The Kind Death God Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: Rekindled

Dui first gathers all his true qi into the golden body of Dantian. With the movement of energy, Dui adjusts his state to the best. He has already decided that even if he is killed by Shengsheng Zhenqi bursting into his heart, he will never die. Will shrink again, under the control of the mind, the golden liquid Shengshengzhen Qi will condense into a sharp cone shape outside the heart vein. A'dai clenched his teeth and urged this surging energy, which suddenly pierced into the depths of his heart. The pain that was several times more intense than before caused a big convulsion in the whole body of A'dai, spouting several mouthfuls of blood. However, he still did not give up the impact on his heart, using his mind to control Shengshengzhen Qi and sprint forward. The blood spurted out mouth after mouth, and Dumb knew that he could no longer hold on, and his will gradually became blurred. He already felt that he could not support it anymore.

Just when he was no longer able to rush forward, a warm and soft energy suddenly appeared, flowing along his right forearm, and instantly rushed into the heart vein. The blocked blood vessel in the heart vein was in this energy. Under the impact of, it suddenly expanded a little, and Ah's Shengsheng took this opportunity to pass through and finally communicated with the bridge between heaven and earth. Dui's whole body shook violently a few times, and his calm gradually recovered. All the pain suddenly disappeared, and the lost power returned to him. Feeling the warm energy that was constantly soothing his own soul, Dumb felt very embarrassed, because he knew that this was the warm energy from the wish of Corris. It was the soul of Teacher Gris who saved him in the crisis. Dui lay flat on the ground and murmured: "Teacher, you are still the best to me! Teacher..." Tears slipped and Dui sat up slowly. Although most of his skill has been recovered, his body is still the same. Very weak.

Opening his eyes, after more than ten days, Ah Du saw his body again. He found that he had completely turned into a clay figure. The black robe on his body had completely turned khaki. It was already dilapidated and in some places. The armor of the giant spirit snake inside was exposed. Dui moved his extremely stiff limbs, and his blood circulation accelerated slightly, gradually making his paralyzed body feel.

"Teacher Gris, Uncle Owen, Master, for you, I still can't die. I haven't completed the task you gave me. Now I must not die." With a stroke of the void, he opened his own space barrier. , Took out the fruit that Xuanyue picked on the way to the Puyan Clan. Although there is no air in the space barrier, there are still some because of the fruit itself. However, Ah Dui still stuffed the fruits into his own mouth and swallowed in a big mouth. He needed nutrition and needed a lot of nutrition to recover his body. A total of nineteen fruits were eaten by him after a while. Dui tore off the black robe, took a deep breath, and entered the cultivation state. Urging the vitality in the dantian to circulate. A faint white light came out, and his consciousness sank into his body. Now, he has left everything behind and is practicing with all his heart.

Two days later, there was a long and clear roar from the empty ground, and the roar was surging like ocean waves. The surrounding birds and beasts were frightened by the roar and quickly avoided. This howling sound was made by Ah Dui. After two days of cultivation, his condition has been restored to its best, his whole body is full of surging vitality, opened his eyes, two substantive cold lights shot out, and Ah-Dai floated up from the spot. Under the sunlight, the armor of the giant spirit snake shimmered. Dumb raised his clenched right fist to his eyes, and said coldly: "From today onwards, I am not involved in feelings. All I have to do is to avenge Uncle Owen and fulfill my master's wish. Wait, the **** of death will come by your side and bring you the fear of death." Like Xuanyue in the elven forest, Dui also completely frozen his heart. In his mind, he only has the idea of revenge. . Floating up, distinguished the direction, and flew towards the west.

Holy See. In the bright hall. The solemn atmosphere makes everyone feel breathless. The Pope stood in the center of the Great Hall of Light, and the cold breath continued to radiate from his body. The red clothing sacrifices Xuan Ye, the chief judge Xuan Yuan, the deputy chief judge Babulun, and all the people who have returned from the Tianyuan clan bow their heads. Only Xuan Yue with a cold face could still maintain a calm state. As soon as they hurried back to the Holy See, they immediately reported to the Pope the situation of their trip. At this time, they all waited in anxiety.

The Pope’s gaze swept over everyone who had returned, and a voice without any emotion rang out, “I have gone to more than a thousand people, and only you are back? The dark forces seem to be really powerful! The presiding judge of Xuanyuan, the red priest Xuan Ye, Deputy Chief Judge Babulun, how did you command? More than a thousand elite Holy See only returned more than 60 people, no matter how strong the enemy is, if you command properly, with the powerful strength you bring, isn’t it? Is there a chance to break through? If it weren't for Na Yan to sacrifice herself, I am afraid that none of you will come back." The anger in the Pope's heart has reached its extreme, and the always calm face has been a little distorted, and even his speech is a little incoherent, and he has obviously moved. Real fire. "Xuan Ye, you are the main commander of the action this time, and you were the cause of the trap of entering the Winged Human Race. Tell me, what should I do with you?"

Xuan Ye knelt down sadly, "Pope, this failure was caused by thinking that my command was nowhere near. Xuan Ye is willing to accept any punishment."

Xuan Yuan frowned slightly, and said to the Pope: "I am the main one who is going to destroy the Dark Demon Race this time. I have an inescapable responsibility. I also ask the Pope to punish him. But, the Pope, the dark forces are so rampant now, right? When it comes to hiring people, I hope you don’t condemn Xuanye too much. I’m willing to accept his guilt."

Xuan Ye shook his whole body. He never thought that his uncle would take responsibility for himself. For the first time, he felt family affection from his uncle Xuan Yuan. He glanced at Xuan Yuan gratefully and said to the Pope: "Pope, this The second incident has nothing to do with the presiding judge. It was because of my fault that caused all the games to be lost. Please punish me."

The pope looked at Xuan Yuan and Xuan Ye coldly, and said faintly: "None of you need to say much, I know what to do. The Holy See has the rules of the Holy See, and the gods will not forgive sinners. Xuan Ye, you committed the crime. It’s such a big mistake. You should have been charged your life to pay tribute to the dead of the warriors, but I will give you a chance to commit crimes and merit merit. From now on, the Xuanye Red Sacrifice will be reduced to a White Sacrifice, depriving it of the right to succeed the Pope. ."

Xuan Yuan shook his whole body, and lost his voice: "Pope, you can reduce Xuan Ye to a sacrifice in white, but you can't deprive him of the right to inherit the Pope!" Deprivation of inheritance means that the deprived will lose the inheritance of the Pope forever. The power of the position, even if Xuan Ye recovers from the white sacrificial sacrificial ritual level, he cannot. That's why Xuan Yuan was so anxious. In theory, everyone in the Holy See has the right to inherit the position of the Pope, but once he is deprived of this power by the previous Pope, it is equivalent to greatly reducing his position in the Holy See.

The pope turned his gaze to Xuan Yuan and said, "What I have decided will not be changed. Xuan Ye is not clear about things, and cannot think calmly when performing difficult tasks. He is no longer qualified to take over as Pope. My punishment is already done. Very lenient. Xuan Yuan, as the presiding judge, although you are not the direct commander, you did not correct Xuan Ye’s mistakes in time. The crime is unavoidable. I declare that starting today, you will be reduced to the deputy presiding judge. Bulun is not directly commanding the class, so it is exonerated. The rest of the returned personnel, who bravely killed the enemy, can still return to the Holy See under the mistakes of Xuanye's command. With no merit, everyone is promoted to the next level. This is my final decision. , Will not change."

Xuan Yuan wanted to say something, but he was held back by Xuan Ye. Xuan Ye respectfully said, "Thank you, the Pope, for taking it lightly." He is not a person who loves power. This time it is indeed because of him. The reason for this caused such a big loss, so naturally I would not argue.

The pope said solemnly: "To preach a special order of the Holy See. All the sacrificial halls scattered on the mainland are monitored at the same time, looking for the movement of the dark forces. At the same time, all the priests, judges, and holy knights of the Holy See will be reorganized. Three days later, go to The Tianyuan tribe is looking for the whereabouts of the dark alien races. And, it sends a letter to all countries asking them to cooperate in investigating the traces of the dark forces." The Holy See has been hit so hard, he has decided to eliminate those dark alien races at any cost.

"Master Pope, I have something to say." Xuan Yue's cold voice suddenly sounded in the Bright Hall. The pope was shocked and looked at Xuan Yue and said, "You said."

Xuan Yue said faintly: "When the Holy See is facing such a critical survival, please allow the Pope to allow me to march with the Holy See army to jointly destroy the dark alien races. At the same time, I hope that I can take over the position of Nayan's red-clothed sacrifice and become a new red. Yi Sacrificial. I believe that I already have this strength."

The pope frowned and said: "You want to be a red sacrifice? The red sacrifice not only requires a profound cultivation, but also requires a lot of qualities." Xuan Yue is just the most ordinary goddess in the Holy See, and has no position. Although the pope really hopes that his granddaughter will be able to stand out, he cannot use his power to make Xuan Yue jump several levels.

Xuanyue stared at the Pope and said, "My Excellency Pope, when the Holy See is in crisis, I hope you can temporarily change the old rules. I hope to have the identity of the red priest, because I want to better help you direct the Holy See. The army is fighting against the dark aliens. I believe I have such strength. Please approve my request."

The pope suddenly felt that his granddaughter seemed to have changed and became completely different from before. From her beautiful eyes, there was no trace of emotion, some of which were just firm beliefs. However, for the Holy See, the red-clothed sacrifice is a high position under one person. Although Xuanyue is his granddaughter, he can't rashly agree to it. He looked at the other two red-clothed sacrifices beside him and said, "What do you think? "

Mangxiu respectfully said: "My Lord, Xuanyue is right. It is now when she is using people. As long as she has enough abilities, I have no objection." The Hanma red priest on the other side nodded and said: "I The same as Mang Xiu's opinion, as long as Xuanyue can show the strength that is not as good as that of the red ritual, she can completely make her qualified for this position."

The pope nodded and said, "The red ritual is of great importance to the Holy See and cannot be decided at will. So, Xuanyue, as long as you can prove your strength, I can let you temporarily take the position of the red ritual. You should consider your future contribution to the Holy See. You can go down to rest, Xuanye and Xuanyuan presiding judge. After three days, set off for the Tianyuan clan. Two sacrifices, Manxiu and Yujian, please prepare outside the Guangming Hall One hour later, an inspection of Xuanyue was carried out. All the priests of the Holy See were ordered to participate in the review and jointly monitor."

After Manxiu and Yuma bowed and saluted, they walked out. Xuan Ye and Xuan Yuan also led the returning party and left the Guangming Hall. Only the Pope and Xuan Yue were left in the main hall. The pope stared at Xuan Yue and said, "Why don't you go down and prepare. Are you so sure?"

Xuan Yue said indifferently: "I don't go down to prepare because I know you have something to say to me. Moreover, I am confident that I can reach the level of a red-clothed sacrifice, so why bother to prepare?"

The pope's tight face eased down, sighed, walked to Xuanyue, looked at her granddaughter's delicate face, and said, "Yueyue, what's wrong with you? Didn't you go looking for dumb? Why so quickly I came back. Didn’t you find him?" Xuan Yue said, "I found him, but it was in the Puyan clan. Prophet Pulin told us that the Holy See was in trouble in the Elf Forest, so I rushed there, just waiting with my father. The people joined together and returned to the Holy See together."

The pope said: "What about dumb? Didn't he come back with you?"

A bleak light flashed in the depths of Xuan Yue's eyes, and said calmly: "He is gone, he said that he is gone forever and will never come back."

The pope was taken aback and said, "Gone? What happened between you?"

Xuan Yue said, "I don't want to mention those things. If you want to know, just ask Xuanye Sacrificial Ceremony or Xuanyuan Judge, they will tell you the answer. Sorry, Lord Pope, I'm going to prepare for it later. Test, let's go down first." After speaking, he turned and walked outside the Guangming Hall.

The Pope said: "Wait a minute. I don't need to ask you about this, but you can tell me whether the rain that happened not long ago was caused by dumb."

Xuan Yue's whole body shook, and she suddenly recalled the scene of the day with Dui by the small river, she nodded silently, and then she left the Bright Hall with severe colic in her heart.

The Pope looked at Xuan Yue's disappearing back and muttered: "It's them, it's really them, and it's finally certain that they are the savior."

Xuanyue left the hall, took a deep breath of the familiar air from the Holy See, and walked slowly towards her home. Before entering the house, she heard her mother's cry. A feeling of depression spread throughout the body, Xuan Yue pushed the door in. I saw my father Xuanye sitting on the side, while my mother fell on the bed and wept bitterly, obviously already knowing the death of grandpa Nayan.

Nasha raised her head when she heard the door opening. When she saw her daughter, her grief eased slightly. Xuan Yue walked to Nasha and whispered: "Mom, you can't come back from death, don't be sad. Grandpa will not die in vain, I will definitely avenge his old man."

Nasha put her daughter in her arms, and her father died. How could she not be sad? Although Na Yan has always been harsh to her, she knew that everything her father did was for her good. What's more, there is the family love that blood is thicker than water. Xuanyue felt her mother's grief and slowly injected calm light into her body, calming her mother's grief. Time passed by every minute. Xuan Ye sighed and said, "Yueyue, you should go to the Guangming Hall to take the assessment."

After crying for a full hour, Nasha's sadness weakened a little. Hearing Xuan Ye's words, she couldn't help looking at her daughter in surprise, and said, "Yueyue, what assessment are you going to conduct."

Xuan Yue snuggled next to her mother, and said, "Mom, grandpa is a sacrifice in red. Now that his old man is gone, how can I let his position fall into the hands of others? I want to take over the position of grandfather and become one. A new red-clothed priest. The Pope has promised me that as long as I can tie with one of the two red-clothed priests, Manxiu and Yuma, let me temporarily assume this position."

Nasha was shocked and said: "What? You have to compete with the two red priests, how can this work. Yueyue, you have to know that in the Vatican's level test, life and death are determined by fate."

Xuan Yue’s beautiful eyes showed strong self-confidence, and said indifferently: “Mom, don’t worry, I have a sense of measure and won’t hurt the two priests in red. I’ll go first.” After that, she didn’t wait for Nasha. Blocked, a short distance and an instant transfer out of the room. Seeing her daughter disappear out of thin air, Nasha couldn't help but shocked her body. She looked at her husband and asked: "Yueyue, what's wrong with her? Why is she suddenly changed like a person."

Xuan Ye sighed lightly and said: "Don't worry, Yueyue's current strength is definitely not below me, enough to be qualified for the position of the red priest. Hey — Nasha, don't go, I'll go to the hall It's better to be careful while looking after Dian Yueyue."

Nasha shook her head and said, "No, I am going. I have already lost my father. I never want to lose my daughter again. I want to go with you."

When Xuanyue came to the Guangming Hall, there were already a large number of sacrifices and judges gathered here. The holy knights were stationed on the periphery of the Vatican Mountain. Without the order of the Pope, they were not allowed to enter the inner mountains casually.

Manxiu and Hanma stood at the entrance of the Guangming Temple. They and Na Yan are close friends. Na Yan was the longest of the four red priests and was loved by them. His death made these two The red ceremonies over seventy years old are very sad. Today, when Xuan Yue proposed to replace Na Yan, although the two of them were surprised, they both decided that as long as Xuan Yue's cultivation level was not too bad, her wish would be fulfilled, and it would be considered to do something for the dead Na Yan. Nasha's worries were completely unnecessary. For whatever reason, Ms. Xiu and Yujian would not hurt Xuan Yue.

Xuan Yue walked to Mang Xiu and Yu Jian, bowed and saluted, and said, "Two grandpas, hello. Can we start?"

Mang Xiu smiled slightly and said, "Yueyue, are you ready?"

Xuan Yue nodded, and said, "I wonder who will enlighten me from the two grandpas?"

Mangxiu and Hanma looked at each other, and Mangxiu said, "I'm coming." He used sacred energy to spread his voice far away, "The Pope's order, due to the emergence of the dark forces, Nayan's red dress sacrifices her life for the Holy See. In order to make up for the vacancy of the red-clothed sacrifice, I decided to test the goddess Xuanyue, as long as she can tie with me or any one of the red-clothed sacrifice Yuma, she will be temporarily promoted to the acting red-clothed sacrifice. All present. Sacrifice and judge supervision." His voice spread from afar, and everyone in front of the Guangming Hall heard clearly. The crowd suddenly became agitated. The little witch Xuanyue can be said to be everyone in the Holy See. Although everyone likes this beautiful little girl, no one can believe that she can achieve the cultivation level of the red sacrifice at the age of less than twenty. For a time, the voice of discussion continued to sound.

Xuan Yue seemed to have heard nothing, and Chong Mang cultivated: "Please."

Mang Xiu nodded to Xuanyue and said, "Girl, you have to be careful." After speaking, he floated up under the white sacred energy and landed on the left end in front of the Guangming Hall.

There was no wave on Xuan Yueqiao's face, the golden flames surging out, wrapping her body and floating to the other end in front of the Guangming Hall.

Seeing the powerful sacred aura emanating from Xuan Yue's body, everyone was stunned, including Mong Xiu and Yu Jian, no one thought that Xuan Yue's sacred light magic cultivation base had reached such a realm. Mang Xiu's original relaxed expression suddenly disappeared. He was very clear about what this golden energy represented, and what Xuan Yue possessed was at least the strength above that of the white clothing offering sacrifice.

At this time, the Pope strolled out of the Guangming Hall. As soon as he appeared, all the priests and judges immediately saluted respectfully and shouted in unison: "Meet the Pope."

The pope raised his hands and said: "The red-clothed sacrifice is a very important position for the Holy See. If it were not for the sudden appearance of the dark forces, I would never make a hasty decision. I hope the believers of God can understand my decision. . Okay, Mang Xiu, Xuan Yue, you can start. For the sake of fairness, during the competition, both of you are not allowed to use any equipment to increase your strength." Outsiders can’t see Xuan Yue’s strength, so what about him Would not be clear. When he saw the returning Xuan Yue in the Great Hall of Light today, he had already discovered that her strength had greatly improved, and she was definitely not weaker than the Light Element Mage. That's why she was relieved to make this test.

Xuanyue and Mang Xiu performed a sacrifice ceremony for each other, and at the same time chanted their own mantras. The sacred Sanskrit singing continued to sound in front of the Guangming Hall, and all the sacrifices could not help but recite the curse.

Xuan Yue sang: "The great **** of the heavens! I beg you to lend me the endless divine power, let the light cover the earth, and let the sacred fill the world." The golden light suddenly flourished, and within five meters of Xuan Yue's body Shrouded by golden light, the golden light soared into the sky in the form of a cylinder and rose straight to the sky. Xuan Ye and Nasha in the crowd looked at their daughter's beautiful body wrapped in golden light, and immediately relieved. Xuan Yue used the seventh-level sacred light magic-Divine Light. Being able to use this seventh-level magic at such a fast speed, her cultivation base would definitely not be worse than Ms.

Mang Xiu was also taken aback. Originally, he wanted to release water in the competition, but seeing the divine light used by Xuan Yue came to the world, he couldn't help but dispel the idea. The white light surrounding his body gradually turned into gold, just like Xuan Yue. The golden beam of light rose straight into the sky, and the two looked at each other in front of the Hall of Light, constantly condensing the light element in the air.

Xuan Yue’s eyes were full of coldness, and her hands drew a beautiful arc on both sides of her body. The palms turned outward, and the sacred energy suddenly appeared. The golden energy that had rushed into the sky changed under the urge of Xuan Yue’s mind. Direction, suddenly rushed towards Mang Xiu. Mang Xiu's eyes flashed, and the same action appeared in his hand. Two golden beams of light suddenly rushed out from the left and right sides in front of the Guangming Hall. Due to the same energy, no violent explosion occurred. The same golden light The light remained in the air, squeezing the opponent. Although the two golden energies are full of sacred aura, they are slightly different. The golden beam of light emitted by Xuan Yue is darker, and can be clearly distinguished in the air.

Although thousands of people gathered in front of the Guangming Hall, it was extremely calm. Who wouldn't want to see the battle between the magisters? Two rays of golden light, one deep and one shallow, suddenly collided in the air, constantly pushing the energy emitted by each other. In the same magic fight, it depends on who has a higher level of magic cultivation. Only the party with a deeper level can win the final victory.

The sacred Sanskrit singing continued to sound from the mouths of Xuanyue and Mangxiu's sacrifices, and the two golden energy pillars were constantly squeezing each other, and no one could take advantage. The huge energy aura formed a circle of invisible like a barrier. The pressure pushed all the clergy onlookers 100 meters away. In the process of continuously condensing the light element, Xuanyue's long blue hair was agitated by energy, and it was constantly dancing in the golden light that wrapped the body. Her calm face was full of sacredness and majesty, and some of the clergy who watched the battle had already called out the words "Goddess Reincarnation".

Xuan Ye felt relieved as she watched her daughter's increasing energy. Nasha clung to Xuan Ye's hand tightly. Although Xuan Yue did not suffer from the scene, she was still very nervous, lest Xuan Yue made a mistake. Xuan Ye said to Nasha using the method of mental transmission: "Don't worry, since Yueyue can keep a tie now, she will definitely not fail. Mangxiu's cultivation base is similar to mine. As long as there are no accidents, Yueyue is the least. We can guarantee a tie without losing money."

At this moment, there was a strange change in Chang Chong. Mangxiu's arms folded in front of his chest suddenly widened, his eyes widened, and he chanted loudly: "One is the light of life, and the other is the soul. , Three is the light of healing, four is the heart of man, five is the light of sacredness, six is the order of God, seven is the light of extinction, eight is the light of eternal life, nine is the light of death, and ten is the wound of heaven and earth. In order to lead, take the five lights and five extinctions as the shape, let it be clear, the arrogant atmosphere between the heavens and the earth, becomes the awe-inspiring light, sweeping away all the horror and evil." Mang Xiu's hands turned into strange hand shapes and golden symbols. Continuously injected into the golden energy in front of you, with the completion of the spell, the golden light of the original protective body gradually changed, forming an enchantment surrounded by seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. , The golden beam of light he originally emitted was also transformed into a colorful beam of light. The volume of the energy beam was obviously increased, gradually pressing down Xuanyue's golden beam of light with a thick and huge momentum.

The magic used by Mang is only recognized by the clergy of the power above the priest in white clothes. It is the eighth-level magic of the sacred light system-the light of the awe-inspiring world, taking the aura of the heaven and the earth, in the form of five lights and five extinctions, Condensed into a huge energy to attack the enemy, although the sacred breath of the Haoran Light is not as pure as the golden beam energy produced by the Divine Light, but the energy contained in the Haoran Light is much larger, which is the eighth of the Divine Light System. Among grade magic, one of the strongest single-attack magic. Even Xuan Yue didn't expect that Mang Xiu would use this magic. The Pope's face changed slightly and frowned. Even if he came to face the awe-inspiring light that Mang Xiu used, it would take a lot of effort to resolve it, and he couldn't help but worry a little for his granddaughter.

After seeing the emergence of Haoran's light, Xuan Ye shook his whole body, and he would use this magic. The power was almost unimaginable. He didn't expect that Mang Xiu could use such a powerful magic so quickly. Xuan Yue was obviously not prepared. Under such a situation where the opponent had the upper hand, I was afraid that Xuan Yue would be forced by pressure and would not even have the ability to chant spells. Not to mention the counterattack. Now, Xuan Ye just hopes that Mang Xiu will be merciful to the Pope's face and not hurt his daughter.

Nasha asked nervously: "What should I do, what should I do now. Yueyue is about to fail." Xuan Ye looked at the brilliant light in front of the Guangming Hall in embarrassment, but had no choice but to comfort him in a low voice: " Don't worry, Yueyue may not lose. If Yueyue is truly life-threatening, even if I was severely punished by the Pope, I would definitely save her."

Chapter 142: Xuan Yue Hongyi

Originally, Mang Xiu didn't want to use this magic, but when the two of them used the divine light to descend into the world at the same time, he felt the powerful pressure brought by Xuan Yue, which was absolutely invisible to outsiders. Although it appeared to be evenly matched at the time. But this is not the case, Xuan Yue's divine light descending skill is much more refined than that of Mang Xiu, and Mang Xiu is almost unable to withstand it. Therefore, for the honor of his own red-clothed sacrifice, he had to use the awe-inspiring light. Under the action of the colorful awe-inspiring light, the divine light emitted by Xuan Yue had already been pressed three meters in front of him, completely at a disadvantage. But did Xuanyue lose that way? No, of course not. At this time, she was full of desire for victory, so how could she easily say defeat. Xuan Yue closed her eyes suddenly, as if the strong pressure outside her body had nothing to do with her, she was not affected by the awe-inspiring light at all, her pretty face was calm without a trace, and a faint singing voice floated out, "The world is boundless. The law returns to the sect, the divine power smashes the devil, the light is absolutely loud. Let it burst, the pure sacred power." With the chanting of the spell, the golden beam of light emitted by Xuan Yue suddenly increased a bit, abruptly stopping the light Step forward. However, she did not use higher-level magic. The spell she chanted was the strongest auxiliary magic in the sacred light system. It was an extremely loud light that instantly increased the absorption speed of light elements and enhanced the control of the magic used by itself. . This seven-level auxiliary magic is the strongest among the single auxiliary magic. Xuan Yue's application of magic is completely different from that of Mang Xiu. When he was in danger, Mangxiu first used a stronger magic, and then radiated the power of the magic previously used, dissolving the energy into the stronger magic later. This is a common practice for ordinary magicians, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, when the energy of the original magic merges into the new magic, it is inevitable that a part of the energy will be lost. The method used by Xuanyue is different. She didn't change the state of the original magic, but added a deputy to the original magic to achieve greater effectiveness. A seven-level attack magic plus a seven-level auxiliary magic, its fusion power will never It is worse than the eighth level of magic, and because there is no energy loss, it will reduce the consumption of the caster. In the use of magical energy, Xuanyue has the upper hand.

Xuan Yue’s delicate body slowly floated from the ground under the more intense golden light. Suddenly, under everyone’s astonished gaze, Xuan Yue’s eyebrows lit up, and a golden symbol emerged. If Yue saw it herself, she would be surprised to recognize that this golden symbol was exactly the same as the one on Phoenix's blood. As the golden symbol lit up, two wings of light rose behind Xuanyue, and the clearly visible huge energy wings flapped gently. Each time Xuanyue tapped, the golden beam of light emitted by Xuanyue increased by one point. Will force the light of Haoran back by one point.

When the pope saw the two light wings appearing behind Xuan Yue, he almost exclaimed. He couldn't understand the shape of the light wings. They were the same light wings as when they were baptized by the gods! This kind of vision has never happened before. There is no record in all the books of the Holy See that people who receive the baptism of God will have light wings. Although there are only two light wings, they are enough to amaze the pope. He is more determined. With the belief that Xuanyue and Ah'Dai were the saviors of the world, he knew that the victorious balance had begun to lean towards Xuanyue.

Xuanyue, who closed her eyes, clearly felt the light element in the air rush into her body from behind at several times the usual speed. These huge energies went through the process of condensing, fusing, transforming, and radiating out again. Enhance your attack power. The pure golden light gradually regained the territory previously invaded by Haoran Light under the action of Xuan Yue. The light of Haoran was already the greatest magic that Mang Xiu could use. Seeing the colorful rays of light that he emitted was gradually being pushed back, and seeing the visions produced by Xuan Yue, he had already lost confidence in himself. Without the help of tools, he really has no contingency. The light of Haoran was pressed back by the golden beam step by step.

Xuan Yue didn't know that she had steadily suppressed Mang Xiu, still constantly controlling the infusion of sacred energy into her attacks. A kind voice sounded from the bottom of Xuan Yue's heart, "Son, don't continue to attack, Mang Xiu is about to die. You collect the energy back into your body, and then draw two energies into the sky."

Xuan Yue was shocked, and when she woke up from the golden ocean in her body, she recognized that this voice was made by her grandfather Pope. When she opened her eyes, she found that the situation on the court had been completely reversed. The awe-inspiring light from Mangxiu had been suppressed two meters in front of her by his own golden beam of light, and the sweat on his forehead was gushing down. Can't hold on anymore. Seeing this situation, Xuan Yue hurriedly withdrew the attacking energy, which was contained in herself. The pressure was greatly reduced, and Mengxiu breathed a sigh of relief, a trace of gratitude in his eyes. Because Xuanyue has the absolute upper hand, it has a leading effect on energy. When she controlled the golden beam of light emitted by herself and the colorful awe-inspiring light emitted by Mang Xiu back to the center position, the inner energy suddenly exploded, turning the front The rushing force should be an upward rush, leading two energies of different colors to the sky, the light flashed, all the sacred aura surging in front of the Guangming Hall disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

Seeing the changes in the scene, no one of the priests of the Holy See could speak, only those with advanced cultivation levels could see who was the final winner. However, the performance of Xuan Yue and Mang Xiu feasted their eyes on them. The magician's ability is indeed powerful! The sacrificial robe on Mang Xiu's body was soaked with sweat from his body, and the heavy gasp was clearly audible.

The pope looked at Xuanyue and Mangxiu respectively, smiling and said: "The most loyal believers of the gods, everyone has seen everything just now. The goddess Xuanyue and the goddess of Mang Xiu were tied in sacrifice. I decided to grant the goddess Xuanyue as an agent The honor of the red sacrifice will be raised and lowered according to her future performance." His face sank, and the pope's voice suddenly became severe. "After nearly a thousand years, the dark forces have raised their heads again. They threaten the various races of the mainland. Survival, as believers of God, I ask you to make your due contribution to the peace of the mainland at all costs. Three days later, it will be the time when we go to the Tianyuan Clan to find the dark alien race. For the Holy See, It is the most important battle in the past millennium. We are loyal believers of the gods. We have to pay a lot for peace on the mainland, even our lives. We must rely on us to save the millennium calamity in the mainland. You are willing to follow me and the darkness. Are the forces fighting to the end?"

The priests who can enter the Holy See’s Mountain are the most loyal believers of the gods. They not only have a high level of cultivation, but also have a fanatical belief in the gods. After hearing the words of the pope, only one voice echoed in front of the hall of light. The staff shouted, "We are willing", "Always follow the Pope" and other firm words. In their hearts, they are full of reverence for the gods and aversion to the forces of darkness.

The pope looked at the reflections of the clergy with satisfaction, and said loudly: "Okay, you are worthy of being children of God. In that case, let us fight the evil forces to the end. I will lead you, under the blessing of the gods, to obtain The final victory. Now, go back to your own posts and get ready for the expedition."

The clergy gradually dispersed, and the pope ordered Mongxiu, Yuma, and the Xuanye family to follow him into the Guangming Hall.

A group of golden flames ignited in the hands of the Pope, and the golden light flashed and sank into Mang Xiu's body. Under the influence of the Pope’s divine power, Mengxiu's spirit suddenly recovered a bit, and he respectfully saluted the Pope, "Thank you for keeping this old face for me." He turned around, smiled at Xuanyue, and said. : "What a hero! It seems that I am really old."

Xuanyue respectfully saluted Mang Xiu: "I'm sorry, Grandpa Mang Xiu, I made a heavy shot earlier. Are you okay?"

Mang Xiu shook his head and said, "Well, there is no one who doesn't go all out. Your strength has surpassed the old guys of us. I'm afraid Xuanye can't compare to you. I didn't expect that he was always naughty. The witch has such a cultivation level." Xuan Yue Qiao blushed after hearing what Mang Xiu said and lowered her head. The frozen heart trembled slightly, but it was just a moment.

The Pope was not surprised that Xuanyue was able to obtain the position of acting as a red-clothed priest. He was now worried about the savior. A deep gaze fell on Xuan Ye, and said: "There is no outsider here, Ye'er, let me ask you, what about dumb? Since you brought Yueyue back, why didn't you bring him together? What happened? I know. You have a prejudice against Dumb, but you must not affect the fate of the entire Holy See because of your prejudice. Do you understand? The savior is sent by the gods. Only by following the steps of the savior can you make the most correct choice."

Xuan Ye was in a cold sweat. Although he knew that the Pope attaches great importance to Dumb before, he did not expect that he would attach such importance to it and muttered: "Pope, can you really be sure that he is the savior?"

The pope nodded and said: "His Majesty Shen Yu once left in the Vatican secret book about the appearance of the savior. The sacred rain is a sign of the appearance of the savior. Although you were far from the Tianyuan clan at the time, you should have seen it. Let’s go to the light and rain that came not long ago. Yueyue has told me that the light and rain was caused by her and Dui, plus the prediction of Prophet Purin of the Puyan clan, Dui and Yueyue are the saviors of the mainland, and, The savior should be Dui. We must find him and follow in his footsteps to welcome the coming of the Millennium Tribulation. Tell me, where is Dui now?"

Xuan Yue suddenly took a step forward and said, "My Lord Pope, I am a little tired. I want to go back and rest first. If you have anything to do, you can ask Xuan Ye to sacrifice to the priest. I don't want to hear the word dumb again."

The pope felt the icy air radiating from his granddaughter, frowning and said: "Well, then you go down and rest first." Xuan Yue's cold face couldn't see her inner thoughts, and after saluting everyone, he left the Bright Hall alone.

The pope turned his gaze from Xuan Yue's away back to Xuan Ye, and said, "Tell me, what happened between Yueyue and Dui? This is related to the safety of the entire Holy See, and there is no concealment."

Xuan Ye's heart was shocked. He really wanted to cover up for Ba Buyi, but how could he conceal what the Pope said so badly? Brother Babylon, I'm sorry, I want to tell the truth. Thinking of this, he no longer hesitated, and said: "That's it. On the thirteenth day when we were besieged in the Elf Forest, the dark aliens suddenly retreated silently. As for where to retreat and why we retreat, we don’t Clearly. At this moment, Xuanyue and Dui, and a few of their friends came to the Elf Forest together. At that time, Yueyue and Dui had a very close relationship. But, you know, I have always been to Dui. I didn’t have any good feelings, so I asked Yueyue to return to the Holy See with me. However, Yueyue’s feelings for Dui seemed to be very deep, and she repeatedly asked for Dui to come back together, even threatening death. I had no choice but to agree. Later..." Xuan Ye recounted everything that happened that day in detail, and the Pope's expression became more and more gloomy following his words. When he listened to the entire narrative, his body trembled slightly, and his divine power fluctuated extremely unstable. With a long sigh, the pope exclaimed: "Nicky barrier, it's really an unyielding barrier. If you don't follow it, you will do such a detrimental thing to the Holy See.

Xuan Ye was shocked when he saw his father being so angry, and hurriedly said: "The Pope, this time it is indeed wrong, but he also did this only when his feelings were overwhelmed. You see in the Ba Clan. For the contributions made to the Holy See for generations, please spare him." Xuan Ye knew that once the pope gave an order, it would not change it, and had to plead in advance.

A cold light flashed in the Pope’s eyes, "Forgive him? Don’t you know how big the mistake he made this time? Not only did he let the savior leave us, but it also had a huge impact on the reputation of the Holy See. Dumb's friends represented Although the five forces cannot be said to be extremely powerful, when combined, they can completely threaten the power of the Holy See. What's more, behind Ah Du, there is the Heavenly Sword Sage, the strongest man in the mainland, that even I dare not offend easily. People. Xuan Ye, think about it carefully, if A’Dai is not the reincarnation of the savior, why would there be all kinds of power around him. The Prophet Pulin of the Puyan tribe is the most forward-looking, he is the first person to win over A’Dai, I believe , As long as the dark forces can be defeated in the end, the Puyan Clan will surely develop a lot, hey——, grievances! Does God really want to punish the Holy See?"

Xuan Ye realized the seriousness of the situation at this time, and said anxiously: "Pope, what should we do now? Let me find Dumb, explain the misunderstanding to him clearly, and bring him back to see you."

There was a trace of sullenness in the pope's eyes, as if suddenly he was ten years old at this moment, he sighed, and said: "Find? How do you find it? And with the relationship between you and Dumb, you think he will believe it. You? I can see that Yueyue has blocked her heart because of dumb. The feelings between them can only be resolved by themselves, and external forces cannot play a role. If the heaven is destined to fall, how can human power be How about saving? The savior has his own destiny to guide, what will happen in the future, let him go, well, you can go back and rest. As for Babuyi, just forget it, after all, their Ba family has made great contributions to the Holy See . But you have to warn Babylon and let him take care of his son."

Seeing his father’s appearance, Xuan Ye felt uncomfortable. The Pope’s life was dedicated to the Holy See just like the dead Na Yan. At this moment, the Holy See is facing such a crisis. The Pope’s mood Xuan Ye can understand, but he doesn’t know. How to persuade you. The pope’s gaze turned to Nasha, her voice softened a lot, “Sa Sha, I feel guilty about Nayan. I didn’t think about it carefully when I sent them to perform the task. Whatever you need, just tell your father-in-law."

Nasha's eyes flushed, tears streaming down, and she choked up: "Father-in-law, you are not to blame for this incident. No one knows that there will be such a big change. Father, he asks for benevolence and benevolence..." Then, Nasha couldn't speak anymore, fell into Xuan Ye's arms and wept bitterly. The pope sighed, turned his head to sacrifice to Yuma and said: "You go and arrange for the families of the victims, try to meet their requirements, and be more comforted. Xuanye, go down and rest. Take good care of Nasha. And Yueyue’s mental state is very unstable now, so you have to pay more attention to her."

The crowd led away, and the Guangming Hall became empty. The pope turned to face the tall angel statue behind him, and chanted the mantra religiously. Under the effect of his spell, the angel statue glowed with golden halo . The Pope murmured: "My Lord God, please bless the Holy See and your people. Let the dead warriors rest in heaven."

In the wilderness, Dui kept speeding. He didn't know where he was now. He just distinguished the east and west directions by the light of the sun. In the past few days, he almost lived a life like a savage. He was hungry. Find some wild fruits in the mountains and forests to eat. When he gets tired, he just finds a place to sit down and practice, perhaps because he has driven all his thoughts out of his body, his mental power is surprisingly concentrated, the growth rate of Zhen Qi is unusually fast, and his physical condition has been completely restored.

While speeding, Ah-Dai suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a plume of smoke not far ahead, and his heart moved. This was the first time he saw someone after leaving the elf forest. Without thinking about it, he quickly drifted towards the place where the smoke rose. The cooking smoke gradually approached, and Ah Dui heard the gurgling sound of water clearly, what a sound he longed for! This is the first time he has encountered a river since he recovered. Under the urging of his subconscious mind, he walked through a forest and finally saw the light he had longed for. It was an unusually wide river, and the blue river was extremely clear, pouring toward the northwest. Dui's body was already full of dirt. Seeing the big river in front of him, he flew up without hesitation and crossed the two-meter-high embankment and fell towards the big river. There was a plop, and the water splashed all over. Under the icy river water, A-Dai suddenly became energetic. The huge momentum of the river brought his body up, and A-Dai released a white vindictive spirit all over his body. When he was at the beach and his skill was still very low, the endless waves could no longer wash away his body. At this time, the momentum of the river was nothing. Dumb concentrated on luck, and controlled his body to sink to the bottom of the river. In the clear river, he could clearly see the swimming fish sliding in front of him, and the impact of the current was constantly cleaning the dirt on his body. The river was very deep and it took a long time to sink to the bottom. According to Dui's judgment, he has dived at least ten meters. The bottom of the river was very clean, there was no silt he had imagined, but some smooth round rocks. The Shengshengzhen Qi in Ah Du's body continued to circulate, forming his own internal circulation, so that he could at least hold on for a few hours without going ashore to breathe. I haven't had a bath for many days, and my body is really dirty. Duan kept changing his position, allowing the raging river to clean the dirt on the surface of the Serpent's Armor.

When the dirt on the surface of the giant spirit snake armor disappeared, Dah took off the thin armor in the water, grasped it tightly with his hands, and constantly washed the dirt on it, and then carefully washed his body again. . When all of this was done, Ah Dumb retracted the zhensheng qi that was opposed to the buoyancy, his feet were a little under the water, and his body rushed up like arrows.

With a puff, Dumb's body rushed out of the river in the white vindictive envelop, distinguished a lower position, and fell to the shore. Because of the inconvenience of wearing giant snake armor in the water, he is completely naked now. That refreshing feeling relaxes Ah Du's tight body a lot.

Just when he was about to fall to the shore, the mutation happened. A sharp wind shot with a strong murderous electricity. It was a black figure, with a blue cold light at the forefront of the figure, piercing at the vital part of Ah Du's waist like lightning. At this moment, Ah Du was feeling the fresh feeling because he was holding the giant spirit snake armor and his body had just been cleaned, so he had no defense at all. The cold light of the sneak attack kept converging his breath until he entered within one meter of A'Dai's body, when the crazy murderous aura burst out. The sudden appearance of the murderous aura immediately surprised A'Dai. The surging murderous intent was perfused with sharp vindictiveness and it was not him. Those who have not entered the best state can live defensively. When he discovered the crisis, the sharp cold light was less than half a meter away from his waist and abdomen. Without any dodge or resistance, Duan could only move the Giant Spirit Serpent Armor to his waist. The black figure accurately slammed into A'dai's waist with a faint blue light, and the sharp vindictiveness burst out suddenly. Even after the giant spirit snake armor was offset, it was still so powerful, it crazily penetrated into the meridians of A'dai's waist and raged.

The sharp fighting Qi is so familiar. Although Ah-Dai was hit by the opponent under his care, his skill at this time is so strong that he can be included in the top of the mainland. The white light suddenly shines, and the liquid vitality in his body suddenly Stopping the impact of the sharp vindictive energy, Duan turned his right hand, and the giant spirit snake armor wrapped around the opponent's short blade, and the white vindictive energy of the protective body suddenly turned into light blue. He did not use his hands to transform it, a huge blue light net. Has covered the attackers. With the strong and soft energy of the optical net, at such a close distance, the sneak attacker has no chance to resist. The body is completely restrained by the optical net, and the forward momentum stops abruptly, just standing in the dumb body. Before, the two faced each other almost closely.

Even without looking, Dumb knew who the sneak attacker was, and he was so familiar with the method of sneak attack. It's just that he was very strange, why this girl from the thieves' guild appeared in front of him again after more than a year. After leaving the Psychedelic Forest, she barely stayed in one place for long, but she could still be found.

The one who attacked Dumb was precisely the phoenix who had been confined in the thieves' union for one year. At the beginning, after being confined by the thieves’ union president, she has been practicing assiduously. She doesn’t believe that Dui, who is not older than herself, can surpass herself by so much in a short period of time. The speed at which Dui’s martial arts improves makes Mie Feng Extremely unwilling. Dumb became the goal she wanted to surpass. For this goal, Mie Feng trained herself cruelly like self-abuse. In one year, her skill has greatly increased. During the year, she could not forget the figure of Dumb in her mind. She kept telling herself that it was because of the hatred brought about by the death of the fourth uncle. One year later, the confinement was lifted, and she chose not to hesitate to leave the thieves' union that had been hidden in the dark and seek revenge on Dumb alone. Although the Thieves Union disappeared, but the news network was still there, Mie Feng learned from her staff that A Duan had appeared in Andis City and participated in the contest between the two wizards' unions. She immediately set off to Andis City. But when she got there, Dumb and others had already left. Soon after, she received the news that Duan participated in the team battle between the Moonscar Mercenary Group and the Overlord's Mercenary Group in a must-victory decisive, showcasing his might and surrendered the Overlord's Mercenary Group. Immediately rushed to Varro City where the Moonscar Mercenary Group was located, but there, she was still a step slower. With the support of the thieves’ trade union’s huge and dense news network, until the Red Hurricane City, Miefeng finally caught up with Ah-Dai and others. While she was looking for a chance to start, Ah-Dai and Xuanyue saw that Yanli left behind. Miefeng left quickly. Although Miefeng wanted to catch up with them, he tried his best but still couldn’t catch up with their speed. He had to follow Yueji and the others to the Puyan Clan slowly. He knew that Ah-Dai wouldn’t be with himself. Those friends separated. Among the Puyan tribe, she was surprised to find that the bright magician who had been following Dumb turned out to be a woman, and she was such a beautiful woman, and she couldn't help feeling sour in her heart. Originally, she planned to take advantage of A'Dai's few days of training in the Puyan Clan, but Xuanyue always stayed with A'Dai, leaving her without any chance. Mie Feng knew clearly that although her skill has improved a lot, she and A'Dai, Compared with a master like Xuan Yue, there is still a certain gap, so she didn't have the urge, just quietly waiting for the opportunity. Dui and the others left the Puyan clan for the Elf clan. Because of previous lessons, Miefeng has not rushed to do it. With her extremely high endurance, she is waiting for the best opportunity to come. Mie Feng's latent time has reached a state of superb transformation, even Duan has never found her existence. After arriving in the Elf Forest, Ah Du and the others used the Elf Bracelet to enter the ancient enchantment of the Elf but there was no way to kill the phoenix. However, in order not to lose track of Ah Dui, she used the special item of the Thieves Guild to track incense, and the moment Ah Dui opened the enchantment with the wizard bracelet, she left a mark on him. As long as it is not excessively cleaned, the smell of Qian Li track incense is Will not disappear. Facts proved that she was completely correct in doing so. Early the next morning, she realized that Ah-Dai had left the elf forest by relying on the item that could sense the trace of incense for thousands of miles, and immediately quickly caught up. However, how can the speed at which Duan is playing in grief can catch up? Duan ran wildly overdrawing his vitality for two days and two nights, and it took Miefeng a dozen days to keep up. Finally, after Ah Dumb's skill recovered, he gradually followed in his footsteps. Because Dui has just recovered her skill, she has not moved very fast these days, and has been repairing her body. Therefore, Feng Feng can always follow him in an unobtrusive manner, but it is also extremely hard to track, and her physical strength has gradually been unable to follow him. On it. Today, when Dumb jumped into the river to take a bath, Mie Feng knew that if he didn't do it again, I'm afraid there would be no chance to do it. Because, under such a strong impact of the river, the smell of Qianli Chasing incense will not be retained. When Adaichi fell from the river water to the shore, Miefeng knew that this was the best time to take action, although Adaichi Luo's appearance made her shy, but she still chose to attack with all her strength. The poison-feeding dagger rushed towards Ah-Dai with all her skills. However, under such a good opportunity, she still failed to kill Dumb. The energy contained in the blue light net was so huge that Miefeng had no chance to break free. She could only watch the nakedness in front of her. Dumb, only then did she notice that it turned out that Dumb's figure was so perfect, and her pretty face could not help but blush.

Chapter 143: Go with the phoenix

Duan looked at Miefeng who hadn't seen him for many days, and his eyes could not help showing a strong murderous intent. He who had frozen his heart now only had hate in his heart. Miefeng's sneak attack immediately made him angry and said with hatred: "This is already you. How many sneak attacks on me. I didn’t kill you before, not because I was soft-hearted, but because you looked like a friend of mine. However, today I will not be merciful anymore.” Dumb knew clearly that if Don't use the giant spirit snake armor to block it first, once it is directly stabbed by the short blade of the phoenix, even if it is not dead, it may be severely injured. Thinking of this, Ah-Dai raised his right hand, and the sharp blade of transformation energy came out through his palm. Under the murderous urge in his heart, Ah-Dai had decided that he would completely solve this trouble today.

Mie Feng looked at the life-changing blade in Ah Du's hand, without a trace of fear, and said coldly: "Since I came to assassinate you, I never thought about my own life and death. You must kill it. However, before killing me , Can you put on your own clothes first. Do you have nudity? I don't want my soul to be peaceful after I die."

After listening to Mie Feng's words, Ah-Dai was stunned. He lowered his head and looked at himself. He was suddenly embarrassed. The murderous intent in his chest disappeared, and his honest face was flushed red. He blocked the important part of his crotch with the armor of the giant snake, and fell into the nearby woods like lightning. Seeing Ah Dumb's embarrassment, Mie Feng couldn't help showing a faint smile.

In the woods, Dui felt his heartbeat suddenly speeded up a lot, and hurriedly put the giant spirit snake armor on his body, and in a rush, he put on the close-fitting armor for a while. He took out a set of clean civilian clothing from the space barrier and put it on the outside, which was relieved. But the idea of killing Feng can no longer be raised. Floating up, he returned to Mie Feng's body. Under the influence of the net of heaven and earth, Mie Feng had no chance to escape.

Mie Feng looked at Ah Dui's neatly dressed, and said coldly: "You can do it. Although I am a thief, I will never beg for mercy from you. Even if I die, my soul will come to you for revenge."

Hearing the word thief, Dumb's heart moved, thinking of the purpose of his trip, a flash of light in his mind, said: "Do you want to kill me? I can fulfill you."

Mie Feng stunned. She thought she had heard it wrong, and frowned, "What are you talking about? If you want to humiliate me, I won't give in to the idea if you stop this idea as soon as possible."

A sorrowful color flashed deep in Ah Du's eyes, and said faintly: "What I said is true, don't you just want to take my life and avenge your elders? I can fulfill you. I have already lived enough. Yes. But, I have one condition. As long as you can agree to this condition and help me get things done, I will let you take my life and never fight back."

Mie Feng snorted disdainfully, and said, "Conditions? Who are you bluffing? With your current skill, how can you die casually. Will you live enough? Lie to ghosts."

A Duan sighed slightly, turned around, and said with his back to Miefeng: "I was an orphan since I was a child, and there was nothing to miss on the mainland. Now I only have two wishes. As long as these two wishes can be fulfilled, What's the matter with death? It's just going to another world. I can swear that as long as you help me fulfill one of my wishes, I will not fight back and let you kill it."

Although Ah Du's voice was calm, Miefeng could hear his grief from his heart. I don't know why, she felt a pain in her heart and frowned, "You are serious."

Duan nodded and said, "Yes, I take it seriously. I can tell you the conditions first, and it's up to you whether you agree or not. You should know that with my current skill, even if you attack, it is very It's hard to hurt me, let alone kill me. Moreover, I can take your life now, and promised my terms is your only chance to get revenge."

Mie Feng looked at A Duan's tall back, gritted his teeth, and said, "Okay, you can state the conditions first."

Dumb said: "My two wishes, one is to do something for my master. The other is to eliminate the killing hand society. Uncle Owen's kindness to me is too late to repay him, he died at the killing hand society. In the hands of a group of bastards. As long as these two wishes can be fulfilled, I don’t care anymore. I know that your thieves’ union is the most well-informed organization on the mainland. Since you are an important member of the thieves’ union, you can definitely use these The news network finds where the killer will be. My requirements are not high, as long as you lead me to every stronghold of the killer, I can do it myself. When I completely eliminate the killer, your conditions will be fulfilled, and then , You can go to Tiangang Mountain with me once, and after I have fulfilled another wish, I can be at your disposal. This is your only chance, you have to consider it carefully."

Mie Feng was shocked when she heard that Ah-Dai was about to kill the Artifact Society. She knew the strength of the Artifact Society. Although Ah-Dai had a great skill, he was only one person. Can he really compete with the entire Artifact Society? Thinking of this, Mie Feng said, "How can I believe that you can eradicate the entire Killing Hand Association with your own strength? Once you fail, or let go of any one of them, the Killing Hand Association will definitely know that it is a letter from my Thieves Guild. Their revenge will cause irreparable losses to the entire thieves’ union."

Ah-Dai turned around and faced Miefeng, and said, "Then how can you believe that I have the strength to destroy the entire Killing Hand Society?"

Mie Feng smiled disdainfully. Inadvertently, his gaze fell on the river that was more than 30 meters wide, and said coldly: "Unless you can cut off the river in front of you, I believe you have this strength." When I think about it, Dumb will definitely shrink back. Although the condition of waiting to die is very exciting to Mie Feng, she will not create the possibility of causing trouble to the entire thieves' union in order to kill Dumb. I don't know why, she clearly felt that even if she didn't agree to his terms, Dumb would still let him go.

Duan glanced at the river beside him, nodded, and said, "Okay, isn't the river running off? Then you are optimistic." After speaking, he floated up and floated towards the middle of the river in the white light.

Mie Feng stared at the figure of Dui dumbfounded, she never expected that Dui would actually agree to this condition, and his body skills were so wonderful. Although it was not the first time she saw A-Dai flying out of thin air since tracking her, she still felt admiration when she saw it again. But how can it be possible to dry up such a wide river?

Dui floated to the middle of the big river, watching the river flowing continuously under his feet, his heart fell into the realm of an ancient well, and his spirit was concentrated at an unprecedented height. The four-inch golden body in the dantian lit up under the urging of his thoughts. . The white light outside of Duan suddenly converged, and the light blue light replaced the original anger. Under the urging of Duan's mind, the solid-state energy formed a blue defensive cover, completely enclosing his body. Duan kept transforming the vital energy in his body into solid energy, the light blue light became deeper and deeper, and the defensive cover became thicker and thicker. When Dui completely transformed the nearly six successful powers in his body into solid energy for transformation, the light of the solid fighting energy changed, gradually changing from light blue to lavender, which was the fifth transformation phenomenon. After constantly absorbing the second golden body energy from the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, plus his own assiduous practice, Ah Dui finally raised the solid state energy from the fourth transformation to the fifth transformation realm two days ago, generating transformation energy. The transformation has greatly improved Ah Du’s strength again, and finally truly entered the realm of Juggernaut. Although he has not yet reached the sixth silver change of the Swordmaster of Tiangang, he is no less inferior to the other three Juggernauts. Strength. The lavender mask gradually shrunk in the constant compression of Dumb. After he converted 80% of his twelve success power into solid energy, he controlled the energy outside the body with all his thoughts and stopped, because the energy outside the body exceeded Because of the true energy he left in his body, his mental power was doubled.

Mie Feng watched Ah'Dai's fighting qi change from white to blue, and from blue to purple, she couldn't help showing a look of horror in her beautiful eyes. As far as she knew, the cultivation level that could change the color of her fighting qi was extremely rare on the mainland. It's unheard of to be able to control the changed vindictiveness like Dumb so magical. At this time, A'Dai's voice rang, "Rogue, I will immediately cut off the river for at least ten seconds. You are optimistic." Listening to A'Dai's confident voice, Mie Feng's heart was shaken, At this moment, the dumb, who was hanging in the air, looked so incredibly powerful.

Dui took a deep breath, blended the huge transformation energy outside the body and the remaining energy in the body, and shouted, using his mind to control the transformation energy and began to change. The dark purple shield gradually spread out and turned into a light curtain. The area of the light curtain continued to expand. The dark purple solid energy gradually turned into lavender. After a while, the light curtain had expanded to more than ten meters high. A lavender energy wall more than 30 meters wide. Increasing the energy of life transformation to such a large volume has already caused Ah Da's mental power to be overdrawn, and he can't help but feel dizzy. Adjusted his breath a little, stabilized the energy he controlled, dumb shouted, his hands suddenly pressed, the lavender solid energy wall was like a huge gate, submerged into the river like lightning. Only less than three meters were left out of the water. The huge impact brought by the river caused a big shock to A'Dai's body. His body and the purple energy wall were rushed out five meters away. A'Dai hurriedly pumped out the remaining 40% of the zhenqi in his body and added 20% to the energy wall. Stabilize your body. However, because the impact of the river water was too strong, a thread of blood oozes from the corner of his mouth.

The river has dried up, yes, it has really dried up. The upstream river water was completely blocked by the huge energy gate emitted by Duan, the downstream water surface gradually declined, while the upstream water surface continued to rise.

Looking at everything in front of him, Mie Feng couldn't believe that his eyes could really cut off such a wide river. She never expected that Ah'Dai's strength was so terrifying. However, with the facts before her eyes, she had to admit that watching the water level in the upper reaches continued to rise, she was about to break through the shore, and she couldn't bear it anymore. The irritation, I couldn't help shouting: "Enough."

As the water level in the upper reaches increased, the pressure on Ah-Dai became greater and greater. Behind him, a river bed full of stones was exposed downstream. Hearing Mie Feng's cry, Ah Dui couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. With a loud shout, he suddenly retracted the wall of life-changing energy, pressing his right hand on the river that was ready to go, and his body flew high. Without obstruction, the upstream river surging and falling, making a loud rumbling sound, the sound lasted for five minutes before it stopped. As if nothing had happened, everything returned to peace again.

Dui landed on the bank of the river, panting constantly, because of the massive overdraft of mental power and zhenshengqi, when he left the river, he could not fully recover the radiance and transformation energy. Now, his skill is not at its best. 50% of the state. And the meridians in the body have also been traumatized. After reluctantly breathing, and stabilizing the qi and blood surging in his body, Ah Dai walked to Mie Feng.

In addition to horror in Mie Feng’s beautiful eyes, he watched dumbfoundedly as he approached him step by step. In her eyes, the current dumb was no longer the same, as if he had become another person, a powerful person like a god. People.

Duan walked to Miefeng, calmed down his breath, and said, "Rogue, you can believe now that I do have the strength to destroy the Killing Hand Society."

Mie Feng nodded stupidly, and said, "You, what is your skill?" Ah-Dai's performance has completely shocked her heart. Now, she dare not even think about attacking Ah-Dai again.

A Duan waved his hand and took back the energy of the heaven and earth net that had bound her, and added it to his body, "This is the vindictive spirit of our Heavenly Gang Sword. Now that you believe in my power, you can now agree to my terms."

Miefeng finally recovered and said, "Okay, I promised to take you to find the killing hand club. However, you must remember your own words and wait until your wish is fulfilled, and you must wait to die."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue coldly, raised his right hand, curled up his thumb and tail finger, raised his index finger, middle finger, and ring finger, and said loudly, "I dumb swear. As long as, as long as." There was a trace of embarrassment in his cold eyes. Zhi Lu looked at Mie Feng and said, "What is your name?" How did he swear without knowing the other party's name.

Mie Feng looked at Ah'Dai's cold face suddenly turning into a silly look, he chuckled, and said, "My name is Mie Feng."

"Oh." Dumb re-said: "I dumb swears, as long as the thief Miefeng can help me find all the lairs of the Killing Hand Society, let me kill all the killers to avenge Uncle Owen, I am willing to let her after fulfilling another wish. Deal with it and never regret it. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed."

Seeing A Dumb's solemn expression, a strange feeling arose in Mie Feng's heart. The smile on his face disappeared, and he said faintly, "Well, in that case, I also promise you that I will take you to find all the lairs of the Killing Hand Association. These are. The sky chased you and I suffered a lot of physical loss. Let me take a break and then go." After speaking, with a complicated mood, I walked to the shade of a big tree and sat down alone. Dui asked her, she didn't care that Dui would hurt her, so she sat cross-legged and practiced. Against the backdrop of her black outfit and her cold temperament, it was like a witch came to the world.

Dumb felt relieved and thought: Uncle Owen, I can finally avenge you. With the guidance of this thief, I will definitely be able to find all the killers who killed you and wipe out their sinful souls. Uncle, you will definitely rest in the Spirit of Heaven. Dui turned around and walked to the shade of the tree 20 meters away from Extinguish the Phoenix. He had consumed a lot of physical strength by cutting off the river just now, and he had to recover as soon as possible. Sitting cross-legged, Dumb stopped just as he was about to enter a state of meditation. He glanced at Miefeng not far away, and he couldn't help but feel worried. You shouldn’t be disturbed when you meditate. The higher the skill, the more terrible it will be. The purpose of extinguishing the phoenix is to kill him. If you sneak attack while you are meditating, even if your skill is high, I'm afraid it's hard to cope, so she must not be given this opportunity.

Thinking of this, Dui turned his mind to the wish of Corris on his right wrist, a black light flashed, and the same Dui appeared beside him. With the improvement of skill, the clone of Ah-Dai became more powerful. Ah-Dai looked at the body exactly like himself, smiled, controlled the clone with his mind, and passed the information to protect himself. The energy of the clone can last for one hour, and one hour of rest should be enough. Thinking of this, Dumb closed his eyes and entered a state of meditation.

An hour passed quickly, and when Dumb awoke from meditation, he found that his clone was still guarding him, and there was no sign of disappearing. But Miefeng was still cultivating in place. After an hour of meditating, although Ah Dui's skill has not been restored to its best state, he has also repaired the meridians from the shock and feels much more comfortable. Dumb looked at the sky and felt that one hour should have passed, but the clone still did not disappear. Dumb knew that the reason why the clone was maintained for more than an hour was related to the improvement of his mental power. He did not take the clone back, and was ready to see how long the clone could last. The clone will never betray him, and is also his best physical shield. If his energy increases, it will definitely help him to get revenge.

Two hours later, Miefeng woke up from his cultivation, exhaled the muddy energy in his body and looked at Ah Dui. When she just woke up, Ah-Dai had already discovered it. Three hours have passed, but the clone has existed for a long time. In order to prevent Mie Feng from discovering her secret, the moment she woke up, Ah-Dai took back the clone. The wish of Coris.

Miefeng stood up and said to Dumb: "Are you afraid that I will attack you? Look at me like a thief. I have a good rest, we can go now."

Dumb said coldly: "Aren't you a thief? I naturally want to guard against it."

Mie Feng was furious, and said bitterly: "What did you say? I am a gainer, not an ordinary thief."

Dumb snorted, "The acquirer is just a kind of name for the thieves level. It's also a thieves. What's the difference. Where do you go now."

Mie Feng took a deep breath, calming the anger in her heart, "How do I know where to go, don't you want to kill the handicraft club? There is always an order. Should you kill the club first or start from their branch lair?" I found that facing this cold-faced young man, he was always calm and easily irritated.

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "If the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association is directly destroyed, the assassins scattered in various places will inevitably be scattered. I am afraid it will be even more harmful, and even new Killing Hand Associations will appear one after another. My goal is Eliminate all these nasty bastards. So, let's start with the branch first. You take me to the nearest killer club branch. By the way, do you know where we are now?"

Mie Feng stunned, and said, "You don't even know where you are? We are now at the junction of the light province of the Huasheng Empire and the dark province of the Sunset Empire. Not farther west, you can enter the Sunset Empire. Your way has been to the northwest, passing through the border between the Tiangang Mountains and the Holy See. If you talk about the nearest branch, then you have to go to Dark City, the capital of the Dark Province."

Dumb thought to himself, it turned out that he was almost entering the territory of the Sunset Empire, and he thought he was in the territory of the Sodom Federation. It seems that the two days of decadence have indeed driven a lot of roads!

Seeing that A Duan didn’t respond, Mie Feng continued, “It’s already evening. I’ve been with you for so long. I haven’t eaten a serious meal. There happened to be a village not far in front. Go there for one night and take a break. Status. Let’s go to the Dark City tomorrow morning.” After finishing speaking, he walked westward along the river bank.

Ah Dui caught up with Miefeng's pace and said, "Have you been chasing me? You should not be able to keep up with me because of your skill, and how did you find me? How do you know which direction I am going from?"

A trace of pride rose in Mie Feng's heart, and said in his heart, you also have time to admire me! "Speed has always been the best thing for thieves. Although your skill is high, I can still keep up with you. As for how to find you, this is the secret of our thieves' union." Dumb frowned and said, "Your secret is me You don’t need to ask, but how can you go to the village in front of you in this outfit?"

Mie Feng was shocked and looked at himself in a strong black outfit, yes! This outfit of myself is completely a warrior, which is bound to cause unnecessary trouble. However, in order to catch up with Dumb, she discarded all the salutes and only this dress was left. Angrily said: "What's wrong with my dress? I don't have any clothes to change."

Dumb swiped into the void, opened his own space barrier, took out a set of civilian clothing from inside and handed it to Miefeng's hands, "Let this set outside, although it is a bit bigger, it can be done."

Mie Feng took the dry civilian clothes, glanced at Dumb, floated to the side, and put the clothes on him in a few strokes. Her movements are extremely neat, and all the parts of her pants have been cut off with a short blade. Although it looks a little awkward, it will be done by tightening the belt. It's just her stern and pretty face that a discerning person can tell that she is not an ordinary person.

The two walked forward for about 20 minutes, and saw a village across the wide river. The village was small in size and seemed to be only about a hundred households. The smoky smoke that Ah-Dai saw earlier was emitted from here. By the river, seven or eight women were chatting while washing their clothes, looking plain and harmonious. Mie Feng glanced at A Duan and said, "Let's go to the other side. I'm hungry."

Dumb said: "Just go over like this? What if people over there find out?"

Mie Feng snorted coldly and said, "Are you still afraid of being discovered? You love killing so much. If they find out, you can kill all of them."

Ah Dui furiously said, "You only like to kill. I kill wicked people who have a way to die."

Seeing Ah Dui's angry look, Miefeng couldn't help thinking of his fourth uncle's death, and said bitterly: "What are you murdering? My fourth uncle was just trying to try your skills and you killed him. Isn't that bloodthirsty? Huh?" She clenched her fists tightly, and whenever she remembered that her kindly uncle had turned into a corpse under Dumb's sword of Hades, Miefeng's heart was filled with incomparable hatred.

Dumb's expression regained his composure, and said faintly, "He is not here to test my kung fu, but to test my Pluto sword. Don't you know that the Pluto sword is out of its sheath and will not return without blood. What's more, when you go The behavior of the elves taking the elves is damned in itself. If I had the current skills at that time, I might kill you all. Did you know? Only two of the 18 elves captured by you survived, and the rest They all chose to commit suicide because they were desecrated by the **** of the sunset empire. Although you did not kill, can you say that the death of the elves has nothing to do with you? Your uncle’s life is valuable, and the elves should die? I don’t want to argue with you. , Right and wrong are just right. Follow me.” After speaking, a strong wind blew out of Ah's fingers. Under the strong vitality action, the invisible vindictive energy straddled a hundred meters and shot through a small tree across the river. Dumb popped out a few fingers one after another, and the little tree clashed and fell to the ground. The sudden sound immediately attracted the villagers by the river. Taking this opportunity, Duan pulled out the phoenix, and the two of them rose into the air and fell down across the river like lightning. Dumb's cultivation is superb, and there is no need to breathe across this distance, and he flies straight over. Lightweight kung fu is also the best thing at Miefeng, only a light touch on the river surface, he chased Ah Dui to the opposite bank.

With his feet firmly grounded, Mie Feng still remembered what Ah-Dai said just now. He was right. Although the Thieves Union never kills, it does have a way to die! However, emotionally, how could I let my fourth uncle die so in vain?

Duan glanced at the silent Miefeng, and then walked towards the village not far ahead. Because of the broken tree earlier, no one found them crossing the river.

The small village is built by the river. There are fields by the river. Some farmers are working hard. Looking at these simple ordinary people, the cold lines on Ah Du's face soften. He strode forward, walked to a middle-aged villager who was working, and said: "Hello, uncle, we are passing by here. We are tired from walking and we have no dry food. Can we take a rest in your village? "

The villagers put down their **** and looked at the dumb in front of them. Except for his tall stature, Dumb is no different from ordinary people. His simple and honest appearance immediately won the favor of the villagers. With a laugh, the villagers said: "When you are away from home, you should be more prepared. There is nothing left to do. We can’t make our way. We are the most hospitable people in Hake Village. Wait for me and take you back to the village when I finish my work. Although my house is small, it’s okay to live with a few more people."

Dui was overjoyed and said, "Uncle, are you plowing the ground? I'll help you." As he said, before the middle-aged villager refused, he took the **** from him. Followed the traces that the middle-aged villagers had cut out earlier. The middle-aged man showed a look of approval in his eyes and smiled and said, "Little brother, how is this embarrassing? I'll do it."

A Duan smiled at the middle-aged man and said, "Uncle, we young people have the I can do it by myself. You take a rest first."

Not far away, Mie Feng watched Ah-Dai plowing the ground one by one, and an unspeakable feeling surged in his heart. With such a high level of skill, he is willing to do these lowest-level farming tasks. What kind of person is he!

Seeing that the middle-aged villagers couldn't compete with Dumb, they had no choice but to let him go, and told him their area of responsibility, and chatted with him on the side.

Duan didn't use his true energy, and completely relied on his strength to wield the hoe. Even so, with his strong physique, he could do it much faster than the villagers. During his work, Dui never looked back at Miefeng. Through chatting with the villagers, Dumb knew that the middle-aged uncle was named Harry, and he was an ordinary villager in the village of Hake. Hake Village belongs to the Guangming Province of the Huasheng Empire, and the villagers here lead a self-sufficient life. There is very little contact with the outside world because it is remote and officials from the Guangming Province will not come to collect taxes. Makes the life of the villagers here very easy. Every day I work at sunrise, and at sunset, I am at ease.

The **** kept flying in the hands of Dumb, and the soil on the ground was separated on both sides under the action of the hoe. After a while, Harry had finished the ground that should be planed. Wiping a handful of sweat from his head, Dumb returned the **** to Harry and said, "Uncle, I haven't done this kind of work very much. Don't be surprised if you don't plan well."

Chapter 144: Small village storm

Harry smiled and said: "It's already very good. The ridges you dig out are very neat. The weather has been good this year. After a few days, I will plant the rapeseed and I will be able to grow good vegetables. Go, I will take you back to the village."

Dumb thanked him, turned his head to look at Miefeng, and said, "Uncle, I still have a companion."

Harry was shocked, and then he noticed Miefeng standing not far away. How could he have seen such a beautiful beauty in such a small place? The eyes straightened all of a sudden.

Dumb said: "Uncle Harry, this is my companion Miefeng." As he said, he cast a look at Miefeng.

Mie Feng walked to the side of Ah Du, his always cold face remained unchanged, and said lightly, "Hello."

Although Miefeng looked rude, but the power of the beauty was extraordinary after all, Harry murmured: "Hello, girl. I lived almost fifty years old. This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful girl. Ah! Hurry up. I will take you home." As he said, he walked toward the village first, but he didn't dare to look at Miefeng anymore.

A Dumb's heart moved, and suddenly he had a very strange thought. He thought, what would Harry do if he saw Xuan Yue who had a better appearance than Mie Feng?

Under Harry's leadership, Dumb and Miefeng entered the small village. Most of the villagers have gone to farm work, and the village is quiet. All houses are repaired by trees and look very simple.

Harry's house is a small courtyard with four or five rooms. Although the layout of the rooms is extremely simple, they are also very clean, giving a refreshing feeling. There are peppers and corn in the yard, which should be their daily food.

"Sit down for a while. My mother-in-law and some children have gone out to work, and I will be back soon. I will get you some water to drink." After speaking, he turned and walked out. Only Miefeng and A Duan were left in the room. Mie Feng's eyes suddenly softened a lot, and he said to Dumb: "The way you were working just now looked very comfortable."

Dumb froze and said, "Comfortable? I feel very comfortable too. If I can live in this small village for a lifetime, it would actually be a good thing."

Mie Feng's expression returned to coldness again, and he said faintly, "That is impossible for you. Your life is now mine."

Duan closed his eyes and said, "No, it's not yours yet. When the killer will disappear from the mainland, you will have the right to collect." The two returned to normal, and the cabin fell into silence.

After a while, Harry came back with a pot of tea, smiled slightly, and said: "Come on, taste our camellia here, it tastes very good."

Drinking the clear tea from the mountains and the wild, whether it is a dumb or a phoenix, there is a feeling of being born. The sun gradually went down, and the Harry family returned home. Harry has two sons and one daughter. The eldest daughter is married and does not go home on weekdays. Both sons are a few years younger than Dui and are not yet married. When they saw Miefeng, their expressions were surprisingly similar to those of Harry, and even worse, even their saliva almost flowed out.

Mie Feng looked at the two dumbfounded young people in front of him, and said impatiently: "What are you looking at, haven't you seen beautiful women?"

The two young people said in unison: "Yes! We have never seen a beautiful woman like you."

Mie Feng stood up from the seat, and Ah Dui clearly felt the murderous aura emanating from her. He hurriedly stopped in front of Huck's two sons, and said, "What are you doing?"

Mie Feng snorted coldly, and tore a piece of cloth from the hem of his coat to cover his face, "If you stare at me again, don't blame me for being rude."

Harry's two sons were very simple, and when they saw Mie Feng's cold eyes, they were suddenly nervous and speechless. Harry coughed twice and said: "You two are tired after a day's work. Let's rest first. I will call you during dinner." The two simple youths rushed out of the room as if they were amnesty.

Harry dashed off the phoenix and said, "Miss, don't be angry. Your appearance is so beautiful. I am afraid that no one of our villagers can resist the temptation! I'm going to cook for my wife." After speaking, he turned and walked out of the room. , Dui could see that Harry was a little dissatisfied with Miefeng. But Ah Dui wanted to kill the phoenix at this time, and couldn't blame her too much, so he snorted and closed his eyes.

During the meal, Mie Feng was less tempted by Harry and his son because of the veil. During the meal, she just ate a little casually and went back to the room arranged by Harry to rest.

Watching Miefeng leave, Harry whispered at Dumb: "I said little brother, who is this ice beauty? Is she the daughter of a nobleman? Why is she so aggressive. What are you and her? Relationship? Although she is very beautiful, if she marries such a wife, she will suffer for a lifetime!" After speaking, she laughed.

Ah Du's face blushed and said, "No, we are just ordinary friends. Don't get me wrong. She is not a noble lady, just a bit more temperamental." Since it has been a long time since he had a comfortable meal, although Harry's family It can only provide some ordinary rough food, but Dumb still eats extra sweet. Originally, Harry thought he and Miefeng were husband and wife, so at the beginning, he only arranged a room for them. Later, after Ah Duan explained, the relationship between the two was not so close, but Harry’s house only had one room available. Next, Dui could only be arranged in the wood shed. Although the firewood room was simple and simple, Harry was very considerate for Dumb. The ground is padded with thick thatch, and there is a mattress on it. It is soft and comfortable to lie on. Duan has always had low requirements for the quality of life. He is already very grateful to Harry for having a place to sleep.

The night was getting dark, and Ah-Dai woke up from meditation. Because he was always wary of Miefeng, he dared not let himself meditate for too long. After a few hours of breathing adjustments, with the powerful vitality of Shengshengzhen Qi, Ah'Dai's skill has basically been restored. Lie flat on the thatched bed, at this time, his whole body is in a relaxed state.

Dui hadn't lie down so comfortably for a long time. Once her heart calmed down, many things would come to mind. Even if Dui worked hard, she couldn't forget Xuanyue's beautiful face. Thinking of Xuanyue, Ah-Dai's frozen heart was still suffering from colic. His love for Xuanyue was already too deep. It was a deep-rooted relationship that could not be forgotten. Suddenly, a vague figure gradually appeared in his heart, and Dumb was shocked, it turned out to be a girl. The girl when I was young. The girl broke the cold and hard steamed buns in half, and handed the more part to herself, as if she was saying, Dumb brother, eat it! Thinking of the girl, Dumb couldn't help but feel excited, but the excitement quickly calmed down because he knew that his life now no longer belongs to him. Once he finished the explanation of revenge for Uncle Owen and the master, he would die in the hands of Miefeng. He didn't regret his decision. Although it was a bit hasty at the time, Dumb knew that this was the best way to avenge Uncle Owen. Only in this way can we find out the mysterious killer in the shortest time.

Just as Ah Dumb's heart was ups and downs, the quiet village suddenly became chaotic, as if something had happened. Dumb sat up on the thatch bed and thought, how can it be so lively at this late hour? Did something happen in the village? He leaped slightly from the bed, opened the door and walked out. It's almost December. Although this place is the hottest place in the middle of the mainland, the night is still a bit cool. Under the blowing of the night breeze, Ah-Dai felt his whole body refreshed and stretched involuntarily. Suddenly, with a thought, the cold breath awakened him and turned his head to look aside. I saw a black-clothed Miefeng standing quietly under the eaves, two cold star-like eyes staring at him firmly. A Dumb transmitted voice: "Did you hear the outside voice too?"

Without seeing Miefeng's vertical leaping movements, her delicate body had already moved to the side of Dumb, and said faintly, "Alertness is a must-have ability for a thief. Go and see?"

Duan nodded and said, "It's so late, I don't know what's going on." While talking, he floated up, leaped over the wall of Harry's house lightly, and headed towards the direction of the sound.

The noise in the village became louder. As Duan and Miefeng were approaching quickly, they suddenly heard a loud voice shouting: "Listen to the people in the village, hand over all your crops, and then obediently Go with the uncles, otherwise, don't want to survive." The voice was obviously amplified with vindictiveness, and it was particularly loud in the quiet village.

Duan glanced at Miefeng, and said in doubt, "Who would these be? Is there such a nasty bandit in the Huasheng Empire?"

Mie Fengbai glanced at him and said, "How do I know? I'll know if I look at it in the past. Do you want to be nosy? I won't be with you."

Ah Duan snorted coldly, and said, "I'm enough, you can go back first. We live here, how can you stand by when there is something in the village? You thieves and these thieves are in the same group, as long as you don't come to make trouble. ." After speaking, speed up, and head towards the direction of the sound without looking back. Mie Feng looked at the back of Ah-Dai's departure and stomped his feet on the ground bitterly, but still followed. The area of the village was originally small. Dumb had a few ups and downs, and already came to the place where the sound was made. He leaned on the roof of a private house and looked forward, only to see a large torch not far in front, almost countless. Hundreds of people entered the village. These people were soldiers with bright armor, but there was no country's mark on the armor. They were searching door to door. Dozens of villagers have been captured from their sleep. In the hands of these wolf-like soldiers, the villagers have no resistance at all except for some shouts.

Mie Fengfei rushed to the side of Ah-Dai. When she saw the soldiers in front of her, she frowned and said, "Isn't this a soldier from the Sunset Empire? Why did she run to the Guangming Province?"

Dumbfounded and whispered: "Why don't I see that they are soldiers from the Sunset Empire, their armors are no different from those of other countries!"

Miefeng said disdainfully: "What do you know, each country’s armor has its own characteristics. Although these soldiers of the Sunset Empire have removed their badges, the small leaf armor they wear is unique to the Sunset Empire. Take a closer look. The hem of their upper body armor is worn with small leaf-shaped armor pieces, which is absolutely different from other countries."

Although Ah Dui didn't like the tone of Miefeng, he still admired her knowledge, "These **** from the Sunset Empire came to the Huasheng Empire to sack them, aren't they afraid of being destroyed?"

Feng Mie said: "I have seen the map. Although it is in the Huasheng Empire, it is very close to the dark provinces of the Sunset Empire. It is also located in a remote hilly area. As long as the people in the Sunset Empire are clean, their hands and feet should be clean. It would not arouse the suspicion of the Huasheng Empire. It seems that their purpose should not be as simple as robbery. There is nothing worthy of them in this small village."

Dumb asked suspiciously: "Then why are they here? Is it to arrest people?"

Mie Feng nodded and said, "It is very likely that it was for arresting people, and was taken back to be cruelly trained to be slaves to the nobles. Among the nobles of the Sunset Empire, they all kept slaves in captivity. However, it is estimated that after that kind of training, One-third of the people who survived are pretty good."

Dumb was furious when he heard that, "These **** are too nasty, I'll go and destroy them."

Mie Feng grabbed Ah Dui and said, "Don’t be busy, because your martial arts skills are so high, why are you so uncomfortable? You need to see things clearly, find the best time, and hit them in one shot. Although your skill is high, if you are right People of similar strength in Shanghai may not be so easy to deal with. Anyway, the villagers have not been substantively harmed. We will talk about it later."

Dui felt the icy temperature from Miefeng's little hands, and her heart trembled slightly. Her ice-like appearance gave Dui the feeling of returning to the past. The anger in my heart suddenly disappeared.

During the observation, Duan and Miefeng discovered that there were about 500 soldiers coming from the Sunset Empire this time. Outside the village, there were their horses, which should be a regular light armored cavalry regiment. Under the ravages of these soldiers in the small village, all the villagers were awakened. Under the house-to-house searches by the soldiers, none of the villagers could escape to heaven. All were taken to the empty field in front of the village. All the villagers were panicked and didn't know what was going on, but under the threat of the cold light of the Imperial soldiers in the setting sun, what resistance could these civilians have?

The leader of those soldiers was a tall middle-aged man wearing black armor. When all the villagers were gathered, the middle-aged man’s loud voice sounded, "Listen, everyone, Huasheng Empire is a place that blasphemes gods, you As the people of God, you can no longer survive under the dignity of the Huasheng Empire. We are God’s messengers and will take you to a place favored by God. Your crops will become a gift to God. God will Take care of you. We will leave here immediately. On the road, if anyone makes any noise, don't blame me for punishing you in place of Lord Celestial. A ravine half a foot deep was cut on the ground.

The villagers looked at the long knife that shone with cold light in his hand, and suddenly showed fear, and hundreds of people suddenly fell silent. They don't know what these sudden people do, and why they are taken away from their hometown.

"What god's messengers are all deceitful. We are living very well here, so we won't go with you to a place blessed by gods. If you are acquainted, hurry up and get out." A hoarse voice among the gathered villagers It sounded, and the sound appeared very clear in the empty field that had been quiet. Encouraged by this voice, the villagers who had succumbed to the shadow suddenly became restless. The number of villagers was no less than the soldiers. Driven by that voice, the soldiers suddenly showed signs of being unable to suppress them.

Mie Feng said in surprise: "If you don't locate the sound transmission, there are really good people in this village! This is a very profound art, hasn't it been lost?"

Dumb said in a daze, "Do not locate the sound transmission? What is that?"

Feng Mie said: "You don't even know this, how did your master teach you. Non-positioning sound transmission is a kind of advanced martial arts, you can use your own grudge vibration to imitate a variety of different sounds. Spreading this sound within a certain range makes people unable to hear where the sound is coming from. The person who spoke just now has very high skill. Can you find out the source of the sound?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I can't hear it either. Then, this person's skill will be better than me."

Mie Feng glanced at A Duan, recalling the scene when he cut off the river during the day, and shook his head: "It's hard to tell. However, with the skill of this person who does not locate the sound transmission, it should be no problem to deal with these sunset empire soldiers. It seems that there is no need for you to take action."

At this moment, the general of the light cavalry saw the villagers become noisy, and he was furious, and shouted: "Who is not afraid of death just talking nonsense, stand up for me."

The hoarse voice remembered again, "Is you afraid of being said to be the central thing? We are the people of the light and province. We will not follow you casually, the generals of the sunset empire."

The Huasheng Empire and the Sunset Empire have always been hostile. Although this is only a remote mountain village, this kind of consciousness still exists. The villagers' agitation became more intense as soon as they heard the words "Sunset Empire".

The generals of the sunset empire were shocked. He was ordered to come here secretly this time and he must never reveal his identity. The murderous intent flashed in his eyes, the long knife in his hand flashed, and the cyan vindictiveness cut through the sky and slashed towards the place where the civilians gathered. , He wanted to kill a few people to stand up, and then immediately suppress all the civilians here and bring them back to the Sunset Empire.

The same cyan light appeared, and it flashed away from the crowd, with a flutter, the two cyan lights collided in the air, completely canceled out. The hoarse voice sounded, "You bastards, really cruel! I won't play with you anymore, I will send you to the sky to meet some god." As soon as the voice fell, a blue figure rose from the villagers, including With his head, his whole body is wrapped in a cyan cloth, and even the villagers in the crowd do not know where the Tsing Yi man came from.

The Tsing Yi people were suspended five meters above the ground, and the hoarse voice sounded again, "Remember, I am the patron saint of Hake Village. No one is allowed to invade here." At this point, the Tsing Yi people intentionally or unintentionally Tilting his head towards Ah-Dai and Mie Feng, two tangible gazes gleamed, and the phoenix was nothing, but Ah-Dai’s body trembled violently like an electric shock. He clearly felt that it came from Spiritual shock, and the goal is yourself, is this a challenge to yourself? Shocked in his heart, he stood up from the roof and stared at the man in Tsing Yi floating in the air.

Tsing Yiren's figure flashed, and suddenly rushed towards the light cavalry generals of the sunset empire. The body stroked past him. The general suddenly flew up. Striking into the soldiers who came with him, he did not live or die. A hoarse voice sounded in Duel's ears, "Come on, boy, let's take a shot together and see who can handle more people."

A Duan snorted coldly, floated up without showing weakness, and rushed towards the crowd of the sunset empire in the white light package. Hoarse laughter came from the air, and the cyan figure plunged into the crowd from the other side. Duan would never show mercy to the dark forces, especially after hearing the words of Mie Feng just now, he suddenly became murderous. Silky light blue solid fighting energy floated out, each thread of fighting energy looks so soft, but full of the breath of death, it can easily penetrate the helmeted heads of soldiers, dumb Wherever they passed, the soldiers of the sunset empire had no time to reflect, and there would be a tiny blood hole on their heads.

The appearance of Dumb and the Tsing Yi people left the originally feared villagers at a loss, and they could only watch the soldiers besieging them continue to fall.

Under the frenzied killing, Duan felt extremely refreshed in his heart. It seemed that all the depression these days had disappeared. Suddenly, his body was spinning rapidly, drifting into the soldiers like a tornado, in the gray tornado. In the middle, the strands of blue silk were pouring out, taking away one soul after another.

Finally, everything was over. Dumb's eyes were blood-red standing on the spot, watching the large crowd of people falling around his body, the murderous intent in his eyes kept flashing, as if he hadn't enjoyed it yet.

The cyan figure floated up and fell in front of Ah-Dai. His voice became much lower, "Boy, you are too bloodthirsty." Of the 500 or so light cavalry, nearly 400 died in Ah-Dai's ever-changing life. Below the silk, the remaining few people are dominated by cyan figures. Duan looked at the man in Tsing Yi coldly, and said, "Don't you know the truth of eliminating evil? I will naturally not show mercy to these guys who represent the dark. I don't want to give them a chance to come here again."

The Tsing Yi people said loudly: "Villagers, these soldiers from the Sunset Empire want to take you and become slaves. They have already received their due punishment. The light and dark river by our village flows directly to the Dark Empire, please Throw all these people into the river and send them back to their hometowns. As for the horses, please remove their saddles and let them go back to nature." After that, he turned to Adu and said, "For whatever reason, the killing is too much. It's not a good thing to be heavy, boy, you still don't want to be satisfied, come on, let me see how much your cultivation has reached." After speaking, he rose into the air and floated towards the river. Dumb didn't show any weakness, and suddenly accelerated in the white vindictive package, and chased after him.

The cyan figure moved extremely fast, even at the speed of dumb, they could barely keep up. The two of them moved forward in the wilderness like a meteor driving the moon. After traveling about ten kilometers, the cyan figure stopped and floated in the air against the cyan vindictiveness. Duan stopped twenty meters away in front of the other party. Just about to speak, the Tsing Yi man turned into a phantom and rushed towards him. Duan didn't have the slightest time to hesitate. He was angry and burst out in a spiral state, and went straight to Qingying to greet him. The violent grudge like a tornado collided with Qing Ying's body. Amidst the loud noise, Duan threw away. Without preparation, he fell into the wind. The vindictiveness that the people of Tsing Yi uttered had extremely strong penetrating power, and Mie Feng was not on the same level as him. That sharp cone-like zhenqi brought a lot of trouble to dumb, and the zhenqi was working with all its strength, and it was just forcing the solution.

The people in Tsing Yi did not leave Dui with a chance to breathe, their body rushed forward, countless cyan images poured in from all directions to Dui, and every cyan light and shadow were so agile. This was a skill that Dui did not possess. Dui's whole body was shaken. The opponent's powerful attack had already aroused his mad fighting spirit. A half-meter-diameter blue solid energy shield appeared on Dui's right hand, and his eyes shot coldly, without a trace of panic. With his demeanor, feeling the sequence of the opponent's attack with his mind, his right arm turned into a phantom in the air. The blue light shield formed a barrier that was difficult to break through. The violent energy explosion sounded constantly, in the blue figure and the dumb's When the gray figure was wrong, dozens of blue light clusters exploded in the air, and the turbulent energy formed a circle of shock waves and suddenly dispersed. Within a few hundred meters of the two people’s hands, all creatures were destroyed. . Completely shattered by the violent air current, an empty and irregular pit was exposed on the ground.

Dui and Tsing Yi both stopped and stared at each other. In the second match just now, Dui's solid-state energy exerted great power, completely blocking Tsing Yi's powerful attack and defeating the previous disadvantage. Moved back.

The man from Tsing Yi laughed loudly: "Okay, okay, okay, it's been a long time since I've been so happy, kid, go on, let me see what else you can do." His voice is not hoarse, it sounds familiar to Dumb. Feeling, but he has not had time to confirm, there is a huge almost irresistible pressure from the Tsing Yi people.

Dumb's heart was awe-inspiring, stimulating all the energy of the golden body in the dantian, the white vitality of the protective body was gone, and it was completely condensed and transformed into blue vitality and solid energy. Form a more solid protective cover. He told himself that he must not lose to the person in front of him. I am the strongest, stronger than anyone else. The excitement of the eagerness to win made Ah's blood boil. The domineering aura when facing the overlord mercenary group reappeared, unreservedly surging out, completely blocking the invisible pressure from the Tsing Yi people, their spiritual realm was constantly suppressing each other in mid-air, who Nor can it have the upper hand.

The Tsing Yi man made a mistake with his feet, and the cyan vindictiveness of the bodyguard suddenly slipped downwards. Dui clearly felt that the oncoming pressure had also dropped. He almost got rid of the momentum he was giving out. He hurriedly responded and released it outside. The aura of the man was retracted, and it was embedded in him, and the ninth realm of Shengshengzhen Qi was adjusted to the best state, ready to meet the attack of the Tsing Yi people at any time.

The green grudge exuded by the Tsing Yi people gradually condensed under his feet, and gradually transformed into the shape of a lotus flower. In the eyes of Dumb, the man in Tsing Yi on the opposite side seemed to have merged into the heavens and the earth, without any flaws. Dumb knew that at this time, he couldn't let the other party continue to gain momentum, otherwise it would be more difficult to deal with. Thinking of this, he squinted his eyes and used his mind to control his own energy for life and transformation. The blue solid fighting energy turned into countless strands and poured out, and under the control of Duan, he flew towards the man in Tsing Yi. This is Duai's own research. The sky, the earth and the net change the trick that I used to kill those sunset empire soldiers just now. Every string of vigorous and solidified fighting spirit has extremely strong penetrating power, sealing all the Qingyi people can escape from all directions. direction.

The energy lotus that the man in Tsing Yi sat down has basically taken shape, and he shouted, "叱——" Seven green lotus leaves floated up, welcoming the inexhaustible changes of Dumb. A Duan snorted coldly, his mind moved, and the solid fighting spirit thread had suddenly dispersed, bypassing the oncoming seven lotus leaves and still attacking the Tsing Yi person. Just when Dumb thought that his energy thread was about to catch the other party, the Tsing Yi people suddenly shouted With his hands flicking, seven waves of fighting energy shot out, just hitting the previous seven lotus leaves. The seven lotus leaves burst out with a strong light. Under the action of the fighting spirit, towards a point in the air, Dui could only feel a flower in front of his eyes, and a deafening sound had already rang. When the seven seemingly inconspicuous lotus leaves collided with each other, they burst out with destructive energy. The huge shock wave of fighting qi completely shattered the strands of fighting qi that had dispersed the energy of Ah-Dai. Under the pull of the Qi machine, Ah-Dai suddenly The whole body was shaken, he quickly retreated, and blasted two punches in succession to resolve the violent shock wave. After the shock wave, a cyan energy group formed in mid-air. The strength of that energy group made Duan secretly surprised. Is this the effect of the seven lotus leaves?

The Tsing Yi people shouted: "Let you **** seven-leaf lotus heart." He circled his hands and patted the light ball in front of him with a palm. The light ball turned into a beautiful arc, like a cyan meteor, hitting it. Xiang Dumb. Wherever he went, there was a brilliant light tail. In the face of such a huge amount of energy, Dui did not dare to neglect, the five-foot-long energy sword appeared in his hand. The light blue energy sword turned into lavender under the full force of Dui, holding the sword in both hands. The handle, raised his head high, shouted, and suddenly slashed towards the rushing energy ball. There was a tearing sound in the air, and the Tsing Yi man who was confident about his energy ball was surprised to find that where the purple energy sword passed, the cyan light ball condensed with explosive energy was actually divided into two. , Turned into two semicircles and landed on the ground in the distance. With a loud noise, two big pits with a radius of 30 meters were exploded. What surprised the Tsing Yi people the most was that Duan's figure disappeared after the energy ball was cut away.

Chapter 145: Western Juggernaut

It turned out that when Ah-Dai hit the energy ball, his whole body was numb by the huge energy contained in it. He suddenly realized that if he was suppressed by the opponent, he would not have any chance of winning. The strength of this Tsing Yi man He was even more powerful than Chief Judge Xuanyuan. In order to seize the opportunity, he resolutely used the first instant transfer of the wish of Corris after cutting the cyan light ball. When the man in Tsing Yi was surprised, Ah'Dai's sword of transformation had already been cut to his head. For the first time, the Tsing Yi person has fallen into a passive state. He has not felt this kind of fear for nearly 20 years. In the life and death, he has no time to look backwards. As he sits down, the lotus flower composed of blue grudges sinks instantly. , With a touch on his waist, the cyan light flowed out like a chain, facing the sword of change. The skills of the two are similar, one is deliberate, the other is hurriedly against each other. Two groups of light, one blue and one purple, burst out suddenly, and the man in Tsing Yi was smashed down by dumb. With a bang, he blasted heavily into the ground. At the moment his body touched the ground, he drew out the destructive energy from the Sword of Life and Change, and blasted the ground into a huge deep pit. Even so, the meridians in his body were still shaken to a certain extent. Contrary to him, Ah-Dai was stunned by the power of the Tsing Yi man, and because he had the upper hand, he did not suffer too much shock. Without any hesitation, Ah-Dai read the spell of the blood of the dragon, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." Although the blood of the dragon can no longer help him attack and defend at this time, the storage function is still in. The black mysterious iron bow was grasped by Ah Dui. He took advantage of the time when the Tsing Yi people dissolved the energy of the birth and transformation, the purple bursting arrows appeared on the dark bowstrings, and the thoughts of Dumb were completely concentrated on the body of the Tsing Yi people who had just stood firm. As the people of Tsing Yi were deeply trapped in the big pit and there was no place to dodge, they immediately faced the tremendous pressure brought by the arrow of change.

"Stop it." The Tsing Yi man shouted loudly. Dui was about to let go of the bowstring in his hand, and when he heard his shout, he realized that the opponent was not his enemy. But he did not retract the energy arrow, staring at the man in Tsing Yi, coldly said: "Did you admit defeat?" Being able to defeat such a powerful opponent, it is inevitable that there will be a trace of excitement in Ah Du's heart.

The man in Tsing Yi shook his head and said, "Young man, although the energy arrow in your hand has brought me considerable pressure, if you release the arrow, we will only suffer from a loss. However, you are indeed very strong, but also Only with me, we are not enemies, so I don’t want to forge enmity with you." His right hand shook, and the cyan light in his hand stood up. It was a soft sword that was previously wrapped around Tsing Yiren’s waist. The magic weapon, the sword body wrapped in cyan lightning tells A-dumb that he still has the ability to confront, and under the background of the cyan lotus-like energy, it shows its huge strength. Dumb knew that if he hadn't relied on the wish of Corris, it would have been impossible for him to take the lead so quickly. The people in Tsing Yi were saying the truth. Although he had an increase in the mysterious iron bow, he might not be able to defeat the opponent if he shot this arrow. , My own arrow...

The man in Tsing Yi saw that Ah-Dai still did not give up his intention to attack him, thinking that he was still unwilling, so he took off the cyan mask on his head and said, "A-Dai, look at who I am."

Duan looked intently at the big hole below, and was shocked. The Tsing Yi man who had previously tied with him turned out to be Uncle Harry in Hake Village. With a smile on his simple face, he stared at himself scorchingly. Ah Dui no longer had the heart to fight for victory. His heart was filled with surprise, and he quickly dissipated the energy from his hand and returned the mysterious iron bow to the blood of the dragon. Floating and falling on the edge of the big pit, lost his voice: "Uncle Harry, how could it be you?" Harry floated up from the big pit and landed next to Ah Dui, looking at him with admiration, and said: "What a hero, he was born a boy. ! Unexpectedly, the Tiangang Sword Sect would also produce a talent like you."

Dumb scratched his head and said: "Uncle Harry, you, how can you have such a sophisticated martial arts, how can you..." He never expected that this ordinary civilian in Hake Village would have a strong Because of their own strength. Harry smiled slightly and said, "I know you are very confused. Since I show my original appearance, I will naturally tell you. Miss Miefeng, you have been watching for a long time, so you should come out. Since you want to listen, come and listen with Adai. Listen to my story." At his level, he is naturally alert, and he can clearly feel every bit of wind and grass around him.

Duan's mind had been placed on Harry, so he did not notice the arrival of Miefeng, only then did he notice Miefeng hiding hundreds of meters away from the two. Although Mie Feng couldn't catch up with the two dumbs, she judged that the two must be walking in the same direction, so she chased them up from behind. When Dui and Harry met for the second time, she had already come nearby, hiding. Watching their stunning stunts in the dark. At this time, when Harry called her, knowing that she could not hide anymore, she floated out, a few ups and downs in front of Ah-Dai and Ha, her cold eyes couldn't help showing a trace of admiration.

Harry smiled and said: "Little girl, you are very skilled! Is the president of your thieves' union still Killing Heaven? I have not seen that old boy for decades."

Mie Feng looked at Harry suspiciously, and said, "You, how do you know my grandfather. His old man has gone, and now my father is in charge of the thieves' union."

Harry said: "Actually, from your surname and body, I have already judged that you are a descendant of Mijia. It turns out that Mitian is dead. Back then, the old boy stole a treasure from me."

Mie Feng was startled, and couldn't help but think of everyone coming, and said in confusion: "You, are you..."

Harry looked at Ah-Dai and said, "Actually, I still have a title. Maybe you have heard that the Western Sword Sage among the four Sword Sages in the world is me."

Hearing what Harry said, Duan and Miefeng were speechless in surprise. The four great sword saints had been famous on the mainland for fifty years, and they couldn't imagine that the Harry who looked less than fifty years old in front of them Uncle, turned out to be one of the four great sword saints. Harry smiled when he looked at them in surprise, and said: "Don't look at me, I am not an old monster. In fact, I am ninety-seven years old this year. Among the four great sword masters, I am the youngest one, too The weakest one. However, because the exercises I practice have a strong beauty effect, it doesn’t seem to be too old. If it weren’t for the arrival of Ah Dui today, and then there will be those from the sunset empire coming to the village to make trouble, I’m also I will not reveal my identity casually."

The shock in Ah Dui's heart has not gone for a long time, and he can see one of the four great sword saints on the peak of the warrior on the mainland. His mind is constantly rippling, and he muttered: "It turns out that you are one of the four great sword saints. Then. You and my master Tiangang Sword Saint are the same generation. But, what is going on with your wife and children?"

The Western Sword Master Harry blushed and said: "This is a long story. About sixty years ago, our four great sword masters had become famous. At that time, no one was convinced, and we agreed to compare and rank. As a result, Tian Gang Sword Saint Diss which old pervert became the first of the four sword masters by virtue of far surpassing our skill. The Eastern Sword Saint Yunyi ranked second, the Northern Sword Saint Falcon was ranked third, and I was the bottom. I was originally motivated, and the results of the rankings took a big blow to me. I was unconvinced and made an agreement to fight for another 20 years. Then, I found a place to dive for a long time, and Yunyi and Hutu should be about the same as me. . And because of the formation of the Tiangang Sword Sect, the old pervert Diss has slowed down progress. In the second test 40 years ago, the skills of the three of us obviously narrowed the distance with him. However, the final ranking was not. No change has occurred. It may be because we were caught up a lot in the second ranking battle. In the third Four Great Swordmasters competition twenty years ago, Diss once again widened the distance between us and him. Knowing how he practiced, his vitality has completely reached the realm of perfection. The three of us one-on-one, there is no chance to beat him. After three trials, the four of us have established a deep friendship. Although on the surface no one is convinced, but when it comes to speaking, we also admire each other. I and Hutu and Yunyi have always treated Diss as the boss. There is still more than a year before we have our fourth competition. Hey—— , We are all old, this may be the last time to try."

After a pause, Harry continued: "After the third test, I have lost the desire to win. No matter how I practice, I am afraid I can't match the three old guys. I have the idea of retreat. Twenty. Years ago, although I was almost 80 years old, on the surface, I was only 30 people. So, I came to this small village. When I first saw this place, I was caught The villagers were attracted by their simple temperament, so they stayed. It’s really ashamed to say that I, who has been madly pursuing the peak of martial arts, have the idea of starting a family after I came here. You have seen it, I am now. My wife has been married to me for almost 20 years and we have three children. Now I understand that the ordinary life is what I yearn for most. This kind of peaceful life is something I never want to change. Hey, I My wife was also the number one beauty in the village at the time. It took me a lot of thought to catch it. I am afraid that no one on the mainland would have thought that my Western Juggernaut would settle in such a place. It sounds strange, although I I don’t deliberately pursue martial arts, but my skill has been steadily improving over the past 20 years. It’s really a blessing and a blessing!"

As Ah Dui and Mie Feng listened to the Western Sword Sage telling their own stories, their moods gradually calmed down. From his mouth, Ah Dui knew the names of his Master and the other two Sword Sages for the first time. It was a year since Harry said it. When the Four Great Sword Saints will compete for the last time in the future, Dumb couldn't help but think of the third thing that Tiangang Sword Saint had asked him to do, and a flash of light in his mind, asked: "Sword Saint, is the Four Sword Saints competing? In February of the sacred calendar, a contest was held on the main peak of the Tiangang Sword Sect."

The Western Sword Master Harry sighed and said, "Diss even told you this. It seems that although you are his re-disciple, your status in the Tiangang Sword Sect is very high!"

Ah Dui got a positive answer, and finally understood who the three friends mentioned in the words of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, he asked himself to compete with the three Sword Saints! What a difficult task is this, can I really do it? Even the weakest Western Juggernaut, it is difficult to win by himself, let alone the other two Juggernauts. Thinking of this, Dumb said: "Uncle Harry, oh no, Grandpa Harry, if I take the place of Shizu and his elders to participate in the Four Great Swordmaster Competition, what sort of rankings do you expect to have."

Harry froze slightly, and said, "Are you replacing Old Diss? Your skill is indeed very strong. Diss must have devoted a lot of effort to you. However, with your current skill, you will definitely be with me. In between, the ranking will be around three or four. If you haven’t set foot in the mainland for 20 years, I didn’t expect you to be a little swordmaster. However, it is estimated that Diss will not let you participate. That old guy will rank. It’s a lot heavier than me. How can you give up the first place? Dumb, your future is limitless. If you have another twenty years, I’m afraid you will be able to take over the position of the top master of the Diss continent. Work hard. Right. I just don’t know if I can see that day."

Dumb glanced at Miefeng and thought, am I still twenty years from now? He didn't tell the story of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint "ascending into the God Realm", unless he achieved the same strength as the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, otherwise, he would never say it. Ah Dui secretly decided that even if he died, he still had to keep the top position of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint in the fourth Four Great Sword Saints competition in 1999, and he must not let the master who rose into the God Realm down.

Harry said: "The village should be almost cleaned up, let's go back. As long as I am here, even if the sunset empire sends a large army to come, I am afraid it will not be good. However, you must not reveal my identity. I don’t want my ordinary life to be disturbed. After participating in the last Juggernaut competition more than a year later, I will never leave here."

Feng Mie said: "Harry Swordmaster, have your children learned your advanced martial arts?" She has not spoken, because when she heard that Harry, who is a Western Swordmaster, admits that Ah-Dai also has the strength of Swordmaster. The shock has never recovered. Although she knew that Dui was very strong, she didn't expect that he actually had the strength of a Sword Saint. How unimaginable is such a young Juggernaut!

Harry shook his head and said, "No. After I understand that ordinary life is the happiest truth, how can I get my children involved in the whirlpool? I only hope they can live a peaceful life until they die of old age. In the eyes of others, our four great sword masters have countless auras, but how do they know that our efforts are proportional to the aura. In order to be able to improve martial arts to the peak, we gave up many happiness that ordinary people can enjoy. My so-called stunts will be lost if they are lost. There is nothing to be a pity."

Listening to Harry's words, Dumb seemed to understand something in his heart, but he himself couldn't explain it clearly. The three quickly returned to Hake Village. The village returned to calm. The corpses and those who were subdued by Harry were gone, and they had obviously been completely cleaned up. Harry tore off his Tsing Yi three times, revealing the civilian clothes inside, and he became an ordinary farmer in Hake Village again.

Dumb said: "Grandpa Harry, you just told me not to kill too much, but if you let the villagers throw all the uniformed people into the river, wouldn't they also die?"

Harry smiled slightly and said, "No, it does not necessarily lead to death. That is the punishment I gave them. I sealed their acupuncture points with a grudge, and made them enter the state of turtle breath. After the light and dark river has passed ten miles, the water force It will become gentle. When the living guys are brought back to the dark provinces by the current, they will naturally wake up. However, whether they can return to the place where they came alive depends on their good fortune, and look at the wish of God. Don’t want to give them a chance to be born again. Dumb, I don’t let you kill more, just for your own good. You know, every time you kill a person, you will increase your heart with a fierce spirit. Not only will it affect the progress of your martial arts, but it will also have a side effect on your mind. What's more, even if it is a bad person, it is impossible to have no conscience in your heart. It is better not to kill as much as possible. Every life is He has the right to survive. By the way, you'd better call me Uncle Harry, otherwise, if I go back and be heard by my wife, she will be suspicious."

Duan nodded and said, "I will remember what you said. However, when facing the heinous people, I still won't show mercy. Killing a bad person is equivalent to saving thousands of good people."

Harry sighed and said: "What you said is not wrong. We just have different ideas. I hope you can grasp it. However, the people sent from the Tiangang Sword don’t have to worry about me. If you do something wrong, I’m afraid Di That old fellow Sneak won't forgive you. Haha, go, go home."

As soon as he entered the house, Harry's wife greeted him, grabbed Harry's ear, and said: "You are not dead, where did you go. I can't find you after looking for it for a long time, so I am about to die." She acts fiercely, but the concern in her eyes cannot be hidden. Harry cried out in pain and said, "I, I, I just went to help everyone throw people into the river!"

"Who are you lying to? Both sons went to throw people away. Why didn't anyone see you? You told me the truth, where did you go?"

Seeing Harry's appearance, Duan and Miefeng couldn't help laughing. The dignified Western Sword Saint was caught by a peasant woman who had no martial arts but was afraid to fight back. I am afraid no one would believe it. Miefeng took two steps forward and said, "Auntie, don't make it difficult for Uncle Harry. Uncle was afraid that we might have something, so he took us into hiding."

Harry hurriedly said: "Yes, yes, I took them to hide, my ears, my poor ears! Can you loosen it up, you will soon pull it off."

Harry's wife let go, snorted, and said, "Do you know how worried I am if I can't find you? I thought you were trapped by those sunset empires. Go to sleep. Hey, thanks to today. Those two people who can fly, or our village will be over. I don’t know what will happen in the future? It seems that our peaceful life may be disrupted!"

There was a trace of warmth in Harry’s eyes, holding his wife’s shoulders, hehe smiled: "Old lady, I know you care about me, not as an example. Didn’t the Tsing Yi man say that he is our patron saint? Since he is the patron saint, he must be Protect the village. You don't have to worry about it. Go and go to sleep." After speaking, he gave Ah Dui and Mie Feng a smiling look, and returned to their room with his wife. Seeing them leaving behind, Mie Feng murmured: "His choice is right. Only an ordinary life is the happiest."

In the early morning of the next day, after breakfast, Duan and Miefeng were like the Harry family saying goodbye, preparing to leave for the Sunset Empire. Harry didn't ask them what they were going to do, and kept sending them to the entrance of the village.

"Uncle, you go back, we will definitely meet again." Dumb said as he looked at Harry in farmer costume in front of him.

Harry nodded and said, "Boy, when you wait for the fourth Juggernaut competition, you must come! I'm afraid Hutu and Yunyi will be jealous when seeing Old Diss having such an outstanding disciple! Good! Now, let’s go on the road. If one day you get tired on the mainland, just come to me and settle down. We can be neighbors for decades."

Dumb wanted to tell Harry about the thousand-year calamity of the mainland, but when he thought of Harry's contented smile, he couldn't say it.

Saying goodbye to Harry, Duan and Miefeng each embarked on the road to the sunset empire with mixed feelings. They entered the dark province of the sunset empire along the light and dark river.

The sunset empire was indeed prosperous, and the two of them did not go far before they saw a city. This is a city that Dumb has never been to.

Miefeng grew up in the sunset empire, and he didn't need to look at the map to know where it was. He faintly said to dumb: "This is the soul city of the dark province. Although it is not large in scale, it is relatively rich in the dark province. The city, if I remember well, there is a stronghold of the Assassin Association. Although it is not as big as the branch, there should be more than a dozen ordinary assassins. Do you want to go?"

As soon as he heard the words "killing hand", Ah-Dai's eyes suddenly became cold, and he said bitterly: "Of course I want to go. As long as it's a killer, I should die. Take me."

Mie Feng nodded, and walked towards Soul Spirit City first. The size of the Soul City is only one-tenth the size of the Dark City, and it is the same as the other cities in the Sunset Empire that Dui had been to. Once you enter the city, you can clearly feel the aura of life corruption. The pedestrians on the road were listless. Occasionally, there are a few brilliant people, and they must have just won money from the casino. However, how many days can their spirits stay?

After entering the Spirit City, Miefeng did not stop, and walked straight towards the city with A-Dai. After crossing several streets, Miefeng pointed to a pawnshop not far in front, and said, "There is a stronghold where the killer will be here. There will be about a dozen killers in it, and the strongest will not surpass the ninja. Level, with your skill, you can solve it in a few minutes."

Dumb nodded, and the scenes of Owen's death rushed to his heart, and said bitterly: "The Killing Hand Association, the people who are claiming your life are coming." Stride towards the pawnshop. Miefeng's voice sounded in his ears, "Remember, don't leave a living, I don't want to be known by them. People from the Thieves Union helped you find this place."

Dumb didn't answer, and strode away. How could he keep his hands in the face of the people who kill the hand?

The facade of the pawnshop is very small, and there is a slightly damaged cloth hanging on the door. The black cloth has a big white word on it, which is very distinct. Dui opened the curtain and entered. The room was like an ordinary pawnshop, but it was a bit smaller. Behind the tall counter, two guys were chatting. When Dui came in, one of them said, "Sir, you want to be a **** shop." What? The price here is absolutely fair, and you can redeem your pawned things within a month."

Dumb looked at the talking buddy coldly, and he clearly felt that this buddy had an aura of vindictiveness. "I'm not here to be something. I want to kill."

The dude was shocked, his eyes flashed, but his mouth said: "This gentleman, you are not mistaken. We are a pawnshop here, besides, murder is illegal."

"I want to kill, I don't want to repeat it a third time, let your principals come out." Dumb stood in place, cold murderous intent drifting around his body.

The dude looked at Dumb's expression and felt anxious in his heart, and said, "Sir, I said, we are a pawnshop."

A Duan waved his hand, and a white vindictive spirit floated out. In a loud noise, the wooden counter of the pawnshop was blown out of a big hole, and the talking man was spurted by the shock of blood. Dumb seemed to have done nothing before, still standing there, saying: "This is the price for me to say the third time, I want to kill."

Another assassin disguised as a bad guy saw that the situation was not good, and he immediately revealed the assassin’s true colors. He knew that the person in front of him could not be dealt with by himself, and he did not go to see the life and death of his companion, and calmly said to the dumb: "Then you are here Wait a minute." After speaking, he turned and walked back. After a short time, intensive footsteps sounded, and a total of eleven people came out under the leadership of the previous killer. The first person, dressed as a wealthy businessman, looked at the broken counter and then at his dead subordinates, and said to dumb: "Sir, even if you are coming for a task, you should follow the rules and kill us. People, I'm afraid..."

Dumb said indifferently, "You are all killers. If you can kill, why can't you be killed."

The rich businessman laughed, "Okay, well said. Yes, since we are killers, we did not expect that we will end well, and we have the consciousness to be killed at any time. Now that you have said that, I will no longer be wordy. Come on, who do you want to kill? Because of what you did just now, our charge will be higher." He is a ninja, and here is the highest level killer.

Dumb laughed, it was a cruel smile, it was the smile of death. "The charge is unnecessary, because you don't need it anymore. It is you who I want to kill." The light blue light suddenly lit up, and countless silks of vindictiveness wafted out, and they rushed to the eleven in front of them like lightning. Killer...

Mie Feng waited for Dui not far from the door of the pawnshop. She didn't worry at all, let alone Dui, even if she made a move, she could easily eliminate the killer inside. At this moment, Ah-Dai had already walked out of the pawnshop, a look of excitement appeared on his face, and the blood-eating light appeared in the depths of his eyes. Even Miefeng couldn't help feeling cold in the way that desire was eaten by people.

Duan walked to Miefeng and said, "If you are not tired, we can go to the next city. There are a total of twelve killers in the pawnshop, and their sinful souls have gone where they should go."

Mie Feng said: "Then let's go to the Dark City. There is a branch of the Killing Hand Association. I think there should be results that will make you more satisfied." The two figures gradually disappeared at the end of the street. .uukanshu. Com And the little pawnshop has become a dead silence.

An hour later, a down-and-out gambler came outside the pawnshop with some valuable jewelry from his family. He was going to exchange these jewelry for some gambling money for his continued gambling. Lifting the door curtain, he walked in and said: "Being a heirloom! This time you must be fair to me..." The voice stopped abruptly, and he had not forgotten the scene he saw in his life. . In the hall of the pawnshop, there were dozens of corpses lying upside down, all of them had a small wound on their foreheads, and all the corpses had their eyes open. On the original white wall was written two lines of skewed words, "The Killing Hand Association Branch, a total of eleven sinful souls." The inscription was the four characters of Death Collecting Debt. All the jewelry in the hands of the gambler fell to the ground, and he stepped back with a pale face, suddenly roared, and walked out of the door, even his own "heirloom treasures".

The next day, the news of the **** of death re-visiting the sunset empire spread throughout the streets and alleys of the soul city, and the news spread to the entire sunset empire at an incredible speed.

Just when Duan wiped out the stronghold of the first Assassin Society, Keanu and Yue Ji had also entered the territory of the Red Hurricanes. Because Keanu was moving slowly, it took them half a month to come here. The two of them walked slowly on the road, Keanu's expression looked a little lonely, and for the first time he did not look at Yue Ji, but walked with his head down, as if thinking about something.

Chapter 146: Tamron Xianwei

Without Keanu's fiery gaze, Yue Ji always felt that something was missing. She turned her gaze to Keanu beside her, and said slightly, "What are you doing with your head down? There is no gold on the ground."

Keanu stunned, raised his head blankly to meet Yue Ji's gaze, looking at the familiar face in front of him, Keanu showed a trace of intoxication in his eyes, and muttered: "I, I have nothing?"

Yue Ji sighed softly and said: "Are you worried about Dui? Actually, what's the use of worrying? Dui is also true. He listened to the villain's slander and just abandoned Yueyue. No wonder Yueyue will be angry. If I were me, I would never pay attention to him. Yueyue would be tolerant enough, and give him a chance for a year. Let’s go quickly. Go back and mobilize our mercenary group. , So I can find him soon."

Listening to Yue Ji's words, Keanu nodded and said, "Yeah! The dumb boss is too stupid. If anyone dares to tell me what you have to do with him, I must burn him to death with fire magic."

Listening to Keanu's affirmative tone, Yue Ji's heart trembled, and she feigned angrily: "What are you talking about? What do you have to do with me? Why do you care about me?"

Keanu was speechless, the muscles on his face moved a few times, a trace of sadness appeared in his eyes, and he lowered his head and moved forward slowly. As the time spent with Yue Ji became longer and longer, his heart became more and more inextricable. He had fallen in love with this domineering girl. Yue Ji's smiles and smiles were deep. It affects his heart, he knows, I'm afraid he will never like other women in his life. However, Yue Ji never responded to the affection he showed. Although he did not exclude him very much, he just treated him as an ordinary friend. He was about to arrive at the Red Hurricanes. Although Keanu was worried about Duan, he was even more sad that he was about to be separated from Yueji. I'm afraid I don't know when I will see again this time.

Tsukihime looked at Keanu who was walking in front of her, and her heart was constantly churning with all kinds of feelings. She didn't know how she should face this somewhat dull young man. What Keanu has done to her since getting along for so long , How could she not understand? It's just that she is neither willing to face it nor accept it. At the age of 24, she actually yearned for someone to take care of and love herself, but she always felt that she should be a tall, handsome and powerful person. Although the figure in front of Keanu is also tall, he and Handsome still can't wipe it up. But I don't know why, after getting along with Keanu for a long time, she has gotten used to the feeling of being taken care of by him and held by him. That is an indescribable feeling. Yue Ji once asked herself inwardly if she already liked Keanu, but she never answered yes or no.

The city of Varo is already looking at, and Keanu's face is getting more and more ugly. He really doesn't know what will happen to him after he is separated from Yue Ji? Do you want to return to the Tianjin Empire to live an orderly but boring life?

Yue Ji looked at Varro City in the distance and sighed: "I didn't expect to come back so soon. I haven't played enough outside? It's really boring. Hey, hello, what are you doing with your head down?"

Keanu looked up blankly, looked at Yue Ji, and murmured: "Miss Yue Ji, I won't send you anymore. Varo City is the base of your Moonscar Mercenary Group. There shouldn't be anything near here. It's up. I'm going to the north, goodbye. You will pay attention to your safety in the future." After finishing speaking, resisting the impulse in his heart, he walked hard step by step towards the direction of the Northern Tianjin Empire.

Yue Ji stood there and didn't move. She watched Keanu gradually move away from her, and a strong sense of loss rose in her heart. At this moment, she suddenly had a thought of not wanting to be separated from Keanu. Silver Fang bit it and shouted loudly: "Keanu, you stop for me, do I promise to let you go like this?"

Keanu just walked out twenty meters. Hearing Yueji's call, he turned his head blankly and said, "Miss Yueji, what else do you have?"

Yue Ji's face blushed slightly, and said: "Come with me to the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Then return to the Tianjin Empire."

Keanu smiled bitterly: "No, I'll leave now, Yueji, do you know? How difficult it is for me to make up my mind to leave you, if I go to the Moonscar Mercenary Group with you, I am afraid I will not be willing to leave. But, I have to go back to the Tianjin Empire to report to the teacher about Dumb. What's more, I know you don’t like me at all. How can I be worthy of you because I’m so ordinary? I don’t want to sink myself deeper and deeper. Now, the long-term pain is better than the short-term pain. Goodbye, you take care." After that, he turned around again and walked forward staggeringly.

Seeing Keanu's lonely and tired look, Yueji felt a pain in her heart. She floated before her, stopped in front of Keanu, and said slightly angrily: "I said let you follow me to the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. You don't understand it. No. You are not allowed to refute what I said, not now, nor in the future. You said that you want to protect me, have you forgotten? Come back to the group with me, wait until you tell your eldest brother Ah Du. "

Keanu looked at Yue Ji's somewhat angry and delicate face, and couldn't bear to refuse her, so he had no choice but to say: "Well, then, but I will send you to the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Group and I will leave immediately."

Yue Ji pursed her small mouth, snorted, and said: "What? Are you unwilling to take me to the Tianjin Empire? Back to the regiment, I always have to see before leaving."

Keanu stared at Yue Ji in a daze, his tired and decadent expressions gradually changed, and a trace of joy from his heart came out of his eyes. In his excitement, his body was already trembling slightly, fiercely. Taking a step forward, he tightly grasped Yueji's red shoulder armor, and said excitedly: "Really? Are you really willing to go to the Tianjin Mage's Guild with me? Great, this is simply great Keanu violently lifted Yueji up and turned around quickly in the air. The sudden joy made him a little bit at a loss.

Feeling the temperature of Keanu's big hands and the joy in his heart, Yue Ji couldn't help showing a faint smile, staring at Keanu with a blushing face and said: "Let go of me, who allowed you to touch me. "

Keanu reflected this, and hurriedly released the big hand grasping Yueji's shoulder, and said with a smile: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was so excited because I was so excited. Tsukiji, I'm so happy."

Yue Ji snorted and said, "This lady is going to play, it is not interesting to you, don't think too much, let's go, go back to Varro City and talk about it."

After hearing what Yueji said, Keanu showed a hint of disappointment in his eyes. He nodded blankly, and followed Yueji’s steps, saying: "Miss Yueji, if you go to the Tianjin Empire with me, what about the dumb boss? What should I do?" Yue Ji glared at him angrily, and said: "Why are you stupid than the old dumb? Isn't the Moonscar Mercenary Group still having my eldest brother? It's enough to have him. Right, You just called my name directly. Don’t call me anymore after the word “Miss”. It sounds weird. How can we be friends, so we don’t need to see each other.” After saying this, Yue Ji suddenly speeded up and ran towards Varro City. Seeing Tsukihime’s back, Keanu kept chewing on what she had just said, and the excitement in his heart rose again. No matter how stupid he is, he can still hear a trace of affection from what she said just now. It seems that he still has a chance. ! , Shouted: "Yue Ji, Yue Ji, wait for me." ran to the front quickly.

The two soon arrived in Varro City. No one here knows the deputy head of the Moonscar Mercenary Group-Pepper Yueji! Yuehen in the headquarters immediately received the news from the outpost outside the city and greeted him personally.

From a distance, Yue Ji had already seen the door of the mercenary group headquarters. The person in white in front of the door looked so familiar, isn't that his elder brother? Yue Ji floated up, several ups and downs rushed to Yue Hen, "Big Brother, why are you standing at the door! Is there nothing wrong in the group?"

Yuehen looked at her only sister, and said angrily: "Don't be sloppy with me, this time you ran away from the regiment secretly. Tell me, how should I punish you."

At this moment, Keanu came running out of breath, and Yue Ji showed a smile in her eyes, and pointed to Keanu and said: "It's him, he insisted on taking me away, so I followed them and left."

Keanu hesitated and said, "What is me?"

Yuehen smiled and said: "It's Brother Keanu! Yueji, Brother Keanu is honest, don't bully him, dumb them? Why didn't you come back with you?"

When Yuehen mentioned Dumb, both Keanu and Yueji were silent, and Yueji said: "Big Brother, the two of us are back. Let's go in. Let's go in and talk."

Yue Hen nodded suspiciously, and took Yue Ji and Keanu back to the headquarters of the mercenary group. The three of them went directly to the chamber, and Yue Ji told everyone about the elves and everything that happened there. After listening to Yue Ji’s narration, Yue Hen frowned. After a long while, she shook her head helplessly, and sighed: "I didn’t expect that Xuan Ri was really Yue Yue in disguise. Actually, I can’t blame Dui, Dui for this. Since the heart is so simple, it is easy to be deceived by bad guys. Since this happened, we naturally have to take care of it. So, I will pass on the order tomorrow and let my brothers look for Dumb in the entire territory of the Sok Territory Federation. It’s good to find him and let him and Yueyue dispel the previous suspicion. This dark force that appears on the mainland may affect the entire continent in the future. It seems that I want to send out mercenary stickers, contact the major mercenary groups, and see Can we unite everyone in the name of the mercenary union so that we can take care of each other if something goes wrong."

Yue Ji smiled and said: "Brother, then this matter is left to you. We will rest in the regiment for a day, and tomorrow morning, we will go to the Tianjin Empire to send a letter to the Magician Guild there."

Yuehen frowned and said: "You girl, you always run around like you look like, I will send someone to **** the Keanu brothers, you leave me in the group, you are not allowed to go anywhere."

Yue Ji hasn't answered yet. Keanu is in a hurry. He finally got the news that Yue Ji was willing to go to the Tianjin Empire. How could it be destroyed by others? Hurriedly said: "Brother Yuehen, you can let Yueji go with me. Don't worry, I will protect her on the road and prevent him from getting hurt."

Yuehen has never seen Keanu's magic level. With his Qiqiao and exquisite heart, he can naturally see that Keanu is interested in his sister. But Yue Ji is his only sister. He naturally has to be cautious about the choice of brother-in-law. Hearing Keanu's direct confession, he couldn't help looking at his sister. I saw Yue Ji was looking at Keanu with a smile, without a hint of anger. Yue Hen was shocked, did the younger sister like this ordinary low-level magician? Although his relationship with Dui is not shallow, I am afraid he is not worthy of his sister. Said politely: "Brother Keanu, I don't think we need it anymore. Our Moonscar Mercenary Group is just on the right track now. The little girl still has a lot to do, I'm afraid we can't go."

Yue Ji looked at her elder brother, her heart moved, and she suddenly realized that Yue Hen felt that Keanu was not worthy of her. With a cold snort, he walked to Keanu's side and said, "Brother, let me go. Keanu can protect me. Don't worry."

Yue Hen frowned and said: "Sister, you can't be too playful, you know? You are the deputy head of the regiment, how can you put aside everything you should do and leave regardless."

Keanu lowered his head and murmured: "Yue Ji, then you still don't go, I don't want to cause your brothers and sisters to argue because of this, I'll go back by myself."

Yue Ji stunned and said: "What? You don't want me to go with you?"

Keanu glanced at her, sighed, shook his head, but said nothing.

Seeing Keanu so acquainted, Yuehen smiled and said: "Well, I'll send 20 people to **** you to the Tianjin Empire. The magician is always more dangerous on the road alone."

Keanu shook his head and said, "No, Brother Yuehen, I have the ability to protect myself, so I won't stay any longer, goodbye." After that, he turned and walked out.

Seeing Keanu exit the chamber gate, Yue Ji said anxiously: "Brother, what are you doing? Why don't you let me go with Keanu, he is a good man."

Yue Hen said: "Sister, what's the matter with you? I have never seen you before because that man is so affectionate! Do you really like him?"

Yue Ji snorted, and said, "What about him? This is my own business. Although you are my brother, you can't care who I like."

Yuehen said slightly angrily: "Little sister, how do you talk to your eldest brother? The eldest brother is for your own good. I am just a sister like you, so how can I find you a suitable husband? How can Keanu look good? What about you? Actually, Bawang’s people are very good, don’t you like men with ability? Even if you don’t like Bawang, Wan Li and Miao Fei have chased you for so many years, how can they be better than Keanu."

"Stop talking." Yue Ji said angrily: "Big brother, I didn't expect you to be such a squatter. What's wrong with Keanu, he is the same as the original dumb, although he is not outstanding, but he is a kind-hearted person. . And, do you think he is really incapable? I tell you, he is not an ordinary low-level magician, he is the president of the Tianjin Empire magician guild, the direct disciple of the mainland's first attacking magician Lardas , And the only disciple, reached the realm of a magician at the age of only twenty-five years old. There is nothing in him that is not worthy of me. In terms of strength and status, it should be that I am not worthy of him. "I don't know why, when she heard her brother belittle Keanu, Yue Ji suddenly became impulsive.

Hearing Yue Ji’s words, Yue Hen couldn’t help being a little stunned, frowning, and said: "Sister, I am thinking of your happiness, not a marketer. If you really like him, I have no objection, but you contact him. The time is too short and the mutual understanding is not deep. I don’t want you to make a hasty decision. Moreover, you don’t need to lie to me. Although I don’t know much about magicians, I can see that Keanu is ordinary. How can a high-level magician costume be a magician? Do you know what a magician means? That is the strength that can only be possessed by the elders of the magician guild. How big is Keanu is impossible." He just said here. , Suddenly there was a noisy voice outside, Yue Hen was startled, and said: "It seems that something has happened outside, let's go out and have a look."

Yue Ji snorted and said, "If you have a chance, you will know by looking at Keanu's magic."

Brother and sister Yuehen walked out of the chamber, carefully identifying the source of the noise, which seemed to come from the martial arts field. Yue Ji rushed to chase Keanu, and rushed to Yuehen and said: "Brother, go and see for yourself. I'm leaving, and I will come back when I have enough fun in a few days." After that, she turned and ran out of the mercenary group. go with.

Yuehen grabbed Yueji and said, "Sister, what are you anxious about? Didn't I tell you, won't you stop you from being with him? Don't you think this noise may be related to Keanu? He just got messed up outside as soon as he went out. It’s a coincidence. Anyway, Keanu is a magician and can’t walk fast. Let’s go to the martial arts venue first. If it is really caused by Keanu, it will save you and him. It's gone. If it has nothing to do with him, you won't have time to chase after him."

Yue Ji nodded and said, "Okay, then." The two brothers and sisters quickly walked towards the martial arts field, familiar with the road.

The martial arts field of the Moonmark Mercenary Group is thousands of square meters wide. On weekdays, the members of the Mercenary Group will be divided into several parts and practice continuously here. At this time, the martial arts field was surrounded by the mercenaries of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, and they all looked inside. When the mercenaries saw Yuehen brothers and sisters coming, they hurried to clear a way for them, and Yue Ji quickly walked in. Sure enough, as Yuehen said, the source of this noise was Keanu. In the center of the martial arts field, there are three people standing, namely Keanu, Miao Fei and Wanli.

It turned out that when Keanu and Yueji came to the Yueji Mercenary Group, Miao Fei and Wanli also got news. They had come to see Yueji happily, but they heard Yueji and Keanu at the door of the chamber. The conversation immediately became annoying. The two have always been in love with Yue Ji, but Yue Ji never expresses feelings for any one of them, so they have been waiting, waiting for Yue Ji's choice. Keanu, the sudden appearance of the rival in love immediately made the two of them angry at the same enemy, and decided to teach Keanu a lesson, so that he would absolutely love Tsukihime. Therefore, as soon as Keanu went out, he was stopped by two people and directly dragged him to the martial arts field.

Keanu naturally recognized Miao Fei and Wanli. Seeing the two pulling themselves into this empty field, he didn't know what they were going to do. He couldn't help but asked in confusion: "Two brothers, why did you bring me here? ?" The gaze of thousands of mercenaries around made him a little uncomfortable.

Miao Fei sneered: "What should we not do? I ask you, do you like Yue Ji." His voice was very low, only Keanu and Wan Li could hear it.

Keanu nodded and said: "Yes! I have always liked Yueji. But Brother Yuehen doesn't seem to want me to be with him. I, I'm going to leave? What's the matter with you? "

Miao Fei snorted and said: "We called you over, just to tell you that Yue Ji is impossible to be with you, and you are not worthy of her. If you want to go, you can swear in front of everyone here, We promise that we won't pester Yueji again in the future, and we will let you leave."

Originally, Keanu was depressed because of Yuehen's refusal. At this time, hearing Miao Fei's words, he suddenly became furious, his eyes flashed, and coldly said: "What if I don't agree?"

Miao Fei said coldly: "That's okay! Our brother just learned your magic, and see what you have for chasing Yueji." He was originally narrow-minded, and made up his mind to make Keanu a big loss. , Turned around and yelled at the surrounding mercenaries: "Brothers, you are here to be a testimony and see how we can teach this wishful thinking boy." Under his instigation, the surrounding mercenaries suddenly clamored, Moon Mark The noise that the brothers and sisters heard came from this.

Keanu didn't expect that Miao Fei would not leave any affection, a trace of murder flashed in his eyes, and said lightly: "Okay, you guys will go together."

There was a hint of hesitation in Wan Li's eyes, and he looked at Miao Fei and said, "A Fei, don't forget it. Keanu is a friend of the Dumb brothers, so this is not good. Besides, he is about to leave, don't embarrass him Up."

Miao Fei said flatly: "No, if he doesn't swear today, don't want to leave us, Wanli, do you want to have one more rival in love?"

At this moment, a faint red light floated out of Keanu's body, instantly forming a red defensive cover in front of him, and the hot energy suddenly raised the surrounding temperature. This sudden change scared Miao Fei and Wan Li.

Miao Fei drew out his narrow sword and said, "Since he lets us go together, let's go together. Don't give him a chance to chant a spell."

Brother and sister Yuehen arrived just when Miao Fei was about to take action. Seeing the battle between the two sides was about to start, Yuehen just wanted to stop, but was stopped by Yueji. Yue Ji whispered: "Big brother, don't you believe in Keanu's strength? Now is just a chance to test. Later you will know if he has the strength of a wizard. Also, let's find out first. What is going on! See who they are right and wrong."

Yuehen nodded and said, "Okay, then." He looked at a mercenary next to him and said, "What's the matter? Why do they conflict."

The mercenary dared not say anything when he saw the group leader's inquiry, and narrated everything that had just happened. After hearing his narration, Yuehen couldn't help but frown. Wan Li and Miao Fei were both the people who founded the Moonscar Mercenary Group with him, and his heart will naturally turn toward them, but this time Miao Fei's doing it is too much, and there is no reason at all.

Yue Ji also heard the mercenary's words, and she was furious, and said: "How can Brother Miao Fei be like this? I am not his personal property. How can he do this? I am really disappointed with him. "

At this moment, changes have taken place in the field. Keanu heard from Miao Fei and Wan Li's words that they are interested in Yue Ji, the anger in his chest is more intense, the fire element madly gathers at him, the red body guard The energy is constantly increasing.

Miao Fei was afraid that Keanu's magic spell would be difficult to deal with, and with a wave of the narrow sword in his hand, he quickly slashed towards Keanu's door. Under the control of his mind, a dark red fire shield appeared in front of Keanu and greeted the narrow sword. Miao Fei’s narrow sword did not smash the fire shield. His martial arts have always been known for deception. Over the years, his skill has also improved a lot. His feet slipped and turned to Keanu’s side like a lightning. The narrow sword was like a poisonous snake. Spits out to the vitals of Keanu's ribs. Keanu was shocked, the fire element of the body guard was constantly agitated under Miao Fei's sharp grudge. Speed was not what he was good at. When there was no other way, he could only turn his side slightly, let the key points, and concentrate his mind on the position where Miao Fei attacked.

With a soft puff, under the effect of the fire element of Keanu's body, Miao Fei's sword was not solid, but a hole was made in Keanu's waist. The tingling sensation kept hitting Keanu’s brain, and his waist was wounded, which lifted Keanu’s anger to the limit. He shouted loudly without chanting the spell, one after another fireballs poured out, instantly It filled the space around his body and blocked Miao Fei outside. Taking this opportunity, Keanu chanted loudly: "Great Vulcan! As your servant, I am willing to dedicate everything I have. I beg you to give me your unreliable Vulcan armor. I will resist the enemy's attack." As a magician, you must ensure your own safety before attacking the enemy. With the chanting of the spell, the red energy of Keanu's body began to change. Circles of hot energy continued to spread out from Keanu as the center. The red energy gradually turned into purple, which was as thick as a foot of purple. The flame completely wrapped Keanu's body. With a flick of the void, Keanu summoned his own space barrier, and the probing hand took out the short-handled staff. Since magic became successful, Keanu has never met an opponent except once to Xuan Yue. The magic cultivated in the volcano at this time fully demonstrated his powerful strength.

Miao Fei had enough fighting spirit, and tried to hit Keanu's defense several times, but he couldn't get close to the hot purple energy and the temperature of the purple inflammation, which greatly affected his martial arts. He yelled at Wanli who was standing to the side: "Hurry up, do you want him to use fire magic?" At this time, Miao Fei also regretted it. He had realized that Keanu's magic level was not The advanced magician is that simple. But, in front of so many subordinates, how could he back down? Hearing Miao Fei's call, Wan Li also realized that Keanu was about to show off, and hurriedly drew out his big knife and rushed forward. Wanli's fighting spirit is much thicker than Miao Fei's. With the cooperation of Miao Fei's narrow sword, he slashed at Keanu's Vulcan Armor with all his strength. But how could they defeat Keanu's sixth-level fire defensive magic with their strength? With a puff The purple energy only fluctuates slightly, but the swords of Wanli and Miaofei have been melted by the powerful heat. Under the scorching energy, the two hurriedly released their weapons, but their palms were still inevitably burned, and they retreated a few steps before reluctantly protecting their bodies with vindictive energy. Keanu looked at the two in front of him with disdain, and said coldly: "Do you dare to provoke me with this ability? Let you see my true strength. Only I can protect Yueji. Hot Ziyan! I call you in the name of Vulcan to condense into the most powerful Tamron, and use your invincible flames of anger to destroy the enemies in front of you.” As the spell chanted, the purple flames around Keanu’s body suddenly flourished, and he The reason why I used the Vulcan Armor first was to use my strongest magic Ziyan Tamron more smoothly. From the point of view of cultivation base, Keanu is a bit worse than Corison, so the Ziyan Tamron he used is not much lighter than the purple and black like Corison. With the rising purple flame, Keanu raised the magic wand in his hand, the fire element in the air quickly condensed, and a huge purple dragon like amethyst floated above his head.

All the members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group were stunned. Although they did not understand magic, they could also imagine the energy contained in this huge purple dragon. Such a beautiful sight reminded them of dumb and Xuan Yue dealt with the situation of the Overlord Mercenary Group. The temperature in the air suddenly rose a lot, and the mercenaries couldn't help retreating. Yue Ji didn't expect Keanu to be so strong. Seeing the formation of the purple dragon, a strange change occurred in her heart. The current Keanu is so tall and mighty in her eyes.

Chapter 147: Beauties

Miao Fei and Wan Li clearly felt that Keanu's mind was firmly locked on them, and their bodies couldn't help shaking slightly. In front of Ziyan Tenglong, they didn't even have a chance to resist. Miao Fei thought of escape, but he knew clearly that no matter how fast he was, he would not be able to escape the magic. Once he gritted his teeth, Miao Fei rushed away and said: "Let's fight with him." The two condensed themselves at the same time. All of his grudge, staring at Keanu, ready to send a full blow at any time.

Keanu looked at Miao Fei and Wanli coldly, flicking the wand in his hand, the purple flame dragon slowly spinning in the air, pointing the magic wand forward, and drew a strange purple symbol in the air, the cold light in his eyes was bright. Chanted: "Go, my Ziyan Tenglong." The purple dragon shined brightly and flew high with huge fire energy. When it soared to several tens of meters, it suddenly fell, attacking Miao with its teeth and claws. Feihe Wanli.

Yuehen finally woke up from his surprise, and hurriedly rushed to Yueji next to him: "Little sister, stop Keanu, he will kill them."

Hearing her brother's call, Yue Ji awoke from her appreciation of Ziyan Tenglong. After all, Miao Fei and Wanli had been with her for a long time, and there were some feelings. She yelled without thinking: "Keanu, stop. "Her voice came out with a grudge, and it was clearly sent to Keanu's ears.

Hearing Yue Ji's shout, Keanu's body shook, and he suddenly awoke from his anger. What am I doing? They are not real enemies, how can I make such a heavy hand? Once Ziyan Tenglong becomes powerful, not only Miao Fei and Wanli will die, but the mercenaries around will also suffer a lot of damage. Even the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Group will be destroyed by themselves. At that time, I am afraid that they will be with Yueji. It might really be gone, thinking of this, he urged all his thoughts quickly to stop the purple flame Tenglong in the air.

Ziyan Tenglong was released by Keanu with his full strength. How could the huge energy be easily controlled, suddenly changing his orders, and suddenly increasing the load on Keanu's body, but as long as it was Yuehime, he would definitely Will do so, regardless of his own body, resolutely urged Ziyan Tenglong with mental power, and continuously slowed down its downward speed.

Miao Fei and Wanli were completely dumbfounded when they flew under the Ziyan Tenglong. Only when they really faced this powerful magic, did they know how terrible it was. In front of this tens of meters long Ziyan Tenglong, their bodies were It's so small, I can't afford to resist anymore, I can only wait quietly for death.

"Ah—" Keanu roared, the magic wand in his hand shot out a violent purple energy, and finally rushed to Miao Feihe Wanli's three meters above the head of Ziyan Tenglong to stop its impact. Even so, under the scorching energy, Miao Fei and Wanli's hairs and beards still melted away, and the two felt the whole body heat at the same time, their heads became dizzy, and they fell to the ground without knowing what happened.

One after another strange symbols floated out of Keanu’s hands and injected into the Ziyan Dragon’s body in the air. The expression on Keanu’s face was extremely solemn, and a strand of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. Under those strange symbols, purple Yan Tenglong's size gradually shrank, and the fire element gradually dispersed in the air. Finally, after a full ten minutes, the powerful fire energy gradually disappeared, and the air became cool again. All the members of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps have been drenched with sweat. With a wow, Keanu couldn't stand the heavy load anymore, and he spouted blood. The body slowly rested on the ground.

Yue Ji exclaimed, flew in front of Keanu, grabbed his body, and asked urgently: "Keanu, how are you?"

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Keanu's mouth, and said: "I shouldn't be able to die. I didn't want to shoot, but they forced me. I can't promise them to see you again! Yueji, I really like you." Again Keanu fainted with a spout of blood. His pre-coma confession completely shocked Yue Ji's heart, and Keanu's silly figure could no longer disappear from her heart.

Yuehen flew over to Miao Fei and Wanli's side, checked their bodies, and found that the two were temporarily unconscious because of the intrusion of fire poison.

At this moment, a golden figure rushed over like lightning. The person hadn't arrived yet, and the loud voice had already sounded, "Who was in the regiment with such a big magic, did anyone hurt?" The tall figure appeared, just going out. The overlord who performed the task is back. As soon as he saw three people lying on the ground, he was shocked, and said to the moon: "Brother, what's wrong?"

Yue Hen smiled bitterly: "A word is hard to say! Come, first send Miao Fei and Wan Li the two deputy heads to the room to rest. Sister, how about Keanu?"

Two lines of clear tears flowed down Yue Ji's face, she shook her head with the inside, and said, "I, I don't know."

The overlord strode to Keanu's side, immediately recognized his identity, grabbed his veins, and probed his body with his own vindictiveness, before saying for a while: "He seems to be out of strength, his life is okay, but Need to take good care of them. Yueji, when did you come back. Dumb, did they come back?"

Yue Ji hugged Keanu's tall body, and left a sentence, ask Big Brother. He took Keanu back to his room.

Yuehen dismissed the surrounding mercenaries and told the overlord the whole story. After listening to his narration, the overlord couldn't help but laugh bitterly and muttered: "Dai doesn't seem to have a weak person next to me! On the way back, I was shocked to see the purple flame dragon above the headquarters. Such a strong fire energy, I absolutely can't resist. This Keanu does have the strength of a wizard, and can actually rely on his own Power can stop such a strong magic attack. No wonder he will lose his power."

What can Yuehen say now? Keanu’s performance has proved everything to him. Such a powerful magician can't be found in the whole continent. It is completely satisfying to have him as his own brother-in-law, at least Yueji Following him will not be wronged.

One day later, Keanu gradually woke up from his coma. Yesterday's overload caused his mental strength to be greatly damaged, and the meridians kept throbbing pain throughout his body. Slowly opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was a long red hair. Yue Ji fell asleep deeply beside his bed. Seeing Tsukihime, Keanu immediately relaxed and looked at the surrounding environment.

This is a small cabin. Almost all the decorations in the room are warm pink, which looks very comfortable. Keanu felt like a girl’s room, how could it look like a girl’s room? Could it be that this is Yue Ji’s boudoir? There was a burst of joy in the heart, and being able to enter the room proved that Yue Ji had already felt about herself. Thinking of this, the excited Keanu couldn't help reaching out to touch Yue Ji's long hair. The movement of his arm immediately affected the wounds of the meridians in his body, and the intense pain made him groan.

Yue Ji's delicate body trembled, and she woke up from her sleep, "Ah! How are you awake? Are you better?"

Keanu finally calmed down the pain in his body, looked at Yue Ji with a look of concern, and muttered: "As long as I can be with you, I am not afraid of multiple injuries."

Yue Ji knocked on Keanu's head lightly and said: "Say some silly things and lie down quickly. I blamed me yesterday, and didn't stop you from fighting with Miao Fei and the others earlier, so you got hurt. "

Keanu smiled bitterly: "Actually, I can't blame you. I am too impulsive. If I didn't use such a big magic, I should be able to control it easily."

Yue Ji's expression was surprisingly gentle, and she said: "You take a break first, I'll get you something to eat." As he said, she turned and walked out. When she walked to the door, she stopped and turned to look at Keanu who was obsessed with her face. She blushed and said, "You take care of your injury. When you are cured, I will go to the Tianjin Empire with you." After speaking, he ran out quickly. After listening to Keanu’s words before the coma yesterday, Tsukihime has fully understood. It is absolutely happy to marry someone who really likes herself and has the ability to protect herself. What's more, Keanu is already deeply involved. Stationed in her heart.

Looking at the place where Yue Ji disappeared, her ears reverberated when she was leaving, even no matter how stupid Keanu was, he could understand the affection contained in it, and thought happily: This injury is really worth it! I finally touched Yue Ji's heart, great, I finally succeeded. If she was so gentle when I was injured, I would rather not get better.

Just when Keanu was intoxicated in the gentle village, the Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun also came to the foot of the main peak of the Tiangang Mountains. Yesterday, they just broke up with Oliveira. Oliveira walked along the edge of the Tiangang Mountains. In order to save time, he went directly from the ravine to the headquarters of the Mainland Mage Union in Guangming Province through the Tiangang Province. The Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun directly entered the Tiangang Mountains. With the memory of the Rock Brothers, they slowly climbed up the mountain path and finally came here early this morning.

Zhuo Yun took off the cloak he was wearing and threw it to the rock, spreading his transparent wings and flying up, "Rock, there are sparsely populated here, I don't have to hide my identity anymore."

The rock smiled helplessly, and said, "It's up to you. The air in Tiangang Mountain is so fresh! It's still comfortable here, as if I went to your fairy forest."

Zhuo Yun hovered up in the air, breathing the refreshing air in the mountains, indescribably freehand, "The air here is indeed very good, but it is a pity that the altitude is too high, not suitable for our elf life."

Yanli smiled and said, "Sister-in-law, there are many places with beautiful surroundings in the Puyan people, and the altitude is not high. Then let the eldest brother find a place that you are satisfied with."

Zhuo Yunqiao blushed, gave Yan Li a glance, and said, "I haven't officially married him yet. You are not allowed to call me sister-in-law."

Yan Li smiled and said, "Sooner or later, is the sister-in-law still shy? Don't you have to review your eldest brother again. My elder brother is so good, so you don't need it."

Rock didn't refute Yan Li's words, but gently looked at Zhuo Yun's flying posture. Zhuo Yun floated and flew behind the rock, lying on his generous back, and said: "Ali makes fun of me, and you don't help me. You will be punished to walk with me."

Shi Shi laughed and said, "It's a matter of course for me to carry my wife." Since he abandoned all his worries and confirmed the relationship with Zhuo Yun, Shi Shi has been in a surprisingly good mood. If he can properly resolve the matter of Dumb, he will have no more concerns. Up.

The three of them talked and laughed along the way. After nearly half a day of climbing, they finally passed through the sea of clouds and approached the top of Tiangang Mountain. The rock gasped slightly and looked towards the top of the mountain, "I guess we will be there in less than an hour. Yun'er, how come your face is so pale! Is it uncomfortable?"

Zhuo Yun smiled reluctantly, and said: "The altitude here is too high, I am a little uncomfortable. It will be better in a while." She is an elf magician, and her physical fitness is not very good. At an altitude of more than five kilometers, she naturally Had altitude sickness.

The rock took Zhuo Yun into his arms with concern, and said, "The altitude of the top of the mountain will be higher. Yun'er, you can't go on like this. I'll carry you on your back later, you can't lift your wings."

Zhuo Yun snuggled in the arms of the rock and nodded gently, her breathing difficulties combined with heart palpitations and tinnitus made her unspeakably sad.

With a movement in the rock's heart, he urged the Divine Imperial Fight Qi in his body, slowly input into Zhuo Yun's body, the pale golden light lit up, and with the help of the Divine Imperial Dou Qi filled with sacred aura, Zhuo Yun's breath gradually smoothed a lot. The rock watched Zhuo Yun recover a **** pretty face, he was overjoyed, and he continued to input his fighting energy. After a long while, Zhuo Yun opened his star eyes and kissed the rock face softly, and said softly: "I'm much better. Don’t waste your work."

The rock withdrew his divine fighting spirit, embraced Zhuo Yun's soft body, smiled and said: "If there is anything uncomfortable, you must tell me as soon as possible. I am most afraid of you."

Yan Li suddenly coughed loudly, and Yan Li and Zhuo Yun looked at him blankly. Yan Li looked dissatisfied and said, "Big brother, I would have gone to the clan if I knew you were like this. You know that your brother and I are still lonely, and I'm always so jealous that I am so jealous. ."

The rock laughed and said, "Don't be jealous. If you have a chance, I will find a wife for you. Let's go. It's almost time to rest. Let's go up the mountain."

At this moment, a clear voice sounded, "Who would dare to trespass to the main peak of Tiangang Mountain, don't you know that this is the forbidden place of the Tiangang Sword Sect?"

The rock smiled slightly and replied: "We are friends of the Tiangang Sword Sect. We are not trespassing, but the brother is patrolling the mountains here?"

With the sound of breaking through the air, two white figures flew towards the rock where they were, feeling the familiar breath of innocence, and the rock brothers felt a feeling of going home.

The figure fell ten meters away in front of them, and the rock looked intently, the smile on his face was not particularly strong. The man he and Yan Liquan knew each other, a man and a woman, they were Liao Yihe Lu among the four generations of disciples. One by one.

Liao Yi looked at the tall two people in front of him in doubt. They had been missing for three or four years. Rock and their hair had grown up long ago, and he couldn't recognize them for a while.

Lu Yiyi's temper is still so fierce, and he shouted angrily: "Who are you? Hurry up and report your life. How can you prove that you are friends of our Tiangang Sword Sect?"

Rock laughed and said: "One by one, you still have this temper! Be careful no one will dare to marry you in the future, don't you even recognize your Master Rock? At the beginning, your leg was broken by Brother Adu? It's really good. The scar is forgotten to hurt!" After listening to the words of the rock, Liao Yi's brother and sister gradually woke up. Liao Yi said in surprise: "You, are you two bald uncles?"

The rock touched the short brown hair on his head, and smiled bitterly: "Yes! But, don't call the Bald Master Uncle in the future, it will damage my heroic image."

There are very few guests from the Tiangang Sword Sect. Once the Rock Brothers are identified, Liao Yi and Lu are overjoyed one by one, and Lu one by one: "Wow, Uncle Bald, how come you make fun of me when you meet. Who said I can’t get married because everyone is already engaged.”

The rock was shocked and smiled: "You are engaged, who is so unlucky to marry you little witch!"

Liao Yi smiled bitterly on the side: "Isn't it just me that is so unlucky."

Lu Yiyi became angry, and grabbed Liao Yi’s ears, and said angrily: “Are you wronged to marry me? I’m so beautiful, I’m not worthy of you. You know, people in the sword school who like me can How about the top of the mountain to the bottom?"

"Oh, one by one, you lighten it, your ears are about to fall. Yes, yes, I am not good enough for you, it should be fine." After Liao Yi's repeated apologies, Lu Yiyi released his hand, hum After a cry, he said: "Originally, you are not worthy of me. Hey, Master Shishu, who is this sister in your arms? Sister, you are so beautiful! You should be more beautiful than that sister named Xuanyue, right? "She had heard Xuan Yue's senior brother say about Xuan Yue's beauty, and she was always jealous, but she didn't know how beautiful Xuan Yue was. When she saw Zhuo Yun today, she couldn't help comparing the two.

Zhuo Yun broke free from the rock, hiding his wings behind his back, smiling and said: "My name is Zhuo Yun, do you say Yueyue? Yueyue now is different from before. How can I compare to her."

Lu Yiyi was shocked, Zhuo Yun's appearance was already beyond her comparison. If Xuan Yue were even more beautiful, then she was indeed far behind.

Yan Li smiled and said, "This is my sister-in-law, so you have to call Shishu. Let's go, take us back to the school, we have very important things to report to Teacher Xi Wen."

When they heard that they had something important, they didn't even dare to make trouble again, and a group of five people quickly went to the Tiangang Sword Sect on the top of the mountain. With the support of the rock's godly fighting spirit, Zhuo Yun's body has improved a lot, and he has gradually adapted to altitude sickness. On the way, when Liao Yi and the others asked about Ah-Dai, the Rock Brothers and Zhuo Yun remained silent. Liao Yi thought that Rock and the others came to the Tiangang Sword Sect. They must have something to do with Ah-Dai. Half an hour later, they had already arrived outside the Tiangang Sword School. Liao Yi gave way to report to the elders one by one, and he took Brother Rock and Zhuo Yun into the living room.

After a while, a loud voice sounded, "The rocks are coming, let me see." A tall figure appeared at the entrance of the meeting room, it was Zhou Wen with a fierce temper. Liao Yi hurriedly got up and saluted, and said, "I have seen the Seven Masters." Brother Rock also hurriedly got up and saluted.

Zhou Wen grabbed the rock by the shoulder and laughed: "Okay, it looks like your kid is stronger. You haven't been abandoned in the past few years. I heard that you also begged the wife of the house. Come and let the uncle appraise it for you." As he said, his eyes fell on Zhuo Yun. Zhuo Yun said: "Hello, Uncle Master." Although she doesn't know who Zhou Wen is, since she is an elder, it is always right to call her Uncle Master.

Zhou Wen nodded in satisfaction and smiled: "Rock, you kid is really convinced! Such a beautiful big beauty can be chased by you, much better than your uncle when I was younger. The little girl is good, Xiuwai Huizhong, gentle and polite, a good girl. Rock, you have to treat others well!"

Rock hurriedly agreed, and at this moment, the old man's voice sounded, "Old Qi, it seems that retreat has no effect on you! You retreat several times, but this noise can't be corrected. People Rock and they just came. You are endless."

As soon as he heard this voice, Zhou Wen calmed down immediately, and stepped aside with a bitter expression, not daring to speak again. The same tall and tall figure appeared outside the chamber. It was Xi Wen, the second-generation leader of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and Lu Wen followed him.

As soon as Liao saw Xi Wen, he hurriedly stepped aside and said respectfully: "I have seen Master Master, the Four Master Masters." Zhou Wen hid aside, neither showing courtesy nor talking. He didn't dare to offend his own. Senior brother in charge, several times in confinement, he was already afraid of him.

Xiwen said, "Go down. Prepare something delicious, and treat them to the rock in the evening."

Liao Yi took the order, and Xi Wen turned his gaze to the rock and nodded slightly, "Well, rock, your brother is not bad! I haven't seen it in a few years, and my skill seems to have improved a lot."

The rock bowed and said, "Teacher Xi Wen, you passed the award. I will introduce you to my fiancée, Zhuo Yun of the elves."

A gleam of surprise appeared in Xiwen's eyes, "Elves?"

Zhuo Yun bowed and said: "Teacher, hello." She lifted the long green hair around her ears, revealing the pointed ears, and the transparent wings behind her spread out to show her identity.

Shiven laughed and said: "No wonder Old Qi said that you have the ability just now. Well, yes, you do have foresight. From the pure eyes of this girl, you can tell that she must be pure and rocky! I am convinced. The elves are a very kind race, this girl is absolutely worthy of you. Ah! By the way, what about dumb? Didn't he come with you? Since you left three years ago, it has not been After I came back, I sent someone to find Ah-Dai, but there is no news. How did you save the Elf tribe? Did you save the Elf Princess?" Since the Tiangang Sword Saint died, Ah-Dai has become a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect. Hope, I haven't seen Dumb in a few years, Xi Wen's heart is already very worried. He is almost ninety years old. In his mind, only Ah Dui among the three generations of disciples is most suitable for the position of head. What's more, he has also received Tiangang Sword Saint's hundred years of skill, and his achievements are probably even higher than those of Sword Saint.

Hearing Shivin’s question, the rock sighed and said: "Teacher, we have two things to report to you. One is the reappearance of the dark forces, and they are extremely rampant, in the first confrontation with the Holy See. , Killed one red priest, six white priests, hundreds of judges, nearly a thousand holy knights, and even the judge, Xuanyuan, was seriously injured."

Hearing what the rock said, the third brother Xiwen lost his voice at the same time: "What?" The three looked at each other. They all knew what the rock said just now. Xiwen barely suppressed his inner surprise, and said: "Rock, you are in detail Tell me what's going on."

The rock nodded solemnly, and said, "This starts with the Thousand-Year Calamity..." He started talking about the earliest Prophet Prin who confirmed that Ah-Dai and Xuanyue were the saviors. He talked about saving the elves and the dark forces of the Sunset Empire. The struggle was recounted in detail, until the Holy See was besieged by so many dark aliens and almost annihilated. "That’s it, the Holy See has suffered a heavy blow that has never been seen in thousands of years. I am afraid that the vitality will be a little while. There is no way to recover. Teacher, there is one more important thing about Dui." At the moment, he narrated the matter between Dui and Xuanyue again. Hearing that Dui disappeared alone, the three Siwen brothers wrinkled. Frowned.

Zhou Wen said irritably: "Dai, this kid is too stupid, he can be deceived like this, no wonder he is called DAI."

Xiwen glared at him and said, "Old Qi, you don't want to say a few words. Dumb, this child is kind-hearted, and very simple, and very affectionate, so he is easily deceived. You can't blame him for this. Now , His mood must be very depressed, we must find him as soon as possible, and we must not put him in any danger."

The rock nodded heavily, and said, "What I am most afraid of right now is that dumb gets the horns!"

Xiwen thought for a while, and said, "Let’s do it, you guys have a good rest here tonight. I’ll go and decorate now. My second junior brother Fengwen still has some power in the Huasheng Empire. With his help, I can find someone. It's much easier. However, I also think that it is unlikely that Dumb will be in the Huasheng Empire. The most likely is the Sunset Empire. Because of the death of Junior Brother Owen, he will hate the killer very much, and it is very likely that he will go to the Sunset Empire. Finding the killer will take revenge. Hey, isn't he hitting the stone with a pebble with his own strength."

The rock shook his head, and said, "It may not be possible to hit a stone with a pebble. Dumb's current skill is so high that I can't see through it. I heard him say that his vitality has reached the ninth highest state. "

There was a hint of joy in Xiwen's eyes, "What, you said that Dumb's Shengshengjue has been cultivated to the ninth level? It's really fast! It seems that his skill has surpassed us old guys." Xiwen has gone through these years. The penance of cultivation had already touched the edge of the ninth stage of Shengshengjue, but he was still unable to break through. And his life changed among several seniors, and he was the only one who had reached the second change.

Rock said: "I can't say exactly what extent his skill has reached, but I can feel that the surging aura in his body seems to have reached the strength of the sword master. Therefore, I am not afraid that he will be What about the people of the Killing Hand Association? The most feared thing is that he can't restrain the evil spirit in his heart. You also know that he carries the Pluto sword on his body. If he kills too much, it may affect his mind and even be counter-controlled by the evil sword."

Xi Wen groaned: "That said, Ah Dui's current situation is still very dangerous. Let's do this, Junior Brother Lu Wen, starting tomorrow, all things in the school will be handled by you. Me, Junior Brother Third, Junior Brother Seven and The rocks went down the mountain together and went to the sunset empire to find Dumb. With us, even if something happens to Dumb, there will be time to remedy it."

When Rock heard that Shivin was about to go there in person, he couldn't help but stunned, and said, "Teacher, it's enough for us to find it." Shivin is almost 90 years old. How can he bear to let him run around again?

Xiwen shook his head and said, "I have to go this time. I think you still don't know how important Dumb is to the entire Tiangang Sword Sect. Although he is a third-generation disciple, he is the most important disciple of the teacher. In the event of an accident, he is probably the third-generation leader of the Sword Sect. Moreover, dumb is related to the fate of the entire Tiangang Sword Sect, so I must go. "Rock and others do not know that the Sword Saint of Tiangang has died~www. As the number one sword sect in the mainland, what if there is no master with the strength of the Sword Saint, the Sword Saint of Heaven is dead, and all hopes are pinned on Dumb.

Lu Wen said: "Brother head, what should the dark forces do? Do we want to help the Holy See?"

Xiwen shook his head and said, "It's not used for the time being. Now things are still unclear. We can't easily intervene. When the dark forces formally manifest on the mainland, it will be the day we do it. Let's find Ah-Dai first. Reconciliation of the moon is only good for us and the Holy See, and it can also become a reason for us to unite with each other. Although the millennium catastrophe cannot be trusted, it is not unbelievable. Only the strong alliance is dealing with the crisis. Only then can you increase your bargaining chips. Dumb boy! He must not be okay!"

Rocky said: "Dumb is the savior of the destiny, there will be nothing wrong. If he really goes against the killer, we should be able to find some clues."

Xiwen nodded and said, "I hope so. Within a year, even if we walk through the entire Sunset Empire, we must find him. Junior Brother, after I leave, you must step up and urge the disciples to cultivate and improve their skills as soon as possible. strength."

Lu Wen respectfully said: "Please follow the instructions of the head brother."

Chapter 148: Death is coming

On the third day after leaving the Soul City, Dumb and Miefeng came to the Dark City. Looking at this long-lost city of darkness, a bitter feeling surged in Ah Du's heart. Touching the head of Bing in his arms, Duan murmured: "Bing, I know you don't want to return to this dirty place. However, in order to avenge Uncle Owen, I have to come here again. Don't worry. Well, as long as the killer here is eliminated, I will take you out of here as soon as possible." Mie Feng looked at Ah Dui's lonely eyes and said coldly, "What are you talking about? Who is the ice?"

Dumb sighed, and said as he walked to the gate of the Dark City: "Mie Feng, do you know? It is because of the ice that you can live to the present."

Dumb's words aroused Miefeng's interest and asked, "Who is Bing. Why didn't you kill me because of her?"

Coming to the Dark City again, there was a crack in the Frozen Heart of Ah Du, and said sadly: "Bing is a very poor girl. If she hadn't given her life to save, I would have died..." He couldn't help but I told him about the matter between myself and Bing. When everything was finished, tears had wet his clothes.

After listening to Ah Dui's narration, Mie Feng's eyes were hazy, "She is really miserable, but she is also very happy, at least after her death, you will always be thinking about her."

Dui wiped away his tears with his sleeves, and said, "Now you understand why I hate the dark forces so much. When you assassinated me for the first time, if it weren't for your look so ice-like, how could I be a man Be merciful? Although my resentment towards the thieves' union is not as strong as against the killer, it is similar."

Mie Feng said: "You will never have the opportunity to deal with our thieves' guild. Because no one will take you to find our lair."

Duan glanced at Miefeng, and returned to his coldness again, and said calmly: "Don't say so sure, if I want to, the Thieves Union may not be able to hide forever. Let's go, take me here to kill the branch of the Handicraft Association." Dumb's The look in his eyes made Mie Feng's heart tremble, thinking of his killing methods, and involuntarily worrying about his union.

Three hours later, Duan and Miefeng left. The only difference from the time he came is that Dumb has collected dozens of lives. Although those assassins are everyone's nightmare on the mainland, they don't have the slightest ability to resist against peerless masters like Shang Dui. After leaving the dark city, the killing intent in Ah Du's eyes gradually disappeared, and he muttered: "Four killers, eleven ninja killers, and 23 ordinary killers. This time the gains are still relatively large. Maybe. , And it won’t take long before the president of the Killing Hand Association who is hidden in the dark will take the initiative to find me."

Mie Feng found that he was getting more and more afraid of the seemingly dull young man in front of him, and whenever he looked at his cold eyes, his determined mind would tremble. Now, even she didn't know if the conditions she had promised to Dumb were correct. But now that she has embarked on this path, she can't look back.

One month later, the headquarters of the Killing Hand Association.

In the darkness, two red rays of light flashed continuously, and an unusually depressing atmosphere filled the entire dark space.

"Mie Yi." Sen cold and low voice sounded.

"Lord, please give your instructions." Since the original vice president was demoted as a killer by the lord, Mie Yiqi has become the lord's most powerful support. He is now the leader of the Yuan Kill Group.

"According to the news we have received, the **** of death has reappeared in the sunset empire, and this time, he seems to have deliberately opposed our killers. Within a month, he will place us in seven strongholds in the dark province. , And the branches of Dark City are all destroyed. There is no one to live. What do you think of this provocative behavior?"

Kill one: "The subordinates already know about this. However, it is not certain that the **** of death who appeared this time is the disciple of Pluto, Dui. His killing methods seem to be different from before."

The Lord greeted him and said: "I have also noticed this problem. In the past, most death gods used the sword of Hades to kill. Even if they were not used, they would kill the enemy very cruelly. And the stronghold we were attacked was among all the dead. Only one corpse will be destroyed each time, and the rest will be killed by a sharp weapon penetrating the center of the eyebrow."

Mie Yi thought, do you also know the word cruel? The **** of death is far worse than you. But he said: "You are right. The **** of death who appeared this time seems to be much stronger than before. I have been to see those corpses. It seems that he was killed by a single blow without any resistance, so powerful. The strength of is really terrifying. If it is really dumb, our situation will be very bad, because of Pluto, his hatred of our union is very strong, I am afraid the killing will continue. Especially, his hands There is also the useless Pluto sword, I am afraid that the seven of us will not be able to fight him."

The master said: "Raising a tiger is a problem! If I didn't want to buy him, but when he just debuted, I would kill him with the force of thunder and control the Pluto sword directly in our hands. There would be no such trouble. The most surprising thing to me is how can he find each of our lairs so accurately?"

Mie Yi muttered: "This is hard to say. The **** of death has disappeared for more than a year, maybe he has been collecting our information. Moreover, this **** of death may not be a dumb."

The Lord said: "Then you say, who else might it be?"

Annihilation: "Subordinates suspect that this person may have been sent by the Holy See to warn us. In recent years, we have done a lot of big cases, and the Holy See has been paying attention to us. Those who pretend to be sacred always like to be nosy. ."

The Lord nodded and said: "You are right. It is possible. However, the Holy See may not be able to protect itself now. Let's do it. Kill one, you take your six brothers, and the new upgrade to Kill Kill The ten masters of the scholar went to find the whereabouts of this **** of death. No matter what his identity, once he is found, he must be destroyed. Moreover, you have to find out how he knows the exact locations of our branches. Since the Thieves Union disappeared a year ago, no one should know our distribution in the Sunset Empire!"

Mie Yi bowed and said, "Yes, Lord. Please rest assured, I will be able to complete the task."

The lord waved his hand, Mie Yi bowed and walked back. In the dark room, there is only one person left.

The Lord exhaled a murky mouth, and said to himself: "There are so many recent troubles. Not only has there been a **** of death, but the leader also asked me to find someone who makes light rain. The land area is so large that I Where can I find it? Time is running out. As long as we hold on to the end, regardless of his savior, hey, the mainland will always fall into our dark hands."


After finishing his luck, Ah Duh stood up from the ground, sweat on his forehead and temples. Since working with Miefeng to find the killer and revenge, he has been slaying frantically, and more than a hundred killers have died in his hands. However, as more and more people died in his hands. The fierce spirit in his heart gradually became stronger. Today, when he destroyed a branch of the Killing Society in the Hengze Province of the Sunset Empire, he almost killed ordinary people who passed by because of his ferocity. Feeling the change in himself, Ah-Dai was taken aback, and hurriedly found a secret place to practice. Relying on the sacred aura contained in the true qi, the fierce pressure was finally released. This ferocious aura was the bane left deep in Ah-Dai's heart by the Pluto sword. When he was full of evil thoughts, it would naturally take root in him.

Mie Feng watched Ah-Dai recover from his almost crazy state, and felt a sense of relief in his heart. Faintly said: "Now you can put away some kind of clone of you." In order to prevent Mie Feng from sneaking, as long as Mie Feng is present during cultivation, he will release the clone to protect himself, in order to maintain himself. His life continued to take revenge, he no longer cared about keeping this secret, but when Mie Feng asked, he never answered. When Mie Feng saw the clone for the first time, she was shocked, and tried two tricks with the clone, but she finally found out that even if it was the phantom like him released by Duan, she had no chance of winning.

Dumb wiped the sweat from his forehead, retracted his clone, and said, "For a thief like you, we must guard against it. We can go." After that, he turned and walked towards the road.

Mie Feng didn't move. She stood there, looking at Ah Dui's back and said, "Are you really going to kill again?"

Duan stopped and said solemnly, "This is my mission, an unchangeable mission."

Mie Feng took a few steps forward and said loudly, "But do you want to reappear today's situation? You should know that if you continue to kill, there will be crazy possibilities."

Dumb said: "I can't take care of that much. Even if I am really crazy, I have to take revenge. Eliminating the killing crafts will be my only wish now."

Mie Feng said angrily: "You can't be crazy, did you forget to promise me? If you are crazy, how can I kill you. Don't you want to fulfill your promise?"

Ah Dui seemed to be persuaded by Miefeng. Turning to face Miefeng, the coldness on his face disappeared a little, "I will remember the promise to you. There is a sacred aura in my true vitality, as long as I practice every time I kill someone. For a while, I think, it should be able to hold it back. Enough to hold on until the promise is fulfilled. Let's go. Go to the next place."

"Wait a minute." Mie Feng stopped Ah Du, and said, "Let me take you to the next place. However, you must rest for three days first to completely calm the hostility in your chest. Don't worry, I will use the thieves' union. Swear to survive, you will never sneak attack when you meditate and practice."

Duan frowned, and said, "The place where the sunset empire is still very large, and the Killing Hand Society still has many strongholds and branches, so time can't be delayed."

Mie Feng didn't say a word, just stared at Dumb, his eyes filled with determination. The two of them just stared at each other, and time passed by. Mie Feng's determination has not changed at all. Without Mie Feng's lead, how could Ah Dumb find traces of the Killing Hand Society? He sighed helplessly, and said: "Forget it, just do what you want. I'm very surprised, don't you really want me to die? How come you suddenly care about me."

A red cloud flashed across Miefeng's cold pretty face, and said, "I miss you very much, so I will cherish your life now. You must save your life until you fulfill your promise."

Dui took a deep look at Miefeng. His deep eyes made Miefeng palpitate. Dui said, "Where are we going now? We can't stay here."

Feng Feng said: "Just go to the city where the next target is located. After three days, I will naturally tell you where the target is, and you can continue your actions."

Duan nodded, and under the leadership of Mie Feng, the two headed towards the next city. What Duan didn't know was that the three days that Miefeng allowed him to rest completely saved the possibility of him going crazy because of overkill.

For three days, a full three days, Dui spent almost entirely in meditation. During these three days, he used his sincere and honest vitality to continuously wash his soul. Since his own skill has surpassed the second golden body passed on to him by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, he now absorbs the energy of the second golden body much faster than before. He has absorbed more than 60% of all the twelve success powers of the Tiangang Sword Saint. Compared with the time when Ah-Dai fought against the Western Juggernaut a month ago, his skill is more profound. The Fifth Transformation has been stabilized. He can almost easily use the purple solid-state energy, and each increase in the Transformation. Each level has a qualitative leap, and that solid energy has become the most advantageous weapon for killing the enemy. He is constantly striding towards the peak of martial arts.

Knocking on Miefeng's room door, Dui walked into the room next to her. Mie Feng was dressed in ordinary civilian clothing, with long black hair simply combed behind her back. She looked so quiet now that she could not see that she was a strong acquirer.

"It's been three days, now you can take me to kill the stronghold of the Handicraft Association here."

Mie Feng nodded and said: "Yes, let's go now. How is the killing intent in your heart suppressed? Can you control it?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I don't know too much, but it seems that it is not as strong as the previous few days. In fact, this vicious atmosphere is mainly caused by previous accumulation. The evil atmosphere of the Pluto sword is already When I rescued the elves a few years ago, I deeply invaded my meridians. I am afraid it will be difficult to resolve. Unless I will never kill, the crazy heart of killing will always appear. But you can rest assured, from From now on, I will slow down the speed of killing. I will rest for a few days every time I destroy a stronghold of the killing hand club. In this way, I should be able to persist until I fulfill my two wishes. As long as I die, the fierceness in my body will naturally I can't make trouble anymore."

Seeing Ah-Dai calmly narrating the possibility of his death, Mie Feng suddenly felt a faint pain in his heart. Vigorously shake off this thought and said: "You wait for me outside, clean up, let's go."

Duan nodded, turned and walked out of Miefeng's room.

Mie Feng closed the door and put his back on the wall, panting slightly, grabbing his neat long hair with both hands, and muttering to himself, "Why? Why the longer I spend with him, the murderous intent in my heart Will there be less? Should I really seek revenge from him? Why is it? No, I must avenge my uncle. I can’t give up easily.” She gritted her teeth and tried to calm her mood as much as possible. After regaining his usual cold expression, he simply cleaned up and left the hotel where he lived with Dui.

After three hours.

Another branch of the Killing Hand Society destroyed another. Looking at the red light in the depths of Ah Du’s eyes, Miefeng couldn’t help but feel cold. Even if he realized that killing would have a great impact on him, he would still go. Constantly killing, it seems that his idea of revenge is much stronger than mine! If, if he did not avenge, what would it be like? Perhaps, he could really become the first person in the mainland as the Western Sword Saint said. After all, he is still so young.

Dumb’s voice sounded, "Let’s go to the next city to rest. Maybe it’s because of three days of meditating, I feel a lot more comfortable, and I don’t seem to be so eager to kill today. It seems that my judgment is correct. Can you Can't tell me, how many branches of the Killing Hand Society are there?"

Mie Feng woke up from his thoughts, and said, "Now you probably destroyed a quarter of the stronghold where the killer will be destroyed. Even if you slow it down, it should be about the same in another six months."

Duan nodded and said, "Okay, just slow it down." When the dozen or so assassins were based at the Massacre and Killing Manual today, he found that his control over the energy of life and transformation was much smoother, and his skill was improving. Advance by leaps and bounds. Because it has been going very smoothly, Ah-Dai now thinks of the Four Great Juggernauts competition a year later, which is a competition he cannot lose. The reason why he decided to lower his speed was to restrain his inner murderous intent, and the other was to be able to continuously improve his strength. He had already made up his mind to not let his master down.

The area of the sunset empire is indeed very large, even with the advancing speed of Ah-Dah and Mie Feng, it took another two months to travel half of the area, and the strongholds of the Killing Hand Society were destroyed one by one in the hands of Ah-Dah. However, Dumb was not satisfied with his results. Because, although hundreds of assassins had already died in his hands, the backbone of the Assassins had never appeared. Even the killer level killer, there are only nine dead in his hands, and the original killer is never seen. Although he wouldn't let go of those low-level assassins, he was more eager to eliminate a large number of high-level assassins, so as to really weaken the strength of the assassins.

In these two months, Dui was almost in a state of cultivation for more than half of his time, and his vitality became more and more vigorous. The first golden body in the dantian is already nearly five inches tall, while the second golden body on the chest is less than three inches tall. Although Shengshengchang did not reach the level of the sixth change, Dumb knew that with his current skill, he should be able to defeat the Western Juggernaut. Sometimes, even he himself feels that his skill is incredible, and there will be a huge amount of energy flowing between his actions.

Mie Feng followed Ah Du for the past two months, and apart from exchanging information about the Killing Hand Society, the two rarely spoke. Even walking is one after the other, like two strangers. Mie Feng found that he didn't understand this tall man less and less. No matter how many opponents there are, he can easily solve it. It seemed that apart from killing and cultivation, there was nothing else in his life. However, the occasional trace of desolation that flashed in the depths of his eyes caused Mie Feng's heart to tremble, and that was not what a person without feelings could show!

One day has passed since the last stronghold was wiped out. As there were very few people in the previous stronghold, the killing intent in Duan's body was not aroused much. After only a day's rest, Duan decided to go to the next stronghold.

Taiang City, located in the big city of Luzi Province in the southwest of the Sunset Empire, is also the capital of Luzi Province. Duan had been here when he was saving the elves. This is an industrial city in the Sunset Empire. Relatively speaking, the smell of erosion is much less than other places. The headquarters of one-third of the large manufacturing factories in the Sunset Empire are located here.

Walking on the streets of Tai Ang City, Mie Feng said, "This is a larger branch of the Slayer Society, which is bigger than the branch of Dark City in the Dark Province. You have to be careful later."

Duan nodded and said, "Do you think they can deal with me? Where is the branch?"

Feng Mie said, "It was in a large warehouse in the east of the city. It used to be a granary. Later, I don’t know why the slayers occupied it. There were guards around the granary, and ordinary people were generally not allowed to enter. I used to When I came to Tai Ang City to complete a mission, I visited the warehouse once because of curiosity. The defense there was much tighter than I thought. At least five killers were there, so I just watched it from the periphery. After seeing it, I withdrew. This is the place I am least familiar with except for the General Assembly of the Killing Hand Association."

Duan nodded and said, "You should wait for me outside, I will be out in a while." Now he doesn't put the killer in his eyes at all. In the previous actions, even the killer was very Difficult to walk three strokes in his hands. When Mie Feng said that there were as many as five killers here, the murderous aura in his heart became stronger again.

The two quickly came to the eastern part of Tai Ang City. Mie Feng pointed to a tall courtyard wall not far away and said, "It's here. There is a very large warehouse inside. Under normal circumstances, except for patrolling people, Other assassins will be there. According to my estimation, this may be a stronghold for the assassins to train its subordinates. You must be careful."

Dui turned her head and glanced at Miefeng. Her repeated warnings couldn't help making Dui feel a little strange. She seemed to care more about herself than she should.

Mie Feng did not see the doubts in A Dumb's heart. He just looked at the warehouse from a distance, "Did you hear me? Later, after you go in, you must first solve the outposts and then lurking. Go in, try to kill the opponent's master first, and then clean up the remnants. I will help you guard outside. As long as the one who escapes is not a killer above the killer level, I can clean up in a short time."

Dumb turned his gaze back to the three-foot-high courtyard wall in front of him, and said, "You shouldn't have a chance to shoot." After speaking, he turned and walked towards the warehouse. Mie Feng tried to stop him behind him, but he opened his mouth without yelling. She wanted to make Duan wait, wait until dark to get started, she would have a better grasp. But thinking of the strength that Dui had shown before, she knew that her worries should be unnecessary. But I don't know why, Mie Feng always feels anxious today, as if something is about to happen.

Dui quietly leaned against the courtyard wall, gathered his ears, and leaned into the courtyard wall. After a while, he was surprised to find that there were about twenty guards in the courtyard wall, and their skills were not weak, as if they were of the level of a ninja. There was a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth. Ah Dui jumped up and fell towards a relatively empty place in the yard like a leaf. When he exceeded the top of the wall, he accurately found a tall tree in the yard, on which a guard was hiding.

The leaves rustled, and Duan came quietly behind the guard with Superman's speed. When he approached within one meter of the guard, the guard with the level of a ninja was alert, but he was too late to react. , A diamond iron wrist firmly locked his throat, the sound of broken bones sounded softly, the guard's body slowly fell on the tree branch, turning into gray eyes with a trace of unwillingness. .

A faint glow of excitement appeared in Ah Du's eyes, and he carefully placed the guard on a relatively thick branch. This big tree is indeed dense. He is hidden at the highest point of the big tree, and he is not afraid of being spotted. Standing on the big tree more than ten meters high, everything in the courtyard can be seen in full view. About fifty meters in front of the big tree, there is a huge house, covering an area of tens of thousands of square meters. The exterior is very ordinary. It was made of large stones. Dumb thought, this should be the phoenix-killing. Said warehouse too. He could clearly feel the danger in this warehouse, because with his skill, he couldn't find out the situation in the warehouse. Obviously, this warehouse is blessed by powerful magic, and it is a very fluid wind magic. However, these were not enough to weaken Ah Du's murderous intent, but made his blood-chewing heart more excited.

Since it cannot be sensed in the warehouse, start from outside the warehouse. Dui kept urging his own vitality, raising his spiritual sense to the limit. He was surprised to find that his mental power actually constituted an invisible net energy, which was constantly flying away, and all the guards outside the warehouse acted. All appeared in the depths of his mind one by one. Dumb knew that his spiritual realm had improved again, and he couldn't help but feel happy. Turning his head and looking around, he decided to eliminate the six guards hidden in the dark first. With a cold smile, Dumb was lucky enough to point, and a gust of invisible wind blew up towards the warehouse wall.

With a soft sound, the stone wall of the warehouse splashed with a wisp of dust under the wind of Dumb's fingers. The assassins were very alert. The changes in the stone walls of the warehouse immediately attracted their attention. The clear whistles surrounding the warehouse looked in the direction of the sound, and the assassins hidden in the dark were also attracted by the dust and smoke.

Taking advantage of the moment when the assassins lost their minds, Dui jumped into the air and drove his speed to the limit. The lavender solid vindictive filaments floated out, and the two closest secret whistles to him were immediately resolved. He didn't stop in the slightest, his ten fingers flicked continuously, and countless fighting spirit ribbons went straight to the other direction with stronger energy, pinning the other four secret whistle all to their own positions. The six lives just disappeared. In order to achieve a silent effect, Duan has already used all his strength. His body floating in the air did not stop moving. Since it was the daytime his actions, shadows would inevitably appear on the ground, and the ten patrolling outposts had already discovered his existence. However, they didn't have an outlet that could be called. A huge and irresistible evil spirit instantly enveloped the bodies of the ten killers. In the extremely cold and evil breath, their bodies kept trembling. In their ears, a deep voice rang, "Pluto flashes the sky-the earth-moves -." The black shadow floating in the air brought a blue light from **** and flashed past, because The speed was too fast, leaving a faint afterimage in the air.

Where You Lan passed, the bodies of the ten assassins were still, and an incredible light appeared in their eyes, and their bodies fell to the ground in rapid atrophy.

The black figure emitted a circle of white light, and the soft energy wrapped the bodies of the ten killers and placed them gently on the ground without making a sound.

After doing all this, Ah-Dai couldn't help gasping slightly. In fact, it was very easy for him to kill these twenty ninja killers, but the difficulty was that he couldn't make a sound after killing them. In the few seconds when the flashlight was on, Ah-Dai almost used his potential to the limit. Regardless of his power, speed, or timing of his shot, he grasped it just right. In order to achieve the effect of making no sound, he even used the Pluto sword, which has not been used for a long time. Although the wicked air of Sen Leng was nothing to the current dumb, it still deepened the hostility in his heart.

Chapter 149: Underworld first appeared

Taking a deep breath, Dumb blended the aura in his body evenly, and fell towards the warehouse door. This tall warehouse is indeed very peculiar. It doesn't even have a window. Dumb put his ear on the door, inquiring about the atmosphere inside. He was surprised to find that the walls of the warehouse contained a powerful barrier that was not inferior to the Continental Mage Association. The barrier not only greatly enhanced the defense of the warehouse, but also completely blocked the breath and sound inside. , So that he could not inquire into everything that happened inside.

Dui looked at the Wish of Corius on his right wrist. He wanted to use the short distance to move in directly, but after thinking about it, he was afraid that the instant transfer of Wish of Corris would not penetrate the barrier of the warehouse. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and Ah Dui was no longer restraining his aura. Since there is no way to sneak in, he should just rush in in a straightforward manner. A surging domineering aura came out through his body, and under the vindictive envelop, A Duan's whole body shone brightly. He stepped forward and kicked heavily towards the warehouse door.

Although the warehouse was blessed with powerful defensive magic, how could the gate forbid the strong bombardment from Duan? In the loud noise, the warehouse door was kicked open by Dumb's heavy foot. Fortunately, the door was really strong and did not collapse under the protection of the barrier.

Unexpectedly, the warehouse was strangely dark, without a trace of light, and shocked in his heart, Adai subconsciously touched the Pluto sword on his chest and strode into the warehouse. The white vindictiveness of the protective body illuminates the ten-meter range around his body. The warehouse was empty and there didn't seem to be a trace of anger, but Dumb clearly felt the powerful aura hidden in the darkness. Now that he is here, he will never give up easily if he doesn't kill all the killers here. With a wave of his right hand, under the influence of anger, the door of the warehouse closed again.

At the moment the door was closed, a powerful energy struck him from the front, and that sharp edge showed super attack power. Although Duan couldn't see the source of energy, he didn't feel any fear at all. When his hands were wrong, the lavender energy instantly condensed into a solid purple energy shield in front of him. As soon as the shield was condensed, the opponent's attack had already arrived. The energy was unexpectedly tyrannical, and amidst the loud noise, a gap was cut in Ah Du's Shield of Transformation. Under the impact of that huge energy, he couldn't help but step back three steps before standing still.

Dumb's heart shuddered. This is the first time he has encountered an opponent since the start of the extermination manual meeting. The solid energy shield that has reached the fifth change has not completely resolved the opponent's attack, making him cautious. The warehouse suddenly lit up, and the sudden appearance of light made Ah Du's eyes a little uncomfortable, and a cold voice sounded, "Reaper, welcome. We have been waiting for you here for a long time."

Gradually adapting to the surrounding light, Dumb stared at the place where the sound was making. I saw that on the wall of the warehouse about ten meters high, there was a circle of tables about two meters wide. On the tables, there were many people in black, at least thirty or forty people. Each of them held a table. A narrow sword with flickering cold light. He clearly felt that the seven positive people were the first class of people who attacked him in the Psychedelic Forest. I was not surprised but rejoiced, and said coldly: "It's just right to be here, so that I don't need to search everywhere. Today is your death date."

Mie Yi looked at the domineering dumb below, and a feeling of anxiety suddenly surged in his heart. In order to set up this game, he can say that he has tried his best. Since accepting the Lord's order, he has mobilized all the forces he can mobilize, looking for the whereabouts of Dumb in the sunset empire. However, Dui's whereabouts were very erratic and difficult to figure out, and the thieves' union had disappeared again, so he had not been able to successfully find where Dui was. When there was no other way, he decided to stop the search and waited for the dumb to be fooled by the method of waiting for nothing. Although he didn't know what Duan was relying on to find the stronghold of the Killing Hand Association one by one, he knew that the branch here would be visited sooner or later. Therefore, he gathered all the power that the Lord had sent to him, regardless of the life and death of other strongholds, waiting for the arrival of Duan.

Today, when Dumb killed the first killer, he knew it. The killer will have a very special contact method. Once the contact person dies, the person in charge can clearly feel it. Mie Yi was not eager to rush out to besie Dui, he was waiting, waiting for Dui to enter the warehouse sealed by the barrier. The twenty ninjas outside were the bait for him to lure Ah-Dai to the bait. For him, the death of a companion is nothing, as long as the final goal can be achieved, it is enough. Sure enough, Dumb kicked in, and Mie Yi and his six brothers attacked without hesitation. However, he never expected that under the joint efforts of his seven people, he would not be able to break through the defense of Dumb. This situation shocked his heart, and his previous confidence was immediately shaken.

"Let’s not speak big words. It’s not always certain who died here today. Yes, I admit that your skill has surpassed the original Pluto, but I can tell you that in this warehouse, more than half of our killers will be concentrated. Strength. Even with your Pluto sword, it’s impossible to make consecutive moves in a short period of time. Seven primary killers, fourteen killers, and the strongest twenty-three ninjas are enough to end anyone’s Life, even if the Juggernaut comes here is no exception. To be honest, I really don’t understand, how can martial arts reach such a level at your young age?"

Dumb said in a bitter voice: "You won't understand, you will never understand. Those of you with filthy souls can never see the true meaning of martial arts. Today, I will kill you first, and then I will kill you I will seek revenge on your lord, and Uncle Owen’s blood will not flow in vain. You will bury him with him."

Mie Yi sneered, "Really? Then I'm going to see, how did you let us be buried for the Pluto." He slowly raised the narrow sword in his hand, and the huge momentum suddenly appeared. With his movements, all All of the assassins raised their weapons. For a while, vigorous vigor of various colors flashed around the warehouse, and dozens of cold-light flashing weapons were ready to attack at any time.

Duan's heart sank, and the huge pressure made him almost unable to breathe. Although his skill is profound, he is a human being after all. So many killers with powerful strength, the combined strength has indeed surpassed him. He tightly held the Pluto sword in his chest, waiting for the best opportunity to attack.

Mie Yi's whole body was full of black light, and he shouted, "Hands." He and the six Yuan killers beside him split a black sword light at the same time. The seven black energies suddenly condensed in the air, and flashed toward dumb. Splitting, this is the absolute main attack force of the killers. Dui clearly understood that the attack he received when he entered the door was the attack by these seven people. At the same time that Mieyiqiren started, the other killers also moved. They all made the same action, and the narrow sword in their hands suddenly swung down, dozens of different colors of vindictiveness shot from all directions, and for a while, the entire warehouse trembled slightly in the surging energy.

Even in the face of Mie 17 people, Duan would have to deal with it a lot, not to mention the combined attacks of so many assassins, and the energy from all directions made him have no chance to dodge. However, Dui did not panic, Mie Yi clearly saw that there was a cruel smile on the corner of Dui's mouth. Her heart shuddered, Mie Yi realized something, but at this moment the assassins' attacks could no longer be changed. Just when the vast tens of energies were about to strike Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai's figure disappeared, disappearing in place.

"Boom----" The huge sound made the entire warehouse tremble constantly, and the powerful attacks of dozens of killers blasted the entire warehouse floor into a crater with a diameter of tens of meters, and the crater was five meters deep. Almost occupies one-third of the warehouse area. However, their powerful attack did not hit the imaginary target.

A loud noise reverberated in the warehouse, and an icy voice rang as the loud noise fell back, "Pluto flashed the sky—earth—moved—." The voice kept floating in the air, The extremely cold and evil spirit appeared, appeared in the warehouse. All the assassins, including Mieyiqiren, couldn't help but shiver in Lingling. A faint blue light flashed a black figure on the high platform on the left side of the warehouse. The light was so graceful. The faint blue color seemed to contain the crystal clear light from the sky, and it seemed to be shouting with excitement.

A black shadow flashed past, and the five lives disappeared. Disappeared under the evil sharpness of the Hades sword. And the man who manipulates this sword of the most evil is naturally the murderous dumb. When Mie Yi led the team to attack, Ah Dui understood that it was a force that could not be blocked. Without any hesitation, he urged the wish of Corris on his right wrist, teleporting him easily for the first time. Take away the dangerous vortex and accurately appear on the high platform on the left. Dumb knew that if he directly attacked the first class, it would not be effective, and he would be besieged by all the killers, so he chose a ninja with relatively weak skill. The enemy's strength was completely beyond Ah Duan's expectations. Although they were also ninjas, the five people killed by him were much stronger than those outside, and they were very close to the strength of the killers. Relying on their pure fighting spirit, they actually slowed down the speed of the first type of the ghost flash of their Pluto swordsmanship, and sliding their bodies only took the lives of five people. Fortunately, the evil spirit of the underworld was no longer enough to affect Dumb. His body did not stop at the slightest. At the moment when the underworld sword was retracted, the lavender vindictive thread floated out and rushed directly to the other three Shinobi not far in front of him. Killer. Behind him, the five people whose throats were cut by the sword of Hades, have slowly fallen to the ground, gradually turning into shriveled corpses.

Mie Yi shouted sternly: "Everyone is scattered, don't let his Pluto sword concentrate on attacking." He has already set a strategy, once the first concentrated attack does not harm dumb, he will fight with all his subordinates. The way, as much as possible to use the skill of Ah-Dai, even if he uses the sword of Hades, he cannot kill many people at once. Human skill is always limited. He believes that under the siege of so many masters on his side, Ah-Dai cannot hold on to it anyway. At last. But can his plan really come true?

All the killers floated up after receiving the order of Mie Yi, scattered and separated, urging energy to move forward. Of course, these scattered and separated killers did not include the three people who were shrouded in the anger of the dumb. Dumb didn't care about the movements of the other assassins at all, the lavender vindictive ribbon and the popping sound enveloped all the escapes of the three assassins. These three people are also ninja killers. After training, they are not at all confused when they suddenly encounter a powerful attack. The narrow swords in the hands of the three people dance with a dense curtain of swords, trying to resist the attack of Dumb. However, how could their skill compare with the dumb who reached the strength of the Juggernaut. The fighting spirit in the air suddenly dispersed, like a goddess scattered flowers, and the three of them attacked from all directions. The sword curtains of the three killers moved with the changes in the fighting spirit, and the defense in front of them was suddenly not as strong as at the beginning. A Duan snorted coldly, and the three solid fighting spirit threads went straight to the three people's face quietly, and the scattered fighting spirit threads suddenly disappeared when they were about to touch the sword curtain. The three killers were inevitable. Suddenly, it was less than a second that determined their fate. With three soft chirps, the sword curtain that the three had placed before was weakened to a certain extent and was completely worn by the solid fighting spirit wire that reached the fifth change. Through it, Ah-Dai knew the results of the three people without looking, and floated up, avoiding the three sword winds from behind. In fact, he was able to kill these three killers with a head-to-head method just now, but facing so many enemies, he still chose to preserve his strength as much as possible.

From the time when Mie Yi led the assassins to launch the first wave of attacks on Ah-Dai, to Ah-Dai's use of the sword of Hades and Shengshengchang Douqi to kill eight ninja killers, just a few breaths before and after. Duan was constantly changing and floating in the air like an illusory black figure. The surging sword aura from the killers could only pass by, but could not cause any harm to him. The screams of the killers when they died, like the nightmare of death, shocked the heartstrings of the other killers, and their determined minds were slightly shaken.

"Pluto flashes ghosts again-gods-shocked -." Although the killers are surprisingly powerful, Duan believes that for those low-level ninja killers, there is enough light flashing. Sen Leng's evil spirit reappeared, and all the assassins couldn't help but sink in their hearts. No one dared to fight the surging energy anymore, all scattered and flew towards the distance. However, how can their speed be as good as dumb, the black figure with a blue light constantly flashing in the air, in front of the huge evil force, the movements of the killers can't help but slow down a lot. The blue light flashed continuously, and the bodies of six ninja killers shrank, and their souls and blood had been sucked into the sword of Hades. There were a total of 23 ninja killers, and more than half of them had been killed twice before and after Dumb.

As soon as Mie saw such a scene, his scalp exploded and shouted: "Give me full siege, no one is allowed to retire." After finishing speaking, he took the first six brothers and rushed over.

Dui used the Pluto sword twice in a row, and the evil energy couldn't help but start to affect his mind, and the heavy consumption of true qi made him have to fall to the ground to take a breath.

Mie Yi also noticed that Ah Dui's back power was a bit weak, he was overjoyed, and angrily said: "He will not be able to hold on anymore. Whoever kills him will be directly promoted to the Yuan Sha Group." Yuan Sha Group has a very strong hand in the killing hand meeting. High full force, that is the level that all killers dream of. Under the urging of interests, almost all killers accelerated their forward speed and came towards Dumb.

It's true that Ah'Dai's back strength is a bit weak, but the most important thing is that he wants to use the vitality of life to dissolve the evil spirit of the Hades sword. His power has not been weakened as imagined. Seeing the assassins who rushed forward, A'Dai's eyes flashed The strange red light showed a proud and cruel smile at the corner of his mouth. Mie Yi, who had always been cautious, was shocked when he saw the red light in the eyes of Ah-Dai. Everything that had happened before made him understand that when Ah-Dai's eyes changed, there would be abnormal changes. "Rewind." Relying on her own powerful strength, Mie Yi slapped a palm to the ground, abruptly staying on the forward momentum, and her body leaped back like lightning. After hearing the greeting, his six brothers with the surname Mie did not hesitate at all. They all made the same choice as him. The seven black figures suddenly moved forward and then retreated, drifting away like lightning, one by one. Retreat is indescribable. However, although they managed to escape, their men are far from being so lucky. Not to mention those killers who have been dazzled by their interests at all can't understand the panic contained in the word Mie Yi, fast retreat, even if they react and rush forward with all their strength, they will not be able to hold back the momentum.

Mie Yi's judgment was correct. In the face of attacks from all directions, Duan was overjoyed. He was worried about where to start. The killer who took the initiative to send to the door was exactly what he wanted to see. The red awns that you saw in Mie Yi were blood-eating red awns. Ah Dui's figure suddenly became blurred, and as the unprecedented huge evil power instantly permeated within a hundred meters of his body, the assassins who threw forward fell into fear. Dui deliberately contracted the evil force, so that he could exert greater power, "The Pluto avatar——infinite——end——." Under the influence of the huge evil force brought by the fourth move of the Nine Jues , All the assassins slowed down, the fear from their hearts prevented them from exerting their full strength at all, and they could only struggle to cleave their condensed vindictiveness. Strips of blue figures appeared, and the evil blue light was like death descending, easily cracking one after another. In the blue rays of light, the demon-like figure continuously swallowed the lives. , One by one killer disappeared in the seemingly endless dark blue figure. At this time, it shows the difference of skill level. Except for the first two killers who rushed up and were crushed by the evil power of the Hades sword, the other eight killers all chose to protect themselves, brothers. The words used to betray them are the most suitable for them. The killers instantly found the ninja companions beside them and pushed them into the evil spiral like hell, and they used this Slowly retreated quickly.

Mingying's power was exerted to its maximum, and the blue figure suddenly flourished and disappeared. With the improvement of Duan's skill, the fourth move of the Nine Finals of Mingzi also exerted a more powerful force than ever before.

Duan knelt on the ground and gasped constantly. Although the combined attack of the killers seemed to be easily resolved, it poured his huge vitality into his life. The move just now has almost exhausted all his skills. . If the Mieyi class were not afraid to retreat, but to unite all the assassins to attack with all their strength, it would be 80% likely that Dui could not be able to resist their power. But it was precisely because of the retreat of Mieyiqi that brought a devastating blow to the rest of the killers. The evil air brought by the sword of the Hades constantly impacted Ah'Dai's mind, and the evil force was constantly fighting with the circulating vitality in his body. The evil thoughts that Ah'Dai himself was suppressed surging under the traction of the most evil force. Out, the fusion of evil and evil produces powerful energy. Dui knows clearly that once his life pressure cannot contain the evil spirit, he will be counter-controlled by the Hades Sword and become a real murderer. He still has so many wishes, how can he let evil spirits wreak havoc? What? The golden body in the dantian burst out with an extremely strong light, and the white vigorous energy of the protective body gradually emitted a faint golden light, and it continued to catch up with the evil power of the Hades sword, and the profound natural energy played a huge role at this time. That huge energy with vitality is constantly fighting against the evil air.

Ah'Dai's Mingying exerted a tremendous power. Just now, when the assassins collectively attacked, Ah'Dai resolutely chose this strategy to deal with the group attack. The remaining nine ninja killers were all swallowed by evil forces, and among the killers, only the five with the highest skill escaped. In addition to killing 17 people, there are only less than one third of the forty killers left. , The loss can be described as extremely heavy. Mie Yi looked at Ah-Dai who was half-kneeling on the ground in a panic. His eyes were a bit hazy. It seemed that Ah-Dai had really become a fascinating **** of death, but he still could not kill the opponent under such careful deployment. Can it not be decadent?

There was silence in the warehouse, and the minds of the assassins had already been shocked by the shock that Ah-Dai had just made. The five killers who had escaped their lives were breathing like dumb. Although they were not hit by the dark shadow, the evil aura that had been shrunk by the dumb had greatly affected their minds, and they were struggling to fight the evil invading their bodies.

Mie Yi gritted his teeth, and said in a deep voice: "Unify, kill the world and cut it." In his cold and heavy voice, the five surviving killers all showed desperate expressions, but they did not undergo long-term and strict training. There was no objection, and under the order of the upper killer, they had no choice but to obey. Barely restraining the evil spirit in his body, he floated up and landed in front of Mie Yiqi, standing upright in a row, raising the narrow sword in his hand high. Mie Yi knew that if he didn’t kill Ah-Dai while his skills were still being restored, then he would really be ruined here. Therefore, he decided to unite everyone’s skills and attack Ah-Dai with the strongest strength. . This is his last hope. Mie Shi Yi Zhan was researched together by Mie 18 people, and its power is huge, but in the psychedelic forest, a dumb killed one of their members, and this powerful attack suddenly appeared flawed. During this year, they have tried their best to improve their skills, but this flaw is still irreparable. In the absence of a solution, Mie Yi will teach Mie Shi Yi Zhan to all the killers under them. The strength of the killer, the current Mie Shi Yi Zhan has greatly surpassed the past. These killers are the most powerful attack.

Including Mie Yi, the remaining twelve assassins raised their power to the limit and slowly floated up, and their bodies were strangely stagnated in the air under the envelopment of fighting energy. The twelve assassins raised their narrow swords in both hands at the same time, and Mie Yi was at the very end. All of their seven Yuan Assassins used a powerful black fighting spirit, and their fighting spirit rose to the sky, and instantly dyed the fighting spirit of the first five killers. Up black. Huge energy raged crazily around their bodies, and the vindictiveness gradually condensed in the air, and huge pressure filled the air. The black fighting energy forms a huge energy blade that contains all the fighting energy of the twelve people. The power of the entire body of the twelve people is constantly gathering in the energy blade, and the eyes of the killers are lit up. This is their last If you cannot succeed, there is only death. For their own survival, their potential has been exerted to the limit. The huge black energy blade in the air distorted the surrounding space in the process of increasing volume, and the entire warehouse seemed to follow the huge energy they condensed. Trembling.

Dumb has realized his danger. Although the evil spirit of the Pluto sword has not been completely forced out of his body, time has not allowed him to adjust his breath anymore. He slowly stood up from the ground and stared at the twelve people in front of him. His hand touched the hilt of the Pluto sword again, and the unprecedented pressure brought by the other party made him dispel the idea of summoning the holy evil. He didn't want to see the holy evil being hurt or even killed by the opponent. Since he was avenging Uncle Owen, then I must have the courage to face it. No matter how strong the opponent is, I can’t shrink back the slightest. The Dantian golden body trembled violently under his mad urging, and the sacred vigor suddenly disappeared into his body. When encountering the backbone of these killer guilds, he now has only one idea, which is to use the most cruel means to kill all these people. At this moment, there is no good and evil, right and wrong in Dumb's heart, some, but endless Heart of killing. Under the urging of the Slaughter Heart, his black eyes gradually turned into blood red, and the mysterious red glow kept flickering, and Ah Duan's right hand tightly held the sword of Hades.

The energy of the Mieyi class was almost accumulated, and he shouted loudly:'Mie --' The killer in front of him shouted in turn: "World-one-cut-broken-dry-Kun ——." Seven cold words echoed continuously in the air, and the huge black energy blade in the air had gradually taken shape, hanging high above the killers' heads.

Ah Dui squinted his blood-red eyes and muttered: "Is it another time to destroy the world? Okay, I will let you see the true power of the Pluto sword." As he said, he slowly put the skin in his chest. The Pluto sword was drawn out inch by inch. Yes, take it out inch by inch. The first four strokes of the Nine Strikes of Mingzi are to use the Pluto sword to quickly unsheath. After capturing the soul and blood of the opponent, it is immediately returned to the sheath. Even the strongest Mingying of the four strokes, it just persists in the air. It's just a ten-second attack. However, at this time, Ah Dui slowly pulled out the Pluto sword. The weird blue light reflected Ah Du’s body into the same color. It is surprising that the Hades sword was out of its sheath, and there was no trace of evil. The blue short blade, just like an ordinary magic weapon, The sword of the Pluto sword has dense lines on its body. The charm-like textures seem to be like the heads of devils. Dui held the Pluto sword in front of his eyes, and the blue light on the sword became stronger, and he instantly moved Dui. Wrapped inside. The red glow in his eyes widened, staring at the sword blade in front of him, and he whispered like a dream: "The Hades returns to the homeland-Chu-Xian -" A monstrous resentment shot from the red eyes of Ah-Dai. It shining fiercely on the blue blade of the Hades sword, the various weird patterns on the blade seem to be alive, and a stern roar is looming. It was originally lit by a special lighting tool. Suddenly the warehouse darkened, and gusts of murky wind continued to drift. An unusually strong sense of fear rose in the hearts of the twelve assassins, and countless souls of death seemed to float from the blue sword of the Pluto sword. The Wrong Soul is beckoning to them, as if to draw them into it. The fifth final of the Nine Finals of Ming Characters-Ming Realm, finally appeared in Ah Duman's killing intention.

Netherworld, to be precise, is not a means of direct attack, but the power it radiates is even greater than the sum of the first four moves of the Nine Jues of the Nine Characters. The reason why Ah-Dai takes all his anger into himself , Is to control one's own mind and not to be invaded by the evil spirit of the underworld. Pluto’s swordsmanship starts from the underworld in the last five battles. The power of each move will be doubled. The underworld can be said to be the basis of the last five moves. The energy it deploys is the evil field of the underworld sword. In this evil realm, besides the holder of the Pluto sword, who can easily survive?

Chapter 150: Crisis of the Holy See

At this time, the killers' Mieshiyizhan finally gathered enough energy, and Mieyi was the dominant one. Under his command, the twelve killers shouted in unison: "Kill—" The huge black energy blade followed them at the same time. The narrow sword that slashed down fell from the sky, and slashed towards Ah-Dai who was covered in blue light as if opening the sky.

Duan snorted coldly, and the warehouse completely turned into darkness. The black energy could not be seen at all. Although Mie Yi could feel the power of Mie Shi Yi Zhan still, the energy emitted by her side seemed to be constantly weakening. But the Pluto sword in Ah Du's hand suddenly disappeared. Duan's head full of black hair fluttered up and his hands opened. In the raging energy, all his coat turned into powder, revealing the armor of the giant spirit snake inside. A Duan's whole body was shaking slightly, his red eyes and long black hair were so evil. His figure became dim. In the darkness of the warehouse, an inexplicable energy seemed to surge. The energy continued to agitate. The dark space gradually turned into a strange blue. The twelve people in the first class could clearly see themselves. The black energy blade that was split was floating in the air, unable to advance one more point, circles of blue energy were continuously rotating around it. Mie Shi Yi Zhan was constantly weakened by the blue energy, and it was already only half of its previous size. The bodies of the twelve assassins did not know what was restricted and could not move at all.

As the leader of Mie Shi Yi Zhan, the feeling of powerlessness is the clearest. Although he does not know what tricks Ah Dui uses, he understands that the young man in front of him who calls himself the **** of death is no longer what Mie Shi Yi Zhan can do. Wiped out. A cold light flashed in Mie's eyes, and she thought to herself that instead of everyone dying together, I should protect myself. Mie Shi Yi Zhan was guided by him. At this time, Mie Yi had already risen selfishness. He relied on his own thoughts to suddenly withdraw the remaining Mie Shi Yi Zhan energy and surrounded his body. Under the traction of the Qi machine, blue light suddenly flooded every corner of the warehouse, and the evil qi that had never appeared suddenly exploded with a thousand times the intensity.

"Boom——" The huge energy fluctuation made the earth tremble. Although the wind barrier of the warehouse was strong, it couldn't help the energy raging to such a degree. The ceiling of the whole warehouse disappeared under the surging evil air. All the objects in it were twisted into powder by the evil air. Dense pits appeared on the ground, and the entire warehouse was completely destroyed. Fortunately, because the energy contained in the underworld is extremely huge, it is completely compressed and will only erupt in the domain it controls, so it does not affect other places outside the warehouse.

Mie Feng waited anxiously outside. Dui had already been in for a long time. Except for a loud noise when Dui kicked the door, she didn't catch any sound. Every time Dui wiped out the killer in the Killing Hand Association base, she would come out quickly. But this time he had been there for a long time, and Mie Feng couldn't help but feel a little worried. Just as she was hesitating whether she should go in and take a look, a huge shock came from under her feet, and Mie Feng's heart was startled. Driven by the thief's innate keen sense, she floated up and retreated far away. The moment she retreated from the courtyard wall, the mutation happened, and the whole earth shook as if it was boiling, a dark blue light rose into the sky, there was a loud bang, and the phoenix flying in the air was clear. When I saw the huge warehouse in the yard, it exploded, completely exploded. The huge energy shock wave completely collapsed the three-meter-high yard wall around the warehouse, and the smoke lifted up like a mushroom cloud. An atmosphere filled the air, and the energy that ruined the sky caused Mie Feng's heart to tremble violently. She was the first person to see the power of the underworld.

At this moment, Mie Feng no longer had any hatred or killing intent in her heart, and she completely turned into a worry for Dumb. She ignored the dust floating in the air and rushed towards the ruins of the warehouse like crazy.

The energy of the underworld is indeed strong. The warehouse buildings are completely vaporized. The smoke gradually dissipates under the breeze. As soon as Mie Feng rushed into the ruins, he clearly felt a terrifying breath. It is enough to bring the terrifying breath of death. She stopped and looked in the direction where the horrible aura appeared. As the smoke dissipated, she saw that it was Dumb whose whole body was shrouded in scales. A Dumb stared at her with blood-red eyes, and his whole body was trembling slightly. In his eyes, there was no trace of anger, and he was completely enveloped by the breath of death. Mie Feng knew that the ferocious aura in A Duan's body had broken out again, and it had broken out more intensely than the last time. She tentatively called: "Dumb, you..."

Dui's body suddenly moved, rushing towards her like lightning, Mie Feng was startled, she could tell from the blood-eating light in Dui's eyes that he was going to kill herself! In the midst of the crisis, he hurriedly urged his vindictiveness, struck out his fists at the same time, and greeted Ah Dao. Dui's body did not dodge, nor did it change direction. Mie Feng's fists accurately slammed into his chest amidst the loud noise. However, Mie Feng was shocked to discover that his own fighting Qi could not have any effect on Dui, and was completely resolved by the light gray energy that Dui floated outside of his body. Under the strong shock, Mie Feng was knocked into flight by Dui, and his body vacated. Rise and float backwards. Ah Dui didn't let her go, his feet were wrong, and his body chased up like a ghost. He stretched his right hand forward, and five purple energies flashed on his fingertips with faint gray lights, and went straight to the top door of Miefeng Grabbing it, his aura had already locked Miefeng, leaving her retreating body with nowhere to hide, and watched Ah-Dai's right hand, full of death, grabbed it.

At the juncture of life and death, Mie Feng’s heart suddenly became surprisingly calm. Scenes and scenes of being with Dui kept appearing in her mind. Just as Dui’s right hand was about to end her life, Mie Feng exhausted all her strength. Shouted: "Ice--"

The shrill voice reverberated in the empty warehouse ruins, Miefeng fell to the ground wet with sweat, and Ah'Dan’s energy-suffering five fingers stopped half a foot away from her door, and the purple-gray energy continued to spit out. At the same time, the fluctuation of the air flow caused Mie Feng's pale face to faintly aches.

The red eyes of A'Dai were constantly shining with complex expressions, as if they were struggling constantly. The red in the eyes gradually faded and turned into the original black. With a wow, A'Dai spouted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. Convulsions, the three-color energies of gray, white and blue constantly interacted with each other. He grabbed his hair in pain, and his body was convulsing constantly. Mie Feng just sat on the ground like that, looking at the twitching dumb, did not dare to speak for a long time. Voices gradually appeared outside the warehouse, and it was obvious that the restlessness here had already alarmed the people in the city. Mie Feng was startled, and whispered to dumb: "How are you? Are you awake?"

After Ah Dui used the Netherworld, although he successfully killed the remaining assassins, he was also invaded by the huge evil aura contained in the Hades Sword. Compared with the evil of the previous Hades, the Netherworld was much stronger. Even if Ah Du's Zhensheng Qi had reached the highest ninth stage of Shengsheng Jue, it was difficult to resist. After the underworld blew up the entire warehouse, the evil spirits immediately gathered around him. Fortunately, before using this trick, dumb took all the vindictive energy inward, protecting his heart and spiritual realm. Only to retain the subtle trace of clarity. When Mie Feng yelled Bing, the kind thoughts in his heart finally broke free of the shackles of the evil air and regained control of the body. However, due to the excessive energy consumption and the previous shocks, Ah'Dai's body was already extremely weak, and the only energy remaining in his body was barely enough to resist the evil air, so he vomited blood and fell softly to the ground.

A Dumb rushed out of Feng with a hoarse voice: "Quickly, take...I, I want to suppress...can't help...the evil spirit...I ...."

Mie Feng was overjoyed, as long as Ah Dumb's consciousness recovers, there is hope. Without thinking, she pulled up Dumb's arm, turned and carried his tall body on her back. Arouse the zhenqi in the body, panicking and heading in the direction with few human voices.

When Miefeng and A'dai's backs gradually faded away, a man with gray head and face and blood stained all over suddenly emerged from the ruins. He tremblingly drilled out of the earth hole in the ground, and looked bitterly at the direction where Dumb and Miefeng disappeared, before limping in the opposite direction. This was spared, it was Mie Yi, the head of the forty assassins who were ambushing here to attack Ah-Dai. When Ah-Dai's energies in the underworld were raging, Mie Yi took all the remaining Mie Shi Yi Zhan energy back to protect himself, which was equivalent to using the remaining energy of all twelve assassins to protect himself. The Nether Realm came, and Mie Yi blasted a hole in the ground with all his strength, then buried himself in it, and then used all the energy of Mie Shi Yi Zhan to protect herself from evil spirits. But even so, all his energy was dissolved by the Netherworld, and most of the capillaries on the surface of the skin were shattered by evil, but it was the residual energy of the world that saved his life. When Mie Feng rushed in, he was struggling with the evil spirits in his body with all his strength, fearing to be discovered, he dared not make a sound. When Mie Feng called out the word Bing and made Ah-Dai regain his clarity, he couldn't bear the curiosity in his heart and took a peek at Xiefeng from the ruins. It was this look that made him understand how Ah-Dai found it. Killing hand will be in every stronghold. He knew very well that with his current serious injury, it was impossible to fight Mie Feng, so he waited until she left with Dui before daring to get out of the ruins.

Holy See. Temple of Light.

Facing the huge angel statue in the temple, the pope kept singing the mantra, and behind him stood all the important figures of the highest class of the Holy See. Red-clothed sacrifice to Manxiu, red-clothed sacrifice to Yuma, agent red-clothed sacrifice to Xuanyue, deputy chief judge Xuanyuan, deputy chief judge Babulun, deputy chief judge Feld, and white clothing sacrifice Xuanye, and six others including Nasha, including Nasha, did not participate in the white-clothed sacrifice to encircle and suppress the dark demons. They all sang along with the pope, and for a while, the whole hall of light was filled with agitated sacred atmosphere.

Three months have passed, and three months have passed. The Holy See has launched all the forces it can mobilize to search for the whereabouts of the dark alien race, but nothing has been achieved. When the Pope led the Vatican army to the Tianyuan Clan more than two months ago, with the cooperation of the Elf Clan, he searched for half a month but found nothing. The three major empires and the Sorbian Federation also sent news, reporting to the Holy See, and did not find the existence of the dark aliens that the Holy See said. For a while, those dark alien races disappeared completely on the mainland as if they had never appeared before. For this result, the Pope was naturally very angry, but he had no other way. After returning to the Holy See, he could only expand the team of holy knights and completely recruit the original holy knights under his command, forming a powerful army of nearly 10,000 people. . At the same time, in order to prevent the sacrificial temples in various places from being attacked by dark aliens, all the clergy were also recovered from the Holy See's Shenshan headquarters. The strength of the entire Holy See is unprecedented.

After the chanting of the curse, the pope slowly turned around and said in a deep voice: "It has been three months, and there is no news about the movement of the dark aliens. Could it be that they just disappeared out of thin air."

Mang Xiu bowed and said, "Master Pope, we have searched all the places that can be found in the Tianyuan Clan, but we have not found anything. I think the dark alien race must have a secret lair on the mainland. Otherwise, so many people will not be able to. Hidden. The lair is most likely to be in the sunset empire, where the dark forces are concentrated. Look, do we send someone to investigate thoroughly. Although the sunset empire has many believers, their ruling class often perfuse us, maybe some The specific situation is still to be understood by ourselves."

Xuan Yue stepped forward and said: "My Lord Pope, I don't think it is necessarily. Since the dark forces attacked our troops heading to the Tianyuan Clan, they must have known that we will retaliate vigorously. And the Killing Hand Association and the Thieves Guild in the Sunset Empire have again It has always belonged to the category of the dark forces. Since we can think of there, they must also be able to think that if those powerful dark alien races have a little brain, they will never run to the targeted sunset empire to let us have a trace."

The pope frowned and said, "Then you say, where is the headquarters of the dark forces?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "I don't know, every corner of the mainland is possible, and it may even be at sea."

The pope was startled and said: "At sea? Is that possible? Without supplies on the sea, one cannot survive for a long time."

Xuan Yue said: "Not necessarily. What is most lacking in the sea is not food, but water. As far as I know, the current alchemists have researched something that can combine the water and salt in the sea. Completely separated. As long as this thing is in place, there will be no shortage of water on a huge ship. If the ship can free up a lot of space for vegetables and food, then they can survive at sea for more than half a year. Before, I Once..." At this point, she paused abruptly, her cold expression moved for a while, and then continued: "I once heard Duan say that he and his teacher, the Pyromancer, Corris, encountered pirates at sea. And that pirate leader turned out to be a member of the dark demons." The device she said that can separate the seawater was the one she had seen from the tools left by Corris when she was in the Psychedelic Forest with Duan.

After hearing Xuanyue’s words, the Pope walked back and forth in the Temple of Light. After a while, he looked at Xuanyue and said, "Although what you said is possible, I don’t agree with it. First of all, there are at least 100,000 dark alien races. , If they move from the Tianyuan clan directly to the beach, we can’t get no news at all. Secondly, no matter how big a ship is, it will need at least a hundred more than a hundred people, so a large fleet. It is impossible to hide it from us. From these two points, even if there are traces of dark forces on the sea, it is impossible for them to be their main force."

Xuanyue nodded and said, "My Lord Pope, what you said is reasonable, but I suddenly thought of a question. Since there are so many people in the Dark Alien race, if they want to retreat to the Sunset Empire, they will also have a commotion. ! However, we have inspected almost all the places around the Tianyuan Clan, but there is no news about the dark alien race. Did they really disappear out of thin air?"

The Pope sighed and said: "It seems that our news network is still very incomplete. Now we are like blind people and can only guess randomly. Let's go. Babylon, I order you to personally lead fifty judges, and Two hundred holy knights with good water quality set out from the port of the Hill Province of the Tianjin Empire and disguised as merchant ships to patrol the sea. Once a small group of dark forces are found, they will be annihilated immediately. If you find a large army of dark aliens, don’t go with them. Conflict, do everything possible to find their bases and send the news back. Well, you can bring two more white clothes to worship. It should help."

Baburon bowed and said, "Yes, Lord Pope."

The Pope said: "After half a year, you have to take someone back, regardless of whether you have an eyebrow or not. This time there is no room for loss, you must be careful."

Babulun nodded and said, "Subordinates promise to do their best to complete the task."

The Pope said: "Be careful, everything can't be lost! The gods will bless you. Go ahead and prepare."

Babylon agreed and turned away from the Temple of Light. Since returning from the defeat of the Tianyuan clan last time, the Pope has always been indifferent to their father and son because of the dumb thing that Babuyi was angry with. This time he was able to leave the headquarters of the Holy See to carry out the mission, and Babrun felt much better. He decided to take his son with him, so that he would gain some merits so as to offset the pope's hatred of Babuyi.

The Pope Chong Mang said: "Mangxiu sacrifices, things on the sunset empire have always been the responsibility of Nayan sacrifice, although the dark forces over there are rampant, and it is a fallen country. However, there are still many loyal believers in the gods. Yes. I will give you the full authority to handle the matters over there. You must use all the abilities you can use to find the whereabouts of the dark aliens as much as possible. Report it as soon as you have news."

Mang Xiu bowed and said, "Yes, Lord Pope, his subordinates must do their best."

The Pope said solemnly: "The Tianjin Empire is in charge of the Yuma Sacrifice, and the Soyu Federation is in charge of the White Clothes Sacrifice Xuanye. As for the Huasheng Empire, although our foundation is relatively weak, the possibility of the existence of dark forces is relatively small. Give up temporarily. Xuanyue sacrifice, you go to the Tiangang Sword Sect. You have been there before, and you are familiar with it. It is best to meet the Tiangang Sword Saint and tell them what happened here. Ask them to help search the darkness. The traces of the forces, with the strength of the Tiangang Sword Sect in the Huasheng Empire, should be able to inspect there. At the same time, the dark forces appear. I hope to join forces with the Tiangang Sword Sect to fight together. You must convey my meaning to them. ."

Xuan Ye frowned and said, "But, the Pope, the Tiangang Sword Sect has always been at odds with our Holy See, will they help us?"

The Pope glanced at Xuan Ye and said, "It seems that I am right to deprive you of the Pope's inheritance rights. You should also ask me such simple questions. Xuan Yue, explain to him."

Xuan Yue glanced at her grandfather before turning to her father, and said faintly: "Although the Tiangang Sword Sect has always been at odds with our Holy See, they have never had any contact with each other, but after all, they are righteous forces and will never sit back and watch the mainland be affected by evil forces. Therefore, as long as we notify them of this incident, the members of the Tiangang Sword Sect will definitely assist us in the investigation. They are not cooperating with us, but for the peace of the entire continent, they must do this."

The pope nodded slightly and said: "Okay, Xuanyue sacrifices, since you understand this, let's set off tomorrow. We are very close to the Tiangang Mountains. Don't be too impatient. I'll give you one month."

Xuan Yue looked at the pope's profound eyes and nodded: "Yes, the pope, the subordinates must fulfill their mission."

Xuan Ye looked at his daughter worriedly. It was not that he didn't understand what Xuan Yue just said, but he really didn't want his daughter to go to the Tiangang Sword Sect. Since separating from Ah-Dai, Xuan Yue's whole person has changed. The former liveliness and savageness have disappeared and become extremely cold. Even to herself and Nasha would not open up. In addition to silently completing the things that the red ritual should do every day, she is in quiet meditation. Xuan Ye was really worried about her daughter, and now he regretted his attitude towards Dumb. He never expected that Duan would have such an important position in his daughter's heart. If Xuanyue encounters dumb when she goes to the Tiangang Sword Sect this time, there will only be two results, one is that the two will reunite with each other, and the other is to fall into deeper grief. Xuan Ye really didn't want her daughter to take this risk and go to the Tiangang Sword Sect! However, this is an order from the Pope, not something he can stop.

The Pope nodded and said: "Deputy Presiding Judge Xuanyuan, Deputy Presiding Judge Feld, you must step up the training of the Holy Knight Legion and the Judges. This is an extraordinary period. I allow you to use any informal methods to improve their strength. ."

Hearing the Pope’s words, Xuan Yuan’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. Although he was nominally reduced to the deputy presiding judge, he has been performing the duties of the presiding judge, bowing and saying: "My lord Pope, I will follow your instructions. Do, use all irregular means to improve the strength of the Holy Knights and the Judges."

All the people present, including the Pope, clearly felt a chill from the soles of their feet, and their hearts were praying for the holy knights and judges who were about to be trained by informal means. Who wouldn't know Xuanyuan's methods?

The pope gave a dry cough, regretting what he said just now, and remedied: "Don't go too far, after all, they have to be prepared at any time."

Xuan Yuan nodded his head and said blankly: "Don't worry, my lord Pope, I will train them in stages and in batches, and will definitely not affect the overall defense of the Holy See."

The Pope said: "That's good, alright, everyone, go back and rest. Xuanyue sacrifice, you keep it, I have to tell you a few more about going to the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Xuan Yue replied, stopped retreating, and stood aside. Xuan Ye and Nasha glanced at each other, then looked at their daughter, only then reluctantly retreated. Xuan Yue seemed to have not noticed her parents' gaze, standing straight there, watching the high-level figures of the Holy See leave.

When only the Pope and Xuanyue were left in the Temple of Light, the Pope said: "Yueyue, do you know my purpose for letting you go to the Tiangang Sword Sect?"

Xuan Yue said indifferently: "Didn't it unite with the Tiangang Sword Sect to fight the dark forces?"

The pope nodded and said: "Yes, this is one of the goals, and you are also the most suitable candidate. However, I have another purpose. If Duan is in the Tiangang Sword Sect, I hope you can bring him back. I I know that you really like him, and it's all because of him now, son, grandpa doesn't want to watch you so much pain!"

There was a trace of sadness in Xuan Yue’s blue beautiful eyes, and she murmured: “People are destined. If God is destined to be together, we will not be separated. Otherwise, even if I try to do it again. What can I do? I admit that I love Dumb, and I love him very deeply, but his various actions have really disappointed me. I will never take the initiative to find him again. His cowardice has been hurt. My heart. If he can understand my feelings for him, if he cares about me, he will definitely come to me within a year. Grandpa, there is something I must tell you. With a dumb heart, he is not right now Probably from the Tiangang Sword Sect."

The pope asked in surprise: "Why is it impossible to be in the Tiangang Sword Sect? Then where will he be?"

Xuan Yue said: "Even if he wants to return to the Sword Sect of Tiangang, he will wait until February of the sacred calendar. He once promised the Sword Sage Tiangang. At that time, he competed with the three friends of Sword Sage. Before that, Dumb will never go back. I know him too well, he only has two places, one is the psychedelic forest and the other is the sunset empire. The latter is more likely because there are enemies who killed his uncle. , Killing the Handicraft Association. Grandpa, you don’t have to persuade me. If Dumb really doesn’t come to me, I will dedicate the rest of my life to the Holy See and be the best sacrifice."

The pope frowned and said: "My child, sometimes happiness is achieved by yourself, so why are you too persistent!"

Xuan Yue said sadly: "Happiness? Do you think I will be happy following such a cowardly dumb? Even if I find him back, what should I do if he leaves me again if something happens again? I can't stand another blow. Grandpa, I'll go back first. Tomorrow I will set off to Tiangang Mountain." After speaking, he turned and strode away. Two strings of crystal clear tears were floating in the air, and her thin figure looked so lonely and desolate.

The Pope sighed helplessly, and said to himself: "My child, why are you doing this?" Although he wanted Xuan Yue to find Ah Dao, it was largely for the sake of the rise and fall of the Holy See, but he did the same. The granddaughter who loves his own heart, even the Pope, has feelings. How could he be willing to watch his only granddaughter suffer for life!

Mie Feng was walking quickly in Taiang City with A-Dai on her back. Because the gloomy gleaming giant spirit snake armor of A-Dai was too conspicuous, she deliberately put her coat on A-Dai's back.

Duan's body was cold and hot, and his mind had fallen into a semi-coma state. Miefeng was constantly infested by the sacred and sometimes evil aura at that time. UU Reading www.uukanshuu. com made her feel very uncomfortable. Finally, after traveling about two kilometers, a humble ordinary hotel appeared in Miefeng's vision. She was overjoyed and walked quickly toward the hotel.

The hotel’s business is very light. There are only two service staff chatting in the lobby. When Mie Feng came in with a person on his back, one of the waiters walked forward and frowned, "Miss, did you come to the wrong place, we This is a hotel, not a hospital."

Mie Feng raised his head and shot cold flashes in his eyes, "Stop talking nonsense. My husband accidentally fell and he must rest quickly and open a room for me in a clean place."

Seeing Miefeng's beautiful appearance, the waiter was dumbfounded and muttered: "Okay, okay, wait a minute."

Mie Feng stood in the lobby and gasped slightly. When she said that Duan was her husband, a strong strangeness suddenly rose in her heart, which seemed to be a feeling of longing. Touching her hot pretty face, Miefeng finally calmed down.

Under the leadership of the waiter, Mie Feng carried Dui to the room on the second floor. Although the room was not gorgeous, it was considered clean. Mie Feng carefully put Dui on the bed and said to the waiter: "You Go out. No one will disturb us without my instructions, understand?"
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