The Kind Death God Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: Curse

The waiter took a look at Dumb and murmured as he walked out, "It's really a flower on the cow dung. It's a pretty girl. Why did you find such a husband?" Just before he was about to leave the room. Suddenly felt a cold on his neck. In surprise, he stood still and did not dare to move a little. There was a short blade on his neck, and Fengfeng’s cold voice sounded, "Don’t let me hear you say me Husband’s bad words, even 10,000 people like you can’t compare to him. Go--"There was a strong force from behind, and the waiter staggered out of the room and fell to the ground with a plop. The sound of the door closing came clearly.

For a long time, the waiter struggled to get up from the ground. Just about to yell at him, he recalled the cold feeling on his neck, and quickly swallowed what he had said before, staring at the door fiercely, grimly. 'S left.

After Mie Feng closed the door, she darts over to Ah-Dai. Since her own vindictive spirit has a dark attribute, she doesn't dare to help Ah-Dai at all, so she can only look at him anxiously.

Duan's mind was completely in a semi-conscious state, and the true energy in his body was fighting desperately against the evil spirit of the Hades sword. If Ah-Dai had Xuanyue by his side and his heart was full of kind thoughts, even if he used the sixth move of the Nine Jues of the Mind Characters, he would not necessarily fall into such a crisis. However, the depths of his heart were corroded by the ferocious aura, and he was full of murderous intent. When he used it out of the underworld, it suddenly seemed like a thunder shook the ground, and he couldn't control it. Now he can only rely on the powerful vitality of life to resist the invasion of evil.

Mie Feng's heart moved, and he whispered in Duan's ear, "Bing, do you remember Bing? You can't do anything for Bing! You have to destroy the Killing Hand Society and fulfill your promise to me. You will surely be able to survive. In the past, there must be nothing wrong." Perhaps it was Dui who really heard Miefeng's call, and the aura in his body seemed to calm down a lot.

Mie Feng stood up and walked back and forth in the room. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something. She took a deep look at Duan on the bed and strode out.

In the lobby of the hotel, the waiter who had brought Miefeng to the room was saying to another waiter: "Although the little lady is pretty, she is really fierce. She pulls out the knife at every turn. I just scared me. My soul is gone, I haven't married a wife yet, so I don't want to die!"

Another waiter chuckled and said: "You, why are you so courageous, a little girl scared you like this, no wonder you can't find a wife. Isn't she just a woman? What's so great? Is she better than Are we men strong enough?"

"What's wrong with women? Can't women kill people?" A cold voice sounded, and a murderous aura instantly enveloped the two waiters.

The two waiters were ordinary civilians. When did they encounter this situation? In the powerful murderous aura, both of them were limp on the ground, their whole bodies trembling, watching the slowly walking Miefeng begging constantly. Then, "Girl forgive me, girl forgive me! The little one dared not talk anymore." "Girl, I, I didn't mean to talk about you. There is an old man in my family, and a young man in my family. Forgive me. "

With a flash of light, Miefeng put the short blade away, looked at the two kowtows in front of him with disdain, and said: "I won't kill you. Killing people like you will dirty my hands. Get me a copy." The record of the praying mantra. It is in the Holy Vatican."

"Yes, yes. So the girl is also a loyal believer of the gods! The little ones are too, I will take them for you."

The mantra is a very popular mantra on the mainland. It is often sung by all the gods and the loyal believers of the Holy See. The mantra has no special effect, but when it is chanted, it can produce a weak sacred breath and make people It's just calm. The reason why Miefeng thought of the god-given mantra was because of evil intrusion in A'Dai's body. She wanted to use the method of singing the god-given mantra to help A'Dai tide over the difficulties. However, she herself was not sure, as a member of the dark forces, whether the curse she chanted would work. Now she has no other choice but to try her best.

After a while, the waiter had already picked up a small hardcover book and handed it to Mie Feng respectfully. Mie Feng snorted coldly and said, "Tell you, if someone from the official family comes to investigate, no one is allowed to reveal our coming here. Otherwise, be careful of your dog's life." The waiter stared in surprise and went to the second floor.

Back in the room, Miefeng sat down by the bed, Ah Du's face was red and white, and his body was still trembling. Large drops of sweat flowed down, seeming to be extremely painful. Miefeng put the mantra aside, took out the towel from the bathroom, wiped the sweat from his head for Dumb, took the small book of the mantra with the other hand, and smiled bitterly: "Unexpectedly, I also begged the gods for blessings. One day." Open the first page of the mantra, take a deep breath, and muttered: "The **** of self-consciousness, when walking to save all beings, see the growth of the gods, save all sufferings and evils, pray to the gods, suffering is both Emptiness, emptiness is suffering, feeling thoughts and consciousness, **** prays for blessing,..." The difficult sentence resounded clearly in the room under Miefeng’s continuous recognition, as the thousand-word praying mantra reverberated and disappeared. Feng found that his inner heart had gradually calmed down, it seemed that everything was no longer so important, and there was nothing in his mind except the small words on the praying curse. In addition to practicing martial arts, for the first time in her life, she did something with all her heart, and gradually became more proficient in singing. Mie Feng had already sat cross-legged on the bed unknowingly, singing over and over again.

I don’t know how long it took, the mind of Miefeng gradually blurred. When she didn’t know how many times she finished chanting the last character of the mantra, she stopped, her mind was completely asleep in fatigue. . Suddenly, a golden light shot from outside the window, and Mie Feng did not resist at all. The golden light had already submerged in her eyebrows, and Mie Feng's whole body trembled violently, and it took a while before she calmed down.

Slowly stood up from the bed, her black eyes had turned into gold, and those golden eyes were filled with kindness and tenderness. Looking at the face of Duan, she whispered: "Child, my poor child Ah! How can I bear to see you in such a great danger? Fortunately, this girl is singing the mantra with all her heart. Otherwise, I can't help you! But, I can't help you too much, this is after all What you have to face. Use your will and wisdom to solve your current problems." She lifted her right hand, stretched out her index finger, and clicked on the center of Ah'Dai's eyebrows, her fingers fell down, and the light flashed. A golden symbol flew out from between his fingers and sank into the center of Ah-Dai's eyebrows. Ah-Dai's whole body shook. A strand of golden light fell along the center of his eyebrows and tried to fall down until it fell into the dantian. Mie Feng retracted his finger, stroked it gently on A'Dai's face, bent down, kissed A'Dai's forehead softly, and said softly, "Child, everything depends on you. You must cheer up and overcome difficulties. I'm leaving, one day, we can be reunited." She floated up, landed on the bed, and returned to her original posture. The golden light flashed, and a golden light floated from Miefeng's brow and heart. It disappeared from the window like lightning, as if nothing had happened.

After a long while, Mie Feng rubbed his hazy eyes, took a deep breath, and brought his mind into reality again. She was surprised to find that her body and mind were so refreshing, and all the negative emotions had disappeared. His gaze fell on Ah-Dai's face, Ah-Dai seemed to have calmed down, the expression on his face no longer changed, and his nose was very even, as if he was asleep.

Miefeng floated down from the bed, looked at the dumb on the bed quietly, and muttered: "No wonder so many people believe in gods. It seems that there are gods! Gods! Please bless dumbs. , Let him wake up quickly. Although he kills a lot, but those are wicked people who have a way to die! He shouldn't be punished."

Duan was in a coma, and his mind sank completely into his heart. The evil aura and the sacred aura contained in the life of true aura constantly competed for the control of his body, just as two diametrically opposed and opposing energies continued to collide with each other. Suddenly, a weak sacred breath was injected into the body. Although the sacred breath was very weak, it was exceptionally pure. With its addition, Shengsheng Zhenqi gradually gained the upper hand, with the help of the continuously injected sacred breath. , And gradually pushed back the remaining evil spirit of the Pluto sword. The body's initiative is back under the control of Dumb. The silky sacred aura was actually brought by Miefeng's chanting of the God-Chan. Although the evil qi had been suppressed, the injury inside Ah Dui's body was not healed, and under the constant maintenance of the true qi, he gradually recovered. I don't know how long it took, and Ah Dui's mind that fell into a deep sleep gradually awakened. He found that he seemed to be in a golden ocean. Waves of golden energy continued to moisturize his body. He looked down at him. Dumb found that he was sitting cross-legged in the golden ocean. In, that full of vitality, warm energy is constantly washing his soul. It feels so comfortable! With a move in his heart, Ah Dumb was surprised to find that the form he was seeing right now was the golden body in his dantian? How could the mind run into the golden body? Looking around, there are golden rivers all around, constantly introducing the golden waves from the ocean into the river, and then converging into the ocean again after recycling.

Dumb wondered, what's wrong with me, why is this happening? Why does my mind stay in the body? Gradually, he recalled everything before. what! I used the fifth move of the Pluto swordsmanship, which was that the surging evil aura invaded into my body and plunged myself into a deep sleep. Using his mind to control his hands and feet to move, Dui found that the current golden body is like his own body, which can be controlled as he pleases. When his mind moves, he follows the waves of the golden ocean and flows into a wider river. , He found that in order to adapt to the width of the river, his body has shrunk a lot. It seemed that it was only a momentary effort, and his golden body returned to the ocean, and he had already circulated in the golden river. However, just at this moment, he found that some parts of the river just now seemed to be damaged. Dumb realized that those rivers were his meridians, and the golden ocean was the vitality in his dantian. Now that the mind is in the golden body, I will repair the meridians first, and then find a way to restore the mind to the body.

Thinking of this, under the urging of his thoughts, he once again entered the river just now. Under the flow of the waves, he soon came to the place where the damage was found before, stretched out his hands and stroked the damaged place, golden energy came out through his palm, and under the action of the energy, the damaged place was wrapped in vigorous vitality. , The damaged place of meridian was quickly repaired, and it quickly restored to its original state. The waves traveling in this river seemed to be much smoother. A Duan was overjoyed and returned to his dantian along the accelerated waves. Choosing another river again, he slid in again, driven by the waves. In this way, the meridians one after another were continuously restored in his pure energy that contained huge vitality. The golden sea in the pubic area didn't seem to be so turbulent anymore, the golden liquid gradually calmed down and gradually became a lot thicker. After repairing so many rivers, Dui found that there were only two meridians that his body could not enter. One was the thick meridian leading to a place not far from the golden ocean. There seemed to be the same energy as himself, although the energy was the same. , But there seems to be a restricted area, only a faint golden liquid will flow out under his deliberate urging, but he himself cannot enter it. After constant thinking, Dumb understood that it should be the chest area where the second golden body was. The other inaccessible place is a complex group of meridians far away from the golden ocean. There seems to be many complex energies entangled there. It seems to be black sewage, which is incompatible with the golden ocean. From the above analysis, Dumb knew that it should be his brain, and the complex energy entrenched in the brain was the evil spirit of the Pluto sword and his own fierce spirit, although he didn't know why they were there. But Dui knew very well that if he didn't use his golden energy to dredge the meridians there, he would probably not be able to regain complete control over his body. Thinking of this, he aroused the liquid in the golden ocean and soared up the river that led to the widest brain. He made up his mind to drive all the negative energy out of his body this time.

Ten days, ten days have passed, but Ah-Dai was still asleep, and there was no sign of waking up. Mie Feng looked anxiously at the calm dumb face, and sighed deeply. For the past ten days, she has been chanting the mantra for at least twelve hours every day, hoping to help the dumb wake up with the sacred breath she condensed. Although she could feel that the god-given curse was effective, Dui still did not wake up. Five days ago, a layer of golden light suddenly appeared on Dui’s body, and the light continued to circulate under the giant spirit snake armor. Dui’s body seemed to be wrapped in a golden cocoon, although it felt like Dui should be He was constantly recovering, but after another five days, the golden cocoon hadn't moved for a long time. Mie Feng's patience has gradually faded away. If it hadn't been for the prayer curse to bring her peace, I am afraid she would have been unable to bear it, using her own energy to explore the situation of Dumb.

Just as Miefeng was about to recite the God-Inspired Mantra again, she was surprised to find that the golden light emitting from A Duan suddenly became stronger. The golden light swelled violently with his Dantian position as the center, and a huge golden light group slowed down. Slowly rising, gradually moving upwards from the pubic area, countless golden trickles from the limbs of Dumb converged toward the golden light in the center like a sea of rivers. After a while, the golden light has increased even more. , Dui's body was gradually unable to see clearly in the thick golden light. Finally, when the golden light was intensified to its peak, Dumb's body disappeared, completely disappeared in the golden light. Mie Feng clearly felt that the energy contained in the golden light was so huge and pure, it seemed to be entirely composed of sacred aura! Could it be that the gods have come to take care of Dumb? Thinking of this, she stood outside the range shrouded in golden energy, and chanted a godly mantra religiously.

The formation of the golden light cluster outside of Duan is actually the enlargement of the condition in his body, turning into a golden figure, he is leading all the energy in the golden ocean to push up to the brain, lurking in the gathering of evil and vicious spirits. Near the place, due to the complicated brain structure, Duan didn't dare to act rashly, gathering the energy of the golden ocean behind, but he personally stepped forward, shrank his body, and directly entered a dark blue meridian. Dumb knew clearly that if he had a little carelessness while driving away the evil spirits in his brain, the result would be irretrievable, and even his own body might die directly. As soon as he got into the dark blue meridian, he felt a monstrous evil spirit pounce on him, as if he wanted to drive himself out of the meridian. Dumb stayed in his body, lightly radiating the huge energy contained in his body, resisting the invasion of evil spirits. How can the evil energy of a meridian contend with the golden body energy that contains the enormous vital energy? When the evil energy collided with the golden light radiating from him, the whole meridian vibrated violently, and the evil air gradually melted away, but the vibration of the meridian gradually intensified, making Ah Dui startled. He hurriedly converged his energy, and he was surprised. The discovery, due to the turbulence of the meridians, his mind seemed a little vague. At this moment, he understood that his current will is still affected by the noumenon. Once the noumenon’s meridians are destroyed, his will will also disappear, that is, if he cannot drive away the evil in the brain Qi, it will sleep forever, and thoughts can only stay in the golden body. If you destroy any meridian in your brain while driving away evil air, you will die directly and everything will disappear. Therefore, what I have to do now is to eliminate all the evil and fierce qi in the meridians without harming the meridians of the brain. However, what exactly should we do to get rid of the evil spirit without hurting ourselves? Judging from the current situation, that is simply an impossible task.

Thinking of this, Ah-Dai couldn't help feeling a sense of decadence. Why would this evil spirit choose to gather in his brain? If you can take a risk in other places, but the structure of the brain is so complicated and fragile, it is too difficult to do. Without thinking of a proper solution for a long time, he decided to withdraw from the meridians first. His current body was completely enveloped by the evil air, but he did not dare to resist too much. He could only store the golden energy in his body and quickly recede outward. Although Ah Du didn't dare to deal with the evil air in his meridians, the evil air didn't let him go. As his body withdrew, the evil air quickly chased up, still wrapping his body.

With a swish, Ah-Dai came out of the meridians enveloped by the evil air, and the dark blue evil air also followed. A-Dai's heart moved, slow down as much as possible to let the evil air follow. He kept close to the golden ocean. Dui carefully controlled the golden meridians full of sacred energy, slowly concealing the energy contained in the meridians, and entered the broad meridians under the envelope of evil air. Dumb sneered in his heart, I dare not move you with the meridians in my brain. When you get to my place, you don't even want to go back. In order to prevent the evil air from eroding the meridians, he first exploded the sacred energy contained in the meridians, and the entire meridian suddenly turned into a clear golden color. Following the golden body of Ah-Dai into the meridian, the evil air became frightened and released Once I opened Dui's body, I wanted to withdraw from the same way, but how could Dui let it withdraw? The golden light suddenly released, and Dumb’s golden body quickly expanded. He circled his hands, controlling the end of the meridians, sealing the exit with the energy of the golden ocean, and then flew forward and went straight to the dark blue group. The evil air smashed away without any worries. With the full force of Ah-Dai, the evil air did not have any ability to resist, and it was dissolved by Sheng Shengzhen Qi full of sacred aura.

After eliminating this evil air, Dumb calmed down and thought to myself, no matter how much evil air stays in his mind, he will have a certain amount. If I follow the method just now, I will bring out the evil air little by little. Eliminate it again, and in the end it will surely destroy the evil and viciousness.

Thinking of this, Ah-Dai regained his self-confidence, once again shrank his body and flew out from the meridians, still using the golden ocean-like vitality as a backing, adjusted the state of the golden body, and fully contained all the energy, no more Flew back to the meridian just now, but changed to another thicker meridian and drilled in. This meridian contains grey ferocious air. The ferocious air is more ferocious than the evil air. As soon as Dui rushed into their territory, the surging gray air suddenly rushed up, trying to completely complete Dui with his teeth and claws. Swallow. However, the golden body can be said to be the foundation of all true qi, and the energy contained in it is so great that the fierce qi in this meridian cannot play any threatening role. Dui did not withdraw immediately, but remained floating in the meridians as it is, waiting for the gray gas to completely surround him before slowly withdrawing from the meridians. The vicious air is better to deal with than the evil air. Although it is very fierce, it is not as strong as the energy penetration of the evil air. In the whole meridian, half of the fierce air seems to be drawn out by dumb. Under the effect of the vital energy, it is very Soon they were resolved again. Dui was overjoyed in his heart. He knew that he had found the right way. For the time being, he gave up the dark blue meridians and used the gray meridians to find the ferocious energy lurking in. In this way, the fierce energy continued to flow one after another. Was led out, and then went through an encirclement and annihilation. I don't know how long it took, Ah Dui found that the color of the meridians in his brain had recovered a lot, and his mind was more sober. Nearly half of all the evil spirits have been resolved. Duan decided to temporarily let go of the evil spirits. It is not so easy to eradicate them completely. The goal was to turn back to evil spirits again. Duan kept using the same method to eliminate them. These foreign energy in the body. His mind became clearer and clearer as the alien energy contained in the meridians of his brain decreased.

In fact, the ferocious aura is simply incomparable with the evil aura produced by the sword of Hades. The ferocious aura came from the evil thoughts of Ah-Dai and the instant resentment of the people killed by him, which gradually accumulated as more and more people were killed. But the evil aura of the Pluto sword is the inherent evil aura that has been absorbed by the soul and itself for thousands of years. The two energies are essentially different. If it hadn't been for the fact that when Ah-Dai first used the Netherworld, all the true qi was contained in him, but now it would have been controlled by that huge evil qi. However, even so, the combination of evil and fierce qi still produced a huge destructive power. With the help of the sacred aura brought by the sacred mantra of Extinguish the Phoenix, Ah Duan’s vitality was able to forcefully suppress these two alien energies. Down. However, these two alien energies are not so easy to deal with. Although they can't compare the amount of energy to generate true qi, they instinctively know that the brain is the most important place. Together, the energy is completely concentrated in the brain, as long as they attack with real qi, they will resist with all their strength and keep their last position. During the time when Ah Dumb was asleep, he was really angry and couldn't help them. Dumb is most grateful for the scabbard that seals the sword of the Hades. If there is no mysterious and powerful spell on the scabbard, the evil spirit of the sword of Hades is restricted from escaping, and the soul of the sword itself has already commanded the evil spirit. Controlled his body. Dumb can be said to be very lucky to be able to maintain his body to the present state. Although the soul of the Pluto Sword is very low in wisdom, it has an instinctive effect and is the source of evil. After absorbing an unknown number of souls, the soul of the Pluto Sword has become incredibly powerful. Once it is found Opportunity, dumb will never have the day to turn over.

With the passage of time, the evil and fierceness of the brain has finally faded away, and the meridians of the brain have restored some of their original colors. Several meridians have even been regained control by Ah Du. Dumb is not in a hurry now. He knows that if he wants to completely eliminate these evil auras, he must consolidate the occupied territory and not give the enemy a chance to turn over. Therefore, he wanted to use the vitality in his dantian to consolidate the occupied meridians, transform those meridians into golden rivers, and gradually regain lost ground. Just do it when you think about it. The golden waves gradually poured into the largest meridian occupied by Dui. Dui carefully integrated them into the meridians to strengthen the meridian. When the meridians were about to be completely repaired by the energy, Dui suddenly discovered that the whole The meridians in the brain seemed to move. The gray ferocious aura and the dark blue evil aura madly pulsed toward the meridians that he was consolidating. At this moment, Dui realized that these alien qi must be feelings. When it came to his own danger, he would fight with all his strength. He didn't panic, floated up and landed at the end of the consolidating meridian, and enlarged his body to the extent that it just blocked the entrance of the meridian. All the evil and evil two qi were all blocked out, and at the same time, he continued to strengthen the entire meridian, and the golden ocean in the dantian was hoarded outside this meridian under his extraction, forming a huge energy vortex.

With this victory or defeat, Ah'Dai's heart couldn't help but become tense, one after another surging energy constantly impacted his body, and even the powerful energy of his golden body, under the constant impact, also chills and vitality suddenly Weakened a lot. Feeling that the golden ocean of the dantian has been arranged according to his own thoughts, the golden body of Dumb fully absorbed the energy, and instantly retreated, following the consolidated meridians and retreated like lightning. What greeted him was the ocean-like surging of zhenqi, and under the nourishment of zhenqi, the golden body suddenly returned to normal.

The mixed qi of evil and fierce rushed into the meridians frantically, and the liquid Shengshengzhenqi suddenly rushed forward under the command of Ah-Dai, wrapping different kinds of zhenqi from all sides of the meridians, and the final battle began. The endlessly circulating liquid Shengshengzhen Qi was arranged into a bag-like appearance, and the evil and ferocious Qi continued to rush in and were quickly swallowed by this arranged energy bag. Under the frenzied impact, the fierce energy in Dumb's brain rushed fiercely towards the trap he arranged like a sea of rivers. Dumb radiated all the energy in his golden body into the golden energy bag. No matter how fast the evil spirit rushed in, he could completely wipe out those energy.

Chapter 152: Exorcise evil

The two anomalous energies, fierce and evil, gradually weakened from the surging surging at the beginning. As Dui continued to digest their impact, their impact gradually weakened. Dui felt that the energy contained in him was in the same way as the two energies. The confrontation gradually offset, but his brain became clearer and clearer. Moreover, the remaining vitality is enough to completely swallow the evil and evil qi. He knew that he was finally going to regain control of his body.

Although his vitality energy energy gradually weakened, Dui felt that he was more comfortable with energy control. The golden energy bag unexpectedly produced a suction force following his control, continuously inhaling the evil and fierce two qi through the consolidated meridians into the huge energy for digestion. I don't know how long it took, and Ah Dui finally felt pleasantly surprised that he could no longer absorb any evil or ferociousness. Although he could still feel their presence, it could no longer threaten him. Dumb understands that as long as there is a trace of evil in his heart, the evil and evil spirits cannot be completely eradicated, but how can he give up revenge? The resentment towards the Killing Hand Society will never change easily. Therefore, he can only temporarily choose to give up the root of the evil two qi and control his body first.

Dui was not eager to enter the purged brain meridians. In order to cope with the situation that might happen, he must keep his vitality in the best condition. He gradually retracted the golden liquid energy into the dantian through the meridians of his body. The golden ocean in the dantian was obviously dried up. Duan sank his body smaller due to energy consumption into the golden ocean, relying on the control of his mind. Promoting the waves in the ocean to begin to act, the mellow vitality energy swayed upward along the meridians under his deliberate urge. They not only passed through the original territory, but also went to the brain to converge. Where the golden energy passes, the fragile meridians in the brain are constantly consolidated, and the lost energy is being replenished little by little. Suddenly, when the golden energy ran to the center of the brain, Ah Dui suddenly felt something. There, there seemed to be something very important to him that attracted and summoned him. With a movement in his heart, Ah-Dai would retreat with True Qi, avoid the central thing, and revolve around other meridians.

With the continuous operation of the skill, the golden ocean in the dantian gradually filled up, and Dui clearly felt that his body was absorbing the energy in the golden ocean and was growing continuously. The golden body has returned to its original appearance. Dui suppressed the excitement in his heart. He knew whether he could completely restore his mental power to its original source. He did it in one fell swoop. He controlled his body to easily follow the golden waves into a river and flow up. Swim quickly in the direction of the brain. Due to the restoration of Shengshengzheng Qi, the meridians of the brain have not only recovered to their original state, but also become more tenacious. There was no trace of the remnants of the two evil spirits, and Dumb didn't know where they were hiding. His current mind is not above the evil spirit, he just wants to quickly get back control of his body. After entering the meridians of the brain, Ah Dui was very careful, looking for the extremely complicated and tiny meridians. He kept digging deeper into the brain, searching for the central energy he had previously inquired about.

The hard work paid off, and finally, after a long search without knowing how long, Dui finally felt the energy that was closely related to him, and in joy, he headed towards the deepest meridian in his brain. The feeling became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, after he passed through several meridians in a row, the original meridians disappeared. When his eyes lit up, Dui found that he was in a wonderful space. It was a milky-white lake. Although there was no dantian golden sea, the sea was turbulent, but it was extremely pure. The water surface occasionally fluctuated slightly, and the milky white liquid in the lake seemed to be constantly beckoning itself. Ah Dai walked towards the lake step by step, he knew that this was his own sea of consciousness! The milky lake water is his spiritual power. Dumb looked at his current body, then at the lake in front of him, gritted his teeth, floated up, and rushed towards the milky lake. The water was rippling, and the golden dumb was immersed in the milky white liquid. When his golden body entered the milky white lake, time seemed to stop. The entire sea of consciousness fluctuated violently, and the milky white waves continued to wash away one after another. Dui's golden body, bang--, Dui felt his mind exploded, and his eyes became completely white, everything disappeared, and his consciousness also entered a state of deep sleep.

Xuanyue kept flying forward. Although Tiangang Mountain had only been here once, she felt so familiar. After accepting the Pope's order, she left the Holy See the next morning and came to the Tiangang Mountain Range alone. In the past few months, in her assiduous practice of herself, the sacred energy has been greatly improved, and her cultivation level has completely surpassed the other two red-clothed sacrifices in all aspects, and pursued the Pope. She was flying forward with her body wrapped in sacred energy. Suddenly, the sound of gurgling water came into her ears clearly, and Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken and she floated to the ground. Her expression gradually began to change, and a mist of water rose from her clear beautiful eyes. How familiar is this gurgling sound of water! She remembered that it was here four years ago that the relationship between herself and Dumb began to deepen.

The gurgling sound like silver bells, as if washing her mind like xianle, Xuanyue's frozen heart seemed to have a trace of melting, her body was uncontrollable, step by step flowing water Walk in the direction of the incoming.

As the scene in front of her gradually changed, Xuan Yue knew that she had not admitted her mistake, this is the place where she was originally!

Nothing has changed, the water pool is still so clear, the stream still seeps from the gaps in the mountains on the side, and converges into a small water pool, occasionally making a few small ding-dongs. The clear spring in the pool trickled down, moisturizing the surrounding creatures along the terrain. Memories kept invading Xuan Yue's heart, as if she had returned to the moment she was four years ago.


"It's great, I want to take a bath." Xuan Yue jumped off Dumb's back and rushed to the pool quickly. With a crash, she had jumped into the knee-length clear water. The cold spring water nourished her body, and the exhaustion of the past few days seemed to disappear in an instant. She kept poking at the spring water in the altar, making a moving laugh.

Dumb stared at the happy Xuanyue in the pool, suddenly lost in thought. In his eyes, Xuanyue looked like a happy angel, so touching.

Xuan Yue also found her gaffe, exclaimed, and squatted in the altar water, two red clouds rose on her pretty face, and she groaned at Dumb: "What do you look at? I hate it, turn it over."

A Duan woke up from the sluggishness, promised, and quickly turned aside. Hidden downstream with Brother Rock.

"Dumb, what did you see just now! I seem to see your nose bleed, isn't it too irritating? Fortunately, I didn't look at it, otherwise, I will have a long needle eye." Yan Li smirked, while Poke dumb's body.

"Ah! I, I didn't see anything." Dumb explained awkwardly. The cold spring water did not weaken the warmth in Dumb's chest at all, and he could not calm down until now.

Suddenly Xuan Yue's exclamation came from the pool above. The dumb who had been lying down immediately jumped up like a reflection, and rushed towards the pool with an anxious expression. He leaped high and came right above the pool. But when he saw the "beauty" in front of him, he couldn't control his body and fell into the water with a plop. Bright red blood continuously flowed from the nose, blushing from the pool of water.

It turned out that when Ah-Dai came to the pool, what he saw was Xuanyue, who was completely red and full of beauty. Because it hadn't taken a shower for a few days, Xuan Yue wanted to get rid of the dirt on her body very much. She also believed that the three dumbs would never peek at her, so she boldly took off the shackles on her body and washed it happily. The exclamation just now came out because a small white fish in the water bomb suddenly hit her. But she did not expect her exclamation to attract dumb. She knew that she had been watched, and suddenly squatted into the pool in embarrassment, protecting the "vital" dumb who was on her body, got up from the water, closed her eyes and said, "Yueyue, Yueyue, how are you?"

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said tremblingly: "You, go and pull, I'm fine. You..."

Upon hearing that Xuan Yue was okay, Ah-Dai turned around and ran away. However, he had forgotten that his direction had already changed when he fell into the pool, and he closed his eyes again, and this turn around, just ran in the direction of Xuan Yue.

Amid Xuan Yue's exclamation, Dui hit her body, and the two fell into the pool together. Dumb was panicked, only to feel that he was holding a soft ball in his hand. In shock, he wanted to open his mouth to call, but took a sip of cold spring water, choking him coughing endlessly.

Xuanyue was so ashamed that it happened to be hers that Dui caught..., she pushed Dui aside hard, and said angrily: "You, what are you doing?"


Thinking back to Ah Dui's stupid look, the embarrassment when he saw him, the shyness when he touched him, and the sudden nosebleed, Xuan Yue's pretty face blushed, and a gentle smile appeared in her beautiful eyes. . Before she knew it, she had reached the edge of the pool.

Slowly squatted down, picked up a handful of cold and transparent lake water, and dipped his red and hot pretty face into it. An icy sense of refreshment filled her body for an instant, Xuan Yue felt that her heart was already drunk, she was completely intoxicated in that endless wonderful feeling. She had never felt this kind of relaxation since separating from Dui in the Elf Forest. For a long time, Xuan Yue was unwilling to stand up from the ground, feeling the strange coolness, and the figure of Dumb kept flashing in her mind. For three months, she has been using constant work and practice to numb her nerves, but when she came here and her heart calmed down, she still had a strong yearning for Ah-Dai. Time did not dilute her. Inner emotions.

Xuan Yue stood up slowly, combed her long blue hair behind her back, and the breeze gently stroked her body, and the red sacrificial robe swayed slightly. Looking at the distant sky, Xuan Yue muttered: , Where are you now? Don’t you still understand my feelings for you? One year, can you come back to me in one year? As long as you come back, I don’t care about anything." He sighed, Xuan Yue He took a nostalgic glance at the beautiful scenery in front of him, floated up again, and flew towards the depths of the Tiangang Mountains under the golden light.

Tiangang Sword Sect, today is Liao Yi on duty again. In two months, he will be married to Lu Yiyi. Although Yi Yi is a bit grumpy, she has a kind heart, and she is so. Beauty. Thinking of his unmarried wife, Liao Yi's heart gradually heated up, and he really wanted to finish his duty and run to find her. While he was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a strong wave of energy coming from the direction of the mountain. The energy was so vast and powerful that he had never seen before. Liao Yi stood up and drew out the Heavenly Gang heavy sword behind him. , Floating down at the entrance of the mountain, staring down the mountain, ready to respond at any time. Because the energy that suddenly appeared was too great, out of prudent consideration, he shook his hand and sent out a signal for help, telling the fellow in the sword faction that an enemy was coming.

A cloud of golden light pierced through the clouds and mist in the mountains and flew up, seemingly slow and fast rushing in Liao Yi's direction. Liao Yi held the hilt of the Tiangang epee with both hands. He just entered the fifth stage of life. Enraged, surrounded by the white light, he shouted loudly: "Who? Stop." The golden light did not stop for a while because of his drinking, it was still rising. A cold light flashed in Liao's eyes, and he raised the Tiangang epee high above his head. As long as the golden light entered his attack range, he would attack with all his strength without hesitation to prevent the opponent from climbing the mountain.

However, just when he was about to take a shot, he could clearly see the things in the golden light group, the heavy sword held high could no longer be shot, and he was shocked. In the golden light, is a slender red figure, that exquisite and undulating figure, that stunning face, and the long blue hair scattered behind him are all so sacred, a pair of deep blue eyes are towards him It seems, that, that seems to be a fairy! The fairy wrapped in the golden light beam smiled kindly at him, revealing her white teeth.

Looking at the alluring smile, Liao Yi felt that his whole body seemed to be soft, and muttered, "You, are you a fairy from the heavens?"

Xuanyue floated and fell next to Liao Yi. After four years of absence, Liao Yi's appearance did not change much. She recognized it at a glance and smiled and said, "Big Brother Liao, what are you talking about? What fairy? Don't you know me?" The golden energy of the body guard converged, and Xuan Yue stood three meters in front of Liao Yi. Four years ago, when she came here for the first time, she was on the road of Liao, and she naturally recognized him at a glance.

Liao Yi looked at Xuan Yue suspiciously. Although the stunning beauty in front of him had a feeling of deja vu, he really couldn't recognize her. Murmured: "You, are you?"

Xuan Yue was about to answer, but she felt that many people from the Tiangang Sword Sect were coming towards the gate at a rapid speed, and she couldn't help but cast her gaze over it. The first thing that flew out was a pink figure with a graceful figure. It turned a few times in the air and fell quickly in the direction of Liao Yi. This rapid figure is Lu Yiyi. Of course she knew that Liao Yi was on duty today, so she rushed out as soon as she received the signal for help. Liao Yi is her fiance-in-law, how could she not worry.

Lu fell next to Liao Yi one by one. She was surprised to find that Liao Yi looked straight ahead as if she hadn't seen herself, and couldn't help but follow his eyes. When Lu Yiyi's gaze fell on Xuan Yue's body, she couldn't help being shocked all over her body. Xuan Yue's beautiful appearance created a huge shock in her heart. She had never imagined that a human woman could be so perfect, so touching, especially the looming sacred aura in her body that she could not compare at all. Lu Yiyi was like Liao Yi, startled. In place.

At this time, a group of figures emerged from the Tiangang Sword Sect. The first one was Lu Wen, the grandfather of Lu Yiyi, the head of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Since the head of the senior brother Xi Wen and the third senior brother Liao Wen followed the rock and they descended the mountain. Since searching for Dumb, Lu Wen has not been idle, and the affairs of the entire Tiangang Sword Sect are almost entirely on his shoulders. He heard the alarm sound just now, fearing that he might lose, he rushed out with all his disciples. All the disciples of the third and fourth generations had the same expression as Liao Yi when they saw Xuan Yue, staring dumbly at the beauty like a fairy. After all, Lu Wen's cultivation base was advanced and profound, and he was not as overwhelmed as the other disciples saw Xuan Yue. Floating over to Lu Yiyi and asked: "Girl, who are you?"

Xuan Yuechong Lu Wenshili said: "Don't you know me? I was here four years ago, and I came with Dumb."

Lu Wen's heart moved, and he recalled that beautiful little girl four years ago, and said in surprise: "You are Miss Xuanyue! Four years ago, you have become more beautiful, and my old man dare not recognize you. Why are you free to come to us? Liao Yi, since you are a friend, why do you signal for help? The whole faction is getting nervous."

Only after hearing Lu Wen's words did Liao Yi wake up from the sluggishness. Although he already understood Xuan Yue's identity, he didn't dare to look at her anymore. He lowered his head and said, "Four Master, I thought it was an enemy just now."

Lu Wen said, "Be careful next time, you know? Miss Xuanyue, please, let's go inside and talk. You little rascals will go back to practice exercises for me, haven't you seen a beautiful woman?" In his broken voice, Only then did the three or four generations of disciples who followed him woke up and quickly returned to the Sword Sect, but the shock Xuan Yue brought them would never fade.

Xuan Yue and Lu Wen joined the Sword School together. Lu Yiyi came to a clear sense of surprise and murmured: "So beautiful! She is so beautiful, is she the Xuanyue the seniors said before?"

Liao nodded a little, and said, "It's her. I didn't expect her to look like this if she didn't enter for a few years..., oh, one by one, why are you pulling my ears again."

Lu Yi snorted and said, "You still have the face to say that when you see a beautiful woman, you are desperate. Do you fall in love with others? Humph, I can't compare to her. You should go find her."

Liao Yi grabbed Lu Yiyi’s willow waist and embraced her in his arms, and said softly: "One by one, don’t talk nonsense, everyone has a love for beauty. I just admire her beauty and have no other meaning. In my heart, you are the only one! Don't be jealous. That's a big deal. I will never see her again. It's fine."

"Well, it's almost the same, forgive you. However, that Xuanyue is so beautiful, like a fairy from the heavens. Hey--, how good should I be to be as beautiful as her?"

Liao Yi smiled and said, "No, I just like you now. If you want to be as beautiful as her, I am afraid that you won't be able to match me. I like the current one."

In the living room of the Tiangang Sword Sect, Lu Wen dismissed the doorman and gave Xuanyue to the host and guest position. He smiled and said, "Miss Xuanyue, why are you free to come to us? Brother Rock came here a few days ago, listen. They said, you and Duan are awkward, right?"

Xuan Yue was shocked and said, "What did you say? Did Brother Rock come? Grandpa Lu, what about dumb? Has he ever been here?"

Lu Wen smiled slightly, and said: "Dai is my senior nephew, just like him, call me uncle. Ah Dui has never come back. Senior Brother and Third Senior Brother go down the mountain with the Rock Brothers to the Sunset Empire. I found it. However, there has been no news. I should have not found it. It is really too difficult to find a person in a country in Nuo Da. Xuan Yue, you came to Tiangang Mountain this time just to find a dumb ?"

When Xuan Yue heard that A-Dai had never been here, she couldn't help but feel sad for a while, shook her head, and said: "No, I am not here just to find A-Dai. The most important thing is to tell you about the dark forces and let Tian Gang. The Sword Sect has a preparation. Uncle Sword Master, is his old man here? I want to say a few words to his old man in person."

Lu Wen sighed in his heart and said, "Since Ah Du came down the mountain, the master and his old man no longer see anyone. The head brother has also gone down the mountain. Now the affairs of the faction are in charge of me. You can tell me. I’ve done it. You don’t need to mention the dark forces. They have already told us about the rocks. Don’t worry, our Tiangang Sword Sect will definitely contribute our own strength. Before the head goes down the mountain, we have been mobilized. The forces in the Huasheng Empire searched the entire south for the dark forces and dumb trails. I think we will get news as soon as we find them."

Xuan Yue didn't expect things to go so smoothly. She had already completed half of the task before she spoke. She smiled and said, "Then I will thank you for the humans on the mainland. Uncle, I am representing the Holy See this time. Come, the Pope hopes that the nobles can unite with our Holy See, and when the dark forces suddenly appear, we can join hands to fight against the enemy. Hey, the dark forces are indeed terrible! Since our people have been devastated in the Tianyuan clan After the blow, they disappeared out of thin air. They lost their traces and gave us no chance of revenge. Now the Pope is also very anxious."

Lu Wen looked at Xuanyue up and down, and when he heard Xuanyue said that he came on behalf of the Holy See, he only noticed the big red sacrificial robe on Xuanyue's body, and said in doubt: "Xuanyue, your sacrificial robe looks very Familiar! It seems to be the same as the one worn by your father last time. Could it be that you have..." Thinking of the identity of the red sacrificial robe, Lu Wen couldn't help showing a look of surprise.

Xuanyue nodded and said: "Yes, I am now the agent of the Holy See in red, taking over the place where my grandfather Nayan sacrifices. That's why I can come on behalf of the Holy See." When she mentioned the dead grandfather, her eyes couldn't help but There was a trace of sadness.

Lu Wen felt the sacred aura radiating from Xuan Yue's body, and said, "I haven't seen you in four years. You have changed a lot! It seems that you have obtained the true teachings of the Holy See's sacred magic."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "You praise, I still have a long way to go, and there is no end to the cultivation base. The thousand-year catastrophe is about to come, and now we have to face a crisis from the dark forces! The matter of unity, Look?"

Lu Wen thought for a while, and said: "It's okay to unite. Although our Tiangang Sword Sect has never interacted with the Holy See, if the dark forces threaten the survival of this mankind, we will never sit idly by. Don’t worry. Tiangang Mountain is not far from the Holy See’s sacred mountain, and we can echo each other. When you go back, tell the Pope that we are always waiting for the opportunity to join together. The Holy See’s power can be said to be all over the mainland. What you need to do most now is to quickly find the lair of the dark forces, and then we can wipe it out in one fell swoop."

Lu Wen's answer was much more joyous than Xuan Yue had imagined. He didn't waste any words. In just a few minutes, the purpose of his trip had been achieved. She stood up, bowed respectfully to Luwen, and said with a serious face: "Uncle, thank you, with these words from you, I am more relieved. The dark forces will not hide forever, they will always reveal their flaws. ."

Lu Wen smiled and said: "You don't need to be so polite with me. With your relationship with Dumb, we are not outsiders. The Pope is really capable of doing his best! It's perfect for you to be responsible for the peace talks between the Holy See and our Tiangang Sword Sect. Xuan Month, the main business is over, I think, we have also rushed to talk about the problem of dumb. To tell the truth, uncle, are you really angry dumb?"

When Xuan Yue heard Lu Wen mention Ah Dumb, her heart was shocked, she shook her head gently, and said, "Uncle, I, I don't know."

Lu Wen smiled kindly and said, "Silly boy, why don't you know? You just don't want to admit it. In fact, from your original performance described by the rock, I know that you don't really hate dumb, you It's just that he is too cowardly. You said that if you asked him to find you in the Holy See within a year, you already left room for yourself. Your heart still misses him, am I right?"

Xuan Yueqiao blushed, neither agreeing nor rebutting, she kept playing with her clothes with her hands.

Lu Wen sighed lightly and said, "My child, I hope you can calm down and listen to the uncle's words, okay? As for whether I'm right, you have to think about it clearly."

Xuan Yue nodded, facing this kind old man, how could she refuse? "Uncle, please tell me, I will definitely consider it seriously."

Lu Wen said: "I didn't get along with Ah Dai for long. Although he used to stay on Tiangang Mountain for half a year, he spent most of the six months with his mentor and his elders. However, this time is not long. I can get along well with him, but I can fully understand his personality. To be honest, it is normal for Dumb to feel that he is not worthy of you. I am afraid that no one in the entire continent dares to say that he is truly worthy of you! Your looks and your family background are so outstanding. Dui is just an ordinary person. Although he is a disciple of my Tiangang Sword Sect, how can he not feel inferior when he faces you? Let alone him, Any normal man will feel ashamed and filthy when he sees you. The sacred aura in you is so rich. When I saw you just now, I thought it was a goddess in the sky. You. The time spent with Ah is definitely longer than me. You should know him better than I. He was lonely since he was a child. Although he did not develop a solitary character, his low self-esteem is inevitable. Even though his martial arts level is constantly improving, but His inferiority from the bottom of his heart has not changed. Dumb is kind and innocent. He doesn’t know how to calculate anything. It’s easy for anyone who wants to lie to him. I know, you are because of his suddenness. It is very painful to leave, but if I guess right, the pain in his heart is deeper than you, maybe he is sinking now, and he may even choose to self-destruct to escape this pain."

Xuanyue stood up from the bed abruptly, and lost her voice: "You, what did you say? Will he self-destruct? No, no, dumb will definitely not do that. He still has a lot to do, he It must not will definitely not." Her heart was already in a mess, and the ice-bound barrier was completely shattered. Amidst anxiety, her body trembled slightly.

Lu Wen sighed and said, "No one knows what will happen to dumb right now, Xuan Yue, you sit down first and listen to me. You are right, dumb still has a lot of things he can't let go of, so he shouldn't go to extremes easily. However, if there is nothing he can't let go of this time? What will he do? Have you thought about it? Child! Two people have to be tolerant of each other. He is so painful because of his true love for you! Forgive him This is a good thing for you and him. If you can withstand this test, the road will be much smoother in the future. You should understand what I mean."

Xuan Yue tightly grasped the handle of the wicker chair. Lu Wen's words most moved her, that is, the sentence that Ah-Dai might self-destruct. She was surging out of the emotions that were frozen in the ice, and stood up again, impulsively said: " I'm going to find him. Only when I find him can I feel at ease. Uncle, don't worry, you are right. He is so kind and easy to deceive. I will definitely get him back."

"Wait a minute." Lu Wen floated up, stopped in front of the door, smiled and said: "Child, you can understand, now you don't need to look for him in a hurry."

Xuan Yue froze and said, "But, but I'm afraid that something will happen to him! I think he must be in the Sunset Empire now, no matter how difficult it is, I must find him."

Chapter 153: Resuscitation

Since the energy of the blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix has been greatly reduced, the connection between the two divine artifacts has disappeared, and Xuan Yue has no way to find dumb at all. However, the worry in her heart has disrupted her clear mind.

Lu Wen said: "Don't worry, there are senior brothers who are looking for them. They should be no worse than you. As long as there is nothing wrong with Dui himself, the senior brothers will definitely bring him back. I have a way to make Duan look squarely. Give up your own feelings, give up your inferiority complex, and come out of your cowardice. Only by allowing him to completely transform, will you be together without a relationship crisis."

Xuan Yue was overjoyed and hurriedly asked, "What is the solution? Uncle, please say it quickly."

Lu Wen smiled and said: "Stupid boy, it seems that I did not guess wrong. You can't let go of dumb. In fact, the solution is very easy. Just let his feelings for you transcend everything and overwhelm inferiority and cowardice. Between you There will be no more obstacles."

Xuan Yue asked in confusion: "Then what should I do?"

Lu Wen said: "Let me ask you first, are you sure that Dumb really likes you?"

Xuan Yue hesitated for a while, but nodded, and said, "He must really like me. I can feel his feelings for me. It's just that he dare not face it squarely because of various reasons."

Lu Wen said: "Then it will be easy. The method will not be transmitted to Liu Er, remember my words." Under the vindictive package, the sound transmission like a thread floated into Xuan Yue's ears, Lu Wen fully said. It stopped in twenty minutes. After hearing Lu Wen's words, Xuan Yue said in confusion: "Uncle, is this really possible? Will it be too..."

A cold light flashed in Lu Wen’s eyes, "This should be the best way. Not only can you make Ah-Dai face his feelings for you, but it can also punish those villains who deserve to be punished. Ah-Dai has already suffered too much. His people, our Tiangang Sword Sect will never let it go easily. This method is already the lightest punishment."

Xuan Yue thought for a while and sighed: "Well, Uncle, I'll listen to you. It's getting late, I'll go back first. I'll beg you for other things."

Lu Wen smiled kindly, and said, "My child, I have suffered you. I won't keep you anymore, go with peace of mind. I will definitely bring Dumb to see you within a year."

The sunset empire, in an inconspicuous small hotel in Tai Ang City.

"Waiter, bring me some hot water." A beautiful but frosty girl shouted to the waiter coldly at the door of her room.

The waiter was surprisingly polite, "Yes, yes, I know, I'll call you right away."

The girl casually threw him a few copper coins and turned to the room. The waiters went there happily, how rare it is to tip in a small hotel like theirs!

After closing the door, the frost on the girl's face melted a bit. She walked to the bed, looked at the pale youth on the bed, and said sadly: "You have been in a coma for three months, do you want to continue to be in a coma? Get better soon, the big deal is that I don't need you to fulfill your promise, can't I kill you if I don't?" This girl in a commoner suit is exactly Mie Feng. Three months ago, after she rescued Ah-Dai from the branch of the Killing Hand Association in Tai Ang City, Ah-Dai has been in a coma, and there is still no sign of sober. When he was in a coma for more than ten days, he was once surrounded by golden light for a month and a half. With a sudden burst of golden light, all the energy disappeared, as if he was asleep, nothing unusual. Various functions of the body are normal. Although he does not eat or drink water, his pulse does not show any weak tendency. But it just doesn't wake up from sleep.

Mie Feng has never cared for a person like this. Every day, she will wash him with warm water and check his physical condition. Although she was very tired because she was fooling around, Mie Feng never thought of leaving him. She has always taken care of him, just like a wife taking care of her husband.

After a while, the waiter brought the hot water, Miefeng used another basin with some cold water, adjusted the temperature, soaked the towel, wringed it out, and wiped the body for Duan. As she wiped it, she chanted the curse of praying that she was already familiar with and could no longer be familiar with, "The **** of self-consciousness, when walking and saving all living beings, sees the growth of the gods, saves all suffering and evil, prays to the gods. Suffering, feeling, thinking, practicing consciousness, praying to God, praying to the gods, are the emptiness of all dharmas, which do not arise or die, neither increase nor decrease,..." At this point, she suddenly stopped because, She seemed to feel Dumb's hand trembling.

Mie Feng stared at Ah Du's palm with wide eyes, her heart beating violently. She secretly prayed, move it again, even if it's just your hand.

As if hearing Miefeng’s prayer, the arm being wiped by Miefeng trembled slightly again, and the **** and ring finger of Ah'Dai's right hand moved at the same time. Only then did Miefeng be sure that his feeling just now was not an illusion. , Suddenly shouted with excitement: "Dai, DAI, you wake up quickly, quickly wake up." Her excited whole body was trembling constantly, and her eyes were moist and staring at Ah-Dai's body for a moment. A'dai's hand moved again, and his whole body seemed to convulse with the movement of his fingers. "En-" a soft moan sounded in Miefeng's expectation, and A'dai's brows wrinkled slightly. Mie Feng hurriedly wiped his forehead with the towel in his hand, and said softly: "Dumb, dumb, do you hear me?"

A'Dai's eyes opened slowly, and his black eyes looked a little dim. After groaning a few times, he said weakly, "I, where am I?" It turned out that when A'Dai controlled his golden body into consciousness At the time of the sea, the whole mind and the original consciousness were re-integrated. This fusion process lasted for more than a month until it was just completed. After going through this process, Ah-Dai finally broke free from his own ferocious aura and the evil aura of the Hades sword, and returned to normal.

Mie Feng cried with joy and said, "Dumb, you finally woke up, you finally woke up. How are you in the hotel now? Is your health better?"

There was a faint expression in Ah Dui's eyes. He looked at Mie Feng next to him, and said in surprise: "Ah! Mie Feng, why are you crying? How many days have I fallen asleep?"

Mie Feng wiped away the tears from his face with a little embarrassment, and said slightly: "What few days, you have been asleep for three months. Do you know? Three months!"

Duan was shocked. In terms of feeling, the killing of the first-class killer seemed to be only yesterday. Has he been in a coma for three months? It's incredible! Looking at Miefeng with some doubts, he murmured: "Three months, it's been three months? Miefeng, you, why didn't you kill me. This should be your best phone meeting, I don't have any. Rebellious."

Mie Feng glanced at Ah Dui bitterly, and his concerned face gradually turned cold, "Although I am a thief, I also know that what I say counts. Since I promised to help you fulfill your wish, I will naturally not kill you now. Waiting for you to take everything. After everything is done, I'm waiting for you to fulfill your promise." Duan's question pierced her heart like a sharp knife. Mie Fengqiang resisted not letting his tears flow out. He worked hard for three months. Taking care of him meticulously, in exchange for such indifferent and suspicious words. Biting his own lip, Mie Feng turned and walked to the bathroom beside him.

Dui naturally didn't understand Miefeng's current mood. He looked around and felt the true energy in his body. In his heart, God was so kind to me that it made me recover again. It seems that even God hopes that the killer will perish! As long as my physical strength is fully restored, it will be your death date. The killing intent was surging in his heart again. The depths of Ah Du's heart were completely covered by the murderous intent. Barely moved, Ah Dumb was surprised to find that he was completely naked, and even the armor of the giant spirit snake and the sword of the Hades were gone. He was shocked and yelled: "Exterminate the phoenix, destroy the phoenix. Mine. Where's the Pluto sword? Quickly, return it to me."

Miefeng walked from the bathroom to deal with it, her eyes were a little flushed, that was because of the silent crying in the bathroom just now. Duan was anxious about the whereabouts of the Pluto sword, and Miefeng had cried before. He didn't care, and asked urgently, "My Pluto sword and the blue gemstone necklace? Did you see it? Why am I? His body will be bare."

Mie Feng coldly looked at Ah Dui's anxious face, enduring the torment in his heart, and said lightly: "I will help you to put it away, you can't lose it. You have been sleeping for three months and your body is dirty. I asked the waiter to help. You took off your clothes and wiped your body. So naturally you will be naked. Do you want those things now?"

Dumb nodded repeatedly and said, "Now, you need to give me the blue gemstone necklace and the Pluto sword." The blood of the dragon and the Pluto sword are too important to him. The blood of the dragon not only contains powerful energy, the most important thing is that the holy evil is still cultivating in it. The holy evil is the closest friend to Ah Dui, and many important things are stored in the blood of the dragon. . The Pluto sword is his weapon of revenge. Although this time because of the use of the fifth form of the Nine Jues of Ming Zi, evil spirits have invaded the body. However, Dui also realized that the Killing Skills Association was not as fragile as he thought. I am afraid that when killing the Lord, he still needs to use the sword of this world to the evil king. Moreover, the Pluto sword is the world's number one evil weapon. Once it falls into the hands of others, it is very likely to become an evil demon king and bring unavoidable disasters to the mainland, so Dumb must take him back.

Mie Feng nodded, bent over and took out the skin containing the Hades Sword and the blood of the Dragon from the bed. Seeing that his two artifacts were intact, Ah-Dai suddenly sighed in relief. He wanted to raise his hand to put the two artifacts on himself, but he couldn't use any effort.

Mie Feng said, "The things won't be gone. You just woke up, you should wait a little longer before you bring it. Do you want to eat? I'll find something for you."

Dumb nodded and said, "Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me these days."

Mie Feng turned around, turned her back to Dumb, and said, "I said, I won't let you die until you don't fulfill your promise." After that, she strode out of the room, but her shoulders There was a slight twitch.

A Duan frowned. He felt that after he woke up from a coma, Mie Feng seemed to have changed, and her eyes seemed to have a little more than before.

After a while, Miefeng came back with a large pot of porridge in his hand. The scent of rice porridge immediately aroused Ah's appetite. He hadn't eaten for three months, and had been relying on the energy of invigorating qi to sustain his life. When he saw food, how could he not crave it? At this time, he seemed to have returned to the days when he was eager for food in Nino City when he was a child, and couldn't wait to watch Miefeng.

Mie Feng put the rice porridge on the coffee table, helped A'ai sit up, and put two thick pillows behind him. Watching Miefeng's skillful movements, A'Dai had a strange feeling in his heart. It was the first time for him to be taken care of like this. Mie Feng didn't notice the change in Ah Du's mentality, and said lightly: "Your body is just a little better, so don't move, I'll feed you." After that, she took a bowl from the porridge bowl and scooped up a spoonful. Send it to Ah Du's mouth, "It shouldn't be hot, you try."

Seeing the rice porridge handed to her mouth, Ah Du's face turned red, and said embarrassingly, "I really trouble you. I, I..."

A gentle color flashed through Mie Feng's eyes, "Stop talking, eat it quickly." After speaking, he put the spoon into Ah Du's mouth. Dumb really doesn't have the ability to do it by himself, and in desperation, he has to accept it. After taking a bite of hot porridge, Ah-Dai felt as if his whole body was warming up, and he was immediately more comfortable, not as weak as when he first woke up.

It took a full hour for Miefeng to feed all the small bowl of porridge to Ah-Dai. Ah-Dai groaned contentedly and leaned against the pillow behind him, "Thank you, it was very comfortable."

Mie Feng smiled slightly, and a feeling of contentment rose in her heart. She realized that she seemed to enjoy the appearance of being a dumb waiter. She put down the bowl and spoon in her hand and said, "As long as you get better soon. That's right. Who on earth did you meet that day? How did this happen?"

Dui opened his eyes and the murderous intent flashed away, and said, "I don't know if it is lucky or unlucky. I was in the warehouse that day and I encountered an ambush from the Killing Hand Association. To be honest, I have always underestimated the Killing Hand Association. The combination of rank killers is indeed very powerful. It was very dangerous that day. If I make a mistake, I am afraid I will be ruined in the warehouse."

Mie Feng asked in confusion: "Ambush? Your skill is so high, how many killer ambushes can work on you?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Seven yuan killers, ten killers, twenty-three strongest ninja killers, a total of forty killers besieged me. Moreover, the seven yuan killers also joined forces. How can I not suffer? Actually, it is not them, but myself that caused me to fall into a coma. Because of the strength of the opponent, I used the Pluto sword. Although the Pluto sword is powerful, its backlash is also very strong. Powerful, there are nine strokes in the Pluto swordsmanship, which are called the nine battles of Mingzi. Every last one is much more powerful than the last one. Correspondingly, the evil spirit generated is much greater. I The cultivation of vitality possesses sacred attributes, and it can be said to be a guest star of evil aura. However, it is a little ignorant of the evil thing in the world. Even if my vitality is cultivated to the highest state, I can’t Smoothly resolve the evil spirit brought by the sword of the Hades. That day, at the last moment, in order to kill those killers and self-protection, I had to use the fifth trick of the Nine Jue of Mingzi for the first time under compelling circumstances. Underworld. You have seen the power of the underworld. The warehouses with strong wind enchantment blessings are all blown up. However, the evil spirit contained in it has also evoked the ferocious aura in my heart, which is constantly being swallowed. With my consciousness, the situation at that time was really dangerous. I was controlled by the demon. It was your ice that woke me up. In order not to let these two kinds of abnormal energy control my mind, all my thoughts and The skill is used to fight them, so I passed out in a coma."

Mie Feng's body trembled slightly, "So many high-level assassins, I am afraid that they are more than half the strength of the entire assassin. What are you doing now? Are those two kinds of abnormal energy resolved? Will you commit them again?" Dui explained, she understood what a powerful enemy Dui faced that day, that was the siege of forty top killers!

Dumb shook his head and said, "At least most of them have been resolved by me. I don't know if I will commit the crime again. I can only leave it to my fate. If God really wants me to die, what can I do. However, in mine Under the effect of Shengsheng Qi, most of the evil aura has been wiped out. Even if it is really repeated, it is not so easy. I will try to use the Hades sword as little as possible in the future. In fact, those assassins may not be counted in the killing. What's wrong, I have a hunch. Although the combined strength of the killers is very strong, the president of the killer guild behind them, the master, has extraordinary strength. Perhaps, the killer guild has some hidden strength."

Mie Feng said: "Even so, don't you still want them to get revenge? First get your body better. You have just recovered a little bit, so pay attention to rest. I went out."

There was a rare smile on Ah Du's face, and said, "Don't worry, I will get better soon, and I won't give them a chance to besiege. I will be more careful next time I shoot."

Mie Feng nodded, turned and walked out of the room, she was going to open another room. For the past three months, she has been living with Dumb, and every day's rest is done by meditation on the chair. Now that Dui is awake, of course she can't continue to do this. When she thinks of staying with Dui for three months, Mie Feng's pretty face can't help but blush.

Dui's recovery speed is unexpectedly fast. After three days of recuperation, his body has basically returned to normal. Dui clearly feels that although his skill has not increased much, he seems to control Shengshengzhen Qi more easily. Up. Especially for the golden body in the pubic area. In the past, the golden body only provided energy for him, but now it is different. He can direct the golden body to cruise to any part of the body, and wherever the golden body goes, it will inevitably bring huge vitality. When Dumb realized that the golden body could move at any time, he couldn't help but had an idea. If he could lift the golden body into the position where evil is most likely to be invaded while using the Pluto sword, then he would resist the evil. It is easier to overcome the invasion of evil. However, he rejected his idea after only experimenting once. Because, due to the existence of the second golden body on his chest, he could not let the golden body in the dantian travel all over the body. The energy of the second golden body is self-reliant, except that it can be extracted during cultivation, it can't attack at all. And the role of defense. Dumb knew that everything could only be said after he had completely absorbed the energy of the second golden body.

"Bang, bang, bang." Duan tapped three times outside the Miefeng Gate. He felt that his body could cope with all the changes, and he was about to ask Shang Miefeng to leave here to find the next stronghold of the Miefeng Club. When he knocked on the door, a waiter happened to pass by and saw Dumb. He couldn't help saying: "Sir, you can really sleep! This sleep is three months. Your wife treats you so well, every day. Take care of you carefully, and wipe your body personally. Such a good wife is rare, and she is still so beautiful." During the period when Duan was in a coma, almost all the hot water he brought, naturally knew that Miefeng was How to take care of dumb.

When the door opened, Mie Feng just heard the waiter's words, his face flushed with shame, and angrily said to the waiter: "What nonsense are you talking about, are you looking for death?" Raising his hand, he drew his short blade and rushed over. However, even the dumb's brains of this eagerness to cover things understand that everything the waiter said is true.

The waiter’s words had a powerful shock to Ah Dui. He grabbed Mie Feng’s wrist and murmured, “Is what he said is true?” The sudden change made him very uncomfortable, although I have already confirmed in my heart, but I still can't help asking.

Mie Feng's pretty face flushed even more, and he broke free from Dumb's hands and quickly turned back to the room. A Dumb followed in silently and closed the door. The service outside grows out of breath, and muttered to himself: "This couple is really weird. The women are so fierce, but the men are a bit stupid. What is this all about? It's better to not provoke them. "

Ah Dai hurried to catch up with Miefeng who entered the room, and grabbed her shoulders with both hands from behind and said, "Is what he said is true? You, why are you so good to me?"

Mie Feng reluctantly suppressed his agitated mood, lowered his head and said, "Who treated you well. Didn't I tell you? I can't let you die. I have to wait for you to fulfill all your wishes before I kill you personally."

Dumb asked suspiciously: "Are you telling the truth? No, you're lying, your heartbeat speeds up." He pulled Mie Feng's body over, facing him, took a deep breath, his face suddenly changed. He was extremely cold, staring directly at Miefeng’s eyes and said: "Promise me, don’t be nice to me. I can't afford your favor. My heart is dead, and the rest of my body is just for revenge and fulfillment of the master. Live as you wish. Don’t be nice to me anymore, I will have nothing to repay you except the life promised to you."

Miefeng's whole body was shaken, she heard his sadness from Dumb's words, bit her lip, and asked: "Did you get any stimulation in the Elf Forest? When I attacked you on the riverside of Guangming , I feel that you are different from before. It seems to be colder than when you rescued the elves in the Sunset Empire. Why is this? Is it because of the girl with you?"

Dui's heart trembled, Xuanyue's beautiful face kept flashing in his mind, she let go of her hands holding Miefeng, turned around abruptly, and said a little irritably, "Don't worry about my business. In short, I What I promised you will definitely be done. My body is already healed. You clean up, let's leave here and continue to kill the handicraft club." After that, he flashed out of Miefeng's room like an escape.

Dui left, Miefeng was lying limp on the bed as if she had lost all support. Dui's expression just now told her that the reason why he became like this now must be because of the girl with him. Two lines of tears flowed down Miefeng's white face, "His heart is dead? Did he die for that girl? I'm so stupid, how could I be like this? He is the enemy who killed the fourth uncle! I can’t love him or have feelings for him. He is my enemy. I should only hate him.” Although she said so, the hatred in her heart has already been loved during the three months she has been with Dui. The sprout of her has been resolved, how can she hate her now?

An hour later, Miefeng and Dui left the hotel and embarked on the road to the next stronghold of the Shaman's Association. Both of them looked cold, as if nothing had happened.

When they reached the north gate of Tai Ang City, they were attracted by a large crowd of civilians. The civilians were surrounded by the city wall at the city gate and didn't know what they were looking at.

Duan and Miefeng looked at each other and said, "Let's take a look? Maybe it's about the warehouse that I destroyed."

Mie Feng nodded, and the two of them walked in, pushing in. They all have deep vindictive cultivation bases, wherever they pass, ordinary civilians only feel that their bodies are skewed, they have been squeezed in. The two of them squeezed to the bottom of the crowd, only to see something that attracted the people. It was a notice, black and white, exuding a solemn atmosphere. The two of them looked intently, and what was written on the paper was not about the destruction of the warehouse. It said, "Holy Holy See: Due to the rampant dark forces recently, the Pope decided to order all believers of the gods to search widely on the mainland. If the traces of the dark forces are found, report them to the Holy See immediately. If the information is accurate, you can be awarded a white-clothed sacrifice by the Holy See and rewarded with 10,000 diamond coins. The dark forces include the Winged Races, Dwarves, Half Orcs, and strange forms The race." After reading the contents of the notice, Duan and Miefeng couldn't help looking at each other. Dumb thought in his heart, it seems that the Holy See is going to make a real move this time.

The two squeezed out of the crowd, and Mie Feng said, "What do you see from this notice, how can the Holy See suddenly look for dark forces? Are the Dwarves and Wings not peace-loving races?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "Things are not as simple as you think. Isn't your thieves' union well informed? Don't you know that the Holy See was hit hard more than half a year ago."

Mie Feng was startled and said, "I have been with you for the past six months, how could I know these news. What is going on?"

A Duan sighed and said, "Walk and talk." As he said, he walked out of the city first, and Mie Feng hurriedly followed his footsteps. After leaving the city of Tai Ang, the dumb simply said that the Holy See was ambushed by many dark aliens.

After listening to Ah Dui’s narration, Mie Feng said in a puzzled manner: "If this is the case, then the trouble the Holy See has encountered this time is not small! It is now May 1998, less than two years before the sacred millennium. Time. If there is really a thousand years of calamity, I am afraid the Holy See will be in danger."

Dumb said: "It's really strange, it's been half a year, why doesn't the Holy See chase and kill those dark forces."

Mie Fengbai glanced at him and said, "Except for your high cultivation base, why are other places so bad? The Holy See shouldn't want to chase after him, but can't find the enemy at all. Otherwise, how could they issue announcements and orders? Are all the believers looking for the whereabouts of the dark alien race? With the power of the Holy See, they haven't found any trace of the enemy for half a year. It seems that this dark alien race does have one thing!"

Dumb frowned and said, "You seem to be gloating. Don't you know what consequences the dark forces will have if they occupy the continent?"

Miefeng snorted disdainfully, UU reading said: "I am a thief, and I belong to the category of the dark forces. I can't control what happens to the Holy See. As for the dark forces invading the mainland, I am afraid that they will not be able to threaten us. ."

Dumb turned his head to the side and thought to himself, it has been half a year, and the Holy See still has no eyebrows. Is it that the dark forces are so difficult to deal with? He shook his head vigorously, threw away the thought of helping the Holy See, and kept telling myself that now the most important thing for myself was that the killing hand would be eliminated, and the dark forces would be dealt with by the Holy See. What savior, what can I do with my power alone? Hey—I don’t know how Prophet Prin is now, whether he has recovered from his coma. Prophet, I'm sorry, I may have to live up to your expectations.

Three days later, Duan and Miefeng came to another stronghold of the Shamanuhui. When they arrived here, they were surprised to find that there was no one in the stronghold, and people had already gone to the building. A thick layer of dust fell on all the furnishings, and it was obvious that no one had lived in it for a long time. This strange phenomenon surprised the two of them. Through the previous situation of looking for the killing hand club, Dumb knew that Mie Feng would not cheat. Own, but there is really no one who kills the handcraft club here. What is going on? Of course he wouldn't be reconciled to this. Under the leadership of Mie Feng, it took half a month to find five strongholds of the Killing Manual. However, the results were the same. For half a month, they hadn't even encountered a killer.

Chapter 154: Lu Yu Manxiu

"Boom--" In his anger, Dumb smashed a table in the original killing hand club's stronghold. "These bastards, are they even cowardly? How come the one who ran away is gone."

Mie Feng coldly watched Ah Dumb angry, and said calmly: "Actually, this is a normal thing. I thought about it when we left Tai Ang City, but I'm afraid you don't believe it, so I never said it."

Dumb froze, and said in amazement: "How do you say?"

Feng Mie said, "The people who killed the handcraft club are not fools. You have killed so many masters. What are they doing in the stronghold? Waiting for you to annihilate them one by one?"

Dumb anxiously said: "Then where will they go? Are they disbanded? No, definitely not, how can those nasty guys disband easily? They must be hiding somewhere, let's go to the next stronghold. Yeah. Maybe there will be any gains."

Mie Feng shook his head and said, "I don't think it is necessary. I am afraid that all of the killer's strongholds are the same as these. Those killers have already evacuated. Let's go directly to Sunset City. The killer will always be there. If I You guessed it right, the president of the Killing Hand Club must have transferred all the killers back to the general meeting. There are not many people who kill the hand club, absolutely no more than 400 people, and most of the masters were killed by you. They must be The gathering strength is hidden in the general meeting and waiting for you to throw yourself into the net. There will be another trap for you."

Dumb said in a bitter voice: "I don't care, even if it is a trap, I have to go. I must avenge Uncle Owen. Take me there, take me to the headquarters of the Handicraft Club, and I will kill all the remaining killers."

Mie Feng nodded and said, "It's okay to take you there, but you must not be impulsive after you get there. Don't forget the three months of being in a coma."

Duan glanced at Miefeng, caught a look of concern in her eyes, and nodded: "Don't worry, I won't be impulsive. It's okay for them to stay together, so I don't need to look around. At that time, I will first eliminate the ordinary killers around them, and finally take the life of the Lord. I want them to know what it's like to be visited by the **** of death."

Duan and Miefeng embarked on the road to Sunset City, the capital of the sunset empire. Along the way, in almost every city, you can see signs that the Holy See is looking for a dark alien. The civilians of the Sunset Empire were attracted by the high rewards, and there was a stir for a while, and there were people wandering everywhere looking for the whereabouts of the dark forces. Affected by this, even the most prosperous gambling business in the Sunset Empire. It's much bleaker than before.

Ten days later, Duan and Miefeng had entered the central part of the Sunshine Province of the Sunset Empire. The Japanese cold province borders Luzihang Province in the south and Sunset City in the west. As long as you pass through here, you can reach the destination of this trip. While walking on the main road, Ah-Dai suddenly felt a familiar breath in front of him. He was shocked and couldn't help but stop, and looked at the side road where the breath came from.

"What's wrong? Why stop suddenly?" Mie Feng asked suspiciously. Ah-Dai squinted his eyes and pointed to the side of the road: "There seems to be a familiar smell over there, it seems to be a sacred aura." When he thought of the sacred aura, Ah-Dai's heart beat quickly, and he clearly felt the sacred aura. Powerful. He thought to himself, if this breath came from Yueyue, what should he do? Leave now? Or meet her secretly?

Just as he was thinking about it, the breath had gradually approached. Ah Dui's mood is very complicated now. His hands clenched his fists, his body was trembling slightly, his face was red and white. Reason told him that he should leave immediately, but the feelings deeply buried in his heart told him not to go. Seeing the talents come.

Mie Feng looked at Ah-Dai in surprise. Since the two reached an agreement to go on the road together, she had never seen Ah-Dai's expression. She couldn't help but wondered, thinking, the familiar aura he said seemed to have a close relationship with him! Who would make him reflect so much? At this moment, her thief's keen hearing sensed from the distance of the fork in a dense footsteps approaching in her own direction. Those who came here should be of interest to Dumb. Her gaze couldn't help but stay at the end of the fork, waiting to see someone who could attract dumb.

Dui's hearing is naturally not worse than Miefeng's, and he also heard what Miefeng could hear. His eyesight is no less than that of the elves. He had eaten a crystal of the eye of the giant snake, which greatly increased his eyesight. It's a lot farther than Miefeng. He saw dozens of figures approaching in his direction, and the one walking in the front seemed to be a red figure, and that sacred aura was exuded by this red figure. As the crowd got closer, Dumb finally saw clearly. Although he was relieved, his face couldn't help showing a trace of disappointment. Among these dozens of people, there is no figure that he is looking forward to deep in his heart. The man in red is an old man he has never seen before. The red dress worn by the old man is the red sacrificial robe of the Holy See. Among the dozens of people who followed him, ten were dressed up as senior priests, and the rest were dressed as judges. These people are obviously people from the Holy See, and the one who walks in the forefront should be one of the four red-clothed sacrifices.

The people of the Holy See were getting closer and closer, and even saw Mie Feng this time, she whispered: "It's from the Holy See, do you want to deal with them? I don't want to, I'm afraid they will feel the darkness on my body. Holy See. I have always hated us very much." Her vindictive aura is of dark nature, just like Dumb's vindictive aura exudes a sacred aura, her dark vindictive aura also exudes a dark aura. As a member of the dark forces, she naturally didn't want to contact these people from the Holy See, and now only hoped that Dui left as soon as possible. However, Dui didn't move. He didn't seem to leave at all. He still stood on the spot, watching those people gradually approach. Mie Feng was anxious and said, "Did you hear what I said? If you don't leave, I can go."

Duan glanced at her and said, "Don't worry, I have something to ask them. Don't worry, as long as I am there, no one can hurt you. Even if the Pope comes in person."

Mie Feng was stunned, feeling A'dai's strong self-confidence, a strong sense of security suddenly surged deep in her heart, and the warmth from the heart made her eyes show a trace of confusion. Nodded lightly, and stopped talking next to Dui. She felt that as long as there was a dumb by her side, she would always be so safe.

The people of the Holy See were getting closer and closer to the intersection, and they naturally saw Dumb and Miefeng. At the forefront of the team, it was Manxiu who was in charge of the red-clothed sacrificial ritual who was responsible for the inspection of the Sunset Empire. When he saw Dumb, his whole body was shocked. Dui's appearance is not outstanding, and he wears only the most ordinary civilian clothes, but his inherent, mountain-like aura is so powerful. Just standing there, Mang Xiu felt repressed and felt out of breath. With awe, he raised his hand and ordered the Holy See to stop. The judges who followed him suddenly realized the emergence of the crisis, and quickly gathered in front of Mang Xiu, holding weapons in their hands, and watching Dumb carefully to prevent him from doing anything wrong.

Dumb lowered his head and rushed out of Feng and said, "You are here to wait for me, don't move. I'll ask a few words and let's go." After speaking, he floated up and rushed towards the red sacrificial mangxiu under the white energy .

The judges suddenly became serious. They are all masters in the Holy See. Naturally, they can see that the dumb skills are superb. Among them, the four light judges instantly line up in four rows, swinging their long swords, and four golden rays of light in the air. There were four gorgeous tail flames, and they slashed at Dumb. Because of the dark forces, the subordinates of these Holy See have already reached the level of soldiers. Their task is to protect the Mangxiu sacrifice, and naturally they can't let Ah Duan rush over.

Dumb didn't want to go against the Holy See. When he rushed up, he realized that he was too reckless. But the impulse had already taken place, and it was unchangeable. In desperation, he divided his hands apart, each transformed into a purple energy shield to greet the four light judges. The skill of the Judge of Light is similar to that of the Primal Killer of the Killing Hand Society, but because their attacks are scattered, it is far worse than the offensive of the original Qiqi people. Dumb flicked his hands lightly, with a few muffled bangs, and easily accepted the slashes of the four light judges. After blocking the attack, the lavender energy shield instantly transformed into two twinkling lights. Belt, entangled the two long swords respectively, Ah Du's arms shook, and brought the four light judges aside, but did not hurt them. The change happened in a flash of light. In a very short period of time, Duan controlled the changes to the slightest degree. Without a pause, they resolved the offensive of the four light judges and countered them. Dumb didn't rush forward any more, and used the attack counter-shock force of the four light judges just now to fall on the ground, and said in a deep voice, "Don't do it, I have no malice."

After all, Mangxiu was a red-clothed sacrifice under the Holy See. Although he was surprised by the tyrannical dumb in his heart, he would not express the surprise to the surface. Indifferently asked: "Who are you?" Only five words, but exuding a sacred majesty, the sound wave impacted Ah Dumb's hearing with a powerful shock. However, the dumb was no longer the dumb who was subdued by the four elders in the Yajin tribe. Since his golden body merged into the sea of consciousness and left again, his mental power has greatly increased. Although Mang Xiu's deep sigh still affects him, it is not enough to affect his mind. The white vindictive qi came out, and Ah Dao gave a small salute to Mangxiu, and said, "Below is the third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. There is no malice in stopping you, just now, please forgive me."

Mang Xiu was even more surprised, not only because his mental shock didn't affect the opponent, but also because the opponent turned out to be just a third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect. However, it seems that his skill is far more than that of the Holy Judge. It is impossible for the Holy Judge to repel the four light judges in one move! In such a calculation, the strength of the Tiangang Sword Sect can only be described as horror, suppressing the surprise in my heart, and said: "You are a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect? That said, it is not an outsider anymore. Now your Sect has united with our Holy See. Get up and fight against foreign enemies. What's the matter with you? I am the red-clothed priest of the Holy See Mang Xiu." Mang Xiu doesn't doubt the identity of Ah-Dai from the Tiangang Sword Sect. The true qi exuding from him is the best proof. He couldn't help but feel good about the simple-looking and tall young man in front of him.

Hearing him saying that the Holy See and the Tiangang Sword Sect were united, Duan couldn't help but feel happy, with a smile on his face, and said, "It's nothing important to arrive. It's just that I have been away from Tiangang Mountain for a long time. I want to ask you. What is the situation of the dark forces now, have they found their lair? Also, how is the situation on the mainland?"

Mang Xiu's face changed slightly, and he sighed: "The situation is very bad! It has been so long, and there is no news at all. The dark forces are also really lonely, not even a clue is left to us. We are very passive now. In fact, although the dark forces are powerful, according to the information we have received, they are more than one hundred thousand. There are tens of millions of humans on the entire continent, and these tens of thousands of alien races are not to be feared. Yes. However, their potential has made us lose our goal. Although the number of dark forces is nothing compared with the entire continent. But if they are all scattered to every corner of the continent to destroy, the loss may be great. Brother, where are you going? Can you tell me your name."

After listening to Mang Xiu's words, A Duan's mind turned sharply, and he thought, it seems that Mie Feng was right a few days ago. After such a long time, the Holy See hasn't even touched the shadow of the dark forces. This is incredible, isn't it? , Will disaster really come to the world? Thinking of this, he frowned and said, "You're welcome, my name is Dumb. What should I do now, do you keep waiting like this?"

"Hey, what can I do without waiting, ah! What did you say your name is?" "My name is Dumb."

Mang Xiu's whole body was shaken, and his eyes revealed a look of surprise, "Dumb, are you the dumb with Yueyue? I didn't expect that I would meet you. It's great." He looked up and down excitedly and excitedly. Looking at the boy in front of him, it turns out that he is the savior the Pope said! No wonder there is such a strong strength.

Under Mang Xiu's scorching gaze, Duan felt a little unnatural in his whole body, especially when he heard Mang Xiu mention Xuanyue, his heart trembled and asked, "Do you know me too?"

Mangxiu smiled and said: "Of course you know. You are the savior of the thousand-year calamity in the mainland! I didn't expect to see you here. Come back to the Holy See with me. You don't know how much the Pope takes you seriously. If so With your joining, we will surely eradicate the dark forces soon."

Dumb shook his head and said, "I'm sorry, I can't go back to the Holy See with you, I have other things to do." For whatever reason, he will not go to the Holy See with Mangxiu.

Mang Xiu asked in confusion: "Don't you want to see Jian Yueyue? Actually, it's just a misunderstanding between you. Come back with me."

Duan smiled sadly, and said: "Misunderstanding? Huh, what else can I have heard, Manxiu sacrifices, thank you for your kindness, I have something to do, let’s go first." When he got up, he returned to Miefeng's side after one ups and downs. He pulled Miefeng's arm and raised his fighting energy to the limit, and flew towards Sunset City like an escape. He didn't want to hear the words Yueyue anymore. Whenever he thought of Xuanyue's beautiful and delicate face, his heart would ache like a knife cut.

"Dumb, you..." Mang Xiuzhi called out three words, and Dumb and Miefeng were already gone. He sighed in his heart, it seems that it is not easy to explain this misunderstanding clearly! This young man who was called the savior by the Pope is very persistent in his own opinion. Could it be that he has already empathized not to fall in love with the girl who had a little dark aura just now? It's no use talking about it now. Dumb's skill is unexpectedly high, and it is impossible to catch up with him and his men. However, I must send the news of seeing him back to the Holy See as soon as possible. The savior must not be corroded by the forces of darkness! Everything is up to the Pope to decide.

Ah-Dai swiftly moved forward with Miefeng, and the stinging pain came from his heart, and Ba Buyi's words to him in the Elf Forest echoed like a poisonous snake chewing his heart. No longer able to restrain the sadness in his heart, Ah Dui let go of the hand that grabbed Mie Feng, shouted, and slammed his fist forward. A group of lavender light came out through the fist, and with a loud noise, it blasted a deep hole in the ground not far away. And Dui fell on the edge of the big hole and panted violently, his body trembling constantly because of the pain in his heart.

Mie Feng landed not far behind him. The speed of the gallop just now made her feel as if she was flying. She heard all the conversations between Duan and Mang Xiu, and she became more affirmed of the previous thoughts, Duanzhi So it became like this because the woman named Yueyue came, and it seemed that he must have loved her very deeply, otherwise it wouldn't be so painful.

Mie Feng walked to behind Ah Dui step by step, and whispered, "Why didn't you listen to the red-clothed priest's explanation just now? Maybe, it was really just a misunderstanding between you and her?"

Dui raised his head, glanced at Miefeng, and shouted sternly, "Misunderstanding? Is that a misunderstanding? How could it be a misunderstanding when I heard what she said with my own ears. Don't mention her in front of me, I don't want to listen , I don't want to hear anything." He grabbed the black hair on his head hard, and with his trembling body, a dangerous breath continued to emanate.

Seeing A Duan's painful look, Miefeng felt a pain in her heart, and said faintly: "Since you can suffer so much because of her, then prove that you still love her, why don't you give her and yourself a chance? I see After her, she is indeed very beautiful, no wonder you are so obsessed."

A Duan sat on the ground weakly and muttered: "Yes! She is beautiful, and she is so beautiful. She also has a noble status. She is the daughter of the red-clothed priest of the Holy See and the granddaughter of the Pope. According to her So how can I look at my honorable status? What am I? I'm just a humble commoner. She has a kind heart and a good person, but we are not suitable. I don't want to make her suffer because of me. "

Mie Feng sat next to Ah-Dai, looked at him with a pained expression, and said softly: "Will you tell me about you and her? You will feel better if you tell it."

Duan glanced at Xiefeng blankly, and sighed softly, "Do you really want to hear it?" Xiefeng nodded and said, "Speak out, I really want to hear it."

Dumb stared into the distance, and said faintly: "About five years ago, after my uncle was killed by the slayer, I left the small town of the Xibo tribe and entered the mainland. My uncle told me when he was dying. , Let me find the magician union in the city and accept the examination to become a magician. In that case, I can get the magician's salary and have a source of life. It was during the magic test, I met her, a Beautiful little girl—Xuan Yue. At that time, she seemed to be less than sixteen years old. But she was already very beautiful. It was so beautiful that I had never seen it before..." With all the moons together, Dumb's voice is telling about his past like a dream. The stories between him and Xuan Yue entered Miefeng's ears one after another, until Ba Buyi told him the "truth" in the fairy forest. "She, she used to be with me only to repay her kindness. I don't want it, I don't want her to repay her kindness. I used to be so stupid. She has such a noble status, so how can she look at me? Loving her so obsessively. I'm so stupid, I..." Dumb couldn't help crying, and the sadness in his heart kept surging out and eroded his soul.

After listening to the story of Ah-Dai, Mie Feng's eyes were moisturized. She did not expect that Ah-Dai would have experienced so much pain, and there would be so many twists and turns between him and Xuan Yue. With a light sigh, Mie Feng patted Ah-Dai on the back, and said, "So, the reason you made a death agreement with me was because of her. Because of her, you don't want to live anymore, do you?"

Ah Dumb’s crying gradually ceased, sighed, and said, “Let’s say so. I didn’t know who my parents were since I was a child, and I don’t have any relatives. To my best teacher at Gris, Uncle Owen, and, ……, they have all gone. Now I am the only one left. And the woman I love so much was with me only to repay my gratitude. You will never understand my pain. I am alive now. What's the point?"

Mie Feng looked at Ah'Dai's dejected look, and snorted coldly, and said, "You are really the number one fool in the world. You don't understand a woman's mind at all. You deserve the pain."

Dumb froze, looked at Miefeng blankly, and said, "You, what did you say?"

Mie Feng stared into the distance and said, "Actually, Xuanyue is not with you only for repaying her kindness. Can't you feel that she is sincere to you or just for repaying you? From all the things she has done to you Look, she really likes you. I have never seen someone as stupid as you."

A Duan's whole body was shaken, and he stood up suddenly from the ground, and said angrily: "No, you lied to me. I don't believe it, I don't believe it."

Mie Feng said coldly: "Believe it or not, it's up to you, anyway, it's your own business. If you are willing to suffer, no one will stop you."

The corner of Ah Du's mouth trembled slightly, and he shook his head vigorously, saying, "No, no. How can she like me because she is so noble? Even if it is true, I will never see her again. My destiny It’s not my own anymore. Since I promised you I will let you kill after revenge, I won’t break this promise. Babuyi is more suitable for her than I am, and they will be happy together.” Although I said so, dumb. But the heart was aching sharply like a knife. Although he didn't fully believe what Miefeng said, he realized that what she said was possible. If everything is as she said, and the matter between herself and Xuan Yue is just a misunderstanding, then how will she face it? At this moment, Ah Dui subconsciously chose to escape. He was in a state of confusion now, and he didn't know what to do.

Miefeng also stood up, glanced at A'Dai, and said, "Let’s go. Let’s go to Sunset City and continue to complete your revenge plan." After listening to the story between A'Dai and Xuanyue, under Miefeng’s icy appearance, inside She didn't know why it was so painful. As long as she remembered that Dui loved another woman, she would be depressed and unable to breathe.

Dui took a deep breath, worked hard to disperse all the complicated emotions, floated up, and swiftly headed towards Sunset City. Mie Feng urged his dark vindictiveness to follow. Both have the same idea in their hearts, that is to use their own power to offset the emotions in their hearts. In order to allow Miefeng to keep up with him, Ah'Dai deliberately separated a lavender energy band from his body to wrap around Miefeng's willow waist. After a while, their speed had already reached the limit.

At the beginning of July 1998 in the sacred calendar, Duan and Miefeng rushed to the sunset city, the capital of the sunset empire. Since meeting Mongxiu's sacrifice that day, the two have rarely spoken. After unremitting efforts, Duan sealed the complex emotions in his heart again, and put all his thoughts on the hunting and killing craftsmanship meeting for revenge.

Sunset City, the capital of the Sunset Empire, is named after the location closest to where the sun sets. It is located on the westernmost side of the Tianyuan Continent and is also the largest city in the Sunset Empire. On the top of the fifty-meter-high city, energetic soldiers are constantly patrolling back and forth. The wide city gate is large enough for twenty people to pass in parallel. The city of Sunset, facing the sea, covers an area of more than 30,000 square kilometers, equivalent to two The size of the dark city. The suspension bridge is lowered, and pedestrians and carriages come and go in an endless stream, creating a thriving and bustling scene. All this hasn't changed in the slightest from the last time Dui came. Coming here, Duan couldn't help thinking of the last time he rescued the fairy princess Xing'er, and the old magician who helped him escape at the last moment. His magical strength is definitely not lower than that of Lardas.

Mie Feng is also very familiar with Sunset City. Although the headquarters of their thieves' union is not here, because there are a large number of powerful and powerful here, it is a place that their thieves often "visit". "Go into the city, first find a place to stay, and then I will take you to find out the situation near the Assassin Association, and then prepare to shoot."

Duan nodded, thinking bitterly, the Assassin Association, I'm here, Lord, I'm here, with endless hatred. When you killed Uncle Owen, I must completely eliminate you and avenge him. He couldn't help but his blood boiled at the thought of being about to confront Owen's true enemy. Clenching his fists, walked firmly towards Sunset City.

The two came to the city gate and were stopped by the soldiers guarding the city. The soldier leader said, "Who are you? What are you doing in the capital?"

Dumb frowned, looking at the unobstructed people around him and couldn't help but say: "Why do you interrogate us? Why don't you check other people."

The boss raised his eyebrows and said: "Stop talking nonsense, you two are suspicious, uncle, answer my question quickly, or you will be arrested." Actually, he didn't see anything from Duan and Miefeng . Only attracted by Miefeng's appearance, he deliberately stopped the two of them by finding fault. Dumb didn't understand this situation, but how could Miefeng not understand? There was a faint smile on her cold face, and she stood in front of Dah, saying: "Big Brother Bing, we are all country folks, why should you embarrass us? You let us go, we will never forget you. Good job."

The boss looked at Miefeng’s charming The soul was flying, heheyin smiled and said, "Little lady, why don't you forget my benefits!" reached out and touched Miefeng’s pretty face .

Dui was full of murderous intent because he came to Sunset City. At this time, seeing the soldier leader insulting Miefeng, he couldn't bear it anymore. Lightning flashed from Miefeng's side and slapped the soldier with a palm. At the speed of Dumb, even if Mie Feng stopped him intentionally, he couldn't stop him. With a snorted sound, under the powerful effect of Shengsheng Qi, the soldier leader suddenly turned into flesh. A cold light appeared in Ah Du's eyes, and said coldly at the stunned soldier: "Who is provoking, he is a role model."

Mie Feng shook his head helplessly, took out a silver sign from his arms, shook it in front of the soldiers, and said, "We are from the plainclothes patrol team of the Imperial Capital. He is not worthy of being a guard of the Imperial Capital at all. . Put away his body. If we find you bullying the people casually, you will not be punished severely." As a high-level thief, it is very important to deal with any sudden emergencies at any time.

The soldiers did not expect that anyone would dare to pretend to be an official at the gate of the empire's capital at sunset, watching the majesty exuding from Mie Feng and the domineering exuding from Dui, completely agreeing with the identity that Mie Feng said, and suddenly knelt to the ground. The people around saw that they were dead, and the officers and soldiers dodged in shock, no one wanted to get into trouble. Some civilians who have never seen the world can't help but vomit when they see the ground of ground meat.

Chapter 155: Killers Association

Mie Feng pulled the placket of Ah-Dai's clothes and said, "Brother, let's go. Don't be angry with these scumbags." As he said, he winked at Ah-Dai and pulled him into Sunset City.

As soon as he entered the city gate, Mie Feng complained: "Why are you so impulsive. Have you forgotten what you are here for? You are not afraid that your identity will be exposed. Be careful later."

Dumb said in a bitter voice: "I can't help it as soon as I see such a bully dog. It seems that my viciousness is still not completely digested! Over the past six months, there have been too many murders. The murderous opportunity is too high. "Killing an ordinary soldier, he also blamed himself. At this moment, he found that Mie Feng was standing near the city gate, and did not follow him in. Can't help but walk back to her in confusion. Mie Feng stared straight at an inconspicuous spot on the city wall, where there were a few white marks, which seemed to be a pattern. Dumb said: "What are you looking at? Let's go in."

Mie Feng woke up from the sluggishness, his face moved a bit, his face looked a little pale, and he reluctantly said, "It's nothing? Let's go." Only then entered the sunset city with Ah Dui.

The sunset city is indeed prosperous, and the streets are bustling with cries. Dui pointed to a small hotel not far in front and said, "Miefeng, let's live there." Mie Feng did not answer, but he walked forward with his head down, as if he didn't hear what Dui said. Dumb froze. Since seeing those traces at the city gate just now, Miefeng seemed to be in a depressed mood. He couldn't help but grabbed her shoulders and called out, "Miefeng, Miefeng, you heard me speak. Huh?"

Mie Feng woke up from his thoughts and said blankly: "Ah? What did you say? I didn't hear it."

Dumb frowned and said, "What's wrong with you? Didn't you mean to find a place to stay? Just the small hotel in front. It is not conspicuous, it is a more suitable place."

Mie Feng nodded, and reluctantly said, "Just there." After speaking, he walked toward the hotel first. Dumb didn't understand why she was like this, shook her head, and followed her footsteps. The two asked for two ordinary rooms in the hotel. As soon as Ah-Dai entered the room, he was stopped by Mie Feng, "A-Dai, you can rest here first. I will take you to the Killer Club at night. I am now. Going out."

Dumb froze, and said, "We have reached the Sunset Empire, and what you promised me will be done. Where are you going at this time?"

Mie Feng’s pale pretty face moved a little, and said, “You have seen the traces at the gate just now. Someone from our thieves’ union is looking for me. I’m going to see what’s going on. Don’t worry, before the evening, I I will definitely be back." After speaking, before Dumb could answer, he turned and walked out. That trace is not just as simple as someone looking for her, it is the most urgent call signal of the Thieves Union. This signal will only appear when something major happens. Mie Feng realized that the Thieves Union has changed, so he rushed back to take a look.

Duan looked at Miefeng's back, and did not stop her any more, and returned to the room alone. Revenge for Irving is about to come, and for the sake of caution, he must keep himself in his best condition. He took off his shoes, floated up, and fell on the big bed in the room to practice. Under the influence of hatred, it took him a long time to enter the state of forgetfulness.

Sure enough, Miefeng returned in the evening, but her face was still pale, and her eyes flashed with struggling expressions. Knocking on the door of Ah-Dai's room, she tried her best to calm her expression, and said, "Let's go, I will take you to the Killers Association." Ah-Dai looked at Miefeng and said, "What happened to your thieves' union? Your face It’s not pretty."

Mie Feng shook his head, and said, "It's our internal matter, which has been resolved. Let's go now. I promised you that the matter should be done."

Although Ah-Dai looked at Miefeng's appearance with some doubts, the thought of revenge occupied most of his thoughts. Without thinking about it, he packed up his things and left the hotel with Miefeng. Today’s weather is bad, and the sky is overcast with clouds. At night, the bright moon in the sky is covered by the clouds, making the earth extremely dim.

Miefeng walked quickly and kept walking towards the west of Sunset City. Dumb chased her beside her, and the voice transmission asked, "Where is the killer, now you can tell me."

Mie Feng nodded and said in a low voice: "A large part of the reason why the Killing Hand Society can survive on the mainland is because of the shelter of the Sunset Empire, and their headquarters is in a manor of the Sunset Empire. As for them, I don’t know exactly what the chairman of the president has to do with that powerful man. I only know that even the most advanced thieves like me can’t infiltrate the manor. Be careful about everything. You don’t have to do it directly today. Take everything first. Let's talk about it after you have found it out clearly. Don't stun the snake easily."

Duan nodded and said: "Don't worry, I will be careful. There will be no such thing as the last time in Tai An City. I will not give them the opportunity to besiege me."

Mie Feng took a deep look at Ah-Dai, and said, "This is the best way." Although Ah-Dai was eager to take revenge, the sunset empire at night was extremely prosperous. Among the civilians, they could only move forward at the pace of ordinary people. . After walking for more than an hour, Mie Feng stopped. Pointing to the front and said: "It's there."

Dui's heart became hot, and he looked at the place she was pointing to. It was a tall courtyard wall. There was no one walking around the courtyard wall. The wall was five meters high, not much higher than the palace, so that he could not see. The situation inside. Dumb asked in a low voice, "What is the status of this powerful man in the sunset empire? He can live in such a large courtyard, which seems to be 40,000 to 50,000 square meters."

Mie Feng glanced at A Duan and said, "Now I don't have to hide anything from you. At the beginning, our thieves' union received the rich and powerful money from here and went to the elves to catch elves. And this powerful person is the power of the empire in the setting sun. The Duke, the only duke in the entire Sunset Empire. Although his power is not as great as the Emperor Quanyi of the Sunset Empire, it is not far off. Most of the economic lifeline of the Sunset Empire is almost entirely in his hands. , His property can only be described as a rich and enemy country. Because of his powerful power, there may be many masters in the mansion, and the people who kill the hand will definitely be a very powerful force, you must not Reckless, let's talk about the situation."

When Mie Feng mentioned the elves, Duan couldn’t help thinking of the dozen or so elves who committed suicide because of insults. At the same time, new and old hatreds rushed into his heart, and said with hatred: "I want to kill these dukes together and let him give The killing hand will be buried. You are waiting here. I will go in first to find out the situation. Don’t worry, I won’t do it today. When everything is clear, tomorrow is the death date of the killing hand." Attention, take off the civilian clothing on his body, revealing the black giant spirit snake armor inside, floating up and falling towards the high wall in front.

Mie Feng's pale pretty face was distorted, and he gently shook his head, and walked to a dark corner to wait for dumb.

Just when Duan and Miefeng appeared outside the Grand Duke's mansion, a few figures were whispering in a place not far away. Their gazes were all focused on the place where Dui had just disappeared.

A deep and thick voice came from a tall figure, "Teacher, it's dumb, it's really him, you are right, he is really here. Should we stop him?"

"No, don't call him now, let him go. It's most appropriate for him to avenge Junior Brother Owen. I think this is what Junior Brother Owen is most willing to see. Judging from Ah'Dai's body shape just now, the master’s true biography has been exhausted. , The skill is better than me, there should be nothing wrong, we just need to find a good time to help him when he is in danger." The old voice said calmly. The dark clouds in the sky suddenly drifted away. Under the exposure of the moonlight, the appearance of several figures clearly appeared. They were Brother Rock, Zhuo Yun, and Xi Wen and Liao Wen. They have been waiting here for more than four months, just waiting for Duan to appear. It turned out that after Brother Shivin followed the Rock Brothers down the mountain, Shivin decided to go directly to Sunset City, the capital of the Sunset Empire. When Rock asked why he came directly to Sunset City, Shivin mysteriously didn't tell him. He didn't tell the truth until everyone came here. At first, after Xiwen and other second-generation disciples knew that their junior brother Owen had died at the hands of the Killing Hand Society, they were all very angry. But because of the order of the Sword Saint of Tiangang and the mentality of wanting Ah-Dai to avenge Owen with his own hands, they did not do anything. What's more, the Sword Sect of Tiangang is the state faction of the Huasheng Empire. If they go to the Sunset Empire to kill the Handicraft Society, it is very likely. Will cause a war between two countries. The position of the Tiangang Sword Sect in the Huasheng Empire is very lofty. For many years, the two countries have been in opposition. Naturally, they have a deep understanding of each other. In order to help Ah'Dai completely eliminate the killing handwork, he will avenge Owen. The second generation of Hezhong disciples fully exerted the influence of the Tiangang Sword Sect in the Huasheng Empire, prompting the Huasheng Empire to send a large number of highly capable spies to sneak into the Sunset Empire. After several years of investigation, they finally found the headquarters of the Killing Hand Society. However, the Tiangang Sword Sect did not act rashly. After receiving the news, they just kept the secrets away and waited for the opportunity. This time, as soon as Shivin and others entered the territory of the Sunset Empire, they heard of the appearance of the **** of death. Of course, they knew that the **** of death must be the incarnation of dumb. After searching for a period of time, Xiwen discovered that Duan could accurately find the strongholds of the Killing Hand Association one after another. Although he did not know how Duan did it, he knew that he must have accurate sources of information, so he decided to agree with him. Everyone came to settle down near the Assassin's Association in Sunset City. He knew that, no matter what, Ah Dumb would definitely come to the headquarters of the Killing Hand Society to seek revenge, and he would definitely be able to wait for him here, so he used this method of standing still. They have been waiting here for more than four months, and the Rock Brothers are already impatient. When Shivin was also a little shaken about his judgment, the person they had been looking forward to finally appeared.

Yan Li whispered: "Teacher Xi Wen, look, the girl who came with Dui is the thief we told you about. She had assassinated Dui many times. I didn't expect them to be together. Really not. Understand what's going on?" Rock smiled and said, "It's not easy. The thieves' union is the most well-informed on the mainland. Although I don't know how Dumb found this thieves, it must have reached something with her. According to the agreement, before the dumb can accurately find the strongholds of the killer clubs, it must be the path led by this female thief. Our dumb brothers, I don’t know when he became so smart. It seems that his skill has improved during this time. , We just have to wait for the duke’s mansion to pick up dumb after a jump."

Zhuo Yun said with some worry: "However, since this is the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association, there must be many masters. Can Duan do it alone?"

Rock said: "You can rest assured about this. Don't forget, Dumb has dragons to help. Even if he can't alone, plus two dragons, how can he rush out. Wait, once Dumb summons two A dragon means that he has encountered difficulties, that is, it is time for us to take action."

Xiwen nodded approvingly, and said: "The rock is right. What we have to do now is to wait and wait for the outbreak of Dumb. The killing hand will be rampant on the mainland for so many years, and it is time for them to be unlucky. Third Junior Brother, you go on the roof to observe and pay attention to the movements in the Duke’s Mansion. If there is a change, you should inform us immediately." There is another very important reason why Xiwen didn’t go directly to help Ah Dao and kill the hand to get revenge. That is, he I want to see if Ah Dui already has the strength of a Juggernaut. Dumb is too important to the Tiangang Sword Sect. Even if the Tiangang Sword Saint is not used, Xiwen has already designated him as the first candidate to succeed the next head. As the current head of the Tiangang Sword Sect, he must fully test his strength and character. Among the disciples of the second generation, only Xi Wen knew about the Four Great Sword Masters, and also knew that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint taught this heavy task to dumb. Therefore, he must determine whether Ah Dumb can undertake this important task.

Liao Wen nodded, floated up, fell to the side of the roof and fell down. His skill is second only to Senior Brother Xi Wen and Second Senior Brother Fengwen among the second-generation disciples of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Shengshengjue has also practiced. At the eighth level, the vindictive energy that became solidified was also transforming from the first to the second. It can be said to be the top master of the Tiangang Sword School.

Dui jumped over the five-meter-high courtyard wall and fell on the ground against the side of the wall. Inside the courtyard wall, the vast space was bigger than he had imagined. On the wide ground in front of him, various plants were planted everywhere. There are strange flowers and plants, and the beautiful environment is almost the same as the palace of the sunset empire. Not far from him, there is a small lake. There is a pavilion in the middle of the lake. Behind the small lake, buildings are connected together. In the three-story building, it seems that there are as many as a thousand rooms, most of the rooms are brightly lit, and there are faint human voices. Dumb squatted down and hid behind a bush, fully letting out his spiritual sense, feeling the movement around him. He clearly discovered that there were at least hundreds of secret whistles in the entire courtyard. The breath of those secret whistle is just ordinary killer. Dumb was dark in his heart. He knew that it was almost impossible for him to kill all these assassins without disturbing anyone. However, his heart was also excited. He knew that Miefeng didn't lie to him. This must be the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association. Once again, he found traces of the killer. The excitement in his heart could not be described in words, and the blood in his whole body was completely boiling. Duan completely condensed the breath of his body, moving slowly along the tall wall, paying attention to the surrounding movements at any time.

Suddenly, a dozen people walked out of that small building. They came to the empty lawn in front of the building. They seemed to be talking about something. Dumb looked intently. One of the dozen people attracted him. Ah's gaze, the familiar figure made Ah Dumb's blood boil, and he almost rushed out of the grief and anger in his heart. Because, that one-armed man was the vice president of the Assassin Society that directly caused Owen's death. The dozen or so people who were with him were calm and cold, and there was a trace of murderous aura in their gestures. Dumb could clearly feel their strength. After finally restraining his inner murderous intentions, he watched carefully. Judging from the aura of these people's brilliance, they all belong to the level of killers and yuan killers. These should be the final strength of the Killing Hand Association. The Lord should also be in this small building.

Dui took a deep breath, controlled the golden body in the dantian slowly upstream, reached the brain, and reached the dozens of high-level assassins with the multiplied hearing.

A killer said: "After practicing for a day, I am so suffocated. I can finally come out and let the wind go. I don't know how long this kind of shrinking day will take. I really want to go out and kill a few people to relax."

The vice chairman made a silent gesture at him, and said: "You keep your voice down, it would be terrible if you let the Lord hear it. Don't you know that the wind outside is very tight now? That **** of death is doing it right with us. There are almost two hundred brothers who died in his hands. The Killer and Yuan Killer suffered heavy losses, and even the seven of them were ruined in his hands. The skill of the **** of death is really unfathomable! Could it be you I want to go out and die. The Lord asked us to gather in the headquarters for our own good. Let's bear with it for a while."

The previous assassin snorted coldly, and said, "Isn't that the **** of death? I haven't heard from him for almost four months. Don't we have to endure it for a lifetime."

The vice chairman said: "I should not endure it anymore, because the **** of death has never appeared, and our funding is also a bit tight. It won't be long before the Lord will send us out to perform the task."

"I hope to perform the task quickly. It feels the best to kill! I like the blood sprayed from the person I killed the most. When I see that kind of scene, I feel comfortable."

Another assassin said: "Who doesn't know that you are a famous killer. You have been a killer for 30 years, and your aggressiveness has not changed at all. It's a natural killer."

"Haha, I'm a qualified killer like me! Don’t the Lord just like my fierceness? By the way, the Lord said today that tomorrow after you practice in the daytime, you can relax a little at night. It is said that the Grand Duke will hold a banquet. Entertain us high-level killers. I don't know what kind of beauty the Grand Duke will give us this time. I really want to vent it."

The vice president smiled and said: "It's definitely okay to vent. The grand duke bought the goods, which time. However, you should be careful not to be softened by those little fairies. You can't even hold the sword. Ah! Hehe." The killer blushed and said: "I am very restrained. I can do at most three times a night. It doesn't matter if I indulge once in a while,"

"To be honest, if it weren't for the kid who claimed to be the **** of death this time, we might never have known that the headquarters was in the Grand Duke's mansion. Every time the Lord called us before, it was in the branch. This time it's good, we know There are so many secrets in the union!"

The vice president snorted and said, "Do you think it is a good thing to know the secrets of too many organizations? The more you know, the more likely you are to die, or it is better to be a blind or deaf person who knows nothing."

Hearing this, Dumb couldn't help but be overjoyed. Of course, he understood that once a banquet was held, the vigilance of the masters of the killer club would inevitably be greatly reduced, and that would be his best mobile phone meeting.

The vice president has been chatting with the killers for a long time. While they were chatting, they walked to other places in the courtyard, and the topic in their mouths remained the same for tomorrow night's deserted banquet. As they walked away gradually, Ah-Dai pressed against the wall behind him, and under the cover of the night, he quietly jumped out of the Grand Duke's residence. He has made up his mind that tomorrow night, he will do his best to kill the killer here.

Mie Feng saw A Duan sneaking out of the mansion, hurried forward, and asked in a low voice, "How is the situation? Are the guards inside? When are you going to do it?"

Duan nodded, looked around cautiously, and whispered: "Go, go back to the hotel and talk." After speaking, he pulled the road where Miefeng Chao came.

Hidden in the dark, Xiwen and the others could not help but feel a little surprised when they saw Ah Dui and left like this. Rock Li said, "I came out so soon, has he already avenged him? Impossible. So many killers came back here a few months ago, even if they don't fight back to kill him, it's not such a quick way!"

The rock groaned: "No, dumb shouldn't take any action tonight, otherwise, this assassin will always make a little movement. He is much calmer than before. Today I should just go in to find the way, but he won't be too procrastinated. For a long time, there will be some action in the next few days." Xi Wen nodded: "It should be. Okay, let's go back to rest, or take turns to pay attention to the situation here. Rock Li, you are staring here, once there is The movement called us immediately."

The night has gradually darkened, and there are only a few sparse pedestrians remaining on the street. No, to be precise, it should be the gambler who had lost all that was bombed out by the casino. Dumb and Miefeng returned to the hotel room. Dumb was a little excited and said, "Thank you, Miefeng, and finally found the root of the killing hand club. I just heard them say in it, what kind of banquet will be held tomorrow night, that will be my best time to start tomorrow. Don't follow me. As long as I can't die, I will definitely come back here to find you."

A sorrowful expression appeared in Mie Feng's eyes, and he said faintly: "Tomorrow you must be careful. If you can't do anything, return immediately, you know?"

Dumb confidently said: "I will not retreat. I will not kill all the killers. I will never leave there. Uncle Owen, may you be blessed by the Spirit of Heaven, so that I can find the Lord smoothly and take your place. Take revenge on that sea of blood with Master’s daughter. Kill the phoenix, go back to your room and rest. Don’t bother me until tomorrow night. I want to meditate and keep myself in the best condition."

Mie Feng nodded and said, "Okay, I will see you off tomorrow night." After speaking, he lowered his head and walked out of the room.

Dui took a deep breath, calmed his excitement, sat cross-legged on the bed, and urged the vitality in the dantian according to the operation method of Sheng Sheng Jue. The five-inch tall golden body shined brightly under his deliberate urging. The thick liquid Shengshengzhen Qi in the body circulates continuously, going up to the heavenly court and sending down the springs. After a while, in the warm and peaceful feeling, the idea of dumb has been completely immersed in the cultivation. Perhaps it was because his desire for revenge was about to be fulfilled. When he cultivated, the meridians in his body were exceptionally smooth, and his skill gradually increased invisibly.

After practising for ninety-nine-eighty-one weeks, Ah-Dai felt that he had completely entered the best state, the vitality in his body was surging out, and the second golden body on the chest seemed to shrink a little, and the golden body in the dantian The body has grown to a height of nearly six inches, and he knows that after one night of cultivation, his skill has improved to a certain extent. Slowly retract the Zhen Qi running in the meridians into the dantian.

Dui woke up from the meditation state and looked at the sky outside. It was already a bit dim. The distant sky outside the window was gradually sinking. He knew that it was the evening of the next day. A cruel smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth. The Killing Hand Association, Lord, I am here, and the **** of death will collect all your sinful souls.

Floating down to the ground, Ah-Dai casually washed his face, opened the door to the next door to Miefeng's room, and controlled his own voice through the door with a grudge, "Miefeng, I'm ready."

The door opened, and Mie Feng walked out with a tired face, barely squeezing a smile on her pale, pretty face, "Are you ready? It's still early, so let's go when it gets dark. I'll get you something." Eat." A-Dai grabbed Mie Feng's shoulders, and Mie Feng's whole body was shaken. He said with some fear: "You, what are you doing?" This seems to have become a habit of A-Dai.

Dumbfounded and said: "What's wrong with you? Is it scary? Today you must have been protecting the law for me, right. Thank you, without you, I would not have the opportunity to take revenge so quickly. "Mie Feng was obviously relieved, and said embarrassingly: "What is there to thank, isn't there an agreement between us? I only help you for revenge. Go back to your room and wait. I'll come as soon as I go." After speaking, he turned and walked towards the lobby of the hotel.

Looking at Miefeng's back, Ah-Dai sighed slightly. He didn't know what exactly he felt about Miefeng. On Miefeng's body, he saw the shadow of Bing, but there were many differences between Miefeng and Bing. Throwing away some of his confused thoughts, Ah Dui secretly told himself that what he should think about now is how to avenge and kill people. These children will never have a relationship with him. With a gloomy mood, he turned to his room.

After a while, Miefeng came back with a tray in her hand, which contained two dishes and a few steamed buns. I haven’t eaten for a whole day. Seeing these fragrant dishes, Duan couldn’t stop eating. He grabbed a bite of his favorite steamed bun and said vaguely, "Thank you for killing the phoenix. If the revenge fails, maybe this will be my last dinner."

Mie Feng's whole body shook, put the dinner plate in his hand aside, lowered his head and said: "You, don't talk nonsense, your skill is so high, you can definitely kill all those killers. I, I will wait for you Come back." While talking, she handed the chopsticks to Dumb. The hand she handed out was trembling, and the chopsticks slipped out of her hand without holding it. Dumb has quick eyes, and he copied the chopsticks in the air into his hand, and smiled: "Why are you more nervous than me, and you are not going to take revenge. I will definitely try my best to protect myself and come back alive. The agreement between us has not been completed yet. Ah!" As he said, he stretched out his chopsticks to grab the dishes on the plate. At this moment, Mie Feng suddenly screamed, and the blood on his face faded.

Dumb was stopped the movement in his hand, and said in confusion: "What happened to you today? It's strange! Is it something uncomfortable?"

Mie Feng shook his head and said, "I'm fine, I'm just a little worried about you. Don't bother you to eat, I'll go out first, don't tell me when you leave. Hope, I hope you can come back safely." After that, she quickly Ran out of Dumb's room. Seeing Miefeng's back, A Dumb felt a strange feeling in his heart. He gently shook his head, picked up a chopsticks, and put it into his mouth.

Mie Feng rushed back to her room, closed the door, covered her face with both hands, weeping silently, tears streaming down her fingers, wet the clothes on her chest.

After a dumb meal, the sky has gradually darkened, and night has gradually fallen on the world. He took off his coat, directly exposed the giant spirit snake armor inside, and put the blood of the dragon into the armor, thinking to himself that if the situation is not good today, I am afraid he has to summon the holy evil, after all, the Grand Duke With so many killers and unfathomable masters in the mansion, it is still unknown whether he can successfully avenge himself. Tightening the skin of the Pluto sword, Ah Dui opened the window and floated out. Under the cover of the black giant spirit snake armor, no one would find a person in the sky as long as he did not deliberately watch it. Glancing at the window of Miefeng's room, Ah-Dai exhaled the foul breath in his chest, and under the guidance of the real qi, he headed towards the Grand Duke's mansion in a flash. The time for revenge is finally coming.

Chapter 156: In desperation

Grand Ducal Palace. There were many carriages parked at the entrance of the mansion, and a group of gorgeous girls entered the mansion under the leadership of Congren. Their voices of Yingying and Yanyan added a little noise to the silent night sky. There were dozens of these girls. They all looked like they were around twenty years old, and they were all very coolly dressed, and exposing large areas of white skin to the air made people think. Under the leadership of Congren, they headed towards the small building in the mansion.

A dark body curled up on a tall tree near the courtyard wall of the Grand Ducal Mansion. Seeing the girls enter the small building, there was a faint and blood-sucking cold light in his eyes. These filthy women were him. The most annoying. This shadow is dumb. He has been waiting here for more than an hour, and what he is waiting for is the arrival of these girls. The danger of the Assassin Association is very clear, Dui, he knows that as long as he is careless, he will be ruined in this evil cave. Seeing the girls enter the small building, Dui still didn't move, he was still waiting.

Half an hour later, the aroma of wine and meat and the sound of laughter gradually came out of the small building. Dumb knew that it was time for him to act. He slowly slipped down the tree, and his body drifted to a dark whistle like a lightning. A cold light flashed, and the dark whistle’s throat had already been cut. In order to avoid exposing himself because of the vindictive light, Ah Dui used it from the hands of Wo Xin. Here comes the finger knife. How could he compare with the present when he was a thief in Nino City? The finger knife seemed to grow in his hand. With the contained grudge, the finger knife could be easily controlled to any position, the fingers trembling slightly, the finger knife originally used for stealing had become a sharp weapon for murder.

Dui let go of his left hand covering the killer's mouth and stayed in place for a long time without moving. With superhuman hearing, he observed whether there was movement in other guard posts around him. Perhaps it was because the secret whistles were all attracted by the banquet in the Jiuchi Meat Forest in the small building, and no one noticed that the courtyard was full of murderous intent. Seeing that there was no movement, Dumb touched the next secret whistle in the same way. These low-level killers didn't have any chance to resist. Under Dumb's knife, they ended their lives one by one. The blood has stained the green grass on the ground. The red and green on the ground seemed so out of place. Fortunately, at night, no one noticed these changes. Duan's movements were extremely fast, and in just half an hour, all the eighty-three secret whistles disappeared in the sharpness of his knives.

Dumb looked at the finger knife in his hand, and the hostility in his chest continued to churn. After killing the last secret whistle, the finger knife was dripping with blood, and there was already a dark red on the blade of Guanghua. After more than 80 people were killed, the fierce spirit in Dumb's heart began to stir again. The murderous intent in the heart continued to surge like a fountain. However, Ah Dumb's consciousness is now extremely clear. He did not directly enter the small building. He floated into a dark corner, concentrating and controlling the golden body in his dantian to float up due to the strong mental power. , While he is running the golden body, his heart is divided into two uses, controlling the energy in his body to not release light. Under the action of the golden body, the ferocious aura that had just been produced was gradually eliminated, and Dumb's heart returned to peace. Taking a deep breath, he touched the Hades sword on his chest, floated up, and without a guard, rushed toward the small building of the Grand Duke's mansion unscrupulously.

Duan judged the location of the banquet from the crowd of voices, bypassed the front small building, and came to the innermost main building with the largest area. The scent of wine and meat and the sounds of men and women teasing constantly stimulated Ah Du's senses. Unknowingly, his right hand touched the Pluto sword on his chest. The cold and evil spirit made his mind more sober. At this moment, Ah-Dai suddenly felt a little dizzy, and he couldn't help but stunned. He urged the golden body in the dantian to circle around the body, and the dizziness disappeared in the vitality of vitality. He thought to himself that it must be because of too many killings just now. Without paying too much attention, he touched the main building carefully. Ah Dui rose into the air and landed silently on the wall of the main building. Using the indestructible energy of life and solidification, his fingers grabbed deep into the wall, and the hard rock was as vulnerable as tofu under his fingers. Dumb's whole body was tightly pressed against the wall and listened for a while, feeling that everything was normal, and then carefully peeked his gaze toward the window.

The enlarged hall is over a thousand square meters. The center of the hall is empty. A couple of men and women are hugging and drinking together, making all kinds of unbearable actions. The dozen or so killers I saw in the yard yesterday are all there. Everyone holds a beautiful woman in their arms, drunk hands up and down together, looking nasty. Dui looked up at the main seat of the hall, and saw an elderly man wearing a brocade robe, who looked like 60 or 70 years old sitting high, with black hair and black eyes, a big belly, and blue eyes. At first glance, he was over-drinking. Judging from his clothes and purple gold crown on his headband, Dumb judged that this person should be the Grand Duke in Miefeng's mouth. But where is the Lord? Since the Duke was entertaining the entire killing hand club, the Lord should be there. Dumb searched the hall carefully, but for a long time he didn't find anyone who might be the Lord. At this moment, the door of the hall opened, and a tall man in black walked from the outside. His whole body was wrapped in a black robe, and his head was not exposed. As the cloak on his head pressed down, dumb couldn't Seeing his only eyes exposed, although this person did not exude any dangerous aura on the surface, Dui could clearly feel that he was deliberately concealing his strength, and he was stunned by hatred. Judging, this person should be the master of the Killing Manual. Now that everyone is here, Dumb feels that this should be a chance to do it himself. He took a deep breath, adjusted his vindictiveness to the best condition, suddenly entered through the window, and rushed directly to the vice president in the hall. His hatred of the vice president is second only to the master. In order to be successful in one blow, he chose the one-armed vice president with weaker skill. "Pluto transforms the blade to cut-to stand-to determine -" The dark blue light instantly filled the hall, and the surging evil aura suddenly emerged with the appearance of the Pluto sword, and the murderous intent made everyone in the hall beat After a cold war, even the lights in the hall dimmed. After all, the vice-chairman has a high level of skill. Even in this situation, he still reflected, his body retreated violently, and threw the beautiful girl in his hand at Dumb. However, at this time, the dumb had already surpassed the "Pluto" of the day, and the same Ming Slash move exerted a power that surpassed the "Pluto" twice in his hands. Without even screaming, the vice president and the beautiful girl were buried under the evil Hades sword at the same time. The huge power also affected another killer-level killer, and the three people were in the Hades sword. The anger turned to ashes and ended their sinful life. Just when Ah-Dai wanted to continue his attack, the dizziness he had previously felt outside the building reappeared. Together with the evil aura produced by Ming Zhan, it affected Ah-Dai’s mind. The vitality of life that was urging him could not help but stagnate. His body fell on the ground, even so, he still reluctantly turned a lavender sword of life and change around his body, cutting it at the surrounding killers. Unexpected things happened. Not only those high-level killers reacted quickly and flew back, but even the beautiful women in their arms floated up and fell to the side. Everyone had an extra handle. The poisonous blade flashing black light. Dumb's lightning-like sword didn't even hurt anyone. He gasped slightly, urging the golden body in his dantian to quickly resolve the dizziness and the evil spirit brought by the sword of the Hades.

"Flap, pop, pop." The applause sounded, and the fat-belly grand duke stood up from his seat. He was not surprised by the appearance of Dumb, and said with a smile on his face: "Okay, worthy of it. He is the descendant of Pluto, and killed my three masters as soon as he shot it. It's really amazing! No wonder those fools can't resist your surprise attack."

Dumb was shocked. The Grand Duke seemed to have known that he was coming. What was going on, he had been careful enough before, how could he know? Coldly said: "Yes, I am the descendant of Pluto and the **** of death who came here to collect your lives. Today, you scumbags don't even want to leave this place."

The Grand Duke looked up to the sky and laughed. His laughter did not contain a trace of energy. Dumb had already wanted to continue to do it, but he could not help but stop when he heard his laughter, because the laughter contained too many things. , It was a triumphant laughter, a complacent laughter.

The evil spirit of the Pluto sword has been completely dispelled by the dumb. Now he can attack at any time. In order to better destroy the enemy, he chose to prepare himself. After a long while, the Grand Duke's laughter stopped, and he smiled: "So, you are very confident in yourself. I admit that your skill is indeed very high. The Pluto sword on you is the legendary soldier of the **** of the gods. Under the siege of so many masters, you can actually use the fifth trick of the Pluto swordsmanship, and the return of Pluto is first appeared, right? Well, it is really strong! It ruined my eleven masters at once. But , You are so stupid, what's the use of having a good martial arts? In the end, I still have to die in my hands. I have arranged this game for a long time, and I have been waiting for you for a long time. Even if you are strong, I can’t escape from the palm of my hand. Don’t you feel a little dizzy now? Your body is gradually weakening.”

A Duan's heart was shocked, and he subconsciously said, "How do you know?" His eyes were wide open, his heart trembled, and he said, "Did you poison me."

The Grand Duke shook his head, stretched out his index finger and shook slightly, and said, "No, no, no, you are only half right. You are indeed poisoned, but it is not mine. Since you are studying the life of Pluto True Qi, how can ordinary poison match your status as the **** of death? The one in you, like Owen at the time, is the world's No. 1 strange poison, Wu-two-holy-water -"

I don't know if it was because of the poisonous attack or the inner surprise. Dumb felt dizzy again in his mind. Did he, like Uncle Owen, have been caught in the holy water? That's a poison with no solution!

The Grand Duke said: "Boy, do you know? In order to clean up you this time, I will not hesitate to expose my identity. Now you can no longer run away. The mistakes you made when dealing with the "Pluto" will not repeat itself. Anyway, you too Can’t run, I’d better let you be a ghost.” Pointing to the person who is wrapped in black clothes next to him, and said: “Do you think he is the president of the Killing Hand Society? Well, you must be. Think so. I can tell you that your judgment is wrong because he is not at all. Kill one and show your true colors."

The man in black respectfully said: "Yes, Lord." Then he pulled down the cloak and mask on his head, revealing that dumb face that was extremely familiar. A huge shock invaded Ah Dui's heart, and he lost his voice: "You, you are not dead? No, it is impossible, how could you not die?" He turned to look at the Grand Duke, his eyes were cold, and he said bitterly: "You, you are the master."

The Lord still has a gentle smile on his face, "Yes, I am the president of the Killing Hand Association, which is what they call the Lord. At the same time, I am also the Grand Duke of the sunset empire. I am surprised that I have so many. Isn’t your identity? As a heavy minister of the Sunset Empire, why should I organize a killing hand meeting? In fact, it’s very simple. I can tell you frankly that it’s because our dark forces need to run funds and need a lot of funds. And I was originally. The dark forces sent the undercover people in the Sunset Empire, you can call me the Lord, or you can call me the fifth elder of the Dark Sacred Church. I climbed from an ordinary little viscount in the Sunset Empire to where I am today, just to Accumulate funds to help the dark forces re-emerge. What is the Holy See? When darkness descends on the mainland, they will be the first to be destroyed. More than half a year ago, didn't they have already suffered a loss? That was just a lesson for them, The demise of the Holy See is not far away. Tianyuan Continent will enter the arms of the Lord Underworld. The darkness will never disappear." At this point, the black eyes of the Lord suddenly changed, gradually changing from black pupils to Turning out of blood red, exuding a strange light, he pointed his finger at Dumb and said: "Boy, do you really want to know where the poison of the holy water in your body comes from, and why I would know your arrival? . Actually it’s very simple. I’ll show you another person, and you’ll understand.” The Lord did not do it immediately when he had the advantage, because he was actually afraid of Ah Dumb’s Pluto sword, even he was not sure. Can deal with the fifth stroke of the underworld swordsmanship. He told Ah-Dai these secrets to attract his mind. The main purpose was to delay time and let the poison of Wuer holy water fully attack.

The dizziness in his mind came more densely. It was not that Ah Dui didn't understand that the Lord was procrastinating, but the shock brought him by the Lord was too much, so that he had been holding back without doing anything. Constantly urging the golden body to search for the poison of Wuer holy water. However, Wuer Holy Water is the world's first strange poison, and its biggest feature is its volatility. No matter how deep a person is, he can only slow down the time of the poison, but cannot force it out of the body. Although Wuer holy water is indeed extremely poisonous, Ah Dui did not panic at this time. In the blood of his dragon, there is a silver ball that can temporarily restrain the poison of Wuer holy water. It was the silver ball that extended Owen's life by five years at the beginning. As long as the silver ball can make him persist until he kills these people, he doesn't care even if it is dead. He is now barely suppressing the onset of toxicity, waiting for the Lord to relieve the puzzles in his heart.

The Lord Mie Yi winked, Mie Xian Xian gave a sneer, turned his head out of the hall, and the Lord rushed to Dumb: "Although your strength is strong, your brain is a little worse. If you swear allegiance to me, I will kill you. As for the entire dark forces, I can control your poison to prevent him from attacking, and I will let you be my arm, and let you continue to use the sword of Hades. You know, even if you are not poisoned, so many masters under my siege It’s also inevitable. Not only are all high-level assassins gathered here, but these girls are my secret weapons to deal with the enemy. They have been adopted by me since they were young and have undergone various training. Those who can stand here are all selected from a hundred, at least they all possess a killer-level fighting spirit. No matter how strong your Pluto sword is, can it be stronger than my nearly sixty killer-level and above masters? Let me give you a suggestion. This is your last chance, either life or death, between your own thoughts."

Although Ah Dumb was surprised, but there was no expression on his face, he said calmly: "Before I see your person, I will show you something. When you see it, you won't feel that you have the chance to win. I will feel that I am so stupid." A cold light flashed in the red eyes of the Lord, and he said calmly: "That's good! I want to see what can surprise me."

A Duan chanted in a low voice: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." A faint blue light appeared, and a huge figure flew out. Although the hall was wide, after the huge figure appeared. , But it seemed so cramped. The huge gray body that was more than ten meters long had a layer of thick scales superimposed on each other. Under the lighting of the hall, the scales appeared to flash silver. The most dazzling thing is the seven spiral-shaped golden giant horns on this huge body. The sacred atmosphere on the golden giant horns is the most disgusting of the Killing Hand Society, especially the President of the Killing Hand Society. This was summoned by Ah Dui from the blood of the dragon, it was the holy evil dragon Xiaoxie. For so many days, no one knows the psychological changes of Ah-Dai better than it, but due to the drastic reduction in the energy of the dragon’s blood, it cannot communicate directly with Ah-Dai, and can only be secretly anxious in the blood of the dragon. The killing intent made Xiao Xie already extremely irritable. After this period of meditation, coupled with the sacred aura exuded when Ah Dai regained his will, the state of the Holy Evil has increased again, and his skill has been greatly improved.

"Woo--" A huge dragon roar sounded, feeling the hatred, anger and slight fear in Ah-Dai's heart. The hostility contained in the holy evil body broke out completely, and the huge sound instantly filled the entire hall, and the surging energy was directed towards Electricity shot out from all around, and the hall trembled violently. Seven golden lights surged out from behind the holy evil, and instantly hit the surroundings. Its huge wings spread out, and a circle of gray energy floated around the entire hall behind the golden lights. The sudden appearance of the holy evil made all members of the Assassin’s Association here full of surprises. Except for the Lord, none of them thought that Ah'Dai still had such a secret weapon. Even the Lord, because of the Once I saw a creature like a dragon and stayed for a while. It was their hesitation for this moment that made Sheng Xie exasperate. The surging energies, one sacred and one evil, spurted out, and when the assassins reflected it, the entire hall was completely enveloped by the energy of the sacred evil. Boom——This small fortress-like building made of the hardest granite exploded in huge energy. For a time, there was a loud noise in the entire hall.

Ah Dui floated on the back of Sheng Xie without any hesitation. Under the protection of Sheng Xie's energy, one person and one dragon suddenly rushed to the periphery with the violent explosion, and Sheng Xie's whole body flashed with silver-gray energy, and scattered. No trace of the splashing mud stuck to Dumb and his body. Taking advantage of the chance of Shengxie's power, Ah Du took out a silver ball from the blood of Shenlong and swallowed it into his belly. The ice-cold silver ball stayed in the golden body accurately under the enraged envelopment. Since Duan was already able to completely control the form of the golden body, the golden body in his body held the silver ball in his arms according to his intentions. The effectiveness of the silver ball is indeed extraordinary. It is the best item to deal with the volatile and poisonous Wuer holy water. Duan can clearly see a trace of blue liquid rushing from his body to the silver ball from all directions. The silver ball is in Duan's. Deliberately inspired, it exerted the most powerful effect. When Sheng Xie rushed out of the small building and came to the vast courtyard outside, the dizziness of Ah Dumb had disappeared, and the silver sphere had turned into a deep blue. Carefully use the golden body to exude a powerful vitality and envelop the deep blue sphere. The poison of Wuer holy water has finally been temporarily resolved. There is no threat of poison, and Ah-Dai feels much more comfortable.

Sheng Xie stood proudly in the center of the wide courtyard, spreading its huge wings, staring at the figures in disdain towards him. Ah Du told Sheng Xie with his mind, let it not do it first. After swallowing the silver ball, the person who hoped to delay the time has been replaced by dumb. He needs time to send the silver ball wrapped in golden energy out of his body. Although he is not sure, this is his only chance. The silver ball cast based on the silver mother is so heavy in the meridians of the human body, it is very difficult to push it even with the energy of the golden body in the body. If it hadn't been for Dumb to completely control the golden body, he would not even dare to try under the current circumstances. Because, if one is not good, if the energy enveloped outside the silver ball reveals a flaw, then Wuer holy water will no longer be able to control it, and it will immediately volatilize and swallow his whole body, even if the dumb skill is high, it will not be able to recover.

The ultimate strength of the Killing Hand Society is indeed strong. The huge explosion and the energy of the holy evil in the house did not hurt any of them. Under the leadership of the Lord, they flew out like a lightning, and surrounded the dumb in the center. After a moment, excluding the Lord, there are a total of twenty-eight killers above the killer level and twenty-nine females. Originally, the assassin and the Yannv were both thirty people, but they were killed by the dumb Ming, so now there are fifty-seven remaining. The explosion of the small building also led to other arrangements by the Lord. A total of 80 ninja killers appeared on the periphery of the courtyard, rushing from all directions quickly, forming a defensive circle outside the high-level assassins. Dui stood on the big head of the holy evil, holding the biggest sharp corner of the holy evil in one hand, coldly glanced at the elites of the killing hand club in front of him, and said faintly: "Lord, it turns out that you value me so much! Say it came out of the nest."

The Lord has awake from the surprise when the holy evil appeared, and smiled and said: "Yes, plus you killed less than a hundred guard posts before, here has gathered all the remaining strength of my killing hand, your skill is already Far surpassed the number one killer in the world, "Pluto", how can I not pay attention to you? I once heard Mie Yi said that you can summon a dragon. At that time, I couldn't believe it. I didn't expect you to really You did it, but, do you think you can break out of us by relying on a dragon? You think it’s too simple. Consider my previous suggestions. Dragons can fly, I know that, but , I have already prepared some gifts for it. Master Biinrouge, it's time for you to make a move."

Dumb was shocked, Biinrouge? Isn't that the three great masters of the mainland who are as famous as Prophet Prin and Lardas? How could he also be with the Lord? Could it be that he is also a member of the Killing Hand Association? At the time when his thoughts were ups and downs, an old singing sound sounded, and a faint cyan light gradually enveloped the courtyard of the Grand Ducal Mansion. Although Duan could not tell where the singing came from, he did. It is clear that the blue barrier in the sky is at least an eighth-level defensive enchantment. The enchantment is no more than ten meters from the ground. The huge and thick wind energy is definitely not something that you can rush out in a moment, and once you Attacking this enchantment will inevitably cause frantic attacks by the people of the Assassins. What's more, Dui didn't intend to rush out at all. His purpose of coming here today is to get revenge. Even if he is caught in the trap of the enemy, his purpose will not be. Change, kill the master and all the killers is his ultimate goal. So, Dui did not move, looking at the proud smile at the corner of the Lord’s mouth, he said, "Didn’t you tell me to let me meet someone? Why has that person not come yet. Yes, although you set a dead end for me, Before I die, I will inevitably fight with you to die. Even if I die a thousand times or ten thousand times, I will not join the Killing Hand Society." At this point, he pretended to shake the head of the holy evil slightly. Exuding weakness. At the critical moment of life and death, Ah-Dai's mind was very clear. He was using various subtle changes to bring himself more life. While speaking to confuse the Lord, he kept running and generating vitality to help the golden body slowly move upward.

The Lord never thought that A'Dai would have a way to restrain the world's No. 1 evil poisonous holy water. Seeing A'Dai's slightly swaying body, he was also happy to delay to reduce the loss of his men, although he was indifferent to the lives of others. But these killers are after many years of training, after all, he has today, how can he be willing to lose too much? When he thought about it, Dumb had now become something in his bag, it was impossible to escape from his palm no matter what. The Lord is a person who likes to pursue perfection. The appearance of the holy evil greatly increased his sense of crisis. He knew that once the dumb and the holy evil joined forces, he might not be able to break out of his encirclement. Therefore, waiting for the poisonous attack of the dumb is the most important thing. Good way.

"The people have already been brought." Mie Yi's voice sounded from behind the ruins of the small building, and two black silhouettes rose and fell in the direction of the Lord. Duan looked intently, and suddenly his whole body shook, almost unable to control his body. The life of the true qi caused the poison of Wuer Holy Water to reappear. Because it was not someone else who was brought by the one who had been killed, but was the one who had been helping himself to eliminate the killing hand society. Mie Feng wore her own black thief costume, her long hair neatly combed behind her back, and her face was extremely pale. When she and Mie Yi landed next to the Lord ~ head down, Don't dare to see dumb at all.

Dui took a deep breath and barely suppressed his agitated mood. He knew that if he wanted revenge and wanted to kill the Lord, he couldn't be impulsive now and could only wait. However, his hand has tightly held the Pluto sword on his chest. Even if Dumb stayed again, when Miefeng appeared in the camp of the Killing Hand Association, he realized that the poison in his own must be related to Miefeng.

The Lord glanced at Miefeng and said, "Dah, your whereabouts and the indifference holy water in your body are the masterpieces of this girl, how about it? Unexpectedly, are you satisfied with my arrangement?"

Even though he had guessed it, when Ah-Dai heard the Lord's words, his whole body was still shocked. He gritted his teeth and looked at Miefeng. He said coldly, "Why? Why did you harm me? Have you forgotten our agreement? Why are you, why did you count on me when I was about to fulfill my revenge?" Dumb's eyes showed strong hatred, and the hand holding the Pluto sword trembled slightly. With the skill of exterminating the phoenix, it is impossible to resist even the flash of darkness, but can Duan make a move now? Not to mention that the poison in his body has not been eliminated, just because Mie Feng took care of him for three months at the beginning, he could not attack Mie Feng. During the battle between heaven and man, Duan's heart was a little confused. He murmured: "Why? Why are you willing to cheat me one by one?" In a crisis, the clearest figure in his mind is still the beloved Xuanyue.

Chapter 157: Extreme Sky Thunder

Mie Feng slowly raised his head and looked at Ah-Dai sadly. His red eyes were full of tears, and he said miserably, "I'm sorry, it's me. I didn't keep my promise. You kill me."

The Lord showed a wicked smile and said faintly: "Why, you don't want to explain to your sweetheart, why did you harm him like this?"

Mie Feng shouted sternly: "Don't say it, don't say it anymore." She broke free of Mie Yi's hand, and rushed towards Ah-Dai and Sheng Xie, asking for death. But how could the Lord let her succeed? A red light flashed in his eyes, and with a casual move, he sucked Miefeng back abruptly, and a few wisps of gray gas ejected, which fixed Miefeng's body.

Dumb heard what the Lord said just now that Mie Feng’s sweetheart was him, and his body was shocked. Although, he knew in his heart that Mie Feng had feelings for him, but he just didn’t want to admit it. At this time, he was broken by the Lord. I had a weird feeling. I took a deep breath again, and while urging the vitality to lift Jin's body holding the silver ball, he said to the master: "You control Miefeng and count me, right? You really are. Old treacherous slippery! It seems that you have the upper hand."

The Lord laughed and said, "Do you only know now? Unfortunately, it's too late. To tell you the truth, in fact, your biggest flaw was that you didn't kill Mieyi in the first place. I didn't expect that you could already use the Pluto sword technique. Five moves without being backlashed, this was far beyond my expectation, and I had to make me pay attention to you. After Miyi came back, it took a full three months to recover. That day, he had already recognized Mi Feng's identity. I know that your goal is all the strongholds of my killing hand club. Instead of letting you break them individually, it is better to gather and wait for you. So I did not hesitate to expose the location of the headquarters, order all the killers to return, and arrange this trap, etc. You. Miefeng is one of the acquirers of the Thieves’ Guild, and Mieyi discovered it when you left the warehouse. With this clue, I naturally want to use it. For us assassins, it’s just to do everything. The highest level. The thieves’ guild does have a place in the dark forces on the mainland, but it is far worse than my killing hand. I will release all the news to the network, keep an eye on the movements near Sunset City, and lead the way. Hundreds of masters attacked the thieves’ union headquarters. As a result, it is conceivable that the thieves’ union was completely destroyed, and the main characters were all captured by me. I didn’t expect that the thieves’ union would be ruined in the hands of my killer association. I really feel very sad! After all! They used to be my eyes." After a pause, there was a look of pity on the Lord's face, "I asked my subordinates to use the thieves' union method to leave marks at the gates of Sunset City to lead the phoenix to come. You may I don’t know yet. The president of the Thieves Guild is Miefeng’s father. In order to save the lives of his father and her elders, she can only cooperate with me and bring you here last night. In the yard, my subordinates I designed the dialogue a long time ago to get you hooked today. You can really stay there, without any doubt, what is the taste of the holy water of Wuer! Is your body almost unable to hold on? Oh, no, Wuer holy water has no taste and shape. The phoenix killer gives you more than twice the amount that I gave to the "Pluto". Such a precious elixir can be used on you and you can be proud of it. You don’t have to blame her for destroying the phoenix. If you want to blame, blame yourself for being so stupid that you dare to fight against me. Haha, hahahaha."

At this time, Ah Dui finally understood why Mie Feng's expression was so weird when he brought him food before he left the hotel. It seemed that the poison of this indifference holy water came from those food. Seeing the tears flickering in Miefeng’s eyes, Ah Du’s eyes gradually softened. He would no longer blame Miefeng, because everything she did was forced, not what she wanted. Miefeng is more than her own. Much pitiful. Turning his gaze to the Lord, A Duan said swiftly, "You are so mean, you actually used Mie Feng's affection for her elders to threaten her to deal with me."

The Lord snorted coldly, and said, "I'm despicable? Where are you better than me? If you don't lead the way, can you destroy so many strongholds of my killing craftsmanship one after another? Don't you also use him? Besides, you Don’t forget my identity. As a killer, the most important quality is to complete all tasks by all means. And I, the president of the Killing Hand Association, have a deeper experience of this than anyone. I don’t have time to follow You are consuming here, and immediately answer me, either join my dark forces’ camp, or die—" He deliberately made a long tone of death, and a huge murderous aura appeared on all the killers, dumb and holy evil Wandering constantly in the waves of murderous composition. Duan smiled miserably, and said, "Want me to take refuge in the dark forces? Do you think this is possible? Go and die." He opened his mouth sharply, and a blue light spurted out of his mouth like lightning, toward the main door Away. The Lord was taken aback. His attention was always on the Pluto sword in the right hand of Ah-Dai. He didn’t expect that his mouth could also hurt people by spraying objects. Looking at the blue light, he couldn’t help but feel shocked. What secret weapon, fluttered back, pulling Miefeng and hiding ten meters away, his original standing position was replaced by Mieyi. Mie Yi drew out the narrow sword, and the blue silver ball fluttered into the ground and disappeared.

It turned out that after unremitting efforts, Ah-Dai finally lifted the silver ball with the poisonous holy water of Wueru with a gold body, and sprayed out a blue silver ball. Ah-Dai's strength was restored immediately, and his whole body's meridians were smooth, and his spirit was lifted. , Yelled, "Holy evil, let's go." Floating up, his hands turned dozens of lavender strands of vigorous vigor towards Mie. The holy evil roared, and the huge body floated up. Although there was a barrier ten meters above it, making it unable to fly out, but this did not affect its powerful attack power. The wings spread out, and the gray dragon's breath sprayed out with golden stars, almost covering within 30 meters of his side. The assassins within the dragon's breath did not care about the attack. When they could not dodge, they released their own fighting energy to resist the corrosive breath of the holy evil. At this time, Ah'Dai's fighting energy was already destroyed. One in front. Although Mie Yi's skill is quite different from that of A'Dai, she naturally won't wait to die. The narrow sword in his hand turned into a cold star to greet A'Dai. At the moment when Ah Du's fighting spirit thread was about to touch Han Xing, all the purple light and shadow suddenly disappeared. Mie Yi's offensive has been used up, and it can't be recovered at all, so he can only bite the bullet and rush towards Dui. A-Dai snorted coldly, and the murderous aura of his whole body abruptly converged. It was completely concentrated on Mie Yi, and his right fist suddenly swung forward, and a group of highly concentrated lavender fighting energy surging out, A-Dai ignored those who were about to attack him. Han Guang just hit Mie Yi's chest like that.

At a glance, Mie saw that he could no longer withdraw his moves, and gritted his teeth, speeding up the attack of the narrow sword, trying to fight with Ah Dao. But can he really have such an opportunity? The result is of course no. Seeing that the cold light of extinguishing one was about to pierce Dui's body, a layer of lavender solid fighting gas shield appeared in front of Dui's body, forming a solid barrier in front of Dui's body, and a dense tinkling sound rang in front of him. A wave of energy burst out. Even if Mie 17 people joined forces at the beginning, they couldn't break Ah Dui's shield of life and change. At this time, he was alone. How could he succeed when his power was dispersed? However, even though he did not succeed, Ah Dui’s fist of birth and change had already flown to his chest, and the crisis was approaching. Mie Yi had realized that it was not good, and decisively loosened the narrow sword in his hand, and quickly blocked his chest with both palms. All the skills were gathered on both arms, trying to withstand the attack of Dumb. Amid the loud noise, Mie Yi tossed away, and blood spurted out, adding a faint smell of fish in the air. Although Ah Dui failed to kill his life because of the fist that resisted the energy dispersion of the narrow sword, his arms were also shattered, and he was destined to be a useless person.

All of this was done in the light of lightning, and when the other assassins rushed to Dui, Mie Yi's body had been blown out. Duan slammed his hands outwards in a circle, a circle of lavender light blades scattered around him like a lightning, and the killers rushing up around were shocked. Under the huge blade of energy, they The vindictiveness sent out was easily cut off like tofu, and the three killers who could not dodge were cut off.

Duan was also uncomfortable. Most of the aftermath of the fighting spirit emitted by the dozen or so assassins who rushed up hit the shield of life and transformation of his body, shocking him with a surge of blood. Ah Dui did not pursue it. Under the influence of his fighting spirit, he floated back and fell behind Sheng Xie. One person and one dragon were connected. Seven golden IPs shot out from Sheng Xie’s golden horns, and greeted the rest. The assassins came, and after a violent roar in the air, the assassins were suddenly shocked back. Taking advantage of this short opportunity, under the deliberate urging of Ah-Dai, the golden body at the dantian exudes a strong light, and the ninth-level real energy of Shengshengzheng starts to run wildly. Two clusters of lavender energy appeared in Ah'Dai's hands. With the continuous improvement of his skill, a silver light was emitted from the lavender energy, and Ah'Dai felt happy. He knew that his skill was finally approaching his master Tiangang Sword Saint. The realm of it. Because what silver represents is the sixth skill of birth, birth and transformation, he read word by word: "Born-birth-change-of-thunder-electricity-cross-boom- —." The left hand cut out like lightning, the silver-purple energy flew out like flakes, fluttering in the air, and the right hand drew a semicircle on the chest and pushed out slowly, the lavender light suddenly released, releasing a dazzling light , With a thunderous roar, a purple ball of light condensed with the energy of a dumb life turned into a solid state slowly flying away. The previous flake energy did not fly far away. When the light ball appeared, two energies, one light and one thick, violently rubbed in the air. The shining light made people unable to face it, and the lavender energy was in contact with the silver. Under the friction of the purple flakes, it suddenly turned into a faint silver. The purple IP continuously revolved around the pale silver sphere, and it slowly floated forward. After Ah Dai finally cultivated to the highest level of Shengshengjue, he once again increased his lightning strike power. With his current strength, the thunder and lightning strikes he used were not as good as the underworld that the evil power of the Hades Sword gave out. The fourth final Mingying that surpassed the nine finals of Mingzi. Dumb didn't want to use the Netherworld, but in the face of so many powerful enemies, he clearly knew that even the Netherworld might not be able to wipe out all the enemies in this place, in order to prevent his mind from being evil and fierce again. Controlled, he still chose the strongest trick he could currently use. The dangerous aura exuded by the thunder and lightning, even with the strength of the holy evil, could not help but tremble slightly, and the surrounding assassins could not help but be shocked when they saw the vision released by Duan. The coolest killer naturally belongs to the master. Although he doesn't know what Dumb is going to do, but seeing his posture, he also knows that such an attack is so strong that he is not sure to take it. As the president of the Killing Hand Association, One of the masterminds of the dark forces, he is extremely selfish, shouting: "Take it all out, don't give him a chance to use a unique trick." Although he said so, he himself flew away with the miraculous phoenix. Rise and fall towards the rear.

The silver-purple sun thunder in front of A'Dai continuously absorbed the free energy in the air. After the formation of the sun thunder, a huge force field was formed with A'Dai and the holy evil as the center. The holy evil has stopped the breath of dragon's breath. When the assassins attacked, it would use its golden horn to release a powerful IP to block the enemy back. Now it is like a steel fortress. Make it difficult for the killers to leapfrog the pond. However, the assassins gathered here are after all the power of the Killing Hand Society. The attacks of the killers have also brought strong pressure to the holy evil. In the constant attacks of the enemy, the scarlet blood has changed from the silver-grey holy evil. Under the scales, it constantly seeped out, and it was almost unable to hold on, but in order to let Dumb complete the thunder and lightning, it still worked hard to release its own energy.

There were large black clouds floating in the dark sky, and the entire Grand Ducal Mansion was plunged into a depressed atmosphere. The sound of thunder and thunder made the killers agitated, and the attacks they launched became more fierce.

Shivin and the others found that things had changed when Ah-Dai and Sheng Xie rushed out of the Duke’s Mansion. They immediately flew over, but when they flew onto the wall, they found that the entire Duke’s Mansion had been affected by the strong wind. It was enveloped by the barrier, even with their skill, they couldn't break through that powerful barrier for a while. Just when they were extremely anxious, Xiwen discovered the change in the back of the holy evil, he was Tiangang. The head of the sword faction, of course, knew what Kungfu Ah-Dai was using, and suddenly lost his voice: "The sky is thundering. It seems that Ah-Dai's skill has really reached the level of the swordsman, and he can use such a powerful attack."

The rock hesitated and said: "I've seen this trick. Dui used it before when confronting the Holy See Judge Xuanyuan. At that time, even he himself was hit hard. If it weren't for the Pope's healing technique, he would probably be early He died. Teacher, would he use such a strong attack like last time, even himself..."

Xiwen shook his head and said, "No, it shouldn't be possible. The time you said, Adam's life change only cultivated to the second level, but now he has reached the fifth level and above, even close to the sixth level. The power of the thunder and lightning has been fully utilized, and he must have a way to avoid his injury. Even if it doesn't work, we will not have time to save him now."

Zhuo Yun suddenly said in surprise: "Look at that, that layer of defensive barrier has disappeared." Sure enough, as the dark cloud formed, the light blue energy barrier covered by the Duke's Mansion had disappeared.

Buinrouge's position in the Sunset Empire is the same as that of Lardas in the Sky Golden Empire. Although he and the Grand Duke have always been at odds, this time the Grand Duke asked for each other, but he had to take action. After receiving the Grand Duke’s signal, he issued his strongest large-scale defense magic wind **** barrier to cover the entire Grand Duke’s mansion. At the same time, he also found that the person the Grand Duke had to deal with was actually the last time he was there. The dumb who spared his life in the palace, although he had paid him back at that time, Buinrouge still had an inexplicable affection for dumb. He naturally didn't know that the Grand Duke was the president of the Killing Hand Association. When the assassins attacked Dumb after the formation of the barrier, he was surprised to find that these Grand Duke's men were even more powerful than the strongest guards in the palace. For the first time, he clearly saw all the power of the Grand Duke. What surprised him even more was the cultivation base of Ah-Dai. Not only did he summon the legendary dragon, he was also unscathed in the attacks of the powerful subordinates of the Grand Duke, but killed several people in a row. When Duan used thunder and lightning, Biinrok clearly felt the power of the attack, especially when the thunder and lightning caused the sky. Biinrouge understands that if the celestial phenomenon in the sky attacks the Grand Duke’s mansion, it must be himself who suffers first, and his wind god’s barrier cannot withstand the attack from the celestial phenomenon, and under the guidance of Qi, I am afraid that he It's going to be buried here. He had no good feelings for the Grand Duke at first, but at the same time that the dark cloud appeared, he resolutely removed the enchantment, floated up, and returned to the palace from the dark corner to report.

Xiwen also noticed the disappearance of the enchantment. He grabbed the rock force that was about to rush in, and said in a deep voice, "This is not the time we should go in. Once the thunder and lightning strikes, we may not be able to resist it, dumb temporarily. There won't be anything, wait until the thunder and lightning pass, and we will take action when he is in danger." Although the Rock Brothers are anxious, the leader of this trip is Shiven, and they have to wait patiently. Feeling the huge energy fluctuations in the air, they understood that Xi Wen was right, and the power of the thunderstorms of Dumb was not something they could resist.

Dumb has found that the holy evil is about to be unable to hold on, but all his current skills are used to control the thunder and lightning, and he can't help the holy evil at all. What he can do now is to accelerate the speed of the condensing of his skills and make the lightning as soon as possible. Cross-boom with the power it deserves. Yang Lei's suction force became stronger and stronger, Sheng Xie suddenly felt that his pressure had weakened a lot, and a small part of the vindictiveness emitted by the surrounding assassins was sucked away by the energy ball sent by Duan. Those dark vindictive spirits formed a gray circle around the energy ball, and the three-color energy of silver, purple, and gray reflected the face of Dumb strangely. Feeling the change of the dark clouds in the sky, Dumb was delighted, pushed out the ball of light in his hand, and shouted: "Thunder and lightning strike, break—" The three-color energy light ball spins quickly, and the surging suction force is more powerful. Inhaling the energy radiated by the killers, some of the more intelligent killers had realized the evil and quickly retreated, while the rest of the killers were surprised to find that their bodies had gradually moved in the direction of Dumb and Shengxie. The sky suddenly lit up, and an unusually clear white lightning flashed the sky in an instant, and the killers on the ground looked so pale under the light of the electric light.

Suddenly, A Duan's whole body was filled with a sense of excitement. The huge energy in the sky seemed to be completely under his control. The clouds had completely covered the sky. After the lightning passed, thunders rang out, "Klaa." "There was a loud noise, and a dazzling and thick blue and white lightning flashed down, accurately bombarding in the pale silver light ball, huge energy suddenly erupted, and the thunder and lightning successfully attracted the thunder. The energy that the yin and yang twin thunders burst out under the fusion is so huge, the Grand Duke's mansion is completely enveloped by huge energy. When the power of the sky thunder was formed, Ah Du quickly used the teleport function of the wish of Corris. The two teleports moved him and the holy evil two hundred meters away, avoiding the explosion of thunder and lightning. center.

The entire Grand Duke’s mansion lit up, and the white light group suddenly exploded centered on the location where the yin and yang twin thunders merged. It swallowed an area of several thousand square meters in an instant. The killers who still attacked Dumb and Shengxie had no chance to react. It has been swallowed by the energy of the sky thunder. After Ah'Dai's birth change reached the fifth change, the Sky Thunder finally exerted its greatest power. Ah'Dai clearly felt that his previous estimation was wrong, and the intensity of the thunder and lightning was even lower than the darkness of the underworld. Shrouded. That huge energy fluctuation, even if he teleported 200 meters away with the holy evil, it was still difficult to resist. The pressure that the lavender shield of birth and transformation brought him when he resisted the shock wave with Sheng Xie made him squirt blood, and Sheng Xie was also implicated to a certain extent, and his huge body was retreated by the shock wave. Go, leaving a wide gap on the ground, more blood oozes from his body.

The Lord was the first to retreat. Although he also thought of the toughness of this attack, Dui did not expect it to be so tough. The unobservable light in front of him filled his heart with fear. The dark red light and gray gas completely enveloped him and Miefeng's body. Fortunately, he retreated fast, and the shock wave had weakened a lot when it hit him, but even so, he still felt a huge shock. The reason why the master resisted the attack for Miefeng was not because he had good intentions or had any scruples about the thieves’ union. Miefeng could be said to be the last card in his hand. In order to achieve the purpose of killing Dumb, this He must protect the cards. With his old treacherous slips, he can naturally see the delicate relationship between Miefeng and Adai. In order to ensure his safety and achieve his goals, he naturally can't let Miefeng suffer any harm at this time. His previous pride has completely disappeared, his blood-red eyes flashed fiercely, and his anger had reached the extreme.

The sound of billowing thunder continued to ring, and the white light in the Grand Ducal Mansion gradually dimmed. The original picturesque mansion had undergone a huge transformation. The ground within several thousand square meters was sinking more than three meters deep, what rockery, vegetation, and suspension Taiwan, all disappeared under the blow of this devastating sexual energy. A total of more than one hundred killers, only less than forty killers with the highest skill survived, but most of them were still severely injured. The extinction that was previously abolished by dumb's arms became one under the impact of thunder and lightning. Tan mud, finally ended his sinful life. And more dead killers are completely reduced to ashes by huge energy, so the result is beyond anyone's prediction.

Although the sky-thunder exchanges exerted tremendous power, compared with the previous two times, they also extracted more energy from Dumb. Almost 70% of the true energy in his body was completely consumed in this devastating blow. Although Ah Dui became the first person to dissolve the poison of Wuer holy water, after dissolving the poison, his skill itself had already lost a lot. He half-kneeled on the back of the magnanimous dragon of the holy evil, breathing continuously, the giant spirit snake armor on his chest had been stained dark red by the blood he spurted. Although his body is extremely tired, Ah Du’s eyes are filled with excitement that is difficult to tease, and most of the killers have been wiped out in one blow. For him, it is so satisfying, and the light of blood is constantly flashing in his eyes. After that, he finally felt that he had the confidence to wipe out all the killers here.

The fatigue of the holy evil is not under the dumb. In order to allow dumb to have enough time to use the thunder and lightning, it tried its best to resist the attack of the killers, although it is not as expensive as using the dragon curse, but at this time He, who has also lost most of his combat power, stood on the ground, gasping for breath.

The assassins of the rest of their lives gathered around the Lord, and those who survived were the elites of the elite of the Killing Hand Society. The previous thunder and lightning exchanges had completely shocked their minds, and at this time no one dared to attack Dumb. The lord looked at the dumb on the back of the holy evil dragon, and said coldly: "Okay, boy, you are fine. It seems that I really underestimated you. The fifth sword saint appeared on the mainland. I admit , You are very strong, indeed very strong. If you are one-on-one, I am not as good as you. But, how much power can you retain after using the powerful attack just now? What if you are a sword master? In the end, you will die. In my hand. However, I have a question, why can you use such a powerful attack when you are in the holy water of Wueru? Are you not poisoned at all? This is impossible. My arrangement is seamless."

A Duan said coldly: "Yes, I have been poisoned by the holy water of Wudu, but you still missed a little, my master is not only Uncle Owen, I have another teacher. The greatest on the mainland The alchemist Corris. Don’t you remember that Uncle Owen still lived for five years after being hit by the holy water? That’s because I used the method developed by Teacher Corris to temporarily restrain his poisonous attack. I can naturally use the same method on myself. Lord, wait for you to die. Even if I am buried here today, I will pull you up."

The Lord suddenly laughed wildly, "You, just rely on you now? Even if the poison of Wuer Holy Water is suppressed by you, it is due to your own power. I don't believe you use it anymore. After a strong attack, it can still be In your current situation, I am afraid that you will not even have a single blow. I want to know how hard your life is. Want to kill me? You can't do it yet."

Ah Dui’s eyes were full of hatred, "You have been doing evil in the mainland for many years, and the souls who died in the killing hand will also bless me. Do you think I have no strength to fight anymore? Just try it." Although he did not Wuer Holy Water’s poisonous threat, but the Lord’s previous statement is correct, his skill is not much left. The reason for saying this is that he wants to lead the Lord to attack himself, so as to try his best to kill this evil and avenge Owen. . However, the master is the master after all, how could he be easily fooled? In his eyes, there is nothing more important than his own life, and he said bitterly: "Give it to me, whoever kills him, I will be promoted to the vice president of the Killing Manual." The remaining killers can all be said to be killers. The veterans of the trade union and many years of assassin's career have helped them develop the habit of absolutely obeying the Lord's orders, not to mention that there are huge interests that agitate them. Although afraid of Dumb's tyranny, the killers rushed forward.

Dui secretly sighed in his heart. He didn't know how strong the Lord was, but based on Owen's remarks back then, he understood that the Lord was able to stay in the position of the president of the Killing Hand Association for decades, which is definitely not a good match. Yes, with my current situation, it is really difficult to catch these killers all at once. However, at this point, he will never back down, watching the assassins coming up around him shouting: "Xie Xie, let us understand these bastards." His right hand firmly held the hilt of the Hades and flew up. , Pounced on the remaining dozens of killers.

Chapter 158: Bone Dragon Reappearance

Sheng Xie's dim golden eyes lit up again, with a long groan, flapping the huge dragon wings and flying up, the huge dragon claws directly greeted the two Yuan killers, and Adamson's cold voice sounded, " Pluto transforms the blade to cut--stand--determine--" The huge evil aura suddenly emerged, and the blue light blade brought a gorgeous tail flame to the direction where the killer was most concentrated. The assassins under the shroud of Dark Slash discovered in fear that the cold to evil force had a powerful suction power, and could not dodge, so they had to fight hard. In order to survive, they had to gather all their strength and use narrow swords. Layers of sword screens were transformed to meet the blue light blade. It wasn't that Ah Duan didn't want to use Hades, but he knew that once he used the fourth stroke of Hades's sword technique, he might be backlashed by evil power, so he chose Hades. Even Hades brought a devastating blow to the killers. Almost no sound appeared. The souls of the eleven assassins had been swallowed by the evil power of the Hades sword, but their full counterattack was not There was no effect, and the huge shock force caused Ah'Dai to spurt blood again, and the golden body in the dantian had become bleak. The attacks of the holy evil are equally powerful. Although they no longer use their own dragon power and breath, the powerful physical attacks of the dragon still bring a huge threat to the killers. Three more scales are added to the thick scale armor. After the wound, the four assassins had already ended their lives under its sharp claws. While it frantically attacked the assassins, it rushed in the direction of Dumb.

Dumb knelt at the location where the killers had just attacked him. The evil air eroded his body more powerfully than he had imagined. For a while, he couldn't make any more attacks. However, the assassins were already blushing. The deaths of a large number of their companions completely aroused the fierceness in their hearts, and dozens of vindictive spirits enveloped Ah-Dai's body with the threat of death. At this moment, Dui had no other way but to use his mind to control the wish of Corris and release his clone. The exact same black figure appeared behind Dumb, and the pale green vigorous vigor greeted the assassins.

The intensive collision of vigor continued to sound, and under the full attack of the clone, it finally barely resisted the assassins' attack. Dumb struggled to fight the evil spirit, while looking at his clone. I saw that the black figure was a bit blurred under the powerful attack of the killers. Dumb knew that the clone could not last long, and his current physical condition could not be recovered in a short time. With a cold heart, he thought silently, could it be that I am finished like this? Died here when you are about to succeed in revenge? At this moment, Sheng Xie's voice sounded deep in his heart, "Brother, hurry up and summon my little brother, only it can help us. Hurry!" After hearing Sheng Xie's words, Dumb's heart moved. A few years later, he had almost forgotten the bone dragon in the blood of the dragon. In order to get revenge, he can't take much care of it now, and resolutely chanted the spell of the blood of the dragon, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space."

A light blue light and shadow lighted up on Ah Du's chest. Under the stunned gaze of all the killers, a huge gray figure appeared. The figure flew out of the blood of the dragon, expanding continuously, and in an instant, the size was already After surpassing the holy evil, it swelled until it was more than 20 meters long before it stopped. The gray light gradually disappeared, and a huge roar sounded. In the Duke's mansion, the bone dragon finally saw the sky again. That huge body has almost doubled compared to when Ah'ai conquered it. From the head to the tail, all the spine protruded with half a meter long bone spurs. The original white bones had turned dark gray, and the dark green dragon eyes shone. With black flames. The huge wings spread out, almost twice the size of Shengxie. Duan was surprised to find that a layer of flesh was formed on the bone dragon's wings. It was obvious that it could fly now.

The bone dragon has been asleep for several years in the blood of Dah’s dragon. Over the past few years, it has continuously absorbed the evil aura of Dah’s murder and the evil aura of the Hades sword, plus the sacredness of the dragon’s blood itself. Aura, three different types of energy have greatly improved its strength, and the speed of improvement is faster than that of the holy evil. Now it has become the bone dragon king more powerful than the holy evil, and finally freed from the shackles of the blood of the dragon, the bone dragon roared happily. His appearance completely shocked the killers. A silver dragon had already made them a little overwhelmed, and a more powerful gray bone dragon appeared, and the fear in their hearts had risen to the extreme.

The holy evil groaned and stopped attacking the killers. The huge golden eyes fixed on the bone dragon. No one knew the situation of the bone dragon better. It was conveying it to the bone dragon with thoughts. Order to attack. Hearing the sound of the holy evil dragon's roar, the bone dragon's huge body shuddered subconsciously. The previous accumulation of prestige made it have no idea of resisting for the time being. Its bones and wings spread out, and it suddenly attacked the killers who were fighting against the Duan clone. The gray-black dragon's breath with deep purple flames posed a huge threat to the killers. Between the stunned spirits, there were five assassins who did not evade in time. They were enveloped by the dragon's breath. The bone dragon's breath was stronger than that of the holy evil. The five people had almost no resistance and they were turned into ashes in the dragon's breath. . After killing five people, the bone dragon's eyes flashing black flames suddenly became fierce and rushed towards the remaining killers without hesitation. Dui's clone flew to his side to protect him. With the help of the bone dragon, Dui could finally contend with the evil spirit.

The cooperation between the sacred evil and the bone dragon is seamless. Under their joint efforts, the killers suddenly fell into a passive position. One after another sinful life was deprived of these two tyrannical creatures. When the Lord woke up from the surprise when the bone dragon appeared. At that time, his assassins were completely wiped out. The rise of Bone Dragon Slaying, regardless of Sheng Xie's command, suddenly rushed to the Lord. The huge bone tail drew towards the master and exterminating the phoenix like a giant whip. The lord was shocked and retreated like lightning, and his hands turned into a dark red light to strike the bone dragon. After all, the bone dragon's body was too large to escape. In the bang, its huge body was shocked by the master's full force and retreated to the side of the holy evil.

"Stop it." The lord shouted sternly. The death of all his subordinates has completely plunged his heart into a state of madness. At this moment, Dui just lowered the pressure of evil, slowly stood up from the ground, and looked at the Lord. The Lord's right hand strangled Miefeng's throat, "Whoever dares to come up again, I will kill her first. Dumb, do you want her to die?"

The bone dragon was repelled by the master, and suddenly became furious. Just about to rush up again, he was greeted by the light from the golden horn of the holy evil. With a bang, its huge skeleton was shaken back a few steps, and he looked in astonishment. Sheng Xie, although Sheng Xie is extremely exhausted, it knows that if it does not suppress the bone dragon, it may no longer be able to control it. The golden eyes are shining with an angry light, and the strange voice sounded in the air. The seven golden horns after 5 are completely lit up. Bone Dragon subconsciously remembered the scene when he was in the Dark City, and suddenly flinched. With his sluggish mind, how could he understand that the holy evil was just a bluff? Hurrying to the ground, the black flames in the green eyes dimmed a lot, and Chong Shengxie appeared to be begging for mercy. Sheng Xie grunted and landed beside the bone dragon, without even looking at it. The dragon power is constantly running, keeping his weak body from shaking.

Dumb floated before the two dragons, staring at the Lord, and said coldly: "Do you still want to kill me now? It seems that the loser today is you. Just wait and die, I will give you a whole body."

The Lord tightened the hand tightly on Miefeng's throat, and Miefeng's face became paler, but there was no trace of fear in her eyes. She stared at Ah-Dai, revealing a trace of tenderness. The lord rushed to the dumb: "Boy, you should be the one who is waiting to die. If you want her to live, you must immediately put yourself in front of me, otherwise, I will let her die in your face."

"Are you a fool when you are dumb? You can say such a stupid thing." Several figures floated beside dumb, it was Brother Rock, Xi Wen, Liao Wen and Zhuo Yun. They wanted to take action long after the thunderstorm had passed, but the appearance of the bone dragon delayed their actions. At this time, seeing the big event had already happened, Xiwen had also fully seen the strength of Dumb, and this brought everyone to appear. This is Yan Li.

Dumb froze, and said to everyone: "Two uncles, Big Brother Yanli, Big Brother Yanli, Sister Zhuo Yun, why are you all here."

Xiwen smiled and said: "We are here to help you. Not only do we kill the master of the Handicraft Club and wait for you, we have also waited for you in Sunset City for a long time. Dumb, you did not live up to the teacher's expectations!" The displayed strength has completely conquered the heart of the second-generation head of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and has also strengthened his belief in passing on the position of the head.

When the Lord saw the appearance of Shiwen and others, he couldn't help but feel cold, "Tiangang Sword Sect, it turns out that you are also behind me as enemies."

Xiwen's face was covered with a layer of frost, and his body was wrapped in white vitality, and he said in a deep voice, "Lord, you have done a lot of evil and killed my Ninth Junior Brother, how can our Tiangang Sword Sect be good? Yes? Today is your place of burial. Let this girl go. I will give you a fair chance to fight." Owen was the one he grew up with, and he hated the Lord, he was no less than Duan.

The Lord said bitterly: "It's up to you? It's not my opponent yet. You want me to let Miefeng go. Yes. As long as Dumb is in front of me, I will let go."

A Duan stepped forward and said coldly: "Let her go, and people from the Thieves Guild, I can spare your life today and get out of here."

Mie Feng’s beautiful eyes were filled with an unbelievable look. She knew exactly how deep Ah-Dai’s hatred of the Lord was. She never expected that Ah-Dai would be willing to let go in such a good situation to save herself and the thieves’ union. After passing the Lord, two lines of clear tears flowed out, and she clearly felt that her heart was completely filled with the figure of Dumb at this time, and she could not accommodate anyone anymore.

The Lord was overjoyed in his heart. He knew that his judgment was correct and that phoenix extinguishing must be very important to Dui. He sneered: "Do I use you for forgiveness? Do you think you can keep me with you? Nothing about me? It will change, and I will stop it immediately, otherwise I will do it. As for those thieves in the union, I have already killed them. Do you think I will leave me with the kindness of a woman like you? You ruined me The hard work of my life, if I don’t kill you, it’s hard to understand the hatred in my heart."

Hearing that the Lord had killed all the thieves' union members, the tears in Miefeng's eyes filled with despair, and he smiled tragically and gave a firm look at Ah-Dai. Dui's heart trembled. He knew that Mie Feng was telling himself that he would not care about her and immediately killed the Lord. But how could Dumb ignore her? If it weren't for Mie Feng, it would be impossible for him to destroy the killer in such a short period of time. If it were not for Mie Feng, he would have been controlled by evil and fierceness. Moreover, it was precisely because of her own reasons that the entire thieves' union was overthrown in the hands of the Lord. Although Mie Feng had conspired against herself this time, Dui understood that it was her last resort. She had already given herself more than anything else. Mie Feng's expression at this time reminded him of Bing. That was the expression Bing had when he was protecting herself from Catwoman's attack. Bing is already dead, and he must not let Miefeng make the same mistake again. Thinking of this, he stared at the Lord and resolutely said: "My fate is nothing. I have long been unlovable, but I will not believe your words. You must let her go before I can stop myself. "

Miefeng's tears were even more turbulent, and her heart was bleeding! Xiwen flashed to the side of Ah-Dai, grabbed his shoulder, and said, "No, Ah-Dai, the important task of the Tiangang Sword Sect depends on you!"

A Duan smiled sadly and said, "I'm sorry, Uncle, I can't watch her die in front of me! Lord, are you going to let anyone go?"

The lord hehe sneered: "You don't have to act in front of me. I won't be fooled. I said, you must stop yourself before I will let you go. I will not change the decision." He once again grasped the hand on Miefeng's throat. Although it was impossible for him to contend against these people and the two dragons in front of him, with Miefeng in his hand, the Lord once again took the initiative.

Dumb was a little ignorant. Facing a situation that he had never seen before, he didn't know what to do. At this moment, Shivin's voice rang in his ears, "Dumb, we can only try to take risks in this situation. , Even if you commit suicide, I am afraid that the Lord will not let the girl go. Listen to me, later, I will attract his attention first, and then you will find the opportunity to rescue the girl. Success or failure lies in this, you You must go all out." Xiwen didn't know, at this time, Dumb was close to the brink of exhaustion. Because of the excessive energy consumption, even the clone has disappeared.

After listening to Shivin's words, Dumb's spirits refreshed. At this moment, Shiwen started, and the pale yellow vigorous vindictiveness covered his whole body. He yelled in a deep voice: "It's just a demon girl from the Thieves Guild, you want Kill it and kill it. Our Tiangang Sword Sect will not care about her life or death, go and die." After speaking, he rushed to the Lord like lightning. The pale yellow huge energy blade suddenly slashed towards the master and Miefeng. Xiwen could be entrusted with the important task of being the head of the Sword Saint of Tiangang, how could he be insulted, although his skill was not as good as the level of Sword Saint, but he was not far behind. The huge energy blade brought life threat to the Lord.

The Lord's heart shuddered, seeing the firm cold light in Xiwen's eyes, he knew that Xiwen was serious. In order to be able to save his life, he had to pull Mie Feng aside, and the dark red vindictive spirit surging out, condensed into a ball to welcome Xi Wen. Xiwen did not show any expression on his face, resolutely waved the energy blade in his hand to cut it away. The pale yellow blade collided with the master's fighting spirit group, making a sharp rubbing sound. The moment the fighting spirit broke out, the master and Xiwen were simultaneously shaken back. Xiwen knew that the Lord could still tie himself without preparation, indicating that his skill is even higher than himself.

The Lord’s upper body staggered a few steps, constantly dissolving the impact of Shengshengzhen Qi on his meridians, and suddenly grasped Miefeng’s hand a little looser. At this moment, Ah-Dai started. He started the wish of Corris for the last time today. Teleport, before anyone noticed, he had come to the back of the Lord. He knew that if he directly attacked the Lord at this time, he would have a high chance to kill the Lord. However, the Lord’s backlash before his death It is also very possible to kill Miefeng. Suppressing the tempting idea of killing the master, the lavender energy blade suddenly cut out and went straight to the master to grab Miefeng's right arm.

All of the Lord's mind was on Shivin. When he discovered the attack from his back, Dumb's indestructible blade of life and change had already touched his skin. The blood burst out, and the master screamed. His right arm was cut off by Duan abruptly. Dui grabbed the phoenix who was about to fall, and instantly released her restraint, and at the same time, his right palm attacked the master again. go with.

The intense pain completely aroused the fierceness of the Lord, he rushed towards Dumb without evasive, and his whole body suddenly changed in the air. The clothes on his body were swollen and cracked by the muscles that he suddenly struck, and the black skin full of scales was exposed. In the air, a pair of black wings appeared behind him, with a sharp horn on his head. The most peculiar thing was that his broken arm grew out of a bright red fleshy arm, and the dark red energy suddenly hit Dumb. Come. Dui's attack just now had done his best. Facing the attack from the Lord, he could only condense all the remaining vindictive energy in his palm. At the same time, Mie Feng's body that had just resumed action suddenly turned strangely, wrapped his arms around Ah-Dai's neck, and blocked him with his back.

"Boom—" The bodies of Duan and Miefeng fluttered away, and blood spurted wildly at the same time. The master's full blow was indeed crazy, and Duan's skill was simply not enough to dissolve all his attack power. The aftermath bombarded Miefeng's back, and both of them were hit hard at the same time.

The lord just wanted to chase him, and Shivin’s attack had already arrived. Although he was surprised by the changes on the lord, he still reacted after a shot from the lord, and the blade of change came again.

Rock and others also pounced at this time, attacking the master with all their strength. After the Lord’s transformation, his skill greatly improved, but because he was cut off by dumb, the new arm that grew out of it could not be used, he was immediately forced to retreat by Shivin and others. Can deal with the Lord, fearing that the bone dragon will be fierce again, did not dare to let it attack, he flew to the comatose Duan and Miefeng, whispering softly.

The Lord knew that he would not be able to deal with everyone anymore today, and he secretly regretted it, thinking that if he hadn't been too afraid of death, and had cooperated with his subordinates to attack Dui with all his strength, I am afraid that he would not be so passive now. With a sharp whistle, the dark red light burst out suddenly, shaking Shiven and the others back, flapping their wings behind them, and flying up, "Humble humans, you wait, when the Lord Underworld comes to the world, it is your death date. "His left hand was constantly flicking in the air, and a dark purple six-pointed star appeared in front of him. With a flash of light, his body disappeared out of thin air, leaving only a cloud of dark purple smoke. At the same time as he disappeared, a gray-black light with purple flames shot out, but it only swept his shadow. This gray-black light was issued by the Bone Dragon under the orders of the holy evil. .

The holy evil screamed suddenly, and the sharp whistle rushed straight into the sky, and the seven golden horns behind them were completely lit up, and the seven looming rays of light appeared at the corners, and the incomparable huge dragon instantly filled the entire seat. Ducal Palace. Sheng Xie murmured and sang something, everything was very similar to the dragon curse he had sent in Dark City. The reason why Sheng Xie did this was not to chase back the Lord, it was to frighten the bone dragon. When the Lord disappeared, Shengxie naturally knew that he could not catch it, and immediately ordered the bone dragon to return to the blood of the dragon on Ah Du's chest. However, the bone dragon was suffocated in it for several years, and even though he was frightened by the power of the holy evil, he refused to agree. Under the unavoidable circumstances, Sheng Xie could barely use the dragon curse.

The holy evil is the first golden-eyed holy evil dragon. The huge potential contained in its body is incomparable even by the real dragon king. Although the bone dragon is strong enough to surpass its realm, in the face of this huge dragon, it The little bit of resistance in my heart is still gradually weakening, groaning a few times, crawling on the ground, groaning constantly. The holy evil screamed again, the bone dragon had no choice but to return to the blood of the dragon of dumb. At the same time it disappeared, Sheng Xie's majestic body softened and suddenly collapsed to the ground. The previous energy wasted is too much for it. The whole body huddled together, condensed into a faint blue light, followed the bone dragon and returned the blood of the dragon.

Even the Rock Brothers didn't know that the Holy Evil and the Bone Dragon were not summoned beasts in the true sense. The crowd was not surprised to see the disappearance of the two giant dragons. After all, as their master, Dui had passed out. Without mind control, they naturally want to return to their own world.

Xiwen had no time to regret the Lord's escape, and fluttered to Dumb's side, picked up his body, and quickly injected Shengshengzhen Qi into him. Even with the characteristics of the circulation of zhenqi, dumb's consumption has fallen into a desperate situation, and the dantian is empty, and Xiwen can't even feel the existence of zhenqi. Fortunately, there is still life in Dumb's body. Liao Wen healed the phoenix. Mie Feng's injury was extremely serious, her skill was not at the same level as her master. Although she was only shaken by the aftermath, the violent shock had shifted her internal organs, and blood was constantly flowing from the corners of her mouth.

Liao Wenchong Xiwen said: "Brother, this girl is hurt too badly, I'm afraid..."

Xiwen frowned and said, "You should stabilize her injury first. Let's leave here as soon as possible. The Duke's Mansion has such a big movement, I am afraid that people from the Sunset Empire will soon be attracted."

Liao Wen nodded, shielded Mie Feng's internal organs with his true energy, carried Mie Feng on his back, and nodded to Xi Wen. Xiwen used the same method to carry Dumb. Surrounded by Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun, he quickly left the Grand Duke's Mansion. To ensure safety, they took advantage of the night and headed out of the city like sunset.

The defense of Sunset City is not strict. For top players like Xi Wen and Liao Wen, the tall and generous walls are nothing at all. When the dark clouds covered the moonlight, Xiwen and others took advantage of the dim night to steal out of the city gate and marched fast towards the east. After running for about twenty miles, Liao Wen suddenly said: "Brother, I am afraid this girl will not work, let's stop and rest for a while." In the process of moving forward, although Liao Wen's life is really good , But Miefeng's breath is still getting weaker and weaker, the internal organs have been bleeding due to the displacement of the five internal organs, and her life is about to end.

Xi Wen was shocked when he heard Liao Wen's words. Judging from the previous situation where Dumb was willing to change his life, he knew that his nephew and the girl from the thieves union must have a very unusual relationship. Now Dui is in a coma. If the thief girl is dead, there is really no way to explain it to him! Xi Wen secretly made up his mind and decided to save the girl's life by saying anything, at least until Dui wakes up. "Okay, let's take a rest, go and go into the woods next to it." After finishing speaking, he first fell into the dense forest on the north side of the road.

Soon after Xiwen and others left Sunset City, Emperor Quanyi personally led an army to siege the Grand Ducal Mansion. The Grand Duke is his most trusted courtier. He presented countless beauties and things he wanted. Almost whatever he thought of, the Grand Duke would do it one step ahead. Otherwise, how could Quan Yi let the Grand Duke reach this person? , What about the status above 10,000 people? Today he listened to Biinrouge’s report and heard a violent explosion from the direction of the Grand Duke’s mansion. Over the years, his favor with Biinrouge has become less and less, and he has completely favored the Grand Duke’s side. Therefore, he compared Because Rouge didn’t fully believe what he said, in order to keep the Grand Duke who provided him with pleasure, he personally led five thousand guards to come. However, when he came to the Grand Duke’s residence, he was surprised to find that it was already here. It became a ruin, and there was not even a single person in the courtyard except for the scattered flesh and blood.

"National Teacher, what's going on? Didn't you say that there are many masters under the Grand Duke? Why didn't you see one? Where are the soldiers responsible for guarding?" Quan Yi shouted angrily.

Biinrouge frowned and said, "Your Majesty, although the masters of the Grand Duke are like clouds, the people they are going to deal with are even more powerful. As for the soldiers who were originally responsible for guarding, they have been transferred away by the Grand Duke. "In order to keep the secret of the Killing Hand Association, the Lord would naturally not allow ordinary soldiers to see that they were leading people to besiege Ah-Dai. Moreover, ordinary soldiers have no effect at all for a master like Ah-Dai, they are just meat shields. .

Quan Yi glanced at Biinrouge coldly, and said bitterly: "Search for me. Be sure to find the Grand Duke. You must see people in life and the corpse in death. At the same time, the entire city is ordered to be martial law immediately. Let go of anyone who can wait. Who is that **** who dared to provoke me by going down to the city openly, I will never give up easily."

Biinrouge looked at Quan Yi's various actions coldly and sighed in his heart. He knew that this young master was no longer under his control, and his heart had been completely corroded. Under his leadership, the sunset empire may only be destroyed. It seems that I have to think of another way, the dark country of Sunset Empire is really not suitable for me!

Liao Wen and the Rock brothers formed a triangle to surround A-Dai in the center. The three of them pressed six palms on A-Dai’s big cave at the same time, pouring their pure vindictive energy into A-Dai’s dantian. Zhuo Yun on the side continued to curse, relying on the elves. The spell full of vitality continued to heal the injuries in Duan's body. Xi Wen, on the other hand, was trying his best to cure the phoenix not far away. If talking about the application of Shengshengzhenqi, Xi Wen has been soaking in the Yin for seventy the death of Tiangang Sword Saint, it can be said that no one can compare. So thorough. The white light completely covered him and Miefeng’s body. With the energy of the golden body in the dantian, Xi Wenbing divided into two ways. One zhenqi shielded Miefeng’s five internal organs, while the other zhenqi divided into two parts. Several filaments dredge her blocked meridians.

As far as the injury is concerned, Duan is much lighter than Miefeng. A large part of the reason why he fainted was because of the exhaustion of his gong power and the collapse of the circulation caused by the lack of time for the birth of true qi. With the full efforts of Liao Wen and the Rock Brothers, the golden body in the Dantian Dantian once again showed a faint brilliance. After all, his cultivation has reached the highest realm of zhenqi. After external stimulation, it gradually circulates. Feeling the continual recovery of Dumb's skill, Liao Wen breathed a sigh of relief, slowly closing his skill and opening his eyes. A Duan's face had already become ruddy. As the energy in his body continued to recover, he finally woke up, his consciousness regained the movement of the golden body, and the vitality in his body immediately accelerated.

The Rock Brothers also withdrew their own vindictive anger, and Dumb's recovery made them calm down from anxiety. Liao Wen walked to Xi Wen and Mie Feng. I saw Siven frowning, and big drops of sweat continued to flow down from his forehead, obviously struggling to support it. Liao Wen walked behind Xi Wen and took a deep breath. The white light of the same origin merged into Xi Wen's body. He was using his power to help Xi Wen heal the phoenix. Rock knew that his skill was much different from the two teachers, and even if he went up, he couldn't help much, so he and Yan Li were responsible for protecting the two teachers and Dumb.

Chapter 159: Rebirth

Time passed by one minute and one second, and an hour later, Ah-Dai finally recovered the three-strength power, slowly waking up from the concentration. The tremors in the meridians in his body were basically healed under the action of Zhuo Yun's wizard magic. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Zhuo Yun whose whole body was wrapped in green light, smiled slightly and said, "Sister, it's okay."

Seeing Ah-Dah wake up, Zhuo Yun was overjoyed, flapped his wings and flew to Ah-Dah's side, and asked with concern: "How's it going? Is your body more comfortable?"

Duan nodded and said, "I'm fine, sister, how about the Lord? Did you kill him?"

Zhuo Yun shook his head sadly, and said: "The master is tyrannical and completely unexpected. Moreover, he is a race I have never seen before. The black wings look weird!"

As soon as he heard that the lord was not dead, Ah'Dai's heart sank. He knew that this time he was escaped by the lord, and it would be difficult to find him in the future. He sighed and said, "Forget it, as long as the dark forces don’t Give up the erosion of the mainland, we will meet one day, and his sinful soul will end in my hands sooner or later. Where is the extinction of the phoenix? Ah! I remember she was in front of me before I fainted, what is she doing now How?" Thinking of Miefeng's bleak eyes, Duan's heart trembled violently. Although he didn't accept Miefeng's feelings, he definitely didn't want Miefeng to be as fragrant as the ice before.

Zhuo Yun looked aside, "The two teachers, Xi Wen and Liao Wen, are healing her. The situation is very bad. Mie Feng's injury is very serious. I have tried to treat her with wizard magic, but she has practiced her own kung fu. It’s dark attribute. My elven magic doesn’t work at all. Now I only rely on two teachers. Their vitality can completely suppress the dark energy in Miefeng’s body, and then help her heal. I hope God can bless her. come on."

A Duan's heart tightened, and he floated up and landed beside Mie Feng. Both Xi Wen and Liao Wen closed their eyes and looked solemn. It was obvious that Mie Feng's situation was not optimistic. Just as Dumb wanted to help the two uncles, Xi Wen and Liao Wen collected their powers at the same time, a faint white light returned to their bodies, and both opened their eyes at the same time. Mie Feng screamed, and opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of purple-black bruises. Dumb was taken aback, and hurriedly hugged her delicate body, using his power to inquire about her body.

Xiwen sighed and said: "I'm sorry, dumb, we have done our best. This girl's injury is too serious, especially the main meridians connecting the heart veins are intermittent, although we have stabilized it for him. After living, the five internal organs have been restored, but those meridians are too fragile, we dare not do it. Otherwise, she may not be able to wake up at all. Even now, she may die at any time, what can you say? Just tell her. This kid is really stupid. At that time, even if she didn't stand in front of you, it would be fine with the giant snake armor on your body and your own protection. I think this girl may be a success Seek death."

After listening to Xiwen's words, Ah-Dai couldn't help but feel shocked. His own true qi had already inquired about the result as Xiwen said, that Feng Feng had indeed reached the brink of death. Sadness rushed straight into his brain like an electric current, and his whole body trembled violently, tears streaming down uncontrollably. A drop of crystal teardrops fell on Miefeng's cheeks, her fair skin seemed to be inlaid with a crystal, and the crystal slowly flowed and slipped into Miefeng's mouth. The corners of Mie Feng's mouth trembled, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, her **** eyes slowly opened, and there was a layer of gray in the depths of her eyes, and her eyes stared blankly at Ah-Dai. Another drop of crystal fell on her face, and Mie Feng's eyes raised a faint expression, and said weakly: "Dumb, you are crying, why are you crying?"

Ah Duan hugged Miefeng's delicate body, his lips trembled slightly, and said, "Why? Why are you so stupid that you want to stand in front of me? Are you really seeking death by yourself? Why do you want to?"

Mie Feng reluctantly lifted his right hand, wiped away the tears from Dui’s face, and said softly: "Don’t cry, Dui, don’t cry, okay? I don’t want to see you sad. Actually, I wanted to die a long time ago. When I promised that the president of the Killing Hand Association would poison you, I already wanted to die, for my own family affairs, poisoning you, you must hate me. In fact, when you eat the holy water of Wu Er and leave After that, I thought we could only meet in the underworld. I’m sorry for you. I think if we can meet again in the underworld, then I will definitely compensate you with my whole heart. So, after you left, I chose to commit suicide. , I want to go down and wait for you first. However, Mie Yi stopped me and brought me to the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association to stimulate you. Lord, that beast, he has killed everyone in our Thieves Guild, you haven’t killed yet. Kill him. Promise me that after I die, I will kill him to avenge our entire thieves’ union."

Duan hugged Miefeng tightly, choked and said, "Miefeng, I, in fact, I never blamed you, even if you really wanted to harm me, I wouldn't blame you. Back then, if there weren't in Tai Ang City You, I’m afraid I’m already dead. Your kindness to me is far greater than your grievances. What's more, you did it for your family. I have an unshirkable responsibility for the destruction of the thieves’ union. You must not die! We are going to kill the Lord together and avenge Uncle Owen and your thieves' union. Promise me not to die!"

Mie Feng smiled slightly and said, "You are so stupid. I can't control the death of you. With my current physical condition, I am afraid I will see my father and them soon. In fact, death should be my best destination. , Because of me, hundreds of lives in the thieves’ guild disappeared. Because of me, there was no way for you to get revenge. I am sorry for the thieves’ guild, and I am sorry for you. Now, I can only repay you with death. Dumb , You have to live strong, even if Dad and them are dead, I don’t blame you. After all, our thieves’ union has done too many bad things. This should be God’s punishment for us, but I didn’t expect, We will be destroyed in the hands of the Killing Hand Association."

"Don't say it, don't say it, how can you be blamed for this? Everything is my fault. It was my hatred that led to such a consequence. Killing the phoenix, I will never let you be like ice Die." At this moment, Ah-Dai couldn't help but think of Xuanyue. If she were there, her magical cultivation base would definitely be able to save Mie Feng's life. Suddenly, Ah Dui's heart moved, and he stretched out his hand to grab the blood of the dragon on his chest. After this period of repair, the blood of the dragon had regained some brilliance. Although Miefeng’s injuries cannot be treated with fighting energy, the shattered meridians can be recovered by light magic! Without Xuanyue, his own dragon blood can also be transformed into light magic applications, but he is still not sure how much effect his own dragon blood can produce now.

Mie Feng was startled when she saw that Ah-Dai had taken out the blue gem she had seen before. As a high-level thief, of course she knew it was a treasure, and asked doubtfully: "You gem It seems to be precious, and you seem to take it seriously, is it a gift from your girlfriend named Xuanyue." When I remembered that Ah Dui loved another woman deeply, Miefeng felt a pain in his heart and coughed up a mouthful. With blood, the pale pretty face showed a hint of blue, and the beautiful eyes became even more bleak.

Duan kept stimulating the vitality and finally stabilized Miefeng’s injury again. He shook his head and said, “No, it’s not. This is a gift from the Prophet Purin of the Puyan tribe. It’s true to me. It is very important, even more than the sword of the Pluto. Kill the phoenix, give me a chance, let me try to treat you again, maybe you can get better?"

Mie Feng said sadly: "Okay..., okay...get up...and said...said...sentence... ,...Now...I use...the body is...suitable...but...,'t...wasted...strength... .... We use the agreement is to be...abolished,’s "Speaking of this, she panted violently, and the injuries in her body suddenly intensified. Dui clearly felt that a meridian in her body had reached the edge of fracture.

When he was about to face the pain of life and death again, there was a flash of inspiration in Ah Du's mind. In order to save Miefeng’s life, he no longer hesitated, recalling the curse Xuan Yue had taught him, and chanted in a low voice: "With the blood of the dragon To attract, the eternal divine light of the heavens! I ask you to grant me the power of healing and save the life before me."

In order to stabilize Miefeng's injury, Ah Dui quickly chanted the fourth-level light system restoration magic-Light Healing. Although the energy of the dragon’s blood is far from returning to its normal state, it is more than enough to use this intermediate magic. The blue light suddenly shines, and a looming blue dragon floats from the surface of the dragon’s blood, in dumb. Under the control of the mind, the blue light turned into white in mid-air and shot at Miefeng's heart. In order to prevent the dark energy in Miefeng's body from resisting this healing light with a sacred aura, Ah-Dai completely enveloped the dark qi of Miefeng with Shengshengzhen Qi. At this time, Miefeng had become an ordinary person.

Mie Feng was surprised to find that the warmth from her chest made her feel a lot more comfortable. The previous feeling of dying suddenly disappeared, and the severe pain in her chest eased a lot. She was surprised at the special ability of the dragon's blood, she had forgotten. I have lost my heart for death.

Although Light Healing is only an intermediate recovery magic, it is suitable for Feng Feng at this time. After the accurate control of Duan's mind, the restoring power of the light element connects the meridians that are about to be completely broken in her body. The connection was still fragile, but it was much stronger than before, at least temporarily saving Miefeng's life. Seeing the effect of the light therapy, Duan was overjoyed. The sadness was wiped out. He turned to Xiwen and Liao Wen and said, "Two uncles, help me. I have a way to heal her injury."

Xi Wen and Liao Wen floated behind Ah-Dai without any hesitation. Although they had consumed a lot of their skills just now, they did not hesitate to input Shengsheng Zhenqi into Ah-Dai's body. Ah Dui did not directly use fighting qi to cure the phoenix. After he used up the mana of the light therapy, he stunned the phoenix with a light and fluttering palm, pulled her delicate body, and made her turn her back to herself. Zhen Qi controlled her not to fall. The reason why Miefeng fell into a state of fainting was because Ah-Dai understood that Miefeng was now desperately seeking death. If she suddenly resisted while treating her with all her strength, everything would be done away with, and it would be better to let her faint now.

Dui took a deep breath, and continued to absorb the pure and pure energy input by Xiwen and Liao Wen. The golden body in his body suddenly lit up, a faint purple light appeared on the palms of his hands, and Dui's right hand turned a half arc in front of him. , Lightly printed on Miefeng’s back. With the support of the two teachers, Shengsheng Zhenqi played a huge role. The solid fighting Qi turned into silk threads and rushed into Miefeng’s body, completely enveloping her fragile meridians. , So that they will not be damaged. When Ah-Dai did all this, five purple rays of light appeared in his left hand, and he suddenly pointed to the five large acupoints on the heart of Miefeng’s back. He wanted to force these meridians to open, and then Consolidating its tenacity. Under the effect of the invincible energy of life, birth and transformation, the five meridians at Miefeng's heart channel were completely washed away, and she couldn't help spitting out blood in the coma. Dui's heart was extremely tense at this time. Although the meridians successfully rushed away, the five meridians could no longer hold on and broke almost at the same time. Now, the connection of the five meridians is maintained entirely by Dui's life-changing fighting qi thread. Once Dui withdraws, Miefeng will surely die. If it were not for light therapy to strengthen the toughness of the meridians, at this time, the five meridians would not only be broken, they would be completely shattered. While maintaining Miefeng's life, A Duan also printed his left hand on her back, maintaining the status quo. At the same time, he constantly extracted the vital energy of Xi Wen and Liao Wen, and used these pure vital energy to enhance the energy of his golden body. When Ah-Dai felt that the energy in the golden body was enough, he resolutely controlled his golden body to swim up with his mind, and quickly floated to the position of his left hand. In order to save the phoenix, he did not hesitate to use the golden body he had worked so hard to cultivate. The body is directly input into Miefeng's body. At the same time the golden body entered Miefeng's body, Ah-Dai had already transferred his mind from his own brain to the golden body. The situation of expelling evil and ferociousness had reappeared, but now Ah-Dai was in Miefeng's body.

Dui found that the meridians in Miefeng's body couldn't be compared with his own. It was simply too fragile. This should be the difference between superior skill. He didn't have time to hesitate more. With a trace of his dantian connection, he quickly drifted to the position of the Phoenix Extinguishing Heart Meridian. The five broken meridians were barely maintained in the purple energy package. The golden body of Dui frowned and chose one of the most broken meridians and slid in. With his careful repair, the broken parts in the meridians gradually healed. Dui was overjoyed. He knew that his method was correct. The repairing ability possessed by the golden body is far greater than that of generating true qi. Using the same method, he repaired the other meridians one by one. When he repaired the last meridian, Ah-Dai suddenly felt that the energy transmitted by the fighting spirit thread connected to Jin's body suddenly weakened a lot. However, at this time, he must not stop, otherwise he would give up all his previous work and risk Jin. With the danger of sleeping in Miefeng's body, he quickly repaired the last meridian. Finally, all five damaged important meridians returned to normal under the action of the golden body. At this time, Jin’s connection was very weak, and Ah-Dai quickly evacuated in anxiety. The moment he returned to his body, the connection between his back was finally broken, but at this time the crisis had passed, and Ah-Dai quickly controlled Jin. The body returned to his dantian. After adjusting the aura in his body, Ah Dai opened his eyes. At this time, both Xi Wen and Liao Wen had fallen on the ground due to the exhaustion of their true energy, and their sweat had soaked through their clothes.

Mie Feng's body has recovered most of the time under A Duan's full repair. Although he is still asleep, his life is no longer in danger. There was a refreshing feeling in Ah Dui's heart. At this time, the vitality in his body was still about 20% of the best condition. "Big Brother Rock." Dumb whispered.

Rock hurriedly leaned to the side of Ah-Dai and said, "How are you? The two teachers seem to have lost their strength."

Dumb said: "Big brother, I have basically cured Miefeng’s body, don’t move her, let her recover slowly by herself. Now I have to trouble you to protect the law, I will immediately restore my skills with the two teachers. When our skills recover, we will leave here."

The rock nodded and said, "Don't worry, as long as we don't die, we will never let anyone hurt you."

Dumb smiled slightly, his smile full of trust in the rock. He flicked his hands and sucked one of the arms of Xiwen and Liao Wen. At the same time, he controlled the two people who had fallen into a semi-comatose state to raise the other arm with a grudge. The three of them connected six arms to form a horn. Under the action of the remaining energy, Shengsheng Zhenqi slowly flowed out of his right arm, entered into Xiwen's body, and then entered into Liao Wen's body after running a circle in Xiwen's body, and finally returned to his body. Amidst the three of them, the golden bodies of Xi Wen and Liao Wen's dantian gradually radiated faint brilliance, and a circle of white gas enveloped the bodies of the three of them. Duan is the leader of the three. Since the three of them have the same skill, there is no problem of rejection at all. Shengshengzhen Qi constantly flows in the three of them, and the golden liquid gradually surging like the Yangtze River. Dumb was surprised to find that although Xi Wen and Liao Wen's skills had recovered a bit and their consciousness had been awake, the zhenqi in the three of them was completely controlled by themselves, and the powerful energy was completely beyond his scope of cognition. . With the gradual increase in true energy, the golden body at the dantian has recovered to its best condition. The second golden body energy in the chest flows into the golden body at the dantian at three times the usual speed. This energy is It will not circulate into Xi Wen and Liao Wen as the other vital energy is running. In the process of constant reshaping, the golden body of Dantian finally reached six inches high, and the golden body on the chest also shrank to less than two inches.

I don’t know how long it took. The skills of Ah-Dai and his two uncles have completely recovered, and the turbulent liquid life is surging. Ah-Dai knows that if you continue to practice, you may become too intensive in energy due to eagerness for quick success. Xi Wen and Liao Wen's body still couldn't accept such a powerful life of Zhen Qi, and there was a possibility of getting into a demon. As the leader, he gradually slowed down the speed of Zhen Qi movement. Finally, when he completely recovered his true qi, he suddenly cut off the connection between the three of them, and the three of them spread their arms at the same time, making a starting position for cultivation and rebirth, and all of their true qi was contained in the Dantian. .

During the continuous cultivation process of the three dumbs, the surprise of the Rock Brothers can no longer be described in words. At the beginning, the three of them were just wrapped in white vitality, but over time, when the three of them cultivated to six When I was young, the strong white fighting energy gradually turned into liquid and re-integrated into their bodies. After the three dui had practiced for a day and a night, when they regained their power, they all emitted a faint golden light, especially The golden light of Dumb was the strongest, as if a **** descended from the earth.

Dumb exhaled the turbid breath in his chest, and slowly opened his eyes. The new feeling refreshed him. He clearly felt that he was now strong, and his golden body had grown to six inches tall. He knew that his skill was already More than the previous one. The surging energy made him can't help but scream, and the sound rolled up, straight into the sky.

Xi Wen and Liao Wen have sobered up from the practice. Although they are not the leaders of this practice, they have also benefited a lot. The always calm Xi Wen suddenly jumped from the ground and shouted in surprise: "I did it. , I finally did it, great, this is simply great." He was jumping and jumping like a child. Liao Wen on the side looked at his senior with a smile, the joy in his eyes could not be hidden.

Both Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun looked at Xi Wen in surprise, and asked in unison: "Teacher, what have you done?"

Sivin suddenly floated in front of Dumb, grabbed his shoulders excitedly, lifted him from the ground, and tremblingly said: "Dumb, thank you, thank you, I finally did it, my life and life finally broke through. The bottleneck of the eighth level is reached, and the ninth level is reached. You know, this is my dream for decades! I didn’t expect it to be realized today."

Dumb looked at Shivin's excitement and smiled and said, "Master, congratulations. You don't need to thank me. This is the result of your decades of hard work!"

Liao Wen floated in front of Ah-Dai and said, "A-Dai, I didn’t expect to practice with your kid to have such good results. My skill has also improved a lot. Although I have not reached the ninth level, it is not far off. You Look." With a wave of his hand, the light-yellow transformation energy floated out and turned into a light belt surrounding his body. Because of the advancement of his skill, his transformation has entered the second level. Dumb looked at the two uncles who were delighted, scratched his head, and said, "I don't know why this is the case. This may be the result of our true qi from the same source."

After a while of excitement, Shiven had calmed down. He shook his head and said, "No, our brothers often practice together on weekdays, but there is absolutely no such effect. Maybe, trying again will not work. It seems. , This is a coincidence of heaven, to complete my Tiangang Sword Sect! Dumb, has your skill improved."

Duan nodded, he didn't know how strong he was now, and with a wave of his right hand, he transformed a solid energy belt like Liao Wen. When the energy zone appeared, Dui, Xiwen, and Liao Wen were all stunned, because the energy belt that Dui transformed into was actually silver, which symbolized that his life and transformation had entered the sixth level. It was the realm when the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint passed away! Dumb looked at the silver energy in his hand excitedly, feeling the huge energy fluctuation, and a strange feeling appeared in his heart.

In fact, the reason why the three of A'Dai can make a major breakthrough in joint practice is most grateful to Mie Feng. In order to help Mie Feng heal, Xi Wen and Liao Wen selflessly input all their power into A'Dai for his use. Dui controlled the golden body to enter Miefeng's body to heal her injuries. It can be said that the three of them used their full strength. In the process of healing, the three kinds of zhenqi of the same origin produced a fusion effect. After Ah Dui took his power back into his body, this state of integration did not change. When he started to heal with the two uncles, Xi Wen and Liao Wen's power was exhausted, and there was no possibility of any obstruction or thoughts. The impact enabled Ah Dui to control the fusion of the golden body to send out a message to completely connect the golden bodies in the three bodies, and jointly promote the improvement of cultivation. As Xiwen said, everything is a coincidence. When the three of them finish their cultivation, the connection between the three golden bodies is also broken. The same situation will never happen again.

Xi Wen patted Dumb's shoulder with relief, and said: "Good boy, you finally did not disappoint your master and reached his original state. Our Tiangang Sword Sect is really a successor. By the way, after we were unconscious, you will Has Miss Miefeng cured?"

Dui glanced at Miefeng who was still sleeping not far away, nodded happily, and said, "The meridians in her body have been successfully connected by me. Apart from being weaker, there should be no major problems. Two teachers. Uncle, thank you. Without your selfless support, I wouldn't be able to save Mie Feng's life."

Liao Wen smiled and said: "It's all my family, there is nothing to be grateful for. This place is very close to Sunset City. Let's leave as soon as possible. Find a quieter place for Miss Miefeng to recover."

"Okay, let's go now." Ah-Dai picked up Mie Feng's body, and a group of seven people galloped northward. The increase in gong power gave Ah-Dai a brand new feeling. It seemed that as long as he thought of things, his body could complete it. A little bit of gong power would produce great results.

After half a day of rushing, the seven came to Lamu City in the northwestern part of Rihan Province. Because Miefeng’s injuries had not yet healed, they found a clean hotel to settle down. On the way, Dumb explained how he reached an agreement with Miefeng this time, and how to overthrow the process of killing the manual. Affected by the crises and skill improvement he faced in the past two days, his frozen heart opened up a little. After all, whether it is Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun, or Xi Wen Liao Wen, they can all be said to be his closest people. Rock originally wanted to tell Ah-Dai about Xuanyue, but was stopped by Xi Wen. Now Miefeng has not recovered, and the relationship between her and Dui is very delicate. In order not to hurt Dui again, Xi Wen chose to wait and wait for a good time.

In the hotel room, A Duan urged his vigorous vitality to continuously strengthen the meridians of Miefeng. Since he found Miefeng’s own fragility when healed the phoenix that day, he decided that after his power was restored, he must completely remove The meridians throughout her body changed. Under the dual effects of the birth of zhenqi and the golden body of A'Dai, it took three full days. Miefeng's body has completely changed. Although the strength of the meridians is not as strong as that of A'Dai, it has also been greatly improved. The promotion. The most important thing in cultivating dark vindictive energy is to protect one's meridians from being corroded by dark energy. After dumb's repair and consolidation, her cultivation will become easier in the future. It will not take too long to become a member of the dark world. A generation master.

After consolidating Miefeng’s meridians, Dui withdrew the energy that had blocked her consciousness back into her has completely returned to normal. Now, what Dui needs to do is to wait for her to wake up and dispel her thoughts of death. . However, this wait is five days. Ah Dui cared for the comatose Mie Feng meticulously as Mie Feng took care of him. Of course, he asked Zhuo Yun to help him finish the wiping. The Thieves' Guild was destroyed, and Dumb always felt that he owed Miefeng a lot, but he didn't know how to make up for it.

Finally, at noon on the tenth day after leaving the Grand Duke's mansion, Mie Feng woke up from her drowsiness, feeling the refreshment of her whole body, she slowly opened her eyes, and what caught her was the dumb sitting in front of her. A faint golden light gleamed on Dumb's skin, and it seemed that he was not as ordinary as before, and he even became handsome. Me, am I dreaming? Shouldn't I be dead? Mie Feng looked at the layout of the surrounding rooms, struggled to sit up, and pinched her arm, the pain immediately stimulated her nerves. Mie Feng exclaimed: "Am I not dead?"

A Duan's whole body shook and opened his eyes. He was not in the process of cultivating. In order to be able to feel whether Miefeng was awake at any time, he chose a meditation that he had not conducted for a long time. Waking up in thought, looking at Miefeng who was sitting up in front of him, smiled and said, "You finally woke up, how do you feel? Is there any uncomfortable place in your body?"

Mie Feng looked at Ah Du's smiling face in disbelief, stroked his Guanghua cheek with both hands, and muttered: "I, I'm not dreaming, I'm still alive."

Chapter 160: Clarify misunderstanding

Duan nodded and said, "Yes! You are still alive, and you are alive very well. I have strengthened all the meridians in your body, and your body will become tougher in the future. Does it feel good to be alive? Don't think about it. Everything before, start over, you are no longer a gainer from the Thieves Guild, you have gained a new life."

Hearing Ah Dui mentioning the Thieves Union, Mie Feng’s eyes suddenly filled with strong sadness, thinking of his father, thinking of those elders who cared about him, and said sadly: "Why? Why did you save me. Why didn't you let me die. I, I..." At this point, Mie Feng rushed into Ah Du's arms and burst into tears.

Ah Duan hugged Miefeng’s delicate body, not knowing what to do. The fragrant fragrance from Miefeng’s body continuously stimulated his senses. In order to fear that Miefeng’s body would be affected by his grief, he just recovered. Carefully soothed the girl in her arms with her anger. With this cry, Mie Feng seemed to shed all his grief. He cried for half an hour, and there was still no sign of stopping. Dumb was afraid that she would be overwhelmed, and said with comfort, "Don't cry, everything is over. It's all my fault, it's my fault. If you want, you can kill me now for revenge."

Mie Feng's shoulders kept twitching, and she leaned in the warm embrace of Dui, and she choked up and said: "Everything is doomed, what's the use of killing you? My dead relatives will not be resurrected."

Ah Duan said indifferently: "As long as you live, there is hope, destroy the phoenix, don't seek death, your father and their hatred are still waiting for you to repay, the Lord is not dead, we must kill this evil." When Dui said, Miefeng couldn't help but recall the day when Dui was willing to exterminate herself in order to save her. Her body trembled slightly and lifted the rainy face of Pear Flower, "Why? Why did you ignore yourself to save me that day? I poisoned you. Ah! Wuer holy water is the world's most strange poison, even if you have a way to suppress it, it will happen sooner or later."

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, the holy water of Wueru is not unsolvable. As long as the silver ball developed by Teacher Corris and the strength of the Juggernaut can force the toxin out of the body. I am not now Is it good? I saved you because I had to do that. You have paid so much for me, how can I watch you die? In my heart, you are just as important as the ice at the beginning, it's me The most precious friend."

Mie Feng murmured: "The most precious friend, the most precious friend? I understand." She sat up from Ah Du's arms, glanced at him faintly, and said, "Don't worry, since I have come alive. , You won’t seek death again. What are your plans now? Looking for the Lord? I will go with you."

When Mie Feng asked what he was going to do, Dumb felt at a loss. He didn't know what he should do? In the vast continent, how did he find the trace of the Lord? With a light sigh, Ah-Dai shook his head, and said, "I might return to Tiangang Mountain with the two uncles to wait for the Four Great Swordmasters to compete. As for the Lord, I think he will always appear. Now we have not looked for it. use."

Feeling the decadence revealed by Ah-Dai, Miefeng bit his red lips and whispered, "Don't you want to find her?"

A Duan's whole body shook. Now his mind is clearer than before, and he is not so sluggish. He naturally heard that she was referring to Xuan Yue in Mie Feng's words. The heart seemed to be pierced by a sharp needle, and the painful Duan was a little convulsive, and said ardently, "I said, don't pretend to her before me. I have nothing to do with her, she is her, I am me."

Mie Feng snorted sarcastically, and said: "You are just lying to yourself. Can you forget her? You can't, her figure has already taken root in your heart. Although you want to reject this kind of feeling, but , But you will not lie in your heart. Otherwise, if I mention her, you will not react so much."

Dumb stood up fiercely, and said angrily: "No, I can forget her, I can definitely forget her. There is nothing between me and her."

Mie Feng’s pretty face suddenly showed a gentle smile, he slowly stood up, raised his head to face dumb, and said softly: “Well, you prove it to me. If you can forget her, then kiss Me." As she said, she wrapped her hands around Ah Du's neck and slowly closed her eyes, waiting, waiting.

Dumb looked at the delicate face in front of him, and various complex emotions kept surging in his heart. I must be able to forget Xuanyue, I must be able to forget her, and I can't miss her anymore. Thinking of this, he resolutely kissed Mie Feng's red lips. The four lips approached quickly, and Mie Feng's pretty face kept magnifying in front of Dumb. Just when they were less than an inch apart and breathing could be heard, Duan stopped. Xuanyue's light anger and anger flashed clearly in his mind, no, I can't kiss Miefeng, I don't love her!

Grasping Miefeng's hands, A Duan broke free from her surroundings, and said weakly: "Yes, I'm sorry, I can't, I can't hurt you anymore."

Mie Feng opened his eyes, and there was only one expression in his eyes, that was despair. Looking sadly at the tall man in front of her, she knew that she would never be able to break into his heart. She forcibly resisted not letting her tears fall, Miefeng said, "You can't forget her, you can never forget her. . In that case, go find her.” After finishing speaking, he grabbed the coat beside him and walked out the window like lightning.

Dui didn't stop Miefeng, he could clearly feel the sadness in Miefeng's words, standing there blankly, he didn't know how to face it all. The ice is dead, Xuanyue doesn't love herself, Miefeng also left. It seems that I am destined to be alone for a lifetime! Sitting on the bed depressed, Dumb's mind went blank.

The door opened, Shi Shi and Zhuo Yun walked in. Seeing the empty bed, Shi Shi asked in surprise: "A dumb, where's Mie Feng?"

A Duan murmured and replied: "Go, she has gone."

Zhuo Yun frowned and said: "Leave? Why did she leave? Has her body recovered?"

Duan shook his head vigorously, and said in pain, "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know anything."

Rock was shocked in his heart, strode to Dumb and sat down, grabbed his shoulders, and said, "Dumb, good brother, what's wrong with you? Why do you make yourself so painful?"

Zhuo Yun sighed and said, "The source of his pain is Yueyue. Losing Yueyue has hit him too much. Rock, it's time to tell him."

Dui raised his head and looked at Zhuo Yun blankly, "Sister, what should I tell me?"

Zhuo Yun walked up to Ah-Dai and watched him tenderly, "My dear brother, tell my sister who you like best among the girls you have contact with. To be honest, my sister wants to know."

Dumb shook his head painfully, and said, "I, I don't know."

Zhuo Yun grabbed Ah Du's face and said, "No, you know. It's just that you are escaping, just like the rock evading the feelings for me. Tell my sister who you really love."

Dui's whole body was shaken. Since seeing the rock and them, his body and mind have been placed on the severely injured Miefeng. Only then did he realize that Zhuo Yun could come with the rock and the relationship between them must have changed, surprised. Said: "Sister, you and Big Brother Rock? You..."

Zhuo Yunqiao blushed, but still firmly said: "Yes, we have put aside all worries and are together."

There was a hint of joy in Ah Dui's confused eyes, looking at the rock, then at Zhuo Yun, "Brother, sister, congratulations, you are finally together."

Rocky smiled and said, "Thank you for this. If it weren't for you to force me to go to the Elves, I am afraid I can't face my feelings right now? Tell your eldest brother and your sister Zhuo Yun, among these girls, who do you love? Is it Yueyue, Extinguish the Phoenix, or dead ice?"

Because I learned about Shi Yan and Zhuo Yun, Ah Dui's mood was obviously much better. He smiled bitterly and said, "You know. Who else can I have in my heart besides Yueyue? Bing and Miefeng, I just treat them as My friend. I feel pity for the ice, and I owe it to the phoenix. Only Yueyue, only the shadow of Yueyue is imprinted deep in my heart, and will never fade."

Although Ah Du's tone was very calm, Shi Shi and Zhuo Yun could hear his affection for Xuan Yue. Zhuo Yun smiled slightly and nodded and said, "This is enough, as long as you can face your feelings squarely. Why did Mie Feng leave? Did she show your feelings to you and you refused?"

Dumb said: "I don't know how she feels towards me, it seems to have a good impression, but sometimes she is so cold. Let her go. Maybe it will be better for her to find a place quietly."

Zhuo Yun nodded and said, "Go, come with us to meet the two teachers. They will tell you something about Yueyue, and promise your sister that you must not be impulsive, okay?"

"About Yueyue?" Ah'Dai's heart couldn't help but feel anxious, "I have nothing to do with Yueyue? What does her matter have to do with me?"

The rock said slightly angrily: "What does it mean? You'll understand later." Without any explanation, he dragged Dumb up from the bed and went to Xi Wen and Liao Wen's room with Zhuo Yun.

Yan Li was chatting with Xi Wen, and saw the three of A'Dai come in and said, "Dai, how's it going? Has Miefeng woke up yet?"

Dumb nodded and said, "I woke up, but she has already left."

The rock said in amazement: "Go? Why are you leaving?"

Dumb sighed and said, "She is not suitable to be by our side. It is her own choice to leave. Two uncles, Brother Rock said you have something to tell me, what is it?"

Xiwen glanced at the rock, and the rock nodded at him. Xiwen thought for a while and said, "Since Miss Miefeng has left and your physical condition is fully restored, it's time to tell you. Dumb, sit down. Right. This matter is related to the happiness of your life."

A Duan's body shook slightly, and he seemed to have thought of something in his mind, but he didn't dare to confirm. He sat next to Xi Wen and lowered his head and said, "Uncle, you can tell."

Xi Wen said: "You left the elves because of Miss Xuanyue, right. Did you know? In fact, you were fooled by the light judge of the Holy See."

A Duan's whole body shook, and he raised his head abruptly, with a panic expression in his eyes, "No, Uncle, no, that's what I heard with my own ears!"

The rock said angrily: "What did you hear with your own ears? Yueyue personally told you that she didn't like you, did she stay with you just to repay you? You are so stupid, that is simply a lie made up by Babuyi, he Use what Yueyue lied to him back then to stimulate you, and deliberately drive you away." At the moment, the rock said in detail what happened in the Elf Forest.

Listening to the narration of the rock, Ah Dui's body trembled more and more severely, misunderstanding, everything turned out to be just a misunderstanding, Yueyue loves herself, and what about herself? But it failed her affection. Dumb was completely stunned, stupid, and ignorant. Now he doesn't know how to face all this. The person he loves also loves himself. What a blessing it was! But it was because of my inferiority complex and my own weakness that not only hurt myself, but also deeply hurt Yueyue.

"Yueyue said when she left the elf forest with the Holy See and others, if you don’t find her within a year, she will marry someone else immediately and will never see you again. Dumb, the opportunity is to be grasped by yourself. Could it be that you Want to let happiness slip away and suffering for life? Go, go to Yueyue, as long as you sincerely apologize to her, I think Yueyue will forgive you."

Dui looked at the rock with a trembling whole body. His skill was as high as his. At this moment, he didn't even have the strength to speak. The huge blow continued to fill his mind. He cried, he cried in pain, wow, Dui Spouting a bit of hard work, he shouted: "Yueyue, I'm sorry!" The body floated up like a phantom, with a crash, knocked out a big hole in the hotel wall, and disappeared in a flash. The intense pain that can’t be described in words made him seem to be back when he left the elf forest. He hates, he hates it, he doesn’t hate Babuyi, he hates himself, why is his will so unsteady? Don't trust Moon Moon.

The sudden change shocked Shiwen and others. Although they knew that Dumb's reaction would be intense, they didn't expect it to be so intense. Yan Li was about to chase out, but he was stopped by Shivin, "Forget it, let him calm down by himself. Hey, Dumb, this kid is good at everything, it's too stubborn, I think he will understand. "

Rock said anxiously: "Teacher, I'm afraid dumb he will do stupid things!"

Xiwen shook his head and said, "When he left the elven forest, he might do stupid things, but not now. He will not be willing to die if he knows that the person he loves loves him. My judgment is good. Dumb will definitely rush to the Holy See to see Yueyue before the end of the year. With his current skill, it is not easy even if he wants to die."

Zhuo Yun looked at the direction of Ah Du's disappearance, and said: "Then shall we let him suffer? What should we do now?"

Liao Wendao: "He needs to untie the knot in his heart. Unless he wants to understand it, no one can help him. Let's go back to Tiangang Mountain. In more than a month, it will be the year that Miss Xuanyue said. The time has come. At that time, we rushed to the Holy See Sacred Mountain, and we will definitely see him."

Xi Wen nodded and said, "Okay, everyone clean up and get ready to go."

A Duan ran wildly in pain, and all the things he had been with Xuan Yue kept coming to his mind.

"It's getting better, and there is still a little pain. What hurt me last night?"

"It's the green bamboo leaf green, a kind of poisonous snake, it took a bite on your shoulder. Fortunately, it was discovered in time, the toxin did not spread to the heart, don't worry, I have killed the snake, the venom I also let me inhale it, and I will apply the poison to you, it will be fine."

"Suck, **** out? You, you..."

"I, I'm just taking drugs for you, no other place. You, don't get me wrong."

"Dumb, do you think I am, I am..., you even ask yourself whether you like me or not."

"No, no, everything is my bad. Yueyue, it's all my bad, I've let down your feelings."

"Then what are you going to do now? People's bodies have already been seen by you, so you have to be responsible."

"Yueyue, in fact, I actually like you. I already liked you when we were in the Elf Forest. It’s just that I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy to be with you. On your terms, I can find one. A husband who is a thousand times better than me. I really didn't do anything last night. If you feel that I have desecrated your body, I, I am willing to goug my eyes."

Xuan Yue said softly: "Dumb, you mean, you liked me, right? I know what you are afraid of. You always feel that your identity is not worthy of me, right? And, you are also afraid of your father. Will disagree with us. You don’t think about these things now. I want you to tell me clearly whether you like me or love me."

"Yueyue, I like you. I really like you, I love you! But, can you really ignore what you just said? I can't do it!"

"Dumb, you really don't have to think about these. I understand all your worries. You don't need to escape. I will take care of all of them. I will definitely be able to resolve all your worries. You must remember yours. Your status is not humble, you are the descendant of Tiangang Sword Saint, and your strength can be worthy of me. What I like is you, not your identity, not your martial arts, nor your appearance. Dad, I can definitely solve it. My own feelings can do it by myself. As long as you love me, that's enough. No one can stop us from being together."

"Yueyue, I love you, I love you so much! Why are you so good to me, is Dumb worthy of you?"

"It's worth it, it's worth it, dumb, I love you too! Unless you don't want me, otherwise, I will never give up and follow you."...

Yes! Yueyue loves herself, she misunderstood her, abandoned her, and A Duan yelled frantically, "Yueyue, I am sorry for you!" A mouthful of blood came out again, and Ah Dui fiercely installed on a big rock. , In the loud noise, the stone turned into powder, and Ah Du fell to the ground, breathing continuously. Tears surging out, dripping continuously on Dumb's mud-stained skirt. He could not tolerate anything except regret now. Sitting on the ground, Dumb muttered to himself: "Yueyue, Yueyue, I love you, I love you so much! But, how can I face you now? I am sorry for you, I am sorry for you , I'm not worthy of your love." Standing up, Dumb flew up again, rushing out without knowing the direction.

Fifteen days later, the sacred calendar is October 10th, 1998. Holy See.

Ba Buyi now feels like he is about to fly happily. Just now, just now, he received the most desired news in his life. The Holy See's agent for the red clothing sacrifice to Xuanyue unexpectedly announced that it was on November 1, 1998. When he married himself, the news spread instantly throughout the Holy See, and also reached his ears. Everyone who saw him looked at him with an extension of envy and jealousy and blessed him. Ba Buyi wants to confirm now, to confirm with her beloved Yueyue, whether this is true or not. He felt his heart beating faster and faster, and his heart seemed to come out of his body. Since the return of the Tianyuan clan, the Pope seems to be very dissatisfied with his father and himself. Without his previous favors, he dispatched his father Baburun to lead a large number of clergy to explore the whereabouts of the dark forces and those who wandered on the sea. In half a year, they did not gain anything other than eliminating dozens of pirates. They had just returned to the Holy See a few months ago. Due to the loss of his father, Babron, his status in the Holy See also plummeted. After driving away Dumb in the fairy forest, Xuanyue never paid attention to him, and he was too embarrassed to see his most beloved person. Today, this sudden good news made him forget everything and just want to see his beloved one soon.

Xuanye is still the identity of the white clothing sacrifice, and he is now in an unusually uneasy mood. At the pope's regular meeting in the morning, his daughter Yueyue unexpectedly announced in front of everyone that he would marry the Bright Judge Babuyi. When the news was announced, the expression on Yueyue's face was very calm, without any fluctuations. Although Xuan Ye wanted to see this result a long time ago, when the matter came to the fore, an unexplainable anxiety arose in his heart. After hearing the news of Yueyue's announcement, the Pope was furious and determined not to allow Xuanyue to marry, but he was finally convinced by Yueyue. The scene at that time still kept flashing before his eyes.


"No, you can't marry Babuyi, you don't love him." The pope said angrily. The reason why he rejected Xuanyue’s request is for Xuanyue’s own happiness, and the other is because if Xuanyue marries Babuyi, the relationship between the Holy See and the dumb will become complicated, and it may even become more complicated. Can not cooperate.

"Pope, you are the closest person to the gods. According to the ancient books of the Holy See, even the pope has no right to dismantle a pair of clergy." Xuan Yue said coldly. Since becoming the acting red priest, her prestige in the Holy See has increased day by day, and has even overshadowed the other two red priests. Her sacred light magic has advanced by leaps and bounds. Even the pope cannot be sure of her granddaughter. To what extent have you cultivated?

"You..., Xuanyue sacrifices, do you really want to marry someone you don't love?" There is indeed a rule in the Holy See that the pope must not interfere with the marriage and marriage between clergy, and the pope really has nothing to do with Xuanyue. .

"My Lord Pope, how do you know that I do not love Babuyi Judge? He is the best judge among the young generation of the Holy See. I have every reason to fall in love with him. What I have decided will not change. Even if you don’t Agree, I also want to marry the Babuyi judge."

"Okay, okay, are your wings stiff? Just do whatever you want, and don't regret it when the time comes." The pope dropped this sentence and left angrily.


A bang on the door awakened Xuan Ye from his thoughts, "Who is it?"

"Uncle Xuan Ye, it's me, don't follow." A voice filled with excitement and anxiety came from outside the door.

Xuan Ye opened the door and saw Babuyi in a pale golden samurai uniform standing in front of the door. His handsome face and upright posture made Xuan Ye nodded secretly, "No! Come in."

Ba Buyi respectfully saluted Xuan Ye and said, "Uncle Xuan Ye, it's been a long time, are you okay?" Although he was excited, under Babulun's long-term teaching, his manners were still not forgotten.

Xuan Ye smiled and said, "My nephew, you are welcome." As he said, Babuyi let him into the room.

"No, what are you doing over here? Is it because your mother is looking for Nasha, but it's a pity that she has gone out and may not be able to come back at night." Of course, Xuan Ye knew who Ba Buyi was looking for, but he didn't want to break it.

Ba Buyi said embarrassedly: "No, I didn't come to see Aunt Nasha. Uncle Xuanye, Yueyue, Yueyue, is she there?"

Xuan Ye smiled and said: "Silly boy, you know that you are looking for Yueyue. She is meditating in the room. Please knock on the door and try."

Babuyi was overjoyed, "Thank you, Uncle Xuan Ye."

Xuan Ye patted him on the shoulder and said, "Stupid boy, in a few days, you have to change your mind. In Yueyue, you have to work hard." He knows that Xuanyue doesn't like Babuyi, and now he can only Hope my daughter figured it out.

From Xuan Ye’s mouth, he indirectly confirmed the affairs of himself and Yueyue. Ba Buyi was more joyful in his heart, and nodded and said: "Yes, uncle, I will definitely work hard." After speaking, he walked to the door of the room happily, lightly. Qing knocked on the door twice.

"Didn't I say, don't disturb me when I meditate." Xuanyue's cold voice came from the room.

Hearing the voice of his beloved, Babuyi became more excited, and stabilized his mind, saying, "Yueyue, it is me, Babuyi."

There was silence in the room, and for a while, Xuan Yue's voice sounded again, "Come in."

Ba Buyi was overjoyed and opened the door to enter, just in time to see Xuanyue sitting on the bed opposite. Xuan Yue was wearing a white dress with long blue hair scattered behind her back, her body was covered with a layer of golden light, and the surging sacred aura made Ba Buyi feel ashamed and filthy. She looked at Xuan. Yue's beautiful face, he was already a little dumbfounded.

Xuan Yue looked at Ba Buyi in front of him, without a trace of fluctuations in her eyes, and said faintly, "Is there anything wrong with you coming to see me?"

Ba Buyi shook his whole body and woke up from the sluggishness, "Ah! I, I just want to come and see you."

A sneer appeared at the corner of Xuan Yue's mouth, and said: "No, you are here to confirm whether I really want to marry you. I announced the news, and now every country in the mainland has been notified, UU Read You just need to go back and prepare now. On November 1st, you will see me wearing my wedding gown."

Ba Buyi took a few steps forward, walked to Xuan Yue's body, and said tremblingly: "Yueyue, you, are you really willing to marry me?"

A light of disgust flashed from the depths of Xuan Yue's eyes, and she nodded slightly.

Ba Buyi couldn't restrain the excitement in his heart, and involuntarily squeezed Xuan Yue's small hand. Xuanyue's eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and the golden light on his body suddenly flourished. Ba Buyi shook back a few steps, and said coldly: "I am not your wife now , Don't touch me."

Ba Buyi was surprised, but didn't care, and hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Yueyue, I'm just too happy, don't be angry."

Xuan Yue closed her eyes and said, "You go, there are a lot of things to prepare for getting married. This should be your job."

"Yes, yes, I will definitely prepare a grand wedding to marry you. Yueyue, I want you to be the happiest bride. You continue to meditate, I will leave first." After speaking, he turned and left quickly. . Ba Buyi left, Xuan Yue opened her beautiful eyes again, and muttered sadly in her eyes: "Dumb, will you come? November 1st, will you come?"
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