to open the exit."

Chapter 186: Dumb Xianwei

The leader smiled sullenly, and said with some pride: "Wait, it's almost time, I can now clearly feel the voice of Lord Underworld, he seems to be calling us and admiring us. There is no need for the sacred millennium. , I will definitely be able to open the exit and welcome our Lord Underworld to come to the world. Great Elder, how are we doing all over the mainland now?"

The grand elder said: "Everything is going well. Now that the mainland has caused great chaos due to the sudden emergence of our hidden forces, I am afraid it will be difficult to gather together. When the exit opens, it will be the death of these ignorant humans."

The leader said in a deep voice: "Now is the most critical time. Don't care about it. Don't underestimate the Holy See. Since they were able to annihilate the dark demons in their heyday thousands of years ago, they must have powerful strength. Right, Fifth elder, I have been busy opening the exit recently, and I forgot to ask your savior. How did you do it?"

The Fifth Elder lowered his head and said: "Master, Tianyuan is so big, you asked me to find someone on the whole continent, and there is no obvious characteristic. How can I find it! I will be overthrown by the **** named Ah-Dai in the killing process. Before, there was no news at all."

The leader snorted coldly and said: "Trash. Haven't you always been a good way to do it? This time you find someone to be so evasive. If it weren't for your past contributions to our cause, I would not be merciless this time. Such a big stall was ruined in just one year, and you are quite capable."

The fifth elder shook his body. He had heard the killing intent in the leader’s words, and he no longer dared to argue. He humbly said: "The leader, the kid named Ah Dui is really amazing. I think he already possesses the equivalent of a sword master. He has the strength, and he still has the magic weapon Pluto sword that may be Lord Pluto, and he can also summon a silver dragon, which is really difficult to deal with."

The leader’s tone appeared to be much calmer, and he said faintly, “Forget it, when I use people now, I don’t want to embarrass you too much. It doesn’t matter whether the Pluto sword is the magic weapon of Lord Pluto, as long as we can export the demon world. Open it, Lord Pluto will naturally deal with it when he comes to this world. Third Elder, I felt some changes in the Death Mountain a few days ago, did something happen? Why didn't you report it to me in time."

The third elder glanced at the senior elder and bowed and said: "Return to the leader, it seems that some invaders have come a few days ago, but they should have died in the hands of undead creatures. In order not to disturb you, I did not report. I have already More people have been sent to guard the outside. What is more peculiar is that I don’t know why all the resentful spirits of the fifth stage of the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead have disappeared, and there is no trace. Could it be that they escaped the Mountain of Death?"

"What? The resentful spirit disappeared. You didn't say such a big thing earlier." The black light flashed, and the body of the third elder struck out, fell to the side and fell to the ground, spouting two mouthfuls of purple blood one after another.

The leader’s voice became extremely cold. He looked around the other four elders and said: "I tell you, this is the final critical moment of the great cause. No one can relax. If the great cause is destroyed, I will take it first. Your destiny. Wraiths are undead creatures. They can't escape from this place where the **** feathers use their vitality to lay the enchantment, and with my Undead Codex, they dare not escape. The only explanation is that they Has been wiped out by the invading enemy. And our whereabouts are very likely to be exposed as a result, from dark to light, do you know how dangerous this is for us? People in the Holy See are not fools, they always want to understand what we are doing what."

The Grand Elder glanced at the three elders who had been hit hard, and said respectfully: "Master, you don't have to worry too much. Although there is a resentful spirit in the undead creatures, it does not have much impact on the overall strength. Even the humans of the entire continent. Together, it is not so easy to rush through the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead. Although the youngest is wrong this time, it is for the sake of our great cause. You should give him a chance to make merits."

Although the leader was furious, he knew that the great elder was right. In the current situation, more power would benefit them a lot. He snorted heavily and said, "I don't want the same thing. The next time, you all go down, always pay attention to the movement outside the death mountain range, and reclaim all of our subordinates' strength into the death mountain range. Even if humans come to attack, as long as we can persist until we open the entrance, we will succeed. Also, Appease those high-level undead creatures and try to provoke them as little as possible. Those powerful guys are our last resort."

"It's the leader." The great elder floated to the side of the three elders, carried him on his shoulders and retreated with the other elders.

In front of the huge altar, there was only one person left. He looked at the six huge golden symbols in front of him, and said to himself: "God feather, your enchantment will not be able to support it, victory will belong to We are on the dark side, when darkness descends on the earth, there is nothing to stop Master Underworld from advancing." After speaking, he sat cross-legged in the spiral pattern in the center of the altar in the package of black gas, and continued to sing. His unknown spell, as the black mist emanated, the six golden symbols on the altar became much dim.

The towering main peak of Tiangang Mountain still looks so majestic and majestic. The clouds and mist give people a feeling of dust. On a relatively flat ground on the mountainside, a man and a woman cuddled up and sat together. The man was handsome and the woman was exquisitely beautiful. Against the backdrop of the misty Tiangang Mountain, they looked like a couple of gods and goddesses.

"Brother, you are finally about to enter the sixth stage of rebirth. You are definitely the best among the fourth generation of disciples. There are not many uncles and uncles of the third generation that can surpass you. I am so happy."

"It's not just me, everyone is very diligent in cultivation now. Didn't you say that the head master said that the situation on the mainland is very complicated now. Only by improving the strength of our Tiangang Sword Sect can we better preserve our paradise. "

"Brother, I, I want a child." A blush flew on the girl's pretty face, and she looked even more delicate.

The handsome young man shook his whole body, hugged the girl tightly in his arms, and smiled: "One by one, I can get you as a wife in this life, I have no regrets. Even if I die immediately, I am willing."

The girl hurriedly covered the young man’s mouth, and said with a slight anger: "I hate pulling, don’t talk nonsense, what death and life, we still want to live happily? On this continent, there is no place like our Tiangang Mountain. Now, brother, you have to protect me forever."

This pair of men and women are Liao Yi and Lu Yiyi, who were recently married. They were in charge of patrolling the mountain today. When they walked here, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of them, they could not help but stop. Liao Yigang wanted to say something. Suddenly, he seemed to have a thought and subconsciously looked down the mountain. His face changed, he pulled his wife, frowned and said, "One by one, someone is coming."

Lu Yiyi was still intoxicated by her husband’s warmth. Following her husband’s gaze, he looked down the mountain, and saw a cloud of white gas coming in the direction of the mountain quickly. It was not the fog in the mountain, it seemed to contain huge energy. Yes, it's just that the energy is too dense, so they can't see the scene in the energy.

Liao Yi drew out his Tiangang epee with his backhand, and breathed out his true energy, and instantly poured it into the epee. The three-foot-long sword glow continued to huff, and he shouted in a deep voice: "Who dares to trespass into Tiangang Mountain? ."

A clear voice resounded from the white light that was about to fly in front of the two of them, "It's not trespassing, but going home. Brother Liao, long time no see." The light flashed, just when Liao Yi's heart was startled. , Two figures of a man and a woman have appeared in front of him and Lu. The irresistible huge energy instantly dissolved his aura. It was unstoppable and powerful. Liao Yi clearly felt that even if he was about to enter the sixth realm of Shengsheng Zhenqi, it turned out to be in front of the person who suddenly appeared. So vulnerable. In surprise, he guarded his wife behind his back and looked at each other intently. When he saw the appearance of the incoming person, his vigilance suddenly disappeared, and he was pleasantly surprised: "Ah! Little Shishu, it's you!" This suddenly appeared, and it was Ah Dumb and Xuan Yue who were flying fast. , In just over a day, they have arrived at the main peak of Tiangang Mountain.

"Isn't it me? Big Brother Liao, you are older than me, don't call me Uncle Master!" Back at Tiangang Mountain, Dumb felt as if he was going home, feeling uncomfortable.

Liao Yi smiled slightly and said, "Well, even though I am older than you, your seniority is indeed higher than mine! How could I violate the door rules. Uncle Dumb, your cultivation level has increased a lot. It really makes me ashamed!"

At this time, Lu Yiyi also recognized the person who came here. Dui had once broken her leg, which made her remember very deeply. She curled her lips and said, "So it's you! Only once in a few years, you The disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect are at leisure."

Liao Yi scolded: "One by one, don't be rude, and see Uncle Master soon."

A dumb smile said: "No, come, let me introduce to you, this is my fiancee Xuan Yue." With that, he let out Xuan Yue behind him. Xuan Yue smiled slightly at the two and nodded.

Lu Yi blinked his big eyes, and said, "I don't need your introduction, we've seen him a long time ago, Xiao——Uncle Master, you are really amazing! You even asked for such a beautiful wife."

Duan blushed, glanced at Xuan Yue, smiled and said, "Being Yue Yue as a wife is the greatest happiness of my life."

Xuan Yue said: "You are the road one by one, remember when I came last time, it seemed that I heard that you were getting married? Now..."

Liao Yi smiled and said, "We are married."

Dumb said with joy: "Congratulations, Brother Liao, you are so lucky!"

Lu hooked her husband’s arm one by one and said, “Of course he’s very convinced, Dumb Xiao——Uncle Master, why are you free to come back? You have been in the camp for many years, but this is my second place. See you again."

Dumb sighed lightly and said, "It's not that I don't want to come back, it's really involuntary! Big Brother Liao, let's go back to the mountain together. I have important things to visit Uncle Xi Wen immediately."

"Okay, let's go quickly. However, Master, you must not call the word elder brother anymore, otherwise the elders will punish me, so you call me Liao Yihao."

"Well, Liao Yi, I'll take you for a while, Yueyue, you take one by one." After finishing speaking, before the road objected one by one, he grabbed Liao Yi's arm, and urged the vigorous life inside the body. Qi soared into the sky in the white light. Xuanyue's speed was not slow, she didn't chant a spell, and the golden light easily wrapped the road one by one, floating up, chasing after Ah Du.

It was the first time to experience the feeling of flying. After being surprised, Liao Yi and Lu couldn't help but become curious one by one. Seeing the surrounding scenery quickly disappear, both of them had a strange feeling. The main peak of Tiangang Mountain is more than 6,000 meters high, and it takes more than 3,000 meters to reach the top of the mountain from the middle of the mountain. However, with the advanced cultivation skills of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue, in just ten minutes, when Liao Yihe Lu is down to earth again. At that time, he was already standing in front of the gate of the Tiangang Sword Sect.

Liao Yi and his wife looked at each other, and the two felt the horror in each other's hearts at the same time. After years of cultivation, they had never imagined that they could achieve this level with human ability. A Dumb's gentle voice sounded, "Let's go in."

Liao Yi's body was shocked, and he respectfully saluted Ah-Dai: "Uncle Master, you really opened my eyes! I would like to ask for your advice in the future." This is the first time he called Ah-Dai as Uncle Master from the heart.

Dumb smiled and said, "I don't dare to be a teacher. Let's have a chance to learn from each other. They are all in the same discipline. It is okay to help each other."

Lu Yiyi said with some confusion: "You, are you really angry with what you just used? How is this possible?"

Duan and Xuanyue looked at each other, both of them showed knowing smiles on their faces, "Of course I was born with true anger. I have always only had this kind of true anger! Our Tiangang Sword Sect can enjoy this kind of anger on the mainland. High reputation, how can it be a fundamental life decision? As long as you practice hard, you will reach this state one day."

Road one by one: "Then, how many levels have you cultivated now? If I reach your realm, can I fly like a bird? Even grandpa and those masters don’t seem to know How about flying? How did you do it." Just now, the performance of Dui and Xuanyue has completely shocked her heart. Xuanyue’s ability to fly can also be explained as the magic of magic, but Duan’s flying is completely invigorating. For the media to succeed, how can we not give way to the curiosity of this girl who has hardly been out of the Tiangang Sword School?

Dumb laughed: "Of course all the uncles have the ability to fly? As long as you have reached the eighth level or above, you can start trying. It's actually very simple. Let's go, let's go in first, and come back this time. I will stay on the mountain for a while, and I will teach you then."

Liao Yixi said, "Then I have to ask you more." As a leader among the fourth-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect, his cultivation level stands out among the disciples of the same generation, but Liao Yi is a steady person and never does this. Boast, always study modestly in order to make progress. Although he is married, he has never been lazy in his cultivation, and his cultivation is advancing with each passing day. Of course, he knows how important it is for him to get the guidance of a master.

Under the leadership of Liao Yi and his wife, Duan and Xuanyue walked into the gate of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Since it was the morning, most of the people were cultivating, so they didn’t see anyone, they could only hear occasional reports from the martial arts field. The cry of coming.

As they walked, Liao said: "Uncle Master, except for the second master in the Huasheng Empire, all the other masters are practicing in retreat. A few days ago, the master master summoned all three generations of disciples to discuss something. , The three generations of disciples and masters began to cultivate very hard, almost every day except eating and resting, they are in the process of cultivating. Do you know what is going on? I have asked my father several times, and my father always said, this It’s an adult’s matter, and children don’t need to know."

Dui's heart moved and thought, the second and third generations of disciples practiced hard to go to the Death Mountain to fight against the Dark Sacred Church. The reason why Xiwen did not allow the third generation of disciples to tell the situation to the lowest fourth generation of disciples was probably because they were afraid that they would invite them to fight. Also, the general cultivation base of the four generations of disciples is not enough to go to the Death Mountain. Uncle Xi Wen did this to preserve some blood of the Sword School! He sighed softly and said, "I'm sorry, Liao Yi, although I know about this, but I can't tell you about it. You will definitely understand it in the future. Uncle Xiwen and the others usually wake up in cultivation?"

One Liao: "It’s almost time for dinner, you can rest for a while."

Dumb smiled and said, "We are not tired. Since Mr. Xi Wen and the others cannot wake up from the practice for the time being, you can take us to the martial arts field to see. By the way, we can also learn from each other.

Liao Yixi said: "Okay! I can't ask for it. There are four generations of disciples in the martial arts field. If you can give us pointers, it will definitely benefit our cultivation."

Duan did mean to help the lower-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Except for the psychedelic forest of Corris, it was counted as his home. He has deep and deep feelings for the Tiangang Sword Sect. Turning to look at Xuan Yue next to her, smiling and saying: "Are you tired?"

Xuan Yue gently shook her head, and said, "Am I not tired? You took me to fly along the way."

Dumb laughed: "Then let's go together. Ashamed, as a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, I have never been to the martial arts field much, let alone practice there."

Led by Liao Yi and his wife, the four of them passed through the two-entry courtyard, turned a detour, and crossed the promenade, and arrived at the martial arts field in the backyard of Tiangang Sword School, which was tens of thousands of square meters wide.

The layout of the martial arts field of the Tiangang Sword Sect is extremely simple, without any tools, it is completely an empty square. Hundreds of four generations of the Tiangang Sword Sect disciples are constantly practicing the most basic Tiangang swordsmanship. They have a 56 kg Tiangang sword in their hands. The heavy sword, wrapped in the white vindictive spirit, was brandishing the tiger and the wind, and some brothers with similar skills were comparing each other.

Liao Yi smiled slightly, and said, "Uncle Master, our martial arts field occupies a very large area. The same school usually cultivates maneuvers in the morning, and starts to meditate in the afternoon. Sometimes, the four generations of disciples usually Cultivating to the third or fourth level of skill, only one or two seniors can reach the fifth level."

Lu smiled one by one and said, "Aren't you also the fifth one? And you're almost the sixth one?"

Dui was shocked. Of course, he knew that cultivating real qi requires gradual progress. At first, under the guidance of Uncle Owen, he practiced hard every day, and it took five years to reach the fourth level. Later he went to the mainland. Only later did it enter the fifth level. If it weren't for the master to pass on the skill to himself, would he still not know what level he was at? Seeing that Liao Yi is not a few years older than himself, he has already cultivated to the sixth level. This can only be described by the word genius!

Liao Yi said awkwardly: "Uncle Master, don't listen to all the nonsense. My skill is far worse than yours."

Dumb shook his head, and said, "My improvement in cultivation is just a coincidence. If I practice purely on my own, I'm afraid there is nothing different from you now, Liao Yi, you must be very hard in your daily cultivation."

Liao nodded a little, and said, "I like to practice, especially the feeling that my whole body is full of vindictive energy. It will naturally take longer than others to practice. Uncle Master, what do you think of their swordsmanship?"

Dumb looked at the agile figures and smiled bitterly: "Don't ask me about this. I didn't learn a lot of swordsmanship at the beginning. Later, it became even more rusty, and now I only remember a single cut."

Liao Yi hesitated and said: "Uncle Master, don't be humble. Your cultivation level is so high, you must look down on our level."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "He is not humble. He is telling the truth. We have been together for such a long time. I haven't seen him use any exquisite swordsmanship. It is completely hard work. However, when the cultivation level is reached. After a certain level, skill is the key to determining the final victory."

Liao Yi said somewhat disapprovingly: "I don't think so. I think moves are also very important. Without moves, how can I use my skills to the highest level? Proficient skills sometimes play a decisive role. "

Duan nodded and said indifferently: "What you said makes sense, but there is a question you have thought about. In a person's life, energy is limited. For example, there are only fifty years to practice in one's life. If If you have divided up twenty years of practicing moves in these fifty years, then you can only have thirty years to practice fighting qi. No matter how talented you are, you cannot be better than those who have practiced fighting qi for fifty years. You understand me Mean?"

A glint flashed in Liao's eye. Although he still didn't fully agree with Dumb's words, he still had to admit that his words did have some truth.

"Brother Liao Yi, you are here, please give us some pointers." Two teenagers, about sixteen or seven years old, ran up to Liao Yi. Seeing their reverent looks, it is obvious that Liao Yi has a lot of weight in the hearts of his peers.

Liao Yi looked at the two younger brothers and smiled and said, "I have the uncle, where do I use it? Please consult with the uncle, as long as you can learn the martial arts of the uncle, it will be enough for your life. ."

The two young disciples looked at Ah-Dai suspiciously. Ah-Dai’s simple and honest face naturally gave them a kind of cordial feeling, "Master? How come I haven’t seen it! It seems that there is no such young master in the generation of masters. Brother Liao Yi, you must be lying to us, right."

Liao Yi scolded: "Don't talk nonsense, Master Dumb has been traveling abroad, and he just came back today."

Dumb smiled and said, "Don't blame them. I didn't look like a master uncle. You call me Dumb brother. How many levels have you cultivated for your true Qi?"

Liao Yi answered this question for the two junior disciples, "The two of them are the youngest of the four generations of disciples. They have not cultivated for a long time, and they are both in the second state. However, they are very talented and have almost reached the third level. Uncle Master, let me call all the brothers in here."

Dumb shook his head. Seeing how the four generations of disciples practiced so enthusiastically, he couldn't help but feel a little bit difficult to scratch, and said in his heart, "No. That's fine. Let me test everyone's reaction ability?" As soon as he opened his mouth, his body flashed out. With Ah Dui's current skill, just a movement of his mind, his body has transformed into a speed like a ghost, his back with one hand, the other hand stretched forward, and he floated towards the nearest four people like lightning. The four disciples were practising vigorously, and suddenly felt the strong wind blowing beside them, almost without any hesitation. At the same time, they cut the Tiangang epee in the direction of the strong wind, because they were afraid that it was their own people, so they did not give their full strength. , Four swords split out, intertwined into a sword net in the air, focusing on defense. When they think about it, even if the opponent's skill is strong, they will inevitably be blocked by their seamless cooperation. However, they were wrong. Almost at the same time, I felt a strong force coming from my epee. With that strong skill, there was almost no chance of blocking. Their epee had been shaken, and the skill from the opponent was very soft, and there was no shock. They, but the strong wind has already hit the body. These four disciples are considered to be not weak in cultivation among the four generations of disciples. Suddenly encountered such a formidable attack, the four did not panic. They retreated in four directions at the same time at their fastest speed. The shattered Tiangang epee pulled back and protected him. The silver light flashed, just when the four of them thought they were safe, they were surprised to find that their blood had been sealed, and they fell to the ground, maintaining almost the same movement. What they saw was a silver whirlwind. Although Ah Dui sealed the meridians of the four disciples, he couldn't help but secretly praised in his heart. These four disciples were still only the cultivation base of the Fourth Rebirth Judgment, but he was able to block his attack without panic, if it were not cultivation base. The difference is too far, it is really difficult to subdue them with one blow. Although I was thinking about it in my mind, Ah Du's figure did not stop at all, and continued to attack the other four generations of disciples like a whirlwind. Although Dumb attacked the four disciples for a very short time, it also aroused the vigilance of other disciples. Although I can't see exactly what the silver whirlwind is, these fellow apprentice brothers moved closer together subconsciously, all the Tiangang epees were pointed forward, and the white anger was released. When they had just finished all of this, dumb had already arrived, and countless silver threads of fighting spirit wafted out from the silver whirlwind like a net of heaven and earth, and instantly impacted the disciples in front of them. All the disciples were in a state of danger, and at the same time they shouted loudly. The people standing behind floated up. Almost all of them raised their Tiangang epees and made a slash at the life-turned-solid fighting spirit that Dui sent out. For a moment, The energy of the same origin instantly filled the martial arts field. Hundreds of white energies condensed together and turned into a huge white blade of light to slash towards Dumb.

Dui was shocked. He clearly felt how powerful the vigorous vigor in front of him was. He didn't dare to have the slightest hesitation. He hurriedly increased his skill by 20% and turned the solid vibrating vigor that was scattered in the air like an arm. Condensed into a huge seven-foot-long silver energy sword across his chest. The silver whirlwind disappeared, and the figure wearing a blue samurai uniform appeared clearly in front of the four generations of disciples. What was about to happen was not forgotten by these disciples for a lifetime.

Of course Ah Dui knows how profound his cultivation Although the combined attack of the hundred four-generation disciples in front of this episode is powerful, it is at best the same as the Mie Shi Yi Zhan that was jointly issued by Mie Yi and others. , And he has reached the sixth change of Sheng Sheng Qi is completely incomparable. In order not to hurt these fellows, he has completely internalized his skill, and the silver energy sword in his hand draws a small arc above his head, with a fluttering momentum. The compelling joint chop energy greeted us.

With a puff, the silver sword and the huge white energy blade touched in the air, and the two seemingly disproportionate energy squeezed each other in the air. Duan felt the pure grudge coming from the white energy blade, and a smile hung on the corner of his mouth. The silver sword that resisted the white energy blade changed, and the silver light suddenly rose, and in an instant it completely enveloped the white energy. At this time, the four generations of disciples were weak after all, and some of their successors were already weak. The offensive could not help but slowed down, and the energy of slashing disappeared. Just as they were preparing to launch their next attack, the cloud of condensed but not dispersed silver fighting energy flew out like an explosion, and there was almost no chance to resist. These hundred four-generation disciples were completely affected by the irresistible solid fighting energy. Silk subdued.

All the light disappeared, and Dui stood in the middle of the martial arts arena with his hands holding hands, moving lightly, blowing a corner of his robe outside of his samurai uniform, and his long black hair waving in the wind. At this moment, the honest and ordinary face looked so mighty and invincible in the eyes of the four generations of disciples. Most of these disciples had never seen Ah-Dai. Although they were angry at this time, they couldn't hide a hint of admiration in their eyes.

Chapter 187: 7 changes

Liao Yi and his wife and Xuan Yue walked up. Dui had just blinked these four generations of disciples before. Liao Yi didn’t know what it was like. The uncle in front of him who was younger than him was so powerful. So tough.

Dumb looked around at the disciples who were subdued by him, and said indifferently: "Everyone is very good. Sudden attack can immediately defend and even fight back. But do you know why I was defeated? The reason is only One, that is your lack of skill. If I were the enemy, I am afraid that none of you can live anymore. What you need is to practice more to improve your strength. My name is Ah Dui, a three-generation disciple, and I just came back from outside. You may stay in the pie for about a month. If there is anything you don’t understand in zhenqi cultivation in the future, just ask me.” A dull's eyes flashed, silver energy appeared again, and the same strands of fighting spirit floated out. Accurately connect to everyone, even Liao Yi and his wife and the two young disciples did not let go, smiled slightly, and dumbly said: "When we meet for the first time, I will give everyone a little gift. Concentrate and guard Dantian. "The golden body in the body was completely mobilized by Ah-Dai, and the surging vitality of life instantly found hundreds of solid fighting qi threads floating out, and it instantly spread to these four generations of disciples.

Liao Yi was overjoyed, and he immediately understood that Ah-Dai wanted to help the disciples improve their skills. Although he didn't know what Ah-Dai would do, he also understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He hurriedly concentrated on his power and wanted to guard his dantian. A warm and surging energy slowly enters my body, and the energy that is the same as my own goes along with the meridians. After a while, it has been integrated with the Shengshengzhenqi in my Dantian, and it is driven by this Zhenqi. Next, Liao Yi was surprised to find that several meridians that he could not rush through before were actually rushed away under the action of this huge energy, and the vital energy was gathered towards his dantian like a sea of rivers. From the strength of the energy From the top, he clearly knew that he had entered the sixth stage of life transformation. I don't know how long it took. When the zhenqi in the body circulated in the body for three weeks after the ascension, the warm energy entered into the body was withdrawn from my body and disappeared following the way it came.

All four generations of disciples have almost the same experience as Liao Yi. Under the same external force, several important meridians in their bodies have been opened up. Not only have their skills improved, they will also play a role in their future cultivation. To an extremely important role. The hundred four-generation disciples regained consciousness one by one after the warm energy was withdrawn, and the bodies of those disciples whose meridians were previously sealed had also recovered their freedom.

Opening his eyes, Liao Yi first discovered that Dui was not far from him. At this time Dui's face was extremely pale, and he could barely stand firm with Xuan Yue's support. Just now, he suddenly wanted to do something for the Tiangang Sword Sect on a whim. So regardless of the consequences, he used his skill to open up the meridians for these hundred four-generation disciples at the same time. What he didn't know was how dangerous it was. Once his skill was insufficient, not only would he die from exhaustion, but also those disciples. Betrayal. However, he still succeeded. Relying on the cultivation base to reach the sixth rebirth transformation, he succeeded. Not only did he open up the meridians of these disciples, but he also completely recovered the fighting energy he had output. The main reason for his current weakness is his spirit. The power consumption is too large, and at the same time, he has a hundred energies, even with the spiritual power that he reaches the realm of the magister, he can't bear it. Xuan Yue held Dui blamefully. Although she didn't know how dangerous everything Dui had done before, she felt extremely distressed when she saw that her beloved became so tired now.

Liao Yi solemnly walked to the side of Dui, and glanced at the brothers who were still in shock. With a plop, he knelt down in front of Dah, "Uncle Master, thank you for fulfilling us." After speaking, he banged his head at Dah three times. The disciples were not fools either. They had fully understood the situation at this time. They had no other thoughts in their hearts except for paying tribute to Dumb. One by one, including Lu, fell to the ground one by one, "Thank you, Uncle Master, for your accomplishment." The sound spread throughout the martial arts field. The Tiangang Sword Sect has developed to the fourth generation, and the number of disciples has increased. There are hundreds of disciples in the four generations alone. Dui’s deeds today have benefited these four generations of disciples who remain in the martial art, and also laid the foundation for Tiangang. The Sword Sect’s thousand-year-old legacy. Even after hundreds of years, the descendants of the Tiangang Sword Sect still talked about the fact that Ah-Dai was also spreading merit to hundreds of people today.

Although Ah Dui was very weak, but seeing the improvement in the cultivation of these four generations of disciples under her own efforts, she couldn't help but smile, and said, "Don't do this, everyone. Get up. You must meditate tonight. Only in this way can there be better results. In the future, we must work hard to cultivate life and death. Our Tiangang Sword Sect was born to maintain the justice of the mainland. The ancestral system set by the master must be completed by us. Ah, yes, let you Bring all your Tiangang swords and put them together. Yueyue, I'm going to trouble you."

Xuanyue and Ah'Dai had a close mind, and of course they knew what he was going to do, and said softly, "Okay."

The four generations of disciples admired Ah-Dai very much, and no one would violate his will, and put their own life-cherished Tiangang epee not far in front of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue.

Dumb turned his head to look at Xuanyue and smiled and said, "This is my fiancee, the Holy Vatican’s red dress to worship Xuanyue. Our husband and wife came here for the first time, so let her give you the same gift." Nodded.

Xuan Yue stroked the void, took out her angel's staff, and chanted softly: "Great God of heaven! Please grant me your sacred power, light of healing, light of sacred, light of mercy, light of destruction, listen I order, fuse." In the golden light, Xuan Yue’s body slowly drifted away from the ground. Suddenly a golden cloud floated above Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue smiled slightly, the angel in her hand The rod of the rod was drawn into the void, and a golden beam of light fell from the golden clouds in the sky. It accurately hit the Tiangang epee placed together. These epees are made of 100-refined steel. Shuoshuo shines under the light. Two slender wings of light floated out from behind Xuanyue. Against the background of the golden wings of light, Xuanyue's body in a white dress was full of sacred aura. In addition to her beautiful delicate face, she couldn't help but let these The four generations of disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect looked a little confused. They all cast their gazes on Xuan Yue idiotically, their gazes were full of reverence and appreciation, without a trace of blasphemy. In their hearts, Xuan Yue was like a goddess descending to the earth.

The golden beam of light appeared thicker after Xuanyue's wings appeared, and the solid-like light shone over hundreds of Tiangang heavy swords. A quarter of an hour seemed to be in the blink of an eye, the light converged, the light clouds in the sky disappeared, and the hundred ordinary epees on the ground shone with a faint golden light full of sacred aura. No matter who it is, they understand that these swords have already Their nature has changed completely. The one hundred seven-handed epee after Xuanyue's transformation is called the "Hundred God Sword" by disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect in later generations. Only disciples who have reached a considerable level of cultivation can Use has been passed down to later generations.

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Xuan Yue slowly recovered her skills. She was still very satisfied with the light of fusion that she had improved. She knew that her cultivation level had improved even more.

After this quarter of an hour's breath adjustment, Duan's spirit has been much better, and he smiled and said: "Yueyue, your light magic is really more and more surprising to me! It is much stronger than I thought."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't hold me up, but these swords have been blessed by my permanent fusion light, and their power should be good. Everyone can take the swords back. From now on, you can still use the original methods. Once the fighting energy is injected, there should be a certain sacred energy bonus, in order to be larger than before."

Liao Yi and the four generations of disciples looked at each other. For a long while, everyone bowed and saluted Xuanyue almost at the same time, saying, "Thank you for the sword." For these disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect, there is nothing more than their own heavy sword. Precious things, Xuan Yue's deeds, in their hearts, the grace is no less than that of the previous dumb passing on them.

Xuan Yue held Ah Dui’s arm, and the disciples made her face blushing with the words of the teacher’s aunt. She gave Ah Dui a happy look and smiled and said, "Everyone, continue to practice, Brother Liao, please take us to rest. For a while, Dumb was spending more time just now."

Liao Yi quickly agreed, and together with his wife, Dui and Xuanyue came to the lounge behind the sword pie.

Dumb said, "Brother Liao, you can go to work. At dinner, I will go directly to the meeting hall to meet Uncle Xi Wen. If you see his old man, please help me."

Liao Yi also wanted to quickly test the power of the true vitality that he had just ascended to the sixth stage. He hurriedly agreed and retreated with Lu Yiyi to the two of them. Seeing them leaving, Xuan Yue not only groaned: "Dumb, what are you doing consumes so much power, look at it, now that it consumes so much mental power, it's almost impossible to stand still."

Dui sat down on the big bed with Xuan Yue’s support and smiled and said, "The position of the Tiangang Sword Sect in my heart is the same as the position of the Holy See in your heart. I finally come back. I always hope to do it for the Sword Sect. Whatever, mental strength can be restored anyway, it’s nothing, I’ll be better after meditating for a while."

"Hey--, you, meditate, I will protect the law for you." After she said, she gently helped A-Dai take off his coat and helped him sit on the bed cross-legged. Feeling Xuan Yue's tenderness, there was silence in Ah Du's heart, closing his eyes, and gradually entering a state of meditation. I haven't meditated for a long time. At the beginning, because the mental power is completely different from the true qi, Duan is still a little uncomfortable. Gradually, through the integration with the sea of consciousness, he enters the state of cultivation recovery.

I don't know how long it took, and when I felt my consciousness was filled with spiritual energy again, Dumb woke up from his meditation state. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Xuanyue sitting beside me, who was also meditating. Looking at her delicate face wrapped in golden light, Dui's heart trembled. This is his wife!

Xuan Yue seemed to feel the blazing gaze of Ah-Dah, slowly opened her beautiful eyes, and smiled and said, "Non-boy, what are you looking at?"

Dumb said stupidly: "Of course I saw my beautiful wife. Yueyue, you are so beautiful. Every time I see you, I seem to go back to when I first met you in the small town of the Honghu tribe. An amazing feeling."

Xuanyue's eyes became soft as water, and she whispered: "Although you are not handsome, people can't help but love you. To be honest, I don't know how much I like you, but it is this The liking of reason makes me unable to extricate myself."

Ah Dumb embraced Xuan Yue in his arms emotionally, just about to say something, but suddenly heard the slight footsteps coming from outside, it seemed that he was a master. Xuan Yue's spiritual sense was extremely keen, and she naturally heard it too. She broke free from the arms of Dumb, and the two looked in the direction of the door at the same time.

The door opened, and the familiar figure of Shivin that made the two of them appeared in front of him, dumb jumped off the bed and said in surprise, "Master."

Xi Wen smiled slightly and said, "My child, you are back. I heard Yueyue say that your trip to Death Mountain was successful. Uncle is so proud of you!"

Dumb scratched his head and said, "It's just good luck, Uncle, have you met Yueyue before? Why don't you wake me up."

Xuan Yue said: "You have consumed so much mental energy and need time to replenish it. Of course, I can't wake you up. You have been meditating for two days. Now you are almost recovered. When you meditate, I feel you It seems that his mental power is already very strong. If you major in magic, you must also be a magister."

Dumb said: "I don't know why my mental power increases so quickly, Uncle, since Yueyue has told you, then I won't repeat it. To be honest, the situation on the Death Mountain makes me very worried. , The power of undead creatures is more terrifying than we thought. Those high-level creatures may cause us a lot of trouble. When are you going to set off to the Holy See to join forces with all parties."

Xi Wen said: "I just received a letter from your second uncle today, and he has also received news from his side. He is reorganizing the most elite army and magician group. It is estimated that it will take some time to reach the Holy See. The situation of other parties is also It should be about the same. The traitors that appeared a few days ago were ups and downs, and they are all a bit hectic now. I am afraid that it will take a while to gather together, and it will take three months at the earliest if they are available. There are still more than ten days to do the second. The four great sword masters competed once every ten years. After you and the other three sword masters finish the trial, we will immediately set off to the Holy See."

Dumb smiled and said, "You and I have thought of going together. Uncle, don't worry, I will not let Master down. I will never lose in this competition."

Xiwen's expression became solemn, "Child, it is good to have confidence, but you must not be careless. The other three sword saints, like your master, have been famous on the mainland for decades, and they are not so good. Yes. As long as you can make a tie with them, your master’s reputation will not be undermined."

Duan nodded and said, "Uncle, I understand. In fact, you have also broken through the ninth realm of real aura, and you also have the strength of a sword saint."

Xi Wen smiled slightly and said, "Thank you for that. If I didn't practice with you at the beginning, I don't know how long it would take to break through that barrier. My life change has now reached the third change, but , I’m getting older, and I’m afraid it will be difficult to make any breakthroughs in the future. I’m afraid that in the remaining years, it’s impossible to reach your current state. You also know how difficult it is for each level of change in life."

Of course Ah Dui understood that if he had not been absorbing the energy of the second golden body injected by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint into his body, it would have been impossible for him to reach the state of the sixth change in such a short time. "Uncle, you are only in your eighties this year, and you are not too old!"

Xiwen walked to the chair in the room and sat down, and said, "Silly boy, what an eighty-year-old man. Uncle is over ninety years old. I don't have the profound skills of your master. I will live another life at best. One or twenty years only. From now on, you will have to bear the burden of the Tiangang Sword Sect! If we succeed in eliminating the dark forces in the Death Mountain this time, the uncle will not plan to practice any more, and you and I Several uncles have already decided that we will spend almost half of our life in cultivation. In the last of this period, we must live for ourselves, prepare to travel to beautiful places in the mainland, and finally come back and wait for death."

When he heard the word death by Xiwen, Duan couldn't help showing a trace of sadness in his eyes, "Uncle..."

Xiwen shook his hand and said, "One of us cannot live for a hundred years, and he will always die. Death is not a terrible thing. The end of one soul is also the beginning of another. Don't think about it. Wait for me a hundred years. , If you are willing, come here to take over as the head. If you don’t want to, I won’t force it. As long as you take care of it, it’s okay. Until now, I understand that the master’s painstaking efforts for you, as long as there is a sword sect. Sword Saint, then no one can shake our position on the mainland. By the way, I already knew about the day you came to spread the kung fu for the four generations of children, and I now fully believe the words of Prophet Prin. You are worthy of it. It is the savior of the mainland. Those naughty children seem to be practicing hard as if taking stimulants. I have never seen them so seriously before. Uncle, I really want to thank you."

Dui shook his head and said, "This is what I should do. As a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, I have done too little for the Sword Sect. Don't worry, this is the home of Dui no matter what. Living, we will never let anyone offend the dignity of our Tiangang Sword Sect."

Xiwen smiled with satisfaction and nodded: "I really admire your master's insight into the old man. It seems that the Tiangang Sword Sect can be worry-free for a hundred years."

Dumb said: "Uncle, I'm going to compete with the other three Juggernauts soon. I want to retreat for more than ten days and try to improve my cultivation level again, so that I can be more confident."

Xiwen nodded and said, "I think so too. By the way, I heard the master talk about the rules of their Four Great Sword Masters. Let me tell you. In fact, the way they compete is very simple. It is a cyclical battle, that is to say, you have to fight against three other people separately, and finally ranked according to the winning rate. The Eastern Sword Saint Yunyi has always been second only to your master. His cultivation is extremely profound, which is funny to say. The results of the second competition were exactly the same. Your master had won all three matches and Yunyi had two wins. The Northern Sword Saint Falcon had one victory. The most involved was Western Sword Master Harry, who seemed to have never won. Yunyi’s swordsmanship of Qingfeng and Mingyue is highly respected by your master. He is almost 110 years old this year, not much younger than your master. Among the other three sword sages, it belongs to him and your master. He has the deepest friendship. His swordsmanship is characteristic of pervasiveness. The vindictiveness is very penetrating. It was not easy for the master to defeat him back then. He is your biggest opponent. As long as you can draw with him, that’s enough. Twenty Years have passed, and I don’t know if he has developed any new martial arts. The fire nightmare of the Northern Sword Saint Falcon is very domineering, has the power to shake the sky and the earth, and matches his fierce fire night sword skills, which is better than Yunyi There is not much difference. He is the one who cultivates the hardest, but his comprehension is worse than that of your master and Yunyi, so he ranks third. As for the Western swordsman Harry, what he is good at is Qinglian's fighting spirit. The current skill should be enough to win the victory, but you should not be careless. Senior Harry often makes some strange tricks, which is quite a headache. Remember the last time the master and his old man took me with me. , I wanted to watch the battle, but the vindictiveness generated during the match between them was too strong. I only watched it for a while, and was dazzled by your master sent it out. Then they fought for 20 days. , Just came out hand in hand. To tell the truth, among the current warriors who can become your master's friends, there are only three of them. After seeing them, you must be respectful and disciples, understand?"

Duan nodded, and smiled bitterly: "Among these three seniors, I am the only senior Yunyi that I have not seen. I have learned about both the Western and Northern Sword Saints, and their cultivation is indeed very profound."

Xi Wen was taken aback, and said, "Have you seen two sword masters? When did this happen? Why haven't I heard you say it."

At the moment, Ah-Dai completely mastered how he strengthened the Western Sword Master Harry, and how to make enemies with the Northern Sword-Master Falcon. After listening to Ah-Dai’s narration, Shivin sighed and said: "What happened to Senior Falcon? Don't worry too much. But, to be honest, you have done a lot of murders in the past few years in the mainland. Fortunately, almost everyone you kill has a way of killing, otherwise the uncle will not spare you."

Listening to Xi Wen's words, Ah Dumb was sweating down from behind, thinking of what he had done before, and his heart trembled slightly, yeah! There are so many people who have killed themselves, and there are too many people who can't even count them. Although those people have a way to die. But that is always one life after another, killing so hard by himself is really hurtful.

Xi Wen said: "Well, don't think too much about it. It's already happened, and it's useless to regret it. Although Senior Fultu is overbearing, he is not a person of ignorance. There are two other Juggernauts, just make things clear. , If you respect it, admit a mistake to him, and he won't be too difficult for you."

Dumb sighed slightly, remembering the bleak scene when the girl died, and said faintly: "Killing Tiro is the least regrettable thing for me. Even if I repeat it a hundred times, I will still do the same. Even though I respect the other three Juggernauts, I will never admit that I was wrong in this matter. I am not afraid of being embarrassed by the falcon. When I started killing people, I had already thought of conflict with him."

Xi Wen was silent for a while before shook his head and said, "I'll talk about it when the time comes. But you can't be overly aggressive, after all, you have to leave some affection for those old seniors. No matter when, the uncle will always stand by you. This side."

Dumb's eyes were red, and he said gratefully: "Thank you, Uncle."

Xiwen stood up and walked, saying, "Where are you going to meditate? There are more people in the party, which will easily affect you."

Dui thought for a while, and said, "Let's go to the Houshan Grottoes where Master Master and his old man practiced." Thinking of the kind smile of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, Dui couldn't help feeling strong sorrow, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Xiwen walked to Ah Du's side, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Good boy, don't be sad. If your master sees your achievements today, you will definitely be proud of you. Let's go, I will do it now. Take you there. Yueyue! Taking care of Dumb will trouble you."

Xuan Yue grabbed Ah Dui's big hand and smiled: "Uncle, this is what I should do, it's not troublesome at all."

Eighteen days later, at the Houshan Grottoes of the Tiangang Sword Sect, Xuan Yue anxiously looked at Ah Dumb, who was sitting cross-legged on the boulder ten meters away. The place where Ah-Dai sat was the place where the Tiangang Sword Saint was practicing. He has been meditating for 18 days, but there is still no sign of soberness. Instead, the day when the four great Sword Saints competed is today, although the other three The Juggernaut hadn't arrived yet, but if Dumb couldn't wake up in time, he couldn't challenge at all. The body guard around his body looked extremely unstable, with a burst of silver and a burst of gold, two colors alternately appearing, Xuan Yue's heart was extremely anxious. From five days ago, Dui had become like this. She was afraid that Duan would become confused. , Get Xiwen. But Xiwen didn’t know why Ah-Dai became like this. He didn’t dare to take action easily, but he was afraid that it would affect Ah-Dai’s cultivation and cause serious consequences. He told Xuan Yue that all he could do now was to wait for Ah-Dai himself. Wake up from the state of cultivation. The energy around Ah Du's body was not only unstable, but also extremely repellent. Even with Xuan Yue's cultivation base, he couldn't get close to ten meters around his body. I can only watch him cultivating in the alternation of gold and silver energy.

Suddenly, just when Xuanyue was extremely anxious, Ah'Dai's body armor changed, a clear golden light suddenly gleamed from his chest, and the energy around Ah'Dai's body suddenly surged, holding Xuanyue's body Pushed to the wall of the grotto and stopped. Under tremendous pressure, Xuan Yue could only summon a phoenix covering to protect her body, and she looked at Dumb in surprise.

The golden light on Ah'Dai's chest suddenly brightened, and it gradually moved downward. The dazzling golden light made Xuan Yue close her eyes subconsciously, and the golden light had quickly merged into Ah'Dai's Dantian. The two colors of light that had been alternated between gold and silver around Ah Du's body were completely transformed into gold, enveloped in light, like a god.

"Ah--" A long howling sound came from Ah-Dai's mouth, golden light suddenly gathered, and rushed upwards. The thick walls of the grotto melted as quickly as ice meets a raging fire, without stirring up a trace of dust, that strand of gold The rays of light have penetrated the top of the grottoes that are tens of meters thick, and hit the sky directly. The clear howling sound is accompanied by the light rising into the sky. The whole Tiangang Mountain seems to be trembling slightly in this long howl. . A ray of sunlight hits Ah-Dai directly from the top of the hole that was penetrated by huge energy. Under the sun's rays, Ah-Dai's golden light that protects his body appeared more gorgeous. UU Reading www.uukanshu.cOM

At the halfway point of the main peak of Tiangang Mountain, the nine figures who were continuously climbing suddenly stopped. The three headed people all had white beard and hair. The old man in blue, red and cyan robes, respectively, in cyan gowns smiled and said: " Did you hear that? Is that old fellow Diss welcoming us? It seems that his skill has increased a lot!"

The old man in the red robe snorted, took his iron gourd from his waist and poured a sip of wine, and said, "Well welcome, it is obviously a demonstration. This old guy also said that I am competitive, so he is weak. Huh?"

The old man in blue robes has a simple face with a faint smile on his face, "You are a sudden old falcon. At such an old age, his temper has not changed at all! Diss’ skill has grown so fast, it’s really out of the ordinary. I was surprised. This time I can fight him happily again. Our old friends have been gone for 20 years, so just change your temper." These three people are just the famous mainland figures. The ten-year-old Eastern sword sage Yunyi, the northern sword sage Falcon and the western sword sage Harry. Following them are the four disciples of Hu Tu, the Four Skeletons who formed the Skeleton Mercenary Group, and the two disciples of the Eastern Sword Saint Yunyi, Lian Shan and Zhu Yuan, the head and deputy head of the Red Hurricanes Mercenary Group. . How could they not come to watch the once-in-a-lifetime scene of the Four Great Swordmasters fighting each other?

Chapter 188: Sumi's Sword

Harry said: "Old confused (Falcon), how did you think about the thing I told you on the way? Your disciple's death is no wonder that dumb boy, don't be too obsessed, you got Diss and We can't live up to our face."

The falcon snorted suddenly and said: "There is nothing to consider, even if Tiro's nasty boy is damned, he doesn't need to be tortured. I don't care, I have to ask Diss for justice, at least I have to clean up. That kid will do."

Harry laughed and said: "Pack him? I see, it would be nice if you don't let him clean up. Diss is really amazing, and he has cultivated such a strong disciple. It is much better than our three old guys. Now On the mainland, there are already five sword saints. Old confused, be careful, don't overturn the ship in the gutter."

Falcon suddenly said angrily: "I admit that I can't beat Diss, but his disciple can't be my opponent, Harry, you don't gloat. After the start of the competition, see how I can deal with you."

Harry spread out his hands helplessly, saying: "It doesn't matter, just do it with you, anyway, I have never won for so many years, and I have long been accustomed to losing. You are what I am capable of, if you have the ability to win Diss I will admire you. No matter what the conditions are, I will agree."

Suddenly, Harry was speechless. Although he was arrogant, he knew that he could not be the opponent of the Heavenly Sword Master.

Yun Yi smiled and said, "You guys! It hasn't changed for so many years. It's still like that. It's noisy as soon as we meet. In fact, we are over a hundred years old now. What can you do about it? Maybe, these are our four old men. The guys are getting together for the last time. This time we must talk about Diss for a few more days, there will be no chance in the future."

The nine people are all highly cultivated people, especially the three Sword Saints. While talking, they are already close to the top of the main peak of the Tiangang Mountain Range. The mountain gate of the Tiangang Sword Sect is in sight. Hundred disciples stand on either side of the gate. At the gate of the Sword Sect, seven old men are waiting with their heavy swords on their backs. They are the seven second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect headed by Xiwen. Beside them are a dumb in white fluttering and Xuanyue in a red sacrificial robe. When they saw the appearance of the three sword saints, the seven floated up at the same time and greeted them.

Yun Yi and the others stopped, Xi Wen quickly stepped forward, and respectfully said: "Xi Wen, head of the Tiangang Sword Sect, will bring the disciples to welcome the three seniors."

Yun Yi sighed lightly and said, "I haven't seen you in twenty years, and Shiven, you are also old. You are as gray as we are."

Xiwen smiled and said, "Senior Yunyi, you are still as heroic as before! I am over 90, and naturally my head is full of gray hair. Three seniors, please come inside."

Yunyi nodded and walked towards the gate of Tiangang Sword Sect under the leadership of Xi Wen.

Falcon stunned Ah-Dai abruptly, but Ah-Dai didn't seem to see it, and still had a calm expression on his face. Hutu was surprised when he suddenly realized that he could no longer see the cultivation of this young man. Compared with the last time he was in the prairie of the Yalian clan, his cultivation seemed to have increased a lot. With a cold snorted, he said, "Diss has such a big air! The old friend came to visit and he didn't even show his face."

Xi Wen sighed softly and said: "Senior Falcon, the old man has troubles, and you will understand when you go in." Yunyi smiled and said, "Nothing, Brother Diss is older, even if he doesn't come to pick us up. It should be. Xiwen! Your cultivation seems to be close to the realm of Sword Saint. It seems that Shengshengjue has passed the ninth stage."

Xi Wen's body was shocked, and he cried out in a deep voice. He respectfully said, "Thanks to the blessings of seniors, I have just broken through the ninth level."

Yunyi said: "Brother Diss is really a successor! I heard Harry say that there is also a young disciple who has broken through the ninth level, right?"

Xiwen nodded, and winked at the Dui who rushed to the side. Dui hurried forward and bowed and said, "A Dui, the third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, has seen three seniors."

Harry smiled and said, "Little dumb! Your skill seems to have increased a lot. It seems that a new generation is changing for the old! I am more and more jealous of Diss now."

A gleam flashed in Yun Yi's eyes, and he was surprised to find that although the young man in front of him stood there to salute himself and the others, his aura was as unshakable as a mountain, and there was no flaw. Nodded and said: "Well, Harry just told me that a young disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect has a high level of cultivation. When he has reached the realm of Sword Saint, I still don't believe it. It seems that he is right." At his level of cultivation, almost At a glance, you can determine the extent of others' skill.

Dui had never seen Yunyi before, and couldn't help looking up at the other party. Since Xi Wen had said to him that Yunyi had the best relationship with his master, Tiangang Sword Saint, a good feeling naturally rose in his heart and smiled and said, "Senior praised."

Under the leadership of seven second-generation disciples including Xi Wen, everyone entered the discussion hall of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Due to the presence of so many teachers, Duan and Xuanyue are not good at reminiscing with the Four Skulls. The Four Skulls were wearing ordinary hard-wearing outfits today. The Ice Skulls occasionally looked at Ah-Dai with a grudge, but Ah-Dai kept lowering his head as if he didn't know anything. The Blood Skull, Iron Skull, and Wind Skull all focused their eyes on the beautiful Xuanyue. Although they all guessed that the girl in red in front of me was the Xuanyue who was with Ah Du that day, they didn’t expect her appearance. It's so beautiful, the blood skull is better, but the iron skull and wind skull are a little dumbfounded.

The host and the guest were seated. Yunyi said, "Siven, where is Brother Diss? Is he still cultivating?"

Xi Wen stood up sadly, looked at each other with Duan, and sighed: "Today, here I am going to announce one thing." His voice spread from afar with genuine vitality, making all heavens swords outside the chamber. Disciples can also hear it.

Hearing what Xiwen said, the three Sword Saints frowned. They were here to find the Sword Saint of Heaven. They really didn't want to delay anything here, but Yun Yi was stopped by Yun Yi's eyes when he was about to say something. Xiwen paused and continued: "What I want to announce is that the mentor Tiangang Sword Saint has become immortal."

"What?" Yunyi, Hutu, and Harry stood up at the same time, a huge and violent pressure suddenly came out of them, and the seven second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect couldn't help taking a step back. The disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect outside the chamber suddenly started talking, and the feelings of grief permeated all the disciples' hearts instantly. After all, for them, the Tiangang Sword Saint thought about the legend of a **** of party feathers, and there were many four generations. The disciple had never seen the face of Tiangang Sword Saint. At this moment, they heard that the most proud master in the world had passed away. How could they not be excited? Yun Yi said solemnly: "Si Wen, what's going on, you have to explain to us."

Feeling the huge momentum from the three of Yunyi, Xiwen's eyes flashed, and he stepped forward without fear, saying: "The three seniors, in fact, the old master has passed away for several years. However, in his old man When I left, I was instructed not to spread the news of his death, and we must wait until the swordsman has appeared in the Sword Sect. The lower-generation disciples don't know except for us second-generation disciples. Please take the three seats." Yun Yi A ray of tears flashed in his eyes, his body shook slightly, and he murmured: "Brother Dis, I didn't expect you to go like this. We are both opponents and friends, and I have not caught up with the last one to send you off. Hey--, it seems that we are really old, and death is inevitable! Even you, who has the highest skill..."

The grumpy Falcon sighed sadly, and said, "People are always going to die, but Boss Diss is dead like this, and we have no rivals anymore."

Harry raised his head to look at Dumb, and said accusingly: "Did you know it a long time ago, why didn't you tell me?"

Dumb's eyes were red and said, "I'm sorry, Uncle Harry, that was the death of the master, I can't violate it!"

Xi Wen took a deep breath and said loudly: "At the same time, I also want to announce that from today onwards, the Sword Sage of Tiangang will be replaced by a three-generation disciple, Dui, and become the new Sword Sage. It is also the eternal imprisonment of my sentiment, and there are any measures to supervise the swordsman No matter who it is, including me, as long as the party rules are violated, the Supervisory Court has the right to directly punish them."

"Wait a minute. Why does he take over as the boss of Diss, does he want to ride on top of our three old guys and become the number one swordsman in the mainland? This is definitely not good."

Yun Yi glanced at Hu Tu's indignant look, and said slightly angrily: "This is the thing of the Tiangang Sword Sect of others. Don't think that you can be unscrupulous when Brother Diss is dead. There is still me here. You give me peace. One point. I'm in a bad mood right now, and you should know what it will be like to provoke me in this situation."

Hu Tu still had some fear towards Yunyi, snorted, and sat back in his place. Xi Wen rushed to the cloud and said: "Thank you for the kindness of the seniors. However, our Tiangang Sword Sect will definitely give the three seniors an explanation on this matter. As early as the master's death, it had been decided that dumb would come and compete with the three sword masters. I formally announced his identity today, just to give him a name."

The sadness in Ah'Dai's eyes disappeared. Instead, he took a light step forward and landed in front of Yunyi, and said, "Three seniors, please advise."

Harry walked to Ah Du's side, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Boss Diss is dead, and I am not in the mood to fight. I think we will cancel the Four Great Juggernaut Meeting. In our hearts, Di The boss of Si is always the strongest." Dumb felt warm in his heart. He understood that the main reason Harry said this was because he was afraid that the falcon would take the opportunity to retaliate against him during the competition. With a grateful smile, he said: "Uncle Harry, as the heir to the title of Master Sword Saint, I ask the three seniors to give me this opportunity. I cannot shame the Master who has been promoted to another world. If the three seniors no longer If you need a rest, then please go to Hou Shan." After speaking, he made a please gesture.

"Dai, are you crazy?" An anxious voice came into Ah-Dai's ears, and Ah-Dai was shocked. Looking at the source of the sound, he saw that it was Ice Skeleton who was talking. Falcon's eyes flashed angrily, and he shouted: "Old fourth, shut up." Under the pressure of the master, Bing Skull took a deep look at Duan, and then stepped aside. Dumb smiled apologetically, and shook his head gently towards the ice skull.

Falcon gave a dumb look and said, "Boy, what do you think my apprentice is doing? Do you want to kill another one? Okay, I have no objection to you to replace Boss Diss, but if you die in my hands, I can’t blame anyone. Lead the way.” Dumb ignored his threat. After Chong Yunyi and Harry greeted him, he took the lead out of the hall. Under his leadership, Yunyi and his group of nine, as well as the Seventh Brother Xiwen and Xuanyue came together. Outside the Houshan Grottoes where Tiangang Sword Saint was practicing. Dui walked all the way to the edge of the cliff next to the grotto before he stopped, standing with his hands in his hand, the mountain breeze blowing, giving people a feeling of dust. Yunyi, Hutu, and Harry floated up and landed in front of Ah-Dai, and all the other spectators retreated in unison. They didn't stop until they exited a few hundred meters away, and the seven Xiwen urged the fighting spirit of the body guard at the same time, ready to meet the energy aftermath of the four peerless masters in front of them at any time.

The temperature on the top of Tiangang Mountain is very low, and a thin layer of ice is condensed on the edge of the cliff, but the four dumbs stood there as unshakable as if they were a mountain. The four of them were white, blue, red, and blue, blown by the wind. The color robes fluttered slightly, no one said anything, just staring silently at the other three. Under the gaze of the three Juggernauts, Ah-Dai didn't panic. The strong pressure didn't seem to affect him. With a faint smile, the dumb said, "Three seniors, this is the first time I have participated in the Juggernaut competition, so please ask the three seniors to set the rules."

Yun Yi sighed lightly, and said, "Actually, I think Harry is the same. This competition is actually meaningless. However, since you are willing to take over for your master to complete this competition, how can we refuse it? So let’s change our rules. As long as you can take the three tricks that each of us will do our best, we will respect you and make you the second Heavenly Sword Sage after your master.” Listen After Yunyi's words, Harry showed a slight smile and nodded gently. But Yu Su showed a look of astonishment, apparently he didn't expect Yun Yi to make such a decision.

Seeing Yunyi's simple face, Duan's heart was agitated. Of course he knew that Yunyi wanted to fulfill himself deliberately. He took a deep breath and said, "Okay, just follow the predecessor's words. That predecessor. Do you want to teach me first?" The falcon snorted suddenly and said: "The kid who steals and plays the slippery. It's a shame to Diss."

Duan glanced at the falcon coldly, and said, "Senior Juggernaut in the North, please advise first. If I can't defeat you within three moves, Duan's fate, let you take it away."

Falcon suddenly shook his whole body, the red light suddenly shining, and said furiously: "What did you say? Three strokes defeat me, you are looking for death." The wine gourd on his waist didn't know when he slipped into his hands, and followed him with lightning. The drifting body slammed at Ah-Dai. Ah-Dai still stood with his hand held down, without a look of surprise, golden light wafted out of him. It was very simple, Ah-Dai hit the falcon with a straight fist, and the golden vindictiveness was contained on his fist. , It seems that there is no power. Harry and Yunyi saw that they had already started, so they floated and retreated to the sidelines.

Dumb's fist touched the falcon's wine gourd, and there was no sound. The fiery nightmare of the falcon's sudden movement could even feel the intense heat of Xiwen and others hundreds of meters away. There was some condensed rock on the top of the mountain. The ice has gradually melted. The look on Futu's face was changing, because when his wine gourd and Dumb's fist met, the other party's huge and vast energy seemed endless, no matter how he urged his vindictive energy, he couldn't make any progress. A gleam of light flashed through Ah Du’s eyes, and he shouted in a deep voice: "Open." With a bang, the falcon's wine gourd turned into fragments of the sky, and most of the gourd wine remaining inside was spilled out, and the falcon's figure was Zhen Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng Deng continued to retreat nine steps before standing still, his face has become a little pale, obviously suffering a dark loss.

Dumb made a void move, the wine in the air was sucked into his hand, and the wine condensed into a ball as the energy changed. Ah Dui shook his hand. The crystal ball floated out, and he calmly said: "Senior Falcon, you also take my move." The crystal ball suddenly turned into a graceful arc toward the falcon. .

For so many years, Hutu has never been so embarrassed as today. Although he was a little underestimated at the beginning, but after the real fight, he has tried his best, but in the end he was shocked by the unremarkable young man in front of him. Taken nine steps back. Even the Sword Saint of Heavenly Gang at the beginning, absolutely did not have this strength. In shock, the wine in the group of own wine gourds has already rushed to his face. After all, Ful Tuo possesses the strength of a Juggernaut. Although he was astonished, his reaction was not slow at all. A ray of red light flashed from his waist, like a fiery snake, and it slashed towards the wine ball in front of him. The hot energy has not yet touched. When the group of fine wine is reached, the wine has already burned, like a huge fireball. "Puff—" The fireball split into two halves at the sound, pouring out from both sides of the falcon's body. Duan didn't pursue it, standing in the same place coldly looking at the Northern Sword Saint in front of him. Falcon suddenly adjusted the aura in his body, and said bitterly: "Good boy, you can actually force me to use Chilong."

Duan looked at the fiery soft sword in Hutu's hand indifferently, and was also secretly surprised. Judging from the energy contained in the Chilong Sword, it was clearly an ice blade not inferior to a low-level artifact. "Senior Fultu, this was just one move, and there are two more moves, please do it with all your strength." The golden light suddenly gleamed in the hands of Dumb, and the solid energy gradually condensed into a long sword, the size of the long sword. It kept growing, just a few blinks, and a giant energy sword that was about one foot long, half a foot wide and half a foot thick appeared in his hand. Dumb raised his right arm, his huge sword pointed diagonally at the sky, his whole body was full of invincible spirit, and the surging air flow continued to spread outward in a whirlpool-like shape. Yes, Ah-Dai finally reached the realm that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint said. During the eighteen days of retreat, in order to better meet the challenges from the three Juggernauts, he continued to improve his power of vitality and gradually absorbed the last energy of the second golden body. Under the influence of his own powerful golden body, the second golden body was constantly eroded, and finally fully integrated into the golden body in his body early this morning. His current golden body is as high as eight inches, almost covering the entire Dantian. , The huge energy has turned the golden body from gold to white, making Ah'Dai's cultivation base reach an unprecedented height, and finally completely surpassed the realm of Tiangang Sword Sage back then, and reached the last change in life and life-the golden change. Dui is now fully confident that he can compete with the three major sword saints by virtue of his powerful strength.

Seeing the energy sword in Ah's hand, the three major sword sages were all shocked, reaching their level, of course, they understood what such a big energy sword represented, that was strength, absolute strength.

Xiwen could hardly conceal the joy in his heart, and his white hair had no wind, and he murmured: "Okay, okay, dumb, you finally reached it. This is the realm of gods! You have broken through the realm of the swordsman and become a whole The first sword **** in the mainland."

Ah Dui's left hand slowly closed to his right hand, both holding his huge solid energy sword at the same time. The falcons in front of him clearly felt as if the air around him had been absorbed by that powerful energy sword. Unexpectedly, there was no way to escape the attack range of this energy sword, but he could only bite the bullet and raise the fire nightmare's true energy to the limit, urging the red dragon sword in his hand to stand straight, exuding a burning breath. In front of the strength of the dumb **** class, he was already a little cowardly.

A Duan said in a deep voice: "Senior Fultu, please take me a sword, Tiangang swordsmanship starting style-splitting." The spirit is completely integrated with the huge energy sword in his hand, and the body is walking with the sword, and the body and the sword are unified. Slashed towards the falcon in front of him. The golden sword exudes an incomparably powerful aura, and the fire nightmare on the red dragon sword in the suppressing falcon's hand is constantly trembling. No matter who it is, he can clearly tell that Falcon will definitely not be able to take the sword of Dumb. Falcon's eyes widened and his beard was furious, holding the Chilong Sword in both hands and greeted him fiercely.

Dui's heart was extremely calm, and the situation was completely under his control. At this moment, the face of the girl when she died tragically flashed through his mind, and a trace of murderous intent emerged from his body. It was the temperament of a **** of death. When this sword of heaven and earth was about to swallow the body and soul of the falcon, four voices sounded at the same time, "Be merciful." One of the sharp and anxious voices was particularly distinct. Dumb's spirit was shocked. He knew that the shout came from the Four Skeletons, recalling the cold and sad eyes of Ice Skull when he left. Dumb sighed secretly.

Boom----, a huge shock wave suddenly broke out at the center where Dumb and Hutu were fighting. Under the effect of the shock wave, Yunyi and Harry could not help but retreat. The figure flashed by. Duan floated down ten meters behind the falcon, the huge energy sword in his hand was still lingering in front of him. The light of the falcon's red dragon sword has dimmed, and it hangs softly in his hand. His old body was trembling slightly, and his gleaming eyes became extremely muddy, as if they had been old for decades, trembling slightly.

Although Xuan Yue is outstanding in magic, she doesn't know much about martial arts, so she asked Xi Wen next to her anxiously, "Uncle, dumb, is he okay."

Xi Wen smiled and said: "When the strength of the two is too far apart, they will often decide the winner in a short time. The falcon has already lost, and completely lost."

The red light flashed, the Chilong Sword in Fultu's hand was not at his waist, and the hot airflow disappeared. He turned around tremblingly, and said to Ah Du's back: "Tiro's matter has been revealed since then. I surrender." After speaking, he floated beside Harry without saying a word, sitting cross-legged on the ground and stopped speaking. He knew in his heart that if he hadn't been merciful just now, he would have become a fan. After hearing the shouts of the Four Skeletons, Duan completely condensed the energy sword's golden light and changed his attack to defense. Although the falcon's madness was completely resolved, it did not hurt him at all.

Dui slowly turned around, defeating the Northern Sword Saint with a single move made him extremely happy, facing the three Sword Saints, slightly bowed and said: "I have given up."

Harry dissipated Qinglian's anger from the body protector and smiled and said, "It seems that the new tricks I developed are useless. Even Falcon is not your opponent. I abstained. Anyway, my return is the last. It’s no shame to lose another time. Dumb! You really stand up to Boss Diss. Until now, I don’t understand how you practiced. With your age in your twenties, how could you have such a strong strength. What? Are we old guys all rubbish?"

Dumb saw that Yunyi and Harry had no intention of doing anything. He retracted the giant solid energy sword in his body, and sighed: "The reason why the younger generation has achieved today's achievements is completely given by the master. If there is no master for his elderly, I am It is absolutely impossible to reach the highest state of life-born zhenqi. Until now, I have nothing to hide. The reason why Shizu and his old man passed away is completely because he passed all his skills to me, and he used Kai Ding to pass the skills. The law was passed on. The huge energy of his old man formed a second golden body in my body, and it was gradually absorbed in my continuous cultivation. I also just assimilated the master’s old man’s skill completely today, and finally reached the master. The extent of ancestors' expectations."

The falcon sitting on the ground opened his eyes abruptly, with a look of horror in his eyes, glanced at Harry and Yunyi, and sighed: "The boss is the boss. No matter when he walks farther than us. He is really courageous! Boy, your luck is very good, do you know? The probability of success of this method of opening the top pass is less than 30%. Once it fails, not only your master will die, but you are not immune. No wonder, no wonder! I took it, and I took it suddenly. Diss, you are waiting for me in the sky. When I get there, you must worship you as a teacher."

Yunyi smiled and said: "This can be said to be the least of the Four Great Sword Sages than in the trial period. I don't think we need to continue anymore. The Tiangang Sword Sage is still the head of the Four Great Sword Sages, but the name Diss was changed to Dumb. . Dumb, you don’t need to be too self-conceited. In fact, the skills taught by Brother Diss have a huge impact on you, but without your own hard practice, you still can’t achieve today’s achievements. We are all old and everything will be in the future. The world of your young people is over."

Ah Dai stepped back two steps, plopped, and knelt down in front of the three Juggernauts. Yunyi and Harry couldn't help but stunned, while Fulton frowned and said slightly angrily: "Boy, do you want to insult us?"

Harry stepped forward to try to pull Dui up, but was blocked by his vigorous vigor, "Dumb, what are you doing?"

Dui lowered his head and said, "Three seniors, Dui has something to ask for. I hope the three seniors will answer."

Yun Yi walked to Harry's side and said, "You stand up first. You are the number one among our four sword saints. At any time, you must be clear about your identity. How can you kneel down casually?"

Dumb didn't move, and said sincerely: "When I finish speaking, I will naturally stand up. Senior Yunyi, I am not kneeling you for myself, but for the sake of the world. Great changes are about to happen on the mainland, and the darkness is composed of dark forces. The holy religion attempts to open the entrance to the devil world. If they succeed, the humans on the mainland will be plunged into dire straits. For the continuation of our race and for survival, you can focus on the overall situation, and work together to help the Holy See remove the darkness. The power will be completely destroyed."

Yunyi nodded slightly and said: "I heard Harry mention a few words about this but he is not clear about what he said. Get up first and tell us in detail."

Dumb saw that Yunyi had loosened, and Harry naturally supported him, floated to his feet, and explained everything about the Dark Sacred Religion and Death Mountain in detail.

After listening to Ah Du's narrative, Yun Yi frowned and said: "Without asking about the mainland for decades, I didn't expect the dark forces to have developed to such a degree. We are always humans, and it is necessary to do our best to maintain our living space. My child, I promise you, since I have lived for more than a hundred years anyway, I will accompany you to the Death Mountain and see how powerful the undead creatures are."

Dumb was overjoyed and said respectfully: "Thank you, Senior Yunyi. Uncle Harry, what about you?"

Harry smiled and said, "Is it necessary to say? Didn't I promise you a long time ago? By the way, I forgot to tell you a happy event. Xiaohuan and my eldest son who you sent to me are in a good relationship now. Ah! Maybe they will get married when we completely eliminate the dark forces."

A Duan's whole body was shaken. When he mentioned Xiaohuan, he inevitably nodded his head and said, "This is her best home. Thank you, Uncle Harry."

Chapter 189: To the Holy See

   "Boy, why don't you ask me if I'm going. Do you look down on my old man?" Hutu came out between Harry and Yunyi. Although he was shocked by the move he played against Dumb just now, he was not injured because Dumb was merciful.

   dumbfounded, and smiled bitterly: "Why would I look down on you? I'm just afraid you don't want it."

Falcon suddenly said angrily: "Do you really think that I am an old fool? I just said that the matter between you and Tiro has passed. This is a major issue related to the safety of the mainland. How can there be no me? I will go with you. That death mountain, see if those undead creatures are powerful, or my old bones are tough."

   Dumb didn't expect that he would touch the three sword saints so easily. Excited, he saluted the three sword saints again and said, "Thank you three seniors, then."

   Xiwen led the crowd around him, Xuanyue hooked Ah Du’s arm and smiled at the three sword saints: "On behalf of the Holy See, I welcome the three seniors to join."

  Fun suddenly looked at Ah Du, then at Xuan Yue, snorted, and said, "You little girl can represent the Holy See?"

   Xuanyue said: "Of course I can? I am the red-clothed priest of the Holy See, have you forgotten the introduction of the teacher Xiwen."

Fultu is much older than the Pope, and he is very unfamiliar with the name of the red-clothed sacrifice. "Our participation in the suppression of the dark forces is one thing, and it has nothing to do with your Holy See. Don't want us to listen to the Pope. Command."

   Xuanyue chuckled, and said, "No one will command you? No one can command you for your status on the mainland!"

Suddenly Xuanyue put a high hat on, her stiff face finally showed a smile, "Well, the little girl is quite good at talking. I said, dumb, when shall we leave! Oh, yes, little girl, you guys Does the Holy See have any wine? My precious wine gourd has been with me for decades. If this kid broke it today, the Holy See will pay me."

   Xuanyue glanced at Dumb and said, "He obviously broke it. What does it have to do with our Holy See?"

The falcon gave a stunned look and said in a low voice, "How can he compensate me for a poor boy? You have money in the Holy See. It is certainly possible to pay me a good gourd. However, you clergy don't seem to drink alcohol, right? ?"

   Xuanyue smiled and said: "You can rest assured. Although we don't drink, there are always wines for VIP guests! It seems that they are all century-old wines, which will satisfy you."

   Harry smiled and said, "You old falcon, in fact, you are not confused at all!"

  Fu suddenly seemed to have not heard Harry's sarcasm, and Chong Xuanyue said with a smile: "As long as there is good wine, everything is easy to say."

   Dumb smiled helplessly, the previous murderous falcon had disappeared. In his eyes, this is just like an alcoholic urchin, "Three seniors, please stay on the mountain for one night, and we will leave for the Holy See together tomorrow."

   Yunyi nodded and said, "You have arranged these. We just want to contribute to the mainland."

Lian Shan walked to Yunyi's side and said respectfully: "Master, I heard what Brother Dumb said. I have an idea. I want to immediately return to the Red Hurricane Clan to summon experts from the mercenary world to participate in this operation. We are also one of the mainland. You guys, naturally you should do something."

   Yunyi nodded, and said, "This is a good idea, then you can go now. Just take someone to the Holy See and meet us. Hurry up."

   "Yes, Master." After saying goodbye to everyone, Lian Shan and Zhu Yuan left Tiangang Mountain.

   The blood skull smiled and said: "Master, we also want to participate in this operation, do you think?"

  Fun suddenly seemed restless because the wine gourd was gone, and said a little annoyed: "Let's do it with you, you guys should also have a long experience. I really don't know when you will reach the cultivation level of the dumb boy."

   Iron Skull whispered in a somewhat unconvincing voice: "He is just a trick."

  鹘 gave a cold snort, and the trembling Iron Skull's body trembled, "Take tricks? What is tricks? Facts are the most important thing. If you have the ability, you take tricks too! Could it be impossible for my old man to pass all his skills to you."

   Seeing that the master was angry, Tie Gulu hurriedly lowered his head and stepped aside, not daring to speak again.

  Shiven laughed, and said, "Three seniors, please come to our pie to rest. We also have our own fruit wine for the three seniors to taste."

   As soon as he heard the wine, the falcon suddenly became energetic, and he didn't care about reprimanding his apprentice, and even said: "Quickly, take me there. I can't live without wine in minutes!"

  The text of the meeting did not expect that the Four Great Swordmasters competition would end so soon, so he didn't prepare anything. He returned to the faction and hurriedly ordered the lower generation disciples to prepare a banquet. Of course, he could not forget to get a bottle of fine wine for Hutu first. The mountain treasures on Tiangang Mountain made these foreign guests eat with relish, and the banquet gradually came to an end in a cheerful atmosphere.

   Yunyi said to Ah-Dai: "A-Dai, when you and Hutu were fighting today, did you use the Sumeru sword that your master developed?"

   dumbfounded, nodded, and said, "Similarly, that is the most basic form of the Sumi sword."

   Xiwen asked with some doubts: "Sumi's Sword? What is that?" Does he even the head of the faction know this kind of martial arts.

A dumb said: "Sumi's sword is one of the three great tricks passed down by my ancestor, and the last one. It can be said to be the strongest martial skill of the ancestor. The ancestor said that only after the sixth change can be achieved. Cultivation, it’s the first time I have used it today, it just succeeded in condensing the shape of the Sumi sword."

   Yunyi smiled and said: "Your master did not succeed in the past, but you did not expect you to complete it. If I am right, you have not exerted the true power of the Sumeru sword today."

   Dumb glanced at the falcon, scratched his head, and said, "I don't know how powerful the Sumeru sword is."

  鹘 suddenly drunk and dimly said: "You don't need to look at me, can't I not lose? Just an energy sword as big as you, I am afraid it will be enough to open the mountain."

Yunyi said: "Old fool, you can say that you are very lucky today. Didn't you find that the energy sword used by Ah Dai is solid? This is the solid vindictive spirit that Big Brother Diss has developed in the past ten years. Take Ah Dai now here. The solid fighting spirit that has reached the highest state can definitely be said to be invincible. Xumi's sword is the real world's first sword."

   Xuanyue smiled and said: "Senior, don't praise him, he won't find North later."

Harry said, "Brother Yun is not complimenting him. These are all facts! With Ah's current cultivation base, I am afraid that even the Pope of the Holy See can't fight him. Under the sword of Xumi, don't talk about magic, even It's any grudge that can't compete with it. Perhaps, only the three of us old guys can work together to stop his power."

Yunyi said, "Silver! Now that the four of us plus you, we can be said to be the five great sword saints in the world. I just thought about it, the Death Mountain range would feel terrible even as Dumb, and what it contains must be beyond our ability. The power of imagination, I think it’s better. After entering the mountain of death, the five of us will always be together. Once we encounter a powerful undead creature, we will all die."

   Xiwen smiled and said, "This method is good, but how can the cultivation base of the juniors compare with the seniors?"

Harry said: "You don't need to be modest, you are not much younger than me, and your current cultivation level has entered the same realm as me. Even if you fight, I am not sure to win you. Just do as Big Brother Yunyi said. Okay, I'm going to sleep." Yun Yi pulled Hutu and stood up, Xi Wen and the second-generation disciples hurriedly took these big figures to the place that had already been arranged for them.

  In the chamber, there are only the younger generation. Seeing that the master is gone, the blood skull suddenly relaxed a lot. He took his wine glass and walked to the side of Dui, and smiled: "Brother, we haven't had time to relive the old, come, brother toast you." Duan smiled bitterly: "Blood Brother Skeleton, you also know that I can't drink enough, let me drink less." After speaking, he took a sip of the alcohol and smiled and said, "Big Brother, how are you doing? How have you arranged for the skeleton mercenary group."

Blood Skull smiled and said: "What else can we arrange so that the boys find a quiet place to practice hard. If you want to be a first-class mercenary, how can you do without a solid foundation. Hey, today I saw Lian Shan and Zhu Yuanna. Brothers, my heart is cold, let alone our mercenary group is far less powerful than the Honghu mercenary group, even the four of us are far from a single opponent. It seems that he has already gotten The true biography of the Eastern Sword Saint, I believe that within ten years, he will also be able to enter the domain of the Sword Saint. As far as I can see, there is only one mercenary group that can compare with them."

   dumbfounded and said: "Brother, you are talking about the Moonscar Mercenary Group, they have joined the Overlord Mercenary Group, and they are indeed very strong now."

The Blood Skull shook his head and said, "I'm not talking about the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Although their strength is not weak, they are far from threatening the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group. What I am talking about is you and this. The evil mercenary group formed by the'Xuan Ri' brothers! With your Sume's sword, plus the powerful magic of the'Xuan Ri' brothers, who can be against the enemy? By the way, you haven't officially introduced us to it. Where's the'Xuanri' brother?" At this time, the other three skeletons have also surrounded him. Everyone's eyes are almost different when they look at Ah Du. Iron Skull has a trace of disdain, Feng Skull has a bit of admiration, and Ice Skull There was still a trace of melancholy and sadness in the depths of his eyes.

Dumb smiled awkwardly, and said, "Big Brother Blood Skull, don't make fun of us. We have only two members of the evil mercenary group today. I will introduce you." He stretched his arm around Xuanyue and said, "You have all seen. At that time, for some reason, she disguised herself as a man. In fact, her real name was Xuanyue, and she was my fiancee."

   Hearing the three words for fiancée, a sweet smile appeared on Xuan Yueqiao's face, while Bing Skull's whole body was shocked, her beautiful eyes darkened even more. Xuan Yue smiled and said: "I was so embarrassed before, brothers and sisters, Xuan Yue apologized to you here." She smiled slightly and bowed to the four of them. Looking at Xuanyue’s beautiful and beautiful face, the three brothers of Blood Skull couldn’t help but feel a little lost. Feng Skull praised: "Dumb brother, you are so lucky! To be honest, I am a little jealous of you. Hahahaha."

The blood skull smiled and said: "I am afraid that no matter who sees Ah-Dai marrying Xuanyue, he will be jealous. By the way, Ah-Dai, I just thought about it, I think the four of us in the skeleton mercenary group are going to the Death Mountain. Do it. Now that I think of those dark demons, I still have some lingering fears. I don't want my brothers to die in vain."

   Dumb nodded, and said, "Four people are enough to join. Hey——, those undead creatures are really powerful, and ordinary martial artists really can't fight them!"

Bing Skull suddenly raised the wine glass, stepped forward to Ah-Dai, looked at his eyes, and said, "O-Dai, congratulations, and wish you all grow old and stay together forever." After speaking, she drank all the spirits in the glass. , Turned around and walked out. Dumb looked at the back of the ice skull and couldn't help being a little dazed, not knowing how to deal with the situation in front of him.

Blood Skull sighed slightly and shook his head, and said, "Brother, don't worry about her, she will be fine after a while. Okay, we have to go to rest. See you tomorrow." The iron skeleton with an angry face and the somewhat sad wind skeleton walked out of the chamber.

   Xuanyue looked at Dumb with a smile, and said: "You are still so popular! It seems that sister Bing Skull has a deep affection for you!"

   Dumb smiled bitterly: "Yueyue, don't talk nonsense, how could it be possible for me and her? I said long ago, I only have you in my heart, don't you believe me?"

   Xuanyue chuckled and said: "Even if you believe it, you still have to watch, otherwise, what can I do if you are abducted by someone else. Let's go, let's go to rest."

Hearing Huimei in Xuanyue's words, Dumb smiled and said, "Okay! Let's go to rest together." He has been practicing for so many days and has not been able to accompany Xuanyue. He feels a little guilty in his heart. It just happens to be a good compensation. opportunity. Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "I hate pulling, don't talk nonsense, if it's bad for others to hear, we haven't officially married after all."

   Dumb smiled and said: "What are you afraid of? Who will talk about our gossip? I don't care, you have to be with me for whatever you say tonight."

   Feeling the affection contained in Ah'Dai's domineering words, Xuanyue lowered her head and stopped talking, and the two of them hugged each other and came to Ah'Dai's room. Opening the door, in Xuanyue's low exclamation, Duan hugged her and floated directly onto Chuang. He unceremoniously kissed her lips and sucked greedily. Xuanyue was a little bit resistant at first, but turned In an instant, he was completely involved in Zangmian. The two souls are colliding with each other, and their souls are blending with each other, as if there is nothing else in the world. The kiss lasted for a long time, until both of them were out of breath. Duan was surprised to find that her hand had slipped into Xuanyue's placket without knowing when she was touching the smooth and elastic skin of her back. Xuan Yue's star eyes were half open, still in a state of intoxication. Seeing her bright red lips, Dumb couldn't help but kiss again.

   Holding Xuanyue's soft body in his arms, Dumb murmured: "Yueyue, I am so happy! As long as you are by my side, I am the happiest person in the world."

   Xuanyue’s shyness has not faded, and Ah-Dai stopped at the last moment, although she was relieved, but she also felt a sense of loss. She knew that if Ah-Dai really wanted to ask her, she would definitely not be able to refuse him. Feeling the temperature coming from Dumb's skin, Xuan Yue muttered, "I feel so happy, too."

Dumb tightened his arms, feeling the amazing elasticity of Xuanyue's beautiful body, took a bite on her pretty nose, and whispered: "You little fairy, it's really harmful! I really want to do it now. Feeling Xuanyue's trembling body, Dumb smiled and said: "Silly girl, I can't pull it. I will never get married until I get married. Don't worry. This is my respect for you. When we officially get married, I will make you the happiest bride. I will always love you so much forever."

In the early morning, under the leadership of Xiwen, seventy-four disciples of the third generation of the Tiangang Sword Sect, seven disciples of the second generation, plus three sword saints, four skeletons, and Xuanyue, a group of eighty-nine people set off in the direction of the Holy See . On Tiangang Mountain, Xi Wen left five calm three-generation disciples in charge. Everyone is a master of martial arts, and the steep terrain of Tiangang Mountain is no different at their feet. Ice Skull looks much better today, as if nothing has happened, this also made Ah's heart calm a lot. . The people moved forward very quickly, and two days later, they had entered the territory of the Holy See.

   The defense of the Holy See was still tight, and when everyone came to the cordon guarded by the Holy Knights, they were stopped. Since the Pope had already given an explanation, and Xuanyue was there, this time he entered the Holy See's sacred mountain without any twists and turns. After receiving the news of the massive arrival of the Tiangang Sword Sect, the Pope personally brought three red priests from Xuan Ye, Manxiu, and Yuma, and a large number of senior members of the Holy See.

   When the pope saw Shivin, a hint of joy suddenly appeared on his face, and he quickly greeted him, "Head of Shivin, you can count it."

Xiwen smiled and said: "I have brought all the masters of the Sword School to wait for the Pope to send and protect the mainland. This is what we should do. Oh, yes, the Pope, I will introduce you to some seniors." The two words "predecessor" made the pope startled at once, but he realized in a flash that there were only those few people who could be called "predecessors" by Shivin. The ethereal cloud, the drunk-eyed falcon, and the gentle Harry stepped out of the crowd. With the identity of the three on the mainland, naturally they would not salute the Pope. The pope's heart shuddered. Judging from the aura radiating from the three people in front of him, he knew that his guess was correct. He knew the advisor to Xiwen and said, "These three are?"

Xiwen smiled and said: "This is the Eastern Sword Sage Yunyi, one of the Four Great Sword Sages today, this is the Northern Sword Sage Falcon, this is the Western Sword Sage, Harry." , It can be said to have been unfailing for sixty years on the mainland, and three people appeared at the same time, and all the people who came with the pope suddenly showed a look of surprise. In the face of these martial arts masters who are enough to sit on an equal footing with him, the pope said solemnly: "Welcome the three sword masters to come, really neglect."

Yun Yi and the three of them were also looking at the Pope, feeling his unfathomable cultivation. The three could not help but nodded secretly, Yun Yi said: "The Pope is not welcome, we are here, just want to do our best for the mainland. I hope you Can accept it." Fell suddenly added: "You must manage enough wine, otherwise I won't have the energy to kill any undead."

   The joy in the eyes of the Pope, anyone can see, walking in front of the three sword saints, bowing and saying: "It is the blessing of the people of the world that the three sword saints can be so, and Xuan Di would like to thank them."

   Including the falcon, the bodies of the three Juggernauts shocked at the same time. Although their eyes were always above the top, how did they know the position of the Pope on the mainland? They did not expect that the leading figures on this continent would actually salute the three of them, and the three of them had a great affection for the Holy See. Harry stepped forward to hold the Pope’s shoulders and smiled and said: "The Pope, don’t be polite. This can kill some of our old men. Speaking of which, our ages are not much different, and we can be regarded as people of the same generation. We will treat you and the entire Holy See as friends."

The pope nodded with satisfaction, and said: "It is the blessing of our Holy See to have three such friends! Come on, please come from the head of the three Juggernauts and Xiwen." After finishing speaking, he personally led everyone to the Temple of Light. Go. Yunyi and the Pope were walking next to each other, and they smiled while walking: "I used to hear Big Brother Diss say that the current Pope of the Holy See is definitely a marvelous talent. I saw it today. It really deserves a reputation! It's a pity that Big Brother Diss has gone. , Otherwise the four of us will assist the Pope together, this mountain of death may not be a big deal."

The Pope sighed and said: "Speaking of which, the Sword Saint of Tiangang can be regarded as the person I admire the most. Since the success of sacred magic, playing against him is my only defeat. I really want to compete with him again! "Falcon said suddenly: "That's not easy, isn't he still there?" He said, pointing to the dumb behind him, "This kid's cultivation base has surpassed that of Diss. If you want to learn from him, look for him." Okay, you are satisfied." Hearing Falcon's admiration for Dumb so much, the pope moved in his heart and thought to himself, these three swordsmen might have suffered from Dumb in the competition! It seems that the savior is indeed well-deserved, "He is my grandson-in-law, how can we do it? Sword Sage Falcon, I have long heard that your only hobby is wine. We still have a lot of aging wine in the Holy See. Among them, His Majesty Shen Yu collected it. The ten jars of fine wines in the cellar are the most famous. Over the years, some have been used up, and now there are still three jars. If you don’t dislike it, let’s give it to you. Fine wines need to be matched by high-profile wines like you. In order to allow the three major juggernauts and the Holy See to cooperate closely, the pope can be said to spare no effort to win.

The falcon suddenly shook his whole body. Although he had never heard the name of Immortal Drunk, since it was a collection of the first generation of Pope Shenyu of the Holy See, even regardless of the quality of the wine itself, the age of the collection was enough to surprise him. Up. "Okay, okay, Pope, you really know my mind! As long as this fairy is drunk, you can let me do anything."

   Dumb smiled in his heart, this falcon is really a simple-minded person, three jars of fine wine were bought by the pope. He Xuanyue looked at each other with a smile, and followed everyone into the Temple of Light.

  Before the pope went to greet the crowd, someone had already set up their chairs, and everyone was seated as the guest and the host. The pope, the three swordsmen, and Sivin were seated in the first place. In order to solve the falcon’s alcohol addiction, the pope first ordered a jar of fine wine. The wine jar looked very ordinary, with a lot of dust on it. The falcon’s rosacea nose moved, and he said with emotion, “Good wine, even if it’s not opened, I can feel the mellow aroma, Pope, is this what you said about the thousand-year-old fairy drunk?”

The Pope shook his head and said: "Our Holy See often has guests coming. Only our Holy See can produce the fairy drunk. It is secretly brewed and specially used to entertain the guests. This is the new year's fairy drunk, you Taste it first, and I will ask someone to bring it out for you at the dinner."

   "Okay, just drink if you have wine, it's good wine anyway." After speaking, he opened the mud seal, opened his mouth and inhaled a sip of the sweet wine like a long whale. When it comes to drinking, his four apprentices can be said to have heard the truth. They smelled the mellow alcohol, including the ice skulls, and they swallowed and spit at the same time.

  Shiven glanced at the falcon, whose face was full of satisfaction, shook his head helplessly, and said to the pope: "Pope, are everyone here now? When are we going to the Death Mountain?"

The Pope sighed softly and said: "Don't mention it, you Tiangang Sword Sect is the first group to come, and there is no news from other parties. It seems that the dark forces use their rebels who have penetrated into the various forces. The purpose of the assassination has been achieved. In my opinion, in the end, even half of the expected elite may not be able to arrive."

Hearing what the Pope said, Shivin frowned involuntarily, and said: "Then what should we do? Should we keep waiting? The Dark Sacred Church will not wait! Only less than ten months away from the sacred millennium Time is up. We must hurry up and act."

A cold light flashed in the Pope’s eyes and said faintly: "Only at this critical moment can we see the attributes of the various forces! One month, and another month’s time, no matter how many people gathered at that time, we will immediately Set off, smash the conspiracy of the Dark Sacred Church with the force of thunder."

  Sivin could see that the Pope had already had murderous intent in his heart because the various forces did not rush to rendezvous as soon as possible. He sighed secretly, and said, "That's the only thing."

A Judge of Light suddenly walked in from outside the temple, stood respectfully at the door and saluted the Pope, and said: "I will tell the Pope, the patriarch of the Puyan clan Yanfei, the prophet Purin, leading more than 200 people have arrived. On the periphery of the mountain, they said they came to the Holy See to meet, you see..."

   A hint of joy flashed in the Pope’s eyes, he patted the armrest of the chair, and smiled: "Okay, I will go to meet him personally. The three swordsmen and the head of Xiwen, please wait here."

   After hearing the words of the Light Judge, Dumb was overjoyed and said in a low voice to Xuanyue: "It's Brother Rock and they are here, let's go out to meet him."

   "Okay! Let's go with Grandpa." After speaking, the two said to the three Juggernauts and Xiwen, and quickly followed the pace of the Pope. When they and the Pope came to the outskirts of the mountain, the Puyan team had entered the mountain under the **** of the Holy Knights. Headed by the patriarch Yanfei, Prophet Purin, and Rock Brothers. Prophet Prin's disciple Si Si did not come, and all the Tiru warriors who followed them were covered in black armor. These Tiru warriors can be said to be the most elite of the Puyan Clan. They can be said to have come out this time. It can be seen that the Puyan Clan attaches great importance to this action to suppress the Dark Holy Religion.

The pope greeted Yanfei and Purin with a smile, and Yanfei said: "Pope, our Puyan people have not come After getting accurate information from the rock and them, we immediately organized a manpower to travel day and night. Came over." The pope said, "No one will forget what the Puyan people have done for the mainland. For thousands of years, the Puyan people have suffered too much. Speaking of which, the Holy See also has a certain responsibility. He and the Prophet are able to declare the righteousness in this way, it really makes Xuandi ashamed!"

   Purin sighed, and said: "Things have been over a thousand years, Lord Pope, don't mention it anymore. In any case, we Puyan will never watch the dark forces wreak havoc."

   The pope nodded, looked at the quiet Tiru warriors behind them, and smiled: "These are the Puyan heroes the Prophet said last time."

Pulin showed admiration on his face and nodded: "Yes, these are our Puyan heroes. If they hadn't abandoned themselves, there would be no Puyan today. Although their souls are gone, their The spirit is immortal and will always be respected by our Puyan people. I also ask the Pope to arrange a quieter place for them."

The Pope said: "That's okay, the patriarch, the prophet, please come inside. The members of the Tiangang Sword Sect have just arrived, you can just get close." With the assistance of Prophet Purin, the Tiru Warriors were arranged to the back hill of the Holy See. The Abode rested, and then everyone returned to the Temple of Light. Dumb leaned next to Prophet Purin and whispered: "Prophet, you brought all the elites of the Puyan clan this time and will not affect the defense of the temple? How are you feeling physically recently?"

Chapter 190: Allied forces gather

Pulin smiled and said: "Our Puyan tribe has hundreds of thousands of warriors. They are all the most loyal believers of the Tiru god. There will be no problems in defense, but because the enemy we are facing this time is too strong. I only brought competent Tiru fighters. Don’t worry, don’t you forget that I am a prophet? As for the body, it’s no problem at all. Your blood is very consistent with mine and there is no conflict. Hey, since becoming Since the prophet, my body has been the best this year. Dumb, looking at your face, it seems that you have truly become the savior of the mainland. I believe that under your leadership, we will be able to completely eliminate the Dark Sacred Sect. Drop."

Dumb said: "As long as you are fine. Prophet, have you predicted the outcome of our trip?"

Prin sighed: "Naturally, there is, but even if I am willing to use my entire life to predict, I can't see anything. Although you cured my injury at the beginning, my predictive ability seems to have been That dilapidated body disappeared together, and now I am really a brand new me. I have passed the position of sacrifice to Sisi, and I can say that I have no worries about this trip. After so many years, I finally have me. The place where space magic is powerful."

While talking, everyone has entered the hall of the Temple of Light. In the introduction of the Pope, Pulin and his party were immediately surprised. The first time they saw the Juggernaut, they could not help but develop respect and willing to sit. In the starting position of the three Juggernauts and Xiwen. Everyone sat down, the Pope seemed to be in a much better mood, and smiled: "Today can be said to be a double happiness! We have welcomed the Tiangang Sword Sect, the three sword saints and the fighters of the Puyan tribe. You are all symbols of justice. , On behalf of Lord Tianshen and the civilians of the mainland, thank you for your support. You will live in the Holy See with peace of mind. We will wait another month, and then immediately set off to the Death Mountain to fight the dark forces to the death."

One month passed quickly, and Lardas personally led more than one hundred masters and fifty thousand warriors above the level of the Grand Mage to help out. In addition to the Tianyuan Clan, the Soryu Federation has also dispatched the most elite fighters. The Yalian tribe has 50,000 light cavalry. These are the elite selected from the various tribes of the Yalian tribe. Since the last time in the Holy See After attending Xuanyue's wedding, these tribes combined the selected elites and were trained by the masters of the Yalian tribe. Now they can be said to be a tiger-wolf teacher. The Yajin tribe, Tiya personally came with the four elders, accompanied by 10,000 well-equipped elite heavy infantry, and brought 30,000 sets of light armor. The Red Hurricanes are worthy of being a nation of mercenaries. The representatives sent this time are the elites of the Honghu Mercenary Group, the mainland’s first mercenary group, led by Lian Shan himself, and at least the strength of a second-level mercenary. Also with him was the 1,000 heavy armored cavalry of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, led by Moonscar and the Overlord himself. These mercenaries were all members of the Overlord Mercenary Group at the time, and it can be said that they are the elite of the entire Moonscar Mercenary Group . Although they are a bit smaller than other races in number, these people from the Honghu race are all masters. The strength of the Xibo tribe is the weakest among the six tribes of the Sorbian Federation, but it also sent 10,000 soldiers. The most spared effort is the Huasheng Empire. Although the king was almost killed in his assassination, as the most just country, the Huasheng Empire took the safety of the people of the mainland as its own responsibility and dropped the two most powerful armies. The group armies are the Knights of Light led by Fengwen and the Knights of Light led by Aldous. These two knights have the titles of Dragon and Tiger Legions in the Huasheng Empire. Each has ten legions, each with 10,000 The total number of people is 200,000 troops. Even one group army is enough to make the sunset empire scared. This time the two armies are coming together, it is obvious that the Huasheng Empire has given up its defense against the sunset empire. After the army, there is also a logistics supply unit composed of 50,000 soldiers. The supplies they brought are enough for the 250,000 army to use for more than two months, demonstrating the demeanor of the Huasheng Empire. At the same time, the mainland magic The division also transferred five groups of magicians, a total of 500 elites above the level of great magicians, and under the leadership of the president, Kari and eight elders, came with the Huasheng Empire army. Suddenly, the supporting armies of the Tianjin Empire and the Suoyu Federation were compared. With such a magnificent lineup of the Huasheng Empire, the pope can't help but sigh that this kind of justice can play a key role at an important moment! The Sunset Empire and the Huasheng Empire are simply incomparable. Quan Yi sent only 10 million gold coins to show his support. He did not send a soldier. In his letter to the Pope, he stated that there was a lot of darkness in the Sunset Empire. Members of the forces, he is leading the army to wipe out with all his strength, temporarily unable to divide the troops to help. The Pope certainly understood that Quan Yi didn't send troops to participate in this operation for his own safety. His troops were guarded around Sunset City. The Pope didn’t say anything about this. He put all his thoughts on the final battle with the Dark Sacred Church. Regarding the behavior of the Sunset Empire, how could he have to wait for the decisive battle before handling it. Quan Yi’s selfish behavior is for the entire Sunset Empire. The future has a catastrophic impact.

Temple of Light.

The pope looked at the leaders of the various forces below, and said loudly: "First of all, on behalf of the Holy See, I welcome all forces to join us in this operation to eradicate the Dark Sacred Church composed of dark forces. For the peace of the mainland and the prosperity of human , We must give the enemy a devastating blow. We must not allow them to open the evil door that goes to the demon world. Time is the most important to us. Now the forces of all parties have gathered. After we rest, we will immediately go to death. Mountains, fight to the death against the forces of darkness. If you have any opinions, feel free to raise them now."

Unexpectedly by the Pope, Dumb walked out of the crowd and saluted the Pope, saying: "My Lord Pope, after our previous visit to the Death Mountain, I found that the undead creatures in the Death Mountain were not willing to be darkened. They are used by the Holy Sect. The main reason they become the defense of the Dark Sacred Church is that the Dark Sacred Sect holds an artifact called the Undead Handbook. Under the influence of this artifact, the undead have to obey Their orders. Through contact with undead creatures, I found that high-level undead creatures are wise, and they are also very hostile to the Dark Sacred Cult. I think if we can negotiate with high-level undead creatures Reaching an agreement will be able to eliminate the Dark Sacred Church more quickly and smoothly, and at the same time avoid many unnecessary casualties. I hope that when the army comes into contact with these wise undead creatures, they can be merciful and try to resolve their hostility. I'm angry, maybe, this trip will help me a lot."

The pope nodded slightly. Since Dah had the identity of the savior, his opinion on Dah could not be easily denied. When the pope wanted to come, this might be the guidance of the gods. I scanned the surrounding leaders and said, "What do you think of Dumb's proposal?"

Xiwen said: "I think what Dumb said is very reasonable. After all, our most fundamental purpose is to eliminate the Dark Sacred Church and prevent those dark forces from opening the door to the devil. The undead creatures are only our obstacles. For thousands of years, the undead The creatures have been living in the mountains of death and have not caused any harm to human beings. As long as they are willing to be our enemies, they can still negotiate to eliminate their hostility. This is only good for us."

The leaders of the various forces who had good acquaintances with Dumb nodded and agreed with Xi Wen's statement. Dai Ya, the patriarch of the Yalian clan, took a few steps forward, walked to Xi Wen's side, and said, "I have doubts. Those undead creatures have always been devoured. Aren't we negotiating with them for the tiger's skin? It will delay more time. I think we should rush in in one go. With our hundreds of thousands of troops, are we afraid that they won't succeed."

Dumb frowned and said, "Patriarch, you may not know how powerful the undead creatures are. Those are not imaginable by ordinary people. Yes, we have a large number of troops. However, when facing the undead creatures, the number is meaningless. For example, when dealing with skeletons and zombies, once we die a compatriot, there will be an additional enemy. What will happen in the end is not what we can predict. We can't let our soldiers die in vain!"

Dai Ya snorted and said, "You are just unreasonable worries. I don't believe that undead creatures are as hungry as you said. We Yalian warriors are the bravest. What are some skeletons and corpses? The forces are discussing business matters here. You are just a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, so it’s better to cut in.” He didn’t attend Xuanyue’s wedding last time. Although he heard his subordinates say that Ah-Dai has strong skills, he didn’t care much, especially It was when he saw that Duan was so young, he was even more contemptuous, and he couldn't help being polite.

Dui's cultivation is advanced and deep, and his self-cultivation continues to grow with his cultivation. Of course he doesn't care about a rough person like Dai Ya, and silently retreats to Xuan Yue's side and no longer speaks.

The pope frowned and said solemnly: "Patriarch Dai, please pay attention to your tone. Dui's identity is not just a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. At the same time, he is also a new Tiangang Sword Sage, who was sent to the mainland by the gods. The savior of the world, no matter who it is, we must respect him here."

Dai Ya was stunned, the name of the Sword Saint still made him jealous, and he murmured: "The title of savior is too vague, right?"

A gleam flashed in the pope's eyes, and Daiya felt that his soul was as uncomfortable as a sledgehammer. The strong sense of oppression made him unconsciously step back and looked at the pope in amazement. The pope said coldly: "Dai Ya Patriarch, are you slandering the Holy See? Have you forgotten that a thousand years ago, it was His Majesty the savior Shenyu who led the heroes of mankind to finally completely resolve the invasion of the Dark Demon Race. I will again Repeat, here, no one can insult dumb, otherwise, we will be the enemy of the entire Holy See."

After all, Dai Ya was the head of the clan, and he felt angry when he was so taught by the Pope, but he also knew how powerful the Holy See was, so he snorted angrily and stepped aside. Dumb saw that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, and hurried forward again, saying: "My lord Pope, the patriarch of Daiya just put forward different opinions, and has no other meaning. Please..."

The pope raised his hand to stop Ah-Dai, not letting him speak any more, looked around the leaders of the forces, and said: "What I just said will not change. Ah-Dai’s proposal is very reasonable. My thoughts are the same as those of the head of Xiwen. That’s it, and I’ll wait until Death Mountain. Any other opinions?"

Fengwen stepped forward and said: "My Lord Pope, there are now a total of more than 300,000 troops gathered around the Holy See Sacred Mountain. Together with the troops of the Holy See, there are about 400,000 people. The military strategist said that at the beginning of the war, food and grass go first. Now we There are only 50,000 logistics supply troops, I think it’s not enough. We don’t know how long this stop with the Dark Shengjiao will last. I think it’s better to pay attention to the supply." As warfare everyone, in this large-scale war No one has more say than the style of the commander-in-chief of the Huasheng Empire.

The pope nodded with deep approval, and said, "Marshal Feng Wen is right. Do you have any good suggestions?"

Feng Wen had a plan in mind, and did not hesitate to say: "I think that our army can go first. The supplies now prepared are enough to support all the troops in one month. I will contact the General Supply Officer of the Huasheng Empire and order him again. An additional 50,000 people will be sent to collect food and various materials from our country for rear support to form a good supply line, so that we can focus all our energy on the confrontation with the Dark Sacred Church, Pope, you What do you think."

The Pope sighed and said: "What more can I say, the Huasheng Empire can achieve such a point, I never expected before. Everything is as the marshal said, the Holy See and humanity will always be grateful to you. Yes. Now, Xuanye sacrifices, and later you will send the 10 million gold coins sent by the Sunset Empire to the Marshal, so as to deal with the dark forces, you must not burden the Huasheng Empire too much."

Before Xuan Ye agreed, Feng Wen rushed to say: "My Pope, no need. Our Huasheng Empire still has certain material savings. We disdain to use the money that comes from the dark." Hao Ran's momentum radiated from Feng Wen. Moreover, his righteous awe-inspiring manner made all those present show respect.

The pope smiled slightly and said: "Marshal Fengwen is right. Xuanye sacrifices, then you return all the money from the Sunset Empire. From now on, the Holy See will no longer accept any donations from the Sunset Empire. That's it for now. Set it up. After all the troops rest and reorganize, we will immediately set off to the Death Mountain."

After ten days of rest, on March 15, 1999, the Holy Calendar, under the leadership of the Pope, 380,000 troops from various forces and 50,000 holy knights of the Holy See, totaling forty-three Wan Dajun set out from the Holy See's Mountain, accompanied by five thousand high-level priests from the Holy See, and more than six hundred high-level magicians from the two magician guilds, heading toward the mountain of death. Due to the large number of people, the speed of advancement is inevitably slow. It took more than a month for the army to cross the vast prairie of the Yalian tribe and enter the territory of the Tianyuan tribe until April 20th. Due to the large number of people, in order not to bring unnecessary losses to the Elf Forest, the Pope ordered the army to be stationed in the forest beside the Tianyuan clan to rest in place. In order to ensure that the Dark Sacred Church did not withdraw from the Death Mountain, he ordered all forces to send a large number of reconnaissance troops to investigate the situation around the Death Mountain.

Standing on a **** that was only a dozen meters high, the Pope stared in the direction of the Death Mountain Range. Next to him, there were three sword sages, Duan and Xuanyue.

"Grandpa Pope, let me go to the Elf Clan to meet the Elf Queen Aunt." Dumb said.

The pope nodded and said, "I think you are also the most suitable candidate. Then you go now. After you contact the elves, we are ready to enter the Death Mountain. Dumb, do you feel us here? It’s a little too calm along the way. I didn’t even receive a trace of harassment from the Dark Sacred Cult. I always feel a little uneasy. It’s impossible for them to not know that we are coming in such a big way.

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "Maybe it's the Dark Sacred Cult because our lineup is too strong, so we dare not take risks easily."

The pope shook his head and said, "It's not that simple. From the perspective of his previous actions, the leader of the Dark Saint Cult is definitely a scheming man. I originally thought that he would inevitably send his dark aliens to harass us along the way to slow us down. The pace of advancement, but he did not do so. Now, we can only start attacking the Death Mountain as soon as possible."

The Eastern Sword Saint Yunyi smiled and said, "My Lord Pope, don't worry too much. Since the blood sun and blood rain you mentioned have not yet appeared, we still have a chance."

Hu Tu drunk and said: "Yes! Brother, don't worry. And us." The pope's three thousand-year-old fairy drunk can be said to have completely bought Hu Tu. Although those wines that have been aged for thousands of years are well sealed, they still have a certain amount of volatilization. Each jar is less than one-third of the volume. For these peerless wines, even the addictive falcons are extremely cherished, and only drink a little every day. , And drunk with ordinary immortals, now the pope can be said to be his parents, and the relationship is extremely harmonious.

The Pope smiled slightly and said: "Yes! The Dark Sacred Cult must have never thought that we still have the strong support of the three Juggernauts. Dumb, you and Yueyue go now and come back as soon as possible."

Dui promised and pulled Xuanyue down from the slope. Just as she was about to speed up to the Elf race, she heard Xuanyue whisper: "Duai, wait a minute, I'll call two people, let's go together."

Dumb froze, and said: "Call two people? Did you say Brother Rock and them? Their speed is relatively slow, which will affect our return time. Let's go, let's go."

Xuan Yue smiled mysteriously, and said: "I'm not calling Big Brother Rock and the others. Even if time is tight now, I won't be there for a while. With your skill, you can take them to speed up!"

Dui grabbed Xuan Yue's arm and frowned, "Who is it? If you don't make it clear, I won't let you go."

Xuan Yue whispered: "Have you forgotten what I promised Oliveira back then? I just want to create a chance for him now! Understand, I will come as soon as I go. You will wait for me here, but don't move. A place." Breaking free of Dumb's hand, she floated up in Jin Mang's package, and quickly headed towards the camp where the army was stationed. First find Oliveira, tell him where Dui is, and only said that there is something to do with him, and without much explanation, he ran to the territory of the Yajin tribe and pulled Tiya out. Although Tiya didn't know what Xuan Yue was going to do, she still trusted Xuan Yue very much, and within a short while, Xuan Yue completed her task of leading people. When they returned to the place where Dumb was, Oliveira had already arrived. Xuan Yue could see from Oliveira's somewhat embarrassed expression that Ah Dui must have told him the matter. He smiled slightly, glanced at the puzzled Di Ya, smiled and said: "Sister Di Ya, I want to take you to the most beautiful place in the whole continent, let's go." After speaking, he raised the arm of Dui and said: "You take Brother Vera, I'll take Sister Tiya, let's make up for the time we lost." After speaking, with a stroke, the golden barrier immediately wrapped Tiya and floated up under the action of the energy full of sacred aura. . Dumb smiled helplessly, and brought Oliveira to chase after him with a grudge. While flying forward, Dumb rushed to Oliveira and said: "This time it depends on your own ability. Moon and Moon will definitely create opportunities for you later. Whether you can achieve it depends on you."

Oliveira said unnaturally: "But, boss, I have never chased a girl before, so I don't know what to do! You, teach me quickly."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Neither will I! It's up to you, no one can help you."

Oliveira pleaded: "Boss, we all think that you are not only a sword saint, but also a love saint! Otherwise, how can you catch up with the boss Xuanyue? You teach me."

Duan sighed and said, "It's my blessing to be with Yueyue. I don't even understand why she looks at me sometimes. If you like Patriarch Tiya, please treat her sincerely. I Think, as long as she is a little bit interesting to you, she should not refuse you."

While Dumb was talking with Oliveira, Xuanyue and Di Ya were also whispering, "Sister Di Ya, what do you think of Vera?"

Tiya frowned and said, "Sister, you don't want to introduce that guy to me."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "What's wrong. Don't underestimate him. He is the youngest wizard in the mainland wizards' union, with profound magic skills. And there is such a big force as the union behind him. Vera The eldest brother was specially trained by the mainland magicians union. In the future, the position of the union president will not be held by him. Let alone his identity and abilities, his appearance is worthy of you! His character is also very good, from From his perseverance in the pursuit of magic, he is a single-minded candidate for a good husband. Sister, don't be too picky."

Dia sighed and said: "Sister Xuanyue, now that the enemy is in the middle, how can I feel in the mood to talk about my children's personal affairs? Besides, my sister is already discouraged, and people may not be able to look at me. You know , I am the patriarch of the Yajin clan, my husband must accompany me to stay with the Yajin clan. He took ten thousand steps and said, even if we are combined, will he and I return to the Yajin clan or I will go with him in the future Where is the Mainland Mage Union?"

Xuan Yue froze, and scratched her head like a dumb, and said, "I haven't thought about it. It's not enough to get to the bridge. You can get along first, let's talk about it. If you can really become lovers, everything will be fine. Naturally, it is much easier to solve. Sister, Big Brother Vera, but I have worked hard to help you select the candidate, don't refuse them all at once."

Tiya smiled slightly and said, "Okay, my good sister, I will try to accept him. You, I really embarrass my sister."

"What's the embarrassment? Maybe you will thank me well in the future?"

The look of Oliveira emerged in Tia's heart. His handsome and personable look is indeed not annoying. Qiao's face blushed slightly, and she stopped saying anything.

At the speed of Ah Dui and Xuan Yue, they had already arrived in the fairy forest in only half an hour, and they drove through the outer forest directly to the outside of the ancient fairy enchantment. The four fell on the ground. Dumb looked at Oliveira and Tiya who looked a little embarrassed. He coughed and said, "Wait a minute." After finishing speaking, he took out the fairy bracelet from the space bag and opened it in front of him. Enchantment. As soon as the barrier opened, Xuanyue immediately jumped to Ah Du's side, dragged him and ran inside, and smiled as he ran: "Big Brother Vera has been here, he knows the way. Sister Tiya, follow him. "Under the golden light, before Oliveira and Tia objected, the two of them had disappeared.

After all, Tiya is a girl, and suddenly encountered such an embarrassing situation, she suddenly lowered her head and didn't know what to do.

Seeing Dia’s blushing pretty face, Oliveira's heart warmed, took a deep breath, calmed down, and whispered: "Patriarch, let's also go in. The barrier door opened by the dumb boss supports It won’t be long."

Tiya glanced at Oliveira, gave a good grace, and stepped into the barrier first. Oliveira hurriedly followed her, and for a while, he did not know what to say.

As he walked, Tiya was already attracted by the beauty of the surrounding forests, and murmured: "The forests here are really quiet! Without a trace of worldliness, they are much better than the forests of our Yajin tribe. We only know about mining, and there is too little environmental protection."

Oliveira finally found an opportunity to talk and hurriedly said: "Patriarch, this is the mysterious forest of the elves. When it comes to the city of elves, there will be more beautiful scenery."

Tiya said: "Am I scary? Why are you so trembling?"

"No, no! Me, I..."

Tia looked at Oliveira's anxious look and couldn't help but chuckle, and said, "What's the hurry? I'm not a cannibal tiger. Brother Vera, have you never had a good girlfriend?"

Oliveira looked at Tiana's smile like an iceberg thawing and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, and said with a wry smile: "Don't talk about girlfriends, among all the people I know, there is only one woman like Boss Xuanyue. Very small. At that time, I was recruited by the trade union because I was more suitable for practicing magic. I lived for more than 20 years, and spent almost half of my time practicing magic. If I hadn't met the two bosses, Ah-Dai and Xuanyue, I would still be there. I’m sitting in the trade union and watching the sky. Compared to the patriarch, I have too little knowledge."

Tiya smiled and said: "But your achievements are also very high! I heard sister Xuanyue say that you are the youngest wizard in the mainland wizards' union, you seem to be practicing wind magic."

Oliveira said: "Achievement? What is my achievement? It's far worse than the dumb boss. I can barely be regarded as a wizard. Why, is the patriarch also interested in magic?"

Tiya nodded and smiled and said, "Don't always call me the patriarch. Since you are a friend of Duan and Xuanyue, you are naturally also my friend. Just call my name directly. In fact, I was also very interested in magic when I was young. Interested. On the mainland, the status of a magician is so respected. It is a pity that I am not a material for practicing magic. Brother Vera, can you tell me about magic?"

When it comes to magic, Oliveira can be considered a spirit, and smiled: "Of course it can. In fact, the principle of magic is very simple..."

Oliveira and Tiya were walking and talking. In this beautiful forest, no one disturbed fresh and quiet air came with the joyful laughter of the two from time to time, it sounded like Extraordinarily touching.

It feels like time has passed very quickly, and without knowing it, Oliveira has already brought Tiya to the shore of the Fairy Lake. The whole body shook, and Dia's eyes showed a misty color, staring blankly at the thin layer of white mist on the Fairy Lake and could not speak. Oliveira approached Tiya and said softly: "It's beautiful, look at the big trees in the lake, where the elves live. The beauty of these big trees and vines is called the city of elves. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the mainland!"

Tiya nodded and exclaimed, "Yes! I've never seen such a beautiful place before, but how come this fairy forest doesn't even have an elf?"

"That's because I don't let them disturb you. Hehe." The golden light flashed, and Xuanyue appeared beside the two in the next moment. It turned out that when Duan and Xuanyue entered the Elf Forest, they told the Elf Clan guards not to disturb Tiya and Oliveira, so their path was so clean, otherwise they would have been stopped by the patrolling Elves. After hearing Xuanyue's words, Oliveira and Dia blushed at the same time, and Dia glared at Xuanyue, but the shame on her face remained undiminished. Oliveira gave a dry cough and changed the subject: "Boss Xuanyue, what about Boss Dumb? Why didn't I see him?"
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