The Kind Death God Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Meet girl again

Dui gradually woke up from the coma. The dazzling light made him squint his eyes, and the tingling pain from his whole body stimulated his nerves. It seemed to be a simple room with a very simple layout. There was only one room around. Tables and chairs, some farm tools hung on the walls, the dazzling light came from outside the window. Amidst the confusion, Duan murmured: "Where am I?"

"You are at my house." A middle-aged man walked up to Dah. He was dressed in plain clothes, and Feng Shuang left a few traces on his face. He looked like an honest farmer, "Brother, how did you do this, really It's embarrassing!"

Hearing the words of the middle-aged man, Dumb couldn't help but recall the situation before he became unconscious. He kept running, and fell, got up again, then got up again. I don’t know how long it took to become the body. When he couldn't hold on to his will, he finally fell to the ground and passed out into a coma. This is all his memory before, "Uncle, did you save me?"

"Uncle? Brother, you're not younger than me, right? How do you call me uncle?"

Dumb froze, subconsciously touched his face, and was surprised to find that his beard was more than an inch long. He struggled to sit up and smiled bitterly: "Uncle, I'm actually only 20 years old!"

The middle-aged man laughed and said: "Ah! I really can't see it! Little brother, you are too embarrassed. Just now I was chopping wood in the mountains and found you fainted on the ground, so I carried you back, you How did this happen? Did you meet a robber?"

Dumb didn't know how to explain to the middle-aged man, so he could only say, "Yes, I met a robber."

The middle-aged man is a down-to-earth farmer. He didn't delve into the origins of Dumb. He smiled and said, "It's better, get up and wash your face, and eat something. I think you must be hungry."

Dumb nodded and said, "Thank you for saving me. It seems to be a little hungry." Even he himself doesn't know how long it has been since he has eaten anything. Although Zhenqi can sustain life, people still want For dinner.

The middle-aged man laughed when he heard Dumb's words, and said, "Well, you should freshen up first, and I will get you something to eat." After speaking, he turned and walked out of the simple room.

Ah Dumb luck with true qi, he was surprised to find that his life zhen qi was still as much as 60%. After so many days of exhaustion, his skill was not exhausted.

The current situation of Ah Dui actually reflects the most important feature of Zhen Qi. Although Dui consumes quickly, his power has reached the peak of life and determination. The self-circulation of Zhen Qi made him not hurt at all. . Compared with the last time he left the elven forest, he is no longer the same, which is why Shivin would say that even if he wants to die, it is not so easy.

After washing his face, shaving his beard, and putting on a middle-aged man's clothes, Dui felt a lot refreshed. His heart at this time is already dull. After these days of pain, he can't think of a good way other than escape.

The middle-aged people live in a small village. There is a small stream next to the village, which nourishes the surrounding rice fields. After eating a rough meal, Ah Dui's spirit is much better, and his body strength has recovered a bit, stretching his own Body, he couldn't help thinking, since facing everything is so painful, why am I not here to die? This quiet life should suit me best.

"Brother, where are you from? Where do you come from? I don't see that you are quite strong."

Dumb turned his head and looked at him, with a wry smile, where is he from? I was in the Tianjin Empire when I remembered, but he had the black hair and black eyes of the Sunset Empire and Huasheng Empire. After thinking about it, he murmured: "I am a member of the Tianjin Empire, from Nino City. ."

The middle-aged man was shocked, "Nino City, it's far away from here! I heard that it is cold all year round, you must be a mixed race. Our Tianjin Empire is all blond and blue-eyed. "

Dumb was surprised and said, "Is this within the Tianjin Empire? I thought I was in the Sunset Empire."

The middle-aged man laughed and said, "Of course this is in the Tianjin Empire. It belongs to the Mica Province. It is only more than 100 miles away from the Mica City, the capital of the Mica Province. The nobles there like to eat our rice. , And also said that it is green food that has not been polluted by chemical fertilizers or industry."

Mica province? What a familiar place name! Dumb felt like he had heard of it somewhere, Nino City, Mica Province, ah! He suddenly remembered. Didn’t the old woman who took the girl from Nino town say that she was the wife of the governor of Mica province? That said, I'm very close to the girl now. Thinking of the girl, Dumb's heart couldn't help but become hot. The girl, after all, is the first person in his heart who is more important than the steamed bun, and the position in the heart of Dumb is second only to Xuan Yue. He finally knew what he was going to do.

"Uncle, does the governor of Mica Province live in Mica City?"

"Of course, the governor of which province does not live in the provincial capital."

"Then, can you tell me how to get to Mica City? I want to go there and see."

"Of course, you can walk north from us and you will reach Mica City. Brother, looking at you now, you are very downcast! Why are you going there?"

Dumb glanced at the middle-aged man and said, "I, I'm looking for someone."

That night, Dah left a few diamond coins in the middle-aged man's house, and quietly left this simple village in the dark. Although he is very grateful for the middle-aged man’s salvation, he also knows that if he leaves too much money for the middle-aged man, it may affect his normal life. It is better to let him live a peaceful life.

It is already October. Although the Mica Province is located in the middle of the mainland, the night has a little coolness. Dumb is gliding in the air lightly. He took off the vindictiveness of his body and let the night wind blow on his irritability. , Girl, it's been almost ten years since I saw each other, I don't know what she has become now, maybe, he has forgotten me. Due to the sadness in his heart, Dui couldn't help thinking about everything bad.

The scenery on both sides kept cascading past him, and he was not moving fast. He was on the road while adjusting the vitality of his body. After the golden body reached six inches high, it seemed that a qualitative change had taken place. Under the urging of Dumb, it continuously emitted surging energy and circulated around the body. Although it was not a meditation practice, the energy consumed the previous day was quickly restored.

The distance of more than a hundred miles was nothing to Ah-Dai. Even if he didn't run with all his strength, he had already seen the tall walls of Mica City after more than half an hour.

The terrain of Mica City is dangerous, with high mountains on both sides, which surround the whole city in a semi-enclosed shape. It looks so quiet like a sleeping lion lying at the foot of the mountain. The moat in front of the city is 20 meters wide. With the suspension bridge, this kind of city with mountains and waters has a very strong defense. The Mica Province and the adjacent Dulu Province are both important military areas of the Tianjin Empire. Next to the capital of the Mica Province, 30,000 defenders are stationed. These defenders are the elite troops of the governor of the Mica Province. Extremely strong combat effectiveness.

Looking at the vast city in front of him, Ah-Dai stopped nervously. The time spent with the girl as a child kept flashing in his mind. He seems to have returned to the days when he endured cold and starvation in the small town of Nino. The greed of Uncle Li, the indifference of his friends and the weakness of the girl were so clear in his mind.

"Bad brother, it's really painful to be alive!"

"Girl, I'll eat it for you, it won't be painful if you are full."

"Big Brother Dumb, why are you so good to me?"

"Have I treated you well? Hurry up and eat steamed buns, it won't be cold after eating steamed buns. I will go to catch fish later."

The girl looked at A'Dai's simple and honest face, she couldn't help being a little silly. With her hands, she split the half of the steamed bun into two and handed it to A'Dai.

Dumb swallowed and foamed, and said, ‘I, I’m not hungry, you can eat it yourself. ‘

The girl stuffed the steamed buns into Dumb's hands and said, "I have a small appetite and can't eat so much. Let's eat together." She said, holding her quarter of the steamed bread in both hands and took a bite.

With a dumb cry, he gulped down the quarter of the steamed bun. Because he ate too fast, he couldn't help but choke, "Ah, oh."

The girl looked at Ah-Dai's flushed face, she couldn't help but chuckled, and while patted his back, she grabbed a handful of the snow left on the ground the day before and stuffed it into Ah-Dai's mouth.

Dumb worked hard to turn the snow into water. It took a long time before he swallowed the dried buns in his throat, took a breath, patted his chest, and said, "Thank you!"

"Dad brother, wait until I grow up to marry you, OK?"

"What is married?"

"Marriage means that I will be your wife and take care of you for the rest of my life! I will treat you as if you promised, don't regret it. From now on, my girl will be your dumb fiancee. You must treat me well in the future."

"Fiancee? Oh, okay, then I will give you more buns every day."


Fiancee, is the girl his own fiancée? Does she remember the original promise? If she still remembers, what should I do, if she doesn’t remember, what should I do? When he arrived outside Mica City, Duan couldn't help but flinch. He was really afraid that he would face another blow after seeing the girl.

After a long time, Ah-Dai finally made up his mind, and decided to go into the city to see the girl. It was enough to hide in the dark and look at her. If she is living well, she will not disturb her. If she is living in pain, then she will be rescued from the sea of suffering. After figuring it out, Addi suddenly felt enlightened, floated up, and easily crossed the moat and came to the bottom of Mica City.

The defense of Mica City is very strict, and there are several groups of soldiers patrolling even by the moat outside the city. Duan looked left and right before the patrolling soldiers were approaching, he charged his anger down, and his body rose into the sky like a cannonball. In normal times, although he used his fighting spirit to fly, he never flew too high. At this time, watching the ground under his feet gradually shrink, the tall walls of Mica City became a narrow one, and a strange feeling of pleasure rose in his heart. . Although he flew up to three hundred meters above the ground, Ah-Dai didn't feel that his vindictive spirit was exhausted at all. He easily controlled his vindictive energy and flew into the Mica City.

The night was dark, most of the Mica City had darkened, Dumb thought, the girl should be in the Governor's Mansion of Mica Province. Since it is the governor's mansion, it must be large in scale, so I should find it from a larger area. With his amazing vision, he quickly found a large-scale yard near the mountain behind Mica City. The yard was backed by the mountain peak and was about tens of thousands of square meters wide. Dumb controlled his body and fell down. Looking into the courtyard, he saw a team of patrolling soldiers constantly cruising. The blades in their hands were flickering. Although they were only patrolling the night, these soldiers looked vigorous. Look at the army trained for a long time. Except for the Governor's Mansion, how can there be military patrols elsewhere in Mica City? It seems that I have found the right one.

Quietly landed in a rockery in the courtyard, Dui used the surrounding terrain to cover his body and looked around. Next to the rockery is a small bamboo forest. There is no unusual movement. The breeze blows and the bamboo forest rustles. Under the light of the bright moon, there is a jagged tree shadow on the ground. Ah-Dai walked into the bamboo forest. He didn't know where to find it, so he fumbled to the edge of the bamboo forest and looked at the house in the governor's mansion.

Almost all of the large houses are quiet, with only a few places with weak light. Dui took advantage of a group of patrolling soldiers to pass by, floated up and fell on the roof of the house, leaning down without making a sound. Taking a deep breath, he urged the golden body in his body to float to his head, continuously expanding his hearing. All kinds of noisy sounds came into his ears clearly, and he kept distinguishing these sounds. For a while, the sound from a house in the east attracted the attention of Duan, and he controlled his hearing to that room. The room was moved, and there were two people talking in the room, a man and a woman. To be precise, they should be making fun of them. Just listen to the man saying, "Rongrong, your skin is so smooth! It feels so comfortable to the touch."

The woman snorted and gasped and said hurriedly: "Hate, you, don't touch someone else's place! Humph, how am I better than your fake sister!"

The man smiled and said: "Of course it is much stronger. How can she be compared with you, a daughter of a humble background? We are together, don't you always mention her."

"Hmph, stop being sloppy in front of me, I tell you, if you don't drive her out of the Governor's Mansion, I will not marry you. You can figure it out."

"Don't, don't, Rongrong, don't do that. After all, she is my granddaughter accepted by my grandmother. She is also my sister in name. She is sick again, so she can't do anything she can do."

The girl disdainfully said: "Don’t be hypocritical in front of me. Have you done anything more extreme than this. Are you afraid to drive her out of the house? Thinking of how ruthless you were when you beat her, I’m really afraid that the same thing will happen. I don’t care about it. Anyway, you’re going to drive her out of the house tomorrow morning, where your grandparents are, and I’ll help you tell you that, based on my grandfather’s friendship with them, they will always give a bit of face.”

"Okay, okay, okay, my sister-in-law's grandmother. I'll drive her away early tomorrow morning, okay. Don't worry, I will be good to you in the future. Come on, I can't wait."

The girl's groan sounded, and the entanglement of the limbs and the sound of the clothes tearing heard the dull's heart warmly. The voice of this male and female dialogue was very familiar to him, as if he had heard it somewhere. Especially the man's voice, frowned, Dui quietly moved to the eaves of the room where the sound was made, and looked around, no one found his trace. Driven by curiosity, he carefully lifted the tiles on the roof and looked inward. I saw a man and a woman, two white sheep-like bodies tumbling up and down on the big bed. This was the first time he saw this situation, and Dumb's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, so he hurriedly turned his head away. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and turned his head to look into the room again. To my surprise, the two people who were tumbling in the same ups and downs actually knew each other. That man was the boy in white clothes I saw last time in Dulu City, and that woman was Rongrong, the granddaughter of Dulu Governorate Figuete. Dumb wondered in surprise, how could they be together? What does the white-clothed boy seem to be called Tiro, the girl who was with him? Are they a pair?

There was a flash of inspiration in his mind. After contacting the conversation between the two just now, Dui suddenly understood that the man and the woman who had just said to be driven away were probably the young girl who was with Tiro last time and had given him alms. Why is Tilo in the Governor's Mansion of Mica Province? Does he have anything to do with here? An ominous premonition rose in Dumb's heart. He seemed to have thought of something, but he was not sure.

Just as Tiro and Rongrong were turning over in the room, Dui suddenly heard another voice in the Governor's Mansion, a sad voice, "Miss, miss, wake up!"

I was shocked, this sound seemed to affect Ah Du's heart, he subconsciously flew up and jumped in the direction where the sound appeared. The room where the sound was made was in the corner of the Governor's Mansion. It was a very small room. The cry of a girl reverberated continuously, but because it was very remote, no soldiers on patrol noticed it. Dumb fell to the roof and hung down the eaves of the house with his toes and looked into the house. I saw a young girl wearing a pink long dress with two pigtails hanging down on her head lying on the bed and weeping. From the side, she looked pretty. Dulu's eyes turned to the bed, and his whole body was shocked. The girl who was lying on the bed was the girl who was with Tiro last time in Dulu Province, but her face was extremely pale, and she had already lost the look of the day. . Seeing the girl's appearance, Dui felt as though her heart seemed to be blocked by a big rock. His toes were a little on the eaves, and he walked in through the window, falling lightly behind the pink girl.

The girl in pink was completely in grief, did not find anyone behind her, still crying in grief. Dui looked at Tiffa's pale face on the bed with an inexplicable pain. From Tiffa's faint breath, Dui could clearly feel that she was dying, and she might die at any time. "What's wrong with her?"

A'Dai's low voice frightened the girl in pink. She turned her head back suddenly, just about to yell, but A'ai covered her mouth. Dumb said in a deep voice, "Don't call me, I don't mean anything. I'm her friend. Tell me, what's wrong with her?"

The panic in the pink-clothed girl's eyes gradually disappeared, and she blinked at dumb. Duan let go, and the pink girl looked at him in horror, took two steps back to protect Tiffa behind her, and asked with a trembling voice, "Who are you? What do you want to do? Did the young master send you to deal with it? Miss?"

Dumb frowned and said, "I have already said that I am your lady's friend. Tell me, what's wrong with her?"

The vigilance of the pink girl did not disappear, she wiped the tears from her face, and said bitterly: "You must have been sent by the young master. You hate it! Why don't you stop having hurt the young lady so badly? If you want to kill, just kill me first." She opened her arms and stopped in front of Tiffany, staring at Dumb with hatred.

Dui felt Tiffany's breathing weaker, knowing that he couldn't delay any longer, and with a wave of his hand, the white violent anger shot out, and immediately sealed the powder-coated girl who had no power to bind the chicken. With a suction and release of her left hand, she took her body aside, but she sat in the position where the girl in pink was just now. He pulled Tiffya's arm from the quilt and probed the breath in her with his own vitality. A look of surprise kept flashing in Dumb’s eyes. Tiffany’s situation was much more serious than he thought. Her current body can only be described in terms of decay. All the functions in her body are almost exhausted. The weak heartbeat proved that she was still alive, and the condition was worse than when Miefeng was injured by the Lord that day. Apart from a breath, she was no different from the dead. The silver light floated from the palm of Dumb, transforming into a silver band of light, swiftly dotted around Tiffany's heart, relying on the vitality of vitality to stimulate her internal organs. At the same time, with the other hand, the huge Shengshengzhen Qi was continuously transferred into Tiffany's body, moisturizing her exhausted organs and meridians.

After a while, Tiffany's face gradually showed a trace of ruddy, and it seemed to be better. Until this moment, the little maid realized that Ah Dumb really did not have any malice towards Tiffany. The bitterness in her eyes disappeared, and she watched Tiffany excitedly.

Dumb took out the blood of the dragon from his arms and chanted softly the strongest light recovery magic he could use, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, great god! I beg you, untie the endless divine power to me, Save the life in front of her and let her regain her vitality." The blue halo flowed out from the blood of the dragon and gradually turned white in mid-air. The sacred breath filled the room, and the dumb continued to sing. Said: "The light of recovery, I order you in the name of the gods, Zhan releases all the energy, lends the healing power to me, heals the scars in front of me, and restores new life.-The healing of the gods." This is a light system seven. Level recovery magic, although the power is far less than the divine healing technique used by Xuan Yue and the Pope at the beginning, it is much stronger than the light therapy used by Duan to save the phoenix.

A white six-pointed star appeared in front of Ah Dui. In the center of the six-pointed star, a group of golden light appeared. The golden symbol on the dragon's blood lit up. With the support of Ah Dui's constant input of Shengsheng Qi, he finally successfully launched this seven-level recovery. magic. The golden light suddenly shined, and the strong light temporarily lost sight of Ah-Dai and the maid. The golden light with powerful healing power suddenly shot into Tiffany's chest. Under the injection of golden light, Tiffany's delicate body burst into light. Shaking violently, her pale face was covered with golden light, and she seemed to be more comfortable.

The golden light gradually converged, and Dumb and the little maid regained their vision. He once again injected Shengshengzhen Qi into Tiffany's body, feeling a little nervous about her changes. After a while, Ah Du's face changed. Although the huge divine power of the god's healing was effective, it only cured most of Tiffany's internal injuries. The damaged organs were not completely repaired, especially her. The lost vitality showed no signs of improvement. The effect of restoring magic on the injury is very obvious, but the self-inflicted disease like Tiffany is really not very effective. Even if the Pope personally uses the healing technique to heal Tiffany who has suffered multiple injuries, it is almost Is impossible. Looking at the kind girl in front of him, there was a trace of sadness in Ah Du's eyes. He had tried his best, even if he tried his best to infuse the vitality of his body into Tiffany's body, it would not be able to save her life.

With a wave of his hand, Ah-Dai released the maid’s prohibition, sighed, and said: "I'm sorry, I have tried my best. The so-called medicine doctor is not dead, Shendu has a destined person. Your lady's illness is really terrible. Hey, sorry Right." Although he had only one side relationship with Tiffany, Ah-Dai always felt that Tiffa was very close to him, and there was no way to save her, and Ah-Dai felt very sad.

The maid knelt down in front of Dumb with a plop, crying bitterly: "Sir, please save my lady. You must have a way. Miss she is so miserable! Save her."

Dui was about to speak, but he heard Tivya on the bed coughing, and hurriedly accelerated the vitality of the vital energy in her body. It was injected into her body. With her current situation, it was not easy to wake up temporarily, in white. Under the ray of light, Tiffany's delicate face reappeared with a hint of blush, her long eyelashes trembled a few times, and her gray eyes slowly opened.

Dumb whispered: "Miss, how are you? Do you have anything to explain?"

Hearing Dui’s voice, Tiffany looked at him slowly. When she saw Dui’s face, her weak body seemed to be reintroduced to life, and the blush of her face increased a bit, beautiful. The eyes also looked a little bit bright, and she said weakly and tremblingly: "Dumb, dumb... brother, I... am... dreaming...?... I am... not... already... dead... Up?"

Hearing Tiffany's words, A Duan's whole body was shocked, and he lost his voice: "You, what do you call me? How do you know my name?"

Tiffany said intermittently as if dreamily: "Ah...Bad brother..., I...fortunately...fortune...! Finally...Yu... I can see... until you...... don't you... remember... me... do you?... I,... I am... girl... Ah!"

Tiffany's words were as heavy as a thunderbolt in the sky. He did not expect that the dying girl in front of him was his childhood partner, the first person more important than steamed bread, and his fiancee. ——Girl. The whole body was convulsed violently, tears came out loudly, and Dumb tremblingly said: "You, are you a girl? Are you really a girl?"

Tiffany hesitated slightly all over her body, "Ah...dumb,, it'! I'm...girl...ah!...remember...last time... …When you left…Dulu…Will you…Wait?…You said you…Called Dumb…, I also…I only recognized…you, for many years... …No…, you…have learned…this…what a…good martial arts…technique. UU reading girl is really…good…happy…ah! Ah… Dumb brother..., ah... good head... miss you...,, is...on the ground ... the prisoner... see... do you...?"

Duan tightly grasped Tiffany’s little hand and murmured: "No, you are not dead, girl, you are not dead. Why, why did you become like this, tell me why you became In this way, who caused you to be like this?" He couldn't help but recall the conversation between Ti Luo and Rongrong just now, as if he had understood something.

The girl said sadly: "Ah...Bad brother..., no... anyone...has harmed me..., it's!...Ah...Bad brother …, I… I’m sorry… Regret,… I regret… Regret.… I regret… I regretted that… I didn’t… I should… Covet… Wealth… Follow… Grandma… Leave ...You...if..., the … if...not eating...full..., wearing...not warm...I...willing to do it too! Dumb...Brother,...I really... I really want to..., I really want to... go back to... before,... back to... when we were...when we were...when we were...when we were...together with...when...when... "Speaking of this, the girl coughed violently, and a mouthful of purple-black blood continuously flowed out of her mouth.

Chapter 162: Death of a girl

The pink girl rushed to the side of Tiffany and cried, "Miss, you must hold on! You can't die, you can't leave Xiaohuan alone!"

Tiffany's pale and pretty face showed a faint smile, and said softly: "Little, little... ring, elder sister... elder sister is going to... go..., no... can take care of... you... ...I...I'm...satisfied...satisfied..., able to, Ah... dumb... brother,... do you know... Dao...? Ah... the first... straight... none... there is... forget... remember you..., beginning... end …Remember…At the time…we…promise…between…I,…I’m…your…not…married wife…Ah!…Hug… Me... hug... how am I...?"

Dui wiped the tears that flowed in his eyes, and held Tiffany tightly in his arms, "Girl, girl, you are always my fiancee, you will get better, you will definitely be. I won't let you Death, don’t let you die! As long as you get better, I will marry you as my wife immediately, girl, you must hold on!"

The girl sighed faintly, and the expression in her eyes gradually dimmed, "Make...the one... blame,...just blame me... Since...I,...Is it right...,...Bad brother..., girl...I'm not...Blessed...I, girl...head,... The girl is not... worthy...! I... used to... went to Ni... to find... in the town... but... yes... but... Uncle Li... tell me... , He... said..., you... are... already... dead.... You know... when... I know... this... a message... when... how... …Sad…Is it?…I really…want to…want to follow you…to follow you…Ah!…Ah!…Ya…I’m so sorry…Sad,…Really… ...It''s so sad...I'm didn't, Uncle a lie ...But...,'s's too late...,...the girl is...has...unclean...body..., worthy of... Go... My... Ah... Dumb brother... Yeah... Ah... Dumb... Brother, forgive me... Head.... Yeah... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... You! Girl...going...going...Hello...good photo...Gu Zi...self,...don't...sorrow..., don't be sad...injury, afterlife..., girl... It must a new baby, and again're...once...even...after...a thousand...after the world... your...'s wife..."" The whole body softened, and the girl broke her last breath, yes, she broke. With a smile on her face, full of regret and regret, she poured into the arms of Dumb, and went away silently, unwillingly.

Dui still hugged the girl tightly. In the extreme grief, his face became as pale as the girl. He gently stroked the girl's gradually cold face, muttering: "I'm so stupid, I'm really good Stupid, why didn't I recognize the identity of the girl earlier? If I recognized her earlier, she would definitely not die. Girl, girl, blame me, and blame you Dumb for not taking care of you. Girl—head— —" Dumb pressed his face tightly to the girl, wept bitterly, and constantly vented the grief in the center. The maid Xiaohuan on the side also kept crying with him. For a while, the whole room was filled with endless sadness and the atmosphere was extremely depressed.

However, even if Dumb and Xiaohuan were sad, the girl would not survive. She was already dead. This is a fact that cannot be changed. After a long time, the sadness in Ah Du's eyes gradually turned into intense hatred. The blood-stained eyes were full of murderous intent. He carefully put the girl's body back on the bed and covered her with a cotton quilt. He turned around abruptly and clasped Xiaohuan’s shoulders tightly with both hands, "Tell me, tell me why this happened? Why did the girl become like this? Who hurt her, who is it? Who is it?" In excitement, His voice rose involuntarily.

Severe pain came from the shoulder, Xiaohuan looked at the violent dumb in horror, sweat dripping down her face, and said painfully: "My shoulder, my shoulder."

Dui slowly let go of the hands that grabbed Xiaohuan, and kept telling himself that he must calm down, and only if he calmed down can he avenge the girl. The voice of hate sang: "Led by the blood of the dragon, the calm light that washes the soul! Let it be clear." The blue halo floated out and turned into a soft white light to wrap the bodies of Dumb and Xiaohuan. Inside, under the shining light, the sadness and excitement in Ah-Dai and Xiaohuan were constantly calmed down. Finally, under the influence of light magic energy, they gradually calmed down. Dui gently glanced at the girl who was lying on the bed as if she was asleep, and coldly said to Xiaohuan: "The girl will not die in vain. I will not let anyone who harmed her. Tell me, What the **** is going on, including everything that the girl experienced in the Governor's Mansion, I want to know."

The horror in Xiaohuan’s eyes gradually disappeared, and she looked sadly at the dead Tiffany, and muttered: "Miss, Miss, she is really pitiful! When I was eight years old, my poor parents were 20 The price of a gold coin was bought by the governor and became a maid in the house. At that time, the lady was just brought back by the mistress. The mistress liked the lady so she sent me to serve her. The lady was really kind, She is also very smart. She learns everything very quickly, and she treats me very well, just like a real sister. Those years were the fastest years I have ever lived. As time goes by, My lady and I have grown up gradually. Miss she has become more and more beautiful. Whenever I see her beautiful face, I feel ashamed. In fact, the lady is the governor’s adult and the governor’s wife in name. In fact, her granddaughter’s status is only slightly better than those of us. As she grows up, the mistress who took him in, that is, the governor’s wife, has already forgotten her. Even some senior The servants looked down on her and often secretly told her that she was of humble origin. But the lady never cared about it, we always lived happily together. The lady once told me about you, she secretly told me that she was in Nigeria before When I was in Nuocheng, there used to be a fiance, and that was you. At that time, the young lady would tell me your story almost every time. I took the trouble to say that, I can see that she really cares about you. In this way, we always live a peaceful life. It was not until the appearance of the young master that this life changed."

A cold light flashed in Ah'Dai's eyes, and said faintly: "The young master you are talking about is called Tiro. He usually wears a gorgeous white dress."

Xiaohuan stunned, nodded, and said, "Yes, it's Master Tilo. He is the governor's favorite grandson. I heard that he is also the apprentice of an expert on the mainland, and his martial skills are incredible."

Dumb nodded and said, "Go on, I want to listen to all the girl's stories. What happened after I met Tyro?"

Xiaohuan said sadly: "It was a few years ago. The young lady is already seventeen years old and she is very beautiful. It can be said that Master Tilo grew up with a golden key, and has a pivotal position in the entire Governor's Mansion. No one does not favor him, even his uncles. People like me and the young lady who don’t value anyone in the governor’s mansion naturally rarely come into contact with him. That day, the young lady and I were kicking the shuttlecock in the yard. When I was playing, I just ran into Master Tilo who was passing by. Master Tilo was attracted by the lady’s appearance and came up to talk to us. I still remember that I was very nervous at the time. In my heart, Master Tilo is a big man. At that time, he looked gentle and polite, coupled with his handsome appearance, immediately attracted the attention of me and the young lady. Since then, Master Tilo will often come to see young ladies and take them to visit the mountains and water, sometimes he In a good mood, I will take it with me. I can see that Master Tilo is in love with the young lady. Because of the relationship between Master Tilo and the young lady, no one in the house dares to look down on her and flatter her. Master Tilo gave us a place to live, which is as big as six or seven now. He was very infatuated with the lady at that time. However, there is always one person in her heart, that is you, and When Master Tilo was together, she would often mention you, Master Tilo would often get angry about it. Later, Master Tilo couldn't help the lady's repeated pleadings, and informed the Governor's wife and took the lady to Nino City to find you. However, I got the news that you were dead. The young lady was distraught and sad for half a year. During that time, Master Tilo took advantage of the emptiness and kept pleased the young lady, and finally let the young lady accept him. Originally I am very happy for the young lady. After all, Master Tilo is likely to inherit the title of Lord Governor, and the lady will live a good life with him. However, who knows, the young lady has repeatedly proposed to marry Master Tilo but was rejected by him. Later, we learned that the Governor, the Governor’s wife, and Young Master Tilo himself all looked down on the origin of the young lady. Master Tilo and the young lady were together only because he liked the appearance of the young lady. From the beginning to the end, I didn’t think about it. The idea of marrying a young lady as his wife. The governor’s wife once came to see the young lady. She told the young lady that after Young Master Tilo married his wife, she could be a concubine. Although the lady was very sad, she was already Living with Master Tilo, and under the eaves, there is no possibility of resisting earning money. It was because of the connivance of Master Tilo by the governor and his wife that the young lady suffered later. The only thing that was worth it at that time Fortunately, Master Tilo was very kind to the young lady. Although he was a little wronged, he could bear it. However, the fate of the young lady became more and more miserable."

Dumb frowned and said coldly, "What happened later? Did your Master Tilo change his heart?"

Xiaohuan looked at Ah-Dai with a little surprise, and the sadness in her eyes deepened. He nodded, and said, "Two years ago, the young lady and Master Tilo went out on errands. After coming back, Master Tilo gradually became colder towards her. There seems to be something on my mind. I don’t have the happy smile that I used to have. I often sit there alone in a daze. Whenever I ask her why she is like this, she will cry sadly, and keep talking about sorry, sorry, etc. Master Tilo’s attitude towards the young lady is getting worse and worse. At the beginning, he often came to see the young lady and stay with her, but as time passed, his indifference became irritable. He, he often beat and scolded the lady, even , And even abused the young lady in various ways. The young lady was very healthy. Since then, her body has gone from bad to worse. Every time she was beaten or insulted by Master Tilo, she would be sick for a few days. About half a year ago, the lady found herself Being pregnant with Young Master Tilo’s child, she thought that with the Young Master’s flesh and blood, the Young Master would always treat her better, but the Young Master still did not change her attitude towards the young lady, on the contrary, it became even worse. Knowing that two months ago, Master Tilo unexpectedly brought back a girl, saying that she came to play in the mansion. After that girl seemed to be a nobleman, the young lady seemed to have seen her before. I asked the young lady, but the young lady refused to say. Master Tilo treated the girl as courteously as he was to the young lady, but ignored the young lady. However, this is good, at least the young lady will not be abused by him, and she can have a baby with peace of mind. She was always in a state of depression. She seemed to think about many, many things every day, and she didn’t seem to care what Master Tilo treated her. In this way, the days passed. Ten days ago, Master Tilo suddenly took that The noble girl came to see the young lady. At that time, the young lady was six months pregnant. The young lady was killed by them at that time." At this point, Xiaohuan was already crying.

Dumb clenched his fists tightly, and the voice oozing from his teeth was as cold as winter, "Tell me how they hurt the girl."

Xiaohuan choked and said: "I will never forget the scene of that day. The original handsome Master Tilo looked so hideous. As soon as he entered the door, he asked if the young lady was pregnant with his child. Miss except with Tilo. She has never been in contact with any other man except Master! She was angry at the time and scolded Master Tilo. Master Tilo said, who knows whose wild species you are pregnant. The aristocratic girl with him also contributed to the flames. Being cynic with the young lady. The young lady was trembling and almost fainted. Young Master Tilo's eyes flashed with an unusually fierce light. He suddenly grabbed the young lady by the hair, hit the young lady in the face, and kicked her. The noble girl was there. Cheering for him, they, they are simply beasts! The young lady was knocked to the ground by Master Tilo, and she kept rolling. She pleaded with Master Tilo so that Master Tilo would take care of the children in her stomach. Let her go. But, but Master Tilo's fight was even more fierce. Poor young lady was pregnant with Liujia and was frail and sickly, and finally passed out during his constant torment, and blood kept flowing from under her. Until then, Master Tilo. He stopped beating the young lady and left with the noble girl. I ran and ran desperately, knelt on the ground and begged the doctor in the house to let her rescue the young lady. The doctor was reasonable, and came with me. By the time we came back, the lady's face had become paler than paper. The doctor told me after seeing the lady that she might not be able to do so, and the child in her stomach could not be kept. The child could be said to be so. The young lady’s only hope, and her body was already extremely weak, it became the way you were when you came. The doctor was moved with compassion and used his own money to buy medicine for the young lady to help her nurse, but she was pregnant. After a six-month-old child had a miscarriage, how did the young lady get better? The doctor said a few days ago that she was going to be okay, but the young lady always supported her and kept her breath. Now that she wants to come, she should just wait. You! Miss, she's so pitiful, she died so miserably!" Xiaohuan threw herself on the girl, crying hoarsely, her whole body convulsing constantly.

There was no expression on Ah Du's face. The nails on his hands had been deeply pierced into the flesh, and he slowly stood up. He took a deep look at the girl and said softly: "Girl, my wife, You can go with peace of mind. All the torture you have suffered, I will get it back for you, and I will let Tiro pay the price he should pay." After speaking, strode out the door.

Xiaohuan was taken aback. The cold murderous intent exuding from A'Dai made her whole body tremble. She rushed to A'Dai: "Sir, you, where are you going?"

Ah Dui turned her back to Xiaohuan and said lightly: "Go and avenge the girl. That's what I should do. The girl will not die in vain."

Xiaohuan left the girl’s body, rushed to the back of Ah-Dai, grabbed his arm, and pleaded bitterly: "Sir, sir, you can’t go! You are the person the lady values most. The lady is dead, she I never want to see you in distress. Master Tilo knows martial arts, you, you can't beat him. You go, if someone finds you in the house, it will be against you."

Dumb laughed and laughed wildly. The beams of the laughter shivered, "Little ring, you are here to take a good look at the girl’s body. I will come as soon as I go. I have said that anyone who has hurt a girl, I am one I will not let it go. Including the viceroys and couples who indulge their grandchildren, they are all damned vicious nobles. Wait for me, I will be back soon." The white light flashed, shaking off Xiaohuan’s hand, and dumb pulled off his body. His coat, revealing the giant spirit snake armor inside, floated out of the girl's room. The night dew was heavy, constantly attacking Ah Du's body, but even the cold Ye dew could not compare to his frozen heart. Dui didn't hide, so he walked to the room where Tiro and Rongrong were. The hatred in his heart now is no worse than when Owen was killed.

There were a lot of soldiers patrolling in the Governor's Mansion, and the guards found the figure of Ah-Dai before he had gone far. "Whoever, stop, don't stop and kill."

As if he hadn't heard the shouting of the guards, Duan continued to walk forward, the bones of his arms kept crackling, and the white anger came out.

A team of ten guards quickly caught up with Ah-Dai and surrounded him, with the tip of the spear in his hand pointed at Ah-Dai’s chest, and the leader said in a deep voice, “It’s a capital crime to trespass at the Governor’s Mansion. If you dare to resist, you can kill you."

Dui slowly raised his head, and his black eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes. The vigorous and huge domineering abruptly came out, spreading like lightning centered on himself with a brutal murderous intent.

Although the ten guards have been trained for a long time, they have no resistance at all when encountering a peerless master like Dui. In the irresistible dominance, they all showed a look of horror, and fell softly to the ground one by one, Qiqiao Bleed to death. Adana's powerful aura, which combines domineering and murderous aura, has become an invisible killer, and these guards are shattered.

Dui didn't pay attention to the life and death of these soldiers, and he still walked to Ti Luo and Rongrong's room step by step. The changes here immediately attracted a large number of guards. Duan was surrounded by hundreds of guards only after walking a few tens of meters away. However, under his indomitable momentum, these guards did not dare to approach him ten meters away. Inside, as Dumb kept moving forward, no one dared to make a move. However, this is after all the residence of the governor of Mica province. As a heavy minister of the empire, there are a large number of masters in the governor's residence. Just when the ordinary soldiers didn't know what to do, dozens of figures came from all directions, feeling the threat from the surroundings, and the dumb who had been advancing finally stopped.

Dozens of figures stood still, these people were wearing ordinary clothes, each of them with a solemn aura, with various grudges shining on their bodies, staring at dumb vigilantly. One of them, an old man with a short stature and arms over knees, said in a deep voice: "Who are you who dare to rush to the Governor's Mansion at night and kill people. At the Governor's Mansion, take a name and say what you are here. "Landa is the commander of the guards in the governor's mansion. The five hundred guards in the mansion are all under his jurisdiction. He is very talented. His years of practice have allowed him to develop a strong martial art. He is the number one master in the governor's mansion. Even when Tiro saw him, he called for Teacher Lan. Since he took over the defense of the governor's mansion, he has never made a mistake, which is highly regarded by Governor Tierhaus. Just now, when he suddenly heard that someone dared to enter the Governor's Mansion at night and there was only one person, he couldn't help being shocked. Although the Governor's Mansion could not be said to be Longtan Tiger Den, but not everyone dared to come, hurriedly led the masters to rush over. As soon as he saw Ah'Dai's appearance, he suddenly sighed with relief. In his opinion, although Ah'Dai's superficial aura was very strong, he was still only a young man in his twenties. What?

Hearing Randa’s question, Ah dumbfounded and smiled happily. The evil smile made the people surrounding him feel cold, "My intention is very simple. I am here to kill. Are you satisfied? If you leave here now, I can let you make a living. As for my name, you may have heard that I am death—god—ah—dumb—."

None of these people have heard of the name Ah Du, but the word death greatly shocked the hearts of these guards. Landa shook his whole body and said silently, "Reaper, you are the Reaper." The name of Reaper is here. The two empires of Sunset and Tianjin have already been spread. A few years ago, he used to kill countless people in the Empire of Sunset. Recently, he killed a large number of people who killed the manual. Landa couldn’t believe it. Young people in their twenties are the gods of death who are famous on the mainland. His heart could not help but tense.

Duan glanced at him, cold gaze made Landa chill, and he took a half step back subconsciously. Dumb moved, still walking forward, the white vindictive spirit suddenly converged, he became no different from an ordinary person, and he pushed towards Landa step by step. Although frightened by the reputation of the **** of death, as the number one master of the governor's mansion, how could Landa retreat. His whole body flashed with blue vindictive light, his unusual arms suddenly stretched out and grabbed at Ah-Dai. The sharp vindictive energy rushed out, pounced in the air, grabbing Ah-Dai's face door with both hands, and grabbing his chest. , His arms stretched out half a foot strangely in the air, and he almost caught in front of Ah-Dai as soon as he raised his hand.

Dumb's heart was full of murderous intent at this time, and Randa's provocation caused murderous intent to surge in his chest, and the evil smile at the corner of his mouth became more full, and he gave a cold snort. The cold voice pierced into Landa's heart like a sharp sword. The hands he grasped in front of him couldn't help but slow down. At this moment, Landa suddenly realized that Dui, who had been exposed by the empty door, suddenly had two more hands in front of him. , Two big hands shining with silver light.

With a "puff", Landa's full-strength blue grudge slammed into Dumb's big hand. He was surprised to find that his invincible grudge could not have any impact on the silver light. At the same time, Dui's hands were already twisted on Landa's thin ten fingers, and a cold voice sounded, "You are looking for death by yourself." The crisp sound of bone fragmentation sounded, and Landa's proud arms were broken every inch. The anger of Qi directly broke his heart. With unwillingness and despair, Landa slowly fell softly in front of Dumb.

The surrounding suddenly became extremely quiet, and no one dared to rush to attack Ah-Dai. The top master of the dignified Governor's Mansion could not make a move in the opponent's hands. Ah-Dai's domineering spirit had completely shocked the hearts of these guards. A Duan glanced coldly at the soldiers in front of him who were moving forward and retreating, and said lightly: "I'll say it one last time, get out of the way, otherwise, die."

All the guards were terrified. Some of the courageous had already started to retreat to the sides. At this moment, I didn't know who shouted: "Everyone, kill him and take revenge for Lan commander." After shouting, the masters who came with Landa suddenly rushed forward, and for a while, all kinds of grudges were constantly flashing in the air, and their only goal was the dumb who was surrounded by the center. The dazzling light of fighting spirit against the body of A'Dai looked very strange, and the eyes of A'Dai were very cold. Although the guards of the Governor's Mansion are not weak, they are barely compared with the ninjas who can only be compared to the ninjas who can only be killed Ten killers above the killer level besieged Ah Du. He has never been afraid, so how can he care about these people? The white vigorous qi suddenly released, and the silver network energy centered on him, dissipating in all directions like lightning. The large net formed by the solid vigorous qi was extremely sharp. When all the qi was in contact with it, All of them melted. Dui yelled, his hands slammed together, and the sky and earth nets in the air suddenly transformed into a huge three-meter-long light blade. Dui's right hand waved the light blade and swept out, under the indestructible silver solid energy of the sixth change. , Suddenly more than ten people were cut into two pieces. With the murderous intent, Ah-Dai could no longer suppress the grief and anger in his heart. Holding the light blade in both hands, a surging curtain of vindictive blades was transformed around his body like a meat grinder, and it rolled toward the guards like a meat grinder.

Really fighting against dumb, these guards realized that the enemy in front of them is so powerful, the silver whirlwind is so terrifying, blood and meat are constantly being thrown out by the whirlpool, and in an instant, half of the guards have died in the hands of dumb~www No one dared to rush forward anymore, the remaining guards were completely shocked, and fled with a slightly sober mind, while those who were completely sluggish only waited for the arrival of the silver whirlwind. With a "pouch", one of the guards in front of him turned into a rain of blood. Looking at the **** appearance, Dui became more sober, the silver whirlwind disappeared, Dui stopped the killing, but the murderous intent in his eyes was even greater. Now, strode towards Ti Luo and Rongrong's room. At this time, no one dared to stop him.

There was such a big movement in the mansion, the governor of Mica province Tillhouse naturally got the news. He put on his gorgeous robes and looked at the hundreds of nervous guards outside the door. This old nobleman who was nearly 70 years old suddenly He was very upset. Since taking over as the governor of the Mica province, he had never encountered such a thing. Someone dared to come to his own home to kill someone, but his men couldn't stop him. Although the person did not come to him, the anger in his heart could no longer be described in words. He picked up his arrow from the desk and said in a deep voice: "Come here."

"Yes, Lord Governor, what do you have to say." A captain of the guard knelt down in front of Tillhouse.

Tillhouse gasped heavily, and said solemnly, "Take my command arrow and immediately go to the military camp outside the city to transfer the army into the city and block the entire city, so I can't help but catch this arrogant killer. , Life or death." His slightly blessed body was slightly convulsed, and the wrinkles on his face were tangled together, looking very hideous.

Chapter 163: Crazy death

The captain of the guard took Ling Jian and said respectfully: "Yes, Lord Governor." After speaking, he turned and left quickly.

"Master, don't be angry, your body is important, don't worry, there are so many guards in the house, you can always catch that bold thief." The man who spoke was a gorgeously dressed old woman, she is the governor. Tillhouse's original wife was the governor's wife who had taken the girl away from Nino.

Tillhouse said bitterly: "It's the opposite, it's really the opposite. I have never seen such an arrogant thief in my military life. When I catch him, I will break his body into pieces, otherwise it will be difficult to understand my heart. Hate."

Immediately after Tilo and Rong Rong passed, they lay tangled on the big bed, stroking Rong Rong’s smooth skin. Tilo was fascinated, and Rong Rong was much better than Tivoli on the bed skills. His seductive charm is beyond comparison with Tiffany. Rongrong sorted out some scattered long blonde hair on her head, and said softly: "Aruo, don't forget what you promised me!"

Tilo pleased: "Don't worry, I will tell my grandma early tomorrow morning. Grandma loves me the most and will definitely not refuse me. Anyway, Tiffany's **** is just a pet adopted by her old man. That's it. Rongrong, you were crazy just now! I was almost drained by you."

Rong Rong threw a wink at Tiro and said with a grin, "Really? After a long time, you are just a silver-like spearhead. You won't be able to use it! I just did it once, and people still want it. It."

Tilo laughed and said, "Don't you know how my kung fu is? Rongrong, do you know what men want to hear women say the most?"

Rongrong shook her head, and said, "I don't know, which sentence is it?"

Ti Luo grabbed a hand on Rong Rong's plump breasts, and whispered: "I tell you, what men want to hear women say is that I want them."

Rong Rong punched Tiro a bit and said, "I hate pulling! That said, the last thing a man wants to hear from a woman is that I want it. People want it now. Come on!"

Tiro looked at Rong Rong's jealous look and suddenly moved with sorrow, and rushed forward. Just as Tiro was about to fight for the second round, the sound of riots outside awakened him from his lust. Someone seemed to be yelling, "There is an assassin, catch the assassin!" As she got up from Rongrong, Tilo's eyes flashed with surprise, and he muttered, "Assassin, where did the assassin come from?"

Rong Rong sat up, hooked Ti Luo's neck, and said tiredly: "Well, you have so many masters in the Governor's Mansion, are you afraid of a small assassin? Not to mention you, the Northern Sword Master. The disciples are here, what are you afraid of? Come on." He said, sealing Tiro's lips, and the two fell on the bed. Tilo was eager to burn again, holding Rongrong's delicate body tightly, and when he was about to break through the barrier, he slammed, and the door suddenly exploded into pieces of wood, bringing a strong wind to the two on the bed. After all, Tilo is a registered disciple of the Northern Swordsman. Although he is immersed in the fire of desire, he is still alert. During his busy schedule, he pulls the quilt beside him with the fire attribute and vindictiveness to urge him to transport it, blocking the flying wood , Before he wanted to come, no matter how strong this sudden attack was, it was impossible to break through his own defense of strength and flexibility. However, the facts are not as simple as he thought. Except for some small pieces of wood that were blocked, most of the pieces of wood actually penetrated his defenses and nailed the quilt into a honeycomb. Tilo and Rong Rong Chi luo Suddenly, his body was pierced by broken wood in many places, and the energy of the broken wood was already weakened when it hit them, but it still entered the body for three points, and Tilo and Rongrong suddenly exhaled in pain.

A tall figure appeared at the door of the room, and Sen Leng's murderous intent instantly enveloped Ti Luo and Rong Rong. Under the moonlight outside the room, this sudden black figure looked so strange.

With luck, Tilo shook the broken wood out of his body, resisting the pain in his body, pulling a piece of clothing over him, and screaming inwardly, "Who?"

Duan looked at the lowly men and women in front of him, and the murderous intent in his chest was about to emerge. He didn't want to end Tilo's life too soon, otherwise, the pieces of wood just now would be enough to kill him and Rongrong. Dumb wanted Tiro to receive the punishment he deserved. He narrowed his eyes and said lightly: "I am the **** of death, come to collect the **** of death of your sinful soul."

Tilo was shocked and blocked Rong Rong, who was constantly crying because of pain, behind him. The red vindictiveness came out from his body. He finally saw Ah Dui's face and said in surprise: "It's you."

Dumb nodded and said, "Yes, it's me."

Tiro floated up and landed on the bed, and said bitterly: "I can't find any place to break through the iron shoes! Boy, I have been looking for you for a long time, but I didn't expect you to come here today. Go and die." In Dulucheng, he was humiliated by Dulu, and he always held a grudge. He told the seniors who formed the skeleton mercenary group about Dulu, and sent people to look for Dulu's whereabouts, but he never heard from Dui and suddenly saw the humiliation. The murderous intent of the person who passed him suddenly rose, and suddenly blasted towards Ah-Dai. The air suddenly heated up, and a group of dark red light went straight to Ah-Dai's chest. However, in his anger, he forgot that he was once the defeat of the dull young man in front of him.

A Duan waved his hand, and the silver light flashed, and the fire-type fighting energy that Tiro had attacked with all his strength was instantly dissolved invisibly, "Tiro, rest assured, I will make you perfect." The body moved forward suddenly as if sliding. The crystal clear blade gleaming with silver light suddenly slashed towards Tiro. At this moment, Tilo suddenly felt that the air around his body seemed to have disappeared, and his body had lost the ability to move. Under his horror, he desperately pushed his grudge to the limit, trying to resist the attack of dumb. . However, the silver solid energy blade that reached the sixth change, even a Sword Saint level master, would not dare to take it lightly, let alone him. The light flickered, and Tiro only felt a cold in his left shoulder, as if something came out of him. The numbness and coldness disappeared quickly, and the incomparable severe pain stimulated Tyro's nerves. "Ah--" A scream like a slaughter of a pig sounded, and Tyro was horrified to find that his left arm had already left. Body away.

Dui floated in front of Ti Luo and Rong Rong, the silver light flashed, and quickly sealed the meridians of the two of them. Under the action of anger, the blood sprayed wound on Ti Luo's left shoulder suddenly stopped the blood flow. In the other's murderous aura, Tiro was timid and said tremblingly: "Don't, don't kill me, don't kill me, I won't retaliate against you."

A Duan exudes a cold air like nine cold days, and said word by word: "But-I-but-want-find-you-revenge-revenge -"

Tiro endured bursts of heart-wrenching pain, the muscles on his face continued to spasm, and murmured: "But, but I didn't offend you!"

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth and nodded, "Yes, you didn't offend me, but you offended another person, do you remember the girl?"

"Girl?" Tiro's heart trembled. Of course he knew that Tiffany's name was Girl before he came to the Governor's Mansion, and murmured: "You, you're talking about Fuya. You, who are you? "

Dui sneered, "Who am I? I am the girl's fiance, Dui, you should have heard my name. I also have a nickname, which is death. I don't blame you when you chase the girl, you are with her. I don’t blame you. But what you beast has done to the girl, you should know better than me."

Tiro listened to Ah'Dai's words, and he suddenly understood. He didn't expect that the unfathomable and dull young man in front of him was someone who the girl would never forget. Seeing the heavy murderous intent in Ah'Dai's eyes, he understood the purpose of the young man in front of him. It was to take his own life. When life and death were at stake, he was scared, and the sense of fear continued to invade his heart, and his voice trembled: "I, I knew it was wrong, I was sorry for Fuya, I already knew it was wrong, you, You don’t kill me, I promise, I promise to be good to her in the future. She already has my child, you can’t bear to see Fuya’s child without a father. Forgive me, I, ah--" In the middle, Tiro's right arm fell to the ground at the passing of the silver light.

It's okay for Tiro not to mention the child. When he mentions the child, Ah Duan almost couldn't hold back and immediately killed him. With clenched fists cracking, Adamson said coldly, "Child, you still have the face to mention the child with me. , After you beat the girl that day, her child has long been gone. Do you want to be right with the girl? Then you should go to the underworld to accompany him, the girl is dead, the hatred between me and you will never be resolved. Tiro, you beast, today I am going to give you back a hundred times, a thousand times the pain you inflicted on the girl." Grabbing Tiro's chest, Dumb threw him heavily on the ground. Tilo's face was pale, and his whole body was convulsing constantly. He knew that Ah-Dai would not let him go, and shouted sternly, "You, you kill me and don't want to live, my grandfather is from Mica province. Governor, if you can't escape, Grandpa will definitely kill you."

Dumb squatted next to Tiro and smiled and said, "What? Do you think I'm afraid of your grandfather the governor? Frankly, after killing you, he will be my next target. If it weren't for their indulgence, the girl would also I won’t be killed by your beast, you appoint it.” He picked up a piece of wood, and he pierced Tiro’s thigh muscles bit by bit. The uneven wood gradually twisted Tiro’s muscles into Muddy, Tiro's screams one after another, sounded terrifying in the middle of the night.

Intensive footsteps sounded in the governor’s mansion. As the governor of Mica province Tillhouse sat down and the first brave commander, Yida quickly brought people over as soon as he received the governor’s order. For him, there is nothing like mentioning. House safety is more important.

Seeing the wolfish scene in the Governor's Mansion, Yida grabbed a guard of the Governor's Mansion and asked urgently: "Where is the killer? Did the killer escape? Is there anything wrong with the Governor?" He was Tillhouse. When he got up, his loyalty to Tillhouse was unmatched by anyone, otherwise he would not have been appointed by Tillhouse as the commander in charge of the 30,000 troops outside Mica City.

The guard seemed to be a little demented, pointing to a room not far away and muttering: "Screaming, terrifying screaming, terrifying..."

Yida frowned. He found that the guard in his hand had become an idiot. It seemed to be the result of excessive fright. He glanced at the direction he was pointing, waved his right hand, and said solemnly: "Come with me." Take his guards and quickly ran towards the house. Before reaching the door of the room, Yida smelled a strong smell of blood, was shocked, and drew out his long sword to rush over. The guards he brought were immediately divided into two groups, and one group surrounded the room. Get up, and the other group followed him to the door. When Yida walked to the door of the room and saw the scene inside, he could not help shivering because of his time-tested battlefield, with a look of fear in his eyes. What he saw was a young man wrapped in scale armor. He was squatting on the ground, poking someone with something, ah! The one lying on the ground can no longer be called a human, because he has no limbs, his whole body is **** and bloody, even his ears and nose have become a mass of rotten flesh, Yida barely suppressed it when he saw such a terrifying scene. Suspending the panic in his heart, he shouted: "Stop, a bold thief, how dare you do such a shameful thing."

The young man wrapped in scales slowly raised his head, his red eyes were completely shrouded in murderous intent, and a cold voice without the slightest anger sounded, "Is this a beast? The body is the most suitable." With a wave of his hand, the person on the ground twitched again. During the torture, the person on the ground had completely fallen into a coma. Except for a breath, he was no different from a dead person. This" "The corpse" is Tilo, the grandson of the provincial governor of Mica Tilhaus, who killed the girl Tiffany. And it was Dumb who cut off his limbs and tortured him.

Dui slowly stood up from the ground, looked at Tiro, who was already inhuman, and said coldly: "You still suffer too little, it's cheaper for you, go to **** and accept the suffering." His right hand waved fiercely. , The silver light flashed violently, and Yi Da had no chance to block it. The Tilo on the ground had already turned into a pool of flesh and blood.

On the big bed, Rong Rong, who was completely naked, was already frightened. She stared blankly, and could not make any other reactions except shaking. At the beginning, her grandfather Dulu Governorate Figuete specifically told her not to associate with Tiro, but she just refused to listen. Her rebellious thoughts and desire for the opposite **** prompted her to seduce Tiro. She never thought , When I was with Tiro, he would get into a killer like Dui, watching Tiro tortured to death by Dui.

Yida saw that Ah'Dai was still killing someone in front of him, and he roared, and the long sword in his hand suddenly smashed towards Ah'Dai with a yellow vindictive spirit. Due to the long battle, the long sword he cleaved was full of killing .

Although Ah Dui was full of hatred in his heart, Tiro's death has alleviated a lot of his murderous intent, and his mind became clearer. The white vitality came out, shaking Yi Da back with a palm, and floated onto the big bed. , Chong Rongrong said: "As you are a woman, I will give you a happy one." A silver light flashed, and Rongrong's chest collapsed completely amidst the surging anger. And the rebellion paid a heavy price.

Yida saw that the other party was still killing two people in front of him, and his eyes were splitting. The long sword in his hand madly slashed towards Dumb, and the guards who came with him also surrounded him from both sides.

Dui said lightly: "Killing you has no meaning to me, goodbye." In the silver light package, all the attacks were invisible, Dui soared into the sky, shaking the roof out of a big hole and floating out. A room full of **** smell.

"Chasing, chasing, we must catch this murderous demon." Yida's angry shout sounded. But can they really catch dumb? The answer is of course no.

Dui left Tiro's room, and the coolness brought by the night wind made his mind sober. Muttered: "Girl, I have paid half of your hatred for you. I will now take the lives of those two people who indulged Tiron's beasts." He didn't know where Mica Governor Tierhaus was. Wherever he was flying high in the air, he found that the entire governor's mansion was full of officers and soldiers. He was wearing black giant snake armor, and under the cover of night, these officers and soldiers did not find him. Dumb flew high, rushed straight into the air at a height of 100 meters, and looked down. He knew that as long as the place where the officers and soldiers gather the most, the governor must be. Sure enough, when his gaze turned to a clearing deep in the Governor's Mansion, he found his goal. Tillhouse, dressed in a Chinese dress, was standing in the yard with his wife, constantly berating and commanding the officers and soldiers. From his manner, Dui could easily tell that this was the governor in charge of the province of Mica. With a sneer, Dumb didn't rush down. His hands were wrong, and a javelin made of silver condensed vigor appeared in his hand.

The silver light suddenly appeared in the sky attracted the attention of the officers and soldiers below. They just wanted to take a closer look at what it was, but found that the silver light suddenly brightened and shot down like lightning. When Yin Guang was about to approach the Governor's Mansion, he suddenly split into two, with an extremely powerful surging energy, directly taking the Governor Tillhouse and his wife.

Tilhouse was born as a military commander with profound skills. The sudden pressure suddenly shocked him, and raised his head subconsciously. What he saw was the smile of death. The body protection vindictiveness that was rushed out was shattered like a crockpot, and the silver light passed through his heart accurately. Tillhouse only felt a cold in his chest, and his own vitality quickly passed by. The rich body fell to the ground with a sudden, and when his life was about to end, at the last glance, he saw his wife who fell to the ground at the same time. A voice sounded in Tillhouse and his wife's ears at the same time, "To indulge my grandson to do evil, you will die."

Arrows pierced through the air like flying locusts, shooting the dumb in the air, but the black figure of dumb suddenly disappeared.

After using the instant transfer of the wish of Corris twice in a row, Ah-Dai came to the girl’s door. The officers and soldiers searching here felt that their whole bodies were shaken, and they were all sealed by Ah-Dai’s life-changing fighting spirit. The meridians collapsed to the ground. .

There was such a big riot in the Governor's Mansion, Xiaohuan naturally heard it in the room, but she did not go out. At this time, because of Tiffany's death, her body and mind were completely in grief, and she had already ignored other things. . The sudden appearance of Ah-Dai shocked her. After hearing the smell of blood on Ah-Dai's body, Xiaohuan trembled all over his body and murmured: "You, you are..."

Dumb's red eyes have turned back to black, and said faintly: "I have avenged the girl's hatred for her. Since she treats you like a sister, then you go with me, and I will arrange it for you." Without waiting for Xiaohuan to resist, he flew up, took up the girl’s body wrapped in quilt with one hand, and put Xiaohuan under his armpit with the other hand. Amid Xiaohuan’s exclamation, he flashed out of the room, just like that. Flying high with two people.

In order not to give the soldiers in the Mica province a chance to attack, Duan pushed the vitality in his body to the limit, and brought a silver tail flame all over his body, rushing into the sky like a cannonball.

Although the rising silver light was discovered by the soldiers, the silver light was flying too fast, and the soldiers' steel arrows could not catch up with the ethereal figure. In a flash, the silver figure disappeared from their sight. They can only release a few arrows in the void, in vain.

Yida squatted beside the dead Tillhouse, his whole body trembling slightly. The strength of this assassin was so strong that he could not imagine that the governor was dead. The governor of the province was dead. At this time, Yida The heart is full of various complex emotions. However, he knew that now was not the time to panic, and shouted: "Come here."

"Yes, Lord General." The soldiers around with decadence and fear responded respectfully.

A cold flash in Yida's eyes, and he said in a deep voice: "From now on, the entire Governor's Mansion will be sealed off. No one is allowed to enter without my general order. At the same time, strictly guard the news of the Governor's assassination. If the slightest wind is revealed, you will all be headed. Landed."

"Follow the general's orders." Listening to the respectful voices of the people below, Yida took a deep breath, calming down the inner turmoil, what a big deal the Governor was killed! This news must not reach the ears of the civilians in the Mica province, otherwise, it will inevitably cause an uproar and cause riots in the province. Now everything can only wait for the above decision. Hey, looking at the assassin's skill just now, I am afraid that only the Northern Sword Saint, the number one master of the Tianjin Empire, can be sure of victory. Such a killer, it is better not to offend yourself easily. After all, people are selfish, and he is no exception. After all, life is precious.

Dui took the girl’s body and the small ring and flew quickly towards the outside of Mica City until he could not see the tall walls of Mica City before he fell down and landed in a lush dense forest.

Xiaohuan has fainted in the air just now. After all, for an ordinary person, the stimulus of flying from the ground is too great, coupled with the intense grief caused by the death of the girl, and the astonishing speed of dumb. Fainted in the freezing cold wind.

Dui put Xiaohuan and the **** the ground, sighed softly, and put the girl's upper body together with the quilt into his arms, gently stroking her somewhat dry hair, and couldn't help but feel a little silly. Thinking of Xiaohuan's words before, tears drenched, and after a night of killing, the sadness in his heart had already radiated a lot, but the girl died like this, and his expectation of reunion was also shattered. "Girl, you have suffered, all blame me, I didn't come to find you earlier, so you died, girl, girl, you open your eyes and see your dumb brother! Don't you miss me very much? Beside you, wake up, I will definitely marry you, girl, poor girl!" Dumb fell on her and wept bitterly, because of the misunderstanding between Xuanyue and the girl’s death, Dumb’s The heart hurts as if it is about to burst, the whole body is constantly convulsing, the night of extreme nervousness and the constant consumption not long ago, even with his powerful body, he can't hold on, spouting a mouthful of hard work, The corpse holding the girl fainted to the ground, twitching constantly. If you were an ordinary person and suddenly suffered such a big change, you would probably have a nervous breakdown, but Ah's mental power was very strong, and he chose to faint at the most critical moment to escape the crisis of collapse.

The sun shone on the earth again, and the dazzling light and the warmth from the body gradually made Xiaohuan wake up from her coma. Her curled up body trembled. Xiaohuan slowly opened her eyes. After a half-night rest, her spirit It's better, but because of being soaked in the night dew, the whole body is a little stiff. With a sober mind, Xiaohuan recalled what happened last night and couldn't help looking around. I found that not far from him, Dumb was lying motionless holding the girl's body. Xiao Huan was surprised and hurried to them.

The girl’s body has become cold and stiff, and her pure white face looks so haggard. Seeing that the young lady who loves her sister will never wake up again, Xiaohuan feels sad and involuntarily cry. The crystal clear teardrops kept falling, falling on Dui and the girl.

Stimulated by the girl's cold tears, Ah-Dai gradually woke up from a coma. The meridians in his body were suffering from colic. He found that his originally unobstructed meridians had many stagnations, and the vitality of vitality in his body was not so smooth anymore. Xiaohuan's crying sounded in her ears, and Dumb tightly embraced the girl's body and slowly sat up.

Xiaohuan looked at the black scale armor of Ah-Dai, and couldn't help being a little frightened. He shrank back and muttered: "Sir, you, you are awake."

Dui carefully laid the girl flat on the ground and rushed towards Xiaohuan and said, "Don't call me husband, call me Dui. If you want, you can also call me Dui brother." Before Xiaohuan answered, he turned to the girl. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air in the woods, his mind seemed to be much more clear. He cried and had no tears last night. Those venting could not weaken his inner sadness. He murmured: "Girl, you can rest in peace. All the people who killed you, Dumb, will be killed for you. Dumb will never Let you leave me, I will take you like I carry ice, always with you, let you look at me, feel my temperature, maybe, when I take care of everything I care about, I will follow you Go and stay with you forever. The fire element that fills the heavens and the earth! Please give me the power to burn, in my name, with your power, appear, the scorching flame." The flame appeared in the hand of Dumb , The color of the flames changed from blue to blue, and then from blue to purple. Dumb waved his hands, and the white vitality came out, enveloping the girl’s delicate body, slowly wrapping her delicate body under the control of his mind Holding it up, floating in the air under the white ray of light, Dumb looked at the girl’s floating body stupidly, and said softly: "Go, girl, go to heaven. May your soul be able to With immortality, we will surely be able to meet again in the next life." The purple flame in the palm flew out and fell on the girl. The temperature of Ziyan was extremely high, and the light of the flame almost instantly enveloped the girl's body. Xiaohuan was taken aback, rushed to the side of Dui, grabbed his clothes and lost her voice: "You, what are you going to do? No, no! Miss——" Xiaohuan kept shouting, and pulled Dui hard. Her body tried to stop the purple flame, but with her tiny power, how could she shake Dumb?

Dumb said indifferently: "I want the girl to be by my side There was a cold flash in his eyes, the fire suddenly increased in the vigorous spirit, and the girl's body was wrapped in white light. Hongfei suddenly turned into a pile of ashes. Ignoring the cry of the small ring on the side, Dumb controlled Shengshengzhen Qi to slowly recede. In the barrier formed by the white light, the ashes gradually condensed, just like the original ice. That way, it condenses into a fist-sized ball.

Dumb grabbed the girl’s ashes in his hand, stared at Xiaohuan coldly, and said, "Don’t bother me." As he said, he floated up and landed on a thick branch, staring carefully at the person in his hand. Ashes, Dumb’s eyes are moist again, girl, the girl who was weak when she was a child, the girl who ate a piece of dried buns with herself, the girl who was going to be her fiancee, the first one in her heart that was more important than buns The girl has turned into this mass of ashes. Dui lifted his right hand and turned into a silver knife. Thinking back to the past, thinking back to the girl’s resentful and regretful eyes when she died, the silver blade moved gently. When he got up, the blade was constantly beating between Ah'Dai's flexible five fingers, and his heart was completely immersed in the memory of the girl in the magical carving.

Xiaohuan stared at Dumb stupidly under the tree. Her heart was empty. Tiffany could be said to be her only sustenance. Now that sustenance has completely disappeared. She feels as if she has lost everything, and everything in the world is no longer for herself. Not important anymore.

Chapter 164: Harry's story

The black shadow flashed, and Ah-Dai landed beside Xiaohuan. He touched the girl’s portrait with both hands precious and handed it to Xiaohuan, and said foolishly: "Look, is the girl alive again? It must be. , She will never die."

Xiaohuan was shocked, and looked at the gray ashes in Dumb's hands. That lifelike face was exactly the girl! Xiaohuan didn’t understand what Dui was doing just now, and screamed "Miss——" Tears flowed down again uncontrollably. She and Dui stood there quietly, staring at them with four eyes. The lifelike portraits and the sad atmosphere continued to rise around them, and the forest seemed to feel the pain in their hearts, shivering under the breeze.

After a long time, A Duan sighed, and cherished the girl's head back into his arms, and said lightly: "Don't cry Xiaohuan, let's go."

Xiaohuan choked and nodded, and murmured, "Dumb, Brother Dumb, where are we going now?"

Dumb said: "I'll take you to a peaceful place, where you should be able to live a peaceful life, that should be what the girl hopes." After finishing speaking, he picked up the small ring's body, flew up and distinguished He flew towards the southwest, his destination was the peaceful village where Harry lived. The Mica Province is not far away from the village of Hake where the Western Sword Saint Harry is located. After a day’s flight, Duan took the small ring across the dividing line between the Tianjin Empire and the Sodom Federation, and it took another day to turn over. Tiangang Mountain came to the Guangming Province of the Huasheng Empire.

Two days later, Xiaohuan’s sadness in her heart has decreased a lot, and she has gradually become accustomed to the feeling of being taken by dumb. Whenever she thinks of the girl, she will ask dumb to take a look at the girl’s head, recalling the past The scene with the girl.

Under the protection of Dumb's vindictive spirit, the oncoming cold wind could no longer invade Xiaohuan's body. Looking at the sights flying by, Xiaohuan murmured, "Big Brother Dumb, why can you fly?"

Duan glanced at Xiaohuan. After two days of rushing, the stagnant meridians in his body have been dredged out, and it will not affect his speed for the time being. At this time, he is indeed not in the mood to adjust his breath completely. Huan's question answered indifferently: "This is a form of martial arts."

Xiaohuan can be said to be totally ignorant of martial arts, and changed the subject: "Where are you taking me? Will I follow you in the future?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I am an ominous person. I am afraid that there will be danger if you follow me. I will arrange you in a calm place where you will not suffer any harm. Let me explain."

Xiaohuan looked at Ah'Dai's ordinary face, and whispered: "It would be great if the lady is still there, Xiaohuan is willing to wait for you for a lifetime." After two days of getting along, Xiaohuan found that the big brother Ah'Dai had a cold face despite Yes, but he is a person of the most affectionate and sexual, and his feelings for Tiffany seem to be very deep, and Tiffany's death has caused him a great blow.

Ah Du's body trembled slightly and said in a low voice: "The girl is here, she will always be there. In my heart, she is still the kind and weak girl, and I will always take her by my side."

The light and dark river is already in sight, the village of Hake is still so peaceful, the farmers are constantly busy, Dui took the small ring and landed on a small soil **** not far from the village of Hake, faintly said: "Little ring , Would you like to live a peaceful life in that small village? There will be no one bullying you, no one will look down on you, some are just simple villagers."

Xiaohuan looked at the small village in front of him surrounded by fields, with a hint of hope in his eyes, nodded, and said: "I am willing, Miss said when she was alive, if there is a peaceful place for her to live in peace. She was satisfied when Xiaohuan had the same idea. A peaceful life is what I hope most, but will the people here accept me?" Duan glanced at Xiaohuan, sighed, and said, "Girl As I thought, if she is still alive, we can live a peaceful life here. Let’s go, let’s go. There is a senior I know, and he will take care of you."

Ah Dui slowly walked towards Hake Village with Xiaohuan. As soon as he reached the entrance of the village, he saw Harry's eldest son at a glance. He was helping several villagers move things. Under the sunlight, a few drops of sweat appeared on his simple face, but Dui could see that although he was a little tired physically, he was very happy mentally.

"Hassan." Ah-Dai called out the name of Harry's eldest son.

Hearing Ah-Dai's call, Hassan was obviously taken aback. He raised his head and looked in the direction of Ah-Dai. He was stunned. He immediately recognized Ah-Dai’s identity and said in surprise: "Ah! You, are you not Ah-Dai? Come and visit us. Huh? That’s great. Dad will be very happy to know that you are here."

Dumb looked at Hassan's simple and honest smile, and couldn't help but warm up, and waved to Xiaohuan, "Come on, Xiaohuan, let me introduce you to you."

Xiaohuan walked to Ah Du's a little shyly, lowered her head and dared not look at Hassan's scorching gaze. Although Xiaohuan was not very beautiful, she was also pretty. Hassan, who had never seen the world, was a little embarrassed. Get up and murmured at Dumb: "Brother Dumb, this doesn't seem to be the cold girl last time."

Duan nodded and said, "She is Xiaohuan, the sister of a friend of mine. Her fate is very miserable. I want to ask your father to take care of her."

Hassan scratched his head and said, "Take care of her? It should be okay. My father and mother are very hospitable. Let's go, I will take you to see my father. He doesn't know why he always sleeps and shuts himself up all the time. He can’t come out in the house. My mother often scolds him for being lazy, but my father has worked so hard all his life, and now he’s not too young, and he should take a break. Those farm work has our brothers, which is enough."

Dumb's heart moved, he understood that Harry must be preparing for the Four Great Swordmasters competition three months later, with a faint smile on his face, and said: "Hassan, you are such a filial son!"

Hassan brought Dui and Xiaohuan to his home. As soon as he entered the door, he shouted: "Dad, Dui is here, Big Brother Dui is here."

Dui was shocked and hurriedly grabbed Hassan and said, "Stop calling, don't disturb Uncle Harry's rest." The martial artist's meditation needs to be quiet, otherwise it is easy to get confused, he is afraid that Hassan will disturb Harry's practice.

"It's okay." Harry's voice came from the room, and the leader walked out of the room with a smile on his face.

Seeing Harry again, Duan felt an inexplicable intimacy in his heart. He stepped forward and said respectfully: "Uncle Harry."

Harry looked up and down at Dumb, with a look of worry in his eyes, and said, "Dumb, how come you have time to come, go, come in and talk. Hassan, go work, and borrow some from your Uncle Reid's house at night. Come, I'll treat you dumb brother."

"Oh, I see." Hassan promised, then glanced at Xiaohuan and turned away.

Dui and Xiaohuan came to Harry’s room, Dui said: "Uncle Harry, I have something to beg of you when I come back. This girl is the sister of a friend of mine, and that friend of mine died unfortunately. I want to let him She lives a peaceful life with you. She is just an ordinary girl and will not cause you trouble."

Harry looked up and down at Xiaohuan, and smiled: "I still have a place here, so let her live."

Xiaohuan greeted Harry with a salute, and said nicely: "Thank you, uncle, Xiaohuan can do all housework. You can also teach me to do farm work. I won't live here for nothing."

Harry laughed and said, "Well, such a good little girl! It seems that Dui is really not bothering me. Go, I'll find a room for you." After that, let's come with Dui with the little ring. When I went to the room where Miefeng lived last time, "I’m a little bit rudimentary here, so let’s make do with it. If you want anything, just tell me. My mother-in-law may not be able to come back at night. She has been looking forward to having a daughter. If you wish, she will like you very much. You can rest assured to live with me."

From Harry, Xiaohuan felt the warmth of home, her eyes blushed, and she choked up, "Thank you, uncle, Xiaohuan will be very good."

Harry nodded and said, "You and Dumb have worked **** the journey. Let's rest first. Dumb, come with me, I have something to say to you."

Dumb froze, nodded, and rushed towards Xiaohuan: "Then you should rest first." After speaking, he went back to his room with Harry.

Closing the door, Harry showed a solemn look on his face, and suddenly he patted Dumb on the chest. Dumb was slightly surprised, but he did not dodge, because he knew that Harry would not harm him.

Harry's skinny palm pressed against Ah-Dai's chest with a cyan light, and his inner strength was not vomiting. Ah-Dai clearly felt a warm energy flowing in from his chest, and quickly circled his meridians and retracted into Harry's body. Harry frowned and said reproachfully, "What did you do? Why are the meridians in your body so confused? Have you met a master? There are not many masters who can hurt you!"

A Duan smiled bitterly and shook his head, and said, "Uncle, I'm fine, I have caused the injuries in my body. I have not been in a good mood recently. Xiaohuan's sister is very important to me, but she is dead, hey—— , Why do all the friends who are with me pass away one by one? Am I really an ominous person?"

Harry looked at Dumb and said, "Don't talk about it yet. You must quickly straighten out the true qi in the meridians in your body, otherwise there is a danger of getting into trouble. Come on." After speaking, he pulled Dumb onto the bed. Now Dumb didn't actually have the mind to cultivate, but he couldn't disobey Harry's kindness, so he had to sit cross-legged across from him.

Harry stretched out his palms and said, "Face my palms, and I will help you." Feeling Harry's concern for him, Duan's heart became hot, and he raised his palms to meet Harry's four palms. Harry said in a deep voice: "Hold the Yuan and return to one, keep the dantian, and dispel distracting thoughts." Two warm and surging air currents flowed into Ah'Dai from the palm of Harry's palm. Under the action of the surging and burning energy, the meridians of Ah'Dai gradually became active . He took a deep breath, sinking his mind into his dantian, and began to dredge the meridians in his body with Harry's true energy.

Harry’s Qinglian qi is a neutral qi. It is characterized by being peaceful and broad. It is very suitable as a guide to generate true qi. Dui’s own skill has surpassed Harry. With his help, he controls the meridians of the golden body in his body that will stagnate. And the turbulent inner breath gradually straightened out, and after a while, he entered the state of concentration. The blue and white rays of light envelop the bodies of Ah-Dai and Harry. Under the combined action of the two masters of the world’s sword-sage level, those stagnant meridians were quickly dredged out, and the qi in Ah-Dai's body gradually returned to normal operation. Track.

Two hours later, the two slowly recovered their strength and opened their eyes almost simultaneously.

There was a look of surprise in Harry's eyes, and he said in confusion, "Boy, how did you practice your martial arts? How come you are so much stronger than last time in less than a year."

Listening to Harry's words, Dumb couldn't help but recall the ardent expectation of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint when he taught him the exercises. He sighed and said, "Sorry uncle, this is the secret of our Heavenly Gang Sword Sect. I can't tell you. Maybe you will get the answer when the Four Great Swordmasters compete."

Harry smiled bitterly: "I don't want to go anymore. Even the disciple and grandson of the old fellow Tiangang Sword Saint are better than me. Isn't it shameful that I have gone? Son, the stagnant meridians in your body seem to be related to your own emotions. You must have been hit hard these days. Is it because you avenged your uncle? What will happen to the killer?"

Dui's eyes darkened, and said, "Not only for revenge, but also for other things." At the moment, he told Harry what happened after he left the village, and talked about how the girl died and how he was. The killing of the governor of Mica province and his wife and Tyro was repeated. It only concealed the period of misunderstanding between herself and Yueyue.

After listening to Ah'Dai's narrative, the Western Swordmaster Harry was silent, feeling the strong sadness in Ah'Dai's heart. He couldn't help having an inexplicable emotion towards the dull boy in front of him. He sighed and said, "My child, I didn't expect yours. The experience was so bumpy, I am old, if the same thing happened to me, I am afraid I would have already collapsed. You can see that your current mind is not far from the edge of collapse, you must hold on and survive this The trough of the soul, at that time, your future will be limitless. If there is any need for help, you can speak up and I will try my best to help you. Ah! By the way, you killed the named disciple of the Northern Juggernaut, The old guy Fultu is famous for protecting shortcomings. I’m afraid he won’t let you go. You have to be careful. That old guy’s fire nightmare is very powerful, a very domineering fighting spirit, and more powerful than fire magic. It took a lot of work for Diss to clean him."

Ah Duan snorted coldly, and said slightly angrily: "He has no way to teach his followers, so does he want to trouble me? I'm not afraid of him."

Harry smiled slightly, and said: "With your current skill, you can indeed compete with Hutu, but you should be careful. After all, offending a sword master is not a good thing! However, the famous disciple of Hutu abused you. My friend is really damn, after I see Hutu, I will help you talk about it, he should give me a bit of face, plus Diss, Hutu has nothing to do with you. By the way, you said last time What happened to the dark forces? Now which one of the Holy See and them wins?"

Dumb sighed, and said: "There is no victory yet. The Holy See has been scrambling to find the whereabouts of the dark forces, but until now there is no clue, and it is completely passive."

Harry nodded and said, "If the dark forces are too rampant, I will definitely not stand by. After all, if humans want to survive on this continent, they must completely eradicate the dark forces. Dumb, are you going to help the Holy See? "

Dumb froze. When he mentioned the Holy See, he couldn't help but think of Xuan Yue. Because of the death of the girl, he almost forgot the guilt for Xuan Yue in the past two days. When he suddenly thought of this, his whole body trembled slightly, and said sadly: " There are so many masters in the Holy See, there is no need for me to help."

Harry said, "That's not what I said. Although there are many experts in the Holy See, but you can reach your current level. I don't think anyone can do it except the Pope. Boy, don't belittle yourself. When the mainland is in danger, you You should make a contribution to mankind. Don’t forget your Tiangang Sword Sect’s purpose of maintaining justice. Diss will definitely lead your whole faction to help the Vatican fight against the forces of darkness.”

After hearing what Harry said, Dumb's mind was clear, yeah! How could I disregard the selfish love of my children, if the dark forces completely invade the mainland, what a disaster it will bring! That was definitely not what I wanted to see, let alone what Shizu wanted to see. Even Harry was willing to give up his peaceful life and contribute to the mainland. How could he escape because of the trust of his master? Nodded firmly, and said dumb: "Don't worry, if something happens, I will never back down."

Harry nodded with satisfaction and said, "When the continent calms down, if we are still alive, you can come to live with me. We can learn martial arts every day. Since the battle with you that day, my hands have been itchy. Very ah!"

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Waiting at any time. If you want, we can play a game now."

Harry shook his head and said: "Now? Forget it, your body is not well developed yet. I don't want Diss to say that I bully his disciple. Besides, I have recently worked out a few tricks and have to wait until four. I asked Diss to taste it when the Great Swordmaster competed. It’s a secret now. Well, it’s getting late, let’s go out. My wife will be back soon."

The dinner was very hearty, and all they ate were things that Harry and the others could only eat during the holidays. Harry’s wife was still so hospitable, especially after knowing that Xiaohuan would stay and live with them, she was extremely excited and had to recognize Xiaohuan. Being a goddaughter, the little ring who has always been in sorrow, under the enthusiasm of the Harry family, added a smile to the delicate little face, and also a little more rosy. Seeing that Xiaohuan had gradually integrated into the Harry family, Duan was relieved.

In the middle of the night, everyone else was asleep, and Dumb and Harry were standing in the yard. Looking at the starry sky, Harry said: "Dumb, where are you going now?"

Dumb froze, shook his head, and said, "I don't know. The world is so big, but it seems that there is no place for me."

Harry smiled slightly, and said, "How can you say that? At least the Tiangang Sword Sect is your home! If you don't want to go back, you can stay with me forever, and wait until the time of the Four Great Swordmasters' competition. We are together. Go to the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Dumb said sadly: "No, I don't want my sorrow to affect you. I am not suitable for the peaceful life of Hake Village."

Harry said indifferently: "Child, only you can resolve the sadness in your heart. The dead are gone, and the living must continue to live. In fact, you have to think clearly that the dead have to pass into another world. Their souls will not disappear. Just like your friend called the girl, she has endured all the difficulties in our world, but when her soul goes to another world, she may be able to live a happy life. Those are not what you need to worry about. There is providence in the dark. Let me tell you a short story. Once upon a time, there was a rich man who was very stingy. He was stingy not only with others, but also with himself. He was reluctant to eat and wear it. Grabbing every copper coin out of oil, finally, when he lived to 70 years old, he became the richest man in the world. However, at that time, his body was completely decayed due to years of insufficient nutrition. He used all his money to build a huge underground tomb for himself, and waited in it to die. He felt that he was happiest at this time. However, when his mind was hazy, all the things he had done before kept flashing in his mind. However, he suddenly wanted to understand that wealth is something that life does not bring to death. The money he has accumulated cannot be enjoyed at all by himself, but it is too late for him to wake up. In regret, he died. , And the luxurious tomb he accumulated with all his wealth became a paradise for tomb robbers in the end."

After listening to Harry's story, Dumb's heart moved, as if he wanted to understand something, but he couldn't explain it clearly, and murmured: "Uncle Harry, what do you mean?"

Harry did not answer him, his voice was still flat, "A young man, he has been mischievous since he was a child, and broke his parents. He is the youngest child in the family. When he was 18 years old, his parents were over 60. One day, a plague broke out in the village where he lived, and the plague took the lives of his elderly parents. Only when the parents died did the youth realize that they were so important to themselves, and kept crying beside them, He promised everything, but no matter what he did, it was useless. His parents were dead. The facts were impossible to change. At this moment, an elderly man came to him and asked him "Is it still useful for you to tell them now?" The young man replied: "I hope the souls of my parents can rest in heaven." The old man said dismissively: "Their souls cannot hear you at all. You didn’t cherish the time. What is the use of saying these now? Everything is just wasted.” The young man was ignorant, he did not know what to do, looked at the old man and asked, “Then what should I do now?” The old man just said After hearing these six words, the young man understood everything. Since then, he has become a useful person in the village. No matter who has difficulties, he will help, and it is the same for everyone. Okay. After five years, the old man reappeared and told the youth that he had passed the test, and took him out of the small village to a big mountain to teach his martial arts skills." He turned to look at dumb. With tears in Harry’s eyes, he sighed, “This young man is me. And that old man is my mentor. It was the mentor who awakened me when I was most sad and made me what I am today.”

After listening to Harry's story, Ah's body trembled slightly, and he murmured: "Uncle, what were the six words your master said to you at that time?"

Harry took a deep breath, looked up at the starry sky, and said, "Go, let's go, I hope I can wake you up like the teacher woke me up. The six words the teacher said to me at the time was, cherish the people who live." After that, the green light flashed and Harry's figure disappeared.

Standing in the yard, Ah-Dai's heart kept surging with all kinds of complex emotions, muttering: "Treasure the living, cherish the living." Although he hadn't fully understood the meaning of this sentence, it was in Harry. After opening up, it seems that my heart is not so sad anymore. Looking back at Harry’s room, the sound became a thread, "Thank you, Uncle Harry, Xiaohuan would like to ask you." After saying these words, Dumb urged the vitality that had been basically restored and floated. Speeding away in one direction.

Feeling the disappearance of Duan, Harry reappeared in the yard with a faint smile on his old face, "Child, I believe you will understand."

The sound of the wind in his ears kept stirring, and Ah-Dai was always chanting the six words Harry had told him. In the white light, his body disappeared quickly like a meteor. Dui didn't deliberately pursue speed. The two stories of Western Juggernaut Harry kept reverberating in his mind. I don't know how long it took, and the scene before him suddenly changed, and he involuntarily stopped.

In front of him was a huge city. The wall was more than 30 meters high and was completely repaired by huge stones. There is a moat about 20 meters wide in front of the city. The suspension bridge connecting the two banks is retracted. In the dark, It seemed so calm. Above the wide gate in the middle of the city wall, a stone plaque was hung high and there were three large characters written in the Holy Vatican—Guangming City.

Bright City? Am I actually in Guangming City? Hake Village is not far from Guangming City, and dumb has already come to the capital of Guangming Province. Looking at this familiar city wall, Duan couldn't help but think of Cari, the president of the Mainland Mage Union, the Lord of Bright City Aldous, and everything he had experienced here. It was in this city that he had subdued the bone dragon. Now that I think about it, those who came to attack the Mage’s Guild in the first place should belong to the dark forces. Now that you are here, let's go into the city and have a look.

Dumb urged Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi to fly high, flying into the city like entering Mica City. Although it’s very quiet outside the city, after all, not long after night, the streets of Guangming City are still very lively. Dumb now just wants to find a place to be quiet and think about Harry’s words, so he found a hotel and stayed in. The waiter in the hotel didn't bother him, so he entered the room.

The hotel room is very Sitting on the bed cross-legged, Dumb took out the heads of Bing and the girl, and put them in front of him, looked at the ice, looked at the girl again, and muttered: "Can you tell me , What should I do now? Bing, girl, are your souls as happy as Uncle Harry said in another world now? It must be true. You have suffered so much on the continent, even if the gods are cruel I won’t have the heart to make you suffer any more. I have already reported your hatred. Your souls can survive in that realm.” In the faint sadness, Dui closed his eyes and entered a state of meditation. He wants to adjust his skill to the best condition as soon as possible. Because he knows that only when he maintains his best condition, his mind is the most sober. At that time, he may be able to figure out everything.

The golden body lit up under the urging of Ah-Dai. Ever since he had practiced with Xiwen and the others to reach the seventh stage of life and life transformation, Ah-Dai had never practiced properly. At this moment, I deliberately urged the Shengshengzhen Qi in his body, and suddenly felt that his body was so empty, the original liquid Shengshengzhen Qi was more concentrated, leaving more space in his body. I was overjoyed in my heart. Dumb knew that this situation proved that his skill could be improved again. As long as the liquid vitality in the body was filled up, he could reach the realm of the original master Tiangang Sword Saint. While thinking about it, Dumb began to urge the waves of innocent energy to move. Since Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi has become extremely concentrated, it is surprisingly slow to supplement it. With each cycle, the concentrated Zhen Qi can only increase a little. But Ah Dui was not in a hurry. What he wanted most at this time was to find a spiritual sustenance and practice, which happened to fulfill his wish.

Chapter 165: Instant enlightenment

In the realm of desirelessness and desirelessness, Ah'Dai's Zhensheng Qi continued to improve, and the liquid energy that had turned into dark gold continued to improve as he moved one day after another. With the increasing volume of Shengshengzheng Qi, Ah-Dai discovered that his golden body had also changed. The original Chiluo's body had some fine lines, as if the golden body was wearing an armor. Yes, the energy it possesses is constantly increasing.

Time went by, and even Ah-Dai didn't know how many weeks he had cultivated. The vitality in his body was finally full, the golden body completely turned dark gold, and the surging energy was about to emerge.

Taking a deep breath, Dui slowly opened his eyes, everything in the room seemed to have changed, just like the situation after the Master Tiangang Sword Saint taught him the exercises, every part of the room is full of colorful colors. Everything is so clear, Dui can even easily distinguish the wood grain curve on the table.

Just with a thought, Ah Du’s body was already floating on the ground. He was surprised to find that a faint golden light was flowing on the surface of his skin. Under the touch of his hand, the skin seemed to be much tougher than before, just like gold. Wearing a layer of armor, he also has an extra layer of defense. Judging from the degree of toughness, his skin is no longer inferior to the giant spirit snake armor on his body. A silver ribbon of light floated out with a circle of hands. The silver light was more crystal clear than when I had just reached the state of the sixth change. The energy was completely contained, and from the surface, I couldn't even feel how powerful it was. . Not only that, Dumb was surprised to find that his domineering aura had disappeared, and the photo in front of the mirror was completely like an ordinary person. What he didn't know was that after this practice, he finally surpassed the Sword Saint of Tiangang and entered the pinnacle of martial arts-the realm of returning to nature.

After practicing, Ah-Dai felt that his originally disordered emotions had calmed down. Everything around him seemed to originate from the most reasonable. The second golden body on his chest was a little shorter, and his body was less than two inches tall, glowing. A lot dimmed. Dumb believed that as long as he could completely use the second golden body for his own use, he would surely be able to reach the highest level of life transformation as mentioned by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

Scratching his head, Duan murmured: "I don't know when it is, let's go out and have a look. This practice, I am afraid it will be more than one day and one night." With the pale golden light converging from his body, he pushed the door and walked out of the room. I just met a waiter head-on. The waiter suddenly showed a hint of surprise when he saw Ah-Dai, and walked up to Ah-Dai a few steps, and said, "Sir, you can come out. Since you moved in, you have never left the house. We thought what happened to you? I tried to open the door from the outside several times, but there seemed to be something against it and I couldn't get in."

Dumb knew that the reason why he could not enter must be because his true qi was full in the room, forming a barrier and sealing the whole room, apologizing: "I'm so sorry, I am a warrior practicing martial arts. Tian has been cultivating, so he blocked the door. Excuse me, how many days have I been here?"

The waiter looked at Dumb in confusion, and said, "That's it! You've been here for seven or eight days. Go to the counter and check it out. By the way, if you want to live again, you need to settle the room."

Duan nodded, thanked the waiter, and walked to the counter of the hotel. The size of this hotel is not very large, but the lobby is very characteristic. It is surrounded by transparent glass, so that people can see the scene on the street outside. During the day, the light is extremely abundant. Dumb strolled to the counter and said to the service staff: "Hello, I am a guest in Room 36, please settle my account first."

The waitress took a look at Dumb, took out the record book and opened it up. Taking advantage of her search time, Dumb looked around, and through the transparent glass, the crowd gathered on the street outside the hotel attracted his attention. I couldn't help asking the waiter: "Why are there so many people outside? Is something serious in the city?"

The waiter flipped through the ledger and said: "It's not that a major event has happened in the city, it's the entire continent."

Dumb was startled in his heart and thought, could it be that the dark forces came out again to cause trouble? Hurriedly asked: "What's the matter?"

The waiter said impatiently, "There are notices outside, don't you all look at it? You'll know if you go out and check it out. Oh, I found it. Your room is worth fourteen gold coins and five silver coins."

Dumb paid for the room and walked out of the hotel quickly.

It seems to be noon now, the sun is hanging high in the middle of the sky, and the direct sunlight brings warmth and comfort to people. There was a constant flow of people on the street. Not far from the hotel, there were hundreds of civilians gathered, not knowing what they were looking at. Under the trend of curiosity, Dumb strolled towards the crowd. As soon as he approached the crowd, he heard noisy discussions.

"I didn't expect it! There is such a young cardinal in the Holy See. His wedding will be very grand. It's a pity that I have a low status. I don't have to go to the Holy See to appreciate it."

"Yeah! I want to see it too. Maybe, can I still see His Majesty the Pope in Mount Kinabalu? If I can meet His Majesty the Pope, I will have no regrets in this life."...

Hearing this, Dumb's heart trembled slightly. When the cardinal gets married, which cardinal will it be? Are they already very old? It is the Xuanye Sacrifice who has been married for many years. He faintly felt something wrong in his heart. He couldn't wait to squeeze into the crowd. Although he didn't know that Xuanyue had been promoted to the Vatican's acting red sacrificial rites, he suddenly heard the word wedding, and his heart was calm and violent Beating. The surrounding people were squeezed by his vindictiveness. Amidst a burst of anger, Ah Dui quickly came to the innermost part of the crowd.

It was a clean stone wall with a piece of red paper pasted on it. The gold letters on the paper clearly wrote a few lines of simple words in the Holy Vatican. When Dui saw these words, he was stunned, completely He was stunned, a rush of blood rushed toward the door, his body trembled violently, and his eyes were filled with confusion. The red piece of paper reads, "The word to the believers of the gods, the Holy See will hold a grand wedding ceremony between Xuanyue and Babuyi the Judge of Light on November 1, 1998. People are the most loyal believers of the gods. Looking forward to November 1st, all the believers will chant and pray to the gods to bless them, wishing that they can grow old together, be united forever, and do more for the cause of believing in the gods and the implementation of the will The contribution of the four red-clothed sacrifices in the Holy See is second only to the Pope. Each of them is a powerful symbol of the Holy See. As the main leaders in daily management of the affairs of the Holy See, they are no better than the Pope in the hearts of believers. What a difference. What a big deal for a red priest to get married! On the Tianyuan Continent, it can indeed be said that the whole world is celebrating, and an announcement will be issued to notify all believers. When Xuanye and Nasha got married that year, every important force in the mainland, including the major races of the Sorbian Federation, sent people to the Holy See Mountain to congratulate them, but in the end only the heads of the four major powers could see the pope and the newcomers. This time Xuanyue and Babuyi were going to marry Babuyi. Although the Pope strongly opposed her, she was unable to shake Xuanyue's determination. As an agent of the Holy See, she would never receive any worse treatment than her parents. It is the granddaughter of the pope, even if the pope is reluctant, he cannot let his only granddaughter be wronged. Finally, under the persuasion of several senior priests such as Mangxiu, he finally approved the marriage and posted a list in the name of the Holy See to call the world.

"Agent for the red clothing to worship Xuanyue, and for the red clothing to worship Xuanyue? Yueyue, Yueyue, is she already a red clothing sacrifice? She, she is really going to get married? November 1st, yeah! I leave the elf When I was in the forest, it seemed to be November last year. It has been a year. Yueyue is really going to marry. Yueyue, are you really going to marry? You are serious. I haven’t looked for it for a year. You, have you forgotten me? Yueyue, Yueyue,..." Dumb stood still and muttered to himself. His appearance immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding civilians, and some of the civilians who had just been knocked down by him immediately surrounded him.

"Boy, you don't have eyes! What a squeeze." A tall, strong man angrily pushed Dumb from behind. Even without any precautions, the zhenqi in the body is capable of self-defense. A white light flashed, and the strong man screamed, and he was shocked and flew out. His wrist was dislocated. Fortunately, he did not. The meaning of hurting others, otherwise, relying solely on the body protection and the qi to shock would be enough to kill him. Seeing the strange thing coming out of Dui, the civilians around did not dare to step forward anymore.

Dui didn't seem to know that there were many people around him, his face was red and white, and his whole body was trembling, although he had long known that if he did not go to the Holy See within a year, Xuan Yue would marry. But when he really got the accurate news that Xuanyue was going to marry Ba Buyi in November 1998, the sacred calendar, endless pain suddenly surged in his heart, and the yearning for Xuanyue had reached the extreme.

"No—" Dumb yelled at the sky. The huge sound wave centered on him, like a shock wave of thunder from the sky, spreading around him quickly. The surrounding civilians stumbled and retreated in the huge sound, and the buildings on both sides shivered under the sound of the shock. Just when the civilians were about to fail and were about to collapse, the voice suddenly disappeared. The figure flashed, and the bulletin on the wall disappeared. It was Duan who removed the bulletin and rushed out at the fastest speed. The intense pain in his heart kept gnawing at his soul.

After a few flashes, Dumb had already returned to his own room in the hotel, and fell on the bed, holding the red paper in his hand tightly. Yueyue is about to marry, what should I do? What should I do? If she went to find Yueyue now, would she forgive herself and return to her? No, definitely not. Since she has agreed to marry Babuyi, she must have feelings with him. How can I dismantle them? Yueyue, me, me, tell me, what should I do? I really don't want to lose you, but I don't have the courage to face you, Yueyue! Duan closed his eyes in pain, his heart and body were constantly convulsing. Suddenly, the figure of the Western swordmaster Harry flashed in his mind, and the six words'cherish the living' appeared like lightning. In his mind.

A Duan's whole body was shocked, and he sat up suddenly from the bed, cherishing the living, I want to cherish the living. The ice is dead, the girl is dead, but my favorite Yueyue is still alive! Yueyue likes me, she really likes me, anyway, her feelings for me must be deeper than for Babuyi. I can't let her down anymore, I want to cherish her, cherish the opportunity to be with her, yes, I can no longer escape, I want to cherish Yueyue, I want to be with Yueyue. Just when Ah-Dai felt so painful, he suddenly understood and thoroughly understood the true meaning of the six words Harry told him. Murmured: "Yueyue, I want to be with you, whether you blame me or not, no matter what you are now, I want to be with you, you are mine, I will not give you to others, you It’s mine.” The red paper in his hand turned into butterflies under his strong vitality, and drifted away in the air. Dumb jumped off the bed, and his eyes showed unprecedented firmness, and he wanted to be with Xuanyue. The thought of the same filled his whole mind.

"Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." A set of blue ornate samurai costumes floated out of the blood of the dragon and fell on his hand. Gently stroking the light and soft fabric, there was a touch of gentleness in Ah Du's eyes. This was bought by Xuan Yue when he was disguised as Xuan Ri. He still clearly remembered that Xuan Yue said that this blue samurai suit suits her best. With the long blue hair, Dui took off his civilian clothing and put on a blue samurai outfit. The fitted clothes set off his tall and straight figure. Dui suddenly felt that his inner self-esteem was putting on this dress. After that, it seemed to disappear, and now he was no longer the former civilian dumb, but a generation of sword saints from last month who was completely worthy. Clenching his fist tightly, he said to himself: "Yueyue, waiting for me, I will definitely not let you marry someone else. You are my bride, you can only be my bride." Taking a look at his body, feeling the toughness of the blue jersey, he turned and left the room. Quickly came to the counter of the previous checkout. The waiter behind the counter was shocked when he saw the fresh new dumb, and smiled: "Sir, you look so mighty in this outfit!"

The waiter's words encouraged Dumb. He smiled indifferently and said, "I'm going to find my wife. Of course I have to dress more neatly. Excuse me, how many days before November 1st?"

The waiter was shocked and said: "What? Do you want to attend the wedding of the cardinal? I am afraid it is too late. Tomorrow is November 1. It may take four or five days to reach the Holy See Mountain from here? But now there is only less than one day left. Even if it's flying, I'm afraid I won't be in a hurry."

After hearing her words, A Duan's whole body was shaken, and he lost his voice: "What? Tomorrow is November 1st?" Yes! I spent eight days cultivating here, and it is indeed about to enter November. Tomorrow, tomorrow Yueyue will be married, no, no. I must rush to the Holy See Mountain to stop her. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai could no longer restrain the anxiety in his heart. With a deep love for Xuan Yue, he suddenly rushed out of the hotel. Regardless of the surprised eyes of the surrounding crowd, he flew up from the city and headed towards the Holy See Mountain at full speed. In the direction.

The Holy See, the Temple of Light, the Pope walked back and forth, and in front of him, stood respectfully his son Xuanye's family.

"Yueyue, tomorrow is November 1st, do you really want to marry Babuyi? Grandpa knows that you like dumb. The news from Mangxiu's sacrifice proves that he is in the sunset empire. If you speak, Grandpa must mobilize all the forces of the Holy See to get him back for you. Yueyue, you can't make fun of your happiness."

Xuan Yue's calm face fluctuated slightly, and she shook her head lightly, saying, "No, grandpa, since I have decided to marry Babuyi, I won’t change it. You don’t need to persuade me anymore, I know I’m here. What do you do. Dumb, he doesn't trust me at all and doesn't cherish me. How can he be more infatuated with my big brother Babuyi? I think Big Brother Babuyi is my best choice."

The pope stared at his granddaughter firmly and frowned: "Are you telling the truth? I don't believe you can transfer your feelings for Dumb to Ba Buyi in such a short time."

Xuan Ye spoke, and he respectfully said: "Father, it is her own freedom for Yueyue to marry whoever she wants to marry. It is actually a good candidate to marry Yueyue. If Yueyue marries him, he should lead a happy life, so why bother... "He has always been very fond of Babuyi. Although he is worried that his daughter may not really want to marry Babuyi, he believes that after the marriage, Babuyi will be able to truly get his daughter's heart with his affection. His father's objection, he didn't approve of it. The wedding was about to be held tomorrow, and all the guests who came to congratulate him were all here. The text of the Holy See also spread all over the mainland. Now it is too late to repent.

The pope sighed. At this moment, he seemed to be much older, waved his hand, and said, "You all go down. I will bless you for the wedding tomorrow. Yueyue, you are now the red priest of the Holy See. Tomorrow's. The wedding will be very grand. I will rest early today. Grandpa hopes you can be the most beautiful bride."

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, she looked at her most respected grandpa, and whispered: "Thank you for your blessing, grandpa, I will be happy." After finishing speaking, she left the Temple of Light with her parents.

When she returned home with her daughter, Nasha smiled and said: "Time flies so fast! Yueyue, the scene when I married your dad is still vivid in my eyes. I didn’t expect that my daughter will want it so soon. Married. To tell the truth, my mother really can’t bear you!” Yueyue is her only daughter, and like Xuanye, she has put too much feeling in her heart. At this point, Nasha’s eyes turned red and choked. He hugged Xuan Yue's delicate body into her arms. Feeling the warm maternal love, Xuanyue pressed her mother's arms tightly, her heart full of warmth.

Xuan Ye laughed and said, "Sasha, Yueyue didn't marry far away, so she can still meet every day in the future! She will always be our daughter."

Nasha glared at her husband and sighed: "Then how to be the same? If she is married, she is the other's daughter-in-law. The so-called marrying a husband is not the same as before. Yueyue is actually not that big. Don't be too anxious to marry." Nasha's heart trembled as she stroked her daughter's long blue hair, and her reluctance became stronger.

Xuan Ye walked to their mother and daughter, embraced them in her arms, and said softly: "Actually, I don't want Yueyue! But when the child is older, he will always get married. This is an inevitable result. Yue Moon, go to bed early tonight, and tomorrow, you will be the most beautiful bride. No one on the mainland can compare to my daughter. Babuyi is so lucky."

Xuan Yue bit her lower lip and lowered her head and said, "Dad, how are the wedding preparations now? Is everything going well?" She has been in retreat these days, and her wedding with Babuyi is natural. There won't be the slightest concern, I will get married tomorrow, and then subconsciously asked.

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Don't worry, everything is going well. You are the most precious treasure in the Holy See. You are the granddaughter of the Pope, the grand niece of the presiding judge, and my daughter. You are also acting as an agent for the sacrifice of red clothes. , It makes your wedding not grand. What's more, the Ba family is also very important in the Holy See. As the deputy presiding judge, your uncle Ba has won the support of his subordinates. The wedding has already been prepared. You don’t know how diligent the boy Babuyi is. He does everything by himself. In order to satisfy you, he has lost weight these days. It’s hard for this boy. The hi-post has been sent out ten days ago. Almost all the guests who came to congratulate you a few days ago have arrived. Almost all the important figures on the mainland have come to your wedding. Including the Emperor Quanyi of the sunset, the magister of the style of the national teacher, Biinrog, and the emperor of the Tianjin Empire. They didn’t come in person, but they sent Lardas, the most authoritative national teacher fire mage in their country. The old guy Lardas brought a lot of magic masters. When I met him yesterday, he Promise me to help you release magical fireworks on your wedding. The leaders of the major races in the Sovre Federation have also come. The tribes of the Yayan tribe have launched three elders, the chief of the Yajin tribe, Tiya and their four. The elders, the patriarch of the Honghu clan, the patriarch and prophet of the Puyan clan, the patriarch of the Xibo clan, the elven princess of the elven clan, and the two great elves have all arrived. The Huasheng Empire was not closely connected with the Holy See. But this time, the Tiangang Sword Sect also sent a congratulatory group, as if all important figures in the Tiangang Sword Sect except the Sword Saint of Tiangang had arrived, including the style of the marshal of the Huasheng Empire commanding the entire army. Mainland Mage. The president of the trade union has also arrived at the mountain. This time he brought four elders, all of whom are at the level of wizards. They are considered to be enough for the Vatican. The current Vatican mountain! But most of the mainland mountains are concentrated It’s an important person. It’s just a gift, it’s already placed like a hill."

Xuan Yue murmured: "Are so many people here? The prophet of the Puyan clan has also come. So, Prophet Purin has come to his senses. This is indeed good news! But why hasn't he come yet? "Xuan Yue's voice was very low, but Xuan Ye still heard clearly, frowned and said: "What is he not here? Who is it? Is there still that important force on the mainland who hasn't sent anyone?"

Xuan Yue was shocked, shook her head, and said, "No, nothing, I am happy for Prophet Purin's body recovery? Prophet Purin is also one of the three magisters in the mainland! He has recovered, right in the future We will definitely help against the forces of darkness. With so many people here, who is receiving them now?"

Xuan Ye smiled and said: "Although our Holy See has a dominant position on the mainland, we still have to treat the leaders of these major forces with courtesy, not to mention that they are still here to congratulate Xi. Yi Ji and the deputy judge of Babulun personally led them to receive them. They have all arranged to rest on the mountain. In addition to these important figures, there are also millions of believers from all over the mountain to pray for you sincerely. Yueyue, your wedding is much bigger than mom and dad back then!"

A trace of sadness flashed through Xuan Yue's eyes, and she broke free from her mother's arms, and said, "I'm getting married tomorrow. I want to go back to my room to rest first. Mom and Dad, you guys should rest soon."

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "Yeah! I really have to take a good rest today. The wedding tomorrow will definitely be very busy. Nasha, Yueyue’s wedding gown is ready, and you will get up early and give it to her tomorrow morning. Sister-in-law Luoshui should come here too. Yueyue, go back and rest. Don’t practice tonight, and get a good night’s sleep."

Xuan Yue nodded and turned back to her room. As soon as she entered the room, she could no longer bear the sadness in her heart, and two lines of tears flowed down. It's been a whole year. In the whole year, except for Manxiu's encounter with him a few months ago, there is no news of him. The death of the sunset empire is reappearing. It must be him to take revenge. I am afraid that there is only hatred in his eyes, and he has forgotten me a long time ago. The plan laid down by Master Lu Wen at the time may no longer be implemented. He will not come, really will not come. Why, why did I fall in love with him in the first place? Dumb, where are you dumb? The pain in her heart surged like a fountain, and Xuan Yue fell on the bed in pain and wept.

Could it be that I really want to marry Babuyi? No, I won't. If Dumb really doesn't show up tomorrow, I will be alone for life and never see him. But, things have reached this point, can I really not marry? Xuan Yue's heart was full of contradictions. Lowering her head, Xuanyue's gaze fell on the guardian ring in her hand, remembering that this is the gift of love given to her by Dui! The ring is still there, but people are confused. Are we destined to miss it? Xuan Yue wiped away the tears on her face, sat down slowly, leaning on the beam of the bed, and stared at the guardian ring. Even she didn't know what would happen if Duan didn't show up. At least half of those who came to the wedding that Xuan Ye said were friends or teachers of Dui. Tomorrow, if Dui did not show up, I am afraid they would stop the wedding. Dumb, dumb, I have never missed you like I do now, come on, Yueyue really misses you! As long as you can come tomorrow, I won't care about anything.

The residence of the Holy See Mount Kinabalu to entertain the distinguished guests, the welcome banquet hosted by Mongxiu, Hanma, and Babulun was held in a three-thousand-square-meter hall. The banquet is about to begin. There are more than a dozen huge tables full of people. Anyone who can come to this hall can be said to be the most important figures on the mainland. The most conspicuous one is naturally the representative of China. The envoys of the three empires of Sheng, Sunset, and Tianjin, among which the Huasheng Empire is the most powerful, including the president of the mainland wizards’ union, Cari, and the four elders and Oliveira, as well as the two members of the Tiangang Sword Sect. The generational disciple led the team with the head of Xiwen. These two dozen people sat at two tables, whether it was Xiwen and others or messengers from other regions, for the sunset empire not far away The messengers all took a dismissive attitude, not even looking at the table at Sunset Imperial Spring Yi. The table of the Tianjin Empire includes the national teacher Lardas, the fire wizard Grizon, Keanu, and more than ten magic masters in the Tianjin Mage Guild. Yue Ji is also covered by Keanu’s light. Get up here. Ever since Keanu showed great deterrence in the moonscar mercenary group, and frightened all the members of the mercenary group, Moonscar no longer prevented his sister from being with him. Under Keanu’s intense pursuit and Lardas’ personal matchmaking , The relationship between Keanu and Tsukihime has been determined. These days, Keanu has been with Tsukihime, unspeakably happy, and the relationship between the two is heating up. Although it is not as good as glue, Tsukihime finally accepted him. Love.

Quan Yi sat on the chief seat and sank like water. After all, he was the emperor, so he was given to the foremost chief, but none of the representatives of other forces greeted him, and the sunset empire came this time. The mission was completely isolated, Quan Yi was not an open-minded person, and at this time he was deeply bitter. There have been too many things that have gone wrong recently. My favorite Grand Duke has disappeared inexplicably, and his mansion has become a mess, and because the casino and the dark forces were upset by the guy called death a few years ago. Not to mention, the gray income of the entire treasury has plummeted. Today, these damned guys didn't even look at themselves, especially those from the Huasheng Empire, who avoided themselves like a plague. The more Quan Yi thought about it, the more angry she squeezed, the teacup in her hand creaked.

Chapter 166: All the guests

Seeing Quan Yi was about to lose his temper, Buinrouge quickly whispered in his ear: "Your Majesty, you have to stay calm, this is the Holy See's sacred mountain." He wanted to remind Quan Yi that this is not something you can do as you want. Sunset city. As the Emperor of the Sunset Empire who has the closest relationship with the Holy See, Quan Yi must not lose his temper at this time.

After all, Quan Yi is the king of a country. After listening to the words of Biinrouge, he gradually calmed down and took a bitter look at the seat of the Huasheng Empire. Turning his head, he whispered to Biinrouge: "Guo Shi, these The guy is too arrogant. Today, when we came here, I didn’t even say hello. I'm so annoyed that I would have heard you earlier.” Originally Biinrouge did not approve of Quan Yi’s participation in this red show. Yi worships Xuanyue’s wedding, but because the Holy See has been very dissatisfied with the various dark forces of the Sunset Empire recently, various suppressive policies have been continuously applied to the Sunset Empire. The Sunset Empire is the country with the most followers of the gods, and the influence of the Holy See is naturally the greatest, so, These decrees issued by the Holy See have greatly affected the status quo of the Sunset Empire. In order to alleviate the relationship with the Holy See and prove that his country is always the most loyal believer of the Holy See, Quan Yi still came to him in person, but he did not expect that he was so coldly treated within a few days of his arrival. .

Biinrouge whispered: "Your Majesty, we are here to show our good wishes to the Holy See. Don't be impulsive. Once something happens, the Holy See may have a great impression on us."

Quan Yi nodded, took a deep breath, barely suppressed the anger in his heart, closed his eyes slightly, and stopped speaking.

Under the representatives of the three empires are the representatives of the various races of the Sorbian Federation. These representatives occupy six tables. The most eye-catching of them is the princess star of the elven clan. This time, she came with her father Audi and another great elf emissary, as well as a guard team composed of elf emissaries. In order to protect her daughter's safety, the elf queen can be said to have dispatched half of the elite of the clan. The peculiar appearance of the elves caught the attention of all parties as soon as they entered the table, forming a beautiful landscape. Everyone in the Huasheng Empire admired it, the Sky Golden Empire Lardas and his men were surprised, and the Quan Yi of the Sunset Empire was greedy. How could he not recognize the stars? That's the beauty of his dreams!

Xing'er also saw Quan Yi, and quietly told his father and all the elves that Quan Yi was the person who had imprisoned him. The elves immediately showed an incomparable hatred towards everyone in the Sunset Empire. If it were not for a banquet, no weapons were allowed. , I'm afraid there have been grumpy elves that can't bear it, and use the bows and arrows that the elves are best at attacking Quan Yi and others.

At this moment, the two red priests of Babulun, Manxiu and Yujian came in, all of them were smiling, especially Babulun, his son was about to marry his wife, his face was proud of the spring breeze. Seeing the arrival of important figures of the Holy See, everyone in the hall suddenly stood up. Babron and the two priests walked to the front low platform, and Babron said loudly: "Welcome all the distinguished guests to the Holy See Mountain. Here, on behalf of the Pope, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your kindness. "After speaking, he bowed slightly and saluted everyone in the banquet.

Quan Yi smiled because he was the chief, the closest to Babulun, and said, "You don’t have to be polite, the deputy presiding judge. It is an honor for our sunset empire to be able to come to the wedding of the Red Ritual and the Judge of Light. Here, I congratulate you first. You are now, you are so lucky to marry a daughter-in-law who holds the status of acting cardinal!"

Babulun has no good feelings for Quan Yi. He and Xuanye both oppose the relationship between the Holy See and the Sunset Empire. They smiled indifferently and said: "Your Majesty Quan Yi is welcome. This is indeed an honor for the dog."

Quan Yi saw that Baburon was not enthusiastic about his attitude, and sneered secretly in his heart. Before he thought, the priests who can reach the status of cardinal must be very old, although he heard that the acting red priest is young Female, but he believes that Xuan Yue must be extremely ugly, and Babulun let her son marry him in order to flatter her.

Babron said loudly: "Everyone, I won't say too many polite words. It is indeed an honour for the Holy See to be able to invite so many big people today. The food at the banquet is average. Please take care of it, even if the Holy See is for all the adults. Wash the dust and catch the wind. Everyone, please." At his signal, the guests at the banquet each sat back to their seats, and the various delicacies were constantly placed on the table in the hands of the shuttle maid. After a while, the aroma of the wine and dishes was already permeating In the hall. As the party representing the Holy See, Babulun and the two red priests went to each table to toast.

At the beginning of the banquet, the forces of all parties were relatively reserved. After a few glasses of wine, everyone gradually let go. Some friendly and familiar forces began to toast and talk to each other. For a while, some turbulent chats continued to sound.

Xi Wenzheng was whispering something with President Kari of the Mainland Mage Union. Suddenly, he felt someone walking in his direction and couldn't help looking up. I saw Laldas, the national teacher of the Tianjin Empire and the fire magister, walking over with a smile on his glass.

Seeing Laldas, Shiven was nothing, but Kari changed slightly. The hostility between the Mainland Mage Guild and the Tianjin Mage Guild has not been a day or two. If it weren’t for Dumb and Xuan in Andis City, If the month appeared in time, the stronghold of the Mainland Mage Union might be expelled from the Sorbian Federation. Judging from his own strength, except for the named elder in the mainland magician union, it can be said that no one is an opponent of Lardas. Kari has always had a certain fear of Lardas. Lardas walked over and couldn't help but beat the drums in his heart.

After all, Shivin and Kari came together on behalf of the Huasheng Empire, winked at him, made him calm down, stood up, took his glass to welcome Lardas and smiled: "Hello, teacher In the next day, Shivin, the head of the Gang Sword Sect, is reasonable." After listening to Shiwen’s self-introduction, although Shiwen’s identity has already been guessed, Lardas still showed respect in his eyes, and gave a slight salute to Shiwen. Said: "It turns out that you are the second-generation head of the Tiangang Sword Sect. It is my honor to see you here. The Tiangang Sword Saint, his old man, has always been the person I admire most. On the mainland, except for the Holy See, What I admire the most is your Tiangang Sword Sect." Hearing Laldas' such polite words, Siven couldn't help but hesitated. He didn't expect that Laldas, known as the mainland's number one attacking magician, would be so polite. However, since they are polite, of course they can’t show hostility. He smiled and said: "The national teacher is really polite. You used your own strength to form the Tianjin Mage’s Union, and you also have the title of the mainland’s first attacking magician. How can we? Compared with it? In the future, we will have the opportunity to get closer and closer. Although martial arts and magic are two different fields, there are certain similarities." He didn't know what Lardas had when he came to his table. Intentionally, in order not to cause a dispute between the two magician guilds, he wanted to try his best to focus Lardas' attention on himself.

Lardas sighed and said, "I don't dare to call the mainland's first attacking magician in vain, that is, the soon-to-be-married agent red dress to worship Miss Xuanyue. The level of magic is definitely not below me. The red priests are all the most powerful magicians! The head of Xi Wen, where's dumb? Has he not come yet? I received news from the kid who searched for him in the Tianjin Empire for a long time, but none When you found him, did you find him?" Lowered his voice, Lardas said, "Ah-dumb, isn't he and Miss Xuanyue a couple? Now his beloved is getting married, how could he not come? "At first, Lardas was surprised when he learned that Xuanyue was a woman from Keanu. After searching for Duan in the Tianjin Empire, he decided to attend the wedding of Xuanyue on behalf of the Tianjin Empire. After repeated pleading, he has decided that as long as Duan appears, he will lead the Tianjin Empire Mage Union to fully support him, of course, provided that it does not affect the relationship between the Tianjin Empire and the Holy See. Lardas is not afraid that the Holy See will have any disadvantages to the Tianjin Mage Union. After learning that the dark forces have caused a huge blow to the Holy See, he has completely believed that Dumb is the savior. He who has read history knows that he can only follow Only in the footsteps of the savior can the Tianjin Mage Union and even the entire Tianjin Empire continue to survive on the mainland. What's more, the forces behind Dumb are not just him. Once united, even the Holy See may not be able to do anything. He came to Shivin's table just to inquire about how Dumb is going to deal with the wedding.

Xiwen didn't know the relationship between Dui and the Tianjin Mage Union. He couldn't help but stunned when he heard Laldas's words, and said, "Dui hasn't come yet, hey, this kid! I don't know what he thinks." He was also extremely worried about the matter with Xuanyue. He originally thought that Dui ran out to relax for a few days, and he would wake up and rush back to the Tiangang Sword Sect or come directly to the Holy See, but until now there is still no news from him.

Hearing what Xiwen said, Lardas also frowned, and said in a low voice, "What should I do? You should know that he and Xuanyue's agent for the red-clothed priest are a couple. Don't he want to win his wife? Huh? Little disciple Keanu is a friend of Dui. I heard from Keanu that there is a complete misunderstanding between Dui and Xuanyue sacrifice. If this goes on, they will probably never be able to unite with the lovers. Dui can have real achievements now. It's not easy. If you receive such a strong blow, I'm afraid it will affect his future cultivation. Aren't you going to help him?"

There was a doubtful look in Shiven's eyes. He didn't understand why Lardas was so enthusiastic about Dumb's affairs, and said indifferently, "This is Dumb's own business, how can we help?"

Lardas froze and said, "If it doesn't work, we can only stop the wedding tomorrow. It's better to find Dumb now and resolve the misunderstanding between him and Xuan Yue."

Shivin looked at Lardas' sincere expression in his heart. At this moment, Kari walked over, looked at Lardas coldly, and said, "Hi, Master of the National Normal University."

Lardas glanced at him, nodded, and said, "Hello, President Kari. Let’s do this, President Xiwen, President Kari, I’ll see you after the banquet is over, and I’ll discuss it with you. There are too many people here. President Cary, I think you and the head Xiwen are not all here for the wedding. Although we are hostile, if the goal is only, we can completely reconcile temporarily."

Cary’s thoughts turned. Today’s Lardas seems to be completely two people with the arrogant and invincible Tianjin Mage’s Guild president he knew before. This is the first time Lardas has treated him. The polite speech made him very uncomfortable. Just as he was about to say something, Lardas had already signaled to the two and turned back to his own table.

Cary whispered to Xiwen: "Head, you see how credible what he said just now."

Xiwen shook his head and said, "I don't know, so let's meet someone first, and that person may relieve our doubts."

Carrie was stunned and said, "Who do you see?"

Xi Wen smiled slightly and said, "Come with me, second brother, and you too. Let's go and meet a tall man." The tall old man has been sitting next to Xi Wen just now. At the top, he was a head higher than Xiwen, and he was two meters away. Although he was already full of white hair, he was full of spirits, and he was not old-fashioned at all. Between his eyes, there was a flash of light. He was the General Marshal Fengwen who commanded the entire army of the Huasheng Empire, and was also the second-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect second only to Xiwen. In the Huasheng Empire, he was the most favored person by the emperor, and his status was high. It is equivalent to Laldas in Tianjin Empire. Feng Wen spoke for the first time since he came to the banquet, and his deep and loud voice gave people a feeling of shock. "Big brother, who can make you consider a master? Is it a master of the sword saint level?"

Fengwen only returned to the Tiangang Sword Sect not long ago. He has been a martial artist throughout his life. His Tiangang swordsmanship is the strongest in the entire Tiangang Sword Sect. In the army, there are ten thousand men and women who are invincible, even though they are over 80, But the sturdy spirit is unabated. Xiwen and Fengwen are about the same age. They began to learn art from Tiangang Swordsman when they were young. They have the deepest feelings among the masters and brothers. Xiwen laughed and said, "Although he is not a master at the level of Swordsman, he is definitely called high. People. You'll understand when you see him." After finishing speaking, he walked to the next few tables first, and Kari and Fengwen looked at each other and hurriedly followed.

Xiwen walked to the Puyan clan’s table and stopped. There were eleven people on the Puyan clan’s table. Six of them were sitting on the table without eating or drinking. They were wearing thick black armor. If Duan and Xuanyue Now, you can definitely recognize that these six people are the great Tiru fighters of the Puyan tribe. The other five are the Puyan clan patriarch Yanfei, the prophet Purin, and the rock brothers and the apprentice of the prophet Purin Sisi. Seeing the three of Xi Wen coming over, Yan Fei and others hurriedly stood up. As the leader of the clan, Yan Fei certainly knew the identity of the three Xi Wen, and he knew that the Huasheng Empire and himself were friends and not enemies. Raising the wine glasses, the three of Xiwen slightly bowed and said: "Puyan clan Chang Yanfei has seen three people."

Shivin raised the wine glass in his hand and collided with Yanfei, making a clear sound, "You are welcome, the patriarch. When Shivin came to the Puyan clan in the early years, he was taken care of by the patriarch. He has not seen him for many years. The patriarch is still the same. Mighty! We are here to say hello to you. I don’t know who is Prophet Purin?" When Shivin came to the Puyan clan, Prophet Purin was roaming on the mainland. At that time, he used round wood. The name, in just a few years, he made a name and became one of the three magic masters.

A clear voice sounded, "I am Prin, Hi, the head of Xiwen." A person flashed out behind Yanfei. This person has long brown hair and a black robe hanging straight down his feet. He looks more than 30 years old with his face hanging. A faint smile. In him, there is a trace of traits that no one has, especially his clear eyes, which are as deep as the endless sea.

"Ah! Are you Prophet Purin? President Kari, second brother, this is the expert I told you, the greatest Prophet Purin of the Puyan tribe."

In the eyes of Kari and Fengwen, Prophet Prin was only a child in his thirties. The two of them couldn't help but froze at the same time when they heard what Shiven said. Prin said first, "You are welcome, everyone is not an outsider. What's great, I just want to do more for the people."

Shivin looked at Prin in surprise. He didn't expect Prin to be so young. He couldn't help but feel a little doubtful in his heart. He smiled and said, "The prophet is so different from what I thought in my heart!"

Purin smiled indifferently, and there was a hint of gratitude in his eyes, "Speaking of which, Pu Lin's life was picked up by Dumb from hell. This year I am almost 70 years old, and even I myself did not expect to become With this appearance, I suddenly became younger, and it makes me really uncomfortable?” It turned out that one hundred days after A-Dai and others left the Puyan Clan, Pulin woke up from his coma and was nourished by the vibrant blood of A-Dai. Under the circumstances, his body has undergone qualitative changes. All blood vessels and organs have been rejuvenated by the huge vitality, making Purin’s body as healthy as a middle-aged person. Purin’s resurrection , Which is equivalent to dumb giving him a second life.

The resurrection of Pulin also made Patriarch Yanfei extremely excited. The entire Puyan tribe’s gratitude to Ah-Dai can no longer be described in words. Because of this, they are here today to support Ah-Dai.

Shivin had heard from the rock mouth that Dumb had rescued Prophet Prin, and asked with concern: "How is the health of the Prophet now? Has it fully recovered?"

Pulin smiled and said: "Since I took over as the prophet of the Puyan tribe, my body has never been as good as it is now. Head Xiwen, you must be here to ask Dumb. You can rest assured that by tomorrow, everything Naturally, there will be a difference. If the heavens destined him and Xuanyue, they would never be separated."

Xi Wenxin said, don't you mean not saying this? Anxiously said, "I'm afraid that dumb boy can't think about it and can't come in time. I'm afraid it will be troublesome."

Rock walked to his father's side and whispered: "If it really doesn't work, we can only stop the wedding. Dumb and Yueyue must not be separated."

Cary frowned and said, "However, doing so is equivalent to opposing the entire Holy See. I am afraid that there will be very serious consequences at that time."

Prophet Shiven and Prophet Prin looked at each other and said, "Don't discuss this now. Everyone comes to my room at night. Let's discuss the countermeasures. By the way, Prophet Prin, Lardas came to look for it. We, you should have seen it too. Look, how is this person like him?"

Pulin smiled slightly and said: "I still understand Lardas. He is different from before. It can be described as Dache Dawu. I think that in the future, the Tianjin Mage Union will never interact with mainland magic. There is a conflict between the teachers’ union. You can trust him completely. What the rock said is also a way. If things cannot be done, we can only use them. Although these people here can not be the opponents of the Holy See, but behind us The power he possesses is something that the Pope has to consider. You can rest assured that Ah-Dai is a kind and good boy. God will not treat him badly. He will endure hardships and become a master. The tribulations that the Savior needs to go through are also It's almost over."

Seeing Pu Lin Chengzhu on his chest, Xi Wen's worries calmed down a bit, and he nodded and said, "Everything will wait for the evening. Cheers." He drank all the wine in the glass and returned to his table with Feng Wen and Kari. . Seeing that the three of Xiwen went back, Pulin rushed to the rock beside him and said in a low voice: "Tonight, I am also called a member of the elves. Tomorrow, when Duan comes, we have to support him and give the Pope a reason. "Listening to Primordial words, Rock was not surprised at all, nodded and went to the Elf Clan table with Yan Li.

In the early morning, the sun was shining all over the earth. Under the shining sun, the Holy See Mountain was dyed with a layer of golden light, and it looked more and more sacred. Today is the big day when the Holy See’s red clothing sacrifices and marriages. All the clergy are mobilized. In order to prevent the wedding from making any mistakes, the Holy See’s Holy Knight Legion has surrounded the entire Holy See’s mountain, except for those received from the Holy See. No one except important people can enter the territory of the mountain. Around the Guangming Hall on the Holy See Mountain, there are busy priests and judges everywhere. They are all making the final arrangements for the wedding that will be held today.

At the home of Deputy Judge Babulun, Babuyi was excited and wore a dress with the help of his parents. It was a white dress with various gorgeous golden patterns inlaid on it. On this dress, Xuanye personally applied it. The sacred magic is not only full of sacred aura, but also has a strong defensive force no less than a set of heavy armor, which Xuanye specially made for Ba Buyi.

Looking at his son’s handsome face and joy, Luoshui smiled and said: “Silly boy, after today, you will truly become an adult. You will have to work harder in the future. Yueyue is now the agent of the Holy See’s red clothing sacrifice. Why do you have to be at the position of deputy chief judge or above to be worthy of her? Yueyue is good in other aspects, but a little bit too naughty, you have to pay more attention to her, but don’t be like you Like a father, he doesn't have any manhood at all."

Babylon said dissatisfied: "Why don't I have manhood anymore, I only obey you when I love you, don't embarrass me in front of my son."

Luoshui was obviously in a very good mood. He chuckled and said, "Okay, okay, I was wrong, the vice-judge. But my son! Yueyue is different from her mother. After all, she liked others before, so after marriage You have to pay close attention, but don't let your wife run away with others."

Ba Buyi smiled awkwardly and said, "Mom, I can't pull it. Yueyue is not that kind of person. Since she promised to marry me, she will definitely stay with me. I can marry Yueyue's wife. I'm satisfied. I will definitely touch her with my true feelings, just like my father touched you."

Babrun laughed and said: "Yes, yes, this is my good son. Yueyue is also foresighted, knowing that my son is much better than that dumb. Only my son is so handsome and successful. You can only match her with such a handsome guy. I don’t want to! You are the protagonist today, but you have to behave well and don’t let others say that you married her because of Yueyue’s status."

Ba Buyi nodded firmly, and said: "I really love Yueyue. What others say is useless. I will prove my love for Yueyue by action. Dad, should we go now?"

Babulun laughed and said: "My silly son, look at what time it is now. I am afraid that Yueyue hasn't gotten up yet? Why are you in a hurry? Is it possible that the wife who got it can run away."

Ba Buyijun blushed and said awkwardly: "I, I'm too impatient, I really want to marry Yueyue now. When I learned that Yueyue was going to marry me a few days ago, I really didn't Believe it! I thought she would never forgive me because of that? Hey, I did too much in that matter. But I also did it for Yueyue." The scene of Ah Dumb's blood spurting wildly when he left the elf forest, Ba Buyi felt sad, and couldn't help feeling a little guilty.

Luoshui said disapprovingly: "You have to use all means to fight for what you want. You have to do nothing wrong. At least now, it proves that your original choice is right. Otherwise, there will be no both you and Yueyue today. After the wedding, don’t underestimate yourself. Sometimes, you still have to do what you need to do. Even if the means are more despicable, achieving your goal is the most important thing."

Babulun and Babuyi's father and son looked at Luoshui in a daze, neither of them could speak. Luo Shui also realized that he had made a mistake, and hurriedly remedied: "For my own happiness, sometimes I have to do whatever it takes. Why are you looking at me like this? Isn't it possible that there are flowers on my face."

Babron said with a stern face: "My wife, you can't say anything like this in the future. We are not among the dark forces. As the Holy See representing the sacred and justice, we should be open and honest. If you have just told the Pope In my ears, I am afraid that our whole family will suffer. I think you are unintentional and hear nothing, but you cannot have the next time. No, you did too much last time. The same thing, Dad never wants to do it again. See next time."

It was the first time that Luoshui saw her husband look so serious. He lowered his head unconsciously, and a faint cold light flashed in her beautiful big eyes, muttering: "In my heart, I only know that my husband and The happiness of the son is the most important thing, and I am not the goddess of your Holy See, so don't teach me less."

Babylon frowned and said: "Why are you not a member of the Holy See? You are my wife, and I am the deputy presiding judge of the Holy See. As a family member of a clergyman, you must ask yourself as a clergyman, Ah Shui, you What's going on today?" At this moment, an ominous premonition suddenly rose in Baburun's heart, as if suddenly he was a little stranger in front of his beloved wife.

Seeing the tense atmosphere between his parents, Babuyi hurriedly said, "Dad, don't be angry. Mom must be too happy to say something wrong because I am about to get married. Today is the day of your son's great joy. Fight, otherwise, how can I get married with peace of mind?"

Luoshui looked at his son tenderly and smiled: "My son is still the best behaved. Unlike some people, he usually pretends to be like a cat, but he suddenly becomes a tiger."

Babulun shook his head helplessly, and said, "No, you take a break and eat something. The wedding may be very busy later. I will go out to see if there is anything missing." Luo Shui glanced, turned and left the house, urged the sacred true energy in his body, tried to get rid of the boredom in his mind, and headed towards the wedding scene.

In the Holy See, white symbolizes purity and gold symbolizes symbolizes majesty. The dress Xuanyue wears today is entirely a long skirt made of white special fabric. Nasha helped her daughter comb her long hair and smiled and said, "Yueyue, you are so beautiful today! When your mother was your age, she didn't have such a sacred temperament and beautiful appearance."

"Is it still because of my inheritance?" Xuan Ye's hearty laughter came, and she wandered behind Xuan Yue and Nasha. Nasabeth glanced at him and said, "What is your inheritance, Yueyue looks like me. Don't make trouble, go out and prepare for the wedding, it's getting late, I have to help my daughter put on the dress quickly. ."

Xuan Ye nodded and smiled: "Yueyue, today you are going to be a bride. Be happy, don't keep your face tight."

Xuan Yue smiled reluctantly, and said: "Dad, I will. You go ahead." How can she be happy now? Is about to get married, but the groom is not his beloved.

Xuan Ye left, and Nasha and Xuan Yue were left in the room. Nasha helped Xuan Yue tidy up her dress and whispered: "Yueyue, don't you want to marry Buyi?"

Xuan Yue was startled, shook her head, and said, "No! I want to marry Big Brother Buyi. Didn't you and Dad both say that he is the most suitable person for me?"

Chapter 167: The wedding begins

Nasha sighed softly and said, "That's just my opinion and your father's opinion, not what you meant. You are my only daughter, why can't my mother understand what you think? Don't think too much, Sometimes, marrying someone who loves yourself is much happier than marrying someone you love. Mom knows you can't forget dumb, but now things are a foregone conclusion and it is impossible to change. You are the agent of the Holy See, Red Sacrifice symbolizes the sacredness of the Holy See. Since you have decided to marry Buyi, after you marry, you will be a good wife, understand?"

Xuanyue's face suddenly became extremely pale. She had never thought about how she would be a wife when she married Ba Buyi. Her heart was constantly cramping as she listened to her mother.

Seeing that her daughter did not answer, Nasha knew that Yueyue was not feeling well, and helped her comb her long blue hair, and said: "Okay, my child, please be quiet. When the wedding begins, my mother will personally Come to pick you up, send my daughter to her husband, forget everything before, use your heart to accept the disobedience, he will definitely become a good husband, just like your father. By the way, you carry This jade ring is about to be put away, and you who are going to be a bride, you can only wear the wedding ring that you don’t want to give you.” After that, Nasha turned and walked out of her daughter’s room, tidying up her white sacrificial robe. Out of the house, went to Zhang Luo's wedding. In the room, only Xuanyue with a sad face and dull eyes remained.

The sun gradually rose and flew toward the center of the sky. The Holy See Shenshan suddenly sounded a low horn, "Woo-, woo-, woo-"

In front of the Temple of Light, twenty judges on both sides held huge horns high and blew the wedding ceremony. Thousands of judges were neatly arranged in a huge semi-arc under the leadership of the two deputy chief judges. Behind them were high-ranking priests from all over the world. The priests chanted and chanted loudly at the same time according to the prior arrangement. The incantation of the **** curse, the sacred voice constantly sounded on the Holy See. These sacrifices are at least the identity of the chief priest of the Sacrifice Hall in charge of the affairs of a city. There are as many as thousands of people. The head is the red clothing sacrifice to Manxiu and Hanma, and Xuan Ye and Nasha are not included. Of six worshippers in white clothes. In the sacred singing, the entire Holy See sacred mountain surged with layers of light golden air currents, and the sacred breath made everyone feel solemn.

On the periphery of the Holy See Shenshan, ordinary priests spontaneously chant the same spells as the high-level ones. They drove the faithful believers who were blocked by the Holy Knights to sing loudly, and they were all carrying out sacred prayers. Not only congratulated the red priests and the judges of light who were about to get married, but also begged the gods for their blessings. When the golden air flow in the sacred mountain flew out and enveloped the believers, they all clearly felt that their hearts seemed to be calmer, their bodies seemed to be full of power, and they felt like miracles blessed by the gods. The singing of the believers became more religious.

As guests of the Holy See, the people from the three major empires and the Sorbian Federation gathered in front of the Temple of Light. They watched this huge ceremony that the Holy See had not seen in decades, and listened to the loud and profound singing. Produce a sense of piousness.

After Mengxiu and Yuma raised their hands at the same time after chanting for the third time, the senior priests of the Holy See stopped singing. Mongxiu stepped forward and walked to the center of the Temple of Light, with one hand on his left chest. On the top, the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the other hand lightly pressed the center of the eyebrows, “God prays for blessings, and God blesses the world.” The golden light suddenly shined with him as the center, and Mangxiu opened his arms. The ground began to vibrate violently. None of the judges and priests showed a surprised look, they all looked at Mang Xiu who was wrapped in golden light reverently.

Lardas stood beside Shivin, and the two seemed to be friends for many years, "Brother Shivin, you see, this Mangxiu ritual definitely has the skill of a magister, and his magic level is definitely not worse than mine. The Holy See is really the place where the dragon and the tiger are hidden! There are thousands of high-level priests here, even if the magicians of our two trade unions are added together, they cannot fight against them."

Xiwen smiled slightly and said: "After all, the Holy See is the supreme ruler of the mainland. If they don't have strong strength, how can they make the three empires and the Sorbian Federation surrender with peace of mind? You see, this Mangxiu sacrifice now uses What magic? What is the purpose? This golden light is really sacred!"

Lardas said: "I don't know exactly what it's doing. It doesn't seem to be magic. It just releases one's own magic power. It should be a mechanism to provoke. Wait and see. Such a grand wedding, I still Seen for the first time."

Zhou Wen said on the side: "The papal style of the Holy See is big enough. We have come so many people. He hasn't even shown his face until now. He also said that he wants to unite with our Tiangang Sword Sect, without any sincerity."

Xiwen glared at him, and said in a deep voice, "Don't say a few words, no one treats you as dumb."

Zhou Wen spit out his tongue and murmured: "I'm telling the truth, boss Hello Lai is also the head of our Tiangang Sword Sect. How can they say that the Holy See should pay more attention to it!"

Xi Wen stopped Zhou Wen from speaking with a stern look, and said in a deep voice, "The non-cleric standing here has no certain status on the mainland. You still don't know the Holy See. For thousands of years, the Holy See has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. They have an unparalleled status on the mainland, and the pope is even known as the closest person to the gods. Although I don’t know if there are gods, the pope is definitely the most powerful magician on the continent. The teacher once said that if the pope is kept a kilometer away from him, it may be difficult for him to protect himself. This shows the strength of the pope. In normal times, even ordinary clergy cannot easily see him. Among these people, in terms of status, the Quanyi of the Sunset Empire should be the highest, but do you think the Pope received him?"

In the midst of Xi Wen's scruples, Zhou Wen lowered his head and stepped aside and dared not speak any more. Lardas beside Xiwen smiled and said, "Look, the magic of Manxiu's sacrifice is about to change."

Sivin once again focused his attention on the empty field in front of the Temple of Light. Sure enough, as Lardas said, the golden light released by the red priest Manxiu transformed into ten thousand rays of light, which was still so clear even under the sunlight. Under the golden light, Busy Xiu floated away from the ground slowly, and he chanted loudly: "The gift of the gods, miracles are beginning." He put his hands together, and a golden beam of light shot straight down, suddenly bursting into On the shaking ground, the shaking ground suddenly stopped. The judges on both sides of the gate of the Guangming Hall once again blew the horns in their hands, and the sound of humming sounded in the place where the golden beam of light used by Mengxiu was injected. A little golden light lit up, and the golden light spread rapidly. In an instant, a huge golden magic hexagram had appeared under Mang's pedicure. As Mangxiu continued to chant, the golden six-pointed star under his feet gradually brightened, and the entire Guangming Hall Full of sacred aura, suddenly, the golden six-pointed star uses six vertices as the apex, respectively releasing a trace of golden light. The golden light rotates in a clockwise direction. Soon, the six golden lights circled together to form a True circle.

"Rise up, the altar of the gods." Amid the loud shouts of Manxiu, the ground that had just calmed down again made waves of noise again. The ground vibration was much stronger than before, the huge golden circle of the besieged city The six-pointed star trembled slightly. All the guests were surprised to find that the six-pointed star actually pulled the ground slowly up, and a huge platform with a diameter of ten meters and a height of three meters appeared in the sight of everyone. Against the background of the golden six-pointed star, it was radiant and sacred. One of the three altars where the Holy See prays to the gods, the sacred altar of light.

The horn kept sounding, and all the clergy were piously watching the altar of light in front of the Temple of Light. Mangxiu slowly fell in the center of the altar, the golden light that wrapped around his body gradually disappeared, with a faint smile on his face, Mangxiu said in a loud voice: "Today, it is the Vatican’s agent in red to worship the goddess Xuanyue. During the wedding ceremony of the young and outstanding Judge of Light Babuyi, I, in red, worshipped Manxiu, representing the Holy See, and sincerely thank the distinguished guests who came to observe the ceremony." Then, Wei Wei went to the countries on Xiwen’s side. The messenger bends down and salutes. The envoys from various countries hurriedly returned the gifts, and Mangxiu's words were very comfortable for everyone to hear. Even Zhou Wen, who was previously dissatisfied with the Vatican's negligence, was speechless. As a red-clothed sacrifice, Mang Xiu's status on the mainland, whether in terms of age, prestige, or cultivation base, is comparable to anyone present. His ceremony has given all countries a lot of face.

Mangxiu flicked the void and took out a red scroll from his own space barrier, "Next, I announce the life of the bride and groom." As he said, he slowly unrolled the scroll and said loudly: "Groom, Babuyi, male , 26 years old, father Babulun, deputy presiding judge of the Holy See Tribunal, mother Luoshui. Born in the Holy See, Babuyi was young and promising. After his own continuous efforts, he finally passed four years ago. The test of the Bright Judge, to become an excellent senior priest, the most loyal believer of the gods. Bride, Xuan Yue, female, 19 years old, grandfather, Xuan Di, contemporary Pope, father, Xuan Ye, before the Holy See Red ritual, mother, Luoshui, white ritual, Xuanyue was born in the Holy See, talented and intelligent, is a rare generation of wizards of the Holy See, with many years of hard work, at the age of only 19, reached In the realm of the sacred light system magister, due to the unfortunate death of the former red priest Na Yan, after the strict examination of the Holy See, the goddess Xuanyue took over the position of Na Yan as the agent of the Holy See. It is also the youngest red priest in the Holy See. She is the most loyal believer of the gods. The status of the bridegroom and bride meets the requirements for marriage and marriage of clergy. After the approval of the Pope, the marriage is specially approved. The Pope approved it on October 23, autumn of 1998."

After listening to Mang Xiu's introduction to Xuan Yue, not only the VIPs who came to the wedding opened their mouths, but even the thousands of clergymen also stared in surprise. Everyone had never expected that Xuanyue had such a prominent identity, turned out to be the granddaughter of the Pope, and this sudden surprise suddenly made the atmosphere in front of the Guangming Temple warm up. The clergy and the distinguished guests who came to attend the ceremony began to talk to each other.

Mang Xiu retracted the scroll and said faintly: "Quiet." Although his voice was not loud, the huge energy full of spiritual fluctuations still shocked everyone present. The clergy here are all high-ranking members of the Holy See, and under Mongxiu's order, they immediately stopped talking. The guests were also frightened by the majesty of the Holy See and calmed down.

After scanning around, Mangxiu said loudly: "I announce that the wedding has officially begun, and I will invite the Pope."

"Woo-" The horn made a huge sound, all the clergy bowed their heads respectfully, while the guests opened their eyes wide, seeing the Pope side of the Holy See. For the believers of the gods, it is definitely One of the most exciting things.

The door of the Temple of Light was opened, six white-clothed priests filed out, Xuanye was among them, and Nasha did not appear here because she was going to be the elder to send her relatives off. The six priests in white clothes were shrouded in a layer of sacred white light. They did not walk fast, and slowly walked to the altar of light, separating on both sides.

A gleam in Xuan Ye's eyes, slowly raising his hands, and the other priests in white clothes were doing the same thing as him. A low chant sounded, and a ray of white light appeared in the hands of the six priests in white clothes. A total of twelve to white energy formed an energy ladder between the altar of light and the ground, which was entirely composed of light elements. , The guests are all on the side of the Altar of Light, and can clearly see this gorgeous and sacred scene.

Lardas whispered in a low voice: "So strong, any of these white-clothed sacrifices is stronger than the ordinary elders of our wizards' guild. They are at least the cultivation base of the light wizard, especially the one that walks in the front. It seems that his cultivation level should not be under the Mang Xiu sacrifice on the stage."

Xiwen nodded and said, "The person you are talking about is the father of the bride. The former red-clothed sacrifice to Xuan Ye, he seems to have been reduced to a white-clothed sacrifice because the Holy See had a bad command in the confrontation with the dark forces last time. His magic cultivation is very advanced, and he has confronted my teacher. Although he loses, he also shows a powerful magic cultivation, which should not be underestimated."

As Shiven and Lardas were talking, an unprecedented feeling appeared in everyone's heart in front of the Temple of Light. It was a huge energy that was calm, peaceful and full of sacred aura. In an instant, the entire square was quiet, and there was a look of astonishment in Lardas's eyes. He clearly felt that this was the wave of magic, the sacred light magic. He had never imagined that a person’s magic cultivation base could be so powerful that compared with this person, based on his own magician’s cultivation base, it was nothing short of a fantasy. The huge and surging sacred aura suppressed himself. He didn't even have any thoughts of resisting. So, is this the strength of the emperor of the Holy See?

All the guests, including Xiwen, who had successfully broken through the ninth stage of Shengshengjue, involuntarily bowed their heads and succumbed to the huge energy. A golden figure slowly appeared at the gate of the Temple of Light. The figure gradually became clear from blurry. The tall body was covered with a colorful halo. The golden sacrificial robe showed his noble identity, without any The expression on the face looked so sacred, with long white hair dangling behind his back, and the golden crown on his head shimmering in the sunlight. Under the cover of the golden sacrificial robe, people couldn't see the movement of his feet, as if slowly floating out of the temple.

The pope walked up to the six white priests, gently lifted his sacrificial robes with both hands, and slowly stepped up the ladder composed of white light energy. The six white priests did not show the slightest effort, and looked at the pope religiously. The sacred figure.

The red priest Manxiu came to the entrance of the ladder composed of sacred energy. When the pope finally stepped on the altar of light, all the clergy cheered unanimously. The loud shouts from the heart shocked everyone's soul .

After Pope Mang Xiuchong gave his salute, he took him to the front of the altar. The pope faintly scanned the surrounding people, slowly raised his hands, and the cheers stopped, and the piety in the eyes of the clergy had become Because of the fanaticism, in their hearts, the position of the pope is no less than that of the gods.

The pope looked in the direction of the guests and nodded slightly at Xiwen. Although the identity of the guests is Quanyi the most, what attracted the most attention of the Pope was Xiwen, the eldest disciple of the Tiangang Sword Saint and the second-generation head of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Compared with Xiwen, Quan Yi has a much higher nominal status, but it is much worse than his strength. Let alone the relationship between the Tiangang Sword Sect and the Huasheng Empire, the Tiangang Sword Sect alone is The master is like a cloud, and as the savior, Ah Dai is a direct disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. If the Holy See wants to win the final victory in the confrontation with the dark forces, the relationship with the Tiangang Sword Sect plays a vital role. Combining these reasons, the pope just showed up, just like Xiwen's goodwill, to show the determination of the Holy See and the Tiangang Sword Sect to unite.

Seeing the look in the pope’s eyes, Shivin couldn’t help feeling flattered. In any case, the Holy See is also the top figure today, with the same strength as his teacher, Tiangang Sword Saint, and even more so on the mainland. With a huge force that calls the wind and the rain, it is very difficult to treat himself who was incompatible with the Holy See in the past. It shows that the Holy See attaches great importance to the dark forces. Sivin bowed slightly in response to the Pope, and also responded with a faint smile.

The pope’s eyes were full of power, and he said indifferently: "Just now Mangxiu has said that Xuanyue is my granddaughter, and today is her wedding. I am very happy. Buyi is a good boy. If they can unite, they will definitely treat the Holy See To make a greater contribution to the sacred cause of God, believers of God, let us bless them." In a smile, the pope slowly raised his hands, a round of golden light rose from behind him, golden light Gradually condensed and formed, it looked like the angel statue in the Guangming Hall. The six huge wings of light flapped slightly. The light containing the huge sacred energy made all the priests kneel down involuntarily, singing loudly and praying. curse. In the sound of devout prayers, the golden angel behind the pope gradually disappeared. In fact, the golden angel used by the pope was completely different from what Xuan Yue used in the beginning. The angel used by Xuan Yue was completely inadvertently, a natural reaction when she increased her skill. But what the Pope used at this time was deliberately condensed with light elements, just to shock people.

Mang Xiulang said: "Please invite the bridegroom to the altar." Amidst the whirring horn, his voice spread far away. All the judges present drew their long swords. Thousands of long swords gleamed with sacred light and pointed diagonally at the sky, and the sacred vindictiveness was intertwined into a gorgeous web in the air.

The two figures lit up in the direction of the Holy See Shenshan Judgment Center, and swiftly came towards the Altar of Light in the golden light. One of them was wearing a pale golden samurai uniform with a golden cloak on his back. His long white hair was neatly combed behind his head. There was a smile in his sharp eyes, and the huge momentum shocked the hearts of everyone present. He, the leader of the judges of the Holy See, was reduced to Xuanyuan, the deputy presiding judge. Beside him, is a tall and handsome young man. The young man's body looks more and more handsome against the white gold-rimmed dress. The excitement that can't be concealed continues to flow from his eyes. Holding Xuanyuan's arm, it just came out of thin air. He is exactly today's actor, Babuyi, the youngest judge of light in the Holy See. As a light judge, Babuyi belongs to Xuanyuan's direct jurisdiction and is also the highest leader of the judge. Therefore, as the elder of the man, he brought Babuyi to the wedding today.

Soon, the two golden and white figures floated over, and they swept across the light net woven by the long swords in the hands of the judges, and fell lightly beside the Pope. "The presiding judge Xuanyuan brought the light judge Babuyi to meet the Pope." Xuanyuan and Babuyi saluted the Pope at the same time.

A golden light flashed in the hands of the Pope, passing over the two of them, smiling and saying, "God bless you."

After paying tribute to Chong Xuanyuan and Ba Buyi, Mangxiu stepped forward and said loudly: "My Excellency the Pope, in today’s happy days, the Pope has decided to amnesty the world and restore Xuanyuan’s position as the presiding judge. For the saint judge, Xuanye’s position as a red-clothed sacrifice was restored, and the red-clothed sacrifice Xuanyue was turned into a formal red-clothed sacrifice. This order will be officially implemented after the wedding."

Ba Buyi did not expect that he would be able to ascend to the ranks of the Holy Judge so quickly, and hurriedly bowed to the Pope: "Thank God for the grace, thank the Pope for the grace, Ba Buyi will do his best to fight for the holy cause of the Holy See."

The pope nodded slightly and said calmly: "Remember what you said. Mangxiu's sacrifice can continue."

Mang Xiu nodded and said loudly: "Please, please, in red to worship Xuanyue." As soon as his voice fell, all the clergy, including the judges, chanted the curse with an unusually loud voice. The huge sound waves intertwined in the air into the most peculiar and most sacred wedding march.

The loud phoenix sound rang from the end of the sacred mountain, and the clear voice penetrated through the chanting of the **** curse straight through the sky, and an unusually bright red light rose into the sky. In the loud phoenix sound, the light swiftly pointed towards the sky. From the direction of the altar.

Everyone's eyes widened. Some of them were guests who had never seen Xuan Yue. They all wanted to see what the youngest red priest of the Holy See and the granddaughter of the Pope looked like. The red light suddenly became larger, and the huge figure gradually became clear. Everyone opened their mouths in surprise, because the red light was a huge phoenix made of flames. The fire phoenix is lifelike, flapping its wings lightly and flying towards the altar. Two people stand proudly on the back of the phoenix. They are two beautiful white figures. One is a middle-aged woman wearing a white sacrificial robe. There was a gentle smile on the face, and the pure eyes were filled with relief. Beside her, is a young girl in a white dress. The girl’s face is covered with a white veil. Although she is flying, the oncoming breeze can't move the veil on her head. . Although she couldn't see her appearance clearly, no one doubted that her appearance would be inferior to the middle-aged beautiful woman beside her from her graceful figure.

The fire phoenix quickly flew to the top of the altar of light, melodious singing sounded, the fire phoenix hovered around the altar for a week, and the gorgeous red figure suddenly rushed to the chest of the girl in the white skirt like a sea of rivers, and a little red light lit up. The scorching flame energy disappeared, and everyone could see that there was a red diamond-shaped gem on the girl's chest.

Although there was no support of the fire phoenix, the two girls did not fall. The girl held the beautiful woman's handwriting and slowly floated down under the golden light. Ba Buyi's eyes never left the girl's delicate body, and the light in his eyes became even hotter. He clenched his fists tightly, unaware that the sweat had soaked his palm.

"The white clothes sacrifice to Nasha, the red clothes sacrifice to Xuanyue to meet the Pope." Almost the same sweet voice rang. All the priests who chanted the mantra could not help but stop, and in their eyes, there was a look of joy.

The pope looked at his granddaughter in a white dress, nodded, and said, "No need to be polite."

After Nasha and Xuanyue stood still, Mangxiu said loudly: "The newcomer has arrived, please come to the stage to observe the ceremony."

Xuan Ye floated on the stage from behind the Altar of Light. After saluting the Pope, she stood beside Nasha. His daughter was about to get married. A trace of sorrow inevitably rose in his heart. He turned to look at his wife, and Nasha gently held her hand. Passed into his palm, they were married here more than 20 years ago! This situation makes them seem to have returned to the same moment.

At this time, Babulun also came to the stage with his wife Luoshui. After saluting the Pope, he stood beside his son. Their faces were filled with joy that could not be concealed. The son was finally getting married, and the object was again. Granddaughter of the Pope, how could they be unhappy? Baburon patted his son on the shoulder and motioned him not to get too excited.

Mangxiu smiled and said: "The new couple and their elders have arrived. Next, please ask the Pope to host the sacred wedding ceremony for the two new couples. Please bring the new couple forward."

Without the guidance of his parents, Ba Buyi could not wait to walk to the pope. Babulun shook his head helplessly. How could his own son be more anxious than when he married Luoshui back then. Standing three meters behind him with his arms around his wife, looking at the upright figure of his son, a sense of pride rose in my heart.

Xuan Ye motioned for his daughter to come forward, but he discovered that Xuan Yue had stood still, her delicate body trembling slightly.

Nasha also discovered her daughter's abnormality. She knew that her daughter must have thought of that dumb again, but at this time, how could she retreat in the eyes of everyone? He hurriedly whispered: "Yueyue, I'm going forward."

Xuan Yue’s delicate body was still trembling, and it was almost under the support of Xuan Ye and Nasha that she walked in front of the Pope. At this time, her heart was completely blank, except for forcing her to stop her tears from running down. I don't know what to do.

Nasha and Xuan Ye stepped back, feeling their daughter's complicated mood, both of them showed a trace of worry. Babron and Luoshui naturally noticed Xuan Yue's fault and frowned at the same time, showing a slight dissatisfaction with their daughter-in-law. But Ba Buyi felt nothing. He was about to marry his most beloved one. Apart from excitement and deep love, he could not tolerate anything.

The people in the audience also became nervous. They knew that once Xuanyue and Babuyi succeeded under the auspices of the Pope, they would become a legal couple. At that time, dumb would lose no matter in terms of legality and reason. All chances really lost Xuan Yue. The most urgent thing is Xiwen. Although everyone has discussed the countermeasures last night, the prerequisites for those countermeasures must be organized in time for Ah-Dai to organize the wedding. However, at this time, Ah-Dai is still missing. Do you really want to see Xuanyue marry Babuyi? That is something they absolutely don't want to see.

The Pope looked at the new couple in front of him, with mixed feelings in his eyes. In all respects, he didn't want his granddaughter to marry Babuyi, but the matter has come now, and even he can't stop it. After all, today’s wedding was held in front of so many people, and when the arrow was on the line, he sighed inwardly. Looking at Babuyi and Xuanyue who were standing together only by one shoulder, he raised his hands and transformed into each other. A golden symbol floated above the heads of the two bodies and said in a low voice: "Under the witness of the gods, I, Pope Xuandi will preside over the wedding ceremony for you. The gods bless you." Turning his head to look at Babuyi, the pope asked: " No, as a light judge, are you willing to dedicate your life to the sacred cause?"

Chapter 168: Declaration of love

Everyone is welcome to collect and recommend. After the end of Ice and Fire Magic Kitchen, the new book will continue to be updated. The time is about a week later. It is different and exciting. Babuyi nodded vigorously and said firmly: "I am a child of God , I am also a child of God. I am extremely loyal to God. It is my greatest honor to be able to dedicate my life to the gods."

The pope nodded and said, "Well, as the most loyal believer of God, you are willing to marry the girl around you, the red-clothed sacrifice Xuanyue, and spend your whole life to respect and love her, even if you give your own money. Don't you regret your life?"

Ba Buyijun's face was a little red because of his excitement, and his voice trembling slightly: "I am willing, I am willing to take care of her with all of me, and I will never regret it even if I give my life. She will be the only lover in my life. "

After listening to Ba Buyi's words, the Pope comforted a little bit. He could naturally see that Ba Buyi's words came from the heart, and he really liked his granddaughter. Chongba nodded and smiled: "The gods will bless you." Turning to his granddaughter, Xuanyue today is extraordinarily beautiful, although her face is covered with light shame, she can't hide her stunning beauty. With appearance, the pope could clearly feel his granddaughter's inner struggle, he knew that Xuan Yue's heart was still towards dumb.

"Xuanyue, as a red priest of the Holy See, are you willing to dedicate your life to the sacred cause?"

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, and she came to her senses from the sadness in her heart, her beautiful eyes looked at her grandfather in a daze, nodded gently, and said, "I am a child of God, and a child of God. I believe in incomparable loyalty, and it is my greatest honor to be able to serve the gods in my life.” This sentence is what the priests of the Holy See must say when they hold a wedding. Because of the agitated mood, Xuanyue said it was a bit intermittent .

The pope frowned and said: "Well, as the most loyal believer of God, you are willing to join the young people around you, the Holy Judge Babuyi, and use your life to respect him, love him, and even give your own life. Don’t you regret it?” After asking this sentence, the Pope’s always calm heart beats quickly. He is now really afraid that his granddaughter will say three words unwilling, that will become the history of the Holy See. The greatest shame. At the wedding ceremony presided over by the Pope, no one dared to back down.

Shiwen and others clenched their fists nervously. By this time, they were all at a loss, and they didn't know how to face everything in front of them. Dumb was not here, and the wedding ceremony was about to be completed. They were all anxious. Waiting for Xuan Yue's reply. As long as Xuanyue said three words that he didn't want, for the happiness of Dumb, they would rather turn their faces with the Holy See to keep her.

Xuan Yue was silent, her heart aching like a tear. Dumb didn't come, he didn't come to stop his wedding, it was over, everything was over, and the last possibility of himself and him would also disappear. Lifting her head, Xuan Yue looked at her anxious parents, and then at the dissatisfied Babylon couple. She knew that at this time, she could not refuse the wedding, and for the Holy See, she had no right to refuse. Up. Tears fell sadly, wet her white dress, and took a deep breath, as if like a prisoner about to be executed, muttering: "I, wish,..."

"No--, she doesn't want to." A stern roar came through the air, and the huge sound came from the sky like the top of Mount Tai, and all the people raised their heads and looked into the air. I saw a group of dazzling silver rays appearing in the mid-air just above the Guangming Hall, and the silver light was flying down rapidly, becoming bigger and bigger in everyone's eyes.

Hearing this hoarse voice, Xuan Yue's whole body shook, and she tore off the light gauze on her head, and looked up excitedly and anxiously. This voice was too familiar to her, it was long-awaited. Voice! Tears poured down from her beautiful eyes, Xuan Yue muttered deep in her heart: "You are here, you are finally here."

After hearing this voice, Shivin, Lardas and others were all overjoyed. Shivin winked at the people of the Tiangang Sword Sect behind him, indicating that they were ready to act at any time. Prophet Prin had an unfathomable smile on his face, as if he was not at all worried about the imminent change.

It is absolutely a great insult to the Holy See to stop it when the red ceremonies of the Holy See are holding their wedding. The presiding judge Xuan Yuan shouted angrily, and a golden light blasted into the sky from his body, and hit the silver light like a meteor.

This silver light is exactly Ah Dui. He only knew yesterday that Xuan Yue will marry Ba Buyi today. After Da Che realized that, Dui's heart was full of love for Xuan Yue. In order to prevent this wedding, he kept awake and kept himself The speed was used to the limit. After a day and night of flying wildly, he finally arrived at the scene when the ceremony was about to be completed, which prevented the completion of the wedding ceremony in time. With his extraordinary vision, he clearly saw the tears in Xuan Yue's eyes. Those two lines of crystal clear tears proved everything to him. For him, these were enough. Xuan Yue's tears of excitement and anxiety brought him infinite strength.

When Xuan Yuan flew into the air, he recognized that the man was the dumb who had suffered a lot from the thunder and thunder, and his anger was reduced a little, but in the presence of so many clergy, he absolutely could not shrink back. , Put his hands together on his chest, and violently pushed towards Ah-Dai, the vast and vast divine battle gas turned into a golden beam of light, and suddenly blasted towards Ah-Dai's chest.

After seeing Xuan Yue, no one could stop Dumb. He was already completely boiled by the passionate emotions, and seeing the energy Xuan Yuan hit at him, the speed did not decrease at all. A huge silver shield with a diameter of two meters appeared in front of him, just so fit to hit Xuan Yuan's attack. go with.

"Boom--" Amidst the loud noise, unexpected scenes appeared. The majestic Vatican Judge, the first expert in martial arts of the Vatican, was shocked and flew out under the impact of Dui. . Duan's descent speed suddenly increased, like a silver meteorite, falling like lightning on the altar of light. Due to the constant rapid flight, his breath is slightly uneven, but his eyes are filled with uncontrollable excitement, as if there is no one beside him, those black eyes full of affection Staring at Xuanyue's delicate face infatually, she said softly with some gasping, "Yueyue, I, I am late."

Seeing that his sweet wife was about to get her hand, but he was halfway through Cheng Yaojin, the anger in Ba Buyi's heart could not be described in words. Seeing that there was no one beside Dui, he roared and hit Dui's chest with all his strength.

Dui didn't even look at Ba Buyi at all. With a wave of his hand, the white vindictive spirit instantly formed a huge air mass. Ba Buyi felt as if he had crashed into a pile of cotton, and he couldn't use any force. Get stuck in it and can't move.

Seeing his son suffer a loss, how could Babylon ignore it? Today is the day of his son's great rejoicing. He naturally has no weapons on his body. He clasps his hands together, transforming a golden energy blade, and suddenly slashes towards Dumb.

Dui's extended left arm circled in the air, the white vindictive spirit suddenly converged, a silver light flashed, and Ba Buyi was shaken out of his body ten steps away along with the rushing Babulun.

Xuan Yue stared at the dumb she was looking forward to for a year. All kinds of complicated feelings filled her heart constantly, tears flowed endlessly, and the sweet and bitter taste in her heart was constantly pouring. These days, she How looking forward to the arrival of Dumb! But when Dumb really stood in front of him, she didn't know how to face him. Duan's body in blue costume looks so majestic, the tenderness in his eyes seems to melt him, apart from tears, Xuanyue really doesn't know how to face it, in front of so many Holy See priesthood In terms of personnel, her current situation can no longer be described as embarrassing. She clearly knew that even if the Pope wanted to unite with Dumb, it was absolutely impossible to give up now.

The sudden appearance of Dumb made the Xuanye and his wife stunned. They didn't know what to do. The host of the wedding of Mangxiu didn't know how to deal with this sudden change. At the Altar of Light, everyone except Luoshui knew Ah-Dai, and almost all knew the relationship between Ah-Dai and Xuanyue. However, they never expected that he would suddenly appear at this juncture, and he was bold. To stop the wedding of Babuyi and Xuanyue. Especially when everyone saw that the three masters of Xuanyuan, Babulun and Babuyi, which were downplayed by Ah-Dai, were shocked. Even the Pope couldn’t help but admire A’Dai. Although he knew that A’Dai might be the savior of the mainland, he didn’t expect to see him in a few years. He has become so powerful. The strength he showed is definitely in the realm of a swordsman. !

Although Ba Buyi was stunned by the dumb, he didn't mean to stop. His eyes were flushed and he wanted to pounce again, but he was stopped by the pope's anger, "Stop it all."

The five white-clothed sacrifices under the Altar of Light, and dozens of nearby holy judges and light judges gathered under the Altar of Light. The light of vindictiveness and magic gleamed continuously on them. They glared at dumb and waited. The pope gave an order to kill this young man who dared to blaspheme on the spot.

Xuan Yuan has also flown back, his face is full of horror. Although he only fought with Ah-Dai just now, he knew clearly that he could no longer be the opponent of this dull young man. He was so vast. , And the energy full of explosive power is not something I can deal with at all, that is the realm of the swordsman that I have been unable to reach!

The pope’s roar awakened Ah-Dai from his obsession with Xuan Yue, turned his head to look at the Pope, and said, “Hello, Pope, Ah-Dai is rude, but I really can’t let Yue Yue marry someone. please forgive."

Without any expression on the pope’s face, he said faintly: “Today is a day of great rejoicing for my granddaughter. With the blessing of the gods, she is about to get married. If you leave here immediately, I can see that the face of the Tiangang Sword Sect will not be granted. Investigate, otherwise, if you just committed the crime of blasphemy today, I could kill you."

Dui took a deep breath, looked at Xuan Yue affectionately, and said indifferently: "Pope, first of all, I want to clarify one thing to you first. Today, when I came here, I only represent myself and have nothing to do with the Tiangang Sword Sect. . If there is something I can’t do, I hope you don’t contact the Tiangang Sword Sect. I love Yueyue, and I can’t live without her. Today, even you can’t stop us from being together. Yueyue’s husband only It could be me, no one would want to take her from me." Dumb's words were extremely tough, and there was no room for turning around. After saying the words'take her', his mighty domineering rose sharply. The blue samurai suit on his body was windless, and a faint golden light appeared on the exposed skin. Facing the most authoritative pope on the mainland, he did not have the slightest intention to retreat, so he calmly confronted the pope. Watching, not giving up.

Feeling the immense pressure brought by the dumb, the pope was secretly frightened. Although this pressure did not make him shrink, it was the first time he felt the power that threatened him since he first met the Sword Saint of Heaven. The pope said coldly: "That said, you are really going to fight the Holy See."

Dumb shook his head and said: "No, I am not going to fight the Holy See, I just come to win back my beloved. I was lonely since I was a child, and when I was a child I was a thief in a small cold city in the extreme north of the Tianjin Empire. At that time, I couldn’t get enough to eat or dress warmly, and lived a life of enduring hunger and cold. Perhaps you can’t imagine what kind of situation it was. I was born there, with a humble status and just the most inferior Common people can’t even compare with the most ordinary holy knight in the Holy See. Later, I met Uncle Owen, Teacher Goris, and Master Tiangang Sword Saint. It was them who changed my life. I always felt that I was not worthy of last month. She is your granddaughter, which can be said to be the eldest lady of the entire Holy See, and me? I am nothing. But I understand now that identity does not mean everything, even if we are here There is so much distance in identity, but it can’t stop me from loving Yueyue. I really love her. Now I am absolutely worthy of Last Yueyue. I believe that with my own strength, I can completely protect her. Take care of her and let her live a happy life." Turning to look at Babuyi who was breathing fire in his eyes, Dui raised his right arm and pointed his index finger at his face, and said coldly: "Babuyi, you cheated that day I lied to me that Yueyue has no feelings for me. I don’t blame you. To blame, I can only blame myself. I don’t trust Yueyue too much. All of this is my fault. But today you can’t think about it. I will marry Yueyue in front of me. Yueyue is mine. She will always be mine. I will not give up on myself anymore. I want to prove to all of you that only me is truly worthy of last month. The priesthood of the Holy See Personnel, guests who came to the wedding, I am willing to prove all of what I said in front of you. For Yueyue, I will not hesitate to be an enemy of the entire Holy See. Pope, I have offended the majesty of you and the gods No matter what kind of punishment it is, I am willing to accept it, but I hope you can fulfill my true love for Yueyue."

Dui's words not only touched the Pope, but also the priests and judges under the altar. Although his sudden appearance to prevent the wedding was a great insult to the Holy See, his sincere words made anyone clearly feel him. Affectionate for Xuan Yue. For a while, the pope was speechless. As the supreme leader of the Holy See, he didn't know how to deal with this matter now. If Duan could rush to the Holy See to express his love for Xuanyue a few months ago, even before the wedding, the Pope would not hesitate to support him, but now in front of so many people, in front of so many Guest, how did he get off the stage? The square in front of the Temple of Light became silent, and everyone was waiting for the Pope's decision.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah-Dai idiotically, tears kept streaming down, and she muttered in her heart, he understood, he finally figured it out. Dumb, you didn't live up to my love for you, you are here, how could Yueyue marry another person?

Although the anger in Baburon's heart was raging, he knew from the trick he had just fought with Dumb that he could not compete with the young man in front of him with the power of his father and son. Taking a step forward, he didn't look at Dumb, and coldly rushed to the pope: "Pope, Buyi He Yueyue's wedding was interrupted by this person when it was about to be completed. This is something the Holy See has never seen in thousands of years. It is also a shame that the Holy See has never suffered. As a priest of the Holy See, and as a father who does not follow, I hope you can give us a reasonable explanation. This person, you must not be merciless, and the wedding must go on. The sanctity of the altar must not be stained with a trace." This is the first time Babylon spoke to the pope in such a strong tone. For his son, he did not hesitate to carry out the entire Baba family.

The pope frowned, and just about to speak, he heard someone from the audience say loudly: "My lord Pope, can you let me say a word?" The pope froze and looked in the direction where the voice came from under the Altar of Light. I saw that Lardas, dressed in a fire-red magic robe, stood out from the crowd and walked solemnly to the Altar of Light.

Although Lardas' magic cultivation is still not in the eyes of the Pope, the Pope can't ignore the Tianjin Empire behind him, nodded slightly, and said, "Teacher, please."

Lardas nodded and said: "First of all, today's wedding was destroyed by this sudden stranger. I was very surprised and very angry. The Holy See is composed of the most loyal believers of the gods. Violating the authority of the Holy See is equivalent to blasphemy. The dignity of the gods. Therefore, I hope that the Pope can severely punish this person."

The pope sighed secretly in his heart. For the dignity of the Holy See, he had to make a decision, nodded, and said: "The national teacher is reasonable, and I will handle it properly." He was about to give an order, but he was caught by Lardas. Interrupted, "My Lord Pope, I still have a complaint. This unexpected stranger is actually a subordinate of my Tianjin Wizards Guild, and he is one of the elders of the Association. His name is Adai, in our union. , Has a pivotal position. Lord Pope, don’t get me wrong. I will never be partial to him just because he is a member of our union. However, I remember that Dui once told me one thing before. In fact, it is excusable for him to come to ruin the wedding today."

The pope stunned slightly and said, "What can be related to his arrogant behavior today?"

Seeing the pope's question, Lardas was overjoyed in his heart. This was the plan they all made last night, and now they finally used it. The reason why he was sent out from the crowd was because, apart from the Sunset Empire, which everyone disdains to associate with, the Celestial Golden Empire has the deepest relationship with the Holy See. It is easier for the Holy See to accept his presence. Lardas gave a light cough and said, "That's it. Dumb told me before that when he was cultivating in Tiangang Mountain more than four years ago, he had a gambling agreement with Xuanye Sacrifice. It was set by the old man of Tiangang Sword Saint himself. The content of the gambling agreement was that if Ah-Dai could defeat Xuanye Sacrifice in the five-year competition, then Xuanye Sacrifice would agree to his marriage with Miss Xuanyue, I think , You should know about this." Dui told him this. Even Dui and Xuanyue didn't know about it. This was what he learned from Xiwen last night.

Hearing Laldas' words, he was dumbfounded, and Xuanyue was also dumbfounded, neither of them knew that this matter still existed. Xuan Ye's face sank. With his cleverness, he naturally understood Lardas' intentions. A Duan appeared to sabotage the wedding. The anger in Xuan Ye's heart was no less than that of Bawan, her fists clenched, and her eyes flashed cold.

The Pope was not angry but rather happy, and he didn't realize until now that this Lardas was not to fall into trouble, but to help Dumb, yes! With that excuse, this matter is much easier to handle, I thought, Lardas, you have to cooperate well! Be sure to pave the steps for me, with a hint of approval in the depths of my eyes. Nodded, and said: "Yes, there is such a thing, I have heard Xuanye Sacrifice talk about it."

Lardas has always been savvy. He understood a lot from the look in the eyes of the pope. He immediately felt relieved and smiled and said: "From the gambling agreement made at the beginning, the test date should be the middle of next year. According to the gambling agreement, if At that time, Dui won the Xuanye Sacrifice, and the Xuanye Sacrifice would marry his daughter to Dui. However, now that the time for the gambling contract is not up, Miss Xuanyue will marry the Babuyi Guangming Judge, which means it is the Xuanye Sacrifice. The appointment was closed. At that time, Xuanye sacrificed to the Holy See represented by the Tiangang Sword Sect, that is, the Holy See broke the appointment. Please forgive me, it is precisely because of the behavior of the female couple and the husband that this scene appeared today. Get up, the Holy See itself also has certain responsibilities, your Pope, what do you think?"

The pope was secretly happy, but on the surface he frowned, turned his head to look at Xuan Ye and said, "Xuan Ye sacrifices to worship, I want to listen to your explanation."

Xuan Ye broke out in a cold sweat, bowed before him, and lowered his head and said: "The Pope, this matter is indeed negligent by his subordinates. Due to the recent emergence of dark forces, I have forgotten this matter. Please ask the Pope to punish it."

After listening to Xuan Ye's words, Dumb knew that what Lardas had said was true, and he couldn't help but be secretly grateful to Master Tiangang Sword Master. After hearing Xuan Ye’s words, the pope angrily rebuked: "How can you forget such an important thing? Do you know how much this has caused the prestige of my Vatican? Come on, take the Xuan Ye worship service down and wait in God’s prison. Fat down." At this time, the pope had to punish his son cruelly.

"Wait, my Pope." It was Lardas who spoke.

The pope pretended to be impatient, and said, "Master, what else do you have?"

Lardas said: "Although Xuanye sacrifice is wrong in this matter, Ah Duan is even more wrong today, and even if you punish Xuanye sacrifice, you cannot decide which party Xuanyue girl should marry. So let’s hold the original gambling agreement ahead of schedule, so that A’Dai and Xuanye’s sacrifice will be compared to the previous one. If Xuanye’s sacrifice wins, the girl Xuanyue will still marry the Babuyi Judge, and A’Dai will leave it to the Holy See. If Xuanye sacrifices lose, I hope you can cancel today’s wedding and let Miss Xuanyue marry Dui. Of course, whether you want to marry Dui or not, you need Xuanyue Hongyi sacrifice to decide for yourself, if she still chooses Pakistan No, I don't think Dumb will stop it. What do you think?"

Dumb was ecstatic in his heart. He firmly believed that there was no problem dealing with Xuan Ye with his current skill and that he could be defeated without harming Xuan Ye. His gratitude to Lardas had reached the extreme. Originally, he came to sabotage this wedding today because he came with a will to death. He just wanted to express the love in his heart to Xuanyue completely. Even if he died in the hands of the priests of the Holy See, he could not let Xuanyue die. Yue marrying Ba Buyi, this sudden change gave him a feeling of dazzling flowers, and the excitement in his heart could not help rising.

The Pope slammed his heart, and glanced at Shivin among the VIP crowd. He thought that this must have been planned by you people long ago, but this is the only way now. He pretended to hesitate and said, "Well, that's all it takes now. However, even if Duan can defeat the Xuanye Sacrifice, I can only cancel the wedding, and he will still be punished as he deserves."

Laldas suppressed the joy in his heart. Just about to speak, he heard a sharp voice behind him say: "Wait, Lord Pope, you can't make this kid so cheap!"

Lardas and the Pope were furious at the same time. Looking at the source of the sound, they saw Quan Yi, who was wearing a brocade robe, had moved next to Lardas. Quan Yi had previously thought that Xuanyue must be an ugly woman. Ba Buyi wanted to marry her in one step. Especially when Manxiu announced the promotion of Babuyi as the holy judge, he strengthened his idea. However, when he appeared dumb and Xuanyue showed her true face, Quan Yi's jaw almost fell off. He hadn't seen a beautiful woman. In his harem, the figure of three thousand beauties was definitely high enough, but it was like Xuanyue. Such a supernatural beauty full of sacred aura is something he has never heard of, even better than the fairy princess. The jealousy in my heart kept surging, and I wished to kill all Babuyi and Dumb on the I was willing to marry Xuanyue. Seeing that Laldas wanted to help Dumb resolve the situation in front of him at this time, he hurriedly spoke to block him with jealousy in his heart.

The Pope looked at Quan Yi's pale face due to excessive drinking, and felt bored. He said indifferently, "Look, your majesty, how should I deal with this matter?"

Quan Yi gave the Pope the standard holy court ceremony for a believer to meet the bishop, saying: "Although I will add my hand to the empire of the setting sun, I will never forget that these are the graces of the gods, and it is the blessings of the gods that make me today. Today, this young man named Dui dared to blaspheme the deity on this extremely sacred altar of light. Quanyi was so angry that he even wanted to personally execute the blasphemer for the deity. Although the Pope is compassionate , There are the reasons stated by the national teacher of Lardas, but it must not be so cheap for the blasphemer of the god. Xia believes that if you want to reduce his guilt, you must increase the difficulty of the test."

The pope said coldly: "How do you make it more difficult?" Although he was extremely tired of this cold-faced villain in front of him, he really couldn't happen in front of so many clergy.

Quan Yi sneered and said, "Look below, let the four cardinals test Dumb together. As long as he can draw a tie with the four cardinals, then he can forgive him for blaspheming the gods. "

Chapter 169: 1 enemy 3

The Pope was shocked. Although he knew Quan Yi was cruel, he did not expect him to make such a cruel suggestion. The red-clothed sacrifices all have the cultivation base of the magic teacher. The four red-clothed sacrifices add up, even the pope himself dare not easily win, especially, the current Xuanyue is already very good in the cultivation of the sacred light magic. It was close to his own realm. If the four red-clothed sacrificial worshipers really joined forces, I am afraid that the Heavenly Gang Sword Sage would be unable to deal with it.

After listening to Quan Yi’s words, Lardas was furious. His plan that was about to succeed at first was ruined by his words. He snorted disdainfully, and said coldly: "The red sacrificial offering on the mainland represents Your Majesty Quanyi should understand. Ask the four priests in red to besiege an unknown dumb. I am afraid that speaking out will be detrimental to the reputation of the Holy See."

The guests all walked to the Altar of Light, and Xi Wen said: "Yes, I agree with the words of the national teacher of Lardas. The Holy See is the leader of the mainland. Although Ah's behavior is really too much this time, let the four red sacrifices test He is alone, I think it is a bit too much. Please think twice about the Pope."

"Yes, the head of Xi Wen is right. Although Ah'Dai's behavior today is indeed wrong, but the Holy See broke the contract first, how can the four red-clothed sacrifices besiege him alone?" This should be the mainland magic. The president of the division's union, Cary. As soon as his voice fell, all the forces that came for Dumb this time all agreed, and for a while, chaotic voices sounded around the Altar of Light.

The pope was silent. If Quan Yi did not appear, he believed that with his own authority and the reasons previously mentioned by Lardas, the matter could be resolved smoothly, but the sudden appearance of Quan Yi would inevitably cause The clergy of the Holy See have some ideas in their hearts. If they rashly dismiss Quan Yi’s opinions, it will not only cause a gap between the sunset empire and the Holy See, but also make many senior members of the Holy See dissatisfied, especially in the direct line of Babron and his subordinates. In his mind, it will have a great negative impact. For a while, he hesitated again and again, but it was still difficult to decide.

Dumb looked at the eyes that were concerned about him in the audience, and his heart was warm, and he was not alone! They have friends and teachers, and they all care about themselves. Looking at Xuanyue standing with her head down, Ah-Dai took a deep breath and resolutely said: "My lord Pope, you don't have to be embarrassed, just as His Majesty Quanyi said, I am willing to accept the test of the four red-clothed sacrifices."

Dui's words immediately caused a great uproar among the clergy in the audience. In the minds of the clergy, the red-clothed sacrifice is a noble existence second only to the pope, and has an absolutely lofty status in their hearts. Dui dare to challenge the four great forces alone. The red ceremonies simply did not take the Holy See into consideration.

Xiwen was shocked when he heard Dumb's words and scolded angrily: "Dumb, don't talk nonsense."

Quan Yi showed a sullen look in his eyes, and said in a calm and innocent way: "Head of Xi Wen, since Dumb himself is willing, why should you stop it? I'm really surprised by his courage! Tian Gang The disciples trained by the Sword School are really extraordinary!"

A Duan snorted coldly, and said, "Are you the monarch of the dark kingdom of the Sunset Empire? No wonder the Sunset Empire becomes like that, you are not a good thing. Be careful, maybe Death will appear in front of you someday. "

Quan Yi was furious when he heard what Ah-Dai said before, but suddenly changed his face when he heard the last sentence. He pointed to Ah-Dai and said, "You, what do you mean by death."

Duan sneered, and said: "It is to eliminate the death of the hand-killing society and the large number of nobles in your sunset empire! You don't know that this person exists. If you want to die, he will be happy to fulfill you. After all, You are the source of the darkness of the sunset empire."

Quan Yi's pale face was angrily raised with a blue aura, and his fingers trembling slightly while pointing at Dumb, "You, what are you talking about? Who is the source of darkness. Pope, you have to be my master!" "

A Duan snorted disdainfully, then turned to look at Xuan Yue and ignored him.

The Pope gave Dumb a reproachful look, the matter is now, and even he can't change this situation. Turning back to look at Baburun and others, said: "What do you think about this matter?"

Although Babron hated Dumb for ruining his son's wedding, he was the deputy presiding judge of the Holy See after all. He knew that this punishment was indeed too severe. He just wanted to speak, but was preempted by his wife. Luoshui showed strong hatred in his eyes, and said angrily: "Let the four red priests test him, we have no objection."

The pope took a deep look at Luoshui, sighed, and said: "If this is the case, then four priests in red will test dumb on the Altar of Light. However, as the highest priest of the Holy See, I limit the attack time. It’s half an hour. If Dumb can support it for more than half an hour, even if he passes the test."

Xi Wen said angrily: "My Lord Pope, how can this be done. Doesn't it mean that dumb confronts the four red priests, and he is sentenced to death? I will never agree. Our Tiangang Sword Sect will never agree." Support The dumb people suddenly clamored and accused the Pope's decision.

A cold light flashed in the pope's eyes. As the emperor of the Holy See, the highest ruler on the mainland, when did he encounter such a scene, and when he wanted to happen, he was preempted by Dumb. Dui stopped everyone from continuing and said sincerely: "Uncle Shiwen, teachers and friends, thank you for your concern for Dui. However, it is true that Dui did something wrong today. As a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, I must not face challenges. Retreat, I can't lose the face of the Tiangang Sword Sect, let alone let the master down. Please rest assured, I have the confidence to meet this challenge. Please don't embarrass the Pope anymore."

Shivin sighed, shook his head and stopped talking. The eyes of the others showed worry. Quanyi said disdainfully: "I don't know how to live or die." Dumb didn't even look at him, and said faintly: "When people talk, please don't answer the dog."

"You, dare you call me a dog."

Feng Wen beside Xi Wen said with a serious face: "Dumb, how can you call His Majesty Quanyi a dog? Didn't that insult the faithful animal?" Seeing Feng Wen's solemn expression, everyone present laughed. When he got up, even the Pope couldn't help being amused, and the gap between him and the Tiangang Sword Sect disappeared.

If it weren't for Biinlogra, Quanyi would have rushed up. Biinloge comforted Quanyi and said to the pope: "Since Ah-Dai is willing to accept the test, your Pope, let's start."

The pope sighed, nodded, and said, "Well..." He was interrupted just as he was about to tell the four priests in red.

"Wait a minute." Xuan Yue, who had been silent, suddenly spoke. She raised her head. The tears on her face had disappeared. She gave Dumb a faint look, and said to the pope: "Pope, I am the person involved in this matter. In order to avoid the suspicion of favoritism, please find someone to replace me and test him."

The pope nodded and said: "Well, I will allow you to withdraw from this test. Who wants to take over for Xuanyue's sacrificial position to test Ah-Dai?" He aimed his gaze at everyone on stage.

Luoshui stopped the Babulun father and son who were about to rush out, and rushed to the pope: "The Pope, in the holy court, the only one who can be equal to the red priesthood is the presiding judge."

The Pope frowned and took a deep look at Luoshui. Luoshui met the Pope's deep gaze that seemed to penetrate the heart and lungs, his delicate body trembled slightly, and he involuntarily lowered his head. The pope turned his gaze to Xuan Yuan, pondered for a moment, and said, "The presiding judge, are you willing to take over the position of Xuan Yue's sacrifice to test Ah-Dai?"

Xuan Yuan showed a complicated look in his eyes. After a long while, he shook his head and said, "My Lord Pope, I don’t want to. As a senior priest of the Holy See, so many people besieging a younger generation is bad for the reputation of the Holy See, even though he blasphemed today. The deity was insulted, and the Holy See was insulted, but how can we, as representatives of justice and spreading the will of God, deal with him in this way? In my opinion, the test by the three red priests is enough."

The pope didn’t wait for Luoshui’s objection, nodded and said, “Well, the presiding judge is justified. In that case, the three priests, Xuanye, Manxiu, and Yujian, will test Ah-Dai. Guests, please exit 100 meters Outside."

With the absence of a red-clothed sacrifice, Xi Wen's heart felt a little more relieved, but he didn't know whether Ah'Dai could fight the three top magicians alone. Anxiously glanced at Dumb, and then he and Lardas led the crowd to retreat. Quan Yi turned around and retreated to the periphery while gloating, "Fighting with the three red priests, I think, I'm afraid I will die. I don't know how to die." Walking outside, he suddenly felt that he was being stirred by something under his feet. One could not stand firmly, and suddenly fell to the ground with a plop, "Oh." Quan Yi had already been drunk. After such a fall, the empty body suddenly seemed to fall apart, exhaling in pain. Bienrouge was shocked. He felt a wave of magical energy just now, but he didn't expect that this magical energy actually attacked Quanyi. After all, he was the national teacher of the sunset empire, and his anger rose to the guests. We swept away. The guests walked out without squinting their eyes. He couldn't see who made the move. These guests can say that no one has a good opinion of the sunset empire, and there is no lack of high-level magicians. Everyone has the possibility of making a move. , How can he tell? He sighed secretly, quickly helped Quanyi up and whispered; "Your Majesty, be careful."

Quan Yi hummingly got up from the ground, took a look at the place where he had been affected just now, and said in confusion: "It's on the ground, how could I fall? It's his evil way."

The pope didn't pay attention to everything that happened in the audience. He sighed as he watched Duan and said, "You can do it yourself. The unrelated clergy also withdrew."

Ba Buyi glared at Ah-Dai, the hatred in his heart had reached the extreme, and he wished to smash Ah-Dai himself into pieces to relieve his anger. Under the pull of his parents, he barely lowered the altar of light.

Xuanyue lowered her head and followed her mother to the stage. Seeing her ignoring her, Dumb couldn't help but feel a cold heart, thinking to herself, Yueyue, don't you forgive me? He knows the power of the red-clothed sacrifices. He is not sure whether he can stand the attack of the three red-clothed sacrifices for half an hour. Seeing Xuanyue's appearance, his heart is getting colder and he sighed. Even if I die here today, I No regrets, after all, I prevented Yueyue from marrying someone she didn't love. At this moment, Ah-Dai had already decided to die, and his eyes flashed with cold light, and the cold breath instantly filled his body. At this moment, Dumb suddenly felt a heat in his palm, as if there was something more, he couldn't help but was shocked. A familiar voice sounded in his heart, "Dumb, don't hurt my dad, you must be careful, I , I’m waiting for you. Don’t forget, absolutely defensive.” He was so familiar with this voice, and the words full of concern made Ah Du’s heart warm up, and looked at Xuan Yue, who had already stepped down the altar, for a moment. Rippling.

It turned out that when Xuanyue approached the altar, she used space magic to transfer the guardian ring that had been held in her hand to Dumb's palm and said that. With Xuanyue's encouragement, Addi's confidence immediately increased. He stretched out his palms and looked at the white ring that was still warm in his palms. Under the agitation, his body was trembling slightly. He knew that no matter whether Xuan Yue forgave him or not, at the very least, she still loves herself, and she still cares about her own safety. This is enough.

The pope circled his hands and flew to the entrance of the Temple of Light in the golden light package, and said in a deep voice: "Dai blasphemed the gods on the altar of light. I order that the three priests, Xuanye, Yuma, and Mongxiu, perform gods on him. Punishment, life or death, the time limit is half an hour, start." Under the orders of the pope, the three red priests glowed with dazzling white light at the same time, and Manxiu and Yuma waved their right hands at the same time, each emitting a sacred atmosphere. The light blade slashed towards Ah Dui, and Xuan Ye flashed golden light in his hand, and the wrath of the **** fell in his palm, chanting a spell quickly. They all knew the power of Dumb's martial arts, and knew that they would never give him a chance to attack. The three of them had sacrificed in red for many years, and they had a deep understanding of each other. Mongxiu and Hanma gave up singing high-level magic and prepared to use low-level magic. The magic entangled the dumb and gave Xuan Ye an opportunity to use high-level magic.

A Dumb's eyes shot in all directions, and he gave a cold snort, and his hands turned into a silver shield of light, and they received two light blades without evasive. There were two bangs, and there were large white spots on the altar of light. Scattered in all directions, Duan kicked the ground with his right foot and rushed towards Mang Xiu like lightning. The Pope’s biggest mistake was to let the three red priests fight against the dumb in the narrow space of the Altar of Light. How could Ah Dui not understand the respective pros and cons of magic and martial skills? In a small space, he naturally wanted to grab the position of the main attack and would not give the three red priests the opportunity to use great magic. When the blue figure of Dumb rushed to Mang Xiu's body in a flash, the pope was aware of this problem, but now he couldn't change anything. All can only be seen by the three red-clothed sacrificial offerings to themselves.

As one of the four great red-clothed sacrifices, Mangxiu certainly has extraordinary abilities. Although he was surprised at the speed at which Ah-Dai rushed towards him, he did not panic. A golden light flashed in his hand and a golden tulip appeared in front of him. , Manxiu shouted: "Waltz of Light." The golden light suddenly shined in front of him, and countless golden energies like tulip petals combined into a tornado-like form to greet the rushing dumb. The gorgeous energy made the altar. The crowd watching from the periphery was dazzled. This is Mang Xiu’s unique skill. The golden tulip in his hand is compressed with light elements after decades of hard practice. It can summon powerful light magic in the shortest time with a few words. Based on his own years of research on the energy characteristics of this compressed tulip, Manxiu has studied the magic of this Waltz of Light, which is specially used for self-defense. Every piece of tulip energy he emits has huge magical power, that sharp. Each of the petals has a powerful penetrating power to death. This magic was only successfully studied by Mangxiu in recent years. Even if the energy of the tulip is used up all at once, he can make another one in a short time.

Suddenly seeing the golden petals light up in front of Mang Xiu's body, Ah Duan was also shocked, but his life transformation has reached the state of the sixth transformation. The solid vindictive spirit is almost the guest star of all magic, and the highly compressed fighting qi is not He would be afraid of magic with lower energy than his own. Dumb can be said to have experienced many battles. Although he was surprised in his heart, it did not affect his attack. Not only did the forward momentum not stagnate, but instead speeded up. His hands were constantly flying in the air, imagining a variety of hand shapes, and the big silver fighting spirit thread oozes from every part of his body, and slammed into the tornado composed of tulip petals. Those petals containing huge energy, under the invincible vigorous thread of life, can no longer exert their due power. The golden and silver rays of light continuously explode in the air. Disappeared in the splendor. After the silver fighting spirit silk broke the Waltz of Light, it attacked Mang Xiu without stopping. Mang Xiu gritted his teeth, folded his hands, and put the tulip in it, when the silver fighting spirit thread hit a foot in front of him. , Violently opened both palms and pushed forward. A powerful golden beam of light suddenly impacted. It was a pure light element containing huge compressed energy. Although the silver fighting spirit thread was not offset by the impact of the golden light, it was blown away. It can't hurt Mang Xiu.

Dumb was shocked, and thought to himself, these red-clothed sacrifices are indeed well-deserved, it's really hard to deal with! However, Mangxiu’s stubborn resistance also completely aroused the fighting spirit in Ah Du’s heart. With a loud shout, facing the huge light energy from the impact, he turned into a handle that was five feet long and half a foot wide. The three-inch thick silver energy sword suddenly slashed towards the beam of light that rushed in front of him. With a chuckle, a harsh sound like metal rubbing sounded, and the beam of light that Mang Xiu used to condense a large amount of magical power was cut in half by Ah Dui's sword. The golden energy poured out from both sides of his body without causing a death at all. hurt. Duan walked with the sword, and the silver giant sword cut to Mang Xiu mercilessly. The huge energy brought by the giant sword shocked Mang Xiu's heart. He didn't expect that he would give up the long condensed tulips. , Hadn't even resisted the attack of Duan, the huge silver energy sword made him feel that death was so close to him for the first time since he became a red priest. Time has not allowed him to recite high-level spells anymore. In desperation, he had to urge all the mana and place a layer of golden energy barrier in front of him, although he knew that this was not enough to resist the attack of dumb. , However, he can only do his best and obey the fate.

Just when Ah-Dai rushed three meters in front of Mang Xiu's body, Yuma's magic was completed. He and Mang-siu had always had a deep friendship, how could he watch his old friend hurt under the sword of Ah-Dai. When Ah-Dai rushed to Mang Xiu earlier, he had already taken out his magic weapon Light Staff. With the increase of the staff, he used the sword of Light God as a seven-level light attack at the fastest speed. Magic, the huge golden lightsaber was finally formed when Manxiu was in crisis, and he suddenly slashed behind Ah-Dai, thinking about it in Yuma, even if his magic couldn't hurt Ah-Dah, it would definitely be able to resolve Mang Xiu's crisis. But can everything really go as smoothly as he imagined? Feeling the powerful aura coming from behind, Ah-Dai did not panic at all. His body suddenly accelerated in the air. The forward momentum did not change. He actually fought with the golden lightsaber under the feathers, and the silver giant sword was on him. Under the full force of his urge, he soared by three feet, and in an instant he was in front of Mang Xiu.

The light elemental energy wall placed by Mang Xiu could not withstand Pei Ran’s powerful sword of birth and transformation, and seemed to be unhindered. The silver light had penetrated the golden energy wall and struck him in front of him. With a sound, my life stopped, my eyes closed, waiting for death to come, he never thought that he would die in the hands of a young man in this kind of occasion when he traveled across the continent for many years. The depression in his heart made his face change. Painfully, one of the four red-clothed priests of the dignified Holy See had completely given up resistance at this time. In just a few minutes, Dumb's performance has stunned all the spectators. When he promised to accept the unfair test, who would have thought that he could become the main attacker?

Duan came to the Holy See to find his beloved, how could he kill anyone casually? Just when the silver sword in his hand was about to cut to the top of Mang Xiu's head, he flipped his wrist, and the sword of transformation changed from being cut to slap, hitting the top of Mang Xiu's head. His purpose was to stun Mang Xiu temporarily. At this moment, a loud drink sounded like a thunderstorm in A'Dai's ears, "Bold—" The huge sound was just like the soul magic used by the four elders of the Akin tribe. It shocked A'Dai's heart, and the silver sword in his hand subconsciously Slowly. In the time he was less than a tenth of a second, Yuma's Light God Sword had already been cut to the back, and at the same time, a golden IP in the sky was also heavily smashed. This golden IP was exactly the judgment of the gods used by Xuan Ye. When Duan attacked Mang Xiu, Xuan Ye used all his mental power to successfully use the eighth level to attack the judgment of the magic gods with the help of the wrath of the gods. , A thick golden cloud floats above the Altar of Light, and the golden lightning in the thick bucket is emitted from the golden cloud. The huge sacred power instantly enveloped the dumb in front of Xiangmang Xiu.

A sense of fear quickly spread to Ah-Dai's body. The guardian ring on his hand gave out a white halo covering his body in a timely manner. Ah-Dai knew that if he stuns Manxiu with this sword, even with his strength, Fighting against the combined attacks of Yuma and Xuanye, he would inevitably be severely injured under the blows of the two huge energies above and behind his head. Whether he could have the power to fight again was a problem. For his own safety, he had no choice but to Withdrawing the long sword that was split, the silver energy instantly transformed into a thick mask, which protected his body. In the bang, the golden lightsaber in the feathers and the lightning that smashed down from the sky blasted heavily on the silver energy cover of Dumb, and the two-color light of gold and silver skyrocketed, covering the entire altar of light completely.

Surrounded by the light, A'dai's body trembled violently. After the two red priests joined forces, he couldn't help groaning even with his skills. The body shook and unconsciously fell forward. This One step, so that he just came to Mang Sau. Mang Xiu was already awake when Xuanye yelled the word bold. Seeing that Ah-Dai received two heavy blows in succession, he seemed to have no power to attack him. He hurriedly transformed into a group of golden magical energy and suddenly directed towards Ah-Dai. Boomed his chest. His judgment was correct. Under the attack of Xuanye and Yujian, the meridians in Ah Du's body had been shaken to a certain extent, and he had not fully reacted yet, and had already met Mang Xiu's attack. Mengxiu’s energy group is much weaker than Yujian and Xuanye’s attacks. However, the energy shield that Dui condensed just now is mainly used to defend the head and back. After taking on the attack, the energy shield There was already a loosening, and Mengxiu's energy group successfully pierced through the outer defense and hit his chest.

The golden light flashed, and Ah'Dai's body was blasted into flight. The ordinary energy transformed from the inner guardian ring was not enough to resist Meng Xiu's attack. He rolled a few times in the air and landed on the edge of the Altar of Light, screaming against the blood, he was already injured to the effect. If Ah-Dai had no softness just now, even if Xuan Ye and Yu Jian could attack him in time, Mang Xiu would inevitably die under the life-changing energy sword. However, it is precisely because of his inner kindness that he was so heavy. attack. Yuma and Mongxiu took advantage of the gap between Ah-Dai's repulsion, and quickly chanted a spell, but Xuanye's divine trial did not end, and another golden lightning blasted towards Ah-Dai under his command. An exclamation sound came from the distance outside the Altar of Light, and Ah Dui clearly felt that it was Xuanyue's voice, and the love in his heart surged. In the extreme danger, he used Corris' wish.

"Boom——" The golden lightning struck heavily on the altar of light. After dozens of generations of masters of the Holy See continue to bless the altar of light, it contains a huge amount of energy. Even the trial of the gods can't hurt it. The ground of the altar There was only a black mark on it, not even a slight crack. Xuan Ye was surprised to find that Ah Dui had disappeared and was not attacked by herself. When Ah Du's figure appeared again, he was already in the center of the Altar of Light. A huge and cold aura suddenly appeared, and Adai said coldly: "You forced me. I'm sorry. I want you to see what the true strength of the Sword Saint is." Along with the long howling, Adai floated around. Rising, under the influence of vindictiveness, went straight to the sky. His hands were wrong, and his figure swayed quickly in the air, and a group of silver whirlwind spontaneously spontaneously revolved like crazy.

Although Xuan Ye was surprised in her heart, she did not hesitate at all. He couldn't lose in today's battle, not only for his good brother Baburon, but also for the honor of himself and the Holy See. The wrath of the gods suddenly shone in the air. The golden light cloud concentrated all the energy to split three lightnings in succession, and went straight to the dumb in the air. This was the final attack of the judgment of the gods. It condensed the most powerful attack power of this eighth level magic, especially in the three lightnings. The first line of lightning, the one-meter thick lightning, seems to be beyond human resistance. When the lightning from God's Judgment descended on Ah-Dai's head, the mutation happened.

The crystal clear silver light greeted the divine judgment that was split down in the form of a whirlwind, and something unexpected happened to everyone. When three lightning bolts were in contact with the silver whirlwind, the huge sacred energy was actually in the silver. Driven by the whirlwind, he was unloaded aside, and flew towards the periphery of the Altar of Light. There was no direct conflict with the silver energy at all. The pope cried out, and his hands turned into a cloud of golden light, welcoming the bright light. The lightning struck by the temple, this lightning, is the strongest blow of God's judgment. After all, the Pope is the leader of the Holy See, the person closest to God on the Tianyuan Continent, although the power of God's judgment is strong, it can't hurt him at all. The low Sanskrit singing sounded, and the pope’s energy suddenly transformed into an angel’s appearance. The huge divine power slammed into the lightning like a whirlpool. Two golden rays of light made a muffled sound in the air, and the golden lightning rushed into the whirlpool. Any explosion sound then disappeared. However, when the Pope resolved this strongest lightning, the other two gods' judgments also slashed towards the other side, and he was too late. One, just rushed to the guests who came to observe the ceremony, and the other flew towards the priests of the Holy See. Among the guests, the four masters of Xi Wen, Liao Wen, Feng Wen, and Lu Wen stepped forward. Two yellow, two green and four rays of light intertwined in the air into a huge yellow-green light network, successfully capturing the energy of God’s judgment. Under the effect of the energy that turned into a solid state, the golden lightning transformed by the judgment of the gods was finally successfully resolved, but the four of Xiwen also withdrew a few steps before stabilizing their bodies. They couldn't help looking at each other in shock, when they really faced it. , They knew how powerful this eighth-level magic was, and they really understood the evaluation of the magic by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint.

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Chapter 170: 9 Tenjin Rai

Another golden lightning that flew towards the clergy was caught by Xuan Yue. Xuan Yue had been concerned about the movements of Ah-Dai. She didn’t know how powerful the silver energy that Ah-Dai was transforming had, whether it could withstand the three. The attack of the famous red priest, when she saw that Ah-Dai vomited blood just now, she couldn’t help but feel a great pain in her heart. Just when she was hesitant to help Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai had already led the energy of God’s judgment to the side and saw that Xuan Yue was taken aback by the thick golden lightning. If it blows into the crowd, she still doesn't know how much damage it will cause. She successfully used the instant transfer, she accurately blocked the golden lightning, her hands entangled into a strange hand shape on her chest, a golden symbol suddenly shining, and accurately hit the front end of the golden lightning. Although her cultivation level is not as high as the Pope, it can be said that she is under one person and over ten thousand people in the Holy See. Pulled by the huge energy of her origin, the golden lightning changed its direction, flew into the high air and disappeared, and a large golden flower burst out in the sky. All of this happened in the fire during the electric light. When Xuan Ye saw that the judgment of the gods she had sent out was drawn away by the dumb, she couldn't help but was startled in a cold sweat, and she was relieved until the three energies were successfully resolved. At this moment, Yuma’s voice rang from the bottom of his heart, "Xuan Ye, take the wrath of your gods as your main source, and use him in the air to launch the light of reincarnation." Hearing Yuma’s words, Xuan Ye's heart trembled, reincarnation. The light is one of the secret methods of the Holy See. It has a powerful attack power comparable to the Forbidden Curse. Is it really necessary to use this magic? When Ah-Dai rushed to Mang Xiu's body just now, he was the only person on the altar who saw Ah-Dai’s merciful hands. He couldn't help but develop a good feeling for Ah-Dai. He understood his daughter’s concerns. Now, he can't bear to hurt him. Dumb.

"Xuan Ye, hurry up, don't hesitate, do you want the Holy See to lose sight of the thousand years of wiseness?" Yuma's voice came again, and Xuan Ye's body was shaken, yes! If you let Ah Du defeat the three red priests or survive the attack for half an hour today, how can the face of the Holy See be preserved? How can he explain to Baburon? After gritting his teeth, he nodded heavily, and put his hands together. , The wrath of the gods flew out, accurately suspended in the center of the altar of light, and Yuma and Mongxiu gave each other a glance. The three formed horns and began to chant the spell at the same time. When Ah-Dai flew up to the sky to receive the light of the last three judgments of Xuanye, Yuma and Mongxiu had mixed the aura in the body, and the magic power was restored to fullness. Now the three red-clothed rituals are in their best condition. .

Mangxiu chanted loudly: "One is the light of life, two is the soul of soul, three is the light of healing, four is the heart of man, five is the light of sacredness, six is the order of god, seven is the light of extinction, eight For eternal life, nine are the light of death, and ten are the wounds of heaven and earth. Take the power of the gods as the guide, take the form of five lights and five extinctions, let go, the proud air between the heavens and the earth, become the light of awe, sweeping away all the horrors And evil.” Mangxiu’s hands turned into strange hand shapes one after another, and golden symbols were continuously injected into the golden energy in front of him. With the completion of the spell, the golden light of the original protective body gradually changed, forming red, orange, The enchantment surrounded by seven colors of yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple suddenly became powerful. With a wrong hand, the colorful rays of light suddenly appeared, impacting on the wrath of the gods, and the huge energy continued to increase. The wrath of the gods was around three squares. The air within meters is constantly twisting.

At the same time that Mongxiu mobilized the powerful awe-inspiring light, Yuma also used his most proud magic, "The great **** of heaven, I ask you to grant me divine power." The golden light enveloped his red sacrifice. The robe, the Yuma at this time, is full of majesty, "The light of healing, the light of restoration, the light of judgment, the light of purity, the light of luck, the light of blessing, under the cover of the divine power, condense into the strongest With the power of the fusion light to drive away all evil." Under the action of the spell, the golden light on his body gradually transformed into pure white, and Yuma stretched out his right index finger in the air to transform into a curve. The composition of the symbols, wrapped in the pure light of fusion, after Ji Manxiu, impacted the wrath of the gods. Under the action of two eighth-level top magics, the wrath of the gods suddenly shined, and a golden light mask instantly enveloped the entire altar of light. That powerful defensive power, even if Dumb rushed down now, there would be no way to break through it in a short time.

As Xuan Ye used magic in Mengxiu and Yujian, her hands were constantly changing the shape of her hands in the air. A golden halo enveloped his body from top to bottom. When the magic of Mengxiu and Yujian was completed. At that time, as the dominant one, he also chanted his own mantra, "The light of God descends on the world, and the power is on the earth, and the infinite divine power is flooded between the heavens and the earth! You have infinite majesty, and the evil life that blasphemes the gods will be severed by you. The punishment, in the name of the gods, I, Xuan Ye, will trigger the infinite power of heaven and earth, and drive all evil into reincarnation, the boundlessness of heaven and earth, the return of all laws to the sect, the power of magic, the absolute sound of light. Explode, pure Holy power. In the blessings of the gods, awaken, reincarnation-of-light-." The golden light of the protective body suddenly appeared, and Xuanye’s white sacrificial robes continued to dance, spiral-shaped. The golden light suddenly poured into the wrath of the gods with him. After receiving Xuan Ye's activation power, the wrath of the gods began to undergo a huge transformation. The space within ten meters of the center of the altar was completely distorted. The rays of light of various colors turned into serpentine induced electricity, which was continuously injected into the spire of the wrath of the gods in the distortion. In the process of absorbing energy, The golden wrath of the gods gradually transformed into golden blue, then from golden blue to pale blue, and finally turned into a blue sapphire full of death breath. Gathering the energy of the three red sacrificial rites, with the increase of the wrath of the gods, the light of reincarnation comparable to the forbidden curse gradually formed.

When the three red priests just started to use the light of reincarnation, Duan had already ended the silver whirlwind on his body and successfully drew away the bombardment of God’s judgment. He had a great heart. Taking this opportunity to breathe, he hurriedly It stimulates the vital energy in the body to repair the damaged meridians. Watching the three red priests begin to chant complex and lengthy spells, Dumb knew that the next blow would be unprecedentedly powerful. If he took advantage of this moment to transfer the wish of Corris, he would have a high chance to kill one of the three red priests. However, Ah Dui did not do this. When he was flying up just now, he had already decided that in front of so many people, he would dignifiedly defeat the three red-clothed sacrifices, as the descendants of the Heavenly Sword Saint. The successor of the Juggernaut, being fair and honest is his most correct choice. Therefore, he did not use the wish of Corris, let alone the sword of the Hades. When the three sacrificial spells began, Ah Dui took a deep breath and waved a lightly palm with his left hand. A piece of silver energy flew out with his right hand. A semicircle was drawn on the chest and pushed out slowly, and the silver light suddenly released, releasing a dazzling light, emitting bursts of thunder-like roar, and a silver ball of light condensing all the energy of dumb into a solid state floated slowly. Away. When the flakes and the ball of light touched and violently rubbed together, there was a blast of thunder in the sky. The huge boom caught everyone's attention. The cold light in Dumb's eyes was like two dazzling cold stars, so clear in the sky. , The incomparable domineering suddenly appeared. Under the action of all his energy, the deafening roar continued to invade the hearing of everyone present. Duan raised his head fiercely, opened his hands, and his long black hair fluttered in the wind. Chanted loudly: "Birth-birth-change-of-sky-thunder-cross-boom -" Ah Dui's whole body is wrapped in a layer of huge silver energy, constantly absorbing the drift in the air The energy, unexpectedly, under the fierce friction of the flakes and silver **** that have been transformed, did not attract the celestial phenomena as it should be, and thunder-like loud noises continue to radiate centered on the dumb. His eyes lit up, as if thinking of something, there was a hint of determination on his face.

Seeing the magic used by the three of Xuan Ye, Xuan Yue cried out in shock: "Ah! This is the light of reincarnation, no, no!" There was a strong sense of panic in her eyes, as the red of the Holy See. One of the clothing sacrifices, she knew this magic more clearly. The light of reincarnation has only been used three times since the establishment of the Holy See, and the results of those three times can only be described as destroying the world. If four red-clothed priests join forces, they don't need any equipment. The light of reincarnation used by the three of Xuan Ye now also gave out its due power under the increase of the wrath of the gods. Xuan Yue knew clearly that even the Pope might not be able to accept this magic, and she had no hope of winning at all. How could Duan be able to cope with the injury? Quickly use mental power to transmit the voice dumb, "Quickly, give up resistance. This is the light of reincarnation. It has the power of forbidden curse. Quickly use all your energy to activate the guardian ring to initiate absolute defense. Only then can you stand it down, half The hour is almost here, as long as you can withstand this attack, you should be able to survive it."

Duan took a deep look at Xuan Yue from the air. The emotional gaze made Xuan Yue's heart tremble, and his voice rang in her ear, "Yueyue, I love you, I will always love you so much. Absolute defense can indeed withstand your father’s attacks, but by this time I can’t retreat. Forgive me, as the successor of the Heavenly Swordmaster, I must bravely meet the challenge. Before coming here, I have already issued Oath, no matter what I face, I will never back down, trust me, I can do it. Yueyue, I—love—you—"

Xuan Yue couldn't take care of her gaffe, crying sadly, "No! Dumb, don't--" But at this time, no one can change what is about to happen.

In the constant singing of the three of Xuan Ye, the wrath of the gods trembled violently, and the faint blue light of reincarnation gradually condensed into a light ball, which was a signal that it was about to burst.

In the sky, Ah Dui closed his eyes as if he hadn't heard Xuan Yue's cry. The light and thick energy in front of him was still rubbing violently, and the original pale silver gradually turned into silver gray. It didn’t need to be deliberately urged by Dui. It gradually floated upwards. Dui clearly felt that his essence, energy, and spirit had been elevated to the highest level as never before. That feeling was something he had never experienced before. It seemed that he had entered Like another world. At this moment, there was a sudden change in the sky. The originally clear sky dimmed.

Xi Wen and other disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect looked at the dumb in the air with anxiety. They all knew that dumb was going to launch a thunderstorm, but no one knew whether the thunderbolt could be dealt with this day. It was added by the three red priests. The energy fused by the artifact. The sky darkened, and Xi Wen was happy. He knew that the thunderstorm was about to start, but everything in front of him opened his mouth in surprise. There were no dark clouds appearing with the darkened sky. The sunlight in the sky was not so dazzling. Seven colored spots of light appeared above the dumb. Those spots of light appeared very suddenly and condensed very quickly, and in an instant, they condensed. As a large colorful light cloud, Xi Wen was ignorant. He hadn't mentioned this situation in the handwritten script left by the Heavenly Sword Saint. He had no idea what was going on. I wondered in my heart, isn't this because of thunder and thunder? Yes, this is not something that can be explained by the thunder of the sky. The colorful light cloud that Duan attracted under this special situation is no longer understandable by humans.

When the pope appeared in the sky with colorful light clouds, his face suddenly changed. When Xuan Ye and the three of them used the light of reincarnation, he was already surprised. The appearance of the colorful light clouds at this time made him feel shocked and lost his voice. Said: "No, this is the Nine Heavens God Thunder. All the clergy, upon their orders, immediately condensed the barrier of light and surrounded the altar of light in a barrel shape."

On the periphery of the Holy See Shenshan, when the believers saw the "colorful auspicious clouds" in the sky, they couldn't help but cheered. They believed that this was the auspiciousness of the gods. But how do they know that if this energy really breaks out without any barriers, then people like them will really ascend to heaven.

"The Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, the Heaven’s Thunder, possesses incomparably powerful power. Even among the Heaven Gods, only powerful beings above the Lord God can use them. The divine power possessed by the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder is the most masculine and strong in the world, not human. The enemy is what you can." This sentence is recorded in the most precious divine books of the Holy See. The books of the gods can be said to be the only books that the Holy See can know about the gods. Only the popes have the right to read. The Pope did not expect that Ah-Dai would provoke this powerful Nine Heavens Thunder with human power. He knew that if the defense was improper, the entire Holy See God Mountain would be annihilated under the Nine Heavens Thunder, and hurriedly chanted his strongest. Great defense magic.

Under the leadership of the Pope, thousands of high-level priests simultaneously used a four-level magic light barrier. The defensive power of this magic itself is not very strong, but under the command of the Pope, it is used by thousands of high-level priests at the same time, and its power is not the same. A large golden halo flew up, floating towards the Temple of Light. The pope flicked in the void, and a golden crack appeared in front of him. He muttered a few spells, and a golden light flew from the crack. Out, it is the treasure of the Holy See, the staff of past popes-the staff of the gods. The staff of the gods is about two meters long, the size of pigeon eggs is thin, and there are a pair of golden wings on the head of the staff, and in the center of the wings is a huge golden gem with a diameter of ten centimeters. Suddenly, this god’s rod is like an enlarged version of Xuanyue’s angel’s rod. However, the divine power contained in it is far incomparable with the angel’s rod. It is the only light-like special-grade artifact on the entire continent. Although it is not as good as Dumb’s Hades sword, it is not far from it. The most important thing is that the Pope can completely control this artifact because he has been baptized by the gods. This is something Dumb can’t compare. The Hades sword only has the Devildom. The real Pluto can have complete control. The appearance of the scepter of the gods suddenly made the pope’s original singing sound a lot easier. A huge six-winged golden angel appeared in the light of the scepter of the gods, and the angels were constantly absorbed under the control of the scepter. With the barrier of light used by thousands of rituals, its body turned out to be like a real entity after a while, and the unusually huge sacred breath made everyone feel a sense of worship. This is exactly the Pope’s strongest defensive magic—Seraph Wall. With the Pope's own ability, it is not enough to use this strong defensive forbidden curse, but after the increase of the staff of the gods, he can do it. With the support of thousands of sacrifices, the seraph wall was stronger than ever before, and the golden angel had instantly grown to a height of tens of meters.

At this moment, the light of reincarnation used by the three of Xuanye was finally fully prepared. The top of the wrath of the gods let out a stern scream, and a faint blue light with a diameter of only about five centimeters shot towards the dumb in the sky like lightning. . Although the faint blue light looked very small, none of the people present would doubt the destructive power contained in it. After all, it was made by the three red-clothed priests with all their strength.

Dui in mid-air suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes glowed with deep light like black gems. There was no trace of emotion in the light. A tall and vague figure appeared behind him. It was a black figure in his hands. It seemed that he was holding a long weapon, and because the figure was too vague, no one could tell what it was.

When the seraph used by the pope saw the black figure behind Dumb, his huge body trembled, as if he was afraid of something. Duan's voice suddenly became extremely low, "Arouse the power of the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder, get rid of all the barriers." His right hand swung down suddenly, and the black figure behind him did the same action, the colorful light in the sky. The halo brightened up, and a flash of colorful lightning struck out suddenly. Perhaps it was because of the fact that there was no thunder, and everything in the sky became so quiet. The colorful rays of light seemed to include sound. As if everything had been absorbed, the six-winged golden angel trembled violently, and under the control of the Pope, it turned into a golden beam of light, completely enveloping the dumb in the sky and the altar of light on the ground.

The faint blue light of the light of reincarnation and the colorful lightning of the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder collided in the air. Unexpectedly, the light of reincarnation emitted by the three red-clothed priests burst into a strong blue light when they encountered colorful lightning, and the beam of light formed by the six-winged golden angel shook violently. , But the shock only lasted for a short while. The blue light disappeared, but the colorful lightning is still so powerful. The attack from Ah Dui's single-handed force dissolved the light of reincarnation used by the three red priests so easily, and immediately surprised everyone who was worried about him from ear to ear. The colorful lightning still struck. Although the speed was slower, everyone could see that once the huge energy landed on the Altar of Light, none of the Xuanye trio would survive. Even the Pope couldn’t stop this tragedy from happening. All his power was used to defend against the explosion of energy. It was impossible to separate the power to save Xuanye and the others. Even if he could separate the energy, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to do this with dumb. The gods and thunder from the heavens contend against each other.

Just when the colorful lightning was less than ten meters away from the ground, A Duan's eyes suddenly showed a struggling, the mental power that had entered another realm returned to his body, and the ears recalled what Xuan Yue had told him before. , Looking at the colorful lightning that was split, suddenly shouted: "No—" All mental power suddenly burst, and the colorful lightning in the air stopped three meters above the altar of light under his full control. With too much force, Ah Dumb couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood, but he knew that he could never stop now. Once stopped, the colorful lightning would be in danger of exploding at any time. A breath of true energy was raised, and the white anger became a bit vindictive. It kept surrounding him as if confused.

"Sheng——" A puff of blood exploded from Dui's body and dyed his blue costume that had been worn for a day. A miracle appeared. Under Dui's desperate urging, the colorful colors formed by the nine-day divine thunder The galvanization turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the sky, and even the colorful clouds of the big canopy disappeared. Dui's whole body was constantly trembling under the white zhensheng qi, the divine light in his eyes gradually dimmed.

The presiding judge Xuanyuan is the most powerful among all the people present except Ah-Dai. When he saw Ah-Dai's situation, he suddenly exclaimed: "No, he is going to get into trouble." Seeing Ah-Dai and the three red-clothed priests confronted earlier. Xuan Yuan has been deeply impressed by the powerful martial arts of Adu. Although he has been aiming at the sword master, he does not know what the strength of the sword master is. Until today, he did not understand that he and the sword master How far is the gap between him? He knew that Ah'Dai's cultivation level was something he could never surpass in this life. He couldn't help expressing his admiration. At this moment, seeing Ah'Dai was close to the edge of collapse, he was shocked. .

Seven or eight figures rushed towards Ah-Dai in the air at the same time. The first one to appear beside Ah-Dai was two figures, one was the Prophet Purin of the Puyan clan, and the other was Xuanyue. Relying on the instant transfer of space magic, they surpassed the others and reached the side of Dumb first. Xuan Yue could not care about other things anymore, she quickly took out the angel staff, first put a pill of healing gold pill refined by the Holy See into Ah-Dai's mouth, and then immediately used an intermediate recovery magic, the golden light suddenly shone, and she did her best to help Dumb suppressed the chaotic qi in his body.

Dumb's consciousness has been confused, and his body is completely supported by the raging vitality of life so that he will not fall down. Under Xuanyue's light recovery technique, his whole body shook, spouting a mouthful of blood, and suddenly collapsed in Xuan Yue. Moon in the arms.

Xuanyue tightly hugged Ah'Dai's body, and the magic energy supported the two of them not to fall down. Prophet Prin, relying on his ability to control space, floated beside them, frowning and said: "Fortunately, you helped him in time. Stabilize the injury, otherwise, once the devil is intensified, with his skill, he may explode and die. It is incredible to take back the divine thunder that he has drawn with all his strength." At this time, the Pope, the presiding judge Xuan Yuan, Xiwen, Fengwen, Lardas, and Biinrouge have all flown to Xuanyue's side. Xi Wen grabbed Ah-Dai's wrist, without inquiring about the condition in his body, first input a pure and honest zhenqi, relying on his vigorous cultivation base to help Ah-Dai sort out the chaotic inner breath.

Feng Wen said in a deep voice: "Big brother, how is he? Do you want me to help you?" Sivin shook his head, and said to the pope: "Pope, you should have seen the situation just now, no matter how you say this test Ah, Dumb should be considered as a pass. I hope the Holy See will stop embarrassing him. You know, this kid is kind by nature, and he definitely didn't intend to go against the Holy See."

The pope himself didn't mean to embarrass dumb, nodded and smiled: "Don't worry, I will take care of this matter. You will take him down first."

Under the **** of the people, Xuanyue returned to the altar of light with the unconscious dumb. The three red-clothed priests on the altar were all gray-faced at this time. They couldn't think of it. The three sacred light magisters joined forces. , Even a young man in his twenties couldn't deal with it. Although the nine gods of thunder did not explode in the end, anyone with a slightly discerning eye knows the final outcome. In the presence of so many priests, just like this, the three red priests were full of complicated feelings, unwilling, fearful, and lucky.

Only the pope, who was wrapped in golden light, was left in the sky. Looking at the disappointed thousands of clergy in front of the Temple of Light, the pope said with excitement: "The most loyal believers of the gods. I can tell with great pleasure. One thing for you. The savior we have been looking forward to for a long time, looking for a long time, and waiting for a long time finally appeared. He is the young man who competed with the three red priests just now." The pope's words immediately let the clergymen It exploded, and for a while, the front of the Temple of Light was full of noisy discussions. Every clergyman knows what the savior means. The first pope of the Holy See a thousand years ago, the Holy Feather, led the various races of mankind in the name of the savior to crush the invasion of the Dark Demons, and finally established the Tianyuan Continent into a peaceful country. The Holy See was also born at that time, and it is precisely because of Shenyu's deeds that the rise of the Holy See has its current status. Almost all of the high-ranking priests and judges present have performed the task of searching for the savior on the mainland. They are believers of the gods, and naturally they believe in the thousand-year-old catastrophe. The pope said that the savior has appeared, how can they Not excited? It's just that doubts still occupy most of their hearts now, and they don't understand why the Pope would say that Dumb is the savior.

The Pope immediately resolved the doubts in the minds of these clergymen, and his voice said passionately: "Everyone has seen the situation just Dumb, this third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect is with three red-shirts. During the sacrificial contest, the nine gods thunder of the heavens were successfully mobilized. According to important records of the Holy See, the nine gods of the gods can only be used by the gods of the heavens, but he did it. According to the handwritten notes left by His Majesty Shen Yu thousands of years ago According to the record, I have every reason to believe that he is the savior who saved the mainland. Therefore, he prevented the wedding today, which can be said to be arranged by the gods in the dark, and let him lead us to fight against the forces of darkness. The millennium catastrophe is coming, darkness The power is rampant. I hope that all the clergy can surround the savior and do their part for the peace of the mainland. The savior did not let the nine gods thunder just now because of his compassion and compassion. How kind is his It is worthy of our admiration. I order that from now on, all the clergy present must not disclose what has just happened to the outside world and the whereabouts of the savior, otherwise, they will be punished by the most severe punishment by the gods. Judge Xuanyuan, Red Clothes Offering sacrifices to Xuan Ye, Manxiu, and Yuma, immediately led all the clergy to return to the sacred mountain to rest, waiting for dispatch."

In the pope's majesty and the surprise of the savior, the clergy were silent. Although some people were still puzzled, they could only secretly doubt in their hearts when facing the supreme pope of the Holy See. Xuan Yuan and the three red sacrificial priests directed the clergy towards the sacred mountain, and all the guests gathered in front of the Altar of Light. Except for Quan Yi who appeared a little demented because of being too surprised, almost all the other guests revealed Looks anxious or admiring.
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