The Kind Death God Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171: Spies appear

The eight second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect all flew on the altar of light. The eight people formed a circle, each extending an arm, and pressing the different acupoints of Dah to help him exercise, like the white light of light magic. Shrouded on the entire altar of light, Xuan Yue waited anxiously on the side. She knew that in a situation like Ah-Dai, his uncles who used the same source of True Qi to help him dredge were much better than using light magic to treat him. Because the disordered meridian is different from the damaged meridian. Damage can be healed by magic, and confusion is beyond the scope of magic. The pope fell by Xuanyue's side, stroked his granddaughter's hair, and spoke through the spirit: "Don't worry, he will be fine, don't forget, he is the savior in the mouth of Prophet Prin! Yueyue, now Do you still want to marry Buyi? If you want to, as long as grandpa is there, Dumb can't stop him."

Xuan Yue Qiao blushed, her white face rose with a blush, and she said shyly: "Grandpa, you are making fun of people, I, I didn't intend to marry someone else."

The Pope glanced at Babuyi, who was absent from the altar, and said, "However, dumb came in time, but it's not fair to him! This incident may have a big blow to him. How are you going to deal with Babuyi? What about the Lun family? Just now I used the identity of the dumb savior to deal with the ordinary clergy, but you should know that the Babrun family is not so easy to deal with."

Xuan Yue snorted coldly, and said, "If it were not for Babuyi, I would not be separated from Dui at all. It was him who made us suffer from the two places of lovesickness. It was him who almost broke us apart. Could it be that he could teach him a little lesson. Should it? I won’t explain anything to him, and I don’t need to. My heart is dumb, always and always."

With a sigh, the pope said: "I will handle this matter." At this moment, eight second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect slowly gained strength, opening their eyes almost simultaneously. Xuan Yue anxiously leaned to Xi Wen's side, and asked urgently: "Uncle, how is he? There is no risk of life, right?"

Xi Wen smiled slightly and said: "Don't worry, I used to say that it is not so easy to think of something with Ah's current cultivation base. The aura in his body has stabilized, and it will return to its original state after a few days of rest. Yes, I have to rely on you to take good care of him!"

When Xuan Yue heard that A-Dai was okay, she immediately relieved, took A-Dai from Lu Wen's hand, let him lean into her arms, and tightly grasped A-Dai's cold hands, filled with tenderness.

Applause suddenly sounded, and a cold voice said: "Okay! Okay! You really are a good couple of love and concubine!" The figure flashed, and Luo Shui floated to the altar of light, she was amazing A layer of frost shrouded Mei's face, her eyes were spitting fire, and everyone could feel the intense hatred emanating from her. Babulun and his son also followed her on the altar. Although Babulun was equally angry, there was no Luoshui's fierce expression in his eyes, and Babuyi was blank, with no trace of blood on his face. The family of three walked towards Dumb and Xuanyue step by step.

The Pope walked to Xuanyue's side, sighed, and said: "Fuck, this incident is indeed the fault of Yueyue and Ah-Dai, but since the two of them truly love each other, let's fulfill them."

Before Babylon spoke, Luo Shui shouted excitedly: "Success them, what should my son do? They love each other sincerely, so why did Xuanyue agree to marry him. Pope, you must give us One family has an explanation, otherwise, we will never let it go.” Senran murderous intent continuously seeped from Luoshui's body, and the pope frowned slightly.

Babron pulled his wife and said to the Pope: "Pope, Luoshui was so disrespectful because he was too angry. Please forgive me. However, how can you let our family stay in the Holy See if this happened? Although Ah Du has survived the test of the three red sacrifices and can forgive him for blaspheming the gods, this wedding cannot be cancelled. Yueyue is the daughter-in-law of my Ba family. This turned out to be no one. Changed. Your Pope, please think twice."

The Pope was also a little embarrassed. This time it was indeed that Xuan Yue didn't take courtesies. For a while, he didn't know how to explain it to the Babrun family. In the complex mood, no one of you noticed the light movements of Luo Shui, who had never been able to martial arts, when he was on the altar just now.

Xuan Yue handed Ah Dumb to Xi Wen, slowly stood up from the ground, and bowed to Luoshui and Babulun and said, "Aunt Luoshui, Uncle Babulun, I'm sorry, this matter is not good for Yueyue. But Yueyue really loves Dui. Brother Buyi and I cannot become a husband and wife. I told him a long time ago that I only regard him as my brother. Sorry, please forgive me and Dui."

Baburon said angrily: "Since you don't like not to follow, why agree to marry him? Don't you know how much it hurts him? Yueyue, you are too selfish."

Xuanyue raised her eyebrows and said with a slight anger: "Yes, I lied to you, I lied to Big Brother Babuyi. But, Uncle Bulun, you should still remember how he deceived A'Dai when he was in the Elf Forest. Yeah. Does he do little harm to Dui? This can only be regarded as a pay-for-reward. He did not follow the bitter fruit of the big brother himself, but he takes it back today. He takes everything on his own. I love Dui, and my life Zhong will only love him alone, and this will never change. Don't follow the big brother, give up your heart. There are many girls in the Holy See who are better than me. I think you will find a good home." Finally, Xuanyue looked at Ba Buyi's trembling body, her heart was softened, and Duan came to her at the last moment, so that all the sadness and resentment in her heart disappeared, and now she just wants to be with her beloved forever .

The coldness on Luoshui’s face suddenly disappeared. He sighed, and walked a few steps forward to Xuan Yue’s side, and raised one of Xuan Yue’s small hands, saying: "Yueyue, Auntie grew up when she was a child. For a long time, my aunt treats you as a daughter-in-law. In the eyes of my aunt, only you can be worthy of not relying on. Although I am disappointed today, I know that it is not good for you and not relying on being together. This matter Forget it, all the bitter fruits should indeed be eaten by ourselves. Yueyue, don’t be grudges, I think he knows that he was wrong now. I apologize to you for him.” He said, even to Xuanyue Shi Qi Lilai. Xuanyue hurriedly held Luoshui, her heart felt sad, and choked up: "Auntie, I'm sorry, this is all Yueyue's fault. Yueyue has no luck to be your daughter-in-law. Sorry, auntie." She said, She fell into Luoshui's arms and burst into tears. At this time, both Xuan Ye and Nasha had sent back the clergy and rushed back, just in time to hear the last dialogue between Luo Shui and Xuan Yue. Xuan Ye walked to Babulun, patted him on the shoulder, and said, "Brother, I'm sorry, I have no choice but to teach the daughter. Hey——, I really don't know how to explain this to you."

Baburon glanced at his wife with complicated eyes. Since Luoshui had already forgiven Xuanyue, what else could he say? A little irritated, he threw off Xuan Ye's hand on his shoulders, pulled him up and said angrily: "Let's go." After speaking, he turned and jumped off the altar. Everyone's attention is focused on the Babylon father and son. At this moment, the mutation happened suddenly. Luo Shui, who was holding Xuan Yue, suddenly slammed Xuan Yue out and slammed into the Pope. And her body turned into a phantom with a surging black aura rushing towards the unconscious dumb in Xiwen's arms.

In this sudden change, Xuan Yue did not react at all, she rushed into the arms of the pope, and the pope exclaimed, "No, stop her now."

Luo Shui had already rushed in front of Xi Wen at this time, and seven or eight vindictive qi full of powerful and dark aura went straight to the vital points of Ah-Dai. Xiwen was taken aback, and the right hand that was freed up in a hurry slammed a white anger towards Luoshui. Luoshui’s eyes flashed with cold and cruel light, and the black light from his hands suddenly merged into one, and with a bang, he even cut away the vigorous anger that Xiwen waved in a hurry, and the remaining energy slashed towards dumb. Chest. At this moment, a crack suddenly appeared on Ah Dumb's chest, and the black vindictive energy that Luo Shui cleaved was completely sucked in by the crack in an instant. Luo Shui was taken aback, his body shape couldn't help but slow down, and when he wanted to attack Dumb, it was too late. Feng Wen rushed up from Xi Wen's side, and the solid vindictive energy gleaming with pale yellow light suddenly met Luoshui's palms. With a bang, Luoshui and Fengwen each staggered three steps before they stood firm. The two were shocked at the same time, never expecting the other to be so powerful.

Babulun flew in front of him, grabbed his wife, and exclaimed: "A Shui, what are you doing? This is the Altar of Light, how can you use force at will?"

Luoshui looked at Ah-Dai bitterly, and said sternly: "He sabotaged my son's marriage and snatched my son's lover. I will not kill him and swear not to be a man." Originally, Luoshui's target was Xuanyue, but because of the previous Xuan Yue's true feelings made her feel soft, and then she turned her target to Dumb, and the space crack that prevented her from attacking was released by Prophet Prin in time. Earlier, Pulin felt that Luo Shui's expression was wrong when he was talking to Xuan Yue, and he was ready at any time. In a critical moment, he really succeeded in saving A Duan's life.

Ba Buyi's eyes suddenly became clearer, and he flew to Luoshui's side and grabbed his mother's arm. "Mom, don't say it any more, let's go. Since I have no fate with Yueyue, why should I force it? I never want to See them again." Two lines of clear tears flowed out, and the process of gaining and losing made Ba Buyi into extreme pain. Baburon grabbed Luoshui's shoulders and was about to leave the Altar of Light, but the pope's faint voice suddenly sounded, "She can't go. Your family can't go now."

Babron looked at the Pope with irritation, "Why? Do you want us to continue to be humiliated here? Pope, how can our Bajia contribute to the Holy See, how can you treat us like this?"

The Pope shook his head and said: "Non-ren, don't you find that there is something wrong? You should know that the previous Luoshui was not good at martial arts. However, the strength she just demonstrated is not inferior to you. Moreover, she was using dark vindictiveness." While watching with cold eyes, the pope clearly saw the evil aura that had just been revealed on Luo Shui. At that moment, he had understood a lot of things. After hearing the pope's words, Babylon was shocked and looked at his wife in amazement. Luo Shui's expression was calm and he broke free from Babulun's arms, and looked at the pope and said lightly: "Yes, I am a member of the dark forces. Since you have found out, there is nothing to say. Let's do it, I won't wait for death. of."

The Pope sighed, with a struggling look in his eyes, and murmured: "Luoshui, you have been in the Holy See for more than 20 years. I never thought that the **** would be you. At the beginning, the Holy See sent a large army to go. When the Tianyuan clan wiped out the dark alien race, almost the entire army was annihilated. I suspect that there was a **** in the Holy See, and it was our senior insider. Because if there were no rapes, how could the enemy know exactly when our people would arrive in Tianyuan? So how can the clan set up traps? If I’m right, Luoshui, this should be done by you. You hide it really well. If today’s not because you didn’t depend on it made you too excited, I’m afraid we still Unable to discover your true identity."

Babron flashed and stood in front of his wife. His face had become extremely pale, and his voice was trembling: "No, no, Pope, you must be mistaken. Ah Shui is already twenty in the Holy See. It has been for many years. How could she be a rape? You must have made a mistake, made a mistake. A Shui, tell the Pope that this is not true. Come on!"

Feeling Babron’s deep affection for herself, Luo Shui’s heart was sad. She grabbed her husband’s shoulders and sighed: "Bullen, there is nothing to justify at this time. The Pope is right, that traitor is I. Not only did I reveal to the leader of the Dark Sacred Clan that you went to the Tianyuan clan at the beginning, but also, through my report, the Dark Sacred Cult is also clear about what happened in the Holy See over the years. No. Lun, I can tell you frankly, I have never loved you, I have always used you to achieve my own goals." Luoshui's eyes gradually became cold, turning to the Pope: "I know, there are so many people today. In front of me, I can’t get off anyway, please let me finish my sentence, Lord Pope."

The Pope glanced at Babylon, who was trembling all over, nodded, and said, "You tell me. The Dark Sacred Cult is the source of the dark forces, right?"

Luo Shui flashed out from behind Babulun, not looking at his husband and son, and said: "Yes, the dark aliens are under the rule of our Dark Sacred Church. More than 20 years ago, Babulun and I The acquaintance was arranged by the leader. After some twists and turns, I successfully entered the Holy See. As you said, I have been hiding very well over the years. The father and son of Babylon never discovered my identity. For the Holy See, I can be regarded as a heinous crime. I don't want anything, Pope, you can do it. I have lived enough, but if you want to kill me, you have to pay a price."

Babulun suddenly rushed out, fell to his knees in front of the Pope with a thump, and said in pain: "My Pope, please, because I have done so much for the Holy See, please spare Luoshui. . I’m willing to use my own life in exchange, the Pope, I beg you.” Luo Shui pulled Babylon’s clothes and threw him aside, angrily: “You don’t need you to intercede for me. I have said that I have never loved you before. Get out of you. I don't want to see you when I die. Get out of me."

Babylon rolled on the ground, jumped up, rushed to Luoshui's side again, tightly hooped her into his arms, "No, Ashui, even if you don't love me, I won't let you Damn it. A Shui, we have been together for more than 20 years, and my feelings for you have never diminished. I am willing to do anything for you. A Shui, you must take good care of yourself. Pope My lord, let her go. This is my last wish." At this point, Baburun suddenly released a dazzling golden light, and Babuyi, who was familiar with his father's exercises, suddenly shouted, "Dad, no." But , It was too late, and with a puff, a large blood mist came out of Babulun, his face suddenly became extremely pale, and he slowly fell behind Luoshui. The blood stained Luoshui's white dress. The blood-red flowers looked so gorgeous.

Luo Shui felt the changes in Babulun, turned around abruptly, and wrapped his limp body into his arms, "No--Len--, you, what are you doing?"

Babrun's whole body was constantly convulsing. Just now, with the zhenqi he has cultivated for many years, he broke all the main meridians in his body. Now he is completely dependent on the heat of his heart to maintain his temporary immortality. Looking at the tears in Luoshui's eyes, Baburun said sadly: "A...Shui..., Tianyuan...Clan One...Yi Jiao...Ting died... Then... so many... people... Always...someone...come out...takes...responsibility...for...for die..., heart...willing...willing..., A Shui,... You...definitely...take care of...yourself...ah! Pope...sir..., all of fault..., I would... The water is dead, please...please, look the Holy Court...for make...forgive...for him ...Mother...son, let him...Leave...Leave the Holy See...This the end...a...wish...wish." His voice grew. The weaker he is, because of the complete rupture of the meridians, he will no longer be able to hold on. This suicide method, even the Pope’s divine healing technique, cannot regenerate him. In order to exchange his wife’s life, the infatuated Babylon chose Died.

The pope looked at the dying look of Babylon, feeling unbearable for a while, and nodded gently. Although the information of the dark forces is very important to the Holy See, how can he disobey the last wish before his death, even if he disregards the past achievements of Babron? Seeing the pope nodding, Baburun's face suddenly showed a gleam, a blush on his face, and he murmured: "Thanks...thanks, the pope...sir... "His eyes turned to tearful Luoshui, and said foolishly: "Ah...Shui, you... see... Have you seen...? Pope...sir...have... agreed to let you go... ...I'm satisfied...I'm full...I'm...I'm...death...I can...change...return life...I'm...satisfied... …Listen to me…one…sentence,…don’t go back to…black…dark power…it’s..., that…no…it’s a…good…choice…choice, evil ... evil... never... can't... can fight... defeat the right... righteous... Finally..., I... want to ask... you,... you really... never... ... Haven't... ever loved... me...? That... I'm afraid it's... a trace of... love... intention,... all... no...?"

Tears kept dripping from Luoshui’s face onto Baburun, and he wetted his robes of the presiding judge, shaking his head vigorously, Luo Shui choked and said: "You are so stupid, you are so stupid! When I said that, I didn’t want to make you tired and disobedient! I joined you out of following the orders of the leader. At the beginning, I really didn’t like you, but you were so good to me, like a day for decades. How can I not be moved? Besides, we have children. The reason why I have been bad to you is because I am afraid that you have fallen too deeply. From the time I married you, I knew that things like this will happen sooner or later. It happened. But, you, you are still so persistent and nonsense, I am sorry for you, I am sorry for you! No matter, I love you, I love you!"

Baburun's body trembled violently, "Enough...,...this...enough...I' regrets...Ah... …Water,…if…heavier…one…time…that is…makes…I know…do…you are…the dark force…the power…people, I…also Also...will choose...choose you...Ah...shui, I..., I...want to...go..., keep...really..." His head tilted, with a satisfied smile , Babylon died in Luoshui's arms.

Luoshui was stunned, and Ba Buyi was also stunned. Everyone around was silent, and Ba Buyi's deep emotion moved everyone including Quan Yi. The pope said with some difficulty: "Luoshui, you go, with indecentness and noncompliance. For the sake of indecentness, I represent the gods and the Holy See, and forgive everything you do."

Luo Shui smiled, smiled sadly, and said faintly: "Forgive me? The Holy See forgive me, but I myself can't forgive myself. All this is my fault, it's all my fault." Touching gently Looking at Baburon’s smiling face, Luo Shui murmured: "Bullen, you are so stupid, why are you so stupid! I am not worthy of your love, not worthy of yours." It seemed as if some decision had been made. Suddenly, the sadness on Luoshui’s face disappeared. She looked at the Pope faintly, and said: "My Lord Pope, I can tell you that the strength of the Dark Sacred Church is extremely large. Even the Holy See may not be able to deal with it. Joining the Dark Sacred Sect, you can be said to be on the same level as the Twelve Heavenly Kings, but you have never seen the leader. After nearly a thousand years of cultivation and rejuvenation, the dark forces have become so powerful that you can’t imagine. If you want to stop the dark forces To rule the mainland, we must completely eliminate the Dark Sacred Sect that has ruled the entire dark force before the sacred calendar thousand years, otherwise, they will be unstoppable."

"Mom--" Ba Buyi shouted sternly. Luo Shui's body slowly fell on Babulun who had just died, her eyes were full of tenderness, and blood constantly seeped from her chest, where there was a short blade that shone with blue light. Turning to look at her son, she murmured: "Silly boy, don't cry, death is the best relief for mom. Mom is going to accompany your dad underground, don’t worry, there, mom will definitely do Make up for him well and make up all the debts owed to him over the years. I will make your father feel the warmth that he has never had before." With a spout of blood, Luoshui intermittently rushed to the Pope: "Black... dark situation the mountains......" With his arms around Baburon's body tightly, Luoshui's eyes have become misty, "No ...Lun, you...Wait...Wait for me...,...I'm here...,...let be a...husband ...Wife...I...definitely...will... take good care, until...forever...forever...forever..." The whole body trembled and Luo Shui fell in Babu There was no more breath of life on Lun.

"No, don't--" Ba Buyi yelled sternly. He threw himself down on his parents and wept bitterly. During the day he experienced the robbing of his fiancée and the death of his parents, his spirit was completely broken. "Mom, Dad, don’t die, don’t die! I can’t live without you. Dad, you haven’t seen me become the deputy presiding judge? Mom, you, haven’t you seen me marrying a wife and having children? How can you Is that so dead?" Ba Buyi stood up fiercely, his body trembling violently, his originally clear eyes gradually became muddy, and he slowly hugged his parents' bodies tightly in his arms, obsessed with distraction. Xuan Yue said: "Yueyue, look, father and mother are all asleep, look! They slept so soundly! Let's not quarrel with them, okay? Yueyue, look at how good father is to mother! I will treat you like him, let's go, we should enter the bridal chamber."

Xuan Yue said in tears: "Don't follow Big Brother, don't do this, all this is not good for Yueyue, it is Yueyue that ruined your family, it is that Yueyue is not good, don't follow Big Brother, you..."

Babuyi smiled, and smiled excitedly, "No, no, what's wrong with you? You are fine! Do you know? You are willing to marry me, I'm so happy! Uh-" Under the palm of the presiding judge Xuanyuan, Ba Buyi slowly fell to the ground, beside his parents' corpses. Xuan Yuan sighed, shook his head, and said, "What the **** is this? Your Pope, he is crazy because he is too sad. Please allow me to take care of him. Maybe, there is some hope of recovery." As the subordinate Babulun and his wife who had followed him for many years died, Xuan Yuan's heart was suffering from abnormal colic.

The pope nodded weakly and said: "Everything is as you said. If you don't follow this child, it is too sad. You must take good care of him. If you need any medication, please go to the Holy See warehouse to get it. The Babylonians are still the same. According to the rules of the Holy See, they are to be buried in a large scale, and no one is allowed to tell about Luoshui’s coming from the dark forces." Xuan Ye stepped forward to support his trembling father, and said sadly: "Pope, you are sorry, no one. Unexpectedly, such a thing would happen."

The pope sighed and said: "I'm fine, UU reading, you go to arrange for the guests to stay. Xi Wen is head of the house, and Dumb will be taken care of by you. I am a little tired, so I will go back to the temple to rest."

The excitement that Xuanyue rushed to because of Ah-Dai in time was completely absent. She looked sadly at Xuan Yuan and the others taking away the Babulun family, and then looked at Ah-Dai in Xi Wen’s arms. The tears were even more turbulent. She was lost and didn’t know herself. Is it right to choose dumb?

I don't know how long it took, and Ah Dai slowly woke up. The pain from the meridians all over his body made his body convulsions. Looking inside his body, he found that the golden body was much dim, and there seemed to be some blockage in the meridians in the body. As his consciousness recovered, he gradually remembered everything that had happened before. His last memory was that Xuan Yue had fed him a pill, and then in the warm energy package, he lost consciousness. It seems that he is not dead yet! Yueyue don't know how it is now? She probably won't marry that Babuyi. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai eagerly wanted to know Xuan Yue's previous situation, tried several times, and finally opened his eyes. He found that he was in a gorgeous room, the soft and comfortable bed exuded a faint fragrance, and everything around was decorated in white, which looked very elegant and gave people a peaceful and warm atmosphere. feel. Reluctantly turned his head and looked to the side, only to see a person lying next to his bed, it was a rock. "Big brother, big brother." Because of worrying about Xuanyue's situation, Duan couldn't help but call the rock.


Chapter 172: East window incident

The rock itself didn't fall asleep. Hearing Duan's cry, he immediately woke up, rubbed his dim sleepy eyes, and said in surprise: "Ah! Brother, you woke up. You can sleep for a long time. It's been three full days."

Duan's voice was a little hoarse, and he asked anxiously, "Big Brother, Yueyue, Yueyue? She didn't marry Babuyi, right."

Rock smiled slightly, and said: "Look for Yueyue as soon as you wake up, you kid! Don't worry about your injury. If you didn't leave, would you be able to come here earlier and have so many things?"

Dumb said in embarrassment, "I, my injury is fine, eldest brother, I was not good last time, you tell me, Yueyue, how is she?"

Rock laughed and said: "You don't understand my expression? Yueyue didn't marry Babuyi, you can rest assured. You have been in a coma for three days. Yueyue has been taking care of you, but we are too tired to see her. , Let her go to rest, I just replaced her for a long time, how about it? Shall I call her for you now."

"No, no." Dui repeatedly shook her hand, "She's tired, let her rest and rest." When she heard that Xuanyue hadn't married Babuyi, Dui's heart was extremely excited, even the blocked meridians in the body It's cleared a lot. I thought, Yueyue must have forgiven me, as long as she did not marry Babuyi, everything would be easy to say. I must treat Yueyue better in the future, and must not let her down on her feelings to her own, and I will definitely be able to be with Yueyue happily in the future. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai couldn't help feeling a little silly, with a silly smile on his face.

Rocky said: "Look at you beautiful, although Yueyue did not marry Babuyi, she doesn't have to marry you! You don't trust her so much, her anger hasn't subsided yet?"

Dumb was startled, and murmured, "What? Is Yueyue still angry with me? Brother, I will never hurt Yueyue again this time. When I see her, I will confess to her sincerely. "

Rock smiled and said: "Well, that's right, you can fight for it yourself. I can see that Yueyue has a deep affection for you! As long as you sincerely admit your mistakes to her, she will definitely forgive you. By the way, after you fainted that day, a major event happened to the Holy See, and Babuyi's family was over." There was a sad expression on his face. How did the rock Jiang Luoshui expose his identity because he wanted to kill Dumb? How did Babulun try to protect him. His wife chose to commit suicide, how did Luoshui explain to the Pope the situation of the dark forces, and how Ba Buyi finally went mad, told Dumb in detail.

After listening to the narration of the rock, Duan couldn't help but fell silent. He didn't expect that preventing Yueyue's wedding by himself would lead to such a thing, and murmured: "I ruined their family!"

Rock sighed and said, "You can't be blamed for this. Think about it. If Luoshui hadn't been sent to the Vatican to undercover by the Dark Holy Sect, if it hadn't been for Babuyi who cheated you away, this kind of tragedy would not have happened. Since Luoshui is a member of the dark forces, his identity will be revealed one day, and the final result is inevitable. Okay, don't think too much about it, take a good rest."

Dui just heard that Xuan Yue's excitement about not being married was dissipated by the tragic experience of the Babulun family. He was lying flat on the bed, suddenly a little at a loss, and the same thoughts as Xuan Yue appeared that day. Am I right to come to Yueyue like this? If I did not appear, the tragedy would not happen! No, I was right to do this. If I don't come, Yueyue will probably suffer for a lifetime, which is definitely not what I want to see. What's more, there are reasons that Brother Rock said. In the Holy See, as long as Luoshui serves the dark forces, her identity will always be exposed. I'm sorry, Ba Buyi, this is not the result I want to see! Please forgive me. People are selfish, even Dumb is no exception. Although he is saddened by what happened to Babuyi's family, he is thankful that he prevented Xuanyue's wedding in time and finally regained his beloved one.

"Dumb, do you want something to eat, brother will get it for you?" Rock asked with concern. Dumb shook his head, and said, "No need, big brother, I will practice for a while and talk about it."

The rock smiled and said, "Brother, your performance that day can be said to be shocking! In front of the messengers of the four mainland countries and thousands of priests of the Holy See, your appearance of motivating the Nine Heavens God Thunder is really amazing. Just one person. Li is contending with three powerful red-clothed sacrifices, but the eldest brother can't even think about it. You have already left the eldest brother far behind."

Dumb said: "Brother, don't say that, I'm just lucky. As long as you continue to practice hard work, you can reach this level one day. By the way, since such a big incident has happened to the Babuyi family, the Holy See has Nothing has changed. Babuyi's father is, after all, the deputy presiding judge of the Holy See! His death may have an impact on the Holy See."

Rock said: "There must be an influence, but the Pope's authority in the Holy See is irresistible to anyone. If he personally appeared, there would still be injustices. The Babylonians have been buried in the ceremony. As for Pakistan, No, he is now locked in the back hill of the Holy See and is personally taken care of by Master Xuanyuan, the presiding judge. In the past few days, Yanli and I went to find Xuanyuan, thank him for teaching us the spirit of battle. It is estimated that he suffered from you that day. The stimulus of the peerless skill turned out to be very good to us, and also pointed us a lot of skill to officially accept us as named disciples?"

Dumb smiled and said, "That should congratulate you. Brother, Uncle Xiwen and they are here. How are they now? Are they back to Tiangang Mountain?"

The Rock shook his head and said, "Your injury is still not healed, how can they go back? The teachers are all here for you! They are very concerned about you. Not only are they here, but the fairy princess star Son, the great elf messenger Audi, my father, Prophet Prin, Sisi, Lardas of the Tianjin Mage Guild and President Kari of the Mainland Mage Guild are all here, and many of them are friends you know. Now the envoys of the four countries have left in the Holy See with the exception of Quan Yi from the Sunset Empire and his men, discussing with the Pope about dealing with the forces of darkness."

Hearing that Prophet Prin was also coming, Ah-Dai was very excited, "Is the Prophet awake? This is really great. His health is fine, right."

Rock laughed and said, "Don't call him an old man, otherwise he will be angry, ha ha. He, the prophet, now looks a few years older than me. To be honest, brother, we all of the Puyan tribe must thank you. If it weren’t for you to pull the Prophet back from the death line, I’m afraid we would lose the most lofty spiritual support. Prophet Prin is too important to us. Dumb, I will bring the tribe to thank you." With that, the rock stood up and respectfully bowed to Dumb. Duan’s body is still very difficult to move, and he said anxiously: "Brother, don’t do this, saving the prophet is what I should do. If it weren’t for the prophet’s guidance and the blood of the dragon, I wouldn’t be where I am today, let alone. I have the ability to save the Prophet. The Prophet is a kind of good cause and good fruit! I have no credit."

The rock said with a serious face: "Brother, you don't have to be polite with me. Anyway, how many people can save others with blood at the expense of their lives like you? You saved the life of the prophet, and if you have difficulties in the future , Our Puyan clan will definitely support it. To be honest, your face is big enough. This time, except for the Sunset Empire, people from several other countries are almost all for your marriage with Xuanyue! If you don’t come to the scene in time, I’m afraid Teacher Xi Wen will take everyone to stop the wedding? Dumb, it seems that the prophet is right. You are indeed the savior of the mainland, and there is an indescribable cohesion in you. Whoever is with you will be attracted by your temperament and will become your friend for whatever reason."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "This time I really troubled everyone, it's all my fault. I will never run away from now on. Ah! Brother, don't keep talking about me, how are you and Sister Zhuo Yun now? "

The old rock blushed and said, "We are very good. Yun'er is a good girl. With her, I seem to have returned to the happy life before. This time I have a long memory. I can't say anything. She separates, I will never let her suffer any harm. I will use my life to protect her, just like Babylon protects his wife Luoshui, even if I give my life, I will not hesitate." The rock said decisively. Unusually determined, there was a glow of love in his eyes.

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, you have such a deep feeling for Sister Zhuo Yun! It's really time to confess, you see, Sister Zhuo Yun has been moved and cried."

Rock was startled in his heart, and suddenly turned his head to look at the door. Sure enough, Zhuo Yunqiao stood at the door and stared at him affectionately, tears of excitement flowing down her face, her delicate body trembling slightly.

The rock blushed and said embarrassingly: "Yun, you, you are here, I just talked to Brother Dumb, but I didn't hear you come in."

Zhuo Yun didn't answer, she flapped her wings behind her, and rushed towards the rock. The rock was startled, and she subconsciously opened her arms and hugged Zhuo Yun. Zhuo Yun threw himself into the arms of the rock and burst into tears, hugging the neck of the rock tightly. The rock glanced at Dumb reproachfully, as if to blame him for not saying that Zhuo Yun was here earlier, patted Zhuo Yun's back lightly, and said: "Goodbye, stop crying, Dumb brothers will laugh."

Zhuo Yun slowly raised his head and sobbed: "Rock, I, I..."

Rock gently said: "No need to say anything, as long as you understand my heart. What I said just now is true. I will guard you by your side whenever I say."

Dumb coughed twice and laughed: "I said, brother and sister-in-law, you guys made each other in front of a severely injured number. Don't you be afraid of the irritation, my injury will recur?

Zhuo Yun wiped away the tears on his face, spit out, and said: "Dumb, when did you become so naughty? This is not like you before! Dare to make fun of my sister, see me before Yueyue will complain to you "Hearing Zhuo Yun's words, dumbfounded, yes! How could he suddenly become like this? Since the skill reached the realm of Master Tiangang Sword Saint, it seemed that the brain had become unusually clear and clear, and it was no longer the dull dumb. It's just that I was always in grief before, and I didn't think about it carefully. At this time, when Xuan Yue's marriage was finally resolved, I felt a lot more relaxed, and the words just now came out naturally. Scratching his head, he said: "Sister, I don't know why I have become smarter."

Zhuo Yun broke free from the rock, flew to the bed of Ah-Dai, and said with concern: "I came here to see if you are awake, how is it? Is the injury better?"

Duan nodded and said, "I'm fine. Sister, I don't need anyone here anymore. You and your eldest brother will go out. I want to start meditation, or else, Brother Rock should blame me for being your light bulb. Wait for me. After that, immediately go to Yueyue to admit her mistake and ask her forgiveness."

Zhuo Yun's face blushed and said, "You, use your greasy mouth and tongue more on Yueyue. After Babuyi's parents died, she seemed to be very sad. She didn't eat or drink while taking care of you for the past two days. I feel so distressed. Yueyue is a good girl, so you have to cherish her."

Hearing Zhuo Yun said that Xuanyue was sad, Ah-Dai suddenly felt a pain. After thinking about it, he said: "Big Brother, I will start practicing now, and then go to Yueyue. You can help me tell others, don't disturb me."

Rock nodded, took Zhuo Yun's little hand, and said, "You can practice without worry, eldest brother is guarding you outside. Just ask me if anything happens."

Holy Vatican, the home of Xuan Ye in the red clothing.

After a long time of meditation and eating something more, Xuan Yue's spirit has improved a lot. Both parents are at home, and the atmosphere in the home is very gloomy. Xuanyue walked out of the room after putting on her red sacrificial robe. I saw Xuanye sitting in a chair in a daze, while her mother Nasha looked at him worriedly.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?" Xuan Yue walked to Xuan Ye and asked.

Xuan Ye raised her head and glanced at her daughter, with a trace of sadness in her eyes, "Unexpectedly, your Uncle Babylon died like this. Hey--, what a fortune!"

Nasha took her husband's hand and said, "Ye, don't think too much about it. Everything has already happened and passed. Why should you be sad anymore?"

Xuan Ye squeezed his wife's hand and said, "I'm really sad to see them die like that. Baburon is my friend from childhood to adulthood. Among the peers of the Holy See, we have the best relationship. Okay. But, Luoshui sister-in-law turned out to be a spy for the dark forces, and it was her relationship that caused the Holy See to lose so many manpower, even the father-in-law..., to be honest, I don’t know whether to hate them or to sympathize. they."

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said, "Dad, Uncle Babylon and the others are already dead. The so-called death lamp is off and all grievances disappear. Mom is right, so don't think too much."

When Nasha heard Xuanye mention her father, her eyes turned red, and said, "All this is the arrangement of Lord Tianshen! We can't change it at all."

Xuan Ye sighed, looked at her daughter, and said, "Yueyue, tell me, what are you going to do now? Dui came to you, and Ba Buyi is already crazy. Are you going to marry Dui?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "Dad, I don't know, I really don't know." She knew that her father didn't like dumb. At this time, her father was in grief. How could she irritate him again?

Xuan Ye said: "It stands to reason that I lost the bet that I made with Tiangang Sword Saint. I didn't expect that dumb boy turned out to be so strong that he couldn't even take the light of reincarnation against him. Since I lost, I should marry you to him. But your dad will not force you to marry you anymore. This time you are completely up to you. If you think Duan can give you happiness, stay with him. Dad will no longer object I'm telling the truth, you don't have to worry about anything, Dad doesn't want to look at you sad!"

Xuan Yue's eyes flushed, she threw herself into Xuan Ye's arms, choked up and said: "Dad, you are so good, you are so good to Yueyue. It used to be that Yueyue was bad, so I always make you angry, forgive Yueyue. "

Xuan Ye stroked her daughter’s smooth hair and smiled and said, “Silly boy, how could dad blame you. You are the only daughter of dad, and it’s too late for dad to hurt you! I saw the tragic experience of the big brother of Babylon the day before yesterday. I cherish you and your mother even more now. Only the warmth of the family is the happiest thing. Compared to him, I am so happy. I have a wife who loves me so much and a wonderful daughter. I I'm satisfied. What's more, when I was playing against Duan that day, my father discovered that he was indeed a good candidate for son-in-law. Although his appearance was very ordinary, his tall figure and strong strength matched my daughter. What's more, he still has a kind heart. If it weren't for him that day to fight his own enthusiasm and forcibly prevent the Nine Heavens God Thunder from landing, I am afraid that my father would have already disappeared. I was too extreme before, and my father will not stop you anymore. Together."

"Dad, thank you, thank you. Me, I..."

"My dear daughter, don't say any more." Xuan Ye opened her arms and put his wife and daughter into her warm arms. The family of three felt the deep warmth between each other, and their hearts were much more comfortable.

"Bang, bang, bang" knocking on the door suddenly came from outside, Xuan Ye was enjoying the joy of family relationship, and was disturbed by the unhappy heart, frowning: "Who?"

"Report to Lord Sacrifice. Yajin Patriarch, Miss Diya, wants to see Xuanyue Hongyi Sacrifice Lord."

"Diya, the chief of the Yajin clan?" Xuan Ye looked at her daughter suspiciously and asked, "Yueyue, do you know her?"

Xuan Yue froze for a moment, and couldn't help but recall the Qiushui dagger given to her by Tiya when she was in the Yajin tribe, and smiled bitterly: "Not only did she know it, but she also had some misunderstandings. It seems that I have to explain it clearly to her. "I raised my voice and said to the attendant outside: "Let Miss Tiya come in."

Xuan Ye said: "What the **** is going on with you and the Yajin clan chief? Do you need me and your mother to avoid it."

Xuan Yue smiled bitterly: "It's just a misunderstanding, you don't need to avoid it."

There was footsteps, and the knock on the door sounded again. Xuan Yue took a deep breath, tried to sort out her thoughts, and said, "Please come in."

The door opened, and Tiya, who was in a blue long dress under the leadership of the attendant, walked in. She had obviously deliberately dressed up today. Although she was not as beautiful as Xuan Yue, she was also quite beautiful. "Tiya of the Yajin tribe has seen Bishop Xuanye, Bishop Xuanyue, and Nasha Baiyi offering sacrifices."

Xuan Ye smiled slightly and said, "Patriarch Diya is welcome, please sit down."

Dia took a few steps forward, walked to Xuan Yue's side, and whispered: "Bishop Xuan Yue, I, I want to talk to you alone, okay?"

Xuan Yue glanced at her father and said, "Well, come to my room and talk."

Tiya rushed to Xuanye and Nasha to salute again, and said, "Sorry, I'm sorry."

Xuan Ye smiled and said, "Don't be so polite. It's not easy to be able to sit as the chief of the Yajin clan if you are about the same age as Yueyue! Go."

Xuanyue let Di Ya into her room, closed the door, and said nervously, "Miss Di Ya, what's the matter with you here today?"

Dia Qiao blushed, playing with her clothes, and yelling: "I, I..."

Xuan Yue froze, she found that Di Ya did not seem to recognize her identity, and smiled and said, "Sister Di Ya, just say anything."

Dia took a deep breath, as if she was determined, and said: "That's it. I came to ask you today, where is your brother Xuan Ri?" After saying this, Dia was shy. With her head down, Xuan Yue could clearly feel her heartbeat was constantly accelerating.

Xuan Yue secretly smiled bitterly, and said: "Sister Tiya, how can I answer you!"

Tiya lowered her head and said, "I know I'm taking the liberty, but since I saw Brother Ling last time, I haven't heard from him. I, I just want to know where he is."

Xuan Yue thought to herself, long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain. It is better to tell her directly. She gritted her teeth and said, "Sister Tiya, in fact, I am Xuan Ri."

Dia raised her head fiercely and said, "What? You, what did you say?"

Xuanyue sighed helplessly, and said, "Xuanyue is Xuanri, and Xuanri is Xuanyue. At first, I left the Holy See to find dumb. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I disguised myself as a man. You don't know, even Dumb doesn't even know that I am Xuanyue. I'm really embarrassed. Sister Tiya, I'm sorry."

Dia's body trembled slightly, and her beautiful eyes were filled with unbelievable affection. Since Ah Dui and Xuan Yue left the Yajin clan, Xuan Yue’s handsome appearance and powerful magic reverberated in her mind for a long time, and she could not forget it for a long time. This time she finally took the opportunity of Xuan Yue and Babuyi to get married. I came to the Holy See just to see Xuan Ri. But she never imagined that she would be a woman who she has always loved. Insanely said: "You, are you really Xuan Ri? I, I don't believe it, I don't believe it."

Xuan Yue changed her voice and said in the voice that she had disguised as Xuan Ri at the beginning: "Sister Tiya, this is the truth! I am indeed Xuan Ri of that day." Bend down, lifted her skirt, and took Qiushui dagger. He came out, held it in front of Dia with both hands, and said: "Look, I always wear the dagger you gave me? Sister Dia, give it back to you. We can only be sisters. You are so beautiful, and you will definitely be able to do it in the future. Found a wishful man."

Tiya looked at the dagger in Xuan Yue's hand dumbfounded. Although she didn't want to admit it, she knew that everything Xuan Yue said was true. With a wry smile, without taking the Qiushui dagger in Xuanyue's hand, he said: "It seems that I really have no emotional luck! I finally fell in love with someone, but I was still a woman. Sister Xuanyue, I will give this Qiushui dagger to you. , It's a gift from my sister."

Xuan Yue said embarrassingly: "How can this be done? This is a token of love from your sister to your future husband, and this autumn water dagger is so precious, how can I take it?"

"Sister, just accept it, hey—maybe it will be difficult for me in my life to find a suitable one." Tiya's expression was a little sad. After all, she is the leader of a family. After the previous surprise and loss, she has gradually Back to normal. She knows how important Xuan Yue's position is in the Holy See, and being able to recognize such a sister is absolutely beneficial to the Yajin tribe. Losing EAST is not necessarily a bad thing.

Seeing that she insisted on not taking the Qiushui dagger back, Xuanyue said helplessly: "Then I would like to thank my sister, sister, do you have any favorite things? I will bless you with a light defense magic, which can be regarded as a gift to you. Right." Tiya smiled slightly and said: "Okay! Then trouble my sister." With that, she took a golden hairpin from her head and handed it to Xuan Yue.

Xuan Yue took the golden hairpin, put her hands together and put the golden hairpin in her palm, chanting a spell in a low voice, and a faint golden light floated out, gathering like a sea of rivers into her palm, the golden light full of sacred aura in Xuan Under the continuous urge of Yue, it was printed into the golden hairpin. Xuanyue's current cultivation base was different from when she was in the Yajin clan, and she continued to compress the light magic that exceeded the realm of the magister at will. Dia stared at Xuan Yue in surprise. She knew that the gift Xuan Yue gave to herself was no less precious than her Autumn Water Dagger. After a while, the golden light gradually dissipated, and Xuanyue handed the golden hairpin back to Di Ya. There was a layer of precious light on the hairpin that was originally glittering with golden light. Di Ya held it in her hand, feeling the warm energy contained in it, and she couldn't help but feel it. Yixi.

Xuan Yue said: "Sister, I have injected the energy of light magic into this golden hairpin. It already has the ability to absorb light elements in the air. You only need to carry it with you in the future. Once you encounter the attack of dark energy, the golden hairpin It can naturally release energy to protect you. Although the energy is not very strong, it can also play a role."

Tiya inserted the golden hairpin back on her head. Under the warm energy, she felt her body and mind calm for a while, and smiled: "Sister, thank you."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Sister, you are welcome. When you have the opportunity, I will help you find a Ruyi Langjun. Thank me very much. Among those dumb friends, there are many outstanding people. Let me pick one for you."

Tiya Qiao blushed and lowered her head and said, "No. Even if they are outstanding, they can't compare to you, my sister!"

Xuan Yue's heart moved, and Oliveira's handsome face flashed in her mind, with a mysterious smile, and said: "Sister, don't ask too much. Don't worry, I will definitely satisfy you."

Tiya sighed lightly and said: "Emotional matters need fate, so let me talk about it if I have a chance. Sister, I will go back first. In the Holy See these days, we have reached an agreement, when the Holy See is preparing to encircle the dark forces on a large scale. When the time comes, our Yajin clan will definitely contribute our own strength. I will go back first and see you later."

Xuan Yue's heart moved. In order to take care of Dui, she did not attend the meeting between the Holy See and the guests of the four countries in the past two days. She hurriedly pulled Tiya and said, "Sister, don't rush away. Can you take care of you for the past few days? Tell me about the agreement reached by the Holy See! As you know, I haven't participated in the past few days." At this point, she couldn't help but blush.

Tiya smiled slightly and said, "Sister, you are shy, do you want to be dumb? How is he? Is he hurt? Speaking of which, your relationship is really ups and downs! You will get married that day dumb. When I suddenly appeared and said so many moving words, my sister was really surprised!"

Xuan Yue said: "His injury has basically stabilized. Although he hasn't woken up yet, there should be no problem. I need to rest for a few more days. The relationship between us doesn't even know how to deal with it. I am Love him, but, hey, let's not talk about it."

Tiya said with some jealousy: "Don't think too much, I really envy you! You can find a sweetheart like Dui, he is not only simple in nature, but also a single-minded person. He’s so strong. I’m afraid that no one of our younger generation can compare to him. When you were in the Yajin clan last time, he didn’t seem to have such advanced skills as he is now. Otherwise, the four elders would not have been hurt. To you."

Xuanyue sighed lightly. Although Ah-Dai has come, she still doesn’t understand what she thinks. Whenever she thinks of Ah-Dai, she feels nervous. After all, she has suffered too much, and she is really afraid of experiencing it again. Once the same pain, it would be beyond her tolerance. "Sister, don't mention him, just talk about the agreement."

Dia stunned, looking at Xuanyue's somewhat lonely expression, and did not ask any more, saying: "You have seen everything on the Altar of Light that day. The spy of the Dark Holy Sect said that the headquarters of the dark forces might be In Death Mountain, it has caused a relatively big controversy. Now it is mainly divided into two factions. Almost all of you in the Holy See have chosen to believe in her, while other parties have maintained a skeptical attitude. After several days of deliberations, they have not been able to reach the final However, the Pope today proposed an idea that is to send elites from all forces to the Death Mountain to find out whether there is a dark force there. If so, immediately concentrate all the strength of mankind to strike death. The mountains have completely destroyed the lair of the dark forces. If not, we can only wait for more."

Chapter 173: Reconciled

Xuan Yue frowned and said, "Actually, I think Aunt Luoshui's words can still be trusted. After all, people are about to die and their words are good. I think she will not deceive us. Death Mountain! We! I wanted to go to that place twice to take an adventure, but in the end I didn't make it. It seems that this time we finally have a chance, and no one can stop us."

Tiya nodded and said: "This afternoon, the representatives of all forces have been elected, and they are basically young people. Except for the sunset empire, all parties have publicized Dumb as the leader of this exploration. The strength of has been recognized by everyone. As long as his injury heals, I am afraid he will set off. He represents the Tiangang Sword Sect and the entire Huasheng Empire. The Holy See chooses you as the representative. In the Holy See, except for the Pope It’s your red ritual that is the most powerful. This time you can just stay with your dumb. The Sooyu Federation elected the rock brothers of the Puyan clan and the wizard Zhuoyun of the elves. I heard , They are friends of you and Dumb. As for the Tianjin Empire, it seems that Keanu, the wizard of the Tianjin Mage Guild, was elected. I didn’t expect that he could represent a force. Back when we were in the Yajin clan , I thought he was a stupid boy who didn’t have any abilities. The one sent by the Mainland Mage’s Guild was the one who was with you last time, and that was the one named Oliveira. What the Great Elder said at the beginning was right, it’s hidden behind you The strength is huge! Fortunately, it didn't hurt you."

An unspeakable emotion surged in Xuan Yue's heart. Dumb, Brother Rock, Zhuo Yun, Keanu, Oliveira, these were all people who were preparing to go to the Death Mountain twice but ended in failure! It seems that my long-cherished wish is about to come true. Now I just don't know how Dumb will treat himself.

Tiya said with some regret: "I really want to go on an adventure with you, but my cultivation level is too bad, and there is the Yajin clan who needs me to manage. Okay, I'm leaving."

Xuan Yue said: "I really hope to find the true headquarters of the dark forces this time and eliminate them completely. Since returning to the Holy See, I have always had an ominous premonition. It seems that the dark forces are much stronger than we thought. Like. Sister Di Ya, I'll send you out." The two beautiful girls left Xuan Yue's room. After Di Ya Chong Xuan Ye and his wife bid farewell, they said goodbye to Xuan Yue Yiyi before leaving.

Slowly opening his eyes, Ah Dai moved his body. Although it hasn't fully recovered, the meridians in his body have basically been dredged, and his skill has recovered about 60%. He felt that since reaching the realm of the master, it seems that his recovery ability has also improved a lot, and the original heavy injury has healed so soon. At this moment, Ah-Dai suddenly heard a deliberately lowered voice from the rock coming from outside the room, "Yueyue, have you rested well? Look at you, your face is still not very good, you should pay more attention to rest! Otherwise, Ah-Dai will feel distressed. "

Xuan Yue said shyly: "Brother, don't make fun of me. He, is he awake?"

Rock said: "I'm already awake, but I'm working on healing, you'd better not disturb him."

Xuan Yue pondered for a moment, and said, "Big Brother, I just went in and looked at him, he won't make a sound. You are also tired. Just have me here."

Rock smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, your elder brother is in good health, I am not tired."

Zhuo Yun smiled and said, "Let's go, Yueyue has something to tell Adu, it's not good for us to make light bulbs here!"

The rock suddenly said: "So that's it. Okay, okay, let's go. Yueyue, wait until Ah-Dai wakes up from the practice, and you guys have a good talk. Everything is originally a misunderstanding, so please be tolerant and forgive him. , Ah-Dai has gone through so many hardships for a long time, I, a big brother, can't bear to watch him suffer any more."

Xuan Yue was silent and did not answer. In a soft sigh, the footsteps of the rock and Zhuo Yun left. After listening to all this, Ah-Dai's heart trembled slightly, Yueyue is here, me, how should I face her? There was a slight opening of the door, and Ah-Dai hurriedly closed his eyes, still maintaining the posture of cultivation, not daring to move a little, and his heartbeat quickened involuntarily.

There was no footsteps, a scent of orchid-like fragrance poured into Ah Du's nose, how familiar the fragrance was! Dumb's heart was hot, and his body trembled slightly.

"You're awake." Xuanyue whispered. Although Ah-Dai closed her eyes, she still felt his current state from Ah-Dai's mental fluctuations.

Dumb knew that he couldn't hide it anymore, and slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Xuanyue's pale and delicate face, he couldn't help but feel a pain, "Yueyue, you, you are here. I just woke up from my practice. ."

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said, "How is it, is the injury better?"

"En, it's better. Yueyue, I..." Before seeing Xuanyue, he had many things he wanted to confide in Xuanyue, but now that he saw it, he couldn't say a word.

Xuanyue covered the quilt for Dumb and said indifferently: "You are just right now, and the mood swings shouldn't be too great. Don't say anything. Let's talk about it later. Do you want something to eat? I'll get it for you. "Dumb was speechless, her mood was equally complicated, and she was silent in front of her beloved person.

Dui took a deep breath, tried to calm the turmoil in her heart, summoned the courage to grab Xuan Yue's soft little hand, Xuan Yue struggled slightly, but Dui's grip became tighter. A blush rose on her face, and Xuan Yue said shyly: "You, what are you doing? Quickly let me go."

Holding Xuanyue's little cold hand, A Duan's heart was filled with a strong sense of satisfaction, and his mind became clearer. He said firmly: "I will not let go, I will not let it go all my life."

Xuan Yue's beautiful body trembled, letting Adai hold her little hand and said, "You, don't do this, it's not good to be seen by others."

Ah Dai held Xuan Yue's hand tightly, and said, "What's wrong, you are my favorite person and my future wife, what are you holding your hand?"

Xuan Yue was shocked, she had never thought that Dui could say such straightforward words. She was immediately ashamed, "You, who is your future wife, let me go." Although she said so, there was a hint of sweetness in her heart, and she was no longer as cautious as when she first came in.

Dumb stared at Xuanyue's beautiful eyes affectionately, and said softly: "Yueyue, I'm sorry, everything is my fault. Forgive me, okay? I swear, no matter what happens in the future, I will never leave. Follow you, and never leave you, as long as it is what you want, even the stars in the sky I will pick you up. Yueyue, don’t get angry with me, I will never run away from now on. With so many things, I already understand that you are the only favorite in my life. Yueyue, I love you, I really love you. Give me a chance to love you, okay?"

Xuan Yue's delicate body trembled. In fact, how could she still be angry with Dumb? When Dumb arrived in time that day, she had already forgiven him. Hearing such affectionate words from him, Xuan Yue could no longer bear the grievances held in her heart these days, she rushed into Dumb's arms and burst into tears.

Seeing Xuanyue crying, Duan sighed instead, sat up halfway, and tightly hugged Xuanyue’s soft and elastic body into his arms, gently stroking her silky blue. With long hair and excitement in his heart, he knew that Yueyue had forgiven him, and he had finally restored the heart of his beloved one. "Cry, Yueyue, cry out the unhappiness in your heart. Everything is my fault, as long as you can forgive me, I will accept any punishment." Putting her face on Xuanyue's hair, Suckling her fresh body scent greedily, Dui felt that he was drunk, and a sense of happiness that he had never had before continued to wrap his body.

Lying in the warm embrace of Ah-Dai, Xuan Yue's tears soon soaked through Ah-Dai's front breasts. After a long time, Xuan Yue's cries gradually subsided, and she sobbed: "You, is what you said just now is true?"

Dui nodded firmly and held Xuan Yue tighter, "Yueyue, everything I just said is from the bottom of my heart, trust me. I promise I won't hurt you again. As long as I can be with you Together, I don’t care about everything else. For me, you have suffered too much and experienced too much pain. From now on, I will definitely bring you happiness, and only make you happy. Good month , Believe me. I will love you until I grow old and love you forever and ever."

Xuan Yue shrank into Dumb's arms like a kitten, and said slightly: "When do you speak sweet words. To be honest, what have you done these days?"

A Dui said gently: "Even if you don't ask, I will tell you everything. From now on, I won't have anything to hide from you." After pulling the quilt, Dui covered Xuan Yue, and embraced her exquisitely. With a fiery heart in her heart, she gently kissed her hair and said: "At the beginning, when I left the Elf Forest, it was really painful. At that time, I felt that although the mainland was vast, there was no place for me. , I ran, ran! I ran forward desperately. Uncle Owen died, Teacher Gris died, Shizu went to another world, and even you were lost. At that time, I felt that the world is Everything seems to be against me, there is no more life in my heart, I just want to liberate myself by death."

Xuan Yue was originally shy and hot after being covered by a quilt by A-Dai. At this time, hearing A-Dai's words, she couldn't help but raised her head in surprise and lost her voice: "What did you say? Are you going to commit suicide at that time? Tiangang Sword Saint, his old man has entered another world, what is going on."

Dui gently wiped away the tears on Xuanyue's face, held her pretty face in both hands and gently kissed her forehead, saying: "Hey, Yueyue! Do you know how much you weigh to me? Lost You, how am I still alive? Haven't you always wondered why my skill can improve so fast? I can tell you now. However, you must keep it secret for me, even if it is the Pope, do not disclose it. It can be said that most of my physical skills are given by the elders of Shizu!" At the moment, he explained in detail how the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint taught him the kung fu and how to teach him martial arts.

Listening to Dui's narration, Xuan Yue's astonishment in her eyes grew more and more, and she murmured: "It turns out that the old man of the Sword Saint is..., you, why didn't you tell me earlier."

A Duan sighed and said, "I believe that Shizu must not have died. There is no corpse of his old man in the cave on the top of the mountain. The reason why I didn't tell you was because Shizu meant it. Shizu once told me. I, before I reach his cultivation level, must not leak the news of his ascension, otherwise the status of the Tiangang Sword Sect on the mainland will inevitably be threatened."

Xuan Yue sighed lightly, and said, "Sword Saint, the old man is really letting go! Even giving up his life to perfect you, this kind of self-sacrificing spirit is incomparable by no one."

Dumb nodded and said, "Yes! Master, his old man is the person I admire the most. Listen to me and go on. At that time, I didn't know how long I ran. When my skill was exhausted, I fell. Falling to the ground, he can't get up anymore..." At the moment, he explained in detail how he fell into a dying situation, how he regained life because of his recollection of hatred, and how he later cooperated with Miefeng to find the base of the killing hand club. , Even Mie Feng didn't conceal what he intended, so he told Xuan Yue all about it.

Speaking that he had left Xiwen and the others because he wanted to escape after knowing the misunderstanding, Duan stopped nervously and hugged Xuanyue tightly, for fear that she would leave because of the anger she just said. It was hard to be with Xuan Yue again, he said nothing would let Xuan Yue leave him.

"Pull gently, the person holding her arms is so tight that she can't breathe." Xuan Yue said with a little breath.

Dumb stunned. From Xuan Yue's voice, he did not hear the anger. He relaxed his arm and asked tentatively: "Yueyue, you, are you not angry?"

Xuanyue straightened out her somewhat turbulent long hair, put her head on Ah Du’s shoulders, and muttered: "What is so angry about this, but you have to promise me that you can't take your own life casually in the future. Anything can be solved. I did not expect that you are so stupid that you are really popular. Even the thieves like you. Are you tempted?"

"No, absolutely not, at most I have some pity for her. Apart from you, how can I tolerate others in my heart? Yueyue, you must believe me!" Dui felt a little sweat on his forehead. Up.

Xuanyue chuckled and said, "What is the urgency, people didn't say not to believe you. Do you treat me like you? Just listen to the wind and run away. If you and the thief really have something, you won't Will tell me. Don’t worry, I’m not so jealous. Let’s go on, I want to know, what is it that keeps you from escaping and fully awakened."

Dumb sighed and said, "Speaking of it, it involves another thing that I haven't told you before. Yueyue, you still remember that I told you before, I have been in the Tianjin Empire since I was sensible. Nino Town was a thief. At that time, there was a little girl named Maidou among our group of thieves. Because she was kind-hearted and couldn’t bear to steal other people’s things, she was often beaten and scolded by Uncle Li. At that time, I was capable of stealing things. It’s ok, I’ll take care of her often. I seem to be twelve or three years old. The girl is a little younger than me. One day, she was beaten again. After I pleaded with Uncle Li, I rescued her. She shared her own steamed buns with her. At that time, the girl suddenly said that she would marry me when she grows up. She also said that she will be my fiancee since then."

"What?" Xuan Yue sat up abruptly from the bed, her eyebrows erected, her lips trembling slightly, "You, you have a fiancee, you, you, why didn't you tell me before."

Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly sat up, trying to hug Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue knocked off his arm, tears swirling around her eyes, choked up and said, "If you don't make this clear, don't touch me. "

"Yueyue, don't get me wrong, listen to me first. Later, by chance, the girl was adopted by the wife of the governor-general of the Tianjin Empire Mica Province, and I was also taken away from that place by Teacher Gorris. Yueyue At that time, we were only teenagers. I was stupid and didn't know what fiancee meant. In my heart, I always regarded the girl as my sister. I said that since I was a child, the only thing I love Woman, you are the only one, you must believe me!"

Xuan Yue didn't mean to relax at all, and said angrily: "Where is she now? If she suddenly appears, how would you choose? She is your fiancee!"

Dumb said sadly: "The reason why I mentioned the girl, I just want to tell you how I wake up." At the moment, he explained how the Western Juggernaut Harry woke him up and the process of the girl's death. "The girl’s death touched me so much. Uncle Harry was right. I should cherish the people who are alive. The day before you and Babuyi were about to get married, I learned the news of your marriage in the text of Guangming City. At that moment, my heart was full of strong longing for you. No matter what, it can no longer affect my love for you, my heart is completely occupied by your shadow, you are my favorite, then I secretly I swear, I will let you come back to me no matter what, and cherish you, Yueyue, I love you, I really love you!" At this point, Ah Dui couldn't help but tears in his eyes, and the girl died. His sorrow and love for Xuan Yue kept entangled in his heart.

Tears gurgled down, and Xuanyue plunged into her arms again. After listening to Ah-Dai's experience, she no longer had any barriers in her heart. She clearly felt that she and Ah-Dai's hearts were so close. Gently stroking Dui’s face, she stupidly said, "I’m sorry, Dui, I shouldn’t doubt you. For Yueyue, you have suffered so much, and Yueyue will definitely treat you well after Yueyue, do one, do A wife who is the most tender will not cause you any more pain."

Dumb took out the heads of Bing and the girl from his own space enchantment, "In fact, we have all experienced a lot, there are pains and laughs, all of these are arranged by God, maybe this is the test of God. Yueyue, Bing and the girl will certainly bless us, when everything is over, we will find a quiet place to live, like Uncle Harry, and live some ordinary days. As long as we can be with you, I will never suffer anymore."

Xuan Yue looked at the lifelike heads of the girl and Bing, and sighed: "They are so pitiful! Compared to them, I am already very happy."

Duan took off the guardian ring from his hand, put it on Xuan Yue's right ring finger, and said softly: "Yueyue, marry me. I am willing to protect you with my life."

Xuanyue's delicate body trembled, nodded gently, and murmured: "Yueyue's heart is yours for a long time. Now I finally found the lair of the dark forces. When the humans eradicate all the dark alien races, we will Let grandpa call the shots, okay?"

Dumb hugged Xuanyue tightly and murmured: "Of course it's fine. If we don't get rid of the dark forces, we won't be able to live a comfortable and peaceful life. The prophet said that I am the savior of the world, so I naturally have to do more for the mainland. As long as that We are together, and no difficulty can stop us." Lowering his head, he gently kissed Xuan Yue's cheek, and the white and tender skin that could be broken by the blow suddenly made Ah Dumb's heart shake.

Xuan Yue slowly raised her head, glanced at Dumb affectionately, and slowly closed her eyes. Duan's heart beat violently, and he leaned in a little tremblingly, and the four lips finally came into contact with each other again after the two experienced many hardships. Sucking the sweetness of Xuan Yue greedily, Ah Dumb was drunk. At this moment, he had forgotten everything and his heart was completely filled with affection.

A blue ray of light illuminates from the front of Ah'Dai, and the light slowly revolves around Ah'Dai and Xuan Yue. Attracted by the blue light, a soft red glow emerged from Xuan Yue's chest, and the two colors of light continued to entangle and blend around the bodies of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. Dumb and Xuan Yue were both immersed in the passionate kiss, and no one noticed this abnormal change. The red and blue rays of light gradually grew stronger in the constant entanglement and blending. After a while, they gradually took shape. The blue dragon and red phoenix were filled with entanglement like dumb and Xuanyue. After a while, the entire room was completely occupied by the red and blue light. The unusually warm and sacred energy wrapped the bodies of Xuanyue and Duan. The enthusiasm for the kiss gradually weakened, and the two slowly opened their eyes, and they were suddenly caught in front of them. The vision was stunned. The two huge energies of the dragon and the phoenix continued to grow in the entanglement, Xuan Yue said in surprise: "This is the illusion of the blood of the phoenix and the blood of the dragon. Could it be that the two artifacts have restored their energy? ?" The two hurriedly took out two artifacts each. Xuan Yue's judgment was correct, and the blood of the dragon and the phoenix regained their brilliance. Under the shining of the golden symbols, the two divine artifacts were full of sacred aura.

"Yueyue, let's recover the energy. If it grows further, I am afraid that we will launch a fusion attack of two artifacts."

Xuan Yue nodded, and the two of them, relying on the control of their spiritual power, gradually absorbed the energy hovering in the air into their own divine tools. Feeling the warm and peaceful energy in the chest, Duan and Xuanyue smiled at each other, and Duan said: "It seems that these two artifacts can only exert their true power when I kiss you. We will have to be more intimate in the future. what!"

Xuan Yue gave a light spit and said, "When have you learned to say such frivolous things. You can rest for a while. I'll get you some food. Your giant snake armor was stained with blood last time. , I will wash it for you, so I will bring it to you." I got up from the bed, tidyed up my clothes, and went out.

Dui grabbed Xuan Yue's little hand and said obsessively, "Yueyue, I'm not hungry, so stay with me for a while. I really don't want to leave you."

Feeling the affection of Dumb, the happiness in Xuan Yue's heart spontaneously, and said softly: "Fool, we won't be separated anymore, I'll be back when I go."

Dumb sat up from the bed and resolutely said: "No, I will never separate from you again, let's go together."

Xuan Yue lightly kissed Ah Du's forehead, and said, "Don't make trouble, you just wore underwear, how can you go out. I will be back soon."

Two days later, Ah-Dai finally recovered completely under Xuan Yue's careful care. In the past two days, apart from sleeping at night, they were almost all together. Their gelatinous appearance was often teased by Rock and others, but Dui didn't care. Even when they ate, they could laugh happily.

"Dai, Grandpa asked me to come to you, he wants to see you." Early in the morning, Xuan Yue rushed into Ah-Dai's room excitedly.

Dui just got dressed, when he saw Xuanyue float up, he hugged her beautiful body, turned around in the air and put it down, "Does the Pope want to see me? Did you mean us? His marriage?" Except Xuan Yue, he couldn't tolerate anything now.

Xuan Yue snuggled in Ah Dumb's arms, poked his forehead with her index finger, and said with a smile: "You think so beautifully. Did you forget what I told you yesterday? It's probably because of Grandpa."

Dumb was a little disappointed and said, "It turns out that the Pope and his old man are not in a hurry to marry you to me!"

Xuan Yue said shyly: "I hate pulling! You weren't like this before, why are you like this now..."

"I love you like this!" Dumb smiled and said, "It's because of loving you that I am anxious to marry you. Let's go, let's go now. I really want to solve the dark forces quickly. There will be no more people. Excuse us." The two went out of the room and went straight to the Temple of Light. On the way, Dui insisted on holding Xuan Yue's hand to prevent her from breaking free, which attracted the attention of many priests.

"Hate, let me go, look, so many people are watching." Xuan Yue said with her head down and howling.

"Don't let go, you are mine. What am I afraid of holding your hand? Let them take care of it. I don't care what others think of me."

The Temple of Light arrived in an instant, and ten judges of light guarded it outside the gate of the Temple. As soon as the leader saw Duan, he couldn't help but sneered, blocking the two of them.

Xuan Yue froze and said, "Thinking Judge, what are you doing?"

The Bright Judge, who Xuan Yue called Si Tu, said coldly: "Sacrifice Lord, you invite him in, but he cannot enter. This is the fundamental place of the Holy See."

Xuan Yue said slightly angrily: "The Pope asked me to bring him here. He is a VIP of the Holy See. Why can't he enter and get out of the way? This is an order."

Si Tu coldly snorted: "Command, what right do you have to command me? You didn't harm your brothers so badly. What kind of red sacrificial airs are there in front of me. You dog men and women, the gods will not forgive you. "Hearing what he said, Xuan Yue was furious, and she was about to rush to theorize, but was held back by Dui.

A cold light flashed in Ah Du's eyes and said calmly: "It doesn't matter if you insult me, but I will never allow you to insult to Yueyue. Attack your right shoulder." As soon as the voice fell, a ray of silver light went straight to Situ.

Si Tu heard that Duan said that he was going to attack his and subconsciously raised his hand to block it. The golden light flashed suddenly, and the surging vindictiveness greeted Duan's attack. With a puff, the sixth change's solid infuriating energy easily passed through his defense, accurately hitting his shoulder. Dumb's hands were merciful and did not really hurt him, just sealed the blood on his shoulder. Si Tu's right arm suddenly fell softly. Si Tu yelled in fright and anger: "I fought with you." Pushing his skill to the limit, he rushed towards Dumb.

Why would Duan see him in his eyes? With a wave of his hand, the big silver silk wafted out, dissolving his attack in an instant, and at the same time tightly entangled his body. The other light judges around immediately glared at Duan, as if they were about to rush up at any time. A Duan said coldly: "I feel sorry for what happened to the Babuyi family, that is not what I want to see. I solemnly tell you that Yueyue has never loved Babuyi, although what happened to the Babuyi family is It started because of us, but there are other hidden secrets. I hope you don't entangle it again. If you want to challenge me, you can practice your skills to a certain level before coming back. For the face of the Pope, I will let go of thinking this time. If I hear anyone insulting Yueyue again, don’t blame my ruthless men. You must have heard of the death **** that appeared in the sunset empire. I am the murderer who never blinks. Don’t let the death **** come by your side." He flicked it casually, threw Si Tu aside, and took Xuan Yue's little hand into the Temple of Light. Frightened by Ah Dui's move to subdue Situ's supernatural power, the rest of the Judge of Light did not dare to step forward to provoke.

Chapter 174: Immortal

As he walked into the temple, Dumb whispered: "It's all my fault, which has brought you so much trouble, even your own people in the Holy See..."

Xuan Yue said sadly: "How can you be to blame? Everything can only be said to be good fortune. Big Brother Babuyi is really pitiful. I don't care what others think of me, as long as you treat me well. Anyway, let's just do it. If you want to leave the Holy See and go to the Death Mountain, maybe, all these worries can be thrown away." While talking, they have already walked to the center of the main hall of the Temple of Light. Envoys representing various forces have already gathered here. In the presence of many elders, Ah-Dai was no longer embarrassed to take Xuan Yue’s hand, stepped forward, and greeted the Pope under the angel statue in the front: "A-Dai has seen the Pope." Turned around and turned to The messengers saluted and said: "I have seen all the teachers."

The pope smiled slightly and said, "You don't have to be polite to the savior. I heard Xuanyue Sacrifice say that your skill has been restored, right?"

Dui nodded, and said, "Thank you, Lord Pope, for your concern. My injuries have been healed and my skills have returned to normal. Everything that happened before is Dui's fault. Please forgive me."

The pope said: "Since it's over, don't mention it anymore." At this time, Xuan Yue had already walked to the side of the pope, standing there respectfully just like the other three priests in red. The pope continued: "I asked Xuanyue sacrifice to call you, mainly to discuss the dark forces. Xuanyue sacrifice should have already told you about it. Would you like to inquire about the whereabouts of the dark forces on behalf of humans?"

Dui nodded firmly and said: "I am willing, Pope. For the peace of the mainland, so that everyone can live a peaceful and comfortable life, I am willing to find the lair of the dark forces."

The pope smiled and said: "Dumb, you can say that you are expected to return! These teachers here all recommend you as the leader to the Death Mountain. We believe that since you are the savior, you will be able to take mankind out of the predicament and bring the darkness away. Thoroughly clean up from the mainland, and let the light fall to the world forever. The choice of who will go with you this time has been decided. They are the red dress of the Holy See to worship Xuanyue, the rock of the Puyan clan, the Yanli brothers, and the wizard Zhuo of the elven clan. Yun, the Keanu Sorcerer of the Tianjin Wizards Guild, and the Oliveira Sorcerer of the Mainland Sorcerers Guild. These should be friends you are familiar with. I hope you can use the shortest time to inquire about the accurate situation of the dark forces. Give it back to us. Once determined, the Holy See will unite the four continents and mobilize the most elite warriors and magicians of mankind to completely annihilate the source of the dark forces. Do you have any comments?"

Dumb said: "My Lord Pope, I think this trip to the Death Mountain is more dangerous, and it is better to have fewer people. Just let Xuanyue and I go together."

The Pope was shocked and smiled: "I know you care about the safety of these friends. Don't worry. I have already made complete preparations. Xuanyue sacrifice will tell you when the time comes. They must go. Because they represent various forces on the mainland, only by seeing them with their own eyes can all parties believe in the threats posed by the dark forces."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue, and Xuan Yue nodded at him, indicating that what the Pope said was the truth. "Master Pope, I am bound to take responsibility for this action. However, whether or not I actually explore the lair of the dark forces, I must return to the Tiangang Sword Sect within three months, because there is an important thing waiting for me to do. Hope You can understand."

The pope frowned and said: "What can be more important than investigating the whereabouts of the dark forces. But three months is enough. Dumb, you know, there is only more than a year away from the sacred millennium, in order to fight for an early elimination. The forces of darkness, we must seize all the time."

Dumb nodded and said: "Pope, don't worry, I am going back to Tiangang Mountain to increase my strength against the dark forces. But now I can't say what I am going to do, please forgive me." Among the people present, there is only Shiwen. He Xuanyue knew that what Ah-Dai was talking about was the competition of the Four Great Sword Saints once every 20 years.

The pope nodded and said, "Okay, then. You will leave early tomorrow morning. When the place is gone, you will stay with those of you who are on behalf of the parties to explore the Mountains of Death. I have something to tell you."

Dumb agreed and stepped aside. The pope rushed to everyone: "It is recorded in the ancient books of the Holy See that when the blood day is empty, evildoers will surely appear, the blood rain will be spread, and the disaster will be complete. A few years ago, the blood day once appeared once. That time, I united all the sacrifices in the Holy See. I tried my best to postpone the day of the disaster, but when the blood day appears for the second time, I am afraid it will not be so easy to deal with. Everyone is a human being living on the Tianyuan Continent. I should say I've already said it. I hope you can put aside all previous suspicions, gather together, and aim to eliminate the dark forces."

Xiwen nodded and said, "My Lord Pope is right. We must unite and fight against foreign enemies not only for ourselves, but also for our descendants. Power confrontation, never shrink back. Today, I will return to Tiangang Mountain immediately and wait for news from the Holy See."

The pope bowed slightly to Xiwen and said, "Thank you for the support of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Please give my regards to the Tiangang Sword Master."

Feng Wen walked to Xi Wen's side and said, "On behalf of the Huasheng Empire, I announce that I will support the Holy See with the Tiangang Sword Sect."... Except for the setting sun empire who was not present, the envoys representing various forces on the mainland expressed their support. The Holy See is fighting against the forces of darkness. The meeting ended in a pleasant atmosphere. In order to condense the elites of all parties as soon as possible, after valuing each other, except for the Elves and the head of the Tiangang faction, Xiwen, all the forces immediately left the Holy See Mountain and returned to their respective territories.

In the Temple of Light, there are only the Pope, Shivin, and four red priests, the elf princess Xing'er, the big elf ambassador, Audi, and Dui who are going to the mountains of death to explore the forces of darkness.

The pope looked around the people for a week, and said solemnly: "Everyone, can you completely eliminate the dark forces and save the thousand-year disaster on the mainland? Your trip to the Death Mountain will play an extremely important role. Dumb, because the Death Mountain has a small part in the Tianyuan clan In the realm, so you have to go with the elf princess and the elves. With the help of the elf clan, you should be able to enter the death mountain more smoothly. I heard from the Audi elf that he once entered the death mountain, now, please ask him Come to tell you the specific situation. Great Elf Envoy, please."

Audi nodded, took a few steps forward, and said: "Back then, in order to prove my bravery, I rushed into the Death Mountain. Even after decades, I still can't forget everything in the Death Mountain. The horror there is not at all. Anyone can imagine. It’s not exaggerating to call it the mountain of death. In the mountain of death, there is a breath of death everywhere, all kinds of undead creatures occupy almost all the places, the biggest feature of undead creatures, It is not afraid of death, as long as it is a little higher, it has the ability to resurrect."

Oliveira walked to the side of Dumb and frowned, "The ability to resurrect? The Great Elf Envoy, can you elaborate more?"

Audi’s eyes showed a gleam of fear, sighed, and said: “The ability to resurrect means that the undead creatures cannot die at all. I still remember that when I entered the periphery of the Death Mountain, the first thing I encountered was a dozen. A skeleton warrior, those skeleton warriors are not powerful. With my skills at the time, I easily defeated them, and the ground was scattered with skeletons. When I was complacent about the writing performance, the change happened. The skeletons scattered on the ground were actually recombined. It was just a few blinks of an eye. The skeletons that had been defeated stood in front of me intact and launched a more powerful attack. Among the undead creatures, the skeletons are just the most common. I have also encountered headless death knights, zombies with green slime and stinky odors and many unnamed creatures. They are not afraid of being destroyed unless they can be reduced to ashes. Otherwise, even if they are hit to the ground, they can stand up again in the shortest time and continue to attack. For undead creatures, human anger is their favorite, as long as they can **** a human soul and flesh and blood, Undead creatures can become more powerful. Therefore, as soon as humans are discovered, they will rush forward and attack desperately. If it were not for luck, I am afraid I would have become food for those undead. Hey——, It’s not that I’m discouraged. If it weren’t for those undead creatures that couldn’t leave the Mountain of Death for some reason, they would have already invaded the mainland.”

The dumb people took a breath. Although they had thought that Death Mountain would be very dangerous, they didn't realize until now that it was so terrifying. Undead undead, how to deal with it! Even with Dumb's cultivation base, he couldn't help but secretly beat the drum. For a moment, the Temple of Light fell into silence.

After a while, the rock asked with some difficulty: "Is there no way to restrain the undead creatures? If it is really not dead, then we may not be able to rush into the Death Mountain anyway."

Dumb's eyes lit up, and before Audi could answer, he rushed to say: "There is a way. I can fly in the air with my vindictive spirit, and I only need to explore the situation inside the Death Mountain from the air?"

Audi glanced at Dumb, shook his head, and said, "It's not as simple as you think. At least half of the undead in the Death Mountains have the ability to fly. Although I haven't seen what the strongest undead creature looks like, Those creatures may not even be able to fight against you. According to legend, the strongest undead creature in the Death Mountains is the bone dragon, which is nearly a hundred meters long. You can imagine that such a powerful creature still has the ability to immortality. , How will it be dealt with! Even if there is only one end, I am afraid that you can not eliminate it."

Dumb was silent, yeah! Undead creatures may also have the ability to fly. Don't the small bones in the blood of the dragon (the name A Duan gave to the bone dragon) have the ability to fly? Its body length is no more than 20 meters, it already has such a huge ability, a hundred-meter bone dragon? What concept will it be?

Audi sighed and said, "As far as I know, the only thing that can restrain undead creatures is the Holy See's Holy Light Magic. But I don't know how much it can be restrained."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue and said, "If the light magic can restrain the undead creatures, with the moon and the moon, we should be fine."

The Pope slowly walked to Ah Du, and said, "Don’t be too optimistic. Just now, the Audi Elf Envoy said that in the center of the Death Mountain, there will be many undead creatures with huge strength. Although those undead creatures are powerful, they are dead because of death. After losing part of the soul and being eroded by evil, it is very likely that it has been controlled by the dark forces. You must know that powerful undead creatures have the ability to be immune to the magic of the sacred light system. When necessary, I am afraid that only the nine days you can induce God thunder can cause a fatal blow to them. You all know the strength of the Holy See. A large part of the reason why I am so scrupulous about the dark forces is because of the undead creatures in the Death Mountain. Below, I will talk about the cause of the Death Mountain Let me tell you. This is the top secret of the Holy See, and I hope you don’t spread it." After getting the affirmative answer from Ah Dui and others, the Pope groaned for a while, and then said: "Perhaps you have already guessed the formation of the Death Mountain, and Thousands of years ago mankind suffered from disasters. This guess is correct. Thousands of years ago, the great savior, the first pope of the Holy See, His Majesty Shen Yu and his wife led many powerful men on the mainland to fight against the dark demons. Mankind made concerted efforts, and it took more than ten years to finally wipe out most of the Dark Demon Race. At that time, His Majesty Shenyu discovered that the Dark Demon Race itself was not a race on the mainland. They came from evil. His Majesty also inferred that the world is divided into three parts, one is the God Realm where the gods we respect live in, and the other is the Tianyuan Continent where we live, which can also be said to be the human realm. One is the demon realm that is condensed with infinite evil. Among the three realms, our human realm is the most vulnerable, but for some reasons, neither the gods nor the demons can easily come to the human realm. Although we are weak, we are not weak. The powerful souls in the two realms of gods and demons, in order to win more human souls, so the two realms of gods and demons regard the human realm as their goal. The gods of the realm of Gods use their mercy to help us human development, and The Demon Realm is always thinking about coming to the Human Realm and completely occupying our Tianyuan Continent, so that human beings will always be slaves to their demon power. If it weren’t for the two realms of Gods and Demons, they would have long been beaten in darkness. . It is for these reasons that the human world has become the battlefield for the battle between the gods and demons. Thousands of years ago, the demons finally successfully opened the entrance to our human world. Unfortunately, the entrance is too small, and only the more powerful races can. Through, and this is how the dark demons came to the human world. Only in a few years, these powerful creatures from the demons used their cruelty and evil to reduce our human population by nearly half. His Majesty Shen Yu is here. At that time, he was commissioned by the gods to come to the mainland to lead us humans to resist. In the end, evil could never defeat justice, and the dark demon was forced to retreat to the current mountain of death by our human powers. His Majesty Shenyu relied on the ability given by the gods, Completely defeated the invasion of the Dark Demon Race. In fact, at that time, he wanted to completely eliminate the Dark Demon Race. However, he found the entrance to the Demon Realm. In order to seal this entrance, His Majesty Shen Yu could not Don't give up killing the Dark Demon Race, after reaching an agreement with the Dark Demon God, he was completely sealed at the entrance, and the entrance was completely sealed with his evil body and power from the gods. The content of the agreement includes one item, that is, humans will no longer hunt down the remnants of the dark demons and let them live in the corner of the mainland. Although the entrance to the Demon World was successfully sealed, His Majesty Shen Yu discovered that the corpses of the soldiers and various powerful creatures who died in this battle turned into undead creatures under the breath of death emanating from the entrance of the Demon World. . The strength of those undead creatures even exceeds the threat of the dark demons. In order not to let the already fragile human beings suffer another blow, His Majesty Shen Yu resolutely decided to use his life in the next fifty years as a reference to summon the mighty power of the gods to completely seal the entire mountain of death. Under the powerful divine power of the gods, undead creatures will never be able to step out of the mountains of death. Later, His Majesty Shen Yu's untimely death was due to the consumption of too much vitality. Although the undead creatures could not leave the Death Mountains, they also became their territory. His Majesty Shen Yu issued a decree that no matter who it is, it is absolutely not allowed to step into the Death Mountains without the permission of the Holy See. The reason for issuing such a decree was because he was afraid that more people would die there and become members of dead creatures. In the few years after saving the mainland catastrophe, His Majesty Shen Yu will use his exquisite cultivation to go to the center of the Death Mountain to inquire whether the seal on the entrance to the Demon Realm is strong. When he went back in the fifth year, he unexpectedly discovered that he couldn't break through the barrier of undead creatures with his own strength. It can be seen how powerful these undead are. This is the source of Death Mountain. "

The Pope's words not only stunned the dumb people, even Xuan Ye, Mang Xiu, Yu Jian, and Xuan Yue were taken aback by the Holy See's Mixin, and they were shocked. They never expected that the origin of the Death Mountain would have so many twists and turns. Xuan Yue said: "My Lord Pope, according to you, don't we have no hope of entering the Death Mountain? How can we inquire whether the dark forces are there? Could the so-called Thousand-Year Calamity be these undead creatures? It is brought, once the enchantment set by His Majesty Divine Feather is cracked, if these undead creatures leave the mountains of death and raging everywhere, I am afraid it will be really difficult to deal with. It is very likely that the entire continent will become the world of the undead."

The pope shook his head and said: "This is unlikely. If the continent is occupied by undead creatures, it will not benefit the demon world at all. Moreover, the wisdom of those undead creatures is very low, and they have adapted to the death mountain for thousands of years. Life, I’m afraid I may not leave. The enchantment arranged by His Majesty Shenyu is specifically for undead creatures, and it is not that easy to break through. What I am worried about is that the Dark Saint Church lifts the seal on the entrance to the devil world. Once the seal is broken, The entrance is likely to expand. At that time, the demon army will invade the mainland. Not to mention that we have no way to resist, even the gods, I am afraid there is no way. I have never understood the situation in which the Millennium Catastrophe will come. On the mainland, I didn’t realize it until I heard Luoshui’s words that day, so I always believed that what she said was the truth. What we have to do now is to buy time. According to previous judgments, the seal of the entrance to the devil may be in blood. When the sun falls, it is lifted, and we must rush to eliminate the Dark Sacred Cult in the Death Mountain before that, and not give them a chance to open the entrance to the devil."

Dumb said in a puzzled way: "My Lord Pope, I have a question. What use is it even if we find the headquarters of the dark forces in the Death Mountains? There are so many undead army outside the Death Mountains, you also said, That's not what we humans can fight against! Once these undead kill our human warriors and absorb their souls, I am afraid that the human situation will be even more dangerous." Dumb’s question also speaks to the voice of the rock and others. , Everyone is watching the pope together, waiting for his answer.

The pope smiled slightly and said: "Since I let you go, I have my reasons. Yes, the undead creatures are indeed powerful, but they are not invincible. Under the action of the divine light magic, most of the undead cannot resist. As long as we can confirm that our conjecture is correct, I will lead all priests of the Holy See to the Mountain of Death to completely eliminate the middle and low-level undead creatures there. Of course, this will inevitably arouse the anger of those high-level undead creatures. Jointly deal with those high-level undead creatures. As long as we can entangle them, and then rush in to eliminate the dark forces, we can save the disaster of the mainland. You are going to the Death Mountain this time, not only to find the dark forces, but also as much as possible Check out the number of high-level undead creatures so that we can be prepared. You all come around and I will show you something."

The crowd gathered around the Pope. The Pope swiped into the void, opening his golden space barrier, and a brilliant colorful bead flew in front of the crowd under the urging of his thoughts. The pope casually pointed his hand, and a golden light glared out. Under the stimulation of the sacred energy, the colorful light beads emitted a soft light, and the large areas of light gradually condensed, showing a somewhat fuzzy figure.

The Pope solemnly said: "Tell you, this map was left by His Majesty Shen Yu. It is the only map on the mainland that records the accurate topography of the Death Mountain."

In astonishment, everyone looked at the map carefully and saw that it was a series of rolling mountains, one after another not too high mountains closely connected, and the terrain was extremely complicated.

The Pope said: "I will give this map to Xuanyue Sacrifice. In the Death Mountain Range, there are clouds and mist all year round, and there is no vegetation, so it is difficult to distinguish the direction. This map is very important for you. The ground is active and wide, almost the size of three Tiangang Mountains. Look, this is your destination." The pope pointed his hand to the center of the map, a basin surrounded by mountains. "Here is the place where His Majesty Shen Yu fought against the Dark Demon God and sealed him at the entrance of the Demon Race. If the dark forces are in the Death Mountain, this place will definitely become their habitat. You must be careful, the evil atmosphere there is very Strong, don’t be affected by your mind. Xuanyue, as soon as you enter the Mountain of Death, you must always cast God’s blessings on everyone and use sacred light magic to drive away evil auras. Thousands of years have passed, and perhaps the landscape will change. However, there has not been an earthquake near the Death Mountain. I think the changes should not be great. As long as you can explore the picture, you should be able to find a destination. As for how to deal with the dead, how to enter the Death Mountain, you must It depends on your ability. But, you have to remember that if you can’t do anything, immediately withdraw from the Death Mountain. Let’s limit it to three months. If you still can’t reach the central area of the Death Mountain within three months , Then, you immediately return to the Holy See, even if it is an adventure, I will mobilize all the mainland forces to attack the Death Mountain."

Seeing the pope's resolute expression, Dumb's heart shuddered. He knew how great the responsibilities imposed on him were. This was related to the safety of the entire continent! Secretly made up his mind to find a way to get into the Death Mountain to get accurate news anyway.

Xiwen said: "You have heard what the Pope said. You have a long way to go and you must be careful. Dumb, do you remember the scene at the end of the Killer Headquarters? The President of the Killer Hand Association claimed to be the leader of the Dark Sacred Church. Fifth elder. His final form is different from any creature on our continent. If I guess right, he is likely to be the demon creature that sneaked over when the entrance to the demon world was opened. The fifth elders are all creatures of the demon race. The high-level members of the dark sacred religion are likely to be demons. Therefore, you must not only face the undead creatures during this trip, but also always be vigilant. Teaching is multiplied."

Dumb recalled the appearance of the president of the Killing Crafts Association that day. It was indeed an evil race that had never been seen before! There is actually the ability to regenerate.

The Pope said: "I have discussed with the head of Xi Wen, you must remember that your trip is not to kill the enemy, but to reconnaissance. Try not to get too entangled with powerful enemies. Once the reconnaissance mission is completed, immediately Leave." Looking around the crowd, he retracted the map, handed the colorful light beads to Xuan Yue, and said in a serious tone: "Children, the safety of the mainland depends on you. Duan has the blood of the dragon and the protection of the vital energy, and the evil energy. It’s not easy to invade. The rest of you are weaker. I personally made a few amulets, and you took them on your body. At critical moments, they can help you resist some evil invasions.” As he said, he took out a few from his enchantment. The golden rings were handed to everyone. The brilliance of the ring, with everyone's cultivation, can clearly feel the huge sacred energy contained on it.

"Well, you all go to rest. Tomorrow morning, set off immediately and head to the Death Mountain. If there is any need, just say that the Holy See will do its best to satisfy you."

Dumb stepped forward with a bit of embarrassment, came to the pope, first respectfully bowed to the pope, and then said: "Pope, I have one more thing to beg of you."

The pope smiled and said: "Just say anything, you are welcome."

Dumb looked at Xiwen next to him, and said, "I, I want to beg Yueyue to marry me. Of course, not now, but, I, I want to make an appointment with Yueyue first, and I don't want to have extra troubles. I'm really afraid of losing her again." This is what Dui had thought about a long time ago. The reason why Xiwen didn't leave with everyone just now was because he received Dui's voice transmission and stayed to make the decision for him.

Xuan Yue didn't expect that Ah Dumb would propose marriage at this time, and she was immediately, lowered her head and hands, playing with the corners of the sacrificial robe, without saying a word.

Xiwen walked to the side of Ah-Dai and smiled and said: "My Lord Pope, these two children have gone through too many hardships, so please fulfill them. Ah-Dai is a member of our Tiangang Sword Sect. As his elder, I can Take charge for him. I assure you that Miss Xuanyue will not be wronged by marrying him."

The pope no longer had his previous majesty at this time, with a kind smile on his face, and said: "I can't take charge of this matter. Our Holy See has regulations. Even the pope is not allowed to interfere in the marriage of priests. Yue, are you right?"

Xuanyue knew that the Pope was reporting the contradiction when she insisted on marrying Babuyi, her pretty face flushed even more, and she lowered her head and said, "Grandpa, you, you just need to be the master for me."

The pope laughed and said, "Now I am willing to let Grandpa call the shots? Ye'er, what do you think?" He turned his eyes to his son and asked for his opinion.

As the Pope turned to Xuan Ye, Ah Dui's gaze couldn't help but become nervous. He knew that Xuan Ye had always had a bad view of him, and he was afraid that he would stop him, his eyes could not help but show pleading gaze.

Chapter 175: Northern Juggernaut

Xuan Ye looked at the young man in front of him who was not good in appearance, and mixed feelings surged in his heart. If he did not consider his life experience and appearance, of course, Dui was the best choice for his daughter, but she still couldn't understand his stupid appearance. . But the daughter had already fallen in love with him, I am afraid that even if she stopped it, it would not have any effect, not to mention that she had already promised her daughter would not stop them. Thinking of Ah Du's forcibly terminating the Nine Heavens God Thunder in the competition, saving his face and life, Xuan Ye sighed and said in secret. Chong the Pope respectfully said: "Everything depends on the Pope."

The pope nodded at his son with satisfaction, turned his eyes back to Ah-Dai, and said sternly: "Dai, logically speaking, it is impossible for you and Xuanyue to combine."

Upon hearing the pope’s words, Ah-Dai suddenly felt anxious, and hurriedly said: "Pope-sir, Yueyue and I love each other sincerely, you can fulfill us."

The pope smiled slightly and said, "What are you silly boy? I haven't finished talking yet. The reason I say you can't unite is because you are not a priest. The priests of the Holy See are especially honorable like Yueyue. The red-clothed sacrifices can only be combined with the most loyal believers of the gods. However, you Tiangang Sword Sect does not seem to be the believers of the gods. Don’t worry, listen to me, although you are not the believers of the gods, but You are the savior sent by the gods to save the mainland. It can be said that you are close to the gods. Therefore, I reluctantly agree to your request. However, if Yueyue disagrees, I cannot help you, Yueyue, you are willing Be engaged to Dui and become his fiancée?"

Xuan Yue's delicate body trembled slightly, turned her head to look at Ah-Dai, and his affectionate gaze greeted Xuan Yue's heart with the scorching light, and she whispered: "I, I do."

A smile appeared on the Pope’s face and said, “Oh, I’m old, my ears are not good, I didn’t listen to what you just said. It seems that you are so reluctant, it seems that you don’t want to. Don’t worry, Grandpa will never force you. Dumb, I see..."

"No, no, I'm willing, what I just said was yes." Listening to Grandpa wanting to refuse Dumb, Xuan Yue hurriedly defended.

The pope said: "So you are willing! You girl, this time you have to taste your wish." Except for Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, everyone else laughed. Ah-Dai looked at Xuan Yue in a naive way, except for happiness in his eyes. Still happy. Xuan Yue buried her face in her own shame, wishing that there was a seam in the ground that she could get in.

Xi Wen stabbed dumb and said, "Hurry up and see your father-in-law and grandpa."

Only then did Ah Dui react, and with a plop, he knelt down in front of the Pope and Xuanye, and said respectfully: "Dai pays homage to Grandpa and Father-in-law."

The pope smiled and said: "Okay, get up quickly. Dumb, as long as you treat Yueyue well in the future, we will be satisfied."

Dumb hurriedly said: "Grandpa, don't worry, I will take good care of her, and I will use my life to protect her and prevent her from being harmed."

Xuan Ye said faintly: "Dah, you and Yueyue are engaged in front of the Pope today. You have to bring out some engagement gifts." He still dislikes Dah, although he can only approve it helplessly now, but Still can't help but make things difficult.

After hearing Xuan Ye's words, Duan was stunned, and turned to look at his uncle. Xi Wen spread his hands helplessly and said, "Who knows that your kid is so eager to ask for marriage, but I haven't prepared anything."

Xuanyue’s shyness has alleviated a bit. How can she bear to watch her beloved be embarrassed, Chong Xuanye said: "Dad, he, he has given me the engagement gift, look." She said, lifting herself up. His right hand exposed the ring of guardianship.

The pope had not paid attention to the ring on Xuanyue's hand. At this time, he was surprised when he watched carefully, "This ring seems to be a magic weapon!"

Xuanyue nodded and said: "Yes! This is the ring of the guardian of the low-level artifact recorded in the Vatican books. Dad, Dumb, use a artifact to make the wedding gift, it's okay."

Xuan Ye said angrily: "It's really an outgoing girl! You haven't married him yet, you just keep saying nice things to him."

Xuan Yue argued: "I'm telling the truth."

Dui suddenly remembered something, chanting the spell of the blood of the dragon, under the shining blue light, an emerald-green crystal floated into his hand. Ah Dui held the crystal in front of the Pope and Xuan Ye, and said: "When I was studying with my master in Tiangang Mountain, I once killed a ten thousand-year-old giant spirit snake, and the master took out two giant spirit snakes from it. Eye. I ate one. This one was always going to be given to Yueyue, but I didn’t find a chance. Let’s use it and the guardian ring as my engagement gift to Yueyue."

How could the precious Xuan Ye in the Eye of the Giant Spirit Snake not understand? At this moment, he had nothing to say and looked at the Pope helplessly and stepped aside.

Xuan Yue curiously picked up the crystal of the giant spirit snake's eye from Ah Du's hand, frowning and said: "I don't want to eat some snake eyes, it's disgusting."

Dumb smiled and said, "This is a good thing for eyesight, no strange taste. You can eat it."

Xuan Yue glanced at Ah-Dai suspiciously, couldn't bear to refuse his kindness, frowned and sent the Giant Spirit Snake Eye into the entrance. The green crystal turned into a fragrant airflow and slid into her body, and a rush of heat rose. Xuanyue suddenly felt extremely comfortable and said in surprise, "It really isn't unpalatable!"

Dumb said: "Tonight you meditate and absorb its power completely, and you can feel the effect tomorrow."

The pope said with a bitter face: "Dumb, you kid gave Yueyue such a precious engagement gift. I don't know what to give you. There are only a few artifacts of the Holy See, and it seems that there is no suitable one for you."

Dui hurriedly said: "No, no, for me, Yueyue is the best gift. You are willing to let her marry me better than anything else, even if it is the most precious artifact, how can it compare to Last Yueyue? ?"

Xuan Yue's eyes blushed, and she whispered: "Dai." When her heart was full of affection, she could no longer be ashamed and took the initiative to stick to A-Dai and shook his big hand.

The pope said with satisfaction: "Well, you don't want it yourself, but I am not stingy." His expression suddenly became serious, and he said to a dumb: "Although there is no grand engagement discussion for you today, I My only granddaughter has been betrothed to you. If you lose her in the future, I will never forgive you."

Ah Dai took Xuan Yue's little hand and solemnly said, "After the dark forces are eliminated, I will definitely make Yueyue the happiest bride."

The Pope said: "Well, there is nothing else to do. You will start tomorrow. Go back and take a good rest. You must be more careful about the Death Mountain group."

After the people saluted the Pope, they all said goodbye. As Ah Dui finally combined with Xuan Yue, their pace of leaving the Temple of Light seemed much easier. Seeing them leave, Xuan Ye rushed to the Pope: "Father, will it be too much pressure on these children if such a heavy task is entrusted to them? If they have any damage, we can hardly explain to their elders! "

The pope sighed and said: "I don't know that this is a dangerous thing. But now there is no other way. Dumb is the savior of the mainland, and now I can only hope that he can find it under the guidance of the gods. The real lair of the dark forces. During the time they are looking for the dark forces, you must step up and lead the priests to practice, and strive to improve their strength in a short time. If the entrance to the devil of the death mountain is really It is the target of the dark forces, and that light magic will play a very important role."

Xuan Ye, Mongxiu, and Yuma said respectfully at the same time: "Yes, Lord Pope."

After leaving the Temple of Light, Xuanyue took the initiative to pull up Ah Du's big hand. Amid the blessings of everyone, the two people were filled with a sweet sense of happiness. After the excitement of everyone, the rock said: "Our action must be successful this time, and the dark forces must not be allowed to continue to ramp up."

Xuanyue nodded and said, "I only learned that the Death Mountain Range is so terrible today. We were really overwhelmed at the beginning! If the first time we went to the Elf Clan, we really went to the Death Mountain Range, I am afraid we would already ..."

Rocky said: "Yueyue, don't be discouraged. We must have confidence. Only with the help of confidence can we win the final victory."

Keanu said with a bitter face: "Big brothers and big sisters, you must help little brother! Yesterday Yueji still cried and shouted and insisted on going to the Death Mountain with me. Today, I heard the Pope’s explanation, how can I Dare to take her! If she has something short and long, how can I explain to her brother, you must help me stop her."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Sister Yueji's temper is probably not so easy to stop. Keanu, I'm afraid you have to ask for more blessings."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Brother Keanu, take sister Yue Ji, I will help you protect her."

Dumb frowned and said, "Yueyue, don't talk nonsense. You have heard the danger of the Death Mountain just now. There are already a lot of people on this trip. If we are negligent or the enemy is too strong, it may be difficult to take care of it. It's better to be less."

Xuan Yue tightened Ah Dumb's hand, and said, "Don't worry, I have a complete plan. Even if we can't find out the whereabouts of the dark forces headquarters, self-protection is still possible. As for how to protect yourself, you will know when the time comes. Yes, now I have to keep it secret. Brother Keanu, just take sister Yueji, I will go and ask Grandpa for an amulet."

Keanu said with a bitter face: "It's only that now. I thanked everyone here first. Yueji's cultivation level is still low. If there is any danger, everyone must help."

A Duan glanced at Xuan Yue reproachfully. For everyone, Yue Ji's cultivation base was really low, and the Death Mountain Range was so dangerous. He didn't want Yue Ji to participate in this operation, but Xuan Yue Having said everything, he can no longer refuse. I had to say to Keanu: "Needless to say, everyone will protect Yue Ji, go back and have a good rest. Let's go on the road early tomorrow morning."

In the early morning of the next day, Dui and his party set foot on the road to the Death Mountain with the team of the elves. The pope and a few red priests personally sent them to the periphery of the Holy See's mountain, and after repeatedly urging them to pay attention to safety, they were separated from the others. Although the Death Mountain Range is dangerous, after Ah Du and Xuan Yue reconciled, they were full of confidence in their hearts. Especially after the engagement, he was extremely satisfied. Now he just wants to help the Holy See eliminate the Dark Sacred Church as soon as possible so that he can marry his beloved Yueyue.

From the Holy See to the Mountain of Death, they have to pass through the entire territory of the Yalian tribe. In order to buy more time, the people rushed very fast. After one day, they traveled for nearly a thousand miles. When the night gradually fell on the prairie of the Yalian tribe , They decided to stop and rest for one night, and then continue on their way. The grassland is empty, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large, especially now it is November weather, with gusts of cold wind hitting, bringing chills to everyone.

Dumb scratched his head, looked around, and said, "I'm so sorry, I forgot something, I'm on the prairie, how can I do without a tent! I'm afraid it will be even colder at night."

Oliveira nodded and said, "Yeah! The grassland of the Yalian tribe is so big and there is no shelter. I am afraid I will be sad tonight. I knew that we shouldn't rush on the road. Just rest in that tribe." Keanu curled his lips and said, "Now, what's the use of this? I've been out for hundreds of miles, so I can't go back."

The rock thought for a while, and said, "Why don't we do this? Let's dig a big hole in the ground and rest in the hole, so that we can at least avoid the cold wind."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said: "This is not good. Even if we can avoid the wind, the temperature can't be changed. Forget it, let's just form a circle and we will do it. Anyway, just one night's work, based on our cultivation base, It shouldn't be a big problem. It's a big deal to take turns to watch the night and use vindictive energy or magic to resist the cold current."

Dumb said: "Then I will come. Everyone is tired after a day's journey. I will use Sheng Sheng Qi to build a barrier. Take a good rest. The nature of Sheng Zhen Qi has a constant source of energy. It should not consume too much. "While speaking, he suddenly discovered that some of the people were not worried, and that was the elf clan headed by the elf princess. They all had smiles on their faces, and they stood silently.

Zhuo Yun walked to the side of Dumb and smiled and said, "Don't worry, Dumb, you don't need to set up barriers. Have you forgotten the magical characteristics of our elves? We are the people closest to nature." The rock suddenly said. : "Yeah! Why didn't I expect, but here you can use magic to create a tree house like the city of elves?"

Hearing what the rock said, everyone immediately understood and focused their attention on the elf group. The Audi Elf made Piao fly forward and said: "The prairie is one of the most vibrant places on the mainland. Here our natural magic can play a considerable role. You can wait and see." Under the leadership, the wizards who were good at magic flew up, chanting wizard spells that everyone could not understand. The green light gradually rose from the wizards. They formed a circle, and after a while, a diameter of ten meters, The circular green halo appeared, and under the command of Audi, the green halo fell on the grassland. Within the area covered by the halo, through the action of the natural magic of the elves, the green grass grew crazily, and the countless green grass blades were entangled together. After a while, they turned into solid vines. Under Audi’s command Next, a house of tens of square meters intertwined with green grass appeared.

Xuan Yue sighed: "Elf magic is really amazing! This is incomparable with other magic. Finally there is a place to live tonight."

Due to the fact that there are more than 20 people in Duan and the elves, the elves made five identical houses one after another before they stopped. The five houses lived next to each other. Due to the entanglement of many grass blades, it seemed, It turned out to be very solid, and it didn't shake at all under the blow of the cold wind.

Audi said: "Okay, everyone can rest at ease when they have a place to live. The tree house made of green grass is still strong, and I have added a fixed barrier on the periphery. Even if the night wind is strong, it can't Blowing. Everyone eat some dry food and rest, so we can continue on the road tomorrow." After finishing speaking, the elves were instructed to enter two thatched huts, leaving the other three to Adu and the others.

The eight dumbs were divided and decided. Dui, Xuanyue, and Oliveira lived in one room, Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun lived in one, and Keanu and Yue Ji lived in one room.

"No, I won't live with that dumb goose." Yue Ji said dissatisfiedly.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Dummy goose? This title is also very suitable for Dawn! Sister Yueji, don't you want to live with Keanu? Are you shy?"

Yue Ji's face blushed, and she screamed: "How can people live with him alone if they haven't married him? Yueyue, let's live together. Let the three men live together."

Xuan Yue turned to look at Ah-Dai, and gave a questioning look. Ah-Dai naturally did not want to separate from her, but after all, he was the leader of the trip, so she nodded helplessly and said, "Well, let Keanu. Brother and Yueyue can change it. Everyone should rest early. There may be some beasts on the grassland. Everyone wakes up when they rest at night to prevent accidents."

The night was dark, and everyone rested after eating dry food. Dumb sat cross-legged in his tree house. In order to protect the safety of everyone, he did not enter the meditation state. He just sat there with his mind to breathe the full vitality in the body, spreading the spiritual sense to the maximum extent, and inquiring The situation around the thatched cottage. He clearly heard the sound of the elves' sleep and the sound of the wind blowing the grass, and his heart fell into silence. After a day's journey, his spirit was a little tired, and his mind gradually became dim. Just as he was about to fall asleep, suddenly, an extremely powerful breath broke into the range of his spiritual sense. Dumb was taken aback, opened his eyes violently, and focused his thoughts on the direction where the powerful aura appeared. The powerful breath approached at an unparalleled speed. Because he didn't know whether he was the enemy or the superior, Dui cautiously floated out of the tree house, and floated on the roof under the influence of his true energy, staring at the direction where the powerful aura appeared.

A group of fiery red light appeared in the field of vision of Ah-Dai. He was taken aback and stared attentively, and saw that there seemed to be a figure wrapped in the fiery red light. It was not magic, but vindictiveness, extremely powerful. Although it's still hundreds of meters away, Duan could already feel the heat of the red group of fighting spirit, and said in his heart that it was so strong.

The red light suddenly converged, and a black shadow pierced through the night sky and floated over like lightning. He had obviously spotted Dumb, and rushed forward and flew straight to the tree house. Dumb was afraid that he would affect everyone who was resting, so he urged the anger in his body to greet him. When he was still about fifty meters away from the black shadow, the red light on the black shadow flashed again, and a ball of fireball-like vindictive energy brought a stream of light straight to Dumb's chest. A cold light flashed in Ah Du's eyes, and his right hand cut out like lightning, and the silver light passed away. The fireball was instantly divided into two, and was dissolved into the invisible under the influence of anger. After receiving the opponent's attack, Ah-Dai couldn't help but wonder. The quarrel that the opponent attacked just now was not strong. Even the rock brothers can easily follow along. You can see his forward body and the energy and skill contained in him. It shouldn't be just this level! Just as he was puzzled, the opponent had rushed ten meters in front of him, and the forward momentum suddenly ended, as if it had violated the law of inertia and stagnated in the air. Dui looked at him intently, and saw that the other party was an old man, an old man without any strangeness, wearing a very ordinary cloth robe, and staring at Dui with some dirty eyes. It seemed that the old man seemed familiar, but Dumb couldn't remember where he had seen him.

The old man didn't speak, and while looking at Dumb, he touched his waist and turned into a wine gourd, opened the gourd cover, and started drinking happily. Seeing his drinking method, it seemed that he was going to drink the whole gourd wine in one go. After taking a few large mouthfuls, the old man stopped and said to Dumb: "Come on, kid, you can drink some too." As he said, his wrist shook, and the wine gourd turned into an arc and hit Dumb. Dumb's heart shuddered, because the energy contained in this wine gourd was many times stronger than the previous fireball. Raising his right hand, Da Peng's vindictiveness strands floated out. These vindictiveness strands did not directly entangle the wine gourd, but flashed past the wine gourd, making a fierce rubbing sound with the wine gourd. The wine gourd is still rushing forward, because of the impact of the vindictive wire, it spins quickly. When the wine gourd flew in front of A'Dai, A'Dai said indifferently: "Senior, I am not very interested in wine, you should enjoy it yourself. Right." He didn't touch the wine gourd. During the rapid rotation, the wine gourd actually drew an arc in front of him and flew back towards the old man.

The dirty eyes of the old man suddenly lit up, and a red light flashed in his hand. He grabbed the wine gourd back, nodded, and said: "Okay, kid, you are good at your skills! I want to ask you a question. You have to be honest Answer me. Do you know a **** of death who has killed countless people in the Empire of Sunset?"

Dumb's heart moved, and he thought to himself, what is he doing with himself? Could it be that the Sunset Empire sent to kill itself? No, that's not right, I'm afraid I can't find such a master in the entire Sunset Empire. Although there was no official match, Dumb clearly felt that this old man was not easy to deal with. He said flatly: "Senior, what do you want to do with the **** of death?"

The old man took another sip of his wine and he laughed: "Of course something is going on. I want to settle an account with him. I heard that this **** of death is a third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and his skill is not weak. It seems to be called dumb. Yes. Look at the vindictiveness you just used, although it is not the vindictive qi derived from the Tiangang Sword, but it also evolved from the vindictive qi. I think you should be that dumb."

Dumb's thoughts turned, and he said: This old man has such sharp eyes! Only from two quick shots, he recognized that he was a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and no matter who he was, since he was here to find himself, then he would take it. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai burst into arrogance and nodded: "Yes, I am Ah-Dai, a third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. What advice can seniors give me."

The old man played with the wine gourd in his hand and sarcastically said: "How dare you be a teacher, you are a majestic **** of death, a **** of death who kills countless people. Death, what a majestic name, huh!" His last grunt made a sound, shaking. Dui's ears were painful, and he hurriedly rushed to get up and really fight back. A Dumb saluted slightly and said, "Senior, please express your intentions. I don't seem to offend you."

"Yes, you haven't offended me, but your cruel methods have made me impressed! You are killing people in the Sunset Empire, I don't care, I don't care, anyway, those guys should die. But you shouldn't be bullied. I came up on my head and killed my disciple. I asked you, Tiro was killed by your hands, and he was tortured to death by you."

Dui was shocked, he finally knew the identity of this old man, Tilo's master, isn't that the Northern Sword Saint Falcon? He ranks higher than Harry in the Four Great Juggernauts. He looked for himself. It turned out to be revenge. It seems that he can't be kind today. Ah Dui's face sank, and he said coldly: "If you want to avenge Tiro, then you have found the right thing. Yes, I killed him, and it was a torture. However, he deserves his death. You do His master did not fulfill his duty of discipline, so I want to ask you to reason?"

Hutu laughed loudly, "Death deserves it, okay, well said." His eyes flashed cold and hot red vindictiveness surrounded his body, "Even if my apprentice is wrong, he won't need your Tiangang sword. If Pi intervenes, even if he is dead, he should leave him a complete body. Boy, you are cruel enough to be cruel to me. For Diss’ sake, as long as you take my three tricks today, I will temporarily Leave you alone and go directly to the Tiangang Sword Sect to find his theory. If you can't take it, you can't blame me if you die." At this point, he suddenly waved his right hand, and a surging red vindictive air came towards him.

Just about to take the move, Ah Dumb suddenly thought of the four skeletons, frowned, and the wish of urging Corius instantly shifted to the other direction, and the falcon suddenly hit the air. "Senior Juggernaut in the North, I am not afraid of you. I think I did nothing wrong with Tilo. I have made friends with your other four apprentices. I don't want to be your enemy. Please think twice."

Falcon suddenly saw that Ah-Dai had escaped his own trick so easily, he couldn't help but was shocked, did not continue to attack, coldly said: "You killed my apprentice and said that you are not an enemy of me?"

Dumb said: "I said, Tiro is damned, if I choose one more time, I will do the same thing. Senior, the mainland is now in extreme crisis due to the threat from the dark forces, you With such a high level of cultivation, why bother with hatred? You should do something for the people of the world."

Falcon suddenly said irritably: "I can't care about things on the mainland, and I don't want to care about it. I lived a peaceful life, but you killed my apprentice and broke the peace, boy, don't try to get lucky, I am I won't let you go. This is the second time we have met. When I first saw you, I still had a good impression of you, but I didn't expect you to become my murderer."

Dumb froze, and said, "Have we really seen it? No wonder I look familiar to you."

The falcon sneered suddenly and said: "Of course I have seen it, otherwise I can recognize you at a glance. Have you forgotten what happened at the headquarters of the Mage Union in Guangming City, Guangming Province a few years ago?"

A Duan's heart moved, and he recalled the scene at that time. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he lost his voice: "Ah! Are you the old man who guards the gate? You, how could you..."

The falcon snorted suddenly, and said: "I am willing. I lost the bet with your old master, and promised him to guard the gate of the Wizards Guild before the forthcoming fourth Juggernaut competition. There. , No one knows who I Although I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but later I also lived a leisurely life. The wine in Guangming City is still very good. However, my leisure life is yours. Broke. Boy, don’t think about being spared today.” It turned out that when the Four Great Swordmasters discussed the sword the last time, Hutu felt that his cultivation level had improved a lot, so he bet against the Heavenly Swordmaster. Defeat him within a hundred moves. Their bet was that the losing party had to promise one thing to the other party. As you can imagine, in the 97th move, the Heavenly Sword Sage General Hu suddenly defeated him. He didn’t want him to do anything suddenly. He casually said let him go to the magician union to guard the gate. It was just a joke at the time, but Falcon knew the truth and really went to guard the gate. He didn't always stay there either. Whenever he was bored, he wandered around the mainland and took in several apprentices. And Tilo was the last one he took. Not long ago, he suddenly received news that his registered disciple Tilo was actually tortured and killed. The falcon had always protected his shortcomings suddenly, and immediately left the mainland magicians' union, found the dead Mica provincial governor in the Tianjin Empire, and asked about the appearance and figure of Dui. But, after all, he doesn't walk on the mainland often, so how can he find dumb? So, he thought of his few disciples who organized the mercenary group, personally found the Four Skeletons and told them about it. From the description of the falcons, the Four Skulls suddenly recognized that the person who killed their junior was dumb. Iron Skull liked Dui because he was jealous of Ice Skull, and told Hutu about Dui. Under the order of the falcon, they inquired about the fact that Duan had ruined the ritual wedding and caused a disturbance in the Holy See. The falcon rushed to the Holy See day and night, but the dumb people had just left. He got the news from a judge who hated dumb that they were going to the Death Mountain, and then they came after him. Finally found his trace at night.

Chapter 176: The road ahead is long

Dumb said: "Are you really unwilling to give up your hatred and listen to me?"

The falcon suddenly said coldly: "Is there anything to explain, you have killed people, can you bring my apprentice back to life? Get ready, I'm going to take action."

"Wait a minute, Senior, I respect you as one of the four great sword saints, but I am not afraid of you. Soon we will go to the Death Mountain to inquire about the whereabouts of the dark forces. At this time, I am not suitable for you. You just said I should have avoided one of the three moves. If you can’t kill me in the next two moves, please go back to the Wizards’ Guild for the time being and wait until the Four Great Swords to be held in February next year. During the Saint Competition, I will naturally return to Tiangang Mountain to give you an explanation. What do you think."

Falcon said suddenly: "Boy, don't think that you can escape my attack with a weird body. Okay, it's up to you. Anyway, I want to find the old fellow Diss to settle the bill. The kids around, don't worry. Hid it, let me come out. If any of you dare to attack me, don't blame my ruthless men." Although the two have been communicating through sound transmission, the energy fluctuations in the air have already alarmed others. Everyone was hiding from the side, because they all believed in Ah Dui's strength, so they didn't rush out to help. At this time, they heard the sudden words of Falcon, and they showed up.

Dui naturally noticed everyone's breath early, and didn't turn around, and shouted: "Everyone goes back to the thatched house, don't come over, I will solve the matter between me and Senior Fultu by myself." The fiery nightmare is extremely domineering. He was afraid that the aftermath would hurt everyone. With a flash of white light, Xuan Yue appeared next to Ah-Dai, looking at the Northern Sword Saint in confusion, "A-Dai, who is he? Why should I trouble you."

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue and said, "You go back first, and I will explain to you after I finish processing. Hurry up, go back with everyone, and be obedient."

Falcon suddenly glanced at everyone, and was secretly surprised. None of these people were mediocre, especially the little girl next to Dah. Falcon had been guarding the gate of the Mage Association. Naturally, Xuan Yue was obviously a magician. , And does not belong to the wind element, but she can fly. She wears a red sacrificial robe that resembles the Holy See, obviously with strong strength. This made him vigilant. Secretly raised his true energy to the limit, ready to take action at any time.

Although Xuanyue felt that Ful Tu's skill was profound, she had absolute confidence in Dumb, nodded, and said, "Well then, be careful." Then she retreated.

Dumb rushed forward: "Senior, you can take action. There are two more tricks."

With a cold snort, the falcon hung the wine gourd back to his waist, with a solemn expression on his face, and slowly raised his hands, crossing his chest, palms facing each other. A red bucket balloon slowly appeared in his palm. Although it was not large in size, the bucket balloon contained huge energy. Dumb didn't move, he had already decided that he would definitely not conflict head-on with Falcon today. Everything will be discussed when the Four Great Swordmasters compete. Focus your mind on the wish of Corris, ready to use instant transfer at any time.

The color of the fighting balloon in the falcon’s palm became darker and darker. After a while, it turned into a dark red. His eyes were bright and he shouted: "Boy, pick me up with a slash of Fire Nightmare." He was facing sideways. The palms on his chest suddenly separated, and the dark red energy ball burst out suddenly, and a huge dark red vindictive qi cut towards Dui in a fan shape, spanning a distance of nearly tens of meters. Dumb knew that the reason why Hu Tu used such a big attack was to prevent himself from dodge, but he could do it if his body cannot dodge magic. The wish of Corris lighted slightly, and at the moment when the huge energy of the Fire Night Cyclone slashed in front of him, Duan disappeared again, and when he appeared, he floated on the side of the falcon.

Hu Tu did not continue to attack, and looked at Dumb coldly, and said, "Will the disciples who come from the Sword Saint of Tiangang only dodge? Don't you be afraid to shame your master?"

A cold light flashed in Ah'Dai's eyes, and said, "Whether you should be ashamed of my master ancestor is not something you can comment on. There is one last trick, come on, this time I won't hide." The silver light lit up, in Ah'Dai A small silver shield with a diameter of less than ten centimeters condensed on his right arm. Dumb placed his arm in front of him, waiting for the falcon's sudden attack.

The falcon suddenly saw that Ah-Dai was using the fighting energy so fascinatingly, he couldn't help but feel awe-inspiring. The red light of the body suddenly flourished, and it spun violently. The scorching energy instantly spread within a hundred meters in a radius, Xuan Yue and others on the periphery. Under this extremely fiery anger, he couldn't help being surprised secretly, and he subconsciously withdrew dozens of meters.

The red figure flashed, and the whole body turned into a phantom and slammed into Duan. Duan did not show weakness, shielded in front of him with a small silver shield, and greeted him under the white vindictiveness. The red and white rays of light passed by in the air, and stopped abruptly. They stopped at the position where the other party was just now, moving and still looking very strange. At the place where they met just now, there was a loud noise, and a huge shock wave rushed straight into the sky, "Okay, okay, the good disciple taught by the old fellow Diss, let’s see you on Tiangang Mountain." The red shadow flashed. The figure turned into a streamer and disappeared into the distance.

Xuan Yue quickly rushed to the side of Ah-Dai and asked eagerly: "How are you? Have you hurt."

Dumb shook his head and looked at the crowd and said, "Don't worry, everyone, I'm fine." While talking, he pulled Xuanyue to the ground.

Xuan Yue asked: "Who is this old man just now? What a great skill! It doesn't seem to be inferior to you."

Dumb nodded and said, "He is one of the four great sword saints today. Of course it's not that good. His Fire Night True Qi is very difficult to deal with. Fortunately, my skill has improved a lot. If half a year ago, I'm afraid I won't be able to deal with him." Xuan Yue frowned and said, "One of the Four Great Sword Saints? Then why should he come to trouble you?"

Dumb said: "Did you forget what I told you about the girl? He was the master who persecuted the girl and avenged his apprentice. If it weren't for the master’s name, I’m afraid he will do his best with me today Fighting together, it seems that February’s Four Great Swordmasters competition is not so easy! I have to strengthen my cultivation level. Originally, I thought that reaching the master’s skill would be able to deal with the other three Swordmasters, look. Come, I think it’s too simple. Over the years, the cultivation of the other three sword saints has also been continuously improving. It is not so easy to conquer them."

Oliveira said: "Why do I see that old man so familiar, especially the way he drinks, seems to have seen him somewhere."

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Of course you have seen him. He has been guarding the door of the Mainland Mage Association for 20 years. As long as you have been there, you will naturally meet him."


Early the next morning, everyone continued to set off on the road. Although they were disturbed by the falcons abruptly last night, they all had a good rest in the warm thatched cottage, and they moved forward in the direction of Death Mountain vigorously. Walking on the broad prairie is refreshing. Although the appearance of the falcons last night made Duan a little worried, Xuanyue was with him, and he was still in a good mood.

As she walked, Xuan Yue seemed to suddenly remember something, and let go of her hand that was holding Dumb and flew to Oliveira's side, "Big Brother Vera, I want to tell you something."

Oliveira stunned and smiled and said: "What's the matter? Boss Xuanyue, you have to keep a certain distance from me, otherwise, if Boss Dumb gets jealous, I won't have a way to survive." After speaking, he made another one. The funny expression made everyone who amused suddenly laughed.

Xuan Yue said irritably: "It's really kind of unrequited. I originally wanted to be a matchmaker for you. Look at your attitude, forget it." After speaking, she floated back to Ah-Dai.

Oliveira froze, and said: "What matchmaker? Ah! Boss Xuanyue, are you going to introduce me a girlfriend? Okay! My little brother has always been alone, so I want to find a partner. I'm not very demanding. As long as your character is good, half as beautiful as you are enough."

Xuan Yue raised her head and didn't even look at him, as if she hadn't heard it.

Oliveira leaned over and said with a smile: "Boss Xuanyue, sister Xuanyue, don't be angry, I was not good just now. Just forgive the little one."

Dumb looked at Oliveira's humble appearance and smiled: "Yueyue, stop teasing Vera and tell him. I also want to hear who you are going to introduce to him."

Keanu also leaned over, snorted disdainfully, and said, "Boss Xuanyue, I advise you not to introduce him to him. This kid's mouth is so stinky that he won't scare the girl away."

Oliveira furiously said: "Keanu, what did your kid say? You have a wife now, but I'm still a lonely person. Humph, if you mess with me again, I will pursue Miss Yue Ji."

Yue Ji smiled sweetly and said: "That's good! I like watching Keanu jealous the most. Vera, how are you going to pursue me!"

Keanu was startled, and hurried back to Yueji's side, took her hand, and said with a vigilant expression: "Orihuela, I tell you, if you dare to hit me with Yueji's idea, don't Blame me for burning you to ashes. Yue Ji is mine, and no one can **** it away." Yue Ji blushed, but the sweetness in her eyes could not be concealed by anyone. She gave a light spit and said, "I hate it. Pull, who is yours. Did I marry you?" Although she said so, she didn't shake Keanu's hand.

Keanu chuckled and said, "Of course you are mine. Apart from me, who can stand your temper like that! Whoops, why did you pinch me? Are you so tempered?" He turned and ran. .

"You said it, you said it." Yue Ji chased Keanu and fought. Poor Keanu possessed a tall and powerful magic, but how could he compare to Last Yue Ji in terms of running? Suddenly it was repaired miserably.

Oliveira watched "sympathetically" as Keanu was chased by Yue Ji and fled, and whispered towards Xuan Yue: "Boss, the girl you introduced to me won't be more temperamental than Yue Ji. I don't look like it. Keanu has such a strong ability to fight offenses. If Tsukihime is like that, I am afraid I will lose decades of life."

Xuan Yue chuckled, her tall figure was almost as tall as Oliveira, and she looked at him and said: "Why don't you say a little bit, let Sister Yueji hear it, so you can change the target!"

Oliveira showed a frightened look, and whispered: "Except for Keanu's masochist, I am afraid that no one can suffer from Yueji's temper. Boss Xuanyue, please tell me. Who on earth to introduce me to? What does she look like? Do I know? Ah! I know, it must be the beauty of your Holy See, right, um, the gentle beauty full of divine breath, I like it." Then, Oliveira had two red hearts flashing in her eyes, and her saliva was about to flow down.

A dark shadow flashed out from behind Oliveira, knocked on his head, and said: "What is your beauty? You are not old. Let's go cool. Sister Yueyue, he doesn't want it, I want it. You see, your brother Yanli has been lonely for so many years. How pitiful! Let me introduce one first. Although I am a little short, I am a good man."

Oliveira clutched her sore head and murmured: "You, I think it's hard to find a wife, so I won't talk about being short, and it's not only ugly but not gentle, who will talk to you."

Yanli glared at Oliveira and said, "What are you talking about? Where am I ugly, how do you know that I am not gentle. I have always been gentle to girls. Yueyue, you have to pity your brother Yanli." "Speaking, Chong Xuanyue made a begging look. Xuan Yue shook her head helplessly, and said, "Brother Yanli, I will try to find you a personal choice from the Holy See. When we eliminate the dark forces, you will definitely become a great hero. Are you afraid that you will not have a wife? I still think Big Brother Vera is more suitable for the current candidate."

Oliveira listened to Xuan Yue's words, and hurriedly squeezed Rock Power aside, flatteringly said: "Yes, yes, I am so handsome, romantic and suave, Yushu Linfeng, tall and mighty, of course the most suitable candidate. Xuan Yue Boss, you can become the younger brother. The younger brother will never forget your benefits."

Xuan Yue chuckled and said: "You! I can really say, dumb, look, he said he is handsome and handsome, he is obviously running on you, if I were you, I can't bear it, hehe."

Dumb looked at everyone looking happy and happy, with a warm heart in his heart, and smiled: "I'm still ugly. Then you can feel safe, at least no one will like me!"

Xuan Yueqiao blushed, punched him on the shoulder, and hummed: "Who knows if you will be abducted by others, doesn't that thief like you very much?"

Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly argued: "There is nothing, Yueyue, don't think about it! I love you. Apart from you, I won't look at any beautiful girl. Last glance." Looking at Ah Dumb's panic, Xuan Yue felt sweet in her heart and put her arm around him and said: "Fool, how can I not believe you."

Oliveira said with a bitter face: "I said, two bosses, don't be sweet, take into account the feelings of the younger brother first. Xuanyue boss, tell me quickly."

Seeing that he had no hope, Yan Li immediately attacked Oliveira and said: "It deserves it, you just accompany me to be a bachelor."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Good pull, tell you. This girl I introduced to you! You have seen it before, do you remember when we were caught by the Yajin clan?"

Oliveira was already smart, she understood Xuanyue's words, she suddenly understood, "Boss, are you talking about Patriarch Tiya? She, can she look at me?" Tiya has a refined and beautiful temperament. The appearance kept flashing in his mind, and Oliveira's heart was greatly moved, that is indeed a woman worthy of his liking!

Xuan Yue said with no anger: "There is nothing to look down on. Anyway, you are also the most advantageous competitor for the next president of the Mainland Mage Union. Don't you understand the status of the magician in the mainland? It’s the right thing to be a door-to-door business. However, you have to be true to others. Or, I can’t spare you Duan."

Duan smiled bitterly: "What does this have to do with me? I am not familiar with Di Ya." Xuan Yue glared at him and said, "Patriarch Di Ya is my good sister, and you are mine, mine... , Of course you have to help her. Brother Vera, anyway, I don’t care. If you want to chase Sister Tiya, you have to treat them well and not have two hearts."

Oliveira seemed to remember something suddenly, and smiled: "Ah! I remember, no wonder you and her are good sisters? Back then, she liked you! She must have been very much when she knew you were a daughter. Disappointed. Isn't she upset? She became a good sister with you."

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and punched her dumbfounded, and said, "It's not all to blame him. How could I disguise myself if I didn't look for him? If I didn't disguise, I wouldn't cause Sister Diya to misunderstand her. It’s not that stingy, and I don’t blame me at all. Brother Vera, she is a good candidate for a wife. You think about it."

Oliveira smiled and said, "Don’t think about it. As long as Patriarch Tiya can see me, I’m fine. Boss Xuanyue, you will have to give me a few more words in front of Patriarch Tiya then. !"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't worry, since I'm a matchmaker for you, of course, I have to say more about your strengths. You should work hard to practice your favorite magic and strive to become a wind magister as soon as possible. Brother Vera, I It feels like you haven't seen it this year, your cultivation level seems to have improved a lot, you should have the realm of a wizard, from the perspective of your own magic, you should almost catch up with Big Brother Keanu."

Oliveira said: "That kid Keanu is busy pursuing Yue Ji every day. Wherever there is time to practice well, I will be able to surpass him in a short time. The magister is really too difficult. I hope I will be four or five. You can reach it when you are ten years old. Fortunately, there is the Wind God Staff, or I am embarrassed to go to the Death Mountain with you."

In a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, everyone is constantly approaching the destination of their trip. Five days later, after a long journey, they finally came to the fairy forest of the Tianyuan clan.

The destroyed vegetation on the periphery of the elves forest has recovered some vitality through the efforts of the elves. After returning to his hometown, Xing'er suddenly became excited, flapping his wings and moving forward quickly. Rock and the big elf made Audi walk forward together. While walking, he whispered at Audi: "The big elf, I always have a question to ask you."

Audi stunned and said, "What's the problem? You can ask."

The rock said with a serious face: "According to the historical records of the mainland, the dwarves, the wingmen and your elves are all peace-loving races. Although the dwarves have a temperament, they should be upright in character! How could they join the dark forces?"

A bleak color flashed in Audi’s eyes, shook his head, and said, “I don’t know why it became like this. Our elves and wing humans have been good friends. Although we haven’t had much contact in the past century, according to our understanding, Yi Yi The kindness of the human race is impossible to join the dark forces."

Hearing what they said, Dumb and Xuan Yue approached, Xuan Yue said: "The dwarves and the wingmen are two powerful races. There must be a reason why they joined the dark forces. I guess there should be two possibilities. One. It means that they have a handle in the hands of the dark forces. For example, the heirs of the direct line are taken away by the dark forces and they are threatened."

Dumb shook his head and said, "This might not be a big deal. If it's just a threat, even if their patriarch succumbs, their people will not be willing to be ordered by the dark forces. After all, this is at odds with their own character. There must be some other reasons."

Xuan Yue nodded and said: "I also think this is unlikely. Another reason I guess is that these two races have been corroded by the dark forces similar to soul magic, so that they have all lost their nature and will be affected by the dark forces. Use it to become a member of the dark alien race, including the aggressive half-orcs, it is possible."

Audi shook his whole body and said, "Xuanyue's words make sense. Only in this way can they explain why they are willing to be used by the dark forces."

Dumb said: "I still have a question, that is why the dark forces controlled the dwarves and wingmen but did not control the elves together? The strength of the elves is only higher than those of the two races! Although! The city of elves is protected by enchantments, but if the dark forces attack with all their strength, I am afraid they will not be able to resist it."

Xuanyue thought for a while and said: "Failing to control the elves means that the leader of the dark forces is a very intelligent person. Don't forget, the dark forces have their current strength after a thousand years of recuperation. Before that, they could only Working in the underground for fear of being discovered by our Holy See. They will not do anything that might expose them. If I guess right, even the Winged and Dwarves were controlled by them not long ago. Therefore, we did not control the elves, because we were afraid that the movement in the Tianyuan clan’s territory would have alarmed us too much. The elves are at the outermost part of the Tianyuan clan and are most likely to pass the news. As long as the enchantment of the city of elves can withstand the attacks of the dark forces Within a short period of time, the news of the emergence of the dark forces is very likely to be exposed. They did not dare to take risks before they did not move. Now, as Grandpa said, the dark forces are likely to put all their minds on opening the entrance to the devil. They pooled all their strengths together and strived to complete the highest mission in the shortest time. This is why the elves can always be safe."

After hearing Xuanyue's words, Duan suddenly said, "It turns out that this is the case. It seems that the elves are still very lucky."

Audi sighed and said: "In fact, there is another reason that the dark forces may be scrupulous. Although our elves may be inferior to the dwarves and wingmen in attack power, our will is indeed very firm. As long as the elves and ancient trees and If the Elf King is still there, it is impossible for the Elves to be affected. Once one of the Elf Tree and Elf King is destroyed, there will be only one result of the Elf Race, and that is destruction. If the dark forces come to deal with us, there will only be one As a result, the jade and the stone are burned. Even if they can win, they will pay no small price. This is of no benefit to them, so it didn't move us. Hey — I really hope that the dark forces can be eliminated as soon as possible. , So that our elves can regain the usual peaceful life. You are a little tired from thinking about traveling these days. Rest here for one night. Tomorrow I will take you to the Death Mountain."

At this time, everyone has come to the periphery of the barrier in the Elf Forest. Because of the emergence of the dark forces, the Elf barrier has always been closed. However, with the fairy princess Xing'er, this enchantment will naturally not have the slightest effect on everyone. As soon as they entered the inside of the Elf Forest, several groups of Elf soldiers came to greet them.

Under the **** of the elves, Dui and his entourage came to the Fairyland Fairy City on Earth. Looking at the calm and clear lake, Dui sighed, "Among the Tianyuan Clan, only the City of Fairies is a pure land."

Audi proudly said: "Unless the whole Elf clan is destroyed, otherwise, we will never let darkness contaminate this beautiful place. Dumb, look, who is that here."

Duan looked in the direction that Audi was pointing, and saw the Elf Queen and three other big Elf Envoys greeted him, apparently he had received news of their arrival.

As soon as Xing'er saw his mother, he floated up and rushed up excitedly. The elf queen hugged her daughter's body and flew towards everyone. Dui hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Auntie Queen, hello."

The elf queen looked at Ah Dumb, then at Xuan Yue, a knowing smile appeared in her beautiful eyes, "Are you still so polite with Auntie? Looking at you, you must be reconciled as before."

Dumb blushed, and tightly pulled Xuan Yue's hand and said, "Yeah! I was not good at the beginning, and Yueyue suffered so many grievances. In the future, I will treat her well and all the debts I owed to her before. Make up for it."

The elf queen smiled and said: "As long as you understand. Yueyue is a good girl. Why are you so good, and you come back to see me with Xinger, don't you need to deal with the dark forces?"

Dumb sighed and said, "We are here for the dark forces." At the moment, he told the Elf Queen the purpose of everyone coming this time.

After listening to Dumb's narration, the elf queen showed a hint of surprise in her eyes, "Death Mountain Range? Are you really going there?"

Dui nodded firmly and said: "For the future of mankind, we must go. Once the entrance to the devil world is opened, mankind will face a catastrophe that cannot be dealt with."

The Elf Queen looked at the crowd and said with pity: "You children are really suffering, let's go, and talk to the aunt in the old Elf tree. Audi, you can help them arrange a place to live and prepare some food."

Audi gave his wife a gentle look and turned away. Among the crowd, Brother Rock, Keanu, and Moon Ji did not have the ability to fly, and with the help of Ah Du, Xuan Yue, and Oliveira, respectively, followed the Elf Queen into the ancient tree.

The abundant aura in the ancient elven tree nourishes everyone's body, and is of greater help to the magical Keanu, Oliveira, Xuanyue, and Duan. Before the fairy queen could speak, Xuan Yue suddenly said, "Auntie, I have something to ask you."

The fairy queen smiled and said: "Let's talk ~ As long as the aunt can do it, the aunt will help you."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "You can definitely do it. Actually, it doesn't need you to do anything. Just lend me the tree house in the old elves."

Dumbfounded, and said: "Yueyue, what do you borrow auntie's tree house for? This is the place where auntie lives. How can you lend it to you?"

Xuan Yue smiled mysteriously and said: "I borrowed the tree house from my aunt for everyone's safety, and it won't affect my aunt's rest. Aunt, I just want to draw a magic circle in this tree house. Before coming here, I thought about a lot of places, and finally I felt that it was the safest place. There are plenty of auras in the old elves. This is how my magic circle will succeed, and this is the safest place among the elves. The magic circle is destroyed. I just don’t know if drawing a magic circle here will affect the ancient elves?"

The Elf Queen said: "Is it affected, but I don’t know what magic circle you want to draw. Because our elves admire nature, we are more resistant to wind and fire magic. If it is these two types of magic circle, I am afraid that the power will be greatly reduced here. If it is a water magic circle, its power will increase. Water is the source of life, which is closer to the natural magic that we advocate."

Chapter 177: Positioning circle

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "None of the types you mentioned. I want to draw a space teleportation magic array here."

After hearing Xuan Yue's words, Duan's heart moved, as if he had already understood something.

The elf queen said: "Space magic? Isn't that lost? So you will! Space magic is a relatively neutral magic, and it should not have any influence here. What is the main purpose for you to draw this magic circle? Do you need my help."

Xuan Yue smiled confidently and said: "It is enough to trouble you to guard this magic circle after we go to the Death Mountain, because it will affect our lives. My magic circle is a long-distance teleportation magic circle. . No matter where we are, as long as we are within a thousand kilometers of this magic circle, we can directly return to the ancient elves by virtue of space magic. With it, even if we encounter a strong army of undead, we don’t have to be afraid, we can’t beat it. If you do, it’s a big deal to send it back."

Oliveira said in surprise: "Boss Xuanyue, you still have such a good magic, why didn't you say it earlier. With it, let alone the Death Mountain, even the Demon Realm we can make a breakthrough!"

Xuan Yue said in an angry voice: "Not as powerful as you thought, Demon Realm? Do you know what the Demon Realm is like? There should be different levels of space from the Tianyuan Continent, and it is impossible to use magic to teleport. I just said, You cannot leave the magic circle for more than a thousand kilometers, otherwise you will lose the connection with the magic circle. Moreover, this positioning teleport magic has a certain success rate, that is, if the magic fails, it will not be teleported back here. "

Dumb asked, "Then what is the success rate of your magic? Can it exceed half?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "You too underestimate me. As long as this positioning magic is successfully drawn, the success rate is over 90%. In other words, if nothing happens, we can almost every time. Send it back accurately."

Keanu said in surprise: "Ninety percent? Boss Xuanyue, you are really amazing. That said, even if the teleportation fails once, we can return here safely again. It seems that all my previous worries were It's unnecessary. Yueji, did you hear that? Your safety is guaranteed this time. No wonder Xuanyue veterans opposed it when I asked you not to come last time."

Tsukihime knocked on Keanu's head, and said: "What is my safety guaranteed? Am I a good cook? Then, maybe I will be asked to protect you."

Xuan Yue said, "Don’t be too optimistic. Although this magic has a high probability of success, once it fails, the consequences will be very serious. Brother Keanu, this positioning magic is not as you said. It can be done again. Once it fails, the magic circle will be completely destroyed and can no longer be used. Therefore, our trip is still dangerous. You must not be careless. You must be vigilant at any time. As a last resort, we must not use this magic circle lightly."

Dumb said: "I have an idea, don't you have a 90% success rate for this magic circle? Then you draw two. Once one fails, you can start the other. It's not foolproof. Huh?"

Xuan Yue, learning the same way that Yue Ji had knocked on Keanu, also knocked on Dumb's head, and said, "Where is it so easy. This positioning and teleportation magic is a seven-level magic in space magic. During the use process, The caster must always maintain spiritual contact with the magic circle in order to successfully launch. Do you think I am a fairy? Being able to be schizophrenic and contact two magic circles at the same time. Maintaining a magic circle connection will cost me a lot of magic Strength."

Oliveira said, "Boss Xuanyue, then you can give this magic to me and Keanu! We are also magicians, and we should also be able to arrange one, so it's not safe."

Xuan Yue shook her head, and said, "Don't say that you can't understand the characteristics of this magic in a short time. Even if you really learn it, it will be difficult to apply it with your current magic cultivation base. I am afraid that just maintaining spiritual contact will It consumes all your mana, not to mention bringing everyone back. Adventure is inevitable, but with this magic circle, our danger will be reduced a lot. Aunt Queen, can you let me set up here? ?"

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "Of course. You can rest assured to arrange it. I will take turns to protect you with a few big elves, and we will ensure that there will be no problems."

Xuan Yue said, "Thank you. It shouldn't be too late, then I will start now. Dumb, you will protect me and give me a space of about five square meters."

The crowd formed a circle, blocking Xuan Yue in the center, looking at her for a moment. No one, including the Elf Queen, has seen high-level space magic, and they are all interested in it.

Xuan Yue stroked her hands in the void, slowly drifting away from the ground in the golden light, the sacred aura greatly increased with the help of the aura in the ancient elves. Xuan Yue put her hands together in front of her chest, and chanted in a low voice: "Great God of Space Order! I beg you, grant me the energy transferred from space, and turn me into a wisp of dust in the space, the master of space order. Mystery.” With the completion of the spell, the golden divine light of Xuanyue's body began to change, and the original golden light gradually turned into white. Although the sacred aura disappeared, her body was full of strange mystery at this time. sense. With her hands slowly raised above her head, the white light emitted from Xuan Yue's whole body slowly gathered upwards as her palms moved up, and after a while, a dazzling ball of white light condensed on her palms.

She opened her eyes fiercely, and light flashed through Xuan Yue's eyes. The hands held high above her head slowly opened with her wrist as the contact point. Her delicate fingers trembled slightly, and her voice was pure and without a trace of color. Array of spatial order, illusion with your heart, follow the lead of the gods, and appear." Her trembling fingers shot out ten white lights after saying this, and the rays of light shot on the ground in the ancient tree house of the elves like lightning. A trace of white light appeared.

Ten ray of white light continued to depict on the ground with the wonderful movements of Xuanyue’s ten fingers. Everyone was dazzled. The first thing that formed was a white magic hexagram with a diameter of more than two meters. The six vertices of the hexagram formed an arc. . Immediately afterwards, in the continuous lasing of white light, countless complicated symbols gradually appeared in this six-pointed star. Xuanyue's face gradually became serious, and the speed at which her fingers shot white light also slowed down. Every ray of light would slide in the gradually forming magic circle for a while before disappearing.

Feeling the energy aura emanating from the magic circle, the Elf Queen's eyes gradually revealed a look of astonishment, because she clearly felt that the magic power consumed by the magic circle used by Xuan Yue exceeded that of ordinary eighth level magic. However, Xuan Yue didn't seem to be struggling. One year's time has allowed this girl from the Holy See to have a higher level of cultivation, and it seems that she has gradually reached a realm that she cannot understand.

This spatial positioning magic array took an hour to complete. When the magical six-pointed star on the ground was completely densely covered with various complicated symbols, Xuanyue's hands and ten fingers finally stopped shaking, and slowly returned to calm. The white light on her body gradually changed back to gold, "The gods are ordered, the souls are connected, and the space order is array! Please allow me to be your user." A little golden light flew out from the center of Xuanyue's eyebrows. Only golden wings of light appeared behind her, and the flying golden light fell into the center of the magic circle, and instantly dyed the magic circle that had covered the white light into gold.

Xuanyue's breathing was a bit short, her red face was a little more pale, but a trace of pride flew on her beautiful face, and she fluttered out of the circle, accurately landing on the body of dumb. Next to him, Adai hugged her delicate body and asked eagerly: "How does this magic consume so much mana, how are you?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't worry, I'm fine. This is the first time I use this magic circle. I didn't expect it to consume so much mana, which is much larger than the consumption of Haoran Light, but the consumption is worth it. This magic has taken shape and is closely connected to my spirit. I am afraid our success rate will increase again."

Oliveira looked envied and leaned in and said, "Boss Xuanyue, you must teach this magic to my little brother in the future! This is simply amazing. Can we give it a try and see how it works. "

Ah stunned Oliveira and said, "Have you not seen that Yueyue's mana is consumed too much? Even if you try, wait until tomorrow."

Feeling the care of Ah Dumb for herself, Xuan Yue smiled sweetly, and said: "It doesn't matter, as long as the magic circle is formed, I can summon its spatial positioning when I concentrate, which doesn't cost much mana. Queen. Auntie, let's go outside. I also want to try my magic and see how it works."

The Elf Queen exclaimed: "Yueyue, your cultivation level is really getting deeper and deeper. Auntie sees you and Dui getting better and better. I am really happy! When I first saw you, your cultivation level returned. They are all very shallow, but today, a few years later, I almost don’t know you anymore. The growth of young people is strong! It seems that Auntie is really old!"

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "How can Auntie get old? You are so young and beautiful. If you didn't know that Sister Xing'er is your daughter, I would think you are about the same age as me."

The Elf Queen chuckled and said: "You, you will make Auntie happy, let's go, let's go out." Under the effect of the Elf Queen's natural magic, everyone flew out of the Elf Old Tree and landed on the Elf Lake. At this time, Audi Elf Envoy had prepared a tree house for everyone to rest, and saw them come out with the Elf Queen and hurriedly greeted them.

Xinger rushed to Audi and said: "Dad, come on, we have to test a magic, it should be amazing."

Audi rubbed his daughter's head greasyly, and said, "What magic can make you so excited! Let dad see."

Xing'er said: "It's not for me, it's Sister Xuanyue, Dad, have you heard of space magic? Sister Xuanyue is going to use it, come, come." While talking, he pulled Audi to everyone. beside.

Duan input some of his own vitality into Xuan Yue's body, causing her face to return to a blush, and whispered: "Yueyue, if it doesn't work, don't force yourself."

Xuan Yue said: "Don't worry, I will do it, you have to have confidence in me. Come, everyone will stand within ten meters of my radius. Oh, yes, there is something to remind you, when we enter After reaching the Death Mountain, everyone must not separate and gather as much as possible, so that if something happens, there will be time to send everyone back here with spatial positioning magic." Seeing the crowd's nervousness, Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Relax a little, I'm about to start." Take out your angel's staff from the space enchantment and chant in a low voice: "Break the order of space, use spiritual power as a guide, and return to the source of positioning." With the appearance of the spell, a white halo emanated from the top of the angel's rod, which instantly shrouded within a radius of ten meters. Everyone felt that their eyes turned white for a while, and they were all startled when they woke up from their surprise. When I came over, I found that I had already appeared on the magic circle in the Elf Tree House. After all, the range of the circle was only about five square meters, so many people gathered, and it suddenly seemed a bit rush.

Everyone was silent, no one could speak, and everyone was stunned by such a strange experience.

It was Dui who was the first to react and threw Xuan Yue into his arms excitedly, "Yueyue, you succeeded, you succeeded!"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Yeah! It succeeded. I knew it would be successful. When I started the space transfer earlier, I felt that my spirit is closely connected with the magic circle here, as long as the mental power and the magic circle remain clear. Connection, theoretically speaking, this magic will not fail. What I am afraid is that when we go deep into the mountain of death, the spiritual connection will weaken and there will be a possibility of failure."

The fairy queen smiled and said: "This is pretty good, space magic is really amazing!"

Audi said: "Xuanyue's magic is really getting deeper and deeper. I am really ashamed to see it! I am more confident about your adventures in the Death Mountains now. Kids, you are also tired, eat something and rest early. Well, tomorrow morning, let’s go to Death Mountain."

After leaving the old elves, everyone came to the tree house that Audi arranged for them. After eating the sweet fruits, everyone gathered together and said, "Tomorrow we will enter the most dangerous place in the mainland. Although there is a month The moon’s space magic array is guaranteed, but everyone must not be negligent. The undead creatures are all we haven’t touched before. We would rather spend a little more skill than let them get close to the body. Dumb, let’s set the formation for tomorrow. "

Duan nodded and said, "I have already thought about it. After entering the Death Mountain tomorrow, I will be at the forefront. I will summon the holy evil and let it protect everyone at the end. The two big brothers, rock and Yanli, will protect them separately. On the two wings, Sister Zhuoyun, Yueyue, Vera and Keanu are in the center to support everyone with magic. Sister Yueji, you can always pay attention to the undead creatures in the air with your bow and arrow. As long as you can drive them away, what will happen then Change, this formation can be adjusted at any time."

Yue Ji asked in confusion: "Who is the holy evil? Can it be summoned?"

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue and said, "Now I have nothing to hide from everyone. Shengxie is the silver dragon I once summoned. He is my best partner. In fact, everyone has misunderstood. There is no summoning magic, and the holy evil does not come from another dimension. It is a real dragon. What I call summoning is to release it from the space of the dragon’s blood, so it is impossible to fail. I didn’t tell you, because dragons are too terrifying on the mainland. Please forgive me.”

The rock lost his voice: "What? The dragon you summoned turned out to be..."

Duan nodded and said, "Big brother, do you remember the first time we came to the Elf Forest? At that time, the Elf Queen Aunt took me to the tree house of the Elf Tree and gave me something, which is the Holy Evil. The dragon egg. This dragon egg was brought back from the Death Mountain by the Audi Elf. It may be the only surviving dragon on the mainland. Later, when I was practicing with my master in Tiangang Mountain, the dragon egg hatched Shengxie became my friend. It is my best partner. As you know, it has saved me many times in distress. Without it, I am afraid I would have died. To be honest, Shengxie I really suffered a lot with me, because its image is too horrible, it can only be in the blood of the dragon, it is really lonely. From tomorrow we enter the mountain of death, I decided to completely let the holy evil appear in front of everyone, Don't let it be wronged anymore."

Yue Ji murmured: "Dragon, great, there is a dragon, what undead creatures are we afraid of."

Dumb smiled and said: "The holy evil may become our most critical main force tomorrow, because its dragon's breath is very corrosive, and ordinary undead creatures may disappear completely in its dragon's breath, so that they are not afraid of their resurrection. However, the power of the holy evil is also limited. Everyone cannot rely on it too much."

Rock slapped his thigh, and said excitedly: "Just do as Dumb said, I am already a little looking forward to tomorrow's action. It is really exciting to be able to fight with the dragon!"

In the early morning, everyone woke up from meditation and meditation. After a night's rest, the magic power Xuan Yue consumed yesterday has been completely restored. Their eyes were filled with determination. For the peace of the mainland, they were about to embark on the most important journey of exploration.

When they packed up, Audi also came to the tree house, and everyone left the Elf Forest under the personal **** of the Elf Queen and headed towards the Death Mountain in the southwest.

As he walked, Audi said to everyone: "I will send you directly to the entrance where I entered the Death Mountain. You will go south from there. If it goes well, you can reach the center of the Death Mountain. Oh, yes, Yue. You can show me the map that the Pope gave you. I will point you to the cave that helped me escape. If you can’t resist the attack of the undead creatures, you can go there temporarily to avoid adjustments, so that the security is greater. Some more."

Xuan Yue summoned that colorful light bead from the blood of the phoenix. With the injection of sacred energy, the map appeared in the sight of everyone again. Everyone stopped and focused on Audi. Audi looked at the map carefully, pointed his finger to the upper edge of the map, and said: "I will send you here in a moment. You will go south, about 20 kilometers out, and you will be able to climb over many low hillsides. Arrived here, but because of the complicated terrain in the Death Mountain, I can only point out the approximate location. You see, it should be here. The cave on this hillside is still very obvious. The entrance is about one square meter, except for the most Except for ordinary skeleton soldiers, other large undead creatures are difficult to enter. As long as you seal the entrance with magic or vindictiveness, you can temporarily keep the safety. The geology there is very hard. Don't worry about the undead creatures being damaged. It can be used as your transit point. ."

Dumb said: "So, the cave that saved your life was just south?"

Audi nodded and said, "It should be. I killed it in the mountains of death in the dark, but finally found that place when I was almost exhausted. Although the undead creatures are powerful, they also have their own shortcomings, due to the concentration of various races. , Making it easy to cause chaos between them. Otherwise, I would not be able to go deep into the Death Mountain. You can use this to quickly advance to the deepest part of the Death Mountain. Just be careful, it is still possible to achieve the goal with your strength. Of the earth."

Half an hour later, under Audi’s leadership, everyone had walked out of the Tianyuan clan’s big forest. The atmosphere in the air seemed to gradually become more serious. As Xuanyue, who practiced the sacred light magic, felt strong in her heart as she got closer to the mountain of death. Of depression.

Audi stopped and pointed to a bare high mountain in front of him and said: "Cross this mountain and you will enter the boundary of the Death Mountain. I will send you here. Be careful on the road. If you can't go deep, you will immediately. Back, don't force it, as long as you live there is hope. Life is the most important thing."

Duan nodded and smiled: "Go back, we will be careful. I also trouble you and Aunt Queen to protect our magic circle."

Audi nodded and said: "Don't worry, as long as the elves are still there, and the city of elves is still there, the magic circle will not disappear. Take care." After speaking, he spread his transparent wings and flew back to the elves. The forest is gone.

There was a hint of excitement in Ah Du’s eyes, looking around everyone for a week, and said: "We have finally reached the Death Mountain. We have failed the previous two times. We have not entered this place full of death. Today, there will be no reason to stop us from moving forward. Friends, target, the center of the Death Mountain."

Everyone's blood seemed to be boiling with Ah-Dai, and they were full of strong fighting spirit. They knew that what they were about to face would be the biggest test in their lives. Ah Dui sang: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The blood of the restored dragon shines brightly under his call. Under the blue halo, Sheng Xie's huge body Appeared in the sight of everyone.

Sheng Xie's figure gradually became clear, spread out his broad wings, and yelled loudly. The clear voice of the dragon's roar reverberated continuously, and his voice was full of joy. Everyone's eyes were completely focused on the giant dragon. His huge body of more than ten meters made everyone amazed. It was the first time to observe a dragon so close, and their hearts were full of excitement.

"Brother, you finally released Xiaoxie. In the blood of the dragon, I am almost suffocated."

"Xiao Xie, brother will not take you back easily this time. We will soon enter the most dangerous Death Mountain in the mainland. There, I don't know what is waiting for us. Would you like to follow us on the adventure?"

Sheng Xie lowered his big head, with soft light shining in his golden eyes. He rubbed the slender golden horns on Dui's body and said, "Brother, you don't have to ask Xiao Xie, as long as you are, Xiao Xie Where the evil will be, no danger can separate us. In this world, you are the only relative of Xiaoxie."

Duan's heart was hot, and he stroked the spiraling giant horns of Shengxie and smiled: "Xiaoxie, brother will never be separated from you. Don't worry, as long as I'm still alive, I won't let any creature hurt you, you It's my most important partner! Go, let's go up the mountain, over this mountain, we are about to start fighting."

The holy evil groaned, his voice filled with excitement, his golden eyes looked around the crowd, raised his head high, his wings spread out, and the densely covered scales all over his body stood up completely, making a fighting look.

Ah Dao rushed to the people: "Two elder brothers, Rock and Yanli, and sister Keanu and Yueji, you don’t have the ability to fly. Just sit on Xiaoxie’s back and go up the mountain. This can save some energy. Vera, Zhuo Yun Sister, follow me and Yueyue."

After Ah-dai's arrangements were made, a group of eight people rose into the air and marched toward the mountain in front of him, which was about 500 meters high. As they flew upwards along the mountain wall, they all clearly felt an evil aura emanating from the mountain, and Yue Ji, who had the weakest skill, couldn't help frowning. As the distance from the top of the mountain drew closer, the evil aura became stronger and stronger, and even the Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun felt a little uncomfortable. Just as Xuan Yue was about to cast God’s blessings on everyone, the golden rings on everyone’s hands lit up, and clusters of golden light wrapped their bodies, completely isolating them from the evil outside. This was blessed by the Pope. The magic weapon has begun to exert its ability to block evil and darkness.

Yue Ji showed a relieved expression, and said with lingering fears: "This is so uncomfortable before fighting against the undead creatures. I am afraid it will be more dangerous in the Death Mountain. No wonder the Audi Elf Envoy repeatedly told us to be careful."

Keanu looked at Yue Ji anxiously, and said, "I'll say I won't let you come. You wouldn't listen. It's too late to leave now."

Yue Ji snorted and said: "I know the Death Mountain Range is dangerous, but I am not afraid. Don't think that our women will be worse than your men. I still understand the truth about facing difficulties. Just be careful and don't worry about me. "After finishing speaking, he took off his silver bow from behind, put a long silver arrow on him, and looked around vigilantly.

The height of five hundred meters is nothing to everyone. In less than ten minutes, they have reached the top of the mountain. This is a rocky mountain without a single inch of grass rising. The top area of the mountain is only a few hundred square meters. Stepping up to the top of the mountain, everyone found that the originally clear sky suddenly darkened, and the sky was completely covered by clouds, without a trace of sunlight.

The depression in Xuan Yue's heart was even greater. To ensure everyone's safety, she still gave everyone a blessing from God. Dumb moved to Xuanyue's side and said with concern: "Yueyue, your complexion is not pretty, is there something uncomfortable? Or is it too expensive to maintain the connection with space magic?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said: "It is not uncomfortable, although maintaining spiritual magic connection will consume a certain amount of mana, but I have the energy support contained in the Phoenix blood, so the impact is not big. . However, this place is full of death and evil, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Don’t you feel depressed?"

Dumb froze, shook his head, and said, "Evil? Why don't I feel it. Aside from the darkening of the sky, isn't it the same?" Although he was a little nervous in his heart, he did not feel the situation Xuan Yue said.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah-Dai suspiciously and seemed to be thinking about something, "Ah, it turns out that this is the case." She seemed to have figured out something, her puzzled eyes showed a sense of sorrow in an instant, and she took Ah-Dai's big hand and said: I understand. Although the aura here is evil, it is far worse than the evil Hades sword that you used that day. You often use the Hades sword, and you have repeatedly fought against the evil spirit contained in it. The vigorous vitality of innocence has long been immune to evil, so you will not feel uncomfortable. By the way, there is one thing I must remind you, after we enter the mountain of death, no matter what we encounter Do not use the Pluto sword even if it’s dangerous."

Dumb wondered: "Why can't I use the Hades Sword? With my current skill, I can basically control the direction of Hades Sword's evil spirit, and it won't hurt everyone."

Chapter 178: Undead creatures

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "It's not for this reason. The evil aura here is too strong, and the Pluto sword is the most evil thing in the world. I'm afraid that once you use the Pluto sword here, it will affect the evil aura of the Death Mountain. It is completely attracted. At that time, I am afraid that you will not be able to control it, or even be counter-controlled by it, resulting in a greater crisis. Moreover, the Pluto sword will not see blood when it is out of its sheath. Each attack must absorb at least one creature. Soul, but, do you think the undead creatures in the Death Mountains have soul and flesh and blood for it to absorb? I am afraid not. If that is the case, the target of the Pluto sword may be changed to our own people. That's why I said no. You use it. Your skill is already very high now, and you can display a powerful strength without it. This is the first time that we have entered the Death Mountain, and there is time. Don’t rush to complete the task. If you are besieged by undead creatures, You can try the lightning strikes and see if you can successfully summon the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder. Even if it is unsuccessful, we can use the space positioning magic circle to exit here. Everything is safe."

Duan nodded and said, "Well, I'll listen to you. Go, let's take a look over there, maybe there are a large number of undead creatures behind the mountain." Everyone walked toward the south of the mountain in a nervous mood. When they came to the mountain, they were all stunned. In front of them, there was no undead creature like a tide sea in their imagination, it was a large area of empty and undulating mountains.

"Is this the Mountain of Death? There is nothing but evil and gloomy aura!" It was Oliveira who was speaking, and he couldn't help but wonder when he looked at the empty mountain in front of him. The mountain range in front of him is endless, and the khaki hills stand in disorder. All the hills are the same as the big mountains at their feet. There is no grass growing, and the dust blowing with the breeze gives people a feeling of depression.

Rock said: "Don't be careless. Didn't the Audi Elf Envoy said that he didn't encounter any obstacles when he entered the Mountain of Death? He waited until he entered the mountains before encountering the siege of undead creatures. Since no undead appeared now, We simply rushed for a ride, maybe we could go straight to the depths of the mountains."

Duan nodded and said, "Big brother is reasonable, let's go." Because there were no undead creatures, they did not form a pre-designed formation, but still flew up like they did when they went up the mountain and dropped to the ground. It was advancing fast about a hundred meters.

After all, this place is known as the most dangerous place on the mainland. Dumb pushed his sincere life to the limit, watching the surrounding movement nervously, ready to cope with possible changes at any time. Xuan Yuefei was behind Ah-Dai, and a golden ball of light condensed on the angel's staff as a back-up to support Ah-Dai.

Everything went smoothly, they had not encountered any undead creatures after turning over a dozen mountain bags. Although everyone did not relax, they were no longer as nervous as before.

Xuan Yue cried to the dumb: "Let's almost enter the mountain range for about ten kilometers, right? Is there really no enemy?"

Dumb said: "There is no best, so we can enter the deepest part of the mountain. I hope the dark forces controlled by the Dark Sacred Church are really here, otherwise they will always hide in the dark and it will be more difficult to deal with."

As he was talking, Dumb suddenly felt something rushing towards the crowd in front of him. He was shocked, and shouted: "Be careful, everyone, the enemy may be here." After speaking, he immediately chanted the ultimate defense magic of the dragon's blood. The spell of the body, the huge blue dragon-shaped energy floats out, the clear form is like a real dragon, and the huge sacred aura immediately envelops Ah'Dai's body, and the blue dragon-shaped energy makes a loud chant. At the same time, Xuan Yue also activated her phoenix covering, and the hot fiery red energy transformed into a huge phoenix shape to wrap her body. Everyone on Shengxie's back took out their weapons and was ready to respond.

When Ah-Dai saw the fast object he had foreseen, he was surprised, but he was not surprised at the strength of the opponent. The flying creature looked too weak. It was a bird shrouded in gray gas. It was less than one meter long and had only a skeleton like a bone dragon. It looked not as big as a goshawk. Although it was fast, it did not emit any power. Breath.

Duan sent a message of attack to the holy evil. Although this was the first undead creature they saw, they had already realized that the crisis from the Death Mountain was about to begin.

Sheng Xie's eyes flashed with excitement, flapping his huge wings and greeted the bone bird. The Bone Bird itself didn't seem to be conscious. Seeing such a powerful creature as Saint Evil, it didn't even mean to dodge at all. Instead, it rushed forward quickly. The golden light flashed in Sheng Xie's eyes, and his mouth opened wide, and a large gray dragon's breath with golden light spots suddenly appeared, and went to the bone bird cover that had flown near.

The bone bird did not dodge, and the gray gas on its body suddenly flew out, condensing into a defensive shield in front of itself, but how can it be such a weak creature to contend with the holy evil, as if there is no barrier , Its body and the gray gas were completely swallowed by the holy evil dragon's breath.

Everything returned to silence again, and Dumb looked at everyone suspiciously, and said, "How come there is only one, is this the so-called army of undead?"

A look of fear suddenly appeared in Keanu's eyes, "Quick, look, what's that?"

Dumb froze, turned his head to look in the direction he pointed out, and saw a large piece of gray fog drifting in the direction of the people, seemingly slow and fast, and a slight buzzing sound seemed to be heard in the gray fog. Ah Dumb Gong gathered his eyes and looked at the gray mist. When he saw it clearly, he couldn't help but **** in a cold. What kind of fog is there then! It turned out to be composed of countless bone birds, and the shape was exactly the same as the previous single bone bird. Since their bodies were all exuding gray mist, they suddenly looked like a cloud of gray.

"It's a large group of gray bone birds, please be careful."

Xuan Yue saw the bone bird that couldn't be counted and said in a deep voice: "Let's land on the ground, otherwise you will be surrounded by the bone bird and you will be attacked up and down."

Dui nodded and said, "Well, when it falls on the ground, two big brothers, Rock and Yanli, pay attention to the movement of the ground. Others will attack the bone bird in the sky with me." In the face of crisis, Dui appeared unusually calm. , Did not panic at all because of the sudden change.

Under the leadership of Dui, everyone quickly fell towards the ground. When they landed on the ground, the black cloud of bone birds in the sky was approaching, and Dumb's heart moved, and he turned to Xuanyue and said: "Yueyue, you and Orihuela are defending, I and Shengxie and Keanu are attacking. , Others react accordingly." After speaking, a huge silver sword that was five feet and a half wide was transformed into a huge silver sword with both hands, staring at the bone bird in the sky.

Xuan Yue did not hesitate, and immediately chanted the spell of defensive magic, "Great God! Please grant me divine light, and defend your majesty with endless divine light." The golden light flashed suddenly, Xuan Yue's hands Lifting it high, making a gesture of supporting the sky, the angel's staff on the right hand shined with dazzling light, a golden beam of light broke through the dark clouds in the sky and accurately landed on the transparent gem on the head of the angel's staff, and for a time the golden glow was big. Release, completely envelop everyone.

Oliveira did not dare to neglect. When Xuan Yue used the sacred light to defend, he also chanted the six-level defensive spell of the wind system, Whirlwind Barrier. With the increase of the wind god’s staff, a large group of whirlwinds stirred fiercely around the crowd. The sacred light that had just appeared became a turbulent gust of wind, which for a time defended against flying sand and rocks outside the enchantment, making the entire defense net even more Solid.

At this time, the flock of bone birds in the sky had already swooped down, and the countless undead bone birds that were close to one meter in length didn't seem to feel the power of the defensive enchantment, and rushed up one after another. In order to relieve the pressure on Xuanyue and Oliveira, Duan flew out of the defensive barrier and rushed up to the group of bone birds without hesitation. He wanted to see how the Audi Elf brought the immortal spirit to the ground.

The silver light suddenly flourished, enveloping Ah-Dai like a silver meteor, and abruptly slammed into it from the front in a loud noise. The hundreds of bone birds flying in the forefront were suddenly smashed by the dumb's solid vindictive anger. The bone birds that rushed up behind also became a mess. For a while, the bone birds squeezed each other in the chaos. There are hundreds.

Dui didn't need to take the initiative to attack at all, he only needed to spread the solid energy around his body, and the bone birds would pounce on to death like moths. As Dui directly impacted the group of bone birds, completely attracted these low-level creatures with no intelligence. These bone birds ignored Xuan Yue and others, and most of them attacked at Dui.

Although the Bone Bird's impact was very fierce, Dumb felt that this kind of impact was enough to cope with by himself. The Bone Bird would definitely not be able to break through his defenses in a short period of time because of the recurring nature of the True Qi. Dui told Sheng Xie through his spiritual power to stop it from participating in the battle for now. Since he first came into contact with undead creatures, Dui decided to take a good look at the characteristics of undead creatures before encountering a strong opponent.

Half an hour passed, and the impact of the bone bird showed no signs of abating. After half an hour's work, Duan discovered that this group of bone birds must be the lowest level undead creature in the Death Mountains, because the most important thing is, It's because they don't have the wisdom. The reason why they attacked themselves and others is probably because they were attracted by the anger of everyone. The body of the bone bird is smaller than that of the goshawk, and there is a thin fleshy membrane on the skeleton. It is these fleshy membranes that enable them to fly. Nearly 10,000 bone birds have been smashed into a solid energy cover. The bone birds that were first smashed into pieces with the energy sword by Duan have not been resurrected, and those bone birds that have been hit hard have all turned into bone meal. The fragmented bone birds that just hit have changed. Their broken bones are still covered with the original black fog on the ground. Under the fog, they will revert back to the form of bone birds and fly to the back of the team. Shock.

What's more peculiar is that the original gray mist on the bone birds that are completely broken and cannot be resurrected will rise into the air, but they will not dissipate, but will be absorbed by other bone birds. Some bone birds have absorbed a large amount of gray mist, and the fog around their bodies has gradually become black, and their gray-white bones have gradually darkened, and their attack power seems to be much stronger than ordinary bone birds. If dozens of mutated bone birds ran into Dumb's defensive cover, his vigor would be shaken.

Dui thought to himself that if this goes on, as the remaining bone birds become less and less, they will become stronger and stronger. In essence, it has not played the role of destroying them. The gray fog is the driving force that supports the attack of these bone birds. If you guess right, as long as you wipe out all the gray fog, the group of bone birds will disappear and become no longer aggressive. Thinking of this, he insisted on transforming into a defensive cover while chanting in a low voice: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, endless light! Get rid of the evil." The blood of the dragon on his chest gushed out a white light. , Flying out under the control of Ah-Dai’s spiritual power, turning into a ball of white light, the light gradually strengthened, and the sacred breath floated out. Ah-Dai shouted, waved his left hand, and a bright light shot out, straight Run into the gray mist around the bone bird flock.

Under Dui’s expectant gaze, the holy white light collided with the gray fog surrounding the bone bird group, as if ice and snow met a blazing fire. The holy light and gray fog melted rapidly at the same time, and the bone bird in the sky suddenly became irritable. When he got up, the speed of the impact was faster. After using the Holy Light, Duan almost lost the opportunity to breathe. He was completely blocked by the crazy bone bird figure. The crazy impact increased his pressure greatly, and the vitality in his body was consumed. The speed has increased significantly.

While resisting the impact of the Bone Birds, Ah-Dai spoke to Xuan Yue: "Quickly, use a stronger light magic to directly impact the gray mist of the Bone Birds group. That can cause a big blow to them."

After Xuanyue received the voice transmission from Ah-Dai, he immediately handed over all the defense tasks to Oliveira. Most of the bone birds went to attack Ah-Dai, and only some of them were temporarily repaired by Oliveira’s magic Can resist. Under the whirlwind barrier, Xuanyue erected the angel's staff in front of her chest, chanting spells in a low voice.

Golden wings slowly appeared behind Xuanyue. In the golden divine light, she was like a fairy descending to the earth. Her slender body was awe-inspiring and her eyes lit up. Xuanyue raised her staff and pointed forward. A golden IP flew out, and the golden light was constantly changing in the air. When it hit the bone bird group, it had become a huge beam of light with a diameter of three meters.

The Bone Birds seemed to have discovered the crisis, and the Bone Birds that hit Dumb immediately separated a large part of them and rushed towards Xuan Yue and the others madly. However, their reaction was still a bit slower after all, the powerful light magic that Xuanyue released when it was split into two waves has already hit the root of the bone bird group.

"He--" The gray mist violently stirred up under the impact of golden light, and the bone birds in the sky suddenly became a mess, like headless flies ramming around, no longer attacking everyone, a large number of bone birds continued Falling from the sky, these fallen bone birds no longer have the support of the gray fog. When they fell to the ground one by one and shattered, they no longer have the ability to resurrect.

Xuan Yue's magic was so powerful that it almost melted nearly half of the gray mist. Without the impact of the bone birds, Ah Du Fei flew back to the people, and said to Xuanyue: "Let's take advantage of the victory and chase, and completely eliminate these bone birds."

Xuan Yue was also very pleased with the effect of her magic just now, nodded, and continued to chant the next spell. At this moment, the mutation happened. Waves gradually appeared on the originally calm ground, and the surrounding earth-yellow mountains gradually turned to gray, and a wave of cold evil air spread out from the ground and the mountains, and to everyone’s surprise, the ground appeared on the ground. Crack after crack.

From the cracks, countless Bai Sensen’s claws gradually stretched out, and one skeleton after another crawled out of the crack. The appearance of the skeletons was different, and some had four arms and three heads. , Is obviously pieced together. And their colors are different, with white being the most, followed by gray. There are fewer blue and black skeletons, and the least are brown. The time spent on the originally peaceful bald mountain was full of all kinds of skeletons. Although the number of skeletons was not as dense as the bones of the birds in the sky, it also shocked everyone and didn’t know how to deal with this suddenness. scene.

Although the movements of the skeletons are very slow, the skeletons coming from all directions have brought a strong sense of oppression to everyone, especially the dozens of skeletons around, they are very close, and these skeletons are not like bone birds. The gray mist, but the dangerous aura is much stronger than that of the bone bird. It is obviously an undead creature more powerful than the bone bird. This sudden change made Duan also ignorant and didn't know how to deal with it. Xuan Yue smiled bitterly: "If the people from the Skeleton Mercenary Group come, I'm afraid they will know what the real Skeleton Legion is. Let's make a formation." According to the pre-designed, everyone formed a circle, consisting of Dumb, Brother Rock and The holy evil guards at the outermost periphery, while the others begin to chant mantras inside. Oliveira and Keanu attacked, while Xuanyue and Zhuo Yun applied defensive magic one after another to the surrounding people. Zhuo Yun suddenly discovered that because there was no vegetation here, her elven magic could not be used to a true level at all, and now she has become the weakest among the people.

The buzzing sound suddenly came from the group of skeletons. The only three brown-yellow skeletons gathered together, raised the bone knife in their hands and pointed at Ah-Dai and the others. All the skeletons stopped and their speed suddenly increased. , The white skeletons rushed towards the crowd quickly under the leadership of the grey skeletons. Some of them were holding weapons made of bones, some of them simply used their own bodies as weapons, and rushed up with their teeth and claws. The blue and black skeletons actually spread their wings from behind and soared up, rushing towards everyone from above.

Dumb's heart stunned, and the sword of transformation with both hands suddenly swept out, and the half-moon-shaped silver fighting spirit drew out like lightning. The dozens of skeletons who rushed first were cut into two, and a huge tornado followed. , Three tornadoes raged in three directions respectively. With the increase of the wind god’s staff, Oliveira used this six-level wind magic spiral dragon three volumes handily, and a large number of skeletons were swept up and thrown away by the whirlwind. Into the air. Those white skeletons looked very fragile, and had no ability to resist in the whirlwind, they were instantly twisted into bones. A large sea of fire appeared after the whirlwind, and the fire took advantage of the wind, and in a flash, it spread to within a few hundred meters around everyone. In the hot flame, the white skeletons turned into ashes, even those gray skeletons only supported the rapid direction. Going back, in terms of feeling, these skeletons are smarter than the bone birds in the sky, at least they will not be crazy about the consequences.

At this time, dozens of blue and black skeletons had already rushed down from the sky, and the holy evil groaned, and a mouthful of the gray light gleaming with Venus rose into the sky, and greeted the rushing skeleton, in its corrosive force. In the dragon's breath, seven or eight skeletons were turned into ashes, but most of the skeletons turned to dodge in the air.

The bone birds in the air have gradually recovered from the chaos. I don't know if they flew away in the direction they came from because of fear, and did not cooperate with the skeletons on the ground to attack everyone.

Keanu’s sea of fire lasted for a quarter of an hour before it gradually disappeared. Under the joint attack of everyone, thousands of skeletons had disappeared. The skeletons corroded by the dragon's breath of the holy evil and burned by the flames did not recover, and they seemed to have completely disappeared. The rock whispered to the dumb: "Brother, it's no good to go on like this. You see, the skeletons are still crawling out of the cracks on the ground. When we are always exhausted, rush in. It's really not possible. You can find the Audi Elf Let the said cave take shelter for a while."

Duan nodded, and greeted everyone with a long cry. He stepped on Shengxie's back, splitting several vindictive airs to scatter the skeletons in the air, and led everyone to the depths of the Death Mountain. Oliveira and Keanu continued to use magic to support the holy evil, and finally completely forced the approaching skeletons back, and the holy evil flapped the huge dragon wings to fly. The white skeletons below suddenly jumped up one by one, attacking the holy evil with the bone weapons in their hands, but how can their attack power penetrate the thick scale armor of the holy evil, and they hardly suffered any damage. The holy evil is already high. He flew up, and used his own huge body to smash many ordinary skeleton soldiers while flying into the sky. The only ones who could attack everyone were blue and black skeletons, but there were not many of them after all. A dumb escorting the holy evil would have no effect at all. Under the effect of the energy that became solid, one flying skeleton fell down. Although they had the ability to resurrect, it would always take some time to fly again. Sheng Xie unfolded his speed to the limit, the huge dragon wings brought strong wind in the air and swiftly headed south.

Originally, Xuan Yue planned to use a larger sacred light magic to deal with the skeletons below, but seeing that everyone had already rushed out of the siege of the skeleton soldiers, she couldn't help but give up this idea in order to preserve her strength. As everyone was relaxing, three screams rang out, and three earth-yellow rays of light rushed towards the holy evil like lightning. The speed was so fast that even Duan couldn't help being surprised. He hurriedly flew behind the holy evil, the sword of life and change swept out, and cut off at the three skeletons that rushed up. These three khaki-colored skeletons are the king of skeletons. Although their bodies are not so tall, their attack power is far from comparable to other skeletons. Facing the attack of Ah-Dai, they didn't take it hard, their fast forward momentum suddenly stopped, and they flew in three directions respectively, and they immediately avoided the attack of Ah-Dai.

A silver arrow burst out of the air, seeing the impact of a Skeleton King turning into a ray of silver light and rushing away. It was Yue Ji who was showing her power. From the beginning of the battle to the present, she had been unable to get her hands in her hands. She had been suffocated for a long time. Seeing the Skeleton King attack, she immediately launched an attack by virtue of her many years of practice. The silver arrow hit the Skeleton King accurately, but another matter of Yue Ji's anger happened. Even if it is the Skeleton King, it is also a skeleton itself. Although the silver long arrow hit his body, it did not hit his bones. Instead, it passed through the gap in his breastbone, causing no harm at all.

The three Skeleton Kings seemed to be angry, and the bone knives in their hands turned into three streams of light and suddenly slashed towards Dumb. Although the Skeleton King is very strong, how can they be compared with the dumb who has reached the realm of Juggernaut? When the bone knife slashed into the defensive cover of Ah-Dai's life and life transformation, he was immediately shattered and shattered. Taking this opportunity, Ah-Dai released the silver vindictive thread of the big canopy, and immediately tied the three skeleton kings upright. Dumb was overjoyed in his heart, and when he was about to urge his anger to crush the three Skeleton Kings completely, an abnormal change occurred. The bodies of the three Skeleton Kings suddenly dispersed, falling into small pieces of bones. In Dumb's surprise, their fallen bones reconstituted their previous form in the air and rushed up again.

A red fire dragon appeared from behind Ah Du, used its huge body to block the Skeleton King’s attack, and rushed into the fire dragon’s body. Under the hot energy, even with the strength of the Skeleton King, he couldn’t help but panic. In the squeaky screams, their bodies had been burned to red. In order to keep their bodies, they could no longer attack. The three Skeleton Kings suddenly sank and fell downward.

Dui turned his head to look at Keanu on Shengxie's back, and Keanu gave him a proud gesture. Dumb gave him a thumbs up.

Just after dealing with the Skeleton’s attack, Duan did not dare to neglect, and quickly flew to the side of the holy evil, and rushed forward with it. Within a short time when they were fighting the Skeleton King, they had already flown over three hills on the ground. The number of skeletons has been reduced a lot, obviously unable to catch up with their speed.

Yue Ji curled her lips and said, "This undead creature is not that good. We have almost rushed in for almost 20 kilometers now. It would be better if we rushed directly to the center of the Death Mountain."

Dumb solemnly said: "Don't be careless. If Death Mountain were really that simple, it wouldn't be called the most dangerous place on the continent." While they were talking, they had already crossed another seven or eight hundred. Rice bag. As soon as they passed the mountain pack, they were taken aback by the scene in front of them. The bare ground below was no longer the previous bare ground and there were no skeleton soldiers. Instead, it was filled with a large green mist, which looked like it. It is very strange, condensed but not scattered, blocking everyone's sight, making them unable to see what exists below.

Xuan Yuexiu frowned slightly and said, "Be careful, everyone, this may be poison." While talking, she hurriedly applied an auxiliary magic of Purifying Light to everyone. The enveloping green mist seemed to have discovered their existence, slowly drifting upward, and soon came into contact with the white protective layer of the light of purification. When the purifying light touched these green gases, there was a puff sound, and the outer defensive enchantment actually slowly shrank, Xuan Yue was shocked ~ and lost her voice: "It's so corrosive. fog."

Duan pushed several palms out of the enchantment one after another. Under the surging energy, the poisonous mist suddenly dispersed, but they quickly returned. In an instant, all directions were completely enveloped by poisonous mist, making it difficult for everyone to distinguish the direction. The rock said anxiously: "What should I do now, in which direction to go, whether to advance or retreat?"

A Duan gritted his teeth, Chong Xuanyue said: "You support here first, I will go down and take a look, maybe the source of the poisonous mist is in the valley."

The rock grabbed the dumb and said, "No, the poisonous fog is so thick, even if you are not afraid of vindictiveness, but when you leave us, I am afraid it will be difficult to find it back."

Dumb patted the rock on the shoulder, and said, "Big brother, don't worry, my dragon blood and Yueyue's Phoenix blood are spiritually connected. No matter how far apart, I can find you. Don't move in the air. Just go and come." He said, ignoring everyone's obstacles, pushing the vitality contained in the golden body to the limit, turning it into a ball of silver light and falling down suddenly.

"Dai, you are all careful, come back as soon as you can't." Xuan Yue shouted anxiously behind Ah-Dai.

Chapter 179: 2 pole undead spider

Dumb's heart warmed, and looked back at Xuan Yue's already somewhat vague figure, and secretly vowed in his heart that no matter what, he absolutely must protect everyone from returning safely. After leaving the crowd, Duan's speed was fully utilized, rushing downward like a meteor. Suddenly, when the surroundings lit up, he found that he had escaped from the thick green poisonous fog, and the poisonous fog in the air obviously couldn't catch up with the speed he exerted with all his strength. With joy in his heart, Ah-Dai hurriedly looked at the ground. The large figure swayed on the ground, as if it might fall down at any time. Ah Dumb had his eyes and was surprised to find that there were a large group of zombies underneath. The flesh and blood of these zombies had been rotted, gray and white rotting flesh. The eyes with green liquid flowing on them and faint green rays of light look demented. The green mist above their heads seems to be the result of the evaporation of the green blood flowing on them. Some of them are particularly tall and zombies seem to have discovered He looked up and looked at him. Seeing such a scene, Dumb couldn't help but feel strange. From entering the Mountain of Death to the present, they have encountered three groups of undead creatures, namely, bone birds, skeletons and zombies. These three undead creatures seem to be geographically divided. There is no skeleton in this zombie territory. When the skeleton attacked everyone before, the bone bird also retreated. This seems to be different from what the Audi elves said! Why are the boundaries of these undead creatures so neatly divided?

At this time, the zombies had found Dumb and raised their heads. Perhaps they felt the vitality contained in Dumb's body. The zombies suddenly became restless. Some zombies jumped up vertically and attacked Dumb. Fortunately, the zombie Although he has the ability to jump ten meters, he does not have the ability to fly. Although it looks terrifying, it does not pose a threat to him. Only those very tall zombies occasionally spray a green liquid that looks a little powerful. But their abilities are not strong after all, and it is impossible to hurt Dumb who is kilometers away from the ground.

During the observation, Dui found that although these zombies were jumping very high, they appeared to be more clumsy than the skeleton soldiers, but the green liquid on their bodies obviously contained huge poison. Dui distinguished the direction according to the shadow of the mountain, and there was not too much. Paying attention to these zombies, through the connection of the blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix, they quickly rushed into the green mist. When he returned to the crowd, he couldn't help being taken aback. The purifying light Xuan Yue used had been corroded only one foot thick, and the periphery of the purifying light had turned into a dark green, and the poisonous mist seemed to be condensing. The tendency to become liquid, even the magic of Oliveira and Keanu, has no effect on them. It was completely supported by Xuan Yue, her pretty face looked pale due to the excessive consumption of mana, and it was obvious that she could no longer support it. The silver solid-state energy suddenly increased under the urge of Dumb, and Xuanyue’s defensive mission was immediately taken over, blocking out the poisonous fog that was about to condense. After all, the solid-state energy was concentrated by Shengshengzhen Qi. Although it would also be corroded, with Dumb's skill, there was no danger for the time being.

Seeing Ah-Dai's return, Xuan Yue was obviously relieved, and gasped: "Fortunately, you are back, or I can't support it anymore. I'm ready to use spatial positioning magic. Next time, don't talk to everyone. Separated. What if you are separated from us!"

Although Xuanyue’s words contained reproach, Ah-Dai still felt warm in her heart, and after inputting a vitality of true energy into her body, she said, “Don’t talk about it for now, I won’t be separated from you anymore, in the valley below. They are all zombies, and this poisonous mist evaporates from them. Vera, Keanu, you are about to plant two layers of enchantments around the purifying light, we rush in that direction, Xiaoxie, full speed impact." In the command of Duan Down, everyone rushed towards the depths of the green mist.

Dui used to tentatively direct the holy evil to fall, trying to pass under the green mist, but the speed of the holy evil with so many people is much slower than Dui. The green mist also seems to have a soul, and will follow their movement. Follow up and down. Dumb knew that to get out of this green fog, I would have to rush out of the zombie's range. Constantly slashing forward to create a grievance, separated the poisonous mist on both sides, and rushed out with the people behind him protecting the saint evil.

I don’t know how long it took, when Ah-Dai had already felt that his true qi was about to be exhausted, and the magical powers of Xuanyue, Oliveira, and Keanu were almost exhausted, the holy evil finally rushed out. Surrounded by green mist, flying to the top of a high mountain. Because of the tension, even the rock and others who didn't work hard couldn't help sweating. Everyone was standing on the top of the mountain and panting.

Keanu wiped the sweat on his head and said, "Dilly boss, what is underneath! This green fog is so thick, I am afraid it is impossible for us to rush back now."

Duan nodded solemnly, and said, "Everywhere in the Death Mountains is full of crises. In the valley we passed through just now, there are tens of thousands of zombies. Those zombies seem to be more difficult to deal with than skeletons, but Fortunately, they can't fly."

Xuan Yue said with no anger: "What is it! Although it can't fly, the green mist is the most powerful killer in the air. It's really hard to deal with. The corrosive power is surprisingly strong. Even the seed of purifying light is used to relieve poison. Magic can't handle it. Let's rest here for a while, always recover some strength."

Dumb thought for a while, and said: "The Death Mountain now seems to be very different from when the Audi Elf Envoy entered a hundred years ago. Didn’t you find out that the undead creatures are not as mixed as the Audi Elf Envoy said. Together, but with clear barriers, they will not impact other people's territories. It seems that Luoshui is right. The headquarters of the dark forces is really likely to be here. These undead creatures are probably controlled by them. From the outside to the inside, I am afraid that the enemies we encounter will become stronger and stronger. The hiding place mentioned by the Audi Elf may not necessarily exist. Yueyue, please show me the map."

Xuan Yue listened to Ah'Dai's analysis, nodded appreciatively, and opened the map: "You are indeed much smarter than before. In the past, the person who made this analysis and made the idea should be Brother Rock."

Dumb froze, scratched his head, and said, "Yes? I just have an idea in my heart, so I just say it. Look." Then, he pointed to the map of the Death Mountain and said: "The peaks in the Death Mountain are lined up. Although it is irregular, it is roughly composed of mountainous areas one after another. We may have passed through three mountainous areas just now, and the three mountainous areas are guarded by bone birds, skeleton soldiers and zombies. Now." After measuring with his hands, he continued: "From the outermost to the inside, it will pass through twelve ring-shaped mountains. The danger we will encounter in front of us may be even greater. The next group of undead creatures will encounter I don't know what it will be."

The rock nodded and said: "Dumb is right, it should be that way. The Death Mountain must be controlled by the Dark Holy Church. All the undead creatures here are organized. If it weren't for the Holy Evil's super flight ability, we If you try hard, I’m afraid the Skeleton level will be very sad. You have to pass through the nine circular mountains to enter the center of the Death Mountain. The danger may become greater and greater. The number of these undead creatures is very large, and they are not afraid of death. , Once we encounter a single strong attack ability, I am afraid it will be difficult for us to deal with it. Taking advantage of the safety here, everyone should take a good rest and adjust the state before we continue to rush forward."

Oliveira sighed and said, "I'm afraid there is no such opportunity. Look, is it safe here?" Everyone was shocked and looked down the mountain. I saw a large number of densely packed, basin-sized spiders constantly climbing up the mountain. Their bodies are all red, with eight eyes on the back, and a layer of black air on their bodies, and eight of them are black. Mao's long legs moved swiftly, surrounding everyone from all directions. Dumb looked at Shengxie helplessly, and said, "I'm afraid I still have to fly! This fourth level hopes that there are no enemies in the air."

Xuanyue pulled on Ah-Dai's clothes and said, "I'm afraid this can only be your dream. Look at the sky." Because of the dangers encountered one after another, Ah-Dai's heart can no longer remain calm as it was in the first place, so she didn't find any abnormalities. , When I heard Xuan Yue’s words and looked into the sky subconsciously, I couldn’t help but shook my whole body, and exclaimed, “Flying spiders.” It turned out that hundreds of meters above them had condensed thousands of spiders the same size as the ground. It's just that they have a pair of wings behind them, and their bodies are blue.

The sudden appearance of the red and blue spiders made everyone feel extremely heavy. At this time, Dumb, Xuanyue, Keanu and Oliveira were all consumed extremely, and they were fighting against these thousands of spiders that were not weak. , They also didn't have a trace of assurance. From the cold eyes of the spiders, it could be seen that these undead creatures would never give up unless they swallowed everyone up completely.

Xuan Yue yelled: "Everyone gathers together, ready to use positioning teleportation magic at any time." Under her greetings, except for the holy evil, everyone gathered together, dumb said: "Don't rush to use positioning magic, we Let's see if we can deal with these spiders. At least they don't have a lot of them." As he said, with a punch, the surging anger hit two blue spiders falling from the sky. Just before the dumb white anger and the two spiders collided with the two spiders, they suddenly spewed large blue spider silk, covering everyone with a deep chill. Being born of fighting qi and Ah-Dai are connected by the Qi machine. Ah-Dai can clearly feel that the stickiness contained in the spider silk is so great that it has successfully attached to the fighting qi that he emits, and the spider silk is also very malleable. Even if the fighting spirit expands, they don’t have the slightest trace of breakage. What surprised Ah Dui most is that the spider silk contains an aura of coldness, which is actually like a frozen one. If it is really entangled on the body, I am afraid that it will be me. It will be difficult to get out. Enveloped by the spider silk, the anger still blasted on the two blue spiders. Their bodies were extremely powerful. Although Duan had consumed a lot of power at this time, a single punch was enough to crack the stone. When the fighting spirit hit the two blue spiders, they even took advantage of their strength to float away. Although they made painful screams, their lives were carefree.

"These spiders are of ice attributes, Keanu, hurry up and give them fire magic. Normal fireballs will do." Duan yelled eagerly.

Keanu did not dare to neglect, the three-pole bolide used him very quickly. The red fireball with a diameter of three centimeters instantly covered the top of the crowd and rushed towards the blue spider in the air. The blue spiders seemed to feel the threat coming from below, and slowed down the speed of the downshoot. Almost all the blue spiders made the same movement, spinning silk. A large piece of blue spider silk was intertwined in the air into a big blue web and pressed down. The fireballs emitted by Keanu turned into bursts of steam after they collided with the blue web. They could not bring the blue web at all. Threatened. The blue web followed the blue spider quickly to cover it down. As the blue web descended, dozens of red spiders had already climbed up around the top of the mountain. The fierce eyes on their backs flashed, seeming to be a little worried about the blue web in the sky, and they did not attack everyone.

A Duan sighed inwardly, and said to Xuanyue: "Let’s activate the spatial positioning. Go back and talk later." While talking, he took the holy evil into the blood of the dragon, and the white light flashed, while the blue spider web floated down, everyone Has disappeared in place. Several greedy red spiders were covered by blue nets, and a thick mist rose. Under the ice nets that gathered the energy of thousands of blue spiders, they were completely frozen into ice. The rest of the red spiders retreated quickly and left the top of the mountain like lightning, while the blue spider pounced on the red spider that had previously been frozen into ice, and instantly ate the red spider's body and ice. They didn't spread their wings again until there was no dross left, and flew away from the top of the mountain. Xiao Suo's calm was restored at the top of the mountain, and there was no more sound, as if the previous killing had never happened.

The light flashed, and under the surprised gaze of the Elf Queen, everyone returned to the old Elf tree, and they all fell to the center of the magic circle, breathing quickly.

The Elf Queen quickly swept around the people, and saw that there was no one missing, she was relieved, and hurriedly asked: "How is it? Is it dangerous in the Death Mountain?"

Oliveira said with lingering fears: "Fortunately, the positioning circle was launched successfully, otherwise we might be lunched by those undead spiders."

Dumb said: "Auntie Queen, we consume a lot. Let's take a rest and then tell you about the situation in the Death Mountain."

The elf queen said: "Okay. You have to rest first, as long as people are okay." Everyone did not leave the old elf tree, and directly sat on the periphery of the magic circle and began to practice recovery. The one that consumes the most is Xuanyue. Not only must she support the connection with the magic circle, she is also the main force against the undead creatures. It took a long time to almost recover when the night fell.

Everyone had eaten the fruits ordered by the Elf Queen to prepare them with a heavy heart, and their faces sank like water. Although they were safe, their spirits still hadn't recovered from the ensuing danger of the Undead Mountain. Audi and the Elf Queen looked at each other, and said to dumb: "How's the situation? Have you found the cave where I was hiding? Why did you come back so soon."

Dumb sighed and described everything he encountered in this trip in detail. After hearing what he said, Audi couldn't help but fall into contemplation. After a while, he said: "The situation you said is really different from what I encountered. At that time, I rushed to the mountains of the undead for more than ten miles before I began to encounter an ambush. , But various undead creatures are mixed together. There are bone birds, skeletons, zombies, and undead knights that you have seen. These should all belong to relatively low-level undead creatures. As for the two colors you saw last I haven’t encountered a spider before. It should be a relatively powerful undead creature. These situations are probably due to the fact that the Dark Sacred Church has changed the situation in the Death Mountain. According to the judgment of Dumb, the death mountain is If the twelve kinds of undead creatures are the mainstay, it would be very difficult to deal with. Only the fourth layer forced you to retreat, and the undead creatures behind will be incredibly powerful. If this is the case, you simply cannot complete it. The goal of this trip!"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I think the main reason why we failed to enter the Death Mountain for the first time is that our method is wrong. We shouldn't be too entangled with those undead creatures, if we keep using the fastest If you are shocked, even if you are entangled by those two spiders, you should still have the ability to fight back. Next time we go in, we will directly rush in to see what is inside. Moreover, this time it can’t be said to be all. When I failed, I found that the undead creatures in the mountains of death have a better way to fight against the invasion of enemies on the ground, because they can combine air and ground power, but if it’s just air power, we can at least reduce the resistance by half. Next time, We simply attacked directly from the air."

Rock sighed and said, "Dumb, before you woke up, I have discussed with everyone. Next time I go to the Death Mountain, I, Yanli, Yueji, and Zhuo Yun will no longer participate."

Dumb was shocked and said, "Why? Brother, I know you won't shrink, why do you want to give up?"

The rock smiled bitterly and shook his head, and said: "I don't want to give up, but our participation will only become a burden to you. Only when we really face those powerful undead creatures can we know how insignificant our abilities are. Without us With these burdens, your progress will be easier. Don't worry, we are fine, we will stay here to take care of the law formation."

Yue Ji glanced at Keanu with complicated eyes, and said: "My bow and arrows have almost no effect on those undead creatures. Brother Rock is right. We still don't participate."

Duan and Xuanyue looked at each other, and they both knew that what the rock said was right, and they really didn't help much during the first entry into the Death Mountain. However, watching them look sad because of their lack of strength, Dumb felt uncomfortable, but he didn't know how to comfort them.

Xuan Yue held Ah'Dai's big hand and said, "Okay, let's not talk about this first, let's analyze the situation and coping methods of these enemies we have already encountered."

Oliveira said: "We encountered four undead creatures this time. The bone birds are the weakest and can almost be ignored. As long as the boss Xuanyue uses a few light magic, I think they can't constitute us at all. Threats. As for the skeleton soldiers, they are also very easy to deal with. As long as we fly in the air, only those flying skeleton soldiers can play a role. Next time we go again, as long as we go back, we can easily knock them back or destroy them. Passed this second level. This time entering the Death Mountain, the real threat started from the green poisonous fog volatilizing from the zombies. It consumed so much mana there that even after encountering the two-color spiders There is no extra skill to contend. Therefore, the first problem we have to solve is how to break through the zombie level."

Rock said: "Vera is right. The green poisonous mist is very corrosive and it is difficult to top it up. If we hit the green poisonous mist with full force when we first encountered the green poisonous mist, we might be able to reduce a lot of consumption. "Dai's eyes lit up and said: "There is a way. The altitude limit of my flight with vindictive spirit is about 1,000 meters. However, the holy evil can reach more than 3,000 meters. If we fly directly to 3,000 meters after dealing with the skeletons. Mi, if you go all the way towards the center of the Death Mountain, you may not only pass the zombie level, but also get rid of even the spiders. At the worst, we can only face one kind of spider. According to my guess, The two spiders should have the abilities of ice and fire respectively, but their spider silks are not pure ice and fire energy. They contain the breath of death. If I hit it hard, I am sure I can rush out. , But we are not sure of destroying them, and we don’t know if this ice and fire spider has the ability to regenerate. Since we are here to investigate the situation, we should try to move forward as little as possible. In this way, we should avoid a lot of trouble."

Xuan Yue said: "This method is feasible, so let's do it. Tomorrow morning, we will explore the Death Mountain. It's still early, we can try a few more times, there will always be a way. However, I am more taboo about those The creatures of the undead spider queen, I really don’t know what surprises there will be waiting for us. The powerful undead creatures behind will probably be more difficult to deal with."

Dumb solemnly said: "That is inevitable. Let's go, let's rest in the tree house first, and leave early tomorrow morning. This time we try to rush as far as possible, and don't use positioning space magic lightly."

The Mountain of Death is still silent. On the top of the mountain where Adu and the others escaped with space magic, there are a few more people covered in black clothes. They questioned the surroundings, and one of them said with a low voice: "These invasions The person didn’t know what his purpose was, and he was able to get here. This is not something ordinary humans can do."

"Well, these invaders have very strong skills, and some are good at light magic. The bone bird flock is deeply wounded. Almost half of them died completely because the fog of the undead was destroyed by the sacred energy. What makes me strange is that, How did these invaders pass the two levels of skeletons and zombies? Zombies and skeletons have almost no damage! This is simply impossible, even if they can fly, it is impossible to rush here so easily. Is it true? The Pope of the Holy See will not come."

"It is possible that the people of the Holy See may have already realized the existence of the crisis. It is not surprising to send people to explore the Death Mountain. Forget it, these people are also dead in the hands of the two polar undead spiders. If the Holy See wants to send someone to explore Death Mountain, then they are too self-reliant, let alone humans, even if the **** gods they believe in come, I’m afraid it will take a lot of work to break through the twelve tribulations of the undead, guarantee that they will come as many masters as possible How much to die. Let's go, there is still a lot of business to do." The black mist rose into the sky, and the several black figures disappeared out of thin air in the mist.

At night, Duan was sitting on the shore of the Fairy Lake with Xuanyue in his arms. The moonlight fell on the clear Fairy Lake through the dense trees. Against the backdrop of the mist, the beauty was suffocating. The beauty of this beauty, no matter what Whoever it is, the mood will be extremely relieved.

Xuan Yue leaned her head in the arms of Dumb and said, "Dumb, do you still have the confidence to complete this task?"

Dumb hugged Xuan Yue's delicate body and said, "Of course there is, but we have encountered that little difficulty. We can overcome it completely."

Xuan Yue sighed faintly, and said, "But, I am really worried now. If there are bone dragons in the Undead Mountain Range as long as 100 meters in the legend, how should we deal with it. Even if you are already a top warrior in the mainland, In the face of such a powerful enemy, I am afraid it will be difficult to deal with. Do you really have confidence?"

Dui took a deep breath and kissed Xuanyue's blue hair lightly, and said: "I have confidence, as long as you are by my side, no matter what I do, I will be full of strength. By the way, Yue Month, there is something I want to discuss with you, you must promise me."

Xuan Yue froze and said, "What's the matter? You can talk about it."

Dumb insisted: "No, you have to promise me first before I say it."

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "I hate pulling, just say it. Do I promise you everything? What if you don't want me?"

Dumb said: "Why would I not want you? In this world, you are the most important baby to me, and I will never be separated from you. Even after a hundred years, you have become a chicken skin, I The love for you will not change."

Hearing Ah'Dai's firm and affectionate words, Xuanyue couldn't help being drunk. She stretched out her hand and stroked Ah'Dai's resolute face, saying: "Yueyue loves you so much too! Say it, I will promise you."

Dui hesitated for a moment, and said, "If we encounter enemies that we cannot contend in the Death Mountain, I am afraid that they will not give us the opportunity to use the space positioning transfer magic, and even affect the success rate of the space positioning transfer magic. At that time, I hope you can focus on the overall situation and take everyone out of there immediately. I will withstand the enemy’s attack. I believe that even if it is a hundred-meter bone dragon, it is impossible to solve me in a minute or three. Yueyue, promise me that the safety of you and your friends is the most important to me."

Xuan Yue's beautiful body trembled, and suddenly sat up from Ah Du's arms, her eyes were red and she looked at Dui, and said, "No, I don't agree, I can say anything else, I absolutely won't agree to this."

"Yueyue, don't get excited, just listen to me. In an extremely critical time, only by doing this can we maintain our viability. Only when you are safe, I can completely put away my worries! Moreover, this is not only related to you. People are also related to the friends who walk with us. Even if you don’t care about your own life and death, are you willing to let them die with us? Promise me that you must go first at that time. Don’t worry, at my speed With all my strength, I’m afraid there is no creature that can catch up, and the endless characteristics of being born with true qi should be able to support my escape. Good Yueyue, I am all for the sake of everyone!"

Xuan Yue felt a horror in her heart. Listening to Ah'Dai's words, she seemed to have an ominous premonition. She shook her head vigorously. Crystal tears were constantly flowing down like a broken kite, and she threw herself into Ah'Dai's arms. , Hugged his neck tightly, and muttered: "No, no, no. I don't want to leave you anytime!"

Dumb stroked Xuan Yue’s hair gently, and said softly: "This is just my guess about what might may not really appear, you don’t have to be too nervous, we are all careful. That's it. I won't let you leave first unless it is a last resort. How can I be willing to be separated from you? Even temporarily."

"It's definitely not going to happen, it's definitely not going to happen..." Xuan Yue was already tired from the tiredness and nervousness of the day, and she gradually fell asleep in the warm embrace of Dumb. Dumb looked at Xuanyue's beautiful sleeping face, and his heart was warm, and he was satisfied if his wife was like this. Death Mountain, that place must be conquered by myself, for the sake of mankind, and for myself and Yueyue to live a peaceful and comfortable life, what I can do now is to go all out. In the fairyland-like beauty by the Fairy Lake, Ah Dai slowly closed his eyes.

As soon as the sky started to light up, a fast gray figure appeared above the death mountain range, and the gray figure maintained a rapid speed towards the depths of the death mountain range. This black figure is the holy evil. And Dumb, Xuanyue, Keanu, and Oliveira are all on its back. In order to maintain its vitality, Oliveira used wind magic to completely envelop the body of the holy evil, which not only increased its speed, but also made it fly away like a breeze. In a tense and excited mood, they successfully passed through the territory of bone birds and skeletons without encountering any obstacles. Looking down from an altitude of 3,000 meters, the Death Mountain is covered with large gray clouds, and it is impossible to see the scene inside.

Chapter 180: Dragon Reincarnation

"Holy evil, speed up, we are in the territory of zombies again. Yueyue, don't use the purifying light when the poisonous fog has not risen to our position, so as not to expose the target." As he said, Dumb passed his own vitality through The golden horn behind the holy evil was input into its body, and with the help of the huge vitality of life, the holy evil suddenly became energetic, and the speed suddenly increased. Oliveira fully urged the wind magic that she released, enveloping the body of the holy evil, preventing a trace of aura from emitting. With the uninterrupted cooperation of everyone, Green Mist didn't even attract the attention of Green Mist. After nearly a quarter of an hour's rapid flight, it successfully rushed through the zombie territory.

Dumb and Xuan Yue looked at each other excitedly. Except for Oliveira's consumption of some mana, they can now be said to be unscathed. This situation made them greatly excited, and their confidence involuntarily increased by a few points. At this moment, the familiar blue figure appeared in the air, and Dumb's heart was stunned, and he immediately recognized that it was the Blue Spider who had forced everyone back yesterday to block the way. Thousands of blue spiders formed a barrier in the air, quickly approaching everyone. A dumbfounded thought, to deal with these undead spiders with ice attributes, if there were falcons of fire type fighting spirit, it would be the best weapon to deal with these poisonous spiders. While he was thinking about how to deal with the crisis in front of him, Xuan Yue's chanting sounded, "Take the blood of the phoenix as a guide, awaken, the immortal phoenix." As the spell chanted, Xuan Yue's chest was red. With a big release, the scorching air flowed around her delicate body, the clear phoenix sound rang high in the sky, a red light came out of her chest, and instantly turned around her body. The red energy gradually took shape and turned into a fiery red phoenix shape, which rose above her head after rotating around Xuanyue for a week. The sudden appearance of the fire phoenix made the blue spiders seem a little flustered, their forward speed slowed down a lot, as if they were terrified of the fiery flame bird.

Of course Keanu recognized that this was the magic Xuan Yue used to defeat him. Even though his cultivation has improved a lot now, facing this powerful eighth-level fire magic, he couldn't help but feel a sense of fear. Due to the increase in the blood of the sacred phoenix, Xuan Yue did not consume too much mana with this magic. The angel's staff in her hand pointed forward and said coldly: "Go, the fire of the immortal Phoenix. Eliminate the evil obstacles in front of you and dissolve them. Evil spirit." The fire phoenix in the air raised its proud head, and the sound of Fengming sounded again. The fire phoenix spread out its five-meter-wide wings and brought a fiery red streamer towards the blue spiders not far away. Past. Panicked, the Blue Spider immediately spewed spider silk frantically, and the large blue spider web formed a thick barrier, trying to block the advancement of the Fire Phoenix. If this eighth-level fire magic was issued by another fire magician, it would not be able to break through the cold yin web made of thousands of cold and yin undead spiders, but the fire phoenix sent by Xuanyue was different. , The fire phoenix contained the huge sacred aura in the blood of the phoenix, and this sacred fire was the guest star of the Hanyin Undead Spider.

"哧—" Large stocks of water vapor rose into the air. Under the impact of the Fire Phoenix, the Hanyin Net was suddenly opened a big hole. Under the control of Xuanyue's mental power, the Fire Phoenix exerted all its power. The power instantly rushed into the Cold Yin Spider's camp. The dozens of blue spiders in the first place instantly turned into ashes under its hot energy, and they didn't even have time to scream. The rest of the blue spiders suddenly fell into a panic, they were actually scared, and quickly gathered their wings, not daring to fight the crowd anymore. Under the chase of the Fire Phoenix, a full one-tenth of the number was wiped out to escape. There is a reason why these blue spiders are not as fierce as the bone birds. The bipolar undead spider is composed of the cold-yin undead spider with the ability to fly and the fire undead spider with the ability to climb on land. These two kinds of poisonous spiders not only complement each other, but also restrain each other. Although they are of the same species, they hate each other because the energy contained in the spider silk is completely opposite. They are undead creatures with low-level intelligence. They all know that once a major conflict occurs, the final result will inevitably be both sides. Therefore, if the two polar undead spiders want to survive, they cannot differ too much in number. Their fertility is not strong, and they must be angered to have children. Therefore, when Ah-Dai and others appear for the first time, they will attack wildly, wanting to swallow the anger of Ah-Dai and others. At this time, under the influence of Xuanyue’s fire phoenix, Hanyin Undead Spiders understood that if they continue to fight, even if they can kill the humans in front of them, their number will inevitably be greatly reduced, and they will no longer be able to compete with the Fire Undead Spiders. After all, survival is the most important thing for a race, even for undead creatures.

Seeing that the Hanyin Undead Spider had retreated, he hurried to Xuanyue and said, "Recover the Fire Phoenix, stop chasing, it is important to preserve your strength."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and the energy that controlled the fire phoenix turned into a little red glow, which was reincarnated in the blood of the phoenix. Keanu said flatteringly: "Boss Xuanyue, the admiration of my younger brother for you can hardly be described in words. Such a powerful fire magic is really the only thing my younger brother has seen in his life! This poisonous spider can no longer threaten us."

Xuan Yue said with no anger: "Don't give me the soup, Sheng Xie, let's go quickly, it's best to rush in more."

Ah Duan hugged Xuan Yue's delicate body and smiled and said: "We should be able to pass two more levels this time. You should rest behind the holy evil, and when there are enemies appearing later, you will leave it to us."

Xuan Yue smiled softly and said: "Then you are careful with everything." After finishing speaking, she immediately sat on Shengxie's generous back and grasped the golden horn in front of her with one hand, and put the angel's staff in her chest with the other hand, and began to meditation quickly. Think about it. This second time to enter the Death Mountain range was much smoother than the first time. It was so easy to pass four levels, which they had never expected before. The Death Mountain range covers an area of millions of square kilometers. They are now only two-thirds away from the center of the mountain range. Dumb watched around, fully releasing his spiritual sense, and was always ready to meet new challenges.

Suddenly, Dui felt cold all over, and shivered inexplicably. He tightened his heart and stared straight ahead, but did not find any trace of the enemy. A groan came from behind, and Dui turned around and saw Keanu and Oliveira trembling half-kneeling behind Sheng Xie, seeming to be extremely sad. But Xuan Yue's whole body exuded a layer of golden light, her pretty face was still calm, and there was no abnormality. Sen-cold sensations continued to invade Ah Dui's body. He was surprised to find that resentful sighs sounded in his ears, as if something was calling him.

Two golden rays of light radiated from the gold rings on the fingers of Keanu and Oliveira. Their expressions seemed calmer, but their faces were pale and scary. The speed of Shengxie's advancement suddenly slowed down, its huge body began to tremble slightly, and the seven golden horns behind it emitted strong golden light, which turned into seven lasers and shot into the air.

"Ah--" A scream of sorrow suddenly sounded in A'Dai's ear, and the abnormally miserable voice made A'Dai a kind of creepy feeling. The light from the golden horn behind the holy evil quickly enveloped everyone, the feeling of coldness disappeared, but through the spiritual connection between himself and holy evil, Ah Dui clearly felt that the energy in his body was disappearing quickly, obviously with the golden horn. The divine energy radiating from the body is very laborious. Through the golden energy emanating from the holy evil, Dumb finally saw the source of the cold feeling. Groups of nearly transparent energies in the air are constantly drifting. Although they dare not attack the sacred evil, the number of these energy bodies is increasing, and they are constantly gathering at the periphery of the sacred evil energy.

Ah Dui hurriedly awakened Xuan Yue with the sound transmission. When Xuan Yue saw the scene in front of her, she couldn't help but lose her voice: "Ah, this is a resentful spirit, how come there are so many resentful spirits!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "This may be the fifth level of Death Mountain. Just now when the holy evil didn't emit sacred energy, all of us were cold. What's the matter?"

Xuan Yue solemnly said, "Wraiths are evil creatures with no specific form. They are formed by the cursed souls of people who died unjustly. They have a strong curse ability. And they can possess the body. If the resentful spirits successfully attack, they will take over their bodies, and their own souls will be assimilated. Compared with the previous spiders, they are much stronger. Everyone, be careful not to let them get close. Want to deal with them. , And only use powerful sacred magic. With so many resentful spirits, I am afraid that at least eight levels of magic can be used to fight against. Dumb, help the holy evil support for a while, let me come." She said, she has raised her angel The rod.

Dumb grabbed Xuan Yue's little hand and said, "Wait a minute."

Xuan Yue said in a daze: "Can't wait any longer, the energy of the holy evil is not purely sacred, it may not last long!"

A Duan glanced at Xuan Yue affectionately, and said in a deep voice, "You just used the Fire Phoenix before, which has consumed a lot of mana, not to mention that you have to maintain the connection with the spatial positioning magic circle. Mana must be reserved. OK. Let me do it."

Xuan Yue said: "You? How do you do it? The light magic of the dragon's blood is not enough."

Dumb smiled confidently and said: "Since I reached the realm of Juggernaut, my spiritual power has improved a lot. I think I now have the ability to use Shenlong Reincarnation, the ultimate attack magic of Shenlong's blood. Believe me, I will be able to OK."

A hint of surprise appeared in Xuan Yue's eyes, and she said with joy: "Yeah! How did I forget the reincarnation of the dragon. Okay, it's up to you, but you must be prepared. Once you can't disperse the resentful spirit, you will immediately take it back. Evil, I immediately activate space magic."

Duan nodded, took a deep breath, and concentrated his thoughts on the blood of the dragon on his chest. Although he hasn't used his mental power for a long time, his spiritual cultivation at this time is much stronger than Oliveira and Keanu. Based on the control of magic elements and the purity of magic power, he has already entered. The realm of the Magister.

At this moment, the resentful spirits on the periphery have gathered more and more, and against the sacred energy of the holy evil, a very thick circle of black energy formed and enveloped everyone in the center. Because of the heavy burden, Sheng Xie's body had begun to tremble slightly. The pressure brought by countless undead has made it almost to the brink of collapse.

Ah Dai slowly closed his eyes and chanted in a low voice: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, containing the sacred energy of infinite vitality! Please allow me, as the owner of the blood of the dragon, to borrow your power to make you travel in the nine heavens. The dragon above is reincarnated with its blood as the medium, and give it infinite power.” The blue light floated out with the completion of the dumb spell, quickly rotating around his body, in the energy full of sacred aura Against this backdrop, Ah Du’s body and mind were completely fused with the blood of the dragon on his chest. The only thing he had never had before was that his spirit had completely entered the same spiritual level as the blood of the dragon, and the blood of the dragon came. The warm and honest energy constantly nourishes his body. A blue magic six-pointed star appeared at Ah Du's feet. Pei Ran's sacred blue light instantly enveloped Ah Dui's body, making it impossible to see his appearance from outside. The holy evil who had been struggling to support under the dumb suddenly lifted his spirits, the golden energy of the protective body increased a little, and drove the large number of resentful spirits gathered around him back three meters. Dui looked up at the sky. The golden symbol on the dragon’s blood originally appeared clearly on his eyebrows, and a long and vigorous dragon roar came out of Dui’s mouth, and the sound penetrated the enchantment that the Holy Evil had used with golden horn energy. Spread to the entire sky in an instant. In the huge sacred aura, the wraiths seemed to panic, groups of monster gray energies were constantly squeezing each other. Although they were a little scared, they did not want to give up this chance to get a body, and still tried to break through. The barrier under the holy evil cloth.

Dui's figure flashed, and flew into the group of resentful spirits through the barrier arranged by the holy evil in Xuan Yue's exclamation. The resentful spirits suddenly rushed up like a fly and shit, madly impacting the blue energy of the dumb body guard. The blue energy doesn't seem to have any offensiveness. It bounces the approaching spirits away like a ball of cotton, but it doesn't hurt them. A huge roar resounded from the blue light, and the tall figure of A-dumb disappeared, and the blue light suddenly expanded dozens of times, completely squeezing the resentful spirits beside him. The light gradually converged, and the appearance inside became clear. It turned out to be a blue dragon nearly fifty meters long. The dragon's body is full of powerful sacred aura. The whole body is wrapped in blue scales with gleaming light. The huge dragon head has a pair of slightly curved horns, and there are several protrusions on each side of the horns. The blue dragon has eight The claws have six wings on their backs, and the six wings spread out, as if covering the sky and the sun. The huge body twisted slightly in the air, and the blue dragon's eyes slowly opened. They were a pair of clear blue crystal-like eyes. The depth of the eyes shocked Xuanyue, Keanu and Oliveira's heart. When the blue dragon appeared, Sheng Xie seemed completely excited and was no longer satisfied with the defense. There seemed to be inexhaustible strength in his body. The seven golden horns behind him continued to shoot out rays of light and attack the surroundings frantically. , All the resentful spirits hit by it disappeared without exception.

The blue dragon's eyes shot brightly, and a voice full of majesty sounded, "The resentful spirits gather and endanger the world. I will completely destroy you to restore the peace of the human world." A blue halo resembled the blue dragon. The body as the center suddenly drifted away, spreading over tens of thousands of square meters in an instant, including all the resentful spirits. All the resentful spirits went crazy. They seemed to feel the coming danger and rushed frantically, but no matter how they struggled, they couldn't break through the energy barrier arranged by the blue dragon. The blue light was flourishing in the blue dragon's eyes, and the huge barrier slowly shrank, constantly squeezing the dense wraith spirits.

Xuan Yue stared at the huge dragon full of incomparable majesty in front of her, and her heart was filled with all kinds of complicated feelings. That huge blue dragon is full of huge sacred aura, even his grandfather can't compare it, only the Seraphim that appeared in the sky when he was baptized by the gods can compare with it. That huge divine energy is simply incredible. Although she had thought that the ultimate attack of the dragon's blood would be very strong, she did not expect it to be so strong. This is clearly the real dragon descending into the world. With it, what is the danger of the Death Mountain?

The wisdom of the wraiths is much higher than that of the undead spiders of the two poles. They can't break free of this huge sacred energy. They gradually condense together, and the tens of thousands of wraiths continue to merge, and gradually form a huge wraith. The ability is obviously much stronger than ordinary wraith spirits, and when they rushed from the left to the right, the blue enchantment under the dragon's cloth was constantly shocked.

The blue dragon snorted, raised the first front paw on the left, and the void waved at the wraith spirit, and a ray of golden light resembling an entity shot out, accurately bombarding the wraith spirit. The resentful spirit screamed sternly, and the body composed of resentment was constantly twisting, and its body was shrinking. Under the stimulus of golden light, the shrinking wraith suddenly changed into a human form, and fell into the air, constantly making pleading forms at the dragon.

Shenlong snorted coldly, retracted his golden light, and said faintly: "Since you already know that you are wrong, then I am not doing my own thing, and I will give you a chance to reform. Will you be willing to join?"

The resentful spirit was obviously struggling, looking at the dragon pleadingly. Shenlong's eyes were full of power, and he said angrily: "This is your only chance, otherwise, you will be destroyed in appearance and spirit, and will never be exalted." Amidst the threat of Shenlong, the body of the resentful spirit continued to grow. Trembling, seeming to be extremely helpless, he nodded heavily to his human-shaped head.

Shenlong snorted and muttered something. A bone dragon more than 20 meters long split from its body, spread its huge bone wings, and floated beside him. The arrogant bone dragon at the time of the Assassin's Association did not dare to be presumptuous next to the Shenlong. He looked respectful and did not dare to move under the dragon's might.

Shenlong rushed to the bones and said: "I will help you merge with the wraith spirits and give you powerful strength. You must take the protection of the savior as your own responsibility. If you go over a little bit, I will turn you into dust."

The big head of the bone dragon connected points, facing the most powerful existence of the dragon clan, it did not dare to resist the slightest other than promise. Shenlong turned his gaze to the resentful spirit, and said faintly: "Go, let you merge with the bone dragon. It is not a bad thing for you. At least there is a body for you to inhabit. If in the future you can cooperate with the savior to successfully rescue the mainland from the crisis, I will give the God of Tomorrow and give you the chance to reincarnate." The resentful spirits were very excited after hearing the words of the Shenlong, and no longer resisted the destination that the Shenlong had found for them. After giving them salutes to the Shenlong, they were filled with joy. go with. The gray light flashed, and the resentful spirit had successfully entered the big head of the bone dragon. A ray of divine light flashed in Shenlong's eyes, and the huge double horns on its head shot out two golden lights, which condensed into a huge golden six-pointed star above the bone dragon.

When the resentful spirit entered his head, the bone dragon looked extremely painful, his huge body constantly rolling in the air. Shenlong muttered a spell that Xuanyue and others could not understand, and the golden six-pointed star floated down under the urging of the spell, covering the bone dragon's body completely. Shenlong’s spells did not stop, and they continued to chant. The original gray-white body of the bone dragon was gradually enveloped with a layer of golden light, and the light became more and more prosperous. In the dazzling light, Xuanyue and the three could no longer see the bone dragon. Form. With a long groan, the huge body rushed towards the bone dragon. Under the cover of his fifty-meter wide six wings, the golden light of the bone dragon was completely taken back into his body. Shenlong retracted the bone dragon's eyes and revealed a hint of joy, turned around and floated in front of Shengxie. Shengxie's originally huge body looked so small in front of it, it looked at the Shenlong respectfully, and its golden eyes showed kind emotions.

Shenlong's voice softened, and he said to the holy evil: "Due to the tight time, I have no time to help you improve your strength. Under my coercion, although the strength of the bone dragon is much stronger than you, it will always obey your command. Children of God, the important task of saving the mainland is left to you. I must go back."

Xuan Yue was stunned and couldn't help saying: "Shenlong, your strength is so powerful, why don't you help us eliminate the existence of darkness?"

Shenlong shook his head lightly and said: "Because, that is impossible for me. I relied on the call of the savior to imprint my spirit on the world. I cannot exist for too long. The energy I use here, It comes from the savior himself. This time let the wraith spirit merge with the bone dragon, the savior’s mental power has been consumed too much. I have changed his spiritual nature, and then he will sleep for a while, during this time, You must take good care of him. The undead creatures here are very powerful, especially the last few parts. Even if my original body can descend into the world from the gods, it’s difficult to deal with it. However, now there is a resentful spirit. Help, your progress will be much smoother, remember, don’t force yourself too much, you must retreat if you can’t advance.”

Xuan Yue said disappointedly: "Then can we see you appear again?"

Shenlong sighed lightly and said: "It will certainly be possible, but it will be impossible in a short time. Due to the demon world's eagerness, Lord Celestial God is discussing countermeasures with various gods. And the human world will determine the outcome of the two worlds. The key. Actually, the power of the savior is very close to God. The secret of heaven cannot be revealed, and you will understand everything in the future. Child, you are the guardian of the savior and part of the savior. You must protect him, and you can summon him when necessary. Come out a real phoenix to help you, her energy is not weaker than mine. When the battle between the gods and demons really begins, we will definitely see you again. Be careful of the undead creatures in front of you. Everything that happened today will be left in the mind of the savior. Under the brand, you must take good care of him. When he wakes up, his mental abilities will improve again. However, if he is not allowed to reincarnate using the dragon within half a year, it is impossible to succeed. And your Phoenix reincarnation There are only three chances to use it in half a year. It’s not a last resort and can’t be used lightly. I’m leaving, goodbye, children of God.” The blue light flashed suddenly, the sacred breath gradually weakened, and a cloud of blue light Slowly floated to Sheng Xie's broad back. Ah Dui's body gradually appeared, and he had completely fallen into a coma, and the blood of the dragon on his chest was still radiant, and there was no change.

Xuan Yue looked at the way Ah-Dai was sleeping, her heart felt a little pain, she took him into her arms, and inquired about the aura in his body. Everything in Ah'Dai's body is normal, and the true vitality in his body is still abundant, constantly running. Oliveira said: "Boss Xuanyue, what should we do now? Are you still looking for the way forward?"

Xuan Yue shook her head, and said, "Dai’s safety is important. Let’s go back to the Elf Forest. Let’s go to the Elf Forest first. Let’s talk about everything when A’Dai wakes up. Xiaoxie, return to the dragon’s blood by yourself, Vera, you bring some Keanu, don’t Let him fall, I activate the space positioning magic." Shengxie nodded his big head obediently, and the gray light flashed, and he flew back to the blood of the dragon on Ah Du's chest.

With the abilities of the three of Xuanyue, it is absolutely impossible for them to last at the altitude of 3,000 meters. Without the holy evil, Xuanyue hurriedly chanted: "Break the order of space, use spiritual power as a guide, and return to the source of positioning. Right.” With the appearance of the spell, a white halo emanated from the top of the angel’s staff, which instantly enveloped the bodies of the three people. The space positioning and teleportation magic once again succeeded, and the four people successfully returned to Inside the old fairy tree. The rocks and the people are waiting anxiously. Since dumb and they left in the morning, they have been guarding the space positioning magic circle every inch. The light flashed, and the four dumbs appeared in the center of the circle. The Rock Brothers, Zhuo Yun and Yue Ji all felt relieved and rushed to the crowd. Yue Ji didn't care about being shy, took Keanu's hand, looked at him up and down, and was relieved to see that he had no damage. Keanu smiled slyly and said: "So you care about me so much! My good wife."

Yue Ji said angrily: "Who is your wife? Who cares about you? I just check if my bodyguard is injured. Why did I come back so soon? Haven't I broken through the defenses of those spiders?"

Keanu just wanted to answer, but was interrupted by the exclamation of the rock, "What's wrong, dumb, how did he faint." Yue Ji was startled, and hurriedly turned his eyes to dumb lying in Xuanyue's arms. .

Oliveira said: "Brother Rock, don't be nervous, dumb, it's okay." At the moment, he explained the four people's journey in detail. When Rock and others heard that Ah'Dai had succeeded in attracting the dragon of heaven, they were suddenly surprised. After listening to Oliveira’s narration, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Let’s discuss with Auntie Elf Queen. To ensure the safety of Dumb, let him cultivate in this ancient Elf tree. But, I don’t know him. How long will this coma last?"

Although Shenlong said that there would be nothing wrong with Ah Du, Xuan Yue was still very worried, nodded, and said: "Now there is only this, I hope he can wake up soon."

Oliveira said: "Our second entry into the Mountain of Death is quite successful. As long as the dumb boss can wake up, we are more likely to complete the task. At least we have passed five levels this time, and fifth. The wraith spirit in level has been wiped out. Next time we enter, we can directly face the undead creatures in level six."

Xuan Yue said sternly: "Big Brother Vera, don't be careless. Even Shenlong said that the undead creatures behind are more powerful, and it is difficult for him to deal with, let alone us. At that time, we will use the same as this time. The strategy is to advance at the fastest speed. I think those resentful spirits should have a better understanding of the Death Mountain, and maybe they can be used to help us enter the depths of the Death Mountain."

In the Mountains of Death, dozens of people in black gathered in the area of the original resentful spirits. The headed man in black solemnly said: "What's going on? What's going on?" The other people in black surrounded him, and one of them respectfully said: "The three just now We have already explored the territory of bone birds, skeletons, and zombies. There is nothing unusual about the territories of bone birds, skeletons, and zombies. However, hundreds of cold-yin undead spiders have been lost from the two polar undead spiders, and here, the resentful spirits here have disappeared. You see, this ..."

The third elder snorted coldly, and the icy voice shook the surrounding people in black. All their bodies shook, "Go to me immediately, at least to find some clues to come back, tens of thousands of resentful spirits, have they disappeared like this? The previous huge sacred aura is related, Pope, if you really dare to come, I will let you be buried in this undead mountain range. Give me an order to drop the wingmen and dwarves into the territory of the wraith spirits. Let me The Dark Demon Race sent a hundred elites to come and arrange 25 people in the territories of Bone Birds, Skeletons, Zombies, and Two-Pole Undead Spiders. Once a stranger breaks into the Mountain of Death, I will report back. No matter how many people come, I will let The people of the Holy See were wiped out like they were destroying the valley. Remember, none of you should pass the news to the leader. Now is the critical moment, and no one should disturb the priest’s sacrifice. Go ahead and execute the order immediately." Although not the most powerful of the undead creatures, it deeply makes the people in these dark forces jealous, because the wraiths are very sensitive to anger. If one is not good, they will attack them even if they are under control. When the spirit invades the body, the ending will be irreversible. So for a long time, they have rarely come to this fifth level of the land. If it weren’t for the huge fluctuations in the sacred aura this time, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have discovered that the Twelve Tribulations of the Undead under the Mountain of Death had been broken. Five levels have passed.
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