The Kind Death God Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: Goodbye moon mark

The two mercenaries were taken aback and dodged hurriedly, emitting a very pale yellow vindictive light, trying to resist the attack of the wind blade. However, their strength is far from the arrogant capital. Oliveira’s wind blade accurately hits the leather armor on the shoulder of the mercenary who spoke just now. With a thump, the mercenary staggered by the huge impact. He almost fell, but the leather armor on his shoulders had broken. Oliveira didn't want to kill. He controlled magic very precisely. The energy he used just cut through the leather armor without hurting the skin, but it also scared the mercenary out of a cold sweat.

The two mercenaries were aroused by Oliveira's attack, and did not think carefully. In the sound of anger, both drew wide-bladed long swords from behind, threw the package aside, and rushed over.

How could Oliveira see them in his eyes, impose an acceleration technique on himself, and his body floated back, while chanting a spell in a low voice, while slashing at the opponent with a cyan wind blade. He made his moves very well, and the energy of the wind blade was just enough to break the opponent's bodyguard and scratch the skin, but it would not cause irreversible damage.

"I xxx, hack you to death, oops, my hair." "Ah! My legs." Under Oliveira's teasing, the two mercenaries were already scarred and looked embarrassed after a while. . But he didn't even touch Oliveira's feet. At this moment, the figure flashed, and Adai landed beside Oliveira, the white light suddenly released, and immediately shook the two mercenaries out and fell to the ground. As the scars on their bodies rubbed against the ground, the two of them suddenly screamed in pain and groaned continuously.

It turned out that the three dui under the tree watched Oliveira go to buy pears, but they got entangled with two mercenaries. Dui was afraid that Oliveira would be wrong and that he would get into unnecessary trouble, so he came to see Look, "Vera, what's the matter? Why did you start with them?"

Oliveira snorted and said, "These two **** are so arrogant. They bought pears from others but didn't pay for them. I said a few words about them, and they scolded me. Naturally, they have to punish me."

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Why do you have to be familiar with them? You will go back with the pear first, and I will help you deal with it." Then, he turned and walked towards the two mercenaries. The two mercenaries were awakened by the fall of Ah Dui just now. They knew very well that the person who kept emitting cyan light just now was a magician. With their level, how could they not be afraid of the magician? Seeing Ah-Dai coming, a mercenary sternly shouted: "You, what are you going to do?" The two forced themselves to get up from the ground, backing up a few steps, keeping a certain distance from Ah-Dai. .

Dumb said indifferently: "It's a matter of course for you to pay for things. You can go if you pay the pear money." His eyes flashed brightly, and in his incomparable powerful aura, the two mercenaries were shocked. , I couldn't afford the slightest idea of resistance. One person took out two silver coins from his arms and threw them at Dumb. He said bitterly, "Boy, you remember to me that our Moonscar Mercenary Group will not give up." After finishing speaking, he took his companion and turned to leave.

Hearing the five words of Yuehen Mercenary Corps, Ah-Dai's whole body shook. The figure of Yuehen and Yueji clearly appeared in his mind. His heart was hot, and he floated up like lightning, and stopped two servants with a rise and fall. In front of the soldiers, Shuosuo stared at the mercenary who had spoken shiningly, and asked urgently: "What did you say? Are you members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group?"

The mercenary was startled when he saw Ah'Dai suddenly appearing, but when he heard his question, he thought he was frightened by the strength of his mercenary group, and said proudly: "Yes, we are members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. What? Now I know I’m afraid, what did I do earlier? You know, our Moonscar Mercenary Group is a special-grade mercenary group. If you offend us, you don’t want to stay with the Honghu Clan anymore."

What a joy to meet old friends in another country! The news from Yuehen and others here immediately made Duan's heart overjoyed. He ignored the threats of the other party and said eagerly: "Is the head of your mercenary group Brother Yuehen, is he okay?"

The mercenary stunned slightly, and looked up and down the dumb in a red magician robe, and said in confusion, "Do you know our leader?" He felt a little awe-inspiring. The magician is a profession second only to clergy on the mainland. He has a very noble status, and the other party knows the group leader, but he did not offend him. Although he is used to being arrogant, he is not stupid. He also knows the severity, the expression on his face changed, and his previous arrogant appearance has been reduced a lot, waiting for Dumb's answer.

"Of course I know each other. At the beginning, I did a mission with Brother Yuehen? Where is he now? Tell me quickly. I must go see him."

The mercenary smirked and said: "So you are a friend of our team leader! It was a misunderstanding before, the team leader is very good now, in the headquarters, may I ask, which mercenary team member are you?"

Dumb said: "I am the deputy commander of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group. Is your headquarters far from here? Take me to see Brother Yuehen. We haven't seen each other for a long time."

The mercenary was shocked when he heard that he was the deputy commander of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group, and said, "What? You belong to the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group. Great, our commander once gave an order to say whoever it is. When you encounter members of the evil mercenary group, you must invite them to our group. It turns out that you are really a friend of the group leader!" All the doubts disappeared completely, and the mercenary looked at dumb in surprise.

At this time, Xuan Yue saw that Ah Dao hadn't turned around for a while, and she walked over while eating the pears Oliveira bought back. "Big brother, why is it so troublesome? Isn't it just two mercenaries? Hurry up and send them to eat pears. The crystal pear is really good." With that, he had already walked to the side of Dumb, looked up and down the two mercenaries a few times, showing a look of disdain.

Ah Dumb rushed to Xuanyue with excitement: "Brother, do you remember the Yueyue Brother Yueyue mentioned to you before? They are members of the Yueyue Mercenary Group! I want to see Brother Yueyue and them. Yes. I haven’t seen each other for several years, and I don’t know what they have become." When Ah Dui mentioned the Moonscar Mercenary Group, Xuanyue’s beautiful eyes could not help but light up. Yuehen and others were the only ones who had stolen the Holy See and entered the mainland. The first people I knew besides Dui, now that they heard the news, he immediately showed the same excitement as Dui, "Okay! I want to see them too."

A Duan rushed to the mercenary: "If this is the case, please take us around. I think Brother Yuehen will be very happy to see us."

The mercenary respectfully said: "Since you are a friend of the group leader, of course it's okay to take you there." At this point, he paused, and looked at the other mercenary, a little embarrassed: " But, can you please stop telling the team leader what happened just now, I'm afraid the team leader will blame us." He lowered his head a little ashamed, his dark face was slightly purple.

Dumb smiled and said: "I'm not a talker, but you should change the problem of not paying for things, otherwise, I am afraid that you will suffer a big loss in the future. I also don't have a reputation for the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Good." The two mercenaries were overjoyed and hurriedly said: "No, no, we will not dare to commit any more in the future."

Dumb said: "That's the best. Let's go, take a rest with us under the shade of the tree, and then go on the road." After speaking, he paid the pear money with the silver coin that the mercenary had just given him, and then went back together. Next to the big tree. Xuan Yue casually used a low-level light element recovery magic to heal the trauma of two mercenaries who were not serious. When Oliveira saw that Dumb had brought the two mercenaries back, he couldn't help but asked in confusion: "Boss, what did you bring these two guys back? Nothing more than a lesson."

Dumb picked up a pear and took a bite. The sweet juice immediately made his dry throat a lot more comfortable. He smiled and said, "They are under a friend of mine. I plan to meet that friend and trouble them to lead the way. Although they were wrong about what happened just now, they have promised me to correct it in the future. Come, let me introduce to you. This is Brother Oliveira, the wind wizard, and this is Brother Keanu, the fire wizard , My name is Ah Du, and he is my brother Xuan Ri. By the way, I still don’t know what your names are?"

When the mercenary who had been talking to Dumb heard that Oliveira was a wizard, his knees softened and he almost fell to the ground. What is the concept of a wizard? That is not even the head of the regiment dare to offend! "The villain's name is Lin Da. This is my brother Lin Er. We are all three-level mercenaries in the regiment. Master Mage, I didn't mean to scold you just now. I blamed my mouth for being too stinky."

Oliveira snorted, did not speak, and continued to eat her pear.

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "You don't need to be too restrictive. Since the matter just now has passed, Brother Vera will not care about you anymore. Let's talk about the Moonscar Mercenary Group. I haven't seen you in a few years, Moonscar Mercenary. How is the regiment developing now?" When Ah-Dai asked about the Moonscar Mercenary Corps, Lin Da's emotions suddenly appeared, and he said what he knew. It turned out that after Yuehen and others broke up with Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue in the Elf Forest, they returned to the Red Hurricanes. The two superb magic crystals they used were their Moon-scared mercenary group and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue’s Tian Evil The mercenary group handed in the task, and the two top-quality magic crystals were of excellent color. They were taken by a master alchemist and paid them half a million gold coins. Yuehen was originally a man with great ambitions. With the funds of 500,000 gold coins, he expanded the mercenary group that had been promoted to a special rank. With the resounding name of the special mercenary group, thousands of members were recruited in a short period of time. After continuous training by him, Yueji, Miao Fei, and Wanli, these members have achieved considerable results in a short period of time. The strength of the mercenary group greatly increased. Yuehen knows that the weakness of the mercenary group is that there are no masters. Therefore, he qualifies all the tasks he accepts to be below the first level. With a large number of personnel, in the past few years, no mistakes have been made. The prestige of the Corps is getting stronger and stronger. Now it has nearly 3,000 members, and it has faintly become the second largest mercenary regiment after the Red Hurricanes Mercenary Corps among the Red Hurricanes. In the mercenary world, along with the skeleton mercenary group, it was rated as the fastest growing mercenary group.

Dumb was surprised and said, "Big Brother Yuehen is really amazing! We have achieved such results in just three years, and our Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group has only two people."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "I really want to quickly see where they have developed, Lin University, where is your headquarters? Is it in Red Hurricane City?"

Lin Da shook his head and said: "There is only one mercenary group in Honghu City, and that is the Honghu mercenary group, the largest in the mainland. No other mercenary groups are allowed to station there. Unless one day, which mercenary group is strong Overtake them and replace the first place in the mainland. To this goal, the current special mercenary groups are working in secret. Our headquarters is located in Varo City, not far from the Red Hurricane City. Although the city is a bit smaller, But we are also the only mercenary group there, and even the city lord respects our head of the moonscar. This time we left the group headquarters to perform a small task of sending things. Just after returning, I met you guys here. It’s a coincidence, the head of the team will be very happy to see you."

Oliveira sneered: "Yeah! I yelled as soon as I met him here." He still couldn't let go of Lin Da's previous insult to his mother, and he had a very bad impression of this villain.

Lin Da murmured speechlessly, and Ah-Dai relieved him: "It's all over. Okay, let's have a rest. Let's set off. Let's go to Varro City to see Big Brother Yueshen. "The group of six people set off on the road. Oliveira had been a bit too much teasing Keanu before, and this time he took the initiative to use a small whirlwind to heat him up on the road, and Keanu's anger subsided.

Along the way, Lin Da and Lin Er were always extremely cautious, afraid that their mistakes would incur dissatisfaction with the dumbs, because they all knew that these people in front of them were all offended by themselves, let alone they are still a group. Long friends, even their terrifying strength is also chilling!

Two days later, under the leadership of the Lin brothers, everyone finally arrived outside Varo City, where the headquarters of the Moonscar Corps was located. From the outside, the scale of this city is similar to the first city that Dui went to when he left the Xibo tribe. There was still some distance from the city gate. The Lin brothers suddenly stopped and looked around in confusion, seeming to be searching. What's going on.

Dumb walked to Lin Da's side and said, "Brother Lin, what's wrong? What's wrong? Let's go to the city." Because the Lin brothers have been very respectful to him for the past two days, his feelings towards the two have been reduced. A lot. Only Oliveira remained lukewarm towards these two men.

Lin Da frowned and said, "On weekdays, I can always see many brothers in the regiment outside the city. At least there are a few who are standing guard outside the city. It is strange that there is not even one person today."

Dumb laughed: "Maybe Brother Yuehen let the group members leave. There are as many as 3,000 people in your group. There will be nothing wrong. Let's talk about it in Advanced City."

Lin Da nodded, and led everyone to the west gate of Varro City with Lin Er. The city gate was wide open, and the suspension bridge was placed on both sides of the moat. Maybe it was because Varo was inland of the Red Hurricane clan. There were only more than ten soldiers guarding the city gate, and there was a constant flow of pedestrians, and no one went to investigate. When he got here, even Ah-Dai felt strange. Since entering the Red Hurricanes, this was the first time he had not seen a mercenary at the entrance of a city. Can't help but Xiang Lin Dadao: "There really isn't a mercenary!"

Lin Da's face showed an anxious look, and said, "Deputy Captain Dumb, let me ask. This is simply too strange. On weekdays, almost every ten people who enter the city will have a mercenary."

Duan nodded, Lin Da quickly ran to the soldiers guarding the city gate, and talked with one of them in a low voice. After a while, he walked back with a blue complexion, and said solemnly, "Something really happened. "Dai could clearly feel his fierce heartbeat, and looked at his slightly trembling body, frowning: "What? Is it Big Brother Yuehen who..."

Lin Da shook his head and said, "It's not the head of the group, but the entire mercenary group. Someone wants to invade our territory. This is terrible for us."

Xuan Yue said: "What the **** is going on, you can make it clear. What does it mean that someone is coming to encroach on your territory?"

Lin Da wiped the cold sweat on his head and said: "That's it. I just asked the soldier who defended the city why no mercenaries entered the city. He told me that the head of the moonscar announced that all members of the mercenary group It is forbidden to leave the headquarters, and the mercenaries of the other mercenary groups have left the city one after another for fear of getting into trouble. Two days ago, a group of mercenaries came to Varro City, and they publicly stated to the group leader, let us Moonmark Mercenaries All the regiment left Varro City within three days and gave them the territory. Otherwise, three days later, that is, tomorrow, they will be settled by mercenaries outside Varo City. Whoever wins can be stationed here. It's really arrogant! As for which mercenary group it is, I am afraid that only Captain Yuehen knows."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "What's the big deal for me? It turns out that there is a mercenary group to provoke! This is good or not, it can't be defeated. Dumb brother, what a coincidence we came! Last time at Andy Sicheng met two magician guilds to compete, and this time he encountered a group of mercenaries fighting. Interesting, we can just help Brother Yuehen."

Lin Da smiled bitterly: "It's not as easy as you think. There is such a rule in the mercenary circle of the Red Hurricane tribe. As long as the number of the mercenary group exceeds 1,000, you can choose the city you are stationed in. Make this city your own. The headquarters, as long as you make a promise to assist the city’s defense when something happens, the Red Hurricane official will not interfere. In other words, as long as your mercenary group has enough strength, you can monopolize a city, or even dominate one side, with no times Because of official rights, you can even enjoy the city’s tax revenue of no more than 5%. It is precisely because of this encouraging policy that the Honghu tribe has become a paradise for mercenaries. However, under certain circumstances, garrison The city’s mercenary group will be threatened, enough to affect the threat of the entire mercenary group. That is the challenge from other mercenary groups. The challenger must be lower than the challenged party, and they only need to follow the method stipulated by the mercenary union Once you win, you can not only take over the opponent’s station, but also accept the title of the opponent’s mercenary group. The original garrison will have to be downgraded by two levels. In our current situation, if the opponent is driven out of Varro City I'm going to be relegated to the second-level mercenary group, I am afraid there will be no day to turn back! It is precisely because the battle between the mercenary groups is on the verge of breaking out, so no other mercenaries are willing to join in. It's miserable, this is really miserable. Now, can we survive the catastrophe?" His pale face looked a little desperate, obviously extremely worried.

Dumb asked, "How will it be challenged? Is it a match-up or a group fight as soon as you come up. What if there is a casualty?"

Lin Da smiled bitterly: "Death and fate are for the dead and wounded. This kind of battle between mercenary groups will not be managed. Because the consequences are serious, the mercenary world is more strict with the challenger. All the victories prove that oneself is indeed much stronger than the original mercenary group in order to win. Once it fails, the mercenary group must be disbanded. For this reason, there are very few cases of directly challenging the mercenary group stationed in the city. Appear. Because as the challenger, if you are not absolutely sure, you will not take risks easily. This kind of mercenary law that directly challenges the opponent's stationed in the city is called a must-win decision, which means that the challenger must win all competitions. The referee for this challenge is the city owner of the city where the challenged party is located. Originally, the biggest goal of our mercenary group was to replace the red hurricane mercenary group through this challenge when the strength was sufficient. But we did not expect that we Someone is ready to grab our turf before they take the shot."

Dumb smiled slightly and said: "Let's go, you take us to see Brother Yuehen, we won't stand by and watch this incident. By the way, when the opponent challenges the city, you can invite other mercenary groups to help. Huh?" Although the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group has been established for nearly four years, Dumb still knows very little about the rules of the mercenary group.

A glimmer of joy flashed across Lin Da's eyes, and said, "Yes, the challenger cannot invite helpers, but the challenged party can invite relatives and friends within three days. However, the other party has obviously lightened our details in order to perform more tasks. , Our mercenary group keeps the price of low-level tasks very low. For this reason, many mercenary groups are offended. Apart from your evil mercenary group, I am afraid that no one will be willing to help us. However, you will join us. , We will be able to pass the test smoothly and beat those who dare to challenge back to their hometown." The members of the Yuehen Mercenary Group are paid very well, and they don’t need to do dangerous tasks. He doesn’t want to just cut off his own money. Naturally, I hope Ah Dui and others will help the Yuehen Mercenary Group to tide over this difficulty.

Dumb nodded and said, "As long as you allow help, it's easy. Let's go. Let's enter the city." Under the leadership of Brother Lin, the six people entered Varo City. Although the city is not large in scale, it has a large population of people. The shops lined up on both sides of the road are very prosperous. After passing through several wide streets, everyone came to the south of the city. Lin Da pointed to a large area in front of the city. The courtyard said: "This is our headquarters. I heard that this was originally a mansion of a wealthy businessman. It was later sold because the family had to relocate. When the head of the group bought this place, it cost a lot of money. Hundreds of thousands of gold coins were remodeled and the decorations were removed. With the exception of the place reserved for the martial arts field, all houses were built. Now, the headquarters can accommodate 5,000 people."

Dumb exclaimed: "This yard is really big, covering tens of thousands of square meters. Brother Yuehen must have managed the mercenary group very well."

Lin Dadao: "The headquarters covers an area of close to 100,000 square meters. On the mainland, apart from the Honghu Mercenary Group, I am afraid that no other mercenary group has such a complete headquarters."

While talking, everyone has come to the gate of the headquarters of the Yuehen Mercenary Corps. Two mercenaries guarded the door. When they saw the Lin family brothers, they smiled, and the mercenary on the left said: "Why, the mission is complete. Come on. Hmm? Why are you still bringing so many people back? What do they do?" The Moonscar Mercenary Group is in distress these days. The door guard suddenly became a little nervous when seeing the dumb people in magician costumes.

Lin Da hurriedly explained: "They are all friends of the team leader. They came here to see the team leader. I heard that someone dared to challenge us to a victory, right?"

The guard apparently had a good relationship with Lin Da. He didn't doubt what he said, his tight body relaxed, and his face solemnly said: "Yes! The head of the group is worrying about this. Now there is a lot of rumors in the city, what are you talking about? The garrisoned mercenary group is about to be replaced. Everyone has become colder towards our mercenary group. Many of the wealthy merchants in Varo City who previously assigned tasks to us are holding a wait-and-see attitude. What a huge loss!"

Lin Da laughed and said: "Don't be afraid this time. With the help of the group leader and some magician friends, those **** who dare to challenge will definitely end in dissolution. Okay, let's not talk to you, let's go in first."

After listening to Lin Da's words, the door guard immediately looked at the dumb four with a different eye, opened the door respectfully, and let them in with a nod and bow.

There is only a small courtyard in the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. There are many houses on both sides, and the building density is very high. Lin Dadao: "Brothers should all be practicing in the martial arts field at this time, so there is no one in the front yard."

The dumb four followed Brother Lin through the two-entry courtyard, and came to the center of the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. Lin Da pointed to a tall house not far in front of him and said: "The leader of the group should be there, then It's the chamber of our mercenary group. Please wait a moment, I'll report it first." After speaking, walk quickly. There were two mercenaries guarding outside the chamber. Lin Da and them whispered and walked in. Dumb turned to Xuanyue and said, "I haven't seen him in four years. I don't know if Brother Yuehen recognizes me."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Even though it has been four years, you are just a lot taller. Your stupid appearance has not changed at all. How can he not recognize it?"

Dumb was stunned: "How do you know my appearance has not changed, and you haven't seen me four years ago." He looked at Xuanyue suspiciously, as if he had caught something in his heart.

Xuan Yue knew that she had made a mistake, and she hurriedly concealed: "I can't guess what I haven't seen before? Besides, my sister also described your appearance to me! Her words can't be wrong."

"Dumb, it's really you!" A shout of surprise sounded, the door of the chamber opened, and a moon mark in silver light armor came out from inside. Although his attire has not changed, it looks a bit more vicissitudes of life than it was four years ago. He has a taste of middle-aged man. His thin body has become much stronger, and his face is full of excitement, staring at him. Dumb, his body was trembling slightly, and he was obviously very excited.

Dui felt a rush of blood rushing into his There was a trembling sensation all over his body. When he saw the moon mark again, his heart was constantly agitated. The moon mark in front of him was so kind. It was easy to shout: "Brother Yuehen."

Moonmark floated and rushed to Ah-Dai, grabbed his shoulder, and said emotionally: "Brother, how many years have we not seen each other. You, have you been okay?"

Duan nodded vigorously, grabbed Yuehen's shoulder with his backhand, and said, "Brother, we haven't seen each other for almost four years. Now your Moonscar mercenary group already has this scale. It's not easy!"

Yuehen's mood calmed down a bit, but his face was still full of joy. For two days, he had been worrying about the challenge of the sure-win decision. At this time, seeing Ah Dui, he seemed to have forgotten all his troubles, and smiled:" Isn't this thanks to you? Without those two crystals, I would not be able to achieve the current situation even if I tried my best. Ah! By the way, where is Yueyue? Where is she?"

When Xuan Yue saw Yuehen, she was also very excited, but she was also a little uneasy. She clearly knew Yuehen's wisdom, and was afraid that he would recognize her true identity. When he heard him mention herself, she hurriedly said:" Hello, Brother Yuehen, I am Xuanyue’s real brother Xuanri, and my younger sister has been staying in the Holy See to practice magic with the Pope? I heard her mention you before. You are much handsomer than he described. See you You are honored."

Chapter 122: Winning decision

Yuehen looked at Xuanyue with some doubts. Since his mind was too nervous these past two days, he didn't think much about it. He looked at the familiar face and smiled: "So you are Yueyue's brother. You really look alike. Yueyue should work hard to cultivate, otherwise, how can she be worthy of the title of head of her special mercenary regiment? Go, let's go inside. Dumb, I haven't seen you for so long, I have a lot to ask you." As he said, he took the arm of Dumb and walked towards the chamber. Seeing that Yuehen did not recognize him, Xuanyue was greatly relieved and hurriedly greeted Oliveira and Keanu to follow.

The layout of the chamber is simple, with a huge oval table in the center and a circle of wooden chairs around it. The moon mark gave the four people to their seats, and the Lin family brothers turned to the side and said: "This time you did a great job. Okay, I will have my own reward later, and I will tell you to go on. No one will come in without my order. I want to talk to Brother Dumb."

"Yes, head." The Lin family brothers agreed and went happily. They all knew that Yuehen's words always count, and the promised rewards will be honored.

Yuehen sat next to Dah, looked at Oliveira and Keanu, and said, "I'm really sorry, I was so happy to see Brother Dah, I haven't asked for advice yet. Who are these two?" He said that the dumb from the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group had arrived. Before Lin Da could tell who was coming, he rushed out impatiently, so he didn't know the identity of Oliveira and Keanu.

Dui hurriedly introduced to both sides: "They are my friends, Wind Magician Oliveira and Fire Magician Keanu. This is the Moonscar Brother I told you about." In front of the Moonscar. He didn't want to brag, so he didn't say the magic level of Oliveira and Keanu.

Oliveira and Keanu hurriedly stood up and nodded towards the moon mark. There was a hint of joy in the moon mark's eyes. It was the moment when the moon mark mercenary group was in danger, although he knew that Ah-Dai's skill was no better than himself. Many, but if these magicians are willing to help themselves, tomorrow's winning decision will be more certain. Smiled and said: "Two brothers, don't be polite. Since you are Dumb's friends, that is, my friends, don't be restrained when you come to me. Just treat yourself as your own home."

Yuehen’s kind words immediately won the favor of Oliveira and Keanu. Oliveira said: "You can rest assured, Brother Yuehen, we will not be polite, I am afraid we will be harassing you for a few days. Just get there. Don't bother us at that time." Keanu has made a lot of progress in his recent quarrel with Oliveira. He sarcastically said: "Even if you have so many troubles, Brother Moonscar will kick you out."

Moonmark smiled and said: "How come? I'm too late to welcome, the presence of the magician is a great honor for our Moonmark Mercenary Group! Dumb brother, what happened to the elves?"

Dumb sighed. In front of Oliveira and Keanu, he didn’t want to say too much. He just smiled bitterly, “The result was very unsatisfactory. Only the elf princess and one elf girl were rescued. The other elves were affected by those The dark forces chose to commit suicide because of the humiliation of the dark forces." Whenever I think of the days in the sunset empire, Duan's heart is extremely depressed. There, he has experienced countless pains, died of ice, and more than a dozen elves died. Some unbearable memories!

Yuehen looked sadly at Ah-Dai, knowing that many things must have happened to him, and said with comfort, "It is not easy to rescue the princess of the elf clan, and it can be considered as completing the entrustment of the elf queen. What about Brother Rock and the others? Not with you?" Dumb said: "After I came out of the Elf Clan, I went back to the Psychedelic Forest to see the teacher. The two eldest brothers, Rock and Yanli, went back to the Puyan Clan to practice martial arts."

Yuehen's expression looked a little lonely, and said: "I really wanted to go to the Sunset Empire with you at the beginning, but it was too much involved, dumb, do you still blame me now?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "I have never blamed you, everyone has aspirations, how can I force it? Even if you didn't go with us to the sunset empire, we are also good brothers! By the way, we listened to the city It is said that the Moonscar Mercenary Group seems to be in trouble. Someone wants to challenge you with a decisive victory? What is going on?"

Yuehen's whole body was shaken, and he smiled bitterly: "You tell me, this time we have encountered a big crisis. Although this city of Varo is not very large, it is very rich. At the beginning, I chose to station the mercenary group. Here, the main reason is that, with the official tax of 5%, even if we don’t pick up the task, we can still feed our brothers. The mercenary group that came to challenge must have also taken a fancy to this. Although they have only a thousand people, their strength is very strong. Within a year of establishment, they have risen to the level of a first-level mercenary group. As long as they can beat us, their reputation will inevitably surpass the current special-level mercenaries. The mission is to catch up with the red hurricane. Once we lose, the foundation that we have finally built will be gone, so I am thinking of countermeasures."

Xuan Yue said: "Brother Yuehen, we heard Lin Da say something about the sure-win decision. Can you explain it in detail for us? We can help you! Since everyone is friends, we will never I just ignored him."

Yue Hen felt joyful, and said: "This is the way to win the battle. It is divided into two parts: single battle and team battle. Single battle is based on five battles to determine the victory, while team battle is where each side has 500 elite fighters. Fighting against each other. The rules are in our favor. They must win three of the five single battles, and they must win the team battle to drive us out of here. But the opponent is not good, our Moonscar Mercenary Although the overall quality of the regiment is good, the heads-up is relatively poor. Hey, now I can only hope that the team battle can be won. However, I am worried that many brothers may be killed and injured in the team battle."

Xuan Yue smiled confidently and said: "Brother Yuehen, don't worry, we won't let them drag the match into the team battle. As long as we win the battle alone, won't they be able to compare."

Yuehen hesitated slightly, and said in his heart, this elder brother of Yueyue is really confident in him! He shook his head and said, "However, team battles are conducted first, and then single battles. In other words, team battles are inevitable."

A Duan frowned and said, "Once the melee starts, it may be difficult to take care of the audience. There will inevitably be fatalities and injuries. This is difficult." Since the Yajin clan lost to the four elders, his confidence has never been. restore. Xuan Yue's eyes flashed, and said: "It doesn't matter, I have a way. Brother Yuehen, must the number of team fights be five hundred? Can it be less."

Yue Hen said: "That's not necessarily true, but the upper limit is five hundred. It doesn't matter if the number is less than this. Brother Xuanri, what do you want to do?"

Xuan Yue smiled confidently and said: "This is a good solution. When the two sides are in a team battle tomorrow, Big Brother A'Dai and I will fight as your allies. There are only five hundred people, so I don't think it is in my eyes. In this way, you too. The damage can be avoided." Yue Hen was shocked, thinking that he had heard it wrong, and frowned: "What? Is it the two of you against each other? How can this work, brother, you can't make fun of life. ! In a team battle, the opponent will inevitably send masters. If one is not good, you will be buried in it. This is absolutely necessary. It is good to have confidence, but you should not rush."

Xuanyue naturally heard Yuehen's inner thoughts and glanced at the dumb, who bowed her head and said to herself, she would use this teamfight to regain her eldest brother's confidence. She smiled and said, "Brother Yuehen, don't worry. Now, I am by no means self-defeating. Please trust us. With the strength of Big Brother Adu and I, I will definitely help you through this crisis."

Keanu on the side couldn't help it. Before Yuehen spoke, he rushed and said: "You don't need to go, I'll be enough, let out a purple flame dragon without burning them."

Oliveira snorted disdainfully, and said: "You go? That will only be a bad thing, or my tornado cloud is more powerful, I promise to make them dizzy and lose their combat effectiveness."

Xuan Yue said: "No, you are not mercenaries, and you can't represent the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. You can watch from the sidelines then."

Oliveira and Keanu were speechless. As important members of the Wizards’ Guild, they would never be allowed to join the ranks of mercenaries without the approval of the president.

After listening to them, Yuehen almost fainted. Who are these people! The tone is terribly loud. I haven't seen dumb in a few years. How can he make so many bragging friends? Looking at their costumes, they are obviously of the level of a high-level magician. How can he use his own strength to fight against the opponent's five hundred cavalry? Just when he wanted to refuse, there was a sudden noise outside the door.

"What? My eldest brother won't let anyone in? Am I not allowed? I'm the deputy commander. Avoid, stop me, and I will kick you to death..."

Dumb and Xuan Yue were both dumbfounded, this coquettish and domineering voice was so familiar. With a "bang", the door of the chamber was kicked open, and an angry young girl walked in from the outside. The red dress wrapped her exquisite body and matched her long slightly curly hair. It looks full of wild temptation. It was Yue Ji, Yuehen's younger sister, who came here.

Dumb stood up and said with a smile: "I haven't seen you in a few years, sister Yue Ji still has such a grumpy temper! You should be twenty-three or four."

Yue Ji stunned slightly and looked to Ah-Dai. The familiar and honest face shocked her whole body, "Ah! You, aren't you Ah-Dai? Why are you here?"

Dumb smiled and said: "We passed by here. I heard that your Moonscar Mercenary Group is already very famous. I came here to take a look."

Yue Ji closed the door with her backhand and said with a smile: "If you have a little conscience, you can speak a lot more neatly than before! It seems that you are no longer so stupid. It must be my sister Yueyue who has been trained well."

A Dui smiled bitterly: "Sister, you should save some face for the younger brother." Yue Ji walked to A Du, and punched him on the shoulder with a powerful punch. A white light flashed on A Dui's body. In order not to hurt Yue Ji, he With all the soft energy, Yue Ji felt her fist smashed into a ball of cotton, she couldn't help but hesitated slightly, and the light came off as soon as the light came out, and Ah Dumb was still standing in place, as if nothing had happened. Yue Hen frowned and said, "Sister, what are you doing? A Duan came from afar, so just do it when you come up."

Yue Ji chuckled and said: "I'm seeing if he has been lazy in recent years. Well, it seems that martial arts are good! Dumb, we have a chance to compare with each other." Her gaze fell on Xuan Yue inadvertently, and she couldn't help but wrinkle. He lowered his eyebrows, grabbed Xuan Yue's shoulder, and said, "Sister Yueyue, how did you make it like this? It looks like a boy."

Xuan Yue was almost frightened by her words. Her face changed. She barely suppressed her accelerated heartbeat, and said in embarrassment: "You, you must be sister Yueji. I am not Yueyue, I am Yueyue's eldest brother. Xuan Ri. Nice to meet you. Wow, your hands are so heavy, can you be lighter." She didn't know if Yue Ji really saw through her disguise, so she had to try her best to cover it up.

Yue Ji released her hand and said in a daze, "So you are not Yue Yue! You really look alike, well, I see, you must be her twin brother, right."

Xuan Yue exhaled in her heart and gasped slightly, "You can guess this, it's really amazing."

Yue Hen said: "Sister, stop making trouble, sit down, I'm recounting old times with Dumb brothers? You, the bosses are so stubborn, no wonder..."

Yue Ji said angrily: "No wonder what? No wonder I can't marry, is it? I just don't want to marry, huh. Dumb, do you think I am beautiful?"

Dumb was startled. He didn't dare to offend Yue Ji, and hurriedly said, "Pretty, pretty."

Yue Ji said: "That's right, people don't want to find someone to marry me, but also to find someone who can protect me. What have you said? Tell me."

Yuehen seemed to be a little angry because of Yueji's clamor, and he said in a deep voice, "Little sister, be quiet. There are two other guests here."

Tsukiji stunned and turned her gaze to Keanu and Oliveira. Oliveira smiled slightly and said, "Hello, Miss Tsukiji. I am the wind magician Oliveira." After seeing Tsukiji In his heart, he secretly compared with Di Ya, the patriarch of the Yajin clan, Yue Ji was a bit inferior in appearance, but the wildness and heroism she contained were not in Di Ya, and it could be said that each had a victory.

Keanu also stood up. Since Yue Ji entered the door, his eyes have never left her figure. The exquisite body and the curly red hair are so touching. Keanu's simple face is rising. Blushing, he lowered his head and dared not meet Yue Ji's gaze, and murmured: "Hello, Miss Yue Ji, I am Fire Magician Keanu."

Tsukihime’s gaze swept across Oliveira’s face. She had never been interested in Oliveira’s handsome and polite appearance, but Keanu’s shyness made her find it interesting. She teased: "It turns out Men will blush too! Look, eldest brother, you said I can’t get married, and he blushed when he looked at me."

Keanu couldn't have a crack in the ground for himself to get in, his heartbeat quickened, and he was embarrassed and speechless. Yue Hen said in an angry voice: "Okay, Brother Keanu is honest, don't bully him."

Yue Ji leaned close to Keanu and smiled and said, "Am I bullying you?" The faint scent of her body passed into Keanu's nose, and Keanu suddenly felt a fever of head and looked at the charming face close at hand. Repeatedly said: "No, no. It's my fault."

Yue Ji smiled, and said: "You blushing looks so interesting! This time with you a few magicians, we will be more confident in dealing with **** who dare to challenge. They also claim to be an Overlord Mercenary Group. , This time I have to let them become the **** to relieve my anger. Dumb, you will help us, right."

Dumb was shocked when he saw Keanu's appearance, and was afraid that Yueji would turn the target to herself, and hurriedly said, "Of course, we are discussing countermeasures with Brother Yuehen. Brother Yuehen, just Brother Zhao Xuanri Do what you say. We will do our best."

Yuehen looked at Ah-Dai hesitantly. After all, this was related to the future fate of the thousands of Yuehen Mercenary Corps. He naturally couldn't make a hasty decision. In his mind, he always believed that it would be impossible for two people to deal with five hundred people. Yue Ji looked at her elder brother hesitantly and asked, "What did you say? How are you going to deal with those bastards?"

Yue Hen sighed and said, "Brother Xuanri said that he will join Brother Adu and use the power of two people to fight each other."

Yue Ji was shocked and looked at A Dumb and Xuan Yue in doubt, "Are you kidding me?"

Xuan Yue said: "Of course it's not a joke, we believe that we have this strength, you can rest assured that sister Yue Ji."

Yue Ji stood up from her seat with a squeaky cry, her eyes filled with excitement, and she said loudly: "Okay, arrogant enough, I like it. Dumb, if you can really defeat each other with the power of two of you, then I'll just marry you as a wife, how about it?" Seeing the changes in the expressions of Duan and Xuanyue, she chuckled, and then said, "Just kidding, you have sister Yueyue, so why would you want me? ?"

Dumb breathed a sigh of relief, and said helplessly: "Sister, if you continue like this, I'm afraid I will be scared to death before I help you in a team battle."

Yue Hen glared at Yue Ji, and said, "Brother Dumb, I don't think this matter should be too careless. If only the two of you are fighting, it would be too dangerous. I can't rest assured. The team battle will continue according to our original plan. Right. If we lose, you will still have time to make a single shot."

Xuan Yue frowned and said: "Big Brother Yuehen, can't you believe us? That's good. There will still be 500 people in the team battle. Duan and I will also be among them. Then the two of us will go up first. If you can't beat each other, you Come on, this is all right." Her voice was faintly irritated, staring at the moon mark firmly.

Yue Hen looked at Xuan Yue’s firm gaze and couldn’t help but back down. This decision had no effect on him, so she had to say, “Okay, then. Just follow your brother’s opinion. However, you have to be careful during team battles. Once there is a danger, I will take people up to rescue you immediately. You must not make any mistakes."

Xuanyue looked at Ah-Dai confidently and said, "We will. It's useless to say anything now. By tomorrow, you will naturally understand why I am so confident."

Yuehen nodded and said, "In that case, let's do it, little girl, you don't want to participate in the team fight tomorrow. I will bring 497 brothers to cheer Brother Duan and Xuanri. If the team fight fails. , According to the situation to decide the order of appearance of the single battle. Our Moonscar Mercenary Group is a dragon or a worm, it depends on tomorrow. It is getting late, sister, you go call Miao Fei and Wanli, let's be the dumb brother They take the wind and wash the dust.” Although A Duan and others joined, Yuehen still has no bottom. He has only heard that the Overlord Mercenary Group is very strong, but after two days of data collection, he still does not know the other party's very well. Strength, but now he can only make a strong face and smile. He has devoted countless efforts to the Moonscar Mercenary Group, and he never wants to let the mercenary group that has just entered the right track die.

Miao Fei and Wanli were naturally affectionate when they saw Ah-Dai again. The dinner was over for two hours in a cheerful atmosphere. After the meal, Yuehen arranged a place for the four dui, and told Dui and others to take a good rest and continue to be busy with tomorrow's affairs. They must select the members of tomorrow's team battle tonight and make all preparations. For Yuehen and others, this will be a busy night.

As night fell, Ah Dai leaned on his bed and looked at the dark night outside the window in a daze. Xuanyue and Dumb stayed in the same room, and she watched the dumbfounded heart fluctuate continuously. Why is it so painful to love someone, Dumb! Do you know how deep I feel for you? With a light sigh, Xuanyue lay flat on the window, looking up at the ceiling and saying faintly: "Brother, are you confident in the teamfight tomorrow?"

Dumbfounded, he came to his senses, shook his head, and said, "I don't know the situation of the opponent yet. I can't say it. If the strength of the Overlord Mercenary Group is similar to that of the Skeleton Mercenary Group, it may be difficult for us to win. Unless there is a large-scale slaughter, but that is a scene I don’t want to see. Every time I kill a person, the hostility in my heart will increase a bit! Any creature has the right to survive, how can I bear to deprive it? ?"

Xuan Yue said: "Big brother, do you know? Actually you are a very weak person." She knew very well that if he didn't stimulate dumb, he would not come out of the shadow of failure.

A Duan shook his whole body, lowered his head, and said in a desperate tone: "Brother, do you think of me like this? Do you have to kill to prove my strength? Then I would rather not."

Xuan Yue said, "No, being strong doesn't necessarily mean killing. I said that your cowardice doesn't mean this. After coming out of the Yajin clan, how decadent you are, don't you know yourself? You have never faced yourself squarely. I dare to say that at your current level, even if you compare with the Juggernaut, what about you? You are decadent after only one setback. What is not cowardice? If the Swordmaster of Heaven sees his old man When you are like this, I don’t know how disappointed it will be. What you lack is a kind of domineering that tens of thousands of people are going on. You once said that you once had the title of Death in the Sunset Empire. At that time, you, In terms of strength, it is far inferior to the present, but it can make all the nobles of the sunset empire fear. The soldier who fails to fight is the highest state of martial arts. Your spiritual power has been stagnant since you came out of Meme City. Not being able to make a breakthrough is certainly related to your very little meditation, but your mental state is too poor is also an important reason. Domineering, what you need is domineering, do you understand?"

Duan listened to Xuan Yue's words, and said in a desperate tone: "Domineering, domineering?"

Xuan Yue's voice was a little excited: "Yes, it's domineering. I won't help you in the team fight tomorrow. I will at most give you a few auxiliary magic behind you. You have to face everything yourself. Let me see How powerful you are without killing people. The way is actually very simple. I ask you to make all the five hundred people of the other party without using the three artifacts: the sword of the gods, the blood of the dragon, and the wish of Corris. Lose resistance, and there can be no death. At the same time, the time cannot exceed half an hour. With your strength, it is absolutely possible to do it. Facing the enemy, you must go forward without worrying too much. Brother, this is me for you The expectation of Tiangang Sword Saint is also the expectation of the old man of Tiangang Sword Saint. You are the savior in the mouth of Prophet Pulin. In order to save the catastrophe of mankind, the first thing you must do is to improve your skill to become the strongest in the mainland. .Only in this way can you respond to all changes and meet all challenges with the same change. Tomorrow is the best opportunity to enhance your will. I hope you can seize it. Okay, I'm going to meditate. Think about it yourself. I I hope that tomorrow on the battlefield, I can see a brand-new Big Brother Dumb." After speaking, she closed her eyes in the agitated mood, calmed her mood with the divine energy, and gradually entered a state of meditation. She has already said everything she wants to say, and as for what the outcome will be, it's up to Dumb herself.

Dumb sat on the bed in a daze, looking at Xuanyue in front of him, Xuanyue's words constantly shook his soul like a drum in the morning and evening. I'm so cowardly, yeah! I'm really too cowardly. If it wasn't my cowardice, maybe Bing wouldn't die. It wasn't my cowardice, so many things could be avoided. Brother Xuanri is right, I can't go on like this. I am very strong, I have reached the highest level of life and death, and my martial arts are no longer weaker than the presiding judge Xuanyuan. "I'm very strong, I'm very strong." Muttering these three words, Dumb's mind began to change, scenes of unclear pictures appeared in his mind, and a cold feeling instantly filled his mind. Throughout his body, he himself could clearly feel that the rising war intent was constantly filling his mind. Although those pictures could not be seen clearly, Ah Dui clearly felt that the spiritual level contained in the pictures was constantly stimulating himself. , Mind gradually merged with Xuanyue's previous words under the influence of the picture. At this moment, Dui had only one thought in his heart, that he was a powerful existence, and would never be cowardly anymore. Closing his eyes, he sinks all his thoughts into the golden body of his dantian, feeling the surging energy fluctuations of the golden body, and he enters the state of meditation. As Xuanyue said, tomorrow, there will be a brand new dumb.

In the morning, the sky is getting brighter, and everyone in the Moonscar Mercenary Group wakes up early with excitement and a little trembling. Today will be the time to determine the fate of their mercenary group, whether they can continue to survive in the mercenary world, It depends on today's battle. Yuehen only meditated for five hours last night, and under his careful selection, he found 500 of the strongest mercenaries to participate in today's decisive battle. The four main leaders of the Yuehen Mercenary Corps were all concentrated in the conference hall of the headquarters. Miao Fei’s expression was very tense and he was not much better. With the uneasy Yuehen brothers and sisters, the conference hall suddenly fell into a heavy In the atmosphere. After all, they are all young people in their twenties. Although the Moonscar Mercenary Group is developing very quickly, they have not experienced any big scenes. At this time, they encountered such great also There is only one way to go.

Miao Fei was the first to lose his breath in the heavy atmosphere, and sighed: "I hope Ah Du and Xuan Ri are really as strong as they said, and they can win with one blow."

Yuehen frowned, and said angrily: "Don't count on others for everything. This is our own business. What if Brother Adu and Xuanri are not there? Can we have noble people to help us every time we face a crisis? Everything can only be done on our own. Today’s battle is related to our beliefs. Whether the Moonscar Mercenary Group can continue to develop and grow depends on today. We cannot be defeated, absolutely cannot be defeated." He gripped tightly. With both fists, his body trembled slightly, his eyes flashed with cold. Over the past three years, he has been developing the Moonscar Mercenary Group while constantly working hard to improve his strength, in order to develop the Moonscar Mercenary Group into a group that can affect the entire A strong presence in the mercenary world. Now, the biggest test of the Yuehen Mercenary Corps since its inception has come. Whether he can pass this level will determine whether his wish can be realized. In the face of danger, he can only rush forward without turning back, and there is no other choice. .

Feeling Yuehen’s desire for victory, everyone was silent. Yueji felt that she seemed to have difficulty breathing, and her heart seemed to be suppressed by a large rock. She frowned slightly and said, “It’s too early, I’ll call Dumb, let them get up." After speaking, they headed towards the place where Dumb and Xuanyue lived as if they were fleeing.

Chapter 123: Overlord Mercenary Group

Xuanyue recovered from the meditation state. After she entered the meditation state last night under agitated mood, she has not been able to adjust her mentality. The meditation that night has made little progress, but her mental state has also been improved. Adjusted to the best.

In fact, after she said those words last night, she also regretted it a little. She thought to herself: Dumb is innocent and simple, with a simple personality. Will his words be too heavy for him? Maybe, he will not be able to bear it. Is he more decadent under the pressure? If that's the case...

Some eagerly opened her eyes, Xuan Yue turned her gaze to Dumb. The moment her eyes touched Ah Dui's body, Xuan Yue's whole body was shaken, her eyes filled with incredible expressions.

Dumb sat quietly on the bed next to him, without a trace of power or vindictive light on his body. The long black hair of the shawl was quietly drooping, and his plain face was calm, his sturdy body was wrapped in a red magician. There was no energy fluctuation in the robe, it was as if he was dead, extremely silent. However, Xuan Yue sensed something that didn't exist in A'Dai before. Although there was no energy fluctuation, A'Dai sat there like a huge mountain, and there seemed to be nothing to shake. He, what's wrong with him? Worries continue to fill Xuan Yue's heart. She wants to wake up this dumb who she can't see through, but she doesn't have the courage.

At this moment, light footsteps came, "Damn, Xuan Ri, it's late, we have to get ready to go. Have you gotten up yet?"

Xuan Yue froze slightly. She discerned Yue Ji’s identity from her voice. She stood up from the bed and tidied the light magic robe on her body. She took a deep look at Ah Du, who was still in the cultivation state, before she stepped forward to the door. turn on.

Yue Ji glared at Xuan Yue and said, "Why don't you get up so late. I don't know how much things are going on today? Dumb? Is he still up?"

Xuanyue nodded and said in a low voice: "Sister Yueji, you should speak softly, Ah-Dai is still in the meditating state and can't stand the interruption. Are you leaving now?"

Yue Ji frowned and said: "Yes! As the garrison of Varro City, we naturally have to go outside the city and wait for our challenger to arrive, so that we can wait for work. Dumb is still cultivating! But we are already I'm leaving, what should I do now?" She also knew that she couldn't be disturbed when she was practicing Zhen Qi, but this time it was different, it was related to the future of the entire Moonscar Mercenary Group! And Dui and Xuan Yue are their hope. Although she didn't want to admit it, Yue Ji still knew that she already had the emotion of fearing the victory in her heart.

Xuan Yue thought for a while and said, "I'll try and see if I can wake him up from his cultivation state." After speaking, she was about to turn around and walk back to the room when a cold voice suddenly sounded, "No, I'm already up. Xuan Yue was startled, she didn't feel any changes in the room, but this voice was obviously dumb! Looking back at the Prime Minister in amazement, I saw Ah Dui standing five steps away behind her, with no expression on her face, her long black hair neatly draped over her shoulders, like a sculpture. Looking at Ah Du's eyes without the slightest light, Xuan Yue felt worried and couldn't help but subconsciously asked, "Big Brother, are you okay?"

Dui shook his head slightly and said, "I'm fine, Sister Yueji, let's go and get ready to set off. By the way, can you help me find a black robe without any decoration? I think, this fire magic robe It's not for me."

Yue Ji looked at the dumb face of Gu Jing Wubo, and suddenly felt a feeling of palpitations. The young man in front of him who was younger than her seemed to be no longer the dumb she knew before. Nodded and said: "Well, wait here, I'll come as soon as I go." After speaking, he turned and left.

Dumb's eyelids were drooping, and he still stood still. His slender hands were placed on both sides of his thighs, and he stood there quietly, like a statue, without a trace of anger. Xuan Yue walked up to Ah-Dai and looked at the beloved person who was more than half a head taller than herself. Her heart trembled slightly, "Big brother, what's the matter with you? Yesterday, last night, I..."

Ah Dui raised his hand and pressed Xuan Yue’s lips. His movements were so graceful. Everything was like a natural path. Xuan Yue’s whole body was shaken. She clearly felt the coldness in Ah Du’s palm, as cold as ice. .

"Brother, you don't need to say. I have already figured it out clearly, don't worry, I won't let you down today."

Dui's voice was as cold as the temperature of his palm, without a trace of emotion. The restrained aura of his whole body pressed Xuan Yue almost out of breath. At this moment, Xuan Yue clearly felt that Dui's cultivation base was no longer What he can compare to, as to what kind of realm he has reached, he can't see through it. Dumb's power has obviously changed. The feeling of change seems to be the domineering and restrained domineering he said yesterday. But is this really what I want?

Duan put down his hand, still standing there quietly, without making a sound, Xuan Yue looked at him quietly, feeling the chill radiating from him, and the two stood face to face calmly. The atmosphere in the room looked strange.

After a while, Yue Ji ran back. She didn't notice the difference between Dui and Xuan Yue. She threw the black robe in her hand to Dui and said, "I really don't know what you want a long robe for. We warriors still wear strong clothes. It's better!"

Ah Dui took the robe casually, and said calmly: "You go to the chamber first, I'll change my clothes and go." As soon as the voice fell, Xuan Yue and Yue Ji felt an invisible energy enveloping their bodies at the same time. When he was shocked, he found that his body had already left the room, and the door of the room had also been closed at this time. Yueji was taken aback. The former dumb knew that although she was very powerful, her skills were very poor. Although she seemed to have many secrets, she didn't seem to be better than her brothers and sisters in terms of martial arts. But just now, she didn't feel how she was sent out of the room at all. This situation seemed to happen only when the two sides were far apart. She wanted to open the door and ask Dumb, but was stopped by Xuan Yue.

Xuan Yue knew that no matter what to ask Dumb now, he might not answer. He seemed to have entered another realm, a realm he couldn't understand, it seemed that he had entered specially for today's team battle. She didn't want to disturb Dumb, for fear that it would affect his mind. After all, what she was going to face today was the 500-strong enemy. Only after helping the Moonscar Mercenary Group today, she would find a chance to ask him again.

"Sister Yueji, let's go to the chamber first. Brother A'Dai wants to keep his best condition to meet today's team fight."

Yue Ji glanced at Xuan Yue suspiciously, nodded helplessly, and the two went to the next room and called Oliveira and Keanu to the chamber together.

In the room, Ah-Dai put on the black robe that Yueji brought. I don’t know why. After he woke up from the meditation, he became very interested in black. He gently stroked the black robe on his body. After Qingming, it seemed that everything was under control. He slowly raised his right hand and stared at the slender five fingers. His white palms slowly clenched his fists. Suddenly, the room seemed to light up, and the whole fist seemed to change. As if it had become transparent, it was white jade-like crystal, shimmering slightly, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. Duan said every word: "I—I—the most—strong—of—."

Outside the city of Varo. Ten thousand soldiers of the Red Hurricane tribe with bright armor lined up in a neat array. At the front of the team, the lord of the Red Hurricane City, Ling Ze, was riding on a tall horse with expressionless face, followed by more than a dozen generals. Today, it will be a period of battle between the two mercenary regiments. In order to avoid conflicts, he led all the famous defenders out. He will be the referee in today's must-win decision, as a witness for both sides. Ling Ze is less than fifty years old this year, and he has been the city lord here for more than 20 years. Since Yuehen Mercenary Group is stationed, he has gained a lot of benefits. Although Yuehen is young, he knows how to be a human being. The two sides have been getting along very happily. Ling Ze was also shocked when he learned that someone dared to challenge them. The Red Hurricanes are a nation of mercenaries, and they attach great importance to the law of mercenaries, even though he appreciates the style of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. But in the challenge of the sure-win decision, he can't take sides. What's more, he must also consider the interests of Varo City and dare to challenge with a winning decision. Then the challenger must have absolute confidence in himself. Once the challenger settles in Varro City, as an official, he must also be with each other. It's good to have a good relationship, otherwise, it will inevitably affect his own career.

Ling Ze looked at the already bright sky and took a deep breath, trying to calm down some of his boiling blood. After all, what an exciting time is the challenge of the victory of mercenaries! Even in the mercenary world of Hong Hu, ordinary people may not be able to see it for a lifetime.

"My Lord, Yuehen, they are here." One of Ling Ze's men whispered beside him.

Ling Ze's spirit was shaken, and looking towards the city gate, he saw a team of cavalry rushing out from the suspension bridge. The number was about one thousand. All of them were wearing leather armor and armed with spears. Appearing on the ground where the sun is shining, under the precise command, the cavalry swallow wings lined up, and the leader is the head of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. His silver armor gleamed in the sunlight, looking extremely mighty. With the spear in his hand held high, Yuehen signaled his men to stop. At this moment, behind them, a group of about 1,000 infantrymen, armed with a broad sword and a leather shield, strode out. They were divided into two wings. Under the leadership of Miao Fei and Wanli, they formed two 500-man infantry. The phalanx is listed after the cavalry. These infantrymen were all tall and robust men, and they were the backbone of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. After the infantry lined up, another group of cavalry galloped out from the gate. Like the one led by Yuehen, each of them wore mercenary-standard leather armor. The difference was that each of them carried a long knife behind their backs. On the other hand, she was holding a hard bow in her hand. On both sides of the saddle, there was a pot of feather arrows hung on each side. Yue Ji is wearing a dark red armor, and the silver bow in her hand is her best weapon. This group of archers can be said to be the trump card of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. At the same time, it has the characteristics of cavalry, archer, and infantry. He has made numerous contributions to the Yuehen Mercenary Corps.

Looking at this neat team, Ling Ze sighed: "Now the mercenaries are getting better and better. This is the first time I have seen the full strength of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. I didn't expect it to be so terrible, even when facing us. The regular army, they may not suffer! I really don’t know who has the courage to challenge them. I am more interested in the challenge of this sure-win decision."

At this moment, there was a thunderous sound of horseshoes from the north, Ling Ze's face changed slightly, and he looked at the direction where the horseshoes sounded. People haven't seen it yet, but a large cloud of dust has been set off in the distance. The dust and smoke are divided into nine, coming straight toward Varo City. Ling Ze's expression changed. He who came from a military commander understood that to be able to keep the dust and smoke of the team so neat, this must be a team of soldiers who dare to challenge the special mercenary group. It is indeed extraordinary!

The voice gradually became clear. On the distant horizon, a team gradually appeared. The team was not moving very fast, but it was full of power. As they gradually approached, Ling Ze clearly saw that it turned out to be completely A team of heavy cavalry. The team is divided into nine columns like the dust they bring up. Each column has a leader. The eight rows of heavy cavalry leaders on the left and right are all in blue armor. Behind them, they wear black armor. Each of the mercenaries on the left chest has a clear red mark. The mark is very simple. It is a king, blood-red'king'. The leader of the heavy cavalry in the center is the most conspicuous. This person is wearing gold armor and a red robe. His appearance is so clear in the team, and his attire is so arrogant. What these nine columns of heavy cavalry brought was a breath of killing.

Ling Ze roughly estimated that the nine cavalry troops were about 1,000, but they were heavy cavalry! What does a heavy cavalry mean? Ling Ze knows very well that the equipment of a heavy cavalry is enough to feed ten ordinary light cavalry. The thick armor covering them and their horses is a very expensive number. What's more, it can withstand such a heavy load. Armor, the quality of its horses and people is even more impressive. Even in the city of Varro, there are only 500 such heavy armored cavalry, but in terms of quality, it is far worse than the people in front of them. The opponent's iron and steel division has completely suppressed the Moonscar Mercenary Group from its power alone. Can they deal with the Moonscar Mercenary Group? Is this the Overlord Mercenary Group?

The nine rows of cavalry in the Overlord’s Mercenary Corps consisted of one hundred and fifty men in each row, and the nine rows totaled 1,350 men. They stopped when they came to a place two kilometers away from the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. , There was a cry, and the front hoofs of the horse that the golden armor warrior was angry with rose high. The loud voice was so clear on the open plain. Ling Ze blurted out, saying, "What a profound skill."

The voice came from the warrior in the golden armor and red robe. He and all his men raised the sword in their hands at the same time and shouted loudly, "Sure victory, victory, and victory." The swords in their hands are different from those in their hands. Constant shape, it was a big sword with a connecting rod, and its shape was somewhat similar to that of a spear, except that the tip of the spear had become a broad and thick head that was one and a half feet long. At first glance, it is a weapon of attack.

Ling Ze looked at the overlord mercenary group's high momentum and sighed in his heart. With such a powerful lineup, I am afraid that a single charge can break the light cavalry camp of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. It seems that today's decisive challenge, Moonscar. One side is more ill-fortune! Ling Ze thought to himself, it seemed that it should be time for him to consider how to cooperate with that overlord mercenary group.

One side of the Moonscar Mercenary Group had fallen into silence when the Overlord Mercenary Group appeared. There was a tense atmosphere in the air, and the battle between the two sides was about to start. The golden-armored and red-robed warrior of the Overlord's Mercenary Group shouted, urging him to step off his horse solo and approach Ling Ze. His figure was like a golden lightning. Although he was wearing a thick golden armor, he had no influence. The speed of his advance.

At the same time as the Golden Armored Warrior acted, the moon mark moved, urging him to step down the white horse and flew from another direction. Soon, the two lightning bolts of gold, one silver, and two had arrived in front of Ling Ze.

As he got closer, Ling Ze clearly felt the pressure brought by the stalwart figure of the golden armor warrior. His two-foot-long saber pointed diagonally at the ground, and his other hand slowly took off his golden helmet.

It was a domineering face, with long golden hair curling slightly. Without even looking at the moon mark, he said solemnly to Ling Ze: "You are the lord of Varro City. I am the Overlord Mercenary Group. Long Bawang." His loud voice left a deep impression on Ling Ze.

Ling Ze tried his best to calm his expression, nodded, and said, "Hello Overlord, I am the Lord of Varo City Ling Ze." He clearly felt the powerful domineering radiating from Overlord's stalwart body. , That was something Yuehen couldn't compare at all. That huge aura brought him a lot of pressure and made him feel awe-inspiring. The head of this overlord mercenary group can definitely be included in the forest of mainland powerhouses.

Overlord Chong Ling slightly saluted, and said: "Sir, please allow me to lead the Overlord Mercenary Group to challenge the Moonscar Mercenary Group. According to the rules, under your order, both of us will take the lead in making a winning decision. Teamfight." His eyes were full of confidence, and the scarlet cloak behind him was windless, standing high on the horse like a **** of war.

Ling Ze took a deep breath, turned to look at the moon mark on the side, and gave him a questioning look. He has received many benefits from Moonmark, so naturally he cannot show his inclination towards the Overlord Mercenary Group at this time.

Yuehen clasped his fists in both hands, and said coldly: "Lord Lord, please approve my Yuehen mercenary group to fight against the Overlord's mercenary group in a decisive battle. Life and death will be in peace." Since the appearance of the overlord mercenary group, his The mood has been in a state of anxiety. Can such a powerful heavy armored cavalry lineup be shaken by his own men? His original confidence in team battles has been shaken.

Ling Ze looked embarrassed, sighed, and said: "Since the two regiment leaders insist on doing this, it is not convenient for this seat to stop any more. Please return to your team and dispatch 500 people to participate in the team battle. The banner is the order to conduct team battles. I hope that both of you can avoid casualties as much as possible. Go."

The overlord said coldly: "It's hard to avoid death and injury on the battlefield. Death is only the home of the weak." After speaking, he put his helmet back on and turned his horse's head and galloped away.

Yuehen was trembling slightly with anger at the words of the overlord, and he said in hatred: "I don't know who it is to die. What is there to be proud of now." Ling Ze sighed and said: "Yuehen, don't be angry, you are fighting. I think this overlord is not very human, and his subordinates are heavy armored cavalry. I’m afraid it will be difficult to deal with. Don’t be careless. Go ahead. Let’s I look at the strength of the Moonscar Mercenary Group."

Yuehen nodded slightly, sighed, and said, "Thank you, Lord City Lord, I will." After finishing speaking, he turned his horse's head and headed towards his mercenary group.

Ling Ze looked at Yuehen's leaving back, and sighed: "This moonscar mercenary group is over, their aura has been taken, how can they win the team battle. Once the team battle is defeated, I am afraid there will be no single battle. Good results."

The two mercenary regiments are arranged intensively. On the side of the overlord mercenary regiment, forty-nine people are led by eight blue armor fighters, while the overlord himself brings out ninety-nine people from the team. Five hundred heavy armored cavalry stood proudly in front of the team. They all held up the swords in their hands, an invisible and powerful aura permeated the battlefield.

On the side of the Yuehen mercenary group, Yuehen also went to battle in person, leading two hundred epee infantry and 297 cavalry in front of the battle. Originally, Yuehen selected a hundred cavalrymen to participate in the team battle, but seeing the thick and heavy armor of the opponent, he understood that bows and arrows could not pose a threat to the opponent, so he had to temporarily select another hundred cavalry to join the camp.

Ling Ze shook his head as he watched the lineup of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. Now he was even more convinced that the Overlord Mercenary Corps would surely win this victory. The standard-bearer beside him had already raised the Ling Qi high, and only waiting for Ling Ze to give an order, he waved down the large flag in his hand to announce the start of the team battle. At this moment, Ling Ze was surprised to find that two people had walked out of the camp of the Moonscar side, neither of them wore any armor, and one was in white clothes, ah! It seemed to be a magic robe, and it was a white light magic robe. When did Yuehen's subordinates have a light magician? I never heard him say it, but shouldn't the magician cast magic behind the team? Why did you come to the front of the team? Beside the light magician, there was a person who was covered in black robes. Not only did he wear no armor, he didn't even have weapons. From the appearance of his costume, he couldn't tell what profession he was. Standing next to the high-headed horse with the moon mark brings an invisible pressure to people. Ling Ze hesitated, the two people who suddenly appeared made him feel a little uneasy. Looking at the lineups already lined up by both sides, Ling Ze took a deep breath and shouted: "Start." After receiving the order, the standard bearer beside him waved the banner in his hand.

The two mercenary groups did not initiate the charge as Ling Ze imagined. Everyone in the overlord mercenary group was ready to go. Ling Ze’s banner meant nothing to them. Only the overlord’s orders were what they wanted. Compliant. The Moonscar Mercenary Group was even more bizarre. The two men that Ling Ze had noticed stood out from the crowd and walked toward the open space in the center of the two mercenary groups. The two went one after the other, the black-clothed person in front, and the white-clothed person behind. Soon, they left the team and stopped after walking about 300 meters. These two people are Dumb and Xuan Yue.

Yuehen looked at the backs of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue from behind, and various complex emotions emerged in his heart. This morning, when he saw a dumb face with a calm face, he suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. It seemed that the old dull boy had disappeared. Instead, he was replaced by a powerful existence with a frightening atmosphere. After seeing the Overlord Mercenary Group, he had placed all his hopes on Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. Ling Ze could see that they were not opponents of the Overlord Mercenary Group. How could he not know? The opposing team's steel-like lineup, I am afraid that only a single charge can disintegrate the camp of 500 fighters. Whether the team battle can be won depends only on the performance of Duan and Xuan Ri.

In the rear of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps, Oliveira and Keanu accompanied the nervous Yue Ji. Oliveira said relaxedly: "It seems that the dumb boss is a little different today! I don't know if he is angry. Miss Yue Ji, don't worry, there is the dumb boss, even if all the more than 1,000 opponents charge. There is no threat to him."

Tsukihime did not relax because of Oliveira's words. Like Yuehen, she was extremely worried about the situation of the mercenary group. The aura displayed by the other party has already suppressed them all, is it really possible to fight against them only with Duan and Xuanri? Keanu echoed Oliveira's words for the first time, and he also saw the strength of Dui, "Yes! How can the boss of Dui be something those guys can resist, as long as he summons that..." Under Oliveira's gaze, he swallowed the word dragon abruptly.

Yue Ji faintly froze, and said, "Does Dumb have any secret weapons? Why didn't I get along with him before?"

Oliveira smiled mysteriously and said: "You don't have to worry, just look at it and you will know. If the other party really has the ability to force the dumb boss's trick, it would be their misfortune."

The Overlord looked at the two standing not far away with a calm face. He brought people to grab the site of the Moonscar Mercenary Group this time. He had already figured out the other party's background very clearly. In the information he received, there was no The existence of these two people. Although the appearance of these two men could not shake his confidence, they still made him hesitate, especially since one of them was a magician. Tightening the long knife in his hand, at this moment, no matter who it is, he can't stop his confidence in occupying the city. Now he can only kill these two people first and eliminate all possible variables.

Dui stopped and stared at the steel lineup in front of him, without a trace of expression on his face. Xuan Yue walked to his side and whispered: "Brother, you have to be careful, don't take what I said last night, take your own safety as the most important thing." When facing a powerful enemy, Xuan Yue had already taken care of it. Nothing else. For her, Dumb's safety is the most important thing.

Dumb spoke, and he said faintly: "Brother, let me face this battle alone, promise me not to interfere, okay? Do not interfere in any situation."

Xuan Yue's heart moved, she seemed to feel something from Ah-Dai, but she couldn't say it clearly.

"Promise me." Dumb's voice sounded again, and his voice was full of unrejectable aura.

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Okay, you are all careful." Of course, she would not give up assisting Dui easily. Once Dui had an accident, she would definitely take action without hesitation, but at this moment, in order to make Dui an Cheering up again, she still agreed to Dumb's request. After speaking, she turned and walked towards the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. UU Reading walked out about a hundred meters, turned around, took out her angel staff, and stared at the dumb in front of her.

Dui coldly looked at the five hundred cavalry in front of him. Suddenly, he shouted: "Come on, let's have a showdown." In an instant, Dui changed and became so tall, his deep voice was full of insults. The momentum of the first generation, the white light suddenly burst, and the previous silence was gone. At this moment, every part of his whole body was full of powerful aura, his body rose higher and higher, and flashed toward the opposite overlord mercenary. Tuan rushed away.

The overlord clearly saw the beast-like light in Ah Du’s eyes. A person, but a person, dared to challenge my five-hundred cavalry. Although a little self-defeating, this courage is indeed good. He appreciates this kind of Man, the thought of taking it for himself came into his heart, and he shouted: "Don't hurt his life, rush with me." The long sword in his hand pointed forward, and the Five Hundred Heroes greeted him with a thunderous roar.

Seeing this scene, Ling Ze murmured: "Is he crazy, is Moonscar crazy? To let one person go to block the 500 heavy cavalry of the Overlord's mercenary group. This is a death!" When talking to himself, Dumb and the Overlord Mercenary Group had already contacted.

Dui's heart was full of strong fighting spirit at this moment. He felt that no one could stop him from moving forward at this moment. The powerful breath surging in his chest made him yell, "Ah--"

Chapter 124: Awakening domineering

The huge sound wave suddenly spread throughout the audience under the infusion of infuriating qi. When the sound was excited, the oncoming members of the Overlord Mercenary Group stagnated at the same time, including their horses, all felt a sense of fear .

The Overlord was shocked. From the cry of Ah-Dai just now, he clearly felt the strength of his opponent. At this moment, he had already rushed to Ah-Dai's body first, roaring, and his big sword smashed at Ah-Dai's top door like a thunder from the sky.

A stern smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth. He did not dodge, but blasted the blade that the Overlord had smashed. The dark red vindictive qi exuded by the overlord collided with the vindictive qi on the dumb fist, and there was a bang. The Overlord stepped off the horse with a mournful cry, and his advancing speed was forcibly stopped. The Overlord's whole body was shaken, and his body almost fell off the horse's back. There was a look of surprise in Ah Du's eyes. Although he kept his hand in order not to hurt the opponent's life, he did not expect that he had not knocked the opponent away from the horse with a punch. At this time, the eight blue-clad warriors who had come with the overlord had also surrounded them, and the eight long swords were smashing towards Dumb from different angles.

Duan didn't continue to chase the Overlord, but faced the attack of the eight blue armor fighters. Sheng Sheng Qi suddenly erupted, his hands became transparent at the same time, light blue light circulated, Dui's body quickly rotated, and his whole body was like a blue whirlwind facing the heavy cut that shone with various fighting energy rays. . With a loud noise, eight broken long knives flew out, and Duan relied on lightning speed, his body was spinning, and he kicked each blue armor warrior’s chest. Eight figures followed them. The swords of the soldiers flew out, and in the kick that they were kicked, their meridians had been completely sealed by vindictive vigor, and they had lost their fighting ability.

Dumb did not stop, nor did he pay attention to the overlord sitting on the horse to adjust his breath. The blue light suddenly lit up, and he flashed into the crowd of heavy armored cavalry like a ghost. His body was so suspended in the air, relying on At lightning speed, they kept passing by the heavy armored cavalry. Everywhere they passed, everyone turned their backs on their horses. The bodies of the heavy armored cavalry were thrown out one by one. No one could stop Dumb. The heavy and thick armor was like paper in front of Dumb, unable to play any role at all. The entire cavalry team of the Overlord Mercenary Group has been in chaos. Dumb has blood red eyes and long black hair constantly fluttering in the wind. The black figure has become a nightmare for the soldiers of the Overlord Mercenary Corps. Almost just a few breaths, dozens of Overlord Mercenary Corps members have been passed through. The huge energy transferred into the body by the armor blocked the meridians and lost the ability to resist.

Standing not far away, Xuanyue looked at Ah-Dai like a mad tiger, with a faint smile on Qiao’s face. She knew clearly that at this moment, no one could stop Ah-Dai’s attack, even herself. Uncle Xuanyuan was here, and that didn't work either. At this time, Ah Dui had already fully exerted all his skills, that was definitely the strength to reach the level of the Juggernaut. Dui's powerful aura has completely overwhelmed the advantages of the Overlord Mercenary Group over the Moonscar Mercenary Group with its own advantages. Xuan Yue said to herself with excitement, "Big brother, you have finally awakened, this is what The strength you should have! How can they resist you?"

The moonscar mercenary group has become a sea of joy. They clearly saw that with the power of one person, Duan immediately stopped the impact of the overlord mercenary group and pierced the enemy camp like a sharp knife. Hinterland. What kind of power is that! Even the leader of the Overlord's mercenary group could not stop him from advancing. Cheers one after another rang beside Yuehen, and Yuehen's heart was already hot. He couldn't believe that he could also rush to kill in the opponent's camp with Dui. He knew that he would never forget the scene before him.

Yue Ji's body was trembling slightly, and now she understood what Oliveira had said earlier. Dumb, Dumb is so strong, incredibly strong. With just a wave of his hand, he can blast a heavy armored cavalry with a horse and a man, weighing more than 700 kilograms, seven or eight meters away. There is no fancy in his movements. Relying on her speed and strength to shake the opponent hard, she can clearly feel that indomitable momentum even from the rear, this is a powerful martial skill that she can't even imagine!

Ling Ze opened his mouth wide, and everything that happened in front of him was beyond the scope of his cognition. The Moonscar Mercenary Group really only relied on one person to fight against each other, and currently it still occupies an absolute advantage. How could this be possible? Where did Yuehen find such a powerful warrior? Is he still a human? Depending on his age, he is not like the legendary sword saints!

The Overlord finally recovered some from the breath adjustment. The previous indomitable punch of A Duan had hurt his meridians, and the eight strongest captains under him could not even stop a blow from the others. That group of black and blue was mixed. Whirlwind had completely broken up the formation when he adjusted his breath. At least a quarter of the heavily armored cavalry fell to the ground. These cavalry are the most elite warriors of his own! But in the hands of the man in black, it was so vulnerable. He could no longer bear the hardship in his heart, and roared: "Get out of my way, I'll meet him." Standing up, the long knife in his hand took all his strength and slashed towards the spinning dumb. At this moment, he had burned all his energy and exerted more than one hundred and two percent of his power. He couldn't wait to split this person in half.

Dui's body continued to rotate, and the Overlord's sudden and powerful attack made his heart slightly stunned, but at this moment he had already killed him, although every time he shot, he only knocked the enemy into the air and blocked the meridian, making him lose his combat effectiveness. But in spite of this, watching the majestic bodies in full armor around them fluttering away under the action of his own fighting spirit, Dumb's heart has been completely filled with this kind of joyful feeling, and his body has reached the ninth state of life. Qi keeps circulating, and there is no sign of exhaustion due to the incessant nature. When encountering the overlord’s full blow, Ah Dui floated up without any hesitation. The air seemed to freeze. All the members of the Overlord’s mercenary group watched their leader and the man in black leaping high. They were frightened. It was discovered that in the hands of the black-clothed man, a four-foot-long blade suddenly appeared, shining with a light blue light, and it suddenly struck the Overlord. That is the solid state of Duan's condensed blade.

The Overlord saw the opponent's rotating body suddenly stop, and then rushed towards him like lightning. At this moment, he clearly captured the fierce look on Ah Du's face. The surging aura had completely suppressed him. His martial arts It was based on aura. At this time, the aura was taken by dumb, and the previous domineering and strength in his hands suddenly weakened a bit. Seeing that a blue light appeared in Ah Du's hand instantly, it was greeted by his own broadsword. The blue and blue fighting qi suddenly collided in the air with a crisp ding sound. The Overlord realized with fear that when the fighting qi he made with all his strength met the opponent's blue light blade, it melted like ice and snow, and the opponent was fierce. The blue blade of light flashed past the broad sword, and the head of the blade fluttered away, while the indestructible blue blade of light slashed towards his head without stopping. The feeling of death instantly spread throughout the Overlord’s body. He never thought that he himself He would die in this situation. Time has not allowed him to dodge. What's more, the aura on Dui's body has already locked up all the space he can dodge. The corner of the Overlord’s mouth shows a wry smile, even that brings him all The overlord sword of energy can’t stop the opponent’s advancing speed. The golden helmet on his head is even worse. Now he can only watch the light blade cut through the sky and slash towards him. All he can do is wait for death. Coming.

When Ah Dai broke the Overlord Sword, it was not untouched. Overlord was a first-rate master after all. His skill was not much better than that of Blood Skeleton. Although Ah Dai's whole body was completely vindictive, the Overlord’s concentration was full. The huge heart-piercing energy contained in the world's blow still caused some damage to him. Originally, Dumb didn't need to be injured, as long as he converts the forward vindictive energy into his own circulation, and uses the force of the counter shock to make his body pause in the air, he can dissolve all the opponent's energy. However, at this moment, Ah'Dai did not retreat, and in his current mind, there was no word retreat at all. He just wanted to completely crush the Overlord Mercenary Group as quickly as possible. Forcibly used Shengshengzhen Qi to suppress the injury in the body, still maintaining the original momentum and flying towards him.

The Overlord was completely desperate facing such a tyrannical person. He closed his eyes and quietly waited for the moment when the blue light blade appeared. A Duan's whole body was driven by an indomitable momentum, and his speed was as fast as lightning. When he flew one foot in front of the overlord, he suddenly realized that he could not kill him. Not to mention that killing was something he did not want to do. Once killed Overlord, members of the Overlord mercenary group will inevitably explode, once they fight desperately in groups, the hatred can no longer be resolved. The thoughts flashed through Duan's heart like fire, and he forcefully retracted the blade of life in his hand, his body reluctantly rolled out a position to the right, a single palm on the overlord’s shoulder, and the whole person floated up. , Pounced on the heavy armored cavalry behind the overlord. This movement seems smooth and simple, but all of Ah Du’s skill has been poured into it, and the sudden change of the attack direction under the full attack caused a huge load on his already injured body. The meridian turbulence made his breath uneven. Zhenfei's four fighters couldn't help being exhausted, and stood still breathing slightly. Taking advantage of this only gap, Duan urged the honest and genuine qi in his Dantian golden body, and barely suppressed his injury.

The Overlord was already awake when Ah-Dai slapped the palm on his shoulder. He suddenly opened his eyes and watched Ah-Dai's black figure passing by his side. As Dui changed his trick temporarily, his True Qi circulation was not enough, and there was no way to instantly seal the Overlord’s meridians, so the current Overlord did not even suffer any damage. The Overlord was stunned, he knew clearly in his heart that A Duan would be merciful to his subordinates, otherwise, he might have been in a different place. At this moment, the overlord clearly knew that he had already lost, and the defeat was so miserable. The opponent was able to come and go freely among the five hundred cavalry with one person's power. Nearly half of his own combat power has disappeared, and it will be impossible to fight again. It is impossible to win. What's more, there are close to five hundred members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group behind the man in black who are watching with intent. The right to regain life caused the Overlord to change his mind in an instant, and his previous domineering disappeared. Only now did he feel that survival was so beautiful. Looking at the figure of Ah-Dai who was constantly shuttled, watching his heavy cavalry being thrown off one by one, the Overlord's heart had completely calmed down, he sighed, and shouted: "Stop it all."

Under the overlord’s accumulated power in the past, no one dared not listen to his orders. The heavy cavalry all stopped attacking and quickly retreated towards the overlord’s position. After hitting the two one after another, Ah Du found that the other party had given up resistance. He knew clearly that these people had retreated. He didn't chase, standing proudly on the spot, staring at the heavy armored cavalry in front of him. Around A'Dai's body, nearly three hundred people were scattered around. Except for A'Dai, no one knew their life or death. Dumb stood there like a demon, a faint white innocence slowly revolving around his body, he stood with his hand in his hand, his huge aura has not weakened, all the surviving heavy armored cavalry were suppressed by his surging aura. Speechless, even the horses they stepped on were constantly convulsing, and were no longer willing to face the murderous person. The Overlord took a deep breath and lived for more than 30 years. For the first time, he knew what fear is, and the person who made him think about it was the inconspicuous black man in front of him. He looked far older than himself. Great, but the strength he showed he had to be shocked. The Overlord Feishi jumped off his golden armored horse and walked towards Dumb step by step. Without his order, all the heavy armored cavalry stood still and looked at their leader. Their previous confidence had long since disappeared. Waiting silently.

The Moonscar Mercenary Corps, Overlord Mercenary Corps, and the ten thousand defenders of Varro City became silent at this moment. Everything that happened before was completed within ten minutes. Almost no one could clearly see the movements of Dumb. But the nearly three hundred heavy armored cavalry lying on the ground proved everything. One person, just one person, crushed the power of the 500 people in the overlord mercenary group battle. What kind of power is this! In the heart of Varro City Lord Ling Ze, the strength of the Moonscar Mercenary Group has become so unfathomable.

Dumb looked at the overlord who was approaching him expressionlessly, the vindictive light radiating from his body remained undiminished. The overlord walked five meters away from him and stopped. With a wave of his hand, he threw the knife shaft that had lost its head. Aside, he slowly took off his helmet, his previously domineering face became extremely pale, the corners of his mouth trembling slightly, staring at dumb, taking a deep breath, the overlord barely restrained his excitement, gritted his teeth and said. : "I lost. Our Overlord Mercenary Group surrendered."

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth, and he calmly said, "In that case, please fulfill the conditions of the winning decision." After speaking, he turned and walked towards Xuan Yue with a smile on his face.

"Wait a minute." The Overlord roared sternly. Duan stopped and turned his back to him: "What? Do you want to continue? I will stay with him to the end."

The overlord shook his whole body. The figure in front of him was so tall and a barrier that he could not cross. He sighed and said, "I am not a person who cannot afford to lose. I just want to know, who are you? Just us. Judging from the information obtained in advance, you should not exist in the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Tell me, who are you?"

Dui smiled indifferently and said: "I am not a member of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, but I am an ally of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, the deputy commander of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group-Dui. If you want revenge, I am always welcome."

"The evil mercenary group? The evil mercenary group." As the leader of the overlord mercenary group, of course the overlord knew the existence of the evil, he murmured: "Is it the special mercenary group with only two people? You, how can you become an ally of the Moonscar Mercenary Group? As far as we know, they probably don't have an allied mercenary group."

Dui suddenly turned around, the white light on his body was prosperous, and his ordinary face instantly became mighty and mighty, "No, you are wrong, the Moonscar Mercenary Group has an ally, and there is only one ally, that is our evil. Mercenary group. You have to remember this." His voice suddenly became louder, and he rushed into the sky under the influence of his true aura, "I, the deputy commander of the evil mercenary group, Ah Dui, hereby declare, God The Evil Mercenary Group and the Moonscar Mercenary Group are an alliance that will never change. In the future, if anyone dares to harass the Moonscar Mercenary Group, he must pass my level first. , Floating in the air, at this moment, the scene of Tiangang Sword Saint who was on the top of Tiangang Mountain suddenly appeared in the heart of the sky. Although he did not see it with his own eyes, the rock pointed to the distant mountain afterwards. When the huge transparent hole told him, he kept thinking about when he could have such a powerful influence.

A dumb yelled, and his right fist slammed towards the deserted area on the plain. A ball of light blue light came out of the fist, piercing the sky like a meteor, and everyone's eyes followed the blue light. , I saw that the ball of light pointed to a small hill about 30 meters high from a kilometer away. It was almost just a few blinks of an eye. The ball of light had crossed a distance of kilometers and hit the hill accurately. "Boom--" Amid the loud noise, the hills a kilometer away suddenly exploded, exploded under the action of the solid ball of birth and transformation, and the sky was full of dust flying up, suddenly a piece of flying sand and rocks in the violent air current. The dust gradually disappeared, and the original hills disappeared with it. A deep hole with a diameter of about fifty meters appeared on the ground a kilometer away. This blow poured almost all of Ah'Dai's skill and looked at the ground in the distance. In the deep pit, Ah-Dai knew that there was still a big gap between himself and his master Tiangang Sword Saint.

Seeing Ah'Dai's punch from the domineering world, the Overlord's body trembled, his eyes were a bit dull, and he could no longer speak. It wasn't until this moment that he clearly realized how powerful Dumb was. If he attacked himself and his men with all his strength at the beginning, I am afraid that none of the five hundred people in the team battle would have survived.

He slammed a punch with all his strength, and the skill in Ah Du's body was drastically reduced. The depressed injury was about to move. His face was slightly pale. He looked at the overlord and said calmly, "All of your subordinates who were defeated by me are not dead, they are just sealed by me It’s just meridians. After half an hour, the prohibition will naturally be unlocked. I ask you to disband the Overlord Mercenary Group right here. Don’t challenge the Moonscar Mercenary Group again, otherwise, I won’t be merciful anymore.” said After that, he floated up and fell in the direction of Xuan Yue. Seeing Ah'Dai's back, the Overlord almost fell to the ground with a sway, and murmured: "He, he is the real Overlord!" A'Dai's peerless skill has completely shocked his mind and made him. I will never be able to rise up against Dumb again.

Dumb floated down to Xuan Yue's side, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, "Brother, what I promised you is finished, it should be less than half an hour now. I didn't use three artifacts, those heavy armored cavalry. There is no death, I know, I will be able to do it. Even if more than a thousand of them attack together, it will only be the same result."

Xuan Yue's delicate body trembled slightly, "Big Brother, you are awake, you are finally awakened, this is the strength you should have!"

Duan nodded, clenched his fists, and said coldly: "I won't be cowardly anymore, never, anyone who wants to hurt my friend must step on my body. No one can stop me. Brother, The people of the Overlord Mercenary Group should be a little injured. You can heal them so that they can leave here as soon as possible. Although they are enemies, it is better not to make them too stiff, otherwise, I am afraid that they will have moon marks in the future. The mercenary group is unfavorable.” In the chaos just now, although the mercenaries who were knocked down to the ground were protected by heavy armor, it was difficult to prevent them from being injured by horseshoes. Dumb thought that since the opponent has conceded, there is no need. Hatred again.

Xuanyue nodded happily, her mood was unusually refreshed, she raised the angel's staff in her hand, and the golden light came out, supporting her body and slowly floating up, "Great God! Please you infinitely. Divine power bestows me, calming light, calming fear, healing light, relieving pain, restoring light, revitalizing, light fusion! Exuding all your energy, calming the pain in front of them, and bringing them endless The vitality of the sacred light. Combine the holy light with the sacred power, and burn it." Golden rays of light rose in the air around Xuan Yue’s delicate body like a flame, and Xuan Yue’s eyes widened, and she held up the angel’s staff. Light elements continue to gather in his direction, and the seventh-level large-scale sacred light system recovery magic. Holy light recovery gradually appears in the continuous condensation. Although this magic is at seventh level, the mana consumed is not less than eighth level. Magic is one of the most powerful restoration magic that Xuanyue can use. Everyone’s eyes were focused on Xuanyue floating in the air. She was like the second sun. The surging holy power made everyone feel a sense of peace. The gleaming golden light made it impossible to look at. Even people who don't understand magic can clearly feel the huge energy contained in the golden light cluster.

The Overlord was stunned. He didn't expect that the two people who walked out of the Moonscar Mercenary Group were both so powerful. This was the first time he saw such a powerful magic. He had the brilliant eyes from Xuanyue. It can be seen from this that this magic is aimed at his Overlord Mercenary Group. Are they going to kill them all? Although the opponent is a magician, there is the man in black with an unfathomable cultivation level standing next to him. Even if he takes a full impact, he cannot prevent this magic from working. Run? It was too late. At such a distance, he was all heavily armored cavalry, and it was impossible to run magic.

Oliveira stood beside the dazed Yueji and shouted in surprise, "Keanu, look at it, Mr. Xuanri is going to show off, I think, this is at least a level 7 magic, maybe it's level 8. Well. The level of the magister is amazing, and such power is not what we can compare! I knew that the magic of the divine light system was so gorgeous, and I joined the Holy See. It seems that my current efforts are not enough, really not I know when I can reach the level of Teacher Xuan Ri."

Keanu nodded in agreement, and said, "Yeah! What a powerful sacred aura! Except for the magic that the teacher and Dumb used to fight in the valley last time, I have never seen such a powerful magic. This seems to be a restoration magic."

Yue Ji murmured: "You, you said, Xuan Ri is a magister? No, it's impossible! There are only three magisters on the mainland. How could he be so young?"

Oliveira smiled bitterly: "How many impossible things are there? The so-called three major magisters of the mainland does not include the Holy See. Keanu's teacher is known as the most aggressive fire magister Lardas on the mainland. , But the skills of the two bosses Xuanri and Ah'Dai are almost similar to those of the Laldas Magister. With their strong strength, those heavy armored cavalry are nothing at all. If the boss wants to destroy them, As long as he uses his strongest power, I'm afraid these people can't help even a single blow. It's Boss Xuanyi, and they can't stop them. So just now I said, you have nothing to worry about. Victory is inevitable."

Complicated emotions appeared in Yue Ji's eyes, "It turns out that they have become so strong after I haven't seen them in the past few years. They are so strong that I can't imagine them. It seems that experience is really important."

Keanu said: "Yes! My teacher asked me to follow the two bosses, Ah Dui and Xuan Ri, to experience. On the way, I can see many things that I have never seen before."

At this time, the situation in the field has changed. All the members of the Overlord Mercenary Group gathered together. They all looked at Ah-Dai and Xuanyue with resentment. Xuanyue’s holy light fusion has been condensed to the final stage. A golden cloud made up of energy floats above her head, even in the day when the sun is rising, the golden cloud is still so obvious. Dui felt the powerful energy contained in Xuanyue's body, showing a faint smile, and thought to himself that the spiritual power of the Xuanri brothers seemed to have improved again. It seems that being stimulated by the Yajin clan has not only affected him. It also affected him, but he chose to work hard to improve his cultivation, but he chose decadence. Now that I think about it, I am really ashamed! Don't worry, brother, I will never let you down again.

Xuan Yue held the sky with both hands and shouted, "Rise and fuse the cloud of holy light." With the increase of the angel's staff, Xuan Yue controlled Jin Yun to float towards the Overlord's mercenary group. There was a commotion in the Overlord's mercenary group. Overlord took a long knife from his hand. He had already decided that instead of waiting to die, it would be better to fight with death. Even if you die, you will die vigorously.

Dumb saw the unstable situation of the Overlord's Mercenary Group and shouted in a deep voice: "Listen to the Overlord's Mercenary Group, don't move around. My brother is going to use light magic to treat your wounded. There is no malice." The voice followed. The real qi came out from afar, the Overlord was shocked, and he raised his long sword to stop his men from rushing forward. He thought to himself that if Dumb wanted to kill himself and others, he would not keep his hand before, let alone deceive him. That said, this should be a recovery magic, anyway, the big deal is death, it is better to wait and see what kind of energy this golden light cloud is.

Guangyun flew up under the control of Xuan Yue, hovering above the Overlord’s mercenary group, Xuan Yue took a deep breath. This magic consumed a lot of her mental power. Seeing Jin Yun finally reached the destination, Xuan Yue saw There was a hint of joy. This was the first time that she had used such a large area of magic to restore magic. Of course, she hopes to succeed. The angel’s rod in her hand shoots a golden IP, and chants loudly: "The cloud of holy light, everywhere The earth." Jin Yun suddenly burst out with an unusually dazzling light, covering all the members of the Heroic Mercenary Group below. Under the golden light, the heavy armors on their bodies were all dyed the same golden color as the Overlord. In an instant, all members of the Overlord Mercenary Group lost consciousness for a while.

Chapter 125: Accept Overlord

Under the fusion of the Holy Light, the overlord's whole body shook, and a warm and peaceful air flow spread all over his body in an instant. The injury he had previously suppressed with real air pressure suddenly broke out. There was a pain in the meridians all over his body. At the moment he was surprised, that wave Warm energy poured into his veins in an instant, the pain disappeared, the meridians in his body became more comfortable than ever, his heart became peaceful, he could no longer have the thought of killing, and the big knife in his hand fell down. With the help of warm energy, vitality was created in the body. The mental shock caused by Dumb suddenly disappeared at this moment, and the fire of hope reignited in his heart. His feelings also appeared on every member of the Overlord’s mercenary group. The injuries of the wounded who fell on the ground gradually recovered, and even the meridians blocked by dumb were also unlocked at the same time. They stood up from the ground one by one. , Looked at Xuanyue floating in the distance with a look of reverence. Those mercenaries who were not injured also felt extremely comfortable all over, and the negative emotions in their hearts disappeared, leaving only the respect for Xuan Yue. For a while, all the members of the Overlord Mercenary Group put down their ice blades and are recovering. Under the leadership of the eight Qingjia captains, they retrieved their horses and arranged them into the neat lineup of the previous one, standing on both sides of the overlord. The golden clouds in the sky gradually disappeared, and the earth returned to calm again. The scene returned to what it was before the two sides met, as if nothing had happened.

Xuanyue's face turned pale, she floated beside Dui, looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction, and nodded with a smile. Dumb said: "Brother, your magic level seems to have improved again."

Xuanyue smiled slightly. She was also very satisfied with the ability to successfully use the fusion holy light equivalent to the eighth level of magic, "Big brother, if I don't make progress, how can I be qualified to accompany you on the mainland travels. This time the Overlord Servant" The corps should be convinced. I am afraid that they will never come to invade again. To be honest, these heavy armored cavalry are still very strong. If they hadn't met us, I am afraid that Brother Yuehen would be really difficult to deal with. Disbanded, brother, how is that guy called Overlord’s skill? Is it strong?"

Duan nodded, and said: "Very strong, not worse than Big Brother Blood Skull. He seems to be born with supernatural power, and coupled with the vindictiveness cultivated the day after tomorrow, his power has been exerted to the limit. With the heavy armor of the whole body, it is indeed powerful and charged Bottom, unless I want to kill him, it’s not easy to cope with it. If it’s not that my life change has been cultivated to the fourth change state, it will still take some weeks to deal with him. If they don’t need to win the decision Brother Yuehen should challenge him. Such a powerful heavy cavalry team must be very difficult to form. Hey! Didn't they give up yet? Why did they rush over again."

Xuan Yue followed Ah'Dai's gaze, and saw that all the members of the Overlord's mercenary group lined up in a neat formation and rushed towards him and Ah'Dai, the momentum was not weaker than before. The heavy horseshoe brakes brought by more than a thousand cavalry are amazing.

Seeing the enemy's entire army pressed, the moon mark in the rear dared not neglect, and hurriedly led three thousand members to rush up from behind. The performance of Duan and Xuanyue shocked his heart. How could he let the other party hurt the two dumb while he was holding the winning ticket? At the same time, Ling Ze was also launched. Ling Ze was surprised when the Overlord Mercenary Group suddenly rushed towards Dumb. He didn't want the chaos outside Varro City, and hurriedly led tens of thousands of regular soldiers to rush up. The three teams gathered together quickly, centering on Ah Du and Xuan Yue.

Dumb naturally wouldn't be afraid when faced with this kind of scene. There was a calm smile on his face, and his right hand had touched the Pluto sword on his chest. If the Overlord was so reluctant to live or die, he decided not to show mercy anymore. Qi's current cultivation base, without using more than the fourth stroke of the Hades sword, can completely control the evil energy of the Hades sword within a certain range, and will not harm your own people. He who has been awakened, no matter what he faces, he will not back down anymore, he will use all his abilities to defend his dignity. He took a step forward, blocking Xuan Yue behind him, his whole body was enveloped in murderous intent, the Pluto sword in his chest seemed to be shouting excitedly, and couldn't wait to collect his soul. Dumb has never used it since he met the Dark Demon from the Tianjin Mountain Range last time.

The heavy armored cavalry of the Overlord's Mercenary Corps moved forward quickly. When they arrived 100 meters in front of Ah Du and Xuan Yue, they suddenly pulled the reins and rushed about fifty meters before they stopped. The Bawang flew down with the eight people under him, as if he hadn't seen Yuehen, Ling Ze and others, and walked quickly towards Dumb and Xuanyue. They all took off their helmets, with a firm expression on their faces. Dumb was slightly shocked, he felt that the other party did not seem to be hostile.

At this time, the Yuehen brothers and sisters had also come to the front, they led the crowd around behind Ah-Dai, Yue Hen walked to the side of Ah-Dai, staring at the overlord in front of him, with a look of doubt on his face. At this time, the Overlord Mercenary Group had already lost, absolutely defeated, the joy in his heart could not be described in words. Ling Ze was afraid of causing riots, and brought more than a dozen generals under him quickly to step forward and came to Yuehen. He laughed and said, "Brother Yuehen, it's hard for me to hide it! It turns out that you still have such strong support. Brother really worried for nothing."

Yue Hen secretly cursed in her heart, this old fox, when the wind was not in the right direction, immediately came to show her favor, but smiled on her face: "My two brothers just arrived yesterday, and I also know today that they are so capable. "At this time, the nine Overlord had already arrived in front of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, and the Overlord rushed to Ah-Dai's hands with fists, "Deputy Commander Ah-Dai, thank you for your mercy before, this one?" His eyes turned to Xuan Yue. Dumb said: "This is my brother Xuan Ri. He is also the head of our Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group. Light Magician."

The overlord Chong Xuanyue respectfully said: "Head Xuanri, thank you for your rescue just now, so that our team members have recovered. I lost this competition. I lost it completely. I never thought of it, Yuehen The mercenary group has such a powerful friend as you. It was my miscalculation that led to the final failure. In front of you, I solemnly announce that starting today, our overlord mercenary group will be disbanded, and there will be no more of us on the mainland. Number one. This is the punishment for the sure-win decision."

Dui looked at the overlord’s sad expression, and felt soft. The brawny man in front of him didn’t seem to be a cunning person. Dui sighed and said, “Actually, you don’t have to be like this. The Overlord’s mercenary group can have the present. The scale is really not easy, so why disband? As long as you promise not to invade the Yuehen mercenary group again, I can ask Brother Yuehen and you don’t need to fulfill the punishment of your sense of victory."

The Overlord smiled bitterly: "Since I have decided to challenge the victory of the victory, I am ready to fail and have the courage to bear the consequences. Even if the Overlord Mercenary Group is retained, it will certainly not be able to gain a foothold in the mercenary world. Thank you for your kindness. Again, starting today, the Overlord Mercenary Corps will no longer exist. However, my more than a thousand brothers have followed me for nearly a year. If the deputy head of Duan doesn’t dislike it. , All of us are willing to join the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Corps. From now on, follow your orders. I don’t know if you are willing to take in. You are the real overlord. I have never heard of your martial arts. I am willing to follow your pommel , Receive instruction." As he said, kneeling on one knee with the eight men behind him, respectfully looking at Dumb, waiting for his reply.

Dui was completely shocked, and Xuan Yue looked at each other. They have always been alone, so how can they bring so many people? But the Overlord Mercenary Group is indeed a powerful force, and it would be a pity if it disbanded. Xuan Yue said: "Head of the Overlord, you get up first. Our Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group has always been two people since its establishment. Big Brother A'Dai and I have always been mainly traveling and living in no fixed place. To be honest, we really support I can't afford to have so many of you! Besides, the places we go are dangerous places, it's really..."

Overlord’s eyes showed disappointment, and he slowly stood up from the ground, and said sadly: “Since Captain Adu is unwilling to take in, I can’t help it. It seems that I can only be a wild horseman.” His subordinates turned and left. Suddenly, Dui had an idea. Since he figured it out last night, his mind seems to be clearer and he shouted, "Wait a minute."

The overlord looked back in amazement, and said, "Deputy Captain Dumb, do you have any more orders?"

Dumb said: "Although we can't take you in, but I have an idea. Instead of disbanding, you might as well join the mercenary group of Brother Yuehen. Isn't the strength of combining the two mercenary groups stronger? I thought, Brother Yuehen will definitely be happy to accept you. Brother Yuehen, what do you think?" He turned his gaze to Yuehen and winked at him.

There was a glimmer of light in Yue Hen’s eyes. He stepped forward and walked in front of the Overlord. He said in a deep voice: "Overlord, I am Yuehen. Your mercenary group challenged me to win a victory. I was very angry, but also I admire your courage very much. The Moonscar Mercenary Group is in its infancy. I admit that, in terms of strength, if it weren't for the help of the two brothers, Duan and Xuanri, you must have won today. However, these have passed. You and me have not suffered any loss, and there is no hatred between us. If you want, I am willing to accept all the members of the Overlord Mercenary Group and let you merge into my Moonscar Mercenary Group." The Overlord Mercenary Group previously The displayed strength has already shocked Yuehen's heart. If such a powerful force joins his team, it is not an empty word to compete with the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group.

The Overlord gave a daze, looked at Moonscar’s Zhan Ran eyes, with a hesitant look in his eyes, sighed, and said: "Head of Moonscar, your generosity makes me admire, but we have done something to you today. The challenge of the victory, can your members still accept us?"

Yuehen smiled slightly. He heard the looseness in the overlord’s mouth. Although he was not as good as the overlord in terms of strength, he was far behind the scheming overlord. He recovered confidently and calmly on the face of the overlord, "Big Brother Overlord. , I think, the purpose of your establishment of the Overlord Mercenary Group is nothing more than to break your own career in the mercenary world. I have the same idea as you. Our goal is the Honghu Mercenary Group. , Both you and me are constantly working towards this goal. If you disband the Overlord Mercenary Group now, then your many years of desire will definitely come to nothing. However, if you merge into my Moonscar Mercenary Group What about China? Everything will change accordingly, aligning the strength of our two super mercenary groups. I think it won’t be long before the Honghu mercenary group will be afraid of us. One day, we will surely be able to replace them. To become the number one mercenary group in the mainland. Let’s work together to accomplish this goal. As for the two mercenary groups getting along with each other, you don’t have to worry at all." He turned around, facing the three thousand group members behind him loudly He shouted: "Brothers of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, you have seen what happened just now. You have also seen the strength of the Overlord Mercenary Group. There is no conflict between us. Would you like to see us strong? I think the answer must be yes. If the overlord mercenary group joins more than a thousand steel heroes, our strength will increase exponentially. Answer me, are you willing to add more than a thousand brothers, like Treat them like our own brothers."

When the Overlord Mercenary Group appeared before, the members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group had already been taken away by their compelling aura, and the problem was solved without fighting. Naturally, they were all in a good mood. The corps joined their team, and they couldn't help but froze. Miao Fei was fairly clever, and shouted: "We are willing." Under his leadership, the members of the Moonscar Mercenary Group gradually shouted out loudly. After all, the strength of the Mercenary Group is only for them. It would be a good thing, as how to get along depends on the arrangement of the moon mark.

Looking at everything in front of him, the overlord's depressed mood was agitated again, and the demeanor of the moon mark made him quite heartbroken. It would only be good for the overlord mercenary group to be merged into a special mercenary group to be disbanded.

Yuehen faced the Overlord, looking at this stalwart body that was a head taller than himself, he took the Overlord’s hand and said, "Join us. I will make up the original members of the Overlord’s mercenary group separately. A heavy cavalry brigade in the regiment is still in charge of you. I promise that you will not transfer any of your men. We will definitely become the best brothers. I am the leader of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps, and so are you. Of us Regardless of the status of each other, let us work together and move towards our goal."

By this time, the Overlord had no reason to refuse. For the Overlord's mercenary group, this was the best arrangement. He nodded excitedly, and tightly held Moonmark's hand, saying: "Okay, Starting today, all members of the Overlord Mercenary Group will join the Moonscar Mercenary Group. There will be no Overlord Mercenary Group in the future, and some are just the heavy cavalry brigade of the Moonscar Mercenary Group."

Dumb laughed, Xuan Yue also laughed, it was perfect for them to be able to solve the inevitable decision in this way. Duan walked to Yuehen and Overlord and smiled and said, "Our Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group will always be your ally. Brother Yuehen, Brother Overlord, congratulations on your unity."

Among the people present, only Ling Ze was unhappy. The strength of the Moonscar Mercenary Group was so enhanced that it was beyond his control. However, given the rules between the mercenary groups, he couldn’t say much. Now In this case, he can only increase his relationship with the Moonscar Mercenary Group by showing goodwill. He hurriedly took two steps forward and said with a smile: "Congratulations to the two group leaders. The Moonscar Mercenary Group has grown in size. I can’t be stingy. So, to congratulate you on being able to unite, I announce that starting this year, Varo City’s taxes will be set aside 10% for your activities. As long as I am in Varro City To be the lord of the city for one day, this system will not change."

Yuehen was overjoyed and hurriedly thanked him. The previous solemnity was wiped out. Under the leadership of Yuehen and Bawang, more than 4,000 mercenaries and more than 10,000 soldiers of the Red Hurricane tribe returned to Varro City.

Everyone in Yuehen took the Overlord and his men directly back to the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. Thanks to Yuehen’s foresight, the construction of the headquarters was extremely large enough to accommodate the overlord’s men. Yuehen ordered his people to move the headquarters to the entire west. It was completely vacated for the residence of the Overlord's mercenary group, and specially arranged accommodation for the Overlord and his eight generals. A storm ended with the most perfect ending.

That night, Yuehen hosted a banquet at the headquarters of the mercenary group to entertain the Bawang, Duan and others. There are two large tables in the conference hall of the headquarters. Brother and sister Yuehen, Miao Fei, Wanli, Bawang and his eight subordinates, as well as all four of them attended, and everything was going on in a cheerful atmosphere.

The dishes were ready soon. Yuehen stood up holding the wine glass, and said loudly: "Come on, for our newly joined Overlord leader, for the amazing performance of the two brothers, Duan and Xuanri, we toast." He drank the wine in one cup, and everyone hurriedly drank it. Since the development of the Yuehen Mercenary Group, this has been the happiest day for Yuehen. With the participation of Bawang and others, the Yuehen Mercenary Group is no longer a special mercenary group lacking masters. It has a strength of close to five thousand people. As the crown of the special mercenary group, it is chasing the red hurricane mercenary group.

The overlord’s eyes were reddish, and he poured wine for Moonmark himself, sighed, and said: "Head of Moonmark, to be honest, I have never admired anyone but my teacher in my life. Since the master passed away, I always think I am Is the strongest, the strongest samurai on the mainland. However, today I knew that I was wrong, and there are three people here who I respect and admire. The martial arts demonstrated by the deputy commander of Duan outside the city today is only I can use a word of service to describe my inner admiration. I never thought that a person could practice martial arts to such an extent. I am afraid that the four sword masters in the legend are no more than that. I am defeated, and I am convinced. Brother Dumb is definitely the person I admire the most. Secondly, I am going to belong to Brother Xuanri. Although I don’t know much about magic, I also know how difficult it is to cultivate to such an extent at his age. That golden cloud Always floating in my mind, such a large area of recovery magic, I have never even heard of it before." At this point, he turned his gaze from Ah Dui and Xuan Yue to the moon mark beside him, staring at the moon. Hen’s sincere eyes, overlord said: "Finally, Brother Yuehen, you are the third person I admire. Although, maybe your martial arts are not as good as mine, but your outstanding belly is beyond my reach. After our Overlord Mercenary Corps did the things that I was sorry for you, you still took us in with sincerity. This favor, my Overlord will inevitably repay it in his lifetime. All of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps is still dominated by you, if you don’t Dislike it, I can only be a deputy commander. In the future, no matter who it is, as long as I dare to threaten the interests of our Moonscar Mercenary Group, I will definitely go out and do my part for the Moonscar Mercenary Group. , Brother Yuehen, let's do it." As he said, he drank the alcohol in his hand.

Yuehen drank his cup of wine, smiled and sat down while pressing the Bawang, and said, "Big Brother Bawang, you can say that. You are better than me in terms of age, and you are better than me in terms of martial arts. You must agree to the position, otherwise, your brothers will not be convinced!" He raised his hand to stop the overlord who still wanted to refuse, and said: "Brother, listen to me first. A mercenary group has two commanders. It’s nothing. We can manage different things separately. Your master fights externally and our master manages internally. We will work together to make a breakthrough on the mainland. This is not a conflict."

The Overlord drank another drink, placed the wine glass heavily on the table, and nodded: "Since you trust me so much, brother, I will be disrespectful. If I do anything to sorry you in the future, Dumb brother, my big head, Feel free to wait for you to fetch it." Dumb smiled and said, "Big Brother Overlord doesn’t need to be like that. I have believed in your personality. Brother Yuehen is also very easy to get along with. Together you will definitely become the best combination. In fact, Big Brother is yours. The skill is also very strong. Today I was just a fluke."

Yuehen said: "Brother Dumb, don't be polite. I didn't expect to see you in a few years. Your martial arts have reached such a high level. I really envy you! Oh, yes, Brother Overlord, you still have your subordinates. No one else supports so many armored cavalry. I think your Overlord Mercenary Corps must have a lot of logistics personnel. Take them over, I will find a way to arrange it."

The Overlord smiled bitterly and shook his head, and said, "Brother, do you know why I am so eager to occupy a city as my base? It is because of this logistical problem. I am just a reckless man, not good at management, and I founded the Overlord Mercenary. When I was in the group, I didn’t consider these at all. The money left to me when the master passed away, I used all to buy equipment for my brothers. As a result, everyone who got it now has a problem with eating. They can only go where to eat. After completing a few well-paid tasks, we can get away with it for a few days. If we can’t receive the right tasks, we have to eat some cheap dry food. Only three months after the establishment of the mercenary group, I fully understand that courage alone cannot The brothers who created a powerful mercenary group have really suffered a lot from me! To tell you the truth, my last remaining money was used to feed the brothers last night, and today I have the heart of breaking the boat. Come. I’ve inquired about your strength before, and I think I should be able to cope with it, so I wanted to occupy the city and find a safe place for my brothers. But who would have thought, I met Brother Dumb and beat us in a mess." Having said that, he smiled bitterly and shook his head. Duan's previous deterrence was still unforgettable at this moment.

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "It seems that you and Brother Yuehen are really a match made in heaven! Brother Yuehen is the best at management. If you merge together, you will be able to give full play to your own advantages. Can you worry about the rear, mercenary group? Future achievements will definitely be higher."

Yue Hen said: "I'm a little awkward at these words, I'm not married yet, where is the match made by the sky! Haha." After hearing his words, everyone burst into laughter. Yuehen paused, and then said: "However, what Brother Xuanri said is right. Don't worry, Brother Overlord, as long as I eat a dry bite, you will never let your brothers drink soup. I have already ordered. Now the original members, are you entertaining new guests? I think it won’t take too long for both of us to merge together, twist into a rope, and work together for our future. Come, Brother Overlord, let's drink..."

The banquet ate in a joyous atmosphere for three full hours before it ended. Duan and Xuanyue had already become god-like figures in the eyes of these people. After the meal, Duan, Xuanyue, Oliveira and Keanu four People walked towards the room together, except for Xuan Yue, today they all drank a lot of alcohol, and they already had a slight drunkenness. Dui and Xuanyue were happy because Dui finally recognized their strength and resolved the crisis of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. Oliveira was happy because they had seen many things they had never seen before. And Keanu? Since he saw Yue Ji, he has always been in a state of restlessness. As long as he can look at Yue Ji, his heart is surprisingly comfortable, and he can't take care of other things. As he walked, Dumb whispered: "Since the matter here has been satisfactorily resolved, let's leave early tomorrow morning. We have not yet gone to Red Hurricane City. We can't stay here for too long." This is far from their ultimate goal. There is still a short distance to the Death Mountain Range. Today, it showed such a powerful strength in front of everyone. Dumb knew that if he stayed again, it would be even more difficult to leave. What's more, it is now the second half of 1997. Before the Thousand-Year Calamity arrives, he still has to go to the Death Mountains and avenge Owen, and in 1999, he will have a decisive battle with Xuanye, and Comparing with the three people mentioned by Tiangang Sword Saint, these are things that cannot be delayed.

After hearing Dumb's words, Keanu was the first to react, and said disappointedly: "Don't stay for two more days? I think it's great here!"

Oliveira teased: "It's nice to see other girls." He is with Keanu every day, Keanu will not hide, he naturally understands what Keanu is thinking.

Keanu was so embarrassed that he said angrily: "What did you say? You are thinking about the other girl. If you leave tomorrow, you will leave tomorrow, hum." After finishing speaking, he went back to the room. Oliveira shook her head and said to Dumb: "This guy, I obviously like Miss Yue Ji, but I still don't admit it. Will they look at him? It's totally unrequited. Dumb boss, let's just tomorrow Let’s go early in the morning. I don’t want to make Keanu think too much, and I won’t be able to stand the blow of a broken relationship in the future. I’m going back too.”

Seeing the disappearing figures of Keanu and Oliveira, Dumb smiled helplessly, his face was a little pale, and he returned to his room with Xuan Yue. Turning around and closing the door, Ah-Dai could no longer suppress the injury in his body. With a wow, he spouted a mouthful of blood, leaning against the door and breathing continuously. In order not to let others see that he was injured, he has been suppressing his injuries for a long time. At the beginning, the overlord’s full blow, and the load on himself caused by the sudden change of direction under the full attack in order to save the overlord’s life, several important meridians in Duan's body were all injured. After that, in order to prevent others from seeing his injury, he has been using real pressure to control his injuries, and drank a lot of alcohol, which aggravated his internal injuries.

Xuanyue was taken aback when she saw Ah'Dai vomiting blood, and she hurried forward to support him, and asked anxiously, "Big Brother, you, what's the matter with you? When was this injury?"

Dui took a deep barely calmed the blood churning in his body, and reluctantly said: "I'm fine, let me get to the bed to adjust my breath. I'll be fine after a while."

Xuanyue helped Ah-Dai sit on the bed, took off his shoes with her hands, helped him sit cross-legged, and hurriedly used a low-level light recovery technique to stabilize Ah-Dai’s injury, and then freed her hand to take out the angel’s staff and prepare to sing. The high-level healing spell treats dumb. Dumb raised his hand to stop Xuan Yue and said, "Brother, I can do it by myself. You used so much magic today, and you must have consumed a lot of mental power. Go and rest. My injury is nothing, yes. I'm afraid that I will hurt myself by killing the Overlord. Don't worry, you will recover after a day of meditation."

Xuan Yue said: "Big Brother, since you are injured, why didn't you do breath adjustment earlier? After a long delay, the injury must have been much heavier. My mana is still abundant. Let me help you."

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, from now on, I have to rely on myself for everything. I said, I will never be cowardly anymore. I must face everything bravely. Injury is not necessarily a bad thing for me. , Brother, meditate on your own, leave me alone.” He sat cross-legged, and with the help of Xuan Yue's ordinary recovery technique, the blood in his body has calmed down a lot. Urging the life of Dantian's vitality, he began to adjust his interest rate. A faint white light enveloped his body, and under the infuriating envelopment, Ah Du's pale face gradually returned to a trace of rosy.

Chapter 126: Yue Ji joins

Seeing the obsessive look on Ah'Dai's face, Xuan Yue couldn't help but feel a little silly. Ah'Dai changed. From the beginning of today's battle with the Overlord's mercenary group, everything he showed was different from before. This, this is all caused by myself! The current dumb is a bit less dull, a bit more deep and steady, and the original introverted momentum seems to be a lot more popular, but is this really what I want to see? Do you like this dumb? Xuan Yue's heart was full of complicated emotions. She hoped that Dui would become stronger, and she also longed that Dui's simplicity would never change, but at this moment, Dui had changed, and she did not even recognize her.

In the early morning of the second day, Ah-Dai woke up from entering concentration. Shengshengzhen Qi itself has a strong healing ability. After one night of practice, the injury in the body has been completely recovered. Take a deep breath and feel the surging truth in the body. Qi, Ah-Dai felt refreshed and fell from the bed. He turned his gaze to Xuan Yue, who was still cultivating. Xuan Yue's whole body was wrapped in golden light. Compared with before, there were two more rays of light behind her. The wing, the pale golden light patted lightly, and every time he waved it, Dumb could feel the light element in the air condensing towards Xuan Yue. Dui sighed secretly in his heart and looked at the situation. Although he had the vitality passed down by his master, his progress was not faster than the Xuanri brother. When he first saw Xuanri, he was just a light magic guide. Shi, but now he definitely has the ability not inferior to Xuanye's sacrifice. Compared with himself, no one can say who has higher skill. Maybe he can only be sure to beat him with the help of the holy evil or the sword of Hades. Brother Xuanri alone is already so powerful, isn't the power of the Pope even more terrifying? Pushing the vitality in the body, Ah-Dai let out a faint low groan to try to wake Xuan Yue, meditation is always ready to gather energy, not afraid to disturb, now the sky is bright, Ah-Dai knows, if you go later, I am afraid Yuehen and others will keep themselves, so they can only slip away while they are still asleep.

Xuan Yue heard A'Dai's voice slowly closing her gong, and she woke up from her meditation, opened her eyes, and looked at A'Dai with concern, "Big Brother, how is your injury? Is it all right?"

Dumb smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine, brother, let's go quickly, otherwise, with the enthusiasm of Brother Yuehen and the others last night, once discovered, it will be difficult to go again."

Seeing that Dumb was recovering from his injuries, Xuan Yue couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief. She fell from the bed, combed her long blue hair, and said, "Brother, then you should call Oliveira and Keanu first."

Dumb looked at the way Xuan Yue combed her hair and couldn't help but be a little silly, and muttered: "Brother, sometimes I really think you are a woman? You comb your hair so beautiful!"

Xuan Yue was startled, two red clouds rose on her pretty face, and she feigned angrily: "Big brother, what are you talking nonsense? It's a great insult to praise a man for being beautiful, but it's a great insult. Go away, otherwise I'll hit you with a light blade."

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, you can't blame me for calling you! You look more like a girl when you look so angry. Okay, well, I won't say anything, I will call them first." Before Xuanyue's light blade came, she hurriedly ran out of the room. Xuan Yue looked at Ah Du's back, her heartbeat speeded up a lot, and she held her flushed pretty face, and thought to herself, what can I do? Did he find out his identity? No, can't let him know! If he understood that he was showing love for himself a few days ago, he would be ashamed.

Half an hour later, the dumb four had already strolled on the streets of Varro City. They quietly figured out the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps, without disturbing anyone. Before leaving, Dui and Xuanyue left a letter to Yuehen and the others, to the effect that they could not stay for long because of important things. Please forgive Yuehen and the others, and will definitely come back to visit them when they have time.

Until now, Xuanyue was still face sinking and watery, and she ignored no one. Duan didn't dare to call her. He knew that Xuanyue was angry because she said she was like a girl before. At this time, she was next to her. I know how to explain it. Feeling the awkward atmosphere between Dumb and Xuanyue, Oliveira and Keanu only fell into silence. When they left the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Group, Keanu almost turned their heads one step at a time, even Oliveira. I didn't even bother to make fun of him. In this somewhat embarrassing atmosphere, the four people walked out of Varro City and set off towards Red Hurricane City in the northeast.

Due to the existence of Keanu, the four of them couldn't drive too fast, so they could only move forward slowly. Keanu stopped suddenly, turned his head and looked at the faintly distinguishable city of Varo in the distance, sighed, and thought to himself, goodbye. , Miss Yue Ji, I don’t know if we can see each other in this life.

Although it had only been for two days, Keanu's heart was firmly tied to Yueji and couldn't help himself. Yue Ji's frown and smile were all imprinted in the deepest part of his mind. I don't know why, Keanu likes to see Tsukihime angry.

Just when Keanu wanted to turn around to catch up with the three of A'Dai, he suddenly found that a red figure was coming quickly in their direction. The figure was so familiar. As the figure approached, Keanu couldn't help but open his mouth, because this red figure was the Yue Ji who couldn't let go of his heart.

Yue Ji is still in a dark red light armor, with a silver long bow on her back, her whole body wrapped in a faint vindictiveness, and she is advancing quickly. She also sees Keanu, and her eyes can not help but show a hint of joy, several ups and downs. Already came to Keanu's side, some gasping said: "Finally caught up, you are so fast! I'm exhausted, fortunately to catch up with you here."

Keanu murmured: "Miss Tsukihime, why are you here?"

Yue Ji said angrily: "Why? Isn't it welcome? You just left, the eldest brother is a little angry."

Keanu said in a conscientious way: "I, we do have important things to do, and we can't stay for too long. What's more, yesterday, the two bosses, Ah Du and Xuan Ri, performed too much, and the people in the mercenary group were too enthusiastic. , They can't stand it anymore. Miss Yueji, don't blame them!" Facing his beloved, Keanu looked very nervous, his face flushed, and his nervous hands kept entangled in front of him. Seeing his shy look, Yue Ji smiled and said: "Who would blame you, look at you like a big girl. Why do you blush when you see me. Ah! You won't be real You like me." While talking, Yue Ji moved her face to Keanu, staring at his flickering eyes.

Seeing Yue Ji’s face growing bigger in her eyes, Keanu’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly, her face was red and purple, and Yue Ji’s orchid-like fragrance smelled between her nose, and Keanu’s brain was dizzy and dizzy. , I can't say a word. Suddenly, he felt a little warm in his nose, and he subconsciously reached out and wiped it. Two wisps of liquid spilled out, and Yue Ji jumped.

"Wow, why do you have a nosebleed? No, it depends on your age. How can you still look like a pure boy. It turns out that my attraction is so big! Haha, hahahaha..." She is like silver The bell-like laughter rushed into the sky, Yue Ji hadn't laughed so freely for a long time. Her laughter also attracted the attention of the three people who walked in front. The three dumb people turned their heads at the same time, and they couldn't help showing a surprised look at the same time when they saw Yue Ji a few steps away. Dumb floated up and landed beside Yueji and Keanu, a little embarrassed: "Sister Yueji, why are you here?"

Yue Ji gave him a white look, and said: "I'm here to chase you, so I slipped away without saying goodbye in person. Isn't that fair? Dumb, I found someone who is more dull than you. Look, I'm just Getting closer to him, he got a nosebleed, so cute!" He said, pointing to Keanu and smiling.

Duan looked in the direction of Yueji's fingers. Sure enough, Keanu's face was flushed, two wisps of nosebleeds wet his chest, and he stood awkwardly, his expression on his face already a little distorted. Looking at his appearance, Duan couldn't help but remember that he and Xuanyue entered the Tiangang Mountain Range together and saw Xuanyue taking a bath. Wasn't he the same as Keanu at that time? A sense of sympathy rose in his heart, and he reached out and pressed his hand on Keanu's shoulder, and the mellow vitality entered Keanu's body, which immediately stopped his nosebleed. Keanu gave Dumb a grateful look and wiped the nosebleed off his face three times.

At this time, Xuanyue and Oliveira also rushed over. Xuanyue was better. When Oliveira saw Keanu's appearance, he burst into laughter. He was not as dumb as Dumb. He knew Keanu at a glance. Why is it like this, "haha..., wowhahahaha...Keanu, you are so unhelpful! Just seeing people make it happen like this, haha..., laughs to me."

Keanu’s embarrassment finally found the target of venting. Looking at Oliveira who was grinning, his eyes seemed to burst into flames, and a faint red glow suddenly appeared all over his body. The surrounding temperature kept rising, Keanu hated Said: "Orihuela, don't run if you have the ability. Great Vulcan! Please give me the power of flame, turn the flame into a dragon, turn a dragon into a flame, burn it, the dragon of flame."

Oliveira was startled, and the laughter stopped. Although he often fights with Keanu, he has never used magic above level five. The magic level of the two is similar. Because Oliveira has a wind **** With the assistance of the rod, the strength is not much worse than that of Keanu. At this time, he was surprised to see that Keanu had used the sixth-level magic of the fire element. The flame dragon was suddenly shocked. Very difficult to resist. Not dare to neglect, Oliveira hurriedly transformed into a space barrier, took out his wind god's staff from it, and shook his body. Nine cyan figures half-enclosed Keanu's body, and at the same time they retreated quickly, pulling away a certain amount. distance.

Dui has long been accustomed to the fight between Keanu and Oliveira. He smiled helplessly, and a faint white anger floated out, wrapping Xuanyue and Yueji floating away, falling dozens of meters away. , Protected by a grudge, they would never be hurt by Oliveira and Keanu's magical aftermath, because it was early morning and there were no pedestrians on the road, so dumb left them alone.

The huge red flame dragon rose into the air from Keanu and hovered above his head. The size of the fire dragon continued to increase. Keanu glared at Oliveira fiercely, waiting for the flame dragon to take shape. Attack the opponent immediately. Oliveira didn't expect Keanu to become so angry. In desperation, he had to rely on the method of stacking the wind god's staff to sing the wind shield spell. After all, he was at a loss, and he was embarrassed to attack Keanu Up. "The breeze is flying, the air is condensed in the shield, the great wind element! Guard it." A light cyan light group appeared in front of the nine shadows at the same time, and the light group gradually formed and condensed into a nine-faced wind shield Flew out from the nine clones under the control of Oliveira, and instantly condensed before the nine figures of Oliveira. Under the action of the wind god’s staff, the nine wind shields gradually condensed into one. The magical energy of the elements is constantly surging in the air. The magical energy is superimposed, and the volume is increasing. When Keanu's flame dragon was formed, it had condensed into a huge wind energy shield with a height of two meters. The small whirlwind kept spinning on the shield surface. With the protection of this super wind shield, Oliveira was relieved immediately.

Yue Ji looked at the two people who suddenly moved her hands, her face changed. The huge flame dragon and the cyan magic shield are super magic that she has never seen before. She always thought that Keanu and Oliveira were just low-level magicians, and did not look at them at this moment. Only then did I know that these two young magicians, who were similar in age to him, had very strong strength.

A Dumb rushed to Xuanyue and said, "Brother, who do you think will win?"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "There will be no winning or losing. In terms of his own ability, Keanu should be stronger, but he may be afraid of hurting Oliveira, so he only used a sixth-level attack magic. With the superimposing ability of the Wind God Staff, Vera is not under Keanu. The huge energy shield superimposed by the wind shield should not be destroyed by the Flame Dragon. But Oliveira should not take the opportunity to fight back. So I said, neither of them can beat anyone, big brother, don’t watch them fighting every day, but since getting along during this period, I can clearly feel that they have developed a deep friendship and let them live. Whether it’s fun, then let’s get on the road again."

Yue Ji said: "However, their magical power is so powerful, really nothing can go wrong? They shouldn't be as simple as a high-level magician."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said: "Sister Yue Ji, don't worry. Although Keanu is angry, he is very precise in his shots. Moreover, his attacks cannot break Oliveira's defenses. As for their magic About the level, you can ask Keanu yourself later, I think he will not hide it from you." She leaned to Yueji's side and whispered: "Sister, Keanu is very innocent. You can see him as soon as he sees you. If you don’t dislike him, he is a good partner."

Yue Ji saw that Xuan Yue was so close to herself, her pretty face couldn't help but flushed, and she said, "Don't talk nonsense, I won't like that stupid kid. Even if you want to marry, you must marry someone like that. You are such an amazing magician! Hehe." Xuan Yue glanced at A-Dai subconsciously after hearing Yue Ji's words, and said in his heart: What's wrong with being stupid, isn't A-Dai good?

At this time, Keanu’s flame dragon has also been completed. The surrounding air has a wave of water patterns due to the appearance of the fire dragon. Keanu’s eyes widened, his right hand clamped his fingers, "Go." The huge fire dragon was there. Hovering in the air, flying towards Oliveira with teeth and claws. Although this magic is not as powerful as the Purple Flame Tamron used by Gorison at the beginning, it is only slightly inferior. The huge fire dragon instantly came to Oliveira. In front of him, under Keanu's control, he swept towards the nine shadows of Oliveira. Oliveira was taken aback. He didn't expect Keanu's magic control power to be so strong. He could control level 6 magic like an arm, and hurriedly read the spell, instantly stacking the wind shield and then closing it. The avatar flashed quickly at the same time, avoiding the fire dragon's attack.

Keanu kept sliding his hands in the air, and the fire dragon kept tossing in the air under his command. No matter how Oliveira blocked it, it never touched his wind shield. It just kept on relying on the surging fire waves. The opponent's many clones were swept away, because the fire dragon was very large, so even if Oliveira was hiding in time, several split shadows would be swept by Keanu's fire dragon every time. Although the split shadow is invisible, after all, it is transformed by the wind god's staff. Every time it is burned by the fire energy, the split shadow will be a little weak.

Xuan Yue said in surprise: "Unexpectedly, Big Brother Keanu could still use the flame dragon to chase Oliveira to fight. This time Oliveira will suffer a lot. He has no wind shield. Aggressive, you can only resist constantly. After all, a wind shield still has its limitations. Even if it only protects one body, it can’t be comprehensive, not to mention nine sub-images. If this is consumed, Oliveira will probably suffer. Yes. If this continues, Big Brother Oliveira's shadow will disappear sooner or later because of excessive energy consumption. He has no time to use attack magic."

Yue Ji looked at the two people in the venue, the gorgeous fire dragon and the weird clone made ripples in her heart, this is the real power! Compared with them, he is really much worse. That kid named Keanu usually looks stupid. He can move his hands, but he looks majestic. If it weren’t for the residual blood on his nose, Yueji really wouldn’t recognize it. The silly boy who can't speak, it seems that he is really not good-looking!

The battle in the field has been heated up. Because Oliveira has already used a superimposed wind shield, his magic power no longer allows him to use attack magic in a superimposed way. In the constant dodge, the divine power contained in the Wind God's Staff is constantly weakening. To be precise, Oliveira's magic power should be continuously weakened by the Flame Dragon, and there are already six remaining nine split shadows. Keanu's flame dragon didn't mean to give up at all. Under Keanu's control, he continuously launched waves of attacks, making Oliveira more and more difficult to deal with.

Dumb watched their fight, shook his head helplessly, and said loudly, "Don't fight, if you continue to fight, I'm afraid you won't have the strength to hurry. Stop all."

Keanu attacked Oliveira for a long time, and the embarrassment and shyness in his heart had already disappeared a lot. At this moment, when he heard the call of Duan, his hands were put together, and the fire dragon suddenly slammed into Oliveira’s wind shield. This time, he Finally no longer choose to dodge. Oliveira was relieved and hurriedly lined up the remaining shadows, hiding behind the wind shield. In the bang, the fire dragon completely disappeared, and the sky was full of fire and rain. Oliveira's superimposed wind shield finally played its true role. There was no rupture under the frontal impact of the six-level attack magic flame dragon. Signs.

Keanu dissipated his magical power, the searing heat in the air disappeared, Oliveira also merged with the shadows, and sat on the ground panting, raising his hands and saying: "I surrender and stop fighting."

Keanu snorted angrily and said: "Next time I'll make fun of me, I'll roast you with Ziyan Tenglong." After speaking, he strode to Oliveira's side and pulled him up.

Oliveira murmured: "Hmph, if I hadn't used the superimposed wind shield as soon as I came up, you wouldn't have a chance to press me down. I don't know who wins and who loses."

Keanu said: "Are you not convinced? If you are not convinced, let's start again. Just use attack magic to see if you can do anything to me."

Oliveira waved his hand again and again and said, "Who is still fighting with you? Didn't you see that my mana was consumed too much? You have to hurry up later, don't you want to walk with me behind your back. In fact, you don't have to be embarrassed anyway Your fire magician's robe is also red, and it is not too obvious to be stained with blood..." Seeing Keanu getting angry again, Oliveira hurriedly stopped. But the smile deep in his eyes cannot be concealed.

Dumb smiled helplessly, and said: "You are tired after a fight. Let's go to the roadside to rest for a while, and then go on the road." Then, a group of five people came to the big tree on the roadside. Just now when Keanu used the Flame Dragon, he did not hurt the plants on both sides of the road. At this time, the morning sun had gradually risen, and the dazzling sunlight brought a fiery heat to the earth.

Xuan Yue Chong Yueji said: "Sister, what else is there for you to catch up with us? In fact, we don't want to leave without saying goodbye, but there are indeed many things waiting for us to do, so there is no delay!"

Yue Ji finally woke up from the wonderful magic fight just now, and glanced at Keanu who bowed her head silently, with a sly smile on her face, and said: "I don't object to you leaving, but I can't To leave so easily, I have a condition that you must agree to, otherwise, I will take you back to see Big Brother."

Dumb looked at Yue Ji in doubt, and asked, "What are the conditions? Isn't the Moonscar Mercenary Group okay?"

Yueji smiled slightly and said, "You also said last night that the destination of this trip is Death Mountain. Do you remember the scene when we first met? At that time, we were going to the Death Mountain for a mission together. This time. , Isn’t it just possible to realize the original wish? My condition is very simple. If you want to take me to the Death Mountain, I will naturally not take you back."

The dumb four looked at each other, and Keanu's eyes showed unconcealed joy, and he seemed to be willing. Oliveira looked indifferent, but Xuan Yue was a little worried. Dumb smiled bitterly: "Sister Yueji, have you forgotten the last time you were in the city of the elves? The Elf Audie said that the Death Mountain is a very dangerous place. We are not sure about going there, and the danger will be high. Very big. If you have anything to do, how can I explain to you like Brother Yuehen! You, you better go back."

Yue Ji snorted, and there was a trace of anger in her eyes, "Why? Do you look down on me if your skill is stronger than before? I won't drag you down, life and death will be my destiny, my own affairs are in charge, and my brother also It doesn’t matter, my martial arts hasn’t improved a bit for a long time. Maybe it’s good for my martial arts to travel with you. I don’t care, you have to take me, or you just follow me back. Dumb Now, if your skill is higher than before, don’t you recognize old friends anymore?"

After listening to Yueji's words, Ah'Dai suddenly looked embarrassed, what did he say about Yueji in a dull manner? Xuan Yue hurriedly argued for A'Dai: "Sister Yueji, don't be angry first, A'Dai didn't mean that. You are the backbone of the Moonscar Mercenary Group. How can your strength be weak? Big Brother A'Dai is afraid that after you leave , Yuehen Mercenary Group will not be able to turn around, affecting development."

Yue Ji's face softened a bit, and she smiled and said, "You should be more relieved. Now that the Overlord and the others have joined the mercenary group, they won't be able to use me at all. The only way to accelerate development is to accelerate development, not because of my departure. Affected, I decided yesterday that no matter what, I will leave with you this time. Don’t say any more, hurry up and take me away.”

Duan and Xuanyue are silent. Yueji’s skill is very clear to them. In terms of strength, they are really far behind. If you go to the Death Mountain Range, they will definitely become a drag on everyone. The most important thing is that they are afraid of being in the Death Mountain Range. Can't take care of her, Yue Ji can be said to be one of the first friends they met. How could they want to see her hurt?

Yue Ji looked at them hesitantly and her face sank, and said: "If you don't take me, I won't follow? I don't believe that three of you magicians can run past me."

Keanu spoke up suddenly. He had been brewing for a long time, and finally had the courage to say to the dumb, "Boss dumb, take Miss Yue Ji, you are the only samurai among us. If you encounter too much danger, I am afraid you I won't be able to take care of it. Miss Yueji's martial arts is not weak. It is also good for us to have her following. If something happens, I will try my best to protect her."

Yue Ji gave Keanu a glance, but surprisingly did not refute his words. Since seeing his powerful magic power just now, she knew clearly that Keanu did have the ability to protect her. Keanu spoke for her, which made her feel a touch of affection in her heart. When her heart warmed, she smiled at Keanu, and her smile almost drove Keanu's soul away.

Duan and Xuan Yue glanced at each other, they knew Yue Ji's temper. As long as she said, they would be able to do it. Instead of letting her follow, it was better to take her. Thinking of this, Xuan Yue said: "Well then, Sister Yueji, follow us. However, you can't be brave when you are in danger."

Yue Ji was overjoyed and said, "Don't worry, I won't try my best. With so many of you, it's not my turn to shoot! Let's go, let's have enough rest, let's get on the road now, where are we going now?"

The five stood up and said dumb: "Go to Honghu City first, and then go to the Puyan tribe. It's been a long time since I saw Brother Rock and them, I don't know how they are now."

As soon as Ah Dui mentioned the rock, Yue Ji curled her lips. She slapped her with the rock, and she still remembers it clearly. "That's not fast. I've been to Red Hurricane City several times, just to show you the way. Go and pull." As she said, she floated up and flew forward. Dumb saw that Yueji was advancing fast, and in desperation, he pulled up Keanu and led him to chase after Oliveira and Xuanyue followed closely, a group of five people, Embarked on the road to Red Hurricane City.

On the prairie of the Yayan tribe of the Sorbian Federation, many people in civilian attire were marching in the southeast direction. Most of them were wearing hats, and there was nothing strange from the outside. But most of these three to five groups of civilians have sturdy figures. As long as you pay a little attention, you will find that they are by no means ordinary people.

Xuan Ye wore a gray cloth robe and was used to sacrificial robes. He was really unaccustomed to this change of clothes, but in order not to reveal his identity as a sacrificial ritual, he had to do the same. It has been more than ten days since the Holy See, and he is approaching the Tianyuan clan's territory. His mood is gradually becoming tense, turning his head and rushing to the side of the presiding judge Xuanyuan said: "The presiding judge, walking forward, through this grassland. I’ve arrived at the Tianyuan clan territory. I’ve been here before. The far east is the elven forest, where a large number of elves live. They are a peace-loving race. Judging from our current travel route, they should have entered the Tianyuan clan directly. In the middle part, the winged human race and the dwarf race are inhabited in the middle part. These two races have always been low. Once there, we can find a way to find the orc territory. I think the dark demon will definitely hide near the orc territory." The reason why he decided to go this way was purposeful. At the beginning, he had promised the queen of elves to help the elves find the elves who would be taken away by the dark forces. With Xuanye's arrogance, how can I still get along with the elves now? Therefore, he had no choice but to avoid the territory of the elves.

Chapter 127: King of Wings

Xuanyuan glanced at his nephew, and said calmly: "You have decided how to move forward. I will only kill people and will not interfere with the rest." Although the team of the Holy See is based on Xuanyuan on the surface, in fact the command is completely In Xuan Ye's hands, Na Yan and Babulun assisted from the side.

Looking at Xuan Ye who had touched a soft nail, Baburun couldn't help snickering behind Xuan Yuan. Among the Holy See, only the Pope and Xuan Yuan could teach Xuan Ye like this.

The red sacrificial priest on the other side of Xuan Yuan said: "Xuan Ye Sacrificial Ritual makes sense, so let's do it. We just purchased food for ten days yesterday, and we should be able to hold on until we complete this mission. When we enter Tianyuan After the clan, so many of us will inevitably attract the attention of all the Tianyuan races, so there is no need to cover up. Get together as soon as possible, and rush directly to the dark demon clan’s lair at a speed that is too fast to cover your ears. Long, after all, this time it’s you, so you can’t help but take part in the opinions!” Na Yan was the oldest of the four red-clothed sacrifices, but she was also the least ambitious, especially after her daughter Nasha married Xuanye. He rarely participates in major events of the Holy See. He is convinced that the young Xuanye will become the next pope candidate. Therefore, he has been secretly helping Xuanye in all aspects to make his reputation in the Holy See flourish. Faintly became the first of the four great red rituals.

Xuan Yuan was obviously more polite to Na Yan than to Xuan Ye, and nodded: "That's great! Just do what you want. Dark Demon Clan, I really look forward to it, I hope they can be some masters. It's worth my shot." He is addicted to martial arts. Since he was bombarded by the dumb thunder last time, he has been practicing assiduously for more than a year, and his martial arts have been improving. I always want to find an opponent who can contend with me and try my kung fu to what extent. Had it not been for the Pope to restrict his actions, he would have searched for the Four Great Swordmasters.

This is the first time the Holy See has made such a large-scale operation in nearly a century. Whether it is Xuan Ye, Na Yan, Xuan Yuan, and Babulun, they have absolute confidence in their side. With such a super combination of them, the Dark Demon Race was not in sight at all. Xuan Ye did not bring his wife Nasha. He was still very cautious. Nasha and Xuanyue were the two most important people in his heart. He never wanted his wife to be in any danger. For this, Nasha He had a big quarrel with him, and finally reluctantly stayed in the Holy See under Na Yan's persuasion.

In the evening, more than a thousand people from the Holy See finally walked out of the prairie of the Yalian tribe, looked at the large forest in front, Xuan Ye stopped, looked at the celestial phenomenon, took out the map from his arms and identified a lower position, and rushed behind him. Ba Buyi not far away said: "No, you command everyone to gather together, just rest one night outside the forest, and tomorrow morning, we will start to act." In order to exercise Ba Buyi's leadership ability, Xuanye has been on the way. He contacted the scattered people of the Holy See back and forth, and nothing went wrong.

At this moment, a whistle came. Suddenly a dozen black shadows appeared in the originally dim sky. Xuan Ye was shocked and hurriedly chanted a light defense spell. The white light came out through the surrounding Holy See. The personnel suddenly became alert. Those dark shadows rushed towards Xuan Ye and the others' positions quickly, and several Bright Judges had already drawn out their weapons and guarded Xuan Ye, ready to respond at any time. Those dark shadows floated to the ground five meters in front of Xuan Ye, and Xuan Ye looked intently. These dark shadows are all aliens wrapped in black clothes. The reason they are called aliens is mainly because they have a human appearance. However, there are a pair of huge wings behind them, the colors of the wings are different, each holding a long sword in his hand, staring at Xuan Ye and the others vigilantly.

Xuan Ye moved in his heart, and stepped forward a few steps: "Excuse me, are you the wingmen of the Tianyuan clan?"

A man with red wings took two steps forward, looked up and down Xuan Ye a few times, and said, "Yes, we are the seventh patrol team of the Wing Human Race. Who are you? Why are you coming near our territory. I don't know about us. Don’t the Tianyuan clan welcome humans? No matter what your purpose is, please leave here as soon as possible."

Xuan Ye smiled slightly and said, "I always heard that the Winged Race is a peace-loving race, why? Do you treat your friends like this? We are members of the Holy Vatican. There is an important thing to come to your land this time. Today we will rest here, and tomorrow morning, I’m afraid we will have to borrow the road to the nobility. Can you accommodate it?”

When Xuanye called himself a member of the Holy See, the Red Feather Wing obviously relaxed a lot, and said calmly: "You are a member of the Holy See, can you tell me the purpose of your coming here?"

Xuan Ye glanced at Xuan Yuan next to him and smiled: "I'm afraid this won't work. I know you are doubting our identity. Or else, please introduce me to the clan chief of your Wing Human Race and see him, I will naturally tell the purpose of the visit of the Holy See. Before meeting the noble patriarch, our people will not step into the forest. What do you think?"

Hong Yuyi said humanely: "Are you the only one to see the patriarch? Can you represent the Holy See?"

Xuan Ye nodded, and said: "Yes, I am alone, with so many of you, you will never be afraid that I will do something alone. I am the red dress of the Holy See to worship Xuan Ye, and I can represent the Holy See on this trip. People make the decision." He knew that the Tianyuan clan is the territory where many foreign races live. If you don’t have a good relationship with the races here, it will be difficult to find the dark demons in this vast land. The good reputation of the Wing Human Race is just a breakthrough for him to connect with the Tianyuan races. The Wing Human Race is another big race in the Tianyuan Race that can be compared with the Elves. As long as they get their support, this time the Dark Demon Race will be eliminated. The action will have a multiplier effect. Therefore, Xuan Ye would put away her arrogance and confrontation.

The red-winged man lowered his head in thought. He seemed to be jealous of the Holy See, his face lightened a lot, and said: "Well, since you are members of the Holy See, then you can come with me. However, without our permission Never enter the forest, otherwise, you will be responsible for what happened."

Seeing the other party's tone loosened, Xuanye was overjoyed, turned her head and said to Xuanyuan: "Excuse me, please stay here and wait, and I will be back soon. Deputy Judge of Babylon, you must restrain our people. Don't rush into the territory of the Wing Human Race." Babulun frowned and said: "Xuan Ye Sacrifice, it's too dangerous for you to go by yourself, let me go with you."

Xuan Ye shook his head and said, "No, I believe a friend of the Cross-Winged Human Race, just go by yourself." Then, he made a gesture to the Red Feathered Man and said, "Please lead the way."

The red-winged man spread out its huge wings of two meters wide, and said: "Then please follow up." The wings lightly patted, floated up, and threw into the woods. Xuan Ye smiled slightly, and using the energy to recoil in the white light, he also flew up, chasing the Red Winged Man. He was not worried about how the other party would treat him, and Xuanye had absolute confidence in his own strength. What's more, there are so many people from the Holy See outside the woods to support him. Seeing Xuan Ye's disappearing back, Xuan Yuan's mouth showed a smile of relief. In fact, he is still very satisfied with his nephew. He has no children under his knees, and has always regarded Xuan Ye as his own son. However, because Xuan Ye is burdened by the Holy See, in order to suppress Xuan Ye’s complacency, Xuan Yuan Has been very mean to him. At this time, Xuan Ye used the sacred light magic to such a level, Xuan Yuan couldn't help expressing a look of admiration.

Na Yan smiled and said: "Ye'er, the child's cultivation base is getting more and more refined. It seems that I am really old. After this incident is over, I will resign from the Pope for retirement." He can be said to be the person who knows the power of Xuan Ye best besides the Pope, so naturally he would not worry about anything. Xuan Ye carried the wrath of the **** of heaven on his body, even if the Wing Human Race intercepted it with all his strength, he should be able to break through.

Xuan Yuan glanced at Na Yan and said, "Can you really quit? I don't think the Pope would allow it. Besides, there is no white priest in the Holy See who can take over your position."

Na Yan shook her head and said, "No, the presiding judge, you are wrong. Now there is a very suitable candidate in the Holy See who can take my place. You can guess who it is."

Xuan Yuan stunned: "Is there such a person? I know the sacrifices in white clothes. It seems that no one has reached the realm above the magister! Lao Nayan, you are not a fool."

Na Yan smiled and said: "Speaking of this person! It has something to do with both of us, that is my granddaughter and your granddaughter Yueyue!"

Xuan Yuan didn't know the progress of Xuan Yue's magic level, and laughed: "You! Stop talking nonsense. I don't know that little girl. I know that she is playful all the time, and she has no motivation at all. I heard that he has been Cultivating with the Pope, but even if she really changes her sex, it is impossible to reach the level of being able to take over the red-clothed sacrifice in just a few years!"

Na Yan smiled and said: "This is because you don't understand. Yueyue is no longer the naughty little girl before. Although her current magic level has not reached the realm of the magister, it should be not far away. Why do you think the Pope would let her go out alone? That’s because Yueyue, the girl, has surpassed Nasha’s magical cultivation. Before we left the Holy See, the Pope had asked me, and he told me that he had a hunch, When Yueyue returns to the Holy See, her strength will definitely improve. Don’t you understand? If Yueyue’s strength increases again, she will reach the realm of the red-clothed sacrificial rites, and it will not happen to be able to take over my position. Enjoy the blessing for a few years. Yueyue is about to break Ye'er's record, hahahaha."

Looking at Na Yan who was laughing happily, Xuan Yuan still couldn't believe that Xuan Yue's progress in such a short period of time was beyond his expectation.

The so-called speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Babulun listened to Na Yan praising Xuanyue, and couldn’t help worrying about her son. If Xuanyue really became a red priest, then Babuyi would be better than She is going to be far behind. If a man is inferior to his wife, it will definitely be a painful thing! No, when you go back, you must supervise the non-compliant exercises. Babulun secretly made up his mind that he must not let his son be compared to Xuan Yue.

At this time, the simple camp has been set up, more than a thousand holy knights and judges gathered under Babuyi's arrangement, and a hundred people were responsible for guarding, while the rest began to eat the dry food they carried. The holy knights of the Holy See have always been well-trained, although they are large in number, they are not messy, and they did not make too many noises.

After Xuan Ye followed the Red Feathered Man into the large forest, he always chased the Winged man ten meters away. As soon as he entered the woods, the Red Feathered Man stopped and turned to look towards Xuan Ye. Being shrouded in white light and floating out of thin air, he couldn't help being surprised. He had never seen a human being able to fly without wings, and he couldn't help but admire him. This suddenly accelerated, heading towards the depths of the woods.

Xuan Ye followed the Red Winged Man for about a meal, and dozens of Winged Man suddenly appeared in front of him and stopped them. Although Xuan Ye was confident in himself, he didn't carelessly, quietly applying an intermediate defensive magic to himself, and then he fell beside the red feather wing man. The Red Winged Man quickly explained something to the Winged Man who was blocking the way with the language unique to the Winged Human Race. Xuan Ye took this opportunity to look at this strange race carefully. The height of these winged men in front of them is about 1.7 meters, and the wings behind them cover almost all of their bodies. Judging from their appearance, they are obviously not as handsome as the elves, but they also have their own unique taste. According to the classics of the Holy See, the lifespan of the winged people is slightly longer than that of humans, about 200 years. They reach adulthood at the age of 40 and gradually enter old age after the age of 140. Winged people distinguish their ranks according to the colors of their wings. Just like human classes, they also have high and low distinctions. The highest is the king level, with golden wings. Like the Elf King, the Wing Man King is a single pass. Therefore, in the Wing Man clan, there are only two King-level Wing Man at most. Next is the elders. The wings of the elders are silver, but this is not innate, but ordinary winged people after a long period of cultivation. When the cultivation reaches a certain level, they will transform into silver by themselves and become elder-level winged people. , The elders are second only to the king in the Wing Human Race, but because it is extremely difficult to transform into Silver Wing, the Wing Human Race elders are not much more than the Elves. Under the elders, there are blue-winged people. The number of blue-winged people is rare, and they are born with not weak strength. After acquired cultivation, they are much more powerful than ordinary wings. Under normal circumstances, most elder-level wingmen are transformed from blue-winged people. Under Lan Yu, there was the Red Feathered Man. Although they are not as good as the blue winged men by nature, they are relatively larger in number and stronger than ordinary winged men, so they are mostly small leaders in the clan. The wingmen with wings of other colors are ordinary wingmen, which are equivalent to civilians among humans. The total number of wingmen is about 30,000. Although their individual strength is weaker than that of the elves, their number advantage makes them The strength is not weaker than the elves. Together with the dwarves, they are called the three major races of Tianyuan. The main advantage of the Winged Humans lies in their ability to fly. Due to their wings, they are not as incapable of flying as the Elves. The flying speed of the Winged Humans is almost comparable to that of birds, not even the mighty Orcs. Willing to offend them.

After the Red Winged Man confessed to his companion, he turned his head and said to Xuan Ye: "Sacrifice Lord, please come with me." After saying that, he flew up again and took Xuanye toward the depths of the forest. Going deeper, in the woods, Xuanye can often see the existence of Winged people, and those Winged people also cast curious glances at him. Winged people rarely leave their territory, and when they see Xuanye, they are naturally full Surprised.

The night had come, Xuan Ye could only see about ten meters in front of him with the white light radiating from his body, he couldn't help being cautious, and narrowed the distance between himself and the red-winged man by a few meters. At this moment, Hong The Winged Man suddenly stopped, Xuan Ye flew to his side and asked: "What? Is it here?"

The red-winged man pointed to the front and said: "This wood in front is the real home of our Winged Human Race." Xuan Ye looked in the direction of his fingers, and the woods in front were really different. Trees are much taller, at least they are hundreds of years old. Each plant has several large tree sacs woven from branches. The Red Winged Man explained: "We Winged Humans live in tree sacs. Generally, there will be several Winged families on a big tree. When the Winged people are over twenty years old, they will be His parents created a new tree sac for him on the big tree of his home for him to live in. Before that, the little wingers followed their mother. When they were forty years old, they could choose their spouse after the coming-of-age ceremony. Our king is in the most central part of this forest. Come with me." After speaking, he flew up again and flew towards the giant forest.

Xuan Ye sighed inwardly. Although this winged forest is much worse than the city of the elves, it also has his own characteristics. I really don't know how their big tree sacs hang on the trees. Every alien has its own customs and habits, which is really peculiar. While sighing the strange scene in the Winged Human Race, he followed the Red Winged Man into the Winged Forest.

Big trees kept flashing by and after flying for a meal, Xuanye suddenly realized that there was a tall old tree in front of him. This old tree is not as strong as the old fairy tree, but it is taller. There are a lot of them. It seems that it is close to 100 meters high. On the tree, there are several huge tree sacs hanging. The red-winged man listened to the giant tree 20 meters away, bowing down to salute the giant tree, and respectfully said: "The seventh patrol team leader Lacy has something important to report to the king."

Two black shadows flew from the ancient tree nearby. Xuan Ye was surprised to find that the wings behind them were actually blue. The slender blue feathers were shining with crystal light. Xuan Ye secretly said in her heart, this must be The blue winged man of the winged human race. It seemed that the energy contained in them was indeed much stronger than this red-winged man.

The two blue-winged men flew down in front of Xuan Ye and the red-winged Lacy, both of them expressionless, and they did not show any surprise because of Xuan Ye's appearance. The blue wing on the left said humanely: "Lassi, who is he? Who allowed you to bring him to our wing man forest. Have you forgotten the rules of our clan?" There was a cold air in his voice. , Lacy's body trembled slightly, and he lowered his head and said: "Master Lan Yu, don't get angry, please listen to the details of your subordinates. That's it. Today, when I led the seventh patrol team on patrol in the outer forest, suddenly We found that many humans came next to our territory. In order to confirm their identities, we stopped them. This man was the leader of those humans. He claimed to be a red priest in the Holy See, and wanted to borrow from our family tomorrow. Walk along the road. The subordinates can't be the master, so they brought this person to see the king. Let the king decide everything."

The blue-winged man's face eased a little, and he looked up and down Xuan Ye, and said coldly: "Our Wing Human race only believes in our own Wing God, and has nothing to do with your Holy See. It is impossible to borrow from us. Sacrifice My lord, please go back. There are many roads for the Tianyuan Clan, and you can go around. Please don't disturb the peace of our Yiren Clan.

Naturally, Xuanye would not see these two blue-winged men in his eyes, but at this time on the other side of the house, he had something to ask for, and he couldn’t have any trouble. He had to say: "This time the Holy See came to the Tianyuan Clan to have a very important For the matter, can I see the King of Wings. If I can get help from the Wings, it will be very beneficial to our actions. Of course, the Holy See will never treat the Wings badly."

The blue-winged man snorted coldly and said: "What kind of treatment is not wrong, we are not rare, leave immediately, otherwise, we will treat you as an enemy. Immediately force to rush."

Xuan Ye rushed into anger. He didn't expect the Winged Humans with a good reputation to be so arrogant, his eyes flashed, and he said: "Then I have to see how you chased me. The dignity of the Holy See is not allowed. Anyone is insulting." The white light flashed suddenly, and the surging sacred aura came out from Xuanye's body. Under his mighty power, the two blue-winged men unconsciously stepped back and simultaneously drew out the long swords behind them. , Glared at Xuan Ye, as if ready to do it at any time. Rasi was even more unhelpful. Facing such a strong pressure, he suddenly weakened and collapsed to the ground. More than a dozen blue-winged men flew from around, enclosing Xuanye in the center, and they all shone with a faint blue light.

Just as the battle between the two sides was about to start, a thick voice suddenly sounded from the giant tree, "Who would dare to come here to disturb my rest." The voice was full of majesty, and even Xuan Ye couldn't help but faint slightly. Suddenly, he thought to himself, it seems that the person who spoke this should be the Wingman King. Judging from the momentum in his voice, even if his skill is not as good as the Elf Queen, it is not far behind. Xuan Ye said in a loud voice: "Hello, King Wing Man, I am Xuan Ye from the Holy See in red. I am here this time because I want to discuss something with you. I wonder if I can meet you?"

"Oh? It turned out to be the cardinal of the Holy See. It's really rude to be here." The golden light suddenly lit up from a tree sac at the top of the big tree, and the light suddenly burst, and a group of golden light slowly fell from the top of the tree. . All the blue-winged men hurriedly put away their long swords and stood aside respectfully. The golden figure slowly fell in front of Xuan Ye, and Xuan Ye's heart shuddered. Although the same golden light, he felt that the golden light in front of him was very different from his own sacred light magic. It seemed to be A group of abnormally hollow energy does not feel how strong it fluctuates, but it will give people an invisible sense of pressure and fear. Jin Mang gradually receded, and a middle-aged man with golden wings appeared in front of Xuan Ye. Xuan Ye looked intently, and saw a faint golden light radiating from the person's body. The golden long clothes on his body were made of somehow, and the golden wings on the back shone with azure divine light, which looked extremely powerful. Xuan Ye knew that this should be the king of the Winged Human Race. King Yiren is about two meters tall, has a majestic face with Chinese characters, has a large skeleton, and is full of the dignity of a king. Xuan Ye's feelings in his heart rose suddenly, and the King of Wings nodded slightly, and said in a gentle voice: "Your Excellency is the King of Wings, hello, I am the Xuanye of the Holy See. It is really my honor to see His Majesty the King of Wings. "

King Wing Man showed a faint smile, and said, "You are welcome, compared to the youngest red-clothed priest of your Holy Vatican. Long Yang, Long Yang. Children, all scatter to the side to guard, don't let anyone disturb me and Xuanye Bishop." All the blue-winged men scattered around with Rashid, and there was a lot of silence under the giant tree. King Wing Ren stared at Xuanye behind his hands and said, "I don't know what is the cause of the Bishop's visit to our little Wing Human Race this time? Our Wing Human Race has our own beliefs and will not believe in gods."

Xuan Ye smiled and said: "You are misunderstood. I am here not to preach the teachings of Lord Celestial God, but to have more important things. Presumably, His Majesty King Wingman must have heard of the Dark Demon Race thousands of years ago."

A look of surprise appeared on the majestic face of King Wingman, "Dark Demon Race? Are you talking about the Dark Demon Race who almost overthrew the mainland? Are you here this time..."

Xuan Ye nodded solemnly: "Yes, we are here for the Dark Demon Race. Thousands of years ago, His Majesty, the first pope of the Holy See, did not completely destroy the Dark Demon Race because of his compassion. The remnants of the people survived in the territory of the Tianyuan tribe. After thousands of years of recuperation, the Dark Demon race had a climate again. Not long ago, their traces appeared in the Tianjin Empire, and hundreds of humans died in these cruel races. In hand. For the peace of the mainland and the peace of various races, the Pope ordered us to come and destroy the Dark Demon Race. Passing through here, I hope that His Majesty Wing Man King can make it easy. The Wing Man Clan has always lived in the territory of the Tianyuan Clan, I wonder if you have heard of the trail of the Dark Demon Race?"

King Wing Man frowned, his deep eyes revealed a look of uncertainty, and he muttered: "I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it! The Dark Demon Race has actually reappeared. Didn't they learn the lessons of the year? Huh? Hey—, if they really make a comeback, I am afraid that we who are near them will be the first to suffer." He raised his head sharply, his eyes shot coldly, and resolutely said: "Master Bishop, I know the dark demon. Where is the race? For the sake of the descendants of the Wing Human race, I am willing to help you eradicate this evil race."

Xuan Ye was overjoyed. He did not expect King Wing Man to speak so well, "Then I would like to thank you on behalf of all the peace-loving races on the mainland. The dark demon clan will not be eliminated for a day, and the mainland will never be able to find peace. You used to be Where have you seen the Dark Demons? What is their strength? Approximately how many people are there?"

The King Wing Man said solemnly: "Master Bishop, don't worry, listen to me. The last time I saw the Dark Demon tribe people was decades ago. They live in the border between the Tianyuan tribe and the Death Mountain. It’s off the beaten track, and only the Orcs can survive there. If I guess right, the Dark Demons should have been united with the Orcs. They rarely appear in front of other races under the cover of Orcs~www. Our three major races in Tianyuan have never interacted with half-orcs, but they still know them. The half-orcs are a very powerful race, and they are full of the scene of the weak and the strong. Become the food for powerful half-orcs. Therefore, after many years of development, the number of half-orcs is still not very large, about five thousand. However, because of the relationship between the weak and the strong, these surviving half-orcs are all half-orcs If they are truly united with the Dark Demon Race, their strength must not be underestimated. Even if the three major races of our Tianyuan attack with all their strength, they may not be able to fight against them. As for how many members of the Dark Demon Race are, I don’t know. The number should not be very large. The joint purge of all ethnic groups hit them a lot a thousand years ago. I think it should be no more than 3,000 people. I don’t know how many people came to the Holy See this time. How can the orcs contend?"

Xuan Ye took a breath. He didn't expect the Dark Demon Race to unite with the Orcs. The combined strength of these two powerful races is definitely not to be humiliated! However, he was relieved in an instant. The Holy See sent all powerful masters this time. Even though the Orcs and the Dark Demons have powerful bodies, as long as he and his father-in-law Nayan join forces to use a few eighth-level attack magic, They may not be able to resist it, and besides, those thousand holy knights will never be worse than ordinary half-orcs and dark demons. Thinking of this, Xuan Ye said happily: "You can rest assured, Lord Wing Man King. Although the Orcs and Dark Demon are very powerful, the Holy See is sure to be able to deal with it. I just hope that you can get us from the domain of Wing Human Race. Pass and guide us to find the orcs' lair."

Chapter 128: Destroy the valley

The Wing Man King looked at Xuan Ye’s confident face and hesitated for a while. He sighed and said: "Fine, that’s all. The Dark Demons and Orcs are always our Wing Man’s greatest threat. Since the Holy See is determined to eliminate them, We also have to contribute. Without their threats, it is only good for our Winged Human Race. So, I decided to personally lead two Elder Winged Men, 100 Blue Winged Men, 500 Red Winged Men and If you go together, this is already the strongest strength of our Wing Human Race. Even if we do our part for the peace of the mainland."

Xuan Ye was overjoyed immediately. With the help of these wingmen, he not only avoided the flaws of the Holy See's unfamiliarity with the terrain in this operation, but also greatly enhanced his strength. Now he will be more confident in dealing with the dark demons. He excitedly stretched out his right hand to King Wing Ren, and said: "If this is the case, thank your Majesty Wing Man King. If this operation is successful, the Holy See will always remember the friend of Wing Human Race." Wing Man King stretched out himself. The powerful right hand shook Xuan Ye, and smiled bitterly: "This is also for the sake of our Wing Human Race, we can live more securely even if we remove the two nearby rivals. I think, with the cooperation of both of us, the Orcs and the Dark The devil must not be able to resist, so let’s go back first, Master Bishop. At dawn tomorrow, I will send someone to pick you up here, and then we will go to the territory of the Orcs. There are scouts of our Winged Human Race. Any ambush will be useless. , We must completely wipe them out with lightning speed." At this point, a frightening flash of cold flashed through the eyes of King Wingman. Xuan Ye's heart shuddered, and he thought to himself, this Winged King seems to be more bloodthirsty than himself! It seems that he is not simple. But now that the two sides are using each other, there shouldn't be anything wrong for the time being. Thinking of this, he smiled and said: "If that's the case, then it's so set. I won't bother you to rest. I will wait for your news tomorrow morning."

King Wing Man nodded and said, "I will make arrangements in advance for tomorrow's affairs, so I won't send you off. Blue Falcon, you send Master Bishop back for me."

"Yes, king." A blue winged man flew over, and Chong Xuan Ye made a gesture of please. After Xuan Ye and the winged man cherished each other, he flew up and was led by the blue winged man Lan Falcon. , Towards the resident of the Holy See. Seeing Xuan Ye's disappearing back, King Wing Man's mouth showed a faint smile, but his eyes were full of coldness, and he whispered: "Come here."

Four Blue Feathers surrounded them, and the Wings said kingly: "According to my order, before dawn, the guardian blue feathers and the red feather captains of the one to five hundred patrols will gather. We will fight with the Holy See."

"Yes, Lord Wing Man Wang." The four of them respectfully responded, and flew up to convey the order. King Wingman took out a black ball from his arms and shook his hand. The ball made a sharp howl and flew to the southeast. The golden light appeared on King Wingman again. He floated up and fell back. In his own tree sac.

Xuan Ye and King Wing Man had negotiated with the Dark Demon Clan for advice, and he was very happy. Under the protection of Blue Wing Man Blue Falcon, he quickly returned to the camp. The main figures of the Holy See's operation were all waiting for his return. Seeing Xuan Ye's triumphant expression on his face, he didn't need to ask them to know that his trip was mostly a success.

The Blue Falcon floated in the air, and said to Xuanye: "Master Bishop, I will go back first, goodbye." After speaking, his wings flapped and he plunged into the embrace of the forest again.

Xuan Ye floated down beside Na Yan and said with a smile: "This time our action should be completed smoothly." Right now, he couldn't wait to recount his experience in the Wing Man Forest.

The night was filled, everyone after listening to Xuan Ye's narration showed different expressions, and Na Yan said cautiously: "Ye'er, do you think this Wing Man King can be trusted?"

Xuan Ye froze slightly, nodded and said, "It should be possible. After all, killing the orcs and dark demons is only good for them, and the wingmen have always been known for loving peace, and their reputation has always been very good."

Na Yan said with a solemn face: "It is precisely because the Wing Man has always loved peace that I am surprised. If the Wing Man King only showed us the way, I wouldn't doubt it, but he decided to lead the elite force of the Wing Man so easily. Help, don’t you find it suspicious? I think it’s better to be more cautious."

Babulun smiled and said: "Nayan sacrifices, you are too cautious, don't you worry about Xuanye's vision? I think the Wing Human Race should not be disadvantageous to us. After all, they don't need to serve the Dark Demon Race and the half The orcs have offended the Holy See. We have never heard of any despicable behavior by the Wing Humans before! Lord Judge, what do you think?"

Xuanyuan glanced at Babulun expressionlessly, and said, "What's the use of guessing now, and everything will be known tomorrow. Even if the Winged Race has bad intentions, they will not be able to compete with us. It's getting late, and we will all go. Go to sleep. Set off tomorrow morning and strive to complete the mission of this trip within three days." After speaking, he turned and left with the four holy judges.

Na Yan shook her head helplessly, patted Xuan Ye's shoulder, and said, "I hope everything goes well tomorrow." After speaking, she returned to her simple tent.

Babulun and Xuan Ye looked at each other, "Xuan Ye, your father-in-law is really old. He has lost his previous spirit. This time, let us show our skills. It has been a long time since we have a worthy person. Tomorrow. You have to be more careful, don't let me protect you, haha!" Feeling the deep friendship in Babylon's tone, Xuan Ye smiled and said, "Who will protect and who won’t know? Don’t forget. Tomorrow, I will help Fuyi to build some credit. When I go back, I can tell the Pope about his marriage with Yueyue. I hope that girl Yueyue will take care of it soon."

Babron laughed and said: "You, everything is good, but I am too spoiled for my daughter. If I were to let her leave the Holy See casually."

Xuan Ye said helplessly: "I have played the role of a strict father well. If Yueyue is your daughter, I am afraid you will have more headaches than me. Can she blame me for leaving the Holy See this time? That is what the Pope meant. I really don’t know what my father thinks. He seems to value that stupid dumb seriously."

Babulun's face sank and said, "No matter what, after I go back this time, I must first confirm the marriage of Fuyi and Yueyue. It can't be delayed anymore. If your good daughter and the kid named Dumb make What's the matter, I see where you put your face." For the happiness of his son, Babylon can be said to spare no effort.

An angry expression flashed in Xuan Ye's eyes, "What nonsense are you talking about? Although Yueyue is naughty, she still knows the whole thing. If she really does something, you don't need to say, I will kill her personally."

After saying the sentence, Babulun regretted it. Seeing Xuan Ye’s anger, he quickly smiled and said: "Okay, don’t be angry, I said it just now. Hey--, I'm really **** up to disobey. Don’t worry! Don’t worry. If you marry into our Ba’s family every month in the future, you will treat her well if you don’t adhere to it. We will also become in-laws from brothers."

Xuan Ye's expression eased a little, and he glared at Baburun, and said, "You, I won't say anything nice. It would be nice if I brought my sister-in-law here this time. See if you dare to be arrogant."

Listening to Xuan Ye mentioning his wife, Baburun immediately looked happy and muttered: "I want to bring her here too! But it's too dangerous, how can I rest assured? I want to return to the Holy See as soon as possible. Or hug. The taste of my wife is the best." Xuan Ye was amused by his nymphomaniac, and Nasha's beautiful figure appeared in his heart, and said angrily: "You keep your voice down, don't let your men hear you If they knew that the dignified vice-presiding judge had such a virtue, they would be laughing to death."

Babron punched Xuan Ye on the shoulder and smiled: "Okay, don't be poor, let's go to rest, there is a big battle waiting for us tomorrow." After speaking, he yawned and turned away. .

In the early morning of the next day, before dawn, the Winged Human Race had sent four Blue Feathers to lead the way for the people of the Holy See. Everyone packed their bags and changed the attire of the Holy See. The presiding judge Xuan Yuan, the deputy presiding judge Babulun, the red priest Na Yan, Xuan Ye, six white priests, four holy judges, and twenty bright judges As well as two hundred judges at all levels and 1,000 holy knights, led by the Blue Feathers into the domain of the Winged Human Race. Although the road in the forest is densely covered with thorns and it is very difficult to walk, everyone in the Holy See is after all possessing special skills. Even ordinary holy knights would not take this rugged forest road in their eyes, and a group of more than a thousand people advanced very fast. When they came to the Wingman Forest, the dawn had just appeared. There were a few dark clouds in the sky today, and only the dim light in the east could be seen in the distance.

The King of Wings had already assembled his troops. A total of six hundred Wings, one hundred blue feathers and five hundred red feathers, flew on the top of the tree, waiting for Xuan Ye and others to arrive. As soon as the Holy See's team appeared, King Wing Ren personally led the two Silver Wing elders to greet him. The two sides exchanged greetings for a while, and Xuan Ye introduced the Holy See and others to King Yiren one by one.

The King Wingman looked at the sky and said, "Let’s set off now while it’s still early. The half-orcs live in the southeast. It will take about two hours to move forward at full speed from here. I will dispatch a good flying ability. The clansmen are always observing the movement over there, and we will surely find out if the other party changes in time." After speaking, he made a gesture to his subordinates. Suddenly, more than ten blue-winged men flew high and flew forward to find the way. All the wingmen moved, flying low above the treetops, and scattered into one piece. Xuan Ye discovered that besides the long sword, the Blue Feather and Red Feathers had a short spear on their backs, not knowing what they were doing. However, this is the secret of the Yiren Clan, and he didn't ask it out.

Na Yan looked around cautiously, Chong Xuan Ye said, "It shouldn't be too late, then let's set off now. Your Majesty Wing Man King, please lead the way."

Wing Ren Wang smiled slightly and said, "You are welcome, Bishop Na Yan, this time our coordinated operation will benefit both parties, isn't it?" After speaking, he flew up and landed at the forefront of Wing Human Race, leading The wingmen, slowly advancing towards the southeast. With a wave of Xuan Yuan, the Vatican followed the Yiren from the forest.

Na Yan looked at the Wing Man King flying in mid-air, and Chong Xuan Ye said, "His ability to fly is really strong! I'm afraid he is faster than Flying Birds, and he deserves to be the Wing Man King."

Xuan Ye whispered: "Yes! This Winged King is not easy. He seems to be good at martial arts, and his skill is not weak. Father-in-law, do you have anything to worry about now? The Winged King seems to be very sincere."

Na Yan shook her head and said, "It's hard to tell. I can't draw conclusions yet. I hope he won't play tricks. Child, be careful."

Nearly a thousand people from the Wingren tribe and the Holy See are advancing fast in the forest. When the sky is bright, they have completely penetrated into the great forest of the Tianyuan tribe. According to the Wingman King, they have now passed through the territory of the Wingren tribe. , Not far ahead, it belongs to the realm of half-orcs. The Wing Man moved forward more cautiously. After a while, the Wing Man King captured more than a dozen orc spies with the information from his subordinates from a high altitude. These half-orcs were almost all of different races, very fierce and powerful. Not weak, but the number of people is too small, and they are all subdued by Wingmen. Seeing the wing man showing mercilessness to the orc spy, even Na Yan Xuxuan's heart was let go, and she was no longer as cautious as she started when she moved forward.

Suddenly, the golden figure of Wing Man King flew back to Xuan Ye's side, and all the Wing Men under him stopped. Xuan Ye hurriedly ordered the Holy See's team to stop advancing, and the Wing Man King said, "Is it there?"

The King Wingman nodded solemnly, and said: "Not far ahead is the valley where half-orcs live. Don’t be surprised, half-orcs are different from us. Although there are forests in their territory, they mainly live in valleys. In, I call the Valley of Orcs, where most of the Orcs live, and the Dark Demon may be mixed in it. My people have just reported that the Orcs in the Orcs Valley have just awakened from their sleep. Let's rest here for a while. When you and I adjust our condition to the best, we will work together and we will definitely win with one blow."

Xuan Ye smiled and said, "Your Majesty King Wing Man, it's still as thoughtful as you think. Okay, everyone rests and adjusts to the best condition. After twenty minutes, we start to act." After speaking, we sat on the ground and rushed this way. Not enough to consume his physical strength. Ba Buyi handed the water bottle to Xuan Ye, and said, "Sacrifice your lord, you can drink some water first."

Xuan Ye smiled slightly, and said, "No, don't forget what I said to you at the beginning, and you should behave well later! Let us see how far you have cultivated."

Ba Buyi said confidently: "Don't worry, I will definitely not fail the expectations of the elders." As he said, his hand subconsciously touched his long sword. The beautiful figure of Xuan Yue appeared in his mind, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he had already seen the scene when he and Xuan Yue were married.

Babron patted Babuyi's head and said in a deep voice: "Don't be proud too early. Remember, when you do it, you must be bold and careful. Don't be taken advantage of by the enemy because of your mistakes. For a son like you, if you have any shortcomings, your mother won't give me a hard time when you go back. Also, in the event of a fight, you must get closer to me to facilitate rescue, you know?"

Seeing his father getting serious, Babuyi didn't dare to say more, nodded, and said, "Father, rest assured, I will take care of myself."

Xuan Yuan sat cross-legged on the ground. He seemed to feel that his blood was boiling. No matter how powerful the enemy in front of him was, he didn't care. From the first day he started learning martial arts, he thought that he was born for martial arts. Yes, no matter when, there is no word fear in his heart. He is eager to fight and eager to win. Only the blood of the enemy can make him higher.

Na Yan was sitting next to Xuanyuan, and he always felt something wrong in his heart. An unclear premonition lingered, but he couldn't say anything? At this time, he had reached the point where he had to send the arrow on the string. In order not to affect the morale of everyone, he could not say much. He could only constantly warn himself, and must be careful. On the mainland, the Holy See represents the gods and cannot be defeated. .

Time passed quickly. Twenty minutes came in an instant. Xuan Yuan stood up first, glanced at King Yiren, and said solemnly: "Let's go."

When Xuanyuan looked at him, King Wing Man suddenly felt a sense of horror, and he couldn't help but shudder all over his body, and said in his heart: This old man has such a profound skill! He flew up and commanded the tribe who had fallen on the tree to rest in the air again, flying above the people of the Holy See, slowly moving towards the southeast.

Sure enough, as the King of Wings said, after five minutes of walking, everyone has left the Tianyuan Clan’s big forest. In front of them, there is a vast valley with various green plants growing on the surrounding mountains. The mountain is dyed green. Xuanye stared at it and saw that the Death Mountain Range in the distance was faintly visible. It seemed that it was only a short distance away. The Death Mountain Range had a characteristic. There was no grass growing, and the gray-black mountains were very easy to identify. Wingman Wang floated above Xuanye, and whispered: "The valley in front is where the half-orcs live, what should I do now? Shall I just rush in? That way is the way into the valley." Then, he pointed to the front. Not far away, Xuan Ye looked intently and saw that there was a natural crack, about tens of meters wide, so wide, with the skill of the people of the Holy See, there was no need to be afraid of the enemy's sneak attack. Xuan Ye rushed beside Xuan Yuan and said, "Sir, what shall we do now? Just rush in?"

The excitement in Xuanyuan's eyes was bright, and he nodded vigorously, and said: "Of course. Winged human race is exploring the way above, we are below, and rushed directly into the valley, seeing that the half-orcs could just be injured and let them lose. Combat ability. Once you find the Dark Demon tribe, you will kill you without mercy. All the clergy obey the orders and rush to me." As he said, he flew towards the entrance of the valley.

Wing Man Wang smiled helplessly: "This master judge is really impatient! Master Bishop, let's rush over. He is too dangerous to be alone." He said, flying up, leading his own people, Covering the Holy See troops from above, they moved quickly toward the valley. The road in the valley was very flat. Occasionally, I could see the footprints of a few orcs on the ground. Xuan Yuan didn't go far. He stopped in the middle of the valley and waited for everyone to follow him before moving on. The mountains on both sides are not too steep. Although they are hundreds of meters high, the **** is very gentle. On the way into the valley, they encountered dozens of orcs one after another, all of them sealed their meridians with lightning speed, and threw them among the bushes aside without making any orcs make a sound.

The front of the mountain road suddenly opened up, and it was obvious that the destination of this trip was about to arrive. After all, it was the first time to perform such an important task. Xuan Ye couldn't help feeling a little nervous in her heart, chanting a spell in a low voice, and was always prepared to The Vatican cast auxiliary magic.

Because the people of the Holy See and the Winged Race were advancing fast, they had already entered the Valley of Half Orcs in an instant. When they went deep into the valley basin, they couldn't help being shocked. Not because the enemy is too powerful, but because, in the wide basin, neither a half-orc nor a dark demon can see it. The empty basin looks very bleak, warm wind is touching, and there are few on the ground. The withered grass swayed slightly. Although the weather was very warm, at this time, Xuan Ye's heart was filled with chills. Na Yan was the first to reflect and shouted, "Quickly get out of the valley."

The gentle female voice sounded, "It's too late, it's too late. Welcome all the adults of the Holy See to the Valley of Destruction. We have been waiting for a long time, and here will be the place where you will be destroyed." The voice sounded very light, in the surrounding valleys. The middle is constantly floating, and it is clearly in the ears of everyone in the Holy See. Even the stupid people know that they have been in an ambush.

There was a loud rumbling noise, Xuan Ye looked in the direction of the entrance in fear, and saw countless huge rocks pouring down from the mountain tops on both sides of the entrance, and the entrance was completely sealed by the loud rumbling sound.

A golden light fell from the sky, and Xuan Ye, who had been completely shocked by the electric shot. Although Xuan Ye's magic is strong, his mind is taken away at this moment, his body is not his strong point, and there is no chance to dodge.

"Be careful." A black shadow rushed out from behind Xuan Ye, and pushed him out with a scream. It was his father-in-law Na Yan who pushed Xuan Ye away. Jin Guang was from Na Yan's right. As soon as his shoulders passed, his collarbone and shoulder bones were completely crushed by the blow, and a blood hole with a big bowl appeared between his chest and shoulders. In the blood shed, Na Yan was nailed by a powerful force. on the ground. That golden light turned out to be a short spear. Xuan Ye was shocked, and suddenly released the prepared large-scale auxiliary magic, and a faint golden light instantly enveloped all the Vatican personnel.

Babulun shouted: "Don't mess up, gather together and prepare to fight the enemy." He drew out the sword in his hand and looked into the sky.

The King of Wings shook his head helplessly, and sighed, "Although he didn't kill Xuan Ye, it's not bad to seriously wound a red-clothed sacrifice, haha, hahahaha."

Xuan Ye roared: "Wing Man King, you bastard, what are you going to do?"

The King of Wings snorted disdainfully, and said, "Fool, don't you understand yet? You have been ambushing, and under my leadership, you have entered the ambush that has already been set up. Today, no one wants to be destroyed. Go out in the valley. Children, do it." At this time, Xuan Ye finally understood what the short spear behind the Wing Man was for. Six hundred rays of light descended from the sky, and came straight to the Vatican with a vindictive light. The heavy spear body combined with the skill of the elite wingmen themselves, the destructiveness produced is unimaginable.

Xuan Yuan roared and floated up, the golden vindictiveness of the gods pouring out, and immediately swept away hundreds of spears. After all, the people sent by the Holy See this time are all elites. Although they have undergone major changes, But it quickly reflected that the golden fighting spirit formed a barrier below, blocking most of the throwing spears. Only dozens of holy knights had weak skills and were killed by the throwing spears.

King Wing Man was slightly stunned when he saw such a scene. Just as he was stunned, Xuan Yuan flew up, and with his grudge recoil, he rose to the sky like lightning, and the golden light like ocean waves floated out, he was in anger. With a roar, "God-wave-swing-sea -" the huge golden wave went straight to the wingman in the sky.

Although King Wing Man had a high estimate of Xuan Yuan, he didn't expect him to be so tough, and he shouted at the same time with the two elders around him, and they cleaved a strong grudge. However, Xuan Yuan had already used his full strength in the rage. How could his strength close to the sword saint be insulted? In the loud noise, the Wing Man King and the two Silver Wing elders were spurted and flew back. , Dozens of winged men were swallowed by the violent godly fighting spirit, their bodies were fragmented, and a rain of blood burst into the sky. Xuan Yuan did not stop his attack, tapped a wingman's back, and the wingman suddenly spurted blood to death. With the force of recoil, Xuanyuan took a breath of invigoration, and the golden light reappeared, blue The skill of the Winged Man and the Red Winged Man was simply incomparable to him, and dozens of Winged Men died unexpectedly.

Seeing his own tribe’s damage to nearly a hundred in an instant, King Wing Man barely suppressed the injuries in his body, and roared: “All Wing Man rises into the sky, I don’t believe he can fly higher than us.” Indeed, Xuan Yuan has peace. Duan also used the ability of fighting spirit to fly into the air, but fighting spirit was limited after all. In the air, he made heavy moves one after another. After killing dozens of wingmen again, he fell helplessly to the ground. Under the leadership of King Yiren, the remaining wingmen quickly fell to the top of the mountain. In the valley, only the people of the Holy See were besieged by the terrain.

Na Yan ate the two healing gold pills from Emperor Xuan Ye, and her complexion looked a little better. However, although the gold pills were very effective, Na Yan was an old man in her eighty years after all. She suffered such severe injuries and lost too much blood. , Making him extremely weak. Xuan Ye's eyes were red, and she exclaimed excitedly: "Father-in-law, father-in-law, you must hold on!" He knew that if it hadn't been for Na Yan to rescue him in time, he might have been killed by the golden spear at this moment. . "I'm not good, too aggressive, father-in-law, you can't die!"

Na Yan's pale face showed a bitter smile, and sighed: "Child, I can't die for the time being. You are still too young. This time, this is the best lesson for you. You must always remember! We are trapped. Here, you don’t care about me. The enemy will appear immediately. Retreat from the strong enemy. Remember, if you can’t do anything, move away immediately and don’t fall in love with it. With your abilities, you should be able to get through the entrance to the valley and run away. One is one."

Xuan Ye handed Na Yan's body to a Bright Judge next to him, and slowly stood up. Because of the intense grief and anger, his face was a little distorted, and he shouted: "Come out, you bastards, all Come out to me. King Wing Man, I will not kill you in this life, Xuanye, I will not be a human being."

King Wing Man was also seriously injured by Xuan Yuan's heavy blow just now, and the two Silver Wing elders even lost the power to fight again. Standing on the top of the valley, he said bitterly: "Xuan Ye, you don't have to yell. This is the place where you are buried and when your so-called'this life' ends. You have no future. Boss Moon King, what are you waiting for? , Do it."

"The third child, you are still not calm enough! If you launch a spear throwing attack as soon as you enter the valley, the adults of the Holy See may lose even more. This time, the Pope really did not hesitate to send so many people. Xuanyuan trial The long skill really opened the eyes of the slave family!" The voice suddenly changed, and the original gentleness became extremely cold, "Twelve Heavenly Kings, come up. Let us welcome guests from the Holy See with death." The voice fell. On the mountains around the valley, a large number of people suddenly appeared, divided into several neat camps, on the gentle **** of the mountain, staring at the people of the Holy See like a wolf finding food.

Seeing the enemy appearing on the mountain, with Xuanyuan's determined will, he couldn't help but shake his whole body. On the surrounding mountains, there were countless foreign soldiers standing there. These include the Winged Race, Dwarf Race, Half Orc Race, the Dark Demon Race, the target of their trip, and even several races they don't know, with more than 10,000 people. There is no need for Xuan Ye to issue any orders. The holy knight and the judges have surrounded Xuan Ye and the six white-clothed sacrifices in the center. They all know that only by killing all the enemies can there be a chance of life. All of them are revealed for a time. The look of fighting to the end.

A dozen people suddenly appeared on the mountain right in front of Xuan Ye. These people have different costumes, but at first glance they know that they are the head of the enemy. The head is a woman. This woman looks very beautiful. She looks like she is in her twenties. She has a spring look. She is wrapped in black tight-fitting clothes. Her fiery figure is constantly swaying as she moves forward. UU reads www.uukā fascinates people. On her forehead, there is a silver moon-shaped logo, which looks very eye-catching, and her white skin is in sharp contrast with her black attire.

"Everyone of the Holy See, how does it feel to be in my Valley of Destruction! Hey——, it seems that the good reputation of the Wing Man is still useful. I am really embarrassed this time."

No one in the Vatican has seen this girl, Xuan Ye's heart is dark, although this woman does not have any strong aura on the surface, but the cold light that keeps flashing in the depths of her eyes shows a completely different smile from the face on her face. heart. Are these forces hidden in the dark? It's really powerful! With the back of Xuan Ye's hands behind, the six white priests behind him drew a simple gesture. These white-clothed sacrificial rites all had the strength above that of a Sorcerer. Seeing Xuan Ye's gestures, he immediately lowered his head and silently chanted spells. Xuan Ye stared at the **** the top of the mountain. In order to buy enough time for the white-clothed rituals under him, he shouted: "Who are you? Why do you help the Dark Demon Race against the Holy See?"

The silver-moon girl laughed like a silver bell, her voice was so charming, as if she was fascinating, full of strange allure. Even with Xuanye's concentration, his heart was shaken, and the others were even more unhelpful. There was already a slight disturbance in the ranks of the Holy See. Some sacred knights with better skills could not bear the primal impulse in their hearts. They looked straight at the silver moon **** the top of the mountain, with a greedy look in their eyes.

Chapter 129: Soul release

Xuan Ye’s secret path was not good, and when he didn’t know how to deal with it, Xuan Yuan uttered a long roar next to him. The clear and loud howling sounded straight through the sky, in sharp contrast with the silver bell-like smile. The two voices kept on. Entangled in the air, no one can press the opponent down. Xuanyuan's face solemnly stared at the silver-moon **** the mountain, and the golden divine battle qi came out through his body. Under the action of the surging divine power, his howling slightly took the upper hand, under the influence of Xuanyuan's howling. , The Vatican suddenly calmed down and was no longer disturbed by the other side. The silver moon girl's laughter stopped abruptly. She smiled at Xuan Yuan and said: "The judge is really good! The slave family really admire it. My name is Yuewang. I hope you remember my name. When you get to hell, don't file a wrong case! Let me introduce you to the people on my left and right. So that you can be a ghost.” As she said, she pointed to the weird person who was two meters away and said, “This one is The Dragon King ranked second among the Twelve Heavenly Kings. I guess you haven’t heard of the Dragon Race. The Dragon Race is the strongest race among the Orcs, and the Dragon King can also be said to be one of the entire Orcs. Wang. He has the blood of a dragon, a strong body, a sharp attack, and the presiding judge Xuanyuan, I think, he will definitely be your strong enemy. You will have to be affectionate and affectionate later."

The Dragon King cast a disdainful look at Xuan Yuan, his gaze shot out like substance, and it didn't make any difference with Xuan Yuan's. The dragon king's whole body is wrapped in black scales. Except for his body, it looks like a beast. He has sharp claws on his limbs and a thick tail about one meter long behind him. , Strong muscles bulged under the scales on his body. Between gestures, great power will be formed. Seeing the vicious look of the Dragon King, Xuan Yuan couldn't help but feel dark. The demon said that they have twelve heavenly kings. If everyone has such skill, I am afraid that it would not be an empty word to let the Holy See be wiped out in this trip. Previously, he used a little skill when destroying Wing Ren, and he was constantly trying to recover. The murderous intent in Xuan Yuan's heart went straight to the canopy, he just wanted to kill all the aliens in front of him.

Xuan Ye and Xuan Yuan had different feelings. He clearly understood that the reason why the opponent did not immediately launch an attack but showed his strength is to overwhelm him mentally, first seize the hearts and minds of the people of the Holy See, and then use the thunderous force to complete it. Annihilate everyone on your side. He secretly sneered in his heart, is it really that easy to deal with that the Holy See can stand on the mainland for thousands of years? Even if the entire army is truly annihilated, it will inevitably make the enemy pay a high price. As long as the white-clothed sacrifice behind me completes the spell, I can turn the defense against. Therefore, Xuanye didn't refute Yuewang's words and let her continue.

The Moon King stood next to the Dragon King, her petite and exquisite body became even more slender. She turned to look at the thick dwarf on the other side, and smiled: "This is our powerful, the third-ranked dwarf of the Twelve Heavenly Kings. Wang. As for the Wingman King who was injured by the presiding judge, he ranked fourth. You must have never thought that the dwarves and the Wingmen, who are known as peace-loving people, would be ours. In fact, they were indeed as rumored before, but, Now they are completely immersed in the arms of Master Pluto. This is the choice they should have. I think you must be surprised now, but unfortunately, you know it is too late."

Xuan Ye snorted and said, "Yes, we are very surprised. I didn't expect that under the jurisdiction of the Holy See, there will be so many dark forces on the mainland. However, your good life is over. As long as we To be able to rush out from here today, you can never want to stand on the mainland again. Let me bring you some surprises too. Betray the glory of God, I will take back your life, betray the majesty of God, I will take back your soul, Betray the faith of God, and I will take back your right to live. God’s power! Ascend. The great gods will use my hand to punish those sinful lives that blaspheme the gods—the judgment of the gods." He sang extremely fast. Quickly, thanks to the support of six white-clothed priests with high mana, this eighth-level sacred light system attack magic was quickly completed. The golden wrath of the gods wandered from behind Xuanye, and the golden light was released. Under the sacred power, all the members of the Holy See suddenly felt energetic.

Six priests in white clothing surrounded Xuanye in the center like lightning, and constantly chanted the curse loudly. The white holy light enveloped Xuanye's golden light and rushed toward the sky. Under the light, the dark clouds in the sky A huge change has taken place, it has become a pale golden light cloud, and the originally dim earth suddenly lights up. Taking the place where the six white-clothed sacrifices stood as the apex, in an instant, a huge white six-pointed star appeared on the ground, and Xuanye was standing in the center of the six-pointed star. He held up the wrath of the gods, and looked at the moon whose face changed greatly. Wang, the wrath of the gods in his hand pointed forward, and the light cloud in the sky suddenly sent out a golden lightning, with surging abnormal sacred power, it slammed the top of the mountain where the Moon King and the others were.

When the Moon King started to chant the spell, he had already realized what was wrong. The eighth-level magic of the light system brought huge pressure to these dark creatures. He immediately ordered all races to attack the people in the Holy See and at the same time ordered the twelve heavenly kings. The sixth ranked Dark Ice King and the eleventh ranked Dark Lord launched dark magic and Xuan Ye confrontation.

If Dumb stayed here, he would definitely recognize that the black demon was the dark magician who led his men to attack the headquarters of the mainland magicians' union in the province of light. The attire of the Dark Ice King is the same as that of the Dark Demon, except that there is a blue ice edge mark on the hat of the Dark Mage's robe. Each of them followed dozens of dark magicians, and as soon as they received the order from the Moon King, they sang quickly. Among the dark forces, the most lacking is actually magicians. Although the dark forces have grown to more than 100,000 people after nearly a thousand years of recuperation, most of these people are aliens who are not suitable for practicing magic. Therefore, magic has always been Their weaknesses.

More than ten races and tens of thousands of alien soldiers rushed down almost when the light cloud formed, and went straight to the holy knights and judges in the middle of the valley. The priests of the Holy See played their usual well-trained advantage at this time. Under the leadership of the judge, they formed a solid line of defense and guarded Xuanye in the center of the camp. They all knew that only the Cardinal could play Only with the strongest light magic, it is possible to eliminate these heretics, and there is hope for life. Xuanyuan, Babulun, Babuyi, as well as the four holy judges and twenty bright judges form the most solid force. They are condensed together. As long as there is a loophole in their defense, they will definitely arrive in time. Kill the enemy back. For a time, although the dark forces have an absolute numerical advantage, it is difficult to break through the defense of the Holy See. Whenever the Holy Knights and Judges are injured, the companions behind them will immediately replace them, so that the injured can bandage their wounds in the shortest time, so that the method of cyclically resisting each other’s attacks is the Holy See’s Holy Knights. It has evolved over hundreds of years. It is very practical when fighting less and fighting more. It is called the dancing holy knight. Relying on this method, although the disadvantage in terms of numbers is still obvious, it kills and wounds a lot of enemies. More than a dozen races of the dark forces are not easy to deal with. Among them are fierce and cruel dark demons. Every dark demons needs at least three holy knights to resist. If it were not for the support of the judges, and the number of dark demons was scarce, the defense line of the Holy See would have long been insisted. Can't help it. Except for the Dark Demon, the dragon people who belong to the Dragon King are the most terrifying. They have the same strong body as the Dark Demon, but they are slightly inferior in attack power, but they also cause a lot of trouble for the Holy See. . The attacks of the dwarves are unexpectedly strong. Although they are not as good as the dark demons and dragons, they have a large number of them, and they have a huge power advantage. The broad-blade battle axe is used in their hands, and there are almost no holy knights. Can be parried from the front. The three major races of Dark Demon, Dragonman, and Dwarf formed the main attack. Around them, half-orcs of various shapes supported them, forming a powerful impact. For a time, the two sides were stuck together, and casualties continued to increase. This is the first time that the priests of the Holy See have fought against a foreign race. Although they are not afraid, they are very uncomfortable with each other's tactics. In an instant, the hundred people on the outermost periphery were injured and retreated, and they were replaced by those behind.

Xuanye’s God’s trial finally broke out, and the first lightning shot from the light cloud accurately hit the top of the mountain where the moon king and other heads were located. At the moment before the lightning arrived, a layer of black barrier suddenly emerged and assembled. The defense deployed by dozens of dark magicians barely resisted the lightning from the judgment of God. But sacred light magic has a bonus effect on dark magic, and almost half of the lower-level dark wizards are completely reduced to ashes. However, Moon King and several of his subordinates who were good at martial arts also took this opportunity to leave the top of the mountain and rushed straight into the valley.

The Dark Ice King's magical strength is already very close to that of the Magister, while the Dark Lord is a bit worse. Combining the power of the two of them, plus dozens of Dark Mages was originally an extremely strong strength. But it is a pity that their opponent is the youngest red-clothed priest Xuan Ye of the Holy See, who has gathered the strength of Xuan Ye and the six white-clothed priests, how can they resist? When the second lightning of God’s Judgment arrived, the Dark Ice King and the Black Demon knew that they could not resist, and immediately fleeed with the scroll prepared in advance, but their remaining men were reduced to ashes under the full bombardment of Xuanye. With the overall dominance, the magician of the dark forces suffered a devastating blow.

Xuan Ye’s divine might exhibited his sacred mana to the limit. Golden lightning slashed from the air to the densest place of enemies. With every bang, hundreds of dark race lives were taken away. Let their bodies turn into bits of light and disappear into the valley. However, magic power is limited after all, even if the power of Xuanye and the six white-clothed sacrificial priests were assembled, when the twenty-third lightning strike was sent, they could not hold on. The light cloud gradually dissipated, Xuan Ye and the six white-clothed priests all sat weakly on the ground, desperately condensing the light element in the air, preparing for the next attack. The judgment of God that they used their best has brought brilliant results. This eighth-level magic not only eliminated all dark magicians except the Dark Ice King and the Dark Lord, but also took away nearly 3,000 lives of those powerful alien races. This is the true strength of the Light Mage. With the assistance of God's Judgment, everyone in the Holy See also got a chance to breathe, and it was easier to resist.

While Xuan Ye’s God’s trial was raging, the dark alien races also launched a crazy attack on the clergy. Among the twelve heavenly kings, all except the Dark Ice King, the Dark Demon King, the Wing Man King, and the Moon King. Participated in the battle. With their powerful strength, they abruptly stopped the Holy See assault team led by Xuan Yuan. Although the Dragon King's skill is not as good as Xuan Yuan's, he relied on his extremely powerful body to tie with Xuan Yuan. And Babylon was just a tie against the Dwarf King. However, the other six dark kings are not so easy to deal with. The fascinating pink vindictiveness of the Yin King Silver Girl destroyed a Bright Judge in just a few encounters. The Elvis Catwoman mimi at the bottom of the ranking also injured two Bright Judges with extraordinary speed. In time, the two sides fought evenly. However, without the help of the commando, the inferior holy knights and judges have reached a precarious situation. In a short period of time, the number of people dropped sharply from 1,200 to 800. Their line of defense was intercepted and retreated, and they could no longer be held. The original dancing holy knight's tactics were also lost due to the reduction in the number of people. The previous flexibility. The dark forces still have as many as 8,000 people, more than ten times that of the priests of the Holy See. The powerful dark demons, dragon people and dwarves have not many deaths in the fight, and the damage in the judgment of the gods is also Most of them are half-orcs with weaker strength.

The Moon King watched in the dark with cold eyes. Although she knew that the victory of the fight would belong to her side, she hadn't expected the loss to be so great. She couldn't help but hate in her heart, raising her hand to send out a black ball. A weird arc slid in the air, and when it rose to the highest point in the sky, a strong purple-black light burst out. This is the signal of total attack. After resting for a long time, King Wing Ren had basically recovered his skills, and took the remaining four hundred Wing Ren flying high, and rushed down from the air to the crowd of the Holy See. These are the elites of the winged men, their sudden joining immediately accelerated the speed of the clergy's defeat. The strike from the air and the powerful attack from the ground brought the situation into a one-sided state.

Xuan Ye had already recovered some mana, but when he saw such a scene, he couldn't help but shake his heartstrings. With a loud shout, he sent out the restored mana in the form of God’s blessing. While healing the injuries of the clergy, he strengthened their combat effectiveness. But this was just drinking poison to quench his thirst. He knew very well that the fate of failure was inevitable. Xuan Ye sighed, could it be that the sky would kill me?

When the priests of the Holy See were facing a crisis, a group of golden light rose from the ranks of the Holy See. For every point raised, the golden light would become stronger, and the surging sacred power suddenly made the remaining less than five. Hundreds of clergy were energetic, but the attack speed of those dark aliens slowed down a lot. Xuan Ye was shocked, staring intently at the golden light, her whole body was shocked, tears burst into her eyes. Because this rising golden light is his father-in-law Na Yan. Na Yan was floating in the air, looking so sacred against the golden light.

"No! Father-in-law, don't—" Xuan Ye yelled sternly. Of course he knew what Na Yan was doing. This was the last trick of being a high priest of the Holy See! Na Yan's body is still rising continuously, and there is a kind of smile on his face. In terms of the cultivation base of the sacred light magic, he was even above Xuan Ye. In order to retain the hope of rushing out, he resolutely chose to burn himself. Yes, burning himself, burning his own body with the flame of light. This is a taboo method in the Holy See to destroy all enemies, and it can only be passed on if it reaches the strength above the white clothing sacrifice. The biggest feature of this magic is that the caster himself abandons his body and turns all potential and spiritual power into an attacking sacred power. It is used by a powerful magician like Na Yan. In a short period of time, it is absolutely forbidden. With the power of the curse, in order to help Xuan Ye escape, Na Yan resolutely gave up her life.

Xuan Ye looked at Na Yan, who was still rising in the sky with tears, his father-in-law's kind words and smiles kept flashing in his mind. Na Yan's care for him is no less than that of the Pope, and he has been full of respect for her father-in-law after getting along with him for so many years. I blame myself, I blame myself for not obeying Na Yan's words and rushing forward, bringing the people of the Holy See to such a dangerous situation, and at this time, in order to be able to keep everyone alive, his father-in-law chose the soul to release this terrible magic. Using soul release, the caster must die!

Na Yan's voice sounded from the bottom of Xuan Ye's heart, "Child, don't be sad, people are always mortal. I am over eighty years old and die without regret. However, you are still young, and the burden of the Holy See is on your shoulders. I will explode the exit of the valley later. You must rush out with everyone. One more person will keep the Holy See more strength. Nasha will ask you to take care of her. Tell the Pope, I Going to see the gods, ask him to take care."

"Father-in-law, don't!" Xuan Ye shouted again, but he knew very well in his heart that at this time, no one could stop Na Yan from completing this magic. Just when he was very sad and indignant, he was surprised to find that six groups of the same golden light floated from his side, and six voices sounded at the same time, "Master Bishop, take care, we are going." It turned out that the six overexhausted skills The Baiyi priests unexpectedly chose the same method as Na Yan. In order for the remaining clergy to escape here, they decided to sacrifice themselves with a fearless spirit.

At this time, Xuan Ye suddenly calmed down, his heart was completely frozen, he observed the situation around him, resolutely sat on the ground, and tried his best to restore his magic power. He did this because he didn't want to watch his father-in-law die. More importantly, Na Yan gave up the vitality that life brought him. He must grasp it, and he must realize his father-in-law's wish before he died. If you want to escape from this valley of destruction smoothly, you must have enough strength. The characteristics of the recovery of the wrath of the gods gradually appeared, and under the full urging of Xuanye, his magic power was quickly restored.

The golden light transformed by the six white-clothed sacrifices caught up with Na Yan, forming a golden six-pointed star in the sky like before surrounding Xuanye. Whether it was Na Yan or the six white-clothed sacrifices, their bodies were gradually disappearing. , Every time the body disappears, the golden light becomes stronger. At this time, a black dragon with its teeth and claws gleaming with a green light rose into the air and crashed into the seven Nayan people in the air. It was the Dark Lord who used his strongest seven-level dark magic to attack from the side. When he saw Nayan flying up, he already felt bad, and immediately chanted magic, relying on the amplification effect of the Nether Staff, and finally succeeded. Used the magic of this **** dragon. The black dragon flapped its huge wings and suddenly bombarded the golden light. The six white-clothed rituals in the sky have completely disappeared, and the sacred energy they have transformed into Na Yan's body through the pre-arranged six-pointed star magic circle. Na Yan's vague figure looked at the arrival of the Hell Dark Dragon with a disdainful smile, a clear golden light suddenly appeared, and the Hell Dark Dragon trembled violently under the light of the golden light, and its body was actually in a sacred light. Melted in.

Na Yan chanted the last mantra of his life loudly, "At the expense of my soul, the great **** of heaven! Please allow me to use your forbidden energy." Time seemed to stop the moment the mantra was completed, no matter what Was it a clergyman with a few remaining members of the Holy See or a foreign race, they all stopped, looking at the golden light cluster in the sky that was as strong as the sun in astonishment. Na Yan's body finally disappeared completely, and the golden light gradually merged, and a figure formed by the illusion of energy appeared. The figure was a handsome young man. He was completely angelic with a pair of golden wings behind him. Flapping. Only Xuan Yuan recognized that this is exactly what Na Yan looked like when she was young, and she had been with Na Yan for many years. At this time, seeing him give up his life for the Holy See, as strong as Xuan Yuan, she couldn't help but shed two lines of tears. . The golden angel in the air slowly folded his hands together, the golden light in his eyes was clear, and two substantive golden lights flashed away. Amid the screams, the body of the Dark Lord was reduced to ashes by the blow full of sacred aura. The Dragon King shouted angrily, and after desperately slashing at Xuanyuan, he shouted: "Don't mess up, leave the **** above, kill all the people below." Under his order, the dark alien races started again. A powerful attack. The number of priests has less than five hundred remaining, and they will soon be unable to resist.

The golden angels in the air folded their hands suddenly apart, and a clearly visible golden energy band floated out. Amid the loud noise, a gap suddenly appeared on the ground, and hundreds of alien races were reduced to ashes in the huge sacred energy. The gap of three meters deep also provides a breathing opportunity for the clergy. Just as Na Yan, who had turned into a golden angel, was about to attack again, the mutation happened. A round of black crescent moon appeared out of thin air, and suddenly stopped at him. The energy contained in the crescent moon was extremely large, and the evil aura flickered. The gray-black light formed a sharp contrast with the golden divine light released by Na Yan. This blow was much stronger than the Hell Dragon sent by the Black Demon earlier. The thick dark energy is so evil, twelve The Moon King, the head of the heavenly kings, finally made a move.

In the face of a powerful attack, Na Yan could no longer attack the alien race on the ground, her hands turned into a strange gesture, and a golden symbol came out and greeted the black crescent moon. When the black crescent moon collided with the golden symbol, several black electric lights suddenly emitted from the crescent moon, which slightly weakened the energy of the golden symbol. The two supreme energies suddenly collided, and a huge shock wave burst out in the air. The powerful energy directly impacted the mountains around the valley, causing a bang, and some thin mountain tops were completely flattened. The Moon King's figure appeared in the air, and she spouted a mouthful of blood, falling down like lightning. In the fight with the angels Nayan turned into, she has been hit hard.

The golden angel's light was obviously dimmed, and he had no extra energy to eliminate the dark forces under his feet. Na Yan showed a helpless smile, with both hands divided, another energy belt bombarded down, surrounding the periphery of the clergy's defense, doubled the previous gap, and now there are only wingmen in the air and those in the direction of the valley entrance. Aliens can directly attack the holy knights and judges of the Holy See. The golden angel turned into by Na Yan shouted, "All the Vatican personnel are going to retreat." After speaking, he glanced at Xuanye, who was meditating cross-legged, and waved a golden glow toward his body. Then he rushed forward towards the closed entrance of the Destruction Valley. The golden figure brought up a gorgeous tail flame in the air, surrounding the layers of purple flames, and rushed out indefinitely. The golden purple flame is the last fire of Na Yan's life.

At the same time that Na Yan launched, Xuan Yuan also erupted, and the divine battle qi was instantly raised to the limit by him. The huge golden waves appeared again, and under the power of Pei Ran, the Dragon King spurted blood and retreated. Xuan Yuan didn't stay any longer, slapped a palm at each of the other seven heavenly kings like lightning, and coordinated with the other judges to shake all their enemies back. The weakest King Yin and Elvis were hit hard, spurted and retreated, temporarily losing the ability to attack. At this time, there were only seven light judges of the Holy See.

The golden angel turned into by Na Yan fell into the huge rock that closed the valley mouth like lightning. The land that destroyed the valley suddenly shook, and the explosion sounded one after another, and the huge boulders that closed the valley mouth turned into ashes, and the smoke rose. Na Yan relied on the last one in her life. The attack not only opened a path of life, but also introduced the smoke from the explosion into the canyon of destruction, which suddenly blurred everyone's vision.

Xuan Yuan shouted: "All the clergy listened to the orders, and collectively rushed out." Amidst the shouts, his skill close to the sword master was fully displayed. Dozens of alien races were wiped out by the gods' fighting spirit, and the surrounding area suddenly appeared In the gap, Xuan Yuan took the lead, leading the remaining clergy to rush towards the entrance of the valley. Although there was smoke, the clergymen in Taniguchi's direction still remember that the unprecedented survival urged them to use their strength to the limit, turning into a sharp torrent, and desperately rushing towards Taniguchi.

At this time, with the help of Na Yan's last energy, Xuanye has recovered most of his skills. He has no time to grieve for Na Yan's death. He floats up, and the golden light suddenly ~ Under the action of the wrath of the gods, the wingmen whose eyes were lost in the air were shot down in large numbers. When the smoke gradually disappeared, King Wing Man clearly saw Xuan Ye's red eyes, his heart trembled, and he couldn't help retreating. The attack on the head of the clergy was suddenly weakened.

The Moon King fell to the ground, staggered, and again spouted a mouthful of blood. The pain of the sacred energy entering the body distorted her stunning beauty. Feeling the people of the Holy See rushing towards the exit, a sense of fear rose in her heart. The situation actually gave the other side a glimmer of life. The Vatican’s tenacity surprised her and shouted sadly: "Come on, block the exit, you must not let anyone go." Na Yanna gathered six people. The white clothing sacrifice and his own divine power dealt a heavy blow to the Moon King. In a short time, she was unable to make a move. The reason why the Moon King didn't do anything before was to retain her strength and finally clean up the Vatican's missing fish, but now she can only watch the clergy rush to the entrance under the leadership of Xuan Yuan and Xuan Ye. In order to retain more lives, the four holy judges of the Holy See are still at the end of the team. They all burned their full potential and resolutely resisted the pursuit of several dark kings.

When the clergy rushed to the exit of the valley, there were only more than two hundred people left. A thousand holy knights were almost killed and wounded. With the help of Xuanye's magic, the four holy judges resisted the king in the last place. Our attacks made the people of the Holy See finally successfully rushed into and out of the valley. A holy judge yelled: "Sacrifice your lord, you go first, here we are against it."

Chapter 130: Break out

Xuan Ye shook his whole body. Of course he knew what it meant to stay. He quickly used the wrath of the gods to draw a cross in the air. The golden cross flashed four consecutive rays of light, which were injected into the bodies of the four holy judges. The Holy Judge suddenly lifted his spirits, and with the help of the divine power contained in the Holy Cross, he once again repelled the enemy's shock. Xuan Ye sighed secretly and yelled: "Warriors of the gods, the Holy See is proud of you, and your soul will ascend to the heavens and be favored by the gods." He forcibly resisted not letting his tears stay, and moved his body. Divine power suddenly chased the clergy in front. He, Xuan Yuan, and Babylon are the only important figures in the Holy See's battle this time. This can be said to be the biggest loss of the Holy See since its establishment a thousand years ago, and it is also the biggest shame.

Xuan Yuan supported his body with vindictive energy and floated in the air. He continued to slaughter the Wing Ren who was chasing him. The golden figure suddenly appeared, and Xuan Yuan's heart was stunned, knowing that the Wing Man King was chasing him. With a loud shout, he tried his last remaining energy, waved a palm at the golden figure, and the golden light like a handprint suddenly appeared.

King Wing Man held a sword in both hands and slashed at the oncoming palm energy like lightning. The situation was completely opposite to the first encounter between the two of them. Xuan Yuan was blown away by the winged man Wang Zhen and fell towards the ground. Xuan Yuan's skill has already been overdrawn too much in the battle between them, how can such a powerful attack be forbidden at this time? King Wing Man was overjoyed when he saw Xuan Yuan being repelled by himself. Of course he knew that Xuan Yuan was the most important figure in the Holy See’s trip. If he could be killed, it would be a great achievement. He was about to chase Xuan Yuan. However, he was surprised to find that a sharp wind came from behind him. The strong wind contained huge sacred energy, which was an attack that could threaten his life. In desperation, King Wingman had to give up the pursuit, suddenly turned around, and slashed towards the sharp wind with all his strength. When he turned around, what he saw turned out to be a tower-shaped object. In a loud noise, the tower-shaped object flew back upside down, but the Wingman King’s long sword was already shattered, and he was also under this powerful attack. Bleeding and flying. Xuan Ye's figure appeared not far in front of him, and a flash of startled light flashed in King Wing Man’s eyes. The trial of God used by Xuan Ye before left a deep impression on him. The Wing Man king clan is the same as the Elf King clan. All of them were transmitted in one line. He looked at his life more than anything else. He didn't dare to fall in love anymore and flew high into the sky.

Xuan Ye looked at the back of the Wing Man King who disappeared in front of him, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. With his current situation, it was impossible to be the Wing Man King's opponent, otherwise, he would not use the Wrath of the Sky to attack. Fortunately, finally relied on the power of the artifact to scare away King Wing Man. Xuan Ye now has only one thought in his mind, that is, to return to the Holy See as soon as possible, and ask the Pope to go out and handle this matter himself. But can they really leave the Tianyuan Clan safely? Will the remaining Dark Eleven Heavenly Kings let them go so easily?

The Honghu tribe, four men and one woman passed through the city gate and entered the Honghu city, the capital of the Honghu tribe. The costumes of these five people are very strange in the eyes of ordinary people. Three of them wore magician robes of light, wind and fire, but the only woman wore a striking red armor. Her plump figure was full of attractive wildness and attracted the attention of many passersby. The crescent-shaped mercenary sign on her left chest shows her identity. The only thing that can't be seen from the attire is a tall young man. He is wearing a black robe and is tall. Although his appearance is ordinary, he shows a special temperament. Domineering, yes, that is domineering, domineering. He just nodded and walked, but no one dared to keep their eyes on him any longer. They are just a group of dumb. After several days of trekking, they finally came to the capital of the Red Hurricanes, the birthplace of mercenaries.

Red Hurricane City is the most desirable place for all mercenaries. This big city covers an area of about 20,000 square kilometers. People in various mercenary costumes can be seen everywhere. There are many streets on both sides, and merchants selling armor and weapons are everywhere. Ordinary shops are much less.

"Finally here, this Red Hurricane City is really big! It's the first time I've been here after living in the Sorbian Federation for so long." Oliveira said with some excitement.

Keanu is not interested in novel things anymore. He puts his body and mind on Tsukihime. Hearing Oliveira's words, he disdainfully said: "It's rare and strange, it's all the same city." After these days Although Yue Ji won't give him a good face to get along with each other, she doesn't reject him either. Keanu is easily satisfied, as long as he can always look at Yue Ji, he will already feel very happy. Ever since he fought Oliveira with the Flame Dragon that day, Oliveira has constrained a lot and stopped joking about the matter between him and Tsukihime.

Oliveira sneered at each other: "What do you know as a shallow fellow? Red Hurricane City is the birthplace of mercenaries and one of the most worthwhile places in the mainland. If you get here, you should go to the Mercenary Association. Just look at it, it's like a life in vain." After speaking, he still showed a look of contempt. The other people have long been accustomed to the bickering between them, and dumb said: "We have lost a lot of time before and can’t stay here for too long. Since Vera said that mercenaries are always worth a visit, let’s go and see. Okay. Then leave here and go to the Puyan clan. Xuanri, what do you think?"

Xuan Yue bowed her head and walked forward. She didn't seem to hear everyone's words. Her brows were furrowed and she didn't know what she was thinking. When she heard Dumb's question, she looked up blankly and said, "What? Brother, what did you say?"

Dumb looked at Xuanyue with a caring look, and said, "I just said that I can't stay here for too long and I want to go to the Puyan Clan as soon as possible. Brother, what's wrong with you? It seems that your complexion is not very good today! What's uncomfortable." Since that night, Dui finally recognized his strength, his personality has gradually begun to change, the former dullness has gradually disappeared, the pressing domineering gradually formed, and there will be a hint of majesty in every gesture. . In recent days, when he was asleep every night, he dreamed of the flashing fragments in his brain. The images of the fragments seemed to be much clearer, as if there were many people fighting, and the images often burst out in brilliant circles. The light is just dumb but doesn't know what it means.

Xuan Yue sighed and said, "Big Brother, my body is not uncomfortable, but I don't know why. Today, I suddenly felt a panic, as if something happened."

Yue Ji came over and said, "So you still have the ability to predict! Is there any danger for us? If there is, you should predict more accurately."

Hearing what Tsukihime said, how could Keanu give up the opportunity to perform? Hurry up and patted his chest and said: "Miss Yueji, don't worry, even if there is danger, don't be afraid. I will definitely protect you from any harm." Looking at Keanu seriously. Apparently, a funny feeling arose in Yue Ji's heart, and did not refuse him, but said angrily: "Don't be so eager to behave."

Keanu suddenly became embarrassed, scratched his head, and said: "I, I'm telling the truth."

Xuan Yue said: "I don't have any predictive ability. This is a kind of if there is no spiritual connection. Moreover, it is not that we are going to have an accident, but what is happening in the Holy See. This is a kind that I have had since I was a child. Feeling. As long as something major happens to the Holy See, I will be throbbing in my heart. I hope it won't be a major event."

Dumb comforted: "Brother, I think your worry is unnecessary. Don't you know how strong your Holy See is? There is absolutely no need to worry too much. Let's go, let's go to the Mercenary Association. Don’t you still want to change Yueyue’s mercenary card? There must be a special mercenary card there. I just don’t know if there is a mission about Death Mountain."

Looking at Ah Dui's deep black eyes, Xuan Yue felt better in her heart, but she vaguely felt that things were not that simple. But she also knows that it's useless to worry about it now. This place is far away from the Holy See, so even if something happens, she can't rush back. The mercenary will always have no idea what it will be like, Xuanyue's troubles gradually disappeared, her curiosity arose again, and she smiled and said, "That's good! Brother, you go find someone to ask the mercenary will be there. Where?" Seeing Xuanyue's return to normalcy, Ah-Dai showed a faint smile and looked at a small shop next to him and said, "Go there and ask."

The five people walked into the shop. Various armors and weapons hung on the walls of the shop. They were all mortal artifacts. There were no special good things. They naturally wouldn't see it. The guy in the shop saw a visitor coming, and he hurried over with a smile on his face, "How many do you want? We are the most famous weapons shop in Honghu City. As long as you say it, we are almost all Yes. Several master magicians, we have great magical tools here. If you want to add one or two, you will definitely make your magic cultivation more diligent."

Yue Ji snorted disdainfully, and said: "All the weapons shops in Honghu City seem to say the same thing. Who knows which one is true."

There was a trace of embarrassment in the dude's look, and he smiled and said: "Their stores are all nonsense. Ours is the most authentic weapons store. You can take a look at it. They are definitely fine products."

Dumb said: "We come from a long distance from a foreign place, not to buy weapons, but to think that mercenaries will always go and see, can you please show us the path. Honghu City is so big, mercenaries will always be Where is it?"

When dude heard about the general mercenary association, he immediately showed a respectful look and said: "The general mercenary association is in the east of the city. It is the tallest building in the city. As long as you walk east along this street, After walking for more than an hour, you will naturally see it. However, because the mercenary meeting place is limited, and all mercenaries want to see the mercenary resort. So the mercenary will always make regulations, generally Mercenaries are not allowed to enter the club directly, only level one or higher is allowed. Other mercenaries must take over from the other two branches of the city. Red Hurricane City can be said to be the only one in the entire continent with three mercenaries The place of the Armed Forces." When he said this, he couldn't help showing pride, obviously full of affection for Red Hurricane City.

Hearing what he said, Oliveira and Keanu immediately showed dissatisfaction. Duan, Xuanyue, and Yueji are all special mercenaries. They are naturally not afraid of this restriction, but they are not mercenaries at all. If they really resemble this guy. In that way, they would not be able to enter the mercenary association at all. Oliveira couldn't help asking: "Is there no other way to enter the general meeting?"

The guy looked outside the store, then lowered his voice: "Of course there is a way. If low-level mercenaries want to enter the club, they can enter with the special token issued by the club. The relationship between the shop and the mercenary club has always been good. , There are just a few tokens. If a few people want to join the club, we can reluctantly cut their love, and we can’t sell them elsewhere."

Xuan Yue looked at Yue Ji and said, "Sister Yue Ji, have you been here before, have you heard about the need for tokens to enter the Mercenary General Association?" She always thought that this guy was smiling very sinister and could not be trusted. of.

Yue Ji frowned and said: "Although I have been here before, I have been carrying out delivery tasks. I have never had a chance to go to the General Mercenary Association, but I have indeed heard that only first-level mercenaries can enter the General Assembly. This token thing should be true. Let’s just buy a few. Anyway, his shop can’t run. If he dares to lie to us, he will tear down his shop when he comes back. How much is your token?”

The guy hurriedly said with a smile: "The tokens are absolutely genuine, because the quantity is limited, so the price is slightly higher. For fifty gold coins, how many do you want to buy?"

Yue Ji frowned and said: "It's so expensive, you might as well grab it. Isn't it just a few broken iron brands." The monthly salary of an ordinary mercenary in the Yuehen Mercenary Group is only ten gold coins, fifty gold coins. For an ordinary family, it is enough to live a prosperous life for a year.

The guy rubbed his hands and said, "This is the price set by the boss. I'm just a part-time worker and can't be the master! What's more, as a mercenary, it is such a great honor to be able to enter the Mercenary Association! Why bother you Do you care about these small amounts of money? Well, if a few people buy tokens, and then buy other things, I can give you a 10% discount, how about?"

Dumb said: "Forget it, just buy two tokens, we don't need other things. Brother Xuanri, give him money." Xuanyue took out a diamond coin from her arms and threw it to the guy. The guy hurriedly took it happily, ran behind the counter, took out two iron medals and walked out. Respectfully gave it to dumb. Dui took the iron plaque and took a look, and saw that the token was square, with the word franchise engraved on the front, and the mercenary logo engraved on the back. No matter how you look at it, Dumb can't feel that it is worth fifty gold coins.

Yue Ji walked to Ah Du's side, looked at the franchise token in his hand, took out the mercenary card from her arms, shook it in front of her buddy, and said: "See you, I am a super mercenary, if you lie to us , Don’t even think about mixing in the Red Hurricane City. Dumb, let’s go.” After speaking, he turned and walked outside the shop. Dumb threw the token in his hand to Oliveira and Keanu, and the five people went out of the shop together.

The guy looked at their leaving back, snorted, and said to himself: "Isn't it a super mercenary, there is nothing arrogant about it, although that thing is not valuable, but it is true, and you can't find me." A diamond coin, the harvest is good today. I want to come to the boss to process money for me..."

The dumb five went as fast as the east of the city, as the dude said. After more than an hour, they finally saw the destination of the trip. That guy was right, he was still far away, and he could clearly see the building of the Mercenary Association. This is the tallest building Dui has ever seen. The Anhao Nightclub in Dark City was four stories high, but the tall building in front of him was more than twice as tall. The huge bell-shaped building has only a four-meter-high gate. In the center of the twenty-meter-high building, a mercenary union logo is carved. Below the logo, the Mercenary Federation four is written in Sorbian and Vatican. Big characters. The gilded font is particularly obvious under the sunlight. It was almost noon, the door of the Mercenary Association was open, and many mercenaries came and went back and forth.

Oliveira exclaimed: "What a huge scale! This mercenary association seems to be bigger than the headquarters of the Moonscar Mercenary Corps. This is the first time I have seen such a tall building, which is bigger than our Mage Union. The headquarters is much bigger. I always thought that magicians are a richer profession. It seems that this mercenary union is the real rich man!" Tsukihime said, "Although the status of magicians is high, but the number of people But it’s too few. And mercenaries are different. There are at least hundreds of thousands of mercenaries in the whole continent. Even if everyone pays a gold coin to the Mercenary Association, there are hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Here is the Association, the entire mercenary. The facade of the military world is naturally going to be bigger. Let’s go, let’s go in and see if the guy is cheating. Two broken iron medals cost a hundred gold coins. Just think about it. Feeling depressed."

While talking, the five people had already arrived at the door of the mercenary union. There were four mercenaries guarding the door, and their chests had the symbol of the Red Hurricanes Mercenary Group. Looking at the four members of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps, Yue Ji said disdainfully: "The Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps is really amazing! Even the gate of the Mercenary General Association is guarded by them." She spoke loudly. Immediately attracted the attention of the mercenaries.

Xuan Yue whispered: "Sister, I know you don't like the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps, but after all, this is the territory of others, so let's keep a low profile."

Yue Ji nodded and said, "I know what to do. Huh, one day our Moonscar Mercenary Group will kick them out of Red Hurricane City and become a new super mercenary group." After speaking, she strode towards Walked inside the mercenary association, and just walked to the door, a Honghu mercenary stopped her and said: "Please show me your mercenary card. Mercenaries below level one cannot enter the headquarters casually."

Yue Ji took out her golden card from her arms and shook it in front of the mercenary, and then walked in without looking back. The mercenary guarding the door showed a ray of surprise in his eyes. He did not expect that such a young girl would actually Has the status of a super mercenary. At this moment, the four dui had already walked over, and dui and Xuan Yue took the initiative to take out their mercenary cards. After seeing Dumb’s card, the doorkeeper said respectfully: "Please come in, the super mercenary can go directly to the second floor to receive the mission. My friend, your mercenary card is for a three-level mercenary, although you are magic Teacher, but you can't enter the union headquarters, so go to the branch in the north." While talking, he handed Xuan Yue's card back.

A Duan hurriedly explained to Xuan Yue: "In fact, my brother is also a special mercenary, but after completing the task last time, his mercenary card has not been exchanged in the union. We came here this time to exchange the card." The mercenary was shocked, and said: There are so many weird things today! On weekdays, it's rare to see a special-grade mercenary in one day, but three of them came all at once today. You know, even in the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps, there are only a few dozen special-grade mercenaries. He nodded slightly at Ah Dui and said: "Sorry, we can only use mercenary cards to identify you. If your friend is indeed a premium mercenary, please go to the branch to go through the upgrade procedures first in exchange for the corresponding magic card. Only to allow him to enter the headquarters. This is the rule of the headquarters. We are just gatekeepers and cannot be the master."

Xuan Yue frowned and said: "Isn't it accommodating at all? Where to upgrade is different! The big deal is that you should follow us in, and leave after confirming my mercenary level."

The gatekeeper shook his head and said: "I'm sorry, I said, we are just the gatekeepers and can't be the masters, you still have to go back. The trade union has regulations and cannot be destroyed just because you are alone."

Xuan Yue was slightly angry and said calmly: "Do I have to go in?"

The doorkeeper mercenary didn't mean to back down, and said calmly, "Then you can only step on my corpse to go in." Hearing his words, Xuanyue and Ah-Dai were taken aback at the same time. They didn't expect it, even Hong An ordinary mercenary of the Hurricanes has such qualities. It seems that the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group can always dominate the throne of the first mercenary group, it is indeed not a blessing!

Keanu was anxious to follow Yueji, took out his concession token from his arms, and said: "I have this, I can always go in." The doorkeeper glanced at the token in his hand and nodded. Said: "This is possible. Sir, please come in." This concession token was originally issued by the Mercenary Association to some large mercenary groups, so that they could lead the low-level mercenaries in the group to visit the Association. And the owner of the previous shop, who had a relative relationship with the head of a first-level mercenary group, took these special tokens to resell.

Keanu looked at dumb with embarrassment, and said, "Boss, it might not be safe for Ms. Yueji to go in alone. I'll go in first and wait for you inside." After speaking, he didn't wait for Dumb to answer, and walked quickly. Entered the Mercenary Association. Oliveira looked at his hurried back and couldn't help laughing, and murmured: "It's really innocent of the opposite sex! This guy, unrequited love is really addictive."

Ah stunned Oliveira and said: "Don’t talk nonsense, if Keanu hears what you are, I’m afraid I’m going to fight with you again. You also have a token, so let’s go in. I’m not at ease with both of them. Point, don't let them do anything." Oliveira nodded, and after showing the token to the guard, he turned and walked into the Mercenary General Association.

Xuan Yue said: "Brother, what shall we do now? Is it true that we should go to that branch first? It's troublesome." Being stopped outside, Xuan Yue was extremely dissatisfied.

Dumb frowned and said, "People are also doing their job loyally. This is hard to do. It really doesn't work. You have to go to the branch first or buy another franchise token."

Xuan Yue's stubborn temper came up, and before the four guards, she said angrily: "I won't go to the branch first. Whoever dares to stop me, don't blame me for being impolite." A faint golden light came out. Xuan Yue showed a powerful aura. A Duan was shocked, and hurriedly moved forward, grabbed Xuan Yue's shoulder, and said, "Brother, don't mess around."

The four guards all drew out their long swords and stared at Ah Dui and Xuan Yue. Although they all showed a look of horror in their eyes, none of them backed away, and the conflict between the two sides was on the verge. The mercenaries in the past stopped and watched, and their eyes were filled with surprise. Has anyone ever dared to make trouble in the Mercenary Association? As the two sides confronted each other, a clear voice sounded, "What's the matter, what are everyone doing around here?"

The mercenaries onlookers all looked to the rear. Someone said, "It's the deputy commander who is here. Take a look. Does anyone dare to make trouble at the entrance of the club?" The crowd has been out of the way since.

A tall and sturdy figure came into the crowd. When he saw Duan and Xuanyue, he couldn't help but stunned. This person, Duan and Xuanyue, knew each other, and he was the deputy head of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Corps who had met in the Yajin tribe Zhu Yuan. Zhu Yuan strode to them and said in confusion: "What's going on? How come the two of you have time to come to the Mercenary Association."

Before Dumb and the others could answer, the guard who had stopped Xuan Yue said, "Deputy Commander, this Mage Mage does not have the identity certificate of the first-level mercenary group, but he has to enter the general meeting."

Xuan Yue snorted coldly and said, "I was originally a special mercenary, but the mercenary card hasn't had time to exchange it. There will always be something wrong with entering."

Zhu Yuan's eyes showed a look of surprise, "Oh? So my brothers are also mercenaries! There are not many special mercenaries on the mainland, I almost know. May I ask, which mercenary group are you from?"

Dumb said: "We are from the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group. Brother Xuanri is the leader, and I am the deputy commander. We are all super mercenaries, but Brother Xuanri's card didn't have time to change. You laughed."

Zhu Yuan shook his whole body and lost his voice: "What? You are the chief and deputy heads of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group? Did they help the Yuehen Mercenary Group to subdue the Overlord Mercenary Group with the power of two people not long ago?"

Dumbfounded, and said: "Your information is very good! We have just come from Varro City. Since becoming a mercenary, I haven't been to the General Conference. I just want to visit."

Zhu Yuan looked up and down at the dumb duo, his heartbeat speeding up, "How could I not know? The emergence of a winning decision has always been a major event in the mercenary world, let alone challenging the special mercenary group? So yours? The strength is so strong. The Overlord is not weak!" The news of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group has always been well-informed, and their eyeliners are everywhere in the Red Hurricanes. When Lian Shan and Zhu Yuan learned that the Moonscar Mercenary Group is fighting After the overlord mercenary group united, he was shocked. The combination of these two forces was enough to threaten the status of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group. The instigator turned out to be two young people in front of him. Moreover, they turned out to be the long-rumored chief and deputy heads of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group in the mercenary world. Zhu Yuan has a great affection for Ah-Dai and Xuanyue, especially Xuanyue, who is the sweetheart of his only junior sister Di Ya. Taking a deep breath, he said to the mercenary guarding the gate: "The head and deputy heads of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group are indeed special-grade mercenaries, so you don't need to stop them. Two brothers, let's go in and talk. Everyone should be separated. "No matter what the purpose of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue are here, he will try his best to win over them. After all, the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group can maintain the title of the mainland's first mercenary group until now. He has tried his best and threatened. After he appeared, as the deputy head, he naturally had to find a way to resolve it. The arrival of Duan and Xuan Yue happened to be a good opportunity for him to learn about the Moonscar Mercenary Group.

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Thank you then, deputy commander."

Zhu Yuan smiled slightly and said: "Brother, you are welcome, we are all the deputy heads of the regiment. If we have the opportunity, we should get close to Let's go, I will take you in."

Zhu Yuan walked into the mercenary union headquarters with Dumb and Xuanyue. Although only a few days have passed since the victory of Varro City, the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group has become a myth passed down by the mercenary world. Some people even say that they have the strength of a super mercenary group with only two people. At this time, seeing the two people in the legend, many mercenaries came forward to talk.

"Dai Deputy Commander, how did you defeat the 500 people of the Overlord's Mercenary Group with your own power? Do you already have the strength of a Juggernaut."

"Commander Xuan Ri, since you are so strong, why don't you call out and call more mercenaries to join the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group? If that's the case, it should be possible to increase your strength in a short time!"

"Head Adu, what is the relationship between your Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group and the Moonscar Mercenary Group? Why are you willing to help them so vigorously? If you want, I am willing to join your Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group." These kept asking Almost all of them were low-level mercenaries who entered with privileged tokens like Oliveira and Keanu.

Faced with this, Dumb and Xuanyue suddenly became bored, but they didn't have a good time with the mercenaries here when they first came here, so they could only endure the boredom in their hearts and walk towards the general mercenary association.
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