The Kind Death God Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Female body truth

Looking at the faces of Xianmei around him, Zhu Yuan frowned, and said solemnly: "Head Xuan Ri and Deputy Head Dumb are our distinguished guests of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps. Please don't disturb them. Let's go." After scanning his powerful eyes, the surrounding mercenaries gradually dispersed. After all, no one wants to offend this mainland's first mercenary group. Only then did Ah Du and Xuan Yue get free, and followed Zhu Yuan into the hall of the General Assembly of the Mercenary Union.

The hall of the headquarters of the mercenary union is the largest hall ever seen. The dome nearly ten meters high is a semi-circular arc. There are various murals painted on the roof and surrounding walls. The protagonists in the murals are without exception. They are all mercenaries, which seems to be the development experience of the mercenary world for thousands of years. There are hundreds of mercenaries in the nearly 3,000-square-meter hall. Almost all of them are over 30 years old. They are all leaders in the mercenary world, and they all possess the strength of a first-level mercenary. On the front wall of the hall facing the door, a tall blackboard was hung with many densely packed tasks clearly written on it. The lowest one was also a first-level task. There are more than a dozen special missions. Dumb sighed in his heart. It is indeed a mercenary association, it is really extraordinary! Tsukihime, Keanu, and Oliveira huddled in the crowd watching the task on the blackboard.

Zhu Yuan stopped and smiled: "The association has a history of nearly a thousand years since its establishment. The murals on the surrounding walls are legendary figures in the mercenary world. To be honest, I really didn't expect you to be mercenaries. Could it be that the development space of the Tiangang Sword Sect and the Holy See can't meet your needs? Your participation has really increased the pressure on us old guys! Haha."

Dumb said indifferently: "You are polite, we joined the mercenary world just to find something more suitable for our exploration from the mercenary mission, and we don't want to do anything big in the mercenary world."

Zhu Yuan's eyes flashed, and he said: "But, you have done it. The strength of the Overlord Mercenary Group is definitely in the ranks of the special mercenary group, and even more than that of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. However, they surrendered in your hands. , I heard that one of you used his own strength to fight with them and defeated them, but there were no casualties. I don’t know who it is?"

Xuan Yue played with her mercenary card and said, "Deputy commander, it seems that your information is still not well informed! Didn't the people at the door have already said that it was Big Brother A'Dai who defeated the Overlord's mercenary group. The mercenary group is our ally. If they have difficulties, we naturally need to help. The Overlord Mercenary Group is actually very strong. Unfortunately, they met us. Is the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group still afraid of the Moonscar Mercenary Group and the Overlord Mercenary? Team united? This is not your style!"

Zhu Yuan sighed and said: "We are not afraid of their union. Even if an ordinary special mercenary group joins their ranks, it cannot really threaten us. What we are afraid of is the joining of the evil mercenary group. Because, you Is so strong that no one of our Red Hurricane Mercenary Group can deal with it. You are our greatest threat!"

Xuan Yue said: "We won't participate in the battle between your mercenaries. Of course, the premise is that you don't provoke the moonscar mercenary group. Okay, I won't tell you more, I'm going to change the mercenary. Pawn cards, you can be discriminated against." He said, and went to the front counter. Zhu Yuan frowned thoughtfully, turned his head and said to the dumb beside him: "Brother, I don't know how many levels of your life and determination have you cultivated?" The four great sword sages are very familiar with each other, as the eastern sword sage. Of course, he knew the importance of the level of Sheng Sheng Jue to everyone in the Tiangang Sword Sect.

Dui was slightly shocked. He didn't really want to answer this question, but Zhu Yuan just helped them out of the siege, which was a help, and he himself didn't want to talk nonsense, so he had to transmit the voice: "Ninth level."

Zhu Yuan's whole body was shaken, and he lost his voice: "What? You have reached the ninth stage of the highest state of life and life determination. So, has your skill surpassed the second generation of disciples?"

Dumb said: "I don't know if I will beat Uncle Xiwen and the others, but there is definitely no highest level of life. Even at the ninth level, there is still room for continuous improvement." At this point, he awakened after breaking through the ninth level. of. He and Tiangang Sword Saint both reached the ninth level, but their skills were far from each other, which proved that Shengshengjue's cultivation was not limited to the ninth level.

Zhu Yuan lowered his head and murmured: "No wonder you are so strong, you are already close to the strength of the sword master. You are young, and I really don't know how to cultivate."

A Duan smiled slightly and said, "This is the secret of this door. The deputy commander, how about Lian Shan? Why didn't you see him?" Lian Shan gave him a very good impression. Since Zhu Yuan is here, then Lian Shan also Must be back. Zhu Yuan raised his head and said, "Big brother, he still has a lot to deal with. The Mercenary Association has always been hosted by me assisting several veterans in the mercenary world. If you want to take on any task, I can help you find it. Find it, and guarantee your satisfaction. With your current strength, I am afraid that only special missions are suitable. If you are willing to visit our Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps, I would be even more happy."

Dumb's heart moved, and said: "We really want to take a mission here. I wonder if there is a special mission about Death Mountain?"

Zhu Yuan was shocked. Of course, he knew that the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group and the Moonscar Mercenary Group were promoted to the Super Mercenary Group by leaping from the Death Mountain to the task of finding the best magic crystal together. "Brother, you I really have a soft spot for Death Mountain! It is the most dangerous place on the mainland. The mission you completed last time was the most difficult one of the special missions. Otherwise, there will be no such high rewards in the end. It’s a pity that there are no more missions about Death Mountain. After all, there is a forbidden area on the mainland, and no one knows what is inside. Even if someone proposes a mission, no mercenary group will take it. Last time you took it. It’s been a full fifty years since the mission was proposed. Death Mountain is too dangerous, so it’s better not to go."

Dumb, of course, believed Zhu Yuan. Since Zhu Yuan said no, then I am afraid that all mercenary unions will not have a mission on the Death Mountain. He sighed helplessly and said: "Thank you for your kindness. But even if there is no We may also experience the mission of Death Mountain. After all, it is possible for our skill to increase with danger there."

Zhu Yuan said: "You are really a madman! It's a pity that I'm too old, and I don't have the enthusiasm that I had when I was young, otherwise, would I really want to go to the Death Mountains with you?

At this moment, Xuanyue walked back quickly, anxious and surprised expression on her face. "Big Brother Dumb, go and take a look. Someone is offering you a reward."

Dumbfounded, Chong Zhuyuan nodded and signaled, and went to the blackboard with Xuanyue. Xuan Yue pointed to the first-level task on the blackboard, and said, "Brother, look, the first one of the first-level tasks is for you. Looking at the time, it's the task that was just put on today." Dumb looked intently. Ranked first in the rank task is a quest to find people. The description of the task is very simple. Look for the deputy commander of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group, Dui, and ask him to go to the Puyan clan to find rocks immediately. Those who perform the task can go to Puyan with Dui. The clan receives remuneration. The remuneration is five thousand gold coins. After reading the description of the mission, Ah-Dai's body was shaken, and Brother Rock came to me. Could it be that something happened to the Puyan tribe? Thinking of this, Ah-Dai felt anxious, and Chong Xuanyue said, "Brother, let's go to the Puyan Clan. I'm afraid something has happened to Brother Rock."

Xuan Yue calmly said: "Big Brother, don't worry. This task was just put on today. In other words, the person who issued the task should not be far away. As long as we find the person who issued the task, it will naturally be clear. What happened to the Rock Clan. Let's first ask the people in the union to see if they know where the person who gave the task is going, and then catch up and see."

A Duan's eyes lit up and said, "This is a good way. Let me ask Deputy Head Zhu Yuan for help." Although he was reluctant to ask others for help, he was short of time and could not care about others. Duan has a deep affection for the Puyan tribe, where there are rocks, rock power, and Prophet Purin. Prophet Purin can be said to be one of the most respected people in Dumb, and his position in his heart is not even inferior to the Sword Saint of Tiangang. If there is something for the Puyan people, how can Dumb not be nervous? He floated up and fell next to Zhu Yuan, who was about to go upstairs, "Deputy Commander, I have something to ask you for help."

Zhu Yuan was stunned and said: "What? Is there any trouble? Just tell me, as long as I can help, I will help you."

Dui hurriedly told about the mission. Zhu Yuan was very happy, and immediately took him to the staff of the Mercenary Association to help him search. At this time, Xuan Yue had already found Yue Ji, Keanu, and Oliveira, and the five gathered together, waiting for the staff's reply. Since it was a task just boarded today, the staff quickly found the corresponding record. The staff member said: "It turned out to be this task! I remember this one. It was registered by me. It was a burly man of the Puyan tribe. He was not tall and carried two huge battle axes. At first I thought he was a servant. As for the soldier, I learned later that he was looking for someone. He had been away for a while. It seemed that he was very anxious. After paying the security deposit for the task, he left. It should be directly back to the Puyan clan. ."

Duan's heart was shocked. The simple description of the staff made him clear. Isn't the person he said is exactly what Yan Li looks like? It seems that something happened to the Puyan clan, and it may be related to itself. He turned his head and said to everyone: "I'm afraid we can't stay in Honghu City any longer. We must go to the Puyan Clan immediately."

Xuan Yue said: "Big Brother, don't worry, let's leave right away. I think it's okay. Let's go to the Puyan Clan first, then Big Brother Keanu, Big Brother Vera and Sister Yueji, and then walk slowly behind."

Keanu said: "I am all to blame for being too slow. If it affects the schedule, you should go first. I will follow up as soon as possible."

Oliveira said: "Don't talk about you, if the two bosses, Dui and Xuanri, I can't keep up. Let's hurry up."

Ah Du was very anxious, and had already ignored the feelings of everyone, "If that's the case, let's do it first. Deputy Commander Zhu Yuan, thank you for your help, and ask Lien Shan for us. Let's say goodbye. "After speaking, his figure flashed and he had already left the door. Xuan Yue urged her sacred power to chase it out, and the two figures, one black and one white, disappeared instantly.

Yue Ji glanced at Keanu and Oliveira separately, and said, "Let's go too, and try to get to the Puyan Clan as soon as possible, so as to save Dumb and the others from waiting. If anything happens, I can help." After finishing speaking, the first out of the Mercenary Association. Oliveira and Keanu glanced at each other and followed out. Looking at their leaving back, Zhu Yuan shook his head gently, and muttered: "It seems that the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint lineage will continue to prosper and reach such a powerful state at the age of 20, I am afraid It won’t be long before he can step into the realm of Juggernaut."

Duan and Xuanyue left the general mercenary guild, immediately unfolding their bodies, floating in the air with the pure energy in their bodies, and galloping towards the south. Due to the speed, the pedestrians can only see and feel the darkness. Two silhouettes passed by like lightning. Most people think they are dazzled.

In terms of speed alone, Xuanyue is even worse than dumb, the white holy light that lifted her body gradually turned into gold, and the pair of golden energy wings appeared behind Xuanyue again, and the light element quickly condensed around him, suddenly The speed increased greatly, and he barely chased Dumb. It didn't take long, and the two had already left Red Hurricane City. Entering the wilderness, he even more unscrupulously, like a meteor rushing to the direction of the Puyan clan.

Dui completely sank his mind into his dantian, all the meridians in his body had turned golden, and the near-solid Shengshengzhen Qi continued to cycle, raising his speed to the limit. The scenery on both sides kept falling down, even with dumb's eyes, only faint shadows could be seen. After an hour of rushing, even Dumb didn't know how much he had driven.

"Big brother, slow down, I can't hold on anymore." Xuan Yue's voice remembered in the bottom of Dui's heart. Dui's heart was startled, her thoughts moved, she slowed down, and floated directly out of ten meters, gently falling. on the ground. A golden light and shadow flashed, Xuanyue fell next to Ah-Dai, her hands on her waist, breathing continuously. Dui hurriedly walked behind Xuan Yue, held on to the spiritual platform of her vest, and continuously injected her own vitality into Xuan Yue's body. With the help of A'Dai's ingenuity, Xuanyue's breath gradually calmed down, and she wiped the sweat on her forehead with her magic robe, Xuanyue whitened A'Dai with a look, and said dissatisfied: "Brother, you are going to exhaust me to death! Who! It's comparable to your perverted speed."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "I'm too impatient, sorry. Brother, you seem to wear a lot of clothes inside! What is that thick layer. You wear so much on this hot day, Isn't it hot? Take it off." Xuan Yue's pretty face flushed immediately after hearing what A-Dai said. The thick cloth in A-Dai's mouth was the cloth wrapped around her!

Dumb said with concern: "Ah! Brother, you see that your hot face is blushing, so take it off. Why do you wear so much?"

Xuan Yue turned her head, she didn't dare to look at Ah Du's eyes, and whispered: "Don't worry about it, I'm not hot. When I was a child, I was in poor health and I couldn't catch cold. I must wear more. Keep on the road. As long as you are Don't do it as fast as before." After finishing speaking, the sacred energy in the body floated up and headed towards the Puyan Clan first.

Ah Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's back with some doubts, and said in his heart: What happened to Brother Xuan Ri? What are you afraid of taking off his clothes? Since getting along with him, he has always been neatly dressed no matter what, is he really afraid of the cold? What? The magician's body is weak. While thinking, chasing Xuan Yue and rushing away.

When night fell, Dui and Xuanyue had successfully entered the Puyan clan territory by virtue of their vigorous skills. If they continued at this speed, they would reach the largest tribe of the Puyan clan at noon tomorrow. Both of them were very tired during one day of Mercedes-Benz, and their ability was greatly reduced by overloading their energy. Suddenly there was a gurgling sound of water in front. Xuan Yue's eyes were happy, and she rushed to the dumb: "Brother, let's rest here for one night, I really can't hold it anymore. It's easy to take a wash next to the water source."

Duan nodded, because he hadn't used all his strength to accommodate Xuan Yue's speed, coupled with the characteristics of life and death, the consumption was much less than Xuan Yue, and he didn't sweat. Looking at Xuanyue’s somewhat pale face, she said, “It seems to be a river. Let’s rest by the river for one night and we will drive tomorrow.” Turning over a soil slope, a gentle river appeared in front of them, although the sky was already dark. It was dark, but with his extraordinary vision, Ah Dui could easily see the clear water of the river. Floating and squatting down next to the stream, he took a handful of river water and drank it into his abdomen. The cool feeling immediately refreshed him physically and mentally. He quickly washed his physical and mental fatigue with handfuls of cool river water.

Xuanyue fell next to Ah-Dai, exhaling. The rush of a day caused her to consume a lot of mental energy, and her sweat had soaked through the white magic robe. Sitting on the ground, she lay flat on the grass by the river, panting slightly. Now she just wants to get a good sleep. After Ah Dui was cleaned, looking at Xuan Yue’s tired look, a feeling of pity rose in her heart. The strange thing she hadn’t seen for a long time reappeared and said with concern: "Brother, you sweat so much, I think, just wash here. Let’s take a bath. The woods we passed by just now seem to grow a lot of wild fruits. I know a few edible ones, and I’ll pick them for our dinner. Rest well after eating. It’s not good for you to sleep directly like this "While talking, he pressed Xuan Yue's shoulder with his big hand, and input his true energy into the past.

With the support of Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi, Xuan Yue's spirit recovered a little, and she sat up from the grass, took a deep breath of fresh air, and said, "I'm really tired. It's been a long time since I felt tired."

A Duan hurriedly said: "It's all my fault. You shouldn't be in such a hurry. You should wash it. It's best to wash your sacrificial robes and change into dry clothes. I'll look for the fruit, and wait until I get back. , I guess you're almost done washing. Let's have a full meal, and we will go slowly tomorrow." After speaking, he floated up and headed towards the path.

Seeing Ah'Dai's back, Xuan Yue smiled slightly. Although she was very tired, she was very happy in her heart. She liked the look of Ah'Dai who was desperate for her friends. She recalled the location of the fruit forest that she had passed by. It took half an hour to return. The surroundings were deserted, and the clear river in front of her was full of temptation. She looked around and confirmed that there was no one, Xuan Yue slowly took off her white light magician robe. And took out the civilian costume that Dumb gave her from her own Phoenix blood. The wrapping cloth on her chest was soaked in sweat, Xuan Yue slowly eased the three-meter-long wrapping cloth, and a relaxed and fresh feeling spread over her, touching the restraints, and her whole body was immediately relieved. She tried the depth of the river water, took the Adam's apple which was used for disguise, and set it aside, before walking in slowly. The clear river water stimulated her tired skin, refreshing her spirit, and swimming in the water. The cold river water constantly stimulated her whole body. The dissolving medicine on her face would not be washed off by water, but it was actually easy to dissolve. It's very simple. Use special paint to draw her originally curved willow eyebrows into thick eyebrows, and darken the skin a little. This dissolving medicine has been used for a long time, and Xuan Yue took it out of Phoenix’s blood for cleaning. To wash away the disguise on his face, he decided to reload after taking a shower.

The river is not deep, only to Xuanyue's waist, and the bottom of the river is full of round pebbles. In the unusually comfortable feeling, Xuanyue has gradually forgotten the time and is completely immersed in the beauty of the cold water.

A round of bright moon like a jade plate slowly rose into the sky, and the bright moon seemed to be frightened by Xuanyue's stunning appearance, only half of her face was revealed. The rushing water kept ringing, and Xuan Yuexi became happier in the clear river water.

A Duan was afraid that Xuan Yue would be anxious, and quickly came to the previous fruit forest. After his discernment, he found four or five kinds of edible fruits. He quickly opened his own space barrier and collected the fruits one by one. After picking 30 or 40, he stopped. Under the vindictive package, he floated up again and moved towards the river with his impression.

The sound of water kept breaking the silence of the night sky, and Dumb fell from the sky, walking towards the river, while thinking to himself that this brother Xuanri must have washed the beauty, and he hasn't finished washing for so long. While thinking, he climbed over the soil slope, and when he saw the scene in the river, his whole body was shaken. Under the light of the half-round moon, the clear stream was set off with sparkling waves. In the river water, a white carcass was constantly dancing, splashes of water, and the pearl-like water droplets continuously slipped from the jade-like skin. , The blue hair was scattered behind her back, and the undulating peaks on her chest were so touching. The willow waist was not full, and the exquisite curves set off her character's figure. Finally, she turned around and faced the direction of dumb. But she was obviously intoxicated by the river, and did not find the existence of Dumb. What a familiar face! What an attractive look that is! On that stunning face, the deep blue eyes revealed the fascination with the river. With the constantly swinging posture, the wonderful state is all over.

Ah Du's whole body was trembling constantly. This, this goddess-like body instantly occupied his mind, and his eyes swept across the white magician robe beside me. The body belongs to his "Brother Xuanri". Dumbfounded, completely stunned by the changes in front of him, his eyes were always attached to the beautiful carcass of the young girl, reluctant to leave for a long time. Four years later, two lines of nosebleeds appeared again, dripping onto the black robe on Dumb's chest, but he didn't notice it.

"Ah—" Xuan Yue, who was washing in the river water, finally discovered the existence of Duan. She hugged her hands on her chest and squatted in the lake. Crystal drops of water were constantly dripping on her hair. Against the background of the moonlight, her The delicate body is as moving as a lotus flower. Suddenly discovering A-Dai, she was also ignorant. She didn't know how to face the situation in front of her. Numerous thoughts filled her mind, but she exposed when she least wanted to let A-Dai know her identity. The two of them were on the same mountain, looking at each other underwater, their hearts were completely plunged into a strong throbbing.

For a long time, Dumb bit his somewhat dry lips, and muttered: "Brother Xuanri, you, how did you become a woman. I, I didn't mean it."

Xuan Yue's pretty face suddenly turned pale. She knew that she could no longer hide her identity. Two lines of tears flowed down her face, and the feelings in her heart were extremely complicated.

Seeing Xuanyue crying, Ah Dumb felt a pain in her heart, and said without a word, "Brother, ah, no, girl, you come up first, the water is cold, it will freeze your body after a long time." Suddenly, he watched. When the water surface behind Xuan Yue sent a wave of fluctuations, her heart was shocked, and her body rushed towards Xuan Yue like lightning, and she shouted, "Be careful behind you."

Xuan Yue was immersed in complex emotions both physically and mentally, and the reaction speed was much slower. When she heard the cry of Duan, she was slightly shocked. At this moment, there was a needle-stick-like pain in her back, and the pain only lasted. In a short time, she suddenly became paralyzed. Xuan Yue was shocked and knew that she had been poisoned. At this moment, Ah-Dai had already flew above Xuanyue, and the blue energy transformed into a solid state turned into a light band that violently wrapped around Xuanyue's body. He pressed a single palm on the surface of the water, and with the help of the force of rebound, he and Xuan Yue’s body was raised at the same time, and Xuan Yue’s delicate body was immediately exposed to the air, and the numbness spread quickly across her body. Suddenly, Xuan Yue felt that her head was a little heavy, and her mind was drowsy, and her consciousness gradually became confused. Up.

Dumb looked at the little blue snake behind Xuanyue in surprise. The little snake's body was constantly twisting because it got out of the water. At the center of its body, there was a black line that looked very strange. Dumb was shocked, and he knew Corris's book on poisons by heart, and he knew that this was the poisonous iron thread Zhuyeqing. Its toxicity is extremely violent. Once bitten, if the treatment is not timely, it can kill people in half an hour. The blue light flashed, and the green snake had turned into powder and floated in the air. Dumb didn't dare to neglect, he slapped a palm to the surface of the water again, and flew to the shore with the help of the rebounding force, and the vital energy was continuously injected into Xuan Yue's body to prevent the poisonous gas from invading. The place where Xuan Yue's right shoulder was bitten has turned into a slap-sized jet black, and she has been unconscious.

Dumb ignored Xuanyue’s charming body, first sealed her meridians, then took off her black robe and laid it on the ground, carefully placed Xuanyue on it, and grabbed Xuanyue’s shoulders and bent down. When he reached the wound, he opened his mouth and sucked out a mouthful of poisonous blood. Xuan Yue's delicate body convulsed slightly with Ah Duan's sucking, and there was a painful moan in her mouth. Dumb vomited the poisonous blood aside, and sucked it into Xuan Yue's wound again. While sucking the poisonous blood, he continued to use Shengshengzhen Qi to force the poison to the wound. After sucking out more than ten mouthfuls of purple and black blood, Xuan Yue's shoulders returned to their original whiteness. Dui took a deep breath, his tongue had become a bit numb due to the intrusion of poison gas. With a flick of the void, he opened his own space from which he took out the snake venom antidote that Goris had left him, carefully applied it on Xuanyue's shoulder, and swallowed some. Feeling Xuanyue's gradually calming breath, she let out a long breath. Everything is done in a flash. It took only five minutes from Xuanyue's discovery to Xuanyue's treatment of the poisonous wounds at the end, and four of them were spent in confrontation.

Dumb gasped for a while, and then forced out the poisonous gas invading his body with his vigorous vitality, and then he had time to look at the Keren in front of him. Xuan Yue's body trembled slightly, as if a little cold. Dui was shocked and looked around and found Xuanyue's clothes prepared in advance on the shore. He hurriedly took it and put on Xuanyue carefully. While dressing for Xuan Yue, Ah'Dai's hand kept trembling, and whenever his fingers accidentally touched Xuan Yue's delicate skin, his heart couldn't help but shake with it. The temptation of the white jade-like carcass was so great that Dui was almost unable to bear it. Fortunately, this set of ordinary people's clothing that was originally Dui was relatively generous. Although Dui's hands were constantly trembling, he still barely put it on. After completing this "mammoth" project, Dumb was breathing continuously, feeling as if he was even more tired than fighting with Lardas. Xuan Yue's body was still trembling a little, and Ah Dui hugged her up. Although she was separated by a layer of clothing, she could still clearly feel the elastic skin. Duan barely took his mind back, floated up, and sat down next to a big tree on the bank of the river, holding Xuanyue in his arms, and constantly injecting Shengshengzhen Qi into her body. After a long while, I didn't know if it was the real qi that had the effect, or the heat of Duan himself warmed her cold body, Xuan Yue finally stopped trembling.

Chapter 13: 2 Dependence

Seeing Xuanyue's somewhat pale and delicate face, Ah-Dai's heart kept trembling, and he kept thinking about everything that happened between himself and the "Brother Xuanri" in his arms. The first time she saw her, she saved her life from the killer. She claimed to be Yueyue's elder brother. Later, when she was in Andes City, she told herself that Yueyue liked herself. The scenes are as clear as what happened yesterday. No matter how slow Ah Du’s mind was, he clearly understood that the beautiful girl in his arms was Xuan Yue herself. Although her figure is much plumper and taller than before, her outline has not changed. Dumb stared at Xuanyue intently, and murmured: "You are Yueyue, you are Yueyue. Why, why didn't you tell me when you first met?" Thinking of sharing the bed with "Xuanri", Dumb's honest face couldn't help but flushed. Various complex emotions continue to fill his heart. He didn't know how to face the jade man in his arms, but now he could no longer escape. He knew that Xuanyue must have left the Holy See for him, and the two came all the way from the Psychedelic Forest. , Xuanyue's all kinds of concerns and all kinds of contributions to him are so real. Dumb held Xuanyue's body tightly, unable to restrain his inner feelings anymore, tears flowed down, dripping on the skirts of herself and Xuanyue, "Yueyue, Yueyue, why are you so good to me? I'm not worth it. You are like this! How can I be worthy of you? What is your kindness and kindness let me pay it back! Yueyue, I love you, and in my heart, your position cannot be replaced by anyone. But, Can we really be together? There are so many obstacles between us, I dare not love you!" Dumb put his face on Xuan Yue’s smooth and soft face, gently rubbing it, his heart facing Xuan Yue His feelings surging out like a flood that bursts a bank. The faint scent of Xuan Yue's body gradually made him intoxicated, and the emotions that had been buried for many years surging out, he kept talking to Xuan Yue, confiding his feelings for her . But how could Xuan Yue, who was in a coma at this moment, hear her?

Early in the morning, as the sun rose slowly, the earth was renewed with vitality, the sounds of insects and birds continued to sound, and Xuanyue woke up from the obscurity. The wound on the back was a bit painful, and she opened her beautiful eyes with a soft groan. The first thing she saw was the honest face of A'Dai, she found that she was actually sitting on A'Dai's lap, leaning all over his arms. The clothes on my body must have been worn for me, and my body must have been seen by him. Thinking of this, Xuan Yue’s pretty face suddenly became hot, and she lowered her head shyly. Everything that happened last night clearly appeared in her mind. She seemed to have been injured by some poison. It was Dumb who saved her, but everything that happened later. I don't know anymore. He, did he violate my body? No, definitely not, he is so honest, he must not dare. After Xuan Yue affirmed this answer, she suddenly realized that there was some loss in her heart, and her pretty face couldn't help but turn red. She raised her head and looked at Ah-Dai, and saw that Ah-Dai's eyes were a little swollen, and there were faint tear marks on both sides of her cheeks. Xuan Yue's heart trembled, he, is he crying for me? He must have recognized my identity, how should I face him? Xuan Yue bit her lip and didn't dare to move, for fear of waking Dui. Dui's arms were so warm. At this time, she just wanted to lean in his arms like this forever and ever. Her hands were already wrapped around Ah Dui's neck unconsciously, and Xuan Yue's body temperature gradually rose amidst her shyness.

Feeling the heart-warming body in his arms, Ah Dai gradually woke up, opened her eyes, and found that Xuan Yue was still leaning on her shoulders, her pretty face was abnormally ruddy, and her arms were wrapped around her neck. Duan's heart was hot, he didn't know that Xuanyue was already awake, and gently kissed her forehead carefully. Under the kiss of Dumb's lips, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, and she let out a soft sound!

Dui was taken aback, and she didn't know what to do there. Xuan Yue lowered her head and cuddled Dui tightly, wishing to melt herself into his body. The two of them just waited quietly, without saying a word. For a long time, it was Dui who spoke first. He brewed for a long time before he could barely squeeze out a word, "Brother Xuanri, you, is your wound still hurting?"

When Xuan Yue heard that he was still calling her own brother, she stopped getting angry, raised her head suddenly, and said, "Are you still calling me brother? Don't tell me, you don't know who I am."

Dui looked at Xuanyue's beautiful eyes, and hurriedly changed her words: "Yue, Yueyue, do you still have pain in your wound?" Now Dui seemed to have recovered to the dullness he had when he first saw Xuanyue.

Xuan Yue lowered her head and said shyly: "I'm getting better, and I still have a little pain. What hurt me last night?" None of them was willing to talk about feelings easily, so they could only talk about him. Dui maintained a somewhat stiff posture, and replied, "It's the iron thread bamboo leaf green, a poisonous snake that has a bite on your shoulder. Fortunately, it was discovered in time. The toxin did not spread to the heart, don't worry. , I have killed the snake, and let me **** out the venom, and I will apply the poison to you, it will be fine."

Xuan Yue's body was soft and muttered: "Suck, **** it out? You, you..."

Dumb realized his mistake, and quickly defended: "I, I'm just taking drugs for you, no other place. You, don't get me wrong."

Xuan Yue thought to herself, if you say that, how can I not misunderstand? Taking a deep breath, she summoned the courage to say: "Dumb, do you think I am, I am..., you even ask yourself whether you like me or not."

Dui's whole body was shaken, and he repeatedly shook his head and said, "No, no, everything is not good for me. Yueyue, it is all my badness, and I have let down your feelings."

Xuan Yue was overjoyed and raised her head to look at Dumb, and said, "Then what are you going to do now? You have already seen your body, so you have to be responsible."

Dumb's heartbeat speeded up obviously. Looking at Xuanyue's beautiful face, he muttered: "Yueyue, in fact, I actually like you. When we were in the Fairy Forest, I already liked you. Just, It’s just that I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy of being with you. On your terms, you can find a husband who is thousands of times better than me. I really didn’t do anything last night. If you think I’ve blasphemed you Body, I, I am willing to dig out my own eyes." At this time, he has woken up from the emotions of last night, and his low self-esteem and reason have regained the upper hand. Having said this, he lowered his head, waiting for the violent storm to come, and waiting for Xuan Yue's angrily. He refused Xuan Yue again, and his heart was bleeding again.

Unexpectedly, Xuanyue was not angry. She let go of her arms around her neck and stood up. There was a faint smile on Qiao's face, and her soft voice sounded, "Dai, you mean, you were originally You like me, right? I know what you are afraid of. You always feel that your identity is not worthy of me, right? And you are afraid that your father will disagree with us. These, don't think about it now. , I want you to tell me clearly, do you like me, do you love me." She turned around abruptly, her beautiful eyes flashed, staring at Dumb firmly.

Dui also stood up, Shengshengzhen's current flow, dredging his somewhat stiff meridians, the feelings in his heart surged out, after gritting his teeth, he nodded vigorously, staring at Xuanyue and said, "Yueyue, I like you. I really like you, I love you! But, can you really ignore the things you just said? I can't do it!" At this point, he bowed his head in pain.

Xuanyue walked up to Ah-Dai and gently raised his big hand. After so long, she finally heard Ah-Dai express her emotions in person. Her beautiful eyes were reddish and she said softly, "Dai, you really don’t need these. Think about it. I understand all your worries. You don’t need to escape. I will take care of all your worries. I will definitely be able to resolve all your worries. Remember, your identity is not humble, you are Tiangang The descendant of the Juggernaut, your strength can be worthy of me. What I like is you, not your identity, not your martial arts, and not your appearance. Dad, I will definitely be able to solve it, myself The feelings of you can do it yourself. As long as you love me, that’s enough. No one can stop us from being together.”

Listening to Xuan Yue’s confession, Ah'Dai's whole body was trembling like an electric shock. He couldn't bear it anymore, and he hugged Xuanyue in his arms, feeling her soft body. At this moment, Ah'Dai's heart was So fulfilling, he tightly hugged Xuanyue tightly, "Yueyue, I love you, I love you so much! Why are you so good to me, is Dumb worthy of you?" Tears streamed down, In the excitement, Dumb was completely drunk. For the first time in his life, he gave up his feelings completely. He loved Xuanyue, and yes, he finally faced his feelings squarely.

Xuanyue buried her head in the warm embrace of Ah-Dai, choked up and said: "It's worth it, it's worth it, Ah-Dai, I love you too! Unless you don't want me, otherwise, I will never leave me by your side. "The two hugged so tightly, their hearts continued to blend with each other. Suddenly, the blood of the phoenix and the dragon suddenly lit up. Two groups of soft light, one blue and one red, wrapped their bodies. In the soft energy, their spirits continued to merge, without any rejection. The two felt the deep love of each other almost at the same time. The mental strength and physical strength they consumed quickly recovered under the continuous shining of the blue and red light. The two embraced each other so tightly, and time passed so quickly at this time.

I don’t know how long it took, and the skills of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue had returned to normal. Xuanyue suddenly thought of something, and struggling to push away Ah-Dai. Ah-Dai looked at Xuan Yue with a bit of disappointment and said, "Yueyue, what? Now?" Although Xuan Yue didn't want to destroy this harmonious atmosphere, she had to ask clearly about one thing. She stared at Ah-Dai's eyes and said, "O-Dai, there is something you have to tell me frankly. You can't hide it at all. I have endured it for a long time. Tell me, who is Bing? Why do you have her? Head portrait. And every time you mention her, your eyes are full of emotion." In love, no grain of sand can be mixed, and ice sticks horizontally in Xuanyue's heart like a spike. Dumb finally confided her emotions to her, she must ask this matter clearly.

Hearing Xuanyue mentioning Bing, Ah-Dai's whole body was shocked, with a trace of sadness in his eyes. Xuan Yue looked at his emotional expression, her ruddy face suddenly turned pale. Dui walked to Xuan Yue and reached out to hug her. Xuan Yue struggled to get away from Dui's hands, and said slightly angrily: "If you don't clarify the ice thing, don't touch me."

Duan lowered his head in pain, sighed, and said, "Okay, I tell you, although I don't want to mention it, I don't want you to misunderstand. Yueyue, can I hold you and say?"

Xuan Yue froze, and said, "Why? Let's just say so." Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's obsession, and felt a pain in her heart. He nodded and said, "Well then." He took out the ice from his arms Head portrait, since leaving the Sunset Empire, he has always been reluctant to recall the events of that day. What a painful memory that is! "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door that is out of control." In the call of Dumb, a gray figure flew out in the blue light emitted by the blood of the dragon. .

The huge body of the holy evil fell on the ground, and the earth trembled slightly. After fighting with Lardas that day, the holy evil recovered in a short time. However, since Ah Du was always in a crowded place, he never managed He let it out. Breathing the refreshing air, Sheng Xie groaned loudly, and for some days he hadn't come out to let the wind go. Suddenly Ah Dai summoned him out, and Sheng Xie was in a good mood. His voice resounded in Ah Dui's thoughts, "Brother, you are finally willing to let go of the holy evil, Xiaoxie is so pitiful! Staying in the blood of the dragon every day, you are almost suffocated."

Dumb said: "Yueyue, the holy evil has seen ice, you can communicate with it, let it be a witness. holy evil, you should remember the girl when we broke out of the dark city, right? "Sheng Xie froze for a while, blinking his golden eyes and tapping his head lightly. Dumb continued: "Okay, I will tell Yueyue what happened with that girl, and you can be a witness."

Xuan Yue frowned and said: "Dai, you don't have to be like this, don't I believe you? Speak, I'll wait to hear it." Sheng Xie looked at A-Dai suspiciously, then Xuan Yue, and understood the difference between them. What's the matter, crawling on the ground, enjoying the sunshine, waiting for Dumb to speak.

Duan held Bing’s head in his palm, and a strong sadness came to his heart, and said lightly: “Yueyue, I know, you must be doubting the relationship between me and Bing. Bing is the fate of the people I know. The most tragic one. At first, my two brothers, Rock and Yanli, left Tiangang Mountain and went to the sunset empire to find traces of the captured elves. We decided to start from the big cities of the sunset empire, because only the rich nobles in the big cities It is possible to buy the elves. So we passed through the light provinces of the Huasheng Empire to the dark provinces of the sunset empire. The capital of the dark provinces, Dark City, is our first destination. There is a huge scale in the dark city. The casino is called Anhao Nightclub. Bing, I met there..." At the moment, how Ah-Dai would encounter Bing in the casino and all that happened afterwards told Xuanyue in detail, "...Bing was trying to save me She, she, she used her body to block the claws of catwoman mimi and was severely injured. Later, under the joint hands of the holy evil and the bone dragon, we finally rushed out of the dark city, but the ice was almost dead. At that time, I thought you could be by your side and rescue her with light magic! Not only was she severely injured by Catwoman, the poison in her body also broke out,..." Hearing Dumb’s narration, Xuan Yue’s face was tense. Gradually, she walked to Dui's side step by step, listening to Dui's recounting of the life experience that Bing confided before he died. Tears continued to flow from Ah Du's eyes, and Xuan Yue's eyes were already moist. "Bing finally said, how much she wants to live, just looking at me every day. I also hope she can live. I hate those dark forces and myself. It is my cowardice that killed Bing's life. , Her whole life was spent completely in pain. How much I want her to come alive, even if I try my best, I also hope that she can live a happy life. Yueyue, do you know? The death of Bing made me distraught. She saved my life twice! To her, I don’t know how I feel in my heart, but the pain is unforgettable. This portrait is my use of Bing I will take her with her ashes. I will take her with her forever to show her the beauty of the mainland." At this point, Dumb was already crying, and deep sadness continued to fill his heart.

Xuan Yue hugged Ah-Dai's body tightly, crying with Ah-Dai. Bing's story deeply shook her mind. At this time, she finally understood why Ah-Dai wanted to hold herself to tell. That's because he can't bear such a strong grief! "I'm sorry, Dumb, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't doubt you, shouldn't be jealous of Sister Bing, she is so pathetic, really pathetic. Compared to her, I am much happier. At least, we can still be there every day. Let's go together!" She stuck it to Dui's chest, as if she was afraid that Dui would suddenly disappear.

Dui took a deep breath, calmed down the sadness in his heart, and said foolishly: "Yueyue, I can tell you with certainty that although I have met countless beauties after leaving Shitang Town, the only thing I really like is you. Yueyue, please let me bury the shadow of Bing in my heart. I only need a small corner. I think I will never forget her in my life."

Xuan Yue stared at Bing's head and muttered: "Dumb, why would I disagree? If Sister Bing didn't save you, how could we see you again. Sister Bing, don't worry, I will replace you in the future. Take care of dumb, he is our dumb, I will definitely do what you want to do for you, don’t be mad at my jealousy of you earlier, would you like to recognize my sister? I will use my gentleness to get to the heart of dumb Sad, no matter where we go in the future, we will take you by our side."

A Duan's whole body was shaken, watching Xuan Yue affectionately, tightening his arms, and said emotionally: "Thank you, Yueyue, I think Bing will be very happy for her."

Xuanyue’s arm suddenly wrapped around Ah-Dai’s neck, and she looked at Ah-Dai’s sad eyes, "Dai, do you know? In Yueyue’s heart, you are so pitiful! You are as pitiful as Sister Bing, after Yueyue She will definitely be nice to you." As she said, she lifted her toes and leaned towards Dui. When Dui was slightly shocked, Xuanyue's red lips had already kissed his lips like a dragonfly. The bodies of the two of them shook sharply at the same time. Although they were in contact for less than a second, the wonderful feeling spread throughout their bodies. Ah Dumb called affectionately: "Yueyue."

"En." Xuan Yue Qiao promised her face flushed. Dui loosened his arms around her, carefully put Bing's head in his arms, held Xuanyue's pretty face in both hands, and lowered his heads. The two people's faces were getting closer and closer, and their breathing became abnormally rapid. Sheng Xie's big golden eyes blinked, his wings rose, blocking his eyes, turned his body, and faced them with his butt. It seems shy. Finally, Ah-Dai approached Xuan Yue in a panic. Xuan Yue's pretty face flushed and closed her eyes. The four moist lips touched her lightly, and the two of them trembled at the same time. The wonderful feeling made them feel His heart is constantly in harmony. Duan held Xuanyue's willow waist with one hand and stroked her long blue hair with the other hand. Xuanyue's arms were wrapped around his neck, and the lips of the two were constantly trembling in the feeling of electric shock. A kiss took away all the sorrow, and Duan kept asking for the sweetness of Xuanyue. Under the sunlight, their hearts melted.

For a long time, A'Dai raised her head very reluctantly, and carefully hugged Xuan Yue's delicate body as if holding a treasure. Xuan Yue's breathing was still fast, her bright red face was buried in A'Dai's arms, and all the diaphragms had disappeared. At this moment, she was completely immersed in the ocean of happiness. The two hugged so tightly, no one wanted to break this beautiful moment.

A "plop" sound awakened Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue from their sweetness. The two of them stared in amazement, only to see Sheng Xie leaping into the river, playing with excitement. Dumb looked at Sheng Xie's huge body with a smile, and said, "Xiao Xie seems to like playing in water too! Just like you."

Xuan Yue remembered the scene last night, punched Ah-Dai's chest lightly, and tweeted: "I hate pulling, did you come back early yesterday on purpose?"

Dumb shouted wronged, "I have been there for more than half an hour? Why did you come back early on purpose? It was your pleasure to forget the time, right?"

Xuan Yue snorted and pulled her long blue hair in front of her, leaning against the dumb and said, "Look, people's hair is messy! I have to take a shower again."

Ah Dui's whole body shook and said, "No, there are snakes in the water. The holy evil is protected by thick scale armor. What if you are bitten again, I was almost scared to death yesterday."

Feeling Dumb’s concern, Xuan Yue’s heart warmed, and said, “I can’t pull it. How could people be so careless. If you didn’t appear suddenly yesterday, how could you not feel the snake? I will release an auxiliary magic first. The river here is really good. Just wash the clothes that were soaked with sweat yesterday. Your clothes are too big."

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "Well, anyway, it's been a while. I just wait for you to take a shower before leaving. By the way, before we, when we held it, the blood of the dragon and the phoenix were good. It seems to help us recover our skills. This is a good method! In the future, we can just hold it when our skills are insufficient."

Xuan Yue ran out of Dumb's arms, gave him a bit, and said, "I hate pulling, who is holding you. That's just a coincidence."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's amazing beauty, and his heart was full of happiness, "Yueyue, why hasn't you seen you for three years, so your skill has increased so much? You actually have the strength of a magister."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "This is the secret of our Holy See, do you want to know?"

Dumb froze, and said: "Secret? Is there any special method that can greatly improve one's skill in a short period of time? If that's the case, where else can anyone practice hard?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "It's not that simple. This method can only improve human physique, and it requires a lot of divine power. It is not so easy to complete. It is called the baptism of God by the Holy See, and there is only succession. The Pope’s talents are qualified to accept it. According to Grandpa, the Holy See’s Temple of Light is the only place that can communicate with the gods, and can truly rely on the power of God. After using this power of God to change the body, it will be twice the result with half the effort after cultivation. Effect. Probably because the Prophet Prin said that we are the savior at the beginning, grandpa was willing to make an exception and let me accept the baptism of this god, do you know? After receiving the baptism, I feel that my whole person has changed. My memories are all blurred, it seems like a different person. It’s not until I think of you that I regained my original appearance. Speaking of which, I really want to thank Big Brother Babuyi. If he hadn’t mentioned your name in front of me, I might be Continue to practice in the Holy See."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "You are so amazing in the Holy See! In such a short period of time, you can cultivate a magister like you only by the baptism of God. This is a realm that ordinary people can't reach for a lifetime of cultivation."

Xuan Yue walked to Ah Du's side, leaned on his shoulder, and said, "Actually, it is not that easy. The past popes who have been baptized before me all did so after hard training and reached the realm of the magister. Grandpa said, my condition is very special. The previous baptisms can be completed in only three months. However, my baptisms took as long as a year. Perhaps it is for this reason that my magic level has improved. So fast. What's more, have you forgotten how we broke through in Meme City? That is because the blood of the Phoenix and the blood of the dragon are blended together! It seems that we are really the saviors of the world, or else, Why does God arrange so much luck on us."

Dumb seemed to remember something suddenly, and said anxiously: "Yueyue, let's go to the Puyan clan. Brother Yanli issued a mission to find us. It may be what Prophet Pulin meant. Maybe, he used divination again. What do you see in the future? Maybe it will give us some instructions."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Dumb, have you noticed that you are now very different from a few years ago, and your mind seems to be not that stupid anymore. It's just that the surface is dull and foolish. Then you Call the holy evil, they have to take a bath, re-dress the hair, and then we are on the road."

Duan held Xuanyue's willow waist, smelling her fresh body fragrance, and was fascinated by her heart, "Yueyue, I, I don't want to leave you for a minute!"

Xuan Yue Qiao blushed and said, "I hate pulling, then you can't watch people take a bath!" Although she was shy on the surface, Xuan Yue's heart was still sweet because of Dumb's words. Some whispered: "It's not possible now. Wait, after we get married, we will talk about pulling." At the last few words, Xuan Yue's voice was barely audible.

Dui gently kissed her said softly: "Yueyue, I, I really love you." After saying this, Duan didn't wait for Xuanyue to answer, she was already floating. He stood up, fell to the bank of the river, and shouted at the holy evil who was still playing in the water: "Xiaoxie, come up and pull, we are going to go."

Hearing Ah Dui’s greeting, Sheng Xie spread its wings, his huge body with countless drops of water fell on the shore, and his big golden eyes carried a wicked smile. The voice sounded in Dui’s heart, "Brother, you guys The intimacy is over! Xiaoxie is embarrassed? I also want to find a girl to have an intimacy."

A Duan said in an angry voice: "Dare to make fun of me and beg you? Where do you want me to find you a beautiful dragon! Come with me, your sister Xuanyue wants to take a bath."

The huge dragon wings of the holy evil swept towards Ah Du's feet, and Ah Dui smiled and flew onto Shengxie's back, saying, "Okay, I will take you to eat some fruit first. Then you have to return obediently. In the blood of the dragon."

The holy evil said aggrieved: "I want to go back again! People are really bored in there! Brother, can you not go back."

Ah Dumb patted Sheng Xie's big head helplessly, and said, "But, you are too eye-catching, you can't act outside casually, it's amazing to be seen by others! We will be unable to do so."

Chapter 133: Light rain

The holy evil flapped its wings and flew, because its strength has improved, now it is no longer a problem to fly with Dumb. "Eat fruit first. If I'm full, I'll go back."

Dumb smiled helplessly, and shouted at Xuanyue below: "Yueyue, be careful when you take a bath, we won't go far, we will come back soon." After speaking, he told Shengxie the direction of the fruit forest, one person, one dragon Fly away.

Seeing Ah-Dai and Sheng Xie leave, Xuan Yue’s mouth showed a knowing smile, took off his coat, released a defensive magic to herself, floated up, and flew into the flowing clear water. At this time, she felt unprecedented satisfaction in her heart, and she could finally be together with Dumb as her daughter, and the excitement in her heart could not be described in words.

Sheng Xie's appetite is extremely alarming, and ordinary poison does not work for him at all. Under its ravages, most of the fruit enters its dragon's belly. When looking at the sacred "slaughter" of fruits by the holy evil, A Dumb remembered that he and Xuan Yue hadn't eaten anything for a day. Yue Yue must be very hungry. But now Yueyue is taking a bath, how can he go back.

Sheng Xie stroked his contented dragon belly with his dragon claws and leaned to the side of Dui, and said with a smile: "Brother, do you want to see Sister Xuanyue take a bath! How about we sneak over? Anyway, with you She should not be able to show her skill."

After hearing Sheng Xie's words, Duan was suddenly embarrassed, "Xiao Xie, when did you become so bad? This kind of words are also handed out."

Sheng Xie's big eyes blinked and said aggrieved: But you taught me! We are connected with each other, so you obviously want to go back and have a look. "

Dumb feigned angrily: "You eat and eat, and you have fun. It's time to return to the blood of the dragon."

Sheng Xie curled his lips, then I will go back to sleep, and I won’t use it as a light bulb for you. "The light flashed, and there was no use dumb to sing the spell of the blood of the dragon, the holy evil had already returned automatically.

Dumb shook his head helplessly. The “beautiful beauty” of last night kept flashing in his mind. The holy heresy was right. Deep down in my heart, I really want to see Yueyue take a bath again. He knocked his head hard, and Dumb thought to himself, no, it can't be so lusty. If it happens again, Yueyue will definitely not forgive me. After such a long time, she should have finished washing too, let's go back. As he thought about it, he walked towards Xiaohe, wondering in his heart, would Yueyue forget the time because of the comfort of washing? If that is the case, do you want to watch it yourself?

With a complicated mood, Dui came to the back of the hillside next to the small river. He was surprised to find that there was no rushing sound of water when Xuanyue took a bath yesterday. It seems that Yueyue has really finished washing. Thinking of this, a sense of disappointment arose in Ah'Dai's heart, floated up, climbed the hillside, and fell towards the river.

When Ah Du Fei came to the small river, Xuan Yue's figure was missing. He was shocked. The small river in front of him was flowing peacefully. The magician's robe that Xuan Yue had originally thrown aside was gone, everything around him was so. The silence. Realizing that his beloved person is gone, Ah-Dai suddenly felt anxious and shouted, "Yueyue, Yueyue, where are you?" Under the influence of Shengshengzheng, the voice spread far away, in the silent wilderness. Constantly echoing.

Hyun Yue disappeared? Of course not. She hid behind a big tree not far from the river. In order to avoid the embarrassing situation from reappearing last night, she took a bath very quickly today, washed the magician's robe and used the fire system of Phoenix blood. The energy dried up. Under a whim, she suddenly wanted to tease Dui, so she hid behind the tree, restrained her breath, and saw what Dui reacted. Ah'Dai's anxious shouts kept echoing in her ears, Xuanyue's eyes were moisturized, she could no longer help the emotion in her heart, soaring forward, she whispered softly: "Dai, I am here!"

Dumb suddenly turned around and saw that the person in his heart had been lost and recovered. He almost rushed towards Xuan Yue with all his strength. Xuan Yue only felt that the dark shadow in front of him flashed and his body was light, and he had risen from the ground. Dumb hugged Xuan Yue tightly in his arms, pressed against her still somewhat moist show, speechless with excitement. Although he just picked the fruit and left for less than half an hour, in his heart, he felt like Xuanyue had been missing for a hundred or thousand years. For fear that Xuanyue would leave him again, he was holding his most important treasure and caring for the person in his arms with his heart. The blue light of the blood of the dragon and the red light of the blood of the phoenix appeared again. Two rays of light, one blue and one red, rushed straight into the sky amidst entanglement. At this moment, both Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue had a kind of lucid enlightenment in their hearts. There seemed to be a bridge between the blood of the dragon and the blood of the phoenix, and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue fell into a state of chaos in their minds, and there was no difference in their spirits. Unanimously, they subconsciously chanted the mantra contained in their hearts.

"Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, and protect the power of the phoenix forever! Release it."

"Take the blood of the phoenix as a guide, the energy that will accompany the dragon forever! Awaken."

The blue dragon soared into the sky behind Ah-Dai. The huge body that was more than ten feet long was slightly distorted. His shape was so clear that he could even distinguish the texture on each scale at will. The blue light suddenly appeared. Zhan Fang, the melodious dragon roar penetrated the sky.

The red phoenix with endless flames rose from behind Xuanyue, facing the dragon in front of her, her body was swaying slightly, the gorgeous colorful feathers were so beautiful against the red flames, red light. As her body grew larger, she suddenly released, and the loud phoenix sound entangled the dragon's Yin soaring into the sky.

The bodies of Duan and Xuanyue floated and slowly rotated. With their rotating bodies, the blue dragon and the red phoenix began to entangle with each other in the air. As they continued to twist, they formed an indistinguishable form. The red and blue light beams. Dui and Xuan Yue opened their eyes at the same time, and their eyes were full of deep affection.

Dumb said softly: "Yueyue, do you understand?"

Hyun Yue nodded slightly? "

Dumb smiled and said, "I also understand. I didn't expect to realize it under this situation."

Xuanyue leaned her head into Ah Du's arms and said lazily: "Then you quickly dissipate this energy. They are too powerful, I don't want to ruin our place of love."

Dumb gently kissed Xuanyue’s forehead. When we first met, when you asked me to be your follower, didn’t we already settled for it? "While speaking, he waved his left hand lightly into the sky. The beam of blue and red energy formed into the sky, and disappeared in an instant. The space seemed to freeze for a while, and everything was still in the air. The sun seems to light up, and large spots of light are floating down. It is a brilliant rain of light. The rain of light does not contain any energy. It just falls gently. Whenever they touch an object, they will automatically Disappeared. This magnificent sight completely plunged Ah Du and Xuan Yue into joy, bathed in the rain, their hearts filled with mutual love.

In the deep and affectionate expression, Duan and Xuanyue finally realized the fusion stunt of the blood of the dragon and the phoenix—the combination of dragon and phoenix. In order not to damage the nature, Duan scattered this strong energy in the air, which caused the astronomical phenomenon of light and rain. How powerful is the energy contained in the two top artifacts! What they didn't know was that the light rain was not only confined to where they were, it had gradually spread throughout the entire film.

The Holy See.

The Pope stood outside the Hall of Light, gazing at the light and rain that kept drifting in the sky, and his deep eyes showed unconcealable excitement. He had longed for this day for a long time. In the Holy See, there is a secret book left by the first Pope Shenyu, which can only be read by successive popes. There are two most important sentences in the Secret Code. One of them is that when the day of blood is empty, evildoers will appear, the rain of blood will be spread, the disaster will come, and the disaster of the millennium will recur. The blood day and blood rain have already appeared. For the words left by Shen Yu, the Pope absolutely believed. And another sentence describes the savior. The secret code says that when the rain of holy light falls on the world, the savior who saves the catastrophe will appear in the world. The Holy See must unconditionally support the savior to save mankind. The main reason why the Pope didn't fully believe Xuanyue's words that Ah-Dai was the savior was that Guangyu did not appear. At this moment, the sign he was looking forward to finally appeared, which meant that the savior had already appeared.

  All the priests and goddesses looked up to the sky like the Pope. In their hearts, this sacred rain was a sign of the gods. Without the pope's order, they all knelt to the ground, religiously chanting the mantra. For a time, the sound of singing spread throughout the Holy See.

The pope took a deep breath, calmed down his excitement, and said solemnly: "Mangxiu."

The red figure walked to the side of the Pope. It was Manxiu, one of the four great red-clothed sacrifices. He was about seventy years old and respected the Pope. What is your command? "

Pope said: "What do you think of the light and rain that appeared today?"

Manxiu said respectfully: "This must be an oracle from the Lord God, showing that he is looking after us."

The pope appeared with a slight rain, which made me let go of a big rock in my heart! By the way, hasn't Xuanye heard anything from them yet? It's been a month, and things should have progressed a bit. "

Manxiu shook his head, there is no news back. The Holy See does not have a sacrificial hall in the Yalian tribe of the Sodom Federation, and it is difficult to pass news. However, I believe that with the strength of the chief judge and Xuanye, there should be nothing wrong with them. Besides, there will be light and rain again today, so you can rest assured. We just need to wait for their good news. "

The Pope smiled slightly, he also had full confidence in the strength he dispatched, "I hope everything goes well. Eliminating the Dark Demons can reduce many variables. Manxiu, give my order, let all the sacrificial halls of the Holy See take action. , This light rain is probably caused by man, you must find this person. You know?"

Mang Xiu was shocked, the emperor, how is this possible? Isn't this an oracle from the gods? "

The Pope said: "Although it is an enchantment from the gods, it must also be related to humans. Do as I told you. Savior, you finally appeared." A dumb face flashed in his mind. What caused the light rain, after all Is it him?


Somewhere in the dark nest, a figure wrapped in black clothes stepped anxiously. Beside him, standing four same men in black.

Dubu's figure suddenly stopped, and the sound of neither yang nor yang sounded, "No one will be allowed to ruin my plan when the rain is coming."

One of the four men in black walked out, and an old hoarse voice sounded, "Master, you don't need to be anxious, this light rain may not be the savior of the devil's word."

The leader snorted. Besides, how could the magic oracle go wrong? We have worked hard for hundreds of years, and seeing the final victory is about to appear, the darkness is about to illuminate the earth, and no change is allowed. You must be cautious when doing things for Master Pluto. By the way, elder curse, how is Moon King and the others doing? The person who reported it should be back, right? Did they fulfill my order. "

The elder curse hesitated for a while and the person who told him has indeed returned. But the result is not as good as we expected? "

The leader snorted coldly, and the awe-inspiring chill instantly expanded, and the entire dark nest was filled with a shuddering feeling. How is the bottom? Could it be that all the twelve heavenly kings can't eliminate the self-proclaimed holy fellows? "

Under the great momentum of the leader, Elder Curse said tremblingly: "According to the news from the Moon King, this ambush was very successful. More than a thousand people from the Holy See were successfully introduced into the Valley of Destruction by the Wing Man King. However, The strength of the Vatican’s subordinates has exceeded our estimates, especially the chief judge Xuanyuan and the two red priests. Their strength is so strong that the Twelve Heavenly Kings are difficult to deal with. So, so..."

"Go on and tell me how it turned out. Could it be that in the case of a fall, they still let them run?"

"His Lord, this ambush has caused a lot of our losses. There have been more than 5,000 casualties of various races, mainly due to the powerful light magic of the two red priests. The dark king of the twelve heavenly kings died in battle. Moon King, Dragon King, Dwarf King, Dark Ice King, Yin King, Wing Man King, and Elvis were injured to varying degrees. Among them, Moon King, Yin King, and Elvis were the most injured. For the Holy See, the red clothing sacrifices Na Yan and the six white-clothed priests used a kind of magic that sacrificed themselves. Although they were destroyed, they opened up the way out that we were originally sealed. It was precisely because of this that they could not wipe out the enemy."

To the surprise of Elder Curse, the leader became calm after listening to him. Faintly said: "How has the Holy See lost? Where are the people who escaped now?"

The elder curse secretly breathed a sigh of relief. We lost a lot of manpower this time, but the Holy See was also uncomfortable. The red priest Nayan and the six white priests completely destroyed their bodies because of the sacrifice magic. All the four holy judges were killed. . Only three of the twenty light judges escaped. The remaining judges and holy knights escaped more than two hundred people. However, in the pursuit of the twelve heavenly kings, the number of deaths of these people is increasing. There should be less than a hundred people left now. Among them, the only important figures are the red clothes offering sacrifice to Xuan Ye, the presiding judge Xuan Yuan, and the deputy presiding judge Babulun successfully escaped. Now these remnants of the Holy See have escaped into the Elf Forest. The Twelve Heavenly Kings have mobilized tens of thousands of armies of the Wingers, Dwarves, and Orcs to surround the Elf Forest and continue to attack. However, there is a strange barrier in the Elf Forest, but it prevents us from moving forward. As few of the Twelve Heavenly Kings’ subordinates can be magical, a Dark Ice King alone is not enough to break through the barrier. Rushing forcefully, but with little effect. But Yuewang said that she can be sure that no one from the Holy See has managed to escape the encirclement. "

After listening to the report of the elder curse, the leader said lightly: "The elves are worthy of being one of the oldest races. The elven forest is indeed very mysterious, and even we have no chance to erode it. Unexpectedly, they saved the vatican's remnants this time. One day, I will completely destroy them and erase all their spiritual imprints. If I dare to fight against the Lord Underworld, I will not end well. Although the Moon King and others failed to wipe out the enemy this time, they also lost a lot of elite The subordinates, but they also revealed the true strength of the Holy See, even if they make up for it."

The elder curse was overjoyed and said: "Master, you see, do we personally take action to completely destroy the elf forest? These people, can't let them escape back!"

The leader raised his hand to stop the elder Curse from continuing to speak before we appeared. There are tens of thousands of elves, and they are not as easy to encircle and annihilate them like the more than one thousand people of the Holy See. Moreover, the elven forest covers an extremely large area. Now, it is not time for us to reveal our true strength, and we cannot let the Holy See show my existence. Send my order and tell Moon King that if they can't enter the Elf Forest within ten days, they will immediately evacuate and return directly to the headquarters. After the Holy See learns about this incident, there will be a great reaction. The forces we spread in the Big 6 are all hidden. Without my order, we must not act rashly. There can be no one under the twelve kings, let them Stand by for repair at the headquarters. "

Elder Curse frowned and said: "Ten days? I'm afraid it will be difficult to break through the Elf Forest!"

The leader gave a weird long laugh. The laughter was heard in the ears of Elder Curse, and there was a horrible feeling, "I didn't want them to break through the elf forest. These races are used to being lazy. This time I just give them a soldier. Opportunity. Curse the elder, don’t forget what our real purpose is. At the same time, you tell the fifth elder to use all his subordinates to find people related to Guangyu on the sixth day. You don’t need to report to me. . You have to tell him that he would rather kill a thousand by mistake than miss one. After you have delivered these orders, go directly to the headquarters and meet us. What we have to wait for is the arrival of the last moment."

Curse the elder respectfully: Lord Lord. "

The light rain lasted for a full hour before it disappeared, and Ah-Dai woke up from the shock with Xuanyue's arms. He suddenly felt that the blood of the dragon on his chest seemed to have changed, and hurriedly took out to check. The blood of the dragon is still in its original form, but the divine light that it originally contained has disappeared, the blue gems appear bleak, and even the golden symbols on them are almost invisible.

Xuanyue was shocked when she saw the blood of the dragon, and hurriedly took out her own Phoenix blood, the result was the same.

Dumb frowned and said: "Yueyue, has the energy released too much just now, and the blood of the dragon and the phoenix have lost their original ability? The holy evil and the bone dragon are still inside!"

Xuanyue thought for a while and thought about her ability. The blood of the dragon and the phoenix are divine artifacts after all. They should consume too much energy. Like the original holy evil, they have entered a deep sleep state. When they regained their energy, It will return to its original form. I can feel that although the surface is bleak, there is still divine energy inside them. "

After hearing Xuan Yue's explanation, Dumb breathed a sigh of relief. The power of the dragon and the phoenix is really terrifying! If it explodes on the ground, everything within a few kilometers will disappear. "

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Okay, don't think about it for now. Let's go to Big Brother Rock and them. If you delay, I'm afraid Sister Yueji and the others will catch up. Dumb, do you think I still pretend to be a man? ?"

Dumb stroked Xuan Yue's blue long lightly, and said softly, "No more, I still like the way you are now. You are my Yueyue, not Brother Xuanri!"

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and murmured: "Since you like this, it's okay to be like this. However, they were exhausted yesterday. You have to walk with me behind your back. You left the Psychedelic Forest at the beginning. At that time, you still owed others."

Dumb squeezed Xuanyue's white nose in a greasy way, and smiled: Everything is up to you. Even if there is no bet, I will take you back. How can I be so tired of you? bring it on. Miss Yueyue, your attendant has served you. "

Xuan Yue chuckled, walked around behind Ah-Dai, leaned on his back and stayed as a follower, let's go out. "

Dumb took out seven or eight fruits from her own space barrier and gave Xuanyue something to eat on my back. Although these fruits are not as good as those in the Psychedelic Forest, they are also quite good. I have eaten with Xiaoxie in the fruit forest just now. "

Xuanyue clasped Dumb's neck with one hand and put the fruit in her magician robes with the other hand, giggling and saying: "If someone spills juice on your clothes, you can't call me!"

"Just be careful not to eat. I'm just such a piece of clothing! Sit down and leave." Dumb embraced Xuan Yue's legs, and the soft body behind him made his heart sway. The vigorous anger spread out, wrapping the bodies of the two of them, and a group of white light flew up and headed south.

  Although Ah-Dai was carrying a person on his back, his skill reached the limit under his cheerful mood, and his speed was much higher than when he walked with Xuan Yue yesterday. Shuttle through the wilderness like a white meteor. Thanks to the protection of the vindictive spirit, Xuan Yue lay on the back of dumb and couldn't feel the wind. There was so much warmth behind Ah Du, and under the blanket of security, Xuanyue was eating the fruit while enjoying the beautiful scenery passing by on both sides, which was indescribable. Although the journey is boring, but at this moment, she is completely immersed in it.

Time flies quickly in sweetness, and the sun gradually rises from the east to the center of the sky, and then gradually falls from the center. After more than half a day of rushing, Adu and Xuanyue have approached the largest tribe of the Puyan tribe. Since Ah Dai chose wilderness trails along the way, he did not encounter Puyan people.

  Dai suddenly cried out in surprise, and his progress slowed a lot.

Xuanyue asked: "What's wrong? Is there something wrong?"

Dumb said: "There is a figure in front, very similar to Big Brother Yanli. Why hasn't he returned to the tribe yet. Maybe I read it wrong."

Xuanyue smiled and said: "Fool, although we have lost a lot of time, but your speed is so fast, it is very likely that you will catch up with Big Brother Yanli before you go to the Puyan tribe! You will know if you go up and see."

quickly speeded up again, chasing the blurry figure ahead. As the distance got closer, the figure in front of him was wrapped in a faint golden light, and it was also advancing fast. There are two large battle axes behind him. Although he hasn't seen the face yet, Dui can be sure that this person is Yanli. After seeing him again after more than a year, Dui's heart is full of unspeakable emotions, pushing the degree to the limit, several ups and downs. Catch up with Rock Force.

Yan Li was on his way. Suddenly, a group of white light appeared not far in front of him. In surprise, he slammed his figure to a halt and said angrily: "Is it something that doesn't have long eyes, dare to stop me." . Have you lived enough?"

The white light faded, revealing two figures, Xuan Yue said in a playful manner: After the year has passed, the temper of Big Brother Yanli has not changed! You can't find a wife so hot. "

Yan Li looked intently and spoke to a stunning girl in a white magician robe. Nearly four years have passed. Xuan Yue's body has changed a lot. He didn't recognize it at first glance, but the blackness beside the girl The man in clothes is familiar to him. Isn't that simple and dull face the one he is eager to find? "Dumb, is it really you?" Yan Li exclaimed excitedly.

A Duan Piao stood in front of him, clutching Yanli's broad shoulders tightly, and said excitedly: "Big Brother Yanli, it's me! Are you okay? Brother Rock is okay? I haven't seen you in a year, how did your grudge become It's golden."

Yan Li looked up and down at Dumb and murmured: "Great, I don't have to look for it anymore. Brother, we have been looking for you for two months? We even moved to ask mercenaries to come to you. Thoughts."

Xuanyue came over because we saw the announcement of the Mercenary Association. In fact, even if you don't find dumb, we will come to the Puyan clan soon, but it's a bit earlier. "

The rock looked at Xuanyue suspiciously? "

Xuanyue chuckled, pasted Dui, and put her arm around him and said: "Why, have you not met after a few years? It seems that you are not much smarter than Dui!"

Looking at Xuanyue’s beautiful face, Yanli couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded. Dumb smiled and said, "Yueyue, stop making trouble. Brother Yanli, she is Yueyue!"

Yanli carefully looked at the little girl that Xuanyue is Yueyue, what a big eighteen woman! You are much more beautiful than before. Dumb brother, you are really convinced. "

Duan and Xuanyue looked at each other, sweetness filled their hearts, Duan said, "Big Brother Yanli, what is wrong with you in such a hurry to find me? Is it your Puyan clan..."

Yanli's expression fell I sighed that I was looking for you, but Prophet Prin was looking for you. Prophet, prophet, he is going to die. He wanted to see you before he died. "

After hearing Yan Li's words, Duan and Xuanyue were shocked at the same time, and said in unison: "What?"

Dumb stood there with a pale face, and the kind smile of Prophet Purin kept flashing in his mind, "Prophet, how could he, Prophet, how could he?"

Yan Li sighed: "Since we broke up last time, we returned to the clan and found that the Prophet's body has been very weak. After he appointed a successor half a year ago, his body has been worsening every day, and now he has difficulty leaving the bed. , I’m afraid it won’t last long. Two months ago, he asked me and Brother Rock to start looking for you. We went to the Tiangang Sword Sect first, and Master Xiwen said that you have never been back. We went to the Tianjin Empire again. The psychedelic forest, but the road there is difficult, we can't go deep at all, and there is no other way, before we decide to go to the Red Hurricane Clan Mercenary Association to send you a mission."

Dumb anxiously said: "Go, let's go to your clan. Yueyue is a light magician, there must be a way to save the life of the prophet. Let's go."

Yanli nodded, and flew up to lead the way. Due to his unhappiness, Duan and Xuanyue could only patiently follow behind. Dumb was in an extremely anxious mood. Prophet Prin can be said to have a great favor to him. If it weren't for the blood of the dragon that the prophet gave him, he would have died many times. Pulina's great sentiment of sacrificing his life for the tribe is what Duan admires most.

Chapter 134: The prophet will die

As he walked, Dumb looked at the pale golden vindictive energy emanating from Yanli's body, and asked, "Big Brother Yanli, are you using the sage vindictive qi of the judge? Over the past year, your kilometer seems to have increased a lot. what!"

Yan Li said, "Yes! My eldest brother and I have not had a particularly suitable method of fighting qi cultivation. Although the old guy Xuanyuan has a weird temper, his supernatural fighting qi is indeed magical, but he has been practicing for a year. The chaotic fighting qi that we used to practice has already flowed into the sea, reintegrated, and the skill is much more refined than before. Moreover, this divine battle qi still has a sacred atmosphere. When used, it not only has a gorgeous appearance, but also has its own. The energy of "can make people feel a sense of fearlessness deep in their hearts. We have the opportunity to try, brothers, to see how far we are from you. With this formal method of cultivation, our skills will be very stable in the future. Upgrade. As long as you continue to practice hard, one day you will be able to reach the strength of the Juggernaut." When he mentions the Shenyu fighting energy he has cultivated, Rock Li cannot help but feel proud. One year has passed, and even he himself can clearly feel his strength. Even the patriarch Yanfei of the Puyan clan can only draw a tie with him now.

Xuanyue felt a little upset when Yanli called the old fellow Xuanyuan, "Big Brother Yanli, the presiding judge of Xuanyuan is my grandfather, please be more polite, or I'm going to be angry."

Yanli laughed, and said, "Okay, let's not talk about it. For all that, Judge Xuanyuan is still the master of Brother Rock and I, Yueyue, in terms of seniority, you are a generation younger than us!"

Xuan Yue said dissatisfied: "Who is shorter than you, you are not taller than me, if we have the opportunity, let's compare it to see if it's your divine imperial fighting spirit or my divine light magic."

Yan Li smiled and said: "Okay! I haven't seen you in a few years, I also want to see how much progress your girl has made. It seems that you must have practiced hard and even spoke a lot."

Xuan Yue said, "Of course. However, you have to work hard. In your current state, I am afraid it is not my opponent, hehe."

Yan Li has always been victorious, but at this time he couldn't happen. After all, it is more important to go back to see Prophet Purin, and said helplessly: "As long as you can cure the disease of Lord Prophet, I will give up."

Xuan Yuexiu frowned and sighed slightly, and said, "I am not sure whether the prophet can be cured. The prophet is divination at the cost of his own vitality, and his own loss is huge. Although light magic can heal injuries, There is no way to deal with the natural death of human beings. I am now afraid that the prophet’s life is over. Hey, if that is the case, I’m afraid..." At this point, the three of them couldn’t help but feel heavy, and no one wanted to stop. Conversing, speeding up, and moving towards the territory of the Puyan clan.

In the evening, the three of them climbed the mountains and crossed the mountains and finally came to the largest tribe of the Puyan tribe. The tribe is still the same as before, and there is not much change. The Tiru Temple is still so obvious. As soon as they enter the outskirts of the tribal territory, they meet When the Puyan soldiers on patrol, they naturally knew Yanli, and they just let them go by saying hello.

Yan Li took them straight to the Tiru Temple, and while walking, he could see Prophet Purin, and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue couldn't help becoming nervous. At the entrance of Tiru Temple, four Tiru warriors stood proudly holding battle axes, and the rock force stopped. Said: "Dumb, you can go in first. I will find Brother Rock. He will be very happy to know that you are here. The prophet will rest in the temple. He said that there is only one of the gods bred in the temple. Only then can he persist for a while."

Duan nodded and said, "Big Brother Yanli, then you go first, we just need to go in directly."

Yan Li sighed and said, "You try your best to save the Lord Prophet. The Prophet has dedicated his life to the Puyan Clan. As long as there is a chance, we are not willing to give up!"

Dumb said a little heavy: "Don't worry, even if you don't say it, we will do our best. Prophet Prin is our most respected person. Even if we do our best, we will try to save his life."

Yan Li gratefully glanced at Ah Dui and Xuan Yue, flew up and headed towards the tribe. Dui took a deep breath and looked at Xuanyue. Although there were Tiru warriors guarding the entrance of Tiru Temple, Prophet Purin had already told them the spells of entering the temple and controlling Tiru warriors, so Yan Li was relieved. Let them enter by themselves.

Xuan Yue nodded slightly towards Ah Du, and said, "I'll do it." She said, she walked towards the four Tiru fighters. Although the four Tiru fighters had no souls, they subconsciously raised the battle axe in their hands. The pressure suddenly rose, and a faint gray gas surrounded their bodies. As long as Xuanyue entered their attack range, they would immediately shoot.

Xuanyue recalled the teachings of Prophet Prin, and sang in a low voice: "Souls floating in the earth! I wish to pray for your eternal life. Please allow me to communicate with your noble hearts, obey my orders, and open you up. My heart, let me, your friends, enter the realm of the witch gods.” This witchcraft spell is different from magic spells. It relies on special musical notes to trigger. Xuanyue’s silver bell-like voice hummed in the temple. The front door sounded, the red eyes of the four Tiru warriors gradually dimmed, and they withdrew their long-handled battle axes and slowly retreated aside. The gate of Tiru Temple also opened.

When Ah-Dai walked to the gate of the temple, the door was the same as when he entered last time. The huge pressure suddenly appeared. A puff of blue smoke rose from the top of the door and made a creak. Such a scene reminded Ah-Dai of his first time. I feel uneasy at this time. At this time, he was no longer comparable to that day, a faint white light lit up, and the surging vigor easily resisted the pressure brought by the temple and isolated the monstrous evil power of the Pluto sword. Duan glanced at the four Tiru warriors on both sides, and entered the temple with Xuanyue.

Entering the temple is a long and narrow corridor. Every ten meters on both sides of the corridor will have a torch. The light of the torch is not very bright, and the corridor appears very dim. Everything is the same as when they first came, nothing has changed. The special energy contained in the temple still existed, making Ah Dai a kind of cordial feeling. After turning a few turns, the front suddenly became clear, the corridor became wider, and then walked a few dozen meters forward. Suddenly, the surrounding area became extremely empty. Around the temple hall of hundreds of square meters, there were only a few torches, and the light became even brighter. It was dim, but this did not affect the eyesight of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. They clearly saw the hundreds of Tiru warriors around the hall. The soldiers stood quietly in place like statues with their eyes closed. Yue knew that these Tiru fighters were in deep sleep. On the high platform in the center, there are four sober Tiru fighters. They guard around the high platform with their red eyes. There is a big bed on the high platform. Because of the dim light, they can't see the scene above and can only vaguely distinguish. , That was a person. Although that person's breathing was even, but very weak, Dumb's mood was agitated. He knew that he was the most respected Prophet Purin among the Puyan people.

Quickly stepping forward, Ah-Dai took Xuan Yue and flew up and down the high platform. Just as they were about to ascend the high platform, the Tiru warriors guarding the four corners moved, and the four cyan gloomy lights intertwined like lightning into four rays of death, sealing the path of the two dumbs. Dumb was shocked, knowing that he was too impatient, and suddenly ascended to the high platform without using the spell to lift the defense, naturally he would provoke an attack. This was the first time he faced an attack from Tiru fighters. The cultivation of the four Tiru warriors was far beyond his expectation. The strong vindictiveness came out from the sharp blade of the battle axe. The attack was fierce, without any hesitation, at such a close distance, so strong. Even a magician of the level like Xuan Yue couldn't cope with the attack, everything could only rely on dumb. Dumb was in danger. He put Xuanyue in his arms with one hand, and suddenly waved his other hand. The blue energy of transformation formed a solid shield in the air. The sound of thumping sounded continuously, and the four battle axes almost At the same time smashed on Dumb's energy shield. The four heart-piercing fighting qis are so powerful, even with the skills of Dumb, the whole body is shaken, the shield of life and change in his hand almost shattered, and the huge impact carried him and Xuanyue's body to fly. , Flew more than ten meters away before landing on the ground. With the sound of "chacha", Ah Dumb was surprised to find that the Tiru soldiers who were originally sleeping had opened their eyes, and the pairs of eyes shining with red light were so clear in the dark. The tomahawks in their hands were all lifted up, making a gesture of ready to attack.

Needless to say, Xuanyue has already chanted the spell to relieve the attack, "Souls floating in the earth! I wish to pray for your eternal life, please allow me to communicate with your noble hearts, obey my orders, and open your hearts. , Remove all the evil thoughts of attack, and return to sleep.” The sound of the circumflexed curse echoed in the temple, and the Tiru warriors who were preparing to attack gradually calmed down and returned to their original positions. The four Tiru warriors guarding the high platform closed their eyes, and under the influence of the spell, they also fell into a deep sleep state.

With a slight smile, Ah-Dai breathed a sigh of relief, and said helplessly, "If these hundreds of Tiru fighters rushed over together, I am afraid that we two may not be able to deal with it together. These great fighters who gave up their souls for the sake of their tribe, It's really powerful!"

When Xuanyue was about to answer, a low, old and weak voice sounded, "Thank you for your praise of the Tiru fighters. They are indeed worthy of your praise. You are finally here. It seems that my calculation is correct. , Before I die, I can finally see you for the last time." This voice is so familiar, and the bodies of Duan and Xuan Yue could not help but tremble, because this is the voice of Prophet Prin!

"Prophet--" the two called in unison.

"Come here, children. I can no longer meet you personally. Let me see what you have become after a few years." Their voices became weaker again, and Ah Dui and Xuan Yue looked at each other and floated again. He rose and fell to the high platform of the temple. When they boarded the high platform, they really saw the appearance of Prophet Prin. He was lying on a wide bed with a gray quilt covering his body. His face was still so old, his pale hair had no gleam, and his original clear eyes had turned turbid yellow. His shriveled face looked more haggard than before. The only thing that hasn't changed is the kind smile on his face.

Dumb squatted to the bed of Prophet Prin, and said emotionally: "Prophet, we are back, how could your body become like this?" He could only barely feel that Prophet Prin was weak to the limit. Vitality, that is indeed checkmate! Xuanyue did not squat down like Ah-Dai, but took out the angel's staff from her own space barrier. With her softly singing, the fourth-level sacred light magic element with inquiry function was restored and injected into Purin. In the body of the prophet.

Under the faint white light, Prophet Prin's pale face had a trace of blood, and his spirit was better. Dumb was overjoyed and said, "Prophet, do you feel better."

Prophet Prin did not answer Dumb’s question. He turned his gaze to Xuan Yue and smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you in a few years, little girl, you’re better off. Moreover, your magic cultivation is no longer in my heyday. . My fortune telling is indeed not wrong. In just a few short years, you have all grown big."

Xuan Yue’s blue beautiful eyes showed a faint sadness, and she whispered: "Prophet, you should talk less and rest more." Through the inquiry of the soul recovery technique, she has completely mastered the body of Prophet Purin. situation. Everything was as she was worried, Prophet Prin's vitality was exhausted, and it could not be saved by light magic. His great life has come to an end, he has lost his vitality, and no foreign objects can be cured.

Prophet Purin smiled slightly and said: "As a prophet of the Puyan clan, don't I even know my physical condition? Because I have overdrawn my vitality many times, I have come to the end of my life. Children, you don't have to do it for me. Sad, this is my own choice. I don’t regret it. I really don’t regret it at all. As long as the Puyan clan can be passed on, what is my death? My contribution alone may save the Puyan clan thousands of people. Ten thousand lives, I am content. I let the rocks find you, mainly because there are still some things to explain to you. I can hold on to the present and support myself entirely by will. My time is running out, let me Finish the sentence. You must remember every sentence, because it is related to your future destiny."

After hearing the words of Prophet Prin, Ah-Dai was shocked. His eyes were already wet, and he shook his head again and again: "No, no, Prophet, you will definitely not die. Don’t you know it, Yueyue is already The light magister is now. With her light magic cultivation base, you will definitely be rescued from the death line. You have to hold on! Yueyue, come on, you can heal Prophet Prin first." He looked at Xuan Yue hopefully.

Xuan Yue bowed her head in tears, and choked with sobs: "Brother, the prophet is right, his vitality has been exhausted, this is no longer what magic can save. Sorry, I can't help it, even the strongest sacred single Light magic—Divine Healing cannot save the life that the Prophet is about to lose. With the weak vitality in the Prophet’s body, it is a miracle that it can persist until now, brother, I’m sorry."

"No, no, there must be a way, there must be a way, right. Prophet, you don't want to die! Why do all the friends around me die? No, I will definitely not let you die." Dumb yelled sadly.

Xuan Yue grabbed Ah'Dai's shoulder, and the light of calm surging out, calming Ah'Dai's turbulent mood, "Big brother, don't be like this, none of us want something to happen to the prophet, but the destined things of God cannot be changed. Brother, Let the Prophet finish his sentence, and you don't want him to go with regret."

Dumb sat on the ground, breathing continuously, and grief constantly impacted his heart. He grasped his long black hair in pain, and couldn't accept this reality.

At this moment, a vigorous voice sounded, "Miss Xuanyue is right. Everything is destined by God. You can't force it. Just let the prophet finish speaking and let him leave peacefully."

Duan and Xuanyue looked towards the entrance of the temple. They saw Yanfei, the patriarch of the Puyan clan, along with rocks, rock strength, and a delicate girl in common clothes who looked about twenty years old and walked in. It's Yanfei.

Prophet Prin said weakly: "Dumb, you help me sit up. Don't be sad, death is just relief for me."

Ah-Dai choked up and lifted Prophet Prin to lean him on his generous shoulders. The Prophet’s body was very light, and his eyes were a little bit brighter. He glanced at Yanfei and said, "You are all here. . This is simply great. At the end of my life, I am satisfied to have you by my side. Okay, from now on, don’t talk, let me explain the last things in life. "He paused, and said to the girl that Dumb and Xuan Yue had never seen before: "Sisi, come here."

The girl was expressionless, and stepped forward, surrounded by Yan Fei and others on the high platform. This girl named Sisi is not very beautiful. Compared with Xuanyue, she is nothing more than ordinary. However, Duan felt the same temperament as Prophet Pulin from her, which was a profound connotation. sense. Can't help but look at her up and down.

Sisi walked to Prophet Purin's side and slowly opened the eyelids that had been drooping. The clear eyes were the same as the first time Prophet Purin they saw. Prophet Prin stretched out his skinny palm, grabbed it quickly, and whispered, "Teacher."

Prophet Prin showed a kindly smile on his face and said to dumb: "My child, this is my only apprentice. She is called Sisi. She has a natural prophetic physique. After nearly ten years of teaching, I have already used my skills. I have basically learned everything, all I owe is Huohou. After I die, she will become the new prophet of the Puyan Clan. You must help her more in the future!"

Duan nodded tearfully and said, "Prophet, don't worry, we will definitely."

Prophet Prin nodded with satisfaction, and said: "If this is the case, I am relieved. Dumb, are you wondering why my body suddenly deteriorates? In fact, with my original vitality, I can still I lived for five more years, but I did a divination again, so that’s what I am now." He looked at the girl beside him and said: "Sisi! What should be done, the teacher has basically done it for you. After you have inherited the position of the teacher, don’t divination easily unless you are in a critical situation. You are still young and the teacher can’t bear to ruin your future! If there is someone you like in the clan, you don’t have to Regardless of the previous rules, enjoy the life you should enjoy."

Si Si shook her head and said, "Teacher, Si Si was born for the Puyan Clan in her life." Although there is only a short sentence, she has already expressed her firm determination. Prophet Prin looked at his beloved disciple, sighed, and said helplessly: "Child, you are so much like me. I had the same thoughts when I was your age."

Dumb then realized that the reason why Prophet Prin became like this was because he once again consumed his own little vitality. He murmured: "Prophet, why are you doing this?"

Prophet Prin smiled slightly and said, "This is my duty, a duty that I cannot shirk. Okay, let me finish. Don't you want to know what I saw in the last divination?"

Dumb sobbed: "If you can survive, I would rather not know those things."

Prophet Prin smiled and said: "Say some silly things. I do not only do divination for you, but also for my Puyan clan! Hey, maybe it’s because of the end of my life. This divination, what I have seen Things are much clearer than every time before. I have seen you, Xuanyue, and evil creatures. My previous divination was not wrong at all. You are the savior who can save the mainland, but you There are also difficulties and obstacles. Although I am a prophet, I cannot reveal too many secrets of the heavens, which will bring disasters to you. I can only tell you that in your future, you will have to withstand many tests. . And, don’t think things too simple. The dark power contained in the Thousand-Year Calamity is unprecedented, and it is not as simple as the Dark Demon God in the last catastrophe. You must remember every word of mine, Realize it well. Xuan Yue, come to me." At this point, Prophet Pulin gasped for a few times and looked weaker.

Xuan Yue leaned over to Prophet Prin, "Prophet, please tell me what you have to order. As long as I can do it." Prophet Prin can be regarded as half a teacher to her. Prin had no reservations. He gave Xuan Yue his handwritten notes on space magic, and Xuan Yue's respect for Prophet Purin was no worse than dumb.

Prophet Prin smiled slightly, and said intermittently: "Boy... son, how many... years old... see, you... have... grown up... and... not like the original... .... Dumb... the most affectionate... sex, it is worth... you have to entrust... life... but, he... also has his own... point, that is... too easy Feeling... affection is..., you and... are beside him... always... often wake him up and help... him. Maybe..., he will do... after... It very...angry...but you...try to...forgive...him."

Forgive dumb? Hearing what Prophet Pulin said, Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling a little confused, and asked nervously: "Prophet, did you see something? Can you tell me?"

Pulin shook his head helplessly, and said: "Boy... son, some... things... can't be... clarified... succinctly... How many years have come... I am careful... …Studied…at the time…told…you…the oracles. The most…last sentence…the most difficult to understand…. I think…it took a long time to understand…some,… The so-called love...immortality, I'm afraid... it's just the feelings between you... and the two of you... ah! Love,... is the most powerful in the world... and the least... incredible... The power of.... I can only... tell... you, the highest state of love......the realm is sacrifice...sacrifice..."

Xuan Yue was shocked. When she heard the word sacrifice, she suddenly felt a strange feeling in her heart. She turned her head and glanced at the dumb beside her. Chong Pulin first knew: "You mean, we are Is the relationship between the two related to saving the entire millennium catastrophe? Sacrifice, what does sacrifice mean?"

Prophet Prin's eyelids drooped a little, and he said lightly: "These...some...I want you... to...get it by yourself.... Wait for me...after death..., don't you... ...Here...delay here, immediately...go to...Elves Forest...Lin,...on the side of..., something...something happened..."

Dumb and Xuanyue were shocked at the same time, and Dumb said: "Prophet, is there something wrong with the Elves?"

Prophet Prin shook his head, and said: "No..., it's not... the Elves..., but... the Holy See... The dark... power... has... has appeared..., that is... extremely powerful The power of...the amount of...the Holy Court as...and the black...darkly against...the main force, it must be...that...the evil...the evil...the most important... Deal with... Deal with... Elephant. Although... But you... now... already... have... the ability to not be weak..., but not... enough... with... Resist., the savior, long as can...catch in time...maybe you can...resolve... ……machine."

Hearing Prophet Pulin said that the Holy See was in crisis, Xuan Yue couldn't help but feel anxious. She suddenly remembered that she had asked Babuyi to report the Dark Demon Race to the Pope. Isn't the Dark Demon Race in the Tianyuan Clan territory? Could it be that Grandpa sent someone to the Tianyuan Clan to find the traces of the Dark Demon Clan, and encountered the ambush of the dark forces. Reminiscing about her frightened feeling a few days ago, Xuan Yue's heart moved and she lost her voice: "It's Dad, it must be Dad who had an accident on the Tianyuan Clan."

Prophet Prin murmured: "Specifically...what's going on...I'm...not...clear, I...can only feel...over there...the danger... …Dangerous letter… No. Child…, every… everything… you have to… you… go and inquire….… the patriarch…”

Yan Fei hurried forward, watching his old friend is about to pass away, he couldn't help crying, "Pulin, do you have anything else to explain?"

Prophet Prin barely opened his eyes, and his turbid eyes contained many, many, weak words: "Clan... Chief,...I die...after..., you...will...crem...and bury... ...Beside the god...the the side.... UU reading now...after the general...the rock depends It’s still young..., you... need more... take care of... her,... and...,... no matter what... later... what happens... things... you have to... unconditionally... …’S support...Ah...Dai and Xuanyue...For the future of must...promise...accept me..."

Yan Fei choked and said: "Okay, I promise you, my big old friend, you go with peace of mind, I will definitely lead our Puyan clan to continue. Your contribution to our people will never be wasted. "

Prophet Prin smiled comfortedly, his gaze turned to Si Si, and fell from Si Si to the tearful face of Dumb, "Ah...dumb,...remember to help...I...take good pictures...Gu Pu...Rock clan..., and...Yes, to...elves...Forest...For...time..., bring...shangyan...stone and...rock power... ……. Or... Xu,... they... can help... ... on you.... Once it gets dark... dark power... bursts... you want to... come... here, …Sisi will bring… Tiru… Warrior into… for… you… help… powerful.… You… none of you… want to cry… anymore, I… now… high...xing, being able to...before...I die... before I give...everything...being clear...Chu, I'm really...good...high...xing. Ha...ha, ha...haha..." The laughter stopped abruptly, and the breath of Prophet Prin gradually disappeared.

Chapter 13 Prin would not want to see you like this."

Ah Dumb murmured: "Vitality, vitality? Is there really no way?"

Yan Fei sighed and said, "Unless I can find treasures of heaven, material and earth full of great vitality, and I have to convince him before Pulin's soul gets out of his body, there may be a glimmer of hope. However, I searched all over the continent and didn't find it. , Now there is no hope."

Ah Dui's eyes lit up and he shouted excitedly: "No, there is hope, there is hope. Is it a treasure of the world with vitality? I am, I am!" While shouting excitedly, he carefully generalized Prophet Lin lay flat on the bed.

Everyone thought that Dui was a little crazy because of grief. The rock rushed up, grabbed Dui's arms, and choked up: "Brother, don't do this, the Prophet is dead, we are also sad, let him go calmly."

Dumb struggled, but he didn't dare to use too much force because he was afraid of hurting the rock. He said anxiously, "Brother, let me go, I really have a way to save the Prophet, let me go! Or else That's too late."

Hearing Ah'Dai's affirmative voice, even Sisi, who had always been indifferent, was surprised this time. She looked at Ah'Dai and said, "You, do you really have a way to save the teacher?"

Dui nodded firmly, and the rock's hand relaxed. Dui rushed to Purin's side without any hesitation, and murmured: "Vitality, isn't it vitality? No one is stronger than my vitality. Prophet , I must save you." His heart was filled with firm confidence, and he pressed one hand on Purin’s chest, surging out with indignation, instantly enveloping him and Purin’s body, and the white light enveloped him. With their bodies, Purin, who had just died, uttered a slight groan under the effect of the enormous energy of the vital energy. As he was about to leave his soul, Duan brought back a glimmer of life. Of course, this is far from enough.

The blue light shining brightly, and Ah Dai condensed a blue knife with the blade of life change. He turned his head towards Xuanyue and said, "Yueyue, no matter what happens in a while, don't move my body, either. Don't let anyone disturb me." After speaking, he drew the energy blade to his arm without any hesitation. Blood and light burst, and under the sharpness of the Blade of Life and Change, a wound suddenly appeared on Ah Du's wrist. Bright red blood flowed out.

Xuan Yue's eyes lit up. She already understood what Ah'Dai was going to do. Although she was reluctant to bear it, Ah'Dai's faith was so persistent. She knew that she couldn't stop it and could only watch Ah'Dai continue.

Dui took a deep breath and urged the golden body in the dantian. Under the effect of the vigorous vitality, the unconscious Prophet Prin opened his mouth, and Dui put his wrist to Prophet Prin's mouth and dropped a drop. Bright red blood was flowing down.

Seeing such a scene, the rock was startled and said loudly, "Dumb, are you crazy?"

Xuan Yue grabbed the rock and said, "Brother Rock, he is not crazy, don't disturb him. This may be the only way to save Prophet Prin. Dumb, he must have been awakened by the patriarch's words. When I was young, I once ate a past fruit. The past fruit is what the patriarch said, containing the great vitality of heaven and earth. And Ah Du’s blood naturally contains the power of the past fruit. He wants to fill it with himself The blood of vitality took back the life of Prophet Prin from the hands of death."

Everyone was overjoyed. Sisi's pale and pretty face showed a rosy excitement, and her clear eyes stared at Ah-Dai for an instant. Although she had a good view of life and death, if her teacher could not die, how would she be? happy!

Yanfei was trembling slightly because of his excitement. The two brothers Rock and Yanli also showed hope in their eyes. Yan Fei Chong Xuanyue said: "Girl, will dumb do this to me? Human blood is limited!"

Xuanyue glanced at Ah-Dai sadly and sighed: "There will be damage, but only God knows the extent of the damage." She clearly understood that human blood is limited, even though Prophet Prin is in her He has a very important position in his heart, but Dumb is even more important. She had secretly decided that if Duan had lost blood to a certain extent, she would stop him from continuing without hesitation.

Dumb’s blood still flowed into Prophet Prin’s mouth drop by drop, and his vitality was constantly running, helping Prin to swallow his own blood. Gradually, a trace of blood appeared on Prophet Prin’s pale face, in white. Wrapped by the light, he seemed to be rejuvenated again. At this time, twenty minutes had passed, and Duan's ruddy face became extremely pale because of the loss of blood. Although his skills are profound, blood is the root of human beings. After losing nearly one-third of his blood, he can no longer hold on to it.

Xuan Yue's clasped hands trembled. She knew that it was time for her to make a move. She took a step forward and was about to seal the bleeding wound of Ah Du, when the mutation suddenly happened. Suddenly, Ah Dui's whole body shook violently, and the wound on his right hand healed quickly. The extremely weak Duan didn't notice such a situation. A circle of golden light suddenly appeared centered on Duan's eyebrows. Except for Duan and Prophet Prin, everyone was pushed out by this golden energy. A faint gray figure suddenly appeared behind Ah-Dai, and Ah-Dai's consciousness had passed out. Only with the support of that unknown energy could he maintain his original posture. The faint gray figure seemed to be a human figure, holding a long weapon in his hand, and the top of the weapon seemed to be bent. Suddenly, all the torches in the temple dimmed, and the gray figure suddenly turned into a large gray mist that enveloped Adu and Prophet Purin. With Xuanyue's cultivation base, he could not get close to the ten-meter range of Adu. She didn't know whether it was good or bad. After repeatedly using the sacred energy to inquire, she could only give up and waited anxiously with Yan Fei and others.

After another half an hour, the faint gray mist recondensed into a fuzzy form. The fuzzy figure and A'Dai's body gradually overlapped, a golden light flashed, and the irresistible energy disappeared, and A'Dai's whole body weakened and collapsed to the ground.

Xuan Yue exclaimed, and rushed forward, and was the first to rush to the side of A-Dai. At this time, she could no longer take care of Prophet Pulin. She picked up A-Dai's upper body and used her mental power to inquire about A-Dai. Physical condition. After a long while, she exhaled, and Dui's condition was surprisingly good. Except for some weakness due to excessive blood loss, the meridians were running normally, and even the mental strength was not weakened. Only a period of rest can be restored to normal.

Yan Fei crowded around. They looked at the ruddy face of Prophet Prin, and then at the collapsed body of A'Dai. Their eyes couldn't help but become moist. They knew that A'Dai was gambling with his life! In order to save the lives of others at the expense of oneself, what a great sentiment this is. Until this moment, Yan Fei finally understood why Prin would let him unreservedly support Dumb. At this moment, he was full of gratitude, and tentatively asked: "Miss Xuanyue, how is he dumb? What is the energy just now?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "I don't know what that energy is, but it's obviously good for Dui. He's fine. He was in a coma only because of excessive blood loss. After a period of rest, he will recover. It scares me to death. Brother Rock, you help me hold Ah Du, and I will take a look at the situation of Prophet Prin. Dui has sacrificed so much, I really hope his efforts are not in vain."

The rock took Duan’s body from Xuan Yue’s hand, and Xuan Yue approached Prophet Purin, stretched out his right hand and pressed it on Purin’s forehead, a light golden light wafted out, inquiring about Prophet Purin’s situation, following As time passed, Xuan Yue's astonishment in her eyes became more and more intense, Jin Mang receded, and she lost her voice: "This, how is this possible? It doesn't make sense!"

Yan Fei's heart sank and said, "Forget it. Dumb has done his best. All of us Puyan people will be grateful for his contribution. Let Pulin go quietly. Yanli, you go to prepare for the sky fire ceremony. , Let us send Prophet Prin to go."

Yan Li replied sadly, stood up, and was about to execute Yan Fei's order.

Xuan Yue stood up suddenly and shouted, "Wait a minute. Do you want to burn the living?"

Yan Fei was shocked, and said with a trembling: "What? You said, did you say Prin is still dead?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Of course he is not dead. I am afraid that the condition of the prophet is better than ever. The reason why I said it is impossible just now is because the vitality in his body is incredibly powerful. Among the people I have met, except Aside from Dui, he has the strongest vitality right now. Although Dui's blood has the effect of rebirth, it is impossible to make Prophet Prin's vitality so strong! It is incredible. Now, the Prophet Various functions in the body have been restored, and under the influence of the powerful vitality, his body has begun to undergo earth-shaking changes. I think that after he wakes up, he will live for another fifty years without a problem."

Yan Fei's body kept trembling, "It's great, it's great, Purin, Purin, you are really a blessing in disguise! Come on, rock, rock strength, Sisi, you three quickly go out and prepare, The best room in the clan is prepared for dumb and the prophet. The temple is too damp, so we must let them take care of them. Great, so great! God, you are so generous with us Puyan clan ."

The Sisi now lively is no different from ordinary girls, the previous cold temperament does not exist, and in the excitement, without waiting for the rock brother, he turned his head and ran outside the temple.

The rock hugged Ah-Dai, and Chong Yan said nonchalantly: "Father, let me just take Brother Ah-Dai out. He is a great benefactor in our clan! The prophet really has the foresight, and there is a **** in the sky. The prophet should not be dead. Absolutely! I just hope that Dumb's body will not have any influence."

Xuan Yue's heart was unusually relaxed, and she chuckled: "Your Dumb brother's body is very strong. I have checked carefully just now. His body will not be affected in any way. Don't worry. In a few days, he will be He can live a life. I think he will be very happy knowing that he saved the Prophet."

The next day, Ah-Dai woke up from a coma. When he learned from Xuan Yue that Prophet Purin was no longer in danger, he was overjoyed. He felt that life was so precious that he could save Purin back to him. So excited.

Xuan Yue scooped up a spoonful of soup in the bowl, blew the heat on it, and sent it to Ah-Dai’s mouth. Ah-Dai ate the slightly bitter soup in the spoon and said in embarrassment: "Yueyue, let me Come on, I can't move anymore."

Xuanyue insisted: "No, you have lost so much blood. Now you need to rest well and not move. You have to be obedient, otherwise, I will be angry. Eat it quickly, these are all good things. Yan Fei The patriarch is really generous. He took out all the treasures in the clan. If you don’t recover quickly, I’m afraid he won’t be at ease.”

After taking another bite of the soup, Ah Dumb murmured: "But Yueyue, you are the eldest lady of the Holy See, how can you serve me?" Although he felt extremely happy in his heart at this time, he was very distressed. Xuanyue, I heard Shishi say that since he passed out, Xuanyue has been guarding beside him endlessly until he wakes up and is busy feeding him tonic.

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and said: "What is good or bad, you have to remember that when we are together, I am not some eldest lady of the Holy See, I am, I am yours... You should be your servant. Well. Besides, if I don’t want to do it myself, Patriarch Yanfei will send a little girl over, I don’t want to do it. Hurry up and eat. Given your current physical condition, if you take care of it, you will almost recover in three or four days. "

Dumb said: "It will take three or four days! Prophet Prin said, let us go to the elves earlier? Maybe your father is in danger there! How can you delay here?"

Xuan Yue sighed slightly, and said, "I also remember my father very much, but how can you go now with your body like this? Don't worry, with the magic cultivation base of your father, the dark forces want to fight him, it's not that way. It's easy. Let's wait for your body to get better. Besides, Prophet Prin is still not awake, it is not appropriate for us to go!"

Dumbfounded and said, "Didn't you say that Prophet Prin is okay? Why haven't you woke up yet!"

Xuan Yue said: "Where is it so fast? Although you have injected your blood into the Prophet's body, his body has completely aged, and that strong vitality needs time to improve his physical condition. As it is now, It is estimated that when you get better, the Prophet will almost wake up."

Dumb breathed a sigh of relief and said, "As long as you are sure that the prophet is okay, the prophet has already paid too much. If you die like this, God is really unfair!"

Xuan Yue frowned, her tone serious, "Dumb, I have to tell you something clearly."

Dumb froze and said, "What? You said."

Xuan Yue said sternly: "I know, you really want to save the Prophet, so you will infuse your blood to him, but, have you ever thought about it, human blood is limited, if you lose too much blood, it will be considered skill. No matter how advanced it is, you will die! You can't give up your life just to save others!"

Dumb scratched his head and said, "However, in my heart, the life of the prophet is more important than mine. If I can exchange my life for him, my death will be worth it." Now he seems to have changed back. The previous dullness. He didn't notice the worry in Xuan Yue's heart at all.

Hearing Ah Dui's answer, Xuan Yue suddenly became furious, put the bowl in her hand aside, and said excitedly: "What did you say? It is worth your death. If the prophet dies, you will be sad. But, you have Never thought, if you die, what will happen to me? I will be even more sad! I warn you, if you do this again next time, if something happens to you, I will commit suicide to show you."

Seeing Xuanyue’s pretty face flushed with anger, Ah-Dai suddenly felt tight and smiled and said: “Yueyue, don’t be angry, it’s me who is not good. I will pay attention to it in the future. Don’t worry, I will do it for you. To save my life."

Xuan Yue took a long breath, the expression on her face softened a lot, "Dumb, I didn't want you to save people. You save people, which just reflects your own kindness, but you have to do what you can to save people. You can’t lose your life for saving others. You have to know that in this world, your life is not only yours. There are many people who care about you and love you. If you die, they will Sad and sad. Promise me that I must cherish my body, okay?"

Dumb looked at the affection in Xuanyue’s eyes, her heart trembled, and she raised her little hand and said softly: "Yueyue, for you, I will cherish myself in the future. No matter what I do, I will think of you. , Thinking that you are still caring about me. Haoyueyue, don’t be angry. I really know it’s wrong." His words like a child made Xuanyue’s unhappiness disappear and stretched out her jade-like fingers Poke on his forehead and groaned: "You! I can't do anything with you. Hurry up and eat the rest first." He picked up the bowl again, and fed it into Ah Du's mouth.

Xuan Yue smiled while feeding Dui with tonics and said with a smile: "Dui, do you know? Prophet Purin is interesting now. Last night, Patriarch Yan Fei arranged you and him to rest in the best room in the clan. Hearing from Big Brother Rock, after one night, Prophet Prin’s body has undergone a lot of changes. The wrinkles on his face seem to be unfolded, and even the roots of his silver hair have black hair, which seems to be overnight. It looks like you’re twenty years younger. It seems that your blood is really good! If this continues, I don’t know what Prophet Prin will become."

Dumb was surprised and said: "It turns out that the effect of the fruit of the past is so good, Yueyue, if you get injured in the future, I will pass my blood to you, maybe you can keep your youth forever."

Xuan Yuebai gave him a glance and said, "Just as I finished talking about you, you came again. I don't want your blood, even if I am injured. I just hope you are healthy and safe. By the way, dumb, when you saved Prophet Prin last night, it seemed that it was more than the power of blood. When your blood was consumed to about one-third, your mind was blurred, and I wanted to stop you. , However, a very mysterious and powerful power suddenly appeared in your body. It is an irresistible power! It contains a sacred atmosphere, but it seems to be a bit evil. It is that energy that will bring you and Prophet Prin. Wrapped in. When the energy disappeared, I found that both you and Prophet Prin are in very good condition. I am afraid that the energy played by that energy is no worse than your blood that has the effect of past fruit. You know that this energy is What's the matter?"

Dumb said in surprise: "Energy? Terrifying energy? How could it happen? Isn't it the Pluto sword, no, no, the Pluto sword is suppressed by the spell on the scabbard. As long as it does not leave the sheath, it cannot emit power."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "No, it's not the power of any kind of divine tool in your body. That terrifying power is different from all previous energy forms. When that energy erupts, a humanoid energy appears behind you. There seems to be a weapon in it, from the outside, it looks very similar to your body shape, but none of us can see what is going on."

Dumb scratched his head and said, "Now only after Prophet Prin wakes up, ask him if he knows."

Xuan Yue put the last spoonful of soup into Ah Du's mouth and said softly, "Do you feel better?"

Dumb nodded and said, "It's more comfortable. Although this soup tastes not very good, it is warm when you drink it. Yueyue, you should take a short rest. You see, it's only a day, and you are a little haggard. ."

Xuan Yue said angrily: "That's not for you to worry about." She helped Adai lie down on her back, carefully covered him with the quilt, and said softly: "Go to sleep, just rest, yours The body can recover faster."

Duan nodded and said, "Then you go to bed too. I will get better as soon as possible, so we can rush to the fairy forest."

Xuanyue grabbed Ah'Dai's big hand and said, "I'll be here with you, and sleep peacefully."

Holding Xuan Yue's soft little hand, Duan's heart was hot, and she couldn't help reaching out to hug her willow waist. Xuan Yue earned a little, and said, "Don't make trouble, go to bed."

Ah Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's delicate face in drunkenness, and muttered: "Yueyue, you are so beautiful! I, I want to hold you to sleep, can I?" Xuanyue pretty blushed and said, "I hate it, of course. No way, they haven't married you yet? If you do this, I will really leave. Go to bed, and I will leave when you fall asleep."

Ah Dai tightly grasped Xuan Yue's little hand, as if afraid of her leaving, a pleading gaze appeared in the depths of his eyes, "But, haven't we slept together before?"

Xuan Yue was ashamed, "You are not allowed to talk about the previous things, how is this the same? You, you, I am leaving." After speaking, she took her hand out of the dumb's hand and turned around to leave.

Suddenly a bright light flashed in Ah Du's mind, and Xuan Yue screamed. Xuan Yue was taken aback. She hurriedly sat back to her previous position and asked with concern, "What's the matter with you? Where is it uncomfortable?"

Dumb sat up and held Xuan Yue's willow waist, and said, "Yueyue, don't go, okay, I want to see you for the first time every time I wake up. Don't leave me, okay."

Seeing Ah Dumb's true feelings, Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling soft, and helped him to lie down on the bed, and said, "Then I will accompany you to sleep for a while, but you shouldn't touch others casually!" Speaking of the last few words, Xuan Yueqiao blushed and lowered her head.

Dui was overjoyed. Seeing Xuanyue's body gradually leaning over, her eyes showed excitement. Xuanyue closed her eyes and cuddled up beside Dui shyly. Dui quickly picked up the quilt and gently hugged her into her arms. in. The delicate fragrance exuding from Xuan Yue's body immediately dazzled Ah-Dai, and her soft body was so comfortable in her arms. "Yueyue, I really want to hold you like this for the rest of my life. Never separate."

Xuanyue clung to Ah-Dai's arms, and the warm and safe harbor made her feel extremely comfortable, and she whispered: "I want to go on like this forever! Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai." After all, I haven't had a good rest for two days and one night. At this time, in such a warm and comfortable environment, she no longer restrained her tiredness and gradually fell asleep.

Duan looked at Ke Ren'er's sleeping face in his arms, and his heart agitated. Although bursts of strange feelings continued to fill his heart, he still only kissed Xuanyue's forehead gently, and fell asleep in contentment.

On the third day when Ah Du and Xuan Yue came to the tribe, Yue Ji, Keanu and Oliveira finally arrived.

Looking at the vast tribe in front of them, Oliveira and Keanu were a little stunned. They were used to living in the city, and it was the first time they saw the tribe. Long Yueji exhaled and said: "I finally arrived, I don't know how dumb and them are doing?"

Keanu said, "How can things happen to the two bosses, Ah-Dai and Xuan Ri? Their skills are so strong. As long as they don’t meet a perverted guy like the Yajin clan last time, they can handle everything. This tribe is really big. Ah! How many people are there in this house, you can't see the head of the house, Miss Yue Ji, you have been here before, do the Puyan people get along well?"

Yue Ji smiled bitterly: "Last time we came, we were brought here as murder suspects. What do you think? Let's go, I think, dumb, they must have confessed, and they should be able to see them soon." After speaking, taking Oliveira and Keanu down the soil **** under their feet, the tribe got closer and closer. Suddenly, a group of Puyan soldiers of about 20 people came out and blocked their way. The leader was a middle-aged general. The general Yiheng had a spear in his hand and said vigilantly: "Who are you? What are you doing here? Puyan people do not welcome outsiders, please leave immediately."

Looking at him, Yue Ji couldn't help thinking of the first time she met Rock, and smiled and said, "I haven't been to the Puyan Clan in a few years, and the way you talk hasn't changed! It's still so exclusive."

The general was shocked and said, "Have you been to the Puyan Clan before?"

Yue Ji said, "Of course I have been here. It was about four years ago. At that time, we had a lot of people. My name is Yue Ji. Didn't you tell me that we will come?"

The general frowned and said: "Never confessed, you don't need to be sloppy with me, leave our Puyan clan territory immediately, otherwise, I will be welcome." After Ah Dui and Xuan Yue arrived, they have been working for Prophet Pulin. Busy, later Ah Du lost too much blood and fainted, Xuan Yue was busy taking care of him again, no one thought of telling Shi Shi and the others about Yue Ji's coming.

Looking at the general's arrogant appearance, Yue Ji couldn't help but slam up. She had to rely on her usual temper, which had happened long ago, but after all, they couldn't conflict with the Puyan clan, so they had to resist their anger and said: "Rock, The two guys in Yanli are here, we are here to find them. Also, two young people about our age should have arrived a few days ago. We are together. Didn’t they explain what we are coming over? Huh?"

The general showed a puzzled raised his spear and asked, "Are you really with those two distinguished guests?"

Yue Ji said angrily: "Do I have to lie to you? What is good about you Puyan, if it is not for something, please ask me, I will not come, hurry up and take us to see them, as soon as we meet, you will naturally know Are we impersonating."

The general hesitated for a moment. He could see that Yue Ji didn't seem to be talking about panic. The expression on her face suddenly became more respectful. She stepped aside and said politely: "Since some of you are friends of the distinguished guests, then hurry up. Please, it was a salute before."

Seeing the generals refusing to be respectful, Yue Ji was puzzled, and asked: "When did my two friends come to you? What happened to your Puyan tribe? I have to let Dumb come over."

As soon as Yueji mentioned the name of Ah-Dai, the general was no longer confused, and a look of reverence appeared in his eyes, saying: "He is the great benefactor of our Puyan people! Our greatest Prophet Purin was seriously ill a few days ago. It seemed that it was going to be impossible. Just when his old man was in a state of dying, Lord Adu rushed over. I heard from people in the clan that Lord Adu used his own blood to re-input vitality to Lord Prophet in order to save the Lord Prophet. This saved the life of the Prophet. Although the Prophet has not yet awakened, he will not die anymore. For us Puyan, what a boon this is!"

Chapter 136: Go to the wizard

Yue Ji moved in her heart and nodded: "It turns out that Prophet Prin is seriously ill. This is a big deal. No wonder you rushed to find Dui. What about Dui now? He used his own blood to use Prophet Prin. His body can bear it. Huh?"

The general said: "It should be all right now. I don't know the details, I'm just the captain in charge of the patrol."

While talking, they had already entered the Puyan tribe. Under the leadership of the generals, they passed through the stone houses and headed towards the place where He Dui and Xuan Yue rest. At this moment, Yue Ji's eyes lit up and she shouted: "Three-inch nails."

Yan Li has been in a surprisingly good mood these days. Seeing Ah Dumb again, Prophet Prin will not die again. For him, these are no better news. As soon as I walked out of my room, I heard the most sensitive words. Suddenly he went up in anger and looked at the place where the sound was made. Yue Ji, who was wearing a red armor, was waving to him again and again, and she couldn't help but be shocked.

The patrolling general also discovered the existence of Yanli. Yanli’s status in the Puyan tribe is very high. Everyone knows that he is most taboo from others talking about his height. When Yueji called Yanli Sancunnail, the general thought Can not help but a chill.

Yanli walked quickly to Yueji, looked at her up and down a few times, and said in confusion: "Why are you here?"

Yue Ji groaned: "Why? Isn't it welcome? We came with Duan and the others. When I saw the mission you had listed in the Red Hurrica Clan, Duan was in a hurry, so he came first. We were slow so we arrived now. Could it be that Dumb didn't tell you?"

Yan Li shook his big head repeatedly and said, "I didn't listen to Dumb! He has been raising his body these two days, maybe he has forgotten it. Let me take you to see her. Oh, yes, sister Yueji, my younger brother begs you, Stop calling these three-inch nails."

Seeing Yan Li's humble appearance, Yue Ji said triumphantly: "Okay, for your kindness. Dumb guy, I'll see how I fix him later, so I dare to forget us."

Yanli smiled bitterly: "You want to fix him now? I'm afraid it's not that easy. Dumb is the great benefactor of our Puyan clan! Do you want to be the public enemy of our whole clan?" Leaning over to Yueji, whispered Said: "But if you leave the Puyan clan, you can pull it casually. Hehe."

Keanu looked at the short man in front of him who was a little uglier than himself, and couldn't help but feel confident that he was born. He walked to Yueji's side and said, "Then let's go and see Boss Dumb first. Is he better?"

Yanli glanced at Keanu, and Okinawa said in confusion, "Are they two?"

Yue Ji smiled and said: "Even if it is Dumb's little brother. It is also my bodyguard. His name is Keanu, a fire magician, and he is Oliveira, a wind magician."

Yanli smiled at the two friendly and said: "Welcome to our Puyan clan, dumb has nothing to do now. Don't worry." He thought to himself, if I could also have a confidant to take care of, I would rather be injured.

Yan Li took the three of them to the door of Dui's resting room, knocked on the door and coughed.

Xuan Yuezheng was chatting with Ah-Dai about the interesting things she had in the Holy See before. When she heard Yan Li's cough, she said suddenly, "Big Brother Yanli, what are you coughing? Come in."

Hearing Xuanyue's voice, Oliveira and Keanu were in a shock, thinking to themselves, how could there be female voices in Dumb's room? Only Yue Ji's heart moved, as if she had grasped something.

Yanli laughed, and led the three of Yueji to push the door in, "I said Yueyue! I'm afraid to disturb you and Dui! You see, who I brought here, you all forget them. "

Xuanyue and Ah-Dai looked behind Yanli. When they saw the three of Yueji, they were shocked, yes! I really forgot Yue Ji and the others. The two looked at each other awkwardly, Xuan Yue took a few steps forward and said, "Sister Yueji, I'm so embarrassed. Is my heart upset with this injury?" She was surprised to find that Yueji and Ji Both Nu and Oliveira stared directly at themselves, Yue Ji was a little bit better, but a little surprised, while Oliveira and Keanu were full of incredulous expressions in their eyes. At this time, Xuan Yue realized that she had returned to women's clothing! Suddenly embarrassed, her pretty face flushed red.

Oliveira and Keanu’s surprise in their hearts cannot be described in words. The young girl in a white magician robe in front of him is so beautiful, with pure sacred aura under her crystal clear skin and long blue hair. Hanging straight over her knees and draped behind her, her shy appearance made the heartstrings of the two tremble at the same time, and Yue Ji was eclipsed by her, so beautiful and charming, it seems that only the sky should have it. The fairy-like temperament constantly shook their hearts, and the feeling of deja vu made the two of them think constantly.

Yue Ji tentatively asked: "You, you are Yueyue, and you are also Xuanri?"

Xuan Yue nodded shyly, and said in a low voice, "I didn't intend to hide it from you. There are really difficulties. I am Yueyue."

Oliveira murmured: "It turns out that Boss Xuanri is a woman." Among the many women he has seen, no one can compare with Xuanyue in front of him. Is impossible.

Keanu said suspiciously: "Brother Xuanri, you, you are a female! Then you and Dui are together every day, you..."

Xuanyue's pretty face turned red, and Ah Dui said in embarrassment, "I also just learned that Xuanri is Yueyue a few days ago. We, we..." His face flushed, Yanli laughed and said: "What's so shy, you are a couple. Dumb is really convinced! I will find a beautiful wife who is half a month old, and I will be content."

Yue Ji pulled Xuan Yue's little hand, and said dissatisfied: "Yue Yue, you are too shameless, you have been hiding it from me, why are we still good sisters? I have not seen you in a few years, you are so beautiful, I So jealous!"

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Sister Yue Ji is so beautiful too! How can Yue Yue compare to you?"

Yue Ji said affectionately: "Okay, don't comfort me, don't you know what I look like? I really envy you and Dui. After a few years of not seeing you, your cultivation level has improved so much. But cheap Dui This kid, we Yueyue is so beautiful, dumb, you have to treat her well in the future, otherwise, I can't spare you."

Dumb felt a slight pain in his heart, yeah! Yueyue is so beautiful, how can I match her?

Looking at the somewhat silent Dumb, Xuan Yue knew that he was thinking about it again, and couldn't help being a little annoyed: "Dumb, Sister Yueji is talking to you? Why don't you answer."

"Ah! I, I will definitely treat Yueyue well." The dumb now seems to have returned to his former cowardly appearance.

Xuan Yue sighed in her heart. She knew that this situation might not change until she convinced her father.

Yan Li said: "Okay, let's not disturb Dumb to rest, Yue Ji, you have worked **** this journey. Let me take you to eat some good food first, and then arrange a place to rest for you. Our Shanzhen , But you can't eat delicious food in other places. Yueyue, you can take good care of Dumb." After finishing speaking, he took Yueji and the others and left. Only Duan and Xuanyue were left in the room, but the atmosphere clearly lost its previous harmony and sweetness.

Two more days passed, and Ah'Dai's body had basically recovered. The powerful vitality contained in him gave him a powerful hematopoietic function, and one-third of the blood he had lost had been completely recovered under a good conditioning environment. The relationship between him and Xuan Yue was also in a blast, and the two reached a gluey situation.

In Prophet Purin’s room, Duan, Xuan Yue, Yue Ji, Oliveira, Keanu, Rock, Rock Power, and Patriarch Yan Fei all looked anxiously at Prophet Purin lying on the bed. The towel wiped Prophet Prin's forehead, expecting light in his eyes. In four days, Pulin's body has undergone earth-shaking changes. Under the influence of the powerful vitality in his body, he gradually transformed from a dying old man, with black hair growing on his head, and the wrinkles on his face were calmed down, and he became a mature man, even his body was already loose. His muscles gradually bulged, making his skinny body look much plump. However, although his body has undergone considerable changes, he has never woken up, and there is no sign of waking up at all. Xuan Yue has checked several times, and she found that the function in Prophet Prin's body has completely returned to normal. As for why she can't wake up, she doesn't know why. Now what everyone is doing is waiting.

Rock said: "Yueyue, do you have any other way? If you stimulate the prophet's mental power, will it make him wake up?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "No, you can't be so adventurous. The Prophet has just recovered, and his mental power is still sleeping. The reason why he doesn't wake up is most likely because his mental power has not been repaired. . If we rashly stimulate his mental power, it is very likely that the Prophet Prin will become an idiot. What we can do now is to wait. Waiting for him to wake up, then the Prophet Prin is the real one. Was rescued."

Yan Fei spoke suddenly, and he rushed to the dumb: "Your body has recovered. The Prophet said before he fell into a coma, let you go to the Elves as soon as possible. You have been delayed for four more days here, the Prophet still I don’t know when I will wake up. It’s useless for you to stay. Let’s go to the Elf Forest first, where I will guard him. If the Prophet wakes up, I will find a way to contact you."

Dumb glanced at Xuan Yue and nodded gently. He knew that Xuan Yue was always upset because of what Prophet Prin said at the beginning. She was very worried about the affairs of the Holy See, and she really couldn't delay here any longer. . Thinking of this, he nodded and said: "Well then. Patriarch, I will trouble you to take care of the Prophet."

Yan Fei smiled and said, "What are you talking about? Taking care of the Prophet is what I should do. He has made such a great contribution to the clan. Everyone here will do his best to take care of him. Go. Rock. , Yanli, you also walk with Dumb, so you can take care of each other on the way."

Rock said: "But, the prophet hasn't woken up yet, how can we leave with confidence?"

Yan Fei said, "Have you forgotten what the Prophet said before he passed out? You can follow dumb and them. Besides, there is no use for you to stay here. After the Prophet's body recovers, he will naturally wake up. I have the slightest care for him. Will suffice."

Rock's mood at this time is extremely complicated. Of course he understands what Yan Fei said, but he is evading in his heart. He doesn't want to go to the elves! He is not the same as Dui, who has never liked the fairy princess Xing'er, and only regards Xing'er as his own. And what about rocks? More than a year has passed. Time did not dilute the feelings in his heart, Zhuo Yun's gentle smile appeared almost every night in his sleep. In order to suppress the thoughts in his heart, he continued to practice hard, trying to use fatigue to transfer his mind. However, these are all in vain. How can human hearts easily change? If I followed Ah Du and the others to the Elves this time, I would most likely see Zhuo Yun. How would I face her? What if you can't suppress your inner emotions? Under the effect of this complicated mood, he just wanted to escape.

Yan Li said: "The patriarch is right, brother, let's go with Dumb. It's been a year since I left the elf clan. I don't know how the elf queens are now?" How can he not know what his brother thinks? Pain, Rock has never laughed since he left the elves. He returned to the state of his wife Yun'er after his death. He knew Shi's concerns, but he didn't want to make him suffer any more. That's why it will fuel the flames at this time.

Rock took a deep breath, knowing that he could not choose to escape now, so he nodded heavily.

Dumb didn’t know what Rock was thinking. When he saw that he promised to go together, he was overjoyed, "Big Brother Rock, our brothers can enter the mainland together again. If there is no big problem with the Elves, let’s go to Death Mountain. Right. That was our last destination! With you and Big Brother Yanli joining, we will be more confident."

Rock looked helplessly at Ah Du, and sighed: "Okay, then I will die with the gentleman."

Yue Ji glanced at the rock. She hasn't forgotten the rock slapped her back then, and said indifferently: "While it is still early, let's get on the road now."

Saying goodbye to Yanfei, the patriarch of the Puyan clan, Adu and Xuanyue set out on the way to the elves. Although Xuan Yue was anxious in her heart, she was worried that Ah Dui had just recovered, and she was not willing to let him move forward as fast as the two of them had rushed to the Puyan clan. Everyone moved towards the territory of the elven clan at normal speed.

Four days later, the fairy forest, the fairy city.

Xuan Ye tiredly retracted the hand pressed on the shoulder of the Elf Queen and sat down on the ground. The Elf Queen exhaled and finally used the ancient barrier of the Elf race to resist another attack from the enemy.

That day, after more than 200 people in Xuanye and his party escaped from the Destruction Valley, they tried their best to escape towards the outskirts of Tianyuan Clan. Behind them, a few unscathed heavenly kings chased after them. Along the way, Xuanye and the others broke through the blockades of the dark forces, and before they knew it, they came to the territory of the elves-the elves forest.

The people of the elves naturally knew Xuanye, and immediately put them into the barrier. At this time, there were only ninety-two people left in the more than 1,000 people of the Holy See. And there are ninety-two people who are exhausted. After Xuan Ye reluctantly told the Elf Queen about the experience of the trip, she fainted. The Elf Queen made a decisive decision and summoned all the Elf Magicians in the clan to maximize the effect of the ancient enchantment of the Elf Forest, which barely resisted the impact of the dark forces. In the first two days they dealt with it more easily, most of the remaining eleven kings of the dark forces were injured. But two days later, when Xuan Ye and the others had just recovered some of their bodies, they discovered that the entire Elf Forest had been surrounded by more than a dozen alien races and nearly 100,000 legions. These alien races were recovering their skills. Under the leadership of the heavenly kings, they launched a shock to the Elf Forest again and again. Now they are besieging them in the Valley of Destruction, only the elite of the dark forces, not all of them. In order to wipe out Xuan Ye and the others, the dwarves, wingmen, and half-orcs came with all their strength and blocked all the way out of the elf forest. And launched a wave of fierce attacks. Although the elves were powerful, they couldn't fight against so many races if it weren't for the ancient enchantment. Even so, due to the consumption of a lot of mana, the stamina of the wizards of the elven race was exhausted. What Xuan Ye can do now is to meditate desperately every day, and then do her best to help the Elf Queen inject energy into the barrier. Fortunately, on the second day after the Dark Alien race began to attack, the light rain caused by Duan and Xuan Yue helped them a lot. Although the light rain will not affect the elves and the people of the Holy See, it has caused a lot of trouble to the dark creatures surrounding it. Due to the dispersion of energy, the light rain is not enough to destroy these powerful dark alien races, but, after all, it possesses sacred energy. Under the washing of light rain, the strength of all the dark alien races, including the twelve kings, has been weakened to varying degrees. . The subsequent attacks were much weaker. It took three days to recover from the shadow of divine energy. It was precisely these three days that gave the Elves, Xuan Ye and the others a chance to breathe, and persisted until now.

It's not that the people of the Holy See never thought about breaking through. Xuanyuan and Baburun once personally led an elite raid at night. However, the enemy's defense was too dense. Under the siege of the dark kings, they had no chance at all and lost again. After 30 lives, he barely returned to the Elf Forest. Although the barrier of the elves blocked the enemy's attack, it also blocked the possibility of Xuanye and the others asking for help. It has been more than ten days, and the elf magicians have reached their limit. Xuanye knew that within three days, the enemy would be able to break through the barrier and attack in. At that time, he would have to fight to death.

The elf queen gasped slightly and said Chong Xuan Ye: "Master Bishop, it won't work anymore! Our enchantment is about to be unable to withstand it. With so many enemies outside, we have no chance at all."

Xuan Ye pondered for a moment, and solemnly said: "Your Majesty, for the help given to the Holy See by the elves, I really don’t know how to thank you. If you hadn’t kept us away from the enemy’s pursuit, Xuan Yezhen I am afraid it is already a corpse. I decided that the whole elves should not be affected by the Holy See. Those **** only want us. After I meditate this time, I will immediately lead the rest of the Holy See to break through the north. Whether it can escape or not depends on the fate."

The Elf Queen frowned, and said, "Master Bishop, why should you say such things? You should know that it is almost impossible to break through. What's more, even if you leave, those Tianyuan clan scums who have polluted their souls We won’t let us go. In that case, we might as well gather our powers and use our familiarity with the elven forest to fight them to the death. We also have a final magic that can make all of the enchantment Plants grow wildly, attacking enemies that are not the elves around. Taking advantage of that opportunity, we can wipe out at least one-third of the enemy’s strength. Even if we lose in the end, we will have to lose their strength. Our compatriots are all willing to dedicate their lives for peace on the mainland."

Xuan Ye shook his whole body, looked at the Elf Queen with a firm face, and sighed: "Your Majesty, why should you be like this? Hey——, it's all our bad things and brought disaster to the Elves."

The Elf Queen smiled slightly and said: "Master Bishop, you can't take this matter to your heart. Even without you, these scums whose souls have been eroded by the darkness will find our Elves sooner or later. Can we survive? Question. Hurry up and meditate, the enemy's next attack is likely to be launched at any time."

With a helpless sigh, Xuan Ye sat cross-legged, took a deep breath, and began to revolve the divine power in his body, condensing the light element in the air. At this moment, the sacred Vatican Judge Xuanyuan and the Audi Elf Envoy of the Elves returned together.

As soon as he entered the tree house, the Audi Elf raised the Elf Queen without any suspicion, and shouted: "Retreat, the enemies have retreated." The Elf Queen was shocked, her face rose with a blush. He whispered: "Let me down quickly, what is it like? What happened? Aren't you guarding at the edge of the barrier?"

Audi realized that there were outsiders, and hurriedly put the Elf Queen down, but the joy on her face could not be concealed, "Your Majesty, the enemy, the enemy has all retreated. Really retreated!" Audi was not. The magician and the judge, Xuanyuan, lead people to guard the edge of the barrier. They have two tasks. One is to rush out of the barrier when the enemy's attack is too dense and sneak attack on the enemy. Another task is to fully resist the enemy's progress when the barrier is broken. Not long ago, the enemy retreated after launching their last attack. Audi and Xuanyuan had been watching all the enemies withdraw from the Elf Forest before they were sure that they had really retreated.

The Elf Queen exclaimed: "It's great, I finally retreated. However, they have all the advantages. Why do they want to retreat?"

Due to the arrival of Audi and the others, Xuanye woke up from the meditation state she had just entered, frowning slightly, and said, "Could this be a trick to lure the enemy? The enemy chose to retreat temporarily because he couldn't break the ancient elves. Then lie in ambush on the periphery, waiting for us to appear and wipe out in one fell swoop."

Audi shook his head and said, "I don't think it's very likely, because when the enemy is evacuating, they are leaving towards the territory of the Wing Human race, and if they want to lure the enemy, they should retreat in a hurry. However, they retreated in an orderly manner, and there was a powerful queen behind, which seemed to prevent us from a sudden attack. This should have been a planned retreat, it looks like they were when they were besieging our fairy forest. It's already planned."

The elf queen said: "Let’s do it, Lord Bishop, I know you are eager to rush back to the Holy See to deliver the letter, but to ensure your safety, I’d better rest here for two more days. I will send the most capable clansman to inspect and see if it is true. It’s not an enemy’s trap. Take this opportunity, you can also take care of it. Your safety is the top priority."

Xuan Ye nodded and said, "It can only be so. Sir, do you have any comments?"

This time Xuan Yuan came to destroy the Dark Demon Race, Xuan Yuan was too addicted. There were at least a few thousand foreign races who died in his hands. However, he himself suffered serious injuries due to excessive consumption, especially It was a breakout a few days ago. In order to reduce the casualties of his subordinates, he broke off alone. Although he finally escaped back, he was still severely injured and has not recovered until now.

"Everything is up to you. These dark aliens are so arrogant. When they go back, I must let the Pope send another army. I don't believe that they can't be destroyed."

The Elf Queen said: "Well, if that's the case, you should hurry up and rest. I will arrange manpower with Audi now.

After several days of trekking, Ah'Dai and the others finally came to the outskirts of the Tianyuan Clan's territory. Looking at the vast forest in front of him and feeling the fresh air, he couldn't help being intoxicated.

Oliveira took a deep breath and said, "It's so comfortable! It's been a long time since I breathed such fresh air. I haven't entered the Fairy Forest yet, I can feel that it must be a beautiful place."

Dumb sighed: "Yeah! The Elf Forest is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The beauty of the Elf City is really nostalgic! Yueyue, you see, the forest seems very peaceful. It seems that it is not universal. The crisis that Prophet Lin said!"

Xuan Yue solemnly said: "Not necessarily, maybe, the crisis has already occurred. Let's go and take a look."

The rock nodded and said: "Yueyue's words are reasonable, dumb, let's go quickly, the prophet's words will not be wrong. Perhaps, the crisis is in the forest. Everyone must be careful. Dumb, Ali, girl Yueji, let us The four walked on the periphery, and Duan was at the forefront. The three magicians were in the center, ready to respond at any time."

The group of seven finally stepped into the territory of the elves, but everything in front of them stunned them.

A dumbfounded looking at everything in front of him, is this still the pure land of the elves before? Everything seems to have changed. Except for the existence of tall trees, all kinds of shrubs, grasses and other plants have withered. To be precise, they should have been destroyed by man. The shrubs were flattened on the ground. Except for the big trees, almost all kinds of plants were severely damaged, and there were even some foul-smelling feces. The vibrant forest became silent.

Xuan Yue exclaimed, "Well, what's going on? How did the Elf Forest become like this? How many people can cause the destructive power!" She looked at everything in front of her worriedly, Prophet Prin said. Yes, something happened to the Elf Forest, but I don’t know if it is related to the Holy See.

Dumb said flatly: "Go, let's go to the city of elves, there must be an answer there." After speaking, he floated up and led everyone to the inside of the elves forest.

Because of the siege of the dark forces, all the elves withdrew into the ancient enchantment. Dumb and the others didn’t even meet a single elves along the way, and their mood became tense, as if even the atmosphere in the forest followed. A lot dignified. At full speed, after more than an hour, they finally came outside the ancient enchantment of the elves. Feeling the huge energy fluctuations in front of him, Ah-Dai couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. As long as the Elf Enchantment is still, at least the Elf race will not suffer a great loss.

Xuan Yue asked: "Big Brother, how can we enter the barrier of the Elf race?"

Dumb said: "The elven bracelet that the Elf Queen gave us was placed in the blood of the dragon. I don’t know if I can summon the items stored in the blood of the dragon. As long as we have the elven bracelet, we can naturally enter the enchantment. Inside." The blood of the dragon now only retains weak energy, and he is not sure that he can summon the bracelet of the spirit from the space barrier where the blood of the dragon exists.

Xuan Yue said: "Then you try first. In fact, even if there is no elven bracelet, we should be able to get in. Have you forgotten the magic that the elves used to us at the source of the elves? We all have elves now. Breath, this ancient barrier does not exclude us, but sister Yueji and the others cannot enter."

Duan nodded and sang softly: "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door of time and space." The faint blue halo lit up, and Xuan Yue suddenly felt that the blood of the phoenix on her chest followed the dragon. The energy of the blood fluctuates and there is some reaction. There was a movement in her heart, and she suddenly realized that since the two of them used the dragon and phoenix together that day, the connection between the blood of the dragon and the phoenix seemed to have strengthened a lot. If the two artifacts can be restored to their previous state, the strength of himself and Dumb will inevitably be greatly increased.

Chapter 137: Father and daughter meet

A little light green light drifted out, and the green light gradually turned and fell on the hand of Dumb, which was the bracelet of the elves. The bracelet of the elves was shining with a dazzling green light, and the bloodshot eyes in the bracelet were constantly trembling, all pointing in the direction of the enchantment. Dumb was overjoyed, walked quickly to the side of the ancient enchantment, and stretched out his right hand holding the elf bracelet. In the elf forest, the elf bracelet was excited and restless, and the green light suddenly rose, and a door two meters high and one meter wide appeared in the eyes of everyone. Needless to say, everyone has already entered the inside of the fairy forest from the portal one by one.

After crossing the barrier, Dumb's mood suddenly improved. The scene in the enchantment is no different from when he left. All kinds of plants are living happily, insects and birds are clearly audible, and the eyes are full of soft green.

Rock said: "Fortunately, the inside of the elven forest has not been destroyed, the elves should be fine." As soon as he entered the periphery of the elven forest, he couldn't help but be shocked when he saw the sight of barbarians. At that moment, he never stopped. Regardless of other things, his heart is full of worries about Zhuo Yun’s safety, and the feeling of fear keeps invading his heart. He no longer escapes. He just wants to see the person in his heart quickly. Then he secretly told himself , As long as Zhuo Yun is safe, he will pursue her desperately. At this time, seeing that the inside of the elven forest was not destroyed, the joy was overwhelming.

Yue Ji said: "It's best if it's all right. Let's go to the Fairy City and see what happened."

In the city of elves, the queen of elves, who was arranging to go out to detect the situation, was shocked. It can be said that her mind is connected with the ancient elves. The ancient elves are like a part of her body. She feels that someone has entered the elves forest. Moreover, these creatures that entered still had the aura of the elves on their bodies, and they did not seem to be enemies. But at this time, she had already become a frightened bird, turned her head and said to Audi: "The Great Elf Envoy, it seems that someone has entered our enchantment. They entered from the southeast and are coming towards the city of elves. You. Bring more people to see. If it's an enemy, don't be merciful. There are not many people coming, but the speed of advancement is very fast."

Audi's heart shuddered. The tension and depression for many days have made him very tired. Hearing the instructions of the Elf Queen, the nerves that had just relaxed a little tense immediately, and ten Elf Envoys flew up and quietly approached the Elves. Go in the direction the queen said. These days, the destruction of the periphery of the elven forest by the dark aliens has made him hate his teeth. If the enemy really comes back, he will unceremoniously kill the enemy to vent his anger.

The dumb seven were constantly advancing. Suddenly, dumb stopped. He felt a dangerous aura coming towards him, and said in a deep voice, "Be careful, everyone, as if someone is coming." The white anger suddenly became angry. Outside, he stared at the direction of the dangerous breath, ready to attack at any time. The Rock Brothers guarded both sides, the pale golden divine fighting spirit radiating from their bodies, and each took out their own weapons. At the end of Yue Ji, she took off her silver bow and put on an armor-piercing arrow, her eyes flashed with cold light.

Xuan Yue first cast an auxiliary magic of God’s blessing to everyone, and then together with Oliveira and Keanu, they quickly chanted attack spells. The seven people exuded different energy rays, forming a powerful attack and defense. line-up.

A slight sound of breaking through the air sounded, and the cold light in Ah'Dai's eyes widened. Looking in the direction of the sound, the blue blade of life and change appeared in his hand, and he was ready to attack.

Audi led ten elves to take advantage of the cover of nature. He suddenly discovered that there were huge energy fluctuations in front of him. He immediately became cautious, and ordered everyone to hide his figure and use the eyes of the elves to move towards the direction of energy emission. Look. When he saw the appearance of the people, he was overjoyed and exclaimed: "Dumb, it's you!"

Dumb froze, this clear voice sounded so familiar, and when he looked at it, he saw eleven green figures flying in the air. The leader was the Elf Queen’s husband, the Elf Envoy Audi. Seeing Audi's appearance, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, dissipated the energy from his hands, and floated to meet him, "Big Elf Envoy, it turned out to be you, I thought it was the enemy."

Audi floated down in front of Dumb and smiled loudly: "Why don't I think the enemy has broken in? It's really time for you to come. If a few days earlier, I'm afraid you are in danger.

Duan was taken aback, and hurriedly asked, "Big Elf Envoy, is there something wrong with the Elf Forest? How did the enchantment become a wolf? What is it? Do anyone dare to attack the Elves? Was it the last time they caught The thieves who leave your people?"

Audi sighed, shook his head, and said, "It's really dangerous this time! I almost missed you. Go, let's go and say, I think Her Majesty the Queen will be very happy to know that you are here. Yes. This is Yueyue. After a few years of absence, you have also become a big girl. With your current appearance, even in our elves, you are absolutely beautiful!"

Xuan Yue was not in the mood to feel Audi’s praise at this time, and said anxiously: "Hello, Audi Elf Envoy. Is what happened to the Elves related to our Holy See?"

Audi said in surprise: "How do you know? Are you a reinforcement sent by the Holy See? Let's talk while walking." After that, he said hello to the others, and took Adu and others towards the city of elves.

As he walked, Audi said: "Our elves have little problem, but the outer forest has been destroyed. However, the Vatican’s losses this time have been huge, and the losses have been heavy!" At the moment, he took everything that happened before. Telling it again, when he finished speaking, everyone had come to the edge of the city of elves. After hearing his narration, Xuan Yue's face was as sinking as water, and her heart was full of sadness. If it hadn't been for Ah Dui who had been holding her little hand tightly and supporting her, I'm afraid she would have cried bitterly. She didn't expect that such a major incident would have caused her grandpa to die in the hands of the dark forces.

Xuan Yue said sorrowfully: "Big Elf Envoy, where did this dark power come out? Who is behind it? Why even the Winged Human Race and Dwarf Race have joined their camp? Is it really going to be a mess? "

Audi sighed and said, "Yes! The world is in chaos. The Holy See has ruled the mainland for thousands of years. I am afraid I have never received such a heavy blow. I have been dealing with enemy attacks these days. I am not clear about the specifics. , But, what is certain is that these alien races are definitely not controlled by the Dark Demon Race. The Dark Demon Race is not the main force of these dark alien races. Later, you can ask your father Bishop Xuanye yourself."

The mood of everyone was extremely heavy, and at this moment they finally understood why Prophet Prin would say that the Holy See had an accident on the side of the elves. Dumb gritted his teeth and said, "These nasty dark forces have caused such a big killing. One day, I must completely eliminate them."

Although the scenery of the Elf City is beautiful, everyone has no intention of admiring it. Xuanyue used her magical power to take Yueji, Dui took the Rock Brothers, Audi Elf Envoy and his men took Oliveira and Keanu, flew up together, and flew towards the old elven tree.

"Your Majesty, I am back. Look, who did I bring?" Audi exclaimed excitedly before entering the tree house of the ancient tree. Having been depressed for many days in the crisis, the long-lost friend suddenly ushered in, which made the calm Great Elf Envoy excited. A group of people fell in front of the tree house in the old elves, feeling the surging spiritual power around them, and everyone's mood was slightly relaxed. The voice of the elf queen came out from the tree house, "I'm back so soon? Isn't it an enemy?" With the voice, the beautiful body of the elf queen appeared in the sight of everyone. Together with her, there is also the elf princess. Xinger. Due to the natural energy consumption these days, the Elf Queen looked a little haggard, her face was pale, and her eyes were slightly dim.

"Big Brother Dumb." Xinger called out in surprise. Ever since Ah-Dai secretly left, she could not give up thinking of him in her heart. When she saw Ah-Dai suddenly, she was overjoyed, but everything flew towards her.

Under dumbfounded, Xing'er had already plunged into his arms. Xuan Yue's delicate body shook, and a piece of frost formed on Qiao's face. Duan finally broke free from Xing'er's embrace, glanced at Xuanyue next to him from the corner of his eyes, and said, "Sister Xing'er, has your body recovered? The blood of the elf king is preserved."

At this time, Xing'er had only Ah Dui in his eyes, and did not notice the other people at all. He took Dui's hand and said, "Okay, it's already done. Brother Dui, you are so shameless, you didn't even say a word last time. So I left. Xing'er missed you so much!"

The Elf Queen flew forward and landed in front of Dui and the others, smiling and said: "Dubai, why are you here? Xing'er, don't pester your Dui brother." Audi hurriedly pulled his daughter away from Dui. He had already noticed some changes in Xuan Yue's expression, and naturally understood the feeling in her heart.

Xing'er left her side, and Ah-Dai was relieved and said respectfully: "Auntie Elf Queen, hello, we are from the Puyan Clan, and I rushed over after hearing Prophet Pulin said that something went wrong with the Elf race. After listening to the Audi elf just now, your body is okay, it seems a little weak!"

The Elf Queen smiled slightly and said: "My body is okay, but I have supported the Elf enchantment to its maximum strength for a few days, and it is a little weak. Friends of the Elves, welcome to the Elf City again."

Xuan Yue and the others hurriedly returned the gift. Among the crowd, only Oliveira and Keanu had never seen the Elf Queen. When they learned that the beautiful woman with wings in front of them was the King of the Elves, they were suddenly filled with surprise. Dui stepped forward and introduced the identities of Oliveira and Keanu to the Elf Queen. The two of them hurried forward to meet again. To them, the elves living in this beautiful forest are so magical.

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "You are welcome, since you are friends of Dumb, that is, friends of our Elves."

Xuan Yue didn't even look at Ah Dumb. She walked to the Elf Queen and asked anxiously, "Auntie, is my father here? I want to see him now."

The Elf Queen hadn’t answered yet, but Xing'er rushed to say: "This beautiful sister, who are you! It turns out that mankind also has a beautiful girl like you!" Xing'er's appearance is not much better than Xuan Yue's, but She was still a little elf, naturally she couldn't compare to Xuan Yue now. Xuan Yue was a little jealous when she hugged Dumb, but it is the nature of a woman to love beauty. At this time, Xing'er praised her for being beautiful, and the dissatisfaction in her heart disappeared a lot. She smiled and said, "Hello, my name is Xuan. Yue, *, you are the Xinger princess of the elves. Last time, my sister wanted to rescue you with Dumb, but something didn’t happen."

The elf queen glared at her daughter, seeming to be blaming her for being rude, Xing'er was startled, and just swallowed back what she was about to say. The Queen Chong Xuanyue said: "Come with me. Your father and the presiding judge are all resting inside."

Everyone entered the tree house under the leadership of the Elf Queen. As soon as Xuan Yue entered the house, Xuan Yue saw her father Xuan Ye. Xuan Ye was much more emaciated than when she left the Holy See, and there were already a few in the temples. With white hair and no trace of blood on his sturdy face, he seemed to be ten years old after not seeing him for a few months. Seeing this situation with her father, Xuan Yue couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart. Throwing down next to Xuan Ye, she exclaimed emotionally: "Dad." The faint golden light lit up, and she reached out and pressed her father's chest, continuously inputting the same sacred energy into her father's body.

Xuanye was in meditation, and the wear and tear for many days made his body extremely weak. During cultivation, a sacred energy was suddenly inputted into his body, and his weak body absorbed the rain like a long drought. With that pure sacred aura, Xuanye used his mind to guide this huge energy to continuously repair his wounded meridians, and finally flowed into the acupuncture point on the center of his eyebrows to replenish the almost exhausted spiritual source. After a long while, Xuan Ye exhaled, and as he recovered some of his mental power, his physical condition was much better. Xuan Ye was overjoyed in his heart. He judged from the energy that this must be the Holy See's magical power of light. At this time, there is only one magician in the Elf Forest. Such intensity of magic is likely to be his father Pope or another The two red ceremonies came. Opening her eyes, Xuan Ye was surprised to find that it was neither the pope nor the two red sacrifices who helped her restore her mental strength. The caring girl in front of her turned out to be her daughter who had ran away from home and had not seen him for many days.

Xuan Yue asked with concern: "Dad, are you better? How could this be? Grandpa..."

When Xuan Ye heard her daughter mention the words Grandpa, her eyes showed strong sadness, "Your grandpa sacrificed himself to save everyone, you, how come you came here. Did the Pope let you come? Have you already gone back?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "It was Prophet Pulin of the Puyan clan who told us that there was an accident in the Holy See, and we rushed over. Dad, are you better now?"

Xuan Ye raised his head and looked at Ah-Dai and the others. For some reason, Ah-Dai always had an inexplicable sense of fear for Xuan Ye. He stepped forward and walked to Xuan Yue's side and said, "Hello, Master Xuan Ye."

Xuan Yeen let out a cry, looked at her daughter, and said, "Yueyue, your magic cultivation is progressing fast! It seems that you have surpassed me? When you came, did you encounter the obstruction of the dark forces?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "We didn't encounter any obstruction, nor did we see those dark alien races, father, the Holy See has sent so many people, is it really annihilated? How is this possible!"

Xuan Ye sighed, and said: "The enemy is far stronger than we thought. It is not the strength of the Dark Demon clan at all. Our Vatican warriors have done their best. Although they have gone, they killed Enemies who have died several times, they did not die in vain, the gods will take care of their souls. Yueyue, do you know? Before you came, there were more than 100,000 dark aliens besieging the elven forest outside the elven forest. It’s not that the elves are helping, I’m afraid you won’t see me.”

Xuan Yuan walked to Xuan Ye's side and said calmly, "It's too late to say anything. We must rush back to the Holy See as soon as possible, report the incident to the Pope, and ask him to make a countermeasure. The dark forces are so rampant. We must not tolerate their continued development. Otherwise, the mainland will be in danger."

Xuan Ye nodded, and said: "You are right, we must rush back to the Holy See as soon as possible. Yueyue, your magic cultivation is not weak anymore, first help the chief judge heal the injury, and then come back with us. Holy See."

Xuan Yue shook her whole body, turned her head and glanced at Dumb, and said, "Dad, I, I originally wanted to explore the Death Mountain."

Xuan Ye raised her eyebrows and said angrily: "What time is it to explore any danger, you must go back to the Holy See with me."

Seeing her father, Xuanyue's body trembled slightly. Her father had suffered so much these days, and she couldn't say rejection at all, she could only mutter: "Dad, wait until you get your body well. You are now In this way, we can't leave either!"

Xuan Ye's expression eased a lot, and he sighed, and said to the dumb beside Xuan Yue: "In less than two years, the match we had agreed upon is about to take place. Are you ready?"

Dumbfounded, looking at Xuan Ye's contemptuous eyes, he was speechless. Xuan Ye's disgust towards him has always been a stalk in his heart.

Xuan Yue was very anxious. She had her father on one side and her beloved person on the other. She didn't know who to help. Xuan Ye stared at Dumb and said with disdain, "Do you have the courage to speak?"

Dui hesitated for a moment, and nodded: "I, I'm ready." With these words, the domineering arrogance buried in his heart because of Xuan Yue's gentleness reappeared, and there was a ray of clear light in his eyes. He knew very well that his current skill was already sufficient to fight against Xuan Ye, and surrounded by the domineering spirit, he was full of confidence.

Xuan Ye couldn't help but startled when he felt the aura radiating from A'Dai. After not seeing him in a year, he seemed to be stronger again, much stronger than when he went to the Holy See to heal his injuries, and she was not sure that she could deal with him.

Xuan Yuan also felt the change in Ah-Dai, and his eyes shone brightly, "A-Dai, good boy, it's only been a few days since I haven't seen you, and you have made a breakthrough in your skill. If you have a chance, let's learn more."

Xuan Yue looked at her father, then at Dumb, and said in a low voice: "Dad, you can meditate first. Restore your skills as soon as possible to return to the Holy See. Lord Judge, I will help you heal your injuries first.

The Elf Queen said: "In this case, Lord Bishop, Lord Judge, you should rest first." She told the Elf to make Audi arrange a place for everyone to rest. Although Ah Du didn't want to leave Xuan Yue's side, he could no longer stay in the tree house at this time and had to leave with Audi and everyone.

Audi brought Dumb and others to the shore of the Elf Lake, and asked his magicians to build a brand new tree house for them. Seeing the vines on the big tree gradually grow under the natural magic of the elves, everyone felt a sense of vitality. Because of being separated from Xuanyue for the time being, Dumb couldn't help feeling a little lost.

As everyone watched as the tree house was taking shape, a soft voice sounded: "Audi Elf, search for a team to return to life, there is no enemy in the north."

Hearing this voice, the rock shook his whole body. How familiar this soft voice was, it was the voice he was thinking about! The whole body was trembling slowly, turning around and looking in the direction of the sound. I saw that a group of elves flew up, headed by Zhuo Yun, who he thought about day and night. Zhuo Yun has now been promoted to an elf, natural magic has been greatly improved than before, and she has also seen Duan and others. The moment her eyes touched the rock, her body shook sharply, and a trace of melancholy appeared in the depths of her beautiful eyes, she slowly lowered her head, avoiding the hot gaze of the rock.

Although the stare at Zhuo Yun lasted only one second, the rock could see a lot in Zhuo Yun's eyes. It hasn't been seen in a year, Zhuo Yun is somewhat clearer, and the complex emotional rock in his clear beautiful eyes is completely capable of After reading it out, it is a look that contains feelings of sadness, dissatisfaction, longing, and longing! The rock's heart trembled, and the emotions hidden deep in his heart erupted like a volcano. Before the Audi Great Elf Envoy could answer Zhuo Yun's words, he floated up and drove his divine battle energy to the limit, rushing to Zhuo Yun like a ray of golden lightning.

Almost none of the elves who followed Zhuo Yun had seen a rock. They suddenly saw a stranger, and all of them were ready to shoot. For a time, twenty elves bows were drawn like a full moon, and the green short arrows contained them. The sharp and penetrating power of vindictiveness blocked every dodgeable space around the rock body. However, the rock seemed to be unaware of these huge pressures, and he rushed towards Zhuo Yun without hesitation, the emotional fire in his eyes seemed to melt Zhuo Yun. Zhuo Yun watched the rocks rush towards him, and couldn't help being stunned. Ever since the Rock brothers and Dui left, Zhuo Yun would often think of everything that happened during the time he was with them, the boldness of the rocks, the mind and wisdom of the rocks. , And all the love for her, all made her heart rise and flicker, and she felt longing unconsciously. When the rock was by her side, she only had a hazy feeling, but when the rock was gone, Zhuo Yun clearly discovered his inner emotions. As time went on, this emotion became stronger and stronger. Shadows often appeared in her heart. She knew that she had fallen in love with this human without reservation. However, he has already left, what can he do? I am a member of the elves, can I really combine with him? Today, when she returned to the city of the elves after completing her mission, she was surprised to find that Dumb and others had arrived. The rock was a lot haggard, but she no longer had the sad look that was when she first met. It's lonely. Seeing the rock, Zhuo Yun's heart surged abnormally. At this time, she really didn't know how to face it.

Of course the Audi Elf Envoy knew about Rock and Zhuo Yun and shouted loudly: "It's all your own, don't do it." His shouting saved Rock's life in good time. All Duan's attention was on the rock and Zhuo Yun, and they did not find the crisis brought by the twenty elves behind Zhuo Yun. Although the rock has a protective body of Godly Fighting Qi, he absolutely cannot withstand the simultaneous attack of twenty elves. When the elves lowered the green short bow in their hands, the rock had already come to Zhuo Yun's side. He stopped his figure a foot in front of Zhuo Yun, and said with a trembling voice: "Zhuo, Zhuo Yun, you, still Okay?" So close to Zhuo Yun, the faint fragrance exuding from Zhuo Yun's body was clearly audible, and the rocky heart seemed to jump out of his chest. He looked at the person in front of him who had been missing for a long time. I don't know what words to use to express my emotions. Zhuo Yun's body was hot as he watched with that hot gaze. Nodded slightly, and said: "You, you are here."

Hearing Zhuo Yun’s moving voice, the rock’s eyes were clouded. He seemed to have returned to his good time with his dead wife Yuner. He felt that Yuner seemed to be looking at him in the dark. He was constantly encouraging him, and Zhuo Yun in front of him was like another Yun'er, whose shy expression constantly stimulated the nerves of the rock. The rock was trembling all over, his hands slowly and uncontrollably held Zhuo Yun into his arms, Zhuo Yun's body was also trembling, her mind was a little blurred, her eyes were hazy, there was no resistance, Ren Ren She was embraced by the rock in front of everyone. That warm feeling spread across Zhuo Yun's body instantly, she was already drunk, intoxicated on the warm and comfortable chest of the rock. At this time, she couldn't care about anything else, she just wanted to feel the gentleness of the rock silently. Even if there are twenty subordinates watching in surprise behind her, she doesn't care anymore. Since she was arrested and now, for the first time, she felt a sense of security all over her body. How comfortable and warm it was! The rock embraced Zhuo Yun's somewhat icy body, and his heart was filled with satisfaction. Yun'er's heart that became empty after death was finally filled at this moment. The two of them hugged each other tightly in front of everyone, and could no longer feel everything around them.

Dumb looked at the looks of Shi Yan and Zhuo Yun, and showed a faint smile, Big Brother Shi finally had sustenance, how happy he was for him! The twenty elves behind Zhuo Yun all showed a stunned look. Zhuo Yun is also a beauty among the elves. There are so many people who pursue her. They can't think of it. This elves who have always rejected people thousands of miles away , Will let that human hug. After a while, it was the Audi Elf who woke up from the embarrassment first, coughing several times, breaking the silence among the people.

Zhuo Yun woke up and broke free from the embrace of the rock. She glanced at the rock with a bitter look, her pretty face flushed, bit her lip, and said with a voice that only the rock could hear: "Come to me later." After that, he didn't care to report the situation of the reconnaissance to Audi, so he flew up and left in shame. The rock stared at the direction Zhuo Yun was leaving with a sense of sweetness in his heart. Seeing Zhuo Yun again, all his worries disappeared. He just wanted to be with his beloved forever. Dui floated beside the rock, patted him on the shoulder, and whispered, "Big Brother, you are so amazing. Go boldly to pursue your own happiness." The rock flushed, but could not speak. He just nodded vigorously, and chased Zhuo Yun's figure. UU Reading with his skill, only needs to use the buoyancy of the Elf Lake to easily catch up with Zhuo Yun who is not flying fast in front. The two entered the inside of the city of elves one after another.

Zhuo Yun's heart kept colliding like a small deer. When she flew to her tree house, she couldn't help but hesitate, turned her head and glanced at the rock that was catching up. Then she floated into the house, but did not close the door.

The rock happily chased after him, took a deep breath, calmed his mood, tapped twice on the door, and whispered: "Zhuo, Zhuo Yun, can I come in?"

Zhuo Yun's shy voice came out, "Didn't you already come up?"

There was a joy in Rock's heart. From Zhuo Yun's words, he clearly felt his affection and hurriedly stepped into the tree house.

The Elf Tree House is very small, especially Zhuo Yun lives alone, with only about two single beds in the room. The rock is tall and tall, and when he enters the room, the small space suddenly becomes more narrow.

Zhuo Yun sat on the bed, looking at the rock that could only bend down and stood up, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He turned sideways slightly, letting out more than half of the bed, and said in a low voice: "My place is small, you sit down. Let's go down."

Chapter 138: Yuner "Resurrection"

Rock agreed, and hurriedly sat beside Zhuo Yun, smiled helplessly, and said, "It's not that your room is small, but I am too tall. In fact, it is enough for you to live here for two people, but the space for activities is smaller. "After saying this, Rock immediately realized that he had made a slip of the tongue, so he could only cough twice to hide his embarrassment.

When Zhuo Yun heard him say that they were living together, the blush on Qiao's face continued to her neck. Head down, speechless.

Because the bed is too small, the shoulders and legs of the two people will inevitably touch each other, feeling the temperature of each other's skin, and neither of them is embarrassed to speak first.

For a long time, it was the rock that broke the silence first, and he said embarrassingly, "Zhuo Yun, how are you doing these days?"

Zhuo Yun glanced at him and said, "There is nothing good or bad. Our elves' lives have always been monotonous. Wherever you live as comfortable as you, you can leave if you want, without a trace of nostalgia."

The rock took a deep breath and murmured, "Actually, there was a reason why we left quietly last time."

Zhuo Yun hesitated and said, "The reason, what is your reason?"

The rock took a deep look at Zhuo Yun and said, "The reason I left was because I wanted to escape. I'm afraid to stay with you again! If I get along longer, I will definitely be reluctant to leave."

Hearing what the rock said, Zhuo Yun's pretty face turned red, but there was a little sweetness in his heart, and he whispered: "Why are you running away? Am I a cannibal tiger?"

The rock sighed helplessly, and said, "Zhuo Yun, do you know? I, more than a year ago, already like you uncontrollably. However, my reason tells me that it is impossible for us. Humans, I only have a life span of one hundred years, but your elves are different. Your life span is much longer than that of humans. If, if we really combine, what will you do when I die? I can’t bear it! No! I have the heart to watch you lonely and die, and can’t bear to let you suffer any harm. Therefore, I have never dared to confess to you, but I can only bury my feelings in my heart. Zhuo Yun, don’t mind my words, okay? Leave immediately after finishing. After holding back for so long, how much I want to confide to you! After leaving the fairy forest last time, I tried my best to forget you and erase your shadow from my heart, but I can’t do that Now, I really can’t do it. Whenever I calm down, your shadow will keep flashing in my mind. You know what happened to Yun'er. Since she died, I always thought I didn’t I would like to fall in love with the opposite **** again, but your appearance has changed my mind. Your gentleness and your kindness attracted me deeply. Not long ago, Adu and Xuanyue came to our Puyan clan, we The great Prophet Prin asked me to come to the Elf Forest with them. I didn’t want to come. I really didn’t want to come. I still wanted to escape. But when I really came to the Elf Forest and saw the destruction outside, all The escape is gone, I just want to see you, I just want to fly to you to protect you right away. As long as you are safe, I am satisfied. I'm so sorry to be outside just now, I was too impulsive. I just can't bear the emotions inside. I will hug you. I'm really sorry for blaspheming you." The rock sighed, he didn't dare to see Zhuo Yun at all now, "I feel more comfortable in my heart when I say this. I hope my words will not disturb your peaceful life. Your people are more suitable for you than me. I wish you can find true happiness. I think, I should go now." After speaking, he really got up and resolutely walked outside the tree house. He loves Zhuo Yun, but he absolutely does not want to make Zhuo Yun have any pain because of his love.

When the rock walked to the door of the tree house, Zhuo Yun suddenly shouted: "Wait a minute, don't go."

The whole body of the rock shook, then slowly turned around, looking at Zhuo Yun. Zhuo Yun's pretty face showed a trace of melancholy. She stood up and took the initiative to hold the rock's big hand, "If you really like me, just sit back."

The rock stared at Zhuo Yun's eyes, slowly returned to the previous position, and whispered: "I have said everything I want to say, I am a big man, it is not good to stay with you for a long time."

Zhuo Yun looked at the lonely expression on the rock, and she felt a pain in her heart. She had never thought that someone would love herself so deeply. What Rock said just now deeply touched her heart. Everything that Rock said was for her sake. The deep affection between the lines in those words was so affectionate, how could she not be moved.

"Rock, don't worry about so much, I don't care, what are you afraid of? Actually, how can I not know your feelings for me? We have all suffered emotional setbacks, and the people we once loved have died. Rock, do you know? What I long for now is true love, not someone who can accompany me to death. I don't care about your lifespan, I really don't care. As long as it is true love, even if there is only one day, I am satisfied. Rock, don't escape, face your own feelings. I, I love you too. Otherwise, how could I let you into my own private space."

The blood all over the rock boiled, and the surging emotions drove all the intellect away from Jiu Xiaoyun. He tightly hugged Zhuo Yun into his arms, his body trembling constantly, even if he was such an iron man, he couldn't help but feel excited. Tears. "Zhuo Yun, I, I love you, do you really regret it?"

Zhuo Yun nestled in the arms of the rock, and said softly: "We Elf girl, as long as we choose our own partner, we never regret it. Rock, call me Yun'er, I don't care if you think of me as her shadow ."

"Yun'er, Yun'er. Do you know? You are not her shadow, you are my other Yun'er! Another Yun'er who makes me deeply in love. As long as I am not dead, my love for you , Even if another hundred years pass, it will not change. At that time, I will love you more." The small elf tree house is full of deep love.

Elf ancient tree. With the help of two big elves, Babulun and his son entered among the ancient elves. As soon as they entered the tree house, Babuyi saw Xuanyue who was using the sacred light magic to heal Xuanyuan's injuries. He was overjoyed. Just about to step forward, he was held back by Babron. Babron said through a voice transmission: "Silly boy, haven't you seen Yueyue using magic? Can't disturb her. It's not bad for a while, how can you compare I couldn't hold myself back."

Ba Buyi's face flushed, standing still staring at Xuanyue's delicate face, he couldn't help being a little silly looking at the beauty of Xuanyue wrapped in sacred light. Babron murmured: "Could it be that the Holy See sent reinforcements? But, how does the Pope know that we are suffering here?" Thinking of what has happened these days, he couldn't help but feel very sad, and his colleagues have died in large numbers. , Making him extremely self-blame as the deputy presiding judge, and because he didn't complete the task smoothly, the marriage between his son and Xuanyue might be delayed again.

Under the influence of Xuan Yue's huge sacred energy, the hidden wounds in Xuan Yuan's body have gradually healed. He took a deep breath, opened his eyes and said, "It's okay, Yueyue."

Xuan Yue dissipated the condensed magic energy, and asked with concern: "Uncle, is there anything uncomfortable for you?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head and said kindly: "I'm fine. Yueyue, your magic level has improved so fast! It is indeed no weaker than your father. Among the younger generation of the Holy See, you are the best. It seems that your grandfather is really a successor!" Xuan Yue said: "Uncle, although your injury is healed, your vitality has not recovered. It will take a period of recuperation before you can take care of your body. "

Xuan Yuan's eyes darkened and he sighed: "What a pity! Your grandfather sacrificed for all of us. This time the Holy See has suffered such a heavy loss, hey——"

Hearing Xuan Yuan talk about her grandfather's death, Xuan Yue couldn't help showing a strong sadness in her eyes, tears streaming down. When she was a child, Na Yan was very kind to her, perhaps because Na Yan felt that she was too harsh on Nasha before, and almost all of her love was poured into Xuan Yue. It can be said that Xuan Yue’s spoiling was at least half Na Yan used to come out. Xuan Yue's feelings for Na Yan were not weaker than that of her grandfather Pope. She choked and said, "Uncle, I will definitely avenge my grandpa. Grandpa, Grandpa, he has dedicated his life to the Holy See, but ended up like this. When I go back, my mother will find out and I will be very sad."

Xuan Ye, who was meditating on the side, slowly opened her eyes and said sadly: "I'm afraid Nasha will not be able to stand it! The dark forces are simply too rampant. It seems that the millennium catastrophe has begun to take shape, and our Holy See must do something. Corresponding countermeasures will work. Brother Bruno, please, order our remaining members to pack up their bags. Regardless of the news of the elves, we will set off and return to the Holy See tomorrow. Time has not allowed us to delay any longer. , We must work out countermeasures against the dark aliens as soon as possible." Babulun nodded, and just about to leave, he heard Xuanyuan say: "I'll go with you." After speaking, he pulled Babulun and the two of them Turned out the old elves. Although they were unable to open the barrier around the ancient elven tree, they didn't need other people's help to go out from there. They relied on their deep qi cultivation base and the weak buoyancy of the elven lake water was enough.

At this time, the elf queen took Xing'er to the secret room in the ancient elf tree to practice, and several big elf envoys also returned to their residences. In the tree house where the queen lived, Xuanyue father and daughter were left. He Ba Buyi. Xuan Yue gradually woke up from her grief, and with a nervous mood, she whispered to her father: "Dad, can I not go back. I'll..."

Xuan Ye's eyes were full of coldness, and he said angrily: "No, you must go back with me. Such a big thing has happened to the Holy See, do you want to shrink back as a member of the Holy See?"

Ba Buyi walked to Xuanyue's side and said softly: "Yueyue, just listen to Uncle Xuanye. The revival of the dark forces has dealt a great blow to our Holy See. Your current magic cultivation is profound. It should be done for the Holy See!" Looking at Xuan Yue, his heart was full of tenderness, and he never wanted to be separated from his beloved.

Xuan Yue was very anxious, glanced at Ba Buyi, and Chong Xuan Ye said: "But, dad, I have promised dumb to accompany him to the Death Mountain. With our current cultivation base, there is no danger. How can I leave now? I promise you that as long as this matter is over, I will return to the Holy See immediately. Dad, please, let me go." After hearing Xuanyue's words, Ba Buyi was shocked. It is very clear that Xuan Yue must be the elf clan who came with Duan. It seems that they have been together all this time! Strong acidity filled Ba Buyi's heart, and he couldn't help frowning. Secretly decided that no matter what, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai must be separated this time and return to the Holy See with herself. In his heart, Xuan Yue had already been regarded as his unmarried wife.

Xuan Ye stood up abruptly from the ground, his body trembled because of his anger, he said bitterly, "Dumb, you only have that silly boy in your heart. I really don't understand, what is so good about him that is worthy of you. Follow along. Yueyue, I tell you, even if you don’t want to, you must return to the Holy See with me. Otherwise, I won’t have your daughter. Your magic cultivation is advanced and your wings hardened, right? Normally, You are naughty, you are savage, I leave it to you, I am just a daughter like you, and I naturally hope you are happy. Although you didn’t want to learn magic when you were a child, I never forced you. But now the situation is different, you follow What's so good about that dumb boy. Is he worthy of you? Don't forget, you are the granddaughter of the pope, the eldest lady in the Holy See. Would you like to be with a dumb boy who is nowhere to be outstanding? I would never agree. You died early." Pointing to Ba Buyi beside Xuan Yue, Xuan Ye's voice softened a bit, "Look if you don't follow, he has been working hard since he was a child, regardless of his appearance, The identity is still the family background, the person who can be worthy of you. That dumb body has too many unstable factors, even if he doesn't talk about his Pluto sword, his stupid appearance is not worthy of being my son-in-law. Yueyue Based on my father’s long-standing knowledge of people, Buyi is the most suitable candidate for you, and he will definitely bring you happiness. Listen to my father, and be completely broken with that dumb, okay?"

Tears flowed from Xuanyue’s big eyes, and the crystal tears wet her white magic robe. She shook her head vigorously, and cried: "No, Dad, dumb is not as bad as you said, he, he He is also very strong! Besides, he is still a disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, and his status is not very bad. Dad, please, don't force me, okay?"

Xuan Ye snorted, it's better for Xuan Yue not to mention the Tiangang Sword Sect. When she heard her mention the words Tiangang Sword Sect, Xuan Ye's anger stopped. Except for this setback in Destroying the Valley, Tiangang The humiliation the Juggernaut brought him that day is the one he will most never forget. Speaking of which, he had a bad impression of Dui, and part of the reason was for this. He said bitterly, "Tiangang Sword Sect? Don’t you know what is the relationship between the Holy See and Tiangang Sword Sect? Those self-righteous guys are my favorite. Annoying, Yueyue, if you don't go back with me, I will immediately kill Dumb." After speaking, he turned and walked out. Xuan Yue was taken aback, and hurriedly grabbed his father's clothes, and begged: "Dad, no! Don't do anything with Dumb. No matter who of you is injured, Yueyue will be sad to death. Dad, I beg you, Don't embarrass him." Xuan Yue's grief has reached its extreme, how she doesn't want to leave Dumb! The relationship between the two has just picked up. Once they are separated, they don't know when they will meet again. Xuan Ye looked at her crying daughter, her heart softened, sighed, and held Xuan Yue’s body, saying: "Yue Yue, you promise to go home with me. Your grandpa died, your mother is still Knowing how sad it is, don't you want to go back and help Dad comfort her together?"

Xuan Yue's heart trembled, when she heard her father mention her mother, she nodded involuntarily. Muttered: "Dad, I can go back with you, but can you let Dumb go with us?"

Xuan Ye said flatly: "No, what is he, how can you go to the Holy See with us casually. You die early. From now on, I will never allow you to be with him again."

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, she stood up abruptly, stepped back, and said sadly: "Why? Why dad? Why do you always have a prejudice against Dui? I admit that Dui's appearance is not handsome, but he He has a kind heart! I like his people, not his appearance. Why can't you fulfill us?"

Hearing Xuan Yue's words, Ba Buyi's heart suddenly sank into the valley. He had realized that what Xuan Yue had said to him in the Tianjin Mountain Range was a lie, and that she still loved the man named Dumb.

Xuan Yeqi trembled all over, and pointed her finger at Xuan Yue and said, "Okay, okay, okay, it's really not a female college student! Yes, I just have a prejudice against him, and I just hate him. I will never allow you and him. Together. Xuanyue, as long as you still admit that you are my daughter, you must listen to me. Don't you like him? Okay, I will kill him now and stop your thoughts." Finished, angry The rushing ones turned and walked outside. Xuan Ye had been dazzled by the anger, and there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to kill the dumb who had taken away his daughter.

"Dad--" Xuan Yue stopped Xuan Ye with a shrill cry. She leaned against the wall of the tree house, and from her calf pulled out the autumn water dagger given by the Yajin clan patriarch Diya and placed it on her neck. The autumn water dagger exuded a faint cold light, Xuanyue's face was reflected in the light, and it seemed She became paler, even though Xuan Yue hadn't tried her strength yet, the sharpness of Qiu Shui's dagger had already drawn a faint blood mark on her neck. Xuan Ye's heart trembled, "Yueyue, what are you going to do? Put down the dagger first."

"No, I won't let go, Dad, if you really want to kill dumb, then I will die in front of you. Please, let him go, we love each other sincerely, why can't you make us perfect? Do you want me to suffer for the rest of my life? Dad, please, you can fulfill us."

Seeing her daughter's painful and desperate eyes, Xuan Ye had mixed feelings in her heart, took a deep breath, calmed down her inner turmoil, and said, "Yueyue, you put the dagger down first, I just don't hurt Dui."

Xuan Yue choked up: "Really? Are you really willing to fulfill us?"

Xuan Ye said with a sullen face: "It's too early for you to say it, you're still young, let's talk about this later. I promise you that dumb and them will return to the Holy See with us. It's okay." Facing her daughter Although he was unwilling to despair, he still reluctantly compromised. Xuanyue and Nasha are the two most important people in his heart, how can he bear to look at his daughter like this.

Knowing that Xuan Ye could not be forced too much now, she sat down on the ground and inserted the dagger back into the sheath of her calf. A trace of anger was restored in her beautiful eyes, and she muttered, "Dad, thank you, dad."

Xuan Ye gave a long sigh, walked to Xuan Yue's body and helped her daughter up. He no longer had the previous anger, and used a low-level recovery technique to cure the blood marks on Xuan Yue's neck that were sharply cut by the dagger. Okay, sighed: "Silly boy, that dumb, is it really worthy of you? I can't scare my father so much in the future. Dad, you are such a daughter!

Xuan Yue watched her father turn kindly gaze into her heart, and she threw herself into Xuan Ye's arms and burst into tears, as if she wanted to vent the grief in her heart completely. Xuan Ye hugged her daughter's beautiful body, and her heart was extremely confused. Although he hated Dumb, he couldn't stop Xuan Yue from being with him at this time, and could only think of a way later.

In the tree house, the saddest person is Babuyi. He clenched his fists tightly, and the jealousy in his chest seemed to break out of his body. Yueyue, Yueyue actually committed suicide for that stupid boy. why? Why is Yueyue so indifferent to herself, but so good to that stupid boy? He is not reconciled! He asked himself, his love for Xuan Yue is definitely a lot, and he is stronger than Dumb in every respect. No matter what he thought, he didn't understand why Xuan Yue would choose Dumb. He hated the dumb who snatched Yueyue.

At this moment, Baburun and the Elf brought Audi back together. As soon as they entered the door, they were shocked when they saw Xuan Yue crying in Xuan Ye's arms. Babulun cast a questioning gaze at his son, only to find that Ba Buyi's body was trembling slightly, and his angry and jealous eyes felt cold.

Babulun Chongxuanye said, "What's the matter with your father and daughter? You cry as soon as you meet. Now that things are over, why bother to be so sad?" Although he knew that Xuanyue was crying, it was definitely not because of the Holy See. This time he suffered a heavy loss, but he still asked the question, he wanted to see how Xuan Ye would respond.

Xuan Ye patted her daughter on the shoulder, turned her head and said to Baburun: "Is everything done? We are all right. Brother Bruno, you should go to rest first. We will return to the Holy See early tomorrow morning."

Babulun nodded and stretched out his hand to pull his son, but Babuyi stood still, still showing his previous expression. Baburun frowned and said, "No, go, let's go out and talk." After speaking, he forcibly pulled his son out of the tree house. Seeing the departure of Babulun and his son, Xuan Ye sighed, "Yueyue, don't cry, let's meditate and rest for a while."

The Audi elf ambassador Chong Xuanyue said: "Dumb, I have arranged them, they will rest by the lake, if you have something, you can go directly to them." After that, he turned around and went out of the ancient tree to continue to arrange the search for the dark alien race. Thing. He didn't understand now, what these young people were thinking about, they seemed to be more impulsive than when they chased the Elf Queen.

Xuanyue lowered her head and sobbed and said, "Dad, thank you." Feeling her father's care and love, Xuanyue felt much more comfortable in her heart.

Xuan Ye said, "You are my daughter, so what can I do to thank you. Besides, I didn't promise you and Dumb. Let's talk about everything when I return to the Holy See. Now, it is important to eliminate the forces of darkness." He finished. Sitting cross-legged beside Xuan Yue, she closed her eyes and started thinking.

Although Xuan Ye didn't directly agree to her and Ah-Dai's affairs, Xuan Yue's heart still relaxed a lot. After all, his father had already let go. As long as he didn't separate from Ah-Dai, she would always let his father gradually accept him. Thinking of this, Xuan Yue lost her grief, and also sat cross-legged, entering a state of meditation.

In the secret room of the ancient elf tree, the elf queen looked at her daughter, her eyes full of worry. Xing'er couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed in the scorching gaze of his mother, and muttered: "Mom."

The elf queen stroked her daughter’s long pale green hair, and said softly: “Xing’er, you should remember that you promised your mother. Now that dumb is here, you must not be moved by him anymore, for the continuation of our people. Also, for your own sake, promise your mother, okay?"

Xing'er's whole body was shaken. Although she and Duan only met in a hurry, her quiet heart finally stirred up again. The words of the Elf Queen were like a basin of cold water, extinguishing the impulse in her heart and regaining her sanity, yes! How can I be with Dumb? He is a descendant of the Elf King!

The elf queen looked at her brooding daughter and said, "Xing'er, be good, listen to mom. It's impossible for you and Dui. You have also seen sister Xuanyue. She is Dui's partner."

Xing'er raised his head and said in surprise: "Mom, you mean, Sister Xuanyue and Big Brother A'Dai, they..."

The Elf Queen nodded and said, "They have been together since four years ago. It is impossible for you to intervene in it. Dumb has always treated you as a sister. Do you understand?"

Xing'er's beautiful eyes gradually turned red, and he muttered: "Mom, I, I know what to do. But, I really like Big Brother Dumb, I, I'm so painful now!"

The Elf Queen put her daughter in her arms, and said softly: "Silly boy, mother is also here, how can you not understand what is on your mind? Listen to mother, the long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain, give up."

Xing'er cried, full of sorrow. She has matured a lot after the things in the dark empire. She knows what is more important to her. As the inheritor of the Elf King, her life is not entirely her own. She knew that her first love was over.

Babulun and Babuyi came out of the old elves. Coming to the Elf Lake, Baburun took his son back to the tree house built for them by the Elves, frowning and said: "What's wrong with you? Did Yueyue say something just now?" Baburun's eyes were flushed red. At the beginning, he said bitterly: "Father, why, why doesn't Yueyue like me? Just now, she told Uncle Xuanye that she really likes that dumb boy, and the things she told me last time were all lies. Why? Ah? I'm not as good as the dumb dumb. I'm not reconciled, I'm so reconciled. Yueyue is mine, and no one can take her away."

Babulun suddenly yelled, "Look at the fist." The fist wrapped in golden light suddenly blasted towards Babuyi's chest. Babuyi was taken aback, but he was in crisis these days, and his skill increased. He reacted when his fist came to his body. The upper body suddenly fell down like a fold, and at the same time raised his right leg to The father kicked off the wrist.

There was a glimmer of admiration in Babulun’s eyes, and he lost his strength and made a move with Babuyi abruptly. In the muffled sound, Babuyi was shocked and flew out, his body flipped a few times in the air. Stay stable. The vindictiveness Baburon used was just right, just not hurting him. Ba Buyi calmed down the blood surging in his body, and said in surprise: "Dad, what are you doing?"

Babron said coldly: "Nothing, I just want to wake you up. If you don't, you have to remember that you have to fight for everything by yourself. Fight for it, do you understand? I won't say much about the others~ Think about it yourself. I don’t want you to be decadent because of this incident. There is still time, as long as Yueyue doesn’t get married with that dumb, you will still have a chance." After that, she didn’t look back. Is gone.

Babuyi stood in the tree house in a daze, and his father's words kept lingering in his ears. Fight, everything must be fought for yourself. But what should I do to win Yueyue's heart. Suddenly, a wicked thought came up in his mind, killing Dumb, I'm going to kill that kid. The evil thoughts flashed past, and he shook off the thoughts forcefully. It wouldn't work. Even if he killed him, Yueyue wouldn't like herself. Maybe she would break with herself completely because of his death. What can we do to separate them?

With a move in his heart, Ba Buyi suddenly remembered what Xuanyue had said to him when he was in the Tianjin Mountains. His mood was constantly flashing, his eyes showed cold eyes, his fists were clenched, and he said to himself: "Dumb , I will definitely let you leave Yueyue." At this moment, Ba Buyi was completely dazzled by jealousy, and was determined to separate Ah-Dai and Xuanyue.

After a day of rest and recovery, the elves returned to their former calm, but the plants growing outside the barrier could not be restored in a day or two.

As night fell, the bright moon hung in the air like a jade plate, bringing a ray of light to the earth. The night dance is pervasive, bringing a sense of mystery to the beautiful city of elves.

Chapter 139: Dui leave

In order to celebrate the retreat of the dark forces, the Elf Queen held a special dinner to entertain the Holy See, Dumb and others.

On the side of the Elf Lake, the Elves and the Elves of the Elf Clan attended the banquet, and the rest of the Holy See sat together under the leadership of Xuan Ye and Xuan Yuan. Dumbs sat together alone. Ever since Xuan Yue followed Xuan Ye, Ah Du's gaze has never left Xuan Yue's body, and his emotional gaze made Ba Buyi on the side even more jealous.

The Elf Queen flew up and smiled and said: "According to all the spies we sent, there are no dark aliens ambushing around, and there are no members of their clansmen even in the wingman forest connecting the borders. It seems that the enemy has really retreated. Tomorrow, the friends of the Holy See will leave. I take this opportunity to represent the elves, and I will give you some fruit here. We only have fruit here, so let’s ignore it."

Xuan Ye stood up and greeted the Elf Queen slightly, saying: "Your Majesty, the elves' kindness to the Holy See and the contributions to mankind will never be forgotten. No matter when, the Holy See will always be a friend of the Elves. I don’t say thank you, Xuanye is here to say goodbye to you in advance. From now on, as long as there is something to do with the elves, you only need a letter, and Xuanye is determined to help."

The dinner began. After more than ten days of life and death, the remaining people in the Holy See were full of affection for these kind elves. Although there were only lake water and fruits, everyone had a great time to eat. The happiest thing is the rock. In the daytime, his sincere and long talk with Zhuo Yun has established the relationship between the two. They finally decided to put down all the burdens and be together. The sweetness between the two, dumb. The others are envious.

Looking at Zhuo Yun nestling beside the rock, A'Dai wanted to hold Xuan Yue in his arms too! But now that Xuanye is there, he can only bury this idea in his heart.

In the time when humans and elves are cherishing each other, the dinner is coming to an end. At this moment, Xing'er beside the Elf Queen suddenly stood up, walked to Xuan Yue's side, and said something lowly in her ear. Ah Dai, who had been watching Xuan Yue all the time, suddenly felt tight, remembering what the Rock had said to him, and couldn't help but look at the Elf Queen for help. The Elf Queen smiled at him indifferently and gave him a reassuring look. Dumb was relieved.

After hearing Xing'er's words, Xuan Yue frowned slightly, stood up, confessed to Xuan Ye, and looked at Ah-Dai suspiciously, and then Xing'er and Xing'er walked into the forest aside.

Dumb felt anxious, and was about to follow up to have a look, but found that there was one more person beside him. Looking up, it was Babuyi who had met once in the Tianjin Mountain Range. Babuyi calmly said, "Dumb, can we talk about it? Talk about Yueyue." Dumb dumbfounded, stood up and said: "What are you talking about?"

Ba Buyi calmly said: "Come with me, it's better to explain some things clearly." After speaking, he turned and walked in the opposite direction where Xuanyue and Xing'er had left. It's about Xuanyue, how could Ah Duan not go, so he had to follow his footsteps. Soon, their figures were submerged in the forest. At this time, Shizheng and Zhuo Yun were whispering. And Oliveira, Keanu, Iwali and Tsukihime are chatting happily. Xuan Ye was talking to the Elf Queen about the forces of darkness. The Chief Judge Xuanyuan leaned on the tree and found out that Duan and Ba Buyi had left. Only Deputy Chief Judge Babulun had left. Although Babulun didn’t know exactly what his son was going to do, he knew that Babuyi must have gone to a showdown with Dumb. Seeing his son so brave, Babuyi couldn’t help showing a faint smile, and secretly cheered for his son. .

Xing'er brought Xuan Yue to a quiet place in the forest before she stopped. Xing'er turned his back to Xuan Yue, and said, "Sister, do you know? I really like Big Brother Adu."

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken. Just now Xing'er said to her that she wanted to talk to her about dumb, and she followed out. At this time, hearing Xing'er's straightforward words, she couldn't help but frown, and said calmly, "So what? Like? Does Duan like you?" Faced with Xinger's challenge to her feelings, she would never back down.

Xing'er turned around, smiled sadly, and said, "Yes, Big Brother Adu also likes me. But I know that his liking for me is just the kind of feelings between brothers and sisters, and I am totally willing."

As soon as Xuan Yue stayed, she didn't expect that Xing'er would say such things, and couldn't help but wonder: "Then what do you want to say to me when you ask me to come out?"

Xing'er sighed, the sadness in his eyes suddenly disappeared, and he smiled relaxedly, and said: "I asked my sister to come out, just want to chat with you. Sister, don't be nervous, I'm not your rival in love. My mother I am the Queen of the Elves. I am the only person in the Elf clan who has the blood of the Elf King besides her, that is to say, I will become the next generation of the Elf Queen. Therefore, it is impossible for me to be with Big Brother Dah. Big Brother Dah It can be regarded as my first love, no, it should be the unrequited love that has passed. Sister Xuanyue, you are really beautiful. I have always said that I have a great appearance, but compared to you, my sister, Only you can be worthy of Big Brother Dumb! I sincerely wish you all."

The change in Xing'er's attitude caused Xuan Yue not to reflect it for a while, and murmured: "You are only because you are young. After a few years, you will be more beautiful than me."

Xing'er walked to Xuan Yue's side, took her hand, and said, "Sister, you must treat Big Brother A'Dai well! Big Brother is too honest and kind."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Thank you, *, don’t worry, since I love him, of course I will treat him well. I didn’t expect that I am not the only one who is fond of dumb dumb! Sister, I once heard dumb say Through the process of saving you, but his eloquence is too bad, what he said is not wonderful at all, can you tell me more?"

Xing'er said excitedly: "Okay! Sister, let's just chat here for a while. I want to hear the story of you and Big Brother Adu too? He is so dull, I really don't know how to catch up with you." Having said this, the beautiful two laughed unanimously, and the shadows in their hearts were all resolved. The two sat under a big tree, whispering.

Duan followed Ba Buyi into the Elf Forest. Ba Buyi walked in front of him unhurriedly. Ten minutes passed, but Ba Buyi still didn't mean to stop. Dumb was worried about Xuanyue and Xing'er, and couldn't help but say, "Big Brother Babuyi, let's just talk about it here. What's the matter with you? You have to ask me to come out."

Ba Buyi was awakened by Ah-Dai from his thoughts. He had been wondering how to use his strategy seamlessly. Turning around, he faced Ah-Dai and said, "Don’t call me big brother. You are just a commoner, and I am the light judge of the Holy See, and our status is completely different. You just call my name."

Listening to Babuyi's arrogant words, Duan couldn't help frowning, and said, "Well, Babuyi, you can say something now."

Babuyi's tone softened, and he sighed softly, "Dumb, let me ask you a question. Your appearance, background, and martial arts are better than me."

Dumb froze, and honestly replied: "You are much handsomer than me. You are from the Holy See, naturally better than me. As for martial arts, I haven't played against each other, I don't know."

Ba Buyi smiled with satisfaction and said, "Do you know what my true identity is?"

Dumb said: "Isn't it the light judge of the Holy See?"

Ba Buyi nodded and said: "Yes, I am the light judge of the Holy See, and my father is the deputy presiding judge of the Holy See. From a very young age, I have worked hard to become strong and practice martial arts assiduously. With my efforts, Now I am finally the youngest judge of light in the Holy See. Among the younger generation of the Holy See, I am the best. My father and Uncle Xuanye are close friends. When Yueyue and I were just born, we booked for us. I got married, so I have another identity, that is Yueyue’s unmarried-husband-."

The last three words of Ba Buyi, like a three-handled giant hammer, smashed into Ah Du's heart. He said silently: "What, you, you are Yueyue's fiance? This is impossible, this is impossible. Yue Yue Yue never told me. I don't believe it, I don't believe it." He couldn't believe that Yueyue, whom he loved so much, was already someone else's unmarried wife.

Ba Buyi watched that Ah-Dai had already gotten into his own trap, and said unhurriedly, "It's useless if you deny it. This is indeed a fact. I grew up with Yueyue and we were childhood sweethearts. In the Holy See, who doesn't know us? They are a match made in heaven. We have been in love for more than ten years. That is not what you can compare."

Dumb's body was trembling slightly. At this time, his heart was completely in conflict, and he reluctantly argued: "But, but Yueyue said she loves me!"

Ba disdainfully smiled and said: "Love you? Do you believe it yourself? Yueyue is so beautiful, and she is the pope's granddaughter. She will fall in love with you, an ordinary person who is not outstanding? I will tell you frankly. Yueyue The reason why I have been with you all the time is to repay her for your kindness in saving her life."

A Duan shook his whole body and shouted, "No, it won't. Yueyue and I love each other sincerely. It is impossible to repay me, I, I..."

Ba Buyi gained the upper hand and sneered: "This is what Yueyue said to me personally. Can there be any mistakes? I will prove it to you later. Do you know? Yueyue has paid in order to repay your favor How much, she does not hesitate to give up the superior life in the Holy See and come out to find you, and want to help you fulfill a few wishes. For you, today Yueyue and Uncle Xuanye have a big fight for you. Because Yueyue is a girl, she and I have a marriage contract, so Uncle Xuanye doesn’t allow her to be with you, but Yueyue insists on repaying you for the kindness. I don’t know when you found Yueyue in disguise. But you know why she has been Does Yi Rongcheng follow you like a man? That's because she is afraid that you have any wrong thoughts. You say Yueyue loves you, it just can't bear to refuse you, not really love you. I am a man How can you watch your unmarried wife always be with others? That’s why I asked you to come out and make it clear."

Dumb's face turned pale, yeah! With such a noble status as Yueyue, how could she fall in love with herself? She has been disguising herself as Xuan Ri with herself, without letting herself know her true identity, repaying gratitude, do I need to repay it? For Ba Buyi's words, Dui had believed seven points. He was a little bit unable to breathe with heartache, and he supported a tall tree next to him to prevent himself from falling down, staring at Ba Buyi, and said, "Then what do you want me to do?"

Ba Buyi suppressed his excitement and said, "It's very simple. I want you to leave Yueyue immediately and stop pestering her. Uncle Xuanye was planning to let her marry me, but she has been with you. By your side, people will gossiping. Yueyue is so beautiful, and I know you like her very much. But, I can tell you that I love Yueyue more than you. We are right, and only I can match last month. Yue. I’m a person who can be at peace. I just want to live a peaceful life in the Holy See with Yueyue. Dumb, if you really love Yueyue, let her go. Don’t let her do it for you. Uncle Xuanye is already very annoyed by such a big incident in the Holy See this time. I really can’t bear to watch their father and daughter have a conflict, nor can I bear to watch Yueyue suffer by your side. That's why I made up my mind to come to you."

The grief in Ah Dui's heart at this time is not worse than when he first learned of Corris's death. He had already fallen in love with Xuanyue deeply. How difficult it is for him to accept the "facts" Babuyi said! With a wow, Ah-Dai spouted a mouthful of blood, and said sternly: "Yueyue, why are you lying to me, I, I don't need you to repay me, why are you lying to me."

Seeing Ah Dumb's painful look, Ba Buyi's eyes flashed unbearable, but it was just a flash. He sighed and walked to the side of Ah-Dai, and used his sacred anger to help Ah-Dai adjust his uneven breath, "A-Dai, don't do this. There are many women in the world, so just let Yueyue go. This, yes. She is good for me, for Uncle Xuanye, and for yourself."

A Dumb stared at Ba Buyi, because of his luck, Ba Buyi's body exuded a faint golden light, which was so tall in Dui's eyes. Yes! How can I be more handsome than him? How could Yueyue really like herself? Duan nodded heavily, and said, "Well, as long as you can prove that Yueyue really doesn't love me, she is with me only to repay her favor, and I will leave."

Ba Buyi was overjoyed. He knew that his words had already had an effect in Dumb's heart. He thought to himself, this kid is really silly and cute! Now that he had entered the scorpion, he had completely eliminated his idea of Yueyue. Thinking of this, Ba Buyi nodded and said: "Okay, let's go to Yueyue now, I hope you can keep your promise. Let's go."

With endless sadness, Ah Du followed Babuyi towards the shore of the Elf Lake. Most of the people had already dispersed, and they went back to their rooms to rest, only Xuan Ye and the Elf Queen were still talking. Ba Buyi turned his head and glanced at the pale dumb behind him, and said, "Let's not disturb Uncle Xuanye and the others. Yueyue and Princess Elf went over there just now. Maybe they haven't finished talking, let's go and take a look." After that, I took Ah Dao and walked in the direction where Xuan Yue and Xing'er had left.

From a distance, Ba Buyi and Dui had heard Xuanyue and Xing'er’s silver bell-like laughter. Ba Buyi stopped and transmitted to Dui, "Dubai, let me ask Yueyue, you wait here. Go ahead. If you show up, Yueyue won't tell the truth because of your original favor. Don't make a noise to disturb her."

Duan nodded heavily, condensing his breath. Ba Buyi floated up and fell in the direction of Xuan Yue and the fairy princess Xing'er. When he was still twenty meters away from the two of Xuan Yue, Xuan Yue had already discovered his arrival, and the golden light suddenly shined. Xuan Yue shouted, "Who is it?"

Ba Buyi floated down and said, "Yueyue, it's me."

Xuan Yue said in surprise: "Big Brother Babuyi, why are you here? Did your dad ask you to come to us? We will go back now."

Ba Buyi was a little nervous. Whether he could drive Ah-Dai away from Xuanyue's side, now is the most critical moment. He took a deep breath, stared at Xuanyue's eyes, and solemnly said: "Yueyue, it’s not Uncle Xuanye’s I came to you. I came to you. I just wanted to ask you a question. You only have to answer yes or no."

Xuan Yue froze, and said, "What's the problem?" Ba Buyi's sudden appearance made her heart suddenly feel uneasy.

Ba Buyi said solemnly: "Yueyue, when you were in the Tianjin Mountain Range, did you tell me that you were staying with Ah to repay him for his life-saving grace, and you will return to the Holy See when things are over. "Xuan Yue frowned: "Yes, I said it. But, Big Brother Babuyi, I..."

Ba Buyi reached out to stop Xuan Yue from speaking any more, nodded, and said: "Since you admit that you said it, I understand your mind. Okay, I won't disturb you." After speaking, he turned and floated in the direction he came. Up. When he returned to the side of Ah-Dah, he found that Ah-Dah was standing there like a statue, without a trace of expression in his eyes. Babuyi knew that his goal had been achieved. He pulled up Dumb and carried him towards the shore of the Elf Lake.

Xing'er looked at Xuanyue who was constantly thinking about it in confusion, and said, "Sister, what did he mean by what he said just now? How did he say that you were with Brother A'Dai to repay your grace!"

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and said: "That's just what I lied to him. Brother Babuyi is actually a good person. I also know that he has always liked me, but in my heart, I can't pretend to be anyone except Ah Dui. Yes. I said that last time because I was afraid of him getting entangled. Hey--, it seems that Big Brother Babuyi is still not fully awake! I can't like him."

Xing'er chuckled and said, "So my sister is telling lies! Lying is not a good boy. Let's talk about your affairs in the Red Hurricanes, how did Big Brother A'Dai wake up later..."

Ba Buyi took Ah Dui to the forest near the Elf Lake and stopped, urging the sacred qi in his body to continuously input it into Dui's body. Dui gradually recovered his consciousness, wow, and spit out another mouthful of blood, and sat down on the ground faintly. Xuan Yue's words just shattered his last hope, and his mind became pale, and it was only then that he gradually woke up. .

Babuyi sighed and said, "Dumb, I know you feel uncomfortable, and no one will accept this kind of thing. Rather than getting more painful in the future, it is too late to leave now."

Dumb had no eyes on his pale face, and there was no expression on his pale face. He said faintly, "I know what to do. Don't worry, I won't disturb you and Miss Xuanyue's life in the future. I will disappear automatically." After he finished speaking, he urged the vitality in his body, and the light blue transformation blade appeared in his hands. A Duan waved his hand, and under the surprised gaze of Ba Buyi, he cut out a piece of bark from the big tree beside him. The blade of change changed into the appearance of an awl, and his hand was flying like a fly, and he quickly spoke on the tree in the Holy Vatican. There was fine writing on the skin.

After a long while, the bark was covered with some distorted small characters. He handed the bark to Ba Buyi and said, "Teach Yueyue, please. Yueyue is a good girl. You have to treat him well. Otherwise, death will Light-Pro-yours." The aura of Ah'Dai's body suddenly flourished. It was full of murderous and domineering violent energy. In front of Ah'Dai, Ba Buyi suddenly felt that he was so weak and small, and there was no chance to resist. .

Dumb gave Ba Buyi a blank expression and said, "Remember what I said, maybe I will never see you again." The figure flashed and disappeared into the vast night.

Dumb left, and all the pressure disappeared. Ba Buyi found that his clothes had been soaked with sweat, what a terrifying power! It turned out that this stupid boy has such a strong strength, which may be one reason why Yueyue likes him. But at this moment, Ah Dui was finally driven away successfully, and Ba Buyi felt proud. He wanted to destroy the bark in his hand, but when he saw the content on the bark, he carefully carried it into his arms, and a cold smile appeared on his handsome face.

Xuan Yue and Xing'er talked happily, and after separating from Xing'er, she decided to go to Dui first and told him that her father allowed Dui to go to the Holy See. When she came to the tall tree house by the lake, she knocked on the door a few times and whispered, "Dumb, dumb, are you there?"

The door opened, Yan Li poked his head out of it, and smiled at Xuanyue, and said: "Yueyue! Come in quickly. Dumb kid doesn't know where he went, I guess he will be back soon." After that, Xuan Yue opened the door and let in. The Audi elf was very thoughtful when building this tree house. The tree house was divided into several pieces. Moon Ji lived alone in the innermost part. Oliveira, Enraged, and the Rock brothers were outside. At this time, there was only Oliveira, Keanu and Rock, not even Tsukihime. Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling a little lost when she didn't see Ah-Dai right away, and asked, "Do you know what Ah-Dai did? How long has it been since he came back?"

Oliveira shook his head and said: "Dilly boss was still sitting next to us at the dinner, and then disappeared in a blink of an eye. I don't know where to go. But he shouldn't go far. He is like a friend among the elves. That’s so much, maybe who I’m going to look for? Big Brother Rock will probably come back very late. I didn’t expect that he has already found a beautiful elf girlfriend. It’s amazing."

Xuanyue waited for a while in the tree house. Seeing that Ah-Dai hadn’t come back, she decided not to wait. After all, Xuanye just let go, she didn’t want to annoy her father anymore, so she said, “Big Brother Yanli, tomorrow our people from the Holy See I went back, because there was such a big incident this time, so I have to go back with my father. If you are all right, let's go together. When Dumb comes back, don't forget to tell him that I will go back first."

Yan Li's eyes lit up and said, "Should I go to the Holy See? Good! This is a good thing. Yueyue, does the Holy See have a beautiful woman like you! Introduce one to you, Yanli. It doesn't matter if it looks different, as long as Good character is fine. Seeing that you are all in pairs, my eldest brother is not happy!"

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "Okay, I will definitely introduce a beauty to you if I have a chance. I won't disturb you anymore, I will go back first." After speaking, she turned around and returned to the Elf Queen to let Xuan Ye and Judge Xuan Yuan’s Elf Gu Tree tree house.

In the early morning, the remaining sixty people of the Holy See after the Battle of the Destroyed Valley had packed their bags and gathered on the shore of the Elf Lake. The presiding judge Xuanyuan, the father and daughter of the red clothing sacrifice Xuanye, and the deputy presiding judge Babulun and his son gathered together. They looked at their subordinates, and they all showed a faint sorrow. When they came, there was a huge team of more than 1,000 people. , But now there are only a few remaining defeated soldiers.

Xuan Yue looked around, looking for the figure of Dui. The rock and others had already arrived, but there was only one Dui missing from the crowd. She couldn't help feeling a little anxious in her heart. She glanced at Xuan Ye and moved towards the rock.

Zhuo Yun stood beside the rock with a sweet feeling in his eyes. Rock didn't go back to the tree house at all last night, and chatted with Zhuo Yun for one night. The relationship between the two people deepened. The men and women in love only had each other's figure. Therefore, the rock did not find that Dumb was not there.

Xuan Yue walked to the rock and said, "Big Brother Rock, where's dumb? I'm about to leave, why didn't I see him?"

The rock froze, with a trace of embarrassment on his face, and said in a low voice: "I didn't see him either. I chatted with Zhuo Yun outside last night and didn't return to the tree house. You can ask Ali, he should know." After speaking, he turned and called out Rock Li who was not far away. Yanli had just walked over from the woods, his face was solemn, and Xuanyue and Yan said: "A dumb is gone, he has not come back last night, we looked for him all morning, and we didn't find him, this kid I don't know where I went."

Xuan Yue was shocked and lost her voice: "What? Dumb is gone. But, this is going to go! I will ask Aunt Queen." She walked quickly to the Elf Queen, who took the importance of the Elf race. The character was about to see off the people of the Holy See. When he saw Xuan Yue hurriedly approaching herself, she smiled and said, "Yueyue, what's the worry?"

Xuan Yue said anxiously: "Auntie, Dumb is gone, do you know where he went?"

The elf queen was shocked, and turned her head and rushed to Audi next to her: "The big elf, Dumb is gone. Go and ask our people if you have seen him."

Audi stunned and said, "Was he still there last night? Where can he go?" After speaking, he hurriedly ordered his elves to ask the patrols.

At this time, everyone in the Holy See had all packed up, Xuan Ye walked to the Elf Queen and smiled and said: "Your Majesty, we are ready to set off, let's have a period later."

Xuan Yue said anxiously: "Dad, wait a minute, dumb, dumb, he's gone."

Xuan Ye frowned and said: "A dumb is gone? Yueyue, our schedule can't be delayed. Isn't he unwilling to go to the Holy See? He deliberately avoided it. If that's the case, why should you force him."

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "I haven't seen him since the banquet last night. He doesn't even know that I want him to go to the Holy See, and he will definitely not go. Dumb. Really, where did it go."

After a while, the Audi elves flew back, and he shook his head at and said, "None of our people have seen Dumb. I have already dispersed my hands to search for it."

Xuan Ye said: "Yueyue, let's go. When they find Dumb, let him catch up. With so many of us, we can't delay the trip just because he is alone." It was just right for him to find Dui. .

Xuan Yue's heart was confused, she shook her head firmly, and said, "No, I won't leave if I can't find Dumb. He will definitely not go far, Dad, just wait a while."

At this time, the rock and the others also surrounded them, and the disappearance of Duan made them very worried.

Xuan Ye looked at her daughter and said angrily: "Don't you leave here if you can't find him for a lifetime? Yueyue, why are you getting less and less sensible."

Xuan Yue begged: "Dad, I can't find Dumb. How can I leave without worry? Just wait a while."

Babulun and his son walked to Xuan Ye's side, Ba Buyi looked at Xuan Yue's anxious look, a gleam of jealousy flashed in his eyes, and he rushed to Xuan Yue and said, "Yueyue, don't wait any longer. Look, I'm in the woods. I found this in the middle. I can't wait for him." After speaking, he took out the bark left by Dui from his arms and handed it over.

Chapter 140: Xuan Yue Fengxin

Xuanyue took the tree bark suspiciously and looked intently. The handwriting on the tree bark was exactly the handwriting of Duan. As soon as she saw the content on it, her whole body was shaken, and the tree bark wrote: "Yueyue, I will go. No. Don’t find me, I will never see you again. We are not suitable. How can I match you on my terms? I don’t want you to be with me because of repaying your gratitude, let alone because of me Your father and daughter are at odds. Yueyue, I have gone, gone forever. Although I love you so much, I never want to see you in pain and embarrassment. Take care. Babuyi is the one Your best husband candidate. Yueyue, I'm so stupid, I always thought you loved me, but all this is just my illusory dream. Goodbye, goodbye forever. Please help me to tell them to Brother Rock Sorry. I can’t go to the Death Mountains with them. Let the two big brothers, Rock and Yanli, return to the Puyan clan and tell Prophet Purin that if I am alive during the millennium catastrophe, I will definitely do my best to eliminate the dark forces. Great. Also, I can’t take the two brothers Oliveira and Keanu anymore, and let them return to the Mage’s Guild. As for sister Yueji, let her return to the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Yueyue, do you know? My heart is dying, maybe, for the rest of my life, I will not be in contact with feelings, maybe I will never see you again, but no matter where I am in the mainland, I will silently bless you, After all, you are the only woman I have ever loved. I hope you will be happy forever. — Dumb."

After Xuanyue read the letter left by A'Dai, her whole body was trembling constantly. She could clearly feel the pain and struggle in A'Dai's heart from the lines in the letter. Why on earth is this? Why would Ah Dumb say this suddenly? Rock and others all gathered around and looked at the bark in Xuan Yue's hand. After reading the content on it, they were all silent.

The rock said solemnly: "Yueyue, tell me what the **** is going on? What repays you? Why did you say that you were barely with him. You must give us an explanation." He treated him like a brother. , Dumb was gone, the anxiety in his heart was not below Xuan Yue.

Ba Buyi stopped in front of Xuan Yue, staring at the rock and said, "What can I explain, how does the dumb boy match Last Yueyue? This is his wisest choice."

Xuanyue's face became abnormally pale. She was not dumb, not as dull as dumb. Two cold lights shot out from her beautiful eyes, gritted her teeth and said, "Big Brother Babuyi, did you say something to dumb? Yesterday. In the evening, when you came to ask me that question, was Duan with him?"

Ba Buyi shook his whole body. He didn't expect Xuan Yue to see the flaw at a glance, and he couldn't help but regret giving her the bark. Turning to look at Xuanyue, she said in embarrassment, "Yueyue, how could it happen? I have never seen him!"

Xuan Yue tightly squeezed the bark in her hand and said coldly, "Really? If you haven't met him, how can he know about repaying his favor. That's just a lie I told you back then. Except you, others Who knows about repaying kindness?"

The panic in Ba Buyi's eyes gradually turned into a stern look, and he said with hatred: "Yes, what about I who drove him away? Yueyue, don't you understand that I have been loving you deeply? I am The person who suits you best, I am not better than that kid. Why are you so good to him, but you don’t say anything about me. What if I irritated him? Can you still find him now? I tell him, you I don't love him at all, and I am your fiance. That kid is so stupid. He will never come back to find you. You should die early."

Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, her body shook, and she almost fell to the ground. Yesterday she finally got the consent of her father and brought Dui back to the Holy See, but she did not expect that things had changed so much. Dui left, he just left. Why, why is the relationship between us so fragile? All kinds of thoughts kept impacting her mind, holding the bark in her hand tightly, she couldn't help being a little silly.

The rock roared and grabbed Ba Buyi by the collar, "Boy, you were the one who made Brother Dumb go away, you bastard, why are you doing this?"

Ba Buyi sneered, and the sacred grudge burst out suddenly, and the rock shook back a few steps, "Why do you do this? Of course it is for Yueyue's good. What's so good about Duan? His virtue can also be worthy of last month. Only me, only I can match the last month. We are a match made in heaven. You don’t know. That dumb kid was so angry that he vomited several mouthfuls of blood last night, I’m afraid he will never come back again, Yue Yue is mine, no one can **** her from me, haha, hahahahaha."

Rock, Rock Power, Oliveira, Keanu, and Moon Ji were completely angered by Babuyi's arrogance. The Rock Brothers did not hesitate to drew out his weapon, roared, and rushed towards Babuyi.

Without fear, Ba Buyi drew out his matching sword, the golden vindictive light suddenly lit up, and greeted the two brothers. With a few ding-ding sounds, the three immediately fought together. Babuyi's skill is indeed profound, regardless of rock or rock power, he is not his opponent in the case of alone. But the Rock brothers grew up together and got used to cooperating, especially the hard work in the past year, which has greatly improved their skills. Under the joint efforts, Babuyi was immediately undermined.

Yue Ji’s armor-piercing arrow had already hit the silver bow, and she said bitterly: "I didn’t expect that the Holy See would have such a despicable person. Go to hell." The armor-piercing arrow shot out with silver vindictive rays and went straight to Pakistan. Unyielding chest. At this time Ba Buyi was completely suppressed by the Rock Brothers. With Yue Ji's arrow technique not inferior to the elf, how could he escape? Between the life and death of Ba Buyi, a black shadow suddenly flashed over. The armor-piercing arrow shot by Yue Ji broke every inch, and the Rock Brothers were also shaken back. This shot was the Holy See Deputy Judge Babulun.

Babron held down his son who still wanted to rush up, sighed, and said: "Everyone, I'm sorry, this matter is my son's fault, I apologize to you for him."

Oliveira said coldly: "What's the use of an apology? The mistake has been made. I tell you, the elder dumb is the elder of our union. If anything happens to him, our mainland magicians union will not give up with the Holy See. "Keanu said angrily: "Yes, the dumb boss is also the honorary elder of our Tianjin Magician Guild, and my teacher Lardas will not let anyone hurt him. Although the Holy See is powerful, it can't be so deceiving. Right. He is so despicable, and is he a loyal believer of the gods? The Holy See produces such a scum, we must fight for the dumb boss to the end." The blue and red magic lights burned from Oliveira and Keanu respectively. , The huge magical energy even surprised Xuan Ye.

Yue Ji took a long arrow again, and said bitterly: "And our Moonscar Mercenary Corps." Brother Rock raised the weapon in his hand and shouted in unison: "There is also our Puyan clan."

Babulun frowned, and Ba Buyi's deeds made him extremely disappointed. Although he encouraged his son to pursue his true love, it only encouraged him to pursue Xuanyue by legitimate means, instead of using such despicable methods to force him away. Dumb. At this time, the Holy See is facing threats from the dark forces. It is indeed very unfavorable for the Holy See to offend the four forces at once. He didn't expect that Dui would be the elder of the two magician unions. These friends of his should have such strong strength. For a while, he didn't know what to do.

Xuan Ye floated to Babulun. Although he was also very dissatisfied with Babulun’s deeds, he and Babulun naturally wanted to protect Babulun, and he rushed to the rock and said: "You want I think clearly, although you represent the strength of the four areas, it is by no means a wise choice to oppose the Holy See. Moreover, although your four forces are powerful, they are not enough to fight us. I am sorry about the dumb thing. But things have happened, and it doesn’t make any sense for you to be hostile to us."

The elven queen flew up, she landed in front of the rock, sighed softly, and said, "What if we add our elves?"

Xuan Ye was startled, and said in doubt: "Your Majesty, what are you doing?"

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the Elf Queen, and said faintly: "Bishop Xuan Ye, the Holy See must give us an explanation for this matter. Yes, the power of the Holy See is indeed strong. However, for the sake of dumb, I can solemnly represent the Elves. Let me tell you, we don’t hesitate to be enemies of the Holy See. I don’t think you are very clear about the relationship between dumb and our elves. I can explain to you now. At the beginning, there were more than a dozen members of our elves who were from the thieves’ union. Captured and sold to the dark forces of the Sunset Empire. And our elves cannot easily leave here to rescue them because the goal is too obvious. And these captured people include my daughter Xing'er, the elven king of the elves. The bloodline is passed down in a single line. If we cannot save the stars, our elves are in danger of extinction. When we were facing such a crisis, it was Dumb and Rock brothers who stepped forward. They spent more than two years. After hardships, I finally rescued my daughter. They are the great benefactors of my elves. Although I respect the Holy See and you very much. But if something happens to Duan, our elves will never sit idly by."

Hearing what the Elf Queen said, Xuan Ye was silent. This time the Elves saved their lives, how could he turn his face with the Elves now? Looking back at Ba Buyi who was stunned, he could only sigh. At this time, even he didn't know how to deal with it. At this moment, Xuanyue walked out between Babulun and Xuanye, her face was calm, facing the elf queen, she said faintly: "Auntie Queen, this happened because of me. If you want Blame, blame me. Now the mainland is facing the threat of the dark forces. I hope you can put the overall situation first and think about the prosperity of all the races in the mainland, and don't act impulsively."

Before the Elf Queen could speak, Yan Li flashed out, and said angrily: "Yueyue, that **** has taken Ah Dumb away, don't you be angry?"

A trace of sadness flashed in the depths of Xuan Yue’s eyes, and said: "I am more painful than any of you, but you should remember the words of Prophet Pulin, Dumb and I are the saviors of the mainland, and we have a lot to do. You can’t fight against the Holy See because of our feelings. Only when we all unite can we resist the crisis brought by the dark forces together.”

The rock sighed and said: "Why don't we want to be an enemy of the Holy See, but, Dumb is our brother! As long as he is okay, we don't care about the others. Let's go after him. Maybe, he should be. Leaving in the direction of the Tiangang Mountains, we must find him as soon as possible to prevent him from doing stupid things."

Xuan Yue said, "Thank you, Brother Rock. However, I won't go to him. Dumb left, and my heart is cold. He has so little confidence in our feelings. He just listened to a few provocations from others. I chose to give up if I didn’t come face to face to check with me. Although I love him, I also hate him. I hate his cowardice. I will never look for him again. I am a girl and everything I can do. Already done. If he loves me sincerely, he will pursue me desperately. Brother Rock, if you find him, please tell him that if he does not come to the Holy See to find me within a year, I will always I won't forgive him, I will choose to marry someone else." Dui left, making her heart cold, completely cold, the pain in her heart is no weaker than the leaving Dui. Now the energy of the blood of the Phoenix and the blood of the dragon has been greatly reduced, and she can't find the dumb by virtue of the connection of the artifact. There have been so many things in the Holy See. As the granddaughter of the Pope, she cannot abandon the Holy See because of her personal affair. What's more, she doesn't know what will happen to her mother when her grandpa is dead. At this time, she could only freeze her heart completely and put all her thoughts on the Holy See against the forces of darkness.

Rock and the others were all stunned. They didn't expect that Xuanyue would react so staunchly. Seeing the thin and beautiful female in front of them, they fell completely into silence. Xuan Yue suddenly turned around, scanned the remaining 60 people in the Holy See, and said in a deep voice: "From now on, I, Xuan Yue, will take the place of Nayan's sacrifice and become the new red sacrifice of the Holy See. I will lead The army of the Holy See will fight against the dark forces to the end. If anyone refuses to accept it, just put it forward." The golden light suddenly ignited on Xuan Yue like a flame, and the surging divine power set off her figure slowly drifting away. ground. The sacred aura in her body was so powerful that even Xuan Ye couldn't help but feel unmatched, and the lakeside of the elves became silent. Under the ravages of the sacred energy, the hair band on Xuan Yue's head suddenly broke, and her long blue hair fell loose. A cold light flashed in her eyes. At this moment, Xuan Yue seemed to have become a goddess, she was cold He shouted: "All members of the Holy See follow the order and set out in the direction of the Holy See." After speaking, no one paid any attention, and flew towards the northwest. Xuan Ye and Baburun glanced at each other, both sighed, bowed to the elf queen, and followed with everyone from the Holy See.

Seeing the disappearing backs of everyone in the Holy See, the Elf Queen sighed: "Yueyue has been hit too hard this time. Dumb is really too. He is so stupid. Doesn't he even know if Yueyue really likes him? Come out? God! Why are you torturing these two children so much?"

Rock said: "Auntie Queen, what should we do now. What Yueyue said when she was leaving may be true."

The elf queen said: "There is no other way, but to find Dumb as soon as possible, convince him, let him go to the Holy See to find Yueyue, we can't watch them separate!"

Yue Ji snorted, and said, "I think Ah Dao deserves it. He doesn't cherish such a good girl as Yueyue. Yueyue is right. He is too weak. How can he give up this kind of thing at will."

Oliveira smiled bitterly: "Sister, don't make trouble here. Her Majesty is right. So, I will immediately return to the Mainland Mage Union and activate the power of the union to find it. Keanu, you also go back to Tianjin Magic Teacher Guild, with Laldas Magister’s power in the Celestial Golden Empire, it should be okay to find someone. Miss Yueji, please ask your Moonscar Mercenary Group on the Sorbian Federation. Brother Rock, I think, Since Boss Duan is a member of the Tiangang Sword Sect, please go there and inform his master that with the strength of the Tiangang Sword Sect in the Huasheng Empire, the South should be fine. As for the Western Sunset Empire, we can only do our best. I hope he didn't go there."

The rock approvingly nodded to Oliveira, and said, "Brother's method is very good, so let's do it. If I estimate it is good, Dumb has only three places to go, one is to return to the Tiangang Sword Sect, but it is possible. Relatively small, the second is the Psychedelic Forest. It is possible for him to return there to worship his teacher, but this possibility is not too great." When he said this, he stopped.

Yue Ji was impatient and looked at the rock and said, "What about the third place?"

The Rock sighed and said, "The third place is the place where the Vera brothers least want Dumb to go, and that is the Sunset Empire. Dumb's uncle died at the hands of the Killing Hand Society, and the headquarters of the Killing Hand Society is in the Sunset Empire. Thinking, if nothing happens, dumb is the most likely to go there to avenge. The sunset empire is vast and full of dark forces, I am afraid it will be difficult to find!"

Oliveira frowned and said: "Then what should we do? The magician of the sunset empire is no longer under the control of the union."

A cold light flashed in the rock's eyes, and said, "Everything is done as you just said. Brother Keanu, Miss Yueji, Tianjin Empire and the Soryu Federation will ask you. Although it is unlikely that Dumb will go, But you still have to do your best to search. As for the Huasheng Empire, I will first go to the Tiangang Mountains. Brother Vera, you can start the Wizards Guild to cooperate with the people of the Tiangang Sword Sect. After I have been to the Tiangang Sword Sect, I will go to the sunset empire with Ali. After all, we have been there before. We are quite familiar with it. One year later, whether we find Ah-Dah or not, we will all go to the Holy See in the middle of the mainland to meet. We must also prevent Yueyue from marrying others."

Everyone nodded, and the Elf Queen said: "I'm really sorry, we can't help much. If you need us, please let us know as soon as possible."

Rock nodded and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty. Without further ado, we will set off now."

"Wait a minute." Zhuo Yun stopped the rock. She walked firmly beside the rock and said: "I will go with you. I have been to the Sunset Empire before. It will definitely help you."

The rock froze and said: "No, the sunset empire is too dangerous, how can I let you go into danger?"

Zhuo Yun smiled slightly and said, "No, I have to go. Dumb is my brother. He has something, how can I leave it alone?" Turning to the Elf Queen, she respectfully said: "Your Majesty, let me represent the Elf Clan and Rock, let’s find dumb together.” She still has one of the most important reasons not to say, that is, how could she be willing to separate from the rock that just established a relationship? The elven girl, once identified the one she loves, she will follow her with all her heart.

The Elf Queen smiled and said: "Well, then you all go together, pay attention to safety on the road. Rock, you have to take care of her."

The rock looked at Zhuo Yun helplessly, and said with a wry smile: "Yun'er, you, hey——, okay. However, you must always follow me on the road."

Zhuo Yunrou said: "Know how to pull, let's go now."

Rock, Rock Power, Zhuo Yun and Oliveira are on the same road. They all have to cross the Tiangang Mountain Range. Oliveira's destination is the headquarters of the Continental Wizards Guild in the Province of Light. But Keanu and Yue Ji took another path. They needed to pass through the Puyan clan until they broke up with the boundary of the Honghu clan. The crowd was divided into two groups, and under the **** of the elves, they left the fairy forest of the Tianyuan clan.

After leaving the elven forest, Dui was always in a semi-crazy state. He ran his vitality to the limit and headed towards the west like lightning. His mind was blank. He didn't know how long he had been running. The intense pain in his heart caused him. His whole body was convulsing constantly. At this time, he had no nostalgia for life, and could only rely on speed to volatilize the endless sadness in his heart. Time gradually changed from night to day, and then from day to night. For two days and two nights, the dull kept speeding, and finally, the constant qi in his body could no longer support his overloaded claim, Dan Tian The golden body was completely dimmed, and Ah Du's body was gradually sinking, and he could no longer fly in the air like at the beginning. Accidentally, physically and mentally exhausted, he was shaken by a stone on the ground. Due to his speed, he was suddenly blocked and immediately lost his balance. His body flew high, fell heavily to the ground, and blood spurted out wildly. After such a long time of consumption, his stamina has been completely overdrawn, the ground is dusty, and Dumb's semi-crazy state is also awakened. Although his body is extremely weak, his spirit is surprisingly sober. Looking up at the sky, watching the white clouds float by, his heart is suddenly surprisingly calm. The weakness of the body makes him feel that he is close to the edge of death. Shi Dui felt that he had nothing to love, and just wanted to die here quietly. There is no thought of survival in my heart.

With the passage of time, I don’t know how many days and nights have passed, Dumb’s mind gradually blurred, and he could no longer see the scene in the sky. In the mist, he seemed to feel that his soul was about to leave. . With the gradual disappearance of his consciousness, Ah-Dai was full of relief, quietly waiting for the coming of death.

Suddenly, there was a thunderbolt in the sky, and a loud rumbling rang back the faintness of Dumb. His body was completely immobile. The muffled thunder sounded continuously, and a drop of cold water dripped on Dui’s face. Dui’s mind was a little awake from the cold feeling, and the drops of water continued to hit him. Everywhere in the body. The cold feeling stimulated the dry skin in every part of his body. Under the water and nourishment of the rain, the vitality that was about to disappear gradually recovered a little. His decadent heart couldn't help thinking, can't I even die? God also came to torture me.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. After a while, Dumb's body was already soaked, and he was lying on the ground like a clay figure.

Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in Ah Du's heart. Could it be that God didn't let me die on purpose? What savior am I really? No, I can't even care about myself now, how can I care about others? Yueyue doesn't love me. Teacher Gorris is dead, and Uncle Owen is also dead. If I have anything to love, let me die like this, let me go to another world to find the trace of Master. Yep! Uncle Owen, yes! I can't die yet, Uncle Owen's grudges have not yet been reported! Moreover, I haven't completed the task assigned to me by the elder Master, so why should I have the face to meet his elder? Even if I really want to die, I can't die here. To die, I have to die next to Teacher Gorris. Thinking of the three important people in his life, Dumb's heart was gone. The idea of survival was rekindled. Under the stimulation of the rain, he relied on his only remaining mind to communicate that Dan Tianjin was in a very weak life, and his dantian lightened slightly. Under the influence of the dumb mind, his vitality came back. The meridians in his body began to gradually circulate again. As the rain fell and heavier, Ah-Dai also gradually entered the state of cultivation. In his extremely weak body, he went to the fruit, the source of spirits, and the vitality brought by the birth of true qi. After Ah-Dai regained his desire for business, he began to exert their power. The effect, pulling Dumb back from the death line. Sheng Sheng Zhen Qi gradually began to condense from strands, bit by bit, and slowly circulated within the golden body.

I don’t know how long it took. Dui found that his Dantian golden body finally lit up, and re-communicated the silence. On the chest, the second golden body was left by the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint. The golden light became more and more prosperous. Dui found , There are many stagnations in the meridians in my body, especially the heart meridian, and most of the main meridians are blocked. Shocked in his heart, Ah-Dai didn't dare to rush into the blocked meridians, and could only continue to accumulate the energy of the golden body in his dantian.

Three days later, the energy of the golden body finally recovered most of it in the dull's continuous condensing, but because of the different meridians, it could not form an endless circulation state. Over the past few days, Ah-Dai has maintained the same posture as when he fell, allowing his true energy to repair the minor injuries on his own. At this time, most of the power has been restored, and the golden body is still absorbing energy. If the sealed meridians are not opened to form a cycle, it is very likely that the energy will be too concentrated and the dantian will burst and die. After gritting his teeth, Ah Dui decided to start repairing the blocked and excessively damaged meridians. Thinking of this, he tentatively moved his body. A slight movement of his body caused a needle-like pain in the heart. The intense pain caused Ah Dui's body to convulse continuously, and the feeling of heartache reminded him of Xuan Yue's delicate face again, and the pain seemed to be stronger.

Efforts to expel Xuanyue's figure from his mind, Ah-Dai began to concentrate on his movement, the liquid golden energy flowed out under his urging, centered on the dantian, avoided the heart, and gradually spread to the whole body. Under the strong resilience of Shengzhen Qi itself, Ah'Dai's body is constantly After a full day, Ah'Dai finally cleared all the stagnant veins except the heart. However, the heart channel is the key to the human body. If the most important meridian cannot be cleared, it will be impossible for A-Dai to recover his skills. When A-Dai could not think about it, he immediately launched the final impact. The golden liquid energy was divided into two strands under the control of his mind, and they were input from both ends of the heart vein. He controlled Shengsheng Zhenqi to be very careful, and penetrated into the heart vein little by little. The golden light gradually lit up, revealing the delicate details of the meridian of the heart. Everything went very smoothly. With the efforts of Ah'Dai, two of the three meridians whose heart has been blocked have been successfully dredged after two hours. Ah'Dai clearly felt that his body was comfortable because of the recovery of the two meridians. a lot of. With some excitement, he controlled Shengshengzhen Qi to rush towards the third meridian. As soon as the liquid energy entered the third most important meridian, Dumb was shocked. The energy just moved forward a bit, and the heart cramped violently. The pain he could only dissipate his skills and gritted his teeth to endure. The severe pain lasted for an hour before it stopped, and A Duan's already weak body was completely drenched in sweat. He was naturally unwilling to fail and launched a second attack. However, the result was still the same. Under the unbearable severe pain, he could only dissipate his concentrated true energy. In this way, Dui tried a dozen times in a row, but they all got the same result. The failure of this meridian means that he can no longer use Shengsheng Zhenqi to transform into fighting qi, and even his current paralyzed state cannot be lifted. Ten days have passed, because there is no food and water intake, dumb. The body has entered a state of extreme weakness. After constant ideological struggle, once gritted his teeth, Dumb decided that instead of waiting to die here, he would rather fight hard.
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